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The Fernie Ledger 1906-04-04

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-rnHtr ****
i/l ■   •.
I;  Voii?;;I',i':'NUMBER,35*;
Price $2 ayear in Advance
Locals About folks
You Probably Know
l.inbrook, was in
ftfe . Ct -i, „ .7
p   _'A    .   ■ 7——, ■ ■-    '.
'p   A. Mutz wont to Crnnbrnok today.
■ *&&• Wr.Diyey ia ,iii'~ Nelson this week.
'' ... Albeit Banks, of Perry C.eek 13 in
tfio city. -  ■•"■
A. K. Leitcli ol Jhffrcy was in town
, - Thursday.* A '*"■-' 7 7.
-, s$5 'Chi'ikAwards of Cra
tho city Monday,
P.-U. Shoriniin left for Lothbridgrc on
Monday evening. - ■*•■
1    ^Mr.and^Mrs. N. E.  Uroloy of Crrin.
itbrookaro 111 town. "A'A\
' Ja*. MeF.voyleft for tho,coast Sattir-
,'    day vI.r|Jlio''-(J..-;N. '-A*; ■'-/...    •
- \V. J'-Timlick camo np from Pinch;
•er Greek yesterday. . „-;.•*, '.{:'■"
- General Manager'"Lindi-oy went tip
to MiciKsl Friday evcnm-i.     7
- It. A. Don-ell or tho IJ-iiik   ot  On-
.'merco.staff, was   in, Michel   Monday.
B. II. Cook weiil.doivn to Cowley
A   Monday night to spend a fu'v'days on
- his ranch; -* *'*.'• -
\V7 C. '.Wiikns, ftravoHiii-r froiffht
agent for tlie Great Northern-, was in
town vesterdav
Fred Starkoy of Nelson, was in the
c, «lty Monday on his way toCnlgaiy anil
.*    , other Alberta points'
Mr. and Mre. Davies rind   Miss Da
;„ vlto-i?ero:viBitIn»liIielii»l for n feivdays
'   duhng'thepii'ist week.
- T   7J.D'Gordon, colloiitor of cnatoinsnt
*"  ■'■Gatewtf"}*, accompanied, by Mrs- Gordon
$Was in tlie city Siitnrday.  A,
- j! A. Maclean who is now on tho road
Jor/tho .Stiiii'dard  Lumber Co., was in
town several days last week*.
-■' ' . It is unileretof-d tliat u grand I(Xlgc
-^'(JiOrKniglitsnt Pythias lor Alberia
* -Will be organized in the future.   *
n      - ■ *>*    ..      -.       - ---      .      ,    -.
^ Jas. Todd of Kel wo d, Man ,h;is been
6 *    ;vii>il as his brother Thos. Todd for the.
_ipa-il"llew—da.** s_aud_lef t.la^t—ui«4 lit—for*
- * ,iuIb home.    '"■'",-'        '   -A * ■
*   Miss "Evans, - who  succeeds  D. If,
jBarclnyasoiierator'ih.lhe^C'. PrU.com
liiiereial ollice .arrived-from thd'easllo
'••Jdgy.*. ij; 7/.  ,  . ' '    .   -.  _ --..", ..
vt■ Tickets for the Firth•Kaloiu-coiicci^
-• -aro-'fo-NitliVftiid tho plan ol the opera
ihouHO may bo seen at lhe Palace Drug
„ 'Store.* - """'• -'
It Is said T. Marl in, resident origin;
.',eei',utCnmbro6k, will, be appointed
-.C.„i\ 'It. tilvisio.iul "enjjincer at Cal-.
'. i.r..' ;'   '
- Thoa.   D.'apei* of tho **\el.-ioii Daily
"    "Now* lifts been In the city for tlw; past
.Nwcek looking up biu-incHS tar that en.
lUrprUIng pa por. *
';{, Anan-rotiieuls l.-avo boon mndo ,lo
ihohj the mino train until hlL*r ilinpei--
.lorniitncodf lhe Firth • Eulon "Concerl
!,0o', on Monoayovunlng1'.
vt.Hlolilups hhot and f.ove.i-ely woundnil
.Jl,-Rldrldge, 11 druggist, nt M'dwny, on
'.■III   )    I     ' Tt l' '. 11*11 1 . I    _
Mount Fernie L'odsre l^o. 47,1.0. 0.
F. ,* will give an at home in.their hall on
Friday evening, April 6. Games, dancing and refreshments and a good time*
is assured" All members of the lodge
{•.re.requested to attend and a cordial
invitation is extended to visiting broth*
.'•on.'",   . •'   .   .   *':"'   '
," At a meeting ot tho Fernie Amateur
Athletci association held fit' the Itoyal
hotel last* Friday night the. following,
ofliccra" woro elected;" Hon. president,
G.",G; S. Lindsey; patrons, W* U. Kcss,
M. P.' P., F. H- Sherman, 11.' |W.'
Wood,' ft. G. Drinnan, A. W. 'Bleasdell
Thos. Pogue, A. Mutz; president, W.
W. Tuttle; vice prcsidentrL. Atkinson;
aocretary/M. A. Kastner; treasurer, F.
Slork 'i ho .reasiirer's report showed a
balance on hand of S3o,95.
Mr. L D. Kean, representing the
Rocky Mnunlain Development Co., was
iif town Monday and oxhibeteil numerous samplsB "of, the product", of tho oil
wells being 'Bunk by- lhat enoi'j.'etic
compaiiy, The result of the expenditure of so much money in the oil fields
near. Oil City will,bo the establishment
of a great industry. The development
lias now passed lho experimental stage
and no troublo is' experienced in,raising funds lo put the property on a producing bauis.'. Wo expect to give our
readers .1 much more extended account
of these oil fields in-the near ■ future.
Tlie Winnipeg street car strike is not"
yet settk'd/"' •.*'*'      '•
A. W. Puttee, ex-M. P for-Winnipeg
was struck by an autoinohilb yestei'day
and seriously-injured.-
President Roosevelt gave a dinner at
the Wliiiehouso iu honor of the goyei-n-
or-gencral last night.-
-Tlie conference of, Ihoconl operators
and miners at Indianapolis has adjourn*
eduntil Thursday.   ',.-.*
The people, of Chicago voted in favor of municipul ownership of the
street railway systeni"yeslerd,".y.
' Oh another pa^o cf this issno will bo.
found a poetic contribution* froip the
pen bf Dr. Watt, of Fort Steele- It heeds
noapology or explanation to thoso who
have had experiences of hope dofei;rod,
thc joyous'.expectations which makes
itself evident in every stanza, every
line of tho Iittlo poem appeals with
sympathetic fervency., • 'The- Ledger
joinswith all tlio uoopie of this section
in the doctor's chorus ami hopes that
tho expectation!! of Fort.Sceele will be
more llum 'realized. . Nowhere in all
British Columbia can "thero "be found a
nioro ber utifnl spot" than tlm townsite ol
FortiSte.-lc,. iiostluig as it does in its
beautiful valley ar,' iho. western foot of
the toworing IioJUes, with the deep
flowing watcia of lhe Kootenay, the
hiiighinf*,, spnrkli jg St. Mary's and tho
rushiiii', ronrin.!*;, Wild Horfo going on
forever past tho broad 'valleys, lho
wide Btrotchin*-.' plateaus dotted with
grows of pines and tlio whole framed
in a setting of "majestic mountains and
roofed in by bright' sm.ling skies in
day limeaml'iy thn bj-ight'twijikling
stars at nigh'. Mince "they lirst sang-lo-
gether in tlie-beginniiig.";' -
There is tn« jnore doubt about the
Kootenay Clenttal being built in the
near future and lhat Fort Steele, tho
oldest towu'iii tho country, will be one
of tli7slat.iima on lho road when built.
Fernie will bo greatly benefitted by the
construction-mul that fact adds zest to
the hand . shaking exti-.ndcd 'to our
neighbors. * With, tho Koiteuay Central comingiu to Ferule over llioC.
P, 11., and tlit) Calgary-Fernio coining
"in over the Great Northern our city
will ho taking on aii's jind wonder if
staid (Id llostou is really"tho centie cf
tl 10*111 ii verso.
.This  paper is  not  responsible ftir the
opinions of its corrcspoudcnls.—Ed.'-   -
Wcdiii'Silny hist, Tlio desperado ns
icaped and his victim la in. the hospital,
' Tho'Kings hotel changed hands on
'Monday, tho nnw proprietor being
.'Simon Dragon, (who H well known iu
itho hotel biisiiuiH nud will rece'.vn his
1 share of the trade.
'•• I.. M. Prr.clnr left last night for Su-
-iittlo via llmGi'oat.Norllioni. Mr. I,i-i>ii-.
1 ter will visit several nf the coast cities
1 uml also Mont real nml New York hn
4 foiu reliiniliig to l'Vriiie,
.-'An-angchients Iuiv.) beoii nuulo to
'..hold tli'iiuliio li-iiln^until iifiei-thii per*
1 (iirimuicii ol tlm l-'u'th IviIdii Cuiiccrt
\ Co , on Monday ovcnitig.
jF. li*. Oljfot, Inlu'iif ihu Hlnff of the
] Hunk bf ;i'omiiii''i'<-o at Nelson, loft Vine
• tonverRiitimliiy.night far Ailln, hn>■
i inyrbooli* IniiiHfoiro.l In thn (link nf
f Ciiiiliix-iTO hniiu'h In tlm iiortlmrii cily.
1 W'F,  Vnnso, of tho 0 K. Iwh'Iht
• uhop, hns iiiHtiilled nn up to daiiicmii'
1 pi-cflHCil nir outiil, with vibrator iiiiih
iaAirunltaelini6iit.il 'J'hl.i phu-us tlmt),
; K. uinong tho hcut cijiiiiipi'il slinpn lu
'• till) WOht.
Tli«,v(Minjr,'|ini*>p1i. of' llm I'.pwoi'lli
. Imttxio arii pri'imring for a h trial cvmi.
ilng for ncxl.Tlii!M(l.'iy, April Iih lln-
IfreihnieillH wlll hu iiei'Vol nml 11 Uf-Vi'l
iiiiitertrtliinieiit provhlml. Conm mul
Ibdnfl: your frhiiiiU, '
.Jai. A. Macdonuell lho v.'nil known
•railway coiilrnnliir iirrlvi'd In llmc'llv
-iMomUy evening from Kpniii'i'ii I'.iiiUn
.Mr Mni-ihiii'ilil Ims tliuigu o\ llmruii.
■ulructloii of Iliu Nlrolii hniiii'li of llin
C, V, It (Irftdinjf li (oinpltlnl 011 llio
ilr-ll 45iiiIIoh, uml liui'li Is llmv lining
Juld. Mr MjiL'ilnilcoll hl'iUutluilit Ih
' Accarill.ijrtot.il. CiMJibrook I'nui'icc
tor tlm Pi'riiln Amateur 'IhiMtrli'il
eoinpaiiy urn iIohIi-oiib of pl.t.tiug In
Ci-unbvix.il nml will thuis 11 dan-with
•ii*f cliarltablo liiHtitntlou, tlio pioroeds
nfler iixptitiiimi, noUx^ to the kmiety or
Imtltnlloii irnirlna tlm ruBiigmni'iit.
' Tlm WlitcB of lho t'rowV Neit Pac-i
Coal company at Carlmnnda closol
dawn tho fimtof tlm montli, Mr. A. ib
To«rni*y Kolnir down to pay tlio tn«*n.
U it itiiMklftAi. that- the cimn-aiiv  >•
Yancouvor Province.—A  -'   :'
* That the Canadian Northern railway
"will not build west' of l-Mino-itoii.'-md
that this "-railway will, lind.'its' Pacific
Uill   extensions through. Uritish (Jol-
uinhiii and acres t  the'J^ckics to'I-.d-
montoiris indicated by recent- events
in railway circles on the coast.
. iWnny'things  now".poind   lb the ulti'
mate connection, of tho V.-W, & Y."at
•Fort t'oorge'l..j?*nii' nxteiision across "tlio
mountains*to Edmonton.    The V. &'Y.
coriijVany isquietly making preparation
to build''north from  this city toward.
Fort George,    A  connection with Ed*
monton    would "placo  the   (Jiinndiun
.'Northern in a position to reach Vancdu-
ver aiid Seattle over tho Uill SyslRin
without lhe necessity of building the
line through to tho const,
.   It Is a wi'lbknown fiict lhat lhe Cui.
mlifin Noi'lhern and lho Uill iiiierestn
ai-oeoopei'aliiig in nil western Canadian
exldnuioiiH and that both  are aliened
against lhe Canadian  P.icilic railway-,
whoso interests clash with lliono of both
"Mr, Uill Ih at present layln*' mil a
line from Havre, Montana, on the
Groat Northern iiinin line llu-ougli to
Edmonton via. Mediclue Unl;' Thia
lino will ho '110 niiki- in lenglli ami one
bi'iuiiihof il will lap Calgary, This line
will he iiilerseclud hy 1111 east and wenl
road thut will mako eonnnctloii with
,the Great Northern at I'Vruie. This*
Iimi will sceiuo Winnipeg cniinoi'iliin'
Ihroiigh Ucginii on tho oast
Tlm aggression of tho (lre.it Nortii-
oni lu WohIoi'ii Canada Is in'oi'iiplln*,
tliiC V.U. to iii'llyily in lho Hill inr'
i-itoi-yto iim h-mill of tlm lliiii ami the
('anndlin f-oi Moiilniia uxliiiislon will
p:\H-i about .(0 mill's north of Cnlhi'i t-mn,
aliuosl pni'.illcllng lho Gru.'if Noillmin
In Valley and Choleau counlle.-i. ThU
linn will touch at Havre niul will pass
I lining hllii) Swrol Grass hills, It. will
evenliiully hiu-oiilliiiu'd to Hrnwiilng
In llin nii'R'kfiisl. country and will tip
llm nil anil coal nod Inn of siiiillr.i'i|.sti*i-ii
Alh.M-la.    '.1
Plniiii urn Hint lho Soo f-ysluin cnIuii.
shin nhall pass Into lho Unto of Wash-
liigton, wlmni ll will prnhahly link up
willi lho C. P. II, at Vhak, on tlm
Crniv-H Nesl line lo (-ipukiinc, nml a
branch wlll pas- lliivm^h WmJiliijiioii
aloiiK tlm lioilliiTli limuul'ii-y In lhc
coaul ami lulu llm Lent ef lho Great
To the Editor : .
