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The Fernie Ledger 1906-01-31

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i, ■ *i.
relative AsseS
i„W      '•>,-VSc"'''S'*v.
-vs;-v~5        -*"••     -.^v;   nip-..-;.
;...<S>4   >■   -
• py i'
/  Y
■" 4
Y^Y ..(J-^Y^r ^
•L* i^VJ
•$ct.A No.' -j;' -.Number 26;
-r7„ -:3y
. t-.3jm.g
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
i->" 4
E-f ;^.*    ■ ^ .. j-;I-.   .       - -, -     ;•.  _ -
.Local .Happenings in ami
% k About the
Interesting Items
,5. ■
About  liatiy
Vou "Know  A
'ja>£. i-HiRglj^tpq^^ mn4owat&Bain'8
r^lake-lnst Sunday.     ,-'
Ajv*A. Christie, lumber jjlefljler cpf
vWluinpeg U id the cUy".  . .,,.-'
' 'rAw. RogerBof ■'.Morriesey/^Ilnea;
,.wa8y*ferniWvi**!tbr.^ '       -
',If tljflr^B Ice^tio^FrftQk juntof's ..will
play the Fernie^-J--.or's fpnlghtf. ■ -<'.'
1;Mr. Blackatoue.is progressing very
.favorably and^i}. ,|00_'*^e .convalescent.  >- *■" '  "     ■-•■•.-
' St '-, n .
;.H. W;' H'erchlmer Is aWo 7*0 Vbe Q*ilj
.and will sqgn be at his,old-post ready
.forbuslneea.'"*■   ": --* A-"' --■■••-,'-    ;.
|6. L. Boynjtpn,manager of tho Elk
, Lumber Co.is aw*vy,on ft ^itinosa trip*
-toGrant'iPai^Qjfi?^-.1."'';^.: ' 0" -A .
, SMise Francis Davies - wbb abje $• take
fA-step or two yesterday and is rapidly
^regaining her strength; -     .•',.'
7D. V. Mott took a trip down the road
,88 far as Nelson .last week, stopping off
oiie day at Cranbrook,
**'':-* *   '    ', ti."'   ,
i The Senior -Hookey Klines called off
- /      „   c,. .     ,. it.,  ,.   f .".'if,.  .  .  ^t.t ,,..  ., :
,lHf«t wt-ek p'u account of np (ice, have
-been arranged for Saturday J.   F.\ W.
7}Hon. W*,H. Cushing,. minister of
.public works in Alberta, passed through
Fernie Saturday eu route from Frank to
Nelson. ,
plvan Poole has ipade his appearand
- once Wore upon our ^streets", after his
"wverejtUBse^jvith the .fever and finds
Mr mahy'friehds glad to 'see him.
e*Those White.Burbank Potatoes
grown at Ashcroft. B.C. and for sale at
'Bluudell's are certainly the finest" speci-
'ro'ent that ever came over the pike:*   ,
1 ^ . r,    .. .:.-„-■.'.- _ ._ „
S;9on't forget to take in the Stereoptl*   dustries.whiciYhave been springing up
Can 'sei-jvlce^the' Salvation, armjAbarij
.rn^kstonigjit.^jguyec};: "Fjom vo*k
•.. -jiivaBe to Tmar^ionV 'Iby Jja'pt. Davey.
,Tho*now time-table-on tho G.j N.
.went into effect,Monday and.the;first
train over that line camo in on schedule
.4i_te, the snowslide at Swiuton kavirig
.been cleared away'.'.      . '..' '   ■   '..'.. -'
C. Wi' Sheppard went to Cranbrook
this morning. •        .
The Elk.Lumber C0.4h.flve received
three cars of machinery for , their new
mill/*' .-■'■-. '        . f
^.C. A. Holdlenipanager of the Canadian Rubber .Co Winnipeg was through f
here tliis week.    '' '    '      H
41 J.R. Pollock - left this morning tb
attend the meeting Qf Abo Associated
Boardsof Trade.    . " *.
J), y. Mott went to Cranbrook this
morning to attend the meeting of thtj
Associated Boards of Trade. , '-
Dr. . Higgins Jeaves on the local ° this
aftei:nQ.on to attend tbe'aeeting of the^
Asaociated.Boarcis of Trade, at jCran*
brobkj.   l '"'"--,
1'he Rossland Hockey toain were defeated by the Edmonton -team Monday,
night, Score 5—0, and- were bIbo defeated by the 4 Stratheona team last
.-night, Score 14—1.
- The.mbmbors of the Catholic Mutual-
Benefit. Association gave a dinner' to
theirjrieqds at(tho Imperial hotel last-
evening. There were aoout 30 present
and a very* enjoyable time is reported.
A, flro occurred at Blairmore- last,
Saturday evening starting at 11:20 p ni.',
in the Chambera _ Grady, warehouse,
which -was Btoi'od with- hay. *- The
cBlairmore hotel, owned by I). C. Drain
Mi Ross' wholesale liquor store; Victor
Lomieux'a barker shop, and Mar On's
block were destroyed.. By hard work
tlio Cosmopolitan .hotel'was saved from
the flames though some loss to contents'
was sustained through removing it
from tho building. The: total loss is,
estimated' at *45,0O0 with insurance'
amountin_,to $10,000.
4      *•- '       "       *■
■ >*
The industrial number of the Frank
Paper, though very late in', making its
appearance is certainly a very creditable edition' and its' publisher is: en-
titled to much praise. Much valuable
information relating to the Pass towns
and-the great*mining,and smelling in-
.-*. •
Statement of the City's Fteceif* ts rand
Disbursements, alsp\oj Resources
> and Liabilities
Traderfliicenses; ., ...
Dog and pound tuxes ,. ;
Policb*Cp.urt .fines . A
School—Government grant '•'•   ,. .   '
Bent of grounds    . ,.
Taxes    ■"■ ' '  ;   ." ' .,' •
Liquor Licenses    " ...
TaxeB for health purposes    - . >
B. C. Government keop of prisoners
Trust Account- Cash left by escaped prisoner
Advances from Bank of Commerce
Taxes for general purposes ».
Road taxes J
Sundry accounts outstanding
Less 1001 disbursements in excess of receipts
.           .    $1,392.75'-
.    .             254.98
$8,7<30 10             .: .
20.00          •:
-..93G.2G   •    '-
  '' ,       a 7i(i on
, t
-        '        '   'uu   .
* A20.4,6
..    -             5,019.85
. "  °  ^,210.70
,             799 30
The report of Auditori J. S. Voljime,
rrertifjing to the correctness of city cleric;
Nunn's tiii.incial report for, lhe year
1905 wits, upon motion of Trites lind
Tuttleaccepted as correct and the clerk
.was instructed to give the -statement to
;of il^e.city ofllcers to the press for publication       ...    ,   ,7 ..
On motion ,of .Alderman Beck and
Tuttle the city cledc was instructed lo
call for tenders for- tlie-city printing for
tlie year 1906.    -        .'.-■■
On motion of Tultle , aiid' Trites
council adjourned.till the 26 inst.
82*4,598 52
School Board   ' :
Fire Department—Maintenance
$5,808 81
Equipment ,
Furniture and Fixture's
JThe -Adolph  Lumbor  Company   ii
«rectinj-,a saw mill of 40,000 foot daily
capacity at Bain's lake and have • about
!^00P,QQP Ip^fc of.logs cut ready, for  the
will.   Mr.-F..\V. Adolph is in»charge
, of the work. *
1 - '-'.'. 1.
J?lvo Hungarians were, lyreste'd "at
-A&iichel la*j*^tarday~iorrstalling coil
.from the ('. >P.-R.'anjl *iver^ .bright to
'.Febrile on Monday by constab.-** S/imp,-
,801.. They wera eqch fined 15.00-and
costs by Magistrate .Whimster.
City Clerk Nunn r^colyod offlclal no-j
,tlceon Monday fi;om Provincial secro*!
|taryj^-_lton'*b(^the appointment of J.i
D. QuftUaud Saul Bonnt-jll^ police1
commissioners, and J, L, Mclntyre
.$$&$. Wrlggloswprth as license com*
. inl'i-alonors. . •■  "'
nil-along the Crows Nest Pass railway
•is tp,be found in this number. The
illustrations g,re numerous and fairly
illustrates the commercial as'well' as
the industrial advancement ofthe Pass
tbjyns to. the east of Fernie.
The ..Coal   Out-put.
The out put of coal at the mines fbr
the week ending Friday, Jan. 26th,
was as follows:    - '      *
Coal Greek: ■" : 9,456 (ons.
Sllchel 6,741   "
Carbonado* •    1,441,"
- Expenses 4,   ,
.Clothipi-f     o
•Keep of prisoners
Kent of jail
Stationery., ...
Elections A *
Salaries—-Clerk and Solicitor
Printing ..'•-_
Legal expenses  -
Donation to;volunteer, firemen
Streets and sidewalks
Health Department
Waterworks system survey &c
Sewerage 6ystem survey &e .
Grading^honipson street     " .
Scavengering accounts
Nuisance ground
Unpaid taxes. 1905
Dec. 31, iOOS-rCash on hand
Cash in bank
, 1,398 28
540: f6
- 5,895 24
'  43;'80
65; 28
1.570 00
*i' 75'. 64 .
- . 145 -22-
A 3.61
_-4 408,40
203 50
Muiutes of meeting of the cily council held 011 Hie 26th.at 8 p. hn.:      .  ,-
Present, the.Mayor;' Aldermen Trites,
Beck,    Biggs,    Mclntyre,- Quail unJ
trtTuttle. .
On niolion of Beck')md Trites min
ules of meeting of llie 25111 were adopted as read. ■   '      " '
On motion of Tjjt'le and Trites bylaw 27 was received jind on motion of
Beck and Biggs it was finally adopted.
L. P. .Eckstein wrote the council notifying them that if steps were not taken to prevent the re-erection of the
warehouse belonging to the,. Crow's
Nest iTradtng Coiiip.i'ny, liiigaiiou
would result. The citv. solicitor advised that this matter came under the
supervision of the ' building inspector,
according to section 5 of bylaw No. 2,'
and upon motion Aid.- Beck and Biggs
the matter was referred to that official.
Mr. Barclay, manager of the Crow's
Nest Trading Company stated to the
council that there was a large quantity
of perishable goods stored in the cellar
under the collapsed' warehouse which
were in great danger of damage and
that he was anxious to have a covering
over it as soon as possible and that' the
cost of recovering the building would
not exceed 20% bf the original cost.
Mr. Barchiy was informed that t|ie
matter had been referred to the building
inspector. On motion of Beck and
Biggs Mr Eckstein's letter on this subject was filed and the clerk instructed
tb inform'these gentlemen that the matter had been referred as above. The
letter of the Crow's Nest Trading
Company upon the same subject was
treated in the same manner.
.  In. the matter of the action  ofj.   A.
