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The Fernie Ledger 1906-08-01

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.>b"- :'""'■"'" "'•'■'-"'. ■'••   • 'A'.'-' " "'     ji' A7;A' -'
o-if'v' • ^Jfy^t
VOL.   I,   Nt^IBER   52.   .
Price $2   a year'in.Advanxe
.   4*-4
any Interesting Items  About Pqople= A   Week's;
*      "
P. C, Gamble,   provincial  engineer'
' ist-in .ihe. city* on oll'iei-il .business.. __.
- Dr, Morrow ami- sister,'*q[ ICallis-
pell, were iu the cily ou .Wo-mlni*/{■'■'■ "■
'    1     '  ! J. '. -.' .1 4-      *' *■   '  •    f
Don't forget tlie..lawn'social .'at the
'- *      .*    . * -    1    ,..,...
resilience, of,Dr. Houucll next .Tuesday
J. evening. * _■        ' .
;  '   *- ,.'' -u ■• '*■''.      .,.•'  --.;f.     .': ■■ ■ i A
',  A." W. Parry, .inspector of  stations
fo^thc*'Great Northern, \vns_ ,in the
.cit^Moudny. " ■ ' A, \, . ■   V
■ MfttJ' - Walkermis.'; improviiig* rapidly
ajW.'V.niid 'lio|icis\lo Iw alulc lo gel
out of  tlie  li6spil^l*tlVi--a. few*"*.-, ilnvs'.
, ■ '-}■>      ' '- v;:*?--??.'-'r;   *' '","■' i "
-Miss Kirkphlrick js   n way. en-Joying
a j holiday-'.-f'nt Ulanff ,'■ iieil "iVeer  and
-f,. i*. '•*,-. .* -       ■ ;
j;   •;*,. ...iC"; •','..;,;,.'., ,-.',v ■   *.4- ..*..., .     - .'
,"Miss    heading  returned - from   Calgary (this; 'i-igrniufcl..- . •   . ;•    ,-...,',*•
V *'    if L ... '  „'
'Wins Kidd left for the,,Coast , last*
■ij-jlit1 VTa the'*" Great   Norilierh. ' -   .*;
j.I. ,]*). Gordgn,:collector, ot: customs
al .Gateway, is in the city today.. . 1
tMiss Kiti.-dov   returned .last"    night.
*     .-  , i —     t
from-a* holiduv trip to  the Coast.   ,"
* i
ciiiV.mii-.N 'S coxtr-citT.
V      "
• over tlicNotthe'rir'iJouiid^fo'EviVeiling-
."Imm.vWatshiiiftlon, oiu,,a**.,short'' visit
,. to friends on the Sound.   * A'
Small people 'can' he. depended upon'• da'■ small, ' contemptible ".little
things, "niiii" can'also'lx-' depended up ■
-' on" to lie' about it's when 'caugbl'.
* ,-.-,.«*• -        ■ -
Mitchell,-.late    of'Kernie,''won*   the
"too-vard.dash ..for . the.  cluvuipioiiNhip'
.     of Manitoba.  ' at ' the*. Winnipeg     Fair
-   ., last week,   '    .   -|j«rs.3/-|f   ,. '/".,■".>"' \''
."'       '       ' ■'    "!.'- *i?j   - ■*.-  ''",; w"'
Miss "Fletcher, 1-ilc of lho T.'lfctlon
'- stores, Toronto, jhns  accepted a posi-
v lion, iir'Uii-h".lry -;goods', department .of
the TritcsWood stores he'c.v
?'-,i The lmsi.iK'SS-- lately^conducted     liv
* the a llriiish  American ; Trust  Com-;
•' pany'"*'al.'    .ColuinaiV'- has'll^en' taken
over hy the   Kasteru*  Townships Haul*
• ■ and will 'IwSconlimiecU-l-yv. th'at'^ank,
1 under Ahe manajjeiiieut . of ,.Mr.   . Geo 7
.' ■ LCwing'**?"'^"-p^*'^;,?   '  =o    -:
;   *>, S.rTaylor, *ofihe 'Staiida'fll'" 1,^1,11 ).ei;7
A Company,   Fort Steel   .1 miction,'sl'o'pj
"ped ''over-'" in", ,'th'e "city'-* Monday'--He
" V\vas-*e"iiroHle".ro..Mon'i;iu'a,   where ;'hev
Thursday  ' evening-
HI     .r. i rl
;Go".to.the   lawn,social  ill Dr.
ne IPs     residence
iiexlj ' ' -   r';
(Mr. and Mm. 'Alex, liirnev, of Mor'-1
1     * - -
rissey -mine,".;- -were in the cily yesler-
ilay'A  ■■•--*-.-     7 -      ' -    '   ,
[■'A. C, Viekery,    of   Kiko,  ' was    in
.town . a-.i'ew ilavs diirin,'' '-.the past
i    ,   ■        ; .   ■ *■>.,'*
\\Mek.     ,  ■      „
? The'Misses Cjivkvniai^li, of St. Paul,
are visiting their-uncle,  W. C. " Cav*
*   i      .        .' e t   ':   \
anaiiirli. '•    , * -
*■    4- •
.\ ;Mr.;-';,iwiU J Mrs,' .;. Af 11. TrLtes opA
Kir. and'Mrs.'II.; G.:-Lockharf, spent
Siuida\- at MotL-isscv. ■  '
I    . .    ,   !,'.   -s ,-i
; -Jas. Stephens proprietor
Australian .Hotel, Morrissey
Fernie visitor yesterday.-"   i
of     the
was   ' a
The children, oi the city'have been
preparing .a programme for -a concert
which wiil'be given al Slork'.s Hall
on lhc evening of lhe 9111 of August.
• It" will be-remembered villi pleasure, that they did.thefsame 'Ihimei last
year, .and gave lo .their, hearers one
of the finest entertainments oi llie
year.,* The - proceeds ' oi these concerts
go.to(the treasury of lhe Ladies' Ke-
nevoltnt'Society, and lhe little girls
and hoys of,the, town enter.into ihe
spirit ot*""liie'thing wilh'the heartiness' which' comes from . hearts- of
kindness untouched'by guile. A long
and" varied pro^f.-ami'nc of songs,
ehoruves, dialogues,' and ' recitations
will b*- rendered* in such a maiinei-
as will* 'i/o ■ pleasant lo s*je and to
iicar.1 An inlricau--.fan'.drill, will i*.l,so
be executcil.
Hverj'l:oily will 'h"** there ."'to eiv'oy
the treat,--'and lo encourage the
sweetness of charily which actuates'
the children, and put money into
the treasury of the Society whicli has,
done so much for little children who'
arc not* blessed,- as are those of the-
concert, 'with ■'kind.,liareiil.*!'ami wood
homes. Don't forget the date, one.
Wi-eU*from tomorrow night, Thurs-'
■ day, August  t)th,-al* Stork's Hall.    '■
Thc sale of tickets, as everything
else: iiKCuiiiicclion „with the concert,
if. in the hands 'of the children, who
will see "that■■you^have""aii opportunity lo'Wuy. .'rice for adults 25c;
children 15c. lie .sure; you have the
cash and-gel .ih" tickets
7^u^iH;i.tS^vii~jJiii*ti»t.i'"»ir"i"*i-i^^"'"'-^,(, 1—"r,™~,V"
'-the !olKffriijr"oiVcratiAiisJ"or "iush' conV
loggtiig   opera
C--7   '■    '•>-".-   '-'   --A--*-'•-;*-
'tJ. 4'A. .J. lluckliiyi- of   this
,*. inlornuil^, .*l)y(-.,wlrts 'Saturday evening
■'''*ol-'*'thc;-;-dcalli'<iF Iks mother iu De-
■"- troit, Mich., Mr.- Diu-kle'y did^ npl
kuow of,his'in6Uier,s''irines*N, aiid 'ifu*
'.';sad news wiis 'quite a'shock. ' This/is
", the second ne/i-lli°in"llie family in leii
^montlw.   .,.       ^ ,.\ ,, _.     .;,... ,''. jtil
;';    U.* \V.■ Wood,. ■   of- lho r' .Trilcs-Wobd
'Company, returned '.Monday- morning
"froin    his   short .yaiyaipn 7   -nt,, the
-Coast..    He reports fillings  looking
ill auii'e.ve'ry.'I'Oil);,, feeling" good oyer
. -ospects all along' tlie Const,. Kvon
; tmiot'i,ol'l ...ViclnrtaL*' is, .|/'j:Jin.iing to
■ Khn\V;SlEii'*"' of' prosper! ly..._■_•,._*. -
his fivKr'" *fts"ciit'lii*Jg':'lin'ii!l)pti* at '"the
rule of 3,500 feel per .day, und rcti**
d'e'rlng out iro iiall.sl'nelion, The com*
plot*. 011'tfil, was siipplii'il'. 'hy ll"-
Wutrmis Kiiglue \Vork.s, ol llrntit-
ford.      *   .    '
Mr. mid ,*. Mrs. Iii-jlmm, oi. Sheep
MoHiilaln.miieh, were in town Mon-'
day, 'Mr, Ingliaiu reports n J.ood
crop of ' outs nnd liny n^-aiji this
yi-ur, and ft line yield ol pnialws on
his rnui'li, lie Ims nliout complolcd
hi» liay.iiinklii'j, iin<l#.leaves;"in a Few
dnys foi'his old lioiiiii'lu Kaiisii,-,, to
lm ijoiiu a month or six wicks,   .
Tlio' liusli flro whlvli started in*the
old .slush 011 the west s'liW of the
Klk Kiwi' ftl«vu llosmer 11 few dnys
ujjo.Jh still ll'lll niiii;, nml If ft lii«'i
wlml.Hliouliii-pi-iiig up nml continue
(or iv low huui'i', '''Jri'iitl.lftiiuijge' would
, result, aud tliu (Iim tipivml in sin It 1111
exU'lit lis (0 lie il nii'linci! lo, llu'
lurjft- 'licit of llinlU'r up llm Klk ilv'i'V.
A uiilti'il nml H'nll iliivcled tlTori
just now would hiivo tnm'lilo „;,iiii*l
iltiiht-r.    ':
f \V. A: Uleasdeli returned Saturday
from°ii six week's trip lo'.head-wal-
'; The IIonie.LKauk.or .CaiiaSa, opened
for;. 'business.* * this .moriiing.. in ■ theii
'l'iarters   iuJthi*   Ileudersoii-. lUoek.,  !
.  .   .«....,.....«.      r     ,        ....        -^ ^ .
j "Mrs: ■-Spencer," who has 'lieen'" visiting... Mrs.,, G. -tr.,-S.'* Ijiudsoy! - left loi
her,home i'ii Va'iirouvJbr-MioniKav.eveu-
[ Conductor K/iickhauser1," ofthe1 Great
"Xorlh'ern, i.--,' in. Helena, this week. Mr.
Druckliauser * ,1s ' "a 'witness in the
•Hoovei   trial.      ' ,        ' •       :" ■ ■
\       .''   ■    ; •   '':".
;.  "Alr.s.,!.Telfet'  and  two  daugblers aud
- -vs   -■ -.,,       \      ,       y      . ^j   *
*ss\iiiie=, jMcii i,s=«-e*ii-^-riUc=ra5-i^ii-.,.-ri-.^P'C.*-^
;ing and. fishing 'on- Tuesday, and. report that'berries will be thick in-'a
few  days.       .
Tlie "\tiehel Ilungariau Society will
, . ^4      . - *
cehji-rate its third   aliiuiver^tiry, Mon-
day,'.,.August"..20U1.-AA );|ooil.. i)i;og*.*am
ine or ,'.sp.r>j-t,s,liafi.. lieen aiTs'i-i-jed', ami
.'i-'grau'd'ball will be given in the iv-
111 ing.'i    jA"; T.y"\
, The frame 'ol (the Norlli Star Lumber Co.'.-* .iiiiii nti Jnftrsiy, hasjfen
eonipleted and' the machinery is on
the gv'ouud nia'dy, to Ve. installed. The
mill  ,-syill have'a capacity^ or 50,000
feel, per dav.
Mrs. ..oiiil, nt'Winnipeg, nnd Miss
.Maynni'd, of Daiipliin, Man., slsler.*-
0t,.'.MrH.;.:;U.*. G, .luwiill, of JnUrny,
pr,*ise(r;tiimit'gh. tlie' cMy.'lnst ' Thursday en route lo Winiiipi-."*,' ficconipan-
led by, Mr,**,' .lewell, who .will visit
lur mother nl Dauphin .for n few
mouths,. ..
Thos.' .Tftitii'S,'' 'it, pro's]iector foi
over forty years iu Uipko , parts nnA
iu California, iefl for his home ix\
Cleveland, Ohio, lasl niglit. "It if-'
jiifl ,i<i years siiuv he lelt his unlive
home. "Tommy," ns' lie is most
'rtiniliuriiy called, is well known 'nil
hi-ougli .lln* l*ft*>s.
The people, of Cal'gnry aro feeliiig,
proud over ' tliu miiMiiiiiccnu'iit Uml
the Dell Ti'leplumi) Co, rtiv. going lo
install .in up-ilo-iinlii U-lephoiie ox-
fh.iiigc, I'Slinmled to cin-l, when com*
pK'lo'l, Sioo,""". Thin greiU "liella
CLiilrnl" is lo * lm t-ompleU'd before
the ciiil ol 190?. .
j Thu Waldorf Hotel changed huiid,-
Ihis morning, Thos. Pogue ti-niisfer
ring llie liii-tini'Sh to Messrs, Ilegigs
nud Knslil. Tlm new inopi-U'lprs iiri*
well mul tiivonilily known lit the
people ol -Ferule, nud i-n^jli'i depeiuleil
iil'-oli tn put up 11 lirM-e,nHH service.
Tin*'!,''*lj-*:i- wii.|ii'.st,tliv new firin I'Vi-ry
VarioLis -• d'ociimenls in connection
wilh Ilia suit's peiuf*.'ng--in "the enurt:*
li'tweeiithe 'Union ]*ank, 'the- Cedai
Valley Imiu-ovenieiit Co., the . lVi ii,'.-
Lumber Co. and the Klk Lumber Co.
arfajiist' 'the.--Great"North'crir !*»ai 1 -
way Company for 'damages* "re.?,lit iug
from a firo whicli'_ started oil' Die
rigSil-of-wn'y^of; the ^'lfcvnl^ b',ra!ieh, of
thai line' 'while'*' l-l|**iiijf ""cons-iu.ted,
',i'...I-whii li caused -lnuch damage \.to
linif/.-r |1 idoii'ging *.o lhe' plV.iilif.s,
were .filed .tijt Vancouver .Von the *-.(U'!i
ult., and the cases will'come,up'for
*tnal_.at 'N'elsijn"'dnriiig liio" 'Octo'bei
session'  oi the"* supreme   cciurt. "A"' ■
CnilALT7t'A'T.ffTtn       f'Y
".John Wilson, of, the ' old-time prospector' .of .West j Kootenay*; -liow'a
resident of Dlairmorc, and well known,
to'iiiniiy Kerulu,,people, was in "town
Monday, Mr. Wilsan had clmi'ge ol
the development work dono'"ou - thV.
pniperly fif'llie Klk __ Ui'ver . Coal and
Oil Company on the iippi'i' 'Klk river,
last year ■
'' He was'lined by g,'owin,g accounts
of the wonderful richness of the
Cobalt mining district, nnd in company wilh hundreds of other western
prospectors, went'' down lo thai coun
try last spriiig, lo prospect.*
He come.*--, back*.with no .glittering
opinion of* Cobalt; as a milling country, ami an emphatically . unfavorable opinion, of" the mining laws and
thc manner ;. in ■ which■ tlifey a.re administered dowii th^l way.
