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The Fernie Ledger 1905-11-22

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nov27i;m: 6
>,.,. ■'    "-  ^ Os-,-/
• i.
Volume I,J''Nui_tRi'i6i
Local Happenings in and
About th<&Citv T ,7
Interesting Item* About. TUrny!
People1  .oulknoy^ :7
A band of; Indians .are'carcipiug "iit
old Morrissay.' '"■''.* A{_ '/ ,'.,;-,",
A. J. Mott is in Nelson on business in
the interest of Mott Son:&- Co. 7 7 A'.
Col:- Holmes; D.. O. C.', inspected
the Kootenay rifles last Thursday. ^ -/-.-
Tho Trltea Wood building will be
ready for tha stock iua fow days.   '--■
Wm. Etchwig is in his new quarters
•nd will boon be iu shape to do a flour1
(thing hotel business.*  7 ;' A -s '■
W. B Boss, M. P. P., left last Wednesday evening'for-Winnipeg on legal
bunnee. to bo gone ten, days or two
■Week*.,  A 4        ..." A'.-
The Queens hotel is,under- roof and
fhelathiuglsnow being done. This
will be a very commodious hotel .when
ThO new office buildiug of the, Cool
FERNIE,: BX^ aa, 1905
■; Rev.-Jather -.aqomli was.iri the   city
Jasf'Sund-y.1;--'5"-- c -■" i -v •-    ;' -'_ -*-'.,'- ••
•': Get a box7of'" those* *i:6o" cigars'for
|y..50 at^Purdy's. - ^yy^yy-..«. • ii-". -
•'Thlrty'men were' laid' off at' MofriB-
seyV^Mondajy''.,AV' Y^'Yi'Y
• .^* ■W.^jRogere- of/'Moirissey-Mines
was in the city^Thursday.A   :'*','.> ,: '*'-■
'-.- Frank-Murp|-|y,5iof-,-.GaleWfty 'was in
the^iiy^Tew/da^lastw^iii. "''" , AS"
[' J. A..'-Bi-oley, of Broley   Bros
tractors, wais in Cranbrook on
last Thursday.A-'--   -■
'-«--. if.
Tho Har-pldrJiirvla Concert
Price, $2 a Year,.w*Advance.'-;
,   . ,      • ' aacti°n a few days a^o'near. Pincher,
^st'Wedri^d^^igh^Fe'rnie^en- Creek: whichybrotfght ,$27;00^per:
joyed a raus.ifcal tr.ea.ti such as'has no acre'.'. A' - section" iourA'miles Jfrom
precedent;/^ Ifpr ftqnce,, among ever Calgary' Bold at the veify.'higb figure'
6ne;.handred^and-fifty people there of $G1.50per acrei a fo&l,6t $39,3tKjA-
has been ^discordant note in-the 00. ••■)-   -   ' „. *CY}"'-"       "--'A
y^of^i^pp,*i,vaj.--,W-^7r - MrVWoods who hashai charged
i^.ffifer'S'W b*v KMr' J»r™ tlieconstruccion ot the Uiucher Greek
'l^S^i.-^^^^ ™ter system has completed,-it, .arid
SSSpWh   ^/i! wateHvasturnedon-oIrthe'Tth iris..
Bros.* .'con: ^.*!Trl,?r-* Tlie same company are em&ged hV
--« ^es^svz c^ssaiss'?'
*    baritone voice was heard lo the   nl- ,u_«„   -    ■     . :--*■.       ■   -
the consumer*.. ,:   .;   -.•■..-.■ _■
^County .Court "Judge P. E.. Wilson est.of itsgreaV.volumei* The. trinm-
arrtted hi tho city jast night and is phiint notes of the "grand finale of this
\ > wiig'i :WenCT'ringing   'down"' „the
1* ti- --      s. •,'- *   *      " .      *T-~—-",--.-,v—«•• , ;-....» ;u . ■ ■, company's property and affairs
holding courttoday.   ...,,, :    . ■ , * , ^7Went'fringing   down    .the Wged for some tiuiei with -the* Al* . ;.,0llr coal ai'ld >oke won   |he
"J'. R;AVallaeV was taken to the.hoW 1»H like the sUyery; notes of  some borta Gram-_Co: at Pincher-Creek, medal._t the Lewis & Clarke Exposi-
pitalyestcrday evening iiud it is fiiared great trumpet;:. That, most. wonder- rctu,,nc<- last Friday for a short visit  tlon  ^   Portland,"  said Mr. Jaffray
lie may have, typhoid lever,.,.  ,    ,-\ ful of .stoi les, A'The Prodigal  Sou" with his family.  TliotAlberta Grain   ''it. competition wiih all comers, which
1 Four carloads ofhorses beloneine t_ »?V-» t!?« "« °^ Vpderwater,, and wmpany  have a grain elevator  at al        ^ is „„., rior ^^
hleyWZ. ^iTZr^tZsel «^«terpretcd by.su'ch.ai, artUt.ua Z^J^^l ^^fiV' ""&*>*'** Wasiington,  Montana
thJ^diT^TS^^nt ^-Jarvis left.an-impression  upon ^,*^ bushels and Mr.. Elliott has ,hd  British. Columbia     Tests made
fromSll^"2'JJSwS^7,      :     ,   .**■:■ hearts . of, tho^se .'who' -were ^d charge of the buying of tto new  independently by the Oregon.. Railroad
* W'o rAA_ A: '     -' "   ^^e-enouglup have, heard iV ^m at that place.; H? reports that & Navigation Compan7»how an ex-
, ^-  .rS^   e?V68 t.his "?v?nln» which  will long, be .remembered, number one, red fallwljeafis.worth traordinar>* value for our coal ih calori*
^S2^1'^ ?b!>^*:;^-W»y«^ SS.ccnts^rbusheL ;Na^ertwo 52 &.^^betler than t|mt        „* h
S&^^^-^? *'^ th»^^.at;Bis.renderinfi:of "Mac, cents   and, nuinW,;, ope -rejected,  value, evidenced by the tests madeon
aie opeui.ig.at that point,   f...„. ^    . . Rf- ^   Gathering"- bamght , him «.oonta per;bushel. ; ,-Numbor one.  the Canadian PaciHc and Great North-
Mrs. Foster'.Ambery ..29 Baker' Ave.  P-aiuiits from the.sons of old England white, or spring wheat^seBs at 50 ern, Railways.   '•••'        "    - *
ill recciye-on Thursday;-Nov 36llrand '»! well as the licartyiapplause of. the <***»: number twoatrg c^nts. Nuini     "Our development work is so far ahead
Co.~ontbe equare is rapidly nearlnjr| Dec ist and in future on the  ist-and Scotchmen   present/,,   It., would. be ber one refected sprlqgf.- w^eat sells as-to-ehable us to take care of every
-" ' ' "*■ ''   —'—  -*mv».    1. •   -"-    '„..„„-• 1 lift AT\ finnld     onH    nniYiKni*'' f «S_-_    aa      QK.      .-   .    ■  -■"  . _    -7 *
oonipletiou.,   Kumraer "and Fuljatnes '^Thursday of the month.;..
•re doing the plastering:.       ,     .,-•:*'•. * ,-*-r-*-   •-.-'•    r.- -*'• '""'*
*   ■ .,-      .   ■-.*'•-   /., *. , - ..      Mr.and Mrs. L M. Proetor entertain
There used to be two conservative. ....*■
..        . . ■    -k   :    - — .:i.        ■ ou » ,i«r(f«j iiiiiiiuur in intsir iriunus ni
•Mociatloce in Nelaou now .only.-i.one. their Koine lastTlmraday night:; Cards
From two to one is arapid decline",' aud dancing, were- iudiilged in-arid It
Mri.__ -.111 .1 •- •»   • ''    ', .'.-,-     -.--..:      .. . -     -    1
cid a,large number of their friends at  ProSram,: s,° ™M 1B^red >ut -we  ^hundred.
..._i-__>—'--m' ,j      ■ •*-'*--  •   cannot refrain
was so1 entir
"•      * "-...v. v.-miiunii,, i«»v  10 nimseuas .„.._r ,,_..£._, „.   „„- . ;->..,_......_„   ..  ,0(JJntv  Uu„Bl-  iWI9  Wf iae rauroaas
the city on Sunday and held services in upper berth again and is on his way'.to stowed in the 'song. A^:.-. -' ... tor sale. . Some prpducerffare Rtoring "down'goes'their consumption lo about
Christ church. , He left on the evening ^flkatdbWan te. keepF.W.G.'-HauU ,  Mr.   ,Tar\ is Expressed- liimself to tl*eir grain in hopes-', pfj^etter 'pricas one^half their former requirements.
the-rop<H-ter; as^indebt^
in chargeof.the''cpriQert. for provid- ,K" ■*"-•-*--»•«*■■«-i-»-»sit--  ... ~V4 	
,__.     : . 'i>..    ..-.in-—   .-■•'•'.       "*   .
When will there bo none ?
1 Archdeacon Beer, of Kaslo, was in'
tnuu /or Michel where he'conducted
th© evening ner vice.
- 8. 8. Taylor, K..CM of;Nelson was
tain from getting'iiito Hon., Walter
Scott's berth iu the.naw provincial gov*
erumeut. 7 .'■'„  :■    .' '..-• ""-'■'  -' -
in the city'Monday night on^business1    Ai *'&*&:*&•' »ie Md!n's *'k*
in^nnection with the dim-W^K ">04"e'^'i.8»?erZ.' ?°?k»<'
-■ in connection with the. damage suit
.-«, connecuon ,un w,e. «.mage «. Pipe,, Tobacco. Ci^rsrete^The great.
pending between the Fernie Lumber er pirt ^ tlUs ^o^^und^a^ .^
company and theC. P. K. .
Pierson Elliott is! still-sojourning.at
KamloojiBand ta rapidly inipr^yitigjin ~
health.' He now tip's'the.'beam at 160
pounds and is feeling'In better Jrpirits
Uiaii the average couservaUve'A^r^ -audv Mr.; John Brow^of-Spokane, ar*
candidaU.    - .v *  .  "A.; '• Y ■''   ''•- ^yei in-town this morning- and- went'
-II: Wv- Herchraer\ls.-«ick. with-.ty*, ^p to the mines to-haye* -lopk^at.-the
7fli«idJww^ou->hlweatel-<l-id^ j
„ able to say that the attack IsAiotf con; '
ahlared a very-'severe one,' arid, it; is
4       *__________?»  _■       x   •*.*«»"*.- Jj -__.       £___£■' **■■ * *
fco^ that Mh:Hci'cliuier-will soon be.
ont of bed:   *-»' ^^tyj^'- '■' ■*«■.-*-
--    *   '.-    ,-A.i-r.i. '-.h«£ -■■*"*.••.'-   *;;->7i
. We. learn -njpjpi the.Ph^onfat-fiioneei^
-,T-*b«t tW-vaperkit^^ Gtmi^ -*w.i
-by smelter ^b^:%'^Fd.'^:'^;-iii*i *:
---oftfelXn&etor8.V. '.J.i'S'i'' / '"'' "*v
" A. J: Partly is again iu his place of
,,-bualneM selling hii* dathuged • stock at
vufy low prices. He had no trouble in
., settling with insurance adjuster Rich*
ardson; who complimonted hiin upon.
tlio maimer in which he had kept bis
boolu and stock accouut. '
Sir Wilfred Laurier ps-scd his sl.y'y
-fourthannlyorsary ou Monday and,was
thu recipient of ninny contratuliitions.
Sir Wilfred has lots of-hard - nor vice in
liim yet, aud it looks as though ho will
iiot.be retired on half pay for several
yours to como.   •',*
Superintendent' Hodges ot . tbo
. Granby mneltor 1ms placed an order
with tho Jenkins Machine Oo. oi
Bherbi'cok, Ont,, for 11 doublo conlc-al
drum electi-lo hoist of 250 liorso power*
This will bo the largest hoist, In uro
in tho Boundary.--Phoonlx Pioneer.
'Thegang of men who havo been
woi'kJjjg ou the government road between Mori'lesoy mlneH and Curboniido
have lluluhod tliat pnit of tholr work
and aro now at work repairing tho road
leading from MorriiHoy to Fornlo at tho
point where tho mud slide occurred
-some time ago,
Joauo Diiiican fliiiistnim, third ion
of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lyiuiiu Sunil-
•truin of nialrinoi'O, died from the
•tfecti of Injuries recoivod nt' the Mo*
I.arou saw mill iie*r I-hilrwoio a week
ago last Monday, Tlio boy wan working lu tli* mill taking •*.wny edgings
when the log enrrior run away catching
liim and inaiigtltig hU log ho badly that
Jie died in a few hours afterward.
The Pernio Lumbor Co. are patting
in 11 small pinner plunt in connection
with-their lumber yard at Plnofior
Creole. The power will be supplied
by u site home power gaaolluo un*
rUTtne.   Mr, Tlmllok whllo not' ongng
11      I,      L. .   «!»•»«■. *>"t i'-runK nun er, ,,jie an
fid In Klv ng hU onitomen nunoth survoyed-a ten-acro lot for Mr. Cri
**•.»'. can be cmoothln*  his bcavd	
the pooplo of the IMiiohor" Crook
country and the Kornio Lumbor Co.
should bo nblo to Incronso tliolr trudo
very materially In that locality'.
here nnd ut Conl creek hint Siilurdny.
und $57,170.85 nt Michel und C11rb01.1V
do. The three lumber companies pny
out nlwut $10,000, which with the rail*
rand nnd other ivjigeu paid hy' iniiill
firms, miikuwu total of .over, 9100,000
per month put in circulation fur wi'i*,***.
^alone in and about this city
,nnd Unit the iivenige family Is live there
J* 01 oo.no per month to ench fnmlly,
Wiihoiu the WMfje^eiirner whft jyoiild
(yrve do to ineel our WIU?
In   Meinorlumy  '
Of Sarah Shearer, the daughter of Rob*
ert and Mary Shearer, aged two years
and three months, who (ell asleep in
Jesus on November the fourteenth after
suffering- nine hours from injuries received by fire.',
H is not known whether the little
one's clothing caught firo while playing
near the stove or with matches. -
The earnest sympathy of Coal Creofc
u --. -.-,,....---—,..,«..««».«. «o    «-.--"*■•-,■■ xrr "-•- as-io-ename us 10 take care of every Zt i,??LlfrLeud8 is exton<lei *h« Pf*-
;  very^difficult *pt^ect, any.particular at.40cents. and -W^^ii   35. market. 7We are shipping coal f6r use ImtS^^S 1 ne&we
 v ™"-,   ' cent8'   0iUsare scnii.,/;at 80 cents oti. ;the   Dakota  and-Minnesota-, the ^ow, for the hWs cry must find ex!
"  ' prossiou in Teunvion'B words-
was'a most enjoyable affair.     .,^-
Hori, Fraiik-Oliver crawled into" that
feat bargaiuaare being given. Every.