Total1,.     16,638
F, Lcaylck, who rocontly -bpndfid
,fourclaims on Alkl Crest from .Bob
(Dewor, has put • lew men to work on
jtlie property andjiitends to keep them
Ja,tltepntinually.f''Mr.4Dowar Is with
ttho putty aiid Is receiving pay for do*
•reloji1 jn-jf, hto own, property.
Poftpli owning dogimay exroctn visit
from tlio pound keeper soon if they do
{•fee the precaution of procuring tags
at tho city dork's ofllco,
"•     JlbMatwulAnraiid wavjr,
.^•Ull-Mti to sata Iittlo' to.tr. '
-"' And nowi Wu In tlu trayy,
A numbor'of, young pooplo with
Mr. and Mrs. "F. C. Lnwo mndo up
'*, marry sleighing party Monday nip-lit',
going out on tho Fornlo Luiybor Company's ro_d lo tlio .camps. Returning
,tliey woro entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
Lawo with dancing and good UiIiijjh to
F. Haloi, tu-nngor and pnn|o( tlio
heaviest stockbolderB in tho Collar
Vrilloy Lumber Cbuipany, Imn boon
Ibnklng aftor tho largo liitoroHtH of this
jcompany lately and report*! that his
man tro gottlng out a fino lot of logs
-for tlio coming Rnntton-a run L'.ku
othor mill owner* Mr, Hales !• more
lio|ioful for a good year's Inulneia tlutn
jjio was at thlH timo last yonr.
Tho Nallnnnl Tnint Com puny, Limit
fd, ol Toronto, tho liquidator*, of thu
-York County Loan and BavIno,n Coin,
panv havo appointed tho Canadian
ukhk of Commerce an tholr agenli to
collect and rccolvo all the pnim-liooUH
and curtidcatea of tlio ■hftvolioldcru In
-tlifH vicinity. Accordingly thin hank
U rocolvlug lucli lioolci nnu cortlfl eaten
jVlvlnrln ovchAntra for nnmn, printed
V^oelpta (urnliliod by (ho liqtiuHtorii.
PrMi dlipttchM otatfl that sovoral
poople of thft paoror claim dlod from the
wilMm* cold In Mexico la a wook,
•while Ico men In Toronto anil Montreal
nro prarinR for cold woather onough to
enable them to fill their lee houses for
(the lumwor trade. Horo In Pernio wo
Jcoop it an even ♦ompernture, will liavn
ico to mil In tbo mimtne-^ and no liven
lost by frooxlng during the winter,
Mrt, L. W, Pollock and her company
ot vaudeville pcrlormon vtiited Michel
laat we*k and garo tbo peoplo of that
Mirrlmtlowiia v«ryenji)>»l)ln«v«iiliiir'n
•nteiUinmont, They perform atStork'e
I ail lonl-tlit and are Hire of a largo
turnout. They hav* already rteXteA
flW.ftO from their two »niertalnmouta
at Coal Creek am! Mlchol. Femlo
t\itm\i -go tbexn one btiter,
Elk Rlvor Club.
The IJIk River Club is now comfortii-
bly settled .on Bulcer Avenue, next to
tl*.e imperial hotel. Organizi'd on
strictly ,club principles along similar
lines to that ut Coal Creek, it ofTers the
comforts nnd conveniences of a first
class club ul moderate rates. The niem-
bcrsh.ip Cue is 75 cts and iniliittion .fee
ascts, with monthly dues of 25CIS.
The following nre the officers R.
Schram president; R. Moore, secretary;
W. Coniicll, W. Broley, H. Turney, VV.
Webber and A. J. Buckley, committee.
A rending room supplied with mag
iizincs and newspapers, writing material, etc., is already fitted up, a billiard
tnblo ordered nnd a gymnasium is being
Hrra,ngc(J for-In th/> bjjtsemcn|t.
Thc bnr is stocked with first class
liquors und cigars and thc club starts
out well equipped and on the road to
success. Tho membership already
numbers 380,
.„-., v:...__ •■ ..'■' ".I$24958.'5_.
City Ti-eaourer
Cii8hon hand. Docernner 30, 1905
Cash In bank, December 80, 1905
Furniture and fixtures    .
Flro Department—-Mfiintpnanco
■Real Estiito
RulHInsr -,
Furnlturo and fixtures
4-H 38
., 469.76,
Nulsanoo pfrnund ,
RownrngosyBti-m ...
Scavenger noconntB
Unpaid taxes, 1905
OutBtnnrtlnpr nccounts
Traat nccount
Notes dno Canndtan Bank nf Commoroo
Dalanoo aseets ovor liabilities    ,
203 50
fil. 70
5 019 35
City Trensurcr
Spoclal to tlio [.Kiiuua
On WodnoBilay, tho 21th inst., at Ihe
call of thn Sot-rotary of tho school board
ii largo and roprvsnntntlvo mooting of
thoin Intorcstud In Reboot matters, wiih
held In tho 0. C. L. A, A. for tho purpose of electing trtifltoo-i midor tho new
act. Mr. John McCllmont, chairman,
aud T. Koltb, secrotary.
After n full nnd lengthy discussion of
tho act, tho socrotary was Instiuctod to
wrlto Aluxnndor Uobltison, B A.
tSuperlntondatit of Education, Informing
liim that under tbo prewnt condltioni,
wocannot|iue our way clear to elect' a
board, nnd nuking for further Information rig-mllng tlio working of tho act
The Bcci-utnry was nluo ItiBtructcd to
wrltu to our local mnmbor, W. H.
Hosi, M. L.A., asking him to use Ills
I     (I I I It    ., . ,41
• if4J***>..*,is    HI    UUttl   .III* its,   4l.f.i,^.i.M,   ill
Mncmlivl In (mrli nbpnn ir- wonlrt mnlin
It worknhlo. Tlio mooting condemned
tbo act on lho following grounds 1
1st Ae bolng a direct attempt 10 low
er tlio educational uy litem of the pro
2nd Ah an unwarranted Increase of
flrd   For Its unworkablenett*.
4th   Por Its ambiguity.
6th For the amount of utolets work
entailed on tbo truutou*.
An application wa« tbnn rt'*A from
Mr. John Stopbooi, M. A., for position
of toschfi. wlilrh wu accepted. Mr
Stejifaenii is expected any time.
Wo publish above the slaloment of the city dork, which shown tho rocolptn
dliibursemcntP, nsRcta and liabilities of tho municipality for the vear 1005, null Ih
auppoBed to embrnro thn business for Iho paBt year clogln, on tlio flUt dni of
Dreembelr 1D05 The rocclptn froth all aourcce loot |261-2M.'iBl amr.aflbr "cTJuluct
Innr lhe doflclr. of tho previous yonr lenvus n netrPvonuoTrir. vtlfo' vear 100B of
$*J*llrif)8.ri2 Tho illRhursAmonts tolnl $12,1180,15 which pins cash on* hand and In
tbo bank totals $1,698,62 showing iwjMPjWMit mirplus of $2,200.87, which, how-
ever disappears llko a snowball In'Awnnok wind whon a glanco is tnkon at Iho
outntiinillna- llnbllltlofl of $5,010.85 dun thn bin k and oiitctiindinn nccounts to lho
amount nf 1700.80, leaving- nn actual dnllolt or M/ton 28 with nothing tn off-tot It
except lho Item of unpnli' tayes nmountlng to $1,110 GO, which if nil colloctod
wlll still leave tx deficit of $-2,480.88 TIiIr make* It appear that tho citv was net*
unlly In tb-bt at tho nnd ofjlho yonr $8,000.28 Tho exponsn of the pnlleo do
psr»mont lotals $5,805,24, and tho receipts from fines totalled $8,052.70 which
clearly domonstrnlps that rollroln-r costs mono* \Vn would commend this
statement to Hon. Mr. Mcllride and flnanco mlnlslor Tallnw, Thoy mljrhl ob,
talu a fow additional pointers as how to turn an actual deficit Into a surplus.
McLesin vs. the city re by-law 23 the
city solicitor stated that in his opinion
that there was no agreement existing
inasmuch as the purported agreement
bad been signed before by-law 23 had
been registered. Alderman Tuttli* objected lo having E, V. Bodwi-ll consulted on tliis matter upon iho. ground that
that gentleman was a solicitor for tlie
Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light and
Power Co. Mr. Mclntyre thought a
postponement for thirty days should be
asked for to enable the council to obtain opinion from counsel its to.the position of thc city in regard to these con-
tracts. Mr. Trites said the point to be
decided was the legality of tho by-law
and did not bear directly upon thc legality of the contract. He thought
that the longer the matter was delayed
the more costs would have, lo be paid
and the case should be heard ut once,
Alderman Tuttle then moved seconded
by Mclntyre lhat the city solicitor lie
inslructcJ to tube bucIi steps ns lie
deemed necessary 10 have the ca.se on
by-law 23 postponed twenty diiys, carried, Trites opposing. Aid. Mclntyre
then moved seconded by Quail Unit tlie
solicitor be instructed to obtain legal
advice as the city's position in the case
of the action of McLean on by-law 23,
curried, Trites opposing. ^^,
On motion of Trites jiiiiWtftTle council q-ffl-tonii-d. t-"Fi<hy 8th.
'lil.U.'.JL.! .'."..'.. L'.i.- J.1 . u_;.._ .  1. 1 J."..
Minutes of meeting ef city council
held on Thursday evening Jun. 35th
1906. Present, Mayor nicnsdcll; AN
dcrmen Tuttle, Quail, Mclntyre, Biggs,
Ui-cl- nnd Trlles,
Minutes of last meeting of tho council wen*- ron.-l rtntl fin inofinn nf Tuilh*
and (,SuM were ndnplcd.
A letter from I„, P. Kcksteln, consenting lo nn enlargement of the bearing
In ense of J. A. McLean vs, the city of
Fertile ro by-law 33, wns tend and on
,».      ./ f   . .t.        ,n    1 /..   .
4l,4SIV*.«44   W»     ..4.41V  »4> .**     fc.Wl.4l*   <J. **,«,   4,V4U,
A communication from the Crow's
Nest Trading Company asking pcrmlsii*
Ion to repair warehouse damaged by
know. After some dlkttif.slon it wok
moved by Mggs nnd Mclntyre that lhe
ttimmu'i.C'itioi*. Uy over until tt.4. np'
polntment ot a city solicitor to made,
Aldermsri Tuttle moved and" AlJer-
"■;■..".'.«'. »   i!u>«
mjin Trite* Ktondiil Out by-law Ne,
The minting then ad{..Ufeod until j J7. a rwxA tax by l*iw, Ik Introduced
fqiiber Inffsrmslkm wa* loHbeowlBjf.   } _«.J rtui tlte lint tlm?, txttltd.
