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The Fernie Ledger 1906-04-11

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if. /'>Yol;;'-;I;' Number itf. ■
< Jiti-'-K   . **-*    v'   . .*<'' ,  '     -      -   -    -   j ■   ^ .
toifflg lewis About folks
4lu Probably Know
.,*..<■■ 7*-: ■*■■ -v- , ■ - -
,2an-ona—opera ^_   honVe,
kji^ht. ! * 4 -'•'
-.- .Thos.-; Crhhanv" of Mii-hcf, was in tlio
eity yesterday.   ' *;      'j        ''„..*,
- Postmaster "Moore .Carhonado.'-'wl-is
f. fernie .visitor ^Monday., ~~      ,
* M.'H.'Ross,- thc'welll-iiowii-sawiiiin
"* -nancif-Klkmouth, is in "the -city* lo-
■*->•  '    "     _-..       ' -.'• i Jii.
ill*.(Arthur ( Burririj*-* lefl ,for" ,thc
■CttAst' last "Monday   evening .to   visit
hlcu(ils.;-w  '. 7: »      -!•<■.;. „;'■„'
■*.'    "l**.-'.-.'--;       '    '*■.'-' . --'4" 1-      ', '•      •'      "
' ** jH*> » I.'ud**y-', entertained a few
fmud^'at^diniier "at* l**irk""-'House- last-
Satir.wy''«yeriiiij*. '•*   - " ■'*   -'' * *' "*'•
' .'lAr.f^si,txi Rrarks • reports business
wi*-!j.-' l»»,1, - as "being soVbrisk"that.."hc
had'io'cmpWAaAycung lady clerk
io" he.p-.hiui wait,on'hiVcustomers/.
.The buds are swelling on tlie 'trees'  *
The' kids .aiv playing ririarbles,   ■..-,.'
And;the spring poet,,at.his ease "    :x' -
-Tliq'Uiiglii.h language" garbles,     *
.To make iti rhyme with marbles; J
March was a banner montli "for"'" the
two .railroads but April is keeping up*
the pace and .everything - points, to
a; record 7brcaker*. [or passenger "traffic
"'.WV^^A   "  -A-A I   '<,-•/   .-'"M-iiing passengers to .escape*.
"A: trip" to West J-'eriiie "will convince I    5-" T*le rcl**01^ iswobfoly on
anyone that,"that
'.&'•*     "it..;
per care would havis" revealed to him
his whereabouts.   '■ •".    ■   ■   ,,->' -
"*..   Vessels were -   (slow in reaeliiVig
tht vicinity of .the wreck,' imi'   wii'o
communication was-interrupted "and
not, enough "steamers '.   were   iji'icklv
available at the-'time.-'No tugs H>'   or
comparatively. ligjtit   diynurhti, vessels
were sent.to the wreck;,' "  _',     ^\'
i 3.-''Broadly,   speakiug, 'the". Valencia
answered the reqiiiremeuts of.Ahe law
iu regard, to-life saving,'appliances.   -.
-4*|.   Parties   who  got .ashore      from
--   v -
The members 'of .the Fernie club
assembled at their rooms Monday'e\-«i.
ing and having inveigled Mr./■''. &:,
May, the retiring manager of lhc Ouu-
adian Bank of Commerce, into the sit-,
timj room,- proceeded to surprise1" Llm
by 'throwing- lioquets of flowery speech
m linii ana presenting him wi-.ii a
line^gouTwaleli,' and as he was £sY.a%
U\ ."Vancouver, for a shoijt stay  ibcie,
-.4- Parties who got .aidiorc from' ."-u.-.™«i"0.iy.-i. nn a suoi-i si ay u.cie,
the.-wreck are not censurable for fail^.^1*0-11*,01^1111"1 c,louKh l0 ^ lo ^
ing to devise,* means to' helpMliV re-! !-!>«•*>-••;■ «**."[«» t by donating.-*, lin**
tiiai.ii.iK  passem-ers-to .-eumnr.       - *    : ""ibiolia. with   which  to  fc-.-eti        llie
suburb ot- our'eity
is gro.ving. There 5a, nouses over
theie last fall and this number Mill
grow lo*ioo tliislyear il building ton*
v lines ras; it ha*,'., begun- Mr. atone,
I'liu %of.Ui« sawyers "at the Klk l.uml-e'r
Company, mill Jet a contract ,to I*,. T."
M^'t.ly^ho other day for the' erection,
ol u--.--i.-o-.olresidence in West ,i''ernie.
l'Vinie, A. 4' -I '
.Dou'tij forget; jthe -Kaster  ball .*\l6n":'
- .clay.evening, Tickets cairiVhad of-the
kulich- at $2.00 eacili, -  *
* ' ' '   ' ,
o ' J.' J/,'. Gaft-'sA'and ,his  sister,- Miss
H.-rGatis,   returned  Monday  from   a
tftort, visit ^o Spokatie. '     '-'-..  "    "
ihe*Cvcw's Nest .- Pass Coal.com-
gany-/ paid -a - dividend   011 ' the J. 2nd,.
uiist'r,' aiiiounting lb ^87,500.    7,]: ■.'   ;',
- ,    t -*   V .,-*',,„ ,,   , '   -, _ ".- *  v'--,^*-'   ^ ^
Tltfe leaf is shooting m',lhe7biid,!.' ■    .-*
Aad'Mriudle chews Jier cud"1"'" *""- \r.
, Yihih  the  city  politician   . .     J
1 Prepares  to sling  his mud.-' • $'_  ' \
The'  fernie' football   club' Have",at?.-
^ "  ranged for "a-game with the'-   Cran-
bifok , team, tb b'ej Jplayed 'at Cranbrook. 011 Good Friday.- ■ ••
1*"'*?  --    I       - \.i      v  "   ' '
* .vUekaney,, the ;.convict- who 'escaped
iiom. the Nelson jail two wcuks ago,
■ -j    was "captured  at   Creston  on  Sunday
•and tfakni back" to Nelson,    ...   .'■",-
. ..*--,   1    -,       1     j      1 - „-      -    *    .  -''"J ''   L
,     -1   4-     •    ,'        , ~   --   4 .- *    f /'.   - )i-.--
.,•"'* W H.' Scanlan,   ." commercial agi'nt
„ 7'for th'e"'Chicago,1 JMjlwauke-.-,. .& -    St.
"tfaitl .railway,-, will!'jheadquailer.s   at
'   '- Butte,>Montana-, was'^a-l'Vinie visitor
Saturday. .1 .7 „
■--    Aaybus ".owning') or interested'■,-'iii
r hoviMfj-i"^wijlprofltV by rea.ding-, .. -' arid
,'  , jorvserving-'for*"future  reference; *V,
. l.^notice'concernirig" glanders 'which-
\pksrs iu aubther coluiiiu. \-      ,,.'■■
• 7,  j' ytj&e'ttkx■ bf-4* "flowers -"'and, ornamental
y~  7-rj-tjTili^ireTio^l7irs miilu'Tpraces"
'about ^he city, snadiug "up the "ground
." and-'usiug ,'gufden rakes while ■ tenuis
', , A^urt cric*ket-b*ats take - a'restV  ',-' •
,   ,   1 ' , ,     ,    * r*
-•*■' - It is reported today that "President
^ftotiSievcllf has '-siiiniiioned \ the ,* strike
r«amiuiss^on.'tb,revi(tw. the .entire/, con-
'it is. 110 slur oii .".Bob"- Edwards of
the-;i.,ye. Opener, Hi) say ."that he has
all.; temperance '   lecturers      .    trim*1
inetl. lojC'tt .pawnlookers'  iinish,      says*
tha.'J.etlibr.idge  Herald.   "Bob  utteied'
tlie. loliowing   comment- last '   .week,
which   hits',,1,1117 iiai-1. J[m,'-tliel»'}./j(hxl:
'-Talkabout your""yy angels rejoicing'
04-er  one ^epentant, sinner.-, It  is'. iibt-
a marker to the satisfaction of     the
gang-when  one ol  their number  who
has.' been   showing   signs .of • breaking
d'owil-.liom tlie^ )ioo/.e, cliucks  n biiace
■iuul  6'uls  it  out-. - Drunken ness  is*     a
physical,, not i.Mworal,iilapse.', It  is ,a
question  _' vff     slouiaeh  aiul ■ 11 ryus.
Some; ptopJei can ,get a nol>ht", ji/ddon-
at--'a baiic||u'et. or in celebration i»i  a
hockey match, "and go tb work 1   Ihe
'next*, morning none ihe worse.  Others
cannot.  We are bneol| these. Tliat'i.s
"why we cut it out.'It* didn't pray. *Self
inteii-st  made  usi'[quit.- There"; "were
no 1 hvniiis.*. .lb. .wc* thought * we  could
t:\ke half a dozen drinks .a day !   and
.quit'*at lhat, we* should-call "for-    a'
HltleyScotcli aiul'soda tomorrow.'But
it'is insi'dibus/stuff,* and the*; man who
ijias   the   alcoholic "genu,.'(arid   k]ibws:
it!   who   deliberately, starts   drinking
When ]iekn6ws7t will-land  him, on
tlte'street,* is'a-'fool. There :is .comparl,
atively  little bpozing     done in     tlie.
-we.st'^coiiiliaVcd ,lwith  what jthefc  was"
■a fewt*yeairs :-agp:-     Ybiu.notjce  this-
change'vmostly .on-'-tlie .trains,    " ,on-,
tVv'iibrth and'.sbuthj.branches. Ia the
.old days "almost everv -'man, had     a
lpttle/along*.  Now;.'. .one seldom sees
I'ven'a -flask.- This .-is an excellent 'sign
cf~i.lrc*t"imes7!,_f~~s—-   -'" .'-'■'. ''—f^*1*
.    .      . .. j    Uic
.question 01 .responsibility, "of , TLJici-o
partU'Scsent to .the'wreck and , I'm
comiiiission- finally 'straddles this-im-,
porta-at "qiiestibn. iMiich | tesiinumy'
that; thc ( set'i, was coin'p,araViv4*l'\;
stupt-irth ■ during 'the; time , the Ouee'u
nnd Topeka ,wwe in' the vicinity oi
the wreck'hut still-a question wlu'lher
it was iiossible, to, send iboats.
Oiliccrs on board,the steamer Queen
arc blamed for tliu departuio,oi tha.'.
vessel for'Victoria'. \
.The;_Pacific-.Co:ist',Steamsiiip .Coiih
pany as a • company,',- is not eeiismed
or blamed -in 'any. way.) \ " ' 4
""The"report" will'also contaiirlrccoiu-
mctt'clatioiifi «fbr various, new aids to
na\'igatipnJ.QH,'the. .north'.coast, all or
most. of< which were" published-in the
1)rpliriiinarj*.;report or the com-mission
"'" " * MENT. -      7    -   <   '.
watch dry..' 1'he last 'was a very far
seeing thing fbr. his Vernie Jr-viii*.:* to
do','as-they are sure that Mi. May
will 'be constantly reminded of their
ihoughttulness as he walks about Vie
'ilui'is* of Vancouver with his Fernie
wjiterslied .over   his  head.
Mr. (i, G. SI Ijiudsoy occupied the
chair and .to* fii very great extent
added, to tlie pleasure of ,the occasion
..v his' ready -grasp of every stiiiatio;.
and liis I nibbling' humor; which kept
everyliody • in-.ilhe .finest",of fceirngs.
Mr. l.iud.sey. certainly proved himsell
a' model < pi csidfi-,upon such nu occasion --.nd his '.speech us he presented
ih.. \-#ilcli4' aiid umbrella was, one
which Mr, Mar will always reint'jn-
licr.   ,   <• ■        I
j\rr. i\faj's. lilth-', speech of thank;
,wns wann .from the.heart and not.
withslandiiig lie had . l;cen completely
suriirised'.hc   proved equal Ho        the
sbntheru tenoinus do its terminatiug
where it wiU Ao Cranbrook the most
good.    There ts atie Ihiag to admire
about    theso -clwar/ul   Cran brook ers,
tliey are always but after thinga that
will help their town, and the Ledger
like9 to see that kind of a spirit, bftt
whether the effort todeflect the K. C
IJ. from ita most practical route will
prove   HUtt-ereM  is anothor  matter.
The great bulk of tonnage to be hauled
'over the road when completed, will be
lumber  which    will- l>o   eeckin«:' its
natural market on the prniiies to the
east  and just  why,  from  a railroad
point  of view,  the   road should  be
diverted from its natural ronte down
tha Kootenay valley to a junction with
the   Crow ' line   somewhere    east of
Wardner, would be hard lo iletcnr.ine.
Mr. SUad, manager of tht Dominion Meat aud Cattle' Raaching Cpta*
pany, is iu town again, this time vci
superintend the opening ,of "t!*c iij-w
meat murket in the Purdy buildiug
next to the Todd block on Victoria
avenue. Mr. Stead is accompanied bv
Mr. Beunet, who will have charge of
the business and who seems to be a
verv wideawake and genial young 'man
Their new quarters look neat and
clean and are fitted up with the best
appliances lor the business:* Mr. Steeil
docs not believe in half doing things
and says he 'will get; 'his "share of* the.
trade by furnishing the liest thwe i.s
11  the market at .'air pricpK.
This new firm '.will be ready for
i,u.*ini?ss tomorrow or next day a*-.*l
will te pleased to ...have everybody
di op in und  inspect  their meats. The
Fflfc** $2 AVEAR in, Apvance
What is Considered Inportant
EfMHigh to Print
..   .    .    •        ,   - *"  "  '"ain-4.1.   uirtr ineais.   1 ne
rtiui^XwiC-row lino been built where it i Ud^er wishes them miccmr in thv'.r
MUlU .   lui lllAol  .A......I...1I,. -..-.      .1.1        111*44*       l-.1l,l„ri nl-li,,,        I
Speaking of the appoicitmeiU of -Jii-i
Dunsmuir ,to7 the* liculeitant-govenior-
ship of British Columbia, lho Torofllo
Globe remarks:   * _ , J
"Mr. Dunsiniiir ^s a tory, is a {•feoer-
ous man, and will make*' an ideal lieutenant governor. "•,    '.    j     ..'   t
James I,*owner of Vmicouver island
is no doubt'<t tory; and 1ms been's^ener-
ierous to himself, but as .far a* In ing a-
•generous man"; lie is as far"' awaj from
that as the czar of Russia iis of heiny
an' angel. When DunstnuirV coiil
heavers get pest.tc. the,lact that'the'pa
pers^arc' calling lain genet ous ilicy are"
liable lo drop deaiA-Goldeu Star, .
1   .-
other.-day' onjliis ,i-ctiir,ii,*to * the' prai-
' rie, Mr, Forrest is ,an old Cnyihrook
ev auAt;loves* lo take*an) '.occasional
'.pc9P at/Ins'old'stampinggroiiiuls.   . *.
- Tom Whelan of .the Napnuee hotel
has, received a shipment of the' celebrated ,Ranier beer, Irom {-Seattle.* If
Is cousidered I the best bottled , boor
made iu the west, and only a trial
is ueeded to be convinced.   ' -
4, ■' - t
.Tho second triulof Camile l*..Ue.'
iny, for- the murder of \V. J. Oliver,
closed  at Helena  Monday,- a" ivenlict,
'of ,'muuslaiigliter was relin.iied ani'.
thc, pvisoner sentenced to ten years in-
th* |icniloiitiaiy.
, The Methodist cliurch. choir, assist-,
- cd by oilier local talent nro preparing
it, c-iutal-i i-ntiUt'd "Uiiilev tlie l'nlius.'
to be given in Stork's hall j on the
night of the ■j.'-i-d ,iust',, Hear the date
lu tuiud nud lie sine tu bu llu-ivc,   .
U, Mcliiuis, of the Mi*lunis Iiiiinbei-
I'omp'iliy, l.lkinoiiih, \ya.s in (lie city
yesterday on his , wny to Calgary.
Mr, Mclunis vvpnits tlmt the .hiuiliei-
morkrt Ih exceptionally good ' tliiu
itutlug, nud lifs ooiiipiiny caiiiiiif fill
ull th«t oi'dcru olTered.'. '■     ", ,- ■
V, C. Oninble, chief Jinglnoer (or llio
prt'ivlndal ileparliiH-ut of laiuls uml
works, nrrninpiiiiliil by Don IMcKuy,
-iiipurlufeiidoiit nf ronds, wns in (lie
city lust week iirauiigitig fi-r the coin-
Ing Rottson'H 'Work on "llio" ioiuIh
ond liiidjji'S in the Klk valley.
' Th« VlcliirU Colonist mvh ol llio
?.unioiiai~Tlie (.i-olg soimln wuh n
-tplundld duo, un I'liivid bv Xiniuiiiii
nnd Mint NIoIioIh, but in lVi-i'..,(.viii
Suite of Ori'lg'.s Xiitnouii oxci-lli'if I1I111-
MiU, Ho guvu u lino Inleipii liiiinii of
thu Hchulicrt-llonu'iiyl iii.'ioiiiido.
A Hbv In the employ of tho Vomit-
l.utnhrr Company', got Ills liuiul biullv
cut hy tlw lutyc clroulrii'1 nnw, voiiti-i -
day luoniliiK'''J'lio niifortiiiuili- 'innii
was bioii|'bt tn (own uiul Dr. IliiH'iiiM
found it lU't'-ilsnry to niiipulalu I hive
fiugt-i'H, I -
Mr. Lawry, U tin- ltnnk nf liiiinii*'
tcuij Wivvif*' tonight loi Uiiinilioii,
.-whitbor hfRWN to'coihiiloti* 'iiriiiiigi'-
UII-lltN IO IJi-glll   llll'  III 1-illllrM.   Hilling
his n.'-.Hire" Mr. W K. Aiuli i'i.h, nl
1 tlit) Wlnnlpog hralioli will pivslilo nt
Mr. Uwrv-h; doNk. Willi the ■ini.-i-r
away ot Mr-, Mtiv, uml I.awiv goiu- to
vrcd, our civilll in the huiikliig wuv
tuo.t miivly will In- doni',,        •
W« wish to vail the uttoiitton'of %-.ur
riftdriH to the legal itnticc.vf: ,1, (i.