Ihiiig is to bo'sbld before repairing the
builditiK.' .,7*'*';'".' .'"   -
V-W.-JR-.Wilson,- of.^Toronto, formeily
managnr,of the^Coal-'Comiiany-.here,"
greajyippl^T^c^Jeave jhlfe6ylbn ifa'tf
WMlchel.to ins|^*.|h4rworCd^4on
the1 large coal prbpeity on the, EU^'jrWeri
in whi-^i they a^-Jnt^i-fjjted. -   ■- '
7 Tjfc scbdonef; _<:Ma*iy<:;ot^^ef*
with'" :'L ""*   '": -
reranrked ftajtlie^, was'naccpiji.panicd4
•iwith'iso m&i|^,'8ymj^tlijr^ ^^-toch*. *. -*--J!p|J.: LISl^KJ»fre^t*_iTe^■;^B'pecial-•'4i8,
n'que that |h^cbuld .tr^tlj|^ilyfc ^ '.Pft^Mrom ^l^yoBtwda/'anuimttih
»Mt Mr. St$i?iWasf'an."a^ --V.^  •
•«-"-M*^-J WNnlcjt*XV'C4!Prol!f^ ssjoje v twite ^
AytsMLbetwaea.i^^SSg^*1189PV»U' "«uwess'UTj^.i;.,|T    *■
r *%*If* 'S5r. - r?3 £SSkS£&E£?lZ!xiZL'JiSe'-S--rt»^**f"Srt.'?,**{i•-'.•
tindcr;bare(potes,*:ie*;days:ngo.--^    -TO^en^ -was thoroughly ap- Bftfrptoha^by*. wealthy Chicago
Wlielaftr--ofour^t-y;k<iewAlie4;;<jal^    ip^filati.yera^.thifl-onte'*^ •gyndicato aiidwillibre-divided into small
.-   ...       "Brttokito^'p^
'iPiir sevcraf '/diijrsHbe _,r*fch6oner^was '^ftT-wto^^rtb^                         tttets suitable lor fruit farms arid vegt
Tnls-stn-^TUut -aja'ti:^^^;.j^<-vj»*i|ia%'lxr ,*meriha,to»w1an''cindftiinm'«iit'*i^k- iu -" '■" ■        '"       "    '	
-    • *     *i '^ ^    *;     ,#    ,      -'     t    1 ' J*    .    »**V,    '. •"  ~    -»    ' *   1 I-'   ■*       IU t --   -   ■*. ti.   r...,\.   \ .     \^s.r\ * „ 1
found until" tliej- abjiytf); fuels ^were, to
ported. ,7 , .7;, .i,.     7-7-A' ;-•>•:
Mr. A. P. Blair,':oj Pittsburg, Pa,,'
chief repreiienta-tive of'-Heytaltid Pat*,
terson, builders of ^the.steel.tipple at
Coal creek, arrived.ln to'wn'IftBt Friday
apd ,011' Monday "afternoon, nt 4:d5 p; m.,
while walking'along;*; dark placo in
the structure had*tho misfortune to fall
through a coal liolo to tho .ground bo*,
noutli, fracturing two' of. his ribs. He
is iu the hospital, and, although .doing
well, it will bo ;two weeks before, ho
•an bo out again',-
*    **■",'  iT
■ A telegram from Calgary states that
the only couBQi'viilivo elected in Alberta
(Hlebort of itosobud) mny not boablo to
hold hi« Boat on account of not being
natiirnli'/.od. This wiping out of tho
wholo of tho opposition In tho Alboi-tu
Legislature w unnatural ns well as ungrateful, and Mr. Illcbcrt should bo allowed to imturnlluo himself to such un*
natural conditions and bo allowed to
take his tent along with the nntunillz-
cd horde of liberals who mako up tlio
MrV&iMrs. Stnebler lenvo to-morrow
to tuUo up.-their, residence in Nelson,
Mr. und iMrs., Stnobler are leaving a
host of friends in'Penile who will mlsii
Ihem greatly but llieir good wishes will
follow tho young couple to their new
lio-jic, uud their future will bo watched
with the lecon Interest of the wanuesl
friendship. -Ti;u Liidobk wishes them
tho fullest nuccokh in their new Held.
Nelson wlll hnvo gained two uooil cil-
l.t-ens und one of lho bust musicians in
tho .West,   A
J.G.Cummlnga. D, L H,, roluruod
fiuudu.V froni a trip up lho Klk river
whore be' had boon mirvoyliitf somo
ranch proporty. - Ho survnyod the
rruichi',A of KnrnoHt IIoiiiK, Frank
Spnlck am) Frunk lhixucr, u Ho alio
♦•II' P'll    ne  Pinoorhln*    hii   I\r«4vii4     , 11  <    .      i     i «nn run mniimr iifn-ii it««r nvi.u i.
-......-     c7wnl""   !"3   uc-»u"   xtUhn uii h«d purcliMNUii 01 th« <;o«l  nlvu liiir purity, irutli uml nm.,
Tliiswlllbe ,]i,lt« n ciniyenlp.nee to Cowpnuy, on iW,ii<M-li. j/ldu 0/' .Mklml *"' ,'«j"i"«'T«,l'»'' ,,,r,,,", <••
crook. ■Mrl'Cuiniriihgsr'oporiHlVmtthe
available'lands nro bting taken up rap'
Idly nnd wlll soon bn all pono, Thoso.
onterpi'islng Bultliirn are liuylug fruit
tn.M nnd sf-osoUiKia'dcniQusiiHU b*
The Coul Co,, pnld out $7,1,533.35 actual tost whotlier. fruit can be. pro
iluciul on tholr lands or'not.
dosorvc suceesHi   Ilnimer und
0,31.1 toiii.
'"■-fi-WJ   "
•■Total'.'  J0.2J8
■■■'.,s.. . 1   -> -.-------—**•
number lor special, comment from a
ing:hiin wkt■ i'tich.an, able assistant"
as'Mls'sKocHforC&riithat the grati
fication scarcely 'exceeded, .bis. surprise at finding'go carefully., trained
and cultivated V voice awaiting him.
He*sj_)bke eriVhusi^^^
quality of. her, ebntraltq notes, .especially, in- tnV'/ProraW
praised her rendering of ."The Night-
ingale!,(by,Kpy.i^ * • _.A
O-ir-taleuli&l FerniVmusIcian does
:riot requires any-- elaborate- praise--- of-
ut..-:.^i.',.'^e.ii^dii}'ii'^.-,.''t.'.,i.:' V7 .
.'.-'I-     4y.'.|,-,;>-,-- .        4.   ^r^  .^,   ^
;moi'e.;'thun''enojigliTto ,'pay ■ all '.ex^
ponses and have-' placed-' the musio"1
lovers of our, to\vn-'Under .obligations
lor giving tiiem-.tlie finest:'concert
over heard In our;city. -'' '"■'■
. .Wooncohi'id.lho'ploaBilreoTf listening
to.tho.Uov. Mark-Guy Po'avco preach a
sermon in.the Metropolitan church at
Toronto'. IJ ia "theme was the Prodigal
Son, and his treatment of the story waa
so dramatic hi cliiu'aetorthiit-we,could
OiiBily boo in oui-Jinnglxaljion tha woiii-y
aiid p'enltont son aH^ocamp hoHltatln'g;
ly along ..tho garden'walk' toward his
fathor'.s old gardoiibr ioaijiiig upon his
lioe and gazing, iu ^woii'ddr' upon1 the
rngB, tho unkopt liulr'nud tho bnro and
blGodiug foot of- the wonry soul-sick
vagabond, Tho eloquent proachnr
loanod'upon tho post at thu sido of tho
pulpit ln imitation pf tho act of tho -old
gardouur us ho watched, tho approach
of tho young man aiid'told of what
must hnvo been' tiio' footings whloh
stirred tho Mood lii'tlio hearts of tho
old servant and tlio young penitent so
graphically thnt liy the time lio reached
the climax of tho mooting of son aiul
(nthor, he-had to'add-but'Iittlo to his
slory to ciuiHo'tlio timrs to trickle down
the cliiioktnjl uoitrly nlll tho old and
ynunu sinners In the congregation. To
huvo had tho, «ood fortune to hove
lihluiied to Murk (Juy 1'oorcu toll the
story ■ and iiflorwiii'il to hoar. Harold
ItbClilllK Iliil11'l.l.M1 li.V l.llU (ilUiil'l'li ilH'l'lT, ,    ,     . ••■  ■
Ami .uhu llfioil hor ojim in tliu ijiitimrli)--; indiiHtry Ih thu lifn ol any rouulry
Viii-tlm lii Ul ulillil Hlmiil In lid-luttoly i-fioin.
\VI'«I »l>'tH l.ulvi' t» iliy.ulillil, lm ,,,»|,|,
Hiirilxont'iiiiiliii'lliii Kliii'iilir'Hliiiiil, *
*n»,v ridl tliu niiitln.r. oil Aiirii] itntut,
ilivulini' wliiiiitviu* 1 liim 1I1.mni»i I.*)..,
\V int. nIiiiII I ulva liur iiiuiliur inilil,
A.-'*.)v.,l.',.r * li«iii j* ill r.irt'iy III tin c-lilM,
HI111II I UIixh I|i>r 1in>wttliKt liorM'0*iinnvflilno
Willi n liiimitv ihiiMlinywIII -JulI illvliii, '
Hijii 11 fuiiuli inr liim lluit limy nmy Kkiv, '■
Willi himiiH I lin HWti.itunt Hint tlm worlil imiv
know, .    '
Nny,k'hIiI llm iiuiIIkii* Iiml will imt Ktnv,
HfiiiHr* iiriifnuroiii-iii nml linlr MiniM wniv,
Ilut whut klutll Juivu Imr, Iiii mil.
X iimiliii
iiinlfinr'l'l'rii'ii lii»r"i«v««"f"t.«i!-(.
AHtc iiriVftl7uu n*Iii"r iTot"iVu'liTil"vii*j*n,'
Ami llm       	
lier «ifl nml
Thn'ii'liii'Iil (.Ii'huii llm ) f.Hl far tlii- Htllo sljllil
 J iifriif-1" '■ "'- ' - 	
lilialll-u w:
....»ii Inml ».  ....
lio nnt iifr-i(iltliaijj(li llfu lmj.i-.iii.
tli Imr ttirttver tnnrv.
Ti Lebol & Co   h-wr, nnmnimiiii '",l 'UwM^ ■"«■•» worn cnnfliiMl to   M'r"'»'"«r. »"'•'. •».,,*
• I.M..  n, .  .L    ,1!       ,00mp,otC(1 coati of tho flro Investigations and somo backiuTurkoyontl.no
have taken"'!.,* Ju"fi -"Vi  ."     ! . .        '     ^   SWnC ••'Unglumwiln growing out of    rcgT     To ,l«t<'" *° »"■ »« !•*««» back
have.Ukon tlio old^leDniwId ranch buMilcsH block anil ttro- now occupy. |Br nrocemllniri in thn Lllilliiv nf aiVi-!. '    "
and will, oporato it for tH«'next year.    Ing lho iara«. '   '\">~   }■ Ki!^» Will X-JSi ^^1.1^
Vhn   l<'nnil«   hthnhnr' Co,    have i*nd»,rliig»frvleM|n th««r<i fnvoatlga-
Tlio,  Coal X)ut-|>ut.        •, BtocUmi a lumbor yard hero nnd W, t,0» mrn "hjectod to In somo In-Manct-n
 „„    .TJicoutpaiofcoaUt'lIi'ijmlncHliii' Tlmllek,   funucrly ul Fenilo,   Ims ' "u -"-•—- -	
.-- -...- --..,.   Askuinlug »bo week ending IVlday,.Nov.. 17th, charge ol tho buiinoM.
Ilint there are 5,000 people whli'ln the wns as (0I.OWI1 •      ■     , . . jj,., j, ,^, Schofield
territory ropivianted l*y this' wage' roll CoalOreolc
**iA id*, i'i* ti.** >■■■.»■»..««.*. f.....ti..t.. it..^ ii*    Mlrtfi-nl
Mri J. F. Elliott who Has'been en-
Prom tlio Toronto Glebe,
'"■- Mr. Roherl Jaffray, "first Vice President ofthe Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.,'
has returned by way' of .Vi-ctoria from
an extended'visit to the company's
mines. General .Manager Lindsey
reached Toronto by • the same train.
i?b*:Henrj'. Pellatt, Thosj Walinsley and
Ci C. Dalton, other directors, , who
accompanied Mr, Jaffray, on the/visit,
arriyed' bere a few days-earlier.,.:;AU
expressed '*.' themselves -> as' eniinenUy
satisiied    wilh \ the   condition of the
Mr.*Dobie of
the Alberta hotel-threshed .21,000 ton. removed from coal going.into the
bushels of wheat from 1100 aeres and United ^States our market would-be
hta*0Wlfm^tepm.yn& much wiJehed.* Long hauls and .duty
cop.- ,Mr. -Chisholm has.sown .a are wrSous .factors ln comp&ttf, £
very large acreage, on^ his branch -Inart^8 witl, locaIcoals.»
near.Brockett. 'He had a; fine ;iook-    ^In answer to the question's to  what
mining   liad   been*
.     • j ■   ...   .   ■   's-* -*i'   -■•. - t       ,?■"""■• ■-■""• j "Tray said : ./"The new
ripened.   All the early sown- wheat 1«mtsiie„j    •    7    - *   —
■ - -J- - ■      •     compressed   air  locomotives. used.for
hauhige at Michel have proved a great!
.•?u.fces?... They are1 rapid, clean, and,
there'*is .no danger from -fire as -with/
:i'lcctric'haulag;e." /  J   pA '.-.*'-
Tr?HThe''ne wti^pIe-ai-Crtal Cfeekliiines,
is complete aiid 'running, well, and., can
handle'four. thousand,,tons daily into
auto'naticv6ox;car loaders.   This could
•     ,     -,v •    - * - n ,   .-.    -. - *» answer w lin
ipg crop last lummerbaUt-was en- -..^rbveirients in
tircly- destroyed by.haip, before it m'ad«A;Mr. JaffK
ripened.   All the <*■«*-'* o«™«--.™k^» *
is looking well. ^
et'mble^ growingj;;. 'About 20,000, acres
are ineluded! in,,tMR transaction and the
new owners will {spend 950,000.iuaii.ir
'rigatlon 8ysteraVd,0Hlgned' to bring tho
wholo of tlieir'Stttids-into profitable uso
This company will at onco begin a vigorous campaign, of advertising and
othorwiso.'work' to secure settlors for
thei30'landa and ovory (i now fruit farm
or ranch opened up should bo an ad*
dltlonal asset to iho peoplo of tho Vixen,
FroHhcr fruits ahd vegetuble», buttor,
milk'nnd oggs will bo shipped to our
towns aud , ln roturu our merchants
should secure n.full shnro of tho trade
of those prospbctlvo settlers.
Mr, Proctor has been engaged upon
this Important deal for Homo tlmo and
wo uro iilad that his efforts havo boon
crowned with buccobb. Tho Kootonay
Valleys company Imvo stilt somo fine
lands loft which lie nearer Fornlo thnn
thoso just disposed of and wo trnnt
tlirlr enterprising agent wlll be nblo to
make another deal by which tho lands
In tlio southern portion of lho Kootenay
vnlley can bo brought into shape ror
fruit growing "nud ranching. Tho
deal Just closed will net ns a stimulant
to otlicrn to go and do llkowlso, nud we
predict that In n very fow years lots of
pooplo In Fornlo and vicinity will bo
lniiiei.iting that thoy did not coo far
enough into tho lutui-o to unable thorn
to take ndviiiititgo of tho prounnt opportunity to Hi-euro a nice little homo
wlii-ro tho cllninlo hi delightful   and
.Jarvis Hlng It, Is an oxporlenco not to |l(,„|t|,y n„j «t ,lf|coi that In a fow
lin torpoUuii Iri ,   u yewrM from now will iippoar to havo
Aiiiothoi;wiirt\ya!i;iiiii|i,<»ii X|«i.i<,iii|.|,t        i,,.*,,,, rlfI|citilf>i*i«l.v low     Ulverslty of
n good fruit growing dlstilut lying at
thu vory door of a growing * market,
hucIi iih In tiffm-dod by iho many min.
Ing town* in thn rasn, nhould.'apiieHl to
tlm nieriMMiniy InsilncU of thn man
looking for opportunities for honoring
his coiiditinii lu Hiiuh a way aa to bring
Buitlors to thia nuw district now thnt
thoNO lands nro to bo litigated ami
placed on the market,at such prices and
at !,«di tcnu.i ai v.l!! j.l.nVil.i.-,* ),\i\iiii
rnni'li nf iilmrmt nnynuo dcilrlng to m-
euro for himself nud family a comfort'
nblo homo,
Council   Proceeding*.
Tho procoodliijj,*) of tho city council
and yet so graphically, that it went tothe hearts of bis hearers- ' The story
of tbe little girl, wbo thought she bad
lauded in heaven, sounded like'* **!*.Specially Ollled from OUr
from some fairyland - story book; but] 	
those who h°caid the story along with
IU setting of suddon transition from one
condition to another'of such, wonderful So^q
difference in so short   a   time   bad
no difficulty in believing the touching
story so simply told.   How often does
it turn out that truth is really stranger
.than fiction.
