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The Fernie Ledger 1905-08-16

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 W^-:Y^ '  '—^L^ :--
4.   <.*-,*    -■    ,
•S-^-Sr s--^'''7'" ->  *Ji" *'■=*• h» 5-v ,y-   ^-/■.':.-«■   *7 ■"*•*■.     ^n    -7
**4S   *s  ^s^V" **^1 -Ji-  r^-51 **;/   "i *■*■. ^v-.? ^v-vr«^^.,'      *jHa*Lv     "Jb*%*'Y*
:*-**" -   -i**.
VoLWa.-li; SNu&BER* 2 *
-" '■' 7 7f7"
. - ■ I,"
„ f V   *; *
-> *     *      l
i. .*.
*   i
-i    ■
. „.-
' iS""";1
•    /-^
*   fi
'    ■"*'
1 jy^-i.'.^-!.*-.
-** — V *-      .**A.    *•; •»  * 1 .* *        -*       >.'     *•   r       ». . 4 *>
«,t   -
, ti.
Local Happenings in and
'>..;-''* MoutimXity - :':::-
,. -(•„■
Interesting - Items"-^Abbiit  flany
J     *':' People-* You Know.'; V....
r "Shako! cries a.voieo frpm;theimountain
Sliake! shouts Vvoice from the'thliie-..'
Shake! let the'hands o^bri-.^^
Meet oveiVthe Boundary-Line,;. *.':-.,
:    -■'..'..'41.*r.-,.-4-.-.J\--^..,.->;-■*.-->*, - -
"Shake! .let the hand of England* - - y _.
Go out to' the*;harjil ofthe StataSJJT*''*-
'Let tho hand* wlftitli'rule thanijtlblTsjI.
..     Meet iuoiie priii-ras mates!*-V-- ,&'~\
"Why shiiuld'we stand .asunder—* 7 ;
. ■■' We! meii of one speech one' birth— *
Shake! and—God only under---.
;Be absolute Lords of the Earth!"   .....
!—Olive  PhllUps-Woolay ; in ■ World's
l_   »*   ■*?,« " ~       "*""*■   •* •*/•*"■ ■*■■ ****.    t     *•*   "    •>   *■ ^*     - t-
Wi R,.Wilson, formely manager of
the Qoal Co,-'here,! was a guest ol Lhi*
Imperiar?**few."days"' agq.:"'"He", went-
south ont,he";Ql',^.;'ahd,expects.; to he
hack iii Toronto in a few days.   *.
■ •./*•?*  ~iA **_■    '.'.'       -"    -•   .      -,   "',"' '-■■*•/
• ReVv''S' Hi7.iWhite D.';D", nsslste'd
Rev-John Robson in administering thc
Sacrament of the Lord's: Supper at th'e
Methodist, church on. Sunday last after
'th'e regular morning'service. -■ -
- J: S; Gusty-of the P. Burns Co.' sets "a
ffood\ ^xim'ple to the other "biisiiiT*--**
men of tho.tpw'n by keeping the'; street
in front and at the side of
^ Work .Ior Augusts
. " Thos. Rader, hotel map.of Morrissey,
Miues was in townycsferdaj.-,. f *'^7;
N; E.~Su8daby,and'A ,J.;'Mott spent
;8uftday at Sheep1 Mountain.ranch."   '. *
■-.-   .      .'.      ,;.;- H.,..*..,:: •:-■;.:■•■
Archie Grant of Edmonton.jfo'rraorly
of Calgaryjwaa in"town yesterday.1!.;
,%-.-"    '. '.;       J .*'- ,       'e .;w4"        •-   /    '.-! ,       -  \
; Harry Cameron and arlfe have-gone
to Alberta, to see what prairie ..'breeze*!
cre.lik'erV, -.    .   -"'''" '■'■-'-'>• v"--- -
,L; P., Eckstein . and.',wifo loitered. In
the shade bf the -trees at Elko falls last
' Sunday. ■*i*l~~*'rf-,"^'7's>'r"*:'','i;:~
- Keith- [Whimster -ahd -a  party'*'of
friends'from; Frank were at .Elko on
- Sunday."5"   j   t  "     ■•'>. ,.  •  ' ""', - \ .   .
■*-'     ,'••■      >     .        ,,»        ,    ,-•    V    >__-'<•-■'      -   -
Mr. a«d Mrs* McEvo-yigave a delightful ehtertainineut to tiwiryoung friends
last night. *     •   '.    ' "^   ,"• -   ,  ,   '
. T." Wv- Bailey, of the --.Prospector,
"Cranbrook, wabintowo ffrom^Saturday
to Monday.' •'■';« O^S- •-■■•' --- '.,'., '•-
" , ..I.'   ' , '-      -'.;--- "   .   *
- You cannot ridicule a,.man ,until. he
. has first id ado himself ridiculous by his
own actions.,* '.- \-. ~ ') y.-» ., ..- -,
w ,;,.'7"7"iS";::i v >-.■■ 7,
Tony Carovetta is able to be; around
again after bis" shaking up iii the riin-
■away-Urtvweek-.-JU'.v.--,^* tt'iyy •>;/.•. vv**.
■ ,G. ;A7Camiaron,. of v Regiaa, lumber
ealesinan for the Elk' Lumber Co.. is a-
ftlieKlng EAWmffiy'j*J?*&\^?f
W.;r)flMcClellan arid,wife of; Harris
--'ton,-Ont.,'" werVVegistered at the King
' ■ Edward on'Monday
— ^ ;■- *ijf'a0r'Xo-T*'«*.<y=.e='_Sw...=*^v*i'Y,*^**vy^f=as^3
' result-of; a'IaU^Qff^"-*caffpld^at-CQai
; -Cr-iwk several da'yB-'SifeoV-* fy-f:^ ^-f
--.r,     ,  -55 *"*-'■    fi4*i*J»'tt-'-:» .A*wj'-4\ .is
The -joiats- for the ground floor are
. .being laid in the new office building of
; the Crow'alJestJTPaBa.CoaiCoY'iy   "''-"'
in^.tb'keep'the guest's in"a pood humor.
H£hii3 'to'put'v couple of Fernie* dudes
toted ifi^He garret a few nights ago
.far want of- room on the' lower flats. - .
Yes, it pays to h.-ive your old shoe*..
rVpajrivdif-you^take them to the Forfde
shoeinaker.'J.rj Thornloy. Uppers ns
well as solos.attended to* quickly and
office.'" *
Opposite}; V.i Buriia-' &   Co'a
• "A. Guynnil and Wm. MibV.rmov
wero *>a<-lTlined $10'.00 ,'ar.d'costs the
'other day'on. a* charge,of'ciiielt.V' to'
anii.ials.; , They , undertook ;'to. prove
that theylwi-rl* baulk|^r,thaii a.^liauill'j—=
jug horse aisd succeeded.       ■ •■ ,
Wjlltam, Wallace, Hegeina.n, ,Cqn-
sultm-jtT Engineer of Cranbrook, was 'aV
the-Fernie; yesterday. ^ *Mr.*';Hageman
put invthe.Cranbrook^water  system  by*
cbnlract and says he wouldl like"lo put'
in,the Feanie*plai.t "for $50,000. ,-'
-       \ -,*    ■-.. t - '        '****"*,"~
Toinorr6w-will-ibea1-,i;ed.ilet,ter, da5j
for the sma'H'bpy. i Ti^e dog aii'd* pony
show will bpliere In" all its' grandeu-f.
There are 27 people' in  the company
and they'have a special passenger coach
and a' baggage coach of their-,own.**'-if
!;«*";,     .--.4       „?.**',',""'    "j     "5,   j~Hj~}.
■'. .Jit is an old saying that^ the' 'Oerman
people,moveslqw butj3ure. Eschwig
must bev an.exceptioi*. "He .has' his
basement wall' ready for the joists, of
thefirst flooriaud.^these long"timbers
are being delivered on'the ground to-
day.,'. "        7*   •'"    .*' .,   .
"-'Mr. ChandleVrforemari'-'on'-'thV ''steel-'
tipple at Coal Creek,'was brought down
tothe hospital last we -k suffering,- from
Injurie^received 'tlirongb' falling* steel
awhich broke, away from the , tackle
;.wliile beiiig. hoisted into it's place in the
bigstmcUire.,,- ,'• M ■„,,..." 7*> M .^
Wm. Dick ha9_sold_hi8" property at
. Mr. "W. B. Dobier of Pincher Creek,
is likely to find himself j in-a.' veryi bad
.way tiiiancialiy. He has been foolish
eno'ugh' to"sow 1200'acres" t5 f:ill"wlieal
and has'a crop;,of such magnitude upen
his hands'as will force him to "neglect
his'hotel and livery business while, he
gathers it in. However we hope
ih'al.he will make enough, out of-the
wheat* to partially.-reimburse his losses
in,the hotelrwhlle*.he is 'Chaffing
grain..' .His. wheat is estimated
40,000 bushels from which he might
realize $25*ooe* ■; ' This o'ught to-ofifsel
tlie losses in bar. receipts ^during ^ two.
or,three weeks of iVeglect'."""      *"    '"*
- Mr ' - Thos.'' Lefciij-r,, finds'.jthai "^his
HppoiiitmwnC as.fire warden is-no .sine,
i-ur'e/ Last Tuu-Rdiiy- lie went to Goat
Fells 10 post notices," &c, returning to
towii on; Thursday ;Oii;Saturday he
■vms-busy lonkiuit; aftor tiie numerous
miiiiII tfires bi'tween .Fernie and- Coal
Creek ' .IJij, reports ,having, seen ,Su"|it..
Di-i'nnan who put men to work the next
day-in an' effort* tn-'extiiigiiish^tth^ee
(ires, hut the very, high winds-of Suny
ilay, formed thefn"all(ba'ck'to life and on
"Almiday. there, were,itiore thair rit.the,
8t.w'tl; 'A'wire'was'iec'eived'on Sunday
asking hiin to .go, to- Kiti-hii'er.wej-o^a
hig^fij-e is e'afd rVh"n*4Vtst,u\v(lr 'S*.i.-fr
no great damage has beerf susi;iiii'*d,
but.(with;.cVutfniVed",'5i-y weiithci-*and'
.high'winds these.fia'saresuroto^uauee
much damage.       i'   . "'« v   C  \\   S
—   - I
..R-. T >'Lowery ,'---„UtO"'i ."editor " nnd
'p'ro'pi ietor of The Ledge, left1 for Nelson
Sunday morning.i Mr.^Lowery d.id noi.
stay-loiig.with us but,bowevor> short as
to'time, his stay • will be long in the
memory of the-.people of Ferniejlong
after tho names of some of, his - critics
shall have been* forgotten, his Lriulu,
lively, cutting' sarcasm' will be-read
and enjoyed .by lovers of genius. Many
of "-his productions, are -sought for aiid
'reproduced in cities,, towns and lum-
lets'all "ver the American continentr
He;'* 1 ke others^ -olay' have his jfaiilts
but.'a mean spirit oii tody ism, canunt-4.be
said„tp.bo'oneot.themi - He has always
foughtjtHe' light_of t'lie* laboring mnn;
His-convictious.are strpug and-hjs 'ability fp dfiffend'tii^n^iB ifot' of "■& negative
quality. Although he has gone, from
amongst us we are'sure ho will cherish
a liyoly interest in the affairs and men
of 0,-fir town, and that he will-not:'cover
his light with a bushel.
*l» VX**    1J»*,t.*13*4*4-1-   IMtA'tftWiV*!*       .'I   Mil'   f&-       ll-B.k.1    *"'
Alderman Cree is oppo'sed^to; going
on with'...the -buUdinj* of'bi^walks.
except, it be* i'n-;accordahc"e'5*iyIth! the,
law governing"-, suchi'case8.-7ile eives
as hisreasbu foi- favoring this;" method
•of procedure "that *' eertalnJ;bb|tr"iictton-
ists are* opposing irregufa':Vn\0fe|iods.v;.';,
Tlie .Mayor'and Aldermkn.-Wallace
anii Robins' chiined"ih;"\yitfitfl"^«j£fdo'" to
this.-plaiii^ u"f Mr.'Gi-e'e'^tiifliehard
treatment dealt outto these much-over-,
worked martyrs who are s'peijdjqg • so
much of their ..time for*\hoJ*£ny.ht_. of
'these ungrateful,kickers ': -/V,'i .<■*:
' Let" us'lookjip.ihe of>8truc^6ri' busi
ncss 'About tho first thinitthlJcpresent
aggregation of wisdom known"-as the
ciiy council undertook.to'dovJast."win.,
ter was to'obsiruct jn aHf-wavippoBsibje
the' buildjiig of a "telei)hoiie"*8;y"stem in
tl'o'"cTty* bT'tire'ti/'C."fe^Rone"t;-o:
Tliey w ere busy'for.'week's fifting' holes
dug by the'"fti.'eigt.er's"''-'polling tip
.stakes, imprisoning innocent..' men,
passing absurd .by. laws aiid'c&p vassing
fon-'coiitracts- for telephone"1 s&yicefpr.*a
rival* corporation"-'until they^vere the
laughing stock of a-whole-province and
a"; debt of-,over-'S'2,000 :was "ikxea up
-agaiii'u the city, as the p"rjce;pfJP,bstr.ucr;
tioji „tactics.-* Tlie lioSfVviiffince-of"
obstruction methods' ci-oppedl'up'in'ithe
trpatm.eut accorded-the>waterM)y--l^w,
an^'ag'aiu the obBtructiou .cjituejrom
..,.-,*■*-'■'. .V" -*-*-,.: v4».'-'' ,    -1. »•■
within the council.-   .,,    y:-..i __* \i ^
' 'Wc report the-statemejit^mad^bv'
on6,oftii('8o aldci-nielV'Ht aVpubllc meet
^ C07VlMUNieAflONS.;H:
' '• . .:... : - ■    r. „ ■>
•TXyhile invitiiiR ilisonssion .on pnl>llo,,qnes-
ttDns, this paper is b.v no,-uienmi "resjioiiBlble
for tha opinions of the corroapoudents.j     .  "•
uHad Mr, Robert Kerr jnot lieon so pronounced en opponent of the Mayor as I havo kno\_vp.
him to l.e 1 would have beeii'not surprised to
read his effusion in.the Free Pressv*On sovetftl
occasions Mr/Kprr' ha-, come tome and" in no
uncertain terron eoWemned the Mayor, in fact
I know of no one who has spoken more strongly against Mr. Stork.* It is; I suppose-, a 'mat.*
ter of indiirerence lo the peoplo what dual
role Mr. Kerr takes. -Dealing with my-com-
.munlc'atioii£,tQ tlie Mayor, who-.by the way
lias evidently handed-them tothe redoutable
Mr. K$rr, I muy say that for personal masons I-
-did not ivisJj to he mixed upinafifflit against
tho Mayor.'My portion lias.be^nstriotly.pno'
of opposition' to the'attempted couliocauon'of
tho Mayor.'31y portion lias.be^nstriotly.pno
of opposition' to the'attempted couliocauon'of
the city's rights by the Coal Compnny, That
Is tfie issue.. Any othors are apt to obsenre
the dominant orio and personally I view.with
disfavor the dealing with side issucK,
Whether or no the-Mayor is disqualified is
something I have decided to refrain from
dealing with in'the way of legal proceedings.
I*tme assure Mr. Kerr that .the,70 cent Item
is not.the one that has bcon in consideration.
