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The Fernie Ledger 1905-11-15

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,JS^^^®#?Vjc.< -*--"
'. *?■—  --i - ■' V* -v4^4...
-..j..- --
-1 *1
K-^fS?-'*■"■-■* *tf-iVfctfJsFS^Ce
V7 -V,-^"--    --
r. -Si- *..
v A -
Volume, I, Number 115.
Price, $2 .a Year, in . Advance
Local Happenings in and
a"--    About tiie Citf a*. /.'■
.Interesting Jtems . About,:flany
"■People"  Voir Know
.- "H; H.'Ko?s,tho sawmill uiaiTofElk-;
y   mouth, \y-is in town Monday. __ „•*, > 7 -'
JJVM Colli ns, of tho Miner's 'hotel at
..' Frank,.was In'the city yesterday. -,. . -,>
-• ...- A; McDonald, thcAwhoiesalq grocer,
'-..'of j Winnipeg,'..'-was iaf the'city last
. -; Thursday.      .A       ..       ...
;-;    J. Gourlay, of tho MacGregor-Gourlay
• Co., of Gait, Ontario, .was. iu*" the•'city
'"- last Thursday.     , -     • -.   ,-A-. •
L.-Herchnor has been appointed' car
clerk at Whiteflsh and leaves tomorrow
lor tiie new "post. A ,'    "',- '.
The Baptist peoplo are: -holding thoir
Sunday services for tho presout in .the.
•■1.0.0.f, haiur,7 -" K ;, •,-' ,,..;' -.-..'
. ' Chas. S.- Getch'ell, a wellkuown luria-
-.„ beriuian; of Miunespta, died, iu Miune*
■•;'   .spoils last Thursday..-  -  •-..'/,   - \yn,
' , 5 Con. VVhalen, of the Napaiioo hotel,
A' »eturned Monday-evenin<r from a "trip
: , to Spokane and Butte.. "'/'}', ' A ,','
' * . ., J. McCan'non," of Gateway, has"; been *
transfered to Feruie to take Mi-. Hereto
?   nor's place at the G. N. station..."   -,,'
t   , J. IS. Mldkle of the staff of the Gaaette*
''    Grand ForksB.'C.ipent a couple'of days
.''    hero ou'a visit to l_jis father G.. G. Meikle
A efthe" LEDdKR.-'ja-o was accompanied
• * by his wife- -    -   ' _ 7  .*.,;.. .7"'
..' Mr. Geo. Gordon, who rccently.arriv-
•«d from Fernie. has'ehtered the" service
lof Mr. W. C .Charaberlin^—Now West-
; ' minster- Columbian.      ,: •-._ '-',.  '    *'.
,'> , .*' Mr. John Tait,iasslstant superintend-
"; f of the G, P. It* telegraph service;-was In
the city last week aiid gave The Ledoek
a friendly,, call     '' ■ • 'A ■'. '■','• 7,
'.Messrs. 6.- hi Boynton. and Fred ;G';
i   ' Waters have relumed from a. foiii- day's
•trip up the" Elk river, where'they have
:  been looking1 over, some of- the timber,
"i   holdings of the Elk Lumber Co. •.;-, A^1
7,     W. W- Tuttle,; who has been .'con*'
■"' fined to"the house fori.several days" on
'A *ccouMtaf sickness, has recovered so as
;   io bo able to come to town again; *   _.
y • lasVweek.-.-Mr Beeston is ouooftheold
A**; time ^Hudson's .Bay nien'-'who.wprkgd,
'■  'i4f'ii,'lt.'lWnir.<i   4i/linn'fl   Rl.rnth
and will run day and :iiight"as"a.'-.first"
class shoi-t.order chop hou»e. . Itegujar
dinner every day 25cts.- -. Your patronage solictcd."   .    ., . y. -  -.■ A
'*". *-   '   *"     t\'tt-'    f       " " t 4      '  ,
c.-The Misses Amelia and Velma. McMillan, sisters. of 'jMrs-' J. Niclioll, of
.Velaoii, arrived in town" .this." morning
froin Ontario and aro,the guests"of Mr.
anil Mrs. XV. XV. Turtle. Miss Amelia
will remain all winter,'biit Miss Volma
will Bpond part of the,;season with her
sister.'at''Ne!son.   '.' "'--.'        7*  .   ■ ,
The Phmnix Pioneer, of the llth states
that the unsatisfactory mail service at
that place aiid Greenwood is about to
be improved .sis a' result of tho'uuited
efforts of; the., business nipn of tJie two
towns .Mr. Jtoss, M. P. has received
word that the'department has decided
to make the necessary change, as" soon
as bids can be advertised for iiud con
trails let.,,.    7       -*  ~ '-.•■»
The Knlghti of Pythias held aspocial
raoetiug Monday night, at which" time
the rank of Knighthood was conferred
iipon six candidates. This was quo ot
tho most successful meetings ever Jicld
«ii this caetle liall. Tho lodge is growing very rapidly there being uow'over
ninety members'which ft is to bo hoped
will be raised to' tho t hundred inark
befoi-ie the end of the present year. ;,*
- The'official nominations for mayor
aiid Hldonnaii for the newly Incorporated municipality of Cranbrook,', takes
place today. Three A.candidiitos for
mayor" are likely to be placed;in nomination anil a good sized ciop of alder-
manic candidates will start down .the
.'courser Messrs.- AAMbJfet, J, D Mc-
Brido, and Or. T. Rogers will contend
for the liouor of being CranbrookVfirst
mayor., ■   *•>    A-.    ...    -■■■ A   '"  '!    ,;
' Albei-tji    Elections      >,
The elections held in Alberta*.'last
week for members of the first pi-iivin-
rial legislature' in the ^new. province
turned oijjj; to";,be a one' sided affair.
Only two conservatives'-Vere elected
v.hile-" twontythree -.liberals 'were
returned.; The oiily fault to, be found
with this landslide i.s < that it - was - too
much'.of a good thing. ,-An opposition
of two in a house of twenty five will
look and feel lonesome.-. The unwifeldly
majority' will have to, go .quarreling
amohg themselves. "WTe hope'that Mr.
W.; H. Cushing will be found to" have
rotained his lead when' the protested
ballots aro counted." Such .-i "man. as
spen'ding",department''6f'' the new "Alberta government-is', a guarantee of
"o- •■■ i..-     ■•• ■■ t-'fr'  , 6, - ii   honorable and MpuSinic'expenditure of
.*o«a was,plam; Donald, A.Smifh,^.,^ ^-,01r>-^nt ft/ieeBH-froni- too
; last
.'- .'Lady Florence Dixie died'^ii, thejth;
'•.-. imii, at h'ar'Soottlsh hdraeiiri^ufiifrie-*
; *hiro.. She wM--"the" daughter ''of'.'tbe
- Marquis oi-aireonsborry.^-formulat'of of
i prize ring rules, and was 42 years- old:
,   W. M. toach'i-late of-the engineering;
- rHtHff,' of the-Crow's Nest Ph's-j .Coal Co.,
■ left for Blah-more  Monday   evening,
whoro he.h'aR accepted- tho position .Qf.
r.*hlof ciigineer.for tiio'West Canadian
v> «bllior|eH.,':"' "■   ,.A' .,
• Sriioker at Coal Creek t
-Thosinokcr given by the C. C.
A, A; at their, new club room
"Wednesday niRht wasa'success enjoyed by everybody present. More
than two hundi-cd people were assembled; and a good prograin.-iv'as
wejl rendered. 7'- *: "■'. •   \
. \Dr. Keitli,*'the president cf the Association presided and introduced t
■Mr.', E. jjG-. Drinnan, superintendent
-ot the Coal Co. wlio'- in the'absence
of General Manager Lindsey delivered the formal opening address. . Mr.
Drinnan surprised his friends liy the
iitting remarks'so gracefully delivered and wluch.were ao,- well ^received
by liisappreciiUive audience^     '•
Ee was followed by- Thoa. Keith,
secretary of .tiie A&sociiition who
proved that he was perfectly at home
on a platform. lie gave Land Commissioner McEvoy aii opportunity of
doing a graceful thing when his turn
to apeak came. ,
• Mr.',Coxi?the well-known oloca-
tionist then reoited that stirring description of a horse raco, "How Kissing Cap won a race and a wife" in
such'an animated mariner that the
reporter who sat behind bim instinct
ively winked his.eyes to. avoid the
imaginary- dust that Kissing ,pup
kicked up as the jockey spurred her
under the wire," half a head the winner. The aadleuco-"' then "showed
lippreciationiOf, Mr.*' Cox's .effort by
"very heartily applauding him. ,
' Then Mr.-Tiirnpy," of. the* Jfernie
orchestra favorcd.the audience • with
a well executed piano solo. - , -r
- Mr. Jas. McEvoy Was then called
upon and in .the cotirso of ii * well
worded little address took occasion to
promise Mr."Keith ,that, his, modest
request foivwater enough '"to", form a"
good skating-rink should be complied
with. „, This douse* of cold', water was
a bracer to" the boys and Mr. McEvoy
was greeted with a cheer that - was
unanimousA j       ., ■,'. ■ -! '-
. Mr. Arthtii- Berridgo- tlienT sang
"Under the •-Anheiser ■"Bush,", but
there was ho anheiser nor; any bush,
in sight.' , That didn't seem to ,ma,ke
a"ny differencejhowever, for the boys
all liked the.sbng *and :th'e |way it
'wasi sling, and it looked as though he
"wouid"h.Tveito~coine- b^cKr~"b"ut7"fii?
modesty proved  stronger than   the
Simon Pure ArticSe
The'.Cunning Cujteness. of
A--■-: the.City^ebuhcli
.'.  Tlios Kolth,oxM-. P. 1\, now0sec
Toiiiry of'tho Coal Creek - Library  and
AUiletlc.A880«latlon called at ThbLj-d-
«BKofllceon Monday and. reports that
.-Ulio ball last   Thursday   in'irht. wnfi a
\-.i/riiiid fluocess. "':        " • " ' 7
'; "ChBrloy Farroll, of Morrissey mlnos,
;wiib In -town yesterday. Mr. Fnrrell
TiiportB lmsliioss,pro8pocti*i as brighten-
diigup a Iittlo, In conBpquonco'of tlio
ancrcaBod output of conl) but ho koopu
{kicking for bettor times..     .
-    The utork loft'aboy^iny at the homo
*'.of Mr. and Mrr. L. r." Jickstoln, ■ early
.jthli.norAlng,and they aro mnnliig n
'tnuntor nttmution i'ii the concert lino",
•Mother and Bon aro doing well, whilst
AEukBteln hastio.Bleop tosoll.
Judging by.tho tlmo It took Mr. C. C
Wright to cover ihe dlHtnncn botween
itho opera housn nml tho Nupnnoii hotel
■JmitFrldnynight It Ib. Hiife to gnmblo
■Mutt iPertilo will liavo llie tswlf tost hock«
*y team on thoilco this winter.
.Paul Gnston nnd wlf», of Bai* Fran1
-cluco, »ro In tho city, tlm (tuoNiH of Mr.,
•ml Mrs. J. B, Pollock, Mra. GaHton
li ■ uliter of Mm Pollock. Thoy havo
liniul on an extomlod vlnlt to tho conlorn
utMtoa and art returning to San Fran-
Tlio Iittlo daughter of llolit, Shoaror,
of CoarcrMk, who wai nove raly burntil,
ax maiitlonod In our Coal Cnuik .iiowm,
•ullud Uat nlK>)t*Crout the offocU nf Iter
1 liurnn. Tho funeral tnk<»i place hori'
on TliurmUy, nndar tlm dlructloii ol
Scott * noan, 'undortakuri,
The Grand Trunk Paolfln Hallway
company hu» KW.'XjO.OOO at its credit In
London, bolng lho procniula, nf wvornl
bond Imum, ami it l« aalil.thwt npno of
thn Iranacontlni-iital IIii««b lmvn over
foinmniiced coimtruetlon undor audi
. favorablo nimncul cDiiiiilioiin,
According to tho llonland Minor, of
ll.* llth Imt., tho toial  pay roll of
"mlniw, ameltcra, rnllroadB and MwinlllB
}.,.«.} ,.*444../-J T?n«al()4.ll   flM* tlw.   »Hf4»lt>l
^>f October wui 6156,100, dlvlilud as fol-
lowil Mlnwi WW Bincltera, $14,000;
.mwh»IIIh,»IB,200j; railroad*, •10,000.
