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The Fernie Ledger 1905-11-01

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 -. srzt"
*'..' l-iy-
'- 7*. -.^yxh ~-i_ - ■-■■•,,
r7*^~~y    "  '
/.*^-','  7   ■■'■-.■C'^.  \
.Volume.!, Number,11!3.'
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Local Happenings in and
About the City
Interesting Items  About  flany
„'''',' , People . \loxi Know   r
Judge Forin arrived in the cityyester*
; day aiid will remain a day or two.
'. Mr. Geo. B McDonald, auditor for
■ P. Burns - & Co., was ia the city last
f -week.'--      .-'___
Dr. Robt. Bell, acting director of the
, Geological Survey, will arrive lu town
- to-night.     ...
Mre. Dr. Bonnell and Miss Pugsley
are visiting Mrs. C. P. Hill, at Hill
Crest this week.
Mrs. P. Johnson gave a very enjoyable "At-Homo" to her lriends
labt Wednesday.,     0
, -   A meeting ol tho Fernie Hockey
. c)ub wlll.be held at'the Waldort on
,-Munday evening next..
» '.. James McEvoy and 0. L. Spencer
returned last evening irom a trip to
the Similkauiccu country.
Mi's. J. R. Pollock is enteitaing hor
" friends at her,picturesque new home
" oil Kiverbank Avenue this alternoon.
Tho body of the Italian,  who was
killed an the- Coal creek mine, last
■April, iB being exhumed today to per
• mit of examination by the jury. .
'-" !M. Mclnnes states that the season's
'^ul1 of .timber at  the  Sussex  mill  will
', be approximately   2,000,000' feet and
: .the mill will close, in a  week for the
winter.        ,.-,'"
The base ball association-dance at
Stork's hall last Friday night wan aa all
.round auccess. ' There was a good attendance, good music .aud-tho boys
; made iome money!    •   ,.',
' The boys atixM Quarters gave a
, very.. en joy abl-eF' datice last night
•» which was largely attended and
' mucli, enjoyed. The -light tan.,
"tastic". was "tripped" till the "wee
eiiia' hour's." " - '  \
- *    Mrs^A'.'p.'-Walk^Mrs/.^A. Wilt-
.' thin morning.   ..Mrs\ Walker and Mm
The   Ooal  Out-put.
The out put of coal at the miiies for
the week ending Friday,* Oct." 27,
was as follows: •
Coal Creek
6,072 tons.
5,758   "'
1,646   "
Total        13.476
Last .Sunday afternoon, at'the residence of Mr. J. Chilton, McPberson Ave ,
the rite of holy matrimony was solemnized, ■ wljen Herbert Cattell, of tho city
police force and Miss Martha Davies
became man and wife. These young
people havo not 0 been long'in this
country but nre esteemed"-by all whom
thoy have met They havo taken "up
residenoo at tho roar of the Methodist
church. ' ■•
Methodist Tlmnksgivkig-
The Thanksgiving social given by
the ladieB of the Methodist church last
Thursday night, while not so largely
attended as those affairs have been 011
former occassions, was, nevertheless,'
enjoyable . The * program was not
long, but of good selections well
rendered,., Tlio Biuging of the different
numbers was good. Mr Cox favored
thoaudience with one of bis choice recitations as did also little Miss Marjorie
The ladies kept up,thoy couldn't add
to, their reputation as caterers of good
tilings and everybody waa happy and
Wiltshire will return by way of Ing.
-ham's ranch whore thoy will await the
return of the.hunters from. .Goat Creek.
■AC G. Smipson,,.6f-.'.'',the'l>o'oteimy
'" Miirbie AVorks, NelsonjAwa's >iii • town
: last week looking after business in liis
-."'iifie..' Scot.u&'.Rossare the.local agents
* for lliis.firin, and are prepared lo take
. and fill-orders for any tiling in thai
. line.
Mr. James Sloan, late agent of the
i:Great-Northern railroad hero, re-
iaurncd.Monday:-night from a trip to
C-Spokahe'tth'd intends to go'lntobusi-
nes3 In'our city. Mr. Sloan is a live
.. business man and will make things
..; go in whatever liuo ho undertakes.1
'-.    John Kler, the unfortuiinto man wlio
,;- lost both feet by being run over hy the
coach attached to tho mine train as it
... wan pulling out of the yard at 0 o'clock
, lait Friday, lias not recovered from tho
,   shack and in In a preenrlous condition
at the hoHpiUl.
Chief of Police Walker aud H. A
' Wiltshire ■ loft  yesterday   for   Sheep
• Mountain ranch, from which place Mr.
Ingham  will* act-OMipiiny them on a
hunting- expedition up Goat Crook, n
branch of tlio Wigwam, 'lhoy expoct
to begone about a week nnd to come
' back with all kinds of ffiimo.
Miss Cui-tIo Hall Into 11 toucher In
the school hero left yesterday ior
Klmberly, whom alio takes charge
p| elm school. Miss Hull Ims been 11
tohohor In our city sohools for Home
tlmo and is well known in Fernio
Sho carries with lior Clio good will ol
many fiiouds, to hor now Hold ol
Mr. Qorgo H. 0. Boulton and Miss
Jean M. Murray, of Fornle, wore
rnaiTlnd'nt tho Proftbytoiian inunBi.,
Crnnbi'ook; on Monday. Oct. 80th, ut
2 p. m., by Kov. W. 0. W. Fi-rtune,
luulHtcd by Hov. 111. 0. W. MncCiill.
Tlm h'ippy conplo nro stopping at tho
King Edwiud hotel, and after a holiday In tho Mint oxpoct to mako Fer-
. tiio tholr pormunont homo, Tlm
LiiDOKH wishes thorn a long und happy married lifo.
1 Mr. OiMinan, 0110 of tho good boys
of tho Conl Company oflico Btutr,
lenvoHon Saturday fnr his homo in
■• Pennsylvania. Mr. Oannan is another oxnmpln of what n young man
of sober liubltrt und correct living can
S. A. Thanksgiving.
The auniial harvest festival at the
Salvation Army baracks was a grand
success uot only from a financial point
ot view, but many souls are being
saved. The meetings were all well
attended. The festival services on
Sunday'the 29th, when Captain Trav-
iss severed his couuecti.ni. with the
army here, were well attended.
The Salvation band has been greatly
iii'croasod in number and rendered
line music on these, occasions. The
army of late- hits been greatly increased in numbers'. Captain Trav-
iss has been in .charge of this branch
of the army for the past...eighleen
months and has woruhe respect and
been instructed to remain a few days
yet until Ensign'-Wilson **and' Lieutenant Davidson,' who have been in
coramand'of the-work-in* Victoria, arrive to take his placo.- : *
A'Ehsign'Wilson"ia- au- experienced
ludy-.in tho.work and. will flnd the
Fernio corps. in excellent: -trim. for
good work.      '-.-■'. -    *. * ■
The members of tho,army, as well
as all good citizens of Fernie, wish
Cnptain Traviss .every success in
whatevorfleldhcmay have to occupy.
,m Aw?)) 1 Ji ib mu. we »re» wirry Mint
Femlo miiBt looeo hlui. Thero aro
not too mnny yonng mon, who In
leaving our city, will bo nilnscd In
' Epworth r^eniruo anil clmrcli circles,
Wherever * Mr, Onnnnn cants his
loi; wc know hu will bo found Inii'llng
his pcMon... Influento to tlio buildiug
up of Urn htm 8'xlcty uud lm cuitIm
with him iho good wUbcfl of many
fricmU. Tho .tiEixiPn'iixtcnd* 10 him
its hemt wlslma un*l hopea that v.-e
may wolcoino hlm'niraln to n homo
In J'Vnilo.
Those Flathoud Claims.
, Concerning the litigation, whicli wo
inoiitloned two weeks 11140 us arising out
of over-lapping petroleum and coal
chiiins in tlio Flathead district, we are
now able to glvo further partlculiirs.
The plaintiffs in the cuso number twenty nnd claim Spokane as their places of
residence. Tho defendants arn A. W,
Vowell, R' L. T. Galbriath, Judson B.
Langley, Isaac Brings, VValtor J, Lang-
ley, Jean Grouory, Duncan Cameron.
AugUKt Nelson, John A. Peai-gon, and
John McCaulilan. The writ was lasuod
'on thn 20th instant,
In a (locliiratlou filed by tho plaintiffs lu the oilluo of the chief commission,
ur of Lands and Works, at Vlctorln, the
plaintiffs stato thoir clnlm ub follows;—
"That In ho surveying the lamle covered by tho wild lleutisoH au attempt
hns been mado (by the elofeiiilantH) to
obtain poHiieo.-iloii tbei-onf ndvoi'Holy to
tho finhl pTirtloH (the plniutir/s) and the
ptaintiffs fui'lhoi- allogu that tlio dufnnd*
imtH in innliiiig their Mirvoya did ant
follow thu uoiu'i-ofl desoilbod in their re-
HIK'utlve AppllcatioiiH but thn said
cnunu'H have bei'ii so ('lirni)>o(l tend dn
parted froin m> tucremtu In (neta chilli1-*'
of pi'(*p("-ty f''".!-.! tV.it wl.Iu'l., If tin1 nih-
vcyielijlljtt-4!(l the di-hci'lpiliiiis, tlui do-
funilaiitii would he outltleil to." An
otliiir pnragmpli of tho declntlon Hi'ts
out: "Thnt iho Mirvoy ho mndo by or
In holiulf of thn Kurt Run 1 (.nnip (llm
iliifiiiidniilH) would cover nr Ih iiiU'iuhul
to cover lanel-i ovur which llm i*n|i|
group ciiiild imt, Hii'Iiir ltn iitnUing nr
iJtliiirwiHu, lie ontitlod to. in nllier
wnrdH, that thu ground eovmud liy llie
Mirvey Ih in great part nml monlly
ground not Rlnked by tho mild Fo**t
Stoiil Hrdiip and   wu beliovo that till
nttoniol lid" lii'.io innil-4.  X\r   r0n --c• n   of1
I '     * I
fliieh Niirvoy tn loenth nud ni'ipilm tr-.tuld
other thnn thouo original ly liitniuloil by
tho pmtlei tn he taken up."
Tliuel.-foiidintH hnvo acquired leiim-ii
but that \<t mild tn mako noillfforuncoto
the 1-liilmn of the (-ipokiine iifoplii iih It
In claimed Iliac If luipropor pmctlco lia-.
p-ovoniod the Jun'vnvji the Courtu havo
the power to romody tho wrong,
Hoist The'.-Black Flag.
[Editorial iu The'New York Outlook,
October 21.)      '      .       -     .
Recent   disclosures   of  low  moral
.standards, cheap deceits and callous in-
difference to the rights of others on the
part of men of linancial and business
prominence havo sorely hurt those who
long forVdecent world to live in; for
an unclean world is as intolerable to
morally sensitive people as is an unclean bouse to physically sensitive peo-.
pie.- No American who loves his country and remembers Emerson's definition
of its mission, to breed superior men
and women can fail to hang his head in
shame oyer the continuous revelation
of lack of principle and  cheapness of
character in mon who have been greatly trusted and have proved grossly untrustworthy.   The shame of the United
States senate, with several  members
who havo been under indictment or
known to be unscrupulous corruption*
ists;   of department  oiliccrs  of high
station Belling information as if it were
produce; of,men   intrusted with vast
funds for purposes which ought'to make
their custody a sacred charge, greedily
using the money of othor people for
their own benefit—those thingE are ominous- aud mciiaciii** in the last degree
Americans-are uot moro dishonest
than other men; but they sin against 'a
a greater..li-jlit, for in this country all
enterprises of a,,public character ar«,
supposed to bo carried on for tho public
benefit.   Our-politicians    aro  • never
weary of talking   about tha "saciod
rights of the people," although there is
uo country in which those righis are
nioro flagrantly viotatod. . Our offenses
aro'rauk and stnell to   heaven, becauso
wo protest so much; our infidelities are
the moro damuable because wo profess
such a lofty faith.   The'time has come
for frankness with ourselves and the
world; if wo cannot be decent, lot us at
least be truthful.   Lot   us purge ourselves of dishonesty and hypocrisy aad
bo what, we pretend ■ to' bo; or let u
preach squarely the doctrine of greed
and success without scruples and keep
on doing what we are now doing.   Let
United   States   senators stop talking
about national ideals, or let them cease
to disgrace the country by corrupting
legislatures,'dividing profits with land
syndicates and accepting from corporations  salaries  which   they ' havo not
earned; it is time fori them "to'mako
their choice; the country is in no mood
to stand further hypocrisy.   It demands
.t hatwtli e.tliie.ves.t aku.th ei r-hands-off-t Ifc-
sacred thiugs, of the nation; let them
ply their trade' if they  must, but let
them forbear .to "touch-with-polluted
speoch tlie ideals, the aspirations, and
tho hopes'of the nqtjo.^hcyjmve done,
their.bBSt to-'Iostroy"these' tilings".' - '
.. - Ahd:it is high Kino fdrth'e ofllcers of
some: of. tho insurance . companies 'to
cease talking about tlio duty of provid-,,
ing for one's family, the solemn obligation of a man to think, of the welfare of
his children after he is gone, the beauty
of present self denial for tho snks of
tho dear ooca'dependent on one's exertions.   IKI10 gentlemen whose dealings
with tho vast funds committed to their
case liave recently como to liirht have
any sense of humor, they will put an
ond tb the sham philanthropy which
thoy havo .preached for, business pur*
fiosos, and make their appeals for patronage with manly frankness.   If thoy
cannot bo honest, lot them at least drop
theiniiek of honor and deal squarely
with tho public.   Lot them make an
end to all tho sentimental   nonsense
about wldowH and orphans, and say
bluntly:   "VYo want your money; pay
uo the largest possible,premiums and
wo will givo you tho smallest possible
returns.   Wo''will accept your monoy
ae a trust and administer it for oour
own nd vantage; wo wlll pay oui-boIvoh
oiioi-moiiHsalnriRu nud, in one form or
nnother, pension thn different inoiiihi-rs
of 0111 fatnllioii; wn wilt load   tho iniin*
iignnmnt of tho biihlnoHs you commit to
uo with tho lumvloRt possible expense
of ndmliilHtrntlon; nud wo will suo your
money In all kinds of ontoi-prises for
our own bcnefil, eimploylnu hh much of
It (is wo sou fit In buying Inglelators nnd
contributing to ciiinpitlgn funds."   If
this policy of frnnkiiomilH adopted, tho
country will rospoi't lho courage. If It
cannot tni't the hotiutsty of thn inuo
wlinui It now holds to bo not only he-
ti'iiyom of Its honor, hut hypocrites nn
It Ih hl-jh tlmo for phiin dealing, the
country Ih weary of kciiikIiiIii In high
pliiceij; of iiiciii nf rnpiilHthni who aro
Miililmilv  dlNCovercil  to   be  without
By Whose Order
My Lord?
