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The Fernie Ledger 1906-05-09

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 tr... k.:.
-J. -';■--*-,> --
'' r"-v* f ^ "r*^
_    ^'^-r^ -Number 40. :
,=,-—^^^ .'      .■*■■■     --d^^A:^^^A'A.7t^A:'.A.FERNIE.  ^Tc^I^^
;.--"*- .,.*". «,- . - ^*      ^r*   *- JL- -.       .  mm.r       ,       ..-..  i cicase  alone   almost cverv  line.  Mi*-.-   :,„,.,•    .J  4...1 V!,,...;,7.
Interesting IteiW ;About;People«A AVeek^s
Rourid-Mp: of Local Happenings:?
.*' -
. ;,U'
' >'
';ii"! '.H1?-:0''^-'yc!,tc«,ay
i   iH* *T., Galbrailli* of Fort"'   Steele
«as in tin: city Saturday. ,-   A* -
"i ! ■:,y;, '       '  ''•——     ,      '**    " "' ■
Wiii: Colpman' of IMhbrhlge," was a
Kniicvisiloi   Friday."•      *      -A     '
Dig UemfcoiiiUry, and they ttl
lug for profitable in vestments.
Mr.   B
■a lhe, annua] district conference or
the Methodist cliurch* in this district
vas-Jielu in Ciaubrook;-on Tuesday
of last week..
-. There wesa present, HCv. JohnKol)-
.scii, 1,; A., of Fernie, chairman, who"
presided. Kev.* C 11. 13. Kinney, of
Michel, V. I'.-lCwing of Coal Creek,
«.-\aiu-i\ of Kimberley, arid 1). uJM.
Perlcy, IS. A.;-of Moyie. 7 ■"'
- .T. F,, Withes, of Fernie,' W. '1*.
Kcid and Dr.- Coiinelb*,- were .the law
-representatives. present.
This meeting is lie d preparatory lii
conference' which ■ assembles   in ^Victoria  this  week.
«The various reports were encourag-
"ihx'Su ^.'lv-tK' c- of-Ve,so»:™
-.      in Illicit/,  lifiday  on   legal   business.
^^10,.U,.ul''1:.    Prov'iiici'ai  constable
- at Aloyie, is 111  the city.     ... ,
Mrs.     .l.ir..O'.Veil, superintendent
ot    tne C.reat Northern, wus in '   the
^    .   citytiii.s,niorniiij>., .       ,
. .'C.J^lViigglesworili,  has been elect-
■  od to .succeed J.  C.  Hutchinson     as
.school utrustee...'*,. *        • '
Mrs.  F.
. A. Watson is visiting.   - n\,
. A "lft'I"!or.c tl,is week, tj.e guest of Mrs
.l.Jl. Drieker.       , ,,
r      Air. and Mrs Andrew " LaPdlaV, ■   of
.Spokane, were regiseercd  at   the  Wal-
•'■'dorf*'Saturday.■"*"'*'   »    -■--•->"        . %.
F.   Lynch, chairman   of the
Hiimitle of the Western Can.
ad an   Immigration' association,   wa*
m Tuesday's election in St. Paul   Mr    H"- *»**. *%mrt*Sb. itt ^**.
Unci was nn   active  campaign er  Ir    W     £> *rHl£>
^"^^'^'cfct which .almost ■ ^" ■ WC
•swept the cily. A curious feature*, of
lie nth-ward campaign was that Mr
Lynch -wan oppOSeii<*v Mr. Todd, also
^elvinterested in Weesten. ' fi£
Riln. being president of the Urltish-A-ii
cnean Coal Co.. Mr. LjncliAs sccie!
l-arvofthehlk r^uinlwr company and
is well known i„ Feinie. Ill*-inauv
friends w;.ll le pleased lo hear of his
elect Kill1. , ;
cicase along almost every line. Mis
sionary givings arc largely in ,7 advance' of other years and the mc'ir&tr-
bliip."has also largely,-increased, The
church property • has lieeh improved
during the year and the district. is
ui a nourishing condition.-'" -..* '
Tuesday evening a , public meeting
was held when addresses" Avtrc given
hv lier. J.; Robson**13. A.,',of Fernie and Mcv.'G.' R. H.-Kinney,, 13. A
ol Michel.
business to Aiidiow-'Hamilton, 7 who"
will contiouc rthe business at'the old
-stand next loathe vKing Edward hotel
Mr. Hamilton* has been "with* the-retiring Hun for .three'-)cars as foreman
of - the plumbing aud .tinsnijthing de-
■DavliiK-nt and is thoroughly familiar
with thu business and will receive iiis
sdiare of the business in  his line.
 i_^_     Price ^j^ayear in Advance
Uen:« Carefully   Selected Jrom   Exchange
! Special Correspondents
s and Furnished by
. , .,,[.;, I"'-.-:-.'   it'- -'   '-'
V, irc<l  Nel-S',u  wishes  to  thank
.„. - .  .j|Ji» friend!) for their kindness and sym
-.«•■       -,i ■ , ■• .'7    i E mitliy diirini* his  recent  : jiicss   al<^i
.'lm smithing   and   Plumbing business [ Doctor Corson and, nUcJ! for. t£
~   I
Changes -Hands.-
Messrs.   .Sheppard'-&   Klliott   hav.
I attention.
t    May's,   1906.
llliAIliMOKl-;.       ...  ,.
I'Vom the Times—     * .
M.-Kiiha, a miiier at the I.ui.dbevg
a gas e.\plosion on  Monday.
i„ ,,.C0.. W: K.crr' liltc »f the Rossland
ic   I',   Hums   Co.,is   iio-v
»«• charge    here   *of   that   eonipa^'s
branch ol th
rs-V VlA a"'1,ar,>.*"- •'• K- * Lawry  a
|-'yanebuver and are .expected to
^v--.v*!,^,li.'!--*?"t-'1Ilc  '{ilii-     *'■
\.i*Wi'*y„V:*r ' £' vi£r   „ 'A ." ^    " „'       -"* > •■
..   rllA3-10,"1*'**. Iias'rcsignecl the' position
tiLsetretury    of the Klk  Miver   Club..
•   Mr.-.1.,Mitchell  is the new secretary.
"-.. Y-' -W-^Nunn left  for Victoria- last
■~ li-glit -v-.a.  the «reat Northern  where
'"he" will   attend   the  Methodist      con-
ftrence.-j. ,-      -s
y-'y^'1.1- 1Jo«ltoiiV secretary of the l<er-
i*!.,!,(:."?'um,l!Si'conij)ai!y,,   returned -; this
4;».-.'H-*l,.>,,'{',fr<","  ti  short  business•> "trip
0 -^lo-jSpokaiie.        - ,.«   '<>
R.   £5.     McKibliciV,   travelling ageat
,f of the Canadian' General  IJIectric Co.,
-  wm lloiiig' business in   this   city M011I
.-a' qay.*> ■*   -    i
•B.   Xt     *--     !.'   ■"■4 *  ■- n
Mr. and Mis. Klauer relumed'from
Spokane Friday, morning   arid '   have
-taken up llieir residenc(r-qii llaker. avv
. . Ciillc.   ■ —  , .'' '■     -"'*    r—^f5—s=4**=4*—
A.Little llaseball.—Football Schedule
for Season—Notes 'of. Game ..'
7*'T;jI.'*M."]3urritl     of-    Vancouver,  the
(-popular represoiitative of the Corlicel-
" 7ji Silk   toinpaiiy, spent u lew   • days
,'   in the cily   hist  week. '
Rev.' John Robson, ^ left      Monday
evening via'the Groj}kNorthern,)to.Jal-.
tend- the Methodist.- conference   * which
, will be held at -Victoria   this   week.
, \V. S.  Keay, collector,of customs,
„  haSjinovedvliis ^illice lo the I„  T. W.
Mock,, and is now toiiifoitivbly settled
in his new jquarlei.s.
- -.Rev. II. G. - Cook,   of' Kiislo,  '.occupied the pulpit ol7 Christ clul rch  last,
oSmiday'   Venerable Archdeacon     Heer
Twill allicinte next Sunday. .
II. li.  rrttnk," a wu'iillliv Iniiicowiier
•f of.Hiitte,   nnd .who lias   large - interests in coal properties nt Frank, Al-
,:ta., was ie'gi(ite.ied, at the Wnldorf nn
Thursday,  ;'. ...
"*- W. Vt. Miller, freight 'ami-passenger
'«"age t ol the Cliicngo, Milwaukee .Sr
St. Paul; railwnv; with licad<niartcrs
|at Spokane, spent a few days in the
city last week. ,
< The Di-niiii'io-i Kxpross compnnv the
other duy shipped 311,000 in Aineri-
.I'liu Hilvei out ol Canada, this amount
having been ci.llcctctl by the banks ou
,itccouht of llie Dominion .government.
" At a meeting ol the Athletic association held on Monday evening il
was decided not to have any sports
, on^thu^lli.,. It in iniileislood thai
thin"u'eliiih wus taken ht "view, of tlm
Olherk 7aUi'Aclion ulamly mlvvrristd
for that, ddy. ■
-Fiiid Kiikpatilek, who has been «,n
tlio ledger stall for the post year
litis accepted a position with the Green
Wood Lodge, ol Greenwood, 11. C, uud
loll lor linn place Salurilny evening
via the Gnat Nm thern, <>
'ill, W, ^IcDonalii, uf Winnipeg, is
llio new iniiiiiigi'i- iif.U. \V; Megaw's,
in pliu'e ol A. A Ui iniin, who ii.is
rcsigiuil. Ml, Ueiiuii! will In lie n
trip hhortly to l'l'iiueton, when' lie
hns iiiti-r.'HtH, It Is undcmloos Mis
Utiiiiit- mid family will speiul llie
Nliniini'i'* In tliu i-ilv—Vel lion News,
Vrfliik.DeWMr uinie up from Colo*
Ilnin Miimhiymul Ims uciypti'il 11 po*i*
Itlon at tlii>',l'cink-lioU-l. Mr. lh-w.ir
wns lotiiuily 011 lIip C, P.-U Hinll
lit l'Vinie and Imn niitiiy frleinlH here
who uie pleased (11 lieu his siillllug
ciiuiiti'iiiiiiai ngnlii,
'       'llu- Apiiotil In Pennon   n «ifi(<lnll«-l
wetklv lias U'vtf htixrvii from the Cun-'
luliiiii iii.u/.'., uml lruiiv  i.il.ui ami 1,0
liiittfX orgiiul/nlioiiN   iire Minliug |.i-
tltlons toOtlnwa pr.lrstlng nguiimt
Iho action of tin*  poslninsU-r ginernl*
Word Imn been retvlvdl from Craut
Downing viiu is wi smiii Vnimiwo,
Nliitmg lhat IiIk pei'plu ore nil well
nnd istii)K.il iniiny from thu enrlh-
(pinkf, hut that their home was i.«-
Ktroyed by   lhe (Ire which follow.-d.
At a nr*eeUng pi Knox church Iicl.l
In-ifWeilii-AulAv nlj{lit fl wns tin.'inl-
mot»»ly d«I.Uil to call Uev. Hugh U.
t.r«iit.?rtf'--Ki-Mltml. Mr, Oinnt Is will
known all a Inn*? Hie l»us», having ]«>en
Ir-tatcil at l-iiuhor nvek (nr mine
V. A, MitrKhall, of the .Vanrouvrr ol
fitcol   tlio Cannilian (Wm-ral Klectrie
Company,     and '.lie CniiBila Foiimlrv
idiiipAny, Wiih liMivking  nfterilmsmrM
fri Fernie tlie first ol Uic week.
J^wii, C. Weik, |mbli*-lier of       the
■ FOOT13AI.L AT Fl^K-NIK1     '''
. 'A ''•'"■{'-''and.ciilliuslaslie crowd was
present at the re'i-ua'lioii grounds"Sat
urday evening to witness ' the *'lir-,1
league, match in' the schedule ol
Uie Crow's* Xesl Pass Association
I'ootball league, between the Coal
Creek and Kernie teams, The game
was called at* b:?,o and thc ball was
'kicu-il ofi by ^lr. G..G.-S.  I.indsev.
A close.v contested match ' followed
anilresiiiied-in a score of 2 to o ■„
favor  of   Coal   Cri.ek.
Theline-up   of  the  two  ic.mis    \< a„
as  ioiiows:: -   i
Coal  Creek-    '     A     ,
' ttoal-Mc.Veish.        ' '  .,;
)lack.s--H. Allen, W.'Fa'gan, ]*>. Gory^ Heals,  Linton.    "-.<
J-'or«ards—■Atllam,'   V.   Ifuglics    T
Jlanns  ,1'iiiloii,  Callagan.   =      ' '
Fernie— .' '   «    " .
Goal     Thacker.
Baeks-A.'" CaiLlidge,   A.    Morris,
_.L^Mari.,_ I I I.m,!.,,•..„„ t «- _..= _i.j_
 — -      r='—' vii-.,,,,,-., \^*4ri It-hTT-
l-or\vatds~]).JCliiItoii; M. Diet-, T'
Stewart, .1, McCulloufeh, W. Stub-
High  JiYfiks Arranged    For  July   Third
arid Fourth
T\    'V '\
, ■<Ferule Aerie Xo^fii, Fraternal Order 01 liagles;- have "decided lo hold
a grand celebration in.Fernie on July
3 and ,.'. The ICaglts of Washington,
Idaho, Montana,- Albena and Uritish
toluiiLbi;-. are .'invited to attend, and
it 1*. .intended', that; tliis eelelnation
w'ill"be-one of the greatest things
that 'has ever happened iu lCagledom
J he' local lodg,.. 0f ICagles are spar-"
■ng no Expense to makclhis "gather-
mg.ol Kagles a"--and.success." The
event, is being extensively advertised
and :i good, old tin'ie celebration '<>-•
«omg   to   be" the- result.
Tiie celcbiatiou will be a great advertisement for, Fernie and it is up tu
llie people >of.\Fcrnic to push, the good
thing along.
The foi owing eirruhir has been  :s*
sued, to   Kagles   in   Montana,   Idaho,
Washington,- Alberta and British Columbia:     - -      .".  *
Dear Sirs and Ilrotlieis: '
At a' meeting' of Feniie Aerie, Ko.
•v..*, on April a."*. 1906 It was'decided to hold a grand ccldbralion in lion
or of the Fraltrnal Order of Kagles,
611 -.Tuly   -J," and  4",  1906. '
Wccxtcndlo yoii a hearty invitation
#*•"     -
to be present with us on those davs
and help us. to celebrate tne occasion
111 tlie native haunts of- the ','big
bird, up here on the summit of th.^
Wuh your cooperation wc can
make this celebration one of. thc biggest boosts lor Eagledom that has
ever/ occurred . in the west and we
hope that you will join hands with
us to bring such a result about. Circulars and pamphlets will lie mailed
ymi later
Kindly let us hear from you s<s
soon * as possib'c.
II. L.'Frank, president of the. Caii-
WAinerican    coal.,   .company   of
lass lookm-r over his extensive bus=-
ness  interests  in  Uti, section    '•
Mrs. A. G. Trclle left last evenin-r
At hdmouton to attend the " "k
hM oi her daughtei lionise, ' X
utile utlciidHig.sehool there conlract
c« a mild, form of diphtheria
I-'i-om  thi Leader— '
IVter.C01riga.1n and Tin, K„ra.|,
arc  leaving  today  for  Cobalt.
"Mie'-s payroll fix>in the St ]>'„.
Kcnc amounts to $1000. a dav' ' Vn
wonder that business is brisk ii, m'.m*
Hugh  Cameron  left  toduv  K.r \*.,.
naimo where .he' goes as repHM-nta-
ive of the Movie lodge ICi^ts ol
Vthias  at   the  annual  con v.,, ion  ()f
uni order. -
On Tuesday morning''ai
weildiag of tw() *       -*- ,u
attended  by.,
Miss   v'.iiii  r)Utlc was< «"•■'»«>«
bv   I'    u*    ,Kcmit'V   and,,the   g
'>y ,„.■*-.   Ward,      Aft....   11.
1....1  .   • '      "iiei    the- cerni
at St. Marv's.
A very  sad   death
Mrs.  Irwin,  wife 01
of th
was that     of
■    f     "   .-".ill."!' 4;  illlll    im;   iiiu-.s     f\-t   -\       .7*.- ■*      y~i 4 ■       ■        , .    .-- ,- , ,
*miSS tZS&tteSi Q1(l •rOal-.Cr-eek Hotel Destroyetl" by Fire on Sundav
the olhcial ,pr< gramme for      , the* -: •   i^;!^-<"'/■„ ,   y    * • 7 ,,- *  V       „    .  /   '   -   ,     ,^'u*.1    ^""--10^
S^SS!r:\  Y ; :;;'.':-^VB'nitt&v''V-^ii&I^t "Licensed Hotel in Ferriie    V
.. nl
'lhe sotsuii's schedu e nnd the rules
May 5—Micliel v.<i, Fnuik tit Frnnk.
Mav   12—Michel  vs.  Feinie al  Fernie.
Mav  19—Michel vs. "Coal  Creek at
Ceiil Crej-k. ',
June 9—Michel vs. Coleman nt Cole
num. -
June ih—Michel vs. Fernie at Feinie. «.
July •/. -Michel vs. Colemnn nt Michel. -
- July -Ji-Michel vs.  Coal Creek -<t
July' aS.-Mlchel vs. Frnnk al l.li-
Coleir.uii Fixtures.-. •
Mav  12—Coleinan   vs,
Krank.   .
May,, 26—Colem'aii   vs
Coleman. ,
June -J—Colvtuaii vs.  Coal
at" Colemnn.
.(nnu >}— Coltniaii vs.  Michel        ai
.1 iilw 16—Coleniuu vs. Frank     ■ nt
Coleman, ''    '
.liim! 30.—Coleman vs. Coal Creek
at Coal Creek.
-Inly ;-Coleinan vs. Michel at Michel,
July 14—Coleman vs. Feinie
Kuril di,
,Conl Creek Fixtutcs—
-'May 5~Coa   Cieek vs. Kernie
May iv—Coul Creak  vn. Michel nt
Coal Ciwk.
June 3-*Coal Cieok vs, Coleinan ut
June 23-rCoul Creek vs. Frank iit
C nal Civuk,
Juiii!  30-Coul  Creek  vs.   Coleiiiuu
ut * Coal Creek.
July '/--Coal Creek vh. l'Vinie     nl
Coal  Creek,
July H-Coal Creek vs.     Prank al
.Iuiv 31-Coal  Civek vs.  niii-licl  .it
Michi I,   -
Kernie KixlurcH-
Mav .s-l-Vriilu vs. Coal Creek     nl
May  13-1'Vi-iile vs.  Miihul  al Micliel.
M.iy.3.'.-Keiniu vs. Coluuim at Coh.
m .limp 3-Kcinli. vs. l.'rimk m  Fmnlt
iTtnii? l<.-.-Keru||. v«. Micliel nt  i\r.
11 Ic.
Krom  the I'rospcctor—
T. M. Roberts leaves today for
Nanaimo to attend a i,ieelinK ,f the
Kranil lodge of the. KnightsVf il-
thias-at  th.it place.    ,
W. J. Gospel, inspector of provincial agencies, was iu Cranbrook VV,1-
M«»«lay inspecting the government uf.
■ce. Ic- le ft on Thursday for Fernie
to make the necessarv arrangt-ineiil;,
lor the opening of a governim-nl of-*
fire there. T. If, MeMullin jlns ,)CVn
•ui.niiiteti goveriniK-ni agent and colli clot* of taxes. ' -   *
1'U'e on Sunday evening destroyed
another old landmark and a lew chaired logs is .ill mat now remainso.-
tliy -Coal Cite* hotel, the lirst licensed Iiuum*   ,n   i,'u,.,iiU)   mK,   whidl   wtui
.well-known during 'construction days-
as the jilaca that proved a mint for
it.""  owneis;
liecenliy the building, a two story
)g. house,, has been occupied by several iuiiulies of jJelgian miners, nnd
on .Sunday evening about a (io/.en
small children Iuul been locked iu the
house .while the parenls were attend-'
iHj-ra hccrfcMt iu the neighborhood.
I - is siiipnosetl that the voiingslers
sturled lhe fire. The alarm "was turned in* about six o'clock. The fire brig
iwlu were . on ■ the scene' in a very
short time, and did excellent worl-
confining the Jinnies ,10 the building
m which it ntiirtccl nud a couple of
small .shacks .adjoining, Nothing wns
saved from the old building, but ev-
orylhlng was removed from the ad*
loiiiiug  cottages,
Assistant Fire Chief Jialilrv nm| tht.
inenibi-i-s of tne brigade ftri< deserviii'ir
of "-real crodil, fo-.- the ' niuues were
loughl In a gulo of wind, and for n
tunc thty,.weru hnndieaiined, bv the
luckol suilicient hose, owing to liie
distence, of (he livdnnit from „i!t^
•sci-iie ol the file,
. The old hotel was erected  - by Alex. Stewart 111 itiyS, .some months be
fore lhe, railway  was constructed  into  Feinie,, and    he  had  for  a  long
lime a virtual monopoly of the trade
in boo/crino. At that time there were
no saw mills  here, and  hunl-cr     was
hot)!  scarce  and  expensive,   so   ■ the
walls wero all built ol square hewed
timbers,  and  the  Hour  and  bar fixtures. \\*L.ve     made    ol    split   ccdur.
Kough and course as the place     was
tliose who had a consuming thirst for
the stuil that makes the drunk come
cared not and willingly, passed o.er
tlu-ir, shekels  for  ledeye   in   bunches.
At that time there     were no bunks
here and comparatively little mouev
in ilrculatioii.  Local contractors always paid their workmen on Snliir-
dav  nights,  nud  often  with  a  large
'iiHioimi ol negotialile paper iu  their
l-ossi'ssio'i found it dillicnlt to secure
the e.isli needful lo pay wages,
1   lu  llicsi- cases  lliey ulwuvs turned
.lo Stewart, who cashed llieir paper,
mini llie 111 xt week the operation   was
'ivpenUd, for by that lime the money
fluid found its wav  hack to the tiil
ofihe Coul Creek lioiel. Mrs, Stewart
■..'.is  lhe  treasurer,  mid she used     a
lung slockiiiu- for her bankroll, which
n'le )t|i(   IiMiIcii   in  lier  collage    .id
i'liuini;  lho  hotel.
It is said that Mr and Mrs. Stewart cLaned up' $125,1.00 in less than
ay*.-ar aller tlie Hotel was opened,
when tliey iii.sposed of the small
Klondike. They went east,,. invested
their money in a farm A year or so
later they were both killed 111 au
This hre opens up a whole vista cf
possibilities owing to the, strained relations between llie... people nnd the
iiiuiin-ipaiity and the water company
The lire was outside the city limits,
but the Fernie lire brigade put ' out
tlie lianas and iu doing so laid unholy hands on one of the company's
lire plugs.* -Now the decree has gone
forth that }iin per hour shnll be col-
leetedlor the use of the compauv's
hydrants. WHlUu* city have to dig
»J2 to pay for water used outside the
iity, and used to save buildings cn
Ihe company'-! property? Again are
lho owners of the pro|Mirtv llahk-ifiir
the pay of ihn firemen? While iu the
past the city has liecii looked upon
ns a churiln*b3e institution whenever
the louip.iiiv wauled anything and
nlwnys gave iheerlully, will It now
nay tliefirenien for services rendeivd
outside lhe cily, uud for water us:d
outside the municipality, to save com
nsiiiv property? As soiiie oiie has
suiil. "Ill's is loo ullerly too loo."
July /--Fernie vs.' Cinl  Creek
Coal  Cuek.
July i.|-Ki!i"iiin vs. Coh-iimu ul
..July  91-Kuriliu  vs,   Knuil;,        :n
Flunk KUtuivK—
May ,s--1<'ruilie vs. Mirlu-I al. Krank,
Mnv ia--Kriiiik v.i Cnlemuii „i
Juiii. J-Knuik vs. Kernie at Knuil;
. Juiii! Ifi-Kruiil: vs, Colemun rl
.llum '.w-Knink vn. Coul Crivk nt
Co.»i Civvk.
Jailv M-Krimk vn. Coul Civ..,, al
•Iuiv ji—Krank vs, Kiinie ul Kirnic
July fN.-Ki-iiiil-  vs,   Mh-lii-l  ul   .Mi
Vestry Meeting
V.if™    1  •" "V"-* "U,Ct,,,K °* »■» ««W
1 117 ')' SMh1 •■•"•"■■li.-l'«nifc, wus
held Jiisi. Hiitunlav cvuiIiib uud wus
on iniportiiui om,. The work o| the
church i..r tlm vcur was distribulcd
Iwlwccii a number, of cominHU-i-s im
I.tiwfv, nml K. While. a
.''o.iimitUc .11 IW-iiiiiilicntioti oj
U11111I1 Oroiiiiil»-S|Wiw«Hl Jlirclinur
nm] .1. If. MtMiillin.
llnildiiiff ntmiiiKitc-Mi-uni. Ihtw-
•M'li uml Ohll.iml.
Vhi; ilniiw iif llii-se commimes wci-.,
iliiinililv laid flown.
rhftl-tl, nt the u-strv WW. ru-
Jijifclvil wilh the .h.tv of advising con
frllminri qnarfrrTv at the mule ,.f
linlr nrcouiit. uud lhe Ladli*- cui Id
itviv ratutaUA tn lnofc aflrr llw* jn,,-
itor nud the Iwaiiilficnlion of lhc
i-Iiurtli interior.
Tlu- Hoht-linii of n new iniuml*eut
lo fill lhe place vacated by the vesig-
iwlloii of Wev, .**., U, Tlartlett, wan
deferred, ns it wns ihought list to
filvn ilii*. m*iffi*r d>,.|llKriite and earful coiisidtriitiou in onh-r to obtniu
n llllill liropillv iillulllinl fnr tlu* |ms-
Itfiin and iu the mcnntiine tin- wnr-
di»ns wm- iustriiili-d to lake slips io
invite tltrguiuti fiom ndloliting dr-
t'lntle* to lati! kitvIcck *i<ittnnr.irll-.*
• he I'Xix-nw thereof lo In* ih-lray.-l
Ironi  lli«> ihurili  fundi*.
The rurviu*. of Mr. Wcndlur, cliolr-
tvasUr, wpn* *-on<ndcn*i"l nrii' n vote
of tlHiils Irndcriil lo hiin for hU
vuliinlil sirilr.R in lli/il 101111-i-fion,
llir ii.-iii!..i l-eln-y n f*n.ir.-iiil(t> of g-noil
iiintlf  In tfiift fluinli.
Ciniis Next Saturday—
• I'Vriue v.si rtliihel nt Michel,
, Kfiink \s. Coleiiiuu nt  Krnnk,
•S'oUs «ii S.ilurdii>'s Ciiiim—
Co.il Cnek scored tluir lirsl goal
im 11 penalty kick, J'iiiiiin scoiing llie
se.-iuiil  one,
Co.il Civek hud llio udvuiilugi. in
The li.u-k play on both sides was
SUiu-,111 und lliilins, the ri-speclii-i>
itntlii foiwuids on e.ich tt-ntii were
tliu only lorwuiiN worih miiilinniiig.
riui gale icu-ipls were very sails*
Irn-loi), Coul Cn-i-k bringing their
•iimiiiI crowd ol lulliii-iiasis,
IIIOM; pitMilll   ,it   lho   bnselmll   gnilK
ill Coal Crick Ulwivli the l-Viuie und
C«i:-| Ci.-«k learns Suml.ty uftiruiK,-|,
rcjioit a very inieri-sting game with
a hi'ijii' of 11 lo •' iu favor of Kernie.
If.liri     1'l.lliirt- lilli luil    >i.nr>il      In
nnigs Ji.r I'i-rnii' uiul ilenioiistrau-il
that In; liiious n thing or two about
twirling the ball
Tom Vi'helnn wus nskril a dav or
two ago nU.nl ImkIuiII this xi-iison,
."Don't know nnvtliliig nlmui tt," i,**
ds<.l,u'vil. "1 .uu iiuw l.iihV oigiini/luj
ft i»ii.j* pong eliili.'-
Varrniv.-, rronituv—
Mr. (1. C. IIoil;'i*. dintriit inaii-iger
of I lie Ilrili.sh ColumWn Telephone
tt/mt'uny. Ni!*,i.:i. >.iihi1 vcauhUv on
llw* Ki-ipn-i« nt Vhitta fttr 1fftttr»httnx
011 a -ilei'Miri. trip. NVw-n <vf Uw S*«
Kr.*ii«*i»ro diA.-!*,|i-r etitmA hint In ulinu
d-n lln* idi-a nf vKitintt C.i1(font':i.
Mr*. Ifml^ will hIav with ttitttiU *n
Vi<('ii|n until l«» n-lufti*,
New C,   1».  U.  Su-nmiT Siicccs.Hfully
Lauiicheil ut Nelson,
.Nelson, May 5.—The splendid new
t. »', li, lake sliauicr Kuskanook,
built ul thu loinpuiiy's ship yards
here, wns Micivuhfullv IuiiiiiIii.i| aii.l
christened this afU-illooii in the pres*
eliif iof ,1.Vki iicople. Ait) ,s oycluk
Miss llatel (lore, iliuighler of Capt,
J. l.\ (hire. siiiH-rlnUiuUnt of n,ivi,
J.nl.011 lure, pel[01 imd 1 lie eliristen*
ing ivniiionv. The day was nhscivcd
us a civic hall holidav, uud unim-
iniiisi! crowd turned out,
The steniner is u three decker of
modim t\pi- nnd up lo dnte n-uip-
ineiit. The vckm-I com 5Kfi,ooo au.l
nnolhi-l Slo.coo will hi* mieitl In fnr.
ii's.iing Inr. She uill jilv Is-twcin NVI
■•ll ..li.i lit.iiUti,,, '.ii.i'i.ih. <,h,u i'.i-
111I pridi; is tnkui Iu th,* loiisliuilJou
of so line n boat and In her miwsv
ful launching toduv.
Krom  lhe Herald.— *
# Mrs. A. Leilch and-her neice, Marion,   will  leave   louiorrow  for  point;:
111   Miinilfii.-i     „.,,1   ■■■■•ii   1 , ,	
~— ,,   —*-*-i— -..-...—i«.--.iiiM:iit— iwr
iiionfhs.'   .
;1I. Xalion lefL Mondav for Pon
Simi-soi. where he gov.s -to assist .1
l. Laidlaw in survcvnig this' Miui-
1'ier. Air. Laidlaw has a c< nlniet for
surveying a,bout 30' mineral claims
iu that part of the country.
. A. vy..-K?nton.luU last Tuesday, lo
join his wife iu Ottawa, r,Ir. Fen Ion
has a large ■ number of friends in
Cranbrook who wish him every prosperity hi whalever, he uiiderlakcs in
the east.
T. *.\f. Kohcrts" leaves Saturdav foi
NnnaiiiM- to attend the grand lod"e
o IhcKnighls of l'vlliins" nt thin
Plac* us delegated from Crnnhrook
lodge, Mr. Ilcberl*! will also visit
Viniicoiiver, Victo|iJn| noul pnuMnhlv
Seultle before his return.
Frank Clapp and familv left on
Sunday for Victoria where'ihev will
aside iu the future. Mr. Chip]) hn*
piirchusid a nice home on Deacon hii
in that city for which he pin'd somr
thiujjHke J1000 und in the future In
expel Is lo opera lo on the coasl un-1
has sevei.u ..uiitors Iu viiw for .th'1
N. Hansen, of Wasu, returned today from Spokane, where hu wi-nl
to puri-luiM- an nutouiohih-. He gol
one of (jo horse potter and il is 01.
"he wav lure bv way of Kulispel,
lieing iu charge ol a nun secured ii*
Srokiiiw by'Mr Ifanseii, The nui.-
cliiue wl.l Ih: used to carry people be
tw'i'ii Cinnliroiik and Mr. Hansen'!-
liniulsiimi' new hotel nl Wnsn, am'
fl 0111 now 011 lhe eaviises of • liis .see
tlons will have ull kinds of fun whet
pmwd   by this uiiu-liiuc.
:iv7 ;;• ;t c:
Ijlon. 0,1 Sunda-i lan't. iir.*. lrwi» £
•■'.-•I'ld his .wile, uho |..,d ,)C' , t - .
■HV ....rsing him, contracted the   lis-
oase.^aml  in  her weakened conlitXu
succuinbeil  after a  fCw  ,,avs'    H„e'ss
lhe funeral  took place here on Tiles'
A.u,  lieing conducted  by  Wev    J    s
Uin-crs. The pall bearers were SuJri
I" endent   l»ri,„rrW.   Macleod;   S   *r
■ntcnclcnt Wilson, Lethbridge-    „     .".
>.-r Stearns, Macleod; Inspector C   , *
es and Me«Sr«   raUt.rso„ „„;, c   ^
fel    ™£' Wh° ]Klon: ]m' ,"asri*«Ke
iwd 111 StoncwjII. Man., her maiden
»«na Icing Miss lector   leaves     n"
-?»••.   as   well   ns   her      husband,   to
•noiiiii her, sudden and sad demise.
