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The Fernie Ledger 1905-11-29

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.:&£ '""HrHa-IS i»
- fl
if*'*-J--*** —
v-7-" J v.' i**.
Volume 1, Number; 17
itocaI; Happenings intand
About the ;City£ 5 ;
interesting Items   About ^JUutf
Wm Holden of Vancouver is in 'tiie
'   -city.-:-.'    ' 'v'--"    '' v.:
'-' W. M. Walkor.^ip.iR. auditor 18 in
. the city. *'' '■  ' __,'.--
.     IPon'e forgret tbo concert' at Stork's
.hali^ Friday night.'   .*-'■_
,.'. T. H. Whelnn made a^flying-viiilt rto
> Jam-ay yesterday, fi /   V ' • •-'•
The.King Lumber Co. are. operating-'
tholr now hiiU'iiearYahk.        ■--'-.
P. D. McTavlsh has been sojourning-
5n tho.city for seyoral days.        -.-;
■Rev. A. Dunn has tendered his resig--
. nation as pastor of Knox Church;   '*
<C. J£. Powell, inspector of C.. P.' -ft.,
itel^raph.-wasin.tbo city yesterday. ,
''RC/Winkler, of the.Canadian'Oil
Company was in tho city yesterday.
■- • R. 1901100,  superintendent   of  tho
-Dominion, Express Co., is in- tho city:':
Mrs. \V7 R.   RoW entertained 'her
Lfrlouda to an afternoon tea last Friday.
0 The concert to bo given by the ladles'
•aid of .Knox Church Friday night should
•bo'well-palroiiized.A       *    -   A
vTbeYietoria and Vancouver papers,
are just now very busy' discusshiff" the'
dismissal of Miss A^nes Dean Cameron
from the position sho holds in the Park-
school in Victoria.  The question, bids
fairto got mixed up in .f|l(r election M
now trustees and bo,-i*burmng- issue to
be-decided by tho votersA It is -unfortunate that such a well-known and  respected teacher' as Mk "-Cameron has
been should;have w'be  subjecTed to
such'  very*uiipleaiiiint experienco"as
6he now has:before hor.'. Wo are not
wellerioii'-rh acquainted with the "facts
in thi8-'-uiipleaBant controversy to0express an opinion biit wo hope,that no"
hasty judgment sball  be  allowed to
reflect upon the well earned reputation
of Miss .Cameron,   •
Price, $2 a, Year, -is Advahce.. ,
P.aritmenfcal Stores
tlie   business
The, lino!
-7      'The opening of tlie Trites-TVooa'bulldine last Saturd™   44.-1=   »,«   ■..  -   -
From our own Corresponiient - -
, Mrs. E  P. Miller returned'Satarday
from a week's visit to Couners ranch."
Michel is now lyin-j in 16 inches' of
snow. - - *
A meeting: .was held on the28rd inst.
i'or the purpose 'tit raying .plans for a
OhriBtuias tree for the children of Mi*'
chel. Mr. Crahan and Mr. Dobe
the originators of this idea.
Specially-; culled from onr
Some   of  the Many Events -J*
the Pass Towns. . i
Brer are
Tho   Coal  Out-put. - ;'' "
The out-put of coal at the mines for
tho week ending Friday, Nov. 24tb,
wns as follows:
Coal Creek
"   7,751 tons.
Michel   ,      7
•6,575   »
,1.934=   "
.-Total      j 8,260,
other way can a«, adequate cdnceplionoVthis'jireari^ ^ ^T 'M^   tod*.l w|th but in no
■ - * Mr. and Mrs Mnnahan of! Coleman,
.arein the city the guests, of MrA-and
.airr-S."P.-.Wallace nt tho Hotel Fernie-'
An old timo blizzard has boon raging-
in Sputhorn Alberta..for- -the past --few
■ ^a-ys and*all; train's are several;-hours!
■' 'late; . t, 'K.iV-' ''J?,'*-■ , •        ' * *>'• v .' ' j
rf'    ■        -■ *       '   7-     .'        ■     '»  '■   '
Th* ... 'Officers, ,. non-commissioned-
•officerB; and)mbn, of   tiio   Kobt'enav1
Hilles, ar>..ji.v.iug.a ball on the night of
• l>ec. 5th.        u    • "y -,-   *   ', '*'•    -   -*
TJie Aronttorja*.Advance comes back
-at us about that long parsnip by naying
"its,- Okanagan ' DoVt you know."
'.ThatVjust why, we .don't know.    - A:
7 The output of the'Pernio City Coun-I
- <cil last week- was nil, Either wise-or'
:otlierwise., The-; quorum A^iot■'-'"■ ma'-
*_«tor^1iEin# jio' biisiue'ss could-.tie done
The membors qf:tho. Brotherhood.of
*St. Andrew will meot at the residence
Money in  Fruit-Rnisliig.
"T.-W. Stirling, of Kolowna, netted
85,000-at the packing liouso off of .sixteen acres of apples, peats and plums.1
How many of ourifHoiids in -the Nortii
west can do ad well on lGp acres with
pats at 1-i cents per bushel?"
The above taken from the Armstrong
Advance shows what is being done in
.that neck of the.woods in the way of
money' making from fruit-growing.
\Vo have justtolho west us a country
whore this business can, be prosecuted
with profit arid too producer-will, be1
hundreds of miles -nearer his' market
than Ib Mr. T. >V. Stirling at - Kelownn,
$5,000 from 1« acres is a.,nico income
and it can be secured in tlio-Kootonay*
valley.wiih an investment of pcrsever
ing enterprise'and a Iittlo cash.
window upon the.left on lhe occasion  of-the oY^Hi ,7 TnT^T "'.'l'"-'se'Wmi!ows ™ '6'le   enters   the. store.    Tlw-
■1 .here were sis large ■ mirrbrs most artistically *,rrinred ,„ x hi   A     ',       '    J        '      ^ '"lnk' oUer at?d b'"e fox.
ground   ofAwhite   m„.li„.      The bo to iof^ upon a back-
snowy white floor-for the whole window    Tl," IjZonl.A     '   ' ?***,   " ""^ Sa,"p!CS °f ,?h,,e «oods   «"»««»
wasperhaps lhe most striking and ^^1^^^^^^  ^ ^  thr°USh°Ul ^    W,,oie -indowi
made the ladies-lin.er long, while the polr ol   Z^   Z  Z^hlotT^r       ?*"?? ^ ^ °f beaUt>''
window was filled with house furnishings and was tt^ly |«^tou^   l f^r        ^^Y    ™*  *«he^
from theJintrance, the window artist,M, Cw^^l ™^^r '   ^   At ^ '^ >^™s,
« canopy, that there'isn't a cozy corn r i.i'town bu   v at      , J '   t , ' 7™ '" 'UCh ™ ^^ ^ under
There were'diSplayed in these L  windows, gc^i   ^ ?,   1' ™,"l^^t " «l. "-—'-deavorto  improve,
-From our own aonvapondent.
J. Bardsluy is back from Whiteds'i
-Mont. , "      i
T. Youatt was at Cranbrook on Saturday.
John McKeo arrived from Marysville
onSunday., ,. •
A. Watson J. P. has returned Jfrom
Mrs'Burge of Cranbrook, left foriKal*
ispol Thursday.
Otto Hough returned from Cranbrook
on* Wednesday.    " »
Mr and Mrs Krapp'fel were in Fernle'i
on Wednesday. ' ,
Messers'A'.E. and F. Ingram spent
Tuesday night in Fernio-   -
Pincher1 CreeTc Tllffliig^
' From tbo Times.
Tho number of votes castiiu'tbe -whole
)f tlio riding«-e»e.l4ia. wliich places 1*
■is the fourth largest 'Rifling .in Ah*:
Province. The correct result oT 'tint
votes cast in the Pass by polls are a*s
■follows:. ■
Shorman, "Mitre's., "Ken-tniis, Total.
Blairmoro SI
Coleuiciii   83
- 41
F.-ank     MO
Lille         05
.71   *
Bello.vuo   75
These figures when added up gives.a
total of 699 .votes cast in tiie Pass m* '
within 11 votes of being exactly half <oT
the votes, polled ilu the -entire. Hiding
ind is a gain for the Pass of 4-17 votes
more than was-cast at Jast year's clee*
tion.        " ;
. ,* A Snd Death , A
Annie, the 8 -year - old daughter of
-•oi iwv;
* - ^^'^'tomorrow eveniug.for
^•thejdl&cUoii^afofilco'is and other busl-'
1   -uess.';-.; * A a ' '-,.-. ; '-y ■ <- ;■" <,->
'S., ,'...y;;. -■ n. "i--    -•      . -i	
I     -Paul Petpak';- charged ..with stealing
- (Carboiiado, is having, his preliminary,
.bearing bofore   majiatrato Whiihstor
. .to-day.. ',*"7'^--'^-', ." ■"    "'-    -   "
^' . '''in..
We'aro .nojrj.ei-fjoylng^obd,  clean
•cold winter weather with eight to ton-
inches of foatliery snow hiding  the
-brown surface (of mother .earth  from
wiow." ■   ' *■•:'•>..'".{ .*. -,......   ; ,-\      ,
The Ladles' Aittof Knox'-Chucb are5
giving a concert Friday night in Stork's'
Jiall.v, A well selected uiusli'al'.progi'ain'j
will bo rondei'Wl by the boat local'
(talent,   AdinisBion fifty conts.
Colonel Rochfort, father of G. 0/
IRochfort and .Misa Roolifort is] In tho
•tlty visiting hit, child •■uu. Tha Colonel
.tloubtlcHi Imagine?' he Ih not so very
.fur from Manitoba thoso days.   ".
.A new definition'of,friend was given
•by a schoolboy tho other day..   <E!ore It
d«: .A,; friend is a person who knows'
•nil, about you and I Ikon you just the'
•■■mo.^'-JIlggiiirvillo Cftlo.) Advnnco.
' Tin main lino of tlio Canndinn North
lOrnwM complutod to Elmontoii   Inst
J-'i'ldny, and p. D. Mann swapped con-
fgratulhtlons over tho wlro with Prosld
■PattoriKm-of tlio Vlotoria board of ti'ndq';
A man was killed In Mbntnna.by n
•iBaw and this wns what was -snld 'in hih
r .ohlluary^VHowjigaffood citizen, nn
ni|)rlght man and nu anient patriot, but
know d- Uttlu about clrculnr HawH."
Tho vote rnflt In .Cranbrook lust
'-Wodnosilay.nt the lirst municipal dec
•Hon rcmltod in tlio oloctlon of G. T."
. .Rojtorn for mnyor nnil Momi-s. J. p.
1'ln Ic, Jnnif.fi, Greer, D. Oturiiliv.
lOeorjro TiHdnlo, Ilnrold -Jllekun botlmm
,niid Jonopli JhoIihou as Aldunnun,
AKHlHtAiit flonnrnl trtxlght and pnmoii-
ipnr ngont H, A. Jaelmon, of tho 0. N
Ih •topping nt tho Waldorf,   Mr. Jack.'
