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The Fernie Ledger 1906-03-21

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 B\ .:*
■..*v;--/--A . %
v -
',*  -A---
'*1\V' -
J-*'- f
-**>   .
^4ft. O
Mi-  f
. V
"**1 *
.•-.'•.I- j'-*^*fA-:i■
j' <7
I    •
Vol.,, i^p,-,J1,.NuMnEiA3?3.7v/7- ;.'
feite* o
■FERNIii, B.C., WEDNESDAY. MARCH; pi,: 1966,
i..-,.... ,-*. ■".■■At.t.-.v. ^r.' » •>•_..     •"•-',   •■'       ■--      A *
Y - '." '      - •' '    *' » c
' f Interesting Locals About Folks
: You Probably Know;
,      ' C   .■*„ ,' '       .        ,     ■ ■ 4 . , ,
-".Owing- to thicouncil-ii.iviii;- to occupy tho coiirt riou-Jo'to-ai-iiTo.v night the
president of the board of tr.ijdo A.,it.
Crco requests us to r.nhouw-b thnt tlie
annual mcctin<r of tha board.,cried fcr
*r*W;-U.7,Ross, M. ,1'. I'., amml-liome
irom • Victoria Hun'diiy hiuniiii}-.' ''7
Tlic.C. Vi li. has .ordered an additional 1000 cars to he ready ior -US':
i.'ii their, linos this summer.
. Mr. Webster, fonuei-.y, manager, for
the Calvary ACaU.i. Company here,
uuue iu ' fiom' "the* west on Humbiy
eveniiij-.   ' -.'- "''"  ■   -- •->.'
II, N.. CaUr passed ihroiiKh town
"ou liis wny .-to , Coleman Irom Spokane '.wlitrc he had l;"ceii*Nin .'company'
.busiiiess.-     --*.■; | '   * . .   ,,    . ...
* in a'uoiiicrTcbiuiKii will ho .  found  »ng-)«-8-inning at;A.bmy iuul wai;
the'iji-ocecdiujis ' ol the lasl  council', cheered liio other tiny   while   bod iv
■   Xaiiaiiuo,-, 11.. C., March   .2.
TliiAl-'ernie. I.cdge/i ■' <■
'Dear, Mr. '"Mott;— I oelicvc'-youvare
to-inorrou* .night, line, been- po I ported the-proprietor,- maiia<;cr or editor,-or
toAVediwE day night of r.ext'wc.-k.- ■■-■ perhaps all three, of the-Fernie I.edir-.
"*, J- Young Byers IrrfvollnVr cprercut'"'' " m? ^V"!™ is ™™&y™ ,1UVU
UivotrihcCnlffRrvIIpralilNs iu the l,cll"uu''1 Yourself to Ik. most j.*ross-
city, nml ffnvo lho Ledger a f iendly -V ,n,l10SC-- ..,"ion-
call Jiist ris lhe paper v-ns - go.ii.*; lo' ''" ;* rcc?"1 .!S-SW of UiC l<*^r. »l»-
pres''. Mr. llycrdrcpi-Cfo.it.-ono of tho pc:mi- iU\ Jll'licla "D.on ;lho condition
live papers oH lie' ;voit and is out fcr tie ot tUis """I'nny*** Nanaimo iniii.-s.
gtodo'f his bnsino'.a- -.   ''1I,C   lelcjrraphi'c  information        from
,;.,      ,      ,     ■ . ' , _. •'- Victoria  lhat -vou  based  vour article
Ihu bankcM over, in   hi wwen _„,;,„, ailtJ lhc coimili,nl,, H1{alc ,    vou
havo decided local!: a J.nlt cn lcr.d  l!:cro(I1 alv Unll ,llti,,,,v flllsfr al.(, RO
inprmpliey oil) reSCIlt llllll values Of   vicio-.is in niHuro as to. admit of oa'ly
real estate.   TliU is liard on jwo] K.-'ll!:i,.  „,„.,(mctioii,  i.e.,  the  intention
wlio are trying to make  cipi*;:il out not only  u ,   'Mjiue iliis comimnv's
of tlioc:i|)jtal prospccifsorilu; ei-.y.       , tliis  i-onmuinity.' "'
■'MrAiiilre-ivHaiwii'tonls now  ««•.«•-'   °!I"ll-X:l1  "dviscrs  state   that   the
rlirli.   is   lilieious.
The wf-rkiut-ii here, wero so wrouglit
up liv the article that to place     the
■■Ir ,-'
■i i-'
h t
hni-fli. 'Admissii
seats,  Si.CO., Plan at  Suddaby's.  The
" ps-oce?ds will.RO to the Library fund.
Ve ha\e been eiijoyin" the most re-r
' ulni spell of w.vith*"' fosvthi'-lust two
.weeks0 here - in   'Keiuie'tliat  has ever
"'recil/expei'ieuccd bv the oldest inhabitant',, biit.v.-e would' welcome   .some
irrcBulai-ay iii.'Uuil line  if  a would
. not "inconvenience' the   weather   cleric
too lf.ucli
Tlie Macleod l.a?.i-lU> now 24 vcars
of ace, lma <«ce more changed luiiiils
aiuUis now under the mana-Rcment oi
C f' Harris, a well known- lawver,
'niidM-i'sidont cf McLeod, The Ledger
"wishes. Mr. Harris .success m. the-new
field and hopes to see the Gazette
(vrow in patrona»c and in interest to
its readers.-.' • .7 ' ''■■ ■ .■ .7
' *;C." i\ ..Ward, clerk and stenographer
iii tl.e <;>- N. city oilico, leaves-tliis
moniins   for  S|.-okane,   where   be   has
en*iro blame Cor thc luad.oir'd A-x-i n ",R ,you.'.*1 Vnic. - copv,.Wili VOu .'ic
unci »\illowsbut plcadioveroslia-is    article.sending .to me a copy of     the
tion,fro.n to b.rj-in'Uo   as   cxlei.- -ssm; in.which it appears! ■
tion. It is. n j'.v, oiliuui'cd tliat. a*/
least 30 people Ics; il.eii- lives,by tlio
wv cK*. .   -
Mrs. Todd is busy to Jay cntci'.aiii
I erinanv callow and sliowiiia*   lur
With   kind  regards,  1  am
Yours  vciv  inilv!
*     THOS.   R., STOCKKTT,
J-'-     - -, "  •    -    ) Maiiap-er.
■ViiHowiii-j.is the report, or the work
mens'  committee rcferrt-d to above:
„.  „    . .. 1    ,,.',.,   ■        .N'anriiiiin.   15.   C,  March   10,1906.
cleffant new lines   of   lad 103    lic.ul To AVliom il Mav Coiicdrn:!
• ar.. S'lC lias brought back froin the    "J"  vvw  of-the-impression  created
1 ;.sta!l'tli't latest styles and showiii,'   W"1'*"- the U-j-islaturc of, the province
-o:re o71i 1 f nest hats and   trim-iiir*.
nud tlie following- press ilc-siialch frou
,*• ■''•loi-ia to" tlio Montreal Dailv Star,
ever sef-n in lliisc'tv.   Head .lier ad viz.: -
inj.iicilnTCilumiol todays Lvd^r uv*,.;. ()K *niTN.nRK1)f. IX JWX0Kk.
ardRel.»v|Bc. •  - ■ ,  : ?-7   :■    ■ -.   j Sl,,,i;il lfjJLho M(;1]tlc:il K,;iI. „' .
L. M. Proctor has sold his line res-1   ■ Yi,.toria,'
iihiice     to      Mr.   IIiiiil'iii';toii- of   li-.e '. tew; of ^a:
il. '  C.   March   i.-IluKe
:i4*ciim:il,ilcd  in  ihe sub-
accepted a'position  as I'l'iv«^  ^* | T,rll;s.-\y001," company.     '. ' i.iriu v.-orkisi'-s c.r  I he.,, Western Kuel
tary lo;'Superintcndeut Mor^nJ^lhc , .  ^^   Uoljso"u ;.x,)W.ls Co K«, to Coij.-pniiv cc.liieries,  al   Xanaimo,  im
1  in e.vcrv  n-spe.ct j leu,   of  iliis city.4 ou . March •aisl
press "cncrallv tlirou-rhoiit the
eouutryr  tllerebv ..re.'leetin.'f   upon* the
e.S4,iic"e" of "a few friends.
/DDI'iONAl   10CUS.
*~yriTiifs-e]rr<r"oi-tiie i-niTnove«wT|   ~tW
iWistirn  Kuel  Company and  their ex-
nrniiiij'cominiUce,      we. "lhe  imdoi--
: i.n.'d. toiniuittee'of emidpyces, have
this day iiiixde aii exhaustive exainih-
•\jtcillii;r-> awful accident occurred on j
th'e Denver & Rio .Grand ."railway in. j
Colorado, near Adobe, last Vviday j
mciriiint',.'in'which  some  m     .pcople.j
lost tlmir live:; and ns iitauv mo-e- in-j „ Xt.w  laid  eji^-s  at  ?.o cents  ado/en  ation of the under^rouiul workings of.
v'rod.'. A.Jareo  portion-of  the   debris   ;u-  I'liindell's.- -_ .iln- sonih-side of Xo,. 1  mine, "N.'inni-
-Let  iis     mal:e:vou a-fancy  vest ",0"   t,lc wdion of the mine        the
Irom one-     of those choice .new val"-*-«J»'tl'1,Ml",t.^-«vf';'*'C'7lo,-,.a.i. ; find- lhat
n. Come iu'^nd'We them. J. Cat-  Mic ■ >vorkiii/8  are  in   cood   co«dit;cr
.and. the work of opciiui); this section
J ■ i of-' tlio tr.iin- was luirncd iinmcdiatelv
-   aftvr- the .collision,   consumine-  nianv
* «',.of. lhc, bodies of the victims. Tlie.col-
I'-don    was  n      head-on   one  between
■ -     two passenger trains  and  occurred a
"l*itl«   nfinr-midni'.'lit.   Despatches  indicate   that tin;. ac-i-ident   wns   causi'd
by nn opcrotor  ne-'leftiii-r to deliver
Virdir*  <o oro  of  the  trains wlieii^ it
;    -..passed his **lation.
; ii . '      i '' ■-■ ' '  7
r   m-     . ■• * -     -
Miii'ird'H T.iiilnuMit Co,, 'Limilcd:'
.!nvu'.iiM.*<l ...Miinit'd's; T.iuiiuciit for
croup; found iioUiinj''to',e((Ut>l.it; sure
cure.      -•'"',
1 "CHAS.   K.  S1IA«I,1'
Ili'.wki.hav.', ,N. 11.", Si*pt.-''iBl, 19".*i.
Mlh*i liio/. Uolbrcoh ol l.lko, I.'* In tho
city lO'tJny.
mii-had,   t!,c   tailor. .- .-.,,.
• 1 4 .    ..       ■ .. , .    .  is belli"  conducted  111   i>   safe        t»n
t.aiinicIiiK'1,  the tailor, has    just  ....,..1.1,.r.1i||.f.
• .     , , , ,  -       , ,        , p. I W Ol Kill till. I KL
leceived  lhe  nobbiest  slock of tweeds
lor  spring  suits   and   overcoats   ever
'•■o-O'Iit ,to l'Vinie.       s. ,,; „ „• -„-.    The  intake and  re*
iiiiiiuii-r, ' We found c.>-
t'oiie |:oiul, given* oil ns .the water
l-Ci'<1.-'-; ihis gas is loiidui't.'.'. ilirc-'l
to iho returns,
A  hotel,thai   furiiislies  (|u;et  com- tun)s -.nc  •„  „.00(1 com-,'-,j0,,'|ft„(*  i),c,
'modious'ajy'conimodaliuiis for1 its patrons is a source of pleasure lo the
irnvi'lllii)-; public, Sucli*- a one i.'i thn
Kinji' Kdward Hole!, of I'ernie, corner oppoHilo the iiokI. ollice.
,i {-jpuldiii'-'s studio is* lui-uiiii; out
wiiVI; thnt coaipiuvH most .favorublv
W'ilh .-.nv I'liliteiii studio", uiul hi;,
pries r.ie rcusonuble, '.. Ue; earrics a
liil-e.e stock nf views, which .iniiicc liim
loom di-coratioiis, Wc recommend vou
lo c.'ill and sec for yourself.
     ' 1 I
iiiidei- this lieDiliii)* iiislerled nt the
rale of one ceiu 11 word each iusel'-
Tlio odito.' is «! trli.ly ir.dispofscd
W, W. ivjiuliot JJliilimvi v\n*.!n
tlidcity Suiili,".
It In I'cj'O.-tul tliat .J iln! (I ilvin Is*
Bci'touslv ill llS'LjU.bll I,!'-.
t). L liyynlon lut-.lJMe.l this mon •
from a -short basinesa trip to St. Paul.
H. W. Coiitl nrilt I j   101110   a,'.'In
iiltcr 11 luiim trump ultt-r jitirclinstn
ol coiiluiid uoko. -.;
J. N. II i.vbiui.. .-'oc'y uf TllHtrlot
No. 18 U, ;M. W. ol A. lull for I.t'tll-
bridjru Mjiiduy cvcnln*,'.
Hi, I'jitricks day win|r.)|n*rly colu
lirati'd bv lVuih li-in'iuiiJii. 'Join
Wliclim nml Id* »;!:iiniriK:li'i were
vory inucli In evldur.ee,
.Tim CftKlIt .Mutual H.tnlt ol Moscow j —
Ku.M.i, v* a. r<,M.'.-.l by inasl-cd men
.Vt'Mi,'i'di,v     ii»*j    jobber*   a-curo.l
fJuniiliiSli'rii. t'lini'^-ul u'WIi iiblnlii'ii:
IIIUIII')' lllllll'l- f.d.ll! pll'll'liM',   WUH    Hllll'
UlilU'd |ul lil.o 'V    ""'b 11O1.lv    II 0111,-
iji.-j' Ui A.iy,
• uitiliUion iiiunli-, The' ret urns lieini'
sc-iir-itc and disfincl splits of the
velitilutinir, till runts "mm other por*
t:o'us of llic'i'iilui's.' The Work of iv-
oncniliK this wct'ou is in the haiuK
of "pxp.'rk'iiccil nnd practical luiiii-is
vlio nrc usiiijr safety lamps, niul ik*
work i'i byiiu; carried on oxci'i^^.-iiio-
uiff the wnlcr and olrmtiiit** im     niii'
1—'iiirini' as the water reccdi's.
■\o aiillmrl-'o lhe sfiid'iu» of a si1"'-
| d  *'fv»«- of  1 liis  'ilfiliiiiu'itl* 1 fi   •   tl'c
r4|u,-ii1-ti'   inlii'sli-r   of   lilil|*;s,   Yictnr*
la,  and rcipii-sl.  lhc pross io ulve I'
lho   same   puhlicilv   ns   the. ilespalcl1
. i ferri'd   lo,
j " r.vn, .ifiiivK'rnv.
i> •<'?*■ mmi i»no'rir.      •
r.xtcx. \t„ irAiM'TKOK,
UUIV .TfiTlv-stOV.    '
to*"-*: w. r.oMtwt.
■    A    Ml MeTa-'N/Tr-, '
liNiiiiilniutr '    t'oiiiinillt'c,
The I.edjiil' takes jjruni jileii.sure  in
,m.UI«:X'l'--TIIK Uri'1',1. l'l.noil OK l.iyiuj; before iis render.-, a letler froin
the Cfirosi'lla block,—Apply lo Phil- onr forimr lowiisiiiiui,  Mr.  Thos.   11.
ip Carosella. Sliickc'ti, now iiiuiiui'er uf tliu Western
 .  j.'u,..]   Company,  ol   Xuiiaiino,   11.   C,
VVANTl'.D imd who while a rcddenl ol our i-itv,
.__ , , . «_-—_i_' uicni»ymjf a similar pus.lion vtiih the
V()t;Nt, (IIIJI. WANTHI) TO IIKI.P. C'rnWK' NVsl I'umi Coal Compaii,',
wilh house work, Apply H. Vt'. )<0}J- won lhe eonlliKiuv and u.ip.il of ou;
t*it;,   I'til.ui!  Meal   Mnrki't. iili/elis lo a marked dr'-rce. Mr, ritoek
„.„.».,—_.—_ ;. —»— ■ ■■U';ti )ell r uiul tin- n-porl of lhe ry-
,.,..,-..,, r..tx T,six> , uiiiliiiii:; loinuiitiii' of iniiii'i-.'i    i/hiili
'lll'V5'   llU •'w'*-'-' mvoinp.iiiies it, I'liisl'llilti* n complete
—i—i" ™ -  4.__ it.fnt.itntil   of  |l,e  M.ilcliii'lils  nililniii-
TWO iluiiuaiiil ilultiirH to M.oiui pn- ,,| ,■„ t|u. iohiiiiiihIciiIIoii from Victor-
\tile„ Iiimls to loan on improved •„, |m|,|jsiu.,| j„ tlu- Lidj-er of the
Cily piopcity, ApplV M"H. ',"11 7th, inst, Mr, Klocketl In hnwever
'■' **'f). _ 1 iMnki'ii   in   Miillnj.'   th.it   lhe  cdiloi
""~ !""".T"17.i"~,TTT"."..., 7"i7,T '• ■■■• '.«-«'m-r t<tiiiitift)ii:«l upon    ih,.
TWO TUOrSAND DOI.LAI'H PMI- ,-!,.,-„,„.- Tin- 111M11Y ns il appeaiul
vulf  fuiuts     to  loan on  iinprovcil  W)s V'Tmnutitit.1U.*l iu full by our Vic-
-.' .. ,;7»°.. ..j,:..*.'._.    .-!
■    '     U     '  7'     -J   J.  <   .      •      j   "
-'   ; . " *ti -'.! ='• v '* J.       - *
AlinuteS ofthe eilycouneil mCQtiiij;
held 'liiur.sduy, Mareh fithj.at at S.30'
p. :».' -.    /      .%..-.;  ?.■-■'■-
The major - and .all... .4.I1C uhiirmcu
were 11re.selit. ■     -. -
'Ihj luimiles of 'the previous nisei-
in^s weivvead uull -approi-OiL   . ,' '
t'su'er thc head ol v4;nmHini4'atioi\:
alclt-.i- from tlxft'provincial attorney-
general was read aBki>:jr* ihe' city i<
viicdli: the rooms now cc.-iipieil by th..
lily eleVk aiid'tiie po:ic,..A\fter sonn
di. cushion a resolution , was'allopiA
ir.;. I ru .-tin;-; (he property 'ai:.| worl:>
coinmiltee to •lii.'rk-.iip. Miituhle (|iiar-
ters i-.s il. w,-;s leanied -fium Aid
T.-tile'lhat all the r<*o:-i in Un; ||i',
hall would l.e ie-i"uired lie the'lire di'
p-,rlmciil ■■.«, .soon as the c(|iii]>mcnt
oulcred  arrives.    .. :
A. communicatii-fii from -A*. II. Crei
.-.lat.'iis that .tho.iusurance ou'tlie of-'
lice fiusiitiire was past due and the
mul tor was referred to , .ihe liuanet
comtriitlec. to be renewed if necessary,
-A Jiotiiieaiion -.lhat the applicauts
for a eliartr.r for, the Caljjiuv & .Kit.
hie raiiwiiy was received uud filed.
