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The Fernie Ledger 1905-09-13

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 V-Olume, I,';. Number 6. ; ,*-
Local Happenings in and
About;the Cityl'y
Interesting. Items About  flany
.People ..Vou Know
Lowery's Claim will be out on the
aoth.- . ..-       .    7      .* ." *. y
■James Johnston lately of Ryan, is la
town talking to old friends, -
Dr. Howe; Kye Specialist, will boat
tha Fernie Hotel Sept. 12,13 and 14th.
Mrs. J. R.;"- Pollock will not receive
- until the first Wednesday iu. Novem-
'ber.7- ,- ■ .- /      ,     '._'" fi.
T.B. May, manager of the Bank of
Commerce, spent Sunday  at Pincher
- Creek.  ..-. ■'.. '       .."  '  "
--Walter Crone, of the H. W.° Nelson
Co. Toronto', was in calling on customers here oh Tuesday.    " .
, Born—On, Sunday, Sept 10., to Mr
And Mrs., Nunn, a sou* Nunri says
there are none *>uch.
,i • The J annual election cef officers for
Dist. No. ii8 U. M. W. of A. will take
placeon Friday 15th inst,   '..
< Fernie B. C. seems to be about.: the
hottest little town in Canada—$100,000
fires nighlIy.--^Winnipeg tribune,  *,
Mrs. A. Joyce and bcr little daught-
er Alice returned- from  an extended
1 visit to friends at the coast last -Friday*
Miss Donaldson  arrived ; hurt" week'
. from Toronto" to take charge, of'the
millinery department at Trites-Wood
•Co.;' k ■-'.-•;
Miss Suddaby has organized a kin*
vd"crgarten school. "Hours from 9 to 12.
A few more pupils could  be *-. accommodated.       "        '.„ ,        ,'     , - "   ,,
H.L.Frank and F. E   Hill,  of.the
,. Canadian American Coal Co. at, Frank
passed through Ferule, laet Thursday
..' en route .to Montana.   -
J. C. Hutchison is still in the rig witb
his milk cans.   He thinks of buying a
herd of cattle ao that, he caii sell fiesh
,' butter straight from the cow."'
"  Dr! WilgjiliWorth will wriggle the
loose "leeth out of your jaws and give
" you your'money's worth of filling ior
the kollow.ones whileyou wait.
Don McKay, the Knight of ^he road
Will bt? at BU-af-dell's drug store froin'
Friday, Sept 15 th to Sunday, Sept. 24th.
Hearing appliances and artifice! eyes
fitted. - Makes regular visits. . Spectacles and-eye-glasses from 51.00 up.
'■'The Baptist congregation will, in future hold. their ^regular • services in
Stork's. Opera House., Last Sunday
Rev. Mr. Kempton. of Okotoksi Alta ,
was in charge and at the close of the
evening service the members convened and extended a "call .to'*. Mr.
l^empton acd iu all probability he will
aecepUhe invitation to become pastor
of the "work* hero.«-The trustees and
building committee aro now looking up
a Bite for their new church aud building
operations will be shortly-commenced*
.Michel and is  now. engagedlooking
' after some repair work in this vicinity.
Mra.. McEyoy anil 'Mrs. Sherwood
Herebmer went to^Sla^o'jast EVidaylto
-'.*«fN)Ma is* daya-K-mid-Uithe i^ui^.of
- iiatture to be seen aiid enjoyed in- that
cluumingspotv -'■'•"* -' • j .* ■':*'1"'-'
8.8. Lufmau.ol Nelsim, who rbprc*
cents capitalists -of Michigan;,' looking
„ for good investments'" lu timber and
copper-properties was registered at the
Napanee Monday.
Acuriousitym the shape.of.a $20
bill is on exhibition in 'Blunders show
case. It is on the Imperial Bank arid
the bill is about double the size of the
ordinary.   It measures about 5 Ji x jii.
"""Tho Alborta election promises to
be free from mud throwing. At least
in Calgary. Tho conservative liau
no mud to throw,' and the liberal
coiidklate hat* nothing to throw mud
at.—(ikildun Star.
Eichwlg lian tho brick wall up above
the second story windows, wo might
Just ai well say he hits tlio upper, joints
and ronf joists In place, fnr that Is what
he will have doiie by the time wo get
our paper off the press,
The Calgary Herald says: Tlio
two Calgary candidates arc nllko, in
that both are Methodists." W. II.
Cashing, the liberal nomhioe, is a
sound busldcss man, and Is n credit
to Methodism; It. 1). Bennett, conservative, Is a corporation lawyer and
tho biggest windjammer in tho wost.
The Herald (Litter*. Bennett, but
what t* hard shot It gives tlio Metho
dliU.-Goldeo Star.
U.J. Johnston with his sons Fred
and Gordon, Harold White, Kenneth
and Tom Corsau, went up to Homier
and spent last wook Ashing, hunting and
enjoying tbeinsulvos.' Tho boys had
to put In some time looking after our
pciet master tote* that he did not fall
In the river or got stuck io the brush
but oUierwIit their fun was unalloyed.
Mo definite statement could be obtained
by our reporter aa to the uumber and
•lis ol the fish that were eaugtit.
Did we see Kioto? Well, wo shnuld
say sol Tho big show was» good one
especially the Jap part of It.    The
•luplittira w*r* wnlMralntirl and all the
' animals were in flue condition. Thn
attendance was not large in the alternoon but a bumper house greeted them
in tbo evening. Wo had thought that
•ono of our city dad*, held the record
for r.rawflrihing hut we had not seen
Kioto's Jap man do the backward act
and must concede that ho Is at least a
good second lu that klud ol 1 perform*
No argon-tent Is so convltictiif as
practical proof. Come and let Dr.
Mecklonburg, thn ItJ-yt-ar expet len-ml
oculist optlrlsn, otamlno your eyes with
the shadow t**f, the only nti>, rcliabU
aad accurate method Will lit your
•yes with proper glsues sfter other*
' hav* tsUoi. No euro uo pay 1 aatlsfae
Um cuaraiitsodr ehargsi -moderate
Alberta's Oil Gushers
W.nnlpojr Tribune,   ,
Pincher Creek, Alta , Sept 8—The
highest quality of oil, gushing from .a
twelve Inch hole fifty feet into the air
and flowing at "a rate 'of over 800,000
gallons per day, Is the result of boring
operations carried on a few miles from
here. •    '   "
., Great secrecy has been maintained in
a fairly successful attempt to withhold
the mattof from tho public.as there are
several small parcels of land on the
edges of the belt for which a grant has
been applied for, but "which have not
yet passed into the hands of the Rocky
Mountain . Development company,
which is conducting ihe operations
- This pil district, in which it is believed the largest oil lake in the world
lies beneath it he surface, is. situated in
the extreme southwestern section of
the province of Alberta, five miles from
the American boundary line, and. only
forty miles' south,.of flncher Creek
station .on the Canadian Pacific railway.
.. One year ago' the well was bored to a
depth of one thousand feet and. a flow
of three hundred barrels a day was
struck Confident that this was by no
means the limit, boring was continued
and a standard cable drilling, rig, one
ofthe heaviest .made and capable of
drilling a twelve incb hole, was brought
iurb use. *     .      „-   .
Last Tuesday'a depth of about fifteen
hundred feet was reached, when the oil
which is of the very • highest quality,
gushed like a water spout into the air,
aiid it was impossible to drill any deeper. The section iii which the well was
situated -.was flooded? with this thick
petroleum two or three feet deep..'
^_WJth much - difficulty ■ the twellwaa
plugged and capped; and;discreet silence .enjoined upou those in the secret
The company^, it is said, feared that
they wereuuaWe.to obtain certain part
sectbins bordering-on theffttiiV fields
bt-hwcoitapaniea would^
to;i^fe;deepeiCand,jm"ereby steal the
flow. As the company, does.not want
to purcl-ase the -whole sections iu which
theso small ''portions are situated tbe
Ottawa government has been petitioned
to mako a graut in their favor.
Pluck and what .the American , terms
"Htick-to-lt iyeneus" of tbe most pro*
nounced kind were roqiilrdd for the ad*
Vjinccmeiit and successful completion
of the undertaking..
Many years ngo a farmer, William
Aldrlch, awaro of tho naturo of the
land, wns in the-habit of gathering
oil in barrels from the surface seepages,
which he sold to the Mormon settlers
near by. Tliose used the oil for lighting and lubricating purposes. In Ister
years Jolm Linham, a wealthy lumber
manufacturer, had his attention drawn
to this fact, and after full investigation
ofthe pass weut east and obtained the
best oil expert and geologist he could
find. Tbo report returned far surpass*
ed the most hopeful anticipation, and
I .luham at onco formed a company
Machinery was than procured
Kxtreme ttlflkulty wus :exporlonecd
In getting tho innd surveyed, which
I'onph'd with the richness of the country
made It 110 light task. The engineers
were forced to go clear to tho Intern,
atlonal boundary monuments in' order
to obtain correct hearings and to en*
tabliHli lilies. There wns alio delay in
obtaining a title from tho government.
Roads had to bu built tn tako the
machinery into tbo country, and bridges
were erected ovor tho mountain streams
and It was not until Juno of last vosr
that tho work was properly started. A
(low of 8,000 hit mils per day Is now tli'i
result, and If a well Is bored down 8,000
feet, which is possible, It Is probable
that the flow obtained wlll be Incredulous to 1I10110 who have not examined
the present welt.
According to the report of the goolo.
glht, tin) valley, ur "pass" as It is called,
is au enormous crovlce caused by
volanlc truDtlon, cross cutting the
formation of tho Rocky Mountains and
thereby forming a baslu llko vacuum
Into which tho oil—caused from distillation of the largo coal bodies lying to
the west—seeped until It formed vast
lakes underlying thotock foundation at
a depth of about 1,000 feet.
When the value of the discovery is
fully realised by the civilised world,
Alberta will spring Into fame for anoth
eraud new project which will cause
the eyes of other countries to look upon
Canada even moro enviously than at
present.        )t
This oil can bo refined without ths
use) of sulphuric add, thereby cresting
a saving of from <W to 60 cents a barrel.
- As we go to press we received 0 wire
from our special correspondent in Pincher Creek slating there Is no truth in
Mill iit
Go's Fine
Lumber and Planing Plant Safe
Planing Mill
,- •   -
■ - -i
■      *m       '*
S>   -
■„3    ',
Lath Mill
-• ...    .»   ,
Smoke Stack
• 1:: y
Last Thursday morning at twenty minutes to five o'clock the big steam whistle swoke the people of Fernie out of'their
|/»|umber, aud told tlioin that tho flue large. mill,beloiiglnff to the Elk Lumber Co. and situated across the river in West
Ferhie was on fire. The writer heard,the first sound but supposing it was the usual six o'clock note to awaken tbo
men for breakfaBt, he turned himself over "folding his1 hands for a little more slumber," but as the big whistle did not
stop to take breath as usual, he looked at the wit.dbw to find the rejection of light upon the pane*. Jumping our of bed
he hastened tb tho window and saw at a glanco that tho big mill wns doomed. He could see that the'fire was on the side
next tbo town, and was blMlng up ten or twelve feot high. Dressing as hurriedly as possible he joined the crowds of
people who were goiug down the hill nut before reaching tho rlvor bridge the roof ot the great structure had fallen in
If we boar this fact hi mind wo will see that it could not have been over twonty minutes from the time tbe flro started
until it had enveloped tbe whole, building.   •    '
Tho roof of tho lath mill, in or near which, tho fire started, sloped upwards toward the main building forming a regular shoot whioh served to force tho flames directly Into tho mill. Tho frame of tho mill was of perfectly dry timber some
bf it saturated with oil, and wherever there was a leakage of oil from the machinery thoro was a collection of flnn' wood
dust which acted as so many conductors of the flames and Ihis fact explains the rapidity with which the fire spread to all
parts of the mill. " ...
We give at the head of this artlelea plan of tho ground floor of tho mill which wlll enable our readers to soo at a glanc*?
tho point of origin of the flro and the location of the flro plugs which wore so well arranged for the purposo for which
thoy wore Intended. The writer mot Mr. Cameron of Roglnu, one of tho salesmen ongagod by tho Klk Lumber Co tho
afternoon before the Are and feeling in need of a Iittlo diversion accopted.an invitation to go down nml tiike a leok' over
the plant. .Wo spent nearly two hours looking through tho monster mill, tho machinery of which seemed to bo actuated
by some unseen intelligence as nlggors and kickers turned and tumbled tho logs about, carriages carrying them back
and forth past the circular and band saws, live rolls taking the cants, plnnks, boards ano slabs hither and yon each
piece going to Its appointed placo with tha precision of clock work, Tho lath mill was a veritable bee lilvo with Its bu//
Ing saws and busy attendants. Wo.notod how at evory ping the hoso was colled In rendlnesn for use ami remarked tht.
•leanness of tho mill floor and made flattering remarks abput the "system" that was so plainly vUibln everywhere but
Alasl "Tlw boit laid plans 0' mice aud men oft gang agleo." The crosHnsin the plan show the location of the flro i-Iih-h
on the ground floor and a glanco will show with what caro thoy had been placed. Tho star shows whore the fire startt'd
.it this point thero was a small window opening out of 'he lath mill and through which accumulated tmwdimt ami refuse
was thrown out when It kad pllod up so as to Intorfere with tho workers inside aod It Is ovldout that the fire had ltu oriirin
In this rubbish which lay ou both sides of the window. rW"
Mr. Bowen, the night watchman Htatoi that ho stood In the hack door of the boiler honso less than fortv minutes before
lho flro startod aud could soo no signs ol fire. Ho wss himj filling tho furnacos with slabs preparatory to gettlnir un
i-tcam for 6 o'clock when, hearing a sound as of a falling bonrl ho ran to tho gangway between the two -.mttorioi of
hollers and saw tho light of a flro. He ran to tho back of thu bollors Jumped upon tho platform and pulling d,iwn the
whlstlo cord, tied It, Then ho turned tlio water of tho smsllor pump Into the boilers, turned the steam off of the Ian-tor
onoback of the engine, coupled on his hose, carried it out through thomlll to tho foot ofthe stups loading to tho floor of
the lath mill. Ho then returned to tho pump and put It In motion and stayed with it until the corner of the roof of thu
boiler house noxt to ths lath mill fell In when ho had to rctrfiiit. By turning the water Into the hollers he saved them
from destruction and tkoy aro uot seriously Injured. Tho b,>llor In tho inaehlne shop had boon dotaolmd 0110 day hcfnru
for the purpose of raising two foot higher, so that rntsnon as tho stoom pips connecting tlio boilers In the mill with tlio blu-
pump  was broken, the fluo largo pump was useless. "
Mr. Uoyuton set men lo work at once tbnouplo up the detached holler and by six o'clock flro was startod under It
Under Manager Boynton'a directions a hard flght was waged to save the pits foundation! of the big wastu huriii-r and bv
shutting tho lower gato lu ths dam tho wator was raised and spread all through ths wshtu Oiling, not onlv uavlnit thn
found*tlon of the burner but helping greatly to check the fpresd of the lire to the planer plant. Tho trntnwav was cut
In two and a section torn away, which together with a well directed flght by a bucket brigade saved the nisi/bine riion
planing plant and the vast piles nf timbor lu tho yards. '
Uundrods of peoplo turned out (mm town snd thoro was no lack of witling  woikors.   Mr
gratification for the aid so promptly rendered by tho people of the town,
Boynloo oxpri-sscd hesrlfol
This Is another ohjact lesson to us teaching us that oven with the best of arrangements wo are liable to severs |nti«  aud
tbattoo much caro and forethought cannot be oxpendod to make this flro sco.uo<l nn.l beloved Utile city of ours a'sssfe
f»ftw fiititm In** •• tV» w(*it<ti*-f cf mnn «ti<i tht «c»> <>f •nm;*- tin rr.-.y.i. \\.
That part nf the bnildln**
tho extent ol IM/XiO.
which went np In   amoke waa wotth  frota tW.,000 to fMOOC, ju,J M<aj jKJ»w,tN]
Mr. Arthur Berridge, forinely' of
Leeds, England, now of Fernie, and
Miss Mary McHale were quietly "married at the . Catholic church yesterday
morning at nine' o'clock and-left
shonly afterwards on the Great Northern, bound for Portland and other
coast cities to spend their honeymoon.
The bride has lived in Fernie for' some
time and is well known and highly esteemed by a host of friends.
Mr." Berridge is one of- the most
trusted of the employees of lhe Coal
Co. and of such rectitude in his every
day life as to command the respect. of
all. He is another example worthy tlu
emulation of all young men who would
climb up in this rustling pushing worli1
The foundation of success in life, no
matter in what part of the world ones
lot may be cast, is the, firmness of character and steadiness of purpose which
keeps one in the path of duty.
Mr. and Mrs. Berridge have the
good wishes of all who know them and
all Fernie will welcome back and wish
them a long and happy married life.
