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The Fernie Ledger 1906-01-17

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.;        *%&.-«^ a   *■
* :;"^*i|A*
'. s-s-iw-i* :
.    'HSX'f->
7-V- ,
w *
ft ■,
.-.' ■ "';7"  ^o.^'V1-* 'Wily   '
,?:.   v0^     ',-   ■*■    <&?
'*'   C\'*'    ~ ,        £ ,
. V
-—~   -■*--- i---■
■ >J    —-.* "
4">         .   ,
/ L*-**:
Volume I*; Number 24."
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Local Happenings in and
Abbiit the City
Interesting Items  About Tlany
'A'        Ci      <-, *■ *
People   fou Know
Don'tforget to vote for Thos. Biggs.
• "i " '.,0    "      *
Dr; Co'rsan; visited -Elkmouth Monday. .^ '   .....    '     '
Ii: AV. Ilerchiner continues .to improve. \.,    ■ ,    , , -'   ^
L. M. Proctor Is at the Halcyon Hot
Const Loich, of Morrissey is in tlie
city today.
R. Chiirch; of Seattle was a Fornio
Visitor laat week.■ „    *.",,-.
, Don't forgot to vote tor Thos. Biggs,
the man without a job.
' The. .Junior   hockey club wont- to
Blairmore this meniing;
-• Hugh' 53. Gilmour oi Vancouver, was
in the city last Fildav.-"
4-E.'.G;HaV.ell.left' last .Friday^on  a
ah-orl business trip to Calgary.
. A. C Austin of Cardston, Alta, was
iu tho city on busine-H)'Saturday.'
WnuHandley left Monday morning
ou -a 'sboWbusincsa trip to Spokane.
Lii. Knight,of Winnipeg,isehaking-
hands with Jiia uiany friends iu town
to-day. ■•■'.-'' ■'-•';',-- *.. -. •-.    - 7 *
Mr'. Blackstone Ib a little better and
will*soon be paBt'-lhe danger point in
Uie'course of the fever*.'
W.J. Blundell wont down to Medicine Hat Monday night-and will be'
away two or three days*..   '; 7 . .
On Sunday evening next; there will
be "a soil}-,-"service iii 'the Baptist place oi
worship.   All lhado'weicomeA l;
- .,     ^.    - -,.-. . 1  .4 -     -.   - -
Bo sure you don't overlook tho " two
B's,' Beek'"and Biggs i'Sie two" labor rep-
rosBMUtives on the citizens' ticket. ,
. -.. Mrs. Helen Kirkpatiitk, mother of
Jiiuioj Kirkpatrick of Fornio, died at
Forest'.'Ont, on the 9th inst *, aged 8L
- J^ J3. Gordon, customs oilicer at
Gateway, who lias been in tho eity for a
fow daps, left for Gateway  tliis  morn.
D. C.-McKonzio'of NowWestminsitt.
Grand- Master of tbe I. 6. 0., F. .0.
British Columbia will pay an olliuial
visit to Mount Fernie Lodge Noi 47 on
Wednesday "evening; Jan. 24th* - Al!
members of the lodge and visiting
brethcrn are urgently requested to be
preient.    ,
. Messrs. Joe Stephen*--, and Louis*.
Foley wore discharged from custody at
tho* close of tho preliminary hearing of,
the evidence upon the charge * against
them in connection 'with.the burning ot-
the Union hotel at Monissey. ' No
evidence to sustain such a charge wab
produced,   ■ -..,.,
Mr, Thos. Kookes, the popular and
efficient manager oi the Feruie hotel,
ia resigning his position to take effect
about the end of the montli.
It will be a long* time before the Hotel
Fernio seeuros a bettor - mau-to look,
after tho. comforts of'its guests thau Mr
Kookes'. We hope Mr. Eookes will're
main a Fernio"citizen and keep his
sunshine with liim.
The Calgary plumbers have gone on
a strike for higher .wages. Wo don't
profubii to know much about the plumbing business so cau not .say whether
the Calgary strikers are. right or not,
butwo do know that there is a'difference between good and bad plumbing
aud the man who gets a job 'Hot - of the
bad kind dit-nped into his house will
have.troubles of hisowii without taking
uuto himself tho griefs of the stiikers.
Lucky '- Ltnvry. <
'The- engagement is, announced of
Miss'Amy Doran, daughter of ihe' late
Win. Doran, of Hamilton; Ont'., to Mr.
J. R-.-Lawry, manager of the Bunk of
Hti'i-nilton here, Mr.JLaw'ry's many
Ferniii "friends will'be pleased to - know
bf his'good'Yoriune and "will warmly
wclconiii" his intended bride from one of
the, most beautiful of eastern Canadian
cities 10 our-young but-ambitious western .one,  '. ■ 7: *-' - -    -       . '  '
They are pledged to do what the old
council r'efubed to do upon more than
one occassion, viz.. take good counsel
beforo iustituting proceedings fbr or
against iany matter of vital importance
to the city. If the old council bad
done this our city would be thousands of
dollars better off to-day and it comes
with ill fitting grace from the champions
of -those   councillors   to  accuse the
a -The Candidates'for Aldermen on
the- Citizens' Ticket are pledged todo
their best tot the City of -Fernie.
-If elected, no favors will be
shbvtfn, and everyone "treate;d with
equal justice. ' ■   • ;■'*'_
tPlace* *y®yi*; IL ®pp@sife»
the ©asi^diiiates of, t^e Glth
Special to Tho Ledger
The first wofkioj-- day ofthe 1:9011 ses-
calculates on tbe citizen's ticket of any |sion seeins destined tQ bcCotBe hislory
A Warm House
A Hot Roast for McBride
Liberal  Prospects Panning Out
Beck, Thos.   Carpenter
Biggs, Thos.  Miner
Ciwjim:,.-..0'Brlen . of Frank,..
. MOOKEY     7   :
,  The. ga'nie. between Blairmore 'and
Macleod on the Oth was - won«by "iho
4J latter,, score 5^-4.   ",-..',*. ■'.-'...*'-'
Tlio league Hockey, game between
Coluniaii and' Macleod'at ..Colemau 011
tiio 8th-was-won"-uyrM<icleod seore*5=3r
Mamie Gowland, bf Nelson woro mar
riod Monday.   The Kev. J,  Allou "of
ficiating-. <r" ■ • -i ' ■'■   \.J.-   >'•»;:■   ■  .-  .',
Mrs.-W. H. Whirii8terleft'1Sundiiy
oveiiiii-if Wr-Pbrtasre 111 Prai-rj?1;' Vi'Iiu.r
jietf audiither ■'.Mttiiitobi'/p«i'nti*,fd'r .--a*
viaJt'iyitufrieuiiH. ,'• „ \, „. --.r •".*--■     ■":■
Koraeinbortho Public Meotiii«
In tlio,Miners' Union, Hull,, Todd
block, tOMiijjht.     *
Mian! Francis Davies is slowly but
surely wliininj? her fi^ht With the fever
and hermniiy youn-j friends hope soon
tobco her^oufagaiii.   .
■ 3, II, CJ'N'elllj division Mipt., of the
G. N. was iii'tlie city last Tliim-day,
roiun.W to Wbitelibh in liis, Bpccial
car Friday tnoruin-*r.
Albert .Dunn wns taken in charge by
tho police ou last 'Thuwluy and Dr,
Higgins is looking attorthoiililoi'Uin.ite
man who ueoniH to have lout liid rcaaon.
J, 1). MoAvtliur of Wlnnipoff line
•pureluiKod'the.sawmill niul. timber lifn-
itHof'»lio'MByio'TJtfnibor &' MilH«B C°-
Tho coiisldoratiou in eaid to havo boou
D. McKay loft ov'oi* the Groat Northern last Sundny bound for Scotland, via
Now York.  He expects to spend'tlivco
tnonthi- lu the Highlands beforo return
in-j; to-Fornio.
.. Mrs, Pr.'Koltli,"6f Coal Crook, gave n
•very pluasitnl m'-Utary .euoliro pany -In
honor of her HlHtur, Mm M. 11. KIii-j;, of
Crnnhroolc. A hirjfo numbor ol Fornlo
ladlos wore present.
Tho C. P. II. lias commenced work on
ftfjVI.OOOHtRllOIUlt I'Jiistpoi-t, IJ, C, two
Btorica in holplit with MoiinfouiKlailoii,
Tho OanRdlan custom's oilico will have
'oilicorooiim in this building.
G 0, Rncliaiiaii, pronldont of tho wv
flnclatiHl boards of trade, aiuinnnciis
tlmt in ncoordnnco with tho request of
0 majority of tho diffoio'tt honvdi- tho
convention to ho hold nt GnuibrouU Iiun
lean postponud to Jan. Dint,
D.,0, Oorbin and Ills aiBoclaton
Imvo Just completed tho pui-cluao (.<
17 itqnaro miles c< ami liuuls in tho
Crow's dlntrlet In llriiish Coinm
bin for nbout $100,000. Tho land l»
, nbout 10 inllt'fl oust of Fernio,
Ottr exchanges from nil over the
conntry cfuitnin nnnnclal stntomonts
of tho varlmifi municipal I ties, but tht*
itiitomont of - monies collected nnd
paid ont and for wlmt purposes in
Wfi jro irlnil to *«y that Morvln, llie
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Archd, Bitc-klny.
who lian hnoii Forloudy III for tho pntl
tlnoo weeks with a compllcntiou nl
broiiflilil inruinonift nnd typhoid, In
uow tr.AUtiip* ««fuctoty rfOrtift" towards recovory.
The game at Pincher Creek, on the
3th betwoeii Pincher Creek- and-' Dlaiv-
ihore wos wou by Pincher Creek' scoro
8-1. '■ '''■':"'    '    '"'     '."    -*'"•■'
-. Notice has been received by the Fer:
nie hockey team,-from*lite secretary of
'ihe Crows Neat Hock"ey:'Leii#ue tliat
thoy b'-ivo beau suspended for not.turn*
In;--* in'the'Liphardt aiid Houderson
cups. Tlio Fernio club "claim these
cups until thoy have been won by some
other club, aiul on that ground havo
refused to give' them up'.''«    -*     -    >'
,   ELKO. .     '
„   ;7 '   '    ."..^,,.;—..— r
Mr'.':•and'' Mrs.'"'Austin and "Mrs.
Kllngiti^shiiiluitccniled tlio Mil sonic
ball at QruiJbrook last Tuesday evening. "    " ■ •' ;;-1'"
\V. T. JTunbu.-y returned to Cranbrook Wednesday.
John McKoo loft for Cranbrook
Tuosdny morning..'        .     '   ■'    '
Born to Mr. nnd, Mr3. V, Swar.son,
a son, on January* iO. ■'.
Tho annual school  mooting wns
on January llth. .incl MoBsru/'J. Ale-
Kfio, Austin nnd Shorldaii nro our
tiow iruiiiocti.
-Cody, George, •'Contractor
Cree, Arthur"Hamilton, Insurance ,Agent
Hammond, Richard B. C. Electrician
'Kumther,;, Edward August, Plasterer
Mclntyre, John Lorne, Barber
Proctor, Lawrence Manning, Lumberman
Quail, John Douglas, Merchant
■-Trites, ..Amos Bliss, .Merchant
Tuttle, Wm. W., Gentleman
Wallace, Stephen Francis, Hotelkceper
intention  of  going   into   ill    advised i*
litigation while at tho same time supporting men who etandiipon the official
record of our eity indisputably charged
With that offettee.
If tho C. N. P. C. Co. and ita officers
are as black as their seeming friends
would paint them~tlie people of Fernie
have before them a battle, not only;
for- their property"rights but their
rights to free citizenship aud they must
choo8u.f between abject slavery and
■serfdom under the rule of a conscience
Icbs corporation upon the oiio hand and
honorable, upright cit.zenship upon
tho other. No such alternative, confronts the people of this city.
. The (j 'N.'P'. C. Co. is composed of
honorable people and the billy twaddle-
about blue ruin if wo don't comply with
anything we may be asked to ratify-, ia
the result of a little driiiikeness caused
by the enjoyment of a little brief power
being unfortunately placed in the hands
of peoplo who have failed io know how
to use it. '-
:**• Let every voter go to the polls tomor.
row resolved to vote for what ho or she
believes to be right regardless of what
these alarmists say about how awfully
bad the company is prepared to act,
and what unreasonable thinsrs they
will do to us, if things don't go as these
superscilous friends v.ish them to go. '
It would seam to an observer of ordinary sense that the stockholders, directors and officers of the 'great coal company should at once organize one vast
prayer meeting and send up to the
"Throne of Grace" a ceaseless clamor
.asking continually to bo .saved from
their self-styled friends.
Bunk of Commerce*.
Mr. May, local manager of tlie Canadian Bank of Commerce presents our
readers wilh a statement of the condition of that great financial institulion
which shows tbat that particular commercial enterprise will not hnve to suspend business for want of funds just
healthy condition ofthe bank but is a
true "reflection ol" the wonderful growth
of business in .general in this great
growing Dominion. . * A ,
"• Locally speaking the bank has never
had a more deservedly popular 111:11m-
ge'r and Tint Leduek wishes him and
his-hank the best year for business tbey
;have.ever'exprritipccdA'        >~-<-
Be   Selfish   Enough   to
Vote for Your  Own
Thn wnrnt nu-plelonfi about Andrew
Harnlllon's trip to Cranbrook Imt week
hHVohcnx vJirifh-iJ, Ho camo bick to
Fernie in it stnte of double btenj-cdnriti,
married to Ml**** McKinnio. of Kiko.
nml tliey are row at borne to their
flepdi in Pernio.
Hpccln'l totiiK lii'.minii!
Victoria, li."a, Jan,   10th  1000.--
WHhtho paeuagoof ninny Onys bring,
ing ho word of tho nilssint; enft,
what wits lit lli-st but h whispered
rirond is now last morjjing Into enn-
vlction—that In tlio tori'lllc Into Die
comber gulos claiming the steamer
.'onlund und' built Puss ot Holford
nmqnjtr tliclr victims, tlio steel  slilp
King David liiifliiluc) born lost with
till bunds on lionrd, 2B men,   Tho
King- David, Davidson, inustcr, bulled
Irwin Snlliiiis Criis. for Hoyal UouiIb,
Victoria, Sopt. 80, nnd has not since
boon reported, iiltlioiiffli 11 dozen others have slneo taken tho Biime voyn-i-o
in pittwn-xoB of from 115 Lo 51  days,
Tlio f. ct tlmt theso havo reportcl no
wrcckiiRo Is tlio Inill thread of 1\q\m
to wtucii -.111*180 imcreutud in tho Klna
/Javhi uro ciin-jln^,  tliu -.hips ri-in-
iiiranco nionnwlillu boinjjjr ndvniicfd
rroiu 30 to lt> per cent.   Tho owners
Imvo ot intervals during thopnut thr*. 0
week* been tiinkl'irr nnxloiiB li nnlrlcB
here for any itilormiuioi. of tholr overdue property.   To theso business Inquiries nro now, bcglnlng to be added
tho sadder mrssnges tf wives Ton ring
tlioniBelvfs widows,  and   clilldrcn
In di'p»d thnt they arftfjrpli.'in*, craving somo rotiMailng word tlmt can
not be given.   Hope  Ims al-s/j been
practically nhar.doned fcr thosclioon*
pr NVIHe (Vilemsn, wlilflh left Unga
Island (or Su.-ittlo Nov. If, n puswilgn
usuulty tiklng a fortnight or throe,
wceki,   She hsi not boon rpportcd
>-lnco lier twilling. -
plo of pernio and of the province know
it, tlio bettor will we bo prepared to
battlo against thoso for liberty to exercise our unquestioned right to full
eltlzonshlp. Uut to bollovoauch drivel
as thut tho Crows lSe8t PaBH Coal Co.
will Btoop bo low as to undertake to
wreak vong-oanco upon th 0 peoplo of
Fornlo becnuso thoy docllno to nccopt
terniH whicli nro objoctionablo to them
ina IninHaotlon wlilchdiroetly conconiH
them, would bo to believe tliat• tills
1,'roat company, compnsod ol wise and
(liscroot business men, hud suddonly
bid adieu to their good business Judg.
ment nnd «)iht to th<3 winds all soime of
lienor ,'iirid fair dealing and doscondod
to tlm level,of the modern irraftor in
Sll hiS llUlCOUflllOHR,
Ono opponent of the citizens' ticket
Is reported to have said that if tho cltl-
'/ens' Hi-hot thould bo elected, It would
drop tlio iviitor ngrcoiucnt by.-lnw und
tlie result wimld bo that tho Coal Co
could - and iloiibtleus would, ch-ii'-ro
ruliumii riitt's for water for Uro protection liy way of j-oliillntioii, What «n
oxiilti'd njilnlnn. this man niUHt Imvo of
tlio honnity and lntii«rlty of tho company ht-.p-j-j.-iudi. to liiifrlond I Jlut lot
ns follnwahlHlwlHn mati's philoKophy to
Its lnnJcni I'otii'lmlon. If llm conipanv
Is such a plriito 111 this Individual and
li In fiHHm-hiti'tt iii this cnmpnlKii would
Imvo us bnllovp, and tho now council
wmo lo prove ns as Its prwlo
ci'ifoi- and liy Into court, or stay out of
tt without liomllii'rthij nil vice of Its ovui
I'hoHim counoilnr, mid thn result would
I bu thi) aniiulimmt nf tjiu water agree
tnisnt and thin awful company woro to
toll us that a* ptiuii-'uiiont wo would hn
Retiring Mayor's Banquet.
' Last Thursday ni-j-bt retiring ■ Mayor
Stork baiu|ueted (he members of lhe
council,'.Chief of Pglice Walker, Ex
Fire Chief Bulger, Health Officer,
Bonnell, City Clerk Nunn, J. R. -Wallace aud Dr. Walkcm. Mr. Rookes
lefl nothing to be denired in the, way of
refreshuiL'iits and lhe feast of reason
and flow of soul was kept up for two
hours. Alduniiiin Kobins was unavoidably detained at Fort William and
Alderman Herchmer was too ill to be
out of bed. .Many toasts wero proposed, drank and replied to by those
present and the retiring mayor was
lold of all'his good qualities and self
sacrilicintj' conduct during his occupancy of the high and honorable position as Chief Magisiralc of the City
of Fernie.
Tub I.rdorr for'somc reason did not
get a look-in at this very elegant little
spread, but is able notwithstanding to
(,'ive iis readers a more exlcnded and
readable account of the uiTair than the
more fortunate representative of the
local press who 04,'cupied 11 place at tin*
festal board.
Wo present to our readers tho list of
rnndldiitcH nominated on Monday for
aldermen to servo durliifr tlio yoar
100(3. Wo have no spolo^ius to make
for giving proiiiliioiiio lo thoso names
that have been placed iu nominal Ion
liy the citizens' com in 11 tco. Thoy
nro all well known lioiini'iiblo citlKOii of
Fertile, reprcHontliig the commuiclni
nud industrial elmnentH of our population and onjny thu conlldniica of thu
peoplo. It Is tho first time a ticket lino
been nominated pledged to onn cotiniu
In tlm itiliuliili'ij'iiii-jii of tlm laws,—the
treatment bf nil parties with equal
jiihtlcn nnd pitdglng uo favors to any
Individual clique, or company. Tlmio
Nonius tu Imvo bmm a ayst-mnitlc cfforl
upon tho pint of a fow sitl.-stylinl
frlondo of tho Crow'H Nt'Kt I'okb (JoiiI
Co. to inUri'prcBGiit tho csndidnlcH of
the citl/Ains' coiiiiiiittcoand their »up
portors by Ito.-allng and roltm-iilliiK
tho ttaU-mcut thut they nro hoslili
An UuHiitlsfnctory Lnw.
