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The Fernie Ledger 1905-12-20

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 "^-Tnto-i-'-'*'^ .1,   .■lWnt-¥ii..» idii-i-"-"^'". "a "■ '■Jj*Y:'-"-~Y.    i'nrifm"!l"mai
^.   .*   -•   •      ta   -i'- - -   --* - i**3
J-tf -■
■ 1'-'.
la-.-- \-
I*-  --     '
I,* " r.
I * * ■ "
te; -
.' .i'
..">1"*    .   j 7,—■*> *■»*_.
.-?•     -f \s -   '       .       .  067
«.   .' /A '':   J^'-w^-vrvrV-rr
■-.. .DEC 27 1G05 ■  eZ -1
*•   A,      -   '-'    • A/*
-^--v-     -'    'v. &A'/
l;fFl'"^v   1
%&***&   m_^        '    "        ■**
.- ?   ":-*l
, ^ -Al
" \
Volume I.    Number 20.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Local   Happenigs in and
About the City
Interesting Iterhs   About   Hany
People   Vou Know
Supt. Allon, of tho G. N„ was in town
Friday. .       -
Job. Stephen's,'of Morrissoy; was in
town Saturday. •
v  -
Mr'd. Will-*, pi Carbonado, is in tho
Fornio hospital.,
S.-Thorpe and wife left for .the Eaet
Monday viuC P. R.
Mr." and Mrs. W. S. Fairfield left ..for
a trip east Saturday.
. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mitoholl  are at
Carbonado this week.
„ D. Elliott; fff Coal Creek, left-on Sunday evening for England. -     „
W* W. Leach, of Blairmore, was vis-'
itiug friends in Fernio Sunday'.
' Thos. Cralian, the hotel man of Michel, was a Fernie visitor Friday.
Conductor Brook'ho'usor, of the G. N..,
is again on the FernioiKoxford run.  '„
M. Mclnii-s, of Elkmouth, was trans*
" acting business iu the city Friday.     o
L. XV. R* Terry has opened a.second
hand store nest to the Roma Hotel..   .
W.'F. Henry, of Morrissey,'loft for
' Boston Sunday by-way of the G.' N. •
Dr, A, P'Cumiingham, of  Calgary,
- left for Halifax Monday via tho G. N.
Billy McAdam, iate of the Vancouver
World, is now editor of the Edmonton
Bulletin. , „"'....
Traveling Freight Agent Fox, ot the
1 C..P. K., is looking up business iu Fernie this week. ■ , ..     7   "
'- We are pleased to state that Mrs. XV.:
'  J. Bluudell is able to be out again after,
"' her recent illness.   '*.-.,.
*.  'Miss-Ryan, of tho Trites Wood Ce's^,
staff, )eft on Monday night via the C. P.
v R.for Hamilton, Out.-
-'•-J. G.Cummlngs? D.'L. S.weut to
Elko, this morning., where .ho will do
-. some surveying for Geo: Scott■ -      ;;-. ,
'     Allen Edwards';'the infant' son'of Mrs -
»Edwai-ds*)W!i8 buried.on last' Sunday;
?' the Rev? Bar'llett conduct ing the - ser v-
■-,. ices/ -  "    ' _/-.-..--;.• .'**.--7   ;,   ■'
' '.''.T6e7Y-oungheai-t,:-thov-poj)Ul'ii' trtiv-
-. juler, slight of hand man and till around
7 good tollowVwas in'J;t6wu a few days
laStweek.   *"' , '.' ,   '  "'_  '"   :
The Baptist' church   Sunday "school
,:«rill hold their, Christmas Tree In., tho
• Eaglet*' ball ou Friday night. Collection
will be taken at'thb door.
-^ TheBap-tlut pio social hold ou Tuos-
day evening was very, successful.-
Everybody... enjoyed themselves and
the receipts netted some 838.    -
A membership bn tho New York Stock
Exchange sold recently for 938,000, the
hl|*host prico ever paid (or a Boat, the
. luut previous high record being S8D.00Q.
* -•   Jas. Millor, chief clerk iu tho C. P. It.
ofliceB, is temporarily in chuvgo of tho
station nt Emtporl, the now town at
the boundary lino oil tho 0,. P. K.-Spo-
kano lino.
. J. P. Gordon, custom ol'lk-cir al Gateway, returned from ft months trip lo
tho Coast on Saturday. Mr. Gordon's
health has boon" greatly improved" by
the change.
J. F, Armstrong hns tendered his res.
ignntlon as govornmoiil ntfont.   It is
,, nald Mr, Armstrong will accept tho po
Bltlon of police umnlstrnto for tho city
of Crnti brook.
Willlo Ross, son of O. N. Hos-i, is ox*
■pectod homo.,to upend the linlldays
with his pnroiitK. Uo li.ii. buon in Gen-
oral Suporlntoiiilunt .Itiiiiluoon's ollku
at Calgary for tho past 0 months,
Gubrollo Coutx, tho Ititlliui who wixh
kllledatMorrlnsoy, was burled hy tlio
mlnor'a union hwt Sundiiy. There wuh
a voryliu'iio turnout to tho funoi'.tl,
Moiibi-h llosfl & Scott being In charge.
Mr. F. nininoro nnd wlJoofl-'orlKtoel
loft on Sunday morning lor n holiday
trip to tho count. Thoy will vli.lt Mr.
niiunoro'H brotluir lo Vuueouvor and
spend a few diiyn In Victoria beforo ro.
Plnukolt U .Suvfigo illntrilmtiwl tx carload ol ornngos from Fernio l»ht Satin.
day,   This U tho Bocond car ufurangim
„to bo dlbtrlbulml from Feriile, Mr. W.
J. Blundoll Jiaving placod the lirst cur
. some two yem'B n-jo.
A«t"«l(> I'-ocVoV, M-|« I"!!'!'"- h> t'.'."
Wnr Kifrl" inlnoat'Unn-iiHivl, wuh In-
itsntly killed Inst Friday, it In
thought that ho was Btimdliig m, tlm
odgo of the skip ami Iuul Ifiiiifd out io
boo whero lm wrh and his hmid striklui,
n tlrnhnr hn wuh l-.mirkt'.d off.
. A. Carney, timber limpeclor, spent a
fow <lay« in Fvnilii and otlmr Knul
Knotonay taw mill cottiers In»t -wank (iii
olllclnl biiHlnpsi. Mr. Cnnmy ri'poiii*
tho lumbor biiHluoKJi tubo gi'aduitily lm
proving and tho mill mon nro hop-dii'
of a (rood btmlmuM yum- Jiticad,
Y.A. Furjilfii, iravidiiiir pH^Hf-nju'r
•gent for fie Great Nortliuru «Ul.
ho»dquarlor* at Spokano, wns in iln-
city yesterday on tlio Junk on I fur 1jii»1
n«» (or hl» lltitt. Thin U Mr. Fun.iV
(Imt villi to lho city for some time and
ho ii vory f-ivoiabiy linpromml wiih it*
fdtlitantial appearance.
*.The K. of P's.  will  hold  a spociiri
meeting tonight. '
. H. H. Ross and family of Elkmouth
arrived from the ea.st tliis morning,'
D."V. Mott, of The Ledger relurn-
od Irom a business trip to Nelson' on
Tuesday evening.
W. B. King,-of the Kiru? Lumber
Co; ciune iii on last night's train anil
went up to Coal Creek;
Mr. ,11. XV. Horohuier is still quite
siok and' is reoiivering Very slowly
from tho i-IFects ol lever.
■ Dr.' Uni'vey* .of Moyie pas-ied
through Fernie yesterday cn route to
Montreal to be gone'six weeks.   ,   '
Mr.'J. Brpckcm'idgo, of Brccken-
ridgo &' Lund pa we'd through lierc-
last night on his way to Luu brock,
Judge J. F. AVhelan and family of
Wulhu-o Idaho, wilt spend Chriutmas
with his brother of the Napanee Hotel.-
I* *■*" '
The ChrismasJ display in the window's of tlie Trites .\Voood Co takes
one back to Liio larger "rcities iu the
J We are pleased to soe'W. A. Martin
and Wm. Hoffman again on the streets
after their recent lu.sil-i with typhoid
fever. ■ '  ' ' ■ :
Kctnpton McKim", presidont of the
Winnipeg Typographical Union, made
a trip up the line as far'-as Pernio lusl
'week 7        '   ' • .
Mrs.- Davies reports to-day that
Mies'Fniuois is very much better and
it is hoped that'she.will soon be* up
and around again.*' ' '.
W. G. Barclay of the Crows Nest
Trading-Co. .lu'Uj.been limping around
"fur lhe past few 'days, the result oi a
nail running in-his foot'.
' ■ A. A. Richardson, insu'ranco adjnetor
of Vancouver, arrived in the city last
night'and drove toi-Iorrieeoy Mines this
morning in company with Toin'Wh'olau
and K. \V! Wood.
Dput forget.tho-Grnnd Concert nt. the
.UIud rooms ofthe C. C. L. A. A. at Coal
Creek to night. A. special train-will
leave Forine' at- 7.15 p .in.' returning af-..
terthe. OHtertainmeut. „. '..'.. ■     v
j ^i!e-^coKiUon&-iu-theti-i1U&s-W'4Jod-
06 i store window'*! '■ embraoo - mens
clothing-and funiisliin'gs"- ladlositui*-
liish'ings,*'faco'y"gb6d3,''pictiu,esl sro-
ce'ries, afift'confeCtioaei-yA   .,
■'■-J---f.^..',i,^J«,-s;.-..--■ '  -.-  ■--       . *•• •
'.'Hutch, formerlybf Cree &• Hutcbiii'..
son, nowoCCninbpok,-. was in town, today shaking hands .with, old friends,
lie reports business good in Cranbrook,
with th'o prospootB.for a prosperous year
ahead. ■ , .   ---,   >
A. Cciil Fire hi Progress.
On going to press word is received by
The LEDiii.K that the coal on the ground
and in this yards of the West Canadian
colliery a^ Belleyuo is on fire, ami it, is
feared that the iine now tipple will be
desli oyed.
-  '    ru Noj'tliorii Kcstiu-irant
•C. F. Andrew?, tho proprietor of the
Northern hoi el, has fitted up InVplace
in,fir8t\*liiFS style and i,s receiving a full
.share of tlie patronage in tne restaurant lint*. Everything is new, neat
and taSiily arranged aud poople are
Eiire of thfiir money's woith when eating
at his tables.     ■   *
Ncav 0. P. K. Stiition.   -*
The announcement that tho C P. R.
intend to build a new Rtation hero next
summer is a welcome bit of news. .Tho
present • building has long been
inadequate. We hope that the state*
ment. that., the now one is lo bo a
wooden structure is not coireet. It
would uot seem ivn economical proposition for such iv company as the C. P- II.
to build a frame structure i n placo of
thc" old ono hero. Tho new one should
bo much larger and the peoplo of
Fernie'.would like to'see a brick or
stone building erected which would be
nioro ill''harmony with tho many fine
brick and concrete buildings erected iu
lhe city.
Tho window display of thc Crow's
Most Trading Co. is a marvel ot ingenuity.- The drapiijga-and tho.angels
attract tho altontiou.of passers'by and
for tho Christmas season is'vory appropriate. Tho roal live Sauta Clans
delights tho children.
\yin. Hundley, charged with steal
lug coal, was discharged by Judge
Wilson yesterday-with a warning,
and tho clerk of lho court'was instructed to communicate with tlio
atlornoy-goneval in relation to pi'ose-
cutlugwitiic-jfjOiiuip fbr ijorjiuy in
the case.
W. J. Walker, n real cstato find
In-'immco nmn of Spoknno, wna in
tho city yesterday on his way to Kd-
n-Kinion whoro ho will upend X.imh.
with his brother, 'mul Inoldontiilly to
look over th'o ronl. tstnio prospects.
Mr. Walker says thero wi-ll ou n
lurgo numbor of settlors go from
Washington to Albortu next spring.
Mr. Win. T.iiinlien, of Hamilton,
Out., pnssi-rt through, Fornlo yost-ir-
flay on hlu return, I rom a vi3ll to lho
propoi-iy owned by llio Glubo lUlniiig
coiii|iniiy in whicli holsu largot:11nro
holder, Uo ro|)iii'isllio pi'optji-ty la»i-
lor than ho had exp*eti-'d to find It,
and the iiuiniigoiiieiit uro urraiiglng
to put in an uoreal tram way m ounii
jJC'.OOO over which to ti-anspjn the
oro to tho Bine I tor,
"Dear Lord," Wild nn Ad'hisou mnn
lliD'Olhor iiioi'iiing at griu-e, "J would
ask lhy blessing on Ihis fou'il, hut 1
iViillzo ll Ik roolied too m.senibly, for
(lii-o to wimio lhy vjiHiul.il' limo in
hlc-1-.lng, so iiibU',ul I urge upon llu-.-
that ihmi in-'lil Into my wil'u'-j lu-nri
lhat it hi bei Icr In cook Mi-nk !ici-L'|it.ili*
ly for one man than to mine ten 1U1I-
Inr8 hy working iwo wooIch nl u church
social." The liuli'-tinuL woman liu*-
yone lo lior iW'lhcr's,   Alchisun lilohe.
