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*.-"■  A'-7.'/''AS;fe'^v"- AA' ''i-j'^-'^y'^^f'l^t^ii'^-y ':
iV;*-V*i -^;7-ir;,*-!-,, * i.* vv--"' -■   ^- -'*J t i- -
i .^ --r"
^      ^       --<rt,--..V;*, "
(.--%   lr -,
, -Vol. I, Number -38.
toy Interesting, items About
\ People Yoii Know
'^  -APR 30.1906
■ vv
This paper is in'no .way responsible
for opinions expressed ' or statements
mnde by its correspondents—Ed.   ,'
\V. A,  Bleasdell is visiting Mary.i-
ville this, week. - '  *; '■'
Air. Phillips of Tobacco l'lums.was
in the city. Tuesday.     7.   ■
r -J.* A.  Harvey,  of Cranbrook," was
in  the cily yesterday.
Hurry Howard, tlie IHairn'iore hotel man was in town yesterday.
< ))oti't  f. r/.et  the sale  of work
Stork's halt  on  Friday afternoon
'  G,  G,'Jewell,  thc     contractor,
visitor yester-
>     Jullr'av, was ir Vera ic
day'. *
Horn—At, Coal, Creek, Sunday, Aprii
15. *to J\Ir. and Mrs.  \V,' A. Mitciiell,'
'    A   SOIlf'       , '      '.
What is the tiiatl.-r with the'miners
this year? No .word of their annual,
picnic, '• !',. '-'
During the absence of Grant Downing Put Yihclau is. .acting' mavor of
.7 affray A """     ' ' A-   ■-'   •-,.    -
• ftles.'J. F. Jarvis.returned home
last' week Irom an extended visit lo
Scotland'.   . •■■'■      ' , -.
A. W. II.'* "Macleod, secretary,.of,the
Michel Miners' union, was in the city-
,  yesterday;.      '     ,    ' *'.
Geo/*Wilson,'   • leprcsent.ing     Clark
•   Hrbs: oi" Winnipeg, was in the     city
yesterday, .."' :
Messrs Pearson and Jewell arc pul-
.  ting;in.an-up lo date sawmill plant
at* .1 affray!
, Mr. and Mrs" II. G., Wdi.io.i *e-
turiicd Monday morning Irom .1 vis-it'
lo Seattle. '. - -
i<      VJ
. J. C. Hutchinson and family left
' '-Monday nioriiiiig for Vancouver via
- the C."P.- R. '     ";■'
'i l'sit Diirus, the Alberta cattle king
has-given $5600.00 to the San - Francisco relief fund.      ,'.'■■
■ We aro pleased 10 say that Mrs. II'.
Dudley, who has been seriously ill,
is very much -better today.    - ' "* -
The iiu-uest as to the (cause, of the''
death ul  Theodore ^lflack," has„*    .*eeii
/ii'iljiiiiin. il-^iiniil   iliis  evcninir.
"j\Ir.s. Win,'Mills left*for'Wctiiskiwin'
Friday evening," where' she" will-siieiid'
a.few nuliilhs visiting with hei-'inolh.
' er. •    .    " '   -7     '
To lhe Editor- of the Fernie Ledger—
Dear t>ii',—in an editorial aiiieio in,
last Saliuclay's Cianbrook, Prospector
there ' is u prolisscd ipiotaliou ■ Irom
the Dominion subsidy, act" of the, session of "4-03, which is ."a thing' of
shreds and patches.,'.'- "j
• Something . over a year ago when
lhe Prospeeior was published in Fort
Steele the same act was ijuolcU from
correctly, for then, there was no object lo be served by a misquotation.
Perm it me in lhe . interest of lair
play and lionesl journalism to supply
lhe omitted words, which" should appear between the words "international boundaiy," and "not exceeding,'-
Tliey are "Via Windermere and ■ Fort
Steele, and crossing the Crow's Nest
railway at or near Elko.-.        ''
The 'Prospector scribe 'has brought
together into one paragraph various
portions ol the aci which for the sake
oImIs easy. understanding is a perfect
ly justifiable proceeding,, but.' there
cun bo no justilicalioii whatever for
'the omission of, words essential , to
lhc correct conveyance of the intention of parliament. Such dishonesty,
ought to disgust even. the. most rabid
of ihose.scllish agitators who are now
seeking "to - previ nt „ the construction
ol the K. C. It. over'its natural and
chartered route.   '.,    - -.'>"'  -■
Very- tiuly' yours, r "
;,    HUGH WAIT;-M.I).
Fort Steele, April -.'4, 1906.    ' -'
Wearers   of   the . Triple   Link. Attend
' ' Divine .Services,
The   I.   O,   O.   F.   annual  .. service
hl-id   last   ounciay    in  tiio   jficiiioilisl
cjiurch was well attended and     liev.
air.   Jtoiison    delivered .one   ol"      Uu-
most appropriate and masterly     sermons   \ie  lia\e  ever  listened  id upon
a'similar occasion.. His-discourse, o.
course, -was , upon    tae   , br.ollierjiocd
theme and lie gave his hearers ample
1001I  upon 'which to meditate.      "'lie'
closed' with the last lines of JJrvanfs
T.iaiiulopsis.   A  more   li-autilul "*   01
appropriate   selection   could" not      be
made tioiii the whole English       language: >-
'"So  live   that,      ftheu thy  sumnions
to join
The innumerable,caravan which moves
To that mysterious realm where each
shall luke,
His chamber in  the silent  halls      ul
Thou go not like the Quarry slave at
^   night.
Scourged   to  his  I'.ungeon;   but '   sus-
>   tained and soothed
Hy an uiilaltering trust, approach thv
*     grave      .. „. *
Like  one who wraps the  drajiery  of
...   his couch       .     u
About him and,lies down to pleasant
Echoes From the Catastrophe at the
Goiden Gate. *    *
that, Honolulu- is" slipping into ■ thi.
sea. Several f.artluiuake sheets -were
lelt aud the peoplo became panic-
stricken, but not much damage is reported.
< Don't forget afternoon "tea and a
good time aL Stork's hall on Friday
Fish ponds for the children.and,lots
'oi 'Inn. • * '-'" '   -'l* """ '" <"
Joiin  Dunlop,   the  newly  appo'hted
■ immigralioii ' inspector on ..the nin
Ironi Feruie to Gate way, arrived in
the city .Monday.
Mrs, Wm, llaiulley and children left
lasl evening- via tlie Great Northern
for Chici-go. Mr. Hundley accompanied them to ...oxford.
Miss l'tigslcy wlio has '■wen visit-,
ing - Mrs, Dr. Jlonnell for several'
months, left I'or .her home in St.'John
N, 11., vSiiiultiy* evening.
'  J.  A. Maclean    rcturni-d '   Sunday-
from  a business trip  to  Edmonton,
uml reports evorvthiui' llonrisliiii't .11
the northern metropolis.
John Turner returned from. liluir-
ii.uiv mul Cnli-iiiiiii .yeslcrdiiy. He reports business of.all kinds in u
nourishing coii'.HlInn iiv>hi'se two vis-
Imj towns.
'Ihu 11. C. Gavi'lti- of lhe :<)lli inst.,
contains notice oi the appointment °'"
lU'giu.ild C. S. -ttniii.nl. as deputv
vrante waideii Uw .the Fernie I'li-clonil
■district.    ,,
A c.iriojid of thoroiiglibreil ptnllioii'i
arrived In I'Vi-nlo Monday and
went through to Calgary to lie ills-
irlhitte'il limoiig Alberta ranchers lhoy
intue Irom lho stale ot WnslmiRloii.
IVtor Piittersoii n-tnriicd ycsloidny,
lnoniiiiR fiom Iiidiuiiiipolis where ho
bus bi-i-n iiUi-i'iliM. ti special convi'ii
lion of liny ViiUmI "Mliifworki-rs or
Cur I'N.vciiiaii Illckcy of the 0. N.
while"insi'd-liug Iho conclips .it l'i-r-
11 lo* Vi'SliTil-iv loitiid n imrsc nf $3*S
niiii ii.i'i>i\'i'il $*, 1111 a vi-waril from llm
tiwwev. TIiIh upciiks well for tlm lion*
i-i.lv of 0.*'N. cmpkivics.
11. V, Riori'Th vci'i'lvi'ii n ii'li'gram
Moiulnv iillfMW/111 from "Mrs, Kit-
dliiiw, San l'rnitvlhcn, snvlmv, "All
iillw, lml lost i-virvtliiiig," Mrs. Kit
•haw is Mrs, lingers' mollici* and
Imh Ih-iii vlslllng n ulster in tlio
slrlrki'it city for .sonic  time ,    past
\V. H. FiUrchlld has rcsiciu-d his
nnsllion ns secretary of tho Fort
Hlcclc riivwfng CoiiiDiiiiv. ami leaves
for I,iUi!*vli!*.(* the rust of the monl.li
ivlii'iv In- Ims nrivplei, n position Willi'
the I.i*l lihridin-     Hmvln-r 81 Mai lint'
fnuinnlii'   UTi-    Vilvflilbl   Iiii* X,n<\\      n
ri-siilriil. of I'Vrnic for several vears
■nil.! iiv* niiulc ii imi'hi iiuinv (rii'iuls
■ mJio will ttifiv-t his iVpnrtiirr. The
ledger wishi-s  "Illllv rvcrv Micros*.
Mr. and Mrs, (Irani, Downing, nl
.Tflflray, left,last i-veiilng via the
'-'iivrtv Idrtiiu-t-ii inr 1-1,111 i'TJintiwii,
Mr, Downing tcrniwil a telegram from
liis tiioll-j-r In Oakland saving she
tonlil i>ci no iii-wh of,llie otlu-r iiicni-
'irs nf iliu.fiiiiillv, who nrc in Sim
FrniicLsco. It is hoped, Mr. Dnwiiing
will 'imi his |X'i>ple nil safe, nml lluit
rV will Kin-m Is* In .Tnffrnv ii-r»ftln nt-
ti-iiiliug lo his ilnlii'S as mayor ot
tlmt iHimtremlvc cilv.
Mrs. J. If. lliiilcr hi.". Int-n vl-.il-.
Ing IrieiuU tn Huvu during Xt\e week
artA rtliiiiidl 10 HJairniorc Jiv Ijut
xikUfii C. P. H. express. While'(11 the
<-lly «!ie tvni tlm gnesf of Mrs. Fnii
W.i.miti nml Mf.s. M«4». Mr, niitl«r i*.
rlitii'ifi', iii -lnn ihithiit-r nnA frnt**
f'liiii.'tliliil' fiusbtiM at I-'taiik lul at
prttttit ihry Jive In TUalrwore. Mr
mul Mia Ihitii't- an-11M time I'Vrnfe-
'le**. ttinl haiv linrtl*. nl u-jrtn ffhinh
brie wlio are alvt.iys flail |i*» we
tltetr*. '-,
I,ast night one of those pleasing
-.vents winch people look,.lorward to
at least once 111 llieir lives was tht
marriage ■ of Kale Clark ,7hoiupsoii',
daughler. ol Mr. aud Mrs. 'Thompson,
of Coal Creek, and Thomas Hope Dun
cau. llolh Mr. Duncan and his bride
aro well- known in this neighborhood
and their popularity was 'pleasantly
shown by lhe large number ol costly -present!* Irom their many friends.
They lefl''lor Ferine to catch the.G.
N. train lor Spokane where they will
spend their honeymoon. The Ledger
joins in Wishing them every prosper-
'•->'••   '■*.'/     .7"  "•    '.   ■ '     r   - '
McCarthy and Foley  Have'
-- .-.4    -■" Filteen. tiound Go.-
Jhat much talked of boxing contest
between Dan McCarthy of Ferine and
Jim Foley,"ol Coal-Creek, Caine of
•at -ihe -Athletic'clnli* Monday- eveiiiiig.
The preliminaries between Jack
b'Hrien and Hiirry linker,, and P.c'tc
Ireland aud '.Tim Callahan, showed
some fine sparring. * ■ '
' The'attraction of the evening, however, divw a gond house, the receipts
amounting to fmfi.ooo. Geo. 0'-
Drien olliciatiiig as .referee, and Win,
Tooiney ns timekeeper, *
The iiien went the. full filteen rounds
and both men being on their feet 'the'
mill was decland a draw by the referee, which decision was received with
applause. J.
About  so loyal    .Sous of, England,
sni, ilowii lo a St, George's dinner at
the hotel Ferine Mniiduy night.     Mr.
li.  Uciding' presided,  assisted  by  G,
Ci. S. Iiindsey, and such 11 team pulled well  together ami led the stream
of  good  speech   and  jolly  snug  into
the pleasant highways nnd byways ol
oloifuinci!  and   hat ninny,  These  sons
of the iiierry Iittlo isle, the birthplace
of so much of the world that       is
good and grand and noble, never forgot tlie occasion.! upon which il is becoming tn sit Uigcllur nt llm lianqiiel
hoard and renew tlmc-hoiiou-d     cits .
loins. Monday night's dinner was ;<
most happy allair. ■ Snugs were hiiii-.-'
by Missis. .•.•Milling, Varty, lllggs am
Messrs. I.iii.lsey and Reading also
spoke eini'iH-iilly and everyhodv fell
eloi|iieiil. Dr. Higgins presiiloil al llie
piano nm' the illiiiiei', well, it nearly
all went out of sight,
What   a. recuperative   race   we aie!
t-JJie wc-4.k ago l04lay 'ban Francisco
.iiul Jier .sniaiu-r iiugnhors, were pros-
kiuled by the awnti ritclioiis oi an
t-'artlujiiai-e, lollowed bj' the devastal-
.ii"; ravages-ol Inc. '11101181111118 ol
iii'es • weie ,lost end hundreds-of 11111-
.lons ol dollars \\vorih 01 jiroperty
destroyed. People were .stunned anil
suipihed by-the- magnitude 01 ' the
catastrophe"-and hope-seemed almost
■jxlinguisheil' Today we hear the cheer
ail words ol the heroic .spirit of an
invincible people, telling the „world
iliat the great city- ami, her girdle' ol
.-.nialler'' ones' are preparing 10 rear
upon llieir "ruins new cities, new edifices, more substantially ' built than
ihose that have gone'before. From
everywhere conies the glad news that
aid 111 every shape* is being* ior warded
10 the destitute cities so lhat all
danger 3 ol utter and long continued
want has been' averted, and tbe most
despondent*aie taking new,-hope into
their hearts and strength is given to
iho.-sC  who are .williiig-LltQ—workj A,
Vancouver, B.'O.V April 21.—Special to the Udger.—A,Worl£ special
from San' Francisco,' via * Oakland,
says:.     , •>
i lie  lire  now  being  under ..control,
ban   i-uii4is4u      ....   JUlVlllJ.    i\.u   „,.;,
lusie 01 ......nal j.,44, w,ieii lui-t Iliu"-.
lUu-KlUto   icilSipoii   ,tllc' ilesoiiilc   tily
eveiy  iiiiiauiiahi.  ol, jfdii:.es.-thai   Jiii4i
t)*e,i    ict     Sii.ndmg,  grojpcii  a.^oui
Uieii- homes, cooking  tutu- .si.-ipei"-. ,«'
ims  limn.ni ironi of house.i.        i-Jic
wind laiiik-d iiiiim  0l UiKhu Urvti lm>^
in ironi ol  hou.scs  into  i.asiy  l.i.i/x.*,-
..and 101   a0 uine   u W^l  as  tliuiigh
iiiaiiv   new   lires      would   bu  .stalled.
Hi:ice  orders  were   issued   lhat      all
hies must be put „u-j. and with scores
01  assistants und*    soldiers buildinir
ol   smli   (ires' was  .suspended,   jn   all
homes id I  standing no lights      were
-allowed,  in.spuces  where orders     of
policy and military  were  disregarded
the  occupants   were   loreed   to  extinguish  I hem.   The  only exception      to
this   rule   was , in   easel .ol hospitals
Police   patrolled .the  streets   and  no
citi/en was allowed lo pass from one
block' lo   another  except   bv   written
permission     of    the chief of police..'
Mayor Sclimiiv. has issued thc'iollow-
ing protlamatioii:
"Do not be afraid of famine. There
Kill l.e abundance'of food supply. Do
not use,any water except lor driiik-
iii;.: and cooking 'purposes, Do not
light any liics iu hpuses, stores, or
fire-places. Do not use any , house
closets under
Rome, Italy, April 21.—Thirteen
earthquake shocks were lelt this morn
ing in the province of Sienna;* Tuscany, Italy.
Vancouver,  April ai.—A special to
the Worid says-
SoMicB-t.  worn!  mUI   thirsty   broke   home was" in SanT7os7'X'ATW-.'"^
««o saloons  to get water or- licpior > wife und StS^Zbl^^
Many got "    '
. -. .   intoxicates. •-. They
hnve inoiigh food but no water.
to brace themselves up.
drunk. , I.iqior-s - that
would  stimulate
San Fianeisco, April -.i.-Associat-
ed 1 ress jeports at noon stale" that
tlie Deny bniMing is *;.(>,. irom ^
struclion which at one time threaten-
across the bay froin San Francisco.  •
. Geo. JIarvey, bf Sah Jose, who has
mter.-sts at Nanton, Alberta, was at
the latter place when he heard of the
gieat earlh..uake and left at once for
bc-mc. He arrived here Friday morn-
"«',• and had to lay , over until
ten o clock p. in., to take iln, G.N
qii to Spokane. He was seen bv a
Ledger reporter and stated that his
heart   of   the . cityVaM   his"^^
can belter be imagined thnn expressc'.
lie nad i*eii trying to get a message
lt thc wire ■-■•  -- * • h
Carefully Selected From Our
Neighborift? Exchanges
■ sm.MciTiiMi my. mnr'vDu
cd 11 iron, i-.,„lts „,)ri.ai|,llK nIon   U|i.