From all ovor tho provinco comes
muttoi'lngs and grmuhling over the
(tingled cnudki'n in wiiloh school
trustees (Iml themselves under tho
now school law, Seven boards hold
a mooting 11 lew days ago on Vancouver Island and aro making a
united proio&t to tlio provincial gov*
Mr, Tims. Kolth. of Oonl Crook, In
conversation with 11 Lkugicu ropro-
Kontiitlvo a fow days ago, stiitod that
he had culled tho iittontlnn ol iho superintendent ol schools to tho unsatisfactory statu of ulfuli'B brought about
by tho new net.
Thoro is a probability that there
will 1>o groat dilllculty In ftcourliitz
tnnn enough who would Ixi wlllinit to
tako u)ion them wives tho rcaponsl-
hliity nf a fmsltion on tho board as tho
regulations now stand.
Buino iiciion will suridy bo taken
nt this session to amend such an un*
satisfactory act aB the present one Ims
proven to bo,
do not know uf a siii-jjlo enemy 10 tlm
C. N. 1*. 0, Co. In the city of Furnic
unleun wo except the men who nro so
arduously pul livhliitf (0 the world what
wicked things thVit I'oinpany would do
it tittiy un lu K*'i alt nmy iikk l«.r ot urn
puoplu of l-Vriilo, fiiu.-h statemontM uul
only slander thu people of our city bill
constitute an Inimlt to tlm lutelll^euri'
and Integrity of tlio grout company
they so minirpuifont ami havo mi ox
1'iiif for iln'lr eylHti-iii'ii evcrpt It bn for
tho purpoHo nf prrjiiiilciiii* tho minds nf
unthlnlilii/r penpln n/fnlii'l td.ilr own
bc-it InloreHt*.
Jf tho Crows Snst Pirns Conl Co. ami
its mixill-u.v compnny nro cnm[0in<l nf
meii uovdid, impriii'.'ipali'.d men an
tlieio uutemnnt* mado so |<rcil«t**titly
by tfitlr mw found frlomls would ImiI
I us to Uitove. thcu tho logimr thu p***v
cuiiipoli'ml to pay, ->(u; par hyilrunt per
mouth for llio protection, limn lhe city
council would hnve a very good basis
from which (0 ralii* tho valuiitloii of
a plant which brought \tn ownoi'H mich
ii*<.U4\uiii)iiki>Y smi!.-,
Imlnnco woiild not bo appreciably
liiBtutlieil. What awful straights our
frlandf, tho enomv, must be lu wlmn
forced to lino huch brilliantly siupid
Wo mf-j-lit wny hint here that one of
iho things to which the caudldsti'S on
tho c'uizt'n'ii ticket aro plodgt-d is that
thoy will bear in mind tho uielcm
nxpmidiluro nf money In tho courts
-V'Mdi ha» been Indulged In by tho out
-Siiitii—<i jtbHiui
Monday ovoning at 8,»0 ,Mr, B, ftllnn
and MIsb Mary I., (tibnon woro mar-
rliul at the homo of Mr. ami Mm. Tims,
end the liiiaiii-iiil inxr., »>> iiiciluv, ii C. V**", Mi*tCoii in
tho primeuco of ovur SAveutylivii Invited guoMts. Minn McMillan coaxed forth
from tlm piano the nweot strains of
MiMidellHohn's wi'ilding march, Aftor
tlm ctu-emony and a brief lochil clmt,
tho giiiinlH est down to a moat dump-
tuous wedding nipper.
Tho happy piuiplo Wiiro tin-. ii-i'Iph-utK
nf many tino prei-imU and all in all It
was 01m of the hiipplwu weddlnrt (iventN
iiv«r tr»n»plrlng in thu city, Mr. and
Mrs SI in n will unttle down at one* m
«olng Mui-«ll rni'l that such-tetlen will I pftrmaiiunt roslilnnU of our city and
not ba rnpMl.'*! by thwri Jf nlwtftil In |lftVe tlt« hast wlslifs of everybody, Iir
adiuliiiiter thu affslri of the city,        I eluding' Tuu Lkikikr.
in tiie annals of Britisij Columbia'n legislature. Not only were all precedents
shattered in the days proceedings—the
leaders of lhe opposition for takin-ij the
debate on His Honor's speech immediately iifter lhc mover and seconder of
llie reply i»ad been heard from, and announcements commonly reserved for
late in the session beinfj iasdc by the
premier at iiie outset, wkile Mr. McDonald was even more to the point in
outlining ihe course the ,Liberal opposition will pursue. Tbe Kosslatid member's address proved infinitely his strongest and most effective contribution to
legislative debates since. his entrance
iii'o the provincial arena, being almost
judicially argumentative and so effective an arraignment: that the premier
wiis compelled to immediately reply and
failed utterly, to shake tbe impression
created. Premier MeBride's significant
announcements were that ne railway
legislation is contemplated this session,
the government policy being to withhold
laud or money aid hereafter allowing
railway construction to proceed along
the lines of unassisted private business
enterprises. The school act would be
amended he declared but not in principle, merely in lhe improvement of itui-
ciiincry. The premier defended the
Kaien Island deal as the best bargain
possible in provincial interest and indicated that no change will be made in
the i per cent (ax, no workable suggestion having been offered as a sub-
slitule or more equitable method of making the mining industry contributory
lo provincial revenue.
Mr. MacDonald went straight to thc
essence of things io criticism of lhe
speech. He demonstrated the nonsensical character of the government's
claim to credit for the prosperity of
mining", limbering etc, and the cxpan-
prosperous chiefly because the price of
metals had advanced in spite of rather
than through any action of the government which had merely failed to redeem
its promises of a reduction of taxation.
Lumbering has prospered because the
prairie market had,developed, prices
advanced" and' Britlslr"C3DiTil>liT- production I1U3 thereby been encouraged."
All.thc government has done in respect
to timbering Had been to Increase taxation, -Fruit' growing had prospered
because, trees had been planted and the
foundation of.the industry laid long be-
fore tin*, McBride government was
dreamed of. The conditions of prosperity, for which . thc government took
credit was really resultant upon the
confidence ot .British Columbians in
their country.
The government's repeated breach of
pledges in railway matters was next
traced step by step down to last year's
attempt to give away a million and a
half 10 die C. P. R,, for building its
Slmill'iimccn road now under construction unassisted and ibis year's indefinite
railway reference in his honor'i speech.
The government was pillioricd foi
mistaking tho mere collection and increasing of luxation for statesmanship
and for the enactment,of a school law
which destroyed the free educational
system that had been the pride and
glory of British Columbia.
Respecting tlie Knlen Islund trans
action, the Liberal leader challenged
lhe legality of the government'« action
in giving these 15 square milen of flrit-
isli Columbia's valuablo land hy order
in council, to ihu speculative intermediary of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, far It was imprewdotilfd to make
such Krauts (0 the solicitor nil her than
iu thc princlpiilfihlp, alleging authority
which did not exist in section y> ofthe
Land Act. No wonder the government
proposed lo grunt no railway legislation
when by minute in council it Ihui pro-
pnsrd to take the nsslktanre of railway-,
out of the hands ofthe legh-laiure,
Pertinent reference lo lhe incomplete
machinery for forest protection from
fire and tlie hnppy suttlcmeni of threat*
coed industrial diiturbancus in the
''nvnlter'i "'Ti' tb*'ih '.'.-'(h, In the f,-ir,
■•billing pir;igr:ip!n of th» liberal b".i A
er's spiTt-h.
Mr, Maion, Alhorni, who moved the
reply, followed traditional lines of gov*
crnmi'iit glorification and pclly politic-.,
Mactuman, ihu M-i-oiidcr, xirurk liis
Individual note of independence, Inking
issue squarely with tho government on
iis railway policy and urging lho nd*
vantage of prnpi'i-ly safeguarded land
grants. Ho nUn urged tlte adoption of
the Ontniio system of fnreit protection;
an improved system nf butter Inspection;
live stock Improvement and the rxten*
sion of the tisufiilneu-t and compoi.ltioii
of the provincial health hoard. He
held that the legislature  should  move
for tin. opening tn  settlement   of ihr
liirgiwinrl <tp#ci«llfVMhii*hl<* ln»rt« now
advocated a purely independent British
Columbia campaign for better terms
from the Dominion, and failing m sack
campaign a severance ot rhe ties of Confederation. The speech ofthe Vancouv-
«r member was only .Barred by an unfortunate reference to thc late eleatwns
in the prairie provinces,- despite which
it stands as the most remarkable contribution to a debate on the speech ever
made by a government supporter io
British Columbia's parlianient.
The second day's contributors to tbe
debate included .Muiiro, of Chilliwack
Cameron, of Victoria; Brown, of Green*
wood; Murphy, of Cariboo, and Shat-
ford, of Similkaineen, who rivalled Mr.*
MacGown in his .independent treatment
of the questions of better terms enlurgj
ing appropriations for the board of horticulture and the necessity for the immediate cons'faction of a road from
Hedley to tlic Nickel plate mine.
Attorney-General Wikon defended
the Kaien Island deal in a special plea,
evading the challenge of the Liberals
to test the legality ofthe government's
course. The minister also crejited con-
.lidciable surprise id a complimentary
reference to Mr. Mclnnis, by asserting
lhat tbe only member left in Br'tirfi
Columbia'*.- legislature approaching him
in brilliance ant! ability, is the Nanaimo
Socialistic member, Mr. IlawtUorn-
Evans (Cowichan), moved the adjournment of the debate which , is expected to close tomorrow, when Oliver
will, be the chief speaker. Tbe government promises that all important min*
istcrial measures will be ready this
week. .,    '■
Conl   Out-put.
The output of coal at the mines for
the week ending Friday, J*n. 12 th,
was as follows:"
Coal Creek
9,539 tons.
6,614   "
1.8G3   "
Total        18,016,
V-. I
wi ms.-l
Special to Tim Lbdqk a
Tho gymnaiium outfit0has, arrived
for'tho club.
D. Patton won the finai in the checker
jrame at the C". C. L. A'.,A.'
P. Hughes and T. Wilson won the
whiat tournament at the C\ C. L. A. .A.
. - --v.—■* '•.-.--*;..-'.■'    .'.».... j.,   ,j    '.
.John Dclim*1i**d a finger badly smashed lnet week and had to have it taken
off at the first joint. :
Much dissatisfaction is eiprensed hero
at the action of sorao people in Fornlo,
in uaing their Influence to have thn
mine train held at Fernie an hour later
011 Saturday nights. The Iraaineia that
the ladlei of Coal creek trennact on Saturday orenings in For aie can eanily be
dono by 10 o'clock, and there lire threatening minors that if thoy are held up
until 11 o'clock before tbey can leave
for home moist of them will cease thoir
Saturday night visits. Thero aro miners too, who work on Saturday even-'
Ingt*, who live in Pernio and they aro
compelled to ttayat tho mlnea an hour
lator to gratify the groed and ■elfishnejui
of thoso who doiilro to bag everything
in Hl-Tlit. What U your board of trade
going to de In tbe mattor?
licld a» Indian rewvc* and  ktronj/lyj
 —-   •    A"-'':!1-?-";
K|iP0l»1 toTllHT<K!'llt'll
A vory pleasant social event took
placo last Tlmriday orcnlng at tho
homo of Mr. and Mn. M. McKenzie,
tlm many friends and supportera of
Mr. McKenzie in lho recent political
contost bolng very much In ovidencp,
An Interesting lioekoy match was
played horo on Thursday night,
Kornio vs. Macleod, tho latter wining
by one goal. Although Kernie -waa
defeated it Is no dlggraco as thoy
played good clean licckoy and aro
apparently a bunch oi good clean
young followH,
Wo aro expecting Rrotit things
from our now town council tills yoar
If tho awing ot some of the recently
elected tnomlw-ii* on the street count
for anything. Hallway nnd station
In town Rttroi (louring mill, capacity
1VXJ b.uruU |air day; elevator, cut.
pneity two hundred and fifty thensand
biislmls, ftlsoiin electric light plant
gnnrnntoed to supply light thrco
nlghu ol tho week which will be a
marked Improvement ovor tho present Ry*t.i»«i.
There is qulto a little speculation
In this district nt present ts to who
will be the Houthcrn Alberta senator.
Gossip umongst the imaginary
knowing onus Indicates that the strup>
glo will bo between DeVoher and
McDonald. However, some of tho
wIho one* are ot the opinion that when
the time arrives for the appointmeit
to bo made tbat there will be a dark
horse In tbe race wlio will make tlm
ahov0 namedl g-enUewin come to thn
Aonelualon that they are np aft*,nut **,
oughlrcd, e
ft<v    I ,T> l.i.-.
-.#|^ »aimA"Ii|m^ -• y':&%
* £*"-*■'.
'<   -77"        *   --•-...--' r<t.-\      ^   -,-'..-
.-^■-.." .:■
- IV, *
* t i*
£«&  ****-**•*•'
V"*'-0*- j
, -.A-r>^   * M
. "* v.'.-.*-''
I tecwtaiwuu^MK^^ "-.■•-;*„"■;■...' ,7*7
S/pw G&/&& of J5<?^v> £>&£
DURING childhood the foundation
of future health and character
is laid, and caiCsliciuld be taken
during these first years o£ a
Chilli-.*- 'Ife lo keep th'ngs as sunshiny
As tiO*islble. li Is aa natural fur a child
to be cheerful and good-natured as It
(a for n kitten to play or a,bird to sing,
and when signs of fri.*tfiilfiess and bad
temper aiih-c-. It behooves the mother to
look for llie cause. She will usually
find It In s..ine slight physical 111, which,
nine times out of ten, has been.*brought.
about by lack of proper exercise and
fresh air.
Keep your children healthy, and you
aro apt"to fini". them a merry" lot and
easy to .manage. One of the most fre-
tiuinl sources of neglect is in not keeping children out of doors more.
You must not expect them lo s--tay out
pf doors unless thoy have something to
Jnterest them, and for this reason every
mother should try to Invent games and
pastimes that will keep thcrn.out In the
pure,-fresh air. One or two liours out
ol twenty-four- In fresh air is not
enough for children If they are to have
tho best chance of growing up strong
ond vigorous. ,. , _-	
RcmembM- how Important Is tlftFTn- .
Jiiil.ulon of pure air If you would have
pure blood; and remember, too. what is
pften forgotten—thut children need a
plentiful supply of oxygen even moro
yrgi'iitly than grown people, and oxygen
tn a sufficient amount we can only find
In the air out of doors.
In summer it is particularly easy to
manage so that many hours may be
spent ln thc open air. There is no doubt
lhat this is more difficult In town than
in tho country; nevertheless, it can bo
accomplished If there is even a small
garden at the back of tlie house.
Of course the nir In these back yards
Is not so good as thc air in-the country
or at the shore, but It Is infinitely better than the air indoors.
A .swing can always be fixed up at
little expense, and it affords outdoor
occupation, amusement and exercise of
a wholesome kind. At a surprisingly
yearly "age children-can bo encouraged
■ to take an interest In a flower bed, the
digging always appeals to them, and
frequently it develops an Idea of beautifying lather than destroying public or
other property.
There arc innumerable garden games,
and new ones coming along all tho
time. Quoits, ninepins, battledore and
shuttlecock, archery, bennbag, aro all
games that will keep children.amused
out of doors, which should bo the aim
_of every_roother. .	
JtJs a good thing "to keep" a time table
of just how many hours your children
spend In the open air. Do not punish
the little ones for fretting' until you
find out why they fret; consult your
time table—the reason may bo there.  -
S. SVMES' recipes
Excessive Perspiration
I am a reader of your column, nnd llko
tl»! ml vice you (-Wii. Will you pluuse tell
piu wlmt tu ilu for exccsulio pcrnplrullGn
iiniur ilu' ki'iiih? 1 (In 1 my hair In KT04V-
m;-ilnikui oil tliu limb. Can I uut- imy-
.liliii; Iii w.ihIiIhk It lu keen It trum irruiv-
ii„- iliiiU?   11 In iluik led.   AnJ obllKu,
,* M,   0,       M
Try washing night and morning with
hut wiucr, lu which there uro* a,tow
tlroiis of iimnioiim. und common brown
uou|j, Thin trealmont lias proved sut--
rieHsful in many cases. I am glvlna you
formula for a hhiimnoc lo uic hair
from Lunilug dark,
V/hlk' cuntllo H'.np, In shnvlnnH. 1 ounco;
valor, .'I ouikvh; potiiHhluiu cmlionnto, 30
Bniliim bornx, 12-'i Kinlns: culuyiiu wulor,
t nuiic.'Hi liny nun, :' oiinn-n.
' IllbMolva llm noun in llio ivntcr nn.1 mid
llm .itnd* liwrollonix. IUU null lino tlio
/lnnoyiug Pimples
Yon linvi. Ikmii fh hwu.ji nn.l Iilml nn to
lii'lli nn in.uiy nf ymu- rvii-lna. uiul hu |-.ui*
iiiuiH ymi limy lm iililn to lioli) nu',
Tlv >».ir or wi I h.ivu ii.'fii uriaily
trr.iilil'-il hy ii lii-oiikmir mil <>n my C"'—
■iliniildi, oiu1 nl'K-r tlio uthur, vwy mru nml
I nm klnl Umi nrc nc-*4*inuy i.. j|>-h; *
tlii'i-ofori) tliey iiiivur eiitlmly iHmimicur, hut
linvn a unit of HCiti*. which roiinlnu fnr
iiiimiliii, 'I'liwy «i» <*ji11v mi my, f.Jii.'ifiiil
nn.I (iiuini'l my no. o, in null nn.l hi -mi or
i,n my ifiiiihii. Ami, In.iii", uu I. now I
li.-iv.t Iuul n wry good coiii|il'Xlni. 1 uli.;
Imvo liliioKliiiailii, I am uirulil I luivu uiioil
(nn miiiili wiiu.'i- on my incu, uiuhumi I iim
lilMiiyii wrmlilnK my fnen mill Iminln, nl*
imij'h ink" a hath wvcrul tlnn's n wm;k,
Um.iikIi rmi a daily Lntli. I mn -.'li venm n it.
I.flRUI, fi fun f' Iiu'Iiuh, nml I Wnlldl l.'l ,
rniiiiih: I nm r.itlinr IlKln In cuniiluklnni
\4lth llrl" In'iwii lind', uml niy tttcn U
niiliir ilnmi'. My K'iK'i'i'1 tn-nltli ium nl; ,
wny a lir/n Knn.l, with n liiiiliirlin n.-w uml
Ihi'iil Imi liilrly I tinvu Iuin liMiH l«'l wim
IrillKi-mlun, I «ni iiiiilm, llu- ilni'lnr h ciiro,
nn.l I i. In nluiii'llni,' ti Uml mill nf II' •" '
io Im nf Uic ulil-fiirlil'iiril kiml, nml (linn, n J
wniii im, wliollKT wilh mv in'r-1''' Uf I
inn mu proud, etc, tlu ymi Hi ' U t In? ,*> of
know I mn i*iiiiii-",|I I" l"' "mr !"'• :n'' !-
hi'vnr Iiml tliim. ihliiKK lii.fiiic, nml I do n-1-
wntil tin ni nnw,  unlnHH I linvi- ti,   Wi' nil
llkl    10 W'k   llllr  lM'Hl   111 fill I'   lIlllMl-  wr   Ij  «;.-*'
iiii won't ymi pK-nno holii tiio?   lln ynu  HI, k
(tcnmliiK my fimi' w-mM iM inn nt llin»«
iliii-khcii'IT I nm iil«.) "n n n.rt nf n «il. t.
Hriviin't rali'i I'limly nr »wi*i*i. fur ncvniiil
JiiMithi-! hut I nm mil nny I'(*IJ.|- '';."),vv,",n"
j nlmtod, UUAi'II- It. I'.
