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The Fernie Ledger 1906-04-18

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rl    r
FERNIE, B. C. APRIL 18, 1906
Thousands  of Lives Lost and Millions of Property
Special to the Ledger—
Vancouver, B. C, April 18.—A spe-
rial to the World from San Francisco.
An earUiquake and subsequent fires
have caused thousands of- people to
lose their „ lives, and more than fii teen
Hundred are injured, while the loss to
property^ is fifty millions ol dollars.
At the hour of writings the, business
district is burning, and,prospects are
that it will be almost entirely de-
The seismic disturbances, of, which
there were three shocks, have left the
metropolis of the Pacilie coast stun-
and Broftt-ratt with the magnitude of the awiui calamity, a calamity, the magnitude of which is unparalleled in North American history,
and bringing home to the people of
this continent as an actuality rather
than as some fictional nightmare such
a    stupendous     catastrophe as
has  marked  as     with titanic grave
stobes as the history of the     earthquakes of Asia.
The blow  fell shortly after 5 p. m.
i: was as though the end of all
things had come, tottering edifices of
brick and stone, the rising cloud of
dusky murkiness     blotting the clear
-lit of early morning, the savage,
sullen, roar of crashing builjdi.hgs\
transfonnedg the peace of dawn into
an unspeakable pandemonium. The
shrieking, and the more ominous still
ness ol cowed humanity utterly impotent before the greater might of
nature. Thc situation in its terrific
magnitude was not such as* news tellers may successfully cope with.
Fires are raging in every part of
the city, and the ^ruddy. lights hovering over Riverside', Oakland, Alameda
and other cities near or along the bay
speak silently but with awful ccrtain-
of the further extent of the dreadful
''s as ter.
Hundreds of tlie poor residents dwel
ling in the tenement district were killed in  their beds.
TT*p 1ii*ir»<i of rttiiio'c! •st-rcct-* nnd Vfc-
ftrta. q^ci«nbbrcdA,avcnwics of, hoaor,
extend  within  thc  city mile     upon
mile in almost every direction.
Telegraphic, telephonic and other
communication is virtually annihilated.
The loss oi life in San Francisco
seems to have been confined to, the
poorer districts, and". manufacturing
centres.     ,
To allay fears of those who may
have friends among , the many tourists
in San Fr-anciscoj it is sale to say
ciiey have not been injured. As the
liours go by the excitement grows,
inoreiiiteiise.   The   fires   are  spreading
and every few minutes explosions are
heard  as ^buildings   are   being   bl.-.wn
up in an attempt to stop the progress
of the flames.
Few  reports   outside   of   :3an   Fran
isco have been received,, but the dam     ....   ._._       	
age about     the bay must have  Ivcn  water"isr being carried^into'the'build-
enormous.   Oakland  suffered, severuy.  ing IrbmA outside sources for the ns.**-'
Two ships were sunk' in the hart or  of the, patients;
.-nd :iSlii streets on Valencia street
a 5-story irame building, topplea
over   into the street, burying;   ?s pro-
•1 • i'i0- 11* ' O/fc/X*.
pie in the debris.
A House on i/th stieet near Valencia  was, wrecked,  killing  two  peopLe.
A lodging. house on 7th street between Howard and Mission, lmown.as
the Kingsley, entirely collapsed, it
one lire and 75 or 80 people are
*.Airied m the rlaitie and ruins,
the dry goods store of Linnian & Co.
is on fire, threatening the destruction
of  lhe.  whnjp   block.  ' " '  *
At   18th and  Valencia streets there
> a crevice in the street six feet wide
^d the entire sidewalks are torn up.
Street car tracks are -badly twisted
.nd traffic is at a standstill.
At   the      Southern  Pacific  hospital
he watcriront is greatly damaged and
is burning at this hour.
' ner one hundred vessels were     in
;:he harbor'at tlie time of the earthquake  and  the  damage   to  shipping
must have been enormous.
Vancouver,  B.  C.v April t8.—   The
World received the following at 4 pf
It is reported that the United States
Pacific squadron, whicli was in the
harbor has been sunk.
Many people suffering from injuries
re seen.making their way to differ-
t  hospitals.
lhe; Episcopal church of the Advent
■  badly damaged.
The south side of Market street, between fourth and fifth streets,  is on
e and flames are spreading in many
j'hc city is now under martial law.
it seems that the entire business sec
„„       .,     .      . ,,.   „        .    ,    •     .tion of San Francisco will be utterly
lhe  city is practically ruined     bv   destroyed.-■
f,r?. 'fie Call building is burned out Mayor Schmidst called for thc as-
entirely Ihe Examiner is a heap of istauce of the entire Oakland fire denims^ The seven million dollar City uarlment. and has ordered that all
Hall is also reduced to a ruined heap [dynamite  available  be  used to  blow
of shapeless rubbish. The operator of
the  only   line  working  out  of      the
ty crys over the wire "No Waterl'j
■U\s awful. I want to get out of
here, or I will be blown up...Tne telephone system is bust. The Palace Ho-
1 Claus Spreckels buildings, the
O'Farrcll store, and the 20-story
Monadnock building,  have all fallen.
The earthquake shocks continue.
Fire broke out in almost every
block ib the district between Market
street,, and thc South Side.
Fire is raging in all directions and
«*■*.,*,/4 *J> "I/*,       .*. man.       ...   .-.J,,,,,       ,  .,| (•       if ^
^cC-j-Uo    u,.C    u,Kj\*tlg    out    Ul     tile    UOWJI"
town sections.
Thc   Valencia   hotel,  between   17th port.
buildings so as to stay as much as
ossible  the  process  of  the  flames.
General Funstou has called all avail
...hie troops to service if necessary in
-i emergency. Thc board of supervisors will meet immediately to take
necessary measures for relief and pro-
■cction  ol   sufferers.
Chief Sullivan is lying in a very
precarious condition. Both he and his
Vv'ife having been injured.
T,ATKST—The entire loss of life so
ar numbers   2000.
A tidai wave this afternoon swept
the harbor destroying nearly all  the
N. !&
,i %
i -.
'i ",-
M-      . "
% 7^
IVol. I, Number. 37A
/' •   * %\ ti
*     APR 22 MOfii'*
fcting Locals Atef Folks
Probably Know
1'Vom The.Cranbrook Herald. ' '"'
C. H. 1'olfc.n^ returned from Victoria last Suniluy. Nvh'orc lie" lias .'been
siiicc- lhc ■ opoiiinir. 0r the house, and
■.iiinn-r LuVi session'wus fco-jt'*busy'look
The Palace Dnij. Stove, is well stock
^1 >'ith flower .und maiden seeds.
'    Oeii.  ScoU.'of Tobaceo i'l-iins, was
nt  the  cily  u lew  days  last' weeh.
Thomas Giuliani and IC. \t\ -iii]ler
of Michel, were Kernie visitors yesterday. ' .•„■-.
1111(1  Uiu-'ixs
,       - -     loud
suits ol hi-j dial's Mr, x'oi-
len said; , '     -  *      '    I
'.The "-emu-act I'or ten iuil,^,of the J
KooUhiiy u-niral awarded !,y lh(J
<-- 1'. Hon behalf ol the Kootenay
U-nti-al luilway company will be car-
lied out |,y th-. General Contract, coin,
puny ol 'Vancouver.
os Angeles
San Francisco, April i-*.~A terrible-eartlupiake struck this cil*,*.-this
moniing at-5.30 o'clock,, rumiiijt  the  i ini re   business   section ' of   the
-cily.   At   six  o'clock  the  entire cilv seems lo be in  flainel and the 4
.■cily is without water as, the re still, of  the. destruction of the fesor-
voir.-: and pumping,'ntalinns.       s    ,
U i.s also reported that' sect ionn ol" the Uautifiileity nl       r.os
Angeles Jiavc been destroyed, ..,,
services and the .music were commemorative of the a,l -pervading. the.-ne
of the- resurrection. The -weather was
perfect and everybody' .seemed in b?
full . of theioyousness ': ofspring,
'-"lad to Le alive-and tb7 welcome the
signs of .'-rw life ta-.be- seen in bud-
diiif- bush' and starting -grass tips to
he seen ou everv hand.' -    *
' -♦ .-
'  -    I'XDKU I.OCK AND  KKY\
* Price $2"ayear in Advanc
mayor* had teen informally told that
they weie dishonest  and moved  that
all corrc.Npoiuu-iice'.relating to the con-
duet of thiSoease by the eity solicitor
ho  ordered' brought   before "the' council.   Aid.   Tutilt      replying   to      M,-
Trites.clcprecatwl the** use..,of vieh i.in-
Kiiage as liad been made use ot,  aiid
the ellou  to drag the  mayor into a
tontrovorsy in tvhkh' his worship had
taken no part either belorc or  since
 ".        •"      4 ''      Ulu  election,  and  said   that  to  pass
C 0. Wright, I.'emie'.s welf known !uren.r1 cl"'01*011 Y Mr* Tritw*' had
leweler has closed his doors. V.is en-' o ionhd-nr"0'"''.'. '° v V°lC °l wanl"
tire   stock,   consisting   of   ahnm   & J ° ,,°""^ ,1™ ."!'*• "°'«*°r.   "    U»a
t is Considered Important
t CliANlJIiOOK..
'•rom  the  Prospector.—   *
Miss Watts, of Water:,
is a.teiiiptatiaiA^eal    Tl',1-'0 ""'I!'""*'  "* il  vcr>'
-      " (.iitnal wjhIuj,,,,,     .Statements   that
lhosc; handsome  •■irucnicrs on ex- '"hoil'Tl..*., T    .   "
from  time ,to time
-->*-f-W*#*##4W4^*'-»*#+*«^«.'->.»4^^t 4+^*4,44^4.
■ About <<o settlers came in oil the
G. "NV train this moininj;, bound far,
Allierta points.
-All /the drii-r stores, in town have
agreed to close llieir stores-ill: ; p.
in., coiniuonciiiir tonight,
. 'Air. and .Mrs. li. O. WaltK^slefl
over the Ncr'liiein, for .SeattlJf.'JaHV
TlmisdaV [vi- a shori'. vacation A "*
The Coal Creek football' team '...-ill
play the l-'erniu buys on the ■ l-Vniie
tfioiiiids on' HiUiu-da'y,  JUay .-jtli.
When, you aie ready for, yonr flower and jKirdun seeds, yon can »et then:
way.   The .petition askii,.,     fc,.-
ae s„b.,,,iv* wUcll Wtts 8i       ,       aoi
..oo., .residents    „[    Kust- Kooteimy,
was  dun- brought  i*cf0'ro  thc--rov^,,:
ment,   as  well   as  the   resolutions  of
llw  iBtliviuuhl  and  associated  boards
ol  tra.lo, but wero iveeive..l    without
roinmem. Mr. '^:., and Dr. '    S
made a aUllanl  fi»ht
j(he. Cranbrook Telephone'' company
art exteJicfinj; their long distance line
to I^lkiitoulh. This niean-r that the
Cranbrook ".nierehanl.s will have an extra line cn the Klkmouth business.
The peop'e of i'Vrnie are setting 1-'.?
interest out of their £2200.00 investment in the telephone  business'     and
It will  Le seen  by ofllcial notice in
low prices a-; uill
another column that application is he-  '.*-■*".'Mi  even   the  liuiht  careful   huv
iresh and reliable
at the  l'.i!.i.*.e   '':mr
■    Iv-oy J-?..Kelly,'repvesentiiiii iilinard':.
Uuimciit. Co-,' of .Vfiiinoulli,   X.   8.,
was  lookiii-f  after business  in   Veinie
'    Inst  week.
W. i.i.,--Nelson, the popular i-epic--.i:nt
ntive,;of stlic .O^iivit Millinj; con.p.my,
was"in tiie eity last week lookin-.r'-.liter the Hour trade. °
4 " lUiss.-Siiiic',and I.nura Teller enlei*-
taine;La few of tliL-ir friends at a
,.   birthday party  lasl .Monday at     the
home of llieiv .parents. * •
- . 'A- niecliiijr!   of, the Fernie baseball
„le:iiii.;.will   bcJieldVat   the   Rov.J   c.n
Friday 'iiifthfttt 4S o'clockf All interest
ed, ,in7bnseball are iuviltd  lo attend,
.!    A man  by: ihe'ifaim.-of Win.  Com-
 inniis.Il.!id-lii.j-iii/.—i ;l4_,i...i. »<*.., 1 j._!„,
\vc.i-|.iii.i ;,t Coal Creek this inoiniii"',
and was taken lo the, hospital for
treatiniiit.-t     .'.-"-
'A.   ll   O'Xcil, hnil*-    the   inisfurt me
-   lo break le-i last "Afomlav- while skni-
din-; lofi.s forUlii: Fernie  I^utuIjir Co.,
He  was   taken   to the  hot-piinl      am!
and is'-rettinfr'albiirf-very'iiieclv.
'13.. A. Kennedy, ni,ist:uit 'general -no
i'rint*.*ii'deiii ofthe. ..Creat .Noriliern, 'a',:
cr.iiipaiiied by Division Nuporiiilcmlent
.1. II. ^),Xcil,<weie i|i'\he eiiy »r'in'-
•lav lopkifitfi '-lit"* *C'i.  X'.' ii.leu sis, *
T'liuAraiii prow .of. the ."Moiri.ssey
.MiiieHj'i-aiieli; - have-been iVniisferred
.to Feinje , where -tlie Iruliie 011 the
•"Wines binnth is increas'ii-.' so rapidly
, Uiul the.' 1U01 rissey eii'-ine and eiew
will be;'added to the ju-esent loive in'
order to keeji up with" the  work
Harry 1 l'olloek, wliilu playing with
some other belts'on ihe It Ik l.iiiniw!
coiupaiiv'ii timuwav just aem!;<; the
liriillfo,' last Friday, fell llnoii^li ;,n
opeiiiiiji- ni tliu Hour to the ■.■roiiml l.u-
low, disloealiu'c his toll-ir Lone. Dr,
]li«'i!iii-i wns ealhil in ns.sooii i.:i
Harry-, iij-rivi-.ill home, and iln. din.
located bone wan put buck !n plr.tc
Hoi-rv is mil ,'1-,'iiin uud will hhihi lm
all nulit mul le.'idy for miotliet- ".m*
Me,    ,   .
The Jial.ei* Liniilier eoinpanv nru
liiilldiii;-; a ii«w mill at Crow'.s .Vest
I,nii(liiijj; tind. 11 ni c<|iiippiii-.'; il.willi a
dnulile cultiiiii; .bund saw nnd n lior-.
i/imlnl ri'Kiiw, tin.' first one lo ' be
iiihtnll.'.l in 1 lie pniviin-e, This will
■ (jtivo a c.ipiu-jiv of l*o,(K!o lout pi".1
duy nud will l-.u kepi itoiiiij lo !ui full
I'fipiH'ily   dii'.in," the     whole  ciiUiii->-
IC. A, WnllliiRor, of lhe j'ovonui'i.ut
olliee, Ciniilnook, i'i in llie city for a
ilny or twci luiviiiji- Dr. Cuir.on Irent
liin ei-*lil-year-nid smi fur i.uiue a flection of llio hoy's lejr, Air. W.illlnj;..r
rcpartR verv niieoiiriijiiii-c news fi-oni
tli.* .St, Alury'N river iiiiiiiiij,' opiui-
tioiis, nml a.nentM-ul rnvivnl of iniiiiii|-"
iiitere.'.t   in  tlio iliiilrlct. . '
Frank Slieiiiinii eiiuie iip fioui i.e.! 11-
liiidjjii this iiiiiriiiii-' nud n-privl-i ev-'
i'1-ytliiiiK i|iilel, The ol.i.'iu, Viiu 11'. il'.'
i-i-eelil elc'-llaii for niciuber lor l.etli,
I'tldi-i' is nn fnllown: A- IC. Uriliir,
w.Vr I'. U.'iSlieriiiiiii, ,\ii:\\ \\\ C, Sim.
liK'lis, i,i\i\ hpoileil ballots, /,, Mr,
Sliirinuii ic tin nn In ),4'ilibiid|',e In-
Jl in ru|inrli'il thnt Air, 11, lUlino,
of Xi'Ikiiii, ri'iile njiipl uf the Doniin-
10)1 .'iXplr. M UHllp.HiV hi-, bi. i.r. pm-
linilfil tu tliu puiiilioii nl Mipniliil'iiii-
ttit i'.f llie .'otnpiniy for lliiiiili Col-
iiinliin, with lii'iii|i|iiiirli'i-.'i .it Viinnni-
vrr. Tin.1 -iiislliiiii h.111 ln'-u V-n-iint
Hiiiie  the     ileiilli  nl  S,  Y,  i-'kw.-iI,
l.nllll'   tllOlllllS   ll-ril,
liy n  ri'fi'M'iid1   lo
-oiili\ tin, line be eventual!
Imt it does noL commit the C ip H
!," ;>P^t3iebui!dillff of Ai; niilwai-
•;i uUher,.Jn. faet - there- are no
P.-oiwds for .snpposiii-i that the decision of u-.cc. P. li. of which 'the irov-
crniiinil were omciallv informed fnd,
wliien was »iven out'last .year hn*.
.?"' ;;cV'!^-lrK,isonil,lai,'
in»   made  tor a. charter: to coii'slnicl
a line of railwajj from near "Uorrissey
tJirontjii  the. Crow's Nest l'ass lo ■ a
point .near Ilillcjeit junction enst 01
Frank,   and , iheno-   ou   to   Curdslou,
Alberta,   willi     branches      to l-inehcr
U  jollifieaiion   . meeting    \vitli   biass ia"t!  to  0l1  ^'!->"•  'J,U:  eoiiipany-   '   is
band   ana     bonfire '   accompaniment-.1."1Icd   lhc   Iiil-'-'K'sL   Railway,    Coal',
■ jiSt. Cuke company, and is .asMnj-;     loi
.,<-...-.-..- lo oxvll ail([ ojiL.rate Cliui miner*
. ,1  properties   and   to   build   and
to work oil a little of the enthusiasm 7p»raie lank lines throuuh ...\Uueh lo
thev--must leel -over the e:.tiis;..i.i ol e^rry the product of the oil'fields of
Cranbrook enterprises into our terri- fco,,ll,wl;!''tei-ii AH.eita and .soiitlieus-tcin
tory/ iirilish, Columbia.   .
One of the. points whicli this road
is to touch is Township 6, of 1 iiii;.;i; ■*,
west of the lillh principal meridian,
in the coal deposit owned by .1, -■ .1.
Hill interests. Tiie proposed .line 'looks
much liln: a Oiv.it* Northern venture
to extend their line last from Femie
ami if so, it mav lie expected that it
will he vigorously piishe'dby the j;rer,i
and ..biiililiiijr  company.  This
^inVf'l^l/^L^^*:™^ -"o-ld U- ananfd'so-t.,at onr busi. \%^[
lioiise. Severn! members n*'well ."o "C'KS 1)eop!c ™u,d. hoye an opportunity 'un,i oil
'iiauy public men, have expressed them
selves very stron-ly as to the foiiis-
tice done the companv, which iAthe
only one of. those, subsidized Hint lia*:
not   been  allowed  to  take  advaiita^*
su\v °'  I9'"  »ra,Uil,K 11* "sub-
- ICxcept for an arraiij-einenl ' whicli
has been made bv tho C.'P. R. when;,
■ay that comjianv will handle the pr-*
/innn.ivv opei-rtli4ins of the line for tho
company, it would have been impossi'
'•le to or-ram/e and cinv „,,. lllls
v-*oi'k ih time.  This an-anyeinent ,'eon-
rrs, Make 1.0 mistake. Watch for the «iiWlo l,.ier o, ,,-,;, '" f
!''«' kivcii siyns nt WiIrIiI's old siand ilia ection of -in, ,A, f. f
'-ninisite the  postolllw.  Ski largo  ad-1 cil, * "'""^ °
011 pose   5 for partial p.rice list and      Ko one sr
"-'in had looki.J at
cine     Ik eonhl „ot if Jlc  „..,„-j u     .
*-»M  »oi   if ue     .ould,  \y!t,.iiold  „l
oiu       the
f the conn
full  particulars
Cranbrook Herald—' '■" ,    '*
G. Iiruee ."Crown, who is the new
bookkeeper for J. I). JleUride.-? is one
of the best nd. writers we'havo seen.
He values advertising for* he knows
URIC SH!l-.\n-;.YfS. '
J he   diipmejits nf. oi"i;" for  the  week
ilidny 011 the i,]th as reported by the
fei-mluv.J'aily  News, ,was as ifollows:
p,),KV'10t '   Tons.
Ilos.-ilui.il .'...'..'.',..
I'Sloc.-iii-Ko.ileiia*.-       ......
conded J.rr,,Trites' motion
- id    e stated that l.e was not aware
f   the   kici.   that   the   corresprmdence
n    open   to his  iiispeelion/so  tha
 ♦- .'
From the Frank Paper—
  ' 35,
at   the  smellers
''hat -it. is worth, <On,l he afco knows I [i Z.'c^Y v?,Pa   * ' ' »V     "10TC
lnt  in   t„+  ii,    t - .,     , *,        I   ' -*l10 L,l,?a<- Northijrn wil  fore.;  tlie
"at to  Ret the true worth of adver-   CnlRarv  &   I'Vmie  line  up   the     .Klk
,iMii(r one. must pay the.same* atten-   hy either the   C.  P. R.  or O. T. 1'.'
Hon to that branch of the business
as he "does to any other. Every Tuesday morning he appears "at t};e'Her-
ald compoMtig room with his'copy He
has.his idea how he wants thc ad. set
VL J'"'I; insists that itl,e done that wnv'
^ital  for week  ....
The   total  ieee?pi;;
was   3,'ii<-|i;"i Ions.
The  Afiiiys.-ilji,.   smelter  i.s  now
ceieiiig and     tr.ating'   5r0
Week. ■,.
The  total
[•'I' lhe     year    to    dale were 4M,4,19
tons.   ' ■ - "•'
tons" per
reteipis  at' the   smelters
"IK* mutter was dropped,
lint Air. ,'i'riUn was soon
isa'ii.   eomplainiuiv  of   the   action' t,f
Lhe connc-l m tui-ninir down  i.,V R.d
.=6,oiawel   after, the old eouneil,,*"d   m, lol
."7.724  "I   Imn   to  'defend   the;  wate7 lv- -,.,
-1,489  an. a,ain referred to the r\ft^iS
    »;' ■   r.nmscy  had said  that  he     wis
.1.0 oa rpliT;" °f uu- ™«
iiK-s ol the conliiict. if ii,-.. „-..,„
true, ami P.o,lw,ll was a Coai', \t
K.1.V  layer,  then  UlB. cily h;!(-      »'j
weie'here  several  d:i
I"'ill*  ^l.??".  lP *Y>Ym  in.the
.     e  immediate  construction
rnilw.iv  have  been  offered   to
v,.J'YVTVn[   '1,lri"f  ,,K'  ,fls*  two
^■xxi. bv lhe coiii-ia-iv. Had the' -ov-
"■'"'"'"t Kept its promises--the-"line
«»!.(.li.ivo 1,4-en in operalinn seve-a
'"^llis alio. The iroveiuiuent seen
i.n.e uni-ouvinc-edof-ihe iinportn.iee
«    Hast   Kooie.n-.v  „nd ,-,[ ti1(,  abs£lll
■>>'lop  it.-; lesourees.
Just watch,his ads;  fbr",a while anil
vou.will soon see-that he savoys -jLlie
nn'd Fernie will have anoth.'r
inkier wheel map of the Pass.
. .This city should be the divisional
iKiint-for all these roads and, if mry
both- talks for them niul woriis for
them,- we will get'these thiin's".
,'i'he   Ladies'  lienevoient  societV  an- ] dn!!t Si ™J"S l° l1."!^.. «"«• a force
" Tlie I,edKeiv was .mistaken last week
•n htiilm-. that the lVt car df-ine-
■''""■-•i.y nud arrived for the Klk Vim*
''•■;_compamy-s  big ,„iJi.  rIu!rfl      ^
) urri
eruptive  vole.ui
people who     have'.been liviii«
*"-«"t tne bu.se ol  Mt.  Vesuvius have
of  an-
«-i-*ii  ex1,eriLiie!ng,.the  horrors
other great eruption of that ■
'"»wv   i» this ease were 'the same
r,:;?""'f »^*c-r comas'.singly aI1d Mr
■a.u  put u quiclus to.this troitblinir
J, ; '"foniiins Mr,  Trites 'tlmt. one of
. '<■'   first   things   the   council, had   in
striicted   him .to   ,1,
-f -.-—
,110X1X0 MATi:iI."
A boxing tonlest of ten raumls i.i
tween   j*1H,eS. j>lllrow..  Ijf  R,n|iu  {ul
Su " "!^S,,,W,H 'i.T'7, °! i arecl" ■ T,U! ,'M,|B» ' "1<)V,;(l l"»"»'^'»
KloriVs on -i 'mA , ,.,,I;,C0 ,at c,,nril"»ff 1'osU'sse.s und the .-elresh-
of/ll7«  ="lh   ins"   A'lorfei't     '  .^^ ^.u deliciously good aud,u,i-
iiile has h'cii'niu  .1.4 ..i„i      i"1   ^-1 !fccl,ll:1,UV ^»».y np|irceinteil. The tvens- 'assunbl,.
'-■■7 'A" put up and tl line exhi-jury will be ret.leiii..lied to the extent  assu,"jU'
nnd ti fin,
ftfr,  liurrows i-j|nf more, than  "ii 100.00 ns a result nud
lin-. iniiiiv .ul-  the lleiievoleiit soeietv i.s coiisuiniujiily
1 winni'i-   "IT,-   «i ...     • ns   '" ll  l1"*"-'"'!   >«>    cdntiiiiie  the good
»   '       o n    '-it -V, 'N fS I" "-W ,,m,VV0lk thcy,Jiavu so successliilly   ^.u-
!is wi!,.- ■"  i,,ft,<MIMl-' 1""'  riwi on in the past. This society is ,111
','    "     ' wn1,     * alisolutc necessity to the   coiiiiniinily
imilici- 'wliilo vou  look
„„ '■"'■■.i.I.M-.-rt
J he members of  ih0
„„()J),'K^(i,ows \UhhVA]i'Am
J,l- Sa,iaiVu,1*ar«tal  Company ihjs
jeek shipped a car of, lire dav from
Coleman t„ the swielter at.Frank, TV
J «h  "'-'^  clay.   Severn I   tests " !       '
.-»oye» ,,the fin- briek product of
"•'■i-v  to-ne of excellent --urtv
the  road  is  open   to "the public * I
^ctor Melnti re when hX ;!
lx a vast benefit  to the'district   ,
'    —4 1.     _     '■
0   HOYIR.
From the Leader.—
Consideraide  StA Ivug^e  slick     is
.•so  10 30 cents"n   uli^.*-,
•*«   .,    .-•---■ 1 ."""   "•*.->   l-IJllglll,
30^10 a«, cents'n share.  It-is now S,
hit ion  is looked for
well, km iv, 11" Ineallv uni'
'Hiring frieiiil.-i who will
a win
lo  th
°.')-   F,  wiii
«l   their  hull   neu   S.nwlnv
•■'■  «»«I  uinieli  thenee to t|l(.
<i'iK.i hns. 1,eeii, iiiiiiiuintioimiiv
'louiit., inisleiuliiig, He .|;il| .wU]
ihe (oinpnny owned h:*i!
dicnU'fi thill tliey lmve and people will
H'tiii'liil'cr  mi'l  keep  the  dale lor tin*
jl   wu,,- only  enining   lwo  ,.,.,.   ^
w.nle 111 i-cnli^v the declnie.l dividend,.!
,';"■' '" 1>")' wilt. . Mr. jiodwell, lor
the eoiiipnny, had no nl.ji.eti.m to the
en-x.-ex.nmiintinn, j[,7,.llui ,.|lul m,-,
■Mi-lM-riv had jiuid  whnt   the eo;
The la.ftu.-s of Christ Clinicli guild
will hold llieir. liiiuuul 4'h-Hlui.,:,m.-ii
liiili   oil   Fiiduv  uileriinoii,   April  su,
Wim  iiiuliiiir .-.I,  ,-...      1    |,*"n !'" MloiH'H (mil, where v<»i  will     Mi
id oili«i* lin.'iii«J vn,.,' ■   iii l|ul    '"!  nl'lo tl* K«t «'l Hie ..i-lii-ai'li'.i In the
_     '   1     ■   ,*''MI- jutlml'i      l.niiils,     cil-fs,.  pl.'i:,   etc,
.    *"    ""¥"•——- 'i'ii......   ...Ill    .1,,,   1 1,.   .......   ....
