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The Fernie Ledger 1906-01-10

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 I       -'i-
:i&aJSS&*V* 2X&Ute£Sa«»UH»3BeKttaKLSX*^^
t J    ,.""Si*>';ttt-ftj4„^*«^-*.-,,_rii;
v   ^'
1^"      *.
.7- %
*v.  '--
t,,:   -
■ r.
y/ - -,i^r.../
S'Y      "
"}' ■ /'-~-{.-yc.'r'?~^iJ^'/
j^VotuME I'," Number 23.
14.1     *       ' , ■
Prick, $2 a Year,' in Advance
Local Happenings in and
About the City  ;
Interesting  Items   About   l*lany
People, Vou Know       "\
i7,"iV ^
v.    **:■".
4'   *
V- f •'
The Coleman hockey team has-been
suspended from the league*       ..
. We are tea days in the nev year-
are you stilt on the "water wagon?"
Q. G. Meikle, manager of Thr Ledo-
eh, is indisposed being- conlined to his
home this week. '..'.";**
* Mayor Buseombe. has beer* reJ&rned
an Mayor of. Vancouver for the. next
year by acclamation.
Ivan Poole is slowly, improving1 and
■will soon bo past the danger point in
the course of tho fever.
" Mies KUingson who hns been visiting
Dr. and Mrs. Big-gins left for her homo
in Spokane Monday morning.
H, XV. Herchmor has reached the
convalescent state, and • is ■• progressing
rapidly to complete reco very.
The Crows Nest-PAM" Coal Co. paid to
the provincial government during the,
year 1905J $57,978.58 &s royalty on coal
and coko.
Miss Francis Davies is gradually ^recovering from the fever.though it can
not bo said she has yet  reached the
' cnaieaccnt state.   '" ' ■'■-
Mr. Chas. Bnlger has resigned? hit*
position as assistant,; flro chief *'kinl
Chief Tuttle has appointed Mr. Wm.
Baldroy'to the vneancy. ',
The amnnnt of  wheat' marketed in
' tlio west laot fall is estimated at 857,784
7<>7 bushels.   Possibly 17,000,000 bushels romain in tlio farmer's hands.
A )o'l<re,of the Knights of Pyhthins
vas installed Monday night at Midway
This Wst excellent order seems to
be growing very rapidly iu this
province.'' ■ .*'--.
Dr. S ,L Byboe.'lateof San Francis-
c-4, li ns taken rooms at tho Fernie and
cnntemjilati-s loca'tiuir "permanently in
our cjtv He is a thorougly competent
-or-culist and is meeting with' gratifying
sneenss.        ■...•- ,
The Frank hockey team-' has, applied
fnr admission to tho league* and will
probablyWadmitted, and if-so, -will
, take, the place,of tho-euspended  Cole-
to be played.--,.,    --'*., . "   ,  ->,
Little Pnbt. Dripnon is piifferinc
from a sMp-ht attack of diphtheria .and
the family anfT-Ziuarantinod. "Pf' Cor*
Pan •rpporiB-that.-'ho'isi-gettinR.-i.l/inB'
nicely and no fears Rre entertained -for
his recovery or that there .will bo other
, capes. " « .' ■
A'. W. Bleasdiill is moving" into thn
.new store, room neft tothe Crows No$t
TrndinsrOo. store., T-Te has filted this
room up with modern fixtures nnd-* will
have a fine,business place., Mr. Me*
Lean ls„busy placing tho goods In thoir
„ new room.
Tt. XV, Cnnltlinrd returned tn the city
Monday ni(-ht nnd wan shaklmr hands
■vltli his frinnds yesterday. Mr. Conl-
tbard Is twollng salesiniin for the Coal
Oo., and Ims been on.t*»*i (lie road for
pome tlmo Tlo expo-its to remain in
the city for n*>mo weeks.7 ' '
Mr. T3!ael<s'nno, nimnt of the Great
Northern at this place was taken sick
Inst Wednesday and on Friday was
tnken to the liosnital suffering with n
very novem attack nf typhoid fnver.
lie is very seriously ill and his frinnds
nre vorv nnxinmlv .witelilnu; for a
clmngp for the better In his  condition.
Frank Sherman. Potor Patterson and
John Tlowbvook, of Fomie, and John
Angus McDonald, of Frank, leave tor
morrow for Indl-inannll*", to attend the
annual convnntlnn of the TTn'te.d Mine
Workers nf Aumiira, which convenes
at that place noxt week. They expect
to ho cmio nbont twenty days.
A special service will ho -ylvr-n nt tho
fl A hnrrnckn on Friday ovoning, the
12th' Iniit., cnmmnnelng nt B o'clock
filmrp The service will ho a typical
representation of tlm training of cudetH
In n Snlvatlon Army- tralnlnrt' collc-to,
A nmiibor of Ussln cadets "will.hn put
throiurh trnlnltiR and commissioned for,
field service In lho army, •
About,two wenkB ago tlio CnaVCo,, at
the roquoRt of some of thnmlnnri who
do not smoke, Instltutbd regnlailons
prolilbUinij mnoklng In onn of the
conches and now the putt tlmo Induced
In by tlm hoys as thoy journey to nnd
fiom tho initio Is Hluglnir, a kind of a
travelling concert compnny which sings
on w-hnolfl. ■ " .•-•-■
I I .       . .  l     *        .
0, V. JolmRon linn purchased tho Interests of George Clode In tho Hiirnl*
Heady elollilng huslness nnd will con*
tluuo tho lmslncsR on his own accord,
jilid will be lU-siHtoit in the stnro hy Mr.
W. A. WliiiiiU, oiid of .lio old Fein in
hoyg Mr. Frod Jolinson Is onn of Ferule's hett cltlxemi, s, tlinron-'lily re-
llahlfl buslneHS man, nnd Ih huio to m*
euro a full Hluire of the trade In his
" Mr. f*-nm Miirkr has Rh.-ikon thn dint
of tlmntratUof rernlo from his feet
nud has koiio over the hi'id|»o to West
Fornlo nud started a uent Iittlo store
lln has ii fresh, clean little stock of
guods and ts doing n.lliie liiiidness over
where th'i I1I3; sppiu"; 11">***.*> were tossing
lluili-tops iu'tlu) Iji-00-.i'h four or llvu
years ago and Mr, <). N. .Inyneswns
.iinki'd upon nn a crazy msn for uinlcr
tailing in innk.i s liuriio in such n wild*
enu'CS. Mr. tMnrks Is nut of r<u*ch of
lho cily politician and in linppy ln hit
new nii-uter-i.
Noinumtioni- For Aldermen.
At a well attended; daeeting of the
citizens committee.held Mouday night
the following gentlemen were placed in
nomination for aldermen. W. W. Tuttle, J. D. Quail, John Mclntyre, Thos.
Biggs, "Thos. Beck and W.S. Proctor
This is the first time in tlie short history
of Fernie as a nuniicinality that a ticket
has been nominated in'an open meeting
pledged to stand together in the legislative administration of the affairs of the
city upon lines which converge to one
central point, municipals interest, regardless of any private considerations.
.This is a long step iu the right direction, and this citizen's movement will
have accomplished ample good to justify existence, if it shall have made it
tiecossary in tho future for all parties to
piii-suo tlie same course. There is not
a single thing in connection with any
public business which requires secrecy
fn its performance. "
No nominations was made for the po*
aition of mayor as it was generally conceded that Bleasdell, who was already
in the Held for that position, was in
every way an acceptable man for the
With A, W. Bleasdell for mayor and
the gentlemen nominated Monday night
for councilors no fault can be found, and
this ticket should and will. reseive tho
support of the majority of the Voters of
Fornie. In this counection we wish to
say that there was a vory strong feeling
in favor of W. W. Tuttle as a candidate
for mayor, but that gentleman had assured his friends that ho had no choice
in the mattor, phicing himself unre-
Hijrredly in the harida of tiie committee
to be used in any way they might deem
best fftr the good of tha city This action on the part of Mr*'Tut.ie was characteristic of the trian, and shows that
he baa not allowed personal feelings to
dominate his actions when public interests aro at stake.
, „We understand tbat the citizens committee are going to organize for an ag-.
gressive campaigu; and if the voters of
the.city.look with a singlo eye to tho
good of tha municipality their ticket
will he elected. '
Wo learn this morning that Mr. W. S.
Proctor has declined to stand as a can*
didste for alderman and the committee
nre arranging a meeting for the
purpose of filling the vacancy.
A.- E. Rummer a Candidate.'
Mr 1A.. E. Kumra'er is a candidate for
citizens of Fernie upon his merits as a
public spirited man who has always
taken a great interest in the pubfic
affairs ofthe municipality.!. He is an
no connection wTtiranyffa^ti^or click.
A New Drug Clerk Art-Ivos.
C. G. Mills, Phm.B , whohas been
for several years hoad clerk with D. K,
Campbell A Co., of Victoria, one of tho
largest drug companies In the province,
has accepsod a position with N. E. Suddaby of Fernio.- Mr. Mills leavos many
friends lu Victoria who rogrot his departure, but aro glad to know that he
is going to improve his position.
Mr. Mills is now at -workVith Mr.
Suddaby, and Fernie welcomes him ns
a promising citizen, Mr. G. L. Brown
whoso placo Mr. Mills takes, leaves In
a fow days for tho Spirit River region
in Northern Alborta, whoro he expects
to grow up with the now country.
"Buster Brown," ns ho Is faralliary
known to a host of friends horo, is anothor of Fornlo'e lino your.g men with
a future beforo bim. Tmu Lunnjoit
wlshos him woll In his now undertaking
although wo nro sorry to Ipso such
promising young people.
 * .—,
CiiHtoin ItoooliitB for 190ft.
Valuo of goods Importod $280,1)13100
Value of dutiable goods $-483,(155,00
Total duty collected 8i.2,421;]0.
Inland revenue collected      (26,-282.10
Total rovonuo $87,053,05.
Tho largest collection for any ono
month during tlm vcar wsb $H,BQ8 2fl
during tho month of July In which the
vory Urge Rlilpmont of utoolo for thn
big tipple at Coal Crook win "roeolvnd
During tlm year tlm provincial gov
ornmont collected $0,700 87 fr6m Anns,
llt'onsoii and othor uourcos, the Inrgont
item bolng $0,160 00 rovenuo tnx, The
next largost amount bolnff tlmt contrlb*
utnd by commercial travolors which
totaled $1,000.00.    v.
Eernio  Wins at Hockey.
*•  ■ i""
The hockey game between Michel
and Fernie.at the rink here on Monday
night was rather one-sided. The Michel team was hew, most of tho boys being only beginners. However Stitt and
Thompson did good work, and wilh
practice and experience with older
teams thc Michel boys will put up a
rattling good game. Thero was a largo
attendance and the ice in irood condi
tion. .Bob Henderson, of Michel, refer-
eod tho game to'the saiif-frtction of all,
and there was no;rough playing.
The iine-up was as follows:
i Fernie.  -
.. *         ■ -.
C. Brules
cov point
-      i   "
A. "
The game started at8:51iand Kastner
scored within 30 seconds, and then
White proceeded, to do whitewashing
by scoring for Ferule six timo.9, eight
minutes being the longest time it took
him to put the puck in its pocket and
two minutes the shortest. At the ond
of the first half the score was 7—0.
- In the last half Glcndcning scored in
five minutes, then* Stitt got the puck
into Fernie net for tlie- firet time, and
it took him only.two minutes in which
to do it. Glendening kept dinning till
he made another, mark on Fernio's side
of the score in eig-Kt minutes. Dunn
did likewise in four and a half minutes,
Mhen White took up'tcu minutes fooling
with the puck .fieforo he netted it, after
which,Stitt put it back in the Fernie
not in llirea minutes. The score at the
end stood 11—2 in favor of tho homo
The   Coal   Out-put.