A very enierlaining editorial .appeared in llie organ nf tlie \y.iler Co. laul
week.- instructlntr   the   councillors "of
Thu Ni'luon Nowh1 weekly report cl
1     .i..if',r *.»ii*
.l'l'|ll|4. f/ll. 1/  t    HI' l\,'„,l    l,,t.
•mim", for (lie I'l'M (junVtevot Uir, \n\r.\
illil.dH.*! loin or ill Ihi' into which II kepi
up, will mako tx blimvlngnf IJiKi.Oi'jh
Ioim for llm eiiriviit yi'iir.    It N likely
that (iven lliht 'record Invalilng lljiurn
Inli'iilion nl t).n company to prncood j JJ/Vlio v»*ftr lm v.'i'v clmii \o\\xs9f\ o,i»m
Ii thn cinntriU'llo.i of ton uilh-i urn b |rnrj{'
Lait week nlilpmeiil'i amounted to
il 1,17.1 Iiml.
Tin. mneliornl Frank U now ri'iviv
In-jnmaliil wiil Man ho In nillve op»
eralion. 'I'lio Aurora mini' on the i"i-*l
Hide of tlm Irtko at M.iyln Iuin'-ninrlr .-1
*hl('pln*{ on* to I'Vtintt.the lirst <-.u- Iriv-
in-r been forwanloif lant wenk.
Fernie to appeal the water-works case
and pointing out the strniglil and uar-
must.follow lhe Free Pivs; iis it passes
onward clothed in lifjlilcoiisness and
lioncslv of purpose. The .-irlicle in
question whicli palpably was nol
written hy the cdiloi--in-chiel',i*- a direct
alleiiipt-lo-'jsianipede the cily cditncil-
and cajole il*inlo piesenting the water
work*-! case' before lhe courts_ again.
Lay on, Frcss Press !- you arc not dealing wiih lasl year's council, remember.
These mcn'iire made of sterner slulT
and elected on a fair play basis nn.l
you nia-/ res I assured lliey will keep
llieir pledges to the people. And what
a lol ol" lull-: about honesty of purpose.
Look-to your skirls, l'roe' Press and
keep llicm clean. Wns llmFive Press
honest when in iis issue of November
.••th, 10115, il. published the opinion of.
IJ, P. Davis, K, C... as againsl 11 three-
liflhs vole hulii;*- necessary wlien.il
was, in Pari, diavlly hi the contrary'**
Is Ihis your idea of luntMly?
Taking   up   the   slalenienls   of Ihe
u'diloiial seiiallm   I challenge lhe re-
iiiarks in reference lo lhc eleciion oPlhe
prosenl   council   and   would  like  lo
remind lhe Free Press thai of .v,o votes
e.'iht 1,*.' were properly owners and of
llu>se 75 eiiJui-sCil  the ciiizons1 lickel
olhcrwine it  could   never have   been
elected hy lhe overwhelming majurilios
il received,   The lurniny down ol lhe
old (Miuii-il was the result ol' iis iv,vn>
I'l'l'oils  in hui'hing  the  wishes of lln*-1
p.-ople  and ha IIIu'y   "used tne public
11-u.sl aloiij.; llm broad lines of Malcinaii-
ship"   lhe   formation   of 11   Cili.-ciis'
League would Imvo hecii uunt'i'i'ssary-
The "cdiior" says llio giv.-it majorily1
of properly ownei-i voted in Pavo,r of tlie
ii'-ivi'in'eul     The cx.il'I miijoiily was i,^
and   Judge   Irviii.T   has decided  llial,
lluvi'-liiths niajoriiy is ivipiiivd.   And
how' w.-i'i lhi'< m.'ij'»rily ohlaint'il ?   Hy.
iiiliiiiiihil'mn, IhivaK .mil illegal vnlliiK.
i'uiiiiiiient   lOiimilloi-.s shouliii-j  Proiin
llie   liniisC'tiijii.   that    riiiiiiilinii    was'
I'duie's  de-.iiny,   llial   crop,  uf liny
would ln'i'aih.'ivd Prom lho slivels nud
llial nm  lar-'-.'sl iiK-iv.iniilc csiuhlisli-
(iifiil,  tin* pride ol' l'Vinie, would be
tiircrd lo close iis doors in dcl'i-i-i-inv lo
iln-   wi'ihes   uf  llu* s-hcrllT'    IYc-miic
ivii'i ln'iiu;'hl  lo heir on poor, lonely
"thrown  away" by the annulment  of
the agreement, ihere is this to he snid :
Water for (ire purposes. TI1&.C0. is
ccmpelled to supply lhe city'under lho
"ivliter clauses act" 'audi'water for
liuihing sewers .will look after itself and
the threat that -excessive niies will, be
imposeJ is -only an additional argument ii.. favor of municipal ownership.
Water „ for' street Kpfiiiklii'-gjs not an
absolule, necessily and we caivilo without it for ii wililc longer.    .  . 7
In granticg a free right nl\way for
our mains'from Fairy creek the company lis** giving" us*somethiiig we already IiaVo under tho water .clauses sq
lho loss of this concession ig^iiothing.
besidor it'inly nppiiej. to -Fairy creek
and if by any chance wo wished to lake
our waler from Lizard cieek or any
other source'wo would be barivd.by the
terms of lhe'     .'agreement.
The right "to 'buy out ■ the wjjtnr cum ■
piny at the end of ten yoars'sei'in,* .-it
first glance to ho a marvelomi concession but 011 close oxiuiiicmtioii [turns out
to bo a delusion and a .snare', As wo all
know thoio is nothing in llio agree,
inenl, and tho company woiild never
submit to anything bsiii-,' placv.d in the
agreement that would provuiiMl from
coinpnting with the city of F-;-*'iii'"* and
continuing to supply waler to the cily
or West Fernie or any .other. Be.tllemr.nt
iii tlm vicinity in the event bf ihe'city
taking over tlie'plaat at the ei^l.of ten
years. And fixed rates for' ten ^ years!
Why are wc not paying on the average
loo per cent moid than any other city
iii.hritiihColiimbhi'r* This seems incredible biit iiivcstigalin:v bears it out
and taking into coi'isidoraliou tliat we
are paying S2..*i0 por house, and (listrib7
ute this among '2oo householders avc
lind ihnt lho company will,, receive
Sfioi per month or Sjo,ooo at I'm end ef
.ttj'i years. .„,   ' "~    *    "*"*
' Municipal owneri-hip woiild cut these
rates in half and at the. end of len ye.ir.1-
houscho'.den would be J'-lo^oo'lo the
good and the virtual ownei*« of a waler
systi;ii.      -      ■*' -,'--'■'
The most important paint ojf all that
thc odit-jr in his honest fashion does not
lone!-.'upon at all, vi.:-, the unqucsliuii
able right ofthe cily lo e.xpropri-ilo tlie
plant of .iho company and this* privil*
ego the. Waler coinpany in culliision
with last vcar.'a'council.eiiilen'voureil to
BOARD "-C^'^rt-tX-ljE'
The annual meeting of the Fernie
IJoard of Trade .wns held last Wednesday night. ■    *' -'        '*      -• ■'      '  u
Sei-reiary Alexanilei-'.s report  showed
n balance on iiand/'of $17.05.,and  out*
standing indchlcdiU'ss 'of $171,
, W..F.  Muirbeadi" J.. R.'.,..L-iwrv and
J. ti. Cii'i'miings^i-crc',iuado members.
Tlu* oiliccrs for. tlie ensuing year arc:
Presi-lenl, Fred Sicirk,,; Vice-Presidenl,,
W.'W. Tuli'le, mid J...S. T. Alexander,
Sccroi.-irv-'JVca.surcr. .ruri'lected*. I
ic * -'-»*- .    ■*.
II. W., Herchmer,, JJ-f. Iliggins. Jas,
McEvoy, J. .E. ,.i,a.wi>;,.;-A. -"'W. Bioas-
dell, A. Il.'Cay,.-A.,^. TrilVs and J.
n.'Ouai! were elocted on llu; executive
comniiilce.,     . *   . ' 1
The retiring president' was tendered
a vote of 1 hanks and t.he lir-,1 business
of lhe iiev.- bo.'ir-.l aft'ei- tho change of
oiliccrs was to a|'point ..a comniiilce
consisting of i,he'sccrch/ryy\.oA II. G,
Watson lo fonv.arj inl'ol-matioii lo the
C. II. iMoilin:.')- Publi^fiin^;-. Company
lor use in ihe H lilder .*uid Conlractor
as a free a.lveni'-vniv-nl- of lhe cil}',
A Icller f1-4.Mi1 lho'"i V'fli'iVouver World
-abo'ul ju,wrilc.np.-wnv* received, aiid
filed.' ' ' '-._   '■'•■''
W, II. Ros-.' \v.iie.Tt-"oiii Vicloria re-
laiii'ig li> the -lii.s'.o.io grain for a provincial building was form hi ly received and
filed ami a .vote-of. thaifkJr tendered i\Ir.
Ro--k and tha di'logiiles for lhc o.fl\ii;l in
seeming the favorable*-consideration of
tin* government.. .'".-. .'; '
.- i'lic board ag*niiv uigiiifiod its imiicd
opinion;. 1*^:11 1 lip-vl.-ilbead wagon   road
should ' he  built .fcoMiiFcriiie and then
,. ' -       , -."O     "
even,,if possible, die score against Uill
in 'HillVown t'erri(rffy-,-ivlii:Ji was so
exclusively Hill's .largely through the
efforts of Farrell himself.
Mr. Fsirrell's friends say that the
alliance Villi the Union Pacific: is one
of tlie best and boldest inovemen's l|ic
Harriman system ever"made. Il -wiil
give anolhcr iurii (o'llic political wheel
ol" this state. The, nomination of
Governor Mead wus'pintle nl Fjirrell's
dictation. .With Farrell lo assist, lhe
UaiTiman inlorosls uj;ij- he expectea lo
pl.iv than ever before i ni slate noli lies.
y . '        <•        ' --
k. c. ai cons n-tuci ibx.•
v - *
Last Sm.day 'evening lhe first consignment of maieiial'for the construe-
lion of the Kuotci'iay' Cci.itr.'d Railway
ariived in Golden, 'm* lhc shape of a
carload of JiorscSj*' andu'very day since
men and material lia'v^boen pouring in
and the, ..way : prcpaVeil for the iron
horse over the K. C.:' R', So says the
Star.. The woik.of constnu-lion bus
been cynimenced and-js. being pushed
a-* i-.ipidly iis possible \viih lhc iniplc
.iiic-nls-at hand, ;is inosl of these articles
have,yet to arrive, besides two carlo.-ids
more , hor.scs .and several score more
men.,    ,       .    -,..,.-
A"siarl has been ii\ade at lhe Par end
ol* tlit- slough, or a Granger's ranche,
where lho lirsl-cnmp-has been pitched,
and where a large .number of men aie
now employed. -Work is lo he publicd
on Ihis, section cfr,tC* 11 miles and it is
.expected thai, ten weeks will Ice it
completed. ,
What is Considered Important
Enoiigli to Print   '.
- The'Firlh-KaloirC'Oiicert'Co., which
will Jippear in Stojk's Opera House on
Monday evening 'next'-,'April (jib, under
lhe auspices ol" lhe*Alfilclio Association'
has been-meeting willi flailcring •■11c-
c.ess in lhe wesl.<- The Winnipeg l-'rce
Piess ol'i'ehy. -nyitl has the lollowiug :
The l.'irth-ivaloiv'coinliiii.i.iioii must-
he ?r*.'&/v and.hca'rif.lo be- appreciated.
Seldom, if ever, docs such a talented
Irio.'ryisil   iiii'.- city.'•The n ita: ram mc
tak^niin^Sjf^tyi-jieiiflil of (imi yiiars.
The editorial is written i.i very bad
tasto and is a direct threat xng*ii"isl the
eilizena nfPiirn'iti for daring.. Ui nase.t
rights gr.inled them by the, municipal
and wafer claim's act. *''.- ?
. Mr..Liiulsey's' fitateni.e^it,jn^hoj-'rei'
PriKS'of March lb exijre.ssiii'.*'his pleas*
itro'at bofii,!-' relieved from an ii-ksoine
bui'-g.-iin is slran^cly incoiipistcut with
tho.'iiititfn of lhe company iu appealing
frjiii the judgment of Mr. .hl.ilxe jfrv
ing and- we must either "pueMi'in the
good faith of Mr. Iiiiidsey's Hlatcnieiit
or rugiird thn acfnm of llin com pany as
a species of '-j ickoying" for llm purpose
o{ Rlrik-inj* turrr.r to tho hearts of a ro
c'lluitraiit c.'iuiicil.
l'cinie, H C, April !5tlIiJ.i.fi. '
cf).\i. ourpui'
Tho coul output for.tlie week ending
Friday, March UU, was as follows:
-varied   ;rid'"\vell    uhoscu'.
■ 'lrei'-nie will not give its town printing to the local publishers, and is
asking hi;' Temlers ' from outside
places. Any .newspaper* man who
woiild tender for'UiiS '-vork,should be
black listed.' ' If Fci-nio'ciin't get its
printing (lone "in" its own town, it
should not bi*-..blc to get il out of
town: J'eniie-i.c\vsp.ipcrs arc loyal
to tlio town, and ceriainly entitled to
Lhc little moiicy tin**,*.council has lo
spend'lor pi-iiil.in£:--Lcthi)ridgc- llcr-
-j!!>!.'- '   *'*    .■•'-'''.' r-
Coal Creek,
.    Tons.
