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The Fernie Ledger 1906-02-28

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 * ■'lftit£&kg/-V.'-i-y<'X-'.yl'-S?KV--J-.   '-
Vol.-INo.^ I, NuMbER'sb."
j. -"I - i&ai-W',!-----     -■*- -   -    -
■ '    "i,   ■.        ...  '_:—)■' in—L.; l...
j^t- ..----7.
&*■**■   V*'"*^
._"■*, fi    MAR 6-1906    ■.£?■]}■
*** - _* « ' .-.-v.*      r
Meri^ng Locals About folks
■ %i '*7:i
v* *     , ;        ■   •■     . i-   -'. .-!>
' .11.-?ft'.-Rogers," of Morrissey mines,
wasiH town -yesterday. *.:
Donit forget the votc.'.on- tlie bylaw oft Monday, March's. n,-   -.- .
,. .«^?!l^^-iR^--'i:>'--". A-7 '-'■ y,
. -Mrs.McMnhon, ofoMoyie, is in the
citv.-tlit^guesi of-her. sister, Mrs. Dr.
C. C* Wright, the-jcweler, Uiis inov-
*>.*1 into liis. new store in the Henderson block. \   •>    •
• Wild Geese living southward "is v.. a
-common foreeust* of spring—Armstrong Advance. ***■'*■- "*- - "- ■'"-", -
It is when they, ure going the other
■way that l'Vinie . people,look for
•spring. •■'■       '■....
si. Mclnnea",. of the 1-iiie Tree Lum-
U*r .Company -.ntKlkimnitli was    n
v *itiitor to j'Vrhie iijiain Inst week.,
llean, &'Morrison report lhe lnekv
-limulier .'JIQ4 .ns "winner of. the, cas?
of oranges.-v It was held by Miss
-Reading'"''"''*'''';    '*"'./    -
The ladies of the Presbyterian
•church nave u tea nt the residence ot
.Mrs.A.fw.I.iphardt Monday evening,
.whicli' wiis ivt'll attended.-- -  ••'
'.Mr.. Casey, representing tlie Canada
3,nw'.lU.ok company It* in town-   and
. lis at the. bat* with/the pi tellers'of le-
• #al twisters  trying 'to fiiti hiin out,
G.  Bruce  Brown, for some     years
, luceouutnnt with Messrs-  Sheppard &
. IKIliott;- left, tonight   for, Cranbrook
ao take'-a* position with A. B.     Mc-
jBride." '" -','" *
' ,11. .W,-Rogers  litis   leased  the  Pa,-
ace Meat Market of 1\. Burns'.&   Co..
nnd expisc^iifioilie-ahlc-l-to-opipi  up
5n the.in'eat liimltiess neyt wcok,,Look
out for adv. in HM*t Ledger. - -     .
'Hns *'indies of f'the;. Methodist> churcl.
.wiV'givc rimithcr of their popular nl-
.   4ernoon teaa on. Tuesday next, March
16th ,* at'the residence-of Mrs. A.     B-
TriM»i'*fw'«ns3<to 6.'All are welcome.
' A/V- Hnvdeii of the Canada -Pa-
ypf Company was in the citv yester*
<Uv calling upon'.the-newspaper men
jiir.  Hayden.is; if very.'much  in. love
wltfe' the npiiciirartcc. of I'ernie and its
1    '.fl*-HZ-Ho-i-"-, ofttlic} "Klknioiilh I.iiin-
*ber/Comiw»v wHs irt '.town ■ Saturday
'pnifulacMeiieil the.heart of the news-
.    pi-i-iiM- nihil with, soniethine more sub-
staiUiaUi^Rii .a smiU'/wlvich made tlu
 iinp^r_Jii'aiii_sniil£-    *'   '     *
Doriit - forget 77tlie;7 vote' on  ther.bv-
■ law.on' Monday;:Marchvs:" 7.   ' .A-'.-
' A. copy .of a paper called,;t,he.^Chin*-
ese World strayed-into our^ffictTMon,
day. but. it was- a 1 Chinese'.tS 'ns, so
wc passed it.up" to'Tai'CKing ." for
whom it-was evidently.-intended, •-\t,
. An advertiser in the local'columns
'of-ah exchaiiKe, says- ' -       -,   *1'
Have you seen the very latest in
two-piece"suits for spring? . .'A/ ' 7
Xo, we haven't, but our winter
suit is showing alarming signs of doing into a great inany more than two
pieces before spring-is'sprung upon us
A Peck of McSwain
JWcnt away on the.train,   ■*
'To get a bushel of rye,
But as he walked back
Twix't the rails of the track
-   lie said lie was awfullv (lis*.
Judge Wilson came in from Cran-
hrbok on. Monilav evening and held a
short session of couH here- yesterday
and today. Tlte biilv case which went
to trial was that of Bracon vs. Whelan, which was closed this morning
by argument of counsel, and Judgment, was reserved .   '.'• i ;.'.
l**red Simpson, of the.twin Heralds,
of Cranbrook and Lethbridge, passed
through Fernie on the Saturday evening train on his way to Lethbridge
to chuck- that twin under thc chin
and make'it glad at sight of its dad.
While the Cranbrook one is taking a
sleep after 'being farmed with" a gad
'h\  on irate Cranbrook citv dad.
A   white mini III charge of the in
ert-because oi the open charge that a
syndicate o* promoters, supported by
;.an-olTjcial coterie, had secured advance "information, about the location
of ihe,Grand Trunk Pacific terminus
through the negotiations of the company "to purchase-a site from the government.- x
Through the" prob* has not been
very-vigorously used, already facts
have heen revealed which show the
utter , rottenness which' accompanies
all .operations of.the lobbies. In this
case, a cabinet minister, coolv''admits
under oath that lu* discussed state secrets with a female lobbyist, at her
home. This same woman is notorious
for her skill in defeating or promoting legislation, secured the secret
Irom the cabinet ollicer and her husband reddled the information around
to the highest bidder! The commercial
value of the facts confided to tho woman was recognized bv the cabinet of-
ft.-ei-.who so'grossly prostituted .his
ollice, nnd lie cunnot claim*'' the poor
excuse o( having made ihe disclosures
casually, He testified that h? went to
the woman's hoiuv nud jle.iberatelv
talked "over the business nf tlie nation
involving hundreds of millions of dol-
luis ?lld tliu fill lire of a great pro*
It. this Kt-niulnl results in tlte prosecution, conviction and extermination
bl thi* during band ol vampires that
has lieen preying en long upon the
vitals, of the great province of British'Columbia, the humiliation suffer-
.., ci.HrKi- ••■ -.m- ...- «'«■ >'v "•■■•*- «w",trv w>» "ot be.whoU"
teresls" ol* the province turned owr | ,v without compensation. Iheis ont-
<o a middleman io,or.o. acres of pro- nt-THiii i.*Tair nuglit tfl lip t\ lesson bv
. iiu-ial, lands for townsite' and rail-' w'"^1 l,,i> Victoria legislators M-iil
mad purposes for Snooper acre. I Profit., and , Irom which other pro-
y<ome Indians sold T<l,ooo acres of *'■•■**'s r"1 Araw InHplratlou for n
land to the same instiliition.at.fr-SO ' sn,satlc ''» ,!1-;t t,lc* fonn of d,sllon'
'H'racre.or n tolol of Sios.ooo.oo. | estv.. ,
\loral-The people ol the piHviiicp had       The  nhm-,.   taken   from   nn   Alberta
Muer turn off the. Si.on man and en-
'■.age o $~y5o Indian to take his place.
'llie Elk Lumber, Company nnloadei*
anoilicr carload of'machinery for tht
new mill vi'uttsrdav.- .This innkes • live,
ci»rt"*4lmt>>havo .arrivptl-and there .are
(itilj.two,.more on the road besides*a
cnr.llo^d^pf/.telting.-;.;■■; [Ji,',v;!A-7•
We'l.oi'coii^ readers, will lje'naticnr
u'UJi.\Hr?Hlll4'* weekV. "We" are going:
thr'niigh that inost unpleasant, ellper*.
lencp. to ti printei-.'of having - te
moy* and;lmve notes' yet got llinr-
cjiiftlijv settled in bur new (pinrtors.
"'I'iio iii-lllV." tvliixiA* of Ilenrv Key
ithuw' heie * i" I'ernie learned witV
much regret ol his death,in San l'ini*
elBv'i.VN.mrt.tlme ago, Mr. Kershaw
lived"" for some tinu-' in Venue' and
W!i*7i'iigngod In the grocery busmess
wlitle lieve,"'.,      ■•''."
Victoria" 1); C., V.ch. 87,..--~'ift'-f'-f.ni!'i
lion will be begun inmied'iatelv on the
lightship to be placed on Swiftsure
hank, about suvcnuor eight miles offshore lietween ' Cnrtnaiiali and C.uoe
Uenle, and on a nuiiilK'r of new leading lighilipu.sps of :vi lirst order foi
.he  \\c'*.t  coast, bf  VjHIPflHVPr  i.HifUHl,
etwot-n Slieiringhain Point uiifi tCif-fj-'
'Cobk^Wofk will also, lie commenced
nir"'two new, 'self-propelled life boats
and a.surfJift' boat for two Iif; ■*...%•'-
ing stations lo lie I'stablislied—one
each „at Bamfield' and Port Renfrew;
and eight or, ten wireless telegraph
-itntibns' connected with 'heudquarters
it  Victoria.  Moreover,   fog      alarms
ptilM'f p*t*'inri'*,it bv it, couservrtlive who
is outside the Influence of the provincial pnlronairp pull is <iitite refresb-
iiip- re'itliii"- after one has taken a dose
of llie «l.i'f called press report's- of
the le"i'*lative proceedin"s at Victoria which l-'iu> will find in the l*!cr>n-
oinist ol Ni'liL'ii,, lin- (...anhrpok Pros
pectnr am* other nublienlion.s of de-
citkdlv indrpendeiit Inclinations.
, . ; i   ,
Victoria, Feb. 27.—Special to Fer-'
nie ledger.—The1-government's "uili
to gram, eight hundred thousand oda-
acres ol. land to the 'Columbin «_'
Western branch-; of the C. P. R.., ab-.
rogatiiijj the statutory prohibition
of the conditions of tli* subsidy ,111
0M896 not haying even fiil'illed, paid
lo eliempt this' grant from provincial
taxation until 1911, was duly reported to the legislature this afler.
noon and received it,s first reading,
although the government is irrevocably committed lo its passage its further progress will hc: fought, bv    the
other absentee \yas Mr. Houston, of
Xulson,. whose interest in the sessional . proceedings has been throughout
of a half hearted character. The de-
• leat,' a.-44-..c .._„! political arrange-
iiKiius, mu ybe accounted for in lhe
general opinion of members that it is
wise to let well enough alone—lhe
smelter owners und smelter workmen
are at present time in harmony, the
employers manifesting * disposition
to treat their workmen lairly and to
meet them in amicable .consideration
of any proposa.s for the betterment
of conditions. And while this state
of affairs happily continues, the com-
^^-<\.-w^^-*- .
titer progress will be; fought   bv    the    ,,lllsorv m of  k,>;is,aUim is    ft(,
champions within   Premier   MeBride's   \UA^A unnecessary
partv of the Midway & Vernon load.       A\ tlle outsct „, TllniSiiaV's
Anoihcr ruilwav npitU-r icrj-'ivillg sni**
clal attention during..lite sitting 1,,-
da*- was that'of the 'Kooleiiay Cen-
Ir.-il, which JVemli-r; MrJIrlde aii-
nouitced on .Saturday would recelvf-
•io tirovinri.il nssiitnnro. its construct inn by t!io„C.:l\ R. ix.jn;, j,,
inv event aspired. - This statement
was mda\ \'a|lv tleuied bv Mr. Wells
who   slated-  that   he
'soo!,,. villi ,l(i.
«»»niv in saving tlmi' flic Koolcnnv
1 "Utral compnnv had preserved its individuality- had no contrart with the
the Canadian Pacific comnanv and
^'?\,K, not Proceed ■ miles-, the deMuul
anl were forthcoming. The 0. P. Jf,
had onlv under!nkeii .to osiilst In financing the enterprise-, such nsslst*
•nice Mm.- nl4solnti.lv conditioned nn-
"» financial ni,i ho\w forihcomi,i,r
from both the Dominion and provi,,-'
eial .rovernmiinls. Premier Mt-Bride
'   "" t'>'11" -" "L' Wellsi Hrraim,
 ••-..»■-*•      1 ii-iini
mnae no i^pU- fo Mr. Well
Tlie pn.il tx\i\\m fur tiip "wft-'ii «nd-
iijg Fii-jay,  |?}.'li: q.1, w.-*^ hs fallows:
Mi'iK'-i    "* ......   jj;;1U!;
Coal   Creek    9255
.Michyl   :   ...?.. '    i./l-ifi
Ciirbniiii(li) „'  -• i<)6o
huudred . tons per dav:
^      - * %* /\**nrt E.rt*m  1-. ■ tf J^rfc IffbHA   1.