. The output of coal at the mines for
the week ending Friday, Jan. 5 th/
was as follows:
Coal Creek      .-■ ••   • 7,350 tons.
.5,024   •■'
1,631   "
.Michel  -
Total      .14,061
What He's Paid For
W. R. Ross, M, P. P., left on Sundav
for Victoria and will bo early on thc
"■round to get an -even start with the
Cranbrook member.
'. .Our member should be able to bring
'hom'e"aT.iW~jal£irnow court lioiWaiid"
some road mon'eyfor this diuti-idTa* the
end of the session.
-A:Grand Hall
i^ThlJcAjte'roaj: oflloiV of ^-Eagles have
bills out announcing a'grand ball to be
givon 0* the 23rd inst. in tlio Coal Creek
hall. Arrangements have beon made
for tho mine train to leave for Coal
Creek at 8.30 p. m,, returning at 8 a.m.
The Eagles are known,to bo past-
masters at providing ontertainmont on
occassions of this kind and wo think
that wo con safely predict that the
event billed for the 23rd will ho ln every
respect, fully -equal to, .if not fi bettor,
than any past effort. Tickets nro set*
ling fast at 31,50, which Includes supper.
John A. McCnll Resigning.  .
John' A. McCall has resigned the
presidency of tho New York Lifo Insurance company nnd is resigning
nearly all tho directorships held in
other institutions, This will bo a snd
blow to tho cnuso of philanthropy,
which, coming at thc snmo tlmo as tho
resignation of tho McCurdys, Ilydo,
Alexander, and Mr. Q. XV. Perkins; is
liable to knock this old judo philanthropy out of business. It Is lucky
this did not occur in time to nffbet tlio
Cliristmns charities or the world In
gonernl might havo boon short on
Tho Associated Boards of Trade.
From the Rosilau'd Mintr-'   '.-
The eighth annual convention of the
associated boards gf,trade of.eastern
British Columbia, wijl convene on Wednesday, Jan 17, at io a.m. in the board
<if trade rooms in Cranbrook. The associated boards consists of the boards
of t.-ade of the following towns and
cites: Cranbrook, > Fernio, Fort Steel,
Grand Forks, Greenwood, Kaslo,
Moyie, Nelson, Phoenix, Siitidon, Trail,
and Rossland.* Each of lhe affiliated
boards is entitled to be represented by-
two delegates,.in addition lo iis president who is a vice-president of the associated boards. It, is an important
body and has played no inconsiderable
part in this section since it was organized, as both lhe Dominion and pro-*
vincial legislatures pay great heed to its
utterances and wislies.and it lists been
instrumental, in securing considerable
legislation. There are a number of
important matters'which it is scheluled
to take action on, a' list of which has
already been published in these columns
and hence there should be a full attendance of delegates from the several atTi-
iated boards of trailei D. V. Molt,
who, with'Fred Stork and A. II. Cree,
president"1 of the Fernie board of trade
is a delegate from Fernie to the assoc-
ited boards of trade, is in the city, Iii
speaking about .the forth coming meeting Mr Molt said: /'These conventions
are of a great deal of'.importance to the
people of eastern British Columbia, and
a full representation.'from every board
should be present. I can say that tliey
may be assured of a hearty welcome
and hosiptal treatment by the people of
Cranbrook. The recommendations of
these conventions have ;ihvays received
careful consideration by the provincia
and Dominion legislatures, and much
has been accomplished through their
efforts. Its president, G. O. Buchanan
is the right man in the right place, and
every board should see.lo il that it is
fully represented in the coming convention.'!      '    •     '.    •
I)ontli of Michel Pofitiii.iHt.-i-,
Albert Gnmmago, posiimisier nt Michel, brother of Mr. Wiiltor G-immiige
of tills cily, died at Michel last Tlium-
dny night from thocllecm ofn rampli-
ration nf appendicitis and peritonitis.
Dr. nKcSorluy performed nn opct.it.un
but it was found thnt owing to the
-ucix.iii.1* of puriloiuim his case wax
hopclcs!,, Un n.i.* lukcn tikk on tN'uw
Yeiir'u day,
Mr, Giiminngc wni n pioneer coming
.iIichiI of the railroad and hnd been
post-muter nt Michel two venrs. He
,ira,s born in IJnglnnd Ihiriy.tlirec years
ago. Ho hud been married n little
moro than n yenr, to a young lady of
Owen Sound where lie hud» resided
provloiiH to his coming west. Scott &
Uoss embalmed llio body nnd it wns
buried al Miiliel on Monday. Kev,
Hanlctl. of Christ church conilurtlng
llm fcivj'cc. Mr. Gii'iuii-igu wh*. u
member of tho undent Order of For*
osiers. Much sympathy ii felt for the
young widow left alone »o soon in her
now wcttcrn Jionio.
Flro Fiona VIhUk High Rlvor
A flro 1-roko out In. a block of framo
bulldlngo at High lllver last Wednos'
day afternoon, causing a loss of from
fifty to sixty thousand dollars Two
stores and most of their contents wero
destroyed and the fine now building
recently built by Smith flron. for Geo,
Lnno and Geo. Kraoi'Hon, had a vory
close call.
Tlio firo brigade at Calgary were
called upon nml responding, mn'dii the
run on a C, 1\ II. special in 50 mlnuteo
This run of 10 mil leu In ft) minutes is
tho record on tho C, and K, brunch and
tho C. V. U and thn Cnlgnry brigade
aro ontitlod to much credit for their
prompt rnflpoiiflo to tho High Illvur cnll
for aid.
Tlie Le Roi Amalgamation Muddle. .-'
A, J. McMillan, has irict his enemies
and they seem to belong,to him.' A
at a meeting of tho shareholders of the
Le Roi. and Mr. McMillan's.friends
were in the majority. Mr. McMillan
will be in charge again and while ho
wfis Hchioving. hjs^scont to the point
of "ylcrory •■tliefo'Walt'.fto'nVqUtisilai'i:
there were strenqus times at the meeting of the shareholders in London.
According to the reports from English
papers, McMillan rtntcrt that the Trai-
smelter was now being "put into the
amalgamation scheme between tho Le.
Roi, War Eagle, Centre Star, St Eugene
and Trail Binolter at 81,000,000 whereas
in 1001 it was on offor at -8600,000, On
the differenco in tho prices, $.100,000
MuMUlian Htated lie was offered $75,000
if ho only favored tho nlmagatlon
scheme which he h«s piiist actively
resisted all along. Asked by some one
present who it was who offered the
15175,000 there was no answer givon. As
matters now stand it would appear that
tho old 1,0 Roi board will bo sent to the
right about, and tuiirilgii.nation, 119 far
as tlio Re Rol is concorned, Ih as doad
as a door nail. It may bo carried out.
between the other parties,
.Mr. W. II. Aldridge, who seoms to
havo boen in charge of tho opposition
forcos in this light is a keen business
man and McMillan could have had no
featherbed job 011 his hands, Duck of
theso two men woro ranged lho forces
of two great railroad companies who
woro directly intarostcd. Jt must havo
boon a battlo of tho giants, .Judging
from tho pioHS reports tha light wns
a bittor ono, neither sido showing any
disposition to compromise on any point,
Specially Contributed by
Our Own Staff
Special to Thf. Lkdhfji:
Constable Lorch visited Fernie
Monday.     <•       '
1\. W. Rogers was visiting Fernie
The members of the Morrissey
Mines' Relief Association will give a
ilanee at Clark's hotel on tho evening
ofthe 12th inst.
Information was laid on Monday
against Jus. Stephens and J. Foley,
charging- thorn with setting- lire to
tho Grand Union hotel iit Morrissoy.
The preliminary hearing- is set for
Special to Tin**. LKiKiKit    •
The minstrel 'company has, been
completed and practice will *-(*>on begin upon a program' to be presented
to the publio in the'club hall.
The billiard tournament ' which
lasted a week and which was engaged in by fifty-four contestants for
the prizes was terminated on the
evening of tho Tth inst, Fred
Stewart won tbe first prize and" Jus.
Roberts got away with- second money.', The whist and checker tournaments have not  yot  been   decided.
Spociul to The T.kikikii:
We have a stout operator at the
Coleman station ofthe C. P. ll.
-Miss Cameron has resigned hor, position as ' teacher in the Coleman
schools awl'has gone back to her Ontario home.
The Coleman mine was closed for
three days last week owing to the
breaking of an eccentric'The mine
was ready for business on Tuesday and
is running as usual.
As. li. Grady, son of A.. F. Grady, of
'MaTl^d7has"Uk^7i"'charge of the A F.
Grady Hardware" Co. "at ' Coleman.
Wallace Chambers, the fonner.oci-upant
of that position has gone to Vancouver
to attend college .'
. ..The. International - Coal ,&'.Coku'.Cp.
has piii auoti.'oi mr locomotive to work
in the Coleman initio'and'will soon have
tho third one at work doing away with
tho use of horses except from the faces
to the partings. Thero is no hot air
about this' item.
Cliockwelghinen .'.lucled.
The olnctlon held hy the Minors nf
the Ferula local union held Inst  Sulnr.
day for Checkwolitlnnoii nt Conl Creek
reninicii in iiiouli-aiouol iho loilowiiig:
IMvk J'iiton ir.7
W. Mcl'linrscn m
W.ll KvniiB po
J,'Darker 70
Ifopkln HvAns received 7(1 voton nnd
-lohn Wilihi 7u and tliey i-tniid as
iiubHtltuto chi-t'kwRlghmen.
Tho result of tho ..deletion held at the
name timo for district Vlenl-rMdont,
lian not been mado known as all the
unions in thn whole district had tn vntu
Mrrltn raiulirinfflj. for thli ol*lr«. Tlie
owidUlntos wero John Onlvln, Fertile,
Unlit. Kvji-ia, Frank, Harry flu ten,
Coloiimii, nud J/uncs Sevurus, of Carbonado
John Galvin received 180, tho highest
vote hero*
IJoard of Trade
A nioetlng of the Fornlo Hoard of
Trade was hold at tho Court Nouso lust
Wodiiosday night, After some dlscuv
Blon ovor tho hllln of Mr Mi'l'.vny nnd
J. G. Ournmlngs for surveying dono by
direction of the board, the Necrntary
was instructed to make nn ellorl to
collect tho iiitoai'b for Htnl'i'i'nnd grades
and to pay the lml'inco of W dun Mr.
CuiiiMiings for llio surveying of thu
Flnthni'd trail,
A cnminliten wan appointed to draw
up ruHiiliilioiis ro forest Urns, iininlclpiil
ownership of telophotio and the Flat-
hond trail,
In relation to tho Carhldn factory ,to
which thn Ljcdukii hnd called intention
thu board Instructed I). V, Mott to
conimiinlcato with thu Ciu-bido peoplo
ntid report roHiili in Win board.
Tin) .V.id i.i iiioUiiv.ii li Win iii'cii:liiiy to
ill alt a reeolutio'i nuking for the appoint*
ment of a sheriff for l.ndt Kuotnnay aiul
uniting tlmt tlio Appointment lio glvun
to a Penile xtxti.   TIiIh resolution Is to
u»l  M-.iti 441 Wi   '.',, .**.•,-*. l4i,    plt-ritlilil.itJil
to tho government nt Victoria.
A resolution nf-klng tho'C. l». It, Co.
tn I111II1I tho contemplated now station
Imrfi of Urn proof mntorinl ns.lt will
adjoin tho lim limit ax now QHtahliihed,
was pjuked,
I'ri-Mlilimt A. II. Cree, Fi-piI. Stork,
and I), V, Mat wm: ilciti'd dclivntim
lo the AnNoclated Iloarilji of 'JViidn
foiiveiitinn rallnd for Jany, I7;|i nt
CrKiihrook. Dr. Win-ins and Mr. 1).