LATl'ST 1.ai.<,.i..\MK.
riKl'e will .iI:-.o be on !.;i!e Minn* ii)
to-ilnte I'lillotii nud In-ltii done In lin>
\l    c./ii-i-i. .,-..,, .„,' 1  in    ,     ■    I'Velct nud  hluulow ciiibroiileiv.    Ten
(lie V i i^' : ' 'T '' ' "•r"v "will l".o i*rv*.-il .l.irii.g the, nil. nm,,,,
.'*•-,. id'wm, W"T l'1"" '" '»'«■ «''"« wj» ■-" «- VoxxAn U the
'       '             "„i" ,!" ,l""1"• tliil.liMi.-At 8.30 tlie Iloor will     I,..
niiliCii lm,. 1 11  1     ,    .   , .      Ielenred     mul  11 Korinl iliince will  be
, „     " ,' '"  ,'  ,   ;    V "A1  '•■ ;I,,I,,I•" imrtlclpau-U I... Mverylioily vi';,!     I*
l«'*«. '■'■. <<"|Ui*ll,M.ll4.. lll!,Uiili...,uri;vv,,on1u,,  ,)0|1.t {ntp,x „„. K]utft vrf.
day nfU-iiionii, Apill  57th, at fh-tork'n
non it ts,. i,..,! .1., ,        '■-'"''"•> v.-111
»..»»,„ A ?.'";!' <»••"- i.".i..ii-
h-i,I..ii    .,.i.h,l,t  «'l''l«' will be «
'Hc   »'"   l«  n  lillle w,, .    «'"
-v MAU/'VAV KKj-i'iojir T.-\ v.'t!|,),;
, ""li'i f'.iliii.iiii',
["«■ "'e WHl..lv,!i'j
'•"'l|    Mil.'l    ill    Ih,
<A the ijieat ealaniitv resulting from
an i-riipiiiin „| Vesuvius two ihousnnil
vears ago. Ife described how 1(ll. pi.0.
ph.- tied pillows over their heads in
older lo protect themselves from full,
ni;*- si on.-* as thev gioped about iu
flu- iiml;ness in their endenvors to
get beyond the limits of the falling
debris, and now, after 2000 wars the
same thing' if; again  transpiring..
Al the ndjuiiriieil meeting cf lhe
niy i-miiieil held last night n,,, may-.
<.r  and  nil   the  coniieilliiis  rMciiliiii'i*
.'.Ir.   "   - -   '      "
i*. -Mr.   Trites
•so ignornntly supposed. Mr. Lnwe
li'Mlll  ol   JAIi-f  lliwii4.-„11  .1....1:.......   .'
..... ^unveil iieejining to act
ie had asked  Mr.  JC.  ]>. ])a.
Jv.   C,   to       '
iiifni-1,,,.,1   1"     1 IU'1,  ''"""  ll(ivi«J"i  been
"ifoin.ed l.y  ii,*,,  gentle,,,,,,,  tliat he
.''"       ii0       lie       laid     (he
thev      I,, 1    "'•      "l0 cilV ciHiicil and
lliey     had      iitMrncted      him ,,.
Hcriire the services of Mr. Jlnvis
'     ,     " •"'vices 01  Mr. Davis, u,-
'1<1 ,lf)l"*' •'<> "ml hnd met that .*,,.
tlni.a.i j,i Xds,-,,, and go,l0 v,.ry J™.
»»K>W into the ease o|     by. a\v     °.
;'J Jlr.  Ihiv.s ,md !((lviJ ]ljm  ^
1 0 my hud no case and thnt counsel
.!rs„i:,r;ir, '•t'v.,iA-»* ^»
J¥  Si.  ICugwie  mine  af Mini,-  :v
the imist valuable asset.ol uW\v,.,.
if^J; i"rU,s of t'"-1 |ei»'i'i'»-»j..-.".i...j.
•^7 ■",, J0U'";l-VS* ll ,is «»«« iiaa „ee„
a gieat producer, and it now h.i-,
nore extensive ore 1 bodies in .v-rlu
llum ever before  in its |,istorv   'J'i ,
whieTCiaUy *°i iU l,,c' low«r ^'Ols,
which shows that the pmpei'ty i-
miproviiig with depth. A .        "
. 'I'he Consoliiialcd  Mining 4^  Hinelt-
nig company „w,n:i» ,j,v .;,.
\ urKngle.ai.d Centre Star mines
I'"    rail siiu-:i.t, ■,„., ,|v.i;,,(<,
ideiid ol Q-; ])L.r Cc|It> ,ilP.„0 ,
ending March 31, -.,.,..i.l.j j|.,t   *
declaration   is  ,,t   .'„e  i.,ic   „■ ,,,, „,.,,
ivut per minimi. This ,"s ihe li
ideiid  to l,l; deejnrei
J-auiiition uf th
jt will he paid on the new stock' ih,,
is henig isinii'd,.
I'A. '.1 ■'
1 die-
1  -,i-'-
since  the ainnl-
ibow iu'erc.'it*-., and
^vA|-   I'.   I'..   Ji'ieiil
*.■■■• llio  -loil,..,  j,|.„u
Ailolpli   Liiiiib,.r
Miili.111 Diivili iiiiiK rnviit 11 Miritlt-nW!"},
op. i.ilion uiul Im duiiiii well.
t'll'illivllnl'   vou   lluelow   I",   .i,.tioiisly
llUHlNn TIIK   TIMr.H.
 o* -
CHAI, Ol'Vl'T'T.
*4'llllllll,|    Ik     4.414    ....    .-4, *     ■' .*     4  ,   -   .        ,1(1(11.'—*-
and   ridlnlili-   (I'vei'li-r,   A.   C   l,l',ib irdl   c(, ,*  |-;4I,
In up In dnti! nml iillw in the lieiieliiji  •\\\i-\ll'.) '
ol printcm'  ink well nnd  nnlU-iii.i-~.lv
laid r.si,  Mi,  !,{plinnll  h.»i Iimi  N.'ih,      jui.iJ
ilf. froin llie beginning und is one     of
tlielicst w orknii-ii in his line in     the.
.     ,. , '"■■' "iil|nn ol coal |',,r tin- wivl; elid-
n.lv,'il.M...g  ,„. ,-lirlilV( Al„i|ni W(IH n* Jf,,1,,
„|„    I;       I..       ,.!,..
i.r u.,
Tlu> Ni;l-;on News of tlle Mill .pnh-
li'-lied it London dc'i'iiUl nl iln-J'.Vli
inst , i;i\liii< tlie diiiii'ii'iiomi, li.iiiinnt
nnd    oilier piitlkiilii'!-. of ih"     r.ii'dt
l.O.llM   ll'lll'.'   llllill   llV   llll'   t'lllltllil   ll'lli'
. , ,.. 'I'I, »• , . 1., „11 .... ,1 ll „
Li'dm-r 1 iime cli-iftch 'Viil l:ei«|i ni> to
...."o'i.i 4|il1(>i ',i,t, pavticnlnrii o, I lieu- two
■•■ ''''•')''•   Mint  Louts were given to llie leadei.!
"    (if the I/iL'.-r iu nilv.nun* nt anv otli-
..l",l".|u  ,.,- jxijii'i*' in  tin- riiiiiilrv ilm-e  wri»T:>;
ii"o, 1,111.1 to onr regular lenilerii tin-!,!,,'„• t
V,.4,-i;'   i|.i|.irrim   If   nv.'llv   • I'lli*
,,     ,,|   ■  *      r 11,11  1      II)    / I
;;;;= .a ..a !,.„{;"•& v;:;;
,'; V i ' ■,,.A',*--.'ii i.iHiiu.f ,-,„„.-
,n    'M-rcl ih,, mi,.I,l.,.,,-V .,,-,.;■,,,   ,,
V" n  It, in .Aloi-riv;,... i|„m ,,(,,. , *,
);h>;;ihmiov,,. «he c.ent x,;,,;-,;
tl-   All'lllls,    ii ,•;,•; is Unit   i.(.IH.,.(1|    ,,,,,,;
'"'"WKi-r ..f lhe Cn,,, \„,n, „   '•
• '« I««,*'l "Ill-lit Inie 111,1  „, „,
'•iM'iwu.   II..*   .il.-.,..,,. t.|   hft    :,,,„
l""' I''" '-""Ii .l..v of Manh, ((nd J!.
rlvi'il  nt   Mm-iin-ev  Ium   )-ii,!:Mi   ,|,,
"ii. I.--.I    ,.„,i ,.. .,,m ,r.(m*. ,,...,;,..,
'• llu;  riliuil  ,f  ,|„. (;,,...„   v-iriheni
l'.l<:u-i'.(.   I,   The   Ailulpli C.1..11101V
IIIV   l.l.'lllJv   ill(-(lll\elti(l|,-,-,|   |,v   ,),„   ,. ,
'■•»,  .111. litltiiiiin   will ml-,, ilu- mul-
I'I-   'll  ',. ;,1l   .1 ',,
.      ,  ' .' .     1 i.t.1.il,'.   inn
11 nnee end -i 1 *. 1 hn--. Hun, Mr T.,*,-
I'li-niiili f.n.l the liii-al iiiiiiilii'ts ink.* a
li.ni.I  in  il,.- .lil.iii.
best ami lie hold.'* ,1 large shi.ve     of
tiie ti'ilde in i'(i!iU'i|iitiH'i-.  , With  L'l1
A burse ,ilt:ich il to a di-liu-rv wnuon
ll,u liwio 111 i-ouu'ipume       will,  i.ip- ; j .-«-.,„,.. t*-ighU,lt,! I(111, ,„„ 11W;     ■*,£„,.
l.nr.lt .ili.l Wtigl.t nelllng .«,....*,1 ...nl  ,',,,,- I„„l|l|llj,ii -,-,„. Chi,.,,.,,,,, w u, ,,„.  ,,.
nml  iiii.looiiu-.l  Wiitihi'H mul  jew.liv, |f,u   (|„.ir        ■■ '   ,J
we hlinnlili^ftll Itecji oil Iimi! nml v.vtir
Wo lint'i! on onr fM-Iioiign tnble lhe
liciintiiliiliy  bouiul  uiul     iittisiuiilK-,,..„ ,,, .„... „„,, ,     ......  „..    .... , ,.,    ....
W-'liU'il  ,?fitl,.in,...,.nl   r.-pnit  nf,   ll.',. jl at'.*; of iliid^w.,.' iVo'.elni ,, ,„"!{?!'I   "" i*'"   ,"T "• T"    /"'"'     K      ,U'1" ,l,,,•rrt,   hl ',avi,,K f,vi">tl  A'^
HoViil li.illk nl Citlt.itl.1. Tin* li.um..i.ini' 'imiui, nltici i.   ,\n  vri'M   dainiU'r   wu»4 '      :"'* ''"     f ,!-I''"Ui  ,,lal"' ";i"   '''"ll t' '"■ l''"»i*i'li' ni»l  .1 miiii-i v.utit-. 1I1
I'liilinNik'il Co.*er,Hliue;lilia«-fi <A l.iiild-i.loii,-,  Iidv.-ivci .  nml   .li.liu  Ciiiinnnii !,a,,t.t" .'"'"'.""'"V' ,'!     l]"' l1'"'1*'' ol  -,u   l»^''« nf  thv  n.ilw.iv
ilii*!. nn.l tlie JirllMirnllv nrr»ii;» rt *nl | ie.U-l.lv Ui..|.,-1 i.t M,. i"ih„w.,v l.n't^l,,.,f'rn,MK hc Pf>x "•' "'"* slo,u ,,l!i "«''(f""ii't''iMnii to m,- il-it U.l. i>. .1, „
  .       ,    .    "I.'A l'rnm tlio Htnr-
11,       ii  ,\|,lI;h'A',l"l'|J   C'llii'iiliK   mi    llistilleri.'.s  :ne  now inii?iiifiUtilling
.1- M.il......1-4.1- ,, ih,. town when theiinuie..!, uMmVv.    It  is  not  sol.l  In
«;■.'.',    ,,:,;", "U(]  "','   ""'  '""^il-VMile, \lm*vet. The dope U!ii«.,l tin-
IH^ii irii.'.'ii,,.'!., ...iiudiv I.iiinll.h     mul   '	
IhiiM'  wim  liiow
Ir-   lingli   (ulmoni      Know   tlmt   In-
''-'i'i   I'I'1   liiiie  liiouiiiin..  our
i*ii - . *
■ ■ •". 1 .. i> 1..   uii.i- 1,11,
l,u <-\|n.U.-'. null-:, thin lll.lller i-i 1J«1 »1
i)\* lijJiU.l ,i:*tl hi-, te.o 1.11,-1 of tn.nliiit
• 'V fmw.-iniul In ll.iiiiu. , Tlif i'I'i.Jk'
Iiiim- no iiit.iv,) iu tli.- iiigii.ii.nl'i nf
u-iiiim 11 i.itiiii-, ;,:. tn t1ivi*,;..n nl d 1
li'niv jijhI i.f rain.. Tlu-.-.-c jiii* nmt*
Uis for tin- tiiiiipeniis in n 1 rn it ci In-
IWitii   Hi. inii-U'i.',„| ul it lias   a   n:-v
oiiiitr of tlio inliks in hi-ailinj;:i male;. umhI waenii mid i»al In i.-<I up lA bmi-
tliy Utile  hm-ildi't  oik* of  the      liiiiM ;i!le«   nnu-  mine.
Mnriy    p«ople    slin.-i't
MiiipliH ol.tlie jiiiiitcm' nil v.v liaiel   If in 1/.ii;,, ,in,t!,,. ,,f ihi-, ml'-Jng i1['V"mri '*' touiiiiiiiilit, when lie v,.ii
i-vi-i- Mill. IJi-tiiW llw- frl.it.im tn of (li* , I'm it. il.,. ..iliii.-.- *ii.,ubl liapi«u   " |lt 1 »i»" C.»l»--i»iy. li i'i sl.ttnl th.it     th
Il.'iiwr ih.- niitliiii.-iv (o the  .'-nloli.h
li.iinh  with !«fi*ii|iiiif mul do i.mr •■ir,iiiiiin» i, <i
l.u:-,.i.'.'. uf.'ilw.ttiival I..W',. If"   i;*'   ,-!
.who dul li.i-.in't v.a,liiil   iluvi L.ai.t4
| .lil     l.t     |'|U4|II4    illll'l 111,. (
limit nmtttlnn nmiiv r.tiitirtl**-:il i.-iltlc*. j\ut'.l:u> v.ssliu* lotlrrv nt Cn* rml of .''iiifilhat iimnornlilc ilnv.
of value. Ah t.onii hn r.iir i^pn-H': lnjil.e v.- , 1: -.-.l-fiti \>tv, 11..1 made f,,rj Thi- v.'urW'ii (nir v.lit l.e pnlli-.l nil
lln* Wiil linnls grow mi li.:*;;e ;u In '. iln* 11.,. ,,\ 1 lii.as. pn,] ih,. , diinrl.iK I nt Cn\*aiv oii .Inly 10, 11 nnd i».
f««.l<r it pnnLiit to .lii'il.- onr «'.....l-. * l.n.i!.? Ii,ipi*n \„ n-vil n •• mli-mv !S.'.mi* of tlie f,-it«-<*t liorwi nf.it j.ro*
in *cviral latiVs we will put si U-w ft., n'.?r. „„.■ <1U]; tt-tiA.ii vAtx ni.d.-r- lin AmfTtio will U in ait<*ti..an.*<-. ...
dollfirii Into one ot llw lv.-.n.Ii l...ii!,. i-.tm-l th.t It It thr r.-mli (,f H„. m;p.\   'lhe mi.ily.i*    Int.!    Iv Knrl 1\uv,
Sni.' L*i!• niul U'liig; r,i*- In ri-I ;-Iiov,hT th.if  IIt. r.- i-. tnm.' ,ih i.J>.-,| in
1311 ini'JilsA.
of tin- It oval,     just bv w.iy of n-ro'.'.   fi.ui t-,.
(l.e .'it i'.i. 11  i.f  the     •.p.ijls  Uii'-.»t|
1 »i!ii*).«Ui f,, ii"]} vim w.ttit In i,.|vn »1|i
1 l.rr.fiti    .-w-\ -fi -i-\ v.iii i,[ .1.4. ,.y.
-• <>	
.•..-...TI.Il'  SI.UVICKq.
Uf  lU.tsr
time'.. 1 v.■ .<   f
I h'lr. It. ■,    u.U
rt'i.i      !n   -ill  tl..-
11    ,tt. :•.!,.1 .        Tl.
l..-l.l..Uy   A.s„i'X .1
filiate rli.ii(,'i* the eity fur li^in.     uml
w.ilur used ni ihe lire hall, w.111 lead
111'ilnl'di.lid   |i|i:i,l,
• Till-in letlel-'i 11 Olll lhe Jii-111 of John
Nia-eii i'i Mm, 01 Chicago, lelaiiiij-
lo the Mile ij| lhy'newer mid /ae i|e-
l.eiituivs and nhl.iiiii- for i-ertiiMi iiili.r-
ni.il.'iiii nml ui|iie:, of records wva
m.il by Un- ili-i'l,, won-Mined iiml he
hid i'(.!ii|.hid uilli the iei|ue..it,'i therein  11.illumed,   'Uie  letter wns  liled.
A lillii- I'i,mi llie evrriilite uf ih,..
lit••viiici.il Aliinii-lpul (.'llumiI a.^ii, i,.,.
ii'iii uiiliinj. im- iln.. piiymi-iit o!     a
'<lii.no he 'ImjIII lhe lily as 11 ineiiilii-r
«',«" iv.i.I an I nu,.,- i,,.],,^ d^iiiisseil
llm <Kriv vnn ,!iilhoii/|.,|.:io writi.' fnr
liiillier p.iUiuiliii'ii iijidii tlm Mibjiet
A )i*lli i- In 111 nu (itiawit nl im in>v
I'lil'ii;; lo ihe I'l-mii! Ht (Juli'iny ihar*
uud  nlil, ml  fi!,;d,
A   i''iiiil,iii|,ii,*i|i(*,i|   fr,),||   ]{„.•,.,   ,<*,   .\|.
I'.vjii.ili-r .i..i,iii,; for  the  piiyimi.t     „f
'I'1'1'    I-LI    "I     .''Hi'i.-'il    fnr    |e|f,*l    .'„,.,.
-..'■<•. w.'i;. ti-.il ;.iwl I,,id ot-,-,- (j; „e\<
iiiu-tiiij',  lor "iin*.ideinlion,
A- |i tiliuii     ior n ..idi'Vnll, 1 m ih..
** ■''"   "i   Mov. Inilil   (i\ i'lllii.-   in   llm
""''•'h .ml -f t-.ttii, :,iKm.| Ia aluiie
Hli'Wll .n.i) mlielN iu wlli.ll lit'lion*
il. ..jjiu in iniitribie in the intent
' f *-"ll..",.n'i tinvalil.. lhe wpillM' nl the
l\.il!<, W.r. leleileil til tlle Willi;-' iilld
I'l'ipi it...' iimiiiiili,,. f.,r eniiMil.-i.niin,,
Til.'    |ii li.-ii (|, Pi   (.;);    J,,,-   j,    |f„„.    f(1)ll
4. 1    ■ , -    , ,
■- • ....   - .     ,,..,„.      #.   ...   ,,i 1
Ml   lill-'lll
A 1 el,1.1111 iis).iiii» Inr ihe uilonv-
lllelil nl lin 1,illy eli>..l|;i bv-hiw wns
I.*  .1    V'    HI.,' -1'   .-,.t,.|  ||, ,|   ,;, - ;,,,|.
If"    i ."ll     !!,-,|.,|, tl-,11;,    1,|    Me    i|,,,l    l(;e
lnw wa;, luli'dii-d,
'i'i. .  i' 1  .   .    .,   ■,   :i 1. .       i.i
li.".' ill.; ,|.,| ii.it in*.* of :i...iaiiil*i bailie n'oiilh* if I'lbiinrv I'tnl *Mari!i,
'fii' (Linn- iiiinii,iiici- alvi submit*
In!, the 1-.tan.ile I a' llu- nirri'iil v»sir
llii'i r.-i'.ii 'j.i, h.lil i.tvr until     U„.
li'V   ilelV   ll    .  (il.'-!li'l   til,-   U'.M-Allll'lll
us  ji  in i-     1 f    (,iv,.ti.in (niiiinl  U-
I.',*   .    \,    ...    41 HI,,l'l   I,,    (In-    ,,S-C'.\-
Iti- Hi   I-.'. ii'UI il,li II.llllill.   ■
nisi him but could imi re*
w-l llm leiiilil.itioi, t0 |,„u a ,iU|
1!",1'1: ""'I (nlkc-il M,o„l the mniarlly
' I'"-' I'iUeRvc.s bei.,,-: it) fnv.M,,- of
"' WUU'r u,-.e„nc.,t, but AUWi,,,,,,
A li;''''I'<l Ins laniiiioii to ihe [net
I hut lhe by-lnw hud not r.a-iv.-d lhe
|«*'!rin."l   Uneelifih...  niajoritv.      Mr
;;;«'« ;v.i,,ie,i   ,„ ,;ll(l,v. wJv „ w ;
I""«■   Un-   l.-.'!l:.l.i1,ne   hud   thouHit   ii
"■Cpiinrv (., iiin.ud th,*  |>IW ,0";i,s ,„
l"»"''  A   <'li'i'r   llml   tt   1hiee-lilt|.'.vi,le
w.ifi  iie.essi.iv  if  Hun   wan ,|lt,
ttlli-ll   Ua-   tot,.   ,,||   th,
tnl-eii Im.i yonr.
.Aid 11,.!; wild he lilippo*;,.! (I,,. ],.„.
'"'""i"' l'..-'-"'''<l Hi.; 1.1111 iiiliiii'iu ior lhe
I'l'i!>•■.>'   ol      ii\o;,liii,(   ,,nv   iiilMinde*
>i}'^uY  "f  V1"  l-'-v  ""'I  <"i.-,'i .1
»lll'nl'mi null ns hnd .ni-i-H in thin
«»».i<. .\ lllotioii tn l.-uve the rllv's in*
n-ii-l.-j ill tin- Imcrvi'iii-r jnnui'iliiiim
"j ••iii'i'". M. I., .in. in il,,, bunds -,,, -1,.,
oilv Millntnr und Air. J.;. |> |lllv,\.
«"'l|*illlllll, Ull the u.Ul.i'illoK |,.i;.|.;
'•'Ul- .ll/..l.|.,liu. .irei.tj,,,, M|"
I nli-s -nlm di...,,',-, ,1 ,,*,, Vl|(l! ,/■
ll'i'nllli'.l   in   tile   I'i <MIiv<.
.\l.l.   "Inle.-i  moved  Unit   ih,.
Mill. Inn   I,,  in.,,, ,,,.„,1 ,,, , ,
■MlilKO   liwil»'s   ileeM,,,*,   bui   .„
'""''I ):<l  no si,nn.l,,- tl,,. .notion tviri
ma  tint.
'»'"•   |ilv   |.i lm in,,   min,.   ,,,,   „,,„■„
1;;I"1*1!   V»l.-»  ""I h.,1  l,.,,iu,-,,
•"l'l   .\M.    Iuin..   n.il.,-,1   „   ,,.,„	
i."'i. ,'" l,1'1','•"«w *■■"; *nfi iii-MBt I
i,v .iu i.V'i'.'...4.".:■:'.,,J "'i'it '-'"""i 1
Hi   bid   Ml'.tniMnl
! 1.11,1*
'jt:«», j.mi w.im t.,,,1 ti,,,, ,,„. ,,,,,,,;,
■•s"  Hoi   mi ti n,:.l.r th,. ,,1,,-ier,  ^i,,,
MJIIU!   (l,SLIIS..jii||    !
, l.l'1-.'ll-       ll|ll|4.,-||t
(i ntiyi \vii. .n-sli.j th.it j,, il,,- ,-vuii
,   *   "'    ■-.   ".uni.;   to   inviil.*   th..
•""'i'ii;: 1-ni.iiiv i„ttv,e„ ,1,,.      ,,V1,
"*-l IM,-.,-, would I lie I.i-il^.r IXkn t'
"j". hull of i, „, ,he r«Hf, Mil.mil.
«,'• ,» J(-i I»»l.. I.1.1  tin- I,.i|k<er .,»...;,,
'I.llili.il    ii|i„n ll,,. ,.l(,i,,„|  ,-,,„   j,   ,,.|t,
IiijiiI.   IK  bid o.| n  v.iv  doe ,,1-ilflll,
■*.n«l (nr .-i  uho'.-     M,.„:    «•„,*,-   ..',,,,1
,,,,,,1,■ " ■•* •>""'  1" «1.  lull nf ihr
. work lo le .!„.,.. ,*„„.-„„  ,],„ ,,,„.,;„,,.
 '.''Mil!.::!!..!  4i..;i   ,|   .{ .1,,  %,.„.   ,.,„„ ,,„. ,,.,.  „ |i( ,    .
!-    I'l'l.liJ..,:     wJiuli^JL.Ir  vr.s.   fi  ,|tl. ,,,.-  Mv. ,„ '      ,„
•nibiiilM.il  for nil  il„-  tt,,-'   f,..-
. /      •     :
11 l.i. i   ;   i'
W, tl*   !l   t    ll'.l   ,'l!il    ill ,t    l.lllijett    WHS
)■■■■ ■ A ,..i j   1,1,11 i.:.i!ilv.
AM. Iiii' \ . .il .! to know wim'
IMt'iil lie inilli.il int. mini titkltic r<* •
* -t * ji    1.. ;  lll'i.-i i-l .t.i; us M< Is itn
f/|    l.if    'I,..,.    |>)    , I,..    I.    if,,*-    ) ,.   I.*,.,    f.y,.
I'lUiN'Ilv'.S' l'KOONl'SS, ,,
K10111 the Cnlj-nrv Jlenild.-
Home iden oi (Ju- «!■'(. wt It of li*eniii;
mny he jjutlieiv.1 Irum the fuel tlmt in
the two,, yen is i-jo.-.lyo-- in, less thnn
nn ofdimuied nnioiint of S.-oii.iioo hn:.
htvii expended in lhe eoiisli-uetioii of
Hew huildiiiii.s, The |,ieselit |)0|)iiliui.,u
of Kern it;, iiileiiiliiiji Wt'-.sl Kern-;.", Coul
Creel;,- nnd the three lurKe lumber
i'oui|i;iiiie,s' euni|is i» esi'miuid" ut
5«:hi souls. Kernie iirt*|u-r, is nl.1.,1.
iVi-okoiiIh^TIh ]i(iV r.i.l ,7, „ ii.,. ik,,,
mi'l of cinirst pr.Ktiiiiiiy n-j,,,.s,.ni'i
the whoh: trade of the town, " Th*.
In1.nl wii;<e:i puiil out there ami in the
uiimeilifiUi vivinily in i«j.\S niiionnieil
In, we nre iiilorimd, to the .sum ,,f
'I'lns Cunt's .Vest I'„s.s (.',,„J ,.,„„.
pany, l,id,, uifh liriMliiiinrtcis nt Mi-
i'li.-l, 3o miles norlh of Keinie,.    ,iu,|
Cillbollililo,   (■   mile-,   ;.,,nth   01    l.-eiui,.,
i.*. tmliiy one „[ tl,,. ti|,.'i,i,.,,i fmloii'
in (he (li'Velopniejit ol soiiiheiu lliit*
ish Ciiliiiiibiu. "lho story ol ihe e.nlv
'l'.-ve|o|ii,i,j,u of these' Woi Id fi.iiie.l
H'l'i^ 1.1'ill-* mi old on.- onh- biiel
iminioii need |lC. ,„H,|,. „* iti ,-,, tl|
I^VI, llie. 1,Ml In-ill iue-i ,11,m ,,,,.!
llthllev, o| t|„. Clow's N'cM I'.l.',-, tv.i,
IIH'l.lly Spoliell ol; some Mllitll lllll,,l|,!l
"I l'H'.*>l.'.*l(ili^ Imd bun .bilie, lu ll,:,;
Wiii. I-Vrnie 01 Kon Siiole, ,uul I,iriu.
Col.   IhiL-.-l-  di.)   .,,!,„   pi,,,;,,,,.;!,).       ,;,
lhe di'diiet, »i,,\ ils „ tl,^1|,l ., .,>'UJili.
uili- H'ii.h l.niuid in Vd-H.ri.i t., ,„■*
•inilu llli.l iletelop io,,| b.uds hem
'llu- Cintv's \, st l-u'.s Conl Co., tv.i,
orifiiiii/id in i-**!'- to ml,-,, over tlil-'i
st-tiilii'iiic h     h'.l.liiiBs mid th,. Or,U.
