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The Fernie Ledger 1905-12-27

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■-Volume I.  Number 21.
■Z?~~r- «-**/
IV d
r~.s   1.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Local; Happenigs in and
! About the City
/.Interesting Items  About' ilany
:    * -      People   Vou Know
Ivan Poole is reported to be slightly
better. • '   .. - *
..■"A Mr. Mclntyre, of Coleman, was iu
.-.' * Feruie ou Christmas.. -
* . - A.   Keith" Whimster,   of  Frank,   spent
. .*-   ;. 'Christinas with his parents in Feruie,
. A7,A5*iJ.:W..Woolf) M. F'. P. of   Cards'ton,
7 Alberta; was u Feruie visitor last Thurs
'   , :",; day.'    A- „ -*.
'; 7,, S-v;Har'ry Howard lhe hotel man of B lair
-j- j'.inore was shaking hands with his many
»•--Fernie friends last Friday.
7 A .'Mr.' Duck, of Rossland, seems to
* . 'take to ice as naturally as tho ordinary
' iV,      "duck does to water,   lie has charge-of
the skating rink over there.
, i   _--;>MIs8' Maltby, of Spokane, sister of
7'''- MrsA-V. B.sTriteB arrived in town   Silt*
.* r nrday night o'ver.thfc Northern to spend
-*; her'Xm&s holidays with hor sister.
*Y'■ $ * Cummiiiffs leaves this week for
-     V9)ttawajtp be absent a few weeks.   Mr.
.       -    **^**'. -    "4   *' 'I' i ' .
A ^vCummings intends to bo present at tbe
,* '- r.,£oreatry-convention to be held at Ottawa
*'  ' 7.'ue'x'tuncnth.
"",'   ,.7^)5M*r8;;Telfor and her daughter Laura
r - .'V^fetiirned fast-Thursday from   Isphem-
.,.- rffcing;Michigan   whore thoy  had been
t.   A^calloato attend, the funeral of Mrs.
.y' .^Ielfer\brother M?. Pascoe.
■ " -i'' A'-A^B-- we sorry to have to state that as
A.■--.'^'»^et1yery.little improvement is noted iu
-", ;At^o.condition of young* Mr. Poole who
7 ■'-./ *'.•, has been iu the, hospital for some time
.;'-- „c; gauffering from a rather severe attack of
I' ' ■'7;tyP.hoid7feyerr. -
-   . iAyCharlib^heppard aud Jack Leo went
.r,,-.'to^Cranbydok-this. morning to install
1 AA'A-***61'*-*-^?1 heating*, plant   iu the new
A';-ACanadiaiiBankof Commerce building
A.-.-j X ,.7«t that place.   The boys will be gono
■.,,-. .V---- vFrf44i;' .,4,'i.-> :-^^:.4 ,.-f. ,:,.- . , a
(Ji  4'.l,,;:;,.':-;seyerttl"days.''1.,,l,
''iiipeali.o Mills,',raanager of tho Central
*YiY 4-%'-?,'^ '*■*•*?• v^istributLng- Christmas re-
-f'7;-'.7^vl^-?*?*^a?c6S {i.m'pngsthis frieiids^in the
"   ~     w tetiapeof ''cigarca'sos^. card-cases,; alum
' J J--li 1411m' Am>H hn * '***•****.■• .1    nt-at nil    V*.1.**..) m-t nr.   **. £ f^Lf\f\fl,
tsA-Wy:-E^S^^u'dJ*aV6'ipguests one of the finest
r.,--vr'.'4.-:wiiJ'^*>rV-JiMt*iii*.o' avjl.'-.n*afl'il7.ili 'a--'!. #\>AI     A l.t inn,
«-*;^?4*-v,t-    ......    .     .,   ,
? Tho.iphrlstmiiB treoentortainmbhts
if-A -'"w'oreolii when Wwere a boy,'but they
. *' don't see'm-io got any older'as wo add
years to.our record of life.   Wo aro, always" bo prosont,'at Buch gath*
. * crii'igB-Riid alwaya h'aVeai much fun as
■tho other kids.-' . -;
: The convention of delegates from the
diffeioht miner's unions of district num-
' bor'18,:of tlio'United Mino Workers, of
- America, which was in  session- - last
'•wook^adjouruodoii Saturday,   A full
report ot tho bueinbfiS; transacted will
-appear lu noxt week's Ledcjkii.
': A watch night sol-vice wlll bo hold In
tho Methodist church Now Yonr's evo.
commencing at 11 o'clock.' Rev. Hob*
son wlll preach at 7:80 Sunday evening
upon tho topic "If ia tho last time."
Rev. Ilobson never proachos at random
and an' Interesting dUcoiu-se may bo
lookod for upon this occasion,
,.-,. if.:'. "4,- •!'.-•■        •  ,.- ; ..-    *
. J. A, last night;for Tor
onto and othor Eastern points. Ho will
etop off at KonorA mid witnons tho
lioclcoy mulch botwoou tho Ottawas
nnd W lnnlpog toami on tho 00th. Mr.
Broloy ox poets to bo gone about a
month looking nftov various buslnoss
projects lu which bo Is Intoi-oatod. -
Mr. and Mrs, McEvoy niitoi'tnlnod
iwcuty-four of tholr jiivonllo frlonda
with a Christmas troo party lust Saturday. Capt. McEvoy dlBguirmd as Santa
jOlnus and distributed prusouts to nil
tho'chllilron iiftor which tea was sorvod
nnd tho clilldron wont homo with- arms
(ull of good things nud hearts full of
Tho Wliolmi hrothora hold a ro-unlou
ChrlslmnB day lit lho Nnpiinoo. This
was tho llrflt tlmo tlio boys had boon
together for twenty yuors. Judgo
Whelan and family, of Wallnco, Idaho
wore proHcut and Mr. and Mrs, T,
Wli.-lan arc roturiiliig with the judgo
*b far as Hpokano tomorrow. Mrs.
Wlieitin wlll visit hor aunt at Chuny
wlillo.Tom goos on to Vaiicouvor oii a
buslncBH trip.
All tho merchanta and Ivudos people
In town roport inoit grallfyliiK businoHH
ist. wook, i uu uiuny lino 'liapiuys in
lho irjjj^u*. uitiAii ouu liAiAi iA "Wjjy
down Kust." Thcsu windows still have
on tholr holiday aitlroiind are Koattru-j
tivo that many moro onion of tho bortutl.
ful holiday mioA*. lo bo mmii In them
wl!! Ijo •...■■Jc .iurlu^ :!.« ii-CvU a-!;!i-!i
will cloao ono "tho most succoasful
aiMBOiis Fornlu has over onjoyud,
„ Bert Whlmstor loft Inst night for Toronto where ho eulora tho Central BubI*
iitM-H college to tako a IjumIiioiis couno.
Burt has worked (n the Freo Prouu
ollice for tlirco years and Is ono of Far
iilc'a atcudy young men. Ilu takes
with him tlio good witjlioj* of a lioit of
frloiulH and Tin* Lvooeu wUhrj him
ovurj tocve.H and trimli that ho will
return to Foniio at tho mid of his term
In college and W-corao a pcrmanont*
roklAfinl ol om* rlty.
' John Galvin ,v.ent' east to Lille ou
Tuesday. . s
Mr. and Mr*; N. E   Broley went to
Lille on yesterday's tram,
4      ' . *
Miss  Ramsay is ,visiiing her, sister
at Creston during the holidays.
Miss. Francis Davies is improving and
will soon b-i able to be about again.
1 W. W. Leach,-of Blairmore, ate his
Christmas turkey with friends in Fernie.
Mr. R. W. Wood went up to Michel
last, night and returned to town this
Ed. Furhess, Traveling. Passenger
Agent, G. N. Ry., was in town this
, W.„C. Wilkes, Traveling Freight
Agent, G. N. Ry., wus in the city this
H. W. Herchmor still continues to
improve and will soon be able to bo
out on the street again.
Miss Johnston * of, Vancouver, sister
of Miss Jean'Johnstoni is spending her
Christinas holidays in Fernie.
Harold White and Kenneth Corsan
are home from school at Calgary,, to
spend their holidays with their "parents.
' P. H. Burnham, District Freight &
Passenger Agent of the G. N. Ry. with
headquarters at Grand Forks, B. Ci, is
in the city."
The preliminary, hearing of Frank
Armandia for the murder of Gabriel
Cozza, is still in progress before magistrate Whimster.' '    ^r-"-i--
Sheppard &. Elliott presented this office with a nice thermometer, the other
day and we have been wondering if
this a hint to* keep 'kool'.
.....The Free Press souvenir number is a
vory creditable production especially
from a mechanical- point of view.
Marly of the half-tones are very fine.    ,
Frank'Vance made an; advance to
thoC. p. .r, ticket^ man" yesterday
aud. started ..for "the. cent" ;belt
whore he expects, to have a good. time
fnr a  fo4P yogjrV -.-   .-.■'_;     '   ,,..*   -    *
ASp£cial. watch«nlght.rservicesi-in-the
Army barracks ori';New. Year's eve ffonr
"11-30 7 to/-12:80.*-__':Thl8^meetihg/wlll
• the'commeVcemeny.'^
wvlvaL&mpaiguV-^^^ .-' '\-y-i.
;:-"7-.'^'J-,,.',--.'-.-<>CAt~«'t.'Ci^Vf.-ij4 v-?1* ^-: K.y&..'. -.s
y a praying league-tebelng organized
by the Salvation-Army th'roughout the
Uoinihlon. t'Nanieswillbe,takeu by the
Feriiio corps during, the Xmas. tree
entortairiraeut !':s and.'. at, -.,wat'ch*night
servlcbs;. '.<'-,'-'•-, •*" '*•■ .- "■'';:-  ; -
■• Mr! Dlgby had his rink open Monday
and many of the peoplo of the town en.
joyed a okate. Several 'good skatora
wore out amongst whom Mrs. Black*
stone, wife of the popular agont of tho
G. N., was noted as one of the best.
This is Ado sport and wo wish Mr.
Dlgby a profitable season.
Fernie Ib. enjoying ideal Christmas
weathbr. Tho sleighing is fine and
moro snow is fjilllng. Anything hut a
whlto Christmas would soom bo out of
season in this latitude. To spend
Chrlstmns picking and eating oranges'
from trooa would seem unnatural though
wo buy tho fruit for our tables.
All our hotels treated their guests to
ologant spreads and mado thorn fool at
homo,, Although it la tho deairo of nil
to bo nt homo on tlmt day It is not
posslblo thnt everyone can realize tho
dosiro and to mako the traveller fool as
much as pooalblo at homo Ib a
duty as well as a ploauuro, to lho
hotel men.
A mootlni** will bo hold this evening
nt tho Waldorf in the iutoroits of our
hockey roam. All having tho welfare
of our national wlntor game at heart
aro asked to bo prosont Tho local
tonm has hold tho championship of
tho Ci-ow'h Noflt I'am leaguo for tho past
two yonrs and we think nro doi-orvliig
of ovory oncourngoinont.