Uuviuii wuru elected Hllni'iiatns,
Spociul to Tiili Jiisn'riKll:
Grant Downing made oiie of his
flying trips to lilko during the week.   •■
J. Fleishman,, of Vancouver, spent
one day jollying JnflVay people lasl
week. .. ,
Pearson and Jewell have finished
their contract at Frank aiid returned lo
Miss M. Mansion returned on Monday from Vancouver aiid opened our
school on Tuesday morning
A. Fenton, manager of lhe Fast
Kootenay Co,, is here looking after ihe
installation of a pinner plant.
Dr. Wnrnoch, the velennry surgeon,
killed three of Pearson nnd Jewell's
horses nl Frank heforu allowing them
to return to Jaffray.
Win. Higgins, the timber cruiser for
the Kust Kootenay Lumber Company,
was here two or three days during the
week inspecting Pearson nnd Jewell's
" School at Elko opened on Monday
after a holiday vacation of two
weeks. Miss Shaw is still in charge
and renders satisfaction to all.
The North Star planing piant at
Elko is closed down for a few weeks
for the purpose of overhauling .the
piant preparatory to a long run when
again started up. -    -
A. E. Ingham, oi Sheep Mountain
ranch was in town Monday, lie re
ports about eight inches of snow in
his locality and line winter weather.
Cattle are still running on the range
which shows that the Kootenay Valley is a long- way h*om tho north
Specially culled from our
Exchanges.    .
Hpncliil to Tin: I.kihii.ii
Tlo mulvora uro biwy ffottlii-*- out
XV, S, M.inhury returned S.iiurday
from Crimhroiilc
Mr, C. Kllgcn'.iniili was in Ferule
one day lust week,
Mr, J. P. Gledhill relumed to Van*
-.•Oliver lust Wednesday.
Mrs, M. Mclnnes went to Ciir'oonndn
tnU '|'iif.4,-(l.|y for 11 <:hnrl 1! *'i
MJm M T...!!iif/ii.'i i4.j.;,-iiv.( fnii-- .1
visit to I'Yriii*,' |.imi Tliui.'d.iy:
Miss I ne!. Holbrook spent Fridny.-md
Siilurday wilh frivmU in CrmilM-imk,
Mrs. li. I J. Jlohir.ml! went lo 1'Yrnip
hint Tuesday reluming' on WodniAl-iy.
Cliiii-M x Kllnglni'ml'.l) Ir In clinrgf.
uf the Klk hotol at Elko nml i-flj^n-u
biislni'fH g(K-t],
Mr. and Mis, J.iiik-*. MiKiv l-.cl.l ;i
New Vear'ri reception uml llieir many
iVivnil-i had a plei.siuil lime,
Mr. (1. Cnniplii'll reti/i-ni'd Sunday
fi 1*111 Nelsi-in wlu-re ho lind |mii,. tn
phire his- diiughur in sclion!.
From the Ilurnlil'
A. Joyce and family, of Fernie
spent New Years with R. Joyce and
family, of Cranbrook.
The IIi>rald stands for Cranbrook
above all oilier things. ..Its editor hns
beep called'a boomer, booiuster.
George Ooldio,,of tlie government
offices, spent his",holiday week ;it
Fort Steele with old friends. "Unfortunately for Mr. Goldie, however,
for lie was sufFerinff from a b,id attack of grip during ajl the timo. and
in consequence his vacation was nol
as pleasant as it might have beon.
Finch and Jonos are tearing down
the hotel at Kimborly that stood next
to the North Star hotel and will take
it to Marysville and rebuild in tin.
place ofthe one burned recently.
The licenfs,board held a meeting
last week to consider the application
of J, C. Drewry for a license for his
big boarding house at Moyio There
we're a niitr.bor of Movie lintel keepers in town that day as they are all
opposed to the granting of the licensij
The board heard the arguments on
both sides and finally decided to reuse tlie license
■ John Keen, of Kaslo, ■ one   of  the
Jjost-known—and—best Iikod*-iYioi)—in-
British Otlumbia,   is   in   town   thi.--
week on business.   Jolm  Keen   has
faith in British Columbia, although
he don't like the present government
and has dono as much as any man in
thia province tf-v-iijinresu the..no(„i|.lc
that there was a bright future uheacl.
lie is never pessimistic, always hope-'
ful, and the Ili-rald would like to sec
him.make a million as a reward for
tho goal work lie has done for humanity in general and rUritish Coi*
uinbia in particular.
There am rumors and rumors these
days as to condidatcs for the provincial election. A 111*111 who is in a position lo gallier prottv reliable information, sniil 10 a Herald man the oilier
tiny, that ,7, A, Harvey and Tom Caven
were nol lhc only men who were being
considered, but on the contrary that J,
I'", Armstrong might be in the field, and
also that ■■"inynr lion ers was n prime
favorite willi quite a number. Messrs,'
Given and IIurv,ey nre the only I wo
gentlemen nl lhe present lime who have
a distinct folhiwing, and with (hem in
llie field nlone, il is an open question
wilh ninny as in who would win, but
with others 111 the field nuiller*- would
be bn illy cnnipliculc-d.
Heiipondlng to the mill of tlio president, ol tlio Cranbrook T.i horn I in-s-.c-
Uuion ovor 100 I.Uum'iiIb mo. at J'.it-
moro hall Inst evening to partlcip'Uu
in the work of organizing fm- the
now year.. Thu coinmittuu in charge
thinking Unit thoro would not be
moro tliii'n Imni LTi to f-0 in nttnnd-
nnc.', rc.cured I'lilmoro hull, which
thi'V ctiiisidoivd iini|i|e U,r tx mectinj;
ol that eliimicioi', Ilut thoy wore
badly mltitiikcn In tlio Jiidgemoiit.,
lor by ii !k") oyc-ry seat wuh tukcii and
.ho pcn-ilo wore sminliiig in groups
In (lill'ureiil parts of tho hull ur nit-
Hill,' nn tlm platform or flour, Tlm
meeting wiucalli-(| t'»<■:•,!i-r by Pivr-
lilcnt XV, V. (jtiril, ivlinliiii'lly 4r.j1t.111l
Umiibiii-tcf tlm nii'.-'.lng, F, ll
fjlmiw'tn oflli'l'iti'il iiri;'.'!Ci'i-.l.'i|-y. Tin:
iilfctlun ol nllicoi'n whh the lirst tiling
on tlm iiriigrniiiino aiid i'.jmi!u-iI ns
Ilunorary 1'iVhliiont-Sir   Wilfrid
lT(:li|i|(!lll-~.I   (j, Mcf.'nlliiin.
\ wc IV(.hiiliiiii"iii'(igi- ll.iggiirtii,
S.'irrctiirv—•l-hjii'li.'H Alilmtt.
'rri'/'Mirer-.I-uiiM Arimlu.
I'.xf'i-utli'i! CotiMiiitu;i'--Tiiii.  Hoy-
t.'V   |l>n Vi'\) .i.'.l.l    I     W     P.?...-.,'...
William Crnig, A, Mi'lvi'ilmni, Thos,
Siiirk,   .John   Konno'ly,   (ieo.   (Juu*
Afir-i llm i-.l-T-tl.-r* r.f (ifiiei-i'.s tin* mil
nf ilii. 11.11'I'l'itl'in was ri|4-tmil and
irnVf-r 1i"fnrf In fin1 lil'it/iry of ihe
C'rnnbrook Lib nil iia-'oeiiit.lnn havo
llicrr. be 1T, .v. many turner* \,ln\ A t.u
tlm H(*crrt.ir>'r> It ink.
Hhort  talk*  were   mi*ile   bv   Dr.
King  M. V. V., .Film f:n n-r,  (Ji-nri-u
illn/iriir'ii.   U.   li   I*.-ml.',   W.   F.
Gurd, and throughout the entire proceedings intent enthusiasm prevailed.
The meeting 'closed with singing
"God Save lhe King," and three
cheers for Dr. King, the present member. •
Tomorrow night there" will be at
big meeting of Liberals at Went-
worth hall for the purpose oi*"meeting
with thc Liberals * of the district.
There will lie talks by '■several well
known members of. the party and
every Liberal,isjnvitud to*bepresent.
From the Prp*ifi(if tor
Alex Moffata'nddnughterreturned
Thursday from -a holiday visit to
Miss Springer, lato of -Vnncouver,
ariivcd in Cranbrook. n.-day, and
will take -"barge iA tiie primary „dc-
partment of the school'on"Monday.
Tlm board of licence c mi mission- .
ers held a mscting lasl Saturd;iy to
consider  tho  ap])licntion of ,T.   C.
Drewry lor  a   licence,   which   was
James  Fin'ay.   the retiring  local
manager of the" Sullivan mino was '
presented   with "a  handsome .gold
watch, while at the"'mine  Saturday
last.    Manager Anderson, in a neat
speech presented the watch,'and  Mr. '
Fin lay in return expressed hi3 pleas-;
ure and. gratitude to this expression
of gord., will and friendship on the
part of the  men  employed  at  tho
mines , .
Some   weeks, ago the readers  of
these columns will remember a discussion took place in   regard   to   the
erection of the building for the purpose of a reading room,  game-room
and gymnasium:  '■ The- proposition
then placed before the public proved'
to bo too lnrge, and the matter., was
dropped.   A great many young men
red nested lie v. J P. Wcsiman toun-'
dertakcthc erection'of a building
suitable for such purposcwith a guar- ■
anlce of good support.    As a result
the  building is now  being e'rected-
and in about two weeks will-be opened'to the public.     We 'understand .
the idea'is to open with some , large
■pu ij I ic~f u n etiorr
i' urr.ner_irn nou7ic?s"
ment, will be made-later,  and the -
plan outlined more fully;   The! Slap-'
les Lumber Co.'," also North Star and
K-ist Kooteiufy kindly,came forw-ard
and expressed adesirothsit.liie'. work
W>..f 'Hi- a»d - ha VC.-.nS'jisted-. -Vftr.v, 11m- ..
.teriiilly'in the snecc3s su.hir attained.
From tliu llurnld
Mr. Jarvis, of Fernie, renowed acquaintances in town on Sinday and
Peter Palcrson and Vunzal Sni a,
thc inincr's union organizers from
Fernio, spout most of the past- week
between Tabor and Lethbridgo,
I'miii llio I.onilur
■ The Arii'oiM has nion* dovclnppd to
such an extent and with such success
tlmt Its future IsiiBsural. It, will hnvo
tx payroll and wiil be shipping„oro
before the new your Is well advanced.,,
Tlm Society f.irl, St. Kugeim. Mountain inines and the Moyie mines will
nil be worked nnd tlio town will derive --roiir. ln'imfli (rom tlm money
'''Ilut the proJ"Ct. of work ing undor
Mny Ic, lake Is-imo of llm b,-8t flvi-
dciic ., of tlie,, coin Ing prosperity.
TIiLh will open up a new Industry
iliil, until recently thniight of, and
iilmnld It prove suecesKful Movie will
lm to Hrltlrih Coliiiuliln whi.l Bulte U
to Montiiim,
Then In nil |im!vib|lii,v lJm.iin<irilll
of the Moylc Linn lier Co., will Ixjop*
crnted uml tlm value of this payroll
to tlm town Ih well known,
Thim fvci-ytliliig |K)ints to flourish. '
ln« tiniijB during tlm yen- IfKJij,
.llm IHU SprlngH Annllutr.
".I. Ilili Iiiih Hirptjiu'il lild frleml-i In
St. Pinl nml N<"v Ymk by uinpluying
11 v.il.t, an Kiij'liHlimiin lung in ihu
nurvki:. nf nnn of New Vurk'H iiuinI
IdHtidiotH dic^i'i'H lie In now nt work
upon Mr- Hill fnM trjiiisfnrmliig him
Into tin- l.e.iu Ilrijiuiui'l nf Wall Mreol.
