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* I 11.4 in ij, Jt
\p^-i\^Vii yic:
=■    FEB 2G 190
.-Vol.fNo..-.I, Number 29.
:j >
Price $2 a year in advanc
Interesting Locals Aboul Folks
Joy Probably Know
\ Mrs. A; Buckley Is (rapidly recover-
ipg.from.her recent ,IUnosB?-,-_;
■  Mrs. A. B. Tritea'cutcrtaUiod a. few
friends nt bridgo, whist and oiiciiro last
.Thursday night. AA;      ^
If yon can't J*q .olected Mayor of
Fariiie, buy ft fow bottles of Pcruiin and
get your.picturo hi tho paper.
Mrs. Bonnoll entertained a nnniboi- of
. friends at nn afternoon toa Inst Friday
in honor of Mrs .l'\ IJ. Smith. -
Tho Second fancy dross carnival of
'-'* tho Bcnacin will   bo given   tonight at
Coleman, and promises tb bo ovdu better than thc lirst ono.
Tho eyes of tho world aro on British
■. Columbia thoso days.—-Cranbrook Her-
ttltl.'  And tho oyesof British Columbin
nro upon tlio Logislaturo at Victoria.   ■
, Tho International Conl &.Coko Co.,
ol Coloman is steadily iticieiiBing its
output. : Tho daily shipments' average
1,100 tons, hnd ono day recently, the
output wns 1,260 tons.   . '-.   A
-- At tho regular, meeting of tho official board of thc Method ist church nt
.Cranbrook Inst week, Rev. Wo«tman
was unaminously requested tb rdmaiu
as pastor for another year.
His lion, Lieutenant Governor Mortimer Clark, formally: opened tho On-
"tiiriO; Legislature . last Thursday.
Premier Whitney oxpocts * to get
through with all legislativo   work   be-
itote Good Friday. ; ->
Harry Bcntly, so well known in For.
11I0, aud formerly of Lethbridgo U now
doing business, at Dayslnnd,  Alberta,
and lian been appointed a Justice of tho
, Peace 7 Dayiiland   is a  now-railway
iltoivn with great expactations., <-•
•>Ir.. A. Carney, provincial timbor in-
■spector, of Knslo, arrived in tlio city
Saturday; to1 finish business which he
Iiu4 to abandon a few days ago on account 0/sickness, and returned to his
-  |hfi^.i in If jja|n fnr n'hi-i|-»f I'ngl-
Don, McKay, the knjght of tho gov-
■emnneiit roads came hero last  week
..Atid hns hnd somo men shoveling siiow
< an the road"to the 111 inca.    lie went
'|ow.-vto'\Mo"rris8oy Monday   to. look
jittiii*.;repairs-  to   tho, approach   to
' fthe bridgo  A- '   ,'.:
Mr, J.-Bintis, representing II, J.
"Width*. - & Co.^of, Vanpoiiver, was in
the city last week and illuminated Tin;
"jMtkiKti mnclxxin with, tho brighost of
lil« bright smiloe. Mr. BIiiiib roports
Tbusliiesiiextremely good nnd looks for a
' record year.   -
Tho renin I n s of King Chris-linn ol
Deitimjii-k," tho father-iii'lnw of liiir-
#»|muim rovjilty, wcro laid to rest on Hiiii*
<\ny morniiig among tho tombs of oth-
»r I.'inish I'lnsf, who fnr lho Inst thous1
nnd yi'/irs hnvo found n reHlIng plnco at
tho Cntlicdi'Al of Uoekllde. thirtv mlloa
from Coponliagen.
i*.oliiiN, 'Jatujibftll, for many, years
-clei'U of llio court nt MncLooil, diodvory
AUildooly xxt '«, m, laat WodiiiiBilay
morning. JI« had boon III only 11 day
or two, having* filtondod to his duties
At tho court hoiwo on Monday. Mr.
Onmpboll was ono of tho oldost roBi-
donts of tho district.
., . 0. IColly, Hlllcrost, was down tho
lirftt ol tho wook nnd reports that thirty,
moil nro lit work In ami  around  thn
, IlillcroBt mino, and Itho company will
noon bo ready to ship conl. Tho tun'
not Is bolng rim In a ton foot vein of
very good conl. Our old follow towns'
iviii.li, Oliarlln Burrows In nt Illllerost
With his fninlly nnd Is working in thn
, 'l'lin citizens of lMiiolmr Crook voted
ttltnost solidly on llm HIlli liiht, In favor
of Incorporation, nud tho town wlll bo
lucftrporjilcil an noon iih lho luiccfmavy
lognl form/ill lies can hn compiled with.
Tlm now town will Btni't on Its corporal*. r-xlKtiiu.-n with a population ol nearly one thotirmnd, ono hall of which will
consider thouiHOlvos - ns eloj-lblo nnd
roiiipelont watiulnl for civ'o position.
Tlio womon, .wo hollow, do not aspire
ii M, Proctor, who for tho pait ilvo
years hns boon nn netlvo mombnr of the
-   Fornlo Luinher Co., will (eel like 11 flili
nnt of water for a whllo nftar sovorlng
his counccllfJii with (hn lumbor huul
xWH, and gottlng Dm sawdust nut of his
kliaV ixxxA socks.  Ho snys lm ii JiiHt go-
.!*."■.•* ,U J**-?.. ?•"■'' *> vhll'»,l''\t \\<< ''"'III (I'id
1  .1-lmt yMhtty hnnl work and will noon hn
■•looking -for 11 nnflor job,    Tin. I.Kiini'.it
.wouldn-iU'-lHfllilm to buy n printing
>press mul Imvo loino fun.
,T. II, Rchoflo.il, ono of the oldest ol
iFornlo vliltor lust wl'ok and paid Tho
■Ledger oilico a friendly cnll. Mr,
iMclioflnld, who li president of tho Crown
Nost P*w Hockey league mot Mr. A.!
C, Liphardt whllo In lho cily, nud tlio
ro.inlt of the couforenci! was an nml'
calilo mljiutmenl of tho controversy
over thn Midianll nnd Hendserson
cups, Tl.e Llphnnlt cup Is io remain
tho proporty of the Fornlo loam nnd
lhe Henderson cup goes lo Pincher
Cfeek. It witn further arranged thnt
tvoieaguei will h.i formed for noxt your
onn to cover tin. territory from Crows
"Hest I'M* west; the oth««r lo enkrnen the
Unltory to the cast,
A.B, Trites andR. W,. Wood,went
to Michel Monday, and havo not yet returned./ ,      . ,7 .    '   ;   "
P. Patterson, of the^ ^International
Executive BpardU. M7,V* of A., loft
last night for Lethbrldge/ A,, ,.   .,',".
Mr., A. McDougall, of tho-Fernie
Lumber Co., is just back from a hurried
trip to .Calgary, Ho reports th.ii|-8 iis
being lively iii the good city., : !
, A night school will, be opened in
Fernie March 1st for tho study.of 'typo-,,
writing and shorthand. For parti culars
aiid terms apply at ibis ollice.
, President Sherman and Mr. Moore of
tho United Mine'Workers, left Mondiiy
night for Victoria. They have, gone
ti assist in* looking after legislation in
tho interest ot tlie miners, -
Tlio.ro-opeoing services of tho" now
Baptist church will, likely bo held on
Sunday, March (tth. Inability to secure
seats has occasioned'delay but it is
hoped thoy will lo in plnco for tho
opening.'. Delliiito, announcement will
be mndo nest week. 7,      * 1  ,
Tho lirst uso of our newly installed
Moiiollne will bo scon.iii tlio special
Ledger dispatches from/oYictorla on
this page of this issue. Hereafter wo
expect to have all typo sot by the Mono-
lino and our press will be run .from
gasoline powor.
A local branch of the tho U. M. W„
of A. was organized at Lethbridge on
Sunday, the 18th inst., with) 303
members, by V. F.itterBonJnternatioual
Executive Board Member, Yenzol Soulii
acting as interpreter. L. P, ftckstein
of Fernie, spoke boforo tho Local on
the Compensation Act;'- - •   .
On Tue-day evening the Rat Portage
hockey team defeated tho Winnlpogs
on the latter's - ico- by 7. to T>, This
leaves these clnba tied, for tho championship and another g.'imo will bo necodsory
to decide who is togd lifter1 the Stanley
cup, omblomatic ." of * tho .world's
championship, and now hold by;the
Ottawasfor the foui-lli'season.      ;
There has bocn'ri change of .mahago
ment of tho dining room at the Royal
hotel. Mrs. Hoelzei, who ran a boarding house in West Fernie, near the'big
mill, somo time ago, has taken charge
of; the dining room and sleeping
apartments and is employing 'all' w||ite
help,   Sho will run .a iliet class..busi-
nnnn n *yi1 It. e\ t\r\a^=:=i /\  nn/mi'/ti-lf-iJ-l t\ iip-n-
ODd nnu—jiujjt.19 vu^dijIui v—n^^mi Jij*--
patronage.   *          ,
Tho Trail smqltcr has made a reduc
tion of $3 per ton on freight and treat
ment charges on lead ores, This rc-
ducthn from 915 to $1*3 per ton 011'these
charges will make, a very appreciable
difference to the owners of lead producing mines nnd will still.further stimu'
late the production of oresfrom them
a'ld also bring Into tlio list of shippers
other mines.
Albert Dunn,, tho unfarti'ii/ite young
mnn who watt iii .chni'KC of the,police n
few weeks ago, bocniiRii of insanily but
who hnd:been released nftcr having
recovered to'-some extent, had to ho
taken in charge again yesterday nnd
placed in confinement awaiting an
examination at) to his condition which
will probably result In his bolng soul to
New Westminster.
A small hoy, not over live yoni-B old
by tlio nnmo of Ilynu, iihrrowly csenpod
bolng seriously,Injured jpt In front of
the Ledger oilico on Monday, 11 eeeniB
hn wiis riding on tho pole of n large
sleigh which wns by In 15 trailed behind
another ono drawn by one of Hundley's
conl t«n,niii nnd fell off, thn runiioi' of
tho lirst bob pat-ping over him beforo
tho driver could stop tho team.,.
Tho Rulo of needle work nnd refresh,
ments by tho Lndlee' Aid of the
Mothodlst church last night nt the
Itlt-liai'd's store in the Todd block was as
Is UBunlly tho ' enso with
such things gotten up by those Indies, 11
blooming biiccoah—no slang Intnndod-c
the needle work wns blooming so were
thn good HilugH to pnt nnd now tho
ilnnncos of tho Liidles' Aid nre iu n
blooming condition iu oonscr-uonco,
H W, Armstrong a former pnrtnor
of I.. Pi I'.ekstoln nt Now WoBtmlnntor
In lho lnw Inmlnesii mid now poi'miiii*
ontly located nt Iiosslnnd hns boon In
tho city a wcok iitmlBting Mr, Eckstein
in his oilico work until lho latter goiitlu-
Minn can got a poop nt a follow over thn
lop of nccuinniuliiled IiuhIuohh awalllug
his nttoiillon. Mr. AniiRtrniii; is a vory
plensnnt geiitlomnii nnd thn Ledger
would llko to soo him boeomo n
pormnnont Fernielto,
Dr, Boll, in compnny with Mr,
Tolmie, Dominion Veterinary Inspector
for thli province enmo in from Crnn-
brook yesterday to tnko a peep around
st thn condition of horses nm:l other
Ilvo stock lu this locality. Btrlngont
methods nro being pursued iu au elVnrt
to itmnp out the last veslngo of gland'
ers nml nltho' it entails loss lo owner-,
and much expense to tho government
it is the thing to do nnd Dr. Tolmie
In overlooking nothing thut. will niti In
eradicating this,dread dlsciue.
Judgo Wilson arrived In tlio city on
Monday night nnd Ilormnn Moi-dgron
was brought lief oro him yoiterday fnr
speedy trial upon tha charge of perjury.
HU Lordidilp road tho >o\mg man a
severe lectnro upon thn crime ho had
committed and lentenutul him to hU
month* In thn Nelson jail at hard labor.
The young man had -ileadedigullty and
nsked for tho mercy of tho court which
fact probably conlritmlod to lighten lho
Mcntcricfl pronounced ii'-on liim- Tlicre
will \ma i-cjiukv ncau.uii of the tuiiuty
cottit horo on Iho 27th Inst.
Council and Board of Trade Co-operate
Petition to le Government
Provincial Government Buildings Wanted for fernie
a sum {m
oroitght.down for
"Mayor Bleasdell called (ho cily council together Monday morning- to con*
sidoi' n communicftiion from Victoria
iiitimnliug that prompt action upon (he
part.of tho City Council-and tlte.citi-
zehs of Fernie, might result in securing
the estimates soon to be
tho ei'cctioit of u
jointly owned public building hero hi
Fernie, somewhat after the proposition
taken up at Cranbrook. The. following resolution was. passed unaminously by the' council.
•-Resolved that tliis council recognizing tho liccessity of provincial, government buildings in Fernio and feeling
that on 'account of the largo--revenue
the government'derive from the city
and.district, wo nro ontitled to a libera'
measure, of recognition'in this respect.
Be it thercforo "resolved that -Ihis
council imspecial session asseinblbd aok
that tho Provincial government of Brit*
isirColumbiji do place in the estimates
for 190G a liberal amount for tlio pur
pose set out, uboyc. Bo it further resolved that tho Board of Trade and the
citizens gern'orally bo asked to •co-operate with-ifio, Council in attaining the
above object.''   '    . j  '
A meoting.Qt tho Board of Trade was
called for tho same evening and the
nbovo resolution was submitted for the,
consideration ot the members,- h "very
large number of whom turned but and
teak great'interest.in the proposition. *
ThoYesolution phased by the! council
.was endorsed by the boaid "and iv'siip-
plontai'icKoliitipn ,is|$ing t|io mcniber
urge upon the government) the noces
sity of placing lho siim of $10,000 iu the
estimates for the purpose of buildim? n
public building hern, llie city, to join In
tho building if. satisfactory 'arrangements to thjit!cffccV could be arrived at
- The-.'.boarjsl'Valsp )<(-(-*0|liinpiulcd.'tlip
city he asked toiiippolnt two delogates
to go to Victoria to urgo upon the gov
ornmont, the nppi-qprlalion of the
amount nanied in the. resolution, and
nlso'to urgo action relating to the Flathead wagon road, for which tho City of
Ferule linn fi|iondy expended if.'jOO in
preliminary surveys, and to endorse the
action of the associated hoards of trade
recently taken at Cranbrook asking
that a roseivo of tXi,0X) or ("0,000 acres
of pino lands ho slit aside somewhere iu
Fast Kooti-iiay as a public park.
A letter ,'froni the secretary of tho
board of trado of Vancouver nuking
the Fernie board to, co-onorato In ,an
endeavor to defeijt bill 'JO, relating to
paydays of hiboiiiig men, providing for
two paydays eiitjh "month instead of
one, ns iB now , the*" practice,' was read
and after'some discussion was filed and
the secretary instructed to inform tho
secretary of the Vancouver board, that
the matter had been, laid over for" future consideration:'   ',. ,
The verb'..l repot t of the delegates to
the annual convention of the associated
boards at Cranbrook wns heard and a
vote of thanks piis'sod thankjng tho
delcgatcrffor their services.
A committeo was'appointed to. ascertain as nearly as possible -iho amount
of revenue paid to tho provincial gov-
orninoiil from all sduices In tho Fernie
district during t|ie,li.s«t year, and report
the result io (lib delegates going to
Victoria to ask fsr ai S10.00J appropriation for a public building. Tlie, meeting tl|cn adj-iurncd,    '  '
Tho committee,0consisting of Sec.
Alexander, Sherwood IL'rclitnicr and
D. V. Mott was appointed to ascertain
thc amount of revenue contributed by
the district to llie provincial treasury
during the last year met yesterday, and
after  gelling  jiiforiuation ,f|'oi|i    Ihe
iiC.ii uy-»lni.->—ihi"*iu}4JU^Iiiiu_uli!IUl Ollicials, and after estimating ns nearlyas
possiblo tlio reveiuicr-lrjin.Jill sourcesi
found lhat approximately $1(50,000 had
beeii collected last year, and that of
this sum not more than $30,000 had
bebn returned to Itlie district, for all
purposes, •Jxr3^u&0^.(ix\iy.. approxiina*
tion riguros'riiunho committeo hellove
thoy will be'found to bo substantially
A. moro flagrant example of bad
methods of government poorly executed It1 would be hard to (hid than iB exposed by such showings ns tho  nbovo.