On molion of Triles and Tuillo tbe
council wenl Inlo n committee of tbe
whole, with Triles In the clmlr, lo con-
elder by-Jaw -17. After considering (he
by-law the conimlUeo rose nnd repnrlcd
to (lie council, recommending tlmt by.
law 27 receive second  reading.   On
ni«»i*nn i\f iv*;   rwt. „«,!   „,   ,. 1   1   1 *
MA. r»i{»j»« hy-lnw iy wur rt-ntl Hip <,i-r-
ond time, and on motion ol Quail and
Triles It was then rend the third llmo
nnd bold over to the next meeting for
I.itM.-,** InKlv IcnU 1UHII    i.,   y,   fato.
sleln, Ross & Alexnnder, Sherwood
Hcrchlmer nnd V. C. Uwe, regarding
the cily sollf.llorHbtp. Sherwood Ilcrcli*
inicr in one Idler olTi-rcd to take lln-
position at 11 price .0 be ngnred upon,
and In another lie offered lo do the
work ul $40 per menlli. Mr, ]j**r of-
Ured to take tbe potion »t "Jijo ptr
month. AUerman Tnlilc moved and
Alderman Quail M-conJe j tful F. C.
1 Uwe's appli<"4tion bt accepted. Tbv-
motio*n carrtVJ, Tr!!** cpp&iing.
Minutes of special meeting nf llie
city council Jan. 30th, present, the
mayor; aldermen Quail, Mlggs, Mclntyre and Trites. Alderman Iteclc arrived later. • Tho meeting hud been
culled by request of councilors for the
purpose of advising with thcpiiy solicit
or regarding llie position ol the cily in
the ciu-eof McLeuu vs.'city on liy-lnw
23. Mr. La we handed in n telegram
from lv. V. Ib-dwcll slating thut he
could not act for the cltvuslu.' Iuul been
retalni'd hy Iho Coal company, He iiImi
stilled thnt bo hud wired lv, P, Ditvi*
nskiiig linn '{-miloiiiHii if he could act
for the cily und hnd received an iinvwor
stating Unit Mr, Davis could do so.
Moved bv Aid, Mclntyre and Quail
llial Mr. W. K, Rous be released (rom
further service in the cuse uf liy»lnw 23,
rM^rlt4it >
Speo'al to The T.kdceu
Viitoria, B.C. Jau. 31.
■ The exceedingly, slender "-three*, by-
which the MeBride government fretain
power,. in B. C; was shown yesterday
in an adverse vote while the legislature
was in committee of tho chief commissioners-to totally prohibit the export of unsawn logs, the vote, while
in itself 'insufficient ,to '. demand a
ministerial resignation, at the same
time giving the premier and his colleac-
ues much uneaBinesa and annoyance-
and emphasizing the disaffection in the
Conservative ranks of this and a nunv
bor .o[«othoi measures, notably the 1111
precetiGniod bill for bonusing tho reck
less financing.of.tho ,b.a'iikii**jit niuniei'
palily of-'Devrduoy -The-chief objection
to the timber biliaioso through the fart.
that its passage will drivo tlio small
taggers out of the liusiiioFS while woik-
in uiu'cessnry waste of second class
timbei-*foi- which there is no market'
with In" this province but which .finds
ready sale for piUs, poles and bridge
timber on tho American side nr on lln;
prniric districts.' The bill was oppoeeti
with vigor by-tho liberal opposition on
the occasion joined by tlm socialist
members, Mr. llHwtfiorlhwnito proposing an amendment for thu salvation
of liaud-loggm-s. Thisainoiidtiient wa«
debated at length and foiling justilieil
in hopin-*r that sevornl of the conservative brethren might lie converted to kou
the, error of their ways. A progress
report of tlieconiuiilt.ie was prepared by
Dr. King.
Diplomacy, .woiild   have   suggested
somo light concessions by tho minister-,
but Hon-Mr. Green proved nbdunite
and insistedupou forcing the test of the
house,    remarking   that-   when    the
amendment offered by Mr/ Hawthorn-
waite had been voted, down the government would offer no objection to th*.*
subjuct being laid over till .-iiiothurday
Then came .the division tbat told tin*
tale of 'lessoned- #ovornment stivngtli
theie being a fulhchamber with thu ex
ceptiou of   Mr.   Speaker  l'onloy   atui
MessrH. Frnser and JUeitdcreon who are
paired.   Tho liberals-voted solid with
llawthornwaiteand Williams while' in
the'government lines McGowan who
has shown  admirable  lim'.eiieudeiico
throughout the session raised liis hand
.with tho "ayes" and Houston of Nelson
refrained from voting,    Manson, tho
newly elected member for Aihorni ap"
parently over   estimated   tho -eoiiRfi.
(juence of the vote and proved himself
capable of  going  the  limit although
clumsy in the  governments cause, for
ho insisted in counting 20 as 18 declaring the vote a lie and ruling "tho motion is defeated."    '1 his ,high handed
and over crude method of oyer  riding
the will of tlie majority was hot allowed
to prevail however  and Manson  tlion
declined to count the non voting meni-
bfirs with the alrirmative, this applying
to Houston, the Nelson man of mystery
"Well if iis any snti.-ftic'tioii to the uov-
ernment to know just where niy heart
is" that  member     dryly „ remarked,
rising-H;cr"r~spatt"er     Uro—"-govern*
ment's        remaining       hopo.       *'J
may observe that I. vote' with  ayes'1
Practised Parliamentaries  assort that
thero'are sufficient number of malcontents in the straight government ranks
to defeat any time if tho Liberal oppor
•jition but presents such want of confidence resolutions as will afford a ju--ti
(ication for tho change  of   front.   AH
Monday was spent lu .<-otriUiittee on
premier-McRrido'a remarka'b'le- -bill- (or,
the dislncorporation ol  Dowdtiey  mu
ntcipality which is described Ivy critic-*
as virtually a measure oxtrenic'lv cosily
tothe country designed tn  nccuro  the
re-dection of the promior when ho nnxt'
offers to his old constituency,  Criticism
was sharp and sustained.   It was prnv
00 hy Messrs. Mac Donald and <'liver
that Dewdhcy had not petitioned for
the assistance proposed liaving merely
nuked that the government asatinio tlio
bonded IndebtoduosH, in which nvont
tho bonilhnldc.rs would cunc'-l .fi,OOo and
accept 925 009,.the government sprwiil
Ing repayment over a period of yeari.
Instead the government moaMiro proves
an unsought provincial conli-llmtlon in
cnsli of ten tliousiuid dollai'H and such
adjustment as linked of the remaining
815,000.   Mr.   Iliiwlhoriilhwnltn   proposed to go evuii fiiitlioi- thnn thii and
hnvo tho ivovluco pay lho cintlrc di-bl,
but this proved too much oven  for iho
(-overiiinoiit    followei'H.   Dewdin-y   is
not ns wcro Chilllwnek   MiiUquI nr.d
Pitt Ulvur to which irllfif "was gtitiilivl
in provlous bhkbIiiiih, lltesi) munlcipnli'
ties becoming involved with lial-illtios
beyond their rovonuo ml-nnu ctipai'lty
tlu-niigli tlio provincial leginlutinn un
tlroly iieynnd tholr control.    Tho  <>\-
nct  revurBO applies in  Dowdncy uud
further its urgud by thu iiiipn<lUuu,
thn provincial assumption ol the lln-
hilllles which the inuiilclpiility   has
tuiido.noearnest effort to lift, will nm
hnneflt most thu .icttlerH,  but chleily
thu bondholdiiig  comjuiuiuu   for  the
most prominent onn of which, (bn Sim
Llfo liihuimico, AtluiJiiiy (jiuiuiJil Wil
sou acts ns (.'nun-nil.    'Ibis r<*intu Uulili*
hill ia still ln tliucummltlon stngo,
Mnrdn Afit'r Cliiunboiliilii
Vlctoilii, }\. (J„ .lau '2(i-HiIiIh1i im«n
AbV Quail moved niul Mrlntjri' 'I't--
onded lhat tlu- city uollcilor lie vinpmv*
ereJ lo get legal advue mid if net'c»viiry
employ council In Ihu cuic of McLean
vs. tlte city of Penile ro by-law .1, car-
-  1 -1
The lelier* or I.. V. lu-I^U'ln, d.iicd
Jan. 19-21 inslanl werengnln read nnd
on motion wcro plucvd on lile.
On motion nf Heck uud Iliggu the
council .tdjuurrtiAl,
crodlt Mr. .lomi|ili Muiiln
prMwIilhiB coosiilciuiiiH niul plrtmiiff|ile
(l-juru in Ciiuadiiiu politlcii, with hiiving
uxerclned 11 vtuy rioililiiblu liilliiciui' in
tliu cninpiiltin In th(' Old Country, his
antl Chamberlain letter to lhe London
Chronlcht hiivlnu Iihuii one nl 1 lie Hlrnnir
doi'ltmoiilN Of tho ll-illt. Ai lh|i letter
at-Hiimi'd lo crilUi/.n (lm Chaiiibotliiln
policy from a Canadian viiiwimiut- the
.iritl'sh iircsH having ncceiiu-d ll ns the
I'xpnihMiin nf n man ol wide InHiieii'-e
In the Cnnriilliiii NnrlhweM. Vour eor
respnndeiit Iimh iiIiIhIim-iI (rmn Mi
Martin n »'n;,y, whicli U hi'iowtth prir
Ktutted Mr,'Mai tin wrole:
Vaneenver. 11. C, CnnmlH, I), c in, V.xY,
T'i the I'Mitor of Tlm Chrnnlclu,
Dear HU*: —
I have, read a report of thn II011. Jo
1   /.-■•■ •' ■     ■
m 1 it   *.
.Hrlslnl,    I
anl the (inly possible advantage would
be^n increased price.
To deal now'with thoGrst suggestion,
let mc ask-what possible.justification .
has IMr. Chambcrl-iin in suggesting at
any ralo so far as Canada^s concerned,
that a preference on whtut given by the
Old country would result in a preference
given, by .Canada on.Britieh oiamifact*
urcs? ,'• ..
' The manui-ictursrs of Canada have a
strong and exccoilingly well organized
association for the advancement of their -.
interests known as the Canadian Manufactures Association.   Last summer -a
large delegation consisting of over two
hundred members of this association
-took a trip to Europe for pleasure and .     ,
when in England. _ number of the lead-
ing.members of the partyihad an*inter-
view with Mr. Chainborlain.   Tlio said •
association   publishes  an exceedingly       , "
well edited and well conducted  monthly journal called "Industrial  Canada."
The Association at ptesent is engaged
in-a crusade-for hiuher fprbtCs'tive  du
tics in Canada.   The piet-ent Canadian
tariff i».a high protective tariff but tho   .
manufacture**.* areiiot satisfied and aro
pushing strongly for  a heavy inciease.