'lliolli-M Wfiik iliiiiijjiihtriiied tlmt llm
v.ilut wns not Holdliirlii*.*-, fur he innnag.
• '. ' ' " i.|> .. •.'...ii 4. ii,., 1 'mil in ft
v.'i'il: V'linr.r'lint. \\ tint Mv. J1JH Js
efrnhl of I1I1 vili'l nml under Unit
irci.tlt'iinti'K fklllful IoiihIh hut been in n
itNiloi'ili' a*! a I'lmh "-• \\\,
Look  mu  fnr  Sir TlmnmH Rhmigh.
i.rn4i-,''» i 1 in..•,.1-11.1,1.,,     It,, ,,,.,,, .. . ,.. 1.,
*   - - *--   - -
'VI'Illlll-j   11 il t'rn O'li   1-l'jlllKH.
^ 4*
Af Wo ih Ajrnln
The I)..inliilnn and II, (J. Copper
C'lmpitiilci l.iiv. ngrecij lo an eight
l-i'iir hl.ili «!Hi the »mrIter men mul
wu u Ini iici'ti jTiruiui-d ii|n(n fllmiH tlm
"iniin IhikIh nu tlmt whieb lm« bnim
in jipcnirliin hi tiniiiby mtU'ltcr for tho
Iliil HMl  III.HlIllM.
l» |i.-.l- -is tl.migli <h" ••l;.-l:l Imnr Uw
llll*   rului' lo ht»>   i.i tin' Mtnc/t'T   bind.
,i,i -.i 1
The Fernie Ledger
0. V. MOTT ,
'     IDITOR
-'    '        MANAGER
Issviad «v«ry Wednewlav from office of iml>
Uuatiuu, uor»er of Wood St. »]i4l linker Ave*,
Kemie, Brit ijhCohm bin.
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extra charee) *      , 179 Kin-< Street, W,, Toronto,* Canada.    AH
J.*-*** per inch, pur month druggists sell or can obtainf.;i you
Spocial position, an/. uilvHi.ce
- Ut/. discount when plates are furni-.he..
■     (sat in nonpariel, Ii lines make nn inch.)
Auction Sale-., Kntort.iinmei.ts, Temlyrs, Legal Notices etc., 10cents a line, ji>-»t insertion,
5 cents a line each nubsoquen t insertion.
Lout,'Koum., Kor Sale. To Lot, ftr-nt or Ex-
oliange, oni; cent n. word, ou-.-h insertion.
On back page timong loculs, 12! ppnt=s a lina
On front pags anions locals, »> uont.sn   lino
.    HlBTilS, MAKRUlittS AUD DK.VTlVs     .
If occurring- araonstt our tmbsi-.ril:ers, free; all
others Mcontseaoh injortioii. CanU of nun-
gratulatlou.coudolenuu or tliaulc.-,, obituary
pontry etu., lists of juest.i mul * wwlilm:* piai-
eut*. 10 usntii a llne(nunpariel) cutih'ln.-'i-ri ion.
without ohitnga, ona inch or under. *1 ti month
Anjr further Information dotirod can ho had
on application to thn iiiiuu-.tw.
The Bud Not Yet.
"Last session it was Mr. Dennis
who took care ot tho Victoriu lobby,
but it begins to look su if he ini^ht
he busy by-siid-by cx--liiini!itf the
C. P. li.'s connection with tTieAUwrta
election to the courts there. There
has been an exciting ciiuinx to- tlie
criminal libel proceedings now {roin-j*
■ on at Calgary against the Eve-Opener, a paper ia which appeared an article part ot which, related to the activity ot Mr. Dennis during the Alberta election. Chief Justice Sif'ton
lias issued an order for the immediate
appearance of Mr. Whyte, the second
vice-president, with all the buoks and
papers of the company relating to the
election. Tbe case, in fact, is assuming extraordinary proportions and
promises to reveal some features of
the Alberta political contest, at present shrouded in mystery. Mr: Dennis is Mr. Whyte'8 official assistant,
and although an effort to subpienu
liim also has not yet been successful.
it is not unlikely that ho will be unable to attend to the British Columbia
end of the company's largor1 affairs
for some little time."—Vancouver
World. v
The above may furnish another
clue to why Premier McBride is not
so sure that he has a railroad policy
to preseut to the house when it meets.
A'railroad policy could' not be ruil-
—- roaded-tbrough"t!ie"tegis!atiii'e~witli~
out a lobby and if B'jb Edwards is
going to resart.to such a dirty trick
as is indioated by the -above  article
may havo to be neglected while Mr.
Dennis ia encaged at Calgury in an
effort to prevent his name from going
on the court records as a real, particularly dead Dennis.
Tho Same old Story
The following editorial from lhc
Boundary Creek Times, of the 29II1
ult, is well worth the reading. The
premier, since arriving in Victorki,
pceim to hnve gotten his brand new
railroad policy mixed up with other
worthless rubbish which he seems to he
,, carrying nbout in his pockets, and i.s ;tl
present unable to say whether he hud
«nch a thing, or if he did ever have it,
just what kind of a looking thing it
Other IJritliih Columbia mihislcr*-
liave journeyed to the east wilh a view
of doing husinesi with railrond mug*
nates and have come biiclt: to Viciorin
ns much befuddled ns bus Ihu linn,
Richard, and with ns lilllc prqlii lo iho
province as Is Ihis latest fjishlon.iiile
calling jaunt likely lo prove. The I Ion,
Richard's modest confession that lie
had i-nlli'd, ns a mere matter of courtesy, upon Sir TliAmati Hlinughnessy, J.
J. Hill, Chan. M. Hays, V. M. Mors--.
, VV. M. McKenzie and Mr, Dan Man,
Indicates a degree of i:nndi-sreiisliin
upon lhc part of our premier 4-.-lii.-li
should bo highly appro-lali-d In lliosi-
little railroad fellows, and tlu>rc slioul*!
be nu doubt hut thai lhe prttiiii'i- has
returned with his pockets Full of thin;,".
which, If not real railrond polir-ie-,,
should nl least turn out in be romnv.-il'.
of his  annual pusses fur lhe year. ii)7,
Tho editor of The Times gel**- my
warm on tho scent of the real * --.lilmml
policy thai hns been engaging ihu il-r,
lile mind of the chief railroad lii.-iul nf
the government, when hn Mnii"; ih-n
the effect line beeii und will omnium' in
be the confirmation of title to a liii-gc
tract of Innd which hns never kvh
cjirned and which Ihe said I.wit cur-
pomllon still wants to have coii'Vimd
as part ol its possessions in this pmv
During the Investigation nf lb- -.j-qv
.1,594 muddle one of Uu* most import*
nnt witness In describing n ridi- he hn<J
j-jl/.j'" n**'!.' :t r^intvit" i.f tin. v.;t: 1, r
lumhia goveminent in tlu* city uf ll.im-
ilton could recall all the 1 filling di-iaiK
of a hack ride he took with thv ini-iiMitr
even remembering thnt llie d'.-r af tin*
buck wiii broken, but cmild nm f ir tl*.-
Ilf*.' of him li'll just wlii't th.* rM.* v. ,c
taken for. The Hon, Klcbar.l •irmcio
hiivt* lakvil a lidi'itml i*.iis b.ullv mi Mil
iiliout whnl it Wiii for UN .las the fa*
tnmis witness.
"Rit-'h-'ird Mt.li7.Jt-,  vrau'wi ni tint.
isli Cohimbia, has returned from a vis-
it to the East. He, brought'a railroad
policy back with him.' Since some of
his colleagues don't'know what the
policy is," lhe premier, with that punctilious regard for-the eternal fitness of
things for which he is noteJ, has
bridled his tongue and the dear public
must wait until Messrs. Cotton", Tallow,
ct al are clubbed into accepting this
brand new policy-. It is not at all necessary lo consult tho Mon. Robert
Green; so far ;is B4>b is concerned anything Dick says goes. Mr. McBride
dining his visit East saw, according'to
liis own statement, tbe following railway magnates: Sir Thomas Sluuig-
ncssy, J. J. Hill, Chas. M. Hays, V. M.
Morse, \V, "*.!..• McKenzi*- and Dan
Mann. These are the men who control the destini.'s of tlu*; Canadian Pacific, tlu; Great * Northern, the, Grand
Trunk Pacific nnd the Cai-adi-m Northern.
The people of nriti-.Ii Columbia who
have some regard for the*'credit of tlie
province and also for its reputation,
were greatly concerned when a politician of MeBride's calibre left the confines of the province. It has been hinted for months that Premier McBride
was anxious to dissolve the legislature
and appeal lo the public. There was
one importacit thing lacking—.ihe
wherewithal to carry  on a  campaign.'
Judging from the experiences of thc
past the premier is not any too particular regarding tbe source of supply nor
the extent to which (be province is compromised lo secure the, same.
According to the premier's own statement the situation is alarming. He
!>oes east without a railway policy; he
returns with one. He goes East without bis colleagues having any knowledge of any rrilway policy to which his
government is committed aud returns
with a policy so new that his colleagues
know nothing about it and must be
consulted before any announcement is
made.   -
icy? The premier's mind was a blank
on the question ol transportation before
going East, as  it  generally  is  on4 all
,.--...4....._ ..(Vrt^tJrxrr .Un Noel inlprAoin   ,*r
■he province. But he saw Shaugh-
nessy and Hill and Hays and , Morse
md Mackenzie and Mann and be returns with a railway policy. Who filled
(be vacuum, or in other words who
contributed the campaign fund? How
much ofthe public land is to bo alienated, to what extent is the public treasury lo be depleted in order that the McBride government may have ?25.ooo
or $50,000 to corrupt tho electorate of
the province?
As a statesman Premier McBride i.s
a woeful failure; as a jollier he is without peer in this or any other province.
The Boundary Creek Times makes the
assertion thai lhc announcement of a
railway policy of some importance nnd
lhe mysteriousness connected tiicrowilli
is'all a part of that clever but shallow
political game which McBiido so dearly love lo play. The Times makes
1I10 further assertion llial the railway
policy which McBride has in his'.iiisidf
pockei will nol open up <u\y new section
of lhe province and will not be efi'eclive
in building a single mile of new railway
lb-it tho necessities of transportation
conditi.-ins will nol force the building
1 hereof, without regit id to any railwin
policy which the McBride government
may ncn.'pt from tlm railway- corpora-
lion inli'iestcd.
The Boundary Creek Times will even
go I'urther and stale lh.it the railway
(-•i-lic'.Mi sacredly guarded by Premier
McBi-idc contains nothing lhat those
who have been wnlchlng eveiils were
not roiini/'mi of before Mr. MrBrii.e
.vi'iil EiiM, Il is a policy in tbe inlor-
t'..|_s of llie Canadian Pacific Railway:
U is a policy locni'ilirm that corporation
'n 1111 enormous Ihii.I grant in e-, pres*.
violation of tlu* m:t p,H>.i.'d hy llm li^is
latin--.', and il is a policy lo bnnu,s llie
Canadian P.icilic to build a railway
wliii'h it li foiTcd In build by tlit* enter'
prise of lis compel ing nud wilh nm
money or lands. It h 11 policy that lm-.
for iis object llu- seeming of 11 ciiiiip,ii|jii
fund; il is a policy such ns would tun*
uriillv be r\piTlml Irom IVi.nii.'i' Mr
Bride and lii^.fi.lus iiilniie.s, lhe lion,
Kohl. Ciiceii,"
I'Vozcii Two YoniH juro
Dr Kfllu I/iIhIi'II Is plivsli'Ian tn tx
a fiimllvonthc. West Side    (Jim ol'
tho iimq WW oilll"lil in n   4-t*n<i.   ■ f „.,,,
t»-o Vi'iii-uagri,  making him an
Travnl Iuul pr.t Imiu'll'ti'd him nn-
mi'dipliii-. leemlngly luu| n<» c-'.Y-et.