,...'. -I,W
 10,:.!j J
,...'. »,(H!l
, ...fli.ii'il
A iiKioling of llm I'.vi'cutlvi! connuil
Ion of llio J.llilfllc Jiis.'ucliillmi   Will hi.-
h.'IdiiiM'A.  Kastnor'H c.llii'o on Fii
•lay I'Viinliig A| rll filh ul H ii'clnck.
• His llon.tr Judge WiNou is holillu..;-
nniity u'liirl t.iliy. .A in n')" of 1:nos
isI'lilo In'di.'p-'H'-'il or. a full rep.ul i.f
which will 'ippo-ir ncjt wei'l*.
I). II, ll.-ll'cl.iy, who has Ii.-mmi In
chin-go of lb'1 ciiiiiiii'i'i-cinl nllici'ol ll.c
(!, P. ll. I()hv,i-iiph since (ho .illU'i! w.isi
npeiii'il, has been ti'iinsfniTi'il lo llm I'M-
IllOlltOli olltl'O illlil IC'lVi'-K   lill' I III) IKil'lli
em city" inn few d-iys. Mr, Marcliy by
hlrttti'lct Jl'tlimlli'iii In husiiiiM.H and ub*
li'-iii--; iiiniiiii'i' lm won many fiieail,'
in lu'i'iiii'' wim wil! in^ret l*i Icaiiinf
III.' lll'IHUllllV, lllll  Will    III' pli'il'lJil Ihu
ho Imi icci'ivi'il well di'icrvi'd pruiiiii
r.r.iJAM to M.Mvi: r.NiT.'.i;.'.;
l!i i'.himi il.i ('iiiplii.'ji'c.'i Mini' fri'(|U'.|it'
ly luli>a liiii'.Ji l.'indon hiUM' r.iei'Hy
iH'ilmi'il ,thal lhe pinlv uiu'-i shn'.l.l
wrllii l!ir!r,i'si'il: i'.:. in 11 Imnl. pinMili'il
for Ihi' I'liipH'i' Hnl ll o 1 li rl. 1 pinvi'il
l«x.v illi'l in.oi iginal'    Ai thn lop of a
l-I;itt)ii.- an inipcisoiYalor of ureal i.-dcni.
,iva< -al   his "best,* 'His  malia-n,?' iv",i;;
- ,„   '    - -. ■ » I
par excellence and his seleclions clover
and   Inmuirous  in-lln?,-exliviiic.    Miss
Miuie Jackson is perhaps  on4*" of lhe
t/est* s-^prahii fvcr-hi-avd-iii -I ho citv." I Icr
conlribulions   lo  ihe    programme lasl
nighl-bhowed her fii i'osscss a rich, and
cullcred voice whiih is cs|Tei-iiilly ailapl-
cd   for operatic  work-. -A.yieal fuluri
should  he  bcftire" lliii.' i.'ilenlod   vouni1"
,. . . .-'   •:• •</:     . *      I.-
arlisl. -    ,
11 .......*
■ Mr. I'"i-aiii:is Fiiiliis-a'ipri.si expressive singer, a thorough .iitisiposscssing
a \oice of pleasing i]iurlily nnd salisl'y
ing ipiaiuily.       ';,   *."'''   , ,    ,
'      MRS.' ,!,.\KI'-|*!A-V'l)H.\r).
,   Mrs, .laflV.uv  wife "iii' lion.   Udier
Jiifirny,   \'i(v-Pre.,iduit of "lhc*  fioivV
Mcsl   V,w.   Coal   Cai,',. wlio  has .been
dangiroudy ill  of heart  di.sivA', a'nd
miller lhc lon.-.laiil (-.uv uf Dr. W.   P.
Cuvi'ti in an ndvisoiy.  capacily, :i 1 i.i"<*•!
her n'lcci',   Dr.  Shin'mr', ,l,oj,*. the  jia.sl
moiilli,   paused   unay   |)i',ii:i*l*iilly    011
Tncs'd.tv  la.il al lho I'.iinilv   ri-siileiii'v,
i  .     ' 1,
"Surivy l.'.i.igc", tiii'ii^ilW" .'.liu'l.
Ii,>r c.indiiion for scwiarMayi had ,V|*-
ji.li'i'iilly impiiA'i'.l, a'nd il was iliou.-;hi
she Miisim ihe.u.ii io iciaiuay. Mi.
J.il'fiay.-iii this. In-licl, l.-fi .Ppi Uilaivn
|o liike hi: *'eal i;i (in: Scii.-ile, and was
liieiv uh 11 iIk'Cii.1 I'.iiiie. 'Hit- dcuMH*
cl lady was of ;t'7 chili ilalilc ami
sviiipalh.'lii'  ualitic mid .1 mo.l (lucit
ilispo ,li.i;i,
  ■;■' •■'••  *-
LAN IN'ti NI*.U. S'll'.^l.
I he t'. P.I*!, Ir.-i-.'iilri.ulv comiiu'iii.Til
(he well*, nl ii'plnri.i'; llli' >liel uh'il/:
llie t'lo-.v's Ni-sl lii: > fioiii M. . Ifiiil,
roiihiiii'-ii'i* ,1. Til *.-i-lu in,", .in. iliaige.
The pii .'..I ■ Ice! M.'ii;hiii;; ;o,'h . 1. lo
he iiiil.-114-il uilh .'i.i Ib. 'Ih. ili.nu—!•■
ni.i.'.. in mil'" i|"iii4»i ol ll"' im 1 i-.i-.cil
lin Iiii- (...I llie line nfler the .Spukiiiic
iiili-iiiiii'i ii il i 1 1 ul in i'i 41. iln 11 ii lm*1'
will I-.- I it'* in ll.* 1 ii 'ini ii/'i. '!!■(
1 , I", U, n.peil a I'vaij iiii fis-isi' in ih.-
«•;{• 1   ii. fin-   vim  tl.ii; l:i 1   '
- . i.
In limiting over l-Rc map of Western
Canada lhc. Ri.-u* fl"<i)si.(li,at in Alborta
Saskatchewan the- C. P, II owns one-
half I h«) land, the Iiud foil's Bay Com'-
'pjmy ono,ipiar(ijr, UielJi-iiik of Monlreal
-WJiXjipiiu'ter^AvliiUclhe patriotic .and
loyal C.'iiuadiiiiis.own the biilai.ee.   .
TKIJio. .   ■•
Mr.   C. C.   U^llrlnl'yne,   picsidcn!   of
ihe Canadian "ManuPariii'iVi-s' Associii-
lion, iiddress.'d the Canadian club  lasl
week oii lhe siihjei't'uf-'.'iH'riiiind prolcc-
lion.     The   fe'atui'e   of  his   ronmrl.s
ai'cording In a RK-fnlreal dispatch, was
tin* reading oPn pdriigrapli, Prom ;i pri-
v.-iie Idler a ldrcs-*cd lo him rorcnlly by
Mr, Jos. C'lijimlv'rJa'i'li, 'who said .tlisil
lie hud always .'ipprJ'ciaU'.l ihe desire of
(he colonies to proifible lioino'induslrics
and   believed llu/l t.i 1Js  ohjivl   was nol
Ihrealincd by ahy'1 profiU'-al.s he   Iuul
mad'',     IP C.iiiml.r w nuld'only  giic   lo
tin* moilicri-iiiiiiliT Un- ti'i.ic whiih .she'
now g'ues lo foifiifn'i-i*,-, ihe advanlagc
woiil.l he. iiiulual/iinll in Mr, Chaiuber*
I.iiii'-; jiidjimi'iit wSnild justify id ipiocil
ii'-i'.-iimciil   hy   ilu*  t'uili-.I 'Kingdom.
Mr.   r.alluniyne   u?ed    Ihis    alv-oluti!
s'.iili-iiii'iil on lhc'p,111 of |hc  laiilT re«
form  leader in'^iighuUl' lo icfule  Mn'
..inleuitiils  so  fiecly   uuult*   dial   Mr,
i'!;,,iiiil-i'il.iin,4i pijlii-y wa.*. aii! i.yiii-iiit-.
to   lln-   iitlcii'si-',   bV  ciiiiiuial    111111111*
Mr. i'.ill.'inljiii' i.*,piv«.*.cd .■iiiil'idciiio
lll.ll illtt I 'iiiuiflinil   giitt'lllllll'lll    tl'Olllll
hi inn dii'i'ii nesl -".-iiiIiiiiiii lhe inn-.!
*.. ic 1 niiii' 1.iiill lb 11 I',111,ul,1 ha-* 5 it had,
lie laid ltt.it, Ita'hi-, p.nl, In- would
i;iic ns hi'ip- ii pi''Ici-ti.'ii lo I inn piii.
dm is a- lo itiamil.ii-iiiii'i'i., and In-
lliiiiii;lit lli.il il" a I'miiii 1 .' nsM'i ialiiin
iii-ii-i- labii-lii'.l ml'liiic. i.imihir lo ilu*
I'.in.uiiati M.ui-ifai dm i-,' ii".i. i.uii'ii
Hie Inn udiiIiI gij lii,:*-ihi'i and go lo
i|i«. i-.in'i-rniiii'iii wiih .1 polii v iuImiii-
1 i",i-i.ii.| tn all li.c uiU'ii'-l < mi oh 1 il,
. .,     if,.     ~*£
riNi'iir.u f:it'ii;K
1 I l Clii 1 ,. .,       ,.   ,
1 ; I .  Hii Ilii' i'.i li'i
I    Mr. h'.hi'iin ilM'm li-fl for a vi-.il 1 hi*
CliAXl.ROOK, *   . '
From lhe Prospector
Rev. Fortune goes to Michel ]on
Wednesday, April 4th, lo meet tlie incoming missionary, W. T. Haiiiillon,
and ;urange with the ivonk/or the summer. Mr, Fortune will meet "the- con-
gregJilion on Wednesihiy eveningand ,
wilh ihcm cjuivjis the emirc sh\'iation.
Preliminary work has commenced.on
the new mill for the King Lumber Co.
Lumber for the erection'of building.' is
steadily being put on ihe ground'nnd a"'
number of carpenters being employed,
W. Ii. 4\yorden wjio has tiie contract
for Ihu grading of ^he Mdelj-ac.k, commenced operations cm Tlmsday. Tiie
new mill will be the largest mnnufac-'
lui-.ing"pl;i'nf' in s'outlieast Kooienay.
From  the  Heiald—''      '•     j-
Everybody around ,'this •tommunity
will be pleased to know tlia't George
llillicr, the C P. R.'agent, .is improving and is now able lo sit up.
The'r.iils on lhe Corbin road vvill'.he
laid as far :is Honners Ferry wilh'u* a
few days, and as llie' track is put hjto
shape it is understood. tljat regular
iniin's will be run to that point,.
11. li*. Taylor relumed* from Phoenix
hist Saturday, where he .went as a del-
gate from the Kimberley jMiners^niou
to the district convention W., F. Al... -
Di*. J. H. King visited Alarysville.on
Saturday upon ths invitation of a number of men in Hie smeller w,hi> wanted
.lo thank him for his stand on the smeller bill. The doctor was accompanied
byv\l. lvricksoii.- W. Oliver ,and-F. Ii.
^Simpson. ,       '■ ,.       ....
J. Miller of Fernio, has been sent
here lo relieve. Air. AlcKae, -wlio-.was
■a-ci i iJff-a-s-ien ipoj-aj-yTTTgciri-tn plactToT"
Mi*.' Hillier. Air. iMcRiii; expecisto go ■■
cast on ;i long deferred visit and Mr.
Miller will remain for the present; a
Pact that will 1101. displease . those who
know his ability iis an -agent, * and bis
pleasing personality.**     -..    •- .-   .
I-'roiif (he .IJi-rald— . ,     .   ..
Jas, Wylie, (ho nmn clutrged with
1I10 theft oflcttora, waa committed lor
nial at tho next as-fizes.   .        -A
W. A, ICnycjii-t was lulled on tho
0. J'. Ii, trucks at Calgary the other
day. I-.nyciui was in Letiihridge lor
sovcnil weeks ilii.*? winter. Ho walked here from l'Vrnle. lie wan a i-e-
llglous (aiialic,
, liev. Air. .Scutl, who cimifi hero
Irom Meslierion, Out., a low,wei-ks
ago to lake eh'arge ol'the Methodist
church work In the outlying (listricts
lias been forced to return to tlio ctist
riwlng to ill-liculti).
Deputy Minister of Agi-ietiltiirn
ir'ii'ouui't, of Kdmonlon, nml.1. W.
Wool!, M. I.. A,, Cardston. spent Kev*
enil days at U'lymoii.. last week in*
vchtigaiinj; tlm l)(ic,) sugai' imluilry.
Tliey will make a report lo the government nn the udvisiiliilily ol n
I loll niy being uninU'il to th« beet bit-
gai* business in tlil.4 province.
(i, fiiiiulflliYim, who Ih cniployi'il a
T. O.liiKirks new house, met with 11
nasty iii'i'idi'iit the oilier ilny. lie
jumped (rout a ladder and alighted
mi ti iiiiil which ran through liis loot
mining a very pninful wound.
Mrs. I-'itiI Iliek w.'ih siiniinoiicd lo
Mi.'Ilcvilli', Out!, lust night, owing to
•liiiigermit) illness of lior IntliDi* W. II.
Jlmi. Dr. D.-Velier niriVcd from
Ivlnuuiloii Sunday. Un will lm here
until llie M'nati- iiiocls a gain on Apiil
IH. ' '
Mr. and Mim. C.' M. Arnold have
ntiii'iii'd Irom their luidul tour nnd
urn lu'lii'** wi'leomeil to town liy tliolr
, i,uin I .i>1 1,*. i.'^ht
I     »•     ,'.   , r    1    ■
ill**''.*.-. Mini   II.1M.111 i'i*  pimt'li'   nml I p.l^o il Mil'rn-'1 ttiiii.il «»ili;  ' li.iln ui"l
lilt; 4 lU'i*.' iiti.Kii'i) I'llrflluiUtl iiu'tl
•.up|ioilii!g llio iul'piilotis iip.ivi'iuenl.
|>, lln*..' iit.-lliii.l-i i\iii tli*- ;;ic.il
inaj.'i-iiy, (whicli i-. no iiiajmiiy ul iill)
nin.line I.
