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The Fernie Ledger 1906-03-28

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v y'
^F^W"™-J--— /7 V
^stetiv-s /i^/X
[-3     APR 2-^Of-     ^,1
- -',
A'l   I
Vol. J,"- Number"'34. "
Interesting Locals About Us
$ You Probably Know,   *
..        ..      -  - ' .    -     o
. V.'C. Winkl.rbf Nt'sDiiis in the
clt->;-i;': ' .4
W.-AV. Loach of Bliiiriiioiv, was in
Fernie-Siuuliiv. "  '
Dr; Corson pa iii *a , professional visit
lo Lotlihriii'fc Smniiiy.
Mr, Cli:i3. Liulcmuio of thc KyYn!
hotel, i.s in Ciil^Jiry this week.
t)i\tJ. II Ki'nffi M.P. P., of' Cranbrook, wns in the city Monday.
Tho-.. Cr.ih.-ii., 'ih'ii hotokmin of
Michel, was in  tho cily, yt'sterilay.
Tho Oililfellows "\viir eivo nn iit
. 4   "
home mul (lance on I-Yirt.-iy evening
April*.!. •
JuhiiH. Oi.ilviu is rcpirteil "-.lis'lilly
■ batter ami are ciitert.-iiiK-il for liis- iv-
Mr. 'A. T. CiJixion i.s nr-lhe city
aj*-jiiii after h.-ivin-^spent ;i fow weeks
.it eofist.
A. Mil!**, nf-the Furl Steele lirowing
C.)., ri'lurneil Trios'-lay from si trip in
Fiye-hunilrel of t!*,o sirikiii"- min
*!••". paraileil the. streets in Lethbrhlgc
yesterday, ■■      "
A. I.citeh, piesidenl of the "Rasl*
Kootenay - Lumber compnny of ..Crini
brook, was a l'Vinie visitor Thursday.,
•day: ■- -  - ,,
Mrs. Ambi'oy anil her mother, Mis,
Moore ol lV.tci'b-.i\-.ii<y!i, will receive
tomorrow, Thursday, from" four to six
o'clock. ''       "
Thero.will be a special ■.lectin-"*; cf
the city, council to morrow "evening to
re "consider" by-law Nq.-.'W anil other
business.  -"   . -■ ..
-; ■ a
-K.   Holme,   superintendent   iff   ■   tlio
. Dominion   Kxpress  Company,  Nelson;
was in the    oily    u few. days diiriii-'
the .last; week.,' .' '
"TiiFpolTce arc Inok.iii-jif loi'L. linnl-
ihffchar'.reil.witli thoihelt- of .*J.'5O00
from.the Wattsbnrk Lumber Co.," of
Liua-in js, Albcriii.
Thc next tea {rii-cn by the..Li'lies'
Aiil'oftiic Methdilist church will'ho
at the residence of Jlrs.-.I). V; .Mott on
Tuesday, Aprilylid. from'.l to ('• \\nx,
\V. If. Miles, <7 •'■ li- iiffpiit at
Portagi- la l-iai'Vie, formerly' traveliii-r
fivij-lit a»i-nl, aiid well'known lhrouj*Ii
out  lln- west, was in tin- i-ily. Thurs-
A miner ...imcrtnGYost. was killeil
by atoll of coal   In /tliif mine at Mi
cliel  yesterday nflifriioon.    Cnroirr
BleaHiiell Itft'oiillie local Ihis nitrii*
lii}>-to hold an ii*<]UPst.
J. W. Can)])ion of Toronto lias taken a position as Fiili-3iiu.il with Mc-
Artlmi & Uni'|)(*r. The i!ii->nffing ol
Mr,'Campion was the result of,tho
irrowiiifj' biisiiu'si n| the firm,—-Kos..-
(i.!0.J., Mnfisor, lii'iivi'llinc; agent
ii/.llio.C'liic-ijjo it Niii'tliwiia'.crn rail-
wuy wim'in the city Monday hustling
buulnesa for hlu rond. Mr. Mosser io<
poi'iu bin-dill'-... In the (raiisinriiiiloii
lino very |,ood,
Manii).'('i'01 i.. S. Lindsay iiml
family anivi'il in town hint Friday.
' Mr. Churl'-'. UikImiv, fatlier of thu
i.Mii!if*;er, .Ml-i-. Mnriln and Mr*.,
Mooro, iiiotliei' of Mis. Ambry accompanied the 1'in'i.y.
Tha iinnmil ffc-nj-iMl ineiMliitf of tho
Iwiirdcil'inidu -will lo lu-ld nlciirhl
nVlfmlc this evening in lho l'oiiiiuII
-jli.iiiiber. I'.l,i ctli'ii ol filll-JiM'inii.il *,m.»-
criil liiwlibi-iii.    All iiiemhi'i'H aro ie*
l|IIUbll'(l III  ll'l I'l'Csl'lil.
(•i'ii,' it, Tlmiin--:, iiiiiwih*t of llie
Tnion Hunk nt .Wl.-'uii, was hi tlio
illy .Siitiirdiiy, "Mr. Tldiicy ii-pnrm
vi'i'y |»in.il llnii-n In I Iip pnili'li* luwn,
uml lln1 iiii-ivliiiiiin mi' iniiliin*;    for*
W'.llll   til   11   M'lV   liiid''   Sl'.llllill.
1* "
■ At iiiii.'i'tl iir lit'M In l.'i'librldgo
.on llm "J*lib., I1'. If Hhei'iiiaii wiih
imkel lnconli>f,t llm Lfihbrld^n rld-
inir In llm I1ib.1i' lull!)''.-.!.!. Mr.
.Mlii'i-maii lian omiHt'iUe.l to run, and
ivlll miiki* 11 HliYti)'; 1,'iindidal.e,
A mcci lii};; of tlm Atlil.c I •. awclr.-
tton will ho held in thn Kovnl liotnl
illiilii-T room on KiMny (ivi'iili-jf
to mnko iii'i'iiiiKi'iiiniiiHloi'lhe eomliiR
eciiiion ol fi|i'|-|i». All liaHcball, football nml Inei'i '.s'i c-111'niHlanu nro link-
til to ailend,
A 'ilm.-ii,,'.   - Silii-ili,'    St.If 1   Ufji'll.i
by 11 |?jfully niin.l'orof yoiui'.f |ienp!o
ut tha I In j a V. t'luiiv.li Monday c\cn-
Iiiir, Ke.nliii-?.*!, millatlonfl nnd ii
niiitili'.'il I i'i)j,'i'iiin wan IMi'iud to,   It
l« tllO  illUlltioil  ttf till) iMUKlfRlllIoil
tMiniiUulliln n weekly iili'itir In whicli
Hii nra welcome,
Tlm J'Yi'iihi AtMnlIu AH-.oi:htlioii
liHVti txirn fto fiiitiiniitn iih lo ici-ur**.
1111 t'npn/jrnmi tol lho Jmily «pI-~
bnitfil Klrili-Kiinn Uonci'itCuninny
Chas. Waldie i-s away on a trip to
u.    '-■•''.        - * ■       .  • ""      ''      '    '  ,
Mis. Holbrook of Elko, was ih the
city y/.sterday. -'
Postmaster Johnson left Sunday,
evening for a short trip to Edmonton
and other northern points. -
>"0. II; P^l'ard, w stern represent
ative of thc Toronto Typo Foundry,
Winnipeg, was looking after busine s
in Fernio,yesterday. °   ,
Engine 501 ran off the track at the
tipple at Coal Creek Monday afternoon and the mine branch wan tied
np untilthe arrival ol theanotnev engine from Morrissey.
F. 13. iloUlead of Winnipeg was in
town yisterday; He is well 1 loused
with the business outlook and rc|X>it-
good business all through the Norlh-
W4-stand UritisiiCohunbii.
jM iss Hall, of the' Trites-Wood ollice
stall' was taken tb the hospital a few
days ago and was found to be in a
precarious condition, necessitating a
very skilful operation. She passed
through tho trying ordeal, however,
and is now, we understand, vapidly
recovering. Miss Hall has been iii
the city but a short time but has won
many friends who manifest'a, kindly
interest in her welfare and will welcome her return to health and activ-
tivicy with thc gladness of true western friendship.
"Our B-ys" held the boarJs at tie
opera house last night wiih the; assistance cf some of our {-iris. The
play .though li-jht in character permits of some scope in thc principal
parts. The play went smoothly and
was freo from hesitating breaks
which sometime.--, mar amateur efforts. The attendance wjis not as
largo as could have been desired, as
thc proceeds go to a wcrthy purpose.
There is ample local talent in Fernie
if properly trained, iinil-innnaged lo
demand and receive ;i cordial support, and The Ledger hopes to see ii
more milled effort-put forth'in thu
direction in tho futuro. The ,ab-
sence of our-dr.imatic-criiic-owing-td
an attack of Gasolinilis prevenlS- a
more extended notice -
•■■-.     -i . ■■■■-    .   i.'..-wfa*g   ..'. L'-iii-a?
Price $2 ayear in Advance
"-   L i" 1 11. .-1 .Ti .
- ' .4 CITY COUNCIL. ■■'
•The mayor, .\ -.icriiiLii l-cck,"'Uigj-s>,
jjuml ami 'iii 1 i.u v.vii; prusuiii. um
iniirsila)- niglii al llie Ji'-juini- nicci-
iiijj cl iJi-j cuy council Ain-i-.tlio-icail
ing and aiUi-iiiuji 01 Uic liiinnu-s ui
llm last wcttin-ff, the clerk ix-ud - ;i
-.■oiniiimiiciitioii HiJiii John Nuvocji i\-
Co, 'acknowledj-iiig receipt i.f iiotili-
cation 01 tlio iicieptu'nccr ol- thc-ir bill
for thi; ilt'bi.-nturc.s anil asking for
copy'ot pi-occeiliugs 10 the issuing-ol
the, l:,oi'uls. The utter was filed. ' '
/flu; tit)', solicitor reported the result* ut the suit to quash the watei
aftrceiiieut In-law ami also "Air. Me.-
rhilli|).s' bill for \S-.H.6«, fee's ami'
costs in-the case, The bill was a lowed willi the approval of. the' finance
Kerr it Co. a»ain 'wrote askiiiu; for
a sellli-nuiit of' the sidewalk account
. Aid. Ilcek iiijfod •' that some other
'nicaiifi.should he found oilier thiin ro-*
Mil.iiiitliiijr the by-law, but the uiavur
could, not s't-e that tln-rc was anv
other way and the letter was Tiled
and  110 nitiiin   taken.A-
Aid, Tut tic* reported from the property iiml works 'committee to wliom
the siilijccl of iipft-^quarlcrs for th;>
cily. oflicos had ■ l*ren H-iVrred, thai
looiii could he had in ihe Todd liloi-k
at Ssn^per nioiith, provided the citv
fit lliu.riicjius to suit and take iti'for
nt le.ifil one vcar.. After some discus
sinn a.s-lo the suitaljilily of (he-Iire
hall fill-.the rcoiiiiciucuts «r the cil.v
c'trk nml council, the liis-iUcr was lefl
in the hands 'of lhc. same committee
for  fuillier  consideration.
"Mayor Hleasdell callei^ the 'atleii-
tioa of lhc council to the cast? of a
wrv sick man without 'anv means
which had keen broujiht to his notice
by Dr. Corson, and,after some ' discussion, the niatliT was referred to
lhe health find relief committee, .composed nt Aids. Heck aud ISi-fjis for
A siiial bill prcscnli'd bv V. Caio-
sella was not. acceiiled bv the finance
coiiniiillce*' because not pioperlv rcn-
d.-red. , . ' ■' :
The l'l.ivor made a report of tlie
visit cf himself mid Dr. Donncll ' 1r>
Victi-iia to aid Arr. Ross. AT. IV V.i
in (rellilifi- soini-; "recowiiilioi'i of 11"'
rlai'in'-"fi I'Vi-nie for provincin l-.'iihl-
itin-s. The iWi-.-alii-ii rp-cived assur
nnces nf the iulciition ot (!"> "-overi1-
nioiit lo ereet a n-ood bnildintr nr
yo-ti ..is iim financial condition'of ihr-
nr.-ivi'iid1 would pcrmil. 'I'he n«nrnnri-
etiou fnr lhe (rail lo'll-" Tlallieod
ins rorpii-ed 1n,l Ih--- ivntler nt- ilc
lo-jilinn h.i.--. nol vi»i l-rnn sol Med. 1*
was'leivned Mnl (]r'-~. !•.-_ im dillionHi-
"« lo cslabli^liMi'i- ll'p_ loniids nT Mn-
T'Vrnir* Vclicol   <li«li-iV<   t:  '-non   ns_l.hu
. Karly lasl» Xoveinbcr Rev. J.-    A.
Day,  who  represented liiinsclf as _  a
jvicthodist missionary from 'Alaccdbn-
ia,   arrived  here,   say's   the .liosslaiut
Aliiu-r,  and  as he ,liad  letters    from
I-riucipal   pipprel, of   the" Methodist
ColiiinJ)ia collc-j*c at Xew AVeslininstir
and   from   a*  number • of   Afetiiodist-
niiiiistcis  .of    the-  province, liCiWits1
warmly received by the Kbvl* J. ? P.
1).  Knox,  jiastor     of, tliej Methodist
iliiiri-li, as well as l,v'liiciitliers of the
-       -       -j   i
coiii-re-ralioii. lie represented that he,
was from Macedonia, and that his
special mission iwas to provide homes
for. the-orphaned children of murdered
Christians cf that country who were
housed in the iWacedoiiiaii ,orphanaj-cl
at'Ashar.i Rosea,*,Macedonia. The
greatest desire that lie had was to
iiml hoines for the, " Macedonian orphans aiiiou-* the Christian people
in this country, so,- that they mi^ht
l-,e lirou'-rlil up iijnoii"-- jjroper siirroitnd
i'iirs and good inlliiciices and grow up
into »ot-d men and women and .devout
Methodists.      .. ■    i .     .
Day was a dark comiili-xioned iiian
of'35, iwith an earnest and impressive
manner, nud when arrayed in a dark
siiit with,a while necktie, he looked
the pail he was playiii*r. One Sunday
he --reached in the Afi-.thodi-tt pulpit,
.and his description of thi''wrongs of
lhc Christians, and I how ,ruthlessly
Ihev had been slaui;htercd.|)y tin* infidel- Turks, and Ihe awful condition
of the 'orphans, liTt scarcely a drv
eve among his auditors. Tie explained. lh.it the children ranged from mere
infaii(~j, to. those'who were ;i<. vears of
age. Those who adopted children under io'vears of ace could ;have them
without paving aiivthing,; but- those
who.desired iheiu from io to 14 vears
of. ap-c 1::list "pnv, S-io dowii tq l>ro-
vide'for traii'moi ling 'i liein .from Afacc
don/a tho this' cily. In return for
this-, ihe 'ehildieii were* to be well
provided for sent io church and Bun-
day school regularly, but .would per-
foi'|i; *-,uch serviees .as* miti-ht be desired hy IliDse who adopted them in
the way of , horse and other work.
Tli!* result was thai a .wave, of syi'n-
palhy swept through the citv for tlte.
unfortunate0 Macedonian nriih.ins-and
-:*'r. Day 'for a time fairlv 'coined
•noncv. -      -"      »
"In a Ifw davs    lie had £500 in his
jVo'ckels. coiiti-ibiitedOa!L_LlicJiiilIo\v,i 11g,
uiuler the circuitist,aiices, that Columbia college having placed the seal of
its-eiidorsation on iMr, Day through
Principal (Sippiell, should at once 1 begin the task of locating hiin, so that
he can be arrested;and tried and sent
to -the * penitentiary for obtaining
,,roonoy under false pretenses..The determination i.s to prosecute,him to
thc full extent of the law," provided
he enn be located,'- but as- he is. a
smooth and slippery '.customer.' it is
doubt ful, Iif he..'ever can lie found.
.. If Mr. Sipprell had done before what
Mr,'McQueen, of-Rossland did after
lhe horse was stolen, tlie man calling'
himself Day could notiinve perpetrated
such a fraud upon so "many innocent
people. It was largely owing lo lhe
fact that Day Imd an endorsement from
Mr. Sipprell of Columbia College, that
he was able to collect so large a sum of
money from strangers. Here in Fernie
he obtained' $50 froin each.of eight
unsuspecrng people. Rev. John Robson
soon begun to .he suspicious of lhe
way things ivere going and wrote lo
NewWestniinsler, Rossland, Kamloops
Revelstoke and , Calgary from each of
which place he received such re-assur-
rlng replies that lie, for a lime hesitated to proceed further but finally did so,
and it is entirely owing lo his. eflbrls
that we are able lo add to the infonnn-
lion, received_from Methodist church
authority the following:—
Mr. Robson found upon enquiring at
the post olTn'e here lhat Day had
registered a letter lo Zia Sergius in
Turkey. Further search at lhe banks,
lhe C P. R. express anJ at the office
of F. J. Watson revealed the fact that
Day. hud purchased a money order at
the hitter office. It was an easy matter
lo then find out that this order had
been paid to lhc order ol one G. B.
Alexander after having been indorsed
by* Zia Sergius, at the UVIIs-Fargo
money order department,' Oakland,
California, which is a long way from
Tiiikey. This cash transaction occurred at Oakland on Dec. 23rd last. Il
seems, quite evident lhat Zia Sergius
walks about in • tlie same suit of
clothes thiil.the Rev. Day, D. D.,
wear.-yeals and sleeps when he sleeps
and -transfers   the   cash   wliicl.LDay.
°The people that have been treating
the starting of Jthe new town at Pincher Station as a joke or a new town
boom on paper only, have been brought
quite suddenly to their senses by lhe as
surances of fine business blocks, that
will be started just as soon as material
can be put on the ground. From the
laying out of ihis new townsite aboul
two weeks ago men that hid foresight
and would (ako llie trouble to do just a
liille biii.ljtng of the situation could
come to no oilier .conclusion than lhat
"this new town' would be the coining
town, of western Canada,' located as il
is right at' the door of llie finest cash
market in litis or any other country—
The iMal output lor. tho week ending Friday, M-ireh 2.'!rd.
.Miulio!    !.
Coal Creek
IWli   "
15-JJ   "
-The hip-
lien/., I'Vaiu-e, .March afi
id extension oi liu- miners' strike-is
causing anxiety to the authorities. It
is e.s 1 iunited 1h.1l 50,000 .men have already censed work uml milling operation,-- are at a stiuulslill throughout
lhe departments ol Pus (In Ciiluis and
Oxiionl.   ■
'1'he government, though it has Ink.
eii the precaiilioii of iliultiiig 11 .urge
body ol troops find gi'iiilarine.-i to tliu
vicinity, i.s iietiug with extreme lact
nnd making im display of itn forces
during the miner-;' processions, which
mv pel milled to take p nre without
Ministrr of the Interior Cleineiicenu
is I'lidenvoiliig in do his utino'it to effect a coiicilintion between (he men
nnd tlie companies. Xot\iitlistniullii'f
the coiiipaniiivcly peiicefiil attitude
which tlie iiiliiers geiienilly observe, It
is feared I lint iiii'iubi'i-s of the moderate nnd iidi'iinceil unions nuiv cnine
III cnufllcl iu the rnursc of deinou-
sti-.'ilioiis(iis„tIiey display coiifildei'iible
unlri'j'oiilsiii tlie 'former fiivniiiig 'n
frl-'tidlv arrniigeiiii'til iuul' lln- IiiMpv
nlili'cllnjf In nny cninprniiiliif. The
fivlini/ now nimeni'i lo incline I own rils
llie views of llu- (iilvjinceil secllon, hnl
ll i/i rumored llm! the confcri'iici* of
llie president 'of the union willi Pro-
iiilrr Snri'ieii nnd MlnlNlor of PiibHe
Woi'lif- Tlnrllinii, Kel for loduy, will
lmve the cITect of innkini,- possible n
nntlsf.iclri|-v tfi-iiiiiiiiiinii nf tlio slrl!;*1.