Harold Jai-vM, lhe grcBt tenor Hlnnor,
Fill b« BMlBtei! toitlglit by MIjj*
Iforhfrtrt, who mitlMa her tlmt appnir.
*aur» tipon a Fernio aiago. If you have
not «lrm*i.y «wnr*i. your t-JJ-if-- rim tn
r-inlrtaliya'and xh iti st onco If j'""
.«l»'Blro *" goed ono.  Thoy aw golnft fni-t.
The rcntnurnnt  In connection with
.tho Nonlioru hotel, will,beopniitcd !•>•
great a'*-ni4-jqrKy"a'ndTlt"~wIIirtiltn^yiii-'
diim-and'-vlgtlailoe''_to'"iee"p' tlio .pnrly
^heeler and his couuiivs,'tho • grafters
within bounds. . ? * -"'•-•'- '.'*■"'-
, In Dhio",last year the-republicans
earrle'd. the state,.by the tremendous
-tytjority of 200,000) which' circumstance
c'mboldered tlio machine mon and the
monopolist!} to" show their hands Atid
the result at the, elections n fow days
ago was a democratic majority of ;40,-
000. All thiB-change in a HinRle year,
brought about, not by tlie ufforts'bf tlio
oppot-lltau'but by the Insolcnco, of tho
party .leaders nnd tholr boBRts, tho
grartors,"niid tho trust iriagiuitefl.
What happened in.Ohio .can.easily 'bo
Accomplished j',1 Alberta, and the mem*
hers of the new government will lind
tholr grtintPBt difficulty In restraining
tho uppetltos of tho liungry politiciuii
and the designing hunters  nfu-r por-
pntual franchIso and other Iittlo
Our. fellow townsman, Mr. Frank
Slmniihn mudo-n niost romnrkablo run
in tliaPliiclinr Creek riding considering
thnt ho wns a non resident of the (lis*
trict and rannini* solely In the inti-mst
of tlio woiklng man, Hu recolvod n
vory honvy' voto in lho Pass towns
which wns overcome by tho Inrgo farm
veto on the prnlrlo. Thoro is a lesson
In this Pincher ' Creek contost which
should bo well (tudiod by tho Liberals
of this dlBlrlet. Tlm natural place for
tlo Labor vote is with tho L bum In and
nothing should ho dono or left undone
to Inmu-Q hearty co-operation of thono
oUuniMitB of Btrcngth without which
Iittlo hopn of victory can booiitortnlniul
by thoso who hope to boo the noxt log-
iHliituro of this provinco In tlio hniuls of
the L'horf-il party with lho Hon. J, A.
McDonnld ns ltd londor.
Tlio   Oonl  Out-nut.
Tlio out put tt conl nt tlm mines for
tlio wank rnding Friday
, Nov. 10th.
wns ns follows!
Coal Croik    -
0 327 tons.
Mlutiul   ;
«i,H.r»2   "
s.r»2« "
18,705   "
npplaune,-- m Mayo;i-.Stork -was. called
uoori tb spdalCbu bdhalf of tlio city ,of
fernie. The ^ayoi,ewished „ tJio'^As-
abSatlohJeyg^jftticass! and .afuiiiiT&d
them t'hat.the..Fccjiieites-would welcome tlieni in fnondly: contest on 'the
'field of sport,', and-wound up his ad-,
dress wiih one ,of his'characteristic
storios.   .. A . '"•   ,-■ - -   -      ->
' Mr. Puken.then sang '•Especially
ipr'y"6u"in such a manner that tlm
audience inflicted upon him tho punishment; of singing '.'What would you
do,"and ho did it as happily as he
did the first'.'.'  ' ■ -;,
Then Mr. Turnoy favored tliohi
with more good piano music, which
was followed by n song, Tho Villago'
by tlio sea" very acceptably'rendered by Mr. George, Berteanx.
Tho next in ordor wa.s a spcocli
from D. V. l\Iott as ropresonting the
press, nnd ns ho couldn't report and
Bponk nt tho saiuo timo we had to cut
liim out. After Mott's speech something lively had to bo ndtnlnUtorod
to revive tho drooping Bplrlts uf the
audience and Mr. Ireland gavo them
a vory enjoyiiblo comic song In 'such
a happy Btj lo tliat ho ivtis called buck
for a second.
Hoy,.Mr. McColl- than proved to
tho boys that lio wns at homo ovu n
at a smoker and talked to. (ho hearts
of them in a way that lelt its effect.
Mr. MuColl Is ull limn and a great
deal proachcr.    - '
Mr. Cox. tlion raoltod "The Last
Shot" uflgi-nphlqMly,and forcibly nu
ho hnd i-ondorod his first numbor,
Mr. Packet) thun tnng uuoihoi'' of
his comic songo,
Evorybixly sung God Save tho
King und went homo wlahlnff that
tho Conl O'-cek Library and Athletic
Assoolutloii might Ilvo lot-over und
have Bmokoi's every month.
• Tho' procccdiiii!!] «*f„ thu city council
Ia*t Friday night «Vei;e'voiuininous and
void of virtue. AAA - - -
-N A gj-eat deal (if timo was devoted, to
st-weiage,'scavenger'Work and to sub
siilizing a begging newspaper foradvei-*
tiaingthe city at sjt.5p per copy
We would advisei. tlio newspaper
follows to make sure that there ate nnt
strings on this subsidy for theso are the
same fellows wlio'ii'ilreed to pay thc
Victoria Times for some advertising nt
the. Portland fair' uud aftorwnrtls repu\
dinted the bargain because tliocouti-act
had not been signed.. .This same com.
bitmtlou of councilors also undertook to
ropudinUfan honest.'printing bill, not
a fake job,of advertibing trumpted up
to assist "fiiends in,_i]Hedi" but a bill
paying for legitimate printing dono nt
agreed prices, about;|which,there'was
no room to'' quibble.* They undertook
to, exercise theirVsuperabundaneo o!
cutcness by' trying to bluff H. T. Lowery
with a bogus noto,for'which they had
never given any thing.** Of course this
barefaced'atleiiipt at?robbcry didn't-go
with Lowery and tlil'y.only sucieeded
in pulling tho Hon skin far enoujjh down
to show their long ears, and adding a
few. dollars to tlie telephone bill of' ex*
'pense.•■'Then-when:4he note* was demanded they brayed again to no avail,
and,added a little' more to tiio cost bill
■There was an item of S20.00 added to
*    *f .T ■*•
the amount of,, the ;school allowance
whicli hnd been before.the august body
before, but to which Alderman Cree had
objected upon tlie. ground that'thoy
would be exceediiig ;. the estimates.
Here again ' tin's - doughty alderman
showed the'profound'-depths of his well
of wiBdpm unadulterated by, partiality
or prejudice. Ile'had i consented ' to0 a
raise of salary of the city solicitor, and
of the salary of policeman and to an
increase of policeman,-and waa willing
to donate 875.00 to anewspaper; but a
raise of S20 00 in the kaltiryof the prin-.
cipal of the school^withtheadministra*
tibn.of'which ho had-*, iiotliiug to, do,
would be'going boy ond. fhoA estimates.
This turned his financial stomach up*
^ide'downTi^THSaFI-iiiOiclt-l 7? : ^
■' Por pure unadulterated finconsitoncy-
thji Fernie aggregati(iii. is "tlie limit;
-They will havo" to riyi-iii a class, by
themsolves, l^o Aotlijer-- coiiibina'tiMi
could..keet> in. siirht,.of*thivm. -*r~r-Yrr
V • \: city couxN'cir.. ■-': ■''■" ■'
The flnancrt c-ommittee presented
the following report dated Oct.19, ,05.
r'The finance committee' have met
and passed "the following ^for payment^ ,-'" „ '*'" ..,
Salaries for September
A P-Walker
E Duthie
j ttoaudoin
fl Cattell     0
W H Whimster ,,
FCLavye      ■
Dr Bonnell
James Wallace    7'
Seheol board grant '
W Ua'ndlcy
J D Quail     ,„
Sheppurdfi Elliott
J Jt McEwing
Broley Bros.
P-BurnBiSCc. ,
Elk Lumber Co.
o    *   F.XPENSES
W Qandlcy . '.
C Pii Telegraph Co.    a
Fernio Free Press
L $'McDonald  ,   ,
Bonnell and Corsan
F C La we ■ -
Dr Iliggins    7
ATMilico" .  -
" 81.00
, 12.50
50 00
■$573 00
,$1 75
■ 9.85
' 5.00
, Total
- ,    22.75
" 33.40
,   $158.35
- $1551.59
Specially Contributed' by
Our Own Staff:
the Atony p. Events, in
Pass Towns. -*
Conl  Creek.
From our Own Corrosiiondpnt.
•> Inspector Morgaa - jirrived
While playing with matches in the
wn«h house on Monday a little daughtei
of Mr. Shearer waa badly bin-nod.
Tho lighting of the streets 1ms nt last
become a fact aiid there Is no difficult*,
now in navigating tho narrow WBy.
D. McClinient was injured on Mondav,
whilo coining out of the mine, the haul-
ago rope coining iu contact with oiie
of his leg?, breaking tho small bono.
Tlie smoker, to be -iiven by the foot
bailors next week in lho C. 0. L. & A.
hall, is going to bo another of tliose
pleasing events find tho boys a ic counting ou a big turnout.
Tho opening of the C. C. L A. A.
rooiiiawith a, bal I was a grand success.
James Madison and Miss fiessio McC'li-
ment won tlio prize for the best w.iltzcrs.
There were GO coiiplos dancing.,
- Thos. Francis* and Thos.' Jackson
were b-'th drownt-'d in tie big. lake
seven miles east of here a week bro
today.. They were out hunting
sjeese in :■ boat and. nex". day their
boat was found up-turned.- The R.
N. W. M. P. officer here wjis sent for
;uid after searching some time the
body of Mr. Francis was found but up
to the rime thi-re is no sigh of
tho utht.i* body.- Francis lived.911 his
ranch on the edge of the lake and
leaves a widow. Jackson worked
tor Mr. Clayton near the lake.   - „
V-'-Minatefl of meeting of'tho,'City
Council hold Friday, Nov! 10th at
8,30 p.m. "  '
Present, His-,Worship the Mayor,
"Aldermen Trites, Croc and Wallace.
'' Minutes of meeting of Council held
Oct. 27th*'. on  motion of Trites and
Wallace wero adopted.
Moved by Aldermen Wallace and
Triton that tho mmutos' of meeting
of.Nov. 1st bo adopted as read, Ctir-
i-lijd.' '
'Letter-enclosing plan wns read
from the C. N. .P. E. L. & P. Co. regarding tho placing of, hydrants.
Moved by Aldoi-tnon Croo and Wallace tlmt thc letter and plan from
tho C. N. P. E. L. & P, Co. ro hydrants bo referred tb ,tho flro, water,
und light committeo.. Carried.
■' Loiter wan read from F. C. La wo
realfinlng the position uf City Solicitor. Moyod by Ciue and Wallace
that Mr. Lawn's resignation bu no*
copted, Carried.
Letter wiih rond irom'tho C. N. P.
E L. A P. Co. acknowledging slgnod
School board for principal's
. - additional salary $20.00
, Signed A. IT. Cree for chairman .of
finance committee.   ,
-Aldermen Cree and Trites '-jjoth referred to the act of Mr. .Taylor asxioo
where work was done without prop-
er authority and they said that in
faittro if work was done1 this way the!
city would.not pay the account. ,
j.-Moved   by Aldermen  Crcp   and<
and Wallace'that lhe report of the
finance committee.of Oct. 19th be ac-
back'be paid:   Carried.
