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 SjlllUMPi ■'•->tss^»ariltj»fga:,-g7yg*r4;
**jf ft,.   "     ' ..-^r^.^. _:     ■ '.
.ni.iiwMiyiair..;rii.iiM.iiii^ |4ji'i'!ji'ii!,'i|ry:'''^^
-T"--.';,-- A""----^'■v'-''''""--' '-""A'- •"--*'•-•- - •  __^.;^  -t»,J5'v'':-,'->;*'"''v ;iy*'-;'';*''*:_'*, .:" -'--*r?*j*i,-r'* '."':,-;'-"
1»i .*.'
-. *■:' A;: ,7a. Volume? I ,^Numberv 19.-
Local* Happenings In and
';'*'/ About the City
lnterestlng7Items About 'Tlany
VA*. ,/People. You Know *
.        "tf    >
*;    Cpnstafile"Dow of. Wardner .-waa. ii.
. the e.ty yesterday.-*' ./7-
' There was.no. meeting of the city
.-. a 'Council last week so we have no klc
'.  -coming thiB week. ..,,.,        '•-,.'*
. y  H. W. Herchmer is still confined t -
n     his bed, but is slowly recovering fioi
the effects of typhoid. Y    .
Mr. and Mrs..C. P..mil arrived
A   town from Hill Crest this uiornin-,
and will retijrn by the evening train
R. L. T. Galbraith, of Fort; Stcwiic.
;-. came in yesterday and left fey the-
.4,0. N. for Tobacco Plains tliis morn-
7.lnjT. ' '..,'.■."■■'
y   .. Frank Amandier's preliminary hear-
I    Ing oh the»eharge of killing-. Gabriel!.
. Casta' has been adjourned   to nex;
' ,  Tuoeday. •'* A*, .,-    _    -  „
7. John McDonald, the veteran sawmill
. A than so well known to all lumbermen,
' ' - left Siturday laat to spend; the winter
* at' Pembroke, Oni.,
,,,■*.-   "1  : •
George Veils, secretary of tho Mountain"- Lumber Manufacturing - Aesoeia*
"7 - tion' was' visiting the mills in .this lb
. callty last Thursday* .   ■;*   '_..-'
5**,..     ,    " .. ' *-.-'-■'-
'A '. Kev. Saunders,' of Rossland,' stopped
>- o-terooe train Uit week and visited
{'t   Rev.. Keraptoo.   Mr. Saunders was on
* his way to Winnipeg..,     "'   A7
o      Wm. Handleywaa held for: trial b\
■/ Magistrate  Whimster.    Mr. Eckstein
f reserving fits defense until tho trial be
_/ fore the higher court.      u 7
■ ' H.  Rhineman, formerly, manager
a* the Imperial hotel .at Fort Steele,
r   died recently invNew^Yorfc-.'city
";. while on hii way to Germany: A---*
*"    J. R. McNab, has been promoted from
- • cotuluccor on the C. P. B, puttie CrowV
* Newt division,' to trainm'-uter, of the sec*
A ond district of.the western diyjson.-,, ,
l.y ' The teachers and -principal ot- the.
.  Fernie Public school will be pleased to
Price, $2" a Year, in Advance.
,;W.-Walker, C.-P.R. auditor .was. in
town laat wei-k checking- -the accounts
'atthjcistatlon.     .''A; ,-*,-•     '' -
C'Mn.. C .T. Wilson,"sister of MraP R.
W: Wood stopped over to viidt' Mrs.
Wood two or thrpe days and' left Monday. fwAGt-eenwooil wheie she will
*pend the winter witii friends.      - -
Mita*Frariels; Davies is, 'still  very;
11 with, typhoid fever atAtlie park
toiise and Mrs,-Davies stated to  a
'ikpGEB. representative .this morning
* hat her daughter had passed a very
md night, but at fen o'clock this
norning sho was renting.
Mr. J. C. Hutchison  received word
• ist night of the death of * his  father,
hos.. Hutchison,   of Toronto.    Mr
-[utchlBon'wa8'79 years of age, and
5 id retired from active life for the |.ast
i years. He came from Ireland whon
•niy three years of age,' and was one
»f the pioneers of Toronto.
J.8.Carter, of Nelson,,was in the
••own again yesterday smiling upon his
tiumerouB friends and sneing that there
8 nothing in the way of people going
Hast ovor.the C. P..R, if thoy so dcBliv.
He.reports business good in.the p'isaen*
ter lines arid looks for lots of eastward
travel during the next few weeks. '
Albert r Colclough, one of Periiio's
good young men, now a rancher in tht
Pincher Creek district is .visiting old
.friends in the city. Ho will leave fo*t
Merry Old England iu a few days tb
visit his old home. Mr. Colclough reports excellent crops on tho-prairie and
JVbright outlook for the futuro.
* According to statements in the Coast
pipers, Joseph Martin is to be general
counsel for the Great Northern -system
in British Columbia., 7* By this arrangement Vancouver city looses a
valuable councillor and the Great Ngr-
thern gains one of the best attorneys
iri the Dominion to look after its legal
East-"Sunday; between five and six
o'clock,in tlm afternoon,** shooting
affair took place at Morrissey-Mines
which-resulted inr th'e' death' of an
Ilaiiairby the nanio of Gabriel Cozza.
: .It Reems from the evidence' given at
the., iibroner'a inquest held on Monday
- •** 'A.
-Mr. M." Philips, phe of the earliest
settlers in East Kootenayis in the city.
Mr*,Phillips was one ofthe discovers'
.of the great coal beds (if the Pass whicli
are now contributing so"largely,"to' tbe
material 'advancement ,of"Southeast
Brittsh'Coluthhia/ Trio experiences of
Mr. Phillipslh the early, day's'of"< this'
section would furnish a texftfor',"an"'in^
teresting story/*.    , ••'.. - \:        .
7",Alion is known by his paw1'- se_eina:
34*. auu- nrui.ciusc tist   lllursuay-OI   „»lnl«„ >«i->-*T-' T *-"»".»•  ""*° ."'.V",
(rdeatluatJou;;ln.time,-fiw?'the .hon*, newB-papeA ,„..f,   . ...^ . A,A"W
■t:i-: yysyy^y^yyy-yyy':iy nYYY YiYY'- </A^A- ■
.' '
•sted in Bchool work, any, day- during
vi school hours next weak,     ,   ^"i.u-'-'x
v*' ,   -. ~y     ■. '•   -,.-,- v- ■> -. r- -   ,,.-7.'.-*
'■Av School wHI be open oo'.Satnrdaythls
o\ week ;aud will - close' ou Thur8dj»y.t of
", uext.w
'- days.'i: - •=■-..^..- .,--f,_v5 ~.4^
-Judge WlUonJs wpected*to 'arrive
y^Umotttow.' evening toThold aregular
wp^assibii of the County. Court on Friday.
•*4 The Handleycawi wlli corao'up  for
^1 trial at this session.'
"| The baiaar arid bail given % the
^ LHdie8*.GuiId-; ofAOh'riM chttre^-at
y Stork's hall yesterday afternoon and
7 evening was a decided sacccss --itiid
'% wu* well patronized. 7 .*
-, Don't forget the pie -social at tho >£» *
- i.jrle'shall nfixt Mondayeviiufng, glvoii
.". by the Ladles' Aid Society of" tho. Bap;
:;',tietdiui;ch in aid ofthe building fund.
7 A varied program will be rendered and
1. all will be gladly welcomod|..   y-.„. •,
The Hungarian Society, of Mlchol,
:- Is giving a celebratloa and grand ball
uext Monday.' Sports wlll open at the
7 rink at2*p. m. There, will be races
.. Iiockey matches and other sports.   A
graud good timo Is lookud for.
*   The Crows Neit Luinbor Ca. have
purohased tho stocks of lumber of the
<7 flutuex(Hiid, Robinson MclCenzIo lum*
' ber companies, ThoSuBsoi company
:. operate at Elkmouth*ahd tho llobln*
', eon McKenzie mlUatCriinbrook.
only, its paw you could not be persuaded
thaut wasHajpoy«tooi-iack-Tabbit;:* A'
store Is known by its ails..... A-man.^whii'
has neveribeen in this city-"should be
able to identiM: unerringly,' the enter
Mr. Fobs, of tho contracting Arm of
Fun & MoDonald ti In town Mr.
Vm reports that four-flfths of the
jrrHdlnjron the Nicola branch Is uonM
pletcd and that tho track will bo laid
to Oo'itlee by tho lint ot next May, .
0. A. Robert inn, prcMdont of tlio Elk'
Lumber Co, Is oxpectotl to arrlvo In tho
elty tomorrow morning, Mr. Hobert-
-son Is alio prMldsnt of the North Wait
.Colonisation Co, of Wlunlpsg whloh
Jiai recently made an ertenilve pur-
chase of land tn Texas.
Amcetlngofthe teichora anr. of-
, floori of the Methodist Sunday .school
was held In Mrs. It A, Wllkeo' parlor Taciday night at which it wan
.arranged to have aGhrUtmai tree on
Christmas night In the church and to
chirgoanadmUilonrMofZS eenta.
't!he editors of the.Fernle Free Pmtx
*^4£Aig<!r,«ta at .war,, We do not
know whst they are fighting over, bnt
tMitbe 8Ur knows, that D/V. Mott of
the fjeityfcr Jim a mlntl of Ills own, and
flis^irrto're'thiinHioMltorof tba Froo
;lflss Ooff, of Hamilton, li serving the
Indie* of Fernie with fine Jtlllos snd
whipped cream, with fino cake on the
aide, at the Tritas*W«otl store thli week,
fiht Is Introducing McUran's Jelly powder, baking powder ami extracts, mil
takes this very plsaaant way ef show.
In-z tho ladlca what cau W dontt with
taeM goods, when they, know how,
tiM will be at the store all we«k and
tm gaturdsy evenlnjr the Pernls orehei*
tn"f\i\ tnlf their swost muiie with the
...R.;?age,xirculiited a petition-in town,
asking for-perrnlssion fcr the Calgary
Eye-ppener-iri- cireiiliite through ihe
inalkin I^tlibrUlge.- "Biib." Edwards,
sent a letter of (hanks tb'Mr." S.igc that
wa* fharacteristic of- tlmt individual.
and slated ihat Culgnry's literary sen-'
salibn ' had ^njrain cauglit on.--Lctli:
bridge. Herald,,... „   „
*    ' *    n   •' _. -,   /        *
Tom Whelan, of tho Napanee hotel
announces a dog rare to bo run on Victoria Aye., on Saturday afternoou at 0
o clock. ^Entries must nil bo in- by
Friday night.,. A prize of a fine now
Hot.of deg harness will bo awarded tlio
winner. Now is your t'hance boys for
some fun. ..Train vour dogs nnd oil
your sled runnors. Mr. Whelan cnuHf-d
a Ipt of sport last-winter by Instituting
thoso dog races, snd the old boys on-
Joyod thorn as well as tho young onus.
Ai J, MoMullln won a comploto vie-,
tory.over his npponent( at the mnollng
pf the shareholders of tlie Le Rol Min*
ing company, hold In London on tlie
8th. «>«• , Tho flght Ims been a long
and bitterly contostod nno and the vii*
milt seems to be a surprise to somo of
tho public. Mr. McMillan was voted
back on tho board of dlroi*tor« together
with frlondrt onott(jh to mako It certain
thatho will boHiistalnoil In his contention against amalgamation of tho War
Englo nnd Centre Star properties with
tho Lo Rol conipnnv properties. It
wag a Watorloo for Wntorlow.
evening, .at   tbe   court   bouso here,
that 'several Italians had gathered at
Carrayeta'a store in Morrissey Mines as
was the custom of theso people on Sundays , aud that a quarrel arose between
Cozza and auolher Italian by the -name
of Krank Amandin.    Tliecftiise of the
quanol 'does  not as yet seem to be
diiHiiiuly settled biit tho parties went
outside of thu store where Amandia,
after, .Bcuilling with Coz*/*a drew a gun
and fired three shots ut him as he was
running away, following after him he
overtook him whero' ho had fallen to
the ground, and grappling with hiin he
fired. two moie' shots, the last of which
entered the back of the head and ranged
upward toward' the front of,, the head,
causing instant deatlu      7 'v..\„   ..
Dr. Hig-jlns described the wountf t'o
tho jury and stated that the   hair
around the bote made by the bullet was
singed by the powder from the pistol.
The- body of ,,'tho murdered man was
brought' to  Fernie on. Monday   and
constable Drummond brought Amandia
up aiid lodged him in lho jail here.
A coroner's jury,'consisting of W. W.