Simply'bfcause for personal reasons.I have,
nottgone on with'the ease,does not mean
there is no case. ;To talk- of the Mayor, and
council giving'uj) eo muoh of their vuluablo
time to the weal (?) of tho city .without remuneration is all buncombe.  Do tlio council
time to the weal (?) of tho city without re
  jiincombc.  Do tlio council
know that the citizens seem  to bo .almost
' - Mrs.-Bonn'ell.and"'Mrs "D.-V-" Mott
■went tof Elko- yesterday; taking;' little
Mies' Constance along with them.    '"'
Dr. Bell, Dominion , veterinary came
In from-Gateway Monday1 and'left*-'for
Cranbrook yesterday dn the local. V.' ■:
... ChariTe ., Sheppard of SUappard &_
jfillloiti Jeft for "Winnipeg Sunday. even*r
Wr; Ha will bo gone a ,wcok or., teu
.days.  !\ ..    - .    . •
, Harry Gould, of .the C. P. R. road
master's ollice wont east ou'Saturday's
train bound for Edmonton on a vacation trip. .,
J..R.; Brirneo, of )l»o Miller.   Morse
Hardware.Company,* Winnipeg, put in
a few diiyrf loafing at the Hotol  Ferule
lust week,'  " *   ■ '•',- •'.""
.'   -   • y •'  .   v 1   ' ',      ,.- f-   . **-* r,
JuluB*Hu'rel and Dan McDonald have
sold 8aroo*ot their timber claims "on
8i»,nd Creek to W. H   Whlaister-and
otiiors'ji^Fornlo,   -
, Hugh" Carrroroii'B house wl'iieh* wan
Bltuatedon hla pro-bmption over tho
rlvor, ,waa licked up by.,tlio liungry
flamcB ou Monday.      .,"'.,
Elbert, Hubbard of Th'i' Mtiilutilie,
makes .tho fltatement tha.t_;''W'tlpr Ih,
cheap, and aoiBBoap/'but tlion hu'iievo'i'-'
boughf water lu Femlo. ■
MIbb., Murray of tho Trites Wood
Btaff Is at .^Plneher trying to^ see thu
niouutii\n*i'ovofjlio'tnp> io/rtho ripe
wheat In tlib'(rraln flolds
W. D. WatBon, of Toronto, brother
ot P, J nnd Harvey Wat«on, was In
tho city a*, fow day a ago. lio loft for
tho Wont on ThuiBrtay. Inst. 1
1 >        * , 1
' Tha Elk Lumbar mill wan shut down
all day ynitordny,'tho whole forca lie*
Ing eniplnyed putting out tho Rinnuld-
"rirlng romnantB of thu flro ovor tho
rlvor,,...,.-.  ..,/ ,       . *
V. Hj'da Baiter and Clmrllc Edward
of Cranbrook, came Into Elko Sunday
evening from the south fork of (he Elk
brlnfiliiK fine catches of trout with
,'v, S ,.,.*. 1. -     ,
Sheppard & Elliott have opened up a
Morriesey, to\A."; Birney„and C, Hednjaiv
who " will "'-continue the**, '.business! of
getiin;? out>and Bhippint-j' posts,, poles
and' other timbers.' Mr.' Dick: will
'•ppve^toV^lid.way'-".^j:b? *,where \W
expects to engage' in railroad' construe
tion work
ing*. of the council iis an authority /or
'savin0; that .'obstruction came from with*
in,>iiiBtead of from without- thitf.body.
Alderman Uobin's'st'-ited that-it-"was
his belief that the evidobt'desife*to delay action in 'placing the-debentures
voted by the city, on the maiket, was a
flimsy attempt to block, and delay, the-
.puttinj; in-by tli"e;'city of.itsjro'ijv'ir water
.•system, goiiig so fil-.U's to'iiay"tliat" "Aid*
p.rmaii herchmer being-ii Coal Co employee, was endeavoring to ^earnjiis
salary b"v ' resorvtihjf'"to .'-^obstruction'
tactics.' Aldermaii'-.WallacQ.'coiii'ci'ded
■jvith Itobii'iB in his belief. that'- dilatory
tactics w-ere'being used to delay the instalment of the sewer aiid y&t£rjplantj
Teu days before'tlie&ipira'UbQ.of* the
time allowed by law for.-sucb;-action
James McLean, c'okA.'oyen'fqreiiiaiV 'for
the Coal Co.bygii,n,prdceediii&3 ft quaijh
the water by-law-'and two'day's'later-J.
A. McLean-took'simiiar acti'on-as to the'
'sewer by-law.1.".As both, by-lawB \yere
j.ote'd_onjitJheliiim''/ tinie' aTiy action
ami nt the same time please the poop
by- resigning. To do that, .howeyer, would
mean that we would have a council willing to
carry out tho-wishes of t-ho citizens., All the
efforts qf the Coal Company and its., wee
satellites (for whom latrr on the company will
havo no use) will fall ln wrenching" Jhe'Water-
work's franchise fl-on; the city. Tho city may
.quit,e easily and ln propor time take over the
system of the Company: That is the* opinion0
of an eminent K. 0. and my humble opinion
as well,' The most that cun*'be dono* against
the city is ro compel it to wait <- Great battles
are not won iu a day and I' presume Ve cannot expect to win so great'a victory, ns we
bhall,' wjthout taking time I may say that
at an opportune time and in the most', public
way possible I intend to throw some startling
light on methods adopted in' this fight against
municipal retention />( what the city. owns.
ThosVwho think the light is over/ will.-learn*
that it is only.commenced.- Not for the Mayor, Mr.' Kerr, or, any bno"else will I for one
moment' yield.' ground.■ J1-46Jpect .in the
future - to. encounter tnightyVassa'ults from
this faction .but let nie .assure thexri tbat I
thn )r/not flinch in tholeait. jPerliaps ere long
we mny loam that aftor all the'minors—the
backbone nf .this city—are-pot mero. chattels,
or pawns^-in ;the ."political *£ame voJ .chess.
Thanking you for your jjpace.*--* *• •'- - *» -* *.'..
,**■   ■ Yours faithfully,
:'     .i, ' L. P. Eckstein.
. '" '   , -  4-   --  *:
',*";.7   ."'  Pfciiij!rj$m~'a-Year, in Advance
'■*■-;• 1 *■ t       - .       .\t 4.  /   . \. ■* j*— --,«<,       /     jnfj-T.',   *u*.   .jl* *
'i     ^ *   J., .        .   ^ V *.{      ..    , ' \. ' ■ - ■-- -        ' 1.   >   *  - ^   - 	
' ■    Cr ■,        -
T7Z     -Wr. ■ r>- -     - ,."        *• '     -.-   '      -•■•
Big Joe Carte;, ftf.tlie-Q.^.R. was.'ln
town last week! looking,"afteV" the' comforts of the passengers, and*alao tliat
said comforts are paid' for. 7' ■ ''      ,«
•<\J., a'. .'"'eienliilJo(o
,* Keeps on thn go
"•'«?  ' ', "i -"All, tho time \
* ? .     \'J Along tlio Qrow,.
. -; "-'      - ^.'.iiW** *i'4    ti "Vtf-i; ■•• iff
The'baseball team.arrived home ,tliis
morning-*- with   the scalps of all the
-. Robert-.Kerr;; of-;Montrpatl,;:.Gen.cyal
Passenger Traffic Manager-*-of the C.
P. 11., ,W.',R, Mclnnes of the Bame plnce
Qon Kreight Trafltio Mvrr. and,-. P. -, W,,-
,Petm-B,'"Aj.ttistttiitfFrt Trufnis Marr., of
Wlniclpojr", paniod ' ihroii^h tho
t<t\yii wi'Blbound'on their.anuual Cournf*,
Inspection on-Miiiiday.,-   •■"";,.r.*-*. ' '.•
Tho TVvnio Ci^ur Fiictnry'ifl turning-
out bxcellont brands, of' elfriu-s , }h«*-e
(lays niid-busliii'SB^ Ih^oo^I. ?Qo'onji^
who suffered Ions In the recent 'fire, has
movrtl naai'.to Ti'ik T.isnunR,ollice, and
tho IncreuHo in hiri huHiniwx hoars out
the iixl/irn "the closer .vou'.frnt tn 'I'iik
Ledoich the bettor you'll Hnd HmcIu."
^liilfi'V(bes in th'tiiF-belts.^'i- '7-! .
'Oast"Thursday they played *, Innisfpil
llie.'scoro standing 10'to 1 in favor of
Fernie - ' '-" ' -  ' -'
Friday they vanquished the Raymond boySjby^a,score of-12 to 7.   .  \
The big game or»> Saturday  hetween
Fernit} aiid,Calgary drew ari.altend-
anclc ot 2000' and1 was inlcresling froni
<» ...
start to.finish.';-■The'' score by innings
, 1 __. 4V     ■     .,'4; ' *
was as follows;- '-
678   9 Total
1    ; •'■    ,-, ,- ,-
,0    .0 , 0
Fernie 4'  2 ,0''o'.'o'.'a . o"  1   x   '1.0'.
Ciilg.iryo 0 -6 vi' *o* o*- o- o- 1  * '8
7 On Monday n game was,.played _.be-
Iv/ecn the Wetaskawin'tribe   and tho
■Fernieltcs, Score. Fernie 4, VVctaska
'i- " ,.
Will '2       **- "* '" '*•--' '** 1J ,*"'*'.'»' *>*^,.      ...   r,-,.'t,.       ....
|| Tlio Pernio nggroRfttlon,      .'*» w
y '    Proved a-;»ouroo o'f agrnvatton, ■  L, .
»"*   ''i'otlKiJiulwollors,..' --     ■' *   -       A
/  '* Out u|)(in tho plains.
•. It eiiii.ti)4l muoh pioyoontlon,
, ■'"   And u lot of lamo|ittttloii,.    . ,
..   ,To lmve to hand thu
,'„  '■',  l<*oriiio boys lho gains.   ' .
Af. W. -Tnttlo,- n)T( Pofniof", H. C. wiih
taken sick whl.le on hU wny up here to
vlRit-'witVhlB ulster,*Mta. F. L. Jnhw-on
mul when ho arrlyod iierc a week ago,
wns tln"nBe|'0UHly;lll ; A"-\niiHPngo wns
sont to his wlteat Fernio, ai,id Rim U
'now on hor wnv'nut hero. Forlnnntelv
however, Mr, Tuttlo Ib lmprnvln-**, nnd
lilBchnncoH of rocovprinir i^i* uiueh
bettor;—Okiinouan Vnlley.ArlfUB.^-,,. '
Tlio annual inootlnjr ot the Fcnilo
bonrd of trudo was hold on thn -Mill of
last March, nt which tlmo nfflcei'H wm-o
elected. Hub It died?, .Wo would.■snfe-
fi-rsnt Hint a mooting of the exiimitlvo,
bo culled and this urylr.tr nnwl of n now
litatlon ho taken up. Tho old building
haRlonghoonlniiiiequntfl and unenm-
fortahlo to tlm company omplnycoH a«
.trull an to Dm public* ami a.unltod plfort,
on tho part of tho board should lu-lnn'
good roiulta,   •-   ■   —
Tho Ci-owa-Noat Tradlnj;. company.
I.M. Ib Capitalized nt 150,000, hair of
(wUioh li ownoil'by.Mr,.,. nnVcl-tjy.^ s Tho
ofllcorBJaro Mr. Binclay, proidilunt, Jiih.
MaoKay, ylep, prosldniit and Archlo
PlaiiHfor G. T. Pacific.
branc|_t Htoro on Victoria avenue juat Matheson, Secretory,,,, ,Mr.„A,,Mi:I)pi\*>
lialowthrt Klnir Kclward .hntal. '--'lho1] n'lil tn 11 laruo stock hold ur In tho cntn-
10 >m li not very lareo but U crowded; puny   Mr. Dirclny It ono ol tho Ilvo
•5 T|ie plans of the Grand .Trupk Pacific,,for lhc location of its road from
IJprtage hi Prairie, 275 miles westward
have boim. approved  by the .cabinet'.
'* Frnii) Portage la Prairie, the, Grand
Trunk Pacific will almost parallel  the
lino of,thu Ciinndmii Pacific to a- point
a .little* west * of, McGregor,- and, wilj
ihv'ii proceed in n straight line west  to
(lie , Assiniboiiie'. river.     It  will   run
nliout half-vv.iy between thcMiinltohii &
Northwestern   and   Canadian .Pacini*
liiK'B soinu distance west of McGregor
Il will be locnteJ between 11 and 14
north of Brandon nnd a little south of
Rapid City.   Thcrv.wlll ho. n spur/ line
lo nrnndon.   The Grand Trtink   Pnci*
ito will i.ross the Arrow river ut about'
Crandel and then wlll run, west up  to
the   Asuiniholne   river   nenr   Crowe.
Fr'ani Crowe it will ruri due west* to
tovvlnship 26,"range i,**, iiud  will cross
tlio'lOJiid meridian • a- Iittlo nortii of
Summer.-,,   ; .'■■•■    *   •
affectingThe onewouIdfaiTect'tlie'Otheir
in" the same,way,-7* Itt-ii&iot, .p.efess|iry,
to impugn,the'moO"ye-»«TOeii;he'e>f thesD
pa-ties " Both acted .within., thejr. legal
rights iiud thc reaulfl* tlie,' annulment
of both propositionU'.-V'It'woiJ^'btf'just
ns unfair to*aci-nee the-oue of;«b-trtri.c*'
tive intoutions-aH the other'. ' - ■ ■
A little later ciii we find the eouncij
• engaged'in,an atteinjJt to shirk tlie payment of a "'printing bill by trying to
offset the claim-with a note for which
one of the eouiicilihan^avs ho don]t
think thexity ever gavoValue.
The costs"though small in .this caRfe
go to augment tlio", legal expense account bf tho city.    * -     * •
On the 8th lust. Mrs. Harris wrote to
the city..'clerk*"'demanding the im
mediate rotririixif her'note and followed
up by instituting leunl procw-dingB, for
Its recovery,, AgJiin one of the council'
ors complain of sharp'practiUH on the
part'of Mrs."Harris's attorney, but who
oiiiibliime Mrs. Harris for moving in
the most'effective "way, for the -recovery
of a note Cor .which sho never -jecolved
anyvaluo. There, is nnt a single in*
Htniicn upon record In lho city clerk's
ollice to hhnw that" any iiiMinmce attjunt
lias'iivoe been ehurgnd nny Htfi'h.BUin as
850 for-the pri'vlli-RO of Bnlieiting llfo
iiiHiirancfl in, Fernio All ti-avellin},'
Insiininco- ngents, 'work under tlie.
liVonses of thul'r local ngonts, ns Alder*
man Cree nt least, hlnmlil - very well
This discreditable attempt nt obstruction will result of coiirmt lu morn cost to
tho cits*, mid is tlm latest attempt al
obstruction bv thn people who nro
attempting tpenl|i*t. the sympnlhy of tho
public by'bow'nllln'g the fiiet tliat somo
of our cltlssoirH Aro-hui-flns tholr feelings
and milking martyrs of them by mildly
objecting to bucIi fnolishriCBs. rhero I
no, law com polling these watchful gunrd*
Inns' of tho Interests of tlio ■ city to
reihnln In ollice and we suggest that
thoy do somo mure doley-iitlng to Chief
Wnlknr and tiiknariiHt lo tlimnsnlvnH.
Chldf Walker hulls from Missouri
where It Is snld limy liuvo ahahit of
Buying "yen will have to show me," be*
foro thoy go doing things, and wo
believe It would im a good policy to
adopt in tl-Q ndininlNtrution of miii)lcl»
pal nlfiili'B iu Fernio.