Koat tho jiilvloo of Or, liohUAl, lie
wm Kent we.it, whore hIhi thoiv-tlil
llinvlif tin. fi-/.. I. .|ti. .1.1,1 ..... •,:.,,
would help liim.
Tin* fiiilipr h stingy. II* reckon*
wl»li 6v»ry oi'nt niul tin* ilrctor fiiti"
Mmr-H li'iii ill-llcitltv In collrrilng
bill**. It vjis only nlior much In*
n!sli«i'cn that slm got him to Iny a
ticki'.tfor his Invalid **.|l.i|.ilntr.
Wi'Htwind tho sir.l; man ti"ivi.l»«d
A ffw(laveago th« end IturlHi.'ene*'
wus d-li'i-riiplied that lm whs ilc-jwl
ind tlio ■lithoril.t'f. wWi«l t.know
of tlie liHlier if he wblicil thn r<-
m.iliR iMiibiliiied,
Yi!*.th«nMwi-r went Kick. Hut
not tin- Ift.'s Tliey were l<s>7<>n iwo.
yeHm ago —Chfcujiro Amorlciin.
^waaKaroHmM f
x have just -placed in stock'.from Toronto a large consignment of high*,
grade, white Envelopes, ordinary commercial size No. 7; superior
q"e-.^jimce,1?SRoth.fa"l?h; Mgh'-cut, well gummed.   These would be cheap
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prices.   .'ii   -  S      -S5      if  ."'KB      m ■■ ■■$%'.."■"m'-.'   m' " w'   '--w
Call, Telephoned Write THE LEDGER,-* rO^NgE/tor'ahything ypu"require in Prihtin-.
S^3 *Bmi*st*nMLXM*^^
L. P. Eckstein
..iAURlSTKK-AT-l.iATV. ■,  SouClTOK,    EtC.
v Culhlicrt Ulock, Fernie, IX. C. ■
F, C, Latoe
Post Office Block. Fernie. B. C.    i,
\V. It. Ross "   J. S, T.'Au-XAsnEi.-
•   Ross & Alexander.
'    '   FKiuvxn, d. n.
OHlec in Ij, T. \V. nioolt, Victoria Avenue.
0^  L.D.S.,   D.O.S.,
DEWTIST        ■'
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite  llie   Dsink
OITioo liourn—S ii.m. to 8 p.m,
W, J, Wriglesworth, D, D, S.
Ornwii Hours, mo 12 a, m.,l toCp, m
• Ofllro in A-ln*. neetlt'H Jllnolc
ovor Sliiin'n Ilnliory,
PERNtK,   *    -        -        -     -        Ji. a
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Mrs. b. Todd
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. C. -MAJOR •& CO.
New York Stocks,  Bonds and Cotton.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Privatit Wire.   Continuou*. Quotations.
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(J.ntt) amhh.voi- N'cIpuii Smii.1Ii.i-)
(loM.SIIvnrorl.oiwI oacli
<!fi|ipiir..v. *.,'*.»      OoM-Silver
.**l IK)
4;  >|l|Hiri,., .   ,l„lil 1 I (I I.I -,*ll I 4-1,' I     ,,,,   fl.lfj
Cliiiri-ou for oilier irminU mi ii|.|i||i'iitlnii
J'. 0, "Driiwvr Hum J'iioiio ADT
Kcrnlo, H. 0.
TenorW off fho Piano
(l.iinii||i.ll/).iiy  Mil! Ii.iil)
A tlinrotiffh tralnlii-rfflHtiri-il cncli pupil
Fornloi IJ. 0.
I'llllll of M-Mhi-ib M'«»li. (!(ix,(InllilliiillHclK.nl
of llii«l|., LonHnii, nml *.|..n„r ■.•|ii,ii,.|„|I |.'j„,..
unco, l«»ly, will ri'i'iilv'i'i 11 llmitnl mnnlicr nf
■ •liptlt fuvlumtpiiot |i»ii Ttr niii'ilu,; mul vnii'o prrh
Terms on App.t'r:<illon.
J. F. MARION, Manager, NELSON, B. C.
Corrohiiomli'iioo snlioltoil
Glow's   Nest   SpeiiEal
 AXIi -
ri1Endprs Fovm-tto Cigars
Second-Hand'" Store
Opuni'i] up noxt to Rrtiifx Hotel
nouoiir and sold
Por   Ct\,Kh
va-- I.. H', H, Tertij, Tcnilc
m^ *********
The West Fernie Store
3. Harks,   -   .    -    Proprietor.
I. M    ,,   1	
full i.tock ofihry floo.|«, (Ji>nt'u Fui-r.l»lilHK*
Uriiucrlos, UiiiitH, Hliinu 11 nil Ordokory,
(Ilvo Ale A Cnll.
nonllily Accounts Opencil.
:.•!•.•»:'.^'■-■i.'ji.'^.L..1 J'•■.'■iu'll1.l1 _'u,..i.   mi
Mi.vaiiu'h Limijimnt Co "Limitiui,
(.i:vi-iii.Mi'.N, .J Iihvc iimiiI MINARD'S
I.INIMI'.NT from tlrnoto timn Inr tin-
l>fisi tivrnly yoiii'ii. It wuh ri'cniinnriiil
••il lo nm l.y 11 piomlncnt phyfli'liut of
Montri'iil, who riilli'il It tlm "ttrvixt Npvji
Si'iitin llnlmmit. It doi'H tlio doctni'p
.vork. It In pnrtlculnrly jfnoil In ciihpi
.if IllumiiiJitimn nml K|iiiiIiih'
■Vmirrt truly
Cluii'li'i't'il AmiunUtit,
Hnllfnx, N. .S.,.Sfpt7^J, 11105.
■   . RAELWAY "    '[
TEao Gq-nnfortabEe Way
.   • Uofiil TJi)
Fornlo     ■ Arr, £1.00 p in
Kiko 810pm
Itesford 0.10 p ni  KJ
ai-OKANK fl.JMpm
ETorott o.Sl p m
, Honttlo 0.00 i> in
.Vancouvkk  Lv -100 p in
ner.d Down '
0,*i.*i a in Lv.
10..1!! am
1-J 30 p m
l,i!i p m
T.30 ft m  '
9.00'hm-     .
!).'5 p ni Arr
IM p m Arr     St. Paul      Lv 5,00 p m1
* Dully oxcoptiiinday    .
You leave Fernie
and .nrrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
"Fnr iletalM information, l'ortli ro.ior-
vivlloiib,iito.| cnll 011 or iiil.lrtiHa
II. ll, DlaOKB'lONE,
*. Mo.massE.Y-' ••■'
Is the place to; take*' the
.Great-^-JNJprthero   train *
to Spokane, - time 12
.hours; "to--'Seattle 24
'hours.; to .Vancouver 32
•^her Mustvaltan ' Wtotel
Thi-.. Place'to Stop
Special.Attontion Given, to Loch! Tourists'
. .     H.'L. STEPHENS^
movvisttep function, m. C.
. ' ■■; : The comfortable way is vin the
Fortlotnilo4t infcirmation »ddrom   ■
!•'. T. W1IITSKY,P»snoiijj«r Trafflc Mjjr, 8t, l'ftul, Minn.
orS.O.yi3l{Kl.S,A.-<-J. P,A.
.Soattle, Wnxli.
S, 9, Dulfotu nulls fmni Soattlo for thn Orient. Mivrcli 12th, ll'ftl.
Q, 3. Mliiiit'Hotu hulls fmm ,-^eattlo for tho Orient i.*t,b. l.t, I.iCmI.
.   SGoopor
Kffoctlvo     Jan.    1st
V-t'est from
KcyoC3"loko to
TCast from
!So!i'iyriini3r*3 Jot. to
*     mJtSt     v# mt* *****
Mmard'-j Llnimtm Curf$ ColA*, Att
Now f«*or> Now In btock
ll.imi' (In.iin jiini finporlcil
(t. n.I.'N, FIKI.P nnl FI.O\vni( HKKIS
M'IioU-hhIu fiti'l flcliill
S|«.piil 1'tl.i** in Fflrinir-ii Ii.«i|*nlr«
Ti.dii.iiiiiK of Vrull*. nii.l Onmr.i.'iitul Trt'm.
Uli>iil'i<lrri<tr.>n«,      II.km,     IJr^.*iiliou»r
iiii.I   llnrity  l-Ufil*
l.ntv j,.f,.\»Iiiii in nil- niir»ir!f>» tnr
ty-rl-./t j.lniilllijf
Rjlklum prli4<>« (4rli4*«. White f,«V.r
ft'.n'iit.tiiKun-iiKK mvw a Ntirci.ins.
tit,rau**r, ll.C*
3i>f') l*r4.nliin*iiiil.ir Riiiiil,
Sun., Tucs., Wed.,  Friday.
ftfosttrcaC, Mon., Thurs'd.
llGBlon, Satualnj'.
St. P&llmf Daily.
JUr i-umj.li'iii  Infi.tniM Ion  tiMi'.y
to Im-iI *ire*i
]t. Hi-AilIn-r
Agent *t Ferule.
r,S.r'«rur,U.f'.A.,      C J.C*}U.A.X} V-A.
Uv\tl»V.. Vu,l44.4HA'i4.l
LndlM nnd Qlis* I
We will help you securo this Lovaly Fur Boirf.
mndo from uelected full furred ikiiis, of Rloh
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deirmnd. Don t m!«« this opMrtonltj- to «KUre UiU eiognnt
Fur Soorf. . WrIU io-dny, *    - u
co VKAria»->
_      DtSIONt
CopvmaHTi Ae.
Imi*. lUdu*. utiA* (or »»f,4iriM» timiinn.
Scientific jihi.h«
huijMntl-j. iu«tim*4 «Mklr.  l*r*ut *),.
Copy for change ads
must be in the Lkpokr ofUce
for thc inside pngrc's, not later
than Friday noon, for thc back
page not later than Tuesday
noon—now advertisements
received up-to Tuesday night
at 6 o'clock.
" wi mw<m*mm*mmm
uuiJ* Lir.in.tm Cures Dutemper. ^■^■S*£^uS^^tTiisav«=.
'"*•? x~.&X'!i3^&l'Z\<*?L^ZX
Si,-.*. *■;* j- -   *f   ■
..... n'-Pr.-a'Vi' ^v;o^^A ■=£;*;
n 4>
v...   -Our Victoria Lottar;.* .:>.
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 8th 1905.—With
thc advent ofthe. new year, active-preparations have been taken  in hand  for
the-'opening on-. Thursday,   the  nth
; inst., of the 1906 session of the provincial parliament—a session  which  it. is
generiilly believed will iinmediaielypre-
cede   an  appeal to the country by the
McBride government, and   which, will
*.-  therefore be notable, for such. alluring
railway legislation as may bo ..expected
to predispose tlie electorate toward a
distinctly insecure and mediocre admiii-"
istration.    At thc time of Premier , MeBride's departure on  his  hurried  visit
to  Ottawa,   Montreal,  Torontot   New
York, Boston and other.eastern centers,
bn "purely departmental  business" as
explained both by himself and  by  Finance Minister Tallow whoaccomanied
liim,-the expectation was that the inevitable in lhe shape of a general election
would be.deferred asjong as  possible,
and the Premier himself was   the   authority for the prediction that thb'Torlh-
coining session woukl'bc ."a  very short
ono.    However since the return ol  tlio
chiefs of govci ninent   from the mysler-
ous East, where they called upon  numerous heads of railways both  present
and prospective,  meroly" as a matter of
common politeness as llie  Premier, has
since explained, the situation  appears
to have changed, and it is now to be a
protracted session—also a general elec-
. tion shortly afterwards,   to take advan»
tage of alleged .-'disaflfeclions in llie lib*
cral ranks and a supposedly favorable
psychological moment in  the  fortunes
of Canadian Conservatism.