I feel Hiiro thnt tliu iilmploH mi ynur
•"lien arc tlm I'uHult of HiiiiiD Inwiii-d iliu-
(iirbaiicc, nliluT nf your tiloml nr 'JIkoh-
iIon. Ilfiwcvcr, ynu nnr-d mil fwM imn-
inuniKt'il. t«r If yii iicrMnvurn In li-nil-
Inx a liyiili'iil'' Uf'" tlaii'" Ih do rciiwon
why llii'V Hlionlil not illmiiipi'iir, Mnt
imly nliii|)l('i whulnidimii fimdn, with
iilciily of fn-Hli friiltn nml vi'Ki'tiilili'ti-,
jlrliiU Kri'iil (itiiiniltl.N of waler lieiw.-i'ii
inriilM! ud nil tlio irt'Hli nlr iiinlnxor*
I'M ynu cun.
jihurv ii'kIH ImffiM' retiring wimti j'tnr
fiiniMuili wiirm wnlrr nnd it irooil, pwrn
wiai'i Tfeiv"o thoroiiKhly nml ilicn itpiily
the uii-irul'.ifiir wliii n I mn ulvlnj- ynu
forinuln. 'fix* lil.ic-kln'inld wlll inont Imn-
ly .liHiini.riir ntiilnr thin irenlini'iU, hut
if nnt, I Khiiiil.l'-t^ijt '""I' v-"1 hnve nol
rid (if tli« I'ImiileH'iaforii ynu »nUn mni'ii
lii'i'iili. rrn'iiiiurcM tn i-WTOj'-Tt.1''"'1!* ' M'l,l,{
JuirciiiiMrllla Dr mnn; itfimtiqoiX jmrilior
inlulit aluii lm very bciiv-llc'liTi-'./..--T**,
i-OBBtitt Creaiu lor jfimpiti*;*'-,;.^*,;
I.intlln, ' minrip! nlmfin'-l Ml S mini-p"!*'
iiilnhtir |iri«l|i|intc, t nililn of iiiif.
J!, tunri--*! vlnlci nxtrnel, 10 dii)|m. Apply
5 v»ry lHtl« if ihe crruin to imcii pimiiln,
Walt until Uic rlmpl" *tit (lurixl befijrii
Vitlim 'luc« Ijiu'Ii, im ll uilNlii nilinto.
the remedy for the removal of whito*
heads so successful. I fear 1 cannot glvo
you tho helpful advice y.ou now ask for.
The conditions you describe Indicate that
you are very much run down, indeed,
and need spuclnl treatment, und I advlso
you to consult .i good physician and fol-
,lyw hki ucrv.tb.
Care of the Hands
I.aut winter whim my hands wore in vory
laj conJItlun I Ltuiie io you for liolp. Tho
picpiiratlniiri you tulil mu iibout wnro line,
and J uov.:!* lind uucli hlco louklnn luinilii
in cold wuiithor bufom, Now I hnvo lost
tlio i*ui;lpiH nnd cf.ini- to you, hoping you
will tliinlc It wo .much trouble to'kivo
tllulll tn mu IIKIilll, 'J'lliMii M'ulo tlll-i'U, ulio
for ciiHinolIc k'ovon to wi'iir nt'iilKlit, n
eruiini to ivhllcn tho linn 'h mill .Hnmotlilnic
tn emu iiinliiiin,    1  i<*iiii.mLoi* th"l   It hu.)
petioiiitum in it, i,fi:y n.
I repent tlm form'tilas wilh 'plctmuro
ami IriiHl they ure'thn hiH'h you want.
1 nm giving you throe I'm- cimnintlc
glove, H8 I do not know which una I
gavo you before,   They urn all goodv. :
• To Whiten tho Hands,
'   I.nnnlln,   100 Brums; narnWii  (ll(|iilil),  S5
KiuiiMi ux.ti.ict o£ vnnllla, 10 ilmpn; oil of
i wo, 1 drop,
Mix uml apply whon nochiirary,
To Mnlto Comriotlc Olovoa,
Umi soft, linitii Iciillicr kIovih, llireo or
four Hlr.i'H tun hiiKi*. Itip iln ni upi'ii iuul
tpifiul ihe IiikIiIc willi one of lhc f.illuwlnif
iiripiiinlliimi, ilicn now thu rlpi'i-il hi-iiiii up,
Tho ulm|, nml (lif'i-i-ri.rc ilui Immt irou-
bleHDIIII), pllhtl' iu iniiko In tliln:
Cosmetic aiovo r.iato,
Ormiml Imi Icy, the whlto uf nn i>br, n
lonHpiimiiul uf h,I'i!l'||ii uml nnu muiui tit
Comostlc Glovo Panto -No. 2.
Ilmmi'iimriQ noft tioup, '/j pouml; ollvo oil,
1 will: mill lull tullnw, I uilliuu.
A (lm* In.Hunt thi.'hi. Inri'tlier lulliiivn thi'in
fioiii thu lln* hi.furn mlilliit,.i KplillH nf wlin',
1 Mill: miihi'iuilK nr fuiiiu uilirr iii'i'funiii lu
un ittiiiiiu,l lu Hull llm timtt), iiIwiimi bilmr
on yotir Kiinid nnt lu ucunt tlilnux too
CoHi-iiotio Glovo Panto—No, 3.
Ttnllnuil Pino tin*, 1 twiHpixiiiful; ollvo oil,
1 pint,
Mult In n wnlor linih, ncntlmt with mm-
. wntor nr huiiiu ii'lii'i* pui'diirii', Tliln ia a
P cpurnllnn whli'li ilnin nut tpull.
Tim fullnwliM |iii.|i.iruiiun mr unii with
unKiiiutlu kIiivi-m Ik muio I'liiliui'utu:
Myirli, I ounce: huiicy. I iiniieex; yi-lluw
Wiix, 1! uunroii; I'miuwuiur, ij muiucii,
Melt the wux In n wntin- bulli nnd mid
Dm myrili In It while It In hut. Arii-r hint*
Imt thi'in t(.«illiiT mlil tlio liunny mi,) nun*
wnlui, lluiii nil un nml iiiM .I'lji'iirlii liy
tlio UuHiniiinfiil imill ynu -.nuuru a idikiu
wlik-li will mil I'm) nicely,
For Cunburn.
\oi/f abas
1^ \,*.*s,$ ■
I""**-- v?.'*'^'''''!
 4i fin-,
-v--.'4»." •■:■-,'.'»* '• V
»- 4".-.':-.:..''*^,,:-,<^4V'3
1 $&*.&&£
••■.?>;"..•.*?-'" i
! ii < WTi?. 'Sr <iii&;
JKb..vA ..v.i-,VV^*4
'tH; 5
lx? i-?*?'^?'j.
v .
bohiB dralneil as, It would, ho In prolonxod
i-UMy, luck of uleop ur Olislpailon of any
(ICHCilptluii, Tho cxiurnul ti-enlmont is nomu*
Uiikm cflectlvi! lumpouirlly, but cannot bo
lii'iiiiuniint whllo tho causo oxluts,
Local Treatment,
pntho frequently with cold wntor and use
frklluii, A Iittlo tuinentliid liniment or
wimk nmintnla, nnu pnrt of Ullutod om-
niuiiia iu iuin' uf wntor, nmy be rubbed Into
tho Hkin iliilly (oncu), but kiciu euro nvwt
bo taken that It iloou not rtueh tlio oyog.
LAUKA IJ,—I nm giving you tlio formula-! us requested,
Old-Fashioned Skin Lotion.
Bponnnooll, 13 gmlnii whlto nonp, in
m.i.ii.'r, ». (irruiii wliliu wnx Ipulveil-ioil),
114 ill inn: nlmuiiil oil*ut), yt iiinm: Ji,r*
ilini uliiioiiilH, 3 oum-i'u; puiu ulcuhol, 'i
ouiiuiii; I'lriiilud wilier, K iiuiicch; nttnr of
lomiH, 'J ilrnpii; nil of ni'i-ull, 0 druiiu: ch*
, hoiico uf jiiNiiiluu, th di'iiin; buuinuu of
white lime, 1,4 dm in.
IHiim h tin- iilmuinlH mul bout thorn Into
n iniiiuih piiHlu, ikIiIIiik 1:111110 wuitr Kiml*
imlly in form a thin ciuum, Mull tho wnx,
np.ii'mui'i'11 mil iilimniii nil tiiKuthui*, nn.l
lo tlilH lulil tho Kinp, pievlmiuly lubheil
down willi (,nc-linlC iiuni'n of wnler, To
llilii inlil, In umiill iiunnlltlcH, thu ro*
iriilii.lir of the wnti'i', u.-'HliluotiHly titlr-
ilnif, Then mlil lho Mniluivl uliimml cieum
uiul II mi liy tho iilculii-il un.I tin., pi.i'iiimo,
A Hill.* i.r HiIh n,|!k mny \,ii iul,h(.,l Into
llio hIiIii humtiii iiini'M. iitirlnK tho day,'
'tho olfLel Ih |iuiiiinhi4|itly l.tiinlu'liil.
Honey and Almond Cream.
Honey, 1 ouni'uj whlto nnnp In powih-r, tt
ounce; nil of t,wi.,i ulim.n id, .' mimmi ull
of hllii-riilniiinilH, li, iirnnii nil nl bornu*
nml,  Vi ili'iuili oil ul clnvcH, 7 ih*u|m: Imi*
•.mu   of   I'l.TU,   <^|   ilniiii:   l|l|llll|   pIltUIINIl,   Vi
ilruni, .
.Mix llm hIIh with llio IimIhuiii, I linn mix
tlm Imnoy with the nr.iip In a morUi', nilillntr
eiillUVIl   of   llll)   pillUHIlll   tu   plUillll.ll   a   lllllu
cranm, Add thin to the first mlxturo nnd
continue to bint until you Imvo u thoroughly Incorporated- emollient.
Callous Spots on Hands
Will ynu plonini send formula thut will
niinovo hnnl pIik-oh nn llm hnnilH, pimped by
sw(oping?  I lind your pngo very vnluuhln.
_ , , pion-muD-!*.
I havo 110 rofiiilar-formulii for tho ro*
movil of rnlloiiri ulaci-H on tlio hnndii, but
tlHi'u nro ninny xlmnln romoillcH Hint will
help ynu, Huliblng puic ollvo oil nn thu
luii'd fimt iicvi'inl Union 11 dny uml nt nllrttt
before rutlrhiK. Thn fullow ing- Hiinplo mixture   has  pi-ovnil   viry   Hu.uciiiifiii   in  liiiuli
Hhoi, 1 mmcoj camphor, ai uralntii Klyo-
ci'ln, % ounoo,
Badly Shaped Nose      '
IlnvlnR notoii In your henlth nml bounty
puIuiiiuh of nil tlm nilvlccu ynu ofl'ur to rend*
oik, I would tilco llko to auk 11 low o.uoo*
My nuHo In very Inmo and wlrto, nnd I
wniilil lie rhnmil tn know II' I cun In nny
wny rIvii ft 11 ilihinor hIihi 0, My Imiulu
mo vuy I.iikii nml Irriiui'liir hIihiiiuI, iIud to
thn fact tI>ii 1 I (.-iirricil lienvy ki*Ii,« niul' vn*
llnnn wlicn my hnnilH wcio yci Krowlnn, If
y.iii enn lef.nn nm how to kIvo them n nor*
mul Hlmii'i I would fool vcry-Kratefji to .
yon. F. II.
Much can lo doiui tuwaiii iraliilitg.tliii
nnHii Into 11 dcHlroil alntiip. but It voiniliiyi
m'ciit iiiitlonuii, iim tlm Inipt'ovcmcnt In
very nlow, Very froiinonilw preHH llio
Hlilu of your iiohu togullior hoiwenn llm
tliuml) and fiJi'i'llngor, Uonln nt lho
hi-ldiio nml pruHii dowiiwiird. 'J'lio humls
am not 110 eimlly ti-ulnvc], iih tlie niinicli.H
Imvo no (Unibt Imconn; culitrcvil. Xtow*
ever, If you keep thnin wlillo nnd well
enroll for, It will improve tholr n-iiiear.
iineo Kicutly.
Formulas Repeated
'' rieniio p'ubllBh  ngnin  your  roclpo
., for -"ultaiu cronin and tnlcum pow*
■    der.   I Ilku,l them both no much, but
hnvo mliiluM  thorn, nines lust aum-
, mcr, »
I repeat the foimula --with
pleiihuro, Am giving you two for
tniciin powder, as 1 do not know
which 0110 you wish.
Sultana Cream Make-Up,
Bwoot nliiimid oil,1 4 ounccai whlto wax,
niolied, ;i:m iirulniii sponnaei'tl, 320 Ki-nlnHj
bonznln (llmly powdoidil); 100 RralnHi tlno-
tuio of amhiii'itTls, 00 grains; rlco powder, 320
jp'iiIhh; ptuu aiiinlnu, l,'i 111 alrm,
Illend tlm rntB lu lho m»ldo roceptnolo of ft
niHturil bnllui: 111M benzoin whllo thoy nro
liuatlng, llio rlisn powder uml ciirinlnu whllo.4
uuullng, mul tlnctiira InHt of nil, Hprrmi It
nn llio fnen und throat, pontly uml earn*
tally, lubhlnii It Into tho akin, und avoid Itn
fMllnir In'o thu eyobrown or clnno to tlio
oycH, l'owilor with nny (ln«li-ooloiod pow*
del' or velouilno, uiiplylnit tieoly u puff,
and after a Iittlo whllo wlpo ufi' with n bit
01 chnninlM, Thia innnks iih offnctunlly nn a
l'limlir or pniitiH nnd pnlntH nil nllRlit irn*
porfiiiiiloiiB of tho Bldn wlthniit having tlio
repulHlvuly nrllllulnl loolc which tlu-y glvo,
Hy nitlilUnl Unlit It Is Imporccptlblo.
Taloura Powder.
Illeo nonr, 10 oiniccBj talcum. 10 minora:
nxldo of zlno, 10 ounces,
Mix thoroiiKhly nnd nlft twlco through fino
boltlim Nlllt,   reriumo to timto,
Hygienic Talcum Powder.
I'm Inn iitnrcii, SO ki-iiiii-ii powrtorod talcum,
SO KiiuiiHi piiwilniwl lycopoillum, t'O uriiiim:
Biilnl nr liii-li! nuiii, lo Ki-umni uuhoiiuo of
violet, SO orfiiim,
• To Cure Nervousness
f"nn you plvo inn 11 nlmpli> ouro fnr nor*
v/'iiiiiieHM'-   I do not wiintto tnko 11 n\- mi'ill*
vlnii, uu I i.u nol fi.-ol Ill-Just nurvnui,
Drink plenty of lint ■ witter hrtwiion
mi-'iiln, II In ({nod for nei'voiiBiKiris Ho
out uf (looi-H oinry inlnuto that you iioh*
Mbly onn; tJiorti la niitliliig llko bliio
kIUcm, brink wliulii ami huiimIiIiki to do
nwny with an iitlitck of "iioi-vuh," Oo
lo biiil oiirly, titlio 11 'itilck lm Hi evury
iiionili », don't rend cnizy, oxclllnu nov
Wf   #-v.«.-,.-.'
*i       V--"'--.-'^'.!''
.\r*       jiV
^*'^4A^4AA^^A^AA^A.^AAAA,^A^>A^^A^AAA^A^A^^4AAAA^^^V^^^V4^VV^^^4A^S*^VV4^*^   **4^*4 ^
41 HMD      |I4'LMIIII14IIII,      ,t'y     llllll 'CNi      p'lt-llllln
wnx,  \\ oiinrni liuinllii,   1  0111110; ivntar, JU
(iiiiu:i'K|. ull  of   lime,  3  iIi*u|ih;  ulioliul,   v,
Outdoor Sports That Make You Healthy
Melt Hii' pit mill II wnx, llilii the poliuhititm
uml Iniiulln. Hllr e.iiiHtniitiy, hinllii,- tlm
\4n 1 i.r in iliiilnjt lhe p,(iii'iiii, Add thn all
uml nk'ulinl wl,«n iieurly eol'l.
JVants Lighter Eyelashes
Wuilld lull be Iilllt (' lu tell mn
wlni <vll| luni I'm i.yi.lliHfii'H nnu hIui Id
' IlKhtrrT A ludy film.I tf I-l me Hint Did
limheii mil briiiVH nhuiilil bn nf lln* iiiumi
tl,».|4* im the Imlr, iirnl 11» mv hnir In cln'itl*
nut In nun nn I IiibIu'n mul Iui.wk iiaikor, I
tium   Vim  ivlll  (nil me nt n.iin.itl'l*        *   '.i-
-Aifyf,' iu li.liu.ii  num, iii((i>\Mt-j,
••' '|i'<Hi\ nnt know nf n hnrmlfi'ti, citl-fne.
elirnuN und liihlicH.
       iiKi-pc Willi  your  friend,  hut
thlntt tho effect In iniicli tirettler wlinn
the l.rnwH nml lat-hen uro fllKlilly darker
thnn the Im'r,
lory. XiimvA) fur, ihe ey*-
I do nor' imi-pc with
Found Remedy Successful      lVcnkd Abrut Circles Under
Ax 1 li'ive. 1Jiwl tile turn IMimlii'ftj 5oil
Vioiiirimemti'd fur ikiik, nnd u(i-n*. ,1 lu 11
u i'llll. llelrpri, I liutiii Him ynu will mlvlmi
m« what lo ilu Willi my linlr. I licitc l-i-.n
In n Imi rill 1 hk r. who cnlil' Unit I hi|*l .1
little e.'H'imi, nnd I lock 11 ,i(iiir«( nt (rent*
mini, hut my linlr ttlll fflllt mil n final
dinl, Th« lit Ion thai ho nviviWKoi, my n*nl|i
v.ltii linn iiuile my Imlr t:rnw, very dirtU,
itnl I wuilld lllto It tu r.-inuhi lli/M,
I mn nlro vi-ry llnblo lo elillln, nrnr which
I nti veil  liUek u n.ii'i- llu: " 44N nnl yellow
III    l'.|..r    I'M      I    fl!44     drill..       Il,ll-ll>    ll    44.. n,
j.iikjh  (llkl  1  ilci nnt linvi: on*,-  li* Ih, .*• <
inuililiiK I emt dn in |ir.'vuul il.riif'   I wnlk
Jn mi Ti'Mil   nn.l   l.nrk   f4',-r4*   .tie,   n    1 »T.i'i. 1
II fill, or lulir tnlliN.    Winn I U'UH lllll..,  I
Imd llie |4MI|iIIm*, mi.I I Link,  |riliii|iu, tlmt
. whnt vuijii'R in*- to lw vn i^li*.
1'AI.Ii VAI'K.
IftPl Y%I7 Wladi 11,1.1'td, lliiil you found
A» I nevor ntifco.] » favor lefirA I wlnh
)uii n.nil.l KTiint ono tu mo In ynur next
tveikv imiirr. I havo dink rlrr-li-M uni'er
my ereii Hint aro v*ry worrlnniiin tu nm
nlwnyN, At I nm n uiibacrlln'r "t J our |iii|>''i',
l.ivU'i vmi «niil.I eli'iii). ifll mr ».n,,. liim
uml (ibll'ii, nnt In \,*u.ilinl.
DnrlcClrck'Ji ."Uirlor tho Eyes.
'> In nlhii'ii.. Ill nn- (ijiIi.Iii mriv In*
til mil 1 .nii-ii l.j ihu lii.i.'k ei in", ml ler llm
iy>u. Tlie ii-,nliiny w Niimlln-i. i linMI*
t«iy, bill ilu Ik Hum lire nmiallu due 11
1- .im "li >»h,ri ,1 tli» i-i In. -i l>»^'.irf
nnd nre mriiy, if cmt. fi'.-.i.i iki^Hln
uinlir .ii4) ur in i.r ii nf tlm fulliulnij iluum..
Winn the viil.'ri't  \* iir.u.inlc, nnd iher.i
l»   1,1,   lii.|..iltui. r.t   if   il,,-  Clin   .ij   nn"
liition nt tl|u I.IihA, tit the- *>*t«rii In
i"i". /jmih.o II Walker
,     CupyrUlit, iwr, by A. M, lliunc. & Co.