Iti ,
  *•"  *    k'"*-    •'*••***»*■*£  tn    Uli-    Mmi|
■lUn^i'll   \\U     jltl. M*     , , 1     r
' t-     ' ** -  •*'       ' t'.l'l       »l»"    tm
lii'i'i'e l'l-'" "-'ll'.l, .unl by il,,- Lou: the ,.„i".
Wnv li'iiil.e.l Kernie .oil ,..■.,. ,,.. „;t
"IK HhipiiniH. Situe linn the |M"wlh
nl lho o.iinp,i,iv hns !„•,;, ti.i.'iiii-i il
iiud '.linilv, tdiiiil lu in. ,id,),.,1 1,1
liiiitil (iliil se.ini to ,.,.,„„ ,i,,|i) |„,|,,t
.it Ims ,1 d.iilv uiitpiit o| hi'twi-itt t, in,
mul JiVi< Ihoiis.iinl t,,ii', Yin i-iiiii-Mhv
linhliiit!'. mnouiit lo '*5",i«"o iiiifi 1.1
liill.l Itillj; tltst 01  ih,. *.;|k ,jur.
Mr. .1. Yf.uii"; |lv,.,s, „f ihe C.ilfi.i-f
ll.l.i,il ,1, In*, tt'llli-ii|i 1.1 onr lov.11
dlil us ,, y«,,„| jol, „| .-..he,,,..-,,,.. ».„,
""' '• linl. mitul a, u. ,.:,* ,.1 uo
"I In-, f.als, t,|,it*i (,(U|U ,,,,, ,(,,„„,.
stanrei, „f M, h.miv 1, uip iiud „i» lii-
thr  *--
•» ■ -.1,.!
:" l   'I.   tilv  liv   .Tintutt
'"■In/. If- Ih'.e.'h Mi.,1 .fti<. Vllv rnMf
!foi I.e.! •<! ( oi ini- tut ".rr, \J« I'ftM ■
'*. •    ii.  -'.-' • 1   il...   I,.v   l,»<...       ,«*,..
ml. 1-, ••:'.!, !.
I-"I l'.
•"'"''    '      '   ■"'    '     '•'      J'lMlt.l-ll     1.1    llll-Jt?ll>    IT   l*» r",  t ',/,, ,     ,f    ..,,-,-,,,.     ", -,     ,„..:, ,„.,r.
tl-oi'-I*   tx.nM      fj.1V.* J     ,\f|*.r
.,,. r .<r,r^-   Hr nUrt '.'"-t'jvi'.rp ,ti
IV (.11    tin      |V.   I    t      Ik,
!<-,» lm,,, ,., s,i;..
r 1 ,?>y«
A   1.
,...' ,.., iuin,   ,«  v.,-||  |„. noti. ,1 th.,1
nr.   ih.*  h^ iil.m.i    th-no.u*,   nlUS „j t    ,
,t  „ , * ,,      i,tnu,v l"!'' ''V (lie Ctow-« wm  im. ,
...7:v;:;:;:;:t;::;;«:,:'!;„^' ~rAA,^ Yi-/S>\z
j^*" ?r **■*,' *-?
The Fernie Ledger
Issued every Wednesday Irom olhce of mib-
liation, Toilil block, Victoriu Ave., Fernie,
JlritUh Columliiit. "
D. V. MOTT   ■
G. G. MEIKLE    .
I.asl Friday "afternoon J- 0*7 aie-"'
I'ride, Mayor G. T. Rogers, \vA" l-\
Curd and \V, T. Reid, lour of- the
coimuitU-e appointed by the board-.41I
traile to go 10 Calgary, took the afternoon train to perform lhe work assigned, to them leg.. ,*.*ii",* doing what
they' could towanl^mpit-ssiiig . the 0
' 1\ 'li. lhat the proper place for the
terminus of ■ the Kootenay Cenlial
railwav was Cranbrook. .Saturday a(-
,' ternoon the delegation met.J. *S.' Den
nis, assistant to second vice-pre.siduit
Wlivte.' Thev had a long interview
with Mr. Dennis, and ,. the t-ticslion
was'lliorougblv discussed in all its
' phases. The members of the delegation speak t^M-y'higha.y'or the court
eons'treatment'by 'Mr. Dennis, aim
feel that the 4 trip t« Calgary wa-i a
wise move. After lhe interview Willi
Mr. liennis the delegation held a conference and decided that in the - best'
' interests of the town some of the delegates should go on- lo iVinnipeg and
interview Mr. Whyte. It was finally
decided llial Messrs.; Mcliride, Kogers
and Guril,should continue their .i"lir-
nev to Winnipeg, wliii.li thev did, arriving there Monday. Mr. Whvtc ie-
oeived them most", cordially, nml uf-
a brief talk arranged.an hour .when
he would have more time to devote
to the subject presented. At, the second meeting ' the matter was carcful-
lv.reveiwcd bv the (k-lee'ilion, ami
: Mr. 'Whyte evinced great interest in
all that was said. All the details
were earefullv and conservatively discussed, and when the session closed
' the members of thc delegation left
■Mr. Whvte's ollice feeling verv much
encouraged, and- well satisfied with
the results of their trii*.
The above article is from last
week's Cranbrook Herald and it is
not diflicult after a' careful reading of
it to arrive at the conclusion that the
delegation   did  not  receive  any  very
, positive .assurances that the Kootenay
Central would be built Jo Cranbrook.
Ilut the attention of our readers is
called to the fact that these people
aie energetically and persistently urging whatever arguments they have
in support of their claims and desires
to build up  their own town.
In the meantime what' are the people of Pernie and Fort .Steele doing
to'place, before the C. 1\ R. the. real
.facts, in the case and to urge, their
inst and reasonable claims? The Ledger
'•.believes that it is absolutely* .necessary that' the' Kernie" board* of' trade
should wake-up and'join hands with
the     Fort     Steele board     bf  Trade
aud not lose
portunitv to press
.'icials.of the C. V.
a single ' op-
upoti the ollicials
• Ii. the advantages
of the'route which will bring the new
road by Fort .Steele ;ind on down
the Kootenay vallev ' to .1 junction
with'     the  Crow's-Nest  line  east  of
.Wardner, as was pointed out'in last'
week's issue.. Cranbrook in her -.strenuous ellort is setting us an example
which it,would be to our advantage
to, follow,',now that jve have liceii'so
slow to have to bo led by our rival
instead of being the leaders ourselves
Let even-*man in Pernie who has
dollar nt stake put his shoulder to
the wheel and help to the extent ol
his ability to settle this question ns
-'Illicitly-nn passible". Every day - 0r
doubt adds probal,fli*|v to defeat and
the prestige of our citv will be nlfcet-
e.l ns long-as the cueslion is nn 0nou
one. If wc allow this     rond  to     he
, switclm.-: over to Cranbrook it tvill
In? the most serious'., mistake that we
could be ,TuiUv of nnd'!'<e difference
between the possibilities of our fit*
tiire if we have the rond pointing on.*
wny as compared, what wc nmy e.x-
Pi'i't If tin's is not done is* so Went
thnt nn mnn having n home In or
w-nr Pernie can nfford lo go to sK-pi.
wlnle (to vital „ question £s n,Ve„ for
discussion and decision. '•■■•■
either grow rapidly bald or *see the
i-olor ol l^ix- hair change to -snow-.*
whiteness as the result of his efforts"
t')-'keep his consVieiiee quiet whilt' he
.is engaged in the hopeless task of
trying to make pe<pple\ believe that
o«r provincial government is an innocent, honest and capab.e one, worthy of nny' youiig mail's. support? No
WOnder Uiere is a \j)ieva!eiice of grey
hair:'ami if the parly persists "in sup*.
porting Uie M.Hride government and
continue- its- efforts to whitewash
s'leh a ministry,, every man, to he,
found' in a" conservative meeting called' to *' suppolt llicm* tvi-il be eilhe<-
it '.while " headed sinnet. be they
old men or young boys, provided ojf
course there Js hair enough- to hold
.a color'at .all. The Herald takes the
Week loo seriously in. this <;oiinec>
tion.  " " .7'*'
of-'     yK
the Secular
,T. C-, in-Detroit News-Tribune.--. sueii^ as not to" profane Hie sacred 'edifice. At home.it was another matter.
. G, Sjobloni, of the South Mi»;
iic.ipolis Telegram', who is running for
secretary, of State like- an indignant
fiU-incr chasing cows out of a cornfield:
hi*.:, issued n personal, document giving a key to the'pronunciation of his
name and explaining that lie is not,'
ns popularly supposed,-the descendant
of a long line of Irish kings. Mr,
Sjobloni (Sherhliiiii) says:
"I was born in Sweden nearlv for-
iv wars,ago—but I di;dn'l> select that
country as, my birthplace with the
iiltcrior motive, of becoming a' candidate for secretary of slate in. Minue-
"•<Ha, oven though I did start for-Am-
•'"icn beloiv'I could walk. JIv ipiamc
was' lmnle iu Sweden, al ■ its spelliii"
'•"s more lo do with the noise Ihnl
i-oes with it than have thc letters in
iiKuiv Knglish names,' • l.nn - -you
herewith, (he "kev."  '
."Massai'liiiselis has just' made a law
■ 1 nl.Mliiig vivisection in the punne
.schools. . A little girl in St. I.ouis
watched "teacher" place three rats
ia a, glass' vacuum chamber from
which lie proceeded lo.exhaust the air-
|-!he witnessed the lifcilc anftnals' terrible sliuggles lor breath' and their
1'ea.rful death, and shq confessed that
.since thut charming "scientific" 'experiment she had lulled lhe teacher
with a hitler-hatred and could lmrdlv
bear lo be in the same rooni >\ it li
Iiiin.. :
'The writer confesses .with more or
J:ss .shame, soinetliing of the same feel
ing. Hiiving, watched a-"professor"*
unnecessarily ,-slay by inches a harmless iiii that; had never even scratched him, and having watched , the .animals' ' terrible struggles and moans
of anguish, and the scattered blood,
hard, as it was to get a S5 liil.ll in
ihose days,' would freely have given
it up to" the treasurer of the college
for the, privilege of one good, swift
kick al that scientific gent, a kick-
so fierce and fundamental that it
would have jarred h^s cAnii linen collar up e\er the top of hi-, bullet head
The Indians, whom the white men
foimd here in the Sixteenth century,
.iiii'glit— !iiivb-enjoyed-t!ie.se*-he!!i.sh-ex—
ueriii'.ciils1, but how-a white man. can
■Id pleasure'from ' them 11 ■>■.••» he is
<ieji(..Herating towards thc savage type,
is. a uivstery to anyone who loves his
fellow Uieii or who lov»* ' anything
c'-se .in Uic world except (his own mis-
i-rnble comfort,
That Massachusetts law, may prove
nu entering wedge. It ;s a great, eom-
foit, al any rate to think that people nrc beginning to think cbout it. ,
The  I'iiiiicec—Vcs,   Percy   placed
on mv linger last night, "isn't it
beiiuty? ■
lier  Dearest' Friend—Yes;   but
nhoiil  ft fJirtuight  you'll, find .it will
Wide  ft'funny    black mark 011  your
Il did on iiiine.
tviirl""1CH.U,,C,nn tl,B c,ccl,»n "f Hon,
Villi*.,, Ti'inplemnn i„ vicioriu, u.
Week, of that City, nays;
"Jhe n.ck stood for coiiservutivu
liniK'ipIes, nnd would fight for them
however hopeless the case.. It is there-
lore eliliihil to sny that before the.
pri'MHt political complexion of the
ciipitnl city iiiidorgoes n ehnngc, the
pnrly will litixc* to find stronger cini*
iliiliiU'ii, .stronger oiliccrs, and a pol-
k'v unon which they c-nu unite to a
liinil. lho greatest source of weakness
tit the present time is the tiu-k of inn-rest on the pnrt of vonnu men. Al
.very meeting tl.e m,,|,.jtv „■ ,"-„
'n-iiii wero grey, which j-pNiks well
fjir 11V pnst, but aujfur,, j||.fr„. Uu,
This surely wns n veiled truth top
riu.tiiiu.sly. n„i tvliere n fnft is pre*
w-iiti'.l 111 n iiuist blunt mnimcr Is In
• Ini Slnteliielil that thy "greatest
source of ttenkness ut the presiiil
mnn is- th.' lack of     interest '„„    ".
C ,m y,.TK ""'"•" 'fllur,! •» «*««"«
or hk j lu- voung men nftihe .01111-
r.y K-llete in piogiess, Tlu-v ivimt to
-•lone, to a p,mv „m, „m    „,,,,
Miisl.,.,1 to r,.st ilH (.Ifti„ls 0„      ,
tijiilitioiiH of ih.. pnst, Thin iswlivso
111 nnv hi'JnI.N nt lhe rnnservitllve inert-
mi's «re grey. The vmiug mV|t Mv nnt
y««fi..l will, the histon- of tlu/p"'
1 in...  in-, 1,1   1     ,1    1 - *
. '   ' -  .....A4.  in.411,1«   i,,i   un*
liitiire, nml in rniwou-.tn.,. (||1V ,U|
li.ukuig lo the lJ1*.rnl pn:lv, Ii is'w.
in tutoiiii. nn.l it is so in nil
of the Doimn'«-4ii '
The Wcck.-
Aeeoidijig to the Pernie Free I-rosi
('. ti, S, "tiiulscy, K> C, vice-presi-
ih'iit of tliu Crow's Nest Pass Con!
c'Miii'.iiiy, waxed wroth when in: heni.l
.hid thi city by-littv.passed at his
I t'lie.st Iiud been proiioiiiiceil illegnl by
1 hi- .'iiipreiiie court of llriiish ,Coluiii>
• i-i. Uy wny of venting liis spleen, he
ri pioposiiig to sidetrack Pernio ns
ni' i.s possible in the develojiiu.'iit( of
,he .oiiipiiiiy's works. Carbon 11<>, 1 lie
in'w iiiiiMig town on IMorrissev creek
where, 'lie company sold iniiiiy ilii-ir-
'iiuls ol dolliiis worth of lots a lew
vein's a|;o, is to be nlmii.loiied nml'
llio mini's closed down nt ont-e, 'Jiic
hii'iiiiesM is to he tntiisfcnvd to Ml*
•lii'l, to lhe cxelnsioti of Fern'e, t!.e
i-eciilcltrniil. Will you be good 110-t-,
l'Vinie', ui* will you dure' to sin-id up
fm ynur rights?.
. The- tendency, (if the' day is' toward
nnity." ■,'""- „
, The; tendency, of life, as it cau be.
examined in its earliest stages, seems
to be towards coinplexil/, but the
ultimate purpose is always seen' to be
Vuiity- rnicellular, life, is swallowed.'
up Jn more complex oi^Miisms, lur.
only for tht purpose of uniting iu one'
life   more   functions.
Wc are accustomed to think that
lile'was simple when, in that day
which has no dale in eternity's caleu-
,'dur, man lived to himself. IJui with
ilhe, fjanli y caine complexity, ami
yet gieater "unity. When families form
cd themselves into tribes it had th«
i.ypwiran-ci 0/ "grtw'flng ici-.ir.xn'exi'j.y,
but iu reality lile was becoming nioro
simple, because more uniiied. P10111
trilfes caine 'slates. Prom state's came;
nations. Prom nations came alliances
Prom alliances tt-ill come, complete
unity and universal peace. So everything tends .to the unity of siinplieity.
The unity o\\ intellect has made
geographical boundaries and racial dis
tfcic,Lioi<*,s absurd. C;*,iV,vs-|-l>' tliuuil.ers
across the ocean and,meets his ,00111-
pauion thinker in the gentle ICmersoii
Kant aiid Plaiumuriou ■ forget the
heads of their respective government!;
Tolstoi has brothers' in every bind.
Peary and Xanseii clasp hands in Arctic lands The doctor, the artist, thc
mechanic, the literary ttoilkc*.', every
unity, however small,, is working with
nature toward the great end of world
The last stronghold' of diversity!
that shall capil,ila1,c to unif-ving force
will be that Of : religion,' Yet, even
that is on the,.wav. There is,a relig-
,ious brotherhood that overlaps clime,
color, creed, speech, language, pro--
oession and emphasis of. doctrine.
In the Catholic, the Protestant, the,
uoiii-Chfi'itia-i and ethical' j-ejligiinns,*
there is a growing spirit of un ty iu
the work of ilrying to learn of the
great one' to whom all nations of
the world bow'after one fashion "or
another. - .
The changes that have come in the
reiigi-ous life of'the- world are having
an effect 011 the workaday life' of men
The old *|dea of God as a watchmaker who,sat outside'on the mechanism
of the universe watching it whirl n*
space is giving place to the idea ol
a God who walks in factories as' we'll
as cathedrals; in the lecture room of
the "university as well as in ihe se-.
cret oratory,, r, -      -  ~
I see thecAii the distant blue,
Uut in-the volet dell of hue
Ik-hold I breath and touch fhee, too.
..sThere i.s now railing away Uic use'
of the terms natural and supernatural
Onr thought is being unified to such
<iu-r xten t-thar-we—knotv~lire" super-"
phvs-o-al and metaphysical, is not supernatural.   *
• Everything  js natural.  God   is natural-' Man is natural.  .Spirit  is na-
lura.,.  Mystery  is natural.
- It used to be that men spoke,of,the'
Siierc.l  and  the. secular.
The church wns sacred. The office
was. secular,
The history ql Moses wns sacred his
lory.., Ihcvhistory 'of Savonatolla
wns  profane history.' .
The table, whereon reposed the emblematic bread 'nnd tviiie wns a sacred
able,. J ho table wheroi. lay- tl.e
bread 11 lathci had won 'with his
-sweat was a profane table,
Sunday was n holy dny, Saturday
wns only a week day.
, The ministry 0f the gospel was a
snire.l calling; The work of piloting
.1 lliotisniid lives across ..llio treacherous deep was n profane occuitntion-
a secuiar c.-ylllng.
The ground where a martyr spilled
Ins blood for Ins doctrine was snored
Count lhc'ground where,,-a fni-mcr
"jilnnl died* for his political priuci-
lihi wns 101111.1011 ground.
Uro was divide'.!. Whnt vou did on
hiiiidnv wns a matter for'careful con
side nit inn, Monday didn't matter' so
IIU'Pll, " n
Yonr deiiicniinr in   'hureli  must be
4 in  talking of  holy days;  I  am reminded, of the  lines of a young; Detroit newspaper man of great gifts:
This is not {aali.bath more than,yes-
lerday,        '        -'_   '■
Nor, will  tomorrow have  k-ss "sacred
* hours.   ■   o       , '     ;...'->..;
The" deed makes the, day, Tl'iat'.day
that saw you make a good resolve js
one of the holy days-in the ealeiidar
ol yonr life,. The day that saw you
bind up a-bruised-heart, that*- saw
you sacrifice ■ fo> another's good, is
one ol   the saints'' da}s • ol your life.
If if was iu a shop on Monday that
you put your heart in your work resolved lo do an honest day's work,
that day i.s. one of the Sabbaths' ol
your soul.
If it ttas Saliirdyy and .you restrained a tendency to deceive .just
h little:'* ;i prospective buyer, ksow
that no holy day will ever compensate for the sanctity that you gave
the dav. , "' •
The .Sabbath was "made for, man, not
man the Sabbath-. -May it never''pass
from lhe world. -May these breathing
times come always with refreshing
' Mav the Sabbath-never be desecrated by-anyone's attempt to make .''ll
men observe' it alike. -May it. minister iniils* own way to the0diverse .natures of the meir to whom, and for'
whose good it is given.*.
As with-dat si so with callings'. The
profession is sacred that makes for
man's happiness and development, fii:]
laborer .'cleaning up rubbish in the
alley and preventing pestilence thereby, is doing, a work uot to be despised and worl'liy to rank Q among'
those higher works -for  ,h'e race. -
As with days', so'wijlh places. .There
are places in the world so scared lo
memory that no vaulted cathedral cau
take their plac?. To the bride, if is
her first homo aud the room that saw
the .babies come to light,. 'To the devotee it is that nook' in ■ thc "woods
where there dawned on him -the great,
vision in the light of which lie walked in'his after life,
I knew a minister who was expelled
from his church because he said" that
as he saw men eoing homeward from
their dav of toil • and sitting at
their tables with their wives and lit-
tlt,e ones, he fel,"those tables w'erc
just as-sacked as "the tjaldij -i.hi.i sal
within the coiiniiunioii;,rnil. He said
he could almost fancy.''the I'ath'cr
brcakiug the bread and saying "Take',
eat. This is*iny body broken for you"
There' is more sacrcdness in "the hum
of busy'life, where temptations come
with the rush than in .some cathedral
ruin that' echoes willi a'hymn once a
.week. •—       ... .  '.   ..  ..*.. '■ 1.
A parish priest of austerity
, Went up- in a high cliurch steeple
That he*might be nearer to God,    °
,,And hand His word -down to the
people. •<   '      .-.*   ' *
So in" sermon script he daily wrote
What  he   thought' was  sent  froin
And dropped it  down on- the people'-!
Two limes 011c day in seven.
In his .age God said, "Come down and
And' he looked:out front', the steeple
■And said, "Where art thou, I.ord,"
And the'T(ord replied "Down here
among the people."
Doctrine divorced from conduct Is
not snored.    '   '
diameter is never secular as the
word is used ,
'the idea, thai trnnsfigin-es common
tilings is sacred, whether it has ever
been heurd fmni the. .sac;*hi desk 01
lAte is n .unity. ,Vrni cniuiol divorce
one pnrt from   another,
T,et us talk les.i of snn-ed and Hip
M'nnlnr, and more of lhe s.-u-i-edues-i of
tho  seen inr.
senators' willi. ability, or introducing a. .
bill in both houses of congress mating an,, "appropriation , pf public laud
for that purpose.-,As" a-"'claim for the
recognition of their request," it is set,
rprlh .that the ."mining district ■ of
Montana .is ,.now reaching that stage
when; miners are not only being incapacitated by accic'*enls,7bul -.'many"
have "served .their time "of usefulness
Xare.no longer able to,delve..in .the
bowels of-tlie earth 'as'jthey could
years ago. Many are v.'ithout relatives
and, many "have: been .-forced to -retire
(r,oni active service; ^without having
laid anything' by for', thcir.'dcelining
vears. It isdhat'sticlras these may-he
provided for that tlie olaMislinieut of
a home,is desired."     "       * -
.. Without question there is merit in
the proposition.- The llutte 'union is
advocati-ng a most worthy cause, and
one that*'should .receive' the heart*,
support of„all the people,of Montana.
The propscritv of the state of Montana'is in a-large ' measure due to
and depends upon '7 these men who
delVe underground and bring to, the
surface the treasure there .stored, and
to provide a comfortable home in
which those,who have become incapable of Oaiiiiiig a livelihood in their
of a duly by those, who -have profited
by the result 0^ their, labors.
Ai'he union printers' home at Colo-
docliuing yers is; biit the fulfillment
ratio Springs is cited,by the promoters of .this movement ".as an ' example audi suggested*as a model from
which to work out the scheme for a
home for union-miners.      *   .
 __♦ .'  p
"They" arc slaves who fear to speak
for the'.fallen or the. weak;', they are
slaves who will not choose hatred;
scoffing and abuse rather than in'silence shrink from the,, truth they .needs'
musL think; they are'slaves who'dare
not be in the. right - with' two /:r
- yi§®g-RTAKERS.-
-"* y&''-Y,-y
'; E^BALMER8'::'
line  of \.Piskcls1';.::CoiTmsJ Shipping. Cases
'Wreaths and Society Emblems on hantiV   "'*   '!;"••'
Agents for .the Kootenay Garble Works;. Nelson,
^OfficePiione 41..   '-Residence 76   ■
;Paritars ofa'-LuK~dy's-Block .?;'<"..'"
Oimeissi^n^, ¥mm
All our stock
years-cut anil well seasoned.
"tr— •	
* Thc.modern trade Ainion is the chain'
pion and protector of,childhood and
womanhood. It is ■ the trade union'
that .is* agitating" and ngliliiiji; to*rescue lhe child from the drudgery of
of "factory life •and,"place it in'.'the
school, just-as the-shine'"agency .is
demanding an cc-nal wage for men and
women for c.jiial-work'perlormcd." It
is the 1 trade union.,that has a'holishc.l
the sweatshop conditions in thousands
of workshops, thereby enabling' thousands of 'women,to-receive better wages
and improved ' conditions." It, is the
trade unions, that' today .'saves thousands o£ "young *• women: froin selling
their honor,, on the. sLicct. The tra do
union is thc,.greatest moral influence
of the twentieth 'century, andMl has
done and;i.s doing .more to-uplift the
toiling masses,than alhothcr rfgfncics
coinhii'.ccl.—Industrial "Rauiicr..   .      i..,_
Minard's Liiiimcnt- Cures Burns, etc.
Whofi-s.ilol'.'.ilorH.iiHl ,
' llireofIiniiorU'i-3 of '-      "
Scotch and
Brish Whlislccy,
London Dry,
Old Tom
" ahd Holland <3>i,n,
Sctilitz beer,
Ale and Stout
BurmesLcr,;  '
White sincl Re rl Port
and White Rock. *>
1      Sole iiRonlti  In (iininlii.for-
-Wlndsoi*   Tonlo,  Jnrj  llos-iroyoi**
in* 11 hove enlrnr! from rtii nl1'!,,..!..!
in 1.11- sietik ol VJitnrlu nml the
fMiniiMU ttiere.m (mm H,u editor ..I
Un* CrmilirooV Hernlil mnkt* niuiiitii-;
nii.liiiK.   -||,e t,|j,r)r ,,, „„.  UVl,,t c£
lUnvom to explain llir cnnsen of lho
w.'iilitie.s« ol 1I10 ronwervntive jmrlv
J-f 111-tii frs|«1 i„ •!„ hve-elfrlir,., in
1I1..I   rlfr   „.■,„•*,   ,,.MT,,,t  h VM]i    a
sMwiniiB tutorv ior ||.|. Mr. •.•,,.,
Iili-nmn, n^ U„- ,|,|,-r »nr|nr nf f) ,
wriikiit'-sv tin lact ^ inlrrest inmii
li-Mfil by voiiiij. |l)in. The Hrrnl.; rnlN
Ihin * veiM triitl-C tnh\ <a)ilinin.1v.
-iinl «sM-u« ffmt nil th* vrttiHtr hum
arc nottlnn to the lll.cnil pnrlv,
*hl«Ii Inav to a ron«iil«ral>l.> ext.nl
lie Um. Imt th.. UAgtr Iflirv*.* tin
1*411-4. t»[ *.., i.tutU Krcv >itir tivA bnli!
««•» in Hi*1 tonu-rvativ* tmrtv     iiml
now I'i III." vffvl-i *n (toiiblril roiiseleilii-
lw*» H|M>n Ihr i ot 11 iiiu nl luiinnn f«i,i
twin*. **l--*l man i% ttteie, X* We r\vr
SO youJiB* Hunt vijorr ut wlio wonM nr.'.
*        1.
At nil iinexpecleil. iiileirii|>tion in nil
.illeiiliniU'i- specih, Sennlor I Tale sinil,
eii.' ■       „
"These words, sni.l lio, "siirpi-ist-
niul roiilnse mi', They rotiie with ii
slioek liU Hint i'.\perieure.l by i\
i"iiii(f glil nt l.o.le one night,'
"This young lady mil in her bod*
1."iln with n .novel', Iter linlr w.i*i
ilowji nml her feel w.-re in ted "dip-
lu-is, N'mv nn.l ihen,exieiiiling her
white  nilnsi  tihu  ynwtieil.
"Vnil -.ii-, il tt,!-* iuiv l.ile nml down
slJiirs In (In* p.irlor h.r obU-r slsler
wns eiiU'iliiiiiilig n youiig mull, .She
Uiiliirilllv fell n deep illK-leNt in 1 lit*
•li'.-Kitliiliielit. She wns tvnltlng lo
li.-Jii'  liotv jl   \tmild   leimiiiiite,
Al List llieri! wns ii sound in the
lm", n. flush ns of     n rlos'ng door,
nil     M     <". '  t  . !l.      il.     ll.   .     I ,|T    ,.l
I     -  4  " . -4 .-'
l'l rl llml Hip voiiiii/ mnn ttnn cone.
"Mu* llirew down Inr novel, nnd,
ruiiiiiiig l.iilli, ptt'iv.l over the litiliiH*
irii'ilt- dimti ['itn Ih" iVU''*' inltiiv-
" 'W,.||, M.iu.l..
bind Min?' "
"Tlii ir wiin no iiuiindl.ik' reply to
lu-r i|iun(Iihi. 'I'li.-re wns h stleiiro, n
"ii.rnll.ir i.llnue, a sUrine with n
stMiicil .|inilily In ll. TIicn n
inline volif rotillcrl:
" 'She iliil.' "
t'ito   Ih"   hr'l''-'
ihe K.ii.l, 'did vim
ALUKKTA AlM-'f.l-.S.