Sad Death
At Tatar
Last Jncsday the litll« 12 war old
old son olLiiKc Keaisk-ck, ,..[ Tabor
•"«* his ,K*ai|, sml.luily. whii, ndin..
on a water sled'diawn by afrnclious
horse. he little fellow, was ho <C
«» iraa stake jn hfs hand and when
the sled, overtuincd U,c blunt end
of the iron pin was thrust deep into
»« Mde Thu.hnvB lived but a * f,-w
-lionrs, J he leiuains were inierred 111
lhe new cemetery ut Tabor.
Krom ihe Krnnk I'aper-*
II   L. Krnnk. i-resident  of tin-
c.'iinpnuy, 111 rived iu  Knmk by
duv's liiiiii  fiom Monliiuu.
The minis weie elomd down sever*
a1 days this w*:ek 110 cats lH-inf
IVIer I'lillersoii, nut.iou.'il l.o.inl
iiiciulrir ami J. K, llalviu, dl-itiu'
IkmiiI iMinhvr ,ol ihe V, M, W, o.
•V., weie visitors to Kii'iik diil'ilig llu
W. II. S, Cillhil and wife, ol Mor
ti.sM-y, vihitt.il this uiVk wilh Mr.
uud Mis. Collins, ol the Mill-is' Iln.
lei, 'ihey ex|s-tl to locate ill  Kraul,
.1. T. Disliop, llm.y J'lil.u;; nml
lilaihioii.j Ih-lhliaw inndi: llm       Hi*.
to  ll:-? nip of Tiiilh   M iluiu Snn
duv ami ol.iaiiu-il mi'iii. liln. |ili(*-.i
graphs. Tlu-v fouud no iliuimc bt "lu-
loiiililtnu n| the top ol thi* iiimi'i
l'l oni the Ili-rald—
J.   K.   PulliK-k,  AlMrlicaii  .niisiil ul
special IVlccting
of City Council
< * .  *
A ^Hri.il muling ol iho city conn*   ing a J,v*.,iu to piovi.l.- for tl
• il w.i;.   htM  MotuLie  Hiiiiug.  I'nu-
ilit. lhe mayor, ami Aldermen {.mi,,
Milnlvre, I Ink mul llipgn.
A imition Mttud hv \\. M. Camp*
,l,iII e,ml u mlms. n-j|i-.«!itiii{c thut a
Milewulk  Iii-Imw  Iw Benin milmiitted
lo th.> ratipAvttn, wa* prevented and
Aid, piuil rs\v noiic* of hU in.
trillion tr. iutrndikf a sidewalk hv*
law at the iK-tt iiiw-tinx of Ihe <oun-
AM, It ck five ihttfrr nt Introdn**-
:e -it.-
lo.nttmut ot a rituiiiin-. ..ilu.t, imt
fi«in*» d.ile, tint.' anil (iluu- „| fitkiiiif
the vuU- on lln   viitvulw X,\ l.m
I.. Y. HeLstein's iiiuiimi i,( Si.*7.*)\
ioM» in cnin-. 111.11 «nli M> fritn
V«.   Cilv   nl   Ft rice,   «a»   j.,,'.*,!   l„f
'tbe cit-f tlrfk itrtoMei'l th.lt Bo de-
finite answer l.^i! 1*^n mtivul from
Snnirii It Cn , 1 e.„'.iidim' 1 hi- m-m.t
rir.rntnrr-.. 1 wut Act ith,X to h-ur
Xhe tnAffer w»n nntil th,* r.-Mifir
tntetiai; nt-M Tliiu^.l.iv,
To the JCditcji—Tlie day of the San
t-raiieisco lauhipi.ike, Kiclimoml \\.
freeman, the 15-yenr old son of lhe*
Jdi lor 01 the Northwest Farm and
liouie, North Vakiina, Wash, ran
<iway Irom home ami has not k-eu
Men siiu-e. lie has brown hair, blue
• yes, wore blue overalls grey jack t
Hid black lli.nuei .shut,- soil black
.".-'I int. All last year he wus an iu-
.ulid Irom ilieiimalisiii and nervous
.iiostr.ilion brought oil by cigarette
.inokiiig nud other- iiiipiudi-nces. Au
-iged and. griel .stricken -lather appeals
-o llie press 10 publish ihis notice in
Uie hope thai it mny lend the bov to
voluntarily return, l( he does' not do
«i there is still hope left, and that
■•* that the oiliccrs of the law will
iircst and hold him, and ■ telegraph
liis father aud leceive the reward lor
so  doing.
In lhe nervous condition of the bov
hit. naturally bright mind is nol normal and.he is not responsible for
what he does. What the parent desires la do is to wive hiin from a
ore of degeneracy nud crime, " The
lathi rof the buy lias built up an es-
.-elleul book an.I job printing busi-
'less and I1.11I lir.|H-.T lh„t he could
deed il along wilh the buildings, lots
i.ifiihliiiiy ..aiid business to his son.
He. is a piiiilual piinler. .
...     Yours fialeinullv,
I'.diti.r Norihwi-M     I'min nud IIoiik*,
Ninth Yakima. Wash,
Will ull   m-wspiiiii'i-N of WiisliiiuMoii
'"tegoii, Miiho mul llriiish Columbia,
iliiise   iiiibllsh.
North Yakimn. Wash, Apiil ofl,
"..iiiinuur, Al.M-S--'llie end has
4 .im 10 liu 'niii. tiiioug anil .1pp.1t*
.lit ii'-iithv ni tile Cat1.11l1.111 Niii I Ii.-iii
r..tlu'.»y r4-«.j*-*|,iiig tl.i ti'iiVtnttiimi
ol (he 10.11! lln.iii,.|i lliilij.li Coliiinbiii
li, the co.ml. Aiilhuiii.ithi- iiiU'icm
:i..ii|| il ihe nl\* luil.iv iii.u ihe tfj/n-
'iiit- i. orgiiiii/ini' piitiis wilh the
ol.jti' if li.e.iiiuc iln: line this mim*
itn-r let ween ihe summit o[ the ICock-
'. s 1.11.'* ilu- 10.1st. M.inv of the 111-
■ iiti's h.ive ,ilie.,dv Ik.11  Keleeled.
S.i'iv v.ill le m.uti l,(,ih \,\ ib,*
Villow h.-ad nnd IVme liwr pa-,*,--!.
rii.'-' in. am .1 Hulv iau I«.iu...n tl.»-
I'.'iiadinn "Nnrihnii uml uie i.i-.'ii.:
T:m< I'acifie to j-el the liint um-,-
'•itn giving cnoiiin.ii'. uAvai ..... •• «
lhe. ,-Aiit- of graditiits, ,-te, \\nei..<wr
line lih-t phi 11 *, fifst  ,n  dtlawii wilt
tint  iln* ihuitv of luiilts,
Tlit- Ciin.ofb.it Vnrf fn rn »lrrv-iiY'ir-i
w'll nmnwme tluir •■■» * in U,||,
Phn*er sn Or.-rnl Tnult I'lt'i.* ...r-
ii.*» nre nlrendv in vHi I,if Vn'i.v,
!.-"  thi<L   dlf,ftl/n*
The engiiTttf* mill .mtf.t n| TM-
mon (on.. V     -   ,    - .J,       * - .    •  4*.' -*      -   ,-
.-■' ■* •Vi-"?-*--'"; -i*J#-■-■■-■•>*-*.-..,.i;>a,i:;,».-*>;> ■.*>•>:-=;. >• ' ■,-"-<'ir~.r,;"--'i. -tk---**''"-„.-i-*-..--~-.-■-.7'-■ '    -    -•'••----     '.''.'■,
; ,_ .i-f--*::-:"   ry^i^T^-'^'i'^ ^^^v .-■'.   -V>---.!'-7-/"::';,rft*1H7-:A" ,--V'--^;-.-*'!■ A-7-    -."       , -'-.-;--■-<
THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, 33. C.  MA   Y   9, 1906
="x.&iif   **.'' \iy -id 'r*^f
-4 : -V   .-SWA A
Officials ol Xlaniifacturers' Life Fbrni  vSub-eompariy: and: Borrow  to
■-...-...A- ."A-    Spcculate-Loan«2«),000 tpThemselvcs
■■---■."      ,. ' '       r~i      l ^ -*- ■ '-;•    .   i      ,-)" f   \   \    *•-•   -    .,.-,
1 Are ¥6*4 Reading    1
_ 4-y - tt
ircctors   are   (piitc   within   the
Tlu  company  takes', ihel positio n  that  all' iiivtsliueiits even'in Hriti sii consols are'speculative aiid that  the   di
aw in "going inio.Txy'n Cities, Ho minion Conl nn.l Steel and-other R.nch. ,., " .
.?.'        '■"■.'        .     - ' ,        '' ."   ,, 7   -  A f
Toriiuto, May iy-Hvidc'nee late this
u:U-iuoou went lo show that the i i-
rectorate of lher Mainifii.-. l.-.-i'' L'k
iormed a sub-company to deal in i>n-
.iiitliorir-ed.     scenriiies   with   ?*!f-o,ooo ) Mr,. Junkin  and  Col.   I'cllatl?
"When . We could not pay for the i.u o|i|ioiiiinitv of asking these <-ucs-
Sleel wc cave 400 shares ol Coiuuivr-' lion;. 1 am ivpicsoiiliiig Mr. 'l'ellatt.
eial Cable  to get  it."     - | He hns done wrong in the way;'tliS's-
'When  you say  'we'  do you mean
ul   the   company's   funds.
This nlternoi.n J. K. Junkin told
how he ftml 11'.' M. ,1'eShitl purchased
100:1 f hares'or Doiiiiniiin Coal in i')02
in which tliei-e was a lin a I loss of
■JSo.ouo thrniigh depiecialion of f lhe
shales. . "j
Tiie, pin chase .was made without
eon'sulling the other directors or jthe
linauic   fouimil'ice.   !
Col. IVilait, said the witness, I initialed, the piircliases. Tlie latter had
laive   h.oldiugs   in   hatha companleji.  ,
■ 'Ilypo'lheculcd   l'urcliase—   * 1
Tiirning to Use deparlmeiilal Tiles
for eorrenpondeiiee, Mr. Sheply read
s report to lhe cilcci that among the
mortgages w.is one obtained through
Col. , l'ellatt for-Sjol ,ik)»- It appeared that the companv purchased mOoo
.shares of C. I'. It. in installments,
aiid-on tlie,last call Col. Pcllult hiid
I14.cn uuaiilc lo deliver, as the stock
was   hvpoiliocited.    , '      |
• "Is   that   correct?,"   asked "Air.
Sheplv. ,'"  ■        '    " t.
'.'Not  quite,"   returned Mr.  .Tunkin.
Mr. .Tunkin explained that Col. 1'ijl-
1,'iLt, as the chiiirmiin of the finiinie
comniiilce, had often*.-referred -,to ljo
minion Steel as a prolitablc invest -
iinnt. . in answer lo Mr, Sheplev.'s
questions, he- admitted that' it wiis
not a dividend paving slock, and lie
w.is not authorized lo deal in it.      j
"Was Col.  Pellatt  largelv in il?"j
, '*I,;'can't  sav'lari'elv.      I   know ,lie
^iv'r'.Ai, slockhcilder.   " 'J
*-    Al   ibe   bo'T-iiiniurr  UTr.   Junkin   hall
hesitated about tliej*urchiiJsii^-luit_Ciil-
l'ellatt seemed" so confident, and prq-
mised. Id see that - the, company
would make no loss on it, so that
li**, bought lono shares. Then the
stock  started  to v.'t down. ,
Kce-i   it  Quiet— ' '
The tr.iiisaction was not reported
io lhe 'iiiiiucc ciiiumillce, ns Ci-1." l'el
hit I ;u*l he ihoughl that the matt-.*i;
would soon riehl itself. Mr. ShepleV.
cxh-Vritid some surpi-ise nti hcarh-j"
iliil   it   was   not   reported.   • "'
'-Col., 1-elbill was chairman1 of the!
liu ■ncc compiitlee. I was a member
iiiv....-lf, and the committee was onlv. a s:n ,il one. We would discuss investments everv dav."
■> "When vou mi'l liim in vour olTVe
«;-*u weren't boldiiur n meeting of tin*
liniiliee   commit tee   were   vou"'
"No." '
''I!*•_ would  inn-chase nn  vour
Mruclii-'iis  wilhonl  go'iig   lo   the
niiee   coumiiltee,"
. "Yes,"
"You e.iiiu' to the roiielusioil to
liiiv  ion i-hnn-s or Domiiiiou  Steel.
"Yes-*- all tliouirli our desire 10
iii.ih' ii.Miuv  for  ihe r'oinpniiv,"
"Did he wrile vou or send vou ihe*
usual   bro'u-r's  note?"    '
'V.-s, he s nt  n broker's nolc."
"Did vou iirndiin. it before the fin-
lli'-re   CiiUimillil?"
"•■lien iln- siiv-ir droiMicd Mr, .Timlin told di lYll'ill he would ha'--
lo mule his iiromise good, nud he
:i -iv d  lo do so.
"1  iiiicht say  Mr.   Juukin."
'Whs   lhe  board  consulted?''
.    "No." " ;..
Kour hundred shares of coal follow
cd to improve the steel. Iu the niean
time Col. l'ellatt has sold the table
and tinned llie money over to the'
company. Tin-a Col. l'ellatt was given f-oo shares of C, I\ It. to cover
the- steel. *' .
'.'When    you   say   carry   the   steel,
what do you mean?"
^    "To pay for il,  1 should sayA
"Who   authprived   the   sale   of   the
,   "The   board.'*
."Did they know it was .standing to
support   thc   steel?"
"No." - 1 '
Had  1000 shares—
Kiaully Col. IVllalt "bad 1000
shares of C. 1\ It. to cover $101,300
the combined price of the steel and
coal. Then coal started lo go down
too! Mr. Junkin admitted that he
had handed the prapertv of thc
companv over, without informing the
board in the hope that the mallei-
would  right itself.
The matter was presented to the
l.ojrd simply-as* though Col- IVlhitt
hail been authorized to buy 1000
shares of C. P. It,, and when the
.last call was made he was unabie to
deliver it, as it had been livpoilie-
cated. Mr. Junkin thought in view
of the fact that Cot. Pelliilt bad assumed the loss of 575,000 that'.that
was all'that concerned the board, •
-L-ilVour— {ruiisacl-ioii.*r-wilh-Pcllall-&-
Cojj. seem to have, 'been of almost
d.iilv  occurrance." .        <
"Some   broker  must   buy  for us.')
Col.. Pellatt <iayt, a mortgage on':
I'" ■'■ .estate. $4(1,000; 1000 shares Dorn
lnion Steel: 400 sluires Dominion Coal
•1.0 Mexican Liuht & Power; ccpiitv
'in   1000   shares   Manufacturers'   Life.
"Tf I asked vou as I did this niorr
ni"" if vou thought it improper for 11
viie-nresidenl to gX't commissions
from the companv, vou would inis-
wer ns  vou  did  this morning*-"   "
•;Ycs.  J  would,"
S. II. Ulake appeared in court tl i.s
afternoon representing If. M.  Pellilt
"Wns not (he hiss which Col, Pel*
lull  made pood 570000?"
"About   Ihut.  or  -fSo.ooo.'*-
"Tie made it nil good?"
"Yes, every dollar. Ne urged the
•iiv'Sliiiinl mim- aud made it gnod.
"Did    Mi*.  Vcllnlt   mnlf   inn-  I'm*
. "'-oner      use    of  the   1000  C,   P   1}
''li il true to sav Hint this sloe*
ji'.-s delivered. 10 Tiimk/i in the wav of
■■e*.-oiheciilion.hv Cot, Pellatt for
, i"- o'h.'i' purposa  than what
•" ''.'livi'i-fd  (o him for?" *
1 ra'nsaclions have l.eeii.presented',' bui
he made every restitution' in his pow-
*■'■'   ljy  paying  up   thu   whole   loss   to
,t)ie' e.xuiit ol  *>7v,o«K).
Uy.  Mr,   Tilley-Who   formed
Credential   Company?'   *,
"The   ten   directors  who  held
Sl"wS &-'-st an'' Dominion Coal.
"''Who were the  ten directors   *
formed   this company?"
"There   were   1).   1).   Maim,   ,S
-Deatiy, I.lovd, Harris, William Mac
ken/.ii:, H. M. Pellatt, J. Mason; IJ,
It. Wood^H. J. 1,1-unox, Mr. '.'Parsons, and'J. I<\ Junkin. These
the directors who had, at anv
sanctioned the  transactions.'
•Sold'llieir Dond. Stock--
The  Manufacturers'   Life' agri'il^ to
sell  to  the   Credential  companv  "not
■ onlv  the Dominion  Coal,  but *\.<5,<<oo
worth of Mexican Power and Ontario
Klectrical   Devclopmint   stock.     ,-'"
"Why are the two latter n.entiou-
ed?" ■' '.-     •        '   *       . "  -
"Well, thev didn't cost os: rtiiv--
thing.";.'. ,*- *  ,; .--^f
Dlakc Speaks for Pelhitl— ■
Mr. lU.ike had siood at tlie clliow
ol Mr. Shipley during these ipics*
ilions, promjilliijr them, M the con*
elusion Iib said: nddressing the com*
( "I wauled your honor to give
Former  io  Hold  ,Slock—;
"Was   there  any   reluctance?"
"Vcs,  there-was  at first,   but 'ih«*y
all   came, forward   in   the   end.1*.'
"II. was  not formed  to  buy •  ard
sell  sticurities?" ■'    '
'"'No,  just  to hold this  stock.":
"Tlie .Canadian Securities* coinp.iiiv
in which  the  Manufacturers'   Life had
an  interest, was formed for this p\-r-
man-.-nt   business,   wasn't   it?" "■
"Yes."     • ■  '        • "."
\ou mean = yon ■ bought aiox^.m
homls and got 10111111*011 slock wuh
a, and is this tn,c ol, the Dominion   Development   Company.?"
•'Yes." .
"Then it is hardly true that ilvv
did not  cost  you. anything?,v
The. company had -bougjit {".-jo u*i.
of* bonds ol the Mexican'Power coin-
puiiy for i!is,o(X) plus the interest.
Thev were purchased irom the' Central Canada and paid for in four in-
siallineuts.. , *? "
" The Mauufactui-ers' Life got J70 -iu
.slock for every $qo worth of bonds
hou-iht. •   " ., ,
"Where ,is  the bonus stock cntcrcil?
Tlie witness aske'd for, the Minnies of May, 1903. There was a les-
ulutioii in-- tlie 111inu1.es nulliori/.iug
the purchase, lml nothing iii the {11-
ancial account to show the rec'ipt
of the* coinmou stock or what 4\-;,s
done  with  it.
l'iftv llioiis'aud dollars*worth (if
bonds, of ihe Klectrical Development
company were 'p'nrehasecl also, but
there was nothing in the records indicating the receiving, of common bonus  stock  with  it.    *
No Trace of Stock—
"Did von show the common slock
to Ihe government as securitv?"    •''
,,"And il was not shown  iu  lhe rr. ■
mini 'returns?."- .
"No;  it was not salable.",,
"Wlieii- did the-Credential ''?_ eo-n-
panv sell?" *     "**  '
"In   7905.','      " .'
"What did   thev  realize.**"
"'Aboiil   f'^  fnr  tiir-  Mexican n,aii.l  .Vi
for. Hie .Kleelric.il .'Doyelopmenl   '*-..."
If not; you nrs missing sonacj ft
of the choices'; lii«ratm;e of *a
the century.      ' --?- 1>v"f "' |
Send a dollar to„R. T. LOW- §
^.    EltY, Nelson, K C. and' get "«
<*» ',. it regularly foi*.'.a year and *«
S     rise out ofthe rut.    \~ V   \* 1§
**0000000000000B000000 0000
Victoria Ave., -   -   Fernie
■-  [Successor toj. C. .Hutchison.]   .•■
Is prepared lo deliver Milk,
Cream, ' Buttermilk, Fresh
Laid Ef*"!*-!-.' and Dairv Butter
every day.
[nfe Satisfaction Guaranteed
Pernios     Popular      .restaurant
Meals   .served   at . all .time?.
All white help employed
MRS. TiiOS. BAIT, Proprieties).
IMuraiiGe Ex-        "7
President Indicted
New York, April 2—Willium'i . "A.
Hruwer, jr., Cormerly' president o£ lhc
Wiiiihioj-toti l.iiu JiiMirniiee Company, was today indicted by- 'Uie
uniiid jury for uerjiiry. Tlw chanju
Ki-ows 0111 61 a icpori made to" the
-sl.-uc snperinteiuleiit of iusiiranee in
•1903'ie»nr(liujr tlio condition of.'the
conipmiy,   '     ...      '    " .'.- ./
Accordinjr to the perjury indic-i-
iiK'iit ihu'report to the liisnrnnce department made it nppc-ar thnt ihe
i-oinpiiiiy lind a surplus of Jsoo.o'M
when  lliere   wn.s   really   n   delict. of
members Of lhc legislature is ilesirsil
to explain certain vouchers which
were, not satisfactorily accounted lur
at* Xfie legislative insui-niicu invesii-
Kiithiir coinmitte'e. '"
.Subpoenas for .Several —
SuhpoiiiiiiH for Andrew C. Ficlihi,
and for crctain 'nicinhcr.s of. the k^'s
lutiirc 10 appear before the j/rnn'il
Jury tomorrow in eoimcction with the
iiisjiniiiiii invc-ill-rtiiion havt lieen \r.--
sued nccordiii),' to n report which
Uaiiii'd imicli circulation niound" tlie
ei'imiiinl court.bnililiiii; today. A suh
10,0a s.-rver is already on ijuanl ni
th- resilience of Andrew C, Field n't
nohhs I'Vrre, according to this report nnd oilier snlipocna servers arc
011 llieir wnv to Alhnnv. It is raid
that tlie testimony of Fields nnd the
To l'r.evcnl  Contributions—
Wa.shinj-toii',' April 27.—The m\.\re
committee on privileges and. elections
by iinauimoiis vole today .iullioiiwd
Seualor Foraker to report favorably
the ■ Tillman bill to prohibit insurance companies' .and ■ other corporations from' conlributiiiK to '.-,vii-
painn funds, It makes olTciidin--; coi*
porations subject to a line of 55000,
and an employes uf corporali'mis .subject to a fine of Siooo, The' ii|easuvi-
does not npplv to iicrsons rcci-ivin-f
such roiilrib'utioiis.
. 1
Thev Are I,a>v Xow—■
Alhnnv, X.'Y,, Mav 4.—A] 1 of the
nine bills of the specinl insurance in-
vestij'ntln<r committer nj-c' now laws,
1 Ciovernoi- lliufifius this» aftenioon sign
cd tlm "hi-r" hill, jiciiernllv nmend-
inj{ the iiisurnnce law,, and earlier in
the duv sinned the so-called nnll-pcr-
iurv hill.
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors arid Builders
rians, iSpccifirations and Esti-
> mates-furnished on  application.
1      . ,-j .
V" "Plenty.- of  GOOD';'])TIY - LUMBER. OX ITAXD.
*   ■   11. !X. KERR.
'Architect  ' and Supcrintciidcnt
A full line of spring and sum
Crow's Nest
Electric"SupplyStore   °
-All  kinds, of ..Electrical
Goods,keptin stock.
ABI work
John Turner,
ier    suitiniTs    which , we *will   <i
ake   up   in   latest  .styles.   Sat-    p
isfaction> -guaranteed.
n,..,''S'm**y<to*****' -**y
* Read carefully all the
— Advertisements in J
this issue, and  Pat- J
ronize  our Advertis- j.
ilrs' ~'~' ~' ~ J'
'*'     f'l'Vroj.ov tob'iim Kt-el
AN        N^^
AN     "<
13,000,000    y/4ggS&r thick,
USERS       ' y/^fc-,i<.: $200
^l^1*™^    rouble Concave* 753
for lie&vy \,ta<S" •«
"Carbv-h'agtictic" Elastic \
Cushion Straps, $1.00.     *
Tree booklet "Hinls lo Slavers."
• o    i'Vi' Side l.y
j. 0. Qjall Fcr-iliii, O. 0..
Office  at  Residence.    .,
BAKER ST.,     -   --     I.-ERXI****.,'ILC
I.ivin-*; Rocky Mountain Goals, -Martin, lh-ave-r, Otter, .Gri/./ly Dears,
Wolverines and oilier, animals and
birds, L)r, Cecil French, Xaluralist,
Wnshiiijilnn,   D.   C. S-^;-.   •
Philip Carosella
Genoral Merchant
and Dealer in*Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
is      . .
,     I.isi Vour Propci'lv With
]   I'-liEf) BASS.
- lfl-IRXllv   EMl'l'OYMEXT1   '
'*   ■ AGRXCV.
Propcrtv for Sale. Rent or Kxchanjrc
Rents   Collected.   Kinp'ioyiiient     I'**ur-
Short Orders served ot all
i* "■ - '
hours, day or night.
Two ilonr-i south of llie Elk River Club -.
IPerrsie,,      :-:    <B. C,
60   YEARS'*
Trade Marks
..... CoPVKQHTe 4c.
Anyono sending a sketch and dMcripllon m»F
qulclily tuocrt-ilii onr opinion tt*» vhtttiir au
Invention la probably iiatoi.tnbw. CommnQto*.
llonistrictlyconU.lentlal. HANDBIKKob ftlsst*
ocntfreo. oldest sirency for leunrln*pMwiU.
I'.-itents Ulten tlirounh ilium ACoTruriTa
special notice, without charge. Utile
-titttiific JUii-rkatt
A hmidsomely Illustrated veekhr. I.Hrmtt «U*
dilation ol any sclentlUo louruS. Terms.Mia
rear; four months, fl. Bold bxall omdealwtk
Bvauc'a Ottlco. oa F Bt, WaiMnutoIi. D. O
Heail Office :   Si-isssslicn, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000 " \, Reserve * $2,415,000
tXotnl Mssets * $29,000,000
Hon.'Wm. Gibson, President.    '   ».A   , •-'"       .
o   -  J. Turnbl'll, Vice-President and General, Manager.   ,
74 Bn-anc-hss -ihn'OEiiihoui Canada
.     .Money Crth*rK mul   Drafis issued., payalile in C.-innil;i or abroad.
' . Foreign tlr.ifls caslieJ.    Special'ndvaiit!i|(i-s in Savings Di*parlment.
Open in the evening of lhc Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
J. It. LAWflY Af<dnt KKHNIK DR tNO
if'ims.'N'im, 33.. o.
■wyjjwgj*1 -*> • Wi;*.»iii#y^wn
INui-hci'Ioh, Gi-coiihoiiHos Ss  Seed
Russia After i China Again
St, IVUi-.sliui*vr, Slav <)—III spile (.1
lln* ilefint uf her -iiiUiiiifiii.s iu Mini- '
(liuria .ii.il Kuiiiij-liim:, .md llu- oh*1
(.liicUs niii liv M. I'nknlihin', tin- I'u.i [
siiiu iiiinii.l.'i* lo (.'lilini, in his iu-|io*!
l ini imi-. ut   I'l-kin,  I'nssiii  is"..t,.-.i'li'v I
fr - ■
A, E. Mumford tells how Psychlm
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It I1 tw<-lv« -.-c-irs -ilni-n Vtyehitxs onwil
mn of jjallopinjr i-oiisiiinDtlon." Tha
upc.ikcr ivai Mr. A. V„ Mumlarii. istx lert
jail, niuniHil.mj,' just .what lio is n hiiiky
1.. ..1... j .........     i.<:  1,.kmd i,i* (jwij ImIIII
mmr Mn)»nr'iiiwnn, Ont.
" I cjui«hl my iold wArkinp- tin a firemnn
cn llm C.^'.K." he cniiiiiiiiiul, »M had
niplil -iu-r-iN, i-lilll.,niul frivramt fr<-<|urnt.
ly rnuirliril up piwi-*** i>f my liinffi. I w*%
-.inking faftt nml tho ilm-lnrri *aiil llifr-o
w.is id lii»j>4» for me. Two mfli.t'ii Ironi*
miiii. 01 >-M(mri<i j.ui mn njj'ni on my ffrt
nml I li.-tv-t had im return of luiij,' Iroublo
If Mr. Miinifonl li.ul idarlrd to lake
Pnyriiini-1 v,-licn lm first cniijjht cold lm
woiihl hnvo <,avi*il himself a lot of anxiety
and suir.-rinjr. ISyrlilna cwn*<i all lung
trivjhh'i l.y kiMn*-: ihe K«rmi—lh« root* of
llu*. di:-.4'.ilV.,
50c. Per Bottle
Vsrgsr site* »i nnd •»-«» drugrflata.
OR. T. A. 810CUM, iimilti, T«ruU.
oa-iipyiiij- (inoiln-r hij* mIIcc of China
lhc two ciisli'in provinces of Mongol
m, on thu 1 ui I toad (10111 Hailknl io
IVUn, wlili h Ikin hci-n liumlcd over 10
the liiisso-Cliiiiciic hank,
A party Inudcd hy Colonel Kovit*
sky, 011c of the hrilliunt vounjjor nmm
iM-iN-of lhc j-L-iii-rul stiifT, will Icnvc
St. JVlt'r-ilmrj» in the middle ol Muv
K» Mirvi-v tlio hilherlo unexplored re".
L'imi nf tliu Miiiirliinlaii fronlicr, Al
tliiiiiuh 1 lie expiilitimi in 10 he under
tin. nusnliva of the Imperial (ieo*
l'Jii|iliii-iil Micielv. il will lie, linaivivd
nml olliieivil hy the general Hlnfl, mid
its* 1-0111-HiHltloii will lio purely dilli*
linv. The stralcgii- aims, in f,ict,
lire «(• thinlv veiled tlmt ii js d.nii.t-
lul il it will he iiKoiiipiinii'd hv anv
ii-piVNditulivi-,1 of the criiirriipliji'iil
Thn ivuiim'ioviiK "MmiBoliuii IV*
■•"ii." In**.i*lii<-h, diiriiiir (lie war,
nivMiiiium .lupiiiKse Annie-, were Mip
I'lli-l'd    lit    lin    IwK'r.vlnw    In    M|'|.j [1,.
KiiN-inti  niir, mid  into wliiih' <.iuiill
num nu ili-t,ifhim-tita ol .Iiipainw nr*
lll.illvji. Il.ttiltul  loll" - (lihtillh-es.  Cui.
ntiil  Viie'istf s rvti.di|i/iu uill .iri-1.
a'*'v  lind  lhe u-oik  nlriiuiv ivell mi
Ar w.tv
'riuiiti'h i1n*re nre  in.mi- mniriri- r„
"     n 1 iii'iihiiinn it-cinlln-.*      Mip
sitn.it'on  in  Mam lip rin, memU-ri of
ihu KciiL-rnl stall privtiluly itdinit thu
mul-ili/.uiion of ihu Kini-iian army in
Aliiiiehuriu has paused, llioii|>h it' is
cluinieil it i,s larj-ely iu tlio nutiiru.of
u diplomatic hlull u> did .Miui.stcr I'ii
A nt .1 her imlica.iim llml, nil is not
ni.iv .in tliu /en, wilh which. Jiipasi-
ims-iirc inve'-iijjutliij-- the delenses nf
I'lnyiiiir n Deep l.ame.— "
ttlj I'elei-.shurit, May. .a—Further
iiiliiuatii.us that Hiissia is plavitiu a
deep -.'iiiir. iu the lur east ix t;iveii iu
a vii'tulni- Hcnt hv the cetmorshlp to.
all iiu\vs|iiiper.s and periodicals, for*
liiddinj; ihu 'iiulillcatioii ol nuv iiews
wilh irjriiid to the demolijll/utioii ul
the ni'inv and moveiiielil ol troops: in
M.iiii'liiiriu, and ihu reor-riiiii/iiiiou of
(lie iiiilitaiv i»lali)iMimnit in Silni-
iu mul the far east.
It is i'l'lici'iillv Mipposcd that the
liii'iihir was inspired hv the piihli*
i-atloa nf ihe news nf a halt in wilh-
ilruwlii,- Miu KiiNsi.iii ariuv horn M.iii
rhiiriii ainl the despiiUh of the N'o-
vitski expulilioii to Moiij.'olin, which
(|,C,ll.,|l ill.Ill   .' 1  ,\      l ll     1  (■      i(-\(**      «-l*CVl- *   1 ,
were  inilillshed,  pviii   In   olliclnl   pa*
.4   ,u.l  are   liulili-  lo  mtioiin  i.ii*
li.irr.i-i Aliuistii   r<>I:< tolofl's  iieunli'i*
11 lions in  IVkiu.
Slratford. Out . M.'V S ■ -Alire An*
n-'s.  maid at   ihe  i.Viiinvr.-'.i'i  hole],
Portraits by
$3.50 a doz. up
g   She work justifies thc price and
tit ... ■
I The Price admits of his best work.
& , -   ,
jgj        . . .
••-•-- Studio:    Opposite the Methodist Church
;-*«8>^-b>®<^^ *3®®®®S«^^
had a uiiracul.mN es. upc, Iu. i.r Muatn
Iliis ul'ternooii. Whs ili'iniliij,-" nim of,
the windows on  the  third stnrv she.
Inst her hiiliiniv alld toppled over to.
lho   pavtiiiuiil,
: ln lhe descent she collided with'
one. of ihu lowiv window sills, which
helped- hreiik her .fall.
Hrynml 11 seven- .shnkiuu up, she cs-;
ciipcd wiihont lii|nry.