"Industrial Canada" .a-.fi strong supporter of Mr. Chainborlainaiid-hls fiscal
proposals for the British Empire    Tho
said association, in casa it-would accomplish    its    policy    of      raising   the",    ■
Cnnadian tariff to.euch a point that it *    ",.
w ill fully and   comtileteiy protect tho
ninniiliicturoi-B of Canada by excluding- .    .
as for as possible all foreign mauufact-
ured goods including-British goods, is
willing that a still_higher tariff kIiou hi '
be unforced against the United States
and other foruign',n*-tnuf*ii-iurcr.s but
not against British maiiiifaciurers.
Whut poeeiblo advanrage this kind of '
a preference would be to the British •
mariufiicturer, is difrieitlt to eomprc,-"
Lend. However, this proposed policy
was fully explained' to Mr. Chamberlain hy the members of th'e delegation
abovo 1'isfercd to, last pjinmier ami according to.'Industrial Canada'' ho gavd
his unqualified support to it.
I have no knowledge of the condition
of affairs in other colonics, but it is
quite clear Irom the attitude taken by"
the Canadian Manufactures'Association.
not only in their said.organ "Industrial o
Canada" but also in speeches mado by
prominent members at public meeting*
in Canadaand by members of the Housa
of Commons, representing their views
that so far as they are concerned they
MlLnM7cr_coosont_to„any_r.edue!ioi! ■'
.whatever iii the prcsentCanadian tariff
against British goods but will use all
their power and influence in iiicreasiiij-
tho game until the prohibitive point is
reached. ' y
Unless the members of the delegation
who had the interview.with Mr. Chamberlain nro deliberately, misrepresent*
.liv;,lil!iijho.is not.only aware .of tbo
posltion'taken but entirely approves of '
tlio sum0.7
When tho Liberal party pf Canada
wore in opposition they introduced into
tho House of Commons a resolution declaring iu fitvor of giving British goods
11 preference in Canada, and this preference was tn bo given without any ro-
garrt to any net ion that might '10 taken
by the Imperial parliament In the way
of giving a piiptorencn to Canada. This
resolution aftei' long dnhatn, was
brought to a vote and defeated by u
largo majority, tlio inimjbcrs'of the g()Y*<
ernment (whicli was ilionCoiiserviitlviO
and nil their supporters voting ngnlnm,
It wlillo tins ineinliers of tho Liberal np.
position in tlio llotiiH.' of ConimoiiB voted
for it,
TIip prowit Liberal government camo .
Into power In Junn lh&Juitd ou thi) 20ili
of dune 1807 passed an act giving pref-
i'i-uiii'o of a reduction of one fourth of
tlietltity on British poods. Tlii* hill'
wnsvlgnroiiily opposed by tho Cmiii 1 v
atlvn opiioflltioii In thu 11 oil <(i ami uha
by tlm Miiliudtcliircis AHKnclutlot ami
ever siuco tlKin lho Manufacturer'-- Ah-
Hoclntlon Iiiih oiiileiivorcil by ovory
mcaiiH in (Imlr power (0 have llm saiim
iibollshcd nnd linvn sueceedo.l In hnvlnn;
it very iiiiitciialjy miidlfied, Tlm C.i*
unilliiii Maimfiiiliireis1 AsKou'jiifnn ami
the (.'uiii-i'i'vii'lvii party of {."uiijuIh am
cntmn-laKtiu niliulrer* nml HiippoiteiH
of tlm Unnnrnblii .loseph CliMiuherUiii
niul Iiii policy of I'j-ul'-rlloii for the nm-
ANMimliig lhe firts stntcil by nm to
liucnrrncl, it follows thai Mr, Cluim.
borlnlu Is oil her endc-ivorln-; tn iiilnli'iid
tliiiBilllhlt wnrMngmeii by his HrlhUl
Hpcei'lt nr entirely mlnhifil tlm iniiinb,>is
nf Ihu .Mnliii.-ictiiri'iH A-umdation Isi-t
Tin- policy of prolecllnn, whalnvcr
eliii it in ay in'coiuplinli, has hI ways been
siinii'i-'ifnl In I'Vniy entiiiiiy in which it
bi'i'ti tried.Cannd 1 mil nceepted, In low*
(■ring tlm moral standard of the rin tor
Jtitui.il it wou'il appear lo nn f,ut*,|i|i*r
(lull even In I'diniecil m wlelt the n-lvn-
carynf tliln jmllry fnr fir-cat  llrilnin n
Curd of Tliiinks.
Mr*. ). I*. Wyllie r.f Mlrbel. uUlns
(o piiMirly espn-s-i li*r Ui«nk* 10 the
Miner*' Uniun and man-/ kind fr'n-iiiU
in ilui lo*«i, *ln> l«*v* htlp,«d ln*r hy
tlu'ir genertwily ihkI *yuipathv. doling
the lail Hint-*.* of bcr beloved tiu*,!.,ind
.inJ m'l.iit htt i.ui btTt*.\<f.ntui.
1, _• * til a <t 11    i.iivlidiiuu   ■■rilu-islik     * ' I'    >ii*' **t  *  * I
about to tnkeplni-n, pi-rlia|isa i-niui-in
of (ho Mine, from n Caiuuliaii Maiidpmiii
inbjrht bn iiitere>.lliiir to vour remlers.
Mr Ch nmlierl-ilii hUuveKtHltieimpnni
lion of a small duty upon wheat, nny
.1 sl.illlnirs per qiiii'lcr. /nil   Will"* llie
>Jl4lJ'*4l)tl{ll44'.,4 4.1. Vrt|^.,.4*   4.,^   ,.. S-'.*,!-.*.,   '1,4,
aoHurlug iIiimii thai In return tin- vAn-
nh>* would givo lUith foiH-eKcieii* to
thHUli niauufitvluri'm nn woulil rcmili
In a much greater demMiid fm- labor,
lln alnn j>iigg('*(* tliatwonld uot r.tl»n
poiitlon of thix 'Inly prolmbly llm lm-
liepric-*ol w!i$i> t.
It tuu-t, (C «'**«ov« tome, be iiulf.-rre.-tr
that tinli**a lb<i price of wheal l« raited
at Hverprtm* by the propw-eil dntvthere
would bn lii l.i-nettt wiistevrr to lhe
Cansilisn firmer. Cansilian grsin nl-
*»yt hs* 9, iitftr-el, lhe (srinrr * an al-
way* »«-il his w'liuit junt *< nattt «« it t»
n-adv fur marl**! and s* * matter ».f
fnct.'ft-t'(|iimitlv «i*ll* It In-fore It I* nil.
I.jj-ro i* tbi.jt-fi.r« uo )sim  ot i/j-jjlitt
to lie iiMc niul retulv to tnle rjuilia-
illclory |io*ilimis on 'public iiui^imiis
varying wilh the frelmg*. uf ,Jiireii«nl
umliciiCiM Ih nn iluttht » t-ieat hcuuih-
jilWimont, but tlm dexterltv icn'tlriil
(a vt.rv il ni' t'i r tn tt,.,, ,,¥i.i.'..   i i      ,i
llueo tai-ij .Miiiile nmn or  (do  (hiuiTilu
rl/itor met with nt fniinlrvhiii.
Ildlii'li HlaieMiieii imvi'i j-eiiuinvl „
tfrent repuiJitlni. in the (tyosnfu.e world
lur llieir high IiIi-iiU ami ulct* neti.e ef
li.ihor. Miy lank will the nimluci of
tintUianiiii'rlfliu linrsl tNinituian -.into
llnlllSllJlirilti.ili HfMnrf t*ie ti-Pt?
Ci.uld any t,m; ims-rIim Mich mon *t
Mr. «»lail<tl»mt», Lord JJ»ii«»uirv or llm
inei-eiit iluUi. m DrtvoiiKhlre being e<»n-
ieriio.i fmcrinripjilu m i|1(. various c, •
Un-liM wiili-ii luveiiiitkiiil n,u »n#.|,i|.t
t.i liiru <fi.Mi Urilain trout strvo U*U
|m,lry »« one of proteritnii
Yoiit* trulv,
"iofef-h Mditui." TU r FE-R«NflE L.EDGER, &§$$$& E', -B. C., jf AN VA^R-Y ^-r,  ,19$..
The Fernie Ledger
*•   ; T ,*"-"   EDITOR
^siiigil svory NVajiaesdi?.-.' from office »f imli-
,":tiv*i{oii. 61irB4i'r 6f AVorffl J?t; mid '"linker Ave.,
•A'briiiu, British Coliv.,bia.'. '■    ■
jwo'dollars a YEAp.ll-i^qyANCE
' fcii'iiiKi'u-/xr* iiisi-r.AY)
allowed to l'a chftn'ffed when deairoit, x*_l:out
'»'•'*        '•*     •" • extfti^liitr.-i*)-    t    ,-»••-
,, 1 Su'iwr iiii;h',,Kor montli'
■   iluSiiiufii-o.^jtSbli; .*h-)Z'..ilviui<40
«■*** 4li!,cV!luit ^huVi-ul^Wa-aro furuUked
*- .,',     -   - ,.      *.'.**. ,.'
,    .       T^ujiiijis-! ijjjXjaiTUiwiKsrs
djifi iii uoiipariel, 12 lines mako an incjli.*
Ruction Sille*. Eiitertainnieiits,'.Ten<Wr.s, I*
Tjal Notii-.t-s ate., in cent*, n linp,tiir^t,4fisertion.
f-    5 eu'uta n'iiiiu euuli ■ulisuquent Inifenion.
.*    w .        ., -    ■ .        *:       I.     v."    .    "-
XiO.it, Ki)-ctii3, J*or S*t.!e, To Let, Jlont or Ex
•^ chungo,oiiu'ieii reword, eiich insertion,
iikadi.no notk;i:s
'On back iJoecnmonB locals, 12< cents a. line:
, *On Iront p«rf<-- •nn^iiff- locals, SO centa il   line-;.
J*f ocourriii!,' iim<iii(*st our .-.uli-^ril.prs, froo; all
"btlier* .V)4'0i>t--.ench iniertion.   Curd, of coii I
^fi-,-itiili4tio'.i.';'i-*"ii''<'lei-.uo •>! ,tliMV.Ii.,, obitunr.4'
fprti.|.i-vo-fe.,W'v--w'ii,ie*,t'.-Mis.iit 'tvi..iMiii,;'|iro-,
>i!iita.'j'luuiit»H Hue(lVonimriol) each insertion '
-A-i!limit tliin'BO, oiu; in..'li nr umler, :•! n niniitl.
Any furMiar infonimtion di'»iivJ cun Lo Iuul
' uu il|>]»lli!.'ilii.ii to thy iliitiiiiBur.
. 0\ir 'Ng'jiv'l'ros.s.
\Vi» art- pleased lo announce that oni
)\e\v C'otirull press arrived on ThursJii)
uiul was duly insiallcd after iniicli hard,
labor, without rofrcsli'iicDl.-' This pres*
^vill enable us  to   disjipse   of   tin:  olii
.W.i.shingion  "man killer" and  lo tun.
