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The Fernie Ledger 1906-01-03

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'/?  «
Volume I, Number 22
X a
I- K
n- (\
Hi* O
*fiL^iL>> '^Jl IL-^1^
.Local Happenings in and
.About the City
interesting  Items   About flany
, People   You Know
Philip (Jaroxella went oast last night
bound for Caruagie, Pa.       A-   " ;:■*'",
,F. A-..Hill,  of Scuttle, is in the city.
Mr. A. Jojicn was in Cranbrook tho
ifirft bf tho v.eek.
A"    Don'l forget thc. board oftrado meet-
iing tonight nt the court house.
-..' Many callers mud.** tho rounds 0/ thoir,
acquaintances on New .Year's dfiy.
Mr. and Mrs.-Stewart, of Carbonado,
loft yesterday on a trip to Spakano.
J. S T. AlcTxnmlor ia * I101110 again
.from his. holiday'trip to Lethbridge.
G. 0. Jewell cnine in from Juffiay to
.take in the masonic ball Monday night.
Louis Wllputto, of Frank, fraternised
•.with the.Fertiie ina?oiiB*Moii(liiy -night
Mr. Donahue, of tho Trites-Wood
.Flore here, has beon tranu.ercd to Mich-.
,cl. ",._,. | .
IT. N, Gayler and wife of Colemnn
-came down Monday to attend the Masonic hall.   .
»     ,,   4, -
K. W. Wood loft o'vpr thn Q-.--N Mori*'
day for a living .trip'-to 'Spokane and
the Coast, ' .' _,   , _.
Miss Francis D.i vies .ins'haiVa Fori.ius
'.battle with typhoid,-but  in .gradually,
: recovering. '"■' "
-. I-
Ticket cleikC. P. Ward, of the G. N..
.-went to .S|:ttl:*.:ie   011 Monday  to enjoy
. it. sli'iirt' lie!
Mr aiiil Mrs MeEwing left ''Monday
night foi- Ontario for a 'holiday to be
guiio foyorjil weeks. ' ■" '-    .
C. P.vlldl and wife, of Hill Crest,
•were .''.'monjr the vKitois (rom up the
• Crnw, Monday ni-^lit.    .
.Mr. JolnvHarper loft by the Non.li
-oni on a-jntirrey t<> Liverpool -and ex--
]. 'vis to b'e-^'oi'.e'BeveralVmoiiths
? '.'*"'*,"
0  Gs  "Whiteside,- Piiperintfindoiit of
t)-M l,ii;e C0.1l Mine=, jomeil' tlie happy
■thrniisr-ofdiiiicorfiuttlio buli New Year's
.iii|?.it. i - - ■
k 'it
"0. N7ycstrrd.iy-bound for (.'idf'oniin
where tliey Intr-i'd-to upend n few weokn
;annng the orange, blossoms.
* Mr Stewart and wife ,p1 Carbonado
-.viiii) anion*? thepurBuei'H of pluHSitru ai
"Moiidnyjnlfrht^lifiM. * Mr" Stewart- ip
inanager.'of^Jio"'Trites Wood store at
•'Carbonado.''"A'1 ,' '•', ...-'A'*'"" ■"'" .
,;-,v_..':. -. 4.'.K;>-V.1- ,.,," '.
City clftrk.. Nunn'--ftxp'ectfl.-to-" have
.a Ktatemoat'of tlm conduct of;--th'oj: inn •
-K.cip.il affairs of t*l>o city of.lWnbydur.
-iUK tho past'.your,". roa'ily,for ■.itull.-iitipti
iby tliiwoiiU of-.the'w'eckVv-J.
It Ir rumored' lIifit.v.,Tlios.'.VWlielan
bai sold tho Napiiuoe hotel. hnslne>i to
■f-'lmou nragoii.'but iiY'v.r.-h^.;,,i-.bsenc->. "of
'Mv Wheiiui n; tho Conr.t," not him? def
rinlto is known aljout-tlihlrniisaciioii."
Tlm Cai-bhlivf/ipton- business; the now
.Htation building ami dnlngates  to   lhe
•conveiit|pi'i of lhe ansoclnted bmirds nl
Crimlivobk nro miitti'iM'tiir.t phoiilil bo
-di-alt witirnt tonight's 'lneelii'ljj; of'lln*
'honi-d of--trade*.
.i.        ...
The votoi'fl'liut clo"p(l  Inst R.itui'dfty
• cvfiilnpr with 2fi!.-<»innos enrolled lluirc"
on lUShoiisuliOidi'i-a nnd lli'imaeliolil*
ew wiTo^iillseonllnuoil i and  112 now
'..uiim-.-- -t-jljdoil to the .list lenvlng tlio
.number.^.ho less thnn hint yeai'.
il. A'. T-trlcUcr loftifor tlio prairio liist
'lilght. Mr. l.t-lcl-er has not fully di"
.clileil whero ho will locntn hut ovpncls
•to Bottle that point in a f«iv days, UIs
Fernio fi-iond*" vflsh. hiin 11 pi-onperouH
ifniiii-o wlioroVcr liodocldos to ji.it down
■iiiH utako. ■
'THntrlrtpnnfiotifyflr npeiil, J. P, Carter
.of tho C. y.'li, wiih In town n-rnln luu
•week. Mr. Cnrtflr Is onn of tho moi-t
]iopulni' afllelnU ol '.thin great railway
fiyHlt-m nnd In nlwny« 11 welcouio vUllor
in Fornlo, JUx t'oport* n rcoiI hollilny
.1'iuiiiifitifi In tlio |uiHROii(ror diipiirlmciit
-nml Mny'1 lilu rnnipany oxpeoU tobi'nuk
!tlinruco.'<* njfnln llilKyenr, ,,
Hov A. Dunn left Inst nf■$-'', ovor Hie
■C. V, H. for tl.e east, Mr. ninin's de
■pjirtiiio from IVnilii In dpoplv vocri'ttml
liy his roii-arri'^iitlon nnd iiinny ether
.frlmiild. Iln wlll spend .somo time In
the ctiHt but mny lie expected lb (alio
lin hii rt'Klil'itii't* ftaMln pomr-wlmro In
ithn irn'Bi nnil ifrowlnar wont, which lin«
inlo-intiblu- chVirrni. for nuh stieiiuoiif
.worker* an Mr Dunn.
'•rim iMily .Ni'Wfi' criili'lun nf Mr,
.llt/liiiloV j>j'4.edj .at C'r.intir4iul. iii mil
nn.vtliliJk*- UH.o /is irooil rejidliij* im (lm
•jpeiuli lt*»*lf. The NVw* np(.enri* t4-» In*
nlono In si'cluij any H-iiig rldli-uhniH lu
1hn    speech     In    queHtlnn."—NcUnn
,4,4.444,,H.4-^l 4*44V      *»t -4.1^44-f      i',(1    Ni'Htl     | *,
.iiloiin In fiiiiliur tlm rtd|"uIoiiii In the
pic'iniiM-'H cpcecli. t AU.Ilip abor I's In
llm country nro Insldo Iliu »peecli'.
! ' *
Tlio prplimlnflry licnrlnj? of Frank
Amandin, for tli* killln*-: of Rnlirlel
ViY),/,n nl Morrls.iey mii-i>:( \\»n rn-cnpini
tlie nttenflnn of tiincl'ilrnte Wldinnler
(luiliifr llm U«l vpi'lc. KliiTwrmd Jlercli'
irtnr roprpnP'itinar the Csowu, \V I!.
1!oji< for Hip nVfriiil-int nnd I. I', llvk-
.'.'I'lnnnpimrlniroii iifllmif of a lu-othci'
tt the miml* ini innii. Tl,e liomln^r
ir«»rM.(lnili'd je^U'4'l.iy nud t.lu pili-
OUCH S4..l.t u-. i\*.- U...L
■'A. S. T Aloxasde.r spent Chris'trnas
with.friends in Letlibri'dno.
Mrs Rochfort wife of Colonel lloclifort
is.ex|.ectedto airive in Fernie .tomorrow.
Mrs. F^;L. Wriplej-wor'th willhere.if-
ter receive on ihe firof. and iliiicl Tues-
diivu.       " ..'•■-.
Thos Higgs othonvise "Scottie" of the
Waldorf left for Ens'laud.Saturday^tbbe
(»ono two or three niuiiths.
W. Hunter, lalo of lha .engineering
dcpartiuoiit of the Coul Co., lias goi.o to
Montreal on a holiday trip.
Tho newly elected oiliccrs of the K.
P's will be iii-italled to ni^hl at tht-ir
castle h.'ill in tiio liiu-k luiiiding.-
Major Langford, of Toronto,•nuditor
of the Crow's Nuht Pass Coal Co., .is iii!
the city to check up the company's business.
Boaivguessing  contest  at  Wright's,
jawelery sloro will not b*i deciilwl uulil
llm return of Mr. .'C. C.   Wri-jhl Irom
Medicine Hat. . • —4
Paul Mnlalt, a lipphow of Mr nnd Mrs
W. 11. Wjiimster. came up frum Winnipeg on Now Year's day to visit liis relatives and retunieu by_ yesterdays train.
Next Sunday evening,. Rev. Jno.
Kobsoii, 15. A.,'wil! preach'oii tlie sub
-j\.*4*t "liis brother's keeper," adaptr-d
for young' mo!i ami citizins. All a;c
welcome      "        "    j'
C. C. Wright left for Medicine. H.-it
on l'Viday, his idaco beiiigjakmi by his
iiuthcr E..W. cf ti:tit town. C. 0.
Iircske liis ,'efi :in:i playi.-ig hockey here
ihe 01 her ni-jht and lias^ouo li'omo .fm
a rest.        , ,       ,   ,
Tl.e .Fort Rtosle -Erewijig Co. lefl ;i
pneka^e of Ciui'iliiitiK cheer nt tho
Li'.iniKii olliie whi-.li.wnb not of a solid
•mitnre, auA whicli, altlio' of large
quaiititv, did not last len;: enough lo
permit'of tlie boys in the .'mhlis'ime-;-
inakiiig"u|.* tl-i'ir minds ih-it they.didn'i
lik..' it. T'-.e.LiniuiOK I'XtCiids-ti. Mr.
Mutz and kin company its liest, wiEhcs
or a pj-ijsperou.s ncv/yti.-ir.
is -pni/r-
' The out put of conl at tho mines for
the week ending Friday,'Dec! 23 th,
iv.'is as follows:, 	
Coiil Creek
Michej    ;,:„t
7,-13(1 (ons.
;;l,fi98   "' '
.' -^ -*;:.: :• 1900' .';. ;';
-Tlie..new year of .190G was wel-
corhed'by the. b!owin!-*r7of -whistle's,'
ring-ing- 'of bells, .cracking- of fire
crackers and other joyous-noises litre
iu Fernie. The l:ut clay of tho old
year was like a I'i'irtin--*- smile fmni
the dying- lips of aii' old friend.- so
bright; so perfect'was the wc'U.kt
and while the now one was- bairi-r
Welcomed with shouts of joy anil
sounds of inciTy-iHakir-jj the old year
of ,1!X)5 passed n\vii,y with its rcxx.n\
of ji*ys aud ot -sorrows to, that ever
m-owing- graveyard, "The .I'a-st."
ITow many broken hearts, how many
sorrows, how -many "bitter defeats
were carried away by tlie passing of
the old year will not be know-- by
tho world as si whole, but its joys, ita
.-{OGil fortunes nnd its pleasures worn
not to be concejilcd, lb*.' thev were
moro nnnu'i-ous than the sorrows ami
no ono tried to conceal them. Al! tlio
civilized world, excepting-of eriii-ee,
-.hat unhappy nutautically cui-sed
j !.-inrl of Russia is at .peave, nud enjoy intr - the fruits of-industry. . Tiie
efforts of good-men to .bi-insy nboui,
better methods "of Kovoniment-'iind,
10 compel largo corporations to bo
honest,- have been rcwaidcd >Vii;li.
itrcaler success tliau has ever -bcfoi'e
been accomplished in ono year in the
history of the' political a:-d business
.world, and "the richest legacy llio
year 10O5 has passed on to tliis new.
year oi l'JOli' is tlie spirit of reform
that has boen kindled into n. -ro.'ii'ing
flame of public indignation'by.ti:o
4-ffbrts cf the .Jeromes,' the Weaver,--,
and lhe Folks, and which'bids fair* to
barn more fiercely during the" prcs-
e.iic year than itr.thc o:ie just- past.
l\\i nation in the world lias more to
bo thank/ul for than has this Canada
oi'oui'u at the close of so eventful a
year. Canadians can face the new
y'■•■•. r with higher hopes-and greater
expectations than can the people of
any other country so far as c.atari.il
prosperity is*, concerned, She has
only,the daiiger which arises from
ti.o much prosperity .from which' to
guard herself. With the example of
the evil effect of sordid^sciInhti033
of.thc-rottc'ii'cYs cf "corporate we-ilUi
Price, .$-> a Year, in Advatwe
poingrs iit Coal Creek
A-LedgkiiTrbprosRiitativo spent an
hour at*' Coal Creek last Friday He
found tlio new tipplceout of business
temporarly, and only nunnr-er nine
mine in Kiperatinn. Some, (-f Uie, ma*
.chinery seems to be too lijrht but wher.
these minor defects aro'vem-idiccL. thi-
tipple machinery .will,ho a great improvement ovor the o'd Dietlind. li
some places where-bolts were u-jci.
sprocket wheels and cliains is re beiii<j
substituted wiih good .results. The
demand for both coal and coko ia good,
and sale can he had for a larger output
than is now being produced.