Tuttle*-foreman, P.. Ii ..Lundie, P.J\
Watson,' Wm. Ross, G. Bruce-Brown
and S. Graham, was empanelled and an
inquest held on Monday, when they returned-the following verdict:'--We
find according to. the evidence that
Gabriel Cozza came to his' death on
Sunday'/ the 10th day of Dec., '05, at
tho town of Morrissey Mines,~between
the hours of five and six p.m. from a
gun shot wound in'the head inflicted by
one Prank. Amandia. -
Dr. Higgins performed the post mortem examination and extracted tlie
bullet'from: where it had lodged against
the akuir'after. passing through the
brainr He. also. .; found' "" a wound
iiiflicted'by a'bullet. which had" lodged
in the outer portion of the thigh. This
wound was. evidently inflicted at close
range As" Dr. Higgins stated, that the
flesh was"scorched\,where ,the .bullet
eritered.tlfe'-body.-A"'.- •' - , A , ,.'■"'
"The murdered maii; Cozza, was a
largo^andjrhusdar fellow iibout'26 yoars
nlH_on3_ii7Qo^oi*mi/:!/*iii//i**- .Vi*q'-^lr_-A *v**iVi/l;
-*/iU-n»u-.T %*,j ii-TT iiiunvii-* iiiun~iiuiuiiui
is a slendery jviry built man of about 28
years of age and has.a wife living at
Morrisseyjlinea..':■ -•.-_ -^ v; ..'■-. ^:--
:[Amahdiir^asjbeen;arraigpod on-tfie
cbarge^of, niuf^ri'^^a.f»d^ia.having (tip
'Whlmstar to-day,';. Lr,P. Eckstein .in
prosecuting and. W. K.^U^s has charge
of thn defence,   , '     ' ,
- Tho RosclntiOperji^Company.'
The Roscian 0pera Company's presentation of Sousii's-El Capitan last
Thursday night-'wuf, so far as the
company waa.concerned, a very pleasant musical entertainment.'' ■ .   „
Sousa|s comic opera scores will not
stand loo' close" comparison- with
those ofGilbeft and SulHvin, but
nevertheless, they are very-catchy and
sparkling,'while the dialogue and the
old Spanish colonial setting of the piece
makes ot El Capitan * a very popular
production. - -   ^ ' y ■
The choruses, and,marches were extremely well rendered-showing careful
training by Mr. Hosmer.,the able   musical director of-the- company    This
gentleman bus directed operas in  that
famous musical center,   Zurich,   and
was also director for Madame Scliuman
Hcinke, when she) toured continental
Europe in Grand Opera.   To" a close
observer' Mr. Hosmer's complete con-
^trol oMiis company ..was very   evident.
Lucia Nola, in th* leading roll of Isabel!'
proved,herself a singer of high' rank.
She is tbe possessor of a very clear,"
sweet voice, which won fcr lier a well
deserved encore for her very'touching
rendition of the solo, in the Boon. song.
Miss Eflie George,has* a surprisingly
mellow voice .when- confined to a low
register, but shows signs of- wavering
when she attempts -high Writes. '.Miss
Hazel Davenport,-jtsEstrelda, supplied
the bubbling vivacity necessary to balance the drolleries of Claud  Amsden,
and kept the audience in as good humor with her as sbe'evidently was with
herself." Every,act.A-very note, in  her
part was rendered .will) ra spirit  that
was infectious.  . Mr. Amsden, as-Don
Errico and El Capitan,'-displayed wonderful ability as a-comedian.    He, has
a firm full voice, though  it was not at
all times exactly true. > Perhaps'U. was
because he tried le keep -in lune^with
the piano, used on the occasion. 7
' All together the company .was so well
balanced.and sp,\yell conducted -,that.it
is safe to say they gave, us the-best-, en-
tertiiinnient^in.the \vay, of light" opera
that, has.ever-Been placed before a Fernie audience.. -_ 7 ,„ . ,■,  .  '*-*•,-.* .
' The
■""'' •
The" out-put of coal at tha mines for
the week-eading'lj'riday,   Dec. 8th,
was as follows: --..
Coal Creek
Michel ...
5;447 •"
2,542" *;» -
10,-753   " i
Specially Contributed by
,.  Our,Own Staff
-.   Pleased .to see -the' Label.
, i .        ,
United Brotherliood*of Carpenttr* & Joiners
oi America..
Local Union No.' lsso, Foruie, B. CDeo'. S, 190S
To the Prfnturs'Urjon. Ffinio, B. C,      '' ■
Dear airs iiii Brotl.'ors:-   Wo tlio oflicora
or» an.1 Jolngrs. ofAniorlon, tulso Krciit ploii.-
uro   in woldOmlfik your Uniun to Fomio    We
aro iiloamil to h«e tiio Union  lalol on your
paper, ,7,
WibUiiig you BUooesa anil prosperity,
-- :      ' Wo rohiiiin,
.-I'ii. W^ieollock, Ij
5 Jf-i0,.!001?'"   >CominJttee.
optci il to The Ltnliiit:
The sfcttion agents arc doing: most
of their business just, now BeHin*-*;
tickets. , '     '
Itoadmaster l«'i'zps*.triek of the G.
N. has-been dispensing'with some-
Italiiin section hands lately.
Mr..J.-B. l-'ergnson; of Vancouver,
.ind Mr. Sunkheil, of Kernie mounted
on ponies went out from Morrissey
and staked claims for coal* and petroleum cast of the G. N. R. station
on the Gth inst. 7   '
ber for tho latter is bclngr hauled ont
to thecals of the Kootenay to t«
floated-off to-Nelsdn in'hiRh Iwater.,
Preparations .for Christmas ai\«
t?aily gr-inK on. There is tii be a
lar^e Christraaa-u-ee with present-*
for all the children anda real liv*i
S-unaClHus'in the school house on
the Saturday before the'25th., and.
some ot the'sijjhlnjr youths and bashful- maidens ;are Retting: np a vocal
entertainment to follow the dislribu-
tion of the presents.
j.*..»j i- ■
Morlce's History of Britah Oo-
,        luiindlu.
.In our issuo of Oct. llth wodrow the
attention of our roaders to Father Mor-
ice's very valvibln; contribution to the
literary treasures of the province, entitled "A Hibtory of tlie Northern Interior of British;Columbia'." The book
was thon in' Us second edition since its
first .appearance in July 1904;. The
book haabeen * so' greatly appreciated
thai a third and last edition was found
necessarvto'meu't the deinand'for it,
and Father Morice has just completed
and plated this last-edition* before the'
public. Tliis.edition contains twenty
pages more readitiEr matter; has eomo
fifty'corrections-of previous) errors;
more than twenty now'fiot notes con
taining much'additional reading muttei
and some entirely new matter concerning cannibalism nii.oiig'- white, prospec
tors for gold.-all of 'wli'Mh- is very in
teresting and rendered necessary th'e
cutiiiig in two of one chapter.- "As revised, and added to, -Father Morice'a hook
will be a standard book of reference in
tlie historical hterature-bf the province
•*.\   -
Special to Tin? Lkikikb   '   ■   , - \
Mrs. Hulbrookwas in Fernie Saturday.
Mrs. J.  L.. Mott *was in
Friday. ' *      .
Mr. W. T. Hanbury returned from
Banff last Wednesday.',.    -    - .
Mr.  F.. Iifehara  -returned  from
Fernie Ttiesday,mbrninfi:.  '
Mr. J. McLean  and   Mr:  W.   B.
McKay were in Cranbrook Sunday.
' Mr. P. 13. Bartlett -left for.Fernjip        ,	
Tuesday to spend  Christmas  withHSpecially- culled from our
his brother.,, •
"Mimlonl   Aiiiorlon."
Muslcitl folic troncrnlly, he lhoy pro.
fessionnl or atmi.eur singers or Instrii*
mcntallsls, or merely privates in the
ranks of the grout nrmy of music lovers
nnd ndmlren, wlll hull with much sal*
Ufaction tho renppcan\iiL'c of -'Musical
America," under thuomlncnlly capable
edltorlnl direction of. Mr. John C.
I'ieud, n pnncr which Iiiib nrovctl ehunl
to lu onunciiited policy of jflvhifr lhe
newBofthemimlciil world upon iniicli
the sumo lines Ihut (he dully ncwspii.
per presents the current ifunornl Iuin
pentnii;*!, '
Il wm In 180R thai Musical Americn
was first tnunched by Mr. Freud, u« u
weekly Journnl of music, art, llioniiuro
and the drama. • The essence of (In*
creed which it camo to teach was Hint
there ii an Americn of «rt appreciation
and nrt accomplishment, in* well as nn
America ofthe AlmlHity dollar nnd thii'i
ttilf America of nrt is wonh cultivating
developlnir, n.nlrlno l'n«N.vn ju i"
World, This Roipet was eanu-Ktly nml
afiectiyely preached' tor «; while nml
Uieii, IwvuJy (brouRli (lie complication
ol Its conjoint Interest*, itlc rx,ptr sus*
ponded for it while, its obllirjulons be-
ini< met to the fuatdollnr.  '
' NOW It lint filritl.   ;rtn'„,  '.,.,  ...       i*   I I
. ■ «>""" ""*w k44H. ..i.i,i\
as an excltiiJvc.y miulcat. ncwupapcr,
with ample mrani to tho the «n|erprlse
to a tiucccssfiirifiHiio, It Is,, n|.pw,, In-
lho Introduciory Issues which lienr ilu>
hull mark of true fluidity aiul ntithori-
llvo cunj-bllllv on the purl of nil mem-
here of tha staff, to he In no wine »
professional mule paper, a luusicul
maKBilne, or a-oaustle crl«ic-ln fuel
•\othing more and nothing: lent, than
wlwi It pmenlnl.M, -*u clean, kindly
and Wr musical newspaper." Ai sui h
there le en undoiihte-J lleld for It in
Ameriia, and on*-, may with safely pre*
dl«l tliat •■Muula-I Americn" will "lhc
tonij and pronper."
-   .     •        *•'"•,-■...    ^v-- ■   „* ,
.   Death of John Denriinjjtpn..,
John:Deiiniiigton| father of the.five
children who were taken to tho ..hospital a few weeks ajro suffering from typhoid fever, and one of whom, .Annie;
aged 11 yearn, dlod a little more than
a-week ago, died last Friday morulnp
at 2 o'clock and was- buried on Sunday
at 2 p.m., ,by 'tho tntiier's union. Tho
fuiieral wiis conducted by Scott -aiid
Ross,' Roy. A Dunn ol.iclat.iig as' clergyman. There wnsii vory largo turnout of friends of the deceased. :
John Dennlngton was a-Scotchman,
87. years of ago and-liad boon a resident
of Ferule for. aoarly .two years, lie
loaves a widow and four helpless chip
dron to mourn hM.Iobei Mrs Donning,
ton is proBtrated from'thc heavy affliction through which sheJiaspasHod during tho last month; iiud now that ber
broad winner has boon takon from hor
wo trust that tho sweet hand of charity,
which hns been extended to her and
hors, will not ho withdrawn in this hor
darkest hour ol distress,      •
Gun Accident,
A young man nmnml Thos. Hope
came up to town from Elkmouth last
wook suffering,from a ttunshot wound
In his loft, arm. .He was out hunting
with anothor younu boy nnd wns laud*
Ing from a boat about six o'clock in lho
evening Iu taking IiIh «un out of
thn boat ho took hold of tho nuixislo and
In drawing It ovor tho sldn ol tho boat
tho hmnmor was pulloil back anil
thn vun iliH-'hargod, tlio hnl I pissing up
through the arm coin inn out at lho elbow, No bonce woro broken nnd
young Hope can consider hlnmolf a
vory lucky' boy that ha did not meet
tho fate of tha Miction man at Cranbrook
who waiklllndbyagun shot through
tho abdomen a fow days ago, the result
of pulling a gun toward hi in In the
same way.
Dr, Higgins dressed young Hope's
wound'nl arm and hn- was nbli* to ro.
turn home the noxt day,
First Aiuitml Mooting,
Tlm first annual mooting of tho Conl
Crook Library and Athletic Association,
4u. vii** -.m*»*«*-. o»' Halving me rtiprirtK
of nfliceri and for the election of oflhors
for thn ensuing ynar, waa hold In the
club room* lust Sunday .ivnnliig, Tho
rooolpti from all sources wcro $281'.' 00,
and the lupmidlturoi tn datn it780.00,
Thi- followinggontlpinnn worn nlivfr-rl
as olllooia for the ensiling yonr; I'n-s*
Idoiit, A. il. Alntatiilci'i vIwi'prwIdKiit,
flonrjio O'llrlnii) aecrolary, Thos. Keith,
(re-elected); troaauror, 1), M. Logle;
twiardof matiagemont, John McCliment,
Bvan Johns, John Nnwblggon, A, Htir*
Idge, Andrew Waugh, Wm. Mc|-Y*a».
ff. MtKlf! nriA nwjio rattau.
in theniemorylof-'those"who have read
Prescott's . delightftii narraiionW.jof tlie
old.Sp-ffnish. conq-iiests',. \mei>.ories,-of.
wli*ole'lrpops of Dbn^iii armour;'- *".'' r '
very pleasing ^rendition of, his double
dealing character; by., perpetrating a
"very, cruelijoke. upon- his>-,audiencc,
when he-offered to give Ja'ckXeslie,,
'who was playingln hard Mines;* as the
bultof his humor,: a contract to build- a
new opera house in Fernie. ■ Shame on
you, Ainsdeh! How could you stand
upon a siuge,- fully ono . hundred and
seventy-five inches, deep, from footlights lo back wall, and at least one
hundred and twenty inches -from.floor
to where the ceiling cuts off the -upper
regions, and wilh four or five feot ul
e'ucli side of the ' stiigei* tnllc lo peo:
pie who had paid $1.50 to sit on 40
cent chairs through the 'performance,
about a new opera house? It. was n
mean reflection upon the one we-lmve,
aud calculated to make people dissatio-
lied with whnt they had begun to look
upon as luxurious,
When the protondlng El Ciipitan ordered the unfortunate impersonator of
the Viceroy back to his cell the attend
ing soldiers took him off on the North
sido of tho'stngo Into one of the box
stalls, used ns a dressing room, nnd we
suppose the soldier girls, chorus girls
tied pretty widows hnd to tnkc a stroll
up nnd down the lane while tho dressing room wns being used us a prison,
Of course It would bo but of thc question to put the prisoner with his big
Iron weights and ch-iins into tho mine
stall with such 11 jolly Iittlo midget ns
IJslrcldn. It would'ul be any "prison nl
Tho singe soilings and scenery?
