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The Fernie Ledger 1905-09-06

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 i.'-'.V      ■*   .       r-.-
5^*.*    -*■■■       .        .**■
i4    ' »»  ,        *
r>- -.
■»> -i
n *,
j /,-■
?^WK   .'
f ,.
- t ■
• tr  *7
-■'■§7 SEP lite;. ^i /I
Volume I, > Number 5.^
Price, $2 a Year,'in'Advance
\x    -*     *   ,   - >       \       l      *•<.„»- ••
Local Happenings in and
:*:.■•(•'* AboutfoejClty . /■■
Interesting Items. About "flany
,   People',"Ybu'fKnow"
E. D. ■CaVoltQii,;. of Montreal'" was. in
the city Saturday. *  ■■'■'        , * ,    ,.'-
The Misses Legal of Biaii more we're
-In town -yesterday,7'." - -■_'!*" -\ '" • -, .';■
D.McNeLshof tho. Elk' hotel,;Elko,
was in town Inst^ThuvEday.'-* 7 > t, -'
, Mfrs.-.D D.ivi.s will not rocoi-fii'-uiiti:
, tho Jut "Friday in January..
-    Q, H Cameron, of Ili'p,ini7v.-ais at tht-.
■'Kln'>,Edward last Friday***
Mr, arid Mi>.   I).   Dnvifa  leave*
Fnday fur.lho Genu oo i\ trip*0'
J../M. Johnson of W'ttiietn.-Ori'.'j reg-
•Moied ut tlm King EdwardSaturdity.
' .; Dr/Howts Eye Specialist, wil! beat
* the Ferule Hotel Sept.'lvi, 18.i»nd'; l'4lh.
.    See Dr. Howe about your- eyes.   Ho
.- will be at the Fernie Hotel, Sept 12, 18
"--  and 14th,   .- ■•-. ■''''.,'"      ■■ *       -r»
7 O." A* Campbell, -of Spokane waa' in
'   town Saturday and registered ' at the
Kiug Edward.   °.   .-,-*''       '■• ■ '  --
.Mr and Mrs J,Ii.'Pollock returned
froin Portland aud other Sound citlea
- ■ Monday'evenjng7 ''■   ;7-   ',
-.* ..\br.-JHiggina has' moved '"his family
from  bis late '. residence on  Victoria
, .: avenue to tlie postoffice block-*
v 1JT-F.\"Arm8tro1)g*'hii8 resumed lite
' ';': dutiesjfiB'- Government 'Agent after, a
y. well earned vacation aud was in town'
* ' last Friday. .       "'•
„" 1 The.. Baptist" consrregjitiqn„ will have
'»service "on Sunday.. in -the ,' Opera
•' House.; Rev. Mr, Kempton, of Okotoks
.,:, Alta.i will occupy the'!pulpit. -  - ■ ■''
'». •   The new provinces of Alberta and
: Saskatchewan aro, without-a govern-
,... ment." British Columbia is-practically
,  in the same way.—Golden Star. "•'-"
■' - .'•■"-'-""*«.--, '■ ',".-" ..;-■*--• . - -" v ,*.'
7.*.!Xeit>,Whimster. was in-town a few
' '? days last week taking a short rest be-
•'.'ilore assuming the duties of  his new
^.-•position"as. purchaaing agent for; the
** Canadiah;Amerlcan"Coal Co.,'at Frank.
\Weare filad to ace Keith take a step up
/-ion tbo ladder to success.   Young, niei.
i;' of "steady habits arid a desire to climb
ralwavs'findjhe place waitim; foi- tbem
' .*" Great Northern officials have,notified
-,; their rbadmastqrsand section*-foremen
-.of*a general raise in section, ^hends pji
-'.the road after Sept_.^l8t4;ptiVhi/k'thy
- paat while bHcfc-'"U..o'- sect;id&-.1-iiyifd^ja\f»j
.' been paid at the'rate of «1:'50 per' dav
• arid"'the raise is an even quarter iifft
dollar-making the  amount per dien'i
. after\September 1st received -jy the
mea91.75.-  *-•-'   j**-   -   *--*-'      7
• ■ Vt,i- ','■ , ''
Mr. Ci C; Wright, the jewelor; who
' was forced'to move' his  stock  to' fhc*
building near the Calgary Cattle UoV
store on account nl tho lire at the. end
' of July repoi-WbuBtneasas very good.
; He wlll move back onto Victoria Ave-
as soon aa he, can' hecuro a suitable
'room.-, Mr..Wright is-master of his
,|liie'6f bnslneBs and Is sure, to secure
his share of jiatronugo.
:   No. argument l*r*° convlncimj; us
practical  proof.'   Come and  let  Dr.
- Mecklenburg, the ltt-year exporlenccrl
oculist optloliin, exanilna youreyeswith
the ahadow test, tho only «afi». reliable
Hnd accurate method    Will fit.vour
oyoa with vroper'uliiHuos alter others
'   j-iavo failed.'- No euro no pay i iuitlflfau*
,tlon guaranteed *, charges   moderate
, IWlllboatBleaiidi'ir.Hdrug atorcfron.
Frlijiay.Bapt lBth to Sunday, Sept. 2dth.
■ Hearlnif appliiincoa and nrtlflt'i.1 eyns
flttod ...Makes rogular .visits. Sp«;c-
tacles and' eye glasses * from 91.00 up.
',, Some vetitureBOtne boys at Conl Crook
hava lately escaped a catastfopho by
■ tnero chaiico.' These ,. boys It speiri»
.havdboen Up tho habit of taking a
hand car or" a push car from' Its place
and engaged In tho dangerouw pastime
of riding down grade, On ono or two
occasions they have collided with tin-
hand car med by tbo Hiictlon men and
narrowly escaped serious Injury not
oijly to themselvos but to tbo mon en
{fined In their work Unions thane
bbyiltop this at once'they aro stiro to
•flnd thomsalvos in tho clutchos of {the
law,jind (treat troublowill follow.
The artist who decoraUs tbo wlndo'wa
in J. D.titull'i hardware atoro aoomi
neyor ct a loss for tdoui. A fow weeks
ago ha had a vory neat design worked
out with brain hutti and stool cur
pontcr'i-squares.. ThoncAtnoa plane
dliblay which attracted much attontlon
*nd favorable comment. Now ho baa
an exhibition of what can ba done with
' cartrl<l»ea, Heliai a display of all
alalia ol cartrldgas from a W to tho
pasteboard -shotgun tliolli worked into
a. ultftuiar deninii which (ooaa Uko t, big
sunflower, with thn motto -'Aim high,
all thlnga aro posatbla," laid out In let.
tersiurrouodlng ths largo centre piece.
K    '
Feinloliaabaen visited by her third
Vila n>i vui»>»«v«, "* liie-w.iitii iiUMiuinK
to raportf has worked 150,000 damagoi
Inadequate water supply and Iraillrlent
organlaatlon in the wny of means to
tight Are have caused much lieai t-burn
Inland criticism. The evil was mada
worse bf tha fact that the lioio bvlnns
Ing fo the city wuat tha lumber com*
patty's milt, whet-o It had h<en lent to
uieagslnitbnsb flroa which werothroat-
Ins; Uie mill. Pernio Is bnvlng lis
eapwlenea daavly, bnt we Imagine that
the wort vigorous efforts will now bi<
put forth not only Iv the way of organ*
uutloo bat alas to ensure a eompiati-
ind>iib-w-date water system-Grand
Forks tiautlo.
S. rhayer of Vancouver is in thecit'y."
*'E.'E'Finch of Elkmouth is in town
today..- '  ". • .,.'     -',, -'-
"S- Chris Thjeli camo iir from Elko
last.iiight.- y '•" ; 7       . .•        -
.. Fernie-plays" football at Frank on
Saturday. ■ - -.'
"7f. B. Murdock.'or St. John, N. Bi, is
at the Napanee. -'r ' , - 7
r-r*> v . -.,."■..:    .; '.,
' /Eshwig hiis tho joists for the floor, in
pl.ice bn^liis -new. hotel. ".,,        ';■"'.
T-- Lebell and wife of Pim-her Creek,
;w ere-in rhe cily j'ebtei'day
■Gaptaiii Mt-Kvcy l.-ttlju-i-nveii'ijjr for
Toiuuto t" I'u^.in** tiV'rur t4ii'(3i.'.\<.yclwa.
'• 'Fatiiw 'J'a.viriiit.'s, ix*^- of l{ev.-Ui:oko
U iixpected :« m.-.ke his. l.siuui.i-eUi.
Fonii*.-. -     -      '.    i
. F.ttlu'i L;ird>ii It'fi Cwiii^io.-.k '"tiii-s*
day fm- K.-imlcoi'i vmhtc tu> will lie
fetatiouoik-        •    *■    ,
. The Iraine-i of two new liou>es on
bloik i.'l me up. it.*- *-h<-i--tin*> .jukiut nrc
brln.si; thing led todii-) i;   :
Elliott Kirkpatrick of this.ofiice met
with a painful accident on Saturday,
one of bis fliig-qrs getting crushed-iu a
job press." .   *-• ■
The Italian band made their first appearance in their new uniforms last
Sunday evening. They make a fine
appearance and there ia.no discredit on
their music. ■
-   .   .-.-,. i      ■--,■••
• George R Blackford of St. Louis,
representing . the Evans & Howard
Firebrick Co. of that,place has been' in
the cit^aeveral days. -He' leaves for
Coleman this evening. -
His" Worship Mayor - Stork, Mrs.
Stork and MaKter Douglas St6rkn; arrived home -from" the Coast-yesterday
evening bringing with them evidence
of-salt bea breezes iii theii- faces.'.
; Owing to frequent fires it has been
suggested- • that Femie's name be
changed to Furnace; -
7Prof. Hepburn, who proposed, opening a dancing classes' here; has opened
at' Cranbrook and , will be ia Fernie
later on. 7 ' 7 '  -'
?Don't forget Mrs.: Todd's special
sale .of,hats which" is, on for Saturday
and Monday. She is offering some^ol
her fall hats which are ofthe best quality."    ""■.'■' .--..- '-.'    7   -   -"•' __
how they did it
;     Victoria; ;
.':,"■■ CHAPTER 55.7
An Act.Respoctinff tlie Election of Mayor of the  City of, Victoria
•       , 5 •'    For the Year 1904.
'• Y   S f'     ' .- ' ' -(2nd February, 1904.)
WHERAS, at the municipal elections of the City of Victofja. held on the 14th
. day of January, 1904I George1 Henry Barnard was a candidate for the ollice
oi7M.-iyor,fi)d"*wa!, declared by the Returning bilker'at the said election to have
bvcu duly.'le'cied.' ,' '--- ■*.     '
* 1- T - - - .-
And nltiTeas doubts ii.ve arisen as to whether the said George Henry Bar-
niirj witst|uaiified to be a candidate at the said election, by reason of the firm
of solicitor-, of .which tbo said George Henry Barnard is, a ^uember,, at the request of lhe solicitor I'or the Corporation of the City of ViUoriri, having agreed
10 supply .and * having supplied to the said Corporation copies of certain documents icliiling to land in which said Corporation is interested^ in consideration
of the suihof S19.50.
And whereas it was unknown to said George Henry Barnard that the said
linn haJ iigreed to supply or had supplied siach copies as aforesaid,' and no
money lm been paid by the said Corporation to said firm of solicitors in respect
thereof:1.'. '    ' '.,'.*-
' And whereas since the said election the said George Henry Barnard has acted
sat and voted as Mayor of the said Cily of Victoria.
And whereas it is in the public interests that all acts, matters and things
heretofore done or executed by the said George Henry Barnard and purporting
to have been done by him' as Mayor as ;■ foresaid should be validated:
Therefore, his Majesty, by and with the advice and consent:'of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:—
1. All acts, matters and things heretofore done or executed by the said George
Henry Barnard, and purporting, to have been doiie or executed by him, as
Mayor.of life said City of Victoria, since the 141b.day of January, A. D. 1904,
are hereby declared to have been legally,and validly done or executed, notwithstanding any of the matters hereinbefore recited. *' /  '*!; *
.2. The said George* Henry Barnard is hereby exonerated, freed and discharged from ull penalties or forfeitures which may, have been incurred by him in
respect ofthe matters hereinbefore recited, under any of the. provisions . of the
"Municipal Clauses Act," aiid.it is hereby declared that no such penalties or
forfeitures shall be hereafter incurred by said George Henry Barnard by reason
of the said hereinbefore recited matters-and this Act may be plpaded in bar * of
and asa discharge of any action now pending-or that may-hereafter be biougbt
against ihe'said George Henry Barnard for any alleged violation ofthe "Municipal Clause's^ct'," inand respect of said hereinbefore recited.matters.
3. -Ai* election for the office of Mayor.of the said Corporation, shall be forth-
.with held in pursuance of section 83 of the "Municipal Elections Act," so far as
applicable, and the said George Henry Barnard shall be deemid to 'liave beeii
tlie Mayor'of said corporation to all intents and purposes ..whatsoever from the
l4th"dayof January to the ist day,of February, 1964 the latter, being the date of
|-iis"resif"natiorV of such office.      -' -. ' '" ,'■■'•
"A"dveftising iTTiiof just~buYing
space at cut-rate figures in the cheapest, papers—that's wasting money,
too. must."advertise in papers' that
-bring results.,''-."'.-'■i '-''■*'---,*■-":-:-
*>, ,  •:-.;..-  .-■..-:•       -   -     ■    -
-;Mr.  and   Mrs. Willows from'.Wet-
askwih were in town.yesterday yis'iting
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott.   "They Ye ft  this
"morning for Portland to see the  sights
at the., fair,       .,'",".        *    '
"Mr. Elliott received a letter yesterday fr'oiu his son Pearson who is near
Kninlobps,living oil a ranch., He is
improving rapidly having gained over
nine pounds in weight within us many
days.    ,7' -'        '• ■ '■:,
Somo say advertising Isn't any
good beoiiusfl an Inch ad won't.keep
tholr „shop crowded with orders.
Would they suy that coal was worthless beennso a sliovolful wouldn't! got
up stcara in a, boiler?