Business was rushing nt the Coal
Creek branch.of the Trites Wood store,
and no ono had time to talk anything
hut business.
too small to' accommodide the largo
membership, now iiuinbcrinp; over 210,
and the new gymnasium was tho remedy adopted. .*.
The weekly daiice fealuro of the club
program ia a decided success One"
evening in each week a dance is held
in the hull and the handsome mnids ol
Coal Creek turn out in large numbers
i'o '-Trip Ihcir indit fantastictocf,"
"With their darling sweetheart .Joes',
And the boys neglect their tippling,
Whi'ist the music keeps a rippling-,
Then tliey all go home a plodding,
Through the snows,
When ,the morn begins' its bitishin
Like a roi-e.
Specially cuIJed from ov.
Aincrit'iiti Aijiino Olub.
Whilo in conversation with liev. A.
( Dunn and .Mr. MeTavich, of Calgary,'a
At Ih'/club rooms of the C. C. L, A.'Rwdays;
Nciri'iiiilions niul  EloVtion. »
'•"Thoro was no regular se/ision of the
cily council -!.'i«r, wook. - A. Bpccial i-es-
tJioiMvas hold- rit-'whlcli ,1. W; •Nun 11
was appointed retiirtiiiig oflicer for the
.coming civic ..election and lho court
house ramed-n*-' tho place where nomination's for .mayor and aldermen.ure to
ho 'inr. do oii' I hii l'filli in'st., and tho elections are lo bo held at tho snme place
on thi* leth Two member*! of thc
ei'hnnl board are also to to bo elected at
H19 sniiM time.7 -
Some tpiiel cannising seems lo be
going on in ivlation lo llie coming
civic I'leclinns, bill as yet nothing of a
ilelinlle npture lias developed, l'eti*
lions ai;e otil asking Alderman W. W,
Tiil.tlcaiii.l A. W. Hleanlellio -.slaiid-.as
candidates for Mayor, but wo"'do .not
know that cilhcr has consented lo nl-
Imv his iiiime toh.j used in thai con*
ih other lands before'them, the people
of Canada should be able to rid t'icih-
ficlvesbf ihis.iinc threatening dangcr
while yet in the vigor of- their piit-
.iona-l yoiith. Let'.aH "hail..'the' pew
year with high 4h.0j.Tcs and firm resolutions to make Canada bettor in the
.■jijhfst--sci.se of thn word ..'.rc.-iUso
of his efforts daring the year 1906.
A FIno Numbor
Tho fii-at Issno of tlio Nelson Dully
Ni.\vn in the your' l'.)0(i U a most com*
ploto iinil oxliniwtlvo'njvli.w ot tlio
prog rem. Hindi1 In the liiiliiBiriiiH ol
liistiuul West Kootonny during tlie
I hi h t yoiu'and Is.'iinoimmiHit to lho
p-M-flfivcrliig onciyy of Its editor, awl
lihi nblo staff of HBslRlniUB It Ih 11
copy woll worth prosorvlnt? ns n
I'el'ei'uiico book lo turn to fop valuablo
toforimitloii In tlinoH to come, Tlio
Nowh iMelMsn BUikln.r oxnmplo of
wlmt untiring push ami energy well
directed can nccomplisli, No'-bu.l.
iioss iiibiliutlon lit Soutliorn II. 0. Ims
dono moro for the iDiiforltil wd/.tro of
tlm country limn Iuin Tho Nrnva, mid
none him worked undor moro  dlH-
4 j'.ii,■„..(„       ^Ji.il,st.ni.., s'liilmill ii
llll SI)' Jtjj'W lli-i iilVLii {-/ ll* .iU'iiwi'j,
nioro In't'otiirn fur tho' iiwnoy tiinn
liiuany j>:i|*r In nny I'tlicr city ol
tho pi'oviiiui!. hn iiisws liiuJ iilwuy.-i
.bui'ii relliiblejiiid Ui li'.legi'iii.bl.' tiur-
viro ha ti been cijiiiiI fit all, h'iihj*} to
tlm best. Whllo liber.-il In Its pnlltl-
cnl tciiclilngs It Jiivj boon .'o.niiii..'.l>ly
froo fr.iii) Mu-rnt'ii-j'jiiiil couimands
tho respect ol,,Mlf press In B«iii-i'ul.
Tlio jiroplo'of NoUnn, r»'<?i..i'dluB8 01
pnlltical 0|)Iii1.iiih, Hhi-itld Aiii.rcHki)
thilrHiiplM.'i't ol ji jifii'cr wlili'h Ini'.
labored ho f.'ilibfiiDy hr tln.Ji'hitgj-
i-HlH iuul wlileh hiwilMtc more 10 w!-
,\cnlse llieir city llm 11 any other
li'is'uipssti.s'.uiitim. In tliiir iiild.it.,
M.iy hu liaVc iijjiuy iimic New Yt-.it
■.diliotia wl tim Iscii-Vii Isuttn.
;;   '-•"    'Ma'ioiilc Hall
"Tlicre was a sound of revehy by
night' hnd all the masons and their
friends-were there. Tliey were allain
excellent good -''humor loo, though
"Marie T.'ipley" would nlhiw no cr^'4'lil
for', good humor under such good
hiimor provoking circuuislancos, Our
Masonic, friends arc certainly Hie
princes ol good fellows when ile comes
to giving an nnnual ball. Slt-iiV-;
hall was lu^yer mi' beautifully nnd cl'Uv
uraU'ly decorated find lighted as it was
upon the nlghl of J.-ui. ist., 1906,
Flags, bunling, pictures uud masonic
embkris wore commingled In one hiir-
nionious whole, which, with lho hip-
are lights and lhe clusters of colored
lights transferred i-liu place Inlo a kind
pf a Giiidorollti dandng pahicu.
The Kernie orchestra wa* reinfiir^cd
by lhe iiddltiiai of Mr. Keith \Vhim.«tor
and his violin sh.ipotl wooden box full
of im-lodv. Riiiih fl comhinaiion put
life aud molinii inlo the feet of old imd
young nllho iuul every danco was tlie
poetry of moiion,
Tho hid I opened with a grand march
and '.w'iiH followed by wall*., (Wo
step, three step, lancers and pruncors
of all kinds,
Allil ll'iV.' Ulfj" IVHlUiici-iim f||rt (limr,
Now l!|. tin. Inn', lnilili)il, linfnrn,
Ami limn li.)W lo\4 In ui'iiciifiil >,\vi.|)|i,
l.lltii loiii-illnn *,riii,ii(i-ii'l|i|illfijj; ilcip,
Tliui) miiilii wl'li li'-oi nml fnii,
Illicit mid f<irilt <|i<.,v i.'njlii.y /.'»,
llll as seen from the singe iho i|,i"c*
ing H'i'iiicd IH;c one vnsi kalidloscopj of
of moving life mul Iviiuly.
The ri'fivhnH'iUs si-rvcil under llm
diivulion of Mr. Thos. Nrirl'is were of
iln» hi";! nml woiv innst ihuroiiglily up-
prcci.iU'd hy lhe lliiong nf gay lni-
mnnliy w I111I1 kept tl.e mage with il,*,
oiany link' l.ilile>: full for Iuhh-h.
It was the most liiroi'lv ntli'iulcd an \
iin-M I'lijoynhlo dance ever p;ivon in
l'Vrnlo and if il can be inki-n ns an indication of what is in More fn   ui dm-.
iii); the jvar jusi begun,   our city will
1.   ....
■ • 1. ■   1	
A. people were 1 laying - billiards,
checkers and wliir.1; or reading papers
ami iiiagjiziiio!).- There is a lonrna-
iiifiiil ou for tlio week open to nil coin-
era A-purce of ST.OM and a second of
So.00 is up for thu best billiard players:
llm sjimn for cheokurB and r.ltio for the,
jbuijt whist playurs. There are fifty
competitors, fo." tlio billiard prizos,-
forty.eiyht for tho whist ..iuul twenty
lor.the checker-,players' prissa._ There
is'.'qiiito a a ' intevest hi, these contests
and much iiiuiisctiieiit i.i tlio result,.
As yet no teacher has been secured
for the vacancy occasioned by the rev
i,'-*iiatiou and departure of . teacher
I.ettu. ' ., A' '
\Oiio of tlio most interesting places
visited was tha club rooms of i!.-; 0. C
h. A* A.. "Mr. Thos. Km'tii'jias charge
of this buiidiii? and f.jr tha uboi't time
tlio club has lieon open to the membors
and Triumla great. _jirogrc-'s * has btsei.
nv.-.do. It is only a qiieilion ot time, a
few woks or months until these boys
y-'ili havo the iinpst" club of its -kind in
the proviiice, Tiio equipment -will be
of the bust in every particular. This is
Iho only club of"tho kind which runs a
a Inir'in connection, where cigars, beer
and other soft drinks ara sold. At first
there Wiis considerable si;eciilation .in-
iiulgivd in as to whotlior it could be sue-
ceEsfall.^ruif-'dy the club or not, but'the
fact that then: is uo hotol at Coal Creek,
where drinks of any kind can be, had,
reversed'.ho difliculty in such anvsniier
as to make the pi-i.bieni of how not to
st-l! too much to take .prceeiieiico over
the question   of  iiow  areat   tiiO-.saLes
ic groat
would be. • As an experiment tiio. price
of a lar>>o glass of beer was   placed   at
Tiie cliri'lImi of nlliccrs I'or lhe un*
xuing six months of lihid'-ioiu' Mini'is'
Union, Nn. 11 \f hm«j held  la».J   S.iiin-.
live cents during- tho week and- so far
it docs not app-jar that1 tlio quantity
bought has boon incrr-ased by lowering
of  the prico. Tho- .club._e>ls.cntb:o is
cloiiig'this to determine" whether it i
p4)s5ih!3 to run the club ,it a profit with-
out'eharging too high 0 price for drinks
nt the same timi not encourage excess-
ivo drinking amongst tlio ir.rjmbi'.rs,
So far the indications aro that tin* low
priiia does,not in tlio least effect their,
thirst and the boys are learning that.
th-'j-Q are better tliir.fi- to "iijoy tlihn too
mtich beer,'si in ply heiiause it is cheap,
and U10 Coal Creek boys aro demon,
fili-jitlng tho;l',iet Unit v. community of
conl miners can run n club of tliis kind
successfully. Of (uniir.C'II w:)» not the
plaino*"! of sailing al first, but care and
porsev.'raiico does many lliinii.i. Ji.
was di'cldod that the bar should be
dosed nt II p. in , every night' and on
Sundays to have It open from U 11. m.
|o ] p..m„ and fi-oin 3 to 9 p m., which
yfi'.intx to work siilisfju-.lorly, Tun l.i:ui-i'
iiii would suggest that, (f din bar is to hn
opmii'd at all on ^miday that tho bourn
hi so iirrangi'd a.i not lo Iutorforo with
the liouis of chui-eh uurvli-o. .Such nn
nri'-Higeniunt an that would be an im-
provomoiH upon the loo freipient habit
of tho ordinary holul man prnlcnding
to hnvo his bar closed throughout the
unliro day, but in reality liuving It open
Jill lho ihno, As tlm Coal Cruclt Club
Ih, In tx inamitir, it private Institution, It
.ilnos not como within -ilic. ncopn of n
-common hotel .md the remit of their ox-
pi'tiinimt will 'a> watched nitli itituriisi.
