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The Fernie Ledger 1905-12-06

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 A;,7A-'7A,,   '*■  v-  ,Ai/'#^:"'7A *''.-*M   .-.i-. >7-. \
r.;i^-J>, .*^»?',V   ,
y,       \ /    •>'     ,
-,-    4'- ---.41
-    :\ 1
"   % % ii    si-)- 4   -a   .,, **„4  "S   ', \  a    '-
,ij  if,   '^*   ...     ■-*    ..-'   v./u*    f, -,-f-rt,-' -«r'«
„i.-i^."■-".*■;<, j ,sje
J*   ,-   > » *
-5* ,4*>* *-*•**«- ^-- - -4.   .
h*\t\ *?*■? *   *•***:«  -.   ».*#'* ****«-, IC- -
.-...'*' *«*
V*  4 *    .-.jr-v..
*■*■   o   ** YtXt^
.-. ri f.
• J ■ '■ -II   S-   \$   ' "•"    i*-      K       *
„*-"-    .       ,;-  .* if}    H      e\C ■ ™^   ,
i£> **Jj iss-
rv       -*ro *•*   .^tj   mi-* ■*-£
.,,*-*!      ,. r.:*f     ■'» 44    -,*>.7-.vT        if
i;r;->   ;
■'ii.'f'Vfi-Virt   '   "^ -:•-,■ . .. jS*   ^.A^ff;    fr iiiiii-M'.si- &r»>*t %^-v.7 a'.;-A--t *"-.-.-
mttm.il i     ..»,iii. nn** >t ' ■ i  i mu     ""     ■ ' ni min ■                 ,   . *   i'   •;' *  "'                   . ...j,f.4 *      - ltffl  .ji *aff .i."L~!i K' "iit 17    .77*9.7.      -'J, -■■'- ■'   '   '■'     '   '       '.," yi   '   r- "                          ■     *     '   ■■ ■        *■  "" ■   ■     '     ••  •*
.7 ,*.!.?,-■>*;■» V- 7;<-4--A7.*'-4if'''-;-■*(' -bv..'-"-- Bi**.'4->.7!i;i« •■r'iv.--iV^JW»*r    :     -   j   . _ ^^ f   .^         »,..   yJ^S* i (JKlr*' 0 ■55»>*-=.*»..x«iaw£»j.<'. - ,  '            I           _w«> **•-.!• a,*  f.-, -    -■?-:*^ .*.--t     .    >      *  ■    .7   ..     '  ■-   - .!         -.'4;              ,         .-•-' -  -  .    ■-.  .             -     J
'  -     '                                                           III                                                                                                                      "     .     '     -          ""-.''_      *'    ,     '     '                "'            '           **~*" '                 '                                       '    '          "      '                 "          l-'4^..,              .''               -' J                                                   "                   '    .                                                              -'.I                                                                                                     I                                     ■         I           II.                                                                                            ,                                                    II                I                       .   .                                                                         ,|                                                                      .     ,
•   -' -'(w-:i'u«'s»*.7 f^-.j-ji'.--, it,.-..;, .    rr. ■.-.,..i.-.   ,-.■..<.  ■ <■■.-•-.. ..£.r                ; —                -   —      ^^^tim.,*.- ,*'*4 ,..-.;,-*^-4-,     Ti-Ti;    ini ;   ... f <• .cEsi-is; a^'£<^,*<>s'^«« •*^,>^*.'.,- ^v-.'.-*;  ,-   *■-. -..  ..-. -  :, > *■     :         7   :   :         n-: r1 7~ rr—*
'to.i'r.kA'n -,*"-i-:'?-;r-J i'.>.»^'VsVt-'>AJ .ft ,*.■
3^^".Hii?penini:s:, in.-and
interesting Items  About'j Ila^
^Dr.  Bonnell ^>-fc^Cranbr^on
People Yoii 'Know
.* ft V *U -
vtjtjT-A'W-ui.if i>^rvi) ■**
j4„\V. II. R088, M. Pi<P., returped from
4yiunip<i&.tiBt*,-'i<Iay:' -      *",'/*" "-1
% l&ffiffhigworthf'of :,.CaJbahado;' wnfc
'•AiVour'sfi-eetriast'Trrdayrn'A ^
Friday.- g
■ f^-aB,in.towu4aist.W-iidnesday.4^-4.;.».7-M^
, || The*regular Agitt[ng?of ithe.county
. l*court|WiH open horeon the lotlj lnslaut.
•        ||* Mr.  Biui Mrs."N;#*E.f'?Bi-ole-fi came
Ibo\' n frotu Cranbrook and spent Sunday
.    ; |n the'cityA-*',',--'''^'-''- A'''"   A'-'V.'/
-• *-,  ,.l That's a beau!tifni-,*iratch that Wright,
phojeweler, is offering aa a,prize to
..%.'-■  ^uoBsors in hiu beau contest.  ,>,.. .*-. .>,
Ji. B. Mckibbdn.* of1 the-iCanadian'
poneral Eloetrie Li-jh^C^^atJXfSS!SS;
jiere froni''itoBslaud last week. -   .' ^ -/-
Jud^e Wilson has"not,yqt delei mined
|iis place of residence and Cranhrookers
kswell as Fernites are expeeUut; ,'.„..,
' _ • - K #£i»-   .- f-J**-" r«S&ki.
g Dr. W.' H. WilBoii; formorly of Feniiii
iud;la)!elcitl'Morr}ii8ey, hnB began,'the*
practice "of, medicine in Winnipeg-.
Vntll Tuesday' text" at which time"" jh'e
nrelimina'ryffil^'ii'-f will be concluded.'i
*,,i... -    A L..   s**   ~ I*i •?.*.*««   ,',0,'
■ Dr. McSorley, of Michel, wns in town
yesterday^- ■ • . -
J. G. C^imrainii*r8vJD__L. cS.,. deft ..foi-
Kelson thiaiporuiiiir.*  *.j{-..«^ ■.*.*.
" I'van-Poi)lo''i8,in tho hospital,'-sick
ring from
alight attack' of typhoid fever*    „<./
'.'-*4 ^   ,* ' (
Two-rages-1 were* promoted to; the
y-}tnkf0j.E|quir6'.bir the K. .l.'a on Monday night.*' " "\     .- .".  '       ''■■-'  '
5'TeaS wlir bo^aoWcd at Stork's liall
-^foxtjrugsdilyii'-iJoe. 12tli dui.ing the
afternoon.   Donft forget the date.  ■   ■„
jsii Mir*   & * -faf*'
'Mre.:MacPhee, of Macleod, is .visiting
friends ih yie^cliy jfor-afejv. days.;^ iShe
•:»the guiietof Mrs.AV; W.'-Tuttle... 7
church will have tho Christmas tree |jn
,chp-feag.e-a hall oiutha.night Wpprldiy
,- Georgo Doyle, of Greenwood, jh hero
fttkiii(i'the1plfico'of XV. A1. Martiif in t^e
Calgary'CattlbjCd., .during/Mr.   M»V
4j-/\>- J
The Ladies' Guild of Cbrjst church
don't' want j6d*to?forgotv tholr ^bazaar,
!at Stork's Kail next-To-isilay 'afternoijH
.!     ,-,-IJJ        ,.»,    •!,-.     -.I,   ,,,,>.   ,	
.i.'Mr.-tBIalr. who met-.with.EUch nn i|n-
iorUinato.accident'at thei.tipple,a we,3Jt
sHLAwf) agoi8;out. of tho hospital anil
TeeUrig all right again. - ,   a -
^7'J.ho Ladies Ala of the Baptist church
willJnql(J a'pie social in the'Eagle's hji|l
on Monday, eveiujig, Dec 18th in aid^bf
ttferchi4Tfeli;BulMiiig fund.      '        H>
•>■'». 1 y*c ■
' The ballfglven hy tho East Kootenay
Rifles, at Stork's hall last niglit^ wasjj&!
brilliant,aucce3sandit„is,saidvtliat tne
.hoys.wlll repeat luo.entenalnment. ^«'
friendly, iajfarest, in v,tlieii^'ii*i'ork.   The'
attendance'-.for the   pa*-t  month   was
for a day or two of one or two rooms."
tr *.-.Tli^i Coal; Outrput.i va,\x
Tlre;:0titi5U{"6f c(*al^aMiio^iiiios"'foi*'
the ijioeek^euging Fnany-.i Dec. 1st;
wvu^j|)l®ws:;s^-4.i-5 -y^^-'^M :;
Coal Creek-. A -' •' 9,183 ions;
Mldt^^^Wot'^ A ^0.5207.':
. '      -.asV'lTWi*-, * ,
.Vf^Totar^:18.1(50  ».:
^A$ihY- ^-^Pr^.    .   .
-   Dccliiro, Liu-go -Dividonrls.   ■
' -'^v&^^'i-^ ^ ykY^i v-5   -
'   APone-xtriiorJiniiry.meeting 1,0/, the
' »***»«*•/*'' .* ■ J ■ . .  '.     A-' -'"-f'-'"^.^S      ,.
UdM-j^iirNeK '
wiis,nl^l*i^ii,ceil tllulullK^Compitny had
decliire*d^i^'ivi&en(l-^:of-'3 "pur cent
umountiiig^W^o^ooa This is the
largest dividend over bn\A by aiiy niiii-
ing compjiny'- in*. British 'CoIuniBia.
Thi-f taken wilh'the dividend-:-*).'$133,-
63b paid two years ago 'makes afitohil
in divddenjls paid by .this ^-ompaniv 9
$s3M3o*^ >ylft*
Yitiij Wheat, ,Slup.monts. •
\yinnipe"g,-,,Dec. i,-f-The close of.No-
vember has brought the results of three
1 * '£ 1 -*v % .if  f ^ ft s *• .'» -1 . !   /1   ;
^'^rqis/of thq c*mp 3-e<y*-viindv has nlso
tlliose finnsadvertising in The Ledger.
,»^ Wrl^hlCij'iock^ lor lCi*uas,«*i8- hfctflf-
MsbOiied aiul you can buy without^feel-
Jug that you are having your leg'' pull*
flfed"      ,t',X    4L_".C      , ,J.    ,7-,'r     ,,   ,.   .,'.' -",4-      -*'   -'
% It Is reported that the Romanoffs are
" foauiin'■ulf.td.Geirinauy. - What-(uu nie
■ Jiid GoVwill hafve tbVet those4 Kbtrfau^
•^herrls'nd- -iscBool-board it-presont
1 school for si
ini'alotig to 1
(The Brotherhood"
McLeod'has cIobihI
days non
•'Jutlg!3 WUson.arrivcs irj.the citj- this'
evening* an^ wil§hold-^ho.mbnrs   to-!
morrow at
gatipn^soifiat grain figures^are.j,be-'
coming inore and more interesting.!
Marketing at minor elevators has  now
pj-i*  v')t w;.-*«--\j.    y^
Tho* J\FiiUng,|flduslry.     "J -
-The-Neltoii News is fo boc6ngrati{-
Jated ntibn iiB.eiiterpmeiii'pfii-ufijig-fM-
its renders the.,Very,>yaliiahle week l.y
resume of tW out-put'of Hie mines and
smelters of tlie.Kootciiiiyjaiid.Yjile miu|
iiii* indiisti-y.',/.We* ipOtfrom lai,t'Sui!|
day's issue of thu Kews-'Uie fdlldivihg
"The- bhipntentH /of if ore,,from the
l.oundary liiiues-Inst week totaled 28,-
•I20,tons. .Total from'tliei'o_in-^n''-8ifor
'-he; year "e'ndii'g'.ll.'Bt'1 week' '833,744
tons. From,.the .Uocsland -.piines the
shipments were'4,077 tons.- Total"foi;
llie.,yefiF to the.cnd of'nstweek! 303,18;.
ions. jrbo.8hipji_joiits4>-oin Slocau and
lCootcriay'polnt^.v^ori^70^'t/in3. ■ The
17GIJ8 ton>'; 1 lie, 15.(C., 9^l?Per ■ received
S',717 tun:-; the Doiniii'lou'rcceived 201')
ton's.'* •-*.■'- ■■•'=*■-.' '::"A_ r[
\TI10 total tonnnge of ore trontod'hy
these Kineltms.fiviv the >,j-enr]. to dato is
S57,181 toris"*^5*' ''''"Y. * '.'r ■ I
"fTlio Cnhfldlan Piheltlii^work's'troal-eil
duripg labt week fiyasr'ijOot.tous, iuul
tlie^Hiill Mir*,e'svs'n'ielter.ji-eati'd2-28 tonsi
T.lio, ciii^ppt;fpr',Jait t wook|.wji9;., ver>|
^gllt7hytiJs/^1Jb^4t.l]J|l^Oll.if.^^viil''*!be n
shipper from now'oh'jtho ouVput will bo
, ,     '  -.1" A/t«n,tt.i    *,-
Minch larger.      ' — * -'■-
Busincs-s." «'•'
■Hi 1
10 o'clock a. m ,jand coun'-ty
court jiidgeB Criminal* court at 10$jC)
a. m. * ' , -   . iy
^-•Tl*>\lan1es,bf tlie Guijd, willj-provide
lots of dainty Cliristmns cooking for
sale atthelr<,b.i*iaaiMiext .Tuesday • anil
every old bachelor in town should be
there to lay in his Chrlettnas store*-''-. '£?
Poslmaster^ Johnson, A. W. Bleasdoll
and? \V. '?-Tu*tney-| ha'-te^returhiid froii
their hunting trip to Sheop Mountain".
-to th| P^i^ll^t^l^jjlay n'ffht «nd|i
(food crowd of'skaters were on' tho.ic||
Siiicj S^(turday|^lr.  Digby has iraprii*^
ooo.hushclsdi.ive.'been ninrketed'-oh the
Ainericitn sid<*.and have gone tuit froinj
the:port;,of/:Duluth under Minn'esolo'
inspection.*'.Th*3.amounl'i-iri*arl-.eted is
nearly'double tliat' bf llie same"'date
■    ■    ;j«-t''J  4" '_t >.-f.<';t> '
.4.*.\'M!f41i--Sl>4'it4iltji •
'  il\(s .-',.' . )   ,-..,-.- ..  w.C.^:'.^-   I"'-
Moro.about Windy,,Arm
-,;.    ...   .-  ,--,,.<i.    --ft   " -.
jwWo.are in vocoipt o[5li}illutiiiB oiie-aiKl
(wo issued/from-the-fprtivincial 1 Bureau,
of inuies.flCcoinpflnied,l)y a well execut-.
ed map of the A'liiiminiug,di9trict which,
includes the Wiudy'Arih Sections, now
iiltrapting-jflo" much at'lcriijipn^. 'plie ro-J
port of J. Fleet linbiuiToti is a very inter >
esting.document fro'iR;»Kliicl. ■J'6**;.pub-;
liHlied soino-txlrncts'-in our Iqst issue.!
We take;tlie'foliowiifg Ifroiiiitho same:'
'"'From.the plans seeii of -the..'various i
properties, it wouldxnESear that there,
.-in'caei'aiid west soriftshnd, north and'
south -8enes:!,which l'iH;<J,';sciies/to.tli&
jOt,4       4.C ■        4 - W,;MJ..,.. '-( - —I      *    "
last year."
t.llt , -fiii
' * Benevolent Society.