; Dr. Day is meeting with success lu
his merciful mission and-TiiK Lkdgkh
is sure that every little girl and boy in
this land of freedom and comfort   will
The Crowds Nest J«W>i»i<r Co.. nre
       „... tried and Archie  was
send up their, silent little prayers for quitted by the jury
the little children, of lauds where there
toliSi^^tet^T,,te01 ^ «'»-««ve tbelr stock to Colcn.a
tne nenighted little ones, who know no
more about this great world than to
imagine that New York is heaven.'
But jjoiie unto that school
Whe-ro »b« no longut ucikIh our. poor pro*
7*7 -""'  t«otlon
An-lClirlst Hinuslt doth mlo.
. • '        —U»ngWlow..
A.-.' qouNxr.cpiJBT;.; '^
r l-iS-fep^^
••.'-Vr.'n-r.'^v-i*.-;.,;.>*■ i-yj" ^-ttib-vH' iWednasdiiy.'the-,following.-caseir>-wcre--J
ve^trcoalatiut:ijnust-,-.cpi«uiHMid a^rge, duipoMidtof... '      ■ ■■ ■■™'**-^
domestic -market.- .$   *-,,«..
"W^speiuawjeekatthe mines
went very.; tliorpughly over* the whole
property and'plant, and oiir uimriimqus
opinion is lhat things were never lie-
tore in anything! like in. satisfactory a
condition its they are to-day. The men
arc contented, are earning large'wages
and have steady work.! The coke
market is large. Tf cars could have
been obtained we could have aold'ao.ooo
ions for delivery nt Suit Lake, - Utah,
after:.the fire at thc Utah coke plnnl,
but owing to the movement'of (ho
harvests no cars were available. ,'
• "I believe British Columbia industries arecomlng fast to the front. Mining
is improving ami is oil a permanent basis; smelting Is flourishing, the "prices of
silver nnd copper Being high ; lumber
mills are worked to their capacity, und
the fishing industries nre in better
shine than for some years Thu
opening of the new country by thi*
Grand Trunk Pnc-iic is leading lo the
discovery of coal and minerals of high
value iu the north, and business men
generally speak conlidenlly. I am a
great believer in tlie future greatness of
Urillsb Columbia,
"Let me udd that Hie company is
forlimale in retaining Mr. Liudwy'*
services as General Manager. Aficr u
good deal of experience—somo of it the
reverse of plcu-mnt—uv have found
Hint ti good Canadian hns hetl served
lhe Interest* of the company."
A Cull From Macedonia.
Hov. J, A. Day, D I), of Mrcodonla,
hat Ijoaii In the city fur sovoral d.iys
and spoke from the pulpit iu tlio Moth-
ndlHt church both morning and ovoning
Inst HninUy.
Tlio Dr. i.i a native of Anliata Itogaa,
Asiatic Turkey. Ho Is obliged to return to his nntlvo land within thrnn
youm from thn 1U10 of his dnpartuni
and is Muni to bo timr* on time,
Tho Turks havo a vory peculiar, but
most rffei'llial w«v. nf Inrturlnj lh(-l»*
abiumtnoH to roturn'at stated tlmo*. '
If llov. Day falls to put in an appear
Alfred    Ihi-les.    a    well     know.
chains and fed on brcud and wator,
Tho procoodlujiM of tho city council      »t »»■»»« topreiHtl that, providnncn >*,U"K "»'*'»lrt M«rbi*», wav Ui»»*d in-
Init TliumUy night woro conflnoil to P«r"*»H>ig, lln-/. J.,,A. Day will lie !,'!,",,V °" T,1M,tMj-;jf» Nny,> ,6,,«'»»«.
costs of tho flro InvasthratlnnH nml um„ back in Turkey ou tlmo. "','' bJipncued In Mine Nn », |? llTe
To listen to this man takes one back i^.W.. . .Coro,,!'r  »•«-.-«>■»», of
to tho days of   martyrdom, To bo
Blu paiM«l uwaji, like raorninf dew.
Before tli* nun wns high;
, So brief lior time, tlie Ktroely knew
Tbe meaniuR- of« lielj,
As round the rose lUaoft perfame,
Sweot love aroaiut her flo»teJ;
Admired ufa'e grew-whlle mot-tol <ioom    v
Crept on, uufeared, uauoted.-      "    '
T.ove w»n Uer Kiin-rdian nnijel liere,
But Iiote to Death resins ed her;    *
Though Love wan kind, why should  we
1 ft-nr,
But holy Death in kiuderr
-   —Coleridge.
-*.*-*•■.,*,       -1 • •
Tim* U   no death;  what  isemV »o !»
'""-*      ?  ■     ,    -     '' transition,
Thiii life of mortal breath    - -' "
. Iti hut a suburb of the life Klyilan
Whou portal we call Death. *
Lg^JjL'JOfcdead, thUchild uf 0Brnffiwtlonl
.Re.Alfred,' Davies, deceased. ApplP
and catlon wa* madel by Mr- Kckstem Tor
letters of udininistration-to John Davies
thrfailicr,- granted., '. ... ;-.-,'
• Ciiravvtta v. D'A'lexuii'der: '/Application by Sheriff Tuck for an Interpleader order, granted,'Eckstein for Sheriff,
S. Herchmer for def.*ndiint.
His Honour gave written judgments
as follows;   ,
. Costenira v. Sisca: Application by
Solicitor fora charging order on fund
in court, dismissed, Eckstein for application, Herchmer, conlm.
Crows Nest Puss CojiI Co. v. Mary
Ann Mitchell: In this iicliiin which
wai brought to obtiiin possession of a
house occupied by tlie defendant at
Coal Creek mines and which has been
in her possession since the explosion in
M>iyA.i<)02, the court holds that llie
molion for non-suit made by the defendant's counsel, Mr. Eckstein, i*.
good and therefore dismissed the case
with costs, Mr. II. YV7 Her.-I.iner for
Mnrsck v. Wilkeus: Case (or account and 011 counter clniin. fWing
hejird ns wc go-to press. Herchmer
for plaintiff, Eoksteiu, conlm,
From our own rurruspuinlmit.
Mrs. A. R. Wilson'hns reiururil from
Ihe hospital app.trcntly in n.-J sound 11
condition as ever.
The TiHoH-Woud Co. have a fine
display of winter goods nt present,
Hurry, up, you will need them before
long. , ."
Mr. Richard nehnn, one of the proprietors of the skating rink, dlsloi-uled
his el bow, nnd is nol able In work.    We
Mclhodlht church, There wns a run
lest of "popularity" between Mi*,-. A
Anthony and Minn Amy Willl.ini.
The  winner,   MKn  Williams,   had
.Mlns Anthony had .1 loiul of Mjo voles
Michel now Iwasts of n skallng rink,
due lo the genius nnd enterprise of Win.
MlIiiIouIi und Richard llehan. 11 will
open ns ttoon as the wcjiiIjw permlm
and (he electric fixtures arc connected,
'   '     '       ''        •   J     .,/* U .....      .. 1.1    ,,s    S.,1      j.,,4,
III Ihe near fuluro.    The rink is 1 ■;« ft,
1 bn fl,, and U lighled by (cn iargc
nwor lights,   Mr. Hulian has
once by the end of his three vear leave iwwor llgliis,   Mr. Hulian has organ- ,.'t.l» «>lj"»««'d that |
of absence bis brother will bo placed ,?!! h*Uty c,ub »V tllf pli)*r» of J* "ftR.fl- *SXrtu£r*..
In an undeigro.,,,,1 prison, bouLl In ",ls ^ ^ ^W^ffiX*
(illulnl llllll full An I4V.111.I an.! ......... AXfrmit      t\.,l.. ..       .....II I.       «.! ,la....l....„....I ......I, ..
Kernie held llie Inquetl on Friday nth
brought f«w, tof.ee with VuiVn llv'lng t'Sd by the"" nmfii^ JTha-iWiiwVr^ir;^^   at a
In 11.1. ag« of M„,lrlelty and MllghMn. ^n^JZ^OlS.   In.Xn.  ^M^^'L1 ih4^ .J.".<*.M..?5 ITJfl"-!
moni, who dares not toll the world all look plncc on fiundny, the wrvice Iwluis
lm knows of thn thrawldmnrinrt slavery held al ilu> EnglMi Clmrrh under the
i.i,u-.l..u.....i...  _--..•.. ..   .    wrvices    of      llio      United     "*--
xtxtHtta or 11V *p|.wl cord.    Inier'intnT d.irli.g ibii w«r'im.lT,'iM.'«i.V.'nii''iiuiV/w
" \ Hk,),, .V.°" R"!,dn*>. '''•wn-'ce being arms.   Of this tuimber 7ii,i>K)dlwl j Mil,*
of   the Many Events
the Pass Towns.        >
. i*
BLAIRMORE   ;   -   '
\\ '
From tha Timet
Thursday at Macleod tho much 1afled
trial of A. Mcleod for perjury   was
honorably  ac-
W. Syers, of Coleman, celebrated
oleetion by taking a bender off of the
root of the Grand Union fcotcl whero
be was'doing some artistic work with j*.
paint brush. _, William was shook ^yi
some, imt declares tliat anyway hu hit
the ground just an hard as tho ground
bit him.-
--       I'
From thu Loader.
Tlie Moyie Miner's  Union havo announced that they will give a ball on'
December 12th.
-r, .".*'.-   -
Prof,. A/E Harlow, of the Dominion
the regular annual meeting of Canadian
Gold Fields Syndicate. Ho will be absent about three weeks.
Dave Moore, for several years oro
buyer for the Trail smelter has severed'
his connection with thai Institution and
will soon leav# i<*r Japan to embark {ij.
business for bin-wolf.   „
Walter McKay and Richard Wilson,
of Portland,  Oregon,   were  bore this.. •
•week to examine the Aurora property*
on the weat side' of) Moyio lake.   XiMf*-*';
terday they * wero shown   around bjr*-
Michael Sullivan, the  manager, and.;;
thoy are leaving for-home' todayvA
Messrs. McKay and Wilson have an id..
month's bond on the "property.    A .   •'
VWe are well pleased With tho showing'already made,"   said Mr. Wilson  -.
this  morning. - "We   shall   continue    -.
.work through tho, winter' about as wo ".
have beenr doing, • itnd -early iif the
.»*|?«in^if Jtb« JridU^ttsooa; jitatUy^it we
'^irbt*ai>--*h onf and work'ouTa"muiiij °"-
niore extseWva «»le.;: -.--.■;■ ^„.Z*^r.-.:^.,
.Work is now going ahead in'the raiso -.;.
from tho number 1 to connect with the ^ .
winzo from the 00 foot shaft level.','Be*--.'..'
twoen these two b»a distance of 280fcet.
Tiio raise is in about 280 feet fiom the . ''
tunnel, and the wiii'.o is at the end of    -'
the 70 font drift from  the  shaft.level. ;
Tho men sru working on a good strong-   ,
lead of oro.
Tho St Eugene is being put^in shapo
to resume operat'ous ns rapidly, as possible. 'Thero nro now'176 num 011 lho '
payroll, ami this uiiinbor will he steadily Increased to .-WO or over. Eighty- -
Ilvo of theso men aro upon tho hill.
There wlH'lm moro machiiios worklnii
than ufer, HI in all, and the mino will
bo run on' 11 iiiurli morooxtfliisivoscalo
than beforo thu llio, Tho mill js lining
over*hauled and tho belts put on and
ovorytlunv will bo running in full blast
by Decern bur 1st. Thn new Bluift Iioiho
and gallows are mlieb larger than tho
old ones. The shaft house is '210 feet
in Innglli and over 40 foul in width and
tho gailows fisniii Iiiiiinii is lot* feci in
heighlh. Work has commenced on tlm
framing kIiiuI which will 1 tin parallel
with thu shaft hniiie, 'I his will bo 115
foot In width ami Iti) foul in longlh,
. »7V4./Y
1. r^,- ;'w.
Kriim *liu Pnii.|MH tor
A Urge niimlior nf men mo In lho
hush wosl nf Marysville cutting timbor
for noxt toason,
It is reported Hint thn oil Holds In Ihu
mr. ainuw.i-.iiu is nm anio io worn, we ^l»H'««1' valloy, nnrlli of ihu hnimdary
nre glad to state, however, that ho i.s ,lno w"l l,(> oxluimlvuly tofitod thie
couvaleeciiig rapidly. -.1...—
A b,»/niir wns held here on Monday
Mining on Hulllvnn mnuntaln li wry
llie jolli Iiml,, for the tenrfit of lite active ami somo goad work I* going nn.
Tho Hulllvnii iiiluiw are puttlii|{iipi|iiliu
a ihlppliiK rocnnl al lhe riwaut time,
tail Friday W, I). Hill waa taken
*. ..-      ""«'*"|      •'•""       vvinifiMiiff      llllll   )| *******  *  in»nti      ■!•    iff     ssiis    Vfain    SHPti'fi
bjb'J xtf i«5 voles nt io cvnu eiich and  sorloimly III, and wsi cnnlliiod lo his bed
• ./.i     several days,   lln Is nut again receiving thu congratulations of bis many
Thn mining m-tivity In thn St, Mary's
district continiii'H tu liicreiisn and"In
addition In activr- ilnvelnpinent on uu.
ninrftne Tirntifirllt'e nn   Wlilli'lluli   (.rm.V,
a nuiiib'nr ol iinportanc now prnjuctu
mlU ilii Up.
It U roiioiii'd that tho J'nll River
, havo •'U-«*<4/4(|i<i(
clal tniiible* ami
—*. ,..-,. »...'a largo amount
of dov<ilnpiii«<ut work lo he uunmeiicird
wiiiy tn Urn temmg spimg.
Tho ilnpnnoso Army,
London,Nov ill.—Tho Thins
responiliint at Toklo, cublosi
Ihemlnlmer of war i|^ak(nir at
IM war* jroiHi.liVl or -*lct,-; but onlv IV
000 died of Mi knoss nnd 0,s>u.l wounds
•ftfr coming undfr lr*atm»ti,t,
This Is a vonrfarfnt r-K-nnl.
W-      » ,
nm .-*.'..
a^llfreVgi* ^ri~*T»Tim*,**-i
***ii*$m%Wm)*Tt*M ln*"i* rami '*T**ivi\ii'tm1)*\
i UJV   1' !". K,
, .HA-J. V- — tXr
L\ V. retST? ; .
Q Q. MEiKLE     -
, M'ASAijCe
.'_, I ..-alert *f«ry WeJueadiiy from oiHi-s t>t iitih.
I(i-.i4twi,. t-oHier uf WfcOd gt. nud Hukcr Avx.f
r«rl.iii.-itritii.!iColuUl>la. -';
jt'dJlMKIU UL'IilsriJAV]' " ■
feiiu'ttgd Lu btiuluuiced \4/heit-dedire4l, without
'/■' * ':    .' extra oliar-u)*'    ,       ____"___; -   ,
I. ii pier inch, i>or montli
. ftpwii.1 lionitioni ti-J/.. wlvniice -
51% discount wliou {(lutes nre furnibheil
7      *       "IkA-NSIKNT Al)VKllTi*KVl!.VTfl'-*'     :'»    '
.. jit iu lionpuriaL, 1"! linos mule*! oq'ukIi.)
Ai i-*.'»n Sate^'*K'it(irtRinnients.''Teriil«r.-i, f.f-
i«l..i**tJacj ate., in cents a lino, ilr.-a Insortiuu,
;. iiiutii * li.u: uach anbsequant iiiaertioii.
i" CS*i"r-A-WOHlJ*AI>S     '
t*ii «. K<rtiBi<; V6t Sale, To Let, Heiit or lis.
«litliiS'i, cue cent a woitl, Oauh iiiseitiuu.