Uutbrrforil, vt-U-riiinry dlrertor i'i'iu-r-
•\. nl thc lU'iiurlinent of ngiioiiliun*
qI the Uoinlnlrm gpv»mijiio^it,. 1'liis untie* toll)* the iitu-litlon of nll(pti4.ilo
ii)terri»ti*il in the hcaltli nf homes In
th» )p,UN uml irgiilutiiuiH tvhiiing in
•AJtl lupprffislnnof tlmt, ilroadeil <K»i-
•4*f,"rlaiiili-r„'.'mil.hlinulil lm i.iu-ful-
X-H.-rr-iA.auil '-fjiu^k-tl,   ,      •,    *    ,
. **       ."    jf   1      -i  *■ -'     '**.--
Ur. V. B'. Hawthorne, of tin* Hml-
ton»- Ujiv ami Kwittiuiy Ci-mi com
7    .' '   KABTEli VI.OWERS.   ' ■    ^
!,Tomorrow is Good 'Vrylay," the day
Temeinbeiei'i and kept'.u'sthe 'auniver-
sary ohthe* day'upon■wliieh*,thc"]*fcek
aiid ,I,oWly, One" .-suilered arid  died
mer.—Golden Star.
holiday*.Dur stoics will "he closed and
peoplo" will rest from'their usual "vocations,- services will be held iu some
of the churches and au air of Sal^ith
I quietude will-prevail. 'According to
the accepted view bl the 'orthodox
chinches the "Week and I.owly One"
who toiled in pain up the rug-gecl side
of tha. Mount'of I.lives on* that .fateful Vriilriy nearly two thousand years
ago, bearing upon his gelling back
lhe cruel cross lhat was to torture'
all of liim that was mortal! |to ngou-
i/iiig/shaiiicful .tleiUh, His spirit wns
lhat of the Divine Creator 'tn nd Vatliev
of' all things; the Son, in the llesh, j
•lie second person of '*thc Holy Tri-hity
wim had taken-,upon himself moiitiUil*-
i'tv Hint he might reveal lo the would:
the immortality ol the soul, Othor
people .there are who do not accept
this conception of the woudorfu, individuality who Miflored with such mcek-
iilss ^his ignominious death upon thc
cross, niii! take comfort in, \i\e- belief
that H« was, only luiiimu, with all
the wc.iUie.sNt-s und ;tcmptutions to
l.nltlo ugtiinst that howl* and ensnare
the weaker natures of humanity, and
point' to hisipni-i! life nud god-like self
i-ostrniiif us the greatest hopo , thnt
can l.e lu-ld out to every human being, Ihnl, he mny bocrinii* ut somo
future tiino free from the temptation
<f hIii.; , With these different views'
ol llie'iiiilinv nnd oliarncter of tlu*
Siiviiii* of lhe onco wo ' do not
v-lli .to vim loud, „bm, mention
tin in now that the uiuiiven.nrv i.f
llial wonderful-event in'the hlstnrv
nr the worl,l l» at hand uud hrlnirs
In our iiiiiidM inni-e'vividlv lhe awful
trngoilv, ••        •    ' '
Hi'MiLiv In ICnsUr,..ami Is hold .sorrc.l
bv nil Uii-iMiami, mul rolobinlei: iu
nil ■■iiii-iirii'H hy spoc.iul hoi vices nn.l
llm nl ilovnrntlniis In comiuomorutioii
or the day upon which Christ txttm
'"'ii hi' tomb whore lovlmr iiamlri
HiKl liiiil Him, mid ulu'i'o Mm-v hust*
"';« ;■■»■'>;. in ti.,- mmviiii-- t.i    rni.i
•".it liiii- Huvior Imd rlitPii. Krom thu
«ol.mn i-oiiiiiiihi-iiiiio of Cm,i| Krldav
I" th.' jooniiN linprH-nr Raster Kim*
"iv ih Imt llii'.o,dnvh, but Www throe
•Iii.vh iiiiiisiii-.. the dlstiitu-o from tin-
inv|i il.'.spiiir of iiioitulitv lo tlm
biJiiiiillisii hop,. ,,f liiiinortnHlv, nnd
lut'iii'i- Hniiilnv will I'lM-i'lobrato,', with
ii.nd liiiniiphuut Bongs of prnlso.
Mil-;   V.M.IvNCIA  WHKCK  <
ocC'-isio;i"'-ancl caught from the words
cf Mr. J.indscy .the s'parJc, of eloquence
.which enabled him lo express himself
statement thai 7President Mitchell,1-of
the ^niteclvMiiie Workers,'■.-is sendin'g'a
member of.the'inlernational   board here
-     * -    -4        .       ,       ,      , ,      . . , , j
to investigate the strike . and confer
with tlie company.—LethliiiJojc Herald..    'V'1        -* •       -.. v *•■'-       '
i-*rv ;<,v*-«,   .*.."-   .'-*." ,     - -.' -
,,..   ,....*  s.'*,-t   -~.*~.'inrm'* «**"-*-   ,*■*--*-■--■;'
■ Tlie,;undersi|jtied -ua-* - ra -eived' instructions from 'Capt," CJCC'iin,' lo
sell hy public nuctioh ar." lii.-J1-,. fesidcice,
200 yards n. w. of the" Knglisii oliurli,-
on Satmday, April 7/ ii)o6.'_ ut 1,30
sharyn. There will uls*> be-,soI!J at,-llio
SHine- (-time ii numlicr ofhotses- -       1
Tera*scas]i(i\o reserve. o -     *
—High Rivei Times. ',   ,
All right, Mr. Tlioiiipsi'ii;Jf you
haven't sold the whole 200 y.wdi vou
may send us 11 half dozen by'-C' l\ U.'
freight,        4 '■      '
Twinkle, iwinlile, uwlcr car,
Coming dowii 1 he roiul afar, !
If I do not mini nnd liy, '
You will toss* me to the >l<v.
— Hi'-li River Tin -les.,
Look out, loofc out,  you  Hi|;h "R'^vv
If you contlnu**-, junkiiif* suclirliyiiics,
We   will   Imvc-t   in . hunt ynitmvei'li.i-
Inlo the ink of"-1 he Golden Stnr'i* l'onn-
A corp jral in tlm Northwest mow. ted
police by -ii;-} mime of Kluil>vrlt>\".lc!fr.-U
hiinsult tn Frank 11 lew days iikiA   IW
purtleul/,™ uro |»ivi.«i in the l',i-1iii,lv.ui,*l
Bluimyjre papers.  * Tlmt tiiu-li miviii-.
rencet; nre ruie is 11 niutler lur ui»itf;nii -
ulHlW.i* hut tlmt,. iiivy hlKHilil- i,.i:nr i* j "iYY: ivinlrini iiHsigiii'i', 'uml ba'loiioo
onn-orihu sluir.icfully somnvl'iil iliing.v'ui' ;*.^ii to i.iii!> wiih .•iodi"vi-'.
tlu* occiircnio'of wliii-'h remincs iih (but •    ilanliii    \»,     AU'liiiiioil—l'ioiiiisKory
noli   mil', i-ii'tlh'il out of louil,
iVvi'i.il  il.'.iinlri   iiisos  wore  lieitnl.
' S,  V.  Walliin- upiii'iili'd fiom sum-
uu, iv i-'imictinii,  lo lmve triul     set
mv  i'iiiiiIil inn   ihal   the uppclliitit  pay
mi  ••iinliliiiu (Inn th,- iippliiunt   )iay
I 111'       « IISI (4.
"iit~TrTtliriiT^nul*riiiterc.stiiig manner
Tlie chairman, with , the rarest of
tact mid „up'tilude called forth the.
best that was, in each onu present,
.aaid not' :i few little bits of wit were
■dropp-ld iroin-'qimrtors- least expected.
Alt*.'j.Steve Alexander, in response to
ai Jj.intering, call from the chair ■ it*
'which'.' ,--rolcreitle-;. was made' to the
h'liglh of bills usually presented by
llriiish Columbia lawyers,-' responded*
by nay ing that he had always iinder-
sio:»l "that brevity was the soul "of
wit, bur that there was no wit in a
binyirs' bill,
Mr. I..iwry, of the Bank of Hamilton, fllr. May's'business i;ival, having
been iviniitded by Mr, Liiidsoy of his
'■ri-ilil liiali-iinouial prospects, got
linck ai Mr. May, who' had mentioned
liis love for Hewers, by recommending that gentleman l/i make a closer
<sunly ol that heaiiljful "lower, the
ni jingo blossmn. I ■
Aliogcthur it was a most siu-eesslnl
n.Iiiir' marred only ,by the sincere
repel of everyone in having to part
wilh' 11 gentleman who has succeeded
during his one year's sojourn in Fer,
nie in milking so manv wnnn friends
who wish hiin the best of good for-'
'liino wliiTover he goes,
.'in a business man and ns a clti-
■vn Mr, Mny was high,y estoomod and
ri';.pi'oti'i! and his successor, Mr, Holt,
sti'jis inlo 11 'plnoo mnilo popular by a
pieihlessor whom ho ufay be proud
lo Intliiw, Mr. May, we '111tt.or.stan.',
is retiring from the bank pormntioiitlv
nml iiiti'iuls In live (fiielly, May it
he a Ioii-i mid linnpv life Is'tho hearl«
loll wish of his ho.stn offrioiids.
ilefi.iv his Hoiiov Judgo Wilson,
Tiiewlny iiml   .Vcdui.'.idiiy lusi:
iltiiiliell CiiimjII vn, ll, Sterner; uo-
lion lm- Si-'o I'ui- proloNsioiiul servicvi^
.iiiilginonl for S'/o.       4 *"
l.iilinnls vs. Vesuy—Wage coju.
;ni.'iiii|', mil of llie I'iihiirilN assign-
nn-iii'. .Iiulgiii.'iit fm* llin-e mouths
Uiigrf-'  al  Sl.'.S  pel   lliolllh,  jjioo (   fur
nii''I.*-,iimiii.irvnf 1'nlli-d Hlnlrt Com*
iiilnslrjits' Uepnit.'
" A speoinl doMpatoh'tn H,u Si-aU.o
rn»!l*liili-lliif|.iii'i.r fvr...| li, u-..i :. , . '
co; respondent snvs.
Aflei- n iirntrarti'il Vr.nn|i1fration, nf
lie ilisiihtir by which more than ,1
hundred nun, woitu-n and rhilrlr«-n loit
llieir lives olf Cu|»o lleale lost .rann-
mv, lho Vuloiidn coiiiiiiIsnIoii has fnii
id to fix the respoiislhllltv lot that
Iiihi 1 •ii-iiding evdii./flio ilvail contara
01 the ill-fntid sloamor is bbtnfd n-'
a ile j ut .f..rcllw.-.ti'lklmi of the ves-
■s.-l. but lho failiiiv, to're%tne tlm
UrniSii ol luimnii tc-thjjrK who rlung to
the wiiil. for days iRtuetn lifo and a'
wati-n*    i»rnw miwt remain forovor n
1      ,   .    . ","Ty .'r"J  *     'i.iu-rv    urnw 1111111 remain lorover n
fMJ,1"'.'-".r \h';tUy rt*",»'  ' Pn« Wh" Mil.|..n \.\ indivVunl <limia*.imi rnri.1l
\SM   l««  tlie  l>.t„..r   ..l.i   !,.„.   *     .....   ,,..,..    .....    {s   |fc ^   rifJJ
ou*v.-.*"iiiiotW'i*t   .    .   ...
%-,—- - -/-■     -■- - - ..**.. j    >IU- iiiihiwiii-{  1* ,f ivon  n<  *i brief
Ifawibornr. s nntur nuiy lo mixed-np siimmarv of'tho commlsHliwr-.' report
Wilb utlitra llu-iv is un (liiiigi-r'nf gel*    * '
tiUf hint ii\\tt%\. Ue is to*- f.;g :,n-i
too jolly to l.e mint-ilui for nnv on.-
thtt   ,
I. V .   ' ■  .1    '.     .      ' •   "   . .       '       ,-'."1-.-'   i'i   mniv F lllll (IIMI
liM Inp the UAtiet got Imn in tjih- the WeU tlmt i* thrnwi
f*'4 !f. *[th, .,"''*-*r ,, I'^L''"*;, nixtxvs nr". x i;v..ttu- i;-hum.m'ii
thill Im- iliilii't kin.w liliiuu-tf. Ilnivi-ivr     T|,p milowln't «»/fiver
I. Oni ii in .Tohn-r.n, ibe inaitor,
uriw ' -.ul, ov.-rran tiis'tourv on nc-
roimt of ji minlaVc frr nivfj»atfon. 'rro
w«i htloni*; to u race 01' belay;-. not yet
WJticuted iu tlm lilgliesi pluiio of 'imiViil
livliij; una' ilmt. Iliere areA.HIJ,wide
iield-j in willed to jjow the seeds iiliimi-
ul rectitude ojiiI lo' ctilitv.-ili-«:^ntii«n.illy
Uhi'urnwl-Jif'i-rop, Tliu oilier hull'iif
thin inlquil.jus nlu Jm 'jtill llvln-j- .iiul
breatliiiij* in the uiiJvr, oi'iiu, i*cuii !iiii[-
hi'Oiidciisi ihu polk'jn*.' ilegiuiiuion
which Wlf.hts, tursuhi, und eveiiumlls
tlcstrovi* every hoimo ,'uf honor imil
brings uvorlumiii--- (l.^frr-ic-*- ii|'*ii »ts
vlf-.llijr.-s und llieir iriei, tin.
..I. . 1 J,J...Ji,.4 ,,    ji.t    nl4.il 1 .
, Air. li. V. Kelsli'lii has udmiltoiK to
Hiiiiiii.|.iiiIi.i .Mi. J,1!', Myeih-tiuiVi of
(iii'i'iiuoi'il.' All. I.-lay hnlils llie city
'inlii'itoi .hip lm (lioi'iiuiiod ami I'line-
lii-;  and  bus * ropiesoiil'cd '.tliev     two
'i'.    : ■ '.' A' -■;-■"!*'■•    f> '• :'-*-4 4-...l
iii-w-lirm wifl Im'iIuiowii us
, ,   Wlllli.       I'll!
Hi* gu-ill vii-.il Mn ie wliuh Unrnl'1 |i-||,.,-,'iii ,*v I'nov.
viird, lo liiiiso mi mi' ch .'trouble iu tlu- J  ■ - 4 '
United Slates will  llk-'lv  In. uv,'.U,l j ....,,..,., ,v .   cKXTRAI..kAIWVAY
throiigli dj|ilomutie I iaiiilHiii; bv .1
Mitohe 11 on behalf ol' tho miners
0.'.TTfNl> k'l.ADV
Thn fvlk 3,umla'r    _	
last mr of inuthi nury lur tlu-ir big
mill lust week "uiul nil the heavs
pii'i>» nrt now in "the mill mid brim:
■Ciiij'I"K.\.\Y i
Vow Hint llio Kootonny Central mil*
r|    I    |i   i'i   /l.t-"*ll A   IM    ffftM)    fil**       Wtu.f, m.m *t\ 1 ->
iimu  H.'HI\l-;f-S |lU„,;,. ,„ ,|l1t nf cniiHtructlon «nil lu
"On. iiiili-'tih-tl  llu
could, be niOBt eaonomhinlly operated it
would jiot ho where It Is today, and it
ostremoly doubtful whether tho C.P.
11. will repeat to costly a, blunder in
order to meet tho wishes of the Can-
brook board of trade to have the
Herald map ol the new road verified.
The jnost practical route ovor which to
construct tho new road is to follow the
survey line which crosses lhe Kootenay
above Ft. Steele and tlience follows the
valley until a.junetlon U formed with
the Crow's Nest branch somewhere
between Warduer and Elko, and the
Ledger beliovca that is what will be
But it will be wise lo eeo to it thai
the advantages of this route-are not lo6t
sight ol and the great hdvnntago to
Fornio of having the road built as
originally intended,* should-spur our
own board of trndo and council into
prompt and thorough aclion to countei -
act any measure that would aid in keeping railroad advantages which natural-
I.V belong: to us goiii<** elsowhere.
Fernie should not sit idlv. by and
depend upon ber natural advantage, of
position alone to securo what she is
entitled to, but should be up and-doing
as our Cranbrook neighbors aro when-
over there is,anything of advantage to
that town is in the air. ,    ' '
Cranbrook would be entitled to tho
road indeed it 'they .succeed'by their
unfted push and energy in pulling it up
hill and down dale and miles out of its
cour-to iuto rffe their town while ot! er
people go to deep sweetly di earning
that*-.iw-road—wiIi couao— tlieir way*
Now that JaC*k AleLean and. Jiminie
M'icLean aro the only ouos left fighting
over the'defuuet water bylaw agree
ment wouldn't it be, well f. r tlio
rcfll; of the people of t.i*\clty to hitch
their linltetl-energleson Jothe- cud "of
the Kootenay Central and land It down
on tho,Crow.branch bonding for Fernio
The water rates are unlixod and so is
the franchtso and wo can afford to let
them remain so until wc have, the
Kootenay Central and Mr. Jim Hill's
east and west road anchored safely iu
new  i-.ndertaliing, '
' -    —l;.
The annual ba)l ^iwu bv ihe mem*
Vers of the Ladies' "benevolent Society
the sweetest flower of organized char-
itv which blooms in our 'city, will be
given a.s usual on "Raster Monwav'cvcti
ing  Stork's  hall'.
This has beciif the iwcial
function par excellence in Fernie, and
is looked foi ward, to with plca.siugu.ti
ticipation bv all lovers of the U*r*)<i-
ch'-r'.-nn pastinie. That Monday ni-fht7s
Uill will be a grand one, well attend
nl, and that the treasurv of the sool-
ttv from which flowsaronsto.it
strefiiu of pure charitv will 1-*
b<-iiiilifiiliv replenished, is 'the wisli
cf the Ledger and everybody elsu,
Tlio r,rdger" is one day,, late this
week owin- to au unavoidable delav
in connecting our little twelve inch
witer wheel with the wa*tcr pipes.
This issue is being printed bv water
power .'and we find it a great improve-
in.-nt over a gasoline engine. There is
no profanity, no__bad smell nor any
kicVing back now 'and everything iioe-i
>-o smoothly that lhe whole force'will
If i'l',e to take their*1 places in ^hc
Siiiiday. 'sthool class on Easter Sunday. "    ■
On another page along with other
cotninunications will be found ' ■ one
from Mr. *W. H. Moore, relating to
the gas matter in the Western •FuiaI
Company mines at Nanaimo, B. C,
This communication was'received somq
-s,.,.s.—«^.^^ini4.—*rur.—iliiiu^ 4j\ri—uceuli.i*.*
or the inability, of the editor,to look
after such matters, or in fact ' any
buSineis of any kind. The Ledger i'i
open to anybody who desires to tali
through its columns to the public and
.wc would le p.eased to receive'more
work of this kind to do, always provided that the iiaine of thei [writer accompanies the communication and it
is'of sufficient public ititfcrcst to .war-
"• -hi' use of printers' ink and tho
la) or of composition. I
Mr, Covert lias Jhh-ii doing some dec
orating iu the 0. K.- barber shop by
rcpapering .t, It looks us though Ike
has been trying to circumvent the
newspaper man by doing a wierd nd-
veriisiiig job of his own, The walls
Jiuve been dressed- in a coating- of
dark- red paper with lighter jvd bor-
e'ers uud a pcu green colored ceiling, ;ill trimmed in hurmoujoiis liu-
ishiuji louche*,* in liuriiiotii/iug colors.