" He 'says a -prospector may stake a
cl'ii'.n, pay his fees, and a{it<*rIL\\f.-Tk-
ing awhile on his property!- the mine
inspector-may coni'e ;i**?oiijg.i-a{iKl pronounce the prpspeql,,-. wo-rtlilcss ' and
cancel the entry". ■■ Then some oilier
prospector . 'iuayA r'eslake the same
groiih'd, pay his-cash and be treated
in the ..same  way,   - ';. "
■   Cob'alt is over-run    with  a  lot-ol
nioss-Waek-    icndcrfdot   youths ' from
the cent   belt, who ''imagine* they   are
iuitatfiv*- the- wild jiiiid ;wqoly    west;
by getting^ drunk,^c^tga-ging iiiharm-j
.less little J r.kicufi   bra wis* and' l)eing'.
lodged,in the. cooler;by the police,,   '
The first  juirchas? he   made   in   the'
town, he      was loaded   up   with foui'
big   coppers, which   was   a   remilider'
llml he had strayed a longwny. from
a real  western  mining camp.
The formrttion has lieen worn down
too close to,.the old green strata' for'
mineral leads ,. to have much' depth,
and'-the lijws and tha peopUj were*, too
much like the.' Paul .Krugcr style to
suit him, and he . shook the-coppers
oul of his . pockets and came back
where drinks sell two ' for a Ipiarter.
and mine _ inspectors can't caD his
prospect .worthless aiid  turn him out;
Mr, and.Mrs. To'tld;* Mr. and Mrs.
E. Wri^leswortir, Miss - Lamb;, an-.l
Archie* Far<jluarson wouldn't play
willi the iial-ancc of',the kids ' last
Thursday, ' ljtiit herded :bjy themselves
and went up to HoMiieiyv,* where ^ they
indulged in the. "murderous pastime
of luring' innocent fish i to bite al deceptive i!:e.<-" which' "dclner*f.leA trfjacli-
efous hooks, whickf they daisied
leinpting-ly. upon the surface o( the
water with -murderous ■ majliee ■ aforethought, Dy this cruel. deception
tliey, succeeded . in hauling, fifty or
sixty huioceiil fishes that,had never
done 1 hem tiny harm, out of the water, and keeping, them out until they
Were dead, '
Persons who Var innocent looking
names are not always the most in-
!io,!eiit individuals n the worlds and
upon this occasion Miss Lamb lambasted the waters until she lauded
the Kanjfefjt fish tli'j*jt. was' 'caught
during- tho day' a beautif-iil raijn-lwe
trout measuring over lfi inches in'
length. Tliey report a most enjos*-
alulc .time; even though the fish
didn't like   their kind of fun'.
Fred Watson, of the Klk Lumber
Comp.myy lifts IVaii hustl'iiijg •'a):;dttnd
for several days to increase his[l.*ush-
iuch by a hundred or more, in order
to'-supply logs,, fast dioii'j-jli to keep
the l^ig mill ruuniiig dou-'l.ile linie,'ljjit
so far has failed to fine the necessary men.* The call fyir, .cars ,|j.>C«*s
louder as the season advances towards the .grain shipping- period,. and
th.. seal cily of laborers is bei'ig felt
all over the countrv.  -■, -
■The Li-lilies', Aid 'Society of thc
Methodist Chiireli have" secured' -the
talented and', highly . '■'recommended
Oueenie' MeCoyl'A.', T. CM.,' soprano, 'and Miss" Maude -"Underbill, reciter and reader, to* appear under lhc
odist,church hcrc*-oiv Moudajy cveiiinlg.,
Ai:!^usl*.i3lli. Those "two young la-dies ccnie wiln tlaltering notices from'
l!ie press wherever,they have appeared, and under the lnanajfiiieul of Mr.
W. 11. Underwo<*d,'    have; Iwen    very
.......  ...     -     .•,,...   -*,,*- -   -
lilfcraily pattoni/ed' thrbugihoul .jthe
we.-l. The price of admission is set
al the very low figure of 50 ■ cents,
nnd (hose intending to enjoy this fine
ciitcriainmenl should f-ccurc their
tiel-.rls early.. These tickets will, be
011 Mit!u by the ladies ot the Society,
and i-.iu   be  had at anv  lime,   •■
,*■■•/, -. . *    v.   ,.
Export Trade Shows an Increase of Almost Half a
Dollars over that of Last Year.
Thc   output of coal   from  the mines
during*   the week^cndii-j^ Friday, July
27th, was ' as follows:  , '*.'„,
' Tons.
 : 19,178
 ■  f-,357
•• •'■•  ' "J,°35
Coal   Creek.
Judge Wilson held a session of the
County Court yesterday.
John Sorkey was naturalized, and
is now   a  iltiiish   subject.
In the ease of Hi inie vs. Pollard,
judgment whs rendered for .plaintifl
for $87.30 and costs. """F. C. Lawe for
Plaintifl; ; Herchme'r and Herchmer
for  defendant..    ' ' ,' *
The case of Alleii;b'erg aiul Flem,-
ming vs. Waters, was continued tb
Aug. 15. - Eckstein and Gray for
plaintiff; F. C. Lawe for defendant. 4
.. The case of.Dudley vs. Miller was
■al"ro""adjouTnFd toi .,■ next sitting of
tourt. Sheppard 'and Elliott , vs.
Kennedy, 'Eckstein and Gray for
plaintiff, and K. W.' Armslrong . for
dei"eu'd'ant',aIso wenl ovpr'lonext court
'Fawcetl vs.'Cavcn; Kckstein and
Gray for plaintiff; Harvey lor defendant; adjournc'd lo dale, to tje'Tixedj :
' Kfoury Uros, vs. Taylor; Ross and
A'p.vander (or; pljaimtiff. J moment
for plaintiff  for S13.IS   *m<l costs,
Triles Wood vs. "McGuire, conHnucd
lo Auig;, 15th. iHcrcliiincr and ' Her-
.101 -iami'i ••*», \,t iiji-iiiinpl .ioj pimp
A The iinuual   returns ofi exports from
t*     -   -      . <
rernic ior the   year  emling  June 301I1
last, as reporie-d by, J.- 14. Pollock,
resident consular agent, shows an increase of nearly half -a. million dollars over the previous year. This increase is made up, in great part of
the export,of silver .bullion from the
Sullivan mines smelter at Marysville,
Which aniiounted to $447,539.(13.
., The tabulated returns, as furnished,
by Mr.   Pollock, are*   as   follows:     ,'
Bullion  lead ,
Coal jind Coke,...
Household goods.
Furs -.,*..,.
Lumber.  *...,.  -'
Wild animuls	
.   '936,468.54
Y -3,717-40
- 440.00
American   goiKls...$!2,66o.S4
" 1	
■•••   ....$1,402,667.84
'   MAKING  UEC0R1) TIME.      .
The fire brigade |l>oys arc getting
alonj; faiiiciisly. J.\t their Ln^.t H>VV--
tice Monday evening1, nine of the
hoys turned out and they made two
rims. ' '
For'the first time the water was
turned on, and they did  it well   ri
They have demonstrated that they
'can run, and are leaming the art ol
startii^i rapidly. For. the first linic,
too, tliey started by the crack of the
pistol.        ' ,
Their hainess will be ready for use,
'(y thc next" meeting-Wednesday night,
and their, uniforms will also si ready
As'these, practices proceed, interest
in the " l»rigadu incr<Uses, and soon
everybody will lx; out watching for
the 'boys. ■> -
The Cranbrook l«oys,| thi!oi'f»h their
captain, are sending our Hoys c'on-
gratulations', and when they go up
to Crai-jbrook, a royal reception
awaits them.'"     ' ' .
Ilut time ilics, and the boys ?will
have to improve every.'opportunity
for . training, if they wish. to. be in
the; best of condition when the time
comes for "the   real   contest. ;■
.The boys will be out again " this
evening, and are ,sure to beat their
first record   made Monday* ni-jlil.-    |
The roil of thc llrigade as now organized is as-, follows: .    ' '       ;,
J. W. Xiinn, captain; Chief .Wm.
Haldry, Xeil McKcllar, Walter lten-
E. AAKriimner, Perl Black, H. Cattell, J. C. Kenny, Win'.' Scott ' nnii
W, Warren.
Big- Excursion over the C. P. R. and Great Northern
to Elko—Great day for Little Folks.
The C, P, It. luivu tin own o|viia lo
tliu pulilli: tlielr iiiugiiiliti'iii new lii'lcl
Itoyu! Alexiiliilin nl Wllinipug, '• Thif.
Will Ia) appriii'lnteil :l»y lho irnvciliu-*
pulilU. Wiliili|>e|- llutil iiceoiiiuioila-
lluiih liiivu-iuil kept puce with thu
UtoA-ili ;iit..ilio .cily, mul, lirstrclass
hotel nu-oiiiuioilntioii wu.*- not Xu ue
lout,-, on evvty ciunvr. 'i'iie C. i'. li.
Iiiiau" I'iUiud an iviiiipile iv*nil*.»il'ii
«>.s {iold mnna^T-*., ami this Imcly
npilppvd new lioiisii. is sum to' lie up
to tlit mark. ."'
Mr. JaiiiM Mullen, of Wiiini|-«'t;,
wlio litis ttevxx ciif-nped In*tin. uroi'cry
ami fnut IiiihIiiohr In tlmt nty • (or
Boine Umf, but wlio recently snlil oiil
Ills Im-kiiicsii, wns ill tlio city lrt**t
VmUy lia>in>{ 'sloppeil oter tn laUc
a look al onr younu city, with «'
v.t-w ol'sinrting liii-uni'ss nguin »«
hin Jiiw o( lr«il*\ Mr. Mwllin . wan
aljo-j-d tlw Vrlneips VKI.iHn nn llw
liUflitl dny site' r«» .ini"...' Uw li»K
Clivlialix hi Vntiumver liarlior.       He
Mr. Alcx.llliii'k wan in town ' l'rl-
duy, und ie|ioiud u lire having lnokeu
'oul in tlio nlil MiliiKlidlxive his mill
on the west sidu of Elk river. Ur
Iiiin some tinu working to keep it
from f-pivnding, und llm lieu wardens
,,     , , .»    1   ,1      r,.     1        „. 1   .,.,
.uvav .snd i-.iu'-e dnintur*' 10 lhc
slniiillirgl tlmlw-i', This In the tlmo
of vrnr to Iks wnlclilul.
Tom Wlu'luii como into tlu* U'Ager
tblive lust Friiliiy carrying n*. hiiii.1I
pluli rovered with with n ("lean,
vvliilc napkin. On the plnU' weiv
Imlr » dii/rii  wnliiK's which  Tom iti-
d.A\t,V.d,   in   l*,i;\   ■KV*»WA\iM'. V, IV,      *■'*
make if. jl^'licvo were lino lnn*y trout.
We li.itl to dihH'U'l't,' .Old i»'liv. V..tll
Tom, but, It iikkIc ns (c-'l sad to !*••
hAA (ti** irsnlift nl putting the wine
that hi too* red out ot sight fiefon*
Idtiliin'pi upon ll ton Inn,**,. Tom
Uk«\ tht   1iK>k ol Fcrtili-, and ;nfler t«IM'«»t liavi? any wwlii* iu Iii* l^iln
The Civic* Holiday Sunday ' school
picnic nnnngeil mid; most suc-cesslul--
iy carried i.ul'lusl Tlmrsil.iy,' was
llie g|iv,-i'lest event ol the kind that
has ever tnkoir'pl.U'u In the valley.
' Over ' Six* people, old -! ; and young,
wenl down to Elko 'by .'• tiuin,' and
tlicru'. weie ul |oii!»t 1,000 people on
the -,1-oiiiids.
Tlu irij).« were ' made over the
CrtiiL N'ortheiii, uud u largo number
went down .011 the C. 1'. U, regular
Iniin, Under the direction of II. A.
V'ilki'H, 11 large lent wus ere, ted west
of the (t, N. silicon, uud lei »•/ tiii|Vs
iirray^vd, (at whicli to feed the Kids,
everyone ol whom was hungry. U«-
fi-ihlline'iil lioollis weiv ulsn ill luiiged
near hy, where lee i-ieiiiii, fruits anil
soft drill!;-, weie served.
Down Inward llie (alls, th.-iv was
iniollur'booth, wlu-iv ire i-ivuin, etc.
wvi'o to lie Iiml.
A piilile.is 11 plfiic wht'iv all the
k'ds (ind other folks mv kept busy
nil tlm tinie, piikilii; llie vetv; old
nick out oi evenbodv else, and ou,,
of the m-w.-ipiipei* men, who lin-i 11
very .comi-ltnl opinion of his cute-
lll'SK, got l.llkc'1 in by "l.e ol lhe
lliiusUst, iro crown do'ty.**-' 1 ver pel'-
petunlid 011 n greenhorn from nwny
biu-k in the  rniiit.ry.   He   nas elueky I "••»'*"> *"■"*   '■»■"■»•
eilOllgl'l  to      llllll  UHO   ll   '-'U-I      I'lUJe        Anils'    M,i,    (-■      „.ll  Mi'ii
parly ol four young people, wlii
uilglil l..'1-ic l>i<n Iovit., for .nil . In*
knew, wlio Weie' e»tnfoiliil>ly escoiiMid
film I's a i'litui uoiil f/,ril) in n \»}ihtl
fAiuAy nook, lhc ihii vpiiii;; l.-ulies nil
smih'M and I,|usln"n,'' ami the two
ynimp mill sparring for time In dp-
trrmhii- which ■ liould pay Uw tlie Ice
ncnin. 'Ih.-* chuikh-headid news
UntlisMT.' piolii-d littiist-U inln •!*«• gauie
,md ll,. i,mi'.I «,..*. iln- N.iuu- .'»>
I hough h.«      Fnd     tried    tn settle*   a
tired out with the long journey nml
the euro of rolicking urchins, finally
sul duwn by it Iir tree, took 11 lean
and indulged in a nap', with almost
ns lniiih comfort as ilioi\g*li she had
been nt home, Hoys who got tired
ol the mere sight 01 anything, like
work, tugged al ■ ropes, pushed
swings, jumped and ran racos till
ili.'y wero oul nf tyeMli, and enjoyed oyciy bil of ll. Kim coiislsls I"
doii^.i what oiu,*, likes to do, and work
is doing whatever yon don't waul to
iln.    '
Mr. Muiilioail lind his ■i-i-o'.'.Ules
h.is a KlU'iinoiis lime keeping tile
sporls goiiijr iHTOtding to piogfjiiiii,
but tliey MU-i'voilcil very well, and nil
llu> lrov.1 ami girls who' run'fnsl
< llnugll got' pil/is ,   '
Hoys'" litre, fi mill uililer-fWillie
Tully, Iloiuull Diiiilnp,
Hoys' line, l'o nml uiiilor—A. Dim*
lap, II, l\U'!,(liighlili.
Hoys' line, 13 nml iiliilel— M. Iii'l*
dings, Mi-nlo CiildiniJN.
Huts' tine, I.J and iiliiler-II. Million, Alex. I'uiiliip,
(VliU* rnce,
•J;.isl l-"riday. night -Chancellor'Com*
ihander,.!. S. Volume, Vk-e-Chaiicoj-
lor George Clapp,/Prelate Wm. Scoit
Master "of Works Y. J. Watson,
Keeper of Records nnd Seal , P. ll,
Hearislo, Master of Finance and Ivx-
elmepier II, O. I.ockhart,'and Master
nt Arms Wm. Mills, were installed in
llieir respective offices by Deputy
Cirwiel Chancellor Thos. Heck, Grand
I.odgc liepresentalive Floielniinii win-
also present.
' 4
■The few miiyrs wjlio reiuai-ni'<l •l-,e-
hind to clear out the mines ut Car*
l/nnado will Iw through with, their
work by  the 31st.