.out the paper on lime, as well as allow
us lo keep the fornirf open for latest up,
tj-.lale news items, lo llio.1 ,st  minute,
a consideration that we are sure will bit)
' much  appreciated.    V/e  have several
'improvements in the paper .ijnJer  way,
and before we are through our /eadet>
.will have the largest and most   modern
newspaper in Southeastern   Kootenay.
Do  Oroams Como True?
,Sl>. c'lll toTllKl.KIKll^t
Vicioiia, B. C, Jan, 20.—\liss Car-
.rull, a young lady   of   Niuiainm,  who
resrdes with   her   brother   on Ri. inirc!
street in tlie Coal cily, has  contributed
another example  to   tbe   mystery   of
dreams.    Before retiring a 4ip'\v  nights
ago, she placed a batch of diiugh   near
the kitchen slove, the iwxl  dav  being'
set !ip:ii;t.for.the wpclijly baking. About
midiyght she ayyitkeiied in'frigbl  from
h dream thai Hie  house   was   on  lire.
-.She found  it  impossible  lo  return   li
•deep, so vivid had been the dream, am1
iinaliy, amuse-I sit herself for doing so,
■she determined to-investigate.    Open-
f- -i- *•"»..-
-ing the door leading, from hall lo din-
If yon, your Trends or rclativ^jjjffer frith
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dence, or' Falling
Sickness, write for a trial bottle and valuable
trealfee on such diseases to-Tus Leibig CO.*.
179 Kin-jStreel, W., Toro^tpi*. Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain iut'you ''
Pnciflc ' Oof^t  Seeds..
4. Probably not one person  in a  hun-i
Jred lias any idea of the amount of gar
den seeds grown pn ,l,he ,cpast.    Last j
season.{1905-) oy(*r. tgn  thousand acres'
were devoted to tlif-ir culture,  extending from Califonua to BritJ.shjQo^inbiji,
50,000 poupil-j,of set^s being $t*-nt  lo
one tirni  in   Rnglu,ijd  l>y a California
irovver, a share of.tiiein ,quit3 likely,i'o
he mailed back lo this country as.-'-'QId
Country peeds."
Mr. M. J. Henry, the,purscryman of
Vancouver, while luakjii.ig -t^ie production of i'ruil Irces his main line of business, lias been gradually experimenting
in seed growing for several years and
1| linds llial many varieties of seed can be
grown in I). tC. cqiiiilly as well or belter
than in wurijocr cliniutes. His crop of
llie p.ist season, grown in British Columbia, and on lhe American side,
amounts lo nearly ten tons.
A sample of each variety is planted
in Mr. Henry's greenhouses immediately on iirrivid from bis grower,.to lesl
Ihe percentage of growth, and no seeds
tt .sit show a low- vitality are sent out to
bis customers. ,. '
Al first Mr. Heiuy had to find a market for his seeds wjtli eastern seed dealers, but fepr the hist two q.r ,tlirc.e years I
the local'demand lias been so greal.tliut'l
be had none for export, in fact be could
not llll foreign orders for some $8,000
or $10,000 worth of seeds.
Mr. Henrv now'h',is bis seeds on-test
in his greenhouses, winch - will be on
exhibition ' through * February and
March. Intending purchasers are invited lo call and sec samples growing
before placing ihcir .orders.
wm nmmJ
T. H.YCW^lTT, Proprietor.   |
Is the place to take the
Great J^th^rn tf&ix.
to Spokane, time 12
hours; . tp Seattle 24
hours; tp-^-ji^osM-y^^?
IZhe BmtvMian motel
The Place to Stop   ,
Special ^yention Given to Local Tourists
aiovvissep Junction, 3$, fi.
lias the world for a 'country -arM jte_ king
is good will m& justice to all.    $i-a
Cipv Ltd,
Wluilomilo llonloru mid -
Piruut ImporWra uf
Scotch and
Irish, Whlt»l<«y,
London Dry,
Old Tom
and Holland Gin,
gcMltz. be-vr.
Ale and Stout
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
Solo KRonts   ih Canada for
WliT^'-Upr :Toiilo, Jag Destroyer-
L. P. Eckstein
■Jakuistku-at-Law,    Solicitor,   Etc.
Cutlibtrl JJlock, Kernie, B. C.     '-'
F.-°C. Lawe
ine room.-'slie was almost overcome b
^ ., 1      •  4. .,4 - 4
dense volumes of smoke.    Hastily clos i
... 411    -, J I
.infr Iheiloor ahe summoiied Ucrbrother;
I ..  tii'.'l   '•rf * «
and tujreilier, after a sharp li-jlit, lhc\
exti_nM:^i^lled the Haines. Tlie clolli
stretched over the doiffth pan had ignited, selling lire to llie floor., The
"Uitch-iii wasAvfjE-elceiJl,hul  the  lire loss
wiis conlined to ifie oiie  room—thank.!
to llm eoiivenieni dreani.   ,.
Post Oilico Block, Fornio, R. C.
Moro DlHiistors at Sen.
fiiii'c'lit Jto Vlifi IjKIKIKB
'   Victoria', B.C.,' Jan.   29-— }\t
oilier disaster is*reported fyiiff)' lhe in-,
'suiTuieiiil. :i(,'hted   nn'd   nuoyed   wesi;
coast of Vnnpouver   Isln'iul.    llje bij;
'2,800 ton iron 's.iip   KinK   Paviiil,  en-
.Noymfc in ballast from Salinas Cruz fo
■Roy-11 Roads, lisivin-**; crashed on   Uajo
I'oi'nl, N- > ikn, on lhe 13th of Dei-ein*
ber, whil   tryin); to hem olf a lee shon*
jj-j'-> ^io'tlnvesl (,'iilc.    Ciiplnin Davidson
find .'ill his cr.*w succsuJed ,in   making
'shore in ihe. ship's  boats,  aiid'/or 33
'clnj's   fl.he   nifijnrily' of   Ihe c.^paii)
'camped ihere^vhile nuiinliiiilln-f 11 con-i
Ktant vvittcli'for n  pin-sin-,*' -iliip','   On'
MoiidavuweeJ( their sigiuils of distress
were'sL't'ti liiiijl'ilu'ir rescue iilTc^'nd"!*-)'1
the C P; R," coasting slcimier -Queen
City, which brought then,   to tht'' cily.
First ollicer imd six of lhe crew per;
\V. R. Hobs J. S. T. Alkxakpeic
Ross &, Alexander
'   KBIINIE**!!. C.4* '    '      'r"Y
Offli'O in Ii. T. W. IJlook, Victor.** Avenue.
Nurseries, Greenhouses &   Sbcd
Headquarters for PACIFIC Cor$t.
GROWN Garden, Field jyi4 jFlower'
Seeds. New crop now in stock ready
for distribution, atk your merchant for
them ih scaled pt\cj*,ets* H ho does not
handle them we y^ prfiPN ,-tP your
nearest postoflice fifty, five cent packets,
onr selection of gooii varieties, lotfl to'
introduce th.mn. • ' 0
Large stock ol HOME GROWN Fruit
and Ornamental treesnotr matured for
thc Spring: trade-,-'_:_      '_.    .
—N-re3^nTTe~idW'6"r~deiay of iumi"
g-ation or inspection.
. Let me price your list^ore placing
vour' order. .   Greenhouse    Plants,
Floral Work, Bno Supplies, Fruit Pack
ajfes,-Fertilizers, etc.   Catalogue frpe.
■<.■•■'•■■:■    M.J. HENRY
¥    *    *
The Comfortable Way
4 »
• Soad Up
• 9.5i iv m Lv.
Arr. 9.00 p m
10.1211 m
810 p in
12.30 pm
6.10 p m
7.(5 p m
9.30 p p\
7.30 n m
Evorett   -
9.21 p m
9.00 a m
.    Seattle
8.00 p ill
•S.45 p m Arr
Lv 4.00 pm
2.(5 p m Arr
St. Paul
Lv $.00 p m
.* IluiLy extiopt bim jay
J. _5*air_5er,i l.d.s,, d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposjt-j the  Bank
Ofllco Iioum—8«.m. to 8 p.m, -
' J 1
8010 Westminslor rond
j".      - -.Vancouver, B. C.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Ori-ici! HontK tUo 12 n. m.,i totfp.ni
, . , *    ,   •.
Oilico In Alux, Jlouk'ti Bl^y'j.
nvorHlimi'M lliikcry,
™w&'" -   - - -
it. 0.
Ofiice':   &f,$. piock
Ficknik Uritisli Columblu.
AN -   -v.
IT        s&kWr    >'
tor bM-7 tj.nr.
C*ihiim Strefi, 11,00. ■ - .-
Km booVUI "II inti to £lav«n.;.'
Vat P»lo liy
J. D. Quail remit. ■. 0.
E. V]>. WISB00WS0N
Ji.tlu 1i1.in.y11r Ntiluon Siiiultor)   .
flolil.Sllvor or I.flml imuli *1.00
(.'iiliimr  '1..VI      (Julil-Sllvur  XX.M
HhiirKii.* i\ir olliiir inntiilii 011 H|i|illnitl<in
1', O.Driin-uriliiH I'liono A(!J
For" Quick .Returns
Llit your Proporty -.rlth   fhoS.
Buccciiaor to T. f. psftSfM .'»»* OWi/'
Proporty for Sals, to Ront or Exohaue*.
IteiiU oollooted, Employment furnlsbed,
A   full line of Caskets,   Coffins,   Shipping   Cases
Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand.
*    -A.C3-EHSTTS    ^Oli
' 5Sr-K.I*.S,Q3CJJ .B.  a/      .
.1 ' .,.,'   .. ,
■o - 1
,^3 During November and December a discou-R-t rof
10 per cent will.be allowed off all orders for spring-
delivery.     '     , .,4- +■ +
!    Si®!" ,We have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which we will be pleased to
show intending purchasers.*               — ar
Office Phone 4,1       Rbswence 76   ,
Parlors in Lundy Block
.At. Great Biji'gainsjtfaisjtyee^
Hcriurren Bros.
Sandy Lime & Wood
OIII00 In rear of How Foon Illoolt. Femlo, B.O,
fevttie, SB, Q,
Davey & Laderoutb
QrPWfk> No»t   Speolal
Mlnoi*-*^ -Favorite Olgara
rniota .
r Oube* tut
Unmuii* »
r>o*14* emu*, tk 151
ronili*, I). 0.
>«tf —. 11 ■*».-■.«
I'iipII nf MmlmiU' ll4'it*4lo('ii\,OiillilliilJ)HoJiuol
if Mii'l,*, I.iiiiiIiiii, nml Hluunr Vnniirlnl.Flor.
min, Ituly, wlll ruriilvu a Ifinllvil nuniliur of
. n|illn (ijrlii.lruniloii In Hliiuln^ mill voIro pro-
,. linn. ' 1.'
Terms on Application.