'Hoii'd liondquartern Ib nt Butte nud ho Is
on hla return to thnt city nftnr making
»ii trip ovor tho western illvl»lon of the
•I'unil.   Mr. .fnckson It ono of the genlnl
nirulilnfl follows who dlHpel gloom UH
itlii>T pns* nlonu,
'A. J .Burton, nf tho A, J. Rurton Saw'
Oo., of Vancouver, .wan nvallor' on Tiik
.LBDiii.iitoilAy,,, -.Ih.ra'porU ffrunt txu -
rt!Vl:y"'# w*^ »nl« own€f-i propnr-
s>'e"*'7»orj_.i.*^.»#i/ii»tut. i riJHiiiH'in ior
.lnwjMl«V-nro i^vM)y J,,},^ iHJ
'Rooiltifnoii firo njipnriuifly ro\\\fig (bolr
wny.  Mi'.Durto-ii i-Sporir bM men' of1
,riawsniidiii|l|lng-toolsfrtr t*ho**ranr' 10
-tiny-* am being oh an avornge* of eiooo
n dsv.     ' '        '*   >
Mr. and Mrs. Denniiigton who has been
in the hospica'l Buffering-with tvphoid
fever-died on 'Monday at one o'clod-;
and was buried todayy These are the
unfortunate people wlio Were" tali'en ini
charge byJhe''{o6d;ia'd:'uB',ofjtho 'Ueiiov
when ihe'writer first saw the town
necessary'to start a whole store in'Fern!
bewitching array of beautiful things,""nd'S 1]^,^^°'^ ""  *'*** ^   ^ ^  wi"Jows>  wiUwheh
As before stated, " '   '
■ The poor motlierrof.theso Hvo children
is suffering'uiitold anguish in this great
trouble.;" -'Her heart'nbrokoii sob's as she
told,ono.of.-the:me:nbor8 of tho Benov-
.^>.\.Socipty." of-lior^i-iifttlnos- was- most
.pUl»')le. ■>How deep is-tho welt.-of a"
mother's love! • .To,-,be llio mother of:
•liyc children,- does- not seem" to divide
her lovo.'rathar It multiplios h?r yoarn*
ing's for onch-ono of tlipin.   it does not
leBson, :tho angnl-jirof.this-.poor   woman because sho Is, unable to* rIvo to
hor .dear.ones the poor' necessities of
thoro .ox .'Btcriee.- "To bo hhle'to assist
worthy-peoplo   in such diro distress
should mako tho costly, robes 'of richer
people hung lighter upon tholr should
ers.     '      ■     ■ -
slides into an .aperture An'-i^"-;;e." " '"^ c.nou-Bll> bav4*a-vcry pretty cashier to'presidc over the.cash^o^'wi^iil
, At-tlie hret landing of Uie stttir'nn-ttiA.loft and ""' "        '" -■-■"■
" . From the LoaJor.
The St. sEugene.concentrator wllllh*-*
, Miss; M. Shaw, the Elko achool'toadb-18tnrt0(1 MP-tbout next Friday,        '    *
er^gottin^upa Christmas eutertai„.|   * Thcr6is a rumor afloat -^ Jams
Cronin has tendered his.resignation iw
rannager ofthe St. Eugene Confolidated
Miuin-f company and that J. C. Drewry
is in line for the position. Both are now
in tho east, "S'r. Cronin iis .selected
homo.neat week,, and .Mr.. ©Jewry-Will 'v
retunii-ft-dhorffime'later. ,--- ..",.•'
Indications point favorablj-.^jswar'dii
tho'resumirig of ojentiioua .tey the -Moy
ie "Luniber Co.   The oi*fi-jfjk ,for the
lumber'business BeemsAu b.e .brightoi:.
nnd it is rumored thtf fj** reompany U
ierlously- contempl^fMig    startin<r   ui>, ;
again".   The mill is oiie of the birgeKt-
and best equipped on the Crow, and thu
company has e*tj»!isive .timber Ifnlinv,
that wiU-^fjcp i.t running ateaUfly," for.
yeai s.    *'.' '     -    -
Five Cranbrook huntsmen came down
here, Saturday night, to go up the South1
.Dork,-but on-accountof.thostorui, thev
are hero yet. '
_ Mrs iM. Mclnuis of Calgary passed
through Elko on lier way to Elkmouth,
where she will visit>r a short while!
with hor husband. ;
- 35.1. .Secord and "his sister MraE.*
4fohnBton, left on thc west bound trail*.
,011 Monday for.tho Okanogan country.
Both parties have mado manv frionds \
during their stay with their siator^Irs
Hirtz.   -,-...
Climbltig Up
with-the «me>H^^ ^ H ^™^."
pos-a.on.   The whole of the'lower ,-00,11 is ceiled with
nod-in   gold   bronze.' The   .sides
Immediately   over   th
are  also covered
To Hun SDoeinl Kxcursions.
TI10C. P.'lt. Co,, nro arranging to'
run spi'clul oxcnwlpn trains from Man.
Itoba points to tho Interior of this prov,-
Inco. Tho first trnln will bo run -In
December and others nro to follow,
Pnasnnirei's will hnvo lho benefit of 'low
i-ntea and many Manitoba fnrinori will,-
tnko ndvnulngo of -these low rntos to
visit tho province nnd. examine for,
themselves tho, poHHibllltlcs - for fruitgrowing.
Tho Nolson Nowb ndvoenton tho run*
ning of one,or moj-o ofthofluti-uliiH ovor
tho Crow brunch, hnd wo nro in ncc'owl
with tho Idon. Thoro nro ninny oppoi-*
tunltloR for Invoatmunt nnd Improve-
nioiitK of good1 fruit lamia nlonjr this
branch nnd wo would like to suo Hnmt>
ofthoKO whoni baronu pponil somo of'
tliolr cur) 1 in helping to, llll up tho
ICootor.ny vnlley with vooil saitlors.'
If wiijintl n Ilvo board of irmlii it might
help thin mattur along by Jjlnlng the
Nidnon bonrd nnd thus msniini for this
"cclioti recognition lien poBulblo homo
for fruit growers,
.. Ap/V41»/l'ir4.*.^.,^ * l,/..-.T74„__ lr T-.   J  __   _   .. :~
 —**»u.^-Tt.i,iifcuvranirx'aper trierc
was paid to the wage earners by thei
.West Canadian -Collieries company,'
The .Canadian-American Coal a.id
Coke Company,. The Canadian Metal
.Company and tbclnternationnl- Coal
&Coke Company over $80,-000- for
October "work.- Arid to this tbe wages'
(iftho saw niiii nnd timixu- men a"n(i
tho total will reach th-e sum of $l00,-:
From tho Frank Fnpor    ...      ■ . ,
Frank B. Smith, well known' here. *
as territorial coal tplpo'inspector iheT'"
past ithreVyears, has boon re-appoint-4
ed'torthat offlce.iindfir the proviiicUl,
government. . "      . -v''"1
const ruct-
aco of lhe round iron  pilhira, below, .while
hiiiul-.linihhud and trfaled'tda-lieaw coal*
on one oT flic numerous'icllvariB or  sofiis,
000.   In our last week's Issuo we reported tho wages paid out to tho' Jub
orers in the vicinity.ot Ferule to   be'
$100,OOo.   Add to this tlio Michel
payroll and wo havo a grand total-
of wages paid outlu tlio Pass ot over
$261}030.. At this mte in ono'yeai
there will bo distributed in tliio ter*
I'itory a total   of $.^,000,000.    Ih,..
payroll BtcAdllvhioi'oaaoB from year
to year and In, five years slhlu total'
will bomor6than.aoiT.ble.
The man wlio-wlclils blio irfclc is
the follow who nicarts tho money cir-
oulnfing anil 111*011 his intelligence nnd
Industry depends to n \ory great ex-
'ont, the proa-parity o( tliig'e.-ctlon. '
The north section ofthe main floor Is devoted lo
assortment of finer wares lo he found in the croc
till „n!,S,,lv?.V f°. 8!,c,f «nmN l,rKk'r wW'-'lHiro
Mdo of ins section Is loaned the silent sales
of this sec
to the helgl:
it-pcciion ot 1110 arrangement ornhelvingl,R!iont inlMni n    ,,Vi .
arrimiicd .|o roll lopped bin
XSL  «^  «■ <w«or„,
1D..M. Onrloy ttntci in tlm laat Econ-
*oml»t tlwthe will puhlluli thnt paper nn
an ovonltif dally commoiielng'llm day
■fnllnwlnf-f \\\^ ono upon which all tbo
Plhgr fooli.lmvn Iuul tlmlrlnnlng*. The
Kconnmlit will,hi* nn t-lph'i.pip, pflprt|.
with more randlng mnitcr thnn anv
other Interior pnpj.r luiu ov^r pr.'nlc'f
w«lw« wtah tbo |*jWliilirii;av«ryiiUcci»w.
'hflplriktliat bin'ifovnrninunt ad« mav no
,   ncro^.Mtooiinblolifmtrjcut out at
iloMttW percent of the falnomr. pratso
of Ilia provincial r-varnment wWch he
jiet before his roadon lait week.
JiioronHOd lllg Majority.
The result ofthe recount In Cul^rtry
wuh tu increase \\o\\, Mr, (Jusliln/{'h
niujnrity from 31 „s lirsl roporiod,'to
37. Tills |« frrntifylnir lo even Mr,
CiibliliiK's political opponunls mul ihe
proviiifn will have Ihu Horvlcos of a mnn
nhnve reproach nnd whom li wi|| not
bo well for ihe Kr.ificr lo unJcriaku lu
hoodivlnk.   '
R. A. \ViilljiceJKiil,soelei<U'd in the
Mbrb '--Rlvi»t* iibiiriiM_' iJl.j,.],,,, t,(; •
coimurviillvobvtlu* hnnw, ||n. ^"m-
ber for Rosebud, whom It Is said cun
not tnlw, bin now "beriiuw he lm*> not
been nniurnllied. IfililM»lhVrniio there
will be the unproce-Jeitin-J biiunilun of
■' .»„.:»,..'«.* su.;,,., .AJitmm 11 Oii'jvion
on pany lines. If our Allicrla Hhcrnlt.
succeed In not ipi:iirellnj-r with them.
mIvm, they will havo nccompllsliod a
wonderful nrlitcvcniem, \\\- |,opi.
Jh.-.t the school ipicuilon Imx heen to
cITvctivi-ly sailed an \0 novcr crop up
llie reiiili in Athfrln U certain lo
hnve n Kreat 'iiifliicnre * upon ihe
*>in!,.itdiew,iii clci-tion ,nnd lion.
Wither Scott h certain of ji KooJ
■nnjoriiy In ibe t.r,t b,)u\e In Ui.n miw
... _ .... „...,,.„ „ss«,„H  uNiuninn U'o\o  im rro-.l.    AImvu iluw lt..ru <i... j    ". ,.'""''■" "" "mus "I uroci-r i'*
intomxcompnrtiniinliorwpnVnu. warehouses coniiif.ii.ur V       '' " eo,d ,H "r0 hl,"M,,,rr. f»ox un feel, Im dlvlclvJ
ID iSlliimtf. Hi,, ii.nr.nnl rM*.-.,.iV . it n%"    '   u.\ t0ll,llll""W ".Hir, lei-d, uniln tind li,.„vv hnrrl....,,',.      \, ,,.   ,t ,',      V. .-"ul
Ketumlnir to i|,„ ^ ^ wo'tt u;,,'! TT'!K i" ?"° f " *" 1-'" " ,r",n hm* *",d * ^™- "'"^
...love, bekidd-. overoiKhty IncnndMrant H»rlilH mipN „!,'„ ..'u J]'^ ii!f "t, ^Y'.'W" ,,,u lfroUnri ,ll,°r ""ll «"'
up t.ie   wholo r;nnn iihnosl m brillliinilv'ii. <!».. ..1.1 u.. 1..  .    . "l   ""'«•     'heM «•« ''tfb « (iru hi) iirriinirod nu iA il.,i,.
?:,.n..^!??,J "H. t^lllliintly-nta ilou* 'old M«i"iVrnJi'd.VyihmV.^'    'l'U™ '"'C 'l«,,»" ',r^'»» ™m»Md nVlS'llpht
Thew nre twelve ctirrlmtn WI„fc.,
one on llu* upper thor nnd twenty-five on llie lower
store, while four telephone** nro mud tn hello H,ruiw,
Mr   Milln li'i" fj       ' -     ■
crry nnd luudwnri' lines.
convey ih« audi lo ihv ciiHlile'r'n iLwh.