,      .IlllJLOlXO KOT1CKS
Mn Imuic i>ane HnioiiK lijcnls, li\ cent* a line
' tin ICJiut 1M4K44 union*; louul-i, Hi cunts u   lino
ti oi&urriue ainoii«st onr siiliscrHnM-s, frwi; ul I
iitlicis ."Vjiii'lil.-eiioli inatiition. CimU ol wou-
ftiiittiliitlun, uoiidottinve or thank*, uliituury
iiu. t.-lvetc.lii»tiioI u«(i.*tr. uii-i wuddiiiK lire.-
Ui.i.- ID cunlb h linolnoiiimriol) oiu-h ln»cTtion.
WilliuUtniliuIi^i;, Oliu iui-.li ur um'.i.-r. il it montli
. Any further inlontmtlnn <loiiru.l i-nn lu had
on iippliuutlgu tu iliu lliillitiiNr.
t^.^^^mmmm.mtm^mmt ■ipmi i. ■.■■ i i ■■ mrmmm^mttsm-
Tlio Ass.ii-mico of tiio Insurance
.   JVcoi'lc. -
Th« reputation, of- Uie insumnco.
ni.it-'iuites. oi.tbe big New York com-
jiututi**), ilucb not iitij rove* under tlio
iW.-o.ilJghi. of tlio iiivesti*;jiliiig coiii-
/ujlu-t), but grows worse at"' livery
fS.-;ige of the proceedings. .     "    °
Tiie Toivnio Globe is devoting some
iiynia lo t.iu oubji'.ct and. lias niTived
.a .lie uane coijouioinn tluttsouiu tink-
•mng at the law, to pruvoni Caimduu
c.'iitpiiiiii.-!» .'i'uui bcciiiiiug an b-uKus
tiiuir Amcil-.au ctnupethoi'd, 'uliuiilil
be attended to at tho.. next dunhmii.
Tins World ol the same city wants an
i .vusiigjir,i-jn ot  what tho Cjiuadian
c.mipiiiiica' liij.vo boi*ii. doing .111 .tliti
j..i>t before lenislaiiug tor tlie future.
Tlie more quibbling is iudalg'id in
by Canadian companies w rfyuid full
and scarcuing invesiigatioils of.the
inethcdttiliat Ii.iau been eiuplosed in
Luu past, Liio   _umiu-.iviii.ti sirongcr
wiil grow ihu susijijiion lhat such an
investigation is in-fiilcd and will be
' insisted upon. \
Thei'e is the undisputed fact cognisant to all thut the L'anaiii ui o,mii»a-
' iiibd luivu had llie bainc opportULities
iif iiirtiiipulating trust'iuuds as tiil;
American oouipitnie$, havef had- aiid
jt is tifcking a great deal Iran' lln*
jeople- ot Canada io lake for gruulv-ii
tbat the companies on this side ol the
RTitTliiTve been liuiuugetl by men 80
far above ihu American manipulator
i-l Uie fiu.ds belonging io widows' unci
oipliaiis :1s tu bo'entitled tu the full
credence of lhe pi.oples without an>
iuvebtlgutlyu' ol , ]>:ist".nuuingouwnt,
" while at tiie samt*! time it Is udiuitteil
' tliat new,, laws are m cuasury to guard
iigiiiiist-possiblo futuro nucality. •
A full nod thonmgh search into the
iiiuiiuguucntof Cniutdian liio insur*
mice companies c.ui i-iisult in no hj'riii
t.i huncbtly 'conducted bii.-iliie>js,'\iiii(!
nny a'.tempt, to avoid or iviard such
"action" by the gov*, rnuieiit will oni;.
add fuel to thc flu high thnt have already i'-i'ii started, by the utteiiipi,
In have clean bills ut health from
I'Ut'slde insili'iitico in-ipeciurs ],a^ at
Jj.ii-on thlsbiiiu ol the lino.
Iimainnce costs si nearly the same
In tho loading Ciiiindiun companies,
im it dues in tliu large Anim ie.iu coin
panics—now under the lire of Mi*.
Hughes-that thu difl'eri-nce is noi-
Wi'i-tli while talktiti' nb.ju'.
The investigation in Kiiw York
shows that millions of dollar-! which
hIiuiiIiI have (jotiu to tin; i-ollev lu'lil-
ir, or bolter still, nlioulil never havi*
been cMui'tod li'oin liim in tliu lint
pliicn, hnvo Ijoc.i diverted directly
and imlinctly to the pockets of maii-
nguim, uii'i'Ciors nml Htoek owners uf
tliuHo companies; uiul yet thoy were
belling llieir |'0l!di-.s ut |M',Hjtleiili\
llie 111111111 price as Weie the (.iiiiailinii
.   IliHlltUlluilri.
Wlmt liecomes of the extra
amounts cliargul furl'fe liihiii-Aiico uu
tliihsiitourihi) lJin ?
'I'lio prchlduuts ul' life iiihiinuii'.i'
i-iiui|ianies In Ciiiiala nro preildeni)!
„ nnd ulrecUi.'n lu bunks, In otlier in-
HH'Hiiri' eoiiiniiiib'-., in tn^t o<j|iipii
im»t.iiil other liiutitutioiiK In the mime
iinlluis eluiln holt ol btjlo us tlio
Mlifi-rs niul ilin I'torw i-l tlie Ni 11
V'irk tiuiiiaii|!in.jiii eimrlty jikdicI*
hil"iii', nud ii.ivu, un.ler I'xibting
laws nml i-ouuliiiiiimi, the huiiu op*
jurtuiiirli'iii'f loaning to iln'omi'lven,
the funds cutriisiid tu tluuu lor the
len and boiii'llli (' their f-*..ir>*n« In uiu
Imi'.iiutlon In sut'b ji way n*. m Ii.'h. tl'
llicniHclvcs nu oIllcii'M mill ilu'iciui'i.
ofotiiei' concerns    It  will  \n ijine
r„,„ «.1,   ,,. 1  .11    .    '   ,1     • 1
.   ..VM^...    .  t    ....f^.*.        .....    t      ,   ...,   I  III.    ..,,..*
haVfi li-'r-n InUi'n i*f  mieii •• nitiilni'-
1n this ennntry. when it. Iimh !>.*• tt
shown that thc pntim.s uf tliew cum*
|Mnlw   luive   rtctiVL*.! apiiici-ibh
iiuire    for    thoir    nuiiuy      thai
hnvo the (liipfrt uf ti.u lt.fmii'iii*
,, » 1  ,    , 1   1        1        •
4V-"   *.. I-"-.,      .>,..*    >   ...Kit.       !■>     '4*1        4',   .S.I.I. ^       *|.
trach other tho funds ul' iiimc ut |k-i>
pic, and charged the itimvi'iiii* i ii"i*
iiiuus sums hy way of i-nln-jil wiIih'
lu< and 00 per cent c"iiini.>».it..ii.
l*ct as lutve tho iiiv.Htiu.iiiuii v
tlmt we mny kimw ul i'"<i j ri|«.ii.li i-
nifng r(n.iniftv uf t'lilfr-h •.* Fu»jhi-i'iii.i*,
which pruvaaeNtlo iii*nvn.'emei« <•!
rriirownlnwiranei**'Jniii'iir'i"<, bit w»
lw guilty <*f cahln-r tht' -kelili* IrlnH .
The problem «-f how u, ri'iunlv the
|wtrt»Tll«, ttrooght to tight nt N'<'W
Una seui.* «;i thu di.Mt.iite. . W'lieii soiiu-
staiesriiail fb^nttla'tei. a 1fttr'which
will 'pr^V-Bfi* ail dfflts&tlpt ii dirldtd>
otbfie lttr^el'toinp«iiy.'',trqOl liolilhg.
such ji&tfci-.hli'xin .tiie,board uf artotl'i);
er, and which will -'co:«7*ftil-':.offlcei*_s
.and directors, who i-eceive pav fiji-
directing the affaii-s.ot'any company,*
"to diivet and maungcauch company
and its ait'iiirs, exclusively, of' any
other'bii.-iiness,'there w;ill be a possi?
bility of inipjiriial and efficient .man-
ageiueut of the affuii-s of one company
as against t ;e opptBlng interests(>l
anotlieiA,       '"'    .'*'*'" •■  '.    - .
*.*VT -*
The concent ration tf tho'-nraniige
ment ut ■ many conijianies'-'in lhc
hands ol a■ verj few nu-n is the inen-
ni.eing diinjjt-r of this age'ol frenzied
fim-mo'c, a'nd no application ot suolh*.
ing jxiiiltices to the glutenous stomachs, of the ii-ust infected linnnciai
world, will cure thu disease. Thc
dii'tjjl these gurmunds must bo ro-
stricted lo what iiciunlly belongs to
lllGlll. ■ '   .
showing j
It. G. Irigersoll otiee said that the
legal' phrase '•The King can do-no
■wrong!'was a_lie, and;it may dawn
xx\xm tlm Sii'Vis'ol .lhe law snnio' ol
these du\'s that il.ul other legal* as*
sen ion, that a cirporationorcoinpany
i.f persons created by the law of.nan,
is th.i nine as an individual created by God, before thc law, is one of the
inost-s'tupeiiduus irnuils ever perpo*
ti-atcd' by legislators and " judges,
from which !ms sprung this generation 'ot iinaiicial gortuands - which
threaten to swallow the prollts of the
bubiuess of the world; A,V   *
Il may also come tonight that nu
uiim c.-in earn auch a salary' as lias
been, and is-being paid tu ^hundred*.
uf men'lioldiiig positions ;iu corpbra-
U-1H3,. such, for instance,-as tliu salaries paid to MdCall and ,'AIeCurdy,
or to,, II) de - or' Chauncy DePew.
Tl-cse men draw tiiese salaries because they stand in with' each, other
in tlie control uf the many cotupnniei
to whieh they.belong, the sinews of
which are furnished by multitudes ot
people who have nbLliiiig to do, witr
the management. «In other instiinct's
lc«:"-,*e salaries are paid not for service
but because of the iniidencq whicli
ilit*'8al«i-y-gr»bber issuppos-'.ii to be
ablo to wield; and here again the ih-
Hiii'ncc is "generally,dei-ive-l from the
fact that tliu high salary man has it
othi-r people's money. *»Ve' believe
tiiut when all these pulls aro eliminated fruiu the salary equation then
will be few mon 1-ft wlio are onrning
ovt-r JU.OJO per. montli in iibsitim.'s
tvhlch are now bringing their''occupants ten times as much money.    -
The'cradle ot w'-ci-iitMu' Is bciiif:
rucked, by ' those rubbers'of Jione»i
people;' but the long-haired crank,
who, has been preaching a division o!
the wealth per eapit i, is not tieaily
s.jilaugeruus tin individual to society
as the rubber who suliciues tu rcveree
'.he operation by tnijisfering the
wpultli, earned by millions' mto Ida
own tnjcltet.
1 • o    , '   i   -
"J.-ic!. Cadij" wjis a popular robber
lK'Oauso liu alvirays divided with the
1*001' what ImVtuok from the>rich.
The iiKdern ' Jtiol; Ciith-s" are bi-
cuinllig mijiopuliir becj-iiho thoy di-
viiln   with   no   budy   out-side' the
"niing,!' ■•
A PrugiVS-jiv*.1 Firm
''iir. Ji Bre'ekenridge %t Breekeu-
fid^tj & Luiidi-tile ■ well -;'kiiown rsii!-»
M:idVontractors, lumbermen aiid coal
'mther.-.j'Viiii ih"tovvii" fast" Friday.and in
cGtiiye^s{itj6ii .with a..Ledgek,, represeu-
t-itive,7?tVle'ii that (lis linn had. completed lhe cbiitnict On tbe Curbin " roiid
extending' froin" the'-jufictioiv at Yahk
l6 "the boundary, *,.TIie road' will be
complete and' I'l-ttdy--for lr:iflic abcul
September next. ■ -•.
.,M,r,r Rreckenridge looksl'or gre;it' :ic-
tivity in the- railroad construction line
next season. ■' It is very probabfo*. (fiat
the,;.Kootenay',Central--will be' under
construction, an J '-many ■ branch.- lines
on.both, sides of lhe intern,itionitl houn-
Jar'v line lei the west will be' pushed
•to completion;
. The lumber'-situation is
signs of improvement ;md mill nien
generally aie hoping for a'good ye.-ir's
trade in 1906.
The Crows Nest Lumber company's
mill at. Wardner i.s turning out lumber
at lhe rale of 125,000 feel per -Jay and
will keep cutting until llie river
freei.es over. This is one of the finest
inills in the country .being' a "double
mill wilh'two band saws.
Thp'coid'mining industry in which
■Breckenndge & Lund are so,heavily
inierested at Lundbreck, Alberta will
soon be turning out 2**-o tons of coal
daily. The new. boilers are on the
•{round and the hoisting machinery will
arrive in a very lew days. . When
they Jire in place lhe output will be-in
creased from 6j '911s, the pre-sent oul
put, to 200 tons per day. Tlie output
of this mine is a very superior quality
of coal for domestic purposes, and the
company has a lively demand for--all
lliey can turn out. The capital of this
company is $500,000 in *Ji,oo shares.
These shares were started on the mar-,
!<et at 50 cents each, but are now . sell-
in ____• iis hi}{h as $1.00 as a result of the
prospective output of the ■ mine: and
lhe ready sale with whicli it meets. ,,
Altogether this linn of Brecken-
■•idge-and Lund have contributed - very
largely, toward lhe development ■ of
lust Ivoolenay and Tne Lm.uii't wishes
iliem well. ,   .   . -
Fernio Lodge.-No. 47
r^ o, f,
.Meets   ev'Mfy'"'Priday'evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.Q.F.Hall.. . ...    .,. ..
- *•-    .-■• ;■■   T BecK( p;g:|r s
.S.,   D.D.S.
J. Barber-, i-D
L. T;' W.   Block,   opposite, * the   Bank
Oilice hours—fl a,m, to 8 p.m.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D.-D..S.
'■■   ' niiiiTTis'r " "
Ovi-ick Hoiuis.--...... liio ia a.m.,l,loup.m
0!Iic-Jj in Alex. Beek's'B'ock       "-.
. over Slinu's Hn!:crv.- -,
{ii-KRXIK,        -    '   -    -.7-   *>_.       B.J.
L. P. Eckstein
Ba«i{18tki(-at-J.aw,   Fomcitok, -. Etc.
Cullibi-n lllock, -Kerulc, B. C.
• ♦—-^ ■—     ,    -
Is ,a."pleasant home
A'fo'r thq, traveler.
trasrionsi: labhe
■' Crow's "Nest   Special
'       ''AXV-'   '
EHinei^s Favoi'ite Cegars
-      KeatS Office ;  SianilKon, Canada.
Capital*y$2,m;ooo > -r Tke&vvei* $Z$i5,tidO;
;' 7 ,   '-./.;'., mnli%88etp:*$29,G00,0tip  ..i iYy^^ - \
,Hon.. "VVm*.;Gibson,' Presid.ent.   -- -'•-'■:--- --   .   ,-.-4*--'•;-?-*-■"".
J; Turnbull; Vice-P,resident.and.General-. Manager.^  ^ .
"■_  74 Branches ihrougSiouf Ganada   ',,"- "'""'."" ^
.* ,   MoneyOrJers^.nd D/afts.issued, payab|e in Ciinada or abroacl.  '
Foreign drafts cashed. - Special advantages in Savings.Department* 7*. t   •
'___,,_- '        '/-   ' '—. ~^^ -i    -:'.^':4'-' *'   :'   -"''7    'T'y'.'i   a
Open in' the evening of the Coal Co,s{pay-day.from.7. till-9.
"'[ ''■\r'^y,i''-''^Y'';-^'^'^Wi^.'^at*V^B^Bh^ASi0H'
■ \-ifr |j
W-. II. Kosn .,    ,-*' J. S. T. Alj-.\ani'i:k
* "■'*■ '      JI*      *
Rossv& Alexander
1 FKHNI13, IJ. 0.
Offlwi In L.T, W.MJIock, Yk'torK Avenue.