Tlie :--ec'!e'ary of the school hoard
presented the annual.statement*of receipts and ex]-eni'.itures" of the scliool
board for lhc piist school year, and
the 'hoard's estimates of the requiri.*
ments for school piirposes for th-
coiuiiiJ year. ...
- 'I'll*- report was laid over for future
consideration.  ■ \ 7
Tie clerk  lhc-'u'*i;ei>orleil  tlio receipt,
of live different 'leaders for'lhe de-ben
lures which had  been  offered for sale,
.li-l  llie council  w.cnt. into committer
of the whole wiih Aid. Triles in lhe
llmir,   ami'the   tenders „ were   opened
and dis-.-i-.s-'-d.-Il. wi-.s found ,tlmt .liio
N'uvivn & Co,, f(f Chi«i};o,-had submit
'cil (he hi* hest'lender, wh'ch-was a.-
co-diu-oh- p, ri'i-l'*-Hr.piwl  ihri ri,.,.|. v-.,
irslructid  to noliiv tbe Chi.-'im-o run'
''viviiv '.f..tl-e a«*ce.i>t;mcc ol  its bid.
Th's Ji'd   vyas   -".'5,"ii for  tiii-'iS.-'u-
of 7-|,T,o(o,   :i   pr. mii-m   of  f.y.'-o  ovi-
the face, value,"lhe firm also. a<.'iv,i-in'-'
'o  furiiish  iho  My-.11:   komls  free   * ol
'chaiTc. ... -
-Tlie Ibmk of Commerce bid y.S cents
■ r  .fi)o li.ss  ih.m  jnir value.
.; :i'a ;'UNCERTAINIY       *     .
A ^aso'.lue engine  i.s  a  contrivance
intended lo keep, tlie mind;  body .anil
Si.ui  p[ >iis owuei7.or operator-   from
KOtiiiii"   into;-mischief or  meddling  in
o'.h'iir ucople's bii.sine.ss.   r
-„• There • is au jlti-uiicoiis idea prevaii-
iiij-i in thu. i-.iind.s ol people-who dou'i.
ov.a   or   opera le* ihe.se   bad   sun-llii'.;;
iie.isy,   g.-eusy   contrary-minded   Mt:.
imps ot perdition that they "are mad.
tu   fur'r.sli  power  willi   which   io  ti:
pi-inline,  j.iv.ssc..' ;4iu!  other  thiiij;.; ni'
gessary to the'comfort and' enli^hicn ■
anal  oi   iii::iii.:iiil,  bi.l  this i.s t'i lr,:s
take, - -     I   *
Tl.ey  don't   run   prir.lili-;-  presses  1.
lyiH-seitin-r. i,-„!cliiiK-s  or  job   presse'.,.
4;ncc|,1   when   ]U:cy   I'orfjtt'  themseive.-:
or  a  lew  nibmenb,  and  allow      ihe
4ij-i.-r.iio.- lo'iuiii them willr a
But"as soon as they  com,-  (o nie A;-i
lieiiii.ly lo hick buck, they doil with
1 .vin,o::iiee' which would make Ai.-'.ii.l,
iluy-Uaditicu;! i.-uie, |,i„s|, fol-j,},,,,,...'
Th.- I. n crir.iui.'iidmi.nts were iir.eii: ■
•d'.-t 1 .n r timo K.|(jrt. jrjusoliiie 011^1*11;.*
and il is ,1 s.-lf-.-viden'r fact that ll,.
inventor of these sUa,i»,ht-.iacket ffuide
iui.nds to inbi-a! healih bad a,, i,i\;;
'bai IK- devil wonid eirciimviMU him
by iii.m-lui.r uponjimnaniiv ihiDii-rli
the medium of some lrm-r.il:,i,-t..| j,,,.
man moii-.ln^iiy mislake'nlv called 1
Renins, such a Uiin,lr as a gasnlinr
It is np to the author of -(h-.
■   l"  revise  il -or, demolish
Krom  the Krank Paper—
(leliural Manager Keniau of lhe",metal company visited Krank-the lirsl oi
lhe week. ' '  „
The   week  has  seen   the   woist   cold
spoil   of   tlie   winler.   l-'ridav   an   east
storm  set  in  which  only  broke      this
inorninj'  when the ,wind shitted to llie j
west. <>At  times   the  mercury  went   Ui !
20 ile»rees  beiow -/ero.   Ii  i's  u-porwd \
that the storm  was sevi-ix*  in;  yom;.; ;
stock   wiiieh   had   ahcady   i-omim-u.vd   Kh 1:1 the- Uer.ild.— ,'
to come.    The     sloiiu     was  j;*-!!.*r.*7    Jiaik  Driiium,  of  lhe  Krank   Paper,'
throu-.hout' lhc  Miulhwv.sU-ru   pari   01   i\.is is-,  lowu  lod.iv. '      '
the  province  and exleude.l   into  lSril- j   Miss     Mubevs'  a'    I.etlo.i -Afe M
lsli   Columbia, ■ ,:.,.' , -.-      '       ■
timei,   aa-.  .iccci'tcd   a  j)o.--.il-.nSi 111
Miiskcv  wits  the death  of a-nun    .il   !^a);e"s  i-« • .k -.in,.- 1:0:11  'M.a;.!:.v next.
Lille this week. Jlis name   w.is   C.iii-
filhs, and was a lumbei
What is Considered Eiiiporlant
Cnqugh -lb* Print
.   u-;ti'ihkii)G1":.
)■  'The price ...i 4.,,.'. js |;<iiu« u\i'. U
i,mi:  by the ,,'est Canadian ™,2At^   ™  "Wt*   «  *>  '»«      ' '
is soon as they  com,-  (o life-.'    .*...-
Mi-i-i MciUli*. i',li,,i |m.i Ijj'i-ii vMtln-;
liar bruiliiM' J. Fj. AioiMi', if tliu Vmv.
(itto, Grand- Forlin, roii.nied to Inir
liom**! hnro on Mntiinlnv .
Dr, "vY'IhohIh lu town vlsliiiiyr oUl
friituilti, Tlio Li'A'jttir liopoK llio ilu'lnr
will tonuliido ti utiiy w.iit thn peoplo nf
tiio l'tu-K niul bouoiiH- 0:10 of tii nyulii'
Sculcincntof tho UlTcrcnco hetwecn
till. C.U,ti   OJiCliitoi'11   imd    ill'llliU'll
Mine Wiirtcru'of Ainnriuji wu* itfei*.
■-  , 1 Jlfl'l'l' "'*    *       " 1,11,1144.1     Ml     lllll     III      lllll       111-
i-llv    |iiojii'rlv~Applv     to  Mllll, ,,„,,,  l.ll,1.1,.),1((m|(,||.  h  w,„ii,| „,„„.,„•
Hits .Sf  CO,                                      ^ fr, in  ih •, hi ihlr  that   it   mis    bawd
—*T""*         "^         *"'."". ii|inn sliiti'iiifiils innilu In  lhc piovlu
VOU   tiAliVi. (ial hiiii'-' by lhe utmil-or for S'an.il*
   *  un, .Mi. .1. II, Manili'ii-iiihwaiti', .iinl
IlH)li  SAI.l'7-A   VAl.rAW.K HANCH ,r he hits   bein  niis.|i'4Jl.d   tli. u      lln-
of r'i ucivH, Mtiiati'd in nii>* of llu- l.nlj-vr's apnlu-jv cvliiuK  In ami   In*
nu ::f fnvombli'spot-: for ft nil'i-row- rlinti-H1 Uml "r.*inli'iiinii.'   Hnl   if   Mr.
lm-   raiduiiii-f,  Mink liiixiiu."    un*! }lt'«iliouitliwaiti' made    muIi     Riat.:*
,.,','.K m..   ,r,,44.i„,f   in   iiii.   |.»fu,i1.ini--iin'iit« as an* cri-illlid In him bv onr
countiv   Thih  lamh   is  all  fciucd Victoria cririvKpoiiiU-iil and wliltli, ae-
Uilll.lllll. I.I   IHICH nl  lllhl*ii.ll.h  Imi- V' '""li  ("   '''l-   "t""1   ,,(   ••'*'  »-»'"lllll
lulil  huul,   :.\S   iuiv:.  of  vvlite It   In   in
11  (.rood  .-itnti'  nf ' iiiltii-'allon,,
niri'H  of  I'ooA  lu-iiih  laud  sniliible
.for fruit -frowiuir ami (-nnlciiinir, niiii
ill,' I'oiuiiiilli,. of nihil I,*,, aie witholil
foiiiidilioit. tinu tlu-Ki* mm wluitn
Mr- Uawthorntliwaili! prclciiils, ■ lo
look iifirr wilh  lhe leiuler n-cnril >•!
lir.e  ftiil*'  of  riiltivnvinii.   Tlitic   t fosl.-r iiioilu-i, sln.ubl ,-,.■!• loll llml
'he   citv    r-riiitilijA "Air.   \unn   stated
lhat'fc"cral  lines required  bv   *   the
,:l\-. wi M* .'-rltlli ( low i.iiil"n' li.-w st'"
'-  w'll   *-o-ui   bi-. nci-b-.d/jl   \va«, fin-
liv (ie(i.-1 d lo.b-14-,.. i|i.. r.b„t- ,-*!l ic.
,4f4\v   I't'difK   :'I-*t"r   llll-   l;r-   fxlr-i (f.il.K-
III.' l>d'-vr in  its* ' i-l  "i<.*l.;idd-'ii.	
.era! Hues nol specified 'liy .,the-T,cil'.vr..
AM IHejis in<|u;i-(<d rs to whv tlu..
obslructioiiH on thr slreeU; had no'
1 cell removed, ami the mnvor slated,
'hat the chief of iiolioc In.d consider,
•il il letter to d.-lav the removal until
'le   mo 4-   Iiud   dis.iiini-iiri'd.
l"pt n liiuuirv by Aid. Mclntvre, il
was ".ii-rued Hint llu; duties of lin
<ilv clerk did not include Ihose - n'
•■'liiriiinii- oilicer and lhe snlrrpl -of re-
iiiniu ration was left over for future
considi'i-utiou, ,-•-. '.'. •'
The cl rk llicn read tho result ol
luu votinji upon by-laws ,10 'and 31.
As..'by-law No, 30 had 7; received the
u.rcssary ihrce-liitlis vote it wu.-i rc-
considercdaiid finallv passed; This
was lhe by-law uulhori/.in*-: the 'issu-
"ii-j of del-en 111 res to pay offi.thi' bank
oserdinft. 'J
Hy-luw Xe»,- 31, 'nskin'tT aullioritv to
issue delciiliires to raise moiiev to
nnv■, for sidewalks built bv the last
year's council not hiuiiij: received the
nc'cKiinry thri'i'-lilths vole could' not
le further acted upon. A- leitiMhv dis-
cn*..-..€*n ■ look pluce iipon this vexed
si'h-w.ilk ilfiiir in which Aid, Tull.i-
used some prettv plain lan(fiui);e.
Aid. Triles stated Uml" lie was
-e tly an.' v, ill in;; lo hiiiid the citv
Iri'jisiiri'i- his i.!irr|i'e for his portion oi
sidewalk laid down -in front of his
D'opirty and tliotie.ht others would
do lhc Si-nie, luil Mich n course was
eviilviilly iilipiacticnl and 'was uot
-i-i itn-slv coi'-iidi'ivd.' S'rarlv Sjoihi'o"
lhc y.sooo was expi'lided liv tlle • (itr
lor cI-.if-siiijiM, whiih in nuv event
v-mlil have to Ic paid by the citv,
•'n-i'iiiuih i". llu* old ei'Uiiri) had put
down wall's win iv imt asked,for, nnd
had laid doivu C foot wall's uh.-ii
•■foot ones wire askid fur nud had
diiiu' "H Ill's lifoiv a siili'V/iilk bv-law
had bicii |.-;i.-iM-il, act in-' auii'iisl lhe
,-ulvlci' in so doliiif of lolh' Mr, Alev-
.inder and Mi'.. I.iiwi*, (Iir *ltv Is 1,-fl
in !,"cli a posit Inn its (o IllU'e lopiiv
'or ull ihe walks bv hiiSTowlnjr 111011
•i- lv 1',-Iiiw ciiailliii'lil npi n| Ic-
lulilili" I'.iitV', In 11 4>,(i 1», mrailisl ll:.*
o'.l C'liincfl for ('eMi, ill.-jj.illv con
ir.icted by Unit l.ndv. The new council
'ook the only pr.it(Itut wav mil ol
ih.' ililiiiuliv aiid sidi'iiiiled l:<v>liiw
Ko. ,11 uliiili was defi'.ili-il bv llu
i-ffnrlH of llifise who f,lioiilil I"ivp l-i'i-n
most ailivc in iis Mipiioil.Mr. Ken
u'.it,, nivhiiil .md iiifcil i' M'ttU'HU'iil
of ius ilnim as lie had Uvii *i'ivui|v
!ii..'"-eiiii-ii,-id bv (hi-. uiD-vpi-i led d>.
liiv^ii  i'i-  I'iiviiwuI ,i.f,) Ids ii'-Kiiinl,.
-  '.. 1 f,   , ,.l   4     . '    , .    ,      t'«        .Ill "»,' ,, I i I   '
oidv v 1" "i'i '>■ I' wa'* In vi*Mibm'(
Ih.' Iiv-Ihw and f-'olli'Kor I.nwe con
I'litin-d ihis (iiuii-iiiriil .'ini clii-d (''•■
1 v.- mMill lin.*.".'1... tlii-il n'Xtr f»
■bo-.; I'm* i(iUIUll,lf rrlil'lillid lv i".I
b "k I hull tn ivr' ciiil of llie voti'ii
.   • 1 .     . 1 .   •!     .    ,1   ..  1     1        r  .   ,t
moral  cod
lhe ciij-incs.
There is 110 iiossiHlilv (,r num, born
of wonu.11, bei,,", ,i1lle ln'f0uow .,,
tl*-e road, fenced oil by thelen coin-
lmuidmeiilH so loiijr as jr-isolhic i-n-
.'im s, '-sMccialiv (he kind lhat s..v
-jaiiiu-d red, are allowed to occupv
-lie h-nce f-r-iners bv llie wavsid...
* The iiifjire-,' ,,r the pomiiiaiidiiieiits'
:"»-st :o, <r \Vi so'modilied as to
make huiimii life bearable to those
who are brought iu contact wiih
'hev modeiii com'biiiatinns or,air
-as and linhiiiinir dcsii.-iied rsueeiallv
'o brin.!;.d.-iimialiui] inlo tin* lif0 R)u|
'.aiiin-.-i.-p. i 1". the   operalois.   •
One,of the*., infernal imuhiues will
■;lir it;i more.cnsseilui'.ss, i-auwc , mVn-u
'i.n-d   fu'lin-s 'and  siispie-nns  between
• fe-loii-.r Iiieii.-is.'..si(ii-i i;,nre iirofauilv
'o."t:n; ."roiu.i! .-in,] c,li;s,. ,,„„.,. i,on.
**st   'en  ie   (o       break   inlo   tlle   Ivili-i'
'■'•* 'Li';, ,-.,. ,„-.;,,;ll;ij j„Vl,,l(r„. 0"r
su  Ins I p. u  able  lo 'imn out   in |..n*
c-lll   r' 44",y   o.'i'ifi. ],,i •„„„„ „..i_JM-a__i_;,„
vi;Je   aud announced thai he Wiis'iva■'•,■"
r""  busiiiisl. i- ."'-       —- i ■
.-.    ,     ,       , '•■   luVIu'V   licc.ic.  Ti
lls luiiilicr department  at   I.ilic.  i.asi - ule ,-,,..  u,;,nv ,
.'<ck he left 4.'iiup and wi-ihim' \,\\'w i
■whero he »ot diunk and iirnv hh-d ||.-i„. j
self with  a   gallim  of  whiskiv      and '
cveiiil hollies of beer, he sla'ikd for;
I. n*
e  evideiitlv  eoiitim-ed
luav   leac'i a
-ivcr,- sold by
> i'.-i-.t..:'..'    ,
lion. \V. ii, Ct.-.-jiiiii;; iii.uh ,*: remark
biv  ab'u.  s^iccli. fil   lhe  huiu-uci ,    iu
Cal^arv  on   lhe' occasion  of \\w-  4011-
ililipu  ol  liu   Alla-it'a niiiniv i;ia':iu'es.
He, e\prcssi'd   one   lin;;. sciiUiue  when
he said:   "If y.-'c- are lo build up       a"
siroliji,   lieahhv  |:;o\iuciii]   life  in  tlie
wesl,we must  work.  This government
i.s-ii hum tin in.-.tiiiitioii'' aiid tlu-reloie
is a liiiuiuu iiistitiiliou," and  lh?iei"ore
it has many ol  llu* weaknesses of ihe
human      l,ein«.        We can nol  please
ll   lho   opposition,   and   pci'iaps   not
ll  the  stipporlers of- tlit.- ^ove-.muciil,
ut  the  \\4jik lii.u i.*., i',ul:t   I  ;*,in sine
--The   schools   here   are   to   be.  closed   *■'•''•'  l»e  'lo"--  hosicstly.  \ihat  we iu-i-,1
this   week,   preparalorv   lo   i:r.   Mor-    !l   l!l!S  <-'.'"!::liV   '■*      ''""c^l.  and   Hue
can having. <" rf\' ,-*. ''" *' Y'M Y''^,^ ,UIV"
of  takinj-   pa?l   ia   ihu  dcelop.n^  ,,f
The   Kernie   second   hand   man   was | this  j-rcat  Lo-.ntiy.   In   alllhese-Jiiuj-.i
drink and .either lell.aud couid not ;;et
up orrs,il,down and went to sK,.-,,.
Satuiday inoi'jiiujj he was found ivii^
in the snow, tetribh- fro/ell. lie was
taken to Lille hospital where Ju- died
uii-aiouda.*.'. He was buried "on We.liies
day "at- I.ille cemetery. '.
Ki-om . Oar   Own   Corre.spoiider.l—
stronj;,   honest
>r  another iv''?   "'"!,'l   !,Kn.   Ji"l>:i
-moii. 'lhe\  are pomi'iii; to iis from all
i"c:iuiilri4s  tiud   ll.e  ti!»Ii.;:*2tiun-oof  everv
Deer on the cast mountain side are |Canadian  is  u> tdunv  thei-i  n.-w piii-
ye'.'v. taniu ' and     are    often  seen'  in   •'■■'ns au  l:oai,^t,  true,  '.'aii'adi.in  manhandles  of  three or  four. hood." ',    ,
V.'i..' ap, oiiiliiii.nl   <>[ Jij-.  De  Velvr to
lhe vrii.-.le  is  .1  (lisiinc.l  honor,    not
only     lo:  i!k* t1 <lim,ible and    worthy
News   herebecoii-.es \vrv limited, as 'doVlor, bui also lor Souihoin A'.b-t-U.i
]iost ciittinjf Iici'oiuts  the  most     jn-',-'It-shows ,lhat smnhe;a-AliVrla is rcc-
iioiinccd    enterprise    at    lhe  junction  °«ni/ed  bv  the  Domini, n   .jou-runieyt.
here as a  jfiowiiij;   and   imjioilaut   si-elii)ii.