VVoll. they wero out of sight I in the
enr, porhiipji. Wo wllj Imvo lo tuko
manager Cranston's Word for It, (|mi
they had any with thum.
That peoplo will pny $1,50 tn
sit on choup wooden chitlm
through, a performance of nny kind,
and draw upon llieir imaginations to
supply the must ordinary scenory and
stage sellings should bo nil lho evidence
'.'issCj'ii.Yj *u kwii.ii.kC pti'U|jitJ will' 111011-
vy lo iiiticM in a p.t>iug enterprise, Hint
a good opera house in ft-rnle would
yield 11 good rolurn on tho nei-casiiry In-
vustmon*. We understand Hint tho
11 liner'*, uniun hns been discussing (he
project and wo don't sco anything In
the way of mich nn undeflnklng.' The
minors of Phoenix have rercnlly built n
\ery creditable one nnd we would like
lo «ec vnntf body build one here,
Mr. Cranston is .-crlitiiily deserving
tlie liberal patronage Iwslowed upon
him, nshe In i-piiring no expense In
supylying the Ih-m cnlertniniiient po*
slble nnd if wc hnd a good open* hotfa
here people would get value for ihe
hiiih -hIus. ttu-y luvn to \My,
..-Bibles Scarce 111B..O."    "-
St., Catharines, Ont,.' Dec.} 5.—"In
addressingihe-Ministerial niociation
Rev. K.-E/W-dsJi, Cana'dian^general
pf the- scarcity -of- Bibles-'4n.*-Brit'ish:
Columbiar  He'had* .heard how-in
one ptace'i a court-Had-sworn the jriry'
ifi'on a'copy oH'Guli^'r/a. 'Travels;'"
discovered by-on«juryment 'wlio.-wap
a Jew, and 'desirinj.-tq known.whtch'
was the1 old- tostaiiient side ofthe book'
60 he could knowii wjiich side; to" kisi
opened the supposed.bib!0, aiid found
- In one locality in. Albprta ■ ho .wa-
told of a maglslrato .who' had to ad-
j-wn hisccurttili,,,by some.raoans
thcycouli get a bible to Bwoar tho
witnesses on..   ■'   '.j   » *
,Rev. Thomas- Patton", of.Merritton
ProHbytorlan chu'rcijj;'ttijd;of his own
.experiences In tho northwest, whore
ho put his  numo.ltj/iv. half-dozen
bibles, and sent them to .as   many
places, which ho named, for the, local
courts there.  Nobody soomed to have
tho bibles In the Canadian west."
Did Rev. It. B. Welsh swear
to tho truth ot cho abovo statement, on
a copy of Baron Munchausen's book of
truthful natives, or did ho meet Eli
Perkins whllo on his Journeys.
Rovlow of Mlnlnar Industry
The Nelsoii Daily News will Issue its
customary 'special edition on. December
31 devotod to a review of tho Province
during the past year.
Tho annual review hns In the p/is<
been recognized ns tho most comprehensive and reliable record of the year's
progress itnd developments In the min-
Ing district of the province published
In any form. It is the Intention or Tho
Dally News to maintain tho high slim*
durd or previous Issues and, no' far iih
possible, to Improve and widen thu scope
of the review.
..very phase or iho mining Industry
in covered and lhc story told Is Imsud up*
on nuihorltaitvo Mnienwnta Ihsuo to
The Dully News hy the mine nnd smeller mniiitgersorihu province'
livery year since iln lirst isxuc Ihu demand for this imninl mtnlmv rn-ic
has been In uxcess of supply nwlm
the fiict thai hundrcU of orders tor front
half a d.i/en In one humlred copies lmve
been received after thelVirnw hiivegoiu-
This your The  D.iilv News
iSpocial to 'fjiK'ljl.ilUKil: "' '   ,
' A grand ball was given by the .High
River club last TliursJ;iy night in "the
Lane-Emerson hall. * '
o ,        ' -  ,    -
.-The teirj-ear  old   son of Sfandley
Hall died, after  a short  illnesdj   from
* j  *      -J ,
lyphoid fever and was buried here lant
Wedn'esdi'iy.V    ,. "»*'
Several of.the business, bouses and
hotels are now lighted by electric.Iights
supplied from the plant in  the Lane-
{-MllAnr/lt*!      Uit Mm 0mim   .'                                                                               . ■       .             '        - '        f
-.••it.. uv*m-Um^.t\.» ■-- ■ ;	
Special' to Tub I.kdoilh:
On last Saturday, Veterinarvs War-
rock of Pincher Creek and liolt, of
Cranbrook, visited Jaffray 7 ami
killed 15 horsos belonging to
the East Kootenay Lumber Co., 2 b.-
longing to Frank-Derosier and ono tn
Kre'd Glover. 'These horses had been
exposed tojliat dreaded disease, glan.!^
its, aiid the only euro iirexteriniriation..
Grant Downinsr.kflled hlB own horse a
few.days before this, saving the"government officials the trouble but- loosing his right to compensation. We
nndertitand that all- animals killed bv
direction'of the veterinary surgeons are
paid fbr by tlit ictvernment. Several"
animals havo been killed in' Vancouver
for the'same reasonand the authoritiea
are sparing 110 trouble in their i-ff.irts t<»
stamp ont this dreaded'dneaHe beforo'-
it-spreads to any great decree in this
• '-Prom'tim. Hrnnk Pninr
"^5 J
The-bazaar which was to have."been
held on'Thur.sd,ay,:by"tlie ladles?of.'J11*.
English church, ,-had-to be pa<,tJ3oned
on account of the cold' wiatheft--11 ^'yi'"
'{:.• *    . ,    .  X        -.-    '   " ' . 1."•>'.-•*.' • .
. i'TJjS public^JHwl bar^tetfii^ojwar
owing urnn oulbrenk of diphtheri-j. in
town. Foiir cases are reported-intone
.home andiwooises east ofthe railwny.
- Mr." Mopre; of the Alborta Pacific'Rl
evator-Coi'iipanyhas gone- to.Olds to
.take charge of lhc coiiipany,s*"clevatoj'
jit that place* Mr, Wheeler' hikes * his
plii.ee here.   ,>.    „       >     ,
The  worst  storm  experienced   for
years visited this section.the liritof the
week.   Over one hundred head of cat
tie perished to tho west of t this place
from lho effects ofthe storm.
Last Tuesday a man working on the
High River Trading Company's ranch
hnd the misfortune to break his arm
while endeavoring to climb on "lop of a
load of hay, Me was using an ordinary bale knotto pull himself up< when
the bale wire, to Which he was holding,
broke precipitating him to lhe ground,
Stephen Podbielancik, of F-jrnic, is
now cutting for P. Burns &  Co.'at '
Blairmore. " "-
S. Ma'nahan and wife spent Sunday*.
in Blairmore!, the guests"of -ITtrry
Howard and wife.1 7. A' * . -.-*.*....   J
" Frank B. Smhh left; Tuesday Hot
Calgary. "Ho expecia^ to  be hack--
shortly to eee;the-+6iide-roau^ta7tcdr™^
• A", p: Wright,  (pnuerly. With.tho',
Qroirs Nest Puss Coal Co at Ferni-,.,
.hiis.-succecded.. Hcr^'^Y'fir^'n '-ag.,
engine6rTor:>fie.'^ '   " „
'>"TB^fttsn&niy .the'felrtrtltwt^oye-r**'
seer will be held, and indioatkineaiij
that the present tobum»*)brit'\H.-Kvr-"
Galer, will be returned to fill the po«   '
sitlon for.tho ensuin-ar, year; ..';
to pre<s,
1  .1   1. , '1        .,, '
'    « '- ','." ■."«»»•» V, 411 HO.l-.lll    III    I1L--
fnre Di-cemhcr jH. The review U insu*
fdnt 10 cents 11 copy and ciish -.IhuiIJ
iicciimpnny nil onlerV,
^ The D,iily Noivu' tiuninil mining r-«
view roat'hi-H pr.ictl.'ally every min,
opi-r..i.ir lu the piov'.n.v, in aJJinoii |»
going to thoti'snmls of invisiorsin il	
iiiiiiiw. lu *dvrn!»iing i,.liiinijs con*
M.'(pi»-ntlyiiiT,irdjm exrepilomtlly valu*
«Wo medium of publicity for iimmif.irl.
urers of mining machinery nnd supplies,
rr.it ^late, f.ii,in<:.nl rmd min'iig hrok*
Xit*, wIhiImj-^iVo mt-iclinniN, etc,  etc.
Bpooli.1 to TlIK I.KIMIKII   '
Qeo. Lawrlo is well ahead with his
tie contract,
Tho Btork (not your Mayor) vIbUmI
thn resldonco ol Mr. and Mru. U, S.
Hovan last week and left a babv
girl. ...
Every household Is getting rcrnly
tho solid comforts of tho sen son and
Judging from tho preparations our
Iittlo Mary's will hnvo plenty to do,
Oar hotels amlolng good business
bolng rally decupled nciirly evory
night and somo nights it is lomowhai
llko tho flltoon puzzlo to fit in thr*
last gnost.
Dlokwn nnd Glmer nro buying
hogs ill-omul hero* They have already got over a hundred and may
buy abrmt anotlinr hundred, Thoy
nro ofTi'iing good prices.
floo, nrmlenok has a camp Itv the
flout Ulvcr liottoin «nd ..expects tn
rlrlvo three million fMt of bhw lot^
down to tho Kootenay river next
spring lor tho Nolson sawmill.
From Mm Ifroiipeetor     ...
''-       ' .*'   -''     , •   '        y.      ,'-' *'**   '   '-'
. Robert Little, of Ferule, wan in tho
city on Friday.
E C Smith, 0. P.   Pownall,   and
G.--F. Richardson were at Nelson ilii*.
week attending court.    .
' Engine 494, the first to havo mi
oloctrlc light Installed, mado Its ini.
tlalappiwanco on Fridav.nlghu
,,Tho As?nclm>(l Hoards itfTnulo in
Southern British Colnmhla will me.*
In Cranbrook 'about tho middle uf
The local lumber mills report busy
thnos., Tho manager nf tho liiht
Kootenay milh- Informs us that net-
IvooporntiWwill onntlnap during'
tho winter. Thoy havi> a cousin nil./
InoraiMlnir trade'with thn Ni nhwi^r.
and both mills have tt |UPg0 j0cul ile.
The tnachin«ry ror tho mills of
Ciutwrlght & Fowler and of Grady
Vnmi tin. Tiftiulnr,
Thora aro now 260 men on the St,
KnuenA payroll, and nt lenut 50 in.,10
will hoputon Hhortly.   Thlslipnydiv
M the mino ami »w,0(X) will hu dUtiib'
ThoMnyln Ilrownrv clutniud hmnlri
thin week,-.Ioai\\i\\ Nlodorutnili i|l«piW
Ing ol his IuihIiiii^ and yoml Will to"
Jullui Muellor ol Phnnmv, Mr, Muel-
Ur will movo hhi fmnllv h<>rn nnd mu<<n
Moylo Iliu homo Mr. N'hMeriitadl luu
not yet dociili'd whoni lm will Iru'iim;
Ho and hlf famll>, howovor, will 1 n..
main hern for thu winu>r.
Tlm Dominion p,nv.«rnini»nt nro nr*
ritngliig to Incraa-tA tlm nu hor of mii.
j-.lvi.- fi>-iii Hut ii.Ni, j|f,,n i/iiricei. in
twntty four. Oiil> n| t)*M «,,,,l)|llt.
rnuntfi uiiiHt mitiirnlly go to tho Knnt
(iniyi, nnd themtmo rf J.