There are twelve  1111,0, ..mostly Italians, engaged     tearing   „,, the    steel .
rails at    Car.l/onado, and    three    or
lour are  tearing    down  small  buildings at Morrissey   mines.-'
Quite a l.u'ge* party of Fernicites
were visiting the Junction last Sunday. . -
Laurie and Foster have 'a gang, of
men at .work on the Morrissey Shingle and 1-laning Mill' putting it in
shape -to do a large business. This
is the plant formerly operated ,b'y Mr..,
McGuiic. "   " - ' - '      '
Frank  Paper. -     -    .-
S. S. F.owler, of NV-Vson, recently
appointed resident manager of lhe
Canadian Metal Co.'s smelter, arrived in town on Tuesday.
Last week distinguished visitors to
pass' through „ Frank were Mr. Mc-
Ktfuie, mem lier oii tkc Ite?jlisl!atiirev
Macleod, accompanied by Mrs. Me-
Ken/ie, and the Misses Oliver, daughters of the Hon. Frank Oliver, minister  of the.  interior. :
J; l». Marcellus*, •member of the
IXi^islatiire, was in town on TueWlay,
'accoinpanie-ilcby l». Cornell, calling
' MACI.K01).
rnri—l/Oiiii:    Wilde,    Nellie
to mid  tinder-Mlliiiic
iiii mi'..
(iooilllitl, I.,   "Moiikuil/,
(.iiii." 1 .uo, i.-j and utiikr-Si^ic
Goodwin, I., Moiikw.t/..
(till:,' lace. I', an,I uiuler—NVllit'
Millmii:,  Mam nr llt«d*.*r,son.
Tlirn**Iuj:>;fil taiy. n ami umltr—
W. Kiiliiii-ilson iiml T. Jenkins; T..
Wilton uud II.  Willi'itu-i.
Three ligg-iil race, ifi nnd under—
II, Minion and It. 1-VrgiiKon; S, Pick-
t.i  .Old   1..   1,1 till.
Sack rnre, if, and uiuler—I). Martin,
iptnilinp llu* dny In-Inokinj* ttttmt
town, left on Ids homeward journ^v
Friday cvtiiin-*-.
Wui tliiiM* iiiinimviK isi llu, pUt,.' v>.-u
too Mimll for go*Ml l»ait, shA we tent
Tom  Ims  been  ilidiilj-lni; in loot*.
lllll,' tillpl«'itsillllll-.*ni HI   tile   t-llliJH.   tli 1 Ivl^nr  UllilllV
:«  loving Irish  frutiily row.
'Tli* ikUAt.- ,/i:nt.i unlt«.. In a Ilttl.-
stluuit' ul.iiIi re-suited iu the font
ilut ul.*. gill lug four Ahhci     nf * Iw
Kitrk fare, js .md uiuler—Knytnnml
Gidditig-*, Mitil.t Giildiujj*.,
Hop, «t»p and Jump. 17 and under
—Harrv  Polio.k. If.  Room.
ir.'.nm, i«»v **fu'(fi wither of the U.y**, j    Hop, *.cp and j«tnp,   11 ami uml-*r
Il.ill  XO |MV. *
iVopIi- I.-.I**   i»^l *,rJ*!, 'nf wav*    l.t>
inJ,,y u, phiifc        On,   'elderly    li.dy
—S. Mr Kane, Mi-nln liit'idin^*.
Riintiiiig jump, i**     an.l   un«Ur—B
Dnnl.ip,  If. (Jiifj,'**; '
.cunning   '(hup,   iS and   uiuler—11,
Pollock, W. 11. Wilson.
The old adage Ims it Ihnl tho victory in lo tlio brave nnd tho strong,
lml in lho married ladies' nice il
wns to thu licet and tho fair. Five
Indies started iu this event, mul two
heats had to lie run, the lirst one
resulting in 11 lio. Tho stutters woro
.Mrs, Drimieii, Mrs. lllnckstotie, Mrs,
Wallace, Mrs. I.-ookhnil ami Mrs. II.
Watson, Only the lirsl three uiiiiied
run iu lho fnmI trial, nnd nunc up
agii/i.nst tha liipo iu llietiiidor itiyAii-
Two tennis ol boys Uli^od Ut tlle
1 ope, hut tlio older boys uud married
men could not hu induced lo pull,
nnd that iiuinf-cr oil tbo pn^riiiii Imd
lo K- cancelled. '
A giuno ol I'liset-ull wiih played
Inter liotwcoii tlw young lileli who
wunt to get mnrilod, ulld llioie wh.,
mv iiii'rrii-il ujud d^.i't -Ainl to IV
nny iiiorc. Tliu old MIown woro uu
cully victory ovor tlio lender youths
•by n ncore' lluit wns tin* oiu'*sliled to
be published.
While all theso sports woro ' going
on, hundreds of ihu pUniccri. weie
strolling, ul/Mil  thri^Ji   the   slmily
1,.,',,.',   I-     -l,,f"      ,lf,«-M 0l,4,,l,.     (1,.      (4'.,l,,-'4„
f* *,,
wntchm)r ih,, rool, jMi'fii wsiterx u«,
ihey went liiaming, spln-diiiig nud
roaring down lliioiijili tlio mirrou
gorj.v. mid over the I11IN into llie
deep pool   below., '
,. , ....    1 •
0:1s or bii/tfii-s, und still utlirrr* too*;
lioistlmi-k 1 iik*. It was a kind o*
l*o .isyoiipltoW nflair, in whiih
everybody got tired in liis or hrr
nun piiriiuilat way, ond raiiie Iiihii--
iviiJi their npprlllo-i for pitnlc*. fnllv
llm vn wilt all lx Mauling to no
ng.it'n next year, nn Itv that lime we
will Imvr forgotten (lie InrnJUrAonir
thine*, ftilil the pleasant thinj-4 trill
In* llu* only onrt rctn*-nrlK*rcil.       *
Tit.- committee ntjwirt (hat fm*sti.
ally Ik* enU-fptiv wa* nwcwMtif *. tbe
ttt*\\t(* from tlw Mlt'nf ilfV«*l** !••-
in-j siiHirlvut to tuu'l all eipiii^i-.
Tom Whelan, of the N'npaiiee, and
John Koss, of the Queen's Hotel, n'c-
compaiiied by Mr, Hiickett, of Spokane, loll last iilj.Sit, Tor the he-fid
of Uie' Flathead river on n, tour ol
.u«p-.*lio.n. Tlf|y o.xl|K»e*t tut iii.** gryiu'
three' or1 lour days. It i.s stated that
n iiiiinhor of our cillrons nre interested in the trip, nnd il a favor
able report Ih in ought back, souu
roiilt, lands wil I fbc staked und applied
foi. ■ ,
Macleod  Advance.
- According   to   the    census' 'returns,
,£j«r!:s,l0].,I?.'...,ia.s.J} population  of' if-
000 souls.   ' * '   \     ,,
The large  water  tank  j'u.it west of
Macleod, collapsed    without   wanting,
last Friday,, There is   a   targe,  force'
of men cng-aged     fixingi track in tlw
vicinity,   and   only   a   minute (Jfcforc-
the fall some 30 of the men  were eii-
i-cct,y   ljenoath the    jl^'ig tank,   When
the,ciash.    came, tho    thousands  of
gallons of water " contained    in  the
lank Hew  wilh great   force  over   the
ncaT-J-y tracks.   The' framework   and
tank was  smashed  into smithereens.
1), M. Hchl, a popular ami wc,!
known young- mini who was uiglu
operator hero.. 11 fow mouths ago, and
who is now station nlgeiit at Foil
Steele ,1 mu tion, was iu town Mon
day shiirl'iiig huiids with his iiiurjiy
friends and Introducing liis fullitr-
ii-lnv,, Mr, II. A, Viiiiilvrvoorl, mi
Tie-niini, Ontaiio, who is 11 i-oniliicl-
or on the Central   Ontario  .tuilway.
Mr, Viiiidiivooil is 0111 on a viicu
lion to visit his duiiglitrr, and t,
tuko 11 look ul the glint nml glow
ing wist, Tliey went to Spiikmi,.' 01
Monday night's ii.iiii, but,will im
buck ugaili to lake a lilllc loiigei
look ut l*\inie Ulote going biuk in
to the mill,md business uguiii, Mr
VuiidciToort, like mosi other d.-ui
/ins of ' llie cast, i^ tt'oiuVrfiill*.
plriiMil will, the west, nnd nulls*, hi
^li.ilei'- the fever loose, he U liu'bli
lo W'toiiie' n westerner soon liimsrll
I.avt Ssiurd.iv, at JJ y» p, 111., An
tiio I,iiiiiv    Davis   wits     mariictl In
TIioiiiiis    S|K'ar.    by tlu- fU-v. K. I.
Dull, ut  tbe rcMd,lire r,| Mis. ]).ivi<<
\fi*4s KiiMin VAiiixlisXh Tclfer support-
rd the liriili*, ■while Allrrt S|>enr did
a like M-rvlte for the groom.      Mr
Sprnr colitis Irom Ciuii)»-rl!ind, V.ng
Innd.   After flic i-i-ii-moiiy lln*  paity.
ill nit   willi   Mi.   niul  Mt*.    Wiihati*
Spear, Mt*. ftubti. Mm, 1VII,   Mri
Tflfir, Mi« Ulliel Hl^f-s'-niirl otlu-K.
nut   ilnt-n lo    a nice    »prni,l, after
:«lilih iiiiinu max kept tip until a laU
lumr. '
Tfhe Wa>n'.n^«ii     pTet* mm<tprtn<
l«Mls |»rt«.M-.l   thrwi^h (he city   Iuul
nigh I in thvir -.jHeiul car,
Tho ivgiilur iiieeling of the Cily
Council was held on Friday evening,
as Tliiir.Mluy, the regular mootiiiK
bight, was 11 civic holiday,
Mayor llk-usdulo ' mul Aldcnnoh
Tut tli, Triton and Quail were present.
.limit's Melvvoy's ' petition, nskiii|r
lor cio.'isings 011 IVIIutt Avenue,
was rui-M-rcil to the propor commit*
The (nvitdtioii of the Pacific Coast
Fire Chiefs' Associiflioii, asking x\m
Couniil to send our liio ihiif to tlm
convention to lie held in l.'alg.ir/,
Aug. 3H..1I, wns declined, with ' iv
Sonic roads oil Wood street down
in tlm I fit loin, were ordeii'd closed,
ami a small house in on,, of ih,^. "'ancm
wus oideii'd    to bo moved.
A' bill piiM-iited ,|,1v (',, (*,, Hrtulor*
sou for repairing strut crossings wut
lm in-il dim 11.
A bill piCMliled by \V. W.
Tultle for Iniuflr I'iimiIOk*,! for tit**
'ire lull Uloie the bulbling wu<i tak*
ell ovir by tlm e-lty, uiiiiuiiit'ilig to
Sl'J.t.ijK, Wiis nllowid.
Tlio Cily Cluk was iiistiuetnl tti
liilbli.sh u notiic to nil pcison-i who
Iiud i-oiiiiihiiiiil for liosc mid othrr
(ire .ipp,milus Ivfoir im<iipoi|.Jti'in,
lo ptiMiu their hills on or belon
August 15th.
'' '"     (>.     -4..,      ...     m.     1   ...    V......
(n liln Ti'iptWtlnn ol .tune -.iti- Xu Vr
ordi-ri'il by ||K. City Chik, excejitiug
the lailik-r wmijoii. The Clerk U cor-
roiportdiii;-** wilh dillireht firmn regarding    •.melt ' n wagon niul furtlior
The Auditor's report for the ' fint
linlf nf the year w««. iiucpted.
The Medical Iltullh Oflircr rtport**
id sutiitary ion,lit ions satl.slaclory '
The Md*walk ntid ovvr-drult drj*n*
tun>* u-,-r,i made imjal.l* at tfto CV
rmdlan flank  of  Coinmerce, Ferule.
City AlloiiKy r.iiv.1- wmfK tnstniet-
ed tn notify Kuteen A Co. that un*
U--U the luoiey for M-ini-r dtWutur.**
wan available <liv thv ;tli of Auguit,
the lionsueiioii wouldIV d,ihiri<l  off.
Aflrr a nmirt* by Alderman Tuttl*
\bs\ be wn-ild inirotlnfe * UsA's
lleen<e* l,v*I.iw al 'the tnett mectlnf,
• lho Couiuil -t'djourntil.
tssm •*..' "V
js.     ^HE  Fl&RI^LED^
',"' "■ VANCE. ""' - "'*
Issued every. .Wednesday from  th*, office   of     publication,     Todd' Block,
YieCQiial-AVe.r-^""-5] -t}.rit-l!h C<-?1'
. iu***>ia.;-   7 ;. ';' /'  '- "*' /   i -'■      ••"-•"
j Manager
THE   FERNIE   LEDQERleo»M'^M»^«ifus^ie i*?1   ^cse:
trips,-and A >t'was one?of ,tlie pleasures of..aiiticipation-.-trea.sured up- by
me to be able some time lo accept
Ihe'hospilality ■ of-'such- a generous
and thoroughly efptipped gentleman
upon a voyage wh ich, under .very..ordinary m-ciimsija.iices, .r:"*usl-- * 'l*™
proved a'-yclight'fjilj trip' \.'i - -- g
".Upon the saiiiVVltle -boat with I*>?.
Uutloii 'was also a . brother o! "Mrs.
Thomsisj.ell,'of our own town, who
had "accepted the invitation- of:" Captain House to, .acconipaiiy him upon
the proposed voyage'. - /Vfiung Craw-
foid had just ' .returned.. from school
iu the State of Wftsliif/jJlon, and went
from-home with expectations of-'.mi
line trip  aiid ' .speedy return.
■*Mrs. Belf'aniV'a brother, who lived
liere*, have • gone'to:Vancouver lo-ln'
with' tlie sorrow-stricken lamily for a
rdiort   lime:   "   *"-     -      ■ • -•
ii*"«'»*ii7-*« acnar—
■ This   number   oi the   Ledger  marks
the close of?the  first year- ot its-existence under  its  present   name.   Mi;
Lowiey started  the-  Fernie  Ledge   ui
Octoiivr, °i9o4. and   on. the "first   day
of August, iy«5,,  thepla'ut,   busii.ess
and good  will"of the Ledge was tak-
Ln over by  »■ V. Moll,' and the name
ehanged to the   Fernie   Ledger.   Since
that time  a  Monoline'type  machine,
*    line  large CottcrcJI  cylinder preis
and many other additions, have  been
made lo the  plant,  and it lius   bu*)*,
moved fiom .   lhe  upper  floor of tho
Carnsclla 'hiiiUljii*-*  on  Hakor  Ave. lo
ike Todd  Block "on Victoria Aye,   A
".valet- motor..*-.!*.!* Inch  installed, and
ihe Moiioline, .lar-je     press and Gordon jci.-|(bers are ruii by water power.
The    sales  .and   .sulwcripiion'* likt;
have constantly   iuoroascd,   and   indi-
calions point   lo a niucli  more   rapid
incii'Asc*during the coming year than
has lieen the    case  during- the ' first
year of the life of the Leilger. ,       "'
" On a-ccouiil- of       tho      open     Uni
strtafjijlitloi-wa/d   course   pursued  , by
- thc Ledger from its first issue to the
present  upon the    vexed  water ■■'ues-
tiott, it has received no Mipport froni
the     Crow's   Nest   Pass   Coal    Comf
pany or  it's  baby, .the  Crow's    Nest
l'ass' RlectricJ Light   and  l'owcr Com-
I >
fpa»y. ■
Notwithstanding this treatment at
the hands of ttie manager of these
■two companies, the Ledger still liv.;**
and will continue , to do so. Tlte
Ledger wishes, to thank its ' many
irieitds and supp^rterii for their e-oir
slant and loyal adhesion and ' assures litem.that so long as it is'under thc diroclion'.of its present editor,- it will eonlinue the same course
as it has  during   lho year just  clo.s:
ed. " ■ Y     .