UJI |ijlg|IIWIl'WlgSyljtllM'l ^TlUfllWWSSIJ-Wilj
_            ... O
?y 3*rwj*jm**.**mamm**i'Wb^^ i^-^,.,, , i
Here wo have a new d'strict continually increasing in population nnd tho
consequent requiteiueiilH of llio rapid
incroase calling for new schools, new
government buildings of all.kinds, new
roads and bridges and yet llio Indnst
rial lifo of tho dislrietiis being taxed
over $100,000 per annum more thm,expended within its borders for.what nre
nbsoluto requirements of its people,
and tho further development of the
resources to be found within its limits.
.Roads arc being constructed over the
border to deflect the trade of tho Flathead to foreign inaikots; while the
miners, lumbermen ond otlior people
of the district are pouring into llio 'provincial treasury, more than $100,000
per atinnm, which goe.3. to lessen the
burdens of Dewdncy dyke land farmers
and. tolill.up tho holes left, vacant iu
tho'trensury boxes at Victoria caused
by tho failure ofthe ministry to properly safeguard tho land revenues whicli
mif-lit have been procured for the ben-,
elil of the province had not tho Larsons
and Andersons been permitted to gnl>
hie up valuable land for themselves,'
while they were so assiduously assisting lhe government to give lo the
Grand Trunk Pacilic Co. through the
help'of a middle man, all the land they
wanted for terminal purposes at ff 1 per
acre with lhe tide Hats thrown in,-    <-.
The Ledger is well aware of liio fact
that it'ia not oh the list of tliose regard
ed with favor by the Crows NestJ'afs
Coal Co., but if thnt uroat - corporation
wonhl forget for a little whllo the -little
.water, light and telephone nutters',up
on which they.sooin to differ so radically frorn the views of this paper, aid
join hands with the peoplo cf this town
and district in n united effort lo drive;
but of existence such methods of taxation and thoj-liHtrlbi'tion of-tho results
liv this province," It would"'.!}'-, "making
more money for Itself , and "doing" si.
groat a good for the peoplo at largo thai
it could offord to forget "uli ,iiboul
water plants, .electric, light, and telephone tolls for all (imn to come, aiid
mill all the tooth out of tlio jaws ot the
little Ledger drngou.  -
VicLoriai 11. C. Feb. 20,.— As oomT
plicntcij a criminal enso, and ht the
same time ono of tho most rcmnrknblo
among thoso tiio PnclHc Coast police
hnvo Iuul brought within tho scope
of thoir ofllcial duties in many years,
Ib now untlcr examination, growing
out of Uic arrest feomo weeks ago lit
Los Angeles, of K. L. Unitnrd, a cuni-
pamtlvoly wonlthy roiil csLato ojilm'-
ator anil owner ol a prolltablo auto-
moljllo garaffo, for a orlmlnnl nssanU
upon sixteen year old Lulu Howland
his Bloiiofl-raplioi-? Hniiiircl was ad-
mittcil to ball in $5,000. and pending
tho (]ato of trial, Lulu Rowland with
lior ulster Mabel, disappeared, Bo
also did I [lizard'nfion Hoy, a pleasant
young chap of 21, whom it was not
suggested had any connection with
Then camo tho awful tragedy of
tho Valencia wreck, and lor the time
bolng lios Angeles lost nil Interest In
tho llnKiird-Howland onso. It:wus
revived by llio nppoaranoo In Victoria ot Iltissiwl und Howland, llio
fathor of tlio girls, blttorost enemies
united apparently In common grief,
UHiiccordliig to tliolr Joint statement
their children bad all beon lost with
tlio unlucky California liner. It was
suggested that tlio trio of young jiooplo
were mombcra ol nn clopulug -party,
and lionco lind assumed fictitious
names of West, Martin and Rlmpson.
which nccoutitcd for no thought of
thorn being aroused by tlio publication of tho Valencia passenger UsU.
After ftheeklnrrdcHerlpThm llflln niul
viewing many of tho recovered bridles brought to this city from tlio
bleak wost const, Ila/.iird Identified a
body as that of tlio younger Rlrl, al •
lliougli tt was tlii-co   hours latorln-
Culik\AJlt-|k'k.4»l^ i44\i<.4U.llJVIkl 4ICI4I,
Bubscquont developments induce
the pollco to rogard tlio story tlmt (lie
Howland glrla nnd young Hazard
wcro Valencia iinssengcrs with dis*
llnct suspicion, tlio theory bolng gen*
crally accepted here that lu order (0
bring about a cosintlon of Investigations willi tho object of locating tho
missing witnesses, H-mrd lias employed n dnmmy loiter Irom Ills son,
ami invented thu story ofthe depart*
nro by tho Vnlonsla, 1
Wlieilicr or not thc girls are located, Howland declntoii lie will
prciu the civac UKiUunl the licti-.v-ycv (if
his daughter.
Application,, is Being Made for q Charter
Through the Kananaskls Pass
A company, styled the Calgary
and Pernio Itiiilwiiy compnny Ih applying for tx dominion charier to build
11 railroad from Oalgnry , to Knrnln
through the KaiianaRklH I'uhk, (hence
down the I'.lk river to Kernie, here con*
nectlngwIthi'lioU. V. II. anil 0. N.
rond*. Such a road would pans through
nn nlmont L'outliuioiiH coal Held from
the placo It eutei-H the mountain-*- on
lho cant to Uo junction with tho other
roads here at Pot-Hie, and would havo
inimmiHe toiitin-jo to haul iih noijii an It
uould get In work lug ordor,
Willi mail a road loading direct to
Calgary, and tho building of the Knol>
enny Central to.connect with the C, P.
U at l'llko or <)affray, Penile wlll lie
the rnllrond centre of Mimt Kontenay
nnd ovorybody who linn a propertv In-
teriiHt in the city Hlioiild reiolvn him-
Holf Into 11 committee of one to work
contluiioiihly lor the early completion of
thorn- two projects, Lot ih all pull continually for IIiIh roHiilt nud wo wlll nee
the two (interprlHUH develop into rcull-
tloH In a very fow yearH,
ZTZm'm*m' ' *
with the liuiibur bu-iineiis and T|je
Lodijer exteiidfl IIh cnncratnlalioiiH to
him nud wIhIicb him and thoi-o IntorcKt-
cd tho HiiecoRs duo such cnterpri-siii"
pooplo, ' . n
Victoria, Kch. 20I—Special lo Pernie
LedgL-r.—The remarkable activity of
3Iv. lios;- in seeing reasons for- tlie
.disallowance of qiiostions.-likcly to
produce disclosures .constituted the
feature of this evening's proceedings
before the Kuieii  Island committee.
Air. Anderson was on thu stand W-
iug cross-examined. .Several important disclosures were made, including
the j-tiUenieiit that th-.' witness was
paid ten thousand dollars in his settlement with Mr. I,ar.sen in addition
to which he retains certain coal and
townsite lands.. Each motion |(v Mr.
McDonald for the product ion of evidence or the answering of questions
was promptly and'unqualifiedly sustained hy Deputy attorney-general McLean ns requisite to the inqtijiy, but
Mr... Moss nevertheless continued to
provide obstacles, being much more in
evidence in this regard than Mr. Kb-
crt.s, the recognized counsel (or lhe
What is Considered Important
Enough* to Print "
Mr. 11- II, Conk, of Cowley, linn Ink*
en over tlm dnlrv IiiikIiicku formerly
owned by ,!, 0. Ilutrlilnon, and will he
ahln to mmply all eomiiN wilh the hM
of dairy produce, Mr. Conk Iuin ii line
inuchnud cowHof his own nt Cowley,
which, mliiod to thu Hlnck'piirchtiHud nf
Mr. IIiitchlHon, putrt him In n position
tn li-irulln a lfii'.i**> Iiimlnimq      '-•"* ■
Mr. llntch-iHnn l« lenvlnr** In n dnv or
two for a trip to the went, after which
ho Ik liable lo nettle down with iim ny-nlii
nud remain n -road 1-Vniloite nn he al-
wnj'H hnn been.
lnt,.i, ii, iimc, iiiUin CmtHr iniiiiy
Luuiliiir Co., tinH purchnHeil Hit* entire
IntcroHlfi of L. M. Proctor Hi tho Tortile Lumber C<> Thin deal which linn
Itiicii in pro-jri-Mi for hoiiio timo wnti
completed last l-'ridny, nud Mr. Hale
left nn tlm rtvetibttf twin for M/lilerby,
II, li. Ile will return iu a weulc or ten
Anyn, nml II In prnhnhli* Ih.ir he will
coi/iplcliui dit/il wilh Mr, A. McDougall for hU hall of the Inmlier hunlinwH.
Thin prnhahly nieaiin the liivmtincnt nl
rnoro caplla! in the biulitent, mul nn In.
(-r«*«e..| output ol luiiilx-r In thin din
Mr. I lain in thoroughly acquainted
Lasl Sunday at thc wee sina' hour
of one a. m. lire was discovered in lhc
millinery slore of Miss McLeod, next'
lho Ciinndiiii! Hunk of Coninierce build,
ini;, Crniihrook, An ulJirm wiih nl
once sounded and in n very few niin*
ulcs ihroo lines of hose were laid nnd
three hlreams were turned on lhe fire,
which wiis coiiliiicd lo lhc wooden shell
of n buildinj,'nnd linnlly exliii|,'ii!slied.
Thc entire slock of niillinery wis
destroyed nnd much ilnnm-jo lo the
huildluj; was siiMaiued. Il U under*
Klouil Hint lhe buiMin-,' wan insured for
!?i,ooi) nnd Ihiillhere was $3,000 insurance upon ihe slock and fixtmeu.
The hitler is ;i tola! hiss.
The Crmihronk people nre jusl|y
proud of llieir miiKniliivmly Irained
volunleor lire, briipide and upon this
invasion thoy ceitainly preveuled the
spread of 11 lire which lliiiiil have ic*
Milled in lhe desirui'ilon uf a whole
block of wooden striiiinre*. I'lie
Chief Ih'iidley handled his liule louc
like n veU'iiin, The hoys were 111 med
wilh sinolce proli'i lors which cnnhled
them lui'iik'i- lhe luiruini; building iuul
dlreet the slrcnim. of witter most
Our lire Iwys in Kernie are made of
lhe wuiie slulT ns lhe Cr.inhrookerM and
the city should see In il lhat lliey have
freipicnl calls and runs to nil purls of
llici'ily,   for   ll   is   only  in  this  way
,1    1     rt*  • 1 ,,•       1        ...
.,*-,,   i.,,.^.., . . .     S...k      . v.      .4.>,.4.4.-,4.. ,\      ,\
u ere not for the awful fear of lho hav
The Ledger would he tempted lo jro
down and p.nnul that old Irinni'li' nt
lln* lire hall ul nil hours of ilu* nielli
and day unlil lhe lire ImKlle-. should
know cur, possible, run hi llieiils and
he able lo lind and couple onlo every
hydrjuil blindfolded. Then' diills
iniejil cosl a few hundred JolLir- but
in in lhe Sunday Urn nt Cr.iiil'fitnk
lluiui.iiid< of diillars intr-hl Ik-caud I**,
pfompl, wcll-direfl^J M\\m 01 am-
run. -ffivi- nor bitys n 'Irhnniv .1111 ffioy
will show 11s what cm be done.
Victoria, Feb. 20.—Special to the
Feruie Ledger.— Abundant evidence
tliat any trilling . differences between
conservative government of llriiish
Columbia have" been adjusted to ihe
satisfaction of the other parlies was
allOrded by the course today of Leader Hawthornthwaite and his party';
Mra l'arker Williams, when the motion foi- the third reading of the Roy.
al Instillation Hill authorizing the
provincial adjunct of JIcGill to assume control of higher educational
work in Ilritish Columbia.
' .Mr. Ilawthorntliwaite had at the
last appearance of this measure declared himself, uncompromisingly an-,
tngonistic warning the-1 government
that they were following in the loot-
step's of the liritish conservative par-
'ly that went down to recent extinction, lie also joined in an adverse
.vote whicli greatly troubled the government on that occasion. Then there
<was a hurried comparison, of notes.
Tlie government-with almost' a solid
vote re-established "Mr. ' Ilawthonitli-
.waite*.'s defeated petition bill respecting provincial election" candidates and
IlawUionithwaite aiid his associate
-vo^cd--reciprocal iy-^oii-^tiic^-govcninieiit-
petition educational ,,measure today,
The day was largely taken up with
educational' matters,-the debate on
the motion for the second'reading oi
the school act amendment' bill • 1 ing
continued by. l'reuiier MeHride, Mr.
C, \V. Miinro^Mi'.-l'attei'soh' auf7M1V
■"Kvaii.s, !\Ir. Munri-"making, a speech'
which' will rank among the best ' oi
the session, his argument being ili'iil
the present system' is distinctly discriminatory as against the poorer dis-
The opposition have offered „ ' au
niiieiidiiiciil to the effect that the
school act of In-il session be discarded and the province revert to the iys*
tem hitherto prevailing.
.lust prior lo today's ndjouriuneul
l'reinier IMiOlriiU: reijuested chat the
member for Okniiag.iii, Mr. Kllison,
oiiher withdraw or allow lo stand
over indefinitely his bill lo provide
for public control of telephone fates.
j\s a remain .Tor Ihe request the premier slated llial lhe investigations
lind bei'it'itiideiiiikeii by Multiloba and
by the Dominion as to the desirability of govcriuui'iii control and operation of telephones, 1U< advised that
lhe results he awuiled In-fore llriiish
Columbia foul; action, The bill slood
over, its introducer declining to
withdraw it,'
Peter Patu-ison, national board
member oi the U. M. W. A. foV ihis
district, who has just returned from
the international convention of that
order held recently nt Indianapolis,
went to l.ethbridge Monday evening
to complcu- the work of organizing
lhat camp.
Frank 11. Sherman, district presi-
senl of'the V M. W. A,, was a visit:
or lo the l'ass Tuesday. Mr. Sherman attended the Indianapolis con-,
vention and he states that he cannot
see how u big strike iu the I'eun.svl-
vanin coal regions can be averted.
Mr. Sherman expresses deep gratification at the splendid condition 4>f affairs now existing'in this district.
John-Nelson of Livingstone, known
among his neighbors as. "The Cabbage King," wiis, a visitor to Frank
last week. He was marketing a load
of the products of his foothills farm.
Mr. Nelson is the man who made an-
extraordinarily successful experiment
last season with growing fall wheat
sown in the spring.
Victoriu, Feb, 30 .-Special to llie
Ferine Ledger,—Al u meeting held by
the. -.oiiMiviiliuh lieu: tonight il ■wis
unanimously derided lo oppose lhe
election of lion, Wm, Ti-mplciiiaii 011
the filli ol next monlh,
lion, nir, Tenipleiuaii will nevertheless be, elected liy a lousing majniiiy
and liher.il.i gein-rallv while icgrel-
liug llial iheiiew minister "I 'iilatid
revPlllle should be silbjecled lo ,1 inll-
lesl lol his Mill, wel'diili* llie
light as it is sun.- lo react upon the
1,0 called liiiisi-rwitivc provincial government uud aid iu opening lhe e\cs
of lhe public In the erlieiue slelldel'-
lies', ol lln,* tint*.nl by wlmh tbrv.iiii*
holding ou to lliiii piisiiiiiii.s nud
dtiiwiiig 1 lit* i 1 'niliirles.
Till* (Vllie'l Vl'i-I  'I'r irliiwr    I'iinm-iiiv
will erivl, as sunn as pns*.lbli«, 11 new
fire proof stiles room and ware house
in place of the old -lore Iniihllot,' whiih
has been iim-iI for slor,if>e shire lhe
main slock was Iraiviferred 10 ihcir
4,4,4 4.n,;v .i.iimiiiij; 4«n \ii!nii,i .inniiv,
Mr. Uitrrl'iy, llicenlerprisiiii,' oianager,
has also lilted up u eoiiiiinulioiis silling
room over lhe main store for the iiivoni.
modal ion of .heir lady 4 iisliuiicrs while
in town. The 100111 U well furnished
nnd Mipplii-d wilh in.i),M/iiH"> nud papers. This Is ti feature that will he
(-really npprei-liili-d espi'i inllv by llieir
(iiil*of*town ciistomeri who have to
w,iil for Ir.iirw,
The lar-^e slore m i'i also be increased
in •.!/.• by i'vleinliii-; b.teh lo llu- jdlei
-is S4>.»i! ns lhe Imililiii^- of ihe new
*.v,4i4.U4i4i»4*   li.ive Ik-4-o i4Hiipli-Utl.