-'.There aro, we believe, at present
somewhere near 250 "water consumers
in the city paying $2.50 per month for
water. ' If mains were laid so that all
who desire could use,water wo believe
the. number 'would, approximate SOO,
Tak'in"; "these estimates*asa-'basis and
bearinginmind that'this city is certain
to-increase steadily in population for
the next ten years'.-we think it'is. ivith-
... .* 1 .j.- ...... , . ~,.. - .
in, tho limit to predict that the average
numbor of'waterM'ffte" payers-"
be^lessltha'n 500 for the period mention:
ed' Now 500 consumers at $2.50^per
month: aggregate $1250.00 -per month,
815,000 per,year and the tidy little 'sum
.pLfilSQ 000-_for_ the-ten_vears_durirjo*l
which .time the C.N.P.E.b.&P. Co.are
wAs it isnot often that; we; have..had
th'e_p!easare of commending the'„,act8
of our city fathers, *^e .embrace^ this
fii*st,- opportunity ,.ot congratulating
theii) upon the very wiseand at the
same time happy conclusions arrived
at as'to the purchase ,rot' that much
talked ot .city;, horse. . Alderman
Cree suggested .that a committee., of
aldermen should be appointed to buy
a gentle horse but the Mayor thought
it would be unwise ,in \\xo light of
recent events to entrust so. weighty a
matter to the judgment of any committee of aldermen. ■
"In the light ot recent event8".is a
good expression which brings to
mind the purchase of a lot^ of legal
knowledge at a vory high figure.by
this same Mayor and the l Aldermen,
and it is an indication that we live to
learn. : '
f-The lesson our city council, has
learned, seems";Irom their lateaction
as to the'buying of a gentle horse,- to
be that the chiel-of police can. better
be trusted with the undertaking than
themselves. ■
Besides this, course* will head off
these unreasonable obstructionists in
their wild desire to discredit any and
all acts ofthe council good, bad or
indifferent ahd leave Walker to battle with tho critics"; '' ,' ' %; '
This' delegating Mr.. Walker; to
exercise hisowii judgment in'the
tiffrse market;i8 the wisest action the,
council' has taken so far, and we have
lieen' wondering if it would not1 bo a'
good thing'for the citj', and a great
relief to'oUr overtaxed Mayor and
councillors if they, were to take it into their'head's to give* Chief Walker
carte blanc to run the whole show,
and let them take a vacation for the
balance of the year. 7     '   *'"'.*'
A ..•' .':   '    ": ■.
*"*-■•   SUNDAYS FIRE  7
Culled   from   Exchanges
Aloiig THb Crow   L"
' of the Many Events' in
the Pass Towns. '-". "■ • ■•
From the Leeidoi
The Fernie Ledge hits budded forth " .'
as The Ledgeh,' and: ita appearance
is good.   Success for D.'V. 'Mott and -
his paper Is assured.        ''•■'■
, A po3tofflcerhas been established at     .
the junction of the C. P.*R. with 'the-',..
Corbin.line.     The office., is "called" .
Yahk, and Sam Spears is postmaster,
TomWellman  is back in Cranbrook for a short stay.' Tom is-run-'v
hint? an hotel in Vancouver 'and' is '
doingag-ood.bustnesa.' '-'• ' '•■ \-   J    ''
The hot 'weather has createdla ',Wg •
demand for boats,"' ahd every, available boat on the lake is pressed into
service during the afternoon   tuAy/
evenings.1  . ' ' -■.'VV'
'.. Breckenrldge.& Lund, who have ■.,,_..
the contract ior grading the - first ten   .,-,
miles of the Corbin road at this end, - ..
are not getting along with their work!;, ^
as fast as they would: wish.. . Labor- ,,-, .
ers are difficult to procure and hard, ,,,■„
to  hold, when they ; do get .-them..-.v*
The harvest"in Manitoba'and the;> ..j
^orthwestis giving.employment to a.
lot of men and the. work la,, mora re-.. ;
muneratiye than railroading.   .;,*-.   7
Last Sunday at about 2 p. m. while
o..4,.aei^ tjje LBn<,agj1jre boys and  companions
*'will-3not-r'«»*~'"'-i  .   .   .  .. ■'-■-.■•.—-. *«-r-j*    .
were seated at,thp.table,*pating».their5
dinner in a iittlo shack across,the rail
road one of them noticed a blaze coming
up^through the floor-near'the cook
stpyeand although they'worked "hard
Th"e^did~notTucceed "In saviugairtlieiT
Jur'nitureand clothlug.j-^o'rapid. wa«
the progress of the flames,'; fanned ae
■ . From the HciaM
James Ryan and Gi D. McNab of
the Standard - Lumber; Co. "visited   "--
Elkmouth the" first of this-weeki ;'-'K '* -V *"*-''"
. The Misses_Full James of fernie, ara^   .;
in town'this Week,' yisltfagj their,_V,..!
brother; Charlie and areregistered [aXY ,*" ]
the Cosmopolitan.,    ,    , ' ',"', V.""?'.' "■
The Fernie hotel at Fernie,,; which*,; ^;..
is owned by S, F. Wallace,. islone c$&7. i.
the best hotel properties,in; the west
The roomsitare light and. airy ./and? -.., •<;
th'e furnishings are what: might r-ba -; ,7
%^-lanii'ous*-to'liold on' to'thi8;valuable*
little francfiiso. *; This 3150,000 would   .  -  -.     ,     .-■     .„     .
j     s,   ''. . ,   • s  , .x  •    1    st    in     they* were by the terrific wind. ,,-,.
pav-thetqtaleost of t.heir-plantfand the •»    ' ■ *.     -•'-*   -
^of!bp^atitfn/Ki.d-"*maf^enan^ *for *" Th°y *W& piost-of thoir clothing and-
!,he>whole teny8ars7andrTe¥ve'raViJrip*««'^to*at0,Jortt-*!^eI/!)>poking.
.   .'        '   >  _-_v  v* iif-anailu nnrl   tvnaf    lift-In    fimnii>n«n *Ua**>
with goods
Mill K. Wllioi»,of McEwlng'n Biilcory
left Monday morning vis O. N. II. fnr
Snohomlih, Wash., whoro ihe will
r)oH Mrp fllov >0. R. fl„ Pnnln for-
marly of this city.
limitbumut'-iiinun in tlio wo<t and, (s
always a leader. Uo will- soon bo In
their new quartor* where hof wlll coo*
tluuo to mako things, llvoly, :
llnv Mr.Ilobnon leavM for Ontario
to bn gone till the mjddlo of finplOfnhflr
HU pulpit will bo flllad during hi* *b
i ■  ■■ 11
Twelfth Aiinuul Bpokivno Intor-
Htitto.FuIr, October O to 1ft
, There will be something doing every
'.nlghl us,well aii every day al "lhe' Spo*
Iciiiu* lulftrslat'o' Fair Ihis fall, October
9. to Is'-llw., The in.-iniigcnient have
decided;to put on 11 ni^ht hhow ■ at the
Fair Groundh on every nlghl of the
Fnir week except S iluidays and Sunday, and electric lights nro'now being
instnlled nil over lhc ground*.
T. Todd hai oomp otftd hU conlrac , gpnc, b 0,|tMdo ,nl„,Bterli onoo| ^imin
to set Atm lam bollors for tbo Coal wl), ,)(J t))0 Rev> Mr.; Weatnold of pran-
■Co. tt Coal Creok.' They aro84 In, x hrftoU_   „■    Hob.nil hld ,on,„ ,eloht
IB ft anil are «flt (n walli of Ure brick
It IncliM lu thlclrnaii.
Mlu, MaUby, ilttor of Mn. A. 1)
Trltai loft lor B(.okana yeitMdat.  Sli*»
brook.   Mr.   Uobnon had only-elabt
weeki vacation In twenty four*jreari
of arduous tabor and no one will  be
gruilgflhlm hi* holiday^   Rev. Rob.-,
mm'* Ufa U of .the «tr«ii.uoua type, .uli
wu teeompantei! by'Mf^ Trites and'iormon* •bowing careful-«tu*ly*,ol-hl»
Mn R.W. Wood and the two will' lubjactn, whlla John llabwn, tht cltl-
Visit the Portland fair. J ton addi einphuli to Hli.rrehehlng,
'. Judge Lanuiyillnd Hunday morning,
Augu-it, Oth at 6.1)0 a, m., at tho family
residence, Qrand Forks, It. C. Atidiew
Lesmy was born" In'Hull, Quo , In 18*11
ha was ediicntixlat Rt, Murvi* Oollotre,
Montreal, and Laval University, graduating in lfl-12. Ha camn to t|ili
province In 1B8I, Bottllnynt Ynle, where
ho roinalnod until IKM.. For th« noxt
elovon years he resided at New \Vr*.t.
minitor, and was for a t(mo Crowu
Prowcutor at that pl!*«<3-
ln 1001 lie received the appointm«nt
df County Court Jud-;u for, Koutcnay
aud Vftle which ponltlon ho huld until
till death. Hn ws» linld tu high e*tivni
t>y thoM) who knew him.
1 ,.l|,llr
all (he
r' ...tl"    nil \*t.
open anil lu'V-U'd, all lh<* allrariliMi*!
thc "Midway" will lv lighted nnd rim*
ning ut full blatl, and In addition a
vntidovlllo nfid band concert will hi
given before the grandstand, tho
whole 1 ontmumf; wiui a nuijiiiuuiit
dihpluy of fireworks. " AJmi*sion lo
the grounds tn tho evening will bo only
15 rents, and as* ceiit-s to the grandi
siiind. 1
Although an out-of-Joor night ihow
of from 875,000* to ,3100,000
..The city of'Nanaimo 'has a'water
plntit which cost .them $125,000. Tho
debentures which represent this cost,
fun for 50 years and-bear" interest at
the1, rate of 4, per cent. They charge
householderBwhere thoro are families of
four or moro $1 25 per month. This
includes ono Imili .'and sprinkling for an
ordinary city lot, grounds larger than
6G x 105 feet to be especially rated' by
tho manager of tho -waterworks. '
For dwellings of one person, or one
person nnd ono child tho monthly rato
is 50 cents and for dwellings of not moro
than three persons It Is 8125 per month.'
Theso rates brought In revenue enough
In 1001 to pay for oporatlng, and maintenance, pnld the Interest charge nnd
the sinking fund and thoro was a surplus of over 86,000 to turn into the
general fund of tho city ' The total
revenue of the wntor department for
theyenr wns $L(),()7*±.85 and tho maintenance snd operating expenses
totalled 83,022.70 leaving a net revenue
of nM8,fi52 08, over 8(1,000 of which was
ti-iutsfeiTod to tho goncral fund. In
view, of those fiicts it Is Iittlo wonder
that the citv dork of Nnnnlmo writOR
as -follows tb Mr I... I' ICoksteln In
answer to his enquiry as to municipal
OlllcoofOltyOUrlc   *
Ii,P,Eokntoln, ,  • . .-.
*>      , J-flHilo,Ii.0.  .   .       ,.     „,.,,,.
I-wK'r.. 7   -",    .. '    -7
HoplylnK to your lottor of -tlio Sflth- nit.,I
I10K to buy tlmt tlm cont of our wutorworks to
tjioolty. InoluiliiiK tlio urliltratlon oxi>on**x
wm iVifi,Tti on, nml In ndilltloii wo havo Kpont
ovur M0,noo In Imprnvomontii iiud oxloinloim,
Wo liorrowod ti2.l,noo on lUbonturoi nt i%
IntoroHt, wo Invy to riiixn til,1Ui.OO oiioh yoiif for
inUNml-. uml Hluldng fund,
T.ntl. yiinrimir miiliitonnnco and oporatlner
dtpon»o» win m/IJJ.OO,'tho ro veil no from thu
work* wn« Ijojmjj.w, thnt Inclivlo-i rnnnciRti
m»ntniii!ufl.oM*p«n«omool)ftotiii'' rnfoii ,
Now I* tlio time for tliu ally, of 1'urula to'.
not ponMHxIim of tlm wiilor.workii ityntom,
ovcryyimrltImluforfOil lt'wlll;*i« tliB.mnru
nillliuiH to Aprumtilliili, Ittouk ui h«Ktly tlireu
y«Am hunl ll«lillli« tn mot poa«ei««lon of 011m,
junior Mi|iNrntA ootiir I iiiiml ynu copio. 4,f
our fltinuclul «l,it»inii.t*) fur th« pott'tlirit
y»»r«,          , .    .
' '" Vourntruly,
'    *•      ■-   8,Oou«h,  '  *
City Clork.
Nniinlmoi n,0,i Anguiit, Otli,11)05. •
Of courue it will bo snid that Nanaimo
Is 11 much l/iri/nr ritv thnn Fornlo and
•fltlmt iliiirofnru comparison cannot bo
1 .'..ii'f ii.ti-lo liiiltiiniu ihu Urn hut wi>
must rmnomhar that' Vha co*t of tho
N'liinnlmo systom- was almoit thrco
timt'sns much aa will ho thn'coat of a
plant hern, that this rates are only ono
Ull what wo nro nuked to pay and that
..11 r.l.*vi.f4ii i*ri» n-iot nml ttlll   » tiritflt of
♦fl',000 reniaiiii to tho ctodit of tho city.
Utensils and what Iittlo furniture they,
had. Mr Reading* telephoned tlie
noiys,to'Handloy's livery stable near
the Ore hall and one of his men sounded
tho alarm. H A; Wilkes and Norman
Cloland got out the hoso cart and pulled
it down to the croasing of the railroad
where thoy wero joined by J. W. Nnnn
and Ed Rummer and the cart was
finally dragged to the fire. .Mr.
Reading had thoC. P, R. boso attached
to the water tank and a coupling, was
effected with the city boso. It took
hbout 700 foot of hoBO to roach from the
tank to tho shack, The Bhack. had
been entirely licked up by tho flamos
before the cart arrived but oxcollcnt
work was1 done In keeping the fire
from spreading through brush piles and
trnsh, to the warohouBo ol the Imperial
Oil Co. and to.Quail's hardware storo
Ing room is one of • the,, attractions'; of^t.. ,^*
thelhotels and the meals are. teoosa,--*- -,-.
ing famoos from Vancoaver. to. Etoi-.   i v
fax.   Thomas Bookes, for a long ,., ...\
time.in .charge of,the, Cranbrook ho*. V;l., -^
he'works about,aevonteon hbdre^a   '.'„'
day to Bee that every thing,. I»; ill-,., 7
right and that the publloare. proper-- ].\
ly treated in every department.'-.,.. ,    ,.. ,
;,     From the Prospector  -.,-?.' . *i      -,,!
- The trial of James GUI for em*   ;  -
bezzlcment has bben traasferred from'   >*
Fernio to Nelson/ '
- J. R. Pollock, U. S. Vice Conror at *
Fernie, and A. Mutz, manager ofthe
Fort Steele Brewing' Co; at Fernie, *
wero at Cranbrook Friday.
Tho East Kootenay coal.and pe-   . .,-
troleum license caso, known as Ba-       ;
kor' and others versos Smart,, recently
decided by iir. Justice Martin, and    .
In which it was hold that the chief
hoiiBo.   Had It reached the oil another commissioner of landsand works had
disastrous conflagration would havo to
bo rocordod,
Very little aid was rendered by thoso
who aro supposed to bo on hand upon
such occassions, and as there woro no
heroes In evidence thero wlll bu no
presentations to mnko. and no chocks
will bo Issued,
That Fnmoiia Noto
Aftor at tempting to deduct the amount
from R. T. Lowory's.printing, nlll arid
being lnvuen with cntti In that iklr.