As we go to press-we learn that the
council   mot   iu. special    session- this
Alternoon and'passed the by-laws voted
on   Moiidny,'   and  are   signing    the
. water agreement against the advice of
' -
City Solicitor Ln we, who immediately
resigned  his  position.   Mr.   Lawo is
entitled  to  tho .areatest   credit for
standing by hid conviction.-; and refusing
to be tho tool of people  who refuse t(.
follow the lnw and tho advice of their
own legal advisor.
The Battlo  of Tho) Ballots..
The vote cast on Monday by the
property owners on,the five bylaws
submitted   for
ratification   was   as
No. 10
No. 20
; 82
No. 21
No. 22
.   .* 43
No. 23 .
1 °''
i.'liiinictm-j iif moral sham nnd humbug-
mining tin) cinliiiiiitly roHpiiclubln,
Thiiio nm tun uuny pious sclieiiimii;
fur 100 iniiiiy wull'ljohnvud self Hm-kun*
If wo cannot ho hiumit, we ran at least
stop pi'DlAiiiling to he what wo nre not
Lot us h(jh*t tho Vilnck ling and stop
Hailing ns a inlssloiiary nhlp
The Two /\ge*H of Woniiin
Hlobbs—Shulecspi'.-ire told   us about
the seven age*, of man, hut lied'i.ln't say
uuylliing ahnut (he iwoHfju.*. of woman.
Slobb«—-And xvlut Jirethe t*vo agc<
of woiu.in?
Ulobb.4—Thi* iiQC sho iJ'.yi -.ho is and
her iciil Hgo.
An Thnmii-i W. T,iiwroii win* opnn
Ing his mail this morning he was
astonished to find a ch'.'C*; lor  $100, ■
000 luclosed in a leit'er, which readi
r*J(*!H'T/IWOIl'     T Ot l\yyiit)nl lm   \iyt<
gonos,   PI case buy mo ns   many
RharoR of C<jppcr range nt tho market
as this will cover,
Tho lottor wus signed,  II. II. Hog-
llimtily summoning his monograph*
cr, Mr. Lu»v3'in ilicta'i.-J a pauc ;ul-
vorilnoiiient for alf nevrapiif^i-s, he-
cliialng In hU usual e{jigrammat!c
"Vou mil.. .liiilnfcet 5 our dough,
No 19 is tho bylaw authorizing the
borrowing of «5,000 -forcquipping a fire
brigade and for tire appliances.
Nos. 20 and 21 provided for the repeal
of.tliu water and sewer, bylaws voted
last June. ° '
No. 22 authorizes the city to borrow
$40,000 ■" to pay for - a sewer plant as
specified by Col. Tracy.
No. 23 wai- for the, ratification of the
proposed agreement with the Light &
Power Co. to supply-]"Water to the- city
for the next ten years at the present
rates and to permit "thn city to take
over tho company'-- plant ot the end of
tho teu year period at a price that it
will cost tho city at that time to put in
one like tlie ono taken over irom the
company. This laslbylaw was the only
one which did riot receive the required
number of votes for ratification.
It is a source of gratification to tho.se
who have booii fighting'for their rights
and for fair play to. know' that against
such odds as they had to meet, such
concentration of corporate power and
influence as was marbhalled against
then, in an effort toiarry tha ratification of bylaw number, 23 laBt Monday
that they.camo within thirteen "of the
66 votes recorded for ,tho water bylaw
.Inst—June If.—SB-Js—supposed, the
mayor,   aldermen1'.Cree,   Trites  and
Wallace voted for .the bylaw in Juno
and. voted'   directly'^-the opposite  on
Monday, it f6How8;'tMt only, an addi*
tionalloss.bf nine..vqtijs..was"sustained
liy- the bppoqeiit8,,"ol>*tfio'-proip4is'o(l
agreement,. outside  the city  council.
The iucreiiEcd vote from 90 to 121 in
tho total vote was due to the extraordinary efforts 01' the  frieudH of  the'
agroi'.meiit to poll nil the possible votes.
That fifty-three of tho property owners
of this city stood their ground and voted
against ouch  a  ono-uidod  agreement
as that submitted on Monday is a lioTilthy
indication of the gradual growth of a
proper spirit.   A few moro campaigns
iu which tho property rights of the city
are  involved  as   well as tlio rights of
citizens to exercise tholr   judgntont
uncontrolled by "pulls'' or threats from
whatever source, will bring the public
spirit of our fair young city to a higher
plane,   Wo trust that thu abjoct (oar
which scorns to croep info thu souls of
somo of our pooplo whenever thoy nre
callod upon to oxerclso their right ns
ngalii8t tho desires of some corporation,
will lose its potency and that with a
little oxporleuco they will learn thnt
thero is uo danger attached to the
exercise of their own   judgment in
maltors which conconi their own wol*
faro nud prosperity.
It would bo amusing woro it not uu
p.itliutit'i to hear peoplo snying there
would bo grass growing lu the stivuts
of l'Vrnlo iu a few mouths if the
iloinanili) of the Po'vci* company were
not granted and that llm Coal Co. would
kill our town if the wator abomination
wero not accepted. Hucli clap trap Ihik
JtOtiially boon peddled about thn Ht rods,
Whoro such bosh originated or from
what original Nlnteaioiits It could have
filtered, it would bo hard to say,
Thero hint been unuui tulle hIiico tho
election that a iiinjoi-lty vote war nil
that was iiccussniy to ratify thu water
ngniciiHii.t nnd 11 Ii.ih I eon said that In
this ennd thu ANiioni of thu olcutojo WUH
not neco-iHii'y, If llm latter Ih correct,
why wns It jiuhiiiiltod? Wiih It u nm'-
mid t(-li-pliniii- blunder.' Thorn Ih vnr,\
little dniibt I lint It whh not only iiocch-
wiry to, unbuilt it 10:1 vole, but Unit it
ihi'i'i'-lil'llm vote was iicetfiiNnry fur Its
Tn tlionn who rlcioil inaiifully lo tlii-lr
gmm in this light wu wiih to nny thnt
thern Is no'iiiy nut ol tliln impli-nwint
contention but 10 light Mr your rights
111 HiutiUiireiiiH 1111mi pa.*i(. (.live not
.-j .-.Jjj^J-i Un',. m,A tn j}/i- jicv. ii.tiil, ilm
63   will   iirurt*  ii*  rapidly   in. wlll llu-
fiirill'I'-J    Of   llll) OtlliT rd'll'ill*".     Hf'.iy.,
ymir rioli ri'Mi.cct and you-\||| compel
ihu reiHiieiet (if >our .ippniionth,
When the members of the house are
next brought together for the despatch
of business, unless something unfor-
secn develops meanwhile to upset his
present plans, the eccentric and iconoclastic member for Nelson will befound
in his place, ever to be reckoned a
doubtful quantity, to discuss the interests and greatness'of the Kootenays or
to provide the welcome laugh; and to
be a thorn ic the flesh Irom which the
government of the day (of .which he
narrowly escaped being a member) had
imagined- iiself permanently delivered. --
Your correspondent wrote recently to
Air. Houston at ids new Nevada home
It was mentioned that speculation is
•■ife throughout British Columbia us lo
A-helher he intended to resign his par-
i.imentary honors 01 return al lie
'periling of parliament to represent Nelson, continuing to do so during the
-essions remaining ofthe present Icgis-
.iture, as he could without thc dangerous annoyance by his creditors,
ny grace of the - Independence of
Parliament Act.
Knowing John Houston to be ;i
champion and admirer of biunl directness, he was asked. "Do you intend to
lesign your scat in the local legislature
or will ynu come back for'the sessions
of the bouse until the seat is vacated in
thc natural course? ' I should like to
use a direct answer." ll was less than
a week ago.that this letter wus written
and today the answer came' over the
Western Union wires,"via'Tonopah:
I do not intend to resign. You can
make story.    (Signed) John Houston.
The context is indiciile that Mr.
Houston will be on deck to discharge
Ihe parliamentary duties the electorate
of Nelson has delegated to him, and
give new color and animation to sessional life along quite exceptional
11 Hon. R. F. Green informed* a reporter ofthe Daily News last evening- that
Johii Houston is still a member of the
legislature, and thai, while nothing
lias becn..hcaid from liim, members
are looking forward • with amusement
to greeting Nelson's unique representative in February.
of lapsed policies during- last year.
Canadian companies have just twice
the total volume ol" insurance in for.e
possessed by American companies in
Canada, yet their lapsed policies during
the year amounted to scarcely one-third
more than that of the Americans.
That is, on the same volume'of total
business and almost the same volume
of new business, the American companies, had half as much again of
lapsed insurance. This high pressure
business, this dragging of men into 'ife
insurance, whether thev want it or not,,
is perhaps the most distasteful fealuie
of tbe wholo insurance situation. In
regular companies alone, not including
tlie assessment companies and fraternities, which would make , a very much
worse showing of lapses, there ' was'
$35,500,000 of insurance permitted to
lapse, in Canada last year. On the
absurd low estimate ot only' $20 per
$1,000 have been paid on this by thc
lapsing insurer, ive have $710,000 paid
in a singlo year ' by people who will
never derive any benefit therefrom. A
little of this inures to the benelif of the
persevering, policyholder;1 but the uv-
oriigc of premiums and commissions
thereon now prevailing would suggest
that easily more than $500,000 of what
is paidQm these lapsed pvdicics' goes
into thc pockets of the agent.    -
Specially Contributed by
Our Own Staff
Some   of   the Many Events  in
the Pass Towns..
High-Pressure    I.isuranco
• ■       j Cannd.-i.lJ	
From out o.vii Corre.«i>ond«nt
Mrs. W. K. Jones,   of   Fernie,'   wns
visiting Mrs, David   Martin • on   Monday.
On and after the 1st of November,
the school will open al 9,30 a", m,
Rev. Hartlett, of Fernie, will conduct English church service in the
school house next Sunday at *j p. m.
The Coal Creek Football team won
the last match of tbe season ' from the
Fernie team, thus carrying, off the
medals and cup.        ;-" <•*'
A petition has been circulating al
Coal Creek asking for a change bf llie
time of sending the mail froni Fernie
to that place, but there seems io be two
opinions on tbe subject; some thinking
that the present arrangement
is all
St. John, N.   B., Telegraph:    The
annua! report of the  superintendent   of
insurance  ot the Dominion of Canada
is a fat and heavy blue-bound  volume,
which, -"under prdin'iy-y .circumstances
does not attract a tremendous amount
of interest.*   Mr. Fitzgerald is one of
those ollicials whose work is lo a  lar^e
extent taken for granted. Ho bus given
such complete satisfaction lo both the
elements with whicli he has   to* deal—
thc public and   the   insurance   men—
that fow people  except the insurance
men themselves, who are interesicd  in
lhe general stale of the business in Canada and  the particular holdings aiul
relations of special companies, ever examine his report wilh any detailed attention,    ll is safe to say that  no  pari
of it ever linds its way into the  public
press except tho bald figures of (he   to*
tal annual business,      In (he   preseui
state of uneasiness,  however,  the his!
blue hook for lhe year ending June 30,
Kjn-, i.s worthy of much more careful
The total income   of llie   insurance
companies consists of the inbuilt di-
reclly drawn from tin.' policyholders in
premiums, "together with the earnings
from interest, which   are  also drawn
from the policyholder ind'iTOtly, being
earned by the money lie has paid  liv
compnny and not received hack again.
Of every nni* hundred   dollars  of  this
tolal, only $30.7 j was paid last year to
thc policyholdcri!, while*?.*2.71 went to
lhe reserve—to nieol the increase in lhe
collective policyholder's future   claims,
Mimiigeuu'iil took $ii,v.|7,   mid slock*
holder's dividend). @i, 10,   The-c ratios
arc nol worked out lor previous years,
hut 11 couple of samples can be  worl.-cd
out for oiirsi'lvus.    Twenty years ii^i>,
188.), out of $100 u.n'iicd in lhat .yiar,
$j7,0i  wenl 10 lho   polii-yholJcr,   iiud
$u.f)j  lo Iliu iiiunngenu-nt expciiics
and *.t(H'kh(.ldi'r«'prolils leaving If pi.|"
lo go lu reserve*,    Cmupiircd wilh llii-i
llie $.'0.^7 in evpeiii.<,'-j an-)   .Kvkhuhl*
ers' dividends which i-. required   today
torteciirc-jiion income U dlstinnilv re*
gri'llnhli',  especially   a*, the iliuihtiil
clciimiil has liLi'ii hciivily cui  1l.1v, 11  (il
was over $t in tfiH^,) ,md thc iuoivaM-
ih wholly in cxpuiises.     In  18041 wilh
the more normal pruiniriioiii. of ,>).!,di
(■oni-, ui the rcttctve,, we t'md managi"
mem  evpcnsi's  even lower   titan   ton
yviir.t hi-fiii.*, iiamei*,, Jjj,-f,i,    Taking
Un* avi'i.-ige over lhc whole bu/mess of
Ilii' iwciilv.livi' 4'4'-|r*   ii'i< fm.I    .ii-,ii-.iT->.
mom cNpt'iiH-i. have consumed $-*.*.6e)
of every $100 earned, while lhc insurer
has received $,14,1)1 and $41,^0 ha*.
bCBi put io rticrvf,
The-.* figure*   strikingly  nhow  the
ii. -.-....4!   ci.',   ,--f   .■•*..ir,.«,'<i-.,..i.',   ,1-.!
id, Aiul )«i ll|4.-*.e romp-iii'ie-i, il ii
well known, have been far moro con*
*,'Tv.'liv«: 1l1.ui their AmcriC'in m.ili>.