* 1 0   t V
Missionary Major Guntuv* H. Si:ho.'.f
will oeoiipy jhrt |iulpit ut. tlui Mnilindisi
Church 110x1 Sunday morning and even*
Iiik On Monday and Tuea>liiv eveninjjH
of next week Major Behoof will lecture
in tho church nnd will have oii display
a musouni oftropliit-H fnmi luiiitiii-/ mil
battle fields of three continent!". Kill-
givlns further particulni-H will ho distributed in a day or two. >
Somo any tlmt advertlslnff dooa'nt
pny bennuao thoy put un ad In the
paper nnd let it Htav until It get's
mouldy with ago—never chntigo H.
Wouldn't thoy etop rending thu Lkd-
oer . lii short order if tlio rending
tnnttor ehoulcl bo tho sumo woolt
niter woeki* Head ers havo tho riuiio
right to Ignore thn odtlmt la thoBume
old tlilrttr nvery •fvook. .
Wo very rarely get more than wc
pay for—oftentimes less.' A paper that
has "cheap" rates gives cheap results,
Scattering nn advertising appropriation
iiiiiong "clivnp" papers instead of put*
ting It nil In Iliu leading nnd neemlug*
ly high-priced paper is tlie reason why
tt docn't pay, Advertising i*> HUe thu
(unbeuma—the atron^H the* glass and
the more concentrated tho ray a, the
deeper tho bum.
Tho congregation at tha MothodUt
-.iiuicli Huio \<stj agtcuably nuriuiietl
JjjpI SujjiIjjj'. IU1*'. Mr. ICJ;jjj<j^, nf
Michel did not arrlvo *o Mr C Ti,
Vms waa called upon to tako the »er
vlea and traauul his hcarura to a vory
eloquent address, -Mr, Taco la a young
 r*.*.n,ti o-t.   -..-1 1, ,t" 1.-,... 1 ,.
loniAweakaoiiKaged at tlio Elk Lumber Co. mill, liiitalllng tho now blower
ayitom. Uo li a general favorite with
all who know him and (1 a living ex
aoiplaofwhatayoung man can inuko
of hlmiolf by living an open, upright
ChrUtittn life, No ono can look Into
that manly opan countenance without
wishing tn emulate hii example.
Wherever Mr. Paeo-a doty "may call
him be will carry with him tho good
wlihmofhli manywaw made friends
In Fernio.
  . :        ".."-*-" .■*■..--.
.'     ' "7".    "Municipal Clauses Act"
'■ '-   --    "-     \ .-*     -4   . ■-,   Section 19. ■ '       ■ '"'    - -':''    '
'-* :An'y person^, otherwise duly qualified.- entitled ,to,yote at a Municipal ^election
may be elected -as Mayor or -Alderman or a ReeveTor-Cbunciliot of any municipality, unless he is disqualified for any of lhe following reasons: -'
(4)-Having, directly or indirectly, any contract wilh.the Municipality:
(9) Having any unsettled disputed account against or due by the Municipality.
(to) Having by himself,'or through his partner, .any contract whatever or
Interest in aiiy contract with'or for llie-Municipality eilher directly or indirectly.
• .j   , Section 20. , ..
If any person who is disqualified for the reasons mentioned in the preceding
chapter, or who shall be declared incapable of being elected a member of the
Municipal Council, is nevertheless elected and returned as a member, > his election and return shall be null and void; and if any person acts, sits, or votes as
Mayor, Reeve, Alderman or Councillor, who is disqualified, or who after his
election becomes so disqaulified, he shall incur a penalty of fifty dollars for each
lime hu shall so act, sit, or vote; and the. party so disqualified shall, in the discretion ofthe Court, be liable to pay the costs of any suit or action brought for
the recovery,of the same in any of Her Majesty's Courts in the Province having
competent Jurisdiction. . 1896, 0.37,8.20. . .
Wu believe it would be well for ull parties concerned in' the. welfare
of our-city to look carefully into tho above act nnd the clauses ol the
Municipal Act which follow' it. If our city' is" in the' position in which
Victoria'was placed by the, election of Mr. Barnard, in January of last
year, il would be folly to go on passing by-laws and holding*'elections
only to lmve them declared null and void. If. we are iu such a position
the- sooner we Unow It the better, Enough money has been squandered
foolishly lo teach, us nol to take chances. .    t    .
Russia In tho ngrement reaohod
nt PorUiiiouth, bus relinquished her
tights In Mtt.joliuriu, wltli tho ex-'
ci'ptlonpf tlio common right of nil
rmtlmmiotho "open door" 'ns affects
commfi't'o, nnd alio cniict'ilca, besldoa.
control nf Korea by Japan.. Tho
Mlluiiln'j Government lm» withdrawn
Ur doiiiiind lor i*n 'Indemnity for, tlu.
cost of llm war, foi* poHltion of Interned Hu-lun wjirsliips nnd (or thu
I'limltiifufUuMlu-B naval (tower In
tho Hunt, and "apllt tho dliTnivnco"
na rugiiii'B Sakitlilln Island. Clinrg-
«s for tlio euro nl pilnonora will bn
ileclileil bv arbitration. Apperirli d
ate tho original demands of tho Jap-
aties'i oiivo.vs and tlio ugreomenta
and compromlBCtt ulTeotcdt
Artlclo 1.J Recngnltloh by nussln
of Japiincso prnpondcranco in Koron,
wuh 1I10 ri-giit to prt'isurv'o ordi-r iuul
to u*vo milt'dry ittui .iiiuiiciai at., ice
to the llmperori but to maintain tlio
policy ulthe "open door" And to ob
sorvo tlio. territorial integrity of
Koma. Aerotdto.
Artlclo 2. Mutual evacuation of
Mnnchiirla.   Agreed to.
Artlclo 3. Obligation by Japan to
restore Qlilncsgbovcrelgnty In Man-
churln, Including civil adtnlnUtra*
lion,  -.tjrocd to.
Article 4. Mutual obllgatlutis to
rcsi>eoilii the future tbe territorial
Integrity and "admlnuUratlve entity"
of Chim and MatiohurU, with equal
opportunity ("tlie open door") for tlio
industry uiidconuncrco uf all nations,
Agreed to,
ArtlcloS. Division of Sakhalin
Isliind.1 Russia to retain the northern
part of tho island and Japan thc
HiiuthiTn; that Is, rovi-rt to tho con-
(iltlonsthat provailud beforo 1875.
Artlclii G, KuMiia to surruiidur Its
luiiBct) of the liiaoiuiiff iianitiBiil/i, In-
cludliiu Tout ArJiur, Dalny, and tlu*
liluudo and Elllutt Islunds. Aurocd
Artlclo 7. SuiTt'iKlni- to China ol
tho railway from Harbin to IVt
Arthur and New Cliwantr, with tlu-
surrender of all privilii;«>B obtained
undi'l- lho coiiCcHMlrin ot 18M. Agreed
Articles 8, Limiting tho Rothstcin-
UkluoniBky conc< anion of 181)0, under
which the cut olFroad tlirotifib north
crn Manchuria was built to connect
tho TranBRlherlnn and Timor! Hn.>,
but provldlnpr for thn owni»r«hlp nnd
nporatlnn ot the rond by the Chinese
Eastern; and providing farthor, for
substitution in tho future of Chlneme
Impotlal police for- Rninlaa railway
I   ..-*,, I
4V^-**V4*   HI*.
Artlclo 9. Abandoned by Japan,
the coat of maintaining the "prlsoncrH
of wartobn ni-bliiated, which dobt
e<tn be llquliinted without loss of
national honor or Bolf-reBpcot.
Artlclo 10. Demand withdrawn.
Artlclo 11, TVrwwd withdrawn.
.Article 12 8[«'ciul fhliery rights tn
cltlzerii of Japan In waUra of tho
Rnwlan littoral from Vladivostok u»
tho Retiring 80a.
The Labor Day celebration at' Cranbrook was a howling success. The
weather wiis fine and the Cranbrookera
left nothing undone that would add to
the attraction of; their attractive' little
city.   Beg pardonfor the little.    '
Every business place from the .lar^-,
est store to the smallest candy shop
had ou its Sunday clothes and they hiid
all been'freehly starched and Ironed. ~
- Nearly a thousand people were transported by rail from the outlying towns
and camps. ' Hundreds came by carriage and on horseback until' there
must have be?n nearly two thousand
people adden to tho population .of Cran
brook for the dav, and thoy were all
happy except Ohief Morris We ,can't
see why so handsome a man should be
continually spoiling his beauty with a
frown      -; 0
The train from Fernie bearinpr near
ly three hundred people was tho last to
arrive and as soon  as dipt.   McEvoy
had his Ea»t Kootenay Rifles,  fifty s'x
stroiifr formed and placed in the procession with ihe  Forme band   in   tha
lead, the show begran and  it  was cer
tainly the finest show we had ever seen
in EaHt   Kootenay."   The  procession
was fully half a niile long aud was mado
up of as fine a lot of floats and displays
as one could wish to see'   Tbe lumbermen, the merchants and  the   miners
were all well renrosented     The lumbermen made a fine 'display with the
bijr teams and their different displays
vepreeontiiig- thcir.industry.   Tliu Otis
Staples Co. had a large float upon which
was placed several sticks of sawn tini >
her and which was drawn by eight fine
large draft horses, two  of  which   took
the prize as the best draft team.    The
drivi-r of thisueam miiKti have benn-a
cousin 10 Hank Monk judging from tbo
skill with which he handled tbem.
Tbe Standard Lumber Co. had the fin
est dressed team in the line and.carried
off rheprizo.   Thp East Kootenay Co
had a flnat upon whicli a ' small planer
was placed and kept in   motion   by  a
gasoline engine.   This float' took   the
prize as the bust lumber  float      Tbe
King Lumber Co.',had a stick  of tarn
arnc timber 6Mx,l'2",   66  tcet   lony
pliiced on trucks- and dra*'ii by a  fi luteal)-*..   Cranbrook Sash and Door  factory had a Very fine float-, one of the
best in the line but as it was more of- a
manufacturing display than of lumber
it failed'to receive  a prize.'   Ofthe
to tlie Co-operative store but the neat
little float.of.Mr Wilson's the jeweler
was a marvel of-harmony and neatness
Tlere:were so many of these floats that
were "so worthy of*Upraise'tbat ijv« will
have to call a halt for Want of space."
The East Kootenay' Rifles were no
mean part of the. parade and many
cheers ^were accorded thorn 'as tliny
inarched along. As a whole the parade
was splemdid, nearly as good as Fernie
coulddo if bIio should try and we hope
sho will.
The program of sports and contests
of skill wcro nil well filled The drilling contost, chopping, sawing, tie mak
in*/ and the log liuiding wero all excit
ing and the victors. had to win thoir
laurelB in each orent,
1 The race botween tho Moyio and
Crnnbropk flro brigades was a prettx
sight ns.the teams came living down
tho coui-bo, every man doing his utmost
to get thero first.. These flro boys undeserving of,'and nro receiving the
warmest praiao of tlio citizens of tho
towns. • '     ;
John Hutchison talked to tho people
through','on' .improvised megaphone
whllo Buldy Mprrisson tried to keep
tho peoplo out of tho way with an Indian
quirt wlilch ho seemed to know exactly
how to handle.
Tlion fovtli tlioro camo a man ciillo-1 Tlutoli,
dpo.ee he tliruimli n horn In Dutch,
Siiokiiho throuifli li Ib hum in Dutoh
Dlil tli Id man tlx-y all called Hutch,
pokfl ho tlirniiffh n horn mado out of i-apor,
ImMo, ouUliUia do of 'lap *r,
tpoliu ho to tlio puiijilo furuwuy,
Of tlio nialrt*" of Kooteiiiiy,
Of tlio matrons 11ml tlio matilM of Ko >tonny.
How tliohii maliluof Ko tunny
W'ouW oruut iholr tontn that day
In front of tlio Krtat (inni.l utaiut
In Dip roadway noar tlih band utand,
Would i-root tholr timtH that day.
Perth tlion rode oiu- llaldy Morrli
-ilomitodi.il till. Dway-hiiolind ImrrU
Mou ted on hi* flax tal'nd horrU
Kurt Ji Ilnin oanm IidIiI llnld.i Mnrrli.
Undo lie forth buforo tliuijrand ttnnd,  .
Paced lio out bofiiro llio band utatid,
|.iip,d lm out lio'uro thin hand ntunrl,
Proud, ho rodo ln;forn tlm Kiand Aland,
Than houomi'iunds't all llm whit.-, m.n
I oinalio tuny for dninililarnof tli'mod imm,
Mado ho wc flin>uifh ulliho **lilicimrn.
Thfll forth rmmn llio liimiililliK VVamrH,
With tholr dark and dunlty dauuhloi-i,
With thiiio dark and ilii-ky ilaiinlii'-n
'.'ami-furth tlir.it llm UuRhlnii Wivton.
Qlili'lUhov hroiivht tlit'lr tcnU and tin.t pota.,
Spraad tli«lr tout clot In   full of vont IihIh»,
•iprxait Minn ilmlr i-lotlm vt fu'l of vaiil ln-l««.
Quickly liroiuiUi. thv tuiiiiainl t4-.1t \oUi,
Boon tliny Uml tlinlr poln< loi-iiMiiir,
TUd Hem font with nti lnu» of loai hor,
With  utrlnirn   of Imilliiir n«l«-i***y ,l«"t "nv
|th*ml tOtfutlltJi)
Tlii). Uj,*,-.-*, Xlitft- Uimiij Jt-1 (a-'--"-
And V7Milretohud thollolhii -with vunt liolim
Htntohtd wu tluw clothi -with vfiitliolm.
Alltliout tlicnemany tunt polea.
Mow within thoito Iittlo nhnntloi,
ftiratflliiid thty maluhMon thntrvanllo*
pM IV.*. H iv,nlili.r>t In M.f»t' tXitl ,1* lo a
Mc-rn,«4*1i 11ii.fr ninfoh** on 1 heir i-an(l-"i.
1Ti«i tliaiiooko fromliay il*7a»i>o*«dor
Whllit^opl* iilioiitod Ion d and l»ud«r
Hhouiftd th".v'vitlll loud and loiuto,
Ilo*i trnoka lioin hay *.* dry a« powder,
Thtn «»»ln rwU JJalrly Morrli
Forth iijioii hU pr»noln«horri»
Vorth niir* innr*ti|ion hiahotrl*
Uudt airnln proud llaldy MoriU.