^.,-,W-i,ou i.k-mj, Jmiu*.bii!*f drpanmen,,,, while Mr. While over-see
es the
bouse I
orn -.lores
^Jr- A> l»- Trile-i, of ihln fir,„ j, „.,,. „_*,
poolI jlore her., .„ iho'ti'S S !Mh|K °{W V^ V"^*,he ^^ »»« "-
t^Uj. Uanpany s More, were n.^Vd, ,l,^,„r w|1„ ^^J)^ ^ ^^»^^"
t Ir,  ll.n rt„.!.4...l ..II.    ..., .   .. . '' *-«injl.|HJ
fikllleil LnboR.
Niiw, IlniHiciHNy wan -fnrninrni
AvKliitlnn twcnlyllima,
An' I)miinlKiiM(iii) Irivlmmn)
A cliit Ion Ii'immI wuh Iiii.
Tli(',vl(|iln.vli.'avll|ii rdiiillii"!
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An' lm whlMiuru, »Yi, kIihi'i |0,ifll, t|,|m,
]'itllJrr.iiiil|(iiii, 1110 Ii^ijP
I'nl fli.iii.i.nnii,<|.«|lrnwny,
WtiHii-lniilii1 niiliUNltMljiq,
All1 Id* ilhiiniln' „y01 ,v„, kjki,,!
ir-wunU Ih*. fnr lii)rl/»n uilgo,
ll'liilni, lliiiKvliitlnn,
Wiuii'linlillii'nv tha i,|i|ko
An' pntlunilt Hwiiiiln*
.'Vlliiiiniliriiii toiiirlkM
Thin im 'npf'to inlHlity !|m„,^y
(■Twin wM in, uwriil rriiwn),
Mffi, t-e.-lif lunini.iilKiiiu
•'l.nvdKonii' iijiIIiii'(., i|(iwi||»
An'llrnindi.Mii !,„ i,(|,„,|„,|
Whin li<'liw«.llii»c|l„f),V(.„,m,lftll,|a
An* liv Mlim.l, lil«nil«lil.vnin,(.|,n
An'N|mHi|,m 1.1,. liun'.N,
M'Ulii holjivruwivl nv t|i«l),iS0
Tliolnnnln' nvlil.1 pliii..
('*.!   f T   .   ; -, 'I
•.ll'  (llll'llllliKlllllil.'.iiiihli'i)-!., '
linn in. 111 lii* .(i.n.ywiiiiriil
An'liltiln'nv liim |„urijr'|iiirtl
lln li'uliti'il nv III. cui ty
An'mniio Jii-iinvimir, '
.4..  4   /, ...  ..,     (.. |,„.  >J„ f,^
H..*, -'WMro, llufK.Oif. • inrrr-
ir«.lillj4»,i,,| lil«»nllSrMl„i4-nr„ll,1
An1 ittttW till iinjiiji,!,
Hn lonk ili« firitly rro'iii li|. rnrintli
An' «|>h« iiiioiiilii-Hrumi.i,
flVnlK. »[|rlii„1 |||,i irmtit..| n| 1'1,-ipi
WM 11 rn.|ii|.if,)„„,'i .,,| ,._, ,
All' «|||IH..| llU|i,|4|,|y ||,|||„m.,
An' iMlicllr in I In, Htr-
lu jiiDt niiuiii,-! mi..im)
Koii'lilil'vn Imllt Hi* ron-l,
II"« Ihlii «lw link ilf nMiml».»,i~
'f|i»«1lil>irru)i[,i:o lt|u«u,|.
t , mx\.\u
Vw* Jlnit|*..t*.. jr t.i4</.|,
,1iiit l!.ra'*K Jn.|-,-ti.i In..
An IJiniiiiiunii In |.4.-,rri.i4n
AV   ulfili.ll,   f4V||,|y.||ir^,
t.i **n-.ir. VI1111 , .N..-.4*.
; F. C. Potts, fhc pfovcrnment tgom
wlio recently condncted tli*» mfiy of
school lands'nt Macleod, visited J-JInlr-
moro Snturdiiy :UWMijf>M.1ja8 by T.
Sotrlt. Mr. '-Potts expressed the ut-
rnosit conflnenee tbat'iho Libcmlsxwill
jarry' S.iBkntchcwnn nnd ipiodletcd
'hat the ffoverninont will ilmvo ut.
Icnat nineteen meiiibcrailu.tho bouae.
Forscolnjr  thnt tho Northern .lino "
A'hen opencrt'loiJWinonton wniild ro-
'liiire,»,coal.nunpl-j- -wilififlli ilts«*iyf>B"f.rn
tertiiinnyjdniM'-not mtrovtl, ^lr.'eft).,*,.'
..mno time ago entered Into negotiiir
tlonB"wlth the Cnniulinu  J-U.rthc.tin
wmipany.    Luut week he iw:«p .ml*
vlaed that hlu droits Iuul  been sue-
0C.SS./UI nnd Tuewliiy the lirst ordor
ivas recillved.    The order   .llionfih
not a liir^oono.'is'for'lCOlonsa iiiry
is nn ini|K)i-iiint Hem.   The flmt ship*
'limit wns mudu the snme day.    "flip
conl  goes  to  Mnclood Mx} itjlteripji
■lorth to l-ilinnntiin on itlie (Q. $ jjjj,
I'here'iH little iliinbhthntjUio.opoiilnjj;
<^l tho new market thus iimuffurnted,
will cuntliiiio tn widen until   It, be
comcHJi lil/rhiy linixirtiiut factor In
the Imsliiciiillloof the district.
Tlie,c.|i;.rt}, ,w|}| ilin.vntliolfri'pdlii|?
for Mifl-iiovritriuikiliito McLootl ifinhili-
'•tlby tlio eml of this week, 11 ni tint
nowHtntlon will buroiirly for use us
wm ns tho rniU are l»ld.
J. -Mien, one uf the old Miiu-ra of
Mitolnodipjiwud Uirunirh town 8ntu,r.
dny In hi on liin w,ty i(j.8|X)kai|0. W,
Alli'ii-ri-pnriBfiill wheat looklnp; line
•imi In rid b'.iym'H iih thick ns boos In m
tilovcr Ik-Id In June. Lund I. riuitifr
in price In every direction.
Tli'c M(Vf.f \t i.'f.- n  t A,    , i*>  7'
'.Mt Tbui-^l.jy mil)  wa* 1/uricii   np
AiliiMny.     Tho   ftjnij|«|   Bc<rvlc*j«
wxro.C4)nilt.'tii;d from thu Uhnruh of
ll'iiitfliiiul nnd tho turnout wns per**
'•<i*P»iln.i,u.vrti*vcrbiMii In Mhclcfi.
Nfr. and Mih, Oivcr worn amnnjr tlm
I'loiiftf'nol Hint necdon of thu emmtry
■md worn  widely known and   c*.
■ooniril.   Tlio drath of Mw. «Jr« r
l-.'iuviw flvo iiiniln'rliuu u.iH-lrim and a
lovfnir huibiuiil tu nmiirii  tbn   l< s,«
Thoo.-Hinntmltv If-w.'* one of  Iti
'I'llut, uiKibtnulvo ujL'ijib,)i*a who wna
itwaysriuilv ulili a holplnjr hind
•'lid a k'l.il word Inr tlu*r.   in  IIW1|t
Mr. fliwr Mii«f »d«.'! {Idivti w^t l.avo
fbi! l-n'im f(.|( ,ymp,it'ij- of every one
"hu (cnows llii'in.
* r-TIJT--^-;—~.--'-—--- 77  -:---! ''\'r^mmmmmmm^wm^^^^mW!^^^^^Wm^lHwTI*m\nmWV9m*fnSSI***^
3!^.^..->.:.--V*.. (';-—- yfij-,- -F-iy'yl "   v* -■.■~-*-J;''rr'- "*-.-■".-   AY--l'7*--fA;-4vA'.' ' -lf-"--"-'^-*;"'-.,IV!:7--"i''.--  7:7i;A \'T&-'-:.-   -"L- --'"'.'' '  J,*^"~ .--■«.-; *■■-■••*. ■•.*•■«
..--,.,',.    *■ ■,>.,. ,:    -.--■ ■;*--,..,- iii v*yy-i-p'-
*■}¥*, ,''-.'.-?«>-r.;-
4^   .'-    '   -^
ts'.'''" -
•:-&-s--:'?&-'~l.'. -*--;;-5=i> ;"-*-'„'-*=,'r-'.i ,-ff- >3"','*i:*?'\;:- "-',-''-" .';j-. •-.3&^
The Pernje Ledger
ft to WW.   -
e a.
t&tlkkt*     '
Ji*M*t **ery Wd.liiii.jJuy from r-fliss of v\Ai-
1 katioil, doriiM of Wou<l 9t, HI14I Dal.tr Av..
V<iHiU(Britt^lCohiilbiu, "
'CoMUIi-kOIAt. ))l8l*LAY]	
•l.JjWect. la bo eluraifiJil whSn d.Mlred| JVitliost
0  •sin cbar.-4.-)
t. If lier incli, por montli
KlH-e.lnl ignition, h>/. nJvidioo   <
. 150/, dUconnt -whiu pluto nrii furnished
(net In lionpariol, Vi lines mako an inch.)
Auction Sttle^, KiitertRlninents, Twiuler;*, Legal Notices etc., 10 coiiii a Hue, first Insartiou,
5 uentd 14 lino oacli subswiuunt iiuurtion.
__ l'KST*A*WOr.l>-Al)S
fcoat, Found, For Sule. To Lnt, Kent or Ex*
cbaiiKv, oiiu cunt r weird, etuh luaurtiou.
.     .   RKMllSU JSUTICKB
On bnek pugo among loctiU, Ml cents u line
- Ou Jront piidu unions locals, 'JO i-euts u   lino
- If ocourring amongst our suliFcriliprji, fre<-; nil
others SO cents. 4>M0ti iiinurtion,   "
of con*
grutulnliuii.coiulolotii'e or tUunk-., oliitiinry
Jioctry eti.„li»t.<of Kuu»t» i.u.l weitdhiK pro.i-
•utK, in centb u lino (nonpitriel) each insertion.
■    UtIKINPM OU rili't-KHhlOXAI. CAItl'H       .
Without chanKB, one inch or uiitlor. (fl a montli
Any further iuforniutfon <k'.ire<l fmi be hud
uu H|ip!ici4tiou to the iimnumr.
Revenue From Forcnts.,
Dr. Judson F. Chirk, Provincial Forester for Ontario, discusses In an firticlo
iii The Caiiadmu Forestry Journal the
question of taxation of woodlands, lie
liau in view not innrely the production
of revenue,' but the adjustment of the
tax so an to prevent destruction and encourage renewal of forests. It has been
tho custom to Include the value of
Btaudinjr timber with that of the soil in
ntJSeflsitijr woodlands.' Thia Dr, Clark
regards as unjust and unwise It is an
incentive to harvest the forest crop
prematurely, so as to sot rid of tbo tax.
The state of Michigan furnish**-} an in-
sructive object-lesson. Six 'million
acres of non-agricultural lands, which
thirty yearn ago carried ono of theflueit
/orestM in tbo world, are lying waste.
The high taxation mado but ono kind
of lumbering possible—the cutting clean
of merchantable wood as fust as it could
be marketed, followed by the abandonment of the rttined tracts to tho State,
tor taxes. The net result was tho
transformation of a, magnificent pine
forest to a wilderness, at a cost of Uim
of millions of dollars to the lumbermen,
becauso of forced hactc iu harvesting,
but at a far greater coRt to the State in
tho total"destruction of tho forest, and
of the basis of a great lninberiiig indus
- trv. .