Vieti-riii, "Miucli o;-.-T!ie great cpii*
Villi inn of the Iiiiliunn of llrlll.sli Col-
nnihlii In- he Itch) at Ktitiilnups
llu-uii|;|| ||it. HTorlH of Die iliiif of Hie
Capllmio':, Ih defiiilli-ly net (or | llie
1.III1 of Apill, wli-'ii ivpri'Seiiliilioiis
will Ir iiuiilo tn llu* feileriil j-jivi'iii-
iniin iiM lie uml ler of nhliiliilni- iron-
(its stiih ns have bee 11 mnde wilh (lie
fiuii.iu.'i nf llie nlli-'n lujivlnres of the
Ihnn'iiinii.   ' !
v\ iiuiliin; pivlliiiiiini-y In lhe /;renl
aiiifeiviifo IniH jusl Irt'oii lirhl 111 Dun*
(-nti, when Clikf .Tn,i'|)h of the Cap-
ilniio rmlliiiid tlie scope und |)iir|iniii<
'f 7. 4.fii4iiitiiiii lii.il is In In', Till'
IUl>|.lill|- WIIH llV'.n •nl-il-l-'-.M-.i ll' Cllli-f
JitHi'llll (illfill, (if the XilllllllllO^, Cliief
H iln-t-'tnt i'.' l..ii.inli'1mii( Chief Cmr
of tlu- Clitncli-tiillilis, aii.'i 11 iiiiinber
of fillior-i, Delcgiili-s wire u.-iiiied lo
tlio   K(iinlni»iM»  roiivriillon.
rim di'ir..,.,1,., t.h.ws.. ^.:-..,;; ,*
(Ms proviuv uiul Iiii* Inolhir of Die
n'lu-r iirovliircH, an rxn aIiii-iI 1»v tlie
ihl.f of (In- CiiiiiliiiioH, Is ihnl In olhir plnrt'H (In- Tiidiini Im reroj-nl/i-i'. hv
llie -•-.iviTtnnil Vis mi owner nf Innd
nnd rcrriw-H nn niniullv, ns $^0 In
llu* tiorllnusl. In llriiish Coliiinbln
llu- Inill.iiw h.iie rnnclu-rii'-t Set iihIiIi-
for tin-in, hu) mv uclf-sii|ipnrifii»'. P(-
•-ttlrtUiti'i iipmi 1I11I1 111. mm of lin-li*
lmfnl nir 'tniiUiph-liiir year bv ve.ir
Wld (hi- f-iifnifeiiii-lit nr reilrlrllve
fisliin" ri/fiij.jtioiin, slilcli-r jt-iuue
itivs, i-li., nml llu- iinllve-i fiiullii'."
idf.fr fro -il in In-hit' c.irt nihil mi iv-
s/'ine e,*m be desi'Minled. Tlle nropo~:ed
hii'h. school for llu: cilv is in   .    tlir-
li.inds ot  the  lnnds.nnd 'works     de-
p-irtinciil  nnd will probably he.acted
upon in (he 'near future.
A vnlp ot thanks was leiidored the
di'lciT.-ilir.n by the council.
' lly-I-iv Xo. '3.--, lo amend the traders' lieeiif-c* bvrlaw p.'iss-ed iis third
rcndi'ii*" ('niii' stnnils over for * .finnl
coiisidenilioii  at  the m-xl. nicelln-;'.
On lufilion C.ipl. "\Icl'.v"',v„wns notified tlmt lii" room 'in the fire ,hnll
oeciinieil ns an nrinnry-.would he
reniiircil by lhe cilv,
"i'hero wvve nn bii'i ^nhinilled for
the city printimr' which leeined I to
muse sninc surprise, nnd nfler somo
discussion 'lhe clerk wns in<jiriictod lo
jisk for lendi-rr. from oulside paper!!
fo'- lhe ri-inliii".-!
This, il would seem, was-a verv unwise pinccodiiiir  for (he eoiiucil      to
Inl-e, 'I'lii'V M'-iii     lo have forndlleu
lhat (In* (wo T'ViniL' n;i|v.'rs hud mndo
bids wild li  were'nul.lie nfler  hnvlii"
Icon  rend,   and   llic'in  onlslde  pnperM
row ns'.'i.d lo lid hnve.lhe ndvaiitngi'
of llie li"ii|'es foilniiilleil bv lhe doiiie
pai'cr.'i, Tlu-v ;-.ls,i .-.i-ein 'lo hnvo for-
11 nl 1011 Hint nwiiiir In no faull -of^lhe
home papers (In- coiim-il hv the iiinu-
ner in wliioli  they nsked for bids  In
Ihe first p. neo,   and  lhe npoiiiii|-     ol
1I10111 ill (he wav Ihev did, lime ren-
deiid il liniirissihle for eillier nf llie
pnpciH tn hid wilh '*.iiy ccrlninly of
roceiviuc llio coiitrncl unless thev reduced I Iir rail's of     tlu-ir first l-idn.
The T,.-il|!cr iiiih'o iln bid  nl eertiiin
fii'iin-s'liir ivi'lniii work rind 11  is '*v-
Ideiit'tn niivoiii* thnt  In make 11 we-
oi'd hid'rI lhe  sninc rales would li
llSI'll'HM, Tlie  bid  Mil-nillli'd  hv _   tl'i--
pniiet- wn.'i nl fi-'iire-i ns low ")'. il oan
nlTord  la do llu- woi'V mid  ne.iler llio
elrrumsluier'i il  wnuld hi''.* been     n
Wii'ile" nf I line   li '"ibiiill   11   iilinlhir
or lilrliii bid, The I.ed'f.'i- 'I", ik.i  n-
Klioiisilili' lot   llii'i ooiiilil'iiii of Iliitii'*i
nud reilnlnlv do.": nm  f.'ol llial 'nnv
cniiuilniiil oan hr nridi* hec.-ui'-o il i-"-
, ni'iiil 11 Mil ft Hi'i-nml llaii!'    Ifnn'ill.'
IHipilI'MVI'Olll 10 lllll llll'iWllI,!' lllll IL'1'I'i'llll llio linmn pnpi'i'H In tlie  lliiiiIn.iliiii n
jiiiiI llindly eoiiucil Hon ill In Hand Mm
work Jiwny' llii'l.nlj-itr will IimvoIuiIh
u'llliiiiil llin work, hut  ll Would (rem
.'.ympnthctic  and  ch'-rilnble  cjli/i-ns
'/*'. A'A'loyd, Sum; William McO'in-oii,
What is Considered Important
Enough to Print
C1.AXI5UOOK. ■       ■'
Prom the Ileiald— I
"   H.   koss,  of  Jvlkmouth,'  who  is
Ueresied  in  a  honiieriujr  |)Iallt    was
'.»«  town  last  Saturday.. >.
in?' !I|-1|Iim.°r '*s ft,l,0,;tc'«l as improv
ng,  which   t„-  pt.opK.  Kclll.ra,|v     ot
Mis-   1. Wlu-lan «,„]  Miss Sllow   of
ferine,   cjime  up   to Cranbrook
British    Columbin   niinin-r     camps--1 day' to- visit fiu'ndV'i^ Crm^^'i'rook^lnd
backed by tiie-best  f.iniiiii-^ country in ^l^n'svilio.   0
Cimaihi Ihis new low 11 will draw from .J""  Roi*s ,ias K"'"' xo .•Mmrnilon:
•1 ,* .      r i-        <•     ^ "WCJH   the  luamijieliii-nt „f  the   \x.
iliesurrouiKlinirrouiilryfara-radiusof berta, one of the finest hotels iu ihe
nry linwlMi lo puiMin 11  |'nlioy nt llilh
llllll,    'I'llll      tWil    p'llH'I'H    pIlllliHlllll    lu
l-'ui'iili' H|H!l)il HrtimctItiii*.;" I1I1I1 Vim per
mould In 'V!i'*''»i In tlm Imi 11, wdleh
uiiim Inlo llm MorcH mid idmpH for lho
llvliiliof IhiiMi wlin 0:1111 llin iiinnoy and
(if lllll fjllllllll'H   lll'l'i'luloill    ll|-C|| llll'lll,
Miii'imvni'iIiiiki-- puin'i-i lm vn Jilwiiyn.
nml iihni'H ulll,  iiili'oriiK" pjilroiilnliu
I1011111 IniliiHlilcii  nf I'vciy liiiliin-   111
■iHiiliiHt   ii'inlhu    iiMiiM-.v oni of ilni
town,mul!!  c imiIiiIv  loiliH liliii vmy
luiHly ami III tulviKoil aellon upon iho
pitit nf lldi'oiiiii'll Itilnuii^ui-Jiio in-ill a
policy.   If It t'o.ilil bo ijIiiiivii lli.u lho
illy i.i biit hi mil   ■!•*,•  *• ..,*•■.i-.i.l'i j'<»i
llm i-ina-lo Imn whli h ihl'i IKUo pi-liit
iliKiilfiiil' Iiiih   ivfinlvi'd   ilii'll or If tlm
l.ciltfoi'can linHlionn how iiiHlcr iluiclr
iiiiiikIiiii I'M Itcniililniibmll .'i w.-ftiid bid
wild nnv linpnnf n«i iirln-rtliejnli nl nny-
lliiliir  llllll IIM  IiiM  H'tilM'H, It will hu
l-ory IIIII..I obllun'il (or lln- iiifniiiint!mi,
Wi*. yiii-itlu ii!|u-ji1 1.1:11 Uin nii\*i wny
llm Loil^nr i-niiltl   Impn In kihiim* llm
inliillli'f ifiiitnift woiil.l hn In t.iihinll
rnli-H wlilclirwoulil njfuri'iitxto ;i hiniilln.'
wi'il   Ihull llm tflliO nt|bit-,iM"il by llin
I'Vihi I'l'i-il', oml vlro vi'i'iSii, llm l.tlli'i:
iniin r wniilil  Imvo to l.iop holow ll-
lh>l did,
Kv{llu.r|iiipi*r in riiNpin^il'iit fnr lid**
ifiiidlllnn liiid llie ai'llinii'f I l.o roiincil
In •jnlii'ilii (iiii*iblo p.'i| I'i'i 'uily ovd'U'/-
t ;o Hiiiitocniiilllh iih In v.IdortiohN
suj»J'*.i o.im-.i ir.jijrn A|.i-ii niii. r,r hT\ ?",! !!wi/. r;,,i,*,M",,,,,r" '/•
Don't fui'-'iit lln*it.iuui.il Im mnn in
'Imi Uiiti! if ydii wish in ct.J.iy n nnu-
IcnlllVJitiuiil, lixfilimiiilly IkIji tlie
Atltluttei-.)* nut llii-ir.cil.illy. It:-
tneiiibT-r llie tittle, Ajrll Dili.
i»'fff <t\ 'h fiii- Ifuilfi'it, ite t\o\V %
Iiii; <t»iiu-iii**:.tIiu> nilir.iiiai'i-j Kind i"
nri- rn'rii'nl hv older ('uiiniHiiii lu-
dilillS. f| f'l Hiid lie on v luatv '••■
dl n in lit'li li 1'nlniiil i,» mr X),f
Hmi'-Imi-i, vim lio'd llieir iM-j-rvjilir.*
in tl.e wry heart cf VirlnrlA'city nn-
del  U siglnd uiul MS1V1I (oiiip.iit  i*v*
iciilul hy Kir .hum . Ilnii'.-.l.r..     'I'luv
Will,   ImUlU'l,   Jlllllld   the   Kalll •■••lis
l.jiliiiiii^ nml hint tniiii'-i'l
("u-oi-i-i. A.inew. 5,So: A. Knderslv
J. G.^Io-iilv, .^n: IT.']?. .Tone's,
A.;I.. Watson, 5.so; Dr. Kerr, S50
.' \ reoeipl, which is worded ns follows, is nil each of thc victims I.as
lo show for. the money whicli they
advanced. • . 7 ..,
To tho "Mneedoninn Orpliriiiajrc: .7
•     "i-Iossliiiid, Xov, 7* i.i)o$y ' ■  •]<■
Til's is lo ccrtifv Hint T hnve pnid
to l'cv, J. A. Dav, T). D,. tlu* -.sum or
<■■»* ior the purpose of imiiinriii-- SdV
Zatnwski, a urnceilnninii ijirl, lo mv
homo, if ml I ni-oinise to be pood     In
her and wild her    lo • the !\fctdndist
cliurch nnd Siindnv school.
This is lo ceilify that I nm     nc-
fliiainced  with  .lohn Doe,  who i.s    n
nieiiilii'i- in jjond     slandiii-j of     . lhe
"Mfillioilist church here', 'and will     bo
able to enrry out the above promise.
 , pnstor
Aflcr do dad .secured tlie money of
his victims, ho lefl hero nnd wenl In
Xelson, which cilv he worked sne-
roiisfullv, and then do visited otlior
(owns in the province, j-oin--- from
licit-* to (nuns iu A liortn and Mnnl-
(oha, -rntlioriii-*- luoney in lnrj-p sinus
wherevei' he-'weiit, for do could shod
tBit 1:1-1 nt- a nifjiiioiit1-- uolico, and could
(nil- most hii div cf tliPi'ilonr lilllc orphans >f Cliiistinn pniviits who dad
I'l-rii cruelly iiiuiilercd bv I do uiifipead
nlili. Tulles. It wan only al tlie rhlc
of his hi.tiller's liherly, 'nml porlinps
dlu life, lliat do was nblo lo venture
from dis own coiinlrv to Cinindn in
ll'o in(..|osl of (lie poor nrplmiiR, as
Iih hrotlier wan ji Iinslnjrp for dim,
and if do d'd not ivluiu lu nfarcdoii-
In, llii'i-o was no ti'lliim wlml u-i-iilil
Ipi'liell lo dis beloveil kinsman,
Tin- lii',1 deal il of Mi. l.iiv do Wiis
wm I-Ini' (lie oood peoplo of Uo-flna,
but before Iliis, some of Ide Impn-
lieiil snbsctiliers lind writ loll In liim
nnd nrdioil udeii llio oipdnus won-
rolllilll', nnd lie ivplleil llial tlio'illllllll 11 Inn! lo le V,"l out of (ho rnuulrv
■iiirroi'lilliii'Hlv. A iiiiiiil'i'i' Inloiiiloil
for Idi.'i iiainlrv wciv tulii-ii ns fnr n»
llie -mo i;ul, hu) n'i.|-,. tiiinod hncli
hv tlie .'-(ilil'i-rv of (lie still mi of Tur-
|:rv, vim nl 1 li-iI. time wim Imvlii"
li'oillid'.villi llie powers of Hiirnpe ui;
to lefniuis in Macedonia   ■
Cilv fieri. William MiPihth, who
'mil eoiiliibiiioil S.vi In llio eiiusc 'of
Hie oipli.iiiii, fiiinllv lonijiii' suspicious
iliil nil ims tiul well iu Mticciloliin
,-iid do wrnle In lho iiiillioilllcH r>r
llio MiicidoiiInn nriiliiiiifi-~o, nml, 11 ro-
nlv was i-coilud frmii Hiiloiiion slnl-
Iim iiml I ho iv was 110 sued liclltu-
tire) ns (do Miieoiloiiinii oi|i|iaii,i-*e.
nud iiii fnr u-i Mov, .1. A, j*».iv, 11. I).
was conieiiied, no iiidlvidinil of Hint
j,.mn 4>.in mu mu ,'n %>i Alaieiloiiin,
Tlie "vtndli 1 fii'.I in.*.id Ji).. u),-jh:H
nn 0 ?n lids pi-ovliice (11 Vi'iv Wostmiii
sb r li'hl vuiimti c, wdcro do liilrnilur*
i-l d-'tiiM-lf In ri'iiilpiil Si|i|irvll. nf
Cnliiiiililii HMdodltil iolli'j',0, iih lli'v.
J.   \, It.iv, nnd toM dim (lliiiiil    llie
•     :  , ».*     *»4«,    in ,4      .I'M    III    III?*
l.-iiiir n iiilssiniiiiiv frmii Mnredonlu,
-ind of th.- iniiililioii of tlio miliums,
n'-il if the I'l-'iil I'linil II wniiM iln
Idem In lo (niiii from wlu-re tliev
wniiM in tin- future lie suh cilod tn
ililllilllall ililidil illllillllCiN nml Infill. I crmlli, niul |ihifiu-r idem 11111011/
Cllliiti.lll.'l   III   llll.'.  plol'llKV.
Mr. SIppt'H KviiipiiiliiM-il with dtni
niiii In'* ntis'ii ti, iim" I'livo liim a let-
Id t'oiiiiiii'intiii-.' him In Hie ijonil ol"
lie, •; nf .ill Mi-llioili-*! ilerKvinrii, fltnl
lulil II11 he Ihoiii'dl  In- itiiIiI tin of-
i£ miles. Now iis llie experimenial
stage i» ii thiiif- of lhe past farmer;,
who have sellled here within the past
I wo or ihree years iiud .started to break
lite new prairie ooniineni-ed- under the
most discoiiriiyiii}^ circumstances, the
ranchers would jeporl, iiiK-i.sc,' and in
every way discour.-ij-e the new-comers.
All this is now a thini*- of lhe past. Newcomers will have lhe advantage of lhe
experience of the settler who braved
all the iliscour.iyin-' reports and will
feel like inve.stin---' in land Ibraj-ricullur-
aljpurposes :in.I not feel as if il were
a -f-umhliii-j; proposiiion. There is still
imidi-yoo;! land lo be had in the Pincher country ill praflii'ally graziii}-; land
or ranching land prices, so II. Galvin,
general agent for llie new townsite, in-
Ibrins us. The future of tliii. new town
is very ehcoura'-ing to parlies ,who
have located or intend lo locate there,
also to the owner of lhe townsite, T.
\V.' YV:i|son, At presenl there is only
aboiit ten peri'L-nl of llie land in cultivation within a radius of len miles and
only about ten per rent of this is waste
or pasture land in the same radius, so
this leaves So per cent more land lo
work and'produce 'than is in cultivation. This will give some idea
of'lhc future of this new townsite. The
survey ol lhe road from lhe Cardston
counlry "making  Pincher .Station, the
province  of  Alberta.
Constable "Morris ' made an 'official
visit to "Wardner this week. Mr. Morns has a larjrc district to oversee
new and   his   time  is   full,*  occupied.
lhc Adolph lumber Company nre
nrransinff to move their, pl-tut- tu
Ilayncs lake, where tliey have extensive limits, and the new mill will'
be ready for business within u short
lime. .-   - -      .
