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The Fernie Ledger 1905-08-09

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■ * v •   ,-\ ,* -- -   '
-*-*•'  -*--.--   -     *
'. v.-     .*
h "
iV~ .*\* *<-.
'*.-     -,V-
-,;'?■ .1
t?Tif *-",'« I-??.,
-4i' .-'
-   *-—f*-***.    *f-"\ *>-" #3.*? ^K? ,"".**
..       , ^"f.vJ7r^rffc<I**--
*"•     -  -&***,' --'■•' ^-•t'» **"-*"~*--^" :"""''•''"   '   '
- .   .■    ■- *-0 *
/ -rv
^'''1^-^'^V i
/_-.;>'• } "%i\
'   ' y/  "AUGli-191)5" " <^7
Vv LUME" Ir",' ^NUMJBER^lj-V'7
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
***-• 7
iV* ■'
L'!' '■•
Local Happenings in and
'*'.'     - >-*—'.—■;—- ) 7.      . ,-'■-,
Interesting- Items ; About  ilany
People You Know. 7 .
.. ::-' --\ •\:>*,r ~
O. II. BeckeVlooked agaii. "at Fernie'
last week '"~r>* ■■     ■- - - y s '-%-.X '-'■'"-
- y     v ...',  *    *.- "Ji - °
Mas ter Pat Gorman", ol Morrissey, is
visiting S. Slum. -.* - 7 \, 'i '„'-' j>-\ - ' _-"_
■■    Mrs.., Whim sterV spent last .week at
Igam'a ranch near Sheep mountain!" -. v
• * • -:'    * - - _.■*
°- J. C. -Kenny, the well-known Ullor
is ill in the hospital with typhoid fever.
-" Mrs. J. R. Pollock will not.-receive
until tlie third Wednesday in   Septem ,
.ber.   :; ' 'v, ■ ••* •     ■ *    '
ContractorjKerr Is fiulshini* the porches at. his hew home ou Victoria ^Av-
eriuo. 7> .  "   "* ' -7-
'   1 *     . 7 . ■•*. vi    ''
• After viewing* his late fire experience
Tom l'bgue will put uo moro insurance
„ on goods.  • -:    ~   . •;> -.-.'--7   ;  .'
Mr. A. R. Shewan^of Montreal,
came inVtast ni^hl and is stoppingat
lhe,Imperial. " '<  ;.-   ,   ,'".
The .Misses' Beck-and brothers of
Coleman are visiting :thcir aunt, Mre
Thomas Beck'.'   *' •■    ,     >"•*   ,--•',,:
- C. C. 'Wright has opened his • jewelry
store iu the buildiug next to Spalding's
photo gallery.-''   ' ■  ■'  *•"      v  „ -
Mrs. Edgar Howe, of Cranbrook,
paid a,yi;>U to her brother,' W. (XHaui-
iltou this week. ,'' ;' ■• -■'     v ,      ,'
* n ■, -.   , --   .*     * ^ i\ -. - (     ,' -   *
The" city council should spend more
money pn street lumps and less on use-'
less legjil expenses;  7        „•."■   -'ii'-'
A. - C. Liphardt' '"went , to Calgary
with tho baseball boys and will bagoho
nntlfSunday morning.-,, 7 "^
Mr and Mrs. Delks of Baihes Lake
are moving to Elko, where they are going tostart a boarding bouse',-
,7 JamesVynllftce'b'ft'a're'tuVhed'fi-om a
, trip to theillftlycon Springs- aiid. the
Cjast much iinpruved iu health \
i y Mr. Ingham has harvested lhe finest
,crop of oat )n\y ihht1 he''; has gathered
since he-first took up his rauch7
-■* -■   '"•**?,    \- ■'     .«*•''
Mrs'.*Harris*entered; action against
the city to day,-foi* recovery of th« uot«
_ttiewtioned_elbewhere iu thia Issue":'
Aid. Tuttle" la"-expected to return-oii
"Saturday"' Since Heaving!, K«rnie; iiii-
mother died at QriuitdaleTMontawa,;"
'   ^     "-'?*. "* - J\—*?,- -' v- **^* *'-L.;".-?;.;.^** ' -*•*, ,   '--'■■i
- Complaints, reach' .this; office ■ "atioui Y
the manner'in.which some .people are
.disconnected wheti using,th'e' telephone,'
7 .1. A'.Mc Lean has cold his property
ou Vlc'tbria Ave. to Wm /llttiirtley ■ who
liiteuds to erect therein n'livery barn.
lit iJolm Barber left fo.« Michel' Mon*'
dnyevoulng. .'He will bo absent sovoi'*-
al (lavs looking after prufesbional bus-
Inean..'.' •       -'     • . "I ."77 '■'-
Everybody* "gets7\\rong , sometimes
Ldwery was. wrong-when "he",called
ue^orgie a peach.''. Gebrgie is a ".whole
basUet of peache*. with" their blushing
downy cheeks up. ' \.py--".y      7",  ■
M5ss'''I, .MeAleer is visiting. W." C
Homjl toil's in other' in Cr in brook" this
vei'.k" Upin hoi* return she- will take
a^rfisitioiras saleslady with the'Crovy't*
NeSt Trading Co., Limited. _
. ,,Mrs. Fred Johuson and Miss Mott
left jeBterday to"spend_a few days wiih
Miss" Knisley-who-is "climbing mount-
t.iris„catchiiig fish and breathing pine
online at .Sheep.Mounfains.  ;-   **■'•',«.
> The sign reading Semi-Ready "to ("*e
seen in Clode's window is,"in a sense,
misleading." Customers will find
George always ready with tbe glad
hand m'id'a'welcoming smile. • r
A.'E. Ingham, of Sheep Mountain
ranch, was" in town, yesterday on business,. He reports the whole country up
the south'fork of'the Elk to be on fire
probably caused by lightning.
■ Aid.'Tuttle'isvery ill at the home of
some "of his friends; in' Washington
Slate. • In response toa telegram his
wife.and son left for his bedside, this
morning via Great Northern. - ;
**6iir. genial 'friend Simpson, of tho
Herald, came in from Cranbrook last
Sunday evening to attend, church, but
as'/.wo belong to different .denominations we miss, seoing each other; ''
West bound passenger-No 3 ran' into
a slide near St .Mary's station hist
Saturday morning, derailing the'engine tind three cars'. , Luckily no damage was done except lo the coiv catcher.'-^ ' -> 7 • V ''
■:Mr. Wright^ of the C. N: P. Coal"..Co.
had the water shut off for a'few hours
on Sunday "night in order" tot connect
the new pipe to tho reservoir connected with the main leading from, the dam
above tlie mines. * '',."  \'
Mrs. David John .Roberts died in-the
hospital on Sunday morning; and was
buried on Tuesday from tlie uhdertak
ing parlors of* Scott & ,Ross. She
leaves^ family of seven fatherless children in-England.^ '     ''■-; v" , 7-
\Mr8. A; B; Trites entertained a large
number' of 'her friends,on Tuesday
evening' in'honor 'of'Kor /sister, Miss
.Ail   Si*-!-.*-'.*  Ct^-^l'. «...*-" 'JK, :„.,_-Vf nl>kl,.
-.T1TII4 4l(V_cUI"0|7ill\n4»43i        4111C".-7-l,l-my	
r'7 Wi
A. MacDonald 'wholewilo. grocer of
WinnipOg, was in town yesterday on a
""business.tripund left,, lor "Nelson ,ihi-,
morning. •""' *"   '•'- '....',. ■•;.,
Mrs. Clurles Danis did heroic work
at the.time of the fire, but has. not as
' yet received a1 cold medal or a check
from the city.    ,
Philip Oarosella rccolvbd a cnrlond
of flour Inst week,, It Is stored under
Tmt LiciHiuu-ivliliiU might b« handy in
case of a fclcgo.
An iikHlstnnt to the Jailor is necdi-d
, in Fernie, There arc it priwners in
tho jail, altogether loo many for ono
man too look after.
Wna. Eshwlg exprcts to bo doing
btihlnouB In his now thrnu story llriik
hoti'l in throe months. It will * bo - the
bwoll hotel nf Fernio
'I'hotnt.-} Whelan spout last Frltluy nt
Coal Croak looking nt the new tipple,'
mul shaking ha min willi his munorouK
frlotitltt In that camp,
Tha pbaeock ll a peculiar bird, lli-
Iibh the smnllofit hend and tho luuut
brains comparod to size of body nml
tsil.lfaay of tbo feathered tribe.
J, G, Cunmilngs and pnrly returned
from , Sand Creole lust ni«lit. .Mr.
Cuminlngs reports having mirv-jycd
oomu line limber for Purnlo parllcH,
The Ludles Aid of the MulliodUt
Church are huvliiK tlio interior walls of
oMhc cliurclt treated to a coating of
term cottit colored UalHomlno this week'
The Iinllans, omployiid ny Mr. Old.
Und hi '•xcAvalltiir for the new w.itur
plpua of llie Klucirlc Light and Potter
On., strui-l; for liiglioi'-wu((0ti uu Monday.