'  There   is    au  umuistakeablu   desire
upon the part of all. people who have
,  the real vyelfare   of. the   district"-' at
"heart, to sec  the  Ledger grow^in'cir-
. eulalion,    and    everyone wishing    lo
see, an iudepeiideiil   paper   kept,  alive*
mfd^lT)willg'>i?"ou!d"^iioi~iieglc"ct   w
single opportunity   tot aid  in  the in
creasing     of lhe .circulation  of    the
"actually KILLED
Sold by all brug-jistsand^ene'ral Store3
'.:.     and'by mail.-- -      ' ■    ,- .-
"'.- V"'l*,H^iiiT'ON,,ONT. ' -"
I.   O.   F.  No.  3172
Meet in I. 0. P. Hall on    the    last
Tuesday  in  every month.
The ' I'cndray i'nvesligatiiin'' lm**
•beiin held, and nothing very startling was* brought forth: The Hon
Mr. Gii-en seems to have accepted .t:
sealed cheek - which was not sealed,;
und to have placed "it in a* drawer,'
and'- carried' the0 key, and - in conso-
i-uviicc ol lho trouble arising' out of
lhe altcir, he wiil probably see lo it
that bids whiih aie supposed to. he
sealed will be so closed hereafter,
The World has -not succeeded in
pioving that any oi the ollicials of
the Lands and. Works De-purl ment. did
any leaking, 'but it lias probably.
helped lo firing the slaves of the
Warrol closer together and made leak-
iigi-s diss possible   in   the   future.
,ing< 'of -wliilewa:sli%.:diit-pf.4th'e'ollicial
whitewash -pail, lutisiiciillj'Alaidy on
by'the ollicial " 'artists,-.but .'a little
time caused'it to" peel off, exposing
the rottenness which ' '.had been - So
carefully concealed from-ytlie 'sight ol
the puli'lie,- and -theii.- it i.was', that
Dreyfus-got justice. ■• The ' ollicial
whilewashing is not confined to. tl,-
cllele • ollicia'ldom -.of Franco. Spci'i-
mens of,,'llu-' nrl nre.frAfiionlly crop-
pi'ii|c"-up in this robust".young .conn-,
try. Fortunately, iu this country, official whitewash dim'l deceive-.- anybody. Like (he'lime and water, article, il is aui-vidi-iiie "ot cheapnes.i
and is not    taken   seriously.
Tin-: conci-iete sidewalk.
■     A KINE Nt'Ml.Ell.
"The-   inimigfaUon   iium'ber    of  lho
Calgary   Herald   issued   from thai office  last week is a fine  sample  of lhc
'printer's   art.   Its twelve   pages     are-
leplete with   finely   executed   illustrn'
'.ions ol thc many  growing' towns ol
Alljorta.   Ainon'g these   we   note   suv*
•■nil liue     scones taken , of      'buildings
and farm's iii' the 'town and   country
surrounding High River.   In ^1887 the
editor of this   paper   partook   of   his
lirst meal   in .what' was  then , called
a road    ranch,    in .Southern Alborta.
lie      remembers that , big   log house,
which stood  a  few rods  south  of the
cros!--iug of the   river, one   and   a   half
storeys in   ,   height, , wilh    a    panel
door painted ililu'e,   and   presided oyer
by J'Huck"   Smilh," the'    first  while
settler; assisted by Harry Drew, now
of Kimls-rlcy,*!*-.' C. ""Duck ;Smith,'■'
* n 1, *-.
.   ' 1   1
As a result of the fight led by thi--
paper lor the ri'Jhls of the people, tlu
water light, despite the Ireiiu'ndoiu-
pflorls iof. its powerful enemy, ha:
lesulted in preventing lhe gllvini'
away of a franchisu worth thotisandf
of dollars, and a reduction in • tin-
water* rntts'charged the consumers ol
waler in this citv of at least 53,oi*
per year. '
An  ingi-nioiia ollort wus made air.
public meeting to  take  the credit  o1
this reduction  from where  it  lioloii,*-
■ ml.plnco • it    with     those   who hu
struggled through   the  whole year  '
force nu  ngroemeiil  upon the  city
lhe old into,   but   such   Iwald-jle   di<
not inislend niiy-liody, nor  even tlio*'
wlio were   * looking    lor    excuses lii
their own  participation  in  the ellor'
io fasten  upon the     city a franchisi
which would  empower  its  owners   (•
(oiiliiiui* the   old   rales,
If, by a united I rout- ami a con
liininl fight during lho last your Ih
city has been saved some three llious
nnd dollars iu wntor rates, wh\
should not this contest (or on:
lights to own onr own sysloin b
kept up until all the profits ui-iruiii.
I nun lho supply of water to th.
town i-liull Iiud llieir way Into Ih.
city tiviisuiei,   where  lliey belong?'
Again I hanking our many friend*,
lor heiiily support dining our lii'M
year, we confidently begin lho new
yonr willi the expectation ofaiiiuili
larger clrctilnt ion thnn during the
last. '
ll wan tlio good lorluiio ol tlio
writer ol this nolo to hnvo mul niiJ
liitriiui lu.i'it.iinteit wilk Dr. W. A.
II. Uutloii, ono ol the tinfoiluiiate
piissiligi'is ii'lrtuird the ill-luted lug
CIii|i,iI|h last S.tUurfiiy week, wlivit
ii wu* run ilmui und sunk In Uie
mirrow." ol Vinu-oiivor lini|A>i.
Dr. Mm ion wus a ' mini
itiiioiig Ihoiisiiiuts 'aIio, Iuul hu lioiti
spiiri'd to mankind, would havo
iiiatli' n n-ionl for iim-IiiIikkn surpiis-
ni-ii by lew in tlie history oi limn-
Hi it,).
•Sii  Itllil.SMIIUil^p, Ml lllll of lillillillOMI
for all   hi*.   u,r, |i« «<>n  thr   T<-.»jA-<rt
of oviryoiiu who had lho good for*
tmiu lo uii'it uud to know him. Lit*
lie w<»!id,i that tlio lumUr puks all
nlong tho Const "thought no end of
liim," vih 0110 of tliom expressed it.
Uu wii-i attentive and ui curolul ' ol
tlinu whin under hi* charge- as
though tliey win- so ninny primes of
lln ioy.il blood, nnd mi mtostenla*
lion* ami pHtroni/iiig in hN maimer
a.« to laii^' them to took upon him
n-4 n 1,1 other m . best frund. When
last win bv thr m j iter, tbr tfi. wa*.
preparing to take" * (rip up th*
ViiiinX on the- Columbia to look afler
these bov«, and Iip exlrndcd a licartv
Invitation to hh new friend to
was well   known lo all old-timers, .and
whose   correct  name is'Jasper-Smith,
,'ainc norlli  from   the   Slates  in 1874,
st*)pppin.g   first alSlielc-Oiit,   .si-juth of
.Macleod.   While at   lhat    place   ltucl;
traded a horse    for    a  cat.     Horses
were  plentiful,   mice - numerous,    and
eats scarce;    hence   llie " equality ., in,
value of     the    Iwo kinds e;f -piadrii-,
pals.     Tiiiie,works wonders!    Jasper
Smilli ami his     long-ago guest    iir>-
•:i'ow residents     of Fernie; his assisl-
alit-in the "hotel business   is  ii.' bote;
pioprielor'nl'    Kimberley, ' and    the
'.ifd log hotel, with the sky-jlJIuo door,
lias 'given ' place lo several  hoiejs   o.
r.'orc   modern '  pretentions.      Hanks
•iii'tric ■ lights;      big '   dcpnrlit'ieiila-
:<i'.\'n,   cluiri'hos,     sclioolliouses    11117
'.    A'd-wito  fence's"   occupy the   land
.Vantoii,   a town   with a    nowsiinper,
hotels,' banks,   schiiols,   churches   and
oilier ' modern    comviiiiencis, ■ .huvi
ipriuiir into existence' as if by magic,
iiul a fow yours ago lho editor   o'
tho Ledgot   Usui '   to    ride   over tli,
boundless    prairio in    search   of Ins
cows with not a sign of a house dot
!ii*|g tho witlo,   uuduriitiiig  expanse ol
prairie stretching   from   the  loot o'
tJlo .fiiiow-i-iippccl Uockii'K to the    end
of vision in the cast.
All litis i-hiingo has lxrii wrought
diiio the hoginniii/g of the century,
ind what is still lu store for, Allwr-
ta lidoi'c tho olid of ll.no man is op-
liiuiiilic iiiough  lo loietell,
lit the tteiiieiidous rush for hoiiu-i
and for favor.illile plmos in which In
ilurl in some new business enterprise, llio old-timers nre"In many in-
hliiiicos being jostled aside, even oul.
ol memory, by llio-o who nunc later Co leiip the Itiiits of what Hie
ohl-ttiiier could not see lying nil
about him, to k- had for the Inking,
II is only the repenting on*;,' more
of the'oil li'pi'Hlid experieiui' f,l the
plolioor of Kclltciiit'til iiiiii <ivili/u-
tion the world over, '
"ihnk Kinilh" couldn't git a horso
lor     a  ihniis.nid (,its     ut  Sliih-Out
■ t
now, uud the t-ilitor of ihis pupi-r
would lmve lo onn his own pustule
if hu nnw livid .it Siiiiloii. Cuts
hnvo iinilliplicd iiiore rapidly thnn
Ii<,r>>cs, and p.,*.iiiris Ir.Wv lwcn ion-
vefli'd into I'miii (ieliN,
The lino picloiial edit ion of Out
II,raid onlv gives its readers .1
gllinpse ol what is iiitifii'lv taking
place all mu   Sunny  Alhcrlit. ,
I'm   il,   Allhita, while   you'ri' vit
Calgary  Herald. '
■A big c(-iilrael was, let by 'the cily
council last niglil for concrete walks
in Calgary. Over $150,000 will be
spent lor.this purpose before-the end
»f September,  1907. ' "
Fullv 80,000 bajfs of coiueiit ' will
be utilized before the contract is ful*
filled. The, epics I ion of who is lo fill
lho order is not unimportant. . A,
grcal many of C.i*jj:|.iry\s concrete
- idewalks are not standing'the lest
of the weather. On lii^ilh and Ninth'
Avenues there are'a-'large numbor of
concrete walks' which show defective
Some of the 'cracks are due to the
cQiiti'apto.is. A proper bed of clinkers has not" been   laid!   The   drainage
i*> ,  - ,
lias not been satisfactory, 'lhe water, has (UTiiiuithited, and the shaip
'rosts'have" done   the jest.    ,',
Some yf lhe defects fire due to Utilise of an inferior' saiieL For'tlie upper surface ol the walk the mealy
sand which* is employed does not give
good lestills. ,. Only sharp sand or
gr.^uolilliie " can make, a satislnctory
sidewalk., The expense should be justified by the greater permanence^'ot
Tlio-walk. .   '   A-^    '      ~
Coiil,.rCottt fands may be p-arohatea at 810
Sot more than Sib noics cfin ts R«Jl»,™llt?y
oue iiidivi,l..iil or company, *-».viiUy attho
rate ot ten cjiit*. per ton ol S,000 pound-i shRll
l,e collected on the gross output.
Qanrtz-A Irec miner's certificate is S'JJ,*?™1*
iUK.11 paymeiit. in advance ot iS per annum f«
nt, iii'lividual, and from ita toxlOOper auiram
ror a company accordint; to capital.
' A fii.cmiiiei-;'.avir,f, discovered mineral iu
place, uiuy leentc a claim 3.M0 x 1.5U0 feet,
Tlio fee for rceoiiling u claim is *A   '
At least aou must lie expended on ■ the claui,
each vear or paid to the miiiniK recorder 111
lieu thereof. Whoa ?»'".! liu* oc-cu expended, 01
paid, tho locator may, uyou liavuig a simej
made, and upon coinplyuig with other re*-
quireniciits,puich!iFO tho laud at tl nu aero.
The patent prov-dci-for the payment of 0
royalty uf 21 pur cent on the sales.
l»i,Aft:it ininini; claims Kcnerally are 100 feet
t,'quaj-e,- entry fee ir-'i renewable-yearly, * 4
-.A free„miner may obtain two lenses to
JiedKc for gold of live milts each for a term o
'tw-«ut.y.-j-qar.s, roiicwable at the. discretion 01
liu.Miitioti-r of lhc Interior, „
Tho leshi'i* »hall have a dr'cdKe in operation
within ono mason from the dato of the lew*-
for each liv u mile-i, llental «10 por annum lot
each milo of river lensod. llojalty at the
into of ■■'. per cent collieted oil the output 11 r-
te»-it"exie'atstlll,0lW. 'T
\\       Wi  W.. C0UEV,
--   Deputy, Minister of the. Interior.
N. "B..—U»'-i-'ithoJri/'e(.   r>t^>licsvtion   ol
this advertisxiuent will not be paid
- ior. .*
Take notice thai within sixty days
I  intend   to apply  to the chief commissioner of  lands  and  works  for  a
special license "to" cut. and carry away
limber from  the following lands situated in.southeast Kootenay district'.
Commencing at ii post marked John
Dockstaeier's southeast  corner,  about
oiie   mile -west of* llie mouth of Tunnel creek where il empties into     the'
Klk   river,  thence      north  80 chains,
thence'west So' 'chains,',tlience south
80 chains,  tlience east  80 chains    to
place  of   commencement.
- I,oca<cd May  19U1," 1906.      '* **
--   "' ■ - , T,ocalor
-    Per
L, P. Eckstein
'■*."* -''■-..'
'UaRBISTER-AT-Law',       EOMCITOP,     I'-TC.
.,   ' - ' -l,
Rooms 1& 3, Henderson block, Fernie, B.C.
:     :F, C. Lawe
Post Office Bloc.*:'Fernio. B.C..
W. 11. Bobs,K.C,
\ Ross & Alexander
F•"CRN-IE. 11. C.
Oniee In h. T. W. Uhclt, Yielorh Avuiutp. C,
ffevitie, 3B. Q.   1
J* Barber-, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
\. T. \V*  Block,   opposite  the   Banle
Olliue hours-8 a.m. to 8 pni,
• Some of  the cement has been  of an
inferior grade, and- this   will   account
foi- many  of. the  defects in the
KOOTENAY, .     .
Ilolden al Fernie,
IN  TIIE MATTER'of the Estate ol
"Henri     Joulia',"'        -deceased,
i   *• Iiiteslalo.';
All peisons'liaying any claims of di-
maiids against the 'estate of Henri
Joulia, late of Fernie, B.-C, deceased, are hereby required to file
with the undersigned the names ' and
and" addresses, and full" particulars
of their- cliiims' duly- verified, on or
before thc  ist day of August, i9<->r>-
W, J.. Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
m-KlCl. Hoi.'Ilfi-        *. 'Uto 12 a. m. Ho f, |i. vn
j (i.nn' to 8 p.m.
Oilico ln'Alox. 1 "k's Hiocte
, over Slinn's Hit liory,
FEllNTE,-       -    A -        -     -*'      'i*- °
Office:' L.T.\v;Block
Fernie -British Colu-iibia
.CALL-AND-SEE  '   '
Davky- &' Ladkroute
«|»   "■   . «J»
The Finest Porter
-'  r  -i\ii&^y,:y.ri7ii'-iY.r- \
The only GidbdyBeer
in Fernie.      K r
the product of the
Lethbridge Brewery
. ■ Sold only at
The King's Hotel.