Thoso conducting tho hiu/moFd am sincere iu tholr offiirtn nm! nn> making nn
lioiipst endeiiviir to pi'uvlihi a roi'pei;l*
able, quiet place whero tlm miner when
off shifr, can have a ploin-'unt pbien to
wlilli! nwjiy his hilMun- lime, nud lm-
prove his uiuuliil, iimni! nnd pl.yi'ii':tl
'eotidillon This iixpnrhni'ii) at Cmil
Crook Is somewhat along Hie linn pur
sued bylho Tnlli'd HI.'itcBJii'iny iilllcla'l'i
whon limy recounnonde'l thn rinuy cun*
toon to bn -*Htnbl!-'linl( coulciidiu-t lhat
Ilii' IJiklng nf liiu pi'olil I'lriiiont out ol
llio drinking Iniltli, a 'iiiiich ni po'tlii'i*,
i-i/ilpU'il ivilh lii'* pi'u\ NiiuiH of ImiiUIn
liti>)iitiii'i>, t-fiiiinti etc,, iiiot.-inl ol
tlm Mci'ili'iicil ifinnbllng hiibil, wniild
work a ^ri'iit born-lit   to  llm  hoMIith,
Till! I'lritl!"!! WUH lll.illi'illli'l   at   llm   III
1.11-,'iitlniiof Hm VV, t\ T. I' , hut It Iuim
hi'i'ii found Uml tlio c.'iiiloi'n Ih bi'lti'r
1.... 1 • iln. 4iin.ii.il1.->,111.1 ui, ,iini lin* caul ceil
HV:1 .li'.j,  i;!l '-.- a- t- '...:. '„ 1.
At ('oni Cii'i-t. llm club lum a lino pi-
jr,«, 1; y'uA l.-.bh* <iml a \n-!J Mi^piiid
run ill nu I'ooiii willi, all tint la.iiliiig pi<'
ihiil'ii'.'il-, jiiii'iug i.-lilch w,i*4iiMiici 1 ITI iv
lilJlplll.*, liifll'K llliil   llllll1,    III"   lll'l)'-
tiati'd I.iiiidini News, The Si-li-iilifh-
Aiiioi'li.ui and doxi'iis of t'u) slandaml
umnlhiy publi.-iitions, An Htnnd ird
i-izi' i;ii-,'ll-h billiard t.iblc IibhIh-i'ii ni*
ib 1-. d nml |i mi thn way from Toronto,
llll'l t'ul) Hi) U-f'l-'ll   nf   li"il! •!   .-ii. l/i   ),.
s a^o, the subject of mountain
climbing iiiirudi!'.! itself and our alteii-
lioii v.'a.H directed *to tho fact lhat
Arthur 0. Wheeler F. U. G.B., who
is in charge of llie topographical survey
of lho Canadian Jtoeky Mountains, had."
issued a circular loiter jidvocaiin-j; tli«
for.-nation of a branch of llie American
Alpiuo Club iu Ciiuiida. Tlio object
aimed at .is a worthy one ami .-h mid
cuuim.'tiid the ,'itieuiiou ami inlt'ic-L ol
Canadians, inoie es|.i,*cially tlm.«-e Chsip.-
4liaiis who live in or near iii
We must differ, howowr-^ wilh Mr
Wheeler's nugL-esliqii that people
should be a-*ked 10 meet at a city which
is further from the mountains tlinn is
any other city of contid.ii-i'.blu sizo in
lho dominion, for th*' purpose of form
ing a Mi.iuil.Mii C'iiiiibiiig Society Tuiu
would be too lunch liko.,forming a"
rowing club in tlie Sahara dasei t. Wiiy
not make 'Foruie Uie meeting placei"
Wo are in tlie heart of the gruiid ol;
Kcckios and ih'o socivty could oulivci:
lUeir deiibnratiiii.s by interesting trij.f
up Mount Kernie, tlit* liirue Sifters, or
In lhe Li/./ard run ;■■'. li l''or;iio, which
is onr tirsc choice, does imi meet wilh
llm f4pprovul of Ihu projcctois-of thu
scheme, then let liicui consider Banff or
Calgary, eillmr of which are far more
s"i:itabie for a nice ling of mountain
climbcjs than. Winnipeg, with its sv.'j,-
gestions of-,, pan cakes and ' prairie.'
Whilst we are in Uie kickingluiui.ir we
might as well register our kick ag:ii list
being a tail to the American' Alpine
Club's kite.  -In our opinion a Ciiniulia!)
Mountain   Club ma_jm_flr;ftuiizud^ju-
eatily    as    can      a   ' branch    of the
[From T'.io Cilgnrj- J-'.v(iopc»or;]
Chief Hot'lisii:    1 am going to  luroJ
Grit after January!    I've always   been |
UM'd   to   lots   ol   company".    Nothing
makes uic so tire J iis being   lonesome.
I asked n young lady
ll" me the wool J wed—
And saw a i-u-o gleam
In hi?r eyes as she said:
"Go ask.Father.''
Now she knew lhat 1 knew
Thai her falhcr was dead,
And she knew thai 1 know
The lifo he had Jed;
So.she* knew ilml/l know
What-she mcaijt when she said:
"Co ask Father."
John Ikirns, wlio  stopped off at Cd
gary/or a few days last Oi.toivr i*. nou
I.*ft this nioruing • foiy Vftiieouve-;,
wiiere hu v, ii! hike ;i portion un onn
of the-lapel's then. 'Art is an' al-
i'. md new-spiipeiMtnan, capable eif
takin/r'aiiv job
.R. J. li;;ic! lags, of Calgary, bat!
riiturntd li'iACX 11 -trip to 8r„ I-aai,
where be saw J. J, Hill of the Q'.--j:K
iV.-irthci'ii, and Mr. Hill ii'.uii.a'.cil
that in two years the (.>. "N. 'K. .aviK
■be in CaL-'ary. Tins is good nevce ,,
.or-Lfcthb-liig--.' too.
It is  learned   tliat, a  deputation _
waited upon lion.   L-Y-uik Oliver.ci-
Kdmonton Ust wcok  and urgid tlit,
apliointmciit of A. JI AIjiOd.-niiM.' thv ■
.laclcoi    raneiicr,    to   tli«  si'nalt-..
Hen.   Dr.   j)c   Veber,   however,   io
l-.iokod ujifin as  the  almost  uert'ihi
i.'T.ic.i; for the sc.n.-'tn  from tviiitlmrt*
A:bfit:i.    His iiii.g hikI iieiivo-icr-
vice f,-r the l/iboi-a! party in tljoday*fi
when Liberalism wiiR-f.ir Irom 'boiiig-
70 sii'.mg as it u toiiiiy in this eourit-
:|ry,- txxxd  bis Ihoi-'jiigh ae.'i'.iiiinlaiice
with tiio in.'1'...iri and c-ii'ditn'in of "Al-
i i-4-ria are imt likely tu no overhoked
jwhbn   Uie    api  iiitmen:.    is* ;is:iiiu.'
J.uinoriMvs thai, .J.1I111-A 'AIi'D aigi'll,
1 iiieu-iber of the llriiish   Cabincl.    ifv|'b( well kii.=-.vii Kdinontun merehatU,"
i* a Scoiclmiaii, of course,   though   nuj will be the. c!;nic.e  fm' the
relation of either Robert,  Uie  poet,
in rtiiuna
■ of t
jf Tin
proviiiicn.     Dr,. L.: OVn-j,,,
omas S.. N'osuch cabfiiu-iiv^. i.bis.liio'ly, P.'llurns a;-,d Dr. 'K.iii..
nition would be accorded ;i'labor leader I'icull .'.ro inoi-ti. inci tir tlm. appoint-
in Caiuida.    The best tbey cmiKI do 1V1: i "l'*nt that will be  given'  to   Ojnti-a!
at   the   pVfSR:!-i
!enali,r,   Hon. -.1.
a labor leader of suth  eminenco in this j AToarfJ-i.   . Alberta
country would be 10 give him. the r>oA-! 'i"1-'-' !'"''« °»!.V. Oi.o
tion of iiiiniigrat'uin  agent  soin-jwlicre l"^   I/'Uglicif-l. of   C
or make him'an intspcclor of something.
* Over there John Burns, a  trades-union leader of socialistic proclivities lv*-:
"A   Loughcif-I.
aut-ainiuv bill provi-
Hecome one 4»f the directors o( Uriti->|i
imperial policy, beciiusc- it has been recognized that be and those whom -he
stands for.deserve rmd must be -given
proper -repi'osenlatioii. ,     '   *■ „
, What will induce a normal-minded
man to quit boozing (to e::cess) qiiicker
than anything else is the thought which
comes to him from lime '10 time,,- that
he is failing"* behind lhc fellows who
don'l drink al all,-or who arc so admirably constituted that they' can , drink
!--.oderato!y,and attend t'olheir business.
When ;i man sees that booze is getting
l-t.-r.Y-,   bat" tiif.
.f'. ;.li,-it tho new
urovinci s were 10 In: giv-'ii f m- -v<:r'-'
ivsei'.i.itives e.-ioh in the upper cluiai-
the baffcFon
lJliilailelpliia organization and then
wo wiil havo our own club
with'which. to beat the mountain p-caka.
Wc. are in lavor of a Canadian club to be
called "Tlio Canadian .Mouniain*CUib",
lloailq-Turter.s at -oltliei-''i,,oi,nio; lianfi-oi-
Cjilgary ; the utrength of our pivforenci.*
being iudicateil by tlio order in which-
v.'u havi-uiJiined tl.e three pluces, If it
should not oe deemed ad Visublu,to have
the lieaui-piiirlflTB nt Fernio then wi
should of cun j so favor ihu next most
piduresijue place iu the mountains.and
failing that .'••ele.c'.ioii wo should much
prefer to s.h- lIh: ciub licadinmrU'is ul
.Cnl|"ary whoni tho niombni-u would
still bu iu Mghl of tiio j.cuki. of ihu
Rockies. If Calgary should bo selected
llm mountain climbers cuid'l iniprovu
luu time boiweeii so-isions 01 tlm con-
volitions in jui effort to (.oiiviirLthc
hoiilhen Culgarljiiis froin llm cn'ors of
1 heir way:, and iiicieasii! tlm.clrciihitioii
ot'ihe Kjn 0|.i'iur by lakiug a few
"eye npiiiiiii'b" liioi.itiiivih',
Hy all ii'-ounn lot .Cauada have a
uiuuiibiin clul) ••xidiidvely Ciiii.idiiiii
and lot its nieetiiiv' i.l.'u.Mjmlmn-ii.i ni;ai
the Uocky jiinuulMm. as j'.dsi.ibU)
l.'rom tliii Krr.uk I'dnci*
D. J. Mclntvre spent ChristisTas iit-
A cu* load of raih for Uio'-neyr
y.-u-d.s tlu: C. i\ R. will put in for tht:
Cod'Co., was unloaded*on the minv
siding during the week.
■ The i-Yank rink wil! be fl-rfKlcd for
the. fh-j't'liH.tt on Woducsday.. Ii 'ia
expected the rink will   be open 'for
im, ,it   is timo    to  ijiiit.
Such a iiian has^NO RIGHT to, drink
after he  becomes   a * nuisance   to ,!ii.<
friends' and lo society. '■ Such a ono " of
.course* gcts.out   bf   employiiient, 'and
soon begins to lose his   friend*;. ' After
tlpiX—Fills is a rotten stage—bo' K^inyj tfjliji-ilfn
borrowing a dollar hen:, and  a  dollur,
there. ' When' that plays out, he bangs.
around hotels and becomes a biitlcr-iu,
acuimuluting lovely jags by lhe ♦.'ell-
known process of sidling up  along the
bar at   psychological  ,(monicnls.    Vet
even this man is not irreclaimable. Get
the boozo out ol his system and see thai
he gets a fresh si-id, treat him  like  :i
Cbrisljun, and  it guulli'inun,   te
jocularly—but in all seriouMit-'is-
it om and chuck a  brace,' an
T*i*-T[ im rg "ne >: t—v.-eiT
Trlt^s-Woorl Midi
Tho ball given by Ihu Trites-Wood
'Jn. 10 their numerous imployeeu Iuul
Tlinreibiy night at tholr hl« Keinlo
sioro proved a grand siicchsh. Mote
than a hundred peoplo worn pi-ctiout,
niHiiy couiluuc Irom MorriHsey, Mich"!
ami L'njit Ci'iml;, 'J ho Fi'iiiln oi'ch.'.iitra
ijupplicd tlm mudc and (Inuring iv,^
liidiilgcd in lili tiio Rnall Iioiiik of tlm
liioniiiig. M )*t rh'gaiii, duiniy ro
fiMiilmiclltH Wciu jici-Mid aiul iivi'ij'hiulv
iviih happy. It i'«ii Ini Irnly I'ldd Ilia!
no liner ball room can bo I'mmd In tb"
west than the upper ll.it nl' the more.