;';-A'..Taylor presented, an, account
certified by-the sanitary-inspector
arid the medical • health''officer,' for
removing :'jijglit. boH- and-cloaning
cess pools for parties" "wlio would not
pay... .Moved by Aldermen Cree and
Trites that Mr. TayloVs account for
|G4.70 for the removal tf flight' soil
be paid and that tho. amounts, be
charged against • the properties.
Accounts amounting-to $815.00 in
connection with flro enquiries were
presented. -1 Moved by Aldermen
Wallace ahd Tritos that partios putting in bills ro fire Investigation be
asked to reduce {lie bills, ,as present
charges aro considered excessive.
Curried.. ,
Moved by Cree and Wallnco tha-t
wo adjourn.
From ourewn correspondent,
P. Bartlot left for Elkmouth Thursday
- J. Carter was in Cranbrook Saturday
and Sunday. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan spent Saturday
night in Fernie.
C. Dow, of Wardner was in Elko on
Monday ovoning.
Mr.", Sheridan and daughter were in
Fernie Saturday.   .
Mr.McItiniscatne up from Elkmouth
on Saturday and left for Calgary 011
Sunday. ;    •
Mr. and Mrs. Ingham went up to
Fernie , on Sunday where they will
sjjoud a week or two with friends.
'_ A. Sheridan .and family-are moving
to tJieir ranch across) the river, fle hap
made great improvements on it thib
suiiimer,' and in a yoar' or two will be
A X'oj'-j.ijij i'...>,ii<i». 1 i'*noux<,
A.ix riff'i-, I>!i'lj-Uirjvrj^;v.r.^cjjj,
ot the C. I. It. nt Nelson, war in town
ngulii thlfivnek looking nflor the rom
fortoltlnltravolliig ptihllo. Mr. Car-
turloosniin opportunity lo populnrl/r
ltl» l>J>mni»n',a titiiu    nt   ;>-,7i-;l    ,*_,;_,»    ','
won't be I
get its ful
Unit If tho C.P. Ittlui'i
of slniro of pntronsKe.
Wntor Toafc.
A kbcoiI tost of tht* prmiMiro ot* thr*
new w»t Nye torn wan mado luut Frl-
lUyncariiii cmtni-.U ^lintn>i*r. Two
ulroam* n to thrown at the mimo tliin-
.11.1l iivi.ii ..-I'vUbliittiiiiinulioD'Cnu'd bt*
ilc.ittcil i ('i»rpar-i*d tn tin, tp»t with
o h* htwi* few liny. ln*for«, wh--u th*-
water wiif thrown nlncty-nlni! feet luto
tho sir.
Harold JnrvlH, tlm great tenor n111 (for
arrived on tliu wusihijiiiul oxprchs this
iiioinlng. A rupivHoiitativu uf Tun
LiiixiKit culled upon hiin nt the Hotel
Puriilu shortly nfim- lie had hrolinn his
fnitaml wnunii.'oriiu'U hoarty welcotno
I und an Intiirt-stlnn Inturvlnw. Mr.
.Iiiivrnxniiirat Hi^li itivnr laat night
1 In Jill iii-i'ill'.iniij; li'iuj,.,   UlUiif  J..,,-.,.-
iii'riiliiviiig ten uml llftinin miliiH to
henr him. Aftor ho-jiIiIhc the tnvnuns
brensts of the pliilu dwcllcru with
iwi'Ot melody Mr, Jnrvln lionrilijd 11
Npiiclal which wluilml him to Mm.ukI I'niili ihu vi'MlmtiMt i.u-
hHrmi'. .Noiivnii'-tiiiKlliig this lung
ride hu wiih luukliigiiri bright nxu pcw
lil\, nud In ihu Iji'i-t of H(n 111
form v> lii'u our reprt-oiuitntivu tnlki-d
with him
, Altn mliciiriliig wilh Mi. f-Jiiu'hli'r,
who Ih lo HiTuiii|ixiiy hlni, Mr. Jarvin
hiin Inkfiin uixjiI lung ri'ht and Ir f(i«l*
i.ijlii thi. ''H-'V ol iiittn. Tlm uri-fti
inimer'n t'Xtra fxerlionN 10 kpfp bin np*
piinniiiciil wiih ihu 1 !"•[ In of Kci-iiH',
v,'« h,i]'t- will !■» rt'*,ii'bil by thi*. Ur„"
i*>t Hltniiil.iii'.'x that Imh i<\ i-r tiiiuml out
ngreumciit between tho olty and
thomsolvcs, and tlmt tho same had
been sent to Toronto for slgnaturo
and seal ol the company. Moved by
Aldermen Trites and Wallnco that
tho letter of tho 0. N. P. HS. L, '& P.
Co, re contract with tlm cily bo acknowledged nnd illcd.   Carried.
Lottor was proaontrd from tlio
Land CmiimiafiloiK-r of tho Coal Co,
re I'ums.vitl of night soil from lot 'I,
block >l and lot 10, block fl. Moved
by Aldoriiicn Wallnco and Croo tlmt
tins lottor ol tliu Grows Nost Pass Coal
Co. ro night soil be IIled,   Caii'lcd,
Lot'or wns rood (com W, LOichwIg
reirat'illng the romoval of rubblali
nnd laying of uldcwilk on Victoria
Avi\, on lihck 1-1, Moved by Alder
men Wallnco and Trites 'tlmt Mr.
tacliwlif'ti letter bo referred to the
\vnrlf» nnd pronnrty e',iii!..I'.lt-c.
Letter win rctnd from L. P, Kck-
st«In ro llio pis-iliig of bvlaws voted
on Ojt, flO, 1005. Moved hy Aldi-r-
num Cron and   Wiilhico   that   Mr.
.Xiv&Will'*. IClUT Uo lllllll.    O'IITUm),
Le'ti'r was rond Ijom J, H, Wnl*
liico&<>, nuking fir a donuMnn ol
f.75 tow irli tlm special olltlon of
tho Kernie Freo Prow on account of
iho advertisement tha city wlll ro*
calve. Mnvi'd by Aldermen Wallnco and Trltt'K tlmt wo allow the
I'Vi'o Pros* MViinty live dollars to
help rolmbfirso them fur advertising
thr city ar.d wo wlll o.x'-t-ct it'A copi<-»
lo h<'*r*!«<ii^*!<'i' in «'ir wtty.     ltn.*ti
ri{^a?!^v! •?«,lWJ*Tu|»«»««PP»Wtl* Council fbr dUtr
Mm.ut Siiddn'■>;*■ V. bullun.   C.-inicd.
TUoy Shot» Votorun
, Mr. and Mrs. Ingham of .Sheep
Mountain ranch, below p^iko aro In
town, the guests of Mr, and Mrs. A.
P. Walker. Mi\Ingham and liis son
Prank succeeded in capturing what
Is probably tho largest mountnln
goat that hnd trod tlio hills In this
vicinity. Mr, Ingham thinks that
this old veteran mmst linvo been at
least twonty-llvo years old and ho
must Havo weighed nearly lbur hundred, pound?.   Tlio bond and  hide
alone weighed  85 pounds and his
horns whicli woro worn vory slmrp
wero nine Inches in length,    Mr
fnghiiin will havo tho lioad nioiuitod,
When thov lirst diMcovorcil llio goat
ho was across 11 ducp rsvluo from
llioii) and  tlmy   opuned Uro  U|kjii
him as ho .clambered tip tho steep
hlllsldo in his efXort to got away
Tho tract's of blood ho left on tho
snow told them that some of tholr
bullets hmI hit tlm murk but ho dis
iipiHiiircd ovor thu rlilgo bidoro thoy
ciiild como up with hint.   Thn next
they saw ul him standing ii]>-
ontlmci-oM. ofiiu itliiiou porpendlcu-
Inr wnll of nek aovoral hundred li-et
nU.vo tijciii iiml I'l'iink, Ijiking quick
niiii IU ol ,ii, I'lim, J,iiin cinio IjreaKtiiK
his back.    Hu tumbled    bond Ion n
down over the rocks dirrctly town(.l
tho hunters and lhoy hnd to he-a h
hiisiy ivtrrt.'it to avoid belmr hit bv
the Ijirgo rocks whiph lm started rolling     toward   thoni.      After   the
goat with Ids iiccimpanymont of rolling stones had  struck  bottom they
went back to find liim still allvo, and
a llnnl shot through itho heart put
him uut of his mltory.
This nil occurred nt (lost cri>ek, n
branch of the South Fork ol tho Klk
rlvor, during tlm recent hunting ex*
puditiou In whicli Cliief Walker and
Hurry Wiltshire .took so active a
*■ '<■.   jKronionri>jrfjcorro3pon*.oBt
L- FMnk.X*oro8i<M- Ib In'-Tobttceo'-PlalnB
looking tor boof cattle.1. ..  .- •
• Mr. Geo. GeoUKeon, of Craribrooki'
was tho guest of Mrs. Grant "Downiiiij-
for an ovoning,
A. Mulz, ofthe Ft. Steele Brewing
Co , of Fernio, spent one day in Jatfrallocking after business.
, Mr, and Mrs. Grant Downing spent
iho,J,i8t day of tho season fishing, making a qjjLtch of 75 fino trout.
Coroy Dow, of Wardner,. nnd Ron
Field, ono of Jaffray'a prosperous
farmers spent Saturday in town.
R MncConnoll, of Cranbrook. spout
Monday ni(*ht hero where he held
services jn the school house, having a
good (ittoiidouco,
Mi-* Stephenson^ 0/ the Moyie Lumber
Co., and George Piirkor. of the Enst
Knotonay, woro hero for a couple of
days looking up timbor clr.iiiio,
Chim. Luudberg, who has been con
trading 011 tho Vak  rond hns ruturiipil
to IiIh home hero nnd reports 0 very thing
fiouriHliing lu thnt pari of tliu country.
Charley Luudhcrg nnd G, Downing
start Wodnosdny morning/or thu Siimi
Creek rnngo fbr n three days'-hunt,
They o„x,|iocl ,to return wjth uovurnl
black tail door,.
Mr. and Mi-h, Urnut Downing spent a
dny iu Cranbrook tliu guu.t of Mi. nuii
Mm, tiuti'.'gu CiuoiiKini, lu thn uvoiilu;-
all| attended 11 diiiicu ut Mitryovillu ui
the Uoynl Hotel, where thoy lupoil
havinj' nu enjoynbleuvoiiiug.
l-'rum our own Corr«irjionilent
Georje lii.-.c'1-ofl wa*. back  lin:e last
\v«eU buying  stock.   lie   boiixlu mul   -*
took off .vlili hiin a ilou!>lc deikc; car .
load of pigs to liouners Furry.
J.WDnw has .his hothouse nearly'
cotiipl'ttoil Hiid w<f ar« expfctiug' rokcs
and rhubarb in-January, eHotboui-i-.*-
will sh'irtly be an oxlcnsive nffsir iu
thiB country. Mi-»s Airowsniitb hm
the plans made out for one and niurj
are projected.    , ' .
A social   was glvon, by   the Metiio
dist church in the school house 011 l*'*v
day ovoning to get oil enough to throw,
light 00 their particular doetiiiiC.   '1 In*
nrograinnie of enteituiiintent cuntaino-l ,
the   usual   church   Kocinl   oitrnctit.i..--
'wiiich were rather .better jiiit fiM-wu:-..
thah usual and quite ."i crowd <i'- [>, r l-.'*.*
enjoyed themselves..
On Satuidhy .-ifteruoon ll.e I-'ii.i'.-.--'
Instiiulu was organized.   Th«-iiM4 ■■
includes from Kooti'iiay Laudiii'-: b '.
ltockies and .we hope to, ha*-;   1.
'members east of us join: m .