Ilu has .biv-i jiluiiili.ug in with the
knights of the razor and has pliiuY, a
beautiful picture ol a blooming The coal, output for the week 'cndiui/
chiekcil girl up .in the diamond shup-   Friday, April (i, was us follows-
'Tiie entertainment given by iho
Filth-Eaton Company under tiie auspices of the Fernie Athletic Associfr
tion Monday night failed to bring
forih (jiiite us large an aufience
as was expected but those present
were well entertained. Concert, companies and talented vocalists do not
■ecm to receive'the support that tlu*y
should but with a continued effort
along these lines will finally bear
good fruit and better audiences will-
result. We. wish to congratulate the
Athletic bovs upon their enterprise
und hope they iwill continue to- look
bir jrood entertainments and aid in'
bringing thum  to Fesnie,
Mi in-
Con I   Creek
Michel ■	
Caihonadi) ,
- 7,317
•ompli-tiiiii,ihii lu- looked forward io
vith cniillili'i.re, llm Cranbrook pooplo
linvflcoiuliiili*.! that lhoy would llko to
■.„„.,.  ,,.  „„.,., ,-,       . ••  .itvfiminodiitu tlu» (loldon nnd other
Kwi:^ RZ A^....Mnun«ry.,yhM'ln*? tho new
*.<mu> tiim- \>t Af li«* big uijll will In- f ''"■'ll- u,i" »"10 •'"•• *>nWlloni little
running In'alMiui ihri'e ' wn-ki mul |'-"lty. Tlm v.ipnr Irarfc laid down hy
ihing* wiil ivglnT' lo 1<«.V lU.-lv \ 'fie «titdcftrl«lc<ir Mlllftrcf tha Herald
•rromi the bridge.f" J-,^  winter  U  of bntiWy lubit^tUU
— r-4—*-— 1 ..noiii-li iuMfrial   ov.-r  which t(| run
CT.KANINT. .-Ill' THE CITV.        11 ■..» l..»r»«H nud draw CAM lnul(x|' f\\\
lVf>pl« are fi-i Ltsllr <d*vin- Hi.■ "in f 'tmh''' »" ""• Cflllbronk bo^rd pi
■tttuctioiiM of M t. Walker nnd dr...*l. ,,u f 'rnd.'. Imckfiil up bj t||0 tll.v cqaiKiii
i»g np tlu-ir hack vnnb-, niiii ulliv* * bnvo nnnnjr«-tl In ii>\'lge Mr. f>*Si\Q|| Ol
iif • wry cu-mnwniVah •>. nianii-*r mid [ .lm (!. I*. II. wilh »'«1«IWjHli.n whlelj \i
r"ri.vJViiW'i''. MM"'. 1"' -'«"-l"'<'>''''l''' ■'"'•] (li-ifruplri. tixlila-ifl Upon tU« itoulnllK
l.iMlililullr ,,Van. Mr.   Wnll.r «.l..i|ib» L,v   1A «-.,,,.,lW.l   .|i.vU*,iV 1„
not sbMr. hit* wail-Mali**.--- until ,*. V1**™,, ? ,'.'***• **",J"* ,,# *fw
..4 v.-.* w_v -„... :. .s-   ... ...       l^iail«jilk'cli.l from Hi eournts dowi* (
try y^ril Uiul, alley in tViorotigbly u
Kur-ilwruy   rlwr  to ■* to tniVo
ed  ccntiv,piec,e  iu    the  i^i.l.ing     just      Aliiu— I
where il will catch  the eye iif     the
vittiniyns lie lies on his back iu the
chair uud hold him still .'while     the
artist may use any kind of nn old
razor to, pull his wlii'lKi-i's with, never
a murmur from the mini with his eye
on the pretty faced girl with the ro'sv
cheeks,  Keep your eye on lhe pictuiV
while yon  ur.' being shaved.
WALDORF-J. Suiiniiervtlli', Mdmon
ton; ,f, 1), Wunilii, Spi.kuiH'i A. llm*
cun, liould Citv, Mlch.j'Chns, IIiiit.iii
(loiilil City, Mich,; Fred Lnrscli, Mor-
lisM.-y; Min. ,IIi)iiiL>r, Coul Creek; Mis.
.1. il. natris, .Spokuiic; Af W, Love,
Colfux; Mrs, U. A. Minokiug, Cluiiu-
liohn; (j, 0, .lewfll, Flunk; Mis, Foi-
ri'ster, Hlicrwdiul; .1. F, KiJu-v, Flunk
A. F, Armstrong, Crniibriu.k; .1, A,
Moody, Mitiiicupoli*.; p. -H, Sciiii„i-.t
Ihitli-j l». MiCimiii'll, lbiviies Lai*.', .1
W, ^ltI,i'Hll, I.oS Allijl'll-S,'Cu|.;: .1. M.
Hawtlioiiii-, l.o'i Aiig.'lt-s, Cui ; l<). ,1.
Diilton, Medicine Uut; .1. II, Alexander, 'Joioiilii;'|A.i ('.. f.uyi'tt, Fiaii'l;*
l', A. Li'lu'illcy, (S|Joktin.'; K. A'lu.i*
limn, Spnkuii.',: Mis. (Ico. I'm in,
Spokane, Anuu Cunii-ron, Spokim.'; ,\
Kfgh-y, Mullen^ Idaho; W, Di.m.l.l,
NVlson; .V. Sclidum, W.-siminntn,.
V-Mi-tvi.:!*"   \   r   •*!,.('.:.:.,, M,,.,;.
5ey;[ T. .1,  Kilpuiiiil:,' HaVniim" An'.i-
C. M. Afmray, JSpukune;  .l.,|{, .--iit-
|ilirii*l„AI«Jirl.iiM-y;  Al Wood,  .luilr.iv,
A. Fitwtvtl, CoiilCrUk; '.I: Huu..n
Cedar Valley; Porter  Snndli".',    :'..,il
Cnek;; Mrs. J. Callahan, Ilonut-rs I'n
rv; Mm. Ciilliihaij Tir.d rliililrm   1....1
mis l'Vuy;  Mi.\s  Ulii/lr 'J.uii.s.iii,   S,
Homer Jiuton, W. Franc?'- Frith. Hi.-
F.i.ili-Katoii    Conci'ii    Co.; ■   A.  A.
.Suede, Ouliiury; .1. C, Kunpton, Coai
Citeli; ,1. 11. Ilawthoiiu-, Nelson:
KI.\'(i KIIUAKD-Mrh. 0.,'Hiiniiltoi.
Mifhfl: W. K. Murk^, Kllf w  M  V,-s
bill,   Ciirmuilhiu;   Mr.    Wmiim-v; F
Jnninnl; I/i-wintoii;, J(. Cl. Kvniis.* I'nl-
gniv; .Us. l.av.n, dn; .1. W0UI1, HrtVt-
Irrft fniv: J. M, Tpttn-*nil. Hpokumt
y.  llucV,  Simlaiw-;: lU.  C.   l»jiviiKi.ii.
CailM.na.lo; V. lAindon, CV*l«r V«Hiy
Boy Tiiiim-i, XXslU WilUa; Ai Contiois
(Viil  Cm I; II.  l.iltk'. iKiMtlitiM'-    W
Forr.ii. Calgary; If. C. -AVmu-K, K,ni
[4iUW. i. li* tU'lilU, S|»«W»nr; »■    I'.,1"       -   -    , --,    -     —
U'lifHllHiry anfl wifr. Supriirir, u;s ■ M*••*•*■ ••'''«'»*•* pl«c# ye<il*rdi«v froin
K, K, Hnllail, Vaiu-ouvrr; I,. Th.'.b.»l,) 1""' r-'','",l" duirili, .'..udintrd bv !■'*-
Cranl.ro.ik. j>l«>  C. . I.». %.in\\t   tW dirtiticfl ot
„ a „ j«...1l  .-V   Uwi.    nHxtrlldk.lt.,   A Vtr-"
,. ,        " ^ jl.1'1.*   <-..'), iittf\-   i.f   (MriuU   stlA   I«|j.
/Hmu*xu~*n*t*    h<.tiu.    Thurify ;.-.„ i.th.wsA   ih,*  t.m.in,  tn    the
The .11 hoiue /riv.ii by the mi'iiillvr*.
or th.. I, o, of ].', j„ their,hall in thr
lli'ii. blo.'k lust Fn.luv night wus u
vi-iv eiijiiiuble social weiu, T. J|,
White oi'iupiLil the chair and it verv
will unuiiged pim-iiimme of miiNic,
Mi'iikiiiji uud duiiijiig was enjoyed bv
thus. pr.M'iit, Not ihe h-ust ■uiisub*
i.t,.111 ml |iiirt of |)IL> pleasant uffulr
uii'i tin* serving of i.-In-nhiiii'iits (or
tin- goo I of the inner man.
Tin' s,ih- ..j gijvenuiu-iit lots in thv
iiiiiuA l,i',i Siilunltiv did not icsull
111 many s.'ih-i, only lour loU upon
whiih ih-ii'llliiigs*'iud trf'i'ii rrecit-d w*tt
sold,  mul   in  no .use  ,,ii|  tlu<y  |,iing
"'    I'""'   tin-   up'.,t   ptii,.,      wJiiih
1a11g.1l liom jSj^j to c?-5, |t nf(.tm tllt)
llpll't 'pi IK    llpM-t   llll'   sale, ,
It •.p'.ik.; well for Feinic, however,
\iInn it is ii'miiiibtnd ilmt llie t'ov*
»mm. in svts n \alnc KoitK-thing iikn
•.'•'-no luu.s gr.'iii<.| p»r nnv upon Kit-
"■ '« •"•«« -I did 011 dm of 110 rV.t*
In   -;a..l:u   ,.,,., ,,.... ;;„,;.,  ^UttJ> rkUi
II10..1-I1 llm,. Wi,., ., ron.llii,,,, U) ,)1(,
hitti-r d.-al whiih insured tlu- locution;
of a ..ii.it i.iilto.i4*. t.rjiiinal on the
II   I'll tlie ui'lc  Mi n-  of  thr ind ol  tt
■   •'     .........*.'.   ,„,\4*i*i   4.1   lhe  iM-.i-.lij
01 .'it,' ih.* npsvt price which ups«t
tlie - .Ir Saiutday might have \*,u
pl.n.il mi hi|>h as to imstt the bank
uuoiini of old NotlcMler hlmwlf if
In- hnd l,i-, 1 uanting to build amim*
ni.i tint 1.)}•<• ui tlu- loot of our beau-
tiltil  Ml.   Feinir
Air-4-. Ctiiist'lhi, wife <4 Frahk Car-
omII.i, *s\,. ilt) |„r |i!« Mondiv ni|ht
iln- hmiH ol lur tuv4il 111 brineiB*
into ih** world anoihr ll(«, \tt%.
Cuio'elij w.is 4- vrui-i tuf *r* and
haws 3 limlwod »*A Xmn cfkildrcfi to
"JIH   llu1    ^,^4   i,(   u.if£.^ud   tUl.tlwl
-      CRANBROOK..
From the Herald-
Mrs.. C. D. McNub atid ton  left for
their old home in New  Brunswick last
J. H. Fink and W. li. Bunce went
to Bull river yesjerday .to took at some
mining properties in thai section.
Albert Muli, the Fernie Brewer^ who
fs makjng \\w be«r ,hltt made Milwau
kee jealous, wan in town today.
J. A, Harvey and G. H. Thompson,
two of the leaders of the conservative
party, are in Victoria this week. It is
is hoped that they will urge upon the
Hon. feobert Green the necessity of
building a road up the St. Mary's valley and a bridge over the St. Mary's "
Senator  King arrived  yesterday to -
sjjend a few  days' with his sons, Dr.
J. H., M. B. and F. E. King, and his
daughter, Mrs. Nohles.' Mr. King was'
accompanied  by another son in' law;
R. D. 'Richardson,   who is in the lum- -
ber  amf'. merchandise   business   near
Chipman.    It is MrJL, Richardson's first
visit to this Section and he js-Tyry well
pleased with what he has seen.     Both
gentlemen will le:ive in about ten days
for their return trip us  Senator King is -'
due at O.tawa on the opening of the
From the Prospector—
Tbe licence commissioners held a
spwria! meeting on * Wednesday'to consider the applications of Finch and
Jones, for a hotel licence at St. Mary's
Jake ^nd one from Fred' Drew for the
Royal hotel at Kimberley. Both applications were, refused.
The Royal hotel at Ft.Stecle junction
was irurnsd-in thereurljr*hoiirs~)cif Sunday
last. The cause of tne lire "is un-.
known, the inmates barely escapiri"-
•niilh their lives. A. McCool, part owner and manager, did not save any of hi*-
personal effects, escaping with only \h*
clothes he now wears. ; Mr. Smith, tho
hotel clerk, lost his personal belongings
and $65 in cash, which was in his trousers pockets. Mrt McCool only saw
«d his cash register and books. His
flprtners are Ross Bros., of Ferpje.
The buiJding and furniture was jiisj-u*
ed for $1500 wilh $§00 on on the stpcj*.
 ♦ J' •      '**"
Fro-ji  Ouv '().,•,-# Correspondent—
{ChiW... Aiqrguii, mine ^inspector, paid
Ws nioul'lily visit to us hist week.
ttpaldin'-, the Fernie pliotoj-ruplier,
Was hem, cn Sunday pliotoi^raphiiijj
the fobtbulj team.
Geo. Ilakcr has been appointed train
er for the foot bal l'teiun aud he understands, his busineils,  ,
The football season will lx* with tin
soon und the boys ut Coul Creek ar«
in food form uud expett to win out.
Win. HJeKay mul John Rcwbigger
wert out deliveriiij* the goodi to the
fish, u-jd they eaajjlu all the Giiekejs,
Mr, Mul/, lm-** installed his hydraulic pump at,tlift C. C. fi. A. A. uud
tjliii boy** should now be wi'll^-ipp-l.ird-
with \iie ,Wf t (joods.    '    '     1   '
Air. Alut/, of the Fort Steele Urevr-
iti)*, Company, bus promisid to put
up u chiilli-iij-e ni]) fur tliu football
tuumi of tli« Ciow'n Kent Fiuss,
The nnnual mcetlnj- of the l'ootbull
club wan field ut the C C, L. A. A.
-and the iollowiii-' olliu'is W?h* tinted
I'lcsideiit, Audiew ColviUe; vice-prrv
lileiil, John MeClimiiii; secretary, David P.itun; tiviiMirvr, Tom Siiwyrr
Tlu* pit-Nciit svuxon iiromispH to be a
most  i.uri'('f*j.fiil 1 uic
Kifltu  tliu lloiald-
R II, Hhormnn hivx taken n home*
stoiiil uunrTfllwr, nnd It lipmglble
lils wlfu ami family  will occupy it
thli summer.      <
Muyoi Jtotferi w«ri invitftd to din*
with Prince Arthur of fonnaught at
t^Jmonton. Do loft Imt niche to Im
prficiit. ;
LothUr^d^o ir|'ctid» will be Intcrci.,-
ed in .tarnlncrtliftt ibtx mftrrlnin* u
to tako placo oii April Hi.ti ot J.K»»
Lnara IUc*-inbMhvm, daughter 0/
I.t.-Col, lllffffinbotlmm, (Jaulpli, to
Goo. D. McKay, son nl .Senator Itobt.
Uack-iy. of Mcmtrenl,   It l« a farther
V.l/tn A ¥t **rS    *fmtmm*mmm.r.,-~..     » t. ft     *\     , *
l*^*4»tv *^^»k*.****».v"1, bu^t ***m M-t^Ml-AK
yottitflr ooaplo, who have a nIde elr-
cleol friend* here, will retlde In
Rev. A. M. Gordon hat remrncd
■ftom Winnipeg where he took pert
In the t>r*tanltatlr.n 0 tbe Alpine
Club ©I Canada. Mountain elimbera
from all over Canada wera pmeiu tt
the meetlnir. The Uaitooartere ef
the clnb will be In WlnVlpef, bat
m*ttyytsrthe membenwlllholda
lumuaer earop at un,* favorable location tn thtirreat mturtnuln t*1*t*t.
Thli yeafa «»mp will bt at Yi**
The -primary ohject of tho dob te to
ewakf* lnt«r«tt nmofi-rf Oantdlanf In
r-ecanJ to their gn-tt neonle heritage
which Ucot «rp<t*w>| by th« AJpa.
Ur. OorJon waa elected member of
toeeiKotlvc. Thepfe»identefthe
new elub ia iir. Wheeler, 0/ Banff. .      «.*        .<*- .ft.   4      .
*. - v
■ I nu pUMNiD L,b-*JufcK|gooA .-jhin{i8; Which   thb;;;«fty .1ms
Is-HK-'U-voi-v.Wi'ine-i.iii.viroiii .illieii of |>nli-
liiti.iu.1, 'i'.i'l I l-.lo.-h, Vi.-t.il'iii AV4! , '<4-.mio
llrin-ili I'ni.ii.iil'W .-... „V"r - - *-* .-*.';» :',i
,U. V. iiOi'T
■'7.'*    ''YJiCiiiiS-AfiTLY ;   7-'     ,-
Alter  a''iji-ciit, deal oi labor .ind
much ir.ivail the, twin eii hoi--*, down
■.tiio*street"'.'actually .succeeded'.week
hefoVo lait in laying" an e'uiiorial egg.
It's <"V,;'bi£: one; full.of bi<? letters at
tlie upper ■ end,   tapcriij-}* down   to
small ones, -.er.din^.'in.'f.-..which wc
ji re tola stand-- lbr lixed water rates,
down near tin: small end of the cgp.
and the small ones arc all padded I
about with .-llbumiiidus {yrey.msUtcr
li-om   the  ciMniums  of   tiie twins!
Which one  is tlie father or. which
the maternal  pa rent i.f the" big cgf*;
need not concern'us at --resent, iis discussion of   that   point   woiild   be iip
profitless as llie child's pastime of de.
liaiiii'' whether the  f*ooso  tlitit laid
-.lie o%\* or tiuj one thnt did the hatch-
in<r siunt, was the mother "of the gos-
Jin, jukI we will no. occupy space iiv
speculating.   Thut this editorial e<r{*
ivas laid and tln.t it ,is a wliopiier it
ull thai is interesting just now. , <.
The first th'in-jf we find in liiis big
goose eg*;-; js a pathetic appeal to thr*
'mayor and council ■ to be*honest and
appeal tlie'watenvui-ks by law ease
Will these twtfi lilllc' iiintc-nls be'
, iviiling to put up the costs of such an
'appeal1 in (ace 'of the (acts that the
city solicitor had advised llic'eouneil
that, the by-law had not be-jn legally
DratillPd, and his jiulginejit'liiitl been
confirmed.hy the »nst eminent counsel in the" |)ro'v'ii:e..>; and a supreme.'
court judge has conlirmed these con-
, elusions by ,-in oiliiial opinion ?
Judge Irving alter hearing the"
c.ise'of McLean" as stated by.hisitl-
t'orney nnd the (acts' vital to the case'
which were on 'record and undisputed, gave it as liis opinion that uudei,
the sections of the muiiici'pal act governing sueh. cases,*that a three-lift..';-
.vote wti-3 i.ci-cs3.iry. lo* ratify*' tlie
water agreement by.Jaw.
..-■Now it seems that   the' learned
,. judge and everybody else'excepting
the twins down town are able to figure out that ('8 "votf-s .are not thrcc-
liftlis of. 120 'and the,-judge, being'
sure ol Jiis.:ariiliinotic,  decided tliat
T~tIic-Git-j*"—oM''**n-nto   l*RYtl~3TO~?lI5£CfiEC"
. against Lhc obstreperous McLean..;-'.
Tliere   weie "other, point*, raised,-
that there were more .ballots'in thc
■ box Hum there were voters' voted,']
and that sonic iiflecn. or twenty peo
pic voted who were not legally entitled to vote; etc,, clc,, but these little points need not be considered ex*.
copt ihut in passing wc might mention that- only a few months ago an-
oilier by-ltw had been voted upon
nnd carried by a majority of nearly
three to one and was. repealed because, j,wo or three people "had voted
illegally, but wo don't re member
the kids down street,'wcopii,{" over
the injustice done lo a large majority
of tho property owners, Tins bcot
was .on the other log just then.