SofitH, nun clniin, rocl;r>|-h iuul divuii*.
lined Iho walls of tlie inniii li'iiviug u
rpiici' f'.-i' iho dniicoiM of iii'iri' limn <;u
font liipiarn. Now lhoy il.iin'iiil, now
limy pi'jiimi-il, nml Hum ihcy mil i-tili
ami filled llii'iu'ii'lViH wilh ,-,oo'l things
lo eat, Then limy diini'i'il «oiu" nii.r.*,
It wiif p. v.ny plc:i!»iHil wny of brln^ii'ji
ilu'lr oinployi-i'i*. lugi 1 her, iiii'I wioi mi
MUTosul'nlly oiuTii'd mil thai it Is lil'idy
m bit,.'i>m" nu it'imn! o\."ii,
■ci .•
Tho   I.ml;;i-l-   wiih   In  <h." ,4-lMO
l-'oiil- l.timli-i'd kids and  U<l!ri«
up hi  friinl of llm   Trilei-Wmid
•■•• ■! ■■■  '•■ '     A  -
bv till' i.rii"-oil nf 11 l| in (4.1.1- f ( - |.
c'liiiiii'i" The I'dl'..!' nf the 1
hmil up witn tin' iiihiir kjds a.'ni
In'.,'- nt di.' ■; . i-l ||ibi-;i ,i.-,j iHiA I
in il  two ih  Mr   Ti'fi   Wi.il
ll.l'lll lo IlilTl   Lm  I c
-„inHi.nl   ilcii   s:/i.   I
—to cut
too   |n
one ho limilly succeeds in rebuilding lhe
bridges he has burned,
I-'i-uui llm llnniM
Dr. and Mrs. Kc'uh, of t'onl Creek,
spen 1 l-hristm.-is wilh Mr. and Mrs, ,M.
lb Ning.
Mr. nml Mrs, Krickson and ihcir two
daughter-- speiH Christum* with Mr,
and Mr.-. I'awiu'll, of h'isli I.,il:c,
land  rum*
s" .-■!    IV.
Cnpijiin James M.-lilvov,
iniM't-iiicr fur   lhc   Crow's   .\osi   rah-,
Conl company, was in town  ycsici-duy.
Dr, King returned l.i'i   Fr'nl.iy   fivm
a trip in his old home at Chl-minn,   N.
'The fcco'J :w
being enc.-odby Messrs T. -Frji..yer
andT. Roach. r-
Thn Rev.  C.   W.   GOrdon  (k-ijpTt
C->\mo',')jiO whose gonerous donntion
Cufomnn owes-in 'chief part tno 'es-_
in',    of   -lhc     iustiunidmU'
church, ispxpeciftd to visit Coleman
TtK3i3ay wool-;. * „
I'l-cMdcnt Jolm ' MUchell of. the
United .Mjno wirl'm-ii 0! AmcrieJi,
has wrlneii a book entillcd ' Organ•
izi'd Uibor" «hi(i!i lu.s been awai-d*
e'd :i irohl nuitial liy the. director." .0.
tliee.'cpoi.ilioii .'it Licgo, Hylgiam.
The Chi'l-itmas iroo Ik Id nr, Kuglra
li,, .d.)iiiie,-il, .sew
i..,|-jll-!!l p.oillls.
Vuik   .111,1   oihcr
hum, 'iivnbiy c.-i-.iimg was, in: pub-
lie. iiirrh-ns of lhe kind usuallv are
in Coleman, a pronounced success.
It was a town tree to which' the ei'i-
..'■('n'-!'!ib-v,nl-"-'il iilviii1 .-j'.:2i7) and Hourly 2i'.0c,hihli'i*i) were undo happv by
thc vl'tit from Kami" Chum 'id'oii-,*,!:!.
j.b-iiit in il'i-j manner.
(bin "ii.np fell waul," Ims bpan
supplied dvi-isoir Kurmcr neiin*-*:
on nutl-oritv rop-i'iod in hliu by -th«
I'-iti-payi'i'*, hiii4 bad placed nt the
("lU-fingol tnoiiiniii Kiroet w-llli ilut
• I. I', U. irnelai an are light. It-l-v-i
viisi'y npprccinted improveiiimir,
Imi k won' I bu ul vorv iii'ieli gren>
r*r be.ii'.'fii if 11 pole, were Lo bo t»r«e'-
nil ab-'iu forty k-.'t nciiri'i' the trncku
than thy pre-ieiit lucaiioii of thu
iJoiiiuI.'ii'.v Miiimienls
The Nol.-'iii '.Vi'Wji of .-'iiiida.v givci-.
llm ship.'ui'iits of I'i'c from  l|je  in.'tiil-
The Msicrs br.nighi.jiiy io tl,,. Iu*.w|.
uf nil ihe p. 1 ii< nis in   ilu* bi>*j ii.il'.   ci
Clirisl 111.1- hy having iimnH Clui-i* | Hi.l'''il-. Iiiilm.-i Ibr thn bet wr-olt nf
ui.-ih lice, aiul .'vcrjuiic lln 10 w.i. iv* j I'•-'•"'■. 'rom whlcii wo rcprullir.e the
menben-d. Il'ilnl« -i** boh.w,
The openiog ..f the u, w P,e .byie, i,i, | ,J|"I'»» l'( M Hlllfiliry lllillMl
'■ii fiom liest
l-t-dpb Cimnci"
and   vv* ci, .in,1v
I ;fi.t  ll
I   li.il.l
•• I'liui'il upon tiie
.1 I,,.-I,:. •■ .,   ,t
i-limvh will he
S'uidav,   Jim,   -"1
-.v'lll picmh the si-nnou
•hiiuld lii'iii' him. ' i
I'l'iink li.-ni.ler, nf J,titt.iy, win in,'
town a cot)'.!.- M ,1..^ i!,|, v,ev-l;, |!,..i
lin J 4 il   a   liillc   ilii*' uli   u,  ni^ij.'Mci
•<Si.il Ilii l)|i.I.eii l.'j* lull i.| ill j.,.).. ;|,,„(,„' j
4iii hi*, i-rulchi-i like -i win hi j
„J.im.,". i'indley n-ill h-.u,   ,lvN,
•     •     ••<   ■      .  .,•    |.<    >.|4     ,.,   I    ,,,   .|,V-   ,,(   ,„  ,
I"r tl.e wci-'c H'AVA Kmi.
K .-'hI'u.iI mil ft 1! '''.7   "
,'ilu* u; ,\'..A ;Li....i.|i.'iv p.'!i'(« 1 IV)    -'
1: ihim'i .1 ..ut| in .A ik.uii-
:'„;■•■ l..i in,- vi.ir •,i:t'..rii;) Uiim
!,'i'-i!al,il Jiiii). -1 b„ i.ln I    "
Kliicail    niiii    Kuoluuay
p.-Int.- fAi.tjin   ••
ii r u\< .,i)
*.*»' h*4  ...
I'iviiii.-i  Mi ,'ji 1 ii. iviiir
ili.iih' tin- In'l, tli.il  ||,. i|i I
day ami .-.Milled j„ -|-, ,.kri\M  „,-  ,. nler.-d ihis wcl; wl.lrl, will be n,|,!,..|! hniilb-ed"'^"^"""""' ""''■', ": !l"' f""
ii.tli nu' '-tii'Miim. a I,i.i i
wlii'tlmr liir.;o or niiiiiI! and the l.iv <•.-
(Mil; li-t «1114- b,-.*,' nf cjuiily nml wi-- <t->
happy as any h,iy iu llm liim, ''hi, h a
ciiM.ini whliiii has bi-i-'imo a pi'i-iiiin.i.i>i
li mu in in llm liii-diii-siiii'i. ul 1 In* I iiio*
VSn.llI   ('11   llllll  lidl ll   kill ill   I'l'llllil nut
wlsiit'n it. I'inv itlw-H'-i be r»: ijniii'il,   Tn
1 i-.i iln' l.i'ipjit i.imiiii'i'hici
«   l.i.l I iflbcjv h.t.l bee
»,|i-   1.
/ tll.in i«;r o nPi-.l   giiitlcnien    f-i'    U
i.'itinil.s 4i|/ii'iri,
Prr "il.ir, U'.n, MY'-cn.
Vi.c I'ii-*., W, II. I:wms.
^ ^',al \'ii 1' I'lfn. Auj.lo Civsi.-iiizo,
Fiiiaiui.il Stiritiiiv, '11.1,'s. Ilii'i's,
Hi'i-iirJiii,; iicLivt..!'), Win. J*;|.ij.
I |.i lhe itmMm..  j. ,,(.>.    ,\
o! the fbib the Cud coii'i
II,-   IlliS    ||,n ht
i-i'-.tion-l.* iJiiis.ii,!,..' •,, |,i,iit a |;|,.M.
g.M.ill.MnilII     M"i..!.l|i'.    fimil     (I.I-   i-Ull.
Il'.l'.llllll'    , 'ill.       J     I   Ull,       ||   „ j.,.,-1,  [;,, v
Ii.k- <i|!it,.|i f.., n fell li...*.,f i,-!,b-,|v ,-,j,'
piii.'ici-t" u-lifili n**i) sm'i'p ,..fi;.-,.    <)'i,,,
pi'C.C.It vl*l*> '..LJIdin,* V.;.r.   ii,l,liil lo   \,c    j
44  I'I,   r.ll'         ,  .1
in-.... ,.:« wu,. v.nt'i all th" ti .ul,!
ll-    Ull        Mill    lt|     <1.|„.|     ,     jt    ,„;,„
iiii'd piim Uie ii.i'n-
v ■	
i.i-M i'i .-.
hini \s lit* *,'. n . ,>nwi „inl a ith ih,.- l.ii 1 ,
I)r if   lie   h.ul    Un hmi    llieie   un,
enough "\\" i.i'I iu- IV.i.jVi'i.ir  |-,i.t-i(
tu scl il up -• -l'..J.
j..-.Tiij.i;i Hii-:
1 11       • - * *
w'1 'A Tlio Ui-nnbv Kipr-Hnr tro
" •" '• JtIi** l.isi, wi ok nl lho vi-ai
"."•'*. . l> l    ('".Dpi'i'i-m-'kel*
! Iifiiiiulnii r..pper ,-uiultcr
1 11 nit M'lucm*   -
iH-vcr Int.-, j Fiii-. II,ill iiiiiiiH
l(*l   HI'-*..   ,'
-    I *   lllh.v, j <M
1 .!'. I
>.(l     il1!!'!.,.*"
IV nwi (,, ,P
.1   J,-»   |4|
I   li.M
!> l.i?
■ I
■ I u
r tn sl.d Imi'i'-iy
i'iV<-l-'.    ul     l!l.'
•'". ',"1
tall .1.. I
•II'.' I'llli.-l
C-Splii;-'. ui
11.1 1:
14 '..•l.illd tlm 11tPp.it H;i-i l.ill !iK l.'il'ii)
,il' .! A'..111.! h<M- I, |. , 11. (Ur I'l.il'.j-
1 ,'II'V I'il'l'lll'isl M('i;,.i,
I ('mil   tr.
.Ji'i'.*  ,1,
1 ;0   "rill     ll.   Iln-   I.
li.i- 1.1.if   Ii rii'Ji-" bi   mr.i.i
i'-,i .,«■     (1-    li'i-v  Lav.   i'.  i* ••
.ii4*|   iniiv ,|i.i«    |i:'.-.\V-'.|  (-'-I  .1.1
i.i-.-fi   111,   Mi'n   llie    rvi*i    Iiurc'.>iti.'!
,, 4. u   »,   ilu'   r.lm-il-    >l "iii!   ui   t	
• ■ll.l. I..li.
Pl'-v M*.:ll,.|:-| i       :
1  '
IVlfr r.iMfi*-)-i h:is   l..|.p   I.f...'.   p.   '.',
t?:•*• im- ic-' nf ih.. Mtn<-r ' l^in .**.     ; ' f'1
I*. ,i.-i
w.i*  t.-rnui   1,,
"•Cl ft
.   lit     I
l.t   -,
a '.'.i
' ll «■ C, V
1 \    J«i*!l
... i...,..
.   tl!  '    II,     l|
t • ,   .,:.!  .
I.   A.
V. n >i
x. -. .
1 ♦•
1      A. .'-•• li.l.i.i It, l.tli*   (if
tb*   lln ihi,
I'.-   -'   '   4     I-     ',   .i||.      f,il|t,|.||,
• 11 »'i   1 i*:i\'i' ,'l .-.mv
Ji ■! ': i. i.i -ii.'ni l! ,, ti,;',-.