Niiihln-; smveeds like «ti<v-.'*i.
Yrom llio llcinlil
Mrs, 1-touth, of Moyie, Mrs. Leavilt
and Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Feiiwicl*, ol*
Fort Steele, were among tlie out
of lowii guests at the Curd party. <
J.   F.   Armstrong,   T.   M.   Rolierls,
and S. .1. Mighton bought what lots:,
the townsite company still owned 011
Norbury avenue'on' Saturday last.
William Wilson, of  Winnipeg,  Mopped off  a day  in  Cranbrook to„\isit
with Mr.  and, Mrs.  N..]'.'llroley,  as   ,
couver. J o '
A. Leitch was called lo Winnipeg
this week by-the serious illness i.i-liis
brother,  Angus I.eilch,  who has- been.
conlined -in tlie hospital" in-that til'v
44 -"-*.'
ior  some.' time. .     7 •■    .^-- '
"^TrT'aiicT Mrsf W. V.A'lurd entertained a large pnrty of friends in' I heir •
handsome new home last Tuesday even
ing. Dancing was the programme,
and the evening proved most -mjoy-
alile to all present.
Geo. Wells, secretary of the Mountain Lumbermen.':' association, >.peul
two days iu Cranbrook Ihis week.
Maurice Ouaiu had his electric automobile out again this week, Mini*
rice is gelling proud of his vehicle,
' Otis "Staples, of Staples. Lumber
Company, returned yesterday fiom hisi
trip In St. Paul. Mr, Staples runic
round by Calgary and stopped til m-v-
eral points on lhe prairie aud feels
that the demand for lumber this ;.eat'
will be belter than nt any time since
lie  has   been   ucie, '
The auntial ball ol the Odd'elh-ws.
will be given next Thursday ev-'uiuit
.11 Fralernlly hall. The Fernie oivhesr
tra will lie iu (iltciulame ami eu'iy-
thiug is Icing airauged lo give the
guesls a splendid li.ine. The' iidies
know whut kind ol a lloor thai hall
has lo dance on and lliey will nil
waul   to' be there.
"•'nun Iliu l'in»|ii.itiir
I)nml  Superintendent   Don.   Mnrkny
drove over  flnlll  Furl   Steele  Tuesday
I lurry  While, nisimus ollicei,   «as
at  Ivislpori  Monday on ollicinl biisi."
It, .Clotliiur uiul T, Loweiy, ol Aluv*
ie, were al Ciaiiluook Mo'iiday on
II. KersliliM, poslmasler at Foil
Sleele, Mils   ill  lile cilv  TIiihmIiiv    nil
The Feinie ledger will lmve n mmi*
oliue typiMlliug inai'hliie, in opei*
ill ion in a liw weeks.
.1. A. Mi'Lciiu, .lames .Inyie and
I, M l'liulov, all ol pi-Mile, weir
al Cr.nilirooli Tiiesdav.
Alier a peiind ol ileal ly a \<-n
lipvlll III di-Veloplllellt wink, Hn- Vdll.t.
Star has reMinuil siopuuuis.
](. L. T, liallirnilll, ol F<»n Sleelr,
wus in lhe eity Tuesdiiv to meet Senator I'age and A, .1   Devlin on min-
(mi,    l,l,*.4l!|.>~.
Miss .lauiesoii reliiliiiil lu her home
in Culgiiiy 011 Monday aecumpiiiiieil
by Mrs, V.. II. l.ager, who will sjh-iuI
a week visiting friends,
Tin* sin I lor the ih-w Corliin load
is king lushed in the Imill «is 1 lipid-
lv as possible and" triifkluyiiiR will
lie riMlUinl tt« mm ill as tlu- w«*.itli.>r
will permit.
.», Mill.ir, M. A. Knaliwr, 0. Clark,
K. Slicrmiin, H. Afinitage, T. lNupn-,
I" IVLuhv .irnl A. r.Iciiilrimitig. tin-
I'vtUi*.   IlmkvS   K.UH.  Wili*   Y.MI.A.-     .it
tin- W0y.1l Tuesday. o
The Fernie Ledger
,     EDITOR ,
-G. G.
..- Issued bvery Wednesday from oliii-s of
ioatioii.eonier ofWooilSt. nail lln her
Kernie, British Colu-xliia.
I m!i
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■ ■ ■" i .,',, Si*-"1'11 l>o-->ition, 1V1/ tt.Iviiiii-c:   .
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Kraluldtinii.coiulolciico or.tliiuiks. oMtwu-.v
imetr.v etc., lists of iruoits anil woiliJiiiii' l'ros-
kiiIn. ni cents 11 lino(noniiaricl) eiicli insertion.
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011 ii->|ili(',iitiuii to thu miimievr.
If yon, your friends or relatives suffer with *
Fits, .Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dance, or Vailing
Sickness, write for a ti "ml bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseas-.-.*- to TlIE Li'.ibig Co.,
179 Kin-r Street, \V„ Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain for you
'.I.O. F. (Mo. 3172
Meet in 1. 0. F. Hall on tho last Tue3*
dny iu every montli.
L Cakosi-i..,.*., Fin. Sec.
L. P. Eckstein
Barjustkr-at-Law,    Solicitor,
Culhbcrt l'ttoek, Pernio, B. C.
Tlin uviilunt roluut.'incu on tlio pnrt of
the {fiivornmctit niciiihers ol thu Kiiien
island invosti^-iliii''- coininittuc to pro-
t'i'dd vigorously find iJioi'oujrliJy with
the taking nf ovidoiico ^rows nioru. a']!-
parent as tlio work Ara<x6 Jilon^r, and,
Ihisj-eluctJtiU'u does not diminish as the
indications of what must' at least he
termed jjross lipolif-eiii-e upon thu pari
„if thu governinoiit to look after the in-
turasts of the province; increase.'
Thii Chief Commissioner of Lniids -.-ind
works lioundu.-K into deeper and'darker
waters at.every step iu the hoarin<>-aiul-
has Jiilmitted thnt he mi "lit have tpok-
tm to Mrs .linimiu Andereou upon the,
street or possibly at her house in1 a joo
ular way about tho Kaien island   deal.
It Bceins froin the evidence of Hod*
well and (Jmen that only Larson,' a
Seattle real estate iiuui and Mr. and
Mrs. .lames Amjerson knew of tliu minutes of the Council transferm)-*-  the   10
000 acres on the island and impprtai-.t'
tuleland frontage to IJodwullpro'vii-ion-
ally for the benefit of the (.rand Trunk
K-icilic railway company.
Thu ministry kept tli in s-ccret from lho
le'-rinlntiiro and tluj public exeeptina- of
course Mrs Aiid.-reon with whom Mr.
(Jreen adinits he mi»ht have'dtsciised il
in u jocular way hoinj-- on joking! terms
with that lady as is to bo iufoied, unlil
Larson and the Andersons had had ain-
, pie, opportunity to locate as much of tlm
public lands adjacent to the proposed terminal' as possible, whilst tho public
wero told that these lands were .under
reserve While thu-people oi this pro*
, viiH-o whoarc.tax ridden and- impoverished to raise monies with which   to
_!_tiii ir_iiit-fii>iiut_rt«k-UiiivA il/--.l»i ..ilii'/.l,^!..*...
' |'*\¥— *,»*   mfl.  WlT.-UlJ-J|-J^ t^ ItO'/L •(■.   II t V. II Il«l."*
accuinulatcd from "the negli^enco and
iiu-oinpotency of former jjoveriimenta
tho present' ministry sell to a middle
man a valuable piece of-landat S1.00 per
acre to be by him in turn sold' to a
railway company for terminal purpose's,
keep the secret from thu public as well
as the Lrviislaturo long onouj'li to allow
01 .i forors-nconti-actoiMindtwo or three
other peoplo to goobling-'iip as much as
-possible of tho adjoining; lnndi of anv
great vnluu. Wo nre told bv ■ these
ministers that it was a <rnod  deal   for
. the province although as Mr Orcon ml-
initH these lands will provo to be wurlh
millions of dollais to the compnny who
havo acquired them In Mich a question
able maimer. ,"  ■ ,
Lauds worth liiiiirtroda of dollara per
acre, the moment it bocaino .known
Hint the teriniiiiis was to be established at that point, were transferred to
Vn V, Bo-dwell, secretly, for the iuul-*;'
nlllennt slim of 8L por ncru when the
- tirovint'o wns hoggin-'- (or money of lho
hanks to moist current oxpenscB, and
two or threo persons wore let into lhc
•"floret nnd used tholr knowled-jo to still
furtlior loot tho province nnd the, public hy being allowed to tnkn up .lands
supposed to bo held in reverso. JJow
Ji higlsluture enn sit from ilny to' day,
nnd dogcdly Huppnrt n ministry guilty
ol-Mi'li iiiexcusnohj disi-osnout, not ouls
of pooplo nt large, bnt.nf llm tliVHii very
roomhers themsolveH, can only ho ac
counted for by thu fuel that, lliey sceni
to lovu thuir koshIoiiiiI liulemully ;moi-c
thnn tliey do tholr soil respect and the in
torosto! tho province lhoy wei-eeleclcd
to protect. It wim thmight, lliiec
■yoni'H iifro the depth of governmental
depravity hnd boon reached uiul imsm-d
■— The solid pjirlH of our boille-f
aro conlliiiially wiihiIii-^ away, iuul
require lo he repaired hy iniullcal
suh-itancus, (hut lestoro Ihu lost
vitality. There am only two
methods of building up lho run
down system. Ymi cun consult
llio physician, or uonuiiunvo Ireat-
ment with Dr. SIociiiu'h famotis
remedy, "INvcuiNi!," In all pro
bnbllily "I'svciliNK" will hn tho
bent doctor, nnd Iliu rhcapi'st In
Ihu end. Scores of medical men
mlvls«i iU uie In (ho worat moien of
dri'llmi mul weaknum. It Is an
iavaliiablo Ionic, plcnsiint to tlm
•lonmcli, luiilili. up llie. rim tiowii
cyxtoin, Jilrongllicn*! thu nunes,
Wis Ihe livvr rljfhl, mr."* dl/Zinct-i
mul Inijuhichc, creates appetite,
nml It jui_ aM_ roimd family medicine, UM-i, liy uimi)4iuiOi ni nii-ii,
women nnd children In uyory part
of tlm Dominion. Auk drnggl-d
about it.
when the' Culunibi-.iii and Western land
'^raiilthiinble.-iiggin-*- was oxposuil, biit
:l>c attempt of the. present government
to take from llie legislature, the right-
to pass on land granted to railways, by
thoBiibstituiion of a"go-beiweot."and lo
keep the affair a secret long,enough to
allow of favorites to take advantagi
i.'f the situation, makes the <'50!5, 4594
nijjhtinare take on an air'of respectability, especially when it is remembered that the people behind the Columbian and Western deal, had a keen
etiou*-h eoiiso of deereucy to keep * foreign contractors and petticoats out of
tho muddle. The government supporters in Ihu legislature seem lo view this
piece of, trickery .with, complacency,
and i*o oii supporting it with whatever
appearance of faithfulness, (heir over
taxed consciences will permit.
Meanwhile our Fernie representative
is too busy with hia arduous task of
confining lhc scopo of the, enquiry bo-
in-.' made hy his committee into this
Larson I.od'well-Ainlersnii family affair,
to as tin now limits as possible, to spend
any time looking after Ihe interests bf
bis couiiiUioiicy until at last his
•staunchest supporters have taken to
letter writing, and are charging him
wilh being entirely too subserrient to
tin', will of lhe government to 'beof any
use to them. It is intimated that they
have called his attention to tlie fact
that his effortsto secure any return
from the government .for the vast
amount ol revenue poured into tho
provincial treasury " from the Fernie
district have proved barren ol rcoults,
while adjoining districts represented
by opposition members and, which do
uut produce nearly so much revenue,
are getting libraries appropriations for
buildings,'etc., that naturally belong to
this district.
Our member has gone down to Vic;
toria each year proclaiming from the
house tops that lie is an unqualified
supporter of the government, itnd has
each year returned to Feruie without
needed appropriations, but full of
promises for tho future, until his own
party supporters have become disgusted with his course and are calling him
1 To call tho present government at
Victoria, a government of thc people,
for thu people and by the people would
be tbe wildest kind of fiction. With
eight conservatives and threo socialist
members-sitting in the house represent
ing minority votes iu their constitution-
cies and a shiflly government kept*
constantly on the watch to keep off the
rockf, we Jiro us near lliirlesquing pop-
ularKoverunieut as i.i possible to go and
■keep np-tlie-merest-shadow-of-a-seui'-
bianco to parliamentary usages in an
English speakiiig country, - *
How long this state, of affairs will
continue sccrns to depend more upon
tbo' tricky shiftiness of the'ministry
than upon the sense of honor and self
respect of.their supporters in the house.
One riigretable feature about tho muddle now- being mixed at Victoria is thc
altitude ofthe socialistic element which
pretends to represent tlio interest of tho
laboring man in tho house as against
the greed of the monopolists."'These
three members aro nover found antagonizing tho govurnmlint except whon
it is evident that such antagonism will
result in no danger to tho life of tlie
On lho other hand, unfortunately for
the people whom tlmy uro supposed to
represent, they nro always fouiid-yoting
with the government whenever siieli
deals as the Dowduoy district affair or
the Kitloii iHlnud iniquity comes bofoio
the house, Thu, working mon of this
province nro not so soidhily sollidh as
to sanction such action in'tholr name
ami are possessed of suilicient intelligence to percoivo that nidiim n sliukey
government lo inflict such ui-ohs Injuries upon tho peoplo of tli ia province
will not assist thiMii iu gottln-- Just laws
upon thu statute hooks In thoir own
bohulf Tliu wollitro of the province
can not long bo Ignored by any claes of
its cit|-/.ui)6 with impunity, and tho only
way to get honest t-ovcrnmont for anV
chisH Is to insist, upon thut kind of
government Ior all, The working
peoplo of this district luivu learned tlmt
thoy cannot depend upon tho government supporter now rupi-OHontlng us at.
Victoria for any thing of vltnl Import-
ancu to tliom and it' remnins to bo .soon
how long lhoy will allow lliumsolvos to
lm inisi-epi-OKoiitfid hy tho three men at
Victoria without whose support thu
present t-ovci-nitioiit could not Ilvo a
day, Whon tho honest Intolllt-ent
working men o( this province arouse
ilio.iiiHt'lvoH to action and hoar in mind
lhat they, like all other clasaoH of
|ieo|ilo, own their bust efforts to thoir
follow citUniiH as well iih to thoniHolvus
in an (tmlmvoi- to sncuro a ■■I'liiilnoly
I'-'pi-'-st'iitatlvo uovoriiiuoiit, stiol'i
sIiiiiiih us nro being enactoil at Victoria
lu lho luimu if popular government
will become liiipoKHlhlo and honest nip'
rni'i-iilutivo government wilt take Iih
plice ami itlvo to this province wlmt It
H.ii'cl.v iiiiimIh, a plain, nl might for*
'Viml ailiniiii'itriitlon of public nf full's,
A urn niy, Untight' forward nmiuiil to
thu working men, who alter all urn thu
fmcl' bono of nm- tiiiliiHlriiil lifo, wlll In
our opinion (loinoiiHtnito that limy, aro
also more limn wlllliiir tn stiffen the
political backbond of the pioviiicn ami
.cd lu liriiigiu-i about lioiHihl government,
Post Ofiice Block, Fernie. B. C.
\V. 11. ltoss '   J. s. t. Ai.KXANriiit
Ross & Alexander
'"   °       KEHME,' I). C.
Oniee in Ii. T. W. Illoclc, Vli-torla Avemu*.