4.3,4    -.*,l-(.(. 4J.-.i   I   *      fi    *^4.*vV,.i^    'fluil
The annual meeting.of the Ladio'sj
Benevolent Society was" held in the
Odd-'FeHoVs hall,Saturdayrvbec,5"'2ir*i.-
.The"foliowiiig7*onicor3s we'.-e-ielee'lei!-;;
presidentjiMrajAs B,jTril»8, fi»if locted);'
1st., yjcg^cliclenfA'MiV.'- D^t. Mote;'
2nd^^Ice;nr%sYdeh\MMriir JV»»R. Ross-'-
secretaryj^ Mrs. S. Herchmer; trcaaureri'
son, .and, La we. ,1 he-.>SQciety>-,haav81
*!'ll-i-» j^'Ti i.
owifr plant has famed. -B^e.CiW'jmdrjt'
bjv -  -       -4   - u wejregiv«n,thrce'mQmh§M'*ll »* ha,l*»
—     •*»'   Vf  tr m*„'    4 -. *-*^}*l- *•   -n   msm~ " T--     ^m*r ft
jection of ofllcers la^t Thursday night? .^-^^^K-^v^ft^^p^**.-.      «<
IheipS^tlilflSoi^ ikrtPlF^^P^e^BRWrate   last
:blGh>.wclaUtline.at.cards .wiw on* wepkAThoyswer^hqlplng;jtempjirarlfe
\ytdi       -   rf"'/;■'"   \ ■"" '  " in the trnnefiM-lng of goods for tTrltoj|
Munldpal ownership   it pftvlng in ,Jr8*ntld *failod to doItvor aU-t|
Irockvlllo.   In Hvo yearstl.q.liglit. «uid J^tf ffiefoot hold of.                  ■ »
will take the form of a song service
.^.KMii^f .rty^ii^H- ? Thl
choir lulely organized and under tlie
lelidershln o*f--Mr.-'JoliniBiggs^ is pro-
hftilfth^jirjan»iln?«*08t(47'b,(^ifle8rw P'j iSju;riil.fiy! ey^njij-^, neif\\ f,\b* io(|
itiit liilereat and writing off. ?5,C82 for. ins tVrthewRervice ofthe .Baptist- peopl
Bprociatlbn in pUot
!fil|l bad a^bijlboflrd^, BUI ialpojijidn;
|.ard bull, The board bill borcij. Bill
h tliai-'BilT'sold'tlie UlliSiMrd'to pay his
ward hill. So after Bill sold his bill
Wmrd to pay liis board, the board bill
|olong6r bored"'Bill.'^fex. y*^"-
&Mri». Tlio-iiflai"Itoolia loftv on Monday;
^*or tho GniHt Northern, for a two
months visit with hor son Paul, at So-
tUllo. While ft way Mrs. >'Ilooks'will
islt Hosoburg, Portland, 3iu», PrancU-
S and othor Cal Ifoi-nla cltlbfl.''- V ^ '7'
1101th cf Pooloy; Caowiji'.hoars to the
nurth-we.'-.t, aiid'soutli o\ the Canyon to;
tlio south-west. ' It coulll not be learned
thatias.yet any'dev^lopfnolitehad^beeii
done o.u.aiiy;,clain)s^nl Jho>.,H:est jSide of
Windy Arm south of.Uip 150th' parallel'
On the east sido of0th« Amron'jCpjirad
Mountain, which.is cnl^tffc^OO^^ar-
allel, a la'rWf«w^'-6r"t)f%a.m^
^tflfed.lato.'tliis, past sumnior, biit these
have not yet .receivediji'iii.chi'j'ileyeloh-
h Sa ©eimrtmentnl
•- Premier- '•McBnac- and' Finance
MitiisteF'Tiitlow'liijve'gone d»wn-!-to
Othi'-ivW.'* Ttirbiito 'and*-:Montreal r»
dt>pJFtinehiairi}-jsi'niVM.' :\Vc'" don't
ktiow;\vIietliei* this.nieahs a departure
li-bm_present pofcies, '.av'new'depart-.-
i.iuvnt of- some! k ind'or, other,"or, - a- ''departure from ilid'«e.ver-ilAlepartmen-
laI*oflices,' now-licld*'tSy these-honorable gei'tlbmen,* and-'aivappoiil to the
people for a longer-lease'on-the' dc-
-partinents at Victoria.■■' - ' ." '"
j.i;Tho phrns-?,-7| departmental bua-
iness,!' is an-e'lastfcone ntid.verycon-
v-ient for use .in'the present' instance.
.Ottawa; -Toronto, MONTfiBAL'prob-
nbly express'.-s the relative''import,
jinco in whicli these three places will
trip of the ministers, toi.tligelet6" J'iist,'
ithd thev may ,bo ablp-ito.-retu'rii. t
VJctorl a with a, c\-own;, grant for ' 1'
bra^djiic'.y. .raiiway jaglicy-', in theii
iHjpk'cts.... Thoy were, unable,'to .per'
feet title to a railway policy.■durih1.'
.tlie.last session^but,,.' if .nt_.firstt';j'6i
doiVt succeed try .again" is a'good
maxim to. heed, >and. this ."depart
mental business'/trip mav'-result ir
1. i-i      r t    ,-    - 1 id    1  ,        "        . -'
■i rail way. policy^acceptablc to all thi ■
b^g Vail ways and.Boino"ct*jtfes. people, -
.'Wo i»ije,assnj*e^iy8itit!,tho.; tinanci'S dr
the province'are in ?.a, satisfacton ■
-condition,and -tlmt there..will ,,be a
8tirp!us to carry ,ov.pr. to the ik*\v ve-li*;-
,and if to^this.jCan botad(lfed.a,r'\|iwav
policy^ 'so arranged as ..to .meet- the-
demands ol all ilw'r-i'ilroiuiC'thus se-
f^ii^t^f-■^t>,i^*L"'^rf'w,'-'*'»fi* i*-"'*1!'"' r,V ■■■♦*»--J-i-iM*-.-rf --i--     t
curing their support, it'is likely, that
jthe premiM- woulu appeal,, with   nil
■'confidence, to {Jie,people  f(*r  a  new
1 lease cllifeJB*^' <Hg?. ,
\   However, tnere  nre seyenil  unf
l>*Ml%jfe^ia^d^«ua>%Ipdint!fl ■ tp
Ibelicve that tho government -rtillcon'-
[tinne to endure the;pt';ijsent ills rath
Specially Contributed by
',;;;.   Oiir Own Staff '
-,!l'.   '    '   '-Mo'rrissley.'   '"'
Special to The Ledoiiii:'     ''      .-      '-., '    *
Carbonado people are leaviiij*-: with
trunks and baggage by every, out-going
train.1     ' *      •       '     ^"~f   '""" •'
. j.  ' 1 .• , : <       	
Tho Tobacco  Plains Indians have
struck' for home' after -! i.illing  Iota 'cf
4'.-inie.-    -    ' - -   •'  .-.-■'-• "'• -,,
.   .    0   ..       .-     -''   .        ■    ' -   *   ,,
.Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell left for Fernie
vo he absent two weeks.
,E. C. Wilson got two d&or on Fiiday.
Fred Larch is back from Michel- and
..s.agxyn ou duty... ;•'.,,   -•      ■   .'
•to^ioveon to Patigohla, a governf
^n'ent supporfti-jmig^JitAbe'^ved'out
of thatp6litiWM6s,*l.biitlat'r; Hdiis-I
•ton indicates a desire to travel north-?
1 i .X
twU»fi.<ihln«g,iQr.o-if ded out last
voiik wm a notlco ol tha doparttiro 0!
Mr. nnd Mm. II. ^M^* f»&th^'
Jminoin Alloahniiy CityMff VfmWri
in a very energetic, young man and his
rom pa liy kuepa hli« bui'y all tho tinu-
Ivoklpgnfti-i' tha many steel, structui-ofl
■biliig orocted In mflny parts'bf'tlio
country,ti ..,  ,A.      .,    .   /..-.,
Tlio pliiralK.'ra/ nf Toronto, Vo' luyv.'
ing * llvoly ilmcijuit now Ingh wx^tvr*
or lo kcop tholi* iliicli plpi'i/from laik
\t\ftC, .\vi»eB7tl»jpy'g(it ij.lcajc iii ojrxxt placo
pat'in^'UP flom-uthing broHU^'loofio In
ai.otli.-r.t-'-Vlif. trouhloK, Imi fiprondto
lUmlltonniiil "land plpo ulnchen" aro
■notqiilloio tttit ttf-ltibr'*%£**$•,*
inoiithrtago. "«p~-*-,«.- - -
...    wit'.-** 'ti't-rAJitt'tt'   iittts *
Wo nro pUanoil to 1flnrnttji.tt,pur.
follow tnwnanmn, Mr. SlnltWl,  lmn
^Atmm'muutmi proflf. ;..ni»
wlifih bmixr f-mrfaoMiMof.-fi-* Iffpir n,
<lm|ln t1i«fclty^-fiit-^0 l.opjtti-tiil^oefi'
iiokSttiniitiiE li|n ^-BrmiiBonr *adt-ip«r*iir-o
fwOTmo^tV!** *^«- ■"""  1
VtxrfftfotlmUniarnlHorinf tho Crow:n
NkrtZ-1*»'-*;rt'» ofl-urnic, U'V'ifn* t,tits
Utiwirxixx'j'w*. Imi dcclt|oiUo,|ocnl«i
Dr.WaUh In tho Baktr-Wotk.' Tlio
jlnutBflin icrniliinti.oi'.Mjiiilfnlm Mtd*
h\mpwwVrm,mv,9l, *♦    , /
jffm'iiinnt p\ iho'tlaptiiit'clJiifcii.1
rii»*,l,KJM.i.n* call on*.Monday,
{cmploii aimika Impofully t)U tho
j-if!'!«, '■Bort-^T^tlftti.^niJ. toM-iia,
(i.ife r/ould hii -.ovarnonteJ on a
Vnrdttlilawe«li. The xxt*fjwAU
(IcsiM'l ^* tt(ll:i- w UowUnd Avu.
ne«|i5i« ro*ldrnc« ol^twOufhlo. llfi,
hnplraJH) nh)t to dliporo of tha loti on
mood, at • prlr* lluit will leave them
V. qnlto a baUnt* to apply toward! One
1 'imlMli'itOf Hi* notr c-fiurvti.
Pank,of Hnmil.qn.,.  ',   . „ ,,, 8
Tho now mill, of tho^Elk Lumber CoJ
Is pr-fgrriMlng!vn'p\dl'y* 'to^'complotloi^
T^lio upper fvjinio hn.B,becn put In position and tlio' 'iron'rooting Is i)0-.|
In j-diu-o, ^WMy tlgi roof on and Ui-j*
shoi'ttiig on* the" isidei tho machtnrry!'
can be put lilvpUia^lthout .ttie-'-dJaft-:
grooaliloprosoncoof'flnrtw all Ihrough
tho.i-alU,   Mr<,-poy
assisting needca ra'ftes' wfiich*cfiiin'ot\lji'
OBtitnated. in-dollarsjiaiuli-(-oiita.'.'Tht'.
receipte.for..tl*.e y year." just. closed, were
lf49M0,J' **" *-*«***»»*•■»• ' ■s*"*  **»*
';* "-iyt\*■>-■:-' 'ty > •••;-'.k;-m,i   , *
.",!'.    'f iir-K.-r. "!"•-• -J* I't 5
-.7      In'th^^FlatUpa^^j,,;-;!,
.;. yohn,G1.6yno,1i^anagonfbi: tKel^j'utJi*-
cast Kqptenay£poal;A; Petroleum Company, ha8'a crew 'of IabbrQS»-<at. work
unakiii-; proparationa. for. establishing
boring -machinery, onJIio ..cpippany's
now enpnge,d,in,vb.i*lldlni*; roads and
coiiBtnictlng cabins. A's-'aoon as'tho
i-oaUf i ar a^ eorpftljbtcijl^ii nii-jnt? j?iiil|jctr 111
faU'ofsnow foi*uigo,o.cl,. oasy- nh'ddlng,
inttcliltiory now,a waiting tranpportatlon
*wi|lbo takoti ln'/><A'Htaiidiii'dt3,0iK)fool
purposes will bo iiiou9i^ioi-'<lHjtf^>^r
U0 dnys, anj^'-wojffe'^wTll'i^a^cofi-flhu'ail
;diirlng lh,H winter. ■     „
Tho^ coin pany ox'pcfcVj|/to el,r) l(oj Ql] at"
from 600 to 1500 feet from tin- imrfoco.
It Isjostjlmij^jd^iat -{his, \vl.ll bo, accoufjj
1ocStiorisvh"oM'eveJ%   iudicatOj.that tho
inlnerafS^eifbeltf,W^foui1d V pass
oxtj>»elonv-there is a'prouiiBin^eld, for
'•^p^tflla^^^V^^'' '
""■ ■*^Hv&h'6H,^o"neml' imnilgratijjjn
if *lh e^-T^I-J-A Sa-nSeraacl-Mi
iwater in it^njid thoViTec.t.jyas.not o(.
k lasting'nhlij-re. '""if''tt th'ickt and thiif
- .7 .    ■*' Ooiil Crock.- *  *■•'
ip«iliri'to^£|,Kj)U^i«j     ' -'   ''"1-   '^.-.r
The Coal Creek Library and Ath-
etic Association have been rearranging
lie running gear of the club iind (Wr.
flios. Keith; set rotary now, has'charge
-ifttlie room's and superintends the nin-
ting of the club with the assistance of
}. P. MuIdrcwVis'biirtcndcr.    ,
- The inenibershiji of the cluli"is.rapid-
<iltV,incroasing and is now over 250. This
usures an a'niple 'revenue to carry on
liic workof'lhe Assoctalioli with viijor.
The mcml.ers nre actuated "ri ith the,
laudable ambition of making this club,
not only the largest, but life" best-club
of its kind in the province. ' !
... ,     , ,    -   .,,.     .     .   .■.    .....s -»■ 1'' J*-**-*.
'" The skating rink, which was stnrted
nn its course lb\compietion- S4ion  after
. .- 1
the opening of the C.   C.  L., A. A.   oh
i *-?■''. -r -'•'      - *
the 3lh Ult;  is now,ready foj-j the witter
i .
as soon as it can be  turned  on.   'Tlie
1 i
rink is sixty by sixty yards in  dimeii-
<ion with a dyke, sixteen feet wide at
the top nnd sloping, tb fourteen .-'feet -it
ihe botlom extenJing entirely; iiroun'd
it. This-will f provide jji ycry fine
rink and* lhe, Scotch contingent aip
ijiinkiug of foriiiiiig* j'a 1 curling cluH.
If this, i.s dohe-il shoidd-set things rour-
i hg'in -Fern ie.-'*"-*-'*i--,"!**"™>-'"*"" -"a*-."ooi«a*' s
! •       ..--.-' y ."*.;'.   1 1 *
I-Mr Lett, head, j earlier, .of (he Coal
Creek .school lias resigned his  position
to t;ike etTcct^yliehoIidajTjiecess. tl
 ^ .
rent of
tooths' \<t3»dioyp.;taku.n;.dp^
Uo South
ry.loUla., $5,8ui,.100tipMcV|ie nuinbOi;
« ncreo*ofz land jiojd   foulifflifcpoo'm
M     LVBl1,     .1.4'  41 4-..-" H   • ^•jZl-.TlW      ..t.i
mis loiHJ2,<-)75.aci-C8. Thfrli^work
e'-rallrcjid* iyi-tji'lii **ToV vo-)bbHoqf
IfnVercomo prinlclpnlly from Illinois,
VlrgTni.irWest Virginia"; We-itern New
there would be, no
o»«i^^   .
ouston'a seal;
ro, talk of aiii
'''      '.- ?
them (■ff--P."*,riiii*ns it (H~to?which he
received  sibiiut*  ?7J000~'-.Tlils''*aalo
&wici{s the receij ts'of this .prosperous k;
raiftier to.ov.:r $10,000 for cattla.lbi-i 4 ' -
- , . '     IS*
season; ,Th'e cattle, wevte driven t3in\
^lijntirc distanc'"5 and it took ten. days
to make the entire trip.   Last year
Mr. MciC.-iy brouifhr. down 175' whicli.