The tax, says Dr. Clark, should b-
arranged so as to.cucourage tbo preservation of lumber and check improyi*
unt-*;Uvun£:;~rtiiu-in-*ii4o-i,iii3 74ii4.^—p*. -
riod necessary for the inaturii)« of tree*
must be kept iii viow. So profound i'n
the inilnexce ol this long time clement;
that the great law of supply and do
tiland ig paralyzed. ''The demand for
wood has steadily and tromeiiilou.sly
increased decade by decade for upward*
of a century. Tho price.*", notwitliRtaiid
Insr theoponlng up of vast virgin forest'.-
which cost man nothing to produco,
havo steadily risen, and during the lant
decade, as exhaustion of supplies in
Been in the distance, have very rapidly
risen. - This rUo in prico has not yel
resulted in an incrc.flcd pi od action of
Wood, nor will it—judging from the history of nnliotis—ever appreciably. In*
crease thu production of wood until the
evils of * wood famine have long been
felt, On tho contrary, although In
craimed demand has meant increnscil
priroH, Increased priced hnvo only
meant (ucreascil ;hitrve*.tiiig, nnd increased Imi-vestiug hits meant and still
ini'ttii-j In Nortii America that larger
areas are annually cut over uud cut
moro closely."
The evils of tbo synteiri are not wit-
iu'hbu'I on ho largo n scale In Ontario,
owing to tho prnctlco of thu Province
retaining tho (ce simple In non agricultural binds. It Ih Hcen, however, in the
farmers' wond-lotH. Thn vnluo of
Htaiidltig timber Iiiih doubled in a tm
years; the wood-lols hnvo been stri|ipei1
at uu jiliirming rate, nml not one (arm.
(•r lu a thousand has done any planting
ou a liouimurcliil uciilti. The romudy fs
'tn exempt (rom taxation tilth private
wood-litudn hs ore ditvutcil i-xclu-ilvi ly
tn wood pioductlon tip to a ri'iiHOiiiible
As lo lands nwnml by tho Stnte: the
Cauiidiuit ProvinccH have ndnptud the
riifii pulley of rut.iluiiii* lu feu Mniplr-
thu ownership of non agricultural liit-ik
Ilut in inuklng thn lumbnriuflii pay fnr
tbi) timber a prlui'iploiiualoguuri to tax
" Ktlnu'U ngalu liivolrud, The tlincl
model of payment am Htiimpni.e ilurn,
.. f round runt and b ■ •< -», pnld at the
tlmiml Male. Tho tonilency of stump
age iliu*, paid only when ths logs are
Imrvflhti'd, Is toward conservative cut.
ting. Tbe hlghfir the duss, the, more
careful, will lbs lumberman bit to select
only mature timbor, The payment of
n cusli bonus In advance bus prt.-lsuly
,' tlifl opposite tendency.   Tho lumber
man is naturally eager togst Ids money
back as qulcklr as ponslblr. and tbe
more of any kind of stuff he cuts, tbo
quiukrrw.il be tho return,   fo illus
trsti*, Dr. Clark puts thn case of a plim
fun-it coiitainluKtcn million feet of ins
turn tlmhnr liuvliii* a value of (10 por
thntiMaud jji It staliilu,  in all  SlOO.txJO
"11 still) al puUlJcaurtinn nu a slunip*
ngo baslt. i f 110 pur tho una nd fret, the
operator will cut no trees, wh'.ih when
niiinufscturcd wlll not yWd at lea-t UIO
per thoUHftvd over and abnvo tha conl
of manufacture,   Huppnw,    bownver,
lhat fM/jOO nf thn purclijisd prlcn he
paid iiash In advance In form of 'hnutia'
with tho btlpntoth-n that tlin r«unalulug
*"i per thousand fret bo paid as slump-
auft-iMuiw whim llm timber Is cut'  Tb*
mhiiii operator who in, I lin first easii)
l4i.i>iil It In bis iitterfi»r to cjUnIio tr-j-iuj
*."►■),It Mr.' ii'.t worth i;i.)|«i»,tlj'ni**id!
fi-cf «i't llm ^fiiicj. will ij.'W fiiiirvit-iit1
l.Ii* iMi-ii-trdi *..'»: whati.v.'t' iiVn.v 1. -v.«
stmnpagovnluii ul ti  per  xltuut.r.,)l
cut, -illictuttttrgof tbe yuiui/ pli.c-i!
hkvlrigft ftnmp.ige vahttt of.between
two iltld tui),tt()l?;»r.*i pV'Hii.Us-ilid UeX
ftlii.V Utidi'r'cli-i'Utuiit'illci-ti.bf the tnalii
diflt'i'etice litiiwei-ii jjiiud forestry .ami
destructive luintiurlng." "l -  v. ■;
Orolind rent has'Itho "fiatUe tetideiicy.
It OneoiU'ages '.early.-cutting -and dis*
caufjigtrs bidding for  a  second crop.
The luiiiliertiiiiii in j.'ftn.iiti-.' tiia ioggin*.'.
speiliihtioiis, mutt consider whether; it
will payjliiin to cut with care, io that
he may return after a period of years
for a second crop, or whether tie tax
will eat up the profit of any future yield
that ho may hope for.   In Ontario am!
Quebec, the conditions are best, tbo
irround rent being only $3 pe*r square
mile.   In some recent sales in Ontario
and in Dominion lauds cast of Yale, D.L
C.,,the tax is 85; iii New Brunswick, $8;
in Dominion lands west of Yale, $32; in
British Columbia, $9a and $160.
. Dr. Clark thinks that tbo exorbitant
tax of 3100 a mile may have beeu im-
posodwitha   view of developing the
lumber industry; the result will be to
develop It out of existence, as in Michi
gan, aud British Columbia may do as
Michigan is doing today*—import at a
'coot of bcvctitl times the former soiling
price a poorer eubstitutc for tlie billions
of feet of timber which, a few years ago
were sold practically, at cost of loggiii}!
and milling.   In Ontario we have not
the high ground reiit, but wo havo the
bonus.   It is disadvantageous to the
legitimate (limber man as distinguished
tiom tho speculator.   It locks up capital which should be invested.iu the development of his business, and   it cn;
courages bim to get  tho capital back
by rapid, Indiscriminate and improvident cutting.   "There  Is uo form of
sale so conducivo to conservative lum,
bering of lorost properties with a view
to their development as producers of
logs In perpetuity as tho placing of the
whole payment, of the   lumberman's
price for the logs as-stumpsge   dues of
so much per thousand,to bo paid when
the logs ara cut.   This is not only the*,
oioiicallv indisputable, but has in practical lumbering   operations    in both
public aud private lauds been abundantly proven to be satisfactory to buyer
and seller, and of.the utmost advantage
to tho forest.",
This is the Provincial Forester's case,
and ono is almost tempted to say that
it is conclusive. At all events, ho
throws the burden of proof on the
shoulders of those who oppose the reform."     '   '
• * 4       »
' Ifyot), your fHends or'relalWcs suffer with
Fits, - 1'pilepsy*;" St. Vitus' Dunce, or "Falling
Sickness, write for' a trial botlle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to Tub Luibiq Co.,
179 Kin.; Street, \V7, Toronto, Canada. All
druggists sell or can obtain for you
iis has thc disposal of Crown landB to
Corporations until there is Iittlo enough
of either left to be taken caro of in the"
Fernie. Lodge No. 47
0. K.
Meets "ev ry-Friday evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Beck, P.G..R.S,,,
J- SarSscp, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
"*   ''.BEWTJIST ■
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite the * Dank
Office hours—8 n.m. to 8 p.m.       . ,, .
'■ The above taken from Tho Toronto
News is well worth tbo consideration
of* the mill men =of British Columbia.
Tho past history of the timber question
is full of instances of the ignorance and
carelessness of those who have had the
tirning the use of thu timber lauds, of
the province
Dr. Clark made It very clear in his
article thnt the present,methods aro
only aids to the depletion and Wstc
of our forest wealth. The'ground rent
is placed at such > figures as to compel
the cutting of timber "regardless of future growth or of market conditions.
The high reut charged being an Incentive to cut all kinds of timbor nud to put
the product on tho innrkot rog'ardless of
conditions. The latest legislation in
the worst on the books in this particular tending to force the holders of timber to dUposo.'uf it.        ,
Dr. Clark is right in bis contention
that tho tax on tho timber industry
should bo in tho shapu of royalties ai*
the timber is cut. and marketed, tin*
ground rent being kept ut a mure noni
iuul sum, Tho present arrangement
Is an automatic one which is folt to be
the heaviest when market conditions
sro tho worst instead nf, being the
lightest   when   conditions   ure    nil
verso. '" A   ,
At present iho ground   rent In tho
province ranges from 5. cents per acre
for the burt tini'iur iu tbo province tn
18 cents por ncre for tlie poorest.    We
nee hero thu absurdity ol ihu latest leglx
latlon, nn oxi-usu fnr which can hu of
fcred except that more nionry win*
tiecdrd by  tbo government' and the
holders of the bust limber lu tie* province wero willing that thoae holding
tlm p.iorui4t should pay tho   increase
Impi'orod lufthods ol collecting royal
litis would go (nr townrds making pos
i*il)lii I lin reduction of ground ri'iitH uiul
tmid toward uhuclilng over pi'uiliictini.
of liiiiibci' during ilupi'UHKiDUM of prices,
ni.d  chuck the tendency to  wusto by
cutting young timber.   Tlm jidmlnlst-
ui Ing of the liml'ur binds uf (hu province litis boon as haplmuud lu tho pin-t
Equitable Fooled tlio State de-
purtinen by untrue Statement of
New York, Nov. 18—Through tho
"testimony of an employee of tho equitable Life, Mr. Hughes, at the insurance
investigation, mndo it plain that for
years dummy loans havo been carried
by tho linn of Kulin, Loob & Company
In sums aggregating millions of .dollars
at the end of each fiscal year, their sole
purpose being to make it appear iu tlie
company's statements to tho Stato In-
qurance Department that its collateral
loan Investments were greater than
.hey actually were, and its cueh assets
Loan's To Clkkkh.
In some cases these fictitious loans
were mado secretly to the liim of Kuhu,
Limb & Company, and in other cases to
individual members or clerks in tbe
employ of th.-itconcern.o By-such methods no less than 910,250,000 was transferred from the cash account to the collateral loan statement at tho end of 1901,
while those for previous years aggregated nine millions annually.
Contkai. Cash.
Insurance companies consider it un-
pesirable to exhibit an excessive surplus of universal cash.   Deposits in its
favored   banks   and   trust companies
commonly draw only 2 per cent interest,
while collateral loans are usually good
for double that rate.   The practice indulged, in by.the Equitable has beeii so
guarded by the   actual   exchange  of,
checks, aud certificates of deposit'* that
it could not be classed as fraudulent,
but its intent to deceive tho Stato Department, counsel for the Armstrong
committee maintained; is obvious.
WV J. Wriglesworth, D. D, S.
Office Houhsi ■*.* s lo 12 a. in., 1 to Op. in
".' Olllcd in Alox,E44ok"!. Block .;
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TORONTO    -    ONT.
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. E. Todd- .■
——.mm •m.m,.m^mmmmtmmmaamvmmmmmmtm
a watch.
its only duty in life is to answer correctly one question 7
"what time is-it?'
, v        '  , l>
All,watches sold by us are guiiran-
teetl to answer this important question
correctly    The prices aro right.
Official Watoh Inspector of G. H. Ry.
JeweBei* Optician
''Stoves! Stove's!   Stoves!
■■M»MMMa«MP«iw«M^o^«M»n»T»wiwi>aa.\*A* m trm nf ■j***i-iai»7ihn-MaB*«M.-*^i4Jj*»aMwwa-^^
WE, have just unloaded a car of all kinds of Heat-:
ers, Steel  Ranges and  Cook Stoves. ,, Come,
and select your- Heater before, they all go. r
_OALL and esmnine our slock of Furniture and sec some of the Mew*
^ Designs in Fancy Rockers, Arm Chairs, Morris Chairs, Couches,'
Tables, China, I'.irW and Music Cabinets, Iron mul Brass lieds—in fact
everything in the Furniture line.    '■ .,,'...
You are wclc6ine, whether you buy or not. } - AA.
No trouble to show K'wJs*    Picture fnuning a specially.
Hardware.      J-   D. QUAIL       Furniture
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Im porters
-   " of Wines, Liquoi-8 aud Cigare.'  , "
District Agents for
New r»-or/ Now in £>tock
Homo Grown p.nJ Imjiortod
- Wholesulo 11114I Butull,..