Pi, t'liinli'iniiiii, of IMiiionloii, piii-
viiii'ltil IichIiIi iii-i|K-iior, sin-nkinj; ru
a "nifditit,. <»f fruit grower-* nl Ol*
«av*'fi tin* ntlii-r ilny iiiiid tliat mnile
tin.** wttt ln-arln** frond fruit In 'he
vff'niiv «l TMm<\nl«-«.
JI* nnM:«
"In n lnt* vrnrx Oninrj1^ will not
In* «l.I* tn sfll etm,licr No. t nppVs
in *'n ti-iul, bi-niiiM' nfi'inl nml fi.inth
<»i[ AHi-rln vitl nroiliui- «nfli(ii-n< mil
oiiiv fn supply (Imi protiri.v, |tut al
*u M.Jti!(ti| ,i jiid t:asl.-.ttli*waii."
JiiB from a dish of liver was
once my purilon," said nn orhntnlisl
'Ut, hnppeiiiid in the Snlinrn. I ten--
spi'iiiling the winter nl Jvl Kmilnrn.
in I'L'brimry I inude n cnrnvnii ' trip
fn-cr thu desei-f nloug (he Krvn{ uxv.
iiviiii route tlmt runs from Hlskm to
I niibiicton,
"'lhe third diiy out we reached nn
oasis of.d.Ku piilins, \Vn got colTee nl
lho Imlu'.l innd cafe. An Onlid Null,
oi .l.mtiii). gi,.|, ,i,„lcC(i ,|l0 ||||1)(l )1()|iei.
foil us. Wo (lini'il on red lisli nnd gn-
A'lle stenk, nud fm- ,„, ^y^ ,^(t
seii-.d ihis iiiJuriial Hv.-r.
, ''"' w,iih llt'i-i' powdered with KIIT,
Mil In lijislitosli, u is mndo of lump
(imi iiinkcs yon ilnnik. The Arabs ini.\
il with, their Kilmcco, nnd tliuv hrcad
liver with it, niul thev 'drop'H |n
<Ii'-'if colic-., Thus (hey'i-nt, ,.li-,lnk mid
■iiiol-c  llieir linn/c.
"I ii tn their boo/e nnd liungiued inv
nun to bu n mil., |n)iK, r tlioiiB|ii thv
foot   wns ii.i i,|K m n moiminlii. Mv
i'„."',". ' *I,0,mBi wHinilnl in mv
"j'^ Hk.- tho ronr i.f n «|(„u.sml;,
thniiders. In ,- tvord, I wnR Mn drunk
"ili.l ll was two tlnys before I won
III o resume mv Journey across (he
(.'old-ioloird sniul.s,"
TflHV (;0T~fl7l'(IIlSi
A l'Vw Uc.or.l Oct Mi,|, Keh,.,,,,,... t^,,-
Some That Knile.l,
X.itliini! in real life is more eriin
Hum tfiti wny in which fortune kwudil
"i* iMimiiipiu, will tmiliU'iiU Ninile iipon
nn inilivnliinl ami ttn.ii' 1(*:11. ., \ .
si..l.l.niie,ss H-iiJiilniH- her fuvors.'SuTh
i-iiscr-, of coiirj.r, nse to lu< seen bv the
"i'i™ "' «n'"'lHnu reson* ||kc Monte
tllllo. (Jitile leceiilly n voiin,. Aiistrl*
rftVl!r,l,i,yrn,l,,1,,'r wnn &SW «t the
tnhlc in (ivu dnys, nml Io.st cverv Hen*
"V of it on (he slxlli. *   '
T'". vlei"iitu,l,,, „i   |or„me
iiincr more vivhllv ill„str«lr.l ih.111
l-y   ..ne, idem, ,.'„„ r        ,    .
Uiikniptcytnsei,, the .Svth.ev imirt.
The   linntrupt, „   nii„|llR  «;,lpinccri
....   won j»,,   |,.sl M f,.mKr th*     j'
tTii*s wr ]\Mw*- °"rft h" »""2
•.•'iv »«"■ "■""■* li  .u-Jiin. Ko Mv>n
to  Wvnmliijr  ....,!  inv.-sU^I   il,      «„,1
""'"• •**"* «*#■* in nitolhrr-f, c.iii-
NT..III II.'.     !,f,„f   ,,,„,,,   m ,(
.-.I oh." Tli, iM.Mnrt tv.-lr U^Ar,-,|.
JUte U a .Xi.ry 0f u very iliffertiil
type. \\q nre ncetistonu.d to' think of
the Juhboriie eluiiiinnl us the ri-ror.I
.-windier ol ihe pnst leiiiury. If(.
wns, however, to use an Anieriennisiii.
■iirtt u nii-uiiiMriik-e lo Jnines Addison
it«.it-i.s, who-spent more thnn ttvruly
yciii',s biiil.Uuj,' up a ijutition.s cluim
lo 12,500,000 M.U,H 0f 1.lM(, •„ jri!xil,0
•.nd Ai-1/oiiii.'Thi.s eiioriiioti:. lerrltorv
U , «h N, ,-o„,(hly f,pfttKIi,K. ,, do/el.
Units tho si/e ol Devonshire, wns or*
"Siii-illy Ki-niKi'il to !)(„, l\!i,,„el. ,(
Kr.ni.1uu of In,, eoiii-t,** by i>|,ii||, v of
hp.Ull     mid   ,S   still   IxtloilirJuir   lo   his
•ii'ir,- if oiiu could i,c fo,!,,;],
-(^'"vJN itivoiitcfi o„c,in (|lfi si,n|)B ,)f
» iK'iiil.iftil Mixlrnn fflrl. There* Ih 11
spniv here (o .letiill ,|lu h^.iions f,,,-
c. s' t'i ' 'f11',"' mr """•'•iM're ceriin*
'» i.s, thu fills-..jiiilj.mi,m,N   n||rl    „
fjij ««h whl,.,-l, this bi-lllln'ur'Svli,
Undor Now Mniinnaniont
Mrs. Tlios. Bait,   ■   ■   ■' Praprlelress
he Bes
'       t    ,     , - 1    ' 1 1
in Watch & Jetoelerg Repairing
^ftfatarVh'TnnH'iv—y-jp - ■.,, ■ iVt _t
KW1-* fwms-ni
'JV yywiiyi ??wa **2
Have one of Uu-ii largcsfc sloi-c-s-M^ircrnio..     "
., :• loail). Veal, ""Fi-csli and .Smoked Fisb.-
,^reshtrJsh;ctiiivStantly; -.arriving:
y§r1%rftylmy*Z/to^% *%^%^%%
I. Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd* f'
FERNin, B.C.
X - Bmwci's of £]xtm-Finp'
*.' ■ 'Lnircr Beer mu] Aerated
X .   Wntors.-' Jiottlcd Goptls
'% -.   si Specif illy. „ ' '..j.
Tni-niB:« t;-22 per iiionlli, willi lintli $211
Foi'nloo    Populni'     Rostnurnut
Meals   served   at   all limes,
All white help employed
MRS. THOS. BAIT, Proprietress.
luiuiN nf lho ;rjr|,
I'nrliiiie   Kiiiih-<1
»P»li   liim,
hiv, .1 ,*Ul l;,a"" wn» l>rHiiiilit be
'10 the 1 i.lt(,| SinU'H co.iriN |0 „
.Uiii'li.iy,  the inlllii/,,,,1       ■        ,,om
wus rcviihii.1,
.•"iu in prison
Aval to J)„n •tllirnrli" -,,*->..
"ic   vcrdiVt
, J  , ''■'■ u:«'0 .ni.i
mr^n linij; |(*riu.
Mnxiiniliun IM-slml ., „,4(l,lllv Wlw
,S;*fv     hi liiH wreleh,
'>"l..l. At nnee he nskwl (|,nl -.j, n,1m„
'.m„..i.    u- 4,,.|:i j(),.f  iin
f'"/,4 II
■1      !
lll.lU) |i 111 I.v.
1.1.471> in
V> lift m
7,mi 11 m
7.aoji m
1.10.1 n in Arr
lii.tnpin Arr
1*1-1 in hi
lieu I lio
* lltlllll |!|)
Ari'. h.oii 11, m
7 'ui a in
I-  I) I   II    ,44
8,11,1 |i in
ii.Im 11 in
''.IHI II 111
Vancoiivkii   f,V 4 (XI11 111
Kt. I'niil   I.v in mi urn
uni\   lie   fill   |,nck  niul  exnlreil.   If.,
■nrt "<»t reveille,! ,|.e smet  n"|,""
[^>^ f-x ,..shilling n WfV^Zl
 ♦ .
r. .v...
iiiuiirs of the Mnto of Mrmlnti.-.
itU".mui..>lii,l 11 iiim-«'iiipni Innkitir
In Ihi" nn tion nf n h„„lt. f„r „„,,
Mini Ittiiili.ielliit.il iuin T:, „| ,),.,, M/l((.
Al 11 imill I'l'.liiij. „f ||l(. it^i^
iiiin'-r." iiiii.m H 1, s.ilniion H.»s«ml..|it
nl in-f iih I ii|.. il,;* .Ittl1 „v 10 i-'.irr-..
:»oml v.Hh .Mr,»i|'itn-<i t-^»v<rfi-«TT!tn in-'.
• Dully iwiiiittMiiiiliiy
Vou ierivei'erme
and arrive Sen I lie,  Victoria or Vancouver
Vi>t >!<«*IVI ii.f<.|.r,»illoi4,lit11n(4.r(.
Vrttlmi*,ii1i*.,rnll an nrielilni**;
li. I,, llf.AI h»fo\K,
Minanl's T.inl-mcnt rcllevcu mtural-jla,
Wholesale and retail dealer in
Gcnis' JTiiriiloliiiiA-H, Notions, otc.
Just received a full line of imported Turkish   tobacco*
and cigarettes,
Call and inspect my flock before Iniyin/r elsewhere,
'     '*• UI'VOSITB COKL"'dVlEtVir>
*   ** .... 1
■cnsruiniz i-riaw
Jfamtf.e t$*in*rr>,
U't-ll  (nrnisliril
lhc innrLi-l niTnril".
lii|ii(iiN uml citjnru,
niniiii,  'j'hf.
Tin*, ha r i-.
• Proprhlor
liil-li-  ii riiip|i!lei|  with  tlio  liest
':"||1W     With    ll;e    l*j.t -ivtntf,
1%'^%%*-I^%%^%^^^tu^%.^u^%%%%^%%%%%%^%^ \
'Indu'stria! Plants "Will Uo Away With
Miners' Business."
PolliiiR I'laej-:-
* 'full's     {Store...
Oliver's      Hull
'North    Ward  .'.,
Tabor   ,., ".., ,   ...
Xo. 3  ■ -
ltoso i'.nite ,.. ...
Stirling    .... ......
St.  "Mary's*...  ...
Wliites       7
„   Loudon, April 3.—Airan^-iiiwnts are
now beiiij; nia.de  to "test  a new type
of engine which, if'it prows suecess-
iiil'' may   cause   a  greater* iiidusliiul
revolution   than   that. wliicli;  resulted
from-the discovery of the steam en-
jrino or-the application, til electricity.-'
to motive power.   Thc  patentee   is,.-a
Lancashire ., man   .'who   has   already
achieved some' success as air inventor.
This ne,w, production he describes as a
triple; economic air citjrino'j and if the
inventor cau' justify al',1 his claims thc
business of  the  oocl miner  will      I e
practically' gone so. far as indnstr-dl
ret|uirements are concerned.
.   Thei ec^.ioinic  air engine,' will  stVrc
•the use of coal aiid all cost of luel.
It .will lake the place of steam, which
.. will not be required to keep the pressure ol the.air constant;, it-will drive
a -ocotnolive, propel a .s'.ylp... -orl*   a
electricity" or oil,  and it  will entire-
type of. cylinder. It*, will  ..ve lhc use
■ ly. prevent smoke. The economic cylinder will be more powerful than any
trype of cylinder. It will save the' um:
of  large boilers;  and  not y more  than
two will be required for large works
With two,or more boil.'rs lilte.' with
compressed air up to the pressure re- ] Grassy   l.aku
quired  in  each   boi,er,   the  econoui-.e,   Pot  Hole
cylinder will keep up the pressure of
air if set' to work. .   , ' '
., In  locomotive aud other high pressure steam boilers the weal  und tear
is,considerable.  It is caused by     the
fires, the use of dirty waters, and the
constant   change   of -temperature   ui-d
pressure,   all   ha\-,'..ig.  a   tendeucy   to
pull them to pieces and .cause serious
rents around the rivet holes and other parts of boilers'. The wea and
tear will be avoidedJjfc,' the use of ihe
, air engine.      .      ■ , %
While all three chiiins remain to be
proved,  the1 doing away  of coal      in
-smelling appears, lo be" ou the eve of
an  accomplished  fact.-Mr.  J.*' Corbin
Wild, deputy governor of the Canada
company, who is now iu London, has
.made an important experiment which
resulted   in      proving  that   .smelling
„ would   be   .successfully   achieved     ,hy
electricity. "
The experiments were made not by
a  body, of  men seeking to start .   "a
company,   but at  the expense  or   the
' Canadian b.  .„mnent,..wilh' a vifcw lo
the  developments of the  1.011 ore  industry  in Ontario.      ''    '  .„
As "already  stated      in  these ,   despatches ihe" results of the experiments
were ' definite and  conclusive  and  the
treatment of ore. by elcctricil*.  can be
profitably and lucratively carried on.
majority, was  iit  his  owii  neighbor,
hood. 1    '   . "   " 4 ■   . .
Mr. Simmons surprised his friends
by polling a majority in Lethbr dge
town..--The; towJis„of .Stirling, Tabor,
and Raymond stood by him''splendid-
].y- ' ",   .    ■
Air; Sherman had a big majority in
Staflordsvi'lle, or Xo. 3, 'as it is 'called, vie had-also a-big majority in
the north ward. At Oliver's 'hall' lie-
made a surprising run, standing ,st(4.
ond. '
The vole, as leceived!'up to ; the
hour of lilyig this despatch, is" - as
follows:. "      ,4 ;,    ,
• iii-'
. 9«
.Si   '
• 15
■ 78
. (>3'"
. ' S
.' 4
. 12
. 11
4("i(i     111
Totals ......A....
Little Bow, North' and- .South,
Bow Island are.to be heard from, and
there is a possibility the vote there
•may save Mr. Keller's .deposit,-,but
it will' not, alkct the general  result.
The liberals are jubilant ov?r the
result. The light was ii hard one, ,the
presence of the labor candidate in the
field making the result particularly
doubtful. Tlie majority is highly satisfactory lo„Llic liberals, being just
about what they anticipated. '     •
In Slafiordnviilo 50 votes were challenged by the liberals, and in ^ Raymond about 30 were* challenged liy the
conservatives. It is'expected that
will,not affect the result malerial\.y.,
.Settlers   for   British
-   and the Xorthwcst.
Vancouver, B. C., April.1.—A large
number' of, tourists from Australia
reached the city on the Canadian-Australian liner Moniia today from the
land of' the  Southern  Cross.  *   , Over
.So persons whin intend to.settle "in
British Columbia and the northwest,
also  arrived  in  the  steamship.   The;^
'are but the advance guard of a large
.number ot settlers ,who will arrive
here within a few month from the
■ *y- „
Oil City. Alta., April ' J<*.—Oil of
, highest quality ever, discovered is now
flowing lr.0111 the earth in huge gushers in the south western part of this
province. These . new oil fields are
situaied in the' extreme southwestern
, section of Alberta, within live ,iuiles
of tlle international boundary, uud
Mime 45 miles southwest ol Pincher
Creek. The vnlley iu which these oil
discoveries lie is described by geologists as an enormous ,crevice caused
by volcanic eruptions crosscutting Uki
.tillinatloii of the Rocky mountains,
und forming a huge busin, or vacuum,
into which the oil has been seeping
for centuries Irom the conl deposits
in the north, loniiiug 11,vast lake underlying the rock formation at a
depth of a little more, than a thousand feet, (The country is ,11101111 tuitions
uill! iu most enses the valleys ure
narrow nnd heavily timbered on the
mountain .sides,,llie formation is exposed showing a gently folded .strain
or nnticllniils, which can be traced for
miles, Where a break in the forinulioir*
occurs, a seepage can invariably be
found, A large number of these seepages exist where oil onn be dipped
out, and nil along the creeks oil indications  nre  plenlifiil,
Another instniii-e of the great riches
bf these oil lielils is Um fact, that If
S. Burrow, of Chicago, a representative ol the Stniidaril Oil company,
Ims spent severul, wteks in this por,
liects, nn.l he admitted before return-
ing to Chicago that tliu oil prospects
of Albeiln could ijol he better; in
fuel, lio described tl|eiii as being phe-
Victoria,, April j6.-—F. Little, su:
i-criiileitd?iil of the"Wellington and
Union collieries, who was in tlw eity
yesterday, says that" there will be at
least eighteen °or- twenty days \- . : 1
each month at the mines during lhe
summer. The northern trade will start
up about the end of this month, wi-.ii.li
will "add greatly to the demand,
:ij       ^ _
Dun's Review—
-Commercial insolvencies'iu the 1)0-7
miniou of Canada, were 3S7; iu number
and $2,919,720 iii amount uf defaulted indebtedness during the lirst qa-ir-
t?r 01-1307, a slight increase i'.i.'-','.".--"
erf, with the. 357 failure-. In .v,,s^,s',-.
879'in the corresponding three ii-<*nti's*
last year. Failures,Ill's-yi-..«- tompauf
very favorably, wilh tbe ir.et.'i..'.. oY :i
series of> -years- biuk-- to ■.'••'*•■-.'■'■«■'■''*'
which year-there wvrc (-.il'i'lii'iV.' -'of'
$4,241,411,      '   \Iu.l 11 i;;i. ")\a    Hi li.tins'
ntmibere'd' c-0, ;o 1 ii.volvei dc'-ls-oi
Si,172,157, 'nit *.i.is v., leii.l..- a .cool
showng in**'itw «: ;,i.e ii"i-.ai..O: lio.vd-
cniiig of lnanufao: i.-.ng lu'.nin-.' 'lead
ing failures »t:o j',' In tiuinbe." uii-l
$1,433,225Jn niMvint a^iiii^t cSfi if.r
Si,797,422 in 1 *.»•}. liti.ev iiuni'ii'iv.al
insolvencies. t4ei-2 '■•'■ 11. iiimil.'ev "-"|
$313,600 in amount, against 4 ior.
■i'9.300. This increase w.i*'located iu
lhe' province of Ontario. No banking,
or other fiduciary failures were., re-4
ported, ExniTJiblioii of t'le' Canadian
failures by provinces iliscloses the fact
lhat Ontario and Oueliec alone report
eii heavier losses thnn in the. ■ sanie
monlhs last year, improvement ;l»ing
notable , i|n. Nova Scotia and New
Iknnswick, while liabilities decreased -moderately in "Manitoba and 1'riiice
Edwaed Island, The heaviest increase
was about 8500,0000 in'Ontario, more
than half til- which" was provided* by
two brokerage firms, although there
was some increase in )>f.'li manufacturing and ttadiug liabilities. A stimll
net increase 'occurred in Quebec, although trading.losses were much ,smal
ler than. last, year,-buU-i- increase of
$350,000 ocurred in the maniifactitrii-g
class', a linen n.ill and a • olhii g man
urer.."supplying most'of lie gain in
liabilities. J
MiTIIHttllKlK HI,|.;CTI().V
J<'.'thbrl.lgf, Altn, April |>*,.~W. C.
Siiniiujiis, libel nl, Iuin been triumph-
niilly rutnriii'd hn* iiii'inlior of tlio Al*
li«i In l.'glslutiiri! for I.elhbrldgi' .lls-
trlcl, It wus a liin-.l fight uml there
were soinn snrnriM-s, but the fact tlmt
Sheniinii, the labor cuiiiHdnte wns sec*
nml, wns not one of them, ns thnt
lin.l la-en tli> jrem-nil roiielnsluit of
persons who had kept. elow'J.y in touch
with tin: i.iiiiipiilgi,,
Mr. ICeller, aiiiservnth'.., hint hii
ileposii, nnt polling liulf ns nmnv
viitis 1,1, Uv ,.„.|,(,,s.4|||| i.iii4.iii.i{e, 'i','ie
only j.Inco where Mr,  Kefler hnd     a
1 After a song by Mr. Breeze ' the
thairinrji called upon the ' premier.
Hon, Richard McBride received such
an ov.-ilion that it was a few mijnites
before  he' could    .commence his  dis-
, He said that/ his experience ol public olliee showed that' when making .1
statement ill the house there was an
almosplicrc'of dulness, and on a platform the almospheri" was often  more
than  hostile, and it was certainly a
lieai  to receive such a kindly reception as that tendered l'y, the excellent
:atidieuce  before him  that evening,  It
was some time, since' lie    -t I had the
urieilego of speaking  • >fon  lliecon-
•ervalives, of Vancouver on provincial
iffuirs,   and  it  woiild  not be oil I of
lace  to, acknowledge  llie great debt
>f  gratitude   that  was  due  to  them
,'»r tho .great effort by which'in 19'>3
-v had sent five conservatives down
o  the  legi'slature.  They, should     be
■•■ini of their     members. For brain
md  brawn  he would* challenge     any
'iirt of  the provfnee  to produce  five
■ucn  that  could  compare  with  them.
They had not alone been alive to the
nil-rests of; Vancouver, but thoy had
'eeii broad enough to consider'   the
velfiirc of the. province as a whole,
Mr. McBride continued: lie wns de-
'iihlcd to see 011 the platform     his
'AA and true\ friend Mr, Charles Wil-
40,1, Ife hnd now withdrawn from the
•xecutivc   council,- but  it  wns   more
ihuu gratifying to find him, ns n cou-
■iervutive still with them.. Mav he be
'on-,' spared,  a  broad, useful,' painstaking mnn and a credit to his cUy.
I'lu   premier  then  complimented  Mr.
'iV, J,  Bowser, whom they hnd     all
ienrd a grei-,1 deal about and whom
he imposition orteii heard firm iu the
oust-. He was always in his    place,
nd was one of the most ns ru   ineiii-
'wrs of his party, Ills 0. •   fnilt wns
hut he seemed to think that Vnncoii*
.-er was everything, and forgot that
.here were such places ns New West-
.niJi.stcr and Hewdiiey. Mr. ,T. l\,Gai-
len, 'V»iic of our nobleiiien," wus 1111-
:orliiiiately on tliu sick list, and Mr.
AJui-gowiin was probultjy detained by
'tusiiiess ull'iiirs from hunig present at
the meeting.
Views Expressed by Rev..Br. Carman
'on-this Important Oiiestion." -   -
Rev. Ur. Carman, general superin-
.tcmlent ' of the 'Methodist church',
while on his way' to Japan, stopped
over at New "W'estiir.'iisler, paying a
visit to Columbian college. On Saturday nif-hl he held a confeicuce wi'th
the directors, of . that institution.
There were present Rev. J. F. Betls,
chairman, Principal Sipprcll, Rev. WI
II. Barraclough, Rev. Dr. Robson, A.
E. Graeme, Dr. Whitlingloii, J.. P.-
Powell, #*.'l*rescott, A, «E, IletjV
erim-tou, R. N. Powell A. J;l.iatL,
T   R   Pearson, G. R- Ash we 11. ,.    -
The doctor spoke of the relation of
the. individual to U>? important "If™-*
lions of stale-relationships, and l'*V"
ticularly those of education.* lie m
U - "   md  lilieral eiluca-
Many a time when llu; division hell
rung mul Jn, looked down the list, he
was thankful to Vancouver, not. l>o-
:uuse lie needed the nuijority, but be-,
•-uiis(>,lio found In ,ihnl majority such
stalwart rffprcsenlutlve.H from Vim-
■oiiv.'i-, lie wish to com'.'I an error
of Mr. Pope's 11 limit 11 stingy major-
ilv ill lhe house, Tliuri" hud never
leen 11 iiiuiiieiit when the fate of the
■fmvriimi.nl hnd bivn in doubt, <U>-
splu- the nuwspupei- reports. (Lnugh-
u-i-1. And they had heiir.l of newspa-
lier roporls In' Vniicotivi'i*,
In (Jiiiclusloii lie said lie a wavs had
1 wnrin spot in his heart for V11110111-
v?r, As 11 boy |.» Iuul hud m 11.11 v     a
stanced .-the broad,!1...-.----- .
tioual policy of Dr. Ryerson of'eiil>
days and the battles foiiglit >»V0u!.iU;.
io' «>r. generations for the; aUoptioiu
-01-a— iiiiuLui-ri»i.i"«-j—"• -■7"-'-' *7i„,
''Education,"- said he "is now the.
important question .ol* Uic-western
•p.-ovinces. It is one of the qncstuna
'in.Japan which 1 go to consider. In
lhe newer provinces of the northwest
the agitation is for a provincial university, and that is what you should
stand for here,"' If it »'*™lls politics
lor vou to gel this completed,, - theii
no into politics.' 1 despise party pril-
lics, but in the great causes of'tem-
i-eraneo, Sabbath and educational
:ights I go in for politics,. As to a
location of the univertily iu this pro
vimc, it is not a tjjrieslioii. of what
citv is the largest, but what is in the
liilcRsls ol the province, If it is in
the interests, of the province to put
the provincfail' university in Vancouver,' then in Vancouver it should be.
If l'(werc to express an opinion, I
w.-.tildi think New-Westminster in placei
par 'excellence for the university. It
has the quiet necessary, and the tor-
ritorv necessary, nud the government
could 1101 do better thnn choose it as
n site for the provincial university,
If, however, other plnces arc chosen,
we hope to be able to fall Into line
As a result of. . the dulibeiations
' on nl, the hoard of managers wns
asked to form 11 committee to draft
1 policy to be submitted tn the nn-
''<;-*hing annual "conference of the
Methildist tliiirch,- which meets iu
Victoria lu May,
Coal Pi-osliectingf "Licenses
]\TOTrCE is hereby given that, ,*10 ,lHVs after
i;** - iliite, I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Limits iiml Works for 11
license fo prospect for coal niul petroleum, for
a term ol onn .venr. ovor tho following dt-si-rib-
eit linid«, all of .which an. situati! im,ml form 1
part of IJlock 1,W:j, K.ist Kooteimy  lli»triell:—
1. CommencJnj* al n post planted about 0110
an.l 0110-litiir miles west' of tho summit of tlie
KoRkyMo.mtaiiis.aiidiiliout throe miles nortii
of tlio "North Kootenay Pusj trail, ami t-.bout
niMway lielween the . north am*, miilille
lii-iiiK-lies ol SusuCreok.unil about linlr a mile
wu„t ot tlio hen,I (,f tliii vnlloys whero thov
havo llieir *ri.-.o, tinil1, -markcil "Fnuiyhi M.
l.attenbui'.v'.s Sour li-« est Coriuir Pout"; tlu-nce
north Sli-li.-iins; thuneocast; K1 chains; liicni-e
Noiitlifodiiiins; tliciu'ii west s 1 olialiialo llio
plnco of c.,mmoiieerno..t1Miiiclriot exceeilln;,'
.rlUucron        * -       ..
i(Located ami 4l.itod (lie iiml'Jay of March,
' 1'ranei.iM.Ilatteiiliiir.v, Locator.
•J. 0. (iorilon, AKi'-it.
2.: CommeiiciiiB at a po.sr, pljuiteil south ot,
and iii*joiiiiii<* Francis Al, ilatii-nliiuv'scorm-r
post, ami markoil "Ji'loronco K, ll.-iltcnliiir\'i.
Aurt.li*,vi-,t (-iirner I'oj.t"; ','theurn south ' Ki
cliains ; .thenco mv.st. to ohains: tlmiicc-ninth
SHclminn; thenco went, H'ichains to the place
ol fiommciH'oinent, and not. oxcctdinK um
acres.-      . .   ■
' Located and dated tho -.'Snd dav of Muicli,
. l'-lorchco K.ltatteiibni-y, Locnlor
•      .1.(1. Oonluii, Ai*unt. ' ,
:l-, t!<immei!cinR at a post plantud  west- of
mid i.iljiimiiii; l-'rancis il K.-ittcnlnuv's ( ior
post iiiidiiiaikc'l "C A llolliuid-.-.4*54iiilh-i)!i.-,t
i-iirncr Tost': thonco west.-mi chains ; tlience
north Mlchiiins; thenco eastsi chains; thuneo
Mint li h 1 uli.-itii 11.01 he placo of cuiiiiiieiieemunt,
uml imt,oxecedinu ill) acioi.
