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The Fernie Ledger 1906-01-24

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 -■ *i>y -.vmr
.-'J> £<&sm
VtSu    ■-.n-Kfr***^*
.1)':, ■'.£-,;,"■'*      ■   "
"■f^ .-*
-J^»   **£'<* ~"**K        ^#"-"ii"?"
In^ i III i t""*^-
*jr      \ i-i'yr    i--. ii) .<■•■_     ,-!
■I & - "-',. / «v
-■-7 'j,  ..    „ , *  / '>/
-J      t»AiV *> "'■ a--/        --&'
.VoLA No.'& IT-- Numbers 25.
jjg.'-.---';■■   •-v.i.iSA." -",    r   1
Price,' $2--a Year, in Advance
Local. Happenings in and
About the City  4
Interesting Items   About   Hany
,. People   ¥01. Know
" ;F. II. Halo, of thfl Cedar Valley Mill
Co, is in tho city.
"Li " --. „
L. M. Proctor returned Sunday from
Halcyon Hot Springs.
- D. J. JMcIntyro, of 'Coleman,* was a
Fernio visitor on'Sunday A
Bnieo Grady, of Colemnn, was visiting: friends here on Sundiiy.
Tlio new council, is not so fowl as the
-old ono.   Only oiie bird in it.
It is*, feared" tho. municipal Robins
will not roach Fernie this year.
, Mr. Wm. S-mkbeiUoft over tho O.K.
bound for Vancouver on Monday lact.
■ .Shoveling"snow is good exorcise by
which to sweeten llio bitterness of defeat.   '"'"' "A	
:Mr.';A..4l.eck, of-Colcm.-in,.liU8' boon a
' FiM-nieito for a faw.daya during the last
'■ week. 7 . -
'    J. D. .Quail will not.be worried m-iicli
by his associates around tho.. council
-board.     ._   ■ ' '
A shaver on tho council- may bo'ah
improvement iipon*. a council (on tho
[ sliavo.
:   ,Mr.   A.-  McDougall  of thn  Ferine
Lumbor Co.? is al tho coast on a busi*
' no-sa trip.,
' The pooplo seem   to have   tirod of
; roast   "Stork"  and   havo   substituted
. "Quail" on toast, o    .'"".-   7   •
Jut MeTrityre spent a couplo of days
In town this week with friends while on
his way back to Greenwood
TheGranby Consolidated Company
paid a 8 per cent, dividend, amounting
to 5450,000 on the I5tb inst.
.,   Mr. Tho*". White is boarding tit the
,,- Hotel Fernie.;,having been disinfest-
ed and isolated From his''home. .
Little Robt. Drlnnen has recovered
from his attaek.of diphtheria and will,
soon bo released from quarantine.
Mr". Alex. Blnck,(of Winnipeg,'is in
the citjvon business connected with his
paw mill and timber limits at Hosmer.-
" Tha ladios did their dnty .and ...ove'ry.
-lady-VT-ho-wi&s on-theMift-and-in fhe-cifcy-*
lust Thursday "placed lior ballot' in' the-
box. " •-' "-"- '',.""
Tlie now mayoriitid councilors woro
all sworn iii.Friday-and are.mow .the-
oiflclnl giiardian'R'of ttio-.municipal in--
tori-uts of-Fornie..
■ A grand masquerade carnival is billed
fcr Michel on Foby 2. Several valuable
pilatca aro hungup nnd a hockey match
along with the skating contests.
Tho junior" hockey team played al
Blairmoro on the 17th and won ont by
a score of 8 to 2, .Tlie following day at
Ci.lorT.ftn they woro not so' succosaful
losing by 8 to 5. -
Viola, oldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Thos. White, is suffering from n-
niild attack of diphtheria. Tho house
hut, been quarantined but as the case io
a very, mild one it wlll not bo of long
,<duration. .-.
There wns*one ballot deposited in tlio
box with bnt a tingle iiamo marked,
that of B. F. .Wallace. Tho, deposition
doprlvodMr.' Cree of tho pleasure of
tiolng with Mr. Wallace In a nock and
nock roco. '
Yesterday morning nt about ten
o'clock,tho, roof of ^andloy's old llvory
burn,nt tho north oast cornor of Wood
utreot and Gemniell, gave wny under
tho hoavy wiilj^ht of enow nnd water
and tho old barn is qullo a wreck,
Afnownlldor 1200 ft. long nml from
20 to (10 ft.'(loop, onmn' 'lown on the' O,
N, track a milo holow Swlnton fltntlon,
somo timo hotwnon ton o'clock last
night and four thU inorninqr. It will
lake Bovoral days to eltiar tlio track.
Matt HuflMck, Jamns  Engonn nnd
•Ins. Pascno worn painfully Injured hy
nn nxploHlon of dynainlto at tho Mother
Lodo nilno nonr Greenwood,   Hussk'k
received bucIi Injuries to one of his log-i
" ns to rondnr amputation nocoupnry.
It dooiiiH probahlo thnt smuitor Tom-
plnniuii will rofilgn his neat In tho son-
nto niul utnnd fnr floctlon to thn hon'so
,   of commoiifl  from Victoriu.   In that
cant- Mr. Illloy will likely go tn lho hoit-
nto or govnriimont hoitmi ut Victoria,
Tho bank,climrlnjis for Jim wonk.nfl
.   roportod hy Hrndntroot-H, Bhowa nu Iti'
cro-iso nt ovory nUwi roportod In Canada.  Hamilton luwlii the Uut with an
hii'i-unsn ovor tho nrflvioui week of 1)7.7
pur cunt while IJnlifax »Iiowh tlio lonst,
10.2 por cent.
Tlio Fornlo lioolcov cln>» nm l» re-
•coljn ol un Invitation from  tho  FA-
,„r,4lMt  .md Ohm, I I'Cii HO   li'ill.-in M r.l<v',-
l.t  ^...-   tl    ....  .1     ....   .1  ,   ...        -.»*     S.   ..  .....    , , 4^,
a nerli's of ■jf-iMM nt thofio pnlntn.
Tho boys will iiccojit nnd ffo nil or ut~
tetullng tho nildwliitor em-nival nt
Jl'-rv.'-l'inii nest munth,
Donald Nichol White, the four. year
old son of Mr. and Mrs." Jas- White,
late of.Scotland, died last Saturday from
diphtheria and*, was buried by Scott &
Itoss. The family.had only been-here
two weeks, coining direct from Scot~
land. This is'-i sad beginning of a new
life in-a strange-'country .and these
people have the sympathy of all our
citizens.,        •       " u
Mr. and Mrs. R. GARobineon, of-the
Chipman ranch, nonr'Calgary, ]iaesed
through town.last-Friday on thoir way
to Sail Frnncinco; • They wore 'accompanied bv-'Mi". and'Mre.-McVeagh. "Mr.
MeVeaf-h.is a brother of P .McVeagh,
who met death, .so suddenly in the Frank
slide. Mr: Robinsoti is a brother of the
famous South - African millionaire! of
that name.
The new time table which went' into
effect on the 2lst inst. on tho Fernie
branch of tho Great- Northern permits
of a paBsc'tigor' ("fling" to bed in Fernio
and getting- up in Spokane iii tlio
morning. nnd reduces tho time from
Fernie to Vancouver, about four liours
It takes a little less.than'21- hours
to make tho* trip. The -Blooper fare
between Fernie and Spokane is 52.
The Lkdgkr is indebted - to Mr.
John -ilowbrook, treasurer of the
Miners'Union, for copies.; of the Indianapolis Novas' containing d.-tilv reports of tho. proceedings of tlie United. Mine Workers convention now
sitting at that' place. An unexpected flood of local news deprives us of,
space tb notoahy'of the occurrences
but we.hope we will bo able to do so
next week. *>
■ j      *
Major Rawling?, of the Salvation
Army Vancouver' provincial ofiicer' for
B. C"and Yotikon will arrive in Fernie
tomorrow from tho wost itncl conduct,
special services until nex.t,' Tuesday
night. A grand rally is expected'-by,
the local oniee*.-:- and'soldiers". Everybody ia most cordially,invited to attend
.theso'ineetiiigs. This is Major llawl-
ing-H lirst. visit to Fernie and the Salvation Army bam! will meet hiin at the
station and escort hiiit'to the bat-racks
where the, meetings -will begin at 8
o'clock p. ui.*sharp. , .      ■"  ••
Cavo-i.) with P.ttal I?esnlts
, Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock,
whilo.R. II. McEwing and Joe Giliante
were engaged iu loading clay on a
sleigb at tho clay bank east, of tho coke
ovens, a cave-in occurred which resulted in* the death 'of Giliante and a*
fracturo of Meowing's .left.-leg.-"The
men "were loading the clay to be, hauled
to the 0V4711S. and tho top of tho bank
being fro.-en tbey had worked back
into' the bank leaving a roof of
frozen, clay hanging' ovor thorn >and
woro intending to break it down but
the rain had- softened it to such pn
extent that it broke away'of it's own
-"Tommy" Mmiro Killed
Thos. „ A. Munro, motor-nan* at the
International.Ctiai &. Coke Co. mines at
Coleihan,"wa» killed at that place this
morning,'-Thos. Miiuro usoeined to be
an unfortunate young man. Only a
few weeks ago liu was home suffering
from'tho effects.of two broken ribs.
A few months before he suffered the
loss of two or three fingers of his right
hand, and now grim deatii lias claimed
him. -,Thia will be a sad bereavement
to h's widowed * mother and-his two
sisters. Mrs Munro has lived in' the
city for sovo'ral years and lost her husband since coining hero. .She and her
daughters5'.-will havo tho heartfelt
sympathy of "thoir iiiany friends.
No particuWrs arc to hand of the
accident jib yet-further than that ,the
body will bo i-hipped to Fernie to-morrow.      ■'■■'.
"Tommy" iib ho was' best known,"
made many frifinda whorc-ver lie chanced to bo,:a;id was a,general favorite
with all-his acquaintances. . Having
worked at Coal Creek,-lJankhead and
atColeinai'i, ho was widely known and
his .'untimely death will como as a
shock to those who-k'now him,
Oity Ctf■nicirProcoedJiig-H.."
Minutes of llie last meeting of the
old,council of'thecity of Fernie, held in
tlie court house oii Wednesday, Jany.
17th, 1906. Present—Mayor .Stork,
Aldermee Wallace, Crcc und Trites.
Moved- by Aid. Wallace and Cree
that the minutes of the 4th inst: be
adopted as-read. —-Carried.       v<'
Moved by'Aldermen Cree and Wallace lhat minutes of tho J7U1 inst. ■ be
adopted as read.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. Croo und Wallace
'that by-law. No. 26 be now rc-consider-
ed.    Carried. ,      o
'Moved by Aid. Wallace' and Cree
that by-law.No. 26 be passed and finally
adopted- • Curried.
Moved by Aldermen Trites and Wallace that Mr. Ruldry he paid a salttry
ot $25 per month'from Jan", ist, 1906,
until -further notice for taking care of
fire department, etc/   Carried.
'Moved by Aid. Wallace and Crci*
that Mr. Kerr's contract be settled on
the biisis of 278,609 feet.    Carried.
Oii motion " of" Aid. Cree and Trites
council adjourned.
weight and cauyht. them, unprepared.
Giliante was caught between the end of
the slci-i-h. and the falling clay and was
so-7badly crushed that'he died while,
being'taken lo the hospital. - ""■,-, '■_
'''''A-MrVMcMorrcii happened tb bo pas-'
siug at the timo tho envo-in occurred
niiii pulled the two'men from under the
fallen clay. Wejindorut.-iiul.McEwiiig's
injuries are not serious and he is being
wirod for at the lionpiiul.
Giliante wan an Italian about twenty
years bf ago and had been a resident of
Fernio for the past throo years and had
been a member of tho Italian band
for moro than a year.    ..
An inquest will bo held to investigate
tlio cause this evening.
