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The Fernie Ledger 1905-09-20

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:;V,j ig-ilS
Sv*;-'1- .-/-.-"
• x*:'
-.-     # • ^
-■"**"/ •'*» *»' ir4&i^^
:Volume ; I,' Number ,7;
Price, $2 a "Year, in. Advance.
Local Happenings; in and
7    v.About;the City/
Interesting items  About   flany
.77 :- I; People . You. know '.
J   ; u_;
if -
"A. C. Whiliker of Montreal is in' the
'_' city. "_ ;••'.■'■''.;'       ''■; -'■;.; 7. '' ;'■•**
3ft* Stockel of Ottawa was in'the city
'~'Sunday."'.7,7V' ■'■'7' -;.r._.  ';'.-'   ,'.
*■*■ SA. Kellietjof-Mbnreal, waBih town
-,yesterday;-, ,"."7*; '-'■■'"■'• 7   ""•  7' '  V
:'*H.E. CroaBda.17of Nelsonj. was in
-tbwnMbnday.     ".-*.,.'   ': *, "'7,; "I'-
Ohas. Keelton of Toronto is   at  tbe
ftinj; Edward'.    ,   „.-i      -* u" .* .
n„* - * "   "
. F. James of Cranbrook ia registered
jit the. Central.       ,   . ,
", *: R; 0. Bach, of Montreal, was a Fer-
'' nio visitor last Saturday.
.' .F F Sponcer was registered at, .the
Kins* Edward yesterday.
S. Fleishman was in town yesterday
"stopping at the. Napanee    -'
■Thos.'rnrkor, of Grand Forks, paid
oiir.towu a visit last week.     "     '      -
N. A.'Piekling, of Baltimore,-Md.",
.was in the city last Friday. -  .    ,,;■>-
It, E. Coop*er,','of Victoria, is in ' the
•city looking after business.1 ,,   ' • , ,-'_'
- George: H.'iScottrbf Gateway, came
up lo see old friends .last Friday. -'      •
Dr. M. Mecklenburg; of Winnipeg,
4. optician; is the Fernie,'.
i' k'Edward''SaiC'boot and shoe uiao of
. Brampton, was in town this week.
.  !'-J. E.Hogan,'hardware traveller of
-.- Hamillon,;'was In the "city Saturday.
V J i • W.' Stapleton, of" Spokane' was a
- guest at the Kin/? Edward Monday. -,
.'-F.  W.   Godlry   of* Victoria smiled
apon the gfocerydealars last,week,
: "' P; P'.-McTavlsh of "the Scranton Cor-
- res'pondeuce school is in theeity today.
'    . -V„* ■   ir* ;   ■'• ~     7 . '    '•'",,      •'"      ' .
'    •; Frank Bond; of theC;. P ' R. was "■
7-town'theguost'of. Charlie Fifo yesier-
'"■day.*./'.  '; '.\. ;       .*/   ;•?'-'    "',''• \'
ID. N.Rosenfcld^of  New .. Yoilr, he
thwbOlooksVftertho'.hat tn-div came in'
7"<ui'Saturday..-,.   ,.        .7 '77;-
The deeds, for the post office ■ sico"
have arrived for the'signature of Mr,
Tuttlo,.-They, were - forwarded to   A.
M." Johnson of Nelson,  for inspection"
and approval, and  are now ready to
be signed and returned- tothe depart-
■f   -        «* l ' .    -
ment.;    * ';     *_ \--:   -     .    ,■„ -,   -,
, The" Calgary Herald .editor' drowsily
remarks:*. "Calgary has .three handsome pipe organs." -The Star had-an
idea there" was'only one,"pipe" organ
in Calgary. r^The-Herald editor will
not be' so lonesome' now when hitting
*>. "       -        1-.. ...... °
his favorite brand.—Goldeu Star.
SC;;, ■W-.^Auytin,; jew-elary •'- aJiietmaii,
Wii.nlp\si^w»B looking fdr'lrndo iii this
city last'woiik'.'. .•"..'  '".   .    "'.' . i'"^'
*.. _..'".   -'.. . '  -'. 7 7. =7>j.-i ti -'4- "
" ''^-TJiiiie RiiJiiKeTopfeScnliliBrranlino-
Cliariibers, "AViiiuii*K,! 'p;dd; Fernie;a
'" We are in ".jreceipl; of complimentary
admissio?. picket to* the. Neleoii fair
presented by.Mr. J EvArinablo, aecre-
ta'ry, for which weexpress our, thanks
but retrret our.inability to. attend.-V.It
cornea 'too soon after' our visit to the
fair city on the occasion of the Tariff
Commission meeting., '■'-;.
Rev.John "Robson-.and family returned to Fernio last Friday, rnorning,
after a pleasant stay< with friends .in
Ontario. Mr. llobson's conit-regntiou
weieglud tbsee him in church again,
and Mrs, Robson aiid tlio two. little
girls nro looking as tlniugh tiio' change
of air bad done tbem good.
. The Frank smelter" is offering to
take Bilver-lead ores, carrying zinc and
pay lor the zinc in ^addition to other
metals. It is stated this wil! add from
$10 to $34 a ton to the .valuta- of; many
ofes'to Kootenay which have hitherto
been considered too'refractory.forpro'
lltable ti-eatment.---Golden Star,, ,   - _,
' Premier'Rutherford has called to -his
assistance in framing a cabinet' for the
province of Alberta;' ..the /following
named gentlemen, C..W Cross to bo
Attorney General, -W H., Ctishing,
Minister of Public Works; W. T. Find-
ley, Minist.T of Agriculture aiid Provincial' Secretary.{aud Dr. DeVeber
without.portfolio. \. .. ''■/ .
Torn Youalt has purchased the hotel
business owned by D. McNeish at Elko
and will continue the, 6ftme7 ..Mr.'
McNeish' has not determined* what "he
will do in future biit,he will not be long
idle * There is. an ...opening. for a tine
hotel trade at the Elk hotel and we
wish Mr ' Youatt success in his new
undertaking. •■.,.;*-, ^ -   "; ' . -.*
-, A new preacher in' a-', Kansas town
delivered .such a powerful sermon 4 on
honesty that.three hardened dead beats
started out'on,-Monday- morning' ,anil
paid all'lheir debts.. '. SioceMhenr'the
niiniiiter.r„lias.,„received   nine-^ calls. * to
other.churcliesVnd :„llie /.tusiiicss.meii
. i'i1
7 vuitlast week.  .  "';"   ,■ f ' -,: -' *:>"
."•:VL»8t; -Thursday: F.^p.'.WInklerr 9!
1 -Nelson, of Uie Canadian Oil Co.   paid
, . our city a visit- -'■ K.y '. !.'-
7; JAVJ.Caini>.bell„. tho hardware'man of
Vancouver was .looking for trade' in
Ternle last week. r. ;7 -■' -•' .    7
'..-J, A McDonald,, tlio fruit 'man' ol
"**N'elHonr;W«8 looking afior'-things' in
-.   that line hove Saturday.        ■
'-;Mr.*andMrs.J. R.  Pollock   will be
'   -at home iii, tHeir cosy, house on . River
Biink avenue'next week.
'■•-'■'-Mis". Beddafarloay came «n on thc
•Great Northern Monday and was at the
Kind Edward yeBterday,  ,    "   „. '
.' ;G. Harrower. of.the Northwest Job
Inij Co , Lethbridgo' was eidllng upon
liis customers here last Friday.   .
^-Tbe concrete basement walls of the
Henderson - block aro -ready   for tho
' .superstructure of comont blocks.
!, Don't   forget   the grand opening of
-JlW millinery,and fur; goods at Mrs
Todd's to day and all the balance of tho
weoVi" ■' t • '
■y Let us make you a fancy vest from
lone of those choice now patterns.. Come
in and see tbem, J. 'Carmluhael, thu
tailor. „
...Carmlchoal, the tailor, baa juBt ro
.   fcelvod the liobblost stock of Twoods for
Fall suits and overcoatB ever brought
1 Into Fernio.
. rM. Mebonald, F, McKay, Dune Liv'
Ijigstoii, James McKay aud Jatnos
P>-iiHcr, nil of Bankheud aro ro|*ig.orcd
At tho Central.
•Ladlos, rometnbor that Miss Brown
-designs all of Mrs. Todd's new lints,
which Is a iruarantoo that thoy will bn
the proper stylo.    7
!,( The excavation for the basement of
tho new Queen's hotel, is about com
pleted and work wlll 00011 .start on the
foundation walls.
'.-i Elliott Kirkpatrick ol ihis oilico Is
epoodlim the week in Nelson, llow wu
will get along without "his Majesty"
lias uot yet bow settled.
B. B. Broom ell, lustiranco adjuster
({om Tacoma l» hero (or thopurpoho of
adjusting the loss caused by tho 11 ro at
tha Elk Lmnbur Co. mill.
, Hammond and Turner, went up to
Coal Creek this morning to put in u;«)c-
trle light wires in soveral uf tho Coal
•iompany's residents houses.
A, J. Frost, of the llondorson Dl
veptnry Co. was in tewu last week wearing a smile that would Indicate Anything but a frosty tompurmout.
' * x
.Oon. Whelan received a letter from
Ton dated tha Mb , lu which he stat-
■ «a that Mrs. Whelan Is rapidly rocov
(■ring and they expected to start for
Fernie In a few days,
., Mr. lioSort Kerr hssheen notlfled thnt
«j soon aa tbe contract has boon Ut for
tha foundation nl tne new put ollice
bis serf teas * III be n-qv Irad to look after
|ht buUdlng u U Is being etotted,
of.his own to.wn' are raising'a subscrip-
tion'to double.his. salary,    • .".,    . ,   l'
'--F.IIi"Hules"i of'Eiiderby^Que.', manager oi th«,Ceilar Valley.Co.rHvaHat"tht'
Napanee over Sunday.and left far.hoinii
Monday-,'-- lie expects-to spend a large
portion ofthe .winter in Mexico where
he is heaVily,.interested iu mahogany
timber lands. Wo would, like .'to .-have
timber enough down thereto justify ii--'
ia'lettlng tho paper go into the hands of
our devil during the winter months,.
The Tariff Commission sessions at
Ne'son will beiti* good fruit. The
hieaibero are men of broad and impressive minds, alert to'every indication which tends to throw light upon "the'matter thev havein hand.
Their kribwiedgp.of the general Bcope
of all tariff regulations enables them
to divert every claim for increase of
duty," or .extension of existing rates,
of nil sectional or • local coloring and
toyiewthem from the one point from
which they can be looked at, that of
the greatest good- to the - greatest
number.1 7
1 - - Of
The lead interests as "represented
by the delegations from almost every
mining camp iii the Koorenays \yas
presented in,all its bearings by such
men as Buchanan,. Pi-att, . Campbell
and others and thoy were met by
questions and; statements by the
members ot the'Cbtnmission in such a
way auto indicate tint a wide and
coiuprehensivoyiew of this important
subject will-be taken whetithe commission make& its reports. „ ,   . -v. '
Tho lumbermen word fortunate in
having placed the task-of presenting
their case to the Commission In the
hands of so competent a man as Mr.
Jones,, of Golden. , At the conclusion
of his long arid exhaustive statement,
wiiich covered'tilmost every detail of
the conditions and the'difficulties now
governing thedumbering industry of
the . province, ;Mr. Fielding and -the
other members of the'-Coiumisslon,
expressed personally their -appreciation of the manner'in which* Mr.
Jones had presented; his case. Jt.
woiild be useless te deny that there is
opposition to the placing of a duty on
rough lunibeiV-'or that this opposition
comes from, a*"part", of. the country
which is rapidly Jllling up and be- ot the important sections
of the country as.vicyed from a political point of vi_ew,"'but the lumbermen feel< sure' of. their ground because they areasking for tlie same
treatment as has been accorded these
people1 on thc plains'who ai-e" enjoying a protected market forthe product
of their farms7ind pastures, which
enter into and form fi large - part -> of
the cost,or the lumber which they, are
■so desii'ous -ot-attaining—in-^an—open-
market.    ;•'_■"' '--*■'- ■-
•As one of tlie Coininissioners expressed it "the subject reaqlves itself intot
tli'.8'.problem':'.'Will thouuposition of a
Mr. Geo. Vincent, late timekeeper on
the coke ovens, .who it will be remembered.met-with a serious accident'while
acting iii that capacity is now on his
homestead tit Stiivcly,. Attn., and he
writes us that he is willing lo supply
anyone in Pernio with wild ducks at
50 cts. each carriage paid. They will
be killed in the afternoon shipped from
Stavely at <*.p.rn. and arrive ,fresh in
Penile the next morning.
Much sympathy Is expressed for Mr.
aiid Mrs. Arch, McLean, In the loss,
through death, of their Infant daughter
which ."ad event transpired on Sunday
ovenliift last. Tlio Utile 0110 hod been
sick for Hoino weeks and hut slight
hopes ware ontortnliicd for Its recovery.