William Forest, well and favorably
known iu this pint of the cQiintrv, is
now- general travellinj- nj-cnt* for the
Massey-Harris Company for the province of Alberta.
ll. C. Wilson, ' of iMorrissev, has
purcli'used the stock and business of
of iiil'rysvillc will find- Mr.-Wilson'
took possession this week. .The ueople
p,e of Marysville wil, find Mr. Wilson
(i pleasant f-entleiiian to do business
with 'and one who alwavs deals; on
the Jsqiiarc.
The ISast Kootenai* LumJvr Company held its 'annual meelinj,- at the
general oflices of the compnnv here
last; Monday. Ncarh- every shareholder', was , represented.. The usual statement and balance sheet were'.'presented'and adopted a*ul a dividend of 'six
per ceiil on the paid up capital of the.
company-wis 'declared. Mr. A. l.eitch
and. W. If. Miles were re-elei-ted. A
vote of thanks was tendered the oiliccrs of the .'cniupnnv for the,past vcar
gathers in lo pay expenses of transport-'
ing orphans from the vine clad hills ol*
Macedonia lo the rock ribbed mountain
sides of British Columbia to the other
pocket in Ihe same pants and thereby
waxes weal lhy somewhat after lhe
style of a captain of finance ' who* Ims
been reared. in-the directorate school
of-Christian life ihsurunce 'coiiipanu-s'
which uro institutions also supposed, to
be carried on for the benefit of orphans.
But lhe Rev. Day could improve on
his method by a little closer study of
the American melliod of caring for
orphans. He should not lake the w dole
cheese ut the lirst bile. By so doing-
he could come again and so on continually unlil he could give dancing
girls dinners, be president of bunks,
trust companies, insurance companies,
etc, thus having several iuits of dollies
willi convenient pockets through which
10 pass the cash originally l-elon-Mii-; lo
honest people unlil it would be impossible lo tell the honest dollars from the
dishi'iidl ones. He could then lake
hii> place with other ('upturns und be
rated ns a modern benefactor,
In the cube of Day il is likely that
everything possible will be done ,lo
locate hiin nnd to Iiud oui -Alio Mr. G,
11, Alexander is,
tenninus'of the road,  has, beeii approv-. The' company has been' niakiiijr e-ytoned, .which juldcd'lo the  many other ad-_, Rive   improvements   and   have   further .'
vantages with ' which ■ it is to .^ar-LAviJJXU*JliQ*:i-a'it roics—iimler*-'ennsiuVration.—
"nTTiliiTTlTC'lKisiiiess men and others who |Mr. A, r,?itch,  the iiiniin<rinjr din-elm-
have, in vested  or  intend   to invest feel | looks for a prosperous vcar in   , lho
lumber business 'and savs that his
coiimnnv will be readv to,.participale
lo the. lullesr. extent tu thnt prosner-
Itv. Their mill 'at Jnffrnv has.    Ih'o.ii
.'onlidenrof its rapid clei'cbpment iind
assured permanency. The sale of.lols
in Ihis new loivii was closed last week,
and parties who goi in on the ground
floor have Imd opportunities lo make, a
good thing nut of their small investment. Mr. (iiilv'm informs-us llial the I
sale will open in .1 few days after lhe
readjustment of prices; and hopes to be
able lo have lots, to 'put on the maiket
at prices lli;il will be au inducement to
persons desiring lociuions for business
or residence purposes, With lhe business now assured anil the bright prospects ofthe new town will make it a
sure and prolilnhle investment. Mr. F,
J, Watson will have llio exclusive
handling of lots fur Pincher .Station in
I'Vrnie, lie cm give full particulars in
regard lo ilu* town itnd surrounding
Special to tho Leil-riir.
lvror iMoNlvi'ii and family lmve left
for Michel.
Harry l'.iirl:o hii*: removed to Michel.
Mm, riii'ili'iiiii Imld a nn'olliig in Ihu
C. ti, it. A. A. on .Sunday.
A -wliil dulled wits held lit llurkii'H
bnaidliig linusi! liist l-'ilday. Hveryonc
Iuul 11 (,'oml limn.
11 ii^in iu.-.
Ui tin- l,n,.'l.<*.. ■>!
lhe |;iitliiiiiij! the Indians -i,vill     np-
■in'ltt a (li*li>',iilo In,u im v Id'-ii I'.'xt
111; a
III lis'.I,I,ilii*. *■ ul luv-'ltv u> Kin
Killi.ild, niul ill   tat-   iiUlm-  I iliu-      Hi ■
ipl.lilll  llllll Willi  Ullir Trfpli'ti,   dip
Itij; to Mtiire Iliu l:iii-;ly niiijuirt,.
fiilK.- ui ii> fm ihi' ii|iluiiin in Itn*
• i".ml h'iIi". of lln- movbire. Mr.
l».iv f.-11'i-il hiid. mul fuili-lnuiliv- tlu-
wnv   li--   *-.*ilirnl   ifit|l»ll'»«'»ms      hero
-nl .i..wli'1-i- In lli'i* i'i Ml v. I-i* rat»
n.i il to uilio /"ml 'lii-ili*. Mir- ro"!
< f |.'*> iim • •(> s.iiii.-iMni* fit" ln'i.fd***
nt ■ ,Hn.. liitii.*-. fj-ii- ilu* fiillu'tlcs-., on'
'•■1 'I .'ij •.;. ■
f.r.me nf llie-     Irta! vlrtfitin tdlnV
Tlie news of tlie. lcttiii'* of lho,con-
iraet foi 11 start on ihe Kuolr.ii,>
Central railway will ho joyfully ie-
ceivvd nl Wi inor. Tlm Outcrop i.jiyii:
"Tlie hum nl .•"■i-VVM-'J will bu jipoin
U'lnic Die cud     of Aluy, ami il  lhe
III'..,       l,'l      H"l      llllll Ull.tll       1114.'      * I III 11 ..I ll >
li'.li   10,11'   lne  ;ii^u,!ni.'   Ui'iiillllon   .inn
sidy, niiiiiiii'j ii iniiil lotis 01 ,*..-.1111,iii 11
nn: in-il ol lililiil.lli; tliu 10.ill is wil*
IOIIMV islitllllllll   III.   HOIII   nm  to  Imn
liijllioli iiolliiiii, Till. 111 j; Ihe ln;.,lu.-,l
isiimnii', lour million*., iln-- llniiutiiuii
sul.Mily III >H>SU,li((l Mill IIIIIOIIIII III
lliol'e lllilll l.i pel dill cf tlle ,cold ol
llie load. .Noll ll llio loud IMIe Ul
iii'lunl up. 1,ilioii it would lake 11 h'lij1.,
lillli: nml plenty of hai'l noil* lo
11111 l.o 111.11 15 per oelit, At leiisl util-
wuy Uieii are oil ncord as slntiii;',
lhat Ic-v Milrniuls pay niiylliiii-t like
15 pi-r ceiil of llieir cost dm iliu tlm
(list III nr I'i y alH of llli-ll'i npeliilinll,
Then fs it ii'iisniiiidlo to mi|ipiiM- llu-
C, V. U or any older romp-iiiy lhat
ni'iv ii'iiut 11 viiil In ih** Mi"ir ful-.".,
—ill full Heeds It HOW—Wil let IS per
lent, |;n by' Tlu- Kooleiiiiy Coiilinl
mi I wuy ui I In- loinpl ted by Aii|,'iiM
a, 1907."
As In nlure llio road will .(jet Iruf-
lie, n riiiTi''.|iniuli*tit sl/vft Up the nil-
iinlloii (1ui<.- '
''Sliiiliiijf fiom Cnhleti the liallic
Is mho foi 40 iiiids, as wo liave llu-
('.unit initio ut Spnlii-miiliciic, Kevt
V IlllVO lliO 1,1'flil Oiinii miiio, wdlid
pmviili-N trnllir in Vn. ,1 creel., Tlnii
iii||io;i llio I'm a disc mine, ulilih .u-
Miu-s frrielil ei... i|i|i for U'iliiu-r. l-'rnin
lu-ri- cn lluie nie many known prom-
i-dn-r Vliilii'N mul onlv tlio (oi|i.t 1,110
Hon of (lie iu.nl uill make |>osi,||i|,.
llieir d.'wlupiiii nl In ( point udcie
ti.iin.igi- inn to Min, In Hits T nm iv-
fillllK i-lih' tit millrl.il, ful of ionise
Hi.- Irnfllr In icnlt liom our Intost
overliauled and inadn :i Rr'st-cluss mill
-^t every respect,, and the .capacity ill—
jcreasi-d.' The 'mills nL Cranbi-ook, and
|livnii  .1 re -in   better  shape   llinn  ever
and will make a bijr out tliis .season. *■'
Lotrchij- has lei-n aelivelv carried ow„
dui-iii*r. the winler and an  ample supply' is on  hand.
l'Voin  Tlie Kiailk I'lipcr.—
(jeiiuriU Maiiiij-er daler lvturneil cast
by  .'-"'iitunlay eveiiiiij-'s  express.
Miss l.'kiiiiiii. -llclutyre letiirned l-'ri-
ilay from ; an exlendu'd visit to her
home, in eastern  Canada.
Capi. A. F, Hill, easiein iiiiiuii|>cr
ol lhc coal '.company, arrived from llu
coast Tuesday.
<), JC S, Whiteside, jieiiornl miuiajjer
of   tlio   West i Ciinailli.li   cui lie lies,   i'm
away nt  Cnl|>ary ou a   business nip.
^J'Yiisi-1- iifi'ICav, a miner ---nt-kbi-- in
N'o. .( uiitiy was i|iu'le sevorclv liinned  '
hy jras, TiiesdHy niririiiujr. Jie encoiui-
lerod'a    poekel    of ,.*,-*  nud dad Ills .
neck, laso and dands <piile badly burn-'"
oil. He will  ho laid  tip two nr tli roe
j vei'ks,
I    1'.   II.   Slieriiian,   district,  preslilenl
,of tlm U, ,11. wg'A., was in lown vos-
|lerdav.   Ur. denied Unit  de Is to Le a
Tliu lisunl (lulled eoiin.vi off 011  Friday (iitiilidalo for llu: loi;islritui.. in       thu
evening at llio 0,0, lv, A, A. ' JLctlid'iilgo districl  in (lie livo-eloeliou
Mmidnv ninliNemiefiil wim  .1   m-nrd   ""l,,,!   •"'^■■RIIO'   d.V   tlie   (l|i|)oilltiilellt
iMondfiN lii;; his ((noil hhh 11 K   ini,,, ,,ri ,)(,vmm.,- \„ ihr seiialo.
riicciirm.   Murlii-iTilll wmi duo IH   Mi-H.      Tlle cnt.iiu.uiilv was sdncki'd Mniuluv
Ili'i'i-|il«n for llm Jihlii iiimiiii'r Iii  willed Jm tlio.'icceipt of tin- news ol llio du*
sho miiiwii'i'il   Ida   clillili'en,   Mi'in;-fi, inise at Vancouver of S, K, Cliamliois
I'ltoltoy ami l-uniilgu uml   AHum-h (»'•,foinuilv one of  the hesi   known cli.i
ll.ion,  Kcllli,   lilownllvii   nnd   Mot;r- I"""* "• ""' &**■ T'i' «'■»•» f»»w willi
l.i.M.tiih:utm.l:|.ii.l.    A  duel  hettvonn ,s,,,,-'ki,,« ^'''"''"'T '." ,''!"', n"' U%T
,.     ,, ,       1 4,    11     1 1 ,       1, so to Mr.  L iuin hers   kinsfolk,    Mr-
H.».AIi'I.u.imIM.'.M...'..I:.« wm  iv.ll    |(| M,s   A   ,(   m„..^i.-t. his ,li,i.,..l,.
nicolv.-il.   Andrew l.uh'llli. tnui  rlmlr- tl.r ,v„| sou in law,  who dad no In-
iliiniitioii that do wns ill in any wav.
v No piiilliiihirs of, dis ileiiili Imvo, im
jvel   deon   rocelveil   Imi   ll   Is  oi'dleiit
jlliitt   dentil  came wild  absolutely no
•wiir'iiii'-, even   to tlie iiu-iiiIh-is 'of ld.«
fnmllv ill   Viiiicoiivi-i',  iim  a   teller io<
III vol veil since hv Sir, mid Mi'i   lllniiiln'l
,\iliiili wns diileil l,i*,l Sunday eiviiln*?
flit I in a I Imi  of
-'llllll 'I'l-I!
I'I Ni-.ll
A.'Mirzi'l Ki'i'iilii, \misii visitor
town on l-'riiliiy.
Tint I!-, thalli'iu'liuM a nioi-liiii,*: in
(lie KIuk lOlnanl ||i,|(| mi Wi'tlhOM-
diiy nluht I.'ini, A iitroinr toiiiii will
-.'0 into iliu liel'l tddi year,
T. II. Mm lin, liiti'iiiiti'i'i'.c. ol'l'Viink
wiih iiiiiri'lcil nt jMotllcinn Mat on llm
Mill in-il, Tlm liiiilii was Mliis Ruby
d'oiilni' il'iii<-litM.'.,'l,*i',*,..ji J1'. _u r, .T
Mr.-', 1.1 we ictiiriHil lu I'liruii; nn
Thlli'silay liifii'iilii'--, nllci'i'|K-i|ilii)->; »
coii|-lis 0/ wi'cliii al, Mr.-. 'I'liui'iiliiy'u.
(Jlias. f.'ol litis roliiriii (I tn town trnin
Mi'iclcml early \:vr. wcc-l; ami will
oni'i! iiwi'.i luivir ('liai'j;ii (il'tliu Klnif
I-aIwiu'iI Imn,
Prom  Iiii!   Tinu'. .
('.ill.   I'ollll;",  nl   r,r,i\n lull
hell-   ill   pli-.riil,   lln    );'l. :-l   i>l
liinlllel,    S'iiMii.iii   N'niillj-     Ml.
V,lli   ill
Wv C, I.n.i.k ii-lniiii-il liuiii Oii"
j;mi on Ui-itiii*>.ii,ii, ullii a inniillii'
vKit   Id- li'mii*, inii- iil.i.1I.I1  (.inni' in
ill    plllll.llillll v    llll.Ill
Vi ililii!
111   Al
i;a\« tin liilliijiilliui ol nuv lllues'i,
while llie 'teleenilil aiiiioiiiiiiin; (ho
ilontli rnnie Moiuhiv. Il I-, •miii'.'**.',!
ilea tli rcsiilteil ftmu lu-url  fnlliuc,
■ ■ ■ ♦ ' 	
I'i oiu  llio  lli-ruld--
Miiii.i|;er AlcMiikill)*, nf llu'1 Union
hank, vi'iil cast In Winnipeg oil a
hii.iliii'.vi   (rip  Monday   nlolil.
Hull.   ||J.     Hi:    \chl-l    IN   HOW   III , I'M*
im.ul.n   II.  K ,\-.ii!iil h.iiin- i,iiii,Jil
or , tniiioiiow iiljilit.
Mr, iiml Mrs, W. C. U-ci nriived In
Iniin mi Tliiiisiluv. ' Ci'iii-riitulatiniis
weie lii'iipi-d upon tin- happy tmipli-.
Thev nil- at  piescnl  st,ii'lii~c al     Hie
i,rlilli||ii)!l'-  *
I), \V. Carr, of Mh-licl. xva* In llio
fniin liein tlmt iniiiino, lonu Ho ii
(own fm a few il.iys Id- openili-R 11
an nlil iii'i-ii'iiiit.i.iio of V. S- Iiiiuii-
lirutlmi a-jilil Ilalili nnd C. ,T. Hek*
Mtrom. '
Kill I v 11 dumbed i?i*lei',*ili-i wri.- pre-*
till at last J-ialuidiiv's poliliiiil con*
Velltloll. illul 11 lot nt Idem »iuin* thro
-1 luiw-liit-' slntin to cl '"'"' Tlm
illlellilillice,,.Hid llie ciillin*.l.i .111 pMVi'-i
ld.it llin 1.ili-mi li.i*. a lot of '.taiiii.'li
fiii'tnls In (his seelioii   '
I.  Ihiinsiili-.  Imi 111.111 for Win. Oli-
ninl iK'llinlluriil riMiiirn"! run lie sn 11 (tlial sl.ni and u jmni uar tin 'iii-Hk.
.ill jih.il' llie rmili*. Vihiie 1 s.iv tln-i,*;l|r .itiliiip.it. * a l..)j-,e rush of m-I-
n---  flu- pifHofpil polpf.- v.fii-10 tiaflii .tkt ■ fi'.'ii. id.
.,l,,i>l  *i.ili* tn
till'tliow nf Ide* luaiiv .Utlji
11. rt •liowlnc.'i Iiml' ulll lnlp    to I   Afi   Ticiut-i.o, v.h.i v.,i.. s|V4iidiu>; i.lt«
uill the coiilil and I U-Wivr al le.i'.l .wiiilu at lii*i I..1111.1 luniir in Mmil:	
•<n». Vii Ihnn -uill r>r«.vr »,lj- itfintnii.iiliii-i.-if I-* II e,i> lfii«r l.isl *n<
«>i«, v.-l llic.-c nro ttir f-nlv Mire nne-. imnpmini bv thri-e $•■*nib-linn     who
«,. cm ut nnittit aJvatKc for    con-   or.- :.|iuio* out llu- l.tml wild a view
ver. rolllllinl lasl  wi-il:' from the **:i-.t
■ttlillo iii tin* cili Mr. llmii'il'i.*   pur*
iluiM-d ill-nut Ihrre K.ni nl (i.Miiimtal
iiiniliiiiri'v for llie sa .ill nm! dnnr fn**-'
tnrv. Il li.i*' .ihiiulv Iuin OiipiM-d and
-.luuilil I*- lure
dotllv   Willi llu* new
Itn biiyfnjf.
a.Iiim.iti in Ide dnil-litil! ami tin* lie*
nnliincrv, tlie f-uti-rv will lie    well
*-i|iilppcil for doii.', ti-i-lni".-' nn an ex*
'tctnU-o srale. .    . ". THFaFERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, „B. C. MARCH 21," iqo6-
The Fernje Ledger
' Issued every Wetacsday from office of i»uL-
lintion, T01I41 btocli, Victoi-w Ave., l-amie
.llritwli Columbin. 	
tons; "showing ii ljalitnce ayaihsi. Can-
ada of 23iS,534 tons. Canad.i took 67.6
per cent of all coal txportcd from thc
United States last year.
We have received complaints" from
Canadian manufacturers of certain
lines of mens' 'l'utiiishiri«-.s recently,
' calling attention to the fact Uiul sales
men Irom tlie United * Stales come
over into Canada, and hv shrewd, clever methods, lii-ipose of different classes.of merchandise to tlle Canadian re
lailer, who, it is claimed, is frequently led lo believe that lie is ReUiii-f a
snap or hargain. whereas, to the contrary, he is led blindfolded into
ch'asii'iK inferior 'roods at n.*mil
-.Kami- price he would have to -mv fm
a. hotter Can ad ion article, savs the
Commercial. The line we have particular reference at present is neckwear.