\V» hHvn Jimt •uucmiileil In rnrriiling
tlinpnrit Jn the wnod'-hnd nml it™ to
fatigued that w« mimt cut thl» short.
Knht Kootenay oro* • t*f*wit dcul to
the presD n( Cratibiook for thn grand
■UCMii (cored on thtltoboi.'ini.mUrml
4th of September, 1905. These press
fellows pressed us into every place of
interest aud would even havo pressed
us up against the bar only we wero
compelled to bar the bar.
Keep it going you/plucky ,.Cran-
brookers and all Fernie. will be with
you next year'.
Best Merchant's Float, Cranbrook
Co-operative stores. ,
Best Lumberman's Float, East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Union with best General Appearance,
C. P. R Carmon.
Union with largest representation,
Carpenters Union.
Best draft team, Otis Staples Lumber
Best dressed lumber team, Standard
Lumber Co.
Hose Reel, wot test. Cranbrook.
Hoee Reel, dry tost, Moyie.
)i Mile dash, - Boy  Billy, owned by
Indian   Mohb,   1st;   Lilly,    owned hy
Gearly & Doylo, 2ndi
1*2 Milo Pony race, Nellie, owned by
J. Griorier, 1st; Weary Willie, owned
by Mr. McDermid, 2nd.
Indian Pony race, Indian Andrew 1st;
and Indian Siman, 2nd.
Tepeo building, McLaks arid Sphia,
1st; McLean sisters, 2nd.
Chopping contest, R. U. Robertson,
1st; Frank Wilson, 2nd.
Tie-making, I. E. Murphy, 1st; Tom
Yo.ung, 2nd.    ■
' Sawing, Tom Young and Moore, 1st;
Linques'v and, Swore, 2nd.'
Log-loading, 1st, E. L. Lsngin and
Fred MeEwen, J., Mclnnis,. teamster,
of King's mill, time 9 min. 15 see ; 2nd,
-J. Foster and M. Torphy, of" East
Kootenay Lumber Co., time 10 min.
30 seconds.
. Drilling contest, 1st, E. Rauischaud
and O'-cos Emanuel, Sullivan Mine,
8!-*% ini'he.-; 2nd, E. 0 Evans aud J.
Li-roy. St Eugene, Moyie, 39;%.
100 Yards open, 1st, I. Gallon; "2nd,
Geo. Manahan.
y. Mile open, 1st, W. M Harris; 2nd,
A. El well.
Running broad jump, lBt, D. Ayreo,
Movie, 17 feet 4^ inches'; 2nd,   D. A.
McLean. Craiibronk, 17 feet 4 in
, Running high jump. 1st, Frank Mc
ConiK'll;2nd. D. A. McLean. .
Boys race, under VX, 1st. 11. Patton;
2nd. Svdney Elover, Moyio.
Girls race, undor IB, 1st, Miss C. Mc-
Conn(»ll;'2nd, Mies GladysGaskill.
Fat Man's race, 200 lbs and over, l*-t,
T; Hujjhei, Moyie; 2nd, 1. J. Baxter,
King's mill.      ■*'
Union Man's race.lOO yards, from 20
to 35 years,- 1st, George Manaban; 2nd,
D. A! McLean.   '
Union Man's race, 35 to 45 years, 1st,
Thos.,Hughes, Moyie; 2nd, IVDallas.
C. Moore; 2nd, Miss Florence Wood
Boy's' race, under 10 years, 1st, Wilbur Cnrey:2nd,"Harry  HickenboMian.'
Culled   from   Exchanges
Along The Crow
Some, of* the "Many- - Event*
the Pass Towns. -
From tha Frank Paper  . 4
The Frank and Coleman lacrosse
team' placed a 'practise game hero
on Friday evening.
The Frank and,-Blairmore junior
football teams played at Blairmore
Tuesday evening. Tlie gamev,wa3
won by Frank by ft 3corc ol 1 to 0.
Coleman und Bellevue met in a
leauae football match at Bellevue on
Saturday evening.^ Bellevue could
not get all the men oat for. the lirst
time with the result that it was
a rather ragged exhibition daring
that timo. Tho second hair vras better but Coleman was stronger and.
won by a score of two to one.
Blulrmore Times,
' The fire- hall is completed and
ready lor the installation of the
General  Manager Galer, accompanied by Mrs. Galer, was in Fernie .
last week.
The coal company still keeps shipping from 800 to 900 tons a day on
one shif1;.
Mrs. Chas. Dnnlop, of Fernie, is
spending a tew days In town with
Mrs. Reid.
Owing to a broken axle on a
freight train between here and Crow's
Nest the west bound passenger was
held here until 10,30 on Monday.
The people are now anxiously
waiting for the (ire hose and reel
which aro somewhere on the, road
between Winnipeg and here.? Now
is the time to have fire protection
when every thing is so dry and forest-
fires so plentiful,     ,    . ■"    ,   ..
Around the mines of thc International Coal & Coke Co., at Coleman,
Putting the aliot, 1st; G. Manaban,
31 feet, 3 in.; 2nd, G B. McDiarmid,
33 feet. 8 in,
Tug of war, Moyio won.
Trap shooting, Ferniotoam won.",
1 Wuko Up!   Wnke Up!
Two wneks asro we fcugeoited that it
might bo a good stioko of business , if
tho Fernio Board of Trade were to get
tosrther and diKcuis tho ndviHai.1lit.v-0f
nRklnu; the'.C.T R Co., to build a
now station nt this point- Tho old
building called, by courtesy a station,
is an eyesore to tlie public as well as
hiiing entirely inadequate for the pur*
poso for which it is Intended. " The
flpaco allotted fnr the upe of the public
has InnR sinoo boon outgrown by the
/"•rent Incroaso of travel while tlio
ipium used by tlio agent Is so crumped
thnt the employees aio greatly incon-
vonlonccd and'hampered, in tho performance of their duties. Wii nre sum
that If our Boa:-il of Trade will tako this
matter in hand that they wilt find the
nlllclnlsof th»0. P. II. roiuly to meet
thorn In nny ronsonnblo demand for 11
new station of such sizo mid appoint-
mi»nt an tbo larguly. incrensod business
nt this point requires.
on its'property7" A" steady output is'
maintained ol 800 tons of coal daily.
Tins output can be Increased at any
time by the management to (rom 1500
to 2000 tons por day as both the mino,
tipple and haulage is now capable of
handling that amount. This mine is
now tho largest producer* of steam1
and coking coal In Alberta and bids
fair - to hold that position for somo
lime to come,
Around tho (own things ure- (airly
prosperous and iittlo It any complaint
Is heard from thc business men nil of
whom lmve confidence in their town
and believe lhat they havo located
In what promises to be ono ofthe best
towns ln the west. *    '
Mr. and Mrs. Lnillo Slaeblor nrrivnd
rom Ontiirlo yesterday morning ond
me *itn|i|)ing wall Mr. and Mm, A 0.
Liphardt, A host of friends w.eleiinio
thnin hn-'k tn Fernie nnd nro hoping
tlmy will rank ii this their homo.
The brotlmrliood of Ht, Andrew wiih
.irgvitzi'il l»-t .Sunday In Ch'<rn
Church. J. It Lawrv was nltiutcd III-
vector, F. I'. IliiMMto Vice-Director
and L. Ward Noc Proas. A cbiu'tor
tins hnun applied for,
Wo wont to tlio Arnold show Ini-t
night nnd hnd the plonmirn of seeing
Homn very clover Irnpozo, linriznnini'
Imi- and othor ncrohiitlc Hpccliiltli.'fi.
The man on the tilkn sia us i\\w.y with
Ills dinn-itm-d nf i'i|iill)brluniH, Thiiio
was n good utioudiinco.
Thn output of coal  nt tlm rollim-hm
for Die wi'eli willing Inst Friday v.an ai
Coul Crunk i.'-.™ tinu
Mli'lnd C.M70 tons
Ciirliuiindo l'l.-,0 tiiiw
lliiAl tons
Mr. .Inhn Hnwhrook riUttriu-d from
Fniiik yosiiii'd.'iy and ropoim Hint '.in to
dutu an nglcnini'iil had hwt\ rcoi'lieil
with thi' (Tiiiiiidliin Amnrlcaii Conl Co,
with whom the U M W. nl A hnvo
Immi cnilniivnrin*' to hai'« thn rontrnrt
Ms it has iJioii cmitiiiiK'il inilil tlm <m-
ili ,|i .n di tin1 ri'iitrutt with liu*
C. S. P. Conl Co,
F, II. Shermiin, pr<-«lili'iit mid P
I'/itdufon, vli'.i pri-shlent, of the United
Minn Workers of Auicricn, linvi) com
plote.d *n agrofMHif fnriillmt order
.villi lti"t oO 1 u nl I'liuVoiiMi), AUipna,
wl bb h to tMimlimt" al thnfiiniti limin
,-ih iliocmitiavt betwieii thn order and
thn Crow's NM I'asa Cwil Co. Munjirn.
Rlioiinnii ntid PniU'ruon aro now at
Mfuttt T. 0. Proctor, II. K Mnc
«liinnM aid M. Ilrlui, nf N.-Um, and W
K, U'M, A. M.'lriles, Dr. Ilcmiidl ami
,1 S. T. Ali'imiili'i'npenwl liifl ulinotinu
*.p4«Hi:iaiJOiu**V Nwllnmlliig lii»t \\rnAi
Five hoKS of pnnr* wrrr* bioiight down
nml biti of Iriiig liutblul ynius w,rc
limn. The iilinr-Mli" rt*|wirt tlm water in
tli.it tncaliiy iu excellent condition for
overy"thing"is"moy ingalong smooth! y
Development work is being kept, well
in  advnnce of the miners and this
Hiub p'oie v;iult, IstjI),- A. McLean, company, has now over.tiirce miles of
feet 4 in.; 2nd, trunk   Lewis, Fernie    y-, ••   J      .-.      . -•     ...
■       --     ■    " ilmiertrroUHrl development work done;
From tin* TliniM
Mnchincry is bolng placed on tho
Gnlbr-ilth mine near Lund brock.
Tho Iriune work of the new washer
at Llllo Is well under way.
Tlm debentures (or the Coleman
school district hnvo been disposed of
to an cMitcrn firm nt u premium.
Tho fiiundallou T>,r the big hotel 111
Llllo 19 completed and the lumber Is
on thc ground for the carpontei'd.  ,
T, I0do is having a lingo addition
udilcd to his building on Victoria
Ave ntxtto Dr. O'Jlngaii'H residence
Senntor rotor McL-mm Is Rjionding
11 (cw days htiro looking after his extensive luinbeilng Inici-otJls lu this
A largely uttontlcd ni:d enthuHliis*
tic Liberal mooting was held in Llllo
on Monday ovoning niul a loenl
organlziitlon formed.
A. Cumoron, cf Colemnn, hns llio
I'lniin out tor u nmt two story bh-uk
whicli hn Inti'iidH having rrecti'd tit
once on tlio sight of his former s'uro
btilldlnir at Coleman.
A well altonileil Li bo ml meotlng
whs held In tho schoul Ik-uko licro on
TituJailiV  i.Vi;i)il.(^ iul jliu   pill \HttO ol
-Jt.il cl!;^' j]r]/i'i.'')l<'.. ti- Mint,,] lio
oiu voniImi ot liiat (uuty ut Cun ley
on Wcduewlay ol next wet*!*.
Montluv niorning wlii'o Murk
Drumni, editor ot tho Frank I'arer,
was Bluing at tils d(-*k a gust ol wind
BR-iAfllicd tho window lnnlli.g the
fnigmoiiu In hit. fucn, Murk hud
a tooth ktmcktii nut and recolveil
somo Hovcrn cuts that rtqnircd
Bnvorsl ttitchiH tt tho httiids nf Dr.
Malcolitson. "This Drumm got 11
The Infant roi.xnf .Inr llial md An-
dii'W Kohm died nt M'.rrbmv 01, Hulin-
ilny mul were brriint in the cemclrry
In re on Ptii.dny afleriiuon. *PW*>
J "J -, *?•'    «* Vl ■*»'■*--*     "i -V    -    • *
.*' i  V .    7
The Fernie Ledger
' (2. G. MEIKLE
Iuud every Weanwday ttom otaoe of pub*
y^tiou.t-wriiMcf WooUSt.*ad Baker Ave.,
. Fwiiie,. British Columbia.
,   fCOMinsaclAl, DISPLAY'        , .', -
(allowed to toe chained when da£ix*l, without
, *   -*■    •   *    exu» ohar^e")"
-Jl.fiii per inch, yer month'
. ..,. sVc*Ht poiltlon. 502. d'lvanoe
.     jo*-, ill.c.iurt -vrumx platen are funiKbed
(s«it in nonpuriol, 12 lines make aa inch.)
Aucti-.nSules,*Pnt«rtiiinnieuts, T-rtideM. I.t>-
gdl Aotioe* etc., Wceists & line, first Insertion,
3 cent.) ti line each aubMquent insertion,
''       tltST-A-WORD-XllS
Lost. Found, Por Sale.To Let, Rent or Ex-
chunge, onu cent u word, uacli insert Ion,   -
aiUDlNO K0T.CK8     .
On hack page among locals, 12!. cent* a line
Oi. front p^km among local*, SO oenU a lino
uiKius, MAKniAota ±at> uuTa<
It occurring amongst our subscribe™, free; all
uilinrs "J4M-eiit.--.iucn itiiortioii1, Card.< of con*
tfratulatloii.coiido.euue or thanks, obituary
n...trv-i.tc,..li,trtof guoitj and weiidiuu pre;-*
ents. iu cents a lineiiiouparlel}rai'h iuwrtion.
wil hont change, one inuh or under. JI a month
Any further information dcurrd can be bail
on miplinuliun to tho rntiliager.
The news that ihe peace envoys at
PorKiiiouili had arrived at an agreement as to the h-sis of u permanent
treaty ot peace was welcomed all over
the world with unmistakable demonstn.-
lioasof gratification andjo'y. The i-onte.it.
of these Tiluii reprcse'ntaiives of the two
i-ixiti'iiding power*, had been watched
with nn intensity of interest equal to
that which centered in the sanguinary
conii'sts between armies and navies.