Mr* It. Little, Into Mtimger of the
•/», ' r>    '  <     f   \ \ ' »»i » <     I.    t '  <
iVli)     C/>Ct,fc    ijl'.l*    lUl.lMI    M.iMl'I'U,    <A
nti»ppUi_g rit the Itinflr -Rilwnnl "!!e
lntciuls io rcinnlu ponnHtieutly in
Teriile-"'^-" v.. {    '-.'■:'>'
The rittichcrs or'llie Koolenny Vnlley
nrc nlvJut through haying ntid ri't-ort- u
geoJ .crop. HarvBi'iing opcrjituiii-.
were not interfered with to any. extent
by rain.
Min lUnjierm-tiV aiid Miss lMln, ol
Porta-fe tt prairie, who havo  hero
seeing the lighti of the fair -.topped off
Bsturdsy to ipoud a day or two with
- the Whimitere,
Mim Mary Swconn- ubo lias been al
the Central H>>t»?l for the part two years
leaves on lhuri.il«y for  Moyie .where
' she will take charge of the St. Eugene
bomding houw.
loavo'for her home Jhiswebk accorap-
anied'bv.Mrs. TriteB.:"7? j •"''    ' * - *
j-JRey. T..Allen•'-.Mopre,''Associate scc-
"■Wuy"Vf 'thb-'-Dbminlori'Lord-s/Dof"
Alliance will be.in thir city Monday.*
and will address the peopleinf Fernie on
behalf of the .-'Alliance, in the ovoning
at thc,Methodi*-t.Church.'V
Oiv Sunday; the" b.isobair game-be"
tween Coal Creek nnd the Fernio boys
i-Ciiilted in a score of 8 to 6 lu favor of
tho letter.' Tho attendance was verv
email,ss indicated by Ih'c. gato receipt*
which amounted tb 505 only.
- Rev. Robson chose for his subject
last Sunday-evenirtg, "A Wilful! Failure" taking his-lext frorn ' 2nd Chron:',
i2tb and. ist. He bandied bis subject
in an-intelligenl.manner making it an
easy matter, for bis.hearers to apply the
lessbirto every day life and its needs. •
.Mr. J*>-H. jBrownle'e, ,of Montreal,
who travels in the interest of ^Infamous Semi-sReady Clothing Co,, of;
thaf'city.'.is injown tryingl0' keep ,up
with,George Clodein the pleasant pastime of yarn spinning whilst he books
George's order for, a'car load of Semi-
.Readys*. ___'" .< ■ '' ■ ':.
k:'Ex'.wU!;S..-Senator George Turner,
onjpokune, and Mr. B. W., Laylon
and wife, of Ohio, came in over the
Northern Monday night and lefl nexl
morning over the C. P. R. * for Cranbrook ~ai.d* -Marysville when they are
heavily interested in mining and sinelt-
ingoperations/ .   .
F.- R; J. Fprster. of tho Sparwood
Lumber Co.,'was in town Saturday.
They arc running the* mill steadily,
and turning out.20,000.feet* per day
They arejuuployiug forty-five to fifty
men. Mr. .Fcrster says tho market
has not been so, good as^expected in
tho spring, but he hopes for better demand this. fall.. ^ ,   -
- Senator George Turner, - of Spokane,
came in Monday evening on his way in
Marysville. lib was "accompanied by
Bruce Clandeuing of Spokane and Barney Taton.and'wife, of Ohio. The im
mease copper d'-poi-its on White Fish
Creek not far from Marysville arc.
gradually,, attractiii** capital to that
seotion of tbo country. 7 °
,"'D. Frnycshleen, Consul-General to
Canada from Austria-Hungary arrived
in.town from the \ve*.t last Friday and
remained over until Saturday evening.
He is a-.very pleasant gentleman ..to
meet. Messrs. McEvoy, Driiinan and
other officials spared no pains in showing ;Jiim-the big ' tipple and other
features of the great'mines.* ' *..„.-<.
- ', Dan.' McNeish, proprietor-of the Elk
Hotel at Elko is a genial as. ever and
spares, no pains" to^'make -you ..feql at
home while under his roof.'-. His ambition" is to keep .abreast .of the limes
a-     - -..*.-. -   .f1       * *
and bo \ has'  under contemplation   extensive'improvements id the  property.
isfi.t- nnT.—n-f^ v\. \t~ vv Oi \i —1141111—1' CI IJ 14*1 IC*.
an"d js'alWays'glad.to sec us.     " *' ■ ;■'
Groat'progress is being made'-* at the
Elk lJiii]luor.Cb's mill-. -Tho^yards are
•heiiig t0'lV.fy flmyd wirtiilHWier pllei
i.5. feet.high and later they will be
built higher - The yards are being
filled in, and tho gfpnnds extended
Hcrses.flrc m-ed to draw )u niitr on this
tranis.f Now-is ,i„s:o-*d tinm for tho
goyannnont to do some cribbing on
the Elk near this great mill,
In taking up the. editorial pen laid
down last week , by ^Mr.' Lowery we
confess to doing soiwith'inisgivings fis
I*.) our ability lo successfully till sucli a
position.',      , ■- ; '-'
.j Our intentions are good,but we realize that good inte'ntionsxlo not always
ripen into good fruit. .The business is
new to us and we trust'that". an indulgent-public will' temper its criticisms
with charily. We baveJtio long list of
promises as lo policy, j Politically we
shall endeavor to be as far as possible,
independent. As our field is a local one
we shall endeavor to demote our elTorts
to the building up. of :local enterprises
ami interests. In municipal-affairs we
*.I-all ;>t all times contend for what we
consider the best interests of our young
city. .*     , '*l „■    ,
Hoping lhat our efforts may meet
with the approval of our readers we
present to"* them the first, issue of the
Fkrnie Ledger.    D. Vi Molt.
1- "- <         =T*|. '     -
tAftcr making an analysis of the water now being uupplibdiby.theC.N.P.
E. L. &P. Co., Pijrf;*jftirkerliof the
University of Manitoba, -Winnipeg,
Writes as follow: '.'From these results it. would seem that the water is
nnconta'niinated arid uiaY be used for
drinking purposes, but I would' sug*
gest that' it be filtered before use
on accuunt of the',.. considerable
amount ot "matter In suspension."
What transpired atjhat meeting was
withheld from tho public until the * following Saturday evening' upoji the
pretext that it would be -wise to do so
until Mr. Lindsay's proposition could
be laid beforelthem in writing. 'Lindsey left the city;*, the day after th'e
secret meeting aud tho presumption is
that he reduced his proposition to
writing before he left.
This peculiar and ridiculous proposition follows:   -
Found Somo Diamonds.
*.m; -   1    '-* ,
Miss Maggie McLeod.of Cranbrook,
passed through FeniibWast week on
liar way home from the,Portiand fair.
While in' Portland, she'visited her
sister, Mrs. George {'Minieliy ; also
her-sister iii. Yakima. Mrs. D. Mc-
Phail.' In one of the.dressing rooms
in the Oregon'buildings-she found
$700 worth of dianipnc(s which were
claimed later by a Portland lady.
Arthur T. Claxton, well known (o
Fernicilcs has taken a position with H,
P. Eckardt &-Co., .„wholesale grocer,*-,
of Toronto/and expects to bo shnkine
hands with old friends in Fernie early
In September,,' Success to yoii A.-T*.
• A P Chonnotrn, of Marysville, wn«
n pnsnengi>r on tho dolayod train nf
Rnt.urdn.v ond sto'.'.p'id, off here to, slink.•
hnnds'wlth old frlondH.*. Ho was r'ntnrn-
in« from o visit to <.ntario and report*.*
booming crop prospects nil alon« tin*
P II. Unlo, Ex M. P ,' hns returner!
tn spend a fow dnys at tho Cedar VAlloy
Mill'befnre lonving for Mexico whon* ho.
gpoH to look nfter some valunbln tlmhor
eoiiTPBHlons In whloh bn, G. \V.- Fowlnr,
M. P. for Sussex, und others aro liitcr-
I'ftted,'   '
'•; Tony Cnravetta m»t with quite nn
accident on Saturday Inst while dallv-
orlng good*. ITIb bono ran away,
throwing him out of tho'rig, cuttlnu
him about the hfsd nud Injiirlnir his
buck. Hohbprs lo bo Hi-omul ngnlu In.
n few days. '
' Mr. Jatnns Wnll^cals back nt his
old post after a.vacation spent nt the
oosst. H« roports IhlngH as rory quite
at Nftnnlmo , Many of tbo mliioi-e
are leaving lit search nf work at oilier
cnuips and the merchants are feeling
rntlier blue  ,
A. W, Pilficid, of Winnipeg, ropre-
lontlni*, Foley," Lock-S* Lnrsnn, whole*
sale grocers, is iu (own and reports
hilling upld fourteen enrn of groceries
in Spokane hint week, The American*
are "gelling on" au to where to buy to
bottt advantage.   ,
Mr*.  Jo*.   Alex,   thn  well known
i **»;**vl^,n ""erfl^Ti ♦'-od^'**' ,t*b.'-' bi'* p^ld
foods'In Hn, fnr tlm pn«t M ynsrs,
loft Fornlo Inst wook fnr her home In
the Jloly Land. She li broken iii
health nnd gave up hsr work of toll to
go borne and die,' - j; . • ,.
ti, v>. i.t.T tut tint* tti)«»n» nmi jihj
father him 80 scrri* of fall wbest ou hU
rsreb 18 miles oa.t o( Nantou that will
average 85 hu. yoitxr.to. 'fill** Ins little
r»y of •nnshlne breaking through tin*
dome clouds of twAx* thnt has mude'
Gnortttm future lnoV fft hlrtrlt
A. F Geddps, Qen. Ajfcnt In Kait
Knotensy for tha Great WM. Life
has written tflH.OO) Insurance In the
1<st four wf-eke for hU company, Un
left for tho west today and fa tiu.lior.f
ed to lakeinbiirlptlor.BforTiikLsoaun
and glre receipt* for the »auie.