Spociul Prieo'a' to 'farnior'n Instllutos
Thousands of Kruit  mid Ornamfciitnl Trcos
Rho4lo4lc:iilroiis,     Host-a,     Groenhoiiec
mill  Hitrriy Plants
now gro\4-inu iu my nurseries, for
,   Sprinpt pluntiiig
Eastern prices or le^s.. White Labor
Pommery Champagne
';„        and Schlits? Beer
Distributors of..        7
Chamborlain and
; ""'    '}"   Phnraoh Cigars
FE3K.NIH1     B. O.
change: of ads.
Copy  for  change,, ads
must be in the Ledger ofiice
for the inside pages, not later
than Friday noon, for tlie backpage not later than Tuesday
noon—HOW advertisements
received up to Tuesday nigh I
at 6 o'clock.
Ai'.nmilly, to .ill tha mivr piisirlonsi »ro«H-il
liy ltiiili'iiiMl nml To Intro pn Cnmiinnleii, Wo
want YOUNG MEN »!■* UADIE8 ol «ootl
habits, tu ■ " -
\7ofurnlrih7A)ior c«iil. ftf fho OpnrntorH
uiul Stnli'in AitBiita in Aiuorfna Our nix
Kchoolf.n'0 tli« liirifo»v 1.(climive Tol«vr«]ili
yuan hikI onuurm-il X>y ull loaiUtm IlnUway
OfllflttlH. ,
Wo oireulo n *ii5ii Boml to nvory utmlont
to fiirnl.'li liim or liur » nosltluii iiuyini»
from I4D U 401.111 iii'iulli in IStatOHi'iucnf tliu
Rocky Moniilftlim, cr fruin «7S to <.inn n
mouMi In Stillt!rf4vt'nt of tho Koclfloji, )M-
HtudtiiitH nun outi'i-nt ini)- tln.o, No v«*
cnllfmH. For (nil tun tit-ilium rojriirillnir nny
of ourStlioolii wri'e dlri'ot to onr <ix,<«utlvv
ollti'i) nt Clnoiiinuti, U,   OitiiloRim (rc-o,
Cincinnati, Ohio. - Buffalo, N. Y<
Atlanta Hi, hCroiu-i Wli>
Toxarkann, Tex,        '       San Fmnclsco, Cal'
"..*,- M. J. HENRY,,   i
ranoouyttr. U.O.
3010 WcBtiiilnntor Konct.
For Ouick Returns
Liht your Property with   Xlnrtc
SuoMsHor to T. J. Jlnrkor.nt 'TIIK 0_WL"
Projwrty for Sntn, to Itont or KvclmiiRO,
Hont3 collocto-l, *Knu>loyinc>nt furnislicl.
Have one of their largest stores' ih Fomie. \     ._. :  . ^ ' ** ■
$ v--     '\    ....,       A /-Lamb, Veal; Frash and Smoked Fish;
■>   Fresti Fish constantly eirriving i j
& ■ ■"   "- *.       -"-■-'.', , , -     ",        A- '. w
Q-Q/^i'SSijrf^^my'&m^/m^i^^ <*±r%r%r%l%l**.tS.
imjirovod Sorvioo to
FSoi'th Pnoiflo Coaat-
fAJ%» ■%%%%%^%%%%^%%^%-l^%WU-H«%%i V%r\i%%/w
[Selling Canadian
j made PatOllt McdicillOS at Marked   Prices
4        \a nu old thing at tills Store.
We nre alwnys prepared to meet thrr lowest ob»
tamable prices in tho Kootenays, in Dril^B and
•Stationery.        +        + n     +
Lthr »'p.rn!p. nuim stork   N*-' "E"* Sudc!-!iby
\i %AAki%Am)Ab%A*SwAA*.*%A^
LonvQ Nelson 7 a. tin
vlu Hlouiin l.nlin
Ait Vancouver 11.E0 a.m.
One night enrouto
New equipment,
' Conches, First Class
and Tourist Slecpcw,
Dining Cars.
tliAto a.mi.vi'i-Poison Sumltor)
GoM.'KIlvor or T.ond onch *l.m
Coppur H..V)      Ool<t-Sllvur ,.,. *i.X>
CburK'OH for otlior itiotal.s on nppliuiitlou
V, O.DriiworUCU    ' Plioiio Afl7
Fernio, IJ. O.
Teacher of the PEano
* (t.o-iuliotiikuy Motho.l)
A tlioroiifi;h trnlij|n»'M'Hurcil ont-h pupil
The, Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat   Merchants
We Need The Money I
On FUtiinluy 3ml. Pi-e-nmhnr, wo will |ilnen In onr wlitil-.v/ tx Hlffli
Ornilo, Donlilo llJirrol, Hnmmrrli'Hii Shot flim, 12 Utuiitn, RyrnriiiM*
rnHkni tliln ti • Ijirgaln nt t-iu.w), it wlll bu ro.luc.ttI 50 uiuitM • day,
until Mold.
ThU will lm HMocli-it.il. with n Mxxgitt lUrrM (Inn wortli f 10 00, w*
will nuk« ibnprk-ii tt-UX*, wliidi in lnn» tliNii cutt. I'rli* will ml*
VMiit* t» eonu m ilny until uAA. Ui-tix I* a tiitru-u fur n uoml mm
,r '\     'Sz 3GX.X,IOTT
Tlnnlnj,' tohi I'lti/iliinj* IX'fi.in.iicnt oppo<ltt.* Snh-.tilun Amy  \Urr.xcUt
Q.Viiti aiul K,i,U-;,irtiih\ noy,' tUi'ir lo tlw Kini'. l'.J*-v.M4! IIoU-l,
Atlantic S. S. Agency
All lines represented
Through TloUots
To or from nil jiolut»lii
Great Britain       :
ii ii
Italy, etc.
ni fow-ft-4-t i*nte<i.
Ask for Christmas Sailings.
A ofull, line-of Caskets,  Coffins,   Shipping   Cases
.Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand.1
./^aaissrTs Afoir
asrHXiSON-, b. a.
EE^3 During November and December a discount of
io per cent will be allowed o/T all orders for spring
delivery. + + +
g)S^" We have cuts and designs for Monuments and
other Cemetery Work, which we will be pleased to
show intending purchasers. - —
Office Phone 41,     Residence 76
[Partiers In Lundy Blook,
It pays to deal with
Cliolcuut cutii of Fresh Menu, ul
ways on Itiind.
I In me, Hn cun nml J-n.il tx» well',
All klmlHol Ki'dhIi KIhIi, lit iciibou
Prompt Dull very.
Glvo ua 11 cull.
TKIj 18.
Wo iliin'l Ju»t alt ilown nml -'ln)llor" for fun, "It payn lo diul with iw"—vro pro?-)
It nvnry thnn ymi liny nt onr ntorn, nml tliln unmlilir X111118. wit nnt |fit.
iupi to iimlti- It ko Hii'omr tlmt ovory pm-non will bo "hullurliij-*" for tm for *>
ovor jifui-,   ourHiot'lctliiiynnrlhlmy.-Tuml liuttur thuu ovor Imloru,
Wu will cliow you nil tlm now niiilii|i 10 ilnlo fniivy kouJu nl thu
Lowest Prices
Why --lion!-, tlii-y lm thn lowi>Nt pilcimi'  Itucmioit wo liny nml null moro Fancy
(Ir-mltf thnn Hoy (itlmr ututt- In tlm tllKtclct,   This In « ract.    Yon ir«l
tlm iiilv-niliijfii—imt you nloimbiil ovui-y pernon,—fiic wu luivu but one
price lor l.iiiiiljoij.ick, I lull wny 1111111, Lnwyoi', Duutar, or »ny
oilutr 1mr1n.11,
Thc old reliable Druscviut and Stationer wh«r«
It pays to deal*
Philip Carosella
FURNin, B.C.
For ri>in|iltil«  liifiirmalluii
lu llKI.ll tittttit
U. l.Ufiiliiijr
Aifiint fit FiH-iilc.
J.H.drli'r.D.I'.A..       C *1.Coy)», A.H l'.\,
Ni/I.oii VrturKiivi-r
ifftiliiT^.'f.li^.^U.rlil.f-T'T *
\/ « i «« '"» 'w,nm tul ,,*t"
WllslTinir Iipph In vouii'1 firnonir
f 101 imigj ttHittj i-tipl* loir *st*
bill tn llrrx* riiV'.iiiliiiliii'l'J' PViwi'tMi'-i-f
Icimtntfi Wt*nfxi-i«|iti(itiiiiii. f^-«rl-
thi! Inilr or fremli-iiiwH who I /Ji I -fix
wlnhii'1 to 1i.i.-p ilu- itlrtt In vu' uu
niiCIlM vrt!.l nt ti.« 1 J::» 'KB tliike   J-cit WJ*
Gonorai Merchant
-WS *M MJ'IIj*   m .****** urn **».$ *m i
SWuKdr w|| & ft J
Istls* Mi Qlr.ft
We wilt btlp you wcure thlt Uv*.y tttt Wsmtt,
tntila from ieltcf,eil full furred iklni, of MUh
t^tnrtf   l?mmm.i   ■'j,***     «».,r1*.   *l\   Itt^lt.f    J*.
1« MJ.lt.
onumi-oled «-ith lono; fur Ulli, mid fnucy neck
chiin, Moil tutrm and cortifort*ble# nnd nude in
the very latest style. Wt an ■ Rallabla Cnm>
pany, and we want Rood tmntwortliy aftentl to
lutroUuce Good Hope Vegetable Jills Into tv«ry
home. V/» rtqulrn no money In ndveite*, Just
tend ua your name and address at artea aad wt
will send *rai EfpM lien** st sot Fsmous tts*
medlea. tkll tla-m at 2&c t er box, aud wlieii wt
receive lite mnner for tht FI1U which we will tend
you luiiiuJUu-lv mtxxi jou luv« *o\A Uic i>2. yjoilb
-wild ix-turned tlie uicucy, we h.II llicu proiupllr
send yon your Tut Soar'. Onr Good Hoy* rllla
me 4i i>;«r>! UesntAr tot all •**-nV ard isipuje Condi*
tlotit of the Blood, * sptettdid T.iulc and Lift
Itntlder.   they tre raay to Ml, and are in (feat
dtnund.   Oest't *>'** iM* sfptrbtsHf to t«car* thH Cteyasvt
FurSotrf.   Writ* ta*>fay.
'fm*.'   , YxY'-
*- ■ "j V'»"*V^^^'^^^
i -   A*"     -l   "l-*-       " ■
- From out owu U(Jrrespondeiit?,7*^ -
, .'Victorl;^ Bi C.,-Nov.'28.— A. sensational^ report lias been receiveJ by', the
executive of, lhe C.inadt.ui W. C.\Tv!u.-
"frojn Mrs.VT. Cliisli61m,.a rioted * Manitoba,worker and officer of tho.Union,
oh bl.i!d irmrri-iges and while slavery,
"which she avers'a're common ' throughout the CaniidiiiivGreiii1 Wesl,, chiefly
Hinbng the Germans^ Galiciahs lind
Foles who have bellied ou lhe prairies
in large numbers during the„past few
years. .. One   case   is _. instanced of a
/IhirlcenVyear-old j^irl forced-1o-m.irfy.il
num mdre-ihaii" three' times' her, age
whojii she had never"seen'until a week
before the ceremony..--, The "fathers of
young girls nre paid from $25 to $50
for their daugruers by the 'prospective
grooms, and iliis purchase;and sale of
women nnd little, girls, is widespread
..'   '■       - •      • . ■        •  ,■■.        -i
and admitted.    Mrs, Chisliolm supplies
names, dates and p-tfliculars as lo the
■ traffic. Up'*n the Department of Justicehieing lippealt'dto l.y the .Association a reply was made that .while, il
wns generally known' (hat child-marriages and sales of girls liuye Utken
pli-ice and still take place, among the
foreign immigrants it is extremely difficult to secure evidence upon' which to
coiivict The Department still hopes
to obtain a case for prosecution through
llie sold girl refusing to'say "yes" al
1 the marriage altar, - ■   *""*'
' ' Another report received by the Ex
ecultve deals with juvenile crime tn
Canada, larceny being shown to be the
prcclominent crime among both girls
and boys, constituting 78%'of the offenses charged against culprits under
sixteen. Ontario loads the provinces
in lhe bad eminence of chjld criminals^
Ontario shows 267. Out. of JJoSi. 119
Canadian girls under 15 years of age,
in 1901 only 25 wire convicted, of indictable offences. * '•••'■
.-       ; •    7 .  .   • ■* ■. ,1   r'   ^
Victoria, B.  C,  Nov. 28.—The return of Inspector McGinnis of tliVN.