*ea wall. A lorce of men under Oeii-
•nrler aided by lire tugs .and steain-
is, will suececd in cheeking the fire
ear the I.onibard stivet freig.it sheds
week ago iew'dared to think of the'
nitiiie of., ban Francisco. Today an*
7re looking to the future wilh hope*
that the nuw city'.may, be niore'siib-
..tantial, .'more beanliinl, than, the old
t'he hope.: that-has been .made an element of liuusaii nature lends strength
■10 the aim and renders,,..lhc equal*tu
Vhe-direSt emergencies. '   ■
Compared with the great .I.isbon
earthquake of 151 years ago, the
San Francisco disaster was comparatively, small as regards the, loss ol
.ife, though much more property was
.leslroyed by the quake and the ' con
nny circumstances, but
earth closets in yards or* vacant
lots, using if possible chloride , of
lime or sonic other .disinfectant. This
is of the. greatest-'importance. The
water supplv is,suilicient lor drinking   and cooking.."   . *
A San Francisco .Associated Press
despatch says:- t ,
At 7.. p. in. Friday-fire was raginp
over fifty acres' of water front lvin»
lx'tw,ccn"Gay street Imd die end of
Mugg's ScFisliernian'-l; wharf. To the
eastward flame*-,' extcmlcrl down' to
,the sea wall, biit had!not rca'ched the
piers which lie a quarter of a mile
to the.east.
The canneries r^idl buildings- o!
the Centra California Canneries Com-
tmny together'"' with 4iiiany thousand.1
of cases oi canned goods wereo total-'
ly • destroyed as was also Simpson'*-
arid "other   lumber  companies.'
The  flames   reached  the   tanks      ol
ol—l!ie^Saii---Fra nc istrr^Tis^oiTrpan v"
'.v'lich had leen pumped out and wci.
biii-n'ng thc ends of the grain sheds -
five   in  number,   which  extended   fur
:her out-towanrihe point.
Flames and smoke 'completely hid
from view the vessels that ., lay of
■.hore. No. water was"'avai!ab!e except
from .water..side an'tf';-.it*-*v*a,v.-.iol„i*ui,
"il 'almost dark that tlio 'departuieir""
was able' lo turn its attention to thi;
point,- ,-
-At six o'clock it was believed .thai
Uic lire had been checked nt Van Nes?
i\ i'lllii', and Filbert si reels,
'the  buildings on   the  high     slop.
In other d.rections ihAfire is now under control.
* way°r Uchinitx and General Fun-
Men have established headquarters at
J'f-rt -liason, which was saved - 1>V
some desperate work on tlie'.port of
-soldiers, aided by a ,;0l,v of sa„.
ors from thc. warship Chicago.
lhe records in the hall of records
have been unharmed, which will prevent any tangle in titles.
over thc wire but could get no news
sicniR to he so crowded with work
that private despatches are few nnd
far between. Mr. Harvey moved to
hiin Jose rn,,, Tacoma for ihe lieiie-
lit of a delicate son's lien.ih. He jj.
now in the agoiii/ing condition of not
knowing whether he has a family
not, or whether if alive thev
suilcnni!  from
San Fianeisco April 21.—The following i.s a paiiia! list of identified
.lead who have been buried by the
authorities: '    , '     '■
T- ROSENFEU).  142 Folsom.
Vv.S°^VMMANX*  W I'^ific
AM0.\«  WEDSTER,  .14  Willi
JOIIN DAV,   235 Geary St.
J- jM. VAZ, 2c',o Sheman street.
11. MVRAKE, 423 Stevenson St.
A mother and 2-year old baby,  i<*,4
MING (male) 928 Mission St
lk-sidcs these 16 unidentified persons were buried under thc supcrvis-
yisioirof Dr. Gamble, two of then,
'•e.iig Italians found iu building of
uisteniFish Company. A* number ol
others have been buried whose names
cannot at present be learned.
!<.«   Tl.*   ,t       ■"•i,.,rics  °r art: ■■■-"•c-
Icss   Mi. Harvey.is only, one of thou
sands ui i-uch sorrow and it will b0
d.ivs before these poor- distracted 1*0
Pie.will |lC able tl. learn lhc fate of
at the Waldorf and left on th
ing train.
., At two p. m! Wednesday the f<0dg
er received a wire  stating that     San,
rrandsco had been badly damaged by'
an earthquake which had occurred a
I Uic after live a. •„. a,„l which had
leen followed by fi.v. The Ledger im-
niediatcly got busy and at half past
seven a special began coming ovei the
wire and, the regular issue was held
coiila l:e Rivcn  -ts niuleTa- St.0R,s of
I'D 10 p. m„ so that the special
people waited in the ofiice for the
paper, as soon as it was off the
puss the newsboys were shouting it
on the streets. Orders by the' ihundred hail to be turned down and the
entire edition    was
■ Oakland. Apiil 21.-111 proportion
.10 size and population Santa ■" Rosa
Miflercd more than did any-other com
mnnity within .the  earthquake^on"
to lie icuill as      qiiicklv  as' possible0
Uirelul attent.on is is heinij paid  to
e work of gathering the names     oi
those ...led. So  far  airincom-
iiete list ,has l-c;-n secured.. It
ollows: ' ..
is  us
equeiit fire than was the case af l(is    between  Van'Ness and Polk,,  T*nioi
Uov. Mr. Iltirllolt, Inlo rector of
Christ chin ch here, li'iives on Mniiduy
with his f.uiilly for Ilndley and I-riiicu
lou, li. C, whi-rc ho lakes clinrgi
of tho English t-limilii's, Mr. Hurl lull
has bi'iii rictor nl Clnlsl cluireli lot
two year*, and has made some warm
liU-iiilK in our cily. He is a sclmliir,
a student am! a I'oiiscioiilloim worke*
in his satreil i-iiliiug, ami the 1,1'dgi'i
wishes him and his ianiily the besl
of good fnitiiiic in llieir newly choSi-ii
home. ;\ MiiwBsnr lo Rev. Mr. Hail*
lelt Ins mil j'i-1 bciit ih'ciih'd upon
uml Chi ist i-hiirili is without a pel ■
mniuiil niti.r (or the lime being.
The cantata "I'mUr the P.ilms" glv
en itiider the diuctinn of Mr. Win.
Dicken alHlotk's opera liottsu Mon-
day night wns n very siii-ressful nf.
fuir. Thc chiiduii t-hownl goni'. training .11111 -ui'iil ihiniigh their pails
well, Our di'jiiualli. eiitir wM iinuvnlil
nlily absent and o*n notice nf the en*
tertniiimeiit in detail is consequently
brief. A good hoiisi; grcetid the iiivi-n
ties .md 11 neat little sum stands to
the credit ni lhc (lusters of the Mi-III
ruiiii r'nMi-li as 11 r.-snll of ;n ['nml n
.'J'Tl'J'NlCn l'HOM  riur. ,
Anljie PjMj.i.ii.w.n, Win. llaldry,
Win, Foisyilif rcliirmd Mon.lav (rom
(ill exuiidi-il trip up the Elk liver,
tiMiy ut at u» Im an llw K iti.nu*>ki*i
{Mi'i ittt.f txvott ft'.lvflfit h,iit a ^.ini
time. Tlw Irfivi* confirm Mm *i,iii*,i,-i;r
mnde I,y llie T«t-ilf^r «i>ue w ijIj-i n-jn
lluit a'luw ssA -n/lilr pav,* |..il.nly
l*a\ibiV for failrnail Imililit-; i»-ni»
letn-cen Uie t-jeailwatert of th; two
bon, when 60,000 people lost thoir
lives in about six minutes. The I,is-
1011 shocks were felt for a distance
if over 100 miles' and tho vibrations
i'or much further, while ihe .oscillations of the surface of the ocean were
observed ns iar away as i-noo miles,
Many of the lakes in Scotland were
violently disturbed and the tidal
wave near I,isbou rose to a height or
50 feot.       "   ■
The gioat Carneas disaster of 1812
swept, out of .CM-Hence lo.ooo lives.
The shocks were three In number, fnl-
'c.wing each other in rapid succession
iho "whole disturbance lasting less
ilnin one minute,
Now that the great ordeal has been
■mssedby thc California lilies il is
m-ohnhlc lhat Ihey will (pinko 110
nore. for centuries.
l'o.ice le lo the souls of those wlio
have been wafted away, nnd bright
he "thu futuro ol those who remain
011 Hit* bay.
Last .Sunday oveititi-r sumo time bo-
■■Weill cij-hl and tell o'clock a "loung
mull by lhe iiaiuo ol Theodore I "lack
ivlm was looming at the Roy 111 hotel
00k his own lile by swallowing au
iiiiico nf carbolic acid. Ho had been
-Ic'ipoiuluiil Inr some timo ami had
.,i«eii kept at the city jail by the pnl*
,tc), bill l.iUr had been allowed In go
.).cr to the Rnyal where he lnnmed
.villi Charity J.iKlciout, lie wu:.
miiiid in a dozing condition and lie-
,010 .lid could bu simiimuiod lile had
ell the body, Dr. Corson was called
in hut iliu was extinct though llio
'inily wns still wann.
'lhe l-nity was taken lo the under*
taking inniiis nl Si nil & Ross-whero
k  iiiiiaiiud  unlil  nn   iii(|iiesl     wus
held l.iM night, The bmly  was then
'nkeii  I., charge by  the  Euglo Indgi
A  whicli  lho  ileeeilsod  hud  been      a
mciiihei' and was buried  today     bv
tlmt nigiinl/iillon.  Flack wus' ubnii't
V) years of ago    niul ol Swedish de*
■relit,      (lark     cnmiilexIniieiU  nither
heavllv Imill, nud slUhllv IhjIow mi-
it,.... "i   t, i,i    .<     r".       * 1      „ ,
"elnt Ives I'xeeHl n brnthcr who in nu-i
inied to be living hnmewlicri! iu North
Dakota, mo on this side of the Atlantic, Young Flack had tVeit liv.
!ng In Ill's cily for snim. lime, nn.'
iiHiially slayed ahoiit the l>Vnilei
Chicago, April aa.—It was dei'laitd
lasl uii-M by Cliiciigo Insiiriiiu-e im-ii
that uuny- of 1h« smaller ni-eldiiil
and (lie liiMirmici i*nmp(iiiii.-i will be
lOinpi'llv.'. to I'.llt.pett'.l bu-,ilHi-;»,i U-ViiU,ve
nf their iiinrinmiM liabilities in Han
I.'rniici,*rii Kirn srjitir* nf l)n« bbj
frmipiinies will Is* hsr.l pn^c-il 1(.
fulfill linlr obligallnii-i.
Th-* t'.l.i! aiiiiumt nf llal.llilii-s in-
volviit In now n'oceil at more titan
•fa.V-.nno.oori In Man Francisco nlnne,
'ml adiU-l Ui till* *»( Iijxa fv^.-Mvv/iWi
li-'S must tr nii-t in nlliir rltli-,-.
A CMnliioiiV mslili-n nniiicl Mav,
Once slrollwl in the ihrti on lier iv.iv.
•"'In- tiwt n voiin-i' man
M'mi lir*ivil lirr *n* ran
Anl now ilie -jnis llu-ri- rvcrv duv.
* -Cranbrook II, ruM.
ii nd Villicit si reels were, bln'/inj
fiercely, ft'iMiod bv the high wind
wliicn was blowing, but these hlo**!:'
were so sparsely settled that Ihe Up
-iniicared In have but 'sknder'rliane
nf crossing over. Van Ness nveliue »'
this point,
Mnvnr Sehmit/, who directed oner
alions'nt this point conferred :ivitl
lhe mllilary nulhorilies nnd deeided
lhat il was not necessary -JcT dyiin-
mitc buildings west of Van Ness nv-
enue. This*-'on1d seem tn assure saf.
fv of what remaiiis of Western nd
dition, „,
Altnotifili every elTort of the vnr
ions relief committees,on Kridav wn'
lv n' (()_ nnreiiM', lho giiawinu' huiiiii"
of deslilule ' tlioiisninls and these uf
foils lo 11 large measure were success
ful- Nevertheless,     lliere     wen
lust nielil ninny peo'de in th''
rllv wllhoul stiUlclent food or wilh
none at nil,
Snn I'rniii'isco, April 21,—Tweitlv-
live., thniistuid punams left dovaslalei'
Sii'11 Dnmclscn ycslorday and as
many as could bo carried by the ferries, pinlmbly twiio that mimbii.
are seeking lo start now.
All tlto.se wno 1 hiss llio bay aic
giveii lo tiiiilorsliitid thai thev mav
go In any point iu lho slate, on nun
transputliilion line freo nf charge but
that thoy nnu- nnt ml urn to Snn
Kniliciscn. This cnuditlnli is impnsi'd
lo relieve- <he In id t- tualioii, uud Is
rlieei-fullv enmplieil with by the llei-
iiiij people, 'lli'v nu uoilij! to everv
pi.hits uiniiud nroiiin! the. bay ivnt ti
Ti-is AiU'cltfi, Sun Diego, and olltei
fill' off cities in the southern purl of
lhe slnle, It is iilivwliel'e (0 get nwav
Anylhliii! bill lhe sight of the skele-
• nn walls niiiVsiiinkliiil'tu'fus.nf A lie
As soon ns wold was ulven lli.it it
ii mile to ,c|-o'i>i the hurtled ilMrlil
Itniewiie two I'lenl prni-essiolis d
llm fiii'v, one dnwn maikel ilrt-e*
Ihe llinrniighftirc whicli wns lit.
pi ide nf Snn Kirnu'lsco, and the nihil
frmit the l'lisldlo alntii' llie cuiv'ii"
kIioi-p if llie Vnrlli Unv, llunee soull
ward iilnnti llu- waterfront to thi
(Vnti'iil Kerrv •.lulloii, Tliiiiiit'linin
these tollies, prol.nblv eight uiilei
). »(.*, .1 4»(i'ijj''.,i.',i H,iw i.f hi'iti.iiiili
dtai'ijed li'i wrnrv wav nnild-.l Inm-
ilrei's nr vi'hleles. So da/ed ami dead
1 unl lo all niinltous were most iv
llicm Ihnl thev were bumivd nslil-
bv. r.irrliU'c wheels or slioulilrrnl 01"
li*   \\-n:   li".    5>*    il»i   .I--.**,-.,  mi.'.ik* 4.
Miesr- vihleles were dlsrei»nri1fnl o'
Muse exbaiisleil. Iiiiimtv r.*liirc-"« nn-'
drove their aiitmal.s straight tlirouvh
llm crowd. "'
It w.is a w ln-iil, sltaiiL'i* tiroresn'ou.
Tlieie wus no complaint from nnv
nm , no dlsurilt-r, There wns no nppar-
(til rciili/'ition nl the ijwIiiJ cnliimitv
Two ,-iwliil d.ivs iuul nli'h.A had dead
did nil i\,ii .md Ufl thnn vrlthi.ut
oilier ohlui ihaii to net a wav.
Common misfortune nml llie piir.-i-
innunt iiiml inn i.f man, fmiiuc-r. n'>
|i|i-r.ilnl i.'ul.'il iii'iliiKltons, i|l
around a le.llaiii nf coiifuslnii rilgu-
Tfi"'"   li   n   t.rtil,.   i"/>«-i*rfpll|-,H of
I'v   -riiii..   thai   liiaiViil   -Ji..  c^mlii*
nt  r^o'iti*'   Vlbn      l*'it   ifftfs   firo   <J,nr>*
ilii'i-lllii" In nin* of llu* iiif«-t laneiifnl
fillV* l|j lli^ »r.lM l.i y\ito f,\ T,(.
•r** nrrns-: lhe Lnv, '
Vtrni'tMMt \11il 91,—Vli-ti* I5 le*
Iljvil to U Ti" tMHli In lhe rniiioiiiK
insur.ince man
LOUIS bi.um.
'. WllJaH BUTFI. " ■ ""
-, -VON* BOYD '    '" '
I A.  nRATKKliS.'
\MRS W,  II.'BROWN,     -
.ron CURRY.
C. R. CITTi-RCTiriJ..
, MRS. DI? YOUNG,  nnd two children.
MISS KUA. flat ler three from Nn-
liv llu'ulre.1
mtlrh Tr. vrsir.
M. T„  .TOVKfi.
W.  II,  MAr.0NRY-i
(.mnnnv, .,
MR.   I'KDHCO,   of  lVdigo  Washei
1'ttKI)  SCTIRICIIIKK,   Satiln   Rosa
MRS. A. S. ROIH1KRS, dressmakei
Mulitlnc Co.
SHISICI  t'.Fnpl
.1, l'\ SMITH,
1<),   GORDON.
IC. N'AIM-A, traveling mnn
'losI on,
S. II. 1.00K. Mucellnll,
WM. WMSTKRN, Redwood Cilv,
Senltle, April tn.—Al noon tijduv
'In- Times reiini'ls llml it has raised
spproxlniiilelv -Sso.ihwi und thai lln
eity Iuin glwii lo.non, uud the Klks
Sio.ihiii mure, n tntal of S;ii,jms).