■Minutes of the .first  meeting of the
The irnll, given nt Conl Crook laht
•nil!hi hv the KiicI«h waH ft der-Wlvd
succofiH. A lni'ir*. numbor went up
from Fornlo returning at fi o'clock this
muniing. Tlio Fornlo orclicslru Air-
tiluhcd the.nitiDlo and everything
went bb merry ns n nmrrlujfi. bell.
Mnntor Muirhead, unit of Mr. Mulr
homl of Iho nmv boot nnd hIiihi linn, bail
u vory novel cxiuiriniic'i upon hi«
nrrlval In our city. A I.Ki«ii;ii ninn
ftiuiid Jilm.lii ii'iiii. of Uie "..nt b Urn
oilier Any iiidii<*tnoii>'ly fanning tlm
unow of/ the aldnwjilk with a niiow
nhnvcl Ho uy* it ic;i't a fhuhlonablo
(.cclijmtlou down at Victoria.
In Fornio 2.r» Yoiuh Ago.
Mi-. J. D. Norisli, of Calgary, wan
visiting his old .neighbors, Mr. and
Mrs, D. V. Mott, last Saturday and
In 1880 MK Norish drove a small
herd of forty-three'. cuttle from the
neighborhood of Fort Slecle through
the Pass to the.prairie. He Imd two
Indians helping him and when he
readied tlie pack bridge below where
I.lko now stands he had dilTiculty in
gelling his liltle herd across llio river.
After 11'fruiiless effurl lo drive thein
onto the bridge lie roped 11 sm.'ill yearling steer und drufiged liim on lo tho
bridge hoping that llie others might
follow, When midway on, tho
bridge lho yearling mndo u
side        plunge and wenl
through lho guard rail inking 11 hc:idor
for lhe bottom of the river.     The ropo
which wn'iJ   of  rawhide   happened   lo
pincli in n crack between   two   of  the
plunks of llie   floor   which   ciiM-d "/.he
weight ofthe sl-'cr grruliudly down upon llio rope   preventing  iii   breaking
Mr,iNori!*h spritng from his snddlu mid
held his li'irso up the head  prevenling
his rogaiiilng hi1- IVot until one of the
liul'iutm run up nnd severed   the   rope,
Tho bluer riuiiilii'd  l»i-> plungo  ivliich
proved lil» Inst iiiM mi ho wns  iiihlunily
idlli-d un llie niclis   below.     The   In-
iliuns clinibed down and  siii-urud snnu*
Htetik-J ler sttpjier,   Tin; lialnnco nf  lhe
cil lie h.ul to he driven   two   nilleh   up
slrcitin ami driven ucross the river on n
Th-it   nln-lif     Mr.   Nnrli.li   ruiune.l
with what will (iniiMblV lh« 1 • f"-i<-   herd
of i-tittlii that ever went  Himui/h   the
'l-asd, near whtfro Fernio now utunJs.
Me sriyn U  wns ii wild    iuul wouly
night un  there  wns n  fin-unit,  wind
1' •   ' ■ ' *;;;J ':'. ;*> ».*.■;,',- ».'.i •'■•'*''
down nl nil hour** of lhe night,    lie
didn't  sleep welt hn ho had no •pring
bed, nnd visions of dead cattle kept
lloiiting llirou'-h his iinca%y ininJ,  but
he found hi*; litilu.herd till right in  llm
iiior-iliiif Jind evi'iiliuilly l.-indi'd  llieni
nufe in High River, All-criu.
Mr. Noiish w.ia Siuiu-wlini sui-|*ri--ed
ol the sire and smliJIiy of I'Vrnio uiiJ
was i>« i'ltvnnihly iiiiprc-st-cil with il Ji« 11
luikii-10-.s point lhat he Miay be back to
sue us t>uoii mjiilii.
new councilTirtlTe' City of Fernie- held
in the Court Hougc, ,011 Monday,- Jan,
22nd, 1906 at.8.p.'in.       -   ,-   ...
Piescnl, His Worship Mayor Bleasdell, Aldermen.„T-rites, .Heck,.'Biggs,
Mclntyre, Quail and Tuttle.
His Worship, in a'few well chos>;n
remarks declared the first meeting oj
the new council nppnpd,    ,: ,       .
The following standing' committees
for the year were appointed by his
Finance, Aid. Quail and Tultle, Works
and Properly," Tuttlo and Quail, Fire,
Waler and Light, Mclntyre and Tuttle, Hc.'illh.and Relief, Biggs and Beck
Legislative, Trites and Biggs,
Moved by Aid. Trites and Tuttle,
thill lenders be asked for quarterly
audit for the term of 1906,   Carried,
Moved by Aldermen Tuttle and
Triles lhat we hereby confirm till up*
pointmentsof city ollicials made by thc
la-it City Council.    Carried.
Moved by Aid, Trites imd Beck thai
applications bo asked for City Solicitor,
same lo be made on or before lhe 3^th
inst.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. Trites mid Tultle that
llu- minutes of tho meeting of llio 17111
inst., shall be left over for some siibse-
i-ucnt m.-eting for adoption.   Curried.
Two communicnllons dated Jan. 19,
and 22nd were.read from L, I\ I.i'k-
stein regarding Iho net'inn on bylaw
No, 23. One called attention to lhe
fact   Unit   tho  agreement   hnd   been
>i-.;iKd r1"'0*' **'• tl,B i'v';i-"*>'-''ing °f ■■'''■-'
bylaw niul llie other offered the conn-
;il the privilege ol cr lending the lime
of hearing of the case unlil lhe new
council could go into the mailer.
Moved by Aid. Tuttlo nnd Trites llial
the conununlcjitioiui of I.. I', I'.ek»lelii,
dated the njlli and *^nd lust he laid
over until the iippolnlmonl of a cily .S.i-
llcliur.    ('arrli-d.
U-llcr daletl Jan. filh was rend fnnn
lhc Deptily Allorney Ucnural iv^nfiling
lhc inking over of the lock-up by ihe
Moved by Aid, Tullle and Qunll Uiul
lhc coininunlraiiiMi of tlm D.'puty At-
Iiijiii'V (leiui-.il nl the ,-*tli-iiiHt. be tiled,
AM. Mi'lnlyrc <.'ii(|i|iivil nu lo wh.il
wits being done regarding weigh m-jiIi-s
illKJ M'.l-i lliltllllllM  lll.lt it    |l_. 1..44      \MHIl.i
l'..   ,Hii\l,|4,*l,i   ,>II^|J|),   /,'.! 4 1 ,i,".r,    I,..,,!»
Mali'**, and tlt.il   the   iii.ilier   uf  piu-
i-li.islng tlu- y,Aii wiviild  be  Ivft  over
until lhe spring.
Aid, Tuttle enquired  regarding llu*
.; 1 .,:   ..    - ,, 1    .1  .      1  .1.
• ■  ;   I r.   ,     - -t '
promised the information for thu ne*:t
Tho following nolicr by -AU. Tuttle
was read. "1 intend at Ihu next
nu'Cliiig of Ihu Cfiy Council to itiiio*
ditto a road tux bylaw."
Hi'.- Wi'nlii'i iinj'ii inli-il tilt- :'"'l ,-iml
,|th Tliiii'.'.iy iu t'.icii month iis tlu-
rei'ulur nieetiiig nighti of the Council.
Moved hy Aid. Trites and Tiilfie' that
we adjoiirii to meel on Thurs.lnj, Iliu
J5 itiiit.   Ciirried.
A     Slitle at Cosil Crock.
At ,one. o'clock   y-estcrday   niorning
the  stillness of    tha    night   at Coal
Creek was broken by an ominoua sound
which frightened the; fow  people  who
were a'wuko aiid  aroused   others  from
their "slumbers'.   Some thought at  first
that it was a whirhyuul or a cyclone,
others thought it ft-as* tlio rumbling oj
an earthquake, and n low ■' bad 'sinners
thought it must bo the crack of  doom.
But in a very few  moments   thoy  all
learned that it- was/ an  avalanche of
snow which had suddenly bid adieu tb
its steep resting place on the mountain
side aud  tobogglned  down   hill- to-a
mora level resting   place.     The   slide
started well ii;-* towards iho top of tho
mountain and followf-it'ii narrow gorge,
down its sido jumping from the -lop  of
a cliff of rocks at the lower end of the
goi**iO and sproii'lliig-rmt in  fan bhapc
after leaving:  tlio  trough'-liko gulley.
When it left the gulley it took a leap of
over one.hundred and fifty feet before-
it struck terra firm a again, and if a
man hnd  been  standing by tho rock
wail at tho time, he could have enjoyed the novel spectacle of an  avalanche of snow living  through   tho air
over his head carrying' brush, trees and
logs with  it as it   wont.-    Had the
manager of such'things 'informed Tun
Lbimtur of tho event it would have had
a representative posted ..inaiiiBt   that
wall eo.thatit conld have told its,reader3
how a snow tlido   looks   viewed  from
beneath. i No--=-difference '• how    bad
things are thoy might'bc -worse'.   Had
that gulley extend -d down the side of
the hill three lniiidsecl feet [nithcr, thus
confining the. great5, bulk,, of  snow a
little   longer   in   the   compact    body-
in which it must have-li'-*.veiled down
tliat trbu'.-;li, ail the houses which stood
in its fiaok would have beon ground to
kindling wood, and the occupants, wall,
we will not think of that.    As it was,
the great r moving  niass  of ■■ boulders,
trees and'logs began to'spread out like
a fan as soon as it had taken-Jts groat
leap over the cliff and - thus its force
and weight was greatly diminished before it reached the houses standing in
its course.. As it was, ."several families
experienced  a'severe fright   aud  it
seems miraculous that not,a, single individual was hurt.    Mi;. Thos, Keith
lives iu a house near the. upper end of
the slide, and had'gone" to  bed,   but
MiasNeith, the teacher, was still up
whon the.roarin'g avalaiiehe broke upon them. . Mr. Koith, hearing the roar,
sprang up iii bed and asked his daugiit-
■^^ivl^T^vl-^tT^niaWi-jf, and slTcTsald"
she. thought  there must  be  -v great
.w.jndstorm  springing, up.' -But   Mr.
Keith soon found- out' that it,.was a
slide and upon iuveiSligatiiigfoiind his
'Kitclien partly, filled wifli'suo'iV,-"'-'*'""
Mr. and  Mre.   Arthur Berridge had
been entertaining fiionds.froni Fernio
who had been at tho charity concert at
11.u OKU. JI.4II, nn.l     flK     tll0-   t|.q.'|.     W:1q
late, tliey hud stayed up .until their
friends hiid left. They had not closed
their eyes in slumber when tho crash
came. Mr. Berridge sprang out of bed
nnd Mrs- Berridge sat bolt upright and
■'just waited to die,"us she expre.used it
to Tin*: L12uu1.1t reporter.
The house occupied by D. Martin
Mr. Hunt, A."Berridge, Mr. Stewart,
Mr.   McDonald; Mr, Evans  and Mr.
The Jury Rubbered .
A pretty* Kentucky young woman
partially disrobed in n couit room in
order that a jury might be convinced of
certain injuries s)ie claimed,- to have
received in a wreck on the Illinois
Central* Railway: Ten ' minutes later
the jury brought in a verdict in her
favor for $6,000 damages. Justice is
nol always blind.
County      Court
Judge Wilson arrived in the city on
Monday evening and held a short session of the county court yesterday returning to Cranbrook this morning.
II, Hartford- ple-ided guilty to a
charge of it-suing worthless cheques and
was sentenced to six months in the
Nelson juii.
A few judgmon't summons wero disponed of .-md tho court was adjourned in
about'iiu hour after npenitii;.
judge Wilson announced that hereafter he will hold clitunburs each week
in Feruie,   .    . •
A Roof Gives Way.
At 12:'iJt) yesterday afternoon the roof
ou thu north part ofthe old Crow's Nosu
Trading Cuiiipaay s building sravo way
under the weight of lho tons, of snow
and water.and came dow'n upon th'«
goods stored beneath wilh a "rent crush.
The front of the building was forced
outward and completely wrecked.
The goods stored in ibe'building consisted of cereal foods,' flour nuA feed
which was not very «erio'isly damaged-
Mr. Barclay estimatci his loss on building "and goods   at   fi-iiiii   six   to
After the Ifjittto.