Mr. John Molt,   one of the school
trustees of-Elko school informs us  that
' .. ^      . -i   n ...
the trustees have secured from the
KooU'iiay Viilley.Co. and, the! C. P/R..
a' whole block (2ao by.^oi), feel,A beauli
fully located for school purposes'.' The
above named companies have donated
this site and as soon ns the titles have
been recorded Superintendent of Education Robinson promises to begin 'the
erection of a good school building, . "
,' Sonntnr Tonipleiiinn stopped over in
Femlo a few hours; on- Monday, and
mado in a friendly cull. He hns'not
been home sliice'Decomher last and na-
turnllv Is anxious to he In Victoria ne
noon lis pni'slblo, JTo lutonds visiting
the KonrnimyH again during lhc sum
mcr and wo hnpo to fco more of him,
Ho wa*t vary agreeably Mtniiised to
meet our Mr, Mi'lklc, w' om he linn not
•won"for thirty years. Wbib* tin* Sonti*
tor wiih edi»ln</ the Oiizi'i'e nf Almonto,
Ont , Mr. Mclklo wnH ill-ti'll'iitlrtf*- mall
in tbo pnst-nllicn, ns lio-w m* nt thnt time
neslstnut noat*mnstt*r In tlmt town.
The kindly spirit pprvnding the
letter-of Mann-are.' Poncc-ck, . of the
Dominion Bccurlt a Coi'ivinitlon I/d;,
to our city onnnell nrouai'd n kindred
feeling in our \xmxtil. B<x muoli aa
thnt. one itrrew cttiiima to know who
theso p!il!nn.hroi<lo permit* who num.-
(est such nn Inoi-dlnato luti-roBt in our
Rinvor HVslt'lll. nf the pxiwiimi nl our
water plnnt. wiri», Wh,* imniWi'd h
pnRtngoMjiinpnnd ini,(.',nvelopp.nrnl a
»lie»»t i-f paper and hk a result wo
refer onr rendi'mtoilincnrd-iif the
Dominion Seourl'U'S Ocrporatinn to bo
found bnlow, -
Thotownof Fernio Vas, incorporated
in accordance-with aiu^greement pro
viously entered into betwaau tlio people
of the tQwnupon thVnne hand, and tho
Cro^'s.Ne.t Pass Coal,Co.^on the otherv
the-Feruie Board*of Trade and the Coal*
Co.:by Mr. O. G. S7Lindsay, general
rnanager of the; Coal Co. This-Incorporation was consummated by theLeg-
isTRtrfiro pai-sbig ""an: «*fV iivflccOrdance
with' the above named agreement
, The act secures to ■ the Crow's Nest
Electric Light &, Power Co., a subs!
diary Co. to the Coal Co,, all the' rights
which thoir charter ns a Co. confpred
upon them .Including the right to'use
the streets and alleys of the city for the.
pur-j-oso of .laying water-pipes and
e/ecting telephone and electric light
poles, but not the exclusive right to dn
.so, tin il was understood that, if tho
,city .ao desired, thoy could put in tholr
own water plant, Tho principal
reasons which actuated the people In
thiB incorporation movo was that thoy
could put in a-water and sewer system
lioth of which wero urgent nocossities.
Tho water sy-tom tu uho at the time of
lho disastrous flro a year ago last April
provod a delusion aiul a'Bnnre, and
whun the' fl.ro fiend came upoi. thorn
tli'eywore as helplces ns babes lo the
haudsof tho demou. -7   *
At tho mooting nf the Board of Tnide
hold u few days after tho fire, Mr,
Lindsay, in answer "to qucHtinim. from
Mr. C''oo,m(.do the following htatomant
as roportud in tho Free Press of May
Ulh, 1001.
Mr. Croc asjwd Mr, Lindsay what attitude tho company would take towards
tho municipality on tho wator works
system, Uu understood tbat the municipal act conlnlnod a clauso by which
a municipality cntild bo obllpod to purchase an existing water svstotn from a
private corporation hoforo it could con
struct nue nf its own. Considerable
discussion folio wed nud Mr, LliuUoy
allnved all fears hy assuring the Hoard
town tbey would never force Itu sale
upon thorn,
Tlio caps In tho quotation aro onn.
JIh also itatud that his company "were
always prepared to moot thorn half
way In anything Hint would further tlie
general Intoimtt* of tlm town."
Ai tho waler supply for the town had
Iiimii the mnln'Nprlng of nit Inn which
brought abiiut Incorporation it was
from tlmo to linirt r|lN«'ii««nd within and
nut of the Council until a bylaw was
frnuti'd tali ing thn iimiiiiI line*) to.nlher
with one fur a Hewer HVNtum uutliurf/.
trig thn idly io borrow JflO.OOO for tlio
wiiter H.vstoin, and $I0,U0U for thu newer
Theso b,vlawH wore suhmlitnd to the
voters for ratification on .Juno Hnl lant
Fermb July 4th. 1905
Dear Mk*. Mayor
As a result of tho conference
which 1 had the pleasure of having last night with you.solf, and
all the members of the municipal
Council in Fernie, 1 am disposed
to make the following- 'suggestions for your consideration:
Please understand that these
aro mado subject to the approval
of my Board of Directors, but I
think that you may confidently
feel thnt the Directors will' endorse whatever I suggest."
Thero is no use, in a communication of this kind entering into
the merits  or  demejits  of  the
present water controvo_r8y_j""-Suf
flee it to say that, two water systems will not pay either party in.
Fernio. ; As wo hove a system;
and are unwilling to sell it.Vam
prepared to make  the  following
proposition, in consideration   of
the Municipality refraining from
installing a water service, durhig
the period covered'by this agree-'
ment, '
1. I will furnish free water
for as many-fire hydrants at-, the
Municipality cares to attach to
our system, the Municipality to
purchaso*the existing hydrants.
2. I will furnish frce^ sufficient
water to flush the sewers,, provided the amount required is not
excessive I should llko to bo-
advised what the water- require-
- ments for thia   purpose. will   be.
but do not anticipate any difli-
. culty in eiving you all your requirements.
,3. I will furnish water from
the hydrauts for street watering
purposes, at' tho rate of $10.00
per month per hydrant.-     ,   ,
4. 1 guarantee to have, before
the 1st of October, an 80 lb. pros*
B" sure-water   service "throughout
the thickly settled portions of the
Municipality *" *	
-5. - Lain  prepared  to ecll  all
our water system in the City of
Ternie) at the end "of ten years,
from'the 1st day of July, 1905, at
a-price to be fixed by arbitration,
if tbe parties cannot'ngree. ■ The
jMnniclpality ig not to be obliged
toTako,oyer any po_r,tioii7)f the
'waterserviceoutsldo'ofthe Municipality," and-1 "will-free "them '
v.frora-any bonus which the.exist-
" ing^statutes would require them,
to pay.-.f6*;.tJve;p,y,r*)Q86..o[. taking;
over thc service.   "'■   '""■'*'-" •*•
-.6.' By that time your will prob--
ably wiah to  bring  your  water.
As Seen from Different Points
'   .   '    Toronto,UU. July, 1905.
Calvert Varty, Esq., ,,     ,
City Clerk, ■    .
Fernie, B C,  *      ^ - . ' „ c
DearSir:—" • '~
WaJind liop«d tolinve made you an offer
for the fioyiOO, 57,30 year bonds of thovity of
F4irnie, wliioli you ae iidvcrtisiiiB for Kale, but
regret to say that up to tho present we have.
been unsuccessful in gettlnt; our clients Interested, altliouRh wo mov possibly yet be
ablo to do so before tho time for receiving
offerd expires. If we dn not succeed in putting
in au oii or, nnd you do not succeed in getting
whatyon'con*-idci a saliofactoiybid for tbem,
say, anything better thnn par, if vou -would
give ua thc refusal of thc l-oiids'forn slut
time, say a fort-night or so, we think we could
sell them to advsmtape for you, and possibly
at a considerable premium over par. The fact
is, there are so many municipalities askinf*
for oft'ers for bonds of this sort at present, that
our clients are Rottlriff tired of junking offers,
because it tii.ie» tiim* toiuvu.itiijatuoiid make
up their minds that' the security is satisfactory, and if they >ln thin, they want to know
that they can get the bonds if ll><.y dti'jide
favorably, so that it is much easier to sella
bond Bucti as this when a fixed pi ice i. state i
that will be accepted, and when the intending purciiauer knows ihut lio can have the
bonds at tlmt price If lio decides to purchuse.