*wWe iUso sold lo P.   B irns &" Co.
-.•*!>* -H-   -*^.-T „    :v
1 hose sales arc'evidence of what env a •
be done in tiio KoGfeiihy valley, t.i *
thocjittle business.    Mr.- ^.rclva'v has ■
from 350'to 750 c'lttle on hi*- ranch .ill
J<lie time, and most <>f them he imlsl's.-
Ile bus little trouble carrying- thom"  *
through the.w.iiter, and-givW tlu*m'
very, little Iced, as the rich gr.iss in
the vality .furnishes the best .->f gi-.,z-
ing..,. .ATii.h Mr. McKay were Wilijam
McNeil, Ski iJuwctson, B. IloweUoni"**"--
Percy Hurt   nivr.Stdiil-.iy r/ingcl**,
vyhi) c-'iiuc along to take enru, of tho    '
Cfi'ttle.. 'Altfti; the c:ittf« were deliv-'    „
cree), Mr., M.'K'iy' had tho b»ys rc-
miiin Iii town for, two d-iys to get .a
uisj.0**vf^ " Tiu;y ,are   -
a jolly uiholo-s.'ji.led 1^ ;md met and
'made inany friends.liifiiigfa'cii-brief   •
'slay'in cranhrcok. *'"
::- It is lho ;kuy.i)f every one in Cran,
.brook to standjbyi the new'council m
longas they ai-c working,iii the interest of the cily.   Fair-mindtd, mm
eanot alFord to do otherwise,  and it
the inembcrBof Uio.cr.uncil will keep
clear of. the. partisan,, feeling, • .lny'
.isido the idea of friendship,  will re-   ,
fuse,to listen to, tho seductive tones i.f
.iny^wouid-be  politic il   busies,   will
keep in view the welfare of the city
above all other considerations, and
not forget .fhat they aro the servant*
.of the people ani not  the  master.),
they  will'.h-tye an .'opportunity  10
iiia'kc enviable nimies tor themselves.
11. <    ,.
.Otherwise th.ev.w.ill .have in the brief'
time'tha.t thoy, arc .in.power a'fidppor-
tnnjty .tj?v»lip' tjuiptly,,into oblivion.-
The people waiit/a'Ci ion, thev wans   <-
business transacted, thev want their-.
''••.I* *■-( >   •■ -   •      .   •• ,„ -
l.est,in|.«jrjc,sis_ip>Ji.-.ei,vt(i, .no matter,.if
i'ny'op^ iiidividuaJly must sufleivpo-
* ««(,.   ^lAJVjK-Vfv **?-.+        ^m    1   '  * ^f*fjl- i-.    - T "W ,
, * . **ir»*.**f-"     I   f '..;'■'^fmt.mmt~mtnr
%-J, A 7   * 'ORANftROOK
,,a*fci..^.urv*»^***A5 --**-
-<r..'.ittf.   -.***»4*-
appeal to the* ..country.
I Tho reeciit itxpc^iunceB,ofytIio {roil4
jond pcojile iii' "political* contests has*
|iot b'eeit\,oyy_;eia8!iuL-.jn and;
|f the ministers succeed In satisfying)
■pntcring intone railroad^Jopislacion-
probleijlixlioy will hnvoiicwinpllshcdij
what they signally failed to .do liib^
}  '*i> ■/ . Froui'.ilio-Pr.SipoK'JOr
J'   . 5.V*. -■ .    - f,   .■ ■ 1
\A rppnit'from'Bayard Is to the effect
tjiat.thc.Stap.es jnill Ht that-pliiM-Hii-is
closed down".       ' ■-.»• .-**
i  ., i-,?-    •*,    H.     -v    ,--',:-yi   '  .i'i   »
[Mrs. JeRcle'^Velhuan was a gtiflst nl
tiJAf^jdenci^.. Mr. and' Mrs.. J, It!j
PpIlock.'/it-Pehiic, this wsok b
liticallv,  .thev,-   want-.cotis-ii-vuiive
.4.   , * ■*    - 11-11-  -    . 1. '
progress,,they^want the*.town man—
iigediiii a way that will make  it • a .
grow'ing.town niid-not ono' that wilL
!**> 4,iltmm-'*>>}'**m1**t*rmi**v*'fi" WlmfUMSti* <
,-nton ^H!;b«^reajljft
tot' liio' n'raVSun'of
,offB ,n.tSf •^#?fB^SJ3;.
Fpr montli«,p'iBt, •ffni'ts* Imv^Vonn^
undpr way to" iiih'o'ni.tco. Tirtt'Labniiit
ollieb. (The proprlotorXwaa rn'oro * Hum
wllllnflit biit * tho enkCo^ntir-y * rod*tnpo
provalloti, and it was on \iondny morn*
lD^Do^-U.h|''l|ihat 1)10 labels arrived
mid wo VoiVonfltl'iut* to tholr uso,   All
along Jiiii LiinoHii \xtxt hpw.'-'cori^uctnil'
/lii'.unCbn 'ltii^^* palil 'u-ii in nV^A_|i;e.-t|" .work •
od tin Ion iioi\rH, and with tlio. priyilogo
of using tlm lahnl, wo look 'forward  to
s^liat jtalJpoiiiigW»it|gonogjjiHly oxtoml
■oil lii ihffpaM-^6liiR*tnrgo1y Incronsi'd,
iiow«thatJVera*tfiWilo^ ttf« comply" with
tha'fdoalroiJ of onr fellow   unionists
throughout tho dlntrlct. •*■	
Winter, aa two,dth^r^m^^
from yancoiivo^r^ni; onV'froui'JtliG
Dallcii,  Oro, iifeoc-t^toMiavo'i-Igsfiil
JPolMJos Tlu   SnHkiitchownii.
Tho polliion! contest IfTat' it\ ^wlifU'
hent just now In Saukatchewaa,- F.
»>r     it      ir   ..i..i_    i.v   '1.1*1. ii*^.    '.-' <4
.Tlio Big-mill of tho Crow's Nest LuniJ
herOa*. at Wnidner closed down I,-ib|
Saturday-/oMhe-winterr* It-la roportnd
tbat this compnny*will-cut ovorli.,000,'-
•QPP,-feot ,0(». iogs^durlng.«tho,*-.wlnter
mouths, 1
retiygradp,. and" they know that mui^j  ■■
dcicn^nixj/i.tbe city,,council. .K--
mail 'iigreater tlu-n.b.s Maker. ;A   -
.few days ago -tlio". mayor, Rnd./ilia.'   „
.council >yero.,pltiiut^i,,izei)a ,witlioijt,
titii^AT;jie.i people,- inadia ■jthdu*--. ^nil*-.:'. i-.-
]Jie.fk«^Ic!,c>an uninakc them: ,Th<., '
^oinre'cpurseoij'.tho' Herald wili'.U.;
&)iitrollud Ijy.tlio aotion,.of the uiaym*
aiul coiii'icililaudjlje.it^ui'c ^urse.ot    "
a largo, majority ,0.1, tliq;..voters of •
Cmibi.-cioXSyijIl,Iji?^ controlled, lu the ■ -••
?ame wijjr, V[,|*|io"-jieop!p urp waiting.   '
t j.s up'ip(jhe,cyuiioil.io .rnako* gowl,
aii3 it is up to'tiie,people to giro en-
cpjiii'akeincnt fi'ss lopg.^as.. (.ncoufagc-
inent.is descrvcti.    . ■',,•' .   "
'. ''."■■•"■"■   y t     :^t
that moiif'i'-l.'min^
t|iftpn8f,yt*»jjrij,,A« \* a^Jr Btatnd;'o][
tlio .nncro.tnryr.tlm amraiiv|o dollaw
and miiU wlili'lt lm* l-iUfc^KMlwuif! UA
illWibutjd^'llui HoiliWUrgHlm Ilii,
AW? .'J^,J'J.'Htf,«(jJ tf./i.jWiMiii'Miii M$
uood avcomplUlro I tlirOttSh'.thwi* i.ffn|M*
but,wo look for Mill Kmvr.mutn ifti*r>
ODtiWiy,t»yn t-.*    ^ifflb^I ^• iiii
•;:>oAr^r.a(jWi«l I «Wi
alf oiidanco and fionMipUFffih^
Pi Novpinhor;,;,piir;jMpp]a^) Mt ia|«
i)nm.j. i.Intar^Uni!^lf,P,li% aid
wu arc liicll.u-d t-iyil'TtiV fpat tin' W
ItniilniiceUtiotiiHiiirgfl or 11 ragnlif
'Tr%wW^wt*W*J4.*#« *w
Mirlr clilrifrorinra liTwnVi niriliiiii.
\tx udioolifTifrday^ I*i»li
pariml* aivTlrTeiiJ*
rundcr (ha U<k of tlm teachari much
Ifljhtor nnd add «ri*ju.y to the ramltt of
tticlt him by umilfvi'.liM * lUely and
/  ' -., KcHlgnoiriit,<IiiiiHt.^l1i
■"«    ■-«. 'x/Vc^
Mr, Balfour fqrinerly ^tsjlfltt^ww
i-i-iilgnutlon.togf!l'lior with tMiniq^ot^H
iiHsrfclnlo 'Hiln'lkten to Ui« ICfiy^ttfte?.
day niul,,tlniy,:wijroiiccc|itodi ;*IJIrtr.MflJ-
jnNty linn Invited Sir Henry., (^ippbuU
:UaunBirjMji|ilt9. an liiit.o^vJJ.iJ^iqdAy,. ...apd
mlRHou of fui'iiilng ,a ui|w .ciibliiat,
Tiinrohnnuch n\ oi'Ulit{(.ir t\» 16'] Who
will bo called totho nowVnMiidt.'iilitilt
In  ->(ir.(>rnlly prudlcted   thnt' Mnrli.y,
iUiir.Vftr.t.vUftiM™Aeaiilihj.-»8lr... Ikiiry
u *mjMW, JBmiuud. JlWb«rtJi.i«ii
O\i(diiloii(i wlll bo found lu tlm utiw
m(i|lNt4iT.; IlniHQjruJtJ yl|lc|i' a-tfonii-d'tii
ful days ago,. t*» thtWtinfis tha 1- llbht nj\l«
wtlji coufti-'lnn tnwrnt to hnvo hern to|n
great extent dldotini'KtrtUwIth tho rnciill
iii.jio U(ti(i-i/ (linn it wini llmuKlit 11
wook *mD tlu-y could hu Tlie n'jirioii*
alUN .b4 hljar ^»|.|e,(^t.rally
lncllnc(| In coitloiH with thu Ilhcniiri (mil
If thin It iloni* it wlll  liiHiiro a fginjit
i.rt.vic u.' 4.*ii',iV.*>-4MUi till) ClliUllth j.illlt'l-
ln fator of>Ath»ji}J)*T|UW mini-try-
But mnpy tiling* cun hfippim in fa tmv
iour ilW8 te»tt*«SgWh WWr/^sjnr^
i   Theeo old statofl will bo good pbu'OH
,lo ROJt<jito/gi7t homou'lf thlB-cnimlj-'i-n-
(tion knaps up ut. prnjiont, raten,   Many
..people fiom tlio tannin utatOH nro coming
j '  ■■        r    ,.T ..-,-'
.' .«ofte?-&-Mi 'Mhil'lf l»m-ch"dd '?*
Tho mutual lutororit* which, rlenator
i'Aldi'lch of lihodu. Inland mid John 1)
4."i-i 1     ,     '4    *. *' r
iUcjukufullor hnvo iii'logial.-itloii f.iv.ir-
abl-B-lo>th6ddc't'rlnir'of Sp"oclJil lVlvll*
lojiu-i In this:,. .Tho, duii-i-.'t'.'r.of JiAuiilor,
^jMdi'lch In tho wife of .I0I1111). Itoi'lcufol-
jL ^I'.'.i. .   iKrom tlw lhiml.1 \
James McEvoy, geologist'blc^rt of
tbo? p. ij. P. C. Co., ;ForuloT" "wiih iii
PfiiiibrocKdui'liiffttlio'weck.'* *£  ' .
V- "' *   ^
. -i,.i
From tlio I,o;iilnr. .
I Jinnes Cronin is exrectu'd homo from
the eaiol tomorrow.
"■•' CO. I.uclinuan'K pnsilionosdispen-
atrlcc Htioitttun to things Ilii* gc'iiq-jii;
Sir. Uii-.iltn{ii In now reaping some of
i)hc ci-op of'dllllcultlosBi.rlngliiQ- 'Iroui'
tho crpp^fcwlldtqtita ho-s^woil down.
(11 iJindon'ltist-fiuinmcr^.viillc Iib'wn'a
lioldlug a position to which ho had
btou elevated byMliusnpjJOrt-of poo-
plo.of all purtluii, .aupi>osidly Ucuu«e
ho was Independent of party politic^
I Hon, Mr. Oliver hns plncitl,* Mr.-
tfuultafn In un uiwiin i.iblo iWltlon
by itiaK|uir itplaln thai, lie could .hnvo
liad jilt, uiiiiilhti.kublo vuiiiict, (rom
tho'people of tho two now pro-, Iiichm
,ii|ion tlio ^hofil, and _fluijfll8«ijcB, by
appoiillng to, tiieiiV jiU'timil.'i'f going
■i)o.vi"i to'Lorid/iivand North Oxford tn
jljrlft Mil a'ftdcriil by-olccikui. Jly
doing this Mr Ilattltuiti' would hnvo
c.Petcr Lund of tho Crow'a Nest P.iss !t*'r of thc-bounty Ims now hiivine ns'mc-
jler'a ran. 'Tho fnmlly fortuiu--i, na nil been »|i|Mitlii{r ta thn pnoiilo, who liu
.11111 v lii.i.. n.11  Hi.19   llniilv* iiiiIIk/I.    'I'liii -',.,.- ■ 11 . '1  ..... 1
in ny Min, nie tliua firmly iinltiid.. Tlm
'iiinhitloiiiDf ilohii'D. U(icl;(if.»ller to ho
ji-ninii ii hllHniiiili'ti oiiIIhIm, iih ,inl^lit he
nxiioi'tPdj'tlii. iiot(»i' kyihpaihjr'iif Hiuui-
tor Aldrlcli whiineowiiblij^l ttful'l pt-o-
lit—If tliei-fl cDii.if bo hiijTproil't lii It—by
tlmt nhiioi-imil jicliiiiv'Miiotit,
Il Ih uut iii'ci'Hiiii'y, inthln lr.iitanrr,to
in ike any ui-oIokIch for gojng into fni.i
ily nff-iil *., K litis rihiiiuniililp liim hnrn
pni'viiil.-d In cimiiiniii'al iiuhk—wIiIi-Ii It
lini Ui.i'kuh'ilnr nud Alilrlch 11 ro to
lilnme, und let I lie public. Hut tliu inn-
ilviw li.nilinv In Mm rnnxtn.it i> -"j->"'"i
tion iii «hitvlr«i1l«i3tf*Wtifri»i*fiKMint« between NiiUmi Aliti-ii'h nnd .I0I111 I)
lioul.••feller nro whit tin. liwyorn wnnlil
v-ill "coiiipMiUirinf'iiiu.'.Uoii. No oi.n
(.'-ui liiliifully obj.*iJt ton tnitl.fiil ut/iio-
inci-l ul lho lCJiiion why John I), Km-kn*
U'Iiit ih ppj-j/iiitud lyJjMJi t moro lii/lmico
in tlmUnltod Ktato* fj|i'niilo than nny
real tn(,'nibi)r of thnt body jvltlj ,il^e cx»
weeki* wiiiclinilKhtgtyo to tlm jiulnii* cnp'tlonjif Ilia a'lfcnt—NiiliionWilm.-irtli
latH lhi»1hoprd for lilvanlHgaovm-s Ihttlr
-fiflvorHArl**'-' Aiul n-mill lu tlm rMdrn nl
a cnl'MMi vulivo gi.vnriuiii'iil  10  power.