Oar Steel Elephant
It has turned out as we feared it
it might in the beginning; ,and as a
not over zealous friend predicted.
We have an elephant oh our hands.
It is not white in color and rather lili-
putian as to size, but in comparison to
dimensions it is the heaviest elephant
we have ever carried off. Itv stands
about two inches high and measures
four inches from tip of tail to end-o'f
proboscis, Il is branded on the back
Crane Co.
and was left on our table by Mr. Geo.
E. Fish, traveling representative of
lhat great_Steel Pipe" Co. and we are
using it as a paper weight. Mr. Fish
is here1 on his second.visit to our* town,
and is trying to steal into the good
graces of our city fathers far enough to
convince them that steel pipes as manufactured by his company are -far 'superior to wood pipes as conveyors of
water underground and in the long
run much ihe,cheaper to the town. .
The schooP""board hild-'a meeting
last week which "was J not entirely
devoid of .Merest.''--^fiss JrtaUrsent in
her resignmio'n evidently feeling" that
she had not been fairly deaTt with.
Principal Pedlar talked of resigning if
certain contingences arose over Miss
Hall's-action and this resignation fever
seems.to have spread loathe members
of the1 board. Suffering Humanity!
What a shock it would be to the over
strained nerves of our people if this
resignation disease should be spread
by some mental bacterial process to
the minds, ot some "of our city fathers.
Tin-: LzooRit is in receipt of a letter which was intended lor II T.
towery aiui which was wmten tin
the Utb of Aogost ut Tin City, At*
llio writer Is an old falend ol Mr.
I.owerv's. lie wi Item very Interesting totter (rom which wo take the
liberty of qttotlngi
I aro up hero helping to pot In a
mill for tho UaiteU Tin Mining Oo.
end eipecl to return to Wallace, Idaho this fall, We are situated on
llebriMgSca but It la only three miles
overland to tbe AreUo ocean.   I
hnvo teen potting on more clothes
Irom time to tlmo and am pretty
near an in. 1 only bavo ono suit ol
medium weight underwear (11 re-
servo, These Arctic winds mako t
seven dollar maeklnaw led like
cheese cloth And I nm told that a lei-
low can figure on having Icicles In
his whiskers nine months In the year
Another very noticeable thing here
lethe prolusion of bones scattered
around. 1 hsve seen rib bones from
six to seven feet long. Ther* are
bones apparently from the legs of
animals which aro six   or   seven
Indies thick. I have seen sections
ot backbones eighteen to twenty
inches in diameter with hollow (or
spinal cord ts large as a Ave Inch
hawser. There are many human
skeletons, probably of natives scat*
tered sbout Um told that there
are vsst deposits o» coal along the
Arctic Octet! coast a few miles north
ol this place. I saw taixxo •.-mile*
brought down by * man who ie-
tnrned trim that region last week,
and it seems to bo fine coal.
From tha Loader.
Thirty-two hundred tons of oro and
concentrates was the output ol the St.
Eugono mine ior tho month ending
August 31st As will bo soon this Is
slightly over an average of 100 tons
per day.
The three new boilers which nro
being installed will bo ready to
steam up about tho 20th of tlio month
Tho work of raising the big smoko
stack is going steadily on, This
stack weighs seven tons, Ib five lout
iu diameter nnd 00 loot high.
The payroll for August wus $93'
000, und tho men will bo given thoir
ulicquua today.
At a rcd-iif. meeting of tho St. Eu
gene Coiisoltdatfd .Mining cuitipnny
the following directors wero elect oil
W. I). Miithown, Toronto, W. II, Al*
drklgo, Trull, Junius Cronin, Movlt',
W. L, Mathews, Toronto, h\ (J. (Mcr
Toronto, K. U. Osier Toronto, J. A.
Klnch, Hpokano, J. C. Drowory,
Holland, 1'J. P. Honton, TuiMiitn, (J,
Rummer, Montreal, W, I), M.allows
was elected prt-sltlont, W. II. Al-
ilrldco, iimnnglng director, Jainci*
Crcnln, general manager.
W.ll. Ahlrltlgeol the Trull smol*
ter lifts mndo a Hon I whereby all the
ore from tho l/>Kol mine wlll he
treated sit Trull alter Octnlior ist,
After Hint date tliesmHt-T nt North*
ixirt will oloso, Tlio rstu ualled (or
by the contract Is )JI a  ton Ireluht
U-i-HwaimtDCcA 3->--ki.,j'.' u> n fur
cliaso by tho C. I*. It. of tho Hall
Mines mneltlug works at MeW >n. If
Mr, Aldrtilgo can mako sntlslactory
terms he will reiuukd the woiks, put
In tho Uomlngt'jii-Hi>N)i-)i')N process
and double thc capacity.
Hardly a steamer sails for the
Orient, Atutra'la or California which
does not take as part ol ber cargo
some tons o( \\jt lead Irom tho re*
finery at Trail,
An tflort is being made to have a
hose race pnlltd off between the
Moyie and Cranbrook teams nt Nelson daring tho fair.
Culled   from    Exchanges
Along The Crow
Some, of   the Many Events in
lhe Pass Towns.
From tlto Herald
Good for Kernie.* ' ,
Tho outside press was rpprescnteil
by Mr. Wallace, ofthe Feruie  Free
Press, Mr. Mott of The Fersik Lki)- .
ger, and jfr;. s,UJ (j, '0f t|l0 c j|0yje,
Leader. ■ '   *   7   , ,
* The mother ot Dave, Kaunnnian,
formerly of Lucan, Out*, is anxious to
know the whereabouts of her son who
formerly lived in this district and
may be hero now.
Mr. Wallace,' of the Fernie Free
Press expressed himself as well
pleased with the celebration and the
program. Ro was especially plcji-ied
with the big parade and the floats <>f
the business men.
Fred Smyth of tho Movie Leader,
said:   "This is a great, celebratio.i
and a wonderfully big crowd*. Cranbrook has tho faculty of doing things
right and this day will giv« her a,
better leputatloh than ever," V..
W. S. Keay, customsoflice at- Fernio and formerly located in * Cranbrook, said: "1 am proud ot the old
town today. Cranbrook always did
things right and her people havo
reasons to.feel proud of her record
F.-G. ;White, who was with the
Fernie militia companies, formerly
of the'Bank ol Commerce staff here,
said: I always found Craut*»rob!c' a
good town tor sport, but this celebration is a surpriscr.. Our boys have
been royally used and had an excellent time.",, rl • --. ■
Captain  McEvoy,"° of  tlm  Feruio
militia, was delighted with the town
and the celebration.     "The   way
Cranbrook does things is'a .credit.
to -tlie   people,"    he   said t,   that
evening.    "There-are hundreds of
townTinTire~eai5t juTlarge as Cra-tv;
brook or larger :that would -never-;
have done as well." ;
' The committee-is under obligations
to Mr.' Grace'ofTthe Prospector,-'-Tor
hiseffufta fyadvancing, tfio. iatcrcs^'
of the day- by hfs' liberal advertising
contributions and good, words for tho
day. The committeo ulsd feci thankful to the Moyio Leader, The "Femchs-
Ledger, the Fernio Free Press aiid.,
the Nelson Dully News tor tlio publicity these papers gave tho day.
D. V. Mott of The Femur Ledger
was delighted with ovor> thing.. Hi*
took special interest In tho hoee feel
races and tho evidenced of interest
manifested iu both Moylo and Cranbrook by the people of thoso towns in
their respect I vo flro departments, appealed to bim. "That Is'what Fir*
nie wants and mast havo, Your
equipment hero In Cranbrook when
ono stops to consider thut It was ujl
raised by tho liberality of the citizens
without town organization, ia Mniply
marvelous. Fornlo could learn some-
titng by such a manifestation of public spirit. Wo havo had (llsustroiu
tires that could havo been largely
prevented with a flro brigade and
oqulptncnt llko you have in Cranbrook. As to your celebration it wt 9
par excellence. No wonder Crun*
brook goes ahead. Vour pa-ple
work together for tho success of anything undertaken. Ymi havo mndo
a grout name fur your place today,
Ytuui thuTlwm
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. P. Hill, of Hillcrest, arrived home from tho enst
Tuesday, M. McKenzie, of Mac
Looil, was in town on baslncM. Mr.
Kcnzln Is very likely to lie tho standard liearer of tho LUn-ral party In
MacLeod Hiding at the ensuing
The many friends of Unny
Howard, proprietor ol the Cosmo-
pollton Hotel, will leum with rc-ret
that he Is dangerously ill with typhoid lever.
Lust Tucwlay evening at a well attended meeting ol tbo Friink local
Na 12113 oftliaU.M. W. of A, 11
strike was declared against tho Cun*
*.n..n   « 1-... n .1 n .        I    •«  .   •
This action on tho port of tbe men
was brought nbjut by the failure of
thn Union ollicials ami mine t-itic'tV*
to reach an agreement In regard to
tho now scale. The old agreement
nude by the union with ihU com.
PAiiyciplred on Sept. Ist and tho
new one was in , ro.u*s ot being
entered Into when t dlsngroomeut
took place which hat resulted in the
1 present much to be regretted strike. '.1'
THE FERNfS'.LESGER,' FfifeNlE 8. £->' S£PTfiMSE-Rl-'j-|, ^5
■"!■ , 1        " .. —.        1      1 1——*—!     I I I     HI. ■ I      ——
The Pttmn Ledger
;   0. V. MOTt !■   C-tJ^SKlKUE   .. ■
EDi-ft**      f    ._ w*tt*«<R
A, 1       ■      i.t^l,   ■'.".^y.w'wtv*.'.** ■
TWO D6tit.-*aa A VEAR ifif.ACVAMCE
-" ' "»V >"—:—: " - "...j,-.-, "«■'.;,
our'n-esiern frwnd.-shoald*.b» lijippy
instead of'going' abo'u^irtii'stattf-of
feeling whschiwoold indicate'-the -■ "need
of a do«* erf pafagoric to allay the pain
which Se-eio^ 'io be gnawing stt bis
vitals.. -   -,
*"A&yj£RT»3INQ RAfi?* '
f'c'oidttJ.i.i*l risitiS]
(4iii»»f«4t->b*ci.--»Med-^JJ8ni8sir*"c(, yitUout
.' c.. _ «     ." > ■ •ftf<*»' clfti.'*) - -.
Si-SO psr.iicljt, per wontji
p?S dtscuunt wli*a" J,latej <u» ntfjifenta
,    .-   ip.iMiiiii^J.DVJ-ETieSJrcst'i     v,
(««t Ju aoiparUl,,l!| lines mate an inch.)
<- inotion Sales, Enterfaififoiuti, Te'nd-**ra, .I*'3-
fbl Kotis*» etc , 10 cantJ-a iin», nrst ii.i*>mon,
C cei.t.i a lin» »a£tt suWaquent ifisMtivn,    -
e*tNi-A-wo'RD-A.i-3 '
LtoufoUsi, For Sale. T<> L*.t. Rent or F,x*
"■       ol;&ag«loaet!'ant'a'a-«d,aa?lnn»iprui.*-.
' *S«.D«G SWT1CK3
iiaLftckts^eumoug local j, M; oonts a line
'     Oft* lite.-* ;»€• among locali, SO cent* a Hup
fltltta, "HARftlAGK-J AJ.-0, l>K.Vrij|3
i: (jBOurring «taou8*it our -tub.-crll.ers, free; all
f L»ri5ct-ent»#*.chin4errlon. Caul-* of con-
'*.»tui»uou,oond*,ient« or ibnulw, obituary
|»atry»tc.,lt-1t**ofinMist3 and we'liHn*; ims-
liiU.TH i.».u»a liMvnOnpaiwl)ofti-h .iuerlioii.
"*rUl.ottiolittnge',oiie Inch or under. M u mouth
Lnt far.J.i>r information (imirwl oan be had
jn upplio»tii?u to the wiiuuifir..
'Strikers and Kickerd
''But over here in tho Boundry,
wiier'e the continttlty ot fimeliiag i\A
fiitnlng operations Is directly contin*
j-nnt on the Feh-le supply of cokf,- it
would sediii that there niuat be some-
thing wroug about tho managers of
the Crow's Nost PaUs Coal Co   when
{hey reduced wages in'the•'face of a
f cent uiadn agreement—or ct least
that i*th«**-i'laifii bade', aiid which
|.'a*} noi'l*«eu  de'hied  as vet.   The
though!!.!! limn cannot but wonder
'whnt kind of individuals are In the
Control   of that company, anyway,
that they are unable to live- in peaci*
with their employees fur. any  consid-
fcruble length of time.-
Alter the previous settlement, 'all
kinds of thiuns were charged against
iir. Tonkin, the then itiiiiiager—a'nd
laur eve-nts proved there was pretty
good basis for the charges. "We have
hot. heard similar' eoi'u'pluints this
time, but to an uusider it appeare as*
though the company.-was tiyin'g in
bvery possible way to get the better
bltlie-iiu-u—in methods that ure' beneath men of any business standin-a
•in any decent coiuaiunity.   \
.Such matters are too serious to be
tr fled with, as the Crows. Nest Pass
!_r^il_i^..8e'em-tO-liavejdone.    If. the
Oiir 2-/«i*t Deo*- .Neighbor
Superintendent .Jameson of' the C
P.- R. .now of Calgaryi and who is so
well, a ml favorably known all along
the.-.fiow Line".has made public ia
statement showing.the condition of
the n fa in crops throughout Alberta
at the end of August which. indicates
a bumper crop of oats, wheat and
barley with weather conditions such
as assures the harvesting of the grain
without serious" damage or loss.
This means much to the new settlers
on th'e prairiea aiid will tend to Increase the constamflowot immigrants
to si ill greater proportions in the
near future.
Prof. Thos. Shaw, editor of the
Orange Judd Fanner and U. S.
grain statistical!, Bernard \S. Snow,
Chicago's great grain expert,' President Gear oi tho Montreal* Boaid oi
Trade and many other men of ex-
per'ence in irrigation and grain
growing were at the Alberta' club
rooms in Calfiary a few-days ago,
These people were all enthusiastic
over the.possibilities ot our new provincial neighbor as a grain  growing
country.   What benefits Alberta js
sure to help British Colombia, and
the oiie cannot prosper without add -
■ing to the  prosperity  ot die' other.
The cry ol the.rahchcr Which was
heard a few years ago as lie bewailed
the decadence of tlio old methods of
stock   growing   lias already    been
smoUi'eied under a deluges of wealth
now being  turned into the pockets
of the small farmer and tbe mixed
rancher, in such quantity its to make
ihe  return realized  by  the  ranch
men for their cattle  under the old
system Iuok like the collection plale
'ul a Soudsiy School   as compared , to
the revenues of a tax gatherer in acity
where graft has been engrafted.   All
this prosperity vouchsafed our neighbors means greater demand for our
lumber, fruit and other products upon
ihe one hand, and cheaper grain, hay
flour and dairy, products  upon  the
other.     '.'Great", as' an   adjective
.seems to be growing  too small  tor
Western Canada,
It these.tw"o.young maidens of the
plains would like to learn' how "not
tbdoifltte would advise-them to
come over the mountains-and'visit
their older, sister, Miss - British Columbia, who we are sure is in a position to give them valuable .pointers
gained trom a long experience of uot
doing things which might be "of bene-
'flt to bcr citifens.     .-', : "^7,
'If these two "rosy cheeked,'dimpled
chinned, laugbijg.eyed provincial
maidens can "persuade,- their zealous
.advisers to keep but of the w&y/ot
the people who really make the prosperity of the country; they will have
demonstrated their right to'wear long
Mount Fernie- Lodge Hi 47
i, o; y^iliSic: o, f;
Meets   ev ry   Friday evening at   8
p.in*.in i.O.O.R Hall.     ■   ' " ■*- .'* *.
,.". ..." -.7 7:T- 13j-ck,,P.G.,R.S. ,
Tho Real Ruler of India
7-.;- tiENTiST ■*
L. T. \V.   Block, "opposite the  Bank
-. ■  ,     Offiue hours— 8 a.m. to 8 p.m."-, * -
W/J, Wnglesworth,,0.p..S,
v.     D3j13*-TTIST';     '7,4   -
OrricE HouR8»-'...'-,.-. 9,U> 12 a', m., 1 to 6 p.' m
OfficelnAlex.Bfeck'BPlocli   -
ovor Slinn's Bakery.
J perxie; -3- -',-■-'-■ r    -    ' B. 0,
-   'il
fernie!  i
Is- a pleasant. home
,4 _ ",   i* > f
for the traveler. ■
 7 :        Head Off tco :  HamiSion^ Canadai^   7-    ;;
Capital* $2,235,000 »   IResevve * 'J1235,000^
''"'•'■■-i "'-■■ -': ItmV'meei^ '.'■'•.'.