Liieatod uml4lntwl tho -iitnl day of Jlaich,
"   0 A Hollniid, Locnlor
•1 (. Uonluii, Agent
•I ronimeiH li-.jr nt a |:o.-t phnifcd sou h of ami
BdloiiniiK (J A llollan.l's corner |.o.*t, and
marked "ilealrice M. Holland'sr'Niirtli-oiist
(.onier lV.t-'; tlieiico south 8.1 chains; t limit-*
wu^t !l.l cluuii!-; thenco north ».) i-hniii:;; thenco
east.8ilehii.uis to thc placo nf coniiiioiiciiiiieiit,
uml not uaccoiliiif. (ill) acres.
I'j>c.itc.| ami dii!o.l Uio.-'.iml day of March,
Jleatiico M llnllaud, Locator
JQ'Qorilon, Aifent'
» CommoncliiB.it |i post planted about t4vo
and one-hair miles west of the snmmit of the
llocky Mountain.,, and about, ihiee • mi c.i
north or tlie^ortli ivootenay J'nss trail, and
near tho junction of tho north ami middle
iiriineaes uf Sn;u Crock, and lnarkcd'-A 11
\\ oircnilon's .North-civst. Corner J'ost" ; theuce
south H1 oli.iiiiHi tlitnce wbst Rn cliains thence
north sj chains; thenoe cast so chains to the
place of commencement, and not' iixi-eudinir
iil'J acres.
Locate*.l nnd dntod the 22nd day of March,
A Tt Wolfondcn, Locator
•J (i Gordon, Ascnt
fi Cominciiciniriitiipo-tjihintciltibuut, one
mile west, ol AH Wolleinten's corner po.1t-and
markod "K A WoireAilcn's -Noilh-'enst Corner
I'nat"; thenco south sj chains; (hence \vost 8)
chains; thence noith no cliuins; thenco cast «:)
chains to the placo uf eiimnioncouient. and
not exeeediimfin acres. ',-.-■
Locatod mid.dated.the 22nd duy of March,
rjou, ■        . -44   -,  ■. -1 ■
» .'   ■ K A Wolfoiurn.-Loeator
■   ■ ,-) O Oordon, All-Jilt
7 Cbm'menoinir'iit a post planted about one
mile we.,1 of E A Wolfeiidon's corner post, and
marked 'D It Ker's North-c-itst. Corner J?i *t" •
thence south •*■) ohains; thenco wo^t 8*) chains'*
thonco niirl h 80 cliains; thtipce oast f>ri chains
to place ol' commencement, und not oveceeii*
niK .H'j acres.        , -.'  1.     -/ .     ..    .
(Located and dated the 22nd day of March,
1) R Kcr. Locator '
yi."- J (1 Qordou, Atfont -,
— •^.....■•1'... .I1K-.U—n.-|n,ni,—iilnlllL'CI-UOOUl--
t nee miles west or the summit of llie- Kooky
Jlountains.'aiid about one and one-hull mile'i
north ol the Norlli Kootena    *-
west h
1 Dnilt             i„„,
nouth SOchuiiii-; thonco cast S.l chains; thenco
norlli SOchuiiiS; thonce west K'l cliains to the
Place of commencement, and not oxceedinc
Hill  (U'lll.l,  ■
Located and dated tho 2:1
g »0ff0ti00000S(S0&aif00000000w
I Are You Readtag
:ni.-i*iii{i; some
liicraiiiro ,ol
«*   l>   V
If not, yo'a ni""*:
ot the,"clioiccs1,
the century.
Send « dollar to lii. T. LOW*
I-;i4f, Nelson, 15. I'!, a'tul get
it rcRuliuiy for a year iuul
riso out ot the rut.      P   l*
Than' have oyer been sold in this
town,-, belore--iuore artistic ■ i»
design , and colorinc—the kind
lhat (jives lone *an.l character lo
your  house.,
[Succx-sNor lo J.. C. Hutchison.j
1 » 1
In prepared to deliver Milk,
Cream,    Buttermilk,
Laid Egjrs. and Dairy
Btil ter
iiains, nnu iiimnr, ono and one-hull miles
ol the N'orlh .Kootenay J'as;. trail, and
i one inile south of tlio hoad ofthe south*
liranch ol S!i*?c Creek, and marked '-B 11
1 Ico 8 Noith-weit  (Joriiei*  Post"; thonce
A CreamofT&rfirPowdtk1
Dido From flnpii
No Alum
lm*i|>,v hour In CJuhIowii ami Ilimilnj-s.
nud when -{rnwhiir up lm hud mlii'-led
wiih the people of thiH grput      and
iTOU'llpr cilv    "I'hri* 41'dr.  ^
liio, a loyal |ico|)l*.', n
imV,:.mil ia*. believed     a ronservative
rite |»i-i inlcr ivsiuned his wil nmiil
loud and iiroloit^cd ii|i|ilnusp. niul nf.
trr a vol.* of thanks moved hv Mr,
Wilson, and ftccotiih.il bv Mr, .lowsrr.
he nii'i'tiii-; leriiiiiiiiti-d,
At tho .".-layers' club in New Vo.-ic
a rather ill-natured ulory was lolil
lhe oilier nlp;lit about Nat (loodwiu.
"(.oo.lwiu's 0|ic'iilii); in I.ou.loit ut
llie.Slialtsbury tlicntru with "A (.11.1-
e.l Kool" was, you, know a fro.it,"
,ini.l a traKcdtuii, siullliij' (i;ladly,iuTlie.
pine didn't j-o at ull, and Cioodviu
had to niahe a (-nick cliaii^ejuio "An
Aiiiericnn  Citizen.1 "
"t.oo.lwiii wuh Htaylnjf nt the Cecil
and one eyenlii-,' he'\>ol into a I11111-
,10111 to xo to the thentrc. KliiiltHbiiry
avenue in, front of tliu lluuitnt, Is ini-
uallv crowded with cults uud liiitmoiiii
and motor bu,s,ies, and to liiuku time
rnliiiK-it usually apiiioiicli by tnomiN of
a lililo nlley'on thu west,
'» 'Slin-ftsii'iij-y -ilientri!,' jinl.l Mr,,
(loo.lwlit to the calniinii, 'nn.l to siivi*
limp,  take the nlley." '
" 'N'o iii'cl to take (liu alley (oiil-;lit
sir,' hii Id dm (iilibic, jfrlimliij;, 'C.ood-
win Is iilnyliif* i'A Oll.li-il Kool,"
sir,' "
1 ilny of March,
IlIITfh'.ikfl'IT.ocalor'    '
..I Ll (louloii, Ak'uut
fi Comiiu'iidiiK at a tt0,t plinitcil west of
and iidioiiiiiiB 1) 11 T Drake's corner po.it. niul
miii-kod "'riiniims Kin,-,, NoHh-onst Obrnor
I'ost"; thenco south 811 chuins; thenco west "■()
ciiiuik; Ihciicn noil li 8,1 chains; thonco oast HO
chains to the iilacu ol CDinmeiiuiwuuiii.anit not
| Located and ilutcd llm S3nl day of March,
Tims Elll.i, Locator
.1 U (loidon, Accent
10 Commenclm- at n poi.t iihintud north of
.mil nilIniiiliii, II II T JiriKu'iionrnor nost mid
niiirki.. "W K (lllvoi-X Soulli-wcst (Joriior
I'ost'; thimci) oust80clniInn; tlinnco nnrlh m
c iiilus; (huiicii wost Wioliaiua, IhimcnHOuth 80
uliiiliVH, to lho iiluco of iioiiiuu-ncement,niul
nnt .ixcroilhif.'l'.i iierw, ,'
1|)^lU<!'ltod ll"*- llllt,'l) "10 -'"''d iluynf Jbirch,
WT'l Oliver, Locnlor
./ (J Oordon, Axont
11 OommonohiK at, 11 iioHt iilnnlcit'wost of
uml in Jolnliist W I? Ollvni'-H cnrnoi- |io.it ami
imirlinil A .■(Jrillllli'i.Hniith-oiiHt.Curnei* I'hmI"
Iioiicu \vii,ii. H'J nlm Inr.; tbuncn noil li md nlm Iim
tliiiiiiie oast H.)ii|mbiH! thonco wiiith 81 chains
to 10 iihimi nf commom-oniotit, and not ox*
luciiliiifriiri ii.iru.i,
^•iJiituil ami iliUotl lho ailrd day or Alarcli,
A)'Orllllth, Locator
.1 (1 (loi'.liin, Ajjent
' ]-' CMmnionoliiirat po«t plant-oil nlinuhtliron
mll»*j west, or of tho summit of the  Itoi-kv
.Uoiintiiliiii iiml alimil. tvyii uml onn-huirnortli
f 110 Nnrlli   (onlaniiy Push (mil, and mmr
1 Iuul nf Mn Hiiii'.||.w.nk hmiKili of Haui-)
Oniiilt, uud iniii-ldi.l '-A\V MnMiirrim'ii SontTi*
.'list  Liirnci'   I'.i,t,i-| thenco wo»t. Hi l-Ii.iIiim ,*
huiKio ii.iilhMinlmliHj 1Ihiik.iipuHt.8'MiuIiih
Uidiico   i.fiuth   Hi  cIiuIum   tn  ihu iiliien   uf
Mimiiiiiiimiiiiniil.nnil notiixiiniiillii-r nin ntivni
HKHl""       rt"   ,l1'1""1 **"* mtl ''''.v of Miirch,
every da)'.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
4\Ve wish   lo   fnforr...   our   p-'Hto
thai we have removed our   l'lunil).
iiiff business to (he  Iniildinij   nexl
(loin-to-llie Kiiij^   IvKv.ird   HoiL-I,
- where we will continue in the
Plumbing, Heating and Tinsmillitng Business
Doir^fot-tfel theplnee.,
Telephone No. 1. -      ,
Sheppcrd & Elliot ft       **-."■
M.' Kerr &:€c*;.
Contractors and Builders
I'laiis, Specifications and Ksti
unites furnish
'l-lcnty; of
ed on ai*|)lfcalion.
t. iv^iwirAN il
- 1*.,
A. KKlUl,
and  Suiierinlciidciit'
at  Residence,
- ' - • .VftRXii;, n.c
Mviiiff Rncl".v Moiiuiniii Onnls, Mnrliii.
Heavor, Oltor,  Uriisxly   ISciii-h. - Wn|
voriiicH un<l other AufmaU uml Ilinln
I>r. Cocil l'riiiicli,' Naliirnlint,  WjibIi
iiifflon, I), G. '* {j_4]
Exclusive Patterns
that yon cannot net elsewhere
in Kernie. I would like to show
them to you. I have' the cheuper
grades 'also,  if you  want them.
"    . nrccouA'i'OR.
For Quick Returns
liist^mr^onerty'.vith' J^     ^^
Succc-sor to T.J. l.iirknr,«t'"nil. OWL"
I'roporly fbr Sain, to l{«nt or KxcIihiikc
"li.mtfi colloctod,  Kmiiloyinciit fnr'iiLslicil.
i of years nx'
i of study
I Tho mothod of proper-
[ Ing tho etool and torn-*
I cltislvo alocrot        /kv PBI0£fl
! V°U 6ET y^^Tti.^, *-mi-i
i«™.w^^dr Sr2
DMble Ctmvf tVt
lorUnvy U»lCi'- ••
** ''Carta-BTagHtik'lEItctric
Cushion Struts, $1,00.
ITrec liookltl "Huits to Shavtra."
,    For Sulo at '"-.
J. 3. Quail's-,: Fornlo. B. 0
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All   kinds  of % Electrical
All  -work
John Tukmer,
^ Read carefully all the 1
— Advertisements 'in J
this issue,  and   Pat- J
ronize  our Advertis- \
a ers. „ —   —             ^
f-'-i-eccsmortoSuiiiKoul     '
Short Orders served at air
hours, day or night.
Two iloors soutli of tho EII: l.ivi>r Club
B. C.
60   YEARS'1*
Trade Marks
«.."i"blS1*0•,en.l,,,"«' °"IwloliiiiijdescrlLlloninav
pnkkly nicortnln our opinion jSE. w i<Vii,7,I ?7,
on i'aiciiu*,
' ~ t«nu.
Scientific Jlwrkal
I   luanj/lanH.Ala III. a. .  > ^^
I-nrzoat dr-
A hijudgomelr Illn Jtratod week I*.
eolation of nny sclentlllo JotiniiJ    'j*erTi7,-*7*„
fiYmii rn"'"",L 8oM ^-Hpi-Sifi,:
.   Br»*><*n 0<«ce. <25 V St. Wssitaiio" D,
Hamilton, Canada.
Tiiemye * $2,415,00$
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
- and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Head Office :
Capital * $2,415,000
Hoteil ikHssete - $29,000,000
Mon. Wm. GihsoiNT, President.
■J. Turxbull,1 Vice-President and General,Manager..
■ "       74 Branches Ihrouohout Canada
Money Or Jem uml  Dnifts issued, paWil,le in Cann-Ja or abroad.
I'.-a,gr. drafts cashed,    gpcci-,1 advnnlages in Savin*, Deparlmenr..
Open in lhc evening ofthe Coal"CoTS pay-day from 7 tiH>
T'*,*Ei-ra3sr2l'ra, E,. o.
"),}v#M,,V,"'r"ni I.oujtlnr
.J (I Ooriliin, Ah.iiiI,
in  Coninu'in'iii
1 lii on uiul onn lm
iino-iiiiir iii
I'lln-i   llllll
of IIhi llmilcy Jlniiniiiiii;, nti,i iilioiVt'tlmVo'iVii',,
Iim norlli of tlm Xonli KiioUinii.v
Tlio olmvc cxtrntlt. from flie Viin-
t-imvtr l'roviiicc'K rejinrt of tin- cim*
w'lvaliiv iiiiftiiij* In (lint citv a short
liinc. ajjo Ih racy r.-inlliij*;, A. M.
IWtvte o|iciici| Uin .sliow nn.l .ilnrti-.l
I In- hivi'/r hy ^Ui^Ui^ i\ wwr. t\ni\ {{
wjimi'i flospil al nil. II was "lerinlii*
,'lt.'.l"    (1.4   till'   I'riH llll-.-   Ill'llllv   Jllllf)    ll
liv n uml inn to n.ljiiiirn tiimlc liv Mr.
CliArlt-H Wilson, 1ml tlm Province for*
«ot In v,iv llul Mr. WHmhi in nmV-
Uir <lil« verv npjiroprlnto iiiollon
sniil lio wonlil Imvo KOtiirtli'njf to snv
lat*-r m. Il*.n \fr, M<llri.li- Tiottil llu*
nl-m-nco tit of Sfr. OnnK-ii anil Mr. \lnr-
"ownri, tmt nnimcr w.is tlirti* wKlci
inniTc im for the aI-.-umicc of n jfrcnt
iiijiiiv. Tlif |ji-ifiiit-r Mild In- was A-e-
l*l*tr-li t*f-«1 to *ev hl« fry-nit M'il^.tt.
lml llu* n-|Mitt«r nfglcrtr.1 to calclt
l<ll to tin- j.ivini*- trifle ,A Mr. V\"il>oii'«*
vulci* ns Id- inovii! to .iiliotltn. nml tin*
uu'i-tdi" U null-ad it, X.*at »'onl, "Ur*
litftt  * "'
Nol Ico In .ii'i-cliy i^li't'ii »*• niiiili-
cnlKoii will llli iniiilu to lilt! IMllllll.
Illlltll of, Cllllllllll  III. its prvMHIl   M.-.SSIIIII
 for an net, to iiieoriinnilii  xhu  Hill*
Caiin.Hiiii iu'n-i'>,i;hl- W«**l**v«iy, Conl nn.l Coku Com*
•^iJij'j ii'JUj ^'.iilj,*. In sii-Milmu ,niA
n)H*riite n liiiu of railway/ 1'i.nii u
point ul or near .Morrissey Mi lliilisli
Coluiiiliia, tIiroii(*li tliu Crow's Ncsi
Puss lo a point at or near llikn-sl
.lllllllion, tlatiie MintlitMsti'ily Nil llm
«4*i«iii in CtiiisVini, .i^M'ii.i, i\uii
lirnnrli liiu-s to Pincher Creek, Alticr-
ta, niul to the t'oal deposits in town
'i- nin lio.it iilimltil,
If iiillnn wii.it or till) H
lllllllll;, iuul   IlliOIlt tli
,    ,,        , '"'tli "f tlm .Norlli K.'....	
I'iui luill. nml iiinir tu uml Kiintorly nf tlio
witnli.'.v.mt iHiiieli «.f H.ii-1. (Ji'i..iil(, iu„|' iimrkml
"II .{iii'kHuiiM'H jiii|i*..iul CiiriH'r I'oNt"; tlii.ii|.u
wn..( n i iiiin In-1 |hnirii niirl li H i clmliii, I linii..,,
KlUf K) I'llll IIM)   llllllll-U .illlltll  H'I |.llllill* t»  tlio
:.Iiii'n of iH.|iiiiiuiini.|iioiitl mill tint i.s-i...0(I1iiu
lU'JjII'li'K. "
bi.-i.tcil nml ilntcd iliu aiir-l ilny of Jlliiri-li,
.Ml (liiiilon, Annul
11   ('.iiniiiiiiiiiljiKiil. a iiiinI, iiliiiilml iiliMitrmir
uni inii'iiiiir iiiiiinnvimi or tliiiNiiiiiinit or tin.
loiflty Mtiiiii'iilhi, nml iilnmt. fnnr inl|iM nuilli
jif lhy .Nun i Iviinliiiiiiy I'HMI mil. ami 1nurl4i.1l
J .'■!'■ 'i""i SlM!',ll",""<' ('"'iuin' 1'oi.t",' tlo mi,
wii.l Hic ii.Iiik; Imiii.'ii IM.rlli WH'IihIiih (hi, 11 ■,
.•..klHii.||ii|iiH,i|H.ni<ii houtli hi I'lmlu; t„)|lf
lillli'H 01 I'liliiliirliituiiiiiiil, un,I i,„t <..«.,,,II,,a-
I'll lil'loil. *
^I.i.iiiIm.I uml .Iiiit.,| tlm Wiiliilny nf M.ir<>li,
Nlll'HOI-ICH, Ol-OtMlllOIIHCM &   SCOll
Portraits by
$3.50 a doz. up
fl I'lirLim, l.ouAlor
.Ml (liinlini, Aki'.iI
ship «, rillijtu 1, wesi of tlio Sill
iHii.iian imd Iron! a poini on
thu line of railway m-iir
the said coal .Uposils lo the oil
..-•111*, iilliinti'il In the vlelnllv of ill.*
I.itlle Kooleiiny Lakes, Alkrtn; with
jiower to own niul opi-rate rn'nl liiiius,
nml oil -imjicrticr- niul to count nut
and operate pliie lines for convi'vlii-j
Oil   Oloiljr  «|„.   r|RJ,(   <tf   wnv<   ((.Vgj,,,,!,
nn.l telcjilioiie lines, ron.lwny*, tram-
ways and road*; also with 'power to
1*11, IcD."*', or o|herwi**i- illvpmi- ol tlu*
safj railway nnd |iropertics, mul to
i>l-*.i.4l4* tlu-ir railway Wv M.-nm or i-lf-c
triclty or otlirr motive power, and
,fur siiilt j-llu-r )iower,i as are u-ninllv
fjlun lo railway rompnni.-i*.
Haled at Oltnwn, this ,711!, ,Uv of
April, A. D. ii>/i,
C.  P. HIM,.
■•V Au'citt (or tlu- Cou.i*.mv
(!oiil.-('nallniii|N nmy lm i.tiri'liiuml «l m,
I'irni'iii rnr ior* nml i.ini »-*n c ,r ...h. i.
Not iiiy-iiiliiiii l;.'i 11111.4 en» |,i, ii,.«nlr,,,|'j(,'
i.l.olii.liW.limliircomtmliv. Itnyulty Rl llin
1 lii ■>Mi.||i'iiiil4 lur Iiiii iii' V.ioi liotiml, »|tH 11
In.rnllii-li-ilnn flu.uniisiiiilpiii,
"li'jii I'/i.vin.iit in mlvuiii l-fiimr-inii-im far
mi liiillvHniil, niul fMm (Ut l„ lm . r      11
f»r 11 .'•iiii|inii,v iKronllmr «<• iii|il'al.
A fiiiMriliiiT. Imvlnii.ll.iin.K,,,! i„|,i«rai 1,.
I'I""" ..v l'K'<ii« « uliilm l,V»i * t.Uitliit
'llin I™ lur I'l'MirlJim « claim U**,
At loiut ilnnuiii.l t.«. r.x|t»n.|«>.| oa t|iri rlulm
II..II ll|.in.i,r, \\ li.-n r.i-ihn*. Men inii,,|„|(Mlrj,.
imi .(ImliH-stormsy. li|n)n Imvlris H *urviiv
iiin.t.., nn.l m-ai riknipl^nji wiHV ViliVr 7*
•'iili-Mi-iil.,|.nrHinPi|i SlmUu.lMfl*!, slir.
Tlio imlfiil |.rovfiToit for <lio.|*«m*iil i.f K,
niy*«l«.viifii;intri-niti.nUi»wll«n" *
I-I..W III liiJi.liiti<-l«lm«■t.iii.rnllv*m mf«*i
-ijii».i.;«»iif.i ><-i'«-iii|i«uiiM«yMr|v,
'nn. iii.mi, »ii»iiiiiv(.w.ir,.itf„|,, ft.
Heinli|iiin;tmn for l-ACll-'U. Cornl
(JltOWN (Jjii-ilcn, Fluid nml n,,„-,.,■
.SiiddH, N«w crop nnw in utoel. roaily
foi-illHltihiitlon, lul-yoiir mnri-hnnt f0V
tliniii In miiilml piieUnlH, l( lm lion,, not |
Imiullo lli.iin wo ulll pi-i'-iny in yonr
iinnn-'il pontollli'ii llfly, llvu niul pn('i;ct,i,
nut' ktilucllon nf jfooil vnrlcllDH, for ijl to
Inti'oiliii'o thcin.
LxxwxutocU of lluMI-l (i||0\\'N P'ruli
nnd Oi'iiQiimnlnl trnu now iiialiiri'd for
No iixpniiHn, lovs or .lulny of (unil-
(,'ntlon or Inspi'iliuii,
l.ut mn in-lea volir list licfunt plaeln-;
your   order.      (in Iinnsm    Pln'iili*,
Fliinil Work, llenSiipplleH, I'i nit I'fuh-
iiiri'H, l'Vill||/,..|M,i>lr.   1 !i»l/iln;, 1111 fm..
UOK) Wi'Ntiiiiiiiititr iiijiil
\iiiii.iiivcr, ll,V,
'"I JWU "W'l,1!11 ifsm. i| 111   i<|ii hi. 1 ,< im
I The work Justifies the price and
I The Price admits of his best work.
I    ■
I Studio 1    Opposite the McthodUt Church
'•>^«^^®|^ ^^M*WMV.KrW*l><*^
1'Hliiiijf .luil,,  while yon wait, MuM-tr w,„k a si»,.rialtV. KIitM-i
r^'^vtar^  ■
...III.,   vnil  J...J   yonr  S||IM«  .lull.'  I  will  ,;iVl.  vo„   n  ,,,.,
1-or.l: will, ,,-s pi,,,,,,, „, „w jil|1((1)(M,.I{ll^Ja|| \v;;ra ,"''
(O  Sl'l*
ll-. 11
W. W.UillV
IVJ.HIJI „niw Minl.lrr.if (iM.ii.UfJhr
TAKM M-TICK, thai 30 dii\"< nfler
I ;",""1 •*■ ..;;.'; .' , ,'.. , .
missioin-r of liiiuls and uoiks for a
spirial li.iiiM! lo nil and lany away
timlH-r (nun tlm Iiillowiiiii diiriiUil
Cotiiiiit-iulii'; nl a post |ihmtiil at
Uin 1101 lli e.i-.t uii-n.,-t- i,[ A. .1. l-'ar.
i|iii*iMin'u tliiiln-r liniiw, Inilil; alu.iit
Co  ill,.ill.,   Iliil Ul   .Hid   .\.i   ih,nn-,   44,4,1
of iiii! M.iilhmst corner ol lot So.
.VI'*'*, (V I, K.ist Koi.ii-n.iv ill,itiit,
tluiitf wist --li'i tlinltiK- Hii'Mi.' not tli
tot ili.iim-.-, th. nn- <»*,) In, rliaiiii, llu n.'i*
•Willi S<i i!,:iiii«t to |w»l|ii <>f «n,iiiil.(i4f,*-
O   T.   nOYVTON',
I-V?nlc, |». 0..   M.irrli jr, iy/,
and   Home   Life
.--. ..i_„..
Cm   I..
N'otlr<» to fontnictorw,
T>ial'»iiliiirliir*<.f "J-'.rtil. «||| .,t«n„. ia«
lll.ll. l". Unit mllfT tiVlll I.I |.»U, llli f,,|i,.,,»,.!•,
fcu-l.l.iiiw.4,1.1 If'.iiii. l^*»t ir», »ni .i,,.i»h,i
(..ur.lullkra *|l m f..rnl»l,r i», tn^t* n-.i 1.
llll .11.-4 ||1
The Royal Restaurant
In (olljllllllinli  with tin.  Hrjviil   lloti'l
<ilv for  v.s  iiuis   A fi-w
in    U'.pi.llllllv    Milicilid.
Till'   Im st
iiiofe ti^iil ar  lionrilns
«ni-.'il        f.m-ed  i„ ' ,|u.
drs||i>il,    Y.llll    |i.ll|i>||a;i„
Ai'.f, xi'mw iit-i. v   r:\ri'i.ovi;i>.  *
MRS. M* MOCL^EL, Proprietress
New Palace Meat Market
Now Open.  Cor. Victoria Ave. & Gcui.mll St.
  -     Tli- -■ 11      nr 1 I, ,    I,
Cliolfo Cuts In nil uindM of *Mfa«i,
rhxest «r Frfiili nnd Hitlt Flth
«Iiiiiii? of nil nortii In mciuoii "•MWUAcMBa*^
lnsurance--by the Peopie-
for the People
i —
—••"--- --—."•**■—
'i'lie scheme of
"•submitted   to   tli
ment by I-'rdnk. liichards  last "'winter,
was   favorably   rec-ived   by  member-,
l'otli  sides' oi   tlio -house,   but, it
; considered that it was a matter
uu   tliu l'Vclei-.M    <;o-, c-nimeiu      rather
- than   lor'Uie   prcviiuial'- ';oveniiiK'i!t,
4Cousenueutly  tne UMiier  was subiuit-
' ted  to Ottawa.
The Ilo'u. .Mr. K^ldi'iijr; m.-nisterol
liiiana:.  suggested  '. it sliouHl by laid
Ik-ioru the loyal ciauiiiis.sioii now sit-
un-j on life niMu-aaco mat lets,  under
„     Ui<:   piesideiiey. of    lion.   .Mv.   .msiii-o
.llc-Tavisli.' 'j his has been   done.      air.
II.   T.   i'lis's,  .secretary of   the      cun.-
inission   has,, staled      that   the   drillt
.scheme  v. ill  be'laid  before "the  coni-
liriedy' under the proposed seheine
all. liuuls would be m the treasury,
aud nearly all the present expense!,
eiu-neeud with lile in.sitiance would,
bv abolished. Compelitiou1 woulvl be
inUjvly obviated. 'Jheie would lioi'.e. I
any ptesidelils, vii(.--]iivsideiils of man
ancis. 'riicre*would be no ajreiicies,
and theiefou- jio commissions', nor
a-iviii-y V.\i.lj!sos, prinliiijr, advertis-
'"Si *-'Xi.   , ...       '
TJieJe w.nild be no collectors, as llie
preiuiimis .would   be   collected  by      a
special   insurance   si amp   and   obtainable, in e\eiy\ postollice or liiiiiuijr recorder's  ollice  throughout   the Domin-
i.'a. i'1 he fi,t:ni,p  x.-juhi  i,v.   pnri-hnMl,
-and allixed to the caul 1,V the insurul
"and  cancelled  bv the ollieial  in      attendance  with  the ordinary  postollice
■ stamp,
.' There would be   no lines  for nonpav'
-in-'.-iit, -unless   ihe   insurec?   was      cfcie-
year- in  arrears, "when 'interest would
',' ehar,<»fd as in ilk- case .if taxes. It
owould not l-.e thv policy "of the     government   to make""a profit out,of the
needy.. Largo .profits have been  made
bv tliclarj.Viiisiiiauce coi.ipanies -out
of lapsed policies, but. the ,<rovcrninent
iiisiirrjur,"fund'would  benefit  by   thc
universality of, *tIie,Kchemc, ami"    the
gy-ivorniiieiil   would   not .tnj-e   adv-an-
-■v, t^jTp r.l  the*'1 i Usui ed. -,       *
I'mler such  an  .iirunjreiiient it      is
.probable   that   llu: 'j*ijvernir,eiit   would
be able to give-more thaii three times
the  briielits for-the  same  amount  of
premiums' iiow' usually paid to    ""the
.   la rue companies.       * ■   ■     '
The   insured  would  hr-  divided  into
,   Ijiiv.e classes. All medical       men prnc
tisin-r■.throughout7- the province would
be mi'dical'examiners. They would, is*
sue* three'"different   colored   cards   the
iil"l* r'.-'!',   .n-d,!-iwfn'te: rfeti  l\hie—first.