Until Hi.. !lll!oiiH;um<.*it by.thii .lii-
forenrn In thn P«H,v over the hnntn rn'*-
quoMlnp, HA^'ifo'ni-ralJy cniJjptMU-il
that thurawni no hopo fm tho «utIor#i>*
ment hy tho nloctorat* of thn Hnlfour
now nmra hopeful, which pun nv-rn
•pirlt Into tlm contimt and a very lively
enmpiitgn l» n-Murutl.
Olnlmii, hIioiiIi] luivu boon uniiHtllud,
■^nc-li.ncilon, would not h.ivo cxikhiciI
•film to tlio liih't imllgniitton of tlion*-
nnil« i.f Mb'nn HiipiHirti'i'i*, w\m Iiml
Aldcrt-Ifi'TWBIWW«f*hfHlfu 'iioiiif o!"
Tho-rmmU in Suukuieliownn will lm
lln) rot urn ol Walter .Scott by 11 good
inflJui'llyi.ytAvlilcli will; term Inalo tlm
now prhv!r)i.CB in if ynfAthm toMtumd
jto)liirptthl(ci1ii1»lnfii\B:w!thoiit being
M...11.. id   .litii ((Uisui'iin tyilCIIOill.tt
tn Vi'cp nllVft  rrtt'i'   in.d cj'i fl I'J'jJj
diCt'B,l**i*«*'*i,'f'    <*l"-|u'*-U *
■ .iih ni'.'a? :zy ■
j      A Fnrcwcll   l'nrty.
p.inirt" thirl V- *** t-MM-ifMir»   irnf-hol-Hf  1'
tlm Im rn in llub Mm *{?ay nJchi 10 do
IiiiKhi" Ui riWT-iif "Fflfi-itoV well-knowH
roNlrtnn«,~MPBi"rir, Wrlirht and T^fich,
nf-tl©engineering-atnff nftlio' Coal
WM %i£.mW*'iii.f* ..
j ThclwriWft yijnnjlr men luivo ni*il<*
many frlfiKli fh Ferii.bond thoy w'"
l|.-, t.iL*JM.tl,
LninhurCo.; hns been In tho city for
a..'fuwdiiyu iran*i.icilng business lor
his njhiiy onii'i-prliics. ^ v>,;
■■ ,      •■   .*■ '* '•' *•'   4."    >**' ' -. ."*\
Finch A".Jonos' expect tb*rebuild
( thoir hotel nt Miiryayllle, jriio jigw
_„' bun'dlirjr".will bii tliroo Btorjos-iiigh
and. modern.in every reajicct.-'->, -
Mr. and Mi's. Jiuncs^ConzeiiH, Col-
ini^iio street'" nn'notiiico" tin. eiijingt;
incut ofthi'li'diiuglitor, Alice Clilt to
i-ctcr I.urid,' of iho Oowa Ni'si, I,uin'*'
berUj., N\iii'dnur, H. 0.- Tie ufniv.
rla 1(0 will taki* phots In DcccinU'r.-s-
(Jlmtlmiu, Out., Unlly Pliinet.      ! i**-
* *-.
At the I'rcsbx terlun church, Wcdp
ncwluy uvftiing the MHd'w.lii.lon dn^
cided dn auiidlng into iliu'cUy eniiimh
two rccoinuiuudjitioiiH, inimoly t|iaT
Jniiii-H )^'<in bo, appointed  Ih-.W
coin in iMhincr, anil tlm! .1. II Kl^H
bo npi-olntrd lo tho oilico ol imiII.'O
coniiiiirtiloriur,   Tlm t-teuret.iry of tin*.
4iJ.R.ulul.oi> will .lot in llm 111 liter nt
uiicc. - -
r'»*»d'ii p a llttla on' eoporatlnn law.   li
nf thing* yon tntt Aoln n hn»fm*tt irjiy
., V. C. Mulf n«, ninnagor of the Ou
niuliiin I.ink ol Onmm-i'd, ni'C.ui-
pjiiiled hy IiIh fainlly,''loiivva In u (»•«
'luya 011 n (hicuinoiifiiitVip'ti) l.m''i|>{i.
Dni'liig hIm ij liHoiicu llio.bniiii'h ul tiv
Imiik Itcre'iUII bo inniuigi'd HyH) 1»
iiuwti'i riiaimgor if tho Uerfln.iOntu-
(iu, ..winco who arrived in thu cun
0uTuctHl.1yliiHt.-1   '   7(-ifv        1
Of all tho dirty, c-ntruipdhlo, un-
.ejiillid for |i'i>'tn.il airuci;■* l-vc-j* 'jiaitt-
ii.i -i«)i'M"i >" i-iiiinni. nun Jiuidu )jv
tho Vnnc6vj'r Pi'uvTiica ii|*".n t!i<-
UrltNIi Cilnnjbi.i nicnibui-H nf pr»rll;i-
mciimnll| uliyays i«Wi|,d. out,.u, tin-
hmni liiCaiiNdlitii'inrrt.'i'lWir.; Tin-
limn who niHilo it limi uliown hlniMli
ui Ui s mi v)ln Uhi'i, |i,-.d a Ji.gi.Hv t"
0|H!li t>
euro, nUhoUglvit will'pivb.ihly he re*
Uiiiivd nn long mi llicrcis any p-w^ihillty
of. lhe'price fiillm-**' ngiiiii  helow the
point' now altaiueJ.
'"After a closedown of nearly two
montliN thc m-iv'lilii*.'i-y ul t)u< .St. lui
goni! conreiilr.itor will iiijiuii he stitrlcd
tomorrow'., Ni'nrly a II of ihe mill crew
are it-.*iiiti in town nil I ,\ full force ishc-
Ing put on ul jln* miiwiis fiiit n« pn»-
Mihlc. ShipmenlN lo the winc.tcrs ul
Nelson und Trail will hep,hi iu-.M week.
On lb.1 morning of O.-li-iW '•'.h lh»*
sh.ifi Iiou-m' und other hulhlin^s nl lhe
mlne'wvri* rvduiiul in iinSi.'s iuul llie
nihil! and mill whjv* chiicd down pciul*
in|j llieir ri'i'i.ii*.lriiv.'t!oii, imJ ui'*si of
tin, iiK-ii l;ii*J o!f. The new buildings
are much larger nnd lirltcr lluin lhc old
»n#< hiid lho mill hns lici-.i ilirou*;lity
ini'rh.iulJ*,'J ki th.il cv'i'rylliiiH- Is invx-
ivlli'iit sh-ipe lorn ■•nod long nm,
Tin1 proiUVN for Mnyjo tier*' never
hii 141) 1 it. Tlurc \t ,1 big und siviidily
growing diiiuiid lor l>4>di-lc.nt und :-il.
verniid there-.i-<oi>,l.i J'«j no lV..'r of it
K.jsprniion ill ■■iipi-iiilii»n*» l4.|-"„)e,n«,
lliiniia'ss iu nil liiij'j*' i*. go.i.1.*" Tlw
hnli'lu :11V rupidlv tilling up, lhe nwr*
4;h,imy.iril,|ij-.v, uml ihcie !*• 00 dint*
*,|.|lll.   i'riSi'f    1-4 4 I.   - I'  *
(,. '■'■', .'.',,.,' , 4.'i,-,iii,.4ii,ir  01 the
lent lii'tiiny, .«.!■> hi luvvn W'eihiesdu).
f.V.<4l 'ii*. iv.iJh.l lti.it piiie foi il.i-pu'*
«eul ih.il uniidiu; H'ui.iiiit> 01 tliu l>i>*
mini.hi i'4'tiriiiiiei.t hi'imlv. 'I'll.* i-iii-
ej'.iuiiJiJ -,i\i>. ilu .iiiiiiun: ml .i<.iJe fur
ihi.- purjii'V \i.jj lhc mine t»wiuj\»'fiH\r
no ln«j, A luViJur .ulv.iiue v. ill nie.iii
iiivie.iiliig ivttirmi ««u lend   t.!i!pnit-iii><.
. „ ra'»V «■'■« ai'owh*- wrr.- mud.* v*t,i> h tew i-ucii  In  llio   XVttulc-
wlUMrrHMiyon to leant. i).Bnu.mMr all .xcnvlng tx.ttx* Hitfm d.^.tt* wcwcnttlirryt h,M^ l7a 1mwi1 ,,
Ih.c cattle iii U»wn ui.d dclivorid
uie il l-'.u^-ih *;oaI lellowa I nun .mr
ItlKlVllf Tl.'lll
Tliv Tr.iil »ii.i-ln •* l».i» M.itAi. in In
fAti'tti fi'^jL-r fnriMi.-. "I *'.', 441111
thr |-|.iui .1 ».i(..ii'iy • f i.u'1 I. J h if
e«»p[*<-r tis* f», r dny.    4.»1 I>*  i«,4* lo** I
**t.ul( (» ).., I  . 1. .•,<! (iii. <i ■ ..! .it i'.isi i>l.
I.u*,,. i:c uid 14.* ..mil' 0] • f.iiiiMM mil
-■liip'iVi-iit*.  next   Hielc  the   i-iilh'i.k   I*
llj.il ihtrv *4J"1   Id'   Jil. ,iJJk<     I-il   -*l,4l'»
pur in iii-...r,iri i-i ■ f-nit?y.' [7, VitJ i-:*
r.iKry i-, i<t ni'iig full l'1'i-.t ,-tn.l i* turn*
im; "'<( j;*. t '<.« mI \Ai.', Ir.iA p-r d.iy. ■ -4--■<*-;-*!■»•
"x  . ? >fA.> -- I *'r->'>^^- "-3-.*-t-fc*.v- :-^-M
THE' FBftKtfe llpftp; -gBRSl g; jLty RficEMpjR^^gos
, ■.»'-6-- ■
s.v tv** :it-.--
. w. -- *
Thes Crdwir I -fsn-flP-D ^"K fo*1 W \Re wtwtlcfs.' "Thw la'tt
• I ncirRKniR -|**-wu«W (.^p!Ht* liiduiiirlal chain wUb »reguH>
9.*, WlfUj.
■""-'v.'"*. •-m ^l^r^J^^^tk'i^'at^;rJ■'^^■■J?lc^^J-l*•--a.■ •.'Jwre-'g-'
UwU-iHiAWS**,,-*'; Wwte «ft. »M ***** AW-i
r-r g'*xr*^<r»««Kirjg-.«t^»irT.T-Bj?rj-g
■ h-uj vj%ir^J<imaw
;  T*#3 09UAR8 A VKAR.IW M_VANP«
k,    »j/ _  .- *- -■ *- i*. •-**-J*l.^>i.»^^*r*«? bm ^ ■*>» ***^**"^-^-^^.'Bfl"t*?w™^*-^*^^*"y ■ i^
: fA.i'JiHV.-BelAS.b'.l'PtiAlfl     . -, •'
•UWW& lo \>* 5li'AVig<Il wb-itt d^to J, ivitheui
e.xtrff oliiitue)   - ^     ■       •
Jjl vef 1-ifhi t*e* iflewiL^
--    fil'-l dlsi-4iutit "*.l»»ii lilulKn ate fumwlitd    ,
- TKASl'lt-NI' MvVfcttf IStaKSt*
>*!; csut-i a lint! BttnU -mbsfiiluent tiidurtlom
t-M.^'HW, Ity Bh.iK*V ><*• ItchVSl- fei*
.WfcY.gVt tfne ct?ftk a wont's tMh iHstrtion.
it'iiitiiS'e Norte'liS ,
* 3n .S'dlc'lJa'g* liloon're loCfttsi. ljj .tjcn'tii a jibi.
lln front nugtf khiO^ft rottilsi BO emits iv   line
. "jS^BiUwiiii-t'ttnioniit our ■mbM-H-wr'*, free! all
li^-'d ?4c».u.tn titich.Insertion! JC(J.M.s. WV,cpn»
withoutci>iih(!eiMm i«cJ. or undpf. $1 attiohtlt
, j\ny furtilel' infornintio1'. lifsVeil r*n tft 1i*M
<>u alil'l'oiitioii tu tliu mlitiiiftor. >
>       * * .... -^ .-*»
'"A German he'l. laid her one thous*
•and eggs on the ISthlnSt. Th«*cvent
•Vi'ii'8 ceielSWitBd by" tYie-'townspc&ple
\vith »t procession nnd li band ot, mn-.
•f\ii, Tho hen, bewildered by the
Mom, liid under a b irn, and could
not he dislodged . from,, her hiding
'■pfttotinril the. bind oeaucd plaving.
IHddy is not the q'nly"„d'*tlngal3hcd
'Character that ciin't sen any fun In a.
Village brass band. It is sometime-.
%rcts and nlways wild. Her exploit
'w:is deemed so" remarkiible that' it
Viis-O'i-fcled tothe New York papers,
-iii the. hopo thatsome Americ-in hen
Vill read her aclilcYeWrtH and follow
'lu? eggtfcllent eggsample." ■ • ' -
-The ii bove Irom the editorial page
ti{ the Sami VS'ce'kly World of Van*
•Riiuver, is a shocking instance (A" the
"depravity of miin,    That the  author
„ -ol'that boan'dlnlly viYitten series oi
Vlories bound in doth'arid labeled
""I'tie Mystic Spring," should be gnil-
-tyot inflicting such a mystifying
Vnrn nlxjut a German  hen,   or any.
* „ "other nntif-nality dt a lien  for that
■..'uitter, laying a thousand , eggs  on
•the 15*li inst., or any other inst. npon
nn nnshspr-'cting public, is enough to
^Imttei- one's faith in his  most  cher-
islieil id..Is.   How   could   the   gifted
ntitlior of "The Passing of a   race"
-fiK'peet truth loving^ pe"opla.to believe
"such a ridiculously"ab-u.-d   story las
the r-Ksin)-" of a thousand eggs in one
,   "t'la.v m the'middle of the month by
-vnio loiio. IniMiold hen?   Not even o"
■feiit.    But'this gifted storv teller is'
"lfyt-' content with one absurdity in one
!st(Vy.    He must give loow rcipjo liis
ii/lvdkiuctive i.i*^'gt'niit|on.'-i,by;-«|ding^
•1.0 this tliohsilid 'eixg^ statement- the
ttol-y that ih«]i)ld^en''Bot Iwwlldererf
'at tho sonrids n't a Gurman band and
•h-id herself under a barn.   No-wtlM're
"feimldn't beiinytbing bowlldering to
■n bird whiali haB-inst coinpleted; ;the
1 *j ib ol laying a thousand ejgs In one
-'ilayt in the music of any (kind-"'of n
diftisi band.   Sim wns dropping eggs
•tit the rate   of   more    than   two
■thirds of a whole one every'minute
nnd  il she fncronsed   lier" cackling
t-upiicity io keep pneo with   tho  egg
-..ictor.w   no   combination nf   Virass
blinds could make ItH'df hcord above
thu cackle of tlui cucklcr.