,an lanovilion for Iho Spokane Inl^J ^^jJ^&m!^S*%
ttiite Yn\t, It has bat n tried by tho mott |
of the- big Fairs of the t.'n.U*rn and
western Mate*, and In tvery Inttance
Iwit. rM«l. very auecMMul. ■ '   -
-hronrbt lhe aeflon In tho county  fotirt
(or the delivery ol bar noto. When
brought face to face wl'li a law suit
our ri<y fatheri climbed down again
t\M paid allcoaU.
,;. Mr. Hale, oftlik Cedar Valley.Mill
hcnl some men on Saturday to put out
a lire which had started near tho road
between the mill nnd West Pernio.
They thought lliey had put an effective quietus to It but the high wind of
Sunday htartcd It up again and the
high wind of Monday fanned it Into a
coiillugnUioti, Thc Klk Lumber Co,
closfd down their mill nnd prepnro.1
for battle.
'A large force of men were sent up
the hill tn fight the flume-,, Fred
Waters had another picnic at the camp
where he used up a barrel of vinegar
laat year In saving the building*. He
says thnt it mny be true that vinegar
/'^cV    f*Mrl4,  Ot*«*» I444I    ff.mnii.*,^*,,'"'*'   \l  *4C
j'find Muff t« Mop fin"-.'
Tlie fire ipreifd nil over the ground
burnt over last year  on   (his aide  of
Mntint Ffrnie and when dnrkntus came
on the side- of thc mountain made a
Kfaitti jviuuie,    iv.4-.-ry 01a Hump ar>o
unrig waa a  beacon and for hour*
people  watched  tha' dancing  of the
flames.      Later In the night  rain,
bounleoui rain poured down nnd tx-
'llnguUIied most of the fire.   Now U
the lime xo Aniib  the job by prompt
and  thorough    action.     Smoldering
firet <*an be wn in many plrm and If
not put out the neit wind will give   ut
•inollier eihibiiiiMi of fii/v work*.
no powor to issue the special form of,
license used, has boon appealed and
will como up for hoar Ing at the next
sittings ot tlio (ull court,
Tho July roturna from the Trail,
smelter show that 2,820,090 pounds
of oro produced 1,793,825 pounds of •
load.   Of this amount tho St, Eugene
mino lurnlshed 1,703, 82.5 pounds hof
concentrates which produced 1,000,- ■
072 pounds oi lead.  From the (ore-
going flguroB it will lie seen tbat tbe
big silver-lead mine df Southeast
Kootenay produced 76 per cent of
tho load product of tho ovo'smelted at
Avery fine time was spent last
Tuesday alternoon at a garden party
given by Mrs. V. Hyde Baker at her
residence on tho hill. The fcnuire of
tho alternoon was a flower show,
which was 1 el I In a large tont. The
entries woro numerous, and there
woro tour classes. 1st.—The best pot
plant, was won by Dr, V. E. Kin?,
2nd—The best collection ol perenutala,
was won by Mrs, T, T. MoVlttle mf
FortSteolo. 3rd,—Tho beat oollcc*
tion of annuals waa won by Dr, J. IL
King. 4ih-*Tho best collection of
«wim*i pun**, waa wnn by Mr*. A.* W.
Refreshments was served in tents'
on tho verandah and In the horuw.
The Judges were Mrs. Shedden and
Mrs. llutchlion.
Tlio big .tipple at Lille I« now being
gonoover by the palntom who aro
painting (t black with d*irk rod trim-
A. B-rck, olColrmao, made a bin,!-
ncM trip to Fernie during the wc«H« u"'Lf'V~i'i."'^*^'l^^V^-''viJ!a^**^^^*^^yw■B**^^^"''i'•' **™ r,~~MtIr^^^Ti>wT^7*^!^!^*4r7^^
^v:^$iti?%f3F??Ziy* -^ -a<V.^-s**--!!^
nTBK;.' ,■>,*.' fi",i-
&be fertile Xebgev
Issned every Wednesday at Ferule, B. C.
Subscription *% m year." Advertising rates on
application. -      * »».»^-*«—«-.*■«
Editor.'    --.-*".''>..-.—      Ilanager
Haste was made to deny the new
King of Norway was to wear a "made
in Germany'* label, and Emperor
William denies that,he has been plan-
Norwegian throne. This renders it
possible to. have an. Oleson wear the
crown in the land of the (Mesons.
The Triple Somersault
The acrobat in pink tights sat down
on a black velvet cushion to rest. Only
three men,- he -said; have ever thrown
a triple somersault.   .
One of the elephants that the acrobat
had been leaping^over stepped out-of
line.    He looked at it fiercely,■ and it
returned to its place with clumsy haste.
- The first man to throw a triple som-
ning to help a Hohenzollern into. the. ersault, he said, was Joshua Roche-
Mr. VV. L. ^Keizner declares that in a
recent issue of the Spokesman. thai if
the mines of the world were closed up
thc human family would, in the space
of fifty years, retrograde to a few scattering bands bf nomads who would
exist on root*;, grain etc. Suppose the
farms, orchards and gardens were to
close up shop how long could we live
on iron, coal, gold and silver? *.
A couple of years ago King Alfonso
of Spain was causing his attendants
some trouble by insisting^upon discarding his shirt and endeavoring to reinstate Adam's costume as : to apparel.
This weakling of a King thinks he has
a "divine right" „ to ' introduce dress
reform arid some of his subjects seem
to agree with him.
Emperor William II of Germany en>
tertnins,siniiUr notions as to his divine
powers;- and'littely, one Mr. Baer, of
coal fame,- took it into his' head to
make statements' which would indicate
a tendency upon his part to be* consid-
ered in the same category as , these
other asses*
There are other people who, judging by their actions official as well as
unofficial seem to wish to be classed'
along with- these gentlemen of puffed
up opinions as to their divinity of right
to make fools of themselves.
The oft repeated assertion tbat
corporatloua have no souls does not
carry the conviction with it that it
once did*, and people of intelligence
are beginning to see that there has
been method In Its use.
A corporation has soul and conscience In just so far as its owners
and officers are soulful and console."*-
clots. Its methods of doing business
will reflect the real motives which
actoate the iidivldoals who own the
"Steoaf'aadrdireot—ita raffato through"
boards of directors and managers.
The threadbarepracficajra the'
part of tAe maoLajfers of passing the
blame of unjust acts up to a board of
directors wbo-lii ttffn. exeaiev th'em-
aelves by pAsilng the responsibility
oh to tho'-"gockboldors who demand
that their Block must bring dividends
does not excuse wrong doings.: In
many cases the boards of directors of
large corporations are the chief stockholders in the /concern and the attempt to make .people believe. tbat
Smith the director is not responsible
for the -greed of Smith the stoekowner
will nolonger deceive. Avery, recent and glaring example ot this kind
of shirking of responsibility has developed from the investigations now
' being made Into the affairs of tbe
Equitable Life Insurance company of
New York. When Mr Alexander
proceeded to take the hide off the
back of Mr. Hyde of' that Institution
ho little dreamed what the result
would be; No one believes that
it was tho intention of Mr, Alexander
to expose to the world the rottenness
which seems to pervade ev ery nook
and cranny bf that, hitherto supposed
benevolent, institution. President
and manager along with favored directors were allowed to borrow tbe
funds of the company to be used In
other Institutions controlled by the
same fellows. 80 that the larger
share of the earnings derived from
the money paid into their bands for
the benefit of widows and orphans
went into tbe pockets of these pirates
The extent to which theso unlaw*
ful speculations have been carried
has not as yet been fully determined,
but enough has been unearthed u»
show that tbe frauds are much more
extensive   than at first supposed.
Many directors of high financial
standing have resigned and some
w|ll doubtless be made to pay
severe penalties for their misconduct.
All these people wlll tell us that
'-corporations have no souls" and if
that cue Is a fair sample no one will
have the Hardihood to deny tbe truth
ot tbe assertion In this Instance, but
the soul of that institution is exactly
woat (ts directors, managers and
itockownert have mads It sod It ts as
hoaMt attd (jootolracbus as .are tbe
■c^artcwiiclaMttot these looters
of widows and orphans. The -publle
are bsffanlog to eodorsUod that
what applies to one tYirpt-j-rattoo ap
piles to all (a to far as responiibll
Hy of smsisf ers, directors and owners
er# ooBcsroed. It Is hardly to be
supposwd that this kind of business
is cottliisd lo one large corporatlotj
iu tbe trolled State* or to one country.
Pte-nleof Canada tra woodsrlnf
wbtther socb methods bavs not been
In us oo this side ef lbs line In sons
Instances and ft (s to be hoped (bat
tbs spirit of enquiry will not be
allowed to lapse Into indifference.
I am quoting Barnutn now. Roche
was doing double somersaults from a
springboard over elephants, - the same
us I am doing.' He made an unusually
fine leiip, turned twice in the* air very
fust, lost control of himself, not knowing his head from his heels,' and, by
jingo, was carried by the momentum of
his first two turns quite through a third
that landed him, as neat as you please,
on his feet. He got a lot of unmerited
praise for that accident, but he - never
tried a triple somersault again:
.-' Back in the seventies there' was. a
young Kcntuckian w!k> could throw a
triple somersault sometimes. He was
never sure though. Maybe, in a month
he wouldn't succeed once. Furthermore, he could never light from a triple
on his feet. ,
There is a tragedy connected with
the triple's third thrower. ; A Swedish
acrobat once bet $30 that he could do
the three turns. . He made a terrible
leap from the spring-board, shot . up in
the air, actually,, succeeded in going
over three times, and came down on
his hands. The $20 was handed out
io him with congratulations, but he declined it.
"--No, he said, I  didn't light  on  my
feet.   I'll throw you a better one. .
And he got on the board. again,
soared up in the air like a . bird, and
turned twice and a, half, lit on his head
and broke his neck.'   ,   , ■
After a man has turned two somer-
salts in the air, he loses control of himself. The only way to turn three is to
leap as high as you can, and throw
your first two. somersaults as fast as
you can, Maybe the momentum of
these two will carry, you through the
third and land you on your feet. Maybe it will only carry you half through"
and land you - on your neck. The
triple somersault,' yoii see, is a dangerous . business, and one ' best left
alone.      '.
The Vnklnduess Cat of All
Canada now estimates her unfaithful Parliament as the* wronged heir
estimated the ..dishonest executors oi
his' father's estate:— ,
I don't mind being robbed,
he said; heirs are accustomed
; to that; but* it is hard when you *
complain   and the executors
who robbed you begin to talk
about ingratitude.
. CanadaJhas no option but  to be resigned to the salary grab.
:   It is bad enough for the country to
be compelled to pension every placeman of five years'service, and to pay
a whple house - full of partisan, favourites at the rate of $2,500 per, -7
It will be worse-—in fact, it will be
the unkindness cut of all—when these
beneficieries of a salary grab begin to
talk about, their "sacrifices" and the
country's "ingratitude." .    ,
Toronto Evening Telegram'
Two Reasons
A billion dollars is equal to a dollar a
minute for more than 1,900 years..
Japan demands this amount of Russia in payment for a terribly destructive, bloody and costly war.
John D. Rockefeller demands it oi
his fellow men because he likes money.
Mount Terijie Lodge No. 47
0, F.
"Meets" ev ry   Friday evening at '8
p.m. hvI.q.q.F. Hall. '       -    ,    :
, . *T. Beck, P.G..R.S. ~,
Dr. A.MilLOY
.: ■:, m&sW&rY'-'-
~ ts""
Aberdeen-Block, NELSON,
•, - '.•■:/.W£p. - ■,'. i":ii'Y
*   . 7 '*: : •
m   ' .. —
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
J. _ Barber, t. d, s. , d. p. s. ,
'   -"7*   -. * •       ' *
L. T. W.   Block,., opposite. the  Bank
>    Office hotu»—8 a.m. to 8 pjrn.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D.D.S.
-      : x^xaxTTzaa? 7
Office Hours*. 8 to 18 a.m.,l'to6p.m
Offloc'ia Alex. JJeok'i Block
om SUita's Bakery. -   ■ -7
E-KBNIE,       -       _  '    _     -   • ' b. 0.
i,    * ? ~   t- -    f * .   . '
Baeeisteb-at-Law,   SouCitok,  Etc.
.. -   Cuthbert Block, Ferule, B. C.
Cardinal (X-bbohs,'head of the Ro-
inzni^tholicchurch in United States,
gave out a remarkable interview last
week in whiclv.he discusses the most
menacing coiiditibne-- of the- present
time in this counrtry. Y ~'i"
Tainted money, commercial corru]p-
tion, the mania ot money made millionaires, the.upgrowth.and ..rapid" growth'
of graft and greed iii .finance and' public life, and, iii his opinion,'   the great
evil of all, the increase in the number
of divorces in this country, where com
merited upon by Mr. Gibbons..
' In the midst of a discussion of the
money madness of thc age the cardin
al was asked:
Do you think the giving awny of
portions of their millions in nny way
palliates the offenses against society of
of the great money makers of the
The cardinal's smile was one of- the
quixzicnl appreciation.
You refer to the tainted money which
hns been so commonly discussed? I
have never had occasion to reject any
tainted money. For this reason it may
be said that I am not qualified to
speak on the matter. Should I ever
he confronted by this embarrassing
necessity for official decision I should
not lot long in giving it.
, It is largely to the press we must
look, nol only for the discovery and
exposure of these conditions, hut for
their correction.    The revelations of
these dnys nre being made   by   the
newspapers, and in this bringing to
lifiht nf questionable deeds and quest*
ionable motives is to be found a' rem
edy for evil exposed.    The press is
probing   deeply  Into   (he   condition
we   nil   deplore,  and, the   deeper
the prob sinks  the   more,   apparent
becomes the seriousness of the sltua
tion. '
Through this deep and merciless
probing wilt come the healing. Publicity is Ihe one agent we must look to
at this time to curb tlie evils we
know to exist.
In nothing has Ihis been so clearly
shown as in the, recent life insurance
scandal. The country lias been shocked by then exposures of evil deeds by
those in high places, and it has not
been a pleasant thing (o see the men
who have stood so well in llie public
e»(c<in HfipjKiJ of tbtttto attribute*
with which they have been popularly
invtttcd. It has been a severe blow
to public confidence and has done
more than anvthlntr tlte to develop
■ vpirlt of cynical pessimism.
Clear and palpable dlshonssty itself
it t.h.cUJ-.d bthlnd barrUrs cleverly
constructed by the brightest legal
minds In the country. The dishonesty
ol the Individual is merged Into tht
dishonesty of ths many and its axis*
fence if den.etl even by the guilty.
Jam** C. DIsine, one of the greet
nt minds in Uiti country once remarked to me, men srs guilty of sets as
member* ef a corporation which tbey
would tootrtx to commit •• isdividinls*
Io thli remark lies the secret of otueb
of tbe commtrctat corruption ef these
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
% G. Liphardt
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nabMlaaditrut^ay \* tswr* too.
Ikll-f U tlntsti Um aalaaini af
Tho LssJftr
t*t vttrfttAj llu««|% but nail tl,
f «U \**m la jni *i Mnttbtn-ff te In*
B*» aat bt M*t«Bt vita ee* ti,
CaaHsM «li»pptM watt* away a lUtu,
Mat* H * tp-MU! fMtuv st f**f
W. fi. B08B     ...       /.   J. 8. T. ALEIAMDKB
;    Ross & Alexander
'   ' .   *•   FBBNIE, B. a       Y
Office in L. T. W.'Block, Victoria Av-enu*.