IK A number or gli|n lu your net nro
athletic lu th'-ii limit.* iT.i.-y wlll Itnd
11 1,111111 dciii of nm in u iim0 nnd
llouiiilH   Clul),  whon   Dm woalliur
j,rnwH (.-uol,
Mnvn \\\f or nix nn 11 Hide nml i'Ivkiho
11 leiulor for llm "IniieH," J'riji'ilmi dully
nml ."ii'i will fiinti ln< niile to riivri- long
NtrotuhL'H of (-uiintry In ynur run,
Tlricttoy Ih pnlled thn <i<Y*t|irln-- nf "Oi,r
J...4JJ .it IiiM Ai.wun," JJ.H lli.n Kiimu ii
11'i longi'i' eoHllni'd In Cuiuulu, it |h
nnw iilityul hy muiiy In t|,n UnlU'l
Blnii'ti. Al Mrm. lifter you linvn plnye.l
thin for 11 Hhurt tlmo, yon wlll lm i|iilto
HiliT uml Mirn-fi (iroof Unit ovury iiiuhuIu
Iimh uii'lviil lln ilip. rxnrclnn, llni'h'y
I'  10 iciiiln lv   ,1   rniild   irnir,",    tt   r-n:'.'-.
I'-."   ,..."    I'.li,;,   ,11,11   \,ll|ill   lli*il,ii|i:l   i,|
tlie lulil:' 11K inHV you Rknto foii.'.iril, tin n
Imctw.inl, then Blilewliin, Tho lutif-» urn
ixpiinded; ihe l.^nnd Imck mum'lo.*i iii-i
ili>irl(ii*.eil. nml tliu iruril. In uii-iied mil
twlHinl no Unit Urn im,Men nf ,|„, |l((,<(|
III" Hl.lC'l, lltnl M|.,r trllHcii.i of I In. |i,)i*,)
nn- lirni.- ht lulu pi >,<,
ft.!   l.'rl-illlil,   tOCl,   1,1   IIIM Vi*fl'«il,
■ Hirf'ki'y  Im| iiii i'A4-ltlmr and lu'-ii imln ;
1. •'■ '■'•   1-! .ill. t '   i.u r.u-.'ii i,ni
I,' -jt'ti   lityniitj   (nti,.   t-:-i liMit   m   ji.,...
li..: It,
IlldH*   tf  It'll   \4llii   (live   t|.,4   • i..|.,
-illiy lo nuilv |t \..||| imr.liv niul 11
I-T..1M r'.i.-.f ex. nl,,,. tr ,*, f,-ni:iiif
IIiIh i|icii «. i.i,.- ii|.'|jtin,.i,i im mi,,,
11 Kill ulioiild hnvo n perfoetlv hoiiihI
l:i.**!y to liL'gln Willi, nml lio vui-y Hiiro iiiiiu.' ni ht r urii.iii,* nil. iwi.iU,
, Ki/IIn, in.thkH iiul 11 plMHlrnn urn niicil,
nml 1111 Itimrticinr Ib nliMoliitely einen*
Hnl, l.onin to fonco Willi both li:;ndn,
ui tiiii 1. tlm loi'i'iirni, calf mid UiIkIi tiro
dnveloi ed ky.viniiirti'lciilly on linth slden
Tin* riNiilu urn tviinrierrul. 'I'luee iiinnihi
of feiiili.jr pincihv will hivo UMI 11 Hunter wen, iiiiit-f- nf tnovctiiciit und n tn^i r.
UK'lt- I'iriii. It Un lux lhc U4i~, iho liunil
nml thn ml ml,    Inilicii,  l know i.f nu
In <|.-|-   i-,i; ■ t'i!   ;.; ■ .,..;.■ t"t •    \\-.-.-i   ;\   \—   t
with the fiillK, Tlio exurcuu. Ih vIkoi-hiiii
nnd c-iii'.c jn.fu, c j.. r: ji.r.iih -. 1 n.i :t
ymi lire it llu In heiivlor In welKlit titan
you would liliu lu Ihy'MwiiiIki ihu hlpa
und nlidi'imin In iliiuriul Wfor-: your
|iriul)i-u hu'ir, nnd nutt- Imw ijulcKly
liny nre [educed, Ih'Klri wilh 11 ihlily*
niiiliite leh-mii only,nud urnddiilly l'.mKlh*
cn the lime a." .\1n1i' 11I1-1 njdli lii^i'ir-i-H,
pi.'K t'ce li'-ur, |.\ jit nn; 11 ;t ilu.' i.u ,ii
well mi v.'.i i-N-ri Ih.', itii'l oiiu of !;io :u.i»,t
f:n(Iuul. 1,k of mmrl",
Utinillnll Is 11 film R.-tinn itir ii'1-rutiii'l
lli.vcieiil i!i'Vc|.piii4-iit,   Kvtiy rniiiii'li- of
l|,i-     Iiclj'     I'i     i-jti '■f'B.-il.      II   f.|llllll*((
(|'i,> l-iti. ii mi.1 iiiicmli'ii nf tl." cm1, 'i'lm
I'i:1 nli'K in!:;' .iHKIiii*; Whl'-h It tilv.ilVi **
1,1 1 . V .' m [..-in nl In ni i- •! 111,11;, il 1.1
11 il'i't le'.l.Uifi.l .lint 1xh.lir.4tlu;; iJ**l**
11- ".
., i.r nt  u.i ,ul,.nit,mi h ,- tli't  it
1 .'   I il.l .1    ■!■ I    ,      Jt   14   tic'll   J'.ll.-
tliui, ;i( Ju;,ui'l,
Alt.i'.i'-jli -,o many uli In aro dcvcti. 1 to
tlm -.'utm- of hriHlitit hull. It utiomB to mo
ui.a It 11111 Ith with (ontbnll I'lilhur tliim
With Kill*)' Hpul'lH, In tilityliiK IIiIh kiiiiio
ono h ii tit lu imc'iimc nu rxi'lted tlmt ulio
forueiH ull cure fnr In nielf or for mlU'i-H.
I iln not teel lint tlm (l.inui'iii nf llm
If 11 Uic mu runiiieiihitU'd liy nny itilviiu-
tniie th it nmy cn:iii> friini It.
,miv irlrl wim Iiih a wciik limirl hIuiuIiI
('llicflllly  IIVIllll  llll   vlKlil'CHlH  I'UtllCH  un*.
lii'H nhe lian the iii'|.in'-ji-li.ii of her pliyul-
I'iiiu to IihIuIku In llicm,
fln rd nnl no-
Bo ninny Klrhi nro danlroim of Rcttlntr
lin   fi   „:, niiii,..,.-,   D.lil   J,1,,.,   i    HVJ.'iJlJ'
iiiuro nf ihem dn not iry itardonliiu, Tlio
imma niutluiiM nro Involved In thin imn-
tlmo tlmt como Into rnnny linimclinld
ilutli'H. OHpoclitly lied mnklnij, Tho «lrl
who Iovim her Kitnlun In coiiiliiunlly
floopliiif nml rlslim nn.tln, niiitluiiji tmiNi
iiiiMiuiiiHe.iUM fur the oni' who ile:*lrcH to
l-t.4       ,,4 1f,lll.
C* l.i.r.ii eliii'.. to Mother Kirth Ih a
li'i-cUtiK In liiii'lf. Hln* Invci li.-r chll-
dun, niul tln> t-liiker ili-'y eumc lo her
li.e m<iii. fudy |,|ii. u'i't'l',1 th.1,1 tjrnilly
in;.I tuiillh, nnu; l.i 11 fm-elmit1!!,,- jmrrult, nn
ynu Aill I1111I If ynu 1 nro tul.n ll Up* H*1"
il:i lu :i i.npiil vuy in ilj-<t, hut d<> It
wt!', niiii 11 wl'i nm i.u iuini hi'ittit) your
l" ..: .it .. i.'.v. ., 4i,i',, ri,- j... i><
•1 ■! ei'! il.- Ium 1 unit il'iwtri.n your
1,hi, p.,mt ib it «,'iu h i'.« i.nnriKlii'il l*. mi
1'. 1 *   •   ■ ;■ .*..', :,- a "ni/ 'i   .-. a u
1    1-1   '1   |.||-.   tt*.. 1   1 ffl'i t   ium,-   lit..11   IhM
tld.*.. iiiiuiti with nul'in-, IjiiI t "hi not
I.ii.iw uf nnvti-iutr tlmt will ulvn  ynu
M,l ll .1 li.'t.'.lj j,.,lCC ut juijcl ax fi.r4l4.Ji*
pis and rest alt you enn, Knt nn abundance of slmulo, nutritious food. Braoo
up and say you won't bo nervous; that
Ir really half the light.
o     Reduced Her Hips
Will you ploimo glvo mc your formula for
Kentucky cold cream? I have reduced my
- IiIpb and abdomen by uulnK tho oxeruUeu
you guvu mc, I wan cxccudlnitly utout, but
now, llmiikH to your beauty column, I am
Blonder again. Mrs. Y,
Kentucky Cold Cream.
rtoHcwnter, 4 ounces: almond oil, 4
uuiicuh; upormnccll, 1 ounce; whlto wax, 1
OiungO'flawer, lllfto, vlolot or cldor-llower
water (im be BUlmiltuteil fur tlio niHOWutcr
at iilcnaiu-ii, nnd tho intuition r.f ono dram ot
tlnciuru nt benzoin or a half dram of rail I*
cylie nulil will Insuru tho crcum from bo*
timdniT t'liiiclil.
Alwiiyu llio fnco with hot water bo*
fotc the nuubuso tri'iilmciit,
. Found Formula Very Satis-
1, factory
Have uiiril pcvcial nf your iiroHcrliitlons
ami found Ilium very nnilHfnctory. I hnvo
nrt Hit' paper uuntiilnliiK thnn, would you
kindly putilUh tiu.m iikhIii? umnxo tlowur
civniii, ci-ciim for nufti nliu.' the iiiiIIh, cream
for olmpiioil linnilii imd corn euro. The.pie*
•criptlun for corn euro aontitlnt collodion;
thu other liiKreillcnt I cannot remember,
I low often Hhould tlio pliynlclnn'n provcrlp*
linn for rentoiintr the nnturtil color of tlio
hulr boUHed?
Tliuiiklnit you In advance,    Youm truly
ti, XX, it,
Ornnjjo-riowor Croam.
Wlillo wax, l nmu'ct; Hiiermiientl, 1 mmre;
Innnlln, I! ouiu'ew; euennimt nil, i mmiiH:
iiraui.'c-lluwtr wuitr, Z ouiiieii; oil of mim
iilmondu, t oiiiiciii; tlnciuru of hrnxnlii, ai)
Malt tha first five Ingredlontn tngotlior,
Take off the tin-iuul bi-nt until nearly cui.!,
midline Iittlo bv lltth* the bomtoln, and hut*
ly oranfto-tlHwei' water,
Croam for Chappod Jlandfl,
Whlto prtrnlniiiin. aii mind-n; linraffln
wux, v, ounco: luimlln, I nunvm wnii-r, I y
ounccai oil ot rove, 3 iirupH; nlcmiul,  ll
Mol't tho imrnnin wnx, mhl llio peti'i'lu*
liim and Innullii, Hllr inimtniillv,
tlm water In (lurliiK tlm nrucrim, Add thn
nil uml ulculiul wlien Hourly cold,
fanta for Dcllcnte, Brlttlo ringor
Tnkn  I'liiuil   I'lirtK  uf   tellnnil   pitch   nnd
81, nr uf lmiii'iiiIim nml mvrih mulled,
lix tuui'thi'i' mul fiui'inl miuli the mil hi nt
lilnjit,   Kciiiuvi. In tlie tn irnlmr with u tlllln
ollvci llll, . . ,,, ■   , ,     .,
Hoimiilmci Hid pni'te wlll nourUtl tlio
null* ami mnlie tlicm flienui'r,
Corn Curo,
fulleytlc iirlil, 1 ilium: rn"*i,i|nn, H ounc*.
1 'ulnt over th,. imn nr bimlen one* n tiny,
nml Met mm nwny llm muiertlcliil arowth ut
tliu i ml of ilinu or fiiiir itnyfi
Muddy Complexion
11   1.1111   niinr*
»,l   I   I'llOUUI
e.    I iboul'l
nplMlnn,    t
T nni n render (if ymir column nml knnw
Ki4v hflplul ynur renn-illfn mt, ».i "
Ike tn nnu ynu nbinil my titee.
tiff-  in hnv* n nice dmr eom-n
uml   lo   linvn   U   1114V   tMII.    lllll   I.u".   II   1*
gill Inic nimtily,' imd (Incu not look nice.   I
J..wi. It!, 1 ,i 1,1,#1 li'Jny 4 j-< .in 1 is inn] J11-
llnnH. but Ihiy cln no nmvX. I mn In gund
lii-ullli, mul dn not kiiuw whtil the ciiiuu In,
I would ho vcrv ginicfiil l*> you If ynu
wnti'i klruHy 1*11 me wlut Iftdo. Alio,
whnt wlll tfiktr. nitay Utile ltd blolehu lelt
fmm iilmplraT
A muddy complexion In frequently tbo
result nf 11 loriiM llvor.   Aro you mir*
lVllf.     Ol     !."\      S.IV.     >.,4.Vk4>W4*      |,4      J4'J.|-    .4 1kI
Tnko nil the uxcrcliui ynu inn und drink
«|tmnt it U-i» nf wn.t'r tii-twc-rn men In,
Wneii ynur inc.! wiy nliiMt before rn*
llrlnir willi wnrm wiilor niul 11 mmil,
tm ro simp; rlnnc ihnriiiiRhly, nnd apply
ihu i-ream for which I nm ttlvlnn ymi
rnrmiiln-it will noiirln.i tlio nit In mid
wlillcn If, iuul bIhii lm very guo.-l for y*.
tiinvlji); thu tilolchm >uu Bjeiik uf.
Oia*.*si;.".-Flov,-tr Cvcftm.
While »-•■«"■, l (in.c; »|ii*im(i(*t*tl, 1 Mincei
bin -'III. 'J 11..II111.1 ci.i-.,rnii,t n-.l, 5 tjlilircii,
. .. n,, ll.i.ii '..'Ui., . .iiilli". 1 I! ''I .l.ut
i-'.i.i, nti*, t ■>mt'-.; i'.nii,.r. i.f I'ii,-.'In, '.)
if«'.l lliJ. find fv." Inrif.'lfnui loiflhrr.
'trtt-i- ,'i tli-.- fi..- " ■' »■•!• I UMII nflrtv ln',.1.
(1...,,n« .11,.1 l.i I.D't- Hi*. 114...V..., siiJ luat-
ly ■ mnjii-fl'iiiii »«,i,,
- Wheit a person has nccIdentnHy swallowed erluBs, it is a mistake to administer a purgative, Jurtcad, nllow pl«uty
, of crnokers to bo enten or thick oatmeal gruel, or anything similar, to aa
to protect the intestine;-.
Perspiring IlandH.-roispJrlng. hands
nro a «uurcc of fjreut annoyance. Tlnc-
turo of belladonna applied to tho palms
will lessm tho perspiration. This U
polBonous, so it cannot bo .freely ujicd.
Knu de cologne, with 6 per.cent, of dilute acetic ticld, Is quite harmless. A
oonventont way of using thls'ltiiuld Is to
carry a wlde-nccked set-lit bottle continuing a small spango which bus been
soaked with tho preparation.
A splinter onn bo extracted without
pnln In ibis wny: Nearly fill a wide-
mouthed hottlo with hot -water, pine**
tlio Injured pnrt over tho mouth nnd
press tightly. Tlio suction wlll draw tho
llcsli down, nnd In n minute or two tho
splinter will como out.
Nervous Breakdown,—NorvouB breakdown Is cftoncr duo to overworking tbo
dlffostlvo oi-Bans thnn to mentnl strain
ns such, Abstemious linblts In entlng,
comMtiod with some nttcnt.on to exor-
cl<n>, mako It posslblo for ono to do an
Imniiiipo nmouiit of hurd hrnln work
without injury; but to uttcnint nnythlnB
out of tlio ordlunry In llio wny of wnrlc
wlille BiibslaihiR on the ordinary stimulating diet Is to Invito disaster.
Rmall wnrtn on children's hnmls, when
lliey appear In numbers, can be got rid
nf certainly nnd pnlnlossly by keeping
tlmni conntnnlly tniilHt with n lotion
niitdo by inldltiHt two drama of dilute
nitric ncld to one pint of wntor,
In lho KpiiiilMh lioiiuty rnrlirs thia-
will nilv ho you 10 llvu upon n vegotublo
diet while ynu urn Hiking, tlio bonuty
ti-ontnu'iit. They will tell you that ncw
onlons nro very good, uml no nro ns-
imruuiui, npliifich nnd all tho spring veir*
ctnnlPH. ■ Aud limy will whlvpur thnt tlio
womnn who ents Kitrllr nnd plenty of
It will hnvo 11 very Hjiiogth, very cleur
iiiid.priitty -Hlctn.
Iiml oiitn nn.l bitriiH Homotlmns Impnen
n lho hlK-lien, ho It Ih well to know of
hinidy reinodli'D,  To Hinp tho bleeding of
11 hnd cut, npply llnoly jiowdnred rice or
lour to thn wound.   If sofi soap li to
lm hnd, it wlll en no tlm pnln of-k burn
nt onco,
Tht-iiio who Kuffor from ttoutneM
vlmtilil tnkn plonty of (ixorclso; n«ve*f
ent pntntnoH or brend, no sunt or fat.
nnd nowr cnt nnd drink nt tho iamo
time. Thin IiIjiciiII* or ton it may bo
taken, nnd nnvnr touch milk or liror.
If this Is net-Hovered with, a ■ntUftctory
result wtll follow, *■
it niin'jn fnro Is too red, be enreful of
the illiit. Tnko no hot drinks, but cool*
Inn onos,, Don't wash tho face with cold
wntor, nor whon you fool Mushed, Luke*
wurrn wntnr Is better.   When going out
In tlio. sun,* thin veil
I'ltuit nre r.U'        	
n nolngj ...
.   Ilot foot
this kind,
iU U '.tl.. !.. to ..-ii, vi
Plneo baby on his hack nn n rug, nnd
11 hoiit Htiltablo exercise. If hi* elothlnr
s not too tight, ho wlll wavo his Iittlo
legs nn.l nrms In the olr, and kick ami
sprnwi m great dollnht. This Is excellent
for tlio niUHcleij, and baby will show his
•-..,.--. - ,.-,*,... ut .. i.) j,;» tduJutr.i liitus-
uro In the Iittlo gymnastics he perform*.
Authorities differ on the subject of r«»
moving hl.iekl.endH, hut nil agree"that 1
■tho din nhoiild be simple, and great
Hire bn tnlinn of iho dluesilvo system.
An iippllr-nilnn of n gooii conl Isr sokd
nnd hot wnier every tiny to tho faro will
often remove the blackheada. which can
then he ecjiii-0-.ert out by n hairpin and s
fi-w i!mi.s uf «;.iu ilu culiiuim UHMl on tho
HiiotH, Mtc'imln-g- tho skin once a fort-
tiiulit to sortcti the tilftrkheuda la nn-
t>il;. v u'l'ti!) nih'UaJ, nud ike muoU nro
Uieii M|-ir(*-jeil out by tho JliiKirs, A lit'
tie dUHilnir over tho snots with boreclo
ueld i-iiwiler Is ndvlHAiile. arid lhe faeo
nmy t.c wiml.ed j-very day Ut O.U powder, dissolved In hot water.
•JO 2k..lXi!lrri\arnnu*
.■■THK.^Y-*----   *m*m~.  .
'*•* *■--"     i *i   'tltV-r
-.UbsmtC S-^j=3.w^i.J::.>.
ii i
* /"»
'■'[hook it onwu?