■ Wo hope Mr. Iliggins will not ndd
11,-SBlu of coward leu to  his .flagrant,
-dlsrcgnrtl of the s'liHibllities. of his
tt m h Ifivlhg irlcnds by an ciulonvor
to hldo btjhinji that cnnvnnlcnt litil-
'wnrk,   the poor compositor.    Kgg-
tt>|)tlng thli pggssigg-,.i-iited  layin-?
w ry tliu HuMiur is nn oggcullcnt
vg.'i'inpllilcnilop ol un nneggugera-
•tiV'ii^iory teller.       ,',A
Hill eaiweHiy of pfodHeilon swl «urpa8s*-«
*il wywhwre la »h* wwMi Tlw, ft-rin-.
i'i.g utM* fertuttriuJchitlB 'wiiliin's dw
uxixt -St»B town witt «f Uw .inest IkiuperitK
ous uclil«vti.iW!li»'l!i ih« hltitof-)1 ol'Citii»
MdlHt. Njttvelepmiihi. ThlHk of wlna It
m«untr, It ni^rtt H»-- bullJlnjj of ~*_
wliway fwiii eiist \\y -west 6vt-P viwt'
indunm-iit ratis^iMd At\nsn mighty
fl-wrs.. U.ioek-bHiii" fohru.;w,dtt',l^
It tins«.»U «iso lllc llafllitsslutj*; uf Hv**r$
aiid the OttffiHJ>;e of Rtiwiir frdil. thirty
w'mrty inil«s. ihrtiligli nn entre-iidy
diflU^U'lfoirii-ityT"' tlinennt Uie d«Veli
ophliillt ot" a huge toil mi nv* with hs
et-uipmciil Bf.ljijoiJ ttt a.rtoi) i\tx\ti ostitis
Rlwi^-6 gluwingi h meant ttl« HUllUr
ing Of nrt.viU*r*i lit U»e o-HHltPJ! to handlw
Wtttl tfii to a nillHcii Was or rtiv u, yuiirj
nn> too].whose*ittst-of irviilnittiit bad lo
bo econbltltiiiiJ li? cents per ton. IV intan
wrt-alling mid air«ggliu(*; Willi lhc-Very
x.\»mpllcah*d proble. n"of Kos-jhtnd ores.
It m-.sml- foxing Htul ovvrco.uinK very
difficult -market (.-ondltidils in f-vlfWraitvu
to till: tejid ores of the country. Il
\X,:e&i\\ XlXv flvttUment of labor condi*
t'.ons in the face of that pent of nil now
tauntrlesi the man who thinks that hv-
cautVe il is a new country lttf Can legist*
hue out of natural law and create a
.Utopia, . '.'.,
That bus .all been Aoixe w-iiiiln.iei^
years. It was all done by men who*
were face lo face wilh new ^conditions'
itnd ImU to buy their experience. 11
was done very Ittt'gt-ly hy Canadian*,
and jt Is something Cmmda may welt
be proud of. The railway-was built by
n Canadian company., Tlie river- was
harnessed by a Scotchman, tlie coal and-
coke industry was developed hy a Tor-!
onto company, the Granby , copper
mines w ere developed and made productive and prjlttahle.hy a far*sighted
old gentleman .from, the province ol
Que! ec
If jfsBi"few felrtikw mMm trik»*M.
Tilt, lipilepsjfi Su Vllttir' Dftneci off F-ttlia#
rirtBis^wil«7oirtf»ffl1»ftli *Mi whiibH
UhA** an «^i fluettci to Tu» LBiMo m,,
179 K\m Stfwt. W.^yonmta, Cwifete* Alt
t)r^isUt*$ltor^AobltUsi*«yoit .
"phicts'-if .exwnstvtj, Ucvekjp-iient fi)f ■
liiilifi - But IhlSh! Is htlll•' HH Wtiptf* of
res-JUWes hi i\H)rtqditr, f«*f ■ ^Rflnda in
Southern -British Columbia, vthls pe-
culiafiy^-favored cttUtttt-y has gus, coal,
petroh'Util, iron Crti' UioiintaSiis of it,
lead) JSint'i silver, gt»ld; copper, • Water
piiWifr without limit, llftlibtft". and  fruit
growing. It ciihnoi st'iy where It \t.
It has merely paused for breath, as it
were; If we stand olT front the details
<if thtf ptiff*iit multitude of lhe eouwry
and group thc broad outlines of its pro
gress we realise at once tliat. its future
is InihlUtflv greater llluil anything so
fai* reitthted.
Mount Fernie lodge No, 47
Meets «v'.«*. Friday evening ttt H
pirn, iN-mj&f. Mall,.
A   ;7 '{'. 'T. Bbckj P.0.,R.S;  "'
7^      DEWTiSf
L. f. W.  Block, opposite the Bank
tMttee how's--' ti.m. tn 8 pWi
inK~nr.'.«»,   •mf^Wlt^m*
W. Ja Wriglesworth, 0, 0» S.
OI-I--1CI1 Ml)tiH!i|. ..{,4..t)to 1* n.'W,ltoop, til
xMw Ih Alex. Deck'. BlncW
' ov«*-14ll»(ii'inake»y.     - •    - "•*  ,
ttsXttttt,       -.      -       -    -       B. 0.
LP.1 Eckstein
BAttlMtfP»!K'jkT.LA W,    SOLtClTOBi,/ Ktc,
Cuihl«tt mock, 'Kernie, n. C.     *
7;.'7.PERNIE   7 7-;.
1  :h ft pleasant home A
"J; for the .'traveler.     '
JOHN iB§EE, Prop.
■m 'is*■» ■■■■■mrtiiH 'n "
A Pollto ChhiCHO Krtltor
Clllnrra editors are polite. A I'ckinsr
author who had submitted a iHauu*
si-ripl to an editor received it, back,.not
withtitl nrdinary ,,rejecl«l w!tht1iank»V
.it'll*, but with this tiltaracterititlcally
polite leUei*. ■ ..; .A
' Illustrious Brother of lhe Sun and of
the Moon.—We have persticd your
manuscript with' celestial delight. By
lhe bimes of our ancestor**, .we swear
that we have'never met a masterpiece
like it. If we publishr.it, H'.M. lhe
Idnperor will coiiimand us lb take it as
a criterion, and to" prim nothing that
W. R. Bi.ss,     ,  ,. J. 8. T. Al.t.XAM-1-li
Ross & Alexander   ;
I KERNIE; B.C.    ,'    ■ . "
Ottt* In li. fi \V.« Block, Vlvtorit Avenue.
■ Or*wf*  N©at   SpeoiaS
MBm.p> Favorite Cigars
-   7   HeifttS Offico i Hamilton^ Canatffs.
Capital * $2,415,000    . 7Re$evw $2,418,00$
^liA:C»fara«^**$^po^o«w ■;*
;    j^Tu»NDyl!^^Vw'^-Prie8,ldent^ and General Mana^l-,-: ,,
If4 BfanehM throughout Genada  .,,;..
''7.7'Mitnijy OrJers and Drafts iuiued, payable in Canada^tffHbi-oad.;^.     0
--'.jA"iTOi*ii{:n driiftileashed.   Special adynritafjes in Savings DVpartmenh
Open in'iKe evening of the Coal Co's payday from; 7 till V
A  A * •  /• 7, „/ j       JJH. LA-WRV* Agont jYEBKIB BftASOH
fl 1     ■** ' 1      1-   r'lliiiiinr-1'111     ft r* *■*-«■■*>•-'-**» ■    ■mjTf-m.C. .fc  ■■—     ...       wKinif»!| 4
*     1        i-*~--ir-i-ii       lin.  I iiBmniii  i  ■'■■■■i. nn— n 11    i   i     i   i i i       i  ■■ m 1—■   rf
P. C. Latoe
.   Vost Offlcw Blook. Kemle, B. C.
Oflllce: Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W, Block
. Febnib—. British Columbia   .
Joes not equal it.     Since*, that  could
[never be possible 1.1  10,000 years, -we
' There had to be a pause  for results.,  ■
Intensive development had to take the
*4l/ >iJ/        **Al/
return your 'manuscript,'trembl.!!-? and
iskinR your mercy 17,000 times.
LfevnU; *W. Q.
, t.
'Yl'g.   7 "„      -4^7; '.   .
l'",r*i" TOT'
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in. Price
Mrs. E. Todd
'IMOREIS, , •hxJm.lSCO
•   ->v:a-E.3srcrr- **   *:'-
a watch,
its only duty in life is lo answer cor*
i-cclly one question   ,._<.-*.,:..,..«--.   .-'-,
What ti^e is it?'
I FoWSteele B^
'.#y ''y-'':'-."y-Bteyf'erBoi;Ex^ Fiiio',."^        %
4I1 A        Lager, Beer and Aerated,.- ..;..,▼,
Waters.^ Bottled Goods, ;'        2:
',.' \'';'.' '\Y' a'Specialty^_ "*'"",} y[    - "^; ;x:
"' All watches sold by us are puiintn-
iced to"answer this important question
correctly    The prices are right.-*' -- -,-
A.C. I,iPHARf>t
OHtelal WatehlMpablorof 8. II. Uy.
«f«w-tler      : OptioEan
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import*™
of W'iuos, Liquors and Cij**«rs. *
Dfatli^''Airtaynyrw   'J' i    i.."\},
Pomtn'cry ChtttnpN^ne   *
--A ',-, 'Yb-   .'-WMl'Scblitii^Bert-j
Dintribtttcrs ti '■    If "'*"' .7 -.'■■'' '•
CbMuberlftin and y".
• ",-  1'—iA~Ar^ -f7l^r|ohj.0^r5jri
.1    New -C-op ,Now-- in. Mock    -
: "','   - Home Grown nnd Iint>orte<I ,-
O. V,- EJf, flEI.I> «iid FLOWEtt 3EFJDS
Wholesale nml Retail
SpecUl Prices to Fonnsr1*! Ingtitutei   ''
TbonsundA of Fruit and Ortiaravn'tul Trec-i
Rhodudendruuii,     Riiiifl,     Gretmbouit.
. and Hnrily. PIumU 7 .
now growing tn7ra.T imr<rrie» for ,
Spring planting
Easternpricfeiorle«». !-. .4  .   . WhiteIjibor
M. J, HENRY,     :
r,. ,    Tunr»«»*r, R,C.
Soto WeitiulBStar Rond.'.'
, ■*.     4" *     "' ""l"   ' _ -    -   .    "    )   * ',*r.. .   .*-
;    .   -i   '*      . * '      ^.  * .  «i»   1 <> ' • '      *..   i1-      7 -       . *>
WE have just unloaded a car of all kinds of Heaters, Steel,: Ranges; and. Cook 'Stoves.   .Come
and select your Heater before they all,go., - ,
CALL itnd examine our stock of Furniture and see some - of the», New
Design's in Fancy Rockers, Ann Chairs, Morris Cluiirs; Couches,
Tsibles, China, J'arlor iiud Music Cabinets, Iron and Brass Beds—in fait
everything in lhe Furniture line. . ,; \ .   ,    ,,~ , ' *  ■'  •
Vou are welcome, whether you buy or not. • ;*      A"-:.
-No trouble" to show good-*.    Picture frliming a specially.,,*':   ,
J.  D.r QUAIL       Furniture
For Quick Returns  "7
l.l.t>QT Property with'   THos.   Ba«i
'.1^ft**ioi to. T. J; nirk-ir^t 'THE OU'K
Property I'or Sal*, to Bent or Kxc1.ang«. '.
.Itciit* collected,- Employment fnrnkhodr
Have one of their iaigrst fitorcs in Fernie.        •   '• <: ;. . ir ,
f !      ,-',. \ **. --!' ' i. ..;La'mb, Veal, Fr»sli anil Smoked Fien.
Fresh Fish cba^tantly arriving
il   S
tm^tJmMmmkm JLm mJ^mJ |^i^3f «JTUv
Rall and Winter
and thc Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view .at
Miss Varty's Home of Fashion
[U, liuiilfl, In f,iiH'iiry'n Clidni|
'With Ihu ininin-*-' industry we nssp-
'rime ide.is of exoteinent and upcciiln-
tion, sudden fortiiiH*N, a Khort life and
•ii merry one, llul in Sonlhern nrlllnh
■Joliimhu today (here In. little* excite-
•nu'iil, there is no spmilatittn, and to he
h.iinli'rously merry would be like laugh-
'in*,' in a 'cliiir.:li.
What is the nieiinin-*; of It all? Have
Hlie s\«fi hree-ratjofihe I'acific Milled (he
vuiiiitrv .villi ilivlr l.iii-KiloriHiscinhnnv?
Or has ihi*j poriion of llriiish Columblii
villi its ifiji.tioit.oon of mim-riil produc«
Mini aiinimlly reached its limit? Are
Mii'ie no more mines In the hills? Are
Vlie pro»perinr« who hnve deserted the
viiiiiilr\ never t'omiiiK back?
11 is never snfe In prophcuy nhou. n
•nnnhirT wiinirj'. Nevada went lo
■hli'i'P lor 11 qiiJii-ivr of 11 century, Ihcn
M.inciinc dltanered Tonopnli, nnd Nt*
villa m<i!>c up iiyiiui. II we are (.1 un-
d>.-iM.iii*l the fcicu.i.ion in liriiisdi Cob
•ninhin il it. neiet«ijiry to divide if* nu'iil-
-.il tiinitJTY inlo thne peiiodu. From
■jK(|0'tK(i,t; llit row 11 ivy hvci on hope
iitic.1 mirfiirt" shnwtmrs MilenhV'At -Hnntll
•irices. From .Kys In iqikifhc rounlry
■liM-d rintliiiisly on hpc.'iiliilion. The
■future wns nipiiitlii-cil Hn.l .sold at 11
»iwv>ft.iniit to Fn-'liMh and Cjiniidijtn In*
Vt'^ltiM. Frtnn it-no 10 *i«>oj; the coun**
'ry lm* fv-f-ii undt«r>«oin^ « pr»in««i« of
Titi-idv iiii»-n*»rve development. The
i"!*iiii-,* i-ii-l'i-t'-y of Si'iitlii'fn Jlrlli'h
V'^lo.nHii tiiJin* it upon 11 fmindftiinnj
„ . »i;,t m rttrlt, Th^ fiver* power,
Un«*w! iniitcii coko, :irui  the ft.>i\*fi\*,> [
We Need The Money I
On Sntnrdity '2nd. Documbor, wo .will |'Ueo In ©-of window a lllf li
Gradr*, Dniihln Dftrrol, lIiunineVleHri Shot Gun, 12 Ullage, Byraeuto
,  nmhe; thin is a b«r^nin nt >10,00, It will bo reduced CO cents a day,
until Hold.
Thin will bo tiHnnclalfi'l with n Hhiffle Durrtl Gun worth 110,00, we
will make lho prlco (Cl 00, which U limi tlmu cost. I'rlet will «d*
vance BO cuntu « dny until nold. Horn In a elitncn for a Kood jrun
OO        J±ljL.jMJjL\mJ mL.  Am.
Tinning nnd liuiubln-; Depiirtmont opponlte Sulviitlon Army nurrflckt*
Ollice und SnleKrnom next door to the Kin--*- l-.dwurd Holel,
v Pacific Ky.
ImpMvml Sftrvloe t«
Miris* Paolflo Ooavt.
In r«i*Htor to «
PlMMNt Ntnitt
far all %**%• trav
Laava N«Iion 1 a. m,
via fViiciiii lM\i»
Arr Vanciaavar 11.50 a«w«
One night enroute
New equipment
CoaciVs, First Class
and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
; (Ii»to ansuycr Xrloon Smeller) . -
,,4.        .  . ,    . ,      .
field. HlW«r or Iienil mcti *l.oo
Coppar «l.!iO      Ool.l*«llver..... UfVi
Chur««n lur otli«r.m*t»U oil application
BAKER 5T, NELSON      ''
P. 0,Drawer lias *   -(  , ■'•■      I'hone M
.vi .        Ferule. It. C,     i
.  A        \ i    *m-..m,,,.m,mmmm   < '      '     '
Taaahar of tha Plaiia
(.Linoliotlikoy- Mr thod)
,     . 4 'V'       I     *— '        '       '   •'
A thoroujrh tminlnfrr ?i»ured each pupil'
Tlie Calgary
Cattle Co. v: .:
Retail   Meat   Merchants
•4 ay Wlra
T. WHELAN. Managor
Is the place to take lhe
Great Northern train
to Spokane*, .lime 12
liours*; to Seattle 24
*l'..tirs; to Vancouver ,32
fflje BuBtvaliatt iboUl
T»b Placb to Stop
"Spe.-litl Attention Given to f^ocal Tourltd
mcviiaccy Sanction, **9, 9,
Atlantic S. S. Agency
All lines represented
Tferaatja Tlekato
Great Britain
Italy, etc.