Saskntcliewim BlectioiiH
Hon. Walter Scott has .umii out in the
Saskatchewan elections and will have a
sate ninjority. All the ministers were
elected and there will, probably, be no
changes in the cabinet. It it« rather
amusing to read the cmnments of tho
"various papcrsfupou this result. . The
thick and thin liberal organs aro do-
living much satisfaction fiom the fact
that such - a 'victory has, been • won
against tho powerful, efforts,of Mr.
Haultain, .an'old war horse in political
coutosts audi a man of much pi-wmia!
iiifiuence derived from being so long at
Ihoiioad of the. N-.> rth west government.
Whiio these liberal papers are deriving
so much comfort [rom tiie result attained under such di'McuUies/nlio dyed-in-
the-wool conservative papors are. overjoyed 'that tho defeat was riot much'
more of-a Waterloo than it wjih, coining
so soou j'.fler tho Alberta eartluiuake.
[Theso papers' -aesert, ' with-forced
the ' tremer.dous ' influences" of ' th'e
Cltawa'niHchiue,- Mr. Haultain'' would
Jiave bouti triumphantly Jrciurned at
tho hoad-'oha- nnjority.* of the now
le-ri.S'at'Urc, "Uf"?.1-,. Haultain had not
boon, guilty jof_ breaking' out of 'his
prairie paslufo'last suuimor -liid-' going-
down to London and North Oxford to'
engage iu a federal election while ho
was iu tlie employ of a legislature com.
posed of both'llberals and conservatives
a majority of* wldeli, regardless of theii
party fealty, supported him, he mij-lit
nave bad*rejuiouabie hopes of success
tho other day, His holding ollice as a
non parf-ii.au hnd .it llio samo lime
taking part In a biitoiiy pavtlzan contest weakened bis position'aiid was lho
element of weakne.H which neutriilliied
his othonvino t<ictfiil inauagemeiit of
tho campaign.
Pro-grossivii Fciiiio
The building season in this citv hiis
.    i - -
been a good one and the cold' weather
has found, most 6f tiie builders ready
for the change. The Hondo son block
was not quite ready .when the first snow
came hut is now' tinder roof as is also
tho Queen's hotel.' The latter, being
built by Mr. .Robiclia'ud and the _ Ross
Isros , is quite an addition to tho hotel
property of the city. It is a lbreo"story
brick l-iii'iding with basenieut under the
initiru structure. Thero are 'IS roo'iis
all told and they'aro well arranged for
ihu purpose for which thoy aro intended.- A heatin-» plant will be installed"
in thebasem-uit and tho whole buildm*-
will be complete and re.vlv for occupation in January. The building has
been erected under the supervision of
Mr. Robert Kerr and reflects crodit upon builders and owners.
ThoIlendorson,block has bcentdo-
scribed before, and is quite an addition
lo Victoria avenue.
About §123,030'-worth of lire proof
business buildings have been addod .to
tho city's list of good buildings during
the season just closed which is evidence
of a substantial iiiture to ■ prove thai
tho peoplo of our city have faith in its
future. No city in tbo interior of- the
province cau beat our record in this re
spect and no other place can look so
confidently to the years to come,
Tho great cool, coko and lumber industries centering in andabout Fernie
makes its futuro. progress a ceitainty,
and upon these facta the business man
bases his hopes !and then builfts his
substantial building.' Wo believe that
next year will witness the erection of
many more good buildings.
The many artificially decorated window's "to"be seen ou Victoria Avenue'aro
not to bo surpassod in quantity, quality
or amujjemout by windows iu cities
nruch older and larger than Fernie.
We had intended to devote an article
tins week to a description'of these fine
windows but wo, wero unexpectedly
called away to Nelson on pressing- business and had to. forego "the pleasure,
for it ie a pleasure, of laying bt-foro our
readers, descriptions of the many things
lhat await tlio best efforts of tho news,
paper man.    • -7; _,    ■, ■ ■"■
C'.-in5   On.-fjiit.
Tiie o-.ii put -•! cal at the mines for
the week cndu.g Friday,, IX-c. 15th,
was as follows:
Carbonado      '   ,
ThoOimudian Hank of Commerce
The annual statement of the Canadian Bank of Commerce for the year
ending November 30th shows a net
prolil for lhe year of $1,376,167.63;
premium on stock amounting to $564,.*
996. One million. dollars was trans
ferred.to the Rest Fund,' bringing lhe
Rest up lo $4,500,000.
Explosion at Rossland
■    -   "v  *        ___ 1 ' '
Last Saturday J;tl'a little after 2 p. in.
Couuell   ProeooiiiiigH.
The city council mot in rui*uhir scs*
sioii laht Tlnirmlity night, J'resent,
mayor; iildoriuun. Wallace, Tuttlo and
Trilori. MliiulctJ last ineetuig rend and
A- communication (form Sherwood
JJerehmer saying he lui'lejV.ood the
riiy ■viisnnjiir-oulin-* the Ilmidloy case,
bui tlutt hn was ongiij'od personally on
thociisrt and not iiu'H *ini!iiibcr of Uic
(Inn of.llercliiiiei' & Jlerchmer. It wan
llmughl by I lie council that tlio provincial sov-'rimiwa slimild piiy tho ox*
penses In lho case, and thu loiter win
laid ou the table.
A notice diilud on the fill) hist signed
by J, A. Miicf.iiiin *"l.allnj.''llmlVii".vini!d
apply to a Miproino court juduc inqiiiiili
bylaw iiiimbor ill), ratifying the ngron-
ment wilh the rower nnd Llghl tlo,
fur water was ruiul, Hevoral, grotunlH
fnr thin iiciioii are sot forth in,Uio uollco
ami ciljilluiis of the law bcaiiug upon
tliocnso. Aldermiiii Walliicti mnvcd
thai iho aeivk'i'n nf W. IL. IIohi bo eii-
(■up'-d lo ilcfiMid llio casi1' which was
MiK'oii'lcd by Alilei'iiiiin Ti'llim, chrrlod,
'llij i-iiiiniillii-o on hi-aloH nud -itriict
lip.*111h j-rpurti'd h'-ving nci'ii llinConK'o,
nud lhat tiu> latfi' tiimlil sell their scaloH
to Ihu cll,v for SHOO with tin: privilogo of
ii.-'ii£ M.'-ii*'.Thiji: lln-.-/now  are   until
a!, expiOaiGiUtt—4*jc~»"^-ar--i'."agie-i-^i.
Star mines on Red Mountain, Rossland
_a "terrific explosion   occurred   \vhich,
lor a short time-spread apanicihrongh-
out the city.' 'At G/stit wits reported
ilia't at'least twenty"1 people   had'losl-
theirlives and scores   were.'badly   injured.   After.the panic had subsided
to sonic extent it was found 'that only
one man had been hilled   und   several
had been injured by   pieces of.flying
glass.    A ton or so   of gelignite   had
exploded at the powder house instantly
.•rilling' John   S.   Ingrain   who   had
charge of the magazine and the cause
ofthe explosion will never be definitely
known.   Great d.-iiiuigo' was done to
nearby buildings and mosi-ofthe plate
glass in the windows on Columbia Acv ,
was shattered to pieces hy the concussion.    The tremendous shock followed
by the clattering of glass so confused
the people that for a few "moments no
one could imagine what had happened.
The large mines will have to stop op-
orations for a few days until air and
steam pipes whicli' were   lorn   awsiy
nnd badly bent and lwi»tcd cau be replaced.   The loss will- fooi up some
$50,000, pietty well covered by insurance.
Mr. Ingram is widely known,., having been for years chief of police at
Cnlgfiry nnd since Iiml time he had
held tlie .same posilion iu Iio*.**lnnd,
Ills brmlicr has represented un On-
Inrlo cmsliluuncy in lho Dominion
lli-u«e of Common*, for many jcar.;,
Mr. Ingram Icnvcs a wido.w and four
■jbilchcn lo mourn bin loss.
Sis oilier persons wero Injured more
or Ic'-'i seriously, one man having ' liU
nuse badly cut by Hying ghibs
,   Profit in Fruit Growing
Mr. K. A. Brown, of the* Washington Nursery company at Toppenish,
passed through Fernio yesterday on
his way to Halifax, N. S., to eat his
Christmas turkey at his old homp.
Mr. Brown had with him a sample of
a new variety ot applo originated
by that wizard oi a conjurer with
nature, Mr. Burbanlc ot California.
The sample was so fine a speciman
of apple culture as to attract the attention of1 a Ledger representative,
and it was subjected to a most thorough test, which proved its destruction. It disappeared down the throat
of the sampler, and he pronounced it
of the very finest quality. It was a
large, well formed apple with chocks
of a color half way between thc coi'al
of the pouting lips ' and - the
pinkoy peach blossom cheek ot a
Fernie maiden. Its flavor was as
delicious as would bo a kiss from
such lips. After getting outside of
tho apple tho Ledger man felt better
and in an inquisitive frame of mind.
Mr. Brown, seeing tho good effect
his applo had ' produced' submittted
gracefully to tho tortures of the interviewer.
lie stated that Mr. Burbnnk had
named-the apple "Winter Banana" ns
it is a'long keeper with flesh as finely
flavored as that of the tropical fruit.
,The Washington Nursery company
planted last year, four tons of, poach
pits and. intend-planting ten tons next
spring. They grew ready for. market last year- 3,000^000 fruit trees,
rfnd will have 10,000,000 ready for
next year's planting.' -The same
ground is used for five years, during
which time two crops* of trees are.
Belly River Bridge.'
A partv °f ten C. P. R. surveyors
have finished the work for a Coo-fool
trestle bridge ai Lethbridge to cross the
Belly river flats and save seventeen
miles oi the Crow's Nest line, part of
the new through route from St. i'aul via
the Soo line and Crow's Nest to ' Spokane and the Pacific coast. It will be
shorter than lhe Great Northern between tbe same points.
Specially cuiied from our
Bog Races
- The dog races last Saturday Jifter-
noon failed to bring out suilicient entries , and a consolation purse ...was
hung up.
On Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock the
great race will come off and an exciting time is anticipated. Tom Whelan
of the Napanee has the matter in hand,
iiud entries should be made to him as
early as possible. '
From The Times.
Next week J. W. Ashdown will  put
on a stage between Frank and Lille.
. C. A, Klingen-.-mith, who for some
time has had charge of lhe rooms and
dining room at the Coleman hotel has
severed his connection wilh that establishment and may go "into business
in B. C. S. Manuhan proprietor has
taken oyer and will run all departments
of the hotel himself.
Mt'Ui'Me In Torouio.
TYfsintoi'Mellrlilo n|n.'i-.klti!r at tho
llm-ilen Wltqucll*,. Toronto a tow dayn
lloolco.v KeJu'duIo '
The following iv thu scheihilo for
lho Crows No.l/y.llivkcy League for
this season us 111 ranged al lhe meelhig
held in I'iiu-liiT t-Vcek on Wednesday,
Dec. full.
J.iii,   .1 f'iil.'iuin nl. Miiliel.
Jun.   ,i  Pinrla-r Cuckiit M-icleod,
Jaii. ,| .''(.iiii.! fil B.,iiimc»i'c,
,-*fV»      -     -.ji       ""'4    -*     -.,4.    «\.-,4.>'}     "4     ..,.4       ...
tinnH In Alberta nnd rWkn'iPhv-*n
n g
iiiU'li Ilnin an 111 «nv could h" removed to
a iiinro ('niiv-mi-'iit piace. The mutter
went over tiulll next mrctlug.