Mi-.'Andei-Boii, the di'i. „*---, . 'u -.■'  ■'
of agriculture, prt-bidi-d of  ...      -.-   -,-/
till   iho  oflicers. . ww--*. 1-,.     ,_,   -. - *.
President, James ComL,i--.:'.4 ,     ;"      -.
dunt, J.   Diuiciiti,   Dii*-.:.,.-^-'.'7'". .--..
Brown, French, .Jacks*,..: mi'*l *-t'■;--..-.
S'ec'y Tionsurer, Ric-lntrd"'!:*.-'.-,-.:,.'   ■,'.>■   .
Anderson carefully \se(it . v-:r v.*-' -,; --. - '
and objects of the institute, -'"ir" r-1   ;■!.--
the beui'fith of coopeniti;*it.  ;*:' *, ' t-^v .
of   tbo  CeuLral   E.\pPi-j.-';< -.- -.',   t'.r;-., ■
Ottawa, wlio acVompaiiinu Va;, .|i«-.!c-; ■
son, gave some details' ct t'l-j ?:■>.-:,s-. di "
similar institutes in ottie; r-o-'.-K/., •'....__.
Dominion.   After-the inee.u;^ v.;aj.-V
Anderson arid' Logan gave;. -.- p.';:- ,.
open air..demonsti-fltiou in tin; .->**.m... .
pruning, grafting, Ijudjiiii:',' etc., ivi:..,j. ,
was greatly appreciated by the nicuib^ii-
and their friends." Lithe oyeiiipg-'brith.
gentlemen addrehsed ,th?i" institute on
practical horticulture and tho- cultiva- ,
tion "of tlie iJoil respectivaly aud. afterwards answored many quentiorji. "The
plain skilful wsy in - which tljejr,[tlr<;w '
from their stores cf ij.fornmtioit .*iva'tsr
much liked Riid their visit wns n hap^
one for us and wiil be of much bonoBt.
Any farmer or rancher wishing to join.
tho.ljijBtitutn can do so by sending fjQi:
lo the tsjserelary trca^'urpr.    Amongst '
other advantages he   will   rceelvii/'nll
the  Imlletius  tiid other, iiiformntlou .
Issued by the Agricultural Dupnrtmeiit,
Local Institutes will alsobKWicourngcd
and tho coiubiuatlon \vl)\ hasppwiir io
the land.
Krom our own P(j.rrci4i»iii(ttiiit
Mr. Uar|)cr of Harper it Kent's
livery btnblcs.Ims sold his Iniorcst in
tha bustne«3 tolra O'Moll.
TimruJs qulto a bnilrling Ihkiii
iicre, new Iiuuhvh going up all arotiim..
Town lots havo doubltd iu' vuluo.
during the lust four uiuiitlis.
The lunnral nl .Mrs. W'.^Ikihi luuk
jjIjico ul lho cuiiittury dtro 011 Nov,
Cth, UcciiiiBfil nn old iluitr
"hero nnd had ,i'uiichud tho ripo nj;o
ui o^)ujii;s.
A now Itninan Catholic church will
noon bo erected at the ujir.n en I n|
thu town closu to thu Little Mow
river. J. Liiuio^o has given iho
bind tn hnHd it >■...
Tlm high wind on Friday nlghl
blow down tlm wuni Hide of Mr. Cur
vur's skating rink whmii is undci
cuusiruciioii, iiii-iibsiijiiiug an additional coat ol $'.'.'» hi wages to raUo It
Willi.- driving n humMi of horacs
Inst Thursday A. liuthn's horse fell
nnd rolled over him. When picked
up Mr. Hii'ler wns in a v»-ry lud
ktato Mud was tinei-nJk'i.iiM tor j-cvei-al
hour*.    Uo '.* i*-c*j.,:iiiiif tlowly.
A Goncrnl Koi^id: U|> ,.,
Tho JSTclson l^unomlstfljjoakJnjf ri
tho visit ,0/ Premier Mcllride jiixyti
Hon ){, J*-. .Green says that tho province is now in a good financial pc-
Hltlon and that Nelson muy look lor a
now ciwrt house soon. Also tho
scattered conservatives of Nelson
were all driven into one corali and,,
branded, enr cropped and otherwise
attended to, so that in futuro there
will bo no dinger nf milling or stum*,
pedlng. Thio Is lovely. Over 1n
Uraml Furks Hon. Mr. Green Btatcd
lhat ninny ri'ijiii'Sts for aesUttiuco
wcro mado -whicli the govcirninciit
would llko to grant II tlmy w,cro
ftblo, He iiicutiuiied Nclhoii and
Cranbrook .is wanting a court huuso
nnd public building and Iiitliniited
that as soon ns (ho government were
nblu to do so theso I'cqiiestH won Id bo
graiiti-d. Mr. (Jrern amid not retrain
irom tolling Ih.-tlmr Knrn-ll how
nlouly they had rounded up ull the
conservatives at Nelson and piij, a
club brand ou them.
Mien  MliiUtarOraon was in J-Vr-
nlii he hold out  no  ho\io ul h new
court InniNi'nnd NUggesieil   tleu tho
prosont,ptilnchiI J.-ill b turned Into a
court room nml  ilu*  piVhom eniii'
nwjni lift mud • Into a JhJI.    (Ju.- Mr,
I.08.1 .duitilil not- up a diviM-idou in ti..«
way ul'a twin e-iiiHHrviitlcn nsuein
lion and luivu the Prnuifi-r iiml  ,Mli,
inter (iroon «v<un» nowa  liuro  n-nj
«im*i"i!   M'«m   ' y   vi...ylh ,,;„.,„   ,    .
Mm laid wltl pr.'-m'-. • nl' .1 j;*..*-.- ^j.,
house.   Or In- might J ilu   i|jt.  ,,j,,
tit Ion along with Dr.  King of IV   •■
liitxik and so got n   proiiilsit of  1,4,.,
buildingKti* wellns  tho  iJoctej'   j
*v4,UilH\7>,       Ml.     \J11'C||    HiJ)0      W(|i»,
hero tlmt hu hud 4-*i.riU0 to Rpand on a
trail to tho Flathead hut ho didn't
Mmud any 0 it. Mr. Hoes nhou'il
altlmr ipiit nnd /I,'In lu his ovin
camp or join Dr. ICm*,'.
Dentil or .1. A. noiiiiiiiii,
J. A. Im-iiiiimII, (mi' nl ihu (Hi«rt0:4
of tlm (J ni. 's ,\p»t l'«»n <>u,l C'uhihIi -,
and sit Hiiiini'iii hiw.M'r, of Oumwr,(||(. J
on thn 7th in»Uiil m  hi*  re::
tht C.i,.lt..l iis-..   AvU.tuit.   *-..     .
brain ■ miiii.ti! tn  x,h •'     "
hUd.j ■ ..   \-.  ■;--.
Old nil' :'..-' '.-.I ,'i- -, (Yi -v.•* r'l'Y, V r^VV-i" i 'YYYYl'Y YY-v -~->Y ; At ■'Yi;W aH
k- v l <■*.;- i«Yy:i yYit*%!$ A, Yi^Y^m^^i^P^i!]J^W^^^ iif\v'4-
tl,  - WiH fC-l' V'.U <-7*-,Vr 7'   ».*,»,/*f J,*Vl*-J '1   '  " --..
ro.! -;;•;• j]yY • y-;; :;;AV^erBo»^
(lA A 1.    ,,A^^^;^
\«"y< a is-,^-7,7 . ,',,,/*, ,■.-. va-7„„ y, ■>>.-   -7,Ama7 , 77 v > y
' ».'. .'.,    '','*.' A A'i. 7 1. «' ■-';, w-A/".\. , • >7m« >K>5*VY:i •/•'.- /   .,v. -. -',,'^i Iif
-*•■* **•*• ""-    sr-A-'.s    Frank 'U-^CJarpoiiter.■-.*■>-*•''
,..:*.);, r : , \ '\,;-   .WeVearn fr^^^
'.;..., .;■;;', ;...;•' zette ,thjit.::Fr,an,k,,Q:!,Oijrpenterj;.i:he,
'■:'.;::'':,. ;.• !'::,-.' ^JrioW-tfottffi^
. A'"' -'A' y,Y i^i&M'^^ktfi'tffi^
edged ability for a ,nnmber of years and^
V Veems&tiUtohaveidtsof tbe fire, dfliin
, *.youtKfur4^ys,boKlIiirf,'iip in his BVflteral!
:Wo-rorn'ohiber reading hte eohtHbiitions
tothe" pijess twentyjfivie^e^vs igfan:*
V Tliegreai CanadlAr^Northweg^jn
bet'"written about in a'very cnt^rtaMriff
tnanner;Sy. Mr, Cai*pel)ter.after:bia.Jlrip
thron^h.tlie whpat fields faii-^riiDlniiig
district*, f
I .,4    1 ",   >
4,     •      il"
. *    hy'
4> ■ *
*i   ..j*
► tr ll,  *
».,   *^. ^
*J ^ <^A^( ^  *■
* *A    '     A   '
-dence'Of^ha^cAn^edonoi.-iiirfch s.jpart
'"WWi 'Ji"*'W,"'*      "f*     ^ i""4,ii'A  *'M   *"* >"7' >l V #'/,'"   ' 1''I
.4Jfe fcWf v'j1.' :^X^^1' ?*W
„are;^ubious'as.tojth.e ti-athfnliiess,of our
RTO^Iy parsed*'^ ttiat
•'Wrighti'ri wtonff;-:^>v*. r',"-.'.':%• •* \^'
'{y:,yy^ly-'i^inyi^r^i v/iyw J »i' •',;- '-/-* >A!-
' ilfy»f
"4 v-w
* .„* 41
. >    i J' i*' ihV» "•".' A; vi*    , •   '.   ,,' "J,  .f-i.'i.'"   i
iyu':;; idt-iho'Mirtieis; Divid-e'rids ■!"'v" * <■
.;.; Eprth'e.firsl tenfmpniiis.of .'this ".year
.4 «    <,*?*j..4,   Vt^.v *.»-!       »•»    !*»»*.(,    l! .^MW..,^   1' 'I    «' '   u J ».*',   <l«' HT*- ** I     I i 11 uli
nearly $6,ooo?ooo, in., dividendsv have
?     >*,       f 1|     *     ,U(*      >l     '« fl j!H»*»>^ »!,** 4» " *AkV4j»llff »*-     »* flfHW.1-1   1     *l-«V<   4 * I ,44 ,',-l4"4      |j f  ,   |)
I-41 >  -J" '
,(,l' ,r
7- >>    *
4  ,(■   •• ii|..»-'j.»     »',».|.[i',..'!«lk   -ATf KC* **  " '.T.'.IV"-**'"»,1 ji   ' Ji. ""  ".' "J*  ""t       ','-'   -"   W""    ">.$•"> vi'1*31
public, .It is •kno!-rvn tpbe abtiut'$48,-, *'     ,;V,a   >•;/'■?•• v!
; oocv! ^ -^^V' ^^S^
;^orj^ng;it|ndi Xpu'^Li^M^^ines.VVOn■v;v!V'^V.:^^v;^•vr-
,■  ',,,>■<]    7«->'   * ; '•; '       A  ',',    «i- *   i-'i'     «v,   11   ,    in'.'.       ,-•( >    '  .  1,    '.  *,,     <    f- i'\ii,^
vaccount7pflack of water and' the, option'}'
;-Held '$%{ H^eae^
pi'6pi|rl;iesflia^-'ihotj lu^n?:workeel   at;.
Jtjiei^H:fc^ i'are(i;said a^ ' /
,llivVpaid .iiiidividends about" $156,000
*dur,ijpg.jtliQ te.n, months;of ibe'yfear;1::;;;
f i'y*4.\
« •,   •' ii
" »'7" ,Vl
*   .     '^   C     1    '■
5   4
.*»-,<<    ,1
,"i *-n        * *
,«i   » » *. 1
I        li    1   'i
ir, %aM!fttion; Ioi\ aspyers^wiU be/held;;
at Victoria on the 4th of December;
^?? * n^u^'^ * *
I(t*       »        ■< Y ^xt*
M 'S. A ■.***' *     •.        it      *J
fl    *wm*m***smmm *f**m****^mmm smmmmmm mmf"^.