If, therefore, you do not get a satisfactory
offer, or ono that you think worth accepting,
wo will consider It a favor if you will ari-anpe
to give us thu refudual of the bonds in this
way.   ,
• Yours trulv, *
P. S. We would like to havo a list in any case
of the names of those who tondered,and thu
prices offered, as wo keep u memo of all such
matters for future reference, and for which wo
onclose a stamped envelop. Kindly lot tu
havo this by return mail.
- . G.A,9.&Co.
And the Weighty Matters
that Bother Them
The Medal and the  Checks,
Who Put Out the Fire
Toronto, 17th July, 100S
Calvert Varty Esq.,
City Clerk,
Fernie, B.C.
Dear Sir:—
•. We are just in receipt of your letter of tlio
12IU containing information regarding. Ui«
City of Fernie and the issue of $100,000, thirty
year 5/{ bonds.
, This seems to us a very heavy issue for a
town with an assessment of ouly a H*M« over
half a million dollars and a population of
slightly ovor 4000 and we are-afraid that tho offers you will get fur so large an Issuo will bo
dUsappomgly low. If it were possible to issue
only the ?40,(X» for sewers at the present time
and defer the water work issuo till somo
future ouo.tbion, woare of tha opinion thatyi u
would be much moro likely to receive satis*
factory offers. We think \\tin view will bo
concurred in by most bond dealers. Wu do
not feel that we would care to mako an offer
atthepreRent'timefor;100,oooof thoso deben*
turea.    '
If by any chance it should happen that tho
Council finally deoido to issuo only the l'40,000
for sowers we shall bo glad to hear from you
further and to do whatever we can in the
One suggestion I would make and that is
that you have tho bonds Issued In dcnomlna-
tlonsof either $500 ortl.000 instead of J1O0. This
is altogether too small a denomination for convenience and you will tind that most buyeis
object to taking a lot of bonds of a very small
denomination Instead of a smaller number of
a larger, denomination. It is customary to
have bonds issued in denominations of eithor
1.100 or $1,000 and people object to unnecessary
ohangcB in such matters.
Yours truly,
\    li. K.-PEACOCK
,o Manager.
supply from Fairy cruek, and I
will undertake to give you-an
easement for use of right-of-way
.from the bank of the Elk river to
tho limits of the Municipality, as
then existing, provided tho "route
is left to the selection of this company, I may say in thiB connection, however, that I think it
would bo well to dotermino what
this route shall be, because of
possible settiomont along tho
projected lino of this easement.
I am not prepared to mako any
undertaking In regard, to water
ratoH, further than to say that
the ni-ppont rates seem reasonable
and l do not know of anv reason
why thoso rates should 'hi, tho
future bo Increased. I think you
mny safely roly upon It that thev
w,ill not bo Increased.
If tho ratepayers should wish It
lam prepared to'undertake that
the water to supply the town
shall como from above tho Mines.
Yours truly
.General Manager
Children's Benevolent Society
Thu transparent attempt to eidu trad,
tho wator by-law and go' on with the
sewor Hystom Is Hufllclontlj exposed by
the action of Jainos McLean, coko oven
foreman of tho Goal Co., In bis motion
to quash tho wator bylaw coupled with
tho Peacock lottor advising the council
to go ou with thc sower systom, a non
producer of rovonuo, and to drop tho
witter by-law, tbo only producing assut
left to tho city,   A glance at tho Hat of
Oiliccrs and Directors of tho Dominion
Socurltle.i Corporation of which  Mr,
Peacock Is manager speaks volumes upon thia point,   Tbo only thing lelt tn
tbo frlondu of municipal ownership of
the wator oysloin to do was to movo thu
quashing of the sower bylaw upon tho
Name grounds as those sot up by the
(rleuds of tho Coal Co.as to tho water
bylaw.   This was dono and as a result
both bylaws will bu wiped out leaving
the situation as It was in the beginning,
The weather was ' fine,* the park
grounds were* finer "and the ladies
were superfine as they dished out all
kinds of sweetness at so tuuclia dlBh.
'- Mrs^Sievensl'c'dffee'Wa's up^to'lhe
standard, that is to say-it was ef tbe
best. '7,
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay's kindness in
placing the beautiful park house
grounds, and the kitchen of the bouse
at the disposal of the ladles was fully
appreciated by everybody,
Mrs. Rookes In her tent had tbe
palmiest time ot the whole1 lot.
Mr. McEvoy ran the side show ot
the occasion and gathered in $46.50
for tbe children.
Rev. Mr. Dunn, Abo Joyce and
others punished Aunt Sally severely
but she stood it without a mdrradr
until the end and wore a happy smile
In hor shady countenance through
the wholo show,
Our reporter wandered up to a par.
tlcularly attracting booth und asked
the dark-eyed black haired lady in
attendance for tho name ot her particular brunch of the entertainment,
Oh, this Is tha Del lent—cut. He
stuck right thero, hot having his
dictionary with hi in and wont it way
with a mixed notion m to names, but
a clear conception ot tlio sweet tilings
to be had at (lm, tnblo.
After the  minutes of the previom
mectinp had been disposed of  the  ap- ..
pointment of .7. W. Nunu as city dork
was confirmed.
A letter from the Bank of Commerce
was read, asking that thofr tender be
returned unopened.   Request grautcd.
The city solicitor advisud tliu rupta!
of the waterworks and sewer bylaws
in cousequeuce of the injuctions served
on the city, and stated that good
grounds to upset tho by-laws weie
shown. He wns instructed to tako immediate (steps to havo bylaws repealed.
The resignation of J. \V. Nunu a*
city auditor was accepted, as he bad
boon appointed city clerk.
The following letter from Mrs. J. K.
Harris wns read.
August 2, 1905.
To the Mayor nnd City Council   „
Gentleineu—Lsst October upon coming tb Fernie to engage in the life insurance business I discovered tbat tbe
cily license for outside agents was $50
for six mouths.    Not wishing  to  pay
tbat amount uut of my own   pocket  I
arranged with Mr. Rcnnle to hold the
matter in abeyance until I could   communicate with aud have my company
adjust the conditions by appointing a
local agent.   To show good faith J goto - •
Mr. Ronnie a  note for t5J  with  the
understanding tbat it would be  returned to me when the local agent was
appointed.   My company immediately
had Mr, Mott appointed their Fernie -
reprcsentacive,   ana   it is ' under  bis
licence that any insurance done in tiiis
city  has been carried ou.   This note
has never been rttuincd to me, and I
request its return-without further delay. , ■ * .    <
Yours respectfully
Mre". Jenuie E. Harris
Mayor Stork said tbat iu his opinion
licence bad been issued iu which opinion
be was upheld by Aldermea Wallace
and Robin.    This note was endorsed '
by R. T Lowery.  When the Lodge account for somo Si6 was reached, Alder-
men Wallace and Robin both said that .
~tire~iSoteTbenciiurijedlip~ligalnBt. tfier ac~^
count. Robin said it was just a scheme !
to' got the note back.     They sowed
Lowery and the uote should be charged '
up-against him.' -Aid. Wallace stated
iliat*t.gwfcry' ahtrttld- pay the Council.-
tho balance.
t i*  ,
The financial report amounting to*
SL'250.57 was placed before the Council
Ainont'sl the Items was the school board
requisition for $500, a detailed statement had been demanded but was not
forthcoming. The City Clerk who is.
also .Secrotary of the School Board ,
promised tlie necessary statemeut Id
future and the amount will probably
bo passed at next meeting.
Tho committeo appointed to canvas
for funds to reward the firemen and
others, decided not to solicit subscriptions but leave tho list opeu until Friday night for any more contributions,
' Tho following accounts were sub*
City of Fernie KOO.OO
lknk of Commorco . 200,04
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. 100.OJ
P Burns and Co. 100,00
Fort Steele Hiewing Co, JW.OO
k.o.cox r„ ii, mor*
ix. ..Airruv v, \y c.ny.
j.n.navt&iin uvmu.i.
llKV.J.VfntA, P, |i,. F, C.TAVI.OH
SmT.W.TAYf.On .?, I.KIU.S-'Y
\V.*>. llinxlHNS. Tirn jiir.'r
UiftHitcr -St'iil.r*«l Diiiu-Ii
The citv chirk was Instructed to ad-
vi-riii-it- tor l-iiiH Inr ituiftt doUenturi'H
which liu did ttiroii^li thu columiiioftlio
"Moiiuiarv Tlinui"
On thetthof .luiif, n committee of
thu council wrote Mr, Lluds.<y arki-itr If
he would it'll lho wider ty-tli'iii wlllilii
I 4V'I- *7.;i   4114414'* «4U*. ii tit '-v. ftUftl  4J«44C.
lio a'ti-.wer<id on the 8ib of thn name
month hh.vI|!v;"tiut Tii«(i*eUPA»f woitr.n
.jot war. tm r.vTitaTAiM soon X rnoro
HITlOV.    I   Wll.f.  IIOWKV-ftR SUM. Vol)   TUB
IIVnUAVW," v ;
On thn 8rd of .fuly, whl1i> thi countll
■ioh in M'ioloii -.Marnian ..(•rrhmer In-
imino-l ibai httAy thnt Mr 1 .inilwy had
lust arrlvvd In town from Hwittle, and
H-oul.l bo fcuvlu-,' tho n»*xt day for Tat-
nnli) aud thnt Iih would like lo nor* th fin
In hii oflk-f ai ha had some Important
tni4>|ii*it« waiters to dlMiuwi with them,
Upon motion they sdjournrd to meat
I.lndsoy as rcqumtud _ and remained
deleted witb biiu until midnight,
Miss M. Philips guoxtiod the number
In tho cake contest within three, Her
guoi-s was 2100, and It was 2-103,
Ono old duffer who should bo ablo
to distinguish saw-dust by tho smell
got Btuck for $2.00 for a qanrt ol this
article dono up In a long slender pint
hag with laco trimmings. Ho is consoling himself howovor with the
knowledge of the lact that he would
still bo $3,00 poorer if the lmly had
said "-Jfi.OO |il«aso" in tlio wiine tone
of voico alio used whon «hu wheedled
him out <*>f his two dollars.