'I lm Llghl V.n., .'if'M'i,-(l to Install nud
iii.-il'iliilii twelwj hii: liglitN nt ji rule of
.*7!i.v.'i cj-ch peryi'iir, but mi lug lulu-iivy
1 , r 1, , 1, iv* ...   it,' , ,,   .        1
fur a Unv ("rin wiiiiId ln» I'.finhvd I
Letli'H frmii  Mr.   r.i'i.-l.Miu,  Mip't.!
nf IhuOi P. II., t-IMiu.'- flint n new ■!<■• I
pel  li-i1|.'|iii-.' w-i'il I   1*4'  iici-ti"! in'*,-?:
■iiiiiiim'i'worn pro cnli'il I'i llm i-.iuncil! (,,„, ^ Celi'in.m .<(  l-VmU-,
ijv ?ir. jf"*.;!'!!''-.    I in-Md '.v.illi  m'IikIj ij.in, .'^ Ml. Jul ,i| I'iie hu Ci
!li:.i!'l.i*i*u a*l,i d fij-ly !!.(• conrnil nil!
Iieiiin: brouucht about bv gllunr
prnmlsos iiiailo by tlm IiIipimIh,
Mow,   ni lhj\i,   Mr,   Mtdiiido  n,
known far iiud wide .ui uu uiuliurliy
on "glittering prumh'ps," hi.-, biiiiii
  .  1  ..1 1   .   .    in        -    ■>>
prefiiicr Ims been uecii.'cd 1.1' dciliug
Inrt1 wliolc-ialo wny with tbi* |Mnicn-
Inr ktudol Jielllii-al steel: und sliculd ' u->t m- Lniit jiciiii-ijte.itli- <intil after tin
ho ablo to iTutvot. tlif^IUtcr fmiti nlar. I hl|lll!l„., ,.t lhl. Mm ,,,,",„„, \hU ,VB.
hiiiiit) people are Kotiim!iiiruiili!c,ji;ito 1 .
' intimnto tlmt Bornu ol tlm |.ron.Ur*h 1'*llt|i,**l'-t,»l'v *** *l!' i-"""!-il,
nntl-olrfttl"!. Hji'iMm-iiln,   when fh'-r-     A i-'-»r...» kj.*. r|.'.'*; ;,...,. |..,»,.  -,
''.uglily hllunl, illdu't, c^niniii even a
"gllt.trrlng" j.i-.milie,   but   }.;iii.«.;c
nioreol the ii.kuim <.r n ,**<il-| l»r.»*k ' *»ri"-.-<j*.»»-...
u-itns'icMon with all M-mlil-m-u of a ! liv tlm (k-|.iiim.'nt.   Tfr.  Tiiil'c
lirnmi.il-lc.lt mn.   M»»uv.i|w,*bi'-,»y    ',,:    , ,,   , ....... ,1,;..,
!li«tfhMj/..ii|iiet"rs''h<.i!n-dr!iinm- l " '   "''' """•* ,hu,/
fill ^.iiimbiiiR ■•rciiiicrMMJtitv, l-n- '" u" "'i'"" •'•';! ■*•••■' *,lv (,<-,-.t eni
hii "gHtKiiii,!" **-:j!,in i'i .11  it  ?'„...'-.'       ''      '      --....!,•,,  '.) .■
Jun. f'» Michel at l-'cJnie,
Jan, K Mfit-li-.nl at Culem-in,
Jan. H I.ljilniiin-i! in Pincher Creek,
Jan. i) M.uk-ial ill Ulainiiiiie,
J,Hi, II   limlMIJUIV ill, .tll.lll-l, j
, '■ ,        ,- , , 1
J,.!*, II    .  4, tfti...!,.   ,11*4.^1   VI4...I.,
J .ui. J1 I'ur.ii-ai .Mirhcl, ,
J 11.. 13 l'l.:.!.4i C-'-.!. ;.t C.>!ni*..iii,
J.ei. if> I'jiuii.-r Cuxk m l-'ci'iiie,
J...'. ,>■ M'.J.ilal M.»c!«.".l,
Jan. <-.| l'.ih.iiian at Hl.iirinore,
,|ei, Hi Piui-hir Ci»*ck nt llliiiinioii-,
j ni. a) I'vinii' at Miclu-l,
I'Yl*.   J Micl.el.it lil-'iirmoii1,
I'i1'.   1 C :.".i..'.i iv. Pin l.*r Cu-i^,'
^"roivif reiscly fm~transplantinj»- into"
orchards." New ground is "then occupied and that,'on which the two
crops had beon produced is cultivated in cither crops. Thc rotating if
"resorted to'iiv ordtT'-to' prevent- thtj
accumulation of. insects and other
pests, Mr. Brown cited many instances of, the . profit to be derived
from fruit culture. A Mr. Waldcn
had sold during tho soason just closed
from a forty aero orchard, of low
grade fruit trees 20,000 boxes of
apples, which, after paying for picking nnd boxes,' netted him $10,000,
or just $250.00 per acre.
A Mr.' Lcsli sold $1300 worth of
pears, from nn orchard of two and a
half acres.
Another man sold $9(i00 worth of
Biirtlctt pears' the' product of   nine
nnd a half acres,   Still anothor man
hnd sold from fifty-four pear ireeB,
.1-970.00 worth of lho fruit or if lii.00 to
onch tree.   Ono orchard ot 150 Splt-
zeiibui'fr   npplo    trees yielded tho
ownor $1871 or $12,00 from each troo.
Mr. Brown has been Belling Inr-yc
Humbert*) of nil k bids of fruit trees to
peoplo In tlioKfcfls|Jcll vulloy durlnj*;
the liirft threff your-*, nnd thc first
pliuHinj.' fti'o'Just be.KinnliiR- lo beur
(Vult.   lie Is cf opinion Hint Iho Koot-
omiy valley ha far north nn, Cnnul
Flats will provo to bo a {,'ood fruit
jrrowinK scclian nnd U Hiirin-l'ieil that
penpln will pay the hl[»;h price tifik-
od for fruit In nils on tho other nldo ol
the line, when there Ir ho much ches/i
bind suitable for  orclmi'illnu to be
hud Iiito bo nonr a jjood mnrkct.
Mr. H» own sf-oko ol oi-chanls In Mon.
train, nloloviitlons frfiiu Sr.CKJ loot to
over 1000 feet which  with proving
Rucceusfnl vontureH.' nnd liu Ih Burn
that tlm Kotitunuy Vulloy nt 1111 oln-
vnilnn of 2n(X) iVu't wlll provo to bo nn
IiIphI fruitRrowIn*,'  rnuniry.   Tnk-
irifjr liitocniihldi'iMtloii, iho excellent
innrket nlrcmly o-lrttln-if, nml which
!m uure to (,'row rnpidly, tliin vnllov
ciM'tninly I'lVn'iils nn cMcci'tionnl nji-
l-oilunlty fer the fruit grower,
The pi-erijilcnt of llm Wiishliijfloi.
ninwiilcii, Mr. Ali-I'Diinid Ih nn old
Oiilnrio iiiii'Roirymun well m-quainted
"iiy.t Ihi- vvi 11 n.*' It! r,d t<i' nr! n-j>
rcMmt.'itlvoH Ui this scclh.ii next yciir
!n •n-i-'iiivh rifliimhuwa Tin-- I.kivjvm
corinlnlv will bo tfln-J l» nee tliem
horo In tho Hiulii','  *
Thin p.ipor bhull contlmie to nice
upon Un rcmloi'H Urn iiilvMiiUi^ef) ol
fruit (fi-nwln-jf and veRi'table (rarilim-
inc In the rc-xion Ho-iinnr Vi rni«,   A
Firo at Morrissoy
Last Thursday mornin*-: tbo Miners'
hotel and Millers' laundry nt Morrissey
Mines wero totally destroyed' by lire.
Tho lire was'discovered about 2 o'clock
in-.tho morning- bur beforo assistance
could be had tho building-a . were
smoking ruiiiB. Nothing- is known as
lo the origin of the.firo. Mr. Joe Gall,
the former tenant had moved 1 out the
previous day, and T. Whelan and
Grant Downing- were prepain<*- to move
in. The hotel was a well built etruc-
turo 60 x 80 feet, two stories high and
cost approximately ?10,000. Insurance
to tlio extent of 55,500 was carried ou
buildiug- and contents.
Politics in the Air
■Hon. Richard McBride stopped off at
Cranbrook on Monday and.spoko for
oyer an hour at a public meeting' which
was well .attended hy people of all
TJHrtie"S7^II"e-spok"8"up"on" iliB-financial"
From tlie l.oatli-r.
Miss Niclnilson of  Fort   Steel   will
succeed Miss lit'unlon as teacher in the
Moyie school.
Mrs--. If. Cameron and ,, baby were
visiting with friends m Cranbrook the
first of the week.
The definite information that Mr.
James Cronin is to remain as manager
of the Si. Eugene is good news for
Moyie, '"
Mrs. Cronin left Thursday for Rossland and Spokane,* She intends bringing the children, who' are attending
school; home for Christmas.
Last Saturday was payday at tlu* St.
Eugene mine and $20,000.was distribute!, amongst the men. „The town was
lively as a result and business has been
brisk ever since.
affairs of tho province and other mat
tors bf g-oneral'intorcst. Some private,
'caucus'iiif* was indulged in and political'
fence buiiditia: waa attended to. All
these thhiffsjeem.to confirm the rumor
that'an tlocfiOH wiirbo'called after the
coming session but wo-do. not take
much' stock in those Speculations and
will believe in an olection when it is
ofllcially announced.
Whelan Bros, havo prepared a most
inviting' menu for their Christmas dinner. The Napanee will koep up its
well earnod reputation as a caterer to
those who lovo1 'gooil':thlii|j;-i' to eat.
Whllo Tom' Wholnn is| a kind of n
perambulating advortinomont ef the
good living to ;be had at his hott-l, he
don't dopond on the walking
sign altogether. The 'proof of the
pudding Is in tho eating thereof nud
the pudding al the] Nnpimeo nn Ninas
will bo as good as all tho balance of tho
The Lkixiru extends Christmas ■jreet-
ing to tlm Napaneo and hopos thai
many nioro of the sains kind of dinners
may lie enjoyed at that groaning board.
From tlie Frank Pupur   • * *
4       '
Attorney T. B. Martin transacted legal  .
business at Fernio Tuesday.
L. M. Johnstone, attorney of Loth-
bridge, was iu town yesterday ou le*-.--.!
business. p
F. II. Sherman, of Feruie B. C., trail- -*
saeted business in Frank yesterday.  0 •
. Sergeant J. S. Piper, of tho Macleod
Monday in Frank.''' '     '
^ A big hoisting euginofor the Blue
Boll mine at Pilot Bay passed through
Frank Tuesday.
- Peter Patterson, of Fernie, isavlsltor    -
iu Frank today.       -.*'■'
, C. II." Priniroie, of Macleod, super*
iutendont of N. W.' M. P. is iu Frank:
today on olllcial-business.
W. Gibson iB putting up n small saw*
mill at Koutinol which willsoon.be in
opt-ration.' Mr Gibson will get'his timber above lhe MoLm-pii tract,
John Collar, an employe at tho Frank
mine, at noon today was caught between
two mine cars and liiid his leg broken.
lie was taken to the hospital where tho
fracture wus reduced aud ho ia now
routing cusily.
J. II Sutherland, hotter known to
hockey players as "Dan Putcli," who
for the past two seasons played with tb
cup winners of Nova Scotia, Is flpondin-jj *
a few days In Blairmoru, after which hu
will go to Winni'ie,* to join a team iu
thai cily,
U. M. W. of A. Convention,
A specinl cnnvcnlion of Dist. No.   18
United Mine Workers of Aiuericn was
held in lho miner's union hull here to
day.   The following oflirt-r-.  mid dele-
gules being prc.ienl:
F. II. Sherman, presidenl; J. M.
Ilowbrnol-, secrelnry, and delegate1* J,
Scverns, of Mnrriisey: Jinncs Uoiiglas,
I'riink; Kohl, (iourliy, Lilly; James
V.Tj.li'.y, Hclluviiej Honry Gales, Cnli«*
man; F. W. Swain, Michvl; John Galvin ii nil Hopkins Evans, Foinh'i An*
drew I'rnzrr, t'nnmore jiihI Junius
Dean, llankhcad, Dclegalci fniin
'I'nhor nnd Iauibrcck ure expuuicd, but
luiv,*. not yi-l arrived,
The iiii'Otlng ivni iiiljonrnod nt i!,i,o
ihis nfieriionn to nuvt tomorrow innrn*
ing.it iji.m. Very Important hiiMiiiw.
is lo bo i-onildcrcd and (In* deU'i'iiies
will probably hi; in llm cily for sovornl
Coal Crock.
Hi'i'Mnl t-'Tiir. LKmiKii,
Tho new tipple Btcnis to bo In bet
tor work Inir order now,
Tho debt on tlm Method lnt ehtirch
lins bncii wh»cil out by tho goimrositv
ut h utmci ibon*.
