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The Fernie Ledger 1906-08-15

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 "' '   1")'.
: l "-■ - ., .*!
Vol.,!!; -Number* a; I^IT
... ./.•4»-.,iJ-^,4-iA. 11-Ai""g/|7 Vl^;
Tlany Interesting Items  About Peopie-=^- Wee^
•   \il^^fr^"nd-Up^oflLocal]Happening &Y y?y .
r . ,   ,.', . ,. ;      . a ..        --.*'    *-*    ■*.'p«I,.*S||
. .?"     4 ■-. ■■       V''"t- U*.h
')     r-'*.      ,. '".-A--A; •'''
<-/ .     ,• .,**■*/      •    "*■     ■ **
.i^fe.. '1 ,^'\ Native AlgRjME.- B. C, WEDNESDAY; AUGUST 15,: 1906,
 —* ; y£.—^—*-*-" • f~rrr 1 ——' * -— —1—*-—• -	
11     "" » J1"   Ot',  mi.'      ' V,       , 1 .   11       1
■ .1..        /:   <•>       "•; s?     \\ *■'-■     " •***-'-     - -        1'*-•■".-•*       ,-.
jolly.    ■   -*     ■:'■ '"  -.»•' -*
,      Horn,  Tuesday'.-jiightV* Aug: *ll4,   '.td'
lhc wife of John Jarvis, a*'son.
F. A. bewar, of the Ferine Hotel,
'visited, Coleman- last week. -
- A. 1', Clienclfeij-an 'old-times Fe'mie
citi^t li, is shaking hands with old
friends and neighl.ors.'. ,j       -,'i '{ I * \
Tlu contractors are now putting
'down the* ground'floor-joists of tlie
new station.,.. . '    .
'•-''Sugar'-' Dixon, 'who cre"prescnls J."
Y. Gi-i'lin, of.-    \Viliuipc-g', is iu town
' wearing..'the same old "-familiar smile.
**    , .' '' 'i'-/ -7       - 1 . . .-
The chain 'gang,' under.*    theisupcr-
vision of. Jailer Johns-oil',-    is   \loingi
.good work on .the*-streets, and school
/grounds.'   '•IveepJ"""a^g&n^'~_   _ . '■
"LiIcCall.Rros, the"''great qii dealers,'
are .'contemplating building a>.lai*gc
warehouse here*,  in-which to'store "oil-*
S The public, schools "vwiU. open -on tlu* ■
27th.   7 ... ■       ■''.*,'•
■    ■   i     5      •! .1 .'..■*.-'.,,-   .     •
F. jll. j Pearson,' tlie hotel man from
Jaffray. J is iu town today. '
,;   j 4 -}    iv^v-i.iVi^.^,'-/* ■*. ,., •:. -.-.,:•. .*,
I Miss^ tYliinister returned last Sun-,
day from a visit, -,io prairie:friends.
i "^»    j ' *       ' ■ t
A, W..G.;Itarclay returned from Hal-,
.cywiilas't "Friday 'greatly improved in"
hciltjl.  1       -     | '» ..    vn;J
-    t       . *      ■
Don'C'forget, to .prom.eua-.1c (or . the
lire brigad» toniorrjow night when the
lights are bright.i.    '
■   J    \   ' 'KT-V- *  .»- '•«
. Mr;   and  Mr*;.   FraiKJis   White  luivc
tohiglrt tfoi- Calgary for a couple of
weeks holidays.-   --.-     *•-»■•   ■--* —
'■■ ■ -'■ ■-.*-«-   *-" 1 •
Kid. Foley... and, Half McCarty-arc
matched »or iSioo and gate receipts
at Stork's Hall   next. "Monday nigjlt.
J.fAV.    Grieve, iCanadiau      govern-
.':■'.   DOG,AND POXY
;  k 1 in   10 -jOAk ■
• Last Fr'n-"' . was dog sytd. pony
diay: th.- 'Saiiic okl l@klo^f the- same"
't-rjtjkrl'^'Mii- x- fi..,tlfe> •sa^itT. old ( Yankee
*^2kiLLi2^i--l^,m^c ge"ial waster *)f
the anlttia's'that ail tip. boys saw
in Co/.iJ's 'California dog and pony
show a year ^ ago,. were 4 here";., again
last Friday, bringing with' thein'^-me
etimeis; lamas, bears and .coyotes
which wees not a part of last y-ar's
show. •'-.,'■
( There i> lots _ of talk about tlie
scat city ii labor jusl now, but the
manager cl tha pony show had no
"trouble 'a.getting ,. all-,the?"kids'/iiii.
■town to tarry tent poles, lead ponies,* pull H|:es brcarry..water to the
thiisly ..lofS. '„. .. „ . ,.,... (,
f Owing io thi. short,notice and to the
heat,' the attendance was very light.
. These people have a very" fine band,
which reii'litcd good music.
lyi'hhy .i!-i> had tlie old familiar after .conceit, and the red lemonade^
stand who.'? one could'get a -quart of-
red water Jor five cents with <ii leinon
seed thro vi in for. good measure. •
 o '■  ,   ,
IvlOOUlv-DOOl.F.Y, ]■
for local, consumption; "',      '.-]..,.\£i4lncn<; a^1,L al Sliolinne, is in the city
'""oh his way east' to,   Ottawa oit oflici-
'• -"''sK-cA ?y,
o iiliss Cavaj-iauiih aiul Miss Eval Cav-
auaugh, both of St. Paul,,'are visiting their' uncle,. Engineer Cavanaugh'
of- "t he •' Great', Xorthern''' service.   ,'.,''.'
Thomas Sowcrbutts," in charge' of'
Jloyie jMethodist churcii, is'jiii the,
city attending U12 district linanciai
meeting of the Methodist church lx>-
ing- held today. . .     -;   .  ,  ,
t, «'    I'*?** " .     iH'e~-
A ikw seam of coali,ha*3 been*struct,
.   in  lhe number two side of the   Coal
Creek mines, which runs from two"< to
,.-«., **J.    ifiit t '-' '. .,        i { i. i- ..I
six feet in? thickness, -and; is of'extra,;
good  c|tiality. ' '
A . moving, picture " show, - represent-]
ing scenes irom thc ..great San-Francisco earthquake"3and I"' fire'' disaster,
will-exhibit at-Stork's Hall Friday
and-;Saturdays-evening*' \ % i\ '
■   - '-,'"   *' ' «-,
Vice-President -..Whyte , was "expected
to   pasS'throiiglK'Fc'niie" today,     bnt
returned, over. - the-main  Hue ,pwing
■//to -'sickness,'   whicn    in'liirfercd ' willi'
(,',. thei further..progress,- of.- his ^jouriiisy.*,.«*
i.,'-.,   .*   ''   '.-'.V-.'.c-.^: *.  ;  ..   ....;\ViH... *,¥,^...
A. --'Ileal and.r.F,- \V.4.vPinkhaiV,'' -wefe'
down yesterday- and did up the - Fer-
"- .     i-i   . i/
me "players. *.A\ reluripgiuncj will*. .bQ
played  al   Oran1)ropkiSh'l'urday"?-:'*A''ii
■r:   n    ' ■     ' ,   • '*"        -
Siiporintcndent   -.-.Jht'nicson,      Land
,    ConiinissionVr';l)enni!?,''*^ft.tMV.*Rngineer.
liiopks went west  over this division,
Sunday and-returned east 'again   ''v,\i
Monday.   Tliey' 'we're travclliiig,"in "ftflr.
,   Jainieson's   piivale   car,' .:'•!        '-.'
Miss'.Koelifort and'licrfatl';er are-
still cani])iiig.. near the^ line.r.f ,'tjy» fj,.
N./'fonr or t five" miles ,1«*1',}W town*.
'.. Miss Sybil .Heading, who/ \xaA, heen
sharing the fun of cnA1J) iffe witl,
tliem,' lvtui-iicd Ho'- t«)\vir'a""'<lay*'oil two'
. • ago-         '* v '" " >"    '"',■• *    "
al business and to-visit "friends.
Pu''.l»t.lo,*.,-cmnjn' wveru'l.'dayjiiin^o'wn
looking,    i\{''. insiiters    in
which he is interested.
■I'lina. Palmer, a jniiier-, who was;
di-iying nl the time,' lia'd the'mi."for-,
tuiiv yesterday to. get a-nught lietween,-
thp; buihpeni of ' tlm -conl curs, nnd!
had his leg hmkeli below the knee.',
l)r.';Keith- set llie bin* ^.('iid he is be-'
ing eared for at li»„s l„)lm. rtt Coal
Creel;',   ■    " - '     ;   '
An Itnllnn nuiiiejd Arttllio Mnrdon,*
while stiuidlii({ mu top of n box car
n't' the Coal Crvetf ■. mlncH,-ytMonlny,
wn's thrown* olT'fc Jn •biitiinte^by' the
bumping of aw*,*"' l^r tur against, the
one he was n« .anding on, «ud was
tllrliwn to the* f ground, the fnlMireak-
ilipt IiIh h-g. T le wiih brought down'
to tlm hospiVal nnd his lnjiiiii*» nt-,
tilidnl to.
x: ►
itjr. -IllRftJ UK .Jiiis let io,'Kqrr,..',amj'
L'anipbUI f,\ eriiitinct lur the linl-din*--
ol a ,resid ,.|k... on Ilowlmul Awuiiei''
Tills wiV. be ii'iiite nil iiddlilnu to the'
U'Nidi<ui!>^H of the city, being ViM\
feet, tv/o iitorli'fi in height, with a
hUilu**,! t9Mf. feu in Um n-nr, uml
wiH/'roHl'; -wlitrf *-'''' r.iit.plotcdi.-'SS'San,
Th'.* Dr. i*x|K-vtN to otcupy IiiM new
hoiii'e Honii' tline.iu Oct'oler.,      ,
TluArnlii liiterferrid willi tlie lire
toys pmclii-e Molulny evening, HO
tliey postponed the nractlce to; litHt
night, whin they iii-mle their record
run. 'Tin- 1-fivn nni-Imiirovliir' everv
ilny, "ind,as---tlieyi iinprovo Imkouio
inoro tiii'rgelie in their work. Don't
fiirget their lmll tomorrow night ftt
Sioik's Hull, the oi wliiijh'
go to augment the equipment, (uii'li*.
their' vaeatiob -davsf above". Hosmer.  .
! -     I    '.. *,  '    "    : ;   "
* As      ".     *■-    *'    i,     ij
George T. Slade, ' jonnerly general
supe-riwtcndi'.nf of *t!i'c-' Great Northern
Railway, and a -son-i in-law of'7T. 'J.
'Hill? has been* given ^the;.office-or prcs-
-idt-iit of the XorUipm Pjacilic.-   ,.
►, Lewis*' Sto'ckct:''* ■arrivejd"at' llosmer
last?Wednesday -.and' spent' the re-
liiaiuderof' the'^voek" looking overthc
C. IJ. .il.: coal''opci"jati6ns ■ at.'-'- that
plaeij,, in .coir^any- with^Superinlend-
eiit Brown, • leaving; on. Snndav:" . .
>     ■ '■  '     •    "&'       '     .>-••-.
*       *.
Hawthorn ^"'not-- thV" onc-who wrote
"The Scarlet Letter,'" but .'the portly
maujwlio -travels'in ;the . interests- of
the 'goqd, jcigars. sold.'by ..the Kootenay Cigar 'Co., can lx: ,seen today on
our Jslrei fts- without tlie! ■ aid of a- spy
glass.   „ * - ■
-.!"'-*      .. .  *
-■J'.j ItytK^,- of Ihii; llosmer. Sawmill,
^wkT-pn-iwyi'ySktTvTxl^-^vitH^lirc prc^"
y.ailing I'-ikberinj-in:/, complajiiit-' of a,
'shortajr: of help. The mill ■ at that
place . ,is J.eing ; run at full capacity,
("and Mr.' ly-jiieli says ,tlie demsuul, for
'Jiinxhsr Is- "rowinw.all/the;time.;    ■   ..-.
■      i '. '     -Q   *    -t,     ■-     - .  i
Vcoplj* were drowifed,'" " occurred -on'
JStinnray jn"i the Spokni*ie river near
•Dsiieeiiport'*' XVa-iliiii^ton, 'They' were:
'Mr. t\.-. Lii llerged,' Mrs". "A. L. 1-er.
•gttt, *Miss" Winnie Mones, -liny How-
nrd lind Af L,, Innian, all' of Davenport. The bodies have . iiibt' as yet
lieen .recovered, *   -
■ The output od eoal at - thc mines
'during the*week'enditiM-'Friday,' .Aug.
v-olli, was as,, follows: Coal Cr,-.'ek,
»3,73R lonsj-Michel, KaSfi'tous; totul,
*.*.,o!".| t.'ius, This is a record lava.t-
or., Qiie day.during the wcels a,500
■loiis'/wci-e'Uokeu -outi-iit? Cpal /..Creek,'
' vvhich was. nlso a record breaker for
jone diiy-iit. that iniiul.        ' ....
.'JOLLY. '>'-. ■..:•'■> v''' ■ '-. •">
L. V. T'leksUln and family returned
frtiiu tlijirHaeii'tloir* at the' Const
Monday. , niorning. Mr.
i|leiii|r is 'looking, well, and reporls
llm polili.'al outlook nl .Vlctwia as
lie'iug of ' n ' very npiieting
nature. lie' is very 'iessl-
uiislii. ns i.< tlm prolinbililles .of an
ntectiou this full, and thinks tfiu government will not multiply llmir
troubles by ilyiiig to ovils they -J-iiow
not nf,, *
Tlii* l>d;<'.r slnleil last week that
Mi. Y„ C.'Grillis',' late of Colbmiie,
Out., litis ritcepled a position with A,
,\V, lllumlull, nml expects to lie n Fer-
nieitu iu lulnre, This was a.'.ilim-
delling blunder, which enuseil lllnii*
dell to stnre, Orillis to rear, while
lUfimili'll tore his linir. Mr. (.riflis is
with ' A> W. Hlenwlull in the drug
Htore. n •.iilHlnko of' only one door of
eoiirhf, lml we don't' want to gel
gtfieerien mixed wit,H drugN, or druggist-, with" grocers. .' If it were.not
Ior the I.iel lliftt ewryone knows liow
linlnfully plnln our reporter writes,
we would iuy llio l'luiiie oil lllw* .oiu-
liosiliir. 'ts it In, the reporter will
hnve to Iuiv a-1-oic of pills and 11 lmr
of simp to even thitlgs up.