Ono proof nf lho hi-.;!i pr<ssnro applied
nv (lie A'lierie.in conip-inix in ivorUiut!
the s.una field i* «hovrn in lhe .niiotni*
" The grand opening ball to be given
by the C C. L. A. A. in their new,
rooms has been postponed loathe 91I1
inst., on which occasion there will.be a
train run from Fernie at 8 p. 111. Returning, it will leave Coal Creek xX a
time to suit the Fernie visitors. ■ No
trouble hit's been spared to make this
opening hall a grand success nnd a
good time is guaranteed.
Will Rotitfn lilx Sent
(Tho Dally News)
Victoria, Ocl. .in.—Although John
Housmn, now of ("JoMfields, NVvada,
h i*. ri*.ii;iu-.l llie m.iv.ir.iliu rf   Wlvon,
in iiisiu c   In   |li«'   m 1.tji if-<i   iiilcriii* . .. -. ...    .      , . *.       ,.
wifh which in* had IV4-I, vo loiimau-U •"*"» ,a «,»*Pu^y C«nndi.,.,,«,,.P..
iudifi-.i'iiic'l during tho past 14 y.-ur*.,
hit. rc.*>iuii.ili()ii of hin neat in tho Uril*
i-s!i Coluiiiniii liT^iCiiiiio do*,'*, nol by
any nii'in*. follow u\ ,1 irmtif-rof logic.
It h.i*. nol yot been n-eiverd either hy
I'tciuiTr McIUi-J.* <r Mr. Sf**-JiWv»
VoalcVi iK-r is it on iho way.
From our own uorrOMio.Hli'ii.
Mi-h.-A. Fenwick, of Fort Steele,
is visiting her sister Mia Frank Do-
rofcler here.
Mrs. Grant Downing spent'ono day
in Cranbrook shopping.
.Mies White gave an entortaimmni
at lier school on rhankagiying nftcr-
noon and It was appreciated by those
attend ing. This' recilationmiml Hinging by the'pupils woro vti'y good.
Jim UatcH and Frank Ilcnel01*3011,
of CranVirnok, wore here a con pi u o\
days this weok hunting hut did not
bag any game after getting sumo ten
or twelve idiots :iuk-ei-.
J. ,H. Pollouk and T. II. Whelan,
of Fernio, spent two rtuys hero hunting, the gin-!,!* of (Iniiit Downing.
Thoy got ono teal duck. Tom Hiiys
no moro liuiitinu for htm, nnd tlmt
■hn deei' travel Pjo fait in thin conn*
Jnlm Milt in, nf l'Vrnlo, wax iu
.liifl'ray one day last week riucl.\vlij|»'
Inukliig over liis ilinlii'i- clnlm killed
:i deer hilt whs unable to brine; It to
town, ho hung It In a ireo ni.il can i'
bitok aiirl tolel a party when', to gft
it, but niter two day-. Hcaielilni; h-r
It they aro wdnd.'rlng whutlmr Jolni
^iii»J''.dilng or if lio forgot where hr
loti lil.i duur.
..... :. «	
t-'r im t|i« I,. ii.|cr
J. 'I, l.ai H-iw, 11 iniiviniJ! I'lHfinci'i
mil Mirvyor of C'nini'rni.h \eas licrcihi*
seek lining kmui- wink nn the Aurora
,*i'.porl}' nn llie wesl side of Ine lake.
lU'    Mil-*      lllai.lllf'    M'llK-   J.1114 4-^*,    III    (lit*
y,„ill. ..J.J luiiiti;)'.,
I), J. Hi uut h.i-i let it contract to
M Kit h„rdM-n for ilu* li'-iililtng <»f .1
hunk I hum; aud l.lackiuii.h shop on
In- pt.ipvrty which adjoin*-, ill.* Aui.uo
lo nie wc*i. '\ r.m i.i siir 111» iv.-c m'1
iited and actualdcvolopii.cji* work will
• oon ho co.iiiiiciie-.'d. Thoy will tun a
iroJ-MCUl Imiiicl UO41 Net for the Amora
vein, and in to d-.iii'g lhoy rxpnt to
oncniinlfriiihiT It-ad*.-
Creston.   -
XV Vowell and W. Oalbraith, ot
the Indian 'department viaited the
reservation here last week.
* 1*-
Geo. Lawrie has a large contract
to take out ties for the C. P. It.,
which will keep him and his men
busy till spring.
A storo whore ladies furnishings
arc sold woiild pay well - here.;, At ■
pausent Timothy, of Winnipeg gets
all the ladies orders.
Mr. Arrowsmith has moved part
of hia establishment to his Bayreuth
ranch on Goat river and will ran
both randies in the future.'
There was a slight fire in the billiard room nt the Creston hotel lai-.t
week bntdam Miller soon .had it out
and the damage* done was trifling.
Jack Hampson has started work
again on the Alice mine and concentrator.    About a dozen miners are
employed at present but tlie force '
will probably be increased.
Potatoes, of which there is a gryd
crop this year, arev"being rapid!v
stored away. Carrots, onions, cabbage and other, vegetables are already taken care of and the bins in
the roor cellar-t are like good King
David's cup.
After a touch of prairie, fall
weather, we arc now enjoying our
own usual lln** weather again. Indian ions point to a harder winter
than last and it is to be hoped we are
to have more snow to help the lumbering here.
Most ofthe land here suitable for
fruit hlis been takemup. Tlio. CA P.
R. have very little more to sell and a
sharp advance in the price of land is
near at hand. People are holding
for the raise, there being ho cheap
* We are starting here a Farmer's
.Institute for the district of East- Kooi-
c'na'y the nroa included bolng between
Kootenay Landing and- the ReickieiS.
The lii-st meeting is on Saturday Nov.
llth, at 2 p. m., ior the purpose of
organization. I^ies any one from
Fernie wish to join?
A'e have a butcher shop here now
where sumll or largo ipmntlileB of
ment c.n bo obtained. Betorc. this
wo had generally to take a wholu
quarter when woejoulel get one at nil,
James Long is the ciiiorprisliig owner
and as he is chock (till ol energy arid
ImsincBS, he* will not only soil Hteak
but mako a s'nko too.
The* C. P. tt Id builriimr 11 w-iter
tank at thu de-pot and having water
tospiire thev havo laid n mufti 'part
wny into town In-m which Mia two
hotels will get a bounteous supply.,'1'
Sun Miller,iH lending a 2 inch pipo .
from the maiu.m tlm hvdraiitin front
ol the Creston hotel and will he nblo
from the heavy -pressure to throw a,
airr-nm ol wi'tor clear over the hot-.-l
iiito his hick y.'H-d,
Tlio fruit croi' has bivn very satis-
fautorv, llm quality first chus nud an
HVi'mun ylul'i. The elt'innml Utnoi-*
irmn« I'm' our fruit, fnr above the «np*
|,lv for h'.ili large mul kiiuiII fruiw,
The. uren nl '.'nod Iruit land in uulti*
viulifi iHKin.iII yet, but new nrclinrdi
a ro coming mm hearing ami tloi'j
will lm mure fruit to sell next \<-ai',
(hough it will tako yeai-n lu wi| ply
the elcmiimi, If It in even1 supplied.
Ciirtwrlgli' it Fowler, of Ciniihrn"!.',
are putting In a Raw mill I.u If way
hitweun hero and tie (J ml fiver
chiinem whle'i wlll l»i'.,imining boiiini
Chrls'.miii'. .1. I. (ii'iidy Ifealfo lulling one In nu the nt her si-.ii ol ihu
("iiivcn to "iw t.'iiibei1 fr in tin |»'.i.n.
uuny Vnll.iv Fiuit hind Cu'a, land,
nud A. Mill"*' U negi'ilrttiug lor tlm
l.ll.i'li.'lhO pf (I, Itltcli.-Mian'-e mil at
I'ichUui, Thi** iiil<,'tit to ifivc t'lii; !'<v*
ment I'i Miinc ha in 11- 'mk timv w| I
havo to lm iuifxined. m-j tlmru nie nu
'  ■
\    \
111        , it
t-mti*    M-ftK   *•
Tho block nl toivimito Innd above
tho C.   P.  tt.  truck Ii.ihIk.oii iuh-
(llvldcd Intoncrei lotH nnd tho prlco
fitted at $100 per acre. Mr. Little
liai. met with great duccum in die haic
of x,hna lotn. lift haMlii[<*«e(l of tlm
whole bf them In thu limit if-pnt'n cf
t'ir- e weoks nud now ho and torm- ni
,,,.     ., ... ,-      Mi l*BR«rel eukioni'i* «r«i hunting
ti.-.tA 4-au!.e44 4 ail h,i... t-. inkponr h.im  lor IUOI'0 low.    KCildenCeS  bullrliiig*
oifioflnfUJiesof Mnyii*. : will bo Start"'! rl,'^, away by ioiuj
Have vou i-liscrvr.l lh.it lhc letler
"0" i» v.-ry j-.ipn..ii r.o..V li »l.nid» for
Oclo'»<*r, oy-ler an J ovcmxi.
W. A. O.i.liher, M. P., in xtill in
Mo*,5i\ .»n! h.i* b(*t.i  lick for >»,-icxjJ
lfli*>   ("Ml.
of the purchaser*, and water from tlm
\A\<* of xl* C. Y. H. can to i«U >u
each lot sue, that portion of thj to'-vn
wiU to>n do ^r^lit to> th« -n»tur.ii
buMfUki of Ut cn-rfrrinm^nr -1-    <■• Xtt- •   *'■
:-* -^r-'*-;y^cf\^nV^-\*--
■A        "     ■*-*''      , *     :   ■■     fi "
.THE FliRNlE. LEDGER,'FliRNIE   B. C, NOVEMBER ..;  1905
The Fernie Ledger
Issue) cTery Wednesday from office «?f pul>-
Uca' :ui., corner of Wood St. nud Maker Ave.,
Ffcti ie, "Britiuh Colur. bia.
ftUbwed to be changed when desired, without
extra char«o)
l,5(i per inch, per month
Spec ini portion, 607. advance
50*. discount -when platoi* are fiirnUhed
(set in np)iparlel,lS limes make an inch.)'
jAuclion Sales, Bnteri-oinments, Tenders, Lentil Notices etc,, IU icntu a line, fijr ,t. insertion,
5 cents ft line eauU suut.equ.uAt insertion,
JiOst., Found, For Sale, To Let, Kent or Exchange, one cent a word, each insertion.
Onl-aok page amonii loaals, 121; cents a Im
On front pcxo uuioiig locals, SO cents a lin
fl* occnrrinK amonisst onr subscriber.*:, free; all
ot!ii*r« JKI vfnt* each insertion. .Qnrd*; of con*
Krntulation, condolence or thank*, obituiirv
pottiy etc., lists of gue.ts and wedding proj-
£iits. 10 cunts a line (nonpnriel) unch insertion.
lll'ttlMt-^ OR rROFJ>8f5IO*j.AJ* CAUIK
.-without change, one Inch or under, (fl a month
Any further information desired can bo had
on application to th« manager.
Importance Of The Zinc Industry to Tlio Crows jSie-j-fc Push.
0 We glean from the New York En-
gineerinii und Minim? Journal, ot
Out 21st, tlie following .facts from ji
very interubting article on the supply
and price ot zinc ore.
The a venire prie*3 of ordinary
ppclter nt New York for the ten vuiirs
from 1890 to 15XX) w«b -1 305 cents per
pound. The lowest price during this
period was 3.522 cents in 1891 and
tiie maximum 5 75 cents in 1899.
In 1UJ1 iheavora^e price was 5,07
(ieiitH und the uulie:uionB are that it
will he 5.75 tor 1905.
Tlie incrouseel demand for raw ma-,
-teri'il has been filled entirely by Cui*
jomdo and othor western states. Tlu-
extra pre<1 action from these western
ptatcs, so far, has only been enough
to meet the increased demand for
spelter; but just now, there seems to
be a shortage*, in the supply of ore.
The writer thinks, lioweve**, that
this shortage is ol a temp* rary nature,'
ns there are lar^o quantities ot oiu-
in thc west- whic*i have a poreeuiagi
of zinc which will he made use (•
now that there j*j ft demand for it
The providing of proper milling- facilities being the one necessity tj b.
The  average  slag   produced b\
cent ot zinc and 5 to 10 per cent lead
with small values of gold and silver.
The cost of mining and milling at
Joplin is §1.10 per ton eiada ore,
while at Leadville it is troua $2 50 to
S3 per'ton:
The. Joplin ore is said" to be of a
superior quality to that of the west,
but the'increased cost ot producing it
has had k great deal to do with the
inerciise  in price..    ,
The Canada Metal Company has
ta-keq time bv the .forelock and
will Boon be in a positi>n to treat the
zinc bearing ores of the Kootenay ore
fields. Thc fine large plant at Frank,
when completed, will be the'largest
zinc treating plant in the west and
will be the greatest factor in reiving
the galena mining industry of Eastern British Columbia.
It is to be rcgreted that this large
enterprise was not secured for Fernie.
But what is our loss locally is Frank's
gain and the benefit to the whole
country will include some benefit to
our city. '
Mr. Fernau, the Manager pf this
enterprise, has recently returcd Irom
Nelson and Pilot Bay, where he has
been looking after the taking over
and starting of the snielter ^t that
point, which liis company has ae
quired for the purpose ot reducing
crude ores for tiie Frank smelter
Mr Fernau will be pleased to assay
and report on samples of ore from
prospectors or companies engaged in
developing mining properties. The
Company has already received a car
of ore from the Gray Copper mine at
Sandon and other shipments will be
arriving as soon as the ore bins are
ready to receive them.