Ou iSunduy howuver, It wiih real briglit
and the parents cherished tho hope thnt
it might recover, but It was to be
otherwise, nud tho Iittlo soul returned
to'Its Makor,
F. Caldwell,'Mrs Caldwell and tholr
little son are tho gin-tun of Mr. and
Mrs, Thomas Rookos, Mr. Culdwall Ih
known all ovor tho west nmonu railroad men ns tho prince, because of lllfl
gonlallty. ,Tho party aro homeward
bound from St. Paul where thoy have
boon apeii'llug a vacation "visltlng
frlonds, Thoy loft'on tho 0. N. for
thutr home In Spokane this imirniiiu,
Col.L. Tt. Dudley, Amtirlciin Con*
nel at Vancouver, Is lu the city vlwltlnu
Mr. J. R. Pollock* In relit tion to customs
matter at this point. Col Dudley I* n nnd a niost congenial hull'
vhluiil Uo Iuin hold tils pMiHimt position for several years ant) m.ule IiIh
HrHt visit to FojiiIo, In 180(1. Uo Ih
pleased to soo lho mitiiy evidences of
prosperity desplto the huvcniI losses
by flro that havo swept away wholo
Lcf'.'.e -^mlth w\ Vyn,\ fioP-oil "-ci-e
huiilln'r, nonr Hnnmer lust weiik and
hod the good foitiine to capture two
mount-tl.i gouts aud a flue door. The
goats, were shot by Mr. Smith high up
en tho mountain sido and Hiey took
hendnrn down the mountain hrenklnt*
their horns so that tho heads went
worthies* for mounting, These may ba
tbe same goats that \V. T. Henly nnd
the editor of tho Lutjosr onco chased
up tho same mountain but at any rate
tbe ml It or,bad the p.Msuro of eating
some of tie meat aud found it very
jrood. The bnyi built a rait and flouted
tholr jmno Aown tlio Klk 10 K'-rnle
Hnftipg on tbe Klk at tliln tlmo uf year
is lota nf fun if one knows how to do It.
Fred Dtflsell Is an old timer who know*
1II about rafting as well a* about the
hanitU ofgamoon tha Upper Elk.
tariff' upon filmier 'froin the' States 10
sult.iu more good -to''the "'lumber
industry of' British. Columbia than
harm to the* peoples of the prairies east
of the mountains?" ' If the incroiiso in
price; which might reottlt, wore tho
only fftctor to be considered then thu
lumbermen could hardly liopo to attain
their object. But, fortunately for the
manufacturers, this is only 11 factor, and
not tho most important factor, which
outers into tins' problem..
Any curtailment of the production of
lumbor On this sido of tho boundaiy,-
iiecossarlly results In iv corresponding reduction of tho consumption oi
tho products' of. tho farrnn, factories, nud
pastures of. tho lumber' consuming
portiotiB of the country. Not only ihis
but all the money that goos ovor the
border decroai-eH tlie .issets of our own
country and adds to that of our neighbor over tlio lino.
The commission, loft Nelson with a
cojnprohonslve knowledge * of the
olonionts which enter Into tho cost of
producing lumbar In Britlnh Columbia
nnd the lumborinon tool that their case
has been ably presented to a' tribunal
which will glvo thu case (ull and just
The fruit men had the advantage ovor
the load and lumbor delegation-*! from
tho fact that they could feed the commissions tho product ol their oruhiirdH
whilnt they wero eloquently prusiiiitiuc
them with n. ftmst of renHOiiHugiiliiHt thu
romnval ol tho duties ulieudy imposed
for their protection. .
A most pleasing feature of tho meeting at NelHou was tlio manner iu which
thoonlorprlhlng Board of Trade of our
ambitious little neighbor eutm-tiiined
everybody. Tho excursion on the
Knkunon to Proctor and the banquet at
at the hotel tluH'o will long bo reninm-
bored ty thoro who were fortunate,
enough to tin present. The whine
Fernio delegation was there nud hnd
Its full share nf ull that, was going.
Whatever mny bo thecot.clu-1'
rived ut by tho comiiilfulon nn tn duile-
to bo applied nr withheld it Is certain
tlmt their trip to British Columbia will
hn un education to all parties coinnrn
ml and it In lo bo hopud that this vlsii
of mlulsteis will provu llm foro-runim-
..f ^.-.'*"*, '.'ll'-*'. tt*tr'" tn    thin    iryi*1!!    t,y-\
vltt-M whli'h lle^ mi far from tlm nlUeinl
heart of tho Dominion at Oltawn,
We hnvo been-cittei'taiiiin,2- at our
home the richest man iii Canada. Not'
Senator Cox 'or SirVyillianT Yah Horn
nor Lord. ,Mnunt-i*".;Steplien or Lord
Stratheona but. ltov.-.-Jolin McDougall
D._D. ■ Wo believe him to have had
the largest experiejiice in the' doing of
good to hia fellowinaii than has fallen'
to the.lot of ;uiy other mini, and ,\vlnV
can say tbat this does not constitute the
real riches of this or .any other world.
If "w«.could follow, the foolstiqa nf John"
McDougall throu'p-h-.-all the intricate
windings of his travels through that vast
"wilderness lying betweeu the Columbia
Rivci* on tho west and tho Red Rive, to
tho east, stretching from the International boundary on'th'o south side to the Artie Circle on the nqrth what a revelation
would be opened lr> our minds. For
fifty years Mr," McDougall has labored
to pave the way -fin**tlio thousands of
people wlio foolishly, coitsideiin-i theiii-
selves "p*iQiioers"^aro now filling up
■that vast empire and making for themselves comfortablci homes, where once
Mr. McDougall aiid hi* few helpers slept
upon the snow, travelled in carta or
by dog train, and-lived upon pelmcan
without salt, preparing thu ..Biivago for
the great change'that must come to him
aud which meant the gradual extinction
or aasiinulatioh of his race. We felt that
wo knew John McDougall years -ago
although we ha'd'never met him' until
laat Sunday'evening ai our home here
in Fernie,, 7   -    -       -
During'.the..time'we lived  in  the
Porcupine hills of Alberta wo  came in
contact with many of the Stony Indians
and we have  had   many  social chats
'with'them.   We particularly remember
a suh chief JamesDlson hy name who
used to call at ou;,'-house whenever he
was hunting in thai?*'part of the country
"Jim''as we called him had lost _ a'log,
one eye and a few of liis fingers, in the
course of a loug-and- eventful life, but
lho  lire "of real1 courage'1 still showed
througli theoiio^-iiidowof his soul yet
rein.'iining.   "Jim".-has  passed  on to
the  luppy , limiting ground  as  Mr.
McDougall hns "informed U3 "as. also, has
"Big William" ohj^of tho great hunters
of the tribe:    'Wa,have fed   many of
these Stony Indians at  our table,' but
never a oiie who <)id iiot before' ''breaking his bread,' how his head  and thank
his Maker fnrlliU) mercy and kindness
. Of all'theSlouies we ever knew, but
o'na ever spoke othor'than   kind words
of John McDougful' and we afterward
■found tbat' lie, waa'a renegade -.who' had
■been-driven^frqm-the—r4j8ei'vG^-b*,-— his
tribe   for  undertaking    to   introduce
amongst them, the -practice of '■ taking
unto- himself-.-yi:)*'3 wife.    ■... •
' Tbe.Stonies jjaye^alwayi- been the
best banters-nptjlne'.inoat' warlike tribe
of Indians to-po found in all western
Canada but under the tutelage of Mr
McDougall they are the mo3t honorable
in, their dealings with'each othor and
with    their   white   nel^libora.-    The
scriptural -phrase,   "Where .neither
moths,   nor  rust   doth ' corrupt,  and
whoro thievi-a- do not steal" bus*a good
application here. '   ', ■
John D. Rockefeller is kept busy
those days looking out for moons and
thieves possessed of a doafro to coriupt
and steal tb'- h md of dol'ars which he
has spent a life time in "accumulating
but with all his wealth and consequent
powor ho' could not deprive "John
MeDoujtall" of tho richness of soul and
mind, which has como to him ns the
reward for n llfo spent in tho service of
Ills benighted follow beings,
Dr. lSIcUougnll will lecture to-night
iu the Methodist church upon "Lifo on
the great Cauadl.111 Plains during the
early Wu." John McIJotuial Is 11 pool
as well us 11 pliih-Bophor and thoso who
shall bear him this evening will go
away with now inspiration-*, new hopes
anil's broader, dw-por faith In human-
enays. Shelving rooin i-i being pro
vided in'the basement for the shelving
of groceries whicli will double1 the
shelf room for this tU*p.iitment. The'
heating of the building is provided for
by a l.irge new furnace which Shcppard
& Elliott: are insr.illiim. Cash' carrier?
are provided for the department-:.
- In tho room in the new
building the old quarters will be used
for flour and feed and for the storin*.
of vegetables which are arriving by linen r load. ,,        -
Tho second floor nftliisline' buildli'_.
has" been divided off into^uitea of rooms
most of which have already been taken
and Mr. A W Bleasdeil will occupy the
room 20x80 feet adjoining the '• store on
tho south.''    . ■■ . 43
'Sincetaking over- this business Mr.
Barclay has more than doubled his
trade.,*" and now that he is getting
.settled down hi his new quarters it is
certain that his biibiness will tako on a
a new impetus and add' still - more to
the groat increase of tho past few
months. As an indication ostitis his
staff"of twelve employees were kept
busy until after mid-eight last Saturday
and' lots of deliveries had to go over as
it was found to be impossible to got
through the list notwithstanding thn
fact tliat four rigs were kept,going all
evening. Mr, Barclay has proved liis
capability to look after tho interests of
bis customers and to constantly add to
thoir numbers by his courteous treatment and constant application to busi
nees. An element of strength in Mr.
Barclay's-busii'esa position is that thc
rentals , which will coma lo him
from the upper fl.iqr and the large store
occupied by Bleasd'ell will bo' a source
of revenue-instead of a drain in the
shape of rents to landlords. The build,
ing will be supplied with the most approved appliances for the prevention
of (ires and a large covered platform at
the rear where goods -can' bo loaded
into the delivery wagons and bo safe
from lain'or snow and.the horses-* bo
sheltered uhih*. Rtanrliug.
The (Jrowa Nest Trading Co,, is an
institution of which the peoplo of Ferine feel proud, and The Lkdger wishes
Mr. Barclay'llie success to which his
energetic business-capacity, and cour
t'eous treatment of the public ^en title
Culled   from    Exchanges
Along The Crow
Some   of   the .'iViany" Events in
tlie Pass Towns.
Mrs,  0.   N.   Boss rot ti mod  from
B.inff Sunday morning much improved
III hl'tl.lU.    bill! V»i4Ti 4U-.i,J(4lU,vl *»,Ull    mt)
wonderful scenery nf the famous National park and with the mitimuomont ol
the Sanitarium hotel whoro iho made
hoc homo. Mrs. lions brought back
HHvnrnl rioiivemrs In thn shajki of Indian
curios and the section nf the Ji.w bono
oi Mime extinct. .t.ihi*.*.l which naut
bsvo beer- of great uize judging (rom
thosiMof thetiet.i*i;ll ..uisluiDff In
the J*w.
[A Model Husiiic-KH Iloiifto.
Our reporter took a look ovor the now
promises of tho Crow's Nest Trading
Co, yesterday; lie found Mr, Biiicl.i.s
the manager 11 very busy man, but between calls upon his time from all purls
of his big now stow lio tiMk tlmo to
glvo thoi.ewj.innn 11 glimpse into all
tho dopnrtnnuits of his well nrrnii|(t.d
Tho i<tore was opened last Thursday
to thn public, hut it will he some time
yet before everything lias been 11 r
rnnuud(niid nil department riiiiiiiiii*
harmoniously. Tlm floor spaces In the
main store is •!■■ x A<) feel divided
through lho Ctiliti-e by hh-'lvlng roni-h-
Ing n little more lluiii half way tn llm
foiling, Upon the uurili shin will be
(niiiid the dryrfocd, aud small ware de*
porluiiiiit and fa.-lng It the gout**1 fur
nlRhiiig. Ou the nouth aidn will be
found tho gnircry deparlineiit with
bouts "lid shoi'H fiHiijr It, mul all 1 -
compactly nrrniijri'd txtx to dlspniiMi with
ns much traveling about to show 11ml
1 .1 I         tU , 14  ll,o  l,.|, |.
IlllilUif.  n4.^-t.)  ,.      I ,«.., .....
nf the Mii-i> w\Ai-r xho rulw-d plntlnvm
upon which the inunagor's denk nml
tbo cashier's stand aro located, there
Ih a cloned ln clot lung romu tor tlm in.*
uummodatinn nf eitHtome.'H,
MM    I      I.   ..  .,   , ..,,.(,   1,1  ll,,lil„,l  1,,-   t,|,,..,!,.
. 4., 1  .... ^ « , * , r,, ^    . m
live 21 caudle po*Acr electric lighiR, k<-
dls-irlbulod ith to glvo the bent rei-ilt-.
Ovur tho entrance h> a hugir li-iht jii.iI
H2 CHintle power lights 1110 11 nisi to tl-
lunilnatetlie largo bhow windows m
each sii.o uf the entrance. There is n
basouieotthu lull si'/o ol the Imihliu'.'
which is tilli'd to ovi*ifl'iwiii^ witti
goods which tonmh«r with lur^'ii nhi| -
monts now 011 the mail will iiiake tl >-
stock tbe wotti iomj.!ele and up to th te
to bo found In ai-y stetu In tho
Again   tho Ftimilinr Cry —Fire.
This morning at 2:30 lire was discovered in the large boarding house
occupied by Mr., Robert Silverwood,
situated on CJeinmcl street near the Coal
Co. oflicCs. The boarders ^ere aroused hy the suffocating sensation produced hy the smoke from tlie fire which
originated in the kitchen near the flue.
Tlie fire was seen by'Mr. King, night
watchman at'the Coal Co, oflkes; and
the alarm sounded. °
• Mr. King and Mr. ,ToJd -were thc
first to arrive., "Mr. Todd with the
assistance of King got 'llie lire hose
belonging to the company over the
fence very soon after the alarm was
given. -' The chemical engine was soon
on the ground, and a hose line from the
laid." Tlie lire - being so" near the lire
hall-enabled the fir^t comers to get
water and the' chemical it! work in a
very few 'moments so thai what looked
like the beginning of 'another ' serious
conflagration was, conquered IJetore'il
gained much head wny. .-• ' -""
Chief Tuttle. arrived on the scejie
before the lire was extinguished making
good lime for ji sick man who had so
far to go, Tills shows that if we" had'
awell drilled,' well equipped lire -brigade wilh furnished quarters in'the tire
hall that'there is lots of nood material
for such a force and that if wu lind hud
this kind of a brigiide thc lire in the
Free Press block aud the one in bl<>c«
2t could have been confined to ihe
buiU'ings in whiih lliey originated.