W. M. P. from Cat' Lake,  marks the
completion of-one of llioie "numerous
exploits that have made the - fame of
. this force throughout the emoire.   -The
' Inspector hiisjuat come in, accompanied  by - two troopers,    from   Kenora,
where he lodged in  jail an,Ojibway
Indian named,Tushwege, charged*with
ill* murder last April bf a fellow tribes-
• main named * Peter   Geeshigoose,  Cat
Lake, the scene ofthe crime,-is located'
- *    . '.      -        - ■ .    «■*-•,.
in ah unexplored wilderness Jialf^ way
hetween Lake Winnipeg and Hudson's
iBay„ ltisJn,the~hearL,of7a7c6nntrv.
unknown lowhitei,  and  traversed   by
none save the Hudson   B.iy Co.   men
■ in their-annual'jtrips/^south;- fronirjl.e
Bay It was in early September thai
the inspector he;(rd ofrtlie;-'kiIling, and
with two Indians ut once took the trail.
' He had the greatest difiicujty, through
his guides being unfamiliar, with the
language and customs/of the Indians
with whom lliey found lhe man wnnteil
nnd who did not propose to let him' he
taken.- Craft was matched agirin*-l
crafl, nnd McGinnis finallygbt'out with
his prisoner. The evidence*Is.Whollj-
circumstantial, and the case is largely
that Tushwcge did the killing because
he alone benefitted, and there: was no
one else (here who could have done it.
vale white'person may arrest;" wiihout
warranlriauy^Xhine-.e -Uiborer   found
As.*V T, $-rr,     ;.    -   .  .f     -,    ,
(yftside theAVilwalersriind 'district/and
it shall be the duty of such while person to^deljver the prisoner over lo lhe
ilea res f ppljce \ station. Payment ,'ac-
cbrJing to ii taritTfnimed by.the Allor-
ney Ge1ier.1I "'mav be claimed ,for the
J        __      ,# a- 	
loss of time-and expenses incurred in
making such arrest. -Sanit'iry rules'
ffaiiie&lY'/iiti importer, with the'ap-
provaKof.Jilie-superintendent; arid posted on the premises in English and
Chinese,'shall have the same force and
effect as the'regulations■ of the'brigin!■
al ordinance. Further, stringent* regulations are laid down with regard' to
opium. 'Any,laborerwho'shall .obtain
by purchase, barter, or , otherwise, or
who shall be in'possession of gum opium, exlraijl," of 'opium, poppies;,, or
preparationof poppies,'' shall .be liable
on conviction,tp.*a,fine.* Any person
who shall sell, .barter,-* give, or .otherwise supplv" same to'.a. laborer,' except
for medicinal purposes,. shall also be
liable to heavy tines' and imprisontii.nt.
To facilitate prosecutions.- under this
head, the" burden of proving that llie
supply of such articles wns made to a
laborer, nol know ning him to he such,
or was made for medical purposes, shall
lie willi tho accused. ' Laborers guilty
of fraud or deceptions in their work, or
wiio shall; wil fully "or negligently lose,
IhrOW'away; or damage mine properly,
or who shall use threatening-or insulting language, to anyone placed in authority over them, shall be liable to 11 fine
it imprisonment,- or both.
.. A Hotol oii Whobls-f
New Dining Cars on-Great Northern  Railway a feutuie of
"tho Oriental Limited"
- It is,,perhaps, best to say, that in every respect—china, cuisine, and attend-
ants, the dining car service of lhe."Oriental Limited') is in keeping. with the
luxuriousness of.the remainder of this
regal train, and has won, as   the dining car service., has always helped to
win the title""The Comfortable Wny,'.
for the Great Northern Railway.    The
new dining car service of the ''Oriental
Limited" equals in beauty, design and
interior furnishings anything which is
operated on any transcontinental., Jine.--
Every luxury which a .first-class hotel
or club affords in the.wiiy ol service is
realty on the dining car,ol the Oriental
Limited.*;- .The new dining csirS we're
i^uilt'wiili a special purpose in  view of
ilfording the most comfortable   sur-
eler a unique and   luxurious* placo, in
which.lo enjoy his meals.     A, gentler
man" who recently ."made" the journey, to
lhe Coast from St. Paul on the Oriental.
Limited, jn'speakingofjlhe dining car,
service, said!'..-7    •_ ' •_•;?,,£>£?.■&?.:.■ .:*
"I have traveled on almost every im-
piiriant^ruilroad in the UniteUfSiafes^
liui'Ihave ytit.t,o find   one .'"which, surpasses ih^T-iVpfiental Limited"*'..) the
comfort "ariS'convcnience nfforded ihe
.traveler. *C,-Your dining car. service is
exccllenti'.the equal of any in tho count*
rv,*i|ndlhe/supenorof many.     I-ivns
particularly struck with the beauty of
lhc interior'furn.shings.of theso dining
cnrFj they aro, really a  novelty  of car.
ou his f-c»'' Mieefue—tol.1 him il was a
shame, at liis a;|e, to be out of work,
and so forth—and theii 'wound up impressively:*',   ■<--    "
My boy; tho door to every successful
business.is.-labokd "Push.'*
^ The young,man asetmied a, puzzled
look.' ."•._•
But your business is successful, isn't
it? be asked.
;, Yes, fairly so, said the contractor.
Why do you ask? , v
"Because, eaid the youn;-* man, I no-,
ticed that your door ia labeled "Pull."
' A Warning To Horses.    -
'Never let your horse   drink out qf ;i
public.drinking.trough,   "said a teamster, Vfor< these troughs spread glanders.    If* a  horse wilh glan ders uses
... j "
one of a them;*your nag, drinking afterward, is apt 10 take glanders himself.
I'd. discharge any workman of mine
who risked my horses health at a public
trough. ,'''"     v
"Do you see thia bucket? , Well, I
ill ways carry'il, and when my horses
need water,-I fill it at the stand pipe that
feeds the public trough, lliey drink
Iheh, without undergoing any danger
out of their own private cup, as you
might say. .''■->
7'I think public drinking-troughs
ought to be" abolished. In their place
we should have public standpipes, or
faucets. Then every wagon would
carry a bucket, out of his own bucket
every horse ^ would drink, "and the
spread of glanders would1 cease."
An ad in The . Ledger will come
nearer carrying a workman's dollar lo
the merchant than any other medium1]
BARTI.KTT HOUSE, formerly* lho ClurU is
tlie bust SI a 'Uy lintel in JN'iilsori. Onlv
wliito h«lp cmploy.jd. G. W. UAOTLE'IT
Pupil of-Madamo Bessie Cox, Guildhall School
of Music, London, and Signer -.Vunucini,Florence, Italy, wiil receive a limited Lumber of
pupils for instruction in dinging und voice production.
Terms on Application.    ,
ricflurren Bros.
Sand, Lime 3c Wood
* POR SALE ■ ■
Office in roftr of How Foon Blook. fornlo, B.C.
- - -FJp-1 *' -
New York Stocks,  Bonds and . Cotton'.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Private Wire.'. Continuous Quotations.
4-    l.
.,.,'.,        '.           -.
-7. *..-^- :\.fi-.F3$i&&d
,  . ?Y y'-'^S,
'"       -      '               -
. f y .-.-'■"■^aI
J. F. MARION, Manager, NELSON, B. C.
Corro.tpondi-uc'o solicited.
the following printed  cards
are kept in stock at the   „•-.
Rooms to let
Furnished rooms to let
No swearing or obscene - language allowed in these rooms.
Thc   price of   these   display
cards is 25 Ceiitse&dl.
does nqt believe in tin titles. It
teadies equality to all, based upon merit. Tlie price is $1a year
R. f. I.OWERY, Nelson, B. C.
Now OIilitOHO Labor-litw In  thc
b TriuiHVttnl
, The   Legislative   Council,   in   tb*
Transvaal colony, has just promulgated
At law the Labor Importation Amendment Ordinance, 1905.   Tho mejinure
was denned with a view to  l'emedv
inp tho results of the idiosyncracies of
trie Chinese laborers nnd of many short'
rominifs (hat In actual practice were revealed In tho original Labor Importation Ordinance,   Under tho pmvislon,*-
of tho new ordinance, tho superinUin-J.
tint nnd every inspector of CliliifhC lith*
oreru tihiill hnve jurisdiction to try of*
fen-ecu <.*ommlttcd by a laborer on tin
prenitscu where he Is employed (igiiinhl
tha it'Riilulioiis.   On conviction such 11
luliorer nifty bo seiitcm-ed as at 11 resident nuii;istr.i(c'»i court, and where c
fine Ih Imported llm employer may withhold Hiich line from the Inbortr's wnijo-
A warrniU oflmprlsonmenl on coiivk*-
llon by such court shnll iiIho operau
•Imllurly 10 one Issued by 11 ri'siden-
iniiKlslriite, un J the i^oneriil procedure
dlmll conform to thut of ri   resldvul
iiiiiKUlrate's   court.     The   Suprcmi'
Court may be miked to review or repent nny senteiia* pusued,   Ivvcry iniiu*
»ltn|l pro-.lde 11 u-curc lock*up fur ,pr!»-
iint-rs iiwtiltini; Irlnl, which, khi.ll h
deeined to he it juit.     Tho  liihorcrn
•.hull be divided Into wpnrate |[iii'f{i or
lections, each under tho  control  of »
Cl.ln«tc.hcud hoy, whow duly il slmll 1,
Iv to report any offence comnilltod by, -
thiH«,under hi* charge,   Failure to do
mi rn his pnrt shall bo tin olYonic pun
Muihlo with a lino not execi'dini; /,*,.
Moreover, in cat.cn whore o(fi'itiws arc
' riot reporlird by the head boy, n collect*
*.. <*.     r.t**.    («aI-  4.u.t«/^.1.i*.<i*      r   f     rm,   —    111.., 1
» t   % till.to       *l"*    *,       N*»»-<*».*».'*p,        ^^   * m"** **   m***m
m.iy rw \ex\ed nn nil the laborers in Ih*
KHiiff or hcciIoii; nnd lhc employer mny
deduct tho nuiount of mch fine  fron
wiiffO*. ' IViintllt'K tiro provided lor nor,
coiiipliiun-o with thU  taction by tin
•iluti\l4 auttuH'U!*.".t.   Tlw a.ipvrml-.i.d'
•nt may, with thi* eminent of lhc lin*
puller, or, f-iiliiii* tlmt,  wilh the up
•rrovMl nf tho Lli-ulcnniU*Gnverncr. or*
4tf\\ieteri,Vfln,,Mt, t*t lhe ■rij-m'-c ol
the Importer, of nny Ijihnrvr whtn he be-
li«v<» hamper-* the projvr ciinirol of 1 t.i*
l.iU>rer.« «m nny mine.    |-*nr k/jut pur-
ji,t»i**, llie Kiieuiy cr utHitiijjjir uf .it)
rompany Itiiporliuvj lahoarH xlmll I-,v
di-vnird li* l<c the iiitfrtTtcr,    Any fr!-,
Ptiuh nnd Pull
Lincoln Stof/ena, the author of "Tho
Shuino of the Cities," was talking;
about n 1'lttHbur** coutinctor who
thrivoa more through political iniluouco
1I11111 tln-ouR-li butilucbs ability.