__'..—o-~ '
from the body, which was a mass of-
burns.    *".'•"' '*.', ,'^'
7 It will * «be .with feelings of sorrow,
that our readers will learn of this
untimely ending of a young life..villi
which tliey . had become acquainted
through- her appearance, upon the local' stage Ay ith the Juvenile Bostonian
Opera'Company.'. .'" '-'--v "
.The. death-dealing-- "coal oil •-.can-
however, is ■ 116 respect'or of persons,
aiid scorches to. death 'those who so
heedlessly disregard * the warnings of
so many who. have paid the .penalty
of their carelessness in'- thc past.
 o "   *''*•'
Ml. "Robert II. Moore, wlio must
Iw a! reUtivc of Tom Moore, as ■ he
conies fr im'the same potato-growing
island, .a.s-.tmitcil in marriage to
Miss M'ary>nqoliey,.al thc.rcsidcnce'-of
Mr. MoQ-.c pn"Victoria Avenue last
Wednesday evening, Kev.' K. II. Ornnt
dlltcialiug . 'Miss Stewart acted as
b'ridi.s-n'iaid. and Mr. Moore was supported- .iin.ugh the ceremony by -Mr'
The ihao,iy couple ran away on the
G. X: to .spend a short honey .noon
in Spokane, after'which they-" will,
Kettle do in. to domestic bliss in Fer-
nie*'.The Ledjcr* wishes ', Hhem a-'life
full of iia-jpiness. ...-.,    -
"Bob'. Moore-and'Mrs.*'Moore rc-
tuniul yesterday morning from Spo;.
kane, 'whither they had*wanderedr*in
►tnest of-the.honeymoon:;.,-;--.,  ^
"Bob"' still looks "clieerfur and
happy,' notwithstanding-, the additional--responsibility *• /he has so wil-,
lingly taken upon himself, and ' still
has,'^on ; lap a bii'b"|.1iiig.'"'-supply'* of'
Irish'wit of'lhe genuine."i-iuality.*-*•'■• :
,-' Mr. and Mrs. Moore1' iuleiul to be
peno'aheiit^l'Vnii,c;,eitiMns.-7The; Led;
ger 'wishes' theiii3'liniipj*-*li\*cs.-1 ^. i*****-
The ".small audience^* of lovers of
good _ music whiih greeted Miss Oliv-
*ia Uahl and, Miss Gin a Smith "at
Stork's .PlaU'last, .Friday night got
S^oo.worth of  the      finest" of. melody
Lniil .Saliiidiiy, ns thi! reiiull ol tlie
sinking of a gawdinc* lauiKh i» M*d
Wivur    at Wilinil»tg, five lives    were
-...1 Hl».et
Mrs, Lnwe, nml Mr) L.'s niotlier went  .  A party r>f; eight wvre in the launch
to    the    iviliis of     the woods n1>ovc   nt; i"|L. time, and    only three esfi|H.d
HAD   ACK-Uii'tSit
■ I'resid.-nl Lang, of the Crow's' Vest
Laerosse'.J.caguj;, , has named .Frank
as the p!. ne, and next Monday,0 the
-jo'tli. inst, as- th'5 time for playing
over tlie contested Lcthbridge-Cran-
bfook'game,*' * , A "■
'■ It ".M'ouid* have'been a'courteous act'
to have "uilleil the game off in the
town wlure the donor of the priv.e
cup had-lived, but. Mr, Long .has seen
lit to do otherwise, and .as his decision is .-llli'ii the rules , governing
lhe, it -niust lie-coinjilied
with. Tlicganu'. is sure ,to-be a live-
one,.aiid v ill attract a large alioiid-
ance, If I.elh'briilge should wiiuagain
the'score between the two teams will
leiuain 1 tic, iu which event the tie
will be .ilnyi'd oil on the .'.'"frnie
JOLLV, '  ''
:   A IMSAI, OLU TIMRU.,  ...
II. V. Oigol,' manager, or the -ilud-
son',.' Bay Stores nl Kelson, is in
I he-oily today, Mr, Gigot iii one ,of
the' oldest ,of old-timers, and-is-, tha
ciii'bodimeiit nf ..good ohl'.tiiue. free*
hi'iirted eonlinlily.
,Mr,  Gigot repoils    much  iiupcovi*
mint in business iu'Nelson thi*. year,
aud that his great company nie    receiving 11 lull share of prosperity.
Tlte Ledger latch string is always
daVgling 011 the outside of the cabin
door to old-timers, of whom Mr,
Gli-ol  is m lypienl  n reiireseiilntive.
Spokane, Aug. jo.-lVarl Hayes,
13 yi nrs of age, daughter of Airs.
Mnry Hayes, of sift .Jefferson,
was fatally burned by the explosion
of 11 eoal oil can while building, a fire
shortly before noon last Tuesday.
Help wiih Km mi at bund and thu child
was taken to lhe hospital, Will .Until
followed nl Iuin- o'clock In tin. aflor-
iiofvn,. AKIioiigh siill'eriiig intense puiu
the litth' 0110 rivognl/i'd her mother
when sho was Mimiiioii'd, and Implored her not to mind.
It was while peiloruting n lnl».*.r of
love tlmt tlifl* Hllle girl met willi llie
au'idrnt t.hoitly belore noon, which
ri'MiHcd' in hei-'di'dtli.      Slioitly    Ihi-
fore'lhe noon hour, she staite^l    tin*
, ■. ..i.i,,.
OH     K'l      H'l      IK'WIMI...      I"...'*,     ••>.'*        "4 '
.ililer .iJi.'l jjj* -lii* v in^'Ul l-ud 'nil In
readiness when Ilny i-nme hoine. The
sister ua* employed iu the telephone
ollice, ami the mot lier is jaiiitress ut
the Grand Opera Houh'.      It is   be-
.1        I*,.     ,li,1   .,,,!
BUSH FIliE:   '"
A bush fu'e', started by .sparks from
the switeli engine' which was slinnt-
ing ears oii to the Elk Lumlier Coin-
paiiy. "spur last Wednesday, caused no
Utile' .'ilnriii. An alarm was tinned
,iii to the f.;e hall'from the park, mid-
l.oth hose carts were . run down to
ihe hydra..t at the head of Victoria
Avenue, but lhe fire being located
south of Creek, between the C.
1\ Ii. niai-i line and tho spur lo the
ing mill, ii Vas found that the 'lose*
were of no use at thai hydrant, and
lhe carts were returned to the. hall.   ;
The Coal Co. brought down 4,000
feet or more of hose from the mines,
and the ci.y allowed 500 feet of its
hose to. be. used.     ,     -.
The Elko' Lumlwr'Co. laid 3 nch
pipe from '.In-* big pump in their machine shou to about liiid way of the
bridge over thc .river, and by this
arrangement a stream of water was
turned up**u the . fire' nearly three
thousaiurfect distant from the pump.
The piessure.of the water was forced
up to So Bounds', which gave a good
stream to work .with at '.he 'ire,
which -was '.speedily reduced to' a rou-
'trola-ble- condition. .The rain * of yesterday, and the day before has put it
out entirely, aiid no inorc danger is'
anticipated. ...       * ,
The rains arc welcome    all over the
valley,   and   have   greatly  reduced the
danger from  fin, which menaced   the
.limber and other' pioperty.
 o—1 !_
HILL. '  'A     - ,
Jlosiiier     lml   Saturday,    and wore
joln.-d   a dny or    two later by Mrs.
niacins nnd Miss McLean,   Mr. Lnwu
and liis mother returned on Monday,
•ntul Mrs. Higgins . and Miss MtLeun
«ot Irnrk to clvlli/nlion    ami    good
(.til-, yesterday.      TIu*m*    two report
having lir<mglit    Unek a line lot   of
i-Aspl-cnli-N, but us our fvpoitvi lulls,
Irom a ueiglil.«iriiijj slate to Miss'inrlJ
In* will hnvp'li. Imvo half a glaiicant
that innii'     Ufort* his niiml   i»
free  nf  ski-plicisiii.   Tin   Mayor    an-i
wife nr<* still mis*ln^, Imt mi  twnrrlf
parly will I* .11 nt out (or yet a Hi
<.ifkl.        iMktt.
lit while.
Tlm huiiipb ol those drowned are:
MIm Kllml llrowu, nged n>; Iter sis-
U:r, Myitle, nged xi, nnd her broth-
*r, Hmesl, aged ll; Miss Mnry White,
of (il.i-i'gow, Scollnnd, and Miss
.Temie Thompson,
The, first three wcro children of City
Clerk Tlro-vr;, flic tnotJier of ih.-
vliildreit was saved from dmu-ning fait
lier lift* is almost di-sjinirtd nt an a result of the awful loss so -uiddcnlv
hrouglit upou lur. Two others, Met
ir«.' Ctiryitu and Foxwell, were nlso
ravnl,     ttllii   laving made  a    hard
/,' ftgUt for llie lives of those who w.nt
burn as freely as desired, llie little
girl look the oil can nuid poured her*
(.sen.* on lhe Humes. Almonl. intuied*
lately tlu-iv wns nn exploninn, and
with the bui ning oil enveloping her
person, tlu little one scivnnud for
In!p. She ran Isom the. hiWheii nml
iln-11 hark a train, and In' n tninnte.
•n.-igliiois, who bad U-i-n attrnrtid
by her screams ftniml her writhing
<m llie dt»or ill agony.
The fir... whlth had storied lo
spread, was «<xl!ngui*.li*d wilh a few
LiK-Uts ot water, and' uliif.- a tnes*
.v,ngt,r was sittt for tli** mother, kind
hands did nil lliey cvmM lo allay lln*
Mill, rings of the little olle. The
ttothin*; *a*» bin Jk-d nlinost tnlir.-ly   t»o*.pItal
"lor less '.iialV,~'*'Too",    ~.j ~"      ^_
Childrcir-5 concert,. dog aiid iiony
show and negro minstrels, all in" llu
space of tfirec days,.told'heavily upon the. eiitertaiuiiient capacity of our
ciiy, .'ind Miss Uahl, owing to, these
things, did not,-have the house full,
as; had* litcn hoped by'-i-hose who kiuw,
of the exee.llence of her .singing from'
previous  experience,
TI13 small audience, however, were
treated lo the full programme, and
ihe two ladies responded graciously
to numerous er.cores. '
, It were vain for a novice to undertake a ciitical description" of the
work of so cultivated and refined a
singer as Miss Dahl, who has .nore
than phased the most critical of nud-
it-nces in lhc music loving cities of
;two continents,'
i Tlie Ledger con only snv of her de-
lighll'ul ivorW that it' was a most cle-
vnliiig an 1 inspiring experience to be
permitted tc/listen lo lli-a full, rich,
'tones ol this "Swedish Nightingale"
Irom the land of Lind, The scope
'and volume of Miss Duhl's voice, together with its mellowness, was a
'revelation "to" tliose who had not
Ihcnrd her Wore.
It would be dilficull lo determine
in which number of the programme
she showed the greater power nud
de'iicnte onrcssion, but, perhaps, lier
rendering 01 the lirsl number of the
second pn*i, ."Allah," by Chadwiek,
:pleased most of her hearers best,, Her
singing of the lolk songs in cowiine
pleiisul tit audience. The simplicity
of her singing of these little Wu
iiong(-,„coiilrii*'teil with iter easy Igrusp
of tlie ino*e Inti'lciile music of Oreig,
revealed the versatility of hsr   pow-
On-, peei'iarily of this great singer
noticed nv lur hearers wuh lhe won*
dnrfiil nioiiiiiT In wliieli idiu ould
modei'iito ihe dying tones of her voice
ut lint cbipe of a measure, ru'i-uiing-
ly.willioul an ellorl or a niovenunt
ol lip or tongue,' the lust note would
fade grod lolly from full rlelmesii to
RlK-neo, tx-A no o\xe could tell when
sound cen ifd uml silence lx-gnu, so
pciieet was llie modulation. Sim i'lie-
Hy ol manner in (ill her i'H»rls "Uls
greatly lo licrpopulnrits}.
MissD.iiil was moHl inilnislnsllcnl-
ly iipplaudert after rnrli niimlwr, and
twice. si4:eluliy acknowledged Uy »
Miss .ina SniilJi, who iwoiiipauieii
Miss Dnfil. is u pi.mi.*it w/in Uii.hiitii
a liitln to llm Kiii-ii-ss of thci ').»lil
eoiii-i-rts U/ ln-r MibA playing. Her
r.iidVriu'r ol i\i'< (iistriimrnlnl mi'i'jjfr,
"Tliu Mniiiitiiln," brouglit forth nost
mOiiiMaslir apjiliniM, \o '♦.iris.i m»*
did not riHpond, but she did imt get
ofT so insily nflor playing "Tlio Onr'
nival," oy Orolg. The niidlvnco was
so inslst.-nt. that she had to conic
hack,,and ihis time she trealed her
lii' fo u most drllrnlo mid tccli-
iiical ri-ndeling of that rare prolue-
t'ifti of .he Fimilili 'r/siiipn-ter, SIK-l-
(iis, "M'ist'llc." „
Tlie con.*er( given by tliese two talented voung Indl.'s wos the .uosl
clnsslcfil ». iixicnl etiterlalnmiiit rvi-r
jivrn l.*>  1   Vim!** ttiidl«*«, anl   all
lover* rtt [.ifre miisle will wish  litem
Tfu-y wilt sing in Sfaelend liudglil
iiudiT   llie nii-wiiTX  of     'Ue Mne1i*o*1
The, enterlaiiiment given ..LV, ."i'liss
Queenie. ftl':i.oy and Miss Maude Underbill at :hc. Methodist 'church' Monday nigat, 'ended, "a' liibct * strcmnus
week of erl'ertaij'inents in Fernie; A
larg« nnd appreciative 'audience)greet-,
ed these two most pleasing entertainers, who jioycdio lie fully/up to ihe
reputation.which .the;/press hns heralded in advance of "iheir coming-.'
_tMiss'M;v_oy is", "a young'lady "of
most pleY.uig an'dVprepoj-sessitig appearance, -.\hj\h. adds' not a. little to
lhe rhari-n bf a very swee.t," 'clear
voice. i'ei-. first''liiiiiiber, ''A'May
Morhiii'g,"' won 'Jicr';audiericc, arid she
had "10 ". :.espoud ''\o ''' iii'sisleu't ap-'
plausc ! ,; singing1' "Coining "'Ilirii
file Kye1' in sueh a winniiiglv na'-Ur-
al way as Ic make every fellow in
the room wi!*h he'was surrounded by
a waving "ijtld of the tall grain. , ty
ie.--.uesl, .Miss Mc'Qoy 'su1isU,tute.d "1
Know fhjt My Redeemer Liveih"
lor Ai-.liti'.i "Se-Siiraii'llose."
,'llut it tj "in the' singing of 1.I13
Gathering of . \\K MacGregors >.fiiit
Miss i.IeC >y calehcs... up her audi -nee
in her hauls and does as she will
wilh   then. .- , .   ■
, Her-distinctly..Scotch, features, !<c-n
eye and 1,1 mly set chin, and thai
marvellous noti:' of defiant ■eoiiragc
lyhicli woiirs. forth from her-throat us
tAie (brows .her head; slightly back
and. sings ."While there's leaves m.
the forest and"" foam "on the- liver/'
pats the .'re .of determination and'of
conflict into the heart* of the, least
valiant  of warriors.'4    '  .    * ■ -*'"•   •- *
If the C'aiVof MacGreg'or' had ;-.ccii
all of ihe 'spirit' which' Miss McCoy"
sings into that song,' all' Scotchmen
would be,' a'_ that; Clan today:', ••
, So 'cbiiiji'ete was her triumph', over
h:-r hearers with ,that truiupet-noted
pong, tliat she had 'lo "respond " with
that otlur exircni'e'ot'Scoich mustcal
sentiment,' "Annie 'Laurie," arid ' so
sol Uy'and gfciiLly tlid she sing lhe'
praises of the '"Snow While Brow','"
and "S,»v-alike Keck," that it-'sVeiii-"
ed almost impossible* that note's 'of
'inch wily- differing sentimental
lone e.mi'1 issue within so short a
.time from the sainc„Iip.s.