^.S   lA.M.»Ma     *l,4^JK#.M,
wt* **********  * «• **»«»•
Ask for Cliristmns Sailings.
, frf-
For I'limpl*.* Inforaullon aitily
to laral «t*nt
ll. lUAdliki*,
Affeut at Ferule,
J.fl, Csrttr,l).r.A„      t, J.Ottylt, AjO.P.A.
K»l.on Vanennvtr
Cliolwiit cutt of Frenli Ueata, al
wayi-M liand,
U»itM, Waiinn nnd Urd «■ well,
All klndiol Kreih Flub, In Mason
I'minj-* Dellvory,
Glvo ns * cili.
TKL 18.
.-■. ,-44' -. ^..-v. .*',.■* -i-^yy. ■ :.
,-77 7.A*.v,7.^
>*-* -ri
'   I;?,
A'•" full luie of Casketsi; ■ CcrTins, ''Shippings Gases^,
Wreaths and Society Emblems on,hand, -i'i ,'i. 'I'i.: ,YY
, ...  .      , * , ,    ,, ,-1,.   tl'..       -4      -       ,-,','!,   '.'    1-   ,*,4 ,,       .>H.t
' ''' - '  ' A0-a»riTO-*?ll)O»'7- -"   . ■ 77 ..' A'/'-' '•
THE KOOTENAY ''tihWifcltoffiXSK,
7»srmr,so3sr, s.-.-b.- ■'•-.' A .. ?>''-. ,,:;.*-.'
'     .'■.-'     .-• ' i-   ,.   ;,'■'■-•-   ,'•■"'';'''
53ZP" During November and December a'discount of*
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders for, spring;
'..delivery.   "    /'+'' \-'   ■"'.+        •''".' +■•■';'   i:l,-;
iaTr,sWe have cuts and designs,ior Monuments and,
other Cemetery Work, which we will be pleased to.,:
,. show intending purchasers.       ,'   r r-   ',  '.   .. -.".
:...      '  Office Phone 41       Residence "}6" '" ", '
Parlors In Lundy Qlook ,.;.
1 -1-<;,;
.i'i  ■
«' '        I
It pays to deal ^ 9,L^
We don't junt lit d'iwn and "hollor" (or (un. "It P»yi tn ilaal with u«" - v v -prov
Hnvery time ymi buy »t mimtoro, hiiiI thU enmiinr Xinm. we arn ;.•
In-f to initku It nn iironir tlmt every portion will hu 'hollurln-r" (or im (or
.   tivnr nftnr, - Our itnek thluyojir lnlMri<or nml bnttur tlmn ovor biiforei
Wu will »how ynu til ihu nuw nnd up to itntn fiiiu-y jrooda at tlio
Lowest Prices
Why 'should they be thn loweut priced?  Ilecituvn we buy nnd sell morn Fancy.
t.noilit thnn any other itore lu the dUtrlct.   THls la a Pact.   Ymi (ret
thn Jidventitj/ii—in>t ynn alonnbtit every porHon,—(or we Imvo but 1*1*9 '
price for Lumberjack, ltallway mnn, Lawyor, Doctor, oriuiy
otluir iwrson. . ,7
•  ▼▼•   MJ> iM.rl-./'t%i>JaU^ I..LI-
YhtB old rdtllable Dru-miliit and Stationer whera
It paya to deal.,, -f<
-•titt" ■' i ."■■'."' ■-m.-r-;ii,.a,'i-'-'i''ito'jB.-aaaB*-
Philip Carosella I
In a rnnlnm (Imt hs*
been lu vetjue amnn/r
_ «acli4y (MMfile fnr atrett
hut ax time rrVoluttnnlten eveiytltlii-r
cunfoni iKiiaexre-itloneiid   ~
tha letly nr iri<ntli-msn wl'
wl»he« tn have th«* 'st^t I
•hJ.uIdeaUa|llj«lxijriKii4)j1le*»j Pt+u*
lizrn I'vi'iiiuiMjr
SS Cards
General Merchant
Ml     '
*>   *
** *- —- **m*mM*mam*y**M*i*m**m**mmmmftfi^^
> 4.
A Do   Your   Xinns  Slioi-pjiig.
"' /'"    " r   A ' XOW.*
.- *Do;.\-our-C)ir}stin:is.1.shoppln'g
"3.6**, -"TlitftWiie -is islidre.--*.. It? is
v.      ■,~0 not advisable to put   this very.
S important duly,oft until the week.
before Christina:*. .Get vour buy ,
niU done early,, save worry,   take.
itdv.*intaf<e of the tatter, selection"
afforded .t(Mi.ty.-by,-(he-full stocks'.
AlithelaitV'j'tiU' may linj ilie'early,-.
' alttajtW has.t*bt!ihtcd.,the .-"nit•!•:,■
'of the holiday wares. „,.Go early,
and.not .only-.Mtve-yourself the
'.'crush aruJ»worry of a hurried,
-round, but save the faithful clerka
\\lAxe distress and owr-worliT'of the'".
Pjjusual holiday j.iiri'.-j.poyour pnrt "j
["to make .things   Ciisier   forihe
"salespedpie;■" Watch Tiik Ledgkk
^ r.Hdveritsiiitf : columns7 "fur' timelyT-
hlnts   and   price,.poinler.s, ..and
j* don't delay lhe holiday shopping'
■tiihtil the good things have 'been
'snapped  up by ,the more alert
_r^bargain hunters.*    .,"'        ,    .!
';.-..■''   WINDY ARM.    *7-
, AYo take ^tl.e "foilowinsf from tit**
report of'provincial nunc-riilo-jlst J.
Fleet lloHntjon upon tho Windy Arm
-''Mineral dcpo'blts nowbelnjj develop^
ertAa report of !Wlviioh,'( om"odr own
C'liTespondent we' published'in'-The
LhnoERoi Nov. 8th."'.;" Wlicn.it is .re-
nuinborcd thut.Mr.,Kobinson i3 a
vwyi'owwrvatlvo'-liia'n. ■ it" will be
iieen that onr 'correspoiidens is [wide-
nwakc ar.d that he has been cirro)-*-
ratcd in his statements in a.very
ebnclnsivemanner.7- !*'''A':*' v*- "*r ■-■"*
-; The Windy Arm disiovery, will .lv
the cause of a groat ..■ash to "that. lo*
ealhy aiid the result will be the
greatest milling- tamp in - Canadit.
The property- described belotv is thru
.lield.'by-.the* 'V'-,", . i --,' y yy ..
nn ^atnt»tion]bf which ^Mr.-: J'." Hf
Com ad is"president.'' This company
holds a pviupWeiijfht or'ten claims,
altaaced at an.elevation" of-from '.3,-
000 to -1,000 ft-flt above the lake,!,in a
.comparatively level basin amon-; the
liixher peaks sbnielourmilesJin ndir-
'     .   , I'." -,.VI -    >  . J   -
..cct line bask'from'-the At in.* The
'BUifacij here Is covered with ■ heavy
wash or slide;*'iii"which-richfloat w.is
fourid in such' a-wcll-atllnt-d line a-,
to induce* pits--and-- ci-bss-trenchest-
hedtt".until tKe.yeiii* was eventually':
Wrackyn_thc^olid:formation upon tlie
Montana, one of the central claims oi
-lv. i'-'  • -'' *-.~r.; ".;*■' '■*     •■ ...- ■'•£ '*_;
■■■-.ti'-'. '.CHEAP,   'a-'
Excursion Rates Via
That friend or that foe ->M..-h   lie UI ,lon,t
know),', •>
Whose Jiajnewfj h.-iro spoken as Dentli,
Hovers olose to -vour Me, while you'pm.or
yoii ri<l«, A -■'  ".   '
But he turns him i*„„y witUa'dhiike of hXi
i i-"
i* ; n
' .T)>e Greatl*!^iVhrtrn Baliway. will sell
frs't-class ronud' trip tickets from all
points, tq'poiuts In E.i'steru Canada.■-.
iWe froin.Eernle|o Toronto and nil
points.iix Ontario except west' of Pe'ui*'
broke" and north ot Gravenhun*; Mort*
real and any points weat,in ,the..prbv'
l.n'ce of Quebec is.958.4-J; Quelje'e!- ft 50,
St. Johii, NAB S14 51, Halifax-|l7,50
higher thiiti .Montreal. Correspbridin-r
rates to other points east of Montreal. n
" Choap steaniship Kites will be jn.-ide
front all Atlantic'port's. . v;'    •   ■•-.>.:■
! -For detailed inforrattion as to rates
etc., call on or address'   ■    '     .,.
II, L;' BfJAt'icsTON'E, -Agent, Fernie.
When tie Jlmb tliat you .don't*taim your
troubluo to ImkI. , - •,
' "A        '-.  * —Tho Huh
|Bii:jij-oup'.70nithis lead a drift, had
been driven for some 200 to ."BOO,,. faet,
-attaining a-de"|j^.lteA'lmaW-aHab'c-u'f
100 feet. Froha'-lhis level sloping.
liad beeni^j-ri^u;)*^ in i^placesr for
' ^■bout.apfeet. ,-.A_/; 4 _;'-" • ■/.-"
jg As i-S^ifc^hfeW^iytinVa;'" tluj
Tr-ih was lound tojbe a A, jA.
fitttWecn ^w^^i^iiict^KjiJlii^A The
fta-ptrtn*;-wall is tiie-general country
iWli'of tlie- vTclnliy—ii--'fine""-'gralhe(i;
basic volcanic, r.-ck,- too'much aher-
•id tn .admit of closer determination
*-;-whilethe foot wall Un very niucii
dfeooniposcd, rusty,1 e>-aViely chr'yst-
allint', ipneoua ivjck, pi-oltcibly a din-
fa ise;: ^TIio'v';in; ,* aa exposedr Und "n
tYiiclcriossof from twb'tb five feet, averaging it bout three feet. The Btrikc
of the vein was found tobe noitliwcs:
ixiM southeast,, with a dip tn thc
wiutbwost,;into the hill," avem-irln},'
ii|Kjiitir) dcKroes. Oh the footwn 11
wjift; found a Invcr from threo to
twijivo InclioR tlilck'of finlonii, cm*
licijded In-.''cjirl-ionates" oi' ii\.n ojc-
ldei\: from whii-h tiptoniuhinj*- hl^li
n*hiys hnve been re|uii-ti'(l, not In-
fi-cqucnUy runnin-,** us high  ns 80
Eixcttrsibh Rates'East
' Hound trip. -8 months limit Toronto
Montreal and/principal points lit .Oiita*
rio aud'.Quebec. CorreBpond'in'ii- rates
'o all points in Marltihio Prbviiicjs,"
New Yoik and 'New ".England; on sale
; Dec 4th to -;31 st.
i- Tor detkiled.iiifQrmation, first*class or
Tourist sleeper reservations," apply to
lowil agents or write J. S. CAn-reu, D. P
A , NclSf-n. B.C..',* .' ..
Variety iir.
'Variety in * scarf pins
is alrnost a hobby' witlt
the average man; '; ,7',' '■■'-"
•■..A'Wgood taste need not.,,.
.-: meah - extravagance   at. -
- Diamond  Halt,, where
4,4 there are.- tasteful pins-
._ ia solid* gold at-$i.jts—   .
Am -well os solitaire dia-
. ■   eoond. ones at 4150*00.
j-/-A7 first favorite is a pin
-in fox-head design of.
Solid gold—dull  finish"
..with 'ruby -eyes;-  And,.',
ipostpaid,tt is yours for
-J$5.pd.-: ' ■  -7.;/7:A,, *,
ourccs in silver, with $20 in, gold to
the ton; , -. ■ ...-, ,*,".-. ■ • .-■;■',* ''
Above this is the quartz proper?
lrom.two.to thirty, inches thick, min>
eralizedsonii'tjuies'iuoie and some-;
times' less, with/mm pvrites and' silver and aiitimbtiy-"s'ulphiiles, from
which .the burnt * e'nient report a'ssa vs
higher in gold but1-lower iii silver,
the whole,-however*, averaging well.
Thc manager estimated tlte entire"
vein to, \. „.     *  , ..    ',.*'..   ,-
".   .- EO^OVET $2i"),TO THE TO.*. .
wliich estimate x sepmed" reasonable.
Shipments of sorted ore., were bein«-
made., down the, hill by the pack
train which brought up supplies, and
these . shipiheiits were reported as
running ovci* $i&0 to the ton in gold
und silver.'-" 1-■' - ,'7
* ; TlicrProyi^ialS Mincraloqrist ^toolt
samples fi^rii-^e-^peT- and lower
portions of ther#m;- representing ?thii;
two classes ol~ore rather* than the
toriaf where they were atnaved'- by
ihe. Opvernn-icnt; Assayer... The. results obtained were ash-How-*,: . 'S.
>:'&Ni6. -,-31rGalenaii-om the lower pot*
rpw;pf7t!rq;.yftji'vrr«'»hl, $iltiQi siiveS*
-.14Sb,u«c£tj:to;the.Vtbn. ,7.'-*=.:.*-:--* *-
'■i: 'No; 2..;s*Thc^ciil quartz-^e'll min^
f.ralizc.dlAGoId/'l? CO; ■. silver 113
euiices to the tanV--   7 - ■ ?, ::r
No.vS.^ThejVilnes" broken in sorti
ing tlie.'oro Imin both portions, of
vein—Gold. $17.00; eiiver,,l(i3ounces
to'the'ton. -,;'   >  "-*■' ,  "
Don't Take YotuTroubleHTo Bed
You nnJ-y Inlior your (111; fr'iuiul of raihc'.'lf y'ott'
,„•   -  .' "**'",' '''' - -   •-'  ." „ >'
- ,-■ Ypirmny worry n Mt; If you tiin.t: r*-
-Yoti mny trent your ulTnl'SB»a forle*of enroj'}
', ', jYou'in'iiy livo on u »<:rnp nml n crust;' '■■';
Uut'.vlieu thoiliiy't dono, put It out of you'*!
,;. , .     Iicuil; ' ■
,   Don't tttko j •-ir trouhli-H to boil.'
You nmy lmtti r your wny tlirouffli-tlie thick o-'
*'  j       tlio frny,
,Y.»u nmy Hwnal, you mny -swear, yon'
'  :        nmy a-ruiil;
Ynu nmy l.o 11 puck-fool If you nmnt,* hut tlio
■   >      .rulo '       i
FhrHil.l ovor Lo kept ut tlio front;,
D011V flKlii with your pillow, but Iny ilowi'
11      }(iur lit'inl t<.-
Ami kink overy worrlmciit   but.of tlit
/'PsycwNK" differs radically from
the old, fogey medicines. It is compounded on new, and." advanced
methods of curing disease, otherwise
it would be just like scores of others,
without any exceptional' merits.
But "Psychine" possesses virtues,
of healing, that no other preparation in the,world does.
" \\, There nevcrTTas been in the lilstorycf medicino; such
a truly remarkable remedy, for the prompt and complete!;
curi* of obstinate coughs and lung trouble.:, There is
"noting else just  like   it, or nothing else oitc  half
so-good.    Thousands of men and women  rcnclily and
cnthuciasticnlly give testimony to prove thc stutemorit.