A post culler named Stracban     be-  "ml 1i;\'*iUlil1,L''1 YYJi^-Y^T " "'
 ^ * ''-■*     ....I...,'     ,.l,r..,.|         ,4. .4 4*.l
hcic,a»aiii aii.l   !inrj;aiiie(l  fo
batch of furniluie.
The C.  1'.   li. a^cnt here keeps     on
issuin;.. tickets for lar.away  places.
-l-,71-I- i,*^—
luiiKi'lIv vijuip
He is a
)« 11 ^oiiil b'jj hoit'.c ol  lour niniiis.
•villi   shiiij-h-   roof,   idahliii'-  Inr    R
):.' is u-lii'Vi-il ol lm, olliloiis |iib III the
uiliisi  |io!.*il Ir moiiiviit, The Lcdjji'V
aiul 0   luad of cnlltc*. two Iioihk lhat llu-     inliiers of N'nii.iliiio
Cd lOtllOWJlUWHIHlllltCOU,   lid III".-      Mott, Soli *  C<i;-K.-nile, 11.  0
.*s\X)\\t y^tintixxy.'
An iilnnti of fit it wtii fonmli-il iIiIn
moriii'i^ At Imt.'*,!!)*!: liv« timl tlm loyd
luniH ii,,!,   Tin*, lii* j.jiivn!  |.> lm «
«m-t!| bhr,t* to n lln/n 'b.-tcl.- !,'*;r th ■
flio ball and was extiusruidit-l ljpfu.fi
much ili.ti-iip-o v-i,s d.ii.v,
I)>i.'« > I.'.* 0111* {.1 inline Uv i!.o l>;.|
in li!iii> in our winilon'—vfl dltln't il.) It.
I'.t.tplai wim liivitii in npir'siit  Hlmt'.M
(.noil   Iu'IiIioukh and  a  pind    root who nrc-so ..Pi'tily inNnslid lit     th*-
liims*. TI'U viiiiiiili,!' propt rtv can l< proiu-r can*'or ihcir ntvii lives and the
had for 55'»7ooo rash, 11 lnla-11 .won, «iimiiaiiv   whiih   Mr,   Slm-kttl   rciin-
nnd fs (In- l-cst'lmftrnln for     nnv- hruts, will urnpl  (he ubovi. n|.o1i>»v
oiu-   iJrsMn.f    tn  pa  tutu  ranch Ini' nf lb-  f..* l-rx ■• En  i\^  v,\\[\  f|.  ...",'.■
iiml can l.i? 1*01111(1 ,11 .{.aM Kooti-nnv ii  h v.iuA,\ nnd ilia! Mr. TTnvi'ii	
Vor furtlicr partlrulnrs nvxAv     to iiiH:,:i,.  ,. 1,, nbi„  »/, .,,11. f\.  |,i;
con I'lUiiil'. and tlie public );, ner.-illv
* - ,tlir*f he was tiol In blame in anv w •"
IM   t..f \X.  .i..|.minl" <■«< of vMtli -.ma'
U'tVHK .WI) T.ciT-1'OW SM.l
M'cst Ki'tiiir, I of 5'nKi.V.' Coii-I four    |i.,mu mlj-Tit Ii.iv   'jri'-wn,
riiniii Imiifti'. This is t\ sunn if lal,*| ■«_«»-_	
pm nt i-iij-^.  V.sw Ipiiiw, —.lj»|»lv («
, • MOTT. SON' .t cn:
In* 'nci'tucil tJ lUun'.iiJtfji'.c tJii'li' point.
Till. KOU.mvIVf} VH1STKI) r.\lll»:>|
nie b.r '.ale at ilii:. nihil*, -it'ii-.- "i
'•■'Is 1 itch- "Vo'iius lo iVt, Aia.l"
XVitli'ii," -"ViihiMiiiI Wi>oiiv< i„
lit.  Aprlv Within." I
r'.* fttl or,».r, ,• tuf   wr,\(    fn(1!|-fT
M ,\  M ,'cX, fl'', U"« u-i f i'f. «"« .
■     - "IV.,
-' •>-•»-  ...*   T *V\(
ovf! fiToHV   vnxMP,   v.vxtM\':i;iit  ]t
1 i)iu* pllilii se,
Aid. Hick tlmiii-lil tliat wiimi' oilier
wav uiijjhl Ic fouiul r-i the bv-l.iw
itilillit riiu'iin lo dilc.iUd. ;
Some talk has been linlul^ed ill
to Uu- el'Ml that Al<:. Tattle In    to
|: m   (, t  hu'i[ipj ai'Pi-pti A faully 'id,'
wall-! 'but the tnitli nf lhc iii.ittcr is
'1 1 1 bp sidinvnllf* wen- itni'ptpil ul
lie I,- 1 !i-,('»(lri« *'•( (fie old loumil
.'11 lln- ab-.cii'-P nl AM. Till Up at (lie
till «-ri«t' uif, dn:- In Mlm-iV T'tuoii
hilt, lie T .-*H'* the null* otii» nf llie
siv Iiii ft. ,- liu* i»*ii)'li* mi idai in'tit-
»i-p »tli*(«- t!"- r.ii'.'lti.'.r »v- t^ Im'o.!,-
nca-nl bi j.p..*mfm» f.iullv   .IdrwaHi
• ■ir v.l"4-.i iliivrtft. rrif  now 'irm wil
Jiri;   tn |..tv «r«.i.  tli- pto'iud      lhat
lb/'   tn, II, V   i.lml'M   In   lili'-i»d   1,V   lli-l'l-
n».- lav. .1 '.ii-tiNrtd n-niVrr.i Impr* ,*-
tile bv  lit ir  nwii  ldiin-li-iii-i-,'  ni'ion- • !
lb*> .iS 1, • nf ilti-'r folii-ilor-: j
• l   X
ride t'ovtrimiciit has with-
--lood Mr. Miudoiiald'.s..«teardiiii"r in-
'iiurv imo tlu; Iraiisfer of some acres
of dirt and the Iiu»nislical. ihii'iiijuji"
*'l John Oliver, and arn still do'-
■;\'*: business at ilnv old'stand.-lai't if
. t-raii-bp arramrcd to |t-t (he T/edoer
--t <m its little lvd jrnsoli,,-- -cne\nv
"ii tin* lloor of the house nevl winter
■■' will :4U:'i-aiilee to put Mcllride and
IJawliiointhwaiie .ii.it of business li.
hss than n  week.
Hon. ^Ir, Mcllride'snice ctnlv
i-a-'r would look like an uncombed
'■lichen- mop. and Hawthoralliwaile's
<ras would la: sure to have too much
air or nof elioujih lii'htllill;: to keep
the thiii',' ;roiiiR, and the siin-1] would
'e vo i.vcrpowcrinjr. that even Mr
Powscr would have to hold his nose
or flv <n th.. lobbv to {nin 'Muc<;owan
•"■nd Kllison,
If any ol onr readers should happen
lo notice a man waiideriiijj about
(own lookiiij,' as tlimifih lie had inst
killed his fciiiiidfathcr, wilh a club,
poisoned his mother-in-law or di-
voiced liis wifi, wu hopo thev will
not take sleps In have him lodged in
iuil, He ha.., onlv k'cii fooliiii- tnoaud
the rii'ioliiic cii-yinc ill the liiisi-im-iil
of tbe Tniid block and is i'ii mv wmv
rcMioiisihli' or his m'.irdi'i'ou.i appear,
The old idea Ih.il these is iiothiiijr
t-o iiiicrcl.iiii as life is nil rut hom
llu' ,-iiuiidtioint of a ijiisoIIiu' engine
victim, Thai little nd color-d co'm-
bin.ilioii of iron, brass and steel
down in Uu- ci-ll.ir cnahl innke nnrnr-
taintyso uncertain thai it wrmld resolve il.-clf inlo po'dtivo pcrtniutv
aiul  ro out   of business.
Tin- lin!.. ri'i' di'iiiou has >,(:ir(ed of
al .1 pace so ri'irulur, so iiiiis'ritllv ,-im
to iusnire coiiUdeiue in the breast of
1 \( 1 ,-l oii\- iibu'.it llu* shop, lAeli to the
di-i'll. and llin it would balk, kill;
aud spliitler for hours wllhonl jiuv
up-inr.-lll rilise unlil evervboile was
rcadv to iolu the anarchist,'-, and kick
lhe »■ ior lilllc devil mil of the cellar
On.- j'.'solliie horse doctoi savs tin*
thiii'' don't jr. t ciioui'h air: 'another
•civ«, il ',!,•(« loo liiiu.h- 11 llilul savs
lln- ,1 ai! 1 r don't will, lirhl, mid
•■IHI .1111.1 fr ihiutM 1 lmt the Ibiui-
Iral.'. Tl'i* oiMi'i' Ihlnk'i llu-v aii* all
i i-i n 11 tn d i. ih.nkiiiL! m lioiihU- oi
ll.av III.* il io|i'l»ued lo Heap lire's
'.IT,IP   In- Hi
One of llu- bovs 111 Hid of llu* point
nl i'ii*,lb si lump-, 'islnii until lite .oil
IU of the others i'ii down lo llu-
|o\v«'*t |obil of ilrpivmloii and il'i'ii
t|i'i re Is un'1 vplosioii of a niiveuie of
'•us Mid pr.if.iiiil v ■ Iim l.ini1 lo -nii'll
nml hen.
V.il'i' "f lln- emiiloei'-i <>r I'ii' -holt
.He allouul   to  im to (Iiiih'i  iu' Smi'
.! 4:,,...;    !. -i     *).*.    -..,.*.i.J.!   (..31
; ..h . p .md .'ivr ii.lcc tn liiblilcal ex*
ptis-i'iiiis wlii.h would V<>1 be ui'di't'-
stuod bv ihurch nud Siunl.i-i uhool
liruilc   and   con •c",ii'.-nttv. Tans**   crm-
fp. w.ll
Ail ilu niiii'.'iiiui*. iin'*i 1 i.iiiiviissii.u.*
In bi found in llu- l.cd'.er dm Iim Ih'"
mist two or I'lC'i- WPel'-t nrc direc'lv
iho'm'.r.'i In this luodilli Ipvi lit foil
,,r |ii> f*i.|."!c l"r>b"l«-, -""d po finp
win. bflu Imd .m\thiiH' In'ilii wilh lhc
.„„.,:».' if ic',»ii''ibb. (or •julinl he
.-    -oe ill*  i.r  as'i-. "
. miner  the   mlbi-  W{, S,M hw<   ,u.(
ence. of  liipior,  in  the post o'hec,  and   ped for seei-ice lu'ilv seitat
iis'lhere.'is very liltle help  to be jrol  pioiieei- ia tliis eo-.intrv'. He knows the
to keep lhe peace, so Sir. IIHu^sworth
had   to   undertake  a  rat her   di'tafiiec-
abh:  duly,  and   filially  oiitwilted   the
whiskey  carrier.        * *
Deeds 01 all classes of yur people, and
leiriSlulion ,of a chariictmr lielrimeutal
lo. our .nleresls, will 1'uid in bim a
htroiijr aud capable oppoiK-nt. At Ol-
tiwathe. sriutor will be in touch
"villi ail the deparliiK ills' i)f lhc j;ov-'
jciniiuist and that Iti'l in itself is im-
|) ll't.lllt    to   Iliis   "111 I :oii   ol"   tlio   coiill-
| iv,   which   fii*i|iiinllv   rciuires  proper
1 u-ri siiiliilii■.!!■; In be made alout pul)-
,   ,,   ,        ,     ,,   .         .. ,     I,   Iif niatlir.;. .V. we li.iv... several time*-
at Carbonado.  It   is pivltv  miiih  al!   .   ,      ,    ,,      .,    .. , .-.,   ,
,-.,    ,,     .......    ,     ,.-..   ,de( liiri'i',   Hr.    IX-    \ elier   was   entitled
j In  (he  npi'oinlmuil. He  Jiws  I'iveli
11 -n.- ami  (:,•■!;<-.■  4. .-,:,„ .,, ,1,,. 1;,,(l|..'
nl ]i.iriv, .i'i,!  ii  en r a  ■->• ,111  d.eseiVed
On the eveiiiiijr id the .ifiili a'".fraud
iiuiskcd ball was held al the Alexandria hotel, at Morrissey Alines. It
turned mil a most i-njoi-al.le, j'Jinir
to every i-ne escepl the ha'-d.shal.injr
to  those  icoiii"- a wav from  t!u>  m;n,-s
Slavs'   then.
now   who   are   10.1!   dij;
Krom lhe Tiuii-s—
A, Caniey," of Knslo, II,  C, was a
isilor lo l"rank the find  of lhe week
.1.   liuursou,   H'cieiaiy   in   lhe   coal
conipdin-'s ollice here, i-xpcci 1 io lmve
011  a  visit  fo his old  home   iii.lui^-
l.nid  iu  a  lew. days,
lU'Mlay.      ' l
Ihis . "P  I'd  il   i\as ih,   doctor
Vrom Tae IIm-.-i'iI. -
\\\   Cnlpm.nr of  (,'ovliv,
iiwn lii is \.ti k.
Air. Anlh-i, ,,1 l-\iuV. v.i!
be. placed  her.
Millier's '.sii-kiie','.'-
ls  ;i;;elil   iliilinji
A Meek a;i,ii luday lhe Inial,jjaine <.'i
decide till* ill.iuijiuillsllip ol I'leCn.w -,
Nest Jloil.iy leaj;i;e was pi a veil al.
Coleman between ihe Mil.u.l and
I'-'iiclur Cuek teams. Alter 11 mo-,1
liicly n*. 1111: in whiih ixtra time teas
pl.ivid   to  break  a   tie,   Muih.-od   won
,'iliimm, ■ of  cvervwhere,
(iricr '"
i 1 Oil 1
Cover   1'oiiH
Cen lie
Si lli'i 1  •
I-f ii'h 1 U'iii,-
).i-rt win*-
UellU'i- \V
VollllB,    ,
j     .1.11111 :l      !■'
Ii-*--  in  iohii'ti il.iv.  Mr.  I'lciscliuinn  ii
l  !'-.,-l-   uho ll.v;  Irhlld, 4 vcrvwhyle hi:
i'mi's uud    is  :i   num  win an   tl   is  al-
V.lVi   a   plea* me   lo  meet
I   .1 iimi'.*.  Kvan ha-, ii-uuu.-d from his
trip to Calvary,  Mr., Kvau  savs that
. 1',-ii'ar'-  i*. ui'ikiiii; vnadelfiil pi'ojrres.>
i r-11(1  is deslillid   lo  bi'i-oiiir  one of  llie
bv a score, ol 9 lo tx. „ jl.11"1,1 u,w,,:' "'   ^'.-.l-iii Caiiadn.
The lineup (,f ihe teams was as fol '   t'eor-jc.  lliliii-r,  ay.-iit  ol   the  C.   1'.
■ .1', a! Ciiiiibi'.ol;, w.r, taken MTionsI*'
;ill thi'i iici-V  with l!enioirb'.i;;e of lhe
jstom.-iih and is still in u' veiv criliial
'•■"'I'ci'ifiiii.liiinii,   |»,-.   MeK'idd.   of   Cul-rarv.
(iliall    iv,;i    ,,,]!,,]    I,,.,-,.    j„    kiIisiiIIiiiIdm    Willi
OlMIOllil;,,,     (-,,,,„      ,,„,.,,    .,   ,,.,,,1,   J/,.     IJiHJ,,,
.. ■■"""•''afl-r a  few d,.vi in  ihe hosiillul ln-i*.'
{.c.an.ill , lo „,,,,,,  ,_ IlUtl.    ,,,.,15,11, \4 ill h- (al:
,,'!'. -Y «n •" Ko.i.r.t.'i, y- .v.. i..r .mi oprt-
.Mi Ki-U/le .,,,;„„     M,.    l|i|J|,,r\   iU,u..,N   b,is   irivell
'il'.e In .1 '••iii.T.'il b' !!ii:r' of leioet, for
juiiiiiii!'   llin biiMiii -    I'teli  and   the pi.i-
pie lji'iiiriillv he w.i-. :i u'l'.'l  favurld .
jrmd all- join  willi  Ih.. Tli'l.ild   ill  wlsli-
,1111;  Idin  a  !.,'i-cdv  i.irtvi'tv
j    ill, .1, II. Kin--, 1I.1 mci.ilii loi tin-.
j*,t: 111,   ieiiuii.il   1:11-* uii.ii:iii';  liom
\ i, loi i.i. Th.  d-.. i« .  is ln.d.iiii: li„illv
.ill*. 1  his -..p, il m   .t> ■ lies-- at   \'iiloim
hut iii In.bui'. i.i-.   ■'. II au*'.  .wil Miuii
bi   .ill   ii;'lii.  oi   'ai   iiiiit.ii4-  "I   Clan*
li.'ouk.   Tin-  •-.-   s u   i as, a   siieinioii**
ol'e     \-   i I . '   i   « !■ ,.   tlie  ib,, lm   had
hu. li.itul • ii.ll   1'1.ui1;00k |i.i., 110 ua-
oii^ 1.1 1.41 i '!■■,  1 --.r itn  .ipjuiipif
.,4..tu    111.1.'.   H,"   ',-„i  fo:   th's Io\t 11.
mid ,dlli.ii^b -.i siiiifi i||i|.-i'.il ion v.inl
ill mil   fiuii.   hu.',   \et   lio   .p.n'.(   IIM'lll
W.is  due   In   lln-  |ii-l'sUl   III   ,i,i|dii:itioil
ol I'r. K'lii', vim a!v,-a\t, ,n*.isled that
I 1 mi-, 1 i.i*    .1 Id    I   ". e    1 li -1 IV,1*
i,,min;* lo her un one ol  l/n   h-admir
l„,,1 ,    i.l     ..l      .,,   . '    ...    , II -I     ■..       " "' ''  r
i,[   ,,   ili*.i|u I    '■',•'.    >,  \'i\ ■-     !■ '.i'liie'i
far ii'im   than  1 as 1 .-lii" l-luiuul in
1 In   wi.v 1!  lm*-iio* i-uiciil** bv thi' uiiv-
! tllllU'Ut.
I'liipiri—H.   I.ewis.
THAT HAI.I.OT l!OX   I Willi-.-sT.