Now it is patent to every paper publisher that llm United Stales manufacturer much more, extensively than the
Canadian-. maker, a few Caiiadi-in
luhises excepted, of course; and .experience (joes to show that the "Tailed
■ States dealers gut lhc best of our
dealers, not bv meansu>f 'smart sales-
•Jmcii, Imt because they have learned to
realize thn vital importance of extensive publicity. Our neighbors to the.
south 'appri-ciiitc  lhe fact  that an ex-
*■ Ira thousand ,'penl' in ailvertisiuir
Ibeir li'icrchajidisc means an income
increase   of several thousands. The
.Canadian manufacturers have had this
.fact diilleil into dim for more than a
veneration    but he either  does not
comprehend its mcaiiin-r or else he is
not eutcrprisin-- eiiouj-h to follow the
plans out of which other business men
are ' building  their  trade ' 'jj
Kvc.ry, little' while when some Canadian "lnaiiufactuier finds that the
southern manufacturer. ■ is gettinj: a
little the best "of it he makes application for greater protection against
jroe-. to prove that it is simplv not
the foreij-n intruder, but investigation
protection that is., required in many
cases, hut merely backbone enough to
spend a few' dollars in advertising
their 'goods as llieir conipc,titiors arc
doing. Wc would again draw attention
to lhc remarks of Hon *Mr. Fielding
at the recent tariff meetings. lie'said:"'
"Gentlemen, you will have to adver-
tisti. You cau get- relief from printers'
ink." ,        I
.   It  is   the  experience  of  the  largest
and oldest established houses  that  in
order to hold their share of business
they must continually   advertise,■ even-
" tion in   the trade.    They will soon be,
torgotte.11 by the  busy   retailer  of ■ the
.present  age if their names  are.        not
"A stockbroker is -a man that sells
you siuiiething that he buys Irom a
man who don't even own what he
+,ells for more than he pays for it- If it
goes' down lie "wins and you lose, and
if it goes up he wins aud you lose,
and'the more you lose the more you
understand,and as soon.as you understand all about llie stock you don't
know anything and .then .you're broke,
and  that makes you  a  stockbroker."
"That's a line diamond you have in
your shin; where did you. get it?"
"When lather died he kit $200 for
a grave and Sioo for a stone. This is
th: ...stone.;-
Audiew Cainegic says that the advantages ol wealth are trilling. Some
of the rest of us would do a little
trilling now and  then.
Mrs, Casey—lias yer liuslVand
inllooelice? ■ "
Mrs. Ilogan—l.egobs he'.s under it
all   the  time. I
Representative Dixon, o| "Montana,
has a lynching slorv. A committee, of
viffiIonics dad captured an Irishman
and a Swede and were about to hang
Idem by lying a rope about, the neck
of each and shoving them ot a rail-*
road .bridge. The first man up was a
Swede. When he. was pushed off- the
rope came untied and the man struck
the. waiei" and' swam ashore. Tho
Irishman was next, and when the men
were preparing hiin said: ''"Rovs.
be carelul about'fix in' 'that,-rope., I
■"an't swim a stroke."
WEKE   SO.,  Ltd-.
WholoMilc Dealers ,ii-.d
,    Hired Importers o:   • -
Scotch and
SrJsh Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom 7
and Mo J land Gin,
PoiTf-rscry '     -
ScfnSsfcz beer,   .,
Ale, arsd- Stout
- White and Red, Port'
.  and White T-dock. . *   „
t*4)!o u-,;ents   in  lY.ii'ida l(>v
Windsor   Tonic,  vSaij  flcslrcyci*
{•Sit   Fernie*, is a - pleasant hsnse-tf-Dr a!3  who -IraveL
-JK.-W'-r-i---- rta-.nyi^-*iMr-**j?.i>Mf*T-if — ""-*u-7. ■ f
■a=TC jpcsarser*=vw tsnea
1    MOlUtiSSEY    \Wbe'-mHtt8tpalian  motel]
{ Is the place lo take-, the | Thi*. Place to Stop
s  Great    Northern   train  j< Special AttoiUiiin Given Ui I.qcul Tourists
Untici*  Now  '-■.nsi'.geino'.it
Mrs. Thos. Bait,   -   -   •   Proprietress
Tcnii*------ S-22 rer ir.oiitli, Mill-, luith C-2*"i
* IO
Spokane,  time  i:
hours; 10 Vancouver 32 \ MovvissexfjsJunoticn,1tl3B.
Caskets, . Coffins,   Shipping   Cases
Wreaths'and So..'iety;,Emblems on hand.    -
Agents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson,.
'    Oi'-fick Piionk 41'      Residence 76  ,
0       Parkai's' En LnEniEyl3!loG-k
S li ours;   to   Seattle   24
The National .Telephone Conijianv of
"England ■ reports that 1,053,000,000
messages were / sent over the com-
•nny's system in 1905. In lhc same
time SS,000,000 inland telegrams 'were
sent. The number o[ telephone calls
000 as compared with 4,500.000 ' ' in'
was 53,060,000 in excess of 1904. 'Al-
lliougli London's population is 6,500,-
Xew York, the latter has 288,000' U-l-
cplionc'stations as'compared with hut
100,000,000 in the first named citv. c
' *	
' Till"? IRON Tit AM?.   0 . ,-
The figures of the British Iron
trade association shows a production
in Great Britain in 1905, of 9,592,737
tons, an increase of 1,030,079 -- tons
over 1904, and the I greatest output on
record for that country. The London
Iron and Steel Trade Journal compares this with the 22,992,380 ions
-prod need—i 11—tha—"Un i tod—S ta tea,—wh i ch.
was an increase of 5,1195,.000 over'.904
and says: "Our siipremacv as the iron
THE   "OWL5?   .
Fcrnico     Papula.*   .  Rostam'ani
Meals    served .at   all times
Al! white Ihe3p e*-r«pSoyec8
MRS. I1I0S. BAIT, Preprielress.     .
LOo tf. No. 3172
Meet in" 1  O.'l-. 11.ill on this last Tui'3*
«!;iy ia every month.*- *
L CAi:osi:i.ii.\, Kin. tii'i'.'
. L. P. Eckstein,
BAI'.iHKl'CT-AT-r.AM*,       Soi.ll'l 1'0--.     Kt!*. ■
K'niii'i..*. lJt'i, l!4ii.<ici-.-.4m l.!«fU. i-Vn-.i.'. I).'.;.
F..-G, Latoe - .
'  , Tost Otiii.-!; IVioi-lcFi'iT-ift. IJ. C
'    Till"
■a*c?cT.-*-v.vn-.s_uv*-'^ t&^s
, For • 0uick „ Retu ras * *
Mst yonr l-roi-erty willi   TllO.;/   R'llt,"
Successor toT..J. Jliu-knr.nt ''rilK"Oc\VI."
Property for Sale, to Kent or^solinnRi'.     >.
Kents colleetocl,  Kmiiluyinenl fii-'.iislie*"l.
The West Fernie Store
S. Tlarks,   -*  -'•    Pri-prie'tcz-.
Full slotk of ;Ur.y Goci*.!.---. Ocnl'M Knrnisliir.g.-'
*- Oroccric*!, Dools, Slim'ti and Crockery.
From lhe Nelson News ol .Sumlay
we learn that three new names, appear in thu sliippiiij-- list, the Majestic
.Suushini: and i\lollie Jlu-.'he,s, niakiiij*
lliu total number of sliip|>iiij- mines
jo. However, owiiijr lo the cold weather ot' n week ago only lii'ty were
shipping, and the total oiltpnt was
not so lar-je as usual,'The 'shipments
lrom the \ule and Koolunay mines Jior
the week were as follows:
District Tons
Hoiiiidury  24,098
Riissliind ti.yj,\
Hlocan-Kooteiiny I ,. 1,391
_ . niakiiiK   nation   has \nouo   forever,   iT
lound in  prominence  in the recojrnr/cd U.c   conline  our.  ideas' to   onr   island,,
-■•'vcrtsiii-: liiediiiins of the dav. In the,hml   -t  ;s possil-lo  to  ini'aitiiic      that
•MriU-er !of  nc'ckweiir,   and  such, lines,   wiOiin  thc empire  we  mav vet,'    in
we,- hiivc not liad the opportuin'ty    to   tf,c ,Y'cal.s  \_a 'come; produce  as much
to lind tlio -Volume of Canadian trade   ^Avon more iion,' than America did
iis compared with the'United Slates   -nsi  yonr.
Articles; Mint one fact we'arc acpiainl
efl  with,  a'nd  that    is  the   Canadian
wares'of thatc.ass are not civen iviv
extensive  publicity hyt most   I'l.ilitVK.
They have j;no(l 'protection  now, and
■•Vfiii if the diitv.'wcn* doubled llio con-
sci|iicnt increase in Canadian hiiiiii-.'!**
, would,, not  he 'vcrv  consider-.'do     'f
the goods  arc not     put prominently
before  the public.
The legislative chamber down - at
Victoria i.s vory quiet now lhat the
soloiis have ceased their labors. It
was Addison, wc believe, 4 who once
•.pnn'fi yarn out of his fertile ima-j-
ination "about sonic arctic explorers
who won. cooped up i" ** snow hut
(.11 riii'- a lonj; polar winter dunm:
which' it |;i»l so cold llial the men's
voice!-. ,i-o/i* and not a sound could be
lip.m-d bv nny of them even Ihotiu-h
llieir coinvoili'S shonled ul the tops of
their voices close to their ears.^inalh^
sipiin-; came nnd 11 thaw set iu with
most disastrous, resuUs. The cook,
finding that he could not he heard,
(mil permitted 1.himself the Vrnlificn-,
lion of cussin-r I lie captain and applv-
in*r nil sorts of, i-pil lids-'to 11 descrip-  „     Tol.-il    32,^13
lion of his supciiov, to his nll'-v «u-
'flolnr; 'when Hie tli'aw came. Tlie rap-
lain was fislnnlslii'il. # llu'ii hYm-lv
nntriTi'il ns lie Iic-nril tli'esc, tlinive'd out
profnnatloiiR as Ihrv ili-nppvil from
lllr up'ii'V I'l'irinns of tin: hnl anil the
((mi. wiii mn-d llioroti..ihlv lniiiliiisl-
ed. If.'nll tl'is liiildeidnNh that _ lin«
evil- pa»ii''(l up in sound tliroiit-li thc.
wi-shi'S ol Uia iii-.HiiiH whiih is .stretch
ed We-liond in Uic lej-isliilivi* cliniii-
hd- at Vlclorin to slop tlie revi-rlivn-
tiolis, were b-t loo<.c, whnl 11 llii-osli-
tn-! a loi of tin 11c h'ulsliiliirs would
I'l't l( people wire, allowed Ui expfcsi
Ihi-ir fci'liiiKS In 11 iiiiisi'iiliir niniiui-r.
Give Ale A Call. -     '   ,
riontiily Accounts, Opened.
i*^   WsaH]
f aS if e
Biishiiig Lpii^ier and
'-iieiiiliiiiiis^  " .
,1 Cl3<
\il our stock is last vearr. cut and well seasoned.
Kv. j-jr
\V,'ll. l'.(;i-s "•    -J. S. T. Ai.KXAsrr.i-.
Ross & Alexander.
'".' ■   ■'      rr.uxiK, ii, 0.
O'n:o*.''ln J.. T. W. '.'.loc'ii, Viclorli Avi-.rae."
Ji Bss-H-as*, i-p-i
.-  ,' .'."    'BEHTIST
est .of. Satisfaction,";
letoelerg Repairing"
L T. W - lih-i-k,   opposiie
0!ii.;c horny—8 a.m. lo S p.m
Dominion Copper Cn
n, C. Copper Co 	
Trail  i„
Hall "Alines  ',,
W;,:J. Wiigiesworlh,;D, D.S.
0 ;-"*"'.','    r>lil3>T,X,X'3T''
OrVici-: ll'ivnri-' .    S.'n .to VI 11. m., 1 *" •"' l'..m
. il.tli) to o p.m.       ■ "       -
. '    '     Oll'.c'ciit AIi'.n. nui'k'ii lll'H'l;
General Merchant
and Dealer iir Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
ip-nnaisri-ia, b.. o.
The Comfortable Wiay
"C.i-il" iicwspnpers 11 iv uwiiilin*; tlie
ri'iiilt fi'ciin Miu'doiinl'l's iniiioiitv iv-
lioi-r ivllli luil I cd' lin-nlh. C'Iovi-h or
rollci' t'l'iiiiis foi tlm S'l'lsmi N'rwi-
t'linihi-o'ilj  I'l'OMU-nor, '
Alld Mrllrlili- ndiiiliil-iti'fcil cliloio*
(01111 'le*  Aui'incvf.iiii.riil   Wil-oii   to
Ili'C-l  llllll   (|llhl   (111, 111''  I'llll   of  I'll'   M-S
iilnu. t'lovcs anil lofli-i- wi-iv/ioo w-i-iik
tOOVelinilK;   llll' llllll Mill 11   ill   lhc  IK''*
ll-llfi   iif  'tlio*'   ilo'i-sl    to   till'   •iCClll..
— ♦-	
''■'iUiii'. tin- iv.hiiIis of lhe si-.'iidoii ns
n 'wlioti', lliey must he, n-j-ni'ilcd     as
llllll      .*.|ll|.*4t.|l   -Ul   .       Ill      i'i. !,,,!,      .-ll]-'-;
and lu*. »ovi.riii'ii.|'i    N'rlimi V.i'onriin*
M.   '
Hlj-lit tills tiinii! The. lion, Uliliard
in alwuys sntisrn.il If In- -amci-iK iu
i-rlllni!: tliimiuli a M-iisioii and '.hoiild
fi'i'l nioi-i' siitlsfiu-lioii 11iU tIim. llum
w-.i-r  U'r-ni.
 ♦ —
'Mi-*- Atti'i'la Iccisl-iljvd lnw mill lias
licj-an 'itn uriml iii I'.dnwiiilon, niul1
liii"i f|iiin* n lol "f roiitiiii' wmli liv
friiv it. All the laiv-i (o t-ovein (lie
liroviiifi' liavr lo In* liiniiulntnl, liv
-.ifii'H llio lonl-iii-r after puhlici works,
riiinl:i, liiiilu'"!! ile. I* -.niii1* pnviUili-
Ihal  nn 'nttiiiilit will lie Miii-li* (o ln-
dil.-vllv  lll\   till-  C.   I'-Ti.    irinpaliV on
iis liimiiii... and tin- n-siili will 1«-
Hwlfln-d willi iiitrti*'.!, Tin' iiii'dli'
JiWlli-rsliip of ti'lt'phiilii 'i will al'.ii i.r-
rupv flu! iitti'iitlon of llu- law ui.'ik-
irs. Tlii'ic !•• loin to do nml lots of
loom in wliirli to fall don 11 i-vrn
tllull-ill llli. no*.ifimi..-m 1- fii'km! tip
liv a l.ir-.'!' inniotitv. -i
■*AV lake Ihr followllltr fnfti l»Hil
fittnriN 'ri-lnllni! (o llu- roul irnil<*. Ic-
«wi4»ti CiiijhI.i anil llu- "I'liitnl S'i'i'i*
^InriiiK   'Iir   month   '.f   Jniiimrv.   Kii/i
Mi;, and Mrs, J., n, lln vis, ol iVuici-,
Mlici'l, 'are lieirs to a million dollni-s,
Aiv*-. Davis' iiiicUi, l-rofessoi* I'Vriiiind
Clinsseloii, o| Thorns, di>pnrlincut ol
Vlcinic, KrniiiY, in (|iiiti>. ill, and-Mm.
Tiisrlier, niollicr ol Airs, Davis and sin
(it of Mis.'Tiisclier, hns liecn ,lciii|lii'*
',:in iliirlnj- liis illness, A woel: a-jo
Mr. nnd Mm, Davis rei-cived word that
Professor Clinsseloii hnd uinile Ills will
in favor of Mrs. Davis. The professor
Is 'one of tlie liest known literaleiiiH
iu l'Vuiirc, and is ulsii (he pos-U'iisor
ol n liirj,'!! cNtnte. 'llin wunlili Is cs-
llninli'd nl over one million 'iloll.u-s.
Mr. Davis is 11 well known husliii'ss
iniin. Hi- I'liine here In iR;,- from I'ihi*
ln;r, nnd lins liren in lnisiin'ss siurn
1SK0, Hn Is n lilollier of f'clialol* T.
0. Davis, The lu-ivs of tin- i;ood for*
llilii' of llie I'llncc A,1)i'l( fnlililv Iliis
rrciili'd (pilli« n lilllr si'iisntion, hut
Mr, Davis takes llie w-ws with lilllc
i*Olll-l'tll.  I
neinl jtiown
lD.no p in I.v
111,17 pin
Vi 10 11 111
i'i.I'i ji 111
T.ll'lp in
Hi iri p in Arr   Vamhiiiviiii   I.v I "'.pin
in.Hi 11 in Arr     fit, I'.iiil.  I.v in :n 11 m
* - Dully nxi'i'iit .-iinuluy
' IlCflil Tp
Avr, s.ii'i 11 in
T.f-i 11111
ri.n.' a iit
■  s-J.lp III
H.llll ll 111
You leave Fernie
ovei'Slinn'n Hi
l-KHXIK,   .''■'-
'Oilico:   LiT.W. Block
Fjirnii.-         llriiish Columhin
rtmfm 1 w i^'^ - My
ri H -
Have ono of Uieii ia.-gw-l,. slorcK'ii. Fc-rnip.'
li and Smoked Fish.
J'resh !:ish constantly arriving ■ j
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
and arrive. Sent.It.,  Victoria or Vancouver
Vnr ilul 11 llu.I liiriii'iiiii'l<iiiiliii|.||i ri'ii'i**
VIlllnlH, i*Ih„ cnll nil nr ft 1111It*..*t
II, li, Iti.M'KHHINI-,
ll.nlo in-siiyer .\'o!«m SiuuUoi1)
ildlih Silviii- ov l.oml pimli *. -jl.'/'
riilipur ffl-Vl      llnlil-Mlvul',..,. >.X..si
f.liiiVui". lm' «(luu- muliil.i on iiiijilualion
SAKER'ST., NUI50N I      .
iiwin'.i'a i'limio Am
Fernie, I*. 0.
I'niill or Mnilumii Ita,'lii C'(i):,(lull(UiiUl Sulinol
of Miuli', I.11111I011, uml Hlllliw Viniui'!lii,I.''l|"'-
(■ji.-i-,Uiiiy.wIHi-''''i'lvi' 11 lliiiliul minilnT uf
pnpllH riiv Iiml l-ii'il Inn I" flmtlnn ""'I vol''" l'«i-
Terms on Application.
Jfevnie, -28. Q.
Da\*ry & Ladeuoutr'
mtw\,*tj*s iu.untM-*i Hrif^iMUMiMUHiy
'unuuiHwUuu, mum
ort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd-
'   ■ ■ " FERNIE, tJ.C.
ttrawors oi" Extra Fino ;  ..
La^er BetT and Aerated
"' Wjiters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.   '        :
*■ My wlfu toolt T.h Cirlppnivlion Mm wns
li.0liiiiva,"8iiy.'i K. Nf niiloopfNortlilifiM
l-'.n-ni, Om*., In nn Intorvliiw, "Sho x>o\ n
licilllo oTr-ynlilim nnd nticr iisliij,' It turn
few ilnym sliu wns qullo well. I took Ji cold
i.iul iim imin-t; it mul aid Ki'ttin-; ivll rtf-hl.