. Miss !;n.;erhill is a slight; little
piece of lin iiariit'y,''. 'this 'eiiii*odiiri-.-n/
of poetic pathos aiul humor *-  Shi/nd
10 respomLlo an encore' after almost
neitation, depicti*ng,'tlic' trials'' aiid
tronUes of tha'"fiii{rglcs'" Dinner Party
at onee p:.t lier at ease with her aud-
iiin-e. Kale-Douglas' "WiggiiA' goi'
closj to the heart of the lowly ".when
sha ppiii* -d ..Iil woii'deifiil slbry-'iroiu'
v.l-i'-h. ihi-j :ecilalion has beeii ciiiled,
niid .''"*?,!fiVlTii'derhfll's recitation of
the sketch was so true lo the' spirit
und .soul o; the author that the'.'l-nin-
u:r Party" stood before her*hearers
In every, i'i.(nil, and everybody'1 'lio'
Ilea: il her' wili'w.ahl tb rciid * iiiiii
story on:e agaiii, *        '
Miss ir.|'U*ihiH',s reciting of ihe
lines bf l'.ugine Field about "A' Little
llit of ri W1 iiiau'iiiiide everyone; ,111-
aginc she might'lie' that little bit of
winsome feminity herself," -'    ■'•
ArtistIi.',y, lier best,work was' in
her re.ii'iilion t from Longfellow's
IllawatUi.i linihln poein, Many a
lover of Lo. gfellow will rend over
ngnin tin i- lines so full of the spirit'
of fnmini. rttid offever with reiis'w'd
interest, wondering thin they hadroi
JJjfore i-ei.lieii the di^lh of that most
pathetic piemtc of the grief of llia-
wothia nt the loss of his Miniiehiilt.i.
The iodief. of lhe Methodist cliurch
were ni'W inrlimiilc in securing', these
two yo'iug i.idies, and the large audience we it, home feeling that ihey
had sp-ni a most pleasing and , Instructive ciMiing. Fertile will gladly
welcome them again.
A    N'HWSP.M'l.Ii  WOMAN;
Miss 1,1 ..oi IV. Johnson, of th" lu-
ternalio' News Hureau, who, with
.Miss Me*''/ nud Miss ITtiderhlll make
11 trio of .harming travellers, culled
upon the L-tiger yesterday, and our
reporter iptnt a very pleasant hour
with her.
Along with her repoi-lorlal-proellv-
ilics, she ,'iurii'S willi her a love for
machinery, uhleli amounts to almost
a liol'ly.
Our repirlei gallantly offered to
acioiiipaiiv her lo (lie big mill under
the hill, of the l{lk LihiiIkt Company, which offer she gladly ncivpl-
ed, und t'l^i(hii- lliey wwit over llu-
big plum imill "IUsi'liii'lU to filing
loom up under the roof.
Miss Jiilim-nii ifiiii'kly deiiionstrated
tllill she llll iliore W'll.-els'ill her Ili'U'l
Ihiiii had Inv escort. She had cogs
In    tliose whirls     too, and is crunk
Cilllll|'il 1"    UlilhC    llllill    gtl    ll'       M.lilt
|iiHp<.-,^.   X<'l 1. th',ii£ iii tin' )An mill
•.scaped lur notice,   Down in the ill
gin.- room     th.1 reporter    introduced
Mr.  IhuliMi-y,  the fiiglnecr,  to    Miss
Johnson, and she soon took the shy-
"•  1 • 1 , -      ,     .:„,:.,
.... .4. *  ..i**.   s..   ......   M...4*   t...*   \.--.y"t,     '"
to pwlc-nt duift inductors, fire boxes
nml otlur things, until the pair were
1 by Jowl, nml utterly oblivious
of her timid escort, who was left stand
ing like 11 green country »,oy ut n parly
Mr. Ihuldley says Miss Johnson is
Ilit: lirsl lady lie has ever seen aUiiil
tin- Mi; mill who Uww a Imn saw
frum a* tut Wand.
Miss Johnson has 1*en Hig-nfcd In
iit-wsp-t-tci it-porting for wvcral yeais
uud has done sopic very clever work.
She was most Agreeably suntrised
.villi Feinie and lier Mirrotinding
Vt-sterdnv  «MrrnriO-i  she  spirit ' up
.it CimI Creek looking over llie   ma
thine -.hop*, and power hoiist.
It Was; a brand Success and. for   a   Good'Cause
,' Sweet Charity Gets $42.85   .:■
'lhe's concert given hist
.Thursday night at', Stork's'Hall" bv
the cliildr;ii of thc town, unaided' by
older people either i'ii their practices
or al the linnl performance, was a
most decided success/ " ' ''    '
There,no .hitches" in tiia'.programme, ,aiid lio-breaking down, or"
iorgettiiigoi lines, ' ami near'lv,every
perionner ».as called'back'by "tiie eii-
thusiastie' ,.i*.idieiiet._ '
, *The per'-jiiiia'ncc was opened by a
i-iaiio duet .skilfully rend'-.'-i.d by Slis-
.ses  Mabel and Gertie  C.rahain.    '," .,
Miss l.;-//ic Luudy rendered • that
grand old. Scotch" sonj.;, '• Annie
Laurie", with such satisfaction thai
ihe aiidi,cnec was not at all satisli-d
until* .she iaiiie'',back in response to
-.heir hearty recall.
Miss Kill; Moore then played a * io-
lill, soio .,ik' acv/uitted herself iiiom
graeeltilly, it iicing her .first appearance upon (i stajje.
, Miss Agne. Gourlay recited "Th.;
Tire': wit'i spirit that the ' liio
l-.oys. who -.ere present in force fell
like makii.f another run'-willi their
big cart, <^ an evidence of tluir ap-
piccialio.i of, .so great a coiiiplinun,l.
Of co'.nse .-hi bad to come back and
in; resp.-nise , gave them the "j",iule
Maidjin ,'^ole lllue Hood."
'.'T.iUie 'Jbra Cody's' buttercup song
was so good that the audience wauled inure, and the Utile Miss had', to an enthusiastic recall.
. Miss Dolly Dnniett's graceful ■l.-iuc-
■ng'oi the hornpipe r.tep dance,'dressed as she .was tu-sailor effect, was a'
revelation, a, poem in motion, llei
gestures and posings," coupled witl.
her graccftl,; tripping of light fain as
tic;.toe, "vcre so light, so airy am'
so, luiiuraiiy nnd so easily performed
that the lutlc lady danced herself iii"
Co .the h'-'.ut;A ; of all present, where
she. willi.icirain.a favorite, whose future.. appearance, upon a Fetiiie .stage
will lie loorcd foi ward to with pl.-as ■
urable aiil'cipations.
,, Alihotigh. the dance was-a diflietil:
■ni.'', .theijaiii'tiehce,,. were so- de'li»h".e*il
that*,*'-!; ind to'   return and repeal- h
:  „ » ■■ '■  ■       ■-     ■ ., -    * '., i
lew* lueatii-is.  beio:e   tbey  would    lr:
her rest,"    .'•!,.''■'.'
j Jliss Doll;, was down for two moiv,
dancing numbers, a skirt- dtnee an.-' sword . daiice." 'both o'
which, itlie.|.uvc iti costume, nud boll.
--,'i well rcii'.'ered, thai she hnd to re.
s--ond each tittle, to the .unanimous
iipplmisc oi.tiic- house.. .
[-.Vpoit ,,her ,. last recall,' after, ilu
J4Wt>rd darici', she favored the /nidi-
f-nce with an airy, graceful pcrionn-
anee ol -the llighlaiul Schoitisdie,
) After the hornpipe,.dance, lien, Dav-
;:> gave .th,. audience.a mixture ,i>:
English. S.rtch and "Jrish dinlecl,
spiced with liis own contagious^ sense
oi humor, which tnsled .so* well llml
,1'ien Jind io administer ,n second dn.-f.-
' Tlu-n. cany one of th,' most plena-'
,i"ug feature's, nf the- evening, llu* fan
'drill, participated " in by' nearly nil
the little ,t ills,, and'led by llhetn
Todd and Nellie McDougall.
Their iu--.r-.hing and cotiiitci-iiiarch-
•"tig" ai.'.d I'i'iiiiigs in and out with
their while dresses, waving re.d Lm*
'.md .inIgiit, biniiilng laces, ninde »
pietty moving p'ieiuiv., Th.'ie ,ii.n'l
anything in the world sweeter than
a sweet,Ul'U girl .'unless il is' two
MW-eil liltl. girli-, and these weie "all
ikii, klinl.' '' ' J
(iraeie Millar recited "The Goblin--'
Will Get- Aon if, Vou Don't Wnich
Ilut" so -ti'il lliiil our reportei
iln-fiiiii'd n' goblins that night. Of
eouise .she was cheered to llie echo,
because the gohl.ns would have gobbled ap '.he whole crowd il ihev
hadn't dniic so.
Miss Llf'iu Luudy then sung  "The
Luini '()   tockpin" iu   mh.Ii   dainty
Switch itjo   that  she again lirid    to
iespon.1,   ii'.ti-r whiih  ilu-iv canit   up
oil the .'.tiige n.retil little blue    belli'
lo slug lho song hein Ing that   '.llie
Utile Jiv.t Severn
In luu ol blue
And dress dimmed loo
In llm 'innie biigllt hue, '
Sulig Iii'l" ,'iig mi true
TlniJ  uiiliiing would  do
Iiul "-lie ni'ist go lliroiigli with niinlli-
er f.ofiil song,
i.o -.he sun; "Nwith the Shaile of the
Old Ap|ile 'Iree" from stnrl lo "nlsh
withoiit .i brenk, nnd liatl to beg oil
lllls time bj llll'owing kisses llulll her
d.iiniy liiig.-rlips at the nudlt-iiu' "■'
she. graclully u-liied,
Mdgar '"il'|cy (old liow things   nrc
UaUic lo h-ipi'tii winn  l'a Ugin*-    «"
I sliitvi, Mill did ii so well llml he had
to shave ilu siioild lime;
lll.ll  IT.-in:  lilt:   heaviest   pl»-»i" "1   l'i>
eyening, a. scene from '-'King John, ',"
in  which I'rince Ariiiur pleads    with
young IIui,..'rt.fot * the light   of   his-
eyes,,, I,iule Miss'    Todd, dressett    i'A   '
pink and gicwi,      triniincd in' velvet,"
with  her^lMig,  wavy hail-," loofce^Vix..'-
nioilel little prince; and her pleading, "'
trei.ibling   ]iuk. voicej M shc red'tt,({"
.those   wonderful   words,   made   ■'yvery ' '
one in tlic audience.feel like .branding' *
the Ijend -.-.lio could think of.such torture'witn ihe red "hot iron, so vividly' .
broujjhi to mind ly-the little plead"."'"
• r    lor    mercy.        Of    course , Dolly "'
Harnett,  '■•■'io impersonated  Hubert in ',
this seen..,  was meiled io pity,* . an.i' !
'.vouldn't   luiieh    U,,^ bright," plead-    .'
iug I'jcs vnili anything .harsher than''
two ' poi.ting    ciK.n.y   jips     ' Mas'le-r  ■ •
Oeorge  Cody acted, tin-' part * of   ai-."'.
Undaul  in  ihis scene. "       '  '
Inimc.liaiely after this "Miss, Rlieia
played a j <ano solo and was most-
heartily r.pplauded. ,
Alter 'ihe,,   sword    dance by, Dollie ":-, '..aster,   Oeorjye,'Cody   sang.'c.
•'Kverybod,'  Works .but  l'ather"  in a
droll, niimoroiis ,. si} le all his ■'own.
which  buvijiit  the house  down,"   and
G.-orge  had  to come back  and,  work
some ni7re.f This .time he .was assist-'
ed by a fi_il chorus of the little, girls,''
who   joi'i.-d    ,iu  , with , ■'lCverybody,/
Works llui Mother."   ,      .
1 These,   ei-iltlren ,arc  entitled to great '.
'it-edit  lor  ihs excellence  of' Iheir'pcr-
formanep_,      not .a hitch  ■ or a f.reak
from e;1 art to, ,-1,-iid for'the si>ir-
it of 'li.inty   which    tbey     are w-ulti-
v.-iling  ,u tiicir ,nVu ,-anks '   .."■'.'.
I'Tlu-y, ^,iy.  timir enst Liitertainment
•of <this_ -.-liid, liisC year .in the''KagieV.
U:\li, ,,iii.i .ilu* success of.tiiis lastonc,
yilLtcii'l^o make of it a, permanent ■_
iiinua.1. ,!Trtir. ■     , ,        ■''.-»,
1 ..........
• Tiie .procje-dn.    tbe    children .donate' '
wholly lo lhe Ladies' Ih-nevolei'it   So-
I'lrty.   ■•s.ving. nothing  for . themselves'
(ml lhe. -.I'vilege of  doing soiueihiug
lor  cl: 1 lr »i  w!u,  are  not .blessed   as
tliey are, w:lli kind parents and good
llulll',.*'-..    ■',    ,        , '       .        . ' '
•■■-•■■ •'.',-
• ■ No moii'.v tliaL is turned in to   the.
ladies of     :he Jleuevolt*nt  Society    is
.so, aiipiv'.bibh", leeeived by tbini iis is'
jhis_ln1;i.'il_f.il_l lli*_«;liiirj j.y_,;f_l ji.,-fUjl.l~-J—
ion.   Slot .:',..■'Iliill  will not hold    the
f':rowd that will Iuin out ,to hear the'
icxL eo'ii:*Tl.
^ As an'   evidence of*'   the /cal    with ''
.vhieh  .h.'.se, lillle   lots  work  lo liiiiku ,
".heir".,, concerts a success, we    feinie
ibis little.incident-. ■■*,.,-•
One of ..lie Miiallest of the little
-tfirbi,, .vhn had no ji.irt in the.' programme; {.ot' np at 'i a. in.,' helped"'
loget breakfast, washed the dishes,
ind wus I'own I own selling tickets' ,
before eiii'lil o'clock last , Thursday
'  Kvcryilibig about  the     aftair    was'
idoiie by t* i; ehiltlri-n, even, to the, a'r-
iaiigiug.,i,i.d 'writing* of the' programme, whiiii will Ik: found, lu-low!'
Alderman Tut tin presided, ami iu
ihis, closing remarks, stuu-d thai he
Iwas, prouder of llu* honor so confer-
■ rid limn ol any similar distinct ion •
jwhieh 'ind ever Ih-iii iinifened * upon
J   The   '.uli'S  ni   the   lhiuvoleiil   Soei*1
'fly mi'l the children after the close of ■
Itlie wiiifort tit. Sliun's ice crenti. parlors, and    liiiiUd  the Utile blind    of ,
juviiiihs in ice ereuin fiiul cake.
Tie! lo' ivciipls were. SsS.^o, lot-
il  expeiil'tiire  SlS-'IS,  1,'iiving'n'bal-
nice, ol  i\i •*';i, which has licrii Lind*
'ed tf> the  ..rusiirer of the lli'iievolenl.'
1, Mis';   \Iulili! mid Gertie.,.	
OimViiii piiniiu   Duet
a. I,i//ie   Lunilv,   Scotch  Song	
,,,   , ',,, '."Annie  1<h' lie"
.-*. Ivllii: .Mi on- Violin    Solo
i|. Agnes Coiirlev,  ruilnlion	
 "The  I'iri'"
.*;. Clara '.'f.dy, Si'iig..,"lliiUeri*ipH"
Ci. Dan'*.', liiiiii. |liirnett."lliinijiipi*"
7; ll.11     Havii*. 'Wreifitiou
}'   |.V|i     I,'ill Vou ri cell    Clubli'i.-ii
1), (.lii'i*    Miliar "■ llei'll il'oli
10. lA/ihi Luiidv, Scolili Song	
.; "The   Liiilil   D-Coikpeli"
11, Skill   Ii.llie l-olll'1   IbilUi'U
13. I'.vii    Svvrn,   Soiig..."lllutii'i'll"
i.V lvdyir     ll.iillt'V Ueiitalioii
i,|, Sce.i'  l-'ioni  King .l.-lin
"   CllAK.M'TKIIS.