.'.ceond  and  third classes.' The second
•   ,clai,s'would have- lo'pay a   la tired sum
to  obl,iiu_tllc_saini*_fimniiiiifl—fiLine.;*-^.
ance.than first 'class, 'and pro rata
with \he third class.--These varied colors would .simplify lho work at head
o.iartei-s, ns it is sunveslcd that-*
rooms be devoted m o,nch. class and
color, and thc porter-, would .deliver
tli"  cards 10  Roparale  rooms. _..
The  caul     svstcin   would , facilitate
111:   liitsilii".',.   The  lecnrd  .in.-l   tlie'in-
'-.nri-r'..:  iuiliey„ear■   at  the  neriod   of
, *--\*imiti-\Uon would ,l:e"kei)l. Ihere. The
■tamte life hisurancc - record card would " be sent' to head-
Provincial jiovern-. quarters and placed- alphabetically
in its location. The policy" card would
be sent.by the insurer each-year, dat
in---; from medical examination. When
tho insured, mailed the policy card
it would .go diiect to, the room set
apart for its color and letter, and ihe
examined. If there were twelve stamp*
of the right fcolor on the card, a tick'
et would be placed in the column for
the year on the record card, and the
insurer'* card would be then stampe.l
and deposited. The insurer would "it
another printed card from the post-
office for the next year. The postmaster would fill in the name "and lid-
llie policy when once grouted, would
lv* non-forfeitnble, but means will bt
devised to collect overdue premiums
Insurance will be ** simple. Having
once been examined by the doctor, it
will be 1,0 more trouble- than goiim
to the postollice for a stamp *a<id
polling a  letter.
As* the proposed .scheme is solely,
foi the benefit of _ the people, a maximum and moderate amount' of in-
siirance wil J, .■<* fixed. "It ,*8 not ■ in. '
(.'tided that a system of cheap insur-
••'ii.-e should be formulated for - the
l'.---.-fit of i|,c wealthy, but a system
'■'"ler winch tl.e wife and family of
Ihrj workingman mav be absolutely
n-nvided for in tho event of.the death'
oi iiii4 4vage earner i
or chanrc the  insurant policy ,*„ anv
wo.. Now.will it be T4o-ii,i„ f,,r n„v
''■"-oi,  to ga,nbV,.7in,if0  jt,s„rnm.„
"'"■,:;' f-i".7«*iii i* ncrm-tn... to,-,..
s"/e J,o lifr of .another person under
the proposed-scnenie.- ■   •
"fl:est:-rn Man
■   -"N'ew C.
Much  I'..., k
P.  R.  Liners.-
Montreal! Herald-.A. ' *.''"■
' 'According^'to Alfred Allayne. Jones,
president ox.jhe AlL-erla^ Agencies, ltd,
the new C- V. R. Atlantic steamships
th* Emptess of Britain 'Wd Empress [
of Ireland are two of the.very linest"
•things afloat..      Mr.   Jones, who-has
spent  the   last   three   months'  in  Eu-'
-rope,  passed through-Montreal- -.last
alight  en  route  west,   having .arrived
(irom Liverpool     at Halifax by     the
■steamship Tunisian,, after, a somewhat
Tough passage, . c   - *,,',
"■'Jiefote  sailing,,"   said, Mr.   Jone,s,
to the  Herald  last' night, . "I     tool:
opportunity of going to .Glasgow and
haviii-g- a good inspection of the Em-
'presses,   Both   are "well, on   the' way
to' completion,  although the Empress
(of Britain  is''    -much  more  advanced
than the Empress of Ireland;  as .she
is exacted to sail from Quebec on or
alkrnl liv." lirst  of   May.
"The Pan-field company, in charge
of the works, have, the Urit:|**-n in the
waters of the Clyde, and while they
are oiu* ol* the biggest shipbuilding
firms in old Scotland and have turned out''many noted vessels, the two
C. P. li. boats are steamships of
which ihoy may be extremely {jroutl.
They are beauties. The Britain rides
the wMter- like a duck, and* in its in-
teiior finish, can compare with anything client, or thai*, sails from any
port  an. this  side  of "the  Atlantic.
''She, has three series of staterooms,
and the thi/rd class accommoda'tion is
equal, 1o almost any of the "second
class in the best ocean Hoats, in fact,
in respect to the baths, closets,-etc.,
easily. -The' Ireland' sails in - Jtice."
-Another feature that apuealed to
Mr.. Joucs' was the heating' arrangements, unique in these *boats. Six ther
mo heaters pump hot air .into ■ * tlie:
rooms—,just push a biittoli and the
rooiu- is' flooded with ;hot, dry air, a
desideratum, on a damp" ocean voyage
■All the crews are shut oH from
pass'engcis by an iron bulkhead.
The. con'striic-tiol*' of asaw7r.l1" at
Kaieii island will be immediately coin
menced- by the British Colui.u>'a Pine
Timber Company of Vancouver, vlrich
has secured a contract to supply 5'*.,-
coo railway ties to tht Grand X;unk
Pacific." J ;  •"
The men in this company areo   all'
"   *
vill no't 1- 7.7-,, ', •iuc is  »-'  » class ■»>>' herself.        This
ide to mortiragf,   struck me as being .the feature of the
vessel. ' ' .      f
"'Carrying   1700  passengers, , she   is
59f> feet 'long,, 65 feet      wide  and 70
3 feet from keel to boat deck.     Stand
on St. .Tame*; street and look' at-anv
of the high buildings'—that will give
Vancouverites, and they i.ilend to
push the" work' on'the building of tne
so" that ties will be rolling out oi it
midsummer,      ,      *■'
The. machinery for ■ the sawmill
plant has already been ordered am', as
rapidly as it .reaches Vancouver it
will be faiwandeh to Knlien island. By
the time the machinery-is ready, the
.mill will have so far advanced in
construction that the plant can be set"
as soon as it arrives cn the ground.
* An immense amount of timber will
be! rei-nired.' to fill this] contract—
much more than people jnagine. 't is*
declared that in each tie • there is ^5
feet of tiinlier, so thatjn the hull mi"
lion ties there will be* seventeen million feet of timber, not to menuon
the thousands of feet which will be
cut to waste in reducing the lies     to
SI7.C,        " '   .   '*
The British Columbia- Y'.'.k Ti'J'-'fr
company had this cou'.-.-.c'. in »!7v
many .months ago and .uvirditi.jly
.Mthered in-si. number, of f-i d-t.i'11 r
limits! at varj'ous point?-; aloutr the
coast in the vicinity of Kaien"is!.->nd.
Logging operations will be rommciicd
'. Ifyoo, your friends or relatives suffer with
Fits, Epilepsy,*St. Vitus' .Dance,.or Falling
Sickness, write for a trial bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to Thk Leibig Co
179King Street, W., Toronto, Canada.-. Aii
druggists sell or can obtain for you *   -
at an.-early dsi*to'*sc" that when the
-mill is ready to cut there will .-.■• 110•
delay. ou-accoiAl of lack bftina'terml.
The contract secure-', is sufficient for
two hundred miles- of ."railway, and
the ties are to be .delivered at Prince
liupert, tlte Grand. Trunk Pacific-tei-
numis, wherever that ir.ay b.*, j: t-
suitiably Kaien island.
' *♦-
¥QP^e^^^hQmP.^^ who i^avel.,'
:RESERVE0-BV--W8R*c; '--"' >".7":--'
Ottawa, Aprii.16.-Sir, William Lvls
minister of trade and customs of \iii
tralia, is coming tb Canada on. > tin:
next steamer and is desirous vof meet,
ing the ministers to talk over th.-
question of preferential trade wilh
the Dominion. Sir .Wi.llinm is not- in
very good,health and is. onlv coming-
as far as Banff. If is difficult to see
how many of the ministers could, go
and meet him on account .'of parlifi-,
Hunt silling. There are.some prospects of getting a I rude arrangement
with Australia,
€> ' ■«   ,   *-.iv,'"-'
•   -MACLEOD",    ■■-:■"■■/J   '
■     , . "       I" '•<• »-'T*.—"
I l>l    ,,
From the Gazette—- >
Mayor Gradv rcporlsj that lie was-
informed by C- V. -ll." officials, while
"on his way.home Irom Edmonton,S,4i
urday, that ■ the railway con.-»Miy
would start, on', title „ifith. th? c-,vnple-
tiori of the railway line into town.
Wc hope the information 'is line..
;I.O. F.'No
Meet i'i. I, 0. F.Ual
'day in every moi th. " -
W. J. J.- MoiiKiKON, Fin. .Sec.
on' the last Tnes
L. P. Ecfistein -
I..\i:i:istku-a-,' L.\w, * Soi.Icjtoi:,   Et-;
.worn,, 1 \- .'i, IfeiuK'i-coii iiloelt, I*Vrnh>, II. I
.     Fi C
"  Post Olliee Blct-k. l-Vrnie. D. C.
Gh'AM)i<*;(;« ok Tin..; uockiisb
"Mountain .Scetiely
'    when:  in
-N'ol. ,Snrpa:
tlm  World.
iiid Any,
A. 0'. .Wheeler, the mountaineer and
noted Kn-'lish mountain climber, an>l
■who is president of 'lhc recently or-
■;ani/ed Alpine dub of Winnipeg, m-
Jiyi-ied an eiilliiisiiiMlie .fiddivsK hen. ic
tin.. iiii..|iilj(.|-;i ,ol the elii"l). at its last
men ing.
'Mr.   Wheeler,   in  eluijiieiif   I'lMgiing.-,
dwell on lhe great eeonoinic resoinci.-.s
of Canada's mountain herila'a'.
lie said;
"'I hen- in., vii'-.t <{ to ri'i: of miiic'raH
disi-.ivend and lo lu- disi-ov.'ivil, Tlieiu-
nre vu.sl slnies nl fuel for -aippU mn
llu* liuiiii..s nt tin iiraiiie, ,unl i ii.-hing
the world'a i-oiiiuii-ri'i. iii-io.ss '!;i; nn*
tiiii nl. Theie hit vast sioi-i-. ol lim-
licr, not only siilllcieiit lor i'un,.d i's
building purposes but lm- I'lipui'l l)i
foieigll I'oillilrii'S. However, ii- is l.ol
my inteiilioii lo dwell piuti4"i.l.iriy t»n
lli'i-fii; I'eiilllii'i, bill lo deal uilll C.*li-
ada's 111111i11lai.il liei'itngi* from llm iii'S*
tlletic Midi;, iloing the i|,iii'Sliiiii l:i. 111
tin* scientific, llie nilisliv and the
physiral cull in i> siilu.
'lhe AlpiiiL* legions of,(In. Diniiiiiinii
(over an I'linriniiii*. aiea nl iippin.-
iiiintily '.'no,.nm .Mpiau' miles,, 'he
Swisi Alps mv mil*. I'v-on si|"uii"i:
I'Xl. 111. A ii.i/i'ii Sivit/i'i-Unids
sel d.iwu iu ih'1 Ciinii-i.ili
Onr ninliiiliiiiiK ure iii'l.
nu useru^e, ns high fid
liinlilllaill iaii(',.-s. Mt. I'.lnlii-,
ul the Huiopi'illi Alp.'., -k
I i,-4in fivt ill lli'i'ihti I'lipniiit.'pi'll .'.ltd
All Mm, mi' X'i.ft'fi "I'd
•s|n rl iv.lv;   ulni" ill.'
mull the .iii/iii""i:'. iii'"'
),iiihi Iii'l, Agniii.il this
li,ul,id il ili:.i in > -<i '.-e
nn all.It'll.' '-I ' ,*''"
Hnl f"i ,"i'1 "-f-A Ll-
••l.niii*. iii"l i.il-vti'Hii
llillr,*, in
io-.ll.l  be
nl li>.i
l li.i |.-i.iiil
(lll/illi.l,    111
l)',,,Vin  h'l'l   I'
linlr  ul
eMTpl in n lew
r.iii only i'ii'''''
und i.-,i..*i»,'Iit'
i*-4i*i, bi.ni'v nl „      ,,      .
..rj.aui/.ilii.ii.,, lln   l'"'l*'-- ■■■  ■•":-"b
I'lllllllll   111!    MlipilS'i'-'l.
■-Thi-    iiiiiiiiiiuin''i
an evir iiud willi v
III  the   ( Inilil'-   Tlli'li!
■villi snow, i'iii)ilii'd bv
lini'  in  tin-   '.ihi-'-'
ml     fall, dr.wii li»''
th'":'     ; m »\v
,      As "Wc.'-stiSS hope; to be in. A.,;
business   after   oiir   15
day safe.
Our Sale will be in the hands of A. C.
Liphardt who will give you value for your
money and just as cheap and probably
cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere.
Below wc quote you some of our
prices.   Compare them.
tin   l(<I.'I-l
'    l„
ll'iulllllj' in-
niiltv V-i'-in*'
in;'. ..'.
i- hlii-i
. ii;n
,. I'.-
■i M'.'.r
fill.il v
ii.*,   tiiinli
ji,ii ol i,i* -..I     ...
viriiln bin".!*..  Hi'iiiMlh
lli.l.lti .ne .iI|iiii>' im-.Ml'""--' '
lltnui.-,   <■•    '-!'J,,        '.'
M,i,„.l.iM   -I  1-...IMIII..H.   ."«'«
bilinlilii'  iliimli  with   woiid.'i   in
Villi idir.copii- ini Iii in ill   "I   <-';•'•'
low  .nr  i'»J;»'<> l"u':',!i "'  1"1"
»nn,ii'   and   In iuK» U.    i-r.'i
tlu-ir  ili.ir.nii i iMii'-   iuin  »i.
ttnle, all biiinliltil I" •!»''•'
mu and  sunlit mfidi". "ml
uri. nt tiopl.nl (.'lowlli, ll.'ii- m lln-..
fn-ists ,ni- wninli rlnl lliini".; l-'-r
rmhiii)! o\rr ro. l,v l.n'-. mid •»
III--* h.indiv.**.  ol   I'ft   I"  ■'!   '.-.'i'i      L t
i.,..m. .. :>.,•:■».! "i.'<i" '" ' v'1' ,'■•
low; .anvoii-. witfi rofl'i wh'.''e .-■'••U•**•
,,*■, ,., . | in <in bui'! iifirlli'ili*— M'.d
'p.'.iri d b-. ii iiiiii''1'. l.iJ.lj;.--.: i-i'-i-. i**.-
tind'ni.. into iln- I owi'l". of llu* mill,
win., iil.unii'-.in wall if.ill', m.irlilr
hill, .-.ml w.il''. and tiilin-ji- "f ,n..wv
"•lliniii'-* in:iy If* bv m.air nf 'i\ llft'iti
lielm, lot Hi.- ii.i.,i,. j.t, b- v ...-i.il
f".-',-t  flu   'Mr'--'.*	
fl»r»Tr.PT** tir,r-.jv  r......i,, .r„ n-,|.„
■»'|,l>     l,.*l        |    I.  ,|n.    |,.  <„|   (-.  V,.l.(-.        d.,1,
w-i.l'i. ».*.lt» *»-lf.liivf.l, O \V. IU UTr.T.'TT
T'ji>i nViiii*.
i*.*irl; ii"'<
llieir 1n*.-
-■"i.itn.Mj*tj i»-»i,.-iM»,«i*»r»n«iM«*n7r.rwiiTTiiT*nininMTMM>i**M4u«««
X«4el ,-iud tiilvcr wuches, old prico
S"!.o,-i to S5.00, Kale pi-it-e,	
 , -  7"c to S;,25
r.iidier, und gciilf., old price Sfi.j-o
to  Sia.on;   salu  prico	
 Sa.25 lo S.|,75
S" your, irol.l lillml tii.'io in Wnl-
tliiim. Rl'-in, fliiiupiloit wiuclics
Olli in iro Sl.S no to Sas.iioi snlo
—rTam...-nri i ii, "in
H day }; hour strike   i;oiijr clocks
regular'prici) S.j,so to 55.cn;> unlo
I'l'icv 52,50
jMhiiii clock'!, rugulnr pricu 5i.5o
Jiiul   Si ,oo; .iuin prico 75c St 50c,
...SiS.oo '|o     Sn.no
Loilli'ii mid jjviiUfc.srjJirf j-old wukli
lil-flu-Bl jjrndc iiinvi'iiiciiiK, r-riiI-
nr prli,. S50 i-vri toSl'.n,oO; j.ulc
lu"ic*'  S3?.no  t» Sl'm.nn
"JWirslc-nl rlnck*.'), rcjuilrir prlco S.V7S
snlc  jirk-o    ,-  $i,ao
Alniilid c-liu-kfl, vmy run. H     dny,
,'' Imiir cntlicilrnl ijoiif*-,
Jifiirlii'li/L-.l  wnoil nnd
cliii'ks,  lvj-ulnr  price
$f."'.nn; so In jiriro ...
* , S.'.nn,
fino     wnll
Sin.nn in
SS.'*.),       S7.0«)
Silverware, cutlery, limy .spoons,
flntwnro, .spooim,- utc, wu will
Mull at u (-runt rudiiclion,
One big- lot of lmlluH nmU -,'i-iit.s
chniiiN,, foi-nic'f price S3.5.1 to
Si,oo,  hiiIu     price   Si.73
Clinlp^i-iuH worth Sa..>o in S3.,--i.)
■inlo I'Hiu   , 751;
«lii|{V-Oiio hlir lot of Indies atid
-jciUh plain lilies nnd j-i-m rin«h,
Vnrth S,v««i to Sfi.nn, unlc
P'lw  1  Sr,75
**Mn h *
Diamonds to be sold sit a-ntis-ni ^^e+1
Brooches, Bracelets, Necklets, Japanese Ware, Fancy China, aii
to be sold at erreatly rednood prices. All ffoods will bo markod
in plain Uffnros and at such pricotf tlmt stock must move quickly.
I   15 Days' Sale Commencing Thursday, April 19
Itomembcr   wo intend to roniuht  hi business  and
will stand at tho back of our ffoods.
.V. II. RohS ' J, s. T, -Al.KXANI-1*
. Ross & Alexander
i-'Euxii*:, a c.       ■  •-'■
?        * * - -
'Onii-e lu L. T. \V. Ukol., Victoria Avenue.
■9  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
T..W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
... , „ ,
,    Oliiuo lioiu*a-Sn,n.. to 8 p.m,
-(Thos. Poguc,
^L       - *V*
^    v 7FP*
W, J,
Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
Ol'l-IlH JlOUItS
.S.DJto 12 a. m.,1 to .1 p. m
(l.pll to S p.m.   -       .,
■ Oilico in Alux. Byclt's Jllocjk    ' '
over Shim's I!:il;cry.'
•'KltNilC, '  "■■-        _.
"r~m.—OITicctt IvfTrVvrliisii-:—"^"
. Fkknik British ColumhUi
Oniteiissityci-Xelpoii'Smell or)     ""'
dolil. Silver nr Lunil iinch ..*. .Yum
t'opjicr 61.fil      (iolil-SilviT  '.I.rir
Cliiiives loi- otlici- metiils mi nj,plii*ulii)ii
P.O.Driiwoi-lliw J'liimo A(17 '
Fornio, IJ. 0.
1'iipll of Miiilumo Ucsalo Cox,(!uilillmll Pnliool
nf .Music, London, uml 'Jiijnor Viiiiiinliii.li'lor.
oiii-'i), Italy, will reciiiva a llmitcil inimlici- of
puiiilB for iimiruoUon in ulm-iiifi nml volno pro*
Terms on Application.
The Calgary-
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchant.-*;
U'l¥evnie/.3B. Q.
ft t'
Davey & Laderoute'
.. ClioU't'fit ciitH nf fri'hli ini'iitii iilw.ws
ill lliiiiil,
Hiiiiir, hnrnii, nml lnnl ns well.
All   killllH   (if   fl'l'lill   li'lll   Oil   H'IKKllI,
l'i(iiii|it ik-Iivi'i'v,
Cilvu iih a cnll. *
TKI„ iH.
J. GarmSchael
VIotoHn Avor, -  -  Fornlo
'A full line of sprint*: nml 'num*
iner nuitin-'ii whicli vo will
mnkc up in Intern ntvlm. Hnt»
infliction 'j-iinraiilct-il.
Liniment'   Ior sale every
' Is a. plcnsfinl home
for llie l ravel cr.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
ricniirren Bros.*
Sand, Lime & Wood
",ifOR  SALE.
OIIIpc Iii 1-iniinf I lnw Vooii lllnclc, Jfiirnlo, |1,(]
JtW PATUOM/I'l  im.,11**  INIUWIIV fii
rj.TSrXON*   *IJAH3ItlX.
Oi'ow'b  (Most   Spooinl
Minor's Favorite Glnni'S
Second-Hand Store
Op(iti(*il up noxt In llcinn Holnl
lUMinilT .A-Mil t!riT.p;"
Por   Cnith
iki ,:   1*.'W, l|, Torru, Pirii.o
tor "
*     r-.'      *.
*** ..,-■ -■ ■*■. y
->)  -'."*-'--,*"
..$&&£i$*. ~'l      ''.'--'^>
* >-lf
.-" -What  Dowie - Asserted—        '   '
That he-was Prophet "Elijah IJI.
*-  That he could do no wroiijj. - -
That  illness  was  oiily   a  sin.    '    .
That  he  coukl  npver   become "ill.
-    That he.was sent here to found i   a
new  church. ' '
That, ull otherj churches-were liuiii-
.   hvSs-
That the elect should dwell, toother
under him.   -•'*_' .
That he was divinely inspired.
,     That New York was the second [*'-5o-
ilom ami Gomorrah. ',
'   That his chinch wonldi dominate the
earth.-   °- ■
'lKhat lie   would found a plantation
in  Mexico,   ct^jni/u- Palestine     anil
InnUd cities all over the earth.
,   That he would finance all his plans
through' his own bunk.
■ Whut he tried to accomplish—
*,,    To' make-his     folluweis  believe in
- -him, ■ ^   A , .-
. To cure all diseases hv, cnstini; out
- *    ,, . - *"     * i*    <
To makc'.his life a-pattern for every
< .Itody.    -.
To .defy many laws of health.   .
■ To establish  the .Christian. Catholic
'   .To "weaken  other, churches.
To build a jrrcat city af 34ioii. „
■To work many iiiiracles.,
To'conveit'-New York.    ,'. -
To- establish.     Dowiciisin    in every
,, .land. -. '".     A       ** ,   r   .-  Y
'Tui'ititeics,ti evei-.ybody   in" Mexican
■ plantation--,  the0 colomv.atioii of Pal-
. ,'tine"'and the bu'ildiiijr of new cities.
To make himself the trustee-, of all
his followers' wealth.
 . r . a < '   -..
What   happened  to each-.undertaking
He,is bitterly denounced by many of
, his -followers.-- ' '.   - "   .,
'"* .'"Tie. is ill' aiid has fai.led to cure him
self, -■;,. :  .  .   ,
■ *'H.is''financial integrity   is. question-
,-fxl- iii  Zion.-       ;- A •   ' -   .""
-His'church is riven by .opposinjj'fac
tions. -    -      i ,     *
He   is, uu   invalid, •        v       ~ 7.
Oy'ersei- Volivia ist prcachin*-; charity
-• ^Financial"failure threatens, to over-
,   whelm,Zion City,   -
' Maiiy oi liis followers repudiate his
olivine power.-
"Hi-'was ridiculed and deiioiiticed.'is
'■a.fakjr- *'_.-' ■" -■-
•'"Ill's,new church is .harassed hv debt
.:  .His.iollowcrs have repudiatcfli   * his
Mex;ica|i and Palestine plans.
. Ws-iffafis."  --,--r
'John Alexander Howie's bnb'ble has
'lmrst'Aill'.his bubbles have burst, I le
-■has- been ri master. biiWlile blower. Jlis
,   bubbles have been both" bijr and \niiin-
' •erou.s" but i the events of tlm'hint-lew
"weeks - show that'scarcely  o.ue iof the
best' of his  efforts  is  left  to  dazzle
■■■   the eye', with*   oil its splendors. Zn*n
.■(..City,  lhe  largest and most'substantial o.*. tin; creation of his "inflation,
■ hii!.' passed beyond his'control (or llio
ureKeiit at  least,' and his power   * as   ..state',  seHi-nir
leader  of. a  considerable   people      in 1 {a ^ 'Viitlifii
■gone.     ,
' The 'iiogrnphv of Dowie ii fi story
of biirhtintfso.ip films, of fi/v-'ii<r lire-
, works, His projects li-jvc looked prom
"ising. They lmve attr'acted lluiiiBiiiids
bv llieir -.rismic colors'and the_ uln-
ni,ors of their painting. ]tut. rthey
Ahuve failed,—all lmve foilc*. '
prophet with nitrate of ammonia, 'a'
inbii at Hammond, Ind., drove him
Horn' the place, and "eggs and stones
were s-howeicd on him in Chicago; It.
was' harsh and offensive, but it was
pioduelive advertising, und- the man's
cause giew.I'y November, 1899, tilv*
man's ideas,had grown so large that
he appealed to his followers jor i.u-
million dollars. He got u iiber.ii ju-
turn, and then, threw into the air
, nnothei bubble, the-project for a im>.
lace factory at Sion City. He appeai-
ed ,'.0 hi., "people for all the tfohl and
silvur they had, to be .placed in-hi',
hands us .trustee. Again* the call was
lively answered,
Shortly afterwards', Dowie took' u
special eaiMo New Yor? accompauieii
by. a large retinue of servants and 110
end of baggage. From Xew York he
sa-Jed li)v\ Kmopo, paying $1500 for
staterooms on' the Graf WaUlersce
In London he lived in 10v.1l sine in
the Hotel Cecil.    -"
Thcn.enine the executu.i .if i,muliet
of the man's Ibubble masterpieces—the
purcliasi- of fiooo acres of land at Vuu-
kegan, Illinois, as *} site for Zion
City, and the next day a call upon
his people for .another million dollars
New .converts were, initiated bv l.'-in>r
aski-d* for,funds.      -   -..-■    •   .*-      .-ft
His crusade ih Loudon- ,
Following "quickly oii the iilieuM decisive steps,',Dowie.begaii a campaign
for the - reptneration 'of London. Hi;
wan hooted', and jeered .and mohibed.
He went across the channel niul inlet
a like reception. He returned to .^oh-
ilon (.lilwio have, the experience re-
prated,'and 1 then he ahhndoned ' the
world's metropolis as a place of total depravity.. In. reality the failure
was,-onlv another ill . bis bubbles
burst. These burst - bubbles were becoming  more   and   more . numerous. ■
In lyoi Mrs. H.' Wortliington- .Tinlcl
und a .new-horn babe, under Dowie's
faith treatment, died. The. coronor's
iury declared-a few days Inter ;*i-.i
Dow-ic" wns_ criminally "responsible for,
the death'of Mrs'.' J mid. Another bub
hie was in danger. • People, jvere likely
lo'ijo'se faitli iu the man's .'creed, Per-
iiaj/s some began to waver.' It was
11 the next year that the prophet's
l.iughicr died from burns "caused bv
lie explosion-, of. an alcohol lamp".
Howie .called in a physician* to treat
her.o'i'hc faith of some,must have'fallen'then. Last October he was** stricken with plaralysis while on his'.way
to Mexich- InJkceinbci-^aiiother_strnk'i\
follou'ed.i.Vhat was now to lje*wiid-of
Lhe iiuui's .'pretensions that he could
•lo uo wrong,.if. hiis doctrine -.hat disease was evil were true? That was the
bcginjiiiisj of the end. '"'
York only yielded 35 cents—a straw,
showing thc end of trouble. However
he raised $400,000 ami hail all* bankruptcy.-proceedings  cancelled. •  ■  >•
Stricken with disease—
..' Then came his first illness. It wins
said to be paralysis'. That; was while
he was on his way to Mexico, where
le wiis' negotiating for laiid for -'a
colony. He returned to New York anil
.was there again stricken. He then
went.lo Cuba, Jamaica and Mexico
to recupcrate--this man who had said
he could do no wrong, and that disease, was. evil and yet was, strick-n
wilh   disease.'    .'.