I liiinU l'i«>ciruii;i!t oni* of tlw licit lonU'-i
oiU lio niiirk**t lo-iliiy."
Tli'Trt ymi liim* llin wlioln miitlcr In n
rm^Vii'll. I.h (Wippi. and i'oU-i ftro amoiiB
IIir forfniniiprs ol'i-oiiiiiimptlon.
This man had mn-, Iiii wife- lind tho olh«r.
Piyclilnu not Ciiily cured Imtli but it huilt
(hem up ao that their bodies nro -.iron*-;
rtii-uuli to rcul.hl iliiottsc All Hucds ol
coniiumplloii are killed by
—i mmum*m**mim**IM*lir wiNmmmimmmmmmmm
"♦I-".-?   -.L--*-
*       m*  *     **, V,
rttilti' Ul
,-lVW      M^     *      ■ *,» 'J
A lull line ul Miiiiili »»•' Mini-
1'ancy Goods
\V\tt RccTuctions in Price;
Muh7.I^. Todd
,,.»>»•».*• •"■"•■'.•".•••t VT
Tho Cnlcrarv
-      ■ si.
Cattle Co.   :   :
\ i   ,-' ■■' <'■//{$& P
- '",,   "i i L
Amis id
h .'i pleasant home
for tho traveler.
rkHurren Bros.
«"-"..,     . *     H   m ,.   r*   n * I        .   .t,
sU-ctitim.*.} rv.ii i un lis-* on. yvumi
ni.!', Siinr-.r-f Hi.-./i'i i>m Hli«*li. iVr:-.lc,ll,«-
(VriMiiMinrfJ Sl-lnt'O
ii.tr    Miitiii-*.-!    w.i.«'.i    wi-
liiiikc   iif*  ill  latr.-it  hlyli-s.
Chnii-i-sl Clll-i fit tn-sll IliriUh ithl.vV:
oil   I'llllll.
lliiiiil;,  liiii-nll,  Mini  Iuul «.'•  W.-ll.
All kiinl:. «*i ff»Mi lisli mi .m-iisihi.
.-ifMlt't   ili-lil-UV.
Ciivi- lis n mil, '
to' I'-U'ltuM/.K  1I0MK I.VlJl'sTIIY 'iVli'
 SlZOGli^E""" i
*o"3sno3sr :cj.a.333ijtj      j
Gt*owfs  Mo3t   Snacinl ;
— -    .       . i.vn ;
Miner'.; ravoplto _CI||ars'
Second-Hand Store
0|nMiiil tip TinJit In Uf-iiin lintel
Unlit.lit' AM).SOLD
Por   Cash
-•1 I. W.  I!   Ttrrig,   Fifolc
... «. *■ *..    ...   . , ii ■ n    i      mii.i .mm^m^Mmt
.1 li'i I i'ii )l(;l>l', funrili  iln tii.tU
i S
'0—***mmw* M
Wholesale niv.l ivtail dealer in
Goutft* Kurninhiiififs, Notions, etc.
Just received a full line oii imp or toil  Tnrlcisli   tobaccos
anil cigarettes,
C.\l! ...wl ii'.i.jK'c! ia} ■..•.:.'!. \\Y".'o  !":)•!";; c'!''i'-'.v!)!''ri\
.      iJ IUCI'OS L0WJ3BT
antral wTtoteh
*cjisr"Dr:ri itn id w *m: mtag iist^ij 'ivv
Jfamcs tScvcr.i, - » - ^Proprietor
Will  fr.ni.-Vi il  nviius.   Tli.*  tn.ili*  i* ni|»i.li--tl  n-itlt  the best
thc uirurki-l nli.it..t-t. 'fin; W» r in Mi|i-il«i-il    s-.itU   tlw   U-t*l wiut-ii,
0 ..
-•* -j
Presented • to - I'ellil.ndge.   -.lectin-**  b*>
-  . ■  • F.  H.- Sherman.
A large crowd of  labor men     aiul
citizens''"generally   assembled   at. Oli-
,vci 's hail on Monday eveiiii'jr to hear
an address <-iven liy 1", II. Slicnnan
ol" Kernie, on-llie causes and -.resent
i-onili'tioii of thi strike ot thu I<elh-
bridjje*. coal miners. 'Mr. Slicnnan
proved himself to be an able speaker
and thoiouj-lily conversant with the
"t-iiestioii which is the subject of so
so  much  conversation' on  the  streets
1 at llie present  time,  says  the    I.eth-,
britl-re Herald.
Kobt.   "Simmons     was   unanimously
ivork*. The work has been in the hands
of Mr. Iti W." Leonard. Associated
with Uiu- wt" E....S. Kolsch, electric!,
engineer, and William, Kennedy, Jr.,
hydraulic engineer,-both of Montreal.
The'waters of the liver are diverted
into a large conduit pipe ten feet in
ilia-mete--,* which takes the water at r
whiiii takes' the -water at a' point
lh«-ci:-qilaitcrs of a mile above the
fall,'.. ' - " -
T.iis conduit, pipe skirls the valley
of lhe Kaiuininistiqiiia rivi-r along _ a
led'j-c "of. hills, lo a point sonic , dis-
laiKlc below the'falls, at which n'oiiil.
a large forehav is constructed to hohl
the .water in reserve previous to» its
Wiii'i-r taken intf- the "steel ipenstoc-k.
which carries the waler perpendicular
lv lRo feet lo IliT- power house below.
The wotk has vecn carried out main
lv wilh  cement and  steel,   and      the
nf  union
He   stated   that' organization
i-oiuihi.-nced ■ in   Camilla -about
years hgo, and since llial   time
bad heri slowly and steadily incre.'i.i-
iiip.   It was  the object of the V.  M.
V. -A.-.;*o' "have    eveiy  coal   miiiinir
camn in    Canada .organized. The
-.p;---fcc* thru took up 'the local sit;
nation.. Home people ohiectcil to uli-
triiiisr*. coiiiinir into Ihcir midst, and
mat.-.* *vere i.f, llu* opinion that tin*
Can.iili.m unions vere fi-m-ernc
!-r 1,4* lhri:-,e' of lhc' T'liitcd Stales..'
■'liis' i.i.f sneoher ■■ *.id.,was not the
rase.' AHhoiioh llu* Cii'ii.Tlian .unions
Tin*. .lOilinl.'il w'i'h 'lv.".*.."".!. ">'■'. nf. -\.
nvirnui/ntion --v.is Cnnniliaii. The in-
**'ncv. Imd ihcir nv"; -.inccrs. pn,\ lhc
■41-s oS T.i>l!t'"id»;e wen- imaniinoiis in
iii their deci-sio-.; '.o nr.'fliii.T, and nr*
tcr'i-iri/aiii/iil'"ii.-ihev- oiidenvorecl to
rr.-vh lhc oii'".". ili'sii-i'd, vi/.. tr- rc-
rcivp v.-iin-fi ii-'d jvhi-kiiifr .-"■widilions
Mini'ai- to "iuw " rvvalciit in other
!>-i:iiii" "niii(-i«i in 1bi,<: count rv. A
i-'oiiiinillcc coiupofjc.V of miners met.
thn con, inaiw.-ei"-, lml wit-: he claimed, noorlv ti-i-iilcrt. j\tr.i Rlii-.-mr.n rcadi
a' let tor lo V. h. Xaismith, Inviutr
forl'i ihr* c.-isi- of the miners, but
r,.-ii<l'Jr. Hi's letter he, ivcc'iyed'no rc-
•T'-.-Shortlv after the writine of this
.Viler,.-! mass mccLii"r was'called, au*l
iifl'T the nucslio'is had liccii discus-
«.-cd 'il'^rouahlv, the iiicii;-',uiauinioii,':lv
:*.-".-i,lv<-fl to susnend one rat ;oiis until
f-.ii^ffirio!-'- agreement could . he
i-rnclieil, fn the speaker's .mind, this
fr>ct alo"" was a siiflicii'iil^pvnof that
' ■••»  conditions  w-ie   unbearable.
Mr.,;S!ici-pi;'n then read tbe acfrcc-
1'icnt thai-Mbi' i-iniilrwrs rcfii"!-* In
sijiiij rind explained fully the merjiinrr
-iiid.'.'necessity of each clause. The
' *wo leadiuir i-r«iiii*st«= wnvi* fil dial
• lie jiiicn in the miner, should ■ work
lml.  t>in-li(. lu-urs  ji'diiv.  .ind   f->"i   Ihnl
Ihev's'lou.d  be  pni.l   ff- 1'w  co"!   i^-n,:-
..j 4>r,  ■ «-»i. ~-  .li.i r...j.i.--i_«4 r :i.i..
 ,11- , *,,4-: , Fl,, ,,—,-.i s— '' I1-! il—i' 1 ' n —' uu-
"nreimieiif. in fii-ov of t"Ii-— ei'/hl-hmir
'lav', for t!;c miiu-s heri'.'"'I-Tc drew, alien ij on Ifi, ll"- frrl (liat on- iirroiml
ff the al-iPiicc of Vxiili-sivo c-isnos in
llif. T.i.ilibridi.re mine-*, lhc ventilation
nt (hi* "it!-., wa1'. no! ■ loo'.'Pil r-'ii'f pyr."
■■''lv,   'i'In>   ni(>i|   4vc'-.4   roiiinolt/.-l in
rjiroii'tli   boi'sfinoii's   irajsif!   which   while
h.\d ' nu-nt  oi ICal-.rtbi'V-i  fulls called, for
three. | head  of one hundred  f.-ot but  bv   l'»-
ll'i'ev 'i'liiii  cari-iid' out  bv  tVc  Knirriisli
onjii   Povcr Companv  it   scnuvs    m-
.'ljlhitiomi.l  seveiiiv  if cot' 'ji   1*c, plan
-.•i   nniiiiu-d  .al.ovc.   The   'A tii.il   con-
Tluirc i.s a tide in  the affairs of inci-
si ruction  of  the.  work  is'almost  fm-
ishc-d, si^ that as soon as the elect peal  niachiiii-rv  ionics  forward   ihe  il,--
,..-.   yc.1-""'1"(."l.  will  be  complete.  The  ii-
'<i ciitire-  'l'a* 'le'velopmeiit will be ten lliousni"1
hoiscpower,  until. Ihe  whole of      the
power is de*.eloped at this point, Tin
nest step will be lo coiistvc the w->
ters  of  .Shcbaudowan  and   Dojr  hiker
which will jrive all the power reqiiiiv-
in thc: f-.ilinc. „
five*- n ihoiisaud men have been 'em-
plovcd in the- work of development
and it is expected when the- work
is'completed it. will ha-i-c cost, in tin-
iieii'libovhood of two millions of dollars. The current is rririod 'from lb-
powerhouse to a sulistation iu Tort
William on a heaw co"'-er ,linc ' r"
tweutv-lvc  thousand 'volts.
.Success   . Crowns   thc Promatcrs'
" forts.
If yon, your fr'ends or velatives suffer witb
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dance, cr.Falling
Sickness, write for a tml bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to The Lei-jig Co.,
179 King Street, \V., Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain fur you
tic fish return to llieir home waters.
Tho Si. Muiij-o Canniiiji- Co,, recently found a wi-11 j-roivu steelhead 1-,ran;l
ed behind the -'.riils with tlie mimh.-i-
"16,007'' the fi»iji-es ' hein-r hail an
inch lohv.-lt was fio-.-en and", is slii!
-"I'.-esM-vcd as ;i curiosity.
Nurseries, Greenhouse*) &   Seed
Hcadqunrters for PACIFIC Corst
GKOWN Garden,, Field anil Flower
Seeds. New crop now in Htock ready
for distiibution, sikyour mercliant fo;
them in sealed paekets. II he ilocs not
handle tlicm we will prepay to yonr
nenvost poEtollice fifty, live cent packets,
onr selection of good varieties, for $1 to
introduce them.
Larse stock of IIOMK- GKOWX Fruit
,-iiiil Onininental treee now matured for
No^expensi*,  loss or   delay of funii
-ration or ifispcclion.
Let nie prico your li.-t beforo I'lac-inc
your    order.      Givouliousei     I latit*-,
Floral Work, IJoe tVii|>|>licK, Fiuit Piu-k
ii»-CB,' l'\'itili;.cis, etc.    C-.iialu^iie freo.
M.J. ilKNliv
it'll.) \Vci:tniiiis:t'i- mad
Vjuii Oliver, It 0.
Q^-*3 **
rof- "p\n1(.--!vi'-, were yci-4-iniurionfs  and
rrHCrflllPIlllv    ll||.ll-    ll,-.[llll|    \l*"i;    lll,ll!li|--
*.|1. Tn '-.iii-.-iiil lo Ihc..'s""'4i4'i' i-i'-incii-ial
ruitsr of 0.-11*it!"Mil, 1'c n-i'il lln- i«iii'-
M-K were.-nol allowed for' anv nut
noal or sln'ek which wiil t.himii>h Mic
'crcpii, and n'i a '-I'suH' Ihev were do,
'•ic '.thi*: work wllhf-'il l-eiiii-iiifvallon.
The'liicii were williuir to allow ' 3-*n
p*-»iiiii1« per ton for ibck. t'Ikii-cis tn-;-
'ler lhc piT'ient 'svslviu, thev were nlV
'owed niionl So per cent of   what tliev,
.ll'.r.      _
The'speaker differed with retard1 lo
!lu> Aompnuv's ,'itnteinenL .tliat uiiilcr
cliniij',cd coijditiciis thev could not operate' 111 .n profit, nnd ''was finite wil-
liii!,' lo nin'-e diniU'es lii the vefiiiesl
nroviilintr the onci-alfii-« would 'show
||!iii"tlint   iliVv were rlnht.
"Mr. "-.hei-man then cnlled thc 'altcii-
lifiu of the o-nliniipfi |o llui political
'.•Ircniith or the i'iihoi- men, nnd showed lhe •■dvisiil I"!v o" foi-vfii-diinr the
'•'Uli;.-' r.f labor tliroilfh the Inllol It.fjv
TTp said: '"Striken will not take place
wlii'ii iiH.p [rel ediiealed inlo si'ttliiii*;
labor illlliciillies bv leiriiibilion, Instead nf throiU'li the liiedliiin of
ll.lil.CH, The liuineiisfi power placed III
Ihe liniid'i of the l-ibfii' iiii-11 would shut
out crmilHIniii I lint nt present exist  nl   T.clhlii-iihre,
Tn (loj-iiif i\Tr, Shevinnn staled Hint
'ho ilnv had pnnsod when corporations
foiihl import foiviiruers lo lower the
wii-'is of the IviH'lish siieiikiipr-pcoph.
ITe nicnlloned rii'icii where .Tnpnnese
find '.'liiiii'di' In! nr Iuul 1 i-i-i*, iniiiiiit..il
'ii-ip, The |ii-iibl"Pi w.i'i solved hv 111I-
linl Iht'i ' nl.sli'.flo vii'i I'ti'dli oi'ci-*
mil I lin. Ilii'se i"eii Inlo I be V. 'nf, W,
nr A for the fitvi ihm. |n (hn hlstoi'v
np-'lv oi-(i-iiiil.'.nlioii,
At  the rlfisc '*r *\ri', Rtioninnt., pbh>
lll'trr-I'VVn,    pin   f I'M (vlMfllt    f|1h)lV|.|1    ( 111 I'll"
'H|C"lio|i'-, hit "'i,'nn iiik.i-I.4i; ii-m
"re«"iil tlie pi'lvllec'c iif ci Kit 111 jr nnv
'o«ih(.c,nilii|r, 1 he niei'tliui w.m iIImiiInh
bt].       '
T.n TI1nii.sa1.il Iim'4i.ov.i-i' Will    ' Hi-
1)|.Velii|'n'il   ,''llf>rlll',
Tlm work of ili-vi-lii|iiiu* lhe water*
piiivci- of K.il.,ibe!.'.i K11IIn, nIxIi'CII
iiilleii w. nl in" Knrl WilHiun, li.-i'i hi-i-ii
luilli/eil, illld I'V .ll.l'.e 1, I'Ht'A the ill*
ilutitI'liil wheehi nf Knrl. WIUI11111 will
he net  lit unit inn In- the elect licil ell-
(.fn..   1\ -.*-. V'14mI    nl     lln'i'.l   f-4lli.
MesMM, TT, S, Uiill.'O, IJ, TroA'mer,
nnd K. \.. 'Viiir,upi4iiii li.ive. cxiTi'ilml
iveii their nun iMieiliilioii,. In mnk-
lii^tihli ili'i-ihuiiiiiiil. Tn roii'ilileralilv
h'HK I Iimi 11 vinr tills rn111nn.1v lifiJi
cjiitIi-iI  mil.  nn   Iiiiiiipiimc  (.ii|;lneiM'lnir
Diuicr.n Mcintosh returned last Monday irom his two months' trip te-
Virloriu where he. and ltohert WnocU'
and Mi-, ltalph' * Smailes, ' have
been fighting'the"'case of the „Midway
i*t,'Vernon railway.-says the ]lntiiii1ar\
Creek Times. When,seen b.'v the'Time:
on Thursday -Mr. Mcintosh was rcluci
anl to discuss thc. Midway 4*v Vernor'
question, because'there remained, one
sin ill imt ..important item to finish before the case was completely won. AP
familiar with the ense'know that Mr.
Mcintosh went to" Victoria to prove
to—I lie^-j-fo-iT-nimcii t^t Ilut—the—Tifi'in\~a~='
.-V Vernon were entitled to lhc financial assistance at one lime pledi-vd'lithe • government and nn to the Mini"'
of-*, his departiiie the mission ha-.1
hooii atlciided with success, Tlie out-
lliiiur slill to be: done was toprovi
thnlthe work0 was started hv a cer
liiii date and.that the position o'
lhe. companv- Is perfect 11- • bona* fide "
These, details are in the hands ,of Mvp
srs.   Woods  and  Smailes."
While it was impossible at the 1 in"
of 'the interview lo stnte absolute!*-
MuVt the sul'.sidv would be paid, vet
Mr. Mclntr'-ih was morallv cert pit-
that it would. "Afler, thnt," h,* >aid
"tl.e* fivsi sinp will he the payment
of nil liabilities. The eompnnv ' wil'
pav 'its debts first. Work will he
started inst, as soon a1--, the m-o^er or
liaiiizatiou work, can be effected, met'
spciiivd and nil 'nrraiic'eippiits made,
'"Vine ol onr pipii expect lhe void w'T
Ic eninpleted this venr, hut T think i(
will , nrohnhlv lake until the o"t""'i'
of ico?, The v"ii-i,-, how1*"'1'-, M'iJ 1 le
vnshed as rapidlv as possible, "
Victoria, 11. ,C, March "07.--The
victoria-hound i*.asseujrer train on 'the
l'Ncj-oimall i-v .N'aiiaimo division Vii" the
0. P. K., had the narrowest possible
escape. Irom disaster a day" or so ae,',)
jr.sl afler passiuj;: Chcuiniiiu,-;, the
watchfulness of the' fireman heiiijr
chellv ■ rcspoii'iible ror the imuii:iiil>-
of the  train  from  disaster.