It is unnecessary lo panii.uliiri/e as to
those who did good work last night,
there uru lols ol good workers, all lhat
is lacking is organization nnd drill',
We can not refrain Irom once more
pointing out tlie fact that our city
council having the ui'iehincrvol'the liitt
at their disposal have utterly failed' its to
their duty in providing for a brigade.
Last night found lhc lire hall empty
excepting Mr.' McLennan find"' no
furniture provided ior the moms, wbiiv
scores of young men are piuienily waiting for un opportunity lo enlist themselves in n brigade und take up llieir
sleeping quarters in tlie hull if only
the people whose business it ii to provide these things wcie to ucl,
Tho peoplo who had been culled up
ut 2-.10 had hur,lly got hack lo their
beds nnd dreamland iiguin when the
lire gong again hounded nl y,y> und
turned out once mure in fight the hot
demon of lire.
This lime the lire was discovered in
the shed nn lhe siilc of I'urdy's store.
Nighi policeman Jas, Wallace and W.
II, OuJcrkirl; were silling on lhe
veianJii ol'tlio CviiumI ImicI hIicii Mr.
Wallace thought he sa*v smoke down
iliu sirvt'l. Both men raced down the
sildi'Widk and -aw at once lln; lire was
in Ihe I'uidy liuildiiif;. Wallace ran ou
lo the 'jong and alter htiunJing it relumed and with Onderkirk k'u.k-.d in
Ihe hiYvVM 4loi>r al the hark end of (hi-
shed an.) ••oon miw III it llie lire niusl
have slarlv.l in this nlu*d llu: iltmr.
Alih'-iigli a dreilihlng r.|in wns falling
plenty help wus 10011 nii*the scene. 'I he
iinst- wliii'li bad lii'i'H i-iirelnlly ivekJ
after llie lirsl I'lle by Aldermen lle'rcli-
mor, Wm. Ihildr),', W.
II, Oiuk-ikirk and IVIIienuin Walhuv
wiih 'hf'atn I'uupU'ti (0 llie hulr-ini al
theCeniral hut several minuies ehipsvil
he I oie water wju thiwin^ tlnough.
The hoys worked laiihfnlly, ngnln hav*
ing to eravvl 4>ti haud-i and knee*
through the dense smoke in order M
|;el at 111c lite uitiuc Um m,i,.,un;. i .,<
Hi-i.-i b.liui n llie MiMt- 1,mi-,', un.l th.-
hlicd hud evidently Ik'eii npeiu-il und the
firo le,iped through the opening I'-l**
tho larger room and iu a wiy l«.\
iiHiinenli would have spread in every
i'tiruer uf il.
liiHitig iiuousiuciiitixn lm-Iri4i lu.u
110 »tove> were ihcJ in the hnihling and
no coal oil himns u\ed, it would he
dillit'iill ui convince people lhat ihi*
|,i-.t I'ue is nut thu won. ofuu im-eiuliary
The hiiiirding hotise in which lb*-
litsi llie started U the properly of the
C4-.1I Cx, .inJ the bi. t.i folly C'1'.'.'.vii
hy insur.ime, Tliu tenantK ate nol so>. h'i',4-i*\»r anil
From the Frank Paper
' It is announced that ]5reckeiirids:e
ii Lund have appointed A.' N. Mount,
of Winnipeg,' general manager of
their coal properties at Lund brack.
It is'also announced that the Liiid-
breck townsite will shortly--be opened
and lots placed on-the murker;
Mrs. Ilenrv Cibeiiu received a
telegram early this week, conveying
the sad news ofthe death of Mrs. at the Gebo' home near.Heil
Lodge, Montana. Mrs. Gebo had
been ill about seven weeks. During
the early piirtol her illness-word svas
received here thai she w:ib very low
and was not expected to live ,but us
no fun lier news came lier friends
here supposed she was recovering.
Ic was therefore considerable of a
stuck when tlie telegram came an-
nouncing'her death. It is stated she
was uneonsciuus during the greater
part oi her lung illness. Death was
the result of blood poisoning. .Mrs
Gebo was about the first, worn in in
Frank. She came here'with her
husband, S. W. Gebo, formerly gen
eral manager ol tho Canadian-American company at thc inception of work
here and made this her home until
last spring when Mi*. Gtbo's connection w ith' the company ceased. She
leaves a large family of small child
rcn..        .. • ''
Mystery is proceeding^ .rapidly," and
the ore body is increasing as depth is ■•
obtained.   The ore is copper bearing,
and   contains   considerable   native'7 ,-
copper. .Mr. Dewar returned * to the
nunc on Saturday last.
From tlie Herald " =■'
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Weeks;, who
came up from Spokane the first of the''
week tb i isit Marysville for a few
'■Jays returned,yesterday.and left in
the afternoon  for  tlie south. •  Mr.
Weeks,is in T»oor health and he found,
it nccessai-y to sever, liis connection
with tho Marysville siuelter-fortlie
present and seek a new climate .with
the   hope    of    improvement.     lie-
will go to Southern California for the
present, . Mr.  Weeks' departure is
sincerely" regretted by all who were
associated, with him and during the'
time ho was in charge of the construction of the  Mansville smelter, nnd ,
his host ot friends wish  him every
benefit possible  in his travels und
early restoration to health.
The score between the Frank and
Fernie teams last Saturday was 1—0 in
favor of Frauk. „Tho teams lined up as
Lyon ■
'  Thacker
Kelly      •
D. Steno   *
half oacks
•'   -   'Moeris'*
•    'Rushtnii
, • Arch i bal
Dan Slene
, .Stewart
Stobbai t.
Messrs. Feriutu, Edward Riondel.
and'Octave Licgeart, who spent last
weel; in British Columbia inspecting
thc mines of the metal company, returned Saturday in anticipation of
the visit of Earl Grey and to participate in thc reception tendered   hirai
As has been previously stated,
Mct-si's. ll.cndol and Liegeart : arc
bankerR of Lille, France where they
are eminent among the financiers of
thM country. They have bcr-n instrumental in finding ,thc. working
ol the zinc smelter." To a reprosenta-'
ti vo of the- Frank Papcr,-ib6ih took
occasion to express their pleasure.and
satistaciion -.witli-the progress' thai
litis been mane in the construction1.0I
the plant aiid-tho quality of tho.woik
as wellas the company's mines which
they lind just visited. •
Messrs; liiondel and Licgeart left
yes^toi'day f'*r Gold Fields, Nevada,
where they have extensive interests
They will again visit Frank on their
return journey to Franco.
Wurk at tho suielter h making
such rapid .progress that General
Mumitici' Fenmti yeslenlay authorized the annennccincnt tint lie expect*,
tho plant to b:ready to bepln opera
tk.-us snino tiiiie in Nnvenihei'. lie
also stated th,it llie work of opening
up the coal seam leased irom the coul
company, will begin immediately.
Alber'tji* Election.,
* The Conservatives, of   the ,-Piuclier.
Creek liding in convention at   Pincher,
Creek last Friday unanimously  nominated A. C. Keinmies as their candidate.
Now that  both the old   parties'have
named their candidates and the miners
have placed F. H Sherman in th'e field'
as their choice, there will-be-a-thriV'
cornered fight with the result much in>
doubt.   The only bad feature of this
kind of a campaign is the possibility of
the district being represented by., somo
one who' has not secured a majority .of
votes cast. '  The  theory'*upon -which,
popular government is based is that the
'more candidates  enter  the list'there
arises thedanger that faetional'govern*.,
ment tuhstitutcd lor tho popu-.
Iar will,     *   ■        ■-   .'"   - y- -■*■*:
I'Vom tliu Times
Wall.1 co Hamilton, un old timer In
tliisillslrictniid who is now in business at Fernio, was a visitor In town
on Wednesday.
Mr. Hlieriuniru ntid reus to tho clcc-
1,1 r-i will lio fniiml in thb- ihi-nu ntu)
we inilil say thut il tlie oilier eutidl*
dates wish (.ouuprnviion It. they will
li-ivi'lii-girt upciiily wurk late
to dn It.
Whllo Home In thn raHs towns are
.IkgruMlt'd rif'f..iH-..'ii I'.ik-i mnn w,\k
nm ii'itiilii.iii'd by i-iilicr nf tho old
l*fjllticil piii'lleH iliu CMiisi! H not la 1
to tu'i'l,, The luinei's inude a c.uip ol
ih li'iiwni the IninlnusH nii-ii nl our
dill-ji'UJt inwpH divided against thorn-
selves 11 i.d the emil cuiiijiuiileH tt'lcd
to piny .-ildtMiil tlm gamn, Cui.-
hequciiily tlm uuivoutloiis held 111
Cimlev ai'd I'lnuherUi-euk nuiuiiiiit.-
t'tl tlioiin iviio th ■> belii'Vitl to bn ih-.
stiniiui'ht and berit mon tliny mulil
•jell ut In'in (hit piMli'i.*. In p ilitle-i vh
in t-ilu'i'ihtng-i nii-ii gcn.i'iilly .go
wlmt i-i coining tut hem, hu nii'|i ii|-
giiiilliuiit-ii and tak** your mulicinc,
Hill Crest Coul & Coke Co;
*' Whileat Frank last week the Ljuxikji
correspondent hiid   tho plnasinro of a   '
short chat with C. P. Hill, of tlie Hid"
Crea Coal & Coke Co,    Although' the
interview   was  short; Mr;. Hill   can
crowd a lot of news, into a very, small '
space.   Tlie com pany has "been capital*
izeila'l $:iOO,0(Vj:iud- all the"'stock has
bi'ii.'i, taken, ni piir.     M,'  P," Davis,
capitalist nt i)H«wa Is president,'-D. A,'
McU.iHkell, ut Moutuoal, |*j  vice-presld*'
ent, Wm. Fariuell, ot the HaBtern Town-   .
ship Hank, l>' VV. Fowler,   M.. P. /for,
Subhox.N. »., Geo. Taylor,. M. P. of
Ga-imuoque,  A,    Dafarj-ery, , M.   P.'
Sunu.VMidi',;P. E. I., and John Thomp*
son, of Octiiwa,  are on, thc  bnard of ' '
dlri'ctm-s with,C P.  Hill-  miiuagiiig
diroi'tnr ami hecietiiry IreJisuror,
.The proi arty iK sitimted 0110 nnd 0110
half mlli'i south and one mile «nst of
Frank.   Mr, Hill statu*- that   thn com*
pivHhOr and  pumps arc  now un
lhe ground and -Hint two and a   half
nill"H of r.iihoad wili'lm coiiHtruuted at
oncuto ciuiiiect   tho ' uur.u   with   tho
C. P. It.   Thin ti are MOO feet of tunnel-
Unit cimipluiwl   whicli, logother with
othi riwork dune, rcprcHcnm au outlay
ofi?in,oo.i? As moil im all tho machinery Im In place Mr. Hill expecti to bo
able io turn out loot! toiiH of coal  per
I'iiIIImoi' Tunnel Complotcil.
The Paliisur tunnel, li mi Ins cant -of
Gohli'iii hfto hciui duly I'uspncted nud
pmis*>i|, ami iiaiiiN am i.ow ii<lng It, It
in nun of tho hunt pluni-H of tunimling
work ou tl.ii C. |», It. |t Iirm i,fit„,
liimd Ihronghout wilh concrete. It
eiith off 11 Iuul l'iii vo, and glveHRii Improved hitu for 11 new brlilgn which bus
been hull! over llm Kicking Hume. A
Mlllliiftr liiiiuil Iijik boon timiln hi t|,Q
Columbia cir yon, tlircn inlhswi'ht if
I-*..- aid, ami other ttinuoltj <vi|| lm
hnlll, Iilslntiimleittolltie tlm tunnel
eiiht uf the lltueilllwnnt utAtlon with
ciencreiii.—(i*|,|(!i, SUir.
1'niin lliH'roMivntor
Ilunnpftho coinin-jf -rtei'k   Mppllcn*
tlnn will bu nuule to the  Lieutenant
flnvi'i'imr luO-iuiu-ll lor thn Incorporation of Cinnbi-oik .isa city.
Al. Mulz, iirin/igci- (.1 iho i'oU
flteelo HrrwItiffCo'iii-auy Ht Keinh',,
Mrs Muiz uud Mctdaincb Hk-densUihl
..f New York, |imtHnl through (.'ran
hr-Ml* Kildiiy mi their wny to Wnmi,
where thoy will upend tx few dnys in
vliiitiiig places ut iiitere-it,
Uubi it Dr.war was down fum the
fe:'i;,';':;S';:ii:;:!'„>:,uS ;r *««w-i*— »»*. ******
Tht I'urJy biiilJing w.ii   lolly  imur«*J
a-.wit4i itLo ibiii ktiH-k.
tlu ct-U-brjiili'ii of Lilyr Day.     Mr.
I)owjirii,i\Ntli4t development nt the
The Liidy nf (.joiih,
fin WrdiiPediiy Dviiiiliin'-ThoLiuly of
Lyoiis'* Cn , phtyeil ti» n  Fundi) nud*
• (     ■■      i.ii
>4,11,   .«■,,.    u,*i.,    11,1,    tiuiiao     it**
Miiidl. tbi-y cvliV-nlly tihl 1 nt rpnio
theui»tdvpt. The pity throughout wan
ninastiily prtHflntntlmi of Sir Kdwnnl
lliilwer Lytton't* rnmniitle love nlory,
nud whhIipjii illy enjnyod hy all   thnuo
l.l-(..'ii|lt       Urt niKllV(itl-|.(.,iml4^iiln. I. «4">
Hayed hure, that thu puhlit- nie very
du-ioii* nt inkimr nny stock In tho
hiu hii culm 01 pn|iur ami ndviiiu-u
noilci h tuoy hnvo iii'ually boon hereldtd
•jilib, but ihln compnny were dtiiervlnjr
of n much bettor turn out. Miw
hi'rt.upportWMi»jeoptlnnnl|yij;nw|, Wo
would bn plenM-d to th*»m In Fernie
itf.iin nud wo nre mre thi«y will be
^rii'ti-d with a"bmnjwr b-m»o" »heuld
hey return.