Thai Japan after luiving  won' every
contest upon land and having destroyed
almost everv vestige of a Russian navy
tiiouUI lonsent to withdraw her demand
for indemniiy and to limit her deinand-.;
:is to territory to that ailually occupied
at   the   lime of the   adoption  of   the
agreement, in order to meet the desires
ol the civilized world for   peace, marks
the beginning of a new era in the conduct of war.     The   brutal  practice ol
t'te victor in war demanding and  obtaining 'great   sums of Mood   money
under the guise of indemnity,   lias   received a check which it is to lie hoped
will take from  tlie  chances of war iu
the, future the one of money-making at
tlie expense of the weaker party.    That
Germany demanded and received from
France, millions of dollars at ..the   end
- of the   France-German  war   and   thai
'    other nations have done   the  same   ii:
(be.past, does   not make  the practice,
right:      Ft- wa"sTihe^iriumph~ofTuigiir
which if continued could only lead-to
untokljibuse of power in the  hands of
grasping nations. ,        -,-.
" At tlie close ofthe ^panish-Americiin
.   war the   United  States'demanded, no
indemnity, but paid to Spain millions of
dollars for what had already been taken
by force of arms. ,
It is idle to   talk   of thc diplomatic
victory of  Russia   in   the   contest at
,     Portsmouth.    Her representatives gave
up every point for which they had contended   upon   sea   and   land.      The
.Muscovite had violated all pledges as to
the occupation of 'Manchuria and had
looked upon the "little brown man" as
a mere  plaything to   be  disregarded
aud brushed aside as   a troublesome
,.ly.    livery claim set up by the Japanese at-, thaoutbrcak. of hostilities has
been   conceded and in addition  lliey
hold   half of  the   Island of Sahklin.
That they have  refrained from the
lhe temptation of exacting large sums
of money  as payment of costs of the
war, when they had a triumphant army
..   under the leadership of such a man as
Oyuma, ready to deal another staggering blow to their demoralized  antag-
ouists, is lhe wonder ofthe world today.
It Is extremely doubtful if any ISuropuan
power under thc same conditions could
have shown •.itch  a  spirit   of mug-
iiiimlnlty as have these people  who
seventyfivo years ago were looked upon
b> all the world as benighted heathens.
The victory is Japan's at Ports-month
as surely au it win. on the liold of .buttle.
The part pluyed by President Roosevcll
in bringing the two antagonists together
nm not bo overestimated and ho lu re*
i v'lvliig just praise for his tncl and skill
limn every capital of the world.    Dm
wu must not forgcl that he was the only
ruler of all the nations who was  In n
poi-lilon to do that which he has m sue*
••o-iliilly iiccompllhlied.   There Is little
doubt that ihe President's action were
Niiu-iiiiiii'd by King IJdward and li In
due as much lo the fact thai  the two
H't-nt Kiigll*,!) speaking nation*, of  the
■nrld   have acted In perfect   accord
Ih oiigluuit the wholo coiilllcl,ii8 lo the
lm: ■uliiclinn.if Prenideni RoohvelUKhu
rigiit time.   As a reiailt of this bloodiest
of modern wnrn, wi* rim shp tltrntt *•/'.•-•
Kientest nnlions ofthe world no handed
u-gdherby ties of common Interest!,,
a*, to uialte tlicni   the  greatest   power
for Hood and for peace   that   Iuin  ever
l..'.ii brought together In one combina*
♦ i,s>4    I...,. , it. ,  „,,   III.,      I ,
 r—* Jt"* Av,44v»4i.i» inxn gotvincd
by men. Wo are opiimlml; enough to
believe tlmt this great Influence in thc
JiiiiulftorilicM. great peoples, will be
vxt-rlcd for the best inim-ni* of the
uiiule human race.
been "buncoed" by the McBride gov.
eminent, and as 'much as say so in a
letter which they have addressed to
the Chief Commissioner of lands'", and
works.-* The communication. cori*
tained some excellent points from
the prospectors' viewpoint and merits
carelnl perusal. by the Chief Commissioner. 	
, The Flathead country has received a severe setback-awing to the fear
ful muddle tliat has- been created by
the stupidy of "our Victoria authorities. There can be no denying the
fact that the locators of lands in that
district have been treated shamefully
It is now the duty "of the government
to repair to somo extent the injury
and hardship which these men have
been com pel led to suffer.
The letter to the chief commissioner follows* ' '
ltossland, B. C. Aug. 17th, 1905
To the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, Victoria, Sir:    We, th-;
undersigned prospectors and locators
of coal and oil claims in Southeast
Kootenay   in   that   portion thereof
known   as block 469.1. hereby de-
oiand that licences to prospect for oil
or coal on the lauds rcspcc.ively located by iih lie issued to ub for tho
ensuing year   in the ordinary form
and not iu the form in which certain
documents purporting to the licences
but which fi-ora the decUion of Mr.
Justicp Martin it would seem wero
hot really license at all, were Issued
from your department."
And whereas it appears that tho issuance of lhe so called licenses was
ultra vires, we therefore claim thac
you hold as trustee for us,the sum or
sums which we have respectively paid
to you to cover the fee neccessary to
procure a license to prospect for coal
and oil on the said lands for the, last
twelve months.
And whereas the claims, in re-
|iect whereof we demand licenses,
wern staked by us under the act in
force at the time we made our respective locations, the fee payable
undir the said act. being fifty dollars.
And whereas the amendments to
the said act making the fee for the
prospector license for coal and oil
$100 in lieu of §r>0 Vas not made retrospective neither has the same been
made retrospective since the pas
sing thereof.
We, the understand, therefore demand, in addition to licenses for, the
ensuing twelve months, that you return to us tho sum of $50 per claim
paid to you by us in excess of, thc fee
v.»u wfire legally able to chariie, or in
the alternative, an undertaking from
you to apply theaaid'sum of fifty dollar,*
_n-f-»f!_C*.H*'»n in_ntt»-ic-*»i/.♦*.*■.** .«f'*-*—.-^_i.„
r -*'—'■•-•-* — •(!- uAviQi(«v/UilJ'li~Oi~t'Ct;0 ~ lot
mrther renewals of the licenses hereby applied for.
"And further, in view of the state
ment made by the Hon. Ii. McBride
whilst hure some time1 since' we
quite recognize. the futility of attempting io prooed against tit
government, and thoreforo have dt'
cided to contest the tftleof any person or persons who may stake over
the ground for which we claim
licenses, nnd we request that, it
possible you make this a matter of
record on your hooks by way of
Here follow the signatures of most
of ..the prospectors and locators who
live In and around Kossland.  .
The above from the,Rossland. Miner
lully illustrates lho extent to which a
bungling, incompetent government can
by its blundering efforts to collect re-
venue retard the material progress of
the richest province in the Dominion.
Instead of spending money to construct
roads into tho Flathead country iii order to facilitate the development of that
purt ol Ihe province, this brilliant
collection of rocking' horse statesman
have busied themselves in an endeavor
to rob people of their money giving
lhem worthless pieces of paper there
tor, purporting to be licenses to pros-
peel for coal and oil but which under
the ruling of the court ure only cvid-
vnces of the incapacity of our provincial
government to transact the ordinary
every day business of the country,
Great Floto Show*.
"The Circus- Beautiful"—Items of In*
■  " '- ,*„'*:', vt-tere'st.'
The'Great Roto Shows employ
nearly 600 people, ah told. - There
are thirty- six heads of departments.
- *"r*. JPranfe -Taramer is general
manageivwith 26 assistants on his
own direct business staff..
Two hundred and twenty men. av-b
employed*, in the working department One large cook house with 6
cooks and 20 waiteis- attend to the
twodining rooms, one of which is'for
the perfo'-mers and one tor the work
ing people. . The show-carries its
own private restaurant on the grounds
and another in the regular train
club car. ',.
The show caixles its own black
smith shop with five smithies
■ There are 71 members ofthe Elks
with the show,  besides Masons,  K
P'b, Woodmen, Odd Fellows, Eagles,
etc., but thc B. P. O. E predominates.
. One hundred and ten women are
in the show, lncludin*.' 65 ballet girls
necessary for the  Mysterious India
Ten acres of space is required for
the entire tented city; 5,000 Btakes
have to be driven to secure the canvas.
It ha9 300 horses of all shades and
colors, tho finest horses that money
cun buy and the stud of the racing
stock. All possess pedigrees of the
highest imported ami domestic rank.
Two shows aro given, and tho entire outfit is moved twice daily, including, parade, rain or shine.
Five det».'ctives accompany the
show, and thev .know every crook
and , thief of reputation in America,
consequently theso questionable
gentry give the show grounds a wide
berth, as they are looked up on
The big show will give two performances here Saturday, Sept. 9th.
Mount Fernie .Lodge No, ,47
Meets   ev ry   Friday evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.    "     -   _
;   7     T. Buck, P.G..R.S.
J- .BarbeiyL.D.s., rj.D.s;,
L.'T. W.   Block,  opposite the
Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W, J. Wriglesworth, D, D, S.
,   '.-•        3Di33Sra?IST
Office HouRf.,'. 9 to w ft. m., I to 6 p. m
Office ih Alex. Beck's Blook
over Slinn's Bakery.
B. 0
FERKrE,        -        _        _
—■■ * *—
Is, a pleasant home
'   ■ for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
L. P. Eckstein
Barristkr-at-Law,   Solicitor, .- Etc.
Cuthlxrt Block. Fornle, B. O.
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE, a a-
Offlee In h, T. W.'Blook, Victor!* Avenue.
Twelfth Annual Spokane Interstate Pair, October 9 to 15
The fall of Port Arthur will bo vlv*
idly shown each evening this year
at the grounds of the Spokane Interstate Fair, which will be held from
Octobers tol5.   Pain's fireworks will
be used to make this spectacular display.   The Pain Co. makes the best
lireworks in  the world.     Manager
Co8grove has arranged for a most
elabobit"-.   display.    Pain recently
gave "The last days of Pompe'i"  ih
4Spokane.   The fireworks then were
fine but they did not last as long and
were hot as good as'thnse which will
be shown  at the fair in  Spokane.
The fall of Port- Arthur will  last 40
minutes.   One of the set pieces is 17J">
feet long.
"The Fall of Port Arthur" is only
one ot the,many  attractions which
are arranged for the night shows..
The management is giving the night-
shows for the-first time this year and
therefore will-give a fine entertainment. The grounds will be lighted
and theadmissionfee will be reduced
The. band will give .ita best music,
the,exposition will be open and lighted, the cleverest" vaudeville turn.-*
have been secured and everything
will be done to mnko the night show
exceedingly attractive.
F. C. Larce
Post Office Block-; Fernie. B. C.
Ofiice: Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
•■   ' t,"ERN";' British Columbia '
(Late ansayer Nelson Smelter)
Gold. Silver or lead eaoh .     . tint'
Copper..   . ji.50      Gol J-Sii'vor .'.'.' 'm
Charges for other metal, on application
V. O. Drawer 3108   " Phone A67'
Fomie..B. 0..
Teacher of the Piano
v  (Lesolietlzkey Method)
A thorough training assured each,'pupil
• ..     . ■  When y«m smoke a ci"-a
nee that it is UNION n«ide.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, Columbns and
Havana Ark  Cigars are Union Goods
made by.,. • ,. „
„ * !.._ Winnipeg, Man.
Represente-1 by GEOliGE HORTON.-
Crow's  Nest   Special
Wo tako, groat pride in keeping a
well assorted stock of Toilot Articles.
Anything there is a demand for, we
arc pleased to obtain.
Pooplo have como to consider our
(■tore ns Headquarters for Perfumes,
Fine Soaps,'Brushon, Creams nnd Lotions, Powders and oil sortp of *"
N. E. Suddaby
A complete stock
of School Supplies
on hand.   :   :
-A.3ST3D •—.,.-
^ Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs.,E. Todd
Miner's Favorite Cigars
1 Lighten our darkness we beseech
thee, Oh?
If Our inndhrd did the trick on Saturday last. 4
fit now gives our customers
chance to \  .
Have A Look
at our School Supplies
Magazines \
Drugs , ■ .'_..'
&c., &c.
We have the goods
Just look in through our new
window.   .  __.'   ,   ,       .   , •''
A. W. Bleasdell
Qapiiai* $2,235,000 i\] ine$evve^ $2,235,000
,. ttotal Bssete -• $27,500,000  ^     '
»   Hon. Wm. Gibson;' President.        ' - ! *; ■ >..:   7.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager. ".
estended'to" 11 pewoSidesitht- to"o^S •L«ftsonal,,-e Hrms   •   »•">■**•"*• faciliti.a, et.dly
" fino ■""" An»ffl»ofthlBBmik,hM been opened at Fornio.,  '.     *' '
Al* Correspondence addled to the Anat win ba personally attended to..";      ''"    "
'Y*      .,. " 7*3- R- LAVVRY- '■;"     '
.....   - ..     "'.. Affent, Fkbnir Bbancu
3 Days
Commencing Sept. 20
T   ARGER and better than ever.    Ever...
J-V   new and up to date.-   All kinds of open _
attractions.     Each   day something interesting
You will meet old friends there.    Single* fare
all lines of travel.    Write for Prize List.;   -
J. E. Annable, Sec.
J. A. Maclean
FEBNIE--   _ " •       '-' '.. .I.   .-;
First Class in Every Respect
MRS. S. JENNINGS, PriopMETRKs.v  '     .  '*■
K FortSteele Brewery.Co,,Ltd. _.
JU'-*■-' ;■- "„       " FERNIE, B.C.   .-•- -    *\ Kf\
New Crop Now in Mock
Home Orown nnd Imported
WholenRla nnd Retail
Speolal Prlcen toFnrmor'H In»tltuto«
Thousiwdi. of Fruit and Ornamental Tree*
Rhododendron),     Ro.nn,     «re«nlion*n
nnd Hardy Plant*
now Rrowlnu- in my nurier.ei for
Bprlngr planting
Eastern prloos or leu*. White Ubor
Vnneon*/er, n.O.
3010 Wn»traln»ter It ond. ..
Oai.mno tiikm down.