The   tiivinaii   wai   < I;   lh/* loiAoiil':!*   - „-        „ __        ,_B
from the cab \vin*-,.y.v and noticed an.!§ M^S ¥©£3 HSl/ttitBiy
immcuse fir toppling and crackini; be- 'S
fore its' fall. Its incline was-,towards,
(he mcte.ls and he shouted tn ■ the
fjiii'cr just in ,tinic. The ciij-itieer'ap;
■-.lied the emergency brakes, and although the- trccfc came crashinij down
and fairly across the' track, .nnd (lie
Vconioiivp phmsred into-(he nhstruction, the momentum had' been so p*
'lnced laat. Ih". iniurv had 1-ecn c'011-
fin«d to llip inpomot.iv.-'.. lli-lT-er ntih
fireui'-ii iiuuni'd and cseaned with a
few bruises  and  scrntrhe<!..      <-
The cnirine had both side rods broken clean off, and crime home on n
'ar.-Th- driver, dropping the parlor c::r
at Duncans.
' FOVXn-Tlllv • LOST   WILT,.
Victoria,']'. C.'"March 27.--The lost
will of the late Krank rhiscator iii
Duwr.011 has been found, acconliiiK to
letters from the Klondike thai have
just conic to hand, in the safe which
had been on Phiscator's claims on Kl-
■h'lrailn  ircch  for a   loii'j ll'.ue ,pasl.
Hv tlie provisions of the wiil, all
tlA i-sta... of the '(".c.id claim owner
roiiRlilv valued at over P'-'-n.ooo, is
left to his son Frank, now 1= vears
of acre,' who is aileudiinr school al
Portland, Oregon, ''''he' will was made
at T,rs Aiij-vIps on ilTarcli'7. lOo-i, aud
was witnessed by Attorney       Maron
Phiscator himself was'lhe onlv mar
tx 0000 0 ess a nemo sax-. •< snsz£iati&2 *
to .,, If .ml,'you lira uiiihiiic' some
ig :   p! tiie choices'. liKTiiHin*  ol
tlie century.   , ■  "t
B'.-i.il-.i'ilollJir 1.1  R. T. I.OiV
l-.UV, Kolioii, H I..'., and  »et V
•ii- rn.. ,1  4-.,.... !llu-[ g
i'. iTgulnWy for ji
rise out (.1 the rut.
T. NDERS 44 ill bo rec ivc.l liy-1 lie mult vsvccil
in tlio Kraiiini'iiiuiiviiltiiiii!^ ni ll:u Ki«fll,nl]
|i'iilililtUi)iill'iCi-!)c. Oi-cinn.! lo lu no y.u-J,
li;, (i,'iyurili 'i'tiiilf-r.! t-i l.e in rut Int.-i-* lliji-
A lillst IfiOC. l.owe.st erui y lii-.i!ei'i:ut - ui-c.-i
s rih 'iiccuptii i
Thus Ki:rni
Sn-'ytl . . I. nml A. /
C tiU'."i-c!v I".-
<.^*.s^t ...
Noticoto C'o.'itr.tctors.
The Contiaclors of Fernie -will i«!o:iu.» .1 «>.
notice. Unit nfl«ji'Ajii'iUla' l'Kil, 111*.- Ciiriitiiitu!
mul .loiiier of l-'einiu J.nciil  liiii will iliimtr.,:
four do lln is'$l.(.l'Uor uisl.l. (S) lir:n.s wk,
,\V.*A  l-4i.-.-sii.l.   ,
I - J-ri'di-'dit
V. I'.ol r.&  .,!,'.      -.".-i foi nie.        *   ,
® - .   '
Than have ever been sold in this
town belore—more artistic ' iu
desi;.',ii und eol'irim-;—the kind
lb-it gives tone ami character to
vour  house.
Mmst hiiws
th-it you cmiiiot     jiet ilsewheiv
iu Pel nie.   I would  like   to rhoiv
them io you. I have the cheaper
,;-radc-.  also,   if  von   want   them.
Electric' Supply Store
.    Al!   kintls ■ of   Kioctvical
Goods' hcpl'iii stock.
■■ Ay work
foiiiN Tukxi-Pv,
5 Read carefully al! the i
"=r= Advertisements in, |
this i*:£i:e;  and   Pat- 5
roni'/e . our Adverti£■= %
*& -^.--^--'fc 4v*<i-1 ■a.'^^,^;^^ ■^,'tf
"'Vo-ifc s a ii d_Kd ward- If 7T"eh I lev"
'••■' ii--'1 (|.-4 riiiTiV,i;iatioll of Ile safe
-mil at h's death it was therefore lie'-
-iSS'irv to breal; it open,. The safe
wns accordiuirlv teamed to ' Dawson ,
where it was forced hv .Tacli Sale am'
''i"v:i:*( Mcni'.ies, in thc presence of
ofT'cials..- -,     '
tn m mum-
|■iur.-.c.s.iOi- t-i :;:ilii 1vbc|
Portts'aits hy
$3oSO a doz. tip
i© work e-isstlfks th-e peicc arsd     •   -^
-■     •        ■     -   8
§-"fe'B-se Ps-'ece afisTtSfs of his feesfc work. |
(•)■'.. ■ ■* '.*(»;
I      '•■-.■• -. -8
g SUtzUaz    Opposite Lhc rtic.JhGcS.ct Chttrcli g
#   , • ' A -®
""">*'*».'^'*'iJ*T-.'^'^'Jio.~?C*'i?i   ,Z)'i.
- v •''^'iiist ?}&{*}$}(*'f)3> ^'i'SKy
tl   SrM^im &
Cony,",-'of Vic'*."--'!'! Avcni-
:t:ui Genimil   Si re.:
-Aljl.'^u tS.t_fT_
i.TU»4-r-i^i=n-^t*i,"i*-i^*4.-i^.v« \;
Choice Cuts in all".kinds of Meats
Finest of Fresh and Salt Fislr,
M^^J^v^^.cx^^^JJ^^c*g^^J^JM/'>^^w-^^wwv^^y■^^^.7^ i tur^....-^,, <*i *_-. |----L| - ^iVi-q**-'-'- ^ *"■■ -i*nf rt-iii itii'i- ft
t  (same of a 11 sorts in season'    :
.*. rki^Mjc ^» :tw3ta
.im i* mr,T.\.rjmXmim.\SiSmlkj*■ h*jv*
Kl  -
trflo-rsfiS   Lii"fe
Can  he  enjoyed   bv   taking      yonr     meals     al
Th©-Royal Resasaairant
Yictoria, 11. C, March • 07,—Cliiff
Geov-fe nl the Cn.pil.infr tribe of In-
dliins is iiialiiii(f n tour of the province .iililiVNsliiji- the lii-bes 'nnd hiihliuu
llieir t-hiels niul headmen attend <>.
(I'l'eiiL 'conveiitiuii of tliu unlives of
llriiish Cohi'iililii, lo be held nt. K11111-
loojis 011 th.- i-uh of April iiud' foi
lowinj*; rfnv'i, The Cnpihinn ehiel is n
111 iii* of 71, K|..>nkiii-r Imlli IChkIIsIi and
Kreiuli X) u-iii.lv, an well nn seven withe. l(.ii:,'iit'S or illnlccts—-Uiirliilnw.
N'.-i.i'ili.iii, WeKlnilnsler, Cninnx, iSlii-
1111111 Scfichell. nnd Chinook, After ill,-.
ei'.ii'.iiU' various iiiiillem finch ns tin
iviiiljiulineiii of nsrvwi, Uie K.1111*
W*(i--- ei.iiviiitinii will pri'pnro-n ineiii-
oriiil lo Kiii-jj Kilwnril, which will he
pr-'i-nU'il in person hv ti deleKnte w-
loctcd lo iiinke the .'miriiev to Mil-.',
lni'.l, There,will be (iv.t ten llifi-.isnnil
llnliilllH   nt   llll'   llllf   POW-WOH',   IK'COI-il-
iii|j to present plans, nml the I'Mlhi-r-
Idlf will be (lie niost Inipoiliiiil in
v,Tftefii Cniiiiillnti lilnlorv.  ,
Victoria, IX. C, "\faich 2;.--,\ttor,-
u-y h'l mil; iri-y^ins who acted for the
•late of California all Ihi-oujch the
..'olliiis extraililifjii iproceedinifs, has
,'.;oiie to San Truncisco to endeavor
lo secure a .setlleineiit of his bill for
nrofessioiitil services, nn.-"! also, to col-
'eel llu; hill of thc court stcr.on'riipli-
er, Mrs, .lllj-.Ii, innoiiiiliii}-; tr. SC.co
odd. ' ' '     I
As will be rcinenilwivil, ' tne cane
here lasted several weeks and ^Mr,
llilf^iiix, who lind. been relriiin-.l bv
Detective Oibsoii slid Assistant Slulc
Altoniey Whiliii'-, w;is lo vi'i-civc ?7.-i
I!li;;h iin'M'iilcd their accounl.s in
ihu* co-.ii:;,' hut icccived no lu-kiKiw*
led^oiiir-nt fur some time. Then came
letter.': in which lhe California aii-
ihorities dccliin-d ■ lo allow either
The ililllenliv appi n-s (o be in nrt-
iiislin-r llnhllilv, <hc citv nllejiiJi!'
that lhc county if. respoiisibh*, and
vice  veirn, "
The niiifiinil due Mr, lTii;i'-ili". ruiv:
Into five .fiisin-i'S, inclinliii'/ disburse-
n.eiils, while Mi-I. Illi.rh's bill U
CP?-, N'ol onlv in Iho ro'irl. hIi'ihic-
vnnlier mil lhe niionnl of hcv work
at (1-e n--i "iei-i'i d  •.(•■■lii. bill   also the
'■'•i;!   i*f   niile'-i-'bi  lied  the  wniri'S      of
nfi'ii'-lnn1''..  AH hd   li-.-ii"iei-!nts   .v.".-
ll'.eil  .'', loth  llial-. of Ci.lllii'i  '11  '-Sin
■fifty Vein llie Standard
A Cro aw of Tar far Powder
A Nl-.W TIJOni' I-'ORMKIl,
Vietovla, 11, C, Mnvrh 07.—TJfiit
Cnl. IToliiics, I). O.iC, hns fiiitlioH/-"
pil (lie foi'liinllon of n Itoop of Cnn
mliiiti mounted villiH in tin* districl
of, Niiiiiiiino, I'liiksvllle nml .Mlii-inl,
to, be nt 111 (hnl lo the Cmuidiuii inilil
In nud lo perforin inmmil, inilnin;-; fm-
1 a dn ve',
The. fnnnntioii nl Un* -trnnji lin,:
hei'ii  plnced    In   the Iiatwhi of  ,V.  \X.
tiiiincv, r.f rnrksillle, who liolil-i     n
,   .      .     ,4     (.      1, ,.• . •
. ll,ll,.,|,4...*.,.l    .1|      41.1       I  ,ll>...1,...1      ...14.41,.,
■Mid eoimnan-li'd (' i-muvaiiv V.   C. V
sl.illoiieil nt lliilllnx iliirliifr the lhvr
T.juli tr<.«.|i(r finds ,lus own hor*.-,
for whli'li tin* ');ovcriii'in-iit nmlios nl-
lowniirr: the iw.-rniiicitt  nli-.n     pro-
i-blni-    i.illriiiu   f/,t*   1 rO'iii, i-   nn.l   1. r,r"'i
uniform nml wddliiy, ti.iiispoil.itloii,
to nml frfini rjiiup., ile, Iwi.-.j'-** the
ir.ir|iei-s ilr.uv the le^iilnllon pnv »>r
ihr  Ciiiiitillnn inlliHn,
I'i* iii|.|i-,'i.  ini ii'diieii'   lo  Ih.
nl .-\ll..iVili( 11 I i'i f< • '1---I-.T-.
l' allilnP-
.Mariou r.iiil,;e, C. I'.,, May .10, 'lJ2
I h;i\i- hiiiiilli-il Miii.irir-. I.iuiiin nt
iliiriiij,1, the pust ye.ir, It is always lhe
lirst liiiiniiul ii.sl.eil for heic, uud im-
(pieslioiy.ili,y the best 'seier ol all ill.'
ililTi-renl kiiuls of liuiiiu-nt I hiinille,
VICTIM'.'.   Ol'-U'lll.CK
,\s il.e nine -in'-t'-i lhe v.i'ii tniillu*
lies to unit nslinie lhe leiunill'l <>f ill"
vleiiiii'i ni ihi' Yiili'iir.ii ilisiislrr. C,
V. Toppinj:, it ivceiit nn-ivnl liolll lln-
lllllllfii-hl cable (ilnlioll Jill tin- west
ro.isl, .iiiiiiiiiiitis that tlmsi- ili^iii'.cd
In p.'ill-nlllli'i the beiiell ill the llcU'll-
lioihooil ol   the  ..-lot   while   tlie  thill
''l-.ii'i JA.if   J;.'..J    ii.J.-1   .. !    ..i.-,l-l)
slaiitly }iii-l.lii'; up t'i- in in:, Ir-;-- nnd
oilier porlIons of lhe hod is ol tho'-e
tost in that (iitn.'-tiojilie, Duiiui; tin-
p.lHt tllUl* OV filMI- V.ti-liS in-lili r
lhe coniilalilei; i i,i|ihii'i'il llol' the III-
iliriif. Iti.im' ui >i nn ii ii .i -.•i.i'ii iiii.in
Tims.- lhat leiii.iilinl in the w.itcr nn-
t:l iMn lime uie !,o ilecniiipnsi'il niul
iniitihilid rr. lo make liU-nt llu .it i.m
;.|l itii|.i.-:-il.|lllv.                  • ;.
•' yOTfCK i •■' creiiy guenliinr fin? in -lit'i si'
*. r ihite mi m |>'i.'iition  *vilI I u neulu   In    tin
■'i.iViii-nor in t'mini-il liv Valentiiii! Hy-le  b.il,-
,,l,um.'.-, Ituin, riiarhm ll .McN.-ili a'ti.l Clsiir
(I,; riii- 1 j ttli.-1r.ii, VI .count   C,.jbliniii,   un
.1 llin pn. v's'oii.'i nf fliiijilur !i'.' iil'lliC ltc-vi,(- ■
• ntr.t.-s nf I'lir.iitln. lm*  | oriiii-4.~ii-.il  tdi  i-iii..
-.tuii.-t i'i ins, Looms iiii.|'iillu.t.,iin  inviMiii-iii.*
lo^'stin..-iiml ifiiviniiliimiiiii'i o.s".l in llu* Ki.nl..
mv ll.ifi* in S lUtli   Miial Kiiiilci i\;\   Dillit!:
I'nlii'.i.1 In.
Till- | IllllS Ilf tll'l Wlll-I-,* pl'C.llO-iCl In 'ho    f inv
,t'.iu:'nil nml ll ili;9(>>i|iti(iii ni (hi-t.itu llii-iiii!
i.< i*.*. ulreil l.y tliomiiil A'-t liuin l.scn ilcii.-i-;it.
.-.| «.tli ihcRci/thlinroi l.iu-.ilTillo..ut."N'ulM.i
ll. i . iuul nitli tlm >liiil:,k-i*dl' I'uliliii w.-.rli.
i! (!iiiiu;i, lintiii'iii, *
I-, t..ilutl'1-i n'.s-niik IJ.C.tlil..tinliilnrcl|-,:i i:
W. I'", (U.-IIH.
-:!,1 Siilicll.n- foi' tli.i iip|itii':i!ils
NOTIOF. Ishei'uliyn vmi Ihnl III iluvs nfiui
iliitn 1 hiliiuil In upi.li/ in il.ii I lilof Oiiinie.i.--
hIoiici nf I ,n min hiid iv. i K.i In u llculIM) In
priiiiiiiKit liirciinlnn I pitinlcuii' nn llififollnw-
ni|;il rciII.imI Iiui.Ih hlirnii: i lim.t, m.u lallfi
Nnrlli   ul' ,Miiuiii.*uy Tuiinsilu on Iliu    Wunt
i.i.- i.i iln- 1-JiK It vci* l'';ul Ki nti.'iitiy Dintrii'l;
iiiii>iiiiiii..I'Ii; nt :i piitil phliitii.l nn tliu Wciit
uiUi.': nl llm I'.Mi liiii-i' iil.niit i.lu* iniin .N'ol 1 li
'Kim llm .NoiUi-.mHl. I'ul'lHl' nl ,Miillln-4i,i
l''iwu-.i(()i tliin.i (• .Nmlii ni'ii mill) li-llow ,-,e
r.Jid linn nl llm I'llll Itivj;*, llitiiinn Wo if oiu-
iiilli*, tliuili'ii ^nul li nun in lie, tli'Mien 17ii! ni-.f
mllis t i tlio piiiiit ul i iHiiiiiouroniciil.
.1. A. Kksni.mj
- li,'i per A,.I  I'.ilwi'U.ilii.ii*-,
Miirrhlii'.h I'i-.'], A|*-;lii
NiJTKM..   in lien-li.v Hlemi   Unit  IM   'In.vs
iiltm'iliiti', I lllliillil In* H| lily In tlio Ulliuf
riiii',i)ili.Klniii.|. nf Liimli mul m iirlt.i lm* a II-
(iniiso tn pi-(in|i(ii*t. I'lrcoil unl potinlouni nu
(liu J i. 11 o %s* i i u* 11 u.. i.-111 i i) ■ I l;i».11 n llm We..I. .'ililu
nl'llio Mil; Hi im'lu Mi, m. li.*).)! miny Dlitili'.l:-
(.\iniini*neiii>; ut ii iiii.'il. |)luiilcil uu Iliu Wc:.l.
lumli nf llm I'llll Klvu' iiliiiiit i.iiii inilu Sunt li
finiu tlm Noil li I'lu.it dm mi* |.n*l of Miini**i.,v
'IYiWUmIo, tllrlien Soutll llli.) Inilu liilluuIiih
tliu llilii ut'Ilii'I'.lIt lllver. Ilmlii'o Wb-st. nlm
iiillf, llidiii'u Muiili nlm a,ilu, tliuix-u Kii'.u tu
I lie pnluI iifiMiiiiineiU'emiiiit,
.1. -llrii.v.1
-11,-i pur A, .1. |.','.iiivi.-ii.-.li>i iv,
.Villi. I  bilhlHUI. Al.'  1
N'iiTIi i.i. I didliy «Ivi-n I lml 'M ilny*, nlliir
.Illn, I'itilei il In n|i|ily to llm Cllhif l.'niiitni-i
•Vnl.cr ui I .',luu iuul W»ili*if'ir ii llri'ii'i' |.«
iii1. i.|i'i'l fi.ii'i nl niul liiilriiluiilil nu llm ful lnw.
mi/,!,•>.•: II i'.l l.i I ill rt tun If nil llie. Wunt liiilil;
nl tin. Mill Kil'i'i'ill II ii l'):i*.l Kiinliiliiiy Illn.
lili't i • lli'iiliiliiiii: nl it liui.l iiutll.i'il.l, llm ii'u
*l |.|, Ciiiiuu" lliiniT I'niitli elm inilu fiill-nv*
li,i> II.i. Iii.i.iil'tlii: Mill lliiui; HiKiieii Wi"it nun
iniin, I In i it Mm i v 11,ul iiilli-, I liuui'i.. Mm nl  nun
I.lllll t.i Il.l' | nllll ul |.|i|illlll.llll'lll|.|lt,
I'. M   ll.ii:lili.ii\'
::.-i                            per A. iLI'Vinji'iiiMiHiiH,
iliu.-li lull !■' ■!, -U I.