A, H. Triton and Mr. May, whlln
resting   the iiiiiroIoh of their hrma
after  trying  to    drlva   tho   pipe
down Aunt Bailie's throat, .lovcm.
North Star Lumber Co.        nroand the bean Jar in n   vain en*
Tt-'iiilo at Eiku last WcUnebUuy our i deiivor to get, thu unke at the ratu of
reporter looked tlirougd tho planing iei* c*L',il--■ * fUc***
plant ot tho Nortii Star Lumbar Co,
nnd had tx pleasant chut with Mr.
Tho ladies would lmve coaxed a
n'okol out of tho pocket, ol Kostetl
,i ,. , . ,8age blmuelUfholmd been on the
Agnew tho manager oi the ooi.ooriJ.'ffronndBW,ththnrmnph M,h ,n Wf
Thoy ware just loading tlio flrnt oar jpans,
a dmird lumber (or tho prairie!   Thelwocdltor, wer6 ohlimd (0
country.   Thoy hove unloaded half shako each other violently whon they
n million fret of rough lumber from met atone of the ice cream tables,'
Bank of Commerce, for coin $20,00
A C. Liphardt, engraving $5,00
The following recnivml a check fnr -
$211-2V Vi Wildnmii, C. HurrnwH, V,
IIhhh, II.U Lock hart, I1. Kuminer, W.
n»l<lory, J. Morrison, W. Sutton. Abu
Guiiilioii, I. II. Poolit, Alf. I-'iirllcr. II.
A. Wilkes, \Y. McKenzie, W. Harwood,
W. ItnyuoMs, 8. WaUorii, K. Wrlg^loi-
worth, Alex. Hamilton, John Turner,
II. Hammond, Sam Ervluo, N. Clullaml
Howard Uyau, Wm, Couucll, Ju*,
Kenny, II. SHltur.
II. Lookhart was prnsnnlcd with a
ifold medal for bravery at the late (ire.
The Health nllluei-'d report wa-i ra-
Chief Walker stated that 4 Rcnv^n^er
win visa I v t) uln.in up tbo c ly, mid
Hpiillcationxffir tin rii:iiijv,il of nigl"1
sell Will hn asked fnr according tn
■ Mr Ciwiuil midnpniiulrlijRas to hit)
asHossnicnt for Itt'W while hU ut-l'-lib,,*-
wsh only ssieiseil for Minilar property
70-,), He did not kirk at his own rule
but wanted to sh* tiiln^n equalbci'd.
(31 ty englneor's accuunt nf SH'J 7« win
referred to tha Hoard of Works and th-v,
I'ltv »«rii»lni>i.r i»of hit ill»mUo*tl.
Account from llcrclnner and Hetrh.
in r.t lur i J (Mim1 *A tin) *«.$ u li'.l ii/
thu Mayor and was paused.
Several pollen si-coniita for constable
work at the lire were sNo panned.
Ni-xt meoiluif ou Wodnusday, Aug
It was. in all ways, the uiost ioc-
cenaful entertalumctit *vir givi n bv
thr Lndiei*' Honevolctit Souletv, biit
that dnsen't moan that their next effort won't be Hill batter.
thu Moyie Lumber Co. much of wh.ah j and trouble was feared, bat hostilities -,   The cronudi looked like a min
was a vory ftuu quality of tamarao
nnd pln^,
This institution w'll employ about
30 men and is provloijr a boon to our
plucky little neighbor at the western
foot of tbe Rocky range.
went no further.
Them was too mnch sugar, Uw
much ho ami loo roach lemon In the
lemonade sold at ten cents n glais
Mr*. McDonald turned In over $10
iaturo "lalry land"in (ull bloom.
The Ladies'  Dcntivtilent  H-sUy
iiimvvpr lo Mr. Routh'u imnli-nr riv-eia
for aid, was in the „'m\*> of n J'ilO
God b.t-i-9 tho Kiviiv an I may .tin
Children's heme have as man*/ warm
in subscriptions from the miners, uud. • f, k.n-l» iu «*rerv city, town sua Uam
there is more coming." I la ti the province.
*f '**>>'.:•
..% .'■,« WI4WJJ1.W4|lww*^^W*ii.l I 11. ,Ml
■•;7*7,-: >'V'7'"""'
'* ■  • ■''. /"'o    '■- * '    '
/r*>:?e-<A^:- ' :
&7je Sfemie Zeogev
_ ' Issued'every Weinesda'y ' at Feline, B. 0.
S-abeci-iptioii ?2 ft year. Advertising rates on
eppli;atlOJi. _
P.V-ilOTT '    G. (J. MEIKLE
E<jjtor - ,   Matineer
The more clay in a man ther more
fce^uoals when you  tell  bim the
The nobil'ty of a man can always
be known by the manner in which
be treats women.
There are some people . running
loose in B. C., who ought to be livine
in a plaee where the' "windows are
barred.   „
Curs and cowards are ever ready
to strike a woman, especially when
there is a puck, of them together like
» baud of wolves.
Feed taffy to some and tbey will
get sick. Spatter them with green
•paint and you Joringotu all tbe latent
villainy In their natures.
The tourlBt travel to Brhish Col
nmbia thia summer has been a ■ rec
ord breaker. It shows the ad van
tage of advertising, ond the good
work eboujd go onr
The Frank Paper'is excited ovei
the tact that the fernie Ledge s'av
ed that the Frank mine is still on
ftre. . Is tne Frank Pnper prepared
to Bwear that the mine is not on fire?
Good Crops in Sweden
Splendid crops are expected over
ihe great partot Sweden as the conditions have been unusually favorable. , Southern Sweden will have a
bumper crop with good, harvest
weather. Gothland and. the coast
districts have fine prospects. Even
poor Norrland is lull of joy and hope
and anticipates that the losses of the
past two years will be wholly re-
trieved this year as everything is
highly promising.
Th© Fate of Shufflers
History 4is   replete   with lessons
showing tbat all public men and servants who permitted'selfish interests
to outweigh their moral sense of duty
found waiting   them   in   the   end
political ostracism it nothing worse.
Centuries ago Caesar - said   that  he
loved treason but hated the traitor,
-^ftnd- 3uAntignonj» rotejif the' bribed
that while their work was cherished
they were despised  even  by  them
who offered the bribe, and by  none
more so.   It is repugnant to the inner
conscience to view with anything but
the most abject contempt and hatred
the men who accept bribes whether
tlie same' be offered in cash or  its
■equivalent. - Philosopher alter phil-
- osopher has written and spoken of
' the positive wretchedness of them
who accept bribes,.   There can be no,
real friendship between the corrupter and tho oorru pted.   So soon as the
endR of tho briber have been accomplished he invariably seekB to rid
himself of tho man whom ho bribed.
Thus does it appear that the, goal of
true success is reached only through
following a straight lino ot duty.
The pocket conscience is soon found
out and proper punishment   meted
put to tho individual who possesses it.
hirafrom a.purse heavy* with gpld.,
The poor, fellow looked at the" two
shillings^and then said: - '. --_ .,
Man, I'd have, gotten tfve "shillings
for takih* yo~tbthe.deadb.ouse.
Lawsou and the Wind Clock
Thonia3 W. Lawson. recently received a shock at his own specialty.
He was driving a spirited horse to a
light vehicle., Having occasion to
leave it In order to enter an - office
building be called to a'street nrchin.
- Sonny, hold my horse? %.
"  Cert, was tbe reply.    What do I
A dollar an hoar, said Mr. Lawson
By tCiftt clGck? continued the lad,
pointing to a street clock in front of a
jeweler's.   '      o ,
Yes,    said   the   financier much
Ail rixht,.aB8ented the boy, with a
sudden alacrity in contrast with, his
previous hesitation.
Mr. lawson performed his errand
and emerged again from the office
How much do I owe yon? he.asked
the boy.
Two hundred and seven dollars,
. What? '
By the clock mister. ..
, JMr. Lawson glanced at the clock—
an advertisement, It contained no
works, but was operated by currf-nts*
of air, and the hands were revolving
with the rapidity of a pin wheel
, I thought Wall streeters could do,
more business on wind than anybody
jlse, pasped Mr. Lawson, but' this
takes my timel—Success.
* Slept Thirty-one Years
Leonora Romaido,, the wife of a
farm hand at Villasciensd,-. near Burgos, lias awakened - from a trance
which has lasted 31 years.