\ ***; mv 11 •tt-.vii iff.—?»\_* C| ill
Total ■  i-iy.fi.ll
, The break in the haulage mnchincrv
it.   v.icvor.ii.   44i4ii4.-4,»vi,   i*-k      "■■*    on the  N'o.  3  side  at, Coal        Creek
if the dia])hone system.; will;*c,be-plac- |'has bcti repaired aud i.s now working
id■ at all  light, houses  on  the  island t well. ..More      men   nrc   being   put   to
oast and Carinannh Point light-will    work nf t'linl t'reek and t-lio    nulput
-hr-i mproved-ln-lhe-'add i tion-of-a- pcr=i
-10mlic11l.tr electric rav thrown high in
llie, tiir-bir bv water power,, and visible as a leading light for mariners
hound for tlie. straits-of ,San ,Jnan. de
Kuca■ for-40 or 50 miles distance.,-
Tlicrcarc at   present    lights of the
"Irsfofder^lcading* ligh'tfi' of the .same
ituifih Point,  Cape. Beale and  I.eon-
'ird island, at  the entrance ..to Clay-,:
oquot sound. Ncw<Hg.hts of thp samu
are to.be eslab.isliedatHiicrrinr
'"l"! ■"«■ ««'■ "Her.w^- „.,roc,i,,ri taf
'-nvluc,lo,, of nl! neli'llon-t boarlng „,
tie    nb-ect   of the  Knctenay Central
The first day of  (he
•aigi-lv   taken
now week was
II. B, OMmour,* wlio represents the
Wntcrous Mflclijiierv cnuipany, was in
town<-ins{.'night'.',He was-among the
.:first at ^tjje^;-fire .and   turned loose)
ttii'd did nll-iie ciriild to-assist the Tire
brigade. The nent dav he was around
town  wcftrlpg     his*;fivurcoat'-. ns  his
order are to be eslab.tsliedatHiicrrini'- , flther coat was still soaking wet Kv-
Z,   To In     WW" Carmanah   "and |'ervbody voted Mr. Oi monr a, prince
"ic oriain the straits ofFura.  on-Kii-   «««» W"1 hl' TV,"™ *'"* °f a "1iU'r
»linn iuin  *"t .->*••»    , -.    ,,    j noi.ili.,1, In   nu  ninerirelieu     of
-'atterson   and  Mr.   Kvans,   Mr*
Mnnrn nmkimr a S)¥l)ri, w,lt.u wi]]
auk among the best, of the session-
It w argument. Icing, ?liat the present
svslem i.s distinctly discriminaiorv
asnirai.-.st. the, poorer districts, 'I'tm
opposiliou offernd, by the leader, an
nm-mlmpn^i^ihc moijm fj>1 spt,nn,.
-miiliiijj. ol tlie "IjTlL.tirthTeflecT that
the school act of last-session-he ftbaii
'.TV:"-0." CiiiniHliiBR, B. L. »S., who
ho-l'-liM'ii .rustlcntlng lu such villages
itH "Moiltriml,- Oltnwii, Toronto and
IVterborbiij-lir down east, returned to
the citv vesleidnv inoriitiig lool'mf
blight n'iid ltnppv und ready for n
good vdii's; work.
L, M, Proctor paid Cnlgarv a .visit lusi week.  . .WliiU- Uxm be    hm
iiii rii-iffl.-n« iHtrfi.i,i"-!A",M"' lll,s R0"''
JfloVM'-VUliroor    wWcli proved ven
\\ike%UA ('ind the l.pv was great lv
ll-jviTrti Hn lios Ihh'II alteiiding school
Snd Jvil) wi...,,! Will tbe m\ of lhe
i-Jruii '      n
The Alberta government have decjd*
CiHn ««»» tlm h'KislnUiiv JW'}1'"'^
{slrbtslftiPKOli   the 15U1 «f Mnrcli
in one of llii) Kilmoiilim publie wlino'
hoi sun   NVftlMler If-'tliev me iiomil, •
omyl1 - . '.•'■*,..,'■' '' '- '
nihwh'm in Oils im* will \* ttxxxxxA
nu oflli-iul notice from th. *\xMo
llii'lirc department . wnvn ng pi'm>»
Sot tlio low velotliu' t«, lie eKCMH'i
WttM the'chle. ol «»'■"'"'..
olleiiil wliiwe ilutv il Ih ««- '•«* •■'  '
,,,,1,.mnilers. now thol U* r  vim in*
rllrlpivi. nllieifHlv niU'Olnted lilnrclilel
o(5tlii' diipiiitninit.        A;
" 'jnlin McnmintililioK but n-cwillv n-
licHiiC. nflur nn     nlmvih-e 1" neulv
'    KmS. He repoilH Uilnex n 0
lii'llUliV-. condition In Uu-nM P^«»«
11 ji.^iwirii'Wi. n-
I'nuice island, nt the entrance of-Tlnr,-
lnv sound, with a red.sector thr.rnv
•1,-ross nanirer Hock; a proiuonitorv
near Hesfpioit: nud. at Sealondcr is-
'and, of Cape Cook, perhaps tho uiOHt
'romineut point ol the rocky coast
-if Vancouver island. All these lights,
ivill be furnished with dlnphono fog
■ilnrms'of the must npprpvetl tvne
The-lightship for Rwlftsure bank will
i'Iko' be cf|iiippt)d with n dlnpliniio log
alarm, nud It Is probable .that two
lights will be' shown nn this vessel
'o (lislingnish it rlcnrlv from the
TTmntlUa reef lightship nt llie other
'ittnuice to the straits of San .Mid",
■le. Kuca,    '     ' ,. ..
Tlie suggested, rav for yonnapali
"iglil is a light similar \o \he unvU'
astnblished lights o\\ \\\V 9(1flSV X\f
I'mnie, which nro visible for "twl
distance." The Cnrmaiiah rav will be
pcrpeiidifiilor nnd slntioimrv. On-the
Vrcncli const some of these ravs nie
ttulioiiary wliilt>, nll-nN "-VO'VP,M"»
the sky to dlstiugnisli-ftlidindividnnl*
'"Tlw1Cnnndinn life h»v|hb HtliUoim
will be nt l»«rl Hi*|if"W fHi}l« J ■•■•■«•
,nd lhiinneld.'At either station   lipre
l« to be n inoiWni ■wlf-WiHH'lli-i. W"
honl. nl ll.o VtxHM m»tM, lyp..
vliirfi was luil.t alter eonslderfttioi ol
'he ltiiboals used bv the bnrimis ship
dug nations ol tlie world, nnd with
thai was needed in au cmergcucv-    ol
that kind—Cranbrook Herald,
Last nwct*k we gnvo tlie Cninbrool;
fire Inildlei* a good boost for so
piniiiptlv pijtting out a fire hilt we
were uiiawove that II, 11-,was present
That nccnnnls for ii. Hugh IL would
di'-iponili/e nuv couilngnitiou,
ri.cd iu llie city on hiumny uvi
aiid reliiriipd yesie^iUj., }\v, t*u«'
aiteiid 'tli-* 'iiditAirVvi- niefAi-ig lit
-porl'Strute    U.re\vin,B 0»ninn«y
fflC tlM  lllll" "I  *','•"?'"
i„    siiwdust ond riiavlna"
- -■ -- t 1    .. .   ■Ir*'**'*'   ' .if*
lilt »X '«••*•»«. ,"i,,,sJf^,o,
mXTitoKZ Imd let tho cni-triicl
,11 modevii iiiipi-iivi'iJU'llVH l-urtflW-l1**
auccH. A lile-Hiivinir crew, will lie
Miftlutnined nt^eneli pliicp.
The surf boat, wlii-'l. Will If !'«rrJvi'
n Unit ll luiiY 111' in ni'f.r«,i(.« W«
fore the more VxpeiiHlvii bnais ni-o fun
slrnrtt'il, will be nf llw nrrtlnnrv type
of lllelinnl ond will he more n-iidlllv
trniispiiiied Hint'llio imntH with nm-
rlilnorv. ..
Tliu niionurmenlH lor snfegtmrdinu
the coiisl nlso Incluile tliu enrlv C0ll«
-.triiition 'nW| oi»Mtn«,)"f .W^"""
„f t-lulit or "en wiieleKs leleirriiph Hlfl:
t|„„s, nil ol wlilili will Is- 11 nnu-.
.mini, at ion wUh YlrtnrU, \ 1? «•.»•
miiiiicnl'M wink land line will tliiii
doubtless Ihi supi'iui'dud, It I»I|I|C »'•
w.iv» in trmilil*. nm. ilovvii \vh»l» w«
r,-silw iivl'cs for lu tine, llw '«»,<*'
lions for Uie wireless stnlloiis have
3 Wen denultelv decided, oil hmibIi
It In known tlmt ln-tli Cpnnajii.1i nnd
'■*    ■-*        '        , „M        1     *     11,.    1«(4*lUf4ll« fl'
-.tnUnni:. nir ft Vm CUh-V nn.l C«im»
flroltl nnd Sfotl island ol lhe \tx-
Mitriilfir group, the m-WointviHiti-il w-
lands oil tin »o;.l*w»*»*» wlol ol
Vmiroiivnr \tix\w\ ro«l. V''"'.'"?.'*1"
If!."!,, Ciail.raith, of Fort Steele, nr-
rl.cd in the city cm KiiiuI*iy isvv\\*«K
*    -' VH$: V* W*"W
 - til   Uie
,...T ........ iy iw-W
nn M(\ndi,lV' Ml* -fll»l»»nilH» !'"»• *»*"
tt rotiirtvui o* und a believer in    Kast
Kootenay for 40 years nnd his milli
is fitroneei' now llion ever in'the future of this wonderful country...What
nn experience to have seen \\\\i\ l!VP.at
s,t*-i>U-lt |\l coimli-n evolve, from a primitive wilderness,to its present     condition and to lmve the   fnllh nf the
pioui'pt- to LellcVB tlmt great us    the
chimgo has leen in llie past 40 veavs
the next    V-"it y»»t« will bring sllll
nn-iter clmmres, Mr. Ooll.r1.M1 work*
rd nsslduouslv for Uic Interests     ol
RntKioleimv   in    mbm.ii nnd out.
He Imsiii'ver for n niomciit lost faith
in the Id ot' nnv C,eiiUii\ nii,\waY liro*
lopi, n,.*i I'veVy, eHoit put iorth     liv*
lilin null Illn co-workers lor tlw . con-
B'imiirUi(.« ol Hint  oiiUM-pnso  ih »n
,..nr|, ,.a*d   vvprk    floMo fw wi»> *w«
citv. Villi l.-id"«r »nkfH "it Ih hat   0
Riioti Iim ond -shall iln nil it con lo
assist in bringing nbotit the cnnip e ■
Hon if iIi;h    «"ost  liiiiiorlont  I'Mef
„rlse   T1-P \xxx\W\W »•' ^ KonH'imv
Ceillrnl riillroiid xxwxxxx*. more to l'er-
Stlirm to nnv othor nasi K«w* ,.nij*
nnlnt nnd onr board nl vrtxxU iibnuj.1
♦ ,,,.p riMiMiivtlv nllvis nml ortlw    »»
^iji prowul'on.
-...,i,i.. 1 -r.r.ivM        . • "•
,,       , ,    .,       ,-session'|Wi4|,.,,,
Iloncd n ii(l. I ha ^ 11„. pr„v lm. rwyr\
to tho system httheito prevailing,
yiij.l wns defeated Vjn a party division, the; socialists'foregathering with
the, government.-;-!*-' qsking jji-. )»l,i7
rotr—tj> .wUIiiIhi ".^lis/.teh'-phone litli
•"wliipli Mr. Kllison (k-cliiicd to do)
lhe premier urged that ihvestiiralions
had leen undertaken both liv tlm t-ov--.
eminent of Manitoba and of the Horn*
InifW as to the desirability of gov.
(rniueiit control and oneratlon of tel-
?nhono*i. Uo advised that lhc result
of Ihcse inquiries be awaited beforo
British Columbia took nuv fiction In
llie premise.)-, '
Wednesday's proceedings while brief
and comparative,v uninteresting, bore
evidences of .-suppressed excitement allegedly .incident to disseiition almost
ntiioiintiiig to disrupt ion in the. con-,
scrvnliyc ranks,  It  is ndinilied. Uiiit
tljen-'ls iniich  (\issnt<s(uctiou  within
tljefjiarlv ij,s \a the occupancy of the
tntuisirv of lauds am) works liv Unit.