Was tlicie ever a in.ue
di iIiii:k"iI ih'I liim lb-it «il" ih-' I-i!.-
4-ouiiiil I'liipliiying li. V. Ilaltivll ami
W. U. ilushin ivpiVM'iil ihe city in the
nij'iii.i.'iii id Vitloiia, ih** funiu'i' on
his oan .■iilml-i'.ioii, tvlaim-il bj" lhc
Wnti'i* l'o. nml lhc liUi'i*—well 'Mr,
[to... i- :i-i:\ ,',\>\K-,:Ui\,'n on Iithall'.-f ll.c
„u J". .,". ,.•...„■ J." J...
1 .if*' Iiii;;h1- hi', .'1 Jul lho n\'I m„i|n ilittn
iii.u.;i 'i'id let ll ','0 id Ilii'. Hnl i'.'»
hiii'j n;jn inie iit.-iii had a new cncii-c.
lln' ,win|i' iWith j.iM".      •'Wi.i'  liiid
• . 11 .*
il i'i ft'f.n '1 -ii'ii tci i|..li
I'Mi.,*-, I if*'1 l.'li'.in'J'.ii.'llKlil.M'
Mi, I'laiil. !-l.< 1i1ii.11 iii'itm* l,l-i' I "I' ;«i- (>vii
er  Hint   llm.   i-,ii..ii..ui-.li,hu'(.iJ   .tiliu!    m„  r,.. j,,., ., i1f ii;..,fr('|l)Mf ii,;,],,,,,
V.-'i|lll(ilir.i-.i-l".a llli'iilcMhc-tlll ing I,,,. , ,,„.,..._ js i,,,,,,   „„  '..j,  lp(|;1<.,j ^|.j,
.;. ,
lllll.t'l*. ..|    I ,1  ll.-  l'.ll,,*l !..-• I    ll.lli. J
htiHI  H'(('.V(.|. Il\i' |LHI .I'."l l,IU-.|l  Will--
i lv'i>.'l ii a 1.1 it 11-I in ni en ii'i !> .-ii r
' I.- j 1,111 d -'■ i.'l I an .-ii.'1   1  h.i'K** .ii.,di
1,1 lining M.i .in a .vii'al Miri> in-il .lid j,,,(, ,^5,,..,.,,,, Ijt ...Miih.n i„ ilii»Ml., (
.ii'il'iiiiihvlliHiiiiMivntiiiii, but ina.le hi- ,,,.,.,....;,).., ,,,..,(i t,ii,U|...ji; '_ ,"."
}\.\   S  I'.-.n.l'l     IVjml ■-»•.; i-Vil'.VlliilM
ipiicl iuul 11- --v-.-r.*I, j.ml  i<! v .idlii'iit ni
rmtiuiiaiy diiln iiiiulis. aid tin; ic.t
nf thoiii.ni on lhat pa„-n I ll.iwol mill,
Ihi1 excuse, built; was ah,ills-bed.
th-' v.ti
ii-i   1 1!
"1 jtiu'.i ...wis ilii.iiniti','," *«;iiil Ih'1
(li  .(     i.'lUi
■ U"i,
"Nnmlnnilnn.-J r.»r th-n   T.pf.li'i'M.T*'
it. \* HiirrniuHi   1 nnv  tun  Mimimn.. ■•   , .     . .^ .,'   ...„  11..-.1-,. ...1,1
tlndluir work tor llin mnn who lin 0 byc-clccllon.lfluk 1'lnco Mondny nml
Ikhu waiUhti,-. M Civbotiadn ill Cmu tltrAO c*ir.i*l*iiVnloa nvo ,ln tlilh Until, W.
ni.i  ,it .ii:.
1   I'i    till'   Jlli,,-
I '}'
W..«« «-' *»n,l -M'** ■hU««p.Ju.lKcj};i;Ji; ^Jl, ^ „-•'J ^^ |
Iuin-,'.    WiU ihi*. lii>iK**iy.-iMilIiiput*   .,,,,,,„ ,,:,,,!,, ,,i  ,**5 ,,    ji.,1,,    ;.-,. -,,
:.j the r
WI l' 1* .*•
 .mxa mi
Creek ami Mlcl.ul.
i AntnKi-incMii Imv,* lireii   madu t»
liold llin mine lualn until after the per.
Druimi'"* tl llm l-'liMi Efiton Ciinioii
CHInminn-i,  IHwral. A.  ll Kcffer.
c«i»M*rvallve, nml   K. II. flhcnn.iM.
I.tlur,    riilliiii?   Will tJikft   vl.icur.n
Apill il,
,\ h..jiI in lhc,siian."  nt S.s .1 •.ii.in-."
j   "In ih.it i-pnii of .-. 11.1tnr i.u ifiW't
(...jllll/l        .l.'I      lull." ..Ill     li*.       '-.Illi'l
Ai'.iiii llie wnflliv t'.litor n-.-xihl  li.iVf',.,,„,,„, - r'. .r   "1     «- at  i"'.!';,    "  ''■
H.lit'licn.' (hii J.nl.1*. l-.-ifi.-l  U'.i.iu-.lU<'i'l  'fli*."l'*' .»•"! .'viil.iii.        I...!'
..  ..    , .. , ,.   ,,,.,.„„.  .„,   'Tin* a ml"' tne nnt  .f*    v.illi '     ttnir
•1^ pi.-iv-nl silsci tm   hit bi'lr.iyal .nl! „   ,,
*        * ' --.ll- ilH-i,
Uui   I  hi-.li'ii In  i-nffivi ih'-* *-ipiii>t-   >•*«,    du»u.r     %{•«-«h    k{ !^>*H'-:
.;,'n;f.inin   ami rciii.it.t  Iiii*.  llm   ;,<* 1- tin-uh'.," s.n.!_l.-.- lliir.l .i.mp., "hi
.. '  ...... Iia'lul   Id.*  iiiilJi.i  a   *}-*i,it  .i.u lint-
1 ,:.*.■. W.IS I Ilf l-SS.U I aill.lllill. . ..11...
J1 . 1      1    •      •        1 liim.d   l.'Hi ,     '""1   .•(«.,    I    Illi'l'*   III"1
Ow.t.Uu-4 v,ilti IU* I'lvj.wttU Uut u.ci'»;ltsljj a fl 'Kniu «Hii>imnu>tia1   »tu- "
■■<»      .-*■*
11'   <M> It'll I
■Vi:l   <f J.  }*.  !':.l
''.:.    ...
t.itM'   !
I'/i-'.'hiiU  I'  I'cii ^  diii.c in iii,-ui\
' 1,ru Ic ■-; niul  MV'lii':; 11 III'.In- thi- nnh'i
4».   .      >     41.1 4     ,,,,**.     Ull   II  ,
* 'M; . llnh'in .ii'id Inn i liiMii'ii dine
'■-h.Mii ii'.m I'i-'Uic l.'iht in-il, and .-ni.
; \i-;i:nr Mt". '.'Ii(in,li>y,
j'   ♦ -
j M"VIK.
; I'i. i.. il. ■ l.'-.i'li j,'
i    j- 11    1 ;•"   i.. ■■   • > ■ i-i t'.-r-i'i.',''",
Mr. an.I Jit*. I'- .1. M.-.-.Mi.'ii l-'fi 'Hi
i'.l.Ill        .114.      I'i.llll*      i'lllii,--
liic l.un.lhuiit  putt  tillitv in tn iii!
".|'l)*.l lln- fitiX 1 f Apiih
Iiispci'ler t'.iniii-*i null*   up Irom Pin*
. Ii.r 4," t,-r 1 ii'   I'i ti.il I   tin'   liii-iilnij-tn
tin-1.110 nl tin- piilics iirrcivtl in ■■on
ni'ition niiii llu* iinlinii union-; iln* for*
fii;n i-litiii'iit at CiiU'iliiiti :i wci-I*.i):o
Siin.l.iy, The cjim* wh** adjourned m ;nl*
mil nf lln* crown pTosiViitiir Ivinj; pres*
1 ut
The <nnlr.111 for lu-iMin-'* the nciv
lipplc, nrc bin*, dr. lor llm t nii-iduii
An.i-iiC'tn nunp-'inv |.ii*.|««*o lei t«» ihi"
t!...- ,'..*-
(li- "' ■'
!'-!i   .'i'.i
i-.l X'.. I'll!   ■ •'     ■
I .    ,'
*i      I'      !',»   If)   t.
'    i-l   ...   i'ii.--.
t,     *l   ■!',    ',   iV'Ull   I'll-      ■-■! ', '
,      ... ill,4 III      tl-II.-l     tli,
..*     i   u:t^ 4,.ii.1 l.t   |-4«   ,'
I   !*,!', .ilftV-'Jihicu (i
!.   ;, ,5 li.i.«-il i*.;i-4 ,t A".-.
Ij II   I - -ti .1 it *.»   (*i.. vi!*'
*   .       , *   .    1    ■ 1 <. * , ■ ,
 1  * ■    -  * -»t'*      l*l>,    ,.,14
I" -,-!.¥ mr :> 7.J'.*  a,'  Sr,!ii. ■ ,v..| |4 W|lfi,,.|(^ rr->„  ^   Sidti.iir.,    T|^
!   "' '-«•■"'••»'"":' -M"" '"• m;il,ri,(| is all   oidcivU ami. it *k«fjt-
I'i i- i •■• 011   Mii.vi*'  hilr  is  rit'ildly
; i, . -,'■ Mt.: i:(i .'n'.ij i< md Holy U» a 1n.1l
"-   •   I   1 1 ,   , ;        ,    I
, .. 1 .1 it ..■>» >.,»*ti ..mi. .in- lii*..' i.» «.ii.i .
""'' '    t'bii'   I.iimH nl-o ".*♦« up iiO'ii Mm
'    '" Iti--- .. ti.i-ci \V(-'tl.i'*il iv, -..-i; i'Uiilt '.he
-'■ " !" '■...'. ••..; .s-y i..?*«.'. -''•'•■-.^ xliit i-.u.-
•.'»*•'<■*'  ! -,1 «; 1' ;-:i'.-, iii.il   in t"!* *•' iv.iil then*
li«..I -.4,1 $,-. J ■,<),","•• {. f Ih.* \>"*l-111 ■'■. tml
jkHi.vl lo be *mi tlu" |.T»<HJi.d and uojtU
Is'cin in a «****iVor len  (I,mk,      -\* hnv
lvri»j>ri*iimi%l)'   tolJ   tin?   phini 01 lhc
iom|Mii) lonwmplat* ••■*■ I'litir* otw-
luindliit'- plant lii itut iil*MU flK-i.tiA.
,unl uh. n tumplcleJ lhc mil put of ilu*
; l-'ijinl' iuin-*' wHl Jl-.*al« j*(» lo .(thtW*-
,,uid uvt'.i .1 iLiy. V
.   1
.. 'I
.\ i-r.
I •  -i « * »   ■      -A
.J,: i <•*.',   -'
■ MHJ.ii
«-r''uiCcdmiP-:'T «chfiPD of boldlnff ofllce 'me- ■m liaveff0
■ -1 :|SiJR|^taKWIC UKiUUCiK on record (or th(i. u^y that si*
Twi'bOLLARS a year im advance      cents a day is an exceeding gl'eat, re-
TVy^jiOLLAKs ay _  ^^d for th0 stl.iekcn cntiaiilan.-wlio
&5*« ^r?%ori? a""6. We  WM blindctl in battle for his country,
"ttta^M.lVia   llll«.-ll,   VlCtiKil*   AVC
&"ti. V. MOTT
WiHE   CO./ Ltd.
Toronto Telegram:—   , '7
Sixty cents a day, and that paid
by the over-burdened tax. pay ers ol
-■Great Britain, is all -that Canada
wants to see done for. trooper Mulloy
-who .had the light "shot out of his eye*s
forever while representing this country on the battlefields-of fSoutli Africa _
Three thod'sand "'five hundred dollars per annunrh and that paid by the
taxpayers of Canada,' is what this
country is" doin? lor the patriots
who saved money out ol
their talarles while they represented
Canada in the cabinet of the nation.
"He fought for Britain; let Britain
pay him." These arc words thai
would not uniairly represent tSir
Frederick Borden's argument.
•They fought for the party;Jet the
party pension them'   are the words
that would present the same argu
meat against the gift* of $3,500 per
'  annum to the pensioners of peace.
There was no . precedent forthe
proposal to supplement by a Canadian ;*iubsidy the British pension ol
$218.40 per annum allowed to Trooper Mulloy. j,
A precedent was soon found for tlu
proposal to create a Canadian pension of $?»5C0 per annum to Hon. Clifford Sitton, to Hon. A. G. Blair,
for Sir Mackenzie Bowell, in addition
to the indemnities they receive as
Members ot parliament, or the professional incomes tliey earn.
A young Canadian' goes out to rep
resent his country in war, isblinded
• tor life, has his whole bright earthly
future ruined, and Canada, through
her parliament, tells him that this
1 country is too poor to supplement his
miserable imperial ■-'■pension of sixty
cents a day.
Hon. A. G. Blair goc3 from an ill-
paid post in a provincial government
to a portfolio at Ottawa and is trans
lated through  the  chairmanship ol
.the railway commission to a pension
__ m£ CV iJYl-tt^ ii.ii HMN IM jtnAnn Lit, in-Atln LaIii).
—*ii ^#"JwpeI itHuum- iivuJ'iiiB (^1 Hicitii
The sixty cents a. day pensioner ol
war is blinded for life and unable to
pu.-t.ue success on the,, lines of his
chosen career, ■"'     *
The $3500 per annum pensioner ot
peace is unharmed in body or mind
and able, to draw perhaps not $10,000
per annum but a Ihrgc retainer for
pleading the canse of the C P. K.