Clili'iimi, April ai.-Clilcii'o vester-
duv inlseil Sif'./.roi lur tin* u-Iii-I n(
llie dbilress of Snn Kriineisrn, ami
'Ids iim.iMiil w.is Ihe result nf nulv
•mo meetings that li.ivp Isvti held be
• l<e Cnmiiurc'liil iissocinllon. Tl is l«*
Mi'ieil lliirt by totili'ht fl,oon,iyin
will  hnve leen rollcr.e.l,
Tiii'inmi. Anvil an,—On (he sleim-
in (hiiiii nud NeKon tYnvinit Tain
•n.i \v.s1'Ii!m }•" i'i,i)i Vt.i.ii'isii'it'us
'imi loiililbiiliil tlimuvli lhc i.intn-
slilpied Sin.inn wortli of pri-nflwil
'ur ol enuimeicc. Tin* htfiiimr nml*
liter will iniiv tiunther Jio.noo con-
■-1 •'iiii-ii'l-tI ti.nlghl.
.: T1        ,    ;    is—-*-    ■"   .1   nnijTi
time Day before yesterday the ledger
had its windows full of bulletins
.which altracted numbers of pfconle
•luring the day who eagerly devoured
every word and waited anxiously for
more. *iesterday we had another; special and again, the windows were the
centre of attraction. What went
ou-in front of the Ledger office! was
being repeated all over the world
where telegraph offices exist, and in
jsvery nook and corner some-' one
would lx,anxiously waiting toJcarn
of—the-fate—of—sonic-irielid  or  '■  ac-
quaiiilaiice. Such dread calamities
bring Vividly to our minds the:fact
that telegraph wires and railway
lines liave \\;ovcn the hi-inan fn*niiy
into a'closely meshed woof and 1 web
of common interest,  It, will be ildys
elorc any accurate estimate ofi the
, ('fJife Bl,d Property ean*.!. ,«
niaile, The disastrous quake hasi extended to many places and ouch tele-
•!iam adds in the number of places
lhat have suffered. Beautiful California has been most grie.viouslv strlcJ*-
"ii and.tht heart of the worid is full
of sympathy for the people of.the
Golden State.
Prom the Herald— <>'
n•m■kKo(A^den,     of     the Canadian
<mi «     }"om."M!r«-'.   London,   K,,R.
P   ncipa, hrmim of tliu })ftiik       Ui,
JSwi"",n,,lh itn,)r^'*  *'*
c-i?'rMi!!;!!vW"I,,ll,,e A,,jcrta Souih-
i'   n     i-V-Bre '• G* VanM'arl,     R
Lilt.'*"T' A' W-  Gro«an' M of
Uthbndge west in British Columbia
ami also aline to Calgary. The no*
tne was duMmumI hec some 1(!0„tl,s
n^*" r' I*"1'-"- 1'')anaKcr "f the Reliance CoalI num., Tahor, was in town
B.oiiday He reports a big demand for
coal and says his mine will ]*• able'
to meet it ns soon as the tinples are
comolcted.,. which,he expects will l«*
in nl-.out a * week. At present ^
hands are employed, buY the force *
may be, doubled verv soon.
Cajit. Macdonald, of the Glcn^arv
rnntjh, died this afterrnoon after „ a
sbort illness. He was „ue of the best
known men io southern Alberta lb-
has been, ranching for six or sewn
yenes, (but prior to that was connect-
tccl with the mounted police almost ■
lr<im „»its oriraniyatioii. He was
cated,--at Kort Steele at the
Sitting.JJuil's surrender^
time  of
V tfiv 11. Jnlilisoli, of the Hull
S.'fe .*<> F.fick Co.. now in I'ernie, re*
.lived the lirsl lihgram lo arrive in
I'Vrulc Vriil.iv evening al 7.45
'wim Al>m-di, t'nl , .eUiinr Mm flial
hi'-! -.v.'.* niul iii'.'hir hid ii-.uhiil tlmt
liJirr !u r.ifilv from the burning citv
nl S.ni I'l-.tnciscn.
Tit-* in 'isa'e rend n" follows, nnd
Mt. Mhiimi v.ibus it as the moM
nnr'nii. in. s*.ii».- In- has f\'ir recrived
nd '*tw la >«ill lii-AMire it ai*. lonr
im |i> lives. Tli>' incsiaiye was n vttv
sbort  niii    but   «.\vi((«r (hail  life  to
llll.    lllil'l III-
»Inm iii, ''nl,. April in. moiV—
t' nv IT rnhunni, WnMovf Hotel,
■'friib-, It l* •urivr*. lafi'lv AIjiiik-
•|.. w.ll ('<tiiliii(„n-f nnt «-xi.i»?ir'»l-
•.!   Williiii'. MOTHER.
IVli11 » mm-I **.ril I* tnoilurl
Al.n.ndi i*     ilMnnt    three  mllci
l'KJ'NIIi 'JO Nia.SON,'    '...
-N'cw  Raii\u;yl,ine--V.   V.    &  R' to
I'orm JNirt of Trausconiiiieiital
Jiiin;   Thruugh   Canada.
SpoLi.UL., Wash,, April 23,--'lhe Van
.•nuver, Victoria 4V ivnstern railway
now building between Mid'.vuy inf,i
i-incetnn II, C, by way of O.nv.lle,
W'lish., will be extended to the coast
wuh teimiuals al Vancouver^- raii*
ih V us ii.e.. n..,| materials e...U,e as
se-iiihleil, and. dm tailwny will for„,
a pnrt of the ('real .Northern',* trims
itiitiiiuiml line iu Cniiuda, which Is
Im m operation two
.    m.AlRMORR.
From tiie Times.—
J. J.- Fhielot,- inanagiiijr directni-
of tlu*. West Canadian Collieries, returned, the lirst. of -cite week from
the. coast.
Monday evening a close and     well
contested  football   traitie  was  plavcd'
at l-'rank between a team from that
place and one from Colenidn.   Whib
this  was  the  first  game  of  the  season, ir was not a league came, but a   .
benefit   match   played   between      the
Krank  aud  Coleman  teams  for     the'
benefit of Jim Turnbiill, who lies dan
The  match  was  well  attended      and
l'<ilh   teams-    did   tlu-ir  best   to  win
Tlie Coleman team, liowever,  proved
the stronger and won, the pdine d>v a
score oi 1   to o.
years before
iln.- C.raiid Trunk I'acilic c'liYi'eimiplei,.
Hull Us inie from vor,i, j,.lv 1() p()rt
.Simpson. It will tap iinpuriuni feed-
eis between f.innd Vorks and Wiimi-
Iiouis \V. Hill, vie-i'-piisideu't ol the
(■real Northeiu and urusiilont of the
Mniiliiuii Cent ml and the Wlluinf K.
Sioux <,,1!s, tint Duluth, iVatcrlown
>v I iiilln, uml il,,. Spokane Vails -'H,
^i."j",' ''"^N/'ii'l' ihi» nn 1,1.,
•iirival in •Snuli.iiie from St. J'aul yes
liircJuy ullcruuon. He is on his Wuv
lo lhc,coast und is necnmpanieil' by
» Cuiiiphi:||,( fourth, vi.'e-president,
■'ili.l C, K, Stone, general passenger
■Willi of the Cunt Northern,
"lhc woilt on thu v. V, .t K, is
lwini-iii.sl.ed with nil possible spcl'tl',
ami vou mu'; sny that un time will
be lost iu pusliiui' the Hue on In VI*u
ciiitvei', wlmi'i! wu have rxcelleni Icr*
liiiinii Imillliu-i, I can not suy how
soon tlu: Ilni! will Ih- iu nnetutlnn,
Imt 1 bilii'M It will U' inside oi two
Mr. Hill also -aid tlmt wmk may
I'dill ou 11 line U<lweeu .Vidsnii up I
Veiille, ii. «,,, before the miildle nl
next Miiiimer, (iiul il will Im* puslud
friwiiul e-istwonl tlirnu-ih the AlU-r-
la ami Assliinbolne eouiilili-s wilh*
nut ililn* Kngiiicirs have briti over
tome nf the t/rnuiid bill iiothlmr like
n ih* fin ile leii-.itinii linn l*en mnde,
"I will return In Spnkinii' lu a few
.lays,"- said Mr. Hill, as th- train
•lartril toward tin- sniitul, "ami I
will ii-miiiu the intire dav In imct
M.inc nl Miiir cnleiprising |tv.nple nml
'li'-'jI.^A   J..J^J
tA- thr-Mit
..-••* .-■ .'.iv
Vruru the riaiik Paper.—
tb mi,il MniiaiiiT IViitju
III   t*i .111I1 ilii'     ii        111    (, 11 1
Mrs. Mink Diiiium iiiliiimul Mnn*
■lav irolii nil cxlt'lideil visit with
frit nils at the 10,1st.
I'resiilciit A. C. Vlmiirrfelt amH.rn
i-ml MniiiH-ir 11. N. Ci.iter nl lhe In*
Irrnntiniijil Comp-niv, of Cnlcniuti,
Wii^ iihuMtU Utrtiui/h llu- MijiHi-t S.«i-
nrday altermmn bv vVoiks Manocir
lones Mr Vlii.n,ifill wn-i jjrentlv in-
Ur«-*,Uil in tin- splin-li'l cniiMtimt'iiti
'w«.ri ntid in Mr. Jones' iWrintinu
.'1 ih.! intiii,ile )ti'^r*H of ^inc miii/Ii-
Iniin Dnnloii, ultrt Ims Win vlll*
Uriifciol V. »l«.in tm uttxic l-mc'liai
l<cn lioik.rnl with m miiunitiifiit In
ft foverument position, li s tbit «-.'
ilnmi(-rJ.li<<ti «"<tll f'-r litis tlislriri
H» will tifi'f hiii b .-id iii.irI'i-" "I IV''
n> ond will na«'r »liftr*.* t-t tf*** im*--!
crallon wnik nlili>*" -o tit.' enli-Mirc
fif   ilnmfc'J<ll.f<«   at   'lie   rr.rt   rt  C'.ftl,..
•-iv    Hi-    will    niltf.   Ir-ivilWtwfcn
Ciltritrv an t tlte triMiid.irv.
From .the primes—	
W-.--J-., Wildcrmaii, of St. j.ouis, is
here oil a land prospecliu/ tour
and is greatly jilcased with the appearand-: of the country,
A. A. Jiallachev, barrister, was nii-
pi.intcd temporarily o th.* position
of town solicitor, and is at present
engaged in the work of compiling 'bylaws for the- town,
Shor?y McLaughlin has brought his
string back from tiie co.isl. His has
Young- Mnrlow, Tom Keilky, Vi garden and Shuiinoiiside, Tue latter is a
former member ol uie Stagiain string
rind is known io be fast. Tln<"nuiiiial.s
liiis-eMieeii taken down 'i-i lUir'li River
Vrotn the Herald—
J, H. McCIllvury. un Idaho limber
iiinn was in the city .several *bv*. this
week, On Tuesday he visited the Kust
K'ooleiiav mills,
Ci. tt, Ilillier, who has linen ill for
several weeks, uud who is now able.
10 be out, will leave for Rochester, N
Y.,as soon us hu it able to niuke tlm
Thu cily council ivi)l,sQi;u call lor
teiidefs lor spriiikliii|£ lhe fullnwing
streets; Vrom bridge op Van Honii;
t'i Nnrbury; Irom llakei- In Lewis
nu Hanson avenue, along Lewis In
Armsirniig, Iheuce tn linker; from
linker to bridge nu Cnmbrook street, '
ftoiii llakei tn Mnrlcv's olliee on Nor
bury nveniie.
On Viidnv mm ning, Cilv Kngineer
McCiillniigh, nf Nelso-i, nceoiiiptitiieil
hv I,. 11. Vuiidecir, .lunies Rynii uti.l
II. Nntinii, lefl Ciniibtiink lm the
St. Mniv's river tn lonV nvir the lios
hiliilitv of si'Ciitlug powir for the i-lec
trie lig'iiling nl this plme. This
(niiipanv is active uiul always looking after the liest Inteivsls ol the
Icwu and il Is hoped that tlu-ir
sfnrcli will U successful.
D.ivt I'.l lib th, the Wild llmse pinn-
ner, was in town vcstciduy, leavnii*
nu the ufleriiiii.il (iuin l.n Spokunc
Vrhi'lc hu giK'.s to iiileiesl capilul III
,|llntl' ilailui he hits nil U|.|Kl Wild
H(iii4i'. Air. tiiil'lhs Ims bem ou lhc
11 it*k sitae* the rally sixties and
knows i-veiy font of the grniiud uml
the lulili' ol the diflerelit cli'i lbs'
luivu Ucti uticnveird, und s.ivs th-
•Inv Mill i'<.mi* when upper Wild
Horse will tie * great mining eum-.i.
'.'1si1mi.it 5*.H>j*, .iiul ... 1). i.l.ii.ilil-
'f ill, |i*(t «i*',l«.|iV,\v alti-T u |i.r\i'.tnii
visit wild . relatives in Cranbronlc.
They wenl to C.flgary liom here nud
were lumiMpaiiiril by Dr. and M, It
Kitn,'. The diiilnr returned vc.sli-r.lnv
hut AI. II. will accnmpiitiv them as
fnr :ii 111 111 tit wlii-ri- llii-v w\XX cn 1-
look .iftt 1 11 big iniisigiiiiiiiit of ma*
ihinerv (or the new plant that th*
lomputiv' Is tu put lu just north of
(own, I'lnm Dulutli the seuutor will
go lo Oldiwii. ns the senate is in
scNflnii^mid Mi, Micliardsnii will co
In Ins home in Chipiium, N   11.
On tie juiiiaic, now, iuTt tin- uiain
stteel nl Cranbrook a thing of beau*
lv ami a inv inn-ver.' UikW nili-s,
Isiuldeiti, hhIi plies, water pipe rideec
ilttk hnlfs, hoardx uud truck of dif*
Unfit'lituils, und still the wink ol
the priv.neri i* cnnlinrd to side
streets, ami nn thing Is dour to male
the 111,1 ni stiicl piiwtitable. A strati-
y.-r .too.? ,it (lie rr.inf.r-iol' lintel
cnrwtr llie nllui d.iv, and livikinv m»
and down ihe street, snid: "t'rnn-
bmnt lias the unrst ((Hiking main
street in lh< Knotentvn. ami (rom
•ahat I had -lic-uril of tin* town it I* a
suipris.to nie" Well, for that l s»-
Xtr It ii n surprise to \n,)Ae livln*
lijlit in lhc town. THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE,. B.. C. APRIL 23,  1906
The Fernie Ledger
■Issuecl"' every WediKStlav" from; thVof-
..- lice' oi.-il-iibli'caiioii.-VrrTodd^-Uloek*;-
"Tviic-toria'.Avcs. Vcnije** Kritish Col-
A".'."l-'-i1*-.J'liiYir-Zii^.k.'-. •■'■i;\'hiY.
..». v..mott;-; -
: G. G.'M.EIKi.I'AA
■;', Editor"
:, ' f.
;.V. .-"■<■*<:
... -J.oo-
..-.-  "-.'■"<?
.";A\l"tli'ci'ugh.'one of lhe--tw'.h-edit'orS is-
nway tin: Vree l'ress. still is' able to
write its amadns editorials iu, . .the
" saiiie" vein' of inac'ciirac-y' and inconsistency as 'though both boys- had
hold of llie. editorial .quill.- The-san'le
big Liters crop up and the same teu-
tleiicy to .tears over the degenci'acy
01" the city council is "to ,l>e ', found
in tlie last issue as distinguished the
'■"goose, egg editorial, and people are
beginning to think that if both I he-
boys were, to take-a holiday thc ed-
liorial department .would. -jo on jiisl
as well under lhe direction, of the devil
and we would still be amused hy
iliii same, kind of. drive!..
They, he or it, just as you please
to take it, say last week iliat, the'
cily ol Vnnie made a contract -winch
was eiidoiseii bv the (nullified lax-pay
eis.  When; where and how?
The court has said that -the • cily
of Vcrnie has done uo such thing, and
nobody except people who arc void
of legal knowledge will undertake lo
butt their brains out. against «i 'stone
, wall of legal,opinion olliciallv1 cypres'-*-
cd by the court, in a' vain endeayoi
to make white appear black.   ' e *
The Ledger is not.,going . lo Set up
it's oniuion in opposition lo the opjn
ion ol most eminent counsel "am'
the,judgment already rciidcred ;bv..."a
supreme court-judge., That.'can-safely
be left to the bovs down town, .who
M'em to ic infatuated with ',", .their
own knowledge of law, and t-sir'e lib
thing for the opinion of Mr.'' K: V
Davis, IC. C, Judge Irving, oriany-
brdv else    If  the citv  of' Vernie *'' is
' now being governed bv the solicitor,
ns is-asserted, all we can'sav is'tliat'
it is a decided iiiijirovc-nit-nl on lhe
kind of' government this citv ' was
treated to-bv last year's council and
wi> would recommend a continuation'
of ihe new method. ' 7 ", -.A
Ther*: arc'a lol. of suppositions in
the last week's article', about A md'
being ou trial, for crime, or a put up
job in a foot race, etc-., all biised up-
■■ on* the    verv   4 erroneous 'supposition
'that   the'*'-citv   had- made' a -contract
which  had  been   legally' ratified ;.   by
the voters,' and this tissue of snppps-
itious  reasoning  is    followe'il  bv. .ntt
quotation   of   the 'municipal  'clauses
.act which - tells only bnlf the truth".,
woich^il' left-as it'is ipioted bv-this
lone twin,' would lead people ■ to, be:
lievc   the   law-to.-have   been   exactly
—llie-l'l:*,ei>>e—ot—4viirti— il—.ii-nlo-li v^-v.i*-—
Section 64 as it stood before ."the
amendment of last'session', reads ay
follows, leaving out tire big., letters
which ,the bovs seem so delighted tr'
- use when thev ■ write about wale-
aereemeiits. ', '*'■
"NolwiLhstamling anv 'law to. tlte
fontfary, 7 a , , municipal - -council
shajl not.have power jti-*..i'raiit.lo,an'v
, person or corporation nnv pat lien Inr
mivileec or immunity or exemption
from the ordinary jurisdiction of the
corpora I ion, or to frnnt an-,- charter
bestowing a right,' fr'anchisc or privilege, or .give anv bonus or exemption from anv tax, rate or nnt, - or
remit, nnv tax or rate levied or rent'
chargeable unless the. sortie *is embod-.
ied in a by-law which, l-eforc'its final
passage thereof, lias been submitted
to the electors ol iliu municipalitv
who are entitled to vote upon n "l'v-
luw, lo contract a debt, and which
hns rectived tlie assent of a majority.
of the electors who shall vote upon
such by-law. Anv such by-law which
docs not receive the. assent of the
electors as nfrirc.'-'iiil sliall not ' bu
vnlid, " n
Had the writer of tht editorial under discussion been nctunted by a de-
desire tn enlighten his renders ns to
i.the true meaning of the law, why (lid
he not , put before them „ section
71) ol the same net which was enacted
siihseiiueutlv to section 64 whicli is
luoiiglit so prominently beioro thn
people, and which section was held
hv the foiirt lo govern in the ruse
under its' Consideration?