H. I'\ Orcn and ruinours during the
week have, had it that n round robin
Ftviitestiitg the premier to ask for his
'colleague's resignation, has been     iu
circulation.   WliiU   (lio  stories    differ
in ihis particular there fs no dcnin.1
• hat nn iiimlensant sltiialion has arls-.
cn tliroiiirh conservative denial of Mr.
fti-ei-iii'H  fitness for his nreseiit  offce,
IMie, circiiiiislances Hint he facilitated
lhe trinislei' lo Lnrseti nnd Aiulersou
or their associates, for ihe C. T, I>.
leriiiiiHis, of the exlra-vitlunble prop*
irt'es  nt  Kalmt   klnnd,   Is urged  ns
dotiionst rat dig his iiiifitiicsR to direct
H-p it'ol  important branch of     the
nubile service. A considerable niiinU'r.
of the ennwrvntiveq     in     the hmiM,.
txnee that, Green hiimik-d bndlv     in
IjIiIm tnitUr- io put the r(i<-,i>       must
mercif'ilh bui claim Hint lift     dare
pot now lo nlired ns it- would const it ale it |..iiui)||.|e admission rif Hie
ehsMres iirefened bv the nnpnsilloii,
nivl now under iiivesllirnliiiii. Kor
MiU vet'-on (Jtiedv it Is ii'-nbnlilc th,it
lile  lllllllnti'1. will   ->i>  net-mil ted   In   <;,.
lain hU oniee nm'1 lhe «.|oim blows
over. The nHurlivl Ii-kIiii.ms nq WVil-
Memlfii- wns Hu> tvli-ction of. Afr, Mac-
dnit'ilil's ntiii.tiiliin til, nud ||m nn««**>i'f.
of Itic molioii for I he utaihI rr-ullnir
ol I It «■( .tool nr I niiieiidiiiciil bill bv
31  lO Hi
bill as       thus
inwildtNl   vepfii'it'tl tt» lln house..
Ii was Mr. UuwtluiriUliwallc who
took up lhe debate upon the eight-
liours-lii-smelters bill, which he off-
plaiucd was virtually lhe same lhat
lie hiui'cir h.".d introduced in '.90$.
He claimed that the- only objection
that couhl be, nffei-iid now,'as then,
tyis t|iat \he measure was unpopular
witlt the smelter einplovers. and the,
question therefore became the simple
one of whether thc smelter owners
or the industrial masses exprtial Hie
most poteflt i'|!l*,ie-,i*i» upon the house
U 'had been suggested that legislation ot this character was lvcvoud the
proper scope of the provincial legislature, being in effect nn interfernnce
with trade and commerce. Since no
attempt was made to regulate, wages,
the Nanaimo member could not see
tlie suggi-tiicri legislation in this iigbt..
■1'here was nlwavs a remedy for the
einuloyers if the shorteiiiu-; of hours
alone was unprovided for. Certain un-
. written laws controlled the situation,
the primarv law of supply and demand having much inilueucc. Ii the
cinplpy-ers lound that thev were unable to operate at a profit under the
readjusted hours of labor, thev
would very quickly even matters up
bv the" variety of methods left4 to
them. Thre* mentis iv-erc, commonlv re
resorted to—reducing waires, inlensi-
feing bibor, or introdtieing imnrov-
•ed iiiachinei-y. Home timoM nil three
ire'hods wei-n conctirrentlv adopted
as had been lhc case in the Nanaimo
mines since the passage of legislation
Shortening the hours of labor there_,
Tn that case thu employers .nnpcareil
lo  have - overdone  matters.   The  men
Vrnnilih* Mcrnlil
C, A. Mngralli utU'iided the .inininl
meeting of lhe shareholders id the
Unvmond Milling Compnnv U»»\ vfivf.
1*i,,. u-iKil iltvtrliMul oi 10 is-* emu. wns
dei-limrt. Mr. MugriUh *aih rr-t-lti-inl
Idesliill-V About 7000,sack-. 1. Hour
hivv-i lieen shipped to the Orlinl since
r'rt,A. Ve -wen) lo t'olenrv when II
w-« a Irtirir «*f "'■ f>'w toittArt'A people
, HMil lio* -dm-rtnl il» »«■» *xxxA downs iiii-
ill tt li it div n.| 17.IW, nemxr.
Aid ►•fr-K'HlM' -o AoMtAe lhe uiimltor
IA lhc 'ni.»| ro*' venrs. AHer » «lrlv*e
i'ii the r<-A*r VsWtv mill In Hie «f-
tj.>nnnri tin. Imn.' f-enllfmnn left liv
tiV C, 1». W rssHvonnd train (or CM-
Mi mm mm
Vntiilnjt more strlVlntW Ulii«trf*tf»
lite itieni.f*' of tlw lo'diV tlmn thf rev*
rUltnn-4 of tW i»o«t lew dav* «t Vic-
torlt. A U-itltUtlv*? Ittquirv wai lore-
Ur!«nv. wim li«» I-"' •>• 'or w,,,u;
wrtAim, wai o.**ii|>viinr Hil« room nnd
Uic plaster fill on h«r bodv Inn lor-
tnntttrlv did nol <*l*-ile her hrod. The
sltofk, her fitetuU will In: it.ad to
know did nr»i Hve anv liiinrioni el*
Utt, lier condition on Mondav U-ifiir
inmi-whot fiti|-nrt*d.~I,«tMilMjZ«-.Hit-
Do it again.
l-'nrtltcr     evldeiicc    of (lie exl-dml
roinpiirt bilwceii lhc socinlisls     und
the  first coiiservutlvt' gnvrriimeiit* of
V'ill-ih  Ciiltmililn  wn» di*.iiivi-ieil on
Tliiirsdiiv lu (he mainier In which the
''l-(lit*lioiits*iii-siiif'1li-ts    hill    received,
Its coup de grate, Tt  is true thai il
vie* n nil*-.'!, division bv which     the
wcr'^ilr«:ulmg was dctcatcd, bill Ihko-
lur as tin; I'oviruiiiciH whs coiu-friii'd
Uufv i-tHli-mlv vv.in ttn uiiiii.iwtniiiiiiii;
wlt\t Mr    .l.iwlliiirnl.iwi.llr   nnd   that
1-i'titleini.n wit* not  t-siwcliillv nwrse
In seeltn* lhe   measure relecled, The
bill, tilliV (luselv iiiileiiinl miuli lhc
Unwlliniiithwalii' bill of last session,
wan lids vinr bro't'dit forward bv
..     .,    ., .,.1 .-,
4.I.,      .IJ.*- 4> *•♦ aJk ,     I    ■      .'..14..I,. .-....,...     4...I 4.
Imi inriKnri1 sironnl for ,the Nninti-
•rn, irr'-'litr's fli'j-ittir.'f Hidorvinrnl.
In l", ll lean "o'ed ivllll «iirm-lm. tli-it
TncMiiititl (o lln* "oii-. wltlrli wnm \n
'n i" If «"i« '"lied wilh riiriit-li,. ilni
'■"-•i, Mi-**'-, r.'M'n i?nl Mrltriil,. ivIki
' |.l|,»in ||.|.-r ll.nitnht mm<\ vi-ito.1 ni
'4|tf>,  viirp (.»nrri4i l|tjr di,-..»•.,(. rininidU*!,
.n.» ^i.r, Ht.il Me*sr«. Sliilf.ml niA
r.iiford  ">'•'■ wiilnn the prMlncU
i..n.Kt •"•■rf nol cMx-clallv «n»-
lotm (o fdaif -ihirnvU'c* on ruwil <•«
Hie principle ut Issue. Messrs. "Kvani
and fitiftit *i*r<* iMiir«<t. and tkr yvtv
were now driven like slaves and n reaction w*is,.l.o*ind to occur that would
produce disristroni results.. Mr. Haw-
thornthwiiHe Hun virtiiallv ceased to
discuss the bill'; and*turned his cner-
gies into-nn attack upon, thn memlver
for Mosshtiul,-whom he-alleged was
very, williiig lo voice n deep-sentei'
sv-itmathv for the toiler, but cousist-
< nt lv withheld h's vote from measure",
calculated to improve the worker's
condition, He referred in sneering
fashion to the credit that had lieen
taken to himself, bv the tnc-mher foi
Rossland in connection with thc arrangement for shorter liours brought
about between the smelter owners of
Greenwood nnd Grand Korks with
their me'-,;. M)t\ rUu-iutt. with the declaration tl^ivi since Mr, Mar.donnld
had, provided the most consistent excuse for the rejection of lhe bill lhat
member would be chiefly responsible
should thn hntlso defeat it,
Itnii. Capt, Tallow next look the
floor, but his opening sentence had
not been completed 'ere
sir. TTnwthornlhwnite took (lie* point
of order that lhe fiinmce minister had.
already been heard from nnd "certainly wnsn-t entitled lo make n second   speech,"
Mr, Hrown ventured the interjection
that Hon. Capt. Tut low hnd not addressed himself to u discussion of the
bill, A statement had been made bv
himself, Mr, Hrown, as to the similarity of tliu bills of this session und
of Inst, nnd the fitinncc minister had
merely pointed out (heir Inessential
\\o%. S>api. Tut low was, lifter *.omc
hut her uliyhl objection by Mr. Haw-
Hiointhwnite, declared to lxj within
fiis light, and continued nccorilini-lv.
Ue ciiiiimi'iiti'd thai the mcinlicr ior
N'liiiuinio had said this hill was not
interpret able ns nu iiiterlereiice with
trade 01 couiinerce, And vet In the
same breath this member hud pointed
with indignation to the results «('■
t'Oiuplislied ill lhe. Nm^im.. iiiiues bv
the cllfmci-Uicl^l oi M.iIiilhl ligislatiou
ol wkiili he hiniwlf, (Mr. Iliiwlhnin-
tltwatti*) was the uiitliot, These n-
suits Mr, llitwthoiiilliwaile hlliisell
nl tested vi"-re wliollv disiiilvauliigeoiis
t'i the workers, uud vi-l he inconsistently linked the house lo cxliltd tin III
In   nliiithi-r      Sell Inn   ol   Ihe   provliue
nnd another impoitaiit imlustrv, lie
(the fitpiiur- iiiinisteil dcsiied lo go
dixtinctlv upon ii-ioid ns opiiiisiii,-
anv such law iniiklug, ai nol in Un*
interest ol (he winking il.isn not the
Interest*! of- llu- piovtncc. lie miiiht
1st preiimioiJe lu his Ideas, iih lhc
iiiciiiIh'I' for Nniialino hnd onn: sug*
"Hear, hear," qiiotli Mr. Hawthorn
HlWillU-   ilpplotlliyll-
'jjnl 1 vi-ii il -prf.il'.tnib-. the rm.tuit-
minister procccdi'd, In- was delermin-
••d lo si nnd liv Ids rnnurrvHlisiii in
i,4,ptii 10 nil Mali it.inL'ri'in.i \ii(,«l1
id udvi'iuiil legislation, ludiivlng that
It   toitbl   onlv   linvt;   n   dlsndvnntng*
, f ,t      .:•..   :.. 1...,.,.
nnd  inditd nil  Indus Hi*"* ol  Urittsh
Dr, King io<ik oppo-ulie croiinds nnfl
promloed supporl to the bill with recognition of lhe condition-. Inimical
m In-.1I1I1 nrcvnilm" in Mitclim. and
the lin-! thnt iim-ller nrrttlor* Imd
mlltlillid the Insliir ol the i-it'bl hour
diiv nt if-t-eriil tdii,**«, imd iiiiiforiii-
Itv wai l-Mih di'kirflliie nnd itrr«-«is»tv.
TV 1i«' wtis nlto Awirovrd bv Vr.
V«IU, who rMnrt-u-ril Xbt *lt«»tlon
l.ist u sitou nnd nt nre-wnt. T.ixf wi-
»ioo *r*m thr nnrllrr im'fh-itrT ***
threatened '*.vithclo,s,*)':in.;',ma^
tion-.;  when   ■'prictg'.-wtri-",down.;' .ii*-id
workmen dissaiislied, the member for
Arand Korks had tak.'n-Hie-course;of
adding iurther eiubarrassuient  to ,thu
industry by  voting in        lavor of" a-
compulsory eight hour. day. Xow that
stability had been  imparted to smelter conditions,   the principle  of eight
hour  labor    had    been  admitted    bv
thc operators; and all conditions weie
lavorable   to  its   inauguration     without   injury  to  any   interest,   .if      ihe
sgorter dav,  the member I'or     Grand
Forks   was   found   most   consistently
Imposing  the  desired  legislation.   ll:s
own opinion was thai tlte capitalists
should  know  exactly    whore       laboi
stood upon mis question, and ii wa*.