Poor Trooper Mulloy, blinded for
lite in battle for the honor of Canada
gets liis sixty cents a dny from the
imperial government and not a cent
irom the country he so nobly represented.
Poor Clifford Sifton, 'fattened in the
service of party, young and nblo to
Mjoy hit wealth or practice his provision, gets $8500 per annum at the
. txpense of the country which lie
never served except on salary.
A parliament that could croato a
precedent in favor of $7000 por an
nam to 11. L. l-toi-don, tliat could find
precedents iu favor of $8500 pensions
,to a lot of able-bodied politicians
might have found somo way to add n
few Canadian dollars annually to the
pittance which over-burdened Great
Britain dolcB out to Trooper Mulloy.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has had «
hand in thc creation of a lot of preco-
dttntB more dangerous than the-precedent of granting nn allowance to
Trooper Mulloy.
Thero is no danger thai Canada
trould bo called upon to grant pen
lions to many veterans who havo snf
fared. His case is unuiuo. Sn lio ring
such as Ills Is rare. A parliament
that showofa $.ir-O0 pensions upon
ablf-bodled fioMllcianH who linvti
(frown grey in the lucrntlvn tixorclsc
Idt the Great Consumptive Preven-
Uttve brought Health and llappl-
ii        ness to his Home
"Our doctor m*M tH-rc** wim nci pure tut
my wila m luith her ImK* worn aiTcctrd,"
**jt> Mr. L ll, Waller, of IVarl Street,
Brock ville, Ont.    '"It wat s sari Alssn.
Bolnlment to ui IkiIIi, junt slartiii-f out in
f*. only married a uliort lime. Hut before
ah* liad fiiiinlwJ (hn (Irnt bolll** ol' 1'i.ychina
ii>» f *tii* in tin -luii^n, c/iiuWiy iirni away,
and, after UUInjr %\t botllea Mm, Wallri*
Wat s new i-Matura mul -wrfe*ily well
That li ju«l one of the many families
Inia which Vtyrhine Iim brouRlit hope,
Ulalili and happliiemn, It ii a livln*** proof
that I't/t-hlft-tt cure* Consumption. Ilut
♦tWt wait for Cuntum-nion. Cure your
LsQritpe, your Couj-fi, your Hro-icliItU,
ysur (.alarrli, oryotir Vmitmeti'iM with lhe
esmtdy that new r fails—
(PruaoMMwt S. b*m>
50c. Per Bottle
SmtmfttMW *****   tt KM* • l-All  SnifM****.
%% I. A, ItOCUM, limit*!, IttMfo,
The Diary of ft Much  Abused
^   " - ....   Man'   -.     .
Monday—HiiVejlUt beill violenlly
attacked in a niaga-'ti.e article entitled
''Corporation Greed.'* All twaddle,
just to make circulation. Finished
organization of syndicate to take over
the Jerkwater Southern railway for
$60,000,000. Will issue; $75,ooo,oco
common and $75,000,000 .preferred
.slock and work it off gradually on
the public. .^      ,
Tuesday—A fearful attack on hie in
morning papers. This craze of*_ assail-,'
iiigihe property interests of the country
ib- becoming epidemic, but I suppose it
appeals to llie rabble and make circulation.
, Put in morning with Senator Shark,
.vho agrees'to vote for railway rate bill
ii' I appoint, his son special counsel at
-525,000 a year, Made private agreement wilh-two prominent shippers lo
tjiye rebates on certain shipments.
Wednesday—A public mass meeting
held Inst night to condemn my methods
of finance. The people - are going
crazy about what they call lhe greed of
llie corporations.' The newspapers are
to blame for exciting the country to. the
-olid institutions. If it hadn't been for
.hem - we should have escaped ihis
lisastrous insurance muddle that, has
lone so much lo disturb'llie business of
lhc country.
: Cornered the supply ot. coal in the
middle west and am in a.position to
make consumers come - to' my, terms.
Thursday—Preachers have joined
in tiie hue and cry against mc; say
ny money is tainted, etc. They'e all
notoriety seekers,- eager to get into
the papers; The country's ,mad on
the subject.
. Had lunch with Judge Jones today
and casually gave him the straight
about the litigation .against iny railroad tliat comes up in liis court before
long. Have promised to support him
with campaign contributions next
eieetion.  '
Friday—The supreme court has
just decided tnat my new bonding
project is illegal. The president al-
8) has come out ih a severe arraignment ot my coal corner.   Pretty soon
Wholesale Dealers nniri-'-•
-   Direct Importer's of   ,;...-
Scotch and  ?
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom --'7 ; A
and Holland Oini
Pommery •"-.-'.
Champagne,  -.
., Schlitz beer, :
Ale' and Stout
Brandy, -' ' Y-   ,
■ Burmester, 4     'A
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
-- -   Solc'Hfjcnto   in Ciunulii for.
Windsor   Tonic,  J eg  Dcstroyoi*
Bs*"i BH3
In   Fea*hieP is a pleasant home for- aiS who travel.
i9 SWanpgei*.
Under'New  Managoniont
Mrs. Thos. Batt,   -   -   *.  Proprietress
this disease oi indignation against the
property interests but as long as they
don't fool with the tai iff I'll not complain.
. Wilson thc witness stand today,
but said "I don't remember" to ev*-
cry question they asked me. It was
none ofthe public's business anyway.
Saturday — Tho grand jury is
threatening fo indict mc. , I don't
know what the country is coining to.
One ol my weak-kneed directors called in this morning nnd says we've
got only ourselves to blame for this
violent clamor against us. He says
we're trying to work a good thing to
death and that we ought to go slow,
I told hiin he could go and not be
slow about it, cither. Uud my tax
assessments reduced Irom $250,0C0
to $8500 today. What's the use o'
paying takes when the money's sure
to bo stolen by the grafters in tho
treasurer's ofllce?
Sunday—Wont to church today
and heard a good old-fashioned sermon. Told the parson he could put
me down (or a liberal contribution
whonovcr ho needed it, and'he seemed greatly pleased.—John T, Mc-
Cutchoon, in.Chicago Tribune.
C.oat. — Cmtl Imiilu nmy liu piiriliiiiiii(l Ht llu
mr niiii- l»r milt conl mul iimi tor ant'irni'liii
Vol iiiiirutliiin .1Dii tint** ran lm Aci|iilreil liy
•nut hullvlilnul <ircoiii|i-,nv 1 Jloytlly nt Mm
mlil uf tun I'onu imr Ion or t,t*») iiotunl- limit
im nil led I nl im tlm ur(iH» uut pill,
QiiiulK-A tm* mliKir'iicorlllliiiitu In urHiilt.il
ijiuii liii.villelil III HilvHll('tturi*i|)»rnniitlln (oi
in Inilivliliml, nml from tf*) In Hi«i |mr mini m
for aroiii|iiiny nci'drillm* toe*|il((il,
A fri'« inliiiir, liiivliiuillwovdreil iiilinc«l In
•ilHi!u,iniiy lucnlunuliilni t,!*»x l^inltil,
Tlm fi'n for niconlliitf * clnlm In t\
Al ll.Jlnl 'lKIIIIIUlliailXINIIItlllill.il   tliu i'lnim
mcli.ieitror |>mI<1 tu tlip iiilnluii rnoliltr In
.Imi t iii'mof. Vvliuti ttf) lieu ixon •<|i«niliiil oi
iiiii.l,llm liiiiitornmy, iiiioii IihvIiika nurvuy
miiiliii 11111I miuli comply luu wilh nllinr u«
inirviiniiitiiiiiiniliNM llm Uiul nt II mi m-rr.
'I'lm |inl«iit pruvliU* for (It* |i»jriii*nt of *
iiynliy of tl \nt 1 cut 011 tlm miU»,
I'l.Aini tiilnlnv (ilnlmii -juiurnllv mt lici fcit
'i|HNii*i nitry foo 1.. ron«wKlilf yearly,
. A fnii minor nmy  olil-in two Unh«- Id
irmlKC for unlil of llvu liillKKntli Inr a l»rm nl
»imiy j(iHi», rniiiiiVHliliiat. Ill* illncii.tiini nl
lit? MiiiLttr nf till* Intfrlur,
Tlio li-a-ico iilmll li»vendr(iil(juIn iiimratloii
1.1 1 .       ,i    1 ".    . ,\    1
.,.,.,,<   ..i   .,..,..„ t. ....   ,.,S    .I..S     -I,     ...t    .4.'. *4
»r each live mlltm.  Iliiiital iinitr mintiin fm
vnJj ji.Ui i.f jiitr itttn-i, Jlij-jiJl ( ni JJji
niii nf *•' iK-ri'tiiilcollirtu'loii lli«(ini|int af.
i-r itf, rnil»ilii,'Mi,
llcpiily uf the MlnUiir nf the Inlf rim
I. Il,-t'iinulliiifl«»il |itililli'«lliin if HiU aii*
v«iiI>ii.iiiuiii win mil liuiiaM fur.     iv
VAKK NOTICK, that jo tjar» «Hcr
dale, 1 intend lo applv lo xhe torn*
ni'suunicr nt Inmla uud worka (or a
s|>Lci.il liiense to cut and curry uwuv
UiiiIki liom Vim [i)tlo*wint lU-wiiUd
I*itn1a: '■
IViiuinciicliip; af a jkh! pJiintrd nt
llm iirulti-tust irirm-T ol A. A. Fur,
i|iicrson'*i tiinlier lin-nsp, l-fin-f nhnni
do fliaitu nnrlli ami ****< t,hains wr\X
of the, smitliwcHt Vririicr nf lnt Ko.
51.15, O. 1, Kaat Kootfttav illsirlrl.
Ilirjiie mil ftr> tb»in%: Xhtme noilli
'"•'*■ if/.»frii- fluTiri" nut tn rli.flnt, fficrnM
*niitli tUi (.haifia to poiat ot tirtiuiiirncc
0. i„ nnvsToy.
KfTTiiV, n. C,   March n, lq***,
Micard'* I.lfiiijitnt Cau*. Suioa, tU.
Is the place to take the
Grear Northern train
to' Spokane, lime- 12
, hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
We Mnstvalian  f&otel
The'Place to Stop
SpC4.-i.-1l Attention Given to Local Tourisls
Movtn$MpJ!5fimctioh,%J$, Q.
alLiS&.'.^r. ~ iisSi
■ ,: ■ . *■ .     *■*,   '        "   '*'
,-   '■'  ■*'-■'-"'.■* :<-   -*Q
A*   full   line of-, Caskets,; Coffins,'*' Shipping--tase's^
Wreaths and S.cciety.Emblems on hand.   *'."* -;..\^"
Agents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson,
I     -, '   Office Phone 41 .-A ..Residence: 76 ,       'A^
ParSoLf 9 in Lundy Block
Torm8:= $22 per month, with bhtli 523
Fernles     Popular      Restaurant
Meals   served   at   all times.
All white help employed
MRS. THOS. BAIT, Proprietress,
For Quick. Returns ,
I.isl. your Property with   "FI-jqc     Rltt
Sueceiisoi* to T. -J. Unrknr.iit 'THE' OWJ.'
** . ...
Property for Sale, to Kent or Excluiiige.
■ Rent* collected,  Employment furnisli.cd,
The West Fernie Store
5., Harks,   -,,.-    -    Proprietor.
Full stock of tDry Go'ods. Gent's FurnishingV
Groceries, Boots, Sliocs nnd Croc'ker.v.. -.
Give Me A Call,
flonthly Accounts Opened..,
Philip Carosella
General Merchant.7-
'and Dealer in Winos,
Liquors and Cigars,
■FEJ-RUriE],  B..   O.
The Comfortable Way
Reml Down'
1(1,(KI p m J<v,
1(1.-17 pin
DMOr. m
7.1-0 h, in
tt.Aft p m
• Head Vp
7 ni 11 in
A.ni 11 in
-   H,!!,'liin
ii.HI it in
k,iki n 111
.   Kontt.Io
lfl.<Ki p in Arr   VAKcnuvKH J<r 4.K0 n m
UM0 p in Air     St. I'iui 1    Lv 1H,!I0 11 m
■ Dully um>i>tSuiiiltiy
You leave Fernie „
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
Vat iUI-tllui| ltiliirmitllnii,li(ii*lli iiHi'r*
vntlnii*. uic,mil on or-iitilri'^ii
II, Ji, lll.AI'KHTIlKH,
J. Carmichael
Vlotorla Ave., •  -  Fornlo
I. O.'F. No. 3172
Moot in I. O. F. llnll on tho hist Tu«3-
day iu-.every lnouth.
W. J. J. Monuisox, Fin. Sec.
JL. P. Eckstein
'.) ' -     1    . , '     .
llonins l&.'l,']ioiidcrMonblock, Fernio, IJ. C.
;   F, C. Laioe ,
*" Post Ollice Block. Furnie. B. C.   •
\V. II. ItOSS      . J. S. T. Al.KXAKl-1'.ll
Ross & Alexander
''    *   ■*"_   FERNIE, a C.
. Ofllec in Ij-. T. W^Jlloclt/Vli'torla Avenne. .
J« Barbel*, l.-d.s., d.d.s.
L-T. W -Block,   opposite  Ihc'Bnnl-
Oflico lionrs-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W, J;. Wriglesworth, D..D,S.
■ DiiJ3sr-a'is_T_
Okfick IIOt.t.i-!"   " 8..I.H0 12 n, in., 1 to "i p. m
'   fi.:!0 to8 p.m. .      ,
■  , Oilico hi Alex. Bock's Block ,   -
.       .  44
*.,  ■ ovor Slum's Hii'iory.
pkh'sie,.,-   ,-.    *-
- 15. 45.
Oilico:   L.T.W. Block
Ekknii.—:—Brilish Columbia
£■   Wi
-..aid iiMiiij-di'Noliion Sniulldr)
I'lolil.Sllvjii-di-I.rinl oiuili M.Hi
Cnppi'i','..,, fl.fi->      (lolil-Sllvc-r M.fiii
i;iinrn().< I'or citlit-r llii'tuU nn niiplli-iition
j.I'.O.I.iiiwbI-.IHiH J'liona A«7
. Fornlo. It. 0.