HELP HC(tf»t
IWONPEfc, -utfTp-e
VVlt> PAT BMrttei,9
'Vl'. -i'i   /
like ,:.,A***-ArA'-'''•■"•■'■ •:'J'.-1-i;^^
.... u.
ii .x'.r
I fif'V .1'
1 1, I   *jj;-*i'   *!.. ' l  v
wort Mit*
gftwe how*
•/.. *
1'"' '.MaW*":'; ;.
,«•!? jhH<yyi:.
^\i'f'if*i„ , .*   ,
I,' lTl4W.v<'»■'■•"•i1l',,
J''.',"t'> ''I..''*   '--      ' " "     '■
ft   'Ji'! ''i.i'*'
•v.-j.:"".i ,iii :■• I-i       'i.,"/, 1   .Vi-.-..'.-A . -j-. ',>-,'*•'
'n'-'r- .-",'-'.■. * I -li'.lfi '.I'M".'.'.-!::-_■■Wi L^-l!
Srt*wi.n rouw
 ;.    i""»t,l»'fi'*>Vii '.»>',-
H^AURIUW IFIUV /W'^.Vfl.:1:^
Wim yum *Vmm*u\XMXAWto,
'*'r'T"':,-'t."''yiwv')..* '''■•.-"U<" ■-.yiy,. t^^*
''Jj'Cf.j;1;*:.'/',,''.' •,^.,,'(',!v';'«.i^iA'!
Jt,^SjS^*' ->',V'l "XJ4-J- A' ~
/ wv f'^-'j • ,^*»
1 1 .-   .»'-.' )i'i,   -"-I*/ V'-'f1*- ">*V' i"'--!.,'    . i>       '" V   ^tC'
:>0AWIi*-1tA»RA-^M» - ..„„...
■A'.\*,'-"", •.''■'■■'''•   >-'   I
-"US '•' ''A-'/y-. X il-*.1- '.'StJ >'*,!,    XX11 L 1
lU't <*•',* ;-j '•"'"* '
.»,",'.'( ■•
■*'!...ii li-
7,7 Ai;*.':■; "A, 7.15Ti;m>y(' 7
7 A y
<aEe—-„„  ^   w~—
fMM-t 17 PIVE<SROiV 1)11471^
»•> /'Ancut, 1 11. 1 1..... -/
L£T t'EK POYCJ UUP MAF A '.r.i,■:,*'„ ,.1,'iMit(I
0Fl» MUWY Mt-M'T MAVc T'lT [;(.r*„ ;.',irM;^
J V001ONT >EU60hF|t! t-b\ *',Mr:: r,
SERIH'-T*--YOiJ' -
jOpr* CQHEHt
i    / ' ' *■ i    '   A
I ■_.,..*  I    .
i    i' .'. '
^ffi^c--1 THE FERMI-   LEDGER, FER VIE, P. C, JANUARY  17,  1906.
32skses laataaaaa^^sgs^^aaggga^
it-t'l up in a ?nn-nsinp mnnn.
■f the fact tlmt tlm money market wn-
.u.>j'.*iai't.-d to an almost un precede nti-'
-'rain, riircinff mifs 10 stich higl
to astonish ili« unspeculativ.
Tlmt 1
many stocks lmve lw*cn forcci.
tain levels sn(i kept there b\
•ed (ii'ir's of cr-nat-i interest
lv evident ami it will nnt lm
HE if so
tut Inn
ill find
l.ill v
1   ho!
to tha part iun Iar snb^tanue r.f llie bill
itseli .ti lhc {-renc-ral jxilicy ct the ad
mii-iitiun to JceeTi out all reference to
tariff iiirtttora at tiiis SKssiim.]--il
ui tlt.3 is itep f.iti that it brought   mi.
ic other fi-Uows have b. en ij-iieily
inpiri*  Irom   under   thc   loul.    it
Kctimrd to ninny that the market wns
Iftticci-oaslv   near  "    ttersoralizinsr
break dnrinj; the  closing  weeks ot
:.ho year, and that tbe hiiwH did  not
vbsic ivas pn.hibly due to the (net
.Imt the hn-^v money  iniercs-s  resolved tom-ortthe calamity  nt  any
:oit..    Now that the crisis seems  to
1/. have been  passe-,!,   we  anticipnte
niany  of the abnormally   hija-h
■.fti ftoc'<H   will   grndna'ly slide
11 lhe scale   to   a   healthy   level
Tho Stampede Continues.
A special lu The Spokesman Review
11 Goldticid, Nev., 51
i!I  i
n  valley,  wiih
ek a  pulsating
WE have just placed in stock from Toronto a large consignment of hi>h-
gradc, white Envelopes, ordinary commercial size- No. 7, superior
quality; nice, smooth finish; high cut, well gummed. These would be cheap
at S5.G0 per 10G0 printed.    Wc quote for January orders;-
In Lots of iooo, at $4.50 per M.
In Lots of 2000, at 3.75 per M.
In  Lots of 5000,  at    3.25 per M.
In Lots of io.oco, r.t $2.75 per M.
In Lots of 25,000, at 2;50 per ?,[.
In  Lots of 5o,oco, nt
Neatly printed and Hie  Union Label on if de;
5 per M.
*\A/E also have on hand a heavy stock of white and tinted pax e     sui'allc foi'
V       which we will print and pad, in similar lots as the Envelopes, at the same:
prices. - a   m  . &   m   m  ■ m   m . m ■ m - m '" i
Call, Telephone or Write T^EE LEDGER PER WEE:' fot
KtoekH itml MeUl,
n-t'ii market siiuiveil
iu! =i;-4Stiut!i fluriiiB lhe clrainij ivccks Sihlts fur ihi; upposition in lhe  Albcrtn
nt* 11J05 iinfl llils btrun^t 1 bus  not di* | luuiw to mnvc untl nectjiij
uiiiitsbud tt any extent ao far in tbe | ihai lop siiieil budj-*
Curca Cold*, tie
wm ■jjtu.a'.f.'i-fATige^A.-.^^ja ».^.j^.'^=^yfa.-- .7. i- *-*-T.%a*sa,rsa>?j^j>>f_-t.< v^w
■ Sfe^-J^-
■ tfO-'itSS?
*;■*& -
r *t ■■■£*.**•■*■.--
: %2&'..
t '-Yi '
. \'Y-
i  .   -M.lrSf
Vil^ *
iv;-" t" ■*■*■■*
* - i*. '. ***n
•* '*~i
*■■ %■■?#.
5  ...I'V'
*■ *
~ V\r?ii*t'
I - f .4^
Tom Lawson not quite Dead Yet
The other aftomoon Tom, Lawson
issued this statement: "The following, which is an answer to the request
of the London press for my opinion' on
Jacob SchitTs recent howl as to the
unstable condition of the United States
currency, has been sent to each senator
. representative and eubiiiet member ai
Wat.hfi.Kton :■— _
SdiiU's speech was inevitable.
"It is the system's first definite
"This is  the   situation:   There   is
j plenty of money for all legitimate  purposes, but our country,  having awakened lo the system's   game,   will   not
send its balances to Wall street.
My. revelation compelled the system
to bid up slocks to protect its rotten
structure. This doubling of prices and
values has increased Wall Street's demands for money.      ..-
Hence the unheard of money rates.
Now- the system has its own stocks,
and with prices way up where it wants
them is ready to unload on thc public, ' but . the public will not bile.
Therefore lhe only possible chance lefl
the system is to get rates down in the
" hope thut brokers can induce the
gambling public to buy stocks on margin.
Next, President  Roosevelt,   wlio   is
thoroughly posted pii   the  game,   is
watching it as a lerrior does a ral hole,
and will allow no relief to   go   to   the
"The Jeiidlockis now;perfect, and
the system, suspended by iis own pants,
must strangle,' drop or kick.    ,
"The Rogers-Rockefeller-Slandard- Bank gang- are not
blue ribbon publicjxtckors, so lliey got
Jack yell so lhat President
Roosevelt would he fooled into thinking
he trouble was due the Rothchilil com-
, trinaiion—but our president is 21. 'has
his upper and lower teeth cut, and in
this case has locked his jaw and drop-
pud the key overboard*
- "Sdnffsays the present prevailing
rates' are a disgrace to civilized * people.'
1   "He meant well, but gol liis machinery
' mixed.  ' ,~ '.-"';
"What he wanted to say was that
the advance in Reading, a property absolutely dependable upon lhe price of
coal to the people, from 30 to 155; doubling the prices of other stocks which
can only be jnstilied by increasing the
price of ii** . people's., necessities, was
but a.damnable outrajrc on_Tree people
snd a miserable insult to an intelligent
peopIs.,;."--,'7.-'' •A*-..'"'
"Tlie «ttuatVoa could hardly be more
perfect...*'-".•>'-•-',■' ■ ry: -
, If the system's pintsitrciriaJeofdiir-
*We*9tUlTs,;tlic publicjwill be relegated
with aii ever increasing SchilT squeal
rtnd .an exljibition'of jirm and leg play
which iii time.will strangle the system,
unloose the hook or lenr those pants.
"Any. of these three results will bring
tits people to their own.
- "Jacob SchilT, who testified to being
thc favored channel for loading up lhc
ifliiuraiu-c companies of which he wiir-
■it trustee, with his own machine made
chromos, yelling for more clanticily in
the American people's currency and
Juke at the same time disavowing nil
intention of competing willi George
Adc or.Pelcr Dunne Donley for llie
world's premier joke halo—pardon us
plain, corn husking, Indian mush, 1110-
liisset-' feJ Americans, Juke, for hiiw-
There was nothing the mutter, now
wns there, Jake,.wilh the amount of
rubber in mt American coin,, while von,
Rogers, Morgan, Slillitinii and Rockefeller, had the 'dip' rights to the billion
mud a quarter insurance hogshead.
' No troublo then, Juke, tli?
Jacob Schiff, referred to in the above
telegram, Id ono ofthe most prominent
Jews In the U. S. His power is recognized In Wall street und in the
money centres of the old world. Me
liven in Now Vorlt cily, Recently he
predicted 11 panic because the currency
of iln* U. S„ 1111 hu Muled, wiiHiiot oli'is*
tic enough, SclilfT is closely' allied
with (he Stimdiird Oil crowd.'
A 250-lb Silver Nngget
7       (KuguieeringauJ. Mining Journal)
A nugget ofalmost pure silver weighing 250 lbs., has been , found on a property hear Giroux lake, in the Cobalt
mining' area, owned by A. M. Wylie,
of Pprl Arthur, and J. B. Pardee, of
Sault Ste. Marie Ont. - Along with
it were found two-smaller nuggets of
about 30 lbs. each. The big one was
placed on exhibition at the Imperial
Cobalt, Cobalt. Mr. Hanson, representing American -apitalists, has purchased McLeod & Glendinning's claim
at Cross lake for $250,000, and put a
number of men' at 'work on it. The
diamond drill in operation al La Rose
mine is down 340 ft, and the vein is
found lo be holding out well.
An important "strike of gold at the
Laurenlian mine, in the Manilou gold
area, noar Wabigoon, is reported. The
mine' has only recently been re-opened
and blasting operations in the course
of drifting from the north side of the
shaft at 85-ft. level di placed large
masses of rich ore.
CbrMinas Numbo™ to linnet
1        •
Tho GrAiibrnok ,II(irnl(l ClniHtmim
number li a vory Voliiinnioim nml Instruct tvo piper Aiul a craillt to tin* |iuh>
ll-dior*, tlimii*li it wim not nocnuuiiry for
tlioin io liulld s mil ran', rn'ron-ithn iimp
on tlio front .pnKO of tliu cover, Into
Cmnlironlr, It Isn't tliero In ruallty nnd
nil-flit tii-mr ba thoro.     Ci-mi brook
dull'l,     ItClU    MJ|il'l.illH»    iiOOHllll^r,       11
irotiM. u'llhcul \iial ami illhbl oLtuoiiiux
black trnll hail not boen placoil on tlie
cover of Uia othorwliu beautifully
llluatrateil anil prlntnd numbor, Iti*
edition would nnt bo tindtir tho nlmdow
*r ,1., 1,. ii.,,...'.,., .1 ,'.  .'in, .,., .1
its t.*m li.u.nt.,4.i^44 *J*   &SI.HS. \,\   s.,%   Us J|L4.
XiQTt, Woars -turn, however, that ho
won't dn It •-/alii,
Tho Plinr-nU I'loncor nnnual numhor
ci.nit!-! to un with lt« ninny fltto pIclurcH
of ItoutuUry mines nnd cltloi nnd full
of v«ry liiOr-Mdi-*- nixl vuliuhlo Crifor*
mat Ion. Tliu I-ioueor in ono of thu
iiinut thorough And rclltblo pnucra In
tho country and !t» ll/uniH nre hIk'm#\*ii
reliable. Thia hemitlfiil numbor It oik*
of the fliidit productions In Ita linn that
hut cnni« tn our UbU thia year. We •**<•
▼ery y<y*jnjf In Ihs tiewapaper bualnen
hut *r* nr* ifnrrthxm to n'lprivfal'-*- at Ira
truo v^lnoKUih work na editor Wilcos
diwotaatolilaimiwr We wlah hlro ill
•ucccm iu tUls Now Ystr of ldoa.
Ho Accoinunotlntod.Us
Tiittiml has lota of small, intelligent
and bri*-lit Iittlo boys and the other
day an unusually bright little chap
camo iiuo our ollice aiid in conversation with hiin wc asked him to write a
composition on editors and the newspapers, and in tho article tell as
what lie thought of newspapcis nnd
the men who mnde them. Hu said;
"all right, Mr. Editor, I will go home
aud get you up.*something and send to
you by mail." Wo waited a few days
aud had forgotten the request but
truly, whon we went to tho post ofiice
wo found tho following in our box :
Near Bird Ford, Ga., H-12, 1.905.
. Editor Tattnall Journal:   As I promised, you will find enclosed my conipo-
sition on newspapers:
Newspapers are sheets on which stuff
to read ts printed. The men look over
the paper to aeo if their names are in it,
and women use it to put on she! ves and
such. I dou't know how newspapers
came into tho world. I don't think God
does. The bible says nothing about
editors, and I nover heard of ouo boing
in heaven. I jruess editors is tho miss*
ing link thcin' fellows talk about. The
lirst editor I ever heard of was the fellow who,'.vroto up tho flood; he has been
here ever since. Sonio editors belong
lo the church and some of theiii to other
things. All of them are liar.-*, at leas
all of them I.know, and I only know
one. "'•"'.        ■* ■ -     -   -:
Editors, never ..die, at least I never
aawadead editor., Souietiuii-s the pa*
per d.^*rtne"n~th*rpwpi^
someone starts another ono. Editors
never went to school becauso editors
never get licked. Oiir paper is a mighty
poor one,.but we take it so nia can uso
it on hor pantry shelves. Our editor
don't amount to much, but pa says he
had a poor chance when a boy. Ho'in tlio winter.,
wears iio 6tot-ks "and . luifl a wife anil
three children to support. Pa hasn't
paid his.subscriptlon in five yeais nnd
don't  Intend  to.—Tattnal'Journal.
Installation of Musonic  Officers
At a regular convocation of the nbove
chapter held in the Masonic hall, Fernie, B. C, Jan. 9th, 1906, the,follow-
in}- officers were installed by Rt. Kx.
Comp, J. A. Harvey, Grand Supt., of
Kootenay District. No. -i8, assisted by
Ex. Comps., Galhiaith and Mills,
T. H. White, 1 P. l.
A. W. Bleasdell, Z.
S, Uonnell, II,
J. H. Miirshall, J.'
J. R. Mcliiving, S. E.
C. W. Laidley, S. N.   "
J. B. Turney, Trc.-is.
IJ. L. Wrigleswonh, P. S.
S. Coram, S. S.
N. M. Suddaby, J. S.
S. Graham, Janitor.
W.T. Henley, M. ist V.
R. B. C, Hammond, M, 2nd V.
W. H. Whiiimter, M. 3rd V.
■J. S. Volume, M. 4H1 V.
J. H. Marshall, auditor.
J. S, Volume, iiudilor.
W. 11. Wlitmste, audilor.
Never lose heart if you have
consumption, Others who
have been kk to die by the
doctors, have been saved by
Psyciiink, and it will save
you, loo.
Consumption i.s a power-
ful disease, but Psyciiink is
a more powerful remedy.
It practically puts new life I
into thc system, increases
nutrition, puriries blood,
tones up the nerves, kills
ffcrms and repairs ex*
linimtcd   tiMtipt.      I") o n ' t.i
waste time nnd don't lose
hope until you have tried
Kf*U Vjr *tl .Iniif-ijM* lhrr«tith.*ul ("IBI.U for
01 |«f l*illU.
•amplk AMojrni*Ti8i rn-ss,
Aotmr**, "ttstmpt* D«p«rti«iant X."
Dr. T. A. I.UOOUM. Umitod
L»homU«rl« m*i OflW*. *
tf* KIN* Mr««t WMt,   .    TOItONTO
Oddfellow's       Instullation      of
Thc following oiliccrs were installed
at a regular meeting   of iMt. *Fernie
Lodge, No. 47 by the  Past Grand,   O.
N.' Ross, D. I). G. M. of this district.
T.. H  White, N. G.
W. Bauldry, V. G.
Thos. Beck, Rec. Sec.
0. N. Ross, Fin. Sec.
T. W..Bell,Treas.
Jno. Williams, Warden.
■ Robt. Dudley, Conductor.
Geo. Clapp.R. S. 4N. G.
1. K. Covert, L. S. N. G.
W, H. Humnan.,1. G. '
Delegate to Grand Chapter, Jan. 25,
1906,' Ex. Comp. T. H. White, P. Z.
Rt. Ex. Comp, G. J. Bennett, G. S. F..,
Tlie ceremony being completed, refreshments were provided and, a- pleasant hour spent in reviewing thc work
of the past year;' which has been so
well carried out lhat wo have lhe honor
of being the banner Chapter of the
Jfevnie, 3B. -G.
Davey & Laderoute
YW;     f     W \ '
"'   , « -   •
HA.TK3  it.iO  l>m  DAY
•■■■■III IIWMIM-WWIMaiMilllWllW|-.*-|^--^^^*flMM«M«.--|-M
■■■■■<"•■■<»•■• M»W««««M"««*««W)««*«««^l^i^*i^B»*
Thos, Po8uc,   Jt-    Jt   Proprietor
WBME   C0V Ltd.
,    lili'iiut, liuimrterii tit
Scotch and
|rlnh Wlxlskey,
Luttdon Dry,
Olt< Totn
and Hollnml Gin,
Sclilltz beer.
Ale and Stout
White nnd Red Port
nnd White Rock.
' Hnln iiuiinU for Ciiiiuiiilii fnr
Wlnduar   Tonlo, Jag Dootroyoi*
Is *i pleasant home
for the traveler.  '
Philip Carosella
FERNIE, B.C.              fi
General Merchant
' Wholesale;,
Dealer .
■ •.<-}■
If you want   to  buy
.-  or  .sell'any   mininrr
■   stock! write or wire
We deal in all  mining  stocks and will
be pleased   to send,
you quotations.
4     Jtm\.    1        l-vS.        \  i£.   i
h A
1 .-i 1.-
SI a
has thc world for.a country and
is good will  and  justice to all.
to upplv to fho Hon. Chief pommiiiHioiii!r ol
rpAKK mil ice tlintGO ilHys «ft«r ilatc I iiitoml
Lmvlstfe VVorks for peiini^rtitiii to pnrcliiiKC
ho folluwing il«M:i'ilii!il lmiil.1 Comini-ncliiR
it tlie 5!ortbeii!>t. corn«r .of i/jt C1<i1l)l.
Ruat Kootenuv lllstriot llionc« Soutli Ai
iliuim; thuiice liiii-t -Mclmiiis; tlioiu*o .S'oilh In
■Imiiiflj ihi-iicu Went a> I'liuniii; to plai-u of
joiniiipiici'iiiunt.i'onliiinl 111; 1W iK-roi.