I'riiui*  .M'.'.ni     IM11M11   'I'oilil
Hllllt l'l l-"ll'''    U'KI'eU
Allll.lll.t tho,   '"iuiv
if;. I'i.'Hi'i !solo Kliflu To-lil
in, Sto'ch Swoid Diiiiir.Holli''l-iinet
17, J'oiig, lii-org.'  Cody,.
'V,.,\"   Vnl   X''-illlrr"
iw-j' .s.i'i ;•: ''•■]*; jcj^i"
-m 1    ...„»
■Iii. ml.' of liiMiliiiii for nil • itv
purposes I as U'eli slimk, i.itil,.s »s
follows: ; !
liilfroxi and sinking Iiiml mt •"'"'i
and tnoft ilrbtiilureN, HV,' nulls.
School •ute, 5 mills.
licnllli, 1 mill.
.(icncral piiiposis,  IA, nulls.
Total rate, ?o', mills.
H paid     on  nl     Infiite   ill.'   Mill     'I
Siptriulirr next, r. dlsnuml oi one*
*.i\l!i will in illowtil 011 lln- Mlii-id,
iienltli nnd jiin.-riil piirnu'i' l.ittn.
Interest .tl Ihr rale ol S |>e-r tiiil.
uill Ik* ilinigrd on nil unpaid laxts
nMcr IVc.-.hIht .imi, MftKi.
Th* total vibuiti'-ii upon which (In*
Kvy Is ni,idi   h.'So-Mw'T, «"'•■ ,f   ,:'i,l
ih lull, w.'l iiiitount lo $1 »,'*-.>*.'
Ifi.'ii-.i.ii i"d i'i iii'il.'.. Cm nrein min-
sttei*. ilu-iv n luir«' ''""se botX Sill"
unlay iii,''it, nud gave the crow! n 1 iiiriiiiiiiiiunt nl tin- kind,
Thi'i.' \ as a Hllle l-timi uirk,
ihniigli ii.tjurt- has done most ol x\w
ciilollllg .111 tlll*i 11 imp tii »i. "1A1
Mr. 1'o.vilt, tin wiU-K*iin\n \-x\A
innii ol 'I.-..VV weiglil. funitil.fjilvd his
Cull slur* 01 tin Iim Tlu- musi. was
line, but 'mil wa. imt mi nun ti ti'.iii'
'.tliim   ,1.i!ninny a-, i*. ti'   iu .null
ttllfll.ll'IIIUllt *•
'lilt     ls»,;-.tiS.)'.** ii.    \\\,   -i.Ulu.U.'.li.l
W«t 11 «i,»al.U* It.'ltliTf, and tlirrr ■*•*»*
hoop Mlll;'l|',, I'lllH sk.itiuc .nil 1
lilllc   UiinMi."-*-  ot   j»o*i"1  .piality- - asr
Issued every Wednesday* from the office of , publication, .'Todd Block,
Victoria Ave., Fernie, British -Col*-
D.7VAWOTT      -
pai ty and marches over to the <**uup
of tiie enemy, by actual'count„ is
worth jus*;*' two men *who remain in
lhe party camp .against, their own
best judgment, supporting men ahd
measures -vliich-they know to be bad
mcn,~and wrong-measures;-
for fear ol
The editor oi ilu Grand Forks Gazette, one of the bright, aide men of the
province,' i losed an alile article upon
the tlicii.*- of higlier ideals in "political
Hie "with 'he following comment upon the part played "in politics by the
bress itself is responsible for
".inch of tVc more im wholesome atmosphere which envelopes public life
today. -.Ve are all sinners, and. our
party alUUatious too often lead , to
an unfairness of utterance which simply cxa.-erbales without upliiting
anybody or anythiig.
"This ;s too Dig a M4*j(jcct to tackle
at the "ag end of - an already    long
. article, but wc might   mention    one-
iu which , larty  papers   are conspicuous offenders against the public. We
refer to the report of p\-hjlic meeting?
which at Kast should lie regarded as
news ond reported   with fairness    on
•both, bides'.   Only  thc other day,   the
News it.-ie.f and other Liberal .'papers
at the.Coast published a lengthy repot t of a meeting "'in Greenwood    in
which    one   speaker was     dismissed
wilh a paragraph,.  while the opponent's adl-jss was    given columns   ol
space with "ail thc    necessary eulogy
and padding;'.   The place for this was
tht    editorial    columns.    The public
might agree with either or neither of
the  speakers,  but though party    ad-'
-   vantage   i«ay     be secured' by these
methods', we arc   positive    that    the
public good is not promoted.
"We cau all echo the wish   for    n
..,stronger, '.cutter state of things   pb-
.,   a*id  can  at   least  encourage,
and    not dishearten     those who sn
honestly ioiug their, best..   As to the
character cl that best, it is well    to
recall Diderot's words,  'II est si  difficile de    uoduirc " itne , chose meine
nieditiere; *i est si facile de scntir la
ttiediocrite.' "
We mo.*.t cordially   agree witH t*H^
editer of    the Gazette as to the    responsibility of the' press in the'  matter, of politics as in everything ".••hich
pertain-*' io the public influence,   and
,   the only l'ault we have to find   with
-"-its-article- is-iTs-iiiildntss-oI-tone..—
That    tl e press Wields a great    influence upon the^ public mind'can not
be denied, * but  that that power    to
i*-*flut»cc is too often abused is e«jtial-
ly  apparent.      In fact|'thc  abuseAol
its power ior the purpose of adcamc-
iHg supposed party interests, be those
injuring their party.:-.Xo;greater ..injury couid be inflicted upon' a .party
than just such action.
Ths edit.-r,,of the Gazette is today
the supposed victim (we use the word,
supposed * advisedly) of unfair ^ and
un justifiable party methods. There
is little doubt but that had the elec-",
lion in tlw district' in whicli he was
ihe candi'latc of the Conservative
paity been held upon the same' day
as the elei lions' were held in the Dominion ge**Krally,.he would today lie
repicscnting tliat district at Ottawa
The W'gcr has a decided leaning
towards the Liberal' party, but it
does' not -propose to shut its cjts to
sucli things because they arc practiced by the party whose principle's
advocates as preferable to those
the 'Conseivativc parly. "»'*'',
'There vas no,reason for holding
that election on a'later date* than
that of ihe general election, except
that of -,avly advantage, and any
party showing a willingness to take
advaklngc of such tactics, will, in
time reap the inevitable fruits of such
action., ,. *
;The Ledger docs not pretend to be
an oracle r1 wisdom, and it confesses its utlcr inability to fathom the
depths of "'the well of wisdom from
which the inspiration to such action
by a party backed by an' already unwieldy * majority,   is     drawn.	
election .esulUil in increasing
majority by one vote in a too
sided  house.
; The    Ledger   has   no fault to find
with    the   energetic   gentleman    who
was returned for     the district.     He
lias dune g^od work in ntfany ways iii
the House, but the fact remains that
lie is the lecipicnt of the results    of
unfair   political methods,   resort >d to
liy a patty having no need to resort
fo them, and   which proclaims' itself
as the champion of  absolute fairness
it   politicil  warfare. ■'
j The one tie at fault in t*nc application of* paity politics is party   zeal,
which'prompts   to such things;    but
ilia remsdy, it seems to the Ledger,'
lies in the hands of     the independent
|oter   backed up by an    independent
ijrcss, until the party medicine    man
learned  that his practices   must
much in*orer: uponUhe moral "sense and'
religious f«.-cling**of ?*.thc people than
upou""such" "useless^lawif as' tlle' Lord's
Day Act rassed at Ottawa, after so
much compromising; and dickering as
to how the bill should lie granted, 7 so
as -"• to * nsake "tlte ■ Sab**6ath day- more
holy without;, interferingLwith, anybody's ideas of how .the day should,
he kept.. ..; *.\
/Alaw fiamed with, the deliberate.
purpose n or avoiding the principle upon which,, it is supposed to ."lie based
will never, be workable.' This Lord's
Day Bill was,supposed to lie" based
upon the principle* 'tha*r the majority
of the people, through'"-their representatives, have a. right to define'just
\yhat acts are right and which arc,
wrong, so lai as keeping 'the' Sai&ijIh
is conceited, and. to enact legislation
to enfoiec these opinjons upon tliose
who, differ with them.' ,. r„ .
Biit-the bill! when / it1 has passed
through,'he two,houses, and.litis' received the royal .'approval', is lound
10 '^ be a juinbied-up ,'mcss of com-
promises', .each of. whidi makes a surrender of the ' supposed 'principle -if
tjie hill.  .."".'■'
The ,la.v, as it stands, accomplishes nothing except ,. the discredit .tl
those wlio so. strenuously labored Ior
wllat thjy claimed tliey had been con-
tending for upon principle.
 o .,
gold by all Druggists and General Stores
- and by mail.      4   .. *
, HAMILTON, ONT.        ;
f!,t.P. Eckstein
Barkister-at-Law, ., Solicjtok,   .Ei*c.
•■■- "    "■-. "■_-—'-■*•*•#-<•^ * . .-_•
llooin* 1 & 3, Henderson block, feruie, B. C.
■■[;_■ F. C,-tatoe..
: Post Office Bloclv; Fernie. B;C. 7
W. K. Hobs,K.0.
Ross & Alexander
;. FERNIE. B. C. -,    .
:''■''     -     *       \ -,"'    -
Office In L. T. W." Block, Victoria Avenue,
-Crari'Jrook    I'ros-
ilq-ual his profession.
j If   the u'itor of - the
', Oii, we.l, the snow will have, "ome
and gone ncfore there is an   dclion
in  this    oibvince
•Correct! ' '
' Hon. -Si-hard would prefer the lall-
iti»r of a* hundred; feet'of snow rather
than-'take'-chances at a'fall at the
polls him?elf.    -:
- . —-o~,	
We are anxious to' have, every C011- Southeast Kootenay in
clott .touch, and working iu harmony
ii.favor of.the election of a Conservative member for this riding next
vcar. The campaign will lie based on
the -adin'.nistrative aiul legislative
record of .tlit McBride'.government.—
Cranbrook . Prospector.
j A campaign |>uilt - on that foundation will, 'ct .the McBride government
sink out ol:.sight, without even.a
sickeningQthud to,call attention to
its passage into welltarnc'd oblivion.
•    _. o ; •
A PS-\r,\I    IN,*5 SUMMER LIFE.
. Coul,—Conl lunils may lie tinrclinscd nt tlO
lior nine for mft font ii'ml '*iO for iiiithriicite
.N'ot niorotliitii .l-'O acres ean X* neiiniroil by
one Iml'vi'lmil ov eonipniiy; f •yulty at tlio
mto of ton fonts nor ton ol 2,000 iiouinl'i shall
ie collected on iliu gross output, - *
-Qniii'tz—A froo minor's ceitillcato is grnntt'il
iipon payinont. in advanco of '.I per milium for
,111 iiiitiviilual, ami from 'M to «-100 por annum
lor a company nrcoi'iting to fapital.,    .;.
A free minor, liavini? diseovcieil mineral in
tttiiL>e,niiiy lni'iito aeluiui l,f.00 x 1,500 fcot.  ■
Tlio fee for rucor-line a eluiin is IS.,;, ,'
,At least S' oxpeiuled on tho claim
each year or paid to' tho mining rocovxler in
lieu thoreor, When ifi'JO has Boon cxpoudad or
paid, the locator may, .upon having a survey
made, and upon complying with-oilier requirements,puielmso tho il au aero.
Tlio patent provides for the'paymont of a
royalty of 2} per cent on tho sales.     •   '
, 1'i.aueu Diijiiiig claims generally are 100 fcot
sqnuro; entry fou SS lonowabloyearly,  .
A free miner may obtain two leases'lo
drodgefor gold of live milescaolifora term ol
t\\enty years, lonewahlo at tlio discretion of
lie Minister of the Interior.
The lessee sliull have a dre'dgo in operation
within one season from tho dato of tho
for each live milos., ltontnl tlO lior annum for
each milo of river leased, Iloyiilty at the
rato of 'Ji por cent collected on tho output after it 8XC0eds *10,000:, -   .
,'   ,'•       -    IV.  W.  COREY, , '■
4   Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.., B.,-—Uii-»Vitlio(i»ized   *V"fyli'e|a-ti<>.i-.   ol
this advertiscment. will not be paid
, for.
J. Barbery L.D.s.;b.D.s,,
■ --DENTIST--'^ ' -
tfeimie, 38, Q.
T. \V    Block,' opposite the
Oilico hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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W, J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
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The King's Hotel.
The Calgary
Cattle do:   :   I
Retail    Meat   Merchants
ty;.    '<$
ovor Shim's liakory.
interests identical with public interests or ;>»t,. has "been gradually but
•surely niiiwrmining lhat inllncncc until it is beginning to show irs cflcct
In just -non artlicles as the one under discussion.
The absurdity of the course .cakci.
by the regular war horse^ parly or-*
gattH, of cither pnrty, of 'ovcrlookine,
this shortcomings ol its own party,
while magnifying those of the oppos*
Ihg une, is bringing about the natural result ol destroying the r-onfi-
deuce, of the rending public in tli.*
sincerity cf the papers following sucli
it courue.
'i ac number ol rcailers of lite papers, wlio their reading, to onesided papers is rapidly ilccri-nMiiR.
Such cases ns are cited by the (in-
yfcttc of mic-siiled and gut bed reports
Of spceclii-s and proceedings of public
meetings do not have the cflcct they
once had, nnd only tend to discredit
lhc paper which resorts,to such tae*
UMo ol lhc most hopeful si**"* "1
the tiiiiss in this province Is tlw lact
that a paper conducted by such n
proiiua.ui ond oble a gentleman'ns
ii the editor of'ttc, enn, nud
■does, upcak to the point on this sub-
jeit, lint the Oa/ette could, if II
ivoiild, go further and deal still mon
fra.-d.1y with Iliis subject, It ml|{ht
join haudi with the ledger in Us
fi|-l.t for 'Iwltcr government in llu-
province, und could do vastly more
Uuod tlun it hun yet, II
It wer* io slip ofl entirely the hur-
mcn» cl piiityism nnd dc-
ttiiuitee upc-nly, nol oily thu IimHiclcii*
cy t»I tW jteiient goveriimt'iit, lml lhe
uapM-lota'dc bickerlig nud uudf-
bawl dcceplion hy which it wns
lirwi|,ht lulo mUu-wi', hut the ion-
litnuincc id biuh methods to keep il
Kolhiag totild he more dctriuuutal
to Ihi j-et'iiaucnt - welfare ol, lhc Cot-**
setvative pnMy of the provlmc thnn
las bcea. Ihu coutu*. ol the government, wliU-li seciireil iis ollice by lhe
practite of dtcvplion within, as well
** yttltiwui iUt, |'**'*.*. »»••»»« .»».-.'•'■>
n.t jj.v .xi'ima i'i j-owrr,
",( has o-en fairly well dvinont*rat-
id thai puily Hiac'liint-ry is necctsarv
to tarry ns popular government, lml
il does :,nl follow that people should
Grand Fork?
feazttte will* come boldly forth and
use the 'unmistakable talent he pos-
Jscssos in an ellort to rid' this provinci
of an ir.v-.ticient. government, which js
fe'ept alivu-than is the united "opposi:
ii'im press, he will be' following the
iidvicc he is doling out to others,"
and be laying a foundation upon
IWiieh "ht .Alt .stand -%nd * laugh at the
tv hoi'--lived tempest in a teapot he
hiay start in his' own party, by
tich a cotnse.