Willi   a  view   to   the   perpetuation   o
settled   and      sntislactorv   condition;
that he intended to support the principle  of  thu  bill-.  He  relied  upon    tin
enienduu-litnpr0111i.se oi the introduce!
lhat   amendments   would   be   acceplei'
in commiltee providing for a suspension of the law where  iv might     U
necessary apd desirable on cmergeiict
The debate was closed bv lhe lead
er of the opposiliou, the govornmeiil
ngain adopting the pulley nf silence
iir,   Macdonald  first  diu-cleil  himsell
lO  analysis of  the  reasons actuating
tlio  member  for  Xanaimo  in  his  al
tack upon himself,  the socialist leader' being prone, however to pass ovti
unnoticed the*much more hostile,   altitude of the gentlemen opposite will
wliom lie was   evidently  ib political
alliance. Ou  the nppearauce   , of thi*
measure  for kindred measure)   in  th'
house  last year, he  ("Mr- Macdonald'
had  tnken a verv deep interest  in ii
He had resolved to do all within hi*
power   to secure the reduction of tin
liours, which be Mievcd. to be askc"
for   wilh   right   and   justice,  bv      tin
.smelter ctnplovces. He had so soon n>
the   session   closed  placed  himself   in
touch willi not  only the smelter operators but also the workmen employ
td   in  the  smelters,   with  n   view   l<
briiu'ing the two parties together, an-
he was clad to snv-tliat.he bad beer
successful    in   this    and      that    out
of   tin   amicable-   consideration   of   tin*
situation  in  all  its phases an  agreement had been reached that was sal
isfaclorv to nl,  concerned,,    nnd  fo-
which he  thought he had a  right  t-
take,  a measure  of  credit  to himsell
lie had thought that the pursuance of
lhe course he bad was infinilclv preferable to  the  precipitation  of     dis-
■'strous rind exiwiisivc industrial stnl-
Hecause he had taken the course outlined   and  because  his efforts  in   be-,
half "of the smeller men had        beer
sncressful, was il anv reason  that li-
had  beeii  singled  out  for violent  at
tack bv the member for Nanaimo, os-
tensiblv bv, a  ■ friend  and   champ.or
-,flabor?    '   The  preservation of wot.
pud hatmonious conditions m       I";
smelters  was   in, bis  mind   i.ccc.ssai
...__.,  .'■■!.*.  r.t   tliat  wirtieuln-
It ,was necessary  t" >''e prescnalw'-
What is Considered important
Enough to Print; ; T
Miss   Kelly  aud   little   Julia   Jones"
visited  Cranbrook  a  few' days      last
The bachelors and grass widowers
had a dinner at Mr. K. Tavlor's last
Mr. McKitisiry and family of Marys
vi.le,  wne    lhe    guests of Mr.
-Mis.  l-'ttd  .loues Sunday.
Kev. Mr. Vance, resident minister,
preached an abl« seemon .Sunday even-
oig  to a large congre«ution.
Kev. Mr. Vesimaii <,[ Cranbrook,
visited Kiinlteiley on lhe 15th (itut
held services there and at the Sullivan mine.
They are cutting irom* xs.no to 40,-
ikki fvet of ltimU-r u dav at the mill
nnd have nlintii **,o<h>,i.(xi feet ready
for .shipment.
Tlie weather lias,, been somewhat
uiildur • and considerable snow has
gone, but sleighing is still good and
the logs arc lieing rapidly hauled lo
lhc mill liefore the roads break up.
The dance held nt Springavs last
Tuesday night was a great success,
quite a number from Marvsville being present, and the dancing was lept
up till the wee small hours of the
morning. All who were there report a
good time.
(-rtt ons of the inininR nidnstrv.    J
deration of thc coke ovens, llie   o
., crc, incidental to *»-to»\™ ,    ,
i„g   Then he.  with others,  had  ---
!^trumental. in averting iiUeiTupio.-
Htat would be "IfW*^1,1*1.1
:, terests, bv the. reiftoval oi l.ardsh »
:„ the conditions nl Uu* men. when
Is   attack   justified? . lie bad ' k-v
-tdvoeated   premature   inter.cieme
...Mslatiou with agreements v »   11
1 v"entered iuin betwt-011 cinp.ner .in-
:,,,lmve.   but   in   certain   "vocation
•v Ire life or health were en.b.niete.
' v  nee   sarv      IndnUrlnl  cond,l.o..«
tel   legislation was nol nnlv » "j
i   wasndul'..   I-ast spring saw   I
„„eltiug industry unlortunateh  si
■  e,    It was hampered on cverv hand
. ,0 have Interfered as propofcc
Slw lm« brouubt disasti. nnd an
ship upon munv-nnt  the least	
Mrs. A, Kenwick, <,f Fort Steele,
is spending ihe week with her sister.
Airs. Krank Derosier.
Mrs. S. A. Anglis spent Saturday
in Cranbrook'.
Mr. and Mrs.' Grant  downing, Miss7
Marsdeu and I.uis Parrent* spent Wed A
li.esday evening in Wardner, attending
a daucej 'where  thev  report,  having a
most enjovable  evening.
Mr. A. H. Doekstader, agent for
tht Sun I.ife Insurance Company,
spenl a couple of days iu J affray,
Mr. R.. A. McCoiinell, of Wardner,
spent a dav here this week.
Two new boilers arrived for the
Kast Kootenay mil. vesterdav and
they are rushing the work along so
as to be ready to open the mill soon.
-Dr.     ltell.    the.  velerinarv  surgeon,
^... ... sr~.,.l..^._.*.._...»«!,»_i,il,4,< 14.I il,4-;_lllrt_
^jU'tlL .li 4 lit, ll,.* l.i — *.." ." — .....,: .--- "r,—	
Kast Kooleiiav horses. -
Mr. Graul Dawning made one of his
Iviug  trips to  Cranbrook  vesterdav.
Mr. Jack Woods is spending ti few
davs iu Kernie this week, Irving' a
change of cliniatc.
Xd   eu"    ' wo.kcrs.il. whose ii-
.„.,.„  sought,   The  snu-.ters  bad
in nn itneiivinble position	
1. rId not 'he r.rniihv «.mnn«v
Mr.  llawthornthwiiile,
^yir:iY?hy w
im.,ll(,cimnls made th.»t »»    ' '» ,
„„,, employee cull  RJ'»      « t »
ZiY«u Em ..111 .•»•"■■"
ri,iiii«iliii  stage . ,     .i
-Itut  **li.il  »'» 1,",,,r' °' ,,,,J   J
,4,1.,. ol copper ,■...?■•    ll«l«tl"»    Mr'
KIMr'."M.i<donab1  did  ««.l   anliilimli-
nll(,r,|„ „„v event tin* MueKc. o«nm
would p.opose t«i I'V'lll""
1,,,,,, di.v, Al'iniv rate ell...ts in su
„ ,ii„ ci ion (oul.l m-vcr ■"«"-'"»'
!,l    „>.rJnll nl llll' nsllite        til."
w„„|,| .haki- the proviiui- in 11-»»••••
dat ion*.
Tl.p vole upon the motion {•"   "•.•■
nnd n-...lln-J. <•» «>"   «'»1 w" ,,,rn ""'
10  lln.   I..III--   «nd  difenti,!     "poll    •
,l„v nrin-iiioiv •-llxMon. tl"' «^n,l[
;,■      m ....    Vi- iti*.   -.ml  \trtelii
Jpaucd), IIoiuti.li. Slnilf.iid nnd *-"»
V„r  llm bill. Messrs,   lUnrv. Uim-
Uli.un   MiVtvill    .ToiH'V  UnvidijOll.Jt
muM. lli.«-il"'Tnili«-(i«le, WtHlam*. Wtl
*,, Mir.bn.ib'   ll.-ndirwin. MV1K. Cam
son, Own. {..Udell, Voting.   Manion
-I j.
A«r.iln«.t-~%».-»<.r^ Mntvhv "-"an^r-
-TtlrCfr %fiiii»o, t'Ai.t*-!.!!, Hill. 'Iallow. M'l'"''*'. fiitlon. Hlli*"ii. CUI*
Innl, VI****!, Yi**rr. *Ro.«. A Mf-
f»on.t?d,   Fntfon,  Tjvlnr.   Xfafi-nwaii.
Hugh- s'lephens 'is visiting his brother at the Australian hotel and J.
I.arseu at Morrissev mines.
Mr. Morrow has sold, to n seromt
hand dealer in I'ernie, n car load of
household effects and others nre preparing to do likewise.
It is repotted that there will soon
'u,2i> post cutlers nt work under the
lireelioii ol Mr. l.eiinie, some of them
■oiniiig from Mr. I,etcher's camp at
Ke.rnle. The posts nre being cut from
lhc timber licenses held bv Mr. Mc-
(iti ire.
Set tion lloss McLeod of tin* G. NT,
has received switch matciial for put.
ling on a spur at Mi Guile's mill.
More men nre being employed at the-
inill, .and il is said that lhc mill will
herealicr be operated under more favorable  conditions.
Krun (lit- Kriuik l*ay#r
Geiicrnl Manager H. S- •*'>alcr; <>t
the Inleriintioiial Coiupniiv ut Coleman, lelt last (Veiling on an extend,
id visit to easiein Canada.
A. V, Gradv was up Irom Macleod
vesterdav looking niter his interests
here and at Coleman,
A, Mul/ of the K011 Steele Drew ing
Compnnv was in Prank vi-Mi-ubiy.
Flunk II. Smith, pioviuci.il mine inspector, accompanied bv Mrs. Smith,
visited the Pass the  firs!  ol  llie Weet.
Capt. I'V A. Ilii.. griu-iiil iniiiiiiger
of the Ciiuadiaii-AiiieuVari romnanv,
-. I si led I'i,ink al Ihr week unl und
,ill  again lot   the toast  Monday
General Manng.-t I'Vrnau nl the Mel
nl Coinpiinv, wai    in    I'i auk sevi-i.il
d.ivs T.isl  weel. ,
At the I'leibvterv iiuclitig wliu'ii
was held ill Macleod last week, il Will
iigliid Ikat 11 le attnniM-liU'lit of
lhe wml iif ihe two rliuri'lii-N, Velh-
odlsl and Piesbvli'itaii, U< made in
HiK disliUl. Wev. T M. Muirav will
U. Itniisltricd to Ciileiiian that he
1,1.1-, 1. abb lo ui^' fil""'"1' V »!'«•
tnstititti..niil (liunli Hun. Illiniiitoie
mid (In- MiLaiin'"* mill «'H u' >" ,"kS
ili.iii!.'. Mi I'i am is will Ink.- ihaii"»
of l'i.ink nnd oth.i |ioin(s rtl Hi<- ''Jisl-
Hid S itumtlilv i-%ih.'«i'e "f PiifplM
will be pal 1 ol iln- woiting plan.
Kn.iu ill*' I.»»'lir
Ml-  .'.till"  .'la**--   A .Vvr,   hit . '«
tudc.isoiiiig lo hn.iu- Ini '-"H, Alliert
Kdwuid Cbtike, jH'thapi U*Her knowli
ji ., (M ,,\ Tl.i.i ,i.riT« una she
s.ivs Inr -.on was winking nl a.s.av*
mill near Movie Anv InfiiruMtJIiti
slnnild l«' m ut  lo ihit oflir*.       ' •"*
Mrs ()lr) IU'*)''"* nndlrttty, ot
1'eiuie, s|nnt 11 weel visitiM' fil Mov*
le with Inr ttistcr, Mm.,.I* I*. McM.1-
*. .' '*    *
A.   MiiIf  lias, punH-jvd  tlw  Oran*
l,r,,/,],- |,r,*w< rv  from'I,   It   V.-irilli-i »i
ITc li.it tati-n ihariViiin. will o-ki-iU
tW- plant * it** ("11 capaiiiv
.Ti-trnm Ct<.niit-*k.fl Thut«*d.»v for Ht-»
lit*'.     .-.   '.*•
"-.    '.
f *
••.'*■.iS **
• rtm,.^m'v> **ir% w ■-*
.       » Q
The Fernie*Ledger!
B. V.
Iwftetl «Ter.T \Vodn<ssdav fiom m'lice of ;>ub-
(•itlon, Mkcr of Wood St. ami Baker Ave.,
•/•mi'4, British Coluubia.
'  |CO.MUKRCUL lllSll.AY|
allowed lo be ehuu-jeil when ilusired, without
oxtrii char**.-)
io cents an inch, eiieli iiiAitiun.    "
.,w *. ■31>«C1»1 position, Jj,,.; uJvimce
..50K dkcuuut whon plutd.-. Me fimiiahcil
•BANSIE.N'T AIlVHltTlsni K.\1 s
- (i«t U nonpariel, Ji'.Hnea malio uu inch.)
Auction Salai, Entertitiument..i, Tcnilur-i. Legal .Notices utc, lucent*.-a line, iir-.t insertion,
scent* a liiie each snli.->t!.|m.-iit insert ion,
.     CKST-A-\V4l)!I>-.M;S
Lo»t, Found, Kur Sale. To Lot, Xluxtt or Ex-
«uange, ouo oont a woi J, each iiiMirtimi.
Ou buck priga auioiij; local-,, Vi) cent i u lii-.n
Ou trout paifu anions locals, -i-i contra   litiu
JUK-l'UII, HilllllAdLR AXI) IiKATliS
It esenrriinr amoiiff»t our subsiiriln-rs, fro?; till
utner* iurtiitiL.iuili inaortion. Curil* of C4jii-
urufillation.coinlulvnuo or tlnuili-i, .iliituurr
VHttij «,tv„ lists of truuMti iuul 44,ii,liiij; pr.ii-
(.ut., lut-Kiiti a liuo,iion!M.r'al/i;.ch Iiii.urti.il'..