The Calgary:
Cattle Co.   ::. a
Retail' Meat   Merchants
NOTICK lS'Hl":Rl-*nY_GIVKNi7lIi it
after said dale the' administratrix
will proceed to distribute the said is-'
,> side- tale amongst the,parlies hereto, ltav-
'i'he council should iuiv- its jm, reirkarirl only of.the claims of «vniel>.
uiiilerial from, a fain Unit is perfect-. s]le .shall .then have had notice, and
ly rejinl-ilo-, iwilh the facilities-, for put- shi: will, not be liable for the proceeds of (he, estate, or' any part thereof so distributed \to ' dny person
whose claim she had not had notice
nt the time* of distribution thereof.
Dated   this  26th 'day   of   June,   A.
I). iQofi,
'Henderson Hloek,  Kernie,' IS,    C,
Solicitors-for Administratrix.
tinjr a «ood article on the market. ,
The lime limit should not be placed on a contract for a ^oort ' ceuieiil
walk. ,11 is, nol the quiek-seUin.j.
variety or eeineut which is most .satisfactory. The scllin-cf of, ceiiunl is 11
chemical pioeess which requires niup-
le time, nnd it cuu never be -to the
'nlerests ' of the city lo hasten thi'
work'unduly,   ,    , * * ,•"    j*   -,
'     I-'IUHT liNCAMl'MENT.'
The first ciu-auipiiii-iil of the Alpine
-.ncriurre ,Br*os.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Ofllce in rc'»r ot Ho\r I'-ooi. "Rlock. Feinie, ll.C
M. Kerr & Co
Contractors' and Builders
rians, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
PleRty  of  G00I")   DRY   I.UW-
' Architect     and '.Superintendent
Office at Residence,
BAKER m.,     -    -     l-'ERKIE. ll.C
-»■■« ■I*-*-**.-.*- ■■.-.■^.■—. . »,^ TUm  | J
,■  TUB
HATES  fc-.iiO  PKU  DAY,
■'"     ' MODERN
Thos. Pogue,   Jt    Jt   Proprietor
fr' -'*''-.■•*•■
Choicest cuts of Ircsh meats always
ull lrillld,,-, ,"','■■
Hams, hacon'^and lard as ,well..
All kinds of fresh fifilioa icaspn.^,"
Proiiipt delivery.    , •     '■'
Give us a call. I'      ".   - •     *•'•*' -*.'
TEI.. 18. .   '*    , „       '
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store,
All: kinds   of ' Electrical
': Goods kept in stock.
, All  work;
The U'iti->tuti:iii(iit ol Duvfiis In the
Fruith uuny, und liis proiuolinti to
lti-.',li«( i.tiiV, .ttitiiUt tl„ i<<iinp ainl
«,|>I,ml„r of military fin-iiiotiy,fhrinpi
to mind the tint thai ntiieiul ulni*.
Witkll h ai lialtlt- to |M*tl of) uud it-
j,f,«.c tftr rf*M.-ii».A« <,m,v-r.tiil l>y i<*»
a-,plii.ilion »■* I* tin* nnlin.iry *«.hit<-
wtsh anplird lo tht* b»t\\ (rnrr.
lhe really Jtnlliy pan**-* in ,tli-*
«c-' Dn-jfnt   aflalr  rfti'lui. in tlikk  tr,*..
it Volio
nnd wa
a ■"Tent success.. 1)
the S'Tiuilon Coi'-ri'spViiidi'iK-e School,
und so well known-to l'Vinie people,
w.i.s*oui. ol the pnrty of enthnsl'i'iti**
ii:oiiiilfiin elinihers, nnd is loud in
his priu'su of the danj-eroiis lml in-
spirin-j plensniT.s of the. week's oi.'t-
uig. One of the reqiiiivd ipiulilicn-
lions for nieiii/li.'rship in thir iiiouii-
lain tliinliiiin -lul), is the eliiiihiiiK ol
a 'nioiiiil^iln 10,000 lei-t hi|<h, aud sev-
erul iiieiii-lii'is ol tin; pnrly eiieinuped
nl Vi-iho I.ulii' rsliililislicil their rij'hl
to nu'iiilii'isliip hy rliiii'liiii'r Vice-
President nioiiiiti4(ii.
The 1,,-d^ei- Mould inodehtly ^tl^V^'l
thill the eiiel-fles' ol the niiilid nifiil-
liei-ship ol (his cluli I.,- ,.<-erl>.d in in
elTorl lo Iuiv,- Hie imill," ol* Ihnl iiiionii-
tniii eluui^i'd, To nny tlmt you liner.
iliuihid tin- Vii'i'-l'ivsldi'iil iiiij*hl )*t-t
yon Inlo mm Ions Iriiiilile under n-r-
lulu OirniiiistuVu'i'M, Suppose you
Weie to null;,, mu li nil nssi'illoii in
the Iiiiiiiil-f of ii vlit-pivsi,|, lit nl
MHlie pti-rilislic i-liih, nun'il it ll"'
le the Minimi lor 11 liilf 011 the   iiiw*
llthidiN,   j|   (lml   soil  *,f Hi inn    >-'
elliotll.l^lll,  WH   Mill   lie   lliivill','   pii'sl-
dint i,lontilnins, <j<.\iiii'ii  iiu,iinliiiii.-<;
nud I hlnl;   of     the    |H,ssibility  of  ,1.
iniivor iiioiiiitin'ti,  tilth  n  jo|, lol    ol
.ililci'iiti'ii      mil hills   1 luster, d   nliont
.the loot ol  il.   11 won't do!
'111,.   Alpi'lle   t'llll,   i,|    C,lll,l<l.l   Illi'l   Ms
woik rut out lor il, mid must not
fritter utwtv its tunc- in the tnvolous
Upoit ol I'lliitiill*. ■.-.lull* lliilli- 1,11.
foiir-looti-il j;i,iits h.ivc vililiind Ik-
I loll'I lit thc -.it-bus haliii ol nill*
iiij? inuiiiittiiiis vin-pr<--,i,k-iil spread
to oilier o..ii,-.s, thus It'iuliut; nn nd-
dition.il iiivintivi to |v-o|tk* who ore
imt in uny wny Titlid for smli positions, to try to nl lain, nud I'll tlitin.
If lhe Chili hhniild und, 1 take ' to
have tin- itniiu- <>f iln- first iiioimtain
|K*ak tlu-v liim- it>iH|jiii,-d tlmnj-rd to
Miuirtftiu-j inure like n n.<im- (or a
in'miit.iiu, \li,y will h.i-if •hmon^tr***
nl tli*;'1 tiufnlm.sN.
Kev,, Mr. K'cntir. ol M'iJi.1, !.* *.
tiitfiulcr 01 tlw Cluli, a* i* *l»o Mi^*
MjnliiH   « |fc»u„Ur  tV'tr'trn-eHe
" Notice is hereby j-iven that 60
days after 'date I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lauds and
works to purihase the  following de
Club'/ofCiUi'iiiliii,   w,us, held
dnriliL' the  week'oi" the  ijth,
M, *McTiivisli,'Ot   scribed land near Elko, in the district
of East''Koo'teiiay,' 11. '.C
Conuiieiiciii(,' "ut a post planter! nt
the Northeast corner of ^lot No. 7316,
thence north 40 chains, thence west
fin chaius, , Ihiiice south 40 chains,
thence cast iiloiij; north line of lot,
No. 7.116 do chains lo place of coin-
Dated nt Elko, .11. C, May 30, iQofi
DAIiTU'Vl'T HOUSE, loriuerlvtlie
'" Clark,, thu best Ji a day liotel'
in Nels'-n, Onlv white help cn 1 loyed
0.' W.  IlAUTlj-.TT. I'ronrletor.
Work, Home industry, Catalogue
Free.      .,
Sccilliou.se. and rfCii*eonhousi's,
3010 Westminster Ud,, Vancouver 11.0
Is ,1 pleasant home
for thc traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
""'"" r
I Are You Reading
Knot, you nra nilasin-*-' sqino §
of tlio choicest literature of §
tlio century.   .. '. tt*  V  l>,',; 5
- - . ..   s
Bei d ,1 dollar to R. T. LOW* 5
RRY, Nelson, 13. 0. nml Ket §
It regularly for a year nnd* 5 "
liso out of the rut.      P  (7    §
S1M1SC1M11E    l'OK
************ \t*M*m»* I mir<mM*mWm*»mm
Hl'tlSCUIIII.    FOR   THE   U.IK.l.W.
MlmpMnii'liiUoiotir Ililnrli ttinial
,.,,,    (,, >('|i»  ,„„f„nl   P„ llll*,   f,'  |l,«
llri ir 11111 tlio kldil with whloli Ilia/
Ill'O 111 tltlt, ii'uUmoi ilium is* llio
Shilling S.'x-Pcnny Pip2
hi the World
iriKv xx'tt.t. .vor iK.'nv.
Istrr Pl^o Cutri-stttii
Jn,t nunembernnd a«k for
"Slticld Brand" Ploes
For Sale at llu.
Club   Clffar   Store
W. A,  I NOR AM, Prop,
I'lioiw fji.       -       •       Fernie, Tl. C.
MitMt<l'»  l.iit'irtwnt  Xii.iKt  \A\A*\t\\*t.
ST.   I'Al'I,
All Til I'M
siriux   citv
Kansas City, S.s.| .*.-•■   Sl.I.oiils, ^C.ucx
ChU-ni'o, Sdo.ui,
On    Silk'    Axx\t, 7-S-v.,    Kept,    'l-l«».
Final Limit Oct. ainl.
Toronto     $72.65
On Sal,' Si'i't. K-ij-io. Limit .Vov, .Vdll
Hilwaukee $58.20
WINE   CO., Ltd.
"WholoRali' I)ealei» and Direct Import-
tcrs of
Solu AkciiIh in Cnnailii for
Windsor    Tonic.      Jnjj    Dcntroyor,
Philip Carosella
Gonoral Merchant
and Doalor in Wlnos,
Liquors and Cigars,
T^jnTiiNriBi, b,„ o.
■ V ,\      1 !,,,!(    Hnl     <I1,*(
UonilDown * "" RqiuI Un
11,4' p in I,v.     Fornlo      Arr. fl.5) ii'iii
lUImn „       Itoxfaul' il.ionm
iU., nm        HPOKANK        11.110pm
7.JI0|i m Arr      Roiittlo      I,v 0 ill a in
* Dully uxni'iit hiiiitluy
l.t'iivliif,' Femlo (g„is p. m, you
iirilyp nl m.ss p> '»• <"   •
Arrive nt  io p, m, in
2nd    Night
For ilotnlliul ltifni*miiH(in, Imrth ttmuf
viillmm, otn„ call on or Kii.lrvim
II, li, II   IMMIO)-,
Through   mti'H all Million*.,
Oiit(iiio,;Xjiii.|iic, Nnv Voik,       '
New Eiinhiml .Maritiiiii'   I'roviiiivs
'        \i On Aii|ilicntioii,
II.  1».  A., NVIiioii.
*r, covr.K, a. «, v. a,,
Vaiuoiii-ir, ll.C.
■TIIIHI UM. *■■■■»■■ >» ■ *■■»< ***** mm*************
Thi* (■onli-irini'j nl V.-nili- will
]ilrafte laVe notice iJuit Alter April
mil I'M tlit Crimilcr* uml .'oiu*
i»t tA l-Vitilc l.o<-.ii |-j;o will «Ic*
ttxAnA tout fjollfiis (4.r-o) for dj*.ht («)
honrc' work.
" V. A* COMNKI.T,,
0. B. cl C. ft J   U. T»»o, Verni*.
•CT-N-IO-lsr  Z.A333DX.
Crow's  Nost  Speolnl
Winer's r«vorlte Olflara
Second-Hand Store
0|»(iritil up n** t to I*oni* Hotel
nouojrr ANP SOLD
Tor   Cosh
lUkMalilir.   I,illtl»Wl.|*   Cunt*   Ql-pUljjMcliif,
1 Great        \
I Cheap Sale! I
$ ^ Next to Hunk of Coinmnrci.
$$ Hnvo 25 to 50 por co-it.
^ > ■  	
-*{-* Mull's Fiirnlihlti^H,
*' J^kiJiw*' Vitttst,
Itoota A Hlioen,
Until, Cupi, 0|i>vcii,
...n,    HllXftlfl,
.Towolery, Notlnnn
•ml SninllwBroR
^$ W/ltcllOH,  HllXft'lfl
lilnnm fitSaaifke Prias!! 1
3$ .-tiro Turk lull Tobiteooi, *J|5
jjKfoury   Bros.!
« * tit it* *U *t**J**t *5f * «'t!f* *>f» *-t* «f * -■•**
Y "   V"?ii|
1l"'|      ^l^-   _..
rv "-■■'r"*^>Mr1pT*V-i'iM -i-g-sr'aJ."-
THE KERNIE LEDGER,, FER^lli, 8, C. .AUGUST"--i> 1906
"McDonald,.Hogan-j &;P,,Brien,- '"of
Quiibt-c, contractors   for* lh'e.{"'eastern
■section of lhe '< new • traiiscyntmenttil
railway' from    *I4a -Tuque lo Qu'e**bec,
' are in quest:" of; five, .thounaiitl laborers, and >are* at llieir-'wits-end ,-$16
know wherethey will find a supply.
It is their desire to employ C«iiad.ians
on the' contracts, but this supply '"s
inipossibjcf as, jeY't*i;y 'avajloiblejACa-
na'dian'^^is employed; anaJ' tliey'have
under consideration the necessity.1 of
c4*l>ljng..fb'|>,the labor markets- of E«i*
&A Jrr-*   Vi l* -*-, «*■■•> pi- KiJ.it  .   -.-■!» ,       -<■'
,   OB(<iIor7a- necessarysjipply of labor;. .„;
, ■■*>i>Th"e*",1ntei-iiationai Printing'- Press-'
men and Assistants' Union held their
anuuai^cpnveiitiqn^at, 4'ittslmrg. 7 last'
geek. It will go down in history as
if"-. "Jliar^stTwor.ke.d   «. cenyenti'on., - fo
• AMe'it -iTlte 'convention' wciit * on*' record for ihe light-hour day, with   in-
.   sti-iictib'n§i;to'"tiic. "executive -board* tb
meet the icx<*,ci,ilive lioards of the   res'-; ji  .     ... -.  -."i. *.- .-     -*-,
.jsjmicIivc nuioiiK   in .the   printing     ji':.-
fai^tiy to Wciiic.vupoiv.a date for lhc-
light-hour y||-^ici'' go- inloAelTi>ct.Tli£
"result   of, £j£-;confcreiicc*wiil']hi' suli-
,'^iillwl to lii^/^Typpthetn:..
•^ Ihi'i^^is'stU^^^'-igrijnt ^senrcitj-    ol'.
*fslJillwl  miners in'tli&llaiim.iirv' .7" dis-'
Hit 1 f -   - ".,.'■ i ;■      *' -■
-*«nct';"**"Jft':irly all  the 'properties'- that
'^york any niimU'r of men..arc"' work^
ting   »hurl-lmii'de*d."    AVItilc.A ordinary?
y^   ,    ■, , .-      --, ^. ,- ,:,, , *.,
fare not. scarce,  the.skilled niiner/'Vatj.
' f-S3!.")?"pt!r day .is-fa** decidedly - scarce-
^Individual. .' '■   \ * ,-•
-'|? .*•      *''-*i**,,*iJ"J-   -';■'';':       '.'l   ■ ■     -<i
is, John ,.*flurns,'.,M.;!'., .recently,, elect-
red-for^llic presidency of"the ilrilisli
, glocal government, .'board "'hi -'the?' ^liew'
yihiijiislrv,' ffinnul''iby.' Sir' Henry. Camp-'
Ijcjl-llan-ieniiniif Jliiit.*: |l*;.st. .known, to*
SVmcrican trades unionists 'as the sue-"-
||e|sfulric'adeV;i-oF the- great' dock!
^workers' strike of over a downycars'
|ti!i|o, has made ' air appeal to union".
1'iiicn lo be   temperate,;- even;   to . the
I'i-pbint of total "abstinence.'" ■ A?'. ''*.'-.