Bad Fai
San Franciscoi
London, Mav -f.—ltvpresuiititvive-i of
llriiish   lire  iiisiiiiince  rompauicK  in-
tcivHted In ,San KiiiiH-iNio today 1111 •
iiuiiiioiisly a-.reed in send u joint ilc-(
spaUli lo Oakland,  lo this ellul:
"Tinier any ciiiuiusiaiueM lhe llriiish olliius will only pay the lus-ics.
for whiih they are legally liahle,
since 10 no. l.evoiid llieir i-aiili'ii'.-u;
would I.u ille-rnl, Thev cniinot leciy-
uiye any Ila'lillily for ilaiuanv. hv
earlh'cpiake where uo lire occurred, or
1 1-11' nil,
.,...»..4^1       !■<      lliiiiil...^,.-.      |.l.*l...      ,|-'l.,*      •   F
di'ilrovril "
Aherdeen, Scotland, Mnv5,r-At 1lu»
«,imu.ll iiu-vtiiijj (f'tlit- NoTlhtni .\^-
.sui'iiine. cniupaiiy today the chairman
Sii   Di'iid   Stvwnrt   niiiiounred   thu'*.
,1,            •    1   l .1   .:, i- ":,.  .1..      ,1.
 4 ••"• ,-
Nltiivid portion ot Hail Kniueiui-o w II
f.iiiounl  to a Iittlo over $4,S«»,oi.-i.
—nr- n«i*».*M*i*«iiiiiiMHMi.*>iin.«mii'iiiirrnirmniT
I. « *
(treat Britain's Navy
I^itnlon. Mav H-Aitonlini; M M n.-ial reports C'.riat Uritain h.i% it p rtM-nt no hss than *Ix hatile-.
Un arnioiMl triii**ei**, tiz'.n: t\ n.-Mrovfrs and fifie'Jn nitl.mnrlii ■<* iiu'tr ti nit run ion.    During   xioft- >r
arm-ia.1 vessels,  1; tU?Xr %',„;'„ ^ ,-* s„iirrti,riB)>l. wm |„, coMi.nm.va.   The ile<*iKn» of ll.p vr««*1«
imt v«t I##h drlrniiineil, aift il in tln-ii-dm' ini|WM.\llil« tn form mi ixatt hU-a t4 llw total |ial«!i<v
will l< imnrrt* hv  Ihrir mI,i,u t,Uv pr..i,us.il» . An fir nn run l# tiUkiY-l from ihe roil of rerpnt
Ui4i».ii»U»i'  U|*s. iMfAv-.ti'. tli.- *ini.tiHi m s,n,ttnn,mi will ,# fciiwVil ni the nf-fre^atr cost of
vrwl., an.! Ili»  *«lf Mo.-i.-iHi iiiaiU- Harms  ior*"'.*; (o nw-el ihi*u" rx m-tulMtirtm. "anifmnu lr> nU.itt
tdtt.oiJi whiih m roughly nm-lluvil „| •',,. \„XH) ,,ml.
•i ;»•*,
ff IT
Ilendi'iiiiiiers for I'ACIKIC COAST
(JKOtt'X C'.iinJi'ii, Kiehl nnd l-'lowcr
Seeds. Svw iyh\i imw iu slock ready
for di.sli-iliiiiiou; ask your nierclumt
for ilieni in sealed packeis, If hu
docs not handle llum'we will prepay
to your iii-.-iresl post ollice 50 -vceu'l
packets, 0111- selection of j.ood Varie-
Ui'H, for iSr, to iuu-iiiliii-e them,
I.iirni! slock of II0MI-; GROWS'
rruit and Oinaiiieiitul irees now lint-
lured for lln. HprliiR trade,
No expense, loss or delav for uni*
Kiilion or liispei-iioii.
, I.i'l ni.i price your list l-cfun* plac*
lilt,' vour orilir, (ii-eeiiliouseii, l'lniils
Wornl Work, lice Supplies, Krult
ri.rl.nj.rK. 1'it||I|/ci-n, hltc, Catalouuu
1' ree.
.loir. WV-iliiilii.ler Ave.,
Vnncoiver, II. C.
ricHurren Bros.
Sand, Lime Si Wood
Ollice In lenrnf llnw J'niin Jlloeli. I'ornlo, 11,0
..."" ' "  ' ■'   """ "" ; '■-*'■"■•'-'  -*— ■■". 'J UMi
vu1, '!," n   W!lt,,l ,l,v, ,1<J"' •■»«■ •"'I"-,? IrtlKlHl'HH ill  tliu   '   huildiiij- he.
w.eii tlm \ iildorf and the. posmilieu hlork, where I will' he pleased
10 niuut all my old customers and any new ones who care to uive
uu* 11 call "
Repnirinj- done while you wail, Ruhher work a specialty. Shoes
1 ,      Vi {,,',U,,r# ^nUKfnpt'"" Ri<.iriiiili-i-il. llomhlack iitand in connrc-
'.II.   All   WOl'k   done   nt' ivn-miinlitii   i,..l,.,.n
IM...,,    ,,,   ,„,„-,,   ,iiiiiMiieiiou n iviillllleeil,  1)
tion. All work done at' reason niile priced
,i,..,.f|,y'!,,,.?a"Vi,"!l'.1,i l,,',,,,'.t" «l >'»». Klvo nm ii call, un I only
use lhe l;e.sl .soil while lealher for hand ,sewed jolm'
iil-'Ufm^-^i -vnl,r ^V 'l"m' T wi" R,w von .1 chance 'to m
ol* Willi S7S   1 cl  reii of  lie .T.iii.iii..«,,.i)..^.,i -
.      .    . "";• ■ "" K"-1- vonr suoen  no it* | w     eve vou 11 ehanep In «•»    ..
JI      '""•k will. 57.-5 plPtinv.1 of ihe .Tapauese-Uussia,. war, \
tmsmmmmmw 1   n  1   . ,■■■      ,      , ._:„    .,         r_ 	
'""■"l< X^.L
*      '"I lllf TMaiMllI Dm
and   Home   Life
" siSroKS^"
uasrioisr x.AB3ar.
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t. W. B. 1«rr,, nm*
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The RoyaB Restaurant
III i-o.ijuiiclion will, the IJoval ni.lel.   The  |,t-„t     mu\     '  mvcii  •„ • .,*
city for *s™*.j:A:! ^ mm w„\ ,w hoarden desiivd.  \'Z tlrotS
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MRS. iVI, MOELZEL, Proprietress
New Palace
Now Open.  Cor. Victoriu Ave. & GgiiiiiiU gt«
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VliifHl. of I'r-Mli nm! Halt FIhIi
Onmo of nil KorfK fit mcuhou
ll* \\r. ROGERS,
Propriotor !
«     <■    .'
;Frcm Zinc aiid'l.ead News—
'     Alihoi.Kh     there   i.s   nt-   immediate
*    -daiiRer   of- tlie   American   coal   fields
btcoiiiiiijr exhausted,, il is- of the rl-
iiiost'-impirtanre  lhat'there  shall  be
,110 unnecessary wasie iii tht use of ;"n
' el supplies.' Iu ii,o.| the United ,S'..i.es
Geological, Sunvv erected at the I.ou
isiana  l'mcliase       exposition   io  St.
t Louis a plant in which coal,  lignite,
and other fuel'.substances were  anyl-
y/ed   and   tested   in   order   to   determine  ih.-ir  fuel  values.  The  final  report nn ihis important' investigation
is now ready, for distribution.*
The iiulliori'lv   for ' eoiiduetiiijr  these
"*   tests of llie"couls> nnd  lignites       is
contained in r.n ml of congress 1904,
by whicli' lhe sum of 530,000 was i.-p*
pi'Oprialcd for .the work. 1,-iter       an
additional allotlmeut of 530,000 was
provided, inai-iiijr a total sum of Sfio,-
opp for this w«-k.  h'or carrviiig out
the  provisions .of  these  nets ..the  director   of* the   geological   survey   ap-
,§ poinlcd a coiniiiiltee consisting       of
Missrs.   Rdward Parker,  Joseph'    A..
Holmes  and  Marias  C,   Campbell  to
„ direct   tlu*   construction   and   opcrat-
,iou of the plant. The' present .report,
which   i.s  published,     in  three   parts,
■ coiit-.i*-./- the'  records and   results    ol
these labors. "
-, Part I deals with the field work,
the _-_ classification of roals nnd0 lhe.
chemical \v,ork undertaken in connection Willi the task- of*, testing 1 he
coals.- The .chapiers on field work
and thdWIiissilication .of coals were
written- bv N. \V. I,ord.' Mr.- 'Campbell's chapter, on the classification of
coals will Iw more fully mentioned
in  a. later, bulletin.
Part II. of this paper or the report. 011 l.oilei- tests, is the work ol
Hreckinridge, professor of mechanical t'eiiKinecrjnK.--al .the University 01
Illinois, 'lieti'u-'results cauld, pelhaps
—  further  trial .have .been, obtained
»h ,, US  C°als   thc'iu*  in  vain.*
tt.li.-u  measured  by tht.lr sU.nm
}*K Dower,   U,,v  incix.ttSB  m       ■       '
.01    or  tlio  gas  proiiueer.   i'uOse   in-
um* r;   1liavc l'cc'"h,aiMi i"■•»"*-
Ui.iai.lo value ,., showing ,low ?..Ul"
Uige beds oi hgmtc -10,1,1,1 •„ ,*„.,„..
o lhe wesiern st,ru-S may |w ,,,,; I
■ihly  ulilued.  It  -,..s uls;,  ,      »  ,
-sinned   that  prouueer  gas   can "
'■-sex   advantageously  i„  \mmi< lh
1> «« nets ami „, many other meiaMn,--
j.ic.,1  o.n-iatian.s.
Worthy af „lt,liti011 j    u    f        ,
Jl^'b-  =4  or     more  diilercnia!1.
1Mines -in* reported to |)(. lllllkil|
ducers K,r  ..ower purposes,  aJt  llll
ers aie endeavoring t„ l)crk.ct llcw ,.(
"•JIiis. ,
"flic coking qiuilities Of Uie ti,ais
were tested in a battery of three st:.,',
< ">" , *i/c aud. shape lieehive ov„.s.
• na vs,s are given of the coal d.arg-,
d in the ovclls ttm, *of lhc „.„-„,.>;■
ol;es.   Jt   w(is  shown   that  ma..v  0|'
I ni.f^S " «oiM.)kinK-.ccmIs of the
United .States may bQ coked bv <A
ercisiiiff increased care, either in f<.
construction or i„ operation of th.*
ovens    and  that U,0  (,luiiity of ,.,7
d",v°,l,'^;ote »'^v hi- improA
cd bv the addition of pitchAr J..'Lei*
carbons to the. coal when it is ph-c-
ccl in the ovens, or by, thc addition
of a snia,l percentage <.f a coking
coal. • ,      "
The work done al tht*. i.i-ici<i,;tLwi«r
Plant showed that some of -he v,f.
crican  coals   and  the  slack   prodn.-e.i
hi mining these coals can be briq„t-l-
u-a_t.ii u commercial  lusis.  Tli- A'.
■■iieUcd. coal   sometimes   ma,^ '   a
hig u-i   graile   fuel   tluui   lllu   on  -|uil
4-al anil    .will stand trabsportatioi,
much  u-llcr.   tt.  is  possible'to  bri-,-
ct   anthracites culm   with   ,,-..,..   an ,
v.lhoi.,1  lh,   addition  ol   any  l.itunt-
iuus-c;,!.   Coke  br.e/e-can  also   I,-
.l-.l.|lieUed;-b.it   the  ijtiality  ,,-f        .1...
»ri-.i..l.t   ,s   imp.'oy,,!   by   ihe   adinix-
ti'ie ol  a„ to 60 p„- WIIl  o1- uiu{m.
■"'.•*. co.,1  stock.   Several   new  bi.ul-
1'ifioiii.itcrinlK  In,- eoal   briquets  Were
luvestigat,,! and a i;w ,,' ,],,,„ prm.
cd suilicient ly .satisruetary to wa.r.int;
lho..- more extended  use... A - number
<»f   ignites havo Lei.,, (bri^ielted under
high   i-ic-wiir-.-,   without   the   use      „f
I ii.dmg . materials. * -
The    washin-r    tests   demonstrated
tlmt it is possible to improve mater-
inllv the quantity, of coals high     in
Milphur  and   other   impurities, *    ih?
washing  ,,,-ocess eliminating  a lari'o
Pem-ntage or theseio'ijectionable" cm
tons, and thus to make them adapi-
•U)i-*   to steam  iiiauufacluriiig,      and
oven domestic purposes.      It  was also, found that the *,i,nlitv of 4, roals
from 13 states aud several   a,.ip-.cs*of
.coke  i-reeze coiilcl  ie-greatly iinprov
id by washinir, at a cost not exce-d-
■ii** 3 to 10 cents a ton
This report is pnhlishwl for general
'list*. IIIOII and'may-h, obmi^l on
■"oplieation-lo the director of-lhe ,.e-
olo;,icl.surv4,y,  Washins-lrn,'*!)   C^
t«n"7f!lnr T0^^ weUs and their*
tgncs full ot oil, both crude and r<-
hned. Both the Southeast British Cd
uml ia u„tl &;.on Coiupaliy I
ihrkVv nU*H{l!n S°,npM,v have ih™'
woil., and are looking for-a '.irge :„-
flus-«'f People to. investigate th.- .,."•«-
01 he his The distance from Ak-un*.na
-the headquarters of tlte Hritish Cei-
umbia companv-to Oil Citv, 1s.i.-i::v
a lew miles and a comparativelv ea-*\-
graib, so that it is theliiat'iuai n>vl
to the mlw fields. A concentrated A-'
ort should -be put forth at one.: u.
build a m-w'aiul permanent road ini.-.
lho.camp from Oil City or ..thoi.vis..
a mad 44-;il be established from Pel-
ton and wi- will lose much busiiie-.;
and trade in general to which *.i- „-,-
liistlv  en'uiul.
treatise on such diseases to The Lbieig Co
179 K-'ng Strecti W.,* Toronto, Canada    Alj
druggists sell or can obtain for you
Trip to-the B. C. Oil "Fields
•    with sotiie of. the coals' but it is nev
ertheless "believed   that   the   observations   liiad-o . and > reported   are   suf-
.'   fieicntly .complete   to  enable  ''those
- .familiar "with*- tests or this nature
\ to *^ain ..valuable knowledge from    , a
.„ study'.of. the results. These arc      reported in the form recommended     by
•'    |ho-'Aniei-iea 11' Society- of  Medianicil
mhtwlHor^-'taih .test!'made*. 7
-   -Pari in-, of this report contains a
chapter    oii -  producer' gas  tests  by
Prof.  R. 11.  Fernald,  one on  coking
Icsls1,liy M...K. Stammler, to    which
Dr. Riih'-ird "Aloldeiike conlrihiites'the
part rolal in...- 10 .the foimdrv tesls on
coke,0 a ,chapter, ou hrhpiektting .tests
by  dosviili  Hyde  Pratt,  and  one  cn
washing' tests by John D.Wick. ■
The, liiosl, iniportant  fact   brought
out by the investigation .is set forth
- ' in t;ne*chapu.r:-iiii'gas producer tests.
. It  is'-shown  that bituminous  coals,
and lignites eiui be used in the man*
ufnctiire    of     producer gas "and i'miI
t^iis j as. may be consumed bv (internal combusting engines   for Lhe development, of  power  with  a 'fuel   ccoii-
mny of over -50 per ceiil.. H is shown
hv comparative, tests which were .-on,
ducted by mechanical eni-iiiecrs, th-it
thc power i)rii;lueing eHieieiiey of     a
nninhi'i- 01' biiiiiiiiunus, coils when con
verled  inlo gas and-'iised iu  the  vrtn
efieiiie isra/i times what il is when
ii"-ed niiiler boilers iu the production
of steam', power".  Tin-, .results       were
liu iiMit-ed "ly lllie Jimouiil of, 1 hctrie*
nl lrrs:*iv*    V di'l'ivei-ed at lhe switch
lo.inl,   It   is' re,ili/ed,  however,   that
in the ease * ,nf larger powr 1.1 its,
W^'th  iiioileiii.-.triiile <>*<iiaii>iioii     m,
*?!iics nnii steam  tni-1 ines lhe differ-
iticr* iu horsepower developed     would
•he coiisldi.rnl.lv  less,
Of scnri-.'lv |.i'-s hunoi-lnnrp nre lhe
msii.Ih  o'.tuiiK-'d  in   Uie  use  of -Ilir-
xx\te 'ii thr  rns producer plnnl,     Tl
hns li'eu shown   Ihut n gns of hi-flier
filalilv '"ill le ohlniiird from "Jiiniile
I In 11      rt-i-im    h'-flwirrade   hilui'-lpfiui
.  conhi, nril, .dial.,. r*"e ton  -if liirii.li>
i'i>d  In  a  ims ln-odercf pluii'     >A ij'
vlo'il   ni  i""eli   i>ow.>v.ns  o<; 1   Ion   of
'l|i»'  1 om»   IViiti'ivK-nn'n   .-.r  \V<*V',   Vi'r-
«rl'>'n     lllllii'iiiioi'n     ci'lls   'med ' Ullili'l
tn'X r-,       Tn<l> d l| would apivnr In
From ll.C.. Alining Ex:liangc- ,*
Your correspondent goes in hv Helton, JU0111., crossing- the range to Al-
bens. We left Helton, a small s-a-
tion on the Great Northern railway
and went over the primitive wnifoii
road to the oil fields of. Hritish Col-
iimoia. Great interest is ii.anifesi,d
at Helton at the activity of the llriiish Columbia Land ■.& Oil company,
and' inquiries   are   bcimr   continually
met arr.  I.iiiel.am, president of     Y-
Kocky Wo„„tain co„,panv, who show-
ihe.Miow is now gone and prep.ir.i-
t.oils are being mado oy prosp .-010111
10 stun work on iheir assess nm*.:i,
winlo the mining;.companies are t;,..*--
>".*;' their plans for .summer w t.'k ...
Hie Oillert'iit  properties..
The ]*.   e.; Mining- .&"' Dilufopmciit
comjiany win, heaci-iuarurs. at Jtoss-
JmiO, is taking steps to ship,in mott
Mipiiiios   to   their  mines   as   soon   as
the roads will permit. They have ha**
«} Jorce ol uien engaged all winter in,
dir contract and  tl,c ore  is showliij,
»P  lo their entire.satisfaction.  Thc-\
will.increase their force and push tlu
work as fast  as conditions will  1, r
"nt*  lho people here'are looking inward  to, thL,S0  miaejt vmvi       £      ,
nable  asset   to   the   town   uf   Mar.-s-
Jlr. Leabick, representing capital-
1!,ls of .Colorado,,has a number ,,'
pi"opertl,s u„(ier bond, tl.e principal
af which is the WysUTy, owned by
hob . lewar and situated'on Alk'i
Lrock.  il,, -Ufi k.L ;l contr,iCt f()r ,.
construction  of   a  wagon   road   froir
10 mam,road to the Mystery and ...
wr?rtUS-i, !'S iS t!I,cn«I..«*?vcIop,i,cni
«ork will be carried on will, the ai-/
'f a 'liamond drill.     Mr. I<Cavick
an e-\-i>eri ou niining and for the
short time, ho has been connected'with
tne mineii, he is tboroughlv' satisfied
with, the prospects of.the St. Mare's
and during   |1„   ,0.li;i,,,   mmmCc h
will  visit  otla-r  pio-icrties   ivith   tin-
iiiuntion  of purihasing-
;TJie  Domii.ioi,  CoiisolidaUd .AIi.,i„(r
^mpany,  of Spoha.,-,  .„,*,„■„,. pr01 [
rties above   the   lake, ^are   about   U,
to slurl ncm-o operations:  t!,vV |,.lVo
;»i   I'Honnons    body „f  u,v ,x,,0 -1
ttl'ich e..u  I, ,as;|v |iaml|l(, as\^l-\
(as   lhe   railway   is   built.
The output  „riIll! s7Y:„ge„e mine
0.^ April   w..s  3ri3   „.„.-,.   Th,   Ini„,.
I'.0i.;ll  am.maud  u, y3l 0:x) ,      .,
»'«"»'"   or  a   Iiul,    uu.,-,   than   $IZ
i,d.,y.   Ihere are about 3,0 ,„,„ lU
«'«rk and the avera;ie wage per ,„,„
is Sno per n-.on'li;
WOUHKKU- 01/, iiniUiUS.
Co.„me„W,,r 0ii the .UaW,!lM o']
fields a recent visitor, says" that h*.
saw enough lo satisfy him that thy.,.
>s no 'niiestioi,. about {he existence ol
hVM..nml th. full ^tciit of il,!
•irea will not l.e nsc.tained unlil .-on
..ikni,.i{ work has h.-i-n done in i|.e
way  of  iiivistiiation.
liticl,!,,, indicilions* .-, m.a.'vl
} alley, Uriboo, arc now aUra.un,r
4-.p-.s1der.il le at-tenlioa. A l.-.r.« „um-
l»r «f claims-haw leen s-.r.ked, .,,,,1
*h>s' season will see several ,.il ,i„s
it work- in the district. .'"Cvrv ind'i-
cal on points lo this Icing a„ki--.e
oil  territory.   Seepages of  Al "V
■f-is occur thr uahoul the v.ilh-
surface formation- consists 'of
■lack oil' shale.
Sn  Fernie,is a pleasanthoimttT^r^T^^^
.,_._1_i:_1:a; V::„ ■■ ,:J^W^MWf Manager.
Change of
-ilot Bay Smeltei7"~ii-™t.^'^^:
. --   .......    ullll,uly    . I5n^1 f]ay fiives evidences of       the
made   by   companies" and   individa-.Ss [^"Proved  conditions  surrouMd;,,^ ■;hl.
lis-1 ft— r it.--liii.mi*:—^r-~.T.77-r>~ ~~r: iililnniv—ai.-.i -.,-,„„ir,-77^Tm~~,—■ ~~~   ™——"
—'_*_    ,  ,-.....*..*      .nm      lIHIlVIUititlj
-as to tiie means o7gelting maeh'-i"
»-ry into il,,* district. It took us 'Jire'e
days to make the trip in f,-0n," 'J.-!-
ton to Akaniina, the u-ntre of excae
ment 111. Hritish Columbia. We found
evervtliing done bv the comnaiiy had
been, done will, the vim imd pus],
tharaeteristie of the American, 'lhe
r^noanv'..i.roil..,-ijr   ,*„   110w   iu   0)).;...
a lion   by   practical   nnd   exi-prienc-1
men    who have  had  experience,  bolii
ni Pennsylvania and Iiuliana.       'j-|..4V
state   the    prospi'els   are   good:   thev
have struck  the  liist strata  of     oil
e-i-ii-.- ,s-uid, it nrovln-r     verv snt's
fnctory. It has leen provt,, ,hat i],,,-0
fii'e ihree si.ata of oil karii.g sands
'« tins <liMncl • and ,*t ,H nnlyKn m;,t
Icr of a short <inie until Hritish t'ol
um Inn will have a produciuir well i\tr
Movn, the inannircr, was very coun-
1011s rnd -■xplgiu-d (he points1 of in-
U-ivsl in nn able manlier.. He also ,-ic-
romnnniid us to Oil Citv, where we
Z7 ^?»,clti%'ft">«slrics;  says
ot iS"* imttK I5xcI"l"fie. The Pil-
ot     ay^sirielter  will  be  blown   fn  i„
ihe ll- -S*7a,wl,,» fl week or two
JI". hrst z,nc smeller in Canada will
be 111 operation al F.ank, Alber',.7
i" lact, the concentrator at the lilnl »ay smelter has been in operaLi-m
for  several   weeks. ■•'•        - *.,'-.
Jit0t,i'l,   °f .tl,eS°-   'i"'sliU,lil«"-'*   i-epie-
suit   the  enterprise  of  the   Canadian
AMaIs eoniiiauy. n,e 7,ina sllIl.U(!r ,lt
1'iank* will  have   a capacily  of     (,o
tons   a  day. This  company   recently
I»"'c-hased  the old  Pilot Hav  smeller
und his transformed it into  a modern plant. Operating its own     mines
and  its own  smelters,   there   is        a
.niarked advantage to the coiapnnv in
ivntniem,   and   mi   e,*ua]   banefil   to.
Iu-,miner in mark-etiii" the output of
nm inni-V The Plan of  tin' company
'R  I" separale  (he lead   from        the
mc at   thr.- Pil„,   ItiU. !Jln,iUl,,.     n|1|.
coneentrator, thus produciuir zim* ore
Hard Times
In Cobalt
!'caU'.".UM^^ , S.;i,,"'n!ir '"lemploycci: men are loi-
■b .1 slnn.ping ground for f„„,.'. S'Jffi.^S1  '!u' h"",H,r »ik*     ",wl
Uotta res,   ,,:t the chilly bree   s o   nd 'tisilv 11,2        i'1     Kx|,crt cnrPc.ilors
■*'*-1,'ill>' '-'"' ■- -••■-•        ■   ■        " tH..1A-fil"1 ^"Dloytuent  at down conn
which will "be shipped to'Frank",™.!
he smelUd at  Pilot Hay
nil tii°u*1,y.tht;.zilIC ore is *Km*«
le f rl      >:i,t0  llimk i0r l«ati.J„i,
"it fact ,« that the smelling „f , JIL'
cal .0    ,i-       eCOmc's, "1<,re cco»""»-
tmi .uy is the ease as the siueHn.
-•'.Hires very Utile eoal or coke, *„d
is   more    advantageous    to   mat
them   as IlL>ar  Ul,  ^ ^      Jfi£
mi, .   ,.-l'0",ipn--y,    OWI,s   t,w   »l«t.-K«ll
ie   unoiu   eight   miles   fro,.. . Pilot ,
»a>    uloch-is hcin-r operated on such]
Lnl  .'.- "i  -1"   ri'uui'r,J   l]* -,«»l'loy*
Rfti-r.,1 other mmes in u,0 neighbor*
ood   nn,  being woikedhy  the  coin.
>*»). in this way « certain porfon
0 .tlu. supplv ior the smelter will he
obtained iron, their own mines, ami
su -soon as operations are well under
way, it is the intention w, buv le.id
and "/me ores in the <,,K.„ market.^
i lionil Hewn
1 1H..50 ,1 in Lv.
, \ 10'.47,, in
'.-' li 1*1 a in
'"! .-7.1.0 a ih
~' f< l?i l) m -   "~~
7..-1) Jim
10 0.1 p III AIT
lUllMii An*
' Head Up
Arr. 8.00 nnv
7 Or.' a m
.   5.02 a m
a •,-■
Having; leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Hand-
ley, 1 am prepared to do al]
kinds of Draying and Livery
*o *
Vou leave Fernie
Ki-cjf-ll fl.lfiiim
Sen tlle  ■      .. p..*-. n m
Vani-imivkii   I.v iftlpm
ai.l'aul . Lvio-Jd 11 m
lliiil.vesecii: -mukIiij.
and arrive Seattle,
toria or Vancouver
l-'or ilutiilloil  Infiii-niutl.in, l.nilh',.0.Br.
ValloiiH, el«,, call on nr iuMiuIh
II. b. lll.ACKB-|Y..\K',
... ,-uii ■ -■',,■-*• •;"* "...'»• iiiee/es 01 ni
vi sity slnvcr tl.e timbers »r the man
\\ln «oes ...oko. In th s land of mag-
nlicetu prospcctH all preli'ii.sions must
I» suppoited by hard cash. IliiHiiifNs
"icii hnd an active market, and hope
l'.V l'l'inglng to win, hut the common
working man sees liis suhstave.-, con-
sunied in high living e.Npcnse..| „,,,,
liiiils t.iue 1m.11 chasing every avail-
able Job, '
In the town of Colin It ti.dny    over
Drink Cures That
Kill Drunkards
n-v «.n.,.c   ,"•'-'•*'"•"■-  ui uown conn
Ji* • Iffr \, mt t!lu ivornKu mon trail
»i: his fortunes     norU.wnrd,    must
co .if well ]nmntl l()       .  , ■     ^
bound to become more acute as     the
«I«v» Pnigress, Already uppenls     nrl
or snin"" ,L'i ,,B("Y  l,> ",Cnl  n,ere^ ■
"wi home. Too 1mic|, m.llmiH cni|.
s , ' ° -,Vl'" ,l.° tl,n f,,"t "''.I Cobalt
'.•■ not 11 worldiigiiinri's country,
LpihIoii, May 7—"VIhio nre do/eii«
or sccrel (piai-k n-niedii'-- for Inebriety
•w tlie imirlcvt ul ||jt pntsenli 1110,
lii.-litwlni-li directly or indirectly ,„-,.
it ilnuftf/. 10 ihe public," -inid nu em
incut  liii'dk-nl  iiulhi.rlty  wnIi-kIiiv.
I'liolhe,-VI,'.I.   needs   U,e  skilled  ,-|,.
Kuiviitlim  of »  sMhi[  ,mMlUlllk.
I in tlruiikuiiiieHM. Yet it jH ,)M|y
iMti'lv llwi it has Imn •..illy recoji.
iil/i-il us 11 disease lo \u ireuied, ,,u,|
lot  inerely  i.n' ti*-«.,i„r-il Hhorlcomiiii;
I"   hu   coiideiiilied.
"When a woiiiun
h .tolil  by
,   ,       ,        ■ '        •»
■«.>■    •!)     pl.ll.IIIJ'    41   tllllkl,      U I
ir   tr lev,'   drn,i>..  nf  II,,,,1,1   !,, I
Improves.the flavor
arid atlrla to thc health •
Fulness of thc food
powder, or a- (,.v- dn.;'.'.*, „( ibj.'.j.'j Jj"
her hUNhand'N food she win produce
nn Jiiiiiii'iliiitu aversion lo alcohol and
can Mtinj-ly tiira him of inuiiipeiiilu
hnhlln without his kliowledKe, thu
U'lnptatlou must hu very slronrf, n
«..|.i.ini. i,.ii..i,   . . ■, . 1   . ■ '..
,  V***      "' ^      <1>    ik>4.    Vll»*
nicstic imliupitiness. Herein lies n
iii-rv Krnvc ilnn**cr.
"Secret quack icinedicN for iilci*
holism may jpuurally' Ih, divided ililo
two cliihses: (t) 'lhosc which i.ru
vxpeiisive, luiriiilcss,, hut useless, i.».,|
la) tliosL which nre exjKiisivc nnd trm
lain   poiNOII,
"Poinons are the moil valimb),.
wupoiis in a docior'n nnuon- tielu-
hi-,*- the ilnnlfcrnvin-i *" nlcolml i»,v
tii-ntH. One <»f the iiu.s.t fr^jmntly ii-i-
i-il i* MrychnfiNV which In medfchuil
Aomx is a riiiij*njliriiit tonic Inr body
ami iicrvvn. Aimiln-r r<in<ilv -;* ,WfJ.
ol uiimu's food by j|j,s wife or (ileitis
';'- ',|l,"n- ,mlv-*-'-> ""ty, aim lie.iuenily
'Iocs, lead in the, mosi „«,-„,„„ Ull,.
' "Look for uxitiiipk, what mu ,!»„..
tprn have to do. in miiiiu cases o|
iilcoholiN,,, it |)L,e„|,|t,N neitissary t„
uiliiiiuiHici- 10 Um iiulieiitsiich „n
aiiiouiil ol strychnine, thut iim ,,u..
Iiiiiuiary- symptoms <u uUl ,|r,|jj.s ,(iX.
if ui-tiiiii nm olisuvcil; In-«tlicr ww.w
Jill! llllill becomes sllj-htly po.so,,.. |
Wi'i «»l coiii-sc, 'rtiiow our niaiKiii (,f
hiili-ly, hut un iK„orallt wif ((IiX.
h'lis 10, eiiru u husband of diuuhn:*
ikss spiedily, may, in iiierensiiii* lhe
dose ol an liuknowit poison, ird | u.
V«md tliu snfety limit, Tina, and
ajSttin liiiyu lirmij-hl llieir vicllius lo
UlU Vi'lu-l Of (lie irrilVi. nnd id..., ,,,
loiu Iiuully IcnvliiK, thu held of thru
"••.-.il1;-*- .W .uh^.i Ulu tU||ll|, „,
»   'lualilied  man   lo  lM,ve   lii.riii.iK.--i
11 "III   lllllllKlllll-rlitcr.
p^^^L Irrecl^^Hancll    . €
* 1
— If'l*
tmporip; Victoria Avenue iff
1 ,     . —
JAVJNG  been appointed agent for the C.   13;
1    C.    Corset    Co.^   Ltd,,    Toronto,   a   lar^'
consignment of iheM choice, products  has ihis ^%
arrived.    See  model in the  window.-Also my   ianrC,|
consignment' of English Straw  Hats are nearly sold *
out and cannot be replaced  this season,
purchasers  must ■       .     ,    .  '   '
Intending \\
Call (Early
lo nvoid disappiinitiient; i -jfote.theaddress
**MMl*m*m*m*MM^aUM,—     ^ |
Mrs. Varty-Waggetl;
a ft
Jatnos tSovarn, ■    m "      ta     •.
'   ■' - ■   sVropriotoi
Well furi'il.shed rooms,  'i'lu's table is
the market uffonhi. The bu r in miiipllnl
Ii(|Uors mid ci-ynrs. |
RiippHcil wilh  the best
with   tin.   bei-t Wi,ltfi)
L Atkinson,
Smoke Royalj Seal Cigars.