If you, your fr-encls or relatives suffer wiih
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus' fiar.ee, cr Felling
Sickness, write for a t:ul bottle and valuable
treatise on such diMaii-s. to The Li'iBio Co.',
179 Kin« Streot, V/., Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain Lr yon
:0 No. 3T72,
Meet iu.l. 0. F. Hall on tho last Tuo-j-
d;iy in every mor.lli.
E. C.U503KI.LA, Fin. See.
L. P. Eckstein
Cuililitr: Block
Soucn-oii,   Etc.
Ko.'nlo, 11. C.
Mr, liiiss, rc'irvsoiitativLwif liis Imsi-
Hums purliiur 111 the lvgi.sliiturv ami
aitsuilivr nt tliu KjUuii island iitvc*.ti-
jtJ.ition     cimunitu-o,    is    u  wry   lint:
, -y'ttujtji- fellow, who is dvstiiivd lo
Ui$sm his wuy in politics provided lie
*s* Us iudua-i! to tuku lent. This k'u-
im* island coiiimitu-i' was uppoinu-d
X.* Hiquire into the circuiusluiii-vs of
v. Mrtuiii traus-tction, to brinj-- out
mil tin. fuels in connection with the
W«*al, and to lu y them before tlit-lcK-
isltUun. and the peoplo, air. lioss lias
Win U'd astray in ie»anl .to tin* du-
ti*« of .members of this committee.
V«irl**a-.ii liis dear friend "Mr. Howcser,
is responsible for Hit-, l.oss's "obsession;" Mr,'Bowser is not on the
MSMinittee, although he would ikailv
lov» to be, aiul, not beiuj,' responsible
•*• fear lit- advises' from tbe sl.ind-
-yvM-t nf nn irresponsible. Thc duties
st ,th» committee, os we have -said,
sis to get at the facts. Wc suspect
tliat uouil- of Mr. Ross's collea<*iic's
ur* none too anxious to perform their
^H«* with conscientious disretrnrd
t»r'tk« effect the revelations mav
M*** upon'the political fortunes of
M*tt party. Ilut Mill they ar* doinj-
'j**** dHty, and., they are 'to be com-
■ta*-.d*i. for il. Tliey ar*- di-rplavinj;
-jjAuirftblii judgment  with a  trifle   of
\f*ftf bias clisplaviujr itself occasionally; wjiich is to be expected, lint Mr.
m*n* has never made any attempt to
. o*>ir.c.,al. Jfis belief that h« was, ap-
pei-'ted on ttfe committee,- licit for the
ssrpme ol aKsisUn-jf in brin^injr   out
■  .km svidence and making thc public ac-
Htutinted with the facts, belt with the
•Mterial testimony appeared upon the
yiew of objectinir Uheiicver nnv really
. tjieiut of coinin-,' out nltcmptln-z to
Muvince the chairman  that the mat-
~Wr_wlt»niotT^rcvalit~?n^1)W(iTrd thT
scope ol thc inquiry. In fact, thc mem
fe*s for Fernie has so obviously plac-
•il himself outside; the ])ale of an in-
ttmpeiideiit inveslijiator that his, judi;-
MJtitt, when finally given upon, thc
matter cannot possibly have nnv
W»lKlit. The cliief cause of Mr, 1'oss's
•ailvtru to preserve' an appearance' of
• ki(V*|)«ii(U*iH-e is possibly to be
' found in the evident belief lhat it is
His rtutv to match his great legal tal-
■11-1* against the inferior and over-rat-
*i tbilitv of the leader of the opposition. It would be unfair to Mr, Ross
to comment upon thc general result of
Hticli intellectual encounters. Tliu in-
vncU*nlile effect is itn ebullition of in-
' taaljjo temper from one (-uarlcr "nil
a deqiening of the iinperliirlialile po-
liWimws nnd courtesy in the pci'lina-
•iuitit presence which sits ou the opposite side of the table,,
,; flier* Is vet time for Mr. Ross to
weftiiftidi.'r his position nud to cast of!
- *** •»uuitie of pnrlis.-uisliip which'sits
io ill' upon thc shoulders of a iiieiuber
,«atrHMtt>d    wilh     such  nn  iiuportanl
'wshIl.   Y«t   we  rniinot   sny   that     we
-.lUyt iiiiii-ll hope. Iu spilt.- of Mr.
ftpftft'ii obvious pni'li.-'iiiisliip and the
fa«t lluit we nlreiulv know whnt liis
jadKiuent will lie, there Is the cvl-
«l*uc», which becomes more coiidciiiu-
ataiT n* th*; sessions puss, The ron-
»»ftJktioin  of  the  gowriiiueiit   are    in*
. l4ttd "iiiiii|iie," while llie develop-
lii»Ut*i ol such ciiiiuectioiis are still
-Mtnt-i   of  .such   connect inns   arc   still
,,nor« fil.i'iioidiiiurv,—Victoria Tiiines
Tlta nbove froin the Victoria Tinu-s
tn a ratlief scathing commentary upon
war iiiembei' und wi- think that vvhen
tat Tiiiicn states that Mr, Koss i.s (lie
itprtsetiliiflvi!  of   his   busiiii'ss  pnrt-
ucr it is wide of tin- ninrk.
Ledger don't believe Mr. Uos:
representative of his business partnn
in anv sense of the word. It is hardly to be believed lhat Mr. Koss'r.
pailne. "udoi-scs, the course lie hns pur
sued in ...j house a,tiio it'ir.av be
that he does in'a qualified sense. Of
Course it i.s lo lie presumed lhat "Mr.
Ross's business'partner, along with
other members of the conservative
part' here wou.d u-*>l puliiidv couth mu Mr. l.'oss's actions, but it is
also presumable • tliat ■ thev do not
(luietlv'ani'i in a private, manner pat
llieir member on the back and rav
"uell done, good and faithful servant."
Th'! tueml.er for Fernie comes lien re
being a representative of the provincial j'overnmeul through all kinds of
squalls in th>* political weallu-r, than
he. docs or representing the people of
ihis district. He out Huwthnnilh-
thwait-- I.iiwllionitliwiiiii- in his support of the minislrv. for the 'latter
.""iitlein.in do-s kick hard i-nou-jh and
oi^nlv enough to fo-ce the government' to iteeent his terms once in a
while, but the kicks of Uu
meiuler, if li" makes nnv
undor ihe covers and are
seriously  bv  the  kickces.
F. G, Latoe
Tost Ollicu Dlock. Fornio."B. C.
wot lose heart if vou havo
imumption.    OiIum-s who
»vo boon left to tlie hy llu*
KM-fl, have heenaaveilliy
^VfiUNlc, mid it. will cave
t ou, too.
# Ccmmmplion \r, a pou'er-
,1 disease, hut I'svrniNK is
anore  powci'ftil   iLMiu\!y.
practically puts new. Uli'
to flic .system,   inert.im.-,'
itritjon,   purities   hi mul,
urn up the lie ryes,  kill*.
errns   and   ropaii";   •x*
im.sicil  tissues.     I) si 11' t
Im nnv
What Greenism Is.
The electiirale of the citv of Yielorf
in, ,iwe. "re told, cannot be permitted
to tininiiiiioiiiilv pronounce nn eti-
dor.scment* of "Laurierisin." ''Giccu-
i-m|' has decided that such a thing
caiiit't be considered for a moment.
What is "Gieenisili?'.' The lr.elh-ids of
"Gn-eiiism" are being gradually being; revealed in the evidence given be-
ford tl.e Kaien island investigation
committee. The facts, such of then
iis can lie drawn oui by the skill of .1
Ponaumiiiate master of the nrt of
crnss-examiiiiition, art- so condemnatory of "Ory:iii.sin" that thev^ arc
absolute,}' "not fit to print." That
is the reason rt champion of "Cim-n-'
ism" in thi?- city either- fixes up the
evidence to suii the jun-po-sc it has-iu
view or le-ivis1 it out of the paper altogether.. Wu commend our contemporary', for lhe wisdom it displays.
"GroeniMii" and its connections heat
thini' oi which there is anv record
\V. 11. ltllSS '        J, S. T. AU'XANTnt
Ross & Alexander   ,.
J.'KKXII.., U. 0.
Olllec In U. T. W. l.lcc-.k, Vieloila Avenue.
Is the place to take the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to.yancouver 32
tLlbe Bmtvalian  Tbotel
The Place to Stop
Spe4-ial Attention Given to Local Tourists
tHiovvimev Junction, SB. C
J. Saa^er-., l.d.s., d.d.s.
L T,
\V    Illock,   opposite  the
Olliee hour.* -8 ii.m. tn 8 >i in.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D. D, S.
.'liTici: Hiit.'iiK!-        s !l,)to 12 a. m„ 1 to S ii. in
H.S3 In s p. m.
Olliee in Alox. lU-U'ii block
"■ over Slum's ItuUer.y.
i-'Kii.N'ir:,      -      .!■__,_      u. j.
Cftiiadn.—Victoria Times.
Machinery for Oil Wells
From  the "Mcleod Gazette.—
Four and a half carloads of machinery, the latest und best standard oil rigs for drilling oi, wells, aie
'on;the way from Toledo, Ohio, for
the' Canadian Northwest Oil Company, who own ly-L'o acres of land iu
the'-Flathead country about i!t miles
south ot Pincher creel*. There i.s sonic
local capital in the company but the
most or it belongs to Victoria men,
prominent among whom are T. HI.
Henderson, wholesale druggist—assoei
,ated with J).- \V,*llole in the drug merger—-Capt. Xewcoinb, contractor for
thc dredging of Victoria harbour, and
A,. Maxwell Mnir, C, li.
The company has exposed some
shale, beds and made nniilvsrs. There
are two springs of naturalized gas
uojv showing at (he surface of the
ground. This gas is nn* exhalation
front oil beds and is a sure indication
of the presence or an oil reservoir.
"It i.s the best oil bed on tiie continent," snvs "Mr. Varlow, expert for
the company. "The percentage of refilled oil lo crude oil is 7'). In Pcn-
sylviiiiin it in fid per cent, and in California il is y) per cent. The best in
(he world is nt Hahn, LMissin, •.* here
I visited for tlie Standard Oil Compnnv,  that runs S.| per cent,"
The C, 1». ]i. i.s building n branch
line, from nt or near Pincher into the
oil country. We will refine the oil
ue'nr the Wells. There nre some ideveii
companies in the countrv and we will
tudenvor lo have, one rcfiiicrv for the
whole, instead of u scries of siiiiill n-
liiieries. Managing eliemists are hard
to get. There niiiv not lie eleven avail
able in Xmili Aineiicu. Villi u single refinery only one would be needed
and similar ceiiiioiiiii"; would lie
iniide iii oilier wnvs.
"If nil imi-s Well, lile nil llirllisl IT
w'i,l he the grellli-sl ill smillli'lll Al-
bellil, nlld tlle biggest thing llllll
ever  C.lllll'   to   the   coillll 1 V,"
Slllldv Mcllotlgiill, llie Well lilloWII
luniber lliel'i'liant of l-'eltlie, wiis fii
iown this weeli.
A. K, Gindv returned from Winnipeg Siiluidiiv,
A iniin niiiiu-il Williiuii "Mcls'iish, In*
Uu.sli! llinnglit he'd pliiv Intigh illlil
liiiilie ihings rough on iln- cKtbuutn!
i*\|ili*.s lasl un*I,, but a limb ol llu*
law.    Ilatlleil   I,aw  Iuul;   hull  oil      llie
(lain nl I'uilil
id liim in jail
oil ihe rail,,  I
nil  il
Itl.l  II.I
a ii I; and lndg-
h- ih .it't  lid,
ilnii't  ,M,-(*i|.|||
J.   (
■ OlTuv: .L.T.W. HlocU
1'r.KNiK Hiiiish Columbia
e. Wu mmmwsm-
OLite tiMiiym- Xvl.ioii l-imtlter)
Oolil.Silver or I.cik)-ptieh ;,  jl (il-
1"iiii|.|.j ,*1 M       Ijolil-SUver....'. H..VI
I'liuiuo., inr olliwr uietiila on ii|,i,li(.ntjon
mm qov Ltd.
o        WhulcKiilc Uenlers » ml
lilrect JiniiDiters nf
Scotch and
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom
and Holland <3ln,
Pommcry      fl
Schl Hz beer.
Ale and Stout
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
Sole iin-untu   in  Ouniulii for
Windsor   Tonic,   Jny  Dostroyoi*
Philip Carosella
. 0, Dimvi'i* llin, X'litino
"Fernie, B. C.
1'iUKlor JI:iiliiuii.-*lli'asli.l,os,Hiii|illinllSelic.(.l
if -\li-,>iie, l.on,Inn. nnil SiRiior Viinueini, J.'loi*
'lice, Jluly, v.-il1 leeeivii ti liinlteil tiumliL-r ol
. 4    - -
-luiiilsfiiriuntiuellouiii rltiftinf; mill vuji-o iirc*
luclluii, , .
Tcrcns on Application.
Fancy Goods
'Bur Rccluclions in Price
M«s. IJ. Todd
Flic Calgary
Cattlo Co.   :   :
Ri'TAii.   Mbat   Merchants
wnyH on liiinil.