Tllel'i   l-eilll.*: lo lie 11  wjili'.j le.,.| ;iji*.-
■i|ipn-lii-iisii)ii in mam i|iiatt.i, a-, tu
the pail, plat.,I in lhe 1 '. 11 i.ai ol
llm Iilellibi-r lor I'i inie bv hi-, huwiins-
p.iilni-r. Ilmieier the l.id-.-ri 1u.1v
dilTir with Mr. llo'.*-, Af V V , a*- in
his ,i.p|.inl ol (be piiii iuc'.il ip>\iiii
IlliUt bas      lien r   lelie'.nl     '    III.'!
r ...1 Ii      ii.i>,  of   pit vniiuMMd   .111iiiii'.
illli. I   of   'dr     Jfii'i   01    111-      \|..\.i>'iler
\\'.'   Inn*,    alu.ivs   bilieud   1 Ini      ill
tlio:i';li   Mr,   Knss  did   uot   ln-ilve   n,
uu.iiv Miles as did Mr   Smith  11  life
evident   ititi-litlolls  of   llu- "voletn  bad
lien iii||--id, tid, tel le.'.iilly. Mi liiw,
i;ol the sial and liolte'.er '.Hnlii'Iv il
non   (.«• iiii  uml lie was no*, (.nltiled
I.. H,  b».-,llv V.   b. ■   '1   - .1        •"„.
should   t'i'   the  elld   of   the   l" lit. '
If    till* jrilVl'lilllll-Ilt    Il.ill    Mill    fit       tu
llille   •UlUilC.i'd   ill-       rlrtlloli   i.iM'.   ,1*.
|iiopiii;.,d *bv the h'lidi'i  ol  tlu* i.ppu*
ill, 11  ibiilii'' the  l.i'-l    csslii'i,.,!  bill;;
l'*KPSIi.'S MI'.MKb-i* UK'H'-M-sS
il ..ml
Ipiii (akin whiih wmiid Ii.im- inulii   \    ■■*, (.;   I'miUi, mi   of Velson'*, io,.
id il    lilw lllli.ll of  Mall    all     lilt id. Ill   fltll  t|„],   t4,e.   |i.i!i->.i. llilii   lillhilli'so   in
iiiPis's*ilil,.   Mr.   Vosk  or  Mr,   Smilii  fr4II,tti<„,-[.  Mmul iv.
would   liiiviv   |,,„1   to   M-cme   M       11, r.   '_,       M,„  -l|iili,l ;,,-,)•„•, ,,,(), ,,„.,.,
t-.nt <if the lot,', i.ist to I1.11 e i-itab.cd I     ,   , „  ,,,   .,,-,•„,   Mil„ siMl|).
.-illicr lo  hold  tl>   J....I   i.  -Ml.   n   I..* 1      '     '  ,       (|1      , , ;
Ii .il    tor. rr. d  at   lb.il   ton.-    and   lb.-1    " ■ ,    ,     ,       -.   1   ,i ;
-o-Jp   -I   Hu-   wliil,-   •■i„.ti.,i    w.mM!    '•»    "■    ' ,-     '•'"   -1'-'   ii",l,,,1l*
r.-tiiuiii it-wi ii.ii'i-W-...1 is i..i,-..t. '<••}-,yiSivlY'.    Y Yr.i
• d,   •■   1 ii .iimo   'iia.-d  ■•'    '   i.Ktii n.i"'•  •   '-'* :.-.'.•■:'.   ■     '.'"H '   ■'
.••ovi mm. ul    li i<m-<t  v.1.1  U-  id. iw-ntj   AL   ■'-'.>',,,      |,. ,i'.'.|it  of   lho   lull
W. tt. tt'.-.,M   I'   I'-, arrived linm«.,r.r  f( j,;.,,",^ ,,, I-    vbb.t.d  •'-H ■   tSt-ple nnv.in- Co. of l-etnii'.     win
l,-,.st SiUi.b.v  .'.4.,'.iu loo'*.-is,- vill..iid   ,j(ii|s  „l(ti  i,iw^\i  r„.  i,;s      i.,Ti:.n !in fi.'i'-.'i.'* on bu.ii.-s   oi: Moiibiv
■i*i.lii'i» l'1-id  loi'l   Imi-  lm llu   li-lill   .,..   .„  bi.-   ,t..l(   (,,  ,i|   .;,   il-.    I !■!,.-   I    j\,,4.    ,',,,,;,    biiil.-H jlutiltT   lioill!*
all'ti-ili o! r.::i*4 '-ai- m'ue. *,.,    j,,,,,   ,,,,,,,   j,,,,   I,,,,,).:,   Mm.,,.! t,.   ,(,,,,   4,),,, 1, ,-,-lv woil:. luil l»r
'if.   tt<- • :■   1 -    pi'-'J'.il   IiiiJJ.l-j  .,  J.,,:.;||,'  lo l.i-   uu't.i'.ilMi" '-<u.!i.i:l | t, .,   vim s-i.c.,.1  llftfl  is flo '   1 .lilt*
.    ,      . !  .'   1,1   •  .*   I':'i   '-!'..*  »unr,.   'u
s -,n ■
(.. 1..   ln,,ml  ll,.,*)   t|,r b
|l«    11 ib-t r   li
pulllil  it  id' .'
I... ' > '. '■
.. : t t,. ! II-
.'. i . ' li. 11 11 il
Ii.li.' I*.
,11. it    h.,U4l«J
I1.01I - ...,.f i\lf,   r.,|,-,r iuiv iii*,,-iii!*i
mil li* n«..i!i ^ulmitt**!. nml *t,,i(     !• |*i{«n ,»• Ittvir i-.nir iuor.' hhjI li'iAirn:
.  , ,. . 1   ,,       4,   <*.   V    l-'i.r'u'ic '-'-is nt .'.»•
1.   nl    in    i-pr,,,*,-    |„,    ,„-,,,   „,„,   ,, ,„,,,.   „,     ;,    ,, , (    v.(bi  ^^     ,,,„,,,;„,   ,,   „„.,,_
.   tu li.v.   iWiaot,,.,,  I-,,,  ,,   .,   ;,   ;.   (.1, u.J,;,.,   ,„1.  „ -,.,. J f   ,,      ,,„,,,„,..   n,   ,,,.,„   ,,,„„,,
<  !•   !.nt.,t«. .'• jVl-   ,.     ,*,.     .,,,,.,   ,,-,.;,    .,,.;.    .. ,,; ,-;-,.    ,      ,.v,
i'i   Will   for   r.rir..--',     I,   ,,,.   „■„„.   ,,r,,.   ,1      ,...,..!,    ?.,     ., l"   '"'   "'
.,■!,.•, i.ttr I   n-f   1l,i-   M.-| .,„,.. „., .. i„ ,,;, .  ,j,-,  t,;„,    |,   ,...,    1     Tl,.-   Y\"  u    *..'""  «.U       MU   lm-*
I,.I   ll.,   ,-..f.',Mi  >• *■      .11. 'j  I'I...".!-1'   -'i   "     "*'   '-'-v.   :■■  m-ilill!.'   11
i.ti-'  •!m"i<--*   'flip \,.',',t Imi     1*1
1 nl mul i*. pJ.mI  l<» sir   f,
,(,-,- .f..
1 ^
>:-., \K-,.-.■-J:j ■ -- -'-.
The Fernie Ledger
Issupil even- Wednesday from oilico of puli-
liatiun, Toili't l.loek,. Victoria Ate., Ferine.
British Columbia.
XOTIOE ,   .
TiKlJKUS will lie neeived by the r- leralKiieit
ior tlie gnuliiiK nml wulcuiiiK of- tli- yootb»ll
Field ut C4iul Creole. (iiuunil to It- 110 yards
liy ii", viiriU . Tenders to Le in not ,i-.ier limn
Ai>iil'-st l.'KX!: Lowe*, orany ttinlci . otiici-es-
sniilv at c.-i»te I
Thos Hkith
S-Vi-'vl'.O I,, und A.'A
". Low tem peratarc a nd thc possibility
ol ti strike have done much to stimu-
"' late the coal trade, current consumption expanding Viccausc of tho former
und the latter influence tending to
increase forward business.   This is
especially notable in the*inquiry of
manufacturing concerns lor bittunin
ous coal, It being; deemed the part of
wisdom to stock up as fully aspcssible
This tendency   has steadied prices
and in some instances produced ad
vances,  but it is claimed that soft
coal quotations arc still below those
prevailing in WCM.   Thccutlook was
Improved by the letter of-President
Itooscvelt urginf** peace, .which resulted in calls for another meeting
on March li).   Is ilh is eventuates in
an agi'eement"in the s.ft coal fields
tliero is reason (o believe that friction
, at, the mines may be averted.   Out
put of coke lias-hot diminished and
the ample supply of cars facilitates
■shipment.    1'rices were   prevented
from declining   by thc coal strike
talk.—Dun's Hevicw'.
■ NOTICE ii> lieioiiv kim>i> Unit one nioiitli at-
l.?r t!iite:m«i>i>lit'iitinii it-ill lie mnde to llio
Governor in Cmiiu-.il liy "ViilMiti.it> Hyde ll.il--
cr, .lames "flynn, CliarVs ll. McNali ami t'lmr
le* George Lvttletoii, VKromit Ooliliain, un-
dpi-tlie piovMoiis of Clmiilur !M of OieHevj.-ed
StatulL'iiof Cimnilii. for |i«nniM.iou to con*
xtrnt-t dan.s, booms and ntliet improvements
loiiainir nnd satt-millimr purposed in the Ki.qte-
niiy River in South Kn»t Kootenay, British
The jilan-i r.f tlie works proposed to hu con*
strncted nnd a dr-'cription of the site thereof
as requiri'il liv the sail Aot littvelioendepusil-
iid with Iho Reiristrarof Land Titles nt .Nelson
n. C. and tt ith the MinMer of i'uhlii; works
at (Ittiiwn. Ontariii. .     ,   '
llRt.-d at Crnnlirook 11. C. till*- Wth Man.-h ll'i'-i.
\V. K. «i:mi.
-.!.-.    - ■ Solicitor for the applicants.
NOTICK i*. hereby ulvtui that 'lo iln.vs .iftt>r
■lata I intend tn apply to tl.e Chief Comnii*.-
siimer of Lands mul works for a lic-eiise to
projipect forcimliind petroleum on thcfollow-
inffil a.t1IiciI lands .sitnnto abott one mile
North of Morrii*,M'V Toivn.-site on the West
*ide of llie Klk hivi'r, Kust Kootenay Distriiit;
t-oniinmicIiiKiitii p.i.tplrtuliid oil tlio Most
lunik of lhc Klk -liter about one iniie North
from tlie Xoitli-t-ast Coiner ff Altiri-iswy
Town*,i:e, tlioi.vu North one milo followitiR
ilu; line of the Klk llivcr. tlu-iu-o West one
mile, tht-ii.-e Ninth one mile, tlifciuo'.'jut one
mile to the point of i-niniiieiicoinviit.
-:*,.-, per A. .1. I'Al-t-.l-llAl't-ox,
Jliiri'liliith l:l.:.l. . Aut-in
W1WE   CO.,  Ltd.
Wholesale" DeaUrs k nil
. Dir.tct'lmpoiU'ri 0'
Scotch and
Irish Whiskey,
7   London Dry,
,  Old Tom
"   and Holland Gin,
Schlltz beer,
Ale and"Stout
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
Solo suiertt*.   in  Ci.imdtt for
Windsor   Tonic,  Jag  Dcstroyftr
■    THE
Bn   Fernie*, Is-a pleasant home fbr all who travel..
T. WHELAN, Manager.
iii  hii-fli.v' uiveii   tli.it
M       llll.V:
Under  New  Manageinont
Mrs. Thos. Bait,   -   -   -   Proprielress
Turin ts:- *J2*! per montli, willi b-Uli $23
B. I-l.
ISuovhior to J. C.  lluichisoii.l '
Is prepared lo deliver Milk,
*-"* •:' .
Cream, 'Buttermilk, Fresh
Laid Eggs,, and Dairy Butler
every day. -.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
dJlni'tliitc, I Intend to iipiily to llie Unci
Couiinisnioiu-r of I.11111I1 mid iVoj-kk for 11 li-
ct-iiM' to |irn.<pect, for roil and potroleuin on
the follotviiin ilusrrihiHl limd on tho \\ ont'is-lde
of lhc Klk River In Enst Kootenay D.Miict:-
Coinmi-iKtlr.i; nt n |ioHt|ilnntcd on thu West,
bunk of the Klk Hive: iibout one milo South
from tlm Nortii Kust Conuir post of MorrihSej.
Ton-unite, tlinii'e,*,Soiitli one mile fnllowuiR
the line of tin* K1U Uivi'i', thoni'e West oiu?
.mile. Ihcni'e North one mile, 1 henceK11.1l to
thi> point of commencement. *•*-
* *       . .1.   III.-HNS
-.-ll per. A.  .1. F-iitUi'iiAHW-N.
Mii'ri-lillitliliiWl. •     Aueiit
XOTfOKUIieii'l'.vj-iveii that -10 duvs after
iliitp. J IntAUil to npply lo the Chief Coinmm
Hlnnor uf J.iinda anil Warks, for a llrenne to
iiro>|iL'et for coal ami iietrolenm on thu follotv*
1111; deserilifil Itimlfl Mtnnte on the West hunk
of thcElk Hivt'i-ln the Enst Kootenn.v Din*
trict :-UeKinniii« lit 11 post miirked .1. Uiun ii
S K. Corni'i--' theiit-e South one- milo follotv-
U\e the lino of the Klk Hivor; thence Went one
mile, thence N'oith one. mile, tlitmoe .'"nst one
mile to the point of commencement.
P. K.   llAlllllSON
—a.*i per A. .I.F.iRlU'llAHWiN,
Mui-cll lOtli IWjI. , Agent.
Fernlea     Popular      Rsitaurant
Is the place to take the
Great, Northern train
to   Spokane,  time   12
hours;   to Seattle
hours; to Vancouver
t^he Bmtvalian tboiel
Tiii: Place!to Stop   A
Spivi.il Attention Given lu Loenl Toiu^iv
.    h. lastfFhens
W.ovvi8$ei> ?5ancitfoii,399. C
-■*■'■■   A '•'".
A. full] line of Caskets,   Coffins,   Shipping   Cases
Wreaths and Society!Emblems on hand.
Agents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson, ..
.'Office Phone 41    , Residence 76
ParSiors in Liindy Block
Meals   served   at   all times.
All white help employed
-I.O. F. No. 3172
Meet in I. 0. F. Hall on tliu lust Tiu-e-
-->     " ,
iliiy in every month.    **
I, Caiio.si-.i.i.a, Fin. Sec.
L. P. Eckstein
BAHIllSrKR-iT-LAW,      Soi.K'ITOI!,     I'Vl'T".
Itomii*. 1 ft ,1, HeiiiUrsiin lilock, IVrnie, 11. C.
MRS. 1H0S. BATT, Proprietress.
Contractors and Builders
.; l''u'ls,_Si>i-i'i[i4--iUi>iis und l'*sli-
innli'S  fiirnislictl  nn  iipiiliciilinii.
<   -.       Pli'-ily   of   (.001) ,1)1*Y   I.l'M-
1I1.K   ON"  HANI).
ArcluU'i'l     aiul Suiicriiiti'iiili'iit
Olliiv  ill  I'l'siik'tii'i',
HAKl'U   ST..     -     -     .''KlvNII., ll.C
NdTICK islicrohy Bifen that :in ilays lifter
ilnte, 1 inteml to iipply lo tlie Cl.iof Co min is*
>lonerof l.nmls nml Works, for n llnenss tn
iir<ik]ic!-t for c.oftl uiul iietrolenm on tlie fol-
IowIiik ilcM'i-il.e.l liimls kltiuiUin tlio IJist.iict.
of Eiikt. Kootciinyi-Uoicinniiig nt u post marked
".I. A. KenniriK's l>. w. Corner"; thonco West
one inliti, tlieiicu Noith one ini!e,tlieiu*e Y.nf,t
ono milf, thence South one milo to the point
of i-omnienf-eiiieiit.
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lieu theru'if. When t.'rmlitih noon fl-niiniiilorl or
pnld, tliu lurutor limy, upon liuviuti ii suivey
miuli', uml upon i*oniplyli)K with otliei' re*
f|iilroiiii)>itii,liurclmi(> tho linnlutdl mi ucre.
Thu put i-i it pniviiUti I'or Ihu p'uymiint of u
i-oyiilty of ilj per wilt on thu snlcs.
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he Allnloti'i- of tlio InUiloi',
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Arr, H,(kih in
714 a m
fl.tlU k in
H.U.i p in
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H,0(1 n III
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lu mi p m Arr   Vamioiivkii  I.v mm p hi
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tiisria-ioi-i :i.**e;w »4:>\.WAO'Hi2wr.,tt3N*T
famM t Swuorii,
Wrll (tiiliihlifil in-ilni. Tlir lul'l.* in iitipptiril willi Id* liriit ^
lln* iiiitrki't uflniilx. 'lln- lm r In Mt|ip1inl willi llii> Usl wiiirs, J
Hiiiim* ami ilj,'iirs. ,' «*i I.
-4   ■$.
i y65
ruLL ra of MiNiiiK rep
step liy stop wherever thev wenl ***
'Alid.il' llie newspapers published the
fact thai ■ an,' order in council had
been pa.vsed there woiild "be pressure
brought   U>   hear   oil   lhe   novcnimenl
■ er   lhe  bargain
was ■<>.
;ood  one  or
Interests of Province Recklessly Dealt With anilAlLt^L'l
to: a Band of Adventurers.
cilic  railway  company?
A.~-A\'ell,  "Mr.  Hodwell was given to 'noL, nor-'to say whether or not it was
understand  that  that  was  the     only   in the?public   interest,   to   make   such
way lhat the jiovernincnl would deai   a j*'rant.,''
with the proposition. Tlie proposition i   This    partly      appear.--.     from   :\Ir.
not.  know i'to- establish'     a   townsite   there   wr.s
law Set at Defiance and Governor Wrongly Advised-Fads
; a   Brought Out Tersely Stated,       *
'' .The report'of the minority of the
nek-el committee .of the legislature appointed to investigate the Kiiien island m; a 11 dul: . " „
To the spiiikor'ol" the lejri.slative assembly of the province of llriiish
Kir,—Wc, tin- .minority of your special C4)mmittee appointed to inquire
into al) matters colinei*li:il- with the
alienation by the crown of-10,000
iutcs of land on Kaien island, bi'jj
leave  to  report: ■' ,
That by an order iu council, dated
the mil day of'October, l.Syi, a reserve  was  plated  upon   i>   portion  ol
-tins Tsiinp.sc'iu peninsula, which reads   bonis to he iniule bv the crown' to tin-
as follows;.   • ' company,  and  the   latter  inulortsikiiiji
Ucserve--Co:isY 'iJislii'ct. 'o   iieRoliaUi   with   the   Grand   Trunk
Notiio is herein- Riven  thai  all, the   I'licifio* for the establishment of their
vacant "eroivn  lands which is situated   western  terminus,  subject  to  the  fol-
011   the   Tsiinpse-iu      p.Miuisuhii      and   towing coitditiniis:"
which., lies  to  lhe, north  of  :\        lino'    The letter then contains an offer of
drawn ilne west fmni W'oil; channel, .ii*:  •>'  per acre for lhe land, and lhat il
reserved from sale or pi-'cm'plion un*-   the compnnv  fail „to secure the  wesl-
iil  fi'rtlier notice. ,i'in   terminus   to  be  established      cm
1'. 0. .VIIUVOX. ,tliese iambi v.ithin twelve nuiuihs, the
Chief Commissioner of Lands it Works   land  shall  revert  to the crown     and
A  large  number ol  applications for , •■"•■   company * shall     have   no   claim
kind 011   ICaieu island  bv  ihe holders   "K^iiM   tl\ government  for  the    ex-
, of  South' ATi-icoii  war scrip  were  u-"l)'-ilscs or suri-eying, etc., but the itov-
fust'd by Hon. R. K. Green; chid com-  *-*i-innviit shall   refund  the M   an  acre:
missioiii'i- of lands and works, on lira". ih>'» follows the concluding paragraph
pli-u   that  tl.e  said  reserve  covered   a
chief -  commissioner    of    lands, and.
works,  which  led      up  to  a-proposal
- which'j\lr. "Bodweil put. in writing in
j tlie form of a 'letter lo the .chief, commissioner, dated the 19th dav of .luit-
uarv, IS'OJ, in which Mr. lUidueii
savs: ■     ,
• "Krom inquiries which I have, c.ins-
ed to be made I-'understand that, a
tract of suitable innd can be obtain
ed from • the crown lands surrounding
Tuck's Inlet, ou the Tsimps.ien peninsula, which are now covered by a iv-
,T-:ive. 1 suggest that mv clients lonu
a (oinpuuv^ In .icipiire lhe lands, sav
10,000 act eii,  including foreshore,   and
waterfront, in blocks of not less llum   rrom   tl,,.   ,>ovci-n:iiciit.   It   "ili\   Green
i>nc_half niile .square.  ,\ "»rant of the   rlicl nol know  I told hiin', bat I ,think
he  luicnAl.   Any wav,, I   think  it   was
Id l:e able
to stand thai -pressure ami if mn aVe
the land would-be staked"all over by
individuals."1 ■ '  "       ..