Tho Salvation Army bra«s band
woro out lu full force on ChrlHtinnn ilny
and oiitortnlm-d tho citizens with
Christmas carols, Homo $-10 woro
donnted, and sovoral good promlsoi of
moro wero received. This band has
mado rapid progress, not only lu iti.
musical Boloctloim, but also in tho num-
bor of really good miiHlclaus who havo
recently joined. It now numbors 18
Mr. Jo. Bricker ono of Fcrntes old
llmu dtlzonH Is vlilllnp; frli>niN In (ho
city during the liollduys. Mr. Bricker
wus ii mtiinbcf of tho Crow's Nost
Trading Company ono of (ho first firms
lo do business hern, mid did nol never
nts connection with (ho firm until n few
k-w!.h .-i«ff. !!c!:.r;i:-jt yet J^'JiJi
where he will permanently fettle, Jo
will rilwnys be wolconni by Ills hosts ot
Fernio   friend*.
A fow follows got a little too much
Christmas cliour of a liquid nature and
tho night patrolman, undertaking to
escort ono of tho moit loqnaclouaamong
(lit'iii to a placo to coot off, not too
rapidly, wai interbred with by a num.
ber of hit frlf ndi, and thoy aro now
nnder nrroU to appear Saturday boforo
tho bnak to explain why they mixed
up with tho rej-rMCBUtlvo of law itnd
A Letter of Importance.
To the Boards of Trade "Affiliated
with lhe Associated Boards of Easlern
B. G:
Gentlemen,—The eighth annual convention of the Associated Boards will
beheld in Cranbrook on Wednesday
of the week following that in whicli the
Provincial Legislature convenes in an-
i nual session. ■
The probabilities are that * this will
bring our meeting in the montli of January, o    •*■•■■.      -
■». By way of a reminder I will mention
lhe subjects that occupied our attention
at the last meeting, together with the
results of our efforts to secure aclion in
line with our wishes:
Bounty on copper, advocated by delegates to the Rossland Board., Not approved by a majority of the local boards,
therefore, not presented, by the executive of lhe association lo the government.       .
Duty on corroded lead.—Our request
fully complied with by the Dominion
government.     ,',-*-■
Duty on other lead products, jiIso
duty on lumber-^The tariff commission
held sittings in the district and heard
testimony.ahd argument. It is competent for the- association to put its
views before tho commission, which
will probably^tjot have reported before
we meet.    ■       ,,"'
Commission to  investigate zinc  resources   and   treatment—Commission
appointed awjl now, preparing a report.
County court judge for East  Kdote-
nay.    Granted.   Judge now acting.
Construction .to coast of Kootenay
railway. Provided for. Construction
now proceeding.
Eight hour law for smelters.
■- No aid to G. T.JP."
Forest protection.    .'
Cancellation of railway reserves.
So far jis any action lias beem  taken
it lias been in line with   our   requests,
but the subjecls.are., as yet more or less
open.     • _  - .7*.{  •,    -,,.   ...
Municipal telephone rights. ■
Aid,to Lewis and Clark exposition.
Additional fruit...inspectors'!*,". .       l*
Quarantine station for imported fruit.
Resident supreme court judge7, 7
ver'se to our .views"-,--  '""" -'":'-;-." **'f A-. ,'*' "
v'^he\s'ubjects^»^|'rogard' to /which;, no
action has been-taliet. itre: '.;-''-',-.*, --i%'-
-.'S Wii'goni rbadJ'td^Flathead;
-.- Experimental.'fruit forms.< ,!-j.*
.' Ddminion denarfinent 6'fsmines.'■ '*,
./Purchase of gold and-'silver ■ bullion,
'"   (Substitute for a per cent tax^ on minerals.    -     *'1-1.*.'; .«' 4 ''•■   ;,-■' ly:'-/.-,
Amendments, to game law.
Investigation of irregiilaritics in land
grants. '.      A , V
Kootenay river reconnaissance,
Aid to Kootenay Valley Cenlriil rail-
wny. ,.',.': '     '.   .
I will bo glad to have thc local boards
consider this li.sls.of subjects and give
notice of such further action - as they
desire in rcgiird to them.     ' .
Wilh the construction of the Kootenay Valley railway which we hope to
see accomplished next year, provincial
uid to which I presume our meeting' nl
Cranbrook will enthusiastically endorse
we will have exhausted our program of
railway legislation. All, of the railways cvor asked for by. tho Associated
Boards will have been secured.-
I iim undor u promise to the peoplo
of Trout Lake district, which district I
regret lo see unrepresented in oiir association, to bring to vour hltenlioii
lho urgont need for the construction
of tho missing link of rnllwny between
Gcrrnrd nnd Arrowhead, and I trust
lhat somo of our local boards will give
notice of a resolution in favor of this.
New resolutions must be In the hands
of tho secretary, Mr. A, B, Mackenzie*,
Rossland, ao days boforo tho ditto of
I lmve thu honor (o  bo,   gentlemen,
Your obedient sorvunl,
G, O. Buchanan,
President AlTilliitod Boards.
The Output of Coui and Coke
of the Crow's Nest Coal
Company is Very ^
The year 1905, just drawing to a
close, has proved to be the record year
in the business of theCrow's Nest Pass
Coal Company. The. report of the output for the year shows an increase of
both coal and coke over * that of last
year. .'* '" .  ■        ' '
For the year 1904 the output of coal
at all the mines was 742,216 ions, and
there were 245,118 Ions of coke turned
out of the ovens." The coke at $4.50
per ton brought a total of $1,003,031:-
00. This took 408,530 tons of coal,
leaving 334,680 Ions of coal which at
$2 per ion produced a revenue of $669,'-
360, making a total revenue for 1904 of
$1,672,391.00. A.
The'output of lhc mines for this year
is ns follows:     •     - , ;
429,382 tons,
311,071 ions.
,'t 95>17° tons.
,' J-v -
Wo publish horowlth Mr, G.O, Buch
anau's letter, nn prosldent of the moo*
elated board of trade of EaBtoru British
Columbia, to the different boards nllilt*
mod with the aHsoclatlon. Eaetorn
British Columbia owes much to tho
coucortoil action1 of those boardk upon
Important piihllu mr.ttors, Mr. Buchanan hftA been prosldent of tho nsioul*
atuit boards ior lutir yours, ami will con*
tlnuo to (ill the position ho long as . hu
will conuont to tnko upon himself the
duties of tho oflloo. Ho has proven so
nccoptablo In ovory way that no other
...4.4.1*.*-.-.   C*X*I4**   4JV  14J4.U4.    Vlillillji,   44J  (tike
his place to long ns ho will consent to
serve. There nro many things thnt
should como boforo tho noxt huhbIoii
which Ih to be hold nt Cranbrook' nnd
tho lime for action Is short. Thu Fer.
nie repronuntstlvoH should be liihtriictod
to use tholr best efforlH to havo the mix 1
convention held horo, niul wo think
lhat If the proper effort Is mado this can
be Accomplished.
A tno«tingofihoFernloboardoftrndo
la a-llud fur tonight and A large turnout
Ji lookod for.
Coal Creek Mincsj
Michel "
Carbonado '•"
Total .835,623 tons.
The Fernie coke ovens "turned out
127,062 tons. The Michel ovens turned
out 127,037' tons, and the .Carbonado
ovens turned out 7,804 tons, making a
total for the year of 261,933 tons, which
!|t $4.So per ton realized $1,178,698.50.
It takes 100 tons of coal^ to' make 60
tons of coke; so that the! 261,933 tons
of coke produced represents 436,555
tons of the total coal output leaving
J99i°&8 tons of coal, which at $2 per
ton brought into the treasury $798,136,
making a total revenue for the yejir
just closing of $1,976,834.50."
For the sake of conveniance we sum-
arize the foregoing in the : following
table:' "    -
Total production of coal " "'*
for the year 1904 742,210 tons.
Total production of coke 7,.,     •  A
*" for the,year 7'.:    ;;'; '345, us tons>
Totaf revenue from coal:  !'"   - r
at$2.oo.ton ,-..w-.7 ^^§669,360:00.-
Total.revenuc; from coke ".;.".,} '..'. "i
Total, .".revenue • jfor..the*■ ;^*A ii-Y '•- ->
.,J™<yi9°fUY :^{Y.^t^x}V.'P°-
-..OUTliuT OF;MlNES-FoR;yEAli.I9oi;!V
Total pro^uctibVref coalfflrpyiis ■* "A«
Total, production of coke A "7 •■*-. -JXT '*;■'
^ifei^^y.!' -7-^,^2^933^Rps;
Total revenue.from .coal,.. $798,136.00.
Totijl revenue from coke $1,178,698.50:
Total revenue for the1' '' -' ;'•'•' -
Ayear 1905'*': - y— $1,976,834.50.
Tolnl Increase of revenue" *    ■
;'over 1904      , •;, $304,443.50.;
' We are indebted, to Mr. R. G. Drih-
nen, Supt., of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co., for the above information.,
'    ■> 1    - *    _,,
\Wishoa its renders,
A Happy and Prosperous
Next' Year
Charlton.Minton. Wag-jett * and ,Miss
Yarty.were quietly ^married at^-Chrlst
church;;' oii Sunday morning," Rev!
Uartlritt"; performing;. the"' ceremony
Only -a-;few;.'.guests .'aurt':..'im'mediato
friends' otthe^brlfie''"' aiidVgrobmr were
present.' • After','partaking of; "a- light
breakfnist at" the residence of tho'bri'de's
fathor, "tho happy couple took'-tho west
bound train for Nolsou atid:tho Const.
Tine L'edoeu joiiis theii* ipaiiy friends in
extend ing to them hearty congratula*
tlons and good wishes'for' the ' futuro,
Mr. and Mrs. Wagg'ott .intend making
Fernio tholr futuro homo,    •   -*--t-..
A Grand Concert.
- The concert promoted by tho Conl
Creek footbfillclubon Wednesday evening wiis a great success, the occasion
being tho presentation of the Liphardt
Cup lo the club us winners of tho
Crow's Nesl Pass leaguo. Dr. Keith
occupied the chair. Tho presentation
wiis mndo hy Mr, Atkinson on behalf
of Mr. Liphardt who wns unable to ho
present. In a neat little speech Mr.
Atkinson, presented tho cup to tho \v!n-
ners, and Mr. McCllinenls, vice-president ofthe Coal Crock club, replied in
n suitable manner,
The program wns of 11 high standard,
some of lho urllsts fairly surprising tho
Conl Creole residents, Tho singing of
Mrs. Pollock mid Miss Jean Johnson
was particularly wull received, nnd MV.
Puckey, iho comedian, In his various
characters, wns n source of delight ti>
lho young peoplu and furnished nil with
much nimiKomcnt. Mr. Harp's per-
foi'iimni-e wus unique in those parts.
He is 11 clover iliuu-ur nnd had 10 respond (inie nml ngnin tu lhe encores of
(ho hoiisn.'. The hinging ol Mc, Her*
t-ldgo, Mr. lllggs, Mr, Lewis, Mr.