How like the brilliant blundering
of tlie old council it would be to hnvo
tho city council disregard the advice
ft' i'ii own ullclioi' b; eked up by
Mich eminent hiwyeis tin 10. ]', Dims,
K. 0, and llnally.. coiilirineil hy
.Judge Irving'** decision and go into
the appealing business which proved
so di-iiisti'ously cxptusivo in tlio telephone wild gcoso (.'has-j. Tho tel-
pphonn litigation cost .fJifX) with
never a elmnce for tlio eity to gain a
coin,, and tho twins mild It wns ull
right: but now wo Iiud in this editor.
Jul goose -'gg a whimpof n bout forty-
liiiir dollars having ht.m oxpcidcd
in ■!Ki'I",!--i *"X|i*-M'ii- In iiuiitlior Im^c*
less cnso.
The difference' between ■j-J-iO.) mid
$11 is tliu snug little sum of $2lfili
which iuom people, will be bo obstln-
iili.fi-i.ugli to believe reproKelilH tho
illlVi'i'ijiit'ij in tlu: h:i,iliie«.s nbllityol
the old and now council. And these
pi-est'iit ciiiincllloiK liy ilolng what the
twhiHKiiy i-ln'v wore pledged to do
when elected, nre JtidaseM, but they
admit lliiii. tiie prico w,u ml-uul li.mi
thii-ty io ruts I ,iii- dullard, We huv*
im't Keen the term doll.in lined In con
ll'.'ction with .I-.hI.in' IiiIuiiioii*! com.
uiereial tnm.-ii 'imi,
Tlii'M! hiss wy tli.it tho pi'ci-unl
h-iiiii-II wi.'-i* cli'i-K il in ilfNii'ny a jiul -
lie rcr-iiifl \vlii'..-h »(iv(* validity loan
eutlrelv lair bai-gulu.    Wluitaplty
niilv ,'tUHXV ll * ill/ A.iuUlii atl-p III llllll
*.ll.  SMS.,   I44-,    ' ll'l,.i.li,V,   i'i  'ill,'. «l!l tvan
jitiitijuiei.t by declaring th'U there
w.i.i ■■.<• v.-t.ll ucwul, Insiiiff his
npiiiion upni the iveord-4 tlioniselvM.
Wlii'ii ilifciurl at*-!---! in nnd rt'tl* n
Mt ol ./tida«(.<i iu hutlt a lljigi'jint
iimm-cr things an* In a b:ul way lor
the twins.
' II the cumi. iUoru Were ebictcd to
i1i-:iioy nn illtgiil it-cold made by
their j-roili cc-wori", in wliwn were
i in-y I'tilM-j*    Nut - to their Irienil-t, oc*-
W,|v}lf|f» »/> Uli**   "fi:**   oxc: fdliorlid,
ior'riU tlitic ex|ire«4i.Jy Ktfltcd that
they -Hii •!« tb"y wire elected to do.
Thoy.couM nor, ha int.o to Uic city by
nUlirt-jr thc c-nrt to wrj-c out a falre
rrtnM illrg.illv written Into llm
luM-i*u\ th« ■* i|<>r.iti'.n,
.1 In- i?irj*v'cxg m-i-ni* to have Injn-
divii.uily  .Itnlijud tbii   wlit-U-. ju
ilkitiGj-.  Jfi-lihMll*MJ   ill,»l   SildSn
M»lfe wiihtu ita ovrii Imw^K
missed by not appealing y the liope-
less  case, commencing • with a' and'
running down to f,  wMb.i stands for
fixed .votes'. ""Here, the  boy's come
toucbingly  close  to tears .-'over the
watery problem, but the Ledge.).* hast ■
ens to inform then... that there is still
some hope,' lot it   Ins just been ar-.
ranging with that awful corporation
which they seem to fear with such a
cringing f'carsomeness for water power to suppliint that, devilish-little red
gasoline.engine,  and  we have'ex-
pei-ienced lio apparent  rise in tiie
'price a'nd an evident, desire to meet
ouivwants as far --as-possible. '   Mr.
Depow has put in thc connection to
supply water, for a 12 inch wheel at
*i price, that. the. Ledger liiid tonic
lime ago agreed to pay,* and il   the
price  shorikl. be raised on us to tlie
point uf desperation we will have to.
start up tha gas* engine with its ac
jom pa living hell.and dam nation once
more.   In thc matter of prices   Mr.'
I.indsoy secmsto belong to the same
tribe as ther-Ycc Press and therjcdgei1,'
j.ist a little ljalow the plumbers and
just .belo.w   high water' mar,*.,   'lie
seems to want all ,ho can get from
.he water going- through his pipes •,
litto the union ..printer, the miner,
.md every body else, -
-Thc only trouble seems lo be a dif-
tcrcncc of opinion as to wlietlierthe
-Jity lias the rig lit to pipe its own
•yatcr or not,
Thc-.Lcdger"sinoerel.v* bo')eves it
ia's," and'that i.t would, bi a pay inir
ijroi'jbsiiion'to'do'so, and will continue
io so believe .-until- it has- been pre
tented with-soliio'■ more lucid argu*
.nctits* Chan are contained in tlii-3 last
lay of tlie down town minstrels.  One
•voukl'iliink-'tluit when Mr. Lindsey's
"''eiietrating eyes caught the astound
.tig-thread of    reasoning  running
..hrougli this great egg tliat lie sure-
y must  have* exclaimed   "Deliver
me frojn'my friends!" .-7
, In tlie-s imc issue in which appears
ihis weighty editorial there appears*
xxi interview with Mr. Lindsey on
tlio fronSi.pa^c in".which that gsntle-
iiutn expressly states that, he fjcIs
greatly relieved because lie lias not
bien held to his contract in whicli he
had gone too far in liis endeavor to
tiiccTthc wishes 61 the old council', so
it is plainly * evident that the efforts
of the I'YcePrccs and thc legal steps'
It'you, your ircncls or relatives suffer- -"-'.hii
Tils, Epilepsy, "Si." VitiV fiance, or VV»'--,'g
Sickness,' wiite foi- a t:u!bottle arid valii^lc
treatiss on such diseases to Tub Lki'iuc^-'c...
179 Kin.^ Street,* W., Toronto, Cai:ada. All
'druggists sell or can obiain for you "
.**■*" \Vli61c.-;,-jle Duhlersnnil .
1'irecti.Iiiiiioilcr.s i>{
■r*   'A
|J"8ga   .rGraiej, is a pleasant home fd? aBS wlio", travel.
| " ':-Y' Vo'.- " iaOOISS RESERVED Bi WIRE.
j a , -•    t. WHELAN/Managea^
O.l.lkAKu-'.Wlx- Utt*mmm\Al, \lM*W.TneT^\-VSvbl'i.'^AUtA^
Ji,-0„ p.,No. 3ITS  '.
.M(.'oAiii.l, {)'. F. Hall nn Uie last 'Tr.03.
dny in" every'moii'l!.   '-
.. -.-     .   \V. J. J_: MounisoN-. l-'in. See.
% '.     %
taken by'.Mr.,' 11 xlwell and Mr. Alois
on behalf'of Mr. McLean are contrary to the '•wHhcR'of Mr.-T.indscy.-
itncl his.company. ' Everybody likes
Jimmy McLean and would be sorry
to sec him lose ■ his job by loolislily
iipposin*? tlie interests of his employers in siding- with tlie Free Press in
this silly move to force upon the Power company an undesirable bargain.
Tho Lcdj-cr can see no reason for tlie
b.iys down town continuing thc fight
unless it be tliat tliey have acquired
an insatiable appetite for paying
court costs and adding to tlie already
unenviable reputation the-city has
made in tho matter of litigation.
The following will- give lhe- public
some idea of lhe expediency with whieh
ihe Great-Northern and itsconnecling
.lines* can handle freight when called
upon (o do so.
Ross Bros, and Co,, of ICIIcnunilli,
have just [received a carload of new
machinery wilh which il is proposed to
increase their output very materially
this season.
This -machinery, which has.heen supplied hy the Walurotts Co. of ltraiilford
was -.hipped in the linn at Ivlkinoulli
via the Grand-Triml', the Chii'.igo and'
Northwestern, and the Great Northern,
toils ilesliiialion, 'milking ihe run of
ijoo miles in the record lime of u days
which i.s very crudllahk* lo lhe lines
over whli-li it passed eiiroute, and the
iMiisigiiecos are very highly pie iiti-d with
Iliu prompt manner in which lhe shi|*.
ment lui» been handled.
Scotch and ■''"','
Irish Whiskey,
V London Dr*.',
OSd Tom       * :
arid Holland Gin,*;' '
' Pon-in-.«2i*y'
Sch-Jitz beer,   '
Ale snd Stout ,
BrancSy, * ,:'","'
7 Burn-*(2steip,
>Vhi£c ct'Rd.R'e-d 'F»o{"t
and White Rock.
'SoUi iiRMits   In  Oiuiiulu fnr  '
•Wlnd80r   Yoti.c,* Jatj  nosti-'oy*1!*
THE TREiVIONT Buakuiku r
Unclci*   Kc-.v  titnnagctn'ctit'' .
Mrs. Thos. Bait,   -   -.,.-, Propffetress.
Tf-nii's:- 7*22 per moi.tli, -.villi'bal5' §28
TH£   "OWL"    *
Fci'n'es -  Popular      RcGtaur*3'-*
Meals   served   at, .'ill tildes.
All;wh!tc help empioy^t! .
MRS. THOS; BATT, Proprietress, ,i
L & Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
Hei.il Down \
Tiii.ai) p m i.v,
lii.-l" p"iri
:-.' to a iu ■. ' '
T.iiii« in
.' l.'i)) in
7,:!'i )i m
10.01 p in \ri"
lii.-1'i p in A IT
■'•:* Iteail l:.>
l-'oniio  . Arr. K.fH'ii V1
■ "KlVo"'' ' -■■"' 7n"> jt- ■"'"i
Itcxrni'il*- .1.112 iv ''^
SPOKA.NK N.a,-, |i,l\
Kvpn-tt. . ll.lii ii".
Koi'ltlltl' Ji,H!| n 'H
St.. I'.iul    l.vin.ivi nil
' Dally t'xcoiit Sniuliiy
You leave Fernie
and an-ive' Seattle,ll Vic-
toria or Yancouv.ei-
Tor ili'tiilli"! Iiiliii-iiiiiliiiii.linvtli vi'.-
viitlmiK, nti1., full on oi' iiiIiIih.*h
II, li, IlLACKM-ftM.;,
i L: P. Eckstein •./
.       *        ;
llA!iui''iTu'J,,vT-Ii'\"\v,     Koi.icrroi'.,   Kl'O.
ItoiiiiiK 1 S3, liuiiil(-r,;iiii l.-lo'-k, ].Vrnii'. 11.0.
F; G; Lame   ;-
' Post Ollice,DSnck. 1-ci-nio. ll.C '
W. XX. lldSS "''   J. S, T. Al.KXANIT.ll
Ross &- Alexander
' ' FERXIR. D- 0. .-      , '
' pllli'ft In .li. T. W*. i:Ucl;,'V'i.-toi-l* Avuime,
^^;-Ba-h6ei»^/L.'D.8,', D.n.s.,
\Y'[   ': 'bENfiS'ir
'"-•"'-*'■■ -    J-^-i ■  --.,.,,
lf:('.T."'WV;'-I3UH-lc, ■ opposite  the   Ban!-:
A--"" '".OfliiVji'ouw-Sii.m. to'R'pm.
'"' ■ 7        •••-'••" ■'..■->"--''"' ■
.W.:J.Wnglesworth, D. D, S.
~' -. • A", . X33j33SrTIS'T
OvrlOll-lIOl'iiF:.'      K.."i -to I-' ii. in., 11» •*> p. m
,-\    ' 11.31 to S p.m,
-',   -*     Offlcpin Alex. J'-."-*li'f. Hid'"1'
[.     .'•■"■ ovorSliini'rt Hnl:cry.
PUIINII-V'.     -    '*,'-',   .-     -     • IX..C.
"'J." GjT. OtI*fMINGS
' -      •' DOMINION1*    '   '
-Brilisli Columbia
" It Ulwrlvi-yritni -iliifo Puyclilno cured
mi» of Kfillnpin-r cniisiiiiiptltin." Tho
»pffnki-r wan Mr, A. K. Miimlonl, Mx lect
lall, ami looklnp (ust wlmt l»« Is n lumlfv
hrjmiliy Urinrr, lln workH llin own farm
j-ii-.ir M:i^'jii'I.jimj.i, O.vJ,
'■ I rftnjjlil my i-nlil woi kin-,' ns iv /irt'inim
on llm C.P.R," Inn iwiUiiiiiil,   "J  imtl ,
ri'iKl-it snrjits, nhilN-niiiltVvir.'iiiil fioi-iicnt* ,v*
ly ri-iu';lu'»l up |iicci-i of my Itinj;'.!   I wns , st^w-'.'"*".
kinklfiK fust mul Hit* iloitom wiiil ilicrn
wns nn tinjli> fnr mi'     Tiim r>.f.i.tlw i-,.-,i   '
inr«l ofl-'jjvliin**' put urn fij*li| on my feet i
•nd I liavo lind no r**liirn of lunj/ trouble
If Mr. Mumford Imd »larlrd lo Inka
INycliiiio when lm fimt caught cold lie
would lmve Mivcd liimnclf n lot of anxiety
and auirrrini;. Pnyt'lilne ciir«*» all limu
Irouhlri l»y killinff Ilia n;erm%—llm nMU of
Ihu rtini-jiic,
Ciml.-I'iml IhiiiIm nmy lie piucliiiMiil ll< Ml'
[ii*r iii'iii foi'fiifi. ('iiiiI iiml nin fur niiili"ii'lln
•S'ut ilnin;than ,i..i in'..us inn tin iii'iiiil';'''' "'.v
mn* Iiii||v|i|iiiiI (iri'iiiiipiiiiy, llnyitlty 'u (In*
ruin nf Iimi i'iiiiI" imi'inn nl i.',i»hi iii)i\inl'' kliall
lm ml li I'tiil nu llm urui.Kiiiilii.it■
^'iiirlz-A I rin. iiiliinr'i. fiiii-llli'iilo I* (Jfiitinl
llpllll lUIVlllDlll 111 U'lVlll I'D Of.'.'i |l|>l* llll||ll"l   llll'
iMilmtlviiliiiil, nml fri'iiiii.'iitiiiiiii'i|>i.r'|ll,iiiiii
lm- a I'liiuiiiiiiy iiri'iiiilliiK tii lupitul,
' ,\ f|i*H lllllll-l-, llH\illKi|Nl!HV|i|l'l|  llll|)','''"ll   III
plni ii, may lni'iitu iirlniiii 1 ,'t hi x l/.iiii [ri1'.
Thi' fm foi' ii'i'iii'illim ii i'liilm Ih i.'i,
Al Ini.l (l'iiiiii*.Uii. |.\:n.inln I nn i lii'/'In lm
iiiii'Ii vi-iir in- imiil In llm iiiliilnu I'i'ifi'','''' In
lii.it llicii'iif, Wlii'ii «,Vm|iii« iii'iiii iixiiiiii'tiiil nr
(mlil, (In' Im-nti.r inii.v. ilium Inivliiun i*'*i-vi,v
iniiili., niiii up.hi i-iiiiipljluu -44Ith mil1''' ri.
i|iilii.|iii nu,piiii'liiimi Iliu luiiilntfl uu ."'iv,
Tin' p.iii'iil |niivlili'« fur tlm pHi iiivi'1 nf n
r.i.vnll.v nr.1' iii'i-ri'iit on lln1 tiiln-i,
I'I.M I llliillilti»rliiliii,i|[rlii.rii|ly mu i"'lii I
m|iii.,h i t'liirv fi'i- f'i i-i'iii'iiiilili'ji'jrlj'i
A lin: niliiui li.AY nl*I.lln tMu 1(4,1 "1'4 tn
iliiili!!' lur until nf liv i' lnllc'iiC'iii'll tiii-ii l';"ii nl
IMlilil.* M'lll*., llilii'ttllllln lit tllli lll>.(*r.,.t!"H bf
Iiii Mhiiiiil' nf lln- lliti'ilur,
Till' til .Ml' nll.lll ll.lMI l|illvil||il III h|.| r'HImi
44 llllill ulll" w'HMIII fllilll llll' llllll'   III   ||||l  ll-||l»
|.ir «m.U li.i- mil''.. Ithiiiitl tlnii'miiiiii'1'! I'i if
i-iiiti mil.-uf rlvi r leii-ol, Itnyuliy i" llm
inli'df ■• inri-i'lil i')i|lirli..l nn llmnnti'l" iif.
IIT l( I'M 4-4-n i-Ji',"",
\v w rr\x\\
Iii-pui v nf tlm Miniitrr nf tlm lii'*'rlnr
N,  ll,   I'liiiiilliurli'C'l |iiiliHnit|.m of till' ml
(.lain ii-.sii.voi1 Nolson Siiiclfiii')
iiiilil, Sllvor ni' I.oiul eimli .,,", fi.nn
Cnppi'i' ijl.*i),     (inlil-Silvi;i-"4" *-l..r.i
(IliaI'lSus.Inr nl'ifr mutiils'mi iipplli'iilinn
. I', 0, DriiWi-rlKiS J'lnniii All"
, Fei-nlc, IJ. 0.
HOTEL     '
If *ll ^mM^J*j^BSnmaemmm*m^m^m*WHS*mm^*S*^mmmmm
HATES'- ii.-n  l'lCR* DAY '     ;
,"11   '"NM———ll'  llllill   III llllll l|
**—^w*...i*4i uMf.i*.mmm»&immmimmmmmmmmmt
Thos. Pogue,   Jf-^Jt'  Proprietor
line of   Caskets,   Coffins,.. Shipping.-
A : full
- Wretiihs and Society. Emblems on Haiicf.'
Afifents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson,^
. . -A..':.. Office PHONE.41 .     Residence 76, ,
■ - Pai*»Jo>j' in L'j.i'Jy:Bli|3X
Elk Lumber Co;.
Jvc^2sr-o-^jk:CT"a-REifes :
e^ension; Flooring-, Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
fflouldirigs.  *. '7^7,
All onr stock is last years cut,anil well seasoned.   ,'      ;     '
■*■■;" *
Pnpll nl' Mml'iin" Uiwlo Ci).\*,(',iiilillnill Hi'linol
nf -lliiiiil', l.ninliiii, mill iilh'iioi* ViiH'i'-Iiili I'liii'-
unci', Itiily. will ri'oiiivc 11 linu'dl lniniluii' ol
Imfills fni-llisli-licUoii In BlillliliR niiii vnlcn lu-n-
ilurtlon. 1
Terms on Application.
»WJr«iin*~irii m—1
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
K'rtail -Meat   Merchants
/ (ftf^'viv^fti,
Choicest ciil.s of fivsli uu'iitf tilw.ivs
oil   I'llllll'
JltltllS,   ll.tlOll,   (lllll   llll'll   111. .Wl'H.
All I'imlH nl fn*!.li li,".'li mi ficii.smi,
I'loinpt. (Ulivvrv.
01VI!   II!'   (I  fill I. f
Yia. in.
ll'Kltl    11   III   I,III    1-4*    l*'l,l>l   I'lfn
'nilltKIl NOTR'K.