.. ...   |.. \'\, ii'.y   m   nm,,,
o II Its*-'
The FeRnje Ledger
Issued every Wednesday from oflica of pub-
aatlon, corsei of Wood s" - - ■
'ends, British Colanbia,
Uuation, oorier of Wooddt, »nd Baker A.v».,
F<    •*------
allowed to be Qtmngeil when dashed, without
extrn charge)
l.5u per inoh, per month
Special position, 6«X advance
£0% discount when platu*) nro furniabea
(sat tn nonpariel, 12 lines make nn Inch.)
Auction Sklex, Kiitortniiiinoiitii, Tur.diu--., I.e.
ful Notices utc, 10 cun tii.i l|pjj,ii**»t inbcrtion,
Scents a lino audi iulij.eiiiwnt Insertion,
If too, toot ft'ends or relative* suffer with
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dkncc, or Falling
Sickness, write for a trial bottl* Mid valuable
treatise on such disease* to Thb Lbibio Co.,
179 King Street, W., Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain fcr ye*
A real, dangerous anil growing abuse
is beintr assailed in R.*L. Borden's jus-
I lifted attack upon a system   of permit-
in   Parliament   to rent
test, Fonnd. Kor Sale, To Let   Rent or Kjc*    .        ]..wvcrs
elianBe, one cent b worJ,0!*i!li uianrtioir,       l'">-,   '■•«,»v-'-*
themselves out and practice before llie
Hi*.'.. Court of rarliiuncnt for privnte
Members of Parliament should have
only one client at Ottawa.
Their client is lln country.
No lawyer should lio free to lake fees
for Parliamentary work that would be
bribes if these fees were offered to a
member who was not a lawyer.
On back pajru Hiiion* IohrIs, li) cunts n lino
Ou front piiK« jinn."* lot-uln. So c«nt., a   lino
If «Rcurrine nmoiiit>.t our nulu-crlbrn., free; nil
otliui j frJosnt'Diinh inwrHon. Purdn of i-un-
Kratiiliitiou. coiijoluiiee or tlnuilij. obitunr.v
paltry Rti!..lUt-(of Ruc-tt.-t Bivl wciMini; pre*-
euts.'jOcBtilsH lipu(nunparii.'i)c»i'li iii.-*rtion.
IICHINt'HS OK  l'non:S^|i)NAl, CAIIIN*
vrittiwut,cbuiii{u,oiiaincii or under, tl ft month
Any further liifurnuitlon il('»lr.'J onn bo Iiki.
011 application to the nmliucor,
IUE have just placed "in stock from Toronto a large consignment ol high-
V V   grade, white Envelopes, ordinary commercial size No. 7, superior
quality; nice, smooth finish; high cut, well gummed.   These would be cheap
at $5.00 per 1000 printed.   We quote for January orders:-        .
In Lots of iooo, at $4.50 per M.
In Lots of 2000, at 3.75 per M.
In Lots of 5000,, at
In Lots of 10,000, at $2.75 per M-.
In. Lots of 25,000, at 2.50 per M."
3.25 per M.                                         In Lots of 50,000, at 2.25 per M.
Neatly printed and the Union Label on if desired.
Ilrotlier Grace, of The Prospector,
reported foui and a half columns of
Hon. Richard* MeBride's hour and a
half speech at Cranbrook lasi week and
li.id he not ran out of capital "I's" we
should have had as many more columns
to pick the big" Ts out of. Hon. Dick
referred, modestly of course, lo himself
over seventy, times as "I" and half as
many limes as "we," as gracefully re
ported by bin impartial friend Grace,
nnd it is certain that the "I's" have il
in that speech. I,ast week we noticed,
briefly, the0 "ixlitterin-j*'' speech made
by our premier at the Harden banquet
in Toronto and we clip from thc Toronto Telegram the following opinion of
our orator's ability to talk without saying anything',
"At his side (Mr. Borden's) sat Premier Dick McBride, of British Columbia, his prematurely grey hair parted
awfully near the,middje and looking as
if It wai fresh from the crimping irons
, of the hairdressers-just as little like a
wild and woolly westerner as anybody
could imagine. . . . 7 . . .
Richard is only thirty-four. To look
at him you'd think he was forty. To
hear him speak you might take hiin for
 •> iH-imtii. /%nA DrAUtii.^ liu. ti** Me_j li iti_i.'s^fl-
 %. ft k.uiy'WIJV*' .L/1-wVI.j-—IIW  -|**-»|* -.••J"i ii».-JUir
Chinook that sweeps tho snow from his
native mountains, but when you've
dono shouting, 'Be loyal lo the parly,'
and 'If you can't boost don't knock,"
you have all he said in half an hour.
He went west again last night, but wv
will try and muddle along somehow
without him."
Don't wor.-y alviiit the hair, Mr,
Ti-legr-im, Hon. Richard is an adept
(it hair splitting and his failure to have
the split exactly in the middle should
not be taken too seriously, especially
***j hu had paid due attention to the
"crimping" and it is not every statesman that can talk like n school hoy of
ai when he has paused the tliirty-fifih
mile stone. These fallow-, down in thc
cent belt aio hard to plca.se.
OoinpnrlHona nro OiIIouh.
The editor of The r-conomisl given
his readers three columns of last week's
i-jsuo devoted to a defense of Promir-r
McBride and very appropriately corrals
it in a deep black border. He states
lhat in his handling of the two groups
of bin followers the Ilnnnrable Richard
his, shown ability nUin to thai of Glad*
Kitone and of Sir John A. McDnnuld.
Now had it not been Ihnl thi' -.---Killer of
tht- two groups rofered to by The licon-
nmlsl, managed lho larger one wilh
Ihe premier thrown in, thin paragraph
In thc corral could bo considered ns n
glittering aiicce.is, It mwi.iIs well,
nnd looks well to far ru Mon, Dick is
concerned, but in no unpardonable
brealc for Tho Economist lo make when
lie puis Gladstone and Sir John in (he
sumo hull pen wilh Diclc—but I hey are
dead iind ciui't talk hack.
V    , m        ■ 	
Aro on tlio Right Track.
IRveiilnri Tultsmm J
Member* of parilrimrnl who are lnw-
yers take ri'taiiurs for promoting certain bills nnd opposing certain  other
Thow retainers would be cnlk'tl hrlhpi
If thoy wero given to members ol Parliament who wire nol lawyer*.
This doctrine of legal privilege for
lawyers who are members pi Parliament
simply enable-", private interests to huv
Up numbers of Parliament,
One cure for this evil would be 'o
•top electing lawyers tn Parliament,
Viie t.i.iJIvT ,i*iwd;jl ^itii-ii «■*., i,.
flordcn pref-orihes, is to enact n ulnt*
lilt*- whi'-lt will reslrii't llie fii'iil »n of
-.ill membiTs of Piu-liaini-nt, l.iv.yrc* '0
O 1 the Verge of Electric, Epoch
In tne opinion of Thos. A. Kdison,
wonders are yet lo be unfolded in ihe
world of electricity.
V\!e are groping on the verge of an
oilier great epoch iu the world's history, *?
he saiu in an interview at his laboratory
in West Orange, N. J. It would nol
surprise me any morning lo wake -up
anil luid lhat sumeoin,*, some group 01
joo,ooo scientific men who arc mve&n-
gatiiig all over lhe group, has . scued
upon the secret of electricity by direct
process and begun anotlier practical
revolution in human all'airs.
It can be done; it will be done. I
expect 10 see Ue before 1 die.
The first great change in the production ot electricity will abolish currying coal for that purpose, he said,
instead ol digging gross material oul
Jt' the earth, loading it on cars and
carrying it, sa> 500 miles, there to put
il under a boiler and burn, and so get
[lower, we shall set up plants at tlie
mouth's ol mines, generate power there
and transmit it-wherever it is needed
by copper wire.
It is pj'eposterous to keep on putting
coal mines 011 wheels, liis too cium-
.-4)'. It is too costly. There is no ne-
i-essity for it.     It is easier to, carry
_iuolei.ular vibration_by minions ol,
waves a second'than freight cars full ol
crude mailer. We can ship 100,000
Horsepower over the wire quicker and
more cconimically than we can send
the equivalent in coal over a ruilroad
tracif.  s
We must eliminate the railroad altogether from this problem. What's thc
use of il? Wc don't want coal anyhow. It docs us no good lo look at it.
What we want is the resultant of the
utmost energy thai can be produced.
And there is no sense in carrying
around millions of ions of raw material
like coal when wc can get ti product
delivered lo us hy wire.
Everything points to the fact that in
the near future electricity will be produced for genural consumption by
great power houses at the mouths ol*
coalpits. This is the logical and common sense outcome of present events.
Now, the truth is, that il wi'l cost a
third less to transport electrical power
by wire than to carry it in the form of
coal in railroad cars. Assume the price
of coal to'be $1 a (on at thu mouth of
the mine and assume thc freight to be
$1.90. Now, wc can' turn coal into
electricity al the mine nud convey it by
wire by less lliiui half of the cost of the
freightage of coal.
Klectriclty will Inlce the place of
horses. It will nolve the vehicle and
truiTic problem of cities, My new electric storage battery itself will make
electricity cheaper than horses, In thu
spring we will lie ready to furnish new
batteries. Not only will they inkc
half tho spnee of homo tniflic, hut lliey
will go twice mi fust. Tliey can * ho
stored on upper floor? by menus of elevators. The saving of Hlahlc *pitcc in
New Voile will cover al least $300,000,-
ono won h of property,
Not only will electric power be developed nnd distributed from conl
mines in thn future, but nil the witter*
power In (he world will be used for the
production of electricity.. That imwif
ment has begun nnd is ndvnnrlng rapidly. In California, where men hnve
nerve enough to overcome habit, they
nre transmitting electric power 375
milrs by wire nnd running street caru'
and lighting cities by it. That Is the,
sort ol spirit ttial will wake Hie world
up one ol c.icm* da)*,. 1 with (ha( 'j-'ii
it in California would sordid everywhere.
■\A7E also have on hand a heavy stock of white and tinted paper, suitable for
which we will print and pad, in similar lots as the Envelopes, at the same
• Wt*W/ Sst<0Xm* MKkWmf ^MP/i** ''mWtwimf ^MKtSSm* ~Mj tlllf Uy4MtU   	
nrices.      ®-   ° 9w      m   ■ •• 85      -3R      '8B      8B-     1& - '  £&      SB '    SSS
ir    J-V/V'VJ' 9TK a»K ■ SJtj, OIB   * . aua alB SKI Sag g|g altS alB
Call, Telephone or Write THE LEDGER, FERN BE, for anythingyou require in Printing.
■l^awiikuniii 1 11 ■iB ma#JM4&«ra
L. P. Eckstein
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IVippor HIM      Onl.l-fillviir n.'iO
Clinrii**< lor 'iHii.|' mit-ilii mi ii|i|illi'iillnn
P, 0,l)ruwi*i-linK I'Ihjiio A07
Fornlo, II. 0.
ToitCiiok* of tlio Piano
(I.uneli»»l-iliny Moiliml)
A llinroijcrli ImliiltiprrNHiircil cin'li pupil
Fpi-iiirt. n. o.
*m .....ii. i i
rii'ill nr Mfi*-liiiiii- IIi'knIii CiiY.rhiiiiiiinll Kcimnl
tit Munlc, I,(iimIhii,«iiJ Sluiinr Viiliii('llil,]*'lm-.
niiff, Hilly, will nruli'ii u llinllnl innril'lir nt
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nonthly Accounts Opened.
_^V0m*Wm\smW        ^^^^SM^Sstsst*********^^
Tlioy'r*s After You   '
CMrngn, Dec. 15.   Horn's a trust thnt
will (f«t j-do whllt-t yon hIiiiiiIht
It will rust JO pur cunt mnr« to nitxtj-
,   .  . . , ., .     ii  ,i    "; "» mi iron bpil ind wire iprilii(K Hfior
rlmloil, hi iiifcrl biihi-k ,uiil i-.il   Xhvte   ,.     .  .,      ,. , 7 .7       ,\
' ' Jan  J, thnn t dons niw, for tho n i-tn
hribe* "ir«tnlncrs."
A Purllan-itnt without l.-itvycrs u'ij'ht
-he a Parliament without bruins, but
such brains as It had would btlon-if to
the people. ''
A Pjirllami*n» full of Uwytn mny he
B» brilliunt iv Winston Chun hill, hut
i'i I'r.tins «rc for rent t.i llu- f- - ,i-
(iiial7u IW.ii tan nUitUb u 114.4,.... >.,
tht face of a greedy lawyer, and 1.-4*
Mm out of the mm-lcu of the nci-mln
srhcin lie m*s tktlt-i to Atkni.
hi*!! and westernipriiii* bidnsociatlnn
Ijmvo duvl'lud to ralio tho prlc«n ol
slenplnir puisplinrnslls.