Tluw Hnnlnnilfpi wi> nto Intfr-
oiioa In omf nnt\ iK-trtiloimi Wemnot
In t ,p Klflt'lif-ad illdtflct, Mm Knot*
unity, Ijovu urou-Ksd. thcntxelvfa m
uciluh,    Tlmj  Iwfl t\)tt% tli^y hnvr.
Tailoring Co.
r)UR SYSTEM Is,based on the fact that thc slccle-
V ton of a man never changes after he has attained
his growth, in fact that the height of a man is unchangeable.
ApH IS we took as our stnndard of measurement— an
A   unvarying base to work on.
"X^/HEN you come to thc "Scmi-Rcadv WnrHrnhi*
» ■* yon can try on thc actual garment; you can soo
if it suits your individual preference, you can sec if the
pattern meets your ideas of good taste, if it helps your
appearance or not. 7
XHE fi»t.i shipment of Hall styles opened up this
-»•   week.    Each day brings newness to our stock.
Men's Furnishings arriving daily.
Voun tor GooA CIoiIim nnri PiirnMilnRs
Semi-Ready Tailoring
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in   •
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Quick. Returns
Ll»t your Proporty^rUI, j    t    Murker
* at 'THE OWL"
Property for Sale, to Itont or Exolwngc..
Runts oollooted. Employmnnt furni»lied.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters;^ !B6ttledv^pbds
a Specialty.     *
Have one of thoir largest Btores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, FreBh and Smoked FiBb.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
AI.L  HOUND  Tnit  JIOUNB    \
of IukIdih ronat buul llio unwllilnij ndoni
ffiffWA'f'i !i,uV,0.!!ihr(0.w "jwro"^
I.'i5/ '2 .• dl»li'„ rii»t In lha k ml of 'onuti our
bo-rprodiirc*.  Tflnder, ju or, nourlshliiii.il
will nitko >ou lirMuy and br/wny.""''" "
Of cnut-iB w*(oil tho .hc'lcer-t cuts of veal.
\\w*,\u)i*s..;.;*;*«/* '/M **n» ,'
* .  y>,.( .v..>.*v-i '.^tisr/ 11
a watch.
it* only duty In Ilf. li lo nmiver cor.
roclly one quculon
Mwhat time is it?'
All wnlchei »olJ hy us nro gunrntu
lc*d io ttntwtr thli linporinnt qttv»ttnn
correctly    The prlci'n nre rl«lit.
ttntnttt Wateli Intpatlw tf Q, u. Ny.
J«we,§r OpUotnn
.In Fornlo, ia a plcamint
homo for all who travel.
Koodib rtidorvod by wire.
$ $ $
T. Whelan, Manager
Shirts, Collars, Ties, Hkts
nnd other Gent's Furnish-
ings, at less thancost.
I am going out of these lines
entirely and want the room
for my New Fall Stock of
Tweeds etc.
B-£ Bargains.
.le.oli.44il Vail..-
I Right to the mark.
hZ SS^o^SSl?- y™%«$
is  not
represents      :       •       .       ;
Money thrown away.
There is no deaiU-ood in the circulation  of
An advertisement in its cohim
Brings1 Results.
ns a!
way: ■ ■■•_; v \ozy
*..-*•*    *\'- *
-»  (','r
---•■'-■" . ■ ^
' " r /■? » ■** J*'.       '      *? *
7   *      ;   , ..      ;     '      -       •        7   f .J./Vl^'"*"  •    -
'.'"'-, .(Special to tho LKDOKR.V
Victoria,   B. C... Sept.. 5tii.    After
seven consaculive' weeks" consideration
in its various .'phases by llie court's of
, this province, . the -truly   remarkable
. case of George t>* Collins seems no
nourer even tiie beginning of the end
! than on thnt day. early in July when
, thi* San , Francisco   attorney   who . is
defendant in the sensational proceedings  fled ' to77 Victoria  as a' haven of
refuge from a bigamy prosecution; only
to be detained in die grasp ofthe law,
r upon*an extradition'warrant alleging
-perjury.   -Nor; truth to'iell, although
the papers '-have contained (.heir  daily
columns of; and concerning lhe case,
; is.there any more intelligible general
conception ' of. what   it is ,all „ about.
Collins is 9 clever, bright,   somewhat
spectacular and picturesque personality;
and because of his onitorical ability,
. his ready *wit,  and/his affability;'' arid
bonhomme,    the    great   majority  of
Victorians, without more than a guess
at the substantial fads of the case, are
good-naturedly very willing to "hope
that he will get off".   As a simple-matter of verily, -there have been few ...ore
remarkable cases in the history of American jurisprudence than this, the one
and present scene of which is laid in the
British Columbia court.    If the title'ot
California courts and officers be true,
,few more brilliant, more resourceful or
more daring ciiminals than George D.
Collins have operated on the  Pacifie
•slope.    If on the other hand Collins is
to be .believed, he is the victim, of' the
most collosal, tlte most unique, and the
,, most elaborately perfected and comprehensive conspiracy that, has ever yet
been formed,to enmesh and destroy an
individual. . Briefly:   According to1 thc
7evidence of. the State of California,
Collins has for years employed all. his
talents to finding flaws and technical!-;
ties whereby convicted criminals  may
be preserved from-tlw'legal punishment
. of their offences.    As to his own" pise,
'„ he is stsited io nave married one Char-
lotta Newman and also to have been
■"■ unduly intimate with his wife's sister,
.Agnes,  snd upon-the-death of'Agile's
., from diphtheria, Collins is said to have
< ' laid .the foundation for a denial of his
\marrisige with Charlotta by interment
' -of Agnes as his wife, and shortly there-
* rafter    began  . courting    one  Clarice
'. JJlcCurdyi a young Cliicagoan of-con-
- jiderabie property.. They were.in lime
.'   married,   and   upon    this    marriage
(Charlotta being still alive and with her
^Wro^h"1le15^)^fie*Bigamy proceed^
', tags arc based.. .Since bigamy: is not
&n extraditable crime,  the California
I authorities seek to regain possession of
^CoUiris upon proceedings for perjury,
.   lie having in applying'-tbr his Inst mar'
-triage license made affidavit as required
7 by tlieCaliforiiia practise of his eligibility to cont.ra4.-t al marriage.   On. the
'.' inther hand, Collins avws that he is the
victim of,a. most comprehensive conspiracy.   The plot,  he declares, was
worked up by. theHibernia Bank of,
San Francisco, out of revenge because
lie would not quash proceedings begun
hy n client against tlie bank through
which it stands to lose large sums of
money.   This conspiracy, he says further, is joined in by the press, the entire
bur awociutinn, ths judges, and the
-grand  jury   of   San   Francisco—the
1 judges out ol hatred because of his having secured reversals of their decinions,'
the others because he has employed his
talents as nn attorney to legally protect the criminal element.   As for his
own ense, he alleges that he never was
married  to Charlotta; that  ho  whs
married to Agnes, first by contract and
later, at her request, in tbe church, nl
the date given by the prosecution ns
that of his wedding with Charlotta ; he
declares thai ho applied for tlio license
with the nn me in blnnkj and thnt some
one else 'tilled In    "Charlotta"   for
"Agnci";  he assort*! thnt the priest
wus wrong ns lo the bride's mime, so
was the recorder of marriages, so were
the   witnesses, nnd the doctors who
lmve sworn to his children being the
children of Charlotta and iiNsUtrd by
them Into this troublous world, "have
eternally damned with   perjury their
Immortal soult.".   Upon the first pro.
ceedings in the British Columbia court,
the common application for extradition
before County judge Lamp-nun, that
learned gentlemitn decided lhat Collins
must go back.    Il whs pointed out tho
extradition Is hut the preliminary to a
just trial—thnt It Is the duty to return
the prisoner if a prima facie rase he
made out, und that (since the trial is to
follow) the itccused may uot hs In n
trlnl by a British court, lay cliihn to
the benefit of any possible cloud,   It Is
J Graham island has. long been known to
contain excellent bituminous coal areas.
Of 30,000 acres, of these lands a syndicate has for years been owners, and
within recent mouths covetous eyes
have been directed thereto by wealthy
.Montrealers for whom W. F." Borland
is acting as general agent.. Mr. Borland with a party of nine completed a
three months inspection a little more
than two weeks ago. He was evidently impressed with the value of, the
property, for he forthwith approached
iMajor John Nicholles, the head of the
Victoria syndicate, proposing an out-
and-out purchase at $700,600. This
offer was laid before the others interest
ed, Messrs. C. F. Todd, Wm. "Wilson,
S. J. Pitts and .W*.A. Robertson, the
latter being the original prospector, and
has been accepted. Mr. Borland is
now en route to Montreal to confer
with his associates, and active exploitation is to begiii in the spring. ' As a
preliminary a large sawmill'-is to be
erected, and incidental to the development of the new collieries a forty mile
long railway line must be built. For
this, as well as for charting and mapping the coast, improving harbors, etc.,
aid will be sought from both, the federal and the provincial parliaments at
their next sittings.   .    .
'   It is doubtful indeed   if  history can
provide a precedent for a minor happening in connection with  the sitting of
the   Admiralty court at this city last
Friday, when Hon. Justice Martin confirmed the seizure and ordered the forfeiture of the Seattle halibut-poaching
schooner North.    His Lordship on that
occasion   appe.ired wearing the %,'tg,
and directed counsel and registrar to
wear the horsehair also.    As all British
Columbia is aw.iie,  there was an act
passed during the Ia*.t session  of the
legislature, at the initiative   of Stuart
Henderson,   M. P.  P., abolishing the
wig in British Columbia courts, wherein before, its wearing had'been at first
compulsory and then optional.    It is no
secret that Hon. Justice Martin's extreme regard   for  the    fashions aiid
millinery of the court,  carried   in  the
opinion of many to ihe  point of ludicrous buffoonery,  was   the excuse for
enactment; and while.it was before. the
House He strenously opposed ■ its passage, urging resistance also after it  had
become law but being overrqled by his
bipther judges.    In Admiralty, matters
in this province, however, Hon. Justice
Martin is a power unto himself... Hence
the opportunity   was taken   to  throw
■uo"w-iT"th¥gage~6f"Kittle to the "legislature; and most curiously the Attorney-
General, whose duly it is to champion
and defend   provincial authority and
law, was a" joint   offender . with- His
Lordship.    Hon. Mr. Wilson has also
cherished a lingering affection for  lie
wig and other emblems of the old court
days, and   required little  convincing,
although at.first he declared himself in
mutiny.   The statute, it may be pointed out, forbids explicity the wearing of
the   "customary   official   wig in any
court in British Columbia," and hence,
Hon. Justice Martin's contention that
the Admiralty court is federal, and not
a court of British Columbia, is held by
lending lawyers to be unsound.     But
the point that is material is that, a
statute being placed among tho laws
of the  province, a judge should be
found in British Columbia to set an
example of contempt for  law, and an
Attorney-General to join him  in  disobedience of the very laws he Is sworn
to assert nnd maintain.    It is in order
for Justice Marl in,1 Hon.  Mr. Wilson
and- Registrar TyrwIiitl-Drnlto-to be
proceeded against at nny time for an
indictable offence
shipped-to tbe Northwest Territories
and. Manitoba will be ,200 carloads. -
The largest and best tomato farm on
the Pacific coast is that of Gelatly &
Soils, In "the Okanajjan valley. They
exported last year 14,000 crates of
tomatoes.' Thomas JOarl, of Lytton,
will have 40,000 pounds of grapes this
year for export. In the Sirnilkameen
I found all of the finest grades of
European grapes growingto perfection?
I never saw such' large clusters; they
were a foot in length." These facts show
the great superiorty of our soil and
climate for fruit raising. Why, man
alive, British Columbia cannot fail to
becbrnr'one if the greatest fruit growing countries in the world owing to tho
fact that it has such splendid soil and
so superb a climate.
"One of the principal objects of,'my
visit to Rossland is to induce the merchants here to jnirchaee the fruit they
sell from the fruit growers of the pro
vince. I desire also to induce the- men
who raise the frult.to cater more to thr
home market, instead of exporting to
the Northwest Territories. The result of this will be the keeping of the
money .sent out for fruit at home- and
the preventing of tbe introduction of
pests in the homo orchards. Wo have
no coiliri moth, no San Jose scale or
other fruit pests to amount to anything
here. The orchards nre clean, and the
fruits are of a-superior quality and not
speckled and bored by pests of all kinds
as some of. the fruit that ia brought in
here from the States is."      '"   ■>
The above we clip.froni the Rossland
Minor, and is a report of .Mr.' Cunningham, government fruit inspector, who
was in Fernie a few days ago. While
here he coiidurnued some fruit whicli
h'ad been shipped in from Washington
and made arrangements at Gateway
to have the. fruit coming in at that
point held for twenty four hours bc-foro
being allowed to reach its destination.
This may be alright but our, fruit "deal
era and their customers dn not seem to
be in love with the scheme.' We havo
no fruit trees here and we cannot sen
that a rigid enforcement of the regulations will benefit anybody but the
Okanogan mnn who has fruit to sell.
One of our fruit dealers reports that the
inspector visited his place and proposed
to condemn and destroy somo, fh*e
looking peaches which he had on dis
play In his window, but thc dealer
objected to the method of inspection
and the inspector left, the store without
carrying out his intention of condemn
ing the fruit. There is such a thing as
overzealousness. . ',,
- VSI?7.00:.;:v
"-■ ' AND.
90 Day Limit
, ' ,. 4,   - ■
—*       v ,
,1   - _
All Rail via Suraas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
Vancouver to
Via Victoria
Tbro-iah Sleeping Car
* Arrowhond to Vanoouvor    44
Sunday       Wodnosday   .- Friday
For full   particulars,    tickets,   first-
class or tourists' sleeping car   reservations.   Apply to local agent.   >
~v ** R. Heading
. Agent at Fernio.
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want  to'buy,-' -
call ni. ns.           -.
IF°you have property to insure, have us write the risk
. o "*
IF you want to borrow money,
cal 1 at our office.
We havo for sale 100 acrea of land situated eight mjloa from Pi-aoliland nnd seven miles from
Knlnwna 0.1 the west sido of the Pkaimgan Lake. Thirty-fivo n-.r-i-s of the tnict is liotti-in hunt,
15acres of level bench and150 acrrs of gontly slopin-r land. The remainder is good pasiuru*l<tii<i.