:   .'"'-..     - ■-.    -.-  -* *. .. • -^. * *- - ..kr-].' ■  -\; f : ■* •::;  '-
Y' - Hon. Wm. . Gibson, President. - •, - .- -: -:  ;-' -: y-■; -- - ■•
T-.Turkbull..Vice-President and General Manager^   , J
A General Banking Business transactcclJ Current Accounts opened ,*witli'Merch» "' ^aj-K'
fticturera, and .Mm.ittlpaUtica on thc most reasonable terms _ . .Bankinttf^iimes aiaaiy
extended lo all pei-sdni desiring to open business-or private accounts.- '.Special f atlaution
(riven to all out of town accounts. Interest at Current Rates allowed on Savings Ban!*
Deposits from *1.H0 upwards... Collr-ctiona effeoted in all parts of Canada »t Lowoat.Bates.;
Draits issued, payable in Canada or AbroHd. British,- American,' and *Fore.4.n Drafts oasbsa.-
Aii'office of-this Bank has been oi«ned at Fernie.    •■>-.....* . _.
•     All Correspondence addressed to ths Agent will be persomjlry attended to.
,' A great deal is being written , by
the editors oi the press'all over America reffardinf? the resignation ol
Lord Corzjn t io Vice Royalty oi In
ilia and the appointment of Lord
MInto in his steivi. A,Canadian
contemitorary says;
'Amazement Is the only word that
describes Canadian leeling In the
matter of Lord Mlnto*s appointment
as viceroy ot Indin. Canada hM,s
been taught to regard tlie viceroy-
ship of India as an ofiice Calling- for
the'highest form of diplomlb ability
the ; British empire could'furnish.
Either -.were we mletaken^in that
view or the Balfonr goverr.inoot has
exfagjrerated the' merits of the earl,of
Mlnto." "
Thc real explanation of thoaffsilr is
to be four.il in the simple fact that
there is not room in tho Empire of
India for but one real, governor. So
long'ts Lord Kitchner, of Khartoum,
is at the head of the military out
there, the man who ploys viceroy
must-be content to tune his fiddle to
the key set for him by Uie iron nian in
charge *.ot the soldiers. Any man
who'iswilii.'ff to take tho vlccroy-
iilty,' vunder., tf.ese conditions must
neccessarily be one of secondary
.,.,.   . .... *! ■,...
Babrib'tkr-at-Law,   Solicitor,   Etc.
.    'Cuthlxrt Block, FenlB, B. C.
Wtli. Mills, Prop.
Ross & Alexander
FERXIE, fi. C.
Ollice hi I,; T. W.'Blook, Victoria Avenue.
When-you smoke a cigR
see thnt it Is UNION mndo. '
lilue Prizo, Henry Vane, Coluiibus ami
Havana Ark Cigars are Union Good**
made by.
W. P. 1QLB0UME & CO.
WlnnliKg, Man,
Rcpresente'lby QKOHQE HORTON.
F, G, Latoe
-   Po9t Ofiice Block, Fernie. B. C.
OiTice: lilolt, Son & Co., L.T.VV. Block
Fernie—'■—British Columbia
uirioisr XjjSv-BEini.    •
Crow's   Nesi   Special
—: : -* AND ■ r
Miner's Favbriio C.ga-rs
En  W.
Mafcinff m> to Thorn
company's agents make an agreement
let tbem stand to it like men. If an.
Agreement is made by ..the company
with a smelter, for ins'-anco, for an
exclusive supply of coko, we "may be
Sure that thev will 'enforce the 'spirit
and letrcr ol tho agreement. , If the
directors have po men iiVllieir, em-*
ploy who can bal'Vy out' agrec'raentB
With good luith It is time that some
were.obta.ricd- and a" rest put to this
sort ot thing. It is ioo.scrioua to trifle
wiih!"    ;       , "''....
Tin,* above is from an , editorial ap-
heiiring in the Phoenix Pioneer of tlie
3ii J inst. .'.'.,-    ,.
Thiit the supply of coke to the Boim-
Uitry snl'.llefslft of vital importance to
(hose wiid ilt-e engaged in that and its
kindred intliistry iif mining, admits of
ho argument.
The editor of the' Pioneer might have
Hoik*  much further and   stated   with
ripiiil truthfulness lhat there are   many
depending purs'.llr.M and   callings   thai
Iti-e elTected very materially   hy    tin.'
Wt-al or, woe of the hiiniliit and smelting operations in thai ti.iiu.lrv.      Hi
iseems to think however, llial disagreements hot ween employt.-rsiind cmpltiyec-*
lihnuld ht\ confined to his own part ol
Die couiilfVi ihut ulriltt'S for   higher
Wiiges or  f-lidllel- litHirs are  luxiirie>
thai should nol nb iitToNl'tl to any bui
lliiwewho live and  moik In tlio  llmm-
y.iry cuuiill'j;  lhal_llic employers   o
inlwrln tllf ciial ili.d tiokf   producing
futrl of tlir provimv shall he .'tinipelloil
lo do illiylhing whether it he prolil.ibU
in them or itdti so lfl»g as   by doing so
, Iheimclli'r nieililild the mini1 niun.iger..
lue enabled to pay tllti lilghust wagi'-
fco'u.g and still he alilii lo  pay n  profn
In their slockhold'.'rs regardli'ss of thv
l-iialily of ore tlu-y nmy hnvu lo handle.
ThIi Miiitfiiiin.imitl.ifpb'ii si-ems io per-
liK'iiteto a  large extent  111O1.I  of llu
Wi'-lurn press.
lhe rimiucrin.m goos inti-i ancient
lii .ion-mul di-icanu Uptin Hit* irouhli-
LiWi-eu lll« I'liiH'rs and Miimigcr
lonkiii, \o'it\ iln* amscqiiont inionveii*
icuce in ihtJ smelling induMry and
Uu-reby tf.vi;*. u* lhe opportunity of
i.i .l*i,v» ni->'ir*iviri»nn. At lhf» lime of
t>v strilt" •I'btt'h eiilinlimtt'd in the
Vi',,r.:iiiir»-.' ai'd lumseipienl return to
«<jiW by the miners, Mr. Tonkin
v.'.v inHM^f>i'r for the Cos) Co. and il
<i, iu l.irgi-iy liie tnn-.iu(i-.ip.nr* of his un
•      , I       .       .4,      ' .1
TlMIOfMlll., »r*»4»l>.>«.H   .»     I.*.**,.      '.-«-      *-"«-■
und i-oUc industry ail J tlirolij;!) It the
milling and mneltliig husintikS Imil.becii
intt*rfort:J with. Inslcid iif Iwing
pet\\*n itnd inclined to lind f.tult over
Vi'e Utile flurry of a few wci-l.s ag.,
ti-ic vd'nor of the Pin'icvr *.h;uld i-.e
-,ible to cflmr**™ ,i,e «!:"-V' setilenmnt
•nrrivcJ at by thi men aiul ihe proem
inuimgemtint, wiih tha long drawn out
v.i-jj.iclations of Hirtc >*•.«» -*g« JnJ
dirivii tlierefrom much ♦.vinfort.
Tliin »p«*fdj- udjuMincnt of Ihlle dif-
IVtciULi. Iwtvsiiim Xhti confciidlrtg p.irtl.:-,
indic-aies long slridi* towards t.tctt
txhtr hy employee-, and cmployvr-. an J
',. Any suggestion that R * T. Lovvcry
was responsible in any way for the
weekly fires at Fernie, may now" be
said to be fully ' disposed of, inasmuch
as tlieQi.res occur witti the same regularity when he is absent as they did
while he resided in'.Fernie.—Nelson
(.Lato usaayor Nelson Smolter)
- Gold. Silver or Lend.eiioli H.00 '
Topper s*1.51      Gold-Stiver *51.i>0
Glmrfet'b lor other metals on applii-utiou *
P. O.DraiverllOS   -' Phono A67
c   Fernie, B.-O.-.-*..    .
Commencing Sept. 20
1ARGER and better than ever. , Everything
.   -/-"-new-and up'to dale.    All kinds of opei^ air,
■attractions."'-/'Each-" day something interesting.
;You will meet old friends there., Single fare, on
alllines.ofAtravel.    \Vritc for Prize List. , ... '    m
J. ,E.-Annable, Sec. -      ... m
Now that our two young provincial
biaters Miss Alberta and Miss  Saskatchewan hiive donned lunar skirts
and have been accorded their "coir.-
ing out" parties  at  Edmonton  and
IlegLha  they are already   receiving tho '.'attentions" of eligible young
statesmen who are  possessed  of an
irresistable desire to give the. blush-,
ing young maids the benefit' of tbuir
,wisdom, without charge ot course, to
enable them to keep thoir daintily
slippered feet out of the mud puddles
nnd quaginii-i s ol provincial  politics.
It was ever  thus.   Tho number ol
men who are willing nt all times, in
all places and under all kinds of conditions to 9'icrlflco Uiemsclvcs fur thc
'^ooil ol Uic province or city seoms to
lie always out ol all pr.ip'ortion  to
i hose who are actual iy IUtcdiui- those
jobs.,   There   nro enough - would
be legislator!- In these two new provinces to supply  parliaments to the
Prophet Dowie haV issued a decree
that every1 family in Zion must produce
one baby per annum.' If the; prophet,
lived in Nelson, he would not be under
the painful necessity of making such an
order.—Nelson Kconomisst.
ToaqSaep of the Piano
\ ■   -. -      ' -.
(Leiiolistizkey^Motliod) ■   *   r   *
- •   -  ,;■  -       --4  ' „ -,
A thorough,training assured each pupi'
% Lighten our darkness we beseech*
thee,. Oh? ♦' "    ■-;
■J Our landlord.did1 the trick on Saturday last. ; ■'■' - ...,"'"_
f It now. give's our .customers '' a
chance to '   '  "' 7 !
Have A Look   ,
at our School Supplies }
, j   Stationery, r,':", •;,.
!   Magazines
; • ! -Drugs •  ; "; '*
;•" ^        "&C,    .Site.        ' ,<7
■We have* the goods' \ y
just look in.through our new
window.-      !..'      •; ■'     .' ■ "' *.
I First Classvin Eiery Respect |
MRS.' ",S! -JENNINGS, Peopmetukbb,
,#W#WW-H, >4f^^4^-^4f-f^^y •
Fort Steele.^eweryCo^Ltd.
.■"^■■'-yii'- '...'*■■;■■ ''fernie,:b'.c.7 '", 'V' ,,; ;'.- ;'."„''
c Fancy Goods
Big Reductions' in Price
Mrs. E. Todd
r-     i r ■    ,   •
wholo legltjlatlvo world with 'enough
left over to allow of a Job lot of tlidti
being sent over to Emperor Nicholus
who seems to bo reluctantly contract*
liig &i- appotlto for legislative ad
',Ve take great pride iu keeping n
well assorted stock of Toilet Articlos,
Anything thoro is a demand for, wf
are pleased to obtain,
" *   41
People have como to consider  oiu
, store as Headquarters for- PerfumcH.
Fine Soaps, T-runhw, CreainB and Lo*
tioiiK, PowdotB and all fifirls of
Pi. tS. ©uddaby
A complete stock
of fit-hopl Supplies
ou hand.   :   :'
Builder,,and. Contractor
- '    .. Dealer in -     ,,.       ,;
Rough /and Dressed Lumber
New Crop Now ini 6tock
Home arown'and Imported „
Wliok'SHlo'aml Kcliiil
Spooiitl Pricou to Ftti-mcir's Iiibtituton
Thoimuuils of l'ruil and Orniiraontiil Troos
Rliuduilundnxi*,     IIIxch,     tiruniiliouHc
uud Ilnrily FlnntH
now itrowhig liOmy nun-orlon for    .-  *
SprliiB plantlr.tr
F.fistom prlctiH or lam,'. Whlto Labor
PliliTlUSKUS-lllCE I1IVEB & SUl'l'LlKS.
Variaoiivcr, B.C.
.   3010 Wottmliiitter Itond.
Lftger Beer an ci Aerated
Waters.  BottleclGoods!
.'•",'.    a Specialty. ■?•■.'•. '••.,',
For'Ouick Returns''"''
Liat your.Property with -J^   t ' Barker
, 'tit 'THE OVVf"
Property for Snlfl' to Ront or Excbiineo.'
IlontB collooted, Employment furnished..
Doors, Sasi^SMiiglfes, Plaster,'
Cement, Fire Clay de.
cr. id. qtj!a.ix.
mwmmwmim'» ***** "W"w —_
.,■<■«■■ijimim in ■l"   ntummt^mw
»xhid -rw33ir<3)'Tn: ji.Nifrtrjm.Xi
S.m. m\, * *im **.' I «^4-o,M#^4«rt'rn,   L/^!r«
liUKailO IMtdicstatu i aii
OOT033Hm 0  TO  IB,  lOOO
WninliMlnl rM^.lavn of PnlnVFuuou Pyrotechnics pro*
wintlnR "Thn Fall of Tort Arthur" Jn Maintoff Kirem.rl<s
I^irjyor Kxhibltn In Evory   Dopartmcnt of  the   YaW
Miftis Kulnv Kiiuo tlurlriK tlio Whole \Vf»ok. El|?ht rcntrta
Tlw Finest Show of, Uvo Stock ever licld In Washliijiton
Up to iltx'.o Viwrtevlllo ProffiMm K\*rv Afternoon nml Kv-onlnx
IsV.ttUtlr'nl Krult T>'«i-!iys for fta r*inh Prl/nn
Flvo or Moro ExclUiijr H.nco» Dnlly
Sjwkiuitt Kemuil Club'*! 13!ic Annual Doff ?*«»
Inrtl.m Vlllna-* ami IndUn Kaces «i»l D.n.cc«
r-i^uceJ R-tiM utfi Spjitiil C«cu»to-*.t on All Biilro^t
Philip Carosella
Gcnoral Merchant
In    '
"   .llave one of their largest stores in Fernio.   ;,    ,|V, „ ,-*!.5"-
■  Litiub/Vc-il, FreshandSmokod Fibhi,,,J   ,
li ■ Fresh.Fish^constantly arriving  ^ „
i ..- "    ■';' ■  '   • ''.'.-■•.'• .P
9^%r*i9^%r%'tsf,hf%f%'%r% ,
 '*      I   .*■■■... mj'      i     i-»..-    '■      ■       ' ™"    "— | |
a watch..
Ton .'.-H-iii* for S:i1i'
Vrit** f«r Pri-iiiiti-n Lint
nii<1 U*%i* I'tiNirkm
JUAVE1.L Vi', IT.KIv, VfwWfl.1
IKJBT. K.C0S0BOVE, -W nr.tl Mgr.
its only duty in lift) in to answer cor*
recti)' on« t|iii'hlli)ii'
"what time is it?'
All tv-rtt* hft« Hiid hy iii nre Kiiiir.m*
xteA to Jiiiiu tr this impfirt.'int qticsiion
correctly    Thu prlctfn arc ri(;ltt.
OfflcUt WntihlntpeolcrDf C. tt, fly.
iJowo.or Optician
ALb  I10U.ND. I'llK   H0U.MU
of luscious ronst licol tlio n.ppctl7.ln« odor*
oscnpo mid tlm rich brown Ki-nvy tiloklo-J toinpt-
liwly tn tt.o (Imh. Tlmt In th« ltlml of .-onuts our
hoof protlui'cu. Toijdor, Juicy, uuurlHliIni'. Ii
will iimliu you iirulny mid brawny,
Ofcourso wo soil tlio tholuoHt cuts of vonl,
lamb, pork. oto„ Mno, Hut Ju-t i oiy wu nru
tulUlug bgof.  IVdof ware of our otTcrlng*.
In fornlo, is ft plcm-unl
homo for nil who tra vol
Rooiiih ruHorvcd by wlro,
T. Whplan, Manager
m\m% iM     "^mOrn*1 ^wi^^sf "t&tsMjs. *m "MMf
Shirts, dollars, Ties, Hats
and other Gem's Furnishings, at less than cost.
I am going out of these lines
unlit lily, and waul lhc room
for my New Fall Stock of
Tweeds etc.
Miff Bargains.
}f»rvj.i.t'it Tailor
Collins, Shipping
blcms on hand.*,1
Residence 76
Eook Blook
o ^
j I 14
'   judiciously placed in a live news wiper TI-
IS READ, is'likc'u bullet whicigoes
Right to lli« 1 nark.
Some circulations are sluppish.   A paper that [
is not attractive to tho, reader  h not  widely
rend.    AN ADVERTISEMENT thai is  not
read  represents       *      :      •   . :       •
Money thrown away.'
There is no dead-wood in lhc circulation  of
An advertisement in its columns always
Bring's Results.   :  :   :
rtA\v>\vyazxi&'iLi>Um'T/i I
L-iW^.t** ■^'V-V*»^<*-»>-H-' I
-' ,       J ■        .   -**.■** *'; *  .       , ■•**■■*;> ■-■>*,*-.      .. ,
^'7'7,^7:;;'^-^^^V7 '
S'crr^LEiiyiiEiNrT   to
-,- .-"A   .:.