The election last Thursday pussed off
very quietly, but was most earnestly
contested on both'bides. i\*o elTorl was
.-.pared'10 get every vote on the voters
list polled and only one or two were
'eft out at the close of the poll at S p.
m. Mr. Hlcitsdelljiuviiig been elected
by. acclamation, the contest was confined wholly lo the candidates for Aldermen of whom thero were 'hn even
dozen. J. D. Quail, headed the'poll
with 156 voles, W. W. Tuttle calne in
second with I35, . and J. L. Mclntyre
followed with I;-.]. Thos. 15'iggs received 130, Thos.' Heck, 116, ,ind A.
B.,Triles was only one vole behind 'him
with 115. The other six defeated candidates- received I lie following votes:
Hammond....... ; 100
Wallace... '  X}
Cree   85
i'rivlor '.   So
t'edy ••••  5y
KumiiH-r     :y
The friends of tiie eiii.-cns' ticket
were confident all day and jyblla-.il a;
tiighl. liven the -.veaihcr cleilt yeenieJ
pleased wilh lhe resnil'lVr lie'permilti',1
old Si;l lo shine brijjhtly on evcnbiidy
llie next dav.
Aid. Roek nt Jfonif*.
Last lrridav evcnitif''   Alderui-in
Mrs. Heck -^ave a supper to Mavor and
Mrs Bieaade!!, • lln*   members   of   the
newly elecied council aad   their   wives,
[■.-•veil I Chief and Mrs. Walker, Mr  and   Mri.
hundred dollars. W'lion seen by a
Leiigkr reporter he was busy superintending the transfer ofthe goods to the
new store.
The company finds thoir quarters too
small and will have to bui'.d additional
room to bo.able to meet the demands of
thoir increasing business.
Our Old Friend
1 In another column wc quote an'item
from the Cranbrook Prospector suiting
that our old friend Bob Dewar, of Fori
Steele, has bonded his mineral claims
011 Alki Creek, a branch of the, St.
Marys' river, to Mr. Levick. We visited that locality two or three times a
few years ago, once in company wilh
Mr. Robt. McKinnon, and we believe
that Mr. Dew;ir has a mosL promising
prospect for a paying copper property
We have.camped for months with Mr.
Dewar and packed grub over snow in
the winter with .him and we know Bob
to be a true blue friend under any" and
all-circuinsl.-incL's. *: .W'c liiipe-h-jj'w-Vi bo
a millionaire as the 'result, of ihe bonding of bis claims.
11; '"Jutliiu, Mr. and Mrs. Pollock, Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. Luwe, Dr.- and Mrs.
Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. I"). V. Moll,
and Mr. A. Bed:. Mrs. Deck's dining
room was very neatly decorated and tlie
supper was all liiat could be desired.
After the oysters and oilier good things
were discoursed, social chat, cards and
dancing were the order and ever)body
forgot':dl about their soreheads. Mr.
and Mrs. Berk know how to make
their gnosis feel al home, and everybody went away with plcisanl recollections of a very sociable evening.
Keith nnd ono or two  others  wero all
more  or  less  dauitiged.  ' Mr.   John
Sjtovviii't had   a  bedroom   pi-«t.ty  well
filled with snow, Mr,   Dorridgo  has  a
bathroom filled with sno'v nnd  rubbish
iind his coal shod  lies  buried  in  the
suow In the Htront    In lho rear of one
of tho two story how-en, out buildings
and logs are piled up lo the oiivoh and
tlio occupants of n  bed'in  tho upper
story woro thrown on to tho floor by
tlio sluil'i- llii,s house 'received.    Thorn
is a big log Hticking in through the
kitchen door of llie Stewart liniti-e and
the room was almost lillud with snow,
The buck walls aiul window.1) nf theso
houRon wuroall dainaaotl, omno of tho
walls biilna entirely broken lu.    The
heaviest pint of  tlm Hlldo'paHHOd  be*
tivoon two  of llio hpiiHOH  aud   down
aci'iis'- thn Hfi-iiPt.   Had thii part of the
rilldo Htniel. either oiiu of tho IioTihus, It
would hnvo   hi'ou   moved  down  hill
along with   thu Htinw,     Thc  litewiirt
family hud lo move out nf ihnir liouse
nnd were hnulini; their 111 iu-.:-t iiccosh
the ci-f.'k when run- repruBoiitiUlvo viie
lb'.I tho sciiiin yenlonlay.
The rain which hadhi-on fnlllm.' hIiicii
Sunday had pncluul Mm himw, and ns It
gained wi'luhl by llm aliMirptlon of tho
wuler It bocninn luu heavy for itn intnir-
iiUjs 011 tl-.i' iiiouut.'ilii I'ldu bridle lutiM?,
liii|'pll,V iti lho Iiiiiii'whcii imjhl peu|i|n
were In their lied*),   If it had uci'tirrcd
A New RusineHS   Firm
by  n  reference   lo  our. advertising
columns it will be seen that we have :i
new business firm in our citv to take
tlie place of iMr. Scnkhcil, whose linij
stock of footwear has been taken over
by the new company. This new firm
is composed ut Messrs, Muirhead Hi
Godboll. iMr.. Muirehead has made
this brunch of trade his specialty, and
Mr. Godbolt has been connected with
J. it T. Hell, the line foot wear dealers
of Montreal, well known nil over the
Mr. Muirelu'.id and family have been
here, several days and will be pennant-til
residents of our city. Mr. dodboli
came a lew days Inter. Tlie taking ol
stock has Iven completed and the new
linn are now doing business,
The I.hdoei: extends lo these enterprising, new members of tho huidticss
fraternity of l'Vinie iiu best wishes for
Iheir success in business, ;uul we nre
sure they will prove valuable ,*i.-qui*.i-
lions as citizens of onr young city, who
will add their efforts lo those of our
older citizens in building up the mor-il
nv well ah lhe nutleriitl interests of our
Oranbrook's   Fiusin'ocs
Tbci financial ttalement of tho city of
Crauhrouk, which .'by the .way was
made out beforo tho civic elections took
place, shows that the receipts from the
'dirro7o'f"iire6Tp?ri-at iWTTo't^"liFclose^f TlTe
year wore $2,133.5:3 and tho expenditure
was S2,J50.20, leaving a balance of
..•282.85 011 hand; The expense of the
1'Olice court waft *>81-2 3'iniid .ho revenue.
iir.ui .iinos \ir.3- only. SlO. 'j'fli-s- bio^-J
v.ell for tho nioriil aluic'aphero of our'1
fair neit'irnor.,'
The police court of Fornio bi-ingii in
a much' better revenue to the treasury
but just how clean it is wo don't know.4
\      HOCKEY
■ The fa^tost hockey games of tho son-
son will be played al thn-Ferule rink
on Friday and Saturdny evenings
between the hruiui team'and-11obm1-iihI,
Friday' evenin'g tho puck ' will hu
faced at SiUO and on Saturday oytmin-'
at!) p, in. Tlm mine train will be, held
unlil 11 o'diiok to permit peupln from
fJ0.1l Creek, wlio so desir*!, to-nltuinl tlu1
gaine. The Fernie line-up will bo
c-hohcn from t'lui fuilo-ving; Kitstnor,
Miiehi'N, l'Ji'pite, fjhi'.riiiaii, Miller,
Chalk, Annitiigi!, IJIeiidlnning, L'owlos,
and A Whlto.
Tho Jl'is.-hiiid line-up will he as  ful
Ijw.s;   I.i'ishtoii, KobiittHim, Doualiue,
Cnuvfoi-'l, Hood, Iliiwarth, Laffuiiy unit
These will'bo fine kiuiu-h nnd cvpry
body should 'lurn mil and give our
visitors 11 wm 111 wi'lconm.
Tlm I'x-iil cluli is tiiidnr a hoavy
giiaj-iiiiii'O in hrliiKliif* the Ii'ii-iIhii'I
ii'iun lu'i'o nml i.i-ii cmill'li'iitly looking
forward to bumper houses,
obstruction and nroiilable debate. The
government vaults had certainly looked
for an extended speech by Mr. Oliver
on the. Kaien Island transaction, followed by others of the liberal stalwarts,
and from the fact Ihut the inemuer for
Delta was seemingly closely engaged
in consulting maps and other data when,
the fatal bell was rung, not only tho
speaker but a number of the members
as well sprang to the false conclusion
that Oliver had been caught napping .
ahd cheated out of his big-speech of tho
session. Mr. Oliver had originally intended to devote some time to a forcible
cj-iticism of tl(e deal with tho Grand
Trunk snd ol her significant actions of
the administration, but it was felt that
no practiettl benefits for tho country
could bo gained by further speaking at
tlm pivpent juncture.   It was m> evident
• hat tin- administration would not at-'
tempt reply tluu it. M-ss felt a further'
elul.'iintion of very definite charges
would l'.. a -,e;1.;t(, nf tjrr,e. ji0Ccc it
was that Mr. Oliver's g:-«i«t upeech re.
maiiied imdeliveicd, and thu reply to
ihe speech was passed without division'
• 111 the third day of consideration.
The linn! spi-akois in the debate were
Messrs, Kvai's, Williams, Tanner, Hull .
and wells, a majority of whom focuased
their criticism upon the Usurpation .of-
the functions of parliament involved in
tin- goveriiiimnt's giving away of'the
G. T. 1* , terminal-situ, by order-in-
council, and the -jjoveruinental destruction of the free school system, erutwhilo
the province's pride and glory.
Mr. Williams delivered one of his fa- '
milii-tr hiciures on .Socialism, v-tried
with an exceedingly practical rcforenca
to the excessive cost' of litigation iu
British Columbia; and the necessity of
reform in this connection.
Tlm majority of the bills dealt with
during the oponing week havo stood in
the attorney-general's name, and are
devised to correct errors and omissions
in legislation of iho 11:1st for which tho
Crown's law ofiicer is to be held responsible. .",..' . ' -
, One measure of interest to the Crow's
Nest country is now on second reading,
being a bill by Mr. llnwtbornwaito to
amend thc Coal Mines ltej*ulatiou 'act
by requiring that-all niiuoHuperlntend-
euts, managers, overmen, shot lighters,
lire bofsos, etc.,.shall be required to .
possess certificate*- of competency to ad-,
minister emergency aid to persons receiving injury in the common mine accidents. In presenting this bill for second reading, tho'.movcr explained that
Cnuibi'oolt   I'jleolloiiu
The city eli-i-tion in ("ranbrntili was
quite an iiniimiU'd ivnlcst but h;u\lly
i'i|ii;ill.'J Ihe battle of ballol-- here in
Mr, Uogei-s uuf  iniiippos,.,]   fur r.-
clertinii Ui   llu' iifiiie   uf   M i-,-i>r,   bill
11 tore was a loiitist ow'r tin; filJi-i'n.en,
Tliuse clecli'd wfrc J. P, Fink,   J.inii**i
Uirt'i'i',   I). V.,   Miiiphy, Jos. Jackson,
'(,. P. Ti-Jale and J.i.,. Uymi.
during tb" <l-.y »a my llv.-i ml(;l»t havr
buimlutt. The snow w:ti ho full ol'| The In-tel |-ei--|ier., of i!n*!r own
water thai il parked like suii'l and liu.rnrd, t'■ i-u-i 1 llieir hai'*. ihiiing tliw
people could walk ovur It without j,onjesl which speak-, well for ihcii,
dulling. It win I'ke i-liovdling ►nud ;1K,ie ;„ j,-,,,.,,^. ,|„. |,,ir, „,.,-,_ i(|j Wi,l!I
liKll-f llm pllud "l> Miiw fiuiii abo.|ll(,it( ||)(,n, WVi I(i| ,lnillI.l(|lll>1
doors and .■.•IihIuwh. Ln^jue.Ke,
.,,,                       1         ',   p        II'          1     •    ' 1   IM         1 I        '
'  '•■'  I  " I   ' -	
iiponb' 0' !*•»*• ti't fltti'V   tlw   ."S'\iliisinli
of   tho   tlryliig house,   ihankful  that
thoy. imi iillvn.