Morgan nnd Mr, Dick wns hlbo highly
nppri-i'lnli'il, tnA «'t(1i Ml \i\-\ J *i\t*
MUHT.uni.y, Mr. MHN nnd Mr. M«*-
l.oiul served lo suslnln (in excellent
program. Tlio nccompnnisiB wore
shured by Mrs. Horrldgei Miss Alexander nnd MWh Rdhh HlgHs. Tho' pro-
\i,i,w\\ ,Al i\,ti,uy,\i 'a.ij. vivii u-rniin-vi,
und listened to hy 11 full house, nemly
ago being present. The commitieu is
tn ho congrntiilnled on the tnlent they
secured for tho event, uud is deserving
of tlnti'lii- for lhc inanncrin which thoy
wrought tu tiiitke lhe coiirert a huccchs,
Wisely l'luiincil.
"Clii'lttma* coinoi but olicn a your,"
Twin wlidnin tlmt so plnnnud lt|
If It cnino nftourr, wo f«ar
No pock (j I bock could stand It,       <
—Uoitou Com Int.
, Christmas   Exercises.
The Christmas tree entertRinment
•riven by the Baptist Sunday school
teachers in the Eagle's hull last Friday
night was a suc4.-ess and all tho children
went home happy.
.The Christ church Sabbath school
ChristmasenfoitHiriineut will take place
in Stork's hall tomorrow, and the Presbyterians will havo a similar euto.-tain*
ment at tiio same place on Saturday'
The teachers and pupil3 of the ^Catholic Sunday school had thoir Christmas
tree entertainment in Stork's hall Sun-
day afternoon and there was a largo
attendance., The Italian band furnished appropriate music for the exercises.
The Salvation Army Christmas tree
will tako place on Friday evening at 8
o'clock. The admishion is free and a
collection will be taken to defray the
expense*-. Bring tho children as the
bulk ofthe entertainment is prepared
chiefly for them.
Thr teachers and officers of the Methodist Sunday school "made a happy hit
of their Christmas* entertainment for
the children of the school, A fine largo
eveigreen tree which reached to the
ceiling was tastefully decorated and
loaded with presents for more thnn one-
hundred children. Afiuo program of
pong waa rendered and iustejid of Santa
Claus, his son Kiddy > distributed
the many presents to tho expectant
children. ranging in age from live to
sixty years. The oldest ones were not
tho least pleased kids of the lot by any
moans and seemed to have as much fm.
as the younger ones. H A. Wilkes
made a statement of tho progress of the
school from which it was learned that
the school had advanced in the last two
years aud a half from an attendance of
twenty-four to an alteudaiice of more
than one,hundred at  tho present time.
Tho   Coal   Out-put.
•The put-put of coal at the mines for.
thc week ending Friday; Dec. 22nd,°
Specially Contributed by
Our Own Staff
was as follows: '
Coal Creek   .
9,485 tons.
c 5.51G , •!
2,414   "
Total       17,415 .''
Special to Tub Lkdgkr:
A. Friedman was here this week.
J. XV. Wood spent Tuesday iu Cranbrook.
Mrs. Grant Downing was ai Cian-
brook'this week.
A. Lcetch went up to Cranbrook 011
Saturday for his holidays. '
, Mrs \V. Purcoll was? in Temio last
weak on a shop ping nip.
It. A. McConnell of Cranbrook took
in the Christmas tree oiit'ortaiuuieiit
on Thursday night.
Grant Downing,* of the Jaffray hotel
gave all his friends in town a free
'Jhristmas dinner and wishwl them all
many happy returns of the day.
Miss White gavo a Christmas tree
entertainment on Thursday' night in
the school house. There ■ was a large
crowd, and after tho entertainment,
MisB White received her friends at  lier
town and the Aurora mine on tho
west side is only 58 feet, 8 inches.
Chas. McKay nnd F. M. Black, the
promoters of the scheme lo tunnel
under the lake, were here thU week
and took soundings at 11 different
places in a straight line across, at an
average distance of 254 leet apart.
0 This is the result.
1 sounding 25 feet 4 inches
.* 11
a mo st' enjoyable time was
home weie
. Miss White left Friday for' RoBsland,
where hlie will take a normal school
course after tho holidays. "Miss White
has given good ""satisfaction iu , the
school and everyono regrets slut is uot
coming buck. Miss Marston, oi Van-
Oliver takes her place.   .-
Masonic Ball.
Curds nro out for tho Mnson'fi annual hsll to bo given in Stork's hall noxt
Monday night. This ball has always
been given on Now Year's evo., but
ns that night falls on Sunday it wlll be
given as stated above thin season,; Tho
MnBons leave nothing to bo desired
when thoy undortako to ontortnln and
tho coming ball wlll bo no oxcoption to
tho rule. Tlio bout of music will ho
I'lirnlHhod, tho -hull will, bo nrllstlcnlly
decorated nnd tho rofroshmouts will bo
dellcntoli delicious,
Tint extends host wishes for
thonow Yonr, ,
Another Firo nt MorrlsBoy. -j
Spoalal la Vim I.i'imuui
Morrissoy, Doc. 2(ltli.—Tlio Union
hotel building owned hy W. M. Stow
art, of thiii plnce, was totally dontrojed
by Oro about 2 o'clock yesterday ill, ,"ir
Inu. The building and contents aro a
total loss ns thoro was no lnsiirnncfi on
either. Thu occupnntR of tho hotol
barely oooiipod with tholr lives. Tho
nppronch to thobrld-m eroflnln-' lho 151k
rlvor wim slightly damagod ami would
hnvabnon totally aoiiHun.ud lind It npt
boon for tho.tlmoly offorts of tho pooplo
who had gathered nt tho llro. Tho flro
ntnrtiul In n mnull hiilldliiB ndjoliilng
tlio" hotel, but tho cauin Ih yet unknown
Kmployooi*' Hull, ,
Tho TrllOB.Wood Coinpntiy Is giving
Us omployooH n ball tomorrow night.
The entire staff of all their Bloros aro
Invllod nnd tluiy wlll bo hero from
Mlchol, Coal Cruuk ami Morrissey.
Tlini-0 aro seventy-live people nniiogcd
In illf.'-,rt>nt cApncltlus by this big company nud thoy nlono would mnko up a
llnnpnity of liaucur*, but ouch youi--*
man ii>i» ttii* privilege of bringing
along his bout glil, and ouch young lady
enn hnve thn privilege ol being chnper
nni'd by bur modt haiulKoino young
man, ho tlmt thorn will lio au nflscinhl.v
nf nvi'r 11 .UMi'lrni! rniiiiln frtorl'.'i' fi-''!''
nml (liint-lii**, The (Inn l*ruti upper flat
of thn Furnln storn will bo uxiid for tho
orciiilon nnd rufn-Nlimniitn will bo sorv
oil lu (lie rear, buck of lho Httlr rnllln>r.
This will bo a grand roaiilon uiulnr
uiiiHl favonihln cnnrllUnns, The Fernii-
nrchoitra will turnlNh tho musio, No
liner ball mom can bn found In tln-
pri(Vinco thnn Ihis Inrgn Hat, with llnn
Mollis and arm clmlis convnnluutlv nr-
riiiigc't ni'oiuul the i-mmi, with lu \\m\iA
binno lObim, I'SnclIcil culling nnd ait
we urn going lo trj for tx job on the
bin Htnlf long onough to allow of our
iii'lng niile limtU'inl.    •
Tiik I.KiKiim wl»lum thacnmpnny snd
their employees a happy ovonliuj and
many tuludts.
Speo'al to Tjik Leduuii
A Merry Christmas. ;' ;*
, Skating finds  many   votaries  these
days. * -
Miss Inez Holbrook spent Friday in
A very enjoyable danco was hold iu
Columbia hall ou Christmas night.
Mrs. Mott, Miss Todhunter and
Topay, and Wm. Todhunter went to
Fernie Saturday. 'A
■ Corry Dow, expects his  family from
into shape to receive them
i, ' ' '' *'        J        *      "'•'    ' "'-' . •' '*' -
Miss Olive Smith is homo . from .the
business college at Spokane- to spend
Christmas with her parents.; „- -  •--...
'Tho.'North Star Lumber Co.. intend
closing .down thoir pla-it.' for,, a inontii
or'two'in order to 'd'o.^eomCi.Hoecssory
building.'.:,    1 _,A  y   ..-•.:,i-.-'■• ■'.;■:■>
Mrs.- Chas. Klingbrismitliy catn'o
down from Cranbrook "on* Monday.
Mr, and.Mrs, Kllngiiiisinlth. will mako
Elko tholr homo iii future.       	
School closed on Friday night with a
Chrlstinns.trw A tl'uo program wns
rendered and a very pleasant tlmo
was spout. " Misses Todhunter ami
Shaw hnd tho arrangomont of affairs
and tlie little ones nil wotit homo happy
and loaded down with prosonts, nuts
and candy.
Specially culled from our
jVrom tlm Frank I'apor
Inspector Cnmles Is tmusnetlng
bURluoss at Pinohor Crock this wcok.
George Snydor, ol Dlulrmoro, Iiiib
been engaged to teach in tho public
school hero.
Tho top ring wiib put on tlio smelt-
oi' stuck this wook, and wlion tho
brick cornlctt is put on, tho stack
whicli stands UO lent liigli, will be
Cranbrook now wants to got In tho
Crows NcRt l'ass lluokoy League.
Thoy sent down two roproHnntiitivos
horo on Saturday to sou ll thoy could
bo iidmittod.
Tlio Kiiglos danco for New Yonr'11
night proiiiisQH to bi* tlio nvent nf thu
hciihou,   Tlio Knglus havo ilucldeil to
cIvcbbocIhI (Inuco nml hu|i|joi', nd
inittimco only by invitation amis.
V. 1.. Smith, of Calgary, tlm engineer lu charge of the sl'ulo rond,
wn» In Frank Tuusdiiy looking nlici*
mora.lata. Hognvo out thc lulor-
mntlon tlmt the contract for tho vmid
would undoubtedly bo let next wcok,
Thn Coleman Ti'iiIIi-h' Aid hold n
flnlo and nipper Inst Tuewlay nvnn*
Ing. l-lvory urticlo ollVrml lor snip
waudlspoBodof nnd tho Bupper wuh
nluo well pntronlzod. Tho pniceuds
wim conrtldohibly over $100 and wlll
he !.»■"*-! to rurr.W.i :!;i club i*^...* <*:
the Institutloniil churuli,
' The deepest place is al.»out two-
thirds ol the way across," said Mr."
McKay. ' Yon may bo sure we aro
well pleased nt finding tho lake" bo
shallow and besides we found the
bottom very muddy. I dy not anticipate the least trouble from water.
However, we will sink the shaft 113
di.epiiB we first planned, 3b0 feet,
before we start lo drift. Alexander
Sharp, M. E, of Nelson will be hero
in a lew da*, s to make the survey.
When the ice forms on tiie, lake wo
intend making more complete soundings, as we ojin cut holes iu the ice
and work to better advantage thaix
we can from a boat.