Ncison, B. c.
^ ' " 41K.11-1. i : 5
* Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. *
rn«Nin, u,c,'
Blowers of JSxtra rino
Loiror Boer tind Aoratoi*
Wntors. Jtottlcd Goods
a Specialty,
We, B. C
fic0lr»SM,MV ,U"C l,tt! Cu»«'««n IMcl-
ic  Hiiiivay     N„„lllu..r  ,hm,  spi,,.,,,,,
iniinUnl Inst m.rv|w ||0lw M
lre.1 ami .Viiiu-niivcr with lon.piete
t-.|..l|.l..ei,t of coiiches, ilfm-rs, tourint
anil Mtiii.lui-d sl,(|H>r.N w,,« resiinn-d
llu- ilium Inn- i-oiiiieclion from t|„.
Crow's NeM leirilorv enjit „f j),,,,,
nunc iiud wim, „| lU-velMriki. will U>
lhe fiiioiiie iniin, Uie Iiupcr.nl him-
Unl. J. rom \nm-ouvi-r Ihe innj.||i|iivnl
f-S. IV.imss Vicli.riu uill iuja*
ih.- »hro.iKh trip to Scuttle vim Vic
 „. .„„„,„.,  „15K,,,- --  ,,„     »«»»*in.  HoaL service will  Im* r.-«i d
plum*, uhui, .„ fl,hmh;,r„ ;ril;;V.; *;«f «» *i«»f-«i «• %** coi.
llw impilH nl tin* ptm, crffltci t , " 'i '*u"lh- ^"l^"» ••»■'• Arm**
iiH-mloni. «t,in.t s1niuH.i^o..1-.K: wi?b I .^"r?- I^r"*1' I"™*-?' ** Van-
nn nvi-mlnn to nlc.hol, |)W|«», ,, ," '""Vpr *'" «',* "»» }lw Columbin rlv,r
tMe in cnmulatj,,,.., and fl* .Ul-S ' IT.4? .FT■{* '"*M "'  lH "»' m,] T'M
lt*  al 7 4* ilmlv. inrliidin* F;in.-liv. '
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wluil.snie Deithis uud Direct Impoil-
llTS   of
AMI) HOM.AN'1) (5J.V,
SCIIMTZ ui<;i<;i{,
iSole Aj-ctiiM in Ciiimdu fur
WimUiii     Ti,...,-,      jaK     Dcsiroyrr. .
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :
COMMliKflAI. Ml-.V
*f   Proprietor
ChoirrM ctiii of fti>h int-at* slw.ivn
in liind,
llnniN. bi mn. and UtA *% «i(|
All kiiuN i,( rif-.li l..li on u-fetoii.
riimipt   ihliiiiv,
■-•i'i   us at.ill. .
Tl-.l.. IV
i      ^ —,-L-*"t'"-11 ■■"■■'   ill
mti. Mlmii    -    .    .    t,**ttorm
Terim;*- til |^r month, villi bath K8
ftAUTU-'Tr 1IOLSK.  fonnrrly tU
i* v•l'-,',rk, .thr '*** ,( " •'««' '"•«'•'
m .Vlu.u. uhU *hit« lu.),, unloved V^'R.^i;-'.bEDGrR.'rn^N.
-C. MAY    g,   iijob
-'   *YANCE. -- ," A-'V/j-  \<
issued- everv Wednesday from, thi!, of-
, Ti«*-ot    Publieatibn,    Todd Block,'
■; Victoria Ave;.' Fertile,, Hritish, Col;
■*; --'uwhia-.'        "*'"*    "'
»-. V. MOTT '  .7
imi C. MKIKl.lv,
_. Editors
wiskes' to use it o',\ lawns must
"!'oie-season in.-advance'and can
ly-iise it bet>.veeii 6-and 8. p., in.
Thesis ate a 'few, of the disaliilities
ih.it  l't-rnie, laborS. under.     . ' ;<'
ccii-** ft permit   .and    pay    for     lhe
,, .   THR-REMEDY..        .    /
-  After- Kadiiij-  the. editorial  in    Ike
- Fie*Press fast  week  we were^sei/.ed~,
- wiilic "-'a    vioknt'   'attack "bf "inetr.al
.<■ ..nausea.- The ' antidiliiviain - ni'ossbact
who penned die article .must have the
,li.'*-,iu-''of a jollv-iisl. .and lika a tnotl-
" era, Rip -Vwi.v\Viuklo has prolynbly just
-   awakened,   -from' ll'' sleep'of twenty
vftari. lo expound the. obsolete views*.
of',ati ancient epbeli, unaware of  "the
"   progress" llie  world*'hivsniade   wliiU
na sMorvd  in* llie" arms , (if;). MorpheiiK
-'   "il'hat-   any   M'U-respuctin'j-'newspajier*
jirofessiHp-" to represent tktt public ,op-
, ;in'im'of.j** iWeutielh century lioiiunnn*
jiy -.iioiild. scorn lhe idea, of iminiei*
j>rij owuer.-diip-of water supply'partii--
iilarly under the 'existing- unbearable
yircunislaiiees stagers the intellect.
tint if-we cast our eyes iiaek over lhe
e.mrSe. pursued ' by-, the Free ' Prcms
• -.iuce. the'; water-.,a");reciai!nt 'was stij;-
Rcstcd wo liiid .thai the heigh t of its-
ambition was to fasten it upon lhe
people. If tliiy* Agreement had stood
tk«   people "ol'"Fernie  would        hnve
- KiuulcA and sweated under a life- of
■jveary bondage to the watei company,
far'ten years and for. oiifght lliere
PQ,* in'the agreement to prevent .J t
llie octopus could--have played fast,
apd loose with lhe rates as Ihey are
'■'.,  po-.v"" doiiis'-   Hut,   thank   heaven,   we
'      ale   free   and   the   ratepayers   of   Fete'
•■'p cal} now de\ole themselves        lo
".' ., Si-'ekiujj a remedy for lhe evil. * W.itlj^rfi
,-'    -Ulelity   lhat   is' touching  the   editor
y    qI (.he  Frpc'   Press    lauds the Waiter
,'•    company   lo  lhe  skies  and   iuliinutus
.. that ths city is ruined and possesses
■in cretlil in the money market;' and
iu other ways knocks ihe 'owii lo the
advantage of the water company, of-
|eri*g  its "sound business judgment''
as  a guarantee ,of  lhe , foolishness ol
"    Hiunicipal ownership. We'believe, how
pver,   that   the   people   ol   Fernie "are
•'" m.lde   i.f   lhe   r-i'gli l' stufli   and    "-wlrih
.1* the past Ji'-y tmve r»". it'4' A "'•'••*
Ui'inv   iucoiiveliiciKcs  and   lost   many
* tbouliands, of dollars from  the failure
*-*-..l rtUe  water companv   to provide a
"proper water supplv(.the gauntlet-ha*-.
l)H*n. thrown, down  and  the issue be-
:-|oytf us todav 'viu,ijii--ipal-1'ownership
of  water supply. , ,
ATo U i.r not io he-^llial's tire, hues
- ■ tion, *  ■ ■■'
*H*lieliie'r it  is .nobler in" the-mind  to
'' viiffer lhe slingi" and arrows of.out-
ragefius fortune
Or lo tak«-np aims ag«>"!*t a P«i-of
.'(fciidby opposing, end .tlicni."	
rt~TT_Let ms. lal^~"ai"m7r^"aiusl~ this-sw
..st troubles, fijjht'theiij with lite good
. t'AA   weapon,  inuiiieipal   ownership;   a
."We'upoii. against which, alj-the  forces
'   of Corpora le influences have time, and
• fcs-ain gom' down ,to defeat; n wcap-'
'•«tt> Iiuvim; -behind' it the tremendous
• 'iiriituuce  of  -popular  approval,  which
iu> city council con lose niucli bv
. euiplnving and armed wilh *• which
- 1ii-y must follow on to certain vic-
' ti.rv.
. Yellow journalism iu the United
States, with, all its limits, has u perhaps. ' done, as much good in the
UnitedStales as Andrew Carnegie
vvitlf all. his 'money.
, The high priest ol" yellow joiiiual-
ism, William Kaii(lf.ilph Hearst, 'is a
iiiore'powerlul and perhaps more useful iijiitre than Andrew Carncj;ie,._i.he
hijrlu priest  of plutocracy.
The millions ol \V. K. Hearst were
Won liom..llie clutches ol lhe... eat th
by  the  senilis , ol Tiis -lather.
The millions of .-Andrew Carnegie
were won from the em.brace-of opportunity by the genius nf himsell.
?WThc millions'that build libraries u"e
not more usefully employed than ' lhc
millions, which lound newspapers', IhaL
•with all'their imdesir-fble seiisalioiinl-
ism', 'thi.ir liunuui faulU aiid fniliiijjs.
are  honest.
Canada need not echo-Andrew Cnr-
nej-it's prayer othal this counlrv mav
■ le delivered from the evils of vellow
joiirnalisiii. •
Canada with iis jourualisin of
hiuij;.. conveiuioiialiiy, and pink and
white"'platitudes, or its corporation
owned,' partv-bossed press, has developed * ii varittv of'tvpical Cnnadi-iii
'journal that is nol fit to black, the
bvx.ts ol ii.llc-usl newspaper—Toronto ' Te.'-j-rain."
'ilu* writer of the above editorial
evidently - had lhe Kernie Free',?)
Press in mind when he penned il.
.Vancouver, World.—
Udilers' are  approachinj;  a  serious
crisis  at   lhe  coal   iiiiuint;  luwii    oi
'■Feruie,  where  Uie Crow's  Nest Pus?'
.Coal company seem disposed to car-
■ ry  lUinj-'i*. -with a  hjj;li liuuil .-.Since
'jjicurjioration the cilv has been plunj.
cd iii ii'state of almost constant tnr-
'mi oil and agilatiou, due to the fact
i,J at company claim        i>i -
rft-r -their.charter rijrhln.-which cvi.'
IH-teut auihority suy.s- uro not rj-jhi-*
*.t allbuireaUy wroiiKS, for ihey iu-
y*d« thu public interest and impose,
cha rues tipoii .liif people that ure al
i^si ivieroti*. if not ruinous, Over a
fi*ar" a^o (.he citv wius eunaucd as de
Irudauts in a lawsuit wilh .tlie II. C.
•felephoiie' ' Compnnv which cost the
city .-.loo and with finally resu't ,d
i'H the eiiy pnyiiij; all cbsBT and
/iiini-iiii]- over the telephone charter, lo
ihe coul coiiipiiuv, the coal compuuv
ji'liviuij^alrc^ily the rijrlit to build lei-
fphouo lines where they pleased, The
•j-fitiilioji itsujud in the II. C. Tele-
phone cijiiiiiiinv withdruwinu -from the
,'eld, I/iiSt'Aujfiisl a h.v-lnw was p-js*.
eii 'bj*'.' I lie cily iiuthori'fnj-- the bor-
lowiiijf of l»f'0,ooo for the purpose of
p'liitiiil'- in n wattr mynleiu. On nc-
.biuil of -.inn.; leihukitl points in rc-
C^id lo cotinji the coul coiiipni.c
lno>'cd In nunsh the by-law nud 1.7
eil-jC. rciio-{ni-/iii**- its possible, .Invalidity, 4i;reed lo lepciil it. lu Oct(.l."i
Ud certain ntcinlurs ol lhe council
who hud been lioldii.-; null ituiiiusl
lln, Iw^iiilenieiils of llie compnnv s-.i.l
iknlj Hopped mul the'council sub
luilli-d lo th- .people an ii|*reeiiienl
liy-luw wJiich -fii". most unsiilisfac-
lory; hut by pe'iMouiil elloils on llie
purl ol llw conl loiiipniiv uud he
ilirenii thev niuiiii^i'il lo s.'i'iiie u mil
jorilv, hut nol n,'iliiTi<.liltlii one VI i
most objiclioiiiiblu leuinn* in llu-
•i^ivi'iiii'iit wus u I'laiisii thut tl.e
i ati'l* -.oir.pn.iv would sill mil nl il"
.•ml til len ei'iiisilh.it purl ol llieir
■'rlJtil wiihin tlu* cilv limits, !• I
would nol I'l^.ee al tl.e end ol thai
linld to keep nut ol' tht' witter l.usi-
iif'ss within'ii ind-flis i*f Iwo inlle<*.
*fii shoit, Ihev wiiuld toiiliiiiii''sup-
plyiinj west I'Vniii! or any other arc*
11011*1101 iu the cilv limiis nnd there
Man UOthini! to preieiil.tluiii nllcr dii
i..i,M:(i^ oi ihi ii *.,i*.i4in, .'..nn iiiin'iim
in iii-w maiiiH und conUiuiin^ lo sup-
pl.v llm trtnii, as ihev would Ktill p.'
Iuin I heir reservoir ami i oiuui tir. •,*,
wilh tin: ni'iiici-. oi supply. The iinree*
uiriil hv-l.iu- lias, on iipplicullon ol
;i i.ilrp.ivti i M-t rt*iiW. VA .»4i.".^'i»i iri
Iiii; on llu- ground llml il did nol
rtitxv* » lliivi-riltliH vole, Tin- 4,'i'in*
puny lliiii invnilcd llm editorial col-
Mini" ol lhe I'milr Vive Prosk and
tliroil-jh thnn i-jliorltd the council lo
up prill ilu* ciiii*, ihreiitctiiiii! the ril*
i/rm wilh diie fniiiillit'i if Ihev* (nil*
nl tn comply with the th-iimud nml
vowiim that thf water riiU<» woiiht
hr raiiirrt iw ronMipu-iui* ol \be lily'n
Imst-Jlit-f.      Tlir. rates, whttli     ware
lliru Irinn 7.VK*- l«« r*-''' «"« 'l,-^'
Ifa-tH is olher towiix ol • .MttiiUr
kwr.tiKVi/ now lietn t-rrallv Jncr*ra*;tl
*ti that nn ordinary lioniehoMcr will
V** mtAiW p<o * vt»r for wmtrrtor
i.i4ik.t«|i   kouxfhold  l.iu.iOMS. The
fir* lirifjib *tr not mllnwril in nw
WjU.I1'lor pr4itlet niul (u ni<a>H of
(.it* rtcb hydrjiil u-4*t«l will I* iharc-
ti lor nt th* r4t* o| fio «n liotiror
fiiriioti thfttof. , Tlirrr i* tut
<\\i*nt*my ol v*i*t but wiyont wko
■ Thc-conllaj-ratibii is' raKinjr fiercely.-1
in ih' ('.(Joined building; no water is
in sii-iil. People are wriiij-iiijr their
ht,ii(> ' in despair. At this juncture
-.no lilt!. hri»aile„ headed by Baldry
'ii-aih a hvdranl wilh the hose to
litui ai- ollicial of lhe water companv
Mllinj; on it loaded to the leetlu
"Hack," cried the valiant hero, llour-
i-,liiiijj liis six-shooter; - "who draws
one tliop of-water, draws blood. 1
am instructed, to notify you, ijeiivlc-
nu-n', that oui terius are $;o.oo_ per
hour'or Iraclion thereof, for "each
hvlraiit used, payable always in acl-
yi-.nct. Our representative, Johnny Wil
Jiaius,-' is here lo' collect same, n'i-\
will vou-kindly sift) an aj-reemiiil to
abidO'V the re-gulatioiis imjioscd liv
|jy-l'aw No".."*"*'' It was a hold-up but
iii> time was lo be lost, so after.' '.he
cold casli had' been handed over llw
brigade was allowed lo proceed- at
least  this lnij-ht  happen' soiiuitiiu.'.
^SPRINKLES.      „
The Free Press -'soak--" Fire Chief
Tiiltle for'know in» nol hill tr about ihe
situitioii at" lhe Gicat Northern  fin-
Will  it kindly e-xijlain how the    iuc-
'fi'-rlii injl ,'hres   iu   "-his   town      .,whei<
•he. water,company  won't  allow  the
...rijjiidu the use of the-hydrants, Sim-
.lv  hecaiis-e     yoii    don't like  a m.iii
Free Press," is a poor reason far   blam
mr hiiii for ihinjjs beyond his hoav-.-
;o prevent,  Place the, blame wheve if
Ily-law No. ,"* .has been spriui"! } 1'"
• ,!i the citizen), -of, Fernie, and ihey
.ire now awaitinii the fear liiid if-'-oy
lilinj.   ihe     appearance
■ow production is distihetive amonj;
lhe jieiwral run oi railway, jlileralui'u.
The > coveri.- .immediately -catch " „' thi.
eye wiih orUuial adornments,*.prom-,
nuut among ihem beoijj Chinese ideo
graphs'■ sij'.iiiiyiiijr *'loti-j» life '' ".aud
lii-tppiuess.'1 This*' • adornment. is one
which appeared on5 tlie robes' of the
"Prince Tsai Tse, "nephew of the em-
pres.s - dowager- of Lhina, on his recent \isii, to America. The fact* that
he and his suite travelled across America ou-the Oriental Limited makes
it especially appropriate that this de-
Mj.ii should appear'on this latest fol^i
er (les-.iiptivfe of iliil Oriental l,im
id. The covers are dark olive, -the
leiterin--_ being gilt., uml Vermillion.
The .lolder* whoir exte'nded'.is about "a
yard * in length, - Extending clear
across; the inside ])iiges is a l'opo-'
graphical map showing in a striking
iiiaiiiu-r the character of the country
traversetlby the Oriinlal i.iui'ited
On the satiiL pages also jis a large 'diagram Slewing the airatigeineiit ol
all ihe cais which make up this1 superb train, together with a photographic reproduction of the train! in
motion, 'lhe other pages are taken1
up wilh de.*-,eripiive matter relative
to lhe 4>t|iiipiueiit together with '*■ interior views of. the train, These lure
all in colors giving an accurate 'hli-a
i.f lhe  luxurious furnishings. \
, P.OYCOTTS   IM.KOAI/.      '
Toronto   Iileiallic   Rooling   CoiiipAny
Wins. Appeal.1 < «
Toronto, "May o.—A judgment which
would seem lo lmve a significance for
trades „ui.ioiis throughout Canada,
was delivered this morning by the
divisional court-and signed by'Cha'n-
cellor ltoyd, Jiisiiiti Ma'gee and Jus-
lice Meredith. It dismissed with nil
corns llie appeal entered by local"union No yo of thu Amalgamated
Sheet* Melal'Workcis against a judgment given by .Justice "MeMahan on
a verdict of the jury awarding- £75*00
and costs to llie Toronto -Melal Roof
ing  company, )
•■The company- was embarrassed 'in
business two or three vears ago by! a
boycott or the members of the 11111*011
opui or-closed shop.- As the .unison
was not a corporate bodv the/olUccj-s
we.re .\uA by llie company, who got
c'uii'.cipieiit to a disagreement 'its'lo
jiidgmeui. The union then appcalei,
anil ihe case has been in the- courts
ever", since. Their lordships find thit
1 oycoltiug  is   illegal. ' 1
inner of
Hamilton',''Out'.,    May 7.—William I from the outset that he  would win.-
Sheriing, the winner ol the Mara-'
tlion- race in the Olympic games al
Athens, is a Hamilton boy, who all
his life" has-been devoted to athletics
That he should' have won the Marathon race is not lo be wondered at
when*it is considered that Hamilton
is the cily where all Canada's great
long distance'mailers have been com--
ing from during tlie last few years,
including CalTrev, who won lhe "Marathon-race in llo'sion, which is over
a distance of- a.-j miles, for two succeeding years. 7 Sherring has run in
this -race, and hiis come second to
Callrcy. , , '"7.7
, Sherring went to Athens by himself and weiit in for six weeks' hard
traiiUithcre He* wrote'lo his old
Iriciids. lo sav he was mil afraid ol
the native runner's, lml feared the
Americans who''would probably have
several men in the Mace lo make the
pace for Ihcir best mnn. lie said the
.course was 2(1 miles, anil was a verv
hilly   affair,  hut  expressed  the  hope
The training came very hard on him
on account of the great'heat and the
glaring  whiteness  of  the  roads.
Sherring- is ,27 yours old- and \vas
boni and raised,, in- Hamilton.- He' is
of, medium '.build and* thin, 5 feet. 6
inches Call and weighs 322 pounds,
and looks like a distance runner. lie
has. been at the game about seven
years and has always figured prominently.
Iu 1900 Sherring ran second to
Caffrc.y," aiso of Hamilton, in • the
Marathon race of 25 miles at lios-,
ton. The. winner's time was 2.4I.**.i!j
.Slieri-iii" was a long distan**" in-the
lead* in this race when lie fainted on
"th-.. road and did not revive for eight
minulcsand finished second.at lhat.
' Sherrinn's - record includes a victory in the Herald's road race, whicli)
in Hamilton is convincing Drool of
trrcalncss, He , captured this event
three years a-ro, lv.it since llicu*- has
not paid much attention to road rac-'
Brain Surgery   7   '
Surprises Surgeons
'New   York,   May  j.—Cora  Wilson, f wound of such Extent before Ihu
of No,        <\
wl'iieii is said" to govern the beer sup
iv. Any restrictions on this necessity ol'life-will goad (the people lo v<-
nl.. nee. H/waic!  Have a carol
Wc would suggest that *L|ic water
•onipnny increase the salary of our
worthy friend, the.cdiloi ol tlie Free
Press. He is working like, a Trojan
for the good of his patron and his
efforts ought lo l«! substantially recognized., .'
Water!   water     ever**whore;  S10   I'*-'
livdniiit per hour or fraction there if.
It would he interesting to know
what 0, 0, S. I.indsev p«y«' I"-''
tveter in Toronto, where Unit'mud
docs not "run down hill bill hns to be
pumped up nnd filtered IkIdiii H >**
lit lo use.
The lirsl      report  "of   the  £alg;ar
clearing house is'surprising, Vcryfe"
people expected' to find  tliat ut.AW
outset  it  would  lake  rank  with" H
.lohn, N. 11., London, Out,, niul *Vj
loria, IJ.  C.j  all .'important coin'niei'-
cial  cbi-.tres-in   Canada.   Even, aiiibij
lions l-lamiliou. wilh its larger pop};
illation,   mimbering   now   nearly--66,1
000 does j-ot exceed the first clear inj}
■ wwk at  Calgary  by  pipre* than   ;a
cpiarter- ol ,a  million,  111  U)P UiiiUul
-S t-atcs-t hcre-ai a-a bont*-U| i!iy„eit-ie-l,
■lhat   make   regular   clearing   riituni!
'.md. do  not  average  as  high-ns' tlu.
■standard  set  by   the  first   week      o|
Calgarv's'  figures. .The   measure.      olj
loiniiiereia!  growth  which   is indicat-j
ed   bv-bank  clearings,   will,        serv-J
to shov how the'new ci<ie,<- of west-i
ern   Canada'  are   vapidly   gro^'iR' Jilt"
10 t'Liitrcs ol  great importance, lllt'f
deiitailv these returns will fitno -.box-*
th.il lhe .settlement of the broad pral^'
rics     of the west' i.s not  mere boiv.iv
known also" as'Cora. Hall,..-discharged
yesterday from the'surgical ward of
Uellevtie 'hospital, physically -restored,   mentally .improved., . '
On the morning of March 2,,a man
who «had hidden under thc woman's
bed," slruck" her twice on thc left side
of the head wilh a butcher's cleaver.
Thefirsf blow laid open the scalp and
cut into the skull. .The wound exijul-
'id'five inches from the. angle-of lhe
eve along lhc,si(le of the head abo\e
llw ear 'lhe second blow was almost, parallel-with the first and the
same ^'iiglh.,. The snace between the
lwr> wounds was a .quarter of au inch
and both pcncfralcd the dura mallei
or external 'membrane of ithc braiii . .
Whin .lhc ambulance surgeon saw
the injury ho -made haste to get the
woman lo the, hospital, bnt without
hope that she' would ■ live to reach
thc ic." She; hot onlv lived, but rc-
main-.d conscious, and was able ^.to
Ull how >h- was attacked) which was.
an' extraordinary ' circumstance,. for
exaiiiiiii->,ticiii revealed an injury , to
"ihTr**ii"*rr-veTcciitreS'"wliTeh—utc— supposed*
loAo-ilrol  speech.*
None of lhe operators had* seen'   a
llu stood in the hall at mldui-;hl,
lint the cloplj wan, not striking t'.ie
l-'t.r his careful hand had stilled it,
' lire, lhe storm had time to liwir,
lie said 11s the stairs he -cH.iiliw'.rin.it
"A hem 0} labor I'm like—
I'or in rely  this night   1'vt av'ji-.^il
A   most  dlstnslroiiH  strike,
—Ili'uH Klvcr Tlini-s.
In miswer to a inieiv, Ilurry, former
Iv the Eiiglixh exu-utioncr, Klules
..hut nol ol lhe [)>*> pel sons he has
luiiifrcd wns 1. loiiil nhslnlncr. Now
will  \un  keep sober,-l.oldeii lUur,
Ci.u'l do it whlh. lhc present wili-r
I,.lis uie  in  lorce,
The I'dleijl govei'iiliiciit lias pin*
'/libiled llu; Appeal 10 Reason Irom
Koii.g through the Ciiiindiun limils.
The Stiir does nol know why the
iii|ni wus prohibited unless il was
(or ti-lling  lhe  liiilh-t'ioldeii l*.liil-.
I.ii.t Sui.diiv nt N'fw West in inslt-r,
)>(,iioii poiindii ol iiieithiinilise wns
lyifkril nnd shipped to Sun' l-Vnii'cls-
10, If the Suiidi.v obsi-n-inii-e bill wu*.
in (nice New .Westminster citl/.-ii-*
Mould now be in 'nil for doing thai
"ml of ihuritv," on Sninhiv, The
|,our,s l).iv •illiuiu'i- bigois would ru-
ll\i mi j**»/'.?i <;•' Jo»«j;ii' lh..n ih-
iiii-dv uork 011 the Salduith.- (.ohh-ii
Stnu «••        ■'
A imill stopped us on lhe direct III.'
nlhi'i   (by   and  said   we  do  not pnl"
On'il    IH   lin.   Vh'OiS.   V14    isiiii*.^! >4>'*
i.ot.  Ill Uil lirsl |-|ai,r, thereV noiii'
Iih1v"i-1m;   lep.ndiiig on us for 11 *i«-
in*,'- If we published .ill thai happen
nl we'Would I* wilh tin- angels.  Iu
01 del   to .pIciiM*   the |K.'ople we  must
infill onlv the Hire 'thini** said i.ImiiiI
(hem   mid  le.-nr  the  rosl   lo goi'lp
Vi-., its a fiul, wc don't piiul     ..11
lln* ne**!*,  II wc did, wouldn't  il  Is*
i.pii-\reading?   Hutj il   would    hi-   mr
i.iie w<-tI< onlv.  The next  week  'li'i
would It- muling ovir obituarv     ami
thin  would If it? tu-w fare In htuj-'t
All the newti i* all right when it if*
alv.nl lln*   nlhcr   Irlloiv.  —Kulianj;-*.
'•Tlw <litrnl.it I.imil.d" is Uu till.-
ot ll fohhr inst UmikI I.v the l>u««-
vn«rer «f«-p^rinirni ol lit* Ctc.-it Nor*
tlirtn ruiliciv, il-M-rlnUvf of llial
vricV traniconliMiital    train.     This
tugs   lor  the  v/i'Uk  Piirfi»K   -\P.ril   ?S,'
were   5SSi*">,-207.   A-
Good for
B, C. Lumber
    ... " Vfliicouver,   Way   -,,—Local   luiuber-
Uilk, ,.ut ^tual fact. The tota.l clear\ mel,   ari.   reported   to   be   in   a   very
' *•     '    *■*'*•'   oS    good position to bene(U by'UW'Uiod-
ij(cVr(iBii of tlit.! 'United "Stales liscal
hi\VS W'i.U'll adiiiits ot Ciiimdiaii „luni-
'fiet being.'sent to California free, of
July at present', .1, R. Emerson is
lJakiiig arriingciiieiits to load lumber
di co.il  boats    from     the Nanaimo
xp^; '     1     '
T(iti efjfecl, of  Uie new opotiilig     of
l]i) lumhov "'u-ii'do .gctienilly cannot
hilt bu beneficial, considering that
f„)eij-n Ixmts'urc not allowed by the
censliiig laws' to" ship from Hound
-jio*.iis to Kan l-'riuieisco, and Unit
tiring to- the high -rules prevailing
<J|erV, linii'Jiil-'* COtl hi; fiin-ied fi'oiu
(i'-il-isli Ciiliniihltt ports lor ?*■ x\_ ton
1..,.,,   ii.,..,   r,.,M,.   tin,n.i   Stniiml   noi
cleaver, had gone though'the bones of
the skull like ii sharp* knife \ would
Ihiough  cheese. ■ t
As the exploration proceeded- the-
surgeons had the experience, of see.ng
a living brain exposed. The brain
'substance at" tlie, extremity of ' the
wounds had not keen penetrated, bin
the heel"of lire cleaver had ruptured
llie lrontal lobe; and there was a
visible hemorrhage, from that . important  part.". ,-,       '
-Removal of the sliver of bone created by the two blows was the first
step. The" iissure left by the excision
was loo long and too wide lo admit or. any! externa! covering, being
used, ,so the scalp was' returned to
ill- place, stitched, and bandaged, and
when Cora Wilson re turned to consciousness tlie onlv-protection her brain
had at  the point'of  injury, was  the.
skin. ■,',,.
...Av \ho end pf thc third week in tli*>
hospilal  her vocabulary;  limited apparently when,she .was'first able,   to
intelligently wilh the nurses., She rc-
meinbeivd with vividness all  the circumstances proceeding the assault, upon her', skillfully evading answers to
(.uestiops   \vliirh   would   explain   the
causes which led to it.  She was .distinctly  a   chniigcd   woman   mentally
bui  tliis  phase   of.the  progress
not   interest  the   surgeoos   and
had no  record of. il,
'. Lei ii-i make you a fancy vest
from one "'^ Uiose choice new .patterns. Come in nnd-sec them. J. Carmichael,   tho   tailor,
Carmichael, the tailor, has. just
received the nobbiest slock of tweeds
lor spring suits rind overcoats ever
hi ought to Kernie,
"Mrs, Wnggclt. fVurlv) has just cip-
eii.'ii 11 Ju-rgp anil new assortment of
linen and Invvil silij't jyaist.s and dress
ing jackets,
A hotel   that, furnishes  <|u!**i  ..oiu-
modious accommodations for its pa*- iVkh' thnn  froin  l'.iget   Sound  points
Irons is a source of pleasure to   tho*   '[y^ .,-; means thut the price     of
travelling public, Hucli n one is the
King. Edward Hotel, of Kernie, corner op-visile the post ollice
lumber iu this province will advance
ami that every*, miil 'in .tlm province
that can do so will get-after- .   the
M. Mctiileiibcrg, Af. A- ?■ 0„ rl, (husimsslo be done in Sun l'l-nncisi-o
(e!ehr(,,U-d ocullHt-opticfiiii, will .iR-iin-'WooM W^ wMl >»*?- nuiumg. ui|iht ami
be nt llleasdeir.s drug Ktot-e Hnliirdny^hiY ti -jiiiWy. Ull* .lle'»,v,V'.""V„.!"
IMuy 10, Now is your opporlniillv 10
have your  tves attended to by 11 it>-
|i|lble and experienced specialist.
■Hep pa ce wilh' lho dent iuul ill Allwr*
liAwill tax the Moitntiiin mills to
their, fullest  capacity.
O—O--O—O—O—-Ci— o—o— o— 1— ^—Ol—o-
lie kepi his soul unspoilt:.1,
As he went upon his wnyt
And he tried lo do. soiut*. service
Kor ('.oil's people duy'by ihiy.
We Iiml time, to cheer lhe doubter
Who iiiiiipliiinei! ihnl hope  was deiid.
He hud lime to help the cripple 1
Minn  the, wny .was rough abend;
lie Iuul  time  lo  guard  the  orphan,  und
due, Will siit'slicd
"With ll.e (iih'iits Cod Iuul' givili him, hv i'1o:<
ul his eyis uud died.
He Iuul lime lo sec the beiiutv
Thnt lho Lord hud spieiu) nroiintl;
lie liu-l lime lo henr the .music
Tn lho stielhi the children fnund;
IIi> hnd llnii' to keep i-epcnlliig
As l.e bravely worked nwny:'
'•It Is splendid to l.e living
In the splendid.world loduyl
.'.•-I I.-.*'. "eii-Js   lhc iroii-iU  tlmt  hurry
After I'oldeti prl/t"i--Milil
Tlmt he never had succeeded.
When lhe clods Inv o'er his hiiid -
lie Iuul divuillid~".Hi' wns     11  fiilluic,'
coi.ipiisy.loiiulelv. sighed,
Notice is hereby liiven that- Ul"t
court of levtoi'u- ^11,1 \\o\\\ i\» niV"ml
sitting on Jlnndiiv, May 28th*.^oh"
in the court house, Kernie, 11. C.. at
ti p. 111.
Dated fit I'ernie, II. C, this 1MI1
day or April, iyo(i.
7    J. W. NUNN,
Citv     Clerk.