The case has been under the close
observation of medical experts during
the whole of that time, and by their
instructions liquid food was regulM'?
ly administered by a tube placed in
tbe mouth of the .sleeping woman.
At times it was believed that the
woman was waking, and various
means were employed to restore her
to consciousness, but they failed.
She has now regained her senses,
but cannot be persuaded that Bhe has
slept for years. A curious feature of
the case Is that'she remembered the
incidents ot her girlhood* up to the
time that she fell Into the trance.
Her body is tairly weil nourished,
but her hair has turned white. On
being shown a mirror the woman
shrieked with horror, nnd declared
hat the image it reflected was not
her own.
Mount. Ferrii&iQdge No. 47
..   Meets  ev fy • Friday evening* at,
p.m. in.I.O.O.F. Hall. .    ''
-■".,.-. T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
Aberdeen Block,. -NELSON;'
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
«  - ■**>•" ■■-'■ ■■-
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills; Prop.
Head-Office.»  Hamilton, Canada. -_
Capital '* $2^35f0il0      keserw * $2;235;000:
'"' fatal mms*$27,500,000    --;;^J7> -;£_^
Hon. W-Si. Gibson, President.?' 7   ?:>. ■.■.-•""-"■
.."J. Turnbull, 'Vice-President and:Gerieral Managers V; :^ \
A General Banking Business transacted.  Current Accounts opened with Merchant   Maim **.
faotnrere, nnd Municipalities" on the most reasonable terms:     Banking facilities-tfladly,
extended to all persons desiring to open buBiness-or private accounts, **. Special "attention .,.--
given to all out of town accounts.     Interest at Current Itates allowed on Savings Bank '
Deposits from SJ..0O upwards.-     Collections effected in all partB of Canada at l/owast Bates.
Drafts issued, payable in Canada or Abroad.   British, American, and Foreign Ok-alts cashed.
-..•'-•      *      An'office of this Bank has been opened at Fernie% -'"'"-."  *
'■* All Correspondence addressed to the Agent will be personally attended to.   .' "   '.'";".: -
". Agent, Fernis Branch '■ • •»
L. T. VV. - Block,   opposite tbe
Ofiice hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
; L. P. Eckstein
.1 :."■■' 7
Bakrjbtkk-at-Law, - Solicitor,
Cutnfoert Block,' Pernio,- B. 0.
*■,*•       J    When'you smoke'a ciga
see that It Is UNION made. '
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana Ark.' Cigars are Union Goods
made by. - . *
.   Winnipeg, Man.
RenreBentod by QEOUGK 110BT0N.
Substitutes for Tobacco
There are substitutes for everything
--cereal .substitute!"* for coffee, coal
tar substitutes for sugar, vegetables
substitute lor meal—but tbe substitutes for tobacco are probably the-most
abundant and the least adequate of all.
An advertising ae;ent said the other
day thai he bad advertised in the last
len years no less than twenty tobacco
substitutes, all of which, though none
too good, had bad a reasonable success
on the market; llius showing that a
percentage of mankind is harmed by
tobaccos and desires to abandon the
One substitute, the invention , of a
woman, eucalyptus leaf cigar. - Il
smoked freely and left in the mouth an
aromatic, flavor. But there was no
comfort, no more solace  in  it  than a
Dr. Price's
Baking Powder
Greater inleaveningstrength,
a spoonful raises more dough,
or goes farther.
Price Biking Powder
, eHI0AQ0,U.fl.A.
W, TX. Bobs       * J. S. T, Ai.kxandeh
,      Ross & Alexander
•» FERNIE, B. C. '
Office In- Ij. T. W.'Block, Victoria Avenue!
P.C. Dai*>e
Post Office Block, Fernie. B. C ,
Tjr3*TIOn**T. XiA.-B'BXi
Crow's   Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
We can do for you
What you cannot
Do for yourself.
In a Cleveland hotel tho otlior dav'
a manufacturer told this story about
tho lato Senator Hanniu
Senator lla.ma, llko all t?ood man*
aglnff bonds, was continually walking through tils mill, examining
this, watcliinff that—picking- up, in a
word, all sorts of pood ideas for tho
betterment of hla business,
Ono mornlnir. in tho machine shop,
tlio Sonator overboard » little redheaded boy sayt
I wish I had Hunnn's lnom-y, and
ho \tasit. thopoorliou&c,
Rathor amused, tho Sonator returned to his oilico, and ordered tbo
boy to bo brought into bim,
The iittlo fellow camo, and stood,
a tiny, ombar-ruiwcd ilfftiro, beforc
thc ahi'owd and kindly millionaire,
So you wish you had my money
and I was in the poor house, oltV the
Bonator aaid. Well, »up|)ogo your
wish camo truo, whut would you
Whv, stammorcd tho lad, tbo first
tlitou'l'd do would bo to get you out,
This adroit unswer to pleasud Senator llanua that ho rained thn. boy'H
botlle ofcologne.
Another substitute was made of corn-
husk. Tbe stalks of tiie corn were
first boiled, to a syrup and then capsicum was added to give bitterness.." The
busks after being sun-dried, were cut
up and dipped, in tbe syrup. After
their second drying. tliey were P*H UP
in plugs for, chewing and bags for
smoking. Tbey smoked and chewed,
the agent said about as well as could
be expected. **
A third substitute was composed of
gentian, licorice, sassafras, and prickly
ash. This composition the agent bad
feared to try.
Thc mnn had often advertised mixtures for tbe cure of tbe tobacco appetite. One mixture was made of resin,
red pepper, poplar bark, white wax and
beeswax. Another was made of ginseng, red clover, bops, tarred rope,
hyssop, wild cherry bark, pennyroyal
and spruce gum.
These mixtures nearly always cured,
thi-i was bi'cause they who took them,
lhe iiRcnl thought, helped tbem along
■if strong will power.
Provincial Land Surveyor
" . *' * --v- - -     i . ■
Lands and Mineral ClaimeSurveyed
'• and Crbwii Granted.
PC. Box S63,.        Office: Kootenay St., NoIsmi
.BleasfEeglPs, ~
'     Hrygg Ha9
Grftduato of thirty-eight years exporience
Still doing Biisiness
in spite of Blazes..-
Commencing Sept. 20
T   ARGER and'better1 than ever.    Everything   ;«
1-/   new and up to date.    All kinds of. open air   |
attractions.7 ;Each   day, something interesting/ ""'
You will meet old friends there.    Single fare -on
all lines of traveK.   Write for.Trize List.
,   J. E. Ann able, Sec.     ^
J. G. CUMMINGS. "--.
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fernie—■—British Columbia
Catch 'em alive 'o.
Sticky Fly Paper   '   '    . „
Kill 'em dead 'o
Remember this brand of
Fly Poison paper   ■
It is the Best.
.We can take,*the strongest
Facts about your business
And make them into ads.
That bristle with conviction.
We can display them
Effectively without „
Squandering space.
Our services are free
To our advertisers.
Will you let us
Fix up your ads,
Making them ads
'•That attract
And hold trade.
We build that kind.
We are liberal users of
Our own medicine.
It pays us,
■ It would pay you.
Drop in and talk it over.
The Ledger.
(Late aasayer Kelson Smelter)
Gold. Silver or Lead each':.". t-l.co
Copper..,.,-¥1.60 -.   Gold-Silver $1.50
Charges for other metals on application
"PrOr*Jrft*wer HuS
. Fernie, B.C.
Laughlin Fountain Pens
Moore's- •■    „   t;       „
Liquid .Veneer.".
'"     \t    '    FERNIE    '; . "..,:".
First Class in Every Respect
',. MRS. S. JENNINGS,- Proprietiu-ss*  *': '
*t*t ° '.'■';''•"■ S
-g        ..-.        *-...   .-   1" ?  •-.-.     -.- ^ .  1
2 ^9000000000000000000000000000000000000000% J*,
Teacher of the Piano
' (Leacliotizkey Method)
A thorough "training assured each pupil
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs: E. Todd
A I.OHHtifTlirooHlillllnifH
I'Vrbcn Hobtirtnon, tho Kngllnh
nctor, Biiitt in nn nddrottg thnt bo
favored ffonoroni Biilaile» for tbcat-
rlcnl ptiriiirincni.
If,.       T>.V..».lnftM      •*^l^v^     «l/> V-r'*,'|l     ^n
m\0\*       **V**W* nwv.i       **t * x *       •''-••*-.»*       ...