The East Kootenay Power & Light
Co,, Ltd., has been registered at Victoria as a joint stock company,  with
a capital slock of $250,000.   The first,
board of direciors arc:   id. Campbell,
merchant,   Moyie;   John  D.    Kiiyi'
master mechanic, of St. Eugene mine
Moyie;*  J.   A.   McDonald,  .miner-.
Moyie; Frank C.  Parkes  and Chas.
A. McKay of Nelson.   It is the intention of the company to do tm- the.East
Kootenay   district   what  the  West.
Kootenay Power &  Light company,
has done for the West Kootenay   dis-.
trict. , Already the company has applied for  -25,100  miner*-,' inches  of-
water,   equivalent  to  12,000 ' horse
'powor to be diverted from the; watoi-s   :
ville and to'be developed Into elec-,
tric light and power for '.dVtribuiion, j
and-aalo to the smelter and frlie/var-.
iquajmines, towu "arid ciileB^of.*--tho*,
East Kootenay. district." , *'    'A,   "'
srt   i,   * *   ''■.,»/. * . ^      j   -n, • %       I     >
.,.--■    • -"iFrom'tlioHeriilil
'Miss Lou*and Ella Lcith 'returned*'
from Cnlgiiry to dny whore they are at
tended college to' spend their ChrlnmnB
vacation nl-homo.
Constablo Dow has boon transferred
from Warduor to l'JIIco nnd will removo
tlirro at onco.   Wardner will in the
future  bo under the   supervision of
Constablo Morris.   '
Mrs, Klingensmlth camo down from
Coleman tho first,of tho wook to do
somo shopping, Mr, KUngonflinitli lua
given up the .lining- room at Colouniu
and,leased tho Elk hotol, at Elko,
Goo. Gill nnd Mr Konlln, c»moilowii
from Pincher Creek Inst Sunday. Mr.
Konlln is a wealthy Gorman with royal
blood In his vlons and bank iiccount
that is ploiu-ing to onjuy.. Ho iu looking
for a plnco to livo In the won whoro hu
min onjoy out of door lifo, and may eel-
uct somo placo In .South Kum koutiumy.
And hy tho way, Mr. Cavln is tho
only iniin who Ims receivud what might
bu tui'iiied KO-'iii-iiinoiital Mincllo'ii nf
his enndidacyjor llm hrnit.11 nl the m>xt
elni'ilon. Mr Mclli'liln g,iv,i \,\,u n
glorious sondoff nnd cIohoiI hy nxprnsB*
Din hopn Uut hu iviiiild bu iiiKio' hue*
I'rnsful in his next rampnlgn, It wiih
11 simply romnrk hut It wus uotli-.iiil by
ninny.lii Iho hsll Hint ul»ht iim| wou|,*j
Ihdlcnto that Mr. Cnvlu's stJii- is In thu
What tho Llbariili will do Is not
know. There hint bmin no action
inkon ns yot, Ills pretty generally
concod-'d thnt Dr. King, the priiMont
uiiiinlu'i'i will bu thu Mtitiidnrd bearer n*
iinln. Up to thn prewmt tlmo no ono
olhu hns Ikiuii iniiiitlouiiil oxunpt J. 0.
Unlivery, nf Mnyln hut hu Mntim pm|.
llvi'ly lluit hu Is imt n ciimlidniu for thu
Ill-inn-", nut wiiuii thu iiiiinhnr nf huna.
Kirs Is liiiTiiMHtjil, lm ml^iii in,.. cm,il|(U
11 Ui for Kuiiiitnrlfil lioiuit-rt.
VfOin th« I.imilnr.
There has boon much Kpnculutloii
nn tn thn dopth of Muylo lake, iimiiy
buliuvlng that In tlio UeopORt |jIiicum
it won pearly 7.0 leot," There wns
never any nbjuut In muklnir complete
aouiidln-jB tut thn miittor wna allowed
to rt-jji. Now It U known duliniuily
lhat lho deepd-a place between  thu
Fmni llie J'(iii|i't lur
14 C. Hmlili'H Rull Hlvor ranch of.
.'JiW iiorcn win i.*>ld rlurimr il,,.  unt,\,
by Hi-iili; <y Kl wull Inr n |*-rg.s hiiih t,i
.*'»«') in tJ.c iVnitJiNUDt, jus iihuihU
10 grow rnilt on un ojituii»ivo ecjiIu.
Jrtiiii'u Kuilny, who Iihh li(.,.n m\v
dont nmiiHgur nf tlioKiilllvnn l'l'iniu
oi'iulnc-j, hiuri'hliriKiI. M'BHun,. .„
uiniiiiger wi)) 'l)t! jjj„.,| j,y j{; ^    .  '
,.,ft,'?,IV,,I,l,s,^' ,,,,,,,,l,y,« Inuiiitiim
UiVlHUlilhol! Inma-iit PaUcly, .Scol-
ImiuI.   Ho wlll bo MLwunt alwut elm 0
111 out I is,
W Ilii tlio BinoHcr ut Marvivillii
working jo 'HiHmostcjipacitN.AlKjut
2AI1 fain* flMily. that ontput of »|Ivor,
lend ore from the »tt1l|v*.n gmun .,f
mlnos wlll b«; ar, largo, if m jA- J,
Iu 11RK5 tlio lend output of the k«Sn
nnayiwlllljaili-uhliiil, nml tlm";
liirgost pro.tnelr.p- ihIikm will l»n tl..*
Ht. Kugone and Rullivar,  mm> a
.   r' .■"• a. -;i *
"A tiHi PERtfiE  LKBliEK. FERNIE, B. C, BECESfBER   ay, ,55,5
The FagaiiE LeDaER
0. v. m^tt
i •
.OVANOC     .
A   One-Sided   Arratig-eiueiit
"When the Tui-iff Comnjissb-i si
at Eilm mi ton on Vt-m litti testimony
wna ufiertal bv Sir. J. Ki.-lcher ol El
lersley, who spoke against pi-oci -ciiuii
being "i-Hnti-d to British Coliiiiibia
lumbermen. He sitiu in his upitiiui!
the inillnien i'i tliispm-viiic" hiirt snf
tiuk'iit prdueiion made fi giuil
di-al^..rie>-,onl, of ibt-ir timber
could Iruiu his gristmill.
Mr. Fletcher g:tid tiie firmers in
Alberta amid not aff -rd w> nse lu'iibt-r
atfi-ia tlHinsu-iil ft*, wlieii tlim
were only getting Sic a buslisl ior
tbeir oats. ff'«ii'*s3said the Farmers
jpoii-'d welcome iinv relief the viov-
eni-iient could give tbeiii in tl.n; 4v-;.\
.Ol.Clieapei- lumber and gli'nglesv lit-
Bald tliey bid bi-_en lorct-d to live in
. lof, litrtties Sfini; '  '- "
JSritish Coinm bin Lumber
i.44CJ  ofadiaiieeof mciliods if
ider.ce placed
that tlie ineuipsi^ o
feel aispoaeri tu be
iie&tuitiit. ol tiiii uiil
■le ot tlie ev-
■•1 [-..'"litliev.
si wil
ieiit in tin--.*
11 of thispiiiv-
.s benefit*!     Some
way practice of chaj-g
.lie weight of shingl.
riuus kiln-<Jr>ijijt, wiiitli   gait
■st   producls  a bad   reputation.
have iilfiitleJ tlie traJe, but a far more
Jnipwtant cause of complain; .i* given
in llie latest report of our commercial
agent in Aosinilia. The principal
JiiK-s of QmailEaii Hnd United Slates
erased li.nh^r shipped to AuslraUa
ate cliiir pine shelving nnJ (ongucd
hiiiI grooved bixirils. Norn-ay and
Sv-'edepi supply Ball!
; Aus.rali
r in" ig,,.
:t   v»ln«J
3 feetb.
iterj Slulcs rjfip*
*  and   Cai
file   Australian
of      undressed
$12.00 per tfonsand repi-csents thi-
price paid tor tho hieJiest grudm in
JiTM-altirt^ iainher nliich ei:ler-J int"
the oonstrnction ol a wi-11 -finished
rlwellinir lioiiac. A ere-it iiinj..rit>
of Hie Jarm and ranch houses Imvi
noneptthiafiias-t of 'amber in their
cuiwcrnc.iim, and win-re it. 's usi-d at
all oujy a lew hundred !i-et enhira into the building  ul  the best oi these
Not ft single man iivi' pon llio prairie, and being prutecicil by a tariff
on almost every .■miuli; lio [-rodaciss,
much ol Which is butij.-iit -md lijii-
sniued by the mon who m-ike the lumber, iii willing to lt:i v-e his pru:>-.e.ed
muditv plaei-cl uhnjj side i.t lm
the    fiee
;  tile
121,000, The small proportion
lis busintss the Canadi
■nhcrmen is sbirnyn by-a record of
i3,!J5j feci a* conipiire-J .with ^S»7^3<-
7 fetl ffoni .he L'niteil Slates. Tin
.istrali'in imports of undressed mis
!i-:;i5--on*  lumber  is equally  unsalis
.tnpared with 3,092.6,0 lee! from   Ih.
nited Stales.     In   undressed  lu.nbi.-i
i incllts  Canadj
*iili ii.^Si
,524,670 feet   from
-   than   lhe
a    half
.-nmhiittd   I
1 Nnni-ay, Sweden and Russia,
lie quality of Uriush Culumbii
h«r is admiUed b)- Melbourni
i.rts to be the best Oretfan pitx
Jil equips lo Ausirjlia, but com
nls are niaile lhat the shippers an
keeping In one standard of qualiiv
also  lhat  tbe sawing  ji mure 01
r«e „
ilf-il U
5 thai Brili,li Culuiubi
ot H-aklns- a.. >jT..rt [
i £iir proportion  of tb
1 •.liipit-enl!- iiimJb In Pugcl
Sk-lboume lumher imporler,
n«K!y Britlsli in semi.
ts<l,  iill   IliiriK-s  heine:
•   llidr
ijinJ   p;irl».     giiipjajrs sluulj
.iliiin husinvsa   liy coiistipilly
aiod ihat
Ur.c- of iradv-, but
them ao belor
ston  with ancii  ridiei
dtjitemeiils as the one 1
boUwr r.p their cliiim I
If'protectitjt] tggncd I.-  ^        .
cattle ami all uiher  p:i>iii4-«   of tht- |
Varni whiuh eni^-i into the cost ol tin:
msnafucture. of lamber,  then it ful
lows undispmulily thut protection  is
rigtii for tiie man who the ioni-
b'er. TtieSB consumers of lam bur have
clailii to favors from the  s,ivvrn-
tuetit nnleaa tliey 3!mw a  wiilin jiicss
to bave thesatue ireatueut gritutxii
to others.    These people  are a skin j*
the-government on the one  blind  to
keep opit btrll?a-ffliitsi; all Ameiipan
prod acts which enter into com^iilia
ivith what they produce and  at  tli
same time 10 kee|i lumber on the fre
list bi-canse they want cheap IniulK-i
i'htre is no logic not akin w sord^_
ielfiihness in ihi=, ^nd tlie oniy  hope
the friends of free lumber have,   "*
tlie fact that they Otttnutnbcr
th"; iJ-^djjeers of fsmbar. The Do-
iu i iiii ni 'jffiemis sliotild rise to a higher plane than that and deal with the
auliject entirely on its merits.