I \\"^-^<A'*lt-*'
The Fernie Ledger
Itt&td «V*ty Wadncsdav from office of mib-
llo»llon. cora«r of Wood St. nnd Baker Ave.,
J"«rnle, Brltiifc Colui.tia.
--.*      ' ADVKRTI8INQ  RATES
allowed to ba changed when denlred, without
extra eh* ree)-'     ;rr>
; , l.5o per Inch, i>»r month * >
i^ieolal position, 5ij5l advance      ,
fo'i dlncuuut when plate*, are furnished
(Mt ia sonpsl-iel, H lines make an inch.)
Auction Saw, Entertainments, Tenders, f.e-
(al Notioes etc., ID cents a line, tint insertion,
Icetit*) a line each subsequent insertion,
Lo.t, Found, For SaJe, To Let. Rent or Ex-
cbause, otit cent a word, each insertion.
On back pane auioi.if local., U". cents a line
On front puRf umoim locals, 80 cents a lino
it occurrihu amonsst our -ubi-sriliern, fret-; all
«rhers ,'iOcentfi'acl. insi-riion. Canli. of con-
«iatulutloit. conduleuue or thanks, obitiiur.v
ftimtry etc., li»t» of guests and weddlns pre>-
. *nt», in cunts a line (uonpariel) eai-li inceition.
••it limit chenxn, one Inch ar under. JI a montli
Auy further Information deified cun he had
on application to tlm inuutiKer.
Ooiiruire In Hotter Polities Thnn
Ooni|>roi..lse.  *•
it was plain he did not know how to
handle the rod and reel, and brethern
the old, Adam took instant possession
of me, ..-Give hiin the butt!' I yelled,
ahd *s the: unnerved boy did not
j comprehend me, I seized the rod and
exerting,"'all. my skill against the
strength and craft pft'*egreat, actually landed him before I was aware of
the s'n T was comiuittia-?. lie was
at least a five-pounder,, and, ,,oh,
brethi-m, it shames me to'confess it,
but when,"alter" I had explained to
liim how both of U3 had sinned, that
urchin remarked: ^Well,- if I've done
anything l"ought to be sorry ter, I'm
•rlad of it, seein'swe ketched the big
bas,s," the nnregenerate nature in mc
cchotd hnu, strive as I might to
prevent it,"
And then up rose tho good old. presiding elder, and briefly, spoke.
- "P.-otherThirdly,"said ho, "be -f
good cheer. Twas but .an inheritance from the Band of' Fishermen the
Muster knew, that instinct- sent you
to aid the boy in landing the big bass
Five-pounder, did yon wi>? Well; as
niy grandmother used to say, lll yon
never do anything,, worse than that
ynu 11 go to heaven in.a handbabket."
And tlio conference turned to other
Tor nto Teleram.
If Hon. F. W. 0. .Haultain ofleii*.
the Province of Saskatchewan nothing better than the v prom is* of »
lawsuit to del ermine what the constitution means-he will deserve tlo
II Hon.'F. W. G. Haultain offers
the .Province of .Saskatchewan hit-
pledge to create a national bchool
system he will des rve success.
- Ab ut the best that can be expected irom Mr. Haul'.a in is a s'raadli* on
the school question. The Haultain
trumpet is likely to give an uncertain
Bound, and Mr. Haultain may go into
the campaign in the hope  that the
,. ecclesiastical authorities will help him
iu return for the help lie gave them
with his toleration of clerical sch»ols
and with his pretense that those
schools were national schoolsr^ ->
Sure defeat awaits at the other end
ot that line ol policy. The hierarchy
will fail to come to Mr. HaultainV
rescue in return lor past favors. The
, iriends ot national schools will ix
aliennted by Mr. Haultiiin's ihdiffer
ence to their principles. If Hon. F.
, W. O Haultain tries tn shuffle, the
-results ol hiB timidity will supply him
•with good reason to know tluit conr-
^*Vfge"is-betterpolitics than compromiser
For dciehniuing lhc metal parts of
minerals lhe "nieldometi'i-" is mosl
convenient. This instrument consists
essentially of a strip of platinum loil,
•.ipon which small fragments of mineral
are laid. The platinum is gradually
heated by lhe passage of an electr'u-
current", until the mineral melts; the
temper:iture of llie foil being obtained
by a calculation based upon the resistance of the platinum, the observed
strength of tbe current, and the rate at
which heat is radiated from tlie foil, as
determined by careful observations.
This method is especially useful in minerals that can be had " only in small
fragments.   ,
There are   three   important  metals
that do not occur native,   namely   iir,
zinc"and nickel.    Iron occurs native in
infinitesimal   quantities.     Native  lead
is a decided rarity.,   Quicksilver occurs
native in small quantity.    Native   zinc
.was. reported from Georgia years ago,
native tin was   reported   occurring   in
Siberian   gold   placers,   native,- nickel
was supposed to  hlive   been   found in
Caledonia.    Investigation proved these
discoveries   untrue.      Nature   in   her
-mHrve!niiijJaboratories__^-orked rut
*>■ * ~~y
iously, failing to   produce a   grain   ol
either of-these metals in   native -..state,
Mammoth cave,' Kentucky, is   located in    lldmorison   country,   85  miles
southwest of Louisville, Ivy.    Its real
diameter, is about ten .miles,   while  to
date fully  100'.t-a'-Vs of "passageways
have been,explored- including avenues,
chambers, pits, doii.cs.and rivers. -Tlie
main cave is three miles long, running
in width from forty to 175 feet, and   in
height from 40 to"i2S.'feet.    Its greatest hall or dome   i-»   known   as   Chief
City, or t   «pie, ah    is ah  oval  room
541 feet long, 287 feet wide,'   and 125
feet high.   The s   called star chamber
mimics lhe starry heavens,   because of
its •> lofty' calling, composed -of   black
oxide of manganese.flecked with; crystals of gypsum.    The cavern exists in
live successive tiers, through which   al
various   points   shafts  have been  cut,
that are known as pits or domes.    The
largest are the bottomless   pit,   Gorins
dome, the  Mammoth   dome   and  the
Miielstrom, their average, depth being
100  leet. .   Oval" depressions,   locally
known.sis sink holes,,> drain  through
the pits and chasms and  for *i. subter
raneati lakes and streams   that  finally
find   an   outlet   to    the    neighboring-
Green river.    The largest of the rivers
is the Kcho river, a couple.of miles  in
length.    Beyond  what ,<is   known   as
River, Hall,   long    avenues    extend,
which are most beautifully lined with
gypsum crystals.     A   feature   of, the
cave is that.even to the deepest pits the
atmosphere   is   both   chemically .'and
optically pure all the year around.
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
\\0, J^^S, 6.F."
Meets   evry "'Friday
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
-T.Beck, P.G..R.S.
•3m   B&l*b@Fa   L.D.S.",   D.D.S.,
L.T. W.   Block,   opposite the oBank
•** Office hours—8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D, S.
•   X>34lI*Ta?IST -
Ofpjcf. Hnunf-i- ...... I'to 12,-1
■   Otfice in Alex. Beak'i Blook
•   ovor Slinn'a Bakery. „,
FERNIE, I.        - -   "—      ' B. 0.
L. P. Eckstein
Is a .pleasant home
for the. traveler.
7~   -.       (Head. Off*.c$l s . KamEKoa»r.GaKa'da. .-'-'-■■rl.-*,*••.-.•*'-;,■'';''
Capital* :$2,32p,QQQ  '■.. Tfeservei* .$2,32O;O0O '"
. • ...'-, , ■ **■* .... Qotal Saacte •» §2S,5pC,0Q0 ■ ;,' ,.;.    ;.,- *■ \...' - n
Hon., Wm.- Gibson,- Presidenti -CY''  ;   'r,      ■ :i      '..,';."  -.
J. TurnbullVVice-President and-General. Man.igerV^'-' »
71 Branches throughout Canada
Drafts issued, payable'in" Canada or abroad.-   Foreigndrafts cashed.
, y~± >• Special advantages in Savings _ Department.  .-.        -?/,..-..
Open in the evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 UH9
"" '"■   ' "   ''" '-".• ;",'■* :"■"'  -;    j. a. LAwayAgunt"fernie br.-vkok-'"
Cuililnrt Block,
I'-B-iiie, B. C.
bill   is   always
\V. it. RiUa     ,'   '    '    J. S. T,, Ai.kxani>i:k
Ross & Alexander    -
,   KERNIE, B. C.
Oflli-o In iJ. T. W.'lilook, Victoria Avenue.
Wfcpn you- emoke-a ci>r'a
spo tlmt it is UNION made.
[Uuo Prize,-Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana  Ark , Cis*ar3 aro Union Good*-
iniid(*'bv.    '      ' .
' Wlniill*cg, Man.
Rciiresenteil l.y OEOHOE HORTON.
F; G.-Latoe
Post Ollice Block, Fernie. B. C.
Perfect people are very tiring
The    road    down
greased.   ,       ;'.        .,   »-,
Taste for duty can be cultivated like
any other.
o       ' ■
One does not .advance far,who treads
many paths.
A man's affidavit of his own character is not evidence.
The martyr is honest, and" the man
who makes'" bim a martyr is .fiequently
quite as honest.
There are only two things the matter
with the world, sellihbness, and ignorance; and its a question which
•   J. G. GlfMMINGS   '
0     7     DOMINION ,
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.TiW; Block
Fernie British Columbia
~SMOKE!   ,
■CT3SriOD**T   LABEL *
Gb-ow's  Nest - Special
. AND :	
Min-Br's Favorite Cigars
E. W.;"WIDD0W80N
" (.Lato iissaj-or Nelson Sniolter)
Gold.SUvororT.eRd s.ach ...-..., U.CO ■
Cowior n.W      Gol'l-Silver......i*a.50
Chiugos for other nictnls.on application   ,
P. 0. Drawer 1108 '  , "  Phone *A67~
Gommencing Sept. 20
ARGER and.better than even Everything
-V new and up to date. All kinds of open ait-
attractions. Each -day something"*-interesting-.
You will meet old friends there... Single fare ,6ri
all lines of travel; ,! Write for, Prize List.    „
,      '      ■    ' ' ° J. E. Ann able, Sec,
m§ .■
The g-Cneral conference had gom*
"tmto ;'what might be called cxecu-
tir.e eecsion, When pood Doctor Thirdly arise and told the assembled
ehephards of the Hocks that he jiad.a
cotiteua'on to makn.
"Brethern," he began in a voice
'trcl»blint5f   with   emotion,   I   have
been Ruiltv of a grievious sin./   As
;-ihoso of you who are Irom my citv
are   awnrr,   1   n:ccntlv spent two
weeks of a respite from tho lubor in
tho vineyard in the northnrn part of
tle-JUte, and there I fell lnw a snare
the teinptor hath for till, und to my
shame I ua> It, into a Bnnro plnccd
„ Wore niy very eves.    The  farm
whoro 1 spent my llitlo vacation w«b
Sivcriii miles from n country town
where there whs ii church,  thoroud
thereto was vcrv bad, anil mv liost
di'marred, ilrivlnsr  in to
divine worship on tl e first Snbbath
I spent at liis place.   I ovcrpcrswad-
'cd  him,   however,   and when tlio
Lord's day, camo aauln I doomed !•
cortaln  that   he would pludly jyo.
Bat   shortly   nfttr   breakfast.   lie
broujjfht ont ono of bin hor«0B with it
bandiicjcd   lejr,   badly Rwol'en, for
mv Inspection, nnd Inquired If T did
n't think the Society for the Prpv,'ii».
Ion of Crnelty to Anlnmlfl «>»nlit to
have any limn who wonld drlvn tin-
sulTorinir biuistmivcn oroluht miles on
Smuliiy when it (tujyht to l>n rrsMnu
"run In."   I wancoin)ollcd to njjfrco
-   with hiin, at the time, tho I irrtavn
to add tlmt I siilflr-qnonil;. <Uhcovi>h'iI
that the Bwi-lllnpr on tho nnlninrn lev
confuted of plcos of gannyxnok cover-
.   etl by the biindnjccu, nnd tlmt there
wns nothing wrong with tho lior-ie nt
"I pnwu'tl thodiiv ns brut I eculd
and niter lho iarlv svenlns mnil
• out and ntonar tlio bank* of a
brook thnt Iro n n  Inrjje lnko
on tholjonler of'my houru farm,    I
oxi-DiHlcd my walk tint I  I  reached
tho ijonlere o.  iii« li'*.«»   '•»'•• .i"**1
whan. tli« ttivHtxx Wi»xi\ out  3   wi-i
awaro of the son ul  llio fanner, n
turbulent urchin o perhtM*. it!,  en-
HxxgtA In cntitlntr tor h.ihfl.     Uo had
an aielialo rod, and   reel   to  match,
Itoth hU father's |iro|jf ny, and •*.* Jm
afterward* eonlldcd Ux mo   'iwli*d
when the old mnn warn't looklnV   I
i-a-ted lownrd him, Iniendiinr torn'
prnvo Mm anilpontly admnnlih him
a rnlnit the Bin of ftibbiith-breaklnir.