■ Iliil   again  "Mr.   Ho-.wcll  says:
'■Tin- lands 4 were ilesigiintcd, .and.
then .the lime for tlie*.order, in council
to be passed had arrived according to
oiir 'arrangement^ with  the  government
i-'So that it apnesirs that from the
very ln-jiiiiuiiitC Iliu government were
well aware of the real nature oi the
transaction,'-and lycro parties to it.
1 A, most extraordinary statement appears in' "Mr. .Indwell's evidence 11111'. ■
whicli no member of the jtovernineiit
has', attempted to explain a wav. This
i.s what Mr.-liodwell stated, speakiii'j
ol   the   other  places  at  which the
Craud Trunk Pacilie in iff hi establish
ihcir   townsite.  '    ' >
• "Thai if ,the. compnnv had 'mil set-
lied on aiiv lenin'-ins it 'ivas evident
these" othci places wotilh offer, an iii-
iliii-i-inelil, ' and if tlu- Grand Trunk
Pacific ■ could iii.'ike an arrangement
wilh   lhe   miveniiiieiit   ihev   would   be
"moiv likely to go there than to Port
Simpson, oilier things being oifiisil.■ if
made by .Mr. Bodwell. We treated v. iih
"Mr. Hodwell 7 ■ in u confidential way,
know-in-"- that he was the represi illative of the Grand- Trunk Pacific railway company, and having his won'
loi it and as he was an emiueul man
of 'staiulinr in the eommuuitv, ihe
government felt that thev had evcrv-
righl  lo treat'with liim  in "that wav.
0.—Then llm onlv- communication
that vou had ever seen or- rcccivid
varying Mr. Koilwell's position from
that outlined on lhc *i9th of Jaiitiarv
and irom which you could assume ih'.il
he-.was acting- for the company, was
the  li.lcgr.iiit of the. 29th of April?
A.'-Vi.-s, and in addition lo that we
have-his  wold  of honor;  certainly.
And  'Mi.  Green  savs:
O.—Theicfoie vou had no (all; with
anv 'official,, or the Grand Trunk IV.-
cific in connection willi. the Iransae-
tion no iloaliiljr or- bargaining wilh
them  at all? '
A1'—No,   absolutely   unlil'.
Tiie c\ ideiicv, we lliinl;, siillieieiillv
shows that there, was never anv real
change in the original spei-iilittivi'
scheme  of Anderson  and  Larsi-n      be
lli   have,   a   troo"   iiruposition ■ lorei the passiiijr, of the order in coiin-
jicirtiou of Kaien island. '
The excuse given for, this contention was that the' ^overiiment of' lho;
*lay in, iSoi were unilci- the impress-ion th.il what is now known as Ka-
ii-n island was part of the peninsula,
in oilier words, llial*the island nt
that lime was not known lo exist.
In support of, tins contention "Mr..
Core, late survi-voi--«t-ueral, and -who
was deputy .chief commissioner of
lands and works in'iS<)i. ««d conneci-
id   with   the   -' iVpartiiii-nt   for   inanv
1" '-Tlie company will, if required by
the "Weriimcut, deposit a K-aiionable
sum as a guarantee of »ood lailh,
and are prepared lo give vou in con
lidence certain assurances of their alii
ity . to carry out the negotiations
which they have indicated, and lo
perforin anv'covenants which Ihev
,niay undertake in the picmises."
1 In lhe sami; letter" aiipears this
statement: .' ''
The company will not bind itself lo
proline the establishment of lhe tvi-
iiiinus  on  the  site  selected,' but   will \
guarantee to use its best efforts 111
that direction, and will pledge itself
not to, dispose of .the lands or anv
for  anv   other  purpose.
years anterior to lhat 'date, was called to testify before your select com-
tnittce, Mr. Gore produeeiu-au old ad-
miraltv chart niiule o\ i.%7, which, part of (hem
however, wr.s iioL oll'ieial, in support whatever." '
of lhc aluivc conti-iiti(iii,-biit on care-1 . This proposal of Mr. Hodwell was
ful' examination of this chart it ap- freely d.i.seus':ed bv Mr, Hodwell; And-'
H-ars thai while ueilher Kaion island drson and-others-iu the scheme-, with
tror-ntlici-island;*--: wcro---l-raccd^1)-1^—the—cliief—coinniissioiiei-r-and'^vi tli—ililr
vrt niii-xiilnivil cliaiiiiels are. indical- preinier. .The character of these -.lis-
id, showing thai the'chart was not cussions mav nol unfairly be indicat-
iuii-inkd to show moiv "llsaii the gen- Cll 1)V ((Uotntioiis from the evidence of
1 val outline of the coast^ without pav-, Ml. Mcnri(ic ,v)1(1 ■,«,-,-Oreeii. Kpeak-
•liciiliiv refi-rt-nce to the islands, "More- -ujr 0- conversations with Mr. Hod-
over, another copv of the siimc chart wt>]] 0)) ,,10 Mih^ yln c.rce'11 savs'
which has bci-u in "^ m-Ihe.deprtit. ,,Mv Vccollcotioi* is thai it was mil
wii-nl for ninny v,-'lll'-i as "*1' ■*V0V'*,-,K more than, two or three weeks before
Ulau or liu,* of. llu- u,,,n ..,t'"a!i.V .!,wl •'"? 1,aU' k)i Hie letter of the i;*ih or
'      ' "    -Tainiary.''
comiuim. groitml, at anv rale,. 1 elwei 11
us,, thai "Afr. I.aisen stood on very
good leiins witn most of the large
eoriior.ilions, that-he was a large
railway contractor, and I tho'ighl if
anyb'ody could bring .the companv'and
lhe goviiriimeut together on favoralile-
teinis  he   would   be  able  lo  do   it.-"
I The -.neaiiing of this is perfectly obvious,   the  friend  oi   powerful  i-icpor.
■ ationa . siinl tho railway', contractor
wiis lo be the middle man- between
the Grand Trunk Pacific and the government and this was common ground
between  Mr.  Green  and  Mr,  Hodwell:
I The evidence i.s - most, curious - nv.]
conllictiug. According to Mr. Anderson he and Mr. l.arsen were iu a join I
speculation for iheir/nvu benefit with
Mr. Hodwell as their solicitor, lien-
is  wliol   Mr.  Anderson  savs: •
,    P.--\Vli:il  was llicrr*  in  il  for von?
A.—Siiniilv ih.- sivoul.ilivo nart that
I was lo go up there and lake aii interest.   ' ■
!   0.'—So 1 hnl ho. and von came to lhe
coiiclusjoii {hat  it  would* |;l. a     jjortil
chance'for a speculation.
On th,-. either hand it is represented
th.il J,at sen did r.ot waul to make
anything out of the seheine;' except iir.
that he wanted to get ■'011,'friendly took place between himsell and Mr.,
terms 'with the Grand Trunk Pacilie ■ Hays in .Tune, _i9fi'. * Uli-. I'.cdwi-ll
people.'Here is Mr. l.odwell's coiuvp-   W". ;      ■     - *   -
tion  of "Mr.   I.arsen's  position:    ' '    "I   would   like 'vou   lo   iinilerslaud,-
. -"Mr. I.ars--ii and 1 discussed the Mr. Hays, that it was perfectly untiling   frankly'* and   his  idea   was   nnt   dcrstood as far'as I know that  l hen'-
cil. The telegram was a meie move
iu the. game, 'ihe scheme admittedly
depended from the beginning iu interesting the Grand Trunk Pacilie, and
to pretend that . the govciiiniiiil al
any step dealt directly with the
Grand Trunk Pacific is contrary to
the 'evidence, presented' before vour select- committee!*. Mr. Anderson's evidence makes the thing still plainer
ivhen he, mivs:
1 "Well, vou s-.-e our idea, was' clearly eniboil-.ed in the letter of the" n,ih
of Jiiiuiari'. This laud in question was
only to l*c conveyed to us and bv us
to the Grand Trunk Pacilie for lerniin
nl purposes. That was our original
idea."    ,.  '' '
ty—Then, Mr. Anderson, 1' pics'uiuc
you regarded this '-.shulile" or ivhal-
i'M'1' yo'i cho.ise. to i-iill it—and I am
not usii'g the word "shuffle" in any
iinpropi-rseiise-^lhat was made al tlv
time lhe'order yi council was passed'
uamitig Mr. -Hodwell as the- trustee
for,the Grand Trunk Pacilie was simply carrying out vour originael idea
iu  another way. "        ■=■=
, A.*- Yes, practically earn ing-il 0111
in   mother   way. ^
I Any pretence that Mr: Hodivi-ll was
in any, sense , acting for lhe Grand
Trunk Pacific on the 3rd of Mav ivlu-n
the order iu council was passed is dis
posed of by what Mr,  Hodwell     savs
Green's evidence:.
I}.—.Had the government, Air. Green,
made .1113- ■ investigation with regard
to the 'suitableness of this place lor
a townsite or lor lhe purpose of a
harbor pi inr to your making the grant
of tliisjnml to the Grand Trunk Pacific. .
;    A.—No.
!'  SI-—So the government  made  no investigation   at   all?
C.—IW-ii vou know as a public man
and as a- business man that lIn-
Grand Trunk- Pacific ivoui.-; go m the
place that suited th.-ir purposes best
.-.nil thai'* thev must have a haii.nr
A.—Yes, 1 know llial thev must
have a harbor suitable.
■* 0.—Anjl knowing that vou made 110
investigation afall whether ur mil
the Grand Trunk Pacilie were not
pr.1cti4-.1llv certain to go lo Kaien island?
■ \.'- -\Vi-   were pcrfeclli   satisfied  with
tiie   deal.
The .evidence of Mr. Stevens, • lhc
company's engineer, shows thai if ih-
goveriiiiuiil w.is llol alive to llu- value of these lands Mr. Si evens was.
Mr.   Hoihivll   stated   as   follows:
".Mr. Sicii-i'--. wiis i;<il inleresli'-d iti
the matter. What Jie was interested
in was haying ihe lands appropriated
for a toiuisite bv'the company; that
.was wliiil he was inlcrcsled iii. - ]],-
was ,-ifraid someone else -v.-nuhl slip
in and gel' it. fur lie thought Mr.
I.arsen could do belter than he could.
' Hevi.r.d 11 f'el-li* allei'npl on the part
of the piovincial secretary to get a
little higher price per acre, and ' the'
iiiseilion in ilh- oiilcr in coimeil which
bv the wav, was drafted bv Mr. Hodwell, of a elaii.se reserving a quarter
interest in the foreshore and j.lnllcil
blocks, 110 efi'oil was made bv the
government to oblaiVeilher., iu money or in oilier'terms anything hc-
volid \il;at Messrs. I.arsen and Anderson   originally   offerid.   ■
■ 11 iris been sui'gesleil bv miui.'.ter.s
who apiK'iired before vour select committee th.it' these lauds were 'wo-ib-
less linies.; the Grand Trunk Paiifie
located there. \Ye think, lipwevtr,
that hinds sjlunlcd like .these on sitcli
a harbor as Lima Harbor are a mag-
nifiienl iiss4i >u ihemselves. P.ul lla-
pecf.liaritv of the bargain is that
"Messrs. Anderson null l.nrsen ha\e
|)laved the old dodge with the-1 pio-
vince of "headis I win. tails von lose'
If the terniintis should go the re ihev
would get tliiee-foiirlhs of llie town-
site and if il. should nol go there
they   were   to   get   their   money   bail;.
Tin'   lvmsiil   ol 'lhe   evidel'.ie   '   will
show a remarkable want, of frankness
011   the   pari   of   nearly   all   lhe   principal   witnesses   who   testified      before
5 vour' select    ivminiltce.    Th.-.   nrodue-
* }00t 000ii&000e»0j>00000000\\
* _ *
5 Are You Retailing
iLo west's
Claim? I
If pot, ytHj rii'2 Uiiusln'-** some*
if lhc cl'tiiccs1. liieiaime of
■1 lie'century..        f   1*   "P  j
Si.-i.il a dollar to R. T. LOW*
F.HV, Kelson, \\ 0. .ind net
i: ic^ulni'ly for a year and
rise out ol tin' rut..     \*   ¥
**00000000 0000000000000000%
broiij-lit up frnui tlie dcpartir.tnl,'
ihis shews many rcsi-rvcs niarked
■d on
it bv tlm department, aiid also shows
.Kciicii i.'dat.d trnci-il in blue xxxV.JU.
McKay, llu* 1>h-sc..I .lurvoynr-ftj-iu . ,
iufornttMl vmir «i«l«-l ^0,,,,,,m1U'liU
Kaien is:i.i.d was 1.1 i.uukud out t
lew.t four or five years a««, nn«l. P«-'':
Uapii iiirlier.       " •' ,
Mr. ilcKuv iil.<ovroduccd wli.U    >•*;
l-uowit as ''Aiiu-mU'd Decision No, a
icKot Tsii.ipi.cai. pj-nmsulii Iiui.1« J
uttve, prt'imred by Mr. 1». |. Okaih.
^;ilI,!il,-!..'.vse.'vee,,....iiiss.o,,ei-  and
which distinctly i.u'.il.oi.s Ivuk-i is
laud, TMs doci'ini-m. was ilnlcil '»*»»■
aud iu:'. f.kd  in  H"- depiivliiimt   tl.e
doiiiiueiil Mr
McKav  pi-O'.lii'Tf.  tli»'-
tlio hU-.-i-.1i iiuili <»f lhe
fi,.i*iv, nisi. liU;'l
Tin*   sui"icv,   "iv -	
, otes   was! .oii..m-iu'i"l  I" W"*™>
f   (d, »mp -lisiinaly mention     «.«.
slinw Kttk-ii islmul or .. pm-Hoii of. 1.
ol, Uie oullmW ol     tli. rom o
Held notes is wi'HU'ii ,"' li'W !-'iu'1s
Hii* followliijsi..  „ ■'  i1I„ii..ali-
U,,rt book No, Y",llTv       '
it-ii isluiid, pail nl ivwu' >>»■■ -   ,
This f.ehl boiJl: was  ilni xxx It   tb.
purU..e..lo...tla'.V.l.oll-VI»un' ,   »;;
afler the hiirvi'v wns unproved nnd 11 ■
Mr. Veiiinn. Tlw Xutll.ili «»-
■il   In
lhe Gi'rtiit' Tiiinli l'lieilic,
hi   till!  I'ill'l'   Oi   llll'hl'   l.llflll   il    it
Onehtioii—Hiul. vou no word at all
with Mr. Anderson before you met
Mr. Hodwell in. connection with ' the
Answer—No   talk   or
with Mr. Anderson  till  after I
talked willi Mr, Hodwell
0,—Did vou have any conversation
wilh Mi'-. Anderson before" lhe i>'th of
January, :9o.|, ■
A,—Is  tll.1t  the dilt? of llie letter?
■..--Well, I (lo llol recollect it at
nil. ,
Q,— Mr. Anderson is n nuirried 1111111
isn't he? '
A.—I guess so,
0,'—Now,  did   vou  ever have     nnv
lo try aii.. make a profit mil of the
deal, lie was toil far-sighted „ for
■Mi the.'same comiection Mr, Green
savs'      - *     n .     .'.    .
0.—Did vou know that Mr. I.iirsen
was to do all this for the .purpose of
getting on friindlv teims wilh tin-
GimiiiI-..Trunk   Pacific', people? '       fi.
A7--I iiuiv'liave known of.il,-but 1
have no recoiled ion of Mr. Hodwell
mentioning  that  to  inc.
Mr.  Hodwell  again  savs:
'■Tiie- desire, was In make .1 great
deal for the government and a satis-
coiwcn-.-Uion factory arraiigeiiieiit for the company
'lil(' and ' "Air,' T.nrsi'ii cntisideied that if
lie did lie woulrt lonu 11 connect ion of
friendly association Ihut would be'of
very 'great advantage lo hiiu.,iu the
flit 11 iv.
Hut tin. sli'iiin.'1'sl purl of nil is lhe
philiinlropliy of. Mr. Bodwell; he-.e is
whut  he  says:
"As I'm us I win concerned I hnd
110 interest at nil cxccpl that I was
glad lo he 'coiuiccled with 11 transaction of lhat. liiiirt, because it brought
mn inlo close connection with .     the
■j-jiiu- vent-.   ■
.following lln-.same J™ ^j  talk  with  Mm,   A.ule.'soi.  about   this  Or«ii"ci""VriVii'k   I'acilic
said Imli"" ''■■'-
• in  the  dcpni-lini'iil-
fuii-ini-dini.-'   lo   ll"'   ■■«••■•
liiilwiiy  coin
Kaien island nintter?
A,-No, ■
().—Vdii did not?
(),—-Tii.it is to .suv von had
spoken lo her uliotil it and she Imd
'never .spoken lo von alinut il?
A,-She innv have spoken In nie in
n casual way ahnul il,
(■),■—No,. but long before ihis nml*
ler ciinic np. in lhe bugitining of i')i>.l.
A.—She mav luivi- spoken In 'tiie,
Mr, Green then siivs:
"I  want  to niiswei' the question  1
is no attempt to be made to hold up"
your company al all, and I said llu-iv
was" 110 possibility of it. Air. Hav.':
said Hell, I would like vou lo udcis-,-
us iu the 'matter, and I said 1 4:111-
not net for vou in the matter, I rin
Mr.L.irKfu's solicitor and I think I
am going ns far as I have imv rii'lit
lo go iu ,'saying what 1 do, hi'1 - 1
cannot attempt to advise vou in' tin.
inattei al all, because in the situation
which has arisen I could not certainly think of advising' the Grand Trunk
Pacilie, and I caniiot act as vour
In   si ill  furl Ir-. I'iroof   ol, lhe   lad
that  the order  in couiuil  of Mav    .1
agreeing to convey the 10,000 acres nf
land  to Mr,  Hodwell as  trustee     fm-
tin. Grand Trunk Pacific,  was onlv a
inlorablo variation of Hodwell's iii-i>r-
inal plan, il   is .shown, lluit llidwell.'