--f.  -. *-
' fl 'I'lie,iinionislsof-.this continent are
^watchiiijil.wilh'iiiiicli.interest the out-.
•Scoine of lhc novel-movement in Great;
|3lrilain to educate lhc' people on • tlu-"
'gtS-ii'ipoi-taiice'' of, correcting" the 'sweai"-"
^i-libp evil.'in its maiiiifacturiiig in<liisT^
•j'..tries. . If .the plan  works  out; as    its!
Iff™1"?'!51'* ^Ych. tlli* ^ample-will!
l^-e followed in*.'America' oii'an" exleu-1,'
|*sivc  scale in* one,- nf *lhe-:big   central'
hr. .\ ,- - "
Kcilies.       „     t _ i  .-■;- .,   • *..
^•^The-nionthly report -on-the -'stale!
1 ||of employment  compiled by. the  Am--
_* unions making return's,-with   nn.ftau-
aiirj.ther,. ukase' has'- been issued" placing the province-ol Kive,'under full
and    St.-   Peterafburg   under half-full
martial  law," "
-.,;,'.' -     ' * V • * *. •*>*.'    ., ■
tins <• arrangement   should -produce
all lliedisconte'iit, , strife and turmoil "aijcessary-' .'to "bring into-' existence another Duma that will do, more
people to' rfe'a'thi" j * ■ ; j ■ > ", -.
There arc lots ' of fishy-fish stories
'gpi,1Jg;ai"ouiKlt.:/these' hot days-- 'but
lhe----, isiost" iiifenjaly-aggravating lie
that 'haft Ivcen perpetiialed'-'tipoii'-'j-'lhc
.Ledger;.this*year".was.the "one palmed
off.; on7'us'--'la.-,t Satardny . night by a
'duller who promised ns a, basket of
fine.trout for Monday morning all
cleaned ready for *-'the ■ fiying. 'pan:
■tha.Ufellow, went .to. church twice, to
Sunday-school once.,*-and to prayer
meeting ,(he. ,-noxt." flsiy",' but,'* if he
ihitik.--'" till this-Sunday piety-is-going
'to shield li tin from thi*. wrath of lho
victim.bi his broken promises, . ot
atone for the.' sin of malicious lying
the Ledger will have to make airex-
iiniipli* .of him. -Wt-expect 'that -bosket offish on our.-kitchen, table next'
Monday lubrniiig, 01". THEBIS-\VII.1.
HE TWOimi.lC.   *   -
'."grcgnto lt-.eiiibership o[,2R;3oo,,. there
, were 'i.,** per cent, without employ's ,ni1J.]->---;Ii)1. the prcccedingimo'iilh's; .2,-
:oop;'A*' un'ionsft" wv;-ti, ^■ menrlwrsliip"'br*'
,:l65,<>7i, reported i.t). per cent, uiieiii-
: ployed."> r.; -.■' ilf; v "■■ \- ;;■ -7''" • -■*   .';'**7
.    14 . ° .    .
A per capita.asscssincnt of.50 cents
j a week .on lhe. working .liieinbers , of
.•' the*'Uiiited liline' Workers' has : 'been
--' ordered.' •- fl ' i.s estiiuati-d this will
bring i in'nj-e'veiiue of. 5150,000 each
. week. *,':*■
iVailwayitrncknii'ii to tiic'nijiii.||?y!or
nhont. .11-0,000 on all, railways in the
- Uiiiii.il Stiues, '  have begin*  a -campaign .I'or better ..wages. •■' ,
. , The nieiii'li-rship ()f the fyC, , lnlli'or
unions of On-ill Ilriihin and Ireland
in i«jo| wa.s 1,5^,^1,.niul their in-,
come aiiionuts '   to 512,429,190,    and
A their expenditure  was 51,758,998,
Keir Hurdle's Mjl'll 'to, prevent' lluv
''.■.iiiiporli'itioii-ol strike il-fronkers* during
Astrllv-'-. hns been rend a third tlinu in
.- tin* Hritish Parliament.     ''*'
*A press  despntch,     dated  nt    Si-
!  Pi'tcnMiui'}!-,   -July   .toth,  sUiIpr thai
nn  Tijiperinl  ukase hns been fired at
' the    Parliament,    'called    n    Diuun,
kiirickiriii  it into the'niiddla of next
Morrli, nnd that* n new election .will
)ie held nn tho 5th of that month for
' tlio purp'osci of getting"n   now Duma
that   will do   sonic*thlii'i*-     llml  will
suit   iouiclioily,     In the   int-M.iiit*.
...1.'....■- '/
But the Great Consumptive Preveiv
tatlve brought Health ind Happiness to h!s Home
twas lcvmi thus.
5A^RaiiiKon. or'a..Hercules ' may.' hi?
all rij-ht- in-some, places," but are
weak n-nd waverinjj 7 exnniplej.'! of lier-
oi.sin in others.--.-Samson'''ot old prbv-
^ed a'iuijjhty warriuir with* the . ;*uw-
■b'oiie- iit an ass for a weapon, -■ font
he was" as harmless as a baskcifiill
of Anew-born kittens after -Oclil ah *.'ot
lltrpii-i'liswitli her - barberinj;.,. job. 'llie
fear ■ of. woman which, this - historic
incident created in-the'* heart of. the
'strong mail*;',' "and , which .-took the
slronglh out. of'*- his muscles, sce.nis
lo'hnvc* lingered with the 'tribe v,h-
lo' tlic'-prescnt' day.' *Rven the M^hl-
of an unmentionable part of the Vflii*-
ment of ra niodern - woman seems -to
drive all- the-strength in a modem
Samson into his heels..,
'   ITS'.ilu'CKLKBKRRlES XOW..    .
• The hucklel)errv season has oj>c;ni-(!
up, and the woods arc full of berry
pickers,,old and young.;'These excellent .lieri-ics., grow, .along, the-slopes o!
the hills      and-mountains all-   about'
*   ' ■    ,      ,   ; ■ ■ •     ,   1 - '   -i.       '   -a   '
Kernie  by the carload,   and   although
thousands >'of jgjallon.s of llicm will hi*.
'.picked and iforounht   to   town,' a' - far
-. i.i'1*'.'"''. ' - ,.
greater'portion  will ripen  and. go'-'tr
w-astcToi-Svant "oPpickers!"   "'   " ;*.
":;: ciiiLrinobi) riAxoKiis:
• r)iarVhoca,"*dyseiitry, cliolcra . irifan-
.luin ,-,and- stomach*- 'troubles, arei
^alarmingly frc/Aic'nl iluriiijr^tli'c hot:
wirnlher -lu'oiiihs. ' Too* "often ' these;
troi.-jbijes .TAicoiiie..ncnt.e. and ^a/i-i'Gclciiis.
;liit*(c*il'lfo''*' is' lost-after only ;a few,,
h(A:rs illnlvss. ajurnijij the hot. wea-
ihe'r' season' every wisiv mother':.slu>*iihl
i;ccp!a-']>o"x of' Haby-s'.O'vn -^'ahlels
in ■ the house, lo check ■these'ills. if.
they .come' .suddenly, .-'Heller is'lill,' an'
occasional dose of tliis medicine will
keep the 'slfi'u*|«c]ii *aii'(l ' bowels cloau,"
and -jraveill . these dangeroiifi ' ail.,
ini'iU'4'coining, JIrs". John Liinensti-r,*
Nonh ■ I'ortal, Sask,, says: "BIy
baby was* .allaeked with' dianhocn'
nnd severe, voiuiling, I at once gave
l'la(bf,'-'s Own, Tnililols, |n'ud. next" daj
she was sis,*well,as-,over, • I find ,tlie
Tnbli'ls arc. tlio only '.m-dicinc ' ii little..''one lU'e'ds."'"Sold „1iy all" medic-
■ine-dealers o;; by innil nt 25 ecnis n.
I.os'from The Dr, Willlanis' Modi'.ltie
Co., llrockvilli-,  Out.'
' '• *
l'ntrii'k and IMichnel were crossing
Iheoreiiii011 their way to America
.Vn*'w.i'iil well the first half of tin*
vcjyngc. One day, however, l'nl lw»
i'lliui: ill;iiHiil:iliiwl. Tlie : iisn.il pnep-.
niiiilions for 'burial nt sen wcro iiiadc,
inr-d in ■' place' of lnu'ikii weights,
wfiirli had hoen lost, chunks of coal
iVfVv siihfilitiiicd, The remains were
liiiully ready for the' Inst sn'd rites;
nnii long nnd I'lirnestly did Mike look
nt*Ills* fn'iiid. Vinnlly he blurted out
'■-orro-vfiilly! "Well, Pitt, Oi always
Idiiiw yo were goln- there, but Ol'ni
ilo'linii'il if 01 tlioiight they'd mnko
yi'i-living.'yer o'wn conl,"
Ah llie pillior, Kissni-s In linml nml
plISU |'.0l . WITT, WIIH Kllllllllllg with
eugi'ily wnti-hfiil eye the columns of
otlicrpiipciH ,in seiiri'li  of  Homc'tlil'iK
worth* plagiariiig -a*few days . ago,
his eagle glance caught the haziness
which' "oWed' from ■ tht . fo>*ilo'wing:-
watery "paragraph; mixed with 'tha-
uncertainty of muddy "English.' .'■
- "Uut for ..^ tlie resourceliilnesst', of'
Misses 'Bella Iiluir and Florence Cocking, the liaptist cliurch picnic at
Nanaimo on >* Fi iday last might have
ended-linder' sad circumstances,- other
than lJi'ing' .' lhe plea.saiit' event : il
was. Lilly Kemp, was iii.bathing,
and, going beyond her depth;' went
over her head. Uella Muir,' who was
near b.y,,grabbed her, but as she had
fainted, sho could.do nothing ' with
her, ;wheii. Florence Cocking came lo
her assistance, and between the two
they managed to got 'her ashore,
where friends worked with her for
some, time-before she came to." ■., -
■ If Lilly Keinp had- nol persisted iti
goiiijr, .-Ivyond her depth * and ' over
her head all at the same.time,' P.elja
Muir and Florence Cocking iieed not
have went skipping about to avoid
the ' 'eiidisuf-uiidtr-sad-circuiiist'aiices-
w.-is" affair ending in a funeral, by
pumping the life 'back into lhe faint-,
ing Lilly. * " v
-V 1 *■
. Itaptist people who persist in going,
about -]>cyoii(l lheir& depths and over
llieir heads where. 110 water isr, men-
lioned, must expect lo be writ about
iu muddv ITjig.lish.'
scorn & ross
If   Nero' had   owned   a   phonograph
■wotild have  saved  him   a   lot    of
iddling while  Rome  was   burning.   *
A* poet .sent-to an editor a contribution, entitled "Why Oo I Live?"
The editor replied, (/"Because }ou
sent your* contribution by post,' instead  bf handing' it  into  the editor.
Made Sound    and
Dr! !Williams':
Strong " Through,
Pink ; Pills.     '7
"Two doctors told- me that I was
incura'ble, fli'itl Ihaitks ! to .'Dr. Wilr
liams'.Pink Pills, I am..a well woman today.']' ".This, strong'statement
was made by Mrs. .Ed. Rose, of St.
Calliariues,'-'to a ri'portet*v*'who hearing of* her remarkable cure,- ealledHo
sec''her. '.'A few years ago. while living.:1 in Hamilton,'.' continued,', Mrs.
Hose', •> I was attacked- • with" kidney
trouble, „ Thc doctor lulled me.7 , into
a slate of false security, while' the
disease continued to make- inroads.-.
Finding, that I was ■ not gelling {bettor, I consulted *„a- specialist; . \vlib
told.ma that the trouble -had .devel-
_opcd ■iiilo.Bri'ghl's, disease,   and; -,hal
" Our doctor laid Hi era v/ai no eura for *
tny. wlfo ti both liar lung* wer« tfTocted,"
tsy* Mr. L. II. WalUr, or Petri Street,
llrockvllle, Ont. "It tvti » ltd dli-.ii*
polntment to un both, juit ilartlng out ln
life, only married a ihort time. But before
ji-hr hftif U!*.!'..hc*l tlie first tc'.tle cf PaycM-ie'
the pain In Iter lun-ri qulekl*/ went away,
and alter tafcin-*f aix bottlci Mn. Walter
watt a new creature and perfectly well
Thatli juit one of tbo many familial
Inlo which Piychlnn hai brought hop*),
health and happlnein.   It la a living proul
don't wait for Coniumntlon,    Cure you/
UOrltpe, your Cough, your tlronchltlt,
Sour Catarrh, or your Pneumonia, with tbo
■medy that never fall*—
_ (Pfwiounctul Si-ltwn) ,
pOc, Per Bottle
Imrttt* ***** tt fUHl •t-#4t ttrv>rtAwt*m
M. l>k, II10J.IIM. tmmw,\*m{*.
'- .*"
I-was iucurahlci I. rhad . dwindled, to
a mere: .shadow, aiid suffered irom
pain in the bat*k, aiid often a dilTi-
eully in breiitliing. '"insomnia next
eaine.to'ndd to my troubles,; au.l I
passed dreary, sleepless nights, aiid
fell that I had not long to live. :Tn
this (lispriiriiig rondition my hiis'l.and
u'rge'd.nie to' 'try Dr. .Williams'' Pink
Pills,, and to please him, I began lo
tako Ihc-in, After taking . several boxes I felt thc pills were, helping ru\
and I continued .Inking them until I
hnd used some twenty hoj-us, .-' when
f was a'gaiii restored to perfei'-t
health, and every" symptom, of tho
tfrouUln had disappeared. Dr. ,'Wil-
linins1' Pink Pills certainly Oirought
mc back from the shadow of ■ ihe
grave, and I have' since 'enjoyed the
best of health." '
Evury drop ot blood in.lhe body
Is filtered , by the ' kidneys, If. the
blood Is weak or*watery the kidneys
have iio"«triiigtii for their work and
leave, the |Hlood uiifiltered nn.l foul,
Then the kidneys ■ get. clogged with
painful, poisonous Impurities', which
bringsl ni-hlng l-'neks " (iiid ' deailly
HrigliCs dlsenlso, The only hope is
In strike'without delay nl the r,oot
of the trouble In the blood wllhDr,
Willlnin's Pink Tills, They make
new'"blood. They flush the 'kidneys
clean, heal their iiillaiuinntlon and
give them strength for their work,
(•.ninmoii'kidney pills only iniirh tlu-
Kjinplniiis—Dr. Willinins' Pink Pills
ciifc the cnuse, 'I'lint is why ihey
rnro for pond, nud at the sniue time
Improve the lienHli in every other
way. Ilut ynu must get the giTi,|w
lillis with ' the full iinnie, Ilr, \\||-
HnniF.' l'iiili Pills for Pule People, 011
the xvrnpper mound eni-h ho\ Sriiil
by nil intdlrliK! denlers ' or ill reel
liom the Dr. Williams' Medii im- Co.,
Ilnu'lvvlllo, Out,, at 50 coitts ui box,
or nix lioxen for Sta.-y., , '
m .  ' R&t»3S
On nrrount of llio Niiilonnl Kncnnincnl
Army of tho Ri'puhlii: In MlnneiipoliH, Ati|»ni*t 13*18,
imnent of Ihu Grand
Iih, Aii|»ni>t 1.1*18, »lu»
Great Northern Ry.
Will sell Round THp Tlokets Fertile to
for $30.50
Tiilech .011 Sale Aur. 7, ft. i>     Fliml UiUuii Limit Oi-iolmr ji
For dclallr.1 Information, rtiirr, ole, rail on or aiirou
II, li.' IILACKRTONK, Komlo, ». C.
Agents for ■
Tho Calgary Marble nnd Granite'Works.."
u. tha Koctcmiy Murblo Works, Nelson.      .
'    Snihplesoan be seen at tho office.