JJuloil Nov lSlli lWt. , ■
J uli it. fl. Cummins!
Mt.N'ARll'R T.lN'lMKN'T CO , IjlMlTJ.1).
UissTi.KMUS'.-Liist winter 1 rocoiveil
<■ Ix-m-tU [n>in tin*, use of Ml
SARD'S LINAMKN f in a sevoro «f
sack of U UriiJ|>o, m-A I'lmve frequent-,
,y proved it to lie very effective in cuees
if inflamatioii
OARTI.KTT IlOU^'Olark  i,
1> tho 'W.,t si '•-'1:,\'1",*;'l",l4.Nen(41V-pi v-l'r
44-hitc help emplojoJ. 0. \V. n.VHlI.J-,1 J-
&    -Fdrl-y.Ywrsc
Sen/for (btalogtisi
MODKllN'   HIi.S
T.  11. YOUATT, Proprietor
Tinninf*; and PluiiibiiiK Deivtrtiuent   opposilo Rnlvulion Army niirrncku
Oflici* ntid Salesrooin next iloor to llie liiii*; lidivaril Hotel.
IVIiflfl   Supplies
GeheraH Hardware
Cooking Utensils* Nicklowarc, &o
A First Cl«.s.s TJjio always
on hand.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :
Rktail   Mkat   Mkrchantk
wji)*j i>ii' iiJiml.
linn*, lUunn aw. ns well.
AU kinds of KroHli I-'Ish, In -jcmsoh
IVuiiipt Delivery.
Give xii 11 call.
TKL. 18.
isiTiisra- (^hids
Wo hnvo scver.ii nobby lines in stock and we .print them
from our bountiful, ekwr-cul copperplate lypo faces, .1 la
mode.  When you want any, call around,
60  YEAW8-*
Truce Marks
Dm in rin
CfiPvr.i6HT-i Ac.
AnTono 'onillia n tlnlrii nmt I'Mirliitlrtii m»r
oulrklv mrorl nu dtir <>|.inii.ii freu wIk-Mip: »n
liiT*ntli»»l UpritlKi'ilfprHniijiilil'L ruminiiiiit'it.
Iim it m idl/«.iiilnl»iitliil. hAHOUltlti on I'mcnu
■ftue fruit, ifiilcit umiirr riiraii-iiriiivjuiii'i'i*.
I'nunu ttkun ihruniih Mum *. lij. tecolrt
tptelnt notUl, wliliont tlinren, lu thn
Scientific American.
A liin(l»mn«trillin»t»l<J«1 v««ktr. T.nrt«l fit.
rulitlon of »nr tntnuas M«riv*l. Ttniit. f 1 •
l*ut foof montbt. It, <B<ala br»ii Mtmniin,
ttrmti. oiu*. hbVm, Wiuttlt*" J*, u.
Head Office i  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital e $2,415,000        me$evve * $2,415,000
ITotnl Stsecto * $29,000,000
Hon, Wm. Gibson, President. .
*J. Turnhull, Vicc-PresidentA-ind General Manager.
74 ihrougnout Canada
NLiney OrJ--rs and Drafts issued, pjiy.-ibl*.* hi Can.-ula ur
Foreign drafts cashed.    Special advjiuiafres in Savings Departiuoiil.
Open in the evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
^^••H-H-1 W,ff-M,,*MMi «H"f ^ffH-l3WffH
Have one of their largegt_Btore8_in_Fcrnie. ■
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked'Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving  i
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
»y».w<^iifjrwwjwrtwym^€*».t|(n^i».^Ti|TJ .^yrwyiwunM^nm
At Great Bargains tliiB Week
Wc carry a complete line of Watches, both Ladies'
and Gent's, and our prices are right," Call and gei
our prices before going else who re---we can surely
please you.
C. C.   WRIGHT,   Jewe'er  &   Optician
Spoolal Attention Paid to Wotoh Ropalrlng
smij & mss
Copy for change  ads
must be in the Lkih.i.k ofiice
I'or iho inside pages, not later
limn I'iiil.iv noon, (ot tlio h.ick 1
page nol later than  Tuesday |
noon  -new   advertiseinents'
received up to Tuesday night
at 6 o'clock.
»j...... w,>"" riimwiiMiiiimjww »i »■ .1 m
Mm*rd'i Liniment Cure 1 Dtatcrniicr.
A   full   line of Caskets,   Collins,   Shipping   Cases
Wreaths and Society lCmhlems on hand.    "
3srmr.ooxT, 23. c.
■jy During November nml •nrcvmbpr :x  rliVoi.nt  of 1
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders for spring
delivery, *f- .f 4.
ZwT" We have cuts and designs for Monuments nnd
oilier Cemetm' Work, which wc will be pleased to
show intending purchaiiers. - -
Oi'.vh-k 1'iinxi-: .u       Ki-:sim-.Ni-i-: 76
P«rIors in Lundy Slock
Advertise in'-TIIIJ IJvDGIvK"
**. •I-.* TMMhKf*.!. -1-Ji.riOaiSA
NOTHING ao cm ph a." Ims thc miotlo
knowledge of clothes which insulin lu u woman's being well
droiwod iih tlio way she puiH on
her clotltcH. lior milt may luivu a alun-
nlng cut, cursotH and bloiiuc mul hut may
Ui chosen wltlt un o>u lo uxqulHitu eifci-i,
hut If eiich tiling lu not pin on In Junt
the right IIikjh, thai effect iri utterly lost,
It Ih mu-c Inniiiij'liiiit this yum- limn
over, for ovoryililiiK depuiuls upon nil,
nml h. l»t nf Iittlo UiIiikh hnvo conic o„t
to help sot right linen.
IGvnrytnihif depond3, of course, upon
gottlng tlio foundation rlKht; aiul your
corset—nml Dm wny It Is put mi- Ih
largely riupoiisiblu for thai. Tlio nuilli
thlnn ulxitit putiiin; on cornels m to
loosen the litcvii ouch time you pul them
on, mul, lit tor kihiIiim- thorn ,<it uMiet.y
tll«   rlKll'   Illlico,   I'liHl-'.llXiK   till'   KlH'U'l'.l,
nnd Hmoothlng the ikiili iip ho tiutt !n-
•tend of tin-) nnrsiits pi-dRliifc on you,
lh»y tiro 11 mjpport, to Incii lli..|ii up mull
th**/ nre Junt comfortably ili-lit,
• UiJiKUM-iitcd stnilKlit-fron'i cornels uro
ovur uml dnno with, nn Uktp'h nn exii--*
Kvrntisl illp to ho bIvimi to the wulwl Hit'..,
Ir you nro lnruu niul Imvo li-uuMo
with cornet I'ont'H hi'ONkliiK. K'-l Un* Iittlo
contrivance tlmt comes for nltnrhlni! tn
them, nnd which hiiIh iih it proiocior,
NothBiK Interferes rnoru with Keitlm,'
vour foundation rl-'ht llm 11 broken
bones,   If you uro no unfortunate us to
break erne, replnce It at onco, nnd novcr
wi'.ii- 11 corset n Hli'Rle duy until It in
whole ngnln,
CoiHut cover, or uhomlso, whichever
you provur, mum Uo ourofully shaped,
with Iittlo or no fullness nt the wtilst,
iuul, preferably, with no hIi-Iiikh to Uo
around. No muttor of what Hoft, nhior
iitult your„ underololhoH uro mndo of, a
llttla biinchlncHH tlirowu llio wholo effect nwry.
Wimrlnuj not only drawer,-, but Hhort
skirt im well, under your corseta, keopB
ihe long, Hllin lino from tlio w.ui.t un-
hrukun. Ilut you'll wnnt to cut cyolctR
In .vour pt'tilcoutu, hinimliiK thoro nnd
HinumilioiiliiK iho omln with n fow but"
toiiliolii Hlllolics, whoro your Baiters
mny |iu:.h'tlinniuli without luturlorlng
with tha not of your Hklrt.
l.'nr kuL'plii-j ymir blouse down well,
yi.-l itlvliiK' ynu tlio perfect freedom Hint
11 Uiil't holt ili'tiiriiyji, como iiiirrow bitnilii
of tliiHll*', which cllliK mi closely Unit
llio blouse Ih hold exactly iih you want
Ii, wi k'vi.'h wiih I'Viu-y 111011011.
Shlrt-wiilst bells nro nlvon very llttlu
or a till down In (rout; but lhat hIIuIu
till muni be vitry eoroiully not, Tho
usual ln'lt you Hi'f, which Hum uvlilcntly
been ciurlivs'y |iiil on, In allowed to
rliio up In ft out, or Ih put on to lie perfectly t'tiiiiiil, which rwiiillH In n K1""1
ilwil of iliu same effect,
In 'l'.ittli!'- bud-kit 011 ribbons, mul'.c
thnn   the  lonser stylos.   "A  Hklrt Hint
sags cither In back or trout (It's usual-
-HU!    unit t lent   dnrlc    fliolnKH    nra
about, mndo of brass In every
o-no   of   IU   numerous   flnlilicH,
from clone imitntlonit of antiques
to the hrlKhtcut nnd shiniest of nil.
Tho antique HiiIhIi Ih newest ,md lovo-
IIchI—nnd the costliest, too; for 1111 Ink*
Htnud, Willi 11 uotipiu uf Iittlo wot la In
ll, mny en hi iih much an -I'M,     Uut It
Whole koIk urii mndu up, of donkH puds
wiih heavy bruss corners throtiKh till
llm ni-cuHHiiry Implements down to thn
vcrloiit trllltiH Uiul ever n woiniin witn
Willing lo lie liolhoreil with, Alld lliero
nro plenly of Individual ploeos ns well,
WcIIh, exactly like InkwellH, but with
n Hepnriito brass cut, liiHtend o( tho
(tlu,in provided lor Ink, nre Inteiiiled to
hold rubber bitiulH nml pons ami pins.
Ull I clips mul liliH arc anion-; thu now
ont, Hie clips eomlnpt In tlio form of
a llpur-do-lyn, mid every tlio linvlng a
cork stuck on tho Bhnrp tip, which,
unfortunately, Ih not rid of nil too Hoon
to mnko wny for I'llllll
1'rriHH ■ handled ' HdHsorH In brntiB
sheaths ndd to (lie not both In beauty nnd
iiHofulnosn; for deHU HclHKora uro Holdom
where lhoy bcloiiK uiiIcmu they nro of
Homo Hpoclnl typo.
Thu bi*i«H bookriicliH, which enmo out
Juki bafoio tlio lunt ClirlHtmiiH rush bo*
-ton, liiovod thcmuolvcH uh pructlcnl nnd
nitllHfiictory nn tliey bid fnlr to bo.
There'h* nntlilnit ubout them to brcuk,
nnd even the )\Iiib"h nro Htrongor Hum
Hu me nn  tho wooden alien.
nut there nro brumi' hc-iIh, brnHiw
hitnilleil Ink HcrnperM. brum letter-hold*
ei'H, even hritiH pnuholdorH, uml nn iirniy
of brant- ciuidleHtlckB, wlilt-li, In  form
nnd 'tloBlgn, nro wondorftilly vftrlod.
Thono tiny cnndleatlckH-Jtiiit blif enough
to hold a candle not much thicker thun
11 tnpor, nro tho cutest of all, and tiro
juKt tlio right IhhiK to uso with Roallng
wnx, ICvon tho branched cuiidloiiticks
como In miniature; nnd amoiitf thu
lurger oiiuh uro Uiohc tall Homnn cmidlc.
Htlelts which (stand hulf us high au your
UrusH desk flxlngfl hnve been popular
n Irum tlmo lor men, nolh for home
dcHku nnd lho hanilaomei- olllc-e deukRi
b'ut thiB uho for wnmen'B desks Ih only
11 matter of lhc hist two or three yearn,
Dioy'ro much lean troublo to koop ln
order thnn stiver, nnd, besides, entry a
little doilnlle nlr of Bolldlly about them
(lint Hiilt-i the Htylo of a cIuhIc thnt bears
HlitiiH of cotiHtuut uho bettor thnn tho
moro elnbarulo, loss worK-a-dny thlnffs
of silver,
~i~ -"-ft--ff "ir-Tir-"!-*! 1*11*1 nrinri ~ rifirtf "ififin/inrr r r nrrr^ n -r*n~~i~~ -riv '-nraiii
^t^H^^V-M S**^f*SmmwmXm*mm*S*mW0m
Bags Within Bags—A Useful Oift
for an Invalid
AN Inter
to un
11 bun;
cardboard, and covered, first, with cotton bnttlntt-a couplo of thicknesses—
nnd tlion with tho materlad the ban ts
mndo or, Tli.) butis cun oltlior bo mads
sopuratcly or In ono blir circular buir,
siiprirnted by rows of miichlno or briar
milolilnj-, Ami cuch biiK nmy have Its
own ribbon drnwlnii-strlnss, or tlio same
ribbon draw up tha wloole,
WA*VM^*^^»rtJ»AIV*.     WS/VW*AA M^I^AA^^/lVA«^^^^^>^h^^rf^W^^tfWWWVWWMW^VV^^^^^WVS^'WV^A/WV^ArfVV^'WWVVW^^kllMtfVVWWWWWMVWW mmmt'**iS\*mmmm*m*
Interesting Rift thut wus mndo
Invnlld tho other duy wuh
.. nuiUe up of several smaller
bngH, completely lilted out. Thu
pin ii.tii been sick a lonu time, und
wilh) sho Itlccr] to do fnncy work to
while nwny the time, she wuh hu weak
as in lire cnNlly of nny one UiIiik.
_ Bo the has and Hh contents wore enre*
fully plnimeil, in one little buu wus
a bit of embroidery, started, nnd with
plenty of. the soft embroidery cotlon tho
work wuh to be dono In, to llnlsh the
plcco lucked in. In anothor was one of
the now bolts, Htiimpcd, ready for em-
broldcrlnif, In 11 no Hi or wns a piece of
beudwork; In n fourth some crochet*
Ins, with the wooIh carefully rolled to
full from tho Inside, and so prevent tlu
ball's rolllnv on lho Hour. In the flflh
wns the pruitlest collar and cuff sni-tha
collar and one of lho ihiITh mndo, so
thnt n little work brought bin results:
und In the sixth wus a sllp-suirtcd, of
course-for the baby pillow tlie Invalid
nlways Iuul nn her bed,
It took a Un of time nml tlimmht, ot
uotirsc, tn make this Imur uud to think
up the vurloiiii ihlni/ii in llll it wilh, but
the nmi-iutit of IntfriHt tin* sick t:lrl took
In It more than pnld fur the trouble,
Hut n ban of UilN hint Is n wonderfully convenient UiIiik for lhe womiui to
own who has a rtiuen nr so pieces of
fmioy. work started, nnd works nn tha
one sho happens lo be Interested tn at
the moment,
^ Kach nlccn of work, with Its mntorlnls
fur worklnK, can be set itsldo In one of
the little Imii-s, while in the centro nre
such tliliurs ns urn neeessnrv for pnch
mill evurylliiiiK — «K:iM»t'(s, ni-i'illiliook
(well Htnckert It shiiuld nlwnys bei, ulns,
1 it tie measure, emery itmi a vuuplu ot
The base Is slx*sliled, cut out of stiff
m^mm*.^ ***mm.ttm*M^* ** *■>»■* * ■  m.m.m.m. *■*,«,*■* m m »» m -,m.m m. |^^J<^J-)j^.^J*_r-L^TJ\/XA/V'U'l_fL>" J\SU JU . f
JVew^'ant Jm\r0 and hon%y pott-
Great Ussfuln
of Tis^ ^
OVI'JIl In Dresden, down •ome nf
'In* lIUI/* iln-i'lM iv!i.->ri* Ht i'ir-
liriil 11! ir.'i.V.r ',;. ;.. ii'iy:
Its    iriir li»'l,    m-i."    r.f.n
lltftftl    wl.iTi"   •!,      le,'    ;:;    v:._t
«if ehiiis, ran I" i.i I.i>l  u;i  ti>t
Vou waadur In-Uini U tnevltalilo- nml
flnd x«ui«->lf w.illotl upiwi l.y ,111 iiM
man, aa aunliit us his own old -itiop,
tout* frtja In look lu your I.r,in s run*
Unit and in you wander uu-mul, i,
mmWXlt* -'   )>'*   tlm""!*   UU   hljlb   S.l'lll.1.
I I ■
iiiiiI (ixi'l.-ilriiini-f over the beauty nf this
mul "I
|i."-i im niie ciniiir, ii;ipnr nt lv over*
l.-.'-il, an -itti ,;.n>«, hi..I i'r-il.cliiwtiy
■...'. ' .;'■; ■' .1- i'. mi tlm 11 .i-i'il- of im. Iiii. i '.'. '.tu .-ii.-! 1 <i> in uvi r bi.iiii*, imi
i. il !i,.f i- 1 t|.,i.-lj in 11.1 -is lou iMii
nf !.|i ih- iJiln.i J-irn j;iri. m.'t-'-. llu/v
fciiin lirtttti'it mn Hi*. pruttlMit, »J*
ihoiKih ilieru mv uonie m-mity \**isXi
o:i<» nit-'ti. in rmit<vn And In tho
iiii>s|ivriHlvn l-'li-mli war.* Hit »h»
I»ii.N.1(ii nut* insko ynu Uiwil of Utiutv
mul NwnliiCHM ami ;il| th,' rest of II by
the Hnv tliiu'ei'!* ivlili'li nre Mialteltil nti
lavl-lilv nil nii-r ihe J'tr,
.lain Jn.. ,'.|t* iiii'ijHv of clilnn, iuul
'i e v . .i .1' ...' 1 •■*, wli'i silver ii.p': 'J*
iiit...-'i t-'e it-it r ynu linvr wiil lit
.'ii.'1.! ■   '••   •   i'i   i.Hill   i.'irjii'.'i 11,
All  -■" ' I  ' 'lil'i».<i. (|!i<l .liip.irir.fn. Itrs
m.- li In. hnl fri in Hi.) (brio little l<!li«*
.imi whlif Mmii,, in pliJn tiritilii r"''ir*,
■ ui vi» XI' C.'iiiiion and •nihil'-**'- m-jiliiUwo
A'runs lit* 1' klmlf. thoro ma
sown- a»y. niih lMpo«lbl<f nowtrs. m*A*
i'llll more impissllls hy ami.. spl:isiiris
of if III ciiinf, itnii H.nn'-' i*mill .Imi finlniy
nml preiiy. The firft j-ntj think of .-is
nr.trh 1; n nur»ry llible, wlu-re Its ttluli
f!i'.'i.|.|i|i .1 Mn'il.t In- ri'l-Hlilrf-rl H't' ir"Hl
I. iiii'fiu tiiiai! ia iiii- 44-i rl'i by <b' sir, ill
iii-ill i; V.lm ill iimUatJ, ri'VullllK lu Jti>
i-ifiii- ill-.,
Kniii'- * f Ih- fsn ,1-t rai'-inl tit hftl'i"
H.s on) I nmy «la»«>»s nr fruit r in pi In J
bug Uiemi nnt uiUXb tve InlsiuU-l jiiot
MW11 irj^ss tn—i*nt* vn t!i» j»rin>lu'.o
rj rh* oiiiifr em***** nf n pud.lltij. rtlili.
•Jhfro U*t st* m*m* wilh an op*n bust-.
vo lho ybifs or nm.t'.i Jnr Inside esn
bo ri.nlll',' piKluil hi   mini It In In good
poflHin fm* ilu: other Ji.uiil to giasp,
8ime of the bnuey piim nrn iniifle In
tbe t-hipo "f 'l i»ii.11 i-c-ii'. Willi llifi lf<p
flilfl    the   ti|f|-|   i.f   f-',-,\',Y    Mill    ll'ft   'uwer
|ui:t nl kI i;-" --I'l-ilo. i-r ini 111 ttf tlnll*
inlf wav Hilt eh- rni U'l'v-s roi-lc fry*.