-  i'^*-'--.'■  -.*.-.
^>.Volume*.J,. NumberJ6.; ■•
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance.
.?>','■" 7HGN0RED
Lord and Lady;;Qjfey See
V-'   "Th^Sighis ,f>7 7
": The people of that spick nnd span
new town of Coleman don't do* Jth'uigs
hy halves. Evidently jiiey think, that
.what is wortli* doing at all Is .worth' doing well. Last Friday D. L. Brodic
and Mr. McLeland of that town arrived
here on llie west bound local at 3 p.m.
lind called upon Tub Ledger , in quest
'bt parties who could engross or • print
an address of welcome to.. Their Excellencies the Ear] and Countess of Grey,
who had most graciously accepted an
- invitation from the overseer and Board
of Trade of Coleman, to stop at their
town during the trip of thc vice regal
, party - to the Crows Nest Pass. " Of
course these delegate*, -.truck tiie rigii t
' place to have the required Work done
and having arranged that part of their
> "program they returned' to Coleman on
- thc°cvenlng train. \/ ■   '  ,
jOn Monday evening a representiitive
of The Ledghr boarded the east bound
train in company withHis.VVorship the
' Mayor and Alderman Wallace, ticketed
for Coleman and-full bf curiosity lo  see
-. this new town and to know what they
could do by way of entertaining the
representatives of His* Majesty the
King,' oiir scribe, went, he .saw and
Was conquered.   .-.'._.-..
7, When he went down   stairs   after a
refreshing sleep at , the "hotel' his cars
were greeted by the sound of saw and
.   hammer as of, workman rebuilding a
-burnt district in his'owh'city.T .In ;t.ie
"atree'ts lie saw that'all the buildings;
-we're blossoming'out'  in   bunting and
■' 'fluttering flags..    People  were   up on
,' laddersor on balconies arranging, de-
corations, all seeining;J.o vie with, each
other as to wlio shotild have" tlie finest
'display. ,Justat the side, of the Cole-
-, man House, spannin**" llie'street" which
leads from where the|station .should  be
Jtothe platform which had'been erected
pr .~«    -,~ -  —"=—'-"■ ^—-■ ■ ■* ■" ■ *■'  "■ ■  "
9fo Ms Bfcellencp, tfje TRi9lJt honourable Sir Mlbert %enrp
y? George, Marl 0rep,Wiscount ffiomck, Maron 0rep of foowick
in tfye Countp of Mort^umberland^ in ifte peerage of tfje United
Vttngdom, and a Baronet, Iknigljt <B?an6 Gross of tfje most bis*
tinguisfted®rder of Baint Michael an6 Baint (Beorge, etc, etc
'Governor (Berieral of Canada. 0
Miip it please pour Micellehcp
e the Overseer and Members of the 38oard of Grade of the Village of Coleman, in
the province of Mlbevta, on our behalf and on behalf of out fellow*citi$ens, desire
toexpress our high appreciation of the great honour conferred upon us bp a visit
from pour fexceliencies and being accorded an opportunitp of assuring pour Excel*
lencies of our sincere respect and bidding pou welcome to Coleman.
W.e take this opportunitp of expressing through pour Excellencies, our assurance
ofiuhlaitim\ lopaltp^io the (trown and person of our Most Gracious Iking, and hope
that he map be long *P&ved to reign over this glorious Empire, and that our be*
loved Queen map also long be spared to hint and hi* loving subjects.
ess than two pears ago the Snternational Coal & Coke Co!, Ztd.; began to develop
for'the purposes of the  reception cere-.
••ionics these, busy people were' putting
the1 finishing touches to a huge^arch  of
evergreen:, .This "arch .was;-supported
by pillars ten feet   square   tapering at
the top Id" points   like^ spires.',;"' There
. was a space of thirty feet'between these
pillars, over which the arch was sprung
at a' height of; more " than twenty feet
and on the side facing tlie railroad was
, ftlie word "Welcome", in large letters.
The   platform' was railed   in   except
'. where the   steps   were placed and was
decorated with flags bunting and evergreen.
• After brcakfii'sl Mr, H.   N.   Galer,
mniuiger of the International Coal aiul
. 'Coke Co. pi. c -d our corr«*sponndciit in
lho hands of^Mr. Reynolds, 1(10  superintendent and In company wiih   Mayor
Stork and Alderman VVnlluce   he wns
'flhown through tho big power plant,
the ventilating depnrtment and other
places of interest.    In the power house
they found everything in  ship shape
order with   bunting and flags every
where.   Thc engineer In charge, Mr,
n,'R. D. Aldcrwm showed as much pride
. In his big compressor and  engines as
though they were children of his own.
He hud placed two Cnnadian fluff-* in
the cross lie.ulu of the engine pistons
[which swung back and forth, buck and
forth waving a  perpetual  welcomo to
Their Excellencies.   Our Scribe received u thorough blowing up in (lie fnii
.house but   emerged smiling over the
Ifuct that Stork  and Wallace had to
'share It with him.     Then (hey were
■shown the air locomotive.   Wo expand
.ifater lo mnko steam with the stcum	
wf co'mprert W so ilint'by Its t*oanilon -wt-MsswwwiiiBMBiBMBiM-BBiB m
•hack lo Its natural condition power Is, C,   Major   Prlmose,   of  "D" dlvl-
.'obtalu-d.   This compressed air loco- slon    R.  N.   W.   M.   P.,    Cuptnln
motlvo went puiTlng and punting uboutj DnvUlson ofthe I'lnclicf Creek detach
just ns 11  steam  locomotive does but
the immense coal deposits of this communttp, which resulted in the birth of our
■town tind whicti to^das is considered t6;be the most promising coal mining centre in ttje Crow's ffltest pass.
'■      " "■   . ■  , ' .* '., ' " y y • • i- ,0
We now possess a. complete Water 8psiem, Electric Zigftting and telephone Communication, besides a
thoroughly-equippediffire department, neither have we neglected our educational and religious interests,
as we 5av«? a large and commodious school building and an institutional church in course olerection.
Coal mining is the indnstrp of Coleman,the plant and equipment being unsurpassed in the west, me are
also the largest producers, of. Coal and (fiohe in the province and it would please us greatly to have Wonr
1 '*- _ 1 - y
Excellencies make a personal inspection.
We trust pour Efcellencp and Countess (Brep will enjop pour visit to the west and pour sojourn in Can*
ada,.and we conclude with the praper that it map please the Blmtghtp to grant pou and\pour household,
1 i ■ 1 -     - 1*,
health and happiness for manp pears to come.
<        ' ** 1
Bated this twelfth dap of September, tn the pear of our Zord One Wjonsand mine T&undred and ffive, on be*
half of the Citizens and members of the 3Board of Grade of Colemnn.
address of welcome was read * by ,Rev.
Murray. - After a very brief but well
worded ,. reply Irom His Excellency
thanking the-people of Frank for their
welcome to him as - the representative
of His Majesty, the King, "the party
were driven to the new smelter of the
14 "> *
Canadian Metal Co., by the manager,
Mr. Fluteau. Afier inspecting the
new buildings which had been elaborately decorated with flags and bunting,
the ladies of the parly returned to the
car lor luncheon while His Excellency
was driven to the Imperial hotel where
luncheon had been prepared for him
and a large number of  invited guests.
c/C*//■■'[ x!2ftfej»j Otter seer.
&, fi tsf/oMifyM; pres. UBoard of Grade.
r*&. 31 dBjwt/shj ffecretavp.
This town of one and a half years is
making more noise and stir in the
world than many very much older
and larger places. Its citizens d4> not
intend to let it die of dry rot or to be
imposed upon by lhe denizens of more
benighted places. They have a live
board of trade, a fine two-story school
house in course of erection, an electric
light plant, a fire brigade and a water
system.' The latter and the electric
light plant' are the properly of the
International Coal and Coke Co.
The water rale to the consumer in
Coleman is $1.50 per month for what
in Fernie costs $2.50. There are 250
men employed in the mine and 900 tons
are taken out each ,day. This output
lhe manager expects to double in a
short .itiie.
Mr. D. J. Mclntyre, conducts a
gent's furnishing- and clothing store
and' in the same building may be
found Mr. A. Cameron, who carries a
stock of jewelery, clocks and watches
and who is an expert in his line.
The Coleman Co-operative store has
a large stock of - general merchandise
and are doing a good business. Our
old townsman, A. Beck, has established himself in a large-fine, house and is
looking happy and .prosperous.  .,,,
Mr. lv._ E. Reynolds, superintendent
of the mines, he who shut llie Fernie
delegation up in thu fan house, has a
tine   new residence on tlie,hill, over-
looking'the'town. Mrr-Reynolds-is-ST
gentlemen  by divine  right,  that is hi
was born that way.
Mr. Robert Nevin, master "mechanic,
recently of Lethbridge, is now in charge
4>f that department"for the InteinTitionai
Coal & Coke Co.
Mr. Brodie, of the bank, had his
place of business adorned with, tartan*,
and upon a banner stretched across the
front was these hyroglyphics ''Scots
Wha Hae"
The Lei.--.kr correspondent was
treated to a delight ful ride on his return from Frank to Colemnn. .Mr.
Mclntyre kindly took liim in and in
company with Mr. Cnncron and Rev.
Mr, Reid, of Michel, he enjoyed a trip
in 11 light spring wagon over the
The scenery about Coleman is beau tin
ful, especially at this season of the
year, when (he loaves of the poplar and
thc coltnnwoods are turning from .summer green to the golden yellow of
Crow's Nest mountain looms up ii.
thu sky like some mighty silent sviiliuil
keeping watch over llieir human mom-
that go pushing and fuming uhoiil it-
base like so many busy ants.
Theiv arc two good hotels, the Cole-
man under the inmmgcmcnt of Mann-
han & Clingcnsmilh, both formerly of
Ferule, and thu Union belonging to
Mr. Maul.iy, of Grand Forks, and
iniinngcd by J. M, Keeder.
The Hiitlsh American Trust Co.,
have ehlal'lIslii'J 11 h.ui'c which is
luiinaged by (i. L, liVodie.
B,'B. Broniniell,  of Tacoma,   is  m
the city to adjust   the loss  ofthe   Elk ,„
Lumber Co. iii'ttie'recerit fireV
D. V. Mott has gone to   Nelson   tt.*  '
attend th*. session of-the tariff commit;-,
sion  in .-that. ..citv.'on   Friday.    -
Wii are pleased io state that the Elk
Lumber Co., will rebuild the niill recently destroyed by lire. The plans
will shortly be "prepared.
The Governor General has annoum-
ed his intention to present a gold medul
lo the one obtaining the highest number of marks at Fernie school.
The editor of The Leocer desires to
express his thanks to all the people of
Coleman who so kindly assisted him in.
his work of gathering news for ihis
To Dominion Fair, via G.' N. Ry.
Trains daily except Sunday, leaving
Fernie at 9:55 a. ni. 'and arriving in
New Westminster at 3 p. ni. nest;"day.
Round trip $23.65. Tickets on sale
Sept. 241I1 to Oct. 3rd, good returning
until Oct. 10th.
L. P. Eckstein .and Mrs.'Eckstein
returned last over the G. N. after au
absence of nearly three weeks. They
visited in Spokane, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria. Mr.
Eckstein reports an enjoyable trip and
comes home much refreshed.
' Mr. Win. Roaf, Grand 2, of the
Grand Chapter of Canada, stopped
over in the city last Thursday night to
visil with chapter. .Masons here. Mr. c
Roaf is an eminent lawyer of Toronto
and a very pleasant gentlemen m
meet. ., He stopped olT at Michel tu
enjoy a short visit with his nephew, J.
Richardson Roaf, now of that place.
Our readers will see by a.glance* at
another page that Miss Varty'knows
how to value printers1 ink when, properly used.- Miss V.-irty has not; been
very long in business in Fernie, but she
has in that time built up a fair trade
in her line and. carries the kind of
stock calculated to hold what customers shegets and to continually add
new-ones to them.
Rev,   John   McDougal,   D. D.,   of
there wuh no steam lii night. This re-
'inlndtid Tm Lroobb mnn of lho old
story of 'what Jolm Chimtmnn said
when ho saw 11 cable cur far the first
time, ' 'No pushle, no pulllc, ull sumea
go like belle".
Thc special truln hearing llie vice
regal parly pusxed Coleiuitn westward
bound without stopping ut io;jo u.in.
kutunilng It left Crow's Noit at 11.50
nrriving nt Coleman ut I j. i5 and hs it
drew into the simian il was greeted hy
a salute from the whUlle ut (he power
plant and as His Excellency and party
•lighted from the train n royal salute
of iii'i»nti'.om» p-un* ir.i«   fired.      Ovi«r*
seer Galer met the parly wilh carriages
and Ihe proceniilon drove up the street
passing under the Wg welcoming arch
'and np to the platform.   When neartng
; tho Utter place about ility school child
r«n greeted the reprwwntaflv* of the
Sovereign with "God Save the King,"
Standing upon  (he iiUWuiiu were
-besides Their Rxeelkndts and Lady
Evelyn Gcey,    Major  Pnske of  the
Houiehold,   Cape.   NeWlon",   A.    D.
ment of the same dlvisli)*_i, und Sheriff
D.j. Campbell, of Macleod.   Rev.  R.
A.   Robinson, Mr.   I). J.   Mclnylre,
president of the Doitrd of Trade;  Mr,
Ci. L. Urodie, socrelary of thu Uourd;
Messrs. G. L. I'riuer, 0. V, Uonedlcl,
G, H. Divon nnd A. Cameron of thu
committee of itrrnngcments, Mr. F. H.
Sherman, president of lho U. M. W. of
Aj Mayor Stork nnd Alderiwm Wnlliice
of lhe City of Fernie, nnd I), V. Mott,,
of the I'ernie   Hoard  01 1 rude,     i lie
address oi welcome wus rc.nl  (0 To-*..
Kxct'llendes hy Overseer Galer.     His
Rxoillcncy responded In a very happy
manner thanking  the people  of tho
town nf Coleman and   of  lhe Crows
Nest l'ass tbr the very cordial welcome
extended hiin as representative of HU
Most Gracious Majesty the  King nnd
on behalf of the Countess nnd their
household expressed the pleasure  It
HiTonlifd them to see llie autplelniis bs-
ginning which he saw was being made
toward tlte development, of (he  vast
natural resources which evidently were
viewed away In the  great  hills  which
towered around him,
When You
Get Tired
Artlstloolly ond
Mechanically 11 i  _______
>$-< pet Good and Ready *$-<
Tho Fornlo Lodgor,  -  -  -  -
Fornlo, C. G»
At thc conclusion of thc ceremony
Ihe children sail*,' the ''Maple Leaf
Ptircvcr" which seemed to ' Rreatly
ptcjuc thc 1-ittr! nnd Connto'-iS Gn-y and
there in no doubt (hai the tilth' girl* *>f
Ct-leman will Ion-,' remember the bright
s.nlles and. hearty  thank-* of Their
Excellencies i<xpr«*,nly extended lo lhe
children. Mr. Galer lifirodiHYil tin-
Miveral indUiJunU upon the plallorm
!.-> Their KrcflloncicH nnd after '.Ii.tKiun
hands wilh many of (he people Mliile
tlu-y pa«H'd hlni an he stood tm llu;
ulepi lending from (he  platform, the
party were driven to the mine ami
ireiiied to a trip lo the interior of
mother earth, K\un ilieru they found
Union JiicIch Camidl-in llngH and hunting waving welcomes lo them. Lady
livelyn Grey broke a piece of coal frrm
the wall of ihe. itinnel 'to tnke awny iiii souvenir of lhe trip. This trip was
made iu two mine cars especially innde
for ihe oiciihion by direction of Manager Galer. While tho parly were In
lhe mine the 'lop.il' from Fernie arrived
hearing piperu McLeod nml Tucker and
when Their KxcellcnclvN were driven
ii.uk m iiitir ir.iin lliey were mohl
.IKIO.-.I.II-*. Mtprui-J 10 heo those two
brawny .Siot*. drot>i.ed iu lulu and pip.
ing them n welcome in a Mylc that
would touch the heart of the iiioh(
obiliiraU* Srol. ThK link* inritlpnt
(lioui'li Miialf iu iu-'lf was one of the
incidentx of (he day which was moot
thoroughly appreciated by those for
whom il was intended. Jum before
llivlfjiln Nti-amed hway lhe little girls
•Willi t.:itifs* "The MnpleLeaf Fon*vrr"
.md ihe men gave ihe deputing Gov.
«.'rtii>r-G<*ner.il three heart) ihccru.
Al I'Vank their Kxcellencies were
^igalii met by lheOverM*er. Mr. Faruu-r
uud courted to u   platfoi'm   where an
at. the Methodist Church .next Sunday.