'   ""-   -*--*■-»'-»-'-•— ->-^. ritmilM>n
Fe-rnie,, is a pleasant heme for a9i who travel.
■ T. WHELAIU^ Manager.
Is the place to take, the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time, 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
ST/je Bwtvalian  Itiotel
The Place to Stop
Special Attention Given lo Local Tourists
.'     H. L."STEPHENS
tlllGvvissey 3unction, S3. C.
A  full   line of Caskets,   Coffins, ' Sl.ipp'ingf   Ca'ses
Wreaths and Society Emblems on' hand. ',■■.'•■•/ •
--.   Agents for the Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson, "
■    '    'Office PhoNe, 41.': "Residence "76    :A
PaHors in Lustdy .Blook
J. Barber-i l.d.s., d.d.s,,
m Mi/Mim mt tmwt mt trwi
DR. T.A. tLOCUM, Llmltacf
ITt Klnijr tt W.      Tttronto. Oanarfu
L T.
\V.   niock,   opposite  tlie
Otliiio ho-.u-s—8 n.m. to 8 p.m,
W, J. Wriglesworth, D, D, S,
Omen Jlouiis:-  -. ot,, 12 u.m^iiofip.n,
>    OlIlcoinAlox. Heck's Blni'k
over Slum's llnkcry.
-        -        -   - - -      H. 0.
provincial and
, dominion'
land surveyor
• Office :   L.T.W. Hlock
Feknie British Columbin
E. W.
.(Late iissayet- Kelson Smelter)
Oolil. Silver or I.ond each.*    >n rm
Connor iLSi       (lolil-Silv«r,...;"s].Ki
Chariros for other metals on application
.0, Drawer UliH
I'liono Am
Pernie, U. C.
I'lipllof Miulame HMslaCos.anilillmll Sclmel
of Alusie, Lomlon, niul Slunor,. Viimviiiii,JTlor*
onco,,]tiily, will rdooivo n limited nnml.er of
pupils for Instruct Ion in sinprinp, uml voice pro-
Terms on Application.
 .a.:n*:d ~—
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs* E, Todd
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
-.    ■   WliolosaloDealpisaiiil
Direct .Importers of
Scotch and
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,  '
Old Tom
and Holland Gin,
Schiitz beer,
Ate and Stout
.,    Brandy,
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
Solo agents   in Cumuli-, for
Wlnrisci'   Tonio,  Jag  Destroyer
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
, Wholesale
!"'. Dealer,
,   ' "7 In ' •
Niirsbries, CirocnltoiisoH &
1  n
.Till! HOME.OF
HATICS  iym   PER   DAY .
'   " ALL;MODERN    -'  '
* — ii--ri--i%nii-iiMw»riMnM«-ij-|iMM-^Miu>j»i»j«JWJLij«n^M--i
,W*,A-;TCHE:S ■■■
At Great Bargmils tills Week
\\(c carry a complete line of Walchcs, both Ladies'
-    and Gon-i's, and our prices arc right.    Call and get
...onr prices before going-elsewhere—we can  surely    ,
please you.   - A •        . .       . -
C.G.    WRffiHT,   jewelei-  &  Optician
Spociul Attention Paid to Watch Repairing
, Thos. Poruc,
**- '-*    '■**
ways 011 lm ml.
IlnniB, Uncon und Liml iih woll,
All klntla ol Krosli Klsli, In *ioiiHon
Prompt Dollvory.
Ulvo un a cnll,
TI-.I. 18.
MlnurJ'u Lltiliiicnt Cured ColUrt, H,
1*% tw^ w*\  WMBT^J
LidlM ind Olr.il
We will help you necurc tlila Lovoly Fur Soarf,
nmile ffrom delected full  furred ukTiin, of Rloh
ninriV Coney  Fiji",   .neirfv f'O I.1:,.....,   .,.   ,,.,  ...
ornmncnted with Iouk fur' tafia, mid fancy" ttecle
chain, Most wixtm mid conifortabli, and mnde In
the very latest atyle. W* art a Rallablt Com.
pany. and we want Rood truatworthy otfonUi to
introduce Good Hope Vegetable Pills Into every
home. Wt rtqulr* ne monty In tdvanoa, junt
■end 111 yonr name and address at ono* and wo
will lend you C|0h( Boxai of our Famous Ft*.
madias. Sell them at 26o jier Ijox, and when wo
recelyn the money for the Pills which we will send
you luiuiedlHUlv after you have sold the $2. worth
and.returned the money, we will then promptly
send you yonr Jut Boarf.   Our Good Hope rills
and.returned the money, we will then promptlj
send you yonr Fur Boarf. Our GothI Hope Pilli
, are a (.rand llemedy for all weak and Impure com!..
tUrns of the Illooil, a spleiuliil Tonic mid l.ire
i -j m. .Anu,''*er« They are easy to sell, nnd nrc lu Rreat
deinand. Don t mtat thia s»p9timtx\\y to urcure this Elegant
FurSoarf,   Writ* to*day.
.lIondqunrto'rH ' for. PACIFIC CorBt
OUOWN Oni-don, Flc.1-1 mid Flowor
Sc.odfl. Now crop iiow In ctock ronily
for (liFli-il)iitlon, Hikyoiir'niorchniit for
tlifiiii In Ronlod pnckotB. If ho ilno,-; not'
liandlo tlicni'wo will pvopay to your
n'cni'CRt poBlolllcc (ifty, Ilvo cent piU'I't-tw,
our Ktiloctioi) of -food varieties, for ff I to
Introduco llicm,
Lni-ffo Mock Jf HOME OUOWN Friilt
nnd Orniimnn'tnl truuD now rnnluri-d foi'
tlioRprln'j? ti'ddo,
No oxponao, lo,s,i or ilolny of fiiml-
Ration or inHpoctlon,
l.ut iiiii prlco ■yonr list Imforo plJifilii*;
your   ordor,      GrccnlioiiHo     PlnnlH,
Floral Work, 13oo BupplloR, Fruit Pack
nffcp, Foi'tlllnerH, utc.   Cutiilop.uo froi'.
11010 WcHtintiiHlm' rond   *.
Vancouver, 11, C...
ffevnie, 3B. Q.
Davey «& Ladkroutk
■sr mtf*
Foi* Quick Returns
l.lnt. ynur I'mpoHy with   TIjqc*     R-iH
HuoPt'hHnr tn T, .1, lliii'lioi'.nt. "I'll 10 0\S'li"
I'miwrly for SnUi, to llnnl nr KxdlnuiKO.
Hon Ik cnlliiclnil, Kiiiiilnyinniil funilHlioil,
The West Fernie Store
S. Hnrks,   -   .   .    Proprlotor.
Kull Hindi nfiDry (Inoil*, (IihiI'h Kiii'IiIhIiIiium
ilrocciloH, lliintft, HlmpK uml ('i*<*ulu>ry,   <
(Ilvo Mo A Call,
notitlily Ac-countH Opened,
AN    -A.
3,000,000      jtmWST »ioia 1
U8ER8     JAmf^TuS^.\}M
PRAISE^0qr. .wru u%*\
IT ^Skm\*W      X*%X\lU MM * .
>>•      ^san^v   nnM,e-*«»«t#*»-Ji
iorh»»»*/»>«iti*ri'j» |
"Cirt+Mwmtic" /iTujfS
CviMm Slrtti, $1,00. mss
Ym bookltt "llluti l« tUrnt."
l-'ur t-'ulu liy
J. 0. Ouall Fernie, 0. 0.
Mlnard'i Llnimtnl Cures DiphtherLi
Is a pleasant home
for thc traveler.
A. • C.
The Best of Satisfaction'-
in Watch S: Jetoelerg Repairing
■Hnve one of their largest stores in Fernie. *
\     "    TranTl),"Ve:.l,Ti-esh .iiul Smoked Fish.. >A^
Fresh Fish constantly arriving  J
|v Fort Steele Brewery-Co., Ltd. 1
. $* "
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty,
ricriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
(•Illi-Klnruiirnr Hnw l-'ooii lllock, Kurnlo, 11,(1.
'Jf**!' I'ATIlnVT'/M   XXmitf   IVIM'UTIIV •-.«!
Crow^  Nost   Spoolal
  AND :	
Minor's Fnvorlto Clf|n«*8
Second-Hand Store
Opi-noil up noxt lo Uomn Hotol
for   Cash
M L- W.  «. Ttrru,  P«ml»
-  'ii'-1"  .' .-..iliilf.lum",'jii.ji
BAHTI.KTr JlOt'.sjr. fwmrrl-t-1 Die Vtnk
llm t.ii*t tX n iljwy lidl.l In NfUfln.  On
fiAui u-u. »t..|.u>Mi. u. w, bAUiiikr
Minjrd't Liniment Curti Dlitcmpcr.
Mill    Supplies
General! Hardware
Cook!lift'  Utensils, Nicklowaro, &c
FURNITURE A Fi,st or^r alrys
0". 3D.  QTJ-A.I
1*00001)1,000000000000000*00 h
5 Ai*e You Rending   §
■s Lowery5's
Claim ?
Knot, you nro tiilsnln-tr «omo §
of llio oIioIcobi, lilumiiiro ol §
tliocontury.        I*   V   l»     §
flonil ft dollnr to II. T. T.OW* S
I'.HV, Nelson, H. C. niul Ret §
ItroRUlai'ly foi' a year anil ■§
Who out of tlio rut.      V  V S
Tho Comfdrtable Way
°%|mMH ^^*m*1*»W9wW*mTmtf*%l
60 VBAflS'0
Trade Mauk*
Coi»vnioMTt Ae.
ADTe-il Hfiillr.i ft tUalt*. and AvtcOMrm l\,*i
floleklr UMrtftln mi opinion fr*« vhMher in
•tnl lm, tlMMi w»n«r fur •tmnnfMUnu,
Sdtlttifie HMHCi.il.
A hjuMMqtrf ntmtMr«4 w**Vj.  Urt*it *!*.
***** CikM, i** V Hi, tNm*m1S*Um. U. O
Mlnird l Liniment Cures Gjrjjet in Cow*
lloilll  HlHl'll « •lllllllll'll
KMii)pin l,v. IVmlo      Arr,KMn in
■■UI-'iih -.-.no           _  7Wb,„
IHI'iiiii Itoxronl           fi.iuimi
..".tn. •-4iim,!,l4i4         m .«.*> |» in
MA-im V.vi.n.lt             !Mr,'n in
|l>7„1ii|im Hunt I In            N.lllitm
l'iiii|i ui Arr Vani-hijvkk  Iiv4,iinpm
Kl.1'1 -* m Arr Ht. |>*u|     |.v lO> * i.t
' Piillynx(*ii|itSiiniliij-      ' *'
V.Mi lil'ni/4 T'n,..,:,
ami arrive Seattle,  Vic-
toria or Vancouver
.'nr ilntnlh-il liifnrrnfttrin.,li«irtli r#n>r*
rviliuiiS(l''.i*"i1l wi or jtiMrmij*
it. I.. Ut.J*.tK.kluk«., ft* m
.J.--      .--     - .-.--,;---,.»----*ifi .4.*^ -■■-.,-  .     . -, a--.,   -   a.' J,- <...;.---~^-^%jri
^-feS .jj .
■"*' '"'.-.V;-**
n "
***** v ,^r    • J'f ^ ^Y Y'Mw
«■-■--» v*. s- "t "-"c^-A/A jf
Wm \\)xm
, -At*      s       jajr^...^
IF s
"s -,*
J 'f*
J J-Ta*-!****)
ft V-
**> v
*^ &2$%it''
b 'J "7
1 V>\....
'/JA 77
.:*>* *
:S r?4 */- <7
-V-.X *'.!■-■
'-'tv- 7 ?a
*1 **-J--.    4*',Vtf
,,\ ->^sA
* *^r*.
* -    iLg"A'.
7-  rt■>•'».''-A
1 £?y*1'^&'
•yj s-f^lvv
*-"f **•
*.*i»*^ '
I-i, «>%
^cr^e of
*• .&.*v ?*•-
v^>*  "A#*%
' .vJf?«'
pieces sr>oz:Qd^
a PTai'Iiryg, Tube.
;*-& ■
■RAR in .ind year out those tablecloths nnd napkins, with, lor dp-
sign, uoiliing hut scuiareu aiul
dais ol' varying size?, sire usixl—
they arc patterns so simple that you
never get tired of thfcm, nml the fact
that Inexpensive c-lotjis come in those
patterns has no effect at all upon tho
iwppjaj'jly of tlie more costly ones.
It Is bound to conjure up by
itfii very richness.
Some others, a little less-
rich, arc a great dea} moro
Involved   in   deslRii—Powers --
and scrolls flung: together to
make    effective, * beautiful
Plenty of cloths come of a sood quality of damask, but unbleached, and sold,
in consequence, at a very low figure.
Many  a woman  buys  them  and  uses
them for every day, gradually bleaching
them to a snowy whiteness—not so gradually, either, if the laundering Is carefully ,looked to; and those cloths wear
like the proverbial iron, every woman
'Pliny   prm-in   In    m-m-y   f.4i-m     fi-nm    itin.       WllO  haS_tried_tliem _SayS,
linen with dots all of tho same sue liberally sprinkled ovev the surface, that
- sells by tho yard, to tlio woven com-,
ploto cloths, with smaller dots and
squares rathar sp:u-ln;;ly applied In the
centro and intereuling borders. And
nothing shows off the quality pf '('po
flamask like tliojiv pluiiier cloths.
J?ut lho richest ol' nil the many new
tablecloths are those wilh Powers In-
flplrliii? the* design. Upon, un almost
plain centre were flung two or three
roses,   will}   the   long,   lull  stems,   nnd ■
., "buds shiiped In tlio way characteristic-
pf, American Beniny roues,   rtosos nnd
their leaven made, the border, the whole
fllflth as artistic, yet ns simple and dlg-
nlltui)   In Its application of tho designs
'ns nnylhliur could bo. To go with It
^cro tho pj-ettlest napkins—big ones, of
pourne—which woro inodlllcil copies of
t|)i»- cloth. Imagine IL with American
jjcfliity roses in tlio centre, nnd with tho
/jp'irkljpg glnsa and silver—tlio pretty
gowns of tho' womon sot off by tho
sober black units of tho men—a plpturo
There aro wonderful bargains to bo
picked up in the shops just now, either
in tho extra, exquisite linens, or in those
necessary evcry-day pieces. Napkins—
If you don't; need moro than half a dozen
of a kind—sold for fractions of their original pi ices, In Iittlo "lots" of half a
dozen of a kind, or three, or, perhaps,
nlpo, Or. perhaps, too many of tho napkins that mate)) certain cloths will bo
sold, leaving a cloth by Itself, which !*»
very much reduced In' price lp" consequence.
Towels hnve taken unto themselves
new beauty of deplgn. Many-"of .thorn
Btlck to thc conventional borders (although cvon thoBQ conventional borders
have developed Into unusual, beautiful
things); but soipo of tho newest havo
designs that aro flung all over thorn—
somo echoing tlio flower motif In a way
that suggests, though remotely, that
stunning tablecloth nnd Its attondant
Among towels, too, tho immo bargains
aro to bo found—singlo towels, of styles
tho nrticlo undor treatment.' Hnvo
nt tlio laundress' right hnnd a trivet
or rin-j- on whicli to set tho iron in
tho intorvals of nctivo operations,
nnd bejioath tho trivot a square of
nsbostos. Tf you cannot p;ot asbestos, uso a Ilut stono, Within easy
roach hnvo a block of folded wrap*-
ping pnpor on which to rub tho iron
nnd to lest its heat, nnd with tlio
paper n cloth for wiping dust nnd
chancn flakes of soot from tlio ban-
dlo and top, A bit of wax .or spor-
inncoti, or, best of nil, paraffin,
should lio in a saucer nearby, - It imparts gloss to the iron,
An nsbostos ''holdor" is n pjnod '
tbiiiKi but any thick squnro mado
up of onouffli folds of flannel, calico or bod-tielriii'.r, to servo as a nonconductor of hont, will sorvn tho
ptirpoHo of tho nvorairo loundross,
If lho irons nre roiiuh, rub thorn
upon a smoolli board on which you
hnvo utriiWGil tnblo salt,
In i>rn|.iirli)K thn clothes for Iron-
ing, sort tliom ititolllKoiitly, liiyinw
oaoh kind in thn nnicr in whicli
it is to Ihi ironed, Ileum with
n couple of pillow-oases or towels,
to mnko sum your apparatus is in
Kond rum)ilia; order; then attack the
Htarched and liner articles while day
and ciif-rulc- nro at tlm freslmst.  If
Intended to be sold in pairs, but which
havo become broken In some mysterious
way; long towels and short ones, mussed
ones and soiled ones, Jumbled up together, If you know qualities (and It's
a rare woman theso days who doesn't
know the difference between good linens
and—tho other kind), there are opportunities on every hand to pick up kinds
that a good washing will set right as a
As to centrepieces and tablecovers—
since the wholo lace world, apparently,
decided that there was nothing in whicli
lace could not be suitably combined with
sorne iorm_ of linen, for table use—ideas
sy-turvy. Under the head of "art linens"
comes a bewildering variety of table-
covcrs-marvels of filet lace worked out
In story patterns, and of centrepieces
and tablecloths alike made exquisite with
borders and motifs—inset—of lt3 finest
form, or perhaps that newer, bolder
version which shows so well tho French
Thero is wonderful German work in
embroidery, nnd drawn-work and lace,
set together in the substantial (though
artistic in every sense of tho word) German fashion;,bits of Italian work, reminiscent of rare old hangings, so llko
tho designs usually found only in tapestry aro somo of them; and a wholo
wealth of tho flat Japaneso work, nnd
of English eyelet work and Its cousin,
. Danish cut-work.