!»;. '!'ifi ^-1 it, iuul K'l.-i will) Hi4.-m Is
if i-llvi-r, too, tiHiiaUy ti ruiind kloiL
wilh 11 I'.r.s. slim* hi alii', nr--iinrt whlcp
n Tu:.f or t#o nviit, fiihtrs aro win-),
rr in •.ifstlillv rotiiitled. ulrnoft llkr a
* tmlnl.iiur« burn I.
ONLY lately thnt women are be-
Klnnlnc to realize the blif help that
tissue nupor Is with vluthej, l;i thu
general utklnif caro ui well us lu
pacKinir, „
Nolhlnif kcops a, blouse In such perfect
firder s* tissue imner cruslitnl mid tucked
Inlo sleeves nml front, Not fi l'»f of It
iiei'il ba used, but enotirh to ^iH',X> '•»•
fulness from nrtsslnff down Into the In*
liomenilile irensex lllll ImViiiK uwnv III
ji Mrsw'ir, with several oihcrs. Is sum
in crmile. And mlit.itr few «r in* «u'i
■so-»ro a whole drsw«r to ft I.I mi-h*.
The lootw of briw* jind ii»*«ll«* «» }'<<tii'
hat should be hold out with tN«uo nupor
whon It Is put *w»vi *fi\[ rXll-to X*sm*
ttit nny purpose Uuit doubly l«ni. if put
nwsy rs re fully r'-i'ldeit wiih llssuo p*.
*vt Inilesd of hstnic ftllnwi-'l 1-- lie fl***
rtlbbons smoothed nut of eressM and
rolled around a little cylinder of weod or
of piistebonrd wenr much better and art
fresher to wear each time than wh»n
they nre folded nr-almplr/ Hunt In a
drawer. A little roll of paper, with th*
ends twisted to ktrp the curl In. mskes
n ..wind i-utiHUlute; or s doll'« rolltn-f
Mil ulll do, A lorn: rolling pin Is spun*
did fur toils, iilth'iush Iho tlssuo pni*r
will dn duty for them at well as for rib.
Keep Hne white handkerchiefs aM
-nblte rl.r-4n.~n 11 tb<i littlsj whit* tklaiM
1 lm« vou uu t;oniDiirwilv*ly soiaom~(i»
blee tlnsue p^r. There's same sHtastllsi*.
ros«itn why It keeiwi ttKcm from Mrntng
yoilnw. but Ihe fsrt. not th* t***n, ts
ihe mdltt thing mojit of ua ear* to kssw.
W 1   fiJi-«u*w*««u'*KrMj.iiai
yut' .iSJ
'< *i •*--'".:
uA^.-' -
.   4>-*..--',Vi5;
av --;
**s .*•*--
"V 7
Y 4».
.' * ...
,\ *"v.-
■>  . * A   ,- " ° -   ■ , " *
r.i " , ' , "   . ' ' '"
" ■ ■       Y -  .        ' '    ' '     ' •■      'A'■-,.■-■'"''':"     ■    "."    "-      '•   '
Of  Letting that Cold  run
on Unheeded, Cure it Now
" 3  -
Get a Bottle of Suddaby's
A   *     ' ■       _ ' ,        -   *' '" ' °
Syrup of Tar and Wild Cherry
■      - '      . v      , „    -   " '
Take a few doses and if it don't Break
up the cold, your money will be most
cheerfully refunded.
Give it a
el better.
5 QNE of the greatest comforts of a home these
cold winter evenings is a "Hot Water Bottle"
The wonderful "Thermalite" bag, a new invention
makes jit possible to retain the heat three times as
long as the ordinary hot water bottles.
V 'yY^- ^-fef# 'Thing'7-
"i  ;   - '     ,W      "      .  ", V.*  I ' ' A*"** '" ImmmW
'■*".' -„ h   • A.^cwv1,; 7'.^ , \      -,'^-J,      '. ^, ' "> * , I      .
7- - -   RBjfeBsetr Oo©dSn
is -likes. Also
Agent for
Pens, Etc.
OWING to tho largo and rapidly increasing
business we have been favored with, it has
become necessary to add to our plant from
time to time, and ih order to still further the
interests of the Ledger we are putting in a
$1200 6.column quarto C.otterel Press. This
press has all the latest improvements and will
enable us to double the size of the newspaper.
In future the Ledger will be increased
in size and illustrated, and we look for
the generous support of° bur advertisers,
who have demonstrated to their satisfaction,
the business getting power of our attractive
Ledger ads.
geiY Fernie, B.G.
I**    *■■ ■
^/zYf --"St,1-*
Statement of the Result of the  Business of
1, ,-■,..' -     . ■ ■ 4    ..
the Bank for the Year Ending 3jOth
November, 1905.
Annual Meeting  held Tuesday, Oth January,   1906
Hiiliinco at of protit and long Atecount, brou-hyprwnrd (rom luut yoar 9      '2H,VI<\y.t
^«t profit*- for thu year ciidiiiK 80th Nov«mbor, •(■^'"■Jtrovidiiit-* for all bad nud doubtful d ebtfi  ' 1,H7ii, 1'iT.iiil
1-rcmlainoii ne-w ito'i-k *••■",•        Gm.f-W.TO
♦ I.O.ill.S'.lO.O'i
Which lian boon n« follow-):
DIvlduudH Nui. 7il und 77, nt Hiivun por cunt per annum.,.,. $ 01.0,781,27
Written off bank prcminuH  S.0.aiH..»
TraiiBferrcd to peimloii fund (annual coiitrlbutlon) , ,  M.OOO.iio
TroiiHforrod to rout uci'ouut  • •  1,O00,0u0.uj
Ualiinco carried forwuid"  5S, 871 7»
Noto-iof UmbHiiU in cli'cuUiiQn • 8,7:>8,ii"o,'<j
DupoKltH not boarlnif intt-riibl • 10,42n,ws HI
DeiJOdltit benrlnK intorcst, iiivluilliiit iuturoit accrued to date ,    ftt,Hl7,Hi>2.18
—: ?l,..7.U-"'-'''
Dalancti duo lu otlii.r liiinkulu Canada       iwy-i
Iliiliincii duo to ntliiir banka lu for«l«u couulriua       '-.'.'i,
1)1 vIiIuiiiIj. un|iald  -*'•   ;
Dlvldtiiid No. 77, iiayalilo lat December *.       0111,8.1,'.
Capital raid up •* •io.ihki.^i.ik)
licit.... •, ,     VMUHIK,
iluliuao of iiroltt and loua account carnud forward ..•...»        ».,■*».-I,7u
 .   14,K5R(87|,7il
cum and ouiiiwii.... ••••*
ITisiitUilw .W)'*-	
F)ft[-oaH-wUhD)mlnlonGowrnmenlfori«ca^                              *  *100,(BO.OO
Notoiof mid ciiuiui'Boit otlior tiittika.. ••••" *" •_  B,-lftr»t,,.17.07
U»liiiicc«(lue by other banks In Ciinuiln  "!!!,^,!,<)
llaUi.wa due by amenta in (iivat J-ritam '  ^,^\».oi,rti
lhlatictadue by Agenta of the lUnk nml other Hinki in foralRn coantrlei  1,04'J,'2,W.W
(jovernuiciitbontta, Muiilc1|>»l und oilier iccurltlca »■■"  5,711,102.77
fl Call and short loana ;  n,,JM,.«.,*87
\J'tj % :i2,ta6,6W.3T
IT I Othor cunctitloana and Ul8W»anU ... : • '■■•■ '^''JJ^JJ^J?
"ft* 'iOvi.-rduo«lf!l»N lUnxi fully [Jivivhli'il fur)        101.M7.H0
ij*4J   1 • . 1 ...,,,.,. i.,ti,„, 1 lm 11 lm nl/ iiivin!*ii.>.'l ,. , ■>•. il.U.J..,M»
 * t     \a,M,'Ai
■■f«,175,.1.?»7 fi
Mw?5B!!fiwt^2lSS^2^>^fifcJ!!S £3 >^Mt^ww»i%<Brfl'i^S>*<S?Svoi >«&<
lical t-stvite (ollici tlmrj b.-uik in-ciuhi'i)-
Hunk iireiiiin-sa ,	
(hlit-r awctii	
Genera! M.mngef
W •-■■-•■WaSJiatiaAe^l^^
pi*mm*Mrm*rr**rA\v« ^^•EPyi-i^!^
tMfi,^'EK?(I&'LEDG£R,"FERNffli1 S. C, JANUARY" 17, 1906.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Hon. 6. A, Cox, B.E, Walker,  ,     "    Alex. Laird, ;
Preni.ijmt.  ftenerat' Muimeag.' ' Asst. Gen'l Manager
CAPITAL, $10,000,000 -  REST, $4,500,000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $98,000,000
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTjMENT.   Deposits of *. .„d V
wind.-, received and iiitcresl allowed. The depositor is subject to no de-
I...- ivi-.iicvi.-r in lhc wilhdrawel ofthe whole or any pari of the   deposit*
Special attention N drawn to oyr Bank Money Ordurs issued payable
in Canada, United S?«u.j8, England, Italy in lire, Hungary, Auslria in
kr.-iii-n. They form un excellent method of remitting monies at a minimum  coat.       ■    ■     . - - •' , ■
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Op*-'** on the pay-days of lho Coal Company until 9 p. in,
FERNIE BRANCH        - - - T. B. MAY, Manager
thi-* heii'lim;, (n>ertcd nt the rata of One
cent- h \4-orJ auvti In.-ertion.
ASXAP.  Half ncr" in Weit'Pernie, xood i
story house ou tlle propcii ly.   Apply Mott
/VCT* "TI-iT t'l'W.    DVTT.l'TNti-
good location on-Victoria Ave.
Apply, Mott Son & Co.
For S.-ile or To Kent
k'ulilurf hotel.
,0GALS  j
Strictly new laid Eirgs at Blunddl's.
If it's made of paper Suddaby has it.
Liwrcy'i- find McCo'nkoy's famous
chocolates lit Suddaby's.
c Drink   White Rock' when you  are
'ilhir.sty if you wibh to avoid lhe fever.
For Furniture and Piftiioa, uso only
]L,iquid Veneer 10 and 50 coj-Ib * bot
tie Irom N. JO. Suddaby*
White Rock water is a good, healthy
beverage to guj-vie down your throiit
these times
Jiraiid npw enmhination saddle, ladies
or giiits, for Sale at The I'm.lie Drug
Store. '
Mrs.Purdy will sell by private sale all
house-hold furniture and anyone wishing 10 purchase pleiisc call between 3 &.
6 any aflemoui..
. Cariiiiclmel, tho tailor, has inst received the nobbiest mock of Tweedi-
for Full- suits and overcoats ever
bi-ijuj-lii into Feruifi.
Let us mulct- you n, fancy vest from
one of those uliniee nnw pattoriis. Come
in and eue thein.' J. Cariiiidmol, lint
tailor; , ' ,    .,
The King Ifdward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only si
step or two from the C,-. I?, ,R. depot,
nnd convenient- lo business houses in
live citv. o
Oak side l-uvird,extension dining table
anJ chairs, child's iron crib with mattress und open. j^rade heater, for sale
ver) cheap.    Mrs. I'urdy.
Tlie Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist church will hold 11 sale bf
aprons nnd other useful articles some
time during the jiiutuli of February.
Fuller announcement later.
operation of the said law has, at all
timeii, been agreeable to alt parties af
fected by it:
AND "WHEREAS, The present-relationship between our employer*- nnd
ouiielves is harmonious and we invite
a continuance thereof;
AND WHEftEAS, A disruption of industrial peace will follow any abrogation
of the laws, especially that of the eight-
hour law, now in favor of the working'
man; therefore,
BE IT, RESOLVED. That we = respectfully instruct bur representative in
the legislature, Mr. W' It lions,' M. P.
P., to oppose all legislation which may
limit or abrogate the opperation or application of what is comnrjuly known
as tbe "Ktght-hour law;" s
ALSO, To oppose any limitation of
the benefits enacted in favor of the
workman by the "Workmen's Compensation Act, lb62;'' '    ■
That wo request Mr. Roes to support
such legislative amoiidmoiits as may be
introduced by way of extending the
benefits of tho lastly mentioned Act,
and the extension of its provisions to
dependants as defined by thc imperial
That a copy of those resolutions he forwarded to each moinher of tho lee-Isla-
1 live'assembly, of the provinco of British
fbnt the miners arealerl to their interests" is shown by 4 lie following.resolutions passed by Gladstone locol No.
2314, asking \V. R. Ross M. P. P. to
urge the mutters therein mentioned,
being titken'up and favorably acted upon bv lhe legisliiture. These, resolutions should strengthen ,Mr. Ross'
|iand and should result in the enactment
of laws carrying out tlie suggestions
therein ..onluiiied
These miners ire', alter all, a very
Jjirg.i part of the backbone of lhe industrial insliiulionsofour province. Without them we would not progress very
rapidly, and every reasonable demand
made by Ihbui should bt*nicl moro than
I in If way.
This is it province in which il is necessary lhat.labor and capital should go
lian-.] in liiind and the history ol the
ptikt four vear.s indiciiic-s thai boll) sides
lo ihe iMniust arc learning tlie value of
lok'Mliou in tins school  of (.xperience,
Glndstona Local No. 2f(14, United
Mino Workers of Americn, beg respect*
fu'ly to urge upon the legislative assembly of the province' of British'Co
lumbia, through the, representative,
Mr. W.-il. Uohb, M. P. P., far
as workingmen are concerned that one
of the few "pastimes enjoyed by their, is
a day occasionally given to spuit aud to
'iiuiitiri};jai.d"sno"otingp "*"—; —
-.That the liaturo of tho* woricnuri'd
omployi'iiont very much restricts' his
privilege of indulging In recreation aud
That to deprive him ot tho right to
shoot and hunt on 'tho only duy of thc
wook -jrhon ho is not engaged in actual
work, or permit him enjoyment,
but at the cxponse of pnying a licenuo
thoreforo, would be seriously uiijubI;
WHEREFORE, Wo ask Mr. Ross to
appose Hny legislation which may forbid the workman from so shooting and
huutlng, or which If ho be privileged
to do so would be subject to a license
having to be paid therefor.
copy of this resolution bo tent to ench
member of the legislative assembly of
the province.
INASMUCH, As the monthly payment
r.f witgcB in thu Cnnl niiiiL'o of British
(.'ohm. bin works au injustice by compelling worl.iiu-n, working (or day's
wanes, lo wait not lotin limn a month
nml a half, front thu bogiiiiti*,' of llieir
work, instil piiymi'iil;
ANI> INSOMUCH, As tho wagon
whon so paid nro loss than thn' amount
actually <iariioil up to llio dntu of pay
AND INSOMUCH, As tho Interpretation Hou-flit to ho put upon thn law by
■JOtim eiiiplnyiu'R, uxcludoi tlm wage
(Mruiir, working for day's wni(CH, from
i-('Coy»)iiiiK I1I1 wrt'ri'H until tho regular
payday of his cinploynr (the day being
fixiid by llio I'lnpluyur) so that where *
in nti (piits or U (llsulmrgi'd liu is cow-
pi'llinl lo wait (often without menus)
until tho pay dny ot Ids oin-'loyer to
inlleit hii vvsgnn;
AND INSOMUCH, Ai Wsirns ought
in any event to bo paid mom fro^uently
th'iu otivi) a month to mon wr-i'Mug by
Urn day mid in tha opinion of this local
payment cliotiUI be m-idu ouca a wcekt
IIH IT  KK.sni.VKn,  Hy  ni-tihloin*
Loral,' No.   ailM,   U,    M. \V.    A.
that wi: iIiwiw tho nt ton tion ot Mr. How,
M-1' I', to thc.wi nmUois and solicit
his iiiiltiL'tirn in thn icginistiiro towards
fk'llllil.>Ui*J, (t'loSAiii1 Kl.Ct 4111,11   llilii ptO"
Vidiug for a pay day;
that wu iiiko upon Mr. R*»t»H sml upon t h»
hvinUtivn aNwinhly of tlinprnvliu'd the
jiiLime ol pi'tivitiliig n inw WncrJiiiy ;nrn
di-clinrired or quitting work may bn
ablii to mcoviir their w*m% whero they
have l»o«n working by the day, with
out being eoiupcllfd to wait tho oon
V()ni«iii',i or arhllrary nrtaiiKement of
th■> ffnifloyi-"!!
and nt; 1 r uksolvrh.
TIiki a «.»|>y of llii'sii ii'Holtitliii.'.tMM'.'itl
Xnttmb ini'inlicrof tho le^lnlituro and
Ij**. p-ii-Hnhf.-*} in thf* prttn.
WIH;,U;.\K, TliuiU-jl.tlnur Uw a*
now IntcrpretftiJ by lUtutfl Iim for t
jt loot tim* (Mut (mmu. obMrved end U
now/ lu (i|*«»atU>ri ii»tlito-iatw.**iy*»B.iiii*-»
yernie. Lot ,r>'ixlS2. GooJ 4 room house.
This U a snap il taken ut once. Easy terms.
Ajiply, Mott, Sou It Co. ■'
A for sulo nt. this office, price 25 cents t'ftch:—
"Rooms To Let, Apply Within." "Furntilied
Rooms To Lot, Apply Within."
fi4iiiily   FaniHce and until.   Apply this
Indian  Justice.
Spec ini to Tjus Lkuokb-
Victoria, B. C. Jan. 16.—A
coroner's ' jury impaiuielled in the
case of Thos. Brown, shot lo death
near Hazleton a few daj's ago, has
found that the shixilinjj was aixidental,
a pun in the hands of a young Indian
girj, Kate Brown, beinj-;; discharged by
misadventure. Despite the verdict ol
ihe while men's courts, completely exonerating anyone and" everyone, the
Indian relatives of Kate Brown insisi
upon piiying to the relatives of the dead
man $500 in cash ami property
equal amount, in accordance with ln
diau custom in such cases of accident.
It was refuuing to recognize this obligation that a .while trader was "killed
near Huzleton three years ago by the
father of a young Indian wlio had been
drowned while in his employ as a river
VJT »ule.   Apply ut tliU ollice.
whore the mine train stops, near the btu-
tion, No. 1S.-J. Nice for 11 small family, Prico
.IHO. complete    Apply Mott. Son Jt Co.      — il
Hotels iinrl Rosturnnts, wants 11 job 11.1 cook
on Inrin, wages $1*i00 n month, apply at
Union.  Restaurant, Fernie.
HPOHK8, Fernie P. O.
reach her sho rolled clear across the
street Numerous othera had uiipleun-
a'nt'oxpeiichces. There were several instances ef buildings being slightly damaged. A dozen or more panes
of glass were broken a few chimneys
were toppled oyer and most singular
of all, a p.-itch' of the'school house roof
a couple of yards square, was stripped
bare of shingles in the centre of one
slope of the roof. While .the town
suffered bnt slightly the people generally feci thoy could very well afford
to dispense with 6uch extremely ardent caresses from the Chinook zeph-
A rory fashionable wedding took plnco
at Macleod on the 3rd inBt., when Mr.
Frauds Burkley Ward, of Nanton Alberta aud Miss Ethel Frances Kennedy*,
only daughter,of Dr. and Mrs; G. A.
Kennedy wero united in marriage,. by
Uev. T. D. Tyner at Christ church.
The happy pair passed through Furuie
on the 4th inst on their way to the Coast.
Mr. Ward is owner ofthe weflknown
Alexander ranch, a few miles Witst of
Nanton at the' foot of f-orcupiue Hill,
formerly owned byU.B. and George
Alexander, cousins of our townsmp.11,
.r.-„S._T:7AIexarider, Misa^Kennedy,
wak well kiidwn:to many Fernie people
till of whom wish her a happy Wedded
life with her choice of a raucuer hui-
baud.   ;       '• '■-' ''   *
Kamloopa Civic Campaign.