S|^.-iul tu'I'm. [.v.oiii'H
Vlcliirl.'i, .I'm. IM.--A dlnpatcli jiifit
t'lH'iilvi-d by Captain Gnudlu, n««iit of
mnrliin  «t lliin place, report* a  Hi'iim*!.". '_
1 1 /.il s
or, unpp'iaisl to bf the Sin l-'nuicl'-cii
lini r V.il.',iii-U, hi'h.iig'.ag to the l-'all'
fornin Srn,'iii)*j)ilp I'liiiif.iriy, jih bi'ln;--
wi'i*i:l.f'J iii'iir Capu llfnh) and ono
hiiiuln d livn'i wcro l*i"t. thily nhiiiaro
ri'iorted to h"ve hunn saved.
The L'lliior of tin: Pni'ipi'i'lor talks
niysU-rion„ly ill a galled l /.,w nn.l we
nollru in all lhe pupci!* coming from
lli.it way ivfi'teiiies In hogs, which
would I ri ul one lu think tlutl there are
Ini.. nf  III it   Ifin I    nf   'inlilvil..    ,-,,-.,,."i, 1
ariiiuid up \U'si. We have been up in
that country often and our i-xperienre
would lead us to believe llial this.
Mliwi  who ililnk (hey  ii*,1 ho--,  and
1 i*;it.iiti;*   lifiiiiud    |iui. e   in   ihe I
vvi'n.l-;, ■iii- .-ill'ii i.'tl wilh ne 11"  '.-Igli'cl-
mss and would nut know a hog from a
T>..r  if '-li*-, v.4.i4i lu ..1.'*. I'lc.it al 4.1
Come down boy-,, there aio no hi>*;»
or I'/nr up (here !
iL is along"rrre~lines of  legislation   in.   -
('rent Britain, and already the system ■
of  protection    for   miners   has been
adopted without legislation in tho Nanaimo wine--.   The debate  at present,
fc'f-^'U-rntl jorirne'V at* the ;inolioh of Pro-
inter Mel'.rid'vwho had.not tho timo to
anjilyz-i tho bill, but who uerortholeHB
anticipated that it would  recoire  tlio
iiimiiiinouK endorsation of the House.
The. most interesting public bill of thi)
n-"i»k was thnt brouf-hl In by chief com-
inissioper Green to provioe yei-moru.
siringoiit prohibition of lho oxporf of
manufactured forest products—iu t(feet
tormlmitlii)- the present exemption of
tho  hand-longer   from   the  statutory
prohibition apninst selling provincial*
cut log* in a foreign market.   The bill
is dt-aigiied to  promote  expansion   of
tlie provincial lumbering industry, but
il, is ton iiuiahtic to bo bonoticial, inns:
much as it would not  only  oporato to
thc I'xi.-nniiintion of the   luindlogger
(im Mr. Ilnwtlioi-nwailo explained) but
would itis-o interdict tho  uiill/.iition ot
lhat portion of the  cut   found UholcHS
hy provincial mills but-which nmy now
bo readily sold for pilim to tho Halt trap
operators rd lhe Sound,   Dr, King explained, ihe bill if given  effect would
debar provincial tlmhr-nnon taking nd-
viiiitnj,'o  of  tint nmrket  for  ties and
bridge timber llutt nillway consti'iiclioii
in tlu- N'orthwi'St. will shortly place at
their I'oiiiuiiiiiil.   Mr, Patturson offered
a prsmlicnl Hiiag<,'sllon to   tlio -jnvoni-
inont in ihu proposal tlmt a government
iiispoctor ho appointed to ptiHii upon tho
olmiai'l'-t'    of     liige,   and   detormliw*
wliMther or nnt they t.hotild ho granted
the privilege of export as piln or wunlo
limbi'i-    lln  abo cuiistlcally observed
that a lilllc iniin' coiiini-in  satiso appli-
c.-ilion mid iiiiprnvi'iaiuit of tlie law to
prcvunt fotc.it fires would be of itillnlti'ly
I'li-iil. 1' bi'iiefli t" Mi'- lumber iiuhiHiiy,
The bill 1 a«i"i'il Its iccoiul roadlnc with
lhe ii.-sniaiii-o of Hut Inli'odncei- that   It
.'.'otild ho ninti'iiitll.v   iiiodilled   In  thu
.•ommllti't! i:a;;c
PoMlli'iis havo di (."I'lidi'il In a di'liigii
• j I,cn I he iips'll1!',;,; nl llu' si.-4-inn.     A fl'W
in ishii-li I'l'il K'Mili nuv may he hold
to b't dii-cr'ly intcii^li'il may biuuiiin'il,
t'liiMnif D.-ivK, Alfri'd Fii-iin<r,(!, Hani'
lyiile I'm."II I'li'i iiilii,!" ".t-iik iiirorpor.
•ii'iiu ui tin1 ,-iiiiilii*.i.-t K1.i>.t* 1111 s Itnil*
way ii'inp'iiiy wiih nil ihciii'tuil powcril,
ilii. oi.'i'>i i oil lice Imi mr di'vhi'd In run
.', did ta 11 uu* 1 l.itlii'ad it vim- at lhe lit'
ii'iii,Minimi imiiii'l.iiy, p.irlh to MeGil-
Pvi-.-iv, nf lhe ('inw's *>.'—t. KVCtlmi of
ihi'i'. P It. Thix poiitii'ii in In the
i- tn.ij 1 r   \fv     I.'. «.:    wlill.i   Hr    Kin-;
*iiiiiilnH|Miiisiir for a ju'tilliiii   by  .lohn
,., 1 „.',.,- „.-, i Utni.t 'iii-l .,'iii-m, rtlio
11k iiic'ii-.i!''iitli'u with ainluifity lo
iinlld 11 railway up SI, Mftry'H valley.
In aniiilii'i- pitnion |ii4'*iititiid by Dr,
Kin.'. pi.Hi'.t 1- *'iii..'hi l' 11' lln- eoiihtriiet'
mu nl 11 b>,'-.'big i-'iilw iv from lliiyrd un
il,,    '.',,.1.4.'..,,.     1,1.,I,I'll .   ni'llni .||.,]       [n
''lirri-y 1'ii'i-k,
Il is iindcfiilnod that the nttornev-
■ri'iii-ral is now iu I'diiiuniiili-ntioii with
,|ic gnVfi,ii.i.1r..|..o( hnili   (mtnrlo  atid
,,, ,„ ,,,,,  ,,„,,,  ;„„,i ,.   MiiiiKoni witn n-."|ii*ct to* tho ailjiii-t*
1 ""' ""vi •*»:•■-''""I'i ";"' t'.i.iil. 1.  |(1(||ll „, v.nk O.iintv l..mn,.S«H-lel1v af-
1,1 llm diib.tut tipmi Hii'»t|iii'i'li .mm tlm  fa|M, ami is mixioiis to do nil within his
throoo ninn ho   ruled   tho  partlctilai ) hom-it tn tKntri-t tlm iiitoriHts of llriiish
foaltii'ti of ll.ii li-^i-ij.ilivn llr,,l   w.el..   "iJliiii.liJ.i-'iar«'hol'li:ri.
(in the hiibji'ct of fore-it iiri-m'rviillon
.ll, li.4-  .i.Uii.lj,'', I'* tr> nlillfil   tll.kl   lllll,
liiil i'iiiiimiv.,.jiici wiil |.iuviiln imuo
■■ulcii'iri!.' pjofi'cilvii mi'Hsnri'iiu'xtyear
»rriiiigi"iii'iit» t« thin end belli-- now
itiidiM- ciuuideralion,
'   Our la-gisliitiiro
r*|ii.<..|iil to 'I'm: lanoiat
Viclariii, .luu iiii.— linyoiul thu pro-
riciitiil.ion of Ihrce. Itiipoitaiil govuric
umill ini'iihiiru-i, tlm wi'i'k hia upi'tiiul
in the b-;!is|altiri> duM, llatand unprolif
iihli<. of lho iH'i'i'jiii'.d iiii'iidiii'i-m, one is
the bill for comoiiiliti'.n und nuienil*
incut nf the Municipal Ad, and a-, in*
troditei'd Ih tnrn-ly mi tho lino of re
Virion and i'.oii,-olidiii ion nf lln- cmsImij:
slittuii' law. Materi-il aiifiulmi'Mls /in-
In bn Introdiici"!, ll.rouitli llniaiiiineipal
(■iiieiiilitoc ef ihe II iii^e,
'I'ltii bill to jtiui'iid I be at«iii"iiani»iil ,u't
which has had ii*. second rcadiu.' 1111-
| (i|.|,o»i',d i-imply I'laiilh'* iiinliij,-iioiih
|.|.rl|.iin of ll.i-law aii'l Mlurn iii:ilifj-s
am pif.vnK1'! for hi In too mUni-st of ibo
I,em ripen in criticl'i'it ma bill prcicnt'
villi1, lhc pn-Tii'i'i1 for ilisim-iiri ■iratiiai I
of liow-iliioy uiiiiileipiilitv  and   -ii'nvlii-
ciiil |i'|uiiJ.iiion ut us iiaiiilitii.'S ol  V"r
ii n, ? ('1,'ti 1 I.I'.MIU <l '.VO   Vnle   Unlil    llll'.
pioviiico and i|'J.'>,i.i'*J to hu Loiloi'lahl'.*
liv ppei'i-d lim.ill.ni n|.|-":i'l ftvi''1 t'.vo
yt'iwn, Iu view ol tho eiiuncialcil , o!i-
cy of the (.'ovtu'iiini'iil of fojicilcg  IoimI
In ^tlitl/.iUliilin tMlM    |4**|ilil,-linil   n's    '.ii.r
ilini'stiilillHhuiciit of olic nl' lliii oldest
tllllllll'IplliiUltHOl' tliu pifiVll.cu Is Ci'ltllllt
III CXCIlM ll'lllli'l.lll''   I'I itli'i ..11,
ami defCFViM enn.idi.niiliii  cliii-llv in
**   n.,.1 *,i ..ic. .1,,-n..  ,...,, t.,,,11,.1^   it,,   i.ii-l,!'
that it .'(fivtuiiHy ciiiitriidictn ll.f off
heard govcininfni chnrgM that tlio lib.
i-rril.-i in l'lii'Mi t'i.|iiii|i.ni'(i l(iy.ii iippo-
.•■llloii Jidliep-. lo the old, old  tiicllc»  of Vv
TI-.E rV.PK-.V I ECGER, FERNIT, B. C, JANUARY '2-4,  1906.
The Fernie Ledgei*
IsMlc-1 ovory Wuliw-nluy from otHco of (iiili-
icutiun. uoniur of WointSt. nud linker Avu ,
*t-'orlui),l'riti»)l Colm. bin.
ll'OUMtlU UL 1iISI'I..VY|
kllvn-oil to bu oliuiivoil wliun Joiiroil, .vitbout
(-tlm ctiaKi-}
J.5U per inch, lu-r month
SiM-ui.il iHi.itiiiu, !>'/ uilvimre
J-\7 ilUcouut 4vht,*n plrtttn nre furtii-lu**.
(•ot in nonpuriol, ii linoi make* nn inch.)
AnctiJii SaU., EiiiertHiiiniiinti, Trmlvr*. 1,«-
(ivl JSi>t.o«.» etc., liu-eiit* n line, lirit infc.-rti.011,
i cent, n line tmcli JUbceqni'iit iimrrtion,   " ;
(;k.nt-a-wokh-ai>-3 i
J.o»t, Fnuinl, Kor ShU, To l.ut, Itcnt or Ex*
chuUb'4;, oii-- iiKiit u voril, 4<i.4:li inxortiun.
it        '
On Lack |m«a Hmoiii* locals. lii cent* a lino
Of. Trout iU4£i.-unioni; U.uuU, L-il veuNi*.   huv
J: occurring :uniini;>t our Mibst-riln-r>, free; all
ii-liur* >i4-^-iit.- t-iii-li in*>c*rtii>ii. CunL of oun-
gi:4tutntiiJii,cou0oluii4-(; or tltmiki, •il.itmiry
I1.11 try oti-.,li.t» of KUiist.4 niul weliliiii; iiro»-
t:.i.*.Vicuut*i 11 lino(m>ui>.''i'>4'l' vui-ti insertion.
without olinngo. one inch nr umlvr. $1 a month'
If yon, your frewis or relatives surTcr with
Fit*, Lpikp.y, St. Vitus' -Dance, or Falling
Sickncis, write for at-ul bottle and valuable
trcalue on such diseases to TiJR I.Kiiuo Co..