'In spite of all-white being tho rule,
there's tho Inevitable, exception. For cor-
tnln things, nothing takes tho place of
centropleces dono In delicate silks—
roses or orchids tho favorite designs,
lor libraries and dens, tablecovers
dono In bold, Oriental colors on a
ground ot linen color nro far moro ef-,
feotlvn thnn nll-whlto could possibly bo
for tho same occasion.
**-4*,™   „
■3L&5 ■•■■<■
a**1-* *«■
;,.' isL.-
if"* 4*;-*rr--?-
'^sSA.-i '■vA^-'.S
Werfr fysti CoQsisi-Q ty.
; i.hli;
4 <'>■*-
."--■'* \\<l\
Ironing Day
IF ovor tho curt command, "Clear
decks for action," should, bo
issuod   and   obeyed   in   tho
household,   it   is   on   ironinjT
'day,   Tf your kitchen bo also your
laundry, tlio ordor "Stow clo9o" is
•■ Arranp-o culinary operations so
nn to hnvo ns Iittlo cookinff ns possible dono while ironinij, table and
olotluis-horso occupy the centre of
thn sIokc. A spatter of fat upon
n ilntiron or across a freshly laun-
dored frnrment is a disaster. 13oil-
inir iiots crowd tho top of lho range
when you need all tho spneo you can
got for tho irons. Moat and bread
nro likoly to burn in tho overheated
own unless watched olnqoly. Tt is
truo economy of „timo nnd nervous
•forces to dpvoto tho frroatur part
ot one day lo tlio serious task of
gotting what Yankee housewives
IIRod to cnll "tho heft of tho iron-
inK" out of tho way of othor and
An oblong table on which sheds
nnd tablecloths may bo spread at
Jinlf lon-rlli is a "must-havo" to tho
nkilful laundress, Tlio ordinary
Jronlnp; board, Hiipnortcd at oneli
aid by a chair buck or stout logs
Attached to tho board and folded
Under it whon not needed, is excellent for smnllcr pieces; but ns a
.foundation upon which hoavy bed
fnd tnblo linen nro to bn ninnipu-
ntni-j, it is, a clumsy contrivance,   thoro nro embroideries, pull every
iRvon when n clean cloth is rtprond' scallop nnd point into Hhnpe; if not   "HeiKii stui-y'i
lipnn the floor to keep tbo trnllinir   I'H'dile,   dampon   with   a   sponge     ,,l,'^„.l,i," ,Tfh«rt«Ki"i,W.,,vh'«r
.' //*» **«
?• K^syi*.
*.a ■<:>"■
> 15?
,. ,py
*<•*■' *
UK*  f&
:*^rT- ".*
''••. 5
i:     •'>>»», V*'->'■'*>''
■■■ tf,T,'Ji
'r>y v!
w»w -*^A; ,
■-** ywiy'ii
if\"rf 4~v. 4^7-
f>,>-7 'Vt-*,
■ii   ",'\'"»!   «J
!7Zf><2 e5?/7f?p7est T?>CzttvQei?t 0/ £yc7c<<> //lO/o/q
my coriT'spondi-nlH deprocato iron-
inn theni except nt tho hems, One
authority too respectable to lio
lightly <|U(uliono<l hiivs lwildly:
"Why iron Ilium at all? Fold the'm
lo hems down tho middle, then
ncrois iignin, lay on the table and
f'liioolh with your hands as you fold,
Finally, press tlm hems wilh a hot
iron nml bung up in nir. (.mi'i
you fiwi the Himilary wimlom of nil
this?   Tho nir circulates freely ho-
'tween thn meshes that are nol.
crushed lint, You will sleep moro
soundly nnd healthfully between
liiiirniied bedclothes,"
IVi-hnps my ciirrrspoinleul, in
right, nml I nin an iiiiKiiiiitiirinu,
iinpvogrcHiivn sybarite! For I in-
siit tlmt my sheets shall be ironed,
and well, (insulting Mrs. Mc-
PiirsunV fiiiiit nl Utile imitmal.
"I'.lhiei of Ifdiinchold Fcononiy," |
noto that she "likcwiso iliscniirnijcH
e3&Z7jpc2 Inform
tho "waslo of lime, strength and
fuel" involved in ironing shccls.
Yet she nilds:
"If they are for your spnro bed,
then ivrin the whole surface,"
Catching nt' this goodly straw, T
elect1 lo regard my own dear couch
1—my friend and comforter—as a
spare bed. I rest belter and miiin-
tnin my self-respect more surely
when I lie between well-aired sheets
thai retain thcismoollineis and oris])
preiiscH left by lho swift passage of
a hnl ii'un tlii'ininliuiil ihcir lungth
and breadth, If I were a millionaire. 1 would hnve thnn renewed
daily, nhvnvs laying nie down to
sleep lieiween clean sheets, ironed
all over on boih sides.
N'nn-sniiilni-y, perhaps, but nice I
Our finirlh talk in lhe l.iiundry
Series will be upnii ilannels and
colored clothes,
dttyUtU* HtmOrUJtk
.JONUf- nnd   recipes for one day
from  n  Mlcliigan  momber—all
wurrjuiioil    "tried,    truo    nnd
nHKAKKAST-Sliroililoil   wheat   biscuit,  scrvfil  wltli  cdiiiied  peaches and
cronni; nuilllns, cunni'd HiiuHagoH, crcuin-
0(1 potatoes, cofTec1.
LIINtlllKON-Iiiiki.,] boaiiH, sliced to-
"•'I'lf^H, nut lireiul, baked nppli-s, cocoa.
. I MNNKIl - Krloil chicken (country
fiLylti), Hwoot potntiiPH, lima brnnii, cnb-
hngo wiiail, ripple (lumpllngH wilh cream,
Cii nn od Sausnges, Broiled,
Tlii-iii", nlllinu*;li i-imiir-il, nro n vi ry ilull*
oMn Hiiuii!i|{i> 1111,1 ilcwivii tu hi. bit lur
Kiiiiwii. Tlmy mn vi'ry n-uHiiiinliln In iirlco
mill   lillli'i'il   nn   llm   iiiiuliui   l,y   Wvll-klluWII
lit nil iuul Hi-rvn lint,
Nut Bread.
Mnkn a no.nun of om< f-up nf wntor, onn
f»l»,"' ,-*lili" H91T nn.l oii^-linlf euKn of
yiiml, Wiii.ii iiptiit, mlil on.i-luilf tiMiniioon-
Jul of hum, oiiii-liiiir i.iiii of hriiwii tiUKttr,
tliii'ii-iii|.||.||.|M i.iiii nf iviilimi mi>inn, briiknti,
iuul i.iniii|{li hliii.il u 111 lm oi Hour to inuktt
llm iIuiikIi n.i tlmt It nm lm klimiiJiMl Juki un
\M1IU1 liii'iiil, l.ci 11 1 In,., nn,) inuuiii Into a.
limr,   Wlii'n Unlit, Imkb 11110 hour In a niml*
I'llltl' o\*i 11,
Fried Chicken.
Joint tlm elilikm In tin, tmunl wnyj Mill,
pciipi-r iiml mlI wu'li plicii nircfiilly In fl..ur.
lulu ii luiitoil frvliiK |iim |,u| 11 inn;,, ninioii-
ful of liii-il iiml llm Kiuiii. of ImiIIit. In
11'Ih liiy i-.H'li iili'iT of ilili'Lui, cover wim
11 II.1 nml frv fnr tlilrly niliinifu, lunilni*
i'iii'Ii miuli iuul iivIiik ft If'ililin hrown, It
1111111I In- 1'iiji.fully uiili*ln*il, mul wlii'ii
(noki'il In jit-i fi-i t,
M, I-*. Mi*l„ l(linn,| I(ii|i|,1pi, Midi.),
Barbecued Hn.ro In Vlrg-lnla Btyle.
Wm.li tlm (ii'imi'il mul IjiiIii'ihIihI htm
tJiniiiiiiflilv, mul mt it c.p. n iill iiliinr th*
iiiiiPt niiii',nf iln' li.nly. ,Mnki> ifi'i'i liti-iMltinM
ri'.oiir (In Imi kl.Mii., Oi.it iln. limn may |i<n<i-
it'.iiii, lo  Hi liim of  ilni  'loth,    Heri'iil
Din I1.1i" o|ii.|i 1,11 11 iirlillr.ni nml iiroll,
(iliiilni; friiiiii'iilW, Wlii-n iloiin, ir»n»fi*r In
n lint |i|ntiir, 111I1 wiih litilt.-r, r.iVi.r nn.)
ki'i|i wnriii In tlm umii wlilli. ><iiii niiikn thn
numn iiml ih in iii'i'iiiii|iiiii)< iim irmim,
In 11 hiiiiiII miui'i imn mi'lt lliri-ft talilc
B|i;iiirifiiln nf Imiiir, mul »tlr Inlo It twn
l:il.li-«l»,uiifoli4 nf vini'Miir, 1. «iiM.n|i.iOiirul
of KhiiiIi niilHliinl uml n Ifanlmonful (if
inlnri'ii |i.iri.li'v, wlii'ii hiv Iim, iKiur llil»
ovir llin linn-. lJt It ulnii.l invinul In *
Imi ilUli Jlto inliiUlm Infill 11 mrvlriM.
"*rfV4^^.» ', V »•».>,/,.
A lirJi'f cliuptrr cnncludcH last  wcok'i
•folds frnnii Iho diiRf, lho ncce-mily
of oontinunlly   Hhiflinjr the H.iccf
"fir lnWncn<'(»r to brlnlr cvorv i>nrl-
txt tlio Hiirfnco -iinih'r the Iron, nddn
noiwilily in tiie Jni'ior 01 [lie inundry.
Tnblo, lrbnin/r nnd hewriiu bonril*
ynURt lm covered, flrnt wilh ncveml
j It       f n 1
+ <!.!.. 4   ■*>!•    .4*1.4.>.\.k
,1 1111
4,1 41 .1.   «...  I,ll>4|.  4»**-
1. hot. In order to Rcf tlm ile«rc»i of
-pliliflIcily, yet firnincM, reiiuinilo to
pro-iiif-i*- tho Roflonr-il uIohh pIonHiint
to tlio cullivnlcd eye, Tho jnr upon
tho worker's boncn nnd iiiuhcIch in
flldo nnich lesi-; for Iho Hh'ttht yield-
iriK of tho woolly HiibHti-Jitum. Over
this tnrk niunotlt nnd tnut n utout
potion ubei'li, inmle t'n«t to tlie nn-
drrnide of tho bonrd. TIi!h poverin-r
ynuit l»o invnrinbly oleau. The dump
rlolhefl nnd hot Iron will lir-crny nny
fttftin or (luut by tratuifcrrinff it to
dipped inlo n bowl of wnmi wntor--
nnothoi" ronehnblo necesiiory to the
lrotil«n»     dny     nnHIt—nnd     yiYf.w
ntondily nnd hard on tho wrong hIiIo
ix'-miiK your \vtn'n*lit well upon tlm
iron. Work slondily, prc-iiiiii-j- with-
nut lluntiping.
An you iron tnblo nnd bed linen
linttillfi-rnMofn nud toweU, fold nnd
T,hf, f>,      ll.f,      .f.XiXt,      lv.tr,      r.ltn*..,        .,l..n,,
b -• ...... --.fc. ....
cruimoM. Tliey will look neuter nnd
keep freali longer for thin finnl
touch, Whon prcancd Into ulinpc,
Ift.v lho mnnller nrticlen n-iide in
pent pilcH- luiiiix the birfter upo 1
tho clotheH-horiio to nir. JVi tliit
enrcfiilly, not to wrinkle tlieni, ntid
Olio like corn when the time eniiie*i
for tokinu uViwn lho nwcil, thoroughly dried 'VIoIIim" nnd Inyini*
them in tlm bnxket or trnyit In which
tliov ore to lx1 rnrrUsl (o line-i-pr.-*-:
nnd hurf-nn drnwer*.
Odj» word niv to »hcct*: Somo of
llli'll'   UllllKlllI'l-H   til   CIllll-III',
'lln mi  l.y nil  1111111111I"    'I'll.- 1
In*--, wlll   nmkn   ilium   ui nr
wim nro
HlmiJtit  wty,
Uli |*i- intln-
 ,   ■ .,.,     WlVi'i.    Illl.t
riii.tln.i* mm hi*!|i th. ni 011 ull imliitM tl.toiinli
It li.'in I ri-n my lui|.1.I111 m lu ik.«h,.»h mn-li
nn iiliiiiilt-.il, 1,11.1 1 mn In ii-1.- ni.iiii.fiil
(nr 11,    My li'illm hnl,! illltlui nrr li  |ili lit.llii.
I li'illl'l. III..in In 11 hi liiiii. f, rut ilit Hu.
|>llli|.||i||.*i llliiinkH tn my lilnWy) uml niiply
llll rnli'H nf livuh'iiii. )'.v.-r\- 1,iif 1 r..iii>iiin > i
tnj Ji.'in.. Ilhi ,-*..4||ii. .,( ili.iiilinu'ii tnjr*
llilili-11 0>-|IkIi| IiihiIiiiiI. Thru. |.i in, "l,i »"
■Ovir or ihlnii nr Muni tin u>*i nwny, II
l*i nluntii 1 wiily, ilnlnty niul liivlllin*. \V«
tnj.iy niir li.im* nn,| nil 44.. lin-,    tt   *MII
....    t, U      I      ,        .   . > ^     .   ^ ..   ,   , .,    , ^        It,,        1       H.l>,.
til t llihri.l hi, lilnl (I i,n-,il it, nl, k.'. 1* rn in)
•hiMln mi.I ..4,n 11 lltlli. liliiiwy  Hurl,.
TJur.\ p(,w, I nu, 11 J.u 1,1 I hi41 if<-
•uiiml tn., inut-li on yi.nt* ll'iii' tin.I 1-.....I
nnluu., fir I 111111 I.i 44.11 uf,Unit.nl, |.„-
wllllll   I   lllllillilv   |,.|f   |il|,l,,n.
Nniv fnr my n-i|w.jilj
III Wlim 1110 11> 1I..11,. ultli n.ltlr'inx lli.it
|.,-r«liil In fioKliiitf I inn. iiifi.1.. th.- iilii*
inlttilkn >,f rul.lilmr Hum 44IH1 kiIIv i-i 11.^
I  mn lml,-liti>,| to j.-ii fi  li.iinlii.r 11  41 ,u
II |lll«llll|(' t I (•        ,|1,|,     ,,.       I
Kcip ymir n.iili'1,1111 In .1 iii> |,h,,-. \(
yon luivu Hiirli In ihu 'mim-  th.- itiii--
r.'tlhi-r IJi.-iii lin-.- Hi. pi rn .( \t'l,. 11 1
Imi in- in-,' lii..ii-*» (,.r 11 irioiilhV vn.ilinn,
ur nix mnnlliH nf IniMl. I hnve Ih..