Section 7') reads ns follows:
nlu 4'ily mmiiciiiaiilies no hyduw
to whiih nss-.'iit ol tlie electors [ i.s
liei-ess.tiv beln'.'e the final - piissilig
thereof shall In: vnlid or of any i-'Tect
unless thr. vote polled iu favor there!*
'ol be nl Icnsl Ihiee-fifths of llio vole
There is n seeming coiilliet In theso
two sections but lhe court np-
p-nrs In have held .thut section 1711 being .subsequent to. section fu* it was
rildfiillv lhe. intention nl the, legislu*
iun: that the. '..st scclinit should ap*
. plv to such clecilnits ns was held in
Vcrnie mi the water agreement bylaw, This matter wns cnlled tn lhe
alien!imi nf the Ic-jisluturc itself dining the last session and Hint lii.dv
, removed nnv doubt thut might pre*
vlotisiv hnve existed by remedying
tlie_ sclf-cii'li'iit nvci.sighl 'nf 11 former
legisliiluir. The dei-jsinii nf .liidee liv
. ing .mil, the action ol die legislature
both (nnlirm the principle Ihnl a
lliriv'-fiftlis vntt Is tiei-essarv tn put
'ulo eflni n I.v l.iw ri'dtilrilit- Ihe ra'
Ifinilioit of the vnlers of n cilv muni*,
ciuulilv, .'.ml our rile < oniull neleil
wisely In sirurlntr llie best mi'islliln
legal advice nud fnllnwing thai ml*
vite -;Jun el veil.
'r hotel ol 14 rooms, would be cliargoid
j'aceor.dliig lo.-llie .seliedulei,.per uiiiitjii
j-as?fol.o\\s:''"'' - 7- ■ 7
t Keoins;--.'....,...,....'-■';....:;•'.	
liar- j;-.7.1i444i...» *..*:,....-..:....
Vwp*i*'aih^nay)ri..,.,,H... .,
Two closets (say) 7.7.7. ."A
Ono urinal ^say-	
'Total " ...■*•.	
.wliieb-:rebii.twl.'."af-25- tier-'Cent' wiiuUi1
reduce it to S9.75 or for three ^uio'iili:*
at *3e!'pel] ceiil would k-a\e $9.ioll#oi*
at 35 per cent for six. mo-iths would
ledueee''the'.rate to S8.55. ln; Vernk:
the ilat'rate, for such "a, hotel is 5io
Rossland custoincis have -Uie adc'.i-
lional ' advaniagc .ol having jail repairs doiie at the expense of the city
and when more than one uij> ,.is used
lib extui charge,_is     '.'-.do.    ,■ ,v
The Ledger lias published the wii-.i:i*
lates charged in several o: ouv neig-'i-
horiwg towns and cities .•■.tu! :s i 1 u.c*
opinion that l'Vinie pecio'.e - 1 uy lhe
highest rates of any town :a lhe pio-
vince willi the probable e\w-j;)i*.o.r. of.
At lin, where it i.s looked u'-n as a
sin to drink the stall and ilie.ilt.irge*-^
in conscijue-nce aie higher. -,;
Andrew Carnegie's spelling' .school
.seems to be growing despite the objections of staid old lvnglishers who
clisliki. the looks of anything new. .lhe
spelling lelorm movement will no.
oil, perhaps a little more rapidly on
account bf the efforts of Andrew and
in'time the words of lhe Kng.ish language will be spelt upon ii-uniform
piinciple. The Udt-er is eontinuallv
relormiiig its spelling. The edilor
-sends his copy to the composing room
where it is revised,- and then it gels
into the hands of '.he proof reader
who re-revises it; and when il gels
back to lhe editor he-don't know any
thing about it' aiid consecpieiitlv a
wrongly spelt word g'ets into the columns of the paper once in a while.
If' Carnegie would place a spelling
fuild.ol say Sioo.oco at the disposal
of the Ledger il would hire a" staff
of -expert spellers* and give the 'great
reform a pio.cioo'wriicup every week.
■There's talk of \V. It.- Ross, AI. 1'.
P:, oS Pernie. being called to the provincial cabinet to take the provincial-
sjucrcljl-ryship in casp ii' 'change is
made "in'life lands and works* deparl.-
uientAPhoeiiix Pioneer. ',,   '•
"Rbss'mig^it be 'ta.lled,- hut* he will
never be-provincial "secretary. . The
vo.l.ersl have soiiicthiiig. to say ajt'out
that'.—Golden Star. ■
.ludging-from the" address on a let
tor to the "Assistant Religious aud
Sporting Editor" ,of* tliis great family  journal  sonic    ,one..in
tumbled oft the water, carl lasl. e*ce.
Everybody 0works  but  llein'/.e,
He sits  around  all  dav.
Vicuringut) his profits,,
•    Tr. v.-!'.''lc~the—timai-n-wav;	
Ro-ers gives, but orders -
; To his friends all tired and hot.
Evi-r\bodv works lint Ilcin/x.     -
: Who scoops the whole inekpot. .
Wr Y." Times.
Liniment    for  sale  every-
In  a limit   page urlicle  last  wi-tl*
l.JC    J.'j.'i       J'jl •> 4.S.-..11A        (i)   K|m;    |l,,
readers llu, wtili-T rates charged lu
I'nsslnnd, but its iu the editorial on
the iiV'Iuw eniitK.versv it sneteedcil
III gulling only n,.mil nl the rale
it'glil.llinns befuie lhe public ubiih If
;•..*. irsiii'i'tiU •niiiin.i i:»|il,nml 11.11
would le (iS misleadliig as was the
iditiitial. Why did not our eiiteipris-
ng iiclglibor giie renilers the limn.
Iiiml cilv liy-law No. 57 nml its
(imi-iiiliiieiilM which were passed to nl
lnw water rule pavers n rebate of
from 35 in xs |nr cent on the rnle<i
ns pnbli.siiid, Seetimi il, of by-law
..VI. provides tli.il imvoiie. paving tlu*
Mlei. in ..illume shnll U- cntitleil lo
n rebate nt -j.*, |ki- rent if paid one
luoiith in advance; yo per cent if
I'.iid Iiiin iiinriths in atlvJitue. and *t.*j
fwr nnt i' p,ll(| six months in .ad-
"nlire. A customer In Rnssland iiKiu*-
*'i lHrle fnii or hall a ifo/en tnv», bv
nrivmj*; .iiis: ui.vtfi iu .idvunee licl*.
II.e seivitt (iirfi.,v>: if he povs three
nmitflis in iiilvniice his waler cui*
liim Si 411 |. r month; and ii lie pav.x
*Vr ".I-. iii.,)i1Iin Ih R(|sit ai i)lv Ta\r
tilM,%* i^r mo111 b.
..In  the  life ..I .>mvl,i. a Rosiltiml
Notice is hereby, given that the
court of levisiou.will hold its annual
silting on .\Ioncli.v, 'May-aSili, Kjofi,
in lhe court house, Fernie, 11
8 p. 111
C, at
this   .'.Stli
Dated  tit  Fernie,. IL ,C.
dny of April, I'joli,
.1. W.-NU.N'N',
Citv     Clerk
The contractors of Kernie ; will
plense take notice that After April
jsl, i-jof) thc Carpenters and .Iiiiu-
er.s ol Fernie Local 1220 will de-
1111111(1 four dollais (4.<*n) for eight j(,S;
liours' work,
Coal Pi-osi>ect'in<j Licenses..
NOTICE iii lierol.y g'vfcu'UlKit, :.u iluys after
, tlato,l iuteud to apply tu tho Hon. Chief
Coiijmissionei.-.. of .I;auds: nml Works for a
license to. prosix'ct for coal and petroleum, for
a term of one year, overthn l'oUo4vitiKdescnb
eitlun-ls.allof whioKan-. situate 'muni form'
part of Blo'ek 4-5'js, Ea st Kootenay -. District :-
.. .1. Commenclntr at a put (ilanted nliou,t one
find onfi"-liiilf'inile37\4-est' 'of *tli(" suiiimit of tin-
I'oi-ky Hount:iins,iind ali-iut tln'ee miles noftli
of Uie North Kootcnny l'nss trail, 11 nil about
HvdwiiySl.etween '-the- "iioftli.- nird-.'middle'
briuwli4j.s ol Sago Cruok, :imi about half a mile
west of the' hi-ad-ot thu valleys v.lieie they
Imvo their rise,- and marked '-Friinciu M.
ltuttenbury's South-wuat Oornor I'osU'j thence
i.orth s:ioliiuiis; tlienceenst S'lchains; thenee
-Miuthsj cliuins; thenee west SJ chains to tho
place of c'jmmc'iicenioiit, and not e'xccedhiK
Cl lauroi-.. '
Located and dritod the i-in'd day of March,
i!<u;,.. • . *     . '
'•"lancis SI. HiitteiiLury, Locator.
•J'. It. (lurdoii, Agent. ■-,.'■
". Cummei.eiiiK at a post jilnnteil south of
; nd nd'oiiiiiij4-I"i*ai'i*.is.M. ltiitUinburv'seornir
1 ost, and marked '•Klorom-o K. It:itteuliiirv's
Norr,h-..vo>.t. Ocriiir l'ost"; tlicnco miuUi ' bo
uhai-ir,-; thoin-o o.-.st S;. chains: therc&iiortli
S'Jcliniiis; thenee west Si cliains tu tli« place
of-coin'mciic'enient, nnd not* .oxcciiliiii; Hi)
acres. **,-.„ " ,     ,.'.„,    .
L'c.-.te'd and dated"thc 2ind day of Muruli,
lUlii.     *. ' •-    .
".Klironeo IS. Kii'-.tonlniry, IjOCdtor
.I.O, tfonlciu, Asunt),      *
3. iConiniuiii'iiii.'iitiiii-xi: iilantel wost, of
and a.l"iiiniii;,'l'''r,iii«H M Itatteiiburi's ciirnei-
poit iinliiiiirKl'it "U A ll<)Ilaii'l*» ^iint.li-o.isl.
enrrer IV;t": thnn-'d n'Oit. H.eliai'n-i; tlion.m '
north .so f lin ins; 1 liaiianij.nt, Hi nijuiiis;. tliun.i 0
south Kn i'Iiiiiiw to iim place of cjinmcnceinoiil.',
and notoxcci'diin! (i!() iierei U
.Located and dated tlio 'iiml day of *l!nre
M»i.  ■
(1A Holland, r.o.-.|it.,ir
.1 li Oordon, A^ent
t ComiiiciiiliiK nin po;'. plnute.l s)iuh of and
adjoining 0 A llollmid's corner iiojt, and
iiiiirkcil "lleatiico .M ' llallu'id's • North-e-nt
Corner I'osf ; tlicnco -mi'ii SI chiins; Iheuce
wust l^l I'iuiliif; llicin-i- nnrlli Sichain.-,; thenee
east. HO chains to the plane nfuii.Tununnaiiunit.,
i.'>,l not. e\ceediiiH ni'i acres.'
Lci'iite-d and dated the-li-Ji-.d day of Miir-sh.
1011*:.       ' _', .        ; '
*  ■- llealrieo M Ilelland, Liea'.or
.) G Oordon, /.(rent    '7
."1 Cjinnion'slin; nl n po.,t. planted about two
undone-half miles we-it of tlie summit of tho
Jlock.y SI*nu.tains, an t about throe' miles
north of the .North Kootenay L'ass trail, nnd
near tlio junction of the north and mi Min
branches of Sajjo Creek, and market "A It
Wolfumldii's Ni>rth-eii4t Cornor I'mi" ; .thrne.!
south Wch.iins; theneo wait Sn-.'naiiu; tlu-nee-
north Kilc'iniiirij tliom-e oa*:t- H.c.haiin to the
j.hice ol commencement, and ,not evc'eediui,'
mo acres,' - ;
Located ami dated the-'.'nd day of irareh,
A II Wolfciv.leii, Locator
, ' ,,  ■) G Gordon. Audit • .*
', ii' Coiiun'eucin k at a po^.t plnnted nl out. one
mile west of A H Wollenden's corner po?t nnd
marked "K A Wolfumlc-n'*, Nonh-east Coiner
l'ost"; thuiu'e south S,i cliains; thuneo west C(|
chains; tbence noilh (Mli-hiiins; thenco enst. 8
eh 11 ins to tho place of commencement, nnii
not exceeding (ll.l i-.c.rcs. • ,     t
'Loeutid and dated the £11 d day of .March
l'jnii,"    ■ i
K A Wolfendeii. Locator   '
J G Guidon. A guilt   f
7 Qonimcncini; at a pont planted about, one
mile wcslof K A Wolfunilen's corner post, and
marked "U K Ker's North-cast Corner Pi st" ;
thence south SO chains: thenco wost 8.') cliuins;
tlience norlli K) chain.-.: thenco cast NO chains
to place .of commencement, and not exceeed-
in« <il) acres.       - ' *,
Lf.cated nnddatel the S2n-\ day of March,
lMJil.  - : °     .    •      ' *- •
I) XX Ker, Locator
.     . JC Gordon, Agent,
8 Cnniuencins.nt a.iiost planted ;iibout,
three miles west of thu summit of lho liocky
Mountain-,, and iiliont one and one-half:mili)-i
north of the North- Kootenay Pas', trail, anl
about one mile south of ihe head ofthe iiontli-
we.-t branch of Sago Creek, and markedM) II
-l'_| ini ].-n!rii.\'oi t.li-\4.»^f e„i.nni. i.^i-'i;—.- hf-nee
soutli S'l cliains: thence east SO chains; tlu-nce
noilh Sichiiiiis; thenco west 8.) chains to tho
place of cunnieneement, and not oxeccdiii*-
il 11 acres, '   '
Lo;-u'ol nivl d.ated tlio Sled duy of March,
l!)i|.i. . .    t
■ ' JI H,T Drake, Locator
,    '■■      , JO (jot-dun, A Kent
'.. Ci.mim-liuinir at n. pod plant (id wo'st of
and iidl'iiulnK.U II TUraUo's corner post', aud
mniked -Tliiiinns JJIIin'n North-eiist t"jrner
Post"; thenco south Hi chains; thomso v.-iist KO
chains; llicnen north Slelinins; thonce east 8J
chains tn thn placo of commencement,.md not
sxceotliHK lil'i acres. - -   . ■'   '
Locati'il und dated Ihe 23rd day of March
ll) i.t,  ,    1
.    Thos Ellis, Locator
r.   • .JO Oordon, Aitent..'
10 O'onnuoiicim* at a |.o»t plnntod uoi-tli of
ami uilioiniiii; I] II T Drake's comer po>t, ainl
marked "\V K Oliver's Soiith-weht, 'Coriiiii*
I'o^t."; tlience enst S11 chains; thonco north ft1'
|..liaiii>; llimii'o wcl- mi chains, thuiicn houth *)
chiiins, to Iho plucn'ol eonimeiiconii'int,nnd
nol (i\i'i'i.iliiiK(IHi noroii, *   :
Jioi'iilnl and ditto,I tho a.-lril (lav of Sliireli
mn. ' , ' n     :   '-,
XV K Oliver, Locnlor   '
,1 0.Oordon, Aiftnit j
11 Oi m.n .nislim at 11 pisl. planted woj,t of
and ii'lliilnlini \V K Oliver's ennioi'post and
inn lid-1 A I'" llrillil ii'B Knn.tli-i>iiiit Curiiut- l»osfc";
Minium wcii Hiclialns; tlinni'D norlli Hldlininsi
Mien,*:, iiul .Sloliains; theiicn south H) oliiilus
to |,li< 'pliii'ii nl" I'omiiinni'oment, nnd not. ox.
:ioailiii-r ill) ncrns,
Lot.if u I and ditto I the iJ'Iril duy of .Miireli,
llilii, ' '
ai-*" orimtii. r.oDiir
.1 0 Uoriluu, Aiionl
I^O. P.1N0. 3172
\Idet in i;:0..1i'J Hall on tlle last- Tucb:
, i- o-..4-.-i;    -■'.*   .'   •' r" ■ •  \\ '   -' '--
lay iii every month,0:,      *'      *^;4,'7';
1 %'*^.A..W*(j., J. ,* Morrison, j1!*!. SccV
l'uoms 1 -fes, lioiiderjon l.loeli
SOLlC'JTOl*,    KTC.