179 kin* Street, W., Toronto, Canada. AU
druggists sell or can obtain iW you
Thr Lkix.hk is favored with an invitation from the mayor, the cily council
and the citizens of Rosulund with s
complimentary tichet to all rink and
other events comiii)*; olT at lhe Rossland
Winter Carnival on February 8, 9, and
loth.    Thank's, gentlemen "nil.
THE  -
MdllKKN   Rt'iS
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
Any furtht-r iiiforiniition ilo.-iirdl oun lio hud
on iipiilii-utiou to th* nmnnvcfr.
L. P. Echstein
Bauristkr-at-Law,    Solicitor,   Etc.
Cuthbert lllork, Pernio, ». C.
Is the place to take the
Great Northern' train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; ,*to.. Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
XXhe Mustvalian %otel
The Place to Stop
Special Attet.ti.on Given to Local Tourists
movviseep Junction, SB. C.
has the world for a country and its king
is good will and justice to all. $1 a,
The Pooplo Yindlcnted.
We In ve no crowing-  to do   over
tho victory won last Thursday   by
that "self sty led" citizens ticket|wliich
was BupportGd by snch a surprisingly
largo crop of soreheads.   Thero is no
use trying to plead ignorance  at*, to
. what it means.   As  the  lnnRistnito
Mated after he had administered the
oath of oilico to the Mayor and newly
elected Council, they are to be congratulated upoa the fact that there,Is
no mistaking the meaning of  the
election, and that fact will   prove   a
source ot great streng .h to them  in
the performance ot their duty to the
people of Kernie to whom alone they
owe their, best services as Mayor and
Councillors.    \Ve believe  The Led-
oer expressed the almost unanimous
opinion ot the people who  so  valor-
ously supported the ftw candidates
upon the citizens' ticket when we say
that they have in Mr.   Trites,   their
preference of the  opposition  candidates as the sixth member ot thc City
Council.   Mr. Trites did more for the
ticket upon which he ran than anyone on it. and it was through no fault
ot his that it was not elected, but the
very fact that a man ot his standing
and'influence in tho  city  could  uot
pull the load which he had lo carry
Bhould be a constant reminder to him
ot the strength of feeling manifested
by the voters last wcok.     Wo  must
say, however, in  conclusion, that in
our opinion the outgoing Council, ex-
, cepting of course, W. W. Tuttle,  added to their weakness of position  before the people as a result of their
conduct of thc affaii'3 of the city during the last year, by failing to place
^—Vi'll'^MA-ii Kn  *■%!* l-il i/-(.—J <u MA!i<-Lnl- rtfAl-K/ii*!.
~n"UCIU» -P~ijllt3-{JUU11V C*^« OJ/UI U—VI bllClL-
stewardship or attending thc public
meeting In-Id the night before the
election, to which they were all invited aud at whicli.they would havo
ircttii assured absolute fairness of
Let tho dead past bury its dead and
let us remember tho things done by
the old council only in so far as it
will prolit us in thc performanae of
our duties in tho future.
TlIK liKDOKK W.hIijw .»v*?rt* H<*f<><>»-*-'
caiiui'i-ue tne best of good fortune in
the pursuit of his business and has
confidence that theso men, who are
all honorable citizens ot our town,
will be lound working for the best
intcrcsisof our city as they may sec
those interests.
y It is un old, old truism, that a
stream cannot rise above iu sourcn
and we are ull learning that n public
Korvatit or oflicial must always re-
ppect the will of thoso who entrust
Jiim with the conduct of their niTairu.
Our now officials are entrusted by
tho peoplo, witli the task of gunrding
thi'ir Interests us a municipality
nnd so long as they prove true to that
trust, they tvill retain tlio con lid once
reixwe-l in thorn, and ne longor.
What seems to no calamitous
troubles often proves to be blesHings
when thoroughly scrutinized, und It
may have been the best thing that
could hnvo happened to our young
citv to have hud to face tho poHsi*
bilitiee oi loosing its civic rights bo
i-arly in ita career, and we are proud
of thc umiilBtiikeablo manner <n
which it rose to tho defence of its
jlght to untiHitunoled oxiutenco.
F, C. Latoe
Tost Ollice Block. Fernie. B.C.
w. it. Sou
Ross & Alexander
OlUca ln L. T. \V. Block, Victoi-lr. At«uu».
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite the   Bank
Oineo hour*—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
Office Houuh 8 to l! n. ui„ 1 to Up. ra
Office in Alox. Back's Mock „
' ovur Slnm'i ilukery.
FEBitlK, - - -   , - B. s).
\m\WE   CO.,  Ltd.
WholodiUa lX>alur» mid
Uituct luiport«r*i of
Scotch and
Irish Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom
and Holland Gin,
. Schlltz beer,
Ale and Stout
White and Red Port
and White Rock.
--. Solo agents   iu Cmiada for,
Wlndaor   Tonto,  Jajj  Destroyar
Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie —lirittsh Columbia
La Grippe
Twelve times and out!
Doctors say that La Gimwk
will come two or three years
moro and disappear again
for 50 years. It has a
periodical run of ia years.
Kaeli timo it comes it is
worse than the time before.
This time La Grippe is
prophesied to have terrible
neuralgic and rheumatic
pains as a symptom and
aftcrclap. These pains are
tlit-1 rnfn-r •?vcrt!ci?.tin'**'
worsoi thnn the r:tc!c and
torture.   Avoid La Gkippji,
Erevcnt La Gkippk, or cure
,a Grii'pr, by taking the
specific, scientific remedy
(pronounced si-kun)
1/iM ly .11 P-xiirf.,-1111,  f„r tt prr Imfll,.
•«MI>tt AHD TI.tAT.ai FNII
Ai»l.«r»«, '>B«mplo D»pt. M"
Dr. T. A. GI.OCUM, Limited
OfA.4* tni Ub.iriio.lrt
tit KIhv 01. WiiiU,       .       TOnONTO
(I.ato RH^ayorNolson Smeltar)
OoM. Sllvor or Lend enoli |1,(X1
Copper IH.60       (lold-HiUor 11.50
C'»n.r|-f«« for otlior motnU on Hpplitfttiori
P. 0, Drawer IK* Phone ACT
New Crop Now  in Mock
Homo Grown snd Imported
Whole.»le mid Ratu.il
Special Prioo to Farmer'i In«titut*su
Thousands of Fruit  and  Ornaw.oiitH.1 Trt-e
KUododtjiidronn,      nonet,      Ortn-nhuiimi
nud Hardy piitntii
now growing io ru.r nurseriou for
Spring planting   ,
£ttnt«rn prloes or Xts~*. White I.alisr
Tnn«on*»er, B.C.
8010 AYentniliiHlcr ll.md.
Tho Comfortable Way
g   Uead Down • „ ..*    ; * Re»d Vp
V.ifi * m Lv.  . F»rnl»  ■  Arr. 11.00 p m
10.4'J a m Klkb " 110 p m
It SO p ni Ilexford, 8.10 p m
7.<J5pin SPOKANE f.*»pm
7.50 n. ru Kterott 9.11 p ai
9.00 am So uttle, >.00pm
3.1.-) 1> m Jtrr,  Vancouvku  I.t 4.00 pm
iA'i p m Arr     St. Paul      Lt 5.00 p m
* Daily except Suiidny
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
Toaohor* of the Piano
(Lonvlietlxke-r Method)
A thorough training RBBurcd uach pupil
Fernio, II. 0.
Pupil of Madame ni>unleCoi,aullr11i<tll School
of Miulc, London, nn*i fllftner Vnnnnliii, Flor.
encv, ItHly, will reeelro » llmlteil mimher of
puplta for Irmtractlon in kinging imd voire pru*
Terms on Application.
Whnt Will Uo Tho KohuU?
Then* nccim to be great anxl-Hy on
thn part of n lew poople sn to whnt tho
now council will do ro-jHrilinK the mit
which Ii*h lioon HtArtcd to qnn»li the
wntor Rttri'.uniHiH by lnw. Mr. KckHtoin.
on Ijclinir of thc coutUHtatilH, Nfirrrd no*
tlufl upon innyor UlnHmlnll and city clerk
Nunu hh rood ixtx tlio iiijiyor Iiml licnii
Hwnrn in, ko tlmt the nnw council will
linvn to ductile upou tlio coume of action
' to piirMin,
Wu might ventiiro our opinion that
tlio nmv couiti'il will proceed with ctre
in thin ninttur mmiI at once appoint a city
solicitor ainl will, If tlmy nrt-ni •onnllilo
meii iih inont ponpli. liuliovo thorn to lio,
follow hii advice. Who tlio uuw Holiclt*
or In to ho will bn known inn fow dayn
nml wo tnmt he will ui-u urcat care and
comldnratlon, anil If nocoitary obtain
outHidn cnuiiKel oi eminence and uxpnr-
lonte. 8uch a conrne **» ailvUnil hy
Mr, Lawn Homo time hwo but tho Into
council rufusuil to uut upon tbe aujrgei-
We with to afliurfi our timid friend*
thnt in no ceia do wu uollevo that, the
city will tit. placed in the dliaiteroim
poiltion of linvlii-r to pay conti ami at.
toriitiy fc«N for tho benefit of otlior par-
tlitn an wan thu cjiko iu tlio tuluplioiifl
j ciintoiition.
I    ll tliu fiiiicii UmiiKM-ii WAter bylaw
. IIAiS h'X*Uy .vi^lilvA liiOII All)'   i.;li.JV.wi,
iiidili' Iii piirHUHuie of lluit Mot will bo
legal and binding, if not, thnro can hn
no blniliii'-r contrnct untlr-r It imA thli
'city wlll not ho hound to pay (Inning*.,
' i., ..    t,,    ii   . . i i ...    i-i
i\IS   i.l-S.     .14 4.4 <->*4»p,     4.4     *W     *^.<i|b«V^      44 U4<WV4
never legally RxUted.
Wo do not bollove that the now council will, In view of rocotit iixparlnncAa,
j tako any rink* or A<> auytbin-^ without
caruliil     conildoratinn,  and    further
■ Wf>ilnn't aiitlripale that thoy will pay
out two or three thi-unain] dollam of tlio
peoplo'* money In order to prociirn for
any imuldo party, ri-fhu whk-h belonif
j to tho city nnd ahoutd U carclully
guartl.'d (or the rity.
Wttmtii't Limmtni Cum Ctitit, tit
Send for. Qtalojitti
10a 'le 104,
For Quick Returns
I.Ut yonr Property .with   TJ^qs,    Batt
For dotiilled information, berth rosor*
vntlona, etc., rail on or nddross
KiicfiPudor lo T. J. Uarkiir.at 'TIIK OW1."
rroporly for Siiln, to Itont or Exohnnrn.
n«nt» cnllcotod,  Emiilnyment furnl.licd, .
ncHurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Offlnn In M»r of How Foon Illoek. Ftrrtl*. D.O.
uasriossr label
Crow's  Nest   Speolal
. AND	
Minor's Favorite Clflnrrs
Second-Hand Store
Opened up next to Roma Hotol
Tor , Cui-iti
IS- l. Ml, It- T«rr«, f«ral»
The West Fernie Store
S. Harks.   ■   »    •»    Proprietor.
Full (tock ef tUry Oooili, Unnt'i KiirnUhiiiaa
UroetrUii, Uooti, Rlmta tint Ororktry.
aive Me A Call,
f.ontlily Accounts Opened,
I'ancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
MllH. li. TODli
2i«OK3=lXS      WXJmiHTO
.1 C. MAJOR & CO.
Sew York Stocks, I.onds nnd Cotton.