IrfiiiH (ii'imi'il I'.-iri'fnily, wr.i|if..-.i m tt,-.
mi*- ptip.-r, lli-ii In 1.ui Imii in rn j>n«r
nml imik Do in In 11 Uiv, Thin 1,1 mi
awiy In a drj- oMhi t nn ih-» ^•'^u«^ll
// Btihy's Going "'
Afli-r   iIkIiI   jimm  nf  ilillilMu   tii.iriliil
Illn I tliiiiiiilil mr il  4vinil.| I (. tul. ti up
Willi Illn Imill Ht nf illltll'i'-thllt i,f i| 1,ml!	
rin Imi* rm* lii'i' Imi i., Iih, I n 11,1 11111 • 1. v! mul
I.,4.|   14 llllll <l   iii>   li.iliy   ro   imn h,    i,n,l   44,4 1
(illi'il ullli uiii'li juy uiim I In ht my I ill -
fill li-i|.v-i'lil In mi' nriim imt . h,. ,, ni.)
11..I ti,. li i»* in*, my Iiii. 441 ol 11III1 lur,
1.I11,.i..l, nn.I v.11.11 li.ruHiil iiinlli.r ilm-n imi
)..,  ..  .,'    ...   ■;    - »•' .' 1.    ,.,')  .,•
lulil? I.i't llin wniiiiiii In miili-nt tlmt lm*
I,.r |..il')-.   t'lii' I« I-i'- ' I I.>.linl, \V,
Vmir H.ul tllllo Htory nf Ilni ti.iliy'M
iniiilii'*t unit K.mil! will iiw.iKi-n tin- «>lull illiy i,|- mini)-. Al I'lul' liiniHllili' lln*
■ lill. 1 ii nh mill Din nrnliiin iniii-t dn llin
i.i.;..• 1 m nf |n i'llll,ir 1114. iiiiimiik iho nn*
,   '     ' . ..'     ',-  ,.-■.',.:: .;,   t . „ i ,.
A Cure (or Frosted Feet
I din- I' mix! 1 .iintlili.it nf >■> miii'li 4 llll"
I i-nj I 1 1 <i It mi I'or Iimiii I niiiriti',1
Mlt'i .lilll I ili-i in llr.t I.TIMI ! |..||l,| ti"t
(.nr niy fli'iM .M.**nc 11 t...k in*!, 1 1. .1,1
Oi it 111111111)1.111 id. if |«il i.'li, tinny 1,1.imi,
i!,u..i|,i,l   In   ..11.'   .11111 ii  nf   nnu,   npt.ll, ,|
f|.«|l|. I.Ill-    Villi   .1      >A.'lll     44.1*1   l|   Hllll*   lllll.
I  III-.) If  illn- (.Mi Ik'UhIiI filly i-mlli"!,
4   I   . .,   , .,   ,.*       -I..     I   .i.i.l   li   .< ... ,1
ll.i-.n 11 .'.i»       Jl   ji   w, ilvmi«in,ini..|i,
Tin- tlniii'.- r tiifly <iiuli| no! t»i* iiiui-i*
ll.... Ij.    JMllU    11 .ia.   .111.11,...I.U u Jl.i.U
11 !< t 11 *uni ful 1 r..p iif thlitil.ilini nml
friv-tiO In." nml il li not lu 11,y in,,!
l-!rl n-iliiii- in kiip mil i.f 1,ii.nv .-in.I
i.,-f II*- li'v,
Tiny Dents mt Furniture
1 X.s'i'- ft ilinliu 10111I till lllira:v l,itl»
Wlill ll    llll-    MIV    lllnlll)'    lillllHlll'il,    (III    tin.
InlioiT I ttlwiiyn Itri |i a pl'itruu inlrmr,
14Hit i*iil i;liiii< 1,mil., ihi.I kIih-iii-ii 'I'm.
Ill III MU   llllll   llVr   llllll.   fi'i'l,   llll'l,   llllll.illl'll
I tin... It on 11 ilnllv, my t.ililn in (iimi full
i.f tiny mn 1 l,n nin rn tin* fii I i*,nl, Tiimli'.l
liltll iif llll 'II Ih.. f" I, li..|.ll.k- in jtut, tlm
liniikliiK, I'lil t'i li" |.iii|i.ii'i.. Nun, 1.111 41m
ii-ll nm in,vi 1.1 mi im of iii■ null- mini"-'
.tl      lit.«..,.      ,, ,.,        ,       11,,      ,111       ll«„lt     in.,
■ Il.tiiiv Imilli.    II Iiu.I.m til iIm.uiIi tin- ihiIIhIi
1        1  .   , 1    1 .
II. I! W. il'ltlMmru I'n.l,
Ituli '.till .4 Ilh nl Iv i' ml mini ihr Ilny
liiili'iiliilloiiA iiri* full of tin1 nil, l.i'iiv.i
ll.ii-. fi.f ii... l^()^ l.i f.ni- ]ii>l)*liliii; mill
I'linniiii'--. lliii'illir l:i 1 |i nn n.ili. nl un
iuul nml. r lln' ilntly.
"StiflW,io,r Finnri
1 Imi,. i,..|ii.| th' 1 ml Iim of I'.iviilmf
1.r "*.(!*»■>* 1" ti—..-., ii> my >.nn |iii>.i
t-iiii-riiiii.il. imi fii tiiui 1 imiim tin ).i'i
11l1.nl it.
II1.I1 |4lm..| It...1111 .Hi- In "ivi-'llnn" In inn ill
(oiiiiliy l.iMii-i 11 4,1 uI|.>«h I., (ho lii .I, nii'l
MX,ill il. i.r Hi,. ,i|lill It lu lln|i.i,-'|.||. fnr
Hi 1. Ixiiix Hid-. 111.I1 * 1 i<|i>< I-. 11 i.ili.i. 1 l.y
li.nli', l> iin«, |«ill»h in,.- l.i ri. 11 |,.ii,Uiii.|
II,...i- in i...k| 1 ..i.nll,.11, nn.l fi.w li.,n.i-
uh.n |»." •  'i t'llf. 1 of riiill. Iitil   4!,(lli 11
lull,1 t   if  1 M1.I1 nf   In  till-  1 IIH   |.«>-   "«   fiiiti'
In ,.it ii,,    ,,.1,     'il.,n,  I--',   o^ml  1,      ,11
'nti* ' .!-» nit inr ••i.t,  liitiii*4'4vi,tt., lm I11.II111?
■.l,,.!,ll.if   n.i  n-inlii*    nn.l  Imvi- lllll.- linn*
it    Uit 'Hi '"    1-.I'- "il  lilt 111,. *l rl ■ r-i
I'm.M ih ,1 ,in 11.niul in tin* 11.1 r inn
n iiu-ii jilu.ii In 11). ii, 1.1 >-i). t.iillilni; „t t »•■*
lil-f \hti.|ii,t In 1.11I11K f.Hf ll.rni |>n |i-
,ill*   mul tt 1-. liiiii »..ii>['t thai unr 'mm
f   I'*''    iti     ,...      .- ',,1,'i    tin-    I41,T,I|-,|    ^, iit.i:
I11HU1, lijinil j.,   iilnn .irTVlliliig ),»«  I. I •*
liifiii.l tut tn I I tri U|4, mi It ner,-,  ».,  th#
Uuny r.-n>* i.,i-.uit Imlv* f»,l, m Um,
In « hllll, nn.l tt* tlm iiliiln i'..luri-.l llnnlriimt
In tun, urii-ii, tirrrt ml In nr limwn iim Ln
pluiuii..l In t««lsii-fi<ol ulillln. mul iwllml Ml
lllll I'llllll «lf till! IIH1I1I  44llll * Iplilltll   1 nuii'l,
1:14Iim 11 mn,H.tti llmir mnriiiii Uml U M*Ur
ll. nlii'.l, In iiuHi'i' In Iliu I Mini Hum IidiiIiI*
of nny Wtn.l.il.ii» in/1 niiii In l,n "ttikmi 11 li"
HI  hnilini luililiiK llilii* lilnl 1 nil hn r.illlr.l
.,1    11        1     .   Ill,  .,.!•      1, ,11    ,,   ... nil
1 In ll|l nr n.Miy, I think It t> tlm Mint llmiT
run.I'll) r In mu. In I11tllll.il tun IA llll *vift-
\«.|4,l|   li>,.,IM,
Wlii'ii ihi Iliinli'iim IhkIiim tn bIhiw »lKn«
or ui.liiiii ..in, 1.4. >t 11 tin. nil fin., i.f 11, na 11
la mill iifillul ti, llm II.kiI', nllli Hliy »..k»I
r,»» I'lll.t, nil,.*!.!*: « l.-r.^ir lln*. I -r 11"
1 ilut tn ilii* 1 Iuin If ii|i|.|li.i| 1.1 H lioaril fl.».r.
'J liln mny In. 1. |ii',il,',l linn' 11II11 Ilnin, milk-
liii'li 11111 1111 1 mini Inn ll.xn iii4i*iihii.
li in  II,   nltiii.lv  W1..I1  11   niiii tJvali
ih 11,1 «ii«, no,1 ih.. 1 iifl nn,I /.-I'liini nr 1 iimi
ml "
'llm lliti'l. 11111 tuny i«i«««« .mr iIImi.I-
Miiilnri* 111 1..ini" |h',i|,|i-'« »)ii>. In Out Hi*
•Iirt l« nil In Mi-til!
I in. fir llni.liiini-invi-ii.1 fl.«m lo litir.l-
in»»l fii*. r-i In mint!' 1..1..1I1 liiillt Iniii.rm
tin lliu.l. 111.1 t-i.-t.-iil** llif 11.I1I uln.l from
■Irlviii- ii|, iliinimli tin- rl,«ii«, .mliiN fu.l
ami ii.l.llni: t.i On- iniiif.nl i.f tin- liim*Ut
III III*,, i,f mil. 1. <* or flril'lrlll, Hhrri It
Imiiii.H muNiiirv In 1ifth.i.*»i- i.iih rn-.ni
sni,. nn imiii'iii. v ii...|.mo, 1 in,,! mr HII41
in nil h lliii.t. mn Jn.l fln< llilntr fur mining
thr tl...r A. i   IIV..II4..U, lii.llaimi
Th. 11 I,, il. .in, li.iul iuiiiiiiiiii ini,i44- In
Vlillt     inir     441.MI'I 11     Iif    HfTllllll     W,I)M,     I
Iuin1 lit Inr till itn.ri. ri'iim Ilnin Ih-*
liinttn ..I rU'lit lo ii iiiikI.- J'..*r.-tirfit"iil«*nl
!«4-4ll>l'    III"    I.III1V4I4    Ml    v. 11    «4jl»t    kll*
iiii'in-i lo 1 -iy. nnil h.H tiiii-h a Hpiltthtlir
w,iy ,.( ci) Imt tt. Mny wu timr (rum
li* r attain 1
By Mary E. Carter
Con-rlght,  190*..  hy A.1 S.  liarncs & Ct,
IV YOU want to make calto In u creat
hurry ntiU tliink that you have not
time to be nout aliout ll, tlion. Iic-
for4-> you begin, .spread over the table
0 large sheet or stvon'j liiiper ainl Ut-op
the mean 011 It. When you net through
Ralliei- up tho paper wilh nil the ilrop-
phiBH ln»lde tind burn It, Transients
KOlnir Into a kitchen to do odd Jobu
ouRht to find out when It will bo
leant Inconvenient for the cook lo Imvo
them iliuri'. Tho apjiroaelt of .sonic., persons Ih enough to hot a cooIc'h nerves ull
throbbing al once, beeausu they carry
conruHlon along wilh them nnd make a
ureal deal more work than lhoy tlo.
A little while ago I 8tiw n review of a
new book In which tho writer had drawn
a most enticing picture of window enr-
(lonlng In the kitchen. Hhe sfeuiH to
hnvo supposed that n. cook would havo
plenty of tlm& for planting nnd weed-
In if. etc. Her idea won Hint tlift cook
could i-also her own parsley ami lierbn,
und oven havo bc-uutll'til Utile ro.sy rail-
IhIioh pcoplnif up between Ihu green
llilngH ull ready to ho pulled for gar-
nlMhiiitf. It deemed to bo llio very poetry
(if kitchen garduiiliig, but-it wan fur
moro poetical thnn iiohhIIiIi-; albell II was
written lu promi, lho poct'u llcviwo wns
freely Indulgod Iherelu and hI ret died to
Its utternumt HmllH, at leiiHt ho' tt appear h to mo. In iho HrHt place, tho
uviirago cook Iuih all that hIiii ought to
havo to do without nny new ronponsl-
lillltlcH bolng luld upon hci.
However convnnlont It might lm JiiHt
to ntup to a window for 11 iiprlg of parH*
lay or a fow rudlHlKm—provided the
pretty green nnd pink tlilugii Hlmuld
coiwent to grow nnd thrive In nlji-Ii ml*
voi-hh condltlonH—frnin what I know of
vookH und llmir IIvi.-h, my Ittipii-shIoi-.
Im tlmt without 11 n exceptJoii they would
much prefer to get tholr herlm nml
ruillHlieH from thu market all tied up and
reatly for gnriilHliliii; and Hc-iHonlm; than
to Imvo llieir II ul it ohNtriit'ii'd hy Imixi'm
of earth with it few xlckly thlngH ;Uniggling fnr ulr and leaning w.kIfully-
tiiwiird the light If they rilioulil hnvo
plinli euuugll to get uImh-ii the noil, Tlm
mirtun-- of the Uilng" would Jiiititr.ict
from the cook'H Ilnin for iiiiii'li-iiicik*4
rent uml recreation. .Vn, nn, lot In every
ruy of light nt the kltehen wlmlnw«.
Htudy to rt-dticii llm work lln-io-U iiV.
rwuly ennntlluti-H the major pnuliiii In
iruiHt houiieholilH~hiit leave kllulien gnr-
deiililg to thn giirdener, wim makeN a
Hlinly nf It ami will funiluli wluii you
ri>i|iilre elienpnr thnn the rook en 11 ralmi
II, fllve her a rocking iliulr, let inr
rock when Hint Iuin time for It; lend her
thn dully pitper, 11 niiigmelni* nr a tmok
oci'iikloniilly, if xImi, |iilM .|IIH. ■„ |lllll(
at Ilium, Imt leitve window Kiinti-nlng for
thOHii wild lmve plenty of lelmtre. Ili.w-
fivnr Ili'Nllietli' It mny in-ein when teml
about, It will nnt he dihlrnlili* In the
kltrhiiii   from   the  ecniioiiilenl  nr  it rt y
Oilier Vll-Wliolllt.
Tliow wim fxpret Dire jnt^try from
llieir eonk nhutjlil hnve it mnrldi* nIiiIi
In thn kllrlii'ii for llin I work. (Inod
piiMlry cunnnl he lllll.In llllli'HM ll Ik kept
ley .nlil (null 11 In linked. It r-'inilnn
thn two intriinii of enld nin! Iienl; Put,
unlil tt gum tn tin. oven, wlil.'li -.leiiild
he exiru Imt, piiHlry, In he nllliln, iniint
Ihi mh (-nlil im lie witter fnr inltlng, hurd
lutllrr for eiirlchliiif nnd llin 111,11 ht..
Klnli for rolling out   r/111 rnnki* It.