*,Af) V*.'.' ^'."   ',^,'<(1 *•'   ■   sAAA>"?7
i.f i ".. ''' V.i''   i.ii,J<       1        , y 11. 'i.i.».. 'i    •.   -..,.• ■» 1*     >. . ,i^kV;»*,'. '.un   1"   • ^  t •' j ♦'     ,    , 'V""
1J11 I iki, i      i       ,      .(4ii» ',j    ji   J * •     4   \   .        \ ,  4  »     , j .  . *  . *| . ,(      (( , ,   r^^mU****m^f ,        ^ ,      ir 1    i ,.  . *>     ,
, * mode. -iWhenfyOu want*anv*.l:call;around.
.-,* i' \ « ,4      4..'4     ,. ,k ts.«-k'ii      *«'Ki# <•?+..* «4   ■
1 7't
*       w * •*■*    pin .mr*<*«!i»  af*   "H    k »(      -*k
A  ,» * V    *       >"
IBrtf.  *     *#(B  jp  &4*  *r* $<4ft W    "»1   ft       w-*S»ff>*   {tl
u*«'|l'W   \ •*" t
*     «*
•-» 4 s'"      -V   .(   ft.   -,  -
U) 1
f-w * ^^w****^****™^^^.^^^ «4i* ^^ «lHN*-^»l^-%*-^fl«i«M»^
!**H«ljH*-.lj4j<.        " **■    ** «
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One uay m Meet oi Japanese warships
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'   *t  41       *      . ,4     I*    <J   *     I    1*4    '   1 i     *,°U > "  ^
." i'i^W'W .-iJ< .s"'^ J i'  »'  • '),'.',vr      ,'k„fV,U'. ,4, i ',''w>!  ">.*: *
, mmmm __________.___^_-_____ 	
VI'J   '   «    'I/,*
tt  |<   t*», jHjhlfl \  *!,     * ,"„>'   '        |<      '    I ','■*%      4     '<   j*    I*" I"*     " il' *   V".'   '    "    './,.      , »     ■
f-*'-" ''A "t A';>''"«'' ''fi;» ;!"' -•" ;,7U"-'"j;;" • .iVMl
"'' a-;'"'1''   '' ''      ^——ii       Miwi h
-' 4 if'W   '
i  I
ItPi-'1   ^ A\ '
i   * jt
,' y
l\'l   '*.,,'i
I    I  4     t
h     v
1,   ^
, 'Blf.LtfRD JABM-.y;'
^{{''^ff*•-!*», t     f|"      fl
It'."to        ,
lv» V "
I*-'to' «« ?   i'     '* '
',       if
'   "     11
4" 4 |
'1.1 ll
i,  I , il V
,'        I        <l I,     *4
_     ,4,. <t.
.        " '    if
tii  ft jyi?-*-    v-v
»      '* ^   ,   *      ,4(4       1l»      I-    "
*',**,     ,.     »*    ,   4.      *   j»l     #
I f-wHBniV3|Pr*"          '''.',.'■;..       .4,4    '..,.■■ i<   <:■■•;.:.       W^ J^^^sWtJtMSWSSSSsmWfmKHSMm                                                                                                                                                                                                                            '
i^*i^*    *^^*Sto**Wf>*m'' ' '         '     *'        * *,,,k'   "   '*  ' **    J J*'   "' 4 *» * •   *                 W*mm%mWm*^^^*^*m*m*w'y ^   "    t     »          ,       «         ^^^^ |~"^^»--     *, ,y ^,                ^(   l*,4<,i^,                   4i*      )?1 .  >,                      '„*,   „ ,     *.'n',\
'*»r'.' 'i .        • >    114" *    •' v "> i" \ \   ' ' i     '," '         ■* *-'          v,"' " ,»      t,7 '  i     * i-"' •-        it '           A'...   ',,^,1   f*,  , AivA*^,4i**v **j'»Af*,t4-,i# *i4 iWi+».yW
,4*?-^    *t-4-.|.         -*v~f             ,  ,  .-^<   ^                 j,     t      "^^          ^^i^      «   M        . v.                     ,,                  .,            '-./t-*    -1',-i         '■QlW-'Irl **"-?&li0   &■*■ f*#.»^,^4i**#ftB44il#rt-4^**« .¥    4S****mfta4  4l%4*   *rti^*   «*4?4^«4l^»il ^tt   *|*»*^w# it , *l-4»t^«4^4 1.|p-4,^(S4|^. ^,*.lm^»J|( ^     i,,^,*,    «^.i^lp#«»        Jw^i  ft*44«^*--
*« Vit"i'y**>  -•' * *    *'V7      '*•     " -i. ,i    i                             «•»;'», i     * 4w.         .                    . ■                            ■> '
- 4                                                                                                                              ,. 4                                                         ,                                                     -                                                                                                                                                                            ,
*l                                                                          I                            '                                           * f                                                         ,                     '                                  *                                    I                                                                                 **                           I       I                                                    .                                       *                                                                      *                                        11
11   ' V    * ' »» t 4 ft, ' ,
^<** 1 .-."I    ■*>/ 'r
.- '-   - .*   - o'-'-.3 ---^--■-   v-Av->'rc".'T;!-7''-". - -AvA'\ •-*'-''" * "■* " '<t'A;v.)--4. j,;--r-.^.?.'.---*,? j * A*
'-   7:"iVt-57ci3
^-^"'"7^A    "*■'""       ■   fwiiM|H| .-"-- wb>^- ■»-■-> A^m^' -*«qBffri rrrw«iTiTTtTifm' '■ -" ■;-'1. iiVA "'■ ■■-•-f/'"' ■-'-""* ""-"   '■ "":7'7„::.!:,.J ...-^*-•»•-.■--v.:   -        - '-W-  ";: "; ••'•,!*'-'*- .■   - *   J
- 4 ^    it
Pi^r-3 are sales.* ainahds going on,THrfTffiis7l8 tound- to> the aensatfon of the day. This will be the greatest
cutand slash sale of Ladies* wear ever held JntWs^ctolty. A golden opportunity like this presents itself but once
in a lifetime and no person of good intelligence ,cin possibly afford to let this chance go by to clothe themselves
at prices Ie^ than ^heactualcosrof the raw materlai/ When we open, this sale EWday inorning, Nov. 1 Tth, the
people of this vicinity will be treated to agrand bargaliifeast every hour of the day;
You Away From This Sale.
:■ '* 4-f''
■'-•■$ »>- ••
> t *w
«»- ■
-^ .
* »
WSS8 on FHdfly Morning^ Nov. 17th, commence a frenzied attempt to sell this stock in
Eight Days only, for we must meet our obligations in that time. If you value your hard
earned Dollars come to this Great Sale. Read these prices and Think.
MWBWmr'IBM-JWMIIMI^  '     ' '. '. '   ■
mm**1 •»
Ladies' Furnishings.
Ladles' fiiRt blnclc Llalo hone -worth dOc pair, only 115c
do    (anqy MhIo bono worth 75is to tl polr, only 30c
Children'a ho'so. heavy libbod, only 8ctB pall*
, Children's fino blnclc fiono, worth 85c pair only 12Jo
-Corsets; roffiilur 91.00 valuo, only <l()c
P. D. Coi-HotB Hold lor $2.00 to 82 SO, only OSo    <
Ladles' hyjjolouo VoHts worth BOo only 20c
do    Ono whllo aprons worth 75c, only t)0o
' - do    fino whlto haudkorohlofa worth 20a, only So
■*:.        Ribbons.
. Ribbons In nil colors, good width, only 6c yd
Fancy or plain colored nock ribbons worth GOo yd, only 16c
Laces and Embroideries.
Embroideries worth up to 10c. only 2c yd
Wlila ODibioldorlou worth up to lloo yd, only 10c yd .
; Cori.qt coviir ombioldory, now patterns 18 In, wide,'worth OOo
"' -'''   yard,"only')8o por yard
Val. LmftiH. all width* worth lOo yd, only 2c yd
(■? •«. (*■'*,■'■
Dross Trimmings,
Cream *
""    ehll
only 17 coots por yard
__. ..    worth 20c yd, only 6c
FIno chiffon ruchlnjr for trlmmlnm, all wldtho worth 60c
Flowers and Feathers.
Flowers worth 60c bunch only 10c
FIno Silk Flowers, worth 81.00, only 20o
Ostrich Feathers worth 82.50, only 05o
Extra lino OHtrlcli plumeB, all colors, sold for |20, now 110.05
Shirtwaists and Wrappers.
Ladles' flannololteclilrt waists worth 81.25. only dOo
Now Btj lo ilanne shirtwaists worth ti 00 only 06o
Fancy Mohair shirtwaists, all colors, now stylos, sold up to
t   .. 'i5/,00' -V?"--choice now only 81.75 .      ■
Ladlos' line shirred silk waists worth 84 00, only 81.45
do    heavy flannolotto wrappers worth 82,00 only 06c    ,
do   black satoon undor skirts worth 81.26 only foe
Muslin Underwear.
Ladlos' muslin nl|*ht'ffowni, trimmed., worth tl.50only75o
do    fino muslin drawers worth 81.00, only 46o
FIno corset eovorR worth flOo, this sain only l5o   '
lliwyy umlBrwmr worth tl 26, this salu only flSo., .
Stanllold unilirlnkablo wool undorwosr, sold tho world ovor
for 81.26 a Ktrmont, this snlo only 05o
Infants' Wear.
IiifAiita" lonff whlto robes worth 81.50 only 76c
Infanta' lonjr whlto skirts worth 81.25, only (Wo
Infants lonit wlilto ciulmiore cloakn sold for 6 *t 80 only t'l 05
Ladies Cloaks and Skirts.
Ladlon' walklnjr skirts worth 0 and 81 this salo only 81.65
FIno dross Bklrt worth 8U.50 only W.75
Ladles' fino tailor mado suits sold up to 810, this sale 87G5
Fino caalunoro toa pq,wus.fancy trlmmod,worth 818 only <8.05
' •'• Furs!  Furs!   Furs!
Wo wlll sell all our lino furs for less tlion cost.
Children's fino bom, only OSo
Ladlos1 fine fur collarettes worth 80 00 only 82 05
Long black noar Seal collai-ottoa sold for 812,60, only 80.85
Our stock bohipr tho Unrest and host M1LL1NEHY
ln tho city wo with to mako special effect to closu It
out at once so we wlll soil all tlio mllllnory at prices
novor boforohonril of. ALLNKW STYLISH Ml6\VN 1IKKK
Note. All Hats or Trimmings bought
here during this sale will be made up nt the
same reduced prices. '
Hats to Burn.
JJ|hbo« hats nil stylos only 76c
MIhhcs flno plush hats now stylos only 81.05
Ladlos trimmtd turbans only OSo
I'auuy trlmmml turbans only 81.05 "
Polo turbans, tlio latest s'.ylos only 81.05 .
r Ino trlmmml rnsdy to wiuir lists only ft.75
Hand mado trimmed Initi, worth t» 00, onlv IA,m
Silks and Dross Goods.
As our store room is limited we
■l}*\° !i° l)]l:lco foii drcss floods so
will offer this stock to the public
for what it will bring".
Note These Prices.
Fine -merccrlcrd sAIpi-iih in nl I culms, worth up to (,■**, nil co
In ono lot at lfn- yd '       b
All wool plaid iJiovh Kooiln, wuilli 7.V vii, onlv .-J.*«
.J-,0 Vr,;.H 8*'01-1-'» •lil J'1"1" ,;"-"" worili U)e only iir*!;
8fl Inch wnriliRlio only It*
Llftht cojored diuss dlmltlos worth up to 25c yd only in
■ i
Fancy plaid Tnf/i>ta silk, wortli fl.GO yd, i niy kvj
Hrwt Djipaneso Tsffota silk In all plain coltrs wortlr 8I.0T) and
81 ,'ik yd this salo only 46c yd
Ladles* Kain Coats.