■    1    . Linden* N. S.. Juno 7th, 19114,
I'I -cannat upenk ten liljrhly for your e).rellenl--l mny **y Invnl'unhlo—roineily
for wesksuui* or.«lin-Mil,«luniri or UVdlnlinr eonditioiw, -Mv hrnlher, molW. mi.I
M^teu Uiuni ui coiihuniptu.il, nml I Mimiomi I inlieriied it lendoncy tn Ih'u diriKJliun,
ImJij Utonk God, through llm mo of rsVCIIINIv I to*..ny enjoy p>od Inultli. I
Mi»T«rvd for M^'tw^ ftnj ^nfc |un(t„
I u«ed I'JJVCIIINB and OXOMULSION, nd Ihcy hullt ii.-Trlifht up.   Mylunn
«M now itronjr »«tl I enjoy uplondld liciillli,   *'  '-
134-138 YOHGE.ST.'
TOttOMTO   -   OST.
■A;.   . 7IKCM .7.    '.
New; York Stocks,-' Bonds and Cotton.
Chicago Graii-*, and Provisions.
Private Wirb.   Continuous QuMsitions.
,4 «--^ -X.1.k..«-
.-.SOMB'THii'i-;^*- S
- We are-.8ho*.«in.Q.--j-.
Ji F.oMAfilON,,Manager;iNELSON, E. t.
.    ■' 4- V4T 1 -.     1
Oofrfi»po.ii-i;*jice solicited.
The' following printed cards
are" kept in.stock.at the
OAn-rr.KTT HOINK, fomnbltha Clflrk is
"tho butt >*1 a .l.iv h.itcl 1! Ntlxon Onlv
wlilto  lmlp   tmploy?!.   O.- W. BARTLKTr
Rooms to let -.,,'-...
Furnished Vobms to let     ;
No swearing or obscene language allowed in these rooms.
The   price of   these , display
cards is 25 cents each.
1 0,000
Acres "
i   I..*
Pupil or Madame Bi-sKle Cox,Giiildlmll School
or Jlujiic, LoiiiJoii, nn4 Slenor Vanucinii-Floiw
once, Itnly, will receive a liniited nunil>cr of
irapila forliutmcttou in singing ami voice |.ro-
■luL'tion.    , '., ?-.;,'-.'.;    , ,7
Terms bin Application.
ricflurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Y\ .;FpR'SALE*;-''-'--
Oflicu in rear of HowFooii Block. Fernie, ll.C.
If ydu'want to"buy
or  sell any * minihg-1
stock .write or.wire
. «i»-
-    ,;.We: ttealin alt  itiin- A*
c'^ingsifocks and; willf "
..   be pleased   to send ■
., you quotations.   .        ,
. Notice . V» 1 ■'■
T..VKE notice th.it- «l-a*_\-ii «ftard«t*s I lnten.1
*■*. to upply t^ tli*Hon.ClilerCoramiii,ioiierof
IrttidHfc Wnrk.-. for perml«nlon tovpurc!miie
lile followinir descrilied Innd*.', Comiuuiutinn
ut the ISorthMiit■' corner or" lint'imiQr'H.
KMt hool<iiiiivr MKlrlct tlioiicu South in
clminu; tlieuno Kii»t -Mchiilim; thotW-o North to
idinlnKj tlioiieo.Wcit, i'ii cliiiiiin,-, tovuliice of
4!onimi<iu!i-iiit'Ut eontiiliiina md neriu, '
- Uatcd NovldtU l!KO. - ■-•—' 4..»-r,«.a
"„. DECK.VSEI)        '. .ivx
VOTIOK hi livroliy'rItoii t'ltiiVMI parnon* liuv
AlfMd JJ-JvlM,1 latiiorMlnliiil.n. O., who tllud
on tho lilfh Nuviimlior,l!*(rt,ttiid to whonti ner-
.■.oiml.wtM.o l-ettpry of A<linii)UtrHtioii w«ro
out 10 s-iiid Novi)«nlii>r,.V.Ki.. Kruntod to John
Iiftvipn, lire n>quoiito>l tu nend imrtlflilnri. of
Mielr 1'liiliii.iUi thu uidmlirnoil ..Bull. Itor
,or the Ailinlnlnti»itor.oii,.or l-eforo lho lit"
iieoemlii'r, 1WB, nft«» whlul. diito the Adiiilnl*.
rulor will dli.rrHiiitiitlittjiiiM.tii of ileccuwl n*
lMiiniiiil"iirofil.iiii..tiyti)'i'my"tim nf'
.'iti   iniI,,,',«,l'"f'"' '"iho uii<lcr»l«in..il fortli-
1' lin ted ilirii Novwiiilmr, lWtt
'   ., . L P.E-'Ictelii;
Kcrulo IJ.C.
iiioiiu;.the inntIonjjiitllI.nl thireto, havinur-).
s»unl onlv I.i tliei'liilnnor whloh In* nhull (lieu
hiivi> Iiud notice,   AlliitrMin iiiilut-tod ta-.llin
*- id*   -	
Nntlco of Tntniifoi' of LlcciiHo.
i f"^ ''   'Y
N9.n.r.K '.1 toniXiy f lyji'ii tliiit. I Intend to np.
iit nj-Vturlin ll(mr.l'ol,l.Iw.iiKO tli.iiinil.iuoii.
yM,,t eriiln Mutuuw l>Urrlut.< nt thu Imlf^iMrh-
initotliiirol tho llunnl im l),wn\mt lftih, n<
for ii rroii.f. ml m.v hotel Ki-lukii Tor tin- iir...
p, Mtiliel, n 0., til .tlm 0rttu-*H Mvat 1'i"*jh
III I 1>*t lil'li -
Dulod the 13th «l«y or Kowml^r, Hftl.   .    .!,'
fli'n Bwbnn Hi:ih .nn-it, '-
''  '    • ' W   '
We'liave forsjiIeidOOO acres
bf timber oii: Wilson creek,  a''
stream   running * into   Slocan
:lnkt*. -.Tlie tiinbcr.cnnRlsts of
cedar,. wliite, T»innvs|.i*nce, 'fir,
nnd-taniftiftc, .ai.d totala over
175,030,000 feet by actual crnis-
crs cstimutes. •>'" -'-
1 ' These licenses nrc held nnder *■-
the seventeen years' repiilation ■
and have sixteen,years to run.
Tliere,is:'a. Rood mill site at
/the mouth ot  Wilson   creek,
- through which thi* railroad runs.^
* There is* a sheltered bay: upon,'
which the. site .Is'.situated in
. which any quantity of logs .can   '
• "besafely heldnt all times in
. year,.1    ■-.-.- .;>7: -.- ..-. .-..-*.,;--."
. AVenflFerthl6,v'alttal)lc ]>rop^
..erly...fiu* 8ale,;at-20 cents per -
; tliousiind and   wiir allow full. ,,
investigation.ns'toiqiiantii-y and
quality.of tlie-vtiiilboir ..before
' closing deal." '-■ }■'-. ■■■ ■' '   "
Mort,  Son,
Tho Cbmfortablo Way
Iload Down *
. fl.W n m Ly.-.
1(14J11 in '    :
12,Vi 11 m   .
■..7.U.1 ii.m <-■ ';
0.00 n m
";.-.U ■  , 'Headl'i>
Femle'i .. Arr. 9.W) ji in
Kiko    ,..-",-, ..,• in pm
Itojford ' o.ln |i in
BVOKANK* •.■'.-;};» IKl|i ril.
F.vdri-rt ' ;    flilli.ni
SeHltlo ,   •',,<■ Mlpin
fit., p nrArr   Vakcuuvkh f I.v 4 id \trct *
\ i.\fi it.m Arr   " St, I'-iul /'UJjujpm
' * J>jitly eicojit hnndiiy ...      4
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
(■ . 1 r ,r      ,*- , i,    1
Fnr duta(l»i| luformntlnn, lierJh reier*
vntiuiu, iitc.,cnlloiioraililruM
MopKitv nms
T.H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
"lil.I.A M. COVU."
'-* 1
•Ihi]fl |T. ti tlMum, Limited,    -    179 King Stmt W«it, Toronto
320 acres of land located 2% miles (rom Gateway, B, C.
40 acres nnder cultivation. -150 acres can be irrigated; bnl-
.tnee fii hi ciat.s pasture land. Nice clear creek runs through
property., Good log house and outbuildings. 3' miles of
fencing, wagons, plows, etc. .Also 8, head of cattle and
5 horses.
rhls property will bo sold   vory cheap if
taken at onco. ;,
Xor full particular* npply to: '     J---,*""
' •     ' '   *!*      J*.        ,'.'   1* • ■_   V- '- .       •   .... 11"? ' • I .- 1.
& CO.
,4            .
j /TVHE pleasure of .giving is often'.,
j A   marred by the task of chodsing- ",
\ the right thing.       - -      *
T   ET us ^Lighten the Labor"7 fori
iXy.you. : We have given verycare-
Jul thought to things useful and ap- -
propriate for presentation,- and our
stock of goods, bought specially for
the holiday season',  affords a wide '
.choice.   :        '    ** "-.--„
*««-^^^ . .     1 irpHE-fact is, one would think we
| .M'N        "' " , x   had ransacked, the world for the
r~     >.■■■-■,..       .        f beautiful collection  of novelties in
,fancy and useful things ,n Christmas gifts, that we are showing. ' ■ -
'\* Rcniemhrr lo shop eiirtv, before the best is token.
.    Vou are sure to see soinctliiiiif you tike.   . . *-*..,.
Agent for LoWneyV, Chocolutcs, McConkey's Cliooolutes, Eastmun's Kodaks-i
Leather Gooas
Ink Stands ';
Sewinj*; Set^ -J s-"r"'
Scrap Books
' 'Vanity Bags  l ?: ~-V,
Etruscan Pottery /. •;
Smokers' SiU*" *U
'P«dded"Piet$  ;'""
Shstvin**- Set*   '""  -v
- l-iijier Cutlers ■" -'
Boakmnrkt!:-   '.''- f
■ Dolls,- RuMier-Balls
Fanry Stali.inery
Dre'sbirifj; Sets'  '■ ?--
• Tiiriny-VVare   y ^
Manicure Sets,/•.-..■-.
"Gipper ainl'Briiss *>;'*"
"Card Tni>*s " -■*•»--
'Choice Perfumes.»--%-'
Work Baskets..
^FountjiiiiPens -"  -
Mililnrj- Bru*,lies '*"' "-
Music Rolls   -
304*0 Books (:» splendid assortmynt for
young and old) and
an immense range of
Christ nw-.Cards.
Jeweler and Optician
1-__T AS a Guessing Contest now on. A glass jar, filled Avith Beans, and scaled,1
~~1 is placed in our window, and every purchaser of goods 0to the value of Oned
■ ..     Dollar, is given a guessA  Each additional Dollar means an additional guess.
THE PRIZE is a Gold Watch valued at $25.00
for either Lady or Qentleman
jpjMNE Stock pf Jewellery suitable for Christmas Presents and a lot of Novcities
A -.. Gold, Silver^and Bronze.    Gall in and examine our handsome display. ,     J
CO Wright, Jeweler and Opticia
K fi
is a mental antidote for thc diseases Qausbfl
by fear, ignorance and superstition^ |i   I i
It costs a dollar a year in advance.
R. To LOWERY, Nelkon, B. C.
, SON & CO.
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance Brokers
IF ymi have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want to buy,
call on us. '   ■          :-.
TF you have property lo insure, have us write thc risk
IF you want to borrow money,
call nt our ofiice.
. .r  y   ' -..   }..•!>?«» 1
WH have some very choice lands for sale in thc Kootenay Valley.
These lands are suitable for Fruit raising, also some excellent stock
Kauclie**.   For fuii information apply to
Mott, Son & Co., T:1,!^ Fernio
We hjiave several nobby lines in Mock -fiidluc j-rini il.uu
from our beautiful, clear-cut copperplate typo faces, a U
, mode.   When you want any, call around..
J*;^s-   «^-$ptr«tt<ffi!w4«w «•«!,«;^#
11'- Tl\£ I'I -"J-'"- I fcuf.SI*, 1 '-.I.MB, E  .'
ni tr.'.iMR  u.
ii.     ' *   4
The Canadian Bank of Qimirtiercl,
H«. & A. Cox,
CAPITAL, $.6\*»00O        ^   ^  - BEST.«3,50p,OOO-
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.   Dtp*.-* * $.. *«,, ^
-^ *ards received and interert .-.lowed The depositor ie subject to no de
f lav whatever In iliemtlidrawel ofthe wliole ciraiy part of llie deposit
Specia. alie-ntion is driwn lo -rar Bank Monej Orders issued p.i3~ib?e
'.  In Canada, Lr.ited Stales, England, lulyln lire    Hungary
Itnmtti      TTwy form *" excellent mt-lliod pf n
A general Banking business transacted     Cnrres.pondence solicited.
Open on tin pay day*, ur Hid Co il Com pun) until g
FERNIE BRANCH        - '■ ""
T  B  MAV, Manager \
1 ClLV£KW%A*l&^'s^^QS£&b*''
.lflt'imadeofp^per Suddaby hns it
That -ritced boiled turn at   Uluudell
l*> delicious.
A lot: of fir-it clan liv hooTM at Purdjs
tnl&t********.     3
Sox worth 15c, »U wool, smle price »t
the Semi Iteacly, lour |tair for SI
"•Vuliude shopiwr** nfftntian I ~li
paji lopeal Ot Suddab)**." __,
Oni*' ttuvbert sloygl (-flirts and un
d«^e«r—tho SoiBrTtekdy.
Blundfll hut- in ** fine ^xack «£
Armour** celebruttiyihm-g^iid^eon'
fc6r Furniture an-TOPi.UosC uK -D^ly
Lttitid V««eer lOWM bWuuitV* 'bof
tleMom N E Suddabj
Go to Wngbt tf-e jeweller, for llial
wn&h Tou'ia been promising yourself,
Pr.&s ii.rcjjFe.iily reduted
dimichael, tbo Ullor, liss juat received the nobbiest Block of Twecde
for Fall units ami overcoats ever
■brought Into rertiie
You know >ou liT-e lo get lii it ring
Why not buy it now wVn b irgaitis are
going at Wright's tht jeweller.
1 At ill. Mako y«m a fancy vent from
ana ot thou* choice hew jmttorng Come
in and aw them. J CarmiLbaol, tli*
The King Edward Hole) occup'os   a
prominent   pffiiRon in FeFn.e on"!? ft
iten or two from the C   P   R   depot,
^nd MnWoieoi* to ^Ustnrss^boUUs
Ihccitvl        "t* w        "*'
bliri-vtmus cards ind cnlenJnrj ill
Sudd th) a
Chrlfltmr-s Cardi and Cnton Inrs n>
Pnrdv fi chenp,
iiitlfth Tolfacco In tills at EOe par
pound rcdiutloii at Purdy 1
An immense inn 1*0 or X.mas book'.
It you want a pipe 3 ou can fret It at
Piii^^'le-ftlban half tha prico you
will pay cUewere
(undamaged) at less
than | price nt Puidj'«'
A novel feature nt tha hnxn.Br next
Tue*-d»yafternootn-'illbo!. Wrjjo flili
po-wl tor tho enjoyment of tlie thUUron
H ive jcu Seen  llio-e goo It 111 StH.'p
pard& blboit'tt window    The prices
Alqv.ii    Rcud their display
Strife OveYiVceiglit Rates.