'i.vki-: Atnici-,, Uut ,v> «i.»v» ,1,ut
d.iti*, I iiiIliiiI to ii|'|ily in the *"in*
ltiissiniur nl I.Hul.H .unl unrks |i"" a
sjH-ri.il linns.- tu «m ami curry J-Wuv
tiniKi liom llu: lulliiu-iiiu iW'Ih-iI
I      ColllllHIH tJI«J    lit    11    |IOsl    I't'lllt*.'*    ttX
* tIir*  ii'iillii'.-iil   lonirr nl   A    .1,   "'nr
ijlii'l'>uli';t HijiUt. Jiw/isr, ln-JJi1-   /•''mil
Ut <li:iin. iim tli mul  y,n clsnltu Vv«t
,,A tlu* *4<iiiiltvnst (nitur of lot     N'i>.
\stsSf cv i, r:.ist k«»»U'imv itw-rUt,
Itlttnrr*  trnftt  So <h,tjnv  Uwmv  J">itli
0*0% f% if      f f I       !-****'<.N-<iii': ttii luv.rii-tt *Vi rftnlm, l'**n.«
oi If* ■ ftif* HnTiiP ■*""*-* *"' ,U!,<,,otw'i"* "* •"»»>»»tu»*
<JL CariMBcBiael
Victoria Avcm ■  •  Fernio
'".J'    h
ffevnie, 3B. #.'
**      l
'    i * *
Davey "& Laderoute'
•$• $
-———. .*♦■',,....
Is .1 pleasant home
for lhc traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
ncHurren Bros.
Sand, Lime 8c Wood
Ollli'ii In wiiruf lluw Foon ill'iuk, l-'iirnlii, 11,(1*
«,f l'\Tlln.N'l/i:  IIOMK  INiil'HTIlY lit •
uasri.oasr- la,i33DIj     i
Crow's  Nost   Spoolol
•     /.Nil- .
Minor's Favorite Clnars
tttimtts)m*ii CCliirn)
UuK»r »ltM tl mutt it-all etrunttts.
I ifttjBJ** T, tt 810CUM, IktiUd, Xmtximm
lVrufr   I!
n i.. wtvstns,
A I's-S l-.vii* ii'Jl «?k'rin-,* AttA frun-
n,cr    Miititi;;*    wliuh    wv uill
Tl|;1l7|'   njt   i*i   llldl    MVl«**i     S,*1t
Kf.iilinit f'n.-ir.itil'..1.
M I'IS  Cl.liASUIl
Second-Hand Store
O'uMU'il up noxt to Itoum Hiitul,
Por   Cash
»-*■ I*. W. K   T«rr»,  r«fB|*
'.;:.'";-.' 7..*;.''-GloeS.'-' -.'-AA.A
fte Best of Satisfectipi
in Watch &.
j" Have-one of; tlieiriargest stores in Fomie. /      ;*"".V*" AA^;
i ■•  i    ''i   ' ■      .      -   ,.  ■,'-*n».»i Ve^Frcs¥^r^oked"Fi9h.V.!"!f
!   Fresh Fish/constantly arriving-j
' Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. I
Bi mvei's of Extra Fino
Lancr Kcor and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty. '
I'd , '
. i
Philip Carosella
f Uehisral Merchant
and .Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
liWi  hUim'tMl* Hii:»Hfr.tlff the j Minii <!'t tinimtnt Cnr«« llumi, tic.    Mir.^rt s T..t..s..i7.i rtlavt* nturj'^a.   *h*t*.
Mir.-ml .    J.'flij!,t»it     fi.r  hltie  tvtiy*
Wholesale nnd retail dealer in
Cents' tfnrnisliliitffl, Notions, etc.
Just received a full line of imported Turkish   tobaccos
ami. c i garottes.
Call and inspect my slock before bnyin-y elsewhere.
v-U:;::; .'":'. Oi'i-vVaiiiir, -iA>K'r..O\-r..ii':..'
I Central JCotelX
i.hi v '* i ■— m * im——wm—
nAntl.KV'V h<i| iK, f«..ft,.t.r Ik* I Urk*
lb* >«»t »l H'ltvilulrl U.N.I.oii. Unit
»».il» !«!(. «a»Hcjf*J. O. W. UAHai.lT
XTXTDICn •CTKl'W *M:A.NJk.a-*HJ*MaW*r.
.' w
Vr-J *f-$l-*.<'"'* rrmwrt. Tlie  \sb\e i.i sii-fi-.ll-.l  willi llie Uit   2-
iIk* mmrltfl iftotAi. lb* la r ii iti-*i>!Lt4    uilt   \\s   l*t| wiiw<, \
5     *-      " ' "ff
li-llK.IS. 4*4 tigstt.
VWr^mV^%^*A,^%^^*Sm%%%.%%*W*%,%<*Ar*S*+%r%%+~S0%«m ' i
\   's"1 Vr-"*-*--.
\k  *
*>"■:'■ -^O^MONfteAtrONS)^.
•:     .'This  paper is  nol   responsible for the
",-  opinions of its airrcspondenis.—Htl.
sY  | - ciTiz*e*r^^nisr'\;"M^
i' '^'To'tlie Kditqr:^|     fi    |'H,
■' ;;,     The reply bf tli'c* Fiea Pross last week
7' to the let tor bf the uiulersigued win iiUt
.7 7i sickly wail   compared .to. it-  lusty
:-, ' toifo ofthe week befgrcanil tlioimctuous
J*: Peekns'niff forgets.foi-'*ilih^moment lo
i\  ";j)fato of honesty of purpose.
.■-j   ..   It is iiniuain."- to tlio citizdtia of Fornie
'".-.'"tri Hear thc Ferine* n~*'ren (,-*)4»ress.. rnvu
,AJU1<1 unit ahont the wil I ofthe liiJijority
'K'    of tlie pi-i.pcrty nwiicts being thwarted.
,,!*.    Wlier« '.was    llu-   '"."■Yiday Knocker''
v, wIk.ii iprocuediiijis - !were ta'knii'rlast
V;* ; August by the -ii-rcpi-eisible. litigant
y Janies MacLpMi d Coal Company
', Vinployee) to set nsidejoiu' water works
-" bylaw, a bylaw uli'iili was 'carried by
£■ '"inoi-o ,     than a throo-IKths
;," t majority-.';'' Where was tVe^-rotei'tor of
ijy the jii;o|i«Hj''QiViii.re then'/  iTa reader""
v  Jookcd in vain tluough its "tnillifni''
,'   .'sliuets fm- one little squeal of protest.
•■■. .'How could it Eipieal when itn vocal
•"' oi'giii.'.s ivero choked with corporatloii
\: .-pap'. ,      ^   •
.*!' v "Now wn'ilnd lhc ''ii-rqirc-siliU- .lamra*
^ nt lho of the .instance water company in.
( 'ii ninv, posit ion nia'-queiading as the
'*•' defender cf the liihls of tlnilproportv
'".   ownein, nltaekliig the decision/of*Mr."
AJnslice Irving and eiidenvoriug to prove
i.   our i-i lv f.-itlici'B giiiltvi of aH'onsplrai'V
,-*i j      • **•*■ .*■ ** • •
■■■•   ."}o dofratid justice, and showing beyond
'..'all doubt, that lho company -nohvill:*'-
/*- standi ng the", rcniaiks of Mr. (». (1. ,S
.-o 1 jiiuisoy, is'as mixioiis' to hold llio- cit^
'.'   to llio ogreenipiit .ii* it was to defeat tlie
f- water woiks bylaw of.last year.
... " ■ As the Free Press has failed lii ex-'
A 'plain why it misquoted Mr. E.l',, Diivis'
-'*" /Opinion' in its issiieof lho 21th Novem*
' ".-her lust, I can only come to one concilia*
".. ion, that is that the. niisquotalion,,was
f deliberate and for lho sole 'purpose'iif
A staving  off  an  attack   on   the..Hater
- agreement by hi x.   * ' ,''
;-   "-    -] ,-,   ',   ,     ., >j.Cili'..en.,    • .
,"   Fei-nu'.'D. C?,'April 10":li."' '
'',   , F.CKSTKIX OX Till*' .SITT.ATIOX'.
"\   Y       £ '
-•;  To the■ Kilitor—    - , , A   \
•r>-   Very'   little,    if   any,    good     can
•,,  result      to   ■'either    parly 'AVonA'a
/ discussion   at   (he    present,: lime    of
A the.waterworks question.     It has been
■   "deeide.l   that   by-law   No.   23  is bad.
"'* There seems to be no. room to doubt the
/   soundness of the  fud'gViienl. , Neither
''-'by n.llirec-liftlis vote nor  by other ma-
'■' jority.'was the  hy law 1 carriedJ-'^Ii,h
a true, lluit o.'jhi-;,votes Aust   a  iiinjor-
Mr. Jus(ice Irving." Did the"Free"Pi-es*-"
qiiote Mr. Lindsey correctiy or wiis it*
sluicnient on a par with that concern--
ing IMr; Davis' opinion? We are lefl/n.-
an iigonylof doubt concerning^ilfilj'truih
'or falsity bf the'FreeiPress' sljitenVents
If the'Free PresslolJ'the truth may we
not conclude that consistency is not one
of 'iMroLindsey-'-,-. strong point's...,^qw
r* Editor,Ave.- have -.'had thewhtei-
w'orl.s quesiion publicly ili.;cusseJ.
Why not invite Mr. Lindsey to'debale
the matter in public? ; :'I. •fmi'.salistU'd*
thut not a'4-feiv there are who do not
take fi-tgiu in the presence" of the gentleman and the number who'realize that
1.3'i'i.s no dominion "over them'is growing steadily greater.    '
I had wished to refrain from a newsr
paper or other tilt  but   it  makes oiie's
sense of justice appalled when we read,
as we have Iwon doing, such wholesale
nonsense about collusion,   etc.,   ofthe
new .council nnd we hsar from the oracle about the virtues of the old body.
to convince' 1 liom where they .stood?
' I, don't wish to  engage in a newspaper roiiYroversv but  if need'' be I sliiilf
Jo so, ii.nd if 1 do I   may. allude to the
electric,light/'iiiaiter,  luxation pf^roal'
coiii'p-iiiy'landls/iiiul a fevv niliei-^hiiigs
concern in}-; which the public  know li;.
tie or no-lung., A   .'■ ,.;.;.      -    A,-,
Yours faithfully,    .
a •"'-  :-"'*---••• '":'I..-IV.,'ECK,STRIN.
/: niust'he borne in, mind tliat many, in-,
,'; dudiiig Mr. Lindsey, "Jvoted^wlio had
A.no right to do so. 11" , illegal voting
A'niav be invoked 10 cany ..a scheme then'
the bye-law,was carried, i. 0., if u'bare
' iiiiijority.-,yiiji<6ufllciuni,  liiij.^ell-UHOM-n
. 'that K. lV'Diivii,  K, C.,-gave it.as his
opinion thai lhe iiiiijorilyi* required was
* n.lhree-flfilis one..    As well known is
lhe fact that the FreeilVess represented
,7 .Mr. Davis ns giving a ronirary opinion
'; Whether, that newspaper . di'libernU'ly
...riiiisiojirssenled  llin ;l'acl.or,did so inno*
; ccnlly   has    never    been    explained,
,- though one woiild 'expi-oi' llml in ciyii-
,11100 ' decency   an   explanation  would
./lmve been given long ere-lliis..-- Neil her
the Free Press nor those  whose cause
|| , it iriiiv.for'llie nonce, ndvo-'ale'can g.-iin
|), nnyiliing'' by" misrepresentation,    Nor
'can the other side expect  lo'winany-
'•,tliihg hy.*ii.depMrt'urc .from  llie Irulli'.
, Coniu'cled willi lhe wiiterworl-s issue
" und willi llie respective policies of the
,. iold and new ciuinril  many tilings may
ijij.- said nnd 'comparisons drawn hut I
fear thai [iny/a'iHilytleiil survey by me
•would unduly  trespass upon your col-
•limns.     The  opponents   of an unfair
giiiiiu linvp 1161 hing to feiir.    They may
•view   \yllli .complacency, iiiU'iiiperitlc
'' ].'inguii(<e nnJ iihuso neither of \ihiih
•i.iii lake llio place of mim argument,
After ull lluire nre niriny« persons,,even
• ■ih-'ugl' lliey reside lieri»,  who possess
. jm InlidlJKenj'e fully onn par with lhat of
rioim- of ilii. conl ronipnny ,pllieinl,*j nnd
llieir I'l-ldays- l mn well aware tlmt
nn nllempl hns been iniulelo nilniinlze
1 llie intelligence of''tlie people, it lias-
liccnii soflof "iylien I opu';ny inoiilh ht
no dog hirli" hiisiu'e'-s." There lmve
lieiJi) anil nre Home who follow llie kImi-
role of lhe nioney hugs luil Iliu lime
will Hiirely conie when, llieir nsefulnesw
lu'lng ended, lliey will Iiml Ihnl llieir
guiding Unlil wiih 11 iin-iv ivill u'the
ivlup. Alliioii|;li r.'porled lo have snld
llial lie ivt'lromed (he iiiinulnu'iil ofthe
. iigrei'ment^or woidi lo thai cITecl, we
lind lioiu '/C'lll/i'ii" thai 1111 appeal is
being liilu-ii"• iigiiiii*-|  the judgment of
■ l-.*" .
■'.iUOni'K OX XAXAIMO srixK.s.
Editor Pernio Ledger :'-"■■ "7~r"r -l
. I have been reading in the Leilj-jfr nf
yesterday your article emitted -*Aii
llxplanatoi-yVAiiolog'.v" which''* 1'- tliitilc"
xjiIJs for'soiiiftconiiiient," 1 may" say J
was in Nanaimo whon tho presence of
this body-ofgasppoken of wa'sreported
and wasiUso in Victoriajn Iho Kallory
nf tliojs'onso when'J-: lIAJIiiwt'lioniili
wai*°- -^ongbt tlio question np. .1 iiIeo
know'tlio' member fibi*. NnnahVi'd was
,i?keil to bring lho mattei- up. ,1 might
also "say tlmt a number.of meii weie in
favor of notifying the Minister of M*nes
direct..while-ntheis tiiroug-lit tlie.-.L-i:
spector0. Blioi'iM .be notified, notwi'th*/
standing, tliot.fact'-tliat the Inspector
had twice examined the mine and, as
stated, never mentioned it in Jiis report
Vl'r'Y ynV a-! ver>' evident 'disposition
oii" the part of the committeo (the same
committee-1 believe who Signed j the
later i-rror') to smother any attempt at
investigation and iiotwillistanding Hie
fact)(tliiit.*hhs'ncveV'beon conji-adicjcdj'
that jlhis gus iv,is; net ..fei-ccd'offAis
p ro v I (1 <*d-f«r-ii.v*! a\v^—-
•'■ .,,-CoriI Prospecting Licenses -
*kTOTtC*Ri-,lieicliy given Hint, 3.1 rtiivs nfler
-' ,-iinte, I intenii to apply to tlio Hon: Cliifcf
■.nniinisMi.iiinr of LainU nnd Works for n
luouse to projpeot lov l-ohIuiiiI petroleum, for
1 topn of on^'yenr. ovar the fnllowiufrde^crib-
3 t luinl.vall«f which ar«f situate in and form
part of Bluet 4,5<S, E isf Kootonttv Uistrict :—
,,        *"f     -c      -A.1      ' .'      • -   1 .
l.V'CoiriTOeiieinji: at .Vpo&t I'lanted nljout on,e
ind one-half inil63 wo»t of tbe summit of the
iioi'k.vMountains.aTHl iii-out throe miles north
if the North Kootenay Puss trail, und nbout
-nsihvn.v between the noith .niul middlr;
i>r»iiches ol Sage Creek, and about lm if« :nile
xQ^ts- of,the' head of the valley.-, where ihey
liave llieir rUc' and innrhed' "Jj-ruiiclu M.
IJattenbiii-.v's. Snuth-v eat Corner Pool"; tlience
iiorlli tiltliains: theneeeiut SOchains; thence
ho.uth 8K haiiii>; thence west Hi chains to the
blace ol"c4jmmeneeuie.it,* and not exceeding
0-1) .vies'  -  4 *   ■ :
Locate*.', and diite-l the 22nd day of March,
lSJtiG.- - - j  . '    *
Francis M. Ruttenbuiy*, Locator.
J,(K GorJon, Agent. y
!■'     ^~ 7 '   •' *    .' - "
2. 706mmenciii!* nt a po,-,', plantsil ■ south of
uiul tuljoinin.tr 1'Vnncis M. Rntteiilmr-r'ui-oriier
piut, niuliniirked "Klorenco K. l-taUenliui'.v's
Xoi*th-.ve-.t ('.irner Poit"; tlience i,outli 8U
cJiiiin^ ;'thenca cast Bi oliain-j; thence north
82(4|i:4ins: .Uniiije we»t Slcliaina lo tho place
of- commencement, und not exceeding Ol*1
Located nml dnte.l tho   a2nd dnv'of Mnrcli,
lilMJ..,-^     •   -* -
■„ 7. - .     Kliiioneo K Uattaiilim-y, Locator,
.'!!' Ciimi..um'liiK at a post, planted west of
■unl uil]iiiiiiiiuV'runeii M Kutteiilmr.v's cniner
poit 111 iliiiailieil "(! A Molliiinl'ri Soulh-enst
I'liinci- l'o.*t": tlieiii'0-'\vu..t 8,1 chains \ Ilicnco
liiiith liileliain-.; Ilic-nci) east Kl cliuins; tlmnce
south ixiili.uiii to the place ol'coiniiii'iR-eiiient,
ainl nol uxi't-i'illiiR Oil uciiiT.
I.ii'ateliinddatcdtlie \iiitt\ day of March,
limii.    .,*   io- .-    ' '    ,
* , (' A llnlliinil, Lni'iUor
.,1 U (Jurdon, Ajsent
•I Coniinvnclni; at 111 Oit. planted son'h of anil
iiiljoluintf (1 A  llollniiii .*  i-iiiiier jmst.,  441.1
In districts where the existence oi
glanders is suspected :igd especially in
neighborhoods' where acfnal outtiieal-ss
have occurred tho adoption nf the fof«
iowingr precautiona by owners of horseu
and others interested will <lo much to
nreveut the spread ofthe disease and
lhe establishment of fresh centres ol infection.
1. Horses or mules bavin"-n nasal
discharge or other suspicious sympioms
should not be admitted tr- livery or leed
stables, yards, biaeJ^sinitlUfhopb*, church
o'rsrhool Flieds/railway tstock yards, pd
vale stables or otl ei- -duces ivliere lliey
aro likely to.conic into^diioet or indi
rect contact with mimals uf the equine
species.      7 .   ■  .. '     » .
2. " AU  stable***,* yards or shed?,iiseti
for the  aeconiinodiition  of  horse*"  or
amies   should   he   refrulai-ly  and fro
'tiiciilly cleansed ami disinfected in the
manner prescribed "below.
ii. After clean-dii''- tho pieinige.''
thoroughly, and Inuiiin^- all debris, the
inlerioi- should be veil --oiio over with
hot steam, or hoiiiu*: waler, addlii^ to
'.he latter at least one ijinirr ol'eriifle
ciubnlie iicid to each live ^hIIoiib* after
which the entire stinaeeshould bi« thick
l.y coated with it not solution of fresh
lime wash to which ernile enrboliiiaeid
has liicn added in the above ineiitioned
fare and One Third
Round: Trip
a nie
Good    Returning
liViu-Uo'l "lU'iitrice .M   Hollauil'-* Nortli-ousi      ()utl>uil(iin^s, fences, nnu tving posts
^i,,,i,,i!:;;a.;;;;\K;,i rrlA w^ te«e l ft:, ,,?,„ i'Jf'f !ed. an,n,i18 ',avo "f.en
east sii'linin.1 In tin* place of eoinnioncement,    in contact  HhOllId   also,   wlinu possiblo.