The table In the eenlm nf the kllilnlt
lilnl i-iilivelil|.||l tn lhe rump. Hliould Iiii
Inillly eovi'leil Willi xfne, Thin k;ivi*l
lulirir, un tint iliu* nlmorliH 1111 gr.-un. uml
,J|   %«.-|il,|    Jhll'l   «'.l*.l.«.   null   lll.l..   mm,   „,,.
wntor nmt a flMnHlntr powdf-r.   i:xi*i|it
J.i I. 1-) >iai>Oji« ^id 111 ti*. i*|-,i t. ,1 ilii'l*
lircnlill'M mill ntllHl have i<ii|i|ier illeimilil,
ngiitn wnre I* the bent for ltiin»> who
<• 11IInot sfford th«- new |-ir.'..liln-i-o-i»*il
, Iron In pun* white, or lhe henutlful
ulumlniiiii %an> Unit iimu.*, I*lv,iy
triiiliuiikci'tikr Who liken (n k«i Into her
kHrhi-i, In tin nh**! rfioklnr nhoitt.l ^I1^^
In I   lr*lll   olfllkllf, tttli)  lillow  tin  mil*   I'lfctt
lo iim lh*m. Mim ran Ihu. U* ern.iln
th»( thry nr<> clean ami irniily for her
wliffiever Hhe cli'«i»c*i irt mnko any
ilulnly fur the Utile,
Tliu kltrlim tiM><l» nt leiiil Ihn * ilouhht
' Imllem of illffercnl klien, mill for *|htIa|
puri«ok*» Thi'V ai** n'lfMUt lomlnrt to
s rook iMfiiitM I hey apure h**r from
much mutely whrii crtiwitiMi with work,
au iu,thlu«[ ever Lur.v*t tn tl.. duul.ti*
Itfilh-r. fi mutt, Af rnurw*. I«- kepi »uti-
pllM with walar in ita- Wwor tninpart*
111 cm wli>-u uu thu lanu-.
lUklda the T*mf khouh. tiinr. n mmx
rartt tut holdlnit ronklnu ki-mn* ami
fork*. It rtin-iU r-l.-unlfK a* nft*-n a« any*
l»ilfi# UW.J Ir. |k« kll.h. fi. J.i.t 11 Ik a
frmt runtcnlrftira and (>r*v*nti tiillinu;
• Ul.l*> whm ih.- I'tkik I* atuadlfiu li.
•urarHUnx that la »\*t ih* ts**.
Are wc'carrying your Advertisement in **'niK IVI^IX^VKR.**   II' not. give it a trial. THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C, FEBRUARY 21,   1906.
.   ;i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
1   ■ *EI*E5^.I3
Hon. 6. A.'Cox,'
',     ,.      President.
8. E. Walker, ' Alex. Laird,.
■Juneral Manuaer.-    •■ Asit. Gen'l Mutineer
tapitai  $10 000 000" REST, $4,500,000
CAP,TAL:S,°:00 TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $93,000,000
■/   130   -BKA-OSrOI-IICS   Jts.l>TT>   .A-GE^CiES
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT, ■ueposiis^f $.. *..ki up.
wards received and interest allowed, The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawel of tlie whole or any part of tlie  deposit
Special attention is drawn lo our Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Cnnnda'. United Stales,- England..Italy in lire, Hungary. Austria in
Uror^en7"riiey form an excellent method of remitting monies at a minimum cost. -.
A general BanUing business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Open on the p.iy-diiys of lho Coal Company until 9 p. 111.
FERNIE BRANCH        - .- •' T. B. MAY, Manager'
'»-' this heading, inserted ut the rate of One
ceut a word ench insertion.     '
-C"»- *.tor.y:
Son & Co,
rftiilf aerie in West Fernie-, rooi! 2
tor.v house on the property.   Apply ilott
-rood location  on Victoria Avo.
Apply, Mott Son & Co.
VJ ted near centre ot Ijusiness.  Two  houses
and small
Son & Co
shu(-l(.    AlBurgain Enquire,  Mott
-There is u
Inn J    1111J
The annual .'meeting of the „ International Coal & Coke Co., of- Colemnn,
was held in Spokane last Thursday,
and all the ollicers were  re-elected  as
.; President, A. C. 1-lumcrfell, Vk-e-
Presidcnt, General Manager and Treasurer II. N. Galer; Secretary. W, G.
Graves. Besides lhc- above, Ollicers
D. Shulls and C. S. Houghton arc on
the Board of Directors.
This company has an authorized capitalization ol $3,000,000,, of which $2,-
800,000 has bcyn issued,
surplus of. $ jo i, 5-27.69 °-
the assets amount to $3,273,283.39*.
This rompany owns 4,000 acres
cp-al lands extending for* s.jven miles
a|ong coal swims, two of which meas-
Wc respectively 8 and 12 fee\ in width.
Xhe company employ 300 men,, all
ijesideftts of the nourishing n<*w town
of Cplcmai,.,, which has \\ popul.i.'-..*n of
800, a good water system  and electric
lighting, ,
The cars in this mine "are oper-iteci
by compressed air', imd everything is
up-to-date. Operations were begun
at Coleman in pclober,   1.904.  *llK'  "°
company operaling >n lhe I'i-,ss can
show a better record,- During last
year, despite a shut down ■ of three
months an account of labor . troubles,
thc output was 173.032 tons anJ the
operating expenses footed' $237,029.11
or $1.37 per ton of coal produced.
During thc year the company expend-
' ed $39,272.80 on new plant and equipment. ' ■ 7 "
- This "infant industry" is sitting up
Fernie. Lot iVJxl-)!', Gooil -1 room house.
This is a simp'if taken ut once. Easy terms,
Apply, Mott, Son & Co.
JI- I'or sale at this ollice, price as cents each:—
•'Rooms To Let, Apply Within." "Furnished
Rooms To Let Apply \Vlth..i.";
Head Office :   HasniSion-* Canada.
Capital* $2,415,000 .     JResevve *- $2,415,000
JEoinli Bssets =■ $29,000,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General' Manager.
74tSpancBaGS ihrougSiout Canada
Money Orders and  Drafts issued,   payable in Canada or iibroad.
Foreign drafts cashed.    Special advantages in Savings Department.   .
Open in the evening* of the Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
and taUiiig'notice of things in a particularly bright ;ind lively manner, un
der the direction of Mr,"Galer and bids
fair to be one of the best paying coal
properties in the country. Having
reached a daily ciulpul of 1200 tons "in
so. short a time big things may be looked for in lhc future. ; ■
the time comes," wns the prompt reply. "Mr. Lodge is what is now
known 11311 stand patter and does not
represent theituerests of the people
of iMussuchsetts in his endeavor to
continue present tariff conditions.'
Mr. Hall was delighted* with the
grand scenery here and said he had
not,seen anything to surpass it in
Switzerland or elsewhere. Ho was
also very much surprised to lind such
line stores and other buildings in
so young a town. Ho frankly stated
that for neatness and convenience
tho Trites Wood store was e^ual to
tUe best he had seen anyplace.
Mr. Hall, while a very enthusiastic and active business man, is also of a literary turn, and it was a
pleasure to Have him speak with pardonable pride ol his personal acquaintance and friendship with Longfellow,
Lowell, Wluttior, Holmes, Kmerson
and others fo well known to all lovers
of pure English literature.' To have
personally known tliose celebrated
authors wits a priceless privilege,
and it was,a treat to hear Mr. Hall
talk ol hia personal intercourse with
men and women of letters, ot whom,
not only Bostonians, but all lhe world
are justly proud
Mr. Hale ot the Cedar Valley Co.,
took the party ot Bostonians out tor a
sleigh ride one day, and they
left tor a day or two on the next
train tor the south, and will likely
stop here a day or two again before
taking final leave of us, •■ Thc party
has an eye open to.the possibilities of
the lumber industry, and The Ledger
would be glad to see such people bc-
where tlie'mlnu trull! »tnps, near tlio station, No. 125. Nice for usmnll family. Price
iWJO. complete.   Apply Mott, Son fi; (Jo.     —22
ilotiie.   Knquire at Union Itostiiumnt
• Foundry.
work, upjily 10 Writ, WMt.lloju.
Dimesisioii? Flooring, I
Finishing Lumber asid
All our slock is last years, cut and well seasoned.
*■   We Have Them
Nice,fresh Cranberries. "--Fine; large   Eating- .and  Cooking '
1 Apples., ^Oranges and  Lemons,    Get Rvalue  for your
' Pay cash A  '.    '■.-.'.-■,."■' *'A*A 7
„    Prompt Delivery
W; J, Blurtdell
The People's Grocer,   P.O. Block, Fernie
1-4 -Q
fc e -a
to . '    «v
according to the ininistcr°i. own  statement only'65 per cent, ofthe districts ■      *    - '
luid made,any effort lo comply with lho! • ; -—	
law of 1905."   The minister had also' ed to plnco.  tin' ■ pliint  of  tho  Crow's
said lhat the amendments now-proposed  Nest Electric Light  ami   power   com
w'as'lhc result of the exporicne? of (he
new act, but Oliver showed  that tlio
pnny on lho assessment roll
0TI10 Cily dork   wns nko,, instructed
BY-LAW No; 31
tct had only been in force since the 7th  fiW&r iSS^o™Up-!S
January so that it had taken a very
few davs lo demonstrate' the necessity
for 68 amendments to 120 paragraphs
or sections passed last year.
.The Hon. Mr. Fulton holds the record on amendments to crude legislation of his own creation. Crude is a
very descriptive word und people will
not ftirget it when thinking,, of the
provincial secretary and his colleagues.
corhe directly interested with the
industrial possibilities of the Kooten-
The'-."At Home", given ' by the
Knights of Pythias at the Castle hall
last night was a very pleasant so4-;ial
event. The room was full of people
who enjoyed themselves at cards,
crokinolc and other games or in social
conversation unlil the regular program
of the evening was taken up by Chancellor Commander Tultle who occupied
the, chair. He opened the proceedings
in his usual happy style after which a
well selected program was rendered.
Messrs Biggs, Smith,Turney and Miss
Suddaby, ot the Fernie orchestra, contributed instrumental and vocal numbers.'
The  Knights   of the_Fcrnic-_ lollge
and.that llio fee for
193G   is now duo.
The new council are going through
the. novel experience of having to
borrow money to pay overdrafts in the
bank caused by the actions bf thcir
predecessors, wilh the figures of .1
surplus of $2,200.00 staring ill them
from llie statement of last year handed
out to them lhe day lliey look ofiice.   "
Mr. James M. W. Hall, liis pon- H.
II. nail, nephew, M.-A. Hall of jMos
ton arid Alfred It. Ames, of Machias,
Maine, were at the Hotel "Ferule n low
days apohaving traveled west ovfcr
theC. P. It, and after Btopplng liore a
short time thoy will continue their
Journey to the coast by wny of Nelson and the lako route..
A I.RIXU.R representative had a
very pleasant chat with Mr. Hull,
who is president ol tho Muchias Lum-
berCo., one of the largest, operating-
on tbo continent. iMr. Hall's anccs*
tors wero' Plymouth Hook Pilgrims
luivlnfi; landed In 1020. Ho lived for
a lonjr tlmo in Cambrldpo and was
Mayor of that city for several terms
and a memborjof tlio board of works
for twonty ycai'H. Mr. Hall Is ono of
the committeo of throe selected Irom
tlio committeo of ono hundred, which
was formed in tho state of Massiiclius
otts for tho purpo.,o of promulffnilnir
and proinotliifir a policy of reciprocity
boiwoon Canada and tho Mill tod
HtatCB, In this connection, ho, with
the other two momboraof tho Bpccial
unmmittco visited WashliiKton a short
timo iiro, and Iuul a lonjt; Interview
with Prcsldont Koosovolt upon tho
Hubjcct, ho ltii|>ortiint to tho Now
Knulund States. I loth prcbldent
]{oosovoll und vlco president Full'-
bunks uro much inlorcH.od In tho
, nnatUT. Mr. Hall Inlormcd lho reporter thai, public Bontimont In IiIh
stnto wiih very stroiiKly In favor tl
reciprocity ami l« dally irrowlnir
Hlronufor. "What nro you tfolnif to
«1» with Hcnator I^lirnVJ' askrd Hip
Hcrlbc "Woaro iroingto Rive him
a rest Irom hIs otllcliil   IhIkii'h when
tm%U*» Vamma ILa 01*m-J«ii4
• II li'i   •♦»«»* *MW V4t»M«»M»«-»
Midi From flraptt
N# Aluin
- Special Council Meeting
Minutes, of special meeting of the
cily council held this afternoon to further consider lhe advisability of sending
delegates to Victoria lo discuss appro*
priiilions for*;.' public building in Fernie and other miitlers. There were
present the mayor, Alderman Tuttle,
Quail and Mclntyre.
On motion of Tuttle and Quail the
council al once' proceeded lo consider
the resolutions psisscd by the Hoard of
Trade and submitted to them.        „
Moved by Tultle and Quail that the
nr.tyoi- and Dr, Bunnell be asked lo
to proceed lo Victoria for the purpose
of urging the government to appropriate at least $20,000 for ji public building at Fernie this year,   Carried.
On motion of Mclntyre and Tuttlo
that the city treasurer be instructed to
Issue n check to his worship Mayor
niuitbdcll for $150 for use toward ex*
penses of ilelcgalos re trip to Victoriu,
On motion of Mclntyre and Quail
lhat Alderman Tuttle bo acting mayor
in lhe absence of His Worship Mayor
Hleasdcll.   Carried,
The resolution of lho Hoard of Trade
re Instruction* lo delegates to Victoria
was laid on the table.
On motion of Quail and Mclnly
Ihu delegates were empowered lo din-
cuss niul arrange wilh (he government
in (he mailer of clubs operating in
cities; the extension of school district
boundaries in I'ernie; high school lots
and other school mutter,-; Ihe provincial
park and game kdiisoii,
The cily clerk was liislruclud Io f.ee
Mr. Alexander and ask him 10 wire W.
It. Ross, M. |\ P., lo hold lhc Hoard
of Trade, resol 11 lions unlil Ihu arrival of
(he dcU-galcs, The t'.Hincil then nd
The 1005 School Act was tmdi-r lire-
it. (he house 111 Victoria last Friday
when Hon. Mr. Kul I on moved the
avion J iiniJiiit; uJ" *}i«,' .oiistisiiiitoi* (ii
thai acl pjoposcil by lhe j-ovcrjiniwit,
The Hon. Provincial Secretary said lhe
jiil of lust year was necessarily mide.
Mo,I people will heartily concur In ihis
-.Uit.Miii-.it. Kvcrvthinir in lln* nalun*
of a hill ii lilili is brought before lhe
legislature hy lhc minister* nt Victoria
jiceniM to be "ncccsmrily crude" and
lakes more lime lo correct anil amend
limn il would to formulaic- a good bill
to klurl wilh, Thin is a result of hav*
ing n cruJo set of milliliters in charge
of affairs.
The Hon. gentleman also said Iimi
I j.t out ol tliu jKj !»chiH»l  dUlrictti  had
II "
10 hold 11 nieeilng for wont of iillen-
d.iiue ; four had protested iignln.l the
iK-u.* rttfmiiihility ; and In one ditlricl
the vln-ict! Irusle'es bud refused lo nrl.
Jiihn Oliver srorci) thr Rovcrnmenf
ui«si unmercifully, pointing out  lhat
ecided 10 undertake lo comply with
lie nrl.   Only one district had failed
presented Jacob Flcischnian with a
beautiful Past Chancellor's jewel,
Chancellor Tnltle making the presentation speech. Mr. Flcischnian* was
taken completely by surprise, but rallied
and made.a very  feeling   and  filling
itlle -speech of accepliihcc. During
the course of his remarks lie took occasion to urge upon the ladies to join in
forming a branch of the ftathbone
Sisters. After this part of the program
had been completed the guests were
treated to tastily prepared refreshments
and then to the strains'of sweet music,
, Thc tipsy toe kept on thc go
Till rudy cheeks were all iiglow.
A .sufficient number of ladies signed
the call lo insure the installation ^ of a
lodge of Rathbone Sisters in conjunction wilh lhe K. P's.
Thc Fernie lodge of this order now
has a membership of 115 and is growing, only three other lodges in the
province outnumber them. ,
'Very-much ofthe success attained by
tbe Fernie lodge of Knights of Pvlhias
is due (0 the untiring energy of Mr.
Fleischman aud the Fernie Knights
fully appreciate his efforts ns was evidenced by their actions lasl night. .  *
Nice fresh Cranberries at BIuihIcII's-
A.J. Mott ami fiUter Misa. Lottie
Mott are in Victoria,
Mr. and Mrs Lou Pollock havo gone
to Washington to reside permanently.
Wm. Connel left last week for -Frank
whero ho has boon engaged to install
new machinery in tho zinc smelter plant.
Mayor Bleasdell, Dr.' BonncllA-uid
Chief Constable McMullen leave ovor
thoNoi-thernto night for-Victoria.   •
M.   Mclnnis  arrived"'in - town
" to"
All members of lhc council were
present last Wednesday night wilh thc
mayor in Ihe chfiir.