Ladlos short ciavonntlo rain iojiIh, wrrtli W60 this sale
only (Ut.H5
All our line Satin Itafn Coats that void for 1.10,00 j»o «t t\i,%
| All our new Fall Millinery, Cloaks and Funs included in this sale, everything will i3e soi(i
* gardless of cost or value.   Come to this sale or you will always regret \X.   This sale commences *
1    €11     I \*mi
*J»J_j  '.
___,__! Ij   v-
The Great  Northern Salvage Co., of Montreal, Canada
This Store will be open In the Evenings (taring Sale.
*' ,.* !f;
Selling out Hrs. E. Todd's
Stock iii Fernie.
•^*ww^ ■!?7I-S^-
4"^ V>i.
iijiiili 'Hit.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
... An
Head Olfica \ TORONTO    '**
$8700.000 , *   ;;:?.-. RMt -. $3,5oo.ooq -••
-      Special attention is directed" to -the. following Advantages offered b-
1 Our Savings Bunk. -    "* .;..,...
Deposits of $i and upwards'receivtd, tind lyrist aliowed' at Current Rates.
A"tfr?tiiSat'itd !&lhe PeP°sh TWICEMn each year, :at the end 'of MAy^nd '
..^November.    Thc Depositor, is subject,to no.'delay whatever in'theiKuS
_     ,     , .    .:   , °''»e whole or any portioirof^the deposit; 7*; *'•,   7--> '
...Mll-fll^   GREAT.-BRITAIN'AN'D  EUROPE   Bought-; and   Sold
'7..   ' at" Lowest Rales.\  7 ,    "     ,.
T. 8. MAY,"Manager
Kotlce of Transfer of Licenser
*■ ''_._'_    r
IV?!?^ I#l'^efiP,,jr fivfn that I (n4n<i to ap.
rai-utliiflr cf tho Board oni lWo«mb0, istl?*}£$
for»ttantturot my liotol Hcens- for- a!* ™ '
D-t«ii tlu ustb day at Novomber, loosA
i,    . *\.      .. *     - ■**''»
THK FBRIflB UiUGKR, J>KteN'I!■:  fi.'c,,' NOVKMlJElt
A" SNAP. „Half acre In We^t Ferni-*l _nn'i v
£ &Z ^ °n _*« Pf W.' Applf-l* t.
J. Turner
i-ovnlo   Lot Mxld8"-e'Hiy't6rma
W0?^ »et™ -l^ffood condition;,
..  8n.a_p-;-„ln1l*il''? »* this office.
      For Sale or To Rout.
'„     -Tbnt sliced boiled Blundell'
i<t delicious. _j '
for Furniture and Piano*, liso only
• Liquid Veueer '10 and CO cents a . hot
f  tlo from N. E. Suddnby.        * - - .-
(i    x  , "*•-*. *    -   *• ■■■
Go to Wright the jeweller, for that
watch you've been promising yourself.'
Frit-on ar* greatly reduced. ; .*-. *
-..- Carmichael, the tailor,' lias just, re
.- Mired, ibc nobbiest' stock of Tweeds
for   Fall   suits   and   ovorcoats ever
brought into pernio.
• JD<Mi_t foiget Mrs. Todd's great mle of
• her Rtock. at  greatly  r*idti.ed prices,
' which,begins_Friday,,.Be there at tho
opening.; .
Yiju know you have lo get. lhat ring.
Why not buy,wKen-.biirgains are
jfoing ni Wright's the jeweller.
-.-' Let us make you fx fancy vest,. from
niie.of thQSfi choice now.patterns.- Coin"-.
Carmichael, t)j<
In ahd see tbein." J.
A tailor.'..'   '\ Hi ",
The ehauca ■ of a  lifetime   at Mrs.
•   TodJ's groat1 sliianRhtor sain, for oigbt
- - days,  beginning on   Friday tho 17th.
Everybody can wear a hat after that
The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
prominent   position  in Fernie only a
-,5-step or twolfrooi the C.   P.   R.  depot,
*   and convenient to business houses' in
tbe city. • '* ' 4     •"-
..*';. ..Every man owes it to himself and
Jiis family to  master a   trade Or pro-
-fciwion. •   . Read  tl>« display adverti**-
, ment of the six Morse Schools of Tele*
.graph)-, in this isssue and learn   telegraphy and be assured a'posilion.
,        ' Omnd Openlni?
The opening, ball at the Coal' Creek
Library and Athletic Association rooms
at Coal Creek last Thursday night was
a gratifying success. The • Fernie . orchestra furnished splendid music for
the dancer*. _ Many people went' up
from Fernie and the attendance, wiif,
large.     , - -
. The'm'aiMgfcinenl are lo be congratulatedupoii-themanncrin which they
cared for their guesls and they are
sure of Iqts of company whenever they
favor them with another dance.   "' r
The Association iu,conjunction; with
the officials" ofthe Coal Co.'have cer-
tainly added a great deal to the social
possibilities df- Coal Creek and the
people seem to be alive to'thB advantages derived from unison" ot action.   ^
ni00?"AL?t'. App*y within." --•"-"• l
Kooms To I,ot Apply Wf
ANx;TSi^NX oracE IJ0Y- Aw* to
* tolied. Wntom, Klk Lumber Co. cflti
. Ap
- -20
The Latest,Hunting   Story.
Chief Walker took,a rest from.his' la-
' "borous task of hunting for a suitable
../city-horse and flew to tlie wilds of tl«>
Kbckies; accompanied  by Harry Will*
bhire.    lliey  induced   Mr. A? Ingham
and his son FraniV'ic- go along .with
,   ,l)j-iiii'lo keep their camp hi order,  and
. to rub Ihcir wearj' limbs down with
.buck Skin and bacon grease, when they
returned weary and loot-sore from their
Jpng tramps through the hills in pursuit of the fleeting deer and the elusive
According to dame   rumor,  who , is
Always stirring up trouble,  Mr.  Wiltshire shot 31 j deer and ran tho,biggest j
- goat in tlie Rockies up hill so loiig thai
thi* gout's tongue  lolled   out' of hi.s
niduth so far tlmt he .stepped on thc tip
Of it thus'trlpplng. himself nnd fulling
Oi-cr a precipice,   broke his neck und
\i-ent rolling down, ihe, mountain side
•tupping' nl tho very door of thc tent.
Mr.  Ingham and Frank skinned and
.scalped him and wore preparing to chop
itho body up into convenint chunks to
.cook   for supper when  Wiltshire and
Walksr hove in sighl, much excited and
out of breath from lho exercise.1* of the
mud cIjhso liflor the gout as he rolled
"down lho hill.   They took tho carcass
.and hung it up against 11 rock nnd shot
"" -filne big bullets into it.   Thoy arc now
idling  their  astonished friends how
Mr. inglmm hnd found nino biillirtt. in
1h« hrast when   he  skinned him.   All
«iW hidlu of Jaud were fluttene-i out
into the uhapt*  of "ln*Gnd*we trust*
ilollat* from contact with the skin of
this grl-uly old billy-gojit,   which  wns
Hulliicli/tH llmbldt-ofit Fernio  alder-
mnn. . When  wv Inivo seen thoso nine
bullets and lhe skin with the big holes
Jn une Mt and ihe bruised  plntvu on
the other, und Ihe  horns,   which wc
Are told lire nine feet lung; und when
Mr. Iih-Iiiiiii conies forward and vouih*
•sfor tliestory w« may concluds   tlmt
Mime cnuy old goal did get scared and
jump ovtr the rucks 10 dsiilli,
Mr. Walker hut* tuned down the dfer
purl uf the »Uiry lo nine, uv ihut brings
..ilivnuHibvr within the limits of tho li.
r -.tWu*. held liythii party. We wouldn't
i-lllw In sK-t'iir (hut nine Is the oorrcrt
»juin-bi-r, iliuui-li we did »cu part of oiu-
ilfiir'.lllllHr n'11  l<»     Mr    U'tiMr(4r'rf    «vo.1
.tkliftl.iwiil wa have mimplcil lhi» nn'in
,^<nd caniiill it rviil  giwd  deer meal.
.Wjilker^ discunuected stories' nro wi
(Xlaruigty Juiiprntial:li> that   we refrain
irnui, printU*i.g more nf them   until  we
ill A1.** 41AU   4k,i*<.»4. \U tlCAIl lUiii Ivtlik li>V
.ether memhura of tliu parly.
jKilutasiiigiisc'ii crediilily In the ul*
itnoit'ldiiuipuct'-Hiu to believe that sov*
•rn ponies, wu'lKliing foiir-liundred
lpoufjdi<i*iHi,«coiiMxiirry the rurcas«eii
4*1'nine big dsur,«« n<ml uelKldng f*ur
1'Uftlred pounds, twivhundred jack*
r^lihiln, the iHildnu:, rump ri-)uip,iK«:,
the Kuns aud Waliiur all ut Uie huul.
Faith is devil-itwd n* tlu* viil>»iuni« o,
things nol s.iit, *jhI u,h>ii ih.ii hypulli*
«*is (Inerc i* *.h» i.) »jj*h.W4.- In thli
•lory. i   i
A Dad Accident.
Fred Wilkes,'telegraph   lineman on
the C,. P.'R. reports a very bad accident
to a rancher at.Cowlcy, Monday riight.
As Iho-eaHtbound express  pulling
away from the platform, at that place,
a man, in his effort to get off, fell   between tho platform and coach and was
dragged under tho wheels.   His right
hand was crushed to  a jelly  and' his
right leg below the kneo  was crushed,
Ho was taken on board tho express
and romoyed to the hospital at Macleod,
where = bis leg was amputated  at the
knee and his hand was taken off at tho
writ-t^ -His   nameJs J. H, MeConncll
"and he-h-id rccontly settled rm.a Taneli
hear Cowley,  hiB former  homo -buine*
Colfax, Wash, ;   ,     '. .. ;     _;;..",
Oddfellow's   Funeral.
• There was .a large turnout ofthe'
Odd Fellows'at the' funeral of Peter'
Van1 Duscn last Sunday.
The members bf Mount.Fornie Lodge
No. 47 I. O. O. F. met at the home -of.
the dece.-iscd in West Feruie at 1.30 p."
111. and  with  the immediate friends of
the bereaved family, followed tho body
to tlie Presbyterian church  which   was
filled to the doors by many   friends   of
the departed.    Rev. A. Dunn   deliver-
[a.short  funeral discourse-after which
the slow, and solemn march was resumed and the body laid   away   (o   iis
resting place with  the silent majority
on Ihe hillside.
Messrs Scott &'* had chargo of
tlie funeral arrangements.
Peter Van Dusen was thirty-four
years old nnd leaves a sorrowing
widow nnd one child, a son six years
old Mr. Van Du.san has been a citizen of Fundi.' foj; the Inst six yours with
tho exception o'f an inieiv..rof two
years at Michel,   '
-The first sessisn of, the county court
held In this city by Judgo P. E." Wilson
convened on tho 9th' inst. ami lasted
two days. There was a largo-llsi; of
cases and some of them had to bo' held
over until tho 22nd whon his Honor
will return and clean up the docket.
The following cases' were disposed of :
Tho Pollock Wine-Co. vs. Mrs E.
piise. Herchmer A Horchmer for
plaintiff. Judgment by default, $59 81
and costs.'    _ ■ _ , 7'   --.
■ .Calgary Cattle'Co', vs.'Archie Taylor.
R0S8-& Alexander"for plaintiff. Settled
out.of court,    A •;   '   ■>'  ■   - - -",.
** Crow's iNest; Pass Coal Co. vs. Wm',
Mills. Herchmor & Herchmer for
plaintiff. J, A. Hiirvoy for defendant.