, If yon, your friends or relatives suffer with
Fits, Epilepsy, Su Vitus' Dance, or Falling
Sickness, write for a t: Lit bottle snd valuable
treatise' on such diseases to The Lbibio Co.,'
179 Kin? Street, W., Toronto, Canada* AH
1 druggists sell or can obtain fur you  '
western silver lead smelters contain
jibout G per cent zinc oxide, or abou'
,5 per cent tuetalic zinc. According
to thcBe figures there is about 90,000
jtons of zinc being thrown away each
„, year by the smelters, besides a large
•quantity in copper matte smelting.
It is not prob.ible that much of this
plug waste will be utilized, but it is
,nn indication of the prevalence ot
zinc in the western silver lead ores,
In thc Joplin district, whero tho
great bulk.of the zinc of commerce
is now produced, nro containing 4 per
cent of nino and 15 percent oilead
is mined and milled, it being necessary to work' from'20 to 25 tons of
crude ore to obtain one ton of concentrate suitable lor smeltintr; while in
Coluradn, Utah, New Mexico nud
other western districts, many mines
produce ore tunning from 15 to 40 per
Mount-Fernie Lodge No, 47
IfrV'ijfcSa    O.F.
Me^ts   ev.iry   Friday evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
. *   . n T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
J. Barber, l.d.s.-, d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Bloclj,   opposite the  Bank
Office hours—8 a.m' to S p.m.   •
The Villain Still Pursues Us
The Yukon World says that the following, quoted from; the "Poems of
Passion," by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, is
probably the warmest thing of its kind
If I wore n rain drop and you woro a leaf,
' 1 would burnt, from the cloucU aliovu you
And lie°on your breast In ts rapturo of rent,
And lovn you, lovo yon  love you.,;
This is short, but brilliant, like the
tail of a mallard duck, and Gila has thv
sympathy of every man in town iu her
-ulTerinus. On their behalf a response
is necessary:' '
tf I were a cannibal chlefton bold,     '
And should I cliauce to meat you,
I'd I'urry you far from thu haunts of man,
And—ent you. eat yon, eat yo)i<
The above is-pretty  warm,   but nol
coo rott«7n7~ariU"iJW"gorrd"Y-erse~as~Br
V.  Molt,   the   Crow bard can , write.
Here   is   a   gemlet   from   the   Star's
chained rhyme builder:
tf I wi're a loaf and you wore a raindrop,     *■
And you uliould burnt from thc oloudu above
Ai d lie on my hroast iu a raptnro of rent,
It would kill me, kill me, kill mr*.
„-Uolden Star
of the'most important of our law courts
at a higher salary than he received as
a cabinet minister. The feeling is evident that an anomaly exists in the idea
that the judicial bench is > a proper
refuge for men supposed to be incapacitated by ill health from other work,
This for two reasons. One, that if our
judges are to be invalids, unable to do
a fair day's work, the country is bled to
provide an unnecessary number of
judges. The other, that if our judges
can not do a fail day's work, they do
not deserve a full day's pay., Canada
for years has heard a continual cry that
the judges were not paid properly.
The Journal believed that and shared
in the cry, which recently culminated
in Increase of judicial salaries. But
the cry was based on the supposition
tliat the bench has hard work to do,
work which deserves ample compensation. If men whose health has broken down in other occupations are to be
considered fit occupan's ofthe bench in
our important courts, then it is evident
that the bench is a very easy job, and
that it is humbug to claim that as good
pay is called for ?»s the name quality of
brains would deserve in some occupation in which the brains are cilled
upon to do a good day's work three
hundred days in the year."
It seems to us that partiznnsh.p aside
there is subject ior much consideration
}n this comnienl of this opposition paper. There is no use denying that there
arc grounds for criticisiri along these
lines and it will be difficult to meet
this reasoning of the opposition press.
W, j. Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
Officii Hours! u to in a. m., l to 6 p. m
Office in Alex. Beck's Block   ,
over Sllmi's Bakery, , l
FERNIE,        _    .   _        _     _        b. U.
-FERNIE       ;
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
, L. P. Eckstein
Bakkistbk-at-Law,    Solicitor, "Etc.
Cuthbcrt Block, '.Fornie, B. C.
W. II, Hobs J. S. T. Ai.iu.AKU.ii
Ross & Alexander
Onica In L. T. W'HIook, Victor!* Avenue.
Miner's Favorite GSgars
7    M-shm! -Office : ~ lla-nailton,, Canada. -
Capital :* $2,320t000 y -; MserviV $2,320,000
Gotal' Mssets * $28,500.00QY   :,   '•      \;"
Hon. .Wm. Gibsqn, President. >   ,7 -  r .
_ J.-Turnbull,, Vice-Presiderit and'General Manager,   A
71  Branches throughout Canada;
. Drafts issued.- payable in Canada "or abroad* .. Foreign dr ...   7' -
Special advantages in Savings DepurjlTipnt. '-.    7*-
- *...-.      '  '7 ..".'>.   •--*.'
Open in the evening of the Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till§;;
^•-PATROKIZE  HOME  L\DUSTOY ■«        4^Hr4*^HH^^4il^^-^*
tjjsrionsr .±.^4.beiij
Craw's  Nest   Special
F. C. Latce
Post Office Block. Pernio. B.C.
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Columbia
a watch.
its only duty iii life is to answer correctly one question
tt I livod in Moyie nnd my name wm Smyth*,
Ny»r ''Deputy   the   Bftrlior", wIioho not a
moro myth,
IM lie in thu chulr -with my feot In tho »Ir,
While nIio sliavoii me,nhuvoil me, slinvoil me
OfllciRl Euno
Wc clip the following from thc Ottawa Journal.
"Wide spread comment in made in thu
CaiiaUiiin press on the fact that Sir
William Mulock, rctiriiifj from,.politi-
cil life on the ground of tndiiTerent
health, is to become chief justice of one
A .Strango    Fact.
"Look at them," said the keeper
softly.    "A pretty sight, isn't it?"
The, rays   of (the   lantern  did   not*
awaken   the   multitude   of    monkeys
asleep in the great cage,   They lay in
a hundred altitudes.    Here a  slumber-
1   ,       ■        . - ...
in her arms; there a formidable  male
lay by himself in a cleared space; a  fat
Dion key in a corner snored. ..'■
But not one of these monkeys slept
on his back.
"Do you see?" said the keeper.
"They lie on their sides, on their stomachs, every which way—but there is'nt
one lying on his back      "•
" There never' is. No monkey ever
was found sleeping on his back. Sometimes, ns I consider their intelligence
and their manifold virtues it seems to
mc that tlw fact that monkeys never
sleep on their backs is the chief differ*
ence between them and human beings."
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price.
Mrs. E. Todd
MOEEIS      JPI^fi4.3Sro'
If you want  to  buy
or   sell any   mining
stock Mvrite" or wire.,
wheit time is'it?'
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<5» '*8»
■ ^*4*'H0!MdiM^ «4,W^>^H*»-l-'-*^-l"^
Has Made Him a Strong, Healthy Man—Ur.:
,  Brought Him From a Bed of Lingering
Illness Whore He Hovered Between Life and Death.
Tlio cmiie of almost every ot'Kiinic
lUsc.iwn U tmci'il U> a wenk 11119111 or
j»ducted Iiiiik*!. Tlm Iiiii^m belli); l|ui |iiiin*
■uy orf-niis In circulation of tlm blood, If
tlii'y Iiccoiiki (liNi'iiiu'd thn blood takes on
Inil'iiritioN which ma (lellvercd to every
pint ol'lhu Ii4iily, You wiy ynu nro RUN
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AND riiVICU. All of llm nbovo mu |»iu
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-illit'K of CONSUMI'TIO
if-^;.Y "'"'-   •■    v%Sr-^ ».4 ■• A
*.|^: :\v-vf ■•■'■
JrA-v '-]'   ' "•■r;'''V^* ■"•'-'*'■*■*>
', t    "'«-■.■■       "        .*     '     '    A
t v 7-a .. ...        . >
1   1   /•.. ji't 'j .
, -t i-K* >\   -      '   '
Motormitn Waldan'a Otery of HI* lllnM«
nnd Oubun«|ucr>t tUoovary TXw*\n.>i
XJ*\tiix Pbyohln*.
Mr, Walden iniys 1 " About nix j-onrii r.gs
I wuh tiikcn down uiili In Kri|M,,!i -hen
piu'iiinonla nnd typhoid fever, Imiurhii*:
i.orions liinj*; Irouhle, wliieh *hhmi .Irvi'Uipcd
inlo cuiiMiiiiptiuii, I lm*] a Mi'iimm Iriul nl'
it, und hum under (icfitiiii'iit by Kcvcml
plij-.u'liinu of Toronto, 'Hie iIIhcuiio
f;iiiiu'd kucli hruilway Unit liONpllnl ticu.
uij'iit ivai ri'-.iirlt'il to, hut ifuvo mc 110 liopo
uf rccovury. I aluo hpctit soma llmo In tht.
I'oiivnliiM-ont Hniiu-), but lho illsi-ii>c* if*
luriii'il willi Ineri'iiwd hdverliy, mul I was
it'KUnli'd ui n hopi:1.*N*J endu. I left the
i-ity I'or thu coimliy under the l>r!'n*l lluit i'.
H'iMild mio'.v my r.tit*ii|^lh nml nuild' nie
well. On piirlliiir willi my lirollier liuenh!
iil\i'rw»ril lluit "hu never cxpocd-il lo tt 1*
nu. ..ilii.,. Mifiiii " Wl,:i<» nut nf (lip rl(c I
b.'Kiin ukIihj; I'syvliiiu*, nnd I urn piciul lo
My   it   tlrtt   II44-II   ti (ll'l^.l'll^  (tl(l,4.       I   Ht...
rn.iliK'il lu 1 iliun home nftor usiui^ it for 1.
nhort lime, and conliniicd the luHinicnt
inilil M*vrr»l liolllr*, hud Ixen usril jiikI f
wax ulili* to ro nhuiil. When I In ^int tl <<
rt'iunily my weight hnd Wen teiliirrd lo
Jl') rv .'.   ...;.v ! ... .„.•. f-.}ty !?.'" ;—-''-
I'ltyt'lilnr i* s wondcrlul ilenli-prodiu rr. I
do nnt iinctmi iX» rneiHeal j>ropfirtl4'h—-only
Ihut r»ycliinr, mul nmhlnff (*I«*, Iiam n-
klored me In limlili. Tla-mwhoImow mr
Kii-iiwtr* of whtl my condition vu-i ami
Hu* luMvelenonem of mjr «'J»*io, Thf r« I* no
nu'dlelnd In lhe unrld lika r»yrhin« ft>r
liitifr frnubl*. anrf I nm mir* If If h.-id nr*t
hci-n lor il I WOULD DAVE ULl.N A
A. WALDE.V, 7 Cornwall St., Toronto.
The Heathen's Pro^iCHu.
A paymaster in  the Japanese navy
lias biien delecteil in the thiet't of over
$100,000.—ToUio dispatch.
I   lluui(.;t   our  western   j»iinic of
Kraft hnd not yet hit japan;
Hut lo, a naval officer (piojjrossive
Iittlo man)
A hundred thousand dollars has
abstracted from (he state;
Thus one hy one our western ways
thc hrown men ei-iuluie,
, Tho wheel of progress whizzes, and
mayhap the Japanese
Will vet set up Wnionu trusts each
others' throat** to squeeze;
Hut  till they've lifo insurance of
the real New York   brand .
Japan, I fear, will never be a truly
Chrimlan land.
—Kulcllo Klauder,
IJonten At HU Own Oiiiuo,
A ynun1; lady walked inlo 1111 I.
Caiiipo store iliu oilier day iuul select
in-*; 11 piece of cloth luked what ll win.
worth. "I'oiir hisses |vr yard," said
the polite clcili, The fair lady iiImkIikiI
ji iiuuiiriit, replied she would tnUc fixir
yards, Tho cloth wai cm off, nicely
wrapped np and handed to lhe puivlias-
er who received it wilh a Miiile niul
said "Scud Ihu bill around (o my
(,'riindinolhi'r, she'll settle il."—Kx.
}ftiTi'i**HV W'ilTMtN, to h* tu+it sry A*y
on s Broadview Ave. Cart. Toron-*.
Cured <*{ih T*ythlrm*\.~y**t**gi>,hi*
lung iroublo In* not reiumad.
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k^iirui'it by all dru^K'-l* at $LW pet
hcixtttr.   Yot further a.hir* am) inform**
fian writs st all *l Dr. Slocum, Umittil*
110 KJnif SUM* Waa*, ToronUi, Out*,
Ai.uuully, tn III) llm ii(i\* i»*iilt.nu« ridMlml
hy llnllnmil nml Ti-lfurftvli t'oni\ii*lvl(.ii. Wc
wunt, vwtNR urtt iiiiil t.kniP.n of aotwi
Wa funitali tS |*r rent, (if tli* ()|KirH.<;r*
tn<1 HUtlnn Aitnlt In Anivrfn* Our *U
ichooUtr* thulnrat.taieliulvt TwUnrtpli
Hchonli IM THB VVOHLp., KjU-'llflia-l no
vaartanaiitilur^lby all loatllnjr lUllwtjr
Waam-cuta* •Siu/lonJ lo every niinlfttit
to farnUh niin or lur a r*ii.|l|..n imylut
(r/im *I0111*11, m'.nlh In Suti.n*m|i.[(liH
KfirkvU'iTtiiialm. nr Jr..in iii tu tltti 1
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rai|.»i.. For full i*atilt ul«r<r»r*^ln* an-f
of onrt*-l.ooi» »rfi* idn-ci lor.ur at««uilvr
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CTiicfmnfr, fi'-i. diifi"i», h y.