Rev. McDougall is so wel. knori'iij all
over Western Canada that he needs no
ntroduction to the' people ot Ferniv.
He has sj>enl his life in the missionary
Held and his falher before him lost his
life while riding over the plains of
Manitoba, iii the same cause. -He
should have a house full to greet  him..
The Iiagles of Fomie Aerie No. 561"
I'. O. K., have - grown too large
to have a . good time in their newt
in the Todd block and arc going to "
isprcud.their wings oiv the recreiilion
grounds on Thnrsday evening, the iisl
inst. The bands will he on hand to
discourse sweel music and there will
be electrical and Japanese illuminations.
These Bugle fellows nre not ulou1 and a
good lime awaits all who are fortunate
enough to be there.
Ciiy council minute.* of hint meciing
rciiil and adopted.
Mr June , of iliu Cnnadian Rubber
Co., nnd Mr, MrKenny of (ho Gultn
F iclm Co , were prehcnt nnd presented in the co ncil their respective views
iih to lln* merits of lhc goods each represented,
Coiniiii w>nt Into committee with
Aid, Tultein tho chair. Committee
recommended the purchase of 500 feel
of icd cross col ion Imsc, Council
.iilo-tcd report of committee,
c  '1 <'-. •*" 1    '• "     . •» ,   "
V*.   ,.,,S.I    ..,i.,,      ..  ,  ,,       ».|.      ,,,s       mH4*4,   ,,.
malti-r and dfrnh-il X,i c;\\\ fnr len.li'f-
at once. Alderman Wallace an J T*ik>
were appolnleJ a lominillee to prrpyr.*
.tpi'iilicittions for building uf side wallo.
Council adjoumci).
The rotl*nving correspondence explains
how it   wjis reported that  his   IJxevL
leucy was suppose.I to have og.,'red  In
•issis't in bringing about   a settlement
Macleod, Sept. olli'ii^s
R. N. W. M, P.
Don'l forget xo pay lhe piper,
Mr. Chas.   Fronch, of niiiirmore, ts
In lhe city to*d.«y.
Mis    I..   M. PriKlor  and children
•timed hOitic Mood..) ttHnniiiK.
Harry Howard, of Hlninnof«r, i* no**
miuli .H-Mrr aud lii>|x-» in iw out ag-siu
j In a few d.iy*.
I beg to' acknowleJge receipt of
your telegram of the 71I1 in reply to
mine of even dale unJ to advise you
that I am just in receipt of lhe following from Mr. H. I.: l-Vank, Sand
Point, Idaho.
I*. C. II. Pilmrosu
Am anxious to resume w.irk as soon
as possible and will pul man to work
immediately upon agreement being
nt 'red 1 >to with im siime ns lhe ollur
Coal Co.np.mies, to which we nro cn.
titled, Your efforts highly itoprec
iiiti'd.   Answer Slgm-d
 II. I.. Fmnk
I nm totally ignorant of thu differ,
ences between lhe mine workers mil
the mine m.itiiigcitu'ul but if thv man*
agement claim a contract similar 10'
those gr.iiiU'd by the Union to the
oilier managements iuul conditioi.-*
are similar, to  an oul*.ider it seem*
Your Olwllcnt Si-rvnttt
F. C, II. Pr|.nrO-e
Com. I), nivkhm
, Pnllerson Fsq,
Ser. V, M.W. of A,
i*i>MH.'n. TLU iK.
The trouble lies in (he f.ut that tin*
new manager of the Ciinadi.in American Coal «l CoUv Co., Mr. Hill, refus.
es in uterpret the agreement as oilier
managers do in regard tk» the irufkiriif
off system.
ArlvertUlng U «<>t Jtmt Imving
S|*co atcni-rati* lliiunsin theclieitp-
est j«jer«~-tiiat'». waiting monev.
Yon must mUoitUo lu ** on thitt
bring resnlts. ^YyYY-yYYP'''--i "T -\w"'b»&r;~>.\' v y^f'Y--<\, ..;;;>:-.7*v*: r;,v; ".-f ^v:>ii-y. /-:*v':"7f:MS;!S7\"'-7"7. ^& .--;><;: *^,^^\:.I-*:^H*-y^^^ M<YYY£^M>-:Ky,
i? *.   *"^*\     n   " v  i  ''i     "   1   , '     Ct *1  "      7    7 " .        *   -H >"'-i"'.*,     "r"'r -,t*f' " ■*■*" ■*■"*■»-.'■ • »     '^   *"     * i, v  **     "**--   i ,       *- " i " "V -""j     ,        • /       " i ,    c,\ . ^»,    -^ j, 7  __ __%l  - ___*-   f * • v i-****^-1.    ^7 ^ /■    i "j,   ,i' i ,,,*••»      * ! **^ , ~ J- w ** !** ,-;   *?"i,   "" „    . ,*<   '•; „ -hi -" j-*. 7i     ->*-.,   'ri *   * ^" -**- ■*. ^.7* ■• ■*** s.A      u ^"-v -   * \«, * -Ci-* "I*      7        ""V^"-"-^^   ..""'■Sift*: j-" ■7''     *     ~ "■* 4.   ^    ■?■*   ■"""'     -j£
;_,{,a ',; ^       -'^ ,'*      -. ,   t ,, ' ,;' ^ __,  „   ^. ^ .     '" ,  r- „. .    " ''-,-,      -     -.-.(   ,      , .      '      *   7r,      ."--'- 77"'   ,,"  ■"   ' "* "       "' - , /.--*,,"' *" „ '.''-'■'••'..C;'" '"7-"7'J . ."-"'      *    V    ,,'   -' *■*-'"'77'"" "' '*'    V   *-"*--■."•_•?.-?- .V?-**1  Y'r'"    ""' ■-"" -l*"- "'' '     - ' *   i---' '7'-7.7''' "--*".  ,.:-'*-■*-'   7   'ft -»'*•- f   -'-    ','-''
>;'!\   ~-v Y-'; ."■ ,l- •' • , - -' , y   "  '-'   ''*'";^"',-    " *." -,;>    7-.° ,.■*."        '* 7 > '-,„. /-*-V'   ^7-,  -      . ;-* '7* 'T' : y'^y ':ij' **>>;••■"' :■ ""'.* ' •* 7;*'; - 4"" "Y':>Y-< Z* :^y<yY^:"y^>''Mi^iiy^y'-'\i'\.t:Y
■;   ,',. '•   '.. ; :'"; .       ' "LinVIII-TB'D -;'\'-..::.....y
-w^iioijESJlXiE 4ii3i^^;''EE'-±rj£o:ij
Dnj Goods,. Boots and Shoes, .Gents Furnishings, Clothing,-Crockery,, Staple-arid Fancy Groceries., i\
. 7 '.■■ ' 7FBBi*tiE, :B.'O, V;;v'7"7 7 :.;:'.,
.-. q.
It is with pleasure tlmt we announce that we are at hqine iii our iiew premises, and are in ao position M attend more satisfactorily
to the'wants'of our customers than we were able "to do while occupying temporary quarter^. ;^; ,;.*,;-;,# ly;.-/^ ~*::/%:iy,'x-p<Y: ^f'<>-;
Our fall stock of Dry Goods, Gents Furnishings, Clothing, Boots and Shoes are opened iipready for y oiir inspection,^
our pleasure to have'you inspect1 them,' whether you buy -or, not/- :y     &; ,, (%%'-,.=   % :-:. #&..":,''; -^ _V; /%;';' -'•^7-?"; fji.["' ,.,;'* ^'^'^'vV.;-: V
Our Grocery Department is stocked with the choicest of Staple and Fancy Groceries, also FreshiFruits and Vegetables:     %     %-    -
As in the past, we will sell goods at the lowest possible price for,strictly cash, and pur constant endeavor will De; to make oiir \
store-- "The Value Store/'   "'*& .. & ->'   ,»:••.'> :,   % *   *v V^V,-**"  'f/'" *'. #''' 'i":\;^ •/,^7:r^- ^V-"^; i#''';':^*;^ ;;;;-;*
We sincerely thank our many customers for their patronage in,the past, and soJicit for the fufcu^
J" ■    P
,  0    .        <
attended to;
Camps Hotels and Boarding llouses supplied at Wholesale* Prices.   Mail Orders promptly attehdc
-*•'•' '1  '    -4       .,. ..    * "  ,-   ''.'q7    ,.v ,-   .-•        - ;- ';■; ''y:y\Yi    -"Yy  *.'7 ".  -'.  " '•   ^'1' "',■ '*'  -*;. "' -'" '   i "'i' -"J-^i Y Y" 1"."'77
VI *f ,v J J  -     ■    - -        -■■- ■     -----   -■   ■     ■ *'1 - -
Seasonable Uoilet jiriicles
All lhc little but useful conveniences and indispensibles for a ladies dresser.
Complexion, Creams, Lotions,: Powders, Fragrant Toilet Waters and;Per-
fumes, Plain and Fancy Soaps,'and a
thousand and one other useful and ornamental novelties that appeal to a refined lady's heart.
JCodakfy a w7ull Juine
From the little Brownies to the No. 5 Cartridge Kodak
.. and a complete line of supplies.
9f, (?. Suddaby
The 5emi=jReady Clothihg
Specialization has made, Semi-Ready Tailoring the; best inthe world. :« *     '
,, , New Goods for Fall, arriving each day,   We ask you to look at the NOW Imperial and Stratheona Overcoats for this Season. V
Men's Furnishings
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Two Cars of FAtra Fine Furniture
Just Arrived.   Call and See It.
X  Tl   r^lTT A TT 1
U    1 »      '-      VC^/    VmJ   Xl I I      *1
; "for  FOOTWEAR- ,"•■'
I1 ' ' • A t
that fit and wear well. Wc cany a tremendous stock of the best,Boots and Shoes that can
be purchased. Ouir large business was built, by giving entire satisfaction to our customers
and our reputation for low prices has been fully established. »
Sole Agents for the Celebrated SLATER SHOE. , ' 1    ,     n
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
% *
iSXKtm^ "nj*"*':-^ .-ivy'
In-Mexico 125,000 people find 'employment in the prosperous mining and
metallurgical industries.      .       *.
' Emery* paper and cloth are made by
dusting finely grbuncl emery upon' papei
orx-loih,coated*wilh thin glue.
.' * ' •    i,  -,   '    s
"India furnishes 50 per-cent-"of the
World's output of mica,- while (lie United
. Stales and Canada produce " nearly   all
eft} ' *   *.   ■      '
oftiie remainder.',.'■     '        '"V      -•-'--"
-The two forms in' which the sulphur
is marketed are the flour, or.flowers, of
sulphur; which is a light powdery form
of tlie substance caused by the condensation of sulphur, vapor; and brimstone,
or sulphur, which js made, usually..,by
-melting1 this soft powder, and. molding
th'e'-liquid" tK'uV obtained-into large
blocks or cylindrical rods   in .wooden
molds.,. -• '""-•■
— * --   ~,*   ,.*     -.
'.Mica waste was without value until
1870'when il was flrsl'uRcd for coatitig
cheap wall papers. From nothing it
rose to $17 a toil, but has since fallen
to, a third of that price. In* 1895 it was
-discovered that mica was a good, insulator. Foi this purpose the sheets
arc split very thin and glued to cloth to
he wound into rings for armatures*  .
-''The purest native silver known is
that found with' the native copper ores
of', Lake Superior, it being almost
chemically pure. ' The Lake Superior
native .silver specimens when cryslal-
lizedaflord at times thc most superb
specimens of the metal in the world.
' The most remarkable fall of metcor-
_, v.   »■•>
ites known to history was lhat which
occurred at L'Aigle in France in ,1803:
Between 2000 and 3000 .meteoric stones
, lell over an area of nine miles long by
three, wide, some of which weighed  50
. pounds or more, . ,
With most metal mercury, forms a
series of alloys called, amalgams;" in
Some cases, lis with the alkali metals,
tlie formation of the alloy is attended
with, a rise. of. temperature, while in
ofjier cases, as wilh tin an absorption
of heat results. Sodinni and potassium
, amalgams are decomposed by contact
With water, yielding hydrogen gas and
an allcaline hydroxide; for', this reason
sodium amalgam is used im the laboratory as a reducing agent. Zinc amalgam is acted upon very slowly by dilute
sulphuric acid, and on this account the
surface of zinc plates, in galvanic'batteries is usually amalgamated., Tin
amalgam is used t"» produce -the reflecting., surface, of-.ordinary mirrors!
and amalgams of-,.gold,- copper, and
varying in size containing 65 to 500
matches, the." boxes having'' been .fed
into the machine automatically. Two
million or more paper' or strawboard
boxes are consumed each day in .'the
packing of matches in ihis^ country.
One million and" a: half pounds' of
chlorate of.* potash are consumed annually in,the manufacture of matches.,
'" The earliest .known record- of a producing silver mine was that of mines
operated'by, Hannibal, of Carthage,, as
far back as 200 B. C. "The mines were
located at Guadalcanal at tlie foot, of
the Sierra Morena . in the province of
Cordova,-.* The productiveness-of these,
mines was great as it is ,said', that for
several years they .yielded Hannibal 300'
pounds of silver each day. The *- mines
were worked.. by • horizontal tunnels
which extended a couple of miles into
• The color of a mineral is the kind ol
light which it cither- transmits or reflects. If trads'parcnt a mineral may
transmit one kind of light and'reflect
another; hematite.for example, ordinarily appears black, by reflected light
but on looking through" thin crystals
they appear red.. Some 'minerals transmit dilterenl colors in difiereut directions, ; The external or superficial
colors are those which first appeal to
the eye, hut they are not usually of
great importance because not constant.
The essential color or streak of a mineral, which is the color of the mineral
when powdered, is a character of .first
importance because it varies but, little
regiirdlessofwhat lhe external color
may be. ' Play of - colors; change of
colors, iridescence, .tarnish .and opal-'
cscence are properties whose study is
full of interest.   . -
" Several thousand pounds of mercury'
or quicksilver are; used yearly 'in' this
country in medicines. " Mercury ' tril-
uraied with some other substance forms
most valuable medicines and their' use
produces specific mercurial effects local
and constitutional. - .Such compounds,
are blue niass (blue pill), mercury with
chalk (gray-powder),- mercurial, ointment and mercurial'plaster.'' All mercurial compounds entwring the circulation lmve a pcoujiar influence over
nutrition'"." This is" especially true ol
the salts of mercury,, such as mercur-
ous chloride or*; calomel, mercuric
chloride'of 'cbrroSsive sublimate and
.mercurious iodide or the green iodide
of mercury. ,There are known upwards
of a hundred medical compositions in
which .'mercury,, forms "-a ;part7.7'Mer-
c u ry ■ absb r bed   by - t he syst e 111 - "as - i n
brittle. A'_solid metal may. penetrate
another when'both- are,.cold, as is
shown with plates of gold.'and t lead
rolled togetherand allowed to 'stand.
zinc are used in   dentistry   as   fillings
for teeth. ' v 7,7,   7   '  ',       -■',..'."
- "Meteors;;before' enc'oilnteri'fg'"'**fie
earth's atmosphere are invisible' to *us
(raveling it. .'their own orbits' about*.-the
sun. ■ Immediately /on .siriking'. the
earth's atmosphere.their, kinetic energy
begins to be changed ^bjk'rtt find tit- a
height of 75 lb 106 miles they, -become
visible, where the air "a mole i-arific'd
than under the exhausted .'receiver of
an air pump. This rarefaction , of the
tipper air does uot, however, stive them
from'tho effects of their impact,with lhe
'atmospheric molecules. It takes only
a fraction of a second to consume the
smaller meteors, l.yon if-ineleors, instead bf moving ahou! in space,. were
•without motion, and wero encountered
by , the earth in its flight their fate
would be similar, for the velocity of the
thrlli in its orbit- is at llie (ncniciulous
speed of 19 miles each second of time,
and a meteor coming iu contact wilh
the em-til's atmosphere would 1 mined-
iiiloly''assume 11 temperature estimated
HL6oo,noo degrees, which would mean
total obliteration.
. ■'.   The" Lady of Lyons
. Upon-the >, first- production -of this
brilliant play, atCovent Garden Theatre
Royal;* London, in 1838/ it'had., the advantage ofbeing most effectively cast—
and probably never "since have "all. the
parts been so well and evenly filled.
It must*, however," be remembered, that
Lord Lytton, the author, knew what
they could do, and had them in mind
when he "wr'ofe, the play. Every person
engaged, rose afterwards to a leading
position hi the, profession. Mr. Mac-
ready, the representative of the hero of
the play was in ever%respect' admirably adapted to the'-part.   7
'Educated for thebnr, lie cjuitted that
profession for the stage, ' and combining a fine appearance with high intellect, and excellent voice and'- good ele-
cution, he^vas all that the author could
desire.    -      .
. Mr. Huntley, who is lhe leading man
with Miss Neville plays* the • part of
Melnoltennd is said to be all that could
be desired. . , -   '
1 This beautiful play will be seen at
Stork's Opera House on Thursday,
September 14II..