Chica-jo Grain and Provljiorm.
Private Wire.   ContiiuioiH Quotntions.
ffevnie, 38. C.
Davey, & Laderoute
♦'    ♦■
Is a pleasant home
for thc traveler.
Philip Carosella 1
FF.RNIR, B.C.             1
General Merchant
I. r. MARION, Manager, NELSON, B. C
roti».|»miili'iif# tftlltlM.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrim.m-ni* <'..>.<»" wjl
Mirufd'-j Lmimcnl Curei Diphfhrrin
BJirtTHlTr IIOIVK, ftirmirlvi »)if n»rk <•
Iti* l.««t (l * .Uy houl In S»U'<n.  Onlv
»l,iu hilp tmi.loye.1.   O.   W. nAUTl.km*
Min-trtS'i Utilmttit Cvttt JX.Umput.
Effective     Jan.    1st
West from
Revelstoke to
East from
Dunsmore Jot. to
Sun., Tues., Wed.,  Friday.
Montreal-, Mon., Thurs'd.
Boston-- Saturday.
Bi* Paul, Daily.
Kor complete  Inform*'Ion •pply
to lornI d|»»tl
It, Ileailin-r
Agent at Fernie.
,r,«.0»rUr,n.l',A„      3 J.Coylt, A,0,r,A.
K«1.oi-i, T»n*ottr«r
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat   Merchants
it s4)*A *'*#   »»-»♦*»«•
Hi..ni\ Wmicitx x\rn\ T,«ri*i tn*. w«ii.
All kinds ol Fretiit'KUh, in Mason
Pi-ompt DellTery.
GIyo us a call.
TKL. 18.
Hin.-T have UMd your MINAUiVH
LiNIMKNT for tho na«t 2A -feart] and
whllit I havo ormxlonally used other
llnlmenfj, I run wh'v nny that T hnve
nnvor umhI any equal to,your*.
If riihbcil between thn MtuH and In-
riileit frequi-ntly, it will never (all lo
cure cold in the head in twenty four
H ia aifio the Hen (orbnjistl, (praloi
Yours trnly.    ...
D-irtmonih. J.ti, kKHMK.
A   full  line-of Caskets,- Coffins,   Shipping   Casts
Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand.
2STEI,S03Sr,   B. O.
SS^ During November and December a discount of
io per, cent will be allowed off all orders for spring
delivery. + -f       ,       +
We have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which we will be pleased to
show intending purchasers. — —
Office Phone 41       Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy Block
At Great Bargains this Week
Wc carry a complete line of Watches, both Ladies'
and Gent's, and our prices are-right. Call arid get
our prices before going elsewhere—we can surely
please you.
C. C.   WRIGHT,   ^weler  &  Optician
'Bpoolal Attention Paid to Watoh Re-palrlag
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jetoelerg Repairing
• %%r%>
1 -    ..
ii 11
f    IIavo ouci of thoir largont Btoros in Fornio, \'
Lomb. Ycftl. Freeh and Smokwl Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
%r%l*l^l%^w/wl%%r%l%rSi^^ *
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brovvors of Extra Fino
Lager Beor and Aornted
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
$*^*t$t%'ty>%f<fy'$^W>fyfy'% i^^»^i|Hf''lMl*'!
 .-J.I..1. ~lUAmLLi!LL-Lill.'llimit*m*'l»l
W\ ffwmw iNIH vIB^ %m   If IW'tbV (kfl^fc li OT 0*f^*\ 0PrH
ivillli v^*^|p'|>»»'-C4-'C2»
General Hardware
Cooking Utensils, N icicle ware, &c
FURNITURE AFir8tr^ralWtty8
U     -       JLJ. \mC%2     U    mj£l\mmmjLAmmJ
I     i
"f-; V'A*.
'V    '*. 4
t^-o^ "*'**
^-"s. l"">*.f .-A-*1-*"""
•l   t ...'••'■/   /''.../ ">■. ..t^H'/^'-''A    >/a". <?.,;-
•   •/ •; ,|h   i -7.\ i(;
y    j   I - ,   '•■  l
i^H^iCTlwi j> TW w«M«WH'i4w^^ltr'ii4n.-<-.^ ..*mwv.*>-^n,1
A      /
■ j-r<"-*-y»i*» ■  *-«'v.*', w
,'  .1
; • 7
-^ "V-
V. V       4*.
v*   %.
*/f.«"•*«• •■!■ »f t*»T*-a**«.i*».i miii iiiiiimi ummm,*\f-imnmmmm.
.    "'
Now would be a good time'to pay your subscription to "PITIC UCDGKW" THE FERNIE LEDGER, KERNIE, B. C. JANUARY 24,1906'
.*      ,-. 4.-4, s: : « 4 *-s --4
~.i --*.. :■-.-•, i: i J.s!.
K 2 n .*:   nt
CAPITAL, $10,000,000
Ti ~i.'''J-t-Jlii:    .  •i-OE.'O.TiSr'X'O      -
B. E. V/alker, Alex. Laird,*
(J4..hcrnl JJiinaircr. Ai^t. Giiii'l Malinger
ril.ASSr'-TEI) Al'VE'iTlSEJlliX'rs L'XDEll
**^ tlii-j lieiiiliiiK, ir.sorti-i! »t tho nita ol Oiu
:ent- 11 \4Ci*it eti4;h iu.-,i:i 110:1. '
REST, $4,500,000
, 130 ss-ATXtfcra-.ES jvjstxd j^cs-^intcxes
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.      Deposits  of?,,   and   up-'
wards received ;uid interest allowed.    The Jopositor is subject to no de-*
lav whatever in the wilhdrawel ofthe whole or any part of the  deposit
Special attention is drawn to our Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Canada, United Stales, Knglund, Italy in lire,, Hungary, Austria in
kronen. They form an excellent method of rcinilCuig- monies at a minimum cost. , ' .-
A ijeneral Ranking* business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Open on the pay-days of the Coal Company until, 9 p. 111.
TERrllE BRANCH   ' ' - • • T. B. MAY, Manager
Cflvmlchael, the tailor, hai just re-
t'oived tins nobbiest stool, of Tweeds
for Full suits and overcoats ever
"brought into Fernio.
Let un make you a fancy vest from
one of those choice new p.-ittorim. Come
in nml see them. J. Cai-uiiduiel, the
The King: Edward Hole! occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
.the city.
"For siile cheap: Iron haA, oak side
board, white; chiffonier, cosy-corner
with mantle, boolfc-a:'*', lol of quart
fruil jars 50c doz, bedding, pictures
and rugs, babys llilii chair and sleigh.
Must be sold this week. Mrs A J Purdy.
Special to TiieLi.dGkr.
Owinsr to the fact that-Most of tho
members ef thc Michel Gymnasium
Club prefer skating and hockey, . to
dumb bell drills awl gymnastic teats,
„the club concluded to suspend operations Ull next, spring. But as in ev- .
•dence tlmt it still exists, it  gavo -a at (A cents a share, but thercw little
,l,mftnl»Rtniirhi*i-Y'ordertoect som-A for sylcvevei-   M  tllilt  Fice*     Tne
rise is said to be stimulated   by   llm
proposed amalgamation' of thc * St.
Eugene Center Star and lYtiil smt-it-
with' tpnsilitis and a third is with her
mother in Spokane and is threatened
with typhoid fevor.
-Preparations for starting the sawmill of the Moyio Lumber Co. have
begun. For two or three days ,J. A.
Dewar, manager of the Port Rico
Lumber Co.. and also general manager for J. 1). -McArthur, has been
here. With him was Geo. Orchard,
who will in, all 'probability bo in
chargo of the Moyio' mill, and Mr.
Hundley, a woodsman. They were
looking over the plant, the limit?,
etc,, and are doing other preliminary
work. ■ Mr. McArtliui' proposes to
spend $100,0X0 on the mill and
stream .improvements, and to put
everything in the vory best of order,
and has an idea that later' ho will
turn his purchase ovor to the Port,
Rico Lumber Co., in which he has
now a large and controlling interest.
The limits aro estimated to contain
upward of •200,000,000 feet oi lumber,
which is pine, birch-.und fir.
St. Eugene stock has been climbing tu the front by,leaps and biunds
lately.   In Toron'o it is now selling
FOU   SALli.
'■si _—**.„■" tZ..*.-ss*yr*tm*vmfn
Ql.D XE'iVSPArjiltS .IT THIS (/i-*l-'i(Jt:.
4  SNA I1.  Hall nun*, in Wt- i I't-niie, kcio.1  :•
i*- story li4iur,(- on tliu Koiii-ity.   Apiily Men
Son 6: Oo.
C-fcXE.-STOUEY  KliAME   HVjLI.'IISG-   l'ix-Ji
"i-oGil location   ou V'^it-nu. -V40.
Api'l.v, Mott Son S; Co.
-"""illlli-'r-l -.^TWfiltTT-J-.i-TJ Try."If Jii,rt>|-ii ■ ]
Foi- Ssilo or To Rent
Capital * $2.4V7\
I'-ernie. Lot. S'lttas. Guo.i I room hou-,c.
This is h aiini) ,if taken iit ouco. Kiuv tonm,.
Apply, Motl, iSon i1.' Oo.
-*- for iiiile r.t this oKlci>. prion 'i'., cunts ciu-li:— j
"IloomsTo Lnt, Apply Within."   "Jj'imiUlioil
Kouiiii. Tn Lut. Ajiply within."
Li.s'siiil'SoB,- -DaRatSa. . ■      ■
.yfwwjv    '   Ulceerve * $2,415,000
mTotzl Besets - $29,000,000
Iiox. Wm. Grcsoy, President.
J. Tur'-nbull,. Vice-President and General Manager.
74 BraKshes iiliVGuyhaiag Canada ■ -.
Money Orders and Drafts issued, payable in Qvnada or abroad.
Foreign drafts ca/hed.'  Special ,idv:iiila»es in Savings Department. .
Open in the„evening bf the Coal Go's pay-day from 7.till 9
-■ -',. ■'  "        ,    J. R, f-aV/fiY Ab-oiit FEUXIE BRAXCi-
-"-   Jrtinily    VoriiHcu  unit liath.   Ai.piy   tlii»
mi'ii.   Apply nt tills oilico.
*-*■ wliuiii tlie mino tritiiihloni.. nonr Mie =tn-
'iun. Xo. W, -Viu,; I'or ii umill J'liiLiii',*, l'ric-o
.l)'i. complotii.    Anply Mrttt.Sj.'i * i'ii.       —i.'L'
TAl»ANK**E    COOK,     J.;Tl*^i i t"-A7T:KiT ~Ln
** lluti-Uunil lJ('-,tiiriiiit.s, irniitsn joh um i:uolt
011 , J iuin. 44-i\i,vs ji.-niii n moiuli, uiipiy «t
luinu    liuiit.iiii-niil,  i'-L-inie.
/■VPKIl'KS    TO   CL1CAN.   Al'.
V   JU'OHKS, Fornic!  l». O.
/. 'i
TO   >I!t«i
"Ml   T*^.»^WWMW—OW.M.
'•PKNli'iK-j'.VlLL J11C ItKt'l'UVKIi .UY TflF,
■^ iinilursii;ubil u;> to Tlinrsdiy, Futiriinrv mil,
•I'.'ifi. lor tlu< uuiiiliniT of ilia oiiy liuoka 4*0*1- i'.--.A
Thu lifiokj to hy nuilitct! ovi-ry tl'ioe i!ioi-,tlit>
■I. \V. Xunn, (Jity Gloi-k, Kjri.ic, 11. C, ,.>iiuii>.iy
-.IrU. lix"*i. '
A press dispatch of the 19th inst.,
slates that llie Crows Nest Pass Coal
Co. is considering- plans for, reorganization, and it is expected that a scheme'
will be ready to lay before the shareholders at "the annual* nicotine*- next
month. Reorganization includes, it is
understood, a bond is.st.ie and common
stock to be exchanged ior the present
common, lhe exchange basis lo be dollar fiir dollar in bonds aad three shares
of common stocl.. The Jbondi will
probably be at live per cent.
aMWXdBU a -".ne?-sn.-*-.