Besides the estimates; which will   be
brought down as speedily, as  possible,
and the railway legislation, which .-will
take the reverse procedure, the gSyein-
' ment program will no doubt he hu*gcly
composed of measures for the.'rectific**-
' lion of established blunders in past legislation.    There is the  big blunder in
-the matter, of the South-East Kootenay
coal and oil prospecting licenses  to  be
disposed of.  There is the similar worse-
than blunder in' the  issuance of trap
and   foreshore  fishing  licenses,    upon
which fees of $100 were obtained vfor
4 powers in which the  government  had
not  lhe slightest. title  to  dispose of.
There are understood to be' no'material
alterations  contemplated   with  regard
to ihe assessment anil  taxation- laws,
•fijiijoiigh the adopted   heavy  increases
were introduced as   merely   temporary
expedients neccssary.to rehabilitate the
credit     of    the .   Province     in    the
jjjoney   market—no   changes   iif the
Jumbcring and logging industry.    The
game law will receive' its nnnual, irim
miiig and a measure  will  probably * be
.brought forward-by Hon.  Mr.  Fulion,
?iipon a report.now  in,preparation   by
;Dr. C.'j. Pagan, secretary of the  Provincial Board of Health, for the purpose
of safeguarding lhe. people of British
Columbia aginst poisons and other deleterious constituents contained in what
are known as patent medicines.
As to the position  of affairs   in   the
Honse, it   is   understood  to be quite
■.within the bounds ol possibility  tlmt
lion. Charles Wilson will shortly retire
.—or he- retired—from   the Attorney-
Generalship, whicli is generally regarded hs too heavy a responsibility   for   a
gentleman of his advancing years;  being succeeded either by Mr. VV. J, Bowser, K. C.,,of Vancouver, or Mr. W. R.
Ross, K. C, of Fernie, with the chance:.
of llie latter most favorable, by reason
of tho existent over-representation of.
Vancouver  in   thc   cabinet   councils;.
Mr. Wilson, is now onrouto liomu from
England, wliere lie has " been   makiug
nnolhcr of those quite unnecessary trips
in connection with B. C, appeals beforo lho Privy Council, nnd   will   unquestionably offer serious objection  lo
the desired shelving.   On thc other side
of tho Ifoust", the Government members
nre comforting tlieinselvei- by saying
thut Mr. J. A. McDonald,  K. C,  the
member from Kossland and  Provincial
' Liberal leader, Is np't to ho missed .il
most nt any time,'in conseqiienro of his
acceptance of n judgeship, his eminent
qualification for which high pfl'jco id
eagerly conceded; niul betwixt and between the opposing bodies—for who
can put n finger ou this mercurial quan
lily?—Mr. John Houston; of Nolson, i.s
fiecauioniiig much   speculation ns he
ummlly docs.   While there hits been
wide guessing  ns  to   Mr.  Houston'-*
dessional iuteniioiiH,   It is significant
that he lias re  engaged his  favoiiU-
room nt the hotel Driard, No   fiy, fm
(he forthcoming session, nnd hns writ*
tun thut lio will hi* in, Vi.HOrla jiltout
the 7II1 inst., prepared to piny his part
in relieving tho nssombly  of  llie   reproach of dullness,    Wlii-ris Mr. Houston will bo founJ   when   thc  division
Solid Gold
Guff Links
'1-1 u;
Strength, quite as much
as tasteful design,- is,re-"
quired! of one's cufflinks.
Those from Diamond Hall
possess both.qualities..
In solid gold, the prices
run from $4 to $60." One
of the' most noteworthy
pairs sells-, for $5.50.
These are of a dumb bell
pattern that permits the
engraving of monogram
—for which' no extra
■ charge is made.
Diamond Hall's full
catalogue is gladly sent
on' request. A
134-1304 YOKOE ST.
TOBONTO   ".    ONT.
changed-9<•<• one of svm'pathv an
alarm.' I-think e fancied that a lunatic had sto 11 aboard his car in th*
night "tiina. Anyhow he took me
s ■<, thiugly by the arm and . tried to
p.v* ify. me, and after a while I s.bbed
oat to him my whole pitiful itory., .
. "Say,' do you know, I believe that
some conductors go to heaven. Anyway that one will, and I never, never
shall forget how he had that train run
back to that wayside town and lent
me his overcoat' to hide in until I
could get back to my mother-trunk
once more. -
-•'As for the women on thc car that
tried to steal me. not one ot them
would lift a finger to help me. , Yon
see, thoy all knew that I was the evil
genius who had kept them and their
curly locks out of the dressing room,
and tliey would have seen.me die
and go to heaven in that flannelette
wrapper.and those crocheted slippers
before they would have lent me a rag.
Wasnt' it awful?" '
"Oh, pshaw, Maudie," remarked a
girl in pink tiffins leaning against a
whig. "You had on . more clothes
than youv'c got on riowr"
. "Last call!" cried thecallboy, coming in.—Ex.  ',
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
9- Claim
Philip Carosella
decided that there shnll bo no bar hereafter in connection with thc legislative
' It was after the 'meeting nt which
this important dccisioti'was.arrived at
lhat Premier ..McBride -* h^n'rded -the
now amended prophecy that'the session
would be remarkable for its' abbrevia-.
lior Awful,Moment A
The very awfulost moment of* my
life?'inciulred.the chorus girl adjusting lier abbreviated skirts.as she sat
on a property rock find, flinging, a
cobwfbbv' shawl across her nstound-
iitgly decollete decolhilege. \ You
could' never guess*""where it was
spent, in a Pullman car! Tho loveliest, fanciest.Pullman car on the
road perhaps. It wasn't- a moment.;,
either, but half an hour. ■ I luui been'
traveling with a show colled 'The
Jolly 'Jester.*',-away- out west.." We
had been on the road a whole day
ami a night and wo were due at oiir
destination at 8 o'clock tho next
morning.' Kisins: with the birdies
isn't'exactly in my line, but when
you've got yonr war paint on and
mast bo at rehearsal a ■ Iittlo after
cockcrow, : you get madly excited
sometimes; so the mornirig our train
was expected to touch the town I slid
out of my cozy cot at half—well, at
7 anyway.
crocheted bed slippers and a-flannelette wrapper and threw a pink shawl
over my head as a disguUe until I
could reach the dressing room. I
and my cnl-lci-earn in one liariil and
my tooth brush inula few -other first
aids to,nature in the other, and I figured that, nt that hour nobody would
be tip.Mild I-should, havo' the sweet
calm oi dawn to myself to say nothing
of the looking glass. But, nlas, I had
not reckoned wiUiilm feminine rush
tlmt rudely breaks the morn on. a
I-ulliiinn.. Alter a frantic disappearing net Irom berth to dressing room,
T. roached llm latter only to find the
door locked.
- "Foiled? Not a bit of it Not mc!
I,peeked into the car ahead .of 'ours
anil saw that, all writ* dark nnd still
and lonely there. Wrapping my
shawl close around mc, I opened tho
door,' crossed tho platform and, to my
wild joy, reached the dressing room
of tho neighboring car in eatoty.
Onco inside, I gave myself up heart
nnd soul to tiio joys ot an uninterrupted toilet. •
"I noticed that wo had stopped nt
n little town soniowhcrfl in the wiliis-,'
burl know It couldn't bo my town,
so I ronijiincd calm and placid.
When I lind quite llnishcci iny labor
of lovo and ai 11 emerged fresh and
smiling, and mndo a dash for the
platform, I found tlio platform; oh,
yes, tlio platform, but not my own
plep.ping onr or anything that waa
mino. Thoy hnd shifted at thut -little
town by tho NYnysldo nml lelt tho enr
iHshlnd. Hero I whs speeding toward
(lo'il knows whoro in a "Hnnriclotto
wrnppor nnd bedroom,, slipporo. I
don't think I I'ninted, but I just gazed
hollow-eyed nt the receding truck of
wnsto and wlldnriicss buhlnd us, and
monnod nnd mniuuid. I-resontly fho
conductor curno along wit!) a «uspi-
clous look In hia eiyo. I i.ressod my
hnmli to my oolfl'uro head and almoRt
Hhrlakmi at liim. ,.  -
".■Btopllio trnlnl' I.cried. 'Stop
thi-* train! I'm not drcdst'ii,*
Tho conductnr'ij* look of tm.iplclon
m*f,l.) im. ..imiJWL'I.HlJIII"
mie, UB. C.
J     „   CALL AND SEE    .  '.
J Davey & Laderoute
Genera! Merchant
In    .
has thci world for a country and its :kin£
good will  and justice to all.
,   ' ^j        _ 1
TAKE notioo tlmt 80itiiv.i fifterilntc I intend
A. to (ip,,lvlolliellon.ChlofCominl9sioncrof
[.*iii(1m& Work;, for ppinmsion to i>ursh:ise
tho follow."B <le*4!rili4i«l lu».li. OomuiuiiciiiK
>4t thu Nortboiist corner of Lot UW".(M.
T-mt, Kiiot*n«V, Dlstrlcl tlience South 10
Qhniiii; tliuni-,0 liimt -iOclmii-.K; thonco Noilli 10
olmliisi Hionci: Woit 20 clitinis; to'iilucuoi
ooniiiidiioomont. contuinuig SI nuros.
liiituilNovlftlilluJ.     , ,	
.John. G. Cummincs
m, ., .^^r^ ■
■";•%. il^Yt
Thos. Pogue,   .if    **   Proprietor
, If you want" (o Buy
or sell any ' mining
slock write or wire
We deal in all, min-
inq-  stocks and will
be pleased   to. send
.you quotations.   '
N.-lTrCK is horuhy (il-ren that nil iwrMiio hav
inn nuv el.iim* nsHinjt ilii- C"tt«U. of
Alfred Diivk-n. Into of Jlioliel.P. 0., who <lio.l
mi tha 10th N.ivomhor, r.«'.i, ami to whose pnr-
hOiial c.ilulo l.«tturs of Admin^ir.iu.in were
on tha 2-Jn.l Nov.-mbor, 1'.i.k> iininto;! to John
Davies, aro reimosto.l to seu.l in'iuc-ilar*. of
their oliilnnto tho miderhignoil, bo u-iior
for tho Ai]mini:.trator,on or hulore llie l»t
Dccombur. WOS, aftor wlnehilnlo the A-.lnums-
trator will ilistributn the iissot.. of .lcco:is«il n-
liioii-?; lho parties entitled thereto; liu vine ro-
Kard only to r-hecluims of wliuih ho .*.liiill then
luivi had notice' Allycrton nuUibtod to tho
.leceascil avs l-oquintoitio pay tho.ninni'iil of
Iheir.indebteiinoiiH tothe nndursigned forthwith
Uatcd Mth November. 190S .
]j. l'.EcIts!em,
. ••>]■>*. ie, B C.
BAUT1.BTT HOUSE, formerlyi tho Chirk is
the  liest $1 a dav hotel in Nelson.   Onlv
"       '     O.   W. J3ARTLEOT
4vbito   help   omploye'l.
'Sfel-ablisKcd'        ,
^     forty Years,
*  ' Send for. Qtajogiixt
Head Office s  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000       liZesevve•"* $2,415,000
itotal Kssets * $25,000,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.    ' ■   :    '  . '
J. Turn-hull, Vice-President and General Manager.
-• , 74 Branches throughout Canada
Money Orders and Drufts issued, p.-yjible in Canada or abroad.    "    '
Fon-ign drafts caslied:    Special advaniagcs'in Savings De-iarlment.
Open in the evening of the Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.. f
4*   s   '    '   '        ■        '        FERNIE, B.C. ''%
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated.