Five acres of this bottom land in ii'ider ••nliivntioii. Cultivated lands in tbe. neigh hor bond of tins
land, are earning snug Ifttle fortunes for their, owners. Some fruit growers in that section have
sold their crops on the trees at from 8-.00 to 300 per acre to Winnipeg dealers this yuar Here is a
chance to secure a fruit nnd vegetable farm at reasonable prices and upon tonus .that'i-honhl.
suit the purchaser.   Call on ub for prices, terms etc. ** ~- „
©ft, S©is '&Co
T. W.
E. .7. Coylo, A..G.P.A. .
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake.;
. tar Tho most perfectly Appointed Honlth
nud Plcuniire Kurort in the West, witji a complete svatain of Butlm-iiiolndinit Turkish itnd
ft     " '      "                J   """"	
The curative
Open thc year round,
properties of its water* Hie uneqwiled for Curing hU I?; •umutie, Nervous and MUboular
Troubloa; for Ilottlinpr till Kidn.-v, Liver and
Stoinueh Ailments; forJSliriunatiiig all Mot-
ullio PoKons from the Systom.
Tlie Rnijudeu'r of tho sconory is nnrivnlled.
Mountains, snow peak!), forests, lakes, waterfalls. l>oatini?, yachting, flsliiiiK, nhootiui;, ex.
curaions, tonnib.
Its winterolimate is unaurpaBsed for mild-
U^3,    '■ •  HARRY MCINTOSH,
■   >-,-, .     r I'roprietor.
, Australia's Railroads
Rev. Father >• Lee, of Brisbane.
Queensland, who is returning from a
visit to Pope Pius at Rome, has .'a"
„w,ord_to_say_J nLfavor—orVgo y em men t
ownership of.railways, in the Antipodes. *
The fact,, he, said, that ,the government of.Australia owns .and operates
llie railways has proved a great benefit to the Island continent. The public thus controls iherales, and this in a
new country aids very materially to its
welfare. The government opens up
great tracts of country lhat private corporations would not touch because it
would be many years before there
would be nny financial surplus. But
the government thus owning all the
roads can afford to do that, and the
gains of a* paying line go towards
matting up the deficits eif newer ro;tds.
—News Advertiser..
NOTICK 1» hnrehy ulvcu, tlmt tliron months
after date, opplloutinn will hit mime to
tliolilciildiiunt Oovdi.'or in Council, by Tho
Klk J.umlor' and Maniifaoturino Oompuny,
Limited, to ohiuiKQ tho nninti nf tho Compnny
Julv vo, IPOS HoIiottoi'H for tho Compnny.
Read Down t t Rend Up.
0:55 am Lv     Fertile    Arr. 9:00'p in
10:42 am            EII.0 8:10 p in
12:a0pm           Rnxford fi:10 p m
7:15 pin        SPOKANE ,     9:80a m
7:130 a m           Everett 9:31 p ro
0:00 n-m   "      Senttln 8:00 pm
8:15 p m Arr Vancouvku Lv 4:00 p m
2:45 p m Arr   St Paul Lv 5:00 p rn
t Daily Exchit Sunday.
"•'trtm'.?',' I**-. \ha nature **■» .•*<• **.'!«■<•.
fmm Ii-if- County Ju-.tfr that Cri-lni* hixa
gone, by wiiy of linheai cnrpuii, before
Justice   DulT.   Slnuld   HU Ordthlp
vlinre trie vlow exprcased In the Judg*
ment of Hla Honor, Mr. I^ninpiiinii, il
-iii Coninn' intention to try each ul the
remaining judfft'* in  order nf their
nvailahlllly,   Then  he  Imi still the
right of iippenl by certiorari ta llie ,1'ull
Court—and    nfter    thnt   tlie   Privy
Council.    He Inn the money (0 fight
with, nnd he dot* not propote logo
buck tit California while one trick iff
the law remain* untried.
There has been considerable tnlk  on
the Coast during the past  fortnight of
nn expressed intention on the part of
tho government to introduce  a  com-
prehenutve civil Kcrvlco net nt the first
uesnioiiiil opportunity, hucIi a mensure
having been drafted for lust Rcusion but
held over in view of the instability of
the government's majority,   Tho fore-
Hlindowed bill provides for exiuninntlonn
for iippniiitment, promotions by uervltt',
Htipurunntmtion, etc, etc.   Sevenil up*
pointinenti lmve recently been innde in
which the promotion principle Inn. been
Mtrlctly observed hut the nppoh'k'CN
have in each Instnnce been forced to accept IcKft Dutnry thnn wnn  enjoyed  hy
prcdeceHsors ln ofiice nnd Icr.it than was
appropriated by the Icglnliituro.   Tliciio
have been told that n general reduction
In Hiilarlee is contemplated, ull being
clipped when   lho appropriation*! nre
mndo for next year.   The Premier hns
written a letter to the Colonist denying
thut this it so, but there is u difference
nf opinion rn*vi.rtb*!c»5 -(i 1^ v.],'...,„ !.»!«.
be true.
rAKE Notice'tli'tvt 00 dny» »ftor ilnte, I In
tund to upply to HU Honor tho Moutcuiuit
Govoriiui'i)) Couiiul), uiulur tho "Jlivor and
dtrourau Aot" for pormisidon to clear InmlrtorH,
loK'Juinn nnd othvr obntruotioim from tlio hbil
of WIIhoii Urook, Kimt Kooteimy 1). O.,. from
It* point of entry into tho Kilt lllvcr to 1U
mo..roe, uml to 4'oimtr..oc Anmti, iliiinos mid
innl(a i*uoh otlior ImprovomnntH im may lm
n«i:o*nuiy for drlviuK Ions und lluuilnir timliur
Diited, AiiRiut 10th. inn,..
ICflrnlotli.O,      ... JOUNa.OUMMINaa,
OaSTB      35TIC3-Kr.O?
To Senttle nnd Vancouver
To Wlnnlppit and St, Pnul
NOTIOK In lioroliy glvon that aftor the, ex*
piratiiiii or.l/r cliiur ilayu rroru tbU duti>,
I intoiid to Hpplytiitlio, A«itliii.niit1,tipiinnl-i*
Hloimr of JiiimlM mid Work*) lor tho (Imtriot In
whloh thu umlcrrnoiilloiioil I11111U nm iitimtu
for a llc.onHO to pro.pi<vt for coul mid jie-
troluum lorn ttirm of ono yn«r ovor lho f<>l-
luwiiif (Uoorlbuil liiiniH ultuiito In tlio dlntriot
of Houllioimt KootJ-iiny ooiiinieno nir at u iio»t
nlunti'd ill-out ano milo wont or the-num.'tt of
lho Ilouky Moiuitulim itnd two niilu* i.urtli ol
thoHoutli Koottnmy J'ttmi Tn.il nud   iniirknd
"llorhuit Hylin*,'!'-*
munt oniitalnliiii rtio noriui menu or lu_i.»_
Ijuoateil ami ilnteit tlm Kit It day of Au«u»t,
iiw,.,  '
tliutu'-j Moutli uighty ohii Itijii tlionco ou»tnlRt.ty
olmliiH, Uiaiiao north tluluy oliHiim, tlimicn
wout viKlityclmliu 10 tliu plnoo of uuininumto*
Close Connections
For ClilcfiRO. Toronto,   Montreal find
All Points ( ast and West
Acotylcitio Tiliilitod Chi-^i *"
FiniiIlyTolirlHt SlonpDrn,
lVilivctiWccpliiii (>M,
DlniiK Hhi-h (MohIhii In
, : nnrfe)
Olniorviition  Cam
Tlivoti-jrh Tickets und bnggngo
checks to nil pointH
Stonmnlilp TIcltotH.
Fnr T.cki*K Mnps, Unrth llr'Mrvnllons
A complete Informulioii.'ciill or nddroKH
JAS. SLOAN, A iron t O. N. Ky.
r1.11.viK, 11.0.
\ Summer Suit
llnrhmt llylunJ, l.ointor
J.a.Qordoii, ARi'Ht
NOTICK l» liur-tltf- ulvitn thnt nflnnt liu exiilru*
lion of nu f Itinr diiyat fiiim thUdtilv 1 in*
lend tn apply to ilia Axnljt.ii.1 (iomiiiUr.l<ini>r
uf Uud*niiii \Vork*fjirtliailUlrJ-;t iu whluli
tli* iiiidariiiantliiiiiKl Innd* nro nUuiiIo for a
lic«nM> Iouro»p4>4!t far conl and pt-ttulsuni for
n tonn of 011a y««r ov«r the following rtu-
•M-rl'i?! Innil* »fiimro In tha dl.tllul. uf south
nity cflDiiimnuiiift nt 11 pout plnnud
waiitof niidaifjiiljilng^lviiiortjlylnnd'i, 001*
.ittrnnttii.Hlriurkt-nl "A.U.W.IIyliiinl'ii norili
•nut enrnor pout" llmiiuo noutli idxhty chiiliix
Mionm; w«nt clulily flhulii*, tliuiii-a ,north
eljIttychiiliK, tliuum uiut ciulily dulim tn
tliiipl/niu of (loiiimiiiK-niiiiint cijnt.ftli.li.it( M>)\
•ort-i) niitru or \***,,.,.,... . .
fjoottod mid dutod Ihi inth dny of AiifimtJ
\\1., A. CJ. W, lij',*.,^,i.¥vtlHII j
J.O.Oordon, Aguiit
"MOTICK It hcrali-r Klvmi tlmt »r»«r tlio imilr*
l\ ution of Jliclour dityjiruiii tliln d»l«, Jin
enper nt thU time
of tho yemr. 1/ ,v«u
hnvo it doili'it In tlmt
CAM. ok
Kenny & McLeod
Lust year th«r« wero 600,000 fruit
|rfli*n fil!inti*d In fhl» t.-ovissv, iui a!
thli numbor 60,000 woro peach trees
In my entire trip I havo not found a
bingle dt'Jid p- «cli tree.   I whs in one
punch orchard in theOkauagaii country
oust I'euchUiid where tho trees wero
only fiv* years old. and thoy yielded an
averagi* ol kovvii boxes to tho tree.  1
am familiar with tlm peach belt* of
California, Oregon, Washington, Del**
warn, Maryland, New Jersey, New
,    , ,      York nnd -.Hut *U\tt, and  uons  nl
Important    development   promise, (hbm cgn bt,ftt tllf 0Ulini,^M vM„y ,„
wry ihorlly to transform Graham   Is-jgm^ flro„i„! w„|| n,vn.-edoiUmilxtm.
Und. el the Quoin Charlotte group. 1 j},« iwgt  apricot* I r\-t tow worn
from o desolate, my*i|rrIoiM wIMi-rrw^'* 1 grawu. at Tr»iut C«e»*U In tlv« (kWaiin^ati
Inloun ItiJutttrial itrrn «econd,,iit  im* vnlley.   I think that the outpnl nf frnlt
portance 10 no district in the province, i irom ilia Ol.anji^ii  voUtxy (IiIn yarn-
tiitlia AniUunt tV>innti«<iloiiar
" rl'it- li
dltiinl.. ... -
mtruliiiim for
otni*uiX*mrt'i!x VVor>•»(*" tt\«UUtrloVlu"wliiiru
th* iindnrtiiaiitlonad luml* ura Nltiinto fur 11
n tiirm
«rrll    "
tn loiiroii>«4-tfor4)OHl mul lmtriiluiim foi
arm of on« your ovur tliu TnlluwliiK do
K»i>t KoiHuiiiiy I'oinmiiiii'iiig ni a iw»t pJ«iii#d
nnrihofnnd •ilioinlfia«.0.\V I ylnrid'* eor-
nar i«at nndirmrkMl *'(l   Wull«r'» w>ullii.»>t
mr i«.t kndmarkMi        , ....     ..
eornar p«»t" tjienra w«»f alulit|rulmhm,tlmiicn
norilialghlr . '   . '
UieiH*. *onlh •lulity
north •1uht)ruiiM,iii<*,t!i«i-nuwu'4t»t «-l,lit]r vlnth.t.
tlie.14.4, »onlh alulity cliiilmt to thv plum ol
eomm»nc«i*i'*iiteoiiiaiiiini-iMini'r»4 mora or
Uu.  Loenlol »ndd»Ud iliu imbdny uf Auk-
uit ldiS,    ti, W-ftllir lAH*«tor
J.O.Oordoii Amut
NOTICK U harijliy tlyvn lli»t afur llm ayplr
■UniiofKJeWr liny, froinililidnja. lm-
faiirl.oaM'lvtorli*. A»«bt*nt (V,minl^lrtn*r
ol Uml mil WnrKu lor 'lm dl.irh'i l» *vbl.**.
tha uud«riii«iitJJii'*J.i*«'l» »ra »lloi»t» for
*lli*«nrtioiiroi|MKtfor ««»l anrl Mtrolanin
f«f »Wrinof->n*y*»ro*»r th« followlua 4«*
♦^rii*-l ilaridi *>ltuMt« ti.hadiilrlal of Jxmt*.
MUt Ko-ituuttV loiiuiiiticlii* kt » pou pUnt;
*.(»4..totnn.ln.l^-liiingU wnllar'ictfrni'r p4.1t
»iid m»rki.l"il.O. Wi*lliir..ouihH«it .'.>rn»r
t*»r"   Uiwir*   «m»»T   1 l«{li-J>   tli*iti:    »{i»»iii*
iiofth fjliriiiy 4'h»lii».llioM.» •»••■» alKli-v"'.-.!!."
IU*4.4.U   444.1.114   *lt(l*VV   Cl.ll.JM   tu ..••   »«-••   "■
4.f.ainwa*-.m«pt.l .--..nfiliiM.* *xs ».„*. tn»rw 14
'••• l^icatol »nl'l»l«*<t*liUl1ili.l«.V«.l Ann-
lutl'iji,     Mil W»lUr l.'t.-i*t"r
J. iKUld.i. ..«4.|*V
Subject To
Wo ivi!' bi?)-
2(V)0 Shares RamSler Cariboo
600) Shares International Conl
10000 Hliiros St Kiiiteno
Oiji'j Shares Hocky Mountain Oil
We offer, subject to sale, at
nt n very low price
6000 Shares Wnstrrn Oil
If you wish to buy or sell
stock of nny kind communicate with us.
insurant**- ami Stork Itrnkers
I'ernie IJ. C.