' When he departed'lie appointed one
ol-his followers, Voliva, ■ as geiieuil
overseer. Xow this appointee, o? Down's, and Bowie's own wife and son
oaye turned iigainst hiiri. Scandal is
in the air. The man who declared he
could do, not wrong is said to have
been urging phlvgamv upon his follow
ers and his n.ime is coupled unlianpilv
with thoso of certain women of his
city, l'lirllierinore, while lie has attempted to .depose his overseer, that
snii-.e' man has declared Dowie do*
throned, -aud .threaten,", the so-called
prophet with arrest, for,, the misuse of
hinds if.he returns, jitj ilu* same time
planning to have himself appointed receiver for all the vast interests of
/ion Cily. The greatest bubble ofthe
master bubble-blower has burst. „ '
A  romarl.f-.l-le mail— ¥
The career of-Dowie is '.due of- the
strange things of Iif,,. He has sho-"
m the building of Zion City, UK. a-
sci.iblying of TactOTu-s and i,„si„c.'.,
enterprises likv that of the Now York
crusatie, e.veculive genius of a h:yh
ori.«r. Jiut in religious matters. J,e is
either a .self-hypmui/od hystciie or a
inici-ests, tho;. organization of l.i-.'e
knave. He is said to have seen visions.
nml to possess a strong vt.jn of ■ „,,.
tacotc-h iiiysticisiii-fiuuful soil for
.sclf-suggestioji* that has- resulted i„
ns boast that.he is tl.e prophet- f. u-
lold by the prophet Malaclu. n0{v.
cver^otithe othei; hand, stands his
.oyer recurrent demand for money
Money has ever- been his cry. Mi'l"
lions have'pour*,,! into his luinds'but
still he has asked for more, ,1,11111 on-
h^in-s to feel-that his religion hJS
■een only a .pretense ],y which i0 c-v.
tract money froin his followei-i. * "'
w_If he is* an imposler, a knaviih rc-
i;gio.f,ba_ucial boomer, he is a master
hain.v liutjus 1,-ubble has burst    '
G. C. Wngnt s
Stock, pernie.
the Post Office
Now in the hands  of the
Entire Jewelry
B.C., opposite
and must ne curneid Into money in 1 5
Days rib matter what: the price may be.
will woLyi--   oiiiaiis.
'Scientist, i.s Able  to Identify -
Hmiiau I.lood.   *  .'
. A Convict Once—
■ .Fifty-nine' years  ago  IJowie     was
'■born iu Gdinbiii-i'li, lie Hooins'to have
; 'itilierited un' oversiipply of (-Scotch
anyfitlcisni. Hither in quality of quantity-it • hns ' amounted lo iiinniii'iis,
Id'avitig Scotland ut tut curly nge
>yith the seed.i nf a lieroilitar. ii'.''<-*
. 'Jims sense nnd nf biisiiii'ss 'iiciinicn
Vk-'imiiiiitiii-; in liln niiiiil, hi; we'll, tn
Aiistulin, wliere ■'".or ,-",.vcu yi:ii;s in;
M*ns 11 clerk in a liouiu town.
This Austnilinii cx])i:rii-uce, which
-I'lSi lucir ,snld to linvn been iiupple-
inciitt'ir by n term ns n cnnvicl in
itie'Titsiiiiiiilaii prison, udded niintlici-
vlciiiont. tr- tlm i'unn's iiiiikeup—lluit
nf tlio lirmin spirit, This Imn ivvenl-
ei\ itself siiK-o in tlit, liornniiigi of '/A-
mi City,.Tt (wns lliD.bofiiiiiilujr of tlio
lull-Ilk' lilowiugi villi the mini, My
tlio liiiic Dowie was ready tn set snil
for, Aiiici'k-a In- Iuul inns lured the nrt
of lioiiliilii>(,  nf hul/lile blnu'ing.
Tlio mini wim wns to illscnwi-ilnler
that lie wnsl n -iniplicl, Iniuli-d in
Son Kninclsco In 1KR8. At tlmt tinu-
; lie linil Sum in Imml, Two vi'-ii.'. Inirr
he ivnclieil Clilcn|',n wltlinitt 11 cent.
Ills Sinn,bubble wns gone, Imt lm wns
■aonnnilU'ii ni'iircr 11 (-i-entei- ci-eulloii,
Ho liugnn nt rmro In prr-dcli.
"*\VImt lio |iroaclit'd~-
Tlie dnc-fliioH lu*:- 'eVpnV#iili'il wcit
•tlio fit'i'illlliifN nf tlimie In>. Ims develop*
1 I'd Hilicc. 'lliey,.well! not new, No niu>
',kllou-N When tlk'V Wi'l'i' lirsl liniililil-
„JKnl.v'l, Tliey' lielil Hint illwiino wus 11
•very ivii'.'-iliing lml it wa:,' due to
'evil, which III llllll, wiih ilin< In the
iih-vll. 'I'lie remedy pii'iicln-i!. wiihIn'-iii.
**ile: rnst nut .-vii nmli lm licnleil, Yii
■At) tlie min thing wns In nblnln llie
'<illn't*. Il wnif ns, iilinplo "iih livn find
two iiinKf four. ,..        ■    '
Tliu lilon wns old I'linugh nud widely
I'linuidi l/iuiwii In \\e In 1 Tic nn>iit.i1 <jin
Hewdnn nf tliniisniulM wim Iuul lncM
niily Che sjiiir In put tli--*.- bci.i-.'h in*
To pnallcu. Dnwln prnvcil the spur.
He cninu lieforc llm people with 11 pc-
ciilliuly Ntron-pr power nf iiii1|iiu'Hhiii,
n I'dmin-lllii-.'" fovi'ii nf HH(,|,,v,ill(iir.' Thu
people row, heitrd, nud nciid, TIidiis-
iinils ii-nlisti'il uiu'ii'i- the {miiiii't- nl Hip
- num. They wero convinced tlmt lm
wns what he iiroe.liii'nu'il himself to
lie, nml nossililv xvlnil lie in Mm hvti-
li'l'ln, lii'lloved lilmself/ lo lm, 11 wcniul
KH|nli,.Tlint wm*. in llio dnvs nf the
\Vorl«l'« I'nlr, In Cliico(?;o. Dowie was
H'orklil" nt liN lienli't***; ni<>J 1 n ii.-h
inur eltihteeii liniirs .1 **l.■ » nn.l \i im
ttinrilmr his iiilr..<,inii.ii-||.-i fnllnw n 111,,.
rmirM*. Il' wan tin- ncilvi- bej'tinilnj'
of liln Imlihle lilowliijf,
A'wle «nnt ovicks n lml Mr-.
,*Tli(. firf't.of hk lml*|i1p.i in be nlrl*.
td •*'.t** hl» paiwr, tin* Cnniln*.    Uu-.
•nyeiniiietit npplletl the pinpoint
- tTiiiit lei llu* nil* «.<ncnpe bv rWii>,iiu<* tn
- -neriiil/ lis otlini-iUni! |<- the nni'i .1-.
■ woxiA ilnsi mnil  nmiti"*   YI;1".  ww
■ in lliw. .liistlcn Mitrlin ot (In. Cliii-i-
• fr*q nolice ivnirt ilcnonnrril him n-i 11
.<■ ecafiilcnce m-iti, ttmlcnU. relied    lhc
Always ,-alter the coin.—  -..        •■    '
Rut to -ro'liack: At. the. time of
Rfr.s..* .Tudd.'s' death Dowie was just
selliiiji- Zion City on its foundation's,
May 30, 1900, .the self-styled prophet
led nu jinny of 4000 adherents to the
town fnr its dedication, jk.es.s than-two
months later he was dealiiijj. iu real
stale", seHi'iiir the lots of the town
1." "fly this lime ilu*
people should lmve seen the inau's
propensities for .(■'uthei-inir *•*, the shekels. To gather in converts in order to
iralher in money scenic, to be ilu.
purpose of the man,
This bi-iii|rS the limit's career down
In iyo2, Notice his enreer since then
in frenzied fitiniicicrine; cif.u hind peculiarly his own,       '■     '
Jan, 1.1, ignJ-Askedhl'i-(ollcwtrs
for .Sifio.Sno at once.
Oct. 11,-Miiile nu appeal for S23,-
ono.ooo in Sa bills.
l'V'b. 0, icjo.v-Invites *s\.w York neo,
pie to invest iu Zihn,
•_ July a.S.—Issueil  iirffent  appeal  for
Sept. 3o-Tnvitei1 Zlo'nU.s lo'ilimw
KSD.1,000 into tlm barrel,
/Nov,- ly.-Asked faithful for another
"f>'J,O0ll,ll()O, ,,,
liec, j,—Miule urgent call for feno,-
Dec, 2,-Ap|ieiileil for Si ,000,000 to
meet prensinjr debts.
Alnv 7, lyo.s.-l'lnuned to refiiml Finn's ihihlk by S7,000,000 bond issue,
Willi nil liis'iiioiiey-Kettiiijr J.nwlo
I'.eiit his mind on the necessity of
inrrerisiii'* the numbers nf his follow*
i-i's, The frequency with1 which crusades for .converts nre nssneinled lu
the minds of (he renders of Howie's
hlnjii'iiphy wilh crusades for -.ohl,
seems to point lo a connection between the two, 1ml pel-Imps it is purely ncclileiitiil.
Tried' to "snvn" New York, —
The spectacular I'lTrnt at the work
nf roiiveislon mnde by Dnwle wns
Uml for the i-ejfciU'i-ntlon of New York
Oel.i i.|, |(jo,i„ i-iKiit speclnl tni'liis,
l-eiirlllj*: MJIiinllilii'r |jk(. /\(m of the
fniilifiil, lienihid by Dowie, Mr Clilm
fnr New York, The crusule wns tn
i'okI, unl less thtm 5200,0(10, )\\\\
ulinl nf Unit? The prophet, It is snld
unl hiiileil tli.it- it would brlni*" In tit
hn.sl S?,(k.ii1(hmi. The hint nun In niii-*
nestii the liooiiicr, the mnn in ■||.',,
bii.'iiiies,-) nf i-eli)-ioii for llie snkc nf
lite profit, not prophecy. Hut the pro
pie of New York
Howie's Illi'l'tliij-s,
he drawn _ by Dnwle's tiiajjlictisiii.
■ .'-;. v.. i. liiiiiiiiiH-, Yhe,v knew tlie n-
nnneliil irnine ton well tn he r.iimlit
with it even when it wore a relle'iliu
i-oiiliiiir, lie |,'nye np the criisiide, niul
went buck to Won.illy, thee m In-
sued bv Ills'eredllois, niintlici- ln(;in|.
linn n the uppi-oncliiii-r end, llu- np-
ni'nnruliiiT 1iin-.|!)!«.'/,.f ij;> ;.;il.';t j <
I■'••,.u-Jiicli had fulled to reu'lVe miii-
linil I.V Ilii. linnil film nf tlit- New
inn.- eiusnde.
X1011 loo lml for lilni—
?.iii\ Cily hi'jtnii tn %Xmr lml, Iro
lint fnr n illy nf refiii;e, TTe ilecldcd
"Ulii ii (tin iiinuiiil lhe world. I|(.
ic til (n Auslrn\ln  whence, he rnbleil
'" "'''"•  ■"'■•:■■'•■■ In liis wnik.   'IV,
A.W". nfiir his rnlili- nii'-isa^ wn8 H,,,u
he  w.is  innlihe.l   nt   Sviluey,   Tie  lefl
■•.llll'll.'li.l. Ml,1   |||S   "siUCItiKl'H"   tlll'l'f
•nd  VlllJ   U,   V„\;H,   (I,,.,,   mm,.,)  o,,   |r)
T.null 11 lint there Ju- wim imi klmllv
"»r I*-.' 1,\- n tmm tlj.it pjihik mil Tn
"ii-t him. .-tinl rtviT nf f» trntettV-
■1 1p<: mniiey wm; unl w.iiiTi-iI nml he
""< i-iicifil. ivrlmps 1I1I.1 hnd -vim,.,
".me In iln with' 11 muWiit (h-.cit.|i'i-|
« < Miuli to 7|o„ cilv.
Mt.xh'v matter,-. Wan to preM, Ills
cnlleuinti \iC)Xv„ nt Carneflie hall, New
i'.i",'. mu nie pen*
would nol nn In
They were nol  in
wrLv'5 '™"cl,,s!olls      °r  a  scientifie
writer ,„ t)u.. cunent issue of the lint
.si   Montbly    Review   are   alce^d
murder   inysteries   in   the   future   will
te nineii easier i.f solution.
lhe   wn'ter,   X'srul   UVinl.uth, -   announces   that    l,r    has  (,iscov'crea  a
l^S"lv, i:1Pnl,!A^ . '"dried, human,
hlooil. Mhat, this siutiihes Will ir
JLl}l"fflmiLU.*]ieji_LL_is_{;Ui I ed-t h;it^-tliir
m-alcsl evpets i„" .„,;,,-,..,! j,,,.^,,,.^
deuce, lmve hilhcrlo held thai it 'i-i*-
impossible to nsn'rlnin definit'e'lv
.wlictlicr, or not the d. ied - blood7vas'
that.of.ii diunmn or ;niv animal."
After a-r, rrinff to t]l0' kientilicatiou
of blood when ,t i.-i fresh bv u,-e si/L*
nnd; shape of lhc corpuscles" *AIr Uh-
leiihulnfioes tjh  to say;
■'/;}*■ wA!'/,lvu «<"■'». iiowovcr.'wood
contains .still oilier cluu-ncleristic sub
stances, namely, all*iitiii„ous materials, and .should it Hun tivmspire tiinl,
these albuminous substances' are dif-
feient in various sorts of,bp0od, and
should tJicio" le a inethnd of juovin.r
Ihis difTerciice, even af ler Uie blood
is dried up, ti,e dilllniii, problem of
dillereiiliJitjii.r blood would be solved
mid this problem, mav, ns a matter
t.i Incl, now he ■ reivui-ded unsolved,"
-'lhe best and-most incontestable
proof ol-the-prnel ienhie utijity of tiie
process was furni'.lieil hy,nivself. The
Ii|ii»sniii miui.stiv -of justice. ,,1,^,1
al my disposal nimieroufj o,b'jects jire-
served Irom eriininnl irfal.s Ion*, .since
concluded, on which wen- hloodsinins
ol winch I hail uo hnowledfte of whnt
evir.Hly a-poils coiilniniiiK- the resull
ol the iiivejillKnliim-of these blood-
■'ilaliis were compared wilh llie nllieiul
records, nnd* in every sini-le case ii
wiih round ihnlj tin*' dln-yin-ils of whether it wns liiiiiinn bio nl or the blood
iof sniuc uuiinul  wns con eel,
"There wns n euse of n ,'„-,„ vv|„,
deiiintided ihnl mi niiniiily be pnid bv
the ffovei-imieiil lo a workiunti wh'n
wns 110 Umjier able In enrn his Itvi*i«>
stiitini-' Dm If he wniii'-sulTeiiiiir fmiii
nhfiiiorrIiii|;e, A doclnr wns enllul in
who found him in a bed u-rnuleil wilh
hlooil, luil could find no reason lor
llie heinoii-liiific.
"The blnuil'diiiiieil sheet was tn...
wnnleil lo nie lo exniuine, nud ,1 v.n-,
niile In nsi-eriniii (luil the blond on
it wns 1 Imt of mi us, Wiih th,. ohji'it
of ilcceivlii>« lhe jiiillinrilies^ the 111,m
hnd nbliiiiied n bnltle of blood fiom
n sliiii'ilili'iihoinie nnd pfniml llils hut
llilllM'lf cn lie lay ill led.
Mi>.****|i|l"ui|(liul1il ih'(.'iii(;Y |)*i   hnce
prnved the reliillniisliip of mnn In lhe
monkey by the nlnilliully of tin- blnnd
- --■♦ -—
l.niiilnii, April i,1!.—Cuptniii A lei;-in*
del" Slinpsiili, nf llie Alunli'cii liner
1tfni*n\ Inn, inmph>i|.il ihi'i week hlu
"1st round -I rip vnvnj.'e to Hydiiey, 11
ii'ioi-i] wh'i-li II I-i l.'lli'v,.,'. Iiu'i im' par
itlN  In  llin nieii'niitili. innrliii',
Cnpltilii Simpson Annuiii*, ihnl lie
IlllH nnileil a,nn.i,n(i'i mill's wllhnul n
ml'slmp niidi'V lh,> linn, of ih,. .\bi.|.|l,.|.|i
line, whldi he |oiti, -.', iu isr,.-. if,. (■• n
Jierlni'i, lii(|tiliet- Into lhe laws whiih
('li'vin llm oienii em rents, and in
ordi't! to Nvi'iil.- rellnliliv ihila, |ii> lnvt
iniide 11.n pim-liiv Inr siiiiie lime In
Ihunr 01, j 1 <..».•.) . u i „',,, ,1 I,, ,|v,
ci liln 111 lii'', the i-i.i-m1 ol1 hi-; MiId',.,
pnj.ilInn, niul n iiv.<ii.**l. in 'ievernl laii-
i.'iKi"in iiml ih.> lin-li-r will return it
In llllll with Um ilule niul tiniuc nf lhe
plnco  nt  whiih   (1   1V.11J f 1 ui ttil.  A lin*
"l)ll4l ill" JLIS        I-l,*)   I   114,|,   ,\ |ll|,|t. lllll')
four. (Iii.iiiniid Inllli'K to the .,r-i, mul
7?n linvi- lii'Cll let in lied,
T-CI^fi<- of llicin were foiiiiil ni a dis-
tnncli nf ninii', tlmn icon mji,... f,-,,,,,
tie vlnci'M wlieie ihev were iln-iiwn
intn lhe <e.i, Inn in.', Ih-cii ivirilid finin
Mh' M'I-mIuiikJ- / f ('-n-,4 JTrti',. In (I,..
Aii.'.trali.-it in.i'il. Tin* iiviTJii-e '.pi-el
wns is iiiili-<i n 1I.1'.'.
— rfv     •
■■ The need rin-wnr f,f v\n>ilr!ii l<;
a Mrit-lii" .••-'im.I,. n[ ih,. (.Imi)!,- i;i,
invt T. A. V. ^ m
lx I-. -,ii.I hi-. I**.v r-ii;il,w.'.iil-. nn* YV
srilhTiril nt n a,'.! t.t .it..in nu'witn. n*J\
tithv, lb.ad, iuin- f.*'i (,„;, ro„.!|.. [ijl
lute .*.:■. m..v.,, ,i;, 1   it it,. ,»,...,    „,,,   V,\j
ttll..^.1       ll...       .1 I .. .      I  .        4-*k.*f*l
^_ .... .   ^ ,   .   . ;     ,
Til] Thursday Morning. April 19th, at 9;b'clock
age starts
This will positively be the Greatest Bargain Sale in the history of
Fenne or yicinity.   Goods will fee sola for less than cost of the raw
.materia 1, ^__o^*JF— r>Q^ T-A^p^TsvuirAr^^ «v.^_..„«., «_ _» i "_!_
. M%tches:^Me,i-s   Nickel   and- Silver .'walches, :"guaranteed   movements
^right s prices <$2.oo to $5.    Doomed price, 75c to *2.45
v    ,       Ladies and Gent's Watches, former prices $6.50 to $12.00     '
Doomed prices $2.45 -to 4.05       °
,   7     .        One immen.5e.l0t of Ladies' and Gent's Watches, 20 year guaranteed
. ,. Jib., ^20., and ^25.   Doomed prices, $8.45 to 11.65     "
*     Laches and Gent's solid Gold Watches, highest grades man-jfactur-
Clocks    Atei^h ^?t0n$,a5, D?omedpiW 52.75 to &
v^iouks.   Aiaim clocks, 1.25   Doomed price 55c
Eight Day Clocks, 4.50 io'$5, Doomed price, $2.65 '
1        ":       ■worth?o,?n,?incyX l'^1 nr0nZ5 JVfn.nlel C,.ocks«   hi^h,y ornamented,
wo.th 10 to $15,   Doomed prices, 4.35, 6.85, 7.35
Sdveinvare.. Cutlery,. Berry Spoons, Flat Ware clc, a. mu t go at prices
m   •       J ai below a<,tnal <iost of ProUuetion. P
Chains, .RmgS,   Etc.    One big lot of Mies' and Gent's Gold chains, form-
• ei-pnee 3.50to 5)   Doomed price $1.95 ,'lins»,0'm
* pHoe|ff9Bo °b? nnd C1,a,c,,linos worlh 2'00 to 2'5°  Doomed
Oiio big lot Ladies' and Gents' Plain and Fancy Rings, worth 3.50
to 6.50.   Doomed price, 1.95 . J3
n m. I?a™cl,ds a* actual cost of importation
CanCS,' Umbl^   a«,  KtC    Highest grades, gold and ornamental  handles
in end less variety at Doomed prices.
P™ 1!o5^&N0«,|cT^r^CU }T'KS° W""' Toil''1 -A";cle».H,i.nr „„tl M^e-rchaum Pipe.
 "** ' 0U'U Uookl-' 01'I"',,I Goc"15. «*<•■-. "II mim «-o nt iiricra loo low for qtioi.-ilion.
IMM'^—-—" -  1...,,. , „„  »«^ra    u\w   YIOIU  tlllPt OllI'L.
—>.*>«.,.M HMMMMut.  nri.ui ,.i„  .	
lllffli (Jrndo WiitfliciN, OIihIch, Hllvcnvnn>, Cut
OIiihh, DlainoiKlM, KlntfM, I'Ii.h and Oniiinipiit.,1
ArtlolcN of nil I)om'il|.Uon«, Doomed <o no foi-
wlmt they wlll l-rlii-**.
m*mm.-uwmmmrmi .a aiv,. «««.
Heliind  Closed Doors
Till* Dijoih up,) ,|0w C.|0HCI| lm\ W|.j j.,,,,,,,!., ..inu,,,!
ini.tll 1li.» Itlfr Halo   HtnrtH.    ^..Illvoly "/.'► iVnbt
<ll 'Iliuruilri-v moriiliiir, April 1 mi, «t l> o"rick!
w«u«..i,w„M...M,.i,„,„i.lti,MiM„„„,^(l„„Ml,M„,„|.MM, [||M , ^  _ -r-.ii
tt *&%«&f*r*1**ti tfrffcti ci!d*•**..« I.*-*
w-m m m w_«i *i..iu   WM gur <M» l-J »0' <Lfl i^i»
IBM        w'.illfln'flpil ■ f 1 R ri  rmm ww*m n    nr-*n m nr w *.  r|flfrT.*l m tt-~. .--.«*•.**.   .**.  ^. .   .—.«»" m *
UL f I nl IL may put up» a sia^rB m
mislead and mix you up.
Remember Hie Big Sale is at Wright's old stand opposite tiie Post Office
an attempt to
*HisM.mlL*t*L*^,m..m~..   mm, f  ■ fr ff . M^^, , i[fcM
* **l , 1 m Ut f*~. 1**+**..-^   t.-^m..m.m^m ^.mtm
yndicate of Toronto
I .... *--*-r--rin-ii.., i
iMr-tli.    |I|J.    ll|.*,'il|V   !*i'   filll...;   IM   "..,*
nl   P..Vi'  nt U   I".  «>. ■«*.,ii.Vp i|,,,|   «...
i'i   Il'lfl/llll'-lv   .llulll'   -lll.l   <: 1.'(,.,, 1)1..   JI..
Ii.'i'i it It < ill" i-Ti'iii il n**-«r*-* lliin 'i'i
V---1I--. citiil IWs- Mr lo t.-i-.fd il.,- iv•
conl fif Oiip'-n Vlrlrnln i-n tli;- rcr'1'*'
Make no mistake.  Watch for Hie Bit* Sips anil Wright's Name over the door.  Opening Days, Thursday
Friday, Saturday and Jfaday, April 19,20,21 and 23 and iiosilively doses in 15 days.'
The Buffalo Factory and Mills Syndicate of Toronto
I WANTED.    UT Salespeople.
\ i in iin>-ii iiriirniii'M'-iif mniiii mi (n *nu—      	
Apply at once
B^Kasg-ssssa-^^ -a gaaBSBssag.sa
(Wt^^Q-tiS ;-"C" ?f.^'4-t'-D-:*1-..,-
ry- -ii; i-*; *;*■**;■*.
..- 4^i-4-> ■• i ;<
.   -V?.'-
. Hi^K^^fi-'y^ifi ^i?y\
^iYiiYYi-YY: -• '■'' ■
■ - ,-"-4*J,,'-*I'-T.
-77 y>>*'"
. • '.'.wi*..-.
->..!• -. -,} *7. f.V;*-V"iv*J*\}' '7S->6
', -  -    -*. .     .-- ~   i* ,---, f,4'.,t;x.   -,      ^
-.*"-- -If.
■ ,£v ,
44'   'fl*
\ *,">
4- -* **> *-«-4 -
peg- suction, ; was' ahoiit-
lovror. - _'-. •-*"_ • ' * - ,
.,' Ii is' rq-onAl - lhat tlm
-jij-ucliw.'- coiupuiiy- -jsi-'io-join '-.\\vuh
sie.Vrlliiis* iu .huiUiinjr-Uu: Vc'stuni. sec;'
litm. It this is*-correct-' thc " conuiiis-
ioii -wrill have lio object?ous-'jThe "commission 'arrmijjcd to liofdio p'ti cent
-----. r'   -4i      i 4Hi-m' or-   °'{  the *-c6utiacv "price of'tho Western
licitation* of  aid    or - ai*ic«ioivw»,pj      [seclion.-ou deposit; nud also to retain
-,     '   _ ,.   »-*,i 'i-.i* iU-'rott'cu san's .i........; .....'.-".-k'... ■' ,. ni;.-,'1' -„„,., ••...„;
."■Annstron-i*. Ai'iyi-rUscr—' ,., .- 7 "
i   As «thc facts Vocolnc' tottwn^tlic;
impositions ot Rev. J* A. Day, i>--»-
thc- imposlcr "who "cnectHaUy^vortc«\
thc towns in Uritidi ColUiul4a:-A1^97
Avts'-  i-
•*&'■ ■'
phans grows, and/h.** ill-fiot*^n T^™*
must have aniounli.il to.a }r'aod;wa,iiy;
ihonsands ol donais..'AnnsUqn£7-has
-.-.ore than' passinp; imcicst '»A-' l"11*
* punisl
to th
wcrcrtlicvcd   ot   odd * iliiUartT' ny,
.pitiful  pleas. ^
the- toil ,-peji.jiiciit -_ou Ihe^pi-oRre^s ""cs*
iimatcs?-toJ.Jico«i-c'_ ihc'Vonslniclion - of
life .'section in case-of failure of • * the
coiitractoi-'s'.*] The- '$4oo,6o&.jiow on.de-
counsel'-ior'-i he • plaintiff 7gavc - utter-'
ante"to\the following se.ite'ice*SJ'A:A\..
>". VThere^isI'a'-paperijkno-wri^af^'/'Ath?..'
Toronto*Globe, 'a^papciv.kno-wu* toVcvj"-
cryhpdy *.i"i -'tliis*'country Alt -'has: "^J-iiJ
enormous! ** cj1^
lengUif/aiid -breadtl^*^
%?**&! JXTtC' »l~**i*^. "**
.■dS'ii .-.■!-•-';•.,
;r! ,	
try-desire' tofsee*- andjupon wJiichV-a
...■"ii..-* l„"_„.7. mjli.^Csi^dVAs-'i-CS.-Jii-r^Ty-,.^
■'"*"    '      , ,    .       T, *,   ,V-.\1lA4ir-   y        -.l.\ I JVK..VA1 JUAJli/ ' Willi      ,'
Dav's proper name is I etcr A-I0w'|w,;i"1-Iuva(fc    Spokane , Says   ..- The
nd he was formerly *a niR'mi-rcia.il -.Pa-Kident. '
at Oraomiuli, lVr,sia. 'When cousin*; | Spokane, April 15.—A. C. Fhuiier-
lhst to -Vinerica he persua'ded K//.ot'fdi, piesidtut"of the..International
' liJ-ii son Al'the Turkish consul, to ■! Coal S. Coke' Company,- of Coleman <
S^c'io America, nnder the,' pretext |All*.*ta"i *eiKIU,uilcN cast of.the Hril-
of securing him a free imiversiiy cd- 'isk  C«Jnin.l.ia  line,  on  tin.;  CamuliHn
of jsccnnn
uoation.   Upon
in New ' Pacilie railway,
who has been in the
1111114.4,1 ..       «.*■        > .
part. Later ^irliculurs^uw that dui
»n\; the time he was at una-;^ iu
Micdily proved that lit was iiu.ra >
* ■ " a violi-.il di-,l.o.aUoii. 1'iu
"i«.:i\v    and ureal
bad and oi
inji this, time   a
(riend of Alh.w's killed a -»'«■* ^u'
U*\ preacher and was cximpcilcd ,-■_ to
floe lor his life. Allow .was. soon .after cxpJied from toUcgo «m'account
of his bad bchaiior and violence.