Coal Prospectingr Licenses
NOTICE U hereby given tliitt,. 30 davsarter
date, I intern! to Hpply to the'Hon. Chief
Commissioner of I.aml-i, and "Woria.for a
license to prospect for coftl and petroleum, for
a term of one.vear. ovnr'the followiintde^eril)
ed lands, all of -vvhieh^are situsite imoiil fornr
purt of Block 4,5:i:i, Kast Kootenay  1 i.ttriet;-
l". Commeneinj* at a pi^t planted about, one
nnd one-half miles west of tbe sum 111 it of the
Honky Mountaiiis^nd al.out three lnil.is north
of the Xorth Kootenay Pius trail, iiinl'iiljont
midway hotween " tlie north ami middle'
brunches of Sago Crcck.iind about hall a mile
west of the l.eail-of the valleys wlicru ihey
have their riiic, and mnrkeil '•Kiiinels M.
llatteiilmi-.v's South-\\est L'oruor Po»t"; tlicnco
nortii SWclmiiis; thenee cast SOehaiiis; lli.'iice
south 8:1 cliains; thenee w<".*.t S;t cluilnstn lho
place of evimnicnceiho.,t, anil niit excoeilli-.!'
041 acres. ,■,-*-" - '
.- l.ocate.l and dated the 22n;l day of Mured,
l'MJ,     -       -   v   - '.     "A
Francis M.Ilaitcnb'nry, l.oi*:ilor,*
.1  (}. fiordon, Agsiit.   '
1. Commencing at a post planted sor.tli of
and uiljoiiiiiij*- Francis M, lliiltiinlinr.v'o-oriii'r
pout, and marked "Florence M. Itut'tuiili-tn%■***■
Norlh-'*e.*t   Comer  h.st";   tlieiii-o  miiiIIi ' Kl
cliuins'; thenco (;ast S.ichains: {heiimnoi'th
80chains; tlicnco west, sii-liaina to tlm place ' \V. It, Ross
of   uonfmeni-L-incnt, 'Hint nnt   uxeemliiit; Ul*l
acres.       .    „     .   ,  .        '■ *'.       \
I.oenleil and ilatod the S*!nil iliiv otMin-eli,
1!) HI.
Fl.troni'a E llutton'iury, l,o-|i|lorl,
.1. U. Oordon, Aiiuiit, '
' .1. Ciimmuiiciii;; at. a.n-.f, .i'int.,i 1 woih of
and tul)niitiiiK l-'i*an,*u M Katt.s.l.urv'.i c.'.rnov
pint. a. ilnutrkuil "ii A Holland's South 0:1^1
ciirocr l'osl": thenu.i \M,t Sichaim ;lh,!iii*tf
north Kichains; thmico oa^t si iilmiiu; tlionoo
south 80 chuins to tlm placu of commencement
und not oxcecdinK .i'0 aero-s -   .•
Located uml iltiluil the1 L'L'nd day i.f .Viui-'1
iikm-,, , .-    ,   .        :
, t     * C A llolliiml, bofiito'r   '
■ .1 H liorilnn, Atteiit
1 Cn'mini'tio.lni; at 11 post nluntu,) s'ouh of ami
ailjolnintt (J A llolhiiid's coi-nor ini.t,, and
marked "llcatrice Al- llnllainl's Nnrtl1-11a.1t
Coinur I'nst" ; theuce'soiilh »i chit Inn; thence
44-e.st. 80 chain**; theiice'noilh WI ehains; thence
oast.Hiichiiiiis to the placu uf eiiiniiiniitDiiiuiiti
u*»il not uxectHlinii Uli. iici-i-k.   v    ■•
I.oratcil nud ilale.l lhc,-'2nd dny ofMaich'
llXtll. '        -'    ;
llcatrice M^ Holland, bocn'oi*
, .1 0 Oordon, Agent '   -
i*. 'Commencingat a post planted iilumt. two
anil one-half miles ivest of thc suiilinlt of thu
Rocky. Mountains,, and about, tlu-en" - miles
noilli of the North Kootenay Pass trail, and
near the junction of the north anil mi Idle
branches of Sa«c' Creek, and mar lied "A, It
Wolfenduii's "North-cast Corner Posi." ; tliunce
south SOchains: thence west Sicilians tlu'iicc
norlli 811 chains; theiicocast SOclniins to thc
placo "of commencement, and not oxi-cedlug
Located-and dated tho 22iiiUday of .March,
llK'.i, ' -      '    .     .
'A It .Wolfeiulcn, Locator
..I G Gordon, Agent
, 0 Conunencini; at a post planted iiliont one-
mile west, of A RrWolli-ndcn's corner |.o.*t and
marked "K A U'oll'umlen's Nor.h-cnut (.'orner
Post"; thence sunt h SO chains; thenco west. (j„
chains; tlu-iicu noilli'tnii-liitins; themccast. A
chains to thc placo ul' ccmmciiiciiu'til, ann
not eXL-cediiut UU) itures.. --|.   ,
1 Located nnd dated thc SSiul iln vol March
ivm!. '    -  . ■'- ■
K A WoUciuhn, Loralor
■       .'.I Ci  ('jorduii. A cent
7- CommonclnK at apnst. plantod nliout one
mile wo»l of K A XVoll'iimli'ii's coi'nui'|io-,l,iiud
in&ll.cd *,'l) RKui's No;;th-uast Cuinm-Pi st" ;
thence south Si chains; thence wont iti chains;
thence north S,lchains: thence east 8,) chains
to place of commencement, and not uNcree.l-
inf? llio acres.        -.-'-■ .     .
Located and dated the 22nd- thiv iif At 11 veil",
, .   ■* .   11 It Kci-, Locator    '■
•   '   .      •   '     • .1 0 Oordoii,'Axon'. ,
S' Oo-Timt-neinsr at a ]>ost planto.l about
thvee miles west ofthe summit of tliu Hoc Icy
Mountains, and about one and onc-li:ill inile'.t
north of-tleN-rth Kootenay Paso trail, nml
about oiie mile south of the heml of Hie suuth-
•nrest brar.c.h of Sa«e Creek, and marked "B II
T Droku's Ivotth-M'est Collier-Post": tlioneu
uorlh fNicliaini; Uience*~weat 8*1 cliains 10 tne
place of commencement, :iiud not exceeiling
iliil acre s. .--to
, Located'nnd dated tiie 23. >l day of Maroh.
IDfkl, k ,.'*•'
*    ' Jill T Drake, LoMitnr
,10 (lorilon, Agent
11 Commencing at, a po*t plnnfe.l wrst of
and adioiuiiiK II il T Iiiuku's coiner piist, nud
marked "Thnniin Ullis's Nurlh-casl Ci.iner
Post"; thence,!.outli Hili-hnins; tliunco wed Ijrt
chains; theuce mirth 8,.1-litiinn; tlutlil'l. W-.t S.I
chains to the placu of coinii'iup\'v;|ii4il\l,iimlli9t
oxceodin-f 111 J tii-iys,. *     ■
lioisatiiii uud dated the 2,'lrd ilav of Miirch,
HWO. -;' •
Thos KHis, taut or'.
.1 (I Gordon, Agent
1.1 CommenciiiK-nt n post pliniluil norlli of
and iiilji.iiii.iK llll .T Driiku's ciiiiiui* |io^t Hint
mio-lieil  "\V l<! llllvei's   Siiutli-wonl   lloinei'
    * ' HI
LO. F. No. 31725
Meet imi. 0."F.Hall on the lart Tuea
day in every month.
\V. J. J. Morrison, Fin. Sec
I •**■''***"""'""        *     " '    "■—■■<" I *■ ■ --■- m .m
L. 'P. Eckstein   [
Uarkisti-r-at-LawA   Roucrroi-..   Ero.
ltonms 1 & S, Henderson block, Fernie, B. C,
'   F, G. Latoe
; Post 0IHce'v Block, Fomie, B.C.
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE. 13. C.'
Onioc In L. 'f. \V. block, VictorU Avenue.
J. Barber*, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
T.,\V    Block,   opposite the   Bank
. Ollice hours—3 B.ID.; to S p.m.
W. J.'Wriglesworth, D, Di S."
Ofkick lfouns;.       g -wto 1* a. in. 1 to 6 p. m
"  (t.-JOfUB p.m. .,
Ofllce in Alet. 1 tk's ISioek
' over Slum's Bakery.
KKUNIE,        _   . , _ '     _     _    :   B. o,v
Tliu conlrai'loi-N of Ferule will
IilunsQ ttiliu notice- llml 'AfU-r April
j-.t, xooti' thu Curpuitors uud .-oilier!, of l-Vi-iilu I.ocul 1220 will (U:-
limiul four (lolliiis (4,00.) (flv ei^tj (fil,
hours' \Y(>VV.
A       "W. A. CONNFJJ,,
U. TX, of C. & J.'U. 1220, Fci-iiIl'.
••»  nppli-
llm purliii-
wlicii Iw 'Hi'.!.
TH!-: oSl,V OSU.
SliinsU- Slill Opcrnlcil Hv MU-clriiiiV
At   VniicnuviT.
Tin- niilv slihiirlc mill in xhe   pro
vinii- nf  llrilisli  Coluniliiii  o|tiralrtl
rtll  lUllvi.    lii.tllll   \isim   \\Os\-   ll.-.UUVvUC-.
id riitliiii; in the vicinllv of Voncmi-
vi-r. Iu ilw liin--o( ynwvt ihln mill ii
«mii|H.' — iti-rc in not a pound (•(
MMin wiitiiii Imir miUf nt tlu* i»l»iil
ami vi-l it ts rippttij-; out nwrf plai*
ttrt tit a i.(tK wlitth |» iitttitij* good
liinfilini IU ruin.r, Mr. Jul.11 A
Tl.f mill is sit imt 1 il 011 1)11* line of
tlu- lli-fiil Nnrtlwru liclwi-vii Vniicoiiv*
tr nml N't'tt- Wi-NtuiiiiMti-r. At pix-siiit
hut one iimcliiik* is npi.nili-il, ]mt nth
iM   11 rl-   lit   l)t\   illslillltll   UN Ml'lll      UM
tlm «hk iittij; uu nl  the cnl.ir iit   tin*
Ull iu v-.Ui-.Ii ,,.e mill i'.- :iilu.it-.tl v*ill
|M-rtiiii nihcrs tn !.<• instiilU'l
Xolk-o in hei-cliy .jjlvon
cnivni will he iniulu to
mciii of, Canada ul iis pix-sciil ■session
for nn net lo incorporate the Hillcrest, Ihiilwuy, Coul uiul Coke Coiu-
puiiy, with power!" to coii»,1,r\iijl *.\\\\
opcniic uliin- ti( niilwny from n
|ioi|il ul nv neur Morrissey ,'in UnliHll
Coliimliin, t|iroti|,'ll llie Crow'H NcmI
I'nss to .1 poilil nt or uenr HiWcrcsl.
.liinciion, theui-v- simtlieni'lcrly tn tho
town of Ciuilsioii. AlliU'tu, with
lii-iitiih Hues to I'iiieher Crook, Allwr*
in, uiul to llie conl iloposlls In township 1, ninjio'    11 went of      tbe jlli
tut!in 11 uml Iniin » i.c-ilitt on
tlm Hue of roilwfiy uenr
tin. Hiiid coul ik-posilH to lhe oil
fii-klt* hlltintcil In the vicinity of tin-
Mt tie Kootciiiiy I,nkeR, Alliertn; with
power to own mul operutc'conl iiiIiibh,
nml oil propi'ilicR mul U> construct
nml opcrati* |iine IIhoh lor lonvcyluit
oil nloiiK the rliilil ol way, tolaRvaph
mul iL'li'Plinno llui'H, ronilwny», Irnni-
wnvn nml roiuN; nlso wilh jiowit to
sell, lense, or oIIici-wIho illsposc nf the
siiVI railway nml properties, ami li>
opi'into their inllwnv liv slcnm or electricity or oiiit-r iiiouvc pom-i, •imi
Uil .inth i-lhi-r j-i.uir: n-. art- iv.unllv
■irivt-n  lo rnllwitv rnmpniiioH,
n.itci! nt Ottn'wn, thus itOi dny of
April, A, 1). 19'X-.
C. V. WW,.
-,|i Agcnl for the Coinpniiy
-    ^PROVINCIAL AND     .' *
Office:   L.T.VV; Bloclb
Fernik— British Colunibfai'
'(Laic iissayer Nelson Smelter) "'    ''
Oolil. Silver ot- l.eail each '.:..$1.00-
Copper --1 A1      Oolil-Sllver W.6O1
Cluugej I'or other nittala ou' applii-atiou.
J'. 0, DraiverllOS     .    ,-.*.. ,.J>hone AUT
l'o«t"; theni'ii oust Hi) cl|ii(nsj thiuicn .unrtli'
ckkliis; lliciici. west l>'lr.lt>iiiis, tlieneii noutli
t-..liuliiii, to lln: .iliicu'iil i.oiiiiiieiiciiniijnl, 1111.
mil excoi'iliiiit mo iicnm.
l.opittu.l »iiU .Intel Ilia '.'."nl ilny of Mu niii,
,      , ■• WK Ollvor, I .iimitnr •
J U (Iiu-.Idii, Aviint   -
ll CommovinlnK itt n imul plunlcil west, ol
mul iiil)olnliif{ \v H (.Hlvi*i''*i I'linioi*poil nml
miulc.i'l A V ()rllllllr»Si.iit.li-.mst.C'urinii' \\\tV;
tlioiico woril. Hiloliftiiin; Mitii'ini nmt It III nlm Ins;
theiuMi mint, si tiliniits: ll-onco, mini li«) uIiiiIiih
I... thu uliioit o,l i\(i,i.v1iainiru)ni4|lt.l iiinl.not ux*
nontl^iRiil'i iiPi'ii.1,
.  Lri.i.ttu.l mul ilittml tho L'.'lril ilnynf Miucli,
1:1 t'i.,,
AT (1 i*lllllll, I,ni'11 tin*
,       .1 U Uoriliiii, Axnnl.
\1 Oiminanelniriil, jioit- lil.tnltvlalnutklliiiii.
iiiIIms wti'il. i.r ol' tlm Minmtlf, nl' llu. Itnclcv
M.iiiut<iliiH invl itlv^ut iwn mill iuin<l.i.lf nnrlli
f»r tl\a N'Vi-l*li Kii.itnn'iv I'iihi (imII.iiiuI ntmr
In Illi'l nf Mm huhtli-wint. britiK'li of Siiiro
Ornuk, nml mtirl(o.l "AW Mi'Mm-rini'ii Smith*
uiiat. Diiiiibi1 I'liil'1; Minimi1 want- H.I clialim |
tinmen uortliNialialiu; t.lioiirovn.st Hliiliuln«:
tliimrn biiutli H>i nlialm lo Ilia \i\i\ri\ ut
coiiinieiiiii)uiiiiil,iini| not. ti\i>(ini|ini{ 11(11 itnrmi,
1 .oviitcil itn.I ilutinl llm :'An\ dtiv<>t*"Mihl;Ji,
A W MiiMniTini, l,ni<nti.r
<) 0 Oor.lmi, Ajfont
ID Oflmmpnnlna at. u |mn. iiliiiilml itliont
tliMio nml oiiii-liiilr inlloH wunt of tlm miminit.
of tliu lln..Icy Mountnliii., nml nlioutlliri.nitiiil
oiiU'litK ni.Hm nnrlli nf tlm North KooUum.y
1'iuu trull, uml mull* to itrnl dhnIiiiW (if tlie
unntli.we.t I.ranch nf Mnprn l.'ri'clt. uml iniii'liml
"Il.liip|t«oirnrlniitli.t'ttnl IJttmi'.r I'ohI"*: Hipiipp
wostH1 nlmiiiHj ilmnnoniutli h.fliitlnt,; thnnou
f«st HIoIuiIun; llitmoii hiiuIIi h.i pIiiiIhsIii Mm
lilacn uf Piiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiuiti, uml not iixcoinlli]*,
ni.i ucwn,
Tiocnloil uml ilnt(ii| Ihu ailiil tiny nfJiliirt'li
It.liv.'kiion, lidfittoi*
•IO Unnlnii,Amuit
14 tiflininuni.iiiii nl 11 iiohI i.lnnlciilnlioiitfimi'
iiml on.i-lmlf mlli.H wi.«t nf tho Hiiinnili of ilni
Honliv Moiiii'iiIiip., nml nliunt four niHu.i nni'lli
of tin. Nilrlli Kunloiiiiy I'lin* llllll, nml 111111I1111I
"(I Fnrl.i'i' Hniilh-iiiul lloi-iu.r l'imt.".| III iipo
\v«m. uticl.nl.ii 1 Miiiunumirtli HiIhIiiiImki IIiiiiiimi
oiki. H:lillinium llmnix! ninth Mi hI.i.Ii.h lulliu
lihtiuiiif (Miniiiioiippiinint, ami nnt iinopmlluu
llll I'lNH.
Iiiii'ittuil uml iliilixl llu. U.'li-.li ilny nf Mnri'li,
(I KuruoH,. liOPKlur
■I (I (liii'iloii, Axintt
m 1 ss roc; h ro rt,
"' ' l> ' J -4 ■ '
Fernie, B. 0.
"I'lipll ofMa*liiiii6.Bessli) Co,x,QullclIi(iU Selioo
of Alnsic, limnloii, ami Rlgnor - Vaniiciiii.Fisr-
oiiisij, Jtitly, will raAiiiyo. a limited number  a
;iu|.ils fpriuntruotion la sliiglnnituil toIcd pro
iluctioii, .  -.     . ' ■       ■--■ ■
Ter ma an Application.
tfevnie* SB* C,
Davby & Lade route1
«$»        ^
H ■ mf\,immtmm»m*mmmmmmmm
TAKI? NOTICI?, Hint 30 dnv» nftrr
ilnlp, I Inteml to n|i|ily lo the com-
nil^loniT of IuiiiIm nml wnrkn for n
.ipcplnl Ilrcitsi* lo rut nml f-nrry iiwnv
tlmlicr fi'Oin lho following ilencrilx-fl
In mis:
CoiiiiiiciicIiii; nl 11 imU planU-il nl
tli* nnUli-rniil comer nf A. J. Fur.
f|iiiT«ioirs tiinl-or liccnw, lieing alvoul
tto chain 1 north nml ,10 rhnlni. went
of the Miiitlitiriit VoTTtrr nf lol Xo,
5-l.M, Cr. 1, I?fl<it Ktmirnnv ilNlrlft,
tlu-nce  west Ro rliiilns;  Ihetiri-  nortii
l'.iwvi" (111- llu- tipJi-utIi.il ••(       tlu.- -^ f|«rtln-4: thpiirr rnM IV. clinln-i, tlien.-t
filanl in Mjii|i)l«il.l,v tlw Uritiih Col* *'1""1 *i'«fmli" «i P"liit nr rniiiiiii-nn-
imiir;,*  HUctrlt- '   .Uiilt-ftiiv <tmi|i.inv n-'Bl!-
(mm a -mi***-!    cirniit   which iiasiw. 0- I.- IIOVKTOV.
cloiC to th« mill iiroperty. Kernie, 11. C,   March 31, 1906.
Coul.—(5niil In ml h mny lm iiiirdinii'-il nt *tn
iter uoru fur mtl rntil itinl »**i Inr milliiHi.llii,
Not iiinrotI11111 MO nnu.*! run l.n n..i|ii|riiil l.y
out. liiillvliti'al in*t'liii. 111111.V4 Ilii.vitlly 111. llu*
raleoflpii minU iior ton of y.iim. 11011..1U M111II
I.e. nol lent ml mi tun Kr.i>N!iiil|iut.
()nnrt«-A fico nid-ior'* ficrlifU-iiloU ffrnutml
Vl|.uli 4/a;.4i.4u, III M'4^.1.1***.- 'I. ll. ,»,-■ .llll.villi   .111
mi l1ulivM1.nl, nu.I from (AH.hum |iur milium
for •niii.i|.au,v nrrnrilliiK In ruitititl,
A fri'Oiiilnur, Imvliiit.lUnoMiiol mlnunil In
pi ini, nmy liwiUo S nlnlni l,'.>i x l,M» ft-nl,
Tl n fm. for rocnrillnn n i-lnlm Ih tr.,
At liii.iit iliNimiHl lm iixp'in.l.-il nu llm nlnlni
uli,vimJ-nr piijit tn tlm iiiIiiIiuj ini-dnlur in
ll«n HiPrtiiif.   Wl.i.n i.Vm Imi i.i-uii m|iuii.lml ur
I'liili,vi.ni*(ir piijit tn tlm .nfuliitf rm-f.nlur in
ll«n HiPrtiiif. Wl.i.n iftm l.ni i.i-uii m|iuii.lml ur
irnlil, llie Inmilur r.iMv, iifxiu liitvli'ifii m.rv#</
innitK, fcinl i.p'.u loii.tilyliiK willi uilmr ri.
*julri.nii>iitii,|.ur.*liine tlm In ml .it rl nn nn«, <
Tin. t.Hliiiit prnvliloj fnr "u. ..nviiiunt nf ri
rnvalty ot»)pit 1:1 nt uu lliuinilm,
l'l,ah 11 minimi elHliim «ni-_«rally nr* Iim frut
m-jniiri-i Kiiiry ten tit* riumw-il.'-i yimrly,
A fnn miner mny ol.talti Iwo Ii/im. lo
ilreiliiefiirii'Milofflvflrrilleiipurlifnrn iurm r.f
t<*»iit.vJM'i«r*,i*n«w»liliii*i tli« >ti.rn.tlun tit
lie MlnUter of lho Interior.
TJm lu.mij uliall lmvej»0iu.l«« In i.|».inliiiii
wlllihi one nenson fr.im Hie ilnin of llm lin.n
lor rti'li lnw iiiUd., IUiiImI ••oiivrlitiiiiin lm
•■ch inilu of river In*.mi, lloynltyal llm
iMltnf *»;■ pere*iit colltflinlttii lli«rini|.iil nt.
ler it encth'iUvii.,.!!).
Paimty «if Ih* Hil.l->t«r r.f Ilii Inlciior
N, R.*-Umiutliiiriviu.l iitilillmiion(.(Iti. til
vtrtW.mi.nt wlll not U %i*UX ter.
a pleasant home
for thc travelert
Simon Dragon* Proprietor.
Undor Haw tyi-M-Hi-MM     "
Mrs. IkM. Bill..* •   • ■;   tftyltii&t
Tmmi:" Vii per montli, Willi bttli KB
■ «i.-"'l>»   ■ ■■lilMW^—— WMHB«Mi*«MaMM«
OAuru;TV uorfir-:.. rotuwiw tu.
f'   Clark, the l-cut Si a ilny hotel
In KiUii.ii, Only whlto help tujlovett
C». W. HAWTI.MTT.  l'rmirletnr.   ' -
Minard's I.iiiinitnt cureK tUndrufl. THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C. ItfAY  9* 1906
King John's Qrown
and Treasure
Being Searched for by Antiquarians^
:      . Ago-Will be of
■Lost in Wasli Six Hundred years
Immense Value
'I   \i
Loudon, Msiy 5.—There is more likelihood' oi, success vfwariling ■ the efforts thai' arc soon to be made ' to
recover the treasure ' lost by King
John neai y six and a half centuries
ago thuii seemed prahahlc when .«.4iinii
inkling of Uie iiiulerlnking leaked out-
rtr*.t.' The Society of Antiquaries is
hacking lhe ."umleilakfng with "money
anil eiuhuf-!;as"iii. Its members "have
great faith in the .investigations and
assistant secretary, St. John I.'o.-)*,
who ii •*. l.'U-n <|iiietlv workinj; on tht
mat ivr for Kevi-rnl wars. The search
will le conducted under his direction."
. KveryL'ody knows—or is supposed
"ti-kiiow— that King John lost his hag
•f-age train' when he was taking a
short   cut   across   lhe   Wn'sh    to  es
cape liis ' wrathful , barons who' were
in hot pursuit. The Wash, it" might
be explained for the- hem-lit of those
reaiUrs who have forgotten much of
the/j-cogrupliv tlioy leaiued at school
is ti wide aad shallow estuary on tlm
enst const of England, between the
counties of Lincoln and JN'orfolk' John
wns a bad egg. According to one nt-,
his conteiiiporarii-s he was "a knight
without truth, a king without justice, a Christian without faith.", lie'
had signed the Magna .Charta, the
gnpt bulwark of English' fi-teiroiii,
only to .repudiate it, and-when war
broke out'between him iiud. his barons again, he knew lliey would not
give him another cluuicc to break his
-word with them.  In his haste.      to
make' tracks he did not make suilicient allowance for 'tlie tide, nml the
'-iiici-sriwis swallowed up his. army
eliesl and his crown jewels ami a -lol
of other paraptiernalia, that is i.uV*
worth Vastly more than it was in
his time. He had a. close shave liini-
si It", a:cording lo Shakespeare, who
thus refers lo the incident in King
John; ■ ->   -
'"1   till  the  Iluubert,  half niy pow
this night,
Passing  these   flats,   is  taken  by  the
t'.L\"  •    ' ■
These'  Lincoln   waves  have   devoured
Myself, • well   mounted,-   hardly   lime
According   to   sonic,   accounts,      to
(trn'wh hi:- sorrow lie went an a bij-;
spree which .brought on an .*4ttaek oi
dyseiiury nf wiiicli lie died. JIc was
buried ia Wori-vster-pathedral wrapped in a monk's gown, and as u further protection against vandal haml t
was laid Ijetwven two, Saxon sKii.it!..
'It has been assumed'generally .that
buried in the <piieksauiie; that .the
sea nvcrllow"; nt every lijde, 'and that
in the coiivsc of the .centuries' il'c
slufl iiiusl have sunk iiimny futhorc 1
ileep in the shifting sands. .Under sucti*
circumstances its recovery would 1 e
so cosily and ^ililHcult iis ,to render
the. prriSOfAits of success well-nigh
•hopeless.* Hut Mr. Hope is able to
slate dermitely that, owinfg to tlw
(I'miigc". thai have taken plaice in the
sea line and the reclamation of Waste
lands,the treasure now, lies some distance inland. In the search loir it
no * diving* will be necessary aud digging operations ' arc comparatively
cheap. '
'• Mr. Hope has mado a map of the
district as it was in King John's
time, tin that map he has" drawn a
line, and somewhere en that line
he'asserts, and probably about forty
le.it below tlie surface, under a substratum of silt, lies King John's
crown jewels and armv pay chest and
the rest of the lost baggage. He has
calculated 'lhe condition of the tide
at the time pf the disaster, and the
approximate position of the baggage
Haiti wh(n the oiirnshing water.-, com
pilled its abandonment.' This enables
him to reduce Still narrower the prob
able location of the treasure. His (el
low antiquarian*-, who have verifiei1.
his. figures and researches, are con
•yinced that thescurcb is well woilh
01 course treasure trove belongs lo
the crown, but for mauv years it has
fullmarket vn ue for whatever it retained, so that discoverers, if success
ful, even jf'they have to give up the
•best part of their find, are assured oi
a rich reward. The coins alone at this
date, are immensely valuable. What
the crown jewels would be worth, it
is impossible to say now, or even
hazard a guess, but -it .is certain that
they would l.e appinised at a big sum
nud historic associations would confer a .considerable price,011 small articles that have no intrinsic value.
Sakhalin's Reign
of lyoot and Terror
' Sl.l-etirsburg, May 6.—Delated let-
*' iters from Ak-xandrovsky, Xortlt Sak-
-lialien, arrived iu the first" mail after
n.omh.i 01' interruption-in'communicu
■lions  brin'ji-iiijr  «,  wild picture  of  thu
three   weeks'   orgie  bf "murder,   arson
-   aud  loot' following  the  proclamation
•of peace ■ uiul thc   evacuation   by   the
several      Japanese   garrisons • .>■.   tie
•northern half of thc island,   llie w.ld
•er spirits among the prisoners, crim-,
'   inal   and   political,   who   form   prac-
*;,  tically  the entire population of     the
.Alexaiuli'ovsky post, broke loose from
"■all   restra'iu.t, ; applied   lhc   t.orcU'.to
• "public   aiid   private   buildings,   drank
,i ill'icmselvcs into a wild mry ami \cui.
' n.d'their passions in pillage and mur-
'Hir.      '-,..-      '■.',.
Owiiig  lo the fierce October storms
ths ship;--containing tlie • 1-...'> >s     de-
..", spatched.; 10'  take 'possession   of   the
1. island Iroin'the. Japanese were driven
'"" t.ll the coast,■* and Col. Vayuyefi, tlie'
..- military governor, landed. with au es
'V cortVof -. otily 50 men,  a'scanty  force*
-.wilh  which  lo face  hundreds' of  des-
_t •petatecoiiyicts during'the'three weeks
T'b^ore-fuilher.,-troops  affivcli. "~
>'.     The convicts prepared,'a warm wel-
'-' coine  for the  new. governor,   setting
/.fire, the  day'he  lauded yo the - great
'•"■Alexandruvsky r prison,   lc-ii| svpuir.atc
i—buildiiics with accommodation*- '  for
thousands of prisoners.      .There were
;   consumed,   the   Japanese   having * al-
^.lowed.tharlire engines to jbecoine' use-
i,lt83,. mitj-y  the exertions ' of       'the
.'.'Russian', ami  Japanese  soldiers,  who
^Worked side by side and patrolled the
8 city  to prevent lurlhir incendiarism,
V'thi* lire  wir, lin.illy checked.
/■'..the next cljiy the Japanese troops
relin'd,'"liiivi.i|f first  .sold  their, nccu-
iiiiilated Mocks of provisions and'li-
; "(piors  at  low  prill's,   casks' of   said
.'oriliunrily (trild for J.s going for ten
7ct n-s*. cn'Sps.* of canned ments       con-
•triinin*" VS pounds for so cents,  nnd
'-..a-.s-lons of rice niul huc.l-whe.it being
',:'difSpos,-d of in 11 lnnip f»v S'no-   • ^v
■'■■'trVo'--' became ilrunl;  and  with pro
visions enough for the «inter and no
iireessitv for-working, many of them'
kept up the debuueu lor weeks,
, To piotect the cily wilh his little
garrison, and the prisons, destroyed,
lhe govynor. had to resort lo extra-
jtjrdinar.y, methods. .The soldiers' were,
oidercd to niiike free .use o7tlieir
weapons, and for-petty offenses the
cudgel or -knout was resorted to, the
thieves getting lirsl 25 lashes, Utter
50 and finally 100: .This sulliced, but
the criminals retired from Alexandro-
vesky io pines in the ' interior, and
"the-governor.; was forced to divide his
fifty men, sending an dllieer and 15
mew to i'igibi, ■ five men- lo Arkovo,
v litre 'lile .lapjuif-si; ■ ■ had lelt large
stores of provisions', aiid three men
each'to  Onoro and Ilykovo.-
The remainder stood guard day and
nii,:hl, ..but- thej co,iivirls ' wei-e a'ble,
n.Vi-riheiess, to *set the torch to the
chancellory „,of the ".governor,, the club,
the ivsideiicc.-of the chief jailer and
many other" buildiiigs.
• .Dining.lhc raging storms four
steamers aad a schooner,-including a
■^TOirtTiii-ivss^ttronr'ATrftilca^ m.l«r
German steamer-°Surabaja, with u
crew of ,671 nieii^ and the Vladivostok, with 23 men., .which were endeav-
r.iin,; to bring supplies'to, Sakhalien,
were wrecked on the' inhospitable win
Ur coasts of the inland and all on
board  were   lost,
.Only after..aa days ships.with several thmtsn'lid "soldiers- arrived ". and
restored order.'" The new troops Were
without tpmrters, however, owing to
Uie destruction ct their o*,yn build-
'iuus 11 nd mauv olhtv houses, aiul suf-
lered sevrrelv from the cold until
they cou'.ii build bai racks. The correspondents descril:e the unlicetised
convicts cm mere, beasts" biil'say that
they stooil in wholesome fear ol the
Japanese diirimr' the .Inpnm-sAorcu-
put*on, the populutiou theii beiiig able to sleep with doors and windows,
unlocked, tlioiirii hundreds of •convicts were ronming the  street!),     <
^Trotti Romance
7 to Tragedy
\ • i •*
rr*<     ■•      r.-m*.-..    r-t,     • , ■-.,—l"W •""""~*
iTalcoi-the Tenderloin-Jap Tried to
v / Kill Girl Who Repulsed Him
Miss Mills had got busy. A heavy
whiskey bottle was in reach and before the Jap could shoot it struck
him between the eyes and he rolled
over, senseless. When the niiibuilancc
surgeon arrived he divided' his time
between restoring Miss Matthews and
sewing up the Jap's hend.
Are' Verv ■.■:
'. 7 Dead Now
Wood Ak-ohol    Don't    Make
Substitute   lor   Hooch.
ft, Good
North Bend,     U.   «_*.,   May
people are  dead,  another person
die,   an.l  half  a-do/.en   are" very
from  drinking  wood  alcohol.
The deaths occurred at what
known as Camp-16, 011 the. line
west of this .place. The victims '
Mrs. D. Jackson and W. Hurley,
name of the., man whose ;life is
spaired of is not  known         ■
It appears that Hurley* ordered .provisions from Vancouver several davs
ago. The goods came arid a gallon
61 wood alcohcil was in'* the-consignment. <-   The '-liquid   was   partaken   of
bT   a  number  of-persons who did nj
. is
Inow' its  deadly efiects.