Tell us,not that raw■'cucumbers
i Are,so V'ful "to digest;'. r .'
For,, thoii,;'!!,■ they'. disturb oni.Vsluni-
I We  -mist satisfy bur, zest.
I.ife is
■--Baltimore Sun,.
ival, life is dandy, " "'
a icet .we've heard tell it.,
,    ■.   ' NOTICK. A-,      *■
Take notice that within sixty "days
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioners oi-Lands-and Woiks for a
speOidl license to cut and carry, away
timber from th^Iollowing lands, 'sit-;
ualed in South East Kootenay dis-
,trict: Coni'iiencinjf at a post marked John r-biksterideis," northeast corner, about ■ one mile* west ^of thv*
moutli bf 'L'uimel Creek,*where it empties into, the Klk River, thence south
80 ehains,,, thence-" west , 80" chains,
thence iifarth So'chaiins,'thencejCasC.Bo
chains',   lo piace/of c'oin'mcnccme'rit:
Located August ist,'i9o'6'.A    -     -
* ' •   ■  " "Locator.
' .5   '■-'"'.   ■ ".*'-*   Agcn';.
;         DOMINION
Office:   L.T.W. Block
.Fernie British Columbia
ncfluri-en Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
0ilioc in roar of How Fpon Block.' Fernio, ll.C
%    :     %l   i%
*m  *.**■■. I. W       \s^   I
clow -.tuily of the political uplieavul-*
which hi»vt o<.tiirred so Irrt^iciuly of
late in the United Statu reveals the
fiat that the mav*» ol voters are
breakiag oway from party discipline
aad go'n/froin one paity lo the other a« (hint jui1j;»Kni ol the union*!
of ihtf p-i'tlea wcete their approval
or dinapjtrwal. Title tendt-nvy io jo
from one | arly to thc oilier U nol
an afg:«m«nt «s«in«t p*Hy or^fii'*-
tiofl, imt lathtr a stronjj nr{-nnu-nt
iti It* lavor.
Vniltt v.t!i cotulitionc. partlei- will
1* liiorr careful nf their tsxiAu
tSitctt *nA ihcir rnndnrt*
'fm* wan -who (tarUHMty I«»v*i*  rwt
The provincial .press is still engng
d in the pleasant pastime,.of con-
jcctuiing 1 pou thc probaibility of -i
genual I'.h.ciioii. Party organizers
busy try;ng to earn the money contributed Ur the purpose of strength'
eiiing tlw pnrly fence,*", and thc ordinary individual goes on about liis.
Ivcry-day business just as though
jthcie was no ikui'uier of an election,,
'. The Ledger is not in harmonious
accord with the government, and is
'not favored by nny inside informa-
'lion ns to the intention of the powers tlmt lx, lit Victorin, nud consequently liis to draw its conclusions
;as to the prolinlnility ol nn election
before the lime limit is reached, up*
Jon its kv.jwlcdge of the government'i
gfiieral policy, of not doing niiyihiiie
It is not compelled lo do.
The Ledger still adheres to its olt-
repented o; inion thai no election will
'-e brougiit on unless it is forced up
011 the h'ovctiiincnt by clrcuniKlancss
l-eyoitd it.-i control.
; If there ••nn, nny desire of going to
.he people upon principle, thc government have never been for one moment without ample reason for no
doing, and t|ic (act that it has held
on to ollice under such conditions as
it has, fmiiIhIwh'all the reason that
is neicHSiuy to justify our judgment.
The government will appeal lo the
people it hns reached the cud
of iu legal existence, or will jjo
down to difeal in thu House,
No chnirc ol l/cing turned
the people will bu tuken ns long at
ll can Iw avoided.
A government Uml hns to barter
for almost every bill it passes In tin
leg i,*»! a luu, Is not I'-'tdc ol the slufl
that npp.-a's In lhe judgment of the
pioplc. ft Is this judgment of the
-tropin which the government most
Wa will belliivo in nn election when
wc sec lho writs,
—--   ' mm   '     '
Tint i.mi^'P. vx\v -sct,
It U launin-* upon the mliuU il
the public thnt the Lord's Hay   Act,
pnssid titer ho mtuh discussion   and
. * 1 •        ,  ..,,     ,    •    ,,.,,,    ...
aitnunt, .ml will rtMilt in injuring,
rather tluu promoting a more rcver-
eitlal aplrlt amonjf the people re*
Sperling Un* sacrcdnes*. of a day
which the advocates nf Intolerancn- arc
lining «no.*c in discredit than arc any
flaw, ol llie citiiiniuiilly.
The InilrsplittSng nicftv of IhrM
pin-dc will tin j»oo«1 in lhe md, however, by maVin-j- the •.hallnwitm and
Jiol]i.«w.-..i of the whole cruwula w
appaunt as lo militate ajf-ilint tlu
cnn'tiniiMce nf a campaijrn waf-d lo
make people rcHyinus hy act of parliament.
Th.* ol,-..rv.inrr of \\xe SaliHuth will
tn the future, an in Uu past, depend
1 ...
Bnt- the. niMiie-on-each-pitce-cnndy
; Is the Li-dons watermelon'.
■"'-'.       ,     j-Ncw York ■Mail.
Hard to beat in'summer season;   .,   .
I Nothing MVtcter. can you fmd,
Uut, dent I aids, forget not.reason,
j ' Don't it\y close into the rind!, ;
! .—Milwaukee Sentinel,
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors' and'Builders
Plans,. Specifications and Esti-
"ri    ^^te-r7furliishM^on~"applicationr-
■Art is lone; and time is fleeting,'
]  But it is r.ol in the dope
!\Vc sffou'd f.rid. with all our eating,
\  A right lung-tip cantaloupe.
, . Indianapolis News
■All ol whic'i tends lo remind us
Of those times of youthful frolic,
When by tlaj we ate the melon',
And by night we hnd the colic. '
—Des Moiii'cH Capital.'
Let uh ilica be up nnd doing,
Willi .1 Ihoi-1 Ior any fate,
niting,   nil'lding,.' grindiiiiR,  chewing,
Learn lo munch and masticate.
—Cleveland News.
Life Is   end?   I.IIe Is solemn?
I hear ;on tell yourself, I ivls,
"Not lor punks'who do a column
And draw pay for stud like this.-'
—lluflnlo News,
Not engagement nnd not marriage
Is lor siniiiiur girls the ihiltg,
Hut to <lift thnt each vacation
May mean one more diamond rill-;
—Coltimhus Dispatch.
Tiust no melnii howe'er 'plcnsnlit,
Curly pint*** 'twill bring nil right,
If you ..nutTl 'em nt present
They'll t'j.oit some tlmo. tonight.
'■Toronto New*/.
These parodlc poet felons,
Yell un I'tw lliey cal like swine,
Killing slot'iaihs with Imd melons
Or grjsn enkia from cimilier vinos.
Let tin i..<*.i be up aiid doing,
Do llicm up in "vuraliolic,"
Lest they still Iw um pursuing
Willi poetic colic iliiilxillc.
Mluard'a J.iiiiiut-nt Co,, Limited.
OtiHlei.itI.,- -1 (M\e iimiI MtltJkti'u'.i
JJ.VI.*U1I.V';' na uy tUM.) n»A in my
luinily foi jcars, ami, for the everyday UN I11A arciilentf. of life I consider it no c»pio1.
1 would     tnnt   ittiiTt   on n voyngc
. , ..** . ,. ,       , ,.
>«»^ifc».',»i  Vt,  U   lii. ..i..**.  J* U".i>   ■•■    >-"•
Hc:hr. ".Storlur," St. Andri',   Kmn-
oura-dUt ^
..,. -,..0— ,...
♦       IIRIl  C1I01CB.        **[
OK, yes, T *«ns the mc«t In love
Willi 3*t\, I know, my Amr,
And never even looked at Jim
Wliti-i hkuAkotnt Jack waa nearl
Uut   each   proposed     at once*,    and
The diamrnd riHjr with him.
And Jim's wai much   the -hrij-jhifst
So I aaid >c» to Jltat *     \   '
, .  *    rt\
:   Roosville &
* All kinds ot Gioccries; and Provision   1'indiice,   Vegetables,,   etc,
.Saddlery  nnd . Harness,  Cnmp-
ing Ont'ils,   Pnck Saddles, etc.
'' Indian Head,Work n|nd CuriosC
Kresh   Vegetables and Potatoes
direct fiom '    .  "
.shipped on     order from   T?lko to
any pn.-f enst. or west,
Pleniy   of' GOOD   DRY  LUM-
■-,.., , »
:   '    BER, ON HAND.       * .     •
R. A! KERR. ,    ,'""
-i, - .        , .1  . . .
■   ; Architect    ' and Superintendent
Office at Residence,,
BAKER ST.,     *     « '  FERNIE, B.C
..•;" :hot]?l;a ":
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> . r       s.
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".   MODERN'    4      A    .
;Thos. Pogue, * Jt   . mfr Proprietor
Choicest ciits of. fresh, meats always
cn* hand.*   _ ,      ''
*   Hanis, bacon, and* lard as well.
All kinds of fresh Cfib'00  teason.
y Prompt. delivery., s ,,   ,,../.'
Give^us a call'. I '.'.'"   ". ,'
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All  work
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■    •'  Sccdliousc and Greenhouses,
3010 Westminster Rd,, Vancouver 1VC
■    :—: _X-
;V"■'1>aci,'fic Ky.
Is a pleasant home
. for the traveler.
. ,999900009999909999999990.
**y~^, —1—-*•■ ■.?■■ - ■■ >^^——•*-
I Are You
*» ''^If not, yoa ai-3 missing'some
"*-*^ ..,*... -..-:."„.......       ,
■ ■
ERY.NNelson,' B. 0. and net 5
It.regalarly for a year and $
rise out of the rat. .   'V  V ' §
of the,choicest; literature of
the century..   *   ** .f  V.
Send* a. dollar to
Simon Dragon, Proprietor
Srllil oiiIitk
ville, .\I11I thev
lo Elho   or.Uoos-'
will receive
Prompt    Attention
ST, 1-AUI,
1  «I0UX
U only one of a hundred illiriircnt
(ita^f t nn.l s'w 1 our 11 ttirnttl
out In, Tlm I'oi'fcri- <iu ill!*/ m' tho
nrl-triiiilllin'-klllwltli wlilo'i tlioy
nrn niiiln n"i1lflel tliPtn m Ili.l
Shilling S'x-Pcnny Pipe
in llie World
fvrri" l*i.»e fiuur,nl«id.
soin iv tana'm ror? .IS:.
Ju <l r.'momlwr nml uAi ,'nr
"Shield Brand" Pines
For Snlc nt the
Club   Cigar   Store
•W. A.  IN'OKAM, l-ro-jt,
I'Jioiie 'jt.
Fernie, 11. C.
Kniinfifi City, fc^as' St. I.ouis, Sgri.oo
CllicilRO,  JfflO.OO.
On    Sale    Auk. 7-8-9.,    Se^t.    H-10,
I'-innl I'iinlt Oct, jthI,
Toronto     $72.65
On Snln Sept. H-y-i". Until Nov. .io||j
nilwaukee $58.20
On Snlc An-;. y-«-9.   T.liult Oct. Hint
ThrniiRh  vntus nil NtnlioiiH,
Oiilmio, Qui'lii'C, Nctv'Vork,       '
New Kii/jlnnd Mnrlllme-rfovliiccn
1 On Anpllcntlnn,
WINE   C0:r Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
AND H0I.I.AND OIN,    . .
nURMKISTQIL- ,    '"
Sole Ascitis In Canada for
Windsor.   Tonic, .   Jay;    Destroyer.
Itond Down *
(1,15 p in Lr.
i.,ii it m
DM am
7.80 pm Arr
* nomt Up
Fornlo     ' Arr. 8.40 a m
IUixfoid 0,10 » m
8l'0KANM\       *).llOpm*
Sonttlo     Lv 018 a in
"l.ullyoxcoptBuniluy '
'Leaving Fernie 9.4s P- xxx. you
arrive nt 10,55 P* m* hi
Philip Carosella
Genoral Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
I).   V,  Ai, NcIhoii.
R. ,T. COYI.T'*, A. 0. P. A.,
Vancouver, ll.C,
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Hero you'll find evcrylhlnc, lhc
nenson affords III fine condlUlow.-
COMH   • IN AND      mm*
irsi'RiTxxa, S3,, o.
ilt  (OWN,
Cures <3*ru«t
,      .. .  A.    <'.
it* i'ai'jiumU. JtuJik IttbVxt
Miner"! Favorite Olff
rt     KFOUUY mtos.,
■$& Next to Ilank of Oommerco
■Jt fliivo VIS to ftO por oont. -J5'
The conlracVors ol Fernie will,
please take notice that After April:
111, 190b the CarptnUr* uud Joiu*.
em of I'einie J.ocul iaao will demand four dollars (400) for stent (8)
hours' work, •„.-..
11 President,
U. H, of C. * J. U. MM, Feruls.   .
,».,»,.> 1 injii.i'i» 1 *'•*•*••*<
Viliiiirdis I.lnhnciit Cnrw Diphtheria;
Vlv Meii** Knridshliiffs,
$ J       ' Udlei- Wo
\ *
' Lsdles' Wftsr,
, Boots A Shoes, a?**
Hati, Ci-p. QIavn, Vf
Wttchos, n««ors, SJ-
, Jewelsry, Notions * *-
snd Hrcimllwarcs V *►
ll hails'n itSiaifa Pikfsll ||
4 $ Pure TurLfafi Tobaccos, ■> J
and Ottfarottoi
Kfoury   Bros. |
Gome In nnd ■•• .Ooodi Sii,
y'. '--     -W0kl,D OP KOUST&Y
Iu Germany children undef; 15 years
of  agu  can-, not'tie employe^ Ht    any
Trail-; unionists'.ik''England-arc
'"'/"pager,  to be called the
Jitutliur work&s"'in Sew' York 7 nnd
liiouklytt;h^K:t won! tlle' njis- Iwrnr day,
and Saturday half holiday.
Ou August 12, at Colorado Springs
Oil., ,the Iiitiitnataioiial Typdgrapli-
ical Union-iiiet iiii ii^nVeatidn.*'-. 7.'".'f**
The "Litliograplters' Union. has der.
tidmt ,1-pon lh&. uight hour dav agitation ^iliVbvcry 'suction?o£.lhccountry/
. i'lie average' iiionUiljv |~ttcdni*e ih Ja- j
.pan," .iflur "recent.iadvancea. in;, wages ■
is officially .staled at less than. S3.    I
.Detroit (''ich.). polict , have lieen
placed on I'-'jht hour shiftSi arid now
v*Jie agitation* lias struct St.    Louis,
Vf't'e .aimuM report ol the Piano and
'("igini* .WortciV . Union .shows Lhat
iluring j tqris;,: benefits * aggregating,
5;,5,!.S4;*-I. were "laid..   -■
Tliu Ui.iLeii Brotlicrliood of Carpenters and JoftlOrs of America lias'
iiu-rbasC'd it.< iniaiibcrsliip;by.30,000 in
llie past-two ybntjii":'.'■:-■ '.'-.'