Anderson   and   T.iirscn   went   lo  Montreal   in   .Tune 'following   ihe  piii.siiye
of 'the older in council and that visit
resulted iu n wiit.ten agrecnu-iil where
bv llie Grand Trunk  Piuilii agreed lo
nnv Anderson &   I.arsen .No,oo" '   fm
iniiiv, Tin. Grniid Tniiik Pacilie would , Uielr.coiicussinn from tlm government,
have paid nu: had   I'been  llieir solic ]   •••-,,; j-,,,,, ^|r, Wilson, atloinevgen-
ilor in 'tin; mailer,  but   I  was     nol   ^i^  (iv,-( „|,.,i 'Upp,.ar.s lo ns lo le
llieir    ..rolieilor    and     Iiml no_    bill   n mtKli cxlraonltuarv view of       th
~X'ioii~Til correspondence and (Incumciils
wen: refused bv 'Mr. Hodwell,. and al
first ivfiisccl .bv, "Mr. Anderson. Afterwards ret lain "documents were pri -
duccd of no especial importance. Important doeiiliielits were either lyH
distiovi-d. Neither .Mr. Anderson
Hodwell had copies of the
at   Montreal
silid       lands-
council  rrentini.
or   Mr.
agreement   made.
the Grand Tnink Pacilie railway company for the payment to' "Messrs. Anderson and I.arsen rf F.'.o.ooo. I'A'cn
Aiidersnu's   power   of   attorney   under .same. '
    which lie signed  thai   agreement,  was,    .1.   That     tin:
•olieitor  or  lake  anything  from   vou   not produced, he claiming that he n-  deal dii-eclly with the Grand    "'.'rinik
In the wav or professional  Tecs iu ihe   tuinwl   it   l'»  ^!l'-   I.'-rseii.       I In-   M-l-  Pan he  railway company,  but 011. ih,-
■.rams luiiling iipi'to llu-one from Mr.    •■	
Hmlwill   were  nol   prn-
cil   should   have,    .proyidtd   that   the *i« oilier lands contiguous to Kaien is,
w.alerlroiil      should '   be clivided  into j hind   located  bv   him   under        South
blocks', ol   not   more  than, 1000      feet ' African   war     scrip,   and  also  abqut
instead of as  it  now provides,      into   five sqiiaiv mife,*r oi coal'lands    seme,
blocks 01 not less lhaii 1000 feel. 'distance   down • the  coast.
The  evidence  of  the  attorney-genet-- '- ' -J
al discloses a reninrl;al?.e circumstance
M.-.ssrs. i!ocl\vi;ll, Anderson and I.arsen weie confronted with two serious
legal obstacles to the success of their
first' it was necessary to exclude
the public 1 from the lands. Secondly,
an application to the legislature must
be  avoided. '
It  was therefore  necessary  to get  a
ruling   that., a   reserve  whielr in. plain
tcrms~.ipplicd   to   the   Tsimpsean   peninsula    only      should      li*' sln-tched
aci'iss onto the island. One would expect   that the attoriii-,4 general, the legal adviser of-the government,  w.ould
at mice be consulted and his interpretation   of   lhc   order  creating  the      reserve,   taken. '
Mr.   Wiisi 11 was asked'
'I.—Well,   il"  anv  doubt  arose  as  to
the construct ion of an order in council   rr.--.iling  a   reserve,   wouldn't   vou.
acting   a-;   atloruey-gelieral,   be   called
iinnn, to construe  that   order  in  coun-
A.—Thr.I  one  wu  have   just   rc.iil?
D.-iVes.                          '   .
A.-l   don'l   think  I  wiis.I  do not
iciiieinber ever  having   been  asked   in
regard,'to it, or ihut 1 have ever seen
that notice before.
fbi ihe second point, Mr, Wilson
paid: " 1
'-Aii, thai  I  will  sav  is-  that  giner-
.'ilK*  in  mv  opinion .1 considered    we
had  powor  to make  the c-onlracl."
0.-\V,ll Vuu answer  the ipiesliou?
A.—It  was  open   to  some  doubt  it
there was power to make  llie  grant.
0.—ilnteriupting'i.   Will      von   lirst
answer my  question.
;     A.—.1 dn .not think-that I can.
Q.-No. I don't want von .to go into that, just answer ves or uo—surely yon can do' tlmt. -
' ,A.—1 will put it in that was an illustration.' Supposing now that I was
acting as solicitor for the vendor, and
tlie pin-chaser's solicitor schoosc:, lo
accept ihe title, which may or may
not ihfive some delect in it—lio chooses
to accept it, and I am inclined to
think he is making a goo.', bargain,
•then l' will sav "All right, go alien.'.,
and make vour contract."
'. p.-Surely \011 "will hot place the
public trust reposed in vou as a mem
bcr of the cabinet on .1111- such basis
as "that?
1 A—-I sav that there is enough 111a-
terial in that section to advise the
li.'iilciiaiit-gt,ivern.ir- in eo--.incil.itli.il lu;
li«.'i pouer 10 make lhe grain. It is
open possibly to .'uesiion,. if tin- purchaser .-ihcn chooses lo "accept ii' \iiih
the doubt in his inind,-that is ,his
'   ,Tlie  minority  of      voiii-  select  committee  respectfully  repoit:
1    1.    'lhat lhe provincial  reserve dat-
cd_.2ih_()cLober,   1S91,  ,».!  „01  fXtt.„,i
-co. ittnFir-iSlaliiC oml w.-isAiAt Tnie.id-"
ed  to do  so.
'   2.    That  UU.  appliuuionj.  uiul.-r the
lit nd  laws of  the piovince,  under  thr
."loulli   Afncaii   war  grant   act  •
under -the niiiieral net,  ww u'oi
sidered bv the government up,,,,   ,|lt,i,
>"ei*its   but that the same were r.-ecl-
i*d   under   the   subterfuge,   of
the   reseru*   of   iS,)-   („
■'(oiitnii-v m th,. purport and intention
01 .the order in council  rivaii,,,,     ,|le
Xti:-sorit*tif (ii-ccnlioiiso-i «&   S-jed
Huiisck. .  .
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'ioviiiinieiil   did   nm
contr.-.i-y, Wiih „ hand.of adventurers
finale  and  female)  uho
tin:   said   lain"
the fuel
ippheil      lor
or pun-1v   spec-iil,ili\e
pin pose,   tn   die   knowledge   of the
goveiniiieiil, That (he gnveriiiiicin had
no I'oiiiiiiiiiiiciilion eilhei- verbal or
win ten uiih air, ivpi-esciiluiive of lhe
f.iaiiil  Trunk  I'acilic  pij0,-  to        ,ju,
I lavs   to   Mr
duceil to !-Ii"W wliat the proposal was
thill is liu-iilioiieil iu Mr, Hays' lele-
liiaiii of tlie,i')th of. April. The "id:-r
in coinieil was lu-pl a profound secret
liv those iiivolied, including the iniu-
isters, ■
■ The ,'vuli-ili-i' nl**-" discloses
that Aiidersoii reccivei'.. in March,
lijo,-*, from 1,111 sen, in si'lllciiiciii. <<)
their inluresis > in llie Nnien island
spceulalioii' and oiln-i;, niiillers be.
tweell lllelll ill Xhv mil ill, ^I'b"'"' ,1"
i.isli, ,'oiie siNli'i-iith interest in ?i
snip lnciiliniis an liiud'i i-onlij.K'us to j'.-u-in,- lennimis mi
llin said lown.iile, ihiiI fiv«* siiuari:
miles   of   conl   l'l'li'.s  ubnul   ,J,on   n.ilcs
passing af the order 111 council ol
i-Inv, i«jn.|, and ihut ihe telegram of
April :>t), 1 ij€i4 wns n nieie mnve in
iln- game ii, enable the speculators in
(onleiid jluil ihev w,m|d carry mil
oiUiiiuil   iuieiitioii   of  procuring
If you wish to tost  ,
ono of th««i» Rasors
without RISK or
your part, apaly
to  ui for
iguinst   Ilieiii    Insofar ns Mr. I.arsen responsibilities of Uu: government. lie down the. coast.
s i-oiiccl'i'i.., I did 11 great deiil of Imsi K1.einetl lo ihink tlmt. ,it was .1 iiuiller |'  Willimn the evidence ol Messiv ,i,.u-
less for liim. .mil as 11 .miitler of fai't 0f   v,.,.v   ijule   impoi'liiuce      as      lo sen and  Almse,  whose, nlli'iul.iiue  im-
lld not itii.U'i- hiin n bill in the nml- wiU!i|,ir .„-  not   the  unvcniiiienl   Iiml .lore  vmir  sehcl   imniiiilUe   we  w.-n-
[,.,.,   and   really   1   1.111   mil   nf   pochel ,j„.  p,lWl.,.  m,\n   wl\„n   -,,,  (o  mnke ,nimble l" ",,,in" t,u' l,'7'  ,   ,";'M   ',,
'or illiiliiii'scnu-iilu. this grniii.  Tlu   looked  upon  it   i.s 1.   h.mIiI imh }v nsiertiiiiivd,  bnt   ..* .
41 ....    i*   . 1...     .  .,..,,    ...li„>< .   '       ...                      ,.  ..        .. ../,.,.,,'.,,,..      i'iiiii    I he   I'Vlllclne.   so   nil
rollicii by
{.ITVC CUVCTH  ll  IHH-lIfMl  Ilf  Kllil'll   IS
UU nol iIif  i°.'m> a.l',n's ^4,'',,,,u•,,
' m asked as fairly uml ncciiriiiclv i\n
possible, uml 1 will snv lluit   I hnve rccllv  with
been  sp'ikui  to 011  this mailer bv u company,
Ufi'iil ninny people,iu a inciilnr nr en- Tlu-v wm- fnrivil In iiiliull 'tlmt 1Ih"»'
<|iiii-ii.|{  way   mul   nuv  eoiivcrsuliniis knew Mr.  Hnihivll was in  llie begiu-
|] limit Iiml «ilh Mrs, Andi'iMiii were ning not iielin*. for the ,(iruiiil Tiunl.,
unl conversations   nl   litis  description,"    JPikiiiIk cmnpiiiiv, luil us slated in lii*
for iliiiliui'MMiiciiis'
-t'l'iiibers  of   llie    govirniiuut   when
I'lllled   to   Icslllv   '  bilnlc   vnur  si'leil
loiiiniillee   look the'i'round llial thev
declined   lo  (leal   with   lliesi:   Hpei-lllllt*
ors,   but   had   insislid   mi  denliug  di-   Was no toiii'crn of  lhc govciiiniiiil.
llie  (iiiind Trunk  l'ai'ilie ,   if,(|,iii view \u-iv in br-tiikcii  of lhe
Kovellllllellt, Me ale iifl.iiil lll.it tlit:
people Imve veiy lillle Ncclllltv ilgllilisl
the 'alienation nf the public domain
in n milliner never I'oiileiupliili'il bs
the laws of the |iroyiine,  If (.'lanls of
H.nlil  unl   le  iisierliiiiii'il,  but
convinced   liom   llie   cvidem
is it  Weill, from  lln,, eolieeiilliieiH  o»
this grniii,  llu   looked  upon  it   ns 11
matter  which  loiiicriied' the  jjimiU'c.
nnd tliat  if I lie granlie  will- willing
lo  lake  llie  land  wilh  n   cloud  upon   ■■   -      ,	
llie tille, or with nn tilh- ul  all, il   nf llic^tninsuciioii down lu llu
' ,,,i ,1,.slrui-,inn or abiiiidonimini   ol the
'    '   uiniv
the. rslablishnient nl tin- Oraiid Tniiik
these hinds, and
to give llu- goviriiiiii-ui a pretcuse--
11 very specious one at lhat- that
lliev had heard in nn iudiirrt wav
if not iu 1, diri'it way, from (he
Criind! Tiunk I'acilii niilw.iv com;).iuv
•I- Thai by ih,. order in louiuil in
May, nioj, ih,, gnvi'i-iiiiieiil plmed in
llm hands of .Messrs. Alideisoii uud
I.urseii mi,   ni  theiiin.-.l  Milimble pub-
  ,, . 'll>   nsseis   in   il,,.  coimdv    (,„.  I..,,,,..
lv (no piiiinlv evident  niiw s • it"  will, ,|., (Inind T.'uiik l-.u-iiic r.'jwm-
v-    foinpanv  ami  thm   Amlerson  shortly
I'flii' tin* piissi'm \A llie older in o •
Air. Mi'llilili' su id
(],--l Mippntje Air. Ilndwell's vvrlml
proposal'' tviiK soiuowlml sliullnr lo
lln: .propriKiil he allenvui'il'' l'l'diiccil lo
wrltiiiu, or  in vour nieiiinrv iWinile
hiiy,   It  lil-elc   wu:-., ,.vn-' l>'»'"'"
thing tlllTi  ,   .    ,.
wlilch tlu-v I'h'ii.ly cxpi-fMii-il in llm
riri.iT In i-niimll iieiUiii|( lhe pvovlii"
llul ivsi'ivy in I A') I, «« iilmve'rcciU'il.
Am liir un the i-vlilciuv befmi' vour
M'li'ct cniiiinilli'i' shows, tin1 firi.1 up-
iillcatinii for linul <m Knicii ihliUHi It I'lioiigji lu snv?
doted in Octohor, i'.".V nnd wan filed ' A,™l .niiuot
III tlie ili'pnrl tin-ill <»l Li mis nml works however.
on llie Mill of Oclobi'i-, ion.1. A Ifii'tfii I   Air,  llniUvell'i, in-npnsnl  wns,  im lie
niiiiibrr ol f'thi't- ii|i|ilii-ntl«'iiK follow* himsell  huvh,  Mibslaiiliiillv  uccepii'il, I
ud lulor, n iihiiiIh-i- of them 'In. Man-It  nml it was iii-|-iiiik'i'j1 lo keep lhe unit-,
iooj, .unl aiiicni',1'1 llicm was fine hv   ter iiecivl, uml Mr. Aiidi'i-snii \ia« sent
Harold M. Dairy, wln*i,wiis (inioiig tlie mi north lo lmve    noun' pri'liinlimrv
VOlUllll'CI'li   Mim Ml III   In  .*>i.l,lh   Allii.l   Mil Vt'Vn,   lliaile   lo   ilc-.i-'ll.iU-   lhe   j.iliii.-, ,
'J'l/fJV  ».•■'- .il'"1 Jl)l  aj'pViciillon bv till'   ■■.(*. IV.11   the  older III  cmilieU  cmtld  l.e
nwHi-rn nf 11 miiir-riil rluliu uniler llie pas'ieil, '
lirovlihloiin of Hit' mini-rill net,       All 1   Mr. llndwell iixiiiniiit-d on this said: j
1-.I.-M* ii|i|)lii'iitiftiih weie iiifiui',1 hv the 1   Q.-Ainl iiow long afu-r thai lcltci '
(liii-f I'onniiiti-.loiici' i.f IhiiiIh mild wnrliii.wns wrilU'il lo the chid i-niitliiiMiinii-
nu  thr pii'li'iise Uml  the liindu wero rr und wuh Iii his liniids did von luive
ifhl'IVlli   liN    .lie   'iaiiiic   inv,,*i4.>ivn     I*'-    >4,a,   ,.i,-Ni   i!l«.J ..4.1.    *..*»   *■•-   ,	
utxie ot  l8i)l, ''' or willi lhc thief cniniiiiKsinuer,'' 1
A pal I nltogi'llur from lhc ilncium-iitH J   A.-It wm. vi-rv shorllv.    ;
iu thi. f,iil'Vi'Vor-^iii'riirn olliir, iilnivo I   \}.-Ax\A  the terms     of Hns Ull. r |
l-rfclTi'il  In.'we tlillil;  lho chief i-nin- were puiclicullv HRfi'id then? '
'UiHuinnrr of Inlidi. nud wnrlm slinnld 1   A.-SiiUslnutiiiHy.   I   do  not  tiunl: |
haw irivcii Hie firdliinrv iiiierpiiKilion  tlm order in council was drawn  up,
''lo III.' Vniil.-i'trciillnir the n-ii'rw of  luil  it wim praclirallv iiRiied in m
'Roi.  That  nv.-i'v,. appllii-j cmmu-lalh- lonlaiuc with that Iriter iiml Uic pro:
♦0 lauds on lhc piiiliisnlu mid not In  i*ct would go through.
IjkjIh  nn  rontll'iinmi   isbilul". |   i».—Alinl   dn   >nii   inetili   bv   saving -
Ih.- cviilitir« lieffiiy vour Ki-U-rl com* shorllv iiftcrwanU? i
iiilllie wns Ill-it  In"llu- Mintnicr     of I   A.-Sonie time alter, prnbat.lv livn'
full of lOfit "Afrssrn,   .Tumi*. AndcrNon  weeka.
.ilii)  IVIer I.niMili roiin'lvid a Wlicim- '   Mr.   Ilndwetl  furthu'  slati.il  as  fnl-
Ion si .' >
' Tlu' imlir iu roniicil wan mil
•Iran 11 up lliiii, aUhnngU tin- t« u.i*.
wire M-lllt-d. Theiv win* uafciili*, v.hv
this v.-»i'i imi dime. 1 know what v,.i.
in mv own mind; I ilioiiuht it b.ilii
that the matter should not be made
.1 iiialti-r of tci'iark at tlmt timr.
1,-**-,iti<.e lhe (.t-nnil Trunk  IMi-ifn* in-
nlccd   In  ilillllit   thill   llie
gnveriiiiicin   Iuul     mi  iniuiiiiinii'iitinn
eillu-r  veiluil  nr  wrilleii   v.illi        lhe
rii-niid Trunk I'miii'- iniiiouiiv.
Tin"' '.nv  Ihnl.  In-fur,' lhc order iu
(he I'lirii'liiiii'iit of uralli-ts
Hel'lloll ,V) in I'MHtss UllllS eXi-liuh-s 1
lhe milking nf suih gi'unis by wav ol
11 bniiiiH for llu- coiisli'iittinii nf rail- 1
tniinill uitiui.'  thisi- lands fnr .**in,oo<>
11   teli 1:1.1111
Air. li.'.lwc
finiil   All',
j   In mu  opiiiimi  llm iri anl inn "'    h"
I showed ii hem   vnlmilile a iniiiessioii, iisMiuiiui: 'hut- .    ,       . i.i.h-i.- -
lluvs   tn  Mr.   i,  ,v,„u ,1m,,.     m     induct' llm (Iriiiirf .-'".'".•
J.10,000 itgreeiiu'tili   I hnl   "  '"'
Hin.iiu.. uudisebiK, ,| in i-iiiinci-linii nitli
'lhe"matler thnn we lmve sueiced..(l In
icveiiling   l'elme   \our  select   ionium
I Credit Mm- 1 Inini'd hv lhe uitoruev
gtMieriii for a lu 111 in lhc •»r«l«-r m
idiiuiil   prnvidlii}',   'hut   the   Inieshi.i.-
n.lioiibl In. ilii i.led iiito lilni-1 s of not
ii ss thnn lo« iVel The preinler ' nKn
took i-rcilii im- this position; bui his
11WII I'lide.lle il Un- Ins I cmillllelll ou
(Ills   pnflll.    lie   --illM.