II.'Uhh, Uncoil ami Liinl :m mill.
All kinds nl I'YchIi Klsh, in juijiunn
I'l'ttiupt Diillvi'i'y,
(ilvti us u call.
TKIi, 1.4.
Hlnor4l'H Miilmcnl Ctiri'H ColJft, ftc.
i* «£r.
*;•>* *   m .« *.    » it
iottl'-. *■    '*■     4> '      -      "f
until you have trail
. «... ..: \ji -A
Hmmt *f   *M Jr41»i;lM« ll.r.vic!.,. .1 i'*,n^fi (.
"');. ^..I>.
«Ji'W< I
•AMfts Awn thcatis-i mc.
AmmMt. **tant|)!i> Ooi.-irtrvcnt |."
Dr. 7. A. 8LOCU.-T, I.lmUctJ
tfStiiuJ.iifr.. ,..i 0'i'.<  .
»»• mUmf MimI WmI,   •   TOr.OJt.O
""■*. ^i^Mii' 	
Uitlld-i and Gl'ritl
'..i will Jielj) you *ecui-i tliii Lovely Fur Boarf,
ii'..il« from mUi-lcil full furred nkTu<*, of Rloh
8lno1« Conoy fur, iie«rly r.O lnclicn in Icmilli.
fr- .,,„.,.i.A   ,.'..).   1   ,   .   r   .   ,   i, \   , "   .'
.    . • "   '     ". '   **■•'-■   "J—'"J    l"'*"-«*
cli.iiii. M«»it war in *uA roiufottalilo, mid made in
tlm very Uxt*l hjlr. W» nr* a Rellnbl* Com.
■-.any, nnd we v.rtnt roinI irintwnrtl.j- nironti lo
lntroduc« Cowl II^p« Vi-ijclulila I'llli Into tver-f
hwine. Wo r*$ulr* no monoy In advance, just
*end til yuiir name find mldrcmi nt ono* Iturl we
will kcikI you Eight dot** of eur Fameui R*>
morfiee. Ml Djern nl »,1c jer tmr, »u-l -j/Iiuu »/c
receive llie mom ■» fcr tho J'ilU which wc wiHuend
you Intinct1i.it' ly nfkr you luve itnld tlie f'2. wr-rtli
»iiil ■-■--■■'■'
IGoheral Merchant
:  Wholesale
Xurscrlo*-, t'veciiliot'iscs &   Seed
thi: iioMi-: ok
HA'I'KS  Vi.fi)   l'l-.ll   DAY
   imiii ■-—■ !■ ii  mr 1 - n   -
Thos. Poguc,   <?}    <$    Pioprictor
A   full line.of Caskets,   Coffins,   Shipping   Cases'
Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand, i     *  _    ■,
Agents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson, -
Office Phone "41, ■    Residence 76
Parkers in Lundy BSock
At Great Kargains this Week
We carry .1 complete line of Watches, both Ladies'   5'
a'ljd (Kent's, aud our prices arc riqht.    Call and.get
onr prices before going elsewhere—we  can  surely
please yoii.
C. C.   WRIGHT,   Jeweler  &  Optic!.-.
3poo1al AUontlon PnM to Watch Ropalrlng
IIcii(li|liiu-tors for PACII-'IC CorHl
(5U0WN (Ini'dPii, Field nnd 'Flowci
Socils. Now fi-(i|i nnw in ntoi'1; loiidy
fur <!iMi .Inilinn, i^k your itiovclinnt foi
tlioin in su'ilml p.'u-UiilR. If liu d(i(i>i not
liandlo tin-in we will prcpiiy to yntu
noniTBt poBtodici. lift)', Ilvo cent, pnekuts,
iiiir fitiloclinn of »-ood variiition. for tl to
introduce I hem.
Lni-ft-nMecl; of 1I0MK (IIIOWN-l-'nili
Jind Oi'ii'iiiii'nt.'il triH>a nnw iniitiircd for
llinSpi-lnj,' li-iido,        .;
No oxp'-ii.si', losii or delay of fiiml-
{fntion or inspdi'lloii.   ,
■ Let tr.n prlco ynur list licfori* pliii'iii*-
your   nnlor.      (Ii-cciiIiohkoi    I-IiiiiIh,
Floral Work, Hon SnppliaH, Fruit Fni'lc
aC'OP, FurlillzorH, cli'.   Cfttiilo-,110 fri'o.
, M.J. 11KNIIY
noil) W-'KlmliiHlei- i-njid
Vaiit'ouvnr, II. C.
For Quick Returns
I,lnt yinir I'rnpnriy willi   Tlirtc     T-l'llt
t-iiipi.i'NMirtiiT.,1, lliirhiir.iit 'Till. 0\VI."
I'rnpi.rly fur Sitln, In Hunt iir Uxrlintujc,
Itniitd ■•iillnd.iil,. Kmiiliiyinfiii riiriilnlicil.
The West pernio Store
S. rinrks,   -   .    -    Proprietor,
|.'l\IUlii(.|l(jfill|,V (liiniln. (Inlit'H |.'iiriil.ijilll(jil
flincniliM, llniitii, Hlmiipi iuul ('idiiliury.
(Ilvo Ato A Call,
riontlily Accoutitu Opened.
fvfSearf.   VVrll(Xo-da/,
D«pt. wl   MONTRF.Al., CAN.
IMUwr «*m T *
t* h***y ***!** *-
< JrltiUftulk "Klttlrlt
in* tiwiUti "lUou »Sifaiv«n."
-J.'tl. Quail,     r**sls, n. 0/
i Linin\«nt Curt* DiphlhtrU
Jfevnie, 3S. C,
Davhv 8i LAm.RouTjj
■- .«►..,--......
Is a pleasant home
for lho traveler.
Hcriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
ntlli.o In riMin.r ll.iw |.',miu illock, l',.inl.i,ll,r.
f—*t\   '*>**. ***m*    .*****,    MWf*l   U'Mi-yi..^
U JU XC-.W   ij A. Jii iu'i.,
Crowrs   Host   Snoofnl
- - i XIV	
Mlnor'c Favorite Clnnrs
The Best: oil Satisfection
in Watch & Jetdejerg Repai rig
I    Have one of tlioii Jarjjost stores in.Fernie. '..'     , ' .
t       " '  '  '    '        ,   lAmi). - Veal. Frosh ami Siiioked Fifth.
!   "Fresh Fish constantly arriving
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extnt Fine
La<ver Beer ami Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
S Aro You Rondiny   §
1 Lowers
Claim ?
If not, yi-u ni-o iuIhaIii-ii; boiiio S
nl llio cli6lcoflt, I Itn rut u ro ol §
llio century.
Hfiiil n 1loll.1i' tn
t  V  !•>/; §
KWY, Nolnoii, II. 0. nnd Kot 8
It roKiilai-ly ror 11 yrnr Aiul «
i-lac (iiu>(It liu rut.     V   I'    &
*. *S
ii.'.1 - jiiLUiu j -iioiLJMJga.'-u'j.w.m'Jwg-'iuiiiji.v- .■■g--'
00 YRAne--*
Second-Hand Store
• 1
0|i(.|ii-(l.ii|> tmxt to Ileum llnlnl
Pur   Ctiuh
li U W. l|   T«rrij, F«ral«
«A11TI.KTT IIOl'SK. rormcilv  llm Clulr
itit- lust tl i»i.lin ti>ii4, Xti S'.li*ti.   <hn
Willi*    llAlp
r.m|>lnjrt.|.   (I.   \V. IIAI1TI.KT
Miii.ir'J'* Linimtnt Cujci Dutrmocr.
i|pi MAnKo
AnfMiti-initlnf * iktltb wmjlMetlnilftn mar
nnlitttr uiMirliiln niir eHnkHi ft** wlmllmr tn
linoui^iin 1* t'r.itiabty hntwiiMtiW. .Cttninitinlr-i-i*
Hum t(fl«lljr«i>nail*iitt»l, (UWloM cm Ntwitf
•out tt**. <M*mt Utntrftof ifilmff MtMU.
I'ni.niji ttktn ihrAiifli Mtinit A (Urwwlv*
tpitlatsotmi*. WlthOWWIMft,tttf   -
Sciittnne Hitttrieait.
Ah*ii4Mi-|*lfll)i|-tJ^M'(rMklf,  iJirwu-lrtN
MTlNH Boi!,,8^"*New fork
"U" ■     JC^m ~lia   mm   -^   ■        .m*m        m. .9 * Wr »"''_»  WI *W
tnMmmO*^i»t mUmmX*m4i*tl.li,0:' i
Mlrurd iLlnimitrif Cuiet birect In Cow-
Tho eiomfoptable Way
llninl liin.ii* * II«H4%l|i'
lii.iminn I.v,     Fwi-iil* Atr.tmsm*
in 17 pin             KII111 7 0tt»
U I'i MID             lliiyf-ii'il «M*m
T.Ki'tm         HI'OKANU lli«M
'•''•!"*' r-.i.ii >.,.*.
TiiM-m Hunt I In i.vum
luii>i|iiii*rr   Vamuiiiivjhi   I,vjj«iidm
JlUUpw Ait     Ht IUmI    l,VI0HUnu
' l'iillynxi..4'>ii*.ii,)-|»ir
You leave Kernio
nml arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
Kur dJltiii'iiil Inf'irmaHiin.Ufili t***,.
\AXturt*,hl*.,t*U us or mtifrtM
If. I„ lA.iCKtTOtUI( ff-*:
*' *    .*.••     »     i •i. ** 'I *"» "      S-     ». -     -  * -
s ? ; !'.   •" ., \.Sl„   i.i',l«u!:;v,
1 i\k.\ i IA iO'-J... i'i'.l.KUAK'i' 2 *\ -i'gj-u
*  n 7*i    iy^y .f     ■'   « ^ -
*   11 ..
R    -*S    «'!    J*V     i
— dv.-i-4.Jii, ^^
•v«-i*i   ,£  -im.,
■met*  1* •*•"■«.;Wi«'*-i     i^'-j-"'       /
0L \ X.
—1 ,?7*
'^■Wi Av»j*s-/
\\£®3f*i,r%£. ''YvY5$m
I'-, ^    ,_
i%^«» »%■*•**    ^**.X%
■x^ ^        /" * -^Hs-^. A^ FT"
/■,.-     V Ji^.'.'vfefj'-itr,—-"v ■
. .   •• 1 01 >*lti, ••• ;   *
U«li 7;:;,i#¥(      • — ■ •
..   'III*.....,,,,,
'YiiW' -
- ."'."a
' •   jm Jim found rolling the lawn awfully heavy work.-. *       . . ,v *■& 'A-«* > - So
So Willie triads aa electri* motor 10w tills.   .
r.*^-**-*-*'*-^**. V    • ■•■<,.■>■'•-1 * I*-*    J,**.'^'.'<V^tt*"
-—sw* '•';j.-;;AaA' ,,,    And "they staned in to do the job comfortably. .
.: ■*?■'     .-.•* 4. '' '        ■«    -j*---     - > • .  . ' /
<^*^:^.i.^iiJyJ.. ,.--.-   -     -:j:-/l»«  •,       -       *    '    *
• * f - i».w,K,j\i»»vri»,j^i .M'. .. . . ,- *,j .**». ■* w*r
. • But Jim got rattled and broke the controlfcr.;i^^^'^^|^^..^^^' Then the machine.itaried straight fa.the c'onsirvatory.
■     j6*
-at. I"-* ■ *£-^W*^..  .    ....
Jim jumped, but Willie and the glass suffered.
, Are wc carrying^our Advcrliscmcnt in "THK LEDGIvR."   If not, &w it a trial. BSHW-f!
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
-EEE^n   6l*n*FIO*E
Hon. 6. A. Cox, B.E.Walker,
Alex. Laird,
Uonuml MHUiin-r. . A»t. Gib'1 MiMier
CAPITAL, $10,000,000 "' REST, $4,500,000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $98,000,000
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.   Depo-ju * *,. ™d up.
.wards received und interest allowed, i, The depositor is subject to no delay-whatever in the wilhdrawel of lhe whole or any part of the' deposit
Special attention is drawn to our Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Canada, United States,'England, Italy in lire, Hungary, Austria in
kronen. They form an excellent method of reuniting monies at a inini-
111 uin cost. ' ;4
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspohdence solicited.
Open on the pay-days of the Coal Company until 9 p. in.
FERNIE BRANCH        - -..,-.      T. B. MAY, Manager
J this lieiulhiK, inserted ut the ruto of One
eottt a wortl each insertion.
A SNAP. I!»U Hi-rein West Fernie, goo.l 8
story house on the property.   Auulv ilott
Son & Co.
goo4t location ' ou Victoria Ave.
Apply ,'Mott Son & Co.
" ted utur centre of busineaa. Two house.-,
and small shack. Atlltirgain Enquire, Mott
Son & Co.
For Sale or-to lte»t
 Feruif.   Lot 5jxl3i.   Ui.oil 4 room house.
This Is tt <.u«l> Utiikon ut once.   Eu*y U-ruia.