P. d. I-atoe
Wm. Mills, Prop;
«  Etead Office i  Nam
Gzpital *<$2,235,o6o  ■? iftesevve * $£235,600
i/' - ■    •;/.'" total Mssetb * $27,500^0001
" Hon.1 ^m. Gibson^ President.. ; 7;, 'y> "-. '-\., *>;i \ ;y
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Provincial Land Surveyor
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Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed J
and Crown Grauted.
PO. Box J6-),      t Office: Kootenay St., Nelion
Office: Mott; Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
v     Fbrwie ----British Columbia
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tssrlti* iu bniusts
w** tr**} MpsirUpt ,
UieworM, Tiae-il*. -
In* never itrt|is In tin. -
«*U*veiyrMwU'»n <
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Rooms nwftrml by wire,
- ^
* a
0090000000000000000000000000000000000000O00000000000 -"
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\i'y ■ in kaslo       |:
m\-    ■
5;       The door of the     .                   "          : J|
•"-  sj
The Exchailgi
§       Has not been locked for many years.  . ".'§ ',
.  J       The landlords /are  always happy, .     § \
J       even when their bank-roll looks thin-     'J';'.'
- \.
§       nerthan the lean edge of an atteiiu-      $
I   ..
5       ate^ wafer.    Try one of their morn- "   $
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1            1.
4 1
> v«
$> fj» tj»
T. Wholaii. Manaprcr
Hvery mart own It to htmnslf sni
lits fmnllj* to nm\*r a .ndt* orjirw
f«*«lon. Road llm dlipluy nJvenls
inont of (lis ill Mom* Sclu-oh of Tcl«
l*;rii*>hy, in lliin 'Umic hu-J Irani \n\*
Kraphy anJ be u»»urcd a posiliiin. 7-'/"*  : -   .*,
-1 -.'.
; f.* V- 7 V
*K.-,     j--   *.*
\- ■"*-. "
.,. "-■■<"... ,-■■
Oi" \
vi    ■V't *
i, A    - -
'*. ■' -,** -
"''■ !V'7
'''-    7
■ v^'.-Ov-'*
,    ,-'1-41 4,1 -'.    •
.* .    v    "  J .V,,-* k "   -*   -
-(   /   li        J1"  --      -    '
^^jj-ai" ** t  V   "^V     »*.'-■*?      p-      ^
Vol. i,*Nor27 • 7*:■ V."":; ".,;_.FERNIE, B, C.-- -WEDNESDAY^'ATJGfUST":I6^. ioc-J^V *■** • " ■ ^'^^otf'A -YEAi^ • ■: C,*,v■;
Y'\ *.. 'y ; **       There was a very--short session :of;
\ V .> the council.last Wednesday'evening;,
';   ., :.  ,v>; \ '\,Mra.'Hiib,i9!.Jotter-/wai3 referred to
■ -,••,V.'-y'i  ;;* tliev city, solicitor  and. Aid! ^Trites
\r Y. , \: .*; 7 ' spoke in.favor of-returning her note
r: 77 y      ;*.• . ■ Aid. ..Wallace-asked" if it was pos-'
,.;. V- i 7' ;;v .. sibleto colIect;anytliing^frdnf Mrs.
iXy^'iY r,Yi Harris'fdr business' -done- here!   The
i^feiSJ.;^' -"• .''."'MayoF advised a damper be: put on
V-, .-j;y"■ 7'"-' •   discussions^in^ puWicy!.as.they7were.
,*> \A.YY ','*''",..•fu™8^ -their*
^#:'?'^7::--?\^';,';dpponerits-.7 '7^7"' ?,^-;'Xr".^.*^ 7:;^7r
l%<T^7 7" "> :77 :'lhe money. ^
*1 «* a   ^        *"      " V   *. I**'* ***       *""** " ■* • *        *-*   '* * ~* **"*".*.    "   1    **■**• » *.*-****• ^"*
v^,:-.;. 'c? *.*Vv-.. r. passed.  -■■'.* ■  ,'. -^,. /-:-■.. ^
have, the advantage of being able tb*
place their.; barges- - alongside■;'' the"
vesselsi;oh;the opposite side^te
dock thiis saving time arid'making, i^
much more"'convenient/ to "coal the",
ships with coast .coal.KTo oyereome
this difficulty.,bunkers wilhhave to be.
■n ' -T 4 *•■ 44 -   • *A" * 1 f |      *> ^
built in^such a; way^-'as' to'rmake it;
possible ;toV handle the_;..Crowds*' i^est
coal wit bout .interfen-hg^v.witli * ,th'e:
loading-, and uhioadihg 'of-fi;eighi.y :V .*:
^  *:-,-
'" ii--"-.'..-
: > WALDoj?F:f-;Chafles^: B^    Marsh,/
Orange^;GalvV PetersMcIntyreV*Narif
.. JTh'eJproverbial s^
of a fe'athei\flock toge ":. ;tv?iJ    /':*
ing,peacocks, r6bihsVvand Storks ^seem'
;; 'U.,_-■•>>-_j*--'-   Aid. Cree<advised:*d,lvem to geiti?tli
■^'"^ii"H'-;.*'^^rpads -'ahd^sidewalks - by*-la\y'  into
*:* /--'■   T V- rshape before doing anv Work as thev-
^ ^.v^^-Cv-^'V^ .yefei"liable jQinieet^withyoppositi&n'^/^
; V"T.; ; >' -,: .   The ;23rd !was * he>y;apart*as ?a X)ivic
^•;V;X:fJ;-^v;7^hoiida:y.ry_, 7 ;;„;. ^"W.^"-.; '■ ■">'■ -""Vj;
1*^7'.'-§-'^R; >„',: QThe Ahorse-^ujbscion.'.- was /left-' -;ta
j|^;,;v^* L^:;Ae:Jiief iWafker.;.'-*; .,.,y^yU' -v'"■"*";;'^:
V ■*- r^4,    ~
»,*. ■*
''**?.' - .
' r%;'' .7 . ■ ->.y "\y;,.: pistric.t-'Me;eting,;: ■ - -\   • - ii _
f . V ;. The "financial district meeting; of
■ ~i •"- the .East 1 Kootenay^, District ■.;of ■ the
;; V- :Methodist church, was .held in
^7. Fernie bn; Tuesday.- .All; the seven
;. members were present andgave exT
7 cellent reports, ot the state-pf"the work
on their various fields.;, Great, nuui-
... berssof people are' coming'into the
*'•, . Kast:Kootenay District'andfcaking up
\ : ; . .land iii thes various valleys
"-',.',. iMenibers present*:—Kev. J. H..
.'Mv'!v ,Whiie. D. D., local superintendent of
^:';■^.W^,•^^^M•^sip^s ;" Rev. John lRobson,-°£hair-
'hi'yi'*'■::'?-\:C.Vrm"ah-bifidistrict; Rev, J.P. Westinari,
'i'Y?.^'1, > ^Cranbrook; Rev. D, ;M;;vPeiiey, of
|S; ... • Movie;, Rev. W. P. Ewing, Coal
ff'^&i^i'^' Greek'; Rev. T. A. Bashaw,, of
W' ^7. '•'*" Morrissey.; Rev., Geo/R B. Kinney,
1 • ,, oT^lichol arid Wm.. Vance,, of Kiiik
•<   • ,   berley.,v
Creston, ■ Wash..; _A\ mi\H6ughton,.and
Wm*. ,Cuftis/::J\)rtlahd,, jOre: y Mrs1.:
N;rA.f Breeding,-V^alla
M; Beamett aiid wife,-- Athens," Orel ^
. ,Fernie4^J. A; Latimer, vCarlgarv';
?.;/;W^/^o^m:..xNelson;;- Ji ^A;-Md-'
Bride;'-.Weybiini:; ■&• S'.^Ndcholson,*'
r\ *° ■ -is' s   1 ■ * -   '■ •■      L"     .7- v-.    »,7;-;-   .   ■-"■-
Craabrookt.-'v- _ v..;_...••*••■: _77;r*^':^7.,7-.;.
WniL Rposevc 11, Mosco u^-jvVV.'V' Sfioii 1-.
deref; 1 Spokane;.-.'Wv,. Miller- Cra'h-"
brOOk. ' "   " '. ■- ,yy' ;■„<...'■'/   r7 -\ * '- ■]
Imperial—W. :F.: MejTitt^Longon,
Eng, ;•. D. L'aw|r'jftuhireai.I:s^,->'-'V'
how to be flying in^the 'same direction; ?-'       /'-.','      ,
..'-.Some o^ prii;'* rougK ; Vider brigade : ',-„J ?. • -y'.:,-'
seem:;to4iave ibi^ :': ¥, '■ i;v :
mak esrp'ro vision rf or the imposition^; 'a'.;   !,'' 7 , '-*
$25 fine , for fast riding: oyer j 'bridges .p)> ;vv     :;>
TakeMf voiir epiTrs boys%;    .. \ >' ,:v ,', .r-\.-;., *',v,;/: ."■•'
* ' Rey;:FatKer.Ch6ipeip()f; Crahbrook,',">}">. ;:) '' ^.;;>;.,-
*'wil'l: come.:- here>to: take the^V "placeldf *&'&{'*':^y\"" 7
, tlie,1 a11e:i\-V Re y , S'ajjier tardpn. will go it }ji: i vi   X- H
'DcTfck to':tli:e;co'ast,J where ■KeiiV"dii,ectorV^-;'\ v.:-V *>. .J
-of-St ^ouis> Col lege.    '-«:• yy.^y \y^y:y^:YYi.Y Y-- *.
l<D;r GelleWy.\^^G.elletla^\&:Sori\ir-^ ;,
Lher^t'romisKblb.^ ;*:';tfY^'iy.;"., ^   ....
a'ii(t'V6^Ciib.le^ Uv'-"'". .^
tlie'"coastj'-fii-ayin^7prpduce"d/;^i*C,000/'^  (■'\..t-.^YYS
•'V^/'^Frnc^vol^Fulc "' ;..,'.;.
.Qpei:atit?g^?tlie^a^ni[U-lf-Tb by .the/7 - '?\\y -*... ;. ,0
Sussex Lumber^ ,;?u^ '7 > vj
. j y
I" f
Cbiil Company Output.
. % Supt. Dilnnanjcportsthe output at,
the Mines tor the "week ending Fri-
■',; day,,the llth inst. to be as follows: " *
*;    Coal Creek,    - , 6,620 tons
:   '    Michel, : 7,201 ,»'
I, * ,1
. . ', Total,   14 690,,
Two idle clays at Coal Creek caused by the cancelling of order from
Seattle, explains the short tonnage
at that mine. The Great Northern
Steamer Dacota, is billed to sail Sept.
20th, and as there are no bunkers
available tho coal for this steamer
cannot be forwarded until near sail-
t ing time, owing to the fact that the,
docks used by these steamers are
single so that" freight comirig out ofthe vessels has tp'be handled from
* the same side as coal and freight has
t.o be taken on.   The coast; collieries
, AROUND'^THE CITY-.;■,.-'
■ j/ <M./ Agi.'ew," of Elko, y,aH at; the
■'Fernio veste'rcUiiy.'" " ■*';■■
* ' ' .   .      ' * * - ■ j -;\ *-vr.      *
VV. R. Ross went to Nelson Monday
to defend Gill, at. his trial.-    .;     ',-7-   '.
.Dr. J. H Banett,of Winnipeg,   was
at the-Waldorf Monday.     ;■       .<"'•.•'.
David Enimersdi. real Restate agent,
of Spokane, registered at the Waldiuf.
\ Fire started, bet ween Morrissey and
-Elko on the west side of the river last
Sunday;   .
■ Mr, Wood, of the Trites-Wood Co ,
started 'work last .week, oii his how. home
in the.Park. *.•■.*,      ■ • ,
The ."do squaro0 display .iiV\Quail!s
window has given place to a very
plane arrangement this week.-   . «" ,
Latest reports from. Mrs.. Whelan,aro
encouraging and she will be able to
return home without seiious trouble
'Miss Ethel Digby sought surcease
from sorrow by joining the mad throng
of pleasure sookers at Elko on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs A B Trites entertained
a fow friendsJasl. Wednesday evening
Progressive euchre was tho pastime
indulged in,
Mrs. Grant Smith, of Sunderland
Eng., is visiting her parents   Mr.   and
Mrs, Wilson at Deer Park/a subui-b of
Toronto.   ■
V...W «
\ .P.'H. Gorman, ;o£ Spokane, fbrematr
for P. Welch is here loading .thoir r«i'K
roading outfit to ship to Midway whore
it will be nut to work on tho.V, V..&.E t
;at the sr>iith-end Pf ,lthe town' Mond-ayK-jy rvv^^s
.morning;--'. Had,'-it ■;, hot; been ;;,for;,the'7^^\,i-;j^ \[:\
prompt acfcibn- by IJam.es;. McLeaii^and .:-': ^. \"->.."-. V.
some of;tlie coke byeii men1 iiixpiittirig" \"; . ;/:■. '"':'="'-y.'},
irout there-'would-.have,\beehymoTe:;Yy"\ *''•'>?.y: 7
sack; clo'tii and ashes, espe,6iaily ashes inr;. \4, ' :,,'■:- T-.* -^i
'Fernie;.^.-:-  V :Y1 '■'   -.Y "■."-.' -YyY Y.t.  ?;-■  ^-t-YY
ir 7Alex.:Be-;;kf pi Golemah paid Fernie ;. :\;--v. v..'\ . '^.'■
a visit lajit {week.   Mr;. Beck is running   '   ";   >: !•:",'
the International .Boarding: Housei';:'^;.).-:*"".^ ;T./:. -r
Coleman'"; and - reports'■^business r/at, ■ ;".:   ' ;-\    v'*.
Coleman;to haye doubled^ihce he went^-.'■/■'"' ■, ;"•:■:•','
there a short time ay;q.:   Mr. Beck'* has ,.,.7: . '.:;>£$■ :Y>,
•had   the" Internatiohar refitted\rJah'd'.*'•'■'• ;-;""V^:'
painted. *.; v .'■ ■,,;.:. ■'• •";■1 *''' '   .','' ,-'-/ \. li; . ■,'V'"'-:* \'w\
"■ RebertH .Shipimari, ofCantiingtpn;  ... • ..    ..    . *:.
•Ont., stopped over in.Fernie.Jast.Fi;iday i:
,'to look at our town' and the, .mines .at
Coal Creek.   He was accompanied by
Mrs.   Shiprnan;. and  her  sister;'; Mrs, ■
Thompson,,  They have been "spending
ashort.lioliday at the coast, .going,by,
themainline and returning  over; the.
Crow route., *'..*./.
G Earl, of bytton, and T. Cunningham,  of Vancouver,  member of the-
provincial board of horticulture arrived
from Nelson laHt night and are stopping
at-the Fernie    They report fruit shipped in here from over the  line,badly
effected with Codling  moth and have
condemned it    Thoy po  to Gateway
today and will return this evening on
the Northern.
Rev. T.   Albert Moore • eecretary of
the   Dominion Lord's  Day   Alliance
spoke in tho Methodist Church on Mon«
dav evening.     His subject was uThe
Sanctity of the.Lord's, Day in: Canada.
He is a very enthusiastic speaker, at
home   with ' his subject   and  carries
conviction to his   audience:     At the
close of the address the annual, .meeting1
was lu.ld and officers for thc year elected.