AtUiU G*. UC'ciii. Wi,
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tHl' Tlm rnnnt porfoctly njipolntc-i lluullli
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nlllu rolmiiirt from thoS,v»ti>m,
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MounliiliN, yiiow |iuhUii, fiiniittii, liiko«, wutui'-
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Dot. 26 DAY   1905
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General Merchant
Ind '
>l»l>n»«iiHnTiiim hiiiWiiim.
uoriKtts* RlflH
JVN'tl   HOIUK.1
T. II.YOl'ATT, Proprielor.
Advertise in "The Ledger" * ''■.■.-•'i
■" I j
; 'I I
-*•   .-t?   A
iV -.
, The fernie ledger, fernik, b. a/ November i, 1905
ti -■
'. I   1
il  '
17' 1-
Victoria, 11. C.,Nov. 1.—The grip
of the gold seeker's fever, which every
mnn who lias lived for .-my time, the
life of a prospector or niiner knows, in
some degree, was , curiously . demonstrated here upon the arrival'of the la^t
* Skagway steamer of the C. P. R.   She
, brought among her passengers, Donald
MeGilliyray-and Harry Johnstone, both
originally.from Yarmouth, N..S., who
went iii with the rush of '971 to the
Klondike,:huve stayed ihere'ever sihas
andtjiow nre rated wealthy men of Gold
bottom'and on<i or, .two other creeks.
They, had. been planning for three years
past to come "Outside" after the autumn
• work of 11305, and spend Chrislmas, at
the   old   home   with   their   relatives.
Their business'affairs in the north were
.duly arranged, and they started for cW-
. tlization and   childhood's   scenes   four
- weeks ago. By the time they reached
SIcagH-uy they had developed a genuine
homesickness for the rugged, hills and
bleak sweeps of (he north; (heir hands
itched for the feel of the pick and shovel handle; and they had half a mind to
turn back;.- No doubt they would, but
each was ashamed to communicate the
thought lo, the other. On the trip down
from Skagway they got talking of what
■"(he hoys" were doing far away in thc
Northland,- of what work would be accomplished during the winter, and ol
what might happen piejudicial to their
interest it" their substitutes ' on the
'ground should lapse into indifference.
Result: When Victoria was reached
they hiid come to the conidusion that
they did not care  particularly   for  the
■joys of a Nova Scotia Christmas, and
they did yearn for the open ;iir life and
bard work of the- rugged Nonh'and.
And so about their lirst investment was
a return ticket, and llie next, steamer
Sidling for Skagway carried them back
again. ' They expect to go  into   Daw-
' son over thc ice
Lawrence Sinclair, A. K. Jewitt and
■ George Greenhow, three-other Yukon
era who have been staying ■ at the Dominion for some days past, say 'lhat
they too know just the feeling of "the
call ofthe north" to whicli McGillivray
iind Johnstone responded. This is
their first visit to the Outside in eight
years, and already  they are becoming
. restless and-anxious to be back at the
mines;.. They- had the-same feeling,
t>o they say, when they boarded the
s1 earner ai -Skagway. They, resisted
the fascination lo get back to the toil ol"
gold-digging, but if it had not been for
Ii t
tlie-Tact'thatiall three had notified their
relatives lo expect them,, they probab-
Iv would have turned back.
"Half the Yukoners who start out to
-'give the'bld folks at home a visit, think
bet icr'of it before they ure .veil started,
and'hike back to the mines," said- one
of the party, Mr. Sinclair.    "The gold
fever is'" something   mortal  queer, "he
added.    ' "Once you've got a real  uood
(ouch of it you can't shake   it   off.     1
. suppose everyone has a lasle of it once
. in a while hut the majority get over it
till right.    But when ' it   gets   such "11
hold of you tlmt you are willing to   go
hundreds and hundreds of miles mvny
from home and friends and   the   comforts of life, to (lie hardships of lho fro-
■ u, -     ' "4
jwn north, and then learn to think il is
the very finest country on the face of
the earth—why then you've got the
genuine article. That's the kind of a
case I got, and I guess Jowilt and
Greenhow has about the same brand."
The three partners separate when
lliey reach San Francisco, Sinclair to
visit his former home in Colorado, Jewitt lo go to New Zealand, and Green-
how to Australia. One or all will re
turn to lhc liorlh in.March to topic after'their combined interests on French
■ Hill, whicli, aggregate many thousands
for they have done well. Mr. Sinclair
says tlmt the Klondykc has still filly
yenrn' life ns 11 gold camp—"one of the
"ttreittcxtl." h will lake m.icliiiiery
henceforth lo win the gold, but the
yellow sluiTU there. Tlio great needs
pf '.lie country are an assay ofiice and
gold purchasing depot al Dawson, and
cheaper transportation rates (0 the
VIctoriH, 0. C.Nov. f—I.y a husi-
ru'Hs deal In six big figures, the property Interest*! of Ihe B. C. Market Co.,
formed fifteen year* 11-40 on the failure
ofthe founders, Van Volla'iiburg Hi'oh.
lmve passed lo tho Women". Canadian
Hunching Co,, which had already
owned the 1% Gang and Alexandria
ranches, comprising home 70,000 acre*.
In tlio Chllcotln, Ashcrofi a ml Cuiilwo
dlmrlclii. The buying corporation Is
backed hylMigli-'.lu'iipiUlnnd managed
by J. D. Prcnllcc (nt thu ranch) and
Cuvler A. Holland (here.) The hlk'
concern ban n.)t hitherto touched the
meat nnd produci* market, hut will now
enlarge its present acquired retail
prcmisei. hero, at Vancouver, and in
oilier provincial centre.*- of population,
.,,..!  I. ..-*.,*,,   'im   -,|.l,(.|.      'I ,-ftrri,,;.,.,,,,,      ,,(,.!
formidable competitor with Pal Hum*,,
. the Cnnadian Cattle King,1 fcr (he -neat
hu.sinct.ti vi the Dominion, The (ore*
most futures in thu selling compaii)
nre R. P. Hilhel of San Franthco,
Thorn-..**- I'll!-, of Pentii-tO'i, K. K-ev*
Mon of KorniHCs, and Captain John
Jrvitig 01' Victoiia.
VV-.•.!.;, IT T,~Nov.      .(.'.-.'n
iv ;-.;!!(I'Mi   '*'.'.'   " <-  ''■•'" '■'■•' ' •■ ' "'
corporation known as the Seattle Ce
d-ir Lumber Mlg. Co. The mill; will
bo the largest in the world. - Backing
it are McEvven'Brothers of New York
and.Michigan, wlio will put $500,000
mto the iu 1 in plant on Mosquito I'.ai-
bo'-,;arid-$oO,ODO into a second smaller
mill Jit Nootka. A wharf a milo in
length-will be constructed in connection with the Mosquito harbor mill.
- ^")
, Victoria, B. C, Nov. 1st,—K. W.
Douglas, represeiitiug ' the Boston
Sningle Co., aud the Blanchard Shln-
i«le Co ,-hotli of Boston, has offered to
buy.400 carloads of B. C.'shingles tit
a certain price, for the New England
market! He sua s the price- offered
allows a fair jnai-»in of pi-ofit to the
manufacturers. This lot of ,100 carloads means about 80.000,003 shingles. The ofler of the Estonian will
be accepted and. the provincial mills
will be kept busy for some time filling it.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 1st.—Apropos
of the Kedfern jewel robbery case,
much discussion has been excited
over the action of chief of police Lang-
ley in . accepting the proposal of
Christopher Kurtz, under detention
as a principal in the affair, t'odisclose
the hiding place ofthe missing gems
on conditiou that no prosecutions
should be taken. The pact was kept
by, the. Victoria ' chief—the , jewels
were recovered,'and .Kuit2 was afterwards ai-f.-sted on the charge of
beiug Vancouver's lone burglar and
highwayman, wanted also for shooting at one and wounding another protesting householder. The investiga--
tions of the police show that he has
been leading a typical double life—
a Y. M. C. A. youth by day and: a
"sport" by night. After planning and
carrying through the, robbery ol
Mr. Kedfern. liis uncle, and securing
thc latter's forgiveness, he has demonstrated his nerve by wiring since
he has been under arrest at Vancouver to Mr. Kedfern: "Send' $100. by
telegraph immediately for preliminary defence." It hasn't gone forward
yet and ho will have to look elsewhere for his defence fund." But the
question that is-puzzling the public
as a sequel to the whole affair is:
can the police justify their course-in
com promising with-a known thief,
letting him go unwhipped of justice
011 the'condition that he restore his
plunder, seeing that he is caught?
It looks uncommonly like, compound-
_i i» fi*_ti4—'}-'ii,|i\»\ ■-         '                '   *
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everything iu the Furniture line.
Vou are welcome, whether you buy or not.
No trouble to show goods."   Picture framiiig a specially.
i® Br®l
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call at our office.''
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These lands are suitable for Fruit raising, also some excellent stock
Ranches    For full information apply to
Hardware.      J.   D.  QUAIL       Furniture
*    I* .,
Tlie Okanagan Valley
The Okanagan Valley, "Tlie Land of
Fruit iind Sunshine" is' tho title of an
elaborate write-up of that famous (lis
trict, issued from tho oflico of the
Vernon News Printing & Publishing
Co.. Ltd., Vernon, H. C. It is in
mag-winl* form of over GO pagos, beauti
fully illuntrjUed with half-tonee,
desei'iptivo of tho scenery, iiiauu
liu-tures, fruit fur ins nnd residences in
lhat favored Inciilky. The letter |u-ohs
is iu keeping with the chnnu-ter ol the
work, nnd tho' price, hut 15 uentH, i*.
snmll.in conipiiiirton wilh tho information fflven.    _
Donth of I'roniiiioiit Luinberiiinn
Michael Purllo, "partner of M. Mc*
1 nnes in the Sussex Lumber Co. at.
I.IUnioutli died last Thursday morning
at lhe J'eniie hospital of typhoid fever,
Mr, Purllo was 5„' years of age, a native of New Brunswick and had been at
I.IUiiunilli about 11 year, Mr, Purtle
was a widower and leaves one child,- a
daughter 12 years old,
Mr, Mclnnes had the body embalmed by Scott it Ross and shipped to Ihe
lormer'H homo in Sussex, N. B. for
Whlto emtio to J7* sold,
A herd of Unoriginal, wild while
ctlttle, which has been confined for
nearly seven hundred years In Charley
Park, Staffordshire, Ivngland, on lhe
hereditary estate of Ihe Ivarl Ferrers, i.s
10 be sold. The pari., cnnnislii.g of
nine hundred acres, is to he divided up.
The herd hat) nunihorcd as many as
forty-three, hut numbers now only nine,
11 was shut up in u.).*,
s Ka 7
Posters and Dodgers
"Note and .Letter' Heads
Statements and Biil Heads
Cards and Tickets
"Notes and "Receipts "
Tags and Envelopes
Wedding Stationery
Funeral Notices,.. .
Programs and Pamphlets'
in fact everything
that can be done.--:
with Type, Ink and Paper.
Let us have your next order
No better work
in the Province
than that supplied
from the office of
Fermie Lednev
9 ToYedger Fernie
■ ^Mm^^mmm^w^wjmim^mmm^^mn^^^^ »s$"
does not believe in tin titles. It
teaches equality to all, based up-;
on-merit.' The price is $1 a year
JRY, NclsQiL BY:^
f      I
»5 .tt
Pa i'i
iiiiiiu'-lint.! Cdiiiiiii'iicciii 'ni '■ w-rkj
Uli'ut au tiUiueu-.','- WV ;• ■"> n'A '"''I-;/.''
mi'!. I". ts ii- \v niai.d | uli-u-i thu  Mel
wutjIUUiut'i.t, a i.t Lv oii*".';ia»l hy :«'
Toilet Ware
Solid and heavy—ns
well ns of sterling qiiul-
I ily-r-ls tho silver composing the Toilet Ware
from Diiimond Hull's
own factory.
ClmrjiL'tei-ixdd  by nioro-
Ilnin (iriiinary lieauiy in    ,
our Pompadour pattern—
a design  boinewliat of
llm Rococo onh'r.
A  lnrgc ftill-bristlc<l
i hnir brunli soils for Sfi.oo.
Prices* ijuotcd for sets of
any number of plow.
nvm\i br6s.
!3M3» YOAGli iir,
w«,»!«<»w*v»Wm«.w% *™^-r ...^^^
ffevnie, 3B. C.
Iliil W-ST 01- -H-J-HVICE
Davkv & Ladkuoutk
Bniprovoil SorvSoo to
Nortii Paotfio Coast.
Loavo f-Jo,:30ii 7 a.»«.
\lu Slnciui |,nl,ii
Ait Vancautycr i 1.50 n.m.
Ono nighi enroiiic
Coaches,   I*"irsit' Class
and Tourist .Sleepers,
Diniiik*- Cars.
Tllli 110MIC Oh'
IIAI'IW  «i..Vl   1'Kll   UAV
j_uwL-jww wwi—uwi-a ■■*■ ■MMinmrm
UOO.MS KNCiAtll-:!) 15V W1K1.
HimmnniwiiiiTM-riiiKTiririi rvrr" *^—.*.*-
Wil«'lli-UII,tHilW^»WWIIWll>'«MI'l(ll*|-*i   *J*m*mS%Mmmm**mmWSS*
Thos, Poruc,   & , Jt-   Proprietor
Is the place to take lhc -
Great   Northern   train
to   Spokane,   time   12
hours;   to  Seattle   24
hours; to Vancouver 32
Wje ZlMtralian  f&otel
Tuk Pi.ack to Stop
Spcciiil Allt'iilion (liwn Id Loenl Toiirims
rr. l. stivphhjXs
movvtwey function, ffl. Q.
W*M- r t*VtmJkfi**m *
Aiiamic S. S. Agency
All lines represontod
Throxtijili  Tickets
■ ).i"i.i» ui
T'<    T.rrfrt»'f 7<i,i),.r
Great Hriiain
ftafy, etc.
nt lowt-et tmlcs.
.i^^T j AsU for Christ mas,, Sailings.