Kernie, JI. C.
§0000&00a&&ff00&#Jf 0000000$
F, G. Latoe ;
-    .Post Ollice Block. Fernie. B. C.
-'-If not; you**"ira""mi:i-3iho:''soiie
.- of die choices1, -litcrniuio of
the century.
Semi :i dollar to
ERY, Nelson,'-R
iS'i-egalai'ly for
rise out of the rut.
T. LOW* ^
and get JR
rear and ***-
V  l>    I
P   l>
0000000000000BOH0000000H <JS
u. r.,
w. A
of c. & .1,
, CONNI'.I,I,,     ;
„      rreiiiclqn".,
IJ, i2*-o, Fernie J
Nolii-e* is hereby jjiven
euti,on will he imuie to
tiieiilof Cnmidii ut ItH.pivselil session
(fir nn act ti) incoi'iioi'iitu llie 11.11-
e'rest, l'uilwtiy, Cunl, unci,Coke' Com-
pniiV. with jniwern tn construct u'ml
oiierntu 11 line of , niilwny ' Irom 1 11
point ul or itunr M(in"isse',y',.n Itrilisli
Coliuiiliiui tlii'oiinh the Cruiv's Nest
I'nss to ii point nt or i.ciir llilllcrcsl
'.Iuinlion, thi'uci! soiithenstiirly UiUliu
town nf Ctirdston, Allicrin, with
lirnmli liitvs to Pincher Creek, Alhct'-
t'n,'iniil lu llie mill ilcposils iu luwii-
hhi'i «, I'lilttje I, west o( the 5th
nictldiiiii nml froin n |,oilil 1111
the' ' line of niilw.iv iiciir
tlie .s'nid conl di-posils In llie oil
liehls 'siliiutcil in thc viclnitv of the
1,iUl(* Kooli'iiny Inikcs, .Mliciln; with
jiowt-r to own und o|n'i-nti: cual 'nifiu***',
nml nil 'propcitii's <nnil tn coiislim-t
nml opi'lJiti'. ptpr lilies lor conicvlliii
oil' iiUiiik the. fii-lil ol way, tc-h'|ii'ii|ili
nml tcIcolKiiic lines, luaiUnivs, liiini-
wny» nml r-rmilM-, nlso wilh powci- lo
W'fi, lease, or (illii'iwlsc. (lisposc of tlte
iuiiV, mllwiiv uml iiropcrtics, nnd lo
opcmli* IJielr niilwny liv nti-nni or dec
tricky or other motive: power, und
,for smli i.'llier powers ns nie iiMin.1v
(l'l VI11    1(1   lilliWilN    t (>lll j l.i llll-.** -
1*1.1 ted  nl   (.lliiwn    thv,  in!-  div.'  ol
April, A, I), 1P.11S..
.  C, ,1', TIII.Ti.
••tl Aj-ciit lor,thc. Ciiiiip.uii'
J .Uiiuiiiiii(iIii*(iit-|)A.it,iiiiinla I nlioiitl-Jiroo
mil., w.j.L ur of t'.iu *ni)ninll. of tin.  Ilbeliv
Mo'in', iim iii.i ul.mil, two iiuilnnn.lmlf ntirtli
uf Mi > .Voi'tli ICoolJiiny I'.w ii'.tll, ami iionr
hi  Iiul  ..f Mm sontli.lvint. Iiriiiioli of Hiiiin
lli*i)('l(.inii|miir!(nl "AW McMnrranV Soilli-
civil.  0.11'ii.ip'  I'd..*.'1: tliiMii'i) woiit til C'liiililn ;
llionr-i nnrlli Kicliiilii*! t.lioniiiieiist-N'lr.hiiliiHj
lli.iilio    koi 11 li    Hi  c, Imi lm   to llin ]iliu'o> of
ci-iiiiniiiiii.nmiiiil, mi'l nnt ix,'ii(iilli]({ mn iirirnH
liii.'iitcl uml .luted tlio s.'ii'tl day nr Mni'cli
Iiiml, . /
A \V MoMnrrnn, hneiitor
.Ml Um-iliin, AkuiiI.
1:1 Uomiiieuclii'i ul 11 pn-it pliiiileil iilioiil,
tliM'd nnd oiii'.lmir liiiinii wiihI nf tlm hiimlnit
of the Itoi.liv Mi.iinliilii*, nn.l iilmut llnoeiind
i.nu-lmlf nilnw nnrlli of tin. Nmtli Koolpiiny
I'nuK trull, uml ilnin- tn nml cnntei-ly nr tliu
Ki'iiil. »i. .1.1'l-iini-h i.r S.triu Cri'i'lc nml iiiiirheil
"U.liii.|(miii'iS)Ulli-(m«t llnriivr Piinl"! Iliollno
win! Mioliiiliw; llienciiiiortli Kiclnilnn: thnm'ti
(iintHii'lmliiiii llimii'ii Miiiih HichiiliiHtu tliu
|iliiii. of I'l.iiiiiii.inTSiinnt, uml not u-icci.illnn
IIH) ilfl'iM,
Iiiini'ml nnii
-Inii-.l tin., '.'.'iiii ilny nt Mni'cli
II .liii.|(t.nn,l,(iciit(ir-
■   .1(1 (Innlmi, Aaout.
II (inninii'iicliiif ut 11 iiiml, pin nlmi iilmnl four
iiii'iliinii-liiiir iiillfN wenl. nf tliiihiimniit or llm
lli.cli.v Miiiiiitiilnniiiiiiliil.niil ri.m-nilliii imrih
01 Hit. Nm Hi KiKitiMiiiy I'iihhI ml 1,11111l1n11rli1.il
"(I Ktirlii'.-' Siiiiil|.|.iiHi Ciii'iii'i' I'iihI" I Hi urn
\viihI Mieluiliin! tlK,ii|.|| ruiiii wicliiiln.| lliuncn
cilili NlnliiiliiH'tlh. iii.ii HOlllli N1 elm IiiM Ii) Mm
Iil.ii!" >.r (.i.iiiiiii.iii.|iiiiinit, nml nnt iiwmiilliur
mn iii'ivw,
l.'ii'iili.il mul iliildl llm i'.'luli dny of Miiii-h,
\\tnH. 1    '
(I |.'nrli('M, l,miii|(ir :
.1XX (lonlun, Ajii'nt,
MVvni«iu   (4)<  nt-t'cvi^!   *rfi'.,,'!'!l \VI*."
Ml'NIVll UKlll'tiATinXH,
TAKK NOTICK, tlmt ,v> '.Inv:* xxttvx
(lute, I Intend to upply to the com-
nilAsfoiic-r of IhikIh nml works for .tt
speclitl licetisu to cut uml citriy uwuv
llml-er (10I11 the lollowlui! (IcscriLcd
CoiniiicueiU'* til 11 post planted nl
tlte mn ill cist it.liiul ul A, ,1. Far.
(lue-tKou's limlicr licetiHe, liciiiir ulnnii
fin -t.iaiii*- nortii nml ,V> r1niiii<* eu-sl
of the Kontliwesl 'corner of lot Xo.
5-155, C»- l. Knit Kootctinv illHrlct,
ihtnte »tit t*i ttidlnn; llitmc* rnuih
ftit cliiiliisr (lirnrt* «-ji«it fir- rlmlni, tfirn.i*
snulli fto.i'Imtiin'fn.point of tniiiiiiiucc-
n. t„ iinYNTnv,
tVttiili-, n. C,   Mnrcli J», iv/..
lllitard'n T.iiittiicnt curi-i ilaiiiliufi
l.onl,-(.'i.lll iKIhU mny lm |.ui't'|iiik(iil nt Hn
IKii-iicru fnr «ift, I'linl iiml usii |nr iintlirai'lln,
•Niii, imill.tliini .'i.ii imii'ii ciin lm ui'i|itfi(..l l.y
inn. Imlli|.li.nl(.reniii|.iiiiv, Iloyiilty ul tliu
rutn nr len i'oiiIh pur tnn of j*,<Kifi ipmm.N Mm 11
li.. .'.illi'i'lull on Ilni |'|'(.i.Hiilil|illl,
,     ....     A 4,4.   l.,',,,4(  (.4 cll,l,l ,444. ti >tl.iki\. it
n111.11 i.iiviii'iil in iiili'iinronl'i'ii>i..rmilium lur
mi Imlli i.Iiml, mul rrnitti.Vitiii>|iii|iiiriiuuiiin
for .1 i'iiiii|iiiuy niMMiiilliiir in cuiiltiil,
A fill, iiiljidr, Imvlntrilhii'iivmii.t iiilnnr.il lu
tiliii'Uiiiin.v Ini'ictii it (iinhn i,.Vi.|\.l,,'....f(.i)t,
Tin) fm. fm* nicoivlliid it clnlm l*t».'..
At It'll .,t liKKI IHllrtt tltl dXIIUtlllu-l nn   llin clii hu
I'.ncliyi'.irnr pnld to tlm inllilnu rci'iinlnr hi
Id 11 llicit-iif, IVIirn '.Vm liua iici'ii i.\|i|4|iilni| nr
li.iil, 1 iit* lui'iitnr 111114-, 1111> 1 li ll"* Hnl 11 Hiirvi.y
1.nidi., und upon coiiiiilylinj. with nlln.r ro.
i|iiltiiniintii,iinri-liiivi tlm Innd nt fl mt ncfc, '
Ilut jtntint |iri.v.i|i'M for tlm iniyintint. nf n
royalty uf;'' iie-j-rciit 011 Mm nJilu*.
I'l-.K 1.11 i.ilnli.irrlalmnniiifnillvnro Iimifi'cl
• Tsui: ml iv fri. yfi t(iu..4iiil.lo>i4iirIy,
A fnn in I ni. r nifty oliloln Iwo lm»ti* lo
>lri*.l« r»r ko|i| of llvu inllc-tcrtfh fur a t»rm nf
}»(.iitvyt.iii-i,, nniuwitlilnnt (liu ilUcrttluii uf
lv '.ll..l»«f ^.fiht-hMitor,
Tl.o li'4t*i-(i ulinllliieveiiilrctij'i) hi nimnillon
v-iUiiii llu um..iii limn II1I11I11K1 til tlm turn**
for c-mli iliu iniir', litmii.11i11i1i.rHi1i.m11 for
"'.i.ii inilu iif rlvr>i' IdihwiI, lliij-nllynt thi*
niii* nt -i[ )M.ri..-iii I'ulli'ftcd nn tlm mil jnir. nl*
1.1' il i-«re-i->U tin/am,
I'i |.iii>-ol llu* Mil.Iitiri.rllml.lififur
-**•"•   II.   r.ini.lln.rl/itl (.nl.lliiil Inn of f 1*1*   «il
»»iti-n. ui| mil nol te |i.lid fcr.
M". 11. ltoss J. S. T. Ai,kx&ni-i:ii
Ross & Alexander
■ A* . 'k'ki'.\'ii.', 11,0.       ;
Ollice in L. T. W. lllooli, Vk-torU Avi-mi*;.
Ja Bai*bor« l.d.s., d.d.s.;
L. T. ,\V    Uiocb,   opposite  the   Bank
■   Olliiio'linurs—H11.n1. to8p m,  ' *,
W, -Ji Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
Ol-riCl. JIOl'IIF:
8.:-,Ho ii a. m., 1 to
ii..')U^»8 p.m.
OlUf-u in Alux. Hob It's liloi-k
ovi'i- Slum's llaliury.   .
51), in
•      PROVINCIAL AND '  '
5 '   -DOMINION    "
Office:   L.T;\V. Block    :
. Fki'.n'ii: :—British Columbia
ee. w. wiDDoweoiy
(Late nssiiyer Nelson Smelter)
Qolil. Silvor or Lend fiacli -j'l.no
Copper,,..'-.-Sl.:".:) >    Gold-Silver )»1.f''i
OliiiiKe.-i for other metals on npplii-iition •
P.O. Drawer lios'       . ° ,..   .   .J'lione^Afiir
r; Fernie, «. C.
|Siii-ivssor tivJ.C. Iliilchisoii'.]
Is prepared to deliver Milk,
Cream,    ButicrmilU,o   Fresh
Laid IX^gs, and Dniry Bnller
every day. ' '
-Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
We* wish .to fufcir.-. cur p-ilro'
lluit wo h:i\-o re*nio\-i'il our Plumb-
' " Xnt-*: business lo (lie' bulklinej next
ilocr tothe Kin'; lulw.-ircl'. Hotel,
where wc will coiitiniiis in the
Plumbing, Healing and Tinsmithliig Business
Don't for-jel llie iilj,i*.». ,. , ,- :'
Teleplior.o No. 1, ,
Shcppes-d & Oliotrt -*.'
Than have ever bee-n sold in this
town "belorc--iiioi-c . artistic   , i::-
<lesi«n    anil    colorintr—the  l.incl
" "■*-
that -jjives lone and character to
yonr  house. :'
Exclusive Patterns
thai youcaiinot -net I'lsewhere
.in Fernie., I. would like to show
them lo.yon. I'have tlio cheaper
■jrade-s ,'nlso,   if  you  wunt  tlu-in.
Crow's Nest
u '
Electric Supply Store
• rt _, '.,
• -    'All  kinds, of   Electrical
.Goods kept in,stock.
:;ABi?; -work'
[omn.Tuknku, „.-
\ Read-carefully all the ^
I >==-Advertisements in
1 this issue,  and   Patronise  our  Advertise ^
5 ers.   —   —   —   --      *
Piipllol' Miiilnino Ilcsslo Cnx,G»ll<lliuUSrScliool
of-Musio', I.omloii, nnd Dignor Vuiiiifiiiiij''"lor.
cncc.lUly, will re'rclvu a limitcil .iminliur of
pupils forinsh'uctlon in sinsiiifi uii'il voino pro-
' , " .7,
Terms on Application.
*£ t|»'
Bo Ul.
ffevnte, 3B, Q*
Davicy & Ladrroutk1
$     ty
M.. Kerr^ Go;
Contractors end Builders
17 you wish to test ,
one of these Razors
without  RISK ot*
.your part, apply
to  us for
.  Polrln     r/cn
. ouble Concave  C7sn
for Heavy Bcartla **-
'CarZ)(;-.*t/(!i;)i<!l ic Mlast la
Otiiliton JS'if.jis, $1.00
Free BMUtt "Blots to Shavers."
I'-or in'.e ni •
r; ".Or'Alb. .'.  '      l-'oniii*, II, C
I'l.-uis, Spci-ifieatioiis and Esli-
nidlcs  Iiirnislicd , on  appliciilioii.
.' -. -li.
of   GOOD   DUY
f.  -
A. KI?Rll,     " 4- .    '
—-.-irciiilcc-l aiulrfiriyierintciuiCiitr*"
Ofllce al Iicsiclcncc,     °   -
I-'lvRXIK, n.c
Liviiiff Uocky Moiiiilftlit Goals, Miirtin
Hnnvisi-, Oltor, -(.i'iz*/,ly   llmu-s,   Wo.
vfii-lnea and otluii' Aiiimals iiml Minis.
Dr. Ocil Fronc-li,. NaluniliBt, WjirIi
iugtoti, IJ. 0. . 8—'Jil
*..''' -*J'->?*'?,>^ ",'fc AA*?.* ••'_>*mm.ims*s m 'ji\r*nntmintmismt,r m lain m
Philip Carosella
General Merchant    ;
.and Dealer in Wines,;
Liquors and Cigars. :
List. Your Prujie'rly Willi
.. *   -■       FlilvD  BASS.       *   *
riCliXlH. lOIl'I'OYllKNT
AGK.NCY.   ,
■Propel ty for Kale-,-Rtiil or Kxcli-ii-ni
lie ills   Collceli'il.   l'lniployuie'iil ",-,I'nr-
1**1*cs-iinniii- l.iiSiim ICunl
Short Qrdcrh nerved at al
htsi-iB's, einy or Bilslir.
"   'f'V.-n' .'ours f.outli ol tliv Kile Ilivr-r Club
tf-etrr-biCs' *' s-s      B. C.
■«».• "\WW»!TU1<J1«
60   YEARS'"
Triide Marks
^^8%^      "   Designs'
r v v^n ^      Copcrights Ac.
Anycnesoiiilltii; n, slictnh imddoscripttoii may „
qulitlily iiHcorlnlii om-opinion froo wliolhor an
nivaiittiiii ia |irohiibljr patentnbM.   CoinniunlcA.
ll'inaPlr:cl.!j-coiill(lo.itlul. HANClSuOKonl'ateuta
ecntiroo. Oldest nnoiuiy for sct-uriiiK patouts.
r.-itciitti l,nlte:i tluouiili IMiiiiu & Co. receive ■
-, npi'cial notice, without clmrRe, Utha
/!>. -         —
A lia'idsomoly lllcstrntoil'vveoltijr. I.nruost clr*
tu!uti.-m of tiny sclci.tlllo Inuriiw. -Terms, fi a
yciir; Join- moiitba, $1. Bold bj All newsilealem.
UiUKCii Oilico, C2G V Bt, Wajl)li)K(on. D.C    ■
I imitUl
" V. Head - Off ico :  EiianiSila^ Ganaila".
Capitals $2,415,000'    - liesevve * $2,415,000
i    /"        '  Qotttl JUssets * $29,000,000        " ~ ■■'
IIl")N, Wm. GujsoN',' President.