Thi» pillow men hnve t.ike.n no action
to l,c«|i tli-ilr product from remsliiln?
down nnd the quilt men are comfort*
abln. It iv rt-porUU
1'Jf.v Mio Voov luvi-rl
.*. r,4. i 4'....»'   ;.-.   .i ■ ■ -.'... ■ >,i.
(.i. I. .' •   ..'•' «, ri m^iiit. I ■ 1(1 ■ it, j^lif     •
lluit mi,'i .nI . t'i* jirlr.ti nt thi. i-uiitngt st
A  lm*. ■ nl * Imlr.
Wo puhllHli fllinpli1, straight tcstl-
miiiilnlH, ma piTNN nf-i'iits' Intorviiiws,
(nnii wi'll kiinwu prop!''
Fro n all ovor Amorlua tlipy tMtlf.v
ihu tiiihtof llouHitliuld Kiiiniidiist.
The Comfortable Way
Read Down* ' H«»d Up
0,55 a m Lt, Fertile      Arr. 0.00 p m
10.11 am   . Kiko             ft 10 pm
IS JO p m - Rexford           6,10 p m
7.HS p m 8POKANIC         ».S0 p m
T.S0 ft m Everett           0,11 p m
9,00 e m Seftttle          1,00 p m
3,45 p m Arr Vancouthii I,t 4.00 p m
1,41. p m Arr St. P*dI     Lv 5,00 p ra
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You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle, Victoria or Vancouver
Fur deluded infflrmhllnn, liertb rflaei**
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Great   Northern=train-
to   Spokane,   time  12
to  Seattle7 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
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now Mriwlrin (it my nurii»rl<i* for
PpitiiR 'ilantliif
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M.*)* HENRY,
r**t*a**r. trs.C.
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via HlonMi Lake
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and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
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', Di-iily  between St. Taul, Minneapolifi, Seattle, Everett,  Spokano,
• , Bclliiighnm, Vnncouver and intermediate points.
Tho Comfortable Way
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• orB.a.YKUKKS.A.n.P, A.
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at lowest rate*.
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i*» l«**al «i«al'
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Agent at Vetuis,
J\H,C*n*t,l).V.k.,      li J,t>}l«,AOi*A.
K»lM«. T4f.««i.ir»»
demand.   Den't mlaa thia s'pfttx)sb\jf to secure thli Cle'tjant
rn» t*»*mt.    Xttmltm tft.rfpw, -
" GOOD UOrC riEMBDV C*. Srnsi. 157 MONTnrAL, CAN.*
«0  VIAR8'*
Tmpk Maitxt
Co^vmawra Ac.
Aaf«M hUIm * tXtmt* aM JeewMlM star
•HrtifHaviitii mi •edalo*. r**Jf*?t**r,**
iMt free. <J)*mi ihmt Wf MMSmweaunii,
title mvtm.
lot» at* WuktMitK. ti. c
Ciiiiiiat  OF  Aiib.
Copy for change  nds
must be in the Ledorr ofrlco
for the inside pages, not later
than Friday noon, for the back
page not later than Tuesday
noon—now advertisements
received up to Tuesday night
at 6 o'clock.
i Mifij-j-d's Lielmtm C«r«i t>itUmptt, tr     *■'-  '
„ 'j*. Su. s^n :.rc'..v -tvj 4'
Li  ■
*"   -: .'■-'•'i-'fe'fsiA'*
A Coincidence/
Last week we wrote the article ap*
pearing in this issue under the heading
*«jof "A Faithful Reporter", but owing to
a pressure of other matter if was held
over until this issue. In the meantime
the Nelson News published an extensive
quotation from The Prospector's report
of the speech rcfered to, and commented
upon it along very similar lines as that
followed by The Lbdgsr, though treat*
ing the Hon; Richard's remarks with
rather . more seriousness than Tun
Ledger thought the speech was entitled
to. .
We only produce our delayed arlicle
as an instance of a coincidence.
A Mother of Dtatlngulshed men.
Mrs. Osier, widow oi the late Canon
Featherstono Osier and mother of four
ot Canada's moat distinguished men,
recently celebrated her' ninety-ninth
birthday at Toronto. Leaving England in the early thirties, Mr. and
lire. Osier settled at Bond Head, On*
tario, and there they lived and labored for many years as missionaries,
Mr. Osier subsequently taking charge
of an Anglican church at Ancastor,
where he continued until created
canon. His last quiet years were
- spent in Toronto, where he died only
a few years ago. Mrs. Osier, in spite
of her years, is still vigorous ot intellect and retains all her old interest
in church work.. Dr. William Osier,
regms professor ot medicine at Oxford
university; E. B. Osier, M. P.; Mr.
Justice Featherstone Osier, of the Ontario court of appeals, arc sons of Mrs.
Osier-as was also the lateB. B. Osier,
• .0 of thc most prominent men of tlie
Canadian bar. It is given to lew
women to see so many sons gain fame
as in Mrs. Osier's case."—Ex.-
This must be the mother ol the man
Who said, "people should be chloroformed vjjrhen they grow old.
And now as
Diamonds I
It is not without reason .
that Canada's largest
Jewelry house should be
known as Diamond Hall,
All over tha Contc.
•ent this store la famous
as giving unequalled %*
, diamond values. A
permanent buying staff
at Amsterdam ensures
advantageous purchasing-, and our customers
receive the price benefit
A Diamond Hall guarantee means an absolutely
perfect stone:
'-'   "     LIMITED	
134-138 YOHGE ST.
months exeeed by. $5,000,000 those
for the whole fiscal year of 1895.
This Is great progress in ©ne decade.
Canada's imports for. November ran
up to $28,486,492, against $21,459,*
235 the same month a * year ago.
Por the five montbB these imports
total $116,535,548, compared with
«109,157 775 in 1904.—Toronto News.
A Woman Dinner Wit
What person, however enthusiastic, has ever dreamed that .woman
would essay what has ever been left
to man alone—the after-dinner
Mrs. Frederick Nathan of 162 West
Eighty-sixth street is the woman who
has dared. Her success, has been
overwhelming. And it has been no
audience of diletantes whom she
lias had to address. Facing bcr,
New York.
The dinner was Mr. Cutt'ng's.-
The guest of honor was Mr. "William
T. Jerome , The place was the Hotel Astor. . Of course, Mr., Jerome's
•wns the apecchpf tho evening-, but it
won't do him a bit of good to say that
Mrs. Nathan eclipsed him. Mr. Jerome admitted it by confiscating for
tils own future use tbe brief notes
that Mrs. Nathan jotted down when
told sho must say something,
There wore ladies at the dinner,
but thoy weren't down on the programme.
There is a poem called Success and
Victory, and Mrs. Nathan's cousin,
Miss Emma LnsaroB, wrote it. So it
was perfectly natural that whon Mr.
Cutting wanted it read at tbe dinner
ho should ask Mrs. Nathan to read
it Mr. Jerome and several ot the
others, had spoken splendidly boforo
Mrs. Nathan was called upon (or the
At a dinner recently given In
Kansas women wero barred. Mrs.
Nathap thought it unfair. So she
promjC/ proceeded to speak her
mind about it to Mr. Cutting txul Mr.
Jilfome. Tho poem to gracefully
sidetracked for the moment and Mrs,
Nathan began. In tho twinkling of
nn eye she had hor hearera roaring
with laughter. Sho didn't spare
them, either— thoso mere mon to
whom after-dinner speaking Is second, nature. Mr. Jorome applauded
. and the banquet room rang with
cheers. Finally she read the poem
most gractfally and started to take
tier seat
Don't atop, cried tbe banqueters,
led by Mr. Cuttlug and Jerome,
More, mora.
Well, said Mrs. Nathan, with a
most captivating smile, I havon't
mado half as good a speech as I am
capable ol, becuusa the speech is
cxtoinporaneoai and I'm Ul at ease
for want of a pair of trousers* pocket*
to pat my hands In.
'The fact brought out in the New
York investigation that Mr. Hadley
bought a controlling interest in the
Provident Savings Life Assurance
society practically, with^ money borrowed from the corporation, shows
that latter-day financiering is real
Yankee hoes trading raised to a
higher power.—Toronto Globe."
This is onlv one more instance of
the abuse of trust reposed iu the
managers and directors of Life companies, which roused the American
people to action,-and which will
Anally result in regulations to restrict
the managing aad directing trust'so
that it will be one companv, one
directorship or one management for
one individual.*
The death of Senator David_Wark,.
the oldest member ofthe Canadian Parliament, recalls an anecdote which illustrates his remarkable independence.
At the sige of 101 he was still holding
the seat which had been hi* for almost
half a century. During his last years
his faintly: had been worried about his
habit of traveling alone in midwinter
from his home in Fredericlown, N. B.,
.to his post in Ottawa. They urged
him to let his daughter accompany him.
Senator Wark would have none of her.
'■A man of my age," he said, "has all
he can do taking care of himself without having a woman to look after."
The New Court of Appeals hns decided that if a passonger cannot find a
seat In a car for which he has bought a
ticket he bus a right to ko Into a drawing-room car and tnko a scat until onq
is provldod for him in the ordinary
passenger car, and also that if seats are
not to be had because they are occupied by parcels ho Is not bound to ask
the owners to removo them. If this is
not tho law in Canada it should be.
"The Insurance magnntos of Now
York, like the plumber magnates of
Toronto, quarrelled among themselves.
This tendency in the salvation of the
public. It makes it ImpoiBlblo for any
combination to stirvlvo without loiral
assistance,-"—'Toronto Gloho. Which
legal assistances Is always to be had if
tho prlco Is In sight.
JnerenaM of Import* anil Hxpnrta
Remarkable Indeed are tho latest
trade returns for tha Dominion.   For
the month 0/  November Canada's
domostlo exports totalled ^J.UJJ,*
794 in value, as compared with $1*-),
42(3.886 the same month a year ago,
an Increase of no less than $10,&I5,
jvyq rty. -nftrljr  ft) j***r e»nt.     TbH
magnificent growth wis contributed
to by the mine, the -forest, the fisher-
lis, agriculture snd manufactures,
but tho great gain was chiefly doe
to tbo success enjoyed hy tlie farmer,
Grain and antmulu aM their product*
were responsible lor the great balk
of the uwntli'i. liict'eaio of nearly $U,-
000,00a     Fbr   th*   elapsed   Ave
months 0/the fiscal year oar exports
total $111,701,00% as compared with
1)04,009.147 for tha like period of
1303,  an increase of   $17,691,995.
Put a more notaablo thing still In tha
(set that the exports tor these flro
—— •' PsvciliNi" Is a wonderful
tonic. It contains medicinal
elements not found in any of the
patent medicines. "Psvciiink"
Is a regular practicing physician's
fonnuln. A tonic foi* weak people,
for men of business Worries, for the
tired motlier, tha pale, languid .,
girl. Young girls just budding Into
womanhood* elderly people who
fee) that weakness due te old age
nnd ll A IGUiCii*^ lln.; mmmitit w
ivUliouL Jt rc-lorrs vUMilj", «"«*•
•tea rich, nii-A-U'lned, removes aU
Impurities, strengthens the nerves.
If you need a trial ask drugglut for
•• Psvcniua."
ni Mftt-OTt-MiE mum-toi nm
oa r, a. iumum, umts-Mi
mt-ttoSTM.-*  r<xwmsm,9mmmmm%..
ffevnie, 38. C.
Pavey & Laderoute
«§».„  ^
*>ij/        ***W       **ii/
yfr   ■"■*(£   ;*■*-
KATES  S--2.50  PER   DAY
Thos. Pogue,, *t   •*. Proprietor
iwz      ^r      ^"
'tr        *V /^
Is a pleasant, home
, for the traveler.
Philip Carosella
WIR8E   CO., Ltd.
WholosaU Dealer/) And
Direct Importers of
o ■--   :
Scotch and
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom
and'Holland Gin,
Schlltz beer.
Ale and Stout
.   Brandy,
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
dole agentr) for Cftmiuda for
Wlndstr   Tcmte, Jap Oaatroyai*
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat   Merchants
General Merchant
% Claim
has the world for a country and its king
is good will and justice, to all. $1 a
year.. -<-■***
Notice *
rilAKE notice that 09 Any* after dale I Intend
s. to npi'lv to tlie Hon.Chief CommUsioner of
fiSml-i & Works for permission to purclmse
Ihe following described lands. Commenoiiig
at the Northunht comer of Lot G168GI.1.