Rev.   John   Robson   was re elected
president ancl Rev. A Dunn was elected
,  secretary treasurer.
■> ^T^T^fF*^^
A-%;->-."V   , ...    '
l< -
Iu consequence of the haavy demand
for Uflt: week'fl issue contftlniiijf the
following articles, the edition was ex*
hHUBted early iu the day,- aud in response to repeated 1 requests ior. copies
we republishjhe^nme iie.ow7 ":
-.t. ■■■■   ■-——*.        7   ',
-. THB WIND BLOWS.7   '.
■»' The,kindly spirit pervading.the
-letter of Manager Pea&jck, of the
Dora In Ion SecaVltt s Corporation Ltd.,
to oar dty cooncilaroased a kindred
leellnK in oar breast.. So ihaeh so
that one grew curious to' know who
these philanthropio peoDle who raani-
',*; test such an Inordinate Interest in pur
sewer system, at the expense of■ our
water plant, wore;' We gambled a
■' -postage stamp and an envelope. and a
sheet of papw andw
refer ourrreaderatotheoard of the
' Dominion Securitlea -Corporation to be
found below.
t ■•.,;«
r •'
-   7*  '-Limited'   ,         Y'
. 7'"    P8ESIDBHT    „.,v  .,
y' :"j
i''; HON.GEO. A. COX
& •'"*..
',7    •;.. vKS-PRBSlD-sirra
F.O.OOX                          E. B.WOOD
•■*-.-     O.A.M0RB0WS
&. JAFFRAY   ,    .  4          K.W.COX
J. II. HOUaSKR'                      R. HALL
REV. J. JP0TT3, D. D, -V F. 0. TAYLOtt
C. 1>. K&SSEY        WU. MAOKEKZIK
8IRT^W.TAYLOR   .      J. J. KENNY
K                          °
E. R. PEACOCK, Manager   '         1
W. & HODGENd, Treasurer '     ,   1
J. A. FRASKR, Secretary             I
,   EC. NORSWdHTHY                1
Uauac«r kbutreal Branch   ^       1
■ *
"" . The town of Fernie waa incorporated
' in accordance with an agreement  pre
vioQBty entered into between the peopli*
of the town apon the one hand, and tiio
Crows Ne<<t Pass Coal Co. on the other.,
The people being represented through
the Fernie Board of Trade and the Conl
"Co; by Mr G G. 8.-Lindsay, general
. tManaxer of the! Coal. Co.   This. incor
poration was consummated by the Legislature 'panlng an act in accordance
with the above named'agreement   :
'-*     ■■-   .. -       „ .--■.     , -   ;  .*, a    ,
•   The act secuces to "the.;.Crow s Nenl
,. ■Ele.ctrlc lAght' & Power  Co., a subsi-
. 'which their.charter i»b a Co;-cbnfered
"   upon them including the right to line
the streets and alleys'of the city for the
. purposo'of laying water- pipes^ and
.orectlhff,telephone aiid electric light
pole's, but not the exclusive right to do
; no, as it'was. understood that, if  the
city so desired, ttiey could put in -t^iolr
< owu' water, plant. . The ..principal
reasons which actuated the people in
., this Incorporation nwjve was that they
could put in a water and sewer system
both of which were nrgeut necessities.
' Tho water system (n use at tho time of
,   tto disastrous Are a year ago laHt April
< proved * delusion ■ and a snaro, . and
when the lire fiend came upon them
theywere as helpless as babes ih thi*
handsof the demon..
At Ihe meeting of the Board of Tradi*
held a few days after the flro,    Mr.
Lindsay, In answer to .questions from
. M>' Cree made the following statement
- as,reported hi the Free Press of May
Mr. Cr.eo aslted Yx\r. Lindsay what at*.
■ -fltude the company would take toward*
the municipality on the water worlm
system. ' He understood that the mnn*
lulpsl act contained a clause by which
a municipality could be obliged to pur*
etas* an existing wntor svstom from a
private corporation before it could con-
, struct ons of Its own. Considcrablo
discussion followed and Mr, Lindsey
allayed all fears by assuring tho Board
town thoy would never force Us salt
upon (hem.
T,lte caps In the quotation aro i u*«.
II* also stated that hU company VVwen1
always propared to meet them 'lialf
way In anything that would further tli.'
-general■ Interests of the town,"
As the water supply (or tho town lisil
been tbe main spring of action whlcl-
brought* about Incorporation. It was
from time to tlmo discussed within end
wit ef the Council until a bylaw was
framed taking the usual linos toguthnr
with one for a sewer system nttthorlc
Ing ths city to bnrrow 100,000 for tho
water system, and 140,000 for thesewi-r
* • i "-i-.  .. i,
these bylaws were submitted to thr
voters for ratification on June Ord taut
and were to be both ratified.
The-city clerk wan* Instructed to ad
v«f'tl«a for bids fer • thesa dahenturrH
which he did through the columns of ilu*
f Monetary Times."
On'the 7th of June, a corilmlttee o'
the council wrote If r. Lindsay anklng If
he would selT the water system within
th* city llmltt «nd If *n tt. wh.f prlc*.
He answered on the 8fh of the samn
reooth saylng-'raATTnaooMPAM-!* woor.n
|iof aa* to: RNTaarAiK sonr a raoro
frriewi I will Rowavia ssu. voc tub
Oti the 8rd of July, while the council
was lo session Alderman Hsrchmer Informed that body that Mr. Lindsay had
Just arrivfd In town from Beattta, and
would be leaving the nut day for Tor.
ente and that he wonld like to iMthsm
In his eflle* as he had some, ImpnHant
bn»l-*ia«ttalti'rt to dhcuiiB wlili them,
Uboo teollflo they adjourned to mset
Umtsny as rfij'iMtod and rsmaloed
tlosMad with him until midnight.
'. What.transpired at that meeting was
withheld from the public until the. following- Saturday evening' upon . < the
pretext that it would be ' wise to do so
until Mr. Lindsay's proposition could
be laid before them in writing. Lind*
sey .left "the city; the" day after the
secret. meeting and the presumption is
that he rvduced his proposition to
writing-before he left.
This peculiar sad. ridiculous proposition follows:'..     _ "     y-V -
1 FeWie July 4th 1905
"     ■     ,    . 7..CITY
Deas Mb" Mayor .
. rAs a result of - tho  conference
. *rhlch I had the olcasure of. hav
ing last night with, yourself, and .
'all the members of the muiiicipHl
Council ih Fernie, I am disposed
to  make the following suggestions flSPyour consideration:   '
.."* Please, understand  that these
. are-made subject to the approval
of my Bpard of Directors, but I,
! think that you . mav  confidently
feel that tho Directors will endorse whatever I suggest.
There is nd use, in a communication of thin kind entering ipto
• the-merits or demerits of  the
present water controversy.   Suf
* nee it to say that two water sys
, terns will hot pay either party in
' Fernio. As wo have a svBtem
. and are unwilling to sell h\I am
prepared to make the following
proposition, in consideration of
the Municipality refraining from
installing a wator service,-duriug
the period covered by this agree
. ment.        ■-.,'-., ■••.».
1.--I will furnish free water
for as many fire hydrants as the'
Municipality cares to attach to
our system, the Municipality to
purchase the existing hrdrants. -
. 2. ;I will furnish freej sufficient
water to, flush the sewers, provided the amount required is not
excessive 1 should , like to" be
advised what the water, requirements, for this purpose will he.
but do nnt anticipate anv difficulty in giving you all your requirements. ,   , _, -
8. I will furnish water from
the hydrants for street watering
purposes, at the rate, of $10.00
per month per hydrant..
•■ 4. , I guarantee to have, before
the 1st of October, an 80 lb. pres
sure water service throughout
.the thickly settled portions of the
..Municipality ..- ,, • . , .
. 5. I am prepared to sell all
our water system in/the Cily of
' Fernie, at the end of ten years,
from the'1st day of July, 1905, at
a price to be fixed by arbitration,
if the parties cannot agree. The
Municipality h* not to be obliged
to take over any portion of the
water service outside of the Mun
-icipallty, and-I will free , them
from any bonus which the existing statutes would require them
to pay for the purpose of taking
;Over the service. - , 7  - <, , •
, 6. By that time;Vou will probably wish to. bring your water
supply from Fairy creek, and I
easement for use of right of-way
from the bank of the Elk river to
the limits ofthe Municipality, as
then existing, provided the route'
is left to the selection of this company. I may say In this connec-.
tion, however," that I , think it
would be well to determine what
this route'shall be, because of
possible settlement along the
projected lino of this easement.
I am not prepared to mnke any
undertaking In regard to water
rates, further than to say that
the present ratCB seem reasonable
and I do not know nf nnv reason
why these rates5 should In the
future be increased. I think you
may safely rely upon it that they
will not be increased..
If the ratepayers should wish It
I am prepared to undertake' that
the water to supply,tho  town
shall come from above the Mines.
'■. "   Yours truly
General Manager
The trauflporent attempt to tide track
the water bylaw and go on with"'tho
sower system is sufflclontl,y oxpoBed by
the action of James McLean, coko oven
foreman of tbo Conl Co., In his motion
to quash the water bylaw coupled with
the Peacock letter advising the council
to go on with thc sewer system, a nou
producer of revenue, and to drop tho
water by.law, tho only producing asset
left to the city. A.glanco at the list ol
Odlcors and Diroctors of the Dominion
Securities Corporation of which Mr,
Peaqock is manager speaks volumes up
on this point. The ouly thins*;,ldt to
the friends of munidpal ownership of
the water system to do was to move the
quashing of the sewer bylaw upon the
same grounds as those set up by the
friends of the Coal Co.as to the water
bylaw.. This was done and as a.result
both bylaws .will be wiped out leaving
the situation as it wad in the beginning"
As Seen from Different Points
'-       - Toronto,'Mth July, 1905.
Calvert Varty, Esq.,
,   ; CltyClcrk,      * ' - *
,   "    .Fernie, B C,  .<,
We had Hoped to have made jou an offer
for the *100.000,4X80 year bonds of theotty of
Fernie, which you ao advertising for sale, bu,
regret to say that up to the. present we hav
been unsuccessful in Betting our clients in
terested, although we may possibly yet be
able.'to dc so before the time for receiving-
offers expires. If we do not succeed in putting
in an offer, and-you do not succeed in getting
■what yon consider a satisfactory bid for tliem,
say, anything better tlsun par, if you would
give ui the refusal of Ihe bunds for a short
timo. say a fort-nlght or so, we think we could
southern to advantage for you, and possibly
at a considerable premium over par. The fact
is, there are so many municipalities askintr
ror oftprs for bonds of this sort at present, that
our clients are getting tired of making offers,
because it takes time to investigate and make
up their minds that the s"K'urity is satisfactory, jnd if lliey do thi,, they want to know
that thoy can-gut the bonds.if th-jy decide
favorably, go that it is much easier to sell u
bond »uoh as this when a fixed price is stated
that will be accepted, and when the intending purchaser knows that ho can have the
bonds at tlmt price If hedeoides to purchase.
If, therefore, you do not get a satisfactory
ottat.w one that you think worth aooepting,
wewUlcoiisideritafavorifyou wlll arrange
to give us tbe refusual of the bonds in this
way. ■• ',.•*.
i   -    '* Yours truly,-'
- a. A. STIMSON&CX3. ..
P. B. We would like to have a list In any case
of tho names ef-those who tendered, and the
prices offered, as we keep a memo of all such
matters for future reference,' and tor which we
enclose a stamped envelope. Kindly let us
havo this by return mail.. < *
■ -  .   .•     .    G.A.8.&C0.
.     Toronto, J7th July, 1905
Calvert Varty .Esq.,.    - '      ■
City Clerk,
Femie, 11. C*
™*.We »"-»i<V't in receipt of your letter of the
12th containing information regarding the
City of Fornle and the issue of •JlO'-.Ooo, thirty
year !i% bonds.     .,.> „   ,.■ J
. This seems to us a very heavy issue for a
town with an ajsessmeut of only a little over
h.ftILl n**»*-o** dollars and a population ol
Slightly over4000 and we are afraid that the offers you will get for so large an Issue wlll be
dlssappoingly lout, li it wero possible to issue
only the $4i),000 forsewers at the present time
and defer tlie wuter work issue till . some
future occasion, we are ofthe opinion thatyci-
would bo muoh more likelv to receive satis,
factory offers. Wo think this view will be
concurred in by most bond dealers. We do
not feel that we would care to make an offei
at the present time for $100,000 of these deben-
tures.       ■ ■
If by any chance it should happen that the
Council finally decide to Issue only the W0.000
for sewers we ahull bo glad to hear from you
further and to de whatever we oan in the
One suggestion I would make and that is
that you have the bouiis issued in denominations of either $500 or S*1,000 instead of 8100. This
is altogether too small a denomination for convenience and you will find that most buyers
objeot to taking a lot of bonds of a very small
denomination instead of a smaller number of
a larger denomination., It is customary to
have bonds issued in denominations of either
t500 or £1,000 and people object to unnecessary
changes in such matters..
.. • o *   Yours truly; *"      -   -
,.    .   ',      .-.     .   .    lii R. PEACOCK
,-* Manager.
Portland;; •- Ore^
A Boston'woman.. more famous' for
her hiiuteur .than her good manners,
saw a man. spit on the car the other
day.' Rising with, indignation, she
freezingly said to lhe conductor: Do
,you allow anyone to expectorate in this
conveyance? " Certainly; madam,' cer-
lainlv! spit wherever you want to, was
the ur!)anc answer, in the ..conductor's
best style. j       -   - *.  - 4
A    B. HEYLAND, Enginoor wd Provincial
A.,  JUndHurveyoi.  KASL.0
rfiHE KA8LO HOTEli, In Kaslo, is the lead-
-*•   ing hotel ln the city.
THE FILBERT HOTKI. In Sandon-ls the
headqunrtors for all travellers to the Citv
of Silver.      BliNNETT & MURPHY, Props,
MoI.KO»  JlOTKl,.  VflllR.    All modoru
-' nntirovcinenU,  Hample rooms In connection. Tho only flrst*cltisii hotel In Yinir.
tflNLAY McLEOD, Pio'trletor.
1 to Oct 15
Fare $27
Tickets on cale from.-June 1st to
September HOtb, and limited to ninety
dayg from date of' sale—but not later
than November 80th. Stop Overs trill
will be allowed at any point in either
direction within limit of ticket.
'-' A fee of fifty cents will be charged
at Portland for extension ReturnTicket;
J amhs-Sloan,* Agent
". ; RETURN ■
90 Day Limit
■■ All Rail via Samns or.
S. S. Prlnoess Victoria
i -
? J **
v j*., ■ --.->. i
Its baths cure^;
all nervous and
muscular - <•
diseases, its
water heal all
* kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate '
all metalic
poisons from
the system.
, Wow under the new management of Harry Mcintosh,
-    ■ - -   Hoffman House, Bosslafi'd'.' •
Report of Analyst !
Of Samples of Water frorir* Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
Lake, B.C., 27th February, 1898.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh, Scotland,
..-- ■'   March 3, 1898
., . One gallon-of water contained the following ingredients, the results are expressed in parts!
Chlorine '    8.14
Sulphuric Acid...... 363.43
Silica    74*24
Lime    84*57
Alkalies as Soda ...     5.71
Magnesia '.. 232.00
Lithia        .86
Sulphuretted Hydro-  ,
(?en     32.00
. Fishing and
Terms:  ■
$12 to $18
per week,
according to
residence in
. hotel or villas.