Geometrical Bonrdiii!*-
cases of miners iif quicksilver mines is
.'*-.-    ■      -iiii violent, poison.-*  '.     ,     ■. ,   "
T^The .great' silver'mines "bf-'-Potosi,-
Bolivia, were'opencd-'lipil in""-1^45, iiii
Indian linving'inade the -discovery- of
ore,'by having accidentally exposed
native silver in lumps, in tlie roots of a
buslr' lhat he' had'.pulled!'/rom- the
ground, It,is estimated that since the
"discovery of the Polosi mines $**|ooo,
ooojooo worth of .silver had' been -ex-
trartcd. *  "•
In a large coal mine in • the Georges
Creek region ;when iii hauling th'e
grade against the empty cars exceeded
lo per cent in' nny room, the use of a
contrivance called a "lid.lle" is necessary. .'.The flddle is' an' -iron.' pulley'
mounted nn a -heavy* base, which is
placed near the face of the room. A
prop holds' lhe pulley, - and the frame
supporting it, .Irmly against Ihe, floor
of llie room, und a three-quarter inch
wire rope passes,around the'pulley and
thence to the coupling of' the loaded
ciir.t As' the loaded ciir runs toward
lhe mouth of the room, ihe'-em'pty car
ntliiched'io'the oilier e'ml' of the', wire
rope,..is drawn from the room switch
lo llio face, As thc airs arc till provided with, double brakes, .the loaded
cars nro easily let down the heavy
grades, nnd lho miners arc not compel led lo push the empty can lo the
face,, All iliu haulage is In favor of
the loads.
'      •  [Punch]
4   -    ■     ■  •*,   •
1. All boarding houses are the same
boarding houses."
.2. Boarders in , the same boarding
house and'on the same floor- are equal
to one another. v - ■ v.    .
3-. ■ The landlady * of the- boarding
house-is an oblong, angular-figure thai
cannot be described, but is equal to
anything.    '     ,'.'
5; All the other rooms being taken
a single room is said''lo be a double
"room. ,' '
Postulates and Propositions
1.. A . pie may be produced any
number of limes. °
; 4". Any two'meals at a boarding
house are, together less than one square
feed. . •   _
' s'."*- On the same bill and on the
same side of/it.there'should nol be", two
charges for.the:same .thing':. 7 C" '•■■
. 6'.74f there be. two boarders; on tlie
same floo*r7^ninircnu.iou"ni7oi—side-of
\- \VA-N.eQUyER  '-.\
SEATTLE'        .;
". ' .7 \and"
\ -©0 Day Limit ''
All Rail Via Sarni.8 or
S. Si; Princess VtctorEa
Vancouver to
Via Victoria.
Through Slaeplng Cat*
Arrowhead to Vancouvor
Sunday       Wednosday       Friday
For full   particular*-,', tickets,   first
class or tourists , Bleeping car 'reservations.   Apply to local agent.
' ' JI. Heading
,.    • .    ,   vAgent at Fernie.
J-.S.Cftrtor.'D.p"..',;, '    E..I.'Coyle. A.Ci.P.A. '
-     NbUon.       x Vancouver
i®m Estate, Loa.
insuraeibe Br©9csr
IF you have-lands or.ldts for sale, list them with us, if you want "to. liyy,,.
-call oii us. .";'/   ' '.'   '"'     " ^^r   ""'•""    '^..il.,,.
IF you have property to insure, have us write the .risk-   " .      "      •      '.",..,
* *Mm*VmS**m*m**mWS*Smm*m***0*m*mWm1S*n* C
TF you wanttb borrow money
Halcyon Hot Springs
saMiTflRjys*.. -..
Arrow LaE|@y   -   n   ■ B. 0.
. &$T Tho most parftjctlv'.nppointfcd Health
and Pleasure Hp-iort iiutbe SVest, wil li a complete hVbteiu ot J3utliB-li-.olu4ting TiuUisli iind
nu!.»iaii. Open tlie.vrarronml. The. curative
properties of its waters are unequnled fur Lur-
inij aU-JthPUinatic, Nervous and" Muscular
Trouble*,; for Healliig*, u-U Kidnc.y,-Liver iiud
SI omiujh Ailments; for Eliminating all Metallic Poisons from the Syotam.
The Ki-niideur of the scohe'ry is' unrivalled.
Mountains. s,noA4'i)Ptiks, f4ire»f*i, IiiUbh, water-
iallH,-boating, yaclitir.e, Hulling, ..hooting, ox.
cursiotia, tejinis.       ', '-   ■
its.winterclimato is unsitrpassed for.mild-
r'-<!B!)•,     "; •*,HARRY MCINTOSH,". ''
the one be equnl to the'ainount of side
of iho oilier, an J the wrangle between
the one boai'.ler'.in.l' llie,,landlady be
oqualto the wr.inf*;le.--tietwc«C]i the landlady and tlieoibei- boarder,' then 'shall
the weel".ly.bills of, lhe two^boarders be
equal. For if not, let one bill, be the
greater; then the other bill isjess than
it might have been, which is absurd. ■•
NOTICE is liuroliy bIvimi, thiit throo inniUhs
iiftoi* dutft, aiipliciition \'lll ho inndP to
MiPl.lciiiohuni Govorr.nr in' I'mmull," by I'lit*
1SIU iHiinl'd* and Miimifnotuiiiiir Oompiiny,
IjtnilU'il. to phaim1* llio iianii.- of the (Junipuny
lo vTiiuJSlkliUiiihiii'CtiniiMiiiy, l.iuiitud,"
Ji'lv -JO, lliuli,    ,   ■ rJollulloM for tin) Gotnpimy.
",' " ,  'NOTICE     _
■11AKT5 Notleo tliiilfl'l 'lny* nflor (Into, I in
L tond to npnly to His Honor the J.toutoniiril
Oovurnorlii Coiniull, ntidor. tlio "Hlvur inid
SlriiRnw Aoi." I'oi'i eniiUslon to ul<wr l-imldurH.
■     *       lmlriiitionu from tlio lid
JI, C.fion
ninii4int J4I1I.   un I.IIIIIM..I  , ...,,,...„,
lofr-jtitiiH and othor olmlruitionB from tlio hod
of \Vll..i)iiCiC()li1 Emit KoDtujiiiv 11. C, iron-
it* point of entry Into the Klk Uivor to It
In the latest mulch making m-ichine
the wood from which the match splints
.ire made lu pine plank, two inches
thick) which, after tliorotii-th-UryintJ, is
resuwed into lengths from one and
bevcn*el(;lilIiK to two anil one-half
Inches, reprt'sentlnu the length of the
mmlch to he made, The ItnoU and
cross (;raliK\l parts arc cut out of the
blocks nnd these blockinire put Into the
•lulomulie , fi-eder of it miichini*, . the
piiralUne and coiiiponltioi. for the hcail
of tho n-intch having been properly
prepared nnd placed in their respective
mopiacIeK, where they cun bo' replenished   without stopping the  maclilnu.
Tlie knives urdien thai cut the mntili
hpllnt from tlio blocks are ho plnceil In
liend block of the muchlne  thut  when
lhe MpliiUH tiro cui thoy   mo uepjiralcd
liy a quarter of an inch und  placed  or
vet In citut iron   plates nuulu  Into  un
> cihIIcmhcluiln■h)-' link nlliichnicnlii.   At
each revolution of the   machine  ^4
niiilciiCH are cut iiud st-i,  1110 iiMCiiiue
niitkiiiij t/a io am i\n\ihiiivi\i> ... min-
tile.   From the cutliuK end of llio mu*
chine thc ciiJI^s  tliaiu   mwt. nlong
over a heating, 1 r  drying block  pro
iwi'tl for thi*i purp*-«o where the match
ipllnl ii  heated  to a   decree  neiirly
equal lo that required to melt pur-illine
10 thnljhe puraiTiiiemay not chill  on
the tllck, when tlienplint pass*':, through
it, but thut the enJ m.iy ho thoroughly
haliirjitcd.   Tlio rl 1.11n move*) on to the
rotiipo-ailion rollers  when*  the ni'Mch
icccivcsit,! head, nnd tlion fotin"',   *ni--' icufici il-i ijrv'.tli'.if -.lon-.ity jn*.t  he fire
conjiict wilh bliiiit). of cutil dry air for un | „„|i4ifj|nR
hour andaliall when it reiurnn  to  the
place of beginning, hut befor*i reach:
Ing. which the. mAUlic*  aro  punched jb,-rof-'» lw rubM wJl1' mcrcUfV «
out of »h*t:lmin by an automatic device : nuiTiruiil qu.uilily ot Uie inrrcuj-j' it. al*.
nto nm.ill pnpet or itnwbtnr*. boned I sorbetk by tbe Xixrt,   rcmUring   the   tin
1 1 .   .    1
tMViru'i. mid to coiintr. et dumrt, Itumoii und
nialto suoli othor inirirovomnnU an may,I'i'
nui'OHWiry fur .Irlvlni* loa^ and Jliuiiiiijf liiulioi
tliuroon.      -'.-,•
Dat'wl, AuBivst 10th. 1005.
Foi-iiio, IJ. 0, .iJOHN 0, CUMMING8.
0 '      • ■■
llend Down f „ • •   ■' 'tli«n.l Up-
,9:55 nm Lv7-Ferine.  Aia*..9:00 p in.
10:4-2 a"m . ' Elko 3:10 p m
12.80 pin Rexfnnl 0:10 pin'
7:15 i>m        SPOKANE      ,9:80 am
7:30 am Kvnreit 9:2lp,m
9:00 am'   ,'.-     Senttlo 8:00 pm
8M5 p m Arr Vancouveu Lv -liOepfn
2;-J5 p in Arr*  St Paul    Lv 5:00 p m
-   + Daily Exciipt Suk».vv.
call at our office.
We hare for sulo 100 aereB of Inml situated 'ci&lit   miles from Peaehland nnd -seven inilrs from
Kuloirn.1 ou the west oiitoof the Okanogini Lake.   Thirty, fl vo .it-res of the tract is botton-i-la.r.11, *,
15 acres of k-vel baiit-h and 50 acres of got.tly slopinu; land.   The remainder is  go'oii pasture..laud_, ■
Fiveueri'.-. of thie bot.tnin l.itid i.s uiilcr enliivntion.   Cultivated lauds In the ncighhorliouil of tliiH ,
himl, are carnin'remig-little fortunes  for their owners.,, Soniu fruit grower's in that b'crtioii havo'
sold thi'ir eropa on tho trees at from S200 to 300 per acre to Winnipeg dr-alei-a-this year     llnre'is a
cliauco to Bccuro a fi'uit ami vej*etablo farm at rciiHonablo' prices aud   upon terms   that i-liouM
suit the purchaser.' Call on us for prices, terms etc." c .-..,.,,.-•.,..,
JNotty Son &-''CoM' ^^GK,-F-9rnS6/
To Seattle and Vancouver
0?-WO     3srit3-JrITS
To Wlniiippif and St.  Paul
Close Connections
I'or Chlrriuo,  Toronto,   Mbulrciil and
.   All Points East and West
wliloli tlio uiiilornioaUonoil lai\ri« uro Mtuiit*
for a IIcmiho to jnotijiuot, for conl and ,x<-
troluum for a tt*rri| nf onn yeir ovor  tho {nl--
Bauxite occiim In the curth'n criial
In the form of veins, beds or ninnr*
photiH inii-iscs, not' crystallized, and
wlilionl und nunsiunt nr^anolepl'u?
clmraclcrliillc. The hurdnrss, color,
texture und iluiislty often clian^o ' in
thc bitiiio deposit. Usually the ore occurs In coucrcllunnry or plunlitlc
miiKuen, nlllioui'li il Ih koiih.1 lines a
hard coinpnct, lioiiioj,»cneotm flne-
•jruliu'd rot It. In koiiio cukc-i ihe
-tlrtifiure Ih tmllllc, tind in other* it K
cart lily, rcRt'inbliun cluy. It may In*
hard or soft and compact or porous.
The color varies from nlnio.-it pure
while to u deep red or black, pai>sin|{
throiiuh nhudofl of cream, gray, yellow
and plnlc.   The mincrtil in son^tiuies
'111 , il    I       .,!!,,.,
.*4|/VVI»I*.*.   *y.     |,,..,ii.w,     .»,,*^. .J     ,..«.,*.      » .
li-*-.*. *-liiiiH\S by 'iron r-\Ui\ nMinijanp^c
iiiinomU, or organic ntatier. The
color* vltik'Je into ono Another gradually urub.'uplty, nud seldom,, if ever
doebji deposit'posucss. n unirorm color.
Tb«* I-jHtcJut'ss ol MverngB geoi) orr
variet from one to three, nnd the spi*.
ell.*; gravity from 3.4 to 3.54,
All inetul* with the one exception of
hi*..inilil arc lighter wh su molten thnn
when- cold.      Dikiitulh    like   water
A liquid metal tun penc-
ii.ilc .1 -.uliJ .netal, un for imXutxcc if a
lnwlnij ilowrllidil luiirtu -.Itiuitd.lii tlm ilintr'nt
f SouitinaHt. Koi.toiiny onniiiitiiifliiii*' nl 11 |*ii»t
Innti'il ulioiitono niflo wort of tlioHiimniitiif
Acot.vlimii I.lirlitH.l Car*,
Fain 11 v TnntUt HlonjvirH,
l'llllU!BSl0l>nlllK I'lir*.
J)liiin«.!iir,4(MfiiUsft In oni'lo)
l.lljl'iiry  Olirtiiiviilloa   Cum
Thvounli Tlckotfl niirl bnuffnKO
chcfkn to nil pnlntfl
StenmHhlp TIuk'isiH.
yen i*« an
-Aniiuiilly, tolllMhonow iiiiitinn.-i cioiitod
liy Rnllrcinil iuul TnU'gr.ii.n CinnpiiiiM Wfi
waul. YOUNG MEN ami LADIES uf Bi.o.l
lull its. to •
Wu t'lirni-li 7Ji p'.'V cent, of tlio lJiii-i-n.tf.rr*
Hurt Khiflon Auunlrt In Amoil'in    Our nit
110 Him lri**(Tt..,t o.v^liialvu ToK'^mpli i
IM THE WOULD,   Nnlii'iUf..."! -"'[
ilomlor.sttlliy aii louillm' lttiliwityf
Olllfliils. , .   ,    J
Wfiuxi'CMic « "".Vi Biiinl lo iivm-y Htililunt*.
tu fnrnlali liim nr Imi- 11 im.111..11 iiuyiin,'}
r.-oin -i ' t»'II1 ft montli hi Stiilnsi'iiit, nf tin.!
Itofkr Mi'iinliili's. "i- fi'-'m '"-J '" '-"" "
11-1u11t.11 in StnK'«i wi-.-l ol thi lli'i-llu.., IM-1
- stiulmil*, din niitcr nt- iniy limn. No vii.j
riitiol)-1. for full jnii'i,ii uliir, ii'^.ir'lin*,' nny -.
oi oil 1 Bi'luiol-. wi 1.0 itli- o*. Iiiiiiirpvwiiillvi';
(>l*lli:d lit CLioiiiiiaU, O   t;afiilw!iiiifrt'(i,       t
Cincinnati. Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y' I
AtUnt-i Ga, UCicvsc, W!«,'
Toxarkana, Tex. Sun Francisco, Cil,
n<tiiMrr^l«i**nTi—.*.n*fWiTrriiiii   I   .1 	
aay^: «©i
•cspeclfully announces lhe first appearancc'in this, city of the
Cclebratptl   Kh^lish  Actress (fur  five years  a valued ";
member   of    Henry.  Irving's, _.superb , company)
!»6U8 h.U.U'
For Tlok('t«, Map*), TWlli Il«ForvnrIcmi",
& uonipliittt Inforimillmi, i;all or atltliuKS
JAS. SLOAN, AjftsntGiN, By.
VKIISII".. Hi <!.
thn KuuUy Moiiiitalnn untl two inllnn nmtli >il
tlinHuiitliK-ioHiiiiiyl'ii-iH Trail aiid limr.-ii'l
"llurlwrt llylini'l'* Noitliwiml. nnrnur vpul,"
lliitni'i* iiuiilli iilulityjflialiiH, llmiiiio oiiiitiilnl.iy
(iliiilDK. Ilioiioo norHi nlD-lity ulnilltn, ■tlKumii
wont HiKlitvi'liiiliiH tn tlio pincii 01 (iuinnii'nnii-
inriit. I'diituliiliiu MO anrwi nuirfi nr livnn,
r.ncutiRl nml dutfiil tlinlilth day (it Aiiffiml,
liwfi, lluiliort llylaml, Lociitor
,1,0. Omilon, Anunl.