Ai la-.uliy, to liilthn now iiiUI-Iiiiih nrniitnil
In' rtiillroiid mul 'JV'OKnipli Conipiinini Wo
wimt YOUNG MEN uml LADIES «'f J*'"5'1
liulilta, tu
Wofiiriilrili7ftiwivi'Hiit. of thn upiinitnr-i
and Wiitloii Aifiiiitu In Amorlon   Our »is
COllOOUlll'O tllfl llllHOit OXI'llldlvo TlHOftT.lpll
ScIio'iIh IN THE VypRLD,, K-jUlilijliod im
vours uml omloMud hy nil loHdliif! Ilullwuy
Dfllululii." ,      , L   ,    L
Wo oxnouto n 48JK1 lloinl 10 iivory utiiih'nt
to furiilcli him or li'ir a t*u.*liJ..ii jm.ymti
from -.4(1 to iU 111 ni'inili lilStiiti'it'ii't, oftlin
Itocky Monntiilm, ur from !7,r. to rlmi n
inont'li lnStiit0i,w(iHt. of tho Hoolila*, IMMEDIATELY .UPON GNAIjUATION.
HtiidonlH onn nutiir nt nny tlnifl. No vn-
uatloiiH. For full piirtii'iilar.i rotfarllin.' nny
<if ourft'lluoli. wrilii dlrcdl l.i <mr f.\-.*«nlivr*
ollli-o ill Climlnimtl, O,  ChIhI-wh! true.
Clnclnnatli Ohio, OuiTalo, N. Y-
Mlrtntfi Gn. LaCiono, Wis.
Tswrkam, Tox. Sun Fnnelico. C«l.
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
Wcgcl out a class of Print
in# that is superior lo lhc
general run, : : ; :
That's why we're kept busy.
Do wc do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
- Tub LiiUWiJi.
respectfully announces the first appearance in this city-of lhe
Celebrated   English  Actress (for five years a valued
member   of   Henry   Irving's   superb   company)
. n 11c) n mast clTuiMlvo (Mil in nil elfiborfilt. pri'diu'tinu of
8Er Hdword Bw'mcr Lyf.tor,/o
Beautiful Romantic Love Siorv
"It isn't nlU'ii you It'iivo Ihi* pliiylioiiHi. fwliniy Indlor llum wlion you rnli-ri'il il
hut ymi will if you sir 1I1U (ompauy iiud plnj."
.SiillsliU'lion ^ii'ininli'i'il or nioncv nTumlril,
Reserved Seals will he placed on sale one weeh  before thc
dale in this city
Prices ,$r.oo and 75 cts.   Performance starts al 8 p, m, sharp
U5.il 1 hi).
Wlin|nii«|j» Dojilom nnd Dlroct Impnrlcn*
of Wlnc», I.lqtipm niul Ci&nrii,
TJ/-.-C. }'. R.   OtKi   .S'pi'iul yo  U.i>
KoijmU "I*i ip Kiiii**. frtim   KooU-oiiy
Oi, Auftiiitl 24 and tf, nnd Septcmlwr
11<> .md iv. 1 in* ("'im.i.ii "i r->i-'»'i- i'""
*iny will kcll ju Nelson, l.omland nnd
IV.ill i)>i day round trip liikvlM lo Win-
oipt'H, St. r.uil, Duliilli, I'ort Willitiin
lor ^SJ-Si' nnd 10 ClilniKO \A^.oo.
Corri'tipondinj! ruti*-. uill lv tnndi' Irom
,tll Krwirn.-iv no'tnli.
Dim rid Agrtolt for
J'onitJifliy Clumpuxna
•ml flchliu Tlow
l);»lriliiitf.rn of
('lmtnbi*rJiiln nnd
I'luritnii CAgtrt
vw,TLvtim  a.o.
Tlirouifli rfliind trip   tlrU'ti u-lll l*r I
sold   on   xh»   untie d«t*s to Tor<*nl«»,'
M.mtr^iil nnd   nil   point-; in Oiiltirin,
Qiu*1*i*4", M.wiituic provinr«-*i, New Yorl.
iind Sttv ,.nj;!,mj nt.ilt"*, nrt<iJ on   nil
Mil cr Ink.- ri>uif. Jil »,v«i il «-x.ur».ii n
For full p-*flVii!ar«, fir«t e\»i* or
miiri-tt -ilrrrrr n'si'ri.-iiifin*, «pply J. '?.
i-i.iur I). I'. A. Ni-.miii.
Gcvc.'u" T2iotif»andi
Sdnros of
lV3InJnfl StovU
For Sni "j
Mott, Son d G
L.T.W, HliKk, Pernio, n. c.
Ag'i"* .1 f* r.'.t 'c? 1, G, fn-i'Df, Mini ^rf.*■- *;   '--Ilp5--*--c-. "•'Hi f'-'c-*-*' •-'"."-"-"-."',
■ •7 •"■■■'   = * V "'--"■"'■-,'77;"5>"':    -•"■' •
\4-*.V_=.Y .-„
."        ,■.■"■*■.«,     - *,'
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
°*id-up Capital
Head Office
■ $8,700,000
- ,,   ~  '« - Rest
- $3,500,000
Special attention is directed to thc following Advantages offered b
Our Savings Bank. '*
Deposits of $t and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added to the Deposit TWICE in each year, at the end of May and
November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the'deposit.
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought  and   Sold
at Lowest Rates.       -.7
"thia heading, inserted at- the rate of One
ceut a word each Insertion.
this office,
men.   Enquire of Fred Waters, foreman
for the Elk Lumber Co.-
For Stile or To Rout
rooms. - Apply  to H. Morgan.   West
Ferule * -
T. B.MAY, Manager
Kenny & McLeod alwavs have room
' for one more order.
-     J.E.WarteU, of'Winnipeg was iu
the city last Friday.
■    Surprise your friends by getting a
new suit at Kenny & McLeod.
Another large consignment of
•watcheaJiiBtlnat Wrlglita, the jewellers.
A. Campbell, ol Wardrop Siding was
in town tho othor day looking for men
to cut mine props.   „
Don't  delay,any longer.    See Dr.,
Howe, Eye Specialist, when ho is hero
*   on Sept. 12, IS und 14th.
The North Star Lumber Co'*, planing plant at Elko is busy tiHlr.sr orders,
for lumber to be shipped to the prairio
Watches galore at Wrights. Tbey
must go to make room for another lot
now on the way.
Jacobs Irish Biscuits are for sale only
nt Blundell's. They're the finest in
the world—once tried, then you want
The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
prominent   position  in Fernie only
step or two from the C.   P.   R
and convenient to business houses in
the citv.
Yesterday Alborta and Saskatchewan
were.taken into confederation. The
politicians will uow take in the new
province8.-rGolden Star.
Sheppard & Elliott are' still in* the
' tinning and plumbing business. -Th..*-e
'   indebted to them will confer a favor -in
settling their accounts as speedily as
possible. . .7
.agor Agnew ofthe North Star planing
mills went to Baiucu Lake in search of
ducks last Friday.
Blundell is showing something nice
in dinner sets and the prices are'
cheaper than any you can get in Fernie.
They run from $9 to $ 10.75"and con-
tain from 97 lo 107 pieces. «'
At Mrs. Todd's special sale Saturday the ladies will have an' opportunity to secure some of thoso fine sample'
hats which were bought at very low
figures. Everything must go to make
way for new stock.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Reiid the display ndverti-.-
mont of thesix Morse  Schools of Tele-
' grapliy, in   this issue and learn tele*
grpahy and be assured u position.
Mrs Todd will hold a special sale of
lints Saturday und Monday. These
hiits will be offered ut reduced price*
for spot c.'ish. They ftre of tho hest
quality and you ■ can't afford to miss
this chance to securo a bargain,
JttBt received today, tx, large con-
Blgnmontot Indict-.' and gentlemen's
rings, These goods wore ordered
beforo tho (ire and us I havo not
room to display them, they-must br
cleared out,.and I offer your cholc.-
at prices to salt you. Oilier Roods
on tho wny.   Wright, the jeweler,
To Let
Co'u. Block.   Apply to O. N. TracUne Co.
E. O. Smith's Farming, Success.
Cranbrook .Herald,
It has often been said "that anything
could bo grown with irrigation in East
Kootenay, but it waB for EC Smith
to show that almost anything can be
grown, at any rate in certain parts of
East Kootenay, without Irrigation. A
visit to the Smith ranch on St. Marys
prairie will convince anyone of this
fact. M r. Smith has 150 acres of grain,
or rather 150 acres of stubble, where
the grain stood, for the stacks iu his
barnyard and the grain in his barns
bear witness to the (act that thero line
been "something doing" In the way of
•Train raising on tho prairio this year.
The main crop was barley, and besides, wheat, oats and spletz, to say
nothing of mixed crops of grain grown
for hay atid timothy .which latter yielded one and a half tons" to the aero,
which is conceded to be a great, crop
considering that this was the first year
it had been planted. Hoots also do
splendidly on Mr. Smith's ranch.
Beets weighing 18 pounds can be seen
and besideB there is a fine crop of tur-
nipp, carrots and potatoes Mr Smith
also planted a number of fruit trees and
a strawberry patch all of, which Beein to
be dmii!' well.
All the above has been done without
tho aid of  water,  except the  nauual
depot    "'"'"fall, aud lt seems to prove conclus-
'   ivoly that so far as the St Marys prairie
is concerned irrigation is not necessary.
Others, besides Mr. Smith, seem   to
believe this, because every inch of land
on the St.  Marys prairie   has   been
bought this year.
headed by.- Miss Margaret Neville,
the celebrated English actress wen-
chosen for their fitness' tor their- roles
which they portray and it-is said
that all demands aB to ability are fulfilled.
Proceedings of the City Council 01
laat Wednesday night, Aug, SOtli.
Minutes of previous i-pecial inoetim
was road and adopted.
A letter from L. P. Eckstein re 1
destitute family was read. The lette
was filed.
-A letter from J. L Gates relating t*.
the grade of Victoria Ave., Van ve-a'i
and filed.
A communication from J. F. Arm
strong re the estate of G. Oral, ii
which he offered "tbe city 48 cents 01
tho dollar was read and the offer ac
cei.tt.d7 ,
Provisions were made for the orderiD-j
of 500 feet of hose, a hose reel, nozzles,
ladders, couplers, etc., also that the
fire hall be furnished at once and that a
fire chief and two assistants bo employed on salary.
Adjourned. •
Lead Returns for 19 04-* 1905
' Full returns of the lead productions
tn British Columbia during the J fisca
year 1904-1905 and the bounty* paid by
by the, Dominion government are j^t
hand. The returns from southeastl
Kootenay show a very large, increase
over the figures of ihe previous year.
The returns'. of shipments to the
Canadian Reduction Works at Trail
from July ist 1904 to June 30th 1905
show that the St Eugene mine produced 6;247,so8 lbs., of lead, and tlie
North Star 2.082,903 lbs, of lead.
The total shipments of the province'
-.vas 29,874,756 lbs., of lead,1 of this
amount "70 per cent must be credited
to theSt Eugene and the North Star
The total of lead produced and treated in, Canada amounts to 33,730,546
lbs. of lead, and the bounty paid
amounted to $540,288.
The amount of lead exported was
21,874,757 lbs., orrwhich Uie bounty
paid was $96,579. The grand total
for the year is 55,703,534 lbs. ol lead
produced and $337,886 paid in bounty.
The   le.iding   lead   producers   and
bounty .earners'were"the St. Eogene
and North Star mines which are located in Southeast Kootenay.'
Let Your-;
Opening Oun
Be an Ad in Your
Local Paper.    :   :   s
Bogin.early.s-     * ,.1
Change your ads often''
Watchreaiilts.lv;   . , _     •
A' good business mail -will Invariably
' be found ii good advertiser.
The best and surest way to seeure i>ub-
llcity Is though the columns ol "
for everybody through hero roads it.
, Tell them in your ad something to ii.-
terost them.     ' ■■
Do not 1 e content with oiieuil
■   Keep it up. •■   -
Constant dropping wear*, away n stom
n Mako it a rpvoiul feature of .\04i-.
WE "are the-sole agents.in.Fernie; for JACOB'S. BIS-
,7CO ITS, made ill Dublin,; Ireland.    ; yi: ,!-' iy; ■ .
A   TRIAL;Order wjll co'rivince.ybu that they are the ■ fin?
-TTL'est goods iit the World....'   :   Y;:,,:', - •,,'"- J'*"
Quality unexcelled..      ■   '   ■ \', ;'7   ... .-.
'"'"' Y ir    ■    "■'',       ■,"•      '"-.'■  .  '.'"•'.'"-*■"   '  "'  .'.-.".'''''
•   - *     -. -. .'■• ■■ Prompt' Deliver-}?,.;--, > ' 7--',;   • Yi
' ^.yJy
.*»-" •**.'
tv-       k        .--a
5 * *      §
The * People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie-
It Will Pay.   s
-  0000
-UL   SXJ-pFXiiES'
Doors, Sash; Shingles, 1-Jlafeteiv
Cement, Fire Clay etc.  „ .
.      .;-F'U•HI^TIT'C^I:l^,
Levi P.,Morton is lhe president of the
New'York Zoological society, and  lias
a knowledge of   natural   history "that
_would_not_be_cp_iH_e_nipiible jn a  natur-
Mr.   Morton was talking one . day
about the.various cheats who try to impose on "zoos" and on private collectors with fakes of all kinds.    _.
Even birds, said Mr. Morton, will be
faked. Yes even birds. With various
paints and dyesluiTs itnd a pair of
sharp scissors one of these men will
turn a sparrow into almost anything
you could mention.
He smiled.
' A keeper of birds in a zoo, lie said,
once told me of a conversation that he
overheard in the birdhouse between two
men from whom he occasionally bought
sloi:U. ',
To llilnk of swindling n poor, hardworking chap like thut, said tho first
Wol's wrong now, asked tho second
Why, the other answered, here I
worked all mornm**,, painting and
trimming up a sparrow into a redheaded Belgian canary lind blest if the
rascal I sold it lo didn't give me a bad
$3 bill for it.
We wish to direct the notice of our
readers to the large advertisement
in our columns in which Mr. A. H.