K.ir r<mi|i|..|r    liifnpiTii'i-in   .i|'pl^
*mi*um wtuwwr itJOff .tamjA,
H  id.iU.''
ww^JJ  \    "0-.. 7    ''Y.   x.u.A.,11.   TL
<uiifc.tt-.J*^    Ip.-iitlUc'i.t'iriC'. *L|'.ir.iU'lv."
U.   I.C.KIlly
A.'44'.il .1'. Fcdli;
t S.C»ii,.r,|i.r.,\ .        4-, ,l.t'«i>lr. \(U',\,
.','<..!.  :: Wi. (.'.un
Tl»e Ccmfortnlilo V/ny
a -	
f     It'llll Untt-u • • li,   .1 IV   ..
!•     ii.ri'i 11 iii l.v,      I'liii'ii       Arr, i"ii|'111  Ij
!     In I'.! 11 111 KMi.i 1 imi im   E»
!j  r.:ni- in lt,-.'fl,r.l t;\i \<u- n
R       •  I', ., , 1 l.!|l(i|.-  4*1.'        P*
r|    '/.ill a in I'ai.h.m :i-j) |. m   Q
.1 '.'1 .| in r«,4i.'..- .-. ■ 11. in
;i i'i 1.111 Air    V im.-'.i'i id   J,v 1 ■ /. hi
.'.I'i |> III All*        Wt,  I'.llll        I.V ,'n.l |> In
' limly i-*.«•»■ jit niui'luy
N'ou leave I'Yri.ie
and arrive Soatlle,  Vic-
lori.'i or Vancouver
Fur 'l.fiii'i-ft iuf'irMnii.iii, 1 ■'iiii t.-w-r*   j
v I'.i-.r. ,#'•• ,.-»'i  •:, i,r -> i!-. ■.
■4 ' "
If   t.    Ilf .rr.'' •■■
Hall and Winter
and the Cheapest ever sold iu l-'crnio, now on view at
Miss Varty's  Home of,Fashion
Liquid Gran ile
Moor Finish.
The l.-icsi ever.    No hot air neeessiry to si-H this,     We
have it in quarts, half-gallons and gallons, .
v. )i ioj/j/c-tl U   KJKr  I'/HlUlt
Tinning ami IMunibin^ Department opposite Salvation
Army Hanaclcs, .# % % %
on- 1 r*   1 • ....
v.'ii,\.v .»,i'4> *..i.ii.iji.i--i.i nexi nom   to  uie   i\ui^'   i'.Owaii.
I lot el. ^ -J.'. »'v -iv *'A
*•» *l*» If, *-»V <,4,
'ark Well/
All Canadian Patent Medicines sold at their marked price
from tills dale. Xo nee;.! to send away for your medicine
now.    Kcmember the place.
a. w. mxAsmxi,
■suic, (ih t\'t. lt»0r. x,-xi tUr u. Uu* VaA OWeo.
;UmiMiSiMISmim*mmilmSi. -i5fiK---r|S»yiH?'&^
From the Herald
...The Tritt-s-Woc-d   Co.,  of Fernie,
has practically completed their new
brick and stone store in the principal
6tivfct in the c»il town.v   By  all ac
cunts it mast be a very imposing
structure, occupying halt a block of
ir-'*:wsre along the main street.   Our
informant says that no where in the
wo' has he seen anything approaching the business   buildings  now   in
cmirse of  construction   in    Fernie.
'' his Trites- A'ood Co., building would
do credit to Winnipeg the progressive
itself     " ' ,,   *
The Crow's Nest Trading Co., a.
Fernie, has moved into their new
j r«-iiiises, 4vhich ar--} very nearly as
i-xtoiis-jve as those last rcferr.ed to.
]i line feathers make fine birds, and
line buildings make Hub towns, in
ihe true senso, then Fernie is certainly lifting her head to somo purpose.
li Is no new story to those familiar
wiih ihe conditions under whicli a
Hrent deal of tho staking of the  coal
urd oil lands in the South East Koot
cnay country   was  conducted,   that
liiij*;itioii is  about to  arlsu  to the
mutter.   That it was bound to arise
was inevitable, but noone anticipated
Midi   a  crop as is' promised.   This
will have thc effect of tying   up development for a very long period,
itnd the uncertainty of titles will pre-
ve.it capital from coming inta what is
ji wonderful rich c.i-.mtry.   It looks
as if everyone staked on top of every
b.xly else, with a fervent hope that
.the follow who hud priority hud not
us. long a purse as  the  last   locator.
The following telegram received by
the   Spokesman-Keview   from   Vancouver shows that a'regular game of
beggar niy-neighboris expected, and
that the stakes will go to the owner*
of the longest purse: . .
"Vancouver, B. C.,—A special from
Fernie, B. C, says: The Ledger remarks in to-d«iy's issue that the ball
ol litigation over conflicting and overlapping claims in the Flathead mining district has been set rolling. The
parlies to the contest are two "well
known syndicates, one of which is
•rom .Spokane and the other a provincial concern. The details of what
promises to be a most interesting
ilght are not given, but it is said
thoy will bring into issue many ofthe
heated questions which have ariseD
„ki-..iio2:Hrd to the wliolcsi(le_ancl_indis-
land grant surveys so as to include
much ofthe coal and oil land already
clnitmd under a varietv of licenses.
The claims of the railway company
will have to be adjudicated, and possibly a qncs*.ion of ultra vire8 affecting the right of the B. C, government U> issue the licenses.
Oil gushers have not been found in
South East Kootenay, but it looks as
if the land would spout legal fees like
:i geyser before long.
. If we have zinc in East Ko-tenay
it would appear that we shall, soon
have both a market for it on tvie spot
and a smetler. to treat it near at hand,
it is somewhat Btrange in a section
where galena oresara so remarkably
abundant that zinc is nol much more
in evidence.   It may be that,  as in
other places,  when prospectors ran
across too strong evidences ot what
lliey used to call the accursed black
jack   they  simply  abandoned   the
ground, and all knowledge of tho existence of the mineral iiecamo lost;
Tlu*.Herald knows of one property
within six miles of Cranbrook which
might bo very profitably exploited
for its zinc. * The property belongs lo
Mr. "William Hamilton and is situated
on Fa liner's Bar, only a  couple  ol
miles bevond King's mills on Smith
lake.   It is stated on lirst rate authority, tbat there aro four feet of clear
zinc ore   in   the bottom ot the shaft;
33ine'*j5 000 have been spent on tho
claims trying, one would thiuk. to
convert a zinc property into a silver
mine.   There must be other, cases of
a like nature scattered all through
the hills to the south of the town, and
tho Herald will be r lad to hear of any
discoveries or rediscoveries ot zigc-
bearing ground.
W. F. Grant, formerly of the Kootenay Power & Light Co., at Nelson,
has installed the electric light plant
at Frank. That town is now illuminated with the white light throughout. The arc lights are going in on
the corners, and night has grown in
to day. This is an improvement
which'atonce catches tho eye of the
traveler passing by. It was from a
traveller we got it. Commenting on
the fact he said that, we all wanted
more, light out here. c II the world
could only ,see the country in the
proper light out here, he said, all
were well. Light is what we want.
Tiie benefits of the Frank installiition
is to tw extended to Blairmore. The
miners' cottiges are all being lit electrically at Frank, and the same sys-
PUBLIC .NOTICE is hereby Riven that sue
*■   tion sales ol SUioui. Lands will-be held  ii
tlie Pruvioc« of Alberts, as follows-.—
Edmonton, Wednusduy, Oct. 18th., 1905, at 111
o'clock, a.m.
Ltfdue, "domla.y,0<.-t. 2Srd  IMS, at 10   o'clock,
a. in, •'*    ■ '
W-etnskiwra,.Thursday Oct, 80th, 1905. at 10
o'clock, am.
Lacombe, Monday Oct. 20th. 1905, -it 10 o'oloek
a. ui.
Innisftiil, Thuridaj-. Nov, 2nd, Mtt, at 10 o'clock,* ra.
Diil*l>ury, Munday, Nov. «(h. 1905, at 10 o'olock
am. . .
OlKiiry, Friday, "Soy loth, 1905, at 10 ".o'clock.
a in.
High River, Tuesday, Nov. 114th, 1805,  at   Id
o'clock. |> ru. ■ '■'    '
Pin44'-er Cr -el*, Thursday, *.\'ov, 13th. 1M5, at 10
o'u.onk, n. m.
Mucu'ii, j'.oiiJaj-, Nov. SOih. Ii--.i5, at lOo'sloti
a. m. '        ' ■
Theit land* are Mtutited, speaking generally wilbin a diatanco oflrom twelve (o twenty
miles of theCaliCHry and K-lmonton Xtailway
i4'.itl ol the (.'row's, >c»t lirAiichlof the Cauadinii
PnciJIc Kuilway.-
Where any of the lands are under lease the
sales will be >ul>juct,to suali h-ane until its ex-
piracion on tl.e3othNov.mbur, 1U05, and the
lessee >will have thi- privilego ol removing* any
feuoiuK or other improvement*, he niay have
on tho land. Where any paroul offered Is
oroiised l.y a public highway «r railway,' the
.nie of such parcel shall be » bjeut to (ho reservation uf tho land uovered hy hiu-h Ii'kIiwhv,
or th:>t may lio roquirod lor the light of way
or other purposes of tlm rttihiay.
The Miles will oiilycoiuey the surface riichta
and wil lie subject to tho unual reservations
in favor of the Crown
Olio-tenth in cash ut the time of tlie sale,
aud the lmlnnce in nine equal uuuuul instalments with interest at the riitu of Jive per
cent per annum nn tlio balance ol the purchase money Irom time to. time reinainiiiK
unpaid, except iu cai.es whero tho area of the
land doe* not oxi-eed forty acres, in which
caso the terms of payment shall be oue-JIfth
iu uash and the bitli.tii.-e iu four equal 'annual
in-(alnieiits, with interest at tho rule of live
pe- cent perauni.ro-
Cpon u. parcel of land bain-? knookedjdown,
the purchaser shall immediately, doi.ojit One
Hundred Dollars with the Clerk of Salo, otherwise tbeparcel will at once bo put up again.
Fur this purpose intending purvhasors should
provide themselves with marked cheques on
chartered banks of Cunnda made to their own
ordor mid pajable ut par at tl-.o point of sale,
or with bunk notes of as lur„-e a. denomination
us possible. Tho balance of thc cash instalment inu>t In every case he paid before tbe
close of the salo, failing which the deposit of
One Hundred Dollars will be forfeited and the
land 44-ithdrai4n from sale,
NOTR:— Choques will uot bo taken in payment unless nuirked "accepted" by the banks
on which they are drawn.
Lists of the binds to be sold may be had on
application to "The Secretary, Department of
the Interior, Ottawa"; ur to uuv of the Agents
of Dominion Lands iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta.
By Order,
ti   '   i       s   ni  -, ,    . Secretary.
Department of the Interior,
OTTAWA. Kith Ootober, 1905. -1-*
You Hav© often
said or thought
"Haw could a -man
buy such a suit?
criminate methods of the government
in issuiug coal "and petroleum licenses
iii tho now famous Flathead district,
and not the least question is that affecting surveys. The parties initiating the fight have retained L. P.
Eckstein of this city, but it is safe to
t*<iy that by the timo the case reaches
beyond the preliminary stage an army of prominent counsellors will bo
, Ci ncernt'd on either side."
-, It appears to be conceded that the
telegram has reference to what is
known as the Liingley Group of coal
ligations, Mr li. Ci. Ilelden, of Spokane, w ho is inici-i'hted with others
in the S'.JiUh East Kootenay coal and
oil lands, states as follows in the
Spokf'Simw; -.
This group embraces n territory of
17 square miles. Mr. Lnngley and
liis Canadian associates contend that
the ability of prospectors to step off a
mile In a tuomuuimms country Ii:ie>
luilhliig to do with the validity ot
their claim to 17 gqunro tuUch that
have h(!.)ii approved by tho surveyors
liiairumcrils, Oliai'lt'.-i McUttiro and
ll, L. Heard, ol this city, tiro disputing the Lnngley claim to this land.
The Spokane men a I logo that thoy
li'ivo titln to approximately eight
w | tin re miles In the Liiiigliiy tnict
Jt, Kcuins that Homo of tliu prospectors
whs Bteppod oil' their claims only
iiK.'.'iaui'cd a half milt) or tluvo quar
tui'ti ul a inilu in thi: mountainous
con11try. Tlio ..iiiiglev Ciuindiim
c iinpany is attempting to stretch it-i
(tlniiiiii ovor thu full 17 Hfjuaro nillcij
nt territory, I knew that this litigation was to bn at a r ted immediiituy,
ai.d lii'lir-vu It U tlm prulimliiiiry llti-
f.n I Imi I'liiericd in in tho dispatch lo
tlm Sp,ikcsinun*iicvluw from Van-
The (uitiilitloin., whluh uppimr to Ik.1
uulti! bullk-iciitly involved lu suit tliu
taH.it i.i any ri'iil property lawyer,
art: bit... wi liis luflmr compliwtcd
by thi; C. I>. U, h.ivlni.: extended Ith
Challenge, to Fernie
A few Sportsmen at Coal Creek not
being: satisfied with the defeat of Coal
Creek will wager from 50 to 250 dollars,
on Coal Creek against Fernie, the
match to be played on Fernie ground.
A reply in the Ledger, or a letter to
Secretary*, Football Club, Coal Creek,
will lead lo business.
You've seen men m
the street wearing
clothes you could* iit
be hired to wear—
and  you  wondered.
Mr. Merchant Tailor did it
You, see, they bought their
suits from a roll of cloth, and
-were probably as much surprised as you* when the suit
was delivered.
' A very handsome cloth iA
the piece, often looks very
ugly when made up.
When you buy Semi-ready
tailored garments you first
see the suit on you—can
judge of its fitness to your
individuality. You don't buy
a pig in a poke, nor take
any chances of. looking
ridiculous. - 5*6
FERNIE  -   -  -   B. C.
We are Agents for this Celebrated- Anthracite Coal.
Leave Your Orders
'•i. * ,_. ,
at the Office of
The Fernie Cartage Co.