C*M.<UUiJ- JbUM. j4um UKK
6d lot8 the
Use Jacob's Biscuits,   made  in   Dublin,   the
finest in the world.",   Fresh assortment now in.
Prompt Delivery -■"-,.'
** e: &
W. J. Blundelt
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
on     «»a'*-t
SsqgIs of
rrc.-rlx-w   ^*3i &**, ***M
\>  tiEiitiiiH   (tod- ^    -,«   %>j;. sscj*(4ji>Si2 w
Ccvil Hods at pricpy to clear--.*.-,, 6o4 70, 80c.
T^; "Mi "S" K*3 13 Ji R» rTS      a      -fJ*" *.   k   % rs «w *g*
Tin ni
ij* ami t'hiiiibinj?, Dep.-ati'icnt   opposite  Salvation  Army Barracks
Oilico and Salesroom ors.i door to the Kiny Edward Hotel.
•^ -^'^b^^a^/^-v^-%'^-^w^<'^''^*a*^'-5/^'^*^
danco last, nitfl-it iiV'order to get somo,
moDcy with whicb to pay some of its
debts, A-
Mr. W. J. Prater, formerly of l-'cr-
nie.^ B. C„ has sold his studio and
completo pliotocraphic outfit to Mr.
Kinney,• of Michel, and' has ffoiu-
uack.to the Illinois college ■• of photography to completehitf course there.
••.._ ■,.. \   ,      —.. ■ •
Archie" Leitch spent Sunday in
Cranbrook. - ' '
Mrs. Artlmr Fenwick spent two
days in Jaffray, the gue3tof her sister
Mrs.,Frank Dei-osier. ■
Mrs. S. A. InffUiB' spent a couple of
days in Wardner, tbo guest of Mrs.
,   Dr. Connely made a flyinjr trip to
Jaffray this week.
J. J. Jewell and May Maynard vis
Sted with Fernie friends Tnefiduy.
The school trustees held theii- mcct-
intf  Thursday   nifj-Ut,   clnctiutr  II
Pearson, Mr. Orlnnder iuul   Mr. (ill-
pen as trustees and Jim MeBiin lor
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Downing spout
Tuesday In Fornlo.
Dr, JJell, V. S., spout a couple 01
days here inspecting tho horsus of lho
J'-JuHt Kootiiiniy.
A IJoiievolont Concert.
The benefit concert given by the
ChC.h. A, A. hull at Coal Creek,
Monday night', for the benefit of the
er interests, which deal in all 'proba- Dsnningtou family was a grand success. Mrs. L. W. Polled*-, Miss li-joh*
fort, the Misses Grahams,' Messrs.
Earp, Puckoy, Morgan, Johnson,
John Hunter aud others took part in
the program. Space docs not permit
of an extended notice, but the names
mentioned above is a guarantee that
a most enjoyable  evening's-enter-
%$*i H
bility will be consummatpd at tlie*
regular annual meeting of 'the »St.
Eugfne company. ..This meeting, it
is thought, will bo held the latter-
part ot Jiinuary and in no case later'
t-hau tho first week in February.
The ollice staff is now busily engag-
ed working on the annnal report, and
■fc *.CJ'. ~_—
[I'rom tlie Ilnrulil)
W. F. Hanbury, of lilko, lian been
In the cily the past few days 011 buai-
Dave Giiillth, of Fori .Steele, has
been meeting his friends around the
cily during the past two1'days. ile
has nothing very startling to report
about I'Virl Steele, hut is in hopes thai
"UogKiwn" will imi get ilx four feet
into thu Iviolenny t'etiliiil trough.
Two fret—Ihe fmni ones—are nil llial
is permitted of tiny well regtiliili'd hog,
I'ruiri Ilii'l,rii4|iii"tiir
M, H. King lefl 1111 Tliuiidiiy's Irani
.I. ,. Iiuxiin-M* (rip in Allien,!,
■V P. t'lu-ii.'llk- of Ihu K«n',i| hnlel,
' I.u;.' .'ille, \Mis in the city -.ewral ilay-i
■'.'-. V. 1 vU.
The i-iiy has a mitnher of jioliiii-iiiiii*
\4110 in*; like k'.il.y h.i.ils, (hey have to
)ii« hailed mn n.v.iiiinali}"
Mr. I'". I .evict, hns honded tint foi-
lev tug iTi'meral elniins silunli'd on
'■'hi'i' l''i*.li i-tci'l,', a irihtiliiiy of Ihr
i- m.'i i'.iI*   nf  ihe   St.   .Mnry'-i   liver,
.-    "I,       -     ',       .-.4   4.4.lj,       ,411.4'      (IHU 1   III.-41I4'
the meeting cannot be held unlil this'
is ready to lay before the directors.
The St. Eugene Consolidated Mining
Co. has paid $560,0CX3 in dividends",
has over a quarter..of iv million dollars in tho, treasury, two years' ore
in sight and has a probable lifetime
of at least twenty years before it.
Ever*) thing in conniction with the
mine is most promising and- highly
sntwlnctory. Tho mine is working a
full force again, and tlm payroll on
tho l?V,h was back to its old figure.
$10 000. The shalt is down within
'AH loot of the new station.' Tho new
Iioint is working perfectly. Two
cagcH are being oporiitod. Ono b
used in hoisting was c from tho shaft
nnd thrt other is used in. hoisting
wnste and oro from (hn first level,
f-lomo visitors traveling around the
mine this week noticed a num her of
carlonciH of clean oro coming out ol
the tunnel recently started abovo tho
II11 me, known us tlm 1B00 foot level.
From every nppoarnnco an Important body of high grade ore Ims been
reached in this tunnel.
tainment A^as"A*^eh"<3ered. "Seventy
dollars was the sum realized through
the efforts of, these generous people,
foi* a very worthy purpose'.
sJU-vWdOU'li*-!   IV   i-U   lii   ULP5-\ULIL
Agents for the Slater Shoe
1 -■*"■ 1,
The Palace Drug Store
Just Opened Out in the Crow's Nest „.... ,
Trading Go's Block, Victoria Avenue
H, F, McLEAN;     -/. -,   .'    .Manager^
Can't. Be.
^v Ely-ssigSTi!:
and J; S< T. Bell.
Tho   Cun!   Out-
The out put of coal at tho niiiiop Inr
tlio week ending Friday
, J.ui. rjtii,
wjih as lol lows:
Coul Creek
10.501 tons,
fi,7fi7   "
l,.i;W   "
1U.2D7   "
Eclioea of. Hockey l>
There have been some eehoes floating
up tliis wny frotn the Pincher country
lately. Tliey sectn burdened with titles
of woe, mingled with anathematise
rending ccrl.'iin hockey teams out of
lhc Crow's Nest Hockey Ah.sociaiion.
We do not know just how thi!1 lias all
hecn clonm but il looks as though there
is only one team in it just now. Cups
have-been demanded of the team holding tl-.mi. before lliey h.ive been won by
others, and banishineiil into outer
diirknesij lias been proiniilgtited agninsl
the Feruie team il" they don't >-ive up
the cups.
The account of llm I'iiicher-I'oinio
game as given by llie licho is raiher
one-sided and lhe I.ijixw'.k is very -sorry
that such unfair criticisms should be
indulged in. l.nue up, boys, lake
your medicine and let us have a fair
and open contest for the much dispulOkl
n «  *
lines oi shoes in Canada. .,
Special lines for Mining' and. Coke
work, always on hand.
I*? -.
Scs-ppy    With    Poor 4fw§/ NlSra^ *
 . . *3*
Nor can yoii correct defective sight-without lenses' $g
ground to meet yonr individual needs. To fitien- $$
ses accwTnUely requires greater ' skill than" is i $g
general! v supposed.- Dr. Bybee's* glasses restores $$
-perfect vision because there is scientific knowledge • $$
and that skill, which comes from years'of. experi- £$
ence, back of them. Artificial, eyes alsvays in $t$
stock.    Write me a postal and I will "call. 7 $t$
•  '(
^  Exnn.iiiatltin Freo.    Oilu-p Hours:   1 to 6 and 7 to 9 p.m."*{"?
|''kDP.   R. L.  BybCe,  om™ Roonw 7 & 8.Hotel Fernto^j1
«-i-44 <•/.> <-t> /»v ,'iv /4v ^v <*4v /iv ^i> <-iV *i** <iv t> <iv ViV*-i>T5av WCW^*I"?^i^Ji*?W^I'?7i?'-?2^ „
Fine Stationery
We carry a splendid line of fine boxed  Stationery   that
will commend itself to the most fastidious.    Also, ruled
and plain paper by the quirr, in the latest styles.
Envelopes lo match.  -   ,    ' '
with No. "2":1 JOverct'. S.&8 p. in.; arrive S'-aulc ";;I0 p, hi.
Ny. 2 no cliaugo.
No, -I lfiiivi-s Boattlo 8 a.m.; .".v-ir- B no
utt H:lfi a: in.; I'aciflc Avenue ',)-,20 a. I j nev/
.:  j^.
.     .'.   iJll|)l-,   I'w'l' lijl*
''  - ',   V'1'...l.i'
. '    .    . . li. I'..ll.-i:
ii j J-,4.4'.'iu  1 Jtiu.ir.
ij; li'i .1 sy'i.Ji'.ilt.
HtuiKlliiLr CniitnilHeoH
Tlie Manding roiiunilti-vi ol'llie pro*
viiu.iiil limine are cnniptisL'd of llm lol*
Inv. Ing iiii'tuhiMs:
Ai'i-ii'iiliuit', I-'IHmih, A. Mi-IViunld,
Str.itli'id, M.iiimiii, Titiinei, Miiimi mul
Pulilii* iiivnuiil'i: Mi»«i«rs. Sl'iaifoul,
liiniher, M.uCiiiwjin, M.tuhiin, Il.ill,
C'anii'niii mid llendei-snn,
Mining; Mewiiii. iTillnrd, Vmiiig,
Tiivlui'i Wilglil, (Irani, Slmlforil, A.
Mi;|).iu;ild I'i user, Unss, Williams,
Davidson, Tanner, J. A. Mi-D-mnltl.
Oliver, Jnni"-', Mu'-pliy, Mrnwn, King,
lli'inli-rinii, MiNiveti nnd Welhi.
I'i iv.Hi.- bills   and   standing   orders:
.'.4  * * I .  ,      .   ,',..*^,p    ll J
Ji ..    ''.1 ii  7
Aftor tlie liattio.
Although the buttle is over and the
citizens inceling of last Wednei.dny
night seems ;i long way off, yet il if.
well in feiiieiuber the oceitiiou und lhe
speeches made by lhe .■.tuididnU'*,'
Mr. Kniiiiiier buing lhe only Indepepd-
em candidate wa.s at ;i disttdvitninge
bill gave proof lhat with practice he
will develop into a good orator,
Homo of the hi-)*: are not public
spealcets, but lhe) nil succeeded in lei*
linij the ttudieiue If now where tliey
rilond on mailers of impmlatin.*. Mr,
Tlioi, Hi^g*. in.ule one of the telling
hits ofthe e.vniiig, ami W. W. Ttiiile
Hindu lb.- Iu-j.1 speech we ever lie.ud
hint deliver.
.Sjieecli nuthiiig is a good thing in
its place, but it is ciiivful action (hat
will he looked tor Irom lhe new council
nn.l we do not Ivlieve lhe people will
be disippoinled.
lihie l\u.i,
'4.;t*,,*,.-    ii i.i
.'lllll  Ilk-   At-
Mr.   I.evkk
>.*^<,   I4r.ti  si,, I ..4.11,
•d y.il'.n.v:).
m.; Wcnatclii'o 3:0.') p. m
l:'Jfi p. m.j arrive Spokano S:2"i p. in.;
leave 8:10 p. ni.;-B'Jiinc'r's,l',orry I'--:
2.r) n, in ; Kexfonl .ri:02 n. ra.
No. Sf-iO len vcuHexloril b:HQ a. m.
coiinceting with No,' -1 Swiutuii 7:ii la.
m.; aiTivo Fernie 9". ni.