NOTICK I* Imniliv hIvou thai aflor,llip nxiilrii.
tion iif (tn iili.itr i'it,v« 'I'.'in "iii ilnin I I"-
lOllil |iiii|i|il.Y '" ll'0 Amilitliiiil fjfiiiiinlhiili-jiiiir
ot l.iiuilri iuul Wu'lii. for tlm ill'itrlot in vhkli
tlio uii'lnrmnnt'ciii'l liiinU nro ultuutti fur 11
1.1'otH.i tn |iio.i|ii'i)t f«ir ormi mill iifiiroll.nm Kir
II Inrili nf nun \'lhij-  ovur llm liilluvvliiij ilu
nCrPl'll  lltlKlr. MlllllltO tit t Ilf)  lif.ttl'lut   (l( Koillll
Kit il. Kooti'imyi'iimniniif inn nt. 11 |iimt ii!ni,tiiil
*r..|iif iih'l «'I|i.Ii*Ii.U   lliiliTt-   IIvlaiiil'i ....r
11M im.i mul iiiarkvl "A,t| W, Ilylnnil'i. nciili-
tiiint rorniir l>»»t" jliuiii'1111'jiiili cl,ili(y<*ti'ilni.
ili'.ni'ii viiKt, ululily clmln*, lliiiiico imi Hi
ilnlityi'lmlrii, Ihinui' i'iikI olalitv. hIhiIiu in
tlio plum nf Rouiinuiii'umunt fc/iiluliili u iiii
■ ll'lflrl lO.irtl Or l»*4rl
fjiicutuit iiiiiI iliifnil tlio Mill <liiy nf AiiJiiinl,
llki,1,     A. O. W. Hylnliil, l.noiitoi*
,1, (I.Oul'iloii, Aifiut
•-.TOTIfWIii lirrnliv irlvnn Hint ittlt't tlinnrplr*
^* (iltoil ut '■(.•Hi..r,4'M*,iiii4.|M un. .i,4ii-, 1 (II-
lM\rl to mi|llv til tllll   A<»|itt,liril   l'llTI1lTlll*Il>|i|.r
III 1,1411.U Oil*( \l'ort»* I'.i t.iu 114,111,1  111 M1UC11
lli«i iiiiilArnii'iill9"'"i Innd* nil* "Ituntri tor 11
ili-on-ii toj.ri>.|i04!t fur civil mmI i.f.irolnum (nr
ft l«rm 01 ono ycur ovur tlm lnll..\i*ltii/ .in
wrll'inl Ifindf-mttimta in •liiiilintrio'. nl Snutli-
Uitii ii(i(ii(iiiiivi'iiininriii.|iiir id n put titmitcl
nnrMi »f uml uillftli.inu <\ O. \V llylftpd'n our-
ntr t»)»t ,itiilm.4i*l.!!il "U   U'ull.ir-11 unii'licjul
.»!> *ii Vv" ',"-",- '■ ..-'.*•**•■' ».'■';*•-* ','■ , "-
ItOrl IliilBll'V "llll ln». llll'llf-n Mlnll 1   Mi (.'ll.'llllit,
tlmni'ii south ui^litv rliiilim in Iliu {>lau> nf
BMniiiiiiit!'M'Wil.n-i'iiaii.JMi iii'Mi rn* innri* nt
\titt   l.fiiiiM us.'I 'lutii.Itlifi iitliilay ul Aiv
Uut ID A.      (I, Wiilli-r   l.ui'Hlir
,1, (lOuhlHi   A«i:lit
NOTICK Ih IimwiIi*/ ulvnn tlmt n'lfr th« cunlr
ntl'ii,ofini'li'nr .liij-» rr'iniMiUitnto, III.-
tfnil to !l|il>'V Mi Hi« AknUturit  IVitiimUxInm r
Ol I.M..I .lllll W'l/tlln fl,»  '1.4.  il! llkt   in    A'.l.i,
Mu im.luriiiiinll.iiul IaiiiU n:r> »Itu<.tH fm
a tluuriMu in i)i-4i.|ui.'t lor nrnil nnd |M.tr»!<*iiirt
f.i »'tun ui'ji.'')' tfiyir 'In- loJIii'ln.: if.-
kClllll-il   I1H1J1 «ifn»t«"   tll|iri41.tTlct of-llQlii
i'uH Wouivrinf- i-uinuiviuiintf *,t * poit plum*
• <V>*iit4ifaii']ti'll^iiiiutfQ Wnllur'iftiirntrput
r.rnJ i»mkiil"W.i*.U«.lt«#»'.'iiU«int ...ir.«i
pmf' tlittiiM wi»i t-iftlny dinti'j. ti.tiin-i-
nonb •.l#tity«*l*.»iiij«, tli*n««iir«»tol*htj*t*.li*it.j.
tli*in..# riomli nlplity tilmini trt thr> filar* uf
^AinuMWinnnl ."intiiali.tr HI 1 acr«i< mnro ;t
I***. IrficuLiI »n'ti1uiei|iM»l*UiJi.y<>f <Vni-
ii.t t'Ki. ti f tVilli" i,*i 'n» ir
J, IX llnrlvn Ag«ut.
h Summer Suit
18 pi'.il.iil'lytlia prnpnr
unpi'i' nt thi** timo
of ilia yo'ii-. If. ymi
liai-H a tluhli'u In llint
ill-vet Ion
I'AI.I. ii*.   ■
1—wnwuii—1« iwi——w
Kenny & McLeod
Sub ect To
We will buy
2^00 RlintCH Itniulilar Cnrlbon
liflDO Slmrcij'Inti'niiiilniial Coal
lllillto   l*llllftl4B   Sv     ..4i.«-llV/
BOO ijliarns Tlncky .Monntnlu Oil
Wc offer, subject to sale, al
at a very low price
6000 Hhnrt'H WtihWii OII
If you wish to buy or sell
. st-.r-.c nf any kinil communicate wlthnUr?.
lu.uiaiictiaijUStock Biokcn
Fcrtti1; B. C
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
Wc get out a class of Printing that is superior to the
general run.  : : : :
That's why we're kept busy.
Do we tlo your work?
Good Printing Pays
We clo {rood Priming.
Try us with your next order
•—Tub I.i.ih.i-.k.
■and a ino>t eflV.'ilv.' cast in an o'/tl.oi'iile pmilui-ijon. of
1 ' ■ •
53iv Eld ward' BkIivqii'*' ty^toev's
,- Beautiful Romantic Love Story
"It isn't ul'tcii-yini loiivi* Hie playluHiM' fvi'lini- hi'iioi lliaii wlun yoxx cntca'd It
bin you will if you hcu thU (iiinpnny anil play,"
Saiinfariion muarnnli'i'tl or inoni'V rol'iiiuk'tl,
, mmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ^
Koscrvotl Seals will be placed ou sale one week  before the
dale in ihis cily
at BLICASniiLI/S DRUG STORK  .     '.
Prices $r.oo and 75 els,   Performance starts al 8 p. nvv sharp
\V   '."
,1- n..i,
of Wii.e*-, l7|iU)i-ii toil Ci„'hii".  ,
Dlulrk-t AgPtA* tor
ro-.umci-y Ch*imf a^'i-.o
jirid MiWttt lli't-r
Dlftrilutom of
ClmitiVolMta nt.il
ni*r*oh CAntn
yicw-wiifl   53.a.
Tht'C. I». K.   t.ir.-r""Spi*rl,il  qii  Hat
KoiiikI Trip Rait", ftoin   Kuutun.iy
On AtiKioi i\ ,\od is, ami ^ut)tini,ihi.-r
ifi and 17, tiii; Ciiiiiidi.ui Patitic Kail'
way will mjII at Nilnon, Kn-slinn.1 uiul
Trail t)o day round trip lii kets in  Win-
Mt......    *-;i    I'ioI    n''tllll       I'.irl    Willi 1.11
lor $5a.;so and t<> Ct.?ca|>o .fO^.oo,
l-orii"*p»nJin<; r.«t'.*(i will be miiiJc froni
all Koolt'iiity point.-*.
Throu-fj;)) luund nip tit kuU will U-
M»ld .011 tlio tiitum diilCK'to Tori'tilo,'
Mmilrval iJiul nil pi.'miii. in Ontario,
Qurlii-r, Miiriiiinr proslnii;-*, Ntw'Yi.rU
.iii^ Ni-v Fi.yljin'd st.ili**, ^*ivJ 4vi .ill
rail or UiUi- mate, at >pi*cial extursloii
For full particular*!,,-. fir.« cl.wn or
tourist n.f.-pfr |]*»vlii'ati«iii'., apply J. S-
Cuter D. P. A.  JM- .u.
Sovoral Thousand!
* ** 1
. Sijui'as or
misxj.iy Stock
For @«ilj
Mott, Son fi .Co,
L.T.W. Block, Kernie,.B.C.
- i:.-.-'-;-11
"-.- ■ y
t,ma.\A'. in f
T. G. P-u.U-i. HiL.-.
.'*•?< j*
*m *>>77---
■*-M*W*-.^WWM-it**|--*-|M^M*^^M^WP^.- .,  . .      .       . . '^i,,   .   !■ ,
■■•^^-^;*7*'^-r'v:^\-'V^7^ - 7 ' ".v 777 ■"
■''■ 7-* '.YiiiYY<Yy^':^y>'yYi-':Yii:'<-''y'^ii '"" T1" ,-  ■ / • '"''•--'?-.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce CENT A WORD ADS
* ' Head Office
"lid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
. Special attention,Is directed to the .following Advantages ofTered b
Our Savings Bunk.
Deposits dt $1 and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest i-* added to the Deposit TWICE in each year, at the end of May and
November,   The Depositor, is subject to no delay.whatever in the withdrawal
ir, of the whole or any portion of the deposit.. „      v
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT  BRITAIN   AND  EUROPE   Bought  and  Sold
at Lowest "Rates.
T. B. MAY, Manager
tliis headinf*. in>.ert«4t Ht the rate of Out
cent a. word each insertion.
tlii*   ~
- -it
» »   men.  Enquire of Fred Waters, foreman
for the Elk Lumber Co.
For Sale or To Rent
room*). - Apply  to H. Morgan.    West
Fernis „   -
■"The Bank of Hamilton will be
open.on Saturday, Sept. 16th, 1905,
and every Coal Co. pay day, from 7
till 9 p. m. Special advantages in
Savings Department. . .        r
To Let
.  Kcn.iy.f: McLeod alwj-vs hnve room
f.>r one ifxn-e "order.
Dr. W. S. Bell, of Cranbrook, was In
fie city on Weduesdfty.
Surprise your friends hy Kilting a
lieu *»uii at Kenny & McLeod.
Melville Peiry, Mitiict Maiingir ol
the Equitable l.ilc, la iu the city.
See Dr. Howe1 about your eyes. He
will be at tli2 Fernie Hotel, iVept 12, IS
and 14th.'
H W. Woud returned Monday ev. n»
lug- from a visit to Portland aud i ther
cant citiua.i,
, Don't dttlay any 'oiifrero See Dr.
Howe, Eye S'-ecinlift, when he is here
oo .-vi-t   2, 13 and llth.
N.H.'B/.'iley left W Vancouver oo
Wedoes l.iy. It will cost biui twice ae
much ui h-ot buck.
Another larpe consignment of
watches just Id at Wrij'lits, the jewellers.
Tlit* MitBFK Dimes entertained a
number, ol their fri-nl* at a vo y
enjoyable dance ou Tuesday evening.
Watches galore at Wrights. They
most ko to make room tor another lot
liow on the way. ■■■■•
F. H * Sherman, President, and P.
Patterson, Sec., of the U. M. W.of A..,
went np to Frank Monday evening on
business connected with the order.
- Tlie King EJward Hotel occupies »
prominent .position in Fernie only :-
step or two from the C. P. R* depot,
nnd convenient to business houses ir
the citv.
Co's, Block.
Apply to O. N. Trailing Oo.
for Winnipeg on Sunday eveuiujj. VM|- ,
ifoyutou and other.otflciHlii of the Elk
Lumber Ci., will be , iu Penile ov
Tnursday niorniu^.
Even- man owes it to himself nt A
his family to muster a trade or pro-
t'esMou. Read the display ndverti*,*
ment of the-rix M.irsc iSchools of Tele-
Kf.iphy, in this issue and learn,-tele-
tfrpaliy, and be assured a position.
The output of coal at the different
collieries (or the week ending Friday,
He-.it 8th; waa as follows:—Coal Cri-ok.
'7,770 toii«j Michel, 5,181 tons; Carbon
ad'*, l.KJt) tons, total, 14,ttli7 tons.
Just received today,. a lartfo con*
eiifutuent of ladles' and fjcntW'tnen'r
rtiitfi These goods were ordoreu
bcturo the lire and as I havo not
room to display them, thoy most b<-
dcared oqt, and I- •ffer your ohoic*
at prices to salt you. O.hor ftoo&t
on the way.   Wright, tho jeweler.
I). Haley, of- tlm bridge bulldln,
department of the C. P. R., Informs «•
tbat tho men In that department ur<
for o i-elebratlon ami picnic at fcllkn t<
be hold ou the lilHh and 80th of thi*
month. Bills and particulars wi.l
•Piwar later.
The telegraph luntruraents won
ftUeod in tlio O N, utatioii hero yester
day moriiliiir Ikkiuir the place nf thi*
telephone aud Mr, .Sloan is ready fm
bunlne-m to bo dono ovor the Wunlet n
Uuiou lyutein. Ono inoru ndviuitHge
ia tinu placed within the reach of thi
pi-Hi'ilti of fernie and wo shall ex
pout better service from both compnnler
than we h.ive had hi the past. Wh*
says competition Is nnt tho life nf trade.-
Nelson Fair
For this tjvtmt which taken pluec on
Svpt. jo.lh JIM aid und, tho Cun.
lidliin I'mHit- Kiiilwiy will is*.ue tick*
tit from Calgary, McLeod, l'enticton.
Midway, Ro-j-J.md, Trout Luke City
and liilermcdlnte points to Nelson and
return on .Sept. iHtli lo nut inclusive,
Ifood to return llll Sept. 35 li, at rule
a ikU Cure.
(Special to the I.kuoer.)
Victoria. B C, Sept. 11—-The fate*-
aro very kind to Victorians.    For n<
sooner has the Collins case ceased to b<
h Biilijcct of <renerul conversation thai
providence provides the spectacular ad-
veuiuresiii Captain.' Alec M-jLcjui aid
liis notorious raiding schooner Carmen*
cita to tuko the  place  of  the 'Frisco
lawyer iu the linmlifj-ht.    Collins, b\
tho way, is enjoyinj*; an admirable op
port unity of becoming really  w.ll acquainted with Sheriff Frank G. Richards.     No aoonor   did  Mr.   Justice
Martin decide that it would be scarcely
etiquette for him to hear, the habeas
corpus application presented in Collins
behalf, the same having been argued
mfore hiii learned brother Duff and by
Mr. .Justice Duff dismissed, Mr. Justice
Martin instead referrinj* the petitiou to
.he bench of judges fur hearing- ou the
Ut November, than Mr. Taylor, K. C,
Tor the defeudaut Collins, presented a
motion for suciVan order of custody as
>voulil give his interestinjj: client gre-.t-
:r iHtitude-and a larger counterfeit ol
liberty.   Mr. Justice Martin intimated
n unmistakable language that he con
idered the Jul a tit and proper h'ablta
linn for Mr Collins pending,the  henr
njf of his appeal, and that settled tin
ipplicatiou to His Lordshio.    Then
iJollina by his counsel  went' to 'Chief
lustice Hunter with an identical appli
•ation. ' The Ohief Justice had possibh
lieeu reading- Martin on etiquette,' 01
:lie precedent afforded in Justice Marin's hesitancy   as to   reviewing the
lecision rendered by Justice Duff, at
11 event the Chief Justice advised tha.
he petitioners go back to Mr   Justice
Martin,   This, in view of  legal prat-
litiouers,  was a gentle hint to   Mr.
lustice Martin that;his rulin'f, in=Uie
Ohioi Justice's opinion,' was unsound,
ilut Mr. Justice Martin would uot  at-
.ept the Hint.    Ho had   declined tie
le. Also M,vcj-al loa-U of go.rfl irmuurR, excellent for muihroom beds. Apply ut this
office.  [Early,]
about ti or 7 rooms.   Apply at Lkikiku'
ofiice. , , .,
, 1
it presented for. their study of prison
life from within the walls,-mutinied
and compelled McLean to return to
British Columbia. He is now 011 the
a rid iron, with explanations demanded
from almost every official quarter.
Just to make matters more interesting,
the schooner has had a new name,. the
•'Acapuk-o," daubed on her stern; and
Captain McLean has transferred the
t'Otnmandto William Thomas, a veteran
hunter who died on the trip and there
fore cannot aeny his posthumous
honors, ,      ,
adopted decision on the part of the
provincial' government to grant no
more land oi* money aid to -'-prospective
railways. After 'bavin;-*- thus given
further proof of, hia„ heaven born
.statesmanship Premier McBride, with
Mr. A. E McPhillips, K. C.f Tom
Gifford, M P. P., Sheriff Armstrong- and
of other kindred souls,- have gone
a*huntiu<r. * They seem happy. .