I" SMiUm I
tm.     ••».'« •*     Itmr    t^4* imtSiWkm*
Lad Its nnd Qlr.i I
NVc will l]i>lp")*oil secure tills Lovsly Tuf Btsrt,
nuil* from 'skIccIcJ full furml skins, of Rich
Dlaek 'totxty Fur nt-iirly M iiiclus in leii-jili,
orn'siiieiiteil w|tli lon-j; fur latin, nml fntiey neck.
chnin. " flfci't wnnii nml rntnfnHflMe, nml t»nrl» l»
,Uic very Jntw.t ,1.1)It.   Wt srs a R*ll*bl* Com-
finny. ani)t we'unnt tinoA iriiitwortliy iicciiIa to
ntroiliice fi«oJ Ili>i* VcKtlnlile Tills Into every
home. Wo rsqulrs no worvsy In •dvnnot, jimt
scud 11s your nniue nud .td.Jrc**** at one* uud we
will scml ymi Eight Ousts of our Famous Ro*
media**. Sell thi-ni nt 25c fer Imx, mul wlion we
receive llie nioni'y for the I'HM uhkh we uillwrid
ymi InitiiMliftlcly nller ynu have n-ld On- Jjl?. worlh
ami rtiuriii-d tlie money, we will then firoiii|iily
jay,. afttA Jon >mir Pur Ocarf. Out C.ih,i| Ilnj* I'ilU
jsT^A nrc n Ciaui) m-mily for nil we.ik Ami ii'i-mit-1 riiull.
ayf tion* of the Wood, * splendid Tonic ami l.ife
r [iutt'ler. Tln-y are esiy to s«*ll, find *»e in >.;icst
demsnil. Don't m'st this opportunity to secure till* Clagant
fur mtstt.   Writ* to-day.
-.f^ *t*f,i K; * k-;? ^ '-j.***.5"' f: ^ ^-«**^-r***^^**i^''
Secdnd-Hand Store
Opound up next to Raii/a Hot-sl
Tor   Cash
},1—   , - . t. W, R. Tirru, Perolt
The West Ferjite §fo*r^
5. flptk'-..   3   ■   r Proprietor.
K11II dlock of d)ry flno'ls. (lent'i Purnlililn«i.
(IriiPorUii.Hdoti, Hhot* r-nil Croekory.
give Mo A Call.
iP^Wr ^c».«»?; ft(W?*»d»
— &mxr> —
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mhs. E. Todd
.1 C. MAJOR & CO.
Now Vorlt Stocks, Honds nnd Cotton.
CIiKmko (Inilil 1111J Provisions.
Private Wire.   Cnniliiuou* QuoIhIIoiis,
Single Faro
Round Trip
February 7th, 8th, 9th,
Good to return till
February ,12th.
We carry a complete line of Watches, both Ladies'
and*Gent's, and our prces are right.    Call and get   ,
our prices"before going elsewhere—we can surejiv
,   please you. ',., .- '"        '
C. C.   WP-inri^*- ?Jewi»leri& JQptlclM.
Spoclal Attontlon Paid to* VVstoh Repairing
1. ■» 1. .
Is a pleasant home
for the frayplpr.
Pfiilip Carosella
General Merchant
* 1
i. F. MARION, Manigor, NELSON, B. C
C<'tr»M>6nit<fi'-* mlicliirtl.
Min-irit's Linimtnt Curii Diphtheria
RAIITI.BTT HnriK, tmmi-t\tn Ih* Clmrtr f»
flic Ih-hI tX v, il.tv- Iu.IdI 111 NcNi-iri. Onlv
wilt* h»lp «oit>.<4r*l. O. W. DARTI.KTT
Minard's Liniment Cures OliUmptr,
Full Programme
For Pm^mmnics, Rates, nnd de*
tailed inloriimlion, npply lo local
II. Ilondln***-
Affont nt Fornio,
T 8. Oortor, DiP.A.,      C .J.Coylo, A.Q.P.A,
JStcjIhou Vunoouver
1.     ffttfvitiitffazi
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :
Retail   Mijat   Merchants
>Vll)hOf. llUllli)
Hums, Jiacoii and laurel jib well.
Ail KmUb ol j-yoHh Fish, In ^oauoi)
rroinjil Di-Hvury,
Glvo nun cull,
TI-.L. 18.
u      FQrrjj Years
Stfid/br yt/a/qpuo
102 Ir 104,
r-r -AoeiAiDE ST.;v;
Sirn.-I linvn ucoil your MINAUDV
LIMIMBSTfortho nam a:» yttst* ami
Ulllltlt lllll VU   III'CHKIOIUUI.V XXrliA   lllln'l
liuliriotjli', I j-jiii Jiitlulv KJiy Hint 1 luive
mivrir imiid any pqiinl to yonrn.
If nilibcd bctwi-rn tlio lianila ami Iir
tislcil fnir-uaitlly, It will novcr full to
eiiracold In llio hfi-id In twenl)-four
H l» also the Ceil lor brulMi. ipralot,
Yonra Imlr.
Dartmouth. ,I.O.,LKBLIK.
The Best of Satisfaction
in Wat<?h& Jetoelery Repairing
Hnvo 0110 of tholr lurgoflt BtovcB In Fernio.
^•j-flb, yciv), Freeh Rnd Smoked FIbIi.
Fresh Fish constantly proving
I Fort Steele Brewery Co„ Ltd. !•
• *
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lagrer Beer aiul Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
JVIili   Supplier
GeneraS Hardware
Cooking Utensils, Nlcycwarc, &q
V*9t*i**l, IW-*. •»»  *U *, M«C.k»«.
lace your adYertisenient ii ^ITIE LEDGER.''   It pays"
*> ■ A >.,' \'7* \" '  v  , Y
V,-    -..,-        4.-..J
^M£iF.-:K^'lX .l^S^&R. «? £"r4n?
The Canadian Bank # Gpmraer,G| i
Ijon.G. A-.C^x,   "   ilyY~
!-"-       'i.-'.FYvc-.iiJent. *   -   „
tr   ,'M.
B. E. Waiker,    ' "-' Alex. Laircl, -    \*
General Munncer.         Asstj.Gon'l Manager
APiTAL.^m.OOO.QOO"1   *"""  "
'■- fr.r*- fr,%    't#f AL ASSy5,r0XER.$98.0QO,000
i or*. T=8-t*'i;>Ki o-htbs jHHkx}' ^.G-E":
JRF.ST, .$4,500,000
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.     Deposits'of,!?,,   and -upwards received .md interest allowed.    The depositor is subject to'no ' de-
liij- whatever in the withdrawel of the whole or any part of the  deposit
-   •ifsppci.il Wltenfiop is drawn tb our Bunk Money Orders  issued   payable
'  in -Qi-iktla', United States, England, I'laly in lire,   Hungary,   Austria  in
' kronen?    fhbv'ioni. iy. ext;eileiit--iWe.th(Hl.of remitting monies at a mini-,
. —■ >-   '. .'.- ■':■'. I •.'-.-;. ■•7** <-■ '•■"•'' 4~''" '"'■.  •" , -.
muni 'oo'st. ■      , ,. .    i
" A-'^neriil Bar.ki'ng business .transacted.    Correspondence .solicited.
"    Open on tlie pay-days of'the'Cofq Company until 9 p. ny
"  - FJEJiiaE SRANCH -      - '        T. B. MAY, Manager
lf;ASSI-fl"Sl*-'Al)VERTl!3EME>*TS T*J?DER'
' tltii.&eaUinff'-ih&J-ttbd-at' the-wte^f'.Qne
ut d;tr«tril:etn!U'iUl.e*rt*Bb:-.  v  ""? -jj*.-   •
FOR   SA#j£i.-
A SNAP.  Half oere in West Fernio, Rood-2
story house on the property. • Apply Mott
Son & Co. '..'*'" "'- -
uooil location  ou Victoria Ave:.   ,
Apply,.Mqtt Son & Co.
For Sale or To Rout
Feni't'. LotJiixlSi. (f ood ■ 4'room.house;
Clii/is 11 ar.np. if takori,. iifc'oncci Knsy' .terms.
Apply, Mott, Son & Go:     ,-.-,,-   .  iy'   *   '" '
JL for alile ut this jiillice, price 25 fonts enck:—'
'Rooms To Let, Apply Within."- "Furnished
Koomu To-"Let, Apply Within.",     ••i..-.'-- -
Head Office^ .Hamilton, Can4a4a.
'  ttotal. Mssetgf §29,oW,Ooii ? . '   i
ft on. W^i..Gibson, President*. "'■'-"- \
Jv Turnbulvl; .Vice-Presidenjt and General -Manager,.
74 Bpsrtjnches throughout Canada
, Money Orders an*i3l Drafts issued, payable in Canada'or abroad. '
Foreign'drafts caslieiT.    Special advantages in Savings Department.
'" C-.i-r.-HCh.%c1, the tailor, haR just ra-
reWvft the liobhftrt tAgc* of Tweeds
fo*-   Toll    suits   and' .overcoats over
. lito-u»{ii't into Fernio. .   ,
' Let us Ti..il.c you {*. fancy vest from
oneof tho^e choito ne-A'pattoniB..Conic
•in and Bee tliein.   J.   Carmtchiiel, .the
tnjlo.r. ■     ■ ' *
The.Kinfj; Fdward^ote! occupies   a
proii'iiiWit   posilidi. "in"'Fernie only a
stepor-"t-X-o:froti5nh4.:,v.*P.   R-  depot,
•and convenient"'to bufJin-tss \I10uses in'
• the city.
For  sale choap:    Iron bed, pale-jide
board,   white'  chiffonier,   cosy-corner
Virli mantle, hodkciise, lot of quart,
fruil jars 50c doz, beddin-f,' picture*-*
and rugs, bubvs high clinir and sleigh:
•>1ust be soldlliis week. .Mrs A'J Purely.
family „■ Ifurnttce aud bath.   Apply -tliln
°^ri   :,
*     :    FATHER'S  SEUMON.
n VYour pa was down town thia
morning complaining about his Vl;l
•troiible,' tl.jxt crick in his b,ick that'
•lie got'ioadlnij"hav one" hot' day iiv
'Huron, county, Ohio.' 'before the
;a.i*my:' -The  -old trouble,*   as you
'•'•will remember, bothers your pa n't
'great deal, and your ma thinks that
■"his hither must havo been a prettv
•'hafd-heartcd'man' to'.let .him work
to bard When lie was' a boy. Your
■pa likes to lla'vc' yqu ajiH' you*-* ma
Ithink that when lie was"'a boy he did
, nothinK but work and go to prayer
'fi^eeKng' and go around doing'.'noble
'<ice$3 out'(if the third' reader, but a
number ot the old boys of tho Ele**>-'
•antli Kansas who knew your pa in the
"■sixties, are prepared to do a lot of
•'forfeiting for him whenever he asks
•troubfe' is tfiat he was down at Fort,
from the bitterest kind of experience
when he pleads with* you to quit. It
is no goody,goody^tallc ot a -mutton-
headed old deacoifthat he is giving
you; it has taken him a year to get
his courage up to speak to you, and
every word he'speaks is boiled out of
an agony of^bitter memories.