''Uut Juat a* I reached him he hud
a trrmondonn nxMtt,  a  n\*txi h:m
I'up-d from «ho water, Bluikinir W*
hsad in t* vain endeavor to expel the
• rn-d ..nrli -*r. m » Ib montli. and  lili-
Inir buck lnt>i tho   water  insdn *\
d<-*i*r.ti> r.»%h f»r a  fallen
l-tinjr ImW wbnifrr>-»il »t  tliu fA'wr
sMi* ef tlw brunk.    It oeemed aa if.
Jjc boy was Bute to lose the IIhIi  and
A Mirror of Enterprise
Are you willing to have a majority
of the people look upon and think of
your store exactly as. it is pictured in
your advertising—as being as big,
compared to the,,space ' used   by  your
T Fernie, B. C.
Teacher; of the Piano
'.   '■ ■ ' (LesoKetizliey. Method)' -""       •':
A.thorough training-assured each pupil
■" IpLighten our darkness we beseech
thee. Oh ?      -..*"_'" -.
II Onr landlord did the trick on Sat-
*     " -1     -       o
ardav last.
11t now  gives - our customers -a
chance lo> =■.-_■ •   K    • ■ :,'
at our School Supplies .
Stationery,. ' .>. ,,
Magazines ...
Drugs' '■','"
.   &c, &c. , ..   ,
We have the goods ,
Just look-in through pur new-
window.       ...       .  .
.   A.'W, Bleasdell
For Quick Returns:   '.   '.   . *
List .vour Property, willi* rp_ . T    Barker
~      *.'   '  •"    •'•'-"; -" afTHE"OWL"
First eiass;in Every Respect |
MRS. S. JENNINGS, 'Pr6frietbes8.       \'       J*;
K Fort Steele Brewery io., Ltd.
^ ■,-, *;■. '---fernIe/ b.c. ' ■- ■ 7 .      ■- *.,.
yet developing ores of the metals from
which vast quantities of the metals are
yearly extracted.
.   kefreeziiifj, begins at the surface of
the water and  spreads  downward,  so
that llie exact course  of the   freezing
i.s not so easy to trace as it is when  ice
is   manufactured   in    tlie   laboratory,
where  llie   waier. c:in   be  uniformly
cooled   throughout   its   entire   mass.
Wlien the freezing process is   complete
the crystalline nature of a solid enke of
ice is.not :dl  obvious.     It   is   clearly
Tiiiible, however, in snowllakes, where
the hexagonal   form  is   also   evident.
Ilia solid block of ice   the   crystalline
structure can also be demonstrated hy
a Tyndiills metlio.l.    The imago of a ,'
slab of pure ice cause it to melt internally and the melting  takes' place   according , lo   the   internal    cryutiillinc
structure, whicli is gradually brought
out upon the screen in   much 0buautv.
Six-sided stars suggestive ol* the .snow
Hake appear.   These enlarge and   become serrated as   the edges   as   the
t'loi'lric beam gradually   destroys the
competitors; as being as enterprising
as your advertising is enterprising--
as being dull on the day that your advertising is dull—as not- caring
business at all on.the. days lhat _.y
advertising does hot .appear? -7Tbats
how the matter will impress them.'
Big.Reductions}'ra Price
;■;■ MSS. E. .TODD*;* /:
molecular architecture, thc process
continuing until the ice lias been again
reduced to the liquid form.
1    .,       REQUISITES,
We take great pride in keopinfr a
well assorted stock of Toilet Articles.
Anything thero in a demand for, we
are pleased to obtain.
" People havo como to couidd'or onr
ntore as Headquarters for PerfumcF,
Fino Soups, Brushoi", Crennw and Lo*
tloim, Piiwdoi-B'and all sorts of
Rl. E. Suddaby
A comploto stock
of School SuppHort
on hand.   : ":
Pioporty for Snli*, to Rent or Exchaneo.L.
Rents-colleote4..-.EmpIoyment furnished.
Lager Beer and,Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
• a ^pjeeialty.
1    New Crop Now  in  Stock
Homo Grown anil Importpii
Wholoanlo iirj'l. Retail
Spec ini I'ricoit to' l-'ftrnier'n IiiHtituton
Tliou»iiii(l» of Fruit itml Ornamental Troo.-
niioaoduiMlroim,     RiiiTnR,     Ciroenlioimo
mill -Hnnly Plant*
now RrowliiK in my nnrnerlo» for
SprhiR liluntlnd
KimtotniirloMorloM. - Wlilto f.ulior
. V'biioouviiv, ll.C.
.1010 WiV-.tiiilu.ttai- lloHrt.
In. Fernie; ib a pleasant
homo for nil who travel.
RoomB resorved" by wire.
•J* A   '
T. Whelan, Manager
Doors, Sash, Shingles, Waster,
Cement, Fire Clay etc.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.
Retail   Meat
Have one of thoir largest stoveain Fernio. '  ,,-•
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
• %r*Sf^tf%rttsy%\l%f%r*)^^
General Merchant
-     &
Coffins,   Shipping   Cases
ems on hand.'
i      ,    ,
Residence 76
Book Blook
CholccBt cuts of Fresh Moatn, al
ways on tin nil.
Unmi, Bacon nnd Tiiinl ns woll,
All klnda ol Kroah Fish, In icitson.
Prompt DoKvery,
Glvo us a call,
TKL. 18.
llllll LL I   f^^mfmm^mm^*mmm*m»mmmHmim***mmmmmmmii*miimmwmmm^m^mimm^^^m^
TI-XH3   TWIDLJr-ri-I  Jm.NHrXTJi.Ti
ty dpoKantj imersidid i mi x**
\V*.<wii'.> niji'ilnvn nf P.-iln'n Kmnims Pvrotrelitilc*. |'l'«*
1 »«ittlnii "Tli". Full 11 h»it Arthur" In Ktmiiliit? Kiroi-wk*
Liiivor Kxhihlts (11 Kvorv   l^pnrtinent of tlw   F«lr
Mun's Ufhiv Hiicn tlttrlnfr tho Wholo Wfok. Kiirhl Kntrlm
Tlm KinoHt Show of Mvo Stock ever helil In ^VathlnKloi.
U|i to-rtnto Vnndevtllf PioKnun Kmy Afternoon mul nvtiiirm;
IWiimllul VtttaM l)\*\A;\W (or Dtir Ctrnl* I-rlzni
Flvo or Moro F.xcliln-ar linos Dally
S|«ikiiiiii Kriim'l Clnli'-i* Wu Annual Umr ?h'iw
Intllnn Villnpu nnd Iwllun liners nnd DiiriCts
Mned Pules »nd ff t' '»< rxurf'cri. ■&?» All rrhu-v
{'i|lllll«H['l|;» (nr Sni**
Writ" l»r I'riMi inn I/ft
ithI I'm. I'rn.r.iiii
IIDWELL W. I' ri^Mi-i t',^'*. m.iixrui-.
a watch.
Its only duly 1n lifts ih to Himwer cor*
rci.ll)- out* i|iiustlou
"what time is it?'
AM Wiililic. wil I by u>» Jiru K"''-"'!"*
teed xo tuiswcr llii-i ^ucuioi.
corrirlly    Tin* prii»*» nre rl(,'ht.
OIIUUI WaUb iM-M-JUro! G. ft. Ily.
Jowulor Optician
Let Your
Opeitinfn 6un.
Bo an Ad In Your
Local Vapor.    1   s   «
Hi (.In enrly,
4^u.l.4v»..   J|1,4I..   iL .'.   i:.-t|...
W'nteli r««ull«,
A H'lfiil Iuul *»• ifiAti will InYMrUlity
lio fiimul« Knoll it'lvdtlner,
flu*Vmtnmtmiiiit wnylo w»iir«» l-ul*-
H.-Ify 1« tUrmittrli ll.u-roltuwnnof
Tho Ledflor
(nr wivhtniy .hronnh Ii«m* m*'!* U-
TMI Uiim In ynvr Ml *»m«fM*.(t »•> ("•
li ri-*' rhoim.
l»o not |.» I'unHnt with totm »■!.
Um**tjinl .lr«Miln| wwir- ***}'» *•'•»■■•
Mft',» If » -pwUI (i.»lM»of'>oulr
it ls.'»i Pay.   1   '-
judiciously placed in a live, newspaper THAT
IS R1-.AD. is like a bullet whicli goes
Kighj to the mark.
Some circulations arc sluggish.   A pa-pcr that
is not attractive to the   reader   is   not  widely
rend.    AN A!WI-?RTISKMK.NT thnl i*  not ■
rend  represents       :       :       j       :      :   >   ■
Money thrown away.
There is  no dead-wood in the  circulation  of
1 ' **
An advertisement iii its columns always, .".
Brings Results.
■! '-
MM I#-'-""-
■■7 -■ '■   l- *-' -j5>Bs'
...- v*-?*■-■»
b ■
■3   » 'i
v- ,■
* >.
-,■ IJ ■ I
r » - -.' ' 4
'. ■-■
- '■* i/^CV-
m r ?t  -
- v **w
,,.-, r   -METAI-LICS   .   ,.-,-.,-
, Yellow solders are composed of cop-
(S, £?.*.*■_       "*.—    *-*t       -- ll. ;i    |    ■ -.* .lm.\.      **
per and zinc, anil are known as the
brazen solders. They,, at higj.
temperature, thc yellow solder of" low1-
est melting point,consuiing of .50 .per
cent copper 'andi so'per*c"cni zinc. -   fl
The Bower.Barff.fiqish on.steelware
is produced by heating the articles in a
closed muffle into which steam is introduced: The sleel is in that way coated
with a protective film; of magnetic okr
. ide.7   . , • o ',,
Concrete made of ■'crushed'- hrick iii-
stead of stone gives excellent results
for some i purposes..". -_,; However, "it 1'al-
ways requires-a larger proportion 'of
cement than when less porous -material
. is'used.'   ' _ A','" 7- ';".-■'-  "' - - *'
. There is considerable daiigerpf po'ti-;
oning"froin arsen;c''fuuie in the use of
iriipure hydrogen in the flame for lead
burning. Thisjuay be avoided by the
use of'arsenic-free zinc in - .developing
tlie hydrogen. ' A *'. ' .'-"*-.
V 'Cadmium is now rather extensively
uiiedI iii hie manufacture of sterling silver *heinif added as a deoxidnnt. It is
customary to introduce 0.5 per cent
CKdmium for that purposa. The cadmium renders the silver sound and the
metal rolls ><NielL    * „       -
'Laddersin mines'.should be strong
aiid intact, "in vertical - shafts and - in
deep pitching inclines there should he
landings not more ,than 20 feet apart,
and closely covered, except for a .hole
large'ciibugli for h'.man to pass to the
nest ladder. . ' A  '-"■
iZinc forms' alloys, with .mosi.of the
common inetais.-rttitBmpcratufes .sufficiently high to insure. fusion. .*. These
a.loy-, are usually while, -crystalline,
brittle compounds, and are of, little importance, with thc .exception of, copper
zinc ores..
. -1 -     > - > , - *
' Gold is the   most .malleable  ot   all
metals, and those mjxt foi order arc
silver, copper, platinum, iron aluminum, tin, zinc and lead.     -
1 ,'"     * ' -.
The death rate from coal iirftae acci-
•dents in Japjtn in 1903' was a.71   per
thousand; iii Russia 2.53,  and in the
United States 3.26.*   . •"■'    •
LadoiT arc the lowesUelectrode
is made of rutile (eight per ,cent) with
magnetite and hematite, tin* tipper electrode of carbon.
■>■   -A        l ' • 7- A"
"*' Tlie oldest cOlkotion in
the. United States is that   owned by
Harvard university,  the found^tMn bf
which collection Was begun in -.1795.
v?i. *a*> .y\:.','.-.v   *'-' ..'-' ' > J"^
The steel syndicate iii
Gcrniuivy  delivered in June 442,723 ..Ions,- making
.1,360,743 tons in the second .quartet;
this year;'showing a-tailing' "off-iiroin
,^+7','lv ".-.' • . ; 1 -,'-•?,.»
' The largest', municipal>.iniiscuiii in
the world is tlw Ai'iiericiti. Museum of
Natural History, New York city. 'Hilii*
t-niiu-ralogicul collection -ilone in 'this
tnusi.'uin Ims iiost upwards of $jo<v«<.>o.
-gineering, biolagy; physics, chemical
■engineering, sanitaryengineering gei>
togy and naval architecture.   -Upwards
of 1,750 students are now attending.   .
.-"" -' -   -•■. x-i'y.y.\h.y  ' -   -
Meteorites are. of two   classes—the
stony meteorites and {he iron meteor;
.test; *** The former are about teiV times
as numerous as the. latter. ; In the iron
meteorite iron usually;'forms more than
90 per cent of the entire- aiass, but they
are almost' invariably alloyed with
nickel. In the stony meteorites mineral combinations occur which are peculiar to these bodies and.serve as one
of the main features in recognizing
them when they were not seen at the
time of their fati.  .*        :..   -;.'-,'  ■
At Livet, France, the Keller electric
fugtaces for smelting iron ore are vat-
shaped, and connecting at their lower
ends"by a central well; four are usually grouped together, The current used
in the' trial-runs varied between 10.600
and 12.000 amperes,' at, voltages from
63 to'68; and die energy absorbed' was
0.25 h. p.; year per'ton of'a while pig
.iron containing little.silicon, and manganese, and 6.'S3 h. p. year for a gray
ironNmore silicioui. rf The coke used
averaged 767 pounds per'ton of pig iron
produced, and the ' estimated.'cost of
electrodes was 84 cents per ton of iron.
; Burned lime when fed into . the
crusher with copper ore, : or milk of
lime added to the tailing launder,, will
neutralize the free acid and" precipiUte
the metallic salts which adhere to the
iron of lhe machines and the pipe work
ir. the concentrators. In Arizona 1,00b
pounds of staked lime is necessary lo
counteract the" deleterious matter, dissolved from 500 tons of copper ore per,
«-«*)'• '*<"".      	