MTI Kill l.-iliiiiiliy elvi-n Iiml :ui iI.i.vm nil it
lliiii., I hiliiuil in n|i|ilyln llm ill,lul i'iiii,ml*-
i Imi ml I.iiihI i niul Win kit, fnr n lirelir. >, to
I ii,*l |.|..I. I'm*ei ul mul iii'ii'iili'iiiii nn llm lul-
li 44'|||K  llll.|.|ll.||.| llllllfl pllllllllllll llm III-(I llll
nl Mn i.t liiiiituniiy.-lli.iiluiiliitf nl ii liu-.! iiunl.i.l
",i. A, Ki.|inliitt'i.H, W.Ci'iiii'i"! Ili-mi-ii We-t
,.; ii inilu, llieIHn Nuilli nnu inilu, llii'iini Mini
i.i ii inlli., lliiiiil' H.uitli imn inilu in tliu  i-nliil
III   CliUIIIKllll'llllllllll.
n I'lrxiri'i'
- X, jur A, J. I'.iin-i iuiii in,
•i,Mi-li mill X't»). AkkiiIi
iiCyt:rr.', c'ay or, RtEht.
.'i'-,4-o I'.onn -....ill. uf llie Klli. liivirCle.il
wjuxs.-* i-^ui^t*^:x«yA*^* in.-.uj^i^m.i..
ijiiiredors ei lililers
, ' l'lans, Speeifientioii!! and Usti-
ninten  furnislicil  im
l'lentv or cnnii
lii'in tiN' iiAxn.
Al'i'llll.ecl       aiid  Sliperilltrllilelll.
("Iliil c   ill   UeiililuiU'R,
IIAK1',1{  ST.,     - ■  -     KKHNII*., ll.C
B. 11.-COOK
|Siu'i*i"i'ior |o J, C.  IIii|i-|)iiii:i,|
Ir. pi'ep.'ireil to tielivcr Milk,
In  conjunction with-lhe lfoyal  Ifotei.    Thc   l,...sl     .meal
city for   ?.$   cents. -A   few  nuire  leiru'l ar   boarders dcsii-ed.
is,, respect I ally   r.olicilid.
AT.L WMITK nr.;i;p     lOU'LOVK]*).
Yu'.ir  pr
in .' the
rViiRSo S'V'L' liOFiLZEL, Pr-oprceicress
T]io  place -to   get  ifc is   ai;   Kenny'«, tlie
Tailor.'"v\U tlio latest.' dosf^n-s mul I'iihvics.
Victoria Ave.
'C ni io
K C.
fy$<ww'$$Q<!it"b$<ti-*}$$Q$4 -Oi-'S*-* ^♦^♦♦♦^^♦<$-<S;<J^<><>«-$-♦♦<♦
ilisillCis  ill   lhe        hiiildilij;-   be.
ib.el;,  wlii'ii-   I   will   lu -pii'iineil
\ilii>. eiili'  l.i jfive
1   have  leopi-ned my  b-oot and sh. e
rivceii the Wahhnf and the. •■osluliice
to incut all niv old i-uMniiii'i's and   any new 'one
nie  a   cnll
IJcpniriii"- done while you wail, lJiililn-r woil; a spi-iiull e. Shoe?
Innili! lo order, Salisfnelioii |>iVii-aiileed lloolhhiik i,laud in i-oinie<-
tion. All v.orh il.tiii* at   leiii'iiiiuble  pi iVi ,s.
If you wniil :,hoi"-, made lo lit von, i;i\e ua* a rail, nil f onlv
use (he l.i'-il sofl   v.hile  lentiier for haml i-.ev.ul ji>!>s
<;.•>* H-*'H*'.>**v*-i*'-p$<>**K'$'>^^
\&&W7r*fat£.{i'».''M  i'ii   u.i-.J".v»n        11Ui-U,\!mG.ti.' Ji lilt. Ill Ws, Os,
"\VliiIf*** vou j'l't  your sho i  done I  will (jive ymi  n  eh.iiiee to see
ior.li'wllh y;h plctuivii ol'iln.  ,Ia|i;iiiese-l!ussiiiti  war,
L:ii,l I.;
Bullci-mill:,     ImvsIi
•■■], :\\v.\ IViirv Mutlcr
over)' ilay.   ,
fnlirft Salisfdcliofl Guaranteed
«jyty«****-yf-,f':4,i;'V*-4iv*-^i.'i ^ *^mti^**mrtij*r****r*> ***** *****<*
60   YCAnS'1'
■..BM..»»<.»«l«*ilW1*»*'l«l**Hl^"'Hlil.. '—I ■" +*mm*
Vlctnilii, 11. ' C, Mnn-lt 57^-Skti-
ttinim.inil mtehevc s-ilin.-in fri- hin-.'
iusl lierii tn uiul loos.* In the VjiiijiI*
mr. *nlir*s, This Is the (ouilli venr In
wlilili thi* lias h'.-n ilo-ie, riiiil ih.*
n-jlierlc-' ilujinrliiient Is wafelilu.; willi
'iiiuh iiinr<*il In tte If iii roiihn*
ilnni nr**- <<iTrf*l sinl tin* fi-h fr«: tA
fo'i'i v-'iiis nifo will ron-.e baeU ' thi-
*rn«:nn in ^p.iwti for the firs? time
TIii« ,*.fc,<«i ffiiineil hv a Mii.ill <itrr.iiii
'lllll   f..l1l    H'.-lli'l',   In   llllltll   Ilh-   VOIIIIC
oflov'  nc.iii;<j...o si-cm *i* In* lik «iM •_,..
«f.i»i.«i  fo fi,.|||   for 1iini«.lf. j^-5-"
Tin* ColiHul.ir. iiiir liiitilnrhs fmii '     '
■nrt aso 1v;.*ii1nl'.-, r.i-n.Vr of vimu" I
t*4tt V.*
iiMiii'.i. mjrich:.
.'i"l'l-".-:, ili.ii ;p ihy . uf'.-i
il.ile, 1 i,n,n.i lu .1'iji'y iu Ih,' iiuii
Mi. .si. n.i  i|  1,'I.iIn .iinl iiiii I.s (or    a
'.|>iii,il   O.iJi.se   In till   nil.I s.ll'Y .IM.1.
1 imlii-  ti ..iii   ilh-   l.illi.ii'iiii;   ili-Kiiili-il
ill;;     it    .1    I u'.l    pliilltlll    111
•V «l***-*^ *" - *-t v&*
HV.Nd.V M   aV  CAN'A Iti AN   .S'lJItl'IIAVi;**!'
M M.Sii lll*,(U'l„M'li..NS,
Trtiioe MAnito
Cop/rnoHTo Ao.
Jttironni'.Diiilliifi n tknlcli mul itimeriiitlmi Miiy
HI? W¥%WW 3
Lntlloo nnd Glr.t* I
We will Iielp you Kccitrc thi.i Lovely far Scarf.
mnde. from  celccted  full   furred  rkinn, nf  Rich
Black Conoy Fui*..  nearly fill ineln-s  iu lciii-th,
oi'iintneiitcil wilh Ion*; fur Inihs,  nml fnncy neck
chain,    Most warm mul coiiilorlablo, r.nd inailc in
the very latest htyli*.    Wo oro u Reliable Com-
/*-wr*'--»'w«    pcoiy. iuul we winl  jjoml Iniiilwcrtlij* ii};c-iitfl to
■vt-^i-J'Sli   'nlr'"'l"-c  fbtoA  Hope Vci/i-tablo 1'ilhi into every
'/%iM$$$fl   ',otnc'   W° rociuli'o no monoy in ndvnnno, just
/ //»F*b -A*s*i "l■'l"•m •i<"ir ■■a*"c -,n,, ,,('|||,'ll•' °* ow a,"i *'v<'
' vSaGil^l v,il* r',*11<* J"u ^-'O*11 Roxsa of our raniouu Ro-
^^*^\w\ mi'dloa. Hell llicm nt '.'he \vt Ijo.x, nml v-lun wn
f I fitSllMWrn receive the money for the I'llli which we uill m-iul
tt Uifwiwp5il3 y°M 'i'I"'1^'"1'-''/ "f"-'' you lmve Milil tliuff:.'. wi.itlt
V^!/fti^'^'\l ■""' rtll,l',:,',• l'10 iiK'i'cy. we will tlu n |iiniiiptly
'     lft-!:iMll<,' M"Ml' ■v''u y(wr ^Vf Scarf.    Our (looil lh)r I'lll'-i
f'vvi 1'i't niea.'ii'iiiril Ueini-ily for nil we.-ik nm! iinpiin-i-omll.
VIJV tlon-i of the IHooil,   ti  splendid   Y.uile nml   l.lfn
„ «■       i'.ulhhr,    Tln-y nrc dsy ',<•» mil, r.ml .-in- in nrvat
lUm-ind.   Don't m'nti thl-t opportunity to m-ciiic UiIi tllocant
FurGcai-r,   VVrito to-tlny,
a ■ *-
tlintnt ti'itfcr.'wil limit chitrno, 11 tin)
.,  Ali»n.Ur,molf lltiirtrslntyfMiVfc  l.nreM rlr.
... , ,        .    .    ,   '    lultiU.n (,t »t.y ivoiiUflu |>iiini«).   'li-riim. 81'»
('•'lit- 11 id l.iii.|.| iiiii.v li< 1'Uiiliii *i"l id/li'i    .f ,n four moiiili., tl, HuULl'MI nnwiiluulmu.
..„■,,.,„..,.,M.n«, mi ..inic. ..ni- ...iiiii-i.-.'.i [ MiiMM u rt-j aoiitro-ni^.Nut// York
It'"" om^. tlu V HL,Ws.u'.ln" li."
i.. i.
lii,'   I.,::
(|l!r»*.< 11
f.n th.'h
r th-
of a. .r. r.n-.
timlvr li»-.-l.v, Xrinn  ,'ilnilt
mn tli  ami  -to ilnin ,  ivi**i
.r.hi • ,1 ni'ii,r oi l>.l     .-'u.
«.    )"..4^1    K'l m.-II. IV*   ill .ilii I,
l    *o   *h:i-Ji*v,    t|.|.|ii'
I .if l i- , , ■
,\iit niiirnlliiili MJil ii.'.-i"! nlil  lm Hi.i|',llii.l I'.l'
nlil- .11 111 I'lllii 111* riilil|. mil*.    llil.VllllV  ni   lln-I
- iimi
li ii.il -Iiii i.u luu itin/4.i,iiil|i;il, |
Om.iI.   A Inn iiilnnr'Ki'iilIli.'iilii hitiiu.ii'l
mi'iii j iii nir ni in minim mil ./i|mr milium fur
ii i li.iiliiiiiuil, unit fiinn '.'ii In »li>i|n.r iniin,ni 1
Ini' ;i inn | nn.l' in ciirillni! tu i*ii|iliiil,
A Jiui miller, Imvliiif ill-:e«>*i!i*-il HiIiii'mI in
|T it ,u ny li'-iilii iii'lnlni i,'.'! k 1,'iHlii-t.
Tin* fi n fur riiRiil'linil H i'liilm ii t-.'i,
At I'M-. I I'lllii mil,I Iih l'V|.,i'iilrl nil'  llm f-!i, I u
iiiirli Mill iir puiit In llin liiiinii.; ii..'iiiili'i' ir,
Hi ii llii'iiiil,   U'iiill I''.' Ini*. Li'i'ii i'11'.li-l.iil tn
I'llll, llu- Iif ut m mn v. i-|.'.ii Ini) lnt; n i.nrviv
|||I4,|.-,   1,1,,(   Until   1 4111.(.1., U.h    **illl    I,111.I     14'
l|lll|-i|'lll|.||!/l,jl   li l.llllll  llm lllli.l.ll*! IIII   JIITU.
Tin' f-nii'i.t jjiivlih'K fur lln. t'»>mt'ii/t nt a
r.iy.illy.if 3\ ',i rc.nl ml lln- i.iIim,
I'LAiKiMiilii'iiif i*lihiiwri'*ii"r.ill,vt.(i l.nf **t 1
"Iiiii|p,-inirv fri'-"'' i> in null.' ii-.irle. I
|   ,A f/in iniiii-r iii.iv nl.t.ilii (i.u h',i.<■* In.
«,n».Vi '«i a-X-XiJiin ■ .'■.<■-'»*.'Iti*.i ii luu if
I lnu.lv it-mi... ii*n.4viiil'!. nl llm i|j,n*r<4l,i.a i.i
f/'i»*mi*iii^i~*>~"'~'- — *   '        •••-..       <-""v'ia   \\ jiitj»,>*^1*^*'
(n*i.\<- i i.c;, ir., iii.'»'.i
il-..-«i-.-» i.i • f-it rlt.iitn, i I.r ii. <•
t i,..A;i.,'..ui ..till. I
1    'ill- l.-.i- clnll Inir ti >li**li<.. In i.).<-i,»ti!iit |
' M.il.ill .1 I- .rll>..ll)(l. HI lllfilllil*   i.f   till*   Ii.-4|.J|. 1
. lur .n.'ii inn in iii..   V i lilnl il'inr >iii mi in lur j
j.i.. li   ui i >>!   mi r 1 'i... I,    li»i.nil v ul Mi.' .
.., <•• -i |-f.- .I...II .1.1 ,.-i »!.......»•,,». al
1 'i r i' > i.i-iii   l :•»,'. I
«l"*-"i I \V. W.1-.HIV !
|3,000,C(Oi>     s&SsV *««*,
US*£H&       4£^*\\\K$»'
PRAISK ri^W    ?»■«•» ti.dl
KVI-.HV 1IAV IN Till. \V..\U
ll 'ti-.-'-'ii
: ,-i.v., Cuumh (
I.r !ii>Tt«t*4
ulinwi lv iMiKUiwf h„\fm thr,.i,..l, \\... -,,l!,('1 '"'<'■■'•'•"   '" l"'"' "( •"'"'"i" r
1 it n't- >•( tin. Mi'iii .frr .it llu- Inr rtur I
l'i..iMii.iii*...M.Mi.ifriiil.i.ii,ri|iii mi. J
W% ri
.,.,!.■ if,,., nm" i:Uif**:
.......*.,-../., H.iio.
1 .,:■ .1 t-i.'i
j 4uitl...| kii| viiltii.it li-ifll.tti.r.
i -i- .* .'■   iv
.1. (I. <io*M Ft.».i"t«i# 0. 0.
•ih,.' (V.mfiiiti.hU' W.t.v
ni tii»< iiiitiiiu-i <t»u-ii»>»i ••iui',u^,„.
il,(. in. ilii.;., l.iti-.•■!«■  . '.ill """ '-:""''
jos, 1,1'i.n-ri
15, t" ^TAA
;.. r
—- -.--j -;- -i. -•' -
THE FERNIE LEDGER,  FERNIE, 13. O.; I.i ARCH :r28, * 1906
The   Minister of   Inland   Revenue,
Hon. Win. Teinpleiiian, passed throu|jl.
Winnipeg lhe other day on his way to
Ottawa.   /Mr. Teinpleiiian is-' strongly
convinced tliat Biiiish Cohimliin should
have increased   representation in  tl.e
Senale as; is being demanded by the
electors in the coast provii.iV.    In discussing the question he said .-—".Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are
more   highly -favored    than    British
Columbia,   which  is limited  lo  three
members iii the upper .chamber.    The
Pacific coast  province ought  lo have
four  immediately   like other western
provinces, bui it cannot have its number increased  until   there  is Imperial
legislation.    There   is,   however,   the
largw view to lake of ultimate Senatorial representation, and I   do not know
.-,wliy it should  not be pressed.    The
• west in point of population  is  entitled
to   as   mmiy   Senators   as  the   three
Maritime Provinces, which as a Senatorial district has twenly-four rc|-ivseiiln-
tives,   while in  respect to lhc area or
interests or legislation   rei'iiii'e'd  there
can be* no doubt of the west's para-
' mount importance.    1 believe lhe west
should be constituted into a Senatorial
district, having twenly-four members,
which would be six for'each of the loin-
provinces.*   The only objection lo  thai
,   would'be that the wost is growing  so
fast  that there will   undoubtedly he in
another ten  years or <.o a-subsltuilijil
reason for the creation of two Senatorial
districts instead of one.    That  might
make lhe Senale too large, but  would
it not he better lo linve"a few more than
are actually required   than   lhat   there
should  he a   preponderating   number
0    from   wlial some day will cease to  he
numerically    the   larger   part   of   the
Dominion?    If I here is any objection
to increasing the number of Senators lo
the   extent  'that   Iwo new   Senatorial
districts, or even one,   would  involve,
and  there  would be,  then  it will be
necessary  to  find  a plan whereby an
equality   of  provincial   representation
would be  maintained   without having
too many representatives.    Bill in  the
meantime    British    Columbia    thinks
there should be a lilileevening up and
- lhat she should be Jilloted four, as  the
"  other sister province lmve thai number.
"Business  is   very  good  in   British
"- Columbia.    Mining is prosperous,   the
lumber  Irade, is better  than it was a
year ago, and, on lhe whole, the com-
 HTirrcini^iriirol'-ri-rMiisfA^i^ry;    Tin?
poast cilies are  patiently  wailing,lhe
advent of the G. T. P.
miller this heading iiislertcd at the
rate of one ccui a word each insertion. !
TO KKXT—Till". Uri-ER. I-'I.OOTl OF
the Carosella-block.—Apply to Philip Carosella, °
hniwwoi'k. Apply to Mrs. A.  Mi'.z,
tho Brewery.
"IV/fRS. TODD has recently opened her New
1\ JL Goods and the hundreds of women-, who
have thronged thc beautiful, Millinery Display
Room lasl Wednesday,'have been very enthusiastic in their praise and commendation ' of .tlie
superb exhibit. n   ' -        7. _'    ' _'   .
" It is beyond question, thc most attractive, most
elegant and most thoroughly exclusive  display,
of the New Seasons creations:        = =
of '378 acres, situated in one of the
most favorable spots for fruit crowing, gavdoiiing, stock rriisinjr ant.
po«itry growing in the Kootcnav
comilrv. This ranch is all fenced
contains fii acres of first-class bottom ,himl, 25 acres of which is in
a good state of >.' cultivation,, 7
acres of good bench laud suitable
for fruit growing and gardening, nnr.
in line state of cultivation. There
is. a good log'house ol" four _ rooms,
with'.shingle roor, stabling "for S
horses ' and ci head of cattle, two
good henhouses and a good root
house. This valuah,c propel ty can be
had for S5fi70.no cash, if taken soon,
and is the best, bargain tor 'anyone desiring ( to go into ranching
that can he found in Kast Kooleiiav
Ihir further particulars apply to
Molt, Son ,-!: Co, Fernie, IV. C."