'<N\w  Ym|,  May,  7,-Unw  Ilunhi-
imHo, a .liipniiewi-i iihouV 11» hig uk u
woitp", imiy fiavc a elmnce to    jjiow
lull iu .**ii'ng.-Sin« lor severnl years ns
. a  rcs-ilt ol'    IiiM  utteinpl  to murtlei-
Nelllu WIllinniH, a hiixtmi young wo-
. iniih, Willi comely (eiiliireH nud hlciiulu
. Imlr,  After ,-diooliug  her  the   liloocl-
, UiirNty non of N'lppon got .the mu/./.lo
. ol liis revolver lietweeii heri.U'ctli and
• ileath was only nlppctl hy a hair,
when uiinlher "vimiut woiimn luiuged
Unshlinoto over  lhe head  with ,   a
.whiskey bottle,
•VuvicniH viif.li.il.- of 'the Htoi-y were
• tnliliii the ToiiiIi'k police court today
\wlieii the .midget *■ Jiipanest! was in1*
■i-ttliiiu'rt1'iuul helil In Saj'-o hail I.u
■.trial, chiugeil vwith iinhiiiiIi with in*
'.li-nt.'-to kill. Tho sliootiiig won .tone
;lii7'tlu> ftpartiiieiil ol Mndaiiii' Mills
:ii"l No. it' Doyevi* ntrect.
'MInm MIIIh iiml her frleiiil NVUlo
"Matliewi", who lives nt 7,V> Third aw-
ltiic,..ir**..|iolh nf tlte Aina/onliiii type.
Allow Senile i-vyr hnjipiueil to recel.'o
•lie- 'iltriiilnns of the inlnule t1rlciitt.il
'iii a ,snli.li'Ct to pomh'i- over with oih*
i-r[ fi'iiiiiiiiib* HiyHU-rii'.-i.  Hnrn hecninu
'.tfl'    .■•I'ii     ltfi<i'f<.f.1-     in   th.'   >'v(i.iil    of
tikltip; her tn' the   theiiire nml tho-v
etixxj/r, lii-i- with  the lew trinkcti* hin
•sillm'V AN VltU't, 10 (III lllll'tioilfi,..-COIlbl
"Ho'-'lntroiliiroil her to llu* .Inpntiese
r,et In CliliuiloWii., wlii'fi' i-ilii- Hfinn Iw
riiim*' vnntlv l'nrmliir. Hut whi**i the
illrii Mir] ivouiiii;'hrgoii to diiiilc her
for appenrlng nirltlio nnu nf the mile
nl a'ilirown uuii; uliiiti'Vi-i- love slm
tntei'ioiiuil for lijiu l.i'g(»ii in ice over
A f-/w v.Vfks ii**"(y**Hl.e lefmii'il tn thuw
onr llii-nirinl nnii nml in'the 'vi'iiitn-
or nf tier (rii-iuK "p:is-<t'd him the
(rluiid mitt."
Ajli'ck (.lnniii nHtlid over Hnslilm
otj*.. Tli- <nu>>lit Roliifi-- In .lrlnk. Then
v.flt'rila,- he brnuijlit n large nvnl-
ir, irjdere nf haml nrdlmiiifi- fnmil-
inr,!!. long warn. Ue h-.ul woiuli-nd
-jftlsotit for a wei-l< In an •*(T*ru I tn fltul
»olti<*!'«r-|fi» nf thr nhiec-t nf l.hi f<ir-
iti»*r ■"•Mlr.r.ttlni., nit'1 nt inrX Iwated
h*r tit Xh» home nf Mr.i.  Mills,
W^Qlkil tJu-re WA itli'hl- Thr
vn*fin*«* ivnnirirtt-ere in thi*-front rnnm
tiilnvfntt"(i lute siippi-i'. uml hemd ,1
r«p tyn tlie Aro^. - Wllir* Mntlltu*e«i
r-pnieif It tn fmA TInrn H.i-ililino'n
dentin/!; a tatoo with tlio 1/itt of Uir
liockct tiiiiiioii, Willi riii-e presence ol
mind she kicked him into the middle1
ol the .sireel, Ilut he wns up in a*
Hush nml rushed bnek nt tlie closing
port nl. lie wriggled inside nud" opcii-
ul lire ut Ihu woinnn, The lirsl bullet struck her behind the ear und she
1 The little .Tti|iancKO bnumleil upon
her uiul forced the muzzle of his revolver between her teeth. Mennwhile
um i.wnw.ii    u «-■■ ■»-".. .■."»■>» ;:-tj=:
Tali.ma Physician Solves Perplexing
Cast—Had lken Diagnosed as
Diphlherin'., '     -,
Tncoina, Ma,y 7.—Allalii Sciulder,
lhe two yeur oltl sou of Mr. und
Mrs. W, Scuilder, had a safety pin
removed Irom ' his throat yesterday
hv.Dr.. C, W, , I.aughliu, which had
lieeu thtvnleniug to eiid, the child's
life for the. past two months,
Mr,   and Mrs.' Scudder, emue      here
several   months   ago   from   Whiting,
Kns,,   Physicians  there supposed   the
child had sore th mm nnd weie treat*
'in-' it  for thill disease,
After' coining to Tacomn physicians
were eonsnlted who .pronounced its
troubles diphtheria, When Dr, I.nugli*
lin was culled in he found the case n
vt-r"-perplexing nw, und iiuiilc sever-
nl cn refill cxnmiimtions, Dining one
of thesi'' he discovered the-pin, tlie
fpilng, of which wns down In the
truchae nnd had looped over the epl-
L'lolis nnd was so held in plnce, Tl
'iin'rcd much trouble to remove lhe
pin from the youngster's thront-
Hartford, Conn,, May V—.V stnln-
1110111 linii lii'i-ii issued hy the Aetna
Klre Iiisuriinee eompniiy of this v'.v
cKliiiinted nt Si,.■•'in ii>i, Tlie tit,-] ];\.
snntiiie' enrried I.', 'ilu. (..mppiiv in
the  bnni4.1l citv w.n J'l^oi],!,..-),
We prefer n good socinlist to n
poll" llliei-iV nnv ilny, snvs Ihu Victoria Colonist, So does the Sinn
hut wc must confess wo also prefer
1*1 vellow dog to 11 Mvliridu Hoeliil'si
We cniilil slmot the dog,—(lohlmi
Indian Story of
Steamer Valencia
t   t*. t.t»imm.X..~
"Victoria,'.Ma^ 6.—Different Indian^
have hrouglii in the story of an insane wiltl man, .supposed to lie a
survivor of the ill-fated Vule'nc'.i,
who is living in'the woods ,'tiear
Darling Creek, and David l.ogaiu* a
lineman, with a companion, 7 has
started out to , investigate the ' reports. " A       - '
It-is three. months since, the Valencia was-wrecked, and of her .complement' of 154 persons* 15 reachbd Vancouver island .coast and- 20 others
were rescued from a life raft,. It
another unfortunate reached the shor.*.
with, his mind wrecked as*, a ..result
ol the hurdship incident to the disas'
ter, it •' seems ' improbable . tlfe-t h
should live so long under the conditions reported, but the tale so often told by the Indians is thought, by
those resident in the, vicinity to bi*
worlhv oi investigation., ... ',
^It' will' be reincinlicrcd that Mr.
1'unker, in telling'-of his landing on
the beach after being' ov.sliirned frAn
a V.oat in. the breakers,. . iold of 7 !>'
ies io his face aud head by contact
wilh the rocks'" and was sitting ' on
the beach gibbering insanely. The
survivors left him there aiid started
over the trail to seek succor at the
telegraph huts at Darling Creek; Nothing anorc was heard of this man,
'It is hardly probable thai this 61111-
.fdrtunate who*' was severely injured
would survive so long.1
Indians of the district have been
badly frightened by the reported pres
ence of the insane man, who, they
say, frequents the vicinity' of Darling Crecle near the mouth of which
is a good clam beach and in whose
valley there are many berries and
roots. „
Oh Monday another body of.a victim of the wreck of the Valencia, thc
decomposed corpse of a child, > was
oickcd'.up.by-Mr.,-I.dgan in the vicinity of thc wreck and was buried*
The bouv could not be identified.
- A few days ago a leg, with boot
and stocking intact, was* washed
ashore  and, was, buried,   .     .
Panic Stricken
A-feiiis foi*'
Tho Oitl-jary Marble and Granite Works
Tho Koctcnuy Marble Works. Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the office.
Office Phone 41       Residence 76
Parsers in Lundy's Block
The Elk Lumber- Co.,
LIMITED.       '
Dimension, Flooring, Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
Al! bur stock is last years cut and well sea'soned.
• Gipes
The Best of Satisfaction
*       *■ -     . .       *
in Watch & Jetoelertj Repairing
Have one of tlieii largest stores in Feniie. ' -    *
Lamb, Veal,. Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly; arriving
H'jn Francisco, J\lny S.—l-.oc.ied iu
'separate culls in the cily prison, ino
prikoiii-r.-*,. wliosi*.' .crimes ran<jinl from
jiliiin (liuiikcn'iitss! in i.iiiriU-i', knelt
in lorvani jirtiyiir - when iht, ca.-tli-
i|iuuu jiliock ol April iU sliixok the
hall of jii.sticc .'j-oin iiaseincii'i;'' to the
to'wiii   to|i*.      ' ' '
.Min haiileiied Jiii-n and wornvn, np-
pcalud lo God to .spare them, Their
pruyors tor daliver.nnce caihi'-'only af
U*r it "uecuinu- nppiireitl ''that .the at-
tciKlant.s could de. .nolhiiijj,for ,tlu;in.
'I'lie enrlluiiiak-c had so twisU'.l ■■ and
warped the .• iluors that nnt a lock
ciiiiU he, tipciied lov nearly an* hour
"I hlvoi Svaiil lo witness .suck' u
sii>lil uftttin , suid, l'risoii Matron lly-
11 a cil the, ec-i'tral station prison, wlio
was 011 duty when the tremblm- cV.me
-'There wrre .sonietliln-f; likes fto aiu-ii
uiul 22 wojiien- in thc cellii on the
liinniiii-r of the 1'iirthqiiake, In our de
pintiiieiil there were aliaiidoiu-d itchi-
tiiies c:liur)>«,'d iwilh all manner of
eriiiie.s, ninny oil" whom t deeuw A hope,
lesslv lost. Tlmy cried and shrieked
foi- mercy when lhe shock cubic and
pleaded pitifullv. lor release,^ Sot
one cell could I open and wiiei*" 1 ad
vised my chari-es of the fact jllicy
knelt mi the hurd cement floor niul
ofFcr.nl up fervent  prrtyer iu miisoii'.
"In the ■ ilepnrt.iiu'iit nf the male
prisoners . the eouditioiiH wi\re the
Kfiuie aud many nf tliem iiienl at-
teniplcd Ui iles'iroy their liven liy'
linttcrlii;-*- llieir lieu'ils , n(,'iiiust the
steel lii'.rs when they * renli/eil ,1 hut
there wus un ehuuee or iiiimediillii" n."
ten ho. TIiijv too, proved vvhi-u the *-i t.
lonndniit-ii  In chat"i;e mniwxeil  <*> jj.et
i1i«iw calm enough and when it was
all ov#r it was a liietk and Iiumbrc
kundtftlj .lhat we removed to the
branch cqi-nty  jail."
Mrs, liyivi was the lasl 'person to
leave the city prison.' She wan detained l*v a ifemale prisoner who had
bfccomc* hysterical and just as the
matron walked under the immense
(llass dome cov#r»i<-f. the prison ollice
the glass ftll i(lj, about her and her
prisoner with, a, mighty crash,
'    ,        ..-,..■       «^
"'"r      '    f t
"A new public school'-'inspeQtor has
been appoiuUd for Hritish Columbia
For two years,past there has 'been
but two innpectors for the four dis-
trieiu, l'resiiiiiablv the. new inspector
will be nssi-jned lb Kootenay.. ri'he!
present* staff* ccVnsiiit's"of Y). Wilson, P.,
A.., of Vancouver island; A, Stewart,
of' tin; lower mainland: ,T..S,Oordon.
ll.A,, of Cariboo,*T.illooet jiiul pun
of Yale. The vaeont inspectorate is
Kontepav and Hound fry,
The new, appointee Is .T, I), Gillis,
late principal of the llovs' Cent nil
school, Vancouver, Mr. Oillis is a native of Prince Kdward Island, when-
lie received his education iu the public schools, fmlsliiiiit at the'TrJiici. ol
Wales Collei-e. Charlottctown, Ile
CiiiucAp llriiish Columbia iu 1890, ami
'au'jhl at Mission fnr several vemn.
Kiolil lB">S lo if')" lie was piln.-i-.i.l
of the n'linn's at Wellinj-lnn. Since
iRo*? he has been oii the tearliimr rlnff
of Victoria as prinripiil of.the llovs'
Cent nil school, Mr. Oillis lio,s been a
successful teacher nnd Is verv popubir
with his lolleaj-ues of the profesKion,
Hftf rmmmf mm-mm'WtimtmiJWmwtm.Wmwm* rniitiWmi»MmViiimmmr**mm*mm*e*t>imm>il>"immwr
Boosting Fernie and East Kootenay
Fernie Citizen Tells Vancouver Islanders About Prosperity and Pro
peets of Coalopolis
iPhone T2
Tor Fine Stationery, OJTk'e Supplies, Ledgers.
Day BooUs, Journals, Cash Bpcik.s, Letter Books
Typewriter Paper and all j»oods kept in stcck in
a first class Book and Stationery, Store.
1 The Palace Drug Store
H. P. McLEAN, Manager
AjjcnlH Ait Hell I'ituio.   Hurpselilo,   Liquid Youeer.   Wolih'a Ciiidliii,
mmntMiiiiiiiiiw <
Vhlorl-.i   <M.'iii:.l
I), V, Moll, proprietor of the l*Vi-.
uiu U'd^er, 11 well known I'lL-uru (or
nuiiiy yen is in that tliilvin*' and pro*
(.reHiive I'omiiiiiiiliy, is ul present
pay in-; a visii to lhe capital 1111 bus!
iu ss ill  iiiiportiiuce,
Mr. Moil tins taken ii|» his nin 1.I1*
at Iliu Kin*" J.il-iWiiil, ami in the
ei.uise of uu inliTview yesli'iilav w'th
it Colonist ii'poitur, hu very conrle*
toii'ilv 1 iuin Aiiiirn led 1111 extremely
iiitinstiii|j estimate i'f llie position
ut all.ihs in |>eiieral iu the Must Knot,
ui iy ili'.liicl,
i   "I'he ^n.-rat ouilii.il-.," iM-ld he, "ia
ilistiiutly ffiii-il. The output, nl c-ual
is   l.l'.llltl.lllv   illl'll llllll/r,       'fin.   iVnw'i
Nest l-a»s Cual riiiupiiiiy nie puttiii'f
out Ironi 17,1^11 to iH,(too tons |M*r
link, end the liit.rti'itiutul Cmtl .*<
IVilie companv, of tVileinr.ii, whicli is
still pincticillv In its iniiinrv, ubont
t;,ik\ urns (nr utvl*. Tlieie is a iiiie
III Ile town i,|.riii43*iii,i; up al Coleinnii
nnd lliey nie f.elliii*» n nuisiileiiilili'
i|li. tiftv if Coal to the Cuil.liliiin
Norilierp for -•hipimnt to iMinouiou.
•'Tlie linil" of llu- Crow's SVbI ronl
j-om to the Great Northern niilwuv
lo tin* juncticii with the. Crow'.-i Nut
1 i tvi-. t. tj n. 4/ art* v
nl    V.1.1 ii..11,    will,);ii-!ii!y
lli?'devi.|iijiiiii-i\i  mid V.eitli-
lhe enuuirv iuul will     ml.I
C.  I',   W,,  benideH iiiipplyiiij.',
Thr liiml-i-i  in-
the must. Kial ■
iuiliiHtry' in tlmt
1.,.;..     .i 1
 r.  *•-   i'** •'
lllll.      lU.ll
iniin ol
and the
toke to the Min-ltir.'i,
iIiin'Iiv iilinwh Imwi'Vi-r
ilyiu-j ivkuIih of any
.-i.t  "j  ...'...
"The lClk lumbei' eompany at l'Vinie are junt enuiplctinj* n modern, up-
lu-il.iti- mill with ull modem machin-
eiv, and with a rnpn.ilv nf m-o,ivio
to 1 *J5,(w«» her p,.| 'lav.anil llnijj tinIV
are the l'Vrnlo Lumber Cnmpunv near
the lo,\ll With a eiipiuity n| '..,(•<.•>
ti-it per duy, aiidlhe Cnhii Vall*>y
-.iimpaU1. wilh a .iipii.lts nl Xi.M>o to
40,01x1 livt pvr day; the hilt.-r u.111*
pjiiv is'l.iiiii; reint'lini/iil uud iiii.ii'
rapitiil is U-inir put inlo the bii'.iiirhi
to do liiisiiie^s 011 .is l.irj.re n wil.*
UM   the   I'.ll   U.lllpilliV.
"IIt-.suii!., a little (mllirr Wi-.Hl ri.nr
llu luimiu «.r ll.s- V.i*. livev al llw.
tioini litown an Cro-u'-i Nisi I.niidiii'*,
lhe linld' Compnnv '.mv tuitliut* tu a
nr\v mill and nn* J,«»iii|; exteu'ilvt-lv
hi'o lie luniU-r liiit.im-n*. The Kit*
mouth company li.in <lmnj;(*(l h-.ml...
iiu-v pinpnsu to build u inmli Urj;er
mill .'iiul nie 1111.nhil^; liir^i liuil.s
nf tiinbei, Thin eompniiy wlll prob-
ubly be liimwii iih the, Sherliy l.iim-
ber ci.mp.iuy uiul ih eoiiipowd of
pi niiii al luuilier, men .who liuvei ken
iu liiinliii'.'is 011 jllit Amiiieuii mAj ull
invit    il', v;*.
A "*reat p.iilion ni the Koolfuuv
valley in Hast. Kuotiiijy, j« very well
ndiipteil (nr I mil jj-rovriti-'. ,The pioii*
ivr wriil. in thin dlieetion Imn alreiidv-
ileiiionsltilled that fruit run be;
|>ln,Vli to (iilvuiitiij.-e ut lvlko-uinl ou
the uoit-herii side, of the boniiiliiry.
near Tnha.u. I'luiuii, al l-'ort Steele
ainl Wild llnrM- ciTi'lr, and also at
St, Mmv 11 MiMiinif nu the Nl. Mniv'-i
river ubovr, Viild   Horw tteek,
"The railwuv I Llie now In course of
tonsti'iietion up the-Columbia fiom
(futitiit ;.iul from the Columbia valhv
Xo tin* vnllrv of the Kootenay cms-
Mli|- nl Cdi.it l-'lil, via I-'ort Steele,
uu.itU in tin: vommciiiul impoit*
oi'ie ol lVinii.
■•A thuilfci IinS. ln*t« i-ipp.ted [01 m
the Allmt.-i V(rlr.Utiirn (or thr build-
Ini? of t\ lnilro-id from Culuarv l.y
w*«y of Kftnitnatkl pani.  thence    lo »
,tjie he*d-wal«*i-K ol ,tW l',\k and dnuu |
JjIjI ,*,Jii.ii.i  l<> w juuiii,,ii   ai ih  Oi,-
liicul N01 llii-i 11  al   l-Vi'iiic.
C, I*. Will, nf IlilcuM, AlU-rtu, is
applyiuu (or a e/iuitc-r Jur the um-
Htriicliou ol u railwuv to k* known
un the lliliie.il Ilu il wry, Cm,i| ., Coke
v'oiiipauy vsiiuu in \m tic inilil Hmu
Komi, point near I'ern.e throu*',h thc
Crotv'H Nest I'as.i lo llilciest juiii*
tlmt 011 the Cinw's SitxX line, lliniu
in » siiiitlieasterlv ilireiUion to Catd-
KUUI, Albett.l, With pi>Wet lo build
Iruiuli lines to I'iiicher |*reel and (III
Cilv, llie latter Im inj; -uenr the oil
well*, now ln-ili** o|H*in:d up bv the
Itocly Nfountaiu DeveU-iiiiient • com*
lninv. The liiiiblmu ot all llu-re 10.nU
-ri'lilreiii-' at 'l-Viliie wliiill* may Ih-
ha id to lie the WisUrii •Mt.-wtty ol
lhe Ciow'h Nest paiw, will tliflkr llie
«:itv ot l-Viliie the ptjncipal railwav
rtittre ol Kittt Ki«»teiuv. Tlu» •ritv-ol
TVrnie fi.*i*< -jiown    (rom  n.itbin*,:,itu
IX'- to 1111 im<iieioi.il«il nlv with
•an nssesMiunt toll nt on* million dnl-
"li.rn uml 11 population with in     and
surrounding It of Iw-tWttU t^iree nml
(our  tlioiiMinit people.
Ihe Dominion Meat and
Cattle Ranching Co., It'd
hii to iniorni thcinliahitants ot (-ernie, thai wc are open-
in-y in thu I'urdy i)uifdiii)L» on Victoria Avenue, a first-
class meat market, with a supply ofthe finest quality of
meals etc. _  * $*- ■    ^      ^       #      ^      *#
Beef, Mon, Vea!, Pork, Corned Beef, Eggs and Bife
Armour's Breakfast Hams and Bacon*
We Wiiiillo rail your iilleijli.vii io llie fuel tlmt our saii«.»Ki* 111111111011 U>ry  ll in
the liaiid-* of hii -,*)iperl(''.aii<i,-iKi' ninkcr, uitli special niiirliinery Imported Ji*
reel from litiiiiiniy.   This roinbiiuil with the fart tin* iiifHtu unud mv first
i)U(illiy and llial every iitU'iiliiiii is (jiven to rniiirt* clt'iinline»«, it wbv we
,„    lmve cariK-tl tlie ie|niliitli*n o\'bit'inti llie be»t sausage niukeri in the country.
Here are a few of our Specialties.
•    1      * "■*•"•- t
Pork SauiLiKc!       Liver Sauiagc!       BoloRtne tSnusaxe
Blood Pucfillnff!    VVi-tncrwclrBt! Mctwclratt
Hcnd Cheese I        Cooked Ham t        Pure Lenf l.«rd!
Give us your orders aiul we will guarantee satisfaction, aiul
remember wc arr here to stay.
PHONE No. 4.
The Dominion Meat and Cattle Ranching Company, limited. A--,
of a Rich
•        j -'* ■    ,   ■*'' -' Rube Allvn. in
4&.,  '1*^\ alls •Ilter<;-<>tiiiK-conversati9n with
-    *--uTie oi -In" oni; Dakota's weultliiest eit*
i/ciis.      Ho is'worth-perhaps hall* A)
...iilioh dollars, ;,i. least-'his acknowledges■ U.*u
,.. -liiich:.   He, i-j-a bij.-, i-iiddyXaccd,' j-riziie-hair-.'
,-    ed, niaslerini fallow, only* 43-years of aj-e. ■
1 approached liim on a business proposi-
*'-tion -,*i 4,0. He came" at- mu like .a, mad bull—
lhat is wilh ihe eiierj-y llial' aniiiia, is suppos.-
c.l id display, .sliallcniijr ;lH nlv ideas ,•!
■.-line and i.oosiiiijr. his own," until he had h.s
price securely elevated and buttressed, to ii\t'
limes iis proper proportion. This, I co:i',;l
see was .the talent A'lhat - brought- him his
wealth. He wielded such powerful !aii-;nage,
I/ackeil up wiih a-ini}tlii-) .will power that sim
plv b.ai to the »i-ouiid,all opposiliou. "\Vlia-.
chance has a weak man, .or even un avera".*.
man,in'the presence'ol  such lorce.   - --
lie cm l/o worih one .million or ten mil*
lioii*.irh;.S;.slri.jiKlh and desire -holds..out.,
1 tlierel'oie led the eoiiversalic.n inlo lhe
realms ol  philiisopiie, 1
V   •  ■■Which," I'uskcd, '.'yon or I  'el the most
fun oul of life.5','     ;■ '*;   r
'•Why I do, of course," he replied. "I have
more  fun.,'ihaii you ever ihoiijvhi  of  having"
"We.I,'I travel sonic, bunt, lish, and Weil.
I-l, wh.-.lever 1 led like doinj;',': he'said.
"Iii-.I isn't it true liiut your business has
shell -u hold upon your u'in« that vou "cannot
fitlord _to-,sj-,cud much lime in this wav?"
"W\:l!,:',ili.ii.-,s the worst,of il, bui 1 am
Hoiii" to k\\ 0111 and q'iiii. I sold $60,0..>
worth oi' .-.t.iff 10 aiiolher firm— .1 string .if
lumber viii-ds—a couple of weeks -ij;o, and I'm
e.r.idn.-illv -.o'iij. tu c|«iif. and' vn out of biix*-
Iless.  " '      **■     ,-
"Are <-ou 4 j.oiiij. lo let vour inonev lii-
i.llc?" , " _
..."\Vell, Jlial is lhe worst part of.it. I
have Si.-.i),..oo lvin^r iaii: iijr|il now, liiat I
must invest. It is <i criine lo leave ,moncv
.idle. I have men out now looking up foA
cms in Wasiiiuj-Um. 1 must RC1 someth-,:i<
!>"■■.      Small  investments arc  too. annovins>.''
"Isn'l  it. a iael.thal* acciiiiiubitinij wealth..
is a dise.i.se wilh vou and iill other things ait.-
Minill  and  nivial  in eomparison?"
"Well, ves; but I'm fiohtiitjr -i. j am
Ukiii-r an interest in other things. In tho
M-imols, mul things. Why, last ".lijrtil I >-;»t
ti|) half ihe nijjlit writing poetrv-. thi] \«ii
ever write ]Joctrv?"
.   '"Nevet!"  I iiidijjii-uitlv replieil,
"Weii, you missed it. Listen to this,*'
ana lie pulled- out r.f n drawer a wad of po-
etijv lhat proved lo be a vi ry funnv satire on
a local spread, wheie society had been shocked
bv the editor •? • U i, c;>! paper put v. i-r su-ar
iu his bouillon."- . ___"
"Can -,-ou do as well as ili:it?"->
"N'o.   I   ciiiiiiot."
"Well,   now,   you   have   been   asking    'm* '
'iiicstions.      What   have   vou   been "doi'iV   all
hese vears?.     Vo„* aie pr'eltv near as old, as
i„ am       i.o'.v much are vou worth?     What do
you e\-pea lo do?'' '"   ' '
/"To answer vmir last'question firstiin true
ml, Mvk,     I said,, "I cxnect (o K0 on as-I
•ii.ive  l.e-^iiii.  looking- up information"and dish-
'"«. 'I out  lo mv felh-H-iiicn. '   There is no lin.
..o  the^opportunities.      My Krcnt,  cotisimt-
'»•** .iiiii.ilioii  is  to have evervbodv iiuitrh wil'i
, »ic or .rei_mv,  aii.l like „le while  llicv am dn-
"■nsr-ii.      To. bailie  in  n  ripplin^iver Af sun-
Karjjo l'onini. »
'shine;  to drown my sorrow in making <.-,fi?r
\       people f<jrKet l.iiir.s, .and to alwavs have a few-
. , .'' tneiiiies, so that when 1 have made too much
oi*a fooPoi lnvself, 1 can »o oil in oiw comer
and ciijov 111ys.lt luitiiijr them and Iraniin<f up
u'librrihle revinue.
"filll d(.'es it pay?".
,      "Well, liiiai.cially, lie.—but*I have more um
than  any   liiill-.oiiiure  I have ever    met,  aud   1
have met a jtood many.",
."If  vou  could  wrile  poetry  yoAd  be ,', al'.
rii'.ht.      'lho or.lv. man  I eiivy'is the 'man 'who
can vvritcpoeti ,-.''   *'"'"' -  -
'■\Vell, I'll le frank with ..vou/' I said.'"!
a envy you vour capacitv io make "money.":"
. '-Then' yinr.e a  fool,"   he replied, 'and  w.-.
let  it.Ko atj that.
acceptance of it. .,   '
"KiiUiunsia is as cold and unfeeling'as a
bachelor in a baby's presence.      1,1,
'-A bachelor was visiting a married friend
and endeavored to amuse the six-inoin'is old
baby. - lie' jumped it- on his knee, .u.-klcl it
ar.d finally jjaye il his waicli to -j'av vii:'..
"The waich was a small sold aliair, and
the baby slipped it into his niomh. Thai
niadc' the "bachelor smile. ,„
.. "lint 'the .liioUi'cr, perceiving what lur
dafliiiu'ba'd done, leaped forward in the greatest tenor,
'* '--(Ih," she cried, "*s;c the child, it lias
your watch* in it:; mouth. It will swallow
lhe watch.'        • '
.-• i'lliit the bachelor, with-a lati'-h, iiasti.ncil
to rea'ssi-ii-e-her:--   -*■■'    ■'.'•'.
"Don't , lie .alarmed,' he. said. 'I've ■ };o'
liold of the ehaiii; it can't, ^o far.'.'1
■    * 'TIIK WIDOW WAS WliATIlPc-J..     - •  ',     ■
"See here,'air. editor," said an irate wo- '■
man, coiiiiiijf into the sanctum mid leaving lhe
iloiiv open; "see here; what's this in vour mean   '
little  paper?" '    -
„ - "Meally, luad.im, there "s so much in it,
eon'sideriiijf that it's onlv $2 ii year, thai, 1"
cannot at ihc lirsl blush'tell you'whi.t il is.-".
"Well, don't tall; vour jaw oil, imt tell me-..
what vou mean by this re fen nee tu mv    hue
"Ah,    madam,  the'   good,    kind soul  who
(lied  onh   vesterdav?"
.. •*   "The-same one!      Vou didn't think'I wiis
•  •ilauliujr oiie after each- uit.il, did vou.J-'
"Mardlv   thai,  madam;   bill  what   do  von     -
refer  to?" "
"Why, sir, this passa-u in ihe obituary,
where vou lie was consigned "in., roast im-
place with his lathers?' "
"Ahem, "madam, ahem!   let  im-  see,"   anil' -'"'
lhe- editor   <rrabbed   the  paper',  and   i^a/cd   in-"
ten liy,. at.  the   wor.ds.   "I   be»   vour   pardon,
iiiaduiii,* it should have 1-ceii 'restiuir   place', and',,
if v'mi wiil come, down to the ollice this after-3'
noon  vou can  have, the scalp of ;-,uv   inf.-nijl'
compositor'iu the ollice, and 1 will'tear it of,'
for  v,,„.      \\*e  ..nll- stilllfl      srj,,u,   M ]mi.
stvle  is  too harrowinjr on .tho. 1'eeliuus' 0f •   a
L'ood pavnijj subscriber like voursclf."  .'
She was pacified and she'jjot the scalp. .'
UK HOfoilT TiiiriuTs.'  ,*."-.
A k-ood story about the little son of Vue of
Serine's   weiillliiest  men,   was  told   tliis  week
lhe  Mile fellow is fond  of baseball, and  has'-
allied  hiinsi.il'  with"  a  hunch  of  lomiujr      bi/
league .material  whiih   practices  on, aAacani
lot   just   off   Victoria   avenue.   One' dav   last
week  a  friend   of  the   wealthy   man's "family
oskida leadinjr member of-the  youtliful  niiii- '
if he siicw S S——  diienlioning ihe lin'o.
- feilow's iiaiuo*) 3 *
"Oh,  yes," was the replv.  "He bclono-.s to-     *
our baseball club."    . .       ■  ■"
"Is  that so,"  said   the  seeker after     in--
formation," and whnt'place does he plav?'.' i
"Oh, h-'-ll," replied  the. precocious-Caii'.id-
inti   -'he don't  nlay; \vc just let hiin.biiv the-. •
balls aiid bats." '   ' '•
• "What-"is the liiianin;- of the  word Kast*
vr?"  asked  John  Drew at a club.
.. .    No one could answer, the .question, and .Mr.
Drew   wiih ,a frown.,went on:
"Nolody reads the .bible uov,-.'The public's
1 ,i-.,norniHe ijl lhe. bibk^aiv.l. of .biblical tilings :s
.V.iiia/.iuj;.  , A biblical'allusion" uowad.i'vs is as
uiiiiltclli^ible. i'.s  a li»:e's allusion..
"Not lon-f ajio 1-j.ot into a biblical- arj.ii--
nielli at 11 dinner. When the argument wr.s
over,  a  youny;  lady  said:
.'■'•'I enjoyed tlnil.iii'j.'ument.'.spleiididlv, Hut
do veil know, 1 always lhuiij>hl th.it .    Sodoni
aud Gouiorrali wore 111011 -and wife,"
"Another  nouiij;  lady commented:
" 'Oh, well,  I "suppose tluv ou»j'it 10 have
■ been  if  ihev were not.' "
.    HIS  HKCOMMKN'l).     „ "
A beaatiful. yotmjj j;-irl and her moth..*!- wt-.i-
discussing the "etevnal mairiiij^e (pieslion.
"Well,  thert's  Charles Adams,', .iHiniiury.l
the motbir ihouejilfullv, after a It-ujj pause.
"Charles .Adams,"   siieCred   thcirirl.   "lie
. is old, lie is ujily, he is* menu, he.is a lo.vard
.Charles  Adams, whylu: has notliiu^-, ^nothing
in" the 'World   to   recommend   him   except   l-.is
.wealth..",       „ '
"Vou forjjel his heart disease," say.--, llu.-
niolher softlv.