.fames Lightly, rx|M'Cts to lenvo on
Tl iii-Mlny lor Ridley, wlwroho iutnk*
Ing iiji land for mixed farming-.
;ii..i*. IiiniiKiiii in iiiK-Mjiinj ii/in in*(*u
ontrMBi'il to lerich here,' tnklntr thn
pluee of Mr TxsttH, who has resigned
On Monilnv night nt Urn MethodItt
Clmreb, MrJam.'*) Lightly tins tho
fttotit o( the o.vciitng iir.d in v< c^ n\A
VtllM tllU Iluilllll
The Corbin road will soon   bo
from Yahk lo Uonncrs I'erry.
Jinncs Ryan and IJ, IJ. Murphy nro
the mcuihcr.s of lhc liivnse cum mission,
and Ii, II. Short and James Crccr aru
the niciiibiTi. of ihu pulire i-onimissioii.
wilh Mayor Uo^vri ub (.hairman of
Allan S. Nicholson, manager of lho
Sash iv IJoor lunipany, will leave on
Snturiliy for VVulurdown, Oni., for 11
short vldil lo his home. Mr. Nicholson N one of thc youngest but ino.t
Mi.Yi'Mtful busiiii'ss uieii, and populnr
as he iutucic'ssftil.
IJ. II. Sl.ilcr, mul Mr-., Slater will
sinn for Wjticrdown, Out,, on Miunliiy
nuxi, llcforo marling, it is poutiblo
lluit Mr. Sinter may have diiposod of
hi*, interest in tin,'steam liiuiidry hen',
with wbirb he bin been roiu'eriiod al*
most from ill inceplion.
The f.nuf Knoii'nay Lumber com*
pany has lind some bard luck ihe p-.si
week ni» Ur. Warnoih,  thu vi-lt-riiiiuy
,       H.i>      4 41ilip,-Ui.M       lu   hill
.   J" v'1.4.   4,l,|i(„4,lj  '*   |'|4l|-,k..S  U^ill^
Illl>|'i4 ll'J
■wu 't!.V t'.'i' ri upnn the [.uj4ii>.b 1 f th- ! ''Vi)'   ' ^Y-'M\[* M.t.'le-»J,
. 1 . '•   - r ni'li, 1* ( r, .i- .it M/, h.-l,
•il-ni 11, » t'|'     r • r. . .i'.l.'il ' '
1   4*'
«     Jlll-IJllHlil    t
iltdcat of llii'ir bi-jithcni in fbr-  w**-«ir,
-mil *><'.j. hlui on UU way i-j-JvIcIiij;.
]'•! liiniiiri al M n IiimJ,
1 i'.-b.  7 J-'.'iui ■ ;il t'lik-niiin,
!..:-.   1, i.l.iii.j.. j.- .it I'uiiic,
»■'••'>. 1 j \|.iil«uJ .0 Mi. hi-",
, I ■ b. 1,5, M.n ho I ni Firiiii-,
1 »... 1 ^ d„ ii, 1 <>( (7...ui.ui,
'f,',   t; f" :- • '■,'■ - r*4» ,-v,
ii-4.if. 17 Mtulcihl.tt Pun lur t a.':.
txifti fiuit crower li» wiiih nioro Uj
thu country tlmi.a jkk.i-i^litlcljiii nr tio|| of W| v«lpiilile nt-rvloia to thu
uirri*» Inwyi-r*) or ibn'ti.i-<.    In fact, lr.-tu»n ,111 nddrfsi nrromp.inl'*! by a     Th.* 1
(o nu inilbie.ili of glanders. The dc.id
bi*-r'4*< Mcr*-- pil-*-.! on 11 bmicli of Aty
togs .md totally cousiimi'd.
Miss |1i-li*linv*». Willi   lias-   sni^nt    Ilii*
summer ns the gtieit of Mi is Al'mo
Moffat, lift Ian Sattird.iv for her homo
in IViiibnikc, Ont, Dining Iter May
in Cranbrook Miss Dellahnyo Ims
made im-iiv warm friendii who bop*.*
lhat she may ii-ltirn to Cranbrook for
.mother visii.
1 (b.it h.ii K-cn  i,.ii4;J by
h.lsi-f (ftsii 1n-iifj f.-a'.t -.il!! ilrivo'rnse fi|f.!lv(-r, nm. n liJitiils'ijiio tr.i- JR**'- Vonutw mi ,i house pl.mt is muv
iiiunv bud iitlln out of fbn mnrkct. i vHerirmntmriloii wi-ro prcsi'iitfil to on displ.iy in ihe wimlow of\VB F. Tnt«
„      t    '. .     , ..,'.,,,„'   jldin-   OlI»Tt'i1t« fr.'iu I'tiv.ito i*>ur-1^*- .s,>n, .u-J ii is,« !v.n.iy.   The jVomw
nnd tho iimrkftt »'Kti»i'd'» lo th« m«., Mr Ll-jMly will ho ervnth ivUcA\ tx U pr.1b.1hty ibw* only  k-mo.i  ever
Tlu* I'l-j'Ttutmy w .*ii"-.itiiir; i.*1** tti-} l.tto, nUuo hi* Jan i.ikt-ii/tn ni-iivi1 ji.ii»idiu tnup.uj of ihe touuiiiut die
ttt't'f. IiU   Ci-uwn,-,  fucli ou:   ttiviihitTi'it IritlKjnf'r.'inceitlCtUoiChai'cU rf['.*',ln*,; 't.ij;-; and Mr, foi tunc tuluv.
Kiltmce it.
illy ittls jusi u lilllc proud of his feat. "v™."'"™    TTTTf*
-    v^x *       ..%--    * - £  "r"* -1 £   *.> ^1^*4.^-    *^-4-. .*-   . *      *   I fc-I *^i**        i       *"•
yw^gy 7'*it:■";v, •,**; "j" ■ ,
-,>-j-4-:k;,-;!,;r:„]..\'7,';;.'- '"'-x.sVw''""':,*-"
,.,*:**.1.^ iVT-.y--:.'
-7  ''-7:*A?:'^;
7l;x%~ *~\Ji.i . 'i-.^
--   s 7'  .-'■ -: ,-,, * vJSS
The Fernie Ledger
1 Issued every Wednesday from office of T>nb
lioation, corner of Wooil St. and Baker* Ave .
Fernio, British Colurabia.
allowed to be obangpd -when desired, without
extra charge)
J.5U per inch, per mpntU
Special position, bd% advance
toy. discount when plates are furnished
(sot In nonpariel, 12 lines mako an inch.) '
Auction Sales, Entertainments, Tondersi, l.e-
. gal Notices etc., 10 cents a line, first insertion,
* If yon, ycur friends or relatives suffer-with
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus* Dance, or Falling
Sickness, write for a trial bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to This Leibig Co.,
179 Kin-' Street, W.,- Toronto, Canada.' AU
druggists sell or can obtain for you.
ii splits a line each subsequent insertion,
tost,Found, For Sale, To Let. Rent or Ex-
.change, one cent a word, each insertion
On back page among locals, 12i cents a lino
On front page umong locals, 20 cents a   line
It occurring amongst our subscribers, free; all
others Su cents enoli inBertion. Card-i of congratulation, condolence or thanks, obituary
poetry etc, lixts of gue»t» and wuilding presents, 10 cents a line (nonpariel), each insertion.
without ohango, one inch or undor, U a woiith
Any further information desired can bo had
on application to the manager.
Llfo  Insn-'anco.
An Ottawa dispatch appearm**? in
Btimo of our oxciifttigfes indicates a desire in some quarters to bead off an
official investigation into tho insurance affairs of this country, It is said
that thia talk about investigation is
liubleito create a panic amongst policy holders and result in , many people forfeiting their policies.
This is exactly tho kind of rot that
was doled out to the public by the m-
■urance managers and trust manipulators in New York. They were very
solicitoufl about poor people , losing
their premiums already paid into the
hands of these fellows who have
proved beyond doubt the main spring
of their solicitude. So Iar, however,
the only panic to appear, is that
among the officers and directors, who
$eem very desirous just now of disappearing from public view.
Policy-holders in the United .States
are not dropping their policies, and
this nonsense, emanating from Ottawa
will hhi-dly allay suspicion, rather it'
will tend tb increase buch a feeling if
already existing.        fc>
An impartial, "thorough search into
the affairs and methods of Canadian
lite insurance companies'will hurt no
hones'ly conducted business and will
fix these companies upon a .oui.d:.-
_tioii-of-Solid i-ock.-if_it7.can„bc_sliown_
Gifts for Girls
tliat no trust tinkering nepotism has
been "practiced iii the past: Policyholders w ill not bo scared by such
action. .,        *   '       ;
The trouble in Now York has boon
that surpluses have been entirely roo
large, and policy-holders will benefit
by having these big surpluses distributed te thorn, a result ..which won't
hart any one except tho fellows who
were using them for their own benefit.
n   /i
All the evils unearthed by. the Now
York investigation are the results ol
tco great a surplusage, not of too
small a ono,
Thou. W. Lawson was correct when
he stated that - life insuranco costs
25 to 40 per cent too much, and the
too much Is what hns made rascals of
the onicialu und managers who had
it to h'indlo. There is no justification
for charging such prices as havo been
charged and tho result is bound to be
11 reduction in rates, Mr. Lawson
advises all to hold on to wh.-t insurance thoy have but states,,Unit rutca
are sure to como down, nnd in the
light uf what ho staled before the in-
vcBtlgutlnn began it mubt be conceded that hu is pretty near correct.
To Buy Large Tracts in Texas.
St. Paul,. Minn.,"—It is reported
here on the best of authority T that
the Northwest Colonization Co., one of
• j the, largest land companies • operating
in Western Canada, have disposed of
theirlioldings in that country and nest
year will operate in Texas, where they
have secured extensive tracts   of   land.
R. A. Robertson, president of the
company, has been in the south for
some time, il lis understood, with u
view of closing u deal for the southern
The Northwestern Colonization Co.,
have bought and sold over one million
ncres of land in Western Canada and
rank,next to the Manitoba, and Saskatchewan Valley Land Co., as the
largest land concern in the   Dominion.
F. H. Mitchell, manager of the Winnipeg offices of the Northwest Colonization Co., was seen by,a reporter for the
Tribune this morning, but could not
confirm-or deny the report.
'I have heard that Mr. Robertson
was in the south with the object of acquiring land there,' he stated, 'but 1
cannot say anything further.'
'1 have also heard that a deal was
pending fur the disposal of the company's holdings in Western Canada, but
whether or not this has gone through
1 am also in the dark.'
All sales in connection with the Northwest Colonization Co., are put through
at St. Paul, the Winnipeg ofiice merely
being the headquarters at which collections are made.* Should the company
open up another new field in Texas local real estate agents anticipate the
withdrawal of ses'eral minor companies
in Western Canada to follow lhe wake
of the larger firm." >
This is the company of which Mr. 0.
A. Robertson,, F. G. Barrows, Mr.
Lynch and other officials of the. Elk
Lumber Company of this place are officials. Mr. Robertson, president of the
two companies and Barrows are the
the timber and millsile now owned and
operated by the Elk Lumber Company.
The Northwest Colonization Co., are
well equipped with capital and experience to make the Texas land business
a success. -
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TOGO, BLOCK/Sherlock: Holmes  and
all the latest games. *    ■■ ■
BOYS' OWN ANNUALS and Standard
.   works :of Travel  and  Advent-
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MOUTH ORGANS.    '"     ./'
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PUCKS.     .- ■   7 ;' "
HOCKEY STICKS, all sixer*.
Gifts for Women
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Goods in these lines.    Triplicate
- Mirro'is for dressing tiibles from
'$2.00 to $20. "
beautiful assortment at Eaotoru
prices,' .,     ''-,'*'
'   -' '       A /■    ,    '
- r50eto.$7 00."
JEWEL CASKETS, 7oe to $14.00.
VASES,  ART1-6TTERYAND  JARDINIERES.    A great  range  in
stylo and price.    -,,
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List'your Property with   TU-,,
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Property for Salo, to Rent or. Exchange,  .
Rents colloctod,  Employment furnished. '
Ferulis to Have Plnnt.
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
I. 0, -s^JL-JtS, 0. F.
Meets   ev ry   Friday evening at   8
p.m. in l.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Buck, P.G..R.S.
L. P. Eckstein
Bai*hi8ti-ii-at.La*<v,   Soijcrron,   Etc.
Cii'lil-ur. llloclt, Fcmlc, U, O.
F. C. Latoe
Pofit Oilico Block. Furnle. B. C.