Pupil (if Mmliimn IlOhHlo Cox.dnllillmll Hrliool
of Mimic Iiiiiiilnn, mul H.-tiKir Viiiinnlnl,Ji'l»r.
(Uieii, Hilly, will ruci'lvii 11 llmHcil immlicr of
pupil- forliiVlriiclloii In >iIiiiiIii« »"'l volco pro*
ilunlldiii   ' "
Terms on Application.
 AN n	
Fancy Goods
A lull line ot >pri«ir i>i"l -->"in*
nvrr ■Miitiri'-s tvliiilt -nc "uill
mnVe «|» in Into-a nlvkt*. Sal-
Miictimi Kiiiitmiiccil.
Biff Reductions in Price
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Rktail   Meat   Merchants
Clioictst ruts nl Ircsli nu-iits nhv.ivr,
.iit l-'iriil.
HniiiN, b;iimi, ami l.tnl n>. well.
All kinili nf frcli li*!i »>n 5raif.11.
I'j-ompl  ilt-liii-rv.
Give us n cnll.'
•rni. iM,
THE     •
69  I'EK'DAY''
11 ■■■llllll ■■■■■'WWMW«WMW^Mil>MBMM*-IM«IMMWB|-i*-ai
Thos. Pogae;   j*?    <&   Proprielor
**^r,-*^e*.<i>xr+. ^*^**.'^Mj**J-J^*y?l'gf?gH*f**l S=?iJ*g
ffevnie, 3B. Q.
Davey & Ladrroutr1
A 4*
The Elk Lumber Co.,
LIMITED, ■■'     7
Bimensiosi^ Flo^Hng^ Siding^
FinishingKumber and
AU onr slock is' List years cut and well seasoned.
U   U"
*•    v^'*
***. _ *'
The Best of Satisfection
" 1 . 1 ■*■,
in Watch & jetoelerg Repairing:
Is a pleasant home
for lho traveler,    '
Hcriurren Bros.
Sand,, tL 3mo 8. Wood
Have one of theii largest stores,in Fernie. 5*.,
7 4        lAmb, Veal, Fresh and'Smpkca Fish...
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. |
Brewers of Extra Fino
La^cr Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
^l*!,5y,!,■,■ ■!*■•■ ™.'«; ■ .w* ■■■ """E. ■ i"J! m^yi*^^***™*^*'*™'*^™'^*^^
rTT*rTr~tT>T   t. a -r-tTv?T.J
Ci-ow's  Most   Sucolnl
-. .    .       .   ..ni, 5-4— ;
Minor.] tVnvorlto Ci|jars
Second-Hand Store
Ofii'ii.-il iiji Tif*t lo Ui-ina Hold
Tor   Cash
» U W.  II   Vert*.  Pi-i-iil-i
Wholesale and retail dealer in
(^entwM^irnlwbiniUN- Notion^ etc.
Just received a full line of imparled ..Turkish   tobaccos
and cijf.ii'i'*Mos.
Call and inspect my stock hi-ifore buyiii-j; elsewhere.
i..SUr.H m. OJ'I'OSJ-'Jh rtiKi: OVMNS-
*i|iii:itil's    l.lr.iiiitiit     |.,r  ;,tlc  ivirv-
UiiKtrd'» l.inin.tiit iclit-icj. titUfuI'.U.   nkit,
n\ HUM I  III l -1*, f.imiilc ll... I'lnil.
tin*  l«l  *l t,.!.-( lii.lr) i.i .\i-l.rn.   nn
wMu   N> »«'.|:<j«>i.  «.  w. i:A»TI.».r
."ilin.iiii... l.tiiiifunt tiinrs iIjiiiIiiiII.
| Central Mote?
t U3SrJ33.1Xl *NT.Tf»W  JMTjVM7\.GI3'flli*i:WN'r
■T jfamiis Sauant, * Propr/stor
Z Vivll  fiiiiiWiiil  riwiin,*.  Tin*  ln)ili«  ii  sti|i-il.<*i!  with   (lie  ln*st
2 tlte uurl.l .*«!.ii.l''. 'flu* !»* i i« *ifij.ji!i<iil     with   th*   l*}t urinx-i,
ip        li««iM.r*« -nu! iii'.ns. ' **
«iW%%'**%%-%%%1tv%*-l.%'^%'*-*U%^ 1...
m r^s *- *-Vm - Vnwn^
:.     .. _'l iiiv i;URNTj4 IilibGE'{,.yER'NlE< B. C.'APkfLi igoi
, £      A A" / So I put a little more weight on to force the paint out.
But that .was too heavy, and there was trsuble there,
My. but the way Papa talked was terrible!       Yourj..   Willie.
,,/ The Ledger .has received the follow-
i*jnjt circular Issued from the ollice of
j-llic supc'iintciulonC of provincial police' Victoria, with the 'request thut
,?t he pdhlished. '  •■        .*,.',
f. Provincial' Police   nepartiuojil,
. V   >     . Victoria, "Mnrcli   i •**-,-'K)o6, "'•'''
itTlie postal .'liithoril'ies find that his
flinjesly's inail.'t are lieiiij- made    the
."moans ,'ol dis.trihutiiijT jLhroiijrhoiil the
country postal cardti of a very indecent and siiRKcslive cliaraclerf-
■Tlie criminal code'of Canada makes
it a criminal .offence for nnv -,'cr<;oii
to.mnmifnctu're such-cards or to Expose tliom for sale.   . '
•-'Section 179 of the said 'code reads
•s follows:
ii "Every one is jriiilty ol an'indict-
•hlei 'olleiice' and linhle. to two years'
Imprisoiiinciil, who knowiii-rly, and
•without, 'lawful -justification, or excuse, manufactures or,'sells, nr ' exposes for sale or lo puhlic view, or
distributes 01-. elrcnlales, or causes 'to
lie disliihulcd or eireulaied, any
ohscciie liool;^ or printed, typewritten
or. otherwise 'wiltten iimtler, nr nny
picture, plioto-vi-nph,- .j,,,.",,* or 0uUM.
r»!>ii.ft ti'iiiliii-.-! to ronii|)t morals," •
The police have liecu instnicled In
take proceediiui's njjninsl nil jiersons
exjinslnj,' for sale such rave's.
V. 17, TTUSST.V.
Victoria, 11. C, Mincli aS.-Aioonl-
•I'l-j* to the, tales lold'hy tliu .iiuiscii*
,-Kers of the li. JI. :S, Tartar, who -lie
.iiow in i|iiaruiiliiie nt William Head,
-,tlie coiiiuiiiiiiler, of the frotress of Via-
.OIvoHtok was cnrrli'il iu 11 collin ou
ihounl ii traiLspoi t lioiind for Jnpuu,
mini, thus, and only U111.1, esenjieilj
uleatli nl the 'minis ;of a elaiiiorous
iiioh of his fellow countrymen.
It,wns he who had --Iveii thc ,order
for the use of machine (-tins In ileul-
liiK willi tliu rlotini' so diery in the
streets ol the Slliorlnii port, and this
lind Mi iiioii,sed Ihu hostility nr the
iiisiiu-ictlouisls thal.the iiltncked tin-
coniiiiiimler'H house, which wns luii-i*
hurtled, nm'. sevetul of the household
killed, The report wns liiiiiii'illnte ,y
circulated ihnl the roiuiiiniidei* himself hnd heiii-kllKd mul IJ. T. Oieeiier
Jf. rt, consul to Vladivostok, who
Arrived nci'iitly in '.Tnpnii, deelnres
ihnl this wn.i wi/cil upon as fllinwiiii*
tin* way Tor .111 i.scnpi'—the rrntittiianc"-,-
er-lii'iiij*, >|iiriteil nwav In n rollin lo
tsrapc tlio»c hungry for his dentil. Il
•would lmve Weil (erlaiii dentil Imd
tie endeavored to reucli .the tr.iiispi.il
from his lioiue, wlilcli wan ciiiiUituul-
]y siirrouniled ,'iy nn iiifurlnted ihroiie
14       .«..,-.     .4111  I       ,-1.1114 lllll        .4 1111111 il.lli
rtiWA the '".iiml "\\,- (<■ il.-niV X\mX n
cofliu wns secured liv friemli nnd rnr-
•rleil into the house. Willi nlow    and
tlllrtllllflll   tr»Mll,  liiN.lliilltU  tin 11  Ml-
ricd the envoi nor In a cufl'iii to the
wlmrf, vdifiu-e the rollin nnd Its Hv-
>..,. r..,.*'.i.i       1. ■      1    ... 1
'   '« "4.	
tniiispi.rl I1011111I for Nuii-hauI*), nud
tint until the ves*u>l wns senile dis*
tunc*- ofJ the Id-filled Sllierinn port
did the terrified ollieer eiin»r|-i* from
his Minii.,•..
The rlnt nf .Tniiuaiv s.S. uhiili re-
Fort Steele and TheiK. G I
! Are Vou Reading   !
>   I
Claim ? I
• w
• t
w w
• «
• w
• *
» *
• *
• •
• • 1
ft •
• *
• f
• «
» •
• *
» «
w 9
w w
w w
• w
• w
» • •
• «
, , ,
» ,
. *
% #
• «
t •
t •
• *.:
ForcStcelo, Fair Steele! you "ili'ill ,':in{~* your sr,n<>
■ When the Kooteimy Central conir-s;
Wlion tlio brfglit sliiniii"- enn-ines roll alonj;,
And this bountiful' vallny liiims
With the busy lile of myriad fnrms,
Where tho joy of nlminliinec reigns;
Then hurrah, hurrah, throw wklo your urnu 7
Anil welcome the IC. C. K. trains.
Fort Slot-IP, Fair Stcoic! cheer np, bolinivo,
Your day lor rcjolclnjr iH iieiir*
You shall l'jcolvo yourjust ri,t»lii,s; yon sliall w.ivo
Yuiir joy banners hi<*-li in the clear
Azure skies of theso health fiivliiR- vales—
Our famou-i, our richly doworjil lan.l
Willi Its ranges wide and winding trails,
And its snow penks lofty and grand.
Fort Steele, Fair Sicolel you havo waited long
And have often felt faint and boi-o.
Though'your cnuso was just your foes were strong
And tholr venom was nhvnyo nioro
Than the fali'-flglitihg fooman would show.
, Uut when ended'a this anxious light,
You shall be, nsall of ns hero know
You have been, lor fnirnes-. and right.
Fort Steele, Fair Steele! bo glad, re|.ilci\
Your timo of deprcswlmi is paai i
Tlio sky of your luturo, tho' glad volco
Of your di-htlny'i. clear: at List
Vou, an Queonoftlio Valley, shall reign
At tlio place where golden i-tivama tlirne'
Meet and commingle; where the train
Ol tho packer, ol yon. you might boo.
Fort Steele, Fair Stco'cl your tmre rlHing star,
With a futuro ns (air ar.il an briglit
As cities anonr or a lur,
Shall crown your uiiiuiilchalili! Hito
Hut I'cniGiul'or, when Imppy, the dnyo
When keen sorrow wan your.., and pa
And be ready (0 sharo and lo pralpn
Tho wealth-bringing K, 0. H Tim In.
Fort Steele, Fair Steele! then sing you llio song
01 the rail—of tho K. C. \m\\
T.ff, llin voleeq lm |ovnn« nnd >iii'ri^-»
And lloal fur nnd wide on tlie i,*.*i,p.
And tho 1'liomn, Bay, how .shall it read?
Tho mills ol the gods may be slow
Hut thev Mp.'iro not InjintltM- nor civvd,
U'.H tho tight thoy Khali lunMinl; no
IliiiiMli fm* the K. 0. U. lino,
The lino ou tlm cn-.t ol the river;
I'or that i-i llio Mue Hint must be built,
80 lipro'u to ihe K. (}, forcvi r.
•-IIUtiTI WATT, M. i>.   ;♦;
l-tatH.i-i.-li.. March :M, H»jt>. ■(•
If not, you nro ralaslng some «
of the choices', literature of 8
t>     -5?.
tlie century. «     f  ?  y. *
Send a dollar to R, T. LOW-, 5
KRY, Nelson, B.C. and get *
it regularly for. a year and $
rise but of the rut,      f  v    5
TliVUl-ms w 111 bo'rocelvnil liy tlm uiiiUrnliniiiiJ
for In. Bijiilini- iiml w iloiilnif of tlm >'ootb»U
-ioihiiuoiillronk.. llrnunil to lie no ytrd«
li,v il'i.viirdu TemlarH l.» bo In not later thai.
A| nl lhl, 11100.   Jiiiwunt oruny lender not not1 (in*
,                  Ti-os Kkitii
floc'.v 0.0, h, anil A. A
-!*"-m '■-'"" -•"" -a ■■■■'■ -■-*■ nm iiiiujm'ii
Notion to Contractors.
Tliot'oiitnioloMiif Fiirnio will uluuau IkIio
lintli'ii Uml nftiir Ai.ill Ut looil, thtjOftrDeiil-irt
uiul JiiiiiBiHfir Kurii-fo lineal1 lDllb will ifii in™
lour ilolliiru (9i.uo>rur eight (8) hour, worlt.
1MI.0IC*   .. 1     Miftrnto.    ^"^
K0T1I*!!': Ih lidiiliy ffivon UtWt una montli uf
I* lllllil III) lll.plUuiloii will bt iuhiIu  to   tin.
tlnvuriiiif In (-nmmll hy Valentine Hyde link.
--""--"..'. .....'",r  u.Tiiii iimi. i;i|« niOUTII  Ul*
fi- .lulu nn iii.pl lent Inn will lit iuh.Iu to tlio
tlnvuriiiif hii (iiimii! I hy Valentine llyJa link-
i.i-,.liiim.*i H.VIIH, Churltia J>. MoNab »nd Char*
(li'i-llinpriiv Hlonnof l)liii|itorli-lofll|-,H»vliioil
St ii I n I i.,i «,f (iiinmia, for rn.i-mliii.li.il to con.
j.t iiii't ilnin;!, liiiuini, unit (illiHt ImprovumeniH
loiiBliiif urn hiiivini lliiii iiiiiiioiieil In the Ki.ott.