>)V a well   known  promoter,   but   lhe   promo.
»ot turned down hard, Dick's reply wa-; cv-er-
. heard. It Vas:  "1 Kaien'!.-do it, yo kubw.,\    ■
 — >o.—'■	
A speaker at one of the. sessions' oi   - the'-
l'liiladelphia  conference  recently   told.        this
story,-.-which he says" was related to him* bv
llishop Harlsell;   '
The llishop while on a southern tour /.net
a darky who "was, the father of sixteen cliild-
.ren, the younjjest of whom was iiot out of
arms, aiul on askinc*- hiin what the youn^sler's
name was, received the reply:      " '" ,'
"Judas 'Scariot,  Sah, " ,
".You do not realiv mean to tell me  ihnt
-is his   baptismal  iiaine,  do  you?"   asked-the'
horrified bishop.   . ■' "     .  ' .* ' -      ; .-
.     "Indeed I docs, sah; ain't that a scrio'tral
name?"      --..,. ^ . , '   _ .
- "Ves, but  do vou know who Judas Iseiir-
iol. was?'',
"Course I does, sah; but (loan tie scriplur'--
say  it-would   hab  lie'en  better'for   Judas   Is-
_iy.ril.if he had never been horned?"'
A.■ ."Ves, but whal has that to" do with 'lh;s
iittlo chap?"
"Dai's .iii.si.it, sah: dal's jukHl; it.would
nave 1-een better for dis poor'little feller if he •
bad never been, hqrne'd, end .dat's why vvAcalls
nnu .Judas   'Scariot."
The   folk
family. '
;mnsl  ?.!
e loiiowinjr ehiiraeteristic storv occurs
in tin- rccenilv imblished book of "Heine Anecdotes" Once ,li,rin.r llciiu's stay at Miinicir
,i n'oi'' ii'"•'.'"^wntiiiffs came up for discussion at the dinner tabic of ,|u. Jlava.-Iai. nival
On   the      conclusion   r.r   tin  dinii*.!-'
01 .hose presnit expiossed a wish 10
liioke Ins iic.p.aiiitaiice. On,, of tl.e princess-,
vlio vvns rather -fon,l 0f ,lilvil tu U!*)ilili(,s
•bout her, ai-once ofTercd Io send r»r him   \.
•.l^"1.^  ;11  »"«  ^-.atched. to  i„.
viUIJeina  to come   to  the, castle
of coffee with il,e roval lamily.
i-e  iiiviliition  the poet  coolly
"•Hv   dear   friend,   please' .
spects  to  her lij.rji:
■"»d  partaki
Ou lx'ceiviiiji
resent   mv   iv-
;--liiics,s and say that it js m
«islo... to take coffee where I have a^jLl
'of- Ceoi-jjia  told   this storv
HKK A ISACIiKLOl*:.   ',   .
-   "Dr.   John  Shoemaker,   in  a .discu-sion'o
eutliansia,   or   na*!iiles's   killing   of   iucurab'.-*
4.said, amoiij.- other tliin-rs:.     4."   "
"'-i'lie it—i^-oTitrrimTff    inTn"^    oiiiTlTiliimian
about Kiithansia which ' forbids'cflecli-
.'     ...   DID HIS I'KST.
•A voiniji ladv al a summer -'lolel asked an
ill list friend who was spetuliu<j 11 vacation
lliere,'if he would miir.l doiuij a small favor
for  her.       - .  ' '
"Certainly  not,"  be  said en perl v.   "What'
is it.?'1 "'     '
. "Thank vou so'iiiueli," sho said jrratefu'llv.
"I wish you would stop at "Mrs, 't'>rannon',s
little sl-.op' and j>-et three lar;.e bono buttons,
the kind with two .snuill holes in them. They
aiv foi-.iny ,new. bathiiij; suit, vou know. Just -
tell- her who I am and it .will- be all .right.
You needn't pav for- ilieni.
. Xow* the artist was. a bachelor, and hail
never bought aiiylliinj> but collar buttons before. .So r;n the wav to the, store'he kepi-*e-
peatin^ the instructions he had received. Ki-,.
.yr to reiieve his mind li-< rushed- up to Mrs.
Oranuon's and reeled ),-if[ this surprising speech
. * '|I want three 'bone'.buttons for 'a small
'linthiujr suit ^-itli two larpe. holds iu it. Just
tell me who I am and it will be all, rijjht."
,   Se< dor  Clay,
to a  utnjiber  of  his  colleagues  iii".. the
cloakroom  a  few days  111,-0: ,        ■-
., Sain Jones the cvaii'Relisl, 'was holdiuo-
uii-etiiijjs 111 my-home town last sumini'i- .. in
the open air. His subject Tor the particular
cvemn-T __pi   v.-iiic!i   1   speak,   was,"Death."   He
hat\ been  preaeiiiujr his theme'witli',"*JIv dear
incuds think of it!     Think of il, I'say' AVml'   ■''
yoii, arc'not.-prepared to die."-, At .'my,  qveryA".-
,breath a so;il drops'-deadI"        .-■.*»'   7~    /     •'
■'■   Theii ii small hoy away back-iii'-'lhc rear,
exclaimed: . •
"W;hy don't yon try. cloves?" * ,;> ■
-'■ .B- L.
'        A ^ood siory is'told ot, a certain British-
,, Columbia politician who-is .sliglitly_given to ' "
pomposity   and  dojj.   At   the   big  government
meeting .held  in  Vancouver the other      , da,-
at which the premier tried to explain the Ka'-
■ iiii   island   matter    as     well   as  some  other
Unnss,. the pompous individual arrived • at .
. O'l'neu'.s hall rather'late, and endeavoured", to' > -,
-.make Ins way to the platform.'      The aisles
were crowded and the politician, who'has serv  "
, cd a term in the legislature,.found" himself un-    .
abVlo jiioeeed further because of a burlv individual \ylioin he could not'tnrust  aside.
i)i-awin..i-, himself up'to. his full height,' the  '*■
. politician, tapped the offending one on        the   •
shoulder, saving as he did so:'.
"Here, make, wav there!" -
"Who  are you 0thal   vouAsliou.il push , me    '
aypiu-.d   thy t. way,"   demanded'the   native,   a'
l.i" longshoreman, who had 1;c.-n listening in-*"
li-nllv  whi'e  Dick  was  Irving ,"to explain  the
oxr.laiial'on. .      '   , '.
■        "A  upresenlalive of Hie people, sir,"' in- ',
dn'iii-iiliv  exclaimed   the  politician.
Tlii* 'l(i:ii.shori.-iii:*ir lo-iiiued. -A
■   "Thiil ain't notli-'n," smM ho. ■■   "\\V folks
here nir (he peeiml theirselves."     ' "'
„ '- " [   0
Al.*ri.;lil     Fernie     boy who had d'.led i:p
a lit t'e  loo. well .011  apples  nnd  was  doubled
yi) wilh* the colic,  was asked  by a kind man.'
who came by, what was the matter.
.   -"Cot the ■b.-iivache," groanod the bov.
''Oh, no, vou haven't,"-said the .man"- who.*
. mm.-.- « believer in Christian science.  "There is
nothing the matter with you, my hoy;.    vr-u
just, think so."    - *     -. '  -  "'  '   .■:' ' '
- '-"It's-all, right foV voii'to talk  tliat way'"
j.inislcr,"   groiiueii   the  boy,"" who' was  a  son
of a   local   politician,   "but   the  fact  is  that*
I've got  inside' information about this, thing,
and you haven't."   ■
There will-'be some good things oii .this
pa;c n.'.xl vycel;^ Suid in your siiliseription r,t
once so you "will net  miss it.
-**m   mf&*
Spok-ine Outburst.—**
Tli;;  liicnds of a well*known" society girl,
ntily .may  be disclosed  to many  by
-  -'It   is   reported   that, not   onlv   arc    lions'
Hob GrcLii  and  Dick  MeT-.ride.  eultivatiiig  /r,n '
lyii'lish apnearqiice and .nceeiit these days, biit
•that  Dick   is  weariii-i- a   inonoel-.i.   and-.-Is  f'v-
JlUusiibsicLUui 1, UcjUaml-f.- nd-gsuii HspcciilulTii-R-
wliose   ide .._   i-,
the slauiiiint,iliatislie usually is accompanied
on  the ."itreel  by a cute- little fox  lerrier,. are
telling  an  excellent  story  which-pavs   Iribuie
to.*, her sell-possession and at the saine     time
telis of- the utter disccmfeitiir?   ' of .1 '  well-
known young business man, who -s kiuown as
au iuveleiate uia.-.her, and who "uses the pavements of k'iversnie avenue as his happv hunting gt-ofiml       One  day   last   week, the   latter
got sight of ihe young lady's form divine and,
conmieiK-ed to dog her (footsteps.     lie had not
gone far, and . was tearing-, the "thing he     was
.plcas'd" to call his brain,'iiito liu'e pieces in'
order to discover'or invent some means where. ''
bv he  might  elTect  an   introduction,   when, to
the. ii-bsssveve ,whcn  tln.v approach- hiu
.Victoria   lho  olh
■* -Inr;"7iov^1iriarddelTrv"lfinv^oTr"the pav-*emc-nt~!7e7
love him*, a strip o." pale' blue with a, pieU.v
-silverbuclile   attached.      And-tin ' particularly
-0—0—O—O—O—O—CO—0—0— 0—0—"o—O—O—0—6-
dair.ty article occupied the,place wiiere iiiwlcm
oiselle had but a moment before -.tiiod seiz-'
ing il, and nniling to himself, he hurried «vf-
tir the. ladv," and raising his hat,* remarked .11
ills sweetest- (oius, "I believe this belongs'to
you; J lound it on tlio sidewalk."
Xo doubt quite, a number of fair, ones taken   oil  their guard'in  this wholly unexpected-
manner,  would  have  been nonplussed. But-
this   paiticiilar    angel   .was   made   of. sterner
stuff.    .She did not luih<an evelash. With the
sweetest o, sweet smiles she. accepted the ofTer-
.JiiT,  and calling her  terrier  to      :.*r,  i-laspiilii* iirounil-his  neck.  Then with  a 'how and .1 •
murmured !'Tli..iik>-V(.u .". sh.-* turned mvUivei-.
side, avenue an-l (i""a|».caivd„inlo ihe Wonder-
—j-lInitJiJiJioiitJiU w^wht-nf-tiw-ro^t-^.^
clear, she i.-meiwd..,,Tier dog was not we.irin.r
a blue cohar with .silver clasps. .   7"
1 in
The H®w
To be
ig /Tow
ies souin ©1 .uaigar
oiifBiern Aberfa
[ vmasa CTBiia[M««^fflra«ffl
Chance for Every one   j     VERY
T°n?JV«r .<iVC^b0d;!f a "'"I"00 ,0 sharo in the* bwo- |__
„'     ''l!'7,1;-' *"B-Klvaiice that will take place in thu '¥***
I ope ly of ihis town, thc lollo«i*iB easy terms ot n ,v. 1 ti.a
meiitlinve.been.niloptedi '  , p,l) | Alio
25 per cent dawn balance in 3 equa
lots ^rc armnaod [in nr.:.\ jl ussos, ranginff from $30 upwards, aiul as
tho town is admirably laid out thoro aro a Iar8*o numbor of good business lots
and somf-business lots. This town must ultimately become a health resort, seeiiift-
it is located in the eontro of tho charming'chinoolc bolt, whoro thoro is practically
no winter and whero base ball and la wn tennis is played all winter.
r '" 1 ■    wil1 bo u;ivm to labore
rrnH fiVSTIfint   ,M,,cW»yOT». om-penters,
L MI p I uj m U11 C|JI1I8 aml wlloro wopk
will bo given to laborers, quarry men, stone masons,
i, painters, steam litters, oloctri-
innon aro required, a preference
will bo given to purchasers, and money loaned to assist in building. With these vast
works muhw powivnotum thc<o !-mi<!« nro likely to be scHlng- at live Una* LU*j t,'aul~
Uiii' i.vicii ia Lwislw inonths. People wishing to securo a home in this line climate
should avail themselves of this opportunity to aet in on a biff land boom.
ots built upon,
Jhn  mI",st..Corpo,,nlion  bwownir the custodians- of   H
|   lio ImiUiV   "      ,OMUCS »,u,chj,sc,c* chat thc works will   &
wiiiiMiimiif 1
Uirtfe Jilex-atora aro to bo built in t'imc for this season's crops. A largo Packing Mouse will beljuiltthis summci
For   full particular's, apply to
M.-0 ■ ■ 9   SON   &   CO*
^SSLYS^KSmt^^ ",'•*■*••-
"7     <*V l^tv ■■
*■   ' r;"if
. :.v=v;-.,..'.-v
...   THE FERNIE LEDGER, ^FERNJE. |j?. C. MAY    ej,  1906
"t ""      -    ■*■',-.^-.""i&i-* *S
a -**.. A$*r .***
ii  .i-*7S*       i
. I*
•Graphic Story of Execution of Lieut. Schmidts-
Gave Life in Freedom's Cause       a
• -I
!•   0
■' ;?
'  *?-
■* s>
■ I
'■■ ■?
From the Xew Voile* Sun—
Ivan Xorodtiy, Russian revolutionist; ,hea<i
' ol tiie' ..iuui-il  *u miiiiuy in  Cronsiadt    last
y.-ar uiul  iiiinisii'i-  ol .domestic' ulhur.s   in   the
t.l.i-.i-.tivL provisional "j>ovetiiinent. in tlio liuluc
provir'as, ims urvivcil  ill. Mew•• Vi.uk ' a. i-ctu^ec
uiul is ,'uuyiii"- at' a, "cluh" in VMilr avenue. „
lio i-si-'ajitil Ironi Uiissia. in the disguise nt an
■.nwny siir^Loii o.irly'iu January wnli a 3o,<>.h-
.  iuii.u pcie i.u  ii.s> Ikail.,  Iliul   |.rni!  luih  iii-cu
ui.K-i.ii.il, -1,y  ilu*  way,  unit  Tiuiimiiy iuk-m  ii"i
. ,i„\v   wn.iii'.r  11c lu.s a   pi ice .1111 ins la-ail  cr
i.u..  '1...1V  lS'a gallic; 111  il,  Midi "a  jjauu-   ;as
should |.*t*i-Miii(lo anyone  that tho.Jiu.sMiiii \ivit'-
,, jilt, an*  icaily loi' sl-iI-^iivi-iiiiiii.'Iii.
-    . Auijiii .,« su. ii as Aoioilny  -".nl away*   ..
man I..ar.ii.f a  uiiuirKaiiU* rcs.-niiii.inoe in ni*.
•puliiiN.iiit 'iL-scripi.ou  appear*, d  in  JSL.   lVU-.-ft-
liurK   awl   mui'iucd   hii.iscil   I ctoic   llu;   police.
lln'ir till'  !u-uil 1.011   man  pointed  out  iir   llio
poliic  us  Xorodny.   llu  wiu  ui'ivslrd  ut once
anil,il.iiiiii.il)>- pioulh weie-loiuu! on his ■ person
Ik' puilOsied loiullv that hi- was not Xoioduy
-. l.ut; con hi   l.rili"-  no   witnesses   io   prove   it.
Tlio cas.- scinud so siriVnjr that'tlu* author-
' illes ]ia*.d the lull riiiiouui ol flie reward   anil
the.head fakir w.ilktil out or si»hf of'tho police.',Three   days     Inter     'the   assistant   fakir
l.roii»i;t  al-so'iile pi oof  to show that  he  wo,-.
, not Xorodny. There was no proof thai lie cou-
.'nivtd   w fill ■ ilii iJiitid  c-.u-maii Mu piitliiij{  up
-•'ih.-.l jjaiiicT-'still .pip.'ii is not really ueeilcd in
■ .-.m-siu  jusf now.  Al     any -"rate ilu- prisoner
,   walked  out a  tne  111:111.  hi l{.fcd- oil 4 soinewlier*;
mid divvied  up.   If,   therefore, ,yini see.  a  lins-
.-siau'policeman   coming,   don't   turn   Xorodny
over to hiin, you inij-lu not get your nioney,
Xon.iiiiy,' ix little Russian  and  an "inlol-
'ie ' uinii ■
.:• *.?
-■ t-
krliial," t'o'd nirain tlu- storv of
iii the lll.K'k sea and the "'...Hie. -le n ji'st
in receipt of a lei ter from an attorney naiiitd
KinsuiT, who ,was iin eve-witness" to the exocu-
tionVl I.ic11U11.ini Schmidt,' of the Uussian
tiuvv,, .it (itchal-off. -, .-■
Xorodnv has l.oeii studvin'jr Kiij-lish Jor ou-**
ly three \veeks. , Uoiiift a K'ussiun, he has
rauolit neat iv I ho v.'hoiu voi-aluil.uy of the
liu-.'iia. c- 1ml his pi-oniir.ciulion -is Karnayfji-
esk'airi lie "cts twisted on idioms, liis iniiis-
lutiou'of tho letter was Iree, therefore. This
is the. substance of iL.'
■* "At -! o'clork in'tin* nioiiiiii-r'lie was ieil
out <ii a little island, tof'ellior with tlu*r>*
enniinoii  sailors  who  died  with  him. 1IU
Mrii;»{-'lc to the eud'-was to save the sailois
wlio^wcK- with him.. On the w.\\\ to .the-.i.\-
laud'lii- lie«Ri*(l permission to send 11 tolef-raui
tn St/'l'otorsbui*',' t akin jf all tli>o",i"ospousibil-:
itv and .oxoiit-littilig, tho^alljSrs.j_^ll3i_ndiiiJX.iL
~~*""~ ,     ., ,.j.->i *i    a    -         ,. i     1nn,-,l     .17-..,in     /-\T,i
'• -Kr.-e!' said the oll'iccr coinniaiuliii<r tin;
soo men behind. .   - "
"1'iobably not'"more than half of       them
ol'eved, butit was enough,   ' The fourteen iiu-.i.
Ii-ll-.1s one mail.        Theiithey pioceeded with'
tlio butchery of the three condemned sailors.
"The men  Imd,-, lirod for' the> most part a1,
the breast of Schmidt,, and  not   at  his  head   ,
Tie diiii.pod  the *>liiss as lie U-ll,  but. his* ri^hi
arm was still raised hij-li-mvor his lu-ad iii  u
.toast    lo the Ku.'.si.in lieople..-        . ■
"What   a ifiiv w.'is this,  ootiiraile,  in      th-j '
lii.stmy ol  liussiii!"
-* , Iiiiisiier  was attorney  for,. Silmiidl  at  hU
trial,  aiii'i  wus" mini it led  to  the  execution ou -
that noi'oiint.
"It.M'oins," said Xoroilnv, ''that tlio Am-0
eiienu; ptiiplc  are,  under  tlio   impression   thai
Schmidt was the leader in the K11 iii/ l'nteinp
kin ,1IT;iir. '   That is* not true.    .Ho was never
near-lhe   trouhle,     At   tlio  time  ho  had t two
iiioulhs   leave  anil  was  working ninnnjr   ' the;
lialtie'prov inees. =
"The i>vneral limliiiv led liy" Seliinidl, was
under pu-pfu-aiioii-,' ;ind the ships were all.to
■lo. raptured .at once,, when frietion  arose    be-
twoiui the ollicu-s and  men  on   tha-1-oteiiipkin
i-sul that  innliiiv was on. '. I'.v  kccpiiij; '   i. 11 -.-
n>i'ii in i^uorauoo bv various "devices they lio,<l '
llie' nun  safe,-' Ibid' Solmiidt  been  on  the l'o-
t mpkiii :shc  would  iKier'Iiave  rii.led,  foi *-nil .
she n-oded w;is a.KiiidiiiK hiind.     .Seliinidl was :
atresteil iiiier. .    '  ■       A   •'
"I led '.*o,ono iiuni „fnr' ono nijfiit at Krou-
stmil in tlio niiitiiiv, This-, is' how it happened.        *.- ' ,
"Wo Imd the 1)0,000 men'in -gaiTi'soii. tlier.r
hoiievcoinhed willi, revolution. ' There wero-
.nir.nv jjroiips iu'ewiv ooiupnnv and a leader ir.
ovi-rv' camp. It was all readv, but we wanted",
to test it, aud the imprisonment of sixtecn"
sailors 111 the for I less, was 11 .•.Teat opportunity
—i'or "l hero was "leal' indignation over it.
",Tho move-in.-nl was made at -2 o'clock itv
the inorniii'v, ' Thai nij>lit most of the. ollicers
wore iiw.iv drinking;. Tn the uniform of -i.
Russian' !>oiicral--fiii- a Uussian peasant soldier
•will obev onlv :i uniform—I passed, the friend-
lv M'liirii.'.. took inv stand 011 the parade
1;round and ordered the signal—a Inner niflle on*,
tlio drums. , ' .        ._ 0
"The   men   ro«|inudod     'splendidly. Wt*.
wentai-oiit makiu^ speeches, telling them that.-
m a -     -ii '; vri-'-V.   ,   '
,\vo. were j.;oing tc*. rescue their comrades, after'
which  wo.-would 'lot-them  jjd back  io ,  thoir
bit!rucks..  ', . lu -au orderly .manner  a.picko'i--
corps inarched duni-n to llie iorlroas, ileinaml.-d ■
-ilio keys and jjot their comrades.     We niarch-
td thoiii.back and.seiit tliom to'bod.   .Most ol
the olliu'i*. and toivn authorities -aii away and
.stayed aw.'y until .the-, trouble^ blew over.   .-
■   ""11111 the i>()veniiii.\3it \vitlulrciv the troop-?
and wvi(iprocliiiiiied..*i'l .vitoe lho republic in llio
li:iitie"".roviiiees.   , Do you  know  what.     thai
inoai-.s?  The lirst lopubiio jnoclaiinod on  lius-
,*;iaii  soil-r-:iur  iiidepeiid-jlce day, It  lusU-d
throe weeks. We hopefufji/ made all prcpara-
t'.ons to jjovoni—wo even sie/od die mint and
j>ot on j, a currency. ' Tlion came the On-:.
hacks -liii.-ie i.s 110 "inal::'ii>-". ixvolution will.
t Ii*. 111. - -'ihev work for iii re. "• 'J'li';y killed
ahoiit'sis ihey pleased?-,
•■■I "was ilisjiiiistd iii,lho uniform"of*.a ie-
1ircd'jft'-uy siirj',coii, and the cluise'"Othot ui
limes.. Oi the skiui'lilcr I will loll you only
of what-.I saw. .< •   *» .    ■ .
"A schoolmaster, mit'-jfiiillv as I know of
iiisNisliiijr (ile new upuhlic, but ),ruilty of wrii-'
in-.- likcr.il iirticies, was-tied to* a telegraph
polo, with two oilier men—also merely liberals ■
■All were married iiud had child-en. Thoir
faniilii.-i wore forced to stand under a .Cossack
jjuanl and wateh-tlie execution: when the women liiod to turn away tho Cossacks uiul.-r
Hirders tin n;d their eves toward tho scene..
■-"1 saw lhat—I,' to whom just such a
thiii"- ini^iit   liappou  if  thoy .found inc. ■c?o
sit last r.lriied  my ■ way across to Gei'inanv.
"We are the miiitaiv party. We an: foi
an oijr.'ini7od armed- |ro)'o"Jii"ti"oii." Wheii ui\xt
't-.uiiiiiicr'we hoist the standard and 11.nl of thc
siiiin ' tomes to jo-'n us, .the social deiiiocru..-: ,
■will'ooiiio ton. The diinia is cut .ml >1ri<**1
The iroVv-riinii'iil sent out to ouch, di.-dtlet tii.:
Mst of men ihev'wanted elected—and thev were
■elected.   .     -.- ■   .;.   ' ' '
"I eaniiot sneak "for the rest 7 fh.* <->>'ii--
irv. bin in little Russia we hnvo ("t.i | ni c:.n*
of the oiliccrs and f-'o per cent" of,, iii:* men'. T
niiike ivo'exceptions, thouirh. l The. cracl:
i-uards, ollicers and nun, 'are all loyal, and
llio Cos.-.-iek pn'viitos ,-ire too wild and i;.''iior-
aiil to le t.imrlil levolutionv].'-Thi>y-slaii(>;li.!,:r
v.'liore tiny are paid: they aro now- the haii7 ,
nun  of'Russia." .4    ''■ ->'7 -   •> ■ ■ ■ - al
nfiiscd that. "Tin 11'let me at least" <lie*7in ofiicer,"  he said.-     "Ho     not blindfold or" bind.
-   »»o."' .      ' ...
-,o        "Tlio\"tj,'fiintcd that, anil deeided that since
ho coiihl 'sue  and  the others  would  die  lilind-
*' "fo'deil,' he should be shut  first, Thirlv meii'of
J.'s own command  wove told off to k'll- l.i'ii. ,
* ll. was l-.einj; done  for nil example nil'!  iho  au-
,tocracv"s|iiiroil no horj-or. „   -   . •-'-.„
-.'"Xowi'.tho ndrnii'.-ll, fehnd, lliatrthese * men
mii>ht not shoot, au*d behind tlu-mho stationed a<«) nun, with",    loaded '   villi'*?- trained  on
,"' ever*.' iimi of tin- firing s(|iiad, Their orileis
w'rvo to *hool . in'sliiiitlv anv in-m who'failed
toAne. S.hmiiit A'-A not I,iio\v this; h.iil he -T
run rert.iin, thai h*' would have 'bej^-d them
to fro if1 tliey lovnl liim, sini-e liis end wa?
"SchniiiU walked like a soldier to the spot.
. All.the wav ho spoke iiicessniitlv lo tho soldiers wlio.w.ill'od io.ri).|it  and left, cxliorlinv
.". Ihoin lo u'sc. for liiiinaiiilv. A pvii.st. stopped
into his pliire.
diawn   his    swnrd  when
Mow San FraricirScb
'The  nlliivr lin:l
' Srliniult called oiu :
"Wait, 1 wim I. a
not rcfusr lli.it 10 a
I'liD'oi of wiili'i-.'i Vnu will
„. ,   ,  d\-!ii-r liinnl'     Tl  •leeiiied
n slranur i'ci|iii-ul, but lli.-v in'nntoil il. Tlai'div
were lln*-. wiilcr leurirs out cf ,-,ni"o when ho
liiicid (lie I'l.iss liieli ul'i-ivo Ills lie*i 1:        ^     ^
" 'To llio peniilo of I'll'isin!' ! ■• n'wri 'To
the "Hii's'ii.ni people in-il llie pi...liil 1{<-" .•Iiirnii."'
"Tlinso wove his Im'l words, for tli» .,fTi>er,
r.r.e'in.i' il all now, ii ied:
'     ,"l''ire!' ■ ,
"'•'"flnlv i;i\'loon of (lie thirty Ii:-;U, il. ' Uo
liiiiiK fi'i'iimd livi-il, Tlie rest loweivd lluiv
pieces, nieViiniiiii bv tli.- subliinilv <l tills-Imt
pled-e in llie fiiii* of ili-.illi.
'■Tlio n'dmiial kept his word. The hi\toiii
vlio Iuul Iiml weiv orileivil vnpidly out of line
while .'Ilit- fouvtceii who foiled weto kept <n
Lian*, their liiieks tow.inl llieir death.
Siin'o'iiinci.seo, ?,f;iy. 7.—.Three' iioi'oos'.savo 1
San 1'raiioi.seo, wha. ihoiois loll oi* il J hoy
were liie.dyn.uiiiu! .?c|ii.id- that throw back thi.
hie d-.inoii at Van   >'ess avenue.
.Allien the burilii <; oily 1seeliied doomed alld
llio'.ll.iiues lit tlle' iky liirlhor and further lo
tlio west Admiral ..leCulla sent n trio ol" hh
most iriisieil men 1 oiu Uliiro Island navy yard
with older,'- lo clink ilu- coiillacnuion at aii)'
cost -in iiii: or prop aly. ' ts,       7
Willi iliom Lhoy liroiij-lil. a ton and a half
of juiii coitoii,  Th.; lerrilie powei' of the explo-
iiiVu was e,|iiul to -,hi. maniiiJal (Utermiiialioii ,
of the. lire..
Cnpi. Jlt:Hriilo. w.'is iu inmniaiid of tha
.V|iiad,' Chief 0111 nor Adamson plied llie
tli.-ii;ne:i nnA tlio thi d '-miner set tliom olT,
The tJiiimlei-oiis ili'toiiaiioiis to which ilio
Ievi-ilied ,".listened ill. Unit ilveiulful I-*riday
nij.li't uu ant * il > s.tlvaLioii of' 300,00'n
lives, A million-. Inllars'worth of propcrlv,
noble lesiilciuvN utd Wort li hiss sliack.'i, wero
blown' tn iliiftiii-fMiist, but tlu- dostruotinu
Ir.okii tlio liio an-.l •-,.ont the Humes rnj-inir buck
upon,tin ii own elm red pntli.
Tlir whole eii.M side of Vnu Seni uveiiue
Irom f.oidiu (lute n (Vroeiiwieli was dyiuimil.-
id a block deep, th* ui-.|i most nf ilia stnit'tHie,,
f.iiviil iiiitoiiihed bv f,|)*,ivk or einder. Xr.t one
iliiirpc fiiileil. No-, on,, biiililiiijf stood iipnu
its I'oiiiidtil'oii'i.
Villi i.s Mime set 2nd inalii'intiK miracle of
thr whole populous district to iho wcsl, bloek
ed with lii'oin,.- ivfii;;ecs nnd 11nillun1in1.il exceiit
,b\; the ilisdsl roils >; lire fiom tliebuiiiiui.' wnlcr
fi-niil, suiiiid s.ifc iy niii" o'clock. Van NY'i.-,
iiveiiue i,s lint n't i|.. «mi tt li on th» east sido,
Kvot-i- lioiiiidd''(.inicolton did its work,
nud, tlioii-'li llio ;-n w biiiueil, il was but fee*
lily. From C.oklen Giite' avenue north the
tire crossed the wide 'sln-el iii0but one pla.v.
That was at tin: Clans Sprockets place ■■ on
.Ij-iilil'ovnia street. .There the lliuuu-i wort:
wrilliin"-.; iif) the walls before tho dynamiters
toiilil rciich it. "Vii. they'made llieir way 10
the foundations, carrying their exphsivos do*'
spile tlk- I'liiiiaee-like heal.
The char-'u Imd' to be placed so 'swifll-,'
nnd th'e I'i'so' lijfhu-d in such a hiiiry thai th"..-
esplo.?ion was not quite .successful" from tlu:
viewpoint of th.. trained jjiintu-rs. Jlut thou»h
the "walls still stood'7t was onlv a Imn'en
victoiy for the lire, as bare dirick' and «niokr
in»' ruins nrc* poor food for Humes	
'Capt. MeHrido's dviUiinitliiij- si|iiail vcali/ed
thaL ii sliiiid wus iikcIosh except oii.V.in Nosu
iiveniio.  They  could  have forced  their explosives funJier into the l>iiiiiiiii.r s'oolioii,. but nol.-
a pound ol jjiineotloii could l;o or was wasled. -
Tiie niiiiui block that met tlio wide tlior6iij.li-
li.ro loriiicil n  trench   llirou^li     the eliistovod
Mructuros  lhat   ilu: coiillnjiration,  wild  ns  1'
w.iti, couhl not leap.     Kiijiine'i ))ii;iipiiij>- brin.-
tlimu-..]!  I-'ort  Mason frnm the biio, completed
llie  litlii   work   that   (lie  |.iincottoii hud  left ,-
hut for three ilnva the lui.^avd oynd    lircin, 11.
(..'iiavfled tlio* niekoiinif ruins,
'llio ilfMiliiio wnste lliroiijrh the lieurl of
Jhi* cilv ;,•, n iiiiiti* wllin-ss to the most, liovoio
».ii--l olTecttve woik of the ■ wliclo enlauiite,
Three men did this, nnd when their wotk wm.
over uiul what slnr-d' of the cilv ivslnl (|iiiillv
for the livd lime, thev departed .is modes!I,*
as th.'v Iuul rutin', Thev wore onl.>rr.1 to s;r.*e
Han c'iMiieisen ,-iml th.'V obeyed oiiler:i, .l'ul
l.'.'ipl, IMei'.viile mu! his Iwo .ruiinei-'i mado hi.s-
loiy op ihnl clic;iilful uijilit.
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Rudyard Kipling on
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lluily.inl Ki|ilhij- in "I'votn Son to i-ien,"
ilcscrilii-s Ills visit tn Sun Ki'iim-lsi-ii. Alter de-
tiiiliiij,' Iii.i dillii nil i.s lu j;Yl(iiiu '" I'i*--1 liol.l,
uml nn.iiuutility ivliiiin.. liin nunu ssions uf
Ilh. 'ii'l'-iiiiiM lie mi'l 1 ho siivsi
"llilii  1 li'jsini (luist Imt     .ii.Hysli'tiiiitl.''
cxiilnriilinii nf "l!'o i.lu-etii.  I  tiskeil  loi-     im
Ililllli'S,  ft  W.UN ttlxll^-ll lilnl   the pilVi'lllelllll Wile
luil nf while nun iiiiil Hi-mini, iho MivilH il.ui^-
ih,.f wiih tnillii", nml ili.ii ilu- iv.if.il vn.ii- 111
il \<tiiit i il\ ..ill,", III li". «'."l.-. 'I'lo *.llth'».m
(liili-d t«. alt Jii.lnl-* nf tlle »niiip,m-i. I too!?