I   (f,-.Iliil   vou mii'iiiliT,  Mr.  Alcliiulr,
lllllt   il   llollld   be   i.f   I'l'i'Ul    l.iK'.llllilU'
(n  hiin-   this  Inn shore  divMid   into
Illoi'ltS   nl    K" O   let 1/
A.-  ^l'.,   v.v   i-iiusidi'i'id   Ihnl H
would I* ,
I1,--All') ih.ii it would l.e bctlt-r U1.111
.1  li.iM'AII-
I'tlrli    uu
oubli Cuiicjvi  «ju
"('11 rliO'Miwiitlic h'.tui'.ti
Ctnlii-iiititiiii.it, $1.00   ,
frn IKwklil "lliiii U StuTtn,*-
I'nr Sitlc liy
VVrul-v. II, C.
Wall Paper
with Character
, ,        It wiih done     t«»
Tlinhvi-ll, whiih ivailii 11*. Inllnwsi Trunk Pacilit tn i.-nu-Jii'iut ihe rnilwnv
"Will be hIiuI to hnve vou ml nn (o ^w ]>attiiultir point in (-iii'siimi.
Air, Sleveiis' i-niiiiiiiiuiti.tinii in reg'ild v\,,t K(lj,.u ji,laiid, is a bonus m 1.
to T.li-iiii Iiui'Iki- in Mn h 11 wav 1111 In railway nud in tills nspeii llu- nrdi r
fullv pro left niir ri'^lilH for the (Inu*
!.,;:': ,.i.d ,.„l!! .1- ''.'•■'.', -.!..i; ■ ...ii'1! -
di'li'ttiilueil mt wilhi'iil, liowever, com
milling iih irrcvncriblv,"
At lln- lime llii-i lele-jinin was iv*
livid i»ik1 for a I'iiiii tsutr* aflei-wiinN
Mr. DiiiKwII wan Uic .'.ulici Un- for Mr.
T,nrwn nnd Mr, Andi'inoii. nud not
r,. ij.   r.-,.i„] •)' t* ji-iflii.. ii.inp'iiii'
Mu tliis pniul  Air,  Mi'lliidi' savs u;<
A.-l   iiiiiv  hnve   li-'id   some   corri'H*
in  coiiiiM-l   was  clearly   couli'.n'V   in
law.   li   H   w.is  imi   nm ini. d <•■»  •>
:m ini*lii4imi lit Hie" iiillli"n'. V"i'.l' •'
prnpcflv hn-' Ih-1'11 J.ivi-n a win* pun-
llcnlly for iiolhlng. '
I    Till'  I'tilhllie      bcl'tilc       VOIII   Sll.n.ll
loii'.initUr proves 1111i1l1isi11.lv th.il
liiniilii'i'.i nl  lhc government  look  im
. r ,        * , ,
4,14 4..*      yiti.4,44 *4 4       4*.      .i ■-.-... —...      >-.•
leiitial value of the laud iu «pir.limi.  ^
or to nM'ictaiii wlu-tlu-r or imi ll»--e |    v
pniidetu'c willi tlu'iir,  I raiinol  <-',\v.
0.• Had mn *'unv i-ouiniiiiilnili'-ii
Willi lln- Oraiid TniuV. I'ucllii- in'lw.iv
conipnuy prior (ji ihe ,ird of Mnv?
M lb ,ii ilu. lime vnil passed lhc
order in council oil lhc .11 d of AT.iv?
A • '•'■• 1,11.ii, if lliei wile nol plot-lured. '
binds were i>o situuled Ihnl In nnv
event the terminus ol Uu- Oniiid
Trunk P.iiilii would l.e islnbli-.hid
tlitiv nwiiig to lhe stiptiinr faciliiu-.
then' 'nhlitiiinl.li' ami in tin- suiuiot.
itv nl Lima hnibor.
, Thi". i.iiluu- tn ii'f.'iiiv into lhe f.-i-
nml toiiiliiiniiii .il'icittiig tin mi im <m
tlliM- IniliU In llie pun line, und *• »H ■
A     Yes
(I,- Well   do ymi tmi-idi'i- tli.it   tin I'-'
is ".mv   K .'1   dilleifi'ie  bi'tw... I'   divid
illg  tIn-ill   inlo    "IU'      lliMii-.-ind      le*'l
blorks, i.iul  dividing  ihnn   inm     nn,-
mile   hlnt-l-v'  '
'   A,   Yi-.-i:   Vif  lli'iughl   <-  would gr.e,
tlie   ptic,.in*, |   ('■•      .".,.il   ; •  i- ■'
pad*  iu .mv .i.ImiiiI.i-,1 *• lli.'t      wmild
inure in lhe l» "pic nlm uie iult-usl-
cd.. in  sliippuiji      anil   in   llifsc   liiiul.i
nliiiiu Uu- wilier Imiit,
I    (|,. IV. I!,   tw.iil/l   vi.it   in.l   li.iu-   I'ld
lb,,   p. n l.i    11   it   i' 1 11   to* I"""       ".i"
bim I,s   ri'.l   the   r,niii?
'us, l.ut .1 mile i'. a preliv lulil'
distill.i.'   <•[   Uilt-'l'   'loll*
I   A
,-{!    llilfi li III
had  11  mil'
Wi- i.'i.nld
!'l  th.il  in.il.i*  il
"rt obtiiin foi in.-i*ul-illi-t> »nirpo"*« I he
'■>1lil i">" I 'tiil'ibli' fo-* Ihi- r.i.ind
TriJltV:   I'.ioid-"  coniiii'i>v'«  v..s|«>ip   !■•'-.
niii nl fm- I'n Inwiiill"       iln».*.
"'.-, if *' V U, ,11 4.... loimeilril with
• li,» .-■!«,,,■•(.. I.-■' |t..'ii>*t hi* w'l'i nc|*
<in» *o'"lv -n; Mi-. Luimu's ..olii-itn-*
Vr, T'llwdl aiid V»\ .\ti.t.i-4,,4ii     |ifid
'^4Vr,i1       f«*l|i*,4l-<-|(||.,||.*    llllll    ll|r»    1iri»-
tttUr .ind v.-1tit iron, U. P, Cran, (tie
ll,-  Vi-'iher fmni  I lie jtoveniint-iil to diiimi-t   in   ihe   limlli.   i'i   in   wliilim'
tin' iniltvov lompanv nor from     ih" tmilntst   with   the  ilihf  ii»iiiiiii*.**i"u
r,iilv.av ti.iiii'.iitv In llu- 1 tivti nun nt* it's ailivitv in thc muiiIi. In    I'ii"
-\ -- v, 11.   if du-v wile 111.I nroiliiiid l«ml, for iiiKlalicc. where Ufmv     ih'-
(1.  •«• ■      f 1. ,,.   i»..  ton   i'lii*l   ili'i ci'iKial (lutiniiN of  Hint. I,,* niii   ihi-
.1. .  ■ 1 ,1 .. i i-.-ni 'tut.in4<<4t ,,1 th.il t'.i.oiil Tttnik iipits»*ni.iM.4t. .iii-'.    .ii
l...\i* j. ti.'l.- it'id ihiv
W..11I.I li '*" 'i< li'i' •",,1 <h, ir tih.'.rvi'.
would h a l'Hip di-.luiin- av..tv fi<i|ii
im .htul ve would m.t p.irli ip.it'' in
(In- *,..tt, •  tuli nn:.1 '•-.
Mr. ■•'• *i ■'
bl li.
lli'li'     •(
ftiif dim'  with  llu- grniii Titiiik  I'n
tlfic 1 iillw av K'.i'p.niv ?
\.- In  tin- onl.-r  iu louiuil ami   in
tlit*  crown  tjr.tiii      vImli  w;is  afu r-
tt.lriN   IH.I'lc.
:     () .. (-ilii]   vi.-i   sty   Vnil   brnl   no  Coin*
"Iricors wurt!  In'fii-r fnllnwvl     an.nud  iiin.iic-.itinn with lit.- t'.i'.unl Tiuiit l"*i
S«-altic, ■Aht-tv lu* imt Mi, IVici  I. >'
It i. 4I1.H liom tin- null in i- lh.it
Mil nn- <■! lit.* miin-.h-rs mi*, in ,1 p.i'i
ilb,it j-jiJur irom liis t.wn kiii.wl. 'I..*.-
or frc.in an inti-i|i,v'.itlf 11 lii.-nl.* 1.11 Si-'
half i.f tli.* n.tu-rtHiHiil, in :>.u Vint I.
t)    Tl-.
von  hnd  *>in
14,     Vi ^     ot.-       1.1  .ll.t.v
Mr    Of ■••
n    llm 'ib.'■■     -       .yinili-f w.iv *•:
11 ,f lYu 1 It 1*     H*      ll-     >•     'i»*      *■   '••111'     IllU       .»
'foul, thit   v-iild  un .tn  lli.it   111.- 1 -i'ii
p.inv 'inlfhl li'.*»c thi-i ilium- .bn.
tuilt-N auiv fiom Use t;.i-. rum, iii'-
I Slmi. !"i» U •■• l"A ,*i* ii.l-'i, \ :n
|»-ri M>71«, tt  l.w.lid  j.lli-r   I"   iti'-.  '    i*
li'V  1
,f .,!i<i!i> 1''"In-, 1!:. nn'4-,
ill, proceeded lo MoiHrcil, wliele he
Miciu.|y,l in t-clJiii^ mi nuii-uiieiii
wuh lhe (Ji-tiiKl Tiiinli J'titilie i.i'hvay
loiiipiniy, io pay IiiniM-ir 'inT !..,»•.. 11
>,1ii,ooo lm- (h,. cnucrNsiiiii wliich lliei
hud olilitlned liom lln* »fn-i-iinuciit bv
.111 order in council.
.■• '""'I Ho l-visiiiitiirv evnleliic
was I'lielt'd li, show lhe 11lli111.it.. lute
ol   tins   S|n,in,ii  a;;iieuiriil,  '
'»■ Th.il Ihr km, iniiunt lud un
l'inw'1 In lmil,|. |lu< jtivni, eitlii-i |„
Alr.sM-l, And, 1 >,mi nud l.iii sen "|- In
llie ('.ruiiii "I'ilink 1'iirilic i.iilu.iy tmn
punv. iMliiiml ilu- HSMiit of tin- li-(.is
I,nun- and th.il ih,- miiiisliis miiiiih
lv ailviscd the llrlilt-lliilll-ijntilllol
■iilwl nlilaiiii'd uu niili-r in idiiiuil uiii-
ll.n> In Imlli the sptut .unl lellci nl
lilt;   lav..
;.-'lli,it ill,- ^o\«-iimn ul tooli 110
Mips uliiiifier in asivjiain uhfllier
nr imt the. hi,ilii in i|tii.<stinll m.is in
llu* public iiitcii'it. That ihe mini*..
In'. Ji.hI 110 Lmmli 1 Ini- upon uhith In
piiii'iid in iletiiliiiH lhc i|iit--,iioii, ami
in...1,11   iiiihiiii;   oiu*   til    (tin   mnn,Iim*
'lb,u       i'n    Ml       I'.vlv.,!!-       i,|-;;'m.,1    j.Jo
pns.il, \u-1e nl lei Iv letlili-^s willi lhc
tilillt.'.  nf   llii'.pinvliue, ' 1
•I. Vital tin- iniiii.'.iini tn ilimlr the
fo|-4 '.hoi,: inlo hiin |,s ni mil .less than
loon feet   lias  ,1  UlO-.l   llllll ise  (ilu*. allil
';        -i-i    Miiiin.    Ilnin.    I'.u ,'lik
to ilitbit iln- fnii*,horr tutu l,trnc
liim Its nml .tftir lln- untiiiiiin-ni Ims
■iclfiled il:* bloili 1,1 lilfK'1,1,, to |i1,'tiv
ilf. titiniti.it-. ami whiiru-s in huiIi ,1
pll.itlllll    |l'<    til    ll lldi I     .(llllllsl    Mllllflt'SS
(I1.1I poll ion nl llie foi, shim- U-lnllt;*
ilii.'   lo  the  trovi'iliuiiiil
') 'iii.it bi 11.44.011 1 ,| the mi in y
lii.ittttiiiii.-,'     bv  tin-  t'ovi-i 111m ut   and
Missis AihIitmiII :iiu1 |,:ns, n, th,. i..!;,!
I.itrs, 11 .nn! Audi 1-.mi and tlnii- asso. j
alis nin- iti.il.liil lu olii.tin oilut-
laiuK ntilinliii.. Nmili ami South l'«>f
pot-i   t-d.iU.K,   i,,n|i|4Ui,Us   tit  K.ii, 11   is
bind ,mil th<- |iiii|>ns.d 1aiht.1v Ititr.
In the 1 xi«rit nl ,v»»» arris
li..    Ti-.tt    .1.11,1. •    Allilits.ill   *. 4. i\«-.\
from lit*, t'.iilmr, I.iii-uti, in M-ltle-
lm i-.t '.f tlnii tuti-it sis iii K .iii 11 1*4
bind .md mint ailittiliiris in tin- im-
iiu-'li.ii.- I'.tnilv. 1 lie viiin ol fin.***-"!
l*4-iili- -.il.ui and i\iiiTisc< ill nt It
.it- 1 : .i.t..! .Mi, tirtnntli uiteri*;! in
N'-lllt  ..nd  1'i.utli  I'oi'Voi* i-.t.tlld-4 M\A
Dill, luu fiom mdiii.uv mill p.i*
pi 1; l'i.K|iu- alld i-\ilinive iu„
their tflfiis, lli.nd ptinis of artistic lllll It .Did Ion it'll lllll ul
(imt chilli/ dcleils i.ttilahle fnr
brill in-ill*', lu tihnit, I lmve rv*
ci VIlliiii! im tied to ili'toiute tin*
uillilif Intllli* i 1 iitll llir liiv,Iif-**t
piiiu-il In Xhv iiiiiilisl lost \n>
pel'., niul I lliiu- iill tlle UCWfM
l.'.ri,., 111 ilt'imaiimi; h-l lur i,lnJw
llum   In   vou.
\mi1I I'apn Aili'.t.
Improves tl.e flavor
and adds to tlichcaUh-
fulness of the food J?*
hereby wishes-to, announce lhat
is her
-ADFMW-f ■
-■-T™'    '"  •"■
ie Canadian Bank of Commerce !
...S'SAD   0*F!S1ICl''E3:        TOHO"K"t6 '     '
i    lion. G. A, Cox,
B. E. Walker, Alex. Laird,
(lonci-al M-imurcr.
REST, S4.5Oa.O0
/rrvHH Hats are well worth, seeing*. We sim-
i ply say ihey are here in great array o\' exclusive cre.'jiio.'i, .ho'.h from abroad and lhe dell-
hands of onr own experts, atuVvh'*re are a great
many'novelties in Ladies'.Neckv.'Car, also BeUs,
and tlie lon^^e.irfs whicli are, so effeeiivc wilh
the pretty Spi'ing Cost tune.'-.' Then there, are
many new-'.-u! lovely Shirt Waists; Those who
arrive earl)- wil! have llie advantage ot the finest
selection. ,      ■
i^^^^^rt^^^^^miiiimMS5iQ^M^^2s^&i^^as^sim*Bi I
-   WANTED !'
" A New Suit
The   placo  to   gat   it  is   at' Kenny's, the
Tailor.   Al! tlte latest designs, and fabrics.
CAPITAL, $10,000,000
TOTAL' ASSETS, OVER $98,000,000
j - 130 ' SIRJ^irCEEIES   Jis.TXTi  AGENCIES
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT,   ix-p*.., or $.. and up:
-> ivanis icceived rindinteix'.si allowod. - Tlie depositor is subject to no do
lnv'wiirUevor Ln Uic •vUIkJi-uw-.-I of the who!*- or any p-irlot" llie d-.-po.sii.,
•Spec..-] ulleiilio:. is dr.v.vi, lo our Bank .Money .Orders issued paj-.-il-lo
in CiiiiiiJn, United Sinles, Ki-i-~l;ii-ul, Iliily in lire, ' Hung.-iry, Auslria in
kronen. Tliey. form an excellent method of remitting monies at a mini-'
mum  cost.       ■" , ' - '■'-',•'
I       'A fj--iiei-.il IJ.u.k.i.ij Ira-iines's-transaeteJ,    Correspondence solicited.
Open on lho pay-days of llie Coal Company until 9 p. 111. ■'
' *,        ~        -~''   ■   T. B. MAY, Manager '.
llowHiig sprites?:*
ti;~ of ^ Stock- on./"
will seSi'-'.as*-'
'  FE^NiE BRANCH >'"■. -A,
3 h^n*.KmzazA\j*ez.szs*z.x.x
I  "
■~*i ft is 8/
Irish Whiskev
Why buy sfelfe ;Case Eggs ?
'h-e-n yoia cad" get New a'
aid. SEggs' -from iis tat":'
per dpzen> '
OB lien's  xxx   * §1.00 *   Jamieso'n's; xx^
Dewar's      1.25".    LoQh'Achray, ^Ji'e.Mttle, 1.00
'•,.'.,   Lock zVchraj, Mack bottle, 1.25   ,       ■'■■".■<
King' Edward" VII,.-1.25 -'    " /Fefer Daws on,.' J.25
■Mc'Murdb,-      1.00 '    '•       ■*     ■    ■ ■'
Victoria Ave.  . Fernie,  B. C.
k ill
,Fi 2. i r n. «£ j sat i s„
Mr. Justice Irving Decides Poinl-Crow's'
Res* Electric 'Ughi aiai! Powtr- Company , Concerned.
PoSiow th© crowd.
Cash O'nSy
I ™.™.0Se |   -|ys js B8i8n.de
The People's Grocer,   P. O.. Block, ■ Pernie
8 * 3
#■ -iffe/ttifff 4441. Via
JBHSiiBt \ ,.,
'Head Office a  HaraHton, .©aRada.
tliore Iuul' l!ci*n"-53 nj-iiiiist it. lie ur-
■■.ueil Iiml in oi-ilci* tlmt tho bylaw
■ihoiihl  lm e.-ii-riird llit-rc should  ho     ;i
ihi-co-Jilius vSte  in its .favor.        '^iCffVHfd  *■ $2,415,000
coiiU'iition  tnat a majority vole suf-" *
I'ilmI wus not iiccoi-diiiK to Lhe statute. Anolhei- point- in coiinectioir v/ith
the case-was that Uveiity of those
who voted al the time were not on
.ihe voters' list. The names of these
tweiilv, were set forth in the am-jfea-
-*.<? a
"Cotal "Zissets '* §29,000,000
]''roiii  lhc   Vie tori a Times—
A liy-lnw ol tne' i-ity ol Kernie
■,'i-antiiiff to the Crow's Xet,l I'iism
Kk-i-tne .*v ' Power Coiiipuny tlle rij-lil
to Mippiv water lo llie city for a
pel unl ol i'> years, was this morii-
'ii--■■'liiu-lu-il In* Mr. ilu'itii-.. Ii\ isiji.,
This a* tion was liilam tin'the apiili-
i-.itioii oi ,1. A. Ali'I.i'jin, of the I'llv
ni I'-ernie. 'J'heiv uppeaivd for him
■J. A. Afai.don.ilil, K, C. of. Uo-.;-. I a ml.