*f ^P;^   Y
**. -    h    6      >"
Imprmrctf tlie fl
and adds to the healthfullness of thc food
Willi refere'ice to the Jast report'of
,lhis ':ouiiiiittoe,Imi-jh^say it was "a
very easy'matter'ib.ffe't Miat'ifjiseloan-
ed;out aiid:;t.heii;,85iid -tlio^conimiltee
around lho 'mine and get tlieiii tomakc
a report.^ ThU.would .iiptdio the lirsi,.
enacof-Hr-j lei nil.- eitl.r-a^vnek %• two
before the member for.JNaniiiino inciii-
rcd the wrath of one of tbe Kiniaiuio
papera for callinj,-- niteiitinii in the
assembly to the' dunge'roui.edi'iiliiioi. of
one of their slopoa'iirPrd't'cViioii mine.
Qf couiso it>ns, reiiiedied-aftei- it had
b'een.eiilled aitentlon to in the house.
It'woiild bo' iiitoi-eslliijf to '"know 'just
how, iniieh.injury ,was .dono-.-,to tho
'Wi'Stu'ii-Fiiul. C'oinphnv by" ilie'artieli!
In r'lteftliijii, .lt.niiiy have cost llimu a
lew Uoliiii-ti lo, cioiin up the slope. .It-
would ho very inierfslino- to limt out
trnv much It hurt the employees of thai
company alto tliu business community.
However lluire' is uo doubt "bui iiia't*
yiin.r conospoiiduiit in.Vlclnilu ''I'ossly
ixai-fj-ei-iitiid iho whole affair, ninkliiu
ititppoar a, |frunt iliiiil" w-o'i'hii limn 11
really was, hut at lhe mime ;l.iuo tlioic
litis uinio i;i'oiiiuli mul i-uiiil urouiid,
too, lor the eoui-iio tailed uv J, ll, Haw
tlioiulliiVHiic. U Is bett'er tu ijosiiiu
ilnin Koriy,
Ju i-uiiL-iiiKinn I nil-^ht Hny-1 Hint llio
H'i'eut majority nf ihu mincm huio ive.o
not nl mi biii'iy to loso Air, HtoeliVt uiul
wu UiIiik tlio U.N.I'.U.C'ii. has--aiii.tnl.
I cerialiily tnkn Issue with you whun y( u
iilate hu eaiiiiiil die respect nnd eon.
liduiicuof nny i|iiiiiiil',(vul citixuiiH ultlitir
liom or in iNaiiaimo. IJnlens livi'ivonu
I spoku to 111 Niiiiaiino luil lie is, ivuii'
oiu (ixcnptioii, iinlvei'rtitll.y diMikeil, ami
liu Iiiih j-1 vou ilieni iiiuplo iiii'i-iini lur it,
llhiiik wol'iiii .uafely iduvd llie qiieB'
iloiidl Mi'. liJiwiliuriitliwitilu'a Inmi'i,
10 iliu|iiiO|'l.'oi,'Nttiiniinu,,:biii If ihev
know wIil-ii limy iiro well aurvuu i|ir\,
win rii'uli'i-i him willi ti bl«(*,i'i',,niiij4ir,
ity thnn L'vnr,\vinjin.'Vor ihu umu l-uiiiv-'.
- J'liiti,kiii|-you In uiiUci|iiiiiiiii(Mmu.
MIM llli   .,:"       ' '" -   '■-.... ,,,.
' '        "    Yd 11 fii truly,     ]:',., .
\\.\l. II. iilllflllfi.:
Mm'. Wild, -.. , i-i■■;.:■,,■-...-■■■•        ,,,:.'>:.•.-
Tlii' slury Iold by Murk Ywalivytiie
lith.'i' ilny .iiluiiil, the I'Htlinnii. nt John
I-'IkI.h, ll.e lilsliii'iiin, nl' iwu nl'hid
-lii ilrrii s'lii-tii'i, lii'iiii|i|it fiiiili mi II-
Iiliil rut Imi nf llie reiiMiiis for Dial'iip'*;'
liiiJni, IMnrls Twain's story was thui
when Mrs. KInIv ,niie day Willi in
Iter IiiinIiuiiiI and reported that his
yuiiiii," Miii Imd -mid ih.ii Amu M.ny
wns "u fnol" ami Aunt .Martini "u
il--—11 foul," llie historian ivpliml alter a iiiiiiuiui's iflli'ilion, "Well, tlmt
Is iiluiiil llu1 diiillnriImt I wimlil have
A mini III (lie 'niiilli'licc wliu knew
lo'.li limits, iiitir llu* niri'tiii*,' l|ihl
tl,' ' "
Auil'l Murlli.l wail r.llo n( tin* ntvlrl-
ir.i di'i-ipliiiiuiiiiiH I huvi' ever knouu
Sin- ilrtiiiniilid eliiillv oli*,lii*iiii* ol lur
iliihlr.n, iiisli-.nl, ninivic^lii.niu^ 4.I..I-
li lire, nml li- iiiiiinllv j.folMl.i flue
nftcinnnji nn stin wiih Wiiiiilli|- 111 her
1 r»it' in» vnr.in -I i.i*,.-il f,riii i-'iiri" mi
iilld .-.hi* tcllt llel Mill .lollll to (IiiM-
lln* trin door li-nilin--'to tin* ' f.il.
10 if nf l)ie rotl(»j;e, ''■ ,
'"'Hiil«i«*i»iri-'Ai P»til^T'jii'ff.'' -*1 % J*
"liilin, I lylil vou' to flint Hint
.trap." ....:     ,'       ■       ■.>'„    "■
"tes lm nia—~"
' iTi.hii, >.lmt llml tr.iTil"
"All  ii<;lit, 111 Jin»i,  if ynu snv ro,
hut      "
.. ,lf.lm nUwlv rl'wIH flt>"*l-ilr.i'nfi"
»lnii li'i- iisti, Tlu* -Vifl*-y»u*ij 11 wVnl
I »■ .-unl thr ml.-Mil Iim lnt nnd rni'id.
Tlirr- Iumiin lilir tin.* inmilv cailurid
fi.,r ilinn.i, jh«1»u'. . «.,ii liV iiiml „*.i*)
fi.r-I oiyr niW .jjry Vfft^htit ii't^i'-'.-
IA If I'd.   AlMli   *tf»lNi|*-!>.l.irll<l   Hti   II**
i»Mii'n*|on, HI11* did not have in *»i-
'••••nv mn ".tioii'i, .Tolin au'iwi-i'i'il tin-
fi»*l <.w. *
"i'i. ii-**-, nniua, jIib I.*j up on tin*
ami unl iixci'tMliiu; liliiHcrif
I.'u-ate.l anil iliile I the l.'*Jiiil ilny of Jlurcli,
'   '    .    .   Jl.'ati'ico M ll«iliaiiil,l.ocii',nr
.) II Um-iien, Agent
* B1 roiiimpncinj-af a post plnntcil nhnut t44-o
ni'.il iinoliiill miles vraxt nl' the si.iiruiit. til' 1 he
Itoi'k.v Moiintiiln*-, an,d nbont ill -uu mlics
iiMlh nf the Xnrtli ivnotonny Pass tinil anil
nc'ii* Ihr- j.inction of the north anil iiiiidlu
hrtnc'io", 1.1 S:it;o Creel;, anil marltinl l*A It
Wolleinleii'n Nor(lwai,t t'oi'iiei* Po.sb" ; tlienee
son Hi K) chains: 1 lif-1100 weitso chains; thence
nciiili ,s 1 ebaiiiH; tin;lieu east Su chains, to the
iilucu of conimunci..inent, anil not excccillng
l.nc:iteil and iluto I the 22ml ilny of March,
1'iiHi.'.        :.../'
* '       ,-j     . ■' Alt Wolf011 i.en, Locator
.JO Oordon. Agmit
*'j '04iniiiienciii!* at a pn-t planted about one
milu \v«si uf A It Wollfcinlen's ci.riier po-st uiul
uniikeil -IMA Wnlfenden'-i Nonh-oast Corner
Pojt"; thonce south 81 cliains; thenca we it S'J
0 Imi ns; tlicnco ninth so chain*.; theuce cast-8.1
cluii'ia to the. plnco of commencement, and
riiit-excoorliin;-'-! 1 acres.
Located and dated the 22nd day of March,
lD'K". . .-,'..*
E A W'olfoiut-n, Locator
.. J G Oordon. Agent
-i'i Commeni'inK nt a post piantcd about one
mile we^lof K A Wolfenden's corner poit, iuul
inailieil -IJ It Koi-'s^orth-cftat Corit-r Pest" ;
thencu Mjntli SOt'lmius; theiu-e we.it sichains;
tlmnce uoitli SJ chains thencB east. SJ chains
In place i.f coinnieiiceineiit, nnd not oxecee'.l-
iii(v r*l 1 neies.
,-' Located and dated the 22nd dav of March,
lWi.J. , -■-,•'
'<*,  1$: .-   -.. ."      ■ ll It Kor, Locator
J l> Oonlon, Ajent. ;
S Goinmencinir at,a post plnnted'nhotit
three mile. we»t of the aumniit of Uiu Itoeliy
Uou'ntiiina.uiid about one and ouc-lmit milui
1101 tli-nl the North JCootemiv Pas', trail;-und
about one mile smith of llie head ul the si'mtli-
T Dm he's N'oitli-n-uit Corner Post": tlience
3 nit h s J chuins thence in*>t 8 1 chains; thence
north 8Jelinii|i; thence west Sj chains tn lhe
placo of-.'conimeiiL'einenl, and not'exceeding
,!11 aci'-i.
J.ocate.l and dated the23.dduy'-of March.
19UI.-:-. .      *  7     ' •        ,
' ' 7-   -  n 11 T Drake. Locator
JO Uordon, Agent   ;
'..fl  Coinitipncin.ir'at* a n'p.t.planted west of
ainl'niljiJliiliiK B ijl T "Jral-e's eciiucr po-il.'aiid
marlibil — Tlimnii!! Ellis's  North-'easl'Cdincr
PciM"; tlience touth 80 chniiia; theiK-o west 8.)
I'liaitiunliciicc- luil tli 80 chains; thenco cast 8j
chnlns to the place pt commencement,innl uot
uxi'i-cdii.t; llli iicfc-i,
; Lncaltii in.d dated tlte 23rd day of March
.'•-,'...       .   ' ,- Thoa Ellij, Lrcntor
. , JU (Joidon, Agent
• '*     :.»     ■      . *      *: -'■ ■
Vi .f.'ninnn..ncluK at a post,planted north ol
iiud mlioinliiK L) 11 T Jlinko'ii curlier postuiiit
mat Iiml "\V K. Oliver's Suiitli*wesl Coriioi*
l'oit"j 1 lu'iico euit 811 chains; thonce north Hi
iiliaiiihi'thi'iicn wmt SJoliniiiJ, thenco south Hi
cliains, lo the plnoo nt lioniimiiircmciit, and
not oxi'Miiiliif 1)111 acres, -.
Ii'jciiicil and ilated ihu -.'3rd day of March,
'" ' '"'    '    '      WH Oli'vor, Locator
JO Uoi'ilon, Agent,
^''(.iiiiiinniioinniit a post |ilnnteil. west ol
niul. ml|ciinliiif.,w 10 Oliver's corner pint ami
niiiiliii 1 \ I" (Iriflllii'sSiiiitli.eiiiitCoi-niirPo,!";
i ho iifii wi-.il Mi i* Ini inn; thiiiii'i) north 80 t'liii liid;
'llii.'iico emt HIi'IihIiis; lliulice noutli 81 (..I111I118
,1.1'Hie plni'ii ol ('.uiiiinoiii'omont, and not. ox
.'(■-.•AllillK ill,) iiui-u t,    '   ■ -       •'
li(ir..uel and ilutol the !!3ril day of Murnli,
Al'nriimii.I.oriitoi'   ■
J li (liinlen, AiMiit
l,t OnmiDiUii'liiKUt ii.-i.itiiliintndiihnut.tliren
.niiu4 woii iii ul' tlio mnniiilt. of tliu Kiii'ltv
At'tiin t rt In -i aii'l' itlinut two uml nnv-hiilf noith
of t:»n XiuMi Koi)teii;iy l'ni-i tmil, iiiiil nonr
In hii'l nr III.) Bontli.'Viist hriiiiiili of Sane
(ii'i'i'lj. niiii mn i'lm I 'A W MiiMiirrmi's Sontli-
i'iisI (''.mini' I'liit''; theili'O Must Hi ihalns ;
llii'iiim nuilli lili'linlini,. tliiiiiciuiist Hi uiul lii'i;
ilii'iiro himlli so nliulns tu thu |iliu*o i.i
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiI| nml nol. nxiininlhu Dl*i hdiih,
l,iii'iili,d mul ilntii.l tliu -,'lli'U duy o! March,
1:1. m,
A W Mn Mm rn 11, l,im:ilur
il (I (]i)i'ilnn,*Au!>iit
l.'i Cniiiiuiiiiolim ul 11,post iiliiiilml iiliout
(linn iuul iiiin hull Hiilns welt, nf Ihu HUinnilt,
01 llm I tricky .Mniiiitiilii*, ami about tliiii'iiiid
iiiiii'liiilf iiiluni unit li ol tliu Nnrlli Kniiliiiiiiy
t'liii.. truII, mul iii'iir In and cuHlnrly nt thn
iniiitli'Wu-,1.1.niiii.h rn' SjKiil'iii'i'k, mut niiirbc'il
''U'llli'l'Mlll'sH illlll'I'lHt llOrllOl' l'l)nl"| Il)llll|i|'
WCIill Hiii|||||||H; IhulllHllljI'lll 8.11'lllllllNj lliolll'ii
nasi 81 elm Ian'; tliaumi nuntli H.l I'liiilim (11 Ilni
pimp ul' r.'iiiinuiM'uiiii nt, mul jail uxreiiillii-;
IJJIiii'I'ih,     fri
. limn let mul. ilntcil llm vilnl ilny of Miuvli,
Itui.     •-.    *"•   -
|(:.   - .1 (1 II1111I1111, Aitmit.
■".. ..,
•711 I'liiiiirniwiln*- nt 11 iiiintiiliinliiiliilioiil. fniii
'niulniii..Imlf roUtii wi'iit nf llm iniiiinili ul thn
l|ii'il<V Mi.|iiif(iliiu,iiiiil iiluiiil Inur iiilln:i nurtli
oMioNmlli Kiiutmiiiy I'limtnill,niuliirulinil
"O • I'urlii'-i' Hniitli-iiiii,t Oiiiiiiii' I'iiiI1, 1 ih mo
-wusl fVii'liiliiH; '.liuiiiiuiiiiilli Wclmliii.; Hii-ii.'ii
mint sichiiliis: Hiuiii'ii 11 iiilli ni ulni I im tn tlm
|.liicn iii i-i iuin nii'iiiiiiiiil,.Hlnl nnt nii.vii Ilni*
ill 1 iirini
Ln.'iiul ami 1I11I11I llio i.'liil. ilny iif Mil re!,
...-'., (I f-'.irlit***, l.iiniitni'
.1 tl Hi,r.t.11. Auf.nt
I Iniin' I'liclv Miiinilfllii (India. -Mitrlln.
I'.iiivtii-, Oili'i-, (ji-ix/ly  llimru,  Wnl
. \ vi im it i|iin' 11'.nu itiiiifiiiJ" iiml ii.iilji.
Dr, l.'i'i-ll l-'ri'iiih, MatiiriiliBt, Wafh
ln«u>ii, I). (J. U--11
1  1.   k\sVl 1    Uk  vu.
Contractors and Builders
* 1      * .
I'luiis, t-ipi'iirinitioiin nm) KhII-
lll.lU'S    illlliislliil    Oil    !||l|lllliltlllll,
Viinlv  n!   t'.tillll   DRY   J.UM-
■"   TU-..* OSAKAXI)'.
tt. A. KKRR,
.U,4uli.*t    utrjJ f>u"p»-triiti.n4li;iit
* " '     niCfi- atnusiiiiiicf,
1UKV..I  !V"'.,     -     -     VHUNIK, JVC
bo-tlioi-oiiglily treated in u -similar man
All ordinary harness and otuhle ncen
sils, whieh.lmvH Ijlmhi in contact with
infictod aniniiils or infected premises,
elimihl'bo Ihoroiisrhlv snaked in .•■ hot
solution of crudo-carbolic acid of a
stronj-tli of tinu pari to iwuiit'v.
•Materials- which mitrlit be liijnrn hv
the abovfi t rent ment 3uch as valuable
iijii-ni-83,' robes, 1 ushuiiis, * etc., which
have been in contact wiih infection
should be placed iu an nil-- light room
and fumigated with formaldehyde after
which limy should bo tliorougl'ilv clean,
cd - ."•-.•,*
•1. In stables • whoro outbreaks
have omit red or where dieeased ani.
mills have, iniulveitantly or otherwise,
been i-lableil,- even ternporarilv, the
cleansing and dUinfecticn thould be c^
pecially thorough and in such cafes it
i.s safest tu remove and burn feed boxes
and inangers.'when of wood; iron ar
tides- can be rendered harmless by
passiiiir them through lire or bv limners
ing- them - for some time ■ iii boiliug-
water. All litler from,, suspected ani
mats should l.e burned or caie'ullv
fenced until used. .   .  '
ii- Farmers and others should, when
ever possible, avoid admitling strange
horses or mules'to the, premises ntcii
pied by their own animals especial I v of
the same species. If is a'g-ood pla'ii lo
reserve an isolated biiildiu-> for outside'
horses or mules but where this is jm,
possible Ihey may be accommodated in
cow stables, cattle not being-subject to
glanders   infection.     Such horses and
-14111 luu_sli/,i,lrJ^**,, ..,,,.^..'J t.... - _   __• ._
..ii..^u-si.u.t,ii-iju^-44 Hi6i t-u~ii oUrSupcriT
pails, which, together with all othei
stable utensils us.ed on or about them,*
-lionld-bo carefully cleaiifed and disiii-
fected before bein.!f used for other ani-"
inals Stalin occupied by sti-aii»u horh-
es or nuilea should be woll-cleansed and
disinfected and if at all posaible, left
unoccupied for soma time..
(i. When! new horses'or mules ,ne
purchased in or from dis-rlem where
glanders exists, (hey shnnl 1,. unless
carefully.tesled with mnilcin prim- to
piii-cliiise, bestableiUnpart and clntclv
watched for soinn timo before beni"
brnii-jht lu contact with other animals of the equine species.
7. It must ho borne in mind that
while ua-nl diselinrffo, or ulcerntion,
enlarged «laii(i», iho piosence of farcy
buds, unaccountable swelling of lhe
lluil.-saiid 8'encrnl untlirlfiiness often
clia)-iic.leri*:e eiiKes of frlmuloi-s tlio ills
oisecx'sts in u u-iy aniniiils wi'ihont for
llie timo beinff, any o.xtui-unl ninn'fost-.
ation wlintever, (ha onlv means of de
lection In encli t%w» boiii"' the mnllein
test, nnd that these nivult or latent
cases iii-u in some reiipcclfl the inont
diiiiReiouHbecniiFo unsiippecti'd. Onr ox
perlencofclinwstliiit It is possible for
anlniftlaof thlschihH to couvev uifecllnii
tonlliorH without tlu'inselves develop
in'-} nt'iitn syinp'oms. It It llierefbriV
plain Unit in-eat caution Hhnnld beex
t'l-flH.nil In the purchiiKo or liniiilliuu'nr
sti-aiiKO linrsea or iiiii|i>h esniulallv In
Uinae districts whnii) iho diseaso' has
becomn estiiblliiliod.