C. Drou ry
Is prominently mmitlnnod for the  po>
A Laaakl. nearly a.Mn  plsca  now. TZ X*\S^ "^ ^"-
. *      le4.,M^. .4 4.
4*    It      {{,!,( •
onghly raprfiHonutivo w»«tern mlniiiK
man and hat played aii Important part
In thn development of tlm Kontonsyn,
"The rumor thnt Mr. Cronin wu» to
ronlgu a* muniurer of thn fit Kugxi-a
••nmi.Hiiy. nnd I list 1 wni to t*v* hU
placo Id witbriiir fmindntlon." unlit,], •',
Drewry upon hii return from Toronto
*>eitlod down U> btjslnuaj In earno3t J this week. Mr. I'rowry nd.ltidj "Such
and a lotot good wlll raaalt, » movo wa* never oven thought of by
xm     1     1      .   . the directors, and I may toll vou that
Tho losing Im.Inua h, brisk. \ In Mr. Cronli w con.idVwe IZ £
Men aro omln lho woods gt-ttlnjr b«t mlna manager that <wr oper-*t»Hl
tlmhor for thu two Irwuif wwrnlll. and '» BrltUh Columbia, and w* htvs ntt
for tin) Nelson taw mill."    The, tlm . JSnJa *r ,nUnUoft •' •»*U»>f? «ny
Wo expect those inills will bo run.on
bnilnru principles and prpve a lion*
cllt to tho district,
A mooting of? .tho K-tst Knotonay
Farmers Institute was held taut Sat*
imluy night tn wjiich ihero was a
largo ottondanco.   The Iustliuto hat
« . **-
y -  jft 1,
■ 1
4 ' ."5*
:iV-' •-*
The Fernie Ledger
G. G.
"   Immed every WeilnosiUy from office of pub-
lioution, corner of AVoo<l St. nail Baker Ave,
penile, British Columbia.
allowed to bo change'! when desired, without
extra cliar.-e)
- 1. 0 por inch, per month
,S|K.-viRl position, ini/. Riiv.4i.ee
50X disvyiiut when plates are furnished
,-■- ''    TRAKMKNT AllYKimSKllKNTS
%        (set in nonpariet, IS lines make nn inch.)
*  Auction Sal«», Kiitertninnieiits, Tenders, l.e*
*<■ geil Not lots etc., In cents a line, lirst insertion,
' '  A cents a line eaoli cubsoquent insertion..
77. t!KST-A-WOIll>-AD6
■tost, Found, For Stile. To Let. Ilent' or Ex-
chuiiKe, one cent n word, eiioh insertion.
On i:Rck pn(c« nmonn locals! IS) cents a line
'* On front i>uku nmong locals, no cents h   line
*    lllllTIIS, MAUKlA.lliS AKI) DKAlilS
Jf occurring limoiiRst onr subscriber*, frcrj all
others ,'*1 cent' each insertion. Cards of con*
ftriituUtion.coiidolu.uo or thanks, obituary
jim-try eti'., li*t.. of guests uii'l wodilinc presents. 10 rents a line (iionimriel) eacl. insertion.
without cluing-v, one inch or under,'*11\ month
Any further information ilesircd can bo had
ou application to the manager.       >■■•
8p«oUl to Tiik Lkd.ibr
There is a chapter in the story of
practical politic* as it eft. cts - Imusi*
kt-epinir to be lound in the blue book
containing1 the report of the inland
revenue department ov?r which Hon.
'L. P. Brodeur so ellicl-ntly pr.-sides.
What could any si'lf-iYspi-ctiug
bousekceper who dol^cs "prefereii*
tial tariffs ntvI the unearned incn-
nieht" as she would scarli-t fever,
lmve to do with the facts and fijjuivj-
ti a departmental. i\-por.? The answer given tbe writer was that in
this report, if one bat looks for it, are
■ found aothoritative analyses of th.*
numerous breakfast fo'ds, ot esbenc.u
relishes, cordials, etc., in every day
use and so largely and fin iii buoy tint-
lv advcrtiu'd that, they would seem
ti obtain an  equal   mixture  of the
" nectar ot tlie Roods and interminable'
longevity.   Grape nuts. Malta' Vita,
'F-jrc-j, Malt Food, lialston Foods,
Nemo, Life Chips, Oatmeal—would
yon know just which is more digestible, more nutritious, least harmful
- The blue boikwill tell you' m-t oni;,
this, but exactly why and wherefore.
And there is no
quentioninu the re
tion. The blue book will alsi put
the housekeeper upon, her uiiard
against these makers or venders'ot
loud pn ducts whose wares have upon
analysis been found adulter.-ted.'
And this upend ujVanothVr'chapter
H the hoiisukeeper's story ot ''pr-lcti-
c»l politici:   How tunny nre .awjii-e.
tlmt there is 11 law upon- the' %itat<\
book ofOjiiuida.which B-jfcpfUh'rdsthi*
purity of every article used for*-or Intended for mixing witli thc food or
drink of man, or cntrle and of nil medicines for nlther interna! use1 or ex
ternal application?   This low, it mu*,
lairly be said was very much Incri
'until within the   past  few  .years r
home-protectlii'f government devlsci!
machinery und set it In operation foi
tliu law's vi.iorccineut.    Now tlic:e
are food inapeo-.ors in nil the provinces, attached to the Dt-piiuitiorit < i
Inlan I Hovenue, and those uml other
iMtrtches ot that department   when
least expect) (1 nre liable  to pay  n
•visit to nny al'.iiplcoi-pi'r or ninnufnct-
nror, demand tn Inspect the whole, or
any portion of his stock, niid secure
samples tor submission to th<i analyst
nf the government for tlotoriiilniiiloii
nt puritv.   The prno-lco  Is to purchase hucIi samples which inity not b
rclused—mid which one day nmy be
popper or linking powder or catsup or
c live, and the next, j-una or Iclllec
or cintii'd nicatR or ve^e I allies or
milk nr vimIIIn, or essence ol tfinf-rei-.
One portion ofthe pincliiiwi U huhIuiI
nnd (riven tn the ileuler; niiother p r-
tvm Is flitiiilurly bciiImI anil del I verm
t.> Uie Diipjii-tinentof Inlniul U.tvenui",
tho third i-i sent to Oitnw 1 fir ninny-
alt*,   Ifnlultei'iitlon In discovered nn
a result of tlm Miiiilysli the ofT*)i)dlim
d -ulcr U lined In iieooi-dniico will
the |mniilty provlnloiiHofthu net, nnt
tifier leal proa'udliijrii but by th.
('Illci-H<f the I)-pnriim-nt In ttieHiiini
iniiniiei- In which h collector of cm*
Ioiiih wunlil pmii»li an tnlijiotiuii nl
. tlm shl|ipliiir or ciihtmim law,   I' inn
bo lidd that It la unjust and  uiiIhIi
tluirtfo |*eli 11/.*  the   retiillniv   wl 0
may pcrchitiieo Ijo liiMiilliiig adulter-
ntrd Kood» In all linn o-micis—<Ucolv
• ilhvthi* wluitiiU'ilcr nv »ln» in mm.
fiet.wr«r from whom hn ht.y« hU
ktnclc. T '.* nniiwer to this in Hint the
jrovon.iiieiit in nut nsp. chilly altnini/
t'ltnnoh any nmn his ImslreHH nr pro
t>-ct tlio retnller or tvllevc l.ltu ol tin
IIUI) V.i'MiV.illK {ti* Vlilt.MJlf VI \\.\i lie   i
ii'ivliiir* Tli« sroveriiiiiont inanldn
fi is for tho piotuctlnii of the con
B'line.i—tlmt Ih tin; public, lint tt
meet every |*olnt in lustice, tbo ac
j.rovltleH ncvorthcIcK* a muaiis b\
•which lho r.-titiler tiiav iilw,iyg pro
ti-ct hniKclt bv •eeiiilnjr from lib
aitii-ceol »ujply a warranty tlmt tb*
poo a niv tru (-• nbel, or by liluuel
1,-ibelliin,' mliilter.it<-il mixed pniluc
amno'i. lie .it*» has rrc-mr-w al
•»ay»a**faln»ttlw*<* wbo*>,d to lii.i.
gild thc wbolewtfer or minnf.-.otnr-
i-rln nine CJi»«i«Jiof t>n will wilt
Inirly rolinbur**-) bim for anv flm-
«>l|i*ctM a« inlleitcl ra'b-r tha
win -pnoMclty for tht-lr atiiil-ri-Mtf*
ware*.   Itnay be ttatcd '.bat indcz
e>s of eases, quietly and in busines.
like fashion, this collection of sample*.!
analysis and puriishment ofthe puil-
ty has been goineron in British Columbia as in all other parts ot Canada
during' the past year or two, and an
a result housekeepers are bejrinninp
so rejoice" ih purer, and therefor'
more economical a6 well as mon
wholesome condiments, and general
food products, although us in thc cast
nf the bnttV-r few perhaps pause t«
c insider that p-litics-^-oractical politics—has anything,to do with the im.
provement of conditions.
For the information of storekeeper?
as well ot the housekeeper it may be
mentioned that thc Act defines adnl-
tenited tood to be: -
' 1. Such as is' diluted with any |
substance which lowers its quality or
2. Such as has inferior or cheaper
sbstances mixed with it, even although these may not be-injurious to
the health.
3. Such as mav be deprived ot
any ol its valuable constituents in
wholo nr in part.
4. Such as in imitation of or sold
under the name of another article.
5. Such as is wholly or in part
deceased or decomposed.
(5. Such as contains ingredients
injurious to health.
7. If its strength or purity falls
below the standard, or its "constituents are not within the limits of variability llxed by the, Act or by the
Governor in Council.
With reference to drugs, all such
arc deemed "adulterated!' which
differ from the standards laid down
in the Brii-ish or United Status or
0 .her generally; recognized pharma-
c i| ce a or other standard work on
materia medica, • -_     " ,
The Act, however, provieies that
these definitions as to the adulteration of food and drugs shall not apply (I) if any matter not injurious to
health has been added in order that
the article may be left in a fit state
for carriage or consumption, provided always that it is conspicuously
labelled as a niixtuac; £2/ if the food
or drink is a pr.'prictory. medicine,
>r is the subject ot a patent in force,
;ind is supplied in tlie state required
by the specification of the patent; (3)
f the food or* drug is unavoidably
mixed wiih some extraneous matter
in its process of collection or prepara-
■Jlount Fernie Lodge No. 47
i. 0. VliCjtfSt, 0,V.
at   8
Meets   ev.ry 'Friday evening
-..m. in 1.0.0.F. Hall: ,
T.Beck, P.G..R.S.
L. P. Eckstein
'' ■   ' A     •<- ".-,-'
Barrister-at-Law, ,_ SouCitor,   Etc.*."
' Culhbcrt Block, Feni'le, B..C,'-.
F C, Latoe
Po'st Ofiice Block. Pernio.' B. C.
Have.one of their largest stores in Fernie.   .     ,.,. 0   .
..*.,. ~ • Lamb, Veal, Fresh aud Smoked Fisa.
Fresh "Fish constantly arriving
W, R, Boss J. S. T. ALBXAurEh
Ross & Alexander
Oflic-c in L. T. W.'Blook, Victor!" Avenue.
Ker.d Office :  Hamilton, Canada.
Capital:■■'* $2,415,000- "•:'. Reserve *,$2,4i5,000
"v  -.-   , . \: ■ yti6tai'&88eisY$2W^ ,^ .;:'*''''•.-
'.' ;;Hon. Wm. Gibson,- President.'' Vf y.^.-Yi^iYiYi   ,r.-:
. J.'Turnbull, .Vice-President and General Manager. . -
74 Branches ihroughout Canada  .       .77-
;Money,Orders and Oralis issued, payable in Canada or"abroad.  ,-'.'
Foreign drafts cashed.    Special'advantages in,Sayings Department.- ■ .,   .-
Open in, the evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from'7 till 9
'<•'," ' .J.R. LAWRY Agent PEROTE BEANOM
Ja Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite, the   Bank
Office hourt—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
OlTICK HontHi V lo l* n. m.,1 to6p.ro
.   Ollice in Alex. -Deck's Block
-   ,-'       over Slinn'H lliikery.
FERNIE,        -        -        -     -      ' B. C.
Ofiice : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fernie -British Columbia
'Late asbuyer Nelson Smelter) ^.
Ool.l. Silver or Lend euch $1.1*0
Copper «J,&)       Gold-Silver *1.50
Cliurgei. for other metnls on application
P.O.Drawer 1H«    .     ., 1'liono A67
In Fernie, Is a
Pleasant Home
for aB! who trav
Rooms reserv
od by Wire.
T. WHELAN, Manager
Fort Steele Brewery Co-vLt$
«8» ' '  '" ' 'FERNJE, B.C.   .   ' i,. 7 7 -'
4* ' : r—-} ^— •-•-•* •.   -.
ij " Brewers of Extra Fine
% Lager Beer and Aerated
± Waters. JBottl^cl Goods
? a Specialty.