'J'he city of 1\ inie was- reprci-eiili'd liy
,\„- K. .Mcl-liillijis, K. C, of thir.
rily. There nl'-o .appeared 'J. T.iiwson
'Hi' li.iJuilf oi llie Ciow's N-.-.it T.-iss
Cuiiipiiiiv, which iiskid In l;c rc-pre-
m ntcd in the pi'uiveiliiiHS us mi inli-r-
.'i ncr, Ulr. l.i'iwsoii .pointed* oni that
llm company in 'roiisui|iiciico nf llu*
:iurc-i.-nu nl i-nti-ri'd into with jhc cil v
loiincil, which was al'lcrwanls ti|)prov-
I'll ol hy the pas'-iii;; of the liv-law
siiljinitli il. hud ''nm* lo a vciv lii-iii v
I'.-vpv ],:,i-, amoiiliuii;; lo a^out ?.*o,.
<K.n. 'the i-oiupiiiiv should In- iv|iii'-
M11 led  ill   llie  iillioli, hi*  thiill-clll.
Mr. "Macdonald held ih.il Hv hiw
did nol pi-unit ol any oilur pui-lici
ilnin tin- cily nnd the iipplicanl <niii-
inj;   min   llie ciiM',       ii
Mr.  l.av.Min  piiinled ont  lhat  llierc
W.IS   ll.l'llJ.M-1-   Ill.-U    till'   cilV    lll'l'lll'l.ll--.
Ihi* coiiisi! oi ii»iviilijr \Vii|( iln- uppli-
i.itioii uiul piiulicillv conseiH lo the
i-iisi' pn si niul |,v ilu- upp1ici.nl. hi
llial r.-iM! llie iiiinp.iiiv v.'iuiM he piil
ill n vi-rv iinf iir posit inn. |ii,i Ii rn* in * -
til.'  ihullle   lo   l.i-   lii'iuil.
Mr. dnslici. Iivinit upheld lhe ■.laud
'ii'-iii !iv ".Mi. M.udi.-i.il.l lli.n I hi-1 c
Was nn ill,inie lot llu* in'ii'.- ne i.p-
ll'sellli'd   In-   Mr.   |,|ivsi,n   I e'll;-   III Hid.
'III'.-  u|   III.-  , iil|li|,lii |i-;  nn   -,i, |||i ll   Ih.-
(oiii|Mii\   lclicil  n.i. iimi  tin   iiiiplii-.i-
lion   In  ipiii'h      iln-   1 -, !,in   I,,,| |lu',
lr. il l.i la ii in lii.- tin*,.. -,*i.. ji'-.-' ),v
Mr.  "M<'4i1.iii,iM   Hun   | ,,,. ntc .1 1,i.i
■' .i*>r    II.   i ,-.pl,iiii. d      ih ii   l!i.   lii |.i,i,
1/:.|   'ru lllll  (S   role-,   iu   ',1:  |, nil n|,.1
'mrim..fm*%'*~t...... ,.'«*^ ... ....  ..      r  *.^.,-,,»m**.
Hon. These men had it was represent-
•:A in',tlie application appeared at the
time the vole was.taken, and made
ipplfciit'on for ballots on the (-round
fliat they were ])roperty-owners and
iiniilled io have their' names ou clie
list. II, was poiiileil out (hat these
men'» names were not put on ,the list
as reiiiiired uiuk-r the section, but
weiv iilliiived to vote. The l.y-law was
.-.ul.-uiitled on the i^th.oi Oelolvr, and
on the ].-,[ of N'oivml \-r the names ob
jeeteel lo wile not on the list. The
assissor in this instance was the re.
Uiriiiii*; ofiicer. 'Mr- Macdonald pointed out that under such a condition of
affairs, all kinds of abuses, could be
allowed fo come in.
Mr. .lustice rrviii-j said th.it there
could be .I do/en votes in succession
as the owners of a piece of propertv
thai lot chanj-iii-i- hands llial number
of limes on the dav the vole wan
h'iiij!*  laken.
A notiler complaint, raised to the
application was Hint of (-. (1. S.
l.iiiilsin-, (-viici-iil lli,Ui.'i,',rer of ' the
Ciom-'s N'l-'t l'ass i*fiiii]iiiiiv, nnd W.
Ci! Hiircliiv, niioilii-r ollicial, hud been
(■ivcii ballots to vote, for llie corn-
puny, iillliciiii'li objeclioli was taken
at the time, These imn, Mr, Mai-Don-
aid ui-„riieii, woiiid liiii-e lo -*how c.\-
pn:-,s aiillioiiiy from llu; l-|Jlllp!lliy
loi vutni'v f.ii- it. U-fuiv a .bullot couh'l
l.e  uivi-n   them.
Mr. '.Macdonald, itlso rend ftoin the
.ipiilii.iUoii Hint' mom ballots iv..i--.'
lound in Hie ho\ Hum were voless
liiv,ciiled   thcllisclv-K.
.'.Ir. Milliillip.s thoii'-ht Hii!- w»s
i.iiln.1   iiviiilini'.
Mr. Maciloiiiilil ipiickly letMi-ind:
'Oii, lliii. Min, K-riiie." W. U. J'oss,
."il. I'. V., was in the c-inirt lomn al
llie   tun:', and nil jnlin-'l i» Hk-iliU'.;*!i.
M.', Mvl'li'llij". • ii''d li" hud iii'lrui',
noil;, ll (Mil Hie cily ol I'clllie to Male
Hint lile ul) Mas lenily lo abide by
.llc'iuli'i ,'• d.clMull, ll li llll'-.e lillh:,
4'iU: was ii'ijuiri'il lie iIh-hk'hI il Wii!>
siiupli    .hi   aiilliuicliiiil   compiilalioti
.lllll   llli!   bV 1.1M-   Il.ill   bn 11   del..|ll|.i|
Ml. I.iimmiU lelli'M'id lib, a;i|)lic.itioil
to bi. lipii'.eliled ill lhe i .im* on ,n ■
liilllll   ill   llli-   1.1'iililll   illlcllliiill   nl    !'..'
lilv in iiupiiie iiii this npiiliiii* ■ ll
,'lid ii'.-.isl in ipiasliiiij; the IivIhm, '■'.
M,r>,  ii.'  '.-.ini,  a d, libi'i'-ilr alliiiipl  lo
lllll,llli!      I III1  .lllllP'il.-ltl''     III'     II ptl'M llllll,
i Mr. .Ill-,I'ii' llllll)'. inillil Unl ml!"
Im||| iilidil Ihr l.iiv lo ullii',i'"Mi' I.iiii.
|   nu    lo   .ipjii'.tl!    ll    \\,<>,  evident    llial
Hon. Wm.-Giksoi-a President.        '    ,,■    "   >■
J. Turnbi'll, Vice-President and General"IVIfin.igcr.
" °   /- ' "' n
.     >l i.vjv OrJjrs and   Dr.ifii isa:\e.il p.iva'di: i i C ri i-hi or h'hm i J. >
i'oi-ciRii dr.ifls cislied.    Special advanliigcs ii* Savings Departmcnl.
Open in lhe evening* or the'Goal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
-   -   ' j. r; l.iwhy .\',-or.i.-i''i-:RNJK r.KA:\o'
tYt> Think- it-inw -
WE aeli all Oaiiatlimi mutiQ l*«t-
03it Medicines at thoir ■ i-juu'kcd
priwe.     ^ '   $    , $     -T&  ., ^„
ALL Ma^'asines Bold iit marked
price...    $ ' ^     ^ ' :*  ' r^'
AGENTS for tlie Art' Ik)!. l%rio„
EASTERN prices prevail at. %'   ■
0   ' ^   'n
,. ■-■-, rs-{.Hi.
■■- -• ...1 *y.»i;»s
nMWUri 4A4-a.«**.*» '1 .W.4.U.
Rye . vWMsket
Seagram's Star, I.
Walker's Imperial, 1.00
"' Canadian Club, 1.25'
Sea grai$ *s. ',8 3 >"    1.25
'■Maple'Leaf, - y   ,T5 a
Gdoc&erman-:^ brts, 1.00
'Whito.-Wlieat, 1.25 ;■--
Kh'iderliii,    . 1.25       <  ' .•'*'„
Hollaiul, Key BraiuC- - -5".-25 '
•V -..A 'Port :'Wlne-v :-^a ;"*■■
Koyal'Port,"..!."Q0:■,-'.'   . Wbite" Port,■ L50  ?
Qio^i' -'Guincsse's Stout,   25c'a; '
irtfiet" Branca,". $1wSO
.35,000   Cigars   at' IRccilfUced   Priicss.
."Cash Oaily -Cash-Oaiiy. Cash* Oftfy
firkx^txyt*a^3n***^TrrrnJxxTzv\ rti**:r^»i«aa
-Xm'^Silti\7it.li*m3'^MmimJ    9**mlml*SimSJSt*atllS^M
tsio city.,won© Dirt White Siolp oniw.oyed. 'Vl-'s. 'fioelzel
is l'liniiin-sc the.Koonts and Bieii^v'JlIalicj-iid solicits
everybody's patronage.   Kest 25c meal in town.",
at-ch for bwradf next.. week
\j*A3in^i.^r* mt.-.r *m*..*.ri, J>*,r.ww-.n v*s *t^H-K***^*M^m,r^^tm%,m^^m.eit.**~irn*^f\ 'KrwvAL  .~-- r„i—1im|J %
"■***■' iiamwin-  *., — -T"*iTt|lf ^rtMIll
ineTaiace Drugstore
H. F. McLEAN,     -     -     -   ■  Manager
\i M bsc.. jor-i te.. ,->kj te«..>rf >jsc_. ni te:. jw. t=c ...m*i 'V y^>A V.<.7>c.< Wc. 2w.i«c. sa{ »W?W i -tzy*t WS»
"*^ **• ■ ■ ****W**ij*m *t^t*M.<m * 1
,-•-.<-...Vl-.-M^ AUf.t* «, i», s.1. > in <v *,r, KU Ma *.»
ji" -is ./»•. <iv 'i*. ^1, «■■*. fi*. ^jv »-,v /,v rj,*, /jv ♦.-> ^i>, <.j> <•.> <•> #4v <kv /Iv<-i<»WW rKWWW.tf.-WWw «vWVi"j':^i*WWW
4 •-.
\{\ THJP jfBB \i::.\Y'ii,Yi"YiiY-YY,\w" li
Iti     UlilLt    V»fl  wfilv I '•>•'• i'i  I'i il   in •■» iij-i'i'il -'.lul'  ilUri'i i
lli.i   1 i :il!(>...*  iiili-u. liiil s ill  llll
.... .'I'll  111.I   ,l)llll.ll. '
A,.   ...    ,     ,.   ,        „ Hi. li n'u.lni* ,if-rii'iil Uiul llu- In-law
,T,, Mumrord k'lis how Psychine -'i""i<i ''• *i"- i'"i- ".■ ini.i hi.h ..,..
cured him aii.-i* tlte Mim    !!.''"":'.'.■ 'is :':"1 ?' ',f, V"" l"1,;"!i,!"Vi:'
**..#*. mtrnmitii .m,
Corner ol' Viclorla Avonuo niul Goinmil  Stivcl.
*.+.,**M!**»**4,t 'H .tt*tH ktrl'MMn. 11-4 Vkt^S*.**^^*.i.«»'••--»* W iw^irfrt*****!*--" .*i.-i tn** •>*■*•*wttrntl**^ ******4*tmm*tJVPi'm
Choice Cuts in all kinds of Meats
»**'-**.«^*.*l«*»****^'**lrf^l**W'i',W*M<M'Ai-^   »>,»*U'''-W4VWr.+W»VU™
Tinest of I'rcsh anil Salt Kisli
,tmmM.'r,,mttiMmii,fmmmtt^ntsimtms...imn.timmmMiitmmnunmm.»m . ». f.i.-»»«~*Miu»«w.»uJw<4,
<»anio of ail sorts in season
^IMw^H<«t*»l^*a^W*»^*>>ll^**M*>><t«WW>Mt»*i*   .l««*>tfc*l-j»*.*fci
"t- SI'jov-r-iiiT-sr
Sit of Mem9®
M and
.*..>. .»?«~m. is t .m***....m.m*'-h~,M*■*.*.**..*m.mmn,,itm*i,mi,i»fi,'mmm.*.t* .**»>..t**m.m tmj.*mmim
.■.*<-*.<rf»**<to".'U*.**i»'*.W"«*Ut.^*W*. ^^#*l»l*^ll**'**^^*»»J>«'i^l^^i'^'»****J»<*»^^*»»t*-*/^Hli*  *****   ivStmSitv-miSm, ,!-*.•%*,*
tlXW. .'.'ro, III".
! cr iiU'i ,i  itiic.■ lifid-i iii-ijuiili' v,im ic Ip„.
       __ )   i|Ulii.|,   Hi-   iil.-,ii  Iti-lil   tllitl   liic  uy..",- J     B
j ■-'.    li-i-I   luiln.iii it   -,i   ivimii;   |irntiiii-      U
"hli|-*,ftVf-y*».ir.'.i»f..*l,.-i-.-l/.i'4c-r*-:l'     ■      "       •'-.•'»',    C,    tl    I.iii.l  ;,•,   ,-•*,!   V.' B
mo    of   K-'H-'Pi"!.'    u-msiihipiw.p.-'    'J'h.lf^     H.lt,-i.ii-   t„   ,-„|'..   v'|(|mm'iI   n'm,,''    H
w-akrr w«-j Mr. A. I.. MiiiiiMr.!, i-k ln-t ' j„. „ ,. „■„„. ftrl|ll ,,„   ,,„„.,,,„-, I
.Jill, Jlll.l l.vkilii:;jii'.t U'lllt J..;  is  ii  I, iv'.-.y ,      .,.,,   ,      ,     -, ,   .      , s,    „   „ , ,;,.   ,        ,,,    '
... *..,  ..   ...V,..,vl,      ill:   »,k,„ ,  ,,, ,  DV4IJ  1 |, I.] •      -, ,    .. .
iifj.r Mfc'j-nrirtivan, OtA, ,   '' l'"'"'
•' I c*-i,:Jnmyr.»rihvorfc:-.. .n... fl.-. bi;.m '  "'"-"•" "	
evil llio i:,IM4," li-. conlii.'i'.-il.   "1   1,;,J. .'Vit.cv.ji. f.'oilli-Jii-lius.
-nifclit tr.\vt-»ti, c lilll v.ilfi-vi'r-.-i.H.,,'!*-!,;       ■'    <-.-. *i i. t..t  ,.fi'it,.i. *.i:i ,:, ,
tyroUf:li'-..llj« pii-i, .ofini'Illllj-.-i.    i v.;,.,    '   ',' '   '< '■' "'i.r Ai-lt l.t j.«-. «
f.inkln>r f.i.l jin,| Uio tlni'ii**
!   !..
. . , I,.) , I
,,,.,.;. I ,i   ,,*■ ■• 1 •••'"■• r.i.i l--.n.il.-Lm nl  I-.'-; -. i,l *-**. iii.ii,.| t
, , ,        <'' '   •'■'■■• I''•■-•; :....r-!i..':.r. il.-n, fir i-'ji if m  |., i„ . •. „, | I
w;iiinUiiijv for i;i...   Ti... ,t„.„i:.., i,,..-,!. j * *  W ,\ \   '",,,.
' -"ji*.j:..;.
.1  I'i |.. ,
■   •*tw**'wp*» #*,
r^nfofr-yt-rim.'V' i-. . ,:,,;,! ,,„ ,. , *,.,t
nnA i hnvo fiaj r.t Mum ,ii 1 .n.* lioublo
II Mr. ?,JiinfiM-4>   |.(.tj -,. .,, ; ., ,.{,..' gj*, .j|v
Pr-yrliinfl wlicn Im Iimi i,-i«;;!.i  <,»|i| lm | (Wi* /^JKl
ihniU luvt- ..uv.' Moi-l-*.!'.. ill,' ;ir; ;Uly    MlSff-fiia'W™
U»d   -.ujlrrii.jr.    JSvdiin.-  ».ii,-s j,I|  .iintf i &J^ ^tffiT |*<S
tr.mhl.-. ».y fc.-lj;,,*; ■■.*;, ... .    ;■,. rov)., gf   f^jS^i ^   VtfV HS
lfiu«!i«-avf. ! £5 Kfl yJ iKc«4'-3?i*4
«■". * /"-*, -1 /fil   t
e Koyal Shoe Store
lie l    iin'inl     nin    Mitin"   4nl.«   ,,i      ill.-   ii-|.-li! .'ti'I      "'ilitl.-T.'1
S!i<ii-i  im'  nu-n   in   I'll   ill"    i'..M   lii-l-',  limn   >,"• 1.(0 f'rSd.OO
l-'nr ;i iliiiipi-r sliin' wi- I'.uii' u |mmil lii'L*  ul  T-l'.'.'iO
A  'cittif i.iii' nl    'f(.'..<10
l.ui'i.s" f.liin-v  iit ilniiiinl.i mill  |i,iii-ii(   I.ii1,  Ciilmii  and  iiiUinuv
III its.     l.llllNl    hUllS.
I ,
.-**i**>|.**4...<r »«44-****wwu »- *m.
mvtiwmislntmimmit ruw» J...W
.rnmt.^t- .Uw...
«inc1   B-flome   Life
'M, Boys9
M Oofcfaiwgj
1..14.,-. t.lti. ' *.-......**--4r ■ 7
... «]
^ ws8a
|Oy if prices
jd ss»fcyli-es
p| correct.
-Vf,    •^   .4<    »
$ pasisonio
♦ •-*
,--.>W.-k'fe'>*r'^'S'M4*^ i'. /'i/ jtvi'1^ if, ■ '• i-»i
-  #
J|f Me-n'rs 'Ifwcccl! Suits Special values this week*at $7.50, 8.50, io&$ia. ?
!-JB Men'a   Worefccd   Pants. . Spcc5a! t-hsa
1 >
1* »-.'fc-»fc
$3.25 U
j Y f 1HI HI F' •««*«(«««» i     ;. „i ,,, ,,.,..,.     11 «^ s^ujJ^lzzz :yyy'^. *<£Z ?
* " u'udMU ;77;'AA;v7::^^;;    The Royal Restaurant    !| «.«i««.-.„„»iv.ryimbc.«.. »f
v,"  . ..    '7: ;7 **-,A:';7'i. .,';"&'• ,  „„..„ „,„, „,.. „„,,,, „„„.,, yi... i... 1     ...4-.1 I..   ..... iiii- -'"•I'-'v.-jii-l,.'pencil iip n mw asso..mail of **j,i,-« Tio-;. imli- s|,a,H- lJ>erl.ys.    Wc ■*$
J'VWSl.  '.'--,■'"' ;    '.,■•.'   ; ;"''■ ' "1   ,U,   1.,    .;   ,,„(.,    ,|   f, „•  ,„..,.■  I. :-.,l„l   1....H.J. r,  .I.MI.-tl.   \ ■».,   f.* 11. ...;i^.-   i»   HI 4' -ll*-.' .--It"'IHI.J;' llL'4-- .lllll l.'l,   Kills,  I,-Ml* ,'||1,|  Slfi4.-.-:        I |S[l   -|li;;   clerKirUHClU   bpfllrC   i'i
l» Ba,.!! A*..^.<m^M fJ*^    i     ,,^M|,    ^.-—^.^  . —      - —■* *.-        -J — -     i-     *■■-*-       ■ ■      .„-.   1 1 ..1 T-j        fc.«.l Ijitt j.jI..-    -    .     . „   3l'"l      l<kli.ltl£lilf'k',-(|llt l'!''AltitSrIL-l-\t''llltflf'f1tirltf *,   M


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