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
(i-4.il «» jtn^iDi^ I-. VKII041 .im Vl|li;i|),lln.,ll
*m ihv walk limn )ihu>s)i, Ud nil
inoilprobiilily volu slr.ii(;lit Cniiscrvfi*
live, or pjiironi/*? tlio- l«W»y. Klininn-
tiug Mr. HuUNlon, lho GovimiiiiiciU ex
ttCClt tO lllll'l*   (I   MlliJ    piny   of   J3   III*
n^'Jiin'-l mixed opposing rk'iivui.s of ig,
The house stafT pernonnt-l ii not appreciably altered. W. J. Saiindcrs
nRiiln appears In the upecinrulnr roll
of Keeper of (lie Sncrt'il Mace. lii*i di*p-.
tity bcin-sr tliu veiernn Miinnv Miller.
Riclt'ird Rynn will st-nitinii-i; thc ere
.l<>-.ii.i!« of lli^,> .vhii dure (lio (-.;.\i^4
of the lobby pmul*; and W. J. Muwoi
wilt lie His M.-ijo»tv-ji faithful mcs^nffi-i
to nny nothinjfof thu cusfnninry wuilou*
■1 boiW of half n Aoien pajj-ci.
LuMly hut noi It-asi pref>nAnt nf.ivfrt
tv«nl n-Mrtt'uig ol Oie rxeciitivt* it wn<
—— Palpitation nnd lrrcj;iilRr
(\ct.ion of the li.-art nritiliio lnijy«ly
to Ji^Jiii'i wnii'ry comlillun of Urn
lilood. Tin- li.'url mid iicrvr-j
mfiiM to pnrform tlielr proper work
lor wniit ol nupport,   Jjijijt wj'sijij,
Ol'  .   44.,  .   ll....        [)^,l|l,C        ,4,.*., *•'.■*# J«>*.'
'* r**V» JlJNU"     Jillll     ..Void     llfjlft
IroublHw.  •' I'nvcijivk " makes rich
bl.'ocl, tono.'i tJirt-ftyi.ttitt, r<*ffiitJile*i -
tli.i limit nvtlonnnd restores vital-
•, .    .'. . . 1   ,     4. . 1 ...111 .,._
*-- - 1- -1"  •;*
a bottle Imntly in cum. of sudden
lirrirt troublcu.
WmE   CO,y Ltd,
WlioluBiile I'onl.sra nnd
Ulroot IipimrtOH of
Scotch nnd
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom
nnd Holland Gin,
• ' ChHmpnRiic,
Schlltz beer,
Ale nnd Stout
\ Br cindy,
White, und Red Port
nnd White Rocli.
Hole HK»nt» fnr Ciiii»mla for
Wlndior   Tonlo, *Jna Ooitroycir
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Kktaii.    Mbat    Mkkciiants
onsATCsr op all yonios
AU DBUCClJTI-OttC pouM-nui rtu
nti. r. ss. nieeuM, limit**
170 KlnK Ob W.,   Toronto, CsntuU*
ways on hnnd.
Hara«. IUoon and Lsrd txt well.
All Wlnila of Fresh FUh, In season
Prompt Delivery.
Give as a call.
TM.: 18.
In Fernie, is a
Pleasant -Home
foip* all wEao trav
ei.   -
Rooms reserv
ed by V*/Sre.
T. W33EL&®, ^ar*agor
First- .
jiodkrn nina
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
 j i-
Tlnnini; nml Pluinbiiif- nrrnitmcnl cppofile P.-ilvnlicn Army llnrracUs
Ollice mid SiiU'srouin next door to iho Kin-,' lulward llolol.
Have one of their lai-gest Btorea in FernU.
 ^_Ijam.b,JV^eaI---Fresh-and-Siaeked-FiBh^ i
Fresh Fish constantly arriving;
The Best oiSatisfection
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
At Great Bargains this Week    .
Wc carrya complete line of Watches, both Mies* '■ • * •
and Gent s, and our prices are right.    Call and cct
onr prices before going elsewhere—we can  surely' '
please you. ' ' *   •'* -•-. ■•
,     ■ ■■•-■' ■ i...
C. C.   WRIQHT,   Jeweler  &  Optician
Spaolal Atlonllon Paid to Watoh RapalHno
{/%, %rttt^/%/%r%i%^t^*V%%^^%l%^^t^%%r^^
■^mur1   *n*»'iBi»   lujli tm  \tmr  tm
M| »| «)lll
of Caskets,  Collins,   Shipping ,Cns'es'';|
Wreaths and Society Kmhloms nn hand. '
JM JjJL.BO.tsr, 33.  o.
I i »■ t
We have sevc-al nobby lines in stock nnd we print them
from our beautiful, clear-cut copperplate type faces, a la
•mode.   Wiicn yotj.want any, call around.
During November and December a discount
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders for snri.m
delivery. -j- ^. ,
l«r- Wc have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which wc will be pleased to
show intending purchasers.     "«.■.»
OHncRP.10Ni.41       Rbsidknck 76
Parlors In Lundy Blook
Advertise in "THID LEDGER" The -Canadian Bank of Commerce
Hon. G. A. Cox,   .. B. E. Walker, .    Alex. Laird,
President.  General Malinger. Asst. den'l Mnnaecr
CAPITAL/SI0,000.000    " ' -.* REST, $4,500,000
A*  vi    .   TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $98,000,000
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT,   Deposits, of $, a„d up-
wards received and' interest allowed.    The' depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawel of the .whole or any part of the deposit.
Special attention is drawn to our Batik Money Orders issued payable
in Canada, United Slates, England, Italy in lire, Hungary, Austria in
kronen. They form an excellent method of remitting monies al a niint-
inuni cost.
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
. Open on the pay-day* of the Coal Company until 9 p. 111.
,f  FERNIE BRANCH       -; - ~ T. B. MAY, Manager
Strictly new laid Eggs at Blundell's.
If it's made of paper Suddaby has it.
Lowney's and McConkey's famous
chocolates at Suddaby's.
Drink- White Rock when you are
thirsty if you wish to avoid the fever. ■-■
For Furniture and Pianoi, line only
Liquid Veneer 10 and 50 cents a bot
tlo from N. E. Suddaby.
White Rock water is a good, healthy
beverage to guzzle down your throat
these foyerish times
Brand new combination saddle, ladies
or gents, for. sale at The Fernie Drug
Mrs. Purdy-will sell by private, sale all
house-hold furniture and anyone wishing to purchase please call between 3 &.
6 any afternoon.
Carmichael, the tailor, has just received the nobbiest stock of Tweeds
for Fall suits and overcoats .ever
brought into Pernie.
Let iis make you a fancy vest from
one of tliose choice new pattorns. Come
'in aiid Beo them.   J.   Carmichael, the
The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
fclu-p or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
t l»e-city.
Oak side board,extension dining table
and chairs, child's iron crib with mattress and open grade heater for sale
very cheap.    Mrs. Purdv.
„ . .' ' Wuldorf.
N K Broley, Cranbrook, J Low and
family, Gibbon, Mrs Claywell, Wetask-
Iwin, Mis Fraser and'tlaughtor F Snider, Nanton, T Louran, D Smith, J
Smith, Michel, G. Jewoll, G Douglas,
Jaffray, W Henderson, Brandon, L
Ward, Spokane, R Hammond, C Ward,
Cit^.L Graham,'Ash ville, L Zimmer,'
Spokane, Lockhart Bros, Homingtoii,
J 8chimke, OdosBa, C. Kasaine, Carbonado. J Salesbury, J Drysdalo, W
Hoath.T Tindall, Melita, *D Elmer.
Moyio,-J Proctor,Spokane, F Laurott,
W.Yoarsley, Spokane,„E Wildman, H
Conlthard, City, J Wilson. Toronto, J
Breckonridjje, R Cole, M Colder, W
V"JlJ?.\.°*-WFy«„I> Black, W Reilly,
J Williams, (i TRichardson, Pomerov,
A McGillivrny, Winnipeg, J. Arnutage
King Edward
' J Gillis, Meddows, Ida., Mrs Nesbitt,
Medicine Hat, Ii Stranger, Cranbrook,
Miss Horbett, Medicine Hat, A Me--
Quire, Morrissey, 'J Kennedy, Morrissoy. F Vogt, A Sinclair, Spokane, W
Henderson, Brandon, R Henderson, J
Crawford," R Behan, U Braels, H Lee,
A ThoiT-jpson, H Evans, B. Stitt, J
Wilde, Michel Hockov Club, E Brown,
Claresholm,   J   Buller,  Claresholm, J
^ t:ns henii:>:K, iii!>ertud ut liio rate of Oue
cent a word ouch insertion.'
A SNAP, Jlulf acre in West Fernie, gooil 2
£»• story liou.so on the property. Apply Molt
Son & Co,
good location on Victoriu Ave.
  .      Apply, Mott Son & Oo.
For Sale or To Rent
  -  — -!■■■■ i■■■ w.Hm^m^
■/aldorf hotol.
-*--*• Fernio, Lot6ixlS2. Good 1 room house.
This is u snap if taken at once. Easy terms
A|iplv, Molt, Son\- Co.
-*- forsiiliiat this ollice, price2S cents eucli:—
"Rooms To Let, Apply Within," "Furnished
Rooms To Let Apply Within,"
s. family l'mnaco anil lmt'i. Apply, this
lile They Last
we give with every 50'" cent purchase,
A Handsome  1906 GaSander.
rhese Calanders are a few of the handsome lines, we have
leftover from Xmas stock and originally sold from 15 c'ts
to $2.50.    Come early and get a g-ood'ehqice.   ';•       F;
The    Ferirslc    Drug    Store.
Agent for Morse's Fountain Pen,   Laiighlln   Fountain   Pen, Eastman's Photo
Victor and Berliner Gramophones, Edi3on"s Phonograph.*
* sale.   Apply at this office.
■*-*■ where the mine train stop.i, near the *iu
tion.   No. 185.   Nice for n small family , Pric
•Sit 10. complete.   Apply Mott, Son &. Co.      _»»
"Hotels mid Restui-iinls.-waiitKii job as cook
oil fium. .viircs fl(jo<J n month, apply at
Union    Uchtiiurnnt,  Feinie.'
-» Apply to Mrs. B. Lyon 1! doors west of Presbyterian Church. _it1
HUClHKB, Fernio P.O. l>5
Church, J Goodwin, "prnneevlllG,' J
Crawford, Cottonwood, JGalla-rhcr, W
AGreor, Fartniugton, G Cameron,
L Nichols, ,.Seattle, H Gnrtrell,
Greenwood, D Hadden, Pittsburg-,- J
Cates. Cranbrook, J Drako, Winnipeg-,
A Hamilton, City, L O'Brion, Coal
Crook, D Morris, D Brand, City.
A Alexander, Coal Creek, W King-
sley, City, J Jones, Coal Creek, W
Deahn, J Harper, D ^Suifiran, City,
G McNeil, San Francisco, J McMnster,
J Gordell.S Christy, A Rouse, F Blair,
H O'Neil, Citv.   , '"  *■
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
- ; ' ' ."'' j-i*  ■ ■' • .:- ■ - ,       '    ■ ' c
 __7_A        ;To be Presented to the Shareholders at the	
Thirty-Fourtli  Annual General Meeting
-i' -.,",'■'- -       *   .'.-'.-. „_   . ,
To b* held at the Held   OWIce 6f the   Bank,   at  Hamilton, Ont.,   Monday, 15th January, 1906
■'"'■■"    'A.AiAA-..-rrnT^ —  "  ....