*fs ' L 7 • - *v
■THE" i
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor,
Fornlo. li. 0.
Teaches* of the Piano
.   (fietMilietlzkey Method)
Athorough.training-f.Esured each pupi
tion; (1) if a..y articlts of food not
injiiriou* tothe health of the yjcr*n
consuming the an me are ,mixed ti*
aether and sold, or offered for sale, ss
-k compound, and it such articles are
'distinctly labeled as a, .mixture, tn
cons|ji8Uuus ciiarncters. *
, In y.i-sitinar the promises or factories
uf whorCBale 'mej-gh'-int**,. especially
tliose in thc coff'-e ur spice trade, • the
.-xperience gained by the food inspectors is that in i?eneral great care
nt taken in labelling the go^ds. The
wholesjilt. dealers nsneri that no con:-
Ijoniid-icr mixiures arc sent to, thc
i-etnilers unless lubi-lcd as -u-.h, that
Mic retail.-.--, know exactly the cluii--
,cerofthe poods tliey buy and sell,
,ind that in ninny cases they fjlve or-
-lerstisrepui-ds the quality and thc
:iianner In whicli they ure to b.- done
up. If therefore, rotalli-rs wish to
.ivoidti'oul'lo In connection with the
.pci'iitioit* of the Auulteriition Act,
which is now bei iir; vigorously, en*
forced and wlll bo yet more vigorously nppliml an tho machinery of
tlio Department Is perfected, It Is
only necessary that thoy should In-
loi'in the public. <<f the true nut uro of
the artlclc-i sold, by labn'lng them or
causing them tn be liilieled iu the
timiinei* rt'iptli'i-d by llio Act. Ii
mny be mentioned too thut here In
IlritUli t'olumblii tlii'i'o havo been
lUiiunms tonvictIonsn(recent date,
•.lie articles lound waiulng ujwn
•irmlyHlH bi'lng peppers, linking powders, ClltrtU|*8, juiiiin {UlllS, etc.,
Thu [K-niilly unJcr the Aci range, us
<imgud by lhe cirtumsiuncoK nnd the
injuriuiiHncsM or olhi'r.vihc of the inlul*
it-ranis finplnyud, from $s lo Sioo for
•.•iu'Ii olTeii*.,'.
The ii.uel.liK'ry for tht cfTectual
.^iiiiriinly nf pure foods In Caiuilii by
tlilii nnd iiuHOcliitu iu-u it mny he frelily
idniltU'd Is nol pi'rfiHitiMi lin yet. Uut
it Ik k-liig cmistniilly Improved. Ni>
me cun question for n momiMil, that
uililli'ily l' n j;ronI weapon rendv ht
he bund of llli; government lu lhl>
•onnuclitJii. lion, Mr. IJ.irduur U well
iwiire of ihlx, llu hnnws Ibnl If the
(inl-lli! li rnqunlnlotJ with llio fuel thin
iIiIn or thut rvlnller him been lined for
MJlhng un iiUulieriiii'ii I»h»*j priKJuci ot
Amu lh.it >jji1j jiJiillrr-iU'il Jiril**),.  ujj
nviJu hy thiA or lluit llrm, nnd ihut lln
iiuWl*1 uimtyUt pronnunco>i the urth-Ic
in qitoolion frnudulunt in nui-Ii ptirticu*
Iuin ii-i ihu iiniilyoU dit-clo^eii,  I hen the
.him.' c^- of Itoili the iiivkci tipulou*) inn*
i r iiinl On* I'ljuiiliv ri'vpo isiMe luuniH'f
vill forthwilh ilcviint-i  unit   viult  will
ihu rare not ft** he   ilU.'ipliiK-J   more
ban onrc or twitv,    ll would he  fnlul
•i ihe'r Iuimiu'sU iilhi'ru I c.
77^    .: '^efnie~TX~v.      A"^?^
Pupil of Madame Beanie Cox, Guildhall School
of Music, London, and Siiruur Vni.uoini.Flor.
eiice.ltikljr, will receive a limited numbor of
imyiln for inat rue tion in slugin-j and voico production,     --.-/- . - -'
viTerms on Application. -
Is the place to take the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time'" 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32"
the Bmtvalian Ytibotel
"The Place to Stop
Special Attention Given to Local Tourists
,   . H; L. STEPHENS
movvissep function, h. C.
and the Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view !'at
Miss Varty's  Home of Fashion
For Quick Returns
Mat youl- Fropwty with   -TI-jqc     Ratt
,    SucccuKOt toT.J.Hnr}cor,at 'THE 0\VJ."
Property for Sale, to Rent or Exchange,
Ronts collected, Employment furnished.
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. E. Todd
fevnie, 3B, C.
Davey •&, Laderoute
if: ,.$
ncflurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Oilluo In ruurof How Food lllouk, Kernlo, 11,0.
Now.York.StoclcH, nondn'imiJ Cotton.
Ctiii*H(*o Uriiin ai.d l-rovinions.
I'rlvute Wire.   Conllnuou* Quolullonn,
J, F. MARION. HiMffer, NELSON, B. C.
i,'orr««|iond(iH'« wiilnltml,
ttyrm, fn«r fr-cnfl* ot ttlatlvn mWftwttti
Mil, rpitrpn-, St. VHo»' J>iiM*, or ratline
.SiduMt*. write Hir »t'lit Unit* m4 vahubl*
'fttilw on wiih Attests* to Till Lxuia Co.,
'79 Kin' Hirtst, W„ Toronto, CajuiU. All
'.rod-i.li wil or cun otuin f r yea
WINE   C0.y Ltd,
LJIrcft IliUHiMur* nf
Scotch and
London Dry,
Old Tom
nnd Holland Gin,
nrhtltr topnr-r
Ale and Stout
White and Red Port
nnd White Rock.
Hiiln ft-nii. for C«n«niU for
-Windior   Tonlo, «l«g  Dtttroytr
a Wtitcli.
lln only duty In lift Ib to answer cor*
rcctly one quuKtton
"what time is it?'
All wulrhcH said by uh nro fruiirnn*
iced ui unsvvcr thin «iinp«iriiint' nueslion
correctly    The priivsi nre rif-hl,
OIIIoIrI Wttoli Intpoolor ot 0, N. Ry.
Jewolor Optician
union i^aaii
Crow's Neit   Special
MliMr?§ FavoHt* Cigars
'>'"!»'      lit'.,	
n-iim.vrr mx    
*k* X*.t tt * <«rb..ultH.V«,|.«,n.
•lit** Mr*
K f.-rm'rl-flfl.t n«rh I*
,   "t»..l»l l»NVI.«.«.  Ihilv
*»*A»T'X. a. xv. Mnxunr
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Rktail-   Meat   Merchants
•   RATES yiM  PER  1>^Y
Tho»..Pogue,   Jt   ^.Proprietor
' $4©:,-fffli'..*$$5 ;„,'„,;;;:;. y/ii
The high-grade hammerless' Gun, which \ve   ?;
are reducing 50c. each day until sold will, be    A
:$35 to-morrow (Thursday.)   We suggest that' ,.';A
you don't wait too .long)-'or the other -fellow. A-;*
*..'•   may-be too quick for you..       -       -   :,■..* J *•'  '"-■{."
The SaKaSo-- Ear^sl Ban which we-reduced    A
••- from $10. to less than cost—$6—has beeii;.ad-
vvancing. 25c and!-will be $8.50 to-morrbW.
Don't you want .it?   '"    >.   ...■•;- A';'-   ''•A'-SA'-A-.
SHEf *PA;ilD- &   ELLIOTT y
fTinniiiyr :u*i 1 Pia.i.oinij D^partmint o^isito Srilviilion Ar:ny  B.irracks
11J S.iK'sroon-i next door to tlieiKtiig-Edward Hotel. *  -V    •        j
i    Office <i
Stoves! Stoves!  Stoves!
WE have just,,unl6aded a car of all kinds of -Heat-
- ers, Steel*1 Ranges' aiid ' Cook  Stoves;". Cqrrie; I
and select your Heater before they all-go.'       '"      Y]i;,
_OALLand cNnmlne"our stock of.Furniture nnd see'soi-ne of the New
^. Designs in Fnncy Rockers, Arm - Chairs-, .Morris Chairs, Couches,
Tables, China, Parlor nndTWusio: CnVmets, Iron und Brass, Beds—in fa t
everythiiifj; in the Furniture line.     . ' ' . " ''   A   •''.
*.   Vou nrc welcome, whether you buy or not. >.
.   No trouble to show goods.    Picture framing n specially. .    '
HardwareA    J«  D. QUAIL       Furniturci
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.   .
Philip Carosella j
PERNIO, D.C.            1
General Merchant
<*-*•  1
.,„.. r»ir»»nc;
uiiu -u.-vlir-i.-io
A   full line of Caskets,  Coffins/  Shipping .'Cases
Wreaths and Society Emblems op Hand.
J)mGrXnN'X!&   *fTOB
WBII.BOM-, B. b. f~\
**♦ I""' '   '      "       '    ' T""     ""    "      '"'' *
SEST Purine November and December a discount, of .
10 per cent will be allowed off all orders 'for spring
delivery, 4* -f* -f
DOT Wc have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which wc will be pleaicd to
show intending purchasers, — — .   .
Oi'Tici. PHONK41     , Ruswence 76 '   '
Parlors In Lundy Blook
Choicest enu of Frtnti MeaU, il
wny* on ImiuL
Wnnxxt, line* 111 hih. \mt\\ tit well.
All klCKlu of Krtih Vith, In ittttotx
Prompt Delivery.
(Jive as * call.
TKL ia
If you want to buy
or sell any mining"
stock write or wire
We deal in all mining stocks and will
be pleased   to ^send
vou quotation--?.
MOTT   SON & 00.
La*t»a mini Un*.*-*!
We will help you tteate tltU L«v*ly Fur 8«rf,
mtde front MlttteJ full furrtd ikliu, of nut*
Blaek Con»y fit*, txtniy 60 Inehet- In Itnjtth.
orrmmented with lotiff fur Ulli, »nd tsuty neck
chain, Mont *rarm nnd MHnforUbl*. mt tnsds la
the very Itu-ft ityle. W» *f tx R-MtoM* Cem-
pany, *s4 tn want good tnutworthj* annU to
(utvoI-MC Good ttipe V«(p»Ulj!« Wlh hvt «v«ry
home, W* ra«ti>r* n» m**i*f tx* mi*****, jurt
•end na tvat name aud addreaa *% ***• and wt
will Mud you CI|M Bwtsm st tut VtxmsAtm flu*
mt-jflti. Sell them at 36e ter be.**, *tui wkts wf
receive the memtj far the VtUj* *»M«fc we wfltwiuS
jrou ImmedUUl/after ymsm* *e>.d_ the #2, worth
ir Oea
Ay tu
nulWcr.   Thev ins eatv to Ml?, tuttf tt* In gttat
and returned the me«*»7t we wtll then pnwi*>U
1 thnn of fh^ Bfrtm,
tot *11 stall and iHiptint- -wjiJI-
*  «rii>*-t<VI,-l  Tonh and  T.fiV
tend you your fur Qearf.   Our Good Hope
1 art s Grand JUeiedi
demand,   ti**'* mttm this •ppw*im*\At to sttms AU*. tt*§t*M
Tut a*srt.  Writs t*mist. +
i«1l T^£5d6»v>i M i. ;-**IT«»*.-!^'?gy*!**!-S-*:
*i    "i       ■ y ■*i—- - - -ii i r ii   ■ -—■_-— -.
Kk&»*i-m&jiSngt*fl*fX*SmV**» tMHt^W
i^^.,»i«rt-,.,-i.T^--*r-r-i---wyi^^*'y-',''l*r"T*''^ ' " ' l  •••" "l "TT*''.''.'.""yr"!"^1''.^"    - *■ ■
- -'-'i'i
.1. -
,; 119 Years of Age
J- - * *. if
{■**■*■     . v$f -    *_I? ■-■*;
About, llie tiuie ihai/.tli^/Vnierjcalh'
-colonies r«tllzed4 lhe*-nea>ssityS of^ied--
oration, while tlie United States .con-
■stituiioii wat-afiyet unwritten ^aiid the
nation still u«bor«,. there came into tlie
world oirVfenriTneaf Knoxville,TennM
,« girll haby AMJthied io .witness'Vllie
niarvefeus dunges that have since
transform**! the world and to*- survive
out of the old time into ourei. The
•child that learned to lisp when Washington wasPneeident in-the eighteenth
cenliiiy still lives to^talk of President
Roosevelt in the'twentieth century, and
♦yes'thut. a .hundred years a ro. looked
lovingly upon fief.'' first born, today
smile with a fading . light upon the
•'child of her old age" a woman...now
past 75. ;"AV. ^     -; A  Y>'Y^~
Mary Ramsey Woods was "born as
Mary Ramsey oa May 20, 1787. Now
in lieri 19 th, year, she lives in Portland;
Ore., and is still quite active and maintains a lively interest in'the world and
its doings, Daily she walks about* the
jgarden or nils upon the porch in sunny
weatlier, to chat with neighbors,- to
cew, or lo Jive over iti memory, scenes
•of long agA. And v. hat u memory is
Iters., She was a tiny, inuid when the
French RevdihitMa was dyeing the
(gutters'of Paris red; she was a hiugli-
ing school girl of 7 when Tennessee
was admitted as a stale to,'the .Union*;
she was a blushing bride when the
#reat Napoleon ceded Louisiana to the
L'nited States, and a proud young
mother when Lewis and Clark tramped
over a continent to, "where rolls the
Oregon.". - And she well" remembers
Jier father taking down his old gun,
shouldering his blankets and' going.