Heals an
■'   -o     ,.      .  ■-.
Just at this time of year, the cold, raw winds work havoc with the" skin — make it
rough and harsh.    To counteract this baneful influence, you should use A
Signor Garofalo, the Italian crimi-
noloKist. reckons that throughout Europe 10,000 persons'are annually condemned for murder, and that only one
criminal out of three is brought to
mm      11 ■.^■gBBBagaeaai
Elder F
It is wonderfully healing to chapped  hands;   m.ikes  harsh,  rough  skin  soft  and
smooth, and beautifies the complexion'.     Gentlemen will find it an invaluable appli-
1 ° 1       - ' . " C * '    * A
cation to use after shaving.    Sold only by.
Whom Mon Kank Highest.
No other tribute to a man's character
expresses lhe wealth of meaning contained in the simple statement  that  he
is :i man.    As a man he may serve llie
world in a score of noble ways; but the
world cares more for the man than  for
his profession or his service.   The moment n man's particular form  of service becomes more evident lo the world
than las manhood, that moment he has
lost something of man's highest place.
The surgeon who is merely a masterly
culling machine has not lhe hold  on
the world lhat the surgeon has whose
, manhood and heart show strong alongside nnd above his marvelous professional skill.   A vigorous, manly young
niiiii-iter asked a business acquaintance.,
"Would you rather see me dressed to
look like a minister,   or like n man?
There was only ono answer,   The man
who asked that question  can  minister
in his chosen and highest form of service the more eifociively because "man"
is written on his face and dress nnd
life.    After Woodrow Wilson's election
to the presidency of Princeton Univer&i-
ty, when men were trying lo formulate
lhe  reason*.-   for   tho   peculiarly high
place that he hold in their esteem  nnd
admiralion, I.uotli Takington's under*
grniluaie comment on Professor Wilson
was recalled;   "That fellow seems to
be a man."   The reason far   the   supreme place nf man in mon'u rating
was given at the creation;   Man  wan
made in   God's   imnuige-    Wherefore
"(jult you like men, ho strong,"
Tho Muu Thnt Throw tho Hrlok
Ilognn—-Oi'vo found Ihu mnn Ihoi
hit me wld lhc brick,
l.rogait-~.\re yi'.r. goln' lo git even?
Ilogitn— Oi'am nol. 'Twin, all a
mistake. The man was only doin' his
jiioty lit-mistook me font tax collect*
w«iy fur Searf,
iking, of  Rloh
LatjflM Bntf Olr.s t
\V« will help yew Mcurt* tliif Levdly
mrnle  from uelrctcd full  furred ilcl
Blast* Conay Tup,  nearly ftO inches In leugtli,
otnarntnted with lonR fur tniU, Ami fnnev ni-ck
cluim,    Mont w 11 nn jkk. coinluiulilt*, nml uihijc in
the very latest style.   Wa sr* m Rallabl* Com>
fiany. and we want good trustworthy agenta to
iitrcxiuce Good Uone Vegetable rills into every
home, Wa requlra no money In advanea, just
Bend 111 your name nnd addren* at onoa and w«
will tend yon Claht Donas of txit Famoua Ra«
madias. Sell them at 2*k per box, and when wa
receive the money foi the Win which we wil. neml
you Immediately after you luvc Mild the |2. worth
nml returned tin* money, we will then promptly
tend tou your Fur Scarf. Our Good Hope Pilu
are a Grand Remedv for all weak and impure condition* of the Illooi, a splendid Tonic and Life
Iluilder.   Tliey are easy to sell, and nre lu great
demand.   Don't mist this opportunity to secure this Elegant
Fur Searf,   Writ* to.day.
fiOOD MOPK neMKDV Co. Dapt. '?'  MONTBFAt., CAN.
If Y©w Want ed
a picture painted, would
you entrust the job to one
whose ability rose no higher than a taste for. decorat-
" ing barns or whitewashing
fences? If you did, what
sort of a picture could you
expect ?
An AdvertlsemoBif
is a,portrait of your busi.
ness, and you can just as
reasonably expect a good
job of attractive display, in
work given to an amateur,
as you can expect a good
picture from a kalsomine
We don't keep kalsomine
artists—wouldn't have them
at; any price, but the professionals we employ on the
Ledger, thoroughly understand their business, and
copy placed in their hands
grows inlo a brilliant,
speaking reflection of your
After the color is on, thc
business bringing capacity
of the Ledger's circulation
puts on the frame and we
deliver the goods.
Try us and realize the truth
of this.
Telephone W
Nt E. Suddaby
C.  mT^ome of J'ashion
iiwLa.iaiiswunitiri'awrMnTs-imaiisiriii rrm,^rrirr'Ti',Tnrr
The Fernie Artistic'Millinery Establishment
LL thc World of Fashion Wondered at Miss Varty's Autumn Creations and Importations of Modes that have been produced by the Artistes of New York,  Paris and
London.   Although Miss Varty's sales have been phenominal, she is determined to
clear all her surplus stock to make room for
1AHE elections will be in every department and consist ofClinnnlnB National Selections of Lndles Neckwear,' up-to
• diitts devices in Ladles Belts, Bucklus nnd Blouse Sets, fiicinntinfr nltrnclions in Ribbons, Feathers nnd Flowers,
natures replica. Ladies Ready to Wear lints; a late delivery of choice patterns, Children's Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Capes
and every article to set 01T the pretty little dears to lhe best ndviinliifjc, and their charming mothers mny also add to
their charms and beauty by muklng thoir spscinl purchases at this advantageous sulo nnd reduction of prices.
MISS VARTY does not clnlm lhat all lier products are mnde upon tho premises, hut does claim that she has facilities
for being in quick touch with all the Ladies' Artistes In the World, and this Is why the World of Pnililuii Wondar
at her Illimitable choice and selections.
Special orders for Furs will receive every attention.
an,uu i.rui .111 j—Jiff
Hold Your Money
Wait For Us!!!
We liavo bought tho Oil AS. RIOITAHDS' Stock nt » low rat©
oh tho dollar. It will bo oi^ salo in a fow days, at prices
novor boforo •ottered in i'Oruie. >v -u-       '►*•
E3ry Goods, O2oihircvj, Boots and Siioes-i
rwo*-M.'->c--.T jln-U-c* mnfl Ownn. mill tuBI (Stins
sold in a General Stot-o.
Iroi rnlllnK«'Ik''' ■'*''"■ -i-B1' nr" ,0
b.i fr^'tclnll ..round tin- "'iy of M.*'-*.
Theo'-ji-i 1, it is wiid, it to pit-vent de*
sertt iii fr'im thv rtrtrty, wh'tch hnve st-
Uinrd « very hij*;li figur*.
r/imu tourlstn Irom tbo wilt wens
nnaMfJ to visit Ciiinu-owri Jn 8ao
Franclitco bai:i»UM> thuy coald not
prove tlmt ti uy had exrned their
money lut-tund o( Uerlvlns It from
truit mOiXTUt,
Bargains For Everybody,
a fl®
P^BBBBBB*!?     sms*%B
mwrft    ' u n m\*m\B Q    iff**
Trites-Wood Co -wu
'■*•■;:* I
_ i
i,. i
* i
I i
I'  I
I'    l
r?i**y-Att(**:v»>;>» «^r .dfriStS*
of :'¥ttm -Oi@tiiliiii»: Fn
o®€§s .mid Siisies @v-@r attempt©
e. ss n
Wiil COmi-nODl-CO' Oil
TH:TJIiSll>-A_^" AMIO^l^riX^a-, AETO^TE-MIEE^   S^13
Think of it, W. C. Hamilton's entire $30,000 stock to be sold in Nine Days Only, by the
We handle estates, properties and merchandise bf all kinds
■'*'   THE   STQ^TZ;   JLisfg): tTHOjg'E  AEE.
TFTF   r,HTn A GO BROKERAGE   CO.,    of Chicago, 111., U. S. A., is the large st; concern of its kind in the world.   .    We .
™rn«Se^ol^ Mr Hamilton is&Fernie's most, reliable merchant; holding a reputation for his fair dealing and straightforwardness in business. Mr. Hamilton
could■bviS drawn closhXit sale, reduce his stock lo a nominal sum, but prefered ^cwgk in the hands o a reliable concern who would, deal with the people as he would
coma, o> _ a.long' arawn ciosn.guiu mic, _ ..._.._,-_ ,. .,  ■_...._.„ J..u        fhis stock is known all over  British-Columbia as the. best selected  clothing and shoe stock in Fernie:
but we must turn stock into Cash,
afford to stay away from., our sales.       FriCO
We must actquickly for we only have nine days'to'sell'this entire stock, SO everything gOGS—nothing reserve.
could, bv a long* drawn closing out sale, reduce his stock lo a  nominal sum, cut preiertu -p.*-ii; *.g u ... mc ,.a..u._.. »  .w .»».*.■.—-■•   """
nTSf? therefore this stock has-been placed in our hands to turn into Yeady cash.       This stock is known all over  Br.tishColumbia as the. best
wTha die tl ^celebrated Fit .Reform^ Clothing,'the best, clothes manufactured,  and it looks like a shame to slaughter this elegant stock, bu
Sid when thTchicago Brokerage Co, get „old*of a big; stock like this, we simply-cutJlhe prices so ow that no^erson0*™?"*^™**
cuts no figure with us
A $5.00 Bill Spent Here Will do the Work of $15.00 Spent Elsewhere,
If you miss this money-saving' opportunity blame yourself, not us.   We are doing pur part, its up to you.   Below we give you an idea of how
we give goods away at our sales. , : v-..;
0 tJ*****?*****^^ H
Furnishing Goods Department.
Lurtfe t-iixo White Hemmed Unci*. Handkerchiefs, worth 15c, only
Large size Colored Handkerchiefs, worth 15c, only
Fino Black Cashmere Hose, regular 35c valuc.^   Pair, only
Regular 50c Silk Neckties.   This sale, only
Heavy Wool Hose, regular 50c value,   Pair, only
Good Work Shirts, worth $1.00.   This sjiIc, only
lixtra Heavy Wool IIusc? worth 40c.    Per pair, only
Fine Silk Woven Suspenders, regular 50c kind.    Pair, only
Double Fleeced Underwear, Worth $1.   This sale, only "
Good Work Gloves, worth 75c.   Per pair, only
All Wool Ribbed Underwear, regular $1..15 value, only
White Dress Shirts, worth $1.   This sale, only
Fine Colored Drews Shirts, Si.si 5 value, only
Fino Flannel Shirts, all wool, worth $1.50.   This sale, only
Regular $1.00 Overalls.   This sale, only      "       *'
«SC .
All  Trunks Go Less Than  Cost.
Special regular $5.00 and i/6.00 Trunks,    This sale
Hats and Caps.
Men's Winter Caps, worth $1.00, only
Fine Soft Hals, worth $2.00 and $2.50, only
Fine Slilif Hals, worth up to $3, only
Men's   Pants Dept.
Good Work Punts, worth $..,50 lo $3.50.    This sale, only
Fine Drew-- Pants, worth up to $.1.50.   This -.ale, only
Extra Fine Tailored Pants, worth $5.00 and $6,00, only
Men's Suits.
Men's Good All Wool Suits, worth $0.00 to $12.00, only $|9S
.Men's Fine Suits, plain ami fancy patterns, worth $u.oo to $14.00, only $7.95
Men's Fine Dress Suits, nil stylos and patterns, worth $16,00 to $iR.no $jj.(*5
Fine Tailored Suits, single or double breasted, all now patterns, worth up
to $23.00, only $U,--,S
Fino Hand Tailored Hulls, worth $25.00, only $15.95
Fine Melton or Kersey Overcoats, new styles,   positively   worth   $16.50.
This sale, only $'.-'95
Fancy Cheviot or Kersey Overcoats, ull now styles, worth   $22.00.   This
sale, only $-*>'-<S
Extra Fine Overcoats in Heaver or Carr's Melton; all styles, worth  $25.
This sale, only $"4■ OS
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
Men's Shoes worth $2.50 and $3.00, In tun or black, only
Men's Fine Uox Calf Shoes, double sole, wuitli $4.50, only
Men's Fine Shoes, heavy sole, worth $4,00, only
Fine Donuoln Shoes, worth $.V5°. »'»'y
Heavy Woik Shoes hi-si made, worth $3.50, only
Rubber Itools, regular $1.50 value,  only      •'
Rubber I.ooih, regular $5.00and $6.00 values, only
We Kiiarantee the above prices to bo absolutely correct. Your money back if you aro not mtfiflod.
Don't miss this Salo-for you will novcr wain havo a chance to dross yourself at such trlfllnfr cost.
N O E E •  DuihiB this sulo wo .vlll vcfund Kallroad Faro to nil pnn-lin-mra of «25 or ovor. distanco 40 miles.
X).    -A-     PISH,    3^C_A_35r_A_G^EDE?,.
sMllmr W C Hamilton's Pit ltcfonn Stock at Ferule, B. 0., Fernio Hotel Block.   Wo keep open cvonlnjjs until 10 o'clock during this Sale
' 4- This Store Is now closed aiid will remain so until Thursday moraine:, Nov. 2nd.     Look for tho BUjr Red .Signs, wm
\t*S mwm
^.a^yftfei*-'r,^. tf-lv&S?**.a^fegjjjto^ai.r.-.^r^^swKi^...,^.r..^.^r^..^..^.,,.;,. -^
I^S^^.^ya^^^^^^^—*'?*'TT?gTT?'ff™'i?7^ :.-;■-. ,:,.
.'. »i   r
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office : TORONTO
Paid-up Capital - - $8^00,000    . ...  Rest
Special attention is directed  to the following Advantages oflerud b
r, Oiir Savjnys Bank.
Deposit* of $i and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added to the Deposui, TWICE in each yoar' at tbe end of May and
November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal.
of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Payable in all parts of CAN ADA, THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought   and   Sold
.->      ■■ at Lowest Rales. <>
The Burmese* .hat-e'a carious idea
rc^anling coins.-' . They prefer .those
which have female heads on th&tiit
The King Edward Hole! csc'CUpies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient - to' business-houses in
the citv.