H. Thu enreasflfls of iinlm'tlfl dylnu
from or xliiii-flituroil tin hnino; nffectod
with f-ljiiiilers, -.lioiilil, when iifisflihlf.be
hiirnml, or fn|;n-,' this, liurlod at leusi
six foot bniiPatli llio Hiirface,
f), Owiicis of nri'inlKCH wheru mil,
hreal-H have linen dealt with should
boar In mind Unit Inspectors .cnmiut roc
cmiiinend rt'lonso frnni i|imroiilinn un
less (llslnfi'cllon has boon cari-lod out "lu
n Hjillsfaclory uiaiuier niul that conipe (
Hiitlon fnr iinlninN slatifrlitei-cil cai.noi
bo linld unlil n t'iM'tifli'i'iln of cloniinliiLi-
MiiihllHlnrci'lkui has hoen reviilvml hv
lhe mlnlMer of ii^rli-ultiirii,
I'i llort-onwiu'i's slmiilii Imvo no lies
ItMilou In i'.-|'uitlii'r m tlilfjili'puriuii!ui
nr lo Us liiN|i('cti)i-s the iixlhtlncii nf iictii
al or hiispicieil ciiHih or (•ItimleiH. The
ilim'iiKiiiiiM lii'oii spicniliu'r rnpltllv of
liio yimi-H mul II. |.i n iimiior oi inh'li!
hllcM'Sl that nvi'i'V fie-li cotili'ii oi Infcc
Hon Hliiuild he dUcovurcil mul di'nll
Willi its inomiitly nn trnKnihc-
J. «. KmilBin-'OHl),
Vnli'iliuiry Dlreclor (lein'r, I.
]ii)|im".inmil. nl A^rU'iilinrt',
Oltitivn, Miircli, KiiHl,
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ply to locjil n->enls"or
write   ::::::
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■md Oriiainentnl trees now matured for
ilie Spring trade.
No expenee, loss or  delay of fumigation or inspect ion.
Let irie price yonr list boforo placing
your   order." * GreenIiouhoi    riante,
I'loralWorl,*, Ike Supplies, Fruit Pack
agc-B, Fertilizers, etc.   Ciitaloftiio free.
'8010 WcstiiiliiH'er iviail
Vniicouver, D. 0.
Wc \ii!|i lo   liiffii'*   ri:r pnlro
lliiii tve liui* rvm.Htd nur I'luiub.
lllg tui'.illl-^S tU lilt'   I llililillg    lU'Ul
iltKn* lo llie King   IMward   lfolt-1,
win,re «f uill rnrilintie in lhe
PUibiit?, Wnl'mi uA Trnmimin Bmikss
D.m'l f.irgi-i lln? place.
TtK-plfcxir S'o. i.
K0T1CK In lieiul.y mvon Hint mm moiitli iif.
ti'i-ilnti' nnniiplii'iiiiiiii mn |.„ niiuie tl) (|JU
Uiivoriior in I'liinicll liy Viiloiilliiu llyilo Iliu*
or,.luiiiiM Itiiiii,Cliiiiliinli .MuNnlinml i.'luir.
liMilvorKii ].,vitiKtiiu,Visi'iiiiiil Oiblimri, mi-
ili.|.||iO|iriiiMuiii nt l-liii|jti.|.»ii)(lliiiltini uil
Stiitulosof (liitimlit lm- loiiul-ihloii to con.
4 'imt. iln nm, luioiiiniiiiil otlior iin|iioviiiiioiii*i
lilii{in« iiiiil hiiiviiiiillni* pin iioii'il li. rlio Kiintrt-
1IU.V lllvi-r in Soutli Kii^t Kiinltiiiiiv, lliiti„li
TliopliiiiH of thr) wurliiprniiri.ril to lio onu*
ntiiii'toil inula iliifcilptlon ortlitii.ito llinn-i.i'
iiijrni|iilii'l liv tlio mi III Act liu\ ri liiH>iii|iipo*ii.
i'ii Willi Iliu lll'irlnlrnroriiiiiiilTillu*. lit NiiUm
II. I', ami mIMi llm MInlMiiiul I'liIJli' wui li.
nl Mltiiwii, iJiitiiilii,       „
I'llteillllCnillliliiuli ll.C!. IIiIhlllth Muri'li ]fi/«!
\V, K.dliiiu,
-*s'- Sulli'ilui* Ini* tliu iippik'unt.,
NIITICI*: U liiirnliy itlvmi tlmt iiii il,ivi itftiir
ilnin lliiii.initi.il,,ply t„ ii,,, (<|,|,,r liumiiii,.
..Inner of I,inula ,in,| wnilu fur u |li.|,it*i. ]u
iiiin|ii.(it. I'liirniiliiiiil piitriiliMlin on lliofollms'.
||.|*I iJHTlln'il lllllllM t-il niiln iilmut in,n mill,
.Niiflli nl Jlinrli-Mi.v 'I'iihiihIIii iiii llm Wtisl
jlili- of tliu hlli lilu-r.Kii.l Kii'ilnimv Ulntrlol;
l-iui'in Inir nt n |m,| pliiiili>i| nn  llm \\'„,(
lliuiu ul tlm Uli lllvi.r ul mu imn inllii X-niii
Iniin tliu Korlli-i'iiHl I'dl'imr nf Mnirlmn'V
t;iwinlli., tlii'iim Nmili nm, milo iii||(,w||->
iii.i Imn uf llm Mk UUi.ii', tlimiin. Wcl unl.
mk tli-'in.'-iHiiiilli Dim inilu, II|i.iii*ii Ku»t mu.
inilu t.i Iliu [mint of imiiiiiitii.'Hiii ni.
.1. A, KllSNINu
;-;'•■■ , , ,, „ .. X-w A..I Kaiii/i-iiaiiiiiin,
Man Ii lntli IH il, A;«jlil
NfiTICK li Imrrliy itlvmi tlmt ,'« .inv.
iiliiir iluii'! I Inli.ml in iipiily lo Ilni ('hlnl
llmiiiiiUnlmii'r i.t LnmU nii.l il'nrli* Inr h II-
imli.ii In |irii<|ii'i't I'iri'rtil mul piitiulnHiii nn
lln. Inlliiii-liiir ilu,i-i llm I Iiiml nn Ihu Wi'.l ii(i|ii
nt llm Kill IIIm-i- in Kiml K'Hiii'iinv III,H||.|>.
I'miiiii nrli./iilii putt iil.iiilnl iiii llm Wh.I
Imilll nf llm I'I Ii Iiiin" ul*mil nun in I in Hun Hi
Ilnin llm Ni iitli Mini I'm in.i |ninl nf k|iirrU*..v
Tii44)i-.iln, lliviii-ii -ii.niii m n inilu liillnivlnir
llii> Him ul lln-I'lli lliii.|., Hi(.|ii.« Went nn»
mill*, lli.iiii.'ii N'mtli imn mill', tlii-iici'Kiiiil tn
tlitp ilut nl r,iliiiii(!'.i(-i.ini.iil,
,     ,     •!.   lll-IUil
""I' .,*,   , 1'ir A,  ,1. KaIIijI-IIiiim K,
.Miin'li lii i is il, Am lit
v-ri'ni'\-.|.|ii.|il.v I'i'in llml Vi' ,luv, ufl.-r
ilnin, I iiitninl In npply In llm Mil..I ('.,nun In
..lulill of I.Hlnl* Ill il Wnl) f, 1,1 il JiniiiNi In
iir.)m t'ft fur null illiil Ik'IiiiIkiiiii mi tin* fnllnw.
li»C-l^jflt. I tut i1.*|iii-.i, «,,, H„- \\v.l l.fink
nt tli'i Klk lllvvi'III llm Ki '.I Kmilmmv Mi.
Illi'l !-'-|li'Hitiliilitf nl ilpiml niiilki'il.l. Ilnin'*
S I',, fiiiini-r'' iliiiici-Hiiiilli mm inilu fiill'iw-
tnir tin- Inn' i.f Un' Klk Ithiv Mn.lid' Wcl nnr<
iniin, imi 11* Muni inic nun , Mn urn Kiii.1 iiim
milt) t>>llu point >,l C4iiiiiii.il-.iiK-nt.
V.I-".   IUllHI«liN
•-."I pit A. J. I'Aligi luiiitri*,,
Mr.Kli lllll 1 (|-,. Allulll,
Siilll K lilii-ruli)-ijl*i*n lln I li iIuvk altar
iUi>, I IniiiiilIn npplviii tliii Cl.li'l (Vimmli'
nlmii i nl I.mill i ulni Wiiili., inr ii lii'tri** tn
|,rii|tn" Ir.i-1-* nl «li.l t-nii-'ltn-.tii nn Hit foi.
Inv ii.tr iU*m'»11.ii I lillnt-i ->IIi:hIi- Iii Ihu llitfrliit
ut !.ii.t U..,.l...i.i-i.-U.|J.uiiii.ii ul tbrnl niHikwl
".I. *. (Ki iiiiniir'« **. XV rniinf', ilmnro \X'i-»i
inn mill*, Hifin-i. Ninth i.im ml n. tli«n('» K*it
uu* inilu. ilieni*. H .mil mn* r„iit! in t|iv i^itm
iit ii.niiiiiitiiitiii.
". rilKKUTT
■i\ fvr.X. t. Vmvmim**s\%,
lUiil.liMi l*"ii Airtni.
T»-r, .loors sonth of tho Elk River Cluli
Fernie,      :-s     B. C.
6Q   YEAR8»t,
Trjidi Marks
Cop miaHTs Ap.
Anyone nendlng n ikntrh nnd deurlptlon may
lutckly u»oert«lii our opinion fte© wbetber an
iiTontlan li probably patentabH. CoDiaiunlca-
llont •triotly contldentlal. HANCBOOtX ou Patents
lent free. Oklest airency for owurlng paten
Patents taken tbroucb Munu jk CoTroceltra
tptclal outlet, wlthoat chamo, UUia
Scientific American
A. handaomely lllnitrated week hr. Lnreest dr.
culatlon of any MlentlUo -Journal, 'i'erms, ti u
M"jLjjoj* "outlia, $*.- Sola b) «U newsdealeiu
IfipN & Co.36«b«^a New York
BranchOtBce. 826 F Bt, WaiMnJioii. D.L' "
Head Office :  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000'      Wesevve * $2,415,000
Hotal 2t86et& =,$29,000,000    ■>
r.HoN. Wm. Gibson, President.   '
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager.,
74 Branches throughout Canada
Money Orders iinJ  Dr.ifis isstieJ, payable in Cm 1.I.1 or .-ibro.id.
Foreign drafts cashed.    Special advaiifn^s in Saviiips Dupartiuenl.
Open in lhe evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
Portraits by
$3.50 a doz. tip
I The work justifies the price and
® The Price admits of his best work.
Studio j    Opposite the Methodist Church
(*j^^^^/^M*^iyi®^f^Ki^<*)® ®?^%>S)c!y5)®^
l linvi) ii-opr-iidl mv liom nml t,ln i« liii.siiii'ss in llu- linil.liii.', In-,
iwtiii Ilii' W.ililiirf mul tlu>.-iiiHlfi.-ir.! Iilmk, ivlii'ii: 1 will In- iili-asi-il
In iiil'l'I nil 111 v nlil riiMiuiiciM ami anv imw hiich wlio can' id him-
ini'  a  tall
Mi'imii-in-r iloiic wlilli- von wail. UiiMn-r wink a s|ii'i'inllv fllioni
iniiili- tu m-ili'i-, SatiHfiulinii nniii.iiili-i'il. ICuullihtik f.luinl in uiiiih-, ■
tunl. All woik ilnin.' nt ivaiiiiiirtlili' )ii ires.     »
If vou iiani sli.M'H mink, to fit vnil, Kivi.' me a cull, ns I inilv
IIM.* llu* In-ill Mill wliiI,. liMihr-r |,n- hamI .„.W(.i| jolis
VOII   Hit   Vnlir   sllin'l   ilnin-   I   will   ..jv,-   yii'll   il   ill.lllli-   In
luifil; wilh 57.*** I'lUiiii's nl tin' .laiiiiiit-Ki-IdisitiiHi war.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^*<7J
*?■*"". — ■
hhil lallf-'l-rriHHBI
JiJiriiiit'ji Liniment cure* dauilruil,     Shcpperd 8* EJIfott
-,i        and   Home   Life
Cun l,c rtij'ivi'.l  hv  liil.iiiir     voiir     iiuals    ut
Tlie Royal Restaurant
III rr.njiilli linn  wlll,  (Iir  1'ovill   Hulii     "flu-   1. '.I       mnl »,*,,.I   !..  • tl,,.
inv hn   jf,  trills. A  ifw iiiurt' n-ciiJui-  l.imriUir*. ilcsin'il, Yoar iuiioiui'u
ii   lispcitlllllv   Milirilnl.
MI*S. M. HOCLZEL, Proprietress
New Palace Meat Market
Now Open.  Cor. Victoria Ave. it Gcmmil St.
».n ^-.mmmmm*mmXJ)mmm_i
Nollcpto ('oiitriirtor*.
T»i»rn»tlr*it'»iir»»f l-VrnU will fil.HM tutkr
lintlih llml all.r Ajill I-l W>..|tirl'Mii«iit»ii
ainl Jdl'iti-.i'l I-nm. l'-«»t X1*. wlll .|.ii.»t,,|
lt.«r.t«llm»'||i<> Ji.»tUtf <« I.fj»». «...•*,
\V, A  li.Hlll,
r.(loti:*j.iui. *-; fiinU't
CUulcti Cull* (u ull kU*.iW uf Muni*
KlurHt of l-Veali and Hnlt ri.li
Uumo of nil ttorU tu Hoiuon
Proprietor N
[TheCanadian Bank of .Commerce,
Hon; G. A. Cox,  - B.-.E. Walker, ■       4  'Alex. Laird,,
-       -PreiMcnt:'     *,    , "-lanei-itl .Maniiger, ■_ Asrt.ficn'lMaiia'fior
CAPITAL,:$10-000.000 '* -.   '' REST, $4,500,00
;'   TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $9f3,00O,60O  -   y   "    ,"'   -
•     •        ISO   BEAITCHES  -A.3STI*)   ^.a-"E"l*<!*OI*EJ'S     ' ..   ''''
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.   ix-po^Ar $/. a„j up..
ward-; received and interest allowed.    The depositor is subject to.no  de "
lay whatever ia llie wii'idrawel of the whole or any part of the  deposit
' Special attention i.s drawn to our Bunk Money Orders  issued  payable
in Canada, Ui.ited Stales, Knjrl.md, Italy in lire,   Hungary,   Austria* in
kronen."5'-'Tliey form-an excellent method tif reuiiltinyf monies at a minT*
mum  coht.     j, ' , '        . '
A general Banking business trausactod.    Correspondence soliciied."
, Open 611 lhe pay-days of lhe Coal Company until rf p. ni.
T. B. MAY, Manager
1 iUltairmoro Titncs—•
Thursday tiftornooii at nboitl 2,o0
. p. 111., little I'i'.hcl (Ijildiiiil, tlio fcix-
year old ihiugliter cl T. R ('oild-ii'd
nl iliis place, met with a incsi painful
iuirt fatal-accideni. It appears ihu
the little one was playinff with some
other c'.iililrun of lier own ;ige, nciir
' the family residence iuul tliey-having;
lound matches, started a small'bou-
lire. ' In pliij-inp iii'oun'd the'the lire
-- baby I'.tlicl came too near thc flame
and lior dress canjrlit, lire.   The child
.ran scrcamiii.fi: and .Mr. Vasseur, who
was working on a building 'neaiv
hearing lier cries, cainc to her rescue
Ho tore tlu burning clothes from the
child and in doing so luid^his hands
badiv burned. ' .The little one was
carried' home and Dr.v.1Jalcolmson'
nnd McKenzie .'of Friiiik. werc'suiiy
niottcd and iiid everything that med-;
ica).skill could', .do-for the sufierer,.
but without avail,' aiid the baby was
relieved from, pain by death early..
\Vednesday"moi-ning, ' -
■ One ot the sad Iciittii'es 61 the ens-'
was the (act thai' both. Mr. and Mr?.
Gcdd'ard were away, from home iv-t
the time of the accident, Mrs.- God--
da'rd being on a visit to lier old home
iiiEugland and Mr. Gbddard"'being
away for a day in Fernie, 'The grief
stricken parents have the heartfelt
sympathy.of ihcir many friends here,
- in .their.-.bereavemen't,-*'"- The funeral
- took place jfroiK the family on.Thurs*'
day, thc  child being  laid to rest in
the cemetery here.' 2, '2
The Salvation Army is conducting
tlip.ir chi'.ili-eii's demonstration in their
liavnu-ks on the evening of April 23rd.
Over 50 children wilUnko pnrt in * the,
- pioVrnin. Considoraljle tune has been
given to thc tunning, ot the .children
and a grand time is assured. The pro*
gram consists or .drills, motion boiirh,
recitation."*, (iiiilosiie-;, i-olo:*'nnd a 'live*
net ilrnma will bo given hy the .J. S
stuff. The baii'd will furnish tlio music
and the. en tiro i (-presentation of the
I'oi-uic-icoi-pB will parade at ii HO -p. in ,
sharp. The program will eoiniiic.ic.sii
.. 7:5.0 p. in,
COOK'S   DAIl'V. -    -
.Mf. Cook, tliu il.iiiyJ.ia.il "1 ^'e.-.t
J'-finie, linin-flit . ii|)--'fi lieail ol line
dairy tows irom his Cowley , raiivii
last week and a U'lij-er ivprusi'iiUliv.-.
Wi'llL over llllll llia<l4: il lulil' ol lllspoC-
lion lliroii-'li ..li. Conk's new sianU-i
ami tool* u Iuul; at his line ln.1,'1 ol
milkers,, IK; liiiinii tliui-iiiigliliix-il Hul-
s11-1n;--., .1 4.1'm \.. ami irnsM's hetwieii
iliese jjiviil' milk, jjiviii-j litveil'.-i Willi
lile sli'cn I llurn laitiily. 'I'liey mu eur-
tainly a line lnt ul anvi, ami .Mr.
Cook ei.nlil not he iinl'iu'il in purl
with sunn, ol ilieni Inr llie value <»l a
Sinn hank ni')le.,lle univ'lias tf head
ill liis ilnii y lie i'i I .mil lias irlik-il a
line lai'i'ii si'ihle wlin-li will stnlik- -J."
uiivs, In the nun Imill hy Mi. HiiUli-
Ulsi-.Il. He- is iil'iii llenotililili'l Inr
liiuiu 1.iiiil iiiiil e\]in'ls to, have liis
own -liisiine hind in a very .short
lime. There is Inls-nl huul wni'l:
nhnut   ihis   il.urv   inn-imss,   hut   Mr.