. ■' , F. G. Latoe   , Q
Post Oftici* Block* Fernie. B.C.  . '
.  .     - PROVINCIAL'AND    ,
,    DOMINION    -
OQiee: Molt, Son & Co., L.T.V\'.,Block
Fernie British Columbia   -'
Cut Glass
Tho btist five dollars*
worth of Cut Glass  in
', Canada—is what* we aro
able tb say of this * Berry
.   And its exceptional
■ value is another proof '" ''
: ofhowcuiloincrsbene-  '-'
fit by Diamond I bill's
-increased manufacturing facilities.
. This special bowl is of
'clearest glass, brilliantly
cut, and of full 8-inch di-
•timetcr. We pay express.
134-130 YONOB ST.
 -A.I*TI>——      *
/Fancy Goods
, Big Reductions in Price
"'Mrs. E. Todd
"" 'Fprt-Stcblt^rc
-'    BroWors■ of Extra 'Fine *■■:;-r-
'-}••'".};;; Lager Beer. aii&Aerated ' ■■;-■
,      Waters.: Bottled Goods
-.■ ,.-:,- '. -y..:   a Specialty.      .' }*:....
a watch.
its only duty in life is to answer correctly one question .    -.
what time is it?'
Stoves!-■ Stoves! .""St
\ w<i**M>wiiii w>»» >■! mn">i iwit
■' All watches sold by us are jj[uar-.ii.-
teed lo answer this important- question
correctly     The prices'-are ri^ht.
Official Waloh Jnstioctci- of G. H. Ry. „
Wholes.-ila Dealers ami Direct Importer!
j of Wines, Liquor*, aud Cignm. :
District Ac-euts for     '.'-...
,7»/'I- hiive just unloaded .i.ear of all kinds of Heat-':
vV" ers, Slcel" Ranges and  Cook .Stoves.    Come,
and select.' your Heater'before lliey' all go.   ' '   '•' '   A','
/^ALL'and es'aniine our sloek of Furniture and see some of 4 tbe. Ne.w.,
■•■ V DcKitfiWin Fiiiicy Roi'-kersj'Arm  Chuirs,' Morris Chairs,. CoucliesJ
,.T;ibles, China, Parlor and-Musio Cabinets, Iron mid Brass Beds—in fad
everything in lhc Furniture,line. ...-.>•*. -*   •■'■
Vou are welcome,'wbelbe'r you buy or not.        ,    "-7   • '--■•'-•.
. No trouble to show goods.,,, Picture framing a specialty!  * '   • ■-'.-   '•' "
-t roiiimcry"Uliamp"ag"ne77     -77
'A   7 s,ancl Schlitss Beer
Distribut'iii's of
. , -CliJinibei-lain and -
■       *-'» I'linraoh CigarH
snmi^Nins    B.C.
F^% 'W*>%l%l%r%i%r%r%l*V*lr%Mt^^ V***
I Selling Canadian
made Pat'Ollt McdicillOS at  Marked  Prices
is an. old thinjy at this .Store."
We are always prepared to meet th**1 lowest obtainable prlcds iu the Kootcnays, in  Drills and
Stationery.        + +'        +
THIi FKKNIK DKL'U STOKK ■ ,   N.    E.   StlClclaby
To Arrive
,   about 1st. Dec, a full line of
Hardy's Patent Hlaiks anil
Shafts.   M incrs please note,
cZD   JELj XjJLj X CD 'J-''. J-
Tiiinin)? nnil l'lumliiiH» l)i»(v.iriiiw«ni oppiwit^ Sialvaliiin   Aruiv   H.irr,ii*l<*i
Olliiv mul Siib'-romn nc-.t door to iho Kinj^ I'.Jw.irJ Hm.l.
&&&&!&&:]       -t*lmmmlaS.U    ,
Aunn-ill)-| to fill tlio new in)Bitions minli-ii
liy Ilullroiid unit TulfKr.ipli Oompniili.!4. Wc
wimt YOUNS MEN "»'' LADIES Of ff.id.i
Wo riirnir.il 75 lior emit, ut llio (J|h>riitiii'*i
niul Htutl'Mi A?4jnt» in Amuriiitl Our hlx
»eliooUn« rli(. Ii.is«..i cvuhihKt Tele(r.i|.li
8tflio«ln IN THU WORLD. Ki.lnlilWio.1 SO
yiiurftniitt nnluraiiilby nil lo.nlliiK Hiiilwuy
OIII.-ilaljj.    .
Wbr.vcouto n ^tAiJlomt lo every hliiiliint
In lutnMi him ur livr ». pdkIMhii im,vlni{
from Hn tu.'iUiv m-ijUli In Stiilosi.'fiiitnf thv
Kocky MminUliu, or I rum >7."i tu »l(«l 11
montli in Slnli** wiiiil of tlio Uunldim, IMMEDIATELY UPON GRADUATION.
Htuilcvt'titim outer ut nny tlmo, Nn vn-
ciitli)i)«. Fur lull luu tlculiirH ruoc..r.Uiiir hii.v
of ourSi'liiiiiU \vrft« <llr.-t.-t to onr oxeiiutlvo
onii'ii ut (.'liiciiiiiati, I).  L'iitiilnj,'lii' friiu,'
Cli.eini.nl., Ohio.    '    , ButTnlo, N. Y-
Atlanta Qa, .UCrono, Wis*
Tcxarliinii, Tex.   -        ''    Sin Franclico, Cal"
Improved Service to
North Paollfio Const.
New r--cp Now  in i>tock
Home Grown mul Imported
0. li- ]«,', FIKI.D unit l'LOWKlt SEEDS
WlioWulo aii'l llatnil -
Spcoiivl l?i-icca to Funnur-s Institutui
Thousands of i"vult aud Ornamental Trcos
Itbododeiidi-on-i, .  Romm,     GveoiilioiiSK
nml llHrtiy riaiits
now growing^ hi iny liurhurioi for
Spring planting
Entitorii prices or lesa, ,    White lloibor
' riiiicimvor, B.C.    ->
3010 Weslinli'istei- lluiid.
ii*..i.**j.iw wlirt li'. .Li'miiiIii'i'iii'mii'i iiiii.*jih....*.*.'h*.ihiii
1    **
■ 'l '-      '     '■'•■'   '**>' '-■." '        t. ■      A   ..   '   s 7
Have one of their largest stoves in-Pernie".'., t ^",'.' ■
''y     . . Lamb, Yoijj,. Fresb;a]!(l-Sinoke<l FiiiL.; r'-.
Fresh Fish constantly arriyirig;-: j,;
• w/^9ir%r%%^*^tsyty*y*^A^ '
For Quick Returns' "■
,**. -
lAnt youi- Property with.- TJ,qs     13'ltt
* ''-Siitwi.i.iirtoT. J.]liul*»i-,iit 'TIIT-J OWI."
Property lor Snlii, to Rent or K-tolmiiKC
Hentti collected,  KmjVloyiiiVnt furni*lnd.   ■
(Liito annnyurNdlJiuii'^iiioltor)   ,,   *
Oolil.HlivororU'Uil oiit-li .' >in-i
Cuiipor n.M   • OoM-SIU-oi- .... -I.SJ
Clmi-uo.i for other moliilii on nppliciition
T. O.PniwtrlUiH I'lioiio A<17
"Fiimlo, IJ.'O,
Toaoiioi* of tSio Piano
(l.UKtilioll)t)«iy Mfethori)
A tliormi^li trainingiirimrcd cneh pupil
Thc Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat   Merchants
York, and \\o«i tn (.i-i-vi-i^ il.i-m In
ihe tntnre, ta ttnetxvbut tlm '.(Hmirlit .,   e ..       ,   . .
«4 vsmtsmt ttt.arn.itm   M.mv rujiwj I-oriMl! particulars ripply to:
*ili'* nn  iVfrtf i>rj"j't-**f'-tl .ti'-.l flf-»-?
Miitul, I>Qt ltU-SJ*JU» lo it» tlmt Iii4liiiu* [
•im* .n yot bouii prv)j>rirf tJi.tf po«'«
,po acres of land located 21/, miles (rom Gateway, U. C.
40 acres i.nder cultivation, 150 acres,can be irrigated, balance first class pasture land. Nice clearcreeU runs-through
property. Ootid lotf Itouac and outbuilditt*,;'.:, t^ milett 'of
fencing wagons, plows, cic. Also 8 head of cattle* nnd
3 liorxcs,
Tliln property will be **oUI  vary cheap If
taken at once.
Leovo Nelson 7 a. m.
via Hlotiiii l.aiv
Apr Vonoouvor 1 f .50 a.m.
One night enroutc
New equipment
Coaches,  First Class
and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining' Cars.
Atlantic S. S. Agency
, All lines represented
Through Tickots
Turn- riniiiull 1'iiluln in
Great Britain-
Italy, etc.
nt lowest rntos.
Ask for Christmas Sailings.
jVur ruii,|.)i.U  Infotimlldii  «| |.ly
'' ' l<» Im-«I »,«*nt
It. lliuiilinjjr
A^''ut ut Fa-lit*.'.
J M.Cititr-'r.lt.l'.A.,    . C 4.iV»>l*,A.CI P.*.
,., J*«l*M.it-    . V*4H4.4»uv«ir
Choicest eiiU of Ficsh McnLi, ul
VVH)H0ll llllllll.
ir.imi<, Itncjin iuul T^ii-il ns well.
All klndnol Ki-j'hIi V\%\\, In ji-iihon
l'roiuiJt Dt'llvtry.
Olvolinn cull,
TKI. 18,
Philip Carosella
- .
" *■'' . ,  , .' - . •       ■        ■ .'     •■_■-./.■■     .'II-
A   full  line of Caskets',.n.Col.iiiBj1. Shipping   Cases
Wreaths-andSociety-'EmbIe.i.s'1ori'.uu.;l. ,, ..
Js.&TtiNrr&iir&ik--: '•.-■..
NELBOIcr,. B. 'O.
'gST DuringNovember'an'd Decernb6r a 'discount of-
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders for spring-
delivery. + ■ + +
IBT* We have cuts and designs for Monuments and •
other Cemetery Work, whicli wc will be pleased to
show intending purchasers. ,7 -     ■
Officii Phonk 41       Rusinfikci. 76
1 ' /
Parlors in Lun-Jy Blook
(j) • ciutorji that J**.
h*-v» (it VOfllO *tnoog
_ wtxrtttrtmfilti tor *ttr$
l/ftt »»• titi-t itrttnx\*iri\z*'* #^retiiMr>x
t-iwi.m. U iu>i>«i-A^fleoiii»'t
Hip l*rtr mr sTf-THli-Trtun
wi»!(U» l<> litv« tha Ut
-tinsilij .ii'.l ni tV;o 1,11*.I « Ofllrif   feo u*
wizr* rtrtittiUiX
»? Cards
t^.»it» "**' **»**'
FfiRNtn, IJ. c.
General Merchant
\V« ilon't JtiHt nil .low-mui'l "linllor" for fun, "It ])txyn to iiml wIMi xx*"— wo provo
ll uvoi'y tliuii yuiibliyiU  our nlnro, mul tills oniniuiir Xnmn   wa nrn urn.
init' lo iiniku It hii Hlnmir tlmi uvury ihm'uhi will tm "liulluriuir" ('ir "« (ur    .
cvi'i- iifii'i*.   Ouictmli tliUyniirluljirirer nml Iji'ttur'tliiin ovur liiiforu,
Wo will i-l'tiw J-dii all tliu luui' uiul up 101I11K1 finii-v f-ooiU nt tlio
Lowest Prices
Wliy ulioulil they lm llm lnwi'Ht jvileiwi'   Iliu'nmn wo liny iiml null inorr Vixnry
(U)dAh tluiii nny ot dor'morn in tlm district. * This Is n Tnct.    Yon wt
thn ml vn mn if 11—nut yon iil.iiioliiit evoi-y in'i-unn,—for wo Iihvu IjiiI ono
price fur l-iinilii'i-Jiici;, Ilallwuy iuin, Lau-yor, Doctor, or nny
utlmr |ii'i'duii,
The old iv2llabl*s Drutrulfit and Slnlioncr where
It pay-i to d«;nl.
a svsl bum* I |f gi.BM"
lail*a -Mill. Glr.il
We will help you ne
niu'lo from (elected
niaok Con«y Fut- nculy 1)0 luj-'lit* i.i U-uk11i,
4,..4J..i,W4'.k. AMt   '.|Wu    i,„,i,   i.'.i    -|«.'.»,    a,tli    >A.,4:_l     llL4.lt
cliain.    Mott warm and comluiUlile, and innde iu
Hie very lato-l ulj-le,   W# art a Rollabl* Com-
We will help you nectire tliinv-Lovuly Fur Boarf,
made  from (elected full  furred Mm, of Rich
pony, nnd we wmit jjood truitwcrtliy Atjciitu to •
Introduce Good ll-'pe Vegctnble Tills into every
home. W» require no money In advance, junt
«5!*d tm your name and nddre*K nt eriea nud we
will neiid you eight Ooxaa ef eor Fnmaua Ra*
mmilsi. Sill them at '.'"Ji* jer boj., an-t wlwiv wc
receive the money fcr the 1'iiU which'we wllUtnd
yon hnmrdiatel-* after you have i*o!d tlie $2. wi rth
and rrtnrned tne munrv, we will thin proniutly
tend yon your Fur SeaVf. Our Gouifi Hq>« t'tlla
\ ire a Grand Remedy for all weak ar.d (uijiure condl-
• tiotiu of tbe Blood. • aplendkl Tonic ami Life
Huilder.   Tbey are eaiy to aell, and are in gnat
demand,   DonM m'aa this oppcirUinliy to tecum Uiia Clagaat
FbrSaarf,   Will* la-Jay.
GOOD HOr*EH£Mtl>V Cm. Daat. '.i  MONTREAL, CAN
WSSl f*^sw^m^*******smmsm*s*^sm
jt Ti*s,A2;-i'>«iSva^* r • *■'
4 •-    '      A .-   "*
-•■■■■,■ ....      -
YY'YfY? ■-. -.
_*'-: ,i |i
. *A«r^:."i-^vw^-.,
. •*-■*!*.-.-% *-L --^.-:     -ri*
1'*. ,
ii*    '*   -7      v  o  •'
-: -X-ho . liorisfiij'ut Wiita.1 Plant..;
'. Tli* Ro-jsIhiiiI witter*.-rplalU  luisA-ost
in   alt -$i'2;j,opo,.'theAlebeiHures for
which bear interest at the..rate of $ per"
cent.-..Maintenance:' tind repairs, cost
44   •     , -1.. -     4   . -        -     ,. ,. -.      ..        ..'.      - ,,'      -
-knnuaily'$4,5oa; interest charges. $6;-
tjo; sinking fund $4,000; total expend-.
iViire $14,650.-. The income amounts', tr
$15,000 and is derived from rales* running" from $1.00 per.inontli for a single
tap'to $2.63 for hot and cold water, ibr
baths and, water closet service. .The
city'has a, population of about 4,000,
and when we consider, that the*city-
clerks Salary is charged to the water ae*
-Coital and.that they are-paying interest
oil two and a half limes ; the 'dent -we
would incur if we put' iii our own 'system, anyone except a Fernie alderman'
sliould be able to see that Mr. Lindsay
is i't working very vigorously in the in-
t teresls of tlie j-iity. »
-) ?  ■' 'i   1,-'
"*■ ' ' ..Winnipeg :Wnter Kates -
In conversation with a prominent cil-
> lien bf Winnipeg,-.!, few days ago, we
learned tliat, for a seven roomed house
■Willi batli and water closet service, his
Water-rate was tlie; net "sum of $1.71
per quarter or 57^cents por month or
about oiu'-fourtli of wli.-it; such service
costs in tlie city of* Fernie; -This gentleman w;is very much surprised thut
tniyhody in Fernie could be found to
■ favor giving any company a ten year
contract for any public utility, mucn
less suclran absurd contract as. the gne
lhat has su recently .been before our
people. But there is', no telling wh it
the.result of a night ..session'with tht:
friends of.the Power company might be,
eveii on this Winnipegger.   A
TratlhVof tlie.'^Grent   Northern
Hallway Between St. Puul, Minn
eapdUsi and Pu^rot Sound Point!,.