.  J. TUKNU1JLL, Vice-Prc.siileiu and General M.inag-er.'-'
■ ■ 74 BrnncRses i&Sj,Q,iJ?j!littii*'t.',SiaBiaf!a _
Money Ortlcrs (ind  Driifts i^s.io.l, p.-iv.-ilili? in Cin;iila or jiliroad.
Forcif.-jn -.livifls caslienl.    Spi'd.-il !idviiniii|;i\s in .Sayings Dc'p.'irtiiii'nl.
Open in lhe evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
A,      . "   ., ii. r,, :.«,wnv Auont fi.: u.n'11s hkancu
in-jai^isrx-iii. b,. o.
Niiv.HorloH, Oi'cenlioiiKcs it  Seed
UdiiseH. ■'
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Siiiioii Dragon, Propnetor.
lle.n(l(|iiiirli!i-,s for PACllMC COAST
CilUiW.V Ci.irft'ii, ' l'k'ld mul l*-!h\vi'i-
iSluiI.h. Xew I'i'op nnw in Htni'lc lviiily
for dislrilmtioii; nsk yoiu nie-i-i-luiii'i
lur tliciii lu .se'iiliil |.iiil;et;i, If ,lu*
(Ions mil IkiikIIi, ilnin wc will, |iiv|ifiy
to yonr iieaiTSt post dllii-i: 50 .s-ccjnl
parliilH, our .sfU-ciioii of nonil \'iti'it'-
lle-s, for Si, to liitnidiu'i' lltcin.    '
I.nri-i! Nlocls ol IIOMK DHOWS
I'mil mul Oriiiiuieiital ttve-M ikw iiiu-
luii'd for tliu Hpi'luii; liiuk'.
No i'X|ii'iiKi', loss or cli'luy Ior nin*
jjnlkiii nv iiisjii'i-lioii, ' [
I,«I nin prl'-i! yniii' li;<l liiifoM- |iliic-
iit« vour iii-ilcr. (ii-i'i-iiIuhikch, IMiiiiIh
l'lurnl Work, JU-i: KnpiiHi-f., 1'i'til.
Pni'knift'S, I'Vrllll/ti-H, Uic. CiiliilnuiH'
M. J. 1IKSUV, j
,V>ti. Wcstiiilii.lif Avi'.,
Yiiiu-iMVi'i-, 11, !C,
ricnurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
.   TM-E   "OWL"
FiinUi    fepular     Ktttaurant
Meals   served at  all times.
All white help employed
MRS. 1H0S, BMUrcff irtres.
'*   Cl.uk.  ilu- U-st  5l
in  SiImii   linlv uiiilt- lnlp liilloVril
G. W. llAUTI.KTT, l»ro»irittor.
foimi-rlv  tlw
a ilny hold
vr patuoxizk iiomi; i.viiI'stiiy in
cr3srio3sr labul
Crow's   Host   Spoofol
Mlitf.r'9 Fnvorlto CIflai*s
Second-Hand Store
Opr-m*.. rp r.e\t lo ncirn Hotel
Tor   Cnmh
U l.. u".   Il- Teirij, rutin
@ „ .
Portraits by
, Photography
$3o50 a dox. tiip
4 The work
\flas thc paice 'and
jSj.The Price adaniifits of his best work, k
-Jj Studiot    OfT*r>osj|!:c. fch*. McllimJIsI; Cluncli '$
^X'X^^^XjX^/j'x^ W®C*y>Xv®rs;)i&^r*)$/s^
1 liitv*. le'tipi'tii'd my liooi ainl iilicii liii.siiicim iii llu; Imlltliiijj; lu*.
rwe-i'ii tlm Wiiltloi'f nud Ilii', po.'ctoHii'ii lilock, wlii'ii- I will In- pU'dKi'd
lo uiuul nil inv old i-iisliiiii('i-.s nml nny m-\v ouch wlio cure to ifivi'
111c u cnll
l.i-pnlrlnjr 1I011.1 while you wall. Kul.licr wnt'l* it spcciiilty, HIuiuh
lumlu lo (iiilcr, Siitisfnclioii kiiJiii'.iiiIcciI, llontlilnck tiliiiiil In riiiinrc-
tlmi, All work doiie nl fciisonalili' prlccK.
If vim Willi! I'linci iiiiiiln to lit yoti, j;lyu mu u cull, iih I only
use the lie-it 110ft white It'llllici- for lliiiiil sewed (oli.'i
TH03.   MfrlZmmi.LE
Will In yon -'ul your sIioch done I will j-ive yott n cliniicfi 'to'see
hook with j-y.s.liii'liiiVH of thu .Iiiihiih-hu-KiisnIiiii  war,
* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦4>**<>**^*'>*>-t'^*^<***^4^4^4444^^
and   Howie   Life
„C(iii lm tiijoyiil hy tiikiii);     your     hiciiIh    nl
The Roy a 8 Restaurant,
* • ," ',1,4 Tt 'll!,* I,". , . ,
44.   *,.....;,..,....»..,..    .....lv    -I"-     4'...,...     SS-.,..-... ...4      4*.',-i ll\V4l» MlSftl     111    'UIC
i-ity Jor 55 i-e'iilM. A few moiv reuiil nr Im-tnlm diidieil. Yonr pntroimifo
Is   H-)i|K:ctlii,iy   MiHrilcd.
AlAt WIIITI-; Iliil. I-     KMIM.nVKl), „    ,
MRS. rVf. HOELZELj Proprietress      '
New Palace Meat Market
Now Open.  Cor. Victoria Ave. iVGoinmilSt.'
Cliolei* C11U Iii till klmlH of MvntH
Vlmtmt of 'FrcHli nml Hull 1'IhIi     " '"
* Ctntiio of Jill Kfir.H In Hf-txxnm
Proprietor Af
-. a
■    .-"-A
"*i ;: * vi"
■aster, I. shall crave yonr cndoi'iie-
n-.eiit of niyLcoiir'.se,-,.Jie"saiil in .. explanation Lot. his desifefto do "every-
thiiitV'possib!7foi-,tlie;.suIIercrs witii-
out clelay".' -:--■_*
- "Congress wilWce-uit.you,'" said
y.-t-.-.tor TuliaferrQ and'the ."ethers assented "ioclingly. ": • -
.Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-,
fulness of the food
.Snn l-'raiicisco., April 21.—San Fran
e-ihe-ci's darkest Loin  has dawnetl inlo
.-i.d'ty ot iuipe. Its liniu of .-reiwlieliii
in;* 1 i.sa'iler and peril has ended   and
its  future   is  iimv   a ' subject  of j'en-
erul  consideration.      ,        ....
' .The liu- is pinclieally under control
A t'le-ai- sky over lhe Mission     dis-
■ Hid slums that the lire there '  ,'ias
Leen exliiijiuislieil,
'lhe spread ol t'he Haines toward the
\ie-sle-iii adiliticn, the best pail of the
city  leiiuiininj*, has hetn -*taved and.
:  elii* only portion of the coiillaj.riuii-.ii'
Hint demand the atleiition of       ihe
iii-eiiien  is thafexteiidiii'.-     from the
Nob Hill section down to" ihe norlh-
WLStern  part  of the  waterfront..
.'The  western addition -dunger     was
■ave'i-te-d al 2.30 o'clock this morning
by  ihe   uso  ol    ^iiiic'ollbn,  dynamite
and Iwo-'suiains of water.'**'
The explosives v\veio handled by the
chief giiiine*!- ol the Mare island navy
yard, and his "accoii.plishiiieiits proved him' ta lie a master of his profession,        * "
The work oi' relief was started ear-
.]y .today. .-A l.i;,- bakery in  lhe saved
eiislriei started    its iii res and 50,000
'loiiviti of broad will be baked'before-
Thousands of people wtie/in line
this nioriiiiiK before the California
street 1-akery. The police' and militia
wi-i-if present in lorte and each person
was allowed only one loaf.
"I ho Jjoiueless people in lhe.   parks
and vacant lots will be provided'-for
today as"'speedily as'possible.     -        •
The destitution and siillerinjr'is Id--'
riiiie.   '       *'    .    .';.*' - '   ":
 ■\\:oiiieii_aiid_e-hiUli-c.n_w:h.Q_had coin-
■ Washington, April. 21.—The .follow-
ifi-i telegram was received '-.y the war
■ department shortly after ii o'clock
this forcooon from Gen.Funston.
■"Burned district now approximately as follows: .      *   ■->•       ' 7
■'From waterfront up Broadway to
vAlasou street; theuce' south' to' Call*
ornja     '• .street',' thence  to Jones
street;      thence  cliajronally  to     Van
-Ness''avenue and Golden Gate'aveijiie
"I'Voiu ■ Van .Vess' west on Golden
UUe avenue to Fillmore; thonce'south-
to market; thence, on irregular !n» to
Valencia and 261I1; thence ,".. j.-',-^,,-
"ai line east to bay,
' "Indications are that active fire
line will advance west to Van Nest,
avenue and north to union and'Mont
-j-oiiiery street.
About vV:o,.>oo people are homeless ■
Kvi*rylliiiiff' js  c,uioti]- Tr0()1)s  Co(jijci> '
aling witli police. l'-aiiii,,e- teems im-
ev.table. All large supply stores are
burned. Most energetic efforts from
outside onlv tan pi-event 'frightr,,*
si.fler.no-. Weather now' fine, nnd expected lo remain so. r rctpiest (licit*
everything possible be done.in Uu.'-
way of food supplies ' lentaj'e and
blankets: Ko more, troops "needed at
present. ....
A^ 7j7r#
THE HOidli OI-'''1 ;
AND TOURISTS ;   -.      '
«»>Tl»i«4»m,t.*n,. ......   . -. ,<||r| , '. [
HATKS   *2.M   PUIS   1)AY
"***■ i~i um
,  —"■——■"-""—-WTI-j-T
fortaTile    happy     homes' a lew-.days
• ago-- slept  last  nigui,  if .sleep  canie
"ai  all,  on" hay ,011  the   wharves, ,011
the vsaiulr;   lols '   near  North   1 leach,
some of  Ilieni  under  the-little  tents
mai.e ol   .'.h.eLiiig  which   poorly  pro-
.teeled  lliclii' 110111  lhe chilling winds.
The people in llie parks are possibly beltei'provided in the matter .of
.shelter, fur ihey left their homes bel-
tt v prepared, A"
instructions were issued by the may
or Unlay to break open every store
containing provisions and to disuib-
llte llielll to the thoiisiillils' under po-'
lite supoivisioii. The Voiing "Men's
Jlehrow association's hull near Gold
en Gale I'ark, has been stocked with
provision*, ior the use of the needy
victims iu   the  adjacent  fields.'.,
Doth the mayor and ihiel of police
'when nskeii for a statement by , the
Associated Press , this moi-ning, ex-
piusscd themselves as thinking that'
the lire was virtually iiih1*,m- control,
Cliief 1)111.111 said that the ( rder of
the city astonished him. He lhoiiglii
il due lo.the earlier severe measures
taken1 by the soldiers and police in
shooting down olteudeis. Two men
were shot mid killed this morning,
f'olicY'iinit h'loixl upon catering his
home, cue camlet cd a slrniigei-, who
alt licked him. l'lnnrt shot him .deadf
Hpei'liil policeiuaii Snydi-i- also killed
a limn, but the details were not us
.ye 1.  known.
The only bank in the ruined district
lliiii'escaped destruction wns ■ the
.Market .street, 11 is in the irntletl
Omni lmiidiii'.',1,bul luu lireiueii unveil the' lower lloor, ll will pay out
iKoiiey iis si.oii as il hears I ruin lhe
('luii-in-V house ollicials, -' A cot;iiei' of
lho ejty. 'i.o.ii- the l'ncilie iMuil1 docks
nt Second and llreuiiiin strctl's, was
mil ruined 'iind-lhe Suilcn-'s Home Is
ini act. '  '
The lire' now hiiinl'uj* is all enst of
Vim Ni'si' iiM'inie nud north of California dlleel, It. will bunt itself ijllt
(Itiwii to the iioi'tli liciu'h wntei-Ftonl
The l'o.ilnl Telt'.'i-uph i-oui|iuiiv today
n-storcil us cable loiini.etioii wilh (he
ni-ii'itt liy I'Kliiblt.shiiiir u station ' nt
.h't'dli lleiieli, hut thciii i,s i,n service
ns vet fnr delivennij nicHHaijc'S llu-iv.
'i'liiMisiinils of iiu-lilbers of IniuilleH
niii M'piii'iiU-d, i|>.iiii-iiiil of ('lie an*
(itlier's wliercnlimilH nud without the
menus nf ii-ici'i'liihiini*-, Th.1 police In*
day ojn-iii'il up 11 I'litimii of vet-lstrn-
tion to l)iiii<.j relntUes t(i(,'i'lher, It
In impossili't to Keeiiiv 11 vehlele ex*
eepl nl e-xlortlonatu rates, One tin-
1 huul MMeiihiy i'ii(,'iiui'd 11 ti'iiuiNli-r
mul hone uml \wif-iiii, ii«reelii)' to
puv S.v uu limn", ChuiiiH of Svi (or
cumin-.; iiuiikN n few blocks wcfi;
Thc poliie nud inlHliirv alae the
Iimiiih wlit'ivyi'i- they reipiire thelti
llieir wisher*'lieiiij,- (.nforeed nt nivol-
Vil    ,»»,...-,   ,i    tl..    i/4,(lv(    plO>fh   Itllil*.-
pimed lo rrm,p|v with \\\,.\y thiuamV'.
Miivhi' Hihitiit/. looked wcniv this
inoriiiiiui lml Iip-wim nl work ener*
*-«'lle,»IU ,\\ his d.:ik, havinj; lia,| Utile nr no shop. A pnlleriiinii thl.t
liini-niiKf  rcpnrli'd   thnt   two  (*rncetv
'luri'l 111   Mu-   Ui.|.i1i1v,r1w4-.-l  41 •(.!-,.   r'/.i'
til,  "iHli(ili-"i*i tin  clel'ks weiv picselit.
''Httinsli (he MtfiivH open," (iiilerpd
the i|iiiyoi,."nnd (-unril ihein,"
Wash In.'! on, Amil 31,—Secrrlnrv
'I'lill, while (pRtifyliijr beforo liip
Ciiml coiiiiiiltlcc, received nt..** p.-in.
!' !tiei;*:.i*.<' from tin* w.tv lU-piirtmi-tit
tlmt nun!her million dollars nf 111011-
IV ii Herded In buy <ii|i|ilh<<i fnr Hun
!''r.HH-|MO. Alter rc-iilind the lm-Kif.ii^e
In* Mill: -
"Wi- htup nl 1 rally (niitr.ii-teil for
Ji,5fio,i*xi worth nf islnri'-t and rxpens*
tn Incldtiit tn tin- wf-rlc. Thin iiic-m-
\tiie nt tiiiitw, thotilil p,o to llw*
Jmnst ul time,
tie Vnii. Iip wntili-i wetiA il \)*ftt
fr.r nction.
If I mu jjulltv ot (in iiiMwucVinlilc*
ti'lmsp (rtlc-rriitii-j lc» tlw law proiiil.*
»li»i(r cxpc-ndiliiri* 111 t\.e<<« of (ippro*
pi!.»tliiiis) in ci.imnUloii with thin dis
Minard1* I.iniment relieve--* ne-araluit.
•iVashin«lon, . April . 20-president
Roosevelt" today contributed" Stooo
and Senator Kiiur, .^oo for Sail l-'ran
Cisco.   . .        , ;
Wasliiniton,' Aprii 2r.-0rdi-rs have
been ' issued -by the' war .leparlmeiit
to purchase at I.os Anjreles1 iiiimcd-'
iately *coo,ooo rations and at Health-
.-••00,000 rations and Jiurrv theiii to
San Krancisco, The "dciiarliiient were
informed that there were 100,00 rations-at the'Presidio, that ihousands
of refHi-cos are l-.ciiij'' sheltered lliere
and that-the-.irmy is feedinii '.theiiir
One million rations have alreadv been
started to San Francisco bv; the- de-
onrliiu-nl. The department this 1110111-
in;r i-ccei\cd ', the* follnwiiiir j ; from
Major ,Pevol', superintendent nf.tran-
**"Mfc"*' •*"*'■•■ "Will ■ria-lMW Mi ■ 1 Ml  I f^m*rm f
KB1-IMMH llllMIKWIMIUBUta I" I Til <-|>|-|M«WII
Thos. rogue,   -^    or* % Proprietor"
is**** **>**n~t*.**M ,-j,,*mh,WT.-*-iXs,:rsAW± ue-ai
■)M<  »'7*^j»»*^  » *^——'""^yu'jy^
In : FeriiSep is a peasant home fcr ail  who fraveS.
., Manager.
The: Calgary"
Cattle Co. ;.;;. :
Retail*   Meat- Merchants
o    * 1
I have used Minard's I.iniment in
mv stables for over a"year> and consider il the very best for horseflesh' I
can sjel, and would slfonjjly recommend it lo all horsemen. '
„-    •",: 0E011G13. HOUGH.
'T.iverv. Stables, 7   Ouebcc,  9s   to   10,
Ann Street.     "    " A   .
sport  service,   dated  Sran   Frantisco
today: '       .-".     ' ',    < . -:
"Answering yours, am issuiiut 30,-
nro comnitin wall tents in store at
Presidio, also jooo buckets and moo
blankets. Will continue doing so until stock is exhausted. Lack of water 'very serious, Nn stoves* nrcc'(cil
owiiiK to irlowintr rin.leVs. . Wnrp"-
hoiiSi-s in son. Little danger nt Presidio. All storehouses iu citv de-
si roved M'ilh contont1?' 'cxrenl H'e
stornire of ofTi(;ers' effeels. l.oclis and
•ill transports .uninjured. .Have' moved rccoids and files.to rresidio.