««it to figirt tlw., battles of his country
in llie war of; 18iz. '   '*
Though probably the oldest, woman
in the world, her intellect is still bright
-and keen, as is sho*-a by the. fact that
(his last summer her testimony decided
* law suit and settled a title 10 property which was deeded over, fort}' years
ago. ,Her answers -were tb the point
mid efforts to confuse her were unavailing. , She testified regarding minute
iteuihi, tJiowij^- that the years have
oat dulled her r*coilectiou. -        -j\
Mary Ramsey Woods conies o, fgood
old English stock. -Her ancestors
ts'tre alt long litved people.    Her par-
. *nU came from Cnghind just after their
marriage aud pcselucd on through the
Carolina*; to  Tennessee,  where  they
. settled upon a farm that /was stfier-
the Paducali Indian war.. Here the
couple'settled mid here; their children
««re faoni mid reared. There were
five girls and three boys in llie family,.
*md Mary was thc sixth child, accordf
wijr to. theolJ faintly; bible. , ,,. ,.-
Kate Riijusuy, the mother, died after
« few hours4 illness, at the age of no,
sixty-live years ago. - Th* day. before
tier death she hnd walked it distance ol
(five miles, knitting sill lhe way, as was
lier custom. A few. years ago, her
father, Richard Ramsay, had. dropped
dead from heart disease. He was a
brickinaker^ and contractor, and burned
the brick used and built the lirst brick
house in Knoxville.
< When Mary was. 12 years old -she
joined tlw Method'nii Hpiscopal church,
(South). For 1 i»iS year'sislie lias been li
communicant and ii still a devoted
Methodist. Her folks were well-to do,
UMjro slaw ownuva and possessed con*
: wderalitV ptwpcrty.    SI* ivu« married
jit tlu* tm« of-16 to Jacob Lemons, a
jirosporouB fiitinor, anil lhe couple lived
,' Imppily together in their Tenossce home
* for many yearn.-. She was left u widow
' -M*i'Cut)Mhn.'e years ago, iibout the time
' lluit 'Andrew Jackson was nciiring the
end of his lirst term ns I'u-i.l-.l/.'iU. Four
dhildrcii were horn to the couple, M.iry
J. Lemons, who died In Tennessee two
[ ycurt- ugo nl the age of 98; Isiinc  Lcni*
tux*who died in Kansas Cily forty years
ugo; Nancv ti. Bulock,   who died  nl
" Hllslwro llilrty-clglil years ago, and
; Mrs. C B. kuniKoy, wlioisnow. living
' in Hilsbom, and who, though 75 ycurs
of age, is devotlntf her life to lite cure
ct her aged parent.
Por (Ik next (B-cnty yerirs Mrs. I-ciii-
ens jived wfth her children, uoniellincH
u'llh one mid stunetliiie-. with unotlier.
They were willed In Alabama, Georgia,
Kentucky «nd Missouri.   In 1H53 she
iiLVompanieJ her, younjjest  dniiKhter,
Mrs. C.   H.   South worth,  across  thu
plains to Oregon, arriving In   Hllsboro
in 1853.   8he u«k then bb years old,
Hut rode n bay mure lhe entire distance
from Tcmionwe, whlla tier daughter
41 nd her huulvand rond lu un ox  cart
Tho party came leisurely,   bringing  a
dozen Uaves with llicm, komo of whom
■   . .  .••*»"..1*",.
Afty J.-w atihu) m On^oo, Mj-s*.
Leiuoii-ibuilt the fir»l lwk-1 at II'iMhvto,
Slsortly stxit sh* married J«hn Wo*!*.
,i with whom sho lived until lit* death a
•core of tystm htsr. The couple run
(lie Uolet uniil forty yearn u<jo,  iv)n-n
' tliey turned it over to her daughter,
Mrs. C. B; Reynolds, fur-'ierly Mrs.
- Southworlh, her only surviving child.
J   Vat many yvars Mrs. Woods was post-
ml-tlntssofllillslWo, until advancing
,4 old age compelled her lo take life 111 jw
*.-»*i!y. Slnr^lhpn »-hc ha1- diuip hou*.e-
4. work until the Usi fen- ye ir*j, hut nuu
*' confimrslmtelf to lhe rare of lur per
f- non, MwlflffOf knitting.
* Mrs, Wood* talks In  a   qunvorln*<
'.'■ »oi«, h«t vtty di-.tin.tlv, «»••» » nwrk
* ed southern acmrnf.    In sp-wking tf
^htrfift, fhfiwW; »
My RMfftor-f uf the (wut is very good.
$**x*fAMtmHihfog*g<tm Hut* crowded
" Steady Fhvb:
Fountain Pen
Our $1.00 Fountain' Pen
is"^ a A popularly favored
specialty at Diamond Hall's
enlarged 'Stationery Department. >    r ;,*.
■ Tlie'point la  of finely   ;
finished  solid   14k   gold   *'
with  iridiuia   tip.      The  .,
'     name ."Steady Flow"'h-
accuratcly descriptive,
and the pen is guaranteed
for a year.
Larger sizes $2,00 and
■"$2.56. .7     7 -
Samples of note paper,
embossing and engraving
are gladly sent on request.
'   )hi-isti»-s«   Exoursious   via   the
,    V ■ C. P. R. ■-.",.   ■■"
The Canadian PiicilicjRailway an-
lounce dally tow excursion 'rates, lirsl
lass," wilh three month's limit/ from
11 Kootenay and Crow's Nest points!
o all points in Eastern Canada. The
ate from Fixnie to Toronto anJ all
oiiits " in Ontario except north or
iravciihurst* and west-of ""Pembroke,
lonlreal 'and any point*- west' in. lhe
rovince of Quebec, is $58.40; Quebec1
* $4.50 ; ,St, John. N. It., 4>J4-5o,- and
lult'fax $17.50 higher than-Montreal,
.•ilh corresponding rates loother.points.
ast of''Montreal. "For passengers
.iking advantage of Xmas. sailings lo
Cngland, specially low rates will be
.uoled to Atlantic seaboard. Full
articulars,- standard or lourist sleeper
eserv'ations, can be had on application
0 J. S. Caktkk, D. P. A., Nelson.
but after I think a, while they siraigh-
en out. *'l,have lived a' quiet life am
never bad-much excitement. L neve
had, but one serious illness, which was
thirty-six years ago,, when I badtyphoi.
fever, and as a result lost the sight o
my lefl eye, My llhird sight' is we!
worn, nnd though I can see out of bu
one eye I can still thread a needle o*
read large type." Siiice my. illness' )
have been hard of hearing too, am
you have to shout.
I lost my teeth forty-one years * ago
and since then have worn false teeth.
A most remarkable thing happened las'.
spring* I cut a tooth. Would yoi
believe il? , It' caused some irritation,
and is considerable annoyance, interfering With thc false teeth, but it i.*-
there all right. ' I haven't the le.asi
idea how it happened.
My diet in recent years has been
principally vegeuiblcs, though I haw-
dieted myself. I eat three times a day,
and' have drank strong cofTee all'
through life, and plenty of it, I have
always*eaten, n'isat, principally pork,
and still eat it * occasionally. . 1 was
never any hand for sweet meats, such
a*> preserves and cakes.   -
%^y       Forty'Years.
^25 Send for (htaloyue
102 & 104,
Holiday 7 Excursion
""' ;] --FROM-     ■■/..
Dec. 4th'fo 31st
- -     - ■• ■ > n
' We have for sale 10 000 acres
of timber-on' Wilson, creek, a
stream miming into SU.caii
lak(\} The timber consists of
cedar, whito piim. spruce, fir
nnd tn'nitu'iic, at d- tniiils over"
175,000,000(061 by actual cruisers estimates.
These licenses arc held under
. the seventeen years regulation'
and have sixteen years to run.
There is a good mill site :ftt
the mouth, of * Wilson,  creek,
through which thr* railroad runs.;
There is a-sheltered bay upon
which the bite-, is situated  ih
which any quantity of logs cui.
besafely'heldat .all  times  in
We offer this valuable prop-
, crty for sale at 20 cents per
thousand and   will  allow  full
■ investigation as to quantity and
■ quality of the" timber obefore
Tiio Great "'Northern
Railway mil Sell
First Class Round Trip
Excursion Tickets
..    ' Toronto,
and Principal Points in Ontario'and-Quebec.
i       .   -
Corresponding Rates to
all Points in *.
Martiime,  Prov-
New York  and' New
■^P-HE pleasure of. giving is often
J- marred by -{.ife task of choosing
the rio-lit thing-.   .
ET us "Lighten the Labor11
ou.    We have given very care-
ful thought to things useful and appropriate for presentation,, and. our
stock of goods, bought specially . for
the holiday .season, affords a wide
choice.    .       "„ °     ,, . -.
^pHE fact is, one would think,-we
.  1    had ransacked the world for the
beautiful  collection  of novelties" in
fancy, and useful things in Christmas gifts, that we are showing.      ;
*+*-Remember lo shop early, hefore lhe best is taken.
You sire sure to see ^onietiiiiif-, you liho.
1 . -      - \
Agent for Lowney's Chocolates, McConkey's Cliocol;iles, ISaslinnn's Kodaks.
. We are Shotoinft
Leiither Goods
•■Ink Stands
St-.'A intr Sets        a
Scrap Books
.Vanity- B*iHS
lectures ■
Etruscan Pottery
Smokers' Sets
Padded Poets
Sliavin-r Sets
Paper Cullers     .    ,
Dolls, „Rubbcn-l ills '
Fancy Stationery
.Dressinjj Sets
Tifiiny Ware
Manicure Sets
\Viitin}f Portfolins
Copper and Brass
Card Trays
Choice Perfumes
Work Kiiskets,'
Fountain Pens
Military Hrtishes
Music Rolls
2000 Books (ji splendid assortment for
young and old) .tad
an immense ninj^eof
'Christmas Cards.
I ueigli about. i^Tpounds, whiclF i^
pretty good for a - woman my height,
about s foot 3, when I Was young., 1
dress and care for myself, and do nol
heed help from my daughter, except
when-,1 havc.a sinking spell, as I. do
once in awhile, when my cxlrenietici*
get numb..
Until Inic years I have always been
in comfortable circumstances. ,'We
had land and niggers," which was
wealth in the,South in the old days.
My daughter owns our home and that
is al! that is left of our property now*.
I pLtinly re.iH-.nber lhe war of -1812.
My falher fought during the last six
'months under Andnw Jiictacn, but he
was a paid soldier. Wc lived nenr lhe
highway uivd I saw' Andrew Jackson
driving from his home to Wjishinglon
to be IVesidcnt, and waved (0 him with
my handi-ereliief, We were all Democrats and are still. 1 haven'l much
use for the Ulack Republicans.
They called 111c an old woman when
we came to Oregon, but I rode horse:
back all the way, and llnil* was lifty-
two years ago, I remember 1 he Mexican war plainly, and tho Civil war
seems like last week. I was 72* when
John Brown made his raid at Harper's
Ferry; and although the news didn't
reach us for mon thu afterward*.',' 1 remember the excitement il cn lined. In
this siiinu year Oregon wnu admitted as
a slate, Why, forty years ago they
wild 1 ought to lake things easy, so I
cold niy hotel to my daughter.
9  *_*©ffV
& Co.
Notice ,
JTiAKlS notice tlnit il'i'il.ivm aftor (inl-e I Intend
JL 10 •ipi.lvtotlieHon.Chio'Coiinn'a-ioiiorof
rjiniU&-'W«irlcH for purnitKhliili to imrcliais
itvi following 4«seril>t)il land*. CommonoliiR
at tlio N«rtlieiiHt oornor of I..it WHmO.l.
HuH Knnt-jiiiiy District tlience South 1')
chaln-H thonoo Ktv»t WlclmiiiK: thonco Nortii 4.i
clmi'i*-; thuneo Wost 20 clinins; to pliii'e of
ooniniunoouHint contiiiliinK 8;t lie-ran,
■OtttertNovl«tli WOS.    „ ,     „.„
Por detailed intnraiatioti apply to
, H. L. BLACKSTONE, Agent,
, .   , '      Fernie,  B. C.