A{>plv, ilott, Son & Co., ■    ■ : ,	
HeaeJ Office e  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000   ° Reserve * $2,415,000
Uotall Assets * $29,000,000 A   .
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.-*
J.-Turnbull, Vice-President*and General Manager.
74 Branches thrcugSioiit Canada
Money Orders and Drafts i; i.i .'.1.  payable in C:u.:i*\-i'or abroad.
Foreign "drafts cashed.    Special Vlvai-lage's in Savings- Department-.
Open in the evening of lhe Coal Co s pay-day from.7 till 9
..You   got   the   Golden   West   and ; Weir's
r'     .    Tar Soap samples   delivered  to you. a few ,
.-*   -    days ago.    We got the goods. , ;.    \..y,
6 bars Golden West
Laundry Soap for
3 bars Weir' Tar Soap 2^c
If the samples suit you give us a call.    Your   '   ;;
"*    neighbor uses it why not you.       ,-■■",-,  '-A      '■ {..'■
pay cash and get the benefIt. Prompt delivery
SORTUWKST      COA1.  &   Oil, COM-
T10X WOl'K.
■fxem  the  Krun*k  I'.iiht.—
Accordiii}-:   lo   .lames  Vent,  au i-in-
j-Kvte ol the Northwest Coal &    Oil
wiuipany t.'one of  the rnrporniions o\f-
etatiuK iu the .soiitlnvestern part     ol
. -fil--* Province, that coneeni is iloinj; a
leu^c umouni     of     development work
a&d   proposes   geuiiii'. oil   in   pnvinit.
, quantities or detnonstiaU- that  it i.s
Uitlo be Iuul in thai tiehl.
\  Mr. Vent states that the Northwest
company has one well down  1500 feet
and is steadily siukin*.* anil that work
kas ."but. recently  starled  on  another
,  wvU about tour miles from the --.ceiie
.   «. the original horinji which is at the
Wate'rton lakes. He sav.s there are ex-
salient indications mil tint the ■ .•iii-
p&ny is confident of success. "Mr. Vent
•tales   that   the   other  oil   companies
ia ,tfce.„district are also at work  and
Skat.,the' Rocky      Mountain  Deve.lop-
Bitnt .eoir.panv in particular is irettinir
the. ground and turns out oil  for its
eVuu use-which is of line qnnlitv.
"Mr. Vent is in Frank as the result
ttf an accident which' hefe.l him ahout
two weeks fijrn. While riiliiifj in a lit;;
with others, Cenr^r- Kni-flit who for-
uwtrly lived in Frank and who was a
. -f-asi-seiif-er, atlempted to take a (.run
- ««t of tlie waifon when it was ,acei-
•kMrtallv discharged und Vent nceived
*tt« ■ load of shot°in his ri-jlit arm..
Xht arrii was liadlv injurea from the
-tUiO'iv down. Iir. Vent came to Dr.
tUi&kolmRon's hospital for treatment.
Bin wound is liealiuir nicely and he
expects to return shortlv to the oil
improved* as well as our mill at
Cranbrook, and as I am'satisfied that
this is to be the banner lumber year
we are rushing things to be ready for
the big rush."
Air. Robinson suys that conditions
on the prairie this spring are better
than ever before, und that the tide of
immigration from the States will-be
enormous. Mr. McKenzie, of the Rob-
insoii-McKen/ie Company, is in Red
Deer now superiu;.-i-"-ig s*', •» m tin
wurk and will probably lie Kept busv
tlicrc for some ''time. Mr. Robinson
will i"o back to Red Deer in a lew
days for a short stav aud then retnrn
toCranbrook, and get matters in
shape here for a season's cut.
-■■ for sale »t this otliea.nrii'uS" " - ""-!>•—
"UooinsTo Let, Ai>i>'j' Within
lH.l4Uijl.U44 1«4J  .......^..    	
(or sale tit tliis olliee, prion 'i-, ctnit.-* cnelr.
..ooins To bet, Apply within."   "FuriiUliisil
KoomsTol.et Apply iVitliiu,"
ivlieru llio nunu truin -jtopn, iuin- tlu- stn-
liun. Jio. 1SS. Xlee for H.smiill family l'liije
<3j0. complulB.   Apply Molt, Son & (Jo.      —:s
,VfAOlllNlsr   WANTED   AflM.V   VKlt.Nll'.
Its. Fonmiry.
iHliL  WA.NThli FOK  QliNhllAL UOUsK-
vKwotk, Kpp.y to wrri. \V.t<. ltu>u.-. - >
TWO thousand dollars to §3,000 private funds to loan on improved
City property. Apply Mott, Son
fit CO. ^_^
The Elk
Finishing iMmkzY mi(
Wv,J Bluii4ell
The People's Grocer,   P, 0. Blocic, Fernie
All our stock i.s last years cut and well seasoned
cranbrook prospectoi
A. B. Trites, of Fernie, was a Cranbrook visitor on Saturday last,
John Breckinridge, of the Crow's
Nest Lumber Company went west
on Wednesday, •
Rev. J. V. WcBtnian is doing splendid work for the bovs in teaching them
liow to become strong through their
gymnasium work.
Uuck Raney, who has been in the
hospital lor several months with a
broken leg, is rapidly recovering Mr.
Ranev was out ou Thursday for the
first time. He will go to Fort Stee.e
■f&oin the Pincher Creek Echo.—
;Sey. X>r.      McDougall  occupied  the.
•f-uipit. ol   the  Methodist  church  Sun-
'iay. Tonight lie will deliver a .ecture
a* the same place, While iu town the
j&evjren^gejUhMijjiti     has     been     the
Jt-uest  of Mr. 'AT M. "Morilen.  ,.   " ''
,'Tte managers of the Trites-'\Vood'-&
X»s. firm, of Kernie, were in town last
wee.., considering lhc advisability of
ecming a branch establishment here.
S£k*Y have options on several town
ftoperties and it is believed the enw-
flanv will enter into business here this
,■• The. last Alberta Gazette contains a
-  notice of  the incorporation o[        the
"pincher Creek Oil  Company,
it.' Ilerron, M.  P., left for Ottawa
,»*» Saturday, Mrs. Ilerron accompanied him    ns     fnr as "Medicine  Hat,
.•j-j-keni she  will     spend some months
with her dauj-htcr, Mrs". .Tamit-soii, „
."   Hon. W, II. Cushing and Mr. R. W,
"Haeintvre, of the department of ptib-
*% works,  were in  town  on  Wednes-
Messrs. T. II. Whelan and N. lv.
Biasley, of I'ernie, were among the
Quests at the Arlington on Thursday
Front tthc Blainn«rs -Tiinefi.—
A minister of mines and a mining
department at Ottawa will be bailed
with delight by the mine operators
and prospectors of thc northwest. It
may then be possible to ascertain il
the miner has any rights, in Alberta,
or,, if it is iip to him to movo off the
faceofAlie earth to make room for
timhergrablH-rs   and   sheepherders.
While Macleod and Pincher Creek
are now a tie,, for the hockey, trophv
Tliey-nnR5t~BOr" uii"a"gine~ihey_are~thr
whole thing, for Coleman and Blairmore vet have'to play off for the'boo-
bv prize, -,.
ik»m the Cranbrook Herald.--
A. Yl. Tritt'N, of Kernie, was in the
aLty Friday and Saturday of last
A. I.riteli i.s still in Wiimiiu-g with
kits Itrtother Angus, and sends word
Ik-it there is tin hope.-ol his brother
fXhs bull giveii |iv Uie liiulielois of
.Cgwubrook lust l'lidav evening     wus
-,«M t*l the inont I'llioyiible iliiiuvs ever
H>vcu ill  Cruiiliiniik.  Tliere were   just
MM.i'r'ti people prcsi'iit to make diiuc-
im% « ulensiiie und I'veryoiu- Iuul 1111 ex
&■*>.. time, Uelu'slimeiiis were ri-rv-
t* sifM\)t  twelve      o'eloi-U   and   then
iu«ciiiij wus icjiiiiiied uml kept up iiu-
,. wU^-irlv four o'clock. The I'Viuk* or-
.--Jk-'iUja /iirnislii'il the uiiisii: uud     us
-utiiiui it will) of the best.
i, \\. Rnliin.Miii iitiiiind Inst Tiii's-
im\y from Wiiiuipi*^ wlien* lie hns been
-bvir tin- pusl imuitli i-oiii|ili'tiiig niraiit!
jii«nt*J ,or liiiuiiriiig     the bin  lumber
< .'wimi that liis i-oinpiiiiy litis in tin- Kd*
•iiKUitoii   count I.*,   Air,   Roliiiison   tnel
With thu most Iliilli-rlng i.un-ess    uud
kreanged tor ample rapitul fnr liiinil-
misy, thin big pi'iipn!.itinii, lied     Deer
will   be   the  cuiiipiiiiv's  liriii1i|unili'in.
.  tu-ui the piiriliiiw.' of tiiulier \i-m.i-:, thai.
tirny iiKiile  im lulled    n    mill al  lluit
Uiwn, "We will have nut mill ul Red
*Um In iipi'iulloii vi'iv liiinii,"     said
Ur. I.iihiiisiiii, "us we lmve lind 11 lii-'-
K,iU|( luiiip     in npi'iiitioii nil  wiiilei',
Ak  kiiiiA im  tin-  hii>,t   U mil   nl  lln-
^(juiuI we will nil  n miuiII i-iiiiuI du'
to -.hurt (listmice that  \';ill cuiilili* iih
V»   llllld   our     ll I)1*'     ill   pelleil   KufetV.
mill nt Wed Deer will lie givutlv
From the IIi-{h River Tapes.—
We arc pleased to report that Miss
Dricker who has been seriously ill has
passed the danger stage and is rapid
lv  recovering.'
The weather during the past fort*,
night has been excellent and very
mild, in fact almost tropical, The
balmy air today (Wednesday) is very
suggestive of spring nnd fanners nre
beginning to dite and cultivate the
fields to be in reodiness for spring
Three applications will he made to
the legislative.assembly at Edmonton
for-'air li'el to incorporate the Montana, Tahor "nnd Edmonton railway
Conij-iiny, also the Alberta "Northern
n«:iu.«.,'  nh.1*. Cnn\   Comnan*/.' which
Uradslreet's rcjjori. on the past s?v-
eti mouth's business in CauadayyiHJ
fixlhisth th ng up. Is it copy or* is
it a h?ad. marke * it insert star 1
From the Nelson News:--- '
There is a fair trade doing in   'the'!
Dominion. Dud roads and mild weath
er have caused an accumulation  '•'. ot
goods  iu   retailers', hands  and  re-order business has heretofore been light.
Collections are still backward^    The
spring business     is very  satisfactory
in  most  parts  but - Montreal   reports
lhat     travellers in     from their trips
have not done quite,    as much '■* in
spring  goods  as  they  expected. ""'"'At
Toronto spring  shipments  to    s * the
northwest are heavy aiida heavv.mil-
inery   trade   is   opening   up.   lluilding
will be very active.
Canadian foreign trade' for thc, past
se\eii:-months breaks all records; imports being better than last year . by
u per cent, while exports are 'id per
cent heavier. Tha total trade of all
kinds for the seven months exceeds
the entire fiscal year of. 1884). Failures
for the week ending February 22 number 32 against 27 in this' week a year
ago.   '
The following nre the weekly bank
clearings as compiled by Drad-
street's for the weels eliding February
22,4showing percentage of increase and
decrease as compared with Hie ccrres-
pon'diug week last, Year. '
Ini*.    Dec.
Montreal   ....   ...529,508,996   31.j|    	
Winnipeg       6,808,425   38.8   	
Ottawa  „.   2,249,656   12.4    	
Halifax        1,606,859   44T0 ■	
Vancouver      1,989.032   53.1    ..*:.
Ouebec,     T,453.fi«*,7      5-6,.,...,
lTamil'on       1,-253,790-   2.6   	
Pt.  John  '   1,003^03   23.0    	
London    612.117   25.4   ....
Victoria        612,117   25.4   .-»'
Fine Stationery
! School Supplies
Bid-i Troia Oraftoft
Ht Mum
4»lll!lyt4i,#4 ,     u 	
Railway ami/ Coal Company,' which
will top .High River, ond Ihe Culgnrv
and Fernio Railway Company. The
lnt ler will hull.I from Cnlgarv to tlm
headquarters nf Uie the Elk River in
11, C, tliiwi'-h IfiiiiannKti!- pass, nud
along Elk River to Fernln,
Don't   forget  thu  vote on the bv*
law on Monday, March 5.
COOl)  I10USR  CF,NTBAI,I,Y      1.0-
ruted, for rent,-Apply -MOTT, HON
<4  CO,
Don't   forget  thu votu on thu by-
Imw mi IMoIkIuv, March 5.
vale funds to loan on improved
citv property—Apply to MOTT,
SON'  &., CO.
Well   iiininged for  boarding liouce,
for mile iliuiip.-.Applv MOTT, HON'
it  CO.