Clink   ilnli'1    seeli!   to   lie   .lll.lid   nl    it
nml has iieemiiplisheil u -.Meat ileal mi
ihe slinrl   liim* In* hii*. Iuin al  il.
(lm: le.ilnie ol llu* liiisiiii-ss wliuli
iliil nut H-ipiiil In tin* lust liellllj-s nf
the repnltil' wa:. (lie si-'lit nl MX or
I'lJ'lll, Sllll lllllllielll i-Vi'il lillle en Vl'S
liltljjill);    ill   il|;r        llulll    two   ill    Illi'l i-
days in as iiiniiy links, Tln-se lit I Iu
l.ilioivlil-- jiiii'liil Imn wilh imsiispeil.
ill); 4'iiiili(|i'iiu*, liekiii<< In-, hiiiiil ami
llll'ili'ili-.r llllll In slliiU' their slieli
lllllly Mills, nil nlimllM lull', uf tlle
lilll lll.ll lie lu'lnlll'l ll In ,1 lilliulerulls
l.iiniK ill aiillii,il. vvlln itilltlcv Iv tiiki-
1 111-il little lie, s limn llllill Willi mill—
ilelnll*- liiililni I,lilies III unlet' llial
ih. ii iiiiii ii,i lin ii j;ui-ilv, -.I'iiii-
,u li* miiI, iln I. a :, i ii,4-,it I*. tn their
huby lliiii, s Wli.it 4'iU llt.eliiiis lifiisu,
we >ne in I c .iti|i- iii look iuin wall
i'ii at -'.It • 111.v.11 i vis ainl thin
llll iim a une! l.i'ili iuin lln- Wilder
llllll-   llllll"   ,ll!ll   I l.llll      11ll-   I ••111. It'll'.
pirn  hv piiu'intii mn  own -ui'iiiinil-
I ■ I ... (    <
'.illlplv  hie .ills i   il   1,i«-1i'-  "<iiii"1  m\il Mil
isiies unr iippitms.'
.Mr. Conk jiiiiiiti-il nut iiii- nn,. lm)-i'
Mil <«.w  lien   !.,   i,..;,    : -,,1   i'i      «ji.
**l'-plll"llllT I.II   llli"'.    ,\',  ; ||  ,,.,  ,|   ||l'W
i.iil   has  l-i-.n  hiieiejii  in  Un-  sialili *.
" I   l1.,     11 ll   it, .1      ,,.,11 1,
■limit    iii   ||i,.   |||i.j||.   II    is   lakell llum
tlle   lltiill'i'i   iim'   fill    winilll    the '.,11'lk
illlellikil   it   ainl   j;ii4|l   Iii   tills pmil
lliltllli'il,    lllni!(,'.ii|||«-i1    fill',    nnv, 'A lln
mpI.i*! ivi'liii'i in I, iiii.thi-r In iill the
liilivs di.it imn. 10 \v,st I-'einie, ami
after  •he li.ts i,oiirii,liiil it  lur a 'lv.w
.'..lis  with   del   IIHIK  i.i   liinlhirllv   Iklllil-
n«*i"«. il l.i tiikeii mv.iv. iii soft Ulll,..
'Irrnat    mt,      it . ••I.i..'   Ii-.k   .„,4.I,.l
llOIJI    il-    llllill 1    llllll*   1 <»H     M. Ililll is
•lisiiiiinlunl  .iiid  ili-'U'itnl   iii  smli  a
m if at iii.      iu.iiiin i     .ii uiiiil'l    iii.il.
"-l.uk   lln*   Ui|i|*. I"'   iisIi.iiih il   nf  him
*.iif nin. iIi.ii 11111I11I dm pun  iuU'tnl-
11I Mr.  Cun* 1 nnu   mnii   .iii.J iJiv/air*
fit 111" Tl III 1,1 nt'tt!,-'-- ll-flrl ' [li'M't -I
•'''ini    lit,,)    l.i     ill' if     llllll*    lllll     (I. 4U|I','I
»ii cutinjr tilic i.ili-iv. iii tnlLinir .itmn'
tin-   niliiiiii.iiiiii   nl  u.,m  tn mail, anli
Itt   'JlltlliU'lij;    ,?, ,«.t    ;';,    j.;..,    .,»   *i.,
tei-.whi-.il dnn'i hclonjj to them,' in-
may l.e they gn-"U> a place ealled a
eliin-ili7-iflei- havinjr |i,led their stoin-
aehs with the nmsl ihoice euts from
the ciirc,-4.-.e of the. /iniirdered ealf, to
li.*-tun,to the clireelioiis from thi- min-
ister who h,is been peiiniiu-il to dine
"il what i.s U-)"i of the e.ilf, ar, to the
be.st mul snivst road to travel in or-
du- lo e.el into a place cailedlieaveii,
wluii-o it is said'tliert will be 110 need
of calves meal and the calves will cun
seqiiunly ho safe heeause Uie teeth, the
jaws and tlie .stoinaclis ol tiie murderers will have been taken away from
them nml llieir heal ts so softened
that a calf wiil he perfectly sale 111
riiniiinjr ariniu'd.toiui in-the'"Xew** Je-
nisa'cm and htiv.linjr for his niotheV's
mill;   jujr. *    1      7/ -.- j '
K It's a 'lonj; way I'roni* West Fernie
"to-heayin and the I.edjiei- had to/pull
hard oii*its .slrinjr to its idlinj; report
ei- and promise him a.-veal ciitlct-in
fy-iler. to --i-fin'm back to.Mown - ,in
tinic'-toj;et this scril'i'.lc into-the paper, lie-reports havine; got two jjlass-
es of.nice milk from Sir." Cook, .which
the''editor hc.pes were not given or're-
ceived .as( a*'.hiii-,e with which to cor-
■'nipl the "morals of the, Ledger aiid.'its
"readers. '*   V -. '       7
H now seems more- than prol-able
that the Great Northern" rnilroad will
he exlenJed eastward from Pernie.lo
"meet the line thai is. to be built west
ward (rom Wjnnipe*--" -antl^'tluis forni ;i
continuous line ,-u-ross- western Canada
from Winnipeg- to .Vancouver. Thc
road will for all practieal purposes he
complete from Fern'u .to Vancouver
as _soe.ii" as the 'V,. V. & R. exten--
sion'-is co'inpleled", and' thc prairie'end
ol'the enterprise will not lake long to
■ii*iLin Joppivilion,——vyi;h ^!he— G.-o:v'-c.-
Nesl line, ihe Kooleiiay Cei'.tral, the
I'iiernjitional from ,Spok;i"nc via Yalik
the ureal.' Nurlhern,, and the Fcrhie &
Calgary road.; all" centering in Fernie
we will be able to print a map of our
cily which will look like llie huh of a
way-mi wlieel which has ninny"spokos.'
Fernie is" silualed just inside the west*
crn portal fo ihe'best pass through the
Rockv mountains in Canada llirnugh
ivliich iherc is Jeslincil ■ to pass the
coinmcrce of great empires' lying ;il
each end of thai pass,
Iron, coal, coke, lumber, ore, a hundred' oilier articles of niiiiiufiic.
lure and of commerce will ,he passing
in endless procession hy our doors and'
wc should be up and alive lo the ureal
possibilities which lie before .us. Lei
the wiitcr alone, il will'run down hill
lorn while yel,' and lei us follow lhe
example of Steve Wallace by Using our
minds upon a  more suhslanlial  fluid,
Lift us boost these new railroads, and
r.'iich out I'or smellers and more wooil-
enwiuv iijiiiiiiriii'iiiriiig oslitblislimenls,
I'u-iories of nil kinds which will bring
more population which in lurn liieans
more vi u-rs for ihe ward heeler lo look
nfler, ihus keeping everybody busy,
'riiere is a good object lesson .standing
up the pass'al Frank iu "llu shnpo of a
smeller Upon which hundreds of llnui*
siiikI.s of dollars have, been cxj-fyiuled
nud in nml iiiMiiiul which liumlivils of
men will receive oiiiplovineiil,
"l if 1111 iliiiiriii-ils of I nun 1111 nr |i|.|i.
-lln. Kinliji'M   urn   IIii'mi   Ml, n,|Hi,t  ||,m.
Ii'i'ii,' '
niul this gival insiiluiioi)  niiglit  have
in our cily, nay,   it   hliould lmve b.'on
had 11 proper regard lorniir fuiiire been
innnilW.teil nt lho iiiiil time mul in llu*
riglil way.    llm ilureiiu' other smell-
lei's in be   luiill,   oilar   enlcrprlses of
vjiriou-i kiiiiln io le eMiibli.-hi'd ami we
will mil gel 1 hem by moping ovei whm
has none wrong in ihe pnsl or liy lei-
lin; hi her people hiok  a fur wlinl il is
oiu own duly to look afiujiiitl -"ealous*
ly g.n il   i.s.1  jii-.i:e*.i.
. I ivji^ tiiii'il nf Ai'iiln Mroiicii.t'H  liv
Cny 1.1 Uli-tiiilH.     .I.M.CAMPHKl.I.I
1 .       .       , '
. .1 ..-. 41..411 4.1   1,111,11  .van,iil'iii  ny 1
MIS:\'!lf** I.IMMV'VT* '
Siirliiclilll, N.S.      WM D.VNMI'.l.S.1
I iviiii'iiiinl nf Cliriinii- l.'liuiiimitlHiii
Allien Cr. N. II.    (ihii, TINdl.l-.Y.
JAte Have the Goods
ksinU Griffith
B'iiii-d Ham
Prompt Delivery
e. "per ib.
Pay Cash   ';-  .
And Be Respected.
§ «»
ft ■*-' IJ
ft ' «
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Feniie
n     t 1
EG to inform the inhabitants of Fernie, lhat we are opening in the Purely building on Victoria Avenue,   a • first-
class meat market, with a supply ofthe"finest quality of
.     meats etc.    ..% i   % 7 %'-•%'■*%    . $7
Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork, Corned Beef, Eggs and Butter.
Armour's Breakfast Hams and Bacon.
We want to call your attention to, the" fact llial onr sausage   ni:iiuifai-lory* is  in
, (lie,hands of an expert saiisa-^o maker, with.special m.-icliincry.imporicd direct from Germany.   /-This combined with thefact llie meals used  are  first
quality and that every attention is given to ensure .cleanliness,' is' why  we
have earned the reputation of being the best sausage makers in the country.'.
Here arc a few of our Spkiaities.   i
PorkSausugel        Liver Sausage!       Bologna Sausage!
Blood Pudding!     Weinerweiirst! -    A Metvveirst!
Head Cheese! C6oked;J1am !       . Pure Leaf Lard!  ;•
Giv: us your orders and'we will guarantee satisfaction,   and
remember we are'here to;stay. ■"'.
PHONE No. 4.
Tlie Dominion Meat and Cattle Ranching Company,. limited.
Nelson', B. C."<.
Smoke Royal ScaS Cigars.
===r;:==^'-;:;:T    ^^^emieTrC
jPhbhe 12
J       •     For Fine Stationery, Office Supplies,   Ledgers,
9 Day Books, Journals, Cash Books, Lelter Books
*%% •
Typewriter Paper and all goods kept in stock• in
a first class Book and Stationery Store.
The Palace Drug Store
§ H. F. IVIcLEAN, Manager
f    A»enis Ait ..HI Piano.   Ilcrpneicle,   Liquid Veneer    Webb's Cnnillcs.
Read-th^ ioiipwingf pfIce^:
$5000 worth   of Stock ort
and we  will s^Il   as
OB'riens akxx     $1.00     Jamiesoii's xxx      1.7&
Dewar's      1^25 i   Loch Acliray, white boltle,
Loch Achray, black bottle, 1.25
Peter Dawson,
^Kiiig: Edward. Vll, 1.25
"    - -'   .- "-7V   -A-.-" A    •      .-      *       - ;
' ■'..,. **>'■     '{xy\ •    ■    "•    "* . i-. -*■>   '■
ROYAL   RYE,   1.00
Seagram's Star, 1;00
Walker's Imperial, 1.00
Canadian Club, 1.25
Koy^l Port,
■ Seag'roBJi's '&m*r,.\i.2&:
Maple Leaf,        >75
Gooderihan-Worts,1 ;oo
White Wheat, 1.25      ^
Kinderliii,      1.25
Holland, Key Brand,      1.25
Port  ^ine J
100 White Port,   1.5,0     J.
Giiinesses Stout, ; 25c ';• :°y
»   *    J "'      '.*. *'1 1   '''■St.      ■■ ' -   *    "-* "**■   *'*-'    ■" i '* i *        " >    ■      ' i        ^^^^      ^WmW      /■ .   , . -.^
25,OOd   Cigars   at  Reduced .Prices.
5^-M?'.Pf*X 'Casd Only Cash Only
lhe Royal is the only exclusively "white house" in
the city. None but white help employed. MrsT Ildelzel
is running; the Rooms and^Dinmg^Hall and solfcHs
everybody's patronage.  Best 25c meal in town A
Watch for our ad next week
cr,A«sn*"ii*.n   advkutishmknt.s
uiuli'i- tin's liondiiii; jnslcrtcil nt tlie
rate of (iliu cum ti word ouch j-iscr-
1 ion. I
to niCN'T—Tin? in'i'i'iW l'lionw or
llie Cnnisi-llii lilock,—Apiilv to 1*1*i 1-
ip Cnrosi'llii.
(if y-i'A Ufl'i-S, ,slliliiU-il 111 '(IHI "f the
iiui.sl fiiviinilil-* ,sp(ils_ fur fruit jiniw-
iii|(, ("iinliiiihiK
ni|(, ("iiniiiiiniKi' HtiwU 1'iiiniiii.' •«"-
iioiiltry j»i-(iwlii|,' in tli« Kiwk'iiitv
country. 'J'lil-*' rniu-h Is nil fcin-i'-l
coiitiiins di iiert'H of firsl-c-lnss lint-
tinu Iiiml, if, n<-ri'H of wlilcli )« in
n (,'oml Mlnti! of J rnlliviilion,, 'i
nci'i'K nf fjoml lii'ili'li lilllil snilnlik-
for fruit urowiii-' nml -rnriU-uliiifji nm.
in liim stall* of I'lilllvntioii. TliiTi-
Is n "*oin1 lou lionso of four rnoiiis,
willi hlilniili- roof, Ntntillii".' for fi
Iinrw-H ' nml <; lii'itil of entile, two
Ijooil luiilioiisi'H uiul n uriciil root
linns... This viiluiili.c pi-fipi'rtv fnii lie
Iuul ror S5r.70.fKi cni.li, If liikPH »onn,
uml i« tlio lii-Nt linrnntii for nnv-
ono lU'ilrlii'j; Xo (jo Inlo rnnrliliijr
llml inn iH-'foiiiiil In Knsl Konldinv
Kur fuillii'i" imrllrulnrs n*i*ily
Moll, Son St Co, .Voriili', 1\, C
TTiirsV  AVI) TOT KOI' HATJ*)     ...
Win' J'Vruif. T.oy 50ma3. (V101I four*
1111)1)1   llllll.M.-,    ''ill's   lii   .1   sii,.ii   t.    JiiJ.
ill  111   OIUC.   V.'.IKV   U-iiiiM.-  .\|>l>lv   lo
MOTT. SON' ft.Cn.
Just arrived a beautiful
assort ment of
Ladles* Belts
and Neckwear
the   very
1 °
latest eastern styles.
Don't forget
thc old stand.    '
it "       . . .      .- '.. ,.-•■..    •■■■'■ as
Ni-w  Iniil  i'jrj.1, n(   ;,n nin.*, ml.i/cii
111'    Itlllllllt'lt'N.
1,41    l',n        llllll.!'    Mill    11    1,1114 y    Vl'4.1
Irom oiiv      oi IIiiim; iliour nuiv ji.il*
"fti.   I'liint,' iii niul wi ilii-iii   A, Cm
llllill.Ill,     llu-     l.llllij,
t'nfIniiIuul, llu* lailiir, luu. jitm
ii«.ii.i| 1 lie jmMiiiM st<Kk ol luvi-ils
I'ii*   >t*r »n«r  miiI*   ,in»t   nun mt ti  evi-r
liKi'.liilll    In   I'll lli'',
,*.    llulll    tji.ll    f|-I|l'*.]l,-s   .|l|-^(    ifiHI-
ril'tilii-'ill   Hi 1 |-i|Hl!lriif.ir l"!!1     f,,|-    [(-I   p,j
lll.ll*.   it   il   Mlllltl*   lli   |iK-.«Mltt-   III      lln-
tt;ivi llilii'  imlilir.   Smli  n  ntir  Is tin-
Nin;'   .'Mtt.inl  Unlil. nf  I'l'inic, u»
i'. 1 «.,-iw» si.- iih |,v-( «>dh<*.
..*,. f.,«* ...il,. -it Mit'i nfl'ii-c nrlro "<
ullts (<iiiIl~-"K(iiil|is tn Ul, Avulv
Wiiliiii," "KurilIMuil Itnnm-i lo
UX, Aiu.lv WIliilii.V
r.nnn unrsic and rixtv   koot
lol loculnl 111 fi'liln* of rilv for snli*
nt n Iwrjj-niti prlru—Apply    MOTT,
SON* ft CO.
i-Sxio, gooil ' lornllon on Vktorln
nicntii*-Apply MOTT, HOV *
I'.nnu liniSK CKSTHAU.V      l,U.
iiiU'.l. for.mil.-Apply MOTT. HOV
TViiiii-, 'ijikmI tvm-Mnrv lionn* on
Uu- |in.i«rlv.-™Applv MOTT, HON'
t* CO,
■••'ill iiii.nnji-il fur l«i;uiHiif Iniil'*.
1.1 --.il-* ,Ii,.ip- Applv MOTT. ■■"■v
•>-  Co.
■noon nnsinKN'TtAL  phopkutv
nitunUil mnr unlrt. of InmliU'»s.
two liiiiiM-s nml umntl -.liatk. At 11
linrcnln.-Ktifiiiin* MOTT, HON' H,
or.ii >;r:-,v.-u'Ai"i-;.''.
IT   Office.
-AT Till. M.IK.
In jlio Kooti-nny Vullny, 40 ncreil lin.
■lor cnitivjiilnii* liu ncrn-j can li»
-Irrljjnttil ntn •mill -"•xpenmj, Tlu'rc
nro jxomt IjuIMIiivk on llm prnrerty
uho thmi mil**-, of frntiixg. Tlicru It
■.liflnl two mflflon feet of (tr>l rfu-'n
llnibur mt (hi* Uml. Thli. I* n muip
for any nno wIMiln-r fn met ft enftA
mwh. For |iji«lli.-tiljirii ni-ply In
ty/fa **)'•* a K«,«»t deal of pleasure out of
the fact of knowing that there is no
range of BLOUSES to equal this lavish
display of ours. This nil comes to ub from the biggest makers aud for variety
anl cxclusiveness it cannot be approached anywhere.
Note a few of the following lines.
White and Black Japanese Silk Blouses — $2,35 and upwards.
Brown and Green Japanese Silk Blouses —15,00* and upwards.     *
While Muslin blouses — .go, fr.j* and upwards,
1  I
Gent's Furnishings ^^°^ct
lhlV\*\\afr*3^sV£*$l!?tt'  Va,ls«R» a««> Trunks/  still remain
at the WAR DECLARED PRICES.   Come one.   Come all.
t Alft ***. HttSItmlttik'ff- Iff if fir T


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