•J-V^Koont roaurvod. .This was a case
wherein'tho plaintiff sued' for balance
on account of a sale to" tho dofondaut of
s lot in-Morrissey' Mine3 town site.
Defence claimed that the agreement of
ea!e was nul and .void aftor failure to
trieet payments'. .
John Lynch vs. John Brown, L. P.
Eckstein '.for plaintiff, Horchiiior &'
Herchmer for defendant. .Went-over
to the 22nd, ■      „ . •' 7' -   .
Hall, McNab^ft Co. vs. Alice J.
Richards, Herchmer & Horchmer' for
I'laiiitiff, Roes <S: Alexander for defendant: Judgment for plaintiff for SG48.27
and costs". :Y.       '
Wm. Cook vs. A. J. McGuire & Co.,
Horchmer & Harchrner for plaintiff,
Ross & Alexander for dofeiidant. Set-;
tied out of court. 7 • ,      ■'
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. vs. Mary
Ann Miteholl,* HercL*mer-.,& Herchmer
for plaintiff, L. P.,Eckstein for defend
aiit.    Suit for recovery of tenement,
"J'lilgment reserved
"    * ,J1*«motttowaConesI'>on(tent"
. Victoria:, B, C, Nov. 15.-Unless the
great Order of Elks Aco'-hperates   with
game lovers and the"provincial anthor-
ites in'special efforts for their preserva-
tlon~by;adopting some. other-.spegial
emblem-^-the,, scj*tfered  herds T of elk
(Ariioncatfwapitij now roaming the iih'
frequented.places bf >VahcouW Island
wljl very, soon be.-'exterminated.   At
present vandals, either white or Indian
are pronalscously * dnnghterUig* -both
bulls and,cows for.the sole purpose' of
securing the t»eth, which are iii-strong
demand at what tho Indiana, consider
good jrlces for wdrkiag up*, into elk
scarf pins, watch charms; etc;   In orio
particular spot near tlie head 6f s"vu-
quoi Arm only abouta'fortnight ago, a
British sportsman (the paymaster of H.
M. b bheerwater) came across the car-
cas* of four cow elk.' abandoned ..en",
tire after tbe teeth  had  bioii  drawn
U is but one chance in ten thousand
that circumstantial evidence is thus se-
curable, confirmatory of tho .statement
ot \Vest Coasters that a regular busiuess
8 being done in the slaughter of tho elk
for;{ their, tUBke.   According   to   tho
provinciaiB.ain(jlaW8il is u,llawfu, t0
kill elk cowsor calves at any time, and
«uly two bulls may be secured by any
individual in a season.   T6 slaughter
the common-deer for  the'skins was
considered   bad enough to   call   for
special legislation .absolutely prohibiting
all trafic in'duerjiides,- but to wipe out
the noble, elk" for tho sole 'purpose of
taking their teeth is in tho view of ail
sportsman tho limit of vandalism.   Tho
grcater.number.-of oik. on/Vancouver
Island aro now to be found at the heads
ofQuateino, Kyuquot andHesquoffin*
lets, although there are bands north of
Great Central Lake, and Dr.'Sopor and
Mr. Price havo each got a goodly  bull
this autucm,..on. Hutchison.creek. 20
miles up Gowichan lake,      "      '
Joe Marask -vs. Virtor Wiltcns. ■ Hor*
.chmer & Herchmor. for.plaintiffs, L7P;'
Eckstein for (t'efondaiit.' Amount claim^
011872.70,- Stands'oyer until 22nd'iint
Antonio Faga vs.. Gastona Sisca, Li
Eckstein for. plaintiff, .Horchinor &
Qnlg-g vh Conl Oo.
The nppc'iil from the decision of the
jury in the Quigg damage case against
lhc Crows Nest Pasi Coal Co, for
$2000 damage hns been dismissed by
the'judgesof the Supreme Court m
C nneston, FeUon. D Rtnlth, C Cnvrnn.
Mh'liol, J Suimiifo. Atlml, Ida, A.
Bit-mi nml wife, J Lnwis, V. \axw\h,
UoiHlin, JI NowIhii, Cntliir* Ont., ('
llnffmmi, W Yenrsloy, Bpoknim, S
IIiit.lil.HMltlfl, U Ilolioits,. i'uii'lleion,
I'm,, JI Wi'HHoU, V"—!-■-■■    •    *•
mUc,  Llllo, II
ShfJirer,  Coul
i'.lkiiioiitli,   b
I) Chill., Mor
. Cn-flk, 	
rmioy Minns, Hoy Ctiunltighmn 1'itii**
burg, It Lbiiij-, PuiiiIIoi.mi, T IJouin.l
uml wtfn, J'ullinan, C Fiirrell. Murrln.
mi,v MIiiiih, P Hutlnnlmil ami wliii,
Cslitury, L Urowu, Kiiiiilnup-, CHpurks
Vancouver, I) Jones, Wusliiu^toii,
J FliiMhirisn, Vanrniivpr, TT Mnionr
II NitUnn.O Hiiicn, Miss Sentt, MU*:
I'arker. Miss 1'atlPi-siin, J Hlnkii, Mrn
ti (lnug*nii Ciniibrook, A McLeod,
It Thompson ami wlfi',,1 Thninpnuii and
wife, A I'liilvhnr, Michel, II Uiiimiiijj'
hum Pittsburg, 1) McKay, MrfRST
i-.Tiaiuiim, V .Nnwlioii»,'. Coul trttU, V
Samhils. Scrftnton, F Wood, {IomsIo.
.las Null Mnrjuville, C Wliultiii, Y^Njiiir
XCItifir Kihvnnl
Horchmer for defendant.   Settled-out
of   court.    In  opplication   for   costs
judgment recr-rvod. ,
Guiseppo Cnstanga vs. Gnslona Sisca,
li. P. Eckstein ror, plaintiff,. Herchmer
& Horcliraor for deffindant.   4Scttlud out
of court.   In application for cost decl*
sion reserved. ' '
J. D. Quail vn  C N. P. C. Co. et al,
L. P. Eckstein for plaintifl, Herchmer
& Ilorchniftr for dofondanl;.  Settled out.
of court.     Application, for . co«te not
^ Kiimmor & Fulljamos vo. C. N. P. 0.
Co. ot al, L. P. Eckstein for plaintiff,
Ilnrehmer & Herchmor for defendant.
Settled'out of court. "Application for
costs not allowod.
ltofclna Sproverl vs. Tony Cnrftvcttn,
Herchmor & Herchmor for plaintiff, L.
I'. EekstHln for diifondnnt.   Judgmont
for |jlnlntifffni'.i?SO nnd costs,
APIT.IOATIOM w Chamiikiw'
Application In tho caso of   Tuny
Oni'iivotta vs."F. D'Aloxnndor, L. P.
l-ckstoln for plaintiff, Horchnnir Sc
Horchmer for dofondnnt.. Application
of dofondnnt to sot aside judgmont,
griiijlod,        ri ,
In tlle „ciuo of Hoslna Sprovorl yg,
Tnny Cunivottn, diifniidant'saptillcjitlnn
lo Hut nhldo eJii'iileheoHiimmniis granted
R, O. Urinnoii vn Maria McDonald,
n|>lillcntion of pliilutlff lor speody Judgmont, grnntnd,
C. N. Trading Co. vs. Wm. McClln-
tonic, Application of plaintiff for nor*
vlcoa ox juris, gratitcd,
Triton.Wood Co. vs. Tonno. Api-llen
lion of dufondant clnlihing oxuiiipthm
from gariiisltoQ of f 10, gruiitud,
lliinu Urns, vs. Adamson & McDonnld
plaintiff's application for services ox
Jiii-Ih, grant ml.
County Court Judgo Wilson Is, por.
Iui|;ii. tho youiigi'st ni-enpniit of such a
poiilion In tho Dominion of CjijiikIii
nml has hoforo hlm a long period of
u-iiihI eorvlcn tn tho country If |m Is
liliikHud with itood hmiltli and Ktriiiiiitli
A, Judge's  nllk-lnl   life   is co-nxlstont
■7lct6rla,,B. C.,' Nov.. 1B:-Dnprece*
dented complications threaten  to   present Ihemsel-f-os in .connection with tho
Nelson City seat in tbe provincial* legislature, which John   Houston, Wyor
also of the "inland capital" of British
Columbia,  was  duly   elected,to  fill.
HouBton, as is a matter of continental
knowledge' fled from a thickening cloud
of financial diliculties; and is at present
settled at Goldfleld, Sova'da,, whero he
hopes to  retrieve bis  fortunes  sufii-'
cioutlyto liquidate all British' Colmribia
c alms against him.   He :'has -resigned
the mayoralty of Nelson but states emphatically that he will   not  resign his
le-fis ativo, responsibilities,' Suggesting
thatvhe will.take advantage'of the protection ofthe Independence ,of Parliament Act and return to discharge his
functions as a member during' parlia-
lnentary   geUione • .Premlnr ■ MnW,:^
M-abiscolleaguo.Ho'!. R.. F. Green,
• "11 '    ■■■»■■
; -'..ftoaitliB Herald '
Harry Milton has built himself a'very
comfortabte I6g caWn on Ha-Ha creek.
"; Attorneys Ross .and Jrlcrchmer, of
Fernie were attending "court in Cranbrook this week.-   -i*...       -       -,
- James Croniii, of. the St. Eugene
mine; passed east on his-way to*- Montreal on Tuesday.    . A**.   .
J. C. .Drewry, mining * magnate,
fisherman and erstwhile politician" was
renewing acquaintances .with our citizens a-few days this week.    -'
■ James' Ryan- left Tuesday for Emeryville; Cal., where; liis string "of race
horses are new Quartered, and will remain there'unlilnear lhe holidays. -' ''
,     t •,. •■   .> a *■ • %
W. F. „Gurd,, the retiring secretary
oftheiM. M-. L. -Association, was ^jln^
attendance at the meeting of that- organization in Nelson. He returned oii
Tuesday. ''„.',,
Dr. Hendryx, who, was-at  first associated with the promotion and-working of the Pilot   Bay   .smeller, recently
acquired by the .Canadian  Metal  Co.,
of Frank, now announces that his agitator process for the treatment of low
grade ores by   the   cyanide  method is
now, demonstrated to be a success.     It
has been exliaifeiiveiy tried at  the  Reliance mine,  near Rossland,   where ii
wiis shown, so Dr. Hendryx 'says"', that
provided the pulp is crushed to 80 mesh
size (lie percentage of extraction is high
enough to afford profitable  treatment
for $3 rock.'. Where in "ordinary   mill
practice from 13 to 15 pounds of .'cyanide is used, the, new .'process,' will re-
5"'fO only thrco.pounds,. or'Wen  less
where the pulp --will not slime." '
;-.-   -'.:;AA A   ?RESH;AND NICE -A,,':,.
• -^i'^^sc^ 1
n. r   I'ettjjohns Breakfast^Fooid, Orange $ef:t  'i:& !<4-
y Y-  :Q^QK Oats, Wheat -FlalcesJ-    7 •;:*'■:/■$, ■?;-.'•**-.?
V*-'-! ^Shredde^Whiolef \yheat-Bisouit*s:> 1 -"- .A.Jw A^.-,.
Prompt Delivery      "":-    i.
g    *, .      1   ..       '§
§   ,-= '-'" 5      '■ '.   I
W J[7 Blaffleli
\the Pe0P»e*5 Grocer,   Pi.'b./BIock*  Ferni.