(.''.'i'i'     11''' ' Knolenay,  llrltlJi
't'liii pltt.ii-* nf tlio world prniinioil to he onn*
iitriuitoil uiul a lU'iiir ptlou ol llio ultn tliemif
111 ri'll l1,^,l,,, '..v'": l,",,, A" ,,.H^,, ■■«*» A*max-
nil -.villi i ip   I'tfiHt wrof IibihI Title*at Nol.ox
J^v,^,;,twlo,.,,K,,'u,vrnri,,,,,,,M wo'k«
l>iil..il nl l-rimliriidl. 11,0, IIiIh mtliUaroh IM,
IIyea, ymr tmuU ot'tehxlie* ul&rwlili
FI«», IKpllrpiijr, til, \*1ln." IMnci*, rr ViAlltt*
HklmcHi, iviiiofurn dl.tllmnl^ fitwl vtilmlilu
I/miIm cnfurhii.*t*3jk"it4iTtiRl.KiiMis Cn.. <
170 ja-**-*, Scrwt, W„ Tomntii, VhmAu All
. iliTiffJtii tell ot ctn i.t*,i.n f r )-j«i
l'lli-,.4  I
M,lr,,» f>, fF„* onf-T    r.'-'ltii^ f.tuti f,.|   '-u*7l, Jti. \..^A,\:.a, U* .!.>   v..u
iijc Hi*.' luii.liliic tjim-i .ui the |nii|i!i:  like l*inj; iiuiiii.il**
in  Hu- utrii'ts,   ivn**i riniMil  J,y     iln-j   "S,,i  ill tlu- L.i'.l    I  ..\.\ m
arnt.t nf llr,  UujmiITsUv, « miij-.h.-.i.  allo.w.d u   mii..W, u, Aims.
ulu» wi:i|kjili,im.| «nli llw: r..il»«-.«.li s,. |(mi ,i!.,h,-,"
in tluir mrlkf. "TI..-11 v.iu tun
Mr. Orvriur nnw the c««umaii»Ifs in'ticil.1" ' '
*T.i|mii inn! wan XtAA lm wan fiu-aiiiiij' I   "I un,     uot    iill.m.il M lm
order* from St. Fatm-bur,* I.;.-,.. •»
u ii i.    ,w- y. Hunu.
NOniii; |, Imiyhy (jjvnn Hint Cil itayi after
ilnin lliiljuiiliiiitpiirv to the I'liUf Coiniuli-
»liniiii nf lliiiiil*. hiiiI worloi for a Uceii-a to
iiiiihiii'iiI fm* joiiI niiii iietroliiiun on tlm follow*
iiiKil.HcrllmlliiiiiU nilimlo iihnut out mile
.Will of AlmiUHuy '|-ommlf.» on the W»*l
* iln of llm Klk lllvur, Ijinl KmiUiiay DUtrluli
'""."'"■'••'"f«»jii.imiliilaiileil mi the W«.(
lm nil nf ihu Klk lllvur iihniii i,no mile North
finiii lm Niirlli-tmtl. tinnier or Uorrluty
lnw ii.|u.,thiii.i(. Nnrlli one uillu foTlowliiB
lln; I mi. i.i ii.,. Klk lllvur. tlmnue Went one
inilu, ihiiiii'ii Hmiili hum mile, ttieiiiie Ka«t one
inilu tn Urn pulut uf i'iiiiiin*ii(i*ni*nt,
. il.A.KlNNIXll
ii.!.i i.,.i ..   . I*»r A..I, KiHgilHaiiWJ*.,
Miiii'li mill limit, '      A«»m
Nimi'i: U Urrhy «|«n' that to it»y»
iillurilrtlii,! Inleiiil tu apiily lo tha Oldef
I'l,lllllil,'.ll ••  ,\t 1 ,l,4lt> ,14, f   l|l|.|l, ,   fif    ^    (1
i-jiiMi 10 iirnniwot hroo,il and  Mtroieum on
Ilii.|i4,llii4vlii-,!it"ii-rll.i-i| Inml (.11 lln. Wn.l  uhlv
•il llm Klk Ilivnr lu Ka«t K'nitenay UUtrlfiti-
|i..i,ii.uii*li.tf«l,i iiAHt (.UiiUhJ uu (he Wed
Limit of tliji|,ik llh-eiiiliiiiii. una mile llnulh
lj.,«« < 1*. VmiIi K»,« iV.rr.*r y,,\ of MotiUtt*
luwiulle, lli.iirt. Hiiuth nnu mil* fotlDwlntr
iliiilini. nf UiuKik llivi,r, ilmme W»«l on*
mil*, tlii'iii'ii Notlli mm'iiillu, tliiiii**Ka*t to
I llr (inilil ufriimTlil-IH'dnlMll,
'.    .   J'  lM,■",
Hun ii loth lum. ifiot
ilnin, I iiiinini to atntijr
■luiiei i.f l.niiiUai.ii  \\
«u Hi
"O   tltw   1 iii»i   ******* mt*.*
i'«ilti, Tor a IImum lo
ilroUuw 011 the follow.
......J'.hW hereby «|v*u Ilut mi day* altar
tljr to lhe Chief 6
 - -*'-.. Walk.  "
|.p m/ 'I fi;* «-."•» I «ii.l iKJlrolw— -  ....Ww.
urn il.- u-illir-l latiili .If 11,1 lii nn tha Wm»t hnnt.
».ik .liver in ilia Kant Koot tray  IjI
IVKiiiiillilf t.1 apo.l tii»rk«itJ, Jta
ii I.. C1.11.11" llniireHtiiiili one  mile follow
m il
■ ■   •* • *■ » *     •■■» in vminiii f'uiv    tntim ini law*
.i.K iiik Imn ui n.i. Klk Ittver; ituanro Weat oa*
i.iiiti. ilii'iiif NuiHi nm. mil*, thence ICatt et*
inllv 11 lhe piilnt ul Comm»n(-*m»ft«
i> *.*  ti.
>fi. uli Ilh I'M),
|i*f A./.F4»4JLMlt»<>»
,       Attat
.yt"V',T','h' "-'-I it(**«" tli bt ll ilaj« »iui
.!.«.-. TlMrl..!l'>M.|i»H,i U» ClUf Cowialr
.1 .tut >,f I.-111.I,ari'l Wurk*, l«» *  U*ss*t to
I ll-11 • I    fn| i„ill kll<l   IMllnleMllt DN Ibe |„l
' I.*.* 11,1' 'li-.i'tilii<l Imi.l. .itiiHleinlte Uli
■    I., .tin. s     ..   1 " v,"i   .ii-*ri»i|.i IHU'U all IHleinlL*
,, In .I.111I., i.t   ti, ,;..   ,,ft;«,tK*«.l*n«MI#»|a*la»at«B»J«
, -l, A ts.t.1.kj.c'ejt. W.reiB.r*- *****
,t  li- Mtiv v-.rti mir-   '••"••"''''.''••weNftMlit.iieiftile.ikeii.
I.    ^tll   V.rti til.ir  lr.U.»««-a*,iittion*n.»l»trili
1 of • <imm*rtt*tti*nt.
:—**» ptrA
— aM-kaJ
. 1**** y/ttt
im*nt*   Itatt
"  ik« iwiat
. <!. Vai
fi. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, .Specifications and Ksti-
* 4
mates furnished on application,
Plenty   of  GOOD   DRY   LUMBER 0Nr HAND.
11. A. KERR,
Architect     und Superintendent
Office at Renjdeiice,
BAKER ST.,     b    «     FERNIE, n.C
Wall Papers
[Successor to J, C. Hutchison.]
Is prepared to deliver Milk,
Cream, Buttermilk, Fresh
Laid Eggs, and Dairy Butter
every day.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
Than have ever been sold in tins'
town   lielqre--tuort   artistic      in
•lesij-n   'nii'd    coloring—tin-  kind
thut -{Ive.s tone and character to
.your house.
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
Exclusive Patterns
Numeric-., Greeulioiuij* & Heed
IIea<lq.Mi-t.iiH for PACIFIC) Co/it
OHOWN (Unl-an, Fluid anil Flowor
Sumlu, Now nop now In itock tidily
for illbtilbutlon, auk your morclimit for
tliom In »jttl«d pAckuli, I( ho doei not
handlo (hem wu will pr«|iay to your
ut'arcit jmitolllco fifty, tlvo cent patket*,
our lulootlon of a-ood variolic**, for f}l to
Introduce lliHiu.
iMitxx Hook or HOMr. OUOWN Fruit
ami (Imn man In I tnoi non/ iiiaturml for
llio Hpi-liij-f (ratio,
liu uijitnini, low or Ualny ol fuuil
jjfllk'W ij- luin.'nlluii.
lAii mu pilcii your IUt tmfore plaiiiiR
your   order.     Or«ei,|,ou*w    riaul*,
Floral Work, Ucu Riippllis, Fiull Pack
tlit it, Foitlll-itirti, etc.   Cataloj^uu freo.
8010 Wcmmlniler road
Vancouver, H, C.
Tmk Mjuuttn
A *r*is ***4t*s s ** w it, m4 a*mitHB-i ai,
<Nl««lf aMt/Min Mr Minimi ti— wtmkm* mi
Mnutth-* t* HuMWIf -*'«PtWK A«-*»-»»«>W
lUMttUfWlrMMiMiui. slstWoOstm l*nn*n
Mat It—. (Mm ****** tmtfmtXtmmtrmimu.'
PH4UU ttkM tllDUirl. MllliU A U*. Mott**
***Umt tUtU*, WKlMUt (MM !• tk*      r*WT"
StkMtjne fltntrkai.
^ ^-^. .      If*****!
that you cniiuot (jet flscwln-ri!
iii l'\'ink-, 1 would like to show
tlictu to you, I have tlm cheupi-r
(jnidcs'also, if you want them,
All  kinds  of   Electrical  *!
Goods kept in stock.
All  work
John Turner,
] \ Read carefully all the *
! —Advertisements In
I! this issue, , and  Pat-
^ ronize our Advert!*- m
J ers.   ~-
New Palace Meat Market
Corner of Victoria Avenue and Gemmil Sti'ect.
Choice Cuts in all kinds of Meats
Finest of Fresh and vSalt Fish
Game of all sorts in season
MJU'Ul'.l   ..» I IJ I.u.
fllKOlNNIN'O IKH. 15,  100(1
Tift tllO
The OoiMfortnblo Way
Uoxxtei of tlie fHttioiiH Urlentftl Limited
mmmtmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmm tm^mmm mmmm*mmma*mmmmmm
Tor il Uili-I iii(«in*%lifrp, rj-tfr.ftc., rail oa or aJreu
Fcrnlc. U. C. * THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C. APRIL 4,   1906
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
IKE-AJD   OFFICE:        TOIROrsrTO' '
Hon. 6. A. Cox, --        " " B. E. Walker,        - •  Alex. Laird,.
General Mutmptor.
A»st. Ooji'l MllllllfiCr
REST, $4,500,00
CAPITAL, $10,000,000
,".,,., ' TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $98,000,000
. '     •■    l304'-*BK^*.3SrO*E3:*E3S -^.XTX)   ^.C3-H3SrOI'E!S   .
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT,   Dop-iit/of $«, unci ,,P-
wards received and interest.allowed.""-The depositor is subject to no de- -
lav whatever in lhe willidrawcl ofthe whole or. any part of the  deposit
'   Special attention is drawn to our Bank .Money Orders  issued  payable-
iiVCanada, Vi'AteA Slalgs^England, Italy in lire,. Hungary,  Austria   u~Y
kronen.   .Tlieyj'form an excellent method ol" reii'ilting monies al a mini*
mum cost.- "•-'.'
A general.Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited. .*
Open on the'pay-days ofthe Coal Company until 9 p. m.
" FERNIE BRANCH     ' --.       ""v"    »_■?'■• T. B, MAY., Manager
New laid e^.s at 30 cents adiv.eii
fir  IJluiideH's.
l«et us' make you 11 fancy vest
Irom one ol.-those choice new patterns, Come in'aiul see them. A. Car-
mk-hael,   the  tailor.
CarmichaelJ' the tailor, has just
received the nobbiest slock of tweeds
tor spring suits and overcoats ever
bronj-ht  to Kernie.
A hotel that furnishes <|iiieL commodious accommodations j'or "its 'patrons is''a'source of pleasure to the
travelling public. Siuh a one is the
King "Edward Hotel, of Fernie,- corner opposite lhe post ollice.<-   -',    .,.
Spalding's studio is turning out,
..work .that compares most favorably
•with any" -castcni studio,, and" his
prices aie reasonable. lie carries a
large stock of views, which make nice
room decorations. We 'recommend you
to 'csull  and see  for "yourself.
An additional sign of the approach of
delusive sprin**? is found in tho fact
that, the- Fomie Football Club Imp
thawed out and * after s-.illing--.tiYr
balmy air ifi-onv down the valley and
shaking the winter cobwebs from its
shaggy locks liae nVo'ceedc-d to organize
fnr a season's fun' by elecliii"* 0. G.'Si
Lindiev, lion, president, 1J-. G. Drin
nan, \V. H. Boss, J. K. Gates, and T
Pogue, lion vice presidents, W.'JIiai"
mers, vice president, K. Spears, seen ■
tSry-treasurer, J. Henderson, captain.
J. Stewart, vice captain, aiid G, Wild,
J. Wild, J. Thornier, A. Bu'len, A
Cartih'gc, M. A. Kastner, J.Lowo, J*
W. Robertson, T'." iMullin, J. Carrick,
committee-. The president was instruct.
cd to attend the league meeting at-Mi*
chel on Saturday. This year's league
will consist of teams from Coal Creek.