Manganate is a nutiye , hydrated oxide of manganese of a steel gray to iron
black color, with a hardness of 4 and a
specific gravity of 4.3! ~ It occurs crys-
tallized in the. onhorhombic ' system,
likewise in columnar %and' stalactite
forms. . It is found at several points in
the U ni tad States; Il ,is used as a
source of manganese for the prepara
tion of spiegeleisen and other alloys,'
and likewise in- the' manufacture of
pigments and dyci.V
-  p 4
Rocks that show, special structure,
due to their biice having been in a molten state from which ihey were solid!;
fieil into, their present ^character, in
geology are known as igneous. .'They
includt. lava, basalt, granite, etc.
Such rocks are not stratified 7 and may
occur in. connection with sedimentary
havo usually Jieen erupted from" the interior of the earth, and forced upward. -:
Cassiterite {oxldu of tin) has b-ien
found in •anall quantities in - Maim;,
New Hampshire, M.iss.icliusi-etts, New
Yixb, Vew Jursey, Nortii 'and';-.South
Cirolitia, South Oirolinn, Virgiiiaia,
Southp.ikoU*. J.nd Gilifnrnia.
In 1821 Mexico threw open her
mines to foreigners, offering,, special
facilities and inducements. Tho ' real
history of Mexican mines dates from
tlie. advent of, l.nglisli nod American
capital into that country.
which are cleaned, scraped and. cut
with a knife, the mineral being still
soft and readily , cut into any shape
wanted.' The annual output of- meerschaum does, not exceed 150 tons.,, li
is soft when first mined, but hardens
when dry;
Close upon 5,000,000 persons', were
employed in mining and quarrying iii
the world in 1903. ' It is estimated that
more than half were engaged in mining coal alone; Great Britain employing over ihree-quarters of'a million,
the United States and Germany over
half a million each, France 167,000;
Beiguim 139,000; Austria 121,000, and
India 86,000. The world's production,
of coal in 1903'was 881,000,000 metric
tons, valued at more than 1,550,000,-
000: Of this quantity the United
States contributed 318,000,000 tons, or
about 36 per cent.
Marbles are'rounded balls of broken
clay, marble, agate and, other mineral
substances, ln Saxony, where' are
made millions of those playthings, the
mineral most used is a - hard, calcareous stone, that is first broken up into
square blocks with a hammer. These
are then thrown tod or more > together
into a mill that is constructed of a sta-
tionary flat slab of stone, with a num*
ber of concentric, furrows upon its face.
Over this a block of rock.of the same
diameter, partially. resting upon the
small stones, is kept revolving, 'while
water flows upon-lhe atone'slab. ^Jn
15 minutes the marbles are worn completely round, and arc ready * for marr
ket. An'v'-estai-iiishincntwith three
mills will turn out -60,000 marbles - in
•a week. Agates are made into marbles at Oberstein. Germany, by first
chipping the pieces neai-4y round with
a hammer, and then wearing them
down upon the face of a large grindstone.
Smelters in California buy.' Che
quiirtz from the miners for-fluxing purposes, paying on assay value. \o this
way some hundreds of small .mines
are enabled to run at a profit.
There are 474 Somet-Soivny coke
ovens with* an annual producing capacity of 782,000 torn in course • of construction In Europe and Auierka. The
ovens,in use total a,435, with an un*
riual 'output of 3,007,001*0 -toni, of
which 895*«'*i** with a production of
1,303,000/ -tons are situated in (he
United States'.
The MasKach'jKcttM Institute of Technology was ctituhliultcd in 1865. The
four year courses nre civil, mechanical,
mining, engineering, metallurgy,
chemistry,   architecture eUctrkal  en<
' ^ There arc now in the United States
352 museums of all kinds,, of which 240
are known its natural history museums
and 1 <; as science and fine arts. One
hundred and seventy-eight of these
museums are attached to schools and
tollegcs, 32,are controlled by societies,
16 are private or municipal institutions,
and 30 have been established by the
state and federal governments. Of the
352 museums or collections no less than
145 have mineral and geological collections'. .
The.silvei mines of Schneeberg, in
Saxony, in the fifteenth century pro*
ducud some enormous masses of native silver, the greatest,having bcehla
lump weighing 568 pounds, u mass
thut even lo this day' has never; been
oqualed. - In 1750 there was taken
from 11 mine near Freiberg ft lump
weighing 169 pounds, In llie Royal
museum at Copenhagen is-a mass' Of
nntiveVdver sis -feet long, two feet
broad and eight Inches thick which
wag taken from n mine near Kconigi*
burg, Norway.   •
NOTICE U-hereby Iflven that altar th» ox-
'; piration of SO clear dsyn from : thin ditto,
I IriUnd to apply to the Commiti-
nloner of Lnndn and Works for th« district in
which the undermentioned lauds are situate
for* Ueeuse. to proapeet for coal ,and, petroleum-for a term of one year over .the fol-|
lowing described lands kituate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay commencinir at a post
planted nbout one-mil*.weHt_of=tla« summit of.
tho Boeky Mountains Hiid two miles north of
the South Kootenay P-isii Tniil and - uiarked
"Ilerbert Hyland's Northwert"
thane* south eighty chains, thtnee ea'steigl.ty
ehains, theuce north eighty ohains," thence
west eighty chains to the place of commencement containing Mi) aeree mora or less.
Located -and .dated the 16th" day of, August,
19C*S. Herbert Hj-Und, Locator -
- Ji.O. Oordon, Agent -'
SEATTLE      ,
*.       ',;AND      "-
90 Day Limit
' All;Bail.via Somas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
.        Vancouver to
, .Seattle
1     Via" Victoria
Dominion   Exhibition
Tickets on aalo Sept. 24 to Oct. I,
good to return till Oct. 12.
Through Sleeping Oar
Airowhead te Vaneeuvoi*'
Daily from Sept: 2G to Oct, 26
For full particulars, tickets, firnt-
clnsti or tourists sleeping car reservations.   Apply to loeal agont.
■   ' - R. Reading
Agent at Fernie.
Real Estate-j Loan
and insurance Brokers
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want, to buyt
callon us.     -====-^=======,==^>'',^==-=z==^^
TF you have property tb insure, have us write the risk
IF you want to borrt.v money,
call at bur ofiice.
,.0 *
J, 8. Carter, D.P.A.,
T. J. Coyle, A.0 J.A.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake,
Da  Cn
'. it^-.Tlwirioat. perfectly, appointed Health
and PleaMirc Rcaort in tho West, with a com*
plote eystem of Buths—including TurkUh and
Russian. Oiien the year round. The curative
properties of its waters aro unequalud for Cur-
tng all Rlieumutic, Kervoua and Unsoular
Troubles; for HealinK'all Kl.tnc.v, Llvur and
Stomach Ailment*; for Elin>inatiug all Metallic Poisons from the System.
! Tlie icrandeur of the scenery Is unrivalled.
Mountains, snow |ieaks, forests, lakes, waterfalls, lioatiua;, yachting, Jishing, slioottns;, ex*
curslons, tennis, ■
j Its winter climate ia unsurpassed for mild-
nasi.. .-■"*' '     ■' '
-     . habry Mcintosh,
We have for sale 160 acrea of land situated eljflit miles from Peaulilan.! and sev«n miles from
Kolown* oa tho wast aide of the Ol;aii(i>-Kii Lake. Thirty-live acres of the tract is bottom iawt,
IG acres of Itivol bench and 60 acres of gently slopinir land. The remainder In good pasture-laud.
Five acres of this bottom laud is under uiiliivatioii. Cultivated lauds lu the neighborhood of this
laud, are c»rnlii« •nil**; little lortiinos for their owners. 1 Some fruit -irowers iu that section have
"told their crops ou the trees at from $-200 to 300 per acre to Winnl|)ajf dealers this year * Here in a
chance to«ei*unea fruit and vegetable farm at reasonable prices and  upon terms that should
suit the purt-feaeer.   Call ou 119 for prices, terms etc.
-*■.*■• *.
Mott, Son & Co./ *~ block, Fernie
ay Zrartnerf / /
.The famous mecrwhaun. mines near
IWiclietiir, in AtAx Minor,-are iuld to
liijvc' been' first worked a llidusand
years huo, In a space of. six miles
there ure over 30,000 escavutions, and
today only li'i'ounle hundred of these
lire operated, (he. others bctiiR estiiauit-
«d,   Meeriichaum is mlne-d in blocks,
NOTICE is herehy siren that after the explra*
' tion of SO olo»r'd»ys from this date I intend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner
of Lands and Works for the dlstrlrt in which
the undermentioned lands are Mtuate for a
license to prospect for coal and netroleum for
a. term of one y«»r over the followinjj de-
tirrllKid lands situate ln tho distrlot nr South
Eatit Kootenay commencing at a post planted
weit of and idloinlnu Herhert Hyland's corner post and marked "A.O.W. Hyland's northeast corner post" tlience south eighty clinim*
thenue, west; eluhty ohulni, thennt north
eighty chnlns, tlunce east eifhty chkin* to
the place, of commencement contalniig SiO
aoiWs more or Uss.'.     . . .
Located and dated the 10th day of August,
UOt.   - A. Ol Wi Hyland, Locator
J, G. Gordon, Agent
, * '  ' '    ,1 ' '
NOTICE It litrehy flven that after the expiration of 80 clear days from this date, Tin*
tend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner
of Lands and Work* for tbe dUtrlot in whicli
the undermentioned lands are situate for a
license to jiroipeut for coal and petroleum for
a term of oneyaivr over the follnwlnr de*
serllied lands situate in the.dlitrlct of South*
East Kootenay rommeiieln* nt a post planted
nnrth of and adjoining; A, (J. W. Hyland's corner uost andmarked "Ov Waller's, southeast
corner post" thence west eighty ohains, thenee
north «tf hty chains, thenoe east elsht y chelus.
thence louth eighty chaini to tha place of
oommsnoi-ment containing Mi aire* mor* or
le.s. Located and dated the llth day of Aug.
utt 1WJ. O. Waller Locator
J, O. Oordon Agent
NOTICE li hereny given that after the explr
atiun of 80 clear dayi from this date, Iln*
tend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner
of Land and Works for the dlntrlnt in which
the undermentioned lauds' are situate for
a license to urocpect for eoal and petroleum
for a term or imeyearover ihe fo.lowing de-
Mtibed lands situate m the district of Houth
Kant Kootenay rommenelng ut a pott plant.
•dieiil of and ttdjolnlng O Wslltr'soonisr post
and marked"M,C. Wallers wulhweit eorntr
post''. thence east .eltUljr ohalni. thenoe
north eighty chains, thenite west eighty ohains
theare tenth eighty iilietei to the placo of
0omm<jncemo»t oontalntMg.UO acres mors 01
lest Located and dated this ISIIi day ol Aug*
nit.lW.     M.C Walter Lorator
J. ttOerdou Agent
: 7:»5
-. 2.-15
DON'T Buy Lots until you have seen what I
have to offer.      +      +      +       +      +
11 smmoeiiii—wsiise ■■iiiae ■ jssiim*************************» ssnii >,t  1 mi ii ii tipwrnms********* 1 wu*)*)*)   '   »I ■>■■!•■ ***m***m***m**mit***sum isoa^—>»enn  ■"■ ,
DON'T Send your money away for investment
when better returns can be had at home.
As a Business Investment or for a Home, ther is no property to
equalthatin the NEW LOCATION now on> the market and
A       .   •  = kndwn M ■
M^gt'sJpMMfsOjiW'ltrilTs) H slieejielfoaisMI ■« **»
FERNIE is bound to be the Greatest City in
the interior of British Columbia, and now
is the iime to buy. + + +
New schedule of prices now ready.
Call on or write to  —  —-  —
A. H.. CREE,
Burn's Block, FERN1E, B, C.
Sole Agent for
Down t. A. t. \- t Read Up.
a m Lv.' F«rnlo Arr. 9.-00 p tn
am, Elko- ' 8:10pm
pin R«xfonl ''"     6:10pm
imi SPOKANE. 9:80 am
a m Evnrott 9:21 p in
am! . . Soatllo ,.' v 8:00pm
p m Arr. Vahcocvbr Lt 4:00 p m
p m Arr   St. Paul   Lv 5:00 p m
t Daily Excrpt Sond/iv.
oasrra    XTxa-zpr
To Seattle and Vancouver
To Winnipeg and St. Paul
Close Connections
For Chicago.' Toronto,   Montreal and
All Point* Bust and West
Acetylene Lighted Cars,
family TnnrUt Hlespers,
Palace Sleeping Cart.
Dining Cars (Meals a la carte)
Library 01n«r»atlon  Can
Through Tlckfitu and ha^a^e
.   checki to all points
Stcnmalil-p Tlcketa.
For Tlckite, Mnpn, Berth Rniarvatlom,
k completo information, ya)l or aiidrosB
JAS. SLOAN, AgentG.N.Ry,
Subject To
We will buy
2000 Bliarei Rambler Cariboo
, 6000 Sharei International Goal
10000 flhart'a St Eiipeno
800 Sharei Rocky Mountain Oil
' We offer, subject to sale, at
at a vtry low price
; 6000 Rhari'f Weitern Oil
; If you wish to buy or sell
stock of any kind communicate with us,
Innuranee anil Stock Ilroltari
! Fernie D. C.
TertnT Hi if I aiit-noic «hl# ln> oiTCr fKjin it within tha readi ot tvtty man to own hii  oan    Home.