West l-Vrnie. Lot 50x132. C.ood four-
room house. T.his is a snap if taken  at oiice.-Eiisv  terms.—Applv  (o
'   "MOTT, SON* 4-v.CO. '      -
are always the centre; of admiration: not alone
the inexpensive ready-to-wear Hats of which
there is'a notable display.        = = =    -
One Picture Hat which received a threat amount
of admiration, was a creation of white silk Ma--
lilies^ trimmed high at the back with a beautifully tinted blue wing and forgct-mc-nols,. also
French foliage and a, soft draped figured chiffon
veil.        x x x   -     x x
*m ( "
it   There arc many more which could be  described
''   but,why take time and space when a visit to the
show room would be a profitable hour spent,in.
looking at the many dainly-aiul smart hats.
Read the following prices■:
$5000 7 worth   of Stock on
n ' f .  *■ 1
* .hand and;, we-will sell, .as v
'■'' follows:
■~r*- — -Ti-**'*1' —— -■•■ *"*"«-»->mh
—TMII i» wu
t rrr-f"   ■ iiiwiw
are for sale at this office, price 25
cents each—"Rooms to Let, Applv
Within," "' "Furnished Rooms to
Let,  Applv Within.'.'
iS.tc.v,   good '   location   on  Victoria
. nvcimcAApplv MOTT, SON* * X-
j-atcd. for rent.—Apply MOTT,  SOX
Feruie, 'good "two-storv house on
the   piopcrlV.-Applv   MOTT,   SOX
;  &   CO.
Well arranged for boardimr house,
for sale cheap.—Applv "MOTT, SOX
"   4**     CO.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
KIEI-ATD   03J-"PXC"E3:    .  'Z'OEOaSJ'-.TO
Hon. G. A. Cox,      „ B. E. Walker, '       '   Alex, Laird,
■■' Irish Whiskey
OB'rien's  xxx      $1.00     Jainiesdii's xxx      1.75
Dewar's      1.25      Loch Achray, white bottle, 1.00
Loch' Acliray, black bottle, 1.25
King Edward VII, 1.25 Peter Dawson; 1.25
MeMurdo,      1.00
(icniTiil Mun.'isei*.
' As-,t. (icn'l .Mni'.-iftcr
CAPITAL, $J 0,000.000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER'$98,000,000
iso ■BH.^.-i-srojEfrES - lA-Tsrr) -A-a-E^aiiE-iS
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT, 'i^.s of $,.;.ai„i up..
ward-s received aiul interest allowed.- The depositor is subject lo no  -de
lay whatever in the wiihdrawcl ofthe whole or nny part of lhe  deposit
Special attention is drawn to our Ban]-; Money Orders   issued   payable
in Canada, United Stales, England, .Italy in lire,   Hungary,   Austria   in
kronen.     They form an excellent method of remitting monies at a mini* *
nuim  cost. „' . * s- -   '    -
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
.   Open oil thc pay-days of llm Coal Company unlil 9 p. in.
-.   7*'   - T. B. MAY!' Manager
lol. located in centre of citv for sale
nl n bfinrain price—Applv.    MOTT,
SOX 4-v  CO.
Mr. Stead, of Calgary, general 111:11*1-
agerofTlie Dominion iMeat & Rsincli-
ing Company is in town looking after
the details of opening up a brand) of
that extensive hiihincss here, A lew
weeks ;igo an .-igent represcnling Mr.
S'ciid, spent a low days in Fernie ami
secured the Purdy huikling for a year.
.Mr.  Slciid'.-. company have already
invested $190,000 in their business and
this capital will he added lo as rapidly
as the expansion' of lhe business will
„ require.
Mr.  .Stead  is a   lypi.-al   wesleriiir
having been horn  west i'ii lhe  Uockiis
and has spent all liis days in lhe raiicl;-
.   ing atid cattle business.    J le mill owns
one of llie largeM and finest ranches in
norlh'Western Wyoming as well as an
extensive one east of Sterling in Southern    Alheria.       lie    has   interested
Turonlo and Winnipeg in llie butchering business unci there will lie no link
of funds lo push il to success.   The
company will soon have one of lhe best
equipped   and   mos.   tip-lo-ilalc  cold
storage plants installed at Calgary 10 he
found in the west,    livery  panicle-ol
Hie product ofa heel" steer will be saved
und   imti'li of what   may he termed
llie   by-product   will   he   shipped    lo
J.urope in lis most compact form,
The establishing of a branch of such
n business in Kernie will be a distinct
Hilvanl.ige and will be sure lo receive
its share of the meat busines-*,
U'.c'iTi'i.i. in sK.vrai';, ■
The Sen Uie l,ost-liili:lli|'i'iiii*i J'eh'i-
riii'' to 1111 iiihliiss ilclii'i-i'i'd by .1, II.
lltiiviliDiiilliwiiili', M, 1'. !'., in ilini
ct 1>  on Siiiiiluv ui-*,'hl, fiind:
"A      |iHiti*,sl     il)>ilinsl    till'.   'Jlldlilitl
liiliMlcr' ol .Mover and lliiywuml, Jilh'j;
I'll -.liiycls ol Ini Iliil (;i»\4l mil iSliU'll,
tllbcr*.;, of til,ihu, \i,is ,1 stili'i'il thill
Ifi'liri'sciiinlivc .1. II. lliiwlhuiii-
lliwnitc, of the llriti.-.li fuliimhi.i pal-
liaiiK-iit, imihl imi i;ct iiuiiy I nun
liiilin-' llu- null'.'' nf hr. 1.1 uui* al lhc
SeulHi" socialist lijill 1.1*4!  inilil,
''i,i, ) 1.,,, .,.k, 1,1.1,4 ,1,1, nMi lltpll'll
to /h'tivi'V   1111   nihil!"    till  lln      t'i, 1.;,   '
»ilive  Cosniiioiiwcallh,'   bid   he   invar
inhlv wound up with tlu- hnriois of
'i.i|iil,ili.Nti(   oppii-.ssiiiir   iim!  of  hiiw
',li.* Dei k ol  the mh I'lilr.ls hud  hccomi*
(ulloiisiil been use ol Ihi' 1'.ui inn, il
1 i...      *    1
.-..,.,     .,   ^    'I.     4...      4 ,4 ,.,*,,,,., I 1.      ill I   , ,
•'St'.itl.c .sfniulists in lln* iifliinonii
(elibl.'itnl lhc fisinij of I Ik* I'.ni*. i.i'ii
liiune, -whirli Uj,'mii on **ifatih U'lh.
lfl"l. The JUaiM-ilhii'-c wii1. sun*,' an>l
I'Xfclu'H  weru  111.uic.
•■ \' tlle ihtv n| lln mlilr.'ss hv Mr.
lliu-tliiuiilliivailc    l.-isi   in'i'lii.   Cli iir-
111*111   StOtl   MI^'^'i.-'Ull   tliln-   llllll'.   /'>,•
Mbi» Viiuliliciiiiiti'n fl.i-.-'. piiiiitiii" in
ihe fi'il emblem ihnl mhirii-'t <h* i.-ai'
t,t \\w |ihitf'iriu, nml tlici.- -.v.i«i rin-,'-
Jiif(  r«'i.pi>iiM',"
- ■♦■ - --
Thff N'i-Im>ii Kcw'f. wrrllv npnrt *>f
it4ri)>i>. ni «ir<» nt tin- M|(clii-r«i •.lif-v
s totul lor the l.i-.! witAi of in.t&x
ton*   Tin- C.in.iil.i MitnK Vn ,     h.i--
Cdllrai till  ful   ?i*«.  U.tf, i.f  r.fi-  (lot!)
Xh* «fiiiiip <>t tin- J'n.i i,|. nu mim ;il
GrefUwix*(l to U '.hipjiij <>, fluir I'i
lot Bay tinelter.
sil.uati'd     near    ccnli**   ft   business
iwo  houses   find   Mim 11   shack.   atv n
hnrjjain.—TCwiuirc JNIOTT,  .SOX      R-
cr  ofiice.
ROYAL RYE, LOO.' ^ ; Seas-ram's '83, 1.25
Seagram's Star, 1.00     Maple.Leaf, .75
Walker's Imperial, 1.00 '*'Gopdcriiian-AVorts, 1.00
Canadian Club,. 1.25 White Wlicat, 1.25
Kiuderlin,      1.25
Holland, Key Brand,, a ,1.25.
"" ' ' ' L
Port Wine -
Royal Port,   i.00 VVliite Port,   1.50
(iiiincsse's Stoiit,.   25c
Within the past live years at Icasi
no liiiiiiiif-- stock in Uritish Columbia
has ,risen in value faster Ilnin that of
lhc St, Kiddie "Milling Companv, As
Cite as six mouths uj,ro it could have
hecn purchased as low-'as 50 cents per
share, N'csterday il was quoted local,
at K cents and few- were found
ve.idy to sell at that price, says a
miuii!}* cxclian^e. The stuck has ud-
VJiiicud mon. than 20 cents a share in
the hist jikiiiIJi.
While tin: exphuiitlioii is iirohablv
1.0 he. found chielly in the known vnl-
110 ol lhe projieit-), mid t'le escvlleiit
icsults ol the opei a I ions (luiiuu the
past two years,' il is not improbable
lh.it other circumstances Lave ' coii-
Irihiiled  lo the  i°ii])id  iidvaiicc,
Thij St, Kiij-uie Comjiaii-) was cup-
itiill/i-d at '•.3,50(1,1100. The Cauailjaii
"lliiiiil),' .*v Siiii'ltiii-j{ Coinpiiny, whose
assets include llu: ,St, liujji.'iie, War
I'.'iikIc, Centre Sl.ir, Trail Mueller nud
le/iiieiy, i.s i-npitiili/Lil at ?5,000,000,
I'/liit cnlnpiiny li.i,*, i,IIL-|-til its M<jck
in CNihaiiiie for tin; St, Unrein! stoik,
lahiii'l lhc Ini icr at (.d 2 j,
The \iiliie hi M5 .-cuts a ri\»\v., now
|iinci.(l on St. I';ii»i'iii! iiidiciik's thai
llie I'liiisnlhliiicil i'oiii]iaiiy's slml; is
iilliauly nl 11 picuiiiiiu nf a*-,1; per ceiil,
llial is, that Hs holdings willi 11 iit. ;-
iiml viiliit.! (I J*5,001,(11111, in-., cinisiili-;-
ed by the iiiwstiiii^ public to hn worih
A\'liiili-.er llu1 1 .niy or i-;iiim'S may
he, ih. rapid mm* in the wil.u< n| Si.
Imij-iiic slink c.iiim-l l.nl to hau: .1
t'.oud clli'ci on iiihcr ICiiiiti'iuiv iiiiniiij.
huy stale
you-can -get N
trst ****** m m ammM *:jist***m*mtm^cu*
30c« jper
IPoItow the crowd.
, Fernet. \ Branca, ,$ 1,5O '.
/';   25,000 .Ci-gars   at- Reduced^.'PriceiS.    -
Cash Only "Cash.Qnly Cash Only
The Royal is tho only oxclnsivcly- ^whitc house" in
thc city. None Imt white help omulci-yod. Mm, Iloelzcl
is running the Rooms and Dining Hall and -solicits
everybody's patronage.  Best 25ti ihea! in town.
Watch for our ad next week   :
Cash Only
| -5 j
I   W..J.BIun.dell
The People's-Grocer,   P.O. Block, Fernie
. .N'cii   hinl   chjis  nt   tln  u-ii(',  mlo/iii
HI-   lllllllilcll1,'..
1,el   r>,      liiiilit*   \on   a   linuv   Vesl
Qnvtm * $2,415,000       sKescvve * $2A15,000
'dotal mom - $20,000,000
, Hon. Wm. Gimson, President.
J, TuuNiiui-f,,, Vice-Prcsitlontantl General Mannpep.
74 Rtaancl»os th^ouylviotit Gaiimin
M ni.')' i).-.li)r;i nn I  l).Ml"ts is'iiu'.l, p.ivahl.* in t:nvi l.i ur iiIum.i.I,
I'oroiji'n drafu iMnlicil.   Special ndvanl;i','i's in Savings Ucparlmi'iil^
Open in lhe eveninjj ofthe Coal Go's pay-clay from 7 till 9
.1. n. LftWr.Y Aitont. I'KII.NIK HltAMU
^XPICRIUNCl-: is lhe In-M  teacher.    .  have had J
Jsdmmt: .ysi\
1    TRITES-WOOD CO., Ltd.
Wl   V* *•*'-* * »..^..w  .   m -   .ms
JEji) the experience in buying, selling and using A
I Our
I Showing
it of Mcrfs
{and'     ■
I Boys
I havi. the tfoods this year ami can Mipply to suit thc
*. . . t .11
* it interest
^ you.
amateur to the cxpjrt.       •$
J Valuahle information on the art of fishing,  especially $
I as applied to the Kile River, tfiven free lo thost* iWw- g
; in«r it.     $    ^    ^    $    &  .. *-        2
1,1 4.
..     T
ICTll'l     Cullli'   111   Hint   •
tniilial,   llie   t ii 1! 1 tt.
t'ainiii li.U'l, the laihn-, has jnsl
.444!\4(| i hi nohhuM Llm I, nl i m i*(i|;,
lol' .'.pi in« miJi-; ainl niiiiiijil'i tvrr
hio'.ti'hi   lo Ti'inli*.
\   1,, .. 1   11   ,   1
,, 4«   4-,,(i
imi'li'ins iii.<.iiiiiiii'l.iti< nu im   ii<, ji.i
iimi'. i^ a  ".nniii. i.[ pi,.imiii- in    1 It.
it'Ui-lIiiii;  piihlii-. Smli a  niii-  is tin
Kill;;   Kiliv.ud   lfolt-1,   iif   J-Yinii,   k,i-
Hi !  ..m i,,ite  (Ii,. ims) iilJin..
.,-!|>.ililiii^'-.   studio  ii*  Iniiiiii"      out
\Wlllt     tll.it     ■•Iil1|'lltt*i     llUllt     fllMlI.lhil-
\iiih  .inv     i-iii,iiui      -aiiilni, ,-|i!il ]|j-,
mil   '•   .lie   '(..IMilulilr III'   i,ll lii",   il
I'i?,,1    (■. 11!. nf *.:...;.,   j.I.,ih in,)*,, nu,.
lOn.'li   ■!< c.l.ltjuJJs.   tli'   li inimiii ml imi
(ii uill ainl :i-c f*-ir voiti*.!!.
K. K. F. Stvln (lio (it'iK-i'iil Uo-
nrCHt'iitutlvo of (Iiii Art Hi*ll I'i-
1110 I* hi!i*#, Mn n«t (orj;.*t 1* <^w»ir.,'r <*•
• hi* JMiiiio iiik] ll* vnil do yon «ill ti".
'Uifinli'«!|»'0 !M-« I'Ikijii Hiipi'rior t
ill cithfrCniinilJftii l'lnitOH. All a| lo-
■l.itu |-ltt»tvru MiiMlrjil C'<»lli««"*
.n.-a-lopltiil the Att Hell IMimo,
flic ti.iifi (,111 lie -)i-j-ii ai the I'lhiic
Oniff <-torc.
SE See Ihe floods hefon* ImyintT*
Where iit finys to deal
91 .\
11     *2 .*
m*%xi>m,ximmwx9%w\%$m*ms\*w^ «      „.
I'»*>   «***. ift*r/ry
)-••■,■,AU.O.VKI)  IT. I
Tin Stui j  nl Aiilhiii;: Wluhs'. l').-a.'..'d
Cilllilil.,-  J'llhlii-.
Di. iWiil.MiiiiliYr, iihu aliaiiui! n.u
* i<" r.y ,, I*,-, I .;.. '.-j_ „ ii;. U.411.I1!..4 .in*.
hy the -i-.jy nf iiiilUiiii,' MhuK-.s,     ii
,11   \   V  i.   - , 1   ,    1 1;      ;i   .   1 1- (   1*1 I'.lllli'
h imii;: i niiii* mi 1 ijnin V.iiii'iiiit j iv
l.illd,' 1.in 11      he   jn     intdistill   with
t'.,;.i. J;.,In ],i ,,in] .,iJm*4 in tin- *ilial-   P r. ■■■■     --   ■
in j' iiuhi-nv mi tli.* in si «.i.i-.t of llu- ihnl .i*-l.iiii*..i.-irr.t tin- storv wni tali
isl l  'di, it.,.t(,i Kiu*'. tin* nm -.t'i- i'« ''irinii'dy, iv.n l«v huh ami w.iiiii'ii
,,  -jiii,  1,.   ,. i,.^ uJi.i.,,-.. If Ih- aili.i. . *./ < A.i. .11 u,n .01A  iintlil-w uli-   I»H«iv.i*
rJnf  ,if       .».. .;1 1 .nti;!"  ii"i-p.-,iii'i- ;''A'iT
the stury was 11 n<*, ainl Ur. I'ImhiiII.-i*
leii-ivi-d a vuy laitfi' iiimiJn-r nl hi-
tviN limn stkiitilii- nan ami olIaiK,
,i*.!.iii„- for |i.iilitiiliiis. He .'-taU-M iiml
the whale -..niy o'ij'.iiinti-i. in a jofci'
Si-im.- Ii'vi-'t* t.miV.im; ili.it l.e U.i'l
itn a life .iltiily, in (i iiioimiit of luu
niiidi- tin i-.li.ii- ,p».i.u;. .uul th*ii I..A'
.-.aii! U,.y !i.-:j4-ml lln1 I'lililm I'.onl.l
IhI-iiv niiithiiij* uUtv.l hi>. knuv.l«'«l|ii*
.4 wlu'i.., .mil >,]mtini thiii Mojy. '.it
\v..s ih,t.   ,.  1,4 nl M 1*0 .h.iii'»tit.ili-il .,. .~..-->. --*■   —-■>....
•.ili.il, s i.f! *,'. " !.,i!*i-!l.i*ii1 iivii' mi l.ul "ui'ini*
il.i\1,v    j  .;.,!!<.  iiiwlilnl iJi'i.hii'.ii'v j A-IUt-U
!-'...:> -,     .:    u!,.i i   j.«..i»   -. Imii.1 *.f 1    Tin-limSffin/wil will firnj.t ticiiri-*-.-
mill     t',»,   in .i-(.i?lJ«-.  tin   f«r.!   Uillj» Una   rr,tii|ili l«. ai.d  l.p-tn il.U-   ival.'l-
^ai-,,.1   ' I trotUm M'-iiritiat I'liirlKT Stmim;.   Ap-
TIk.i.-.iii.K ,1  p, on!.*  Mim**.!  Uut ^Ay lo W.l'. Wntum, ViiKhct Crwli.
•'J*        |f -.    - *-,   - r- -     ,	
,V4    4i.t-.liW  HmU%^
M parison
I arss right
I Styles
I cosTecL
► .-i *I*
Jjf (Wen's Tweed Suits Special values ihis week «tt $7.50, 8.50, 10 & $i».S
?i iV9eri**s  Worsted   Pants.   SpeclaC Chis week $3.25 &
;if Boys** Suits   In N'orfollts,  •3i!5tcr Btwiis .ind  Blouse Suits.   Stylish and ;c
J?J ^ooJwcartiraai. very Kulri u>sU ' '   ^K
**j>? " *        -   WJ*
vj$ We have just opened up .1 nice nssiirimcnl of Men's Ti;«; .wide shape Derbys. We *j|$
►•J are also showiit'; new Shirts, Mats, Caps and Shoes, Visit iliis department before $$
tt hnyin-^ yitur new spring outfit. $$


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