Iheui-d rjomothliiK- about this moil tho
iitlioi- tiny, ha aaid, that mny or uwiy
not bo true. Hit, Isn't true, it should
<>o, for.llj.lu cortftliily n'ppi'opi'lnto,
A yoiiiiff man cnlleil on tho contractor and aekotl for n"j6'). 'Tlio contmctor
wouldn't fflvohlm a Job, for ho had
voted lho wrong wny in thi) hut oloc*
tion.  lib road hiin a, Ici'turo, tliouijli,
■ If,you .'want'to-buy,   .
or sell any mining
..stock-write or wire
' us.'     '-'■''"   ^ A -    *
'   We deal in all -mining stocks and will
be pleased   to send"
you quotations.
We have for sale 10 000 acres
ot timber on Wilson creek, a
stream rminin}*' into Slocan
lukc. The timber consists of.
cedar, white pino, spruce, fir
nnd tatuarac, and totals over
175,000,000 feet by actual cruisers estimates. .:,
These licenses arc held under
the seventeen years regulation'
and have.faixteen years to run.
There is a good mill site at
the mouth ol Wilson creek,.
through whicli thi»railroad runs.
There is a sheltered bay .upon
which tho sitc-'ia 6itittUed iu
■ which iniY quantity of logs ciiu
be'saf'cly hoiil »t all  times  in
' vcsHr     °    ^
Wc offer this valuablo property "for sale at 20 cents per
thousand and will allow lull
investigation as to quantity and
*: iiu-ility- of the   timber , before
closing deal.      *' • *. ,
n.i-1   - —
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if. you want  lo buy,
call onus.   Y       ' ~ '         i '        	
IF you have property to insure, have us write the risk
" ' '         ' TT  .'    ;-   '   A   ,
IF you want to borrow money,
call at our office.       ' . , ,
WE haye.some very choice lands for sale, in  the Kootenay Valley.
- These, lands are suitable for Fruit raising, also some excellent stock
Ranches    For full information.apply to   Y "v"'    ' -"
& Co.,
Next Door EV
To Ledger ■ %S
-*1UH'K nutlco Unit.01 i-tnvn nftonliitc T inlund
. ■■• -V> up..K' to tliu Hon. (.'lii.if CorpTil*4»ioiu.r o(
Jy.ndrfJi. world Jill* t'ormissiiin tu imrolmnB
tlio foliowiun ili-Hcrllied lniidn Ciiinin(in«<iie
ut tho KortliuiiHt or.riu'1- of l.ut IllMIO.l.
Hiirtt Kootuniiy. IJIhiiIcI tliuiiuti South -l.i
cIiiiIiihi tlmneo lliiht'.'ioIiiiIhh: tlitMicu Noitlil'l
vIihIiik; thuneo WtlKt ») I'llllllln;' to iilucu of
eoimn.jn.'iimoiit uontaJnlnK bi ncros,
J/atod Nov lKtli 11)06,
_", Julni, O.CaitiininnH
■ '.ii *.^^.*y».*w^,y^.*.
'OTICR In Vicroliy rItoii tlmt nil pemoim lmv
. Iiir any olnlmx mriiliiat tha uMittn of
Alfrrtil Dn vim, Into of Mlelii.l, ]),(),, who dioil
on thn I'ltli Novuinhor, WiM, anil to w'uhh pur-
..oua.1 n»ti4t*5 l.i-tlor» of Adiriiiili-trutiuti wcro
on tliu jaml N'ovfimbcr. VJttfi jiriinldil to John
Dnvluu, nm rnqnoitlo.'t lo *diid |iui*tlculiiri of
tholr ulaliiu lo tho \in<ler»iir)-.cnt Solicitor
for tlio Aiiniliilhlrntor.oii or i.iiforo llio 1st
Dc-oomlior, ll'M, nflur whloh ditto tlm Adinlnfii-
iralor will (ll,**Mlliiilii Mm nxni.U uf ilur-cn^ml n*
nionn* lho imrtlv» uiitilh'il thi.rnto, havluirro*
atitil only to thoulftlnis of wl.loli ho Miuli lliou
huvc liuil notfro, /WliMiriiOii inili-b'eil to llie
ilocuanoil nro in(ji;unt.o(llo|iay iho uniomit ol
tlif.lr indohtoitiittiij to tlio uuiloi-tflgiioil forth*
IJ-ilod 24th Novumbor, lWi.".
Ii, V. Ecl<»toln,
■fernlo, ll.C.
mm0f^*m**t*rwimm* ,** ***** u
Notluo Of Tl'iillHfl-r of LIcoilHO
—-Tha ijoIUI jinrtuofonr bodlci
are conllnunlly wimtlntr away, anil
, roqulro to l>*> mpalrcJ by niodlcfil
RubNtunco-i, tlmt ren-tore tlio lout
vltiillly. Tlicro Ri*d only-two
melliodx of bulldlnp,' up tho nin
down gyiilem.    Vou can coniiii|t,
'tli-j I'liyHlcinn, or commertco troal- „
ment Willi Dr. Slocum'ii fnmoui
rcntoAy, ''Phyciiink," In all pro.
ttablllty "PiivciiiNu" wlll he (lm
hunt doctor, nml thu clwn^ytlri
tlwu cml. Scorun of mmdlcnl m«il
miviw lln xi*o In the wont caaenof
*,. AttXine sni .wtesktts**, H u vx
\t\SMtiMs (oiii^t 4j.Vu.vA.jl (si llm
»(omncli, buildw up llio run tlmm
»yt(«ni. »lr»ni*ili(*n« tlio nervei,
■els tlio Hvef Hiflili cn-rw-i dliiliwii
nnd licnilnchr, cr-cntei. »ppollli*,
hitvk%» *_w *»», \y?y*> fin*^'* <#1*1*"'
cine, uiutTby thouMnda of min,
women nnd children in every put
ot tho Dominion. Ailc drugglil
*tx*>ut ll.
NOTICK Uliuroliyuivun thill llntoii'l lo n|i*
lily to lho Iloiinl of Mcoiu-i I'oiiinil-in.oii*
urn, Kurnlo MuiUMiiliUtrlut, ut, tlm liiilf-yunrly
iiuiotlmtof lliolloiirtini lli-iii'iiilfir 1AH1, il>a\
tor 14 linn tn ul my tinted Ii<-i. 11 ->>. for th*1 |.ru-
mliiM kiiuivn mul (lo*crlliiid iih tIn. Mlcliiil
lloidl, Mlnhol, 11 (J,, to llioCr(nv'*)Ni)»tl>iiiiH
Coul Co,, Mil.
Uutu.l tin lJVtlr ilny of N'ov-tinlirr, XWi.
GUHtVH   •"■ "   '*
TlhQ GsmfortabEa Wny
Howl Down • * Jloa.1 V\t
\).Kt u m l.v. l'oinlo      Arr. 'J 'Xi 11 in
10.12 a in Kllio              Bin i*m
U 8n |i 111 ]tnxioi4           U It) |i 111
7.45 p m ' St'OKAKK         n,!JJ|iin
I„V)nm Kvorotl           (' it |> m
O.IKIlllTI K'llttlfl              H.-TO l» ill
11.1.1 |i 111 Arr V*ni''iuvkii l.v I un p in
».!.. |. m Arr Mt.,l*.iMl     l.y fi,iw 11 m
■* l^ully oxmipt Mitiilny
You leave Fernie
and arrive Seattle,  Victoria or Vancouver
I'or ilntiillt-.l Iiiforlii.itlnii.l.orlli ru,i4ir*  I
vatluns, otc, rail on m ivHruvi j
II, l<. Ili.AcicuroMt,       I
ryy^^ri".n- li-
■ -■: v:.7(v-   r
* .:•.-.<•■•*-
IIATKS  «.W  I'KIl   1'AY    ,'
■1 mmm***m*mWt*m**mrwm*i'**rn-~~~~~~~~~~-'^^
ALL MODKRN       '    '
Thos, Pogue,   Jt    Jt   Proprietor
$    ■*   *   ■
and the Cheapest ever sold J n Fernie, now on view at
Miss; Varty's^ Home of Fashion
Is the place to take thc
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
\Xh* Bmtvalian  Ibotel
Tm! Plack to Stop
Spm-inl Attuiilioii Giwn to Loenl Tourist*.
rXlovviOQey function, SO. C.
elk hotel
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor,
jfevnie* 38* C.
pr*!' 0\ ff\ 10r~* wXmjn
rk/WMKm^mi u
m wxun-tr. ttuxn-miwn
..11. H     «"'
DIt, r. A. -SLOCUM, WmlM
tf Kin? Ct >V.      Yo.Mnt'^ OwM*.*.*
320 acres of land located 2x/i miles irom Gateway, B, C.
40 acres under cultivation, 150 acres can be irrigated, balance first class pasture land. Nice clear creek runs through
property. Good log house and outbuildings. 3 miles of
fencing, .."ignin, plows, cle. Also fi head of catlh? and
■3 horses.
This property will bo sold   very cheap if
taken ut once.
For ftil? pnrlicularsapply to:
'to J #****• it
***> * * * (m********
D.wkv & Laokkootk
Ǥ?     tjr
Bn Fornlo, Is a
Pleasant Homo
for oil who trav
Ktcoms resorv
od by WIro/
Tn WKELAN. Manojjor
i«r«itablish«d „
i|g^p Ststf/trQulcffos
=3      10-4 Br 104.
k .^»   T   AlKtAIOB ST,W.„
**!&?   TOROHT0-
Uiily bftw««N tol.Ht'Uti rilnnenroili), tVugtl buumi and imi*t»
VIA Tit t
We have several nobby Hues in stock and wc print them
from our beautiful, clear-cut copperplate type fnccs,.a la*-***
mode.   When you want any, call around. ..
Q •.--**&*..»
i'-H-?.'*-i *-,-.--'• ,.*7--:7
"-"v-.--.--,-".-\ -: '.*■'•'-.'■''•'■'-..;■-'• - ?-'--""'r-.' .v-1-AA"-Jv':- y. ■y:.'-.-i-.^--'y.>^:-'iy^r,.Tyff'ii--.y~'-"y ''--y
-   -1/
n •   . -.'".
i nm— "A /    U "1" : '     - ■ iii-' i    ' '
The Canadian Bank^ofCommerce
THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNI-E, b. c, "n6vembkr\
29}'~ too
Hon. 6, A. Ccx,
8. E. Walker      ° .
•CAPITAL,$16,000,000.'      -     ,4   7   -       - REST,$3,500,000
.    TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $91,000,000 7,    -,,
i*2ei sk^3stoh:ss ,A.:cTr> ^o-sn-qieis    •
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT. , Deposits of $,. and Bp,
wards received and. interest allowed.. ,The depositor is subject to no" de-
7y whatever in lite withdrawel of llie whole or any part of. the. deposit.
Special attention is drawn to our Bank Money Orders issued payable
in Canada, U,.ited States, England, Italy in lire, Hunga'ry, Austria in
kr»»en* .They form an excellent method of remitting monies at a mini:
mum cost. '      7 "-•''■■>.-.-"'
A general Banking business transacted. ' Correspondence solicited.
Open on the paydays of the Coal Company until 9 p. m. "-    .
*   FERNIE BRANCH       -        ~T      "TT"
T. B. MAY, Manager
If it's ma.le of paper Suddaby has it.
Thai sliced boiled ham at   Blundcll'
■* is delicious.
; The very newest neckware to be
louiiu ia i.Iiuwii at UieSisini-lU-Hily store
Only the bent gloves, shirts nnd un-
di-rwetii-—the Semi-Heady.
Blundcll has in a fine- stock of
Armour's celebrated hams and b.icon.
For Furniture and Pianos, use only
Liquid Veneer 10 and 60 cents a bot
tlo from N. E. Suddaby.
, Go to Wright the jeweller, for thai
-Watch you've been promising yourself.