-  ,-.-.    ,-      *   .,f^ :B  r .. . ...
.This new train has been njjily niijned."
Travelers of this progressive ..age ,dc
iimhd/tiie*, highest- degree:of|-comfort
*v.*ea they are contemplating to under
take u journey',- and. especially a journey
of considerable length. In tlie placing
ia service of. the --OiientaPLimited,"
the ";-Great Northern ' Rnilway lias
achieved a distinctii-c success in tlie excellence, case and .elegance of ihis refill
train*. If a^maiPis making u jouiney
foi^pu'relv business icasoiis, he wants
comfort. Tlie "Oriental-> Limited"
>lauds him at,his journey's end with a
pleasant memory lingering in liis mind
of tJi-i)*i-omFort which has been provided
. fee Ilii...'' All tlie conveniences of a niod-
criy iip-lo-date hotel, all the comforts
-of iiome, iho-'privacy of a club, ,are_at
liis.coninjiind. instead i>f'^dreading a
tong-journcy. he looks forward' to il
„ wilh ple.'usurable anticipation, To tlie
tourist the same applies.,!. The deliglil-
liil surroundings of (Ills train, the opportunities I'or enjoying tlie passing
s'cqnery enroute . makes. the.' ''Oriental
L; miicd" the train thai pleases.
1 "ScottyV: Ln«t; IDscnimdo.
.., Death Viijtloy "Scdtty," the soissa.
tioual prosjifictor, wan probably fatally
, injured while bu 0110 of his wild plunRCU
tu au, autjinobllo. lio uudoitook. to
thako the trip between I'nsadtma and
Los A.i'uelo*.; a dint-nice of twelve milee,
in forty mhiutoM on a wiir.oi-. Ho whs
t'uunlii;r at tliu ratu of 70 miles an hbur
when a whoul broi.u and it is uu|.pohcd
Ills b*ck'i« also broke, nn lie win, limlmt
HgaltiHt a Mono wiill: Tlio true utory of
•'Scotty'g diHcovoiy'lms ..[teu been told
Three carload* of oro shipped from his
mine la laid to havo uettoil' hiui' 9175,
000.   ;"■
"ScottyV will bo rcmomborod ns the
follow who hii'wi a upcclnl train ovor
tlio Suiijii l''o rail-oiul, \n»t muiunor,' lo
takdfiirn to Olilcnso on a rocoid break*
Inur'^rip, and otherwise advertlsln-j* his
lui'lt'ol coniinou Huiiio,
An E.u-thqiiiiikc- Shook
fcOIHl., rdado, Nov.-A t-ll^litoni'th-
fjimke tiuinorwHa folt horo nt Bi 1)5 tliln
afternoon, caunIii-; iIUIiuh mul window*
to rattle'!.'[Glenn'.-.,Furry ropbi-litHU'ijIi a
tromor'thore at Uilfi. It w«« folt ni
Idaho City at n.-40 nml nt Hukcr Cfty,
Oro., nt 8:10.
JIfllluy report* tlio onrtliqusko ahouk
tuttluil hot tion on iholvua iukIwab full
Tho ft:i-oiilRit dlitiu-biinco roportod
wniiat BlioHlioiio.-wlKiro Hoviti-nl brick
mid ,Htono InilliilnK* woro Kouiowhiil
dam«(f#(|, Tlm wnlli) of the cutii-llioiiHti
and twlio'olliouiiii tvorflOi'.uikiul.Jinil |>Ihh'
tin-wan iliakt-ii ■ from lho oi-llu-jr of
timuy biilldlii(rH uml illuhoa worn llu'own
■ off ihnlvoH, Thoro wore two uliouki at
tlut placo occurrlnjf In rapid aucuoablou
at U;10.
(Jiimtcily Moiillng.
Tho Hecnml ropfiilnrly qnni 1*11 ly
ollli Ul hoard mooting of tlio Mutliodlnt
cliiirclt was hold In Iliu ,iiirHO!i,.ljoi-tuily
on Tu'omlay. V. If, Whlto, J, W. Nunn,
1). V, Molt .Mini 1). A. WllkiiH woro
cleciedMiiwiirilujor Hid ciinuiiigyuar,
(Hid J, XV, Isui.u » un dliln.il  lv-All Jin*,'
!• crotury. A Jjuud/iy School coiuiiiltti--'
tonylithift of Mf. I.uiidy, T. Ulc^a and
Mr«. Id A. Wllkou wna oloetotl torn-mint
the Olliuin-H of tlm .Suinlny Bchnnl.   Tlio
UkW.44V4w4V *J4  (4.S.S.*.*..4itk«t« 444  i'-'lAt *',<*>)„
the    llJHIl    <lll|il,MlilJlM      llllVllH*     blillll
juoni|illy ini't. When tlm now fui'iiacn
luu boon imiil (or there will bo un out.
etai.(Ilti'-*>ub!i'/jiil'iii-*, •   <
fMhiliuNiiil KimlnptHiiir Hi\l<-w]
Thli Company Ims dtvliirvd the cu»-
InilJ.liy^ll.if^jI) dividvllJ uf i,V pel
i-Viil, pjiyalite N'uvemlicir i;ili, lo aiock-
liolJw* of record Oc<o'«r j-i','i
The regular i|iutrlrrly div!.tend of $1
per sh ire nu 1.111 uxtr.i tlivUeiid   uf $<■'
.persliilr'o.sina^'ng-41   por cent, -ur^ a'
toial^ui'fi^ao/doo' lias "bean'' j..iiJ   on
this%ock. -.- The   dividends   paid - this
'yearaggregate 160.per cent, '.Last
year the company paid 256 percent; in
'Q0^> 32 percent; in i902,"24 per cent;
.-.nd'in,i9bi, 140 per cent. ! The ;Amal-
, rainated Copper company, owns prac-
ti.»Ily^all the slock of the Boston and
iMoniana company.- .'".-• ',   '■
This mine has just paid, $180,000 iu
dividends. This brings the total "dividends paid by tliisJ company since the
lirsl of the year,to the inagniticent sum
of $2*955.000, a0J. the "total profits 61
the cohipany to dale lo nolessa figure
than $5,226"ooo. '->:
The great increase in the amount ol
dividends paid by. llie company this
year is due lo two causes. One ot
these was lhe sale^of the interests," long
field by llie company, iu Hie Tacom;i
smeller, for- $1,500,000, which sum
was aionce disbursed to; lhc stockholders in the shape bf aii extra dividend. The olher is lhe great and al-
niost'marveloiis improvement iu the ex
tent and value of lhc ore bodies opened
up at lhe great depth by- the' Kellogg
tunnel.   7 ' '       *.
If yon.,youi- friends or relatives suffer with
Fits,'Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dance, or Falling
Sickness, write for a tiial bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to The Leibig Co.,
i79King'Stre6t.W., Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain for you . .7
A North went Lndy Explorer
'A lady with a most interesting experience, Mrs. Sloodie, wife of Major
Moodie, of lhe Northwest Mounted
Police, is staying wilh her sister, i\liss
Fitzgibbbns in Toronto, says tin exchange. . ' .-1
- Mrs., Moodie luts recently returned
wiih tlie Hudson Bay expedition of the
Dominion government steamship Arc-
lie, which penetrated as far as 64 degrees north. ,. -
■j *. < .
•„ Siie Ikis ben in' frozen parts where
she was most .curiously regarded by
the natives as tlie first' white woman
they had ever seen. „ But Mrs. -Moodie
was equally interested in tlie' natives,
;ind collected about ji'hundred splendid
photographs, which '..she has bad
mounted and bound into a handsome
volume for presentation to Sir Wilfred
Laurier.   .        "7
,. The lady explorer made a special
study of the'Esquimaux, wlio, she says
are being, rapidly decreased by st.irva-
lio'n. Tlie children have been dying
off fast, which-Ulay bc'accounted for by
the mothers nol ■_. giving, them' any
clothes at all to wear. Tlie youngsters
like;their fellow beings in tropically hot
countries, play around with' tlie thermometer 38 below without a,. scrap   of
•Mrs. .MooJie thinks the government
will do more for these people and will
transport iliem farther south lo the
shores of Hudson" Bay.
Tlie natural features of the country
are lovely. 4She never saw such rich
colorings its in llie wealthy pj-ofusion ot
wild flowers which strew the shores of
Ungava Bay. There is little'; night in
ihu.norlh; it is alwiiys , partly light.
Tiie expedition christened Prefontaine
Harboi-,0 in Ungava Bay, after the
minister of miiiiiic and'tisheries; The
promontary nl its entrance was called
Cape Laurier; aud. thc island , whicli
protects il, While Island, , after lhe
leader of tho expedition,.— Winnipeg
Free Press
Pull  Court  at Vancouver..- '■
[Before ■Justice.'- Irving,. Martin  uivl. linlfj
*'''''' ■ v-
' The first appeal to l*e heard in'the
Full court yesterday morning was lhat
of Fernie Lumber Company vs. Crow's
N'est "Southern Ra'ilw'iiv Company.
This, case-'consisted' really of two appeals, the first beingj-ari* interlocutory
appeal for particulars of damages, aud
the second being-an* appeal against in-
lerrogjiiories.'' E; V. Bod well; K. C,
appeared for the appellant and E. 1\
Davis,-.- K.C; for tlie respondent company. The appeals arose out of the
trial of an action in which the plaintiff
lumber company claimed damages" for
destruction of limber on llieir property
by jhe railway company burning over
their land. Tlie intcrlocuiary appeal
ol lhe railway for particulars of damages was dismissed, and on ihe second
appeal against interrogatories .judgment w-iis reserved.
li !A .
Cl    C.NI.   .(2*9"., -*-^ -, »,
/"J 0
V -<, *■
The;follo\ying.printed cards
are kept in.stock at the -
Furriished;r6oms,to let
Noswearing.'or obscene  language allowed in these rooms.
The   price of'-.-"these-  display
cards is 25 centseach.
^' ' 'im&i^&i^i
;',- A ijreat flnaneial i«inio now prevails in llussia, and the dark clouds
of a, bloody revolution tiro growing
thicker every day; a revolution- that
will cause, the guillotine " days of
ltobespierro aud Danton to pale into
insigniiicance, aud* irom which it
is to bo hoped a democratic form - of
government will spring.
Tho Gui'Ious Mini.
A.'woll known Imlimm mini,
Oi.o ilnrk nlffht limt wuuk,
Wuiit t« tbo 1'otlur with a niutcli
In uouroli of u kh» lenk.
John Weloli by curluulty
< (UUpflteliOH «U(o) wuu goi*d*l|
IU mjulntuil In hU old alio'Ruu
To *>eo IT It wiiuloailuil, '-
(It WIU.)
A mnn In Mncnn iitii|i|io<l to w.ntuh
A pi tout r.lijar.oll|i|>nr|       '*   ,'
llu woudoratl if lilt lin«or wan      }
Not qulalcur thnn tho nlpjior.    .
A Muliio mnn rami that liunmuflyoti
.".Of h.viuiotUui viutb full.
Ho wui.t to not if It'would work
L*l>4m nn miitty ball,
A mini Vruni Mlnliol,
C.III4I iluwii tuyoll
I'lioii oitntioiit. iui.1 "linlUn"
Ho |>ut 11 iiloklc In tliiiHlot
T-j noe- If lio'd trot 11 dollar.
Aii nd in Tint Lkimiku will conic
nearer carrying ix worUniJin's dollar to
llio merchant ilnin any oilier medium
—— Thoro In only pno euro for
IU "P«vciiihk" l» (ho grcfttont
romody In the world for nil formii of
'. , 1 . r* r
ff*U**4*..»*tl_}   Hllvll.t 1      iJ.4.141 VI f-'te./*
i'h' hi CumA* .itU'Jit lU'ti bui,
" rKVCtliHK'' titaiitU without a rivul
ss api-imnni-nt nnd .'ibvuliito euro
for Conuuiiiptlon nnd lungdUoasei.
71 r,»ii*lii>4i tlm i.f.r.4. «nr>tn, hi'ftl'i 1li«
dt'cayi'ij ti»*ue, ili*slroyii the tiilvr»
clo^gfrm-j, crcatH rich blood, tonaw
up llio wholo aynlcm, and t'lnan-«'a
from all Impiirlllm.
oncATcar of au. tonioo
mi pigct;m-cn potus-mi tbu
Dn. T. K. 6LOOUM, Uinltad
UD Ulr.g «b %h      rstvttia* CAnftd*
- Copy for change
must,be. in the Ledger office
for the inside pages, not later
than Friday noon, for the back
page not later than Tuesday
noon-Vnew ■ advertisements
received, up"to Tuesday night
at 6 o'clock.1- c   °     : ;' -
flcflurren Bros.
Sand, Lime -St."Wood
- «■. FOR .SALE * * ' .
Oilico hi rcurof How Food Hluak. Korulo, D,C,
If you want  to  buy "
or ..sell any.   mining-.
stock write "or wire
us. .-.,. .    .
,We deal in all mining stocks and will
be pleased   to. send
x      "      ■ •    '  '
-you quotations;-     ■*•   -
Notice of Tmimfor of Llccnao
NOTICK U horoby Riven dint I Intoml to ftp.
lily tn tlio Uoiinl of Mceniio UoiiimUiinn*
*r«, JJurnlo LlMiiHO'UlHtrlpt, lit tlm linlf.yo.irlr
iiiootliiK nl tho llimnl on Uucomljai- ifith, liiiii.
foratrmi«H'rnf inyhotol llonii«o'fi)r llm pro*
iiiNoii known nml iluioi-lliud im tlio JMIchut
llolol. 11 kliol, IJ, C„ In tho Cmw-i .S'wt 1'iiii
O011I On,, Md «
DutOii tliu lStli day uf Xovuml.ni', l;iO.'..
Biii'iiwonD lli<iifinii:n,
We have for sale 10 000 acres
ot Umber on Wiluon creek,, a
"stream   runninp   into, Slocan '
lake.    The timber consists of .
' cwliir, white piiin." spruce,  fir
jiiid tamnnic,  and totals oveiv
175,000,003 feet by actual cruisers esthmifccs.   ,....'
Theso licenses are* held under
the seveiiteen years refralntion
*,„ and have sixteen years to run.
:,. There is a pood mill site at
the.,mouth of ..Wilson creek,
through which th'i-raili-oad runs.
- There Is a sheltered bay upon
whicli the site is situated in
* which any quantity of logs-cut ,
be safely .'held at all. times  in
„ year,'.,   *,      :\ .., ,
We offer this valuable property for, sale at'.- 20 cents per
thousand and will allow lull'
investigation as lo quantity and
. quality,.of. tho .timber • before •
closing deal..
TV-Soft,  Sora.
.... GREAT
-,      ■ i-      ...,.'      .-' -}
Th9 Goxnf ortable Way -
Itonil Down * A " HfitX XJp
O.i-i.1 ti iu Lv,     Foi tiio '    Arr. !J.OO i/'in
10.12am    ,,,. .   Kiko 810pm
liSOiMft    ■        Rcxfonl 0.10 pm'
U5i>m„  ,     SPOKAXB    '    ft.S'Him
7.3.)ftin Evun-lt...       0,« p m
D.iW n in    '       Soul tlo 8,*w p tii
8. IS p m Arr   VANcouvkn . Lv 4,00 p m
-J.l.-i |, m Arr     St. l'aul ,   Lv fi.oo p m
* Dully oxcopt Sumliiy
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
for ilutalleil Infnnnntlnn, I 01 tli rii.ior-
vnlloith, uto,, null 011 or a<tUru*j*j
11. h. Hi,.u-i(iirii!in,
MllDKIt.V   HIllH
T, H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
Bussssiess Sloisse.
having an   IndticvjiiiLMU  to c(.\.i\  should
Btate thc fact through thu local newspaper
whose advertising columns are an  Index
" f't\    x     r ii  .      '      .J1. •..
si   .11,414, v/i  wic i.4.'(i.<mj|iil.^ •
St rancors and visitors -examine lhe columns of
The Fernie Ledger.