A nielli sl'IiooI will be   opened in
r'emie   March   ut   for  tlie vluily ol
iliorlliiiiul itnd tvpewrttliiK-    V'» "H
piirtii-uliirij  mul  terms apply to  lln>
lot Waled ill ii'iitre of city (or hale
nt a Im run in jn Uu—Apply    MOTT,
SON tit CO.
A hotel thut furniv.hi*s ipiivt tout*
modlrius in--oniuioilatloufi (or Itn p«-
11 oils is a Miiitce ol pk*usur« to the
Unveiling public, Hhiu * one In tlie
King J'Mw.inl Hotol, ol ITeiulc, por*
iicr oppoMtn llie pout olTiro,
A ul Iglit cliuiigit in lelegraph rates
Ims i;oii(. into elli'ct in Alberta, Kntes
>.,, ;... •■igi-1 fr'iin T i*lhb*riitifi. lo llll
iwilnts nnrlli nl Calgary am raisert
11 mil 25 leiits to 411 criili.; the late to
Mrilu-jiii' Hat redmed tn is c-4-utn um\
Cmiw'i- Ni"Jt pointt to 40 cei*tn.
Call uud see lis iu nut- new titorr.
Crettl biirgnin^ wlll be. given in
,- *u!..4,.!..-- L-, rinjjd. ".Ilverwnre, cut
"lasl, elf,, for the nut jo ilnys,
Si'W in tin- time tn ei-t a watch or
" riiu' rlii'iip, C, C, Writ-lit, the |cw-
■J ■" nud npticliiii, oppo-iUe t)i« post*
(ifTirc.        ,„
Shareholders of the Fort Steele brewing Co, Select Officers'. -
•There was a meeting of the Fort.
Steele Brewing Company held- at the
ollice of the company on Monday last,
There were present Messrs! Warton,
Gnlbruith, Woods. Tool and Scott,
The reports from the general manager nnd auditor show tlie company's
ullairs to be in a most satisfactory
condition and the. prospects for the
coining .season exceedingly bright.
The company* contemplate, ^several improvements iu the near future which
will make the enterprise one ,-of •■ the
most important in lCast Kooteiiuv.
Vnlrvllln,  ■f-tyit.  Uf),  1Q»Wi
Minimi-* 1,-ninu-ui Co., I.iiiiitcdf
Dear KirK,--We wii>h to Inliirm vou
Iiml we rnnshlrr MINAUIVH MMI-
MKN'f ■ vrrr unperinr nrllrlu, tnd
we use It a« a surf tvYitt (or Mire
ihroat mul cli«-M.. When t tfll vrni
1 would imt I* without It il tVpr'ri-
wi.i one dolliir rt boffb., J memi It.
Yoiirn trutv,
BWWWWWWf*ipWM'WW'',.B. .1-  ■■■"
THIS IS TO NOTIFY all owners,
IcssreH'oi- proprietors of hotels or
.public buildings Pxeeeding two stories
in height situate within the corporate
limits of the city of Feruie (hat tliey
must nl once comply with the re mil-
atioiisof the' "Kim Escape Act, 1K97"
and uiiieiidiueiit thereto, otherwise
Ulfiy will be dealt with according lo
The following sectioiis of the nbove
Act are hereinafter tecited for 1lie
lieuelit of those interested, and tlu-v
ate hereby notified to comply with
tin. same ut once,—
"3, I'.very owner, leiiuue, or prn|irl-
vtor of a hotel or public building, exceeding two Klories lu height, shnll
erctt or cause lo be erected at least
one pcrmiineiit outside stairway or
ladder, from all landings or lloois
above the ground floor of suili hotel
m- public building, and extending to
e at  leiiM  eight feet  of        lhe
gn   • d or 1-idewuli. thereunder, iimc-1i
slnii'wav  nr  ladder  lo lie built     of
Iron and to be fnnilv attiulied lo tin-
Willi of Hie building gnrt  to be Mip-
plieil with a liaiiil rail on cither i;|ile
niidto be of snllieieiit  stielli'tli       to
MiHlaiu the welghl oi at least six lull
Kiowu     persons ut tiie suiiie     lime-
and every     sm-h lessee nr piopiielor
sbull at all times keep the wav     or
imnsoiic to Kiicli Htaliwav or    loililer
utiobslrueli'd nnd free ol access:  Provided thai II bv reason of the default
ol nnv owner upon rct.son-.lile uolUe
In lliii behalf,  au1,' Ichhcu or promt
tor is coniprlli'd to erect 11 l-nuiu <>
si.iiiw.iv iiii.l.i  |}j<* {j/uvUlnn-. of th'
Act,   then   said  lessee  or   proprletn--
shall luivu a riiflit o( iiulion nr set-or
ni'iiinst tlie owner ior all ml nal inn'
li.'i.'-.'i'irv   mid      leiiHimiili.c  illsbiitsi*
meutN.bv  him  nuiiV nr  Incurred  b'-
ri'tiMm ni the t'n-i.iuii n." \t»s- «.»».," ,
"IX.   (ll The keeper of„everv liote-
shnll,     where the mime iu tunn' tlinr
two stories  In     height,   provide nm*1
keel)  in  1'iirli  nl   the Nleenlug   npurl
liients or led rnoni-i w'lleli i\re ullu
nie above lhe grnuiul llnnr, n fire t-"
taw-  for  the  nw   of  llie  gnosis   orm
pving the uninr.."
"'"■•1. Surli fire esrnpo Minll Im* f,uf
(iriiiil within the inennlmr nt this Ar'
if it ronslslH nf n rope not less tlini'
three-ipnitteri. nf nn inch In thirl-
in'ss, nud nl snflirlrnt lcti*"tli tn rem-l'
from the rnnm nr nnftrtnieiit Ir
whidi It U Writ tn tin* I'rnniiil U-l««
nml nf sufficient utrenpth tn ximtnin
n welelit nl five liiinrtred pimniU. and
\* Vcpt In it colt nr nthcr convenient
WE soil all Canadian made Patent Medicines at their marked
price.    -r$7*;;^. "** ... *   ,=f
ALL Magazines sold at marked
price.     % .   ^    -$k     *"._. ■■#■
AGENTS for the Art 15ell   Piano
EASTI'JERN prices prevail at #
The,Palace Drug Store
H. F.rtMcLEAN,   ■■-     -     -      Manager
Wc carry a splendid line of fine boxed Stationery that
will commend itself to the most fastidious.    Also, ruled
and plain paper by the quire, in the latest styles. ...
Envelopes'to match; '• •. ■
Books, Pencils, Fens, Erasers, Slates, School Bags,
Scribblers,^- or anything in the way of School Siipplies
at the lowest'-'prices. We make a specialty ofthe wants
of the rising generation. ••'       - .
,N, E. Suddaby,
\i. *•      ' \ * .     -    *        ' ,,    . .   ,
^FViWifttnitt&im^i*^^^ '* *,*V V»*» *j>
Go. Ltd
Michel        Morrissey  Coal Creek
Shapely Shoes, Stunning
Styles for Men & Women
WE ..invite, inspection pf phi* pew Spring Gppds. t\
- AH' tlie riew Ipafherg, all t|lf} new shapes £1
-s»       ,.    and all the new'styles. »J!J
St m 4    -       I*    mm
For  Women
We   carry    Burt's
York shoe and
celebrated    New
i-i* in
insllion in uucli ol tin- Ha id lii'il-ruiiin
or t-lii'iiiu-j;   ii'ini'liui'iils,     mul if tlu-
Olltfiilli;       wIllllllW   I'll'   0|ll'llll|-r   ul   Mli'll
.1.4*1)111(1   ii|iniiiiH'iil    or lii'il-ioiiiii  i:i
pruviili'il With |ini|MT, mtiiih mul nm
w-uii'iu    fitsli'iiiii'^s    or u)i|iliiiiic
wliirli imi' i'llll  of  tlii'  vn|i«  nmy
mili'ly ifrinoil or (iihli'iu-.l."
"fi. 'i'liis owi|i)*-, li'Hm-i'i <»r liiniiiii-
lor ol I'Vi'iv 1ii.t-.-t, tir \mb\iy lijiililinK
slmll, in aililitioii to Uic iiotta.h, il
iiiiv, wliii'li lu> Ih ww vi'i'iiiivil liv
I "    '"'     -■■-■
lnw to ki'i'-i poHli'il up in ■■(it'll of tin-
i|inrliiU'iilM or rooms of mkIi liot.'l
IV |*.ll.llc llllilllill),', lllsil ltl'l'|l  llOHtl'll 1l|l
lii'iciii ii notlcii rirjlliiiK .itl.tilloii lo
I lie wilil fiiv i'K.'ii'*i-n, nml i-oiiliiiiiiii);
fiill'iliri'i'tioiis (iir llm ww of the kiiiiii',
iis wi'll iim ti tU'sri'i\itioii ol tin- <-iit-
siilv Htnirwnv niul tiV Nilimtion niul
iiii'imi ol i'|*ri'Hn to tin* sniiii*."
"■"-.      Ill   VIIM-    Mil'    .l.4«<*'.'.    '•' """" n''
■'•Ji>|°j}i'|i>r nl :\\\v tind1,, oi- vmlill.*
'"iillillnj;, uliiill lii'-'li'd lo olnicrvi- nuv
'il llir niovlnioiiH of this Ail, lii' shall
l-c linli.o on Rtiiiii.iiiry ronvUtlow to
I  fllll1 fill I'IK'll Ofll'llll' of lllll   ll'flll lIuin
iwciilv ilollnrs nin, 1-ontH, nm- innii*
\\t',\\i Vt,ti 'rn,*...,.... ,! slliv -."il piwxi;
null iii ili'lnult of imyiiu'iil of null
fill,' niiii cnjtfs, to iiniuUouiiiiiit willi
or wltlioiil linril lnlmnr, (or nnv Ifiin
not I'sri'i'illiiK t1ir<*i* iiioiiUih. niul not
Ii'hh thnn run* montli,' nml mii-Ii mn-
vli'llon hlin.l lint lie n Imr to n ,ini*i*
"i ii.ii' lor nnv r-iu *!>r.'r »• *n 'i
tU't-l-'i't '.iilwinii'iit to sni'li rnm.ii l Inn
'mt mh-Ii fiiiilluiii'il iii-di-rl slinli finm
limp to time iniiHliluli* ,\ mv,-     of
"in, Tn oil .•.nirrlii'S. Uicnlr.'-i, lmlU
or ntlicr liiiiliUmts lictrtoforc or In-w-
■*CliT i-iiitstnicti'it, nr ii*.«-»l Tlir |it,tit(nf.
imlilir imi-llnKH or for I'lnn-', nf mil-
Mr rrioM or nimiM'iiit'iil. nil ..mir*.
•AiM I, -44 li.umit tin' tl""- imp'
opcij Irtclv ontworil*. nnd  nil  n.iU"
ill null'! fi'lli-i-H If llol Hii lllllHl'll, llllll
lm l;i'|)l iipi-ii hy pioper fnsli-iiliij-H iliil'*
in)1, llu- linn.1 i.mli lmililliij;s an- pnli*
lii-ly uwil, to fai-ililiili' lln- i-i-iv:!!! nf
thi'.pi'opli'. in i-ii'.i' of iiluriii from liiv
or oilier iiuisi',"
Dnli'il   Ihit!  271I1  ilny of  I'Vlinuiry,*
"     W, W. Tl'TTl.K,
Cliii'f ol llm Kiuiir I'i if lii-piirimi'iit.
FornlcK    Poiuilni*     Rr.«lnui*nnt
Me.'ils   saved   fit   nil limes'
All while help en*;playf cl
For Men
We have the   Geo. A.   Slater's   In-
shoes 01 eon'oci* t>\ym fth«- liiijfh
quality. Yon cntr't-De It In the fin*
ishj you can see it in the fit,
I Come to us for Satisfaction. 1
1 . ■■ ■- * *
nkxt norm to post oitici-:
MKS, m. IIAII.rropuelriss.
|Sr,i(r«i,cr liiKiur- l.t<•]
Short. Oreferinj «er*.«*cl nl ell
liotirKt dny or n.-RlH.
Two iliior.iMjiilli if ll.u I'll, lllurllil)
Fernie,   .:-:     B. C
U.nloi' Now Manigemonl
Mrs. Thos. Ball,   •   •   ■   Proprietress
l'oiin»;- *U \xt ikiitulh, w Ul. tiitl'C-
... The Trites-Wood Co. L^jS
t t-
b, Ht. €QQK
j*3UHF»»|.!  \l» j.  C  {{m>v!»v»4-.I.J
Ir. prepared to deliver Millf,
Cren-m,    Buttermilk,    Fresh
Laid KkT?> ainl I),,ir>' Rn,,er
every day. !l
Entire WMm (m¥.^
non rap6i
all raadyito hong, upon' yonr
walls and nmlcc your house
look spic nud span nud up-to
date. Artistic dcslgni. nnd
colorings. Prices, that is
modest pocket-books,
Ov«r  LwlJli-y*  T«ili>r  Slion,    TliiM.
»itflj,M niih-fc.


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