Adorns, the outer man, and
raises the wearer in the
opinion of the critical public
Geo. W. Garruthers
J. R. Cameron
■ Is the tailor to go.to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest suitings
to select from, and the fit and
workmanship Is the best.
^AMnnM       •     OLDEST   TAILOR
A Summer Suit
Vancouver to
•Via ;Viotorla-,i-j.-
1 v.v'S:'-.t.-
Tbrauph Sleeping Oar.'   ,
-- ■' ' -'    >.-.
Arrowhead to Vanoouvep
Sunday      Wednesday      Friday .
For full particulars, tickets, first-
class or tourists sloeplnfr car roBer*
vatlons.   Apply to local agent.   •-
"R. Roadingr
■  A^atit at Fornlo.
J 8. Carter, D.P.A.,      E. il. Ooylo, A.Q.P,A.
Noluon. Vanoouver
pnUHONT HOU8K, NIEL80N. Europe.*.!,
I *\iA American ptnu. Murtli.xft cents, Roomn
(roml'niipto II. Only whllo hMp umriloyed.
MothltiR yellow about tiio plnco oxcont tlie trold
.11 tlio iiatii. MA Lome- & TJIKGILLUS,
SAnTLKTT IIOUSK, formnrly tlio Olark
la tlie iKsit iX a day Iwtol lu NuUon.   Only
Ita help omiiloyed.   a.  W. UAKTLUTT,
•».„.. .....
*Wh.ol«aalo   Morohanta,
S» arjln Dutlor. Ebbi, Olioo«e, rrodttcu and
Fruit, Kehwn, B,0,
T  A. MoDONALl),   Wbolenalo Doaler in
.J*  Fruit, Nelnon, UO,
I       ''I    '   \
Alih  ROUND TnE HOVHD    .
.... o'.uyloinroaat beef tlio aiipetlielnir otiora
eionpe and tharlcli brown frravy trlnkloa umpt-
iiKly to thn dlih. That la tlio kind of -pita our
will umko you brainy and brawny
Of L'fiurna w* toll the«holcoit cuts of veal,
Ts probably the proper-.
1 ~ caper at, this time
of tho year.    If you
have a desire in that
Pays Poor Profits.
We get out a class of Printing that is superior to the
general run. : : : '.
*-  -.1  * ■ , *
That's why we're kept busy.
Do we do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
—The Lkdger,
judiciously placed in a live newspaper THAT
IS READ,-is like a bullet which goes
Right to the mark.
Some circulations are sluggish. A paper that
is not attractive tothe reader is not widely
read. AN ADVERTISEMENT that is ;not
read  represents       :       :     "•       :       : ;
Money thrown away.
There is   no dead-wood in the  circulation   of
An advertisement in its columns always
;s Results.
A complete stock of Coffins, Caskets, and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Parlors in the T. Beck Block . Victoria Avenue
o    ,
Greatest Aid to Cookery
With least labor and trouble It makes
hot-breads* biscuit and cake of finest
flavor, light sweet» appetising and
assuredly digestible and wholesome*
Order your Summer suits now. Nutly
Stilling! now arriving. •  '
•H R Llebschdr,
tlltvrmu't But Tttkr
U31NEHB would bf boiler If you'd
bruihltup a bit,
AUD TIMEU only come to thoie
who dou't ge^wp md "git,"
/RN Mw.«vd«jri etiit mtU a pile
i of any decent iIm,
NLES3 ihalt local pj.n*t thuy
periluUiitly *.»tronlje«.
Several Thousand
Shares of
Mining Stook
For Sale
Mott, Son & Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
A-jcnli In Fernie for T( G. Proctor, Nelion
r P. BURNS & GO.
Havo oiu) of tholr krgofit stores in Fernio.
Lsmb, Veftl, IVeuh nnd Smoked Fish,
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
Cozad's Famous California Show
Aug  17
Annnallr/tonilthaDiiw poiltlom eraaUd
i>7 nitllrond and TaWtrapli Oompi»nl«». W»
-want VMINO MVN and I. aniHB nf tnniX
WafurnliB T6p«r cant, nf th* On*raloi/i
mil Btatloo AjnnU tn Am-K.sa.Dur lit
lebooliara tbalaraa*. •celttajv* Talaurraph
Mtt**<r*TMm&by aulftMlif IUU*»y
. WaafaetiU a |Un Dob.i1 to avaiy ttudtnt
torurB*akl.lm«r Xm* witllaa Milng
(ram mam Wi b mnnlhTn MiUitttl nf lit*
Heckr MonnUlni, or frrna H» is tvo *
uioaih in Btaua wait of lb* HMktoi. IU
CMnutf, f)Mi, tatVii, H. V.
MlUtjt Oi. UCniM, Wli.
TtwirViu, Tt«, lm rr.M.tT Cil. I
Grand Street Parade
J&.T 11 ^.. 2n!£.
♦ ■■.■.*.. ...—
PerfofmanccA At 2 ntirf A
Price:- Adults 75, Children 50
|JF you've got a pood thinfif-
•s push ir, don't let business
lag behind;
f^OR thc want of a little ef-
5< fort, of tho advertising
kind. •
|E can show you how to
I do it, it may take you
,. by surprise,
jfjJOsee the money roll your
JSJS way.   Why  don't  you
—in The Lkdgrr.
Furniture and
Dur^lnn In
Wall Paper
Two complete Mti or U»r Fixture*!, one
BriUiJi new Mirror ISxOi Uahti, now,
Utter VttMo*, Bllllti-d tad Pool Tablet
Caih nigliton and otler ipocUlltlM,
Will finUr* rfvalrc  rroiu'it  AtUiiUwi.
U. Elliott, Kaslo, B.O, I
11.  -*r-
- -   .*'-.*-*3-;- is***:-
■.-■-•fr ■*? *.' ." J'--
.?y;--;,y.*y*yZy-*i-j;?-ii'2.~\'■':$.*_?• ^  <-.- -= «' ...
-   -'-      -   -';■--"->*•.  i i".-{V .^";/:'-   '", "<r - .    ,-   ,'
'    .„\     -.   .'-.\';-'.*v'"v>. . -   **     ";    *        :- \.
__ -;"-<rlt^i^U.^l^.i. ^;",-:."'■* .
-:.' -m4*> j •. ■ --■----.'-.;....: -=-i-v
.4 ,,.,.
'■' *"   -*,"- V"- ..•„*'--""".' •_ ,.-,       ■   : *   ■        -.   --  ~\'*-s\.''.'''.*[-~ y   * *'.   ""-     ,*■*,* .--.*"--\'-t,.'''-'-v..-v^ •""i".;','"i,-'-"' t -■---v i"--';
*-. *■..-J..
*** *-'
:A^7'~ *
44     *     • . , i
■*-       '*>- A
THE^ LEDGER, FERN1E-B.C,, AUGUST: ^,719057 :>-7 r-yY-Y
a .t »>*i *■*■
The Canadian Bank oflommeTcelCENI:a WOMAOS
Head Office iTORONTO*"
°iuA.xip Coital»' $8,700,000.; <
; Rest- -S^OD.pOO
i - v.
-.. i   '.       - ■    -'     #       -J" ,"-'<• Xi    »'   *-<- -f-j "■** j--■•*.'     -    ••*   *
SpeciiM aUention is directed- to the follcwihg^Advarita-ges^oife-red,, b ;i '
*'.":'• "      Our Savings Bank." "
< Deposits .of $; and upwards received,' and Interest -allowed at -Current Rates".
Interest is added to the Deposit TWICE in -ea4). year, £t the end .of May and
November.   The Depositor is subjects to no delay whatever in'"the withdrawal
'*    ,"" ; of the whole or anyiporifpn of the deposit. .. -.^_
T\D A CTQ i Payable in all partskCANADA,'THE UNITED STATES;
UnnF I O' GkEAT. BRITAIN  AND   EUROPE  Bought  arid  Sold
•this heading, inserted at. Uie rat* of One
cent a .word each insertion/.,.:-    ' *     :.
this office," -<" "       , -      - -12
at Lowest Rates,
T. B. MAY,-Manager'
'• -.  •   ■■'•'   '   'LOST'      .    /  •'•    •'
ipw*' Wednesday' o'ght, a watch charm.'
consisting of moss n&ate, gopher tooth, and
sovereign,  Return to Roma Hotel. ;; }
Kenny Si- McLeod always' have room'
for one more order, "y
*Mr«. W. J.' Bluridell left 'Monday for
Surprise your friends by-Retting a
new suit at Kenny & McLeod.
, Ai E. Winterraute, ol Boyd Burns &
Co , Vancouver, came In on the G. N.
yesterday and in registered at the Fer*
The Royal Seal is always .a delightful companion to a man who lpyes a
good cigar.
* ' *; °    ' -
D. A. Kelley, of Seattle, manager
(or the Canadian Northwest Oil Co., is
•at the Fernie.
The K. K.-C.js rapidly coining up
the pike, 1 It is a cigar made in Nelson
Aslc the man behind the bar to let you
look at it.
The Begina Lacrosse Club'passed
tl-.rough here this en route to morning
. - n * ' t
The King Edward'Hole! occupies -a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two from'the C, P. R. depot,
nnd convenient to business houses in
the city, ,.,'"•
George Hogarth, Tom Wellmati and
Conductor Cameron passed through on
^thelr way.to Cranbrook. with a small
car load of fish-which they bought some
where up the liqe.  ,     »     *   „
Sheppard& Elliott are still in the
(inning iind plumbing business. Those
Indebted'to'them will confer a' favor in
(-ettlingihelr nccounts - as speedily ae
possible,    i j.   - -   • . t
For Outek Returns
l tt/ .
List.your Property with'"T1    T    Parlrer
_      ,        ^ .   . ^ •,THB.0W^„ I
Property for Sale, to Rent or Exchange, <
RenU colleoted,  Employment furnished.   *
Let them Mlnglo
-Y\.    To;
Proinbtdps •'.
The Morrltoey Hotel owned byTJules
JIurle, .was ^bqrned^down-' last night.
Total low, 7\7- ?.-'/'.  -.'.'. ;   .-- 3;
If you'want to get fits go to Hamilton
at the'.•Flt-Refbrm" parlor*. k Be can
. fit you from head to foot, not even excepting, your pocket book.'.      '-■'
The "Kootenay at Sandori* has not
locked the door for nine years. ' Right
handy for strangers, when they're out
late, and-cannot trade their thirst;for
The Fernie Lumber Co. had a largo
force of men over the river yoetorday
putting out   smouldering fires which
iiuvvlved the rain ol the night, before.
.(■ -   ,        1.- .-.■ i
The ofllcial yellow fever reports froin
ISfew Orleans last night give now cases
.55, total to date 1018. deaths 12, ,Yota|
.deathB,to.d*tt.l68,   ;"     ;.
Posters aro out announcing; afootfbal I
watch, Fernie vs Conl Croek Iif Crow's
JJt)8t league competition on tho Fernio
.reQrcation grounds noxt Saturday, tho
18th. The kick will go off st 6:80 p.m,
Admission 25 cents.    This will uo a
The Toronto World says editorially
that-through the refusal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to permit,
the 4"3rd Rifles of Ottawa to.carry.'arms
passing through the state to Provl-
denco, Rhode Island, the question of
the wiBdom of these'fratemaF visits is
again brought up and a .strong feeling
has been Bhown in favor of putting a
stop to this exchauge of courtesies,
The visit of a Canad|an regitpent to
an American city, while weir intended,
may.be the cause of, untoward, incidents wliigb would engender, feelings of
anything but brotherllness between the
two great divisions of the North American continent- Similarly when * a
Yankee" regiment crosses into Canada
hot-headed- individuals may-" provoke
trouble by their fesentmeut of the display of the American burning. -,
- Canadians and United. Statesers are
living lu harmony side by. side.' The
United .States may shake its mailed fist
at Canada, and Canada,' likewise' may
give a "demonstration of force" .near
the border for the benefit of the Yankees. Armies are kept up by countries for theprotection of their own' citizens, both from internecine strife and
foreign' invasion, aiid when Canada's
scarlet,tunicked',troops are paraded
through the streets of a foreign city the
possibilities for trouble are many.
.; If the refusal of Massachusetts, keeps
the Ottawa militia at home the country
will not - suffer in.. consequence. „.,..,,
We differ with Mr. McLean.   Let the
red tunioks and the blue commingle' as
. '   Any entertainment of any .kind .
at which   an -admission,,fee- is
, charged and for which we have
done lhe printing, will receive
free notice in these columns, and
if complimentary tickets are furnished Tub Ledge, a'write-up of
the occurrence will be given.
p.    ■ . o
% ,In all other, ci'ses, nmiiy-* n-
enlertainments etc., must be paid
for"; and no write-up will be giv-
en uf nny entertainment unless
tickets for tjie same have been
supplied to this oITilc.
*This is'npthlng more than bus-,
injess etiquette and ahe courtesy
due and extended to the press in
all communities where ordinary
'*        .-1 --...»-'. * ,
liprse-sense prevails,.". "* H>  r, .
^ The'Barilc ,6i Hamilton will be
opeti on '^Saturday; August 19tK aiid
every G6al Co.; ^^^^^9 irpm;^ tiii
9 p.: m^^S^eM;-B^^ Sa v -
ingsi)e^^ \''':X':yYy. ■..
ShirtsiXonaf-it, Tjes; HaVs
- v    -l ; .-\''- -'       >-    • -'y '
and oth'effGent's "Furnish-
■.  - ki* .   '   *.    '*-     r       ^     "*■       ■*- . . ii *
ings,- at\less than cost.
I am'going out of these lines
, entirely and want the room
- for my New Fall Stock of-
Tweeds "etc."   -."'.V *. -: *i
]3ig Bargains.
Merchant Tailor
Streams Aofffot permission'to oloar boulders,
log-iftms and other obstruotiou's from the btd
of Wilson Creek, East Kootenay - B. C., from
its point of entry into tbo Elk River to its
source, and to construct dams, flumes and
"make such other improvements as n-my be
.necessary for driving logs and iluming timber
thereon., „*   * .'       ■>
> Uuted, AuEUBtlOtb.lSOS.-   -     , "
Fernio, O: C. . JOHN G.'CUMMIilGS.
8      , * '
(Ki-iC S)ieo^'.-g6 n-^^Kaih^Qiil^3 SSEIfflrt^^^-?--V"
'■■'. /■- -■■?- -;"-'-'>i'!''.-'>*7^7" -.','•'"-- [-,, -'■;/  '..*. .-Jy      - i.'-. '-.».:-.■•-     .-""V"1- -°  -.;-
;■ .-J.ust Received, ."que "weekly-consignment of '•   -^  i*?''      ;: »?■
\ ' 7 ;- the.-Celebrpted^G'RLij'FJN;^ ^.
- '©V'-.'Sugar-Gured Hariis and'.Bacon.^mildarid-leanV^'- ^^y'Y'i'i'',.'.■'•
,4.     *.i.i    , -.f1.  ;   -.-.;-   -   -N.     .   -       „;\! ,-,,.,. ....     .    '    7     .'    ' -*'-'-7 ^/-..--"t.-.V   fjs.'flJ.'jJfcV.*.  . * ,.
'e A5m To Piease JSie People.  ^•'.■''"V5.^ y^:iYj yij'i&yuYu, 7,
' Prompt'. Delivery;
1 ,-
ii -
5- •    •-%>.,    •*,
.The- People's Grocer,
■ -j;.-£.■'    .   - it .'.*.-.    . f -
••!   ''J
AltB  Vi'.v-'i-"   .l>:OEAST.
muctfaBVpossible. -.^.By. bo doing "the
blue'" aoat^s .mav^ learn: "that the;' red
coatedspldlera are'flrstrate good|fellows and-vlce-vefsa." 7 '' .-"--7,'.'v.-" ".