Mr. J, R. Lawry, agent of the Rank of Hamilton, lias handed ns a copy of the report of thc directors of that mos t
flourishing institution und wc place it before our readers. A careful scrutiny of thc statement and roport will show that
the Bank of Hamilton has had a most prosperous year and is going into the new year stronger than ever. The directors are asking for authority to increase the c.ipitiil stock to the extent of half a million. The local branch is building
up a very fine business under the direction of Mr. Lawry who i.s making friends among bur business people. Tin. Lbiig-
KR extends to Mr. Lawry and the Bank of Hamilton its good wishes for a prosperous now year full of good business.    "'
The Directors beg lo'submit their annual report to the shareholders for the'year ended 30th November, 1905.
The balance at credit of profit and loss account, 30th November, 1004 was $   40,176,24s
The profits for the year ended 30th November,   1905, after deducting  charges of management and
making provision for bad and doubtful debts, arc '.  .-,„,,,
„-..... .   ,     ...vi'73-,z
■ Premium received on new slock... Mi   205,421.00
1 602,870.40
From.which,Iiiiv*} been declared: ^
Dividend J per cent., payable ist June, rO'-S 111,779,29
"  -    S  ''     " "      »t  December, 1905 T 119,940,28
'    231,719.57
Cirried to reserve fund from profits ;. >35i310,00
" "       -'      "   premium on new silock as above 205,421,00.
Allowance to Ex-rreiidcnt authorized hy shareholders  5,000.00
Balance of profit and loss carried forward , $ 2S,4,0.8-*
To tho Public
Notes of tlie bank in circulation....;. <•*   2,379,755.00
Deposits bearing interest   • • • $18,033,608.74
.Deposits not bearing interett     3,361,115.7a
Amount reserved for interest due depositors  H.W "t-
-; "       '    ' , .,  21,464,121,50
Dalance  due to other banks In Cnn.ida ',,.' ,  50,262,09
Dividend No. 66, payable ist December, 1905 $      119,940.38
Former dividends unpaid .,  7,3,00
*~—— *•   120,019.28
*»■ I     ■>■!■—HI ■<,
To tlio SlinrolioIdorH
Capital st«*U,(averaf»e for the year, Hj.317,,190).. $ 2,4.10,740,00
Reserve fund.,... ,"."•""' "■    Jf\\o,^o.oo
Amount reserved tor' Rebate of iiiiercst on current bills discounted         (15,1100,00
liitlaiice of profits carried forward ,..,,. , • • ,        *,5i*1k,.Kj
■'   ' , i ' 	
$ 28,HK.i,o48.'7n
Gold and silv»r coin $     470,023.42
Dominion government notes,,.. '. ., ,    2,150,114.00
Deposit with llie Dominion government ns security for nolo cirailiillo.i       125,000,00
%', t \    \ ,,,.,... it, .* I. *,,!,. i-
illl.tl <JI   *»MW wii.*j*14 ■> . .1   u,„4l ...T..I ,....,...,,.,,,,,, ,  ll.ljijl I, IU
ItaJancc due from nlbrr -hanks in Cnm-nta nml tht- United Slati-s     j,^oj,i^(j,S.-<
Dalanci-s due from agents ofthe bunk in Great Britain..,.,  St.^'^.S'
.'.inadianand Hritiili government. Municipal, Railway and other securities      3,672,94^.67
Loans at call, or short call, on negotiable securities...    4,161,01-3.01
Note^ ilmrounicd and advances rurr«nl ,  '7.151, ■ 11.51
Note* di-.roiinted.'Src,, overdue (wtiniatc-d luss providetl for)..  5M",i.V>
Hank preiiiises, office furniture, safes, ko '  77''.634.33
Real ostate (othertinu bank primfses,) mortgages, ftc , ,  4.H30.7'..
Other asset* not included under foregoing heads  68,4115,18
ij ;'«,.V«0,,i.'8.;ii
Dank oe Hamiltok, "■***-.      , General Nf.m--.gcr.
Hamilton. November 30th, 1905 _    AV'.-,
i" ■!■ BsHSmHvH usdqUe&853pbi
Why; buy old cased Eggs when
you can get New Laid Eggs  at ...
SO cents per'-Dozen',
-  , -     Prompt Delivery
1 ~ *
W. J. -Blun'deli
The People's Grocer,   P.O. Block,  Fernie
generally supposed.    Dr. By bee's glassee restores . ^
perfect vision because there is scient.ific'knowledge   ife
and that skill, which comes from years of experi-   di,
1 aclc   of   them.    Artifical eyes  always in    tjj&
Write me a postal and I will call. $£
O'fllce Hours:   1 to 6 nnd 7 to tt p.m;"^*?
§J Dr.   R. L.  Bybee,   om™ Roq»»» -7^8 Hotel Fernie1^
encc,   bade
«a» .	
*lf Exsiniin.-itioii Freo
We arc . Headquarters for
'« s
School Books and all man-
ner   of   School   Supplies.
p. o.
A. B. Trites, Pres.
R. W. Wood, Vice-Pres.
H. R." Huntington,- Sec'y
Tlie January StOGk-taking  sale begins on
Friday, Jan. 12th A - '..-,
' * * r .        ■ ^ > j, ^
A feast of bargains prepared.
Special offerings in every department.
See. our windows for goods displayed, show-
• '' ' 4 ^
ing everything marked in plain figures.
Tb© Trif@s»WoosB GoBiapaeij. Ltd..
[I'-rnm Tliu Tlmos,!
Tlie Oeniiis-tidwnrds libol suit wns
;i(j;ttin ilulayt'il for tx week nt tlie rcijuest
iif llie proNccutlon.
■ Colonel Siiuiulcrs, of Ciil^nry, is en-
iliilrinu for Jolm A. Alienrn who has an
interest in n I urge estate in Minster,
Gcori'i-' I.nno fecelveil n reservcil
sent on llie Ilut cur which lurompii*
nleil tho lire hrlKndi* nnd felt relicvod
when he saw Iliu busliu'ss block had
sliuilly resisted the fire fiend.
Very wisely lhe nuiiuiKers of the
Union und Coiniucire hnnUu deposited
nil pnpors of value In llieir uales, locked
llieir doorii and au a result ev»ir)lhinn
was in workiiiK order in the murnliii/.
11 ivrlniiilv piivs to keen cool.
l'lioi'ni\.Viki' Ihe firm of Hclip, KiMly
and Ymiiif,'will rise Irom Its ashes.
Tliey have taken temporary quarters at
Mr. Roberts' brokor«K« oW™ where
lliey nre prepared to nirept pnyinciit of
aeauini*. itue lui'in. On Mmiilny mil
will open up nl lleslip's old Kiand on
the Mni'leml Iruil, and us soon as possible will i-ouiiiiein-e tlK'i-oiisiria:tion of
a new haniwiiru Kiore.
V-'ilii thi* Irt nil.-r,
IT. Cnmoton  Icli Wiilnceday for
Tho  Moyio   Iviglcfi  will give tx
gmnd inaequenniobuilonFob, Mth.
Mrs. V. J. McMnhon \a homo from
tlio hospital aiii) litis nlmoBt entirely
recovoi-t'il from' lior recdfit illi.css.
Mlfls Nicholson, fllstor anil grand-
mother havo moved horo from Kurt
fttoolo, Miss Nloholflon will totiok tlio
Junior room ol tho Moylo BOhool.
Moylo liiko frozo ovor lnat Sunday
nlglu uml Is now covered with a clear
nolipi't ol Ico. Tho skating was bot-
tur during tho past Tow days lliau It
hnB beon (or years nnd It has boon
well taken advntitrtgo of.
It snowed since tlio ubovo -was pat
In typo.
Tlio first dlvldond on tho St. Kngono
mino for I'M) will bo pnld noxt Mon-
day, Jan. Hth, toBliaroholdoi'd of record today .Tannnry ihnl. Tho amount
to bo diatrlbiitod l« 2 por cent, on the
capital Htock or $70,1X10. Tha earn-
IngH of tho big uilvor-load mino during r.Wfi amounted to over $600,00),
of whloh sum $280,000 was dovotod
Ni  11"> \t\ nf»     fr >11 **    ^ iilM it* #)m1 if     t]X\t\t}r,r\t\ut
•y    *.'       '.■%      ■       ■•» -j »  ** sv- * )       * 4 » » ,  +m,,  * t
oi 2 iwr cent. each.   Tho dividend
aniuinnct'd for nox'i woek is tho uov
cnth paid by thn company and hrlngn
the tola) mn-Mintso distributed up to
Hourly $WXj\C00.
It is doubtful If thero Is a town ln
British Oolnmbla tl'uit ts starting tho
year l'.iOii under moro favorable cir-
cumuaneeaorwltli a brighter outlook.
It Is said that every cloud hat* a silver
lining, ar.il it docs scorn that alter all
her adversities, fortuno ly smiling on
TneYo is no longer any worry about
tho St. Eugene. It is a big mine nnd
n great mino and its oro bod Iks nre
almost Inexhaustible It will give
Moylo a monthly payroll of from $1)0, •
000 to 950,000 (or years to como.
J'rom tlio Frank. INiiwr
WhIIiicc. Hamilton wuh in town from
Kernie yesterday.
Capt. V, A. IIIII, general manager of
tho Canadian American Coal and Coku
Company returned from the Coast
whero he spool tho holidays with his
An Importnnt real estate trnnsnetion
was negotiated yeiterdny when Alton
, r 4-T   '-I    M    -l"     -     ■    '     .    ' •!      l»   |l
Hi.)     i.    SI.    ..J.I. ilii  |,**l .MtO.U   .1.c    .4.ill.(4.1.
Hlimilton Work omipled by iIk- Ccorgt
Cobl ey eonipany.
Slow proKa'j.1* is being made in gal*
ting the skating rink ready for skating.
It hail been hnmd In bavn ll rraily for
this week but the hope wait not realized
nnd as the bottom Is not yet maJo it
wlll likely he another week before Ihu
Ico will be good. Flooding is in pro-j*.
r*iss however and It is possible the ice
may be made by the fir*! of thu  week,
C. I). McRae, asx.iitnnt engineer and
accountant lor the Canadian Metal
company, hat resigned nnd will shortly
pay ii visit to his old home at Onaw.i.
Air, Ms Cne expects to relurn to I'rank
nnd may engage in business here.   G,
IJ. C. Martin of Dluirmoro   will tako
Mr. McRuc'h place as accountant.
Tho West Canadian Colliers company Is heglnlng tbo installation, of its
permanent operating plant al Hellcvuo.
Two large Robb-Mumford boilers and
an air compressor are now going in and
it is. expected thai a mart will bo mndo
before lonj; ou the permanent  Tipple,
C P. Hill, of Hillcrest, left Sunday
morning on an extended visit to Sim-
I'VnnciNco.    In,, connection   with  Mr.
Hill's trip io iho Golden Gate city there
U an interesting story with thc more
Intcri'sling piwilhlllly Hmt t|K. trjp n,;,y
result In Mr. Hill adding to   his  slore
several hundred thoiiNiiiul   dolliiru,   It
was not ninny years'n^o that  million,
aire McCrine, formerly n well  known
man of lhe   Kootenays   but   now  tlio
C'nusiiu of tho new Nevada gold Holds,
wus not us ncli ns he is now.   That
.*.■•» ii.'uai V'-Jiiapnii's riches were   first
being heralded to the world  and   ho
wauled to go there (0 tfy u, find'liis ^
fortune.    Mr. Hill wus ono of tho men
who made it possible for him tn do  ™
He grulislnked McCnne who did strike
it rich aud In a few years became immensely wealthy,    When it came tlmo
to dlvy he bulked and Mr. Hill has nev*
or been  nblo  to  gut hii   iireonnlhig.
Mr. Hill claims au e|/,'lith of i he sundry
and divcru millions MtCane has amass,
.■da* lb.' result of flu.- u-(-,uulu-c |u. Ie_
tfhvd and Ims tt.stiiuled suit Iri the
United Slate* courts to recover.    His
trip to l-VIsco Is for the purpose ofpro*.-   :
ecutiirg.thc iiuit, '


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