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. E. Todd   ,
■ MOEBIB      FI-AJSTO   '
Excursioh Rates East
flcriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Oflico in rear of How jVooh Blook, .Pernio, B,0,
"RourTdtri pA8 TnmilfiiTlfmitT Toronto"
Montreal .and principal points in Ontario arid ".Quebec. CorreBpondiujr rates
to "all points in Maritime Province,
New York and*New lEugtnnd, on sale
Dec 4th to 31st.
Fordetailediiuformation, flm-class or
Tourist sleeper reservation*-, apply to
local agents or write J. S. Cakteh, D. P-
A .Nelson.B.C.
Is the place to take the
Great Northern' train
to Spokane/ time 12'
* hours; to Seattle .24
.hours; to Vancouver 32
£7)e MiwtvaUan  ffiotel
The .Place to Stop ..
Special.Attention Given to Local Tourists
'    OWNER   AND    PROPRIETOR    ,    •
flaovi'teMp ffunctiony 33., C.
. C. MAJOR & CO.
New York Stocks, Bonds and Cotton.
W. It. ItOHB J. 8, T. Ar.KXAM'1.11
Ross & Alexander
Oniee In Ij, T. W. llloolc, Vk'torli Avium*.
"Tli-iro i.s a bi(r, new company for
making carbide just coinploicJ, and il
embraces prominent huiinesa men in
dill'erciH parts of Canada who will provide a capital of $250,000 lo work on,
and it In undurslood that a (jicul reduction in prices will result, Carbide
now costs $70 nut a ton, and tliis coin*
pany, iiccordliip to report is R*oli*->- to
ntuke il cimy n^ (50 retail. IMunts will
be cri-ctod ut Kernie, . I), C, or ucar
llicre, nnd in Onlario and (Jul'Iicc
])v(ails hnvo been in ranged, but the
Utmoht st-nccy i*. m-i'iifcMcd as to tlicir
tiniiiru,    It ii a fai-t llial jirriin^uiiii.'i)ls
lmve bten inuku with Jontpli Hii.slkk
iliJinaj;t'r of ilir carbide works- of iIk1
Unilcd Allfiill Coinpnny, nn I;nj.r|kh
conipitnv willi $40,000,0110 cupiiiil, lo
conn* nut lii'i-e from  Snmlipnrl,   i!.o\'.,,
to liiln* cliiii|;o of tin- new businetn, and
lio is i-xjiccioJ to arrtvo lure ixfore
Till* ri^nintini'    il   '.-•   t'.l,^    |.-,i1	
(vvvrnl Toronto capliiilisu, who fee':
iili-oiutt-ly hiu^ of (beir nl-ility willi
liiimc new p/iuvjis of icdiuiiiK llie cost
Pl'riirblik' hy over jo pvr ivul."
Tin* iihin* jippi-ari-d In tha Tcrinili'
Woild of ilie and in»t
ilvrc i« 11 ctianci* for our Imnnl to
tr*\iti lodcnioiiHtniie Iiml il l*still nYi.c
tf Vi-rrte  *.'Ht   s<\)X   ui-.l   iJn«<   rotliirn*
j.ill:» III!'.' I' I.- l',.l ,' 4, ,1; ,.. ;,!.. . ■;,.
*,!,.,■>:•■•  <., ;,:»     .    I   ■'        .    .■■. ...
tiMij K* ii«.iU*vi iii,.iirj »iiic lite rnii.'f
J. Barfoor), l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L, T. W,   Hlock,   opposite tho  Dank
OIIIiia lionr^-H iv.in, to f) 11.m,
W, J, Wriglesworth, D, D, S.
Oi-ricK Hduiimi (ltd 111 n,m„i to dp, 111
nillciiln Alox. Ilnclc'u Jtlnuk
ovur HIiiiii'h fluknr.v.
1'KItNIi:,      ~      -      -    -       -0.0,
OiThv : Moil, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
FfcHNiB—1 IJriiisli Colunibiit
(liiilf. ii'iNHvvr K<il«fin Hmiillf-rl
flnlil. Sllvor or TiOitil p'U'li         *t m
< .il'l'ir JUi      Uul l--.ilvi-r kI.W
(!liiiMi4« fnr (itlicr 11111 hi < on uti]i||'..iitlon
I'.O.Iirnwurlli-Jl J'hoiu AM
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Private Wire.   Continuous Quotations,
J, F, MARION, Manager, NELSON, B. C.
Corruu-ionilcijco Holloltuil ->
,-cji**ri03sr j^j\.siqxj
Crow's  Hcs-a:   Spsclal
rVJJnor'B Favorite ClRars.
Ths Comfortable Way
Himil Down *
" ltoivil Up
S.fi.l a m
Lv,     Kornlo
Arr. fl.OO p m
10.1211 m
810 p m
12 80 p ni
0,10 p m
7.4ft p in
P.rti) p m
7,3n 11 m
0.*-l p m
D.00 A ill
.     Bmittla
8,00 p 111
8 'B11 m Arr   Vancouvru
Lv 4.00 p m
t.-in p ni
Arr     St. Puul*
l.v 5,00 p m
Wally oxiiopt Minilny
*.(**! j.7)    *JisjMJJiJ.h+~*iL
l'VinUi, If. O.
Toaohai' of lho Piano
(I.iKcliiiUi'kiiy JlutlmJ)
A tlinroti-irh Iruiniiifffruuri'd iiarh pupil
muss Rociiroar,
IV.rnlo, II, O,
»'.>.,«• of V4.i>-i,-. ii,-,,:» f'.,v,a.«,Mt>iH*-i*i'ini.|:
'■■'-■. ..   I,. -. '   „.-    j ;   ,    ...    V,.,   l..l|,:,J'lor.
..--.   ,'   '..    ...   . .....    , ..-  .?
Terms on Appllcut.on.
I THE   ^S .
OP 8TUDY    ^mCAsi^i
I Tho mothod of propnr-
1 ln« tho Btool nnd torn
1 poring lm our ox»
| oluolvo ooorot     si#sw max*
VOU Of T >rtwS)^*, iw«
■HAVING        jOSwT     rZTiiM
for liut/tttrDi   *•
OakiitH Str/ifi, fll.flfl,
tm Uoiiuti "iiuiti 10 btunn.'
]'g  -tall- ul
**•" M
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
l'fti- ilotnllad Information, bdrtli r«»or*
viitlorm, oto,, cull 011 or lul'lroiin
Hi I., lll.AOKHTONK,
Dec. 4th to  31st
Tho Great Northern
Railway Will Sell
FirstClass Round Trip
Excursion Tickets
and Principal Points in Ontario and Quebec.
Corresponding Rates to
all Points in
Maritime, Provinces, New York and New
Xmas. ^Presents
See our line of Hawkes Cut Glass
"It Stands Alone"
"The   Best *kade"
.  ■.ncaSSB'.. iffy**ninn»»__.
Not in the same class asf other cut irlass.
•..','* 1
See our window for Some of It.
A. C.   LIPHARDT, Jewelor Ss Optician.
For i.otollo'. inforiimtioii apply to
Fernie, U. C.
«lMSlM<i'!!tli3<!WB'!:wliti.l.* JJUH
no v^Tlll7n»,*
Traoc M*nK»
Jlnr»m«««ni1li4» » attttrh nn.t AimnlpOtin rnnf
qntoklf uiwuin our otfntr.ri fr«. vb.ihtr til
..nt tine. (IXitu »fMiflr fftf •tt>urint MltttU.
New Crop Now tn Mock
lli-mo Drown mul Iniportad
O. 11..-KN, FIltM) mul I'LOWRR BKKDH
WlmluHnlo nml Hut nil
HlncUl I'rlr.e. (0 Ki\ri-i.or'» ItutltutM
TIi««iii«4mI« nf  Wnill   (iliil   flmnmfliitnl Triinu
UllOlll./'llIll IIIII1J, IljUMI'l', (J.'(4|4ll.ll>lltU<
uui] UsrtXy riitiiti
now growing In my imr»erlou for
,        RprlrtR pUntlng
^itllii'li vuctid i/l i<jHK. Vi HHl-n i-U-iiljl
, Improved Senvtoo to
Noi'th Paolfio   oisat.
Loavo Nolson 7 n. tn.
vlu Hlnonn l.mUa
Apr Vanoouver 11.50 a.m.
One night: en route
New equipment
Coaches, First Class
and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
of the
■* •- nllord you .   .
Tho Prlvaoy of Your Homo-Vim Comfortu of a Olub-Tlin Luxui'lo*. ol
a lira, ultit-n llutol.
Dully butwodtiHt. I'uul, Mliinmi|i'illn. J'tiiint Huinul nml li,tirmo<llitlo point*-;
I'or ilotiillbii lultiin.ii.Llou, rutiM, dtti,, nail on
H. O.YKIlllKH,A,il, ]• A.
H, H, DiiUntii rnilU from Hoiittld fur tliu Orlmit Vw, IHtli imi,
H, S, Mlr.tw.i-ttu mill! Iniin Kmillln [o'tliii Oilcnt full, l«t, lU'Vl.
. .     ,   rtWl lf,K«»ll MW4B hVis,t*0H**
IH'WJ witXu, wltfeMIt «Ji«f*», M Ui«
Sciciitiffc jJimertcML
jH-«ii«->Rj.:riiJ«*fr««i«i *#«mr, 'i,«rmi»t nr-
i-*.l«ttott or »nr »oJ.fiii(lB tnarnu.  Vim Ml ■
I OlUW, iUVmU Vtm*UXl*\t», li.0-
Atlantic S. S. Agency
All lines represented
Through Tlokots
Tu or from nil pnlntit in
Great Britain
Italy, etc.
at lowest rates.
SAMUEL MAY&.CO, Ask for Cliristmns S.iili..jjs.
^    Jwt^isIA
■SiitVfif (patent
102 * 104,'
Vnii«<niiv«r. II.O.
3010 W.«i*iilimt.r Itoml,
Ladlot and Qlr.a I
Wo will help you uecure tliln Lovaly Fur Soarf,
Dindo from uulcctiid full fuircd skins, of Rloh
Dlaok Coney Pur. neriTly ISO inched Iti letigth,
^noinrnt^^   ii*I|Ii  li*-*"*  fi**-  ♦"'If,   ii'it   t.,.,r-t,   w,v.,.**
c1m.ii, Miwt wann will conifortalile, am] ii'imie iu
the very lali-jit atyle. W* aeo a ncllabl* Com.
pany, and we want Rood truitwotlliy ngenU to
Introduce Cir«od Hope Vegetable rills into every
iiome, W* rsqulro no money In urivanod, just
scud us your naiiie And mldret.» at onea nml we
will send you Eight Boxaa of our Famous R<t.
n-itdlei, Sell lliem nl 25c j er hor, and when we
receive the money for the I'iJLi which wo uIUm-juI
For commie** Infomstl^n «| j.ly
(l> llWNl   ««MI*
It. KtsAlnit
Aiji-iit at Fi-miii,
J H.t-nrtitr.lM'.^.,       il 4.1V.>«., •..U.I'.A.
you iinmediiilely nfter j-ou hsvc m,1J the -fl?, worth
tion* o( the Wood, * »j4endid Tonic' und  Life
and tUiuuul ihi- tuuii^y, wc will then j.iuaij.ily
jiend you your Fur Ocurf. Our GornJ IIojjc IJilfs
are * Grand Remedy for nil weal: and Impure coi'dl
Iltiildtr, They are emy to tell, and are iu great
ilcraand, Don't m!aa thia opportunity to secure this- Cfaaant
Fureesrf.   WHta to.rfay. *
" coon hopc neivtcoy Co. o»pi. -::. moktrcal, cah.* .«wa,m-a
^., .1111 ,n ^ m '. .     , I . - -. - -
.  ■_ *v?"  i^r.'tV'i
j- i    -7* -*~. -j.";-*.S"
■•>"*-  '-%,'     ,-.iVr'^
* • ". .A*1
7J£B-V*   "
V 0
■   /.■   ' '-'
Akamtua is Ne w Oil TownTB. 0.
(Spokesraan-R.view) -
J. Gloyn of Spokane, manager of the
" South-west British  Columbia' Lund. &
"Oil company of The Dalit's, Ore., oper-
.    attng iri tH'fc British" Columbia oil. fields,
is in the city.    He said:       7   '_ ..;"'..
''The different-companies operating
in this new oil field are doing well. Oper-
-.    ation^ comertced   October 15;    Since
then 17 miles of wagon road have been
completed, over which lhe boring   machinery is being taken!   The company
has one Standard boring rig in  the
field ' ** ';
"Buildings for the accommodation of
men and for housing machinery are
completed. A sawmill will be in oper-
atioi.'ii. a few days sawing lumber for.
the derricks, and for the building operation in the new town of! Akatiiina.