Prices are greatly reduced.
% Carmichael, the tailor, has just received the nobbiest stock of Tweeds
-fur*,-Fall suits and "overcoats ever
Lrouj-lil into Fernie.
You know you have to get that ring.
Why not buy it now when bargains are
"gom^'jii Wright's the jeweller.
Let us make you a fancy vest from
onoof those choice new pattornB. Come
in and Bee them. J. Carmichael, the
calendars   at
Christmas cards and
Suddub y's..
Christmas Cords and . Caloudars at
Purity's cheap.
.  EiiRlish Tobacco in tins at 50c per
pound reduction at Purdy's.
An immense range of Xmas.;. books
standard .and presentation^ Suddiiby's.
Jfyou'wantaplpeyou can get it at
Purdy's for lest than half the price you
will pay elseweiw.
Stationery, Fancy Goods, Souvenirs
Post-Cardi,, etc., (undamaged) at less
than J prico ot Purdy's.
Tlie Ladies of Christ church Guild
will hold their annual bazaar early in
December. Fancy work and sale of
Xmas. cookery. '■•_-. ,      ; ■
The regular monthly tea held by the
Ladier-j of Methodist church.will be given by. Moadames Briggs and Dubois, at
the home of Mr. Boynton opposite the
parsonagw, on Tuesday, Dec. 5th, from
S till 6 p. in. A very cordial invitation
is extended to all. . .-
* The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two froin the C. P. R. depot,
: iind convenient to business-* houses in
the city.
Every man owes it to himself; and
his family to master a trade or profession.; _, Read the display advertU-
ment of the six Morse Schools ofoTelei
graphy and be assured a position.
C Richmond oud A Tomey, Pendleton,
Ore.,'W Micheol and wife, Spokane,'
John Breckonrid-je.and PO Mc Lavish,
Calgary, M Beale,, E O. Smith, John
Gibbert, Pomeroy.rWash:, R VV Coult-
hard, Nelson, Chas Bowers; J6hn Miller,
Moscow, Idaho, W A.Spencer, Baynes,
Mrs. Allison and son, Spokane, W C
Uyork, High River, L F Rohleder, H
C Hastings, FJaffries, Spokane, F-C
Winkler, J McKay, Nelson,'>C 8 Lang*
ville, ,Wllmer,.?.Mi8s , Bertha Chick,
Frank, Chas Halt, E.Larkin Eoxford.
Mrse.W^Deitrlck, A J Flood- M-Gor
inau. Oakesdale,,M Smith,^Vancouver'
BuUe,,HRos»,.J W Ross, -Elkmouth,
v> this lmadmg, -inserted iit,slio rate of One
cent a word each insertion.   •
Hull" nei-e in 'West. Fomie, good 2
Son & Co.
"WT'OOU HEATER in good  condition.
* **    snapv Inquire at this office.,
For Snle or To Rent
JJJ-Ferme. Lot 50x13;-. Good 4 room house.
ThULsasnap if tuken at once. Easy tuttna.
Apply, Mott, Sou & Co.
■*■ for Bale at this office, price 25 cents each:—
..D n*.,..    , Furnished
"Booms To Lot, Apply Within
Rooms To Let Apply Within
*■   familjr   Fuxnaco and bitth.   Apply  this
Fornio vV'Iters, Elk Luiuler Co. oilico,
T Wilson,.W Sellinger, R Furdoff, R
Rlddock, Spokane, A C Cownn, Cranbrook, C A Gormon.-VVliltefisli, J Kirkpatrick, New Orleans.
1 ''
king Edward
P Bogle, Spokane, Mr and Mrs G H
Perry, Mr and Mrs John Patten, Mr
and Mrs W Fletcher, of-tho Patten-
Perry Co , Chas Rathwell, Edmonton,
A McKenzie, Regina, W Dennis, Moose-
jaw, Chas Lang, Macleod, S M Hartsoft,
Vancouver, A Cam bell, S lier wood, A J
McGuiro, Morrisoy, J -Mullen, ,Spnr.
wood, Mrs Pittman". Blairmorfi, RCarl,
Pincher Creek, A Thelao, Nelson, W
Bird, P Whedon, Spokane, R Sexton,
WW. . '
Mrs A^ P. Chemette. Jaffray, John
Powers; Bntte, W Henderson, Helena,
John Aitken, W. Brazier, Carson, J
Fleishman, Vancouver, J Will-*, E
Marchand, Frank, J Smith, S Magin,
J Coriorchuk, M Mctrimlsky.
via .tlie
Christmas   Excursions
,,0.-P. R.
The Canadian Pacific Railway announce daily Sow excursion rates, first
class, with three month's limit, from
all Kootenay and Crow's Nest points,
to all points in.Eastern Canada. The
rate from FernieAo Toronto anJ all
points in- Ontario 'except north, of
Gravenhurst jind west of Pembroke,
jMonlrealrand any, points west' in the
province of Quebec;, is $58.40 ; Quebec
«s $4-So;- St. John, N. B., $14.^0, and
Halifax. $17.-50 higher than-Montreal;
with corresponding rates to otlicr'points
taking advantage of Xmas. sailings to
England/specially low   rates   will, be
quoted   to „Atl-uiiic  seabn.ird.     -Fu!
particulars, srandard or tourist sleeper
reservations,' can be had on application
toj. SrCarter, D. P. A.-, Nelson.
Ashcroft Journal and Thos. Lnw-
.*-  -\ i  ' *.' " -   'son.   A tt   ^    - - -
■ It is on tlie cards that tho law courts
at. Vancouver may become the battle
A^Al\ ,- -..*■—»,»-». -     	
■n- story hou*,e on the propsi ty. Apply Mott ground of those tuauic forces, Thos. W.
Lawson andthebig-insurance companies which are reeling'under his persistent attacks. - Smarting under recent
disclosures 0110; of thom, the Mutual
Life, of New York, has gone the length
of bclecti'ng as tho tbreaterfedivujtim' of
a libel suit au up-coutitry paper which
bad the temerity to si»y some few of the
things which all the big papers J u tfe
United Srates are saying every day.
Threatened by" a libel suit by the
Vancouver representative, of this big
American insurance" company'about
which Buch sttjrtiing roveinlions' aro
belngTnadein-ktho.;;courts, Mr. EVJ.
Knight, cditd'r oi'tho Ashcioft Jou'nVal,
is 1-ejoiciiig-iii thufact tlmt ha has.-tlie
niiliioiis of Tom Lawson behiiiil him in
any tight he may have to make. Mr,
Knight, exercising his priviledgo ab
guide, i-hilosoplier aud friend to his
leaders, quoted 6omo *bf"tho evideuce
takeu In New York and gavo utterance
to bucu con-intent aud. advice as he.
deemud the occasion warranted. He
was at once threatened with a libol suit
and forthwith sent a copy of the article
to Bo9tou. In duo course of time he
received a telegram: frem Mr. Law-sou
himself-promising to supply' money
ammunition and counsel. Tho tele
gram- was rs follows
"Boston, Muss, Nov. 16, 1905." *
'J. 15. Knight,'Editor Ashcroft Journal',
Ashcroft.       "' ;
° '-Just read your article. It from one
thousand to three thousand times' less
faclfuj than those daily being published
all over the United States. Tlio threat
is one of the charactertic bluffs of" most
unprincipled gang of grafters and plun
derers of widows.and orphans. Kindly
let this be your autlioriry for printing
this telegram in full and I herewith
agree to stand behind you in any attack
they may attempt. Advise me instaut
ly any move on their part and I will
supply you with money, ammunition,
lirst class or anything else necessary to
prevent grafting mafetti juice from polluting an innocent public servant who
is working in the interest of thc people
(Sgd.) "Thomas W. Lawson."
Christinas   Cookery
Church buzaar.        .1
at   the, Christ
-   A lot of first elassifly* hookrut Purdjs
for 10c per dozen. •   - ,    •
44 , *
, "Yule lide shoppers,   attention-!    It
pays to deal at Suddaby Vs.?'  \.' ■   ;-.
.-Sox worth 45c, all wool, Raio*prlceat
theSemi.Ready, four pair,for,51;7.  '''
the annual-"bazaar to be held fcV the
ht-diea of Christ Church oarly, in D'ecem-
Under the auspices of
A.well selected musical ,pragr.-imAvIll
be" rendered by the besl local talent-
We have the finest, assortment   6f: nice.evaporated
fruits in the. city, pears, plums,Reaches;   apricots,
prunes, apples, currants and raisihs.- 7 Seeded'raisins-
-and currants in one pound packages,.Sultana raisinsl.^
We keep the best and sell fbp cisli oiily
:aiid.y0ulaio^tliei^3i^^       Y-.-,^i-}Y ■.
Prompt DelSvery   AA % *."'Y':}y
The People's Qjrocer,
P. O, Block, .Fernie
FRIDAY NIGHT  wh^;f^^in^ra"c^Poi-cy
That you had in mind" recently. •■'■ Drbp in
and talk the matter^ -oyer^Jtls notsomuch
/how large.your1 income is but it's how muchA-
you are saving.    A policy with us does It.
^VCq-frpA SQlsTi&c GO:
?   -    x
UR Christmas Display -is exceptionally.; fine this , season
and we cordially invite our friends and patrons .to'call." ,
It is our special aim to give customers
the aclva:ntage of our success.
^P   1  'RA^HERN07,tieSiT°U,?^'M^ure'Sets/Ornamenfal Combs    «
I      fi ■•*;T     iard frUShT?' ?ravd ,n^ ComP^«ons, -Work-baskets; Mirrors,    £
JL      »?    Jewel Caskets. Perfumes ttc.t\*Maht thr- mL. r„„.:J:_...n V- ,-   .   s'     $5*?
Xmas Cards  Dolls,. Books and a thousand other things to delJh     *
every. Vule-nde shopper,      .$   „-^,      %;-.  ^.^ ° de^ht
Cpriie in and don't worry about prices
No trouble to show goods.   "
Psw ';..7--.'",' .T&.A.^Kent for.LowneyVCliocolate-i,, Edison Phondffrajiltt.
Y$"Wr^4f^*iYir^~Fy   ' '  AT7' —*--r„ rv**.i.o-..44.mpt-aitcntK)iir^7
Eastman Kodaks, Columbia Phoiio'-
^mW^^Y^i       YW ^«?r^,TOTromptrattemyf^-   vy {, A^ATA^^^=^^^7A%f
0 ! ' '     * f - -« i • .       - ;.%V' ' o' ,, \-s~\      .. .w , *.j*<.*--^i.«   .'    y™* ir*:'4-*1*' JT'-'/A- -x'* '   f t    .
&■' iiii
n 9m®.oaiuraay...'-morainn
■ "    Original Price Tickefs WIH-He Left ©n The Goods  ; "'■
Such an opportunity to supply yourself with a winter outfit, at such a saving, has never before been offered in Fernie.
We have not Spac. to gi« you , Mil* of pte, but Wow you will *. a fow of the abides f™m lhc ffo„cra| s,ock 44, will l,„vc on M,d Sa,,lr(I.y mornIn(r
AU of this gtock will bo sold at a cllscrm.it of from 2,Vto 50 per cont.-practlcally at yoW own n,i>ft
*w****w**********w*\w*****n*****^  __^   "     ^'w
.'■'     I*
* v
Slightly soiled,  at
Great Reduction
"}_ .
Men Sc
Suits, Ovorcotiis and Pants,
Underwear ami Rwontors,
Working and NJglit Shirts,
Hats and Caps,
Boot,s, Shoos and Hosiery,
Mitts and Gloves*       .......
KSEDiuoCT©;, Lacos, Small warcs^ &c
"      *p'* fAl **i I'm, mm. ft      —» „,.,   , W     Sl% M     * PI     *t '   tm •—
nmitiiiiwimtmxm iiiii.i ji-.!
Rill Orchestra from 7 to 10.30 p. m.    Everybody Come and Have a Promenade


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