Cree has this week called the attention of intending: purchasers of building lots.' In placing- these lots in the
the hands of Mr. Cree the land ,commissioner of the Coal Co., has made a
new departure. Heretofore the sale
ot all lot8 in the city of Fernie haB
been held within the bauds of the
commissioner.  ■
We are inclined to believe., this is
a movn in ihoYierht direction and are
sure that Mr. Cree will prove a good
salesman. Bv interesting, ageuts of
the city in the sale of the lots in the
annex the company will be'relieved
of quite an onerous task and at the
same time' put it within the power of
one exclusive agent to push sales atid
"add" toTBi8_o"w"n_pr()sperity7' We- wish'
Mr. Cree every success as every ' lot
he sells adds tothe general prosperity
of our city. Call on, Mr. „ Cree who
will-be pleated to show these lots and
give all put liculara as to price and
terms.' ,
S ■,vr-
DR. ^£Q!€iENBEIl!
Whllo invitiPR dlHOHBslon on  public qno«*
the, well-known acknowledged eye expert, 'wlio has had 16 years'" Vi?
ex_fieriei.ee in the science atid art of adapting'the proper glasses to. §&
v,v tlie defective human''eyes, where others have;'entirely.- failed...^
4^4* His methods of eye examinations are scientific, most modern and ■ *ftl£
-ife-up-to date. -^SHADOW=-l-EST-w ith=Ak^EIClAL„LlGHT!^tiLe=^i:
^ ONLY SAFE, RELIABLE and ACCURATE method whereby any. ^
$ chance ot prescribing the WRONG and DANGEROUS glasses is-^t
§J done away with. No mistakes;; NC GUESSWORK,' como and see $A
"^ tor yourself that 'we give you. far superior services and at less ^
tiibwhuro. datistaciiou guaranteed.   . Spectacles $
At   Bleasd«31's   Di^ag   St3i»o,  Fernie, from ^
that our strong.values cannot be. procured at any other ,
store in Fernie.   .   .:,".    :        :*    . :        :*.*-   •
A Week of Specials
io Doz. Ladies Fancy Collars, regular 35;-40, 56 and
60 cents, to clear at 25 cents each.' *   ":' -'   .'.."'■': y    ;
Ladies, Silk Blouses,, yet a nice assortment ih  Blacks,
Creams and colors, regular $6.00 to.$i'8.ooi now % "off
■ ■ it"' yi'   .' .,    '■    ■'.,-   o"
Specials in, Hosiery_ Specials-in Gloves       -
7    Specials in' Ladies'White wear-.
,   , Specials in Ladies Top Skirts.    ' .   '
*.    Specials'in Ladies'Underyests".-   /
Specials in Boys Blouses  - -.    r&'-
c,Specials in -Every^! Department.,   ', '.   \
Just received a shipment of 'Stetson' Hats,  direct from"
the manufacturers.-.*  Prices,right*.   L ': .- .:•..-:,*,,
expense '.'--ui
from$l up.-- * , ..     - '
y-foiii Tli« frunk Pni*r.
Frnnkil ontut tttlnlitfr two iimlnfti't
BClitlotiion thli week whom* vUit Iff of
much Higiiiflcnncii an rolnti-H to llm in
(ludtrlal llfubotli ol the community hihi
the KootomtTH. Thoy nro Mohhi-h V,A
Ttioodel, bntikor nnd (Mnvn Lln^Hrt.
cnpltitliHt, both of Lille, Franco wliun*
thoy occupy prominent pn»ltlom> in the
HllHIICUl woild,
MoMri. llloudol anil Llc-joart are
hi'nvy itockliolilnrn in tho Cuimdlitii
Mnlnl compnny which In iwtablUliln?
the llmt alric mieltnr In Cnniiilii, opor-
■KM tnluoH In Ilrltluh Cnluinlilu nnd hit**
txtennive IiiIakisU In NdvaiIji.
MAKdri. Hlniuli'l JinilLlegniirtriinrtinl
Frank Hunday mornlnir nnd luvu uliicc
been rinniigi'd in inspeclliig tlio con
Htnirtlnn wnrk nf tlm umoltnr nnd In
eoimulUtlon with UemirHl MmmKor J.
C. C Kernau relative to tho company V
plana for opernting here and ol«nwharo
To 0 reprtienutlvo of tho Frank
Vapor, both gantlotmui cX|ire8uuil 1I10111
«elve» yeaterday, aa liunu'iiaoly pleakAtl
with th* work doi.t, layiujr enpucial
atrori od their aatUfaction with tin
rapid progresa tbat has heen madi In
the conutriK-tloD of tha plant and tlu-
quality of tha work. They will remain
bcra nntll the week end and will thnn
fl»lt,tbe Kootiinayato iu«p«ct the com-
pany'f mine*, a/tar which thay will go
in V*noouv»r itnd thu roitkud m\w.l
tiiila. ftom ihoto they will go to
Nevada tolmw»d the company'* yto-
pcfty at GoMM-fs. Their tenr will
Indnde a vUlf tn Han FraneiKoami
oxltoi lo the Cily ot Metiof...
MW«lX«f;K-*AtlV,*riiU 011 lh«*Mtli of Alijru»t,
t**.»..# ly' Ut. H*i*ot,,*it* lUtKbUr
From tlio Frmik Tuiier.
Chnrllo KnnoiiKO tho fifteen year old
iion of proprietor Kanoimo of tho Sunt
tnriuin Iiiib within tho wook broken Nall,
fluhlnii rccordB for tho noason. HIb
prizo entch w«h n full ton potinilor and
ho ciiuirlit nnothnr weljyhlnflr oluht anil
ti hull pnundfl, Tho lout of lumlinp" thn
h\g onus waa not ncconi|»tiiihcd iifterlhn
iiBtial method of nn-^liiiR- as lho Hull
wi-i'D hull trout which do not blto at fly
at thin tlmo of your. Cluirllo oceord-
I n;ly Invented 11 huIiouio of his own.
Ho fim.Miiod ft hunch of liookHon a
Htronir lino and drow tho hookn up
Htrimiu until ho hud thorn under tho
Huh, A Hiulduti Jui-k, and ho had thorn
**. m        *     11        1 '
Tho Lady of Lyona
I/ird Lytton'B ronownod draraa of
lovo nnd prWo, "The Lady of Lyona"
oomea to.Htork'B Opera House, Tliuri-
day Bopt. 14th.
Tho wjono of tho story Ib laid In
Franco, In tho City of Lyons, nnd
the nelKhborhood, during tho jxjrlod
4/t    .I*-;  4'J   * f *. w,
The nnthov'f*. ?m\ Jwdjyroftrt la
raoht fcJIcltiously Bliown In bcIociIiijj
France and thU period lor tho action
of Ills piny, Its omotlotml Btylo In
precluoly of 1U0 nuturo to bo found In
ihut couniry, »nt. \\io oventa itusu *u
progrcaa enabled bim to send bla horn
into tho army and raise him natural*
ly, nnd with a rapidity thnt
wan not at all uncommon) to honor and
wealth Instead of resortlnR to the
old atagoy devices ot •,nuo)ij*«cti*d
fortune''"doath of a wealthy unci*
in India1 and other t*M»n« ad llbit-
ara arid ad nauseam. Any and ev*
ery poallion waa open to a daring
and aucitettful aoldler. Tb* pity la
a reflnd drama which boa railed on
Iti-Avtivi'.c wuvtb lu years coao by for
lu (treat auoceaa.
Tho  memboni  of tho company
loim thl« vr\»i In by no meaiiB responsible
for tbe opinions of tuo correapondonts.)
Dtirknoss in Coal Crook.
To Thk Editou.
Sir, under tho nbovo hnnding I shnnlil like
to draw tho attention ofthe Coal 1*0. to the
mirt'irftljlti ntato of AlTalrH at night in Conl
Crook. Nearly a your linn gone nlnoe a intot-
liitr wa8 hold, a dsimtatlon nppolnted, a petition HOnt to thoQunarul Tilnnngor, throu(?h
tlio local uniifirintendeiit horo, for llKhtfl pn
the streets, HidewiUk*, nnd a lo.nlitiff room,
The riidovvnlkn huve npponrtd, tho rondlii*;.
room Ih on tlio way (altfiouR-h It npom>* lm-
pobbible to have it without the boor) but w«
are Htill waiting for tha Ughtu, tlio most
.Important of all nuked.for,
"VVo'vc waited long, nro wait Ini? still,
They treat no othor folk no Ul,''
Tt linn been abundantly proved lhat tho
Hidewnlks aro unclond, so lonjr as darloHtfw is
upon ns, Numornus inatuunes can bo related
of peoplo fitlliiiK from the path in the dnrkno»s,
l'o show the Ulllloiilly of trovellinir at nlsht.
up here, tho writer knows of n lady and
ffonllemon who uorelonton Bunduy |uvonln«
lust ln atOMlng from ono Hide of tho oreek to
the other, netually standing wftitlnir for tlio
vivid fliuliei of llglitlii*-tu rovoul the path to
1 hem, Hurely *\w\i n ntato of thhias should
not exist, wlien a few linhts would remedy
tho mutter. If they can bo plaood In the
Iiousoh for revonno snroly thoy o>iiild bo put on
the ktrcet for public convenience and thus
rioinnntttrato Ronoronlty,
* 1'robably on thn completion ofthe rending
room some of ns will bo ahargod with imblb*
Ini; too freely of M10 olimip boor. If the lights
aro not forthcoming, Now, sir. I desire al»o
to point out the groat dangor thoro Is of a
fatal nnoldont at the orossing of the trunks
when tho late I ruin onmos in, It needs no
pronhpsy to predlot Unit tome dire cnlumlty
will occur oro long under present conditions.
In nonoluslon 1 Impo that tha eve nf those
Friday Sept. a 5 to Sunday Sept 24.
who oan romody these thing* may scan these
lines nml not promptly, The writer, ln send*
Ing lh*m forth, simply volcon the fooling! of
the residents hero.
I am. Hit,
Yours faithfully,
tx-xe T'WEiXjE'Tia: jivasr-isrxJJiLri
+■ Spokane Interstate Fair JJ»'
OOT033333B  0  TO  IB,  1QOS   ,
'Wonderful Displays of Paln'a.Kamous Pyrotechnics pre-
Bentlnn ''Tho Full <-f Port Arthur" In Flaming Fireworks
Lurffcr Eschlbits In Every   Dopiirtmont  or  tho   Fair
Men's Rulay Ruco during tho Wholo Week. Eipjht Entrlps
The Finest Show of Llvo Stock ovor hold in Wasblnjjton
Mp to date Vaudeville Program E\ory Afternoon and Evonin|r
Beautiful Fruit Displays for DI*.* Cash Prizes
Five or Moro Excltlnjr Unccs Daily
Spokane Kennel Olnb's Blur Annual Dotr Show
Indian VlHago and Indian 1-Uiccb and Dances
Reduced Rates and Special Excursions on All Railroads
   REPRggaHTINO ALL NATIQHt      '    '
•*  "•'    Tha Flnast In tho World
AiiKimt .-i.it.
I. 11414 III44JIY,
Jivinea IjRhtly,
Conl Creek Wlnei,
Conropulnne for Snlo
Write for Proiinum Liot
and Unco Prourain
247-EUftiEaY OLOWMS~24
Herd of Elephants and Cavalcade of Camels
. Cottumoii In -jlanmlitai boJain/olei-J howdahs and oloth
of told. .     r (,>
Brilliant Carts of Gold and Plinth, with
Pullooko Covered with Sllvor Soalea
tf nolianllno. Aooomallchstl. Baaulllul, Lltha and Oraea*
ful Ravtllng Danolno Qlrla.'
IIO\VELT.|\V. PEFJi, Prefliannt
ROR 1. II. COSGUOVE, 8oe, and M«r.
DON^T Buy Lots until you have seen what I
have to offer.      4*      *      *      *      *	
ON'T Send your money away for inve4 .imcnt
when better returns can be had at home.
As a Business Investment or for.a Home, there is no property io
equal that in the NEW LOCATION now on thc market and
    known as „ „_ZZ!	
-•a.    Ttr it' "••»
Oi   f> T"% tt~ax r
T^ERNIE is bound to be the Greatest City in
1^ the interior of British Columbia, and now
is the time to buy. + +   . .   +
New schedule of prices now ready.
Call on or write to  '•—   —   —
New Features, Innovations, Revolutions and Real Novelties
        Paaoratad with favor* and full cf Triumpha ol Every Kind.        •" ■
Free Japanese Daylight Flroworka, Free Horse Shew
Two Performances Dally, 2 & 8 P.M, Doors Open One Hour Earlier
Sole Agent for
DuriVsDIock, FERNIE, D. C.
Tefini that I am now abla io offer puU Jt within the rtach of every man to own hU own Home.
Lii 1.1 -r->TVT"I   Li
Saturday. SEPT 9
OlllttO ItllWK
We publinh ihi-* for the benefit of
tlioite who coiiiemplitio Koliig i. (jun*
ninif, a condcniulion of die >»iimo lan-t
which it would be well to iiucly care*
ftillv before loaJInj-f their puna* for hi j;
Il ii unliwful lo kill nl tiny llm«
quail, pheii«anr, parirlJ^e, mhlnr gull,
ehnffinch, Enell«l. bhichWril, thniuli,
linnet, aUyt-.rk, *w«n, or birds that ent
nCKIMSt (fl«Kt4, V.UVtT, COW Of  C»lf of
enribou or mom*, elk or w.^plfl,   fawn
of Jeer; ewa or Limb of Wjj-hcrn.
The ulii-w-llni*" *.«i»on for tluck, »nlp#,
hiiiiirn, nit-ajow \nrk, heron unJ plover
lupins September inlnnd endu March
For Krou-e, prairio chlcUan, ptarmU
gAii, hull*, of mi'iw, fllr, curlhiio anil
wiipili, riibbll, from September itt to
December .tint.
Doer, mountain gout, torn or h\g
horn from September ut to December
?,jwd oiler nnd ni«r|en from Novum*
ber mt io March 31*1.
The rMj? limit for on* waton ii c
mrilxKi, 5 deer, 1 elk or u-anliiy »
moose, 5 go.it, 3 ihcep, 350 dusk, jjo


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