This new town was brought-.inlo existence by the influx of people coming
1 into the field looking for business locations, ,   ,,
. , Practical oil men, chiefly from Indiana arid Kansas are acquiring holdings
with the intention of development them..
"The first drill to commence operations in this field, the opening of which
was made a political  matter and  was
the cause of throwing out of power the
goveruient of British Columbia, will be
,   that of the Southwest British Columbia
,  Land & Oil Company, which will com-
rneijjpe dropping inside of two weeks.
It will require about 60 days to bore to
the third oil sand, which is from 900 la
j loo feet deep.
*'  ' " - >
^ .,. - OIL    ASSURED  HE SAYS.
"There is no question as to the existence of oil, thc only point debatable
■ being ihe extent of the yield.
The point selected for the first operations is in the southeast corner of British Columbia* *
"Two months ago an ancient Indian
trail was the only sign that a human
being had ever penetrated  the forests.
To-day a  wagon road   connects   the,
>   Crow's Nest railway line wilh the Great
-,  Northern.    Stringsof   four and   six
horse teams are hauling machinery and
provisions1 to Akamina, the new Mecca,
"The Rocky Mountains company  of
, .  Calgary and the Western Oil "company
'   of  Vancouver, have each  brought  in
wells.  -The former has a small refinery
'  In operation, and is selling the oil at
$12 a barrel.
"A large and up to dale refinery will
.- be erected,   capable   of, handling, ihe^
. -; product of the whole field.
- '^Spokane is taken the leading part
in opening up this district."   ,
Phllosopbloul    aiid   Otherwise.
";-" Sam Jones has been stirring Indiana
.-■to tha .Irejrs with a brand* of pulpit or-
' atory that bites.   At oue place a woman
said tb hlra:
•'Nobody olso could talk like you do,
•  Mr. Jones; thoy would be lyuched."
"Well," said Jouos, "if nobody .can
talk that.way but me, I ought to be tit
it, should I not?"
'.Well,''she said, "you ouffht not to
talk tha way you do." ,
Jonas replied:
7"Sl8tor, I hnva been paid sometimes
.  as much aa 8100 aii hour to talk the way
I do; and if I talked tho way you do I
•ouldn'tjjet 10.cents."   .
(.peaking of the uselessness of being
fich nnd mlsorablo, Mr. Jones said: .
"I hove been hunting fbr some follow
for thirty years that could lind some
thing that would beat doing right,' and
I never struck but ono. I run upon
him a little later, and hn said: 'The
tiling has busted back,'. (Laughter.)
Tho bast thing a follow over did is to
dn riRht to Btart with, and just keep on
dnlng rlg-ht. Nothing "will bent , that.
Tho money you lose hy doing; right is
no loss to you. It would bo tho hold
i.ifffl of a rascal If you'got |t by doing
•wrong, :\Vhat do you want with Unit
sort of money? A mnn don't nood much
-' winnoy. There Ihii'C much d{ffur->nc.i in
-being rich and lining poor, Tho phil-
oeojvlier is yet to be born who can say
which is tlio best uBtiitu—to be hungry
as a dog, and hnvo nothing to out, or
uD A."   •»
Wearing-quality should
b« the chief consideration
-in selecting silver-plated
tableware—and  then
comes beauty in design.
Plate  from   Diamond
* ■ HalTs 'own factory practically equals solid silver
, in its effect, both-as to  *.
durability and artistic'
. .merit.
For $3.00 we will send
prepaid one dozen teaspoons Ln a favored Old
English pattern.-
have tho colic from  eartin-;  too   much
Which would you rather have, thecolif
or nothing?   Onn has got nothing  and
tho other something that ia worrying
him.." *
•Rev. Wm. A. Qu.iyl«, D. D., of Chi*
cago,*>wii8 asked to go up to the ■ little
Gorman colloge town of Albion', Mich.,
and lecture on the idolized German poet
Goethe. The Germanicists who secured
Dr. Quayle's services didn't know what
they were doilig. '.'Liar," "thief,," ami
"devil",were a fow of the choice epithets
applied to "Gerty" by the Methodist
divine, while tne in;i8terpieco of the poet, "Faust" was literally torn to shreds.'
"Goethe could depict a devil because
he was himself u devil," cried,the lecturer. '■".'"' A,
, "Ach.Gott im himmel," muttered
Profcisoj.- Johannes Zedler of' tho college.' '* *" ' *' ' - ' '■■ '
"Goethe, like the devil, was an oln-
gant gentleman, very attontiyo to the-
Indies, self poised, carried'a.cane, had
no moral code; was never ashamed, and
made a business of vivisecting womau's
heart."-      -   *" '.' .;■[,        ■ -: .*...-'   -
"Donner und. blitzen,?' whispered
Professor Frederick* Lutz who sat in
the audience of students svlio had been
taught'that GoeiheVas almost worthy'
of worship,
"Goethe is tho God- ofrtho-cultured,
but he" has no _ heart. Goethe* -was
icilv intellectual,a-man without.a conscience, a man who never laughed, who
never smiled—only leered' liko Muphis-.
tojihelos, tho devil, wliiuh„\vas thia devils portrait.''  ...   y    . ,_
"Doune'rwetter/ * siioi-ted Profeesor
Zedler, reaching for his hat ahd leaving
the hall. .'-.-_• .".   .
■ The lecture of Dr, Quayla sllrrod the
colloge sottliiinout almost to a frenzy,
and some of tho boy*- wero mad enough
to burn the Methodist church that night.
And whilo wo are speaking of Moth-
odist pastors, the Uov. XV. i. Mooro ot
Norinau, Oklnhoma, should not bo for-
gotten. Ono night a windstorm I'limn
along, located his church edifice, picked
it up aiul threw it downab is tho custom
of windstorms in Oklnhoma. Tho Insurance coinpnuy pnld tho full amount
ot Its policy, without question. Uov
Mr, Mooro took jaii-snnul clim-go of the
work of repairing nnd rebuilding the
tho duiu-h,Jand when tho work was
finished he had uoaily 8)100 loft. Whcu
ho took tills back to the ngenlof the lu
suranco couipany and laid it eim-fully
0;i his dodk no If that woro tho propi'v
and recogulzi'd pi'ocudui'o lu such
cuhoo, the hurdeiiod liiHimince mnn
promptly fainted, A few more such
iiiHliinceH us that mid tlio church in
Nonnnu is|llkely lo llom-isli uxcuudlugly .-Ux.
• tfevnie, '$. C.
tt 1
Davey & Laderoute
:     FERNIE \
'■     ■":"%.   iy
—■—-     - ■•%*•      ■■- ■ — _,
Is,a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Philip" Carose!
-THE KOMF.-OF'-''     ,.
HA.TKS   ?2.50   PER   DAY
.''Thos. Poguc,   a*?.-   j)1 • Proprietor
General Merchant
in 7^.
1 s **->(
■piirooi^p -paMtitpt
UULOOsi'i-vji -uUil f:LOl-
nwirnimni ■ h>-»m nri 1 im ,mii i^i^m
Hov;  Many Beans in
he iar?
'¥ lPk\
% %-y
igid OpticSesii
1 *
"AS  a.Guessino-Contest now on.    A glass jar, filled with Beans, and  sealed,'
every purchaser of goods- to the value  of. One
given a guess,    uach additional Dollar means an* additional guess,
IAS a.Guessmg Contest now o
is.placed in our window, and c
Dollar, is.given a guess.    Eac
THE raiZE Is a 0©Ss3 ^atsSi-vaSusd nt $25.0(5
, fop estu1iea• LasSy op S8j4i6hea[i!a5a   .
i;  TTVIT-JE Stock of Jewclery suitable for Christmas Presents and a lot of Novelties  in  \
\  1-     Gold, Silver and Bronze.    Call in and examine our handsome display. \
■ •
C.'C Wright, Jeweler asid Optician '.I
'   If you want  lo  buy
or   sell any  mining
stock ;write or wire
We deal in all  min-'
ing  stocks and .will
; be pleased   to  send
*- ■> *-..-   .-"■"**",-
.. ' you quotations. ■
is a mental antidote for the diseases caused
by fear,'ignorance and superstition.
It costs a dollar a year in advance. *
*■ . -j       , *■» p   i'
;;"R. T. LOWERY Nelson B. C.;
1 J ' ^   ' *i .
T&8IE PQLLOGK'-- '■■■
WS!TdE   CO-iy-Ltd,;;
' WbolouiUo Honiara mul
, lilrocit' importei-ri of
r V Scotch -and
*   Irish Whiskey,:
LoikIoii Dry,   -
OSd Tom
and Holland Gin,
£>chli(rz beeii',
Ate and Stout
litut'tmestcr,    .
White and'Reel Port
and White flock.
Huhi iiiwi'.* for Ciiiwvnilii fur       >
Whiriuoi'   Tonlo,  itog  Dostroyor
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
Taken promptly and faithfully aceordlnor to dlroc-
tlont will not only Invariably provont Oonoumption
but will novec fall to euro any of thoso loouoi*
dltoasot which aro alwayo tho fororunnoro of
Oontumptlon,   "
ConsucoiV, May yith, kjki.\.
It sfforAt mo plo.imiro lo i-pen!c of llio nirril-i vt
Piycliino. whicli I fiviinii to lm ;i m.irvcUni.i lonio nml
tliniia biillilor. I wnn tnlten diiwn villi n buA colli,
which DAlltiiil on my lmi|;*j. In hot, I l*i*lliivo I van
never free from 01I.U for months pr<*vlou:i, nnd (riol
4-44-4*4.» {.t f 1*^*  f •- 44* *.-\ *■ -A  r-4..'.-* •> II"  *>,.!. fl * - ,*  ,   ,,l,..r-|.    -,,
*- ' ' '      . .
*«« ri(|iJfirt\m»<l, \mX nlilntticl no rMrf. \ h:iA Xh.w
learned Hint such romodleii nro mr-rcly pnlli-iMvn niul
not curAllva prepnrnltoiitj, IMcihIi Julvhicd ISyclilmt, nml
alter tttkintj* noviiriil buttlns I bccjimu kiiutiil nnA inri'ii^
•fnln. Scores of my fricmU lwivo linen n:o:u\ tmu-i
»«lT<*rin-T ^ih INvdiiiif:, nml I Volnnlnrilv i;ivr pi-m-i-nio!
for the publltaliiin of (liiu tUiUiiicnl,
(Jltoicimi. cum of h-cah .MciitH, ul
Hiinm, lhcmi nnd T,rm. tin woll,
All kltnlH ol Kroili Firtli, lu jcuiion
rroinjit Dollvory.
Glvo iih ji call.
TI.1.. 18.
m' Era fe"
M lit y M ft
ua 1
In FcpessOj,' Us a
Flaasafti '. ^Gimi-a
fop aSS who trav
'neii    :    "—""	
Kccms reserv
ed fey WEre*
T."WB1ELAN-| SlEaiBfflgep
MODKrtN  nroB
T. H.YOUATf, Proprietor.
s  We  wish  our  many  Friends and Customers §
-      A Merry ChristtrrBats     |
4.   ail IIJIIILIII.   Ul    liiiikiy   1 <iiv:iu   V.-WHI    l   itun    44U4.1    q
ihiift.s  Ims   arrived with the exception of one t
ase of Shafts astray at Port Arthur, this we J
UR shipment of Hardy Patent Coal Picks and %
si -  "     '"
look to arrive most any day.
Do you want tlmt Vnncy Lnmp nt your own price ?
Do you  wiuitlhnt $..0.00 Gun for $32,00 Tomorrow ?
%    Tinntnijf nnd PlumhliiK IJopiirimoiU upposito'Sulvsitton Army  Hjirrucks   >
LOll'ire mill S.ik'sroom ut-xi door lo llio KiriK litlwurJ lloii-l. ^
r "y»««"»»«n
twisr-t^m* *m «*
a*mt:Zm.?rm^.vm~*' sawa
'|-*AKKnni|-i'u Unit iii.l'.vit rfior.lntv I Iiiteml
1. In d|i4il v In t Iih I Ion. ('ill', f <'aiiin)l-;.|u!ii rnl
l.'iii'N fl,- \Vnrlf< fur |n'i-inl ..lull I" iiuri'liHiK
llm fullnvvjni* ilimrillioil liin.ii, ('iilnlni.|-.'ilii(
11' tlm Nm I liii.cf nu imi- ii{ I (iil, iM.nlUl,
Kiut Ki.uti.imv lil.iih-i 1 in 1111- Si,mil i„
I'll.li I.HI thiilli.ii Iviut yii-l'iilnni  llli'lli 4-.Villlll 11
I    . I. 1 I 4*-       I 1       ' I I I
«Mii,iiii.)H*i*iiii.|it i.i.iiiiiiiiinj|-JiiiiM'riiii,
l-.,l,,l\t,'  V"\, Y-t.'.