WBNE   C0.r Ltd.
U'iiolesnie Dealers and Direct Import-
' •• ters of ,'''
"   'r.C0TCHc4A.\D
''H'tf'II WHISKEY, °   .
I.ONIIOX miY, "        '
OTJI-'i'OM '"''
' ..* 1'0-MMEUY
C1IA!W1'AGN*E ' .
ALH AND H'fOUT, .   "
■ .Sole A((i'iilH iu()Cniini1a for
Windstir     Tonic,      Jair     DeHtrnycr.
Untlar Now Mnnagnmont
Mrs. Thos. Bait,   •   -   •   Proprietress
Tflrmisiw W2 p«ir nionlli, -with bntli eafl
i".i.iiwh.iiiw tm 11 iwt'w'i.wjw.fnrwrmiret —'-a
r-mn\«i.':iw'!i!!lWJii'!!Hi3!i!uaL!m,n*&i!f tuaniv v
ltiiiul Iluwu
ltMKi p 111 liv,     Fern lu
v>r-.i,.. r.1.'*. :.;	
IHO nm ItAxforil           fiUJtim
..inmiii W'UKA.M.;    -   m',pin
"..f. inn i'vuioU           t'.lil 11111
7..1ii|iin HuiiIHs           P.HOM m
in(111) 111 Art Vaxi-ouvkii  I.v 4 no u in
HUH p iii A tr tit. I'mil   I.v 10 Hii ii ra
• Dully KKfuiithuiiclu*,*   .
You leave Kernie
anil arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
Vut Ualtillittl InCut-Dittl'iit, l«rtb fUMr*
vioIIutk, •t«„ c«tt cn or »<Mr*.«
H, h, flr.jicKiiroiiK,
llliuid'* Linimcni Curt* llunu, etc.
Choicest cuts.of fresh uicats always
.ft J'cuid.   , '" ' ..."   '   '
Hams, bacon, and lard as well. •
All kinds of fresh iish on season.
Prompt  delivery.       '    *   '
Give, tis .1 call: !   ,  •     **
TW,.- 18..'-
J» Gar^isiichael
Q 7000 -rfsfj ""      0&0000V000000000000IP00000000000000000000
*d "■"<$& '     *'-    ■--     ;   ■ .i- 'in'. ■—,,-„.,.,■;, *a
Change of -Business
Having; leased the Fernie Li verv'
•i ' *J
and Dray business of Win. Hand-
ley, I am prepared to do all
kinds of Draying ami Livery
&     ,',"■'
Agents for        A "
Tho Cafgrary Miirble and Granite Works
Tho Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the ofiice. •
Office Phone 41       Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Blook
§ *     - ■•'".- * -ft
§,    Affcnt   for Feniie Coal, Summit Linio and Distrlbntiii"*        «
«"»     Atfent oi' the Canadian Oil Co.   . '"        &
The Elk Lumber Co.,
Dimension, Flooring, Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
All oiir slock is last years cut and well seasoned.
§ Give me a call    Fred Handlcy   |
•!•'.. • " -..   . •!•
ViotopJa Ave,
:;  .MRS... WAGGETT (MISS VARTY)    -;
The Best .off. Satisfaction
in Watch & ■ Jetoelerg' Repairing
? nmj—i.Tr*.-^-«VT4,1T.1r, w
A lull line ol spiiiiu; uud suni-
incr suilinjfs which wo will
iiinl;e up -in liilusi Hlyli's. HiU-
isfiictibu jfiitinintceil,
SUITS  CI.KANlil) *  "
%   T.-TAV.ING-been appointed agent  for the C. B. •{•
i   II    C.    Corset, Co.,    Ltd.,    Toronto,   a   Iar     i*
-■   .   ' n ■-    ■ * ' ^e-i-
consignment---ot these choice  products  has this  dav *
• ■.'•',.- ■r''l'- '•!'
'j*  arrived.'  See  model in the  window.  Also  my   lar'o-c '\
•!•■ . ;■    ■''        -, *' -'  A   ■' '•- -' ^
;{•. consignment of English Straw. Hats arc nearly sold
J  out  and cannot be replaced  this  season.      Intending
•|-  purchasers must        '"
.t. J    Have one of tlieii largest stores in Feruie, £
Call Early
•i«      1 .
..  to avoid disappbimment.    Note the address,
rs. Varty-Waggett
*l"I,,l*,I"!*"I"'!-,'!"l»!''!'"M"!',!"J*,J"'!"!«'!"!"!' •1»^M"I,,H,>^«M,,I,,H,^^'M»M«»!»I'
Have Only
Days Left of
the IS Days
tW(*>numnp*   ilShtfiai-it
^u^^^^u|    <^^*-fetA, ^*Smt   *m*m\   m^Ssl    f^^S^^^    f^^—)   f*j^*\    ^^^    ^^|   ^^f '^^^±-tMfm1   t^g*    S^^   ^^u    JfjU^ |^|   ^^aS    t^SSk    ^SWm
of Reliable Goods at
1 7 Jeweled VValthcim In a 20 Year Gold rilled Case, «H».50
25 Year Gold Filled Case, 7 Jewel Movement for $8.75
$10.00 Marblelzed Wood, 1-2 Hour Strike, 8 Day $5.50
Silverware Selling at Cost
largest stores in Feruie, t
Lftitili, Yen), Fresli and Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd* f
Brewers of Extra Fino
Lajver Beor and Aerated
Witters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Wholesale and retail dealer ii.
(301118* FiintteltiittfH, Notions, etc.
Jusi ivtvivfil a  toll line ol imported  Turkish   tol>:icco«
ami cigaivites.
Call and iimpecl my stoclc before hiiyinjr elsewhere.
r* -^
tProprMor €
Ceniral Jfotel
*    * #
James Setitr/t,
\\\U  (i!ini-l),i|  nu-n.-*    The  l«lik<  i» Mippllt.!  >j>itJi  thr  ln-iit
llu* hui!m 1 aJT.-i.l-i. Tli.- Ur U'»u|>|iUr<1    with, tlit   lt*t viine»,
lli|l|f.|*,   /mil 1 if lis I THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C. APRIL 25. - 1906    -
\Y'ii(ly*"Sli6l7 iguitvs ' "Dust—Twenty-
Two  are   Dead.
-Trinidad, Colo.,. April 24.—As 'llu-,
result .of a dust explosion  iu a iiiinc-
.. ot" the Colorado 'l-'nel'**i  Iron Co.,r4o
j.ule.-i west of Tiihidad, shortly aftcr
noon today,  22* miners are known   lo
be deac'.*land one oilier is missing,-with
little hope of being ionnd alive.-,,
.- '.Thine .were-40 men iu the mine at
the  lime of  the explosion.'- Seventeen
.'aimers* who   were  working'3700   feet
from   the   ■.iilranec,      escaped   unhurt
through  another  opening. ,  ,   "
The explosion occurred •, in iioms 3
and 4 near the main .entrance,,* and
was? caused by a windy shut igniting
the dust..       .        ' .,
' An onler fc>'r 22 collins has been
received by au undertaker here', that
many bodies having been taken out
today, The mine was not' badly damaged, aud work can' be resumed in a
couple of'.days. The mine employed
i.So meii.
"Miners from adjacent camps are as-
Msting ii the rescue. Suporiute11de.it
ltolH'il tl'Neil' left here on a special
train at. noon to personally direct the
rescue work.      . A   °
Among tlie dead is James lteiil, the
llreboss. Most ol the ..others are Jap-
jt.K-se  aiid  Russians.
Dead Kouiucin Due District, 200 in-All
Destroyed. -   ,'
Kan'Francisco, April 24'.—Two hint
died bodies lound in the l'olrero dis-
.trict south of Canon street, iii.-7 the
vicinity of the Union Ironworks, were,1"
ciematcd at Six-Mile house yesterday
by order of Corouor Walsh. 'Iliis in-
-fopiiutioii was obtained at the board
cf health headquarters today. Some
of the dead were- victims of' falling
buildings, and some wore killed in the
So many-dead were found in this'
si re a that cremation was deemed absolutely necessary to prevent disease
T'hi"   names of   some -of   the dead
were learned, but in a majority pf
cases idcnlilication*, was impossible,
"owing to the mutiliatiou of<t;lhe features.
'A systematic* search for bodies is
being made by the coronor
aud state board rif health inspectors.
The city has been divided into ssini-
laiv districts and squads of searchers
have been sent out to every quarter.
The ruins of the. burned buildings in
the business section ' and in thc
old residence sections havo sulIlcieiiUv
cooled to make the search possible,
*    l*0l*.\J) D1JAD AT' KI.KO.
<•> The', body of .a inau named - ."Bert
' Patch, was found . Monday afternoon
in the bush about 100 yards from the
JUk Jlottl, Kiko;,, Coronor 131en.sc.ell
went down to Kiko Monday afternoon
f I iu t-re tin i.yd'**i n~tlnnsvcn in" gTuunweirr
down ■yesterday * with Dr. "Higgins,
who made an examination of the body
and found that the neck had been"
l'aich was a man about 35 years of
ane. and is believed lo be a sou of I).
Patch, contractor, ot Vort William.
The eoroiifir's jury returned the following verdict:
"That the deceased was j*".ert Patch
who appnieiitly met his death from
a Iracliire of ihe first cervical vertebra; between the hours of in a. in,,
of April 22, and 4 p. m., of April 2**
K.-nC-i, Place of death not known,
J/iisl .Saturday was tlw , regular
monthly pay (lay of the Crow's Nest
J'.iss Coal Co, Tliu amount paid oni*
was as follows;
Coal Creek mines "** 67,472 70
Coke ovens.' ' *  '  6,709 00
, Rl. K, 4-v iM. liy '      2,210 70
Michel ,.„'.    ,53,422 115
■V.'inlm|> '    ' i,341 40
?,,,,,U-1 ; '• S..V1.I.-.6 75
llw employees at Carbonado were
I'.i id llie first or llio month when the
work at  Uml camp was stopped,
Hundreds  of   Yellow Slaves  Perished
ill    Holes.
Oakland, Cal,,'April 33:-"Strniige
is the si'Uiie where Snn Francisco's
Chinalowh slood," said \V. W. Over-
li'ii, uho i-eaclied Oakland IikIiiv willi
Uu: lefugtrs. "No heap ol sii'mking
ruins iiiiiiks the site of llie wooden
houses ' viln.-1-i: the slam, eved men"
dwell in iliniisiiiids, The place is.pit-
Ud with deep hiiU'.s nnd sean-d willi,
dark passageways, (rum wIiom* deptliH
I'oiiie Miiiiki' wieaihs, All the wood
Ims gone ami tlw winds nre slreakiiig
Iliu  nslii'H,
"Mi'ii-uhlle uieii-*never knew     the
ih'pllis  of    CliiiiiiHiwir.s   midi'ignimid
(My-  Tlu-y nfU'ii  tiilknl of iIii-nu sub-*
Icr.iiii'riii iiiiiwjivs mid niaiiv of tlu'iii
h.-ul   g/iiic   lii'iinilli   th,,  stivel   levels
Cut the Great Consumptive Preven*
tatlvc brought Health and Happiness tohfs Home
"Our iloclor haul tlinrn wan no cum for
SfW* "? ..■' ,.,.7\,m,K» wer« tTfected,"
M-yiMr. L.■ II. Wnllor, of IWrl Street,
I'rockville, Ont. "It wm> u njuI dl.inl
puiiilinunl toiii'Kolli, junt nUrtlnir out In
","■- ""ly^liuiTled « -.liort tlmo. Hut before
Ap .*A«i«.u.»n:»i»fcejii»1ninM.ei.i i'kyi-hint
llm pain in her Iuiim quickly went away,
nnd afior laklnfr iilx bollleii Mm. Waller
wan a new creature nnd perfectly well
u.V'*tJ?)uW on.n of iha m™y famlllM
irnllli nm liapplnan. It!. „ \\v\„g prJ,ol
lli.-it Pnyclmw i-urc** CiHi-iuniMion. Hut
don t wait for Consumption, Cum your
LiiOrlnpe, your Coii/rii, yonr nronrhirii.
your Catarrh, or your r«wumonU with ths
remedy thsi never fall»-- ,.
dViwcuiu*! hi ton)
50c. Per Bottle
La****** sXtis* tl nnd •S-«|| arun****.
M. T. A. SlOCl/H, UmM, Twwto,
under this heading instcrted at the
rale ol one cent a word each insertion. !*
If you,* yonr friends or relatives suffer with
Fits, Epilepsy,. St. Vi+u's' Dance, or falling
Sickness, write for a tii.il bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to The Lei dig Co.,
179 Kinpr Street, W., Toronto, Canada. A"
druggists sell or can obtain fur yon
two and three*.storks. Bui "now that
Chinatown has been unmasked, lot
the destrovtd buildings were only a"
mask, mill irom the hillside have
looked tin where its inner secrets lay.
In plates lln-y can see passages 100
feet deep. ' , ...
"The lire swept this Mongolian section clean. It led no shred of , the.
painted   wooden   Inhrii;.   It   ate il
down   lo   the   bale  ground,   and  thus
it lie's. ..        . -" -
"Joss -houses and 'mission schools
gu.eeiy stores, opium dens, gambling
hells and theatres—all oi, iheiu went.
Ihe buildings bla/ed up like tissue
paper Interns used to when the guttering candle, touched their sides.
-, "l'roin this place I, following tin
fire, saw hundreds of frightened yellow men lice, ln their arms Ihey bo'.i
llieir opium pipes, their money bags
their silks and their children. Hesidc
them ran their baggv trouseied wo
men, and some of llicm hobbled pain
"Iiul these were thc men and wo
men ol the surface. l'"ar beneath the
street levels in those pa.ssn''eways
were other lives, Women who never
saw thc light of day from their dark
ened celis, and blinkinc* jailers were
caught like rats.in a huge trap. Their
vi ry loues were"'calen by Xhe flames.
"And. now there remain only * the
lu-ilc!-*. They pit the hillside like a mul
tilude ol ground ,swallow's'.'sl.s.Tliey
sl-.ow depths the police never knew.
The secrets of these burrows will
n.:ver l-,c known, for into them the
hungry fire sifted its coals and lick-
4il cas-cly with tongues of flame, fiii-
'■lilv obliterating everything but the
■urtli   itself."
the Carosella block.—Apply to Philip Carosella.
of 378 acres, situated in one of the'
most favorable spots for fruit5'growing,  gardening,, 'stock Taking    aiid
poultry  growing   iu   the   Kootenay
country.  This   ranch  is  nil  fenced
contains 61  acres of first-class hot*,
torn land,  05  acres of which is -in
a  good  slate  of ,' cultivation,,      7.
acres  of  good  l-ciich   hind   suitable
for fruit growing and gardening, anr'
in   line  stale  of  cultivation.  There'
i.s a,good log house of four rooms-,'-
with'shingle   roof,   stabling  for    8
horses'  and 9    lu-nd of cattle, two.
good   henhouses  and  a  good    root
'■ house' This valuab,c property can In
had for $5670.00 cash, if taken soon,
and is the ,besl bargain for anyone desiring lo go into ranching
that can be found in East Koo'ciiny.
For further particulars apply to
Molt', Son & Co, Fernie, B. C.    .
Partner and Successor of Barman Has
\ .   .i'layed His   r..*.-a Stand.    .     ■*•
, .1 aines Anthony Bailey, v,ho died .1
few days „ago; was re^ar.lj'l as tin.
successor of P. T. Barnum rs the
most prominent figure in ti.e show
business in America and, in fact, in
the. entire world, Mr. Baile,' was
born fn Detroit, July '4, 1847, and
was -01 plumed   in  childhood.   lie  was
apprenticed by his guardian to a fai-
_ «.._..,.,-,,_-i>.r..,-i.-.,,, (v,*..,—...!.-..,* :.»_i w
-. 111:1 ^~4I4»cti_a-wiiifui-,—1 .un,—,.i....i—a., — vi.^-
course of a year he drew, the mtinili-
cenl simi oi'$3.'io besides a ouc-bladcd
pocket kirife and a suit of jeans. Then
a eircul lame along and he ran away
with il, following under thc eve and
Diotectiug arm of an old driver, Fred
Bailey,      who   bestowed on      the
'ail the liitlne heCcntinucd to ■ bear
through life. lie drifted south in tht
wake of the show, was a (|uarlcrmas-
ler's clerk at Chattanooga, Droirran--
mer and 1.slier for a Xash<**ille ll.' litre and took all sorts of hard knocks
loth in the advance and in 1 liu ex-
I'cutive force of a small circus, and
finally wns made general "ageiit ,..ol
'he old Robinson &*I.nkc SI104V
James ■ Cooper look a fancy to hiin
I ccnusc he was such a hard nnd ef-
feclisv worker, nnd I). Rcilly, a New
York show printer, trusted him.
Wlii'ii In: became part proprietor ot
tin* Cooper 4*y Reillcy ,'iriw he showed himself n daring speculator und
nervy lighter. Nii took lhc first Am*
'.rienn circus to Australia in 1S76
-md won out a fortune.,v,Tlicn he took
il lo South America and the fortune
inellcd. Coining hack lo this country
he found the Howe's Oreal London
.-.how on the market and secured it
with ni. nrniiigi'inciit lo pnv for it
out of ihe proceeds, After llml 110-
'hliiif '.Tnpwil his .siicccss.