VOTICBIsliedebrflvsii, lhat three months
«~ *>',«( >4*;-t, 44»y,«;.iJi..n vld !.-.*. ir.x-tt. ti
ih» Liintenent uoriiriior In Conned, brThe
Klk Lnmfier ami Usnnfeetorlng Comi4»ny,
Itluillrti, to ehtrige the name •( ihi OnmpaBy
jVub ALKiiMnw,
Hollcllare rortti* Cootpan/.
IUXR Vetleii that.1i jlwrs after Hatr, I In
t- tenti»e apnly lo ills Hnnor lhe l.lyiitsnani
flfiveruurin Oiiim-I', iimfir 'he "Rlvrr »*-'-
Mreaine Act" inr lArmUtt'iti te ulear lnml Jer»,
log-Jamian-t a*-heroMnietloiiefrriui the l*M
M WlMliCreek. Xtsl K4Mit*iiKy U, C, from
il»-M-int irfeulrr Inlo the Klk River (0 Its
eciwtre, an<t ft ronitr rr Haws, Hun.M and
kale mk ether irtiiiroiaineiiu as msf be
ne«"*»ierj*fof ilritlnf lags ami flaming tlmher
tkei*M*. 1
Annually, to All the new positions en-iated
by Railroail ami Telegraph Coropnuies. W e
want YOUNQ MKN •>"<* LADIES nf tooil
habits, to ,       .
\VeftiriiUh75p«r cent, of the liperators
and Htutlmi Agents in Ameiioa Our six
sohooUare thelargest excliisire Telegnph
Schools IN THE WORLD., Kstal.l{"hed »
rears and endowed hy, all lending Hsllwaj-
We execute a Mb) Dond to erery student
to furnish him or her a poMtiun P»r(ng
from (40 to *6i a month inUUtuseast nt tlio
Rocky UouuUlni. or from *T4 to ttCO »
month In States west «.f the ■ IlooUlei, |M-
Htudents can ent*r at any time, No va*
cations. For full particulars regarding any
of ourfiohools write diirct to our eteoutlve
ofllce at Otnolnnatl, O.  Oatalogus free,
CMclnnatl, Ohl*.   " Buffalo, N. V.
MlinU Qi. UCrilM, Wli,
Texirkini, Tax. " 8m frircliM. Cal,
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
We get out a class of Printing thnt is superior to the
general run. : s : :
That's why we're kept busy.
Do wc do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
■—Tub Lkdobr,
Wft.i.r.**U D**!i«*a*i r.'r«: ln?*rt*r*
of Wln»«, Liquor* and Ci-jari.
•es*<«F< *****
Olalrlut AjriM.t» fnr
rommfry Cliampajrna
ainl MAlu UiRj
DiclrilmUira of
Cl»»m-atria In itnl
nurtob Clfart
*vm*%i*iw   BO.
the well-known aoknowledRcd oyo expert, who lian lind K> yenre
ex|wrienco In tho science and nrt of nilttptiiiR the proper rIkiwub to
thu detective human eyes, where othera have entirely  failc-il.
His muthoda of eve cxunilnutloiiR ure ooleniiflo, moot ino-lem And
np-todnte.   SHADOW 1KST with  AUTIFICIAI. LIGHT,  the
ONLYSAl^; KELIADLBnnd ACUUttAIBniethi-d whereby anv
|g ehnnce ol prcscribinir the WRONG und DANGKUOU8 kIhm*-9 Is
done rwny. with.   No niistitkoti; NG UUKSSWOHK, ctnnc aud t»ce
(or yourwll that  we give yon fsr mperlor Btirvloot* hih! at leu
expense than elsewhere. SatlafitctUm Kiuvrantueil.     S|tctiicles
from $1 up.
At   Bloasdfltl-'s  Drurj  Storo, Farnle, tram
Frld«y Sept. 15 to Sunday Sopt 24.
When You
Get Tired
Typographically   A AHtM^^JL
AnHlatloally and    ^01^0^001
•Moohanloally i i   ^^ww  m
•■^ji"*1 isot iniooii fiiiii we-Hfiy "ts*"
The Fernie Ledger,  -  -  «  -   Pernio, D. G.
f\ Summer Suit \
It\ pn-hiihly the prnpur
esppi- hi title- tluta
uf llie yt-ar. If you
lidvi* a ili'ilru In that
rat.r. om
Kenny & McLeod
J. A. MaeLean
Builder and Contractor
Dfaler in
Rough and Dressed Lumber ^■^5AA^7--
Ko-   '•-
* t.
c ---jH-sv.-;-,»
- *
t :>~
*. V V
;'■!'--,*-**-■■*--.-".'v  !-.-«..-''"fc-.-'-.s;- -j.'-'-"-:■
* '_.*-—". -»'v-r.- -,^,--"7 • - - f-.-> r*.-3 ""
st*-.:-. ?y
'& -'i . >
, : [*^-     "-'. ,*?^-J^4--
■Sv-ri.'-."!; i*- .*-" ■
^o,  1905
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
. V>U_-.\^L,T. Head'Ofhwi-i TORONTO
Daid-u6;Ca«t"*»J>AJ$8,?O0iOOOA;. "A
*--Sf --&HT * *Xpg>£''- '.■':.'*
. a v'i, V    -%-*- _     _,** -*-4 & i^   *
-   •       -Vtt-T '  '*
,,    Special attention in iir£t»'ed to the .following Advantages .offered b'. "■
\      *•"'.'•• ■   ■-- -A-,- Our Savings. Ban$c7,    7   ■ . .   -7,* -';-■-■   \ .
.PepOsits of $i and upwards received, and interest allowed at Current,Rates. t-
.* t ..--*-'*-;       yi'* '     **■       - --",   *
"Interest is added to the bfi'^U.T.Wl'C^
November.   TheDepositor is'siibicct'to Wdel^"1"^^^
1 * A. .    of the whole or any portion of the deposit ^
HR A FT^    P»^lp ih allparispf CANADA; THE-UNITED STATES,
Unnl   I O   GREAT BRITAIN ^D^E^RbPE'*^^
' /■ •     , - at Lowest Rates.     .   - -,   .-■
.- T.,8. MAYj'Manager
Kenny & McLeod always have room
for one'moire order. •
Mr. Elliott, of Sheppard& Elliott, It
leaviugiur Pincher Cieek tomorrow. -
J. C. Carmlhers, of Victoria, (ravelling lepresentive of the Turncr-Beeton
Co., is in the city looking after the
interests of his firm. *
, Surprise your friends by getting a
new suit at Kenny & McLeod.
■ - Tom Rookeri went up to Coal Creek
yesterday lor the first time, to see the
j/icat steel tipple . whicli is iifciiriu"
completion v
Go to Wright the jeweller, for that
watch you've, been promiaing yourself.'
Prices are gi a itly reduced; ,,
..The (lanciiixr elnb are prepnring to
give ene of their popular dances iu the
opera bonne Friday, night. . .
* Dr. MeDougal spoke to a house ful:
n£ inter-rated' people at Coal Creukjai-t
night., He was greatly surpri'-eil at
finding so many, people up the gulch.
\ Mr. F," C. Harris, of .London, 'Ehg-
l.ii d, is   in the cily stopping at the
King     Edward.       He   contemplates
remaining for some time wiih us.
•cjjlrs. Todd's store which is always an
attraction for the latjios. is tortay an
irresistible lode stone which is -diawin-i-
tbo ladiw* iu town thitherward;
''' You know you have to get tliat ring.
Why not buy it now when bargains are
going at Wright's the jeweller. , / .
•'■ It will be a pleasure to Jin*. Todd .to
hhow the ladies of4 'Fernie the fine as
6't>rti.ieiit of seal *ind*.ieaiv seal .jackets
which hhe has iu stock for them.
4 4     -'    -       - " - .' *     »
' i -,-The. King Edward Holel occupies   a
prominent   'position  in  Fernie only  a
pi££jOr,.tjvp. froin the C.   I'.,, R. depot,
iliecitv;:. -A '},\\ "i.-'-'Yi'
''Mr. F."Atkinson pf the Hamilton Engine Packing Co , of whom we ust'd to
tiny .goods when wu ran a sijw niiii is
ji),-the,city looking up business ih his
Jllie.' /A;;'':'   \" ;       _' Y'
Us "liard-;to'.,wal<e up - these
jiiornitigs. ,,,,Get an aljirm clock at
WriglU's tlie jeweller and you can'i
Mr Wm. Scott ol the Fernie Cartage
Co. left,over'the G. N. this morning for
Montana where lie goes to purchase
more hofaeji' for the Cartage Co. Dea-
pile the fires Ihe busiiieBB grown.   •
A nuijiber of the niembftro of the
Cranbroolt J^odgo K- oVV, ivlll Visit the
Ki-i-iiio Loilge on the '27th. Aftor lndgo
mfctlug the visitors, -ivlll bo" given n
b-tuqnel.' '     *
Tlie output of co<l *it.tb.Q tlirc'ft mlnos
for tlm week ending last FrifJ-iy v»» up
followa: Coal Creek, 101B4 tons,
Michd, 5/2(50 tons, Cui'bonatlo J ,91J
tons.   Total 17814 tpnp.
The bnse ball game «t Frank ]ji^
Wediii'Hilay bctwnen the Frank team
/i.ntl a team from Coleman fnr a pureo
of U200 wns won by Ijtu Frank tuuiu llio
ticore Htniitling 15 to 7.
I) McKlimon iuul Mrs, McKinnmi, nf
Halifax, lu tliu city,   Mf. MoKln
lion ii*. n young uiiiii who bus (locidml
fo.t'ust iii Iiii* lost with tha woitui'iicr-*
Mini wu wish hiin mra-HH.
Even' man owes il to himself nnd
his family lo musier n Xr.iAa or pro-
febhion. Rend (hu dln'ihiy utiverti.*.-
munt nf tho-iix Morse Schools of Tele-
grapliy, in this Issue and learn tele-
grpahy and be assured u position.
Tho Slav*) nf tlm city held ftploi lo on
Monday In tlie old town nud at night n
ilHucti wiia lutltiluutl in, Tliu Itnllnn
bond lioudntl a liirgit prniieHhlon wliich
niarclu'd. tlii-oiigh the Btrootrt In the
In* SnHk«tr|ii'Wim W/iltcr Ruott Ih
J'rt'inltir niul Mlnlhti r "f Public Wnrl.H,
J. II. I.fiiiiont In Atioiiioy GoiioimI,
Ji A. Ciil'lur, MiiilHtci'iif Kilui'irio.i anil
W, It. .Mntlinrwi'll. Miiilsitir nf Aki'I
j.'ulttiri) and l'MV:ntiial Suurntitry.
Iliiiiiiuiiiiil iiml TtiriuM' hnvo nhnnt
rniiil.U'iud the wiring uf KhuIiwIk'h now
Js'iirtlmrii llotul Mr. K-n-liwId Ih huv*
|ng his lioiiHii wired for ideclrlt* light*
Inv nnd Ih putiinu In n vmnplttti nittiru
mil liuil ») elum will) Wi:t> VlwJj^a. up  to
this Jjeadtiig. jtiberted nt; the j-Ate of One
cent'etWord each »5^'rt!on.:,;.?;. -    -'
r\LD.NEWSPAPaas at'thk oyi*ics..
■\J    - ■ ** ,   .-  ■<**.{* _■"■--".--;        4
tils    ""
oftiue, _w-
•   —42
\tf, men; -inquire of "Fred \yateri-,' foreman*
for tho:Elk-Lo8ilwKk>.	
. .   for single gentlBDiaii.  Apply at UEDOGn
For Sale or To llont
roumj.    Apply  to  H. Morgan,    Wost
0 John Robin«on,*of Cranbrook,'was in
town last night. ,- •
Charley Slieppardv> went to Frank
Sunday aud returned yesterday: morn*
iu-?. -
Manager H N. Galor, of the International Conl&Cokc Co., Ltd,, Coleman',
returned „*ioin' a ' business trip' on
,   o
At the police court yesterday two
drunks lined up. One coughed up $10
and coats and tho other in default wenl
to the rack pile for 14 days. °
. Slieppard & Elliott have about
completed their contract with the Coal
Co.,- at Coal Creek for the roofing of tho
tine new ware house at that place. <
The Western Union Telegrapli com
ihny are now doing business oyer; the
G N. line. Instruments have been
placed in the ofiice at the station aud
messages can be phoned to the station
from the town ollice' in . the Waldorf
hotel.       •■'•*.    .   -A- '     y
• Tbe Italian b.ind stopped in front of
the Fernie hotel during the parade in
honor of Garibaldi today and se'renated
Colonel* Dudley, the Ainerican consul
who is   now  stopping at the   Fernie.
This was a very neatly petformed little
courtesy which the Colonel thoroughly'
appreciated. ■ / -,   -v
Mr. Pearson, of trie Coal Co/ staff,-
Mr, Doberer ofthe Trites-Wood Co.
stort* at Michel, and Mr. Klauer leave
tomorrow for a few, days, shooting out
on the prairie and -ye, editor smells
roast mallard and stewed-prairie chick*
en jn the distance.   ,'*"■■;    .',-, ..   7-.,'
The Calgary people have - arranged
aiiotlierbaseliall tournament at :whicli
the Brewers Cup. will,'be- played,for,
Canmoi e being pitted against^- Calgary.
Coi..'';;\yholaii and , Thompson of the
nig-nt to join the Canmore'team and
will 'play, with' them *bn -the • 21et.,. 22nd,'
and 23rd._ .Goodluck to the boys.,- Via
hope tboi ;jiauagers!bf r tlie', tournament
will look up the police court records
ajid, bo^'do tlieir,,.{ticking
befbro'thogamostai-.tBtiiis ft'ipe..'   '.'. '
To Let
Co's. Block.   Apply to C. N. Trading Co.
le. Also several lond.-i of good mnnure, ex-.
ccllont for mushroom beds.    Apply at this
ollice.   [Early.]