Michel, Fernie, Coleiuiin, Bellevue,
Pincher, and purhnps one.or two more.
for. successive com petition is adopted
a lively season is ahead, of the league
and the pass towns will "sec soire good
football plaving, Now is tho time for
t.Ho Fernie boys to wind up their kick-
irij**<;*UreniitieB and  get  ready to ea;*.
4 tui'ft the prize.
pUblic SCHOOL HONOR roll
Div. 1. Norma Boynton, .Charlie
Chipp, Fred Cliipp, Arthur Geddes,
He!ei,i. Muirhead, Henry Munkwiu,
Aaron Wnlile, Laura While, Viola
While.    • r ■   , ,-.
Div. 11— Sr. jr.l. Clay Ion IJuBois,
Roy Kirkpiiliick, Susie Goodwin, Arlh
ur Muirehead
.Jr. ,3rd Irene Robson, Florence
Davis, llenie Fulljiimes.
Div. III. Alice Dulliie,' Ganiet
Dudley, Lyclia iMunJ-wii*., Laura
Div. TV.    Harold Wildman.A
• Div.   V,   ' Lily   Wilson,    Clarence
Nicks, Stuart Coram, Opn! Lachcr.
Unrolled Avci'ii^e Alld.
Div."   I.       35 26 ■-, .
"     II.       ,-s' ,6
"  "I-       IS        ' 35
"   IV.       (i4 4f„   -
"     V.        r/> I'.f,
1 ' "iSf-i 20t)   -
iVincipiil I'ocllnr informs us lhat ,110
l11.1v primary pupils can be received
Miltll after JCiisior.
"To whom II nmy cnncc-i n: This -s
tb certify Mint I I in vii used'Minimi's
Liniment myHcHiiH well iih preKerlb-
*U it in my in'iiciicu wliur.i a.linl*
tnentwiiH i'ei|liiri!i| and hnvo novor
failed to f-et thn cJohI'-ciI nlli c\
C. A. KINO, M. 1).
At tlm KiiiH'liil iiioutiiig nf Hid c-M v
noiuii'll Iuul TlnifNiliiv iivtiniii^'liy-lmv
No- I1U wan llniilly ,coj h'jIim cd and'piiH-j,
A iiifi'tlng nf tlm hnni'il of luuilili wiiK
haul iiiiiiifiilliiii-'y n ft or thn Hiljiurii-
mnntiil lho cniiioll, Ifi-nllli liiiinii
lliiliniill mid lnj-p'i'loi' WhIKit wci-ii
iin-iftiit nml a ri'snlniloii liistnicting tho
limpoi'lor to nntlfv '|iiinunlin|i|i>i'H lo
clean up hnckyiinU upil .Unit Blietts
ami laricn lm i-Ii'iukmI of nil hiM'InIi niul
**********> 'I     ■■   |'WH**«
We have ihe finest lot of
Choice Eatin|S^Coo^
shipped into th? city this year.
Nice large Oranges 35 and  50 cents
per dozen. *., Delays are dangerous.
Buy Early.   ";*^.
Follow the crowd.- .   Cash Only
t.000000000000* <„A "V
I,-TELKPji™. |   ^ J# Blundcll
* ■ •*-". *** --7 '- -. ■   ' ■' '■    . .-
\Wmmmmmmmm;«*.« J8 The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
cr.Af.f.rii-iKn   advuutiskmisnt.s
• under this lu.'.Kliiijr iustcrted at the
" rate of one cum- a won!, each inscr-
,   lion. '.j
TO Ki<;xT-'nii<: VVPVM KI.OOU OF
the Carosella block.—Apply to Philip  Carosella.        °     *
.; housework. Apply to Mrs. A.  Mutz,
the Browerv.
VOll   SALE.
of 378 acres, '.situated in one of the
niosl favorable spots for fruit Rrow-
iii}*, j-ui-<leiiiii},r, stock raising aiut
poultry RrowiiiR   in   the   Kootenay
- -country. This ranch is all fenced,"
contains 61 ficres of first-class bot-
• torn land, 25- acres of which is in
a jjood state of .' cultivation,, .„-.,7
acres (if'- ^ood bench land suitable
for fruit {-rowinjj; and }-ardeninjj,' anri
'   in -, line   slate  of   cultivation.'. There
. is a good lojj house of' four rooms,,
with .shinj-;Ic rooL^stablinj" for 8
horses ! and 9 head of cattle, two
jrood henhouses and a, good root
house. This ,valiiiib,c property.can be
had for S.s^o.oo cash, if taken soon,
and is the. best bargain for anyone *desiriii{*    to  go  into  ranching
; thai can be found in Kast Kootcnav
For further particulais applv to
j\folt, ."^on &  Co, Fernie, lAc.
—11 i-sl=J'r-niic-7='T70t=5ox-r3=-TTOood-fi*ui-^=
room  house. This  is a snap- if taken  nt   once.   Rasv  tcriiis.—Apply  to
,   MOTT, .SON" &.CO.     '-';''     - ' "-
are for sale  at  this ofiice, price 25
. cents each—"Rooms to Let,-Applv
Within," "Furnislit'il Roniiis to
Let,   Apply  Within,"
•18x30,  good '   location'on  Victoria
'■ avenue .-Apply MOTT, SON' A
,   Head Office s Hamilton, Canada. ,
Capital * $2,415,000       Tflesevve * $2,415,000
Wotal HiisQets * $29,000,000
'* f    V il
., J-Ion. Wm. Gibson, President. --- "...--
■"J. Turnbull, YicerPi'csident'and'Qcneral Manager.
* 74 Branches ihrougBiout Canada
Money. Orders and  Drafts issuoJ, payable in C:inaJa or- abroaJ.    ■
Foreign drafts cashed.   .Special advantages in Savings Department. *
■Open in'the 'evening-of,the .Coal Co's pay.-day from 7 till 9
■-.-   - 74 jVit. LAWRY Aj-ent l'KHNIE HRANCI
. *|4 -1
Read the following prices:
■•* 7        ,,
$5000  worth   of Stock on
*. i '■-, • %i   (. * 1   .   i /, -
1 '        ■   *   ■ 1 •    ji ■ 1 j   '-
Jhand iand we  will sell   as
'*-**-*- —■*■*- —■-—■• r- T 1
EXPERIENCE is the best '"teacher. I have had
H-^ the experience in-buying, selling anclusing
I, havethe goods this year and can supply .'to suit the
amateur to the expert..'"   '^ •'-:"/ "' y$k .-'   ; ;'.^; -''
Valuable information, oh the art- bf fishing", especially
as applied to the ElkoRiver, given free to those, desir-
'"j? it*'      $   A$./" $'".&       *#     ■-*.■•■:
'• -       -       , 'l     *         ■'* -      .'    '■ -' A
See the goods before'buying.   " '*.    ' "*'' *'      "■   *
BLEASDELL Wh^lt p^to aca'
Iriish Whiskey
OB'riou's. xxx     $1;00     Jamicson's xxx     1.-76
' l>    *■ >        •
- ■ °   .\s    '   A- *" ,  '    •' '
.A: Scotch Wniskey
Dewar's      1.25      Loch Aclu-ay-, wliito bottle, 1 .OO
Loch Achray, Mack bottle, 1.25
King Ed ward VII, 1.2 5
Peter Dawson, 1.25
.•Rye:;. Whiskey
ROYAL   RYE,   1.00
Seagram's Star, 1.00
Walker's Imperial, 1.00
Canadian Club, 1.25
Phone 63
(.oon norsi'; cicxtkaija'    1,0-
i-atcd. for runt.—Applv JIOTT, SOX
l'criiic, '{jnoil Iwo-st'ory lionst*' on
llm imipiii-(v.--.\|)plv, (MOTT, SOX
"% CO. ■
Wull  iiriiiii-jcil  for  lionnliinr  lionse,
'   for snlc clicfip,—Apply MOTT, SOX
• 4*i    CO.
lot locati-il iii a-iiliv of i-itv foi-.snli'
' nl 11 liiii-j-niii prici'—Apply    MOTT,
siltmti'rt liinr I'cntrc af liimitic^s.
two1 linn--".'!- and sinnll slinck, nt' ni
' l)iu"Kftln.--Kii(Hili-e MOTT, SOX     fit
■  CO. ■ " ■
ur ollici*,   .    ,
' '•*■.-'.. ' ®
i'Y       .7     7 ' A -a.',,  '   ■¥
^Portraits "by ' |
Photography §
$3.5Q adoz. up    %
Thc work justifies the price ahd
| The Price admits of his best work. |
Seagram's 'S3,
Maple Leaf,
Gooderman-W oris, 1 .OO
White Wheat, 1.25
Kindeiiin,      1.25    , ;
Holland; Key Brand,      J. 25
;"P6rt\;Wine: :'
Royal Port,   1.00 White Port,   1.50
V ^ *
Al'G & Sfoilf   ^ui«esse's;Stout,   25c
~~~-—-— n—r?—".—•—". isass—j\-ie^—t—'—-   ■
Fernet. "Branca.
25,OOO   Cigars'at-.Reduced .Prices.
Cash Only Cash Only fcash Only
The Royal is the onljj exclusively «white house" in
Studio t    Opposite lhe Methodist Church'
 ' ■ .1
Watch for our ad next week
A KANC1I 01' 8-20 ACItKS RmiATKn
In tlio Kooteimy Vnlley, -lu ni-riw tm.
ihn-.tiiltiviilloii- 111) JUTCS C.'lll bu
Iri'itfiituil nt ii fltniill nx|i(iiiH0. Tli oro
urn (rooil biillilliiirn on tho iii-npurly
ul ho throo miles of fiiiiciii--, Tlmri* in
Jihoiit two million font of Iim t'liiRu
tlmlicr nu tliln Intnl.   TIiIh Ih n Kiitip
1 for liny nun -."'IhIiIiij- to irnl ji (rood
i-iiiK'li.' I'm- puitlciilitrH apply to
'. !«•«■""
Improves the flavor
fttid adds to the health-
Call and See
The i Latest in
New Shirt Suite
The Only
, • Furnishings
.:  lii Town,
1 luivu mnpuiiud' my lioot nnd slice laisiiu'.s.v in tliu liiiil'lin-r lit'.
rwccii the '.Viil.l.j.-f -aiul tlm. pi is tu lii te lilm-k, wlicfu I will he plensi'il
to incut all my 1)1-1 enntoniers nnd any ik-\v 'oiii*-* who cure to jjivo
nie ti cnll       ' "   ' • "     ,    -'
Hupnirin-* cIoiib while you wnit, Uiilihi-r work-'ii .spuciiillv, SIioch
niiiilc to.orclur.i KatiHfacl.oii "-iliinmU'cil. lloollilnck stniul in connec-
tifiii. All work ilonc at rensoiinlile prices, ■
Jf you want sIioch niiidclo lit .you, j-ivc, mc a call, as I onlv
use tin* lii'.it soft while leather for hand ,scwi:il jolis
WIiIIr yon net your '.lines done I will -rive you n clinnce to sue
hook 'with 575 pictures of the Jiipanesc-l.iiHslaii .war.
and   Home   Life
Can lie enjoyed liy Ink ini"     your     nienls    ul
The Royal Restaurant
i -1 ' ' i
In coniiini'tlim with tlie '.loyal lintel, Tlie lies'. ineiil served in ' lln*
illy for a,<* i'ciilH. A few more nt'iil in* linnnlcri* ikslied. Your, putronii|*u
Is   ifiipectliillv   Milielled.
MRS. M. MOELZEL, Proprietress
IHiiPWimr di Hum Kun|
Short Ortrlern nerved nt nil
Hours, dny or nltsht.
Two itnnr-i Miiiili nrilin I'-.IW lllvcr I'l'ili
Fernie,     :-:     B. C.
i * i
Wo wish io fnfiirwypur pniroi.ii
ihnl wc linve rcmovcil our I'lunili.
inf*- Inislncsi to the luilldin-.* nokl
door In Uic Kdi'*: l-Ulwnril Hole!,
where wo will continue In tho     •
Plumbing, Nudns end TinsmUbbiff'BBsitiess
Don't for-jct tlte place.
Ti'Ioplionc No. i.
Shcppcrd & rillott
In Allwrinuioronro nowfonr-ilni
lyniiil-U weekly nowipatf-ri-, ccin-
p-trcil with ono ilally ftii'l 10 wcok
NO  V,
tmUmltXn*!*,    "
C«l-lli--l SlrVft, Jl.f'O,
>let bobmtx "Htnu to Mann,"
Kor Hnl* «.y
J. D. Quill,     V*tr*l*, O. O.'
An inil(iiiiv.ii poet in Minnciujta, .|*cr-
Iuiiii4 U»t ViwaHiX. VAt'ls-i of Uic U-J.-.1,
wihIm in Hiin ntionyinoim virsc an
"aliso iitely   Irue-,"
A yoinij* married man named Larno,
W.is -inlit.l itx ii j.ij- down in Farj-i.;
,   Tlu* jinlj,'!' ».iM ''On liotne."
l.nr|!o Mrftultc-d Illn IhftURlil-doiiie,
Ami r-.mil "Ay buiie broke, I      don't
I Showing
of Men's
II Boys5
\ ClothinjgT
\ will
!5; interest
| Our prices
I are right
!? Stvl<p.s
i correct.
J We
I invite
I parison.
* Men's Tweed Suits Special values this week nt 4$7.5o, 8.50, 10 & $».«.
I Men's  Worsted   Pants.   Special this week $3.25 11
*• p ' i
Jtf Boys' Suits Jn Norfolks, Busier Hrowns nnd lilousc Suits. Stylish nnd [}*
y£ ii      -jyood wearers nt very lilllc cost, "       , ;^*
*% We have just opened iij) n nice nssortmciil o( Men's Ties wide shape Derby.-,. We H
-^ arc also showing new Shirts, Hats, Caps and Shoes, Visit this department before I ft
w$ biiyinj^ your,.new spring outfit. I*.
ty ''•'    '


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