..lllelll (.IU' I.V 11IIO till I loll'.l I'.i 1 no lm liter.
H.in I'T'iiiuiMii I1.IH Iuin iilinh.d .'ntvit in tli>-
1..1111I lmiikei'-i of iln- Itil.nn.-.-r drseit. Ah..ut
ulii-foilltli of it ii |.i'..uml Hihiiii.id (nun ill-
soil—.HIV old linii'i- will loll vnu nil uliittiI llmI
'llio viin,iiiidii" i'i itiyi'.ttl  imtliiilty siniilhills
tliu * oil ilmen ti»* ti.-"'-.-"
"l-'rotn nu l'!ii..li'.h tnillii nf view tlievc. h;r-*
lml U'i'it llio hiu.i ntli-ii.pl (il j.riiiliii){      thos.*
Iiill-s,niiii iiiilci.l vim miuht uu well try     to
"i»rJiilo llio Uill-* «'*' Hlit'l      '^',,'*• (;;,,>'"' eAr* "*"
all nnu I It'iil |lur'|iiis>H Imvo uiudo Sun l'Viiiici-i-
l-ll  II  (let.ll   loVll,       'I'lll'V   IllliC  ni .llllill   of   Ih**
tIi-i* or t.i'l. Imt •ili.li* tipiililv nn their no-
lH'liilod (oiiiscs Ironi one <nd t.. lho other nl 1
m mile H'.iv.t. Tit v nun ooinrs iilinn.i
nt ri|jlil -miitlos, nns-i nllur lii..-,-"., tin<l (<>'."
nwi'lit I ..ww ni'V run m> llio "iil.« "i Imiisi-...
Tliric li M» vislhli- iiijili-v iu tlion- jlli'.lil- ';•"
itlfO   li;   II    Wlillo   Mill   *lli»M   »>"U   II   ClVi-SlOIIOil
liiiHiliiitr, lniiiiiii.it-.' willi m-ii-liiii-rv Hi it wind.
1111 .111 1 ti rlailfiio- v ir.' ruble tin I tit,, iiiill.-it.-.i
will till Min tli.it li-to Is lln* ini(h,misiii,
. ""1 ».ii,-> ii|i ii'V'.li' i,iii'.li..ns 11 II |ile.'ivo<
IfOV'.lil.K In lil.tlc ,t nr '-I'll t'li unl .'i.Mtl 11
slit in I tn' fmiitMl i"V iiniiiv mil. n iuul fnr <w*u
i„*.ji *.* li,,I. tiiniv t 4j.11 HA- i« ''<Ji *•«'■. «■"•
'fi.ll I <-.(■'■ iho'ii..*'-'!"? "f •.<•■ mlr •'''.•"- »? >fli'i'
1,1 |.i- |,*u*t re»l ol »'••• w-i|.l>.»s lilt lhc •.l.r.i.'
..:»••• i.lii-* It, lli.Mi. i.X. nt ••rf-n<i!'« t.t lil««
Inills ■ .-•titV «f u.'m' »'*il. Ik.I'.' jll't 1.i-*
fit - si l.-i ■» »it 11 -tn.il iir, ttm.lv
A V^il In Cii'il.li.ttii,-
On 4 iliil 1«» I'h 11 •« •«■''. *<r   Kii'liii" *.ivi
"It wiih (i L.iil husiness tli|-i)ii;*lioiu, und
the only i-imunliiti.m in thut i). was nil my
liiiill. A li'ili 11 ..li.i; ii'c uvoiiiiil Hie CIiIiiomi
i|iiiiriti- ol' Hint l-'i-iiiii'lsoii, wlilch is u wnid ot
.the cilv 111 I'lihlnll m'I (InW'll ill tlle inosl oil*
j.,i!iIl- liiiiiiii.s.s i|iiiiilii n| ih.. |.|>ici, *|'|it. Chill
.iiiuiit with his u.iii.it hklll Ims possessed Imn-
sill nl tjiu.il l.rlil. Iiiv|)ini.|' l.nil.liiij.s, mid lol-
inuiii'r u;,-i iimtiiii't Ims pnelieil oiuli leiieiiiein
with liiiiiiir.'ds nl smils , nil |iviii){ iu liitii
ntid...1,iiiiim, iiul. tu Ui iippicouncil hiiVo lie
ynu In lu.liu. Tlmt iiirsiii'v iiivestij.iitln'ii
niij.lit in hiito U-eii siillioieiii, lml il wmm'i;
1 Wiillltd in Liio,*. Iii.u deep in lho ciiilh the
pictiiil h.iil lulu 11 runt, 'riii'ielnie I oxploied
the Clii:u,.o ipi.iilii nl..110, winch wus lonlisli*
llesil, 1
"N'n iiiio jn the lillhy streets (Imt for tho
!>lt,..**.i ,-m.i ii.ii/e-. ,-t.iii fiiiiiii.Mii woillil enjoy
ili.-.h'f.i fNevv '... i-.'iiii 'lUi-ifiml willi mo jjini'.
im ills, iliimi>li iiniiiv nslioil 1110 Inr "ciiiii-
■sluiw," 1 stunk 11 liniise iilmiil lour-slnries
hi»li, fiiii <-l nl1-4li.1l .li'oiiiin.iiioits .ind lit-^iiii
tn l.uiTow down; huvliijj lliiiiil th.il llusi- tell*
(nil-Ills woie cnitstlilclod .oil tho . >ii.-h nl iu-
1 el.i«.- t" 11 il.'.'-.l. l.-iiiii- |1... ■».->■ ' i.r ! *"'
dntvii.st.iii.-i   I   ciawliil   |.ui-'   Chili linen in
hunks, opium snuiluis, liinthels, nml ^jinililiiiij
hells, till I Iliul iiiH'liid the set ond eel hit
wiiM iu lint in th.1 tiiliviiiitli nf a winivu.
(licit in tin- wisdom nl tho t'liiiiMiiiiin. In time
nl' Iroiiliio that li.iuse ton l.t Ic rn/oil In ilu
j,. 1 omul hv 11 tiinli, mid vol hide .ii,ils inhiil>-
ii.niiw iu t.rieU v.,iUul .md Viinult 11 '* .iiiml -nl.-
ti-rriiiii-iiti   fjiilh-iii-A,  slivtiwllii'iiol   with    iimi.
(1'iiiiiil ilitiits mid I'.-.ti"?
"till tl.e s.i nml tllii1el/>in>llii1 II.'iu ii
imill 11-.lml lor "iiiiiisIijiw" nnii tiM.k tne down
il.iir.. In vi t -liintlirr (r11.fr, ttlid.. tic ;iii w.>*.
iis Ihi.I.' .is linil r niul the lumps l.uni.-.l liitl-
li>l .. in it 1.01 inmli iiinto tlniit nn im'i s.|'i.tf-
hi ilii-. >.!:-<<<• * \.Anr . Ivifi li.i I .i*.*..irtl.li.1 .ni.i
W..S Ml mil suill,.'. 'I'lie l'l.ili:»l.l..l. InVi-s "|»>
1.(1' nud pl.ivs :i wiih j;ri-:it *,l.il|, •.woririiiji
like .1 *.*t wlli-ll In li.-^ s Mi>v| n( the 1111.1
f.i,,-ir,,t tlu- t.ilil.- wirr iii <iiui MiiriijH-.iii dri-.i,
ih. ii ^i; i.iiii tiir'.il up iin-dr liilhio.k     hi I.
'Ihey weie 11 iiicluiesi|iie mo I of lioinls, mid po.
lito, liiiiijf too tilisnrlii'il in thoir (-miie to Ion!;
ill the Ml linger. We were deep ilnwit uiul'r
llie eillth mul sum: ior tlle viistle ..f *. I.lue-
r.fittiicil shivc mul the -,-lii'i-itlv whispi'V nf llio
cillils US lliey Wi Vo sllllllled mul pl.iy.'.l, lllele
w.ii. 1111 sound, The li.-ul. was »linci.it tiiii'iiilitr
Chance of
5 • •     ■ . ■ -9
The best news is
in The Ledger
Aeddilils tn pidiMiiuiis , ..
At. Iiniin , iiiiliiois .,,,,, ,  iH.i-.ii
II.uses iiii.t vilitolc.-i  ... 15.1"
Al Ilium', Hillside „,
.'..,..>..,,,.'  ^t,t',i 1  	
IlicVile itiviili-nlM .,.
Still li'.t 1 t.wiih ut.s
l'so i.i liu-itriii-	
Aiiim.il  l.ile. 	
Sle,iiii\hi|> H.iVil ,.,
f. IS
'-■•; 1
I J.)
You will ihon be support-   {
ing lhc most up-to-date paper in the Kootenavs
" 1. s
mm »
S "*•
IS... Jj
Stand by tin1 papor
(•'mm    thi*.    .I.1I1 liitlil    nil.*
tll.il( il   W,.-.  Ile.ilil   .'.i\  times  il'.
-.villi*! the Mm Is if the nnlitiurv
il- ut   l-i.^^ 1   hv   l.ll)        Vll   tin-
1 i.fii.il   whil.   ni.i      p.iitiiiilarlv
• i ;ii I In" on 11 riiilrniiil joiiiiiev.
lo ih'nl Ili.il  iIk *,t..-> I j*. fiillv
iii'i 1,    111.1v  lml   In*,   lull   1 li.-v* itrr
ut.'v'la  iuu*...iU'.
'.   ll.lll)>l'll.llS   i>>
citv nr town
.it.r.ij'.o., linil
le.irlul  win*1*
will rniitiiiit.'
,<-,   *,.lf>..   l-'i;;-
irol   -ilu-.-iv*
2 thai Stands hv Your Town
I §
m.sxittf.iTtitmttfipr.m.tstrtiteiM' •*(*•'*;; "*+.■;*p X »<l»«-tt««f*iJ**»<fi««4«W'W*0 *t
X •
S »                                       g
(■» it*
I That's The IVrnio Ledger    i
fie   I.nl^i-v i-. Ill,- l,ij;)'r.,l   ainl  Ust  |i.i|»> .-
I»<»ili-.!...1 ."in K.»',| Iiiv,t»r,.n--iii.,i $j |,t 1 \t.it
•Cf. • o—o—00—<V—O—1> -
Pwo Dollars a vcar
in Advance
rw r*
.- i.
o, 1906
of Russian Lands
Sweeping Land Reform isCbiil
■  -■-. * -   --'    T\-\,
■ , -       -        ■ ....        **    >i *****
■d * m m      m   • a**^***. -  .t-in
tempiated by Emperor
St.  Petevsliurjr
*s, May 8.—If the'pros
ent proposal for the -nationalization
oi land in Russia' he realized it will
probably olfeel an immediate change
in  tho    material situation  of     more
.people   than any siii'jrle  eeonontic   revolution iu the world's  history^'     '   *
It -is  briefly a  scheme  not only  to
' supply land to all landless peasants,
but to round oiu and make Jidutpiaio
the land of those who rent or Ujive
iusullicioiit land. The amount of land.
to he allotted to each to dopood
upon   tho   region,    for  each  of  which
- a certain normal     quantity will ,   Ik*
calculated, adequate to supply th.
pergonal and public necessities of ;
peasant family. ','*
For this purpose it is proposed to
take lands belonging to the crownj
tho cz..ir personally! thc church and
private owners-ill excess of the fixed
normal quantity. The state lands arc
to lie leased, the prices to lie based
upon* production. The expropriate.!
tjj-nds ol private owners shall he paid
for by the government, with {uteres!
hearing corlilicates, the details o)
each case being worked out hy a separate commission created for that pur
peso.     Ihe public lands shall also in>
men Form A Union
appropriated to furnish* \<,*-0od. :!- f 1
I The.question of financing the tinderr.
taking will require more than one bil-j-
lion ot dollars l.of credit j the operiA
lioiis'of which, have not yet been "Sil'v
rproaclieil in detail. ;lj"| ?'
-, The amount of lands which it is pijij
■posed shall be distributed can be ad-,
:judgcd by the present holdings mf/i)
provinces comprising i,o54,i70oi>{6
acres held by the crown and.imperial
family, while tlte peasants nuiiiberinl"
about 45,000,000 have 354,890,000 nct'eii
an average of a little more than-{J-
acres per  capita.., 7*1,'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager;
ALEX. LAIRp; Asst. Gen'l Manager
'      }
Bnsiness inay be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank. Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is;paid
to on t-of-town accounts.
Pernie   Branch G. S. -Holt,   Mnnnjrer
. Vaiictouver, B. C, i?ilay 8.—-Suon
llie Chinese walking delegate will be
abroad in the land. The unexpected
has happ?ned. Conservative as, he i.s
John Ciuiiaiiiau sees one or two things:
in American civili/atiou worth imitating. The local Chinese washermen
hunch eels iu number have organized .for
iHUt'ial protection. Thev have just
.served notice on their eniployerst, the
tyce owners of laundries, that they
will go on strike il wages are not increased oii June I next. The scale has
been submitted. It provides for hii*h-,
cr pay for all classes of help from thj
apprentice at the waslif.ii.> . to tha
expert, whose proficiency   in   squirting
starch on shirt  fronts has  been     accomplished alter long practice.
Chinatown lias'been -shaken to its
foundations, over tlie action of the
helpers in forming- a union "all same
Mdican - man." The employers have
discussed, the situation and have
ieach*jl the conclusion that Alley cannot grant the increase asked for. "Pos-
.'.ibly a compromise will be effected.
The. members of the new union have
completed an aeti\e ■ org"aiiization*
They swear .bv the shade of Confucius
tliat they will secure, the,, increase in
wages or put every Chinese la iuul ry
out. of business. The fateful day approaches. .
Thirst is one of the most iniseralil.-
of tortures: "It is,"' says an-1 authority, "not a mere desire of the lips' i.r
o. mere craving of llie stomach. It
is a want arising in every corner of
the organization **** which is lieing
deprived oi some of the water which
is ati'essential element to., its pormcl
"cohlii l i o"n"7''
Be merciful, 0 most mighty ^Crow's
Nest Pass Klectrie Light aiul Power
Company, and allow ns sufficient water to quench our thirst.
talk of an-inclignaLioii meeting.
The above is clipped from the Toronto World.
Coal'Creek will'celebrate on the
24th. Five hundred dollars in prizes
5.S5 in prizes for a football_ match
'**.*■'! ■riTfr'aTbasciJal l_nTalcli71*'urllier "par
liculars  will_ appear   later.
The following .was ' the coal output
for the week ending May 4th,
Coal Cieek
'Mai   ....
Tons. S
....   77s-"*-
CrotD's Nest
Fernie, II. C, May.2—(Special) —
Ilectiu.su the citizens of Kernie refu.-u
to give the Crow's Nest' Pass Coal
Co., a ten ye.ir franchise, the water
rates  huvc   been   raised.,
l'.xcitcnici'.t i.s, iutei-se, ns tliu onliu
n,ry  customer    n.lrei.idy pnys   "ffio      u
Citizens, fire thoroughly luoiixeil and
Exchange—■ y
A news paper . is a taw book for
lhe indolent, a sermon for' the
thoughtless, a library for the poor,
and an admonisner for- the lawless.
It may stimulate the most .indifferent
but it cannot be published without
cost and sent free to subscribers. This
is no joke.
Mr. J. -11. Pollock leceived wont!
from Leth'oriilge this morning' thiill
Mrs. Pol ock who is in the hospiiall
at that place is getting along-, v'-" -
1). Hoover;,,deputy collector of-J.U;!
vS. customs at Gateway, Mont., is i|i;
the city today. * ' f~.\
C -    **— i    V*": !
Col. Mason, a.director of the Crowfj'<j.
Nest Pass Coal company, arriv.$*ir
fiom the cast this morning. AA-:j
. S'i^i 1
J.  0.  O'Mahoncy, deputy collector'
of customs at  Great Kails,  Montana*;]
is in the  city. ,' i            -.'•  ij;-;
A. Mtitz returned this morning froin
a trip to   Coleman and   Frank.    A-'7V
 —     -        "">)";" 1
, R. II. JamiesoB, general superinteiid
cut of the C. P. K., went west ^is
morning.', '  <• -:".'V,-;
Is  tkc _Le2dgcr  being  sold  on.tlip:
streets     ol your town?   If not, -. jJujt.
some good boy on to the        fact, <ati*i
. write to the Ledger  and it will s^rjt*,
him iii business.   " ''-;.v3-
 ,_—^, "■,','*.°*L-
Last Wednesday night fire- partial1;-
ly destroyed the Grejat Northern <'de|-
pot and freight sheds. It is- believed!";
the tire was ol "incendiary-- origin'^uW:
it started unclcr_ the platform'.'- on.'
whiclrt!ie~l)it 1 Iding" festcd" ^TlicT^ilti"
waiting room wqs, fixed up as an '.fit"'.
lice '' the next day and 'business .■jva^*
going on as usual, over a wide "jUftji-;
id plank which did duty as a coiint'iifr;
rcmiiuliiig one forcibly of. stage repri-!-:
sentations of a frontier :bar.        " '">'■' ;'
f. ♦    ♦   .♦    ♦    ♦♦    ■>   ♦—♦-♦•'♦   -fA* -¥-^-r- i
A. T.    MAiVilLTON
I Tinsmithing & Plumbing ;]
:->' T, HAVE taken over the business formerly con- "**
... a ducted by Shepperd & Elliott and wish to inform. -"*
_ the  public that I am in a position to do all kinds of
Tinsmithing "and Plumbing1 in a prompt and  efficient
manner.    Remember the placp.
. One door north of King Edward Hotel.
'Phone 1
London, May 7.—The Leeds distress
eoi,n.iuitlee is granting assistance to
59 persons to'go'to Canada, This
will be the las-t batch lo be assisted
this season.   *
Theeditor of the Grindstone, N. I),,
He*, evidently has noi nxe to grind.
He, writes thus: Miss Fowler, the ac-
eoniplislieil co*jpk tut t,he fowler i Ii-jn,
hart epiite an accident lust week, {-'he
bilked a • Hatch ofi ..Tvi.seuits wliic'i
weighed,less thaii'.'u pound each.
A morning paper .says: A lien on
nu average lavs 90." eggs a vcar, Wonder what'she would ho on a nest  ■
'i;iie Imltiit-s (,,{ Duck Lake have dis-
egvertd, a     ne\y    tipple, nnd for     it
jii'ijaiu piprtiii-ei;  unci   lightning     lilV,
Kfre.ster hns,     wood nlt-oliol  heal a
i-iile inula cjiiitrler.
VfStei'ti'.iv the lieuits of tliu noble
l.tuycs yviii'Ui'd for lirewater, .nnd nn-
,lhii)Jj -.vonld snlisly ihnl yenrning bill
MiliHtitute for hooch, discovered that
.•'lorirt-i water tasted .sonielliing jj^
llio real Htuff, and had somothiiig ()|
the saiue effect. Ile linparted knowledge of his .great discovery to several
( lellow braves, and as restiU thern
- aro today fnur good Indians on tlie
Duck Lake reservation, while the In-
so-iielhiiiL   of   the nature  of   alcohol. ' diau doctor  is ntU'inpliug  to repair
Hut alas!, nothing of the kind could   the ravages of tin: toilet preparation
lie seenrul.   Finally  one'buck ol  nn   on the iiisi(Ii.s,cif hnlf'of the' nbori'j;-
iiv-ttiiring turn of mind, or t-ls-i pn.s*   iuees on   llie  reserve.
sesKeil cl  a  deli-imunition  to  find  it |
';.. .i.-iui
Clothes line thicves(, arc operatinj;,
in Feniie. Last Tliursda***- a large; rriir.
was taken froin a line in the rear^-.i^Ei'
28 V-.cloria avenue'. No traces h\vc
as yet been discovered of the article''
or of lhc thievt's.' ^Y'
A .supreme court writ lias been.'-,issued by Mary  Shcritz  charging  ^fohit.
Gabora and"   Tln-.res.sa   Gabora with
.slander. ^ ....j
His Honor,, Judge Wilson, is holding chambers  today. ,■_--■
Minard's I.iiiijiient  Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your Minard'ii liitiiiuciit'
is our remedy for sore tltro-at, coldr*
and all ordinary uilments. '.|--'l
, It never iails to relieve, and eiiriis
Tort Mulgrave. ■
A Cry for Water
The Week-'
• A Fernie*despatch appearing in all
the coast' dailies states that 'there"'is.
->cmelhing approaching apanic in-the
Coal City at, the action  of  the  C.N.
I'.C.  Company in raising     the water,
rates to ">50 per annum. Many charges
have be1.1i iluiu". at the [door of     ; this
grinding monopoly, but if,the present,
report is confirmed,  it would  surpass'
llicm all as an outrage on public sentiment, and an  infringement  of      the
lilijcrtics   ofthe.      community,   which'
would speedily, result   in   government
interferesc'in  the interest  of health.'
Nothing could be so effective in' advanr
iw the  cause  of. iliose who arc  more
and  more persistently   clamoring  for
public ownership,  of .public utilities.
Vancouver,, May' 7.-Rough  lumber-
has increased .in pj-ice $2.per thousand"
in Vaiieonyer during the past*    .week
The price  has goiic  up  from  $13  to
fta. ■-:-••-"' •   ■   ■/•••,•;•'•.<*
Yesterday aftprnuoli a, inecling - of-
local ln'aimfacturcrs'was held, " when
it was decided to make the" price $1$
The. demand i.s exceedingly . good just
now, and promises to remain so, The
mills arc crowded with orders for , a
long time  ahead. '■
Tlie Sail Fianeisco,fire is tin-doubt
cdly having'i'is'efleel upon prices, and
making the market stronger that it
would otherwise be.
«,'   ,: i,Bt,tl<.erlYiod, Wash,
t  'll' "0-JS-'Wi KiUiifiicy.
li. M.-iurciwon, Spokane.
Xj. L.  1 tinier, do.
C F. Xing, (-0i
TO UNION lUttN. '!
The ntrike lor tight hours in niiii
ru in Canada and thu "United Stntes,
Tlu'iei.s a tell |>er cent assessment lie
ing paid by uuiou printers 16 .support tliii men who are out nitrt' their
families, The piinleni 611 the Ledger
contribute willingly their ten per cent
mul It is only rcasonalble to ask you
to turn 111 your work to a union olllve
lici'. Tlm Ledger iis. the only union office in  Vcrnie. '•
4 ' :<
t "                             '   f
I For Municipal
; Water System 1
|;      ' •        ^  %
I GouiioiE wiSB be Petitioned to   1
l -'*
I Submit Bv-Law              1
A move was miule tllij* mornli.g looking to relieving the people ol I'cinie of the exaction* ami St.
tortious ol the Crow's Ntst l'att\ I'lluiric I,ight At Tower Coinpuiiy in tin* matter ol water i*Uh,.
uud ol her unit tin* uml if lho ideas of those iliu resting tlumn-Uvs in the matter miiteriiiHw, FemirtU-
!/i'ti.s will si.'.n I..* iim'usj: w.it er siippliifl hv n sytviii fiwiiuil by tlivitiLeUth, vdtilt thv. v,at-:r tmnr-*»Y
will have « M-iniid luir.il water plant ou its hands fnr wnicli nobody hut thu junk man will lfcft-
u\c for.
A jn til ion was in <inul.»tinn thif. iiiorn.iig asking the municipal council tn prepare a by-Jaw ami
submit tho suiiic m the rate pavers lor theii approval, providing fc.tr lho immediate installation ol a
intiiiicipjllv mvnnl walrr svsttni. Tlmst* in «li.Hg«i nl ih» petition .ire actlvtly si woik, and the I'OJHr
is Iwiiif,' I'Xtctisivcly sij-m-d. nml it is likely (hnl liy the tiim-the petition "is teadv fo'r prcsentfnjt to
the council tit its next nuviui«. il uill have Ik.ch »ignrri bv a tlirnflifllnnitnjnritv nf thc Trttepayers
Thi*. i<* :i step in llie ri»h*. dir.tlion an4 rvcry rnt<pii**-cr itnd nvmi i.i i.r.ij^Tty in 1'tlTiic shrnilil
help the good work nlon».
t ' t
«H**-l-**t ■< •*". ■•?•-•}' *«* <i 4 <*4 -t<H <k$>w*<s«i ■*■ ■•* 4r>'t -Vs >t •# 'i-'* $4iM--i--H- if *•$• * •$• * ■•'* -H i <^^i'*i*H--H^***HK^*>
,   KING KDAWltl).
H. Oulvin, rincJicr .Staation.
J.  \V., Hatfield,  do.     '
A. E. Kelly; Movie.
A.   While,   Calgary.
H. Ui-imsey.; Sjiarwood.
" h'y
, C F. King;
A, Campbell, Sparwood.
G. L. Soiiiliin & wife, Spokane.
.'.   r.  Uegnu,   Morrissev.
J.  ritcliiier, Jleavcr Lake.
Mrs.  Goody, do. —
A.  Wurl/.gralh,  do.
i< Iv UnscrtBter, Klkmoiilh.
li. McCiowen &wlfe, New York.
Mnml Hazel, Norlli Yakima.
JI. L. Frank, Unite.
Josephioe Albert,  Mnr'oln.
"Mrs. j,dm Hluiiss, do.
I). McLean, Medicine lint.
U. Ji. Dunn, Spokane.
A. C. Patch, Ft. Wlllinin,
'   It. (J. Homli, Moyie.
W, Colimian, Crowley, .
I). V.  Wood, Waltsbuig,
, A, W. Dailies, Medicine Hut.
, i'i Trotter, Ceiilruliit.
K. II. .Taiiii'fi, Pntllvalo.
0. \V\ Lcjtgctt, Lcwislon.
N., Lai sen, do,
l.\ W. Shnnji, Spokiuie,
A, Tuft', do,
A .Sc-olur, do. "
0. \V. IiiKniliitnt, do.
T, Tciirmi, Mlrhcl. *    "
Thos. Corkill, do,
Hy.  nniniiiell,  Victoria.
11. V. 'Jalley, NT. Y.
H. S. Tnylnr, Nelson,
(1. 0. .Ttwcll, JnlTrny,
.Tun.  U,  Mair, Nelson,
W, K. Cook, Hiii-vi-y, N. I).
A. Laidlaw Ik wife, Spokane.
.l.A. Kel,er, Almlr.-i.
.1, ColeiiiHii, K])okniu>, ,,,
H. A. Nichols, Seattle.
Win,  Dmiiold, NvUott.
G, Conk, Knslo,
,i,  iii))iov.iii.   Vol mi ii>,
,1. A   -M.icdom.lil, 'Miclu-1.
Miss Willicr, Criiulirnnk.
11, Vi.  1'iirtnn, N'ntitoii.
A. Siiiuiiuti*ioii, Spokiiiic.
"W. \„ Owsley, Colfax.
.1. Shock, Hlch   Colfax.
C. H.1 J. Vorrtiiter, Spat wood.
C. Af Dow, Kiko.
A. iM. Ottkcs VorUnnd, Ore.
L. I«. lingers, Adams, Adams, Ore.
IC, ,1, Dutton, Medicine Hat,
Mrs.  N.  1».  ltlplcy,  Colfax.
rims, T'.vons, Marysville.
Mrs,   Ivviiiw,, do.
Jus, Keinpstnti, Ao.
Ait. Kiturslnu, Coal Creek.
l*oi ttr }«.iiu]lus,  dn.
Mr-.. S. CLtpji, Craiihrook
Mrs, M-iid.
Iifr*. 0'ITi-arn«. tin.
K. 0. Witulsoi. Km\uix\.
Tho*, Vlnrw, Unvr.'   Mnn I.
1, .T.   McCluIri. Mnrvlfiscv
'f,  VluJi.rly,  Cr.inlir.-iw.
Any Paper
can  j,-ive you    ordinary combinations. We dim  to. produce
oiif-inal elTects  that  you can- 7
■ not   yet  e sewhere.
Our Wall Papers
fire new and exclusive designs
,   in aitistie    color . effects thut'    \
you   caul  lind ., elsewhere',in     ''
-   town;   besides  tliat  we    , put
--.   brains   into. ,the -hanRinjr" and
-*   product,artistic decorations at
little if any mere cost     than
commonplace.    paperhan.rii.'jr.
c    -"•et •«s."show. you  our   newest
styles.'       •   ,    ,     ,   ,
'   Y    -•     DECORATOR.     *-"*
under this heading insfertcd at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion. -  - I,
t'crnic, good two-story house ou
the property,--Apply MOTT, SON
w CO.
rated, for rent.-Apply MOTT, SON
. &•.CO,
lot located in centre of eity for sale
SON \ 1nprKlli" I"ic«?—Apply    MOTT,
situated, near centre af business
two houses,and small shuck, at a
bargain .-Enquire MOTT, SON     &
I'OR SALE-Lots j and 2, block ifi,
opposite Coal C,\<s ollice, corner di*
ajjoimhy from Fernie Club; applv
to G. 1'. Johnson or G, G. Moffat.
FOR SALE-io.iv-o   shares    Sullivan
stock  at a.li'c-Mcitt, Son & Co.
hundred uud twenty acrus iu the
Kootenay valley, no acres under cui-
Uvalion; 140 acres con he irrigated
ut small expeiiM*. There are good
buildiiif*s on the property, also
three miles of fencing. There is
about Uyo million feet of first--.hiss
limber on tliu laud, This Is a snap
for anyone. wInIiIiii* to get a good
.ranch. For pot liculars apply to
Molt, Son & Co.,
of 378 acres, Nltiintwl In one, of the
most favorablo npntH for fruit grow-
injr, gardening, stuck raising nnd
poultry growing In tho Kooteimv
con 11 try. This ranch is all fenced
i-oiila us fu iici-oh of flrst-cliiss bottom land, 95 ncros of which is In
a wood siitlu or .' cultivation,, 7
nrrcH of good bench land suitable
for fruit growing and gardening, iitu'
in fine sink* of cultivation. Ther*
Ih. a good log liouso of four mourn,
with shingle roof, Hlubliug for fl
.iotmi'h ' and 9 head of cnllle, two
good heiilinitRcs nud n coot! root
lioiiw. This- vnlniili,i*- properly can lit*
hnd for Hflf.7n.n0 rnsli, il taken soon,
and is lhc liest linrgnln fnr ntty-
nnc desiring (n trn Into Mitchlm*
Hint ran Ik.- lound in East Kooleiinv
Vl.r    IlllUlej-    -.31'.U ..J.,.A    Un,,1y („
Molt, Ron & Co, Ferule, )1. 'c,
nro fnr sale at this ofiice, prlco as
cents each—"Rnonm to T,ct. Aniilv
Within," ••Wirnl.1,,.1-1 SA T!
Ut, Apply Wlthfii."
er ofllco.
U'AVTED~IVii.it|tm f(-,r voung Italian
Kill; hmiMwurk; apply at I,. Caro-
w-llii'H .store. Fernio. if
\\ANTEl).~(',|rl tn do general house
work, Apply Mr*, Eckstein, How
land nvi-niio,
l'l>USI>--l'rtir nl iShetirs; nwner rnn
luve name hv pioving properly
and paving for this nd. * Apply
ledger oflTire,
Mi   BreaktastAiTiiai
Our own blend.  Flavor and; quality
unexcelled.   Wliat  everybody says
Tlie' '"best and the
lb.   Cash only.
must be correct,
cheapest.   50c
'-•**■-,'. "1 <
§.; TELEPHONE •■.«'
I*. ' ■**:  -'§
• ".3*\-
The People's Grocer,   P.O. Block, Fernie
The Reputation this Store
has for selling- the highest grades of merchandise
* makes the present'offering of, Shirt; Waist.; Suits' one
•■' of unusual importance.    The following lines will sug-
gestJ the  lowest  of prices.    Light  in  weight and,in
color, among which are the *  *
l cam,
Grays,   Blues,    Greens,   C
Browns, Pink Stripes  and  also
„ o Old 'Rose '"■".■.-"';•' ;'
-All  new and  original  styles  to select from at most
interesting   prices--. ,
For Dp-to-date Clothing: and
Gent's Furnishings. Drop iii
and be fitted up.
j Don't forget the place LIVW, Block |
an act. in
uhe Jledger
and boost your business
The appreciation of
those who have visited
onr showroom ntid visited our millinery and
fancy goods display i.s a
llattcrintf proof to us that
our styles are exclusive,
tasteful and moderately
Only a few of those lovely Black
Plumes lelt
Expected   to arrive   this
week, a large shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits,
Best Time
Best Service
via Port Arthur lo
Now York.
via Soo  Line to
St. Paul,
Only line connecting with
Limited Trains
C*-    p*.,.,  / ...   pt • , 4 ;■
■^st   i. o,v.t  nvJ   V/lkt'L.cU/t)
Daily Tourist; Sleepers
East Dunmora Junction
nssimi i       1     1   ium,t*»
Atlantic Ktennihlilj) Agency
Tliioiiirh liookliitfi. via nil TAtxtin
Now 8. H. Kiiijiiokh Hrltniii
14,500  toiiH,   R70 ft. Iftnjr
To Quebec* Mny loth
Liniment    for late every
Vat Mies, tlineULIe-i, etc.,, ippfy
t» local njrentii or write
»^ KKADIKO, Ari.,
Fernlf.,   »,   C.
15* J. C0VI.K,
As.i-t. 0. Vt A., Vutwrn,
A. S, CAP THU. 6
O. »'• A., Xelson,


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