There ia no -uyu-ucnt that
idvsnccd In invor of Iree ipniber
which w:ll uot apply with equal i-rci
to the prudaet ot any other iiidnstry
nor is tlicrii'any argmiiant iu favoi
ofa tariff opon ths pn-ducts oF tlit
rancti or tit rin which will not apply
will 1 eqaal fbrpe to the product of ti:
milt -whether it be a saw mill or
griat mill.
WE) have just placed in stock from Toronto a large consignment of high-
grade, white Envelopes, ordinary commercial si^e No. 7, superior
quality; nice, smooth finish; high cut, well gummed. - These would be cheap
at $5.00 per 1000 printed.   Wc quote for January orders;-
Id Lots of iooo, at $4.50 per M, In  Lots of 10,000, at $2.75 per M.
Ifl  Lots of 2000, at    3.75 per M. In  Lots of 25,000, at    2.50 per M.
In Lots of 5000, at    ,1.25 per M. . In  Lots of 50,000, at    2.25 per Mr
Neatly printed and thc Union Label on if dfisited.
A A/E also have on hand a heavy stock of white and tinted paper, suitable for
which wc will print and pad, in similar lots as the Envelopes, at the same
prices,   mm   n   m -:M   m   m   m   m   m   m
Call, Telephone or Write TS"S£ Lt^D*£ji^R3 fERrVJSE, for anything-you require in Printing.
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
Wcels   ev ry   Fritlav  uieriing  at   i
L. P. Eckstein
P. C. Laiee
I*ost Ofiice Blot-k, Fernie. B. C.
Unas j. s. t. A|*i«r»
Ross & Alesasfier
. Earlbsr, l.d.s.,
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
For Quick Returns^ttrP.opertr^irh   T|,OS.   Gstt,
Surre^nr tn T. -I. Jinrksrj.t -TiiE OWL'
fEtU'iE Eaei.OTSiE.vr accscy
Ptaasrty /or Sale, to Rent ra EmUohid.
Fancy Goods
:' Big Reductions in Price
ricJTurren Bros
Sanel, %J.m&&t Wood
. C. MAJOR k CO.
N'esc York Stacks,  Bonds as-A Cotton.
Chicago Grain and Provislc
JMvate Wire.    Cpritininm* gi
J. F. MARI0H, Haiwger, NELSOK, B. C.
i   SlOilE   ISUU3TB
Crow's   Kest   Special
iSsnee's Favcriie Gigaps
li.:e: Men. Son it C..., 1..T.VV. Hlotfe
Fejikfe rflriliah Columbia
Fc-niie, R. C.
Tsacltei* of  liis Pl-gooi
l[*.«liBti:ki.y Stitbidi
, thaiuu^h trainingrsuited rach ynpil
F-.-'riii.-'. B.C.
o Tub L   * is Co
NO    N^
HEW       ^Mg-
BU4DE8.    N^t
0HEBIZ0BU3T3     \*a
ALWAYS READY     .^JSt   >i!
j&SSf'   rasas
D      YtG&
tr   i-K*" •#•
astffir^ —-'
J.D. oa.;i.
FBM.;.r9.T--. 1
Excursioji Rates East
Bound trjp. 3 months limit. Toronto
Moiitresl aad principal points in Uiila-
rio Bed ;CiiieI)ec, Correii oiidlog rates
|i> all .paints., in Jl.-irithi.B Prsviiicis,
N-w Ynrkand Sew iEiiglanilj on  sale
Dec 4th to 31st.
For detaitodiinformation, Brsi-cl*saor
Toorint sleeper restiryatioHS, apply ta
local agents or write j. 13. C.un-en.-D. P-
The poHifortable Way
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,   Vic- |
tofia or Vancouver
New Crau Now  in Mock
B"4*U,      Oi
TQi^-g Years
Send for (2 afoft/e
102 S-104
■A-OiOAIDE 5t w
Dec. 4th to   31st
The Great Northern
Sailway Will Bell
First Class Eonad Trip
ExauFsion Tickets
and Principal,Points  in   Ontario and''Quebec.
Corresponding   Rates   to
ail Points in
Maritime, Provinces, New York and New
Por detailed inh-rioHtioii  apply to
Fernie,   D. C.
Unproved Sarvioc to
Noi<t3. Pac:f|a a^3l:.o
Leave Kelson 7 a. m.
Arr Vancoavsr 11.50 a,rn.
One night enroute.
New equipment
Coaches,  Hrst Class
and Tourist Sleeper-a,
Dining Cars.
Atlantic S. S_. Agenpy
All lines represented
TSiFOugjSi Tickets
Great Britain
Italy, etc.
at loisest rates.
Ask for Christmas Sailing
Is the place to take the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
m?  Snstealtan  motel
The Place to Stop
Spe4:inl Attention Giivn [o total Tourists
Wavvissep gtmction, '&.'<£.
Xmas. Presents
See oar line of Hawkes Cut Glass.!
"It Stands Aione"
"The   Best  Made"
1 Not ia the same class as other cut glass.
1 See our window for Some of It.
A.  C.   UPHAKDr,  J^eler A Optician.
—-■»»- Ladln end .Glna I * *
We will help you secure this Lovaly Fur Scurf,
made from selected full furred skins, of Rioh
Blnok Con««f Fyr, pearly .60 inches in length,
oraameuUcl with lonjf fur tails, mid faucy neck
cbsiu. . Meet ware, and comfortable, and made In
the yoj latest: c^lc. Wa ar* a RallaM* Company, and we want; good ttnatworthy areata to
introduce Good Hope Vegetable Fills into every
home. Wa raqulr* no monayin advan«a, juat
L.scnd ua jour uame-.and address at ohm and we .
wDLiend yon1 Eight Bomi of our Famoua Ra.
;mmie«.   Sell them at 25c per bo*t, and when we-
- = recaivetheinoiie^for:-tbe PilU wliieiiiTei-«Ul*«eifd----:
you. Immtdiately after ybu have sold tie ^. worth .
and returned, we.wtll then promptly   i
|7 send you your Fui* Scarf.    Our Good Hope Fills
A are a Grand Remedy for all weak and impure eondi-   !
V. lions of the Blood,   a  splendid  Tonic  aud  Life   '
Builder     They ore easy to sell and are "u great   j
in th a opportunity to sclu e this  E *Batit   I
I ■f-
->*.-?       .* •*
j  '»*.', o"*""" "~l
f i
Cheaper Cement.'
• • "The C. P. R. is now de*
•velop the Kananaskis falls iu the Bow
. ji.ver j Bome sixty tiiilua west o.f Calgary
•and proposes to transmit power to Cal
jjary to, be used for mautiiacforiDg purpose".. The carrying out of the project
4s now .decided on, ana au enormous
cement iudnsitry had bueii started between the falls and C&lgary in connection with the power scheme. ' Another
.cement manufactory ia going up eaat of
■Calgary. This will revolutionize build
ing all through the > Weat'.    A. "}?s Mo
-jLaren, M-.'P.   for Perth, is .connected
-With tho tirat .aienUouod cement indust*-
>ry, and he has Baid that he expected
vthe price of cement to be cut in two.
Cement will no doubt become the moat
, popular building material in tlie .west."
The above is an indication of what
-Jooka like' a .revolution iu tho building
* industry. Cement is fast surpassing
.Other materials iu many kinds of build'
■jugs and the establishment of commit
plants hero iu tho west means a great
reduction in tho C03t>of production. A
.reduction of one dollai- pur barrel .of
.this material wjll mako of it ono of the
moist economical of tho lire proof materials which .enter into tho construe
'tion of modern buildings. Two large
.cement factories so near as Calgary
.Hhould prove of great benefit .to future
builders iu our city. •>   7
Conditions in Russia
Boston. Dec. 2G—A communication
*to llussian residents in .Boston has been
..received.,by a Russian, siying that a
•document -has been, issued by tho
■JLengue of Leagues, which ends in
.Our.suspicions of an inner and so-:
.cret government superseding that of
Count Witto havo been confirmed.
Witte is kept hi'place by the Czar so as
.to allay the suspicions of other Euro-
\pean powers'and to endeavor to blind
the public to the actual conditions' that
exist at the. palace.. A case has happened that proves tho truth pf our as
-jsertion. ' The- governor of Odessa,
.Neidgard, who organized the massacres'
-in that city,* and the provinces, was
.dismissed by Witte for the hand he
took in tho work,lie haa now been appointed to bo governor of Niji Nov
..gorod. Count Witto, on being asked
Jiow he could give a new, and ovcd
better and higher appointment to such'
a notorious villain, leplicd that,tho ap-
-pifit-rtuient was made not only without
his,.consent, , but    evun   without his
knowledge. _,
'. It further relates.that. in several of
•tho proviuces, tho Czar's manifesto of
emancipation was withheld by order of
Jthe secret government.   Ha/i tho doc-
-wholeealo«s would have been
prevented, There is then added, what
ia said to be a concrete evidence of a
plot hatched to kill certain peoplo in
Kieff. In the issue of the Kieff daily
■paper, Kiofskio 0*togotskic, of Nov. IG,
prolessor V. Tchagoyetz published an
,0'ien.letter to the Abbot of the famous
JLavararor monastery, accusing him of
, -having issued from tho printing works
Af the monastery, a most inlliuiirnntory
Appeal to the faithful orthodox to dofeud
' .the,faith and the throne, not sparing
thoir llvos even In tho attack against
the Jews and constitutionalists. Tho
Appeal was printed in thu mdmiutory
xiii Sept, 12 and 12 last, in very largo
quantities and bore beneath tho ofllcial
wuictioii 'authorized hy tho catiBor.'   '
"Anothor anil moro ofllcial exposure
iwar. innilo by count Ilelden,, who was
•ont to Klcff by count Witto to Invoe-
llirntn tlio origin nf thomiiHsacros there.
Count Hiiiden succeeded in dlcvovorlug
BL! JIS.-J '-J—I 1— . I.S=!
The use of a.
The everyday convenience
I m 'T,1
and usefulness of reliable;
barometers' becoming
more and more recognized
by .Agriculturists  and. the
general public - . •- ■■ .
A guaranteed. Aneroid
Barometer (made by Short'
& Mason, London, Eng.)
' will  be   sent prepaid by
, Diamond Hafl /or .$6.50.
A complete treatise   on
" Weather. Instruments for,'
the Home " will be mailed <
to your, address for 25c,
or included free with any
barometer. >
13*1-138  YONC.E ST.