ThepoBBlbilityof hot-headed fellows
on either Bide of. the(v line stirring up
trouble at the sight of liis0 neighbor's
flag will decrease in proportion ae these
friendly visits are encouraged and
* Michel Mincib'-.Celebration'
Michel Miners'Union will''lio'ri their
8rd annual celebration next'. Monday.
Over |260 are hung up as prizes. , The
Italian band will  supply the  music,
tr*        t > "  i1- 1
Special trains will carry - passengers at
one and one-third fare for the round
Special train leaves Movrlsseyat 7.20
a^m.'and Fernie at 8.65 a m. Express
from Cowley at 5 a. m., and local at
7,85 a. m". Returning local leaves
Michel for the. west at7,85 p. m... and
the express leaves for tho east at the
same time. •• - ._•<*-*•-..-..- .... "
' These celebrations are growing more
popular each year -anti everybody- will
be sure of a* good'time next Monday 7*
For Snlo by' Tender
TENDERS -addressed to.tho -underdiRnei,,
will ho. received by liim up to noon of the
■a August, 19U5, for the iiurchuno for oui.li of
Lot 14, IHoisk 9, Citv of Foroio, ThU property
adloins the Caundlnn Bunk of Coinnifcieo on
Victoria Avenue.' The highest or uuy tondor
not neoossHrily accepted. Bale subject to approval of the Court,       i ■'■
Utttedl5thA«gUBt.lflS5.* '    '      . •
-   .--.-.,.      \ -;    .-L, p. Ecks-rKiB.   .    ',
Fornie, B. O. Solicitor for AdrainUtrator
TlieC.'.P.. R.t;. Ofifer*^ Special  90 -DAy
Round Trip'Rates from . Kootenay -
■   ', Points.
-On August 24 arid'is and September
16 and 17, the Canadian Pacific Railway will sell af Nelson, -Ros-sland and
Trail 90 day round trip ticUets to .Winnipeg, St. Paul, Duluth, Fort William
for $52.5o-*.and*.:to Chicago $64.06.
Corresponding rates will be made from
all Kootenay.points.     _*  "   \" *   V ' ,
Through round trip tickets will be
sold on the same dates to Toronto,
Montreal' and all .points in Ontario,
Quebec, Maritime provinces, New York
and New England states, good ori-all
rail or lake route, at special excursion
rates.      ' .7     -     ■ ' y ■
0 For'.full- particulars, "firs'; class - or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply'j; S.
Carter'D. P. A.   Nelson. *
.7 ,_, .), XO.H IE; '. ,.,* .-''-'
-As' I Internl leu v ing iti a few weeks
I' take this method * of notifying all
parties owing me to call at ollice "nf
Hutchison's Tailor shop, Victoria Avo.
and settle their accounts. All account**
remaining unpaid after the 19th of this
mouth will he turned iiito my solicitor,
Sherwood Herchmer for collection.
-     "       W.O Robins.
■*•' ■  '   '■       '''.*-'   ■'"'■•-,.'.'': ."■'.■ i^'i *•' ' ■/• ,7*. i*- .*'■■- ?.->l
JULY was.a record month, .for {,bu'r. business/. .We j
are bound to make August bigger aiid better;
-,.'-"     ' *. ."  7 *' }*-• <-- *"    v
By helping us~we..help you.
NOTICE is hereby giver, that threo rnorithB
after date, application vill -be made to
the Lieutenant Governor in'Conneil, by The
Elk Lumber ani Manufacturing Company,
Limited, to change the name of the Company
to "The Elk Lumber Company, Limited."
July 20,^905-
Boss & Alexander,
•'Solicitors for the Company.
NOTICE is hereby clvon that Alice Jane
Richards, of tho 01 ty of Fernio, B O., trailing, as Charles Richards, Gonoral Merchant,
assigned to "Jharles .Wilmot Voysoy, of the
City of Vancouver, 11. C, Accountant, in trust
for the benefit, of the creditors of the said
Alice Jane Richards, trading us Charles
Richards, all her real and personal property,
credits and effeots which lauy be seized anc,
sold under execution, - • \, ■
. Creditors aro roquired to send to Assignee,
P. O. Box 741, Vancouver', B. C." on or before
the 7th' dav of Septombor, 1!) 5, particulars
duly verified, of their claims und of the security. If any,held by them. '      '      .. "
A meolinsr of the creditors of.the said debtor
will beheld at the oilicc of Roas ffc Alexander,
L. T. W- Block, Fernio, B. C, on the 19th day
of August, 1905, at 3 o'clock p. rn.. for the purpose of giving direotions for the.disposal of
the estate. ' ,._."'
Dated this 7th day of August, A. D. WO*'.   - -
"    - ,     *     ROSS & ALEXANDER,
Solicitors for tho Assignee. -
-.; *
^ mfr & ^.^^^ ^ ^^
i'.. \7[ JE.have secured the output of one".fine- orchard,
\:\-\[ and are now receivinjgf orders.for family use.:.
,.D6n't delay.    Call or phone us?at once7 Theprice is-
* within the reach of all.  ,,';,:  \ ' iYr i'', ■ .'-    '7.''
'"   .:;■-, ■ :   '     •'•'■'  '■■ :'   H^-Y ..       ' - ^ '.r'
Y y-YY&lRiTJ^ ,'CTj^IRS::t : ".;>•
*U*  r» * fVrttt-lffK rt<
V^O --'*,* t. -v -
PART df a car-load.;.' Cheapest in town; - All sizes
,    ...-an'diRubbers to niatch.7-*^^-i.; 7i." - - ',.•. -• ..-"', ■'..'-.
■'\.y  *    "'-, -'" s .'~.y"yy.Y' '- 7   ~   - - ••'■   •■•- .-,
Y, '.'■"■"■ ;'r .'o kj Gr^A-iJEi)-7&.$*^ipM^?>
WE are the only receivers,;bf Sugar "in. car-lots?;
which means-more.for a■''dollar than^ yoii can.
^.'procure elsewhere. J Deal;with the  BIG STORE'and-
L swell.your bank account.'  iBring yourfmoney or, your!
credit.',. We want your trade.,  ! 4        "\ ,        ,   •"- - : -
- ti:
-. -^
-     ;Fern3e,IWlcheIy Morrissey, Goal Creek;
.good game and a large turnout
Tlio Jfrosbytory of Kootenay.
Tho Presbytery of Koolohay mcl In
rcrnlo last night. There were, present
■Rev, VV'P. W. Fortune, Cranbrook,
Modcrii.tor. Rev. McDlarmid, ofMoylc,
Rev. Gr H- Findloy, Fori Steele, und
Wivdner. Rev. G. B. Reld, and Rov.
A. Dunn; of Fernio.
This body wns called together at this
i,imo in order to confer with the District
j-lectin-**: of the East Kootenay Disirtct
Df tho Methodist Church upon the
'tJviti'ibllity of so arranging tho worlc
of the two churches In this field as best
1 <t,o conserve the interests of both
societies nnd to do tho most good
to the greatest number nt iheloiiut
We aro glad to be nblo to report that
in so far as these (wo local organizations can go they nre in harmony and
thure ijj llllle doubt but that when their
conclusionsurntsubmitted tothe higher
nuihoritlej of each church for approval
the result will bo ocpeplublo to nil
purtios concerned.
■ML        -"HI ' ' "
Got nil ho Aiked for
Some protests to the. complaint de-
pjirtments of the big stores Are not tin-
rciisonnble, An individual with n de-
Ixpidiitcd derby hat and his cheek torn
IIUIJI C)rt; iu   \\lil\   m'fU.tlli.m   ti.tuii.   '.i.t.
iiiijut.ur a(o viqwiliiic'il titot^ ihinoilmt
dny. I've ju»t been run over by one ol
your wagons up town, tit- plaintively
remarked, A policeman picked me up
fiud not lhe name anO adc.rti.» ui the
chap tliat; was • driving. So I came
iluw 1 here to ««• what you'd do for
n e, Visions of 11 well backed salt
ruiiM before the adjuster** ayes.
What do >ou want us to do? he asked
VlVll, tuild the victim, 1 don't want to
I'i; unreasonable. Perhaps it was partly my fault, and 1 gueis my fact will
l.e.ilup. But my hat's spoiled, and tl
cost me $t>*,o when it was new,
S,.'»(ti* to me you might glv« me * n*w
Hi» rliilm was A orxct  allowed  in
Vidl.—N'ew York Tribune.
Many years ago when, the. Spectator's party was in power at Ottawa,
and when the Senate" was ready at
all times to do .the bidding of the
Conservative government, the Spectator proposed 'tlie abolition "of "the"
upper chamber as bb.ng,U.eUt*b, and
a bill of expense to the people.' And
now tho Guelph Mercury,,Liberal, its
party being In power,'and the Son-
ate being under lull control ot Sir
Wilfred Lauiior, makes a similar
proposition. . It the Spectator had
spoken as it did when its purty wib
oat of power,,or if the Mercury's article appeared when its party was in
opposition, but little heed would be
given to tho proposal.*- Hamilton
Do yon think Mr. Spectator that
much heed will bo oxercisod now?
Real Estate, Loan
and Insurance Brokers
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want to buy,
call on us. -.  '■■■» <■■ *< *   ■ ■*■ ■■•*•" ■■       ■'
TF you have property to insure, have us .write the risk
IF you want to borrow money,
call at our office. , * • -
, Three moves are saEd io be as bad as. a
fine, but I've had /then* all and am offerBng
bargains for the next 30 days in Watches/
CSocks^ Rings" and JeweBery genetraGBy.
Noxt door to Calgary CiUtlo'company]     '"■'',-■       ' C« O* WrSflht* ForitlO
Many peoplo who are not Frooma-
bodb havo boon accustoinod to look
witli somo degree ot awe upon' tiio
members of the craft as tho brethren
of a my a tlo order which onn trace its
liltjtory ln an unbroken chain away
buck to tbo building of Solomon's
temple. 8omoovoiibcllovotl-.it tho
pyramids of Egypt were designed
and bulit by Masonic brothron who
were really ancient as well as freo
and accepted.
, Ofoounw both of these beliefs aro
erronooos. It is to the credit of John
Rosa Roboi'wjon, tho 3*bIo historian of
the grand lodge of Canada, that In
his address to the grand lodge yesterday he said that tho alleged con*
nw.Mnn with VrcumnBonry to Solomon's temple is a myth, and that
modern masonry had its origin In
the guild of,tbo middle «gm,
Thli!* n fact Vnownfnall t^lrltr
well informed persons. Frootnsion-
ry. as It exist* today—a secret order
admitting as members persons who
are not masons by trade—was practically unknown before tbo eighteenth
contnry. It Is abont two hundred
years old. And what an enormous
growth It las had la those two oon-
turlfil—and what a profound In-
flaonca it baa exerted In almost ov-
«rj clvOlzcd country! Upon the
wholr, lu Influence has been exerted
for tbe (reedam acd general welfare
ot humanity. U enn ho justlned by
Its practice ns welt as Its principles,
We have for sale 100 acres of land situated eight miles from Peachland and seven miles from .
Kolowna on tho wost side of the Okanogan Lnlio. Thlrty-flvo aures of tho tract Is bottom hind,
15acres of level bench and 60 acres of gontly sloplnur land The romatndor is good panturd land,"
1 Five acros of this bottom land is undor cultivation. Cultivated lands In tho neighborhood of this
laud, are earning snug Iittlo fortunes (or their owners. *-Some fruit, growers in that section havo
sold tholr crops on the troos'at from $-200 to 800 por aero to Winnipeg doalors this year Horo is a
chance to socuro a fruit and vegetable farm at reasonable pricos and upon terms thnt should
suit tbo purchaflor.  Call on us for prices, terms etc,'
'■-••- -
Mott, Son & Co.,L-block, Fernie
jfre 2/ou Tjhiriking
Jibout ^t^vertising?
It requires a deal of thinking, and '.the^mpre,
thinking the less money to do the work.       [\
The more you think about it, the  more, you
will realize the value ol ■< ■:       ':   ; ;.
owery s
*jS Journal of Truth, Humor and
■'•«• Justice will appear in Nelson
B. C. next month	
1 i1 i
*    ■ *    ',
^HIS is its second time on earth,
w and lor $1. a year it is sent to.
any part of the world.   ...
Address R. T. LOWERY. Nelson,B.C..
I 1
If.there is one newspaper in British Columbia'
that is thoroughly" read, morning, evening
and Sunday, it is THE LEDGER, and it is
read ,by those with intelligence enough to np-;
predate and money enough to buy your goods,
®o 2/ou Catch Oh?
Horn 7 ' 7 '  * • '
ItUTLKpOB.-At Parnl*, on "Augawt Ulli, tbo
•wlfo or It. HiUlodae of * ion.
.  Married
Al<LU0T-*CIAnDOM. AtKornU,on Aij|m»«
lilh, hy .ho Hav, l>tli»r Union, ->• 1).
Iiorninlo Oiillnni, tn Mary Ounloui..,
iHANTEA.:ltAlUSOq. Al Fornlij,"on Anif.
15tli, hy tlio JUiv.-Palhnr I.arilon, It. V,
Jllnliael Amontflii lo Mliinln Miii'ftHco,
Marvelous   Collection   with Coxurd's
Dog, I'ony, Moi.l-.ey and 'Goat Circus.
An entire p«rforiiianco /jilvcn by animals alone Is indeed a genuine nnd
pleasing novelty, one that lias always
Interested lovers of-, dumb brutes.
Goiard't CuliforniaDtig, Pony, Monkey, anil Goat Clrcui, which wlll exhibit
al Purnle on Thurtulay Auguxt 17th
has tha most reniurkahle collection of
performing otn cvt>r eiclilhlu'd In this
ountry,; These anlmul actors do
evefjihing that human pcrtorqi*nil«r-
coiT*pHili, . Tt.-*y .apfwar.ia drj^imu
and co-nedl** that elo^oenlly ull their
own *tory wllriniir Wortf-*; III* «fvwK-<r
numbers pttrform • somersaults, walk
tlie tlgliurope, dive from great heights
ton net, rldo races ,upon each. otlfers
bucks, nrc dbthed In inlnuture garments
and npo the manner of their' human
companions and among them nre the
most comical clown comedians who
keep the audionce in a continual uproar of laughter by,llieir absurdly
tjrolCRiiiie sense ofhumor." Them nre
over three hundred performing Shetland ponies, educated dogs, acrobatic
monkeys and riding mules wilh (ho.
Guard Show nnd the deep intelligence
shown hy those clever scholars Is vustly
tillf^/.*r'rtt*      rt,\t**.-}•>?*■*,*»     ,s„m     »f     ,. .  ,,
than passing educationul value. This
will be the only show ef Us nature -
to exhibit this season so advantage
shot;-a 00 taken of that Wet. Cbsard's
California Anlmul * Circus travels In
their own tfeclaf iraln and exhibit
under their'own huge circus tents,
The •.rtuw ttiii vmy mod«r,iu *> that
all children can attend. Two pery
formances will be given daily and «t*
their, conclujoln will be given free
rides on the Shetland ponlet and wlflbe
pwsonallr InlrwJuctd lo the perfwrn.
log ritl*. There will iV n fr*# »fnj#p
parade eucli day.'


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