1 .,,  .liim,(I,l.'iimiiiln,'*
U■>a»»<r*?*.*»in*'«w*»i. 'tm^i --.^   1    •   itl
(Pronounritil Si-ltecn.)
Kii'i'ATM OI1 AM'ItKU l>AVti:.S,
MOTIf'H !■» !ii.i..l,i* ultH'i D111I nil |i|in.ini i li,i\-
Alfj-.-J I'.mJ-*. Jriii-iiJ.Mlrl.il. Il.li. 14J,,, ,ij(„|
nn tliu I till Nun-tni i-r, i'.'J.'., iU.<t tn wliu.ii |tr
.l.M.I .»lt.tl-   l.ltll',, tf ,\ lliitl |.|fnt|,,|t   4>cr<
un rim JJinl Nuv.-nilii r, t •*•"• urniili'I < ■ .lolin
|H4l..,, nn.. ii.i|.ii.ptt> J t 1 M'liil iiiirii'-Hl'ir*. nl
Itnlr i**uliii4i In tliu m,.|i-i.li!iii-i| ilnlu-ltnr
lur Hi* A liiilniilriil..f...ii ur li.fi.ri. it.** l.t
IXM-Mnlwr. I.'tf.. nI><*r «!it'li,lnt.. tlm Ailn.ii.i..
Itil-'T V ill   lllillllll.il. llir il--,,.*, Ill lie ri'l.  bill..
iimiir tiin|iirtit.« *iiiilti>l tliih-rit. Ii.i\linf r.-
-, .1 .1:.: v '.i ll,ii..|.i.'.iH.if 14 hi li I .. .li IIM 1,.
Ii.H... i-ii I li.ilJm Kl\ 1. r«,/,i Ii.iUIim.,1 (» IJir !
«l:i i,i\tt"i arc* ri"|.i^*ti-,{|.t iinr iltir nuiuiiut nfj
ll ..ll- dull in.li -.« l.ithi. t.n 'ir.li'j,-', (orll;.|
u.-1'li 'I I
J In U I 4 Ud .Ni/4i!l4,l,ur. I1." A I
I.. .•.YjfX.mUln,
tVtnili'.lt «.'
\mM&  uaiiasaTfiKEKs
A .full  line of Caskets,  CoiV.ns,   Shipping   Cases
V\ rciiiii.*. itiui OvJcicty i-.iuuii.jii,-. On 1j.hu.,,
A.a-ja?sTTm   wan
NMLBOW,   33.   O.
r{2>' Duvinif November and Dvceml.er a discount of
Hsuti O'ftice -.  i}l&m}lt&n? Canada.
Capital„* $2,415,000   y. 'ffieseeve'* $2,415,000
...     '    'ox.*. * r. jt_i,oj .^',.,, * ft. ^ _i* 'fet.rnsn. rii\c\ 1      - ^_
Hon. Wm. Gin.sox, President. „    " ° "/ *
J. Turnhull, Vice-President and General Manager.
...T^QpanshssjiZivous^oset Gatiada   '
Money OrJc'rs'anJ Ui'iifis issuecl. p;tyiiblc i;i_CfxiKidsi
Foreign drafts CJislied.    Special iidvahia^cs in Savings Dt-pjiriment.
i-* —... -■- -.—. . —^*■—-.,. ,      i        •"      n
Open in thc evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
„ -.      • ,    J. H. LJ\Wn/ AuViil FKIINIB UKANOt-
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. ~
Brewers of Extra Fino
La^cr Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Rall and Winter
and the Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view at
Miss Varty's  Home of Fashion
(S & CO.
,|-,** ^
Hnvo one uf tli(.ir li-.J'gCHl i-toroH In I-Vrnio.
].imili, V«ul, Kn>Hli nnd Hmoki'd Kiuli.
ImtsIi l;ish constantly arriving  S
Por nalfl nt r.ll drug %torer,t $1.00 par boillA.   If ycuf
ilrvipsint   hJiwu't   P-.ytlilnj , i ftiiH-'.; cnll At \tr. Siotuir,,
l.'icaileA, tji) Kini* nXreet,   «cit, Tor.u.li-, tttul n \„n',   I ,. , ..,...,,.„..,,. , ., llt„,,,,
•ample Wul« Vill bs iHvrn yc«i ire*  ni  ji i.*»t.   T., > ,^ .„,.,.„„         , .   ,   , !
'       ... ...      ,..     ' .... ll»Min.Krr ll'»l -K, 1-iiw-rlniU IIJi-iV. <•
rvrntui* W^jf outtioe t-r tsiwtfta * fc-mij.lij mi.u'. .) 1 j-t   t * (>,,. *,, .1 ,1 « ,i,, tl,,., .., .%,;.„„,  (»,.,,
.,„.... '»:.r.   l"'i|. «iu>!<>,-.l.   li.   \\. li.VllVl.UTl
j * I
10 per cent will be allowed off all order.*, for spring
delivery. f- -I- h
%,ti$?m Wv hnvo cms and di'sli'ns ft>r Mi*,,.imR-..ls  and &
other Cemetery Weil:, v.!,!<!» v.t will l<   jlt.'uid to uA
sIuav intLiiilir^ puicli.JMJi.s. - -
Ori'icij I'iioxk 41       K kmui-.n11: ;6
Pnrlors En Lundy Bfcoti
ti. Stoves 1 Stoves!   Stoves!
tl T      *" """       "     I    "-"- ■" — "" — ——m~m—mm. ■ ^^^^^ fff —
\\ / lv Iijivc just unloaded a car ot all kinds ot I le.-it-
V V    ers, Steel   Ranges and Cool; Stoves,    Come
and select your Neater before they all jjo.
(/"-Al.t. rtni! 4-x.iuiiin* "'.ir ^lll^l^ i»f l-'uniiuir.* .iittl m-c »i»me nf tin* Nrw
^ IX'hJj|ijH in J''.u)tj' Km 1(41", Ai 111 Lli.i'ij'4, Morris Ukiiih, iTouilit-i,
Tiilili's C'liin.i, I'.ulor iiml Mu-.ii: t'aliiiK'U, Iuul 1111J I.wist; IU-*.I<4—in fail
i-v*.*i)l!iiii|; in tlui'l'iiiiiiiiire lii-f,
Vuii .u.- wi-li-miu-, wlu'ilu-r you buy or not.
Nd liouiili: lii sli.i'A- i;4>.'.K.    Pi, lure fi.imiii-j :i :*| ivi.i'iy,
A I-i "I-i- MXKOI-- y
V>;t)i'irr\K«.\r: (uhum   H
ALWAYS ON'  lltM)       S
Hardware.      J»   ')•  Q^^1-**-'       Furniture
-te^iiW'.!. ywifJt tuiimwi wwqewHEJ uJUt*m.>:/tn*PM*v. m*..vx*mm%W
MM v^.    ,»■*.   .
•■-■•" :y:i-'-y - =**
'ii--" -
--?W'-   '«- ■**•*•'■ "V?*'
...—-*■-■-   .*■;,:,,-
"   ''*■   .    --':
■*.    A      \   , ^  * -
.-* -r,-.
/' - ,.
■ i
Si' s  ^
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Hsn. G. A. Cos, -'' B. £. Walker
Pi uiident.
Genertil Malinger.
REST, $3,500,000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $91,000,000    ,.
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT,   d^-is of $.. .nd up..
wards received and interest allowed.    The depositor is sul-jcd to no, de-..
lay'whatever in lhe wiihdrawel ol" the whole or any part of lhe  deposit-"
Special attention is drawn to our. Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Canada, United Stales, England,.Italy in lire, Hungary, Austria in
kronen. They form an excellent method of reuniting monies al a -iiini-
muin cost. - .   _ -
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Open on the pay-days of the Coal Company until 9 p. m.
. FERNIE BRANCH       - ~ ~~ T. B. MAY, Manager
this heading, inserted ut tho rate of One
-.-cnt u word each insertion. - **
A SNAP. Half acre in West Fernie, Rood 9
btory house on the property. Apply Mott
Son & Co.
gooil location  on Victoria Ave. *
Apply, Mott Son & Co.
For Snlo or To Rout
If it's made of paper SOddaby has it.
"Yule tide shoppers,  attention !    11
pays to deal at Suddaby's."
The very newest   neckware to be
fouuJ ia shown at theSemi-Ucndv store
An immense range of Xmas.  books
standard and prosfcntation.at Suddaby's.
Only the beat gloves, shirts and un*
■ derwear—-tho Semi-Roady.
Owking- and   eatin*?   applo*-   at
$2.00 a box at Blundell'8.
Sox worth 45c, al' wool, Bale price at
the Semi-Ready, four pair for 11.
Christmas cards and calendars at
■ Suddaby's,
For Furniture and PtnnoB, use only
Liquid Veiieer   . 10 and 50 cents a bot
;• tie from N. E. Suddaby.
'   Carmicli&cl, tho tailor, has-just received   tho nobbiest stock of Tweeda
.-for   Fall   suits   and   overcoats over
brought into Fernie.
Lot us make, you a fancy vest from
• one of those choice new iiattoniH. Come
in aud Beo'them.   J.   CannichaeJ, the
tailor. '.
The King Edward Motel occupies a
pniiiiincnt position in Fernie"'ohly" a
step or two from the C. P. ■ R. depot,1
and convenient to business houses in
tlw* city."- ..    .,   .
the graceful Lancashire quadrille
and lancers had better apply , to
Messrs Cook, and Bridge wlio are
perfectly competent to instruct.
Fernie. Lot 5»xl8i. Good 4 room house.
Thia Is a snnp if taken at once.' Easy terms.
Apply, Mott, Son & Co.    '
-*- for sale at this office, price "i'i conts each:—
"RooinsTo Let, Apply Within." * "Furnished
Roi.mn To Let Apply Within."
■  family   Furnace  and hath;  Apply this
-*- ply to Fred. Wators, Klk Lumbor Co. ofiice,
O.'irbonado .
A'grand ball is to be given here
on New Years night, and a good
time is anticipated.'    Several  nf thr-.
notables iire touching up their .feet,
and brushing up their memories,
■getting -into shape for., tho. square
dar-cos. " Anyone wishing to learn
Roport of Mines and Smoltors.
We condense from The Nelson News
a weekly report of the output of the
miucB and smelters of the interior cf
the proviuco as following:
The Boundary mines shipped a total
of 25,650 tons of oro; the Rossland miuei
shipped 6,417 tons, aud tho Slocan Kootenay shipped 1521 tons. Tho Granby-
Smelter treated 19,803 tons; the B. C.
Copper, treated 8296 tons; the Dominion
Copper treated 2870 tons; the Canadian
Smelting Works treated 7140 tons, and
the flail Mine's smelter treated 568 tons.
Tho total treatment "was 83177 tons.
The week was a record breaker and a
3till higher total would in all probability
have been reached this-week had not
the explosion at ltossland, last Saturday,
put the big mines at that place out of
busineds for a few days.      '"    ,
Tho Ticket Told a Ttilo
Jenkins had left, college. He had
lived rather fast but now he contemplated matrimony and ^settling down
.into the'respectabilities. As . an old
aunt died and left him a little money,
what was more natural than that, he
should redeem some of the many articles of clothing which he had unfortunately deposited with his uncle in the
Jays of his necessity. By- a sad mis';
hap, however,'that esteemed and obliging relative forgot to remove. the tickets,- and this led to an embarrassing
contretempts. Full of kindness and
pride in her dear-boy,-his  mother, ."on;
.her_r£hirn4Q-tli*i"'-n4itrt.-nol_'m,. *•■*:«_ *--.--'7
sistetf on-unpacking his boxes.   In do-'
iiifj so, she first discovered an, oyercbiil
with an ominous-looking label iipo'ii if,
• VVhai a nuisance!-said-Jenkins, in
Holds uud Rohturauts, wautsu job as cook
un farm, T,-age.4 SlliOO it month, upply at
Union   lleBtaurnut, Fernie.
A pply to Mrs. B. Lyon -' doors west of Presbyterian Church. —33
answer to her expression  of  surprise
They must have forgotten lo   take   off
the ticket at that ball   at  Danceliway's
when I left my overcoat   in   the   ante-
Mamma was satisfied; but when,
shortly afterwards, she found a pair of
trousers bearing a similar label, imagine the puzzled surprise' with which
she exclaimed: But surely, my darling
you didn't leave these in the- anteroom
too?—London Titbits.