Kn.st Kootennv District tl.once South 40
ehainK; thence East 20 chains; thenca North 40
chain*; thence Wu»t SO chains; to place of
commencement containing 80 acrea,
Dated Nov 18th 1»05.
.   John. G. Cumminijs
NOTICE is hereby giren that all persons hav
ing nnv cluims ft(rain9t tlio estate of
Alfred Dnvias, late of Michel, B. C, who died
on the Wth Novembor, VM, and to whose pergonal estate Letters «f Administration were
on the "Mud November, IMS pranted to John
Davies, nro reQUOstod to send piirticuUrs of
their claims to the iiiidersipned. Swlic-ltor
for the AdnunUtrator.oii or before the 1st
December, 1!K)5, after which dale the Administrator will distribute the assets of deceased a-
mong thepartie* entitled thereto, havingr re.
^*Ass»>' ti
.- V * ,-r    , Jf
kyK. ■   «■"
"" If you want   to buy
or   sell any   mining
,   stock, write or,wire
We deal iti all mining stocks and will
be pleased to send
you quotations. ■>,
only to tU«claims of which ho shall then
hun notice.   All person indebted to  the
gnrd oni,
deceased aro requested to pay tho amount of
their indebtedness to tho undersigned forthwith
Dfttod «th November, lf-fiS   »
L. P. Ec'tete'ti,
Fomie, B. O.
BAUTIiKTr HOUSE, formerly! th* Clark is
the best 1)1 a dav hotol in Nolson. Only
whito help umploye'd. G. W. BARTLElT
ostiiT/pr', Qtehfu*
.   In Ferale, Is m
Pleasant  IHome
for all who trav
Rooms peserv
ed by WIpo.
/  T. WHE
LANf Manager
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie. r	
Lamb, Voal, Fresh andSmokfifl Finh,
Fresh Fish constantly arrivin
modern nros
T. H. YOU ATT, Proprietor.
Choicest cuts or Fresh Moats, si
woyfl on hand.
Hams, Bacon nnd Lard m well.
AU kinds ol Fresh Fish, In aenson
Prompt Dollvcry.
Give us a call.
TEL. 18.
The Best o^ Satisfecticn
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
At Great Rargains this Week
Wc carry a complete line of Watches, both Ladies'
and Gent's, and our prices are right. Call and get
our prices before going elsewhere—we can surely
please you.
C. C.   WRIGHT,   Jeweler  &  Optician
fefisolal AHontlon Pnld io Wntoh Repali'lnij
TinnliiK nnd PlmnWnfj Department opposUa SalvfitU-in Army B.irwcU<
Oilico and Sulcuroom next door to lho KiiiR Kdwurd Hotel.
, %%%%%%%^*%%%%%%'4%%%%%^%^^*^^^/*'
A Football Dllfinmn.
Thc village Toot bull eleven wr n nlniiit
to begin In tlio ur*ni uniKli of tho sen"
onn «'l(tl n rI»'ot tr^i>.. tiU'l hitfnrm thi»
g«i\i« wnn lluirtil lit .-.-"■■'In tlm rsptiiin
of the home tenm nppciired with ft worried look And dejectedly counted the
spectators. They consisted of two fur-
incr boys, rt mililli-ilncn nnd the local
■..iiiiiuit^wtcp, ii* urumci mmh oiu
twice, but fulled to mnko nny more of
them. As both Wains took ths field
the home ciptntn exclaimed:
"There won't be no match to-day,
We scratch."
"Wot nre you tall'In' nbout?" said
tl;# rtpjwHlilon rnplain. "Yon raii'i
scratch now']"
"We've Rd ter," replied the home
Captain, dolefully; "we nin't took
enough gate money to get tho ball out
of jaw*"—-Harper's meekly.
New Lot
<nf Enamelware
Stoves    W  *
n*f%\      n*\ AT
t^*W      ^R9    W*m*    *****   » Mra  W        Mtm*t*ms       *•** SrmXf  **m*)      tHW W^*\    V
<*\ Ji^
p*^ "^*i    'nm
i ii'wm mmmm***m*mm*»wMw*Sm**
Mlnird'i tlnlmcnt Ctjttt Osrft
Miftard's Uftl-aMtnt Cures Dlpt.th<rla
We have several nobby lines tn stock and we print them
from our beautifal, de*r-cut copperplate type f*cts, * la
mode.   When you want any, call around.
A   full line of Caskets,  Coffins,   Shipping
Wreaths and Society limblems on hand.
■A-c-ndsra-a  won
iiiE tvOOibiM/it   ivi/iRoLb  wuimS
jvnsritttoisr, h. a.
|p?" During November and December a discount of
to per cent will be allowed off all order**; Or stuinir
delivery. + + t
We have cuts and designs for Montunenls and
other Cemetery Work, which we will bo pleased to
show intending purchasers. - -
Office Phonk 41       Rr.sior.Ncr 7A
Parlors in Lundy Blook
WW "lllrl' ll'l I llllll HI IffflXJWTf4''to-
•jusjiui'iifii 1'ejsniy.siMff1   .'.mn'. *•-"
Advertise in "TIIK LEDGER"
3Bank of Hamilton
Head Office t  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000       mesevve * $2,415,000   ffej jj&rh*
Itotal assets * $20,000,000 mSY. m^^
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager.
74 Branches ihrousSiout Canada
Money Orders and Drafts issued, payjil-lc in Citnada or abroad.
.   Foreign drafts cashed.    Special advantages in Savings Department.
Open in the evening of the Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. *
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated &
J Waters.  Bottled Goods §j
S -   .-    a Specialty.' " |
7fi«*7-r' V<
;, .
t*rs&   ■
*   T-*
!  *,_
\ ■? ;•
/ ■
lA-    '.
i    '
!'- •■>
, >
1',; ■
1«-  -
' \ ..^.e^
**4W-fc. *«*M~„n^v--.~.>-«*•*.
- * - r--
V   » *. w
Bank,of, Commerce.
Kon.GT.A. Cox,
8. E. Walker*.       ..    Alex. Laird,  ,
G-ei'.-nil Maniteer. ,, Anst.OoVl Miinasor
REST, 54,500,000
CAPITAL, $10,000,000
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.   Deposits of $,. «„d. ,.r-
wards received arid interest allowed. The depositor is.subject to no (relay whatever in itic wiilidrawel of the whole or any part of the deposit.
Special attention is drawn to our Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Caiiiida, United States, England, Italy in lire, Hungary, Ausir'a in
kronen, lliey form an excellent method of remiitii.g monies at a minimum'cost:
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Open on the pay-days of the Coal Company until <j p. ni.
-       '    - ' T. B. MAY, Manager
If it's ma-ln* of paper Suddaby has it;
Lowncy'8 <u,ii McConkey's fnmou.*
choctjIftteB ut Suddaby's.
For Furniture and Pianos, uso only
liquid STeuocr 10 and 50 conta a hot
tie from N  E. Rudilahy.
Brand new combination saddle, ladies
■or genu, for sale at The Fernie Drug
Carmicliaol, the tailor, 1ms jn^r received the nobbiest stock of Tweeds'
/or Fail suits and overcoats ever
brought into Fernie.
Let us make you a fnncy voat from
one of those choice new put torus.' Como
-in and BCft them. J. Cai'inichael, lhc
The King E4l\vard Hotel ocTupies a
prominent position jn Fernie only a
step or two from the, C. V. K. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
the city.
<»——...   i        ■.■!-■_■■ "li    "W.H"""i'-S.L! ;*
Our Victoria Letter
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 2.-Government
investigation into the causes of the typhoid epidemic at Phoenix, which has
brought panic upon that mining city
nmi necessitated an appeal to the public
for financial and professional aid, has
demonstrated that tlte filthy practiced
of a dairyman named Mowatt aro whol
ly responsidle for . tlie outbreak. Al
. last reports there were still 70 cases un-
,der treatment, the hospital, and two
onwwgeiicy annexes being filled with
patients, as well as the city hall, whicli
•also had boon pressed.inlo service ua an
•improvised hospital and many private
resiilencosT™The mei..Wl~-iWi"irclanT
the situation is well in hand, and thc,
nurses now on the scene from all cities
of British Columbia, Spikano and Seattle, sufficient for the work. Samples of
iho water.supply of Phoenix aro now
niulor analysis hero. In every ease in
yestigated however it wns Jim-Gi'taitiml
thnt milk had been urrcI from Mowatt'n
dairy. This inslitution wim visited'and
it was found that the cows and stables
we.ro a mass of tilth, and Hbsolufoly"no
p<ttcaiitlonfl where observed for wife-
gnaniiiig the climnlinesa or purity ot
tlio mill, supply. Criminal prosecution
•j-vill follow, while tht penal clause ofthe
fitt.XYill bo applied in futuro ajraiust nil
•jiiedieul practitioners neuleetiiig to roport typhoid ciiROB to the liiiiiltj** aulh
A   New    Liiiiit'bor  Company.
Our old-time friend and pioneer,
Malcorn Mclnnes, and J, M. Agnew,
lato manager of tlie Nortii St ir Lum
ber Co., at Kiko, have formed the
Pine Tree, Lumber Company and will
operate the mill property which
was ' lately operated by the
Sussex Lumber Company at Elkmouth.
These two gentlemen will make n
strung business firm and Tub Lkdo-
f.k liopeij to soo them establish a pros-
perous businefi-i.
* Mr. Alclnnes is one of ,tlio oldest ol
our pioneer settlors and bus done a
grest deal towards the development
of °tho country, nud we always?
take off our hat to such men and wish
them prosperity.
Kootenay Vnlloys .Company.
The recent purchase of a hu-po blucl-
of land from the. ICufltenay Valleys Co..
l<y Mr. Stensland of Chicagp, for
colonizK-tioii purposes, whs aiiiKiuncei
some little time ago. It appears Ihu'
this purchase was contingent upon Mr
Stenslnnd acquiring a considera'ili
amount of land from the C. P. R i:
ordor to enable *i .neress-.n-y hug.
irrigation schoinc to be carried on!
The negotiations appears to be almos-
complete, but ihe final conditions askec
by the il. P* H. have -u-cvent ml Mr
Stenslnnd accepting thoir offcr aud botl
purchases havo therefore been thrown
up. We regret this because Mr. Stenslnnd's plans if matured would lutvi
resulted in bringing in a good class o.'
ccttlers who would have helped to fili
up the valley.' There is no doubt them
lands will soon bo disposed of aa thi
Tampion..... for tlio Cablnot.*
Tho death of Hon. Raymond Pri-foii-
ta.lno mukofi a vnenncy in tlm Dominion
cabinet, aud u'great dual of Hpuuiilution
is being ln<liil|*i)d, in ns to who will he
Uken Into the ofllcial Inijiily,
The people of Ilritlnh Columbia, re-
ganlloHS of party KflHistions, seem unan-
ImoiiH hi tholr preforonco for Bimntnr
TVfJ.pWun.in as tlie mnn best fitted fur
the Tscancy, Thn Ht-nutor'li" certainly
entitled to the position, nnd tjiu province ban long been cliiiiiorlng for Itc
right tn representation in tho Ottawa
cabinet, Kfimtnr Tomplemaii will take
to his now posilion, if it Id leii.lennl
bim, a ripe knnwUilqro of Domlnlnii af-
fuirs In gfineral, nnd the hencfit nf n
long renidrnco ami Intimate Imu-'i with
^Jl tlmt eoneeniH our own prnvlnen,
*Wo IipIIrvo that Sir Wllfniil Lnurlnr
will cull IIiUIhIi Coliimhla'H luadlng
sonator to IiIh cnbiuet li'-outmii tlmt
would be doing the mniit /lUlng thing,
■flljd lio genm'iilly dnox that way.
Fernio Hookey Club
Tlio Fernie liock-ny clrtb was or*
*?ftnl'/.fid last VVi'iluctKluy evening at
tlm \Valdorf hotiil. A. C, Llplmrdt
nnd Wllllnm Honiliioion wcro olectml
fiatrwis; IJ. O. B. Llntlscy, W. 1{.
Uom, II. I\ l»., and It W. Wn.-.d,
linnorut'y IVeHldontH- Dr, Higgins,
pri'sldent; V. C, I .awe,  A.   Matli.'fion
Hllll   h,    AlkldHUII,     VlCil    pI'UHllll'lIti;
James Miller, PfLTsjt.iry-TrcMiBtifi-'i-;
■niifl W. .L Hri-lev. iniiniigor. A. T.
Hmnllton, W. C. Hnmlltnn. W. A.
Ingram, T. i'ogun and (». II. Ikmltmi
nre to constitute tlio oxccutlvo p^nn*
At n mooting of lp.ieno rflpren'?n--a.