TOBO-MTO    .    OMT.
the secret organizing com mitteo of tht
"black gang'and in Beizing its correspondence and documents. According
tb those., the attack was to beginTon all
Jews and after their extermination,
tho mdssacro of all Christiana and political suspbeta was to follow. , The list of!
the latter had been supplied to the committee by the secret police.' This statement is made by - tho Novyashin, the
new organ edited by the poets Minsk!
and Maxim Gorky." a
The letter Ih brought to' a -close in
the following language: "We could
multiply undlessly tbese proofs of guilt
of tho Kussian secular and church au
thorities in havin-; fomontodanddireet-
ip nnd openly instigated animosity between creed and classes and organized
fratricide1 in the hope of restoring the
Oni regime., but we .have no one to ap*
peal to for justice to be meted out to
theso people."
A        ,   f|»
jfevnie, JB. C.
Davey & Laderdute
tf.*'        wf
m       —*—
Is a pleasant borne
for the traveler.
'   Buy, Alborta .Lands,
Frj?,nk D. Garret and John D., Hoppo
reported yesterday that they sold 13
sections of land in Alberta in the district of Lethbridgo to 15 Spokane men
for,approximately $50,000. The land
was owned by the Alberta Railway &
Irrigation company and is unimproved.
Some of tho purchasers plan to put the
others bought purely as an investment.
Tho men bought individually, not as a
company. Tho sellers decline to give
their names.—Spokesman Reviow,
Wise and Otherwise.
[Saturday Evening Post.]
Altruism—Mowing your neighbor's
lawn. . ,
- Reform—A brief vacation for practical politician!-,
Tho Simply Life—A strenuous effort
to live unnaturally.
Candor—"What one . woman thinks
about anothor woman's gown.
Tact—What sho says about it.
Civil Sorvlco—What you tip the waiter for and don't got.
Luck—An explanation of the other
fellow's success.
Llfo Insurance— Providing for tho
widows and orphans,
Tho Water Wngon-A vehicle from
which a man occasionally dismounts to
boast of the flue ride he's having.
jfc        ^       ^
l- RATES  «2.50  PEB  DAT
Tho;*. PegMt,   *w   **   Proprietor
Philip Carosella |
FERNIE, CC.             J
General Merchant
*'                  -
' <i
^,. .    *..
Only Three Days More
for you to have a chance to win the
$25;00 prize.   How many Beans in
'„■'    , <>■ ...   *
the Jar?      *ty      &      *9p      $*
Every dollar you sp&nd with me, you get a guess.    Beaas wiH he counted jsumistxyi the wfc.
Great Bargaios will be -given itr-oin now till January the ist.
Call and hare a look at some of them, they will -surely please you.
■ "* -i *'
If you want to buy
or; sell any mining,
stock write or wire
We deal in all  mining stocks and will
be pleased   to send
you quotations,
is a mental antidote for the diseases caused
by fear, ignorance and superstition.
It costs a dollar a year in advance.
R. T. IjOWERY Nelson B. C.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealan nnd
. Dlr*)ot IuipeiUNi of
Scotch and
Brlsh Whiskey,
London Dry,
Old Tom
arid Holland Gin,
ScMltx beer,.
Ale and Stout
,   White and Red P>t*rt
and White Rock.
Bala afanti for CanantU for
Wln-dttr  TmI«i Jag 0*B.r«y«r
Has Made Him a Strong, Healthy Man—Has
Brought Him From a Bed of Lingering
Illness Whoro He Hovered Between Life and Death. 4
Tlie cnuHO of o-lmoat every orK'uili*
It.ls44iiij4i In trtict/d lo a wonlc tliront or
nlliti!lud htiipi. Tlio hinifM boliifj- tlm prim*
nry orfrnii.i in clrculntlon of Ijio blood, If
tlioy biiDoino (Ji«i)iiHcd (lio blood tnkus on
impurities wliinli aro delivered to ovory
part of llio lioily, You wiy you uro RON
/,ND VF.VVAX. All of llio nbovo uro tlio
■outcome of iIIncjinihI lung's and nru tlio
allloi of CONSUMPTION.
mtwtwswtmm wim i ***m**mmnmm
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat   Merchants
Motormnn Waldon'a Otory of Hla llln«««
and OubBoquor.t Rooovory Thraujrh
Uulrta; Psyohlno.       <,.
Mr.Wnld»*iijmyn i "Aboutsixyonmtigo
I war tulu-ii down with In ifrlpno, tlion
jiiHMiinnnlii and  typhoid fovor, Inducing
Horious \wt\t (rouble, which noon developed
Into conmiinpiion.   I hud n juirlnii-i trial of
It, uml wuh under I rout men t by novuinl
pliyNiolHtm  of Toronto.     Tlio   dlHonj.-.
Ijulmid iiuih hendwiiy tlmt hoNpltnl trcnt*
inont wuh renin tod to, but ffuva ma no hopo
of recovery.   I rIho npent uonio timo in tiio
Coiiviilu-icunt Homo, but tlie ro.
lurnud with invrouued Hovorlty, und I was
roginili'il flui a hopoloim cum.   I lefl tho
i-ity for «i<. (.ounlry uiulur tho belief thut it
would rciiu>y iiiy hlrcii-jlli and mnko mo
ivi'll.   On pnrtinjf Milli my tirollirr hoinld
ul'ti'rwnrd Unit "ho novcr expected to nett
mu nlivo Mirnli.."   Whllo nut of tlm city I
boif-tn ithinjr I'Nychino, and ( nnt pivud to
sij' JI 1i:iji Wen a Vv1j**'.'.u^ lo -ujc.   ] Willi
(• lo irlurn l\oni« uflnr iinlnp>ll for a
short tlmo, nnd continued llie trrutniont
until M-v.-r.".. bolllc-* >md Iiecn UJ>fil mul ,1
was nblo lo j;o nbuut.   When I br^-in IhV'
ronii'dy my w.-1-.'ht hnd bnin ri'iluctd to
MO iwiinrf*—^nnw T wch.'li fullv WO jvunult.
l-Nj-'fliinii i.s ii wonder/iil flohluproAuccr,   I
Ao nol know i'» mcillcul prApertlei—only
Unit pNythiiiP, mid nolMnjjf elne, luu rr>
>lotvil nm to lirnllh,   Thow who know ma
uro ii\wm* of whut my condition wim nnd
Uic liopi'li'SMii'M of my cum.   There Im no
nu'ilk'lno In the world Ilka Puychlne for
liinu- trotihli*. nnd I am wire If ft hr**d not
Im'.'ii for it 1 WOULD HAVE »KKN  A
ni'.AI) .MAN."
A. VVALDIIN', 7 Cornwall St., Toronto.
In F«rn!o, Is a
Pleasant   Hbina
fop all who trav
R«4Nns reserv
ed by Wire.
T. WHELAN, Manager
modkbn Rran
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
CboiccBt outs of Freilt Meats, *\
ways on hand,
Humi, Ilucoii and Lard ai w«ll,
AU kinds ot Fresh Fish, In Mason
Prompt Delivery.
Qlve as a call.
TEL. 18.
\ Wo want to soil you a
i $3. Library Lamp for
$2.50.   Just 4 left.
We have Coal Hods from
50 Gents up.
Wish their Customers and Friends
W A Hnppy New Year      X*
LTinnini; nml Plumbl-i-**: Oepjirtmcnt oppoHitu Sulviitinn Army nurracks J,
Office und Suleuroom next door to tliu Kinjj Kdwnrd Hotul, \
TAKK nntlrt tlmt ft dayi jirttr <!»(•
. (<> npiilv tntht iron.OliUf (3ommlii
iMtUlti worWi for wrmUnldn to i
tht rpllowtnt Hewrllnd Und«. Com
tht rpliowtni* it**
mX    XA.tJl*i.Wsh.\
MoroiMAM W*t.r*8M, t*i bs teen any day
«,»•. a ni4M4u-<Uw Avu. k*ir, Tut4-i.U>.
CureA wilh I'j>yihliii3i>ix)vjir«ii]j;«jlhi'i
lun-j Iroiihb li..y nut |4.ihii|i;i1.
1a«.loii«ir or
— purnhatt
.-     4...      *.w*...4.«.#4 4W.I.4,.       *l      I.V*     I.**** ii.'t.
K**t   Koattnay Dh.trlet thtnnt Hdiiih   4>i
f luiln*,- Ilium* ViivliJiJiM- Ihw* yulii ii'
nhalnur thaunrt Want IKl rlmlnif   to plai'aof
eomm**nt cntifnlnliif w aerti.
. Dattil Nov Uth IMA,
t JoliD.O.Cunn-nln**
T    "^ I fm      . I|l'i( XuikdJ
(Paychlfta*. la pretteum*** •Mumm)
I'or tx»l« by all <JniRgi»i« at $1,00 pet
Uiiitc. r\*4> fuiiUc-r I.41.U.O -.ud livfutTA*.
lion wrilu* of cwltal Dr. .Slocum, UmiUd,
170 Kiim ."Ifitiut \yost, Toi-oJitu, Can*
nu tho Itutj
Ull*,4tinu wtra
HOtial *ttlmi* J^IUro nf A-Iti
-   mi M<
IglirM to tlia   uiiiltr»(»riiHV, Vii.lTriicir
  .'o»#.i*li*r, Hns rratitail to Jolm
l)n»U», ,af» r»(jn«»t»«t ta Mhil tvartlenlant af
|\TOTlCR It htraliy tlrtn tbit all ptrtoni hav
*■?. I,!«„*"y olalait a*aln»t tht t»»ati» of
Alfrwl navftt.Htaof Hirhtl.n.U., «lio ill t.i
nn tlit inth Novtml'tr. XM, ati.l to vlmta 1 «r
— *- J*lltr« nt A-tnitiii *--"
UTovtmlitr, UKVS
rti)iititt<t ta m
r cltlmiitn tha   nnUtU....-.,	
for tbt Ailnilnlttrator.on or htfora lb* ui
t)..*»wU, rnfl, *tu* wl«l«*ha»«# th* A4n>tnlt-
Iralutvlll ril.trlbut* tU» an***.! of tler>i<(i.»i|*-
Uioatr tht part It»antltUd Hum to, harlnr r*«
enMnnXy in t)nm)Him,nt »hl*h |.« .IiiiIIII,An
havt Ua4 nolle*. Allt*r*oa ludtbi«4 ta tht
4«-«A*«.I »r«rw|ii*.l*.<l4, |m)r iht tmouitt nt
thtlr InrittitttlntM to tha aniltnttnad fcilh*
JJataJ llth Kovtmbar. jar-5
VimXs, B. 0
BAim TACT MlH'-iK, tanatrlyitka Una U
Hi* lt«|.»l a<Uvhol*l<n.N*l»on.  llnl»
whll* help tstfitym-t.   (I.   W. OAUTIJfrr
I   A   full line of Caskets, Cot litis,   Shipping  Case*
Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand.
3>TMr.S03Srr s. o.
53P During November and December n discount of
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders for spring
delivery. + + -f
laat1" Wc have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which wc will be pleased to
show intending purchasers. - -
Offick Phone 41       Rksidrnck 76
Pbi*Soi*» In Lutitiy Rloott
Head Offtatt t Hamilton, Canada.
Capital *J>2,415$00Y^YReBevve *' $2,415,000
rr~7"X^ll«ttaI MaKt8^%\29tO00tcm=^=    ~    ^^
•*    Hon. Wm.'Gibson, President.