«t*nc«B o. -wlirlei dlngraccfully und^
noedloMly low.   Thnn with a »mllo,
Tbo iiican'miinajrcr to whom I
have been Rllti<Unjrromlnd« me pi a
nmn whomx l\to xvtttx (-i-ivcd from
<1ri)wnlnff. ,     , ,
Tbl» nmn fell ovprbo-trd in Hop-
lin-jfrr»m * firry brnt. It wi »
bltmr dav. Cukcn of -grey ce. Bpit-
r4 In tlie M .ck wntt-r. Nfyerthe-
le** x MjriN-d wbnrlrat plunRCtl beiiJ-
lln«! inio lb" iri-uzinK rtroniw, and
niter tfti ujifiuitj*' ban! work reBcatil
Wlmtrowanl <Jo yon »•*•,*•,*< th,a
hero Rot? Ho »rot two •hlMlnirii
which U.c other  gingerly handed
Otlawn—An order in council has
been passed providing thnt dry, white
lead, orange mineral and dry red lead,
made from lend produced from . Canadian orei and pip lead mndo from Can-
iidinn luillion on entering Can'i-jda slinli
now pay duty on lhe full value of the
ariii-li*. A fow yearn ngo, in order to
enrourago lead mining in Canada, it
was provided that pig lead corroded
from Canadian refined lead should be
allowed entry at tbo actual cost of refining, in lhe one cane and tbe cost of
corroding in the other. Recently n
lead ivfim-ry has been established nt
Trull, B.C. and corroding worlis ut
Montreal, and protection is thus grunt-
ud lo home industry.
Divorce Anarchy
I'he fart Is that in the greater pnrt of
Cnn.ida we have no divorce law nt all,
but a hbeer divorce anarchy. In every
case a new law ism.ido to covorlt, nnd
as Hun.   Senator Ross,   who comes
C il . »f..r-ftlp.r. ^f.4i.(n/'nn ii'linn.
t»*".< hi.     . >-»» '*     i '
thi'v Iiiwt dlvon'r pourli, hiM, « ttnnr
man or a poor woman cunnot secure
relii'fliorcat all. nn mailer how badly
It may be needed, If It be thought
that a sane divoicu court would open
the moor to bcenir, we n*ye t*ut
to point to thesi* same maritime provinces, which are quito as moral as any
olhcr part of the Dominion.
Would Meet him In Uen-ron
A lady of 8o.U6rt.et bewailed the
loss t.t h PMmflwhMt lllbrwl bat ei-
ireujL'ly wealthy neighbor, who bad
been very liberal In bin help to bei'
c-untrv chorltlm., Mr. X li dead,
whufmi'1. He wan m (food and kind
and hel|»ftil to me In all iorttof waya.
He wait iu vutyn.-, \mm fellow, w&
could not know him Id Londcoj bat
we shall moot him lo bearen,
#        PH
Is  offering   as   a premium
to customers
New Crop Now In Mock
Home Grown nnd Importod
Wholosalo (md Retail
Spoolftl PrloeB to Fftrmor's InulHutoB
Thousands of Fruit nnd Ornamontiil Trnes
niiododonili'ons,    Hoses,.   Groonlionie
nnd nnrrty Plnnts
now growing ln my nurMrlos (or
Spring planting
Eastorn prloon or loss, Whlto I,nbor
Vnnoouver, tX.O.
| .1010 Westminster Itond.
■/: ■'..'Cricket. '.■•-.-:■';
Football    :
Example of Ike Walton
YOU CAN PROCURE the neccmary
AIDS and
The Fernie
Drug Store
Let Your
ii *.
flti-anlng Run
Be an Ad In Your
Loonl Papor.   i   i   i
Ttoirln *M\t.
fj&ktif* your ntts ottsn.
Witch runlU,
A good hnili«pi mnn will Invfti-lnbly
bt found* good adwrtlwr.
TlKi bittund siifist w»y lo sm«« pub*
llolty l» tbrough tlu oolnmni of
Tho Ledfloi*
for »T«rjboJy throngb lisrt muds It,
T«lltli«iuluyi)m ad lOinoU'lor ■• '»■
De not U« cotiUnt wllb od* td,   '
Oeaittnt dropping w*»r» «#»y »itond.'
Mill* U • tptcltl (Mtura ol your
toil MM*
U Wilt Pay.   i  i
Philip Carosella
Genoral Merchant
§F you've got a good thing-
push it, don't )et business
fag behind; <■
OR the want of a little effort, of the advertising
JffM can show you how to
P do it, it may take you
by surprise,
0 see the money roll your
' way.   Why  don't  you
—in Tub Ledoer.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The door of the
Has not been-locked for many years.:
The landlords are! always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
■••    prompt attention. ■
Allen & Palmer
1   li l
K Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. o
Ya!  Ya!
Next door to Galuary Cattle Co., Wood Stroot
Work of All Kinds,   rtatt.* noatonitMo.
sfo A SHAVE, 4
^   OR   BATH   ^
••T       ALWAYS 1XHADV AT       ▼
maybe: done without ndver-
tising, so will grain grow
without fertilizers.
Dut what will tho btrvoit bo ?
Wholomle Dottlon tnd Direct Importeri)
of Wlaea, U\xv,t* sod Cigtn.
Dlitflct Agent* ler
Pororonry Cli»rapti|in»
cod SchllU Deer
DlDtnbutori ol
CbatnUriiln ind
PUMtAli Clg*t«
WmTUXtVl    B. O.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.       '
If you aro looking for FiBlilng, Bathing.
IIin.tiMR, Honiiiig or Glacier Oliinblng, go to
Now DeiiVLM* uml Klop a few tlnya, wceke or
niontliB »t llu* NowiiiiU-ltt't Hotel with Henry
Btogo. Homo cookiiiK, nnd thu HnvBt hoverngca
in tlio world, including.wntor. Write or wiro-
for rates.
fjenry %\m
DewmarKct fjetc!
LL." U
fSlnadellRhtrul lo*
* nation and from
Hibaloonloi can la
lien all tlio Ixinnty of
tiie Brand <*>«n«r?
tbat suv-roundi, licjjiij
ImiT oltri o/ Kelson-
It is tE* Jiomi  of
the world. Tliioula*
nlre of m«.U(i
tourist* and IiusItiim
men rronj allpartipf
rid. Tin,
„.„ ..   oerlty,
and every room ti an
enemy te insomnia,
If you need rooms
wliMtt en tut wny In.
louoji tlie wlte and
tbe died Is dune,
P W^       ,**•)    *AmU    *****       \\
Tn TVrnic, in a pleasant
homo for all who travel.
ltt'omH roN'Tvofl by wlrto,
B. TOnPKIN5, nanager
<$ fy ty
T« Whelan* Mmwifirer
Kvery mun ow«» It to hlmntilf and
lii*. family tn inxMler a (r.tde or pro*
fetHlon. KchiI llio duplny advenlf*
qient of tlie-.'ut Morte ScJioolwof Tele*
Krapliy, li> lit.* Inxxt *x\A l*an» ttltc
grapl.y uiiJ Iw ateuretl a position.
»' I
'<.&' ', ' "   .       *• - ..
■.*■>.-";■■"■•*J* ;
r ' Prom tte Roi'sland Miner     . '.
Henry * Bremley Davis, formerly a
well-known character, of the Kootenays,
is In the city from Sonth Africa. Mr.
Davis left here with . Hie" Canadian
Mounted Rifles on January 26th; 1900,
"for South Africa, since which lime he
lias seen ,'many'".strange' places and
passed through- some stirring scenes..
He served in the war and then enlisted
■ ih Baden-Powell's mounted police, serving  in the Canadian Mounted  Rifles
' and in the mounted police for. a period
of two years and nine months. . After
that lie joined his fortunes, with ;Geo.
"McNee,"* formerly <T Kootenay - prospector. They oritfuted in fine style for a
prospecting* trip'on the Crocodile river,
which is located oii the frontier of Rhodesia. They allowed their mules to
drinlcout of the Qrocodile tiver, and
almost before they knew it the crocodiles had eaten two of them. As mules
cost $150 a piece,-which is rather expensive food to give to slimy crocodiles,
they did not allow them tb again drink
from that river.* By good luck and the
assislunceof some Canadians, in lhe
mounted police.they secured two mules
to replace the two that had been eaten
by lhe reptiles.' Prospecting .was full
ofdirticullies. In order to keep away
the reptiles,they had to keep, two fires
liurning, The four natives they had
with; them" kept up the fires while
Messrs.Davis and .McNee prospected.
They were very, fortunate in finding
-gold-dust, and they als"o found enough
diamonds lo make them independent.as
, long as they lived; When (hey returned to .civilization they placed their
gold dust and diamonds on .exhibition
and ihey'-attraclcd much attention and
caused quite a furore, , This led to inquiries, and ihey learned that they had
unwillingly'been -prospecting'on land
belonging to,the British South-African
company. ' The, diamonds and the gold
dust were confiscated. Tlie company
offered" Mr. Davis $5 a day to prospect'
along"the Crocodile river for il, bui. he
refused to lake it, as he, fell'' indignant;
although all th.il he had left, owing  to
' lhe confiscation of the"'diamonds and
gold dust, was $125 and the venture
had cost liim $5:000 and his partner as
■ 'much more.7 , -, '      '   ' '-"
"' M r. * Davis nest went wilh Sir Charles
Metcalfe on the Coast to Cairo., rail way;
ihal was ifi" 1903V During the' lime ho
was engaged on this1, railway, he went-
some 400-miles north of the Victoria
"Falls on- the Zambesi-for the purpose of
""assisiing iTTthe erectlon^ra~telegra"pir
line.   'As fast, • however .as., the   poles
America he sailed on _ the Pleiades to
Liverpool, and from Liverpool ; he; returned to Canada arriving at his- hcime
in Stratford,^Ont., on May, '7th "lasf.