We have been fortunate in %yinff a 1^
quantity of
la rake is
with hU gnod bi'havhir nnd gond hoaltli
iiml Judgo Wllnnn liiliigi to hlH now
diitliiH a well liji!jiri('(*i| and vi-iormiH
yoiniif mind coupli'd willi tho hoot ol
tt'iihilng for thfldutlim of bin ponltlon.
l( I'rlfn, A MvKenne. A » LnHnne, It
.SuUim, ot Uut  llnrolit  NuInjii On, II
Fall', I. John*
('ofl^raiii! wIIh, (Iri-ar
•'in. J Johiiioii. Siiarwoial, T'llNgnhaw,
(.'•aliaiiaifi*.   W  H|Mnii'i>r.  Hnyiu««i. \V
"VII.  J   R-ill,  II (j'N,.||,   f> l^u!,:,   ,|
t>l*K'JM, Klblllltllllj,   IJ     l'.'lpll'l,(l,    High
Itirm, Mmn INttui-iioii, r Mni|>nii. .1
Hi,rni.lii, Cj6ii|.ro'»k, I) WjllLium,*
grtM, rMiniih. A Xfi-fJii'M', M<inUii>v
.Miur«, A Minilerruiii, Minlwrly, (»i;1»
Iloiton,  Winnlpe^.-
Tin' iiu-inbi'W ot llw Dtjj/jiri^ivjii
f.inilly who wen1 taken to the Hospital
from Wenl Furniu hint week nrc Ini*
proving, .Mm. [Junnington wnu able
to lunve thu honpiiul on Mnndny and Ik
4j>J.I)i.'Ii!/! cured for nt lho Alanwu by the
Lrtiln.-i.'ikn'.-vDWiii hniiviy who Kmli
slrpu to have llio f.uuily uunt io lh«
lin-ipllnl. - Mm. Dcnuington'ti collnpye
WJii.due, fnexhiiuiilnn from overwork
nndiinxieiy rut tier t Iuin from dicentti
am! will noon he nhnut again, *»-■'.
The Lndles Hcnovolvnt .Si^lfty Jmve
' inui*li to kIIl'vI.-jIv ilm jjJlfcrii.g of
net'ily people und in unccn'r help|en»
fhilifrr-n, und'lM ini'trln'n. and tl*i*;«»
wlio n^tv.t llicn will sni^'ly receive
Ih.'ir reward, ./
IKIK.V       ., * ,+ -*
iTKIV.-.t I. VMt.iy.^iiLtimjWi'Mnvi'm'
have made tho public announcement
niiyertheiess that.stws wilUbo taken to
vacate;,.the.caeat,'...-.pj-tsumably bv' the
government lintrodviction- of< a '-bill in
parliament uuso^tipg', the preuorii -in*
-aimbent..,Jf.tliisIJ/epurfle -Is adopted;
Houston being heroyuija.. niernber, tbe
proceedings will be *w lively an a South
American political criuia.  -,-
jMr. JIoiiBton iii Jettors to friends horc^
contradicts thc statement that "he has
forsaken British Colupibia pormaneutly.
In a lottor just received by your correspondent from GolclQeld,. Air. Houston
not only reiterates his iutontion of ro*
tainlng his seat in tho Houeo, but iudi.
cotes plainly i,|8 iriteutiou-to roturn
ovontunlly to this province. .
."Whilo I hopo to catch on horo," he
says, "and mako Bufllciont to' do things
when I-return to British Columbia, It
will bo hard work and no end of hard,
sliips before I gain tbo luet' point."'
Tho tono of Air. lloiu'ton's letter Is
indicative that ho retains, his apprcclo*
tion of humor oven In ndvor»ity. Speaking of his prosont placo of sojourn, -ha
soyas "Goldfleld is on a doBortj hah
5,000 to O.OUO |ioop|o, ho'iisod in touts,
cmivnii hoiiRes, lumber shacks and a fow
good substantial stono • buildings, it
Ims every modern convenience, Including orchestral muMc at dinner, and faro
baukaud crnpB afiurdlnnor, and broak*
fast and luticlioon."
Thoro is a touch of pnthos In another
I'ftrngrnph i   ,
"Icmuo down horo'in tho hopo of
ciitchiiiu on, and wont, to work as a
printer, Ah my oyesight is vory bad
aud I hnd dono no work at a printer
to ispouk of for t7yo«r«,it was a trlllo
trying but I got oloiitf, and for a whllo
worked day and ulght, helping to got
out a 40 pngo Hpochil edition of a 0 col.
newspupor, lu on ofiice that Ims hardly
enough mntorlnl to got out four pages
In good slinpo. Hut lho paper wan not
no bad, oltliur tyiiographliially or from
a loiininllfltlu vlowpolnt,"
Uf (loldflold, Mr. Houston writes:
"8omo ol the initios hnrohitvoylddod
rich nmirm for tliu labor done, and a
ifood sluru of the returns wont to poor
iiibii. Tlm camp linn yielded 15,000,000
sincu Muy llijili thn doupost working Is
\m tlinii uo font, which shows thnt the
minus urn not much moro than pros-
I'uutu, Hual nstutuls high and rents
almost prohibitive when viewod by
pooplo who have lived for lung lu
llriiish ' (.-iiliiinhl'i. OIII('*.a ofimm, (i.*
the main stro-t, rent for 1-200 a montli,
and tt.roomed dwelling shacks for Uo n
month, PinvlHlom tm 25 per cunt
higher than lu tlio lutorlor to win oi
*    Fernie i» Lively
[Rossland Minor] • '
f D. V. Mott, editor and proprietor -of
The Fernie Ledger, was in  the  city
yesterday on a business visit/and gave
Tlie Miner a short interview when seen
at the Hotel Allan.    Fernie,'ho says, Is
very, lively, wilh  plenty of building in
progress;    Thecolleries of the  Crow's
Nest  Pass Coal Co.   are  turning out
about is.oootons of coala week,  and
the payrolls for Coal Creek,-Carbonado
and Michel collieries and for the coke
ovens at Fernie and ' Michel aggre'gale
$150,000 per month." . A new tipple has
just been completed at" Coal Creek and
is now in   use;    -With .a   few . minor
changes, which have  been  found nee
_essary._the_tini.le will.-gn'fin--be-oqer:i,t.
ing in a most satisfactory manner. '  "
-, In Alberta, he says;"thero is  consid-
drable activity in coal.mining   At Hill
Crest, the Hill Crest,Cpal &. .Coke- Co, C.P. Hi|.,;*.has- developed
its coal  properlies ,so that- transporta-
tion facilities are now^necessnry in order, that their output  may,, be marketed. .'The Hill Crest-company is now
engaged in, constructing  a two   mile
spur from thc-Crows Nest branch ol
the Canadian   Pacific railway,  to   its
bunkers. Tho Lundbreck Coal Mining
company at Lundbreck,.Alta., for some
time past has been engaged in develop,
ing its coal seams aiid now has begun
tlip'shipping of its output. . „
.At Frank; a few days j-ince, tho Ciui-
adian Metal company turned out (he
lirst'zinc from the zinc plant which ii
has erected there, and the plant is novy
in continuous operation. Preparations
are now under way lo add considerably tothe zinc plant.       '.,■...
At Fernie on Monday, October 30II1,
there was u by-law election when $40,*
000 wns voted for a sower system, and
$5iOi>o for fire protection. Still an-
other bylaw voted on was lo ratify 1111
agreement between the cily of Fernie
and llie Crows Nest Pass* Electric Light
and Powor company for the exclusive
privilege of supplying wider to tlio city
I'or a period of ten years. Tho bylaw
received slxty-eighl voles in' it's favor
<tiid lifty-lhreo voles in opposition, It
is now claimed hy the friends of tho
agreement that n majority vote was nil
that wns required to ratify the agreement, while the oppononts of the menu-
ure contend thnt three-llfths of all the
votes cast wore necessary for IcriiI ratification. Tho question in nil probability will go lo tho courts for setilo-
ment. Mr. Molt left Inst night for
at^-Wff cut in wiiie, Thi^wee^ We offer
thelota* $5.00 per pair^ Secured ipair
before they all gfo;  ^    ^       ^        ^
'Eideri'' Down
We have also now in ^o<^ta}f^^g^
Eider Down Comforters.  Prices froin
to $16.00.        $fc
Trites-Wood Co.,"' Ltd
We havo for sale 10 000 acres
of timbor on Wilson creek, a
•stream running into Slocan.
lake. Tho timber consists of
cedar, white pine, spruce, fir
and tBiniiriic, and totals over
175,000,000 feet by actual cruia-
era estimates.
These licenses are held undor
the seventeen years regulation
and have sixteen years to run. „
There Is a good mill Bitoat
tho mouth of Wilson creek,
through whloh tin*railroad runs.
T. hero is a sheltered bay upon
which tho site Is situated in
which any quantity of logs cun'
no safely hold at all times in
year, ,      _■,--..,
.Wo offer this valuablo property , for bhIo at "20 cents por '
thousand and will allow full
investigation ri'stnquantity and
quality of tho timber beforo
closing final. -
Mott, Son,
& Co.
Surfac® stylo i» Uk«
•2Un*>deep ben^t^w.
Tlio Yukon   Trail.
VlotorU Tlme«.
- auptT'ConHtntitlno„who Wt .sprlnu
itartod to out • trail into the Yukon
from Alborta, reports tlmt tho lint sum*
mor"« opoMttotis rebutted in 0t miles
twin* clunrud, graded, brlilgoil and cor-
ilinnyj'd irfiiri St, Jnlm* nonlm*.**,
Next mimini>r will sen agres'.er portion
nt this iiverlJind trull iiih'Io, and thn ful
losing Hiiinmiir llmrn Mill bu a goud
nnctr trull cfinncciloii bntwrun Kilinnu-
ton ami Uiwuon through llm inoiiutntn*.
It is i-xjiiii'tHl a i-allrotd »vill rfplnro
rlils trail w.lhina low yum,
IIooh mo a Dissipated Lot
How does lho busy boo improve ench
■.hliilng hour? Ho dosen'l. Drake
Wilson, who knows all nhnut bees, says
iiml lhe bees rest winters, just like n
bricklayer or hike millor. Not only
(Imt, hul ho asserts Hint tho big licet,
nnd thu Iittlo hee*j am bu found drunk
In iho vineyards, They sup the julco
•if lU i.uiftigi,i|ic_ until lliey nro lull,
thru fiilJ jo ih,; gj.a-.iJ ,4,|J hl»CCp ort'
Ihcir debauch, They even know
enough not lo go home tvlth n jng,
And so nwuy goes the last vestige of
the romance Hint wjis supposed lo be
Mitnched lo Iho bcehlws,—C',
I. T., Star.
Tho Comfortable Way
Semi-ready hat
often been complimented by good
judges of tailoriiig pa
the style its every
garment contained.
.,-,,-.., ■ * ■ ~ ,-.r
•        , * *   .'      ' ^    1        ' * *«       ,l
Tlie compliments would
have turned cold long ago and
our business faded with them,
if Semi-ready style was not
built on the firm foundation ol
the best tailoring and guana*
teed materials-
Get style in your clothi
by all means—but get it so ft
will lost ,- '•
1 if
The Semi-ready label is not!
only a guarantee of style, bat
also of shape-retention snd
lasting wear.
A Nowspnpor
Tlm Lethbridge Herald comes lo us
bright nnd newsy, Slmpion nnd IU-n-
uelt will uuike the Hifrald go and it
will he 11 fai-i^r In mlvertiHing Leth-
bridge nnd surroundings. The new»»
pnper hunintM, like any other busl-
iicss,depfend» upon tho Indulgence and
business energy of Hu* mnn Iwhlnd the
gun and thou bojs will he Micccm-fiil,
Huul Down'
DM a in ht.
I'M. 11 in
7,4/t p 111 '
0 ft) n m
Ht, i\,u,
• Dully o-Kccj.t fmnilwy
' Itonil Up
»10 p ro p m
11 tf) p m
P.m p m
(I r,f, .
i*iv < on 11 m
Uv fi.ixi p m
You leave Fernie
nnd nrrive Seattle, Victoria or Vancouver
I'or it«UII».| .iifnrm-t.nn,!urlhi*iw.
1 »i li/iu, «ln,, ettii mi nr MililrctD
FERNIE  -   -  -   B. 0.
flcriurren Bros.
Sand, Llfrsc & Wood
Ontofi In Murof How Voon Dlonk, V«rnlw, no.
II. I.,
Tlu> Crow's Nest Trading Co


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