J„ TuRNBULt, Vice-President and General Manager.
7. 74 Branohei ibroo-ghooi Canada
Moriej OrJcr* ami Drafts issued, payable in Canada or abroad.
Foreign draft* ca«*hed.   Special advantages in Savings Dcpartnient.
Open in the evening- bf the CoaJCo's pay-day from 7 till 9
A     l"* J. B. LAWIIV Aftnt XEttKIK BIU>'Ctt
< >
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. $
j'''1,'", PERNIE, B.C.
,; Brewers of Extra Fine
•Lager Beer and Aerated
7 '*■;• Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
^ ■       ■
. I..I mf^ ■ JL -CJ O JL
Ball and Winter
ST jl Xj!HjS
and the Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view at
Miss .'Varty's. Home of Fashion
—l jjaa. j'x'-jj
Have one of their largent fltoron In Ferole.
Umb, Veal, Frenh and fimoked Flnli.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
Stoves! Stoves!   Stoves!
WE have just unloaded a car of all kinds of Heater.., Steel Ranges nnd Coolc Stoves.   Come
*» w. f}   r»(»1 /*rtf
4-VOiVa    *>V*WWV
your llcnUc before they a.!! ^0.
^A\A, and vuwinlne our'mocU nf Kuriiiliirc nnd ki'o uxnc ol" tlie Ni*w
^ Oeslunn In Kiincy KockurH, Arm Clmlru, Morrl« Cluilm, Coin-lieu,
THhleH, Clilnu, Purlur mid MurIc Cublnela, Iron und Briu.* Ucds—In fuit
cvcrytliiiiK In tlie Furnlluru line,
Ymi nrc welcome, wlictlicr yon buy or not,,
Nu tro-jh.ti to rIiow kvkiJvi.    PiVturit frutitinK a upeclully.
a rvu* LINK OF
'Hardware. J* D* QUAIL      Furniture. .*i»5r2dvf"' --^r,.-**.
S^^^'^#^^^^^A^'%A.-;--7 -:--    -•'l AAA';
j .,-:• 'v. „-,..    ,.    - ---
7"---v7 -,' ' i*.-"'.
' .4 A    . -„,    -
■ •"*'.". "'''•«.- --".."   A " '■',-*■*'     '"•'*:: "'7-;.7..7'- '■
' '":   '     '     THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERN1 L^C.,, DECEMBER ;2|*"iQo5   '"
; AAH^-^^'^^^A ^'„,.^_: £V_ VAi -;\".--
^       «*£•——--1"-'
- ;■;-''■--r-*-'.*-^s^b o^^icEi     ■xoE.disr'i'O .     .A-.,; ',
Hon. G.:A. Cox, /'. .'_     '- /   B.'E. Walker/ , Alex. LairH,
- ;.•.' -.;; - '-■ Preiident. ,     '     -   - -' General tomwr'.      ' *      ,   Asat. Gen'l Manager .
CAPITAL, $10,000,000 *v- C,Y, -/'      ...  ..REST, $4,500,000
7.- ^;v>>T0IALtASSETS, 0YE? $98,000,000   I:        r*.-. *«*'v*
13Q- B-Ri£w.]srOH^CS 'XXT03 ^G-EXTOIEIS^'
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT.     Deposits of $,.   and. up.
Wards received_ and imerest allowed. __ The depositor is subject to no de-
7'Jay whatever'in tlie withdraw'el'of the^whole orifny part ofAth'e' deposit.
Special altention is drawn to our Bank Money Orders issued ^payable   .
■,^in-Canada, United States, England, Italy in lire,   Hungary.   Austria   in -
'. 1**roi"?l-'V. I They^forn* an excel.e1u311ell.od ot reiiiitUng inon'ies*al a mini-:
mum cost. '*
A general Banking business transacted...^Correspondence solicited.    .
Qpeu^on the pay-days "of the Coal Company until 9 p. m.iV>-V
FERNIE BRANCH    - -"'     '   -   -       T~"
T. B. MAY, Manager
.    .*   *T^ ~" , ™T; T*^ ^-7
If it's made of paper Suddaby has it.
Tho correct styles iu Stetson stiff hats,
nt tho Semi-Heady. '
Lown'cy'a nud MeConkoyV famous
chocolates at Suddaby'*>.,      ..
Tho Semi-Ready opened up this week
new shapes in Stotsou stiff hats.
We have a full line of dress suits lii
the latest styles.   The Trites-Wood Co.
For Furniture'and Pianos, use* only
Liquid Veneer '10 and SO cents- a bot>
tie from N. E. Suddaby. "A .    '  '. ,
Carmichaol, the tailor, has junt received   the nobbiest stock of Tweeds
,for   Fall   suits-and., overcoats ever
broujjht into Fornio...
* -4   ■* A   .:'   :.  •■*.   .'*-,
' "Let us make y»u" a' fancy vest' from
.'one of those choice new pattorns. Como
; in and see them. - J.  Carmichael, the
' tailor.
,    The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
"-prominent   position  in Fernie .only n
step or two from the C.   P..- R;   depot,
and convenient to business houses in
i.f Its citv. ,   „   „, ,
The next monthly tea given by tha
ladies ofthe Methodist church, will be
"held at the residence ofMrs. Gusty on
Victoria Ave. hex!" to" Grahaih's Meat
Market. Mrs. Gusty will'be associated
with Mrs..Dudley in^serving _ the, tea,
and the usual excellence is assured^-
necessary supplies.. Moved by Trites
seconded by Wallace that for each
practicej-un the assistant;fire,; chief
should receive $3 aiid the firemen' each
.receive $1.50., For^each fire, the assistant shall receive $6 and each fireman
$3. - The practices to be restricted 16
one run each week. Alderman Wallace ^was in favor of reducing the ex-,
penscs ofthe police department in order'
to meet this new expense ot the tire
department, and moved that the matter
be rofered to the police commissioners
with a request-for immediate action.
This, was;scconded by Alderman Trites
and carried; .
. By-law 25 was put through the third
reading. This by-law amends by-law
,»Y'regulating,early., closing .of stores.
As amended ihe by-laiw: calls for tlie
closing of stores at 7 p. m. local ; time-
After authorizing the clerk to advertise ior bids for sewer and fire debentures
the council adjourned to Dec. 28th.
, v this heading, inserted «t the rate of One
tout a wont uuch insertion. '>
•lArSNAP. Half m-re'iii Wo»tFeuiie, kockI 2
o ;ti>r.V hoiif.0 on the piopuity. Apply Mott
bun &C>o.
goo4t location  on Victoria Ave.
■  .  -'7 " ■ '' ■   Apply, Mott Son & Co.
For Snle or To Rent
*-*- Forme. Lot 5-ixl3i. ^Gooit 4 room lioubc.
Thin is r snap'if taken nt'once. Easy terms.
Apply, Mott, Son & Co."
JJ- for -/ale at this ofiice, price 25 cents each:—
''Rooms To Let, Apply Within.'1* "Furnished
Rooms To Let Apply Within."--
-*- family Fimin.ce and bath, Apply this
office.       ,
• •    w?-?re the mine ti-aiu stops, near tho station,   ho. 1JS.   Nice for a small family   Price
?3 KJ. comploto.'   Apply Mott. aon & Co.      —22
"ilolelHanil Restur-inU, vants a joh as eook
oii-fttrm, waKOs «S(X) a month, apply at
Union   Restaurant,  Fernie.
•-» Apply to Mrs. B. Lyou 2 doors wost of Presbyterian Church. _>>3
million feet of lops ready for the mill
nnd tokee-t. a liu^o force of men ut
work all summer.
City jCounclI Procecdfngs.._
--'The city council"mef-in regular sesA
rsion last... Thursday:..eyehing,. presentj'/,
the mayor. Alderman Cree, Trites,and"
Wallace. Minutes'of iast'iiieetrng read;
and approyed'. -The city clerk was in •
•slructed to consult with,.assistant fire-
~cliief"Burger~andTTake purchases. of.
The Fornie Lumber Oo.
■ -The Fernie Lumber. Co. havo a* gang
of,, 70 men logging iii the bush. Tho
saw mill has been closed dowu for the
season and'tho planing plant will be
shut down at the end of this week.
Extensive repairs aud changes In the
ontlro "plant are under w;ay which, will
add very much to' the. .capacity,' of'• the
plant. A lot of improvement to the
waterways leading to tho mill was accomplished during tho past;-summer
six "or seven "thousaud 'dollars, hiving
J*en .expended in the work.; This has
mado it possible to do the lofging at
svery,much leas .expense asjt does'away
wi thV hauls on .expensive is.led roads.
Water la^the 'cheapest 'couveyance-bf
logs whon properly, controlled and the
Fernie Liimber CbJ7h'aye been .working
with this end ih-.view.'"MV.--McDoiigal
states that'the cbmpany__expect__t0-_be^
Hon.    . Raymond ..   Prcfontaine
.....     Succumbs in Purls.      .
Paris.'Doo. 25;— U'lymond^Prefon-
taina, the&tnadiau minister of tukr-
ine and lishorics, died. saddea ly. tonight. • . ... .,, ". A : , . .; .
. Mr Prefontaine nccorapanied by
Randolph Lemieux, the Canadian solicitor general, recently camo to
Franco in'connection,' it is said, with
the establishment of a line of steamers between Marseilles and Canadian
ports. '       * .-*
s "Still YoiirTufn.-
.  .-**ft.4f-    ,   *, .».*-'
^*-"^^..iir2iW*i..*4*4--; .
Yet in stock.— ^Nicelinesiarir
'*■ - Cliildren's Books ff§m l(fio 40oi.
t- ,.T n<t ^ Calendars;iEri;ni.l.Qc.,to'*.Sl'.50....
rhfe balance "of the odds and'eiids.oCHoliday;
actual Cost."   ^ws^^^^wa   ^**\' ^^ '
A .    ,. .Only a^ more. ,-    ' "„'.-. t
No stock carried-jpyer.  .';_--.k-, .«-•-,. i:5'>v-';.
Come in and get''what*. youSvant: ; -    *;
■ *'     '.' The prices will suit you. \A> J"'
' " '■ :N. "E. -^.McScliali^:   i":
. */!"-Thc    Fernie-   brag    Store. A
ous^ spread placed before them and
tliose 'present will always remember
lho incident as one, of ;the'picasaut
experiences of their lives     ,   ''   *    U.
. Line-up Kids ;    /
;• The Tritos-Wood Co., as usual..desire
to announco through tlio columns of I he
Ledqeh, that if all the kids-in town,
irrespective of nationality, language",
color or religion, will lino'up in front of
their big stove at noon on Now Year'
day that thu company will treat
w> ii big food of candy. This -.includes
all tho little j-irls of course/ though
thoy are not so much In - noed ot bi.'ing
sweetened as the boys.