It 7; Is rtportcd.'iliot'.evory .city in
Ciiiidiln is^prcpuririg; (jp. place i labor
candid a Its in the tlie. Lex I
gi'ticrnl aiid provincial clectii
A.iil-w law has; Ijcetf passed:in Iowa
whieli proi.iiiits tUe employment. ot
children under *ia in any".gainful., oc-.
. cupaLiiin which . would injure health.
Tlieru nrc more --children- under 15
- vears ol fig* working in Uic mills of.
. irte 'AmericaAllan- in Germany, England and Italy combined,
lliere aie prospects lhat Jirrange-
" incuts will 1) : inade "whereby the railway- cabiiieri; niny liccOtnc alfiliital
wilh lhe American Federation of !.a-
Kailway employees 'in: Ireland com.
"plain  of   i-nydctpiate   wages,   excessive
ie union stamp,. according tt, a report recently issued.
These factories give employment" to
40,000 union shoemakers. Host of
the-best   and largest   shops    are or-
Aiistialia lias appointed a Marina and Trans-
irker.i' Association lios lorm-
lion of longshoremen at Un-
ipward of 400
I11U1, -.   Mini
hiisniiers.  "
Several thousand miners at Spid-
tii, .Hart-nun, Coal Hill and Russell-
Ville, Ark., hnve been ordered back .to
*6rJ*rrk,; the scale prevailing in i*)o""
"having jcl-'i agreed upon. ■-■■■■-
. The allied printing trades. council
of -New vYiirfc. haK ^indorsed the movement for a stale, printing plant at
Albany, and also for a municipal
printing plant for New York city. .
Indiana; itiprciiie court ' has upheld
the. constitutionality of lie: net re-,
quiring Mi)nnladuring and mining
companies, and ;firins to pay their ero:
plovecs   ■ ""icmi-mbnthly'     in.     Ia'.vful
.The death rate from accidents a!
ial iu the' principal coal pro
during countries in 1904 were: Aus-
JVgiuro' 93; France, 1:07:
Great .Britain, i.24; Germany, -1.30
Kid. United States, 3.35 per 1,000 employees.
jn (alass.)  central labor, nuion
lias adopii'l a resolution" calling . iip-
lian won to .pay their jpoll-
tai, and the collector ashed all giod
.it.; help him in collecting die
TIir Swil-Kinen's T"nion,o£ America
lias asked ten a national cliarter Iron;
the A..F. U l".. The union makes th;
tiriid". 6t >aiiioad brotherhoods 13 affiliate with, tiie A'" F. ..&.L., the tele-,
graplieis iiiid railroad uxprcssraen. iie-
nijf  the others already  in.
Forty-one out of lhc 43 states that
had legislative sessions . in 1905 enacted provisions affecting tmpljycrs
and employ-Ms, or what may be considered as lalior laws, tlie drift has
lieen tn ii- prove the condition of tbe
w orkirigntcn.
The mayor and city officials -jf
nearly- every jUnssneliusetls eity li.ive
alrendy Issued orders regarding ilia
'eight hoar day clause being inserted
hi all conLiacts. The eight .hour bill
passul tills year" carries a penalty [uf
Hie official who does nol observe il.
7". Haslingloil, .Errand, Weavers' association J-ajs made a demand upon
employers fot a holiday period of 15
days, beginning wi tli the second" Saturday-in August. Tlit British - association- of. Weavers will   .be asked
Quebec Han tells how the Great Coi
•ramp-eve Preventative wis'
an all-round Benefit
" My wife look La Grippe when she wu
Ottawa,' says R. N. Dafije of NorthEetd
Farm,.Que., in an biterview." ''She got *.:
botUtt of Psychine and after using: it for*
few days she was quite well. 1 took a cold ,
•nd-am nanKitandanigettingallrieht. !
I thMc Psychine is one of tha best tonics I
on tbe market to-day.",      '"
-then you have tbe whole matter in '*
nutsbelL La Grippe aiid colds are among
the forerunners of consumption. ■''---'-
"■ This man had one, his -wife baditho other.
Psychine not only aired both biit it built
them up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All seeds of
comsumplion are killed by
Fernta, is a pleasant hotiie fop all 'who travel.
T. WHELAN, Manager.
50c. Per Bottle
DR. T. A. SLOOUH, tlmiW. Torwilo,
irbcrs    UU
demand     that
King given  ciupli
t of the
support  *,ie ,
At  the ««
the report or tht credentials
tec was io the* effect lhat lliere ai
708,200 liiuers iti Great Britain, c
whom flSucoo were organized, and i
had 14,members lo thc hou;
r.'port recctilly
ih home'office, it appears'
nimibtr iol' persons cilgia^d
.  and   [quarry"
1904 v
titling 'afr.'tlic   carpenters.
:ion, Mass.,-it.was..decilcd
lie 6,000 members" St.  uach,
as a. diiience fund.
.III., .elected eight new .al-
the rcecof: elec tion. "Two
ore'-iiniou liottle -..blower?,
-ininers, .orie. union carpe*h-
It. Murray.has l(een elected
organizer of tlle Piano and
loikei-sAUnion,- and a vigor-.
1 Ijiglunil campaign has been
by Ihu international  conven-
; increase in number., euery
1 igosAthey.
2,057^- as.eoinpiircd-.-witb
he previous .year. . Tntre-
M lockouts in "I9D4.   and
1 igniS
Tlie Labor .Ncws,i:.ol .St. T.
star led. ft" cniHodc against the leasing
nf;.couvict. labor by lhe "State of
Jllshoun -o' lie used' in.competition
Willi  111 mini at Hirers  who  employ fr«c
-   Piano iiifili.orRtin work'tra   o[ Ann
ArtiSiV'Mtati.y Iuiv** ore«»lMd»w1_*-P-
elicit fnr-'u-Vlmrior of olTiilatiim wiiH !
. tlio riUurimtiiilial.V-tiqii of Pl»n*>. pi*- I
" -.[itii ■uiiil-.iViiNiei'i. instr-iinontjW'titkt.r*. j
■Tliu first iiijttiicliriti In   tlio.liiHtorjr:!
oj jVinjilpeft Ctwiwiii'. hns
'itgultini '.ilrll-ljru'in'oiio of llio 'iaw-
inillK.     Hju. Btrikora   linnlty tintU^
"■«ii"iti"i"stot«l...i6u :Jrinovii.U(w>; -nificl "»-i
-«atni) eoft'iMwably cxeitcil.
At. n ma'tnig of llio Gctti-rnl l-'uno-r-
allnll of '.Vi.iiioit'8 Clnlm, I10I1I In St.
Paul, Win,!., .n':««>Iiitloii:WB*" -X)**wi\
to.' slniitl by Hit wwkin^. Birlii In.
their "flctimiitt* fi>r nti eight hour, dny
>H-licrovtr ninile*"-1
UiitcliDr workmen nt Um 'Chicago,
" 111,, nloeUyarila, whpso nnSon was din*.
--nijslc'l bv Hw-iU-lke al t$Mi_ nro.,.l«-
■ sinning to orgonirc ognini nnd * op-
1 plication*, for moiii|>;rsliiv ore flowiitp
in in large nimiliera.
■ cstimalEd' that tlicte arenlioiit
2,500,000 independent fanners in the
'Orman empire; 'and lhat of tticse
over 11 million :aro memborsr.ot co-op-
H.rftli«- sneietioH, lhc innit poputat
rform lieing- nr^st locicticil
Df ihe tolnl ninnW ot porsoni en
jjaged in nmnnepalivo o*»tipaticins 111
"EVan,1-'', "P por «■* ttrE eltgagul "
■ajirlctJtiit-J or forciitry, ami 30 per
e«)it in Inniiitrinl pccitpatioiw, olhor
■Utatt . »»i«% nnd  ([Harrying.
A lUrti* ol tirm-1 finiiiheri 'n tjw
A»lilon*, Slatyjiridgc and
DiinltittfJi-M dislriot", of "England, liwr
tbocn avornd by tins employers grant
ins Xim i9,pefj?(Mj- a-tUnnw inwagca
nnlwd for by (Hs opuirntivcs
>TlKre am 300 nhoe iflUora    in   this
1 has been settled by : lhc
itivesof the masters and
s unions. If the swelling
he closed, and the workers
be   jmploycd   in   well   ventilated,
tary   workshops,   tlit   whole   com-
lity will Iw jtamisrs.
tries ExiiTiition
London,  a leagn
Advocacy of proper legi:
be . ihe practical    work t
of Great IS
recently pitWislwii
International  .
tiell, p
1 . Federation  of Labor,
circular to the employers
Lsons for agitating    for
r    workday  at: the    -pre!
iking a
Uistlitt Nn. 75 oi lhe
Association or Machiiiit,
ed upon  a campaign' of
Internal ional
cague, which
ill lhe large
f the (
Plate layrs in Hit Padi
trict ot : tiie'Great Wtstci
Company  jf England     an
li ol   the
gtou dis-
sc in wages aiid Iwttci
employment. These
thanmost-ot the rail-
ihan. uicMit of tlie riil-
-and that, ihcir; pay   -s
of     England,
Mail iJrivi
:atcd through
Dslinaslcr-gcneral lhat tli
ere only i\ -shillings per w«i*, anti.
ie* fiouvs is !l iir. 16 per day, Tlie
fcr- general said that he hail
that the wages were so low
Uiiurs so.long, and heiwould
do ius.'jBit lorcmeily  Uie grievnnceM
. Thc child lalior law of Illinois will
ie enfoiced.ih all oi. llie coal mines
.n the State.. "Obder tlie irilerprcta-
lion.of ilie law made by Factory In-
ipecior Edgiir T. Davies, ard sus-
lained. iiy'lie courts " no lioys nnder
ol age wiil be permitted to
work in  :lie mines.       II is estimated
ie enlo.'ciii.cnl  ot the  statute    will
ike. -£,500 boys away, from    cinploy-
icnl-, itn.lergtonnd.      :
lhc' tobacco trust, to prevent
striken nn:l its employees- from joining.lobar (.rganiinlioits, has devised
11 system df insuring the lives uf .its"
■iriploj'ceB, dee. All employees of .*■
fear's standing nro entitled tn nani'-
V lietwftcliiry in cane of their death,
,nriii-: the l*ncficinry will Iw paid Ur;
year's salary, if under
J500,. nnd-.J-Sooil. the Sftlnry fnr .1
yeni" would lio groiilov tlinu Hint.
PiflMli ttade un inns cniiiivelc'il with
tlie licnvy UaiUiH of tlio Sholliolil ilin-
Iriet, In Ciiglnml, nro milling In rc-
•Utnnoo to on obit ok Ions rogitlallmi;
which   noiiia of tlio 'tntploycrs-'havo
in Kcw York and vicinity. ..A
ia! . jrgaiii/iug.; committee.^ :'hds
appointed :to carry on 'the .work,
prehtnsive plan for . reaching.* thoss
niarh:iiisu.r.6t yet nililiatedVith'lhe
union, ami most sat'sfactbiy/re'snlts
are anLieip.itcd Irom the'working out
of llie.pla-i.  ■, .."*      -:.
The Amalgamated Society of Iin-
ginetrs ■ loelad horns lyith thi
EnEjnoei ii,? -JJiupVijcrsV Assoiaatioi,
pf7.Grsat *'iilain"over the ltrm4 nf j
strike of   1S97.   The change
. y  thc    amalgamated    ar
:   f^'k-ratiou   shall   rccmmiitn
Change of Business
Having- leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Hana-
ley, 1 am prepared to do all
kinds of Drayiiigr and Livery
Afreut   for Fcrnln Conl, Siniiimt r.ime and DIstrl butlng
Axent of the Citiiacftun Oil Co
Glvemeacaliprecj Hahdley
*^w*f*r*m3£li£. *
Agents for
Tho Calgary Marble and Granite Workg
Tlte Koctciiny Murrjlc Works. Nelson.
Samples can be seen nt the ofSce.
Offici. Phone 41        Rhsidenxe 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
t presci
:  of  Engine
ship, of    more .than  iqo
;i_sury of 53,500,000.
s   anil   visitors   to  tile
1 of  Li
e ili^n tlie,Santa,
is.on the "Yfe '
; of tlie    Ameri-
ic D. M: Kerry Seed Company,' oi
luit, Siith.,. has ln'tn placed upon
unfair list by (he Detroit Feder-
m.oi I.ailiif. This firm" operates;'-i
office,  and pat-
1   Di-tro
nil Cleveland.
Advocaev of tliu eiglitdinii
iicchanics and..laborers received liuitc
n iiiipelus hy President Hoose\-elt's
irder llt-it liereaftcr Ihi; ciglll-;iour
iw shoiiltl lie rigidly . enforced in
ilii al'. kinds of j;o-.-eni-
■t work. Thc Bigltl-Iloisr
principle I.s stircndliig, mid wc may
eiinliilcnUy linjiu thai luil tti\y years
•ill ilitcivciiQ. lwforo,olg'it"'*o'.,rs will
u unlvci-Anlly rarojiniMil ns Lllio log-
icnl old !<gnl workday.
RIIllRCKinE    I''6tt, .THE. I,KJ.OKR.
DARTLETT IIOUSQ, lormt-rl-/ the
'"* Clarh, tlio bent ft a ilay hold
ta'..Hcl«on. Only whttc_help cnjloyed
G- A. R.
On account  of the National  Encnpinent 6f: Hie
Army of. ihis Republic in Mlnnciipolis, Aueutt 13-18,  the-
Great Northern Ry.
Will sen Round Trip Tickets Fernie to
for $48.50
Tidcels on Sale Aug, ft B 9     Timil Rolurn Limit Octpber 3r*|
Fo;-totM^M-alp'tmatloii, lotcF, bU ,;ilFoDoc-.dreu |
The Elk Lumber Co.,
Dimension, Flooring, Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
AH our stock is last years cut anil well seasoned.
{The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch Si: Jetoelerg Repairing
; Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.'   Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
8. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, AuL Geal U.upr
Business may be transacted by mail with any braaeh
of the BanlL   Accounts may be opened, and deposits
maCe or withdrawn by mau,  Every attention is paid
to oat>of'town accennts.
Fernia Bniiict, O. S.   Holt,   Mnnaser
| Mako your wife hapjiy by buy- i
ing a Steel Kange of J. D. Quail *
or  money  refunded
Hnve ono o! thin Imrgift FUiret. in Fume
l*mh, Vutl, rrouli nnii 8*ook-*d Fiah.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
H6ad   Office
Calvary.   Alta.
The Dominion Meat
&   Cattle    Co,   Ltd.
Wholcaalc & Retail Meat UerctianM
crnle, B. C.
Ham*.   Bacon,   Lard. 7. Fish and Game In Season.
Victoria   Ave.
'Phone   No.
IJ Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Mottled Goods
jF»  *-■*  mmmmw**mw**t*m4  mlA  n  m  *..
rTTTTTTl TTT1TTW '(^p^}«T-*("pi
TT3STI->B1T*;   N"*B"W   M^JTji.GEl'MI'Ei'JSrT S
yahtes Severn, ^ - - tProprtotor  %S
Well furnished rooms. The tablu is supplied with thc best
tbe tnariet affords. The bar is supplied with the best wines,
liquois and dears. i'
>K"I 'I I I'-K-I-I-H-H
Now   Open   for   Enaaijemtsnts   at
Dances,   Parties,   Etc.,   in   Fernie
__^ =.-= or   Outside   Towns =
rom   3   to   8   Pieces    Furnished
C    Address:    C. A.  MILLCR,      Royal   Motal.   Pernie
and   Home   Life
Can In min veil  by tuk ini;      vour     nu-iils    nt
The Royal  Restaurant
In conjunct ion with tlir Knyul lluli-l.    Tlie  1*M      incul ser\'tj  in ■ Uni
city lor  35  vents. A U\\- iniin ri-uiil nr dcsitcJ. Your pal run ae*
il   respectfully   solicitril.