■       GREAT
Ths Gomifortabteo Way
lter.il Down *
SLSS a m Lv.
10 -12 a hi
l-JIWi) m
7.-1.1 p in
7.30 ft m
fl.oo a m
X IS i> ih An
2.4.0 p m Arr
»Itowl Up
l'oniio Arr. U nop 111
■- Klkci RlOpm
Ilfxloiil ■ G.llipin
Sl'OKAXE. , 8 3jpm
rvirett iiai'iim
ii'iittlo '    «.     8.00 p in
Vamiouvek Lv 4 00 p nr
Si l'Aiil       I v B.Oj p m.
» Daily owoii* .Sumlny ■
You leave Fernie - '
and arrive Seattle,   Vic*-
toria orYancouver
NOTICK Ik lifirol.y Riv-.li tlmt nil ivornoiis liuv*
Ihk nny clalniH   airiilii«jt   tho ornate1 01
Alfn'il Davlnu, Into of Jlloli-jl.il. 0, who illoil
on tho Ktli Novomlior, iwrt, ami to wlio.so |,cr.
honalo^iito l.t'tlofH uf A.hnliil-itration wio
nu tho-J-inil Novi.'inlwr, llial itrauto-1 to John
Unvloi, uro ri'iiuoitio'lto wind iiarUi-nliirii of
tholr ohilnntto tho niitlHi-i.fRi.oil ho ii-itnr
for the A<liniiiihtriitoi-,oii or l.oforn lho l.t
Dociiiiiliiir, VM, nflur wlil.ili ilnto tlw AilnilnU-
imlor will ilWilltiito tho nnhotn or iUh-ok^uiI ii
mon*: tho imitioH ontitU'il tlii-n.lp, hiivln(j;io
uanl 'inlv to lluu'lniiu-i of whloh ho nhall tlioi
liavi-IiikI notli'o.   Allixirniiu imliblo'l In  llm
,|.«4iviMirl aro roi|n««t(iii<it|iity tlio iminiijit of
ilmlr IniluhtruliiohD to tlio iniiliirnliineil forth
l>ftteii«th November, W-J, „ ,   . ,
I, r.RclcHtoln, '  n
Kuril o.n.0.
QO   YEAI16'*
Kor dutuilcil liiforiiiiition, liorth re*or*
vatloiis, etc., cnll oil or attdrei.ii v
,]i, llT.ACKSTONK,
Dinprovetl SenvSce to
Nortii iPooifio Coast.
How Many Beans in The
Jeweler and Optician
AS. a Guessing- Contest now on.    A glass jar, filled with Beans, and  sealed,
is placed in our window, and ever'y purchaser of goods to the value.,of <
Dollar, is given a guess.    Each additional Dollar means an-additional giiess.
TCiE Pp§2S/"is-a GoSd Watch valued at $25.00
for eithsr Lady or Gentleman
FINE Stock of Jeivelery suitable for*Christmas Presents and a lot of Novelties  iti'
Gold, Silver and Bronze.    Call in and examine oiir handsome display.
- -.„....        4 ■.   , ■ . . .     j>     *■      : *
One, hundred nnd for ly nine lives
hnvo been lout, more thnn 70 uhips
wivelMd und a I<m« of $7,ooiyioo lins
huun KiiHliiliU'J in tlm-c IiIk storms tliis
y.'iir on tlio ({rent. liiUcu. Thin Im the
moMt iHmutrous huhsoii In llio history of
tihi|.pln(j; on thc IiiIcch.
Trade Marks
Coi»vnioHT« Ao.
Anronn#»Ti<l(na ft eVnlrli end dHcrlPllAn m*r
niitiiul** lUMirinlii onr oplniini free v-heilior tn
•"{JUi'JnT. 8fe tCSIiflK' 0«
tfftlMtMttec, without tlitree, In the
SciJtiiific nuuriciw.
A lundiomelr IIIuiImM weeklr.  I.nrgMt olr.
■*4*im\w&*TA piswi-f
,.«,., «C0i»e,Bro,dw'' New York
Loovo Nolson 7 a. m.
via HIqciiu I.aka
Arr Vanooiivei* 111.50 a.m.
One night enroute
New equipment
- ■ ■   Coaches,   First Class
and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
is a mental antidote for the diseases caused
by fear, ignorance and superstition, a
It costs a dollar a year in advance.
R. f. LOWERY. Nelson, B. C.
■ e-ul fifftfWW
LAuKll I t ^f'ril-Pc» ^""^"'i CoUls ;mil 1-neiin.onlit,
15 nbunditnlly vouched llrtr liy sT-orct of men
•nd women In different parts* of llio Dominion who havu been
rfitntrtl loticftlth 1hron"*h this really romarkaWe remedy. •'Psvciiine"
is not a paUnt medicine ixx the true mixsh of llie word, but a re-^iiljir
professional prescription prepared after carefully r.pprovid hcicntif.c
inethodu.    Its efficacy linn been tented in thousand-** of hevcre cat.es.
y wmmmvmmmmmmmmmmmtmmm
Atlantic S. S. Agency
All lines represented
Throu|)li Tickets
Ti)iirfi(imiill [inluUln
Great Britain
Italy, etc.
ntlowost rates.
Ask for-Christ mas S;iilinjys.
I'or i-.'l.ii>I<-ld liiforinntliiii   n] ply
lll|l|4'ltl     |IJ*4|lt
It. Itwiillnir
A-j-nnt nt I'Vi-nlo,
,1 H Ci.iliir.lM'.A,,      O .l.Coyle.AO.t'A.
Kiliiill VmirijUM.r
New C*t\, Now In Mock
Homo Oi'own mul Iinpnitu,!
ti. u. )-:.n, KiBi.11 him n.owr.u sickhs
Wliok'siiln uml Ili'luJI
KlMii-Iitl l'»l<-Vi» to Kiiriiiiir** lii^tltuton
Tlititir.itikIm iif 1'iiilt iiiiiI Oriiiiiiii'iitiil Trenn
niiiiiliMlfihlroiiN,     H'ihi'n,     tlniniiliimet*
mill lliinly I'lmitii
iiiiw urnwinii In my inir.uilu-t tut
S|niii|[ |iliiiiUr.iT
Kimtiiri) titli'.n* or limi. Wlilto l^il.nr
M. J. 1I13NUY,
Viiiiriniti'r, II.O,
3111II WimliiiIiikIin- Hi-mi.
tupf.'m m)' urnUliMlp f,Mr vliel llm Hr, ;.,.i. ,nn Htrnii il. - ; ••■;
»m d*^1 gitrUj- m/ iMlbtwoU U tii**i, *tr.J jMt/u»if i.rr.*.
B.-n »»| Sjrint'JJIL K.H
We can deliver the
Goods If you want
Tasty Printing.
;»i:j l-»r,kl,n.t, trt4r A.mr i.x tirf.
n#Dr,T.A.Sban,limitd    .    178 King Strut Wwt, Toroait
Excurnlou Hates Emi
lUui-tl lll|i. -1 muutlm limit  Tr.r:i-t<
Moittrral mti'l |irlocl|ml |iiit»t* iu OnU-
riJ> mul /ioelrtl. Ciwreii-ftiwltn* r»tt»
frt nit i-oltit* lit MurlHm* I'r.nvintM-,
$t*r York unit Nftw .Kn|tatni. on **,*•
Dec 4th to 31st. ,
iVnrd*«.MInlwm...,<i*n, t4»U-tU**4t»>
AN       **
USERS       j^^iS^V!]
I PRAISE jOFSW     filrta fiVl
' it ^ZMNSW      X*\*m t»u * •
lor li.H71 •»'«'*' I
"f«»*j.*fV»"*r-* £l*lHt
CttmhrnSlrtrt. 11.00.    *
fm Lookkt "(lieu to Statin.-'
1-V.   '.4   «  ''J
.vn/Qmi r*1^'* n *x.
Letter Hetifls
BUI HchiIr
Check BooUu.
IliiHlncHs Cnrcln
VUlllna: do
Bali ProBrnmn
The   FcrnJe  LcdKcr
ril'tntn  th»t  liii-
i*i, in vok-ui* hiiiot •;
„  -ly |*«{»> '.ur su**
t.ilt a' tf-t*'*   Flti'Wfatitt** fVt'rtlhlpF
m     J.    1^.   m ^^...llAk.  ^mmMm   #*I«W«{"W i* t^ XtrnttimiXOXI *[t4
Trnttit tlstptt WSHTViltWIM, «|-*f>lf W ,r „ .„lf , r ^,,,1^(111 -J*-*«
loenl »xi«nifi or wille J. H. C.-mn.-it, 1>. P- wM-.o* to »•«■*<*» thi» le'tut In
A7u!ki*..IU', |»b.a'.I *!UttU!u«.!*K«>nice  fee tu
rrrr-f 111* ny
1 ,
';' 320 acres of land located 2^ miles from Gateway, B. C.
40 acres under cultivation, 150 acres can be- irrigated, bal-
ixnct* first cl.m -p.-isftrrc land. Nici» clcnrrroetV nirt«t through
property. Good loj; house aud outbuildings. ,3 miles ^;of
..'cueing, wngonb, plows, etc. Also S head t>f callle and
j 3 horses. '
This property will bo sold   very cheap If
taken at once.
J'Yirfi'JJ particulars apply to:
MOTT SON & CO. ' - - 7". '"' - r.''■"'■-,
- *#£
-.-  ■"*
■*     *.
Thr e^dian rWlT of' Com merce
Hon. 6. A. Cox,
B. E. Walket- . "..
■'   *     •'"   ■    ; tttinw»l M»n»srer.
CAPlTAL,m(Ki6,000 ■''■>'* *£ -•""■■ 'l REST, $3,500,000
, TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $91,000,000
^V^p^NK^ARTMENT.^ -d^ o>$,a^ :up.
*tnrds receivgil.Hnd .nt«rot allowed.    The depositor is mbject to no delay whatever in the withdraw*! of the whole or any part of the  deposit.
Special ■•Hie-it'on is drawn to our Bank Money Orders i.siued payable
in Canada, United State*, England, Italy in lire, Hungary, Austria in
kronen. They form an excellent method of remitting monies al it illinium in cost. ^
A general Banking business transacted.    Correspondence solicited.
Open on tiie pay-days of (na Coat Company until 9 p. m. -/
*    FERNIE BRAKCH       -   ~     ~ ~      ., T. B. MAY, Manager  '
" If it's made of paper Suddaby has it.
G-t* a Sterilnjc Sll-rer -Thimble art
L ..hard'tV. - .*•••• advt.
Only the best gloves, shirts and underwear—the Semi-Ready.
Cooking and eatingrAapplei^.at
$i.00 a box at BlaDdell's.
Sox worth 45c, ell wool* sale price at
the Seoit'Ready, (onr pair for 11.
.* For Fnrnitvra arid Piano*,'use dnly
Liquid Vantwr.   10 and 50 cents a bot
;  tie from N. E. Suddaby.
Co (o Wright the jeweller, for that
watch you've been promising yourself.
Price* are Kheitlf rediiced.
A. J. Party & Co. hare some of
that stationery left.   35c letter pads
\iorl5e., 65c. boxed paper and envelopes for 26c . A ' . ' ,'.
' Carmichael, the tailor, has just re*
c«J-red the nobbiest stock ol Tweeds
for Fall suits and, overcoats ever
brought Into Fernio.
,,    :     '.   ' 1". ...   "■
You know you" have* toget that ring;.
Why not buy it now when bargains are
going at Wright's the jeweller.
Let us make yeu a fancy vest from
oneot those choice new patterns, .Come
in and see them. J. Carmichael, the
tailor.      ,
y- Th* King: Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position inirfcmie' only n
-..'atep or two from the C;'* P.-%?,depot,
'" aad convMteht to business houses in
.)-.._   _      .    .......   x :.i.-'«----.-. *.4«=*-.---"**—*'-■'*-
ia Aplptf -a»k«. a'"^
Too catf&t M at -ftfl^of the'
$eut make for less than half tbe price
.igharged elsewhere.
Christmas   cards and calendars   at
Hardy coal picks and shafts have
arrived. Sheppatd & Elliott.
"Yule tide shoppers,  attention I   It
pays to de*l at. Suddaby's."
Get  a Sterling Silver Thimble   r.t
Liphardt's.   See advt.
. The very nowesi   neckware to be
found Is shown at tho Semi-Head v store
An immense rancre of Xmas.   books
standard and presentation,at Suddaby's.
• Dressing- cases, manicore sets,
col Iar and caff boxes, leather goods?,
ladies' purses, and other goods suit-
atle for: Xmas presr-nts. At -* J the
usual prico. at A. J. Purity ACo's.
> A souvenir.of Pernie consistin-? of
eight postcard views in a neat mailing envelope, much nicer than the
old style Xmas. cards for sending to
friends. Eight views in each envelope for 10 cents, 3 for 25c. at A. J.