Office Phone 41 ., ^Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
Change of Business
ITaviiig; leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Pand-
ley, 1 am prepared to do all
kinds of Draying and Livery
work. ■' ■"";. \t.' :,. ' .'■ ■
■i^&Fi^&cTL""0 ""a DMt,buu°*
j ^siiss^csiij^^, hiandiey
♦ ■
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Rajngc ol' J. D. Quail
mt-W.kim.mtm.mm (r|)f
■ ■iiiiiir-nniii lioi.-ri , *,**■*-«m+^sm*
•**^'"*- " " *iiMl I al**--'-'•niii'
or money  refunded
K MA tTmmmmUt tmtm mtS^Smtmm
gK T. = i ■■■,'*_■   ■...	
t „ ^ ,,   , ._
The Elk Lumber Gb.^
Dimension, Flooring^ Siding^
™ " s" _ Lumber and
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
A. C.
The Best of Satisfection
in Watch & Jeicclerg Repairing
Head Off ice,:  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital* $2,415,000 j     TAesevve * $2,415,000
Qotnl 2l8&efs * $29,000,000
Hon. ,WM..,Gi]JsoN,.President\    " :''„ _'  '    ' ■'    "   ' „ .:
,     J.-..TuRNBULLl.Vicc-Presklcnt'an'd General Manager.
.  , i --'*■     a
^       _j 74; Bragiclies tlu-ougliout Canada -.
~     Monty OlxiPf.s'-nrrn^l *nTn"S"irn*T(17]^iITl-jifHTim^ .   -'~"
_l53!=s&il.'c-'''*ln d™!"'!* ciislipcl.    Speciaja'dvanlapfes in Savings Depart ment. '
Open in the evening of thej Goal Co's pay-day-from 7 till 9
* '  *      J.'K. LAWilY ARent FKRNIE DIIANOU
*%*-%-''%--'V%%''V«r-^^ -^^*vtv*y'^!',v»
" U-N-ID-Hl-R  •N::rHW  MANii'Q 33"M:-HlI;T,r
jamos Severn, ~ * '■„ (Proprietor
Well' fiirrilsln-d  rooma.   The  table  is suppliu'd with  the1 best
the mnrkct affords, The ba r is siinplied   : with   tiie"  best wiiiosV
;,  liquors ami cijinrs. \
r'Vm<%r%r%&'%r%r%r*i>%r*i-% *^4
Have ono of theii IftrgoHt HtoroH In Fernio.
L»mli, V«al, PrcHh aiul Hmoked FImIi.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
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St   Cattle    Co.,   Ltd.
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rernie, B. G.
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v»    n«
Now  Open   fc*-r   Cnsaecmcnts   at
Dances,   Partlcjs,   Etc.,   In   Pernie
rsrr=s=sOr   Outride   Towns ■- ^-   -.
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Addresnt    C. A. MII.LJIIR,     Royal   Hotel,   rcrnlc
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iltv fur  is  wiitii. A  frw mori' ti'i'itl nr limn ile ri di-sliiil,
Ia  it'NpRrtliillv   Milliili'il,
Nerved  in ! lh«
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MRS. M. MOELZEL, Proprietress
Victoria  Ave.
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Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
Vi-ry low rfttr-i, loiind trip first'-flnf.M. will In In cITi'ct. tn. emt-
nn vniiilK nn tlu* (nlltiwiiii! iliiiin: .Inly o, nml 3, Aii|*ust ,7, 5, niul
9, (imt Si'iit.-iiilM-i- K, «) nnd 10. Jf you innti-ni|iluti! a trip east il
will pay join   In wiih- iiii- Id.r  (nil   p'.irlluiliVN.
\V«. hImi i.fltr vi-rv lnw 1 rmm«1 trip mti-.s froin Cliirn/w-i mul <itli*r
<<»st<.rn points In nil ptiiiiip.il wu-irin    points,    II     nny    ul yum
friuiidn nu- n.iniiij; uut to .«•»* y0*i, wrilo mr tlirir hfiitiit.
A postnl rani ior iiiiniui.itlim will !irinjj* a i||iivk reply. '
I!. H. COLIJNR, Doii'l AtfO.it
0)5 H-inis-no Avf., Hpnkimo
1J .',-..•. -
--"- .-v Y.-$'~ v
■ - .,'1.'*n^.i'..
'- .,\t -
<t  -
S'Oiir reporter "tool*   a  stroll through
thcii-ity; t-, few days ago wilh an eye
to lieaiity.   Passing lhe   residence    of
IV. U.-Ross, M. P. Vii be saw in the
yard      a mmtber  01"  roses in  bloom,
and'byinvitalionoi  Mrs. Stcwait.be.
took   a   stroll through   the   yard   and
noted lhe    many  different  rose's    and
oilier flowers.   There  were  deep crimson  vescs,  pink  roses, and  roses, lhat
were white; some' in lull bloom   and
some just on the tip-toe of -blossoming    out like their .  earlier    companion-;,   llrs. Ross   has   Virginia   creepers', thai   have   climlied  half   way   to
Uie rooi of lhe -yei*aiu*jah- and ciicum-
ilier   -nuiiiers    that   *"* have l>eaten   the
creepers by half.   It  is better   to  lie
a runner (hart a creeper if you are., a
vim* and want lo, get up in the world
The-reporter noticed a small patch
of protai'c potatoes in'the'.backyard
, h.-dgtii in by poppies, sweet peas and
nasturtiums ' * ond a pile of.. rocks,
which ..was made to smile like a sun-
*beam by being embraced and kissed
and entwined by', nuMurtiuiiis in all
t{-hades., from* lightest-'-, yellows to
Where  i*nc-l», and  gravel     once  prevailed,
N'miiberlrss    flowers    are   now, en-
fll<out    - th's, .     one    of ' the      new
homes in town.      All  the way down
that street,.as far as the residence of
Alderman '.Tultle, many young lawns
are,lending their verdure to cheer
lhc- vision, of tlle passer, and sweet
peas, uastiirtiuuis, pansies and inany
others arc lo be seen in profusion,
where a very* few years ago stumps
and trees a-JMinnlded. Mrs. Tuttle
showed the stroller a fnll-lilown rose
which measmed a little more than
five" .inches in diameter, which slie
had taken lrom.a small Ijjjsli piantcd
this spring in her front yard.'   0
'At Edgjccli'I many lave the flowers lo
he seen,'  and  the  bright green  of.the
lawn, with  the  dark  green ' of •  thr
trees    that    fla11k.il on,   cither side,
, -makes, a ."Vrautiful setting'from which
4to view the grandeur '.of    thc inotin
1 tains across    the    Elk      river, which
goes   on forever    towards  the, far-of
seal.     .   „ •'"     .' -    ..
The Woods' dwelliog, near-by, in it;
tjjf-.aint colonial style, with its sur-
rouHdin'j-,-'.of.new.&rcen sward and native trees, its clean walks and a geir
of a little circular•'•jjed of na-sturtiuiti*
looking like, a real setting in an urn-
4 . erald sta, makes the place look- a>-
„ though it. had half a mind , to _   tak,
-ti ""If * li/i rnfiv>nl nl-.i 1* •! vr nt An._
— i rf.,1-4. i*j-^*— ini —it .-*|Jv-k--i-",ij-i.»*iv y —:i*j— «*f;i—
earned    it.     Alonj
tipper Victoria   Avenue   are, evidence*-,
oi tk<* love, of  flowers to -be -seen ' ir
many neat little yards. , In one plac.
up that .way "a  bare place was   not   j
iced,."in. one of  tht  otherwise   ncates'.
of little .lawns, which   the .owner hai'
inelTectually   tried.to hide   froin   ,th
view, of the passer-by by swinging ;
hammock over it, nnd thereby hang*^
a tale.   The owner of -'this, pretty .lit
t,le lawn,, being an  ofliwial,  seems   t,
have placed   loo  much   confidence    ii
the watchfulness  of    other . ollicials
and has    neglected  to fence    in    hi-
little corner pf creation.   One day nr
old cow . slipped     into this invitiu
little retreat    iu    search of cowslip
and succeeded in pulsing a whole 1
of. tulips  inward bound,  through her
owa two lips, Ix'l'ore. the ollicial coul,',
Hitcrfcrc,  with what  seemed   to    tin
citw to be a pleasant pastime. However, this .slipping   tendency'of   'tli**
cow for   cowslips,, resulted^ finally   ii
the 'ilipping of a five-dollar hill from
the,pocket of  the'owner ofthe   twf.
.ijiuch tuliped cow Into' the pocket   o'
Ike nflicious     ollicial, and the    ham-
«iock hangs  over lhe  spot where tlu
tulips nrc  no more,
■ .This cow'm tnli' is loo lon|(.', so  tin
editor cut   it  at this  point.
At tin; upper end of IMverhnnk Av-
,<*niic,     the  .WidVolier    for    lilrtcwiin-'
.lienuty ciinie «poii n (|,uiet, slmdv
Imoli wh it'll had suspicious indentions of sheltvlilig love in ti cot, sc
lie, tip-toed hy carefully, like a thie'
111 thr night, not without catching o
gVlinpsc, however, ' of wKnt lie took
to l)-f ii ' goldeu (glow gHmmcrlnj-
tliroiif-h the sIihiIown of the (reus.
., Purilitr nlong he found n Jwautifiil
("•rei-ii nod groulng uiiiong tho treei
which mulouii'ds the house of one o'
the olilesl iiilinbitiints of the city
Neit to this biMiiitiful slmdy nool
■nUnd*. it bou.su whlth, froin its nidi
. iltflunil di-Hi|{ii, iiiiule (lie tninip im*
s-;ltielic 'wns uoiiie wlietv iu Sunny
Culiloiiiiu, nml he begun to fenr h*M
thv out th .should U-giii to jfiiuke. Mul
ii didn't, nnd lie took time to giwi
nt the flowers, sht litis und rbses tlmt
were being coaxed successfully to und
' their   r-looiuin*- lieauty to the'la-nut,y
'of   till*   ('ulifril'llill   ('Ottlljri,, '
Theii    lliBi'u i-Hiiii!     another pretty
place  wnfie love loves in n cot  inst
now, for the owners, wilier   mnrrlcil
IH'Oplc,     liuiti gone down wut    mul
-liiivt  left llieir pretty lioiuc    to    the
a littlejurthei- along.. This bachelor,
however",' is riot entitled to too much
credit for all this pretty display, for
there is a sister to help him in .the
growing of the flowers,.-.so that tlien*
sweetness is not all "wasted* on Hi,"
desert,   air,1' - .   * -'      - -   •*•
A nice' .lawn " in   an  angular-shaped
imclosure on' a    corner,., wilh a    few
shrubs and  twei tall, thick clusters'ot
golden jjjow , just      ready     to Mow
looked inviting, Imt  the   tramp  knew
the widow   who  lives  there,   aiid fear-
ing"he might be called upon  to split
an'armful of   wood   or pull   weeds, in
the garden, he gave, the place the goby. '        '
-  At Harvey  Watson's  place  can ; be
seen one  of  the  finest  gardens  in the
city.   Who  said  hops  wouldn't  grow
in, Kernie? '. , .1 ust' take, a  squint -  at
Harvey's hop vine, and. be. convinced.
It has hopped clean up to the dormer, window in tlu*'roof, and■ threatens
to   hop clean-, over the house ' unless
he builds  another story  on  lop  of it
to clime  skywards  on.   In ihn    back,
yard ol   tliat place ran.<l>e-seen  n lied
fif  flowers-   about fifteen   feet   square,
in    which    is growing. .   upon  stenjs!
about tm-o* leet  high, a wilderness ol
.little white 1-lossoms,   with   a     faint
tinge of pink upon     them, aud little
l/utton-like,   yellow   centers..  X-^iody
takes niiieh    note of     these,   modest
little beauties, lvcausc they  arc more
interested    iu the   bulbs   Trout     which
they glow,   the   prosy  potato.   There,
were     other    (lowers in this  garden,
sun flowers, sweet peas-and tlie popular nasturtiums,   all     roniMniiig to
make one  of  the  neatest  little  nooks
in town. '
Over in the old town among the
log cabins canlfc seen flowers grow-
ng in unexpected, out-of-the-way
places, and aM kinds of vegetables in
piofusioM. "       ,    " A    '
All the foregoing  items were'culled
'n the     space of two    hour's ramble'
through the town,  and  by  no  means
■epiesents all that   is   to.-be   seen, if
one were  tb  take, thc ne,cess.ary Unit
o 'make a thorough   caiivass   of ,-all
he pretty  flower ■ gardens   in    town ,
'•'ioweis   arc, to. the   vegjit^PTe 4 king-
lorn what' bright,  happy /smiles   an-
o the human race, .and a cultivation,
>f the   one   brings an   increasing crop
f the oilier: ":■'.-■'
-   «   4   ■           ,\,
Miss'.Oiivia - Dahl, accompanied by
Miss, Gina. Smith, will offer to the
peopleJbf Fernie'oh7the night of Friday, Augustioth,. the "finest musical
treat 'that has ever been presented in
British Columbia for many a loii)*
day." *    .    '
, 'Miss Dahl is from thc ..land ol'.Jen-
nie I,iud, aHul critically educated
musical people- 'do n*»ti hijsiliiAte. • tin
call her an ecjyial ' ' lo the world's
<wectes't*'singe'r. Miss Dahl is well
known lo the'musical critics of the
European' capitals,- and has won ' the
highest praises froin them all. .Her
first app"-*arancc upon ah- American
stage was'ai   thc   Minneapolis.-Sang-
erfesl a few nionl'lis ago,,* when'slie woi
. 'i *.A .if. ■ .!._.* _!*.. f,7n «f.; ;-..*
under this heading insterted at-;the
rate of one cent a word each .insertion. ' ■;'
WANTED—Girl'    for    general    houfe-
work.— Apply (to Mrs.  W.  R. Ross.
"'" -„ .,, FOR. SALE.   .v
REMINGTON.. Typewriter, for   sale.--
Apply lo,K. C,-:l.aiwc,   Ferniv,   IX.
c-      "" '- "."""  ' "
tr "office.   -,    *    .       *.'  * ,-,'*-•  iv
■    7     . *      -.*;':.,""*•. ■* :%■■
*a .  , , - - *-ft
■a- *      ' •*        *,'»
s° • *;1
without having
The smeller receipts and shipments!
or the week ending - Saturday last,*
.vcre as follows as reported by the
Nelson'News:" ;*
1 '"  '   " -      Tr,-.*,"
the heKits of'a whole city,full of inus'ii
lovers.   She   haei"oi)eneel'a long   eti-
engaj-leinenl' in" San^t Francisco ,  only
one night' j before   Hh'e'-'.givat'.c'arth-
jliuako     Ijist'..spring,   anil(   \vas^.-.lt>ft'
homeless    by that-. great- calamity.-
She and  Miss  Smith passed "through,
many trying    experiences  during   the
"few days   they; had to live.. in a tent
iu Golden Gate   Park,   inilil they were
able to embark , on a steamer bound
I'or N4inaiiii(t, ,11. C.,, from where tliey
wint to Victoriu.
The  writer of this  sketch, had    the
good   fift-tune to hear  Miss  Dahl    at
her second 1 onceil, there, and allhugli.
lie dot-, not  pretend lo l>ena musical
eiitie, he    does not  hesitate   to   say
'ilut   .'.lie' was the sweetest  singer   he
'has ever heard  in this country.
.   As an  illustration of .her (ability to
attract to her and. hold her .hearers,
we   repeal the' : following'"" incident,
.which   occurred   at   Duncans,    B.   C.
A party oiiei'ghl or nine ladies-,  arid
'gentlemen ..were ■   -stoppii.g at* '   the
Shawiiij.-'an Hotel, Shawing/an*   Lake.