.I..,,.(... 1 1
4.4.V   <*..•.4m*.*   «fc4.*A
^-.*. 4S
ll.    .
v.- 1 .
I,   t 4»..V
and liulustry of I«'ernic. Tliu Li.noi:u has the
largest paid up circulation, and iis street sales far
exceed those of any other liewspnper alon-^ lhe line
of the Crow's Nest Pass Kail way, and it*, readers
have the money to pay for llieir requirements.
B^iif^fsoiB is Extended fo
the Busiines:; Men of l-'cmie, lo make our adver-
ti-inj| columns as thoroughly representative ofthe
trade of the community, ns our news columns aie
of the occurrence* of the cily and district.
Phone 10 and we'll call foi* oopy.
>« bi__jEaa StaCAAta^ jlilihJCSrf JwC>«f ry^>H
does .iript believe in tin titles.   It
teaches! equality to all, based iip-
V on merit. The price is $i a year
R. T- LOWERY. Nelson, B. G.
ant! nisyi*aiio© Mroicers
IF you have lands or lots for sale,'list them with' us, if you want to buy,
call on us.   .' --^^^^i^i^m ,,,~' —  —- - *
TF you have-properly lo insure, have us write the risk
*■   ^ —. -—,,. —_ '.—  ,'.
TF you want to borrow money,
call at our office.
Wli have some very choice  lands  for sale., in
,These lands are suitable for. Fruit raising, r
* Ranches    For4full information apply,to .    ,'
the  Kootenay, Valley.,
also some excellent slock
s»-5 To,Ledges- B ©PSS
i'% .'■%.■%.
*     THIA
KATES  VIM   1'Ell   DAY
mill       11—1—»■» i»n *™imim ■■■■■■
Thoi. Pogue,   Jt    Jt   Propilctor
—    . .4
'  ^       ^       Hfr
and the Cheapest ever sold in.'Fernie, now on view at
Miss Varty's  Home of Fashion
m mnilTr "T '   '
imi **■■■> wwj mr*m*sr
Is the place to take the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
Kb* Zimtvalian   motel
Tm-: Place to Stop
Special AtU-niiiiii (livpii to Local Touii.iis
ffl.on'i6oey function,, 38. C.
_«.".i* "■ ■
«f»        fy
tfevnie, .3B. C.
n.WIJV  i^   I.AnHROUTI.
$ ty
u      forlij Years
■Sendfcr QUloyit
it  *AD«(A1P& ST^Wm
In Fern!ef It a
PEoasanf Home
for all who irr.v
Rooms rusorv
oJ iy Wire,
T. WKELAW, IWanngor
Wc have several nobby lines in Mrck and we piiul llieiii
fiom our hcniilifui, clcai-ctii c.vj-perpl.'.te lyjK faces, a |.t
nud'.'.    When you want any, •••all aiouiul. f>t-. -- ••*-'
•*,*    --   ----?*4'-;*'.-<-V.4.,-'-7.*\3- .       .'" -'i'-.r:^-f'-jiS f.'7v!  '-7,--"--;'.-'tv —,'   -   *     , iV&Zl-C-in"* ■"",..'..-     "*-fei*->'"*. -*S V.!1;--*-""- "■-',"   -"  —"■ t-..',. y
y $, y
v.;-.'A7-. :-•-■*«
t v:   *   ■', ■     ■ .      - --.   ..
The^ Canadian Bank of Commerce
,. ECE|-A.I3*Og'E,ICB3;'
Hon. G. A. Coxi
B.:E. Walker
 _ Uunerul Munnger,
VCAPiTAL, $16,000,000
•Tf"-- '   '       ,   •' -'
"    . 7   , . REST, $3,500,000
:■      *TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $91,000,000
■ -, 128';-B3R-A.3*>rOECE!S.AA.3Srp  .A.aOSaSTC'I'ES -.'
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.- Deposits 0f.>.. and up.
wards received and interest allowed! The depositor is subject to no de-'
lay wuiilever in the wlihdrawet ofthe whole or any part of the deposit-
--• Special attention is drawn tb oiir.Bank Money Orders issued, payable
in Canada, Ui.'ued States', Kngland, Italy'in lire, Hungary; Austria in
kr4-)nen. They l'onii an excellcm method of lcmiuiag monies ul k iiiiiii-
uiuiu cost.. . ' •    A
A general Bitnkin-jj business transacted.  '• Correspondence solicited.
Open on,the pay-days of lh<i Coal.Coiiipjiny'until 9 p. 111.
•■= FERNIE BRAiNCrT   ' - '   ,  ' -    .    „ - T. B. MAY, Manager.
*.    * t *   ^*-*.    «     '    '• "   '•	
. this heading 'i*ibt)rt«d ut the rate of One'
;-eut a word euen inuertiou.- ,-   -,
--,   v  '-''      . ' .'--- . w.  .
Son & Co.
Half nere lu West Ferule, Rood" 2
Apply, Mott
story hom>e on the property
Vumie -, Lot uoxllM).   Easy terms.
J. Turnor.
WOOD HEATER in sood conditloii;
simp.   Inquire ut this ofiice.   ,
For Sale or To Rent
Thai sliced boiled ham at Blundcll'
tm delicious.
. Only -the best  Gloves,  Shirts,  and
Underwear—the Semi-Ready.
Blundcll has in a fine stock of
Armour's celebrjitcd hams and bacon.
:ij ft. .*    ,-4   ' ■
-: For Furniture and Pianos, use only
Liquid Veneer > 10 and 60 ceutfi n bot
tie (rom N. E. Suddaby.
Don't forget that now is your chance
to secure tlio cheapeHt Indies hats offered
iu Femlo at Mrs." Todd's.
Go to Wright the jeweller, for that
w;ilull you've been promising yourself,
]>rice*>,ure greally reduced.
Sox worth 450, all wool, sale price at
the Semi-Ready, four pair for $1.
CJtrmiclmel, thn tailor, lian just ro
eelved   tho nobbiest stock of Tweedfl
lor    Fall   suits   and,  overcoats ever
brought into Foruie.
You know you have to get that ring
Why nol buy it now when bargains are
going at Wright's, the jeweller..
Let us make yeu a fancy vest from
one of tliose choice new patterns. Como
in and Bee them. J. Carmichael, the
The vory newest neckwear to be
found is shown ut the Semi-Ready
• '■ Next Monday evening tho Epworth
.League of the Methodist church will
■hold its noetal evening.- A unique pro-
tf.rRjii Ib being: prepared aud. a good
time is expected.
. wMj-ft. Todd's great tale is turning- out
to. be a grand success. She hns had
•tiff" -g-oesj on, coutitiuinj? to sell at
BlauB*htcr prices during* this week.
-Hi*-- '.->.'    .-'.'-,' .'*-*■'.   *-   '-'-,'*w;j y t.i
'The King Edward Hold occupies "a
prominent   position, in Ferine only a
atotf or two from the C. '1*.   R.  depot,
ji-.., ...1".,  :,v;,. •■■;* 54   '•■■' ■"'■:■ ''-'.ll* .*
ami convenient to business houses in
tfto'dtV*-'- '-'--'-"* '•''■' '* -; '■'■ ''■";-'■"'
.\;i'-   :l-,r    -..v. .,:;• ■ . -.-  '.      - V-.-:j   <-.
;.Every,twin ..qvves, it to, himself.upd
liis fuinily-u- inasi'er. a, trade or- prii-
fesMonv . ..Kuiid ,llio, display adverti,**-.
incut of the six Morse Schools of Tele-
jjfruphyAm this isssue and learn   tele-
I't-iip.iy.n'-id be assured :i position,
We Must   IiivoHtigntO our  Life
Toronto World
Tho Globe has bowun 11 series of nr*
tleloH on life iutiurnuco in Cniuula. with
the objoct of prpvini* tlmt, nceoi'illiii* to
its liuiuJIiiK* "The IiirJiirjiuee Act needs
rn vision." Thi) 11 rut orticlci hours tlm
iti.iii'lc of having boon inspired or written
liy Home oniHiiiiir tlio iiiHlde of u life
«(iiujjjiiiy or muir the limldo of tlio in
*iirjiiu:o liiipHi-tiiioiit. Tliui-uiil ohjeel
in.}o globs over the situutiiin anil to lend
I bo iiiiiiirliiK public into tlm belief thai
villi u fow iiinuijditunitH in the law nil
Will 1)0 Wl'll.
Wo do uot wUli to do Thn Globe any
jujuitive. We 'propnau to ileal with ll
A-Jihe org-in of the lion, Gnorjro A-
C'jx, a KHUtleiuiiu with larire InHiiriinc.'
liu lunula, JJii controls (our or more
llfo coinimiiiiis uud hojuo fliecompaiiiuB.
Jlo iiIno Iiub u poiiclmnt for newspapers,
as wu bill Id vo not only that ho contiolt.
The filolji*, thru Mr. Jnffray, ami the
Star, thru Mr. Malum!, hut that Mr.
Plfivollu iu The NnwM ipouki Ills views
in tlniimatter of iimuraucii, Mr, Fhiv-
niiii) irfjj* director ou the CiiiutiU l.lfit
Ainl Mr, Mnlouu oil thu linpoilal. I.ffe.
jSothat In 1'olni** thuifrank with,The
GIDho wo truit It will lmve iliiicoiirjifro
lo comii out In Its true color* nnd nil.
jnlt what evcryonu know* to bo tlu>
truth, tlmt it* policy isti'iiiuMinl hy tint
jmniitor, There U a {treat deal to bo
mnIiI from' thu toiuitorV staudpnliit lit
|-ii|f*rd lo llfo liiuurtfiKH, ami it cmh he
«ulii to hutlnr nilviinuiiro if It I* nalil
o|miily Inalooil of hy round the cornui-,
Si) tn Hpoak, Ko that we tul.it It for
«ra.md lhat The Ulobo Is uiMng a
di'fuuco of tho jiuuutor, the iiunntor's
<!ouip»iilBn, and the senator's motliniU,
rtVMii If tlinuf* Ijilfcr am tint nt-li'lnul
with Jjlin, hut Ijorrowuul from tho (Jolted
,\V'« mutt horn inlorjnct tho commont
tli.it all theno iniwhpajierii 0/ the h«;j«'
•Ioi-'h oit|fv a fev ij'iy*) ajro aaauriul the
Ijolicyholders or tha Canada Life that
Ail >VH« wen, and tluu the .ixjiwliiJition
iiiailu hy Mr. Harry of Michigan Jiad
limtii of tliu luoit heroic «harai*tiur. Tbo
♦'.IoIm; now profesuos tolieilove that a
*»rloH of article* li ueccRtuiry to Improvs
ithe -kUuaUoo,. ijtt v> juumuwaio tha
.(ilohw's prtulilon:
<"l» <• exjiectoH that the Dominion
I nun i-j*n<*« Act oil! ho iw-l/^l At tho
/orthcoinlnji jjiijujIoii of |i*.rJI«t-oiiBt, TIijb
jiMJWnt act wait inju*tod lu 1886, tinea
K-hicfa time ««trur*l iMporta-at jinuuid*
MtviiU likv» beVn made U> It, On tlw
♦fhule, tho »tt may bo »ai<J lo buvo (ul-
* ' ■*♦ ■* **   •
filled Ita purpose. It has placed assurance upon a sound basiB, It has regulated the conduct of the companies, and
to some extent it Ims preserved the interests of policyholders. Siuce the
dace of the act, however, new conditions
have risen, methods have chausred and
practices .„ are customary which were
then unknown; moreover, life assurance
has expanded - and* developed
more rapidly than was anticipated.
When the act was passed there were
ten active Canadian life offices, now
there are twenty; then the anuual volume of life assurance was $35,000,000,
now it is 898,000,000; then the agnregate
assurance in existence in Canada was
$171,000,000, now it is 1588,000,000; then
the animal amduiit paid in premiums
by. policyholders was "$5,000,000, iiow it
is $.0,000,000; then the total assets of
Canadian companies amounted to f 13,-
000,000, now they amount to $91,000,*
The present Investigation into life
assurance, iu Sew York by a legislative
coaimitteeof that state has strongly emphasized the .view heretofore expressed
in The Globe, viz., that the security of
policyholders is ample, that all the
companies which have been severely
criticized are possessed of good, sound
assets far in-* excess of their liabilities,
aud that policyholders who havo paid
several years' premiums In these com*
panics should not sacrifice' thoir contracts or become alarmed about their
duo fulfilment. The wrong which policyholders have suffered is that part of
their premiums, the care and InvoB*
ment of which should have been regard
ed by tbo management las a sacred
trust and returned to policyholders in
the shape of.profits or, surplus, hns been
utilized In extravagant and unwarranted expenses.: This condition, of course
can as yet be said to apply, to only, the
three or four large United- States, com
panies thus far investigated. : It" ia well
Fernie. Lot.tux 182. Good 4 room hou&e.
Tliiti Is n .-.nap-if taken i;t once. Kasy tt-rms'.
Apply, Mott, Sou & Co., -__    •„
•*-. for Mile at this ollice, p:
."Room*To Let, Apply .Within
irieeiJ.'. cents enoh:-
 .       itliin."   "Furnished
KoouitiTi>Let Apply Within.". .',    «
A.\ I.STK(.HGliNT OFFICE BOY.- Apply to
'tt.l'.Kaksteln.-    - '     ....
ply to Fred. Waters, Elk Lumbar Co. oiiice,
known that, there are several represent
tatlvelJuitod States companies conducted along commercial and-,;causer vutiyu
HueS^AjiAvi-V'V-. ■.--■.'iir!.«.!....    .-.j'r."--'"
Whether there is any of this "extravagant and unwarranted oxpenso" in Canada, The ,(t).obii.,.does not,jsay.;..'■Evidently, it does not, wuht. to -v know.-.{.Indeed,, its,object, .wo-take it,-: is to. sail
pjiat that,; point and toget-tiio discus-
lion down to its, propoHud nmuudineiits
to thc law. .Now: beforo we come to
these, we wish to take up tho question of
11 public investigation of our insurance
companies and their inethods.
The New York companies bald their
was no need for investigation. The ro-
vehitlona of Lawbon and papers like
The New York World, American, Kvoii-
ing I'ost, and a few public spirited uiun
forced the governor of New York to
act and a rottan condition of affairs was
unearthed. Revelations thnt exposed
graft, nepotism, improper nnd illogul
use of thu trust (mills for the bouulit
of directors and tho directors of 0II101
coiiipniiio;!, wastufuliiesH, toot, bribery,
contribution to party eloction funds,
worst of all nu absoluta luck of lldullty
to trust in tho directors and in-inugon**,
Aud niaiiv otlior evils hubldes,
Card or Thanks*
Mr. anil Mrs. B. G. Shearer, ben* to thank
their neighbor»and friemla,(or their kindnos-i
to them in their recent lieroavoment. ' :l
conservative.     "'   '
Redberry—Geo.    Langley,   liberal
S. A, Hamilton, conservative.
Rsgina City—J. f. Bole, liberal; H
W. Laird, conservative.
Regina South—Hon. F. A. Calder,
liberal; J. B. Hawkes, conservative.
Rosthcrn—G. Iiiis, liberals; A. D.
Mclntyre, conservative'.
Saltcoa'ts^TIibs.'McNutt, liberal; A.
C. Thompson,' conservative,
Saskatoon—W. C. Sutherland, liberal ; Dr. E."Munroc, conservjitive.
Souris—Dr. Lockharl, liberal; J. T.
Brown, conservative.'
Whitewood—A. Cowan, liberal j A.
B. Gills, conservative.
VVolseley—Levi Thompson, liberal ;
Dr. Iillibtt, conservative'..