After lhc reading of minutes of previous meetings the city clerk read the
petitions of rate payers asking for the
passage of a by-law juilhoriziiig the
city to borrow the sum of $**,300,00 to
pay off ovcr-drafl nt thc bunk and one
authorizing Ihe issuing of debentures
to raise $5,500,00 to pay for (ho side
walks constructed under the direction
of the old council.
The by-law asked for by the first pe-
tllion, which is designated as by-law
number-1,0, wan introduced mid read
threo times. The over-draft at Ihe
hank totals $%-,37*i,6f'i, but as there Is
? 1075.46 of uncollected taxes on the
hooki lhe amount ol thc loan by-law
was placed,at $j,300,00.
Hy-luw 31 authorizing the borrowing
of $5,550 00 to pay the side walk bills
were put through lln third rending,
Doth these loans run for five year* and
are lo hear Interest al the rule of 5%.
The cily solicitor reported Ihut he
hud met Mr. li. P. Davis al Ncl-,011 nnd
obtained his opinion upon the water
agreement ami oilier (pieslions but
thought best not lo discuss thc mutter
in open council. He staled however
that Ihe McLean mlt would go to trial.
After home discussion thc printing
lenders were again laid over.
iiy.litw jj lixing mc place and dale
...J* J-i.''Ji-j£ '!•■.• i*)ivj!i,-jj.wjj };j'*J,vii-a jo
and 31 were Introduced and passed
their third readings.
Alderman Tullle made a strong plea
for Ihe strict enforcement of lhe fire
limit by-law and (he lnw relating to
hie fsnipes.
As Mr. Tullle's appointment as fire
chief was made at 11 public meeting
(he council, in order lo give him legal
-.landing, formally appointed him to
(hat position.
A motion to divide the cily printing
until tlte tinitruet wan lei wim   paused
lly-liius 2H and if) received Ihcir
I11t.1l 4 4i'tMJuitftun and patnied.
Whereupon council adjourned.
The City Cciintil tiriil a i-hcrl tnt-o
Injf Imt Tlmr-iiliv nlffht, Pnwnnt lho
Mayor, Aldermen Tuttlo, Qiinll. Mc:
IniVri-, juji. l.Jtwrj.
liy lnw n limber ft- wft*.' rrrflnnl-lriwl
ttxt Unnlly pasttctl.
(>n fnoitdiiihcCilyelcrV wailmlriictt
Cranbrook this CYCiiing.,
The propiielors of the Imperial and
Roma hotels wore each lined $30 ■ and
costs for selling on Sunday.
L. P. Eckstein left over the C. P. Ii.
Saturday ovoning for Alberta points on
business mid returned to tho cily
yesterday."'.'-.- >'■■    ■■
' "Cnrmlchiidl, (ho tailor, has just 'received the 'wibbiest stock of Tweeds
for Spring suits nnd overcoats ever
brought into Fernie. -   -
All thoso interested in tho formation
ol a Uobccca lodge hero aro. most cordially invited to-moot at the I. 0. 0. F.
hall Friday ovoning at 8:'!0.
T. Tl, Whlto,   N, G,
-, Lot us mako you a fancy vost from
0110 of those choice now pntlorna. Como
In nnd seo them. J.* Cnniiichaol, the
S.'F. Wallnco was up boforo the bonk
this afternoon on a chiirgo of soiling
boor on Sunday, and as it waa his eoc
ond offence hu was lined 500 and costs.
The King Kdward Motel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two from lhe C, P. 14, depot,
and convenient to business houses in
the city.
A night school will be opened in
Fernie March ist for lhe study of
shorthand and typewriting,, For nil
particulars and terms apply to this
F, 0, Winkler, of the Canadian Oil
Company, nrrlved In town yesterday.
Uo reports tlio bunlnoss outlook good
for thn BORHon. Mr. Winkler happened
tobo In Ci'iiiihrook on RiiikIav ovoning
and wltiuiBsud (hn plucky light mndo by
thc Uro Inddlos.
I.a«t Saturday Tlio Crow's. Neat Pans
Conl Co paid out a total of $1115,512,55
for ilnn..nry wngow.
Coal Creek Wli.OiiU.riE
Michel -111,047.80
Cni-bonndo ,.        12.00H.20
Thu Do-nlnlnn Mont it (Initio llnncli
ing Co., I.td,, of Ciilfl-niy hns lenRod tho
Piii-dy buililiiig ou vletmin nvmiuo for
one yonr, and nro propnrhiK to oHtiih-
Huh u bniucli of tholr extmislvu iiiunl
IiiihIikihh horo. Wo iiiiiloi'staud tli I h
compnny hns iimpln cnnltnl nnd will go
into tho bufilncRs hero in no hnlf heart-
od way. Thorn Is plenty of room for
two compnnliis In this lino hero, nnd
oiiriifw iiaighbois wllldoilbllcss get ti
full show of trade.
Ou Monilny afternoon nt 2,lio. Mr,
Thomas A. Spruston, of Conl Crook,
wns married to Miss Kllon AotiittmHot),
ol thoiiiino plnco hy Hov, A, A. KoIjhoii
H. A. Thn groom wuh Hiinportcd by
Mr, Vli'liors, whllo Iho brldo wns nt-
1        I'   |l  ,    III T\      1   •■ 1. l''i.
44,1. .4^,.,    ./J      .   ,».J.|      .**■"..,,. ....... 4,4.«.«.«,, »
nftar thn woildlnir, a fluinptuoiiH woip
ding diiiiior was Hiuvud to thu lmicsIh.
NuiiU'ioiis rich nnd bimuli/itl ihohmiIs
iittcj-h.'il thn popularity of tho yoitn*/
couple, nmong tliom lieinir n vnlunlilo
bron/n nnd inatbli* cloclt, given by
/rleiids iu l.uglaud-   The youngiiitiplo
'W.'lt tUblllll 111 \r\llt\ -OlIIOK,
Much Inrgcrni-rcnuo has Immi sown
In dill about in tho I'liichor Creek district, than tho last yonr, nml llio pres
ont (U'Oiix-cU nro most imc-iiurnRliig for
h much larger crop tliim wns hnrvosted
lint year. The weather conditions
(■ntil-fnnt linvn been bolfcr for thtt
young wheat, nml tho fai'inni'M j* 111 lio an
thoy watch tho -?roon enrpeta grow
iltHitier nml ili!»|K*r over their liuliln ('iit-h
iIhv. Cattle too, aro looking tltie, and
had n moNt lavorablo winter. Stock
nu.'jinr« hoping for Mlor price-* for
i-allln llie coming tennon. It ina y b
nown to the buyer of rccnt to Innrn
thlit fi-irtirn jt-ar* lho pli(i** nf Wri
cafllo Imi iHwt nrMAtl-ifjirlnrllv low for
thn »toclr rtxUctt, but novjirtholfi**'. such
la tht* fact.
A Wy-Ijuv of tho Oorporiition of
tbo City of Fernio, to miso
by way of 'Debentures tho
sum of $5,550.00, to pay,
cost of Constructing- certain
. Sidowiilks and Crossings.
WllEllEASMarirni-otKcrr & Compiinr of
tlio City of Varniu Contrtiotoi'ri iliil oonslruct
iuul Imllil I'crtahi sidewalks unit ct'O.sslnits in
tlio City of Fornlo in tlio yoar iiilrt nt .tlio'ro-
quost. of tho Jlayoi- imd Council thereof.
AND WHEREAS tho Corporation of tho City
ofli'ornio is lndclitott' to tlio aaid Jlursnrdt
Kerr and nompivny and hur assigns in tlio sum
of ?!i,;Vj2:l!)lorlinildint? and GoiiKtrutstlnjr tho
said sidewalks ami. crost>iitf*ii. . .
AND WHKREAS for tho uurposo of paying-
i,aid AlarKtirot Korr & Company and hor as
siftnstlio said sum of i-i.niWiionoM- duo and
owinit upon tho said cidowalks and orosshiKs
it is doemoil ox|ictliuitt to raiso liy ivny of do-
lientures a loan of (.V-'-OjOTrciiiiyiililo on tiio
Kltlidayof-Miirchllinwit.il lutorost in tho
niuiuitunu litiyiiblo yearly at livo per coiitinn
pornnniuii. Such huul when raised 'to bo nti"
plied for lho purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS the said Corporation has no
oxistins debenture debt.
AND WHEREAS tho amount of tho wholomt*
able land and improved real property:- ae-
conlini* to tho last revised assessment   roll is
AND WHEREAS for tho payment of the said
ilebontnres, sinking fmni and interest, it, will
bo necessary to. rai-.e tiie sum of $1177,1x1 bv 11
special rale iu oaeh.and every yonr,
AND WHEREAS for tho purposo of raisinK
tho j-uirt yearly sum of £1177'J0 an equal
spociul rate on the dollar will bo required. ,
AND WHEREAS this .lty-lav- shall not bo altered or ropealod except with tho  consent of
_r Jin I  taiif j-ii\(\nf /Hm,jA»>*. -._ ;. j-i . . •• ■
-...4--«.U44,ij4^„v—vju»u "»i"^~iii~^t>uncir—""
NOWTllEBJi-i'ORE.Tho Mayor and Council
of lhc City of Fernie, in open mootinir assembled, enact as follows:—
WE sell all Canadian mado Pat-
out Medicines at thoir marked
- price. ', ^,     ^" ^  ..^     -H&
ALL Magazines sold at marked'
. .* P^V - * *■■*'. '.J*' ■ «
AGENTS for the Art Bell Piano
EASTERN prices prevail1 at ^
The Palaee Drug Store
,.H, F. McLEAiM,     -'    -     .   '- Manager
Fine Statioriery
Wc carry .1'splendid line of,,fine boxed  Stationery- tifat'
will commend itself to the mosi/nsiidious.    Also,, ruled
and plain paper--by" the quire, in the latest styles.
Envelopes to. match. „ '    .
School Supplies
Books," Pencils, Pens,  Erasers,   Slates,   School. Bags,
.Scribblers,— or .-anything; in the way'of School Supplies
at .the lowest prices.    Wc-makc a specialty of the wants,
of the. rising generation..   . -..-"■ •■-'■'..-••■   ,
I I,,.''1"U11,''J ''twful. for tho Corporation of
llio Oily of !■ ortiio to raise by way of loan,
from any poison or persons, body or bodies
i-or-ior..to.wl-p may bo wlIlinB t0 advauco tlio
same, on credit ol tlio detienturcs horoinarter
moinlimeil.tliusum of *BSflfl;t)o und ounso tlio
Minto to bo paid into tlio. hands of,tlio C.ty
Jroasuror of iliu hiutl Citv of Fornlo* Tor tbe
imrpoMi nforoHiud, nml with tlio object hereinbefore roultod, •       „■
i. ItsliiillimlawriilfiJr tho Mayor to eanso
any number of dehonturos to bo made, not ox*
(•coillnoiii tliu wholo tlm sum of «,Vi;|.(iofor hitch
JlnVi "1 mm}ayu0t •?''*', V"1" *1M 'i» »»'»• bo ru-
(mired: and nil sueh dubonturos shall ho scaled with tho S011I oltlio Corporation of tlio
Uty of J'liinio, siitiioil l.y tho Mayor and count*
ciiviiiinoil by the Iroiistirorof tho said City,
il. Tho said ilobontures shall ho tninle'liay-
'1 i'^-iV1 V?1J1CI!1'H f,rom ,l10 «l«-to heroin nieii*
, ,V,0,' .lo ' '^,1°'-''}«'Inl'iliO ell'eet, nt suelt
anif In lho C tyof li'urnio or Canada as tlio
Council way by rculutlon diiett,
taebed for lho piiymont of ititerost at tho rate
of A lior I'ontiim per iinimm "ii the amount of
? lilli!i'i ,-in',"''r,W1"l,s,,,lU11,° IMVJ'ftlilo .vi-nrly on
tlio.ltitli ilny of Jlai-eh in yaidt and oveiy yonr,
ft.   A sjiuojial rato oit tlio ilnllnr nIihII lio liiviod
1 ', m lln!',, !',liiu'11 '•'■', r,vl"'5'1.V("jr In uildltlon
oniother niton, on nil latahlo proporlv of
a Hlnkfiifffiiml for tlm nnymoiit of tlio debt
heioby oniatud at and wlion.tliosunio shall be*
il, The Mini of *l(lii*r>o uliiiU hn rulncil annually
nm, i"i*.v,i*'01" of K"- ''''"rust on tlio amount,
ol ho debt Itimii'tod tlnrliiR tliontirrenev at thi'
ilc-lionturori Jiuroliy nulliorinoii to bo Imiu'il,
7, The sum uf ij-imoiro slmU bo ralsnil aiinii-
ally lor llm pnymuiitof tlio ilnhthoroliy liiuitn-
*ii,,li»l'« ili,i,',0.lnwful,f,*r th0 OoTjioratlDji from
,■?,'*■ ""jo *o.l>nrcli(iito imy of thn HiM do.
bimtm-urt ul Mtitili prlco or|ir eon iih mnv ho niti*
Uml l,y .iBrco.l ttpon, ttnti alldobitit ,*m . 1■.
nluiKiiil hlinll litiunnt'ollcil, and no ro-ls:.uu "l
iinyiliiliiiiitiiruni-dnliviiitiroMHlinll liu ininln iu
uiiiiHoriiiuiicu nl any Midi imroliano,
tioiiiof roi'tili-o tho iiNitanl of llm iiIccIom of thu
Uorpofittloii in tho iiiniinur prosnrlliuil by Mu..
■'Aliiulc-fiuil OliiUHon Aot",
!!!'• '-Till-* Hy—litw Hluill (alio tilTpnt. nml nnmn
inliifontooit Ihu loth dny flf Mnich.liiOii,
o/iro-T.iM'Mrlv"'iVi'll.1"10'11 Cf01ll'cl1' thU lllh .lay
llfji't'lviitl tlm nmoiit nf tho (ilectnrH or thn
llt.V0fl.\irnl(i thin day nf Mill"li   imi"
this day of
[. E. Suddaby,
I'.inilcill.-'i., I'lih ir,, num,
The Coal Output
Tho oni-pnt of conl at tlio mlnon (or
tlio wcok iM.i-.inff Krlilny, Vnb, lOtli,
Conl Crook fl,fi!>2 Ions.
Mlehol 0,2.18   •''
Cnrboniiclo i.imi   ••
Totnl       11!, 771   "
'iuuiii li.illl .1-4.1 i j|,|i, H Ofltl   JlltJIUK
f)wlnv.y wlili-li IKlil im>-t,-- fm- Iwo wppltti
<'U In
nml coflt n lot ol inriiioy.
Fliiiliiiff llm liiiiip nfl-nin foi'mlnjr In
mv ilironl. II..Mh»-irrc«.ywii|, MI.V-
Alms I.INIMKNT, nml mturatliiff a
cloth with tho llnlmnnt lolt It, on nil
Noxt moi-iiln<r U10 mvfjlllnff iv/is ftotio
nml 1 nltriliiitcil tlm wiirilliitf off of nn
Unilur Now MunagoKionl
Mrs. M Bait,   -   -   •   Proprkt/tss
Toriii*:" $22 por tnonlli, with li.itli $2B
f «^$»^^»^^*f ^^«^^^"^I^^f
ood Co. Ltd I
" > t.
Ferule  MicBiel        R!en,issey  Coal Creek
The Great
Home Goods
t\ * *
Arc.you thinkinpf of moving or sinrting- house keeping; ? If so, let iis furnish your home.', We furnish
homes complete from kitchen to parlor at the lowest
possible cost to you and satisfaction guaranteed.
Our stock' is* the newest and thc largest lo
choose from  in central 13. C.
Arrivals of
Agents for Bisscll's celebrated
Carpet Sweeper.
The Trites-Wood Go. Ud-
{Succcicjor lo J. C. IIuU-|ilsoii,|
Is prepared to deliver Milk,
Cream, Butlcrmilk, Fresh
Laid Eggs, and Dairy Butler
every day.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
Wall Paper
all ready to hang upon your
walls and make your house
look spic and span and up-lo
date. Artistic designs and
colorings. Prices that fit
modest pocket-books,
Over  Ljildfcv'-i  Tiiilor  Sliop,   Tim.
IIech'« Hliick.


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