ITc coiisoliililcd his show wilh lhat
' V. T, l-nriiiim In iRSf. nnd soon
.Tier llml. lhe' firm became "Rnrnutn i*v
Hn ile v Alter llie denlli of Mr. liar-
ii"iii Mr. Bnili'V became sole ni'opri-
lor of lln- show, nnd Ir iRot m-
' ou"hl tlie Adnin Forcpaiii'li show ou
tin- druth of Mr, Fonntiugli.
Lali-r he nciiuiivd the cnnlvnlliin**
'nler. M in lhe Sells Ilrollicvs und
v.ufliilo Bill's shows. Durinc the Inst
'.i.cndi' he has Inured' everv imrt o'
Eu'iniM" wilh oil*- or'the other nl his
iiniusi'i-.ii'lit   clileiptiscs,
t'l.WCl'.  WITH  nil AWN'      nAOfiKW
On    CiiiTn   I'ieliirc-Olrl  Breaks the
London, Apiil »-An nHlrnmdln-,'
story of niyslniiims iilunogrnplis,
whicli is vmu-licil for liy u wull-knowii
Loudon pliiilngniph-T ii.h luld liy the
1111 lent  uiiiiilici" nf M. A.  V.
A i-i'i'liiln younjj woman nniiied Miss
fl),, who litih «illi In-r inutlit'i- In one
ol the home rouiilii-N, Hindu 1111 'appointment wilh lhc phnH^i-uphi'i- in
(-i-v-Hioii, the stttlnj,' wa- duly j-lvcn
uud the plnniigiiiph 'iiikcii, uml nllcr
11 lapse ol 11 week llie young wuimtu
received 11 U-llei" saying lhe pluitO'
gitiphs were not u sticicii uiul unking
lur iiit'illtet' sllliiig-
Sliu agreed niul ,ns soon us |iossHi),c
\<lin(ii)M«pli wui inVi'ii A tduirl tliru-
eliipscd and iih no |ironls were will,
niii.* wrote in,i.kiiig iiiu'iirli''. only l.i
uiehv- •• ^t<■y .iiin'.i^nic Kttvr *;»j-
ini' .thai iigniii llie plioliigraph-i were
I'liliircH und imking. for .1 third silling
1,4 ,.  i\„    i\,,,.,t  (,-,,,,.  m; .   11    , .mu,   in
Miss It. Is 11 good-natured girl nud
ennlriili-d with exjiressing the Ii«»|k<
thai tilts lilllc I In-1 e would Ih- a hiic*
iissful ri-siilt. In two days she le-
lei.vcd uu iiigriil letter from the |.hn-
togniplur, asking her to iniin- li» hi*,
iliniii. und  i.iiiig  u  ilii 11A. with lu-r.
Am a result of thi<t Ktter»-Mihs ll.
.uuitii-1,111 ic! (i> lur iii.Jt.hci', 114'd •!
visit to Oil- studio and tliru* the plio-
tu-jniplii-r 1-J.hiliiUil the iuii't/iug re-
siiltf. f4 tJ»e till re •.iltirij'*.. the «<(«-
ut plioiogruplis of (In -.'irl hrrsell1
wrre cood. Hut in emli plate tliem
Urt% to In- Mill i.!.lHi.iljj, Usiile Ijrr Oj*.
ficuri- of n limit finMinrf a A^pftrr In
liis u;:liflnl kind.
The fenlnrr-., iIiott-j-jIi fninf, were
clrnrlv iIimi-*jii,iIiIi* uml to her horror
1lk« It n\n«iitii(,\ than, av lt*>**r tit.
Iwr flanif, an itilifer fn tlie {tvtl.tn .11 •
mv   The tftnl of tit***- esjicr«riif<» w.is
*-i»   I'li.iS    Oi.il    sin-       UKlli-    lo   ||l-|t,1
l.ualktitf. <^i her enjfajft-nuiit.
. are for sale at --.this ofiice, yncc ,25
cents each—"Rooms to Let, Apply
Within,"-o  "Furnished      Rooms to
Let,  Apply Within."
Fernie, good two-story house on
the property.—Apply MOTT,' SON
& CO.
ratcd. for rent.—Apply MOTT, SON
&   CO.
lot lecaled in centre of city for sale
at a bargain price—Apply     MOTT,
SON & CO. ,;
situated near, centre af business.,
two houses and-small shack, at-'a
bargain'.—Enquire MOTT, SON 7 4*i
er  ofiice.     , „   ■ ,    '   •/ '••'
Iiuudrcd  and'.'twenty  acres  in ; the
, tivatioii;  i^acies can  Iw irrigated
. at,small expense.- There arc good
buildings on the property, also
three A miles of fencing.. Therei is
about two million feet of first-class
timber on the land. This is a snap
lor anyone wishing to get a good
ranch: For particulars apply , -to
Mott, Son & Co., "   ;-'
New laid e^s at Blu.iuleir.s7 25c
per  dozen.
Let us make you a fancy )vcst
from one of those choice now. patterns, Come in and see them. ,T. Carmichael,  the  tailor.
Carmichael, the tailor, has 'just
received the nobbiest stock of twceils
lor spring suits and overcoats ever
brought to Fernie.
A hotel that furnishes quiet commodious accommodations for iis patrons is a soiircc of pleasure to the
travelling public, Sueli n one is- the
King Edward Hotel, of Fertile, .corner opposite the post ofiice. ' '
' The coul
ing I'riduy.
Coal  Creek
output for the week end-
April  20, was ns follows
   ' .'...17,199
..■AJ(D01cF--L. J. Harris, Frank-, 0
S.uiies, do.; l)r. C, Ross, WhiteiiibtiUt
Jims Ross, do,; 1'. F. Comwell, Wull'ii
\."illa; A. Ii. Marsh, Sioux City;. Geo
Ml-Aliiiiiiiiu, LuCiossi; S. Carson, Coul
Creek; l„ Humphrey, do,: Of N. Mi-
Oiejjor, Spokmie; .1, A, Harvey, ,Crun
Inouli; W. Doiittid, Nelson; C. .Sully i*i
wile, Hrtket- City; H. V, JluiicJimn,
P.imlletoii, li. l.-.. EsU'h, Clins. KNtuti,
do.; Amliew I,aidiaw, .Spokane;,- W,
iv. Helui-iiiur, Thus, Price, Sjiokuiic;
J'. II. iluliiiMiii, Cnl|{iiiyj Geo, Ilnr*
vey, Sjiii dose, C11L; V, ,'J, Korcm,
iWuirisse)1; V. A. AIcMaliuti iSnwKe,
Moyie; Olo, C. Fish, l'oilliiiid,, Ore;
O, (i. Jewell, .1 nihil)'; J, .1, tniriis
lam-.iuver; C. A. Dow, KlLo; ). \,
.MiLe.ili, Mr, mid Mrs. Villeux, 1 Cui*
K«.y, A. 1'. Myeis-Oriiy, Oiteiiwood,
.1, Boiiohiie, Toronto. ,\, A. McUiiii,
,|r., HillticM: O. Davis, Frank A, 11
Davis, All-.!' M. David, PI .1, Coiuiell,
W.iveii.Nd.ile; A, J, Illaiiey, Mlihel; W,
O.  Ross,   Viiiicouvir; Min,  Geo.  Me.
T.ltrir.in      ?»     ♦•■irli-v     l,*,il..r,.-...   '\_     y
(1. Ilordeiutx, Savoy, France;" A. Hiiih-
.1*. h, ioilii, Leioy, Mont;; Fled V.
(iilroy,  Viiiiioiiver. „,
KIM", HmVAUl).--!!.     Kutlwrlitiil,
Coul Cieek; W, A. limpet', Eiiteku; W,
TIioiiiiim, A. Trmvv, MiKhel; R.     A.
i.      1   11    .,.    1 .
,;,.>...,    k„,     kskHi,.... ,   ...4*441.»*.»,»#,,    ,<-,,   j,',,
Uaterlmiy, Huron. ,S. I).j W. Kliudcs
Ili.sii.ei; A. Campbell, 0. Uuinwy,
S. TroiiMin, Spaiwtwid; Geo. 1'iiIvi/i,
Cruiibiook; !„■ I(;,ke, Coul Creek. MJss
M„n.jrl, Chas. T. Ilailie, Winni|K.'g;
U. II. McAndrews, liegina; If. I,a-
niont, CLinlirmik; ,T. Mi-Knrlniic, Oon?
Gal; S. .Jtllctl,  Fort .Steele.
NAPAVIW-llrii tU-irMl, Uti'.hitr
Mrn, A, 0. Thniiijisi.il, Uohinliind; 1),
Trait-)', Culiir Vnlley; tt'. A. ltulincr.
ii. W. I'lilimr, VaJicwuvtr; Win. Su*«-
Jirt', Criiidirook; H. Kolty, Hosuicr;
IVrt MiCnlloch, Ceiliif Vnlley, P. Col
t'-ny ritiiti; W. A. IJstiAUy, Mnjic.
A. .1, (♦.'.Oiiirp, MttrrUnrv; IV, tt,
Urolty, Mile;. J. C. Ki!liij>*to», C04I
CrwV; A. WstiVn, Fort ftttett; W. .T.
Slennrl ."v wih?, Crnnhrook; f>, M<**
ti.,nM, I>:n.w«..y1tti: Mr*, w. ir., <:il»
««. CnR-man: Frank Bntdn-r, riiwlur
Cr,.l; C. s. Hall, Cwlar Vallt*/: A.
W. II. M.n|..«| mi,) mtr, Flciirif Jml
mm, j\l:,h«t; J, FUUkmtR, Vsmosytt
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000 0
/, HEAD OFFICE,; TORONTO . . >    ,
t E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst! Gen'l Manager '
; Business may bo transacted by mail with any branch,
ofthe Bank.. Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn.by mail. Every attention is paid
'to out-of-town accounts.
i . . v
,'   Fornio   Urniich
G. S.   Holt,   MoiiJijiror
l-Phone 12
For Fine Stationery, Office Supplies,   Ledgers,
Day Books, journals, Cash Books, Letter Books
i 'i
Typewriter Paper and all goods kept in stock in
a first class Book and Stationery Store.
The Palace Drug Store
H. .f, McLJEAN, Manager j
A"cnts Art Tell Piano,   llci-pncule.   Liquid Vcnoar.   Webb's CiuuliiB
The Big Sale
of Wright's Jewelry, Stock
*:- in the hands,of the "7 ''
Buffalo factory & Mills Syndicate of Toronto
( Tlironjf.s ot economical pooplt*  arc ca-ji-rly  availinj;  ilienisolvcs
^of'-.liic lsiivny  tremendous  bargains  which   arc  lieiii'--  (jiv.?u  in  this
•Jtrd-at event,   boldly demonsli-atiiij-;  lhc -fact-"'tliat  what  they   have
' '' read  in oiir advertiscinents  thc people of l*'"-'**1.'.10 kniw. is _trne. .
The Entire Stock
Stt^AA'lil  i' f
See our window, for the best assqrt-
inent-of Brooms^ /Stove and Slioe
Brushes, Whisks, Floor JBriishes,
Daubers, also Clothes' Lines, Glass
and Wood Washboards.
»   • • 'c   *7; is"*
« • ^ ,.    -a
*»     - ■ ■■ 5
Pay Cash and Get Value for Your Money.
7     .  Prompt Delivery.
W. J. Bfundell
The People's Grocer,   P. (). Block, Pernio
* r*
and must go at once
Prices   on  all   Watches,   Clocks,   Out
*  c - - '     --\ .y--■
Glass, Diamonds and  Silverware,  <&c.
-' » .
have "been cut right and left, making a loss of thoiisiuids of dollars
to reach this end. Tf yoii valiu* money lose no tinu.! but COMK TO
TIIK_ BIG riTOUK. and parti cipalo in the many woiidurful lmr-
•raiiis" that arc nl'w   liciiiR displayed   for  your benefit.
The  Buffalo Factory &
I Mills Sy no bate, Toronto i
!'■.-■      '    '. '    .       .-. !
,/ 1*.
The appreciation of
those who have visited
our showroom and visited our millinery and
fancy poods display is a
flattering proof to us thai
ous styles nrc exclusive,
tasteful  and moderately
Inly a few of those lovely Black
I>Im-t.(s left.
Expected to  arrive  this
week, a  large shipment
of beautiful shirt waists
nnd shirt waist suits.
Best Time
Best Service
via Port Ailhur to
Now  York.
via Soo   Line to
St. Paul,
Ihe Dominion Meat and
Cattle Ranching
BEG to inform the inhabitants of Ft*niic, that we arc opening in the Purdy building on Victoria .Avenue,  a  first-
class.-mcat. market, with a.supply of lhc finest quality of
.; meats etc.   -   %       %.   ^t y   %      ^   '  %      .
Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork, Corned Beef, Eggs and Butter.;
Armour's Breakfast Hams and Bacon.
Wc wiinl to piil your aUenlion to lhe fact lli.il our sausage  ninnufnVlory  is" in
. the hands of an export saiisa-^o makt-r, with special marhinery iiupurioil' di-.
rod from Germany. .. This coinbiiK-d wilh tho fact the meats iiseil* are  lirst
quality aiul that every attention- is jjiven lo ensure cleanliness,  is  why  we
have earned llie reputation of being lhe best saiiijagc makers injl'c country.
Here are a few of our Specialties.
Pork Sausage!        Liver Sausage!        Bologne Sausage I
■Slood Pudding!    Wclnerweirst? Metwcsrst!
leadCheese! Cooked Ham! Pure Leaf Lard!
rive us your orders and we will -guarantee" satisfaction,   and
-■remember we are here to stay.
[lie Dominion Heat and Cattle Ranching Company, Limited,
Kootenay Cigar
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.*
IN*efson, B."C".
L Atkinson,
lie, B. C.
ury an ad. in
and boost your business
I   Trites-Wood Co.,
Only line connecting with
Limited Trains
St. Paul to Chicago
Daily Tourist Sleepers
Iinst Dunmoru Junction
1*1...   4"
...t.i tiltS.
Tliro\iir»i iioolthwH \\,\ j|jj UimH
It's hi^li timo to choose your Summer
weather dresses. Diiys are already
ffottiiitf warm and there's tlio se\vln«
to do. ChooshiR- is easier and bettor
now than later.
Wc are showing nn excellent display of Dross
Muslins.in pretty floral designs, exceedingly preiiy
nnd perfectly washable.
Now 8. 8. KiniH-ouH Hrltnlii
14,n<>() loi»H,  A70 ft, lonir
To <}uebiH) Mny lfltli
till Ah CKKKK.
Ktcin Our Own C«rft-Mw-i«lciit-
Alkrl l-JL-rimnt 'itnrjiun uml Uiuilv
a li.iliiti   h-tiili.ill
rivnf In-in  lliii M*.
«if Coal Ctvi-k ar.
U Irtmi Ki-iL'.n-i.l.
Julia  iMtClimtiit,  ulio Willi injiirnl
uniiic ,'uus. Ago liy an -.la-ait-     uiic
it*  (Il.illj/   liju-lv   .tllJllill*-ll   lit-   is   slill
v«mfiiu«l in lii•« UiJ. Hin inany IrkiiilH
-H-i*.Ji him s ^^■^t'-^y Kt-pvt-iy.N
,U\c UoXntXs mul Mr. Smith, wlio
Sft i-ni.il- ,«jiU«J **l C"'-.V<;*,i»»i< *<U»;-
n-t vioilin-c lln* Un% IliU <*ick. Mr.
Smith ji1a>i*it liulRiac-k with lhc Conl
titteli fnotf-mtl team lail «ea«on.
'i'bnrsiUy tviniiif; tin- j..lui-ftlU>y*
ItUtnA U«. ir,im. Imi.s. the MJiuoltuns
lr<-.U(I l'iB*r in their Rr« -.Mil*, A vtty
intm-Mint* fatii* <**»* iwt wp l.y iIm*
Vi.iifi];ili'ii mill n'*.iilt(<if fn n     sinun
Fur r.iU*«, tliiii-ulilcK. tic
to iiiH-.il a^i-iits or write
». UKADIXti, Ajji.,
I'Vriiu-,   11
Ass't. 0. p( A„ Viiiicoiivcr.
A. S.   C.tWTKW, ft
h. V. A., Xi-lnnn.
JiJ New G.ilnlcns in   bright-, and   dark  colors,
Jg nnd nnmrrous pretty patterns especially for boy;
1 wear
wm.  nRkv  *   fWT Wm*~
TIh-u- s'^s a ^«.ry px.\ h.vxui |*»i,
niithl to wiim-Mn il«> ttnttinn tinti't fn.-*
t«.«-n Ja*. Huik.uk tiii.l Kohl. Hte-
w-t-i"-., TUit «,». wMiinf \tiv tbvtr
wnrk Imt HiirroU". <n»>n, prnVt-il him.
"*li to »* *,be »vtt*r mnn, Htryriu mi*,
lv 1*inj! ni.i* tn *iv with him until
tin*  Mil ifiiiml.
II I* trttoVt-rtl that the thrr* men
Si««», I.i«iii» ami .larvis, •h-vj*'*!!
*illi »<mi.j»iTA4V t«» ...fra-at!, Ii.tte
ivuuiw.'. tlujic UiL nud kit t'uK \}<xtU
§S Ncwvcstings in Spots, Stripes and Checks, the edcc-l *%
Wf of which is much like silk—perfectly fast colors, -jlj
ii 'Painless Extraction using Somnoforme Gas |
t Safest of all anaesthetics
Special Ilates unlil the end of May


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