. Yorkton—W. D. Dunlop,  conservative.
ln South Qu'Appelle the liberals are
handicapped by lhe illness from typhoid
fever of their candidate, Frank MolTett,
The conservative candidate in this riding is Mr. Haultain, the leader of the
opposition and the strongest man in
the whole light. Mr. MofTelt's friends
aro putting,up as good a light as they
can in.his. unavoidable absence, but
it is, generally; recognized \ that Souih
Qu'Apjielle- is-'a tory 'riding.—Nelsoiv
News.; c-,,'*--' .-   .•-     ' '• -    •■ ■' .
.4,7.   - . .     .   ■- ■-,   <-.'.-: v.'-:-
•".*-'•• ■ i i.-T" 'A     > --'      7-    '
IdSing ihib-iAii-iti'  tifcVceu.uiit.. ' Letter was Hied. r,  .
* A lette.* from F. C. La we was read
in which he , protested ! against the
building ot a v sidewalk * along.,,his
pi*operty on Hanson street,'on  the
ground that'a ppiition for ic'. hiid not
been considered by the .Council and
that he had .not; been .duly, notified,,
and that the petition for the building
of the walk had not beeni signed- by
a sufficient number ol the property
owners.   He a'so considered that the
new walk was unnecessary;   - Mr-
La we'6 letter was filed;.'   ,;-. -    „,
'_ Several; petitions   ior   sidewalks
were laid'before Itho Council, which
were referred, to the^ property". and
works committee. ,One ot these pe.
titions called for a walk alone Baker
Ave. leading*1 south troiu the  new
Queens hotel
■ Tlio C P. It. company owns all the
property in the block south of the
Queens hotel and clerk was.instructed to communicate with Mr. Reading
regarding tins matter.
The clerk was instructed, to, notify
the ageiit of'the Ciithbert estate to
remove the remnanta of the burnt
building on, that lot at once.
The .property and works committee reported on plan ol hydrants submitted by the Power <Co. They
found the plan,; satisfactory with the
exception that they recommend the
placing of a hydrant at tlie corner ot
Riverside Ave. and Gemmell street.
The report was adopted. - '     ■ 'A
Assistant fire chief, C. J. Bulger
reported at length upon the history
of the brigade' during the past month,
This report showed very, satislactory
progress and Mr..Bulger atid his fire
laddies were congratulated upon the
rapid progress they had" made. " The
report was adopted and the recommendations of the assistant chief will
be carried out us far as possible.
Tenders for the necessary plumbing at the fire lia.ll were considered.
There were only, two of these; one' by
C. W. Sheppartl and one by J. Lee.
Shcppard's bid was $350.00 and Lee's
$318.00. f liis, .Worship stated that
Mr. Lee wus.now in the - employ ot
Mr. Sheppard so. that the contract
went to Mr. Sheppard at $350100.
After instructing "the police to remove thc posts from- the- fitreet in
front of Mr. Carosella's store the Conn-,
cil adjourned. . :'   "■.;
Glitre; K k-», 11 C l'eryy', vA.'eiit Jei-|-y"|^!
from Kerry Qo.,,A; l,Vry,_, Viiiicouyer,.
A Mt-Rae. ..T. Nelson,^,and- wife,. Elk-'
mouth;;*:, John .^Cottrell,7. Great Falls,
.G Lundquist,'Sweden*-,*"Simon Browii,*
Inisfail; FAtwiwd^Eloraeryville, Clms
Miller, Langdon^H.Creatham, Elko,r D
.Letter, - .[Elkniouth, ,.G ^Montgomerv,.
b MeGregor. Calgary, Robt McAllister ,
Nelson,-E H Ross,'"Pinchercreek, A-W,
Wright, Brandon, J W'TynerV Clais-
holmL- ....      ,-,        J    4-.  ;..
SiiHlciitcliowiin'H   NomliintloiiH.
Winnipeg, Nov. jolh.—The writx lor
the Saskjitchewiii) elet'lions wero issued
lo*diiy. Polling Is lo Hike place Dec.
Following is tlie list of constituencies
for ihe coming provincial election und
llie candidates ol'llie two parlies who
lmve been forniiuly notninaled.
The libernl.i have no caiididiilc ns
yet iu Yorlcton. hut 11 nomination convention will meet in the Inimcdiiu*.'
Iliitlleforil—A. Clinmpiignc, lihcrnl;
S, V, Cliiuliolm, conservjitive,
Uiilwhe—Wm. Ciruiil, libeml; U, V.
l-t'iioit, roimarvHtlve.
Ciimiington—J. I), Slcwnrl, liberal;
li. C, iMi:l)iariiiidt,coniei'vntivu.
Greufell—C. J. UoHboroiigli, lllx-ml;
Dr. Argue, couucivnlivo.
Huniboll—Dr, l^eley, llhernl | W.
G. Smiili, coiiservulivo.
Kinistino—Thus, S'underxon, liberal;
Dr. Sliadd, conserviitive.
I.iuiisden—-Hon, Waller .Scott, liberal ; F. C. Tate, coii'icrvuiive.
.•i.niis Cit*,l»—j.iiiu i/txoti, iitivi.u j
1\ ). XVjl'a; -.-nj.'-fwr.'jlJi-'.-,
MoujM-jiiw CliyT0. II. Fy-.li, liberal;
J. If. Wctlinclftii, contivrvjiiivi*.
Moos.'jiiw Dintrlci—Joliii .Shuppurd
liiM.'1-jiI; S. K. Kuihwell, i-oiiw.'rvjiilve,
Motinomin—A, Sttiii'. .1 e ui ,• 13f,
Rills, cuiisen-utivc,
IViiuvAlben City—Hon. J. H. Iji-
niont, liui-rul} Win. Cowan, puaservw«
Prim* Albert Districl—R. O. Tyre
niiin, ljb.-r.il • S, J, I)mnjilJM>u, toil-
Qu'Applit, Nwnh-Hwi. W, B,
Moih.'rucll, lihvml; Dr. Kutledtge.
\}u'.\|*pvll Soulh—Prank MoiTctl,
Hbrr-I;   H**,  P. W,   V,   Huuiu'in,
*.,-(, tj-*J!.;-r;-'.-..•■'* s -;*■'--'-. >'-■-"-•   4.-
. ,..0oun«sil.*;rjproceedings    Thursday
ev^Wi?f;N^Vi.'itith;>il905.:- ^Y- -- -"';
(.vP-rese-n^viythoiiij'Mayor. -* AMcrmcn
Crc.9.VfT^tc8*?1ruttJp«tKl WARi.ee-	
cv.WIW.Ie».?t.pi*pyloUfii,iiUccting read
and. adp^cd.:y.^..-.H:- ■'■■.'■"*    .' -> l>'-Tt' •'-'"' ■
"The clerk read a letter from Mr.
Brace Brown'stilting"that ho had
been engiigeil In good "faith, and had
'performed his work ingood faith and
that his charge for his work per.
lormed- was not excessive.       A.,**
Mr.'Ivan-Poolo said ho would
throw eif 10% of his bill ou condition
that payment was made by Wednesday-next. Ills bill then' was
W. II., Whimster refused to mnko
any reduction from his bill of$30.
Mr. Sherwood Horchmer had al-
ready reduced his bill Irom $233.00
to $100.00.-,  ."     '
Altormuchdiscus3louin which it
developed that somo of tho council*
lore thought that 111 some, cases tho
bills wore too high, particularly that
of Mr. Brown's, tho clerk was authorized to mako as good a settlement
»b possible.
A lottor from the Crowj Nwt Eloc-
trio Light & Power Co. was read
*'- ; -    -   - * Notice 7-7,    •  \B7
rpAKK notice thut 60 <l»vs after date I inten'd
, -l.0 »Pl-JXtothBJion:(3lilBf Commissioner of
Lauds & Works for permission to purcliaao
thefollowuijj described,Imidu.'.iConunenoijiJir
at the "Northeast- corner - of. Jjot CSBOO.l.
Ea"!t Kootenay District theiico - South, 40
chains; tlience East ao chains; thence Nortii 40
cbains; thenco West 20 , chains;-. to place of
commencement containing 80 acres. '. ' '
"DatedKoy 18th 1H05. ■_,.*.- » -J \ . > *
• .-..I     "JoluiiG.t 'ra
"i-V .  --.'
^-.^i^PBjil-yed * a New,: Ftesli stock of
* ArmeiMfs Celeb^ted Star Bi-aM of
Hams and Breakfast Bacon. See bin?
wiridow." Quality First. If yon want
the Best, this is what%ou /are' lookiii
for.   CASH.
Prbnipt Delivery
§  TELEPHONE-".'ft -
^00000000000* '■■
* - A    v. ' . *
The .People's Qrocer,
•' •  . S',-4    ..... j
*"'      *   "     -'-i
P. O. Block, -Fernlei
, give prices, terms etc., on the large-'tract-of" land
iii the Kooteiiay Valley, recently; disposedAof by
T. G. Procter.   Look out for ahhouncement.:,
■ :s ;, HOTEL AMUVALS    ;?v;
■:-:-<;   °, :-- -Wnldorf;-•'■-'•■■"
.yi ^.Bruce,,Waitebuigr,: Wa**.-'P *'
iSiiiii-cr-^-WftiiS^VV fbiifff^vV^^ix^MC-wliiiiBiiy
High'Riyer, K Crosby. Qtanij'eville.'W.,
J.-S Alexauder, ;;city,- Mie8;-Al0xand«r,
Vyin^MpOul^hah^wlfe, Spokano; C6
Hobson, Vancou'viy*, JtR and Li'-Bliiro,'
Dayton, .WaHh!;-.^ StluriBl: a»d(.'J^ L
MiUeriWjiteburi^W'W.Y Wm" Mcliuies
aud H' Itoiwi Elkni<l)uth;:-NeiHon;'Mc--
Artliur,;Graii(i;eville, Idaho, 8 Jt Davie,
lr1wln-Lo\viB,c D.May it) nnd li'E Hei-i-lr
!"ior, lVhitoriiild„',Moitt.'>Johii"- Borelio;J,,
Micliol, John St6ro.v,s Carbanndo, Joe
Alleraon, Coal creek,.Miss M.Headlin},
City, C Robsou Viincouvor, E M.Payii.o,
Crau'brbok.'C L Hoffinan aiid Wilbur
Ydnraloy; Spokano, Mius McUurney,
City, S S Taylor,'"Nelson;" H' Korsliaw
and wlfo Fort .Stoolo, XV, 8 -Ward, Spokane, D J Elmorj Moylo, A Zukwlsky;
EIHmouth, P Toowick, C H. and CJ
Mileliur, A Brown, F Gunch, L Injralls,
Spoknno, II E.Bristol, Lethbridgo, BH
Waclitor, Willows, C Stolb, Cliowolah,
01o'Eman>r. Goneaeo,. A 6 Bolandor,
Mohcow, John Miiiu, Spokano,
'- Nupiinoo
CJTnylor, Uexford,, QE Wlliion,
Vancouvor, It 11 Moor, Blalrmoro, Otis
NowhoiiHO, Purry Cunningham, WE
llroloy; City, Mrs M'unrni., 11 G Wilson,
II LowiH, Critnlirook, Mrs T Binlr, T E
DiivIh, Conl crock,'A WGiuiirhlln, Dhh*
ornnto, Mrs A W Clumott, MaryHvlllo,
Mrs Snrah DuCotn, Wash,
Kliifir Edward
Jolm Dlinmlnj-r, Spoknne,  II W Mc-
think tliat any old cembiriation ol type;
smjeared with ink and;-pressed%i^
P^rJiap^iheyajje right, but-progressi^ctgcople
■■j-i'. a„jiLj...jm	
,4 > ,1,
Wo havo boon rortnnato ln buylntr a largo
quantity of
Saxony Grey
at a blgr cut in price. This wook wo offer tho
lot at .55.00 per pair, Secure a pair beforo
they aii go,
Eider Down
Wo havo also now in stock a flno range
of Eider Down Comforters. Prices from
#5,00 to #10.00.*
The Trites-Wood Company, Ltd.
Artisticaljyr)\rrianged by Typographical Artists,
is wHat! constitutes the daily output of n ,.
Fernie Ledger
And The Price?
You'd naturally expect to pay more, but let us
have a chance at your work and thc money part'
of the transaction won't hold you back.
Good, clean Printing;* full count and the best of
stock, supplied at short notice by
The Fernie Ledger
Coinmcrrlnl Ti-j.voler Tax.
Tlio clmmbor of commorco of tlio
Unltcl Kingdom ltim*.not«t<lnl through
.tlio colonlnl uoci'olitry to tliu Dominion
KOvnrnmont nj;iilimt tlio* Qnobou com*
UlfllClI.)  i*m,
Tlilf li not to bo wondered nt, I J.Htli-
ar It \t 11 woniUr tlmt tliln postlferouN
tux Miotild bo nllowod In nny provlin-n
ofthft Dominion. If It Ib ritflit nnd ner
o»«»ry for ono provlncn to nmrn HfKMitc
from »i>olli«r for doing bijalncM irlilifn
It* bortlera, whoro U tlili uxttlon to
Every provlnco will bo compelled ntt
■ mutter of twif protectton to Inu'osu
thene uxei upon Ml#«men from every
province, nml the Dominion will be
illttolvM into st iiuoy dowlnlonf **
Uteretroprovjnecw wllliln Jm Dorderi.
roinini'rrlnlly, niul imiiIIc-w conliMitlfii,
illHHntlHfnctlon and ntrlfo wlll rouuli.
Thli levy I nf** of apodal tnxtifl upon
tlio pooplo of othor pi-ovlncoH Is pnrnlt-
Ioiin nnd wlll roditlt In no uooit/ to tin-
..(•nvl'il'lfll ^(ivi'i-li'^I.M^  tV'lt  Vl'^orl1?   t' !
iucIi inotlioilH to llll It* tronmiry,
Tint buHliiimii ptiojiln of I'Vi'inu know
thnt tliln vriiiiinoruiiil lluunio i\fniii>fii'
muiit him riikiilti'd in Imiin to tlio oil)
nml will lm tho cntmn of the Iohh hi
inoi'o ti'ntio thin will pity the llconfit
fl't'H IWll'O OVIT. '
Tlm provlimiM of Qnhec txxtl Hrltldli
OoIiiiiiIjIa are *iijn>Iiii/ tlio uiieiivlnhli
ilUtluctlon of belnir the only two li.
tlio Dominion unwillhi-r to 'nccnr>llni;
tlielr noliihbon tho prlvlluaoof Bill to
itoodi within llieir bortlera upon tin
Mine footlojjf nllowod their own eolcs-
men In Ml oth(*t* pi-ovlneca. -ThUUnot
a nfjimro dcml and i» onrnlnff for thenc
two provlnec* tm unonvijblo repnlatloii
nil over tlm comini'rel-ij world.
•OoHpel of Fcnr
Now VorU," Nov. abili.-Hov. Dr.'
I'lirUhurat, In the Mndlnon iivc'nuo
rrckbyterinn church hiHt nlKhl told hla
coiiirri'Kiition he Iwdlovcd In dnmnntlon.
"'llioiippjiiiiiU cruc-lllt'N jillrlhulud to
v.iui>,' lie »mjo, "Ate not u cirt-uniniiiiice
to tho cruelty in mu urn. Nutunil lima
P-iy no moro ntlention in man I linn to n
dog, ShIiHh iih well jih ainnvra wero
liurnud in the Wlnduor hoti-l lire und in
iho Slocum difiiuilur. If God buniH tin
11 body ho will burn up 11 uoul tlmt ^t-la
In the wny of hl» iporul Iuwh. The
God, of love In 1775. deilroyiul 50,000
pi-rion^ tn tlii» l.lnlion i»,'irllij-jii,il((., {(«
doea not nmend phyalciil Ijiwjj 10 who
•Jnlnta, If a mnn -will not accept Cod'n
moral lnw, ttien1 any lluu Uod will
dninit htm. uud I further auy ihm God
ahould dnmn him,"
Yea, If the. name of ilttdnmnfil
Mhw nhoiiUi hnppsrx to bij J'jirkf-iMnitL*
4     4.


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