No, 21U leaves Fernio  10 p. ni,
Swlnton j0.-2H p. m.\   Rcxdml  12;-I0;
ii. in.: connecting with No 1. j
Through sleeping uiirsiiris opera tot
hi'twton Rpoltaim ami Fernio. i-Jloiii'-
cr faro hetweon -Jijolcnno imd J-'crnio
Femlo to .Vancouver 2.'. liours <jri'
minutes, connection being inaile with
No, 272 nt" P.iei'io Avon no, EkIya
local ti-ahirt Nos. 2i'..r) unci 2(i(),will lio
oporattal ljotwfajnSpokiinc and Loav-
enworlh, I.'living Sj.ol'tuio I \\ ni,;
vVenalclioo I0;.r>0 |i. in.; I.eavcmvui-lli
11.-.Mi p. m.; roiurnlng lr*i»vo l.r-itvcn
ivoi-tli ]Cl.r».*"» P. m.j Woililtuliftn 12: (III
a. in.; Sp-jlidiiit H n, in, UiilIVi. ulecp
liiitfiini will ho npei'.-il'-il lietwei.ii
rtii.ikiiiio iin.'l Lojivuiiwurtli, tru'i!!!*
\ *■ 2i'-o ami 2l'i'.; nliio extra iniin hi:-
i.wei'ii t.V'jitrh*. iuul Mkyliomirtli, leaving Siutili: ii.')',) p, li'',; Kvoii'tl. H:IU
l>, ni ; Pncilic, Avi'iilli.! .S:|fi p. 111.;
Skykoinlhli JU:'JO p. in.) I'l'lui'iiliu-
Icii'vc Kkykoinish I! a. in.; Pjii'Sllo Av
i'llllll H:li'.i 11, 111.; JiVi'l'i-U H;2.'l   a.  in:
Setiltlo ID a, in, l.'K'iil iriilm btilng
t pf i'ii i oil hi'tw-ji'ii Honner'fl I'Vrry uii'i
H.iu'.aiii. -.v.|! ho Vi'il!i.|i-.i\v,i.
Adrain! "■■  BLADES.
If you wish to test.
one of those Razors
without  RISK oi'
your part, apply   At™, pBtcns
to  us for       yegg**
clotailsl        S&W& Mttpello'
Pair III     eyen
Lcotbtr C-wo J,*tlW
cubit Contdvu osn
(or Heavy _«trila *i-ou
"Ciirtio.JXnimclio EltuAUi
QimiitimSttinif, $1.00
1'rco Uc-oklct "Ulnli to Stsvcn."
J.*yi* Nil" .liy
.1, ...OT'AII,. . F.irnio, T». 0
School Supplies
Books, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Slrites, . School. Bags,
Scribblers,— or anything in the way of School Supplies
at the lowest prices. We make a specialty of the wants
of the rising generation.
N. E. Suddaby,
IM «* l-l__*ll4iWi*MI JW-44W tm) W-«Ma
t i\J?*AA.-J,rf . ., 6C
60   YCAn«5,,»
j.'.'^JI     U- -.1-It'VoU'.'.'il.'J*
r'l»Vv** ^      Coi-vmoH-rn Ac.
/. nT'inni-i---i<lliii' t.n'.i<.!rli nml iluncrlpilniiniiiy
rmiiiuly ,'ii.ii'riiihi iihr ti|iiiilnii frini wni'llif-r ml
iniuiiiiKii h in'i.iiiiiiiy jiiiipni.ilila i'iiiiipiiiiiIii.i.
(Mi... iiihiiyv .nt),Uml Ini, ||,1lli)Q0P"i mi I'hIiiiiU
mnl I nn, Diili>t iuin';. fm i ouiiliii/iiiiliniui,
l',.|(|.,ii oil-nil ihium,*1! .Mmiu \ tin, ruiwlri)
tlii.ri,iJii-i!i;<, vvllhuiit filniiYfl, tlltlin
$«iei«ifie mm
A. hnnrinnniolrtlhii'triti-it «4iniltlv, Lpvcniit rlr*
riiliiinm nf mi/ ihljnlillc Ji.i.riul, 'ruriim, liin
>4iin fii.tr iiiimlliii, fl I'ulil li/ull Tiowmlcnkn,
i.niiH li un>, |i, i ju i' hi., V< L.liliiktiiii, fi. si
'Mii'st wi*   Forgot."
t.'fimllilatii'i (nr re-e'iiirluiii  tu llm jm-
nit Imt nf iiliii'i'ini'ii ulimtlil nnt. fiivi't it ci
Ifnutiu iif la-l \\>ilni!iiiliiy iiijrht.   Tlu-v I
will nhvayri uwn to tlie pnoplu mi n|n*ii i
^^^^f^^..*^..rtvy.»-*,.4«r*.».f*(*«.^..»-. «•,...,-,—.-.«««*. »;.-»1_-«»n.< rH4j«c.*4-.yr-T»i
lii slim \Mjtm.tf \MMmm f ll
Co. Ltd
ItforHssey  Coal Greek
FopjuEo   FtlEc.ict
r 1 \
|.|4.|.|   III..   |,.,l   I,-I-,
i''n*r • *> i». !•'. ty i^ li.'.-. f.'iin K>'i*
i' n, inil will "!>.-{.;in nt unci! on hl:i imi-
<:. .'iKiri-.'"f piv?j'':c'iii|-; uii'l'-r tin1.
Juke*, tur tiilni'inl.
P,M.lii.(;;    M4.-..,-i's. ll.-iw--.i- tliiT.wJ|htHllJ|r|tlIll„f lllllir Minv»i.t-.liip au.Jaii.v
r.mt, M4-\'!v4.-i :m.i (':inn'ro.i, ap|iuii.uirfl of   hliliMii;; niiui   a   iM\
k'.iil-va-.*.:       Mi-.Mii      M.u-|iowan j nlioulil, uml will ru-jiill In wull ili'Si ivt-.l
(J. X. Ciiiiii^i'-* Tim.*.
Tlio .(jI liny In;.; clianuiTi in llif; pi, •
t:i-ij|»'iT li.-i in .'.cli-'tluli! In coiiii'i' i ;]'«.<•.•
llvi' S'ln-lay ,f:tiiv, 'Jh":
No. :J I'-.ivi-rt li'cxii<ril lO-l.'i i». in.;
I.<i.i,,i i * • i-i i 4 i.'.'. i \i. Iii,, .... r»t; li.
.S.niUaiic .'iil.'i p. in.; U'.'tvt' ll 11, in.;
A'Ji Ian '.'.'.'} \-. in.; I'juiilk- Av-*!i:i'-
iy.'.'n)n. ui.; Luicil.f).Ua. Jii.ji-'i'jitiJi:
7 a, in.
Ni». 1 lu.-ivf i- Ui'xf.'M. 1 h, 'ii ; r«'li*
ni'i's l-'i.rri-.1:".-».'i ni.;nrrlvi-r-jj.;,.-iiif
7 :i. in.; l-'uvi- 7;li*ui. in ; A'lriiin l<);
;!'ia ia ; V. .-ii.i-ciii-i-. *;.'.l."ip in ; i'<i-
t'lilloiil, ti.-ii'ili'ii, T.-tjIoi', Hllis-iii, Jiiiw
'-•i'i \\nj;i|i, .'il:.ui.>r.l, Ui-.tnl, I'.'.-.-tii:.,
I'.ittif.iu, Ilt'iuKr-in, J. A. MrlJjn.iUl
Muni.., Kin«, V.VII. ami Mull.
Muniiii*.!! iii.itlt'i'n: IJ. is-, M:i.-.-
i;i.wmi), Ci.iriU'ii, M.niifii, Powmt.
(li'f'ril, l-"i.«si-r n:iMilii'tnw..ii|i', Oil
ut, I'.i.m-., t'.iiii.-i.iii mk! I,i:iii4i'.
Our ii'vn iiiiii'it i» i-li.linn ni nf lln-
I'uuiiiiiiii *^.-ii i iiimii. ip.il :i!liir-4 atiiJ i*-
up4»ii lln' Min.-: itu I I'liviti- 11:11m   coin*
!■*/•*! PiW
M ft !i'<■&?$,
ii. .'AVJ.'-i.-ni*..' B
Litii-ji; uml Cifir. f
V.'i- u-i!i l-A;. y.i nfiir th!.: lev',!.,- f'jf T;,,-;:,
jit.uli:   frcm  feln-U'.l   full   fuirc.l  cki;in,  of  Rio!)
Ci:ic.!{ Coiity   ii..-,   !icirl>  o.l ntiihn   m  luu^Oi,
(iiioihionl. il  Vi.lli  Iii'ti; fu»   tn't'i,  niiii f>'i''y  ii*-.!;
c-lnlii, '.T' t '.-.mil im.' i:i.'iil..i!r.,ii.!, t'li'l uVuii- in
,i ...... i ,   > -,, ,    .     ,    ,*
•l-ini'i lulil i.r i. itit ''ni.,! tiii*.:*,'.*!.:',1-,)' : j'.^iilii lu
jtitro.iin-i. '•.('■•'I !;'.i;.e Wfft.'ii'.i- It':'' li.lo tvi'tv
Throo ot ,Vr. ntii.   Mi*-?.  Cr!>uW-i' itrituc-.*-*.   Witirmiwr M-rnti-l u*n iij"iliv
dii'ilicii,   M-jvy,   Hon*, nud  Kvflyn, I Mviiiiv.six plaa*., .-uul Vii-nivtu *.e\en,
lu* v«*> fM*f,n quUc Kick".   Two m'«   Iiij  - —
)'«•*   ll.A til'tuVA lil*»piti»'.     MiiV>:li'iii*{   Minrini «. I.imrnti.l Lutr* '.iti^t in Xi.t*   Ul.C A*.i:.ii»i-. .>;l."> )i.   \:..;   au.ki*...'.X.m
■>**_   Ui                          l.i U.I.-41 V  t>.i .u. .:,...  ...A, i,,i|,,iu 4 mul* |u.j-
lyl tioni ciiJ tlio l:-i*.,ii,   ji  ;.-.-l. n-:...   '■■■.:.i.-A-iu.I   l.ifu jia
r       r.iill'ltr.    'J'llfV Pif'in>,y l.> ::.-il, ,,-,1  ;.rv; m j/r«tit Pi3
il'n-.Mvl.   Don't rc'tr. tl.li ojtportunlt-f tv .-.•.*,...•..■ tJ.i> _|f(iant '£$
t-jfj    Fui* i'uiirf.   VVfltiite-tf/i/. M
fctijcooo hop»_ newci-'V Co. Dent. <.r. .v.orjrr-.cAL, can. JM
i ri:
i re"
i Vi
*■ »^
I *ir
*. *>
aMa-H?/    Stock-Taking |
SstSe StiSi @®ntinues
Special Jinr-ttvalns (Uirlng1 tliis week in h
Ev^^ifttir*. Unilcrwoar, Mill!., Gloves, Clothinc1,
M©aflS -   	
Sox, Working Coals, Mats, Boots &
St A
Ladies7 ss__sS fiSSiBld^eira^s
Mn-it*-'. :uid 5-ihnos slill oti smU» at p^ontly rocUtccd *!»
_■       . ¥.v
prices. £*,
S-atCBos* Wlalfo-yyoaPa   Jnst a  few garments
i    e.    1      ,     .
| ., , 4 ,    \i\i\     1 |
llicm out.    ^..4w.«gga_.
i    r.     i      , -tl        11.1,, 1 ,      i ,        .1      ,
|',,4,     illll       1|.      'till.     ,14.11    III4..44,     1\.'. J \.llVlll> VV> V.*\.lVl
.*jw._—, il.ii m C^^l.«.Hfc.:u».T^<lV..-Hj*/i>'4.<J**f.
See Window for Goods on Display p
,, rEutATri-os-Wood Co. "«•■ z
*V <i» »'* «.''* «T.* **'* «V *•*> »V *f* *X* *t* »V   «,V *f* \lr *t, \1, <l, \t, «»> tto «.(> Of **» «f*


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