»l,.,.„ 1,   1 I ...  JIJ„»1.„„|Vn,.|.  I.. ,. ,,.,..]-
tlio iipi'licutlnim of tho Cr/mln'oik und
31 ivlo clnlw to jiiin tlm leiigiio were
r-vlusiv| on ncei.uut of the litem.** nf
tlio applle.tti imh, Tho ].|Yj|*osition
vvhich Ciiino beforo tbn I'lnclicr Creek
meeting to cut th» Pan le.igne In two
having an enst and west end leaguo
wm I'fj'Utcd. hihI tlioieagiit! ii'iiminrt
for tho season tn at first nrtnngrd.
The elulw Incliidftl iu tin- b-ngu.* «ro
K«*rnlef Michel, Cob-man, bliiirniorp,
riuclier Crook a I'd Mne.leo.1.
Tho Kernie Imyg nre well orsnn-
Iz.'d irnd arc In hU.Ii h *jj*. «ofloliltng
• *** cop for urwihor your.
price.1!  abked  are  niodorato and
MrnMJirojTeASouable. l ^7 J
o     Lord's Day Allianco.
Toronto, Dae. 29II1, 1905A
To the Editor:— , '
In the Lord's Day Advocate, Nov,
1905, ihore appears an article entitled,
"The Lord's Day Among the Mounl-
nins and on the Prairies," written by
the associate secretary. The. whole
articje wpuld be too lengthy for insertion in your columns, hut the following
sentences are sufiicienl to show its spirit toward thc west generally, and the
miners in particular:
"True it was not always the quiel
and worshipful .Sabbath of older purls
of Canada, but in the newest prairie
lawns, and in the busiest mining* centers there was an evident respect for
the day.. In the most Siibbathlesi-
places there was those who heartily
helped lhe Alliance, and stood steadfastly for the maintenance of llio Rest
Day as the inherent right of die citizens
and nn absolute necessity lo the nation
And 1 here were snniu towns where the
method'* of keeping the day would he
an example lo many plniv*. iii l'..i,siern
"The miners differently observe the
Sabbath, The coal miners in lhe Pass
low-is have demanded ami obtained
freedom from work on .Sund-ivs, and in
many silver lead mines in Hritinh Columbia tho toilers have their Rest Dny,
but in some mines lliey work every day
wJil-o,   Some miners argue that  lliey
l-f.J.'.^-,.'l',a!.'J    L.-.L . !■.■.■ —
V> tliit hendir.ir, imerteil nt the nitu uf Oiio
cent a word ei44;li insertion.
\ S>NA1'. Half iiciv in Wc»t Feinio, (jood t
1*. -.1 ory iiout-u on thu piopeitr. vAl'p'.V -Mott
■ion it Cn.
gooil'tecution  011 Victorut Ave.
A.j.|>ly, -Mott Son & Co.
For-SsOc x>r To Rout
'uulorf Uotel.
*--«■ "s'ernie. Lot .liixia-i. Goo.l 4 room liouso
Tliis is p. Kinip if tnkeu at once, Eui-y terms
Ajiply, Mott, Son J; IJo. "     • ''     '   ■
H- for s;ilo at this ojlice, i)ricu^5 uenrs ciich:-
'HooinsTo Lot, Ain>lv Witltiii." "Funilslici
KoombToLet Apply Within."
'    we give with every 50 cent prarchasc,
'y .A^Handsome  1906 Calander. 7
Fhe-se Calenders are a few of the Handsome lines we have
,/ left over from Xmas stock and originally sold from 15 c'ts
■, ,to $2.50.    Come:early and get a good choice.
•^F*-a r--
The    Femte    Drug'   g£ors.   *
Agent for Morse's Fountain Pen,  Lau-fhlin  Fountain  Pen, Eastman's ' Photo
Victor and Berliner Gramophones, Eili3on's Phonograph;
*-•;  family    FnriiHcu  nnd buth.   Apply  tills
whero tho Eiinu truiii stops, noiir'tlie stu-
tion.   No, 125.   Nios for ji (mull family   Piles.
:.iyn. comploto
..       j. fuuilly
Apply Jlott. Son it Co.
KottilsiiuU Hf-tur.iiits, wnntsii joliiueook
in farm, whrcs »1S<0 a month, upjily nt
i.'rlioii   Ite^tiiiiiiuit,  Fernio.
4* Apply to Mrs. U.Ljon U doors west of I'ruv
Iv.vtoslu.!! Church. — s;i
have to pay board for every day anil
I'onsequently must work everyday. Ji
must be very poor work, where six
Jay's wages will not pay seven day's
board bill; but without exception these
men after a few month's work -would
collect their entire wages ;tn<! repair to
the saloons, gambling dens, and places
of vile.resort., where in a lo.w days llieir
hard earned monoy would all he spent."
The Nelson, B. Ci News of Nov. 30
'9°S> prints the following:
"Surely the associate secretary of
the Lord's Day Alliance does not ex
pect lo make converts to ilje cause he
advocates by the publicsiiion of .grossly
inacurate statements concerning lhe
<ilver-lead miners of this province, Yd
•vc find in his report, published- in th
last number of the Lord's Day Advocate,
;!ie stalenien, that in some mines the
■iien work seven diiys a week and "witli-
.uit exception these men, after"a few
iiioiuh's work, would collect their en-,
ire wages and repair to the saloons,
rambling dens, and places of vile resort
where in a_ few days llieir hard earned
money would nil be spent." The man
■vho will delibeoalely pen scandalous
libels of this nature ought to be in a
jail or in a lunatic assylum."
The ,editor who would deliberately
■ neiits of any person in this" way ought
not'to be in a lunatic asylum, but ought
to be in jail.
By publishing this letter you will
greatly oblige,
T. Albert Moore,
Associate Secretary L, D. A.
Wo publish by request, the forogrtinar
letter from T. Albert Moore, iiBSjiciiito
secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance!
from whlcli.it will be neon that tin
tweet ChrlBtian spirit of charity, which
*■« supposed to bind nil ChrintUnn to
'fcthpr in ono loving embrace, i8 -fro-v-
ing a Iiltlo;blttor in Somo quartern.. We
fail to rpo how iMr. Mooro liaBstrength-
<inc(l his cnno by thin letter and hy con-
Diguing the editor of*tlio Ney.-s to thi«
cmnmuji jail with no hopo of a cot In an
•isyluiiin for lunatics. Tho newspaper
man, as IflUHiuU in such cnsoH," nllowi.
tho alliance man some choice at loimt
ns to whoro ho should ho coiillneil,
thoroliy .showing a wider spirit of toloi"
unco than tho T.nr.l'n Day Alllaiici!
man inanifoBlH. Mr. Mooro shoulil not
allow tin. carnal minded editor of tho
Nowa to oiiMlo hiin In such a hiiiiiII
matter of cliarity an a cholci) botivoeii
living In a Jail or a lunatic, asylum.
Mrs. Johnson and aon, Rpnrwood; W
[Irateii, Michel; C W Gaines, Modleinu
liati Kd Wildrnmi, Frank- ... K Htiit.-
iiyt anil wife, Cnrhonmloi JI 0 Davidson
aiul wife, ^J)'n Jlatt, II A. LoRoy, Cm-
hijuijiidoi W Dnnalii. ^olsonj T linreli,
Oarlioiuuloi P MeConncll, -Onmbrook)
■---JJ.-I !*!JK
Mad© From' Grapes
Geo Jorgenson, Elkmouth; C A Clint*-
.insinith. Elko; T,L Wilson, Frank; A
[Jclmer, Cranbrook; J Lewis, Spokane;
W C Bryan, JI L Bryan, Macleod; J E
Kindall, Idaho; F M Robiiison, Oako'a-
dale, Wash., XV Mini and wife, Coin
man, II Epstine, Winni|>pg; S Bonnell
and wife, Miss Hugsloy, II Nahaniarce
II R H-antington, city; Chas Fisher,
Lewiston, Idaho; G L Brown,' Brownsville, Out , D McRea, Frank; Miss M
Reading, It Fetherstoiio, city; B F iNor-
ton II Moore, Nort Yakima: H V San-
dors, Pittsburg.
King- Edwni-d
.. XV II Dickinson,' High lliver, Mifb
Aikins, Macleod; It E Di*a,°Duiuth; C
DeChaso, Stavely; WalterCreeler Spokane; Frank Ilinslmr-;, Guh Ludpif,
Carbonado; Evan Peace, Wm Stephen,
Enu, Out.; G E Coultnn, Oakesdale; M
Lnncflsterf, J E.„'an, city; F Rutherford,
!' B Brazil, Coal Creek; P A Bell Moose
■law, M C McCsid,, Edmonton; II W
Garland, J Easton, Blaiiin'oro.
P D and D MeTavisb, Cnlgaryj Miss
Ko.so Davis, Whitcfwh: O 0 Wells, Spokane; T Wilson, Frank; F Aiti.ee. city;
15 M Stilt, Michel; B E-Partnn.'Nanton;
I) W Had den, Coal Creek; II 1> K-aun
dors, Otis Nownouse, J M lieney, Pitts-
Inirg; It Moore, Hallifax; Fred Woods,
Hay Btiiiniugliftin, Pittsburg;FA Mille,
city; J Fleshinor, Vancouver.
Tlio lioiMny.-j noivurc o\-er.
And we've n.'itnu wu k-jojo uiul our turk.
And we'vo nil sot lmok to luirtinoss,
. And setl lu<l down to ^4■o*•k. *
'&^mmty Wai
\. We have a big- assortme^of cheap HatVd "and  Bed-
}>oon-i.Lamj^^ni.,2oCj;to JltyQ complete.
• • We sell, for Cash only. cCome,where you can get val-
ue for your money.     -     |M.       * .^I-t,
r *■ • '
1 .. • PtT'ompi S3e!iV®py
5 .- •<*.
$   TELEPHONE   ft
Uk ° <l
va -   *J
The People's Grocer,   P. 0, Block,  Fernie
Y many customers and friends
are hereby, tendered thanks for
their liberal patronage and support
during the past year,-and at the same
time we wish them all a prosperous
and happy New,Year. Trusting we
■ will be able to retain your patronage
during this year, we are
Yours truly,.
oA. VV. bleasde'll.
^gg&JSS^g^R^^ ■a.-earjaaa
Quality ofthe INK used on a job, has much to do with
1 *- *.
its finished appearance.        .,...'       .      ', J
Much ofthe dauby work you occasionally see, is the re-,
sull of ignorance combined with carelessness, and a dash
-   of "that's plenty good enough."        ...
NOW experience in the business and a large amount oi accumulate
.cd.'Msnow how"; has taught us the proper INKS for, die various
jobs, and there is no office in British  Columbia  quite  so  well'-'e-'
quipped .with INKS of different shades, and qualities suitable for
the extensive range and grades of papers wc carry in .stock.
Bear, this in mind'when you want nice,, clean,  sharp. pfintihg-A the
only kind that pays,— done by'ex'pert Union workmen, at
The Ledg-s-r Of f iccy Fersni-a,
■ s ■
J  .
Pj3IBffi^5SB^^i3l!Si&^^ OE3Z3£33E35SE3£^^ SQu
A. B.' Trites, Pros.
R. W. Wood, ^ico«Pres.
IT. R. Iluntinft'ton, Sec'y.
mtimi*mm*mi*u*mmmn*m*%w 1 ■ m muss
■aeaiHttaifki^ isgiaaiigiBsat!^^
.y -uiearance  bale
of Ladies'   Blouses
LADIUJS' BIoiiBos 011 Salo thi.s wcok consisting' of Silks, Voltes, Lustres'
and Frencli Flannels. These Blouses aro bound to soli like Hot Cakes
at tl.e prices wo are offering them so como early if you want one at loss
than wholesale prico. Read the list of prices below and Judge for yourself
the bargains ^vo aro offering this week.
Made From fipap
Made Fpom Grape?
1 Only Liidius' slllc niouso, i-pr. pntc Ji;.4*j,o   Sale price $7.50
3 Only
6-7 &
0 Only
S Only
3 Only
6 so
5 Only
do  ■
.< Only Lmlii-s' stlk HIoukos, ro*.y. prl.'cj $9,00   Sale price $rt,oo
3 Only       do      do       do do       7.so
5 Only I.ndic-j' I.iiKtro Hlouscs, roj;. price 4,50
5 Only   do   Flannel I.loiihew,      do      5,00
3 Only
3 Only
Voilo Uloiises,
Lustre HIouncs,
TBi© TrBtes-Wood Compamy-i'
■** **       1 ,
,f ri fi ttM*> JVm-lf-V   til*.V
Advertise in the Ledger.   Jt pays.   Try it.


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