New SouthWales attaches the death
penalty to setting fire to a\ dwelling
hoixie knowing that a person is there.
| JjKvery man owes it to himself and
his family to' master a trade or1 profession. ___ Read the display' advertia-
ment of the six Morse Schools of Telegraphy, ih this , issue and learn lele-
grpahy and b'e-assured a position.
The C. I\ R. Tima Tabic
.Tbo new whiter time-card.-which
went iota effect last Sunday; on tho' C.
P. R. does not chalice the lime of aniv-
al of traius" but the Ptny is reduced at
thi9 station from toil minutes as formerly to 5 minutes so that the departure af
the tiains will be five minutes eaHiei
thau by the old schedule.
T.' B. MAY, Manager
That sliced boiled hiim at Blunders
is delicious.
First'Class railway fare in India is
less than a fanning ii mile.
For Fumitur« ami PitMion, use only
Liquid Vt-itoer 10 und 50 cents a bot
tlu from N. E. Suddaby.
Of Hiitish birds the cuckoo lays tbe
smallest egg in proportion lo its size.
Go lo Wright tbe jeweller, for that
wnich you've been promising yourself.
Prices are greatly reduced. -
Seven out of every ten newspapers in
the world are now printed   in   Engli**h.
C-iririichael, thc. tailor,, has jast received the nobbiest stock of Twce.'?6
fnr Fidl suitH and overcoats ever
brousht into Feruie.
An oil' painting that is ronstauily
l.ung-in a dark place depreciates in
vai ue,
Vou know you have to get that ring
Why nnt buy it now-when bargains aie
going at Wright's the jeweller.
France, though supposed to be tfie
moM highly cultivated country, has 21,-
000,000-acres of forest, and 17,500,1301)
acres' of waste land.
"Whilst on others you aiv. niillLnsr"
don't forget to droji in at Mrs. Tortd'n
qnarters anil s-.'-ikI a Jew minim's
looking over tho bargains in hats. It
won't cost vou anything- to look.*   *•
The hottest place in the world* is Ihe
interior of thc Great Sahara Desert,
Africa, where tho thermometer rises to
122 degress.
—~—L_IH.-"Ill-AI_lll4'Il4((4i^ — Led" lie 114-.J V      TJlI*
ladies of the. Method ist clinrch will be
givon by Mrs."l.cv. J. Robson at tbo
parsonage- on -Tue.-sday Nov. 7th,
atternoen-anti evening. A vory cordial invitation is extended to all.
Mrs: C. Gedd'es. ■
Mrs. To4-ld will sell yoa an up-to-
date hftt nt a price that will keep your
pocket book hit.
Western Australia is thu only colony
under the common-wealth that does
not pay its members of tbe Legislative
Consult Dr. Mecklenburg, the well
known eve specialist, about your eyes;
safe, reliable and guarantees perfect
satisfaction. Again at Bluasdell's drug
store, Nov. 13-14, only.
Railways iu Holland are so carefully
managed thai the accidental deaths on
tbem average only one a year for tbe
entire country. ■     . ,->       •_
44 ...
Lot us make you a faney vest from
onei.f those choice new patterns. Coiu'o
iu and see them. J. Cariniehae), the
tailnr.   ■
Oo every shop-front in St Petersburg
there is nol only the Russian sign,- but
a complete pictorial representation of
the goods on sale within.
Scoit & Ross have been appointed
local agents for the liankhead anthracite coal .i.iJ have a car of il now ready
to deliver. Mr." Ross states thai be
will deliver this coal in small u.uunlities
ro p.iriii-s wishing lo try il.    *
_The* sheep that has, no wool comes
Iron') liiirhadnes. How it, got there
nohodv knows, bui it is supposed to
have i.miK-s from  Afiica originally.
Ii is belter lo be sure than -sorry
when too late. Consult' Dr. Meckleu-
buig, lhe famous eye expert, about
llio.>e headaches and every defect of
your eye and sight, at HleasdeM's drug
store, Fernie, Nov. 13-14, only.
Mrs. Todd is placing on sale this
Wi_plr_Q ll_/■•.*£_ h-a .*• In i*»ivn_cfA/»L-' /ij?_-_rw»-ur_
'-O ■*.—v»i i-\#»— nui it*) ■ t-« 'J—Ow'jVir*.—ui—«i \a W-
huts at greatly reduced prices. Laities needing anything in the hat
lino should not inks this opportunity j
of lvceivi-ij- one of these "fairy creations" in the millinery line at bargain
prices. ' -     *
King: Edward   •
A\J McGnirc.-MorriaPsey; T J Ryck*
mau, Macleod; John L Towse, Amherst;
I). McKay, city: W \V Whiteside, Spo
kaue; XV H Foreman, Spokane; P C Po
terson, Kalispoi; K Macdonald, Glen
•jury; J 1. Smith, F .1 Ovens, Ky; John
Mili-s, Michel? G II I'milton and wife,
Cranbrorik; Mrs H A Yuill, Mrs US
Knycart, Spokane; G Bulky, Kwclhie;
J J Dorngai'ii, Vancouver.
Ilny Cunningham, Pittsburg; Mi-b M
Ciiffiiinn, Calgary; .1 XV Dummitig, Oni-
guiy; O'.toGinccknu'r, Kalispell; H P
Ynmlels, Goal cree!:; 0 .Gibbons,Sher*
\vo:-d; A -Newliouse and O It Law, city.
J L.MePhail, Stratroi-d;  .1  U Lewis,
Spokane, II Hudson, H Buike,, Frank;
C C Keller, Spokune; K A Niekols, Seattle; L Linton, Wiunipes: C A Sanders,
Walla  Walla;   0   D.ivis,   Spokam-;' S
Coyle, W.ilH Walln; .1 Michel. G,Davis
and wife, Chas CraU,  D W  Dawell,
Spragiu-;  H   Diuinell,    Yictoria; P   K
If-iight, Ritzv.illo, C XV St.evt**l»n, Walla
Walla; G MeCoiinnll, Colfax: L J Stred*
er, Coulee Oily, G Bmee, Brown City;
F Strum,, J  J  Patterson, Spokane; A
Moel, J W Cail.i--.-hnn, Pullman, Wash
W F Howard, Wetnsldweii; C D 'Ellin,
Montana; S E  How.-ud,  Amity;. XV  A
Spencer, Baynes;'II Epstein, Winnipeg;
I) Plank, Muskogee; .J L Plank, Lyons,
Kan., John Barber, city; C W Siiephard
and,wife, Kiln She.-ihai-d, I*-a Slie'i-hard,
Miss  McAdam,  J. J   MeD.inald,   C A.
Wires and v,ifn, ltoBaliu; W H Waucy,
Spokane; G W.Shork.'J.F Murray  Ed-
wald; F D Garrett,  Spokane;   A ' II   U
Sparling,    tia'App.jili';    J    Baadrick,
Cranbrook: C Chandler,  Spokane;   Mr
and Mrs Orchard; Seattle; A Neven,
Sunnyside; A Sinclair,. Spokane: The
Misses Simpson, Macleod; C Lemenx
and II Baiuiiy, Livingston.      «
Ferule* Liberal Association's Ats-
,   nual, Meeting:. *
The-aruiuttl meeting: of tbo Fernie
Liberal Association was held at Stork's
hail Monday* uigl.-t There, were 45
present ar.d tbo old officers wore
re-elected for another year. The f4illnw
ing members wero elected to tho executive committee for the ensuing year:
Joseph Aiello, O.N. Ross, *W. -W.
Leach, F. Stork, R. W. Wood.H..G.
Watson, Chas Richards, J , Ffileniici',
XV. XV. .Thompson, J. Hunter, F. C.
Lawe, J. Podbielaneik, James McLean,
J, L. Gates, C. Varty.
, • After the regular order of business
had beeii' disposed of a social' program
was carried out.
tliii heading, inserted nt the rate of Oue
cent u word each insertion.
^■^•''■■■■■■IMWWIIIIII ■ HI—III ■ ■■■»   Pll*-*""-*"
ASXAP.  Half acre in West Ferule, bhoiI i
story houie on the projieity.   Apply Mott
Son & Co. ..
' Fomie    Lot 90jc1<j8.  Easy tnrms.' Apply
J .Turner. —14
For Side or To Rent
Fernie. .Lot 5.1x132. Good 4 room liuu^o.
This is a snap if taken ut once. Easy terms..
Apply, Mott, Son & Co.   ,
S<'bnstine Giumbaek and Miss Mary
Dopfoit were united iu marriage b\
Rev. John Hubson, 11. A., on Monday
eveniii'j hint and have hoen taken up
thoir re-jldcuco, on Jaffiay St. Mr.
Grumhiiek -i-i well know in the city
and we joiu in wishiny tho young
coujile every success.
i- for siilo at tpii oilico. price io cents oticli:—
"Rooms To Lot, Apply Witliin." "Furuislicd
RoonnsToLot Apply Witliin." 	
L. P. KckBtuln.
U-**ply to Fred, Waters, Elk Lumber Co. ollice.
* O 3 milos from town, bv Nov I. Good
wnues. .r, H.D4iylo, Agent, Fall.) View Hotel,
MuryHvllle, 11. (1.  -™
r~*m*mv*w,ml^i^*mFmmmmmr*&zl*rBB*mH*imni&tt33**^ •cnMang
See our windows for the finest stock of Vegetables ever offered for sale in Fernie.
Ashcroft  Potatoes. ° Beets,   Turnips,    Carrots,    Parsnips/,
Sweet Potatoes, Spanish Onions, Yellow Danver Anions,
-   *           '          ,:'«.'■' "
  and Cabbage.  7—
*     m     Prompt, Delivery : -
«*V K ' «**
1 ^
Avonuv, two u..i>ri-ii'il  lei:ers.   Fin,lit
pldintf votv.ni to 1'uit Oilico.
i  The PcopLe's Grocer,   P.O. Block,  Ferriie
QSiA^-SE   OF   ABS.
T*HE Ciirlion Creek Saw Mill at Amlerion
1 Si(lin(5,Sinilei4»Rst of Michul, B. O., is of-
lured for btila. Tlio Mill Ims liocn overlmiilorl
mid put in coinptiife ordor livst summer. Its
cupiii'.ibv i<i 20,001'. to 23,()01 lset, with planer. .
Excellent boiler with tutomntic feud.
Tlio sfiki tn lio suliii'.rl to removal.   For further particulars, apply  to
The Land Commissioner,
Fomie. 7        C. N. P. Coal Co., Ltd,
*   Copy   for. .Chilligo-   ads
must be in the Ledger office
for the inside pages, not later
than Friday noon, for the back
* -G
page not later than Tuesday
noon—-iiew advertisements
received up to Tuesday night
at 6 o'clock.
TS is
——-r- Oentraii ■= ^*
C O Simpson, -Nelson; .las A Mai;
Be in ■,''.! off ray; P Mnhnnny, Graubrubk;
G Curry, Spin-wood; 0 Ilinson, city; (1
Itoliinsou, Elko; 1» .lln ."ini, Ft -Lftii(f,
Nanton; Win ■ Evaua, Coal- cieek; A
■Thft, city. '
In our Show Rooms on Second Floor of our,New
Store. .'
The Largest, Newest and Cheapest Stock of Millinery to select from, ever shown in .Fernie.       ,.,-'".
The Newest Creations  of New  York and. Pat;is j
Styles, produced here at very little cost. .   °
We have also opened up and ready for' selling on
Second Floor of New Store .
A New Stock of Furniture
A New Stock of Carpets,
Linoleums and
,    House Furnishings \ :
which we will.be pleased to show-you whether you
are in need of the goods or.not.    " , • '      ■;
Wholesale and_ Retail*
'.*"    ■ A, PHONE'28—"
Our stock in tlila dcpartinont lioinK'
couhtaiit'ly on thc inovc, insures your
recoiviii/; at all tiniCM, Now ami Frcwii
Goods.        i%        g*        %        iM*
Vegeteblos   i
rf list, arrived, a.mM.or ear of mixed
Vegetables. IT yon ai\> «'*>m?*v to put in
your Winter Stock, we can interest yon
Have you tried our     $     $!*?     ■#     $
Once tried
always UHCd
- ;H) cents per pound.
\ 7
\\tW-, •%
'$■;''i"-J-      )■> V'.'        i      VI   '.',
\ \\\\ 'J ■(<•&, ;   I'';."}■'./
\v\V i.- ':*..>■' .-    tf.'r if
*f        t.'v.iV\    »•'  -.'."..<   ^_L
< i. ^^sr-^
in French Flannels, Sicillians and Lus«
tros, Plain and Fancy. 05 cento to
91.25 per yard.        *f*        ^
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings, Clothing, Crockery, Staple und Fancy Groceries.
to Purchase Hand Tailored Clothing
at Prices that Defy Competition.
Wo purcliased from tho manufacturers at
practically our own figure, a winter stock
of Clothing consigned to a llnu now ouii of
business. This must be sold to mako room
for our own Fall and Winter purchases
that we have on hand and to arrive.
If you aro ngurintf on a Win lei* Suit or
Overcodt, examine tho different values
that are ofVc'red, then como and let us
show you our values, which aro better
than tho boat.' '-"«*       ^
Tewney's Celebrated Kid Gloves iu all
shades! Our guarantee witii ovory pair
ltiiitfwood and Caslmiero,  in   Ladies
and Childrens, a complete ran«e.   25c
ri\  ft(>o T\W wi«*?**» i'A -Jt-i -SI4
Blankof s & C©mf orlops
Tlio Iiosi inakesi ut tlio l»wc3t prices.
.x cT'T-*m ,.,-i> Ar \v\\r.\ VYY '•  "•V'^.    MAIL ORUIiKS PROMPl LV ATTliNDED TO.
o tenia pci   puunu.  ammmmma^afmramaimam^^
;*./ Yxy*
'. ' - s *
.■-7-'; v      -% i- *'■
■- > - * r I.


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