His :lo've" of'•'liberty .and - energy' pf
c.hat^cter"'so«V-pl*rced himar'the -head
of the.'mqveineni for a united -Italy,-,for
w'hicli he fought until his . object bad
been accomplished. -.Upon one occasion
when hardjpressed by his enen.ibs-.he
was accoirip'anied by his fattlifur-Bi-sizil-
ian wife *w,ho"' expired in his, arms
through sheer' exhaustion. _ It is;,no
indication of disloyalty to'our'own
country to,see our # Italian*, neighbors
keeping ] green the" memory "of their
great'leader in the struggle for freedom
Rather it is an evidence that | Oiey Jlwill
be found, ready-to strike,for. the .rights
ofthe citizens of their' adopted * country
if .those, rights'-should'be' threatened
from auysiiur'ce whatever,-5 Long may
the memory'of Garibaldi "live'in, the
licarts'-o.f "his countrymen!. ..-Giuseppe
Garibaldi died on the island of. Caprera'
near Sardinia, June 2nd 1882.°; •-'
The officers, of the society-having the
celebration, in charge -today .n"re as
follows.',?;vPres„ G. Deluca; V. P.„ J.
deliicar'-'Secretaries, G. - Tracino,7A;
Drogani;'R; S., G. AieUoj-'C; C, Al.
RizEut'oj'C. M.,' F. Ai Massisca; U..R.,
P. Audio. This society has religiously
kept this day "each year. ,
about 0 or 7, rooms
Apply at 'LJiDOKa
about three months old. Th<> children
who carried him ttwny. will Bet- into trouble
unless they return him ut. once J, A. BROLEY.
-   '-.♦».,-. "Married- ;   ■• , ■>-
OHIIiTON^HUGHES.- At Christ Clmrch, 'For-
, nie, on Sept. nih.'byithe B«v E. R. BartUtt,
■ John Chilton to Emma Nughou. -
RA\VSON--I'R0UT.~ At Christ Ohuroh, Fo^
. nio, on Sept, 18tl), hy the RoV. E. R, Bartlett,
Ciionard Itunaom to Alico Maui} Prout,
Our readers will nole the change in
Miss Varty's ad which appears in this
issue.    Miss    Varty's   customers   will
lind her goods like her ads,- up-to-date.'
. ■, " ' ■' *    1 '' .- *     ,     ' - '
Don. McKay, - the- Knight of,, the
government road work in East Root-
ensy has been in town for several days
superintending the reflooring of the
Elk river bridge.*... The .bridge over
Coal  Creek has been   raised and the
A party cf...'tourists consisting oi
Cawthra Molook, of Toronto, .Mr: J.
C. Waleh, ot the Montreal Herald
and M.'-J;, Hanev bo. well known
along the Crow line arrived Monday
morning in" a private car. and lelt
yesterday for. the wcBt. ,- While here
thev visited the mines and took a
look over - tbe coke ovens. They
have been on the road several weeks*
and intend visiting the coast cities'
taking ii>. Victoria and .Vancouver.
They also contemplate taking a< trib
up tbe coast by steamer.   Returning
,* V,!- U' .. I* \1 ,h I ,,., , J*, „k| |, D
they will visit'San Francisco and* St.
Paul., :I*b\is too bad -that.some: ot.'us
are",:condemned to  such  drudgery
:*.-. .. .Nelson Pair.. *   .    -  -
. .Various names have been given ur
what ^generally known"as. the side
shows in '/connection',,^ with- the ^blg
Fairs of latefyearaA:Chicago had the
Midway .Plakannce,.St.  Ltjuis -hs..d
the Pike,   Portland ,haa the Trail,
New Westminster has', the. Sockeye
Run,; and attibe Nelson iPair are of; a
high ordor, including-. Bosjuits wild
animals,   Hiersoti ^.merry-go-round",
Erickson's"^ trained'-* bears,  Professor
SmitiYs". Mechanical* City,    •Lorito"
the California armless'-,wonder, ', and
MissElla Ewin'g"the -Missouri  giant-
ess the tallest,person in the. world J8
toot, 4 inches tail, -wears size 24 shoes
and size 14 gloves;,*- A ,^ \ *    *  * "..-
The Fairwill be open to the "public
at 1 o'clock bn,Wedne8day, S*r*pt.-'20tli
and will close'at 10 o'clock .on  the
night of. the 22nd.   The railways arc
giving1.singleVarefor the lMunti trip.
,n ' Cheap Rates to Coast ' «'-' -'
Arc you going to the 'Portland Fair?
If so why-not go while the- Dominion
Exhibition is on al, New. Westminster
and take in bolh/airs for the' price of
one? The Canadian Pacific • Railway-
will issue' tickets^ to', Portland and return for $27 good for 96'days;'and \o
New Westminster on Sept. 24th to
Oct 3rd inclusive.. good, to*' retum till
Oct 12 for. $^3.95' from Fe'niie wilh
correspondent rates ,with other Kootenay points; "■ Commencing* September
26th and continuing daily till Oct." 26,
sleepers will be run . between Arrow-
Jiead and Vancouver... for ;tbe "accdino-
dation of -.Kootenay" passengers'. „';- For
tickets, reservations/etc, apply" to any
C. P. R. agent or wjrite.-J.   S. Cat ter
D. "P. A. Nelson'b; C/.'-A '.  ,'.'-' - ."
■:fM'E ARE,;GiyiNG- AWAY; 'yy Z %£fi:
Dishesiwitli' CaisK C^poSSi;
7, For ev.ery-50^ coupon '•'   ;T,
.*.--•• See our,, wjndpwAifoir 'goods
'Y  Y» ^i*\yi .Prompt' Delivery  - , *• -Yi*
bank on,tbe nortii side.cut down which ' whilst otherarevel in thepleasures of
makes a decided improvement  at that j jjuntiug lip'news and"writing dog-
"aon       '  u     eriilr=,But. Mr.-, Mulock and his"
friends seem cheerful and we hope
-Frank H. Sheiinan was taken".very
ill at-Frank a few days ago. Here-
turned to his. home in West Fernie
Saturday.where he is'still quite unwell
Mr. Sherman his-bWh a'very ;busy;
mau for some time having,- had" tho - rearranging of contracts with'thu afferent
coal companies'of"thePai>s'and at Bank-
head. He has succeeded with the aid.
of the other officers.of the miners unions,
in making satisfactory .contracts with
all the companies except"the". Canadian
American Cov at*. Frank'. where the
men went out on "strike ahd are still
idle pending a- satisfactory conclusion
of.the dispute. We .sincerely hope "to
see Mr, Sherman out again iu a few-
days. ,' -^s.     77' 7 '.   -'*'■■
thev will continue' to look upon thi
bright side of the picture and so avoid
falling into the 'slough of despond," \
"^~:^^Garib'ul>i"Ji,.TDay;r   ~~   ^r
t.J. -A --'5; '-sVy'.' *'.i>,->"        >\, -•     .'■'.- W
^XThis is.Garibaldi pay-and;our Italian
friends are celebrating it in an* apprpp-f
date manner; -The..Italian-band nnft'a-
large-delegation of ,-jtheir.friends-. fro;u
Michel who came  in on   the   belated
morning 7raia: and»-escorted..t|iem.-to
their, quarters iijjheiTo.dd block; "The
great patriot.and .^llbprator for "."Whom
every lihertyiloving native of.the land
of sunshine,'lToweVs[and nipsicj keeps
a never dyinj^grpen spoiinhis memory,
wns D^ice*.-July 22nd. 1807.'
His'fatherwas a.sailor and he follow-
.ed'the same^iillingin' his, early.; Ijfe,
TAKK NOTICE tlmt 30 dnya after date I intend to npply to the Hon. Chief Commiiv
sloner of bands &, Works for n special licenci
to eut and carry, away timbor from the follow
ine deioribed lands:  -   , '
cCommencing at a post marked J. G. Cui.--
mijjss.T.,!.., southeast corner, planted.aboiij
SO chains mortlivarid -40 ohains .'east of-the
northwest comer.ofW. H. Wardrop'sstiwiboi
licorice oa'tWils^*:Creek,'.Eafit*;Koot«na,v:
thei*ce..west SO'cholns, thencu north80,chained
thence east-80 oh'ains, thence south SO'chains
to iJomt'o'f-«-iomm©rtt!em8nt.-''-''i ,j,yr_*-'v vfnj-!^
Pa ted tbe 17th day of Subtemben 1905. •', * -* ^~
4-"i*;> .1 .'•«-:-,'-v^ohna'"»"«™n--->■
rteani Jtq ftrtp!y,to-"Uie\Hon.* Otsief ?ConiniM-
gioner ofli.-inds &'-Works for'o'apeoial'. lkepet
tfl.ewt ajnd carrx^3ivay;tiinWr itpfo the folioi^
Inn.^eliiwl'qedlaiidsi'i-*>j"::t /■ &<%^^:$'*i
Commencinc at a pout iriB,rkeQ:J,:,G.* Com
about 40 chains bouth of tha northe*asT: tortie)
of H/GuHWiing8VMm'ber..licenc©ion:jyiIji<),i;
The People's Grocer,   P, 6, Block, Fernie
Several Thousand
1 *- v       '
\     '     .   *'    r   '   -■*■*    -
; Shares of
1      *   ■■ '.     "'' ' ■ "A •
Mining. Stock ' -
. ,..-•■.■..'For*Sala'".
4-"i',> .> .•w^l--VJ0HN<J.CUMMBJQ9^'
* ;c».'S.,!;-r,i;-t:r r-  -*%■->.',-"':*V>--*'-*i' 'A--*''.
iNOTICE that Sndays after .rdatevl diri
ment,    > ,        -,..   * .c   ,-.,.. ,,   .*
D^ted,tWa.ltlthdayof»)pT^niber,l!i05. ' ■ ,1-,.
:•» *■;-.'
Notico-'l-of. Ti'iinafdE 'ot'-. LicehiiiSi
.   — ■ ,-■* *„t„ .   .  ■ .,. ... „
lVTOTICE is hereby {riven that 30 days Hftor
IU. date I intend to apply , to the poard-ot
Licence .Omml'slonor.-ii Pernio L<ceiiqe0pit-
trict foe a transfei of ray licence ior tho. El).
Hotel; E)Jco, toTliomnB'yountit, ..»•,- ,' ;,.
Dntod tha ltlth day of 8pp£«i*.bfJ*'i 1005. ;. '
.<-:...   P.McJURISH
and MfMnery;
THE first instalment-of Ladiei*''d Winter
:Coats have arrived. A They are the very latest
stylesi ahd perfectibn, in Quality, Fit, .Finish and
.Wbrkmanship,:   Weask your-most criticarinspection. s
-J      W,*!
SHapesr at, very'reasonable-prices. , " ■
Ap;IES: .Golf;Jlouses  in "a
v - n i ce ra ng£ of: .Colors,   froni,
2CCJE.1W.Trf    '
^-HdilrifeslS doidCo.; ;p#
<i ^
A rents in Ferniefor'J.'G". Proctor, Nelson'.
The Fernie Artistic Millinery Establishment
THOSE"ladies who love style, and have not yet visited the B. ,G. Hom9 of Fashion,
with its Artistic Display of all the tfetoeai tStytea in tyow LVorJr, Paris and Xondon Ttfil*
iintry Janeies, should do SO at once and choose foi;, their own  and childrens'  require-
ments in Stat*, Caps, Gannett and Capet, iho Xatest Creations and fewest 2)es/yt*a,
begs ;to announce lier .Annual .Fall and,
Winter Opening of Ladies' and Children's
Charming Selections in Xadha Tfookwoar, Exquisite Devices in XadieYSSelis, S5ucA/*t
and Sllotise Sets, the Newest Tints id {Ribbons, Faciiiating Attractions in S^oaUers and'Jiow
«•*-•• natures replica, : ■ y    : : • : j       ':'''   ',":'■ *''': ''
**•»«   <w**;i**M^*m
T^I IT?^ °f Surpassing Excellence, not moth eaten,
UST unpacked, a varied selection of Cortieeih Cmbroidery Jtoops, Jfniiitny Silh di Vwtsi
of almost every shade.   Every article offered by Wfits Varty is up-to-date,   The latest
and newest' creations.    No old ntock to be pushed off as bargains,   Every article offer
ed is thc best and cheapest of its class and kind,
A /T I^N^-i \f A -F? AP\^ w'" sli" he P'case(J l0 rc"ov«'»to or alter nny ladics
\/| IOO \ i'VlV 1 ,1 Hats, whether purchased,from her or fit any other
'* "'.(inubli^iiucuu   CALL EARLY AND HAVE YOUR'CHOICE.     ' :      :
\\/HEN you want any PRINTING, and
V V your order will be called' for, neatly
and promptly executed, and delivered to yoii
in a workmanlike shape, and the price ^won't
be a cent more than .the job is worth.   ^   :^
ffll£fae$dnp September 20
A.Grand,Display of ,I^a(3icB!.-Fiu^iishings-
MISS BROWN is stiU herq, and our Hats are, all
designed and made in diir own store. ';
4       ,       - i    ,
WE include in oiir stpek, a largo Supply of Beautiful Hat Materials' from5 The N. V. Millinery
Supply Co.i of New York.
•"'i'i  ->.-.|-, .1
JN FURSi we have Near Seal arid .Seal,
fromM&M to $300.00! f
VL TE would^e pleased,,to have you call, and look
V, througli.ouV-very complete stock.
*:  mm*mfs..&[&at#s/Ximte 1 *
»—~—1- —"^ ■■   i . .■   ' ■'■ '*iU*m,.+* i ■        «.~itlii>    ii.,i ,'   ■■■*   "*    ■—
iift#"**SSK. A-U*!***!* "*%.** «■ Kft *JL**S «*■    *•**■.
-f^g;, _"<j
ri +**n-. u^nt.**(*inM*4.i


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