How I winh I wus a kid, ;,
With J. utouiacli without   Ud! } -
How I'd lino ui> in thut line' '.'-.■■
Stuff myself with cundy fiuo, ';,
How I'd dunce and bUout and frolio,' •
Thun go home with aching - tolio.
been,>lest iji.asub|tantial. manner 'by
these Salvation'* army people during
this Christmas seasoiiiofrojoieiiig-. and
merry inakinji;.       - A "I,
'This yrcat anny.Jias grown from a
small band, a "Forlorn hopo" to a
mighty host in much lesa than tlio lifo
time of an ordinary jii-.iii and Ib a striking-1 illustration of what' concentrated
action for a noble cause can accomplish.
A few years ajjo this army was scoffed
at, but now all othor brandies of the
Christian church can take lessons from
thoso people in tho adiuiuibtmiiou -ol
Christian charity.
<rin the uext season, with foin*7or Tfive
Delegates Entertained.  > .
The convention of the local union of
■district No.,18, TJ; M. ;.W. of A.; closed
oniSaturday afternoon aftor a very busy
session of four days. -^ ..'
Mrs. Jenninga', of the Central- Kotol,
entertained tho deleifatos to an elegant
banquet at the cIobg of their labors.' at
which Mr. J. A. Galvin officiated as,
toast inBster.'-'Among the-manysHoasts
Ki ven-andYospoudetT to;were^tiie' follow-
in*?:.. .,;.,..„.,... :...	
"District No. 18," response by P. H.
Sherman. "The" city of Pernie" res.
ppnse by J.* W-.-*Howbrook.*-'*Oar--Host
and Hostess" response by P. W. Swain;
of Mlchel.j The Hst pr.toasts was' limited owing to the fact' that "many ''pi tho
delegates had to leave on tho'east bound
train-*i^A.,~heo>'tv*-vht«4-.tif—n*"i' —-:--
- *-*****— -^-*-7^-**.*-*5j--4-.-T4y.*-*3,- l>i^.4iaiIi40-4ri.B
tendered Mrs. Jeuuino: for _ the bounte-;-
Ohristnius Numbers!
Many baiVdsome'.'Christmas'"liumberi.
have como to our table from- our • exchanges. The Winnipejr.Freo Press
sends out a very unique litilo souvenir,
containing a story of tho Cree legend of
the origin of fire, aud an ' extract from
the Journal of au unknown, Hudson
Bay officer, written "in the year 1817.;
The little,booklet is artistically illustrated and is a credit to th'e Free Press,
The Qutburst, of Spokane, has a very
fine annual, well illustrated and containing much matter of great interest
to its Spokane readers'.
The War Cry ' Christmas' number
comes the.nearest to a • real Christmas
offering of any of thorn 'It is full of
the real spirit.of tho'season,-, breathing
the Iove'of the Master, in ,'eyery article,
every' sentence "and every page,* to the
exclusion.of all temporal-affairs..: •.-...,- -,
,- Tho Salvation army .takestho ieadin
real Christian charity, and their 'missionaries of inercy-.pa8s.uo poor benight*
oa sinner by iu their::e£f6rts to do good.
The loliest of the''lowly£ the'.wickedest
OfZlhAiwi^Atl   QMrl-tl.a_.**Ar,l_ l.Al«ln7 . i-f.
4-« *—.—-..» **"v^wUui^.uu-iuvQ4—ilOlpl4-J31*J~Ul
. .'.'     , ' '■'.'-    'r'.'. *    v^J,     ,    .tf-s.1-.     iP   '.    4 4
the .millions'of human beings.will haVe
j. Mr. \V. A. Lufthanat),. who is to
tnkp, chartre. of- the- Herald; - bafora
, leavin-r St Thomas, whore ho was
;manafifingr director of the Daily and
"Weekly Journal, waa tondered ban-
filets by the citizens, the 25th Regiment, of which h.e.wos quiirter-uiiis-
)er,' and the Goircinb, of which ho
was secretary tresurcr, Mrs., Buch-
unan'will join?,Mi*. Bachauaii early
in the-now year.* ' V    '"•  ■   *
. There ban been? considerable talk
around town lately tothe effect that
tlie building; -of-a-1 new-opera house
would be started shortly! " Tho rumor
is justisfied to a certain*extent, for the
promoters got fi>ucrs on a fine opera
house and. office building. * However,
as some of them have a large amount
df capital tied upin other enterprises
notnirig- further will:be done at 'present. 4.The Herald-has- inside*'information, however, that the*' scheme
has by no means fallen through.' It
is simply held in abeyance tor the
nonce, and will most probably mater-'
iklize here before" "many'moons have
'passed.- -~«"=-■-.-»-*-"-■-..£.■. --*••*- -. •
i. The Old Timers presented Si.Saun-*
dei-s with a suit case. .The public
presentation was cancel 1 e(L_iit_Mr.
Saunders' request.—Lethbridge Herald.'.  .-;.•;      ;.;.-; -..,     ,     ;
'-V4 VJ
■ l-V
7 Oiir ojvif',b!enc3;in lead packages;'   If not, why not ? 'It
- is thebest.7 What everybody says must be true.    Pay
■Cash and'wear thesmile that won't come off. .
■    j-     Prompt DeHvery    '„.-.■»*.
*, t.
* • ,<"s*T
-*       v, ' ^
g   TELEPHONE   §.
2» e     • ■ ' -o
The People's Grocer,   P. 6. block, Ferrile
c.) *;,
till Goes On!!!
Presentation Goods at Cost
All This Week.   «§t*f» 4^^
A* W. Bfeasdell
Next door to the Post Oflieo—■ where it pays lo deal.
Don't let the Cut Glass  Bargains go by, or the
Webb's Candies In Fancy Boxes.   $$   *%
A.   B.   Tritesj;   Pr-csidcrit.
k i, A Simpson. E XV liand,, Spoknno; R
Tni'ton, Muple ei-eelc; Bertlia Chnse,"
Spoknno; G I/idd, Oi'finoj M G Irwin,
Winnipeg:; C French, Coloman;'!! Dun*
nek, Gateway; P Mulhoain, M Harry,
Elkmouth; J lIoakii.s,Craubrqok; A J
Whiting and , wife, Lethbridge; N C
Broley and wife, Cranbrook; SII Lewis,
Spokane; H F Atwood Portland; D M
Sull'van, II Wing-,a Frank; E Doyle,
Calgary; D A Mcllro, -Hillcroet.; A" C
Wright,'J Robertson, Frank; GN
Brown; Calgary; C K Stewart and wife,
Carbanado; A Berridge anrd wife, Coal
Creek; Mrs. J H Yonnjr and . family,
Bridffoport, Wash.; J C Husor G.G Hu-
scr, D Garrett, Spokane; P D McTavish,
I Craiaie. Calgary. .
King- Edward
Geo. McNeil, S. F.; A Loltsand w.ife,
Coal Creek; D Black, Victoria;' W' -T
Sherman, Chicago; J T Turry, G Delu-
ca, Michel; W,H Durand, Vancouver;
O Morgan, Stratheona; II A Anderson,
Irvin Butte;. F Cars, Nanton; CE Looni-
_is,_Njilson;.A.McGnire, Morrissey; 'A
Campbell,. \V Grifiin,. Sparwood; G
Hug-lies, J H Moore, W.Baiuhridge, J
Second-Hand Store
Opened up next to Rcma Hotel
Por   Cash    '
-8- ll. W. R. Tow u, F«ral«
(111 •"4
The West Fernie Store
S. flarks,   -   .    -    Proprietor.
Full stock of .Dry Goods. Gent's Furnlahingi.
. Orooerlos, Boots, Shoos and Crockery. .
Give Me A Call.
flonthly Accounts Opened.
Scott, Elkmouth;  Geo Ramsey,  Spar*,,
wood.       l '
Napanee  ,-
W"'.H'-Bug-boo, Carbonado; A H
VVhitcher,' Latah; M McGuire, J. A
Stephenson, Gatelins, C H Burkhart,
Waitsbuijf; Jas Crawford, A McLeod,
Michel; Joseph F Whalen, Wallace, >
Idaho; AP Oliver, Coal Creek; C Fer-
g-u.s01.7G N-L'ov, Frank ; B Stilt, Michel; Joe Wiirdner, Wardner;-J H Ham*.
monarrahbtia^li; .1 ns WHdeTAY'SyiP-
um,"J C Sheldon, Micliel.,
H.'R.' Huntington,  Secretary.
JSK ■"."."..    '
Sweeping ;Redupt]pns fer; fltflidW * Steppers-
.; ;7|^MAS. rush, is now 'over,;-.bjitjholiday, shqppiiigJvstillcontitiues. An'ncl alilio'- ihe clean-up in our
yy    stock- of Christmas novelties/ was ;|)cyond "our "expectations, wc-"still, have a choice selection
of high-priced articles.    We do not want to.put these;good|^awayi for another year, so in order
On Sale tnis week: only at pH©es::;;imar,tesi
Toilet Sets/?Manicure Sets Travelling companions, Jewel cases, Military Brushes in Leather Goods and Sterling Silver,
   ■—-     ■■'   — ■'  : ' 77  ^
i Only Ladies'
Toilet Set,  regular $5.oo;
Sale price
I Only";
r Only"
1 Only Ladies'
Horn Toilet Set rag.    3.$°..
Sale price
1-75      "'
1 Only Ladies'
Manicure Set, regular 3.00;
Sale price
I Only
J Only Ladies
Jewel Case, rcgntnr   3.00,.
Sale price
3 Only
3. Only,,     do
.do      do.     do      4.50
Sale  price
1 Only
a Only   Ladies
Chatelaines regular 3.5b.
Sale price
t Onlv"1
1 Only      do
'•   <lo           do        T.85 '
SnJc price
1 Only','
3 Only      do
do        do      1.50 r
Sale price
1  Only
1 Only      do
do,       do      3.00
, Sale price-     -
1 Only
„ n.*t,.        1,
Ax*         xHa      j,§o
Sale price
5.00        |
3 Pairs
I Only       do
do         do      3.50
Sale price
2.00       ;  1
;Ladies' Chatelaine regular $5.00
Brocaded Satin Purse, reg.   6:50
\     dp     do.,, dp _ ..7.00
Ladies' Needle Cases, reg, 2.25
Men's Travelling Set,  reg,   6.00
1 \\I\~pxx\  ■Shnviny Set, rog.'     *}.co
Men's 'iVavelling Set. reg.  25.00
do      do      do      do    20,00
do -    do •"'  do      do      8,00
Only Military Brushes, reg, 3,00
Sale price
Sale price
Sale price
Sale price
Sale price
*J.HV       IJI l\.\,
Sale price
Sale  price
Sale  price
Sale price
<■!(-•       J,
: 25' per cent, discount off all
^TOBIlifrGI-    I HOLI
1 ■ *f
our new stock of Ladies' Neckwear and Beits
aagiTifXiir: .mn .,*.".„ ^aaw nn* ■ mAUkiivsm*
if* '•:jn»!j»*J-•*■*■*"■ 7#*•""''j*1 :■"•V:**-.vV'<■>-ft  i*-»."t»..»"»-f^.>'    -?,#»4*?A^i*'..#:i^#(,"4^,
ii.fitsu-'i,< 1" ''.il
> ifM


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