Special,rto TilK Lkpgkk-.
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 16.—Tlie hottest and bitterest civic election campaign ever waged in British Columbia,
is at present being fought in Kamloops
cily, the issues being open or closed
town, and also color line or no color
line in the city council. The later issue is precipitated by the candidature
for re-election of Aid. J. 1-". Smith, wlio
has taken a prominent part in Kam-
ioops' civic affairs for the past twenty
years, and has - even aspired to thc
mayorality. Tlie fight for lhe mayoral office this year is between Charles S.
Stevens, advocate of a closed town, and
M. P Gordon, the open town ,, champion.
Dr. E. C. Hart has ordered , full  imrjss-
tigalion of *he circ«instances ^attendant
upon the death ofthe infant con'of Mr.
and Mrs.   Duval   of  44   North   Park
street, Victoria, this being  Understood
to be another case of child poie&ning b)
the use of patent medicines containing
narcotic-;.    It will be remembered  th:r
less than a month ago the sixteen   da*,
old son of William Duncan died, 'as ;
jury attested, of   poison   contained   ir
Chambeiiuin*s    Colic;    Cholera    am
Diarrhoea", Remedy.      Medit;al-   men
testified   at the lime   lhat ihis proprit-
ary   compound, contained" sii    mucl
>pium that one-quarter of lhe pre'scril-
:A dose for an infant would   be   invei
Inly fatal.    This is denied by the  nun
lfacturers, who  are now "rcprescnti
Here by counsel and will apply *' to   Ilk
legislature for a  reopening of the in-
\estigation,   'Meanwhile  the  government announces an intention "tb introduce legislation during the session just
opened, 10 protect  lhe "public against
all poisonous   patent   medicines.      In
the   second fatal instance   now   under
itivestigiition, it was an English teething remedy that is   supposed   to   have
proved fatal."
"Why not give tlie name of this firm
as much prominence as has been given
the Chambeilin firm?—Ed. '*
New  L
Why? hny old cased Eggs wbon
you can get New Laid  Egrg£ at
. SO cents per Dozen'.
»      ■■■■     l*ro!i*a,33t DeSS-yer^
* -ft
*      .   ° 3
W. J.'.'Blui
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,  Fernie
We are Headquarters for
School Books and all rnan-
ner   of. School   Supplies.
P. o.
From tliu Fi-mik Piipor
OennntI Manager Fnrnau of the
metal compAiiy spent nevoral UuyB in
town thiB wook, Mr. Furnuu states
thut thu ftiTuii-t} o( tho coippany In the
Kootonnys nro proffro«.in»> U)ost 'eat
The Frank mlnera nnlon hold w
partial olrctlon of oiUcers', S.uuliiy.
1 ho oiTiccro olcctod wore, pro-Mdciit,
JttmoB DohrIhb; flnaiiclal Beorctary,
J. A. McUoniild; rrcui-dlnKBcurotiiry,
David Kemp. Tho election ot tlm
rfiniilnliiK onioers wub defot'red until
noxt Sunday..
Tlio enplncci-8 who nro ro-locutinpr
the route of tho proposotl Hiulnon liny
Mllwny botween the Pubs, on the
North HaBkntehowun river, and,
Churchill, will remain in tlie Held nil
winter. Thoy will hnve to out a line
through tho forcBt fur % X) miles, tlio
country being timbered tlio nnllro
Not islnco tho coliibriiteil lucldont
of lour yearn ugo, whon w twei.ty.fonr
loot plank wns driven tlin-ugh the
sido of lUiiuloiil's huu-io, has the wind
Mown In Frank «» It did Montlny
mori'tii-; for u couplo ut hi.un). No
-iiM'loua dnmniro wits done but It wn»
decidedly uiiplcasnnt while it I his ted,
Ar. t.lmixi; Mik rm*.t \*»* nf «nnii>lnni* vl.
nleni-fl tn tnkn p«i**onH olT thnlr d«i-t
iiiirt one individual mndo Hn nwon*
lion niid drop that wns bpccIhcuIhi*
but not ne»rly ho funny lo liim nn to
thoM who wlttieHicd tho Incident, P,
tl, li.Mij tii.t> ..iiii/iinK iittiil^ i.iUiiii*
lotto to unloml u cur ot lurntturo for
Alex. Ouyette and wns riding on u
lontl of ni.-ittrcHseB when a gust picked
up mnn Miid miUtrewKinnnd lifted both
lioillly (dTthe'witgon. Tlicn It turntd
liim over nnd tie Ui^iiod on Uih kround
with the nuttres-v-B on top innteivl of
on tho howom. It w* qttlt* remark
nble thu1 he »u»talned no Injury.
Mr Chamber* of the swiniuiriam win
blown down in the ttreet and luitain
ed **mt p«lnfal t-rel«e«, A woman
erotMfnjr f^niln|«n nt*nn<i wn-f hfown
Houston's Bright Prospects
Victoria, B. C, Jan. *IG—Iutiunat©
friends of Mr John'Houston M. P. P.,
now here for the lcgit-li-tive Heaalon.
Jiro authority for tho pleasant statement
thnt Mr Hou-tton/upbn whom financial
trublos hnvo been crowdiog unduly
duribj*; the |imt few yean,-will ioou bo
upon hlti feet again. Siuuo takln*-' up
his reeidcuco In Novadn, Mr Houstou
hut) hoeii thrown much in contruct with
his old filuml John MuKane, formerly
of KouHland, and now tho most famous
millionaire of Tonopah. McKant has
many thin--', to remonber Houston for,
and in not troubled wijb, fo-rgetfultiMB.
The ruuiilt Ih that Mr Houbtou has the
ndvniita-ije of the McKaue backin-; in a
iiuijiborof ronl eNtatoaiid other speculation, all ot wiilcli look prouilsln-*-, and
out of tho total of which ho in likely to
oni «jte a rich nlan In tho very near future. It Is probable that Mr IIoiiBton
wlll go to Nelson for the uiunlcal election campaign. Ho has alroadv stated
thnt he will If lily friondB thero dciirb
Ids services.
Japanese Famine.
Spoflltvl to Tua  Lkikikr: l'
Vi",'toiia,'B.,C. Jan.   16, —  Fiirllier
advices from the famine stricken   prov
inces of northern    Japan    state   tliat
thousands of people are already  forced
to hunt in the forests for 'war.ibc'  fern
roots and edible Ireo barks,  wherewith
to preserve life in them.    For  tlie rest
of this winter such   will   be   the   only,
food multitudes will have,' except whul
may be furnished by the government or
privnte relief.    William   Axling,   who
was sent by the foreign relief coniinil-
tee at Sendai lo investigate tlie   famine
outlook, says in his report:
Iwiite province is facin-/ the most
serious famine in its history. The rice
crop, which in an average year yields
to the province nearly 7,000,000,000
ypn, has given this.yejir only a;3i4,920
where the crop was poorest, the great?
er portion of- the population live.
Where • 90% - of-die population- dwell
there has been less than 20% of a crop.
The provincial authorities, are; fully - a-
wakelto tbe distress thaf is staring pco*
pie in. the face. • They propose lo spend
105'neo yen on public works, to borrow
300,000 yen in Tokio for the same pur-
poseandto uso 100,000 in providing
seed for tliis year's, planting. As llie
children are quitting school because
tliey have no lunches, the authorities
have purchased 200,000,pounds of army
biscuits, and will give three biscuits to
each child for n mid-day mejil. Ono
out of every seven of the population of
tho province will have to be assisted or
fjtnrvc to denth.
The  Slide Ilond.
Thc people of Frank arc experiencing some sliding about in lho mutter of
getting tho proposed wagon road
through thc slide located nnd work
started on ihut much needed public improvement. A public meeling was
held a few duyii. ago, and nfter much
discussion a delegation was Appointed
to go lo I.d mon ton to interview llie
Mlnistsr of Public Works in relation to
the mutter. And now the troubles of
lhe government will begin. If litti
rumors in circulation nhout the C, P.
K. inking an active part in the ro,td
mutters nrc. (ruo lively times nmy be expected: One rumor hits tt that the C.
V. K. desire to relocate their line
through the t>lido nud nre willin-f to over to the govcrnmviU the present road bed for a consideration, as
soiiii ns they lmve built their now line.
It would seem this Is a good prop*
imilinn provlJcd the railroad compnny
willugitie to m.ike the change as soon
as possible. Tlie presunt railway rond
bed could he made a line wagon road
at very little expense.
Phoenix Epidemic.
Hpuolnl to The Lkikikh
Victoria, B. C.Jan. 16,—Of tlie ten
samples of Phoenix water sent to the
Provincial Health Officer hero for analysis, to determine lho cause uf the
present serious typhoid epidemii: in the
niininu town, those from Phoenix
creek hro pronounced by Dr. C. J.
Fug-ail, secrotary of lhe Health Board,
|0 be highly dangerous. Instructions
have accordingly been issued, positively prohibiting the use, of the waler
from Ihis crcelc-for drinking purposes
or cooking. Only one sumplo of thc
ten proved fit for use, this water com-
Ing from Marshall lake. Dr. F.tgnn
Ims been ordered lo Phoenix bj lhe
government, to,look into lho question
of wator supply for (his and adjacent
towns. The typhoid situation ,is said
to be well in hand,
Ficm Hit Goldi-u Slnr
"There's a rube, or rather ,a .rhyme
builder, named'llohert J. 0. Stead, td*
itor, propiiritor and general freight
fluent of tho Southern Manitoba lte*
viow, publUhwii at Cartwright, who
writes thc Star to know if it would.
I'iko a poem each week He' bays, they
aro tho cutest poems yet manufactured,
.-.lid sends samples for the Star to judgo
as to thoir hierit. He has a job iot of
them on the remnant' counter, and offers a poem for two bits. The samples
sent are simply rotten, although they
were published in the Canadian ., Magic
azine. When thu Star is hard up for a
poem it will buy four bits of.electricity
and have D. V,.' Mott, the Crow bard,'
build'a stanza or two. He is a better
poet than the "Man from. Manitoba."
Instead of writing & verse or running
a newspaper Staad should be forking
manure cn a farm."
Our kooiI fr'ond Peck
ts alwnyq oa deck,
With pen, pisiior and pftste laden jar,   -
Hi*) I' hviiiklesliright.,
Through nil itho long night,    .
And wo nre loaming tollike bin bright Golden
*     Star.
Tlio Fomie Free Press is kicking
over the recent aniondineet  made  by
.the post offlc6-depai't inont—com "isllin"'.
newspapers to pay'postage at tho rate
of eighteents per pound on all special
editions. It eays itisYery unfair to
tho newspapers and also the country
at largo,-* Thc Star don't agree with
the Crow paper. When anypoor cus»
sends a parcel through the postojlice
he pays 10 a pouiid,eud we don't see
why the millionaire owners of the Free
Press should kick over- paying eight
cents a pound.
Senator Templeton of Victoriu is the
man. By length of service and eipor-
ionco he has all the others backed off
tho board.
Tuj- Fnn-viM LEr-ouiulitl not get out
an annual holiday edition this year;
but is giving its readers a «ood paper
every weok. And this is worth moro
than all the holldayieditlous ovor pub*
litjlied.-Ciolclon Star.
Peck litis rOHolvul, nnd will ItlU,
Not to (oucli hoozo In nliiotnnn nix
To stoor uliiiir f<f wlilnky, Kin niiii bcor—
Tiivn 11 mndol UTo nil tlio yonr;
Not touch iviiytltliiH tlmt'llci-untfl an Inward
BtIII, llko otliorri, you'll find I'uiik.a llur,.
1 You Can't Be
iU Happy    With    Poor
w*m\ u>
w Eyesight
• «v» ^i> <-4> ^iV -ts* »*> <i> /i> *^iv *f, <& »iv<I*» *i*
ij& ,Nor can you correct defective sight without lenses
ife weet-yonr individual needs. ■ To fit lenses accu'rrately requires greater skill .than " is
generally supposed." Dr. By bee's glassee restores
perfect vision because there is scientific knowledge
and that skill, which comes from years of experience, back of themA . Artifical .eyes- always in
stock.    Write me a postal and I will call.".
1 'to-G.-uul 7 to 9 p.m.*!*?
l^'Dr. R. L. Bybee. om™ Itn(>tx^ 7 ^ 8 wotfi-Fornt®^
'M44!4i&LM4^!'i5T4^I',-5l* *i££?+ *■'* *V *V J> *,r* V> SV vjV\V m.1, <4j/ «,»> \1, \1> \1, \1a W
Bxamtnatiun Free.     OfQ*.-e Hour**:
m    'y '   :"■*■ ':'""': "■ •■ -'*   ■'■•: " -"'   ".     ■*"■■     '"
Fernie  Miohel
Korrsssoy   GoaE Greek
fit th* Ctow'm Nm V*r* Co»\ Coir.p--.ny- off her fret nnd h*Uirr tbt>ctmh\ vtxV.f UEiKir ■;.< 11...-»r«j«.»j»-{•■ ;f--,t-,«;*«'-
r     ^.  .... • 11 .       .■ 1 * 11 MN,1 tln-wiivm.i I.. -M»l»l»,fii «h#(JiHlli
ANI> WHhKK.t**, A* h« Id lev, th* M* »ier»ell together w a-ulfluiice yould, .■r»iiHiirfjif..»,
Our  Fruit   Garden,
In niiothfr column we nolo llie nur*
■ 4.4J,       wa.,..^.^*^,,',,, J »*...-, v. 4 «, ..-
c.iuvcr, hut wo serve notice on lilnn
that we nre stron|;ly in favor of 11 nurs.
t*ry much closer to Pernie than- in his
line Vancouver esUhllfliincnt. The
ueweiit field for such anenturpriif, and
die one inviiinif lhe cnplliil nnd inJui
uy of MJiiieouc ul III Ihe wura^'e and
experience is tlte lerrilory lyinif so
iH'iir I'ernie, **ind ulmh iv u* yet al*
mort unlontlicd, We refer lo tht*
Kooicnay Valley, wher-i-* sre to be *.tvn
orchard*, in bcarimj; nnd where there is
as fine. lintniie nnd condition! far
live fruit induMry »• can be £mi«v4 in
nny pari of lf,e prnvincn.
Klitff  Solomon'H MIiich.
Htmclnl torTllK UlKiKiit
Victoriu, U. C, Jno. 16—lilriim
Wilson, nf Munalmo wlio hue just re-
turne.l lo that city afier 11 protruded
resldftifo in Afrh-n, has seen for liim*
i«lf llie fitmous shafts sunken by Kini/
Soloinnn's emissaries in llieir MMrcli for
nnd recovery of the -,'old of Oplilr,
This was some few years uro when
Mr. Wilson was himself cmploriiiftj lhe
African interior In search of gold mines,
Tnivelini; through a di»inct wiine
were evi-Jentrs ol yci'lov. lii-iisuii; in
such quanliile* ns would lurn a sen*.-
ontd KlonJiker f{rceu wilh envy. Wil
son was surprised to see abandoned
«h»fi«. whrri* iliii while man's fool Imd
probably   never   before been   proku'd.
More curium villi, the tnauiier in
which sliufis had been sunk
show lhat modern times h ive little tn
teach (lie miners of ancient days in lhe
nuillerof'^DliI mlnliiff. Mr. Wilsim
was forced to leu ve ;\frica by u-riou-n
illuci., iilihuuiiliiichruuKlit buck with
him a ts'ooJiy store of Kold. He will
rt'lttfii lo the lonj- nUtndoiK'J «.<liJ
mines ns Kocst its his ktrenglh in fully
SaSe anil Gl^m^r^o B&U %
of Odds and Ends. Sweeping:
reductions on a all goods on
sale tins month.
RL -fltH kr*t0w* a me*   Ladies' Misses' &
OUW pa HIPS  Boys'  boots,, and
shoes must be sold.
Henry's  NurNcry,
We are in receipt of M. J. Henry's
Nursery catalogue ol fruit aud ormt-
nicniul frees, and garden, Held and
(lower -it'edtj for the comlnij- season,
Mr, Henry is 11 veteran in tho business
nnd his lusl cnlido|jue in a tfein In ilu
line. This is u hunio instituiion nud
lhe nioncy paid for trees and seeds re*
nialnu in lho province to be circulated
iinioiif,' our own people, if better
ktock could be procured liy uo!n;| out-
side the province (here would bo some
justification for ho dohitfi hut thu facts
point ihe other way. The best stock
lor planting in (his province is thai
which if grown here, which, added to
the iidviinlah't- of short time In transit,
■'iveu preference to lho home (frown
slock. Tint i.i'iionii wlll always be,.
lound helping homo intlitulions of nil
kinds nud wo arc proud of such enler-
prlsi'n iih thut of Mr. Henry. There is
11 -.(rowing field fur such work nnd wu
would like tn see fruit trees blossoming
all over our groitl province.
Pstmnt MMIrfn-j* Pol-iOHhijr
»:<r.-,«l»oTnr I.M>iim-
f.iiiiilmriiii-n Mootit
The fifth annual meeting of tlio
Mountain I.tmibecmcu's nsKoclution
was held In Nelson Inst werk nud was
in session two bays. All the milling
compHiili-H belonging to the imnocialioi,
'liXiC IX\.i\:!K\l\\.At    .'.HJ    l^lHViV4,4l4,\44*,4;»
from the Coast mills wcro pronons,
The two big Kernie compn-tics were
represented by O. I., flovnton, V, C,
Dubois, A. Mi'Dougall and L. M.
IViuior. Tlie lumhcnnon of tho Koot-
enuys ore u jolly fine lot uf men, und
represent one t>f the mos.1 important in
dusiries in the country. Tho nnsoria-
tioti is gradually grow ing fmni a nith-
er disrordiint orgJiui'iiilJiJii iiilu a solid
compact body of men who linvi* been
driun by unfrtvoniMe ltgi>l.ilioo and
advi-rku cunditiomt to tuko coin ei led
aciiou in order 10 preiervo llieir finun*
cirtl ttiilence. Their cfforl* are be-
giniiimX '*• ^-*-*t fi oil umiJiiu outlook
for fuiurt- siitt'iiin- is twtler than it In*.*.
Victor*;*, H,   C.»  Jnn   16.*—Coroner Ik-vo for aevvral yenn.
Big   Hed&icfi^i
In Mon's Clothing', Underwear,
'Working1' Shirts, Gloves, Mitts,
Hats and Sox.
Ladies'  Whitewear, Blouses &
Skirts on said this week.
1 See Window for Goods on Display |
I The Trite8»Wood ©©
s       ■    ■
i*» VlV*jy*I?yIv *-,m%l< /J* »Iv <4» /4V *1V *»♦   *J* *4V <J> ft, fl* *.' *fr /»> /•> */.> vi> lb ifi
Your Vote and influence ia hereby
solicited for
as Alderman for the city of Fernie
In tho iUsld ns nn lr.dopor.dcnt Ciuuliilate.   llave-tio 11x0 to Ki-ind, '
While They Last
wo «"ivo with every 50 cent purchase,
A Handsome 1906 Calander.
These Calfindcrs arc a few of thc handsome lines wc have
left over from Xmas stock and originally sold from 15 c'u
to $2.50.   Come early and get .1 good choice.
No E» Suddaby
The   Pernie   Drug   Store.
AffOlU for Mono's Fountain Van, I.nujjhlhi Fountain Pou. K-utmnii'-. Tltota
Victor and BcvHiwr Oniiiio|i|ionoi", Ivlllion'-' Fii'juognitjlli.
-*»»,      *Mi*.*
.-4«W-4?*^Vrt*-»tf4jt;.3!^ i.
•  ■-.(.-^;»    i*&**^tyn^!tefWtSj#miV*iiifr'-i#t*^tt-*-i^
■*I*»1«*1H «-p*"H^| iFHt,e\t*^g!


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