You Don't Undci-st-uicl.
•ile knows where boys that start
as you.a'i-e starting.end.if they" don't
turn back.   Yoar pa turned, but, he
recollects the career of .thVBlue boys,
who are "divided between '.the *, penitentiary,   tlie pobrhouso and   tho
southwest comer of hell;   he -recalls
the Winklers—one dead, one a porter
-in a^salooh'jn .Peoria, one crazy; and
he looks at' you,' aiici it seems to him
that he must take you in his arms as:
he did when you were a little child
in .the pairic fire, and run  to safety
with you. And' when he talks to you
with his bashful, halting speech, you,
just sit there and grin; and: cut  his
heart to i.s core for he knows you do
not understand.
The Coming Back     v
It's rather up to you, Bub:   In the
next few months you will have to decide whether you ar.e goj.ng to hell or
not.   Of course, the1 'vilest sinner may
return' at any point along the road—
'but to what?   To shattered health; to
a mother heart-broken in her grave;
to a wifedamnedto- all eternity  by
your thonghtless brutality,  and ,to
children^whe  are always afraid to
look up theaUey, when they see  a
group ot boys, for fear they' may   be
teasing—you, drunk and dirty, lying
in the stable filth! „ To, that'you will
\""C 1»iilo.   Apply ut this oflic-u.
G)pen in the" evening &f the Cpal CoTs p^Tday,from 7 till 9
.    / ,;'   „-A*/.---.   ,4   ''     J. r! LAWRY Agent KERNIE BBAKCI
me'.^^mfs^0m^ @W Pf - fl'n* ' -
f^W^ yJ&kiLwif ^^-^oft Pcttatoes.
Lea-y^ ^9^'^r^m\^''*i^iietasaok
of the )b®$i Pbtatoels in the marj-'
*ket. ".*   /
f .*■* v       i ■".'"'
Pay .Gash rajjd jj'ot .pahie |or your Monc^r
-The People's Oroccr, .P. "Of. Block, "Ferni^
;  -'*■; tfn   -..-    f , is,   -*'.'. • - J *, ,*- -,
whore the mine train stops, nuui- the stii-
tion. No. 125.- Nice for- ti small family. Price
<3o0. complete    Apply Mott, Son fklk>. ,- —W
WANTED'--' ' *•'•'■•;*-'•.-   i
House.   Enquiro at Virion Hoitaurant
X undersigned up to TlturbdayFebruary 8th,
ISO!!, for tho nuditinp of the vity-bookt for l'.iOC
The booksto bo audited every three molith**..
I. W. Nunu, City Clerk, Ferine, B, C, Jununry
i3rd. won. .. * .'
And the garden of tho days thac are
gone, wherein you should have planted a kindness and consideration and
thoughtfiilncss and manly'courage'to
do right will be grown up to weeds
that will blossom in your patches and-
in your twisted, gnarled face that no,
one   loves.    '      ° - '
"Go it, Eud! don't stop fir you,r'p.i'S
s-vke; you know it ail.' Your pa   is;
merely ah old fogy.   Tell  hiui' you
can paddle  your own  canoe.   But*
when you were a bay, a  very little
boy, with a sole, round body, yonr pa
usod to take you in his arms and rub
his beard—his rough, stubby,  three-
days beard—against your face   and
pray God would keep you from, the'
path you are'ndw going in.
"■ "And,8o,the sins of the father, Bud
—but'we won't talk of. that."—William Alien White, in Saturday Eveu*
ing.Post. —     i    ■
..-hKVfi.'v.''--.-.     ■...-_-:>---■ _ -,     , •■-?'■     ■ ^|
Full and Complete
Stock of        '..'."..   .
Picks and Shafts
Coal Hods at pripes to dear—45, 60. 70; Soc.
. a ■■-•' ••   ;' "V' *   .v*t ••■■. vr -*.'/■.' ■-■■    •
.--   •     :'•■.'        >'j' y«* ■>.     •-■', -        ■'   '    *    *
Tinning and Plumbing Department!-oppqsitu, Si'lv-it'iotp Army Barracks
Ofiice'•iiid',5aie'iTp6m noxt door to the King Edward Hotel.  .
..,,, ,  7 • 'i , y.-..-..   . -v ..--, ..-*-.. °-
i   '. ■'"•°-;-:; ■-•■■ i
4S*X %T%r%fy*^'&%r%r*VS^^
*"       si'"" ■ ■ 8
at- ■■ *■■■.■■■■*
The Palace Drug §t6r©
Just, Opened Out in the Crow's Ne^t
■{framing Co's Block, Victoria Avenue . -
-rr^-r^, .i.i-
I You c^an't tse    - .   *
Successors to % Av SENKBEIL
You Can't Be
Happy   --WjU.fi'    Poor
, .t .. i'..   ^    *•■■-'.
'Lovenworth just after the close of the
!^;fna,aft«r filliiVfj up on laughin-?
' water ai a salbon Jife ^ot' in a  flght
withthd 'bartender and ' wiis. kicked
"out the saioan, and siept in the ally
all night.   That was his lust -whizz
Ho tbokf an invoice of his stcck and
lound that hd-'hnS'sohie'' of; the most
valuablo oxporionces.'that-i nian can,
'acquire and ho  6'fraigiitcd, tip and'
camo out here and R-fow up with the
'country.   Your ma met liim at a bas-
'kct meeting, and sjjc thought ho was
an extremely pious yoiiiif? mun and,
•they made a Koot it,   " 1
" Ho Can't Bo Fooled;
'/So, Hub, when you think that by
brei'thlng on your oiU-bIoovc to kill
-tiiti-fytyitiky you oan fool your pa, yon
-arc •wro'n'g. 'Your pm in his day uto
thrcc'purloada of oardivnion a-jctla uml
cloves,'dnl'wscdmVrrhby thohnrrel/
'' Also V)q l^l)p^ which was tho creaky
step In'thS Htalrs in his fiitlu.r'a lioust«
and Vised lo avoid It coming in at'1
night, juit na'you do now, and ho
knownH just'tylint you aro doing,
'And moi'ij tlritY'tliat ybhr pa -speaks
ireTunT7'"vviih—your-Btrength— spent,,
and your sportive friends, gone tothe
devil before you, and your chance ini
life frittered away
i 'Just sit down and ■ figure it > oat;;
Our Victoria Letter
Spocial to tho Ledger
yirtoria, B. C, J:in. 30.—Interest in
the K.iien Island land deal continues to
attract first attention among British
Columbia's legislators.    This'is not by
.4rt1._«*i4nnr*.r>r*.r* (-1 n^rl-fT---'nt*—I 1 nrt ml Or.-
"C1U\-UlVtliu   \*\J \**.*\*\,\a.-\.m*    vii*. — •^•L>w*m«i — *~* \?
position but"ampHg the Government
supporters tliere'are a n,umber who re-
garil llie-,J.l.ransaciion yvilh grave, suspicion.- T*lie members of. the govern-
  ... . %
Nor can you correct defective siglit without lenses   §&
ground to meet yonr individual needs.    To fit len-   SjJ
ses accurrately   requires greater   skill   than   Is   ^
^     gengrj-Ufysupposed;'   ]P:i\,Bybee's glasses restores ^
tf&.y oerfec't: vision becai
BudV: Oi course there are...a .lot. of I >"**" themselves show considerable agi
Rood felldwyon^b roarf to foil] .you. t«lion'relative'to the c^iionv*and are
Will  Imvo a. Rood  tiuib^oingrbutj winced that it   will   be   made   the
you'll boa lontf tUjaoit^e...iYou'ir
dMnco and |ilav car'is and chase "but'
nights, and soak   your soul  in  the;
essence of don't-jrlve-a-dnmtivcness.
and you'll wonder as you go. up In
thc bulloon, what fun there   is in
walking through th.ssob.-r oid earth,
I'Y.ynda—what oris thoy?   Tho  I6V0
of'huinaiijty-whafis it?   Thought-
luliibBS to those about y6it,l' Qentlllty
—What are these tilings? Letyeroll—•
Ictteroll.   But as you dropout of thc
balloon tho eartli   will look  like  a
borlqus piece of landscape.
For Yonr Pu'h Suko.
"Whon yti aro old tho boor you
havo twilled wlllchoko-'y-our ^irou't';:
i\x6 wonie'n you hiivo lllrted with will
hung round yonr feet and mako you
Htumblo. ;\ll tho nlglits you have
wasted at poker will dim your oyes.
convinced that it   will   be   made
chief feature of controversy during
'.-> -    il'''   . 1 •"-' ** *-'
pending session.   "■ ' '    -■--■*■
For several years it has1 been known;
that there has'jbccji a 5cra--.*il*-Je for the:
Kaien '-Island lowhsite- As far Jbiick'aSi
1903 it would seem that the Grand'
Trunk Pacific engineers had their attention attracted to lhat spot. Thc
news in some way got out presumably
without the'sanction of the officials, of
the company, w|io squglit for'. various
good reasons to keep ' it very 'close,
Suspicions of various kinds have been
aroused as to the way in which the
news was communicated, but no official announcement has ever been made
in Ihe mailer,        , -1
Slaking was in pt-Qgresji art tjic is*
land in 1 oo-'jVnlso a'number of applications 'for land being'made in the  usual way iiik) ; hy .Soulj. ^frienn  scrip, 1
These applications"were refused;   It is
said that the land given for tho   town-
site was under a reserve placed upon it
during the regime of Forbes G. Vernon
as chief commissioner of public  landa,
Mr. Vtr.ion hinjsclf has  always, held,
lhat the island'was under wserve,' ni-1
though at thu tifiic thc   maps  did' not
show lho lnil't as un island, but ns pari
of llie mainland.
Some ofthe locators asked for a fiat
so ll)'-. thu courts might decide the
poi'iU'iuissi,l».,""J'hl8'"«l*io v/as refused
by llio government. It is pointed out
lhat If there had been a positive reserve
tho government hj|ij nr reason to ro*
fuse a fiat. If thero !y,'H8 no reserve
tho original locatorsnrocntllloil to thc
Agents for the Slater Shoe
and J;&T,*Bell. Air
•■ ■   "     ......''     --1   *■     -.'"'**.-       -*        '     ' - '        • •  ' .
lines of shoes in Canada; "s
Special; lines tor Mining ^nfl Epke
r ^^ork^alw
g'rVS'jn-'.Y. P-TH*'"-3'*-'-'.* -K:'-'*^/"^.w*. 6.»w^c   ,.s.s,ss,fy~    ;.-™-.
perfect\yision because there is scientific;knowledge 7.S&
and thaV skill, which comes frpni years of -vexjteri-'; 7r*
' back   of theni.    Arti-gcistl ^yes  always:in'''*'
'•tff'.'  '■ . ^'t __'j 'ir ..::if'I_li! '-  /"
stock.    Write me a postal andj will call.