ALL Vnii'i'K HKI. 1'     KMl'l.nYED.
MRS. M. MOELZEL, Proprietress
Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
mul  triii iirst-rlnw.
will lx. in t-11
'Will*;™;  July J
.;   nnd 3, AnRii
1 ami .■;.     If r,
:intwti|.littc  n
me tor   lull   iftwli
low- 1011 ml trip rn!
cs from Cbicii,
iiiinj! .1
.■ thri
A postal cnnl tor infarmntinn wiil  l.ring a quick reply.
H. S, COLLIKS, Oen'I Agent
Ola Sprnpiio Ave., Spokaue
■i Ki-C -» -^^g^MHRianMaMBH>*-i-is*HS-|BHiaaHn(^^ ■■k ff. wi n.M|i'**j^.'>«»wiFy,wr^a>f^Tt-if,.-,U'i«
iii-i**ff.iMi.wi,iiUYti tv-y;1-'
the," fernie ledger; fernie; *b/gv 'august i$: »9°6
TRA1)E UN-IONS'AND;.*-J. ,-;* .*■"..*,.    ,
Join nal.
4,    ? ,
tiaile unions work    into- 'the American
Colltg^";:"^presidents,: ;
, binders     * nd   corporation
ureglourt n. claiinin^.'that tlte
tioiSyulc.s    of
' cilculalilt: ^"injury
,       K* .
boy;«   _^_ __   i
li-.a'rccjiil'address licfore the American Institute of Instruction, one of
this'ielass Vemoancd the lack of opportunities for boys to learn any
kind of ii ado, saying in the of
liisji-einark}!: "Today there are few-
aj.prentices, and such as may still,he
found are learning very little.'' . Tli"
labor  unions  restrict
burg,' Mont';,- "is    visiting. Cinnamon
'i'om at, tlie Columbia"" Hotel.
"Miss   Muriel   Hatwood,, of' Moyie,
passed-through Elko on her way    to
Spokane.'-.  * '■    *•-£
'- Tliirty-foiir  drummers  visittd Elko
this    Week,*, representing  and taking
orders for   'hard-tack,'* biscuits,    dried
fruits, jjiioi boots aiid overalls.  Several  was ' representing 'eastern  doll's,
eye faclors.-s.    In consequence ■ the loenl  merchants    arc    stocking  up  Willi
every thi Kg .    from    a   stem-winding
monso trap to a cyclone stuckei  and
iiiacl"in*t''Vs \vithout frills.   :
*• .Mr.  Iliggins, of   ' Cran-brook,    and
Krai    2oo, - Jr., of Roosville, ' iiayc
gor.e   south    afler     a big buncli    ol
new rate     'by-law,-,  which    was, -put
through its three-readings and   ?oni-
pleted at the special meeting of -the.
6th." et ;;^yV •■i-y^:-- _,..;;;.    .*, «-
The tax*'rate'-**is l*floted-":**in--anblhcr
column, w. >.• .A-.-   .  .-j    .,6s,-
E. E.,Gigot,  Nelson;
F. li.    Haw-
^  -1
;- g - .
*:* -
;»^5 • '--'- '*      * -    "
'M *ss.
&;•• :'<
the., number . .ol,, thovc.iiglibved horses.
«*c.!s to limits grotesquely l>c-
low'.Aobvious./.-ticcds.," ;.- Like*, many
would-lw tJianipions of  thc American
boy,    ,Mr.   Luther's ° information   (or
' misinioi nint.ioii'" steins   to .have  been
Hl>pi bed "li oiu' ''open-shop" literature
ii'-itend of cbsevvalion aiwl iitvestiga-*
lion.   Tin* iili-n that the boy is being
held back in     lhe industrial race   by
.organized*   b.ui'ls  of* labor   agitators
is craf'.iiy t.dvanccd  by partisans    of
tbo non-union shop, and seems easily
instilii*-* into "the minds of those who
are   in nos'lion    to    gain  the public
ear lj-causu "of theii' standing amongst1
iduciilors.     These   union haters    are
, not so  solieitious  for  th.-  apprentice
as they ire anxious to Ic in a   noM-
tion to dictate what wages they will
pay  for skilled labor.   The "lack    of
opportunity" for   the     boy is   only
used as a club to i ripple the organizations which declare for a fair wage
for a fair dny's work,' Such as have
accepted the .preachings of union haters need only  visit union workshops,
iu order to disabuse their minds.
And here it may lie _said that, as a
mail ler of fuel, no one denies the lack
of oppoi (unities for it-boy to learn a
„ trade";-in.  thc .skilled  industries;    but
the lack of opportunity is no greater
than    the    absence  of  incentive".   The
boy,, undertakes     lo learn a business
with' a 'view ' to ■ earning a livelihood;
In." hits au aptitude for some   special
branch of -lie  trade, is kept at work
-.lifting,-in that line—not- by' the lab
or  „iinioii,"'l)tit by his  employer—becomes" an   *dept, in that specialty, can
command   "i journeyman's   wage    in
shorter iim-;    than -would be rcquire'l
i.o develop into a master of the Hade
(aii .-ailtroJiid  workman);  and  is- sat-
islied; his employer is satisfied, other
journeymen  in  the shop are satisfied,
and   another    boy  begins  an  apprcn-
ticeshipV 4
The mouthings ofjne-n who   would
-  run the machinery of "great iiidirslncs
 with   an   unlimited 'lniinlxsr  of'   hoy*-,
No damage ,' isA reported by the
ranchers from the several Frosts, that
visited .lie burg*.during the week. a
. Messrs. Covert and Baldrey, of .Fernie, pam'.cri in oil, decorators^ in
water, . colors, and' expert-jugglers
wilh (lower garden wall papers, are
making the interior of IlirU's general-store as ljright .ns the l^ttom.ol
a lien,   tm bucket. ,''-'■
^"M. Mclnnes, of Elkmouth,' was a
Elko visitor this week. '• ' • , "
Elko must have pay dirt iii slglil,
as new industries are opening up
e\crv week. - This week a fish market, supplying everything from i sai-
dine to a silver salmon, "all alive
O" opened its doors to the general
public and unlucky fishermen. ■      '
\V. II. Tompkins, of Okoloks/Alta.,
'.ought ?,2 ■ head of ponies from the
Indians i-1.  Tobacco Plains this week.
A young lady from Fernie was lell-
■ng her Elko friends[ in Roo's general
it ore about a thin man, '-'lie is a
ort of ■ ingrowing', mop," she said.
•Honestly, girls, he is so skinny
hit his l--»gs look like thc number 11
n a door  '■■
... <4 I
Mr,* ■ ..Caiinokcciuekahianiia1'; informs
:s   that     Mrs.     Cannokeclttekaninna
The fire biigacle boys are giving'a
ball tomorrow ,night in. Stork's IIall
in aid of'C'Jie' fund 'for'tne'ecjuipment
and expenses incurred io preparation
"lor" the ioiifest at Cran-brook oii Lalior. Day.
These boys,-,, are pending... a ^real
deal uf their time and' their own*
money in fitting -tlieinsclve's-for- - this,
race, and the people of the town*are
i.L:coiiiing' enthused lover the fine showing llie soys are making, but it lakes
money,   as'well - as*'■: 'enthusiasm,    lo
\     *''■**■ -"•'■"-x.^Ti i^y     ->%   .
make -the mdertakingo- successful, and
the-boys'1 pro-nose' .rAgiving one'..of .the^
finest balls ever'enjoyed by'the lovj\
err. ol dan:i«g in tlie city. ," •
Tlw;best of niusic and the daintiest
refreshments _w.ll be supplied.' \\r y.
Tickets arc .$2.00 each, for.,gentle-:'
men, ladies* free.       ' V
lie sure und keep this date and be
on'hand with your .$2:06. Yon will
get yonr i..bncy\s .jv'orth and the fire
brigade will fully appreciate the aid
vou extend them.
C7"\V.' "Sniilh;v""B,aynes l';a*ke; 1-
nant, Frank; M. Howe, Cranbrook;
J. Ilawtlianie*!'Spokane; • VA* S.- Chisr;
fray; ,Mrs.- Caldwell,- JalTray; L.
holiii, Winnipeg"; Mrs*:" Lylhgoe, Jaf-
Uawslhorne, London; F. I,. Dinlou,
London; Mr. aiid Mrs. Berltoux,' Loudon;. \V. G*. llodgins, ..llosmer^ L. W.
MeKtnuc,-. ■ llosmer; J. G. McKay,
llosmer;" Harry Brarrian, Waverly,
Wash.; J: Nl"; Giieve^Spbkane'^'M-
Harvey, Giea't Falls.
•Whiter, rortlandfeOre;SFi; TACrpin;
,vell1Jsrorlland;. JI. S- Collins, Spo-
jane|*7i''.f'"JA';lnnson1 .Haihilt ni;   J. L.
kanej  .
■-ifkinson, .Haitiil*: ni;
Kamloops;   A^V. "Westman;
Craitliropk;  Mrs'.  jT''A .""."Williams  and
■eliildreri/ i'eiidTelonjfB?. W:"'Oakes and""
wife,' rcndlctoiv,-'JJ:>-i^w,^larcshQlin
,Ei .RoVi-ls.'^ncyuv'vr^E .f. Button,
Mcvlicinc IIat;l''':''Mrs!;,:Jls.'"'R'uSsell,
I'inchcr Clock. ■•*"** ■""".-
Mrs.lStrong, Alberta-,
Schoper,' Wiiilrv
The shipments of ore for the week
■tiding lai:- Saturday,; as,-reported by
the Nelson News, was as follows:
shipments  :."....22,v$
.   ' * ■     i -fs
"^ ;.    fl -  4»
J. W..Bruer,
Jewell,   Jaffray,'..'T.
Wiilla;    Mrs. "a..B.
Waters -and family,   * Spokane; Y. A.
Stewart,  Myrtle  Creek,   Ore?';'^D:v"A.
Hopper;   Brandon;     \V.  C.  Donleay,
Stavely; G." Donleay, Stavely;' J:, A.
McKinimon, Atlier.ia; r Mrs. 7 A. Mc-
inlyrc.,  Atheina;     C. '"A.^'Dow," Elko;
J iv Shearer,"',',- Coa I    Creek;  P.- J .*-. M
l'inkhani, Cranbrook Fred, D. I.orsch,
Wardner; W.A, Mitchell',;CoaLCreek;
S. Y'. Smith, Coal Creek; 'M.,.'L.';1VI;
erson,'Eiirckn;   J.  F.  Wilson,-.   Blair:
more;',,. Miss  McCoy,  Victoria;¥~AMiss
I'ltde-hiil,    Victoria; 'Miss   Johnson,
Vimcouvci;    R.   II. "Doharl,  Bellevue;
S.'W.  Evard and wife, Winnipeg;   A.
Quality Rather
than Price -■ v:
■ The Preserving Season is now
f. on.   ; Get :X)ur/prices; on Fruit
Jars   before   p urchasing : else-
'-•■■"''.■       .     ■     m.-  :Y   ■  -Y   .:.'*'
'e.v-7--      .■■,- i". ■  ,-..;-* ■  : "•■
Bring your Cash and get value for your Money.
Kootcuay.;, ,
md  all  the  little  Canuokcvluckanaii-
ut's will .j-ove to ,Elko,
. o '■—
'laiti'uore Times.   „ .'   *  .«-
Chailes1 Chestnut, lately supcri 1 ir.-
I nt of the Hillcrest mines,' ex.iecls
o-leave-shoitly for .the Big Horn
-.isiii, in Wyoming, to accept 1 'po-
.liou with SV'W. Gebo, who is ■ op-
itiug a coal property there'.
Last" ,u.ek the coal mines at Tabor purchased'by ;in American com-
any .•eprett'iiting Billsburg- capital-
sis, and 'he property will l>e e.iken
.'. cr by the new owners on Se;-lem-
er. 1st.   Mr.,  Dixon,,,the manager for
'^Tolal :'..*.'...'''.;."...   ■.i..:....VA?>7
The- receipts at-;tlie smelters.during
be'same week wen; as follows:'
Graiib'y     smelter.. xS,«.)Si
Dominion   Copper   Co  smelter... 3,753.
Trail sin*Uci*. '  ii.531
Hall Min>s sineltci:..  **>3/9
Mai\sville smelter •••    500
A hotel that furnishes quiet commodious accommodations for, , its patrons is a source of pleasure'to the
travelling public. Such a one is' the
King Edward hotel of • "Fernie, „'corner opposite post ollice. * .
under this heading instcrtcd at tho
" rate of -'one * cent ci'vrord each iriscr-
., tion. '.-..!..        41 '
,'J'otal    for   week   	
Total  'or year . to. dale	
WANTED—Girl   'for    general    housc-
work.-Applyito Mrs".;W: R:* Ross.
,   When 'you   tire • s'ck,^, .
,... ,woul.dJ.i.'you r .scil...1YouiA,-
, ^. chances .to get, well   for..
*'Va Hew ■ cents? -i/CertaiulyV
'">'not: :A:'.littl'e*;dtlTerciicc
',~''"iu''''tite quality ot drugs' ■
used   iii, , filling,  yonr ,
prescription   soinetnies
>   "makes., ;a- big dijlercVe
7 j in tlie Tcsults expected -,,
.   by the doctors.    . ,
",".''We are- in   the.-«d'-ng   ;
business' liy choice., i.ii'd
bccnuse-'we'-like it.   Did'
you , ever , notice   thai
. those   who    like   '.heir
work   are   usually   the
best   workmen.       '.his
applies to   all lines   of
business or   profession.
-   Our policy   is ' to   give
,   thc   best possible quality   at     a- reasonable
price, and, to' give   our
■ patrons    just • a   little
' more ' than  they • ex.'cct
, iu     good   service    and
highest quality.  ..
. Just     try   4 us .„ next
time.  « We     guarantee
' perfect    saCisfactioti.
***     .   . - *&
w ■  -»»
«» K ts
•a o     .   .^
The People's Qroceri   P. 0. Block, Fernie
TRitES-WbOD CO., Ltd
■nnder  liie guise  of apprentices,.thereby displacing  the men who have    already masti-ied    the trade,  or    some
special   line  of. it, . -.are " misleading
nlimbers of public speakers and writers, into, the belief  that labor unions
are"„actu.illy   preventing "hoys from entering   into any kind of     apprectiee-
ship, and ih'is making it necessary to
send  abroad  to     obtain  ■ thoroughly
skilled inecliaiiics.   This, of course,', is
a strong, wnipon   against  labor    unions,'    and as   tlio disruption of, the
union    now i-ceins In be the sole object'in lile uiiiong a certain class   of
'employers-who   believe ''tliey    could
control wage v if the individual workmen could  bi; (diced into competition
with each  o'lier  nnd boys could-*,,be
utilized nt the. discivlibu nf the   employer—(hey use it with all the irafl
nt their
The all:mi nd skilled uieclianic is in
iiluiiil (leinaiiil in present-day in-.lii.s-
trifs, and tlie Irude M-lipnls that .turn
out. workiiien in any branch of hinii-
n«sK will iiiiikc lewer all-ioiiiul men,
iiioi-e hfilf-skilled spi'oinUsts, and de-
jiioinli-'e  iiiiiiistiinl  i-oiidilions,
On cmcfiil iin-estigatioii il will be
found tlm; tlv: Amurinm boy—tin*
liinii nf lhc' luliirc—lias no better
Iriciiil ttinn llie. trade union, He
sliould not ■■'■•. used n« a innkesliift by
1 lib einiilnvev nud then enst aside,
'llie Sii'<ii <l,iy Even 111}' Post nnd
J.ndiis' Ilcnic Joiirnnl, issued by the
Curl is I'ublisliilig Coiii|iiiny, 1'liiln-
lU'llihia, are lhe product ol non-union
liiluii, uud should be d'-itll with it'.-
cordiiigly by tnide unionists niul llieii
lili-nds, Tlie Cuitls Coiiipimy ivluics
to loiiiede tin- eight-hour day to 'Its
iniioii pri'iltr-i.