Patliotic Appeal For Newspaper
General Booth,* although he allows
a vein of humor to run through; a
prayer,which he recently offered for
newspaper men, evidently is sincere
in the belief that they need soul nourishment., lie invoked the Almighty
as follows: -
"And now, dear Lord,. bless the
newspaper men, whose nimble pens
catch every word almost before: it is
uttered. Like Thyself, they are "omnipresent and almost omnipotent. ,11
we take'the wings of.the morning-,
and fly to'the uttermost parts of the
earth, they are there. They meet
us in th'e jungles of Africa, they waylay1 us even on the Atlantic ocean,
and£when W tread - the-prairieB' of
'Notjl^merica bahfa
May thoir light"find their goodness
IfonertfrttMombly of, Heaven let- no
newspapor-man be excluded."—Mo-
hay.e ponnty Miner.
Mines and Mining.
.' |i?rora The-Mining World.] -- ■
A big pilgrimage has already begun
into the country in and around Death
Valley, which is supposed to be the locality of the mysterious bonanza owned
by "Scotty" who had a sky-rocket career as a prodigal spender of, a fortune
alleged to , have ' been" derived from a
mine in a secret recess of Death Valley.
To. "get next to"- Scotty's mine has become a popular fad fpr footloose prospectors in California and many' parties
are being grubstaked for an expedition.
Of petroleum and the drilling of oil
wells there seems to be no end in this
country. The production of last year
was greater than any,. previous year.
Tlie total output of crude petroleum in Elkmouth;
the United Slates in 1894 was 117,063,-
421 barrels. The total value of all the
petroleum- marketed in .the- -Uiiilcd
States in 1094 was $101,170,466. The
gain over the production of' 1903 was
17,602,084 barrels in quantity and $6,-
476,416 in value.     ■ '
Lake Superior copper mines again
established a record production last
month. September's output exceeded
all previous figures, but, the • October
production was 140,000 pounds larger,
and the greatest iti the history of the
district. The Michigan mines produced
19,400,000 pounds of refined copper
last month. Lake, brands averaged
16^ cents a pound, which indicates
that the October production sold for.
approximately $3,200,000..
The Chapin iron mine, the giant of
the Menominee range, of Lake Superior, is one of the greatest iron proper
ties ever opened.'' It is thc mainstay of
the city of Iron Mountain. *-* The operator is the United Slates Steel Corpora-
lion. The'Chapin, including the production achieved by the Ludiiigton and
Hamilton mines before their absorption,
all three portions of the property being
connected and,, long- worked-' as^ one
mine, has to date shipped more than
14,500,000 tons of ore. No other-single property in the Lake Superior., region has attained an output as great as
this, although the b.ig Norris, at Iron-
wood, Gogebic range, and the. Lake
Superior group, at Ishpeining, 'Mar-,
quelte range, also operated by the Steel
corporation, have each produced approximately 13.000,000 tons. For
many'years the Chapin deposit was the
largest developed-iron ore body in. the
world,. holding fills'.distinction until
outstripped by'thc.'tmi.iense-beds- ,lat**j
opened on the Mesba range,'in Minnc-
.-.   Waldorf.   ' , , -
M Colder, Calgary; A Enderhy, Pincher Creek; J Kerr, Frank; Mrs W'' Gilbert, Cranbrook: F A Hill, Frank; N E
Broley, Cranbrook; XV J Cook, Michel;
3 H Bnti.-khi.rt, Waituhurg; C F Gorr
man, Kexford; P. MtConnell, Crau
brook; Mrs R Towrio, Lille; W A, Fay,
Calgary; E XV Hand, H Simbneon, Spo-
tcane; E Bindall, D Day, Idaho; R Ful-
lotson, Carson; A P Cunningham, Halifax, W Hope, Lethbridge; J M Long,
Milwaukee; H- Keith, C Wilson, '.Coal
Creek; S Jones, Spok*ue; R MuMurdo,
Spokaue; Chas Fisher,- Lewiston, P
Breeding, J Davies, Palouse; Wm Som-
merville, Calgary; Chas Farrell, Jr-
Cameron, Morrissey Mines; Miss Spec-
ason, Spokane; H H .Ross and wife,
an enormous
tonnage,.howeyer^giyipg the,miiiq. an
tndefihitely lbh]j^
in is capable,of,a'production .of i.'oob,-
000 ton*, per. apnum, although not
quite that figure .is maintained. ,... %
King* Edward
R H Hopkina, Frank; Mrs WII Craig,
Myrtle Craig, Wetoskwin; J II Alson.
R Also... J Alsonj Olive Alson, Palma
Alson, Helen Giving, Walla Walla; G
H Hales, Crow's Nest, N Uorosou, Milestone, A Donahue, Chicago, J ,D McDougall, Stovelary, A J McGuire,.Morrissey; A Arnot, Moyio; J H .Bangby,
R Bell, Portal, N D; J Hoke, Elkmouth;
J E Clark, i S Clark, Dos Lacs; A Owen,
Jaffray; W Eddy, C Morrli, Cowley, B
G Strange, Vancuvor; M. Williams, Michel, S Hciisou Raymond,
Just arrivbdr-A fine assortment of
Fancy China, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets,"
Jardinieres,:Lemonade Sets, Table Sets;
Clieese Dishes, etc. See oiir window^
We bought them rigrht, the prices are
the lowest, the reason, we sell for cash
only. ■• A /'•'A\-. ";'
...  > 7-     Prompt Belivery -
t» • s .0
t; ' I
J. Blundell
. t       ■    ■ ~ ■.       . *
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
; Wm Doornail, Wh.tonsh; A Good,
Crow's Nest;* A .Sampson, ' Michel; N
Friedman, Nelson; J E Stephens, Mor*'
rissey; J Lawson, Morrissoy; Grant.
Downing, Jaffray; Mrs Kittson, Spokane; J Triah,* Michel; .1 II Airey, Coal
Creek; J Flieshman,'Vancouver; A H
Whitcher^LatahjCKaittens, Vancouver. .   .
Christmas Holiday Rates.
For the Christmas holidays the Canadian Pacific Railway will issue tickets to and from all stations, Port Arthur to Vancouver, including branch
lines (and Kooteimy steamer lilies)' al
rate, fnre'and'one-third, return These
excursion tickets will be on sale 'December 22nd, 28rd, 24th, 25th and De-.
ccmbor29tli, 80th; filst and'Jan. lk\
■^ood- for return' til 1 January - 8rd, 1908
Por rates, etc., apply to any Cl P-. R.
agent or write J. S. Carter, D. P. A.i
Nelson,. B. ,C.  A.. '
Toronto^ Candies  for   the  New
York Horse Show tit the Waldorf Astoria'.    ,:"
' -Tdrohio' is] h'-Snored  ^his.-"week - by-
having Geo.-;:- S.. McConkey's" candies
scrved~3uring the horse show, week at
Waldorf Astoria.- This -is - somutliini/
Canada should be proud of.     For, sale
by N. E, Suddaby..,	
Presentation Goods for the Million.
High-class Goods that will stand iiispec.-*
""—    Articles that will be appreciated
as Presents.
Bought with a view to be usefnl   '       ■ ■. 7 -:.;:
as well as ornamental.     -   i *   ,     "       ~     -:;
Don't overlook this stock ot you will regret it afterwards. These goods .wero.
bought.with the determination that.they would be "sold this year, and we.ar*
sure to sell them as they were bought right and are marked at prices that
w'n.isell them. • '.■''■ ° ?    "       - -',    * ' ■ ;"**
;    A. W. 'Bleasdell
Next door to tho Post Office— where it pays to deal.     A   st-      ■_-.-.  ;",-'f
Ohristmns Excursions via .tho
■ 6.P.-R. '*
The- Canadian Pacific,Railway announce daily low excursion rates, first
class, with thrce^ month's limit, front-
all Kootenay and Crow's Nest points',
to all points* in Eastern Canada. The
rale from Fernie to Toronto and all
points in -Ontario ' except north of
Gravenhurst ■ and, west of Pembroke,
Montreal and any. points west in tlie
province of Quebec, is $58.40 ; Quebec
is $4.50 ; St. John, N. B., $14.50, and
Halifax- $17.5ohiglier than' Montreal,
with corresponding rates to olher'points
east* of Montreal. - For - passengers
taking advantage of Xmas. sailings, to
England,-'specially' low. rates- will be
quoted to Atlantic seaboard. Full
particulars, standard or tourist'slceper
reservations; can'lie had on application"
to J. S. Carter, D. P. A., Nelson.     *"
,  Opened tip next to'Tlcma Hotel
.MJOND'-ITAND^GO'ODS Ai•:'-■■ r ■>*
;,' 7.^....*..:.,.-,. BOUGHT. AND. SOLD.
.-..Porr   Cash . •
2S— . L.-W.,B..Torri|, Ferale
-■ Our stock is completo, and wo can
say with uiipard«iinblo pvido^that t",
solectlpr. of watclieu, rinjes, gold aim,
gold filled joivelry, gilvurwnr*, inanlL-
our« s«ts, souvenir goods, slotting tnl-ver.
nov&lticB ami out' class is of the host
and should moot tliotipprovftl hoth-of
yourself aud oneiik hook. '.'
Call and see our beautiful
display; It Is a pleasure for
us to show, {roods. -<T_
,- How mnry'hennB i*> tho Jar in- our
window." Every dollar you spond • with
ua this montli you get.a guess, .try it,
you may win, .Tho prizo for tlioclosent*
guess wins a 425.00 gold watch, lu&ioi',
or gentloman'H.-    -. -    -
C. •G-^WRlGliT
Jcwejcr, and Opt.clan -
■■; '*", s.. 'rA    4    ;    ■     _
Mait'ordofs receive prompt' attention, ^
•-.•.T-ji.-.* •-;->.BOKN->-7-"-
TUTTliB—At:.FarnieonPeol.r>tu the wifa.of
Earnest Tuttle of ■*. dauglitur.   -      " '   - '
Tfiie Trites
A.  B.   Trites,   President.
R. W.   Wood,   Vice-President
M.  R*   Huntington,   Secretanry.
uperbp   Subsfanfia!
Dressing Cases, Travelling- Companions, Belts,
Manicure Sets, Jewel Cases, Party Fans, Fine
Linen Handkerchiefs,  Chatelaines,   Purses, etc.
Ladies' Neckwear
We have just received a shipment of fashions
latest designs in Ladies' Neckwear, consisting
of Chiffon Jabots, Lace Sets, Lace Ties and
Chiffon Ties. Each Tic put up separately in
a handsome box.
Our stock of Furs is complete and one need
go no further than this department to select
a beautiful  and serviceable  gift.
Ladies'   Mufis,   Ruffs, Coats, Stoles,   etc.
Men's, Furnishings
Wc arc showing all "IHc^ewcst styles and
patterns in  Men's Neckwear
I   Gloves,  Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Dressing Gowns
(0   brnokmg jackets, etc.
Boots and Shoes
Men'*;    nnd    T nHioi'    com for t.i bit?    Slinrv>rc   njifj
ONCE moro we aro at-the threshold of Christmas, the season of giving and receiving-. But Xmas. with all its joys
and pleasantries is fraught with uncertainties as to what is
suitable and best to give thoso we wish to remember. Within
our I beautiful store you will find a gorgeous and almost
inoxhaustable collection of goods suitable for Xmas. gifts. Be
forwarnedj avoid tho last day crush arid remember there are
OnBy    Three   More   Shopping   Days
before Xmas.   Road carefully our "Suggestions of the season,
Fine Boots and Shoes.
Wishing our many
Friends & Customers
A  Merry Christmas.
■ tuiB-i ^j-fl'UBi-u^tii in, -^tlilll^liJcIV II HII BIX T-T'OHI / XO  IO
Fancy China and Cut
All the daintest designs.in Water Pitchers, Wine
Decanters, Vases, Ice Tubs,  Sppcn Trays, etc.
" . •>
Writing   Desks,    Ladies'     Secretaries,    Morris
Chairs,   Fancy  Rockers, etc.
Bisscll's Carpet Sweeper
We arc agents for Bisscll's celebrated Carpet
Sweepers. Jt is nor necessary for us to tell
you of thc fino qualities of this sweeper. It
ii'-jji «i repiuniion o\ its own ijic vvoiiu uv-cr
for giving perfect satisfaction.
mm^^w^m v***H    PJU
Coal Creek
'..1 *;
44  MEs-,,-


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