.13 miles   Irom Duncans,   They chartered a handcar and  pumped the thirteen
mihs    ,to Duncans to lie "   in al tin-
singiifg and so well pleased were they
that alter pumping Kick to the,hotel
lliey te>oh~; a  sccoimI hand-car trip tho
nexl. hight,   this linis'twenty'   miles
lo  Sidney, to hear Miss  Dahl   repeal
lhc  sanie progi-ai'iiiiic*.
A sin'gier who can 'atlract the same
crowd lo -hear her' the second time
under s'icli ciicuinslanccs, has melody
in her soul and knows, how lo sing
herself into the'hearts of> her hearers
II \vill;''lx-:anoppbrtiu'iHy.for Fernie
people* that1 will not occur often, and
every'chair 'in Stork's'Hall' should
be occupied on the night ci the 10I11
of August.-. Below we give the pro"
gramme as it .has been arranged; for
thai night, by'which it will be seen
that full '   scope  will be given   .Miss
are'tor-sale at, this ofiice, price 25
cents each—"Rooms "to I^t.s'Anplv
Within,"     "Furnished      Rooms to
.Let, Applv Within,"  V-,-, ;
... *..,. 7. '-. '    WALDORF.  ' ;      *
.11.' Gilliland,  llarr'ngtdn;  Robl. *S,
Gourlay, ;Toroiilo; 7A." .II.   Gourlay.
Toronto;    Ji Hi Alexaiuler.'Toroiito
"\Irsf C., L." *Harnum,     PoiiokaVi-Mis-"-
ilelle Haintiin,";iPoiioka;  II. .Harnum.
Ppnpka;  I).* W./'Secrest,   Pa'ksda'le;  j"
W. Rosssiud wife1** Elkiuouth;     J. E.
Stephens, Morrissey; C. J.- .Tohnslon,
Uc.fioul;      A*.   Hamilton,   Craailirook;
K.  II. Currie, Stavely;  \V., W.    Wad.
'eigh,    Stavely;    C.  DcWey,  Stiively,
Y.  S. -Bone,  Victoria;  P.   11.    .Tollii-
son,    .Calgary;     E.   C. .Chapin,   Calgary;   J.   J.  Holland,  "Montreal;   "N.
•Friedman, Nelson; Ed.  J'-'Shaw, SV
atllc^ Jas.  F. Stone,  Brantford;   II,
II.  Ross,    Elkmouth;  A'. M.  Harris,
'Vancouvcrjv   D.    M; McTavish,    Cal-
g»iy;  E. McDonald,  Coleinan; W.  J.
Funlich,  Piuchcr Creek;  M,  S. Duch,
Umonde.;   P.   Kennedy,   City; (R.    Tl.7
loharl,  Wardner;  W.   E.   Perry,    St.
Paul;   A.   J.. Dyer,. Whilefish;   F.    S-
■iiureh' Elko;,C. McDonald,'Elko: S.
Taylor,    Cianbrook;    II.  Cunimings.
Cranbrook;  E.  C.  Hughes,  Vancbuv-
-ir;  A.  Dicli,  llosmer; ,.T.-*M.. Powers.
Harrington;    C. .Rein.ljH.ld,-"* Ilaniiig
ton;    A.   Lawrence,, Spokmie;   G.   tV
Tcweli,  .Tallruy:  J.   J.   Bell,  Ottawa.
W,  A.  Lynch, Sprague;  Mrs.* II.'. *A..
Kanouse, „ Frank;  -J,   Blaincy,',;W.ud-
r;  Lucile BianilT,  Pincher '-Creek;" P-
dbundaryo shipments   ;..20,994
'iosslaud    shipments  '.  '.., 5,221"
Slocan .KooU-nuy   shipments  2,745
Total  shipments  '.,.28,910
.1 ,.'.'■ Tons.
Irauby smeller   ,....'. ' 16,094
I..C. copper,   Greenwood     450
,')ominion      copper '  Boundary
Falls..-.,.'.'.......   ,.„'„   ....J.•■;..;■„ 4,274
frail  smelter  5,491
Hull mines smelter ' go**,
Marysville smeller...,  '    -500
;. Mr.
' Total,
Mary hud  n  little lamb;
One day  It got the croup;
-ihe folA it to n packing house—
It's now canned  ox*tnil  so^p.   ■
.fary Imd to Imvo n pet;
She   bought n cunning   cow,     '
>Vhich died    of splitting-    lu'tvWlii-*
It'-* country sniiNnge now.
:nosi  1 cniarksilile-' scope and
ol voice: »
C.   II,    Gilibons  Presents   '
"The new   Jenny Lind,"
,  ,    Assisted jl'y  *    •'
Mclntyre,    Nanton;
Medicine Hat.
E.     .T.   Dulton.
■ J.   Burkctl,  Sparwood;   J.   Rhodes,
Sparwood;,".   W.. C*. Stcyenson1.-irosi-
The Preservirig Season is now
on: Get our priced on Fruit
Jars before purchasing elsewhere.
ring your Cash and get value for your Money.
Wi J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,  P, p. Block, Ferni»
Men, keep your teet cool and com-,
fortabie ina pair of our Oifords,
they feel just right oh the fobt arid
we know they will look good *to yoii
if you step in arid: let us shriw you,1
Tan, White, Black and Patent at
Reasonable price's.
Thou Art Mv Henri-,....
'• ,(a)
(ib)i   Roses of June...Edward German
■ (c)   Irish Idillnthy.Adeluide Ncedhnui
(d)   Mij-non^.  Guy   d'Hardelot
i. On.The Mountain! , G'rei-{
,1..(n)- Allah - .,'..„ ' Cliadwiek
(Ji!   From > Monte   Pineio, Greij,'
(c) "Dei * Forslc   Mode.,.'.' Greiu
(d) Mi ■ Nina dietary
l. Cnrnovnl
ostiiine   (uroup
Mnry  wept nml wept,  nnd
And tl-eii  n piugle  j»nt;
I'lie pijfRip died of tuiiiinyn clie--
Ifs lioiK'd ham,  like ns  nol,
-     IV,
Mnry suw tlie puckers iiuike
A foruiiit.. Irom her pels,
Ilut she roiildHiiii'dly clear   cnoiif-h
O-i tluin  to pny her  dchts.
c-fcu , 1 '.u. 1
J.   „,l
^':,•.'!c   .'!-
'■.'i' :ir,vi
cr** dinlii*** their Ul^ciiie, The nntne
f»l thr upper etui of this nvrinie
should ' he ihrtii-ji'd to Honeviiioon
In a wide streiih of inwn dottrd
wfth line -tliaile tteni, two Rowers
were .vcn moviiiK 'uljout from place
lo pluti, the exempli.'*.Mlim nf Imdd*
Injf hiiiii-tniiy luivinjj |a j-ood time in
tbe -.Hailows* nf .'the'tree*-, all uniuHid*
ful of the troulile It wus to the mnn
with tin* pencil l» find word* to dc
■.crllw thrm. tit gayt it tip. An
oW V.nchrlor Ikii mimed nnd cniurd
«*. ltttW llowrry lin*{V,oin intorxiHtricf
Mnry iloii);ht  nn  nillii-;  sheep-
She knew it wuh 11 sin—
And when it died she promptly .chilli'
An niidertiikcr In, '.
God, Save, The King,
mcrfH. Evans; .Conl Creek;AT/Hran-,
iif, " Pincher Creek; J. \V. Krosi,
Eureka; .T;"c. Keinpston, Coal Creek;
E. Richards, Elko; E. E. Cass^ Nsin-
loin* J.'.W. Fraziei- and son,- Calvary- *' I): J, McDoujjall, Ilarrision;
A. Caiupbell, Wardnil;' 11. S, llakei*,'
Kanlon; J. W. Sims, Kansas Cily;
J. D. Winner, Rosalia; P. C. Han-
Miian, Stavely; P. C.!reel, NcwiYork;
W, H, Levins,' Calgary; Alex, [King,
VVhitcfisli;-' ,S, Matsutnui-n, Wliilelish;
V. Masudn", Whilefish; W. R. Cninp-
Iwll nnd wife, Crnii.|*ro.*k;"F. .Wilson
nnd wifej Elko;,!'. Carlson,-Spokane.
iTjiQ    t appreciation      of
those whoL.havc   visited.I
our showroom'and  visits
ed ','our    millinery   and
Jfancy goods display is^Ja J
!our styles are   exclusive,'!
tasteful  and   moderately
priced. v
Only.'a few of those-Lovely Black
Plumes left
Expected., to arrive °Ihis"!
week, a. .large shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.
We are offering 'you an extra quality Suit
Case made of Kestol,:^^ in. long and has two
.straps and good brass °triminings, find, lp?k, spljd
leather corners, secured with capper rivets, .'.
A Trunk   made   over £ strong wooden   frame
with  ifpn J3pttoni covered with 5 oz. canvas well
.painted   and   fitted .with   two heavy straps and
iron trimmings' stitchedllcather handles at
Special Prices     ■
Tinsmithihs & Plumbing
.r T    HAVE,taken over, the business  formerly   con;
_ 1 ducted :by Sheppcrd-& Elliott.ahd wish to inform:
the,public lhat I am in a,position to do all kinds of
Tinsmithing and Plumbing in ?i prompt and efficient,
manner, - Rcmembgr';* the j place.
-". One door nortii of King Edward Hotel.  ,phortc1
-3f--i,T ♦ -♦ ♦ »
I lioiighl n horse with n supposedly lnciiniliJc ringlione for fto. Cured
him, with $1,00 worth of MISAUD'S
MN'IMKNT nnd sold him for J»s.oii.
Profit on   l.iuiiiieul,    S.si'.oo,        "
ITol>1l:('i>lH'r, St,   Phlllippe,  Que.
VI. *
This    puicloiifi   pier   cmtliiiliiu'il    (lie
shei'p '
And Mild  il nil for rush
Tlii*   folks   who Utuglit    it of   them
•""•Villi.! lovely  conii'd-ln.'1'f Juishl"
vn. ' •
The nndei inker nud   the   girl
lluuli'd  tlu* 11 to hilclr,
TIipv nr'-niii/i-il  a  pneking  house,
And, gep, imt thev au* tiihl
IvNCU.SJtiN    TWll'.S  EAST.
Winnipeg , Port Arthur, St, Paul,
Duluth, Sioux City, fiW.so; Kniisn-.
Clty, fS"|.*..Si St. Louis, fofi.wi; Chi*
viygo, tJlio.irfi. On snle Aiij(lrat 7-8-9,
Sept. K-10, Final limit, (bx. ji. Toronto, i?),h*„ On sale Sept. 8-9*10.
Limit, Nov. ,-iolh. Milwaukee, J.^H.-Jo,
On Mill*  Aug. 7-X9.   Limit,  Oct,  31.
Thr'.iy-h   r.-ilet- all   ulation*  Ontario, D'U'l-ec, New Vork, New England,
Maritime Provinces 011  uppliciitlnn,
,f. H. CARTKR,.    . K. J. C(|VI.K,
I), f. A., A. S. P.A.,
^lelww. •V.im-niivctt ■
A foolUill game hits hecii uiiaiig-
cd to tm played hy n tunm of thu
ImisIiidns men of tlm town 'ngnfiist (1
loiiil'inntiuii itiiin iiindi' up Irom tlu
two tenuis Irom the Central nud
I'oyul lintels, to hv plnyed oil the
leeienlloii   giouuds    tomoiiow fcveii-
The first gill ne hetweell l-'eiulc nnd
Coul Creek for the I'm t Steele llicw*
iiryi Co.'s cup will \k pli'iyed on llie
1 iicii'iilion grounds lurv next Suliir*
day eveiiing*. The Kernie Jtoyn hnve
lieen strengthening their Until, nud
expect to give the champions n good
Innd lij-Iil,
A. J, Murlln, Crnnlirook; V. Hi.
Koreum,' Whilefish; .Porter Saiidels,
Conl Crceki 0. W, Aiidet'son, Ponokn;
J. T„ Met'.uirc, Rlratheoiin; T, Collier, Kulispol; Andrew Ilnsketl, I'Mnl-
hend; Ornnt, Downing nud wife, Kiko; N..K. Ilioley, Hosmer; A'. C.
Vickery, l-Jlko; John Woods, City; li.
Kuistoii, West Kernie; I'riutk* MinUo,
Doer; A, Y. .L.indsuy, Kurekn; l„ II.
Ilrndhnni, tturekn; A, 1', \Vii)kur,
City; l»ai Miller, City.
A hotel that fiiinlshcs quiet com-
modioiis ncroiiimodiilioiiH for its pillions is n souri-R of plcnsiiio lo the
trAVl'lling piihlic. SiK'li n one Is the
King I'Jdwftid hotel of .'"crnlc, 'corner opposite post ollice.
Minimi's I,iniiiii'iit cures cold, etc,
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Here you'll find everything thc
RcnNoii nffonls In lino coiiditloiu
COMK      IN ANI)       SI?K.     .
J* R. iVfcEwinK
I10XING G 1.0vits
Fire Works
Souvenir Cone-.
-•--Palace Drug Store
H. P. McLcnn, Mvi*.
Kootenay Cigar Co,
s=rr Nelson, Bt c.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     -     -•.    -     Fernie, B,C
The iooynrddii-.il for the ilinmp*
loiiship of Miiiiitoliu, wus won hy
Mitchell, of Kuril..!, in Winnipeg Tucs*
dny; lime 103.3 hccoikIh. Mitchell is
the liitin whom Hurry S'aviti, a former Miicleod num, Iwit nl I'ernie
uliout tlitt'C yctim ngo.—Miiuitolm
Krec I'rfn. '
MiUlii-ir« U'H muit lmve tyrown
inpidly (iuun at Vost Alt lior. He
ro-ild run I'vt ynrds in les* thnn 15
second* -Alien   he   lived in Krrnic
Miiitlid n
I.iniuieni  mrr*  f»rgn  m
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.   Hosorve Fund, St.bOO.OOO
1 i,
R. K. WALKER, General Manager      '        ALEX. LAIRD, Ant. Gen'l M*n»g«f
Businesfl may bo transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank. Aooounts may bo oponcd, and dopo»ita
mod* or withdrawn by mail, Every attention i* paid
to oat-of-town accounts.
ftanile Uraiii'li il. U,  HoH,  Miiniitfer
^ We list below a few things you all heed
«• this weather-—come and see our assortment.  .
I Garden Hose, Hose Nozzles, Lawn
I Mowers, Grass Clippers, Sickles, Ice
I Cream Freezers, Refrigerators, Screen
I Doors mid Windows.
I       We have a nice assortment of these goods at most reaseiaUe pices
i^<t*4N^^*^yf,^(*44^<^^v^<^^      ^*^f>**J><^'Jt<^^i|)^
'.i'i ■ ui' i*,*v ji.
«*>♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
Always   the   Lowest!!!
TIiIh week you wnii^ to Hen the Unci of Hoalery for M«iw"
Woimon mul Ohllilrcn.  Hpcdnl HnrfrnlnN In tlieno Ooods.
ninitfp ScIh, Slick 1'lnn, Fmicv Jewelry, WrIcIich, CIocIch, Ku**ort Ac.
Genuine 'I'urUUli Tuhmrco nnd CIgarollei,
Opposite llu* Colic Ovens        —        Baker Avenue       —•       Fernl* x*
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
■ 1 lu iu "■— ■,-.—r * ■■::.-..-■ r..-st-.'.TTTT                       M .gasai
. -
 "•  ........   *> .11
Vie htkve reecivcA anil pttmtA intp
slort;1  A TOV W KDOTH'RAB la
Mctt'»i   * Womenn     and   C|illilr*n*
Dux Calf, l.ficcd nitil ConWr*** irom
hfrn' (0   tSMt; Ili-Mr-i* Pit flbtto
from Sir Ao to S^na.   ;           V
W, R, McDougall


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