Pnrdy & Co.
Perfumes From Coal. •
! A way has been devised of extracting from coal many of the rapid developers so widely, used by.photb:
graphers.'' Besides these, there have
also been discovered the perfumes
just. as fragrant as-the natural odors'
ol flowers; from which, indeed, they
cannot be distinguished by smell.
Tlie host of artificial flavors has almost completely displaced the na.tur-
afeproductB. True frult-fljivdrs are
rarely employed nowadays, witting-
\yx>r nrnwittingly.} Their ,place.;is
"SSen by coal-tar derivatives which
chemical   composition.   Among the
■J-7 tins hendinic, inserted ut the rate of Onti
cent a word eaeli insertion. _.»  .7 . ■
\ SNAP. Unlf.aere in West Fernie, good t
i* story house bn the property. Apuly Mott
Son & Co.* .   . ,*..   .-:   .--•'.. •"    1    .-.'■   --.
good louatiun  on Victoria. Ave.
Apply, Mott Son & Co.
For Sale or To Rent
Fernie. Lot 50x132." Good 4 room hou»*.
This U » annp if taken nt once. Easy terms.
Apply, Mott, Son & Co.
for sale at thi**. ofiice, price 25 cents each:—
"Rooms To Let, Apply Within." "Furnished
Rooms To Let Apply Within."
fainiljr ■ Furnace and bhth.   Apply  this
' ply to Fred. Waters, Elk Lumber Co. officr;
Fernio. —20
. Hotels aud Rosturanta, wants a job as cook
on farm, wbr.s (1500 a month, apply at
Union   Restaurant, Fertile.
dred times and quite indispensable in
the treatment ot certain diseases that
are caused by an excess of sugar in
the system. '
The above from the Mining World
of Chicago of the 18th ult is a very
interesting little paragraph. Hereafter when we buy a ton of coal .we
will known that we have boquets, all
kinds of frait and sugar, to burn.
Changing O. P. R. Divisions..
"Next spring, to equalize distances
between divisional points of the Ca-
nadain Pacific, the company will transfer divisional points from Macleod to
Lethbridge.and from, Cranbrook to
Crow's Nest These, two, Medicine
Hat,.will'be the three divisional
' The Medicine Hat Times has the
above as. to divisional points on the
Crow and the Cranbrook Herald gets
back., ia..the* following*, mariner so
there, you are.     - . ;..   .. i■:-■'-■ ,
The report that has been circulated
the past-rawnth to the'effect.'tliat fthol
divisional' point was to be removed
from Cranbrook to Crow's Nest is-'a
mistake.   All the foundation there is'
«*•*"»-.* - --Ki^vcr-i**-*- -.*■
To be Given Away with every
$2.00 purchase on Saturday,
December 16th.
We sell, as cheap as you can buy in the east!
' . -..'•■'•-'
Come in and see our goods and prices before sending
away.    We can convince you that we sell  "GOOD
Jeweler and Optician.
Good Eating and Cooking
Apples per Box
Prompt Delivery
■5 *-      7U-"" 5"
The People'* On>c«r,  P, O. Block, Fernie
Ohiistmas   Time   Approaching.
Our business houies aie beginning to
put on their Christmas clothes. Some
of the windows are very attractive and
every.day one sees new goods arranged
ii. the most faciriating manner in the
windows;. Window decorating is a fine
art and we have jn Fernie several graduated artists in that'line. In an other
week the whole street Will "have blossomed out in holiday attire and Victoria' Avenue will look like a fairy land of
Christmas goods, .awaiting delivery, of
Old Santa Claiis, The snow is here so
that the sled will slip easily over the
housetops and all that is necessary now
is the cashm the pockets of fathers,
mothers, sisters, brothers and lovers to
make a merry Christmas A great deal
of this very convenient cash will be paid
out to thevwage-earners next Saturday
and will find its" way into the pockets
of'most of our people, ■ thus supplying
the one thing needful,to make a lively
7 Christmas trader '-.. 7
Everyone' ■ seemij, actuated'   to , jre
tothe tola is the fact that1'there will    ■*:„-.'----..„ :■■    -- »—
be a 'tufn'arrang'ed for, at Crow's Nest me™t«r friends at this season by some
to expedite business in'the'handling gift and we hope every manA woman
ot thelreight traffic. Instead ot any- fnd chi'din ^wnie will be able to grat-
tlUn-ibeing.done that^woald- tend in Jfythis ,a,Idable desire tins year',
the slightest degree to reduce the lm- ..What is ha^pejruiig,, here in. ;Fernie;is
portancenbf-Cran brobtVas a^rai!way- going-onlin-eves-y-city.-town^ village
point, the C. P. R. have plans in view
be bestowed, at this time, is the charity
which reaches to the fallen,' the helpless
and the despairing poor. Our Salvation
Army friends have -been settings*
worthy examples of the real Christian
spirit which should be emulated by every other organization which . pretends
to follow the "Meek and-Lowly-. One,"
in  whose memory we cherish the day.
New Lumber Company.
A meeting of tlie' shareholders of the
Revelstoke Sawmill company . was held
Nov 30 when the following officers were
elected: President, Chas. F.Lindmark:
vice-president, R. Davies; secretary,
treasurer, A. E.;| JessopA.Directors, F.
C. Manning and'-'E. M.Auium., .Mr.
Lindm.irk wjis'elected managing-director of the company by -the directors.
•The Revelstoke Sawmilj Co., Ltd.,
has been recenlly'organized - and have
purchased the entire holdings-of the
Revelstoke Lumber Co., Ltd,, their
mill site at'the;BVgiddyjahd their hold-,
ings of immense' traSts/of fiwt class tim*
Ber on the Cojuipbla river. The'capitalization of the new company is $500,
000. The above-named company is
.now erecting Wof tbe" best mills in
the interior at the Big;Eddy. Only the
-latest and most improved machinery is
Presentation Goods for the Million.
High-class Goods,$hai^will stand inspection—Articles that will be appreciated
as Presents. ^  %   *-/-^        $       ^
Bought with a view to be usefnl ": ' Y
as well-as. ornamental.      *        *! ;"-.'
Don't overlook this stock 01 you will regret it afterwards.   These goods vers
bought with the determination that they would be sold this year, and we are
j sure to sell them as they were bought right and arc marked at prices that
.   will sell them.      -       -     *'   -'i-  -'
A. AV. BleasdeH
Next door to the Post OiT.ee— where it pays to deal. - -.„„.'
being mstalled^ and? when ^ready for
v ,Wnldorf.
J Lynch, Nelson, Mrs E V Johnson,
Spokane,.J B Lanuley, Gateway, J
Givinn, Walla* .Walla.*-M. R White,
Clackamas, Ore.', Jas McLean; Moose
Jaw, W H Waters, Moscow, Idaho, W
Isaacson, H Howard, Edith and Lizzie
Howard, W Howard, Pullman, B Lewis,
G.H Logan, city, M Trewick, C H'Mol*
ikerSpragne, C F Andrew and wife,
city, DDenran, S Williams, Miss Smith,
Michel, C Parrel,' Jas Cameron,.,W H
Bugbee,n Morrissey mines^Mrs C Smyth,
Spokane, P J .Mullen, Millet, M Millard,
Red Deer, W H Sanders Holton, Wash.
P Green, A Metzger, 0 Lang' Chenoy,'
CN Gorman, Rexfo'rd, A • ; AA-
King Edward A"/""'';'- ,
F,Ramshow, Lethbridge, ¥ VV^Waltersj.
Effie George^ A Grandweli, H*Depew,
of the Roaiciari Co , HG White, Pine
Creek, W J Johnson; Lethbridge.VA J.
McGiiire, Moi-Vissey', J^.T/Edward "and
wife, Chicago,,A Unmbell, Spafwood,
W Hart and wife, Caleary,, Mrs„D,lj
Shearer, ^Lethbridge, E.P Gallagher,'
6t John, H George, P Head, C Brook.
A-Joyce,- Cranbrook
»C Nairn nee.'--C*'
SFrVd liorsh'': Moin^TJg-S Harifonf
beattle, A Good, Ciuxw-'J.' Kest, It T
Cunningham, city, Porter SandeU, Coal
Creek, D.McKenzie, Coal Creek, Geo ,
McNeil, Nelson, Grant Downinar, Jaf*, '
fray- W.H Bugbee, Morrissey,J Becldv.
R Scotti Coal Creek, C W Titus, St John,
J C Stewart, Nelson; F B Hawthorn,.
Nelson, Claude Armsdeu and wife.vH
Campbell, RoaicianCo.     .',.  -:    7  -
Fruit Inspector
.... Letters have been received by tiie
fruit division, Ottawa, asking whether the Dominion 'Fruit Inspector .-in
British Columbia has power, to prohibit fruit entering that province for
any cause.   The Dominion Fruit In- -
spector haB no suthority whateyer- to
prohibit or in any way interfere with
the buying and selling of fruit in
■British Columbia,' His  powera.jtre. ,
derived solely troriri the Fruit Marks ,
Act by virtue of which he can-examine fruit and report upon it for grrad-
iqg and marking, but he has nothiriif
to do with any.Provincial reguiatidnu.
with retei eriae' to ffl'rigous disease and
Insect pests.   These are enforced bjr
the, Provincial Pett Inspector,   M*j>*
Thos. Canningham,  of Yaneoaveiri-:
whose duties have • probably . beeTi
confused with those of,.Mr., liljixwell-
Snaitb; Doiuiuion Fruit Inspector ftjr
British Colnnibia.   Mr. Smith S pai*ji'
bj-usaliry-andTnot-by feies.—-
A^copyoftthe^Frait Marks Act wiit:
bis^ent ■freei-b*i application to anyo.16
Wisliirifjihe-Same,.   7     .*'..**• 4
.- A , , A. McNeil, .A
^...j Ch.leLF-rwitDiviBtorf
NOW   is. the time  to   select your Christmas presents.      We have oreoared ourselv^ tt.;. vA™ . -.4      i . *   „
assorud stock in every department for the Xmas. trade™ OtcS^thil tatiTtlnie hf,^i.«*'"i'18* 3n<* We"
much in demand 44-e have bought heavier in that line. Toys Te selling Hk^, ^ ^1?^ ^J ' !*ove,% 8"?o«ls are so
to make your selections: early in orde? to have a larger assortmentlo choose from dIk'? fe„ WC i.WpU d adviSe 70u
This week.we will open up a beautiful array of novelties such as '■'    Mont_.lcave y°ur shopping too   late.   :
Ladies* Neckwear ot the very newest shades and styles. Silk Belts, Ohatelains, Purses, Jewel
Cases, Travelling Companions, and sette of all kinds. Newest fabrics i» Dress materials and
Silks, Cushions and Cushion Tops for the parlor eozy corners and dens, Table Linens. Doilies,
Napkins, Tray Cloths, etc. Our Xmas. NeckW»* for men has arrived, consisting of the newest
styles and^pjitterns, also a line of men's Smoklni? Jackets, Bath Robes, Gloves, etc. Our
Furniture Department is most complete with a beautiful stock of goods of every doscriptlon-
everythlng to furnish a home from the kltohen to the parlor.
;"■<   I
Millinery   Reductions.
* b    •"   ■
'   ..   '.       , ,. »       *,     * . -, * *   -. P
^O-m for the new gbocls coming in, we
* 1 "V.will-; give a discount of 25 per cent off
all Pattern IlatvS, Trimmed Hats and Ready-to-wear
Hats. This is not old ur soiled slock bui consists of
all the new and up-to-date Hat styles.
-*       . • x-
..4      . O
Coal Creek
...      -.v.-      i '•
' t.
>      . .('j ,   •• I;
**' '.'
from 7 to 10:30
Clearance Sale of the Richards' Stock.
. 1 ,' . ' •   . ■. -
*♦ -, * .•. i" ',.*
Special Bargains in Boots & Shoes.
40 pair Miners' heavy Top Boots, regular $5.00/
l°      »» »' XX M M M 4.50
30     " '» »»       .   M »» M        ,3'SO,,
40   »» .Men's fine Calf Dohgola Bate
^    >>    (     »>*.•» n_       n     CoUgtiibSi
30" '
Oii1 Sale
40 pei* cent discount
. Each* pair marked in plain .figures.
„ pullman slippers, very suitable Xmas. gifts, regular $3.00, Oil sale $2.00
„ Dongola Congress             -             .          >f        3;So p    ..   1#75
15^ »f Women's Oxfords nnd Strap Slippers         .      „        3.25' „         x.35
15   »»      11      Lace Boots          -         -.      .         ,,4.00 „        2.25
30   „       Boys' strong. School Boots             -            „        a,50 •','    j^q
IS', tt      Youths' Boots         -         -         -■       .    „        2.00 ' "        1^15
,.*.—  , m's*/ '■* A v it/    -a'   ►"* '
UiTSwtt^tl   "-    ****++**+* *y ***********  mm****)   'PI"


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