Tlie  mercbnnls   of Vancou    1  '
Victoria ire, hauriR un inleresting ti
uilhthcC. P    K    officii!*  regarding
freight rules lo Cnlgiirv Edmonlon und
ileniiBdi Ui. points   11 here they  come
1 con lact with competition from  Win-
igeg    liny are  thfeutenijiR a boy
colt of  the   C P  R , and G   M  Bos
worth, foitrlh vice-president, is Miking-
bJH.k-.Et tfiem    -It-lookstoun  outsider
though thc voasl  cities   have good
use for complaint when they ire able
show  hit goods cun he I u-.de*. from
J .pan, ah.pncd feue]7l<i K|     - -
he  landed
Ci ASilF'!*.!) A&-SB-pB|MEK't-J OK. E»
. PQfi. JgJJt15-^  —
TTJ-OOIt JIEATER  in koo&l SndltHm
*•    siapi, JnqnJraat tBgaWcJl)     V ,  ^
HG&tgvXo jayr^os,Btas m *wSt
Ai plj- MatE SonTk CSi
 nuToLet  Abp'v VBtblii *
Hooma To Lei: Ai plj Withfn ■
aooD wooDsmj. vro\CL  Ap
Council   FroceedtiisfH.
Tho Citv Council mot last Hiursd«\
iiio'hl in regular boshIoii
Pr<.Heut, Mayur blork, ami Aldermen
Cree, rritea nud VVAltttte
Mliiutcaot Uut moatitiB read and
adopted. -.-
A letter from Superln tun dent Eric*!1
son of the C P It. ahd otie fron. A^aftt
fiejAtOnKof ihosiiiup -iotnpnny jirowls-
■iBS'tp laSthoffde^lk *i BikertsAvi?
betneOn Jfitttsg- imt IftWion Mitral-*-
Heroicudaniflii-riiptfOnoFTiitM Bud
Creb abknov4lM">eii^Ud.orrteJed Hied
yrhoariSitiKomentEofeiovearnfi at
Silo BiinJSof Oomrawcfc Sla h\om*hij to
ti nitt^hHbii of ihaQouijJU b^tlwi ll
nulcolfluigtlie.ab4.tlft! aaid Sotnmif
156 waa ■Jjiipjl-forod tit tteab ocrtuiii
noiBd, onoforta,000*nil the otha for
"fj.000 ni DUpaid jiud to t^turii the tiald
uotns inaJeUew Bnmo_.by muKliig- tb«a
p»yftbla on or^Bfetlo J^amt D*v
del iHfr A I> , 1903 as mteffifedBy the
bj law ot Match 2Jrd, 19Uc
Alderman Trites gavo iioint that h<
HoulU introduco a bjiuw id reiMlata
(uLl-u neigh nudes at theinusir meetiaft
of tin. Council A dist-UHSion then aroifij
ub to lULaua ot piovidiog tlisse iau.ltSi
lhe Mayor staled that tha Conl Lo
-f.ad'aict of ECHleboEthe kind required
and that thi,*-*} tould ho bought or renU
ed It wuh il'-cidod to me thc»u sealas1
temporarily .
After discussing the street light?
lug Drojw-t it was decided to ao
point a committee coiieihting of tb]
.Mayor and Alderman Wallace^ to coif«
far with tho Coitl Co In relatTon to rentg
than the same Roods can he  landed  al  ing ihe scales and to obtain Information
Trom IhereTiTnie-PchirnHlTo CalgarJ
Soinj kind'of a readjiisiiii*nf»i^ In
-erdft- *       *
tu retiSl-fat the  uuit  meeting of  {fie
Council 4 ffi
-The Council then ody.urned to meet;
'oniblit at 8 p in
lheproceedinusuf the Oity Coni.ci!
were of rather a rnotlic nature lait
ireek, bnt thev did one thing with
which Ton Ljujoce is la hearty accord
. Tiny took ntcpR to" have- a public
wughlnjr scale for the n eighing of coal
a oil ol her bulky articles There Xe a
pro vinciallveigbtB and mcasnre inspect
or whose ilut*, it is to inapeit all *cales
used for weighing such articles
thi*. had been done ns aoon as the
wnt. Incorjgjruttid math trouble wHiW
have bi'ongyaided and the very alight
low; would uot hs\e "jljh ft.lt by the
lhe street lighting project U another
matter needing attention and we trunt
ihut tho itreets will be properly lighted
nt a moderate cost
Ail Up-to-date Newspaper?
Suverat weeks ngo, T. R Case, the
lumberman of Winnipeg, died while
sltt'njr in a chair in lhe Alberta hotel
jit Oal,rary We uolfce iu last wck
IsiBue ot ono of our nearby exchongi e, 1
notice ot his death whloh appeared in
the press a month previously
On iho Mine pane upon whtuh thli
Jieiutid notice ol Ur Cases dftalli ap-
poam, the proprietor of the paper tells
hit renders thnt it payu to adverth
a paper which prints tho news when
It is no*!
Is tills uuwRpapsr man a month he
hind tlmo lu luidlrt-f his bow* or If no« ■
a month old to tho balance of tlle world
iiuu In his village i*
PeriBli in Coal Mines.
DLimondvtHe W) o, Dec 2.—
Eighteen men lost tliLir lives by
explosion last nljrht in the Dumond
Coal & Cofea Company's mine Mi
neis hclieve that a "blown ont" shot
unused the explosion whloh wrecked
tho mine The shock of tho explosion W»a felt all over the town, rook-
in-j tmldings ao violently that their
occupants mn ont ot doors. Neaily
the wDqlo populitton of Dlamondville
Hocked to the mine shaft.
In an ucplosion in the same mine
on October 26 1D01, 32 miners per*
Id tied
On nccount, of the after effects of the
explosion, last nil*-lit Superintendent
Snellmg insiBteil tbat precautions
against fire Shoo Id be taken, and It
m as almost noon before the first rescue
paity entered tho mino Tbe explosion ocenrred 110 feet under-ground
and 8,000 fe&tiroin Uie month of. the
shaft '""IiTVr6et£dthe*"Bralt&es and
blocked the entrances to-the low^r
levels ^tn^^ffne, u>nu|eUinj| 4the
lcmovalof muoh^ debris before the
miners ocaut UD^-ea^ied When the
Tpscaera finally went into the mine,
ntim. *-uuld remain loojy Crowds oa
gr-ily Wiit(.tied AnHe_j|t> ftficr cur wine
np (l-orn bBlow Only to nre resetters
who had been overcome b> flro damp
It wits seven hours before the fli-st
body was brought up
The 800 ccal diggers ofthe Dinmond
mines- were assisted tn the rescue
work iy many miners' who Same
ftom Kemmercr Cyerv man in tbe
n-dne at (be tune of the esploeion per
lsbed Had the full mght shift beln
afwork Ih tbe mine*'the loss of life
would have been appalling
School   Report
Following is it report of the Fetalis
public school for the month nf Nov
Div, Ebrolled Attendance
W^^^^rtrdir of th^day. We can supply* you Aith
'tt^tjiax^fil'r>'yoa6o the work the combination is
j SuM to b\k winne^ *-»
Fresh newsfo-cl^ Seeded Raisins and Currants-^-one pounds
pacltSges, Sultana Raisins, Crosse & Blackweil's Peels, Cit-J
ronf Orange and Lemon. Sheriff's Extracts. Everything'-'
you require \ip can supply you. *»
Prompt  Delivery .
W. J. Blundelf
The Peofpte'4 Oroctr,   p. O. Block, Feroift*
5        S
TotHl      aSf. 22
Honor Itnll for attendance, punctual*
Uy und deportment
r>.v 1.
Norma Bojtoii,   Mangid   Carosella,
Fred Ctapp,   Chmles   Clnpp,   A«r&n
Wnfdo  Vlciln Wlih«
Dv a
Second readai   chiui  B^rto Ful
^nwo", Munlo (Jiddiiiys, Irene Uobeon.
Third   roHdui   class    SiA   Duthlt,
tllrjtoh DuboU,
Div B.
Andrew I-iRrBiu, Lvdia llu*kwltz.
Div, 4I4
James Patten.011 Harold Wildman
D.v 5
Hubert Brolo\, Doujtlas Stork, Mar*
jorlo Itobson, kuesel Dudley, > llzabath
Rnd, Charles Petrulich, Anble Petru
SpOOisl  to Till LBMKKI
A Milton, of 1 Lrnlc, is hero buildiug
a tie cnmp
Tom Moody ipent Monday at Cran
Andrew RiKaier, Q DIWilinK and
wife attended tbo dance nt Waiducr
lailt Friday nlghtj
Mrs Frauk Darosler is in Cranbrook
MBiti ng her husband who is oonfinoU
lo tlle St Eucemt hospital aufterln-c
from a broken lofc
Miss Martin has returned from Fort
Steele-andls-lbeguett of Mm Frank
Andrew Rasain nnd Charles LuudborB
are in Cranbiook thia week
A Leltch, prrsldentof the "EastKoot
enay Lumber Co , visited the cotapc^
milt at this place one dav this week
Mrs S, A Ine-hirs reveled in tho de
HjfhUof shopping In Cranbrook: one
dav durinjc thu week
Gbilstinns   Exonraions   rin   the
O. P. B.
Tiie Canadian Pacific Railway an
nounce daily low excursion rales, first
cluss \4 ilh three month's limit from
iii koolcnev and Crow's Nest points
10 all points in Castern Can idn Thc
rate frnm Pernio to Toronto anJ (.11
points In Ontario exo.pt north ol
Grave 11 hurst and .tent of Pembroke,
Montreal and nny points wenl In lhc
province of Quebec. 1* $58 40, Quibec
is $4 50 ; St John, N B , $14 50, and
Hnl l ful $17 50 higher than Mont re. '
wuh corresponding rates to other poh
vast of Monlreiil For pnisengcrs
uking advantage of X ..as Kitllins-
England, spvctully low rates will lit
quoted lo Atlantic seaboard Fu
particulars, slnndurd or tourist sleep.
reserviitions, *.an be had on application
in J  S  Cartkh, D   P A , Nelson
J & Sltgttn, Davton, A S Brown,
Spiaduo, M Leonard and P Fliigresoii,
RitzvUla, "Mrs W McColien and Mra
Mblntvie, \UiBna, Ore , Mrs A M Piiill
ip^, Spokane, C N Gorman Whlteflsb,
John Armstrong, Spokane J H Alex
nnder, Toronto, W A Fe*rson, Bnt to,
C Tnshima, Cranbrook, i? A Hill, Scat
tie, A B Phdi'ps, Spokane, 0 N 6m
man, ^ hilefish, D Stlmmel, Wnllsliurg
J P Miller Nullet, D BUbniond, A Carney, Pendleton, Ore , D N Mcintosh,
Nauton, OI) Mien and E R Kej a, Itex
ford, A Phillips, Spokane, H Wlnson,
Kexford, L Winder, Cottage, Mo , W J
limlia Pincher, W L. Brown, Mon
trefll, C B Allen, r4B\ford, P J McMahon
and wife, Mojie, RA Wright, Lath
bridge, Wm Mitchell and wife, Carbo
undo, Mrsil DeVillo, Spokane, A Don
ahue, Carbonado, It W Conltbard,
Spokane, W H Waters, Peachlands,"
WlugHte and Cbss Phillips, Knnton, M
MacBonal, B Cronie, Moyie, G R Logi
Napanee 3
Mrs W Austin, Michel, Hub Annie1*
Williams, M chel, Peter D Bab-then,
Cranbrook, Martin Laurity, Calgary, R
Rohoris Stavely, J Crawford, WcnOl,,*"
N E Broley nnd wife, Cranbrook, XT M
Alexander, Coal, Creek, j Plnahnini.,
Cranbrook A 5ampeonL MicijeT, "C S
Hansen, Seattle, H B "Roberts, Loth*
bridge, U Hal* finderby, J Taylor,
Clkc, W Richard, Medloina H^t, Q«o
Bonnario, MorriHej, FB Lewis, Loth*
Klnar jtSdwnrd
Mm Plttmttn, Prank, l' McPerson,
PJ Monlson Santou, a tlunlilton,
frank, iDnni.ee JnffraVi W J Mont*
Korooryand R W Younjjf, Wash A
PinttYouiiifston, J Bnchamiit, Montreal
n Price, J Boulton, D Boa!ion, Lewis
Unit!*, J Douglas, G Humble, E Flunk*
itt, St John, A Gall, Pendleton, Or*.,
Geo J MUCane, Ottawa, Thos Morgan,
Cranbrook, W Clay, J Morrisnti Van*
eouver, R Clark. A Parser, Coleman,
Geo I'iCr'nn.R R Crow, Palousit City,
Chas DufRe, Pmchar Creek. W Bennett,
Winnipeg-, J H Harris, Walla Walla.
OonmoHTB *c
Anion* wndlM aakitih una d««rl«h)nmi4T
When a umo
...than unmtr  ,. _ w.
contempt by thnt i-onccrn     EvOn  our-
nies have no respect for us whan
nol a to our oaths.
spends hi* money
ts  iVd^
O    * *
Jfltie Trites-\Yoo| bo. Dcpt. Store
The Trites-Wood Co. Dept. Stose.
Helpful H™*s ffiP^t811^ S^^pp®^
*• ii 1   'T!
1   ' •  t.JF  *l|i
4 .!
O donbt a great many peorplaare puzzled to ImoTir Just what present they will
-' give their Mends and relalfjns this Christmas * Now we hare a few suggestions to offer which wJ13Lpi-|babIy help you out. Bead over carefully the
Jist of articles given J>elow and you will surely flffd something that will make
a suitable gift. Our Toy Department opens this week On the ftrst floor. A
aJsit to. tiiis department wllUbe of iiitterest to the older folks and a perfect
circus tteth^iyiftnSgsJier^ .f
S      *f    s-  %     \ A *
SoipiE|<£ijpftf|#t«? -*^>*ipefTi^
Ladiji'  dainty dressing 'Jackets,
Klniannn and Furs,
SIlKSvKSl   W«ists
Ladi«*' Bells, F.inty Nocl44vear, Glo4es, Blouse Sets,
Dolt  Buckles,  Puma, Chateluhies, Innd paiuled Puns
and cosy cornor Cushions. 	
China Mia~BrTote*a*.Bfao
Cvit Glass novelties of the tlalnlcsrdest^ns In Tumblers,
lee Tubs, Spoon Trays, Vases, Wine Decanters,   Bon
Bon Dishes, etc.  ^
Newest productions in Dro.s Materials and Tilmmlngs.
Kvemng wear such as Cropalines, Voiles, l*olincs,Crcpe.
de>Chene, in all shades,       '	
ile UnMsund Napli]ns.to niatclir finejinon Tov
i^TPSthf, Csntrj p!|ces,.BntielB>utg & Dru««©i
Some Gifts for Men
eheffoitiers, Mollis Chairs, Pictures nnd suitable furni-
tuie for Men's DeW****---***..        *
Picture rrnmlliH a apaclolty.
Men's Buriilshlngs
Mon's Fine Neck4veai* In neV*i-st styles and patterns,
Gloves, Hnndker l,Ms, Cuff Unli», Scarf Plns,MufBerst
Bath Hobes, agd Srnoktng Jackets.
Boots and Shoes
Mon's fino Boots and Shoe, and comfortable Slippers.
20th Century Clothing _ t
,Thcro js no s^Wiuue for good tailoring. *Orde?a aothi-
-Qfiritliry Svilt and get a perfect fit and tlio latest style.
Some Gifts for ChHclreij
Wc   have n big   assortment of Toys lo delight tho
little folks,   Dolls, Picture Books, Games
Christmas Ornaments, Children's
Watches, Skates and Sleds.
All kinds ol Candy.    Wo nro importing ilireot Cad-
,   bjuiy'a famous Chocolates, ranging hi price from
loc, to $5.00 per package.
Children's Clothing
Bear^Skfti'Conts, Children's Drosses, Milts. Gloves,
nnd Hosiery.
Tlio Sale of tho RtolTai^ftook wllf 6onttnuo'«ir'on«liout tills montli.     We are hound to get tiA of the complete stoolr. this
month to make room for now KP9f^% ^"»tl»S; ta juul nro Bnortllclng it to do so.
The Trites-W0o^So, DepaVtmental Stores.
'nia,, .i^fi D


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