The Wo'iiinii 1 IIoiiic Cotnpiiliioii mid
Viirni .iiul Fin-sldi', published by tin
Crow-ell Ciiiii|),iiiy, Spiinglieiil, ')hio.
.'lie iiImi |-I'(mIiiu.*(I by noii-iitiloit lab-
All r iliu Buttei'Uk j»uli|li*.niniii
lire pt'iidm.'d by nnu-union labor.
Mi-Cliii-i! n Mngiu.iiU', The Cclituiy.
Ibiiiknian, Pmnrt Sel, St. Nicholas,
W01 hi'* Voik, niiuk Cat, Monililv
M.ijj.-1/ilio, tli'ii und Woiiun, The
HniiMkeeper and Li|ipinuitt'ii ure also tlle pKiuit'l of 11011 union liibor
The 'ibovi-ii.iiut'd jiidilii.ition,*, h.iv;
11  ifi'iii-rnl  rliriilnliou,
in ii"ew_n>iiTi)an3~lurs—Aalreally-^^
i'ved, and confidently expects to„
.really inereasc -. the working force
nd output ol the mine this season.
!r. Dixon lesigiie-d the superinteiid-
ney of t'ifc Bittsburg"coal'company,'
be iiirgest coal mining company' in
'iu world, to accept' charge' at Tab--
i'i. ■ .
The 'iiii-Jnug touches are now being
■ it ou- tlie Lcthbridge Brewing Co.'s
> aiding  on     lhe  corner of Vic'.oria
nd 7U1 iirccts.   This building   is   of
t sione,,,   and thc    finest business
lock, ever erected in any of the Pass'
The Mayor and Aldermen Beck, Mc-
i.lyrij mul Qnnil were present'nt the*
-guliii council meeting last Thnrs-
'-.ynighl, After the reading of tl.e
iliiiitcs of the Inst regiiliir nieeliiig
ud those ol (lie s])Oiinl meetings of
lie niid, ^ih and Gth inst,, and their
dopliou, a letter from the malinger
»i the Hank of Coniiucrec was rend,
.Ir. -JIoll stated in this letter thai
Iter taking legal advise, he had con-
.luded In sillow thc city lt>aii continue
s il was, mid to allow the city , nc-
ount to .-.p overdrawn 10 the full ex-
.iit of the ?*i,ooo loan until the tax*
1 mine in in meet it, This Liter,
1-gelher with a former one 011 the
.line subject, were acknowledged mid
1 ilurcil ''lid,
Alilernimi Quail nslicd for 11   penult,
'i  build 1  3,|xUi font cnucr-'tb block
.iililitinii >u his store biiilillii'g,
Chief Bnldn reported two lire
ilariiiN icr July, mul tlmt he Imd
•ntilicd nwneis nf llircc story buildups tn .irovide prniier lire*ipes,
A bin that he would notify nil |urnin
h.iviiig tin chimneys to re-move Ilieni
•wi simi|i as he Imd 11 completed list
of tliein, Ills report wns ailopleil,
The    old   Kiil|iliur   iticrclini'it    innde
.1.:., !:"!    m "i     ■I.-'.1.n.i ■*'!.',4
- -• ".>     -•-
(luring the wcrk.
'iln- MipiiiiiKiidiiit ol (he South'
eosi KnotilLiy disiticl, fish rllltlller-
\t* anil wiid dink prtM-rven, N living
oronlid 'uKii, ll.iyin". I.nko, Waldo,
KILinnnth, Cold Ctvik and Hooivilb*
like a ihasiiig » liiikt-y. At
Hlkii.ontli with lln* ii-dsUitiu* n!
Major .M.-<. W.itM.11, .T. ]• , he ml-
Iwtid ft 'Imiblr gold i-.igli-. for tin*.
Proviiu-ial (iovcliinitfit Jk*iii "if^jor
A, M. rfn*J„ VV, A. Front, t. tt'.
Yti>:,; r~r»l rstiltr npfflls, Eureka,
Mi.111.1 mi, md (k«». llttiUy. iAi lows
VI.1U, Toti-uto TMttiii's, fiitanilcr, tug,-
ikUuA »\ the Columbia thi*. wi.-k,
* J-.i>i In -.UCariliv nnd *ite, lTarrti-
n>-lnw ty, lining a t-niisiiliilutii-'i of
a'l  pluvious   trudcu   licenses  hy-liiw*-
Ail.l   pill   llllOlIgh     its   lllleu   I'CllllllIgN,
'ii'-ellicr with three iiiiu-iidnuiits,
chilli lo»k a huge port Inn of tlw
cine of t,hc. M.ssinn,
A iciliitllim iu (he litfiiw fee to
pe*i'liir> wn«. ntmli* In ihis new law.
The ni.iiiiil inst 1 m(id tin* Mayor (n
i*ik nil 1i.itik.-t for lenders for
he lirr. ilrb-iiiiin-;,, nf((>r whiih (hu
coiincil adjourned. "
... .iv ."-i*... >i inc. i.ii>; on  iim-    iii<|
-ni   in loividfi mid.j^.ij jurjia
t<r In  rcpnrd iu the tcmpoi'iiy   illy
lonu, lniJiln'cJ wax ib.n.., »md Um mat-
ler Willi over In the regular iinvlilig,
Tin* «.|K*cu| Hieeliii,:  nf if,,.  ^|h  wan
.The'financial district'' meeting ot
lite Methodist ministers of Southeast
Kootenay district, was held today in
An- Metliodisi chinch  in.Kernie. l^
Piesid-inl-rWeitman,. of ".Cranbrook,
presided', and -Rev'^Hali, B.A.j B.D.,
was secretary." Besides'! these ofli'cers,
there were, present the following ministers, in charge'' of the' various stations ' in the district: Kev. jK'nneV'
.Michel; Rev. RadImnis7~"Coal CrKjkT
Kev. W. Vance, Kimbcrley, and'liey.
Kowcrliutls,  of .JIoyic»     . '       .  "'.•
Routine business of a. financial,nat-
■nii was  transacted.
; A-public, service will be held
Jfcthodist church  tonight,       -
Will 'oe Developed    at Once—Sawmill
" 'and Power Blant to be Constructed , '■
Cianbiook Trospcctoj-,
Thu Bull River Mining and Tr-iver
Company have decided lo commence
work "and push, the construction ol
power pli.'t to completion.
G. H. /-Tcndcrson, of Belolt, Iowat
111 company ' with Messrs, Willi.iiiis
.ind Cornell, ol Chicago, pasfed
through Ci'inh'rook Monday on their
«■(*->• to S'l'lsnn and Boniiiii|*'\ton Titlls,
11 coiicersntion with a Prospector
lepieseiita ive, Mr, Henderson :-:<id:
"It is out* intention to go ahead at
mice mid k mess thc immeuse water
, ower »*it i-ull Ulvcr, We have *made
all luces'i.v .irraiigemcnts to putiu
a saw'tuill, ccmiplcti- the fjn-wle for tlu"
iltimc, and work will be coininenceil
nsidc of thirty (lays. Work nu the
Iiowcr phi'it will also be stnrtcd vxl
I'U.shed in a finish." ,
The i)lnj,.cl nl the gentlemen in via-
iilug Nelson uud Houiiingloit in to
'nnk ovir tin big power plmit iindci
.imstrnclim nt Nelson, and tlie plmil
it Boiiiiin^lnn, nnd posHihly pick up
some iis;",il iiiloriiuitioii nu tu tlle
nnstrncll m of the work . ot "nil
Tiny wl I rcliini lo null Uivcr in
i'-oiiI ten nays.
Nels U.i'i.-.f.ii, Mr, I', JI. Unlc nnd
\, l{. lln e, and Mrs. Doniihiie cmiie
up fiom N'.imi Tuesday in Mr, TI1111-
soh's ''tin'oiiinbile."
0, ih'.ue Hrown left Tlmr-i.liiy
iiinrniii}: ior KainlnnpN, having re-
clviil wnrl 11 friend nf lii<- was
'11 the lioHiiltnl ut tlmt pliu-e M-ry
low wilh (oiiMiiupdnii,
norm, aukivalh.
WANTED -A    good "'planer'   operator
' at IIos'.iiersawmiii.--Apply'at"''lill:"
4      * '
WANTHD-Good girl ■- for gcnejal
- housew'H'k.—-Apply ..Mrs.-, J*. W
' Nuitn. - ■' - -  • ■: '-' -'.-*. 'iy.yy. '-"• >*   4;.
.  . - ; *,*■'-■     ' ■    >.i'i\ -' '*  '-      g.	
'"■' '." 'FOR SALE ""-.'     \* "
Fernie        . B. C.
Men, keep your feet cool and comfortable in a pair--of our Oxfovds,
they feel just right on the foot and
we know tliey will look good to you
if you step in and let us show yqu,
Tan, White, Black and Patent at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
terin-ar   yoiv   an, extra .-quality   Suit
.'■"'er office..   y^-
'VOU. SAIVE—Argood William's piano.
'Apply D. Mclennan. -  ..
y.      - * t> * .
are for sale' at this ofiice, price'-25
cents each—"Rooms to Let, Applv
Within," ■ .'.'Furnished Rooms *to'
I,et, Apply Within."     „ .       v. !
We are,   offei
Case made-of Kestol,• 24:111. long and. lias, two
straps,and good brass trimmings and. lock,*.solid
leather corners, secured with copper rivets. ■ ■   ■ •
A. Trunk   made  'over wooden    frame a
with  iron bottom  covered, with 5 oz. canvas well-*'*
painted   and   fittedo,witli , two  heavy straps  and.
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at .
Special Prices
FOR SAI(E—AAdock of 2,000 acres:of-
laud,' loc.tcd' on  railway,  will    j***"-
5,01:0''j-***' ol-good timlici-lier cere;
good  figr.tultural  land when    tiin-
hci has heen removed.   This will lie,
sold very cheap'.   Yor further    por--
liculnrsi apply, MOTT, RON & CO.,,
1   i' i'     1    1''   	
Winnipeg,   Port Arthur,   St.; Paul,'
Duluth,,Sioux City,- $tf.$o;     Kansas
,.'ity, J54.a,si St.   I.ouis,  ?sC).no;   Chi-
cnjgOi   Jno.iio,   On   sale   August 7-R-9,
,iepl, 8-M.   Finiil limit, Oct. 31. To-
onto, $72/15,   On   sale Sept*,' 8-9-10,
Limit, Nov. 30II1,   Milwntiltcc, ?
On sale  Aug, 7-8-9.   I,imit,   Oct.   31.
Thn.^gli  rates rill   stations  Ontar-
"o, Qnchec, New York, New England,
Maritime Provinces on  nipplication,
1. S. CARTER,        K. J. C^Y,!,!?,'
1). 1'. A., A, S.V.A.,
•Nelsrtn. iV.iiw-ouvt*.
The appreciation , of
those who have visited
our showroom and visited our millinery and
fancy goods display is a
flattering proof to us that
our styles arc exclusive,
tasteful and moderately
Only a few of those lovely Black
Plumes left
Expected   lb arrive   this
week, a large shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.   ,
-f-M *T-f-f-f--f-f-"fH»—f-1i->-
::+A. T.    HAMILTON
Tiinsmithihg & Plumbing
-- T    HAVE taken, over the' business  formerly   con-
„ -1    ducted "'by Shepperd & Elliott and wisli to inform
. the "public that I'am ih a position to do all kinds of
Tinsmithing,'and:Phimbin£;in a prompt and  efficient
-manner.    Reniember. the place: *"*' .' >■■<■■
-' One door north of King Edward Hotel.   ,phonc 1
Kootenay Cigar Co:
11, lliliiUh. IUvcIhUiLc; Thni. J.
.MeDeiiiiiilt nml wile, St. l'nul; A. V..
llylnh, Nui'm.ii; ti. UtiunMvr, ill**,
'I lioi, Cav in, Cmuliiiiok; I). Thomas, CimI VruV; W. Palmer, C»wl
Creek; A, P. M'ulker, City; A. 1*.
I'll liclti', Miii-.VNvllh';     A,  T). Voile,
^t.ti.Miuiinj;  1!u>) Mon i>.m*v;   Iuul  -tivi'^tiiuii,  "viiiii'iiiiVlt,
""*'    -      —i lut'fww. j-i"uaa—■■■!
Waldorf Jtotel
fsrnU,  SLf,  C,
S6»SS» d Xutkl
Hegd Office, Toronto, Ont.
BranchcH ihrbuahout Canada, nnd AaenU
and Correspondents In Hie United States
 and   Great Britain	
A General Banking''Business. Transacted.
Accounts may be Opened and Conducted
by Mail   :   :   ;   : ,     „
Saving's Bank Department
IH>l>oHltH of 0,1AM mid upward* rocwiveU una lutur-
' cut nllowcil nt Current Itiitoa.  Tlio DcpoNltor
Im' Hub.jcct to no delny In -tlio wltlidrnwnl
ofthe wholo or nny uoillou of tho
Monoy Orders nnd Drafts issued payable ovory where;
Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. ti. Marshall
Nelson, B. C.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
-     - ■" -      Fernie, B. C
<J)        —...I..!. II.  .,.,.„■■„■ n        <
| Wc list below a few things you all need <
-!» this weather—come and see our assortment.       <
Garden  Hose,    Hose   Nozzles,   Lawn <
Mowers,  Grass  Clippers,  Sickles, lee
Croam Freezers, Rol'rig'orators, Screen
Doors and Windows.
We have a nice assortment of these goods at most reasonable prices
■Mil S4.1-J.
Always   the   Lowest!!!
Thin woolc you wiutt to hoo tho IIiioh of IToNlory for Mon,
Womon mul Children,  Upeolnl lhirffiihiH In tlioxo GooiIh.
r«,' \. llt„,i-  r?-,.^..'*!   ,..,1..,.   VI,. i  1 nt     '
„,....   ».,..,.   ..... t   js .,.,, f,     ...,,,!,„,,   tlAh!
Cicnulne TurUlr.-li Tul-ini-rn nml rigari-llfi.
i isuisi.t rkk.
—        Baker Avenue
Opponlto llie Coke Ovens        —        Halter Avenue       —       Pernio
A A AI*.AtkStSiStArfim**\*\m\W'*^Wlm1*mS,Wi wiwl*)iwi*t,r%*%r%r*k6,Sj,4t>SiS.AAA A A*.   . ..
Wc have mvivnl nml pnsuil Inlo
uUnk,   A TUN" (XV KUoTttliAR in
Mi-n'it,     Womcim     and    CliililrciiH
llux CftU, La.til nml Cni|).>^.<*4 hum
fyon   l»   *5""; Mhwru' l»il HIimk
Ironi $!.«/> tn
W. R. McDougall


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