If was not Ihiik afttr that Allow
Uaned on his'liie of lraud and crime
He went t'u the Vnilcd Slates ....aud(
landed in HeaUU* in x<y*, and com-,
menced work as ll.e.Uev. Voter Solv-'
man, I). I).. allcsiiiR x.haX. he had. an
nrphanagc 'for which he was collect-.
iiij»' moncv. ...
-   He traveled east Ratlu-uiig 111 luui-
ilreds  o.    dollars     in   various  places
where   lie  stopped  for  a 'while      an'-
evo-vthin.r  ran smoothly -.'."l'l  *    '"'
unlck the town or Telia, Iowa. J. here
while (loins; a thriving business     Ins
.methods aroused ll*** susp'*.ciou .of -yxe
•Rev. W.'li.  VanKcrsnii, a Presbylcr
, jan pastor, who Marled on ci-..;*{.iry as
' X.i the  o'.i»in  and  standiiij;  of  boly-
tnaii, wilh lhe lltsiik that tl'.u follov.-
iujr Was received by hiin aud lorwa
tif to   the   (Toveinor   of'the--siiilo_
Iowa, who siavi: it "jjeiieral publicitv.
"Tlte \0vt11a man of wliom you wnU
is a lraud find an imposter. Jn- i*-J'*5
Mr. Shedd, whom 'he mentioned to
you,' wrolA ine'from Urumia as follows: -
"In a letter I receivcd'.v.-ord of;-a
man who has started a tour of the
world, regard in j*; whom,-you *riuj.;hl lo,
be on your guard. His name is Pc-
tros (Peter) K.. I\r. Sliillimoii.JSalv-
"Pimm I CTS~fn-uiTl i!RTn*Ti*m~pTmhm tr*.
of. the college. liis !,<ehayior *" siiloi
grailuation .has1, hec'n'-"finch as" to "show*
lhat his character i.s lliorou^hly" bac'
I'nforlunalevlyi al some, time, he inaii-
Btrcd to stamp some slv-cts of paper
with the college- seal, and no dciiibl.
W\ will make use ot them. He' is a
Noslo!*i.iu  and nol an Armenian.
fiTwn days before your letter'was
received 'I received a postal care
from Mr. Shedd, who has just returned from' Lrnmiia for a fiirloiiir;ii in lh<
T.Tnite«l .SL'alcs, iu which he says:
*■ "'If voir should have any iiiiiuiii'-..-.
rcj;ardiiiK a* Syrian whose prescnti
name is Peter AlK.w, Coimcil T..,.iilTs
Iowa, he is lhe, same nn Pctros 171)
Mclik \Shillimon (I'etros of Hu*/) and
is vory unprincipled. '   _'
"I in.iy say in a word' that hu i.1-'
(inc. of J.I10 nmiiy who an: pre v in jr. on
lhe churches, and lhc tidings of wlinsi
Kircccss in (liipinif Clirislic.ns in America  docs ondli'ss harin   in   Persia."
Nero is the card ho handed around
for thc benefit of his intended vie*
"lie llml jriveth to the poor- lend-*
r.t« fh fjie I,onl,'*'—I'rov. 19-17"vf
. "Tn the Kiiiili.sii-.il Orphanafje wc
tnnvc now 312 clitlilr.n from three'
10 fitU'eu yeani nl ny.'', who arc bviiu'
fducnUd i 11 the I'.nj'.Msh l;inj',iiaj!i'
'am'. Auirlo-Saxou Tii:»*tiit*s ot life, pre
pnnitory to adoption in |,food Chris-
.tian ltoinis iu this count ry. „
'-Siiliserilit S50 to cover lhc iruvcl-
lln-r expenses of one ol these ihildi-en
»r fj,) lo siippoil one in the i.rplinn-
a^e for. one j'car. Smuller .sinus will
hu rtuvoud tli biiit'iiii,; out little on*.:.
for udopiioii by kind Christian people, J)o ..onu.-lliiiif-' to brinj', likssiii'-
end linppincsji to chiMixn who live in
daily feat' of the .-.ultan'-s .spii.r.
''IliHoiiiiii-h as ye have done it unto
lllv   loil.sl   of   oiiu   ui   these -,4,       ll.i'-e
done  it  iiuio niy,."—Mattluw   2.s->pi.
Aiiioiint   ci'iiliil'uU.l   S  '
Nn mt '	
I'.S.—I help to ;.i-l\e tl.e thililivn.
CONY.It.SCTri   l.l'.T.
Oltawn, Apiili),-.', 1). SU-Ailinn
«i   Willlllpt'j;   litis   betu   aV'.ll.K'il       the
1 on 1 rial loi j.|,s miie*. 01 the uulii.n
ul iraiiHionliiieiitii! I10111 V-'mni-M'*.*
«uM, lm- fi.l.ini'/'iii. Ilnj'.iii .** ,iK-
llmiald, ol Aloum,il, jr-it lhc n-nliv
iwttioii for J5,'.'y*",ooo, ,'i'ud tin: PdmiIii-
ion !lnil|-*! Cotupim} j-i.l llu* I,u Tui'i*.
hrlil^u lm  Jjjii,>/i^i,
In .'M.-"* lln. uj|i„f..ul   tn thv  l.i.',
eht blii.lel  lor lhc enlist 1 iu Won il  the
Wiuiiipi')-  mu'i «,liii,'liec tiuclioiiii ol   lin.
tlniisi-oiiliiiLUt.il  u.iUmiv      ni..te'id >.l
li'.irs is not a domo'lk coal," lie
said, "bui il is a-fine steam coal. \}'e
are> uiiiiin^ about one thousand tons a
d:<y. The Caiiadiaii Ncrtheru railway
takes about two hundred lops a day
wc aro usin,-; one hundi'e'd tons in mak
ing coke, uiul. the Cmiadi'au Pacilie
,-a'lway is ' lakijij; nearly '*:<:p tons.
Hjeiv is pruClically im tiiiliiuiied sv.p-
lv' of (oke: "in-the. Crow's "N'csl i'c<ss
field, and miiiinj; has liecome an ill—
histrial pioposition ba.'.ed on ,<-.l',.ii)u
;ood market:--. I suppose it is s.lf.: to
4=av that the Ciow's Nest Pass     coal
reformers said , {instead of -, giyc'ii.s"
this day:pur. daily..Globe.,,-.!'^--j ...7-"*^
; -The Globe in its' fijrht for "the right
to'criticise the actions of people who
^aia-ii*^CaTJital^$'10,p00;000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
®*J7 v- --* \«?.-"' *.*5'' ,
¥^*y.'g€>i'"-'4-7. -
.ALEX.'LAIRD, Asbt. Gen'l Manager
"-BSE,\WALKER, General Manacrer
Yri&W$Wy-' :A - ;'     . -—
.**. '-.-"t
BANKING ,13Y  BrfrAIL     • •''
■ft!j^Biji^'8SS-m transacted by mail with any: branch
of,ohe"Bank7 AecoiHits'iKay. we ojscned,- and deposits
deal with-ihe-public.-has, the sympa-1 made or'"-withdrawit by Miail.   Every attention is paid
tines'of all newspaper men..However,   j.    ■   ' s.    " j. ■" .,..«. r
some of us may -cliflcv with\the j-rcat'
liberal-paper; il in unanimausly eon-
cucded that it has always been jjtuiril
Ct! ill ith cwn'-ibiHs .up'ou .Kiich'occasions as gave rise, ,vto the suit in thc
course of wliich thcAibove.. rc.iuark.s,
wero initclc.uso of by'a *coit'scicnt ions''
desire to bu fair and'just lo all parties, and the..Globe is lo.be,congratulated upon/the manly iijiht'iAiu'aj'.c'
for its '.'ijfht' lo fair.y criticise what
il deemed lo ,be* ajritinst the; p-ublie
illiei-cKt. The Globe-will likely live
down any'bal cficci7 -{nwlnp out ..of"
this prosecution' and ''continue to in-
crttitsc iis circulation and to aid in
l)ri|if.i-|jj'*jil)oa('l'niUpr iiit.-iuesii nto".-
ods and a .lij-hcr -moi-al .tone liuoiisr
lhc people who read its comment's,
upon'passing events.,,     '.'  . .   ■ " \
tn   the  (iiiiinl     .".nil;   t ,u
J.3,I.VI,Ollii   ||,l*,   Imi M   *, "i *1
„(.   ul Lit
'J I'i
l/t  .:ieii
mi U-iiiU.r-4 Ior the \Viniii|rftf s, J,i:.ii
C, I', MrArtliiir,   Sn.ntn.nvi
I'licilit  Coii.ntiiulioii innip- in ,   jii,
Oriiiul Vrunl* I'suifn, St;,,' n.i
lIcArtlitis  Co!i,,tni(iiiin     1'i.m
l'i» „.a .,,.
r . -> » -
lichl.sl aie thy" greatest iu America.
't'hi'V will be ' produclive of ^i-eit
•P- \ -  .,     I
, "Oiir-.'propiM'liy covers--Hoven niiics
.ii. lhc strike kol the. vein, a'nd the Car.
idiau Pacific cros'cs our laud' 1 miles'
rom iis northern extremity. The
neasnres run noithwcsL and joiith-
,-ast and the veins pitch ai-oiil 35
-le-srccs. The No. 2 seam -is "13 feci-
vide, all coal. The >4*o. '4 scam of 4.0k
ue; coal iscei»ht fiel wide,
"The bond issue, aulhoii/ed by i!*c
.impr.n - will lake up'the outstandiiij-,
'v\l of Sdoo.cno. AVe*-are fully c.i'.'ii)-
>»d lo meet the mechanical demaiids
-on us for some time. Via wiil s-.-lll
...ivc Sico.ooo worth of bonds a\svil:
ii.lc lor Juturc needs, and there °» a-e
* o,(-oo 'shares of stock in the* lr.--.is-
•iv. ' ' " ,
Mr. Fiumerfelt left, for a visit io
he. mines. He was formerly •:xe:-M.ive
•/i'.ecr for-the. Granby Cons-.ii-Lite.d_
'iinpr.ny, but. has retired and'is r.o*,v"
■\-'Y «t Victoria, IX. C.  fie 1.4 ""'I'-s-:
lent of" tlio "ir-\stiiiji« vShiii'rle'-da'iiu"'.
^ j :.:.^t±- '...',..-_T-i".l ^>T rtl-jn.
—teLiir. nj;—\^4iiiij..xii.Ti--^'-'*"-'-<—„" —z	
■ouvcr, > and is a director of- lhe
•v?(istc:-n-"TowA,ii|)s Hank. .'■-"• I pirsiv
1-nl of the ]>rili:-h ' Aii-.ei'.ci Trust
fimpiiiiV/i.nd i* ii', * 'i-.t', *f '•• iii'.'''1'-*?
•i'f a ni'aiine "ii-un-in:« coir.'i.iiiN. Hn-
Hcil'.c   tmder.vrilivs,   "•'"■i   a   cv.i.ila!
to out-ox'itown accounts.
Pernio   lJiiincli
C«. S. * IIoU*,   "Mfaiiaf-fci-
MtMMCMMMe«t9<jS€sse * ®«® 8mmmm8$d®m9&mw
ISgrgE-zriME 10-get aiSjice. Jardiniere^'
See our,window for  the  finest  assortthcnl  ever
•   .- seen in Fernie for lhe above mentioned lime'.
per ceht Off ■.Marked Pricies.
Pay Cash and Get VoSmc Tos' Yous- IVtoncy. -
Prompt DeHvci*y.
«   TELl'I'IIONI-:   *§
«1 ,'. *«i
■**? ; , K m\
*•'•-■ -at
»•> • -    =*
The Peopled OVoccr,   P.O. Block, Pernie
A St. Pcteislnujr despatch of.April
12, says. The question of whether the
to open parliament has, accordin^'. to
emperor will c,"onie to'St'Petersburg
the Xovya Vreiiiy'a, been decided in
the negative. The representatives will
when  the markets 'aiu  opcae 1' be summoned' cither to Tsarkoe Solo
|or,-lo the(Pclerhof palace.'There they
will bo presented-to liis, majesty, and
will listen to a speech' from, the
throne,* after whicli they will- return
to St. Petcrsburjr and gleet n president of the lower house, Th's'decis.'
ion was arrived at only. Ut protect
tcct the di»nity of the sovereign,-but-
also, iu fact, because no place has
ben provided for the emperor in th •
Taiiridc palace,' -whero Uic lower house
will'meet, -' ' ,■  ., ' *
It  looks to  aii" outside, heathen "as
lhou-*h there is as much need oitak-"
in-f neccssani precautions  f''.-."     U,i
protection of the little .while i7ar'us-
in "looking after his diglnity*. The oth-
lianl' of .dignity. lcnriiaiflriiiiT In-'.'  the
, qua/kingi, iraliic of the ■ czar, mid  hip
reactionary adherents is but a mockery, .not worth .protecting,   - The real,
object in having the 'louse meet-him
at Tsarskoe .Solo ilpjead -cjf at„..Sl-.'
Petersbuig  is  to  make sine ,tluit' uo*
premature explodinjr of bombs' or*go--,
JUL off of pistols 'will'ihit-.'a srto» l'.-.'
A For Fine Slationcry, Ofiice Supplies, Ledgers,
Day Rooks, Journals, Cash Books, Letter Books
Typewriter Paper.and all goodi; kept: in' stock- in'
a;first class Book and Stationery Store.
"*'■.'-:,-'.' , "
-Palace Drug Store   .
J '  H. F.'MCLEAN, IViais-Bager
• -.   'A.-jdnls' A_»t l\i li P;ano.   llui'iiacide.   Liquid Vcm-tu- * Webb's CnndicB.
he Dooiiiiioii
EG to inform the inhabitant:* of Fernie, (luil we a're open-
in y in the Purely huiklinq oi.A'icibria Avenue,  a  first-
CI,A(SSIl<'II"<;i*i "v AI)V*RItTI.-5KMl"<;KT40.
- .under "this" heailinjj ihslerted at the
rale -of one cent a word each insertion.* !
the show."
] consider milliard's; liniment the
V.est linimcat  in' use.
1 f'iit my foot badlv jniniiK'd lately
*•. bathed it -.-.veil with Wihar.l.'s;',iui-
iiunl, .ind il was as well ,as ever the'
ii     -      Yours verv .truly,   .
*       T. G. MeMUI.UX.
.'0i 11 |C
Wins Kiriit Claim- ol  -aensnn
From   Ciiiiibrook,"
Tin.-.. Ili'st' football -..iiiue of tho sca-
oii' was pla'vod: on thc recroatifm
■miind.'i, L'niiibronl-, Friduy afternoon
j'lio day was ul, that ftould bo deslr-
■d aiul a liirj,'o nuiubor woro in nt-
1:11.1,11110. The iraino was clean from
• he I., ^iniiiii-,' to lhc cud, and was not
.hat could be called excilliif-;. hut al
Miics some lino plays wcro inude.
,*i:in|.rofjl-. Jialf-hfickfi wore slivnij; and
.hi.4.\.d up well. The l'Vrnlo -foalkeop-
r v.-s.ulwuys iu his placo and nl-
li.j';.!i tlm bull cniiio into his ro*.rlon
i'i'..il tinie«,j jet he was too wifh'-
.4".:.; i- lo allow the s.oeond .scoriii},' of
1 f,"1'-'. At tlie clonu Iho Kcore stood
- in 1 in fnvor of l'\*niio, A lvltini
■,iiiie will bo plnycd in lho near fu-
:ni"c.    . ,,
i'l.r.owiii;,' v,a:i thv l,iiio up:
I'l'lll.l' ,   •
'.   Whcbeil
'Iiiir.    " '
Hciiilei nun
".   Wild*';,
l.llli sun 11 —
A.   ,M.   Illiu-k,
.1,      Gil-
Ouchfif. Man tell-; hnv/thft firw-J Cm*
•si-.-mptlve. Prwentative was'
mi all-round Benefit
N'cw laid" cfrj's ,at IJlundcH's,* 25c
jior. do/cn. -   -     i
l.et us' make you a fancy.-vest
from one 'of tliose choice - new patterns. Conic, in and sec thehi, j.' Ciir-
iiiirlnifl,   thc   tailor.
Carmichael, thc tailor," has just
iceeived. the" nobbiest stock of tweeds
tor -Hpi-in-a- suits and'-overcoats■ ever
hioii'ilit to reriiic..
A hotel that furnislies fpiiet, cotu-
inodions accommodations for its patrons is a source of pleasure to the
travcllinir public. ,Ki'ich a one is the'
Kin'- I{d-.vard Hotel; of Korhiu, "corner o-iposile tho post ollice.
TO R15NT-TIIK Ul'l'lvll 1'I.OOli OK
,   the Carosella block.—Apply lo Thiiio"" Carosella,
ISosi/rime     »   Best Service
, Cast- via Port Arthur to
Winnipeg*,   Toronto,    Mon-
ircal, New York.
"'of 378 acres," situated in one of thc
."most favbrable'sp'Oti, forjruil jrrow-
 -■-■-* nrJl.V,{,1,r l'l /Mil' 4-OJHJl'ir il 111 *_
Tr"-1"--.-.—gtit4.v..i»..fJ-r~4.*4.'v.*— >.—.-——
-;■ poultry- growing 'in■'the*;Kootcnay
- '-country?- This ranch is all fenced
contains 61 acres of first-class bot-
idiu-liiiid,, 25 acres of which is in
''ii good state-of"'cultivation,, • 7
acres of good bench land suitable
for fruit frrowin-j* and --ardeiiintf, aiul
in fine stale of cultivation. Thorn
is, a .jfOfiil loff house of four rooms,
with'shiuf-lc roof, stablinK for' 'H
horse's ' aud 9 head of cattle, two
jrood henhouses and a good rnnl
house. This valuab.e property con be
had for S5*">7o,oo rash, if taken snon,
and is tho best bargain-for nnv-
oiic dosiriiijr lo„j*-o into ranchiii"
.that can be'found in Hast Kootoiiav
h'or further particulnrs applv to
Molt, Ron ii Co, l-'oriiio, 1J."C.
Via Soo Line loSl. Paul,
Limited Trains.
mc  connecting'
St. Paul to Chicago ,
Daily Tourist Sleepers
Iiast Dunsmorc Junciioii
Allanlic Steamship Agency
Through bookings via all
New S S Hmprcss Britain,
14,500 tons, 570 ft long.
.nrd'for sale nt this office, price C!;"i
cents cncli—"Rooms to Let, Applv
Within,"     "Ifuniislii'd     Rooms to
Let, Applv Within."
Foi nie, 'j»ooil two-story house on
tho pi'opcrly.-Ajiply. JA10TT, RONT
& CO.
OVK, S'i'OHV     Fk-AMI',     HUIUUMti
conn nouKK chntkat.i.y    i.o-
nilcd, for rcnt.-Apply JIOTT, SON
it CO.
ilf mi
JL ' ...
class meat market', with a supply of She finest quality of
meats etc.    "' ^ ',    ^       ^       ^ ■• , , ^ -    '$
i Beef, Boten^eal, Pork, Corned Beef,,fe.aad Butter..
Armour's, Brcakfsst.i'Ha'riYas and -Bacon.
IVo w.-inl lo call yoiirattciiliou lb llio fiu't llml our' :';iii-;.i^o  iii.iniifiictnry  is  in
I llie liniids of iiii VN'pcrl f.;uis;ii;e nniUi r, with --po-'inl iinicliiii'.'ry iinpurtcil At-
,   • reel iVom.GL'i'in.-i'ny.    This combined with the fact the oic.-its used nrc ' first '
■ • (polity and that every aliciition is };i\-cn lo ousurc .cleanliness,   is  why  wo
' have earned t^io reputation of heiii-;'l!io liesl Haiisa}jc,iiiiiUi?r'; in tl-c country.
.;     'V ,,fe ^ are a few of ear Spedalfies.- '   -"" ■.
Pork Sausuge!        Ltvej*' Saus**;"-;'*:»'      CoJc-ss-se'Bai.iiae.scI
Bloncl Pssesdis-is*;!     Wc^ncc-w^Sr.*..! >        i-V-Sctwcersl.!
Sicad CSiee'se,!        .C00E4cdir1.ciST.-a! ,''     E-',t;rc Leaf'i.at'dl
Give' us.-your orders and we wiil guarantee satisfaction,   and
.   remember we are here to slay.
4      "   ■ff^u^stf-^.'-MKP:   l*is't.
ne r
fiie Dominion Ptet and CaLUe M«ng. Company; Limited;
Must arrivkd."
i. -.
I he v;-i")' latest shades
The very laiesf \n
CbedjeJI-.CIiifffiir'TaFfcla Silk for
Shin" Waist Suite, also
another 'assortment of
tho.si"' Lovely Gu!«i Bells.
a   '  A  full   iisnirtiiieiil  of   I.:l*.lieL'
s :inil Chililivu's I Fc-itlwear.
lilt   •
1 If ll d.
I SeaS Ggars.-
Fernie, B. C.
lol loi-iilcd in conl ru of <ilv for j.ule
nl-n lmi'Riilii price—Apply   "JIOTY,
S0^. h CO.-.
diliinU'd nonr centre nf l-u-iinou-i.
two lionncn mid sin nil clinch, nt n
li.ir-rnlii.-T.iKiiilrc Wirt, SON* i'i
OUl NI-IWf'.I-Al-HRS-AT Till) 1,VM\
cr office.
To Quebec May 19
Kor rales,  linieinlilcH, ole.,, npply
x.i iin.il ,i}jiiii,> ot utile
», IlMADfNO, Ari.,
I'Vrnije,  Jlv C
Iv. J. COYM-.,
Ass'l. Ci. I'f A., Vuiicmiviji".
.1. 8.  CAKYKU, (.
f  I..  1',  A,,  Neluoii.
* » . M , « » . 1 I    M    4.   'it    >l    .1
In tlioKrmliiimy Vnlliiy, -10 iuiiih nn*
lllll' CIllllVllllOII-     110    nill'CH   Oftll    lll>
,lri-|;ntoil Rt n mnnll oxpoiixo. Tliiue
nm (food bnildliiL'H on llm pvopiMly
rilno lliniii nillc-H of frtiu-'InK. 'I'ltnrn Ih
nl)'nt two million fm-t of lln1' ilnm
llmlior on IIiIh Innd. This in a hiinp
for niiy 01m wUhlnar In \\ot 11 unii'l
rniu-li. Tor pnrtii'ii!nr» npply l<>
Mult, Hon (i Co.
SITrATIO.V. \VANTHn-)'.i..;i'».'i iim
wnitrt'N'., or lioiisi'ina'1 Imt "."•.•''iily
iirrlvpil ymiiijf I'.iif'HsliM'niiiiiii. An-,
ply nt thli 1.llin.,
l-'«r thu (i}ii';lH*e U'^iiiiii—
lloj-.ni ,'c 'SUihixJjb], *',->,**',;,'> -.
O'llrli'ii «v   MulnrLv,' .C,-*i-,i^.
Ornml 'lri.nl;  Vtivi$i*ig<'.,wx,iY,.o.
l, v. D.1U.1 im.! .1 ri'i ii.ui,., ,<-*..
U. Cniuuillv iiml .I(.nl-"tt(« .<* W.'Ki.n
SffArilnir     Cmt'.iMu-ti'iM   -.nmp^nv
The Itiuicr-i
DMninii-'ii   Iir
ty 1 *.,<«..
•nnwSiili.il   rifi.tjRt  C<.i'iin»-iv,   "A
I^ientiuil ive .tliirhtiu- fV.i.ui.im*, 5i
Cannil-i JtriAee CV. t $x\\,n*i
(•mild 'fniul- I'.nilir.  nr am
Vhtitsix tXi'Aff C.n«'i-..'<i.-   e\,-,,,
TJl*f ttfttfVtJfllt  l«-tii1»"*  rt!  th<- (\,«x
**r.t{i,n, V*lti'li,i'>X fir Jtn nn. *»-a
ffrt-i.fvfi foTi*"  tf-.-n  ttt.-'
j    " My wife took Lti Grippe when alto wan
! hi Ol!HH;i,".s'iy* Ii, N. Dittba of Noriliflcia
« ...4.., X- • .. ,..».'«* txiv.llM'na      '   ii.lOJikAA      1
j Iwtlhi M ISychhie ami nfler using* it for a X
jf.*wOaystih<jtv.*»<i((.iilo«c!I.   I took n colli 4/
nml nm -i<.inj.>; It nml nm •rfrttlliiij; nil rljjlit, 7?1
j i ihinlc IVyrhlno it ono of (ho Gent Ionic* ^.
' on lho timrket lo-day." 'St
and. doosi *%
, %M*wW*a^km*m\m-jnJwm**mm
*S^'1*.,'MY*t^SimA.*lXti*.mmXS^*m*mmmm*r**mt*^ *
MS. tLMHi I*** I1***   IrtitrHiailiVf IT   r*Tl<iri"fT*"-Jt   -J"[J",L'tf'
Carpets and
Blouse Eurnishin-gs
i    *i
VISIT io our Kecond floor will convince you thai wo tarry ai. np-lo-
iliio  sio-Jk ol" Carpets, Curtains, 1'iiruSliire, Sloven, Oil Cloth.:, anil
Lii.'iL-.ii.i.! .-unl wo Mn.: H.*ifc in .-.ayin/r that no fit ore wcsl" xMi Winnipo*" " ""
disni-tv. tl sndi a inai.»nificonr .thowiiiMf of ncl>  floor coverings as wo h.*
Winnipo,*^ over
tve at
7*i i wtf
Thero you have the wliela matter In a
J niil-titell.   !.-t (Jrlpp* ami eohli nro nmong
, Jh'i fiiKTutiii'-'r-i ol con-.ui.'.olioii.
j    '1 hii mnn Imd one, hU wife luil the other, '
I P-.vct.iin-. not mi!y cortA I»oll» Vint ll IhiIH !
/ .' (hi-m up so Ihht Ihirtr K>ilh*ii ste %tr«ne! 'Xi
(or-iln- Hi!.!.',!■. were      ipncmith ti>.ros!»t. AiwCMc,  All t<ed» of j-jfe
triilj***     Cn*'-.<*,*.«-v   "JI" ''"C'm-i'jmpllon«roWSIciliy \^l
W PORT   ^TFVFN^   ciiahpion op
(PrdiuMtiu-nt S(-li««i4>
• r?|
Stork's   Opera  House
Kf\    0     II 44.1  t       Tuesday, April 24th,,06
OUCi -T6r u0ttl6r$ Ocncrnl Admbsfon $(   Reserved Senls $1*50
HKliSSKLLS' CARPI-TS for parlor.-;, liulls, lil.rarK-.-:, iliuii^and Ihh] rooms
in almost any titsiiable pallorn in color.; of blue, fawn, niul ^rven and J.,p.m-
cns.. Mailing ■ assork\l colors.
WIWDOW SlIADliS KvcryJliin-g herein Curl.-Jiii i'oU-u and 1'inimin'^,
S.is'n Rod:-, Steel Plates etc. »
STOV1-S ANO RANGES ThccooUiiijr move is the Iiim cr.-Kcnii.il. .Wc
\w«\> fii haiul thc celcbrnied McClary's Siovor. which defy coutpeiition.
r AKWD'l'\\\i We will iiu-miim a few only. lV.v!i,iV C.hair.. .o.d lU^Ut-ih,
Hall Chair;;, Hall Mirrors aud Stands, \Vardrol.e«;, Hook Cane;, White
an.] Ih'.-.-o IJeil.-, Ilti^Ii Chairs, Sideboards and Morri.'*. I'hairr.
W'..... PAtM-'.U't   Wc luivojiiM Mil lul.i "xocb StX TON'S uii.tt  nmy  lv i-.ili.-.l  fl.c il-oftiM  in-J
liriH-'i ili-.i--J.iy i-viT t.liuttii \v<i.t nf llie tikes.
|!„.i;.;, *, \V;ii:.i.ii, sunt (»!»•< aiU willi ruhber lire<J| » cli«U-c in.U-i.lt.Hiof ulihis iiriYK-'n-iiwi .imi flctr
c. s. m m of fiffiis* nnurfSHix-Gs suit coiwiihb~hw mis hm aiiwo mu
f.ar««r •!«*• ft mutt tt-sll dwtJtltsts. V
rW-     *  r
mmm-mwrn-mussmw *0t*m m
**,    iin mi— lair *****■*.mumsmmm **1*w*


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