Office Hours:'
J to 6 and 7 to 9 p.ni.^v
-4v--- -.""       , 4   ,
serve, jjnd places one on the island.
Then in Marchof last year ■ the ; land
was conveyed lo Mr' Bodwell, for the
Grand Trunk Pacific railway.
It would therefore . seem that thc
government Sri dealing ■ . with these
land's scJe---l.ee} one group of speculators
and dealt wfih'^iiem,l',^uillng out all
other applicants' 'for land. The gov*
eminent hns not explained.tho cause of
such action', and lhe justification ■ for it
will be watched with interest.   .    "   ■'
I, business; wmmmm
I |R, A. McConnell nf Cranbrook  hold
service Monday night  lit tho school
F. DoroBler wns horo last week.
Output of 'noiindiiry. and Root-
onay Minos*
•j?M9,yw,y .*?,?
•found a  summary
•fl-.*,,'-     'it   '
of the" output bf tlio ''Boundary nnd
Kootenay mines for the 'wcelj'.'cn.illng
Saturday, Jan. 27th tnken" 'frqitj l|)o
very valuable wccltly report p.nf.Qd before its readers liy.-..the Nelson I^aily
''I}ou.i){Jnj/-. Bhjnhicnls for the week
ending.Inn. apth ' *"', "'a^.ijao i^ins;
Rossland ' ' ' " 6.646 tons
Slocan iind Kootenay 1,481 ton
Special to tlio Tin* LiDawi,
The North Star Mine expects to
to ship a thousand tons of oro next
Mining shares at the North Star
have risen from fivo to eight cents a
share since lho Now Yonr,
Thero are bright prospect,** at lho
Stem Winder. '
,   Thc Sullivan mino is in good   condition undor tho  now  mnnnger    Mr.
-CAMMII oid CONSJ'lir.inN
Am Kt*Jr*-d Dlniiini
•'PflVnilINK   oiikxi   rtlu.
(tlWtfl   iMlLlKli    4Aii|Mliil|lH.III,
|lllll IWIIHIIIIIIltlllll llMtllt,
.    • MttW   MA-, Jttmi   Wfl.l^-.l
rulArrli. tlm mIIrIiUwI mi il
tit dIjaiiwi nf wikiilmr woiilil
ciuimi It lo ruliirn iiiuiJitlino
Uiruru, . Timiv
worno llinn —
ivcro iNtlitN nml
•ommn ror thotU
lover* iuul ulj/lit HWitaU lm
Fine Stationery :
;  We carry a:splendid line of fine^bq^eS.,-Statiorier.y  that
v^ill commend itself to the most fastidious.    Also, .rulecji
•and plain paper by thc quirr. in the latest styl.es,
Envelopes to match.
School Supplies
.     -      .  . <>,.■■     ..   ..-. ■   . -
B09KS, Pencils, Pens, Erasers,- Slates, School Bagty
Scribbjter.s,— or anything in the way of School Supplies'
a.t ,the lowes^pr-iceiiiS, ^e ,make a specialty of the want.f
Qftli? 'rising gei^ratioii.. ......     ,'.
N. E. Suddabyi
-I ■ .... r   *-      * *
Total tor tho week , 33,467 tons
3.77.-1   "
B. C. Copper
Dominion Copper
Trail smelter
Mr und Mrs Reid havo chage of the
boarding house at thc Sullivan since
tho New Year, nnd holler faro is reported under lliolr nblo   managiijncnt.
Thc perplexing qnostlon of continu-
inp- two send ihcir'lwo Iittlo hoys,, to
scheol, n distance of two miles, was.
solved hy Mr. Reid purchasing 11 quid
horHefrqmvMr. Jas. Clayton, of Mnrys-
villo. "tlie Utile hoys arc proud of thc
distihutloi. of riding to and from school
cdnseciiiently thoy nro vory prompt "und
regular in altendnnco.
If nvfry homo in Ciinnda hnd this sifin thero
would lie fur Ivm NlrUnnum nnd ill.-ion»*s nnd homo
would lw 11 liuppU-r and l.ri|;ltU.'r place than it
iiivi-11-.tlnu"! I't ' ' '
PSYCIIINI. can help every mmnlwr of tho
Mnlltpr worn out with lior daily toil and com-
plninifiK of LnMltudn. Wcokn«*»» No App#»li»r
l>y«pr|i«ln ami l>rclino,
I'nlhor with a Imd Cold or Clilll brought On
Kimt up lilc-ml.    Jiy <-x|">'iiir(* at luu il.uly wnric,
Tlm Children with their innimicrnhlo lltllo
All tlu-w run ho exxwA hy PSYCIIINKi and
when, lliroiidli m*ijl«tl Home «n*rloii» lllm-jr.*- visits
tlm Iioint', nuch as Pimunmnln, Ploiirlnyi
IUoitchHU. Otaauniptlnn, Is thlvue, etc. thru i« PSYCH INK just «•
valuablo. ,
*      Purclwsc a liottle of PSYCVIINK Miin «*inf.*r jin-l >-oti will lm surjiriwwl to
fimihow much sulYtrini? it will mliovr ami how imH.li money II will «*v« you.
1 PSYCHINE (pronounced Si-kccn)
Tliu Qr**te.l of all TouUu
Prco Trial
'inljlciir'*ll!i iiiiinn*.   .    „
"I mw iW.ilmi uilTflrllii.
•d. om) iliK-lifint to try It*'*
*■ HrAVIMI-AH-UVI'ltTJ-ll.
Wurwkli, V,q.
AU DrudjJIsU
Ooc Dollar
ni, t. k. slocum. tu.. iro mino sr. vrt*r, Tonoium, Canada
Hull Mines
property,, having complied with nil tho  jjuiljvun
laws governing lho Sjifcui'fl'iiV of*lt.
It Is further sliiteJ that lho govern*
nionl Umied a crown grant to n mincnil
cl.ilm on lho Island since thu lirsit' ro*
servo was supposed to lie placed r-ver'it!
In framing the mineral clnlm np eje-
i-epllon waa mado of Ihe uurfiico rights,
nu would Imvo been required hnd there
been'ii reserve ns claimed. In some
quarters it is hold that llio original lo*
Ciilur-4 have -ground Iir action (or
Pum-hi'ilion. were made hy several
of thc npplicanlH iigulnsl ihe refusal to
i-ivivih' tin* Innd to llicm,' but wtlhinl
avail. Legal action was threatened
Imi Mill ill? gownim-jiil refused.
In Juniuiry, lO'M. according lo the
pipcrt. rercnlly liiid before llie legislature, li. V, Hiidwoll, K. C, In lw-
li.ilfnf rlli'it-fi, nsljcd for lhc 10,000
licit"' on llio terms already disclosed,
vit. $ui,U4).i; ilil-> being followed liy un
agroenu'iit between tliu government
a id Mr. IKiJwoll n few months later.
Meanwhile the original sinkers were
refused the lunJ, a rise vc Ve'ng as*
m-rU'd to crufcl. In August, 1094, the
preieni gnvcrnment acUnnwIedged np*
pniviiilj- 1h.1t iherc  luld   Iwn   no  ty-
Tqlal 3*1,181
Three new shippers appear In lhe
list of mines shipping. They nro the
Hewitt and Rambler in lho Slocan ami
ono mine in lho Houi-dary district,
Tlio oulpul lor tho week was not quite
so targe aa t|ie previous weelc, never-
Uie'leW liio record for January is the
largest in tho history of the district.
SponUl ta.ll'p l.Diliior
J, atovoni of MprrlHiy wa« horo titles
i-wfok. ' ,'"
A. K. L|)ltelt of Cranbrook Is in
Jdffrny lookln-tf up huslnoss.
0. N. Uifliof l'ornio wns horo f>>r •
Mm T, II. WIiijIph of Fornlo wns vie'.
Ing Mrs (Irani Dinvtiing Inst week,    -
T, II. Wlmlen 0? Fornln wailn Jaffrny
a cuuplo of days and licuouipaulcd Iliu
wlfo homo on Sand-iy.
Mr nnd Mrs Goo. Gougonriuind ion of
Cranbrook iro tho guest tt Mr and Mrs
Dftwnlug this wook-
A. Freidrntn of Nelson spent a dty
0. Powell **• here • fow d»yn on
Mr jonijfi has moved his hotel from
Kliiihcrly'(o''MnrvBvills. This hold
which la nonr cn-iiplclion, Is largo, woll
laid out,and pleasantly situated, and
under tho able management of Mr Jones
will bo one of lho best hotels in Mary*
Aff- and Mrs Hrown aro giving n
slelghl% pJirly'lin'Moiuluy night to
their many fjcliids.       *'
Mrs VV. Clnylon, who hns boon ill for
last 1 wo weeks wilj leave on Wednesday
for nn cxtented visit tnSiong freinds in
Ontnrio, Mrs. 15 Taylor will accompany
herns far ns Fornlo wIiim*-* sho wlll
spend a month with her parents Mr
«nd 4M11. puJlv*y.   ;
Trites-Wopd Co. Ltd
Fflrnle Mlphel      .  PMopplssey  CpnlCrcok
80  YKARB'41
The Last Week of
Our January Stopk
Taking §ale,
NOW is your opppnttinjty to buy
goods at a grfiaf saying. In
talcing stock wc hfiyp come
across a good many odd Ijnqs which
wc wish to get' rid of, noj;k because
they arc old or damaged goods but
• because we want our stock as clean
as possible, and free from odd Ijnes
when our new spring goods arrive.
• * * * -       Coi»vhioht» Ac.
Atiten* itiminf 1 iktifti tTtfiunlftlim tpiy
4nMklr »»e*n*ln niir nrilnliK* m* whuh*r *b
InTftnuofi li ttrim«lilf r*uiit|til*..0omninnl(ii4.
*tmt fri*. ttl«**t B/mm tciffiXi-^-~'"—
tstttmi mMm, wtlboat •htrtt, in ll
^.*** *w*..e^| wi.Hua. viwr.^ m. »**v
Scfetinne Jimericaii.
* m(tMM*if m**u*ift «Mlir. "
IIaii (if nhTlMnminn Irtflnm 1
sjm**mw,ti. eoVuriii
Tamil, **•
■1.   inml, ** *
 .,, , ill Tt***6*flmtf.
Sales in
Ladies' and Misses Hosiery, Ladies'
Blouses, White Wear, Skirts, Boots
and Shoe's, Men's Clothing, Hats,
Underwear, Gloves, Mitts, Boots
and Shoes.
Mlnird'i Liniment Cure* Oirgtl In Cow
The Trites-Wood Co. ™.
mmmmmmm *\*mffl**mmm
»■''» " * '*    T*r


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