Announcement is made in tbe>Gazette
that , several large . reserves in the
country bordering- tho Skeena river
have been lifted liy the government,
•'leing open on December 8 at the ex-
iiiry of the required three months'
notice, Coincideutally it is made public that this is in accordance with an
Victoria, B C, Sept. 11.—The advent
of the present hunting season has been
marked in Vancouver Island by an
unusually )ai-,<ce number of misadventures occasioned by carelessness
or. ignorance of woOdmanship
On the opeuing diiy of tho season
Sydney Cameron of this city rcceivtd
a charge of buckshot iu thu neck and
shoulder, through the inability of some
unidentified brother sporstman to Ait.'
tinguish him from a deer., Cameron's
do;,' was killed by the same discharge
that wouuded his master. , At Sooke
harbor, a young man named Brenton
also had a narrow egcape from serious
injury under very similar circumstances.
The most thrilling ' hunting seat-on
adventure is however reported from
Albernl, where, with shoes almost
dropping from his bleeding,feet, cloth
ing that was merely a maze of rags
and tatters, and tlie general appearance
of a wild ihan," Antonio Del pout e pf
Cumberland, succeeded -in" dragging
himself up to a farm house at the head
of tbe Albernl valley, on  Wednesday.
Between wolfish  bites at food- placed
before hiiu ho explained that ha had
spent five days and'nights in the bush,
between the scene of his recovery of
touch with civilization, and Cumberland, bia home.   . Meauwhile several
parties  had been searching for him,
whose anxiety was relieved as soon ss
the Alberni telegraph ollice could Li
reached*. Delponte's adventure was i.
curious oiie.   He left Cumberland Fri
day morning for a hunt, making for U't-
mouutainseast-of Ash lake.    In,the
thick bush of the neisj-liborhood he un
consciously wandered over to tbe Great
Central lake side of the range and ther.
became mixed up   in the   countloen
small streams and denso underbrush.
Day followed day; and losing alt-sense
of' locality    or . direction, - Dolponte,
famished and frantic,  pushed, deepor
and deeper into the wilderueBS.    The
fortunate discovery of a few rotten
potatoes in an abandoned prospector's
cabin came; just' in timqptb skve him
from eiuklng.     Shortly after this a
grouse fell,to his gun^and  was eaten
raw, and with better/strength Dclpoute
turned south,   On the evening of the
fifth day out the distant sound of a shot
came to his ears, tho lirst evidence or
human habitation.'  It was heard just in
Peaches,' Plums, Apples, .Orange*?,7 Lemons.
^v£&P1651:        Qro^vri
Tomatoes,   Potatoes,-   Beets,   Carrots,   Cabbage   and  -
Turnips.-!  The prices, are right; ' Quality, always the'
best. :Ca.sh bnlv'.* '   '•: --'-  ':      -•': ' '  T*' '--:i    -i   '■ ■' "■.:
1 • .- "■ "-"'•' 7'    .  ■      7       "   '     ''    "■ 7 ; 7,
-7   -     Prompt Delivery.■'' -   n..
W. J, Bliindeii
-*1 **.     1.   -<i   ..    >.'        ■'-. <       74  7
The People's Qrocer,  P. O. Block, "Fernie.
« ,    , * -<»
•»,-•-        R "    •   ;"'   ,-»-
Trites -Wood Co., Ltd.
and Millinery.
THE first instalment of Ladies'   Fall and Winter,
Coats have arrived.' o They are the very latest;
styles, • and perfection in Quality,*  Fit,\ Finish   and
Workmanship.    We ask your most critical inspection.,
-144.  .'
ALTHOUGH pur show rooms are top, crowded, to.
"have our formal opening, yet we are showing a
nice lot of Ladies';. Ready-to-Wear,and  Untrimmed
Shapes, at very reasonable prices.      7
T   ADIES'  Golf Blouses in a' cQDO•fw  d^C[
JL/ nice range of Cblbrsr from nP-^ lU'-.iriPvJl'.
The Trites W(3o-d Co;, wd
'■'...'':..■•■- .   \   —PHONE 28—    '
ippiication ouce, and tho refusal stood
inumeuded.    Se   back   tiie   lawyer*
trotted to the Chief Justice.    And tin
Jlijef Justice without further:hesitancv
.undo an order removing Collins from
residence at the jail ahd the guardianship of the police, and giving hiin ovei
o Sheriff Kichurds' hospitality, whic*.
's much   preferable.   Whether   tlu
Jhiuf Justice had a right-to thus  taki
fiossesbion of a  prisoner,   dui'ir.g tht
pendency of prbenedinga agaiiist him ii,
4. brother judge's court, is one of thi
"f the multitude of tiiiuetliical question.-
that is now being discussed' ou evcr\
hand.   Meanwhile Collins lives at thi-
Uriard, ami Walks tho streets in con
staut cumpauy with his friend Sherifi
R chards.    Counsel for the  state oi
California took vlulout objection to Uu
lucmented libeity being allowed anti
vroto mott formally to the sheriff in*
wi niing him that California held kin.
.jni'boiiiilly rehponsible for Collins' salt
cti'tody, to whlch.SherUf Uiuhards replied that he was acting under order-
irom ajudgo of tho Supremo Court;
(hat hu was merely thu Mtrvaiit of thn.
court, that tlio couit was roflponslbli
,or Itsorduis, and ho was rcspunulbli
inly to the court.    Which is cinninoi,
eiiso.  Now Mr.. Iliggins,  the nngr\
count-til fur the atuto, has come to tht*
'oiicliiBlon  thut tbo Chief Just ice liar
.isminii'd solo ruBiKMitiblllty fur Cullliih'
'iiivciiKtudy.   "Wo will lut it go 111
t at,''Bald the lawyer, "If Collins ce*
capes, ah wearocoiivlnoed ho will, It
will be tho Chief Justice of British
Joluinlila, and he alone, who will be
.'lame* tile",
DESIRES to intimate to her "many Patrons in
' the.past,' and to,those who have not yet Visited
'- her establishment, that her Fall and Winter display of Tlfiilwery, the latest Tfew LVcrJt, iVerontdfYPerio and Xondon'lJashion3,Yi\so
a charming selection of Ladies' Neck Werfr, exquisite devices ih Ladies. tBcite,
SSuckhs, feather* and Ziowra, the latest'Tints in Ribbons, with a choice selec-.
tion of Children's JVatsj Spanner's and other Chaste Articles of Ladies' and Child-'-
■     •        ren's Attire, all New Stock, just.arriving, will be on show
ifyursdap; fvid&p and Shtuvdap,
September14tl),15t0 and 16if).
4-4    Don't Fail to Sec This Artistic Display  >
Wfit»* Varty would also intimate that her Stock now is and will continue to be so
varied, that she will be able to make-up any Class or Pattern Hat that may be
desired, on very short notice.
55JV« Varty also wishes to thank all those who have given her such generous
support since she came as a stranger to reside amongst them.   .
l* '
9tfits Varty would like to add she is in daily expectation of her
of all Descriptions, such as have not been seen in Fernie before,'
W-fiW-fW-M-'W WtWfl? •H' W-^^^,IHi^^^-^-lj-l( W*^»?MH*,l»-f •f4!
#JV    .      -  "'■ v.  ,
*VT> •  '     '   '• '
*& 00009900
the well-known acknowledged eye expert- who has had IG years
experience In the science and art of adnptin-? the proper glusses to ,$&
the defective liuhian eyes, where others have, entirely, failed,  $&
Ills mothods of oye oxaminationB are solentiHo, most modern and A'A
up-to-dnto.   SHADOW TEST with  AKTU'lClAL LIGUT, the
ONLY SAFK, RELIABLE and AOOUBATB method whereby any
Ij; ehance 61 prescribing the WKONG and DANGEROUS gliisais is
$1 dono away with., No mistakeBjNCGUESSWORK, come and we
^■for yonraelt that  wo, give you. fur traperior aorviceu and at long
cxponso than eluowhoro. Satisfuctlon Rtuimnteed,    - Spectacles *Jf
from $1 up., a?
At   Dloastlell's  Drug  Stoi*er Fernie, from 'a?..
th Q Friday Sept. IB to Sunday Sept 24. % '
Cheap IlHtea io Conai
Are you noini/ to the Portlnnd Pulr?
Ififlwby not ko -uh.la the Dominion
P.xhilijt.i'ii i»on ai New \\ cilmlnulor
anil take in both luim for Ihe price of
out Thif Cuiuidliin Pacific Railway «»■■•■
■u-illJ»iyct.cl.i..v tj I'v-it.'.ii.J aaJ .«.- ",,Ll
turn for Uj; goal fur <>.. d iyn. and lo
New Wvutiniiiilvr un Sept, 34th to
Oct %*rJ liiwluxlvo Kond to retutn till
Oft- ii for fi.vOS t'nnx Pernie with
corn t^ondi'ni rale*J wilh oilier Knot*
einy polutn. CouimcocinK September
161I1 and Ci-miituliiK dull-/ till Oct. 36,
iVeptru will he run between Arrow*
heudunJ Vancouver for the acromiv
dalionof Koutciiti) p.ity>cn»'em. Por
tkkeU, rvMrrvutimu, «U*. upply to any
C. P. R. aifitnl or write ). S. Catlvr
D. P. A. N<l**n U. C.
Hut theCollii,*'CMHeii now ocllpiiutl.
Aloe Mclean anil the (.annnnclta I10I1I1
tho boards.   McLean Is said to be the
orl-jlniil Hituly for Jiivk Lnndon's tre-
mundouH   charautur "the Sea Wolf."
British Columbians know him but tor aB
an old Miillmr »klppoi-f who was in past
years Ulemetl with an   ulanlic  con
scioncn, and by all reports Is us advou>
turottsNS ovei* II money U to be made
Last yesr Mi-LeanHiicccud.jd In raidlni;
a HiiHulau uttsl roukei-y aud irottlnji*
several of hU mon shot, ono nf them
fatally,  Ko csme here last December
with the Carineiivita nml outlined for
•eslliiff.   Ills vssniiI had eoiiHltltirnbic
illllleulty In jjtr«ttltijc pspern, but lluully
obtain,).] cleitraneo on  a provlvlotial
Mexlrin rOt-Utor, on tlm iiiittoratmidti)^
that riiowartto^o tl!rt"L-t   to Acajjal-.o
Hiul tlwri* p.oiTiplet-Ji bar  Ti'^litttir     !n
stfad she took on lior' hunter* heret
pluked up a scrub crew at Drake's Dayi
and Mailed   north,     Meanwhile  the
authorities at Han Franslvo got busy,
enn ami thn owners of nm t>m*»«-
clts, Wttg American cltliwns, were
Indicted for vonsplracy   and sevsral
other nnsty things incldoutal lo tlte
reverent.) of the American uovi-rinnow
for the ftirbtwrlnp; sealt and It wns
freely published tlmt McLean's expedition wns (or tbe pnrposu of raiding
rooksrlss In the iMrhinir soa    Copies
of newspapers eontelnliis* particulars of
those various millers worn passed to
theCarmancltaby the whaler Ajrnts
Knowles while she w«s lu the Nurtli,
and the hunters, learnlujr tho purpose
of the ciuIm, and uot fancying its torn
I luxlou or the tavorahle opportunltl**
DONT Buy Lots until you have seen what I
have to offer.      +      +      +      +      +
DON'T Send your money away for investment
when better returns can be had at home.
As n Business Investment or for a Home, there is no property to
equal that in the NEW LOCATION now on the market nnd
known as '
J*. . tk.Jm     w JBl.
FERNIE is bound to be the Greatest City in
the intcripr of British Columbia, and now
is thc time to buy. »fr      . 4. 4*
New schedule of prices now ready.
Call on or write to   —   —   —
Sole Agent for
Bum's Block, FERNIE, B.C.
Terms thut I am now ublc to olT«*r puis Ir wllhln lhe reurh of every man to own
timu to cause tlio hnplers man to desist
in n second swlin acrcss Stnuip.river
which If continued would hnve taken
him airain into tho wilds of Great Central lake or Elk rlvor, aud almost cer
tain death. At Alhorni he rocoivod
every kind attention, nnd by this time
has hufllclontly recovered to return
homo. The fact that, docoived by the
erossiDff of the mountains, Delponte
traversed all the unexplored country
between Cumberland and Albernl lu
Ave days and nights, Is a ninttur ef
marvel to bushmou, who can only explain the possibility of such a por form*
anco by the strenj-'th of soml mndtioxs
Dulpoute's nccomplibhrnmit however
contradicts the accoptud theorlos as to
the lunocessililllty of tho Great Central
lake country, and proVpsctitifr and
crululn-r lu that locality promises to be
much stimulated.
Anothor yotinjj Vancouver   Ifland
man to experience the unpleasant son
nation of boliijx lost lu the woods is W
Lowdet-of the Tyeo smelter,  He went
huutintr on Sunday last with,a friend,
utrlkliu*-  Into  thn htmli nnur   Hnnlum
eresk.  The arrntif,etnent was that the
two were to moot at the startln*r point
threo hums later.     Lowder did not
show;'up, and after wnltliijr (or liours a
t^earch was instituted.   It was latu at
niftlit when tho lost man was located,
exceedln-rly tired and hungry, but un
Victoria, Il.O., Sept. 11,-There Is
serious talk In the legal -profession In
.British Columbia of a round robin pro
taut to the Minister ot Jiutteo against
the vagariee of Mr. Justice Martin,
whoalncfl his nlnval'nn lo the Siifreme
Court bench hns I made himself con-
sp'cuous and all about him nncomfort
able hy his unremitted dnrotlon to the
minutest illstalls of English court
etiquette and rostumlug. His lordship's recent action in directing that
wlfs ba worn In the Admiralty court,
over which, ho prcntdtu, aud tlm
ioncurrsnee of the Attorney Uentnl,
Hon :Cliarlefl Wilson, In coiitempt rf
the provincial Hlntuto proHcribln-* the
horsi-halr, Is still a very live matter, '
tlie ffimursl expectation nnliiff thnt Ills
Lorshlp, the Attornoy Oouernl, nnd
lltif-shtritr 11, II. Tyi'wiiittDinko wlll
jointly be made defendants In prnceml*
lints under tha clndleniriKl statuto, Tlio
oi'lnloii nf his brother Judtfos uppenr lo
he that Mr, .JukHco Martin hns rmide a
arave mistake ir. himself disputinjr tho
intra vlcim nf a statutu under which
caws may nt any time nrlso in which ho
mny be called upon to' adjndlcntn. It
Is not for thn henrh, or any member of
it. they say, toumketelt cmts of Jaws -
which it Is their proviuceto administer,
Ilut anothor nnd morn serious example
nl Mr. .lustice Martin's sulf nssnrtlvu-
mm Is sharing (ho domnln of convorsa.
tion wiih the vexed question nf wigs,
It is His Lordship's refusal to sit with
tlieChlof Justice and Mr Jiiotlco Duff
for tlm Iiearlnii of the appeal in Hiincnck'
vs. Iowa Llllooet Gold Mluinv Co., in
couseqiience of which refusal the nppcal
ordsr Is vacated nud the appeal plHceil
nut of court, heavy loin to tbe property
nud lltl'rants necei-ssrlly resultluir.
Whon Attorney Genernl WIMon on tho
Mh dl July last applied tn lmve the
hearltijr of this appeal bromrht nn dur*
Ing the Ion/? vacation, in order that Ions
mtfflit he obviated, the Chief Justice
v.vu ri",'.:ii *.v!1I'h.-;- \v J*.i.tl too Htn'uvt oi
1'ounnel aud prlnclpnls TTnlfinn it mot*
so bronifht nn. ho commented, thera
could he no redress until tho-rvgillar
Full Court slums* In November, thn
property must remain dlel, aud much
loss would bo entailed. The w-lv
qiiustloh. it anpeared to him, as It did
aitM to Mr, Juttucw Irving, was as to
.     notice ahould be allowed.
Mr; Justfce Martin held that Ihe np*
Iiew lotif
pe»I iihould await the roffulsr coursf.
but ho stood alone In his opinion ami
the hoarlnj* date wns set for the SOth.
Then when lithtants and counsel Imd
come hero prepsrod to go ahead, at
w«re atro the Cldof Joatlca and Mr.
Justice Duff, Mr. Justice Martin rufutod
toslt wilh thflm,r)alinlnvrn )* fno tinnv
In the consideration nl his rt served
judgments, Tbe other Judges assert
tbst Mr. Jnntlco Martin has no mora
reserved judjrinent* to prepsre than
they, and that his action in refusing to
•iit, thereby nullifying the arrangement a
and orders ofth* appeal court, (s with.
out precedent la tha annals of tka
Canwlau vourls.


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