-s*- After spending-a few days with- "his
relatives he-'came-west,* and once more
finds himself'among .old" friends and
associates. in'■_■ the., Kootenays. Mr.
-Davis" says he ha'sno desire to return to
South Africa. He is very fond of active
service when" there is a' real campaign
on hand; and "says that the, only thin*'.'
that would draw him' back to South
Africa'would be iV call, from the king
for volunteers.-•       ■   ',
on business, and was admiitcd  by Mr.
Finney's.dauglilcr, perhaps  live years
oid/-* '-•'""  ■'-"•-
■   Is your father in? asked   ihe-stranger. V   \" '   '■■
No, replied, the demure maiden, but
walk in, poor dying sinner! Mother
will pray for'you.   '.
1   %i
B.-HKVLAN1), EngiiK-or aud i'roviueial
LuiiiTSurveyni.   KAgI.0
" . Some Kittens -
. .Louisville.'.Ky.,—The glory of "the
famous Siamese .twins has -been
ecli-ps-ed.'' Nature has seen-.fit.to perpetrate a fr'eak-tliat outdistances them by
leagues.   "'   " ■ 7*.'    ." -, ,:.  ,
" Seven in a bunch, .kicking, rolling,
crying, and drawing vigorously upon
the maternal font, W. C, Nord, a saddler, has a litter of' amalgamated kittens presented to him by his old1 grey-
cat last Monday'. . „'
—Twenly'.eight perfect little legs, 'soy
en equally perfect heads and seven, liny
tails that* wag ceaselessly as their respective owners vainly try to draw
apart, make a feature on feline life
that it would be" hard to- duplicate.
The kittens are all "united at their anatomical centers,   '
On close inspection, they present the
appearance of a moltled, furry ball, possessed ot some animating principle,
and manifesting the heads of a inultice"
phalous monster, and legs enough for a
centipede. ' Five of tbem are black and
two are gray.       • ' 1
were erected the eleplnnts. would -push:
them down in the night time.  "Finally
. they had lo send to England and have
manufactured, there,   poles  fitted  with
- razor spikes. 1'lie spikes cut lhe elephants when they tried to push them
down, and after that there was, no
more trouble;, -
The Zambesi falls, he says, have a
much greater, fall than Niagara, and
the roar of llie falling water can be
heard', under favorable conditions, four
mili>s Way. Mr. Davis says that.the
Coast to Cairo railway should be completed within the next couple of years.
Tlie bridging of the Zambesi and the
approaches to it presented considerable
engineerihg difficulties, and now the
construction of the remainder of the
road will be comparatively easy, While
building the immense bridge across the
Zambesi nets were spread underneath
the bridge structure to catch any of the
workmen who .might accidental}', fall.
Sir CharkM Metcalfe, the engineer in
chief of the work, was most considerate of hit* men, and was especially good
(oCnn.ulii~.il!-!, of whom there wero '«
number working under him in different capacities*
Lloim, hu says, wore plentiful and
female lions and llieir cubs could frequently be Keen in lhe vicinity of Zambesi fall... They would come nut into
lhe open places In the evening, and the
ihothcrri would watch llieir cubs while
, they gamboled nnd played like tx lot of
Ulttcni, The male lionn, however,
were more ciiiiiIouh and seldom were
uccn, Thev frequently killed the native*. While Mr. Davis who there 11
lion curried off 1111 AuHtniliiiii. Thu
unfortunate* man cinnpod a Utile too fnr
from the rest, and wim pounced on by n
lion during the nlghl.' A spiircl. wiih
kept up for hhn for three ihiyn, hut no
truce of him wiih found. Mr, Diivi* j
killed it lliinen while nc,iri.i.iiibetii fiill*
He win*) uwnkuncd by n noise in (lie
. early morning, and on opening tin- Hip
of his tent ho hiiw three lions prowling
around. Reaching for his gun hu look
careful nim and killed ti large lionotm,
An noon iim the oilier two  heard   the
*h"M tbiM" bnitmtn I <m>tni The uMn Is
ni Strulfonl, Ont,, Mr. Davit.' home,
While on thc Crocodile river he killed
a crocodile, nud told the thin for 11 con-
1 f-lderablc wm.
While on thc tr-rtrch from I.loomfoi*-
tvmi to i'Tcli-Mit,  Lv>i<d  irkiiUiciiU* ui.i'
died and Mr. Davit won appointed in j
hW place.   Ho11 snyw that Lord Kilcli-I
ener in a splendid mnn nnd he wishes,
the Hrillnh nrmy hnd more  like  him. j
Wlif» he wm tcnlded onco l*r*i d KI(ch»
ener doused the burn* with   liiu   own
hnnil-i.   While Mem with hi* 'ofllccrn
tind it |;T«nt dftf.plii.nrinn, when he i*.
off duty he U  thc  klndo-.i-licartod  n»
Mr. Davlu left South Afrkn* on the
15th of November luut on the l'lein.h>
ami went to Huenm Ayres and ' other
port", on Ihe river Plate,   Prom .Smith
' .*'.   "'  Cobalt lu Canndn.0 ,
Mr. W. G. Miller, Geologist of the
Ontario Crown Lands Department, has
relumed from an investigation of the
cohalt.region in tlie Temiskaming _ dis
trict.   '   ,   ' '       ' *
' He says'the-deposits are unique.
Only in Saxony and Bohemia'are.their
lilie only to be. found. "'.
, lhe main findings are about* three"
miles east of Cobalt Station, on the
shores of the Kerr Glen Lakes. There
have been few tales; as lhe owners are
content, to do. their own working and
are asking almost prohibitive prices! .
.There are signs of cobalt twenty
miles'lo the north of.'Cobalt lake' and
fifteen 'miles to the southwest in Ingram
township, also' in the forest reserve
south of" the" Montreal river, which
give a1'hint of a wide .deposit area, es-
B. Chapin, of Toronto, who has been
trying to buy the claims says :
.' "I" know of one'ore "claim of the'
regulation forty acre size* which shows
a six-inch vein. - For.this $75,000,'is
asked. . 1 believe ono property," near
Cobalt Lake', sold, for $300,000.'and
others for half a million*. A purchase
is understood to have been'-made by-
Standard Oil interests of 100 acres or so
for $200,000." '   •   '      •' '       ,,'••
Tho Wily Scot
In an English railway compartment
two travellers were scaled—an American and a keen-eyed old Scotchman,   '
.When lhc guard came to't-ike their
tickets, the-i latter hud great- difficulty
in locating his, He kept the 0llici.1l
waiting so long, while he rumm.'ged
through his many pockets that- tbe
ticket laker went on his way, saying
that he would como. back to find out
the results of the search.
.When  thn guai-d had gone the American saw lhe lost" piece of curd boa rd
protruding from the old fellows mouth
and promply notified its owner;  think
Ing il a case ofabseiH-ifiindness.
Whereupon the wily Scot rejoined: -
—''Don't you think I know il? Bui
lhe ticket's a mohlh old and I'm 11
sucking off the dale."
IT-IKE KASI.0 HOTEL, in Ku.lo.U the lend*
-t-   ing hotel in the city.
••     ,        -.-.'■ COCKLE (fc PAPWORTH.
milK KU.DRUT HOTEL in Sainton is the
-«- heivlunarlurs for ull ti-ivvt-llor,--10 the Citv
ofHilv4;r,"    ' 'liEN^K'JTi; MCRl'llY, I'rr.ps.
Mol.K«)l>   WOTJ-'.L.   1.MIK.     AU  iiVrtlul-;.
imiiroveiiicnts.   Sni:i]ili* rooms -.11 fviiiufct*-
tiuii.   Tlieoi,]4 tir.-.t-(.*l;ias hotel in Yinir.,
. KIN l.AY .\lcLE».il), 'l'io|irictor.
I'lIlSBIOlsl* UOUSB.'NELSON '   Eim.ueai
I „ a-.iC
id American plan.,, Mcds, 3S0011U Rul-his.
from 8 cu|.to;l. li.n.v \i-i-ilt livlp 4'Ui 'to^'ed.
N'oihliifc' yellow ttbout tlie nluiu vxoei.t llie itold
■ntlieaale.  u " "' ' "
bout the nlui-u vX44Uj.t llie toll
MALDNE & 'I'ltEGlLijUSj.
BAKTLUXT 110O8K, formerly the Cliirk
is tho best *1 a d.iy hotel in S.il:..in. Only
iliitc help employed, li \Y. MArtTLETT
uroprh-tor. -   • .
Wholesale   I*/C©roliCT,-i.its.
'-' " «rs in Butter,' ICk^s, Chne«e, I'roduuo and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.-
r.'A." Mb!)OXAt.1>,   Wholesale Dealer in
') , ■ Kruit, Nel«on, HO.
Furnitiu'e and
Bargains in
Wall Pkper
Two complete sots of Bar'Fixtures, one
Rritish Plate Mirror 4r'x93'iiK'hes, new*,
Lottor Prcssqji, Billiard and Pool Tablet-
.Caoh"Eeg*i6ter8 and other specialities,
Hall   Orders  lierclvft   Prompt   AtleiHion.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain. •*'.-,
Thc slightest hint of it .
■'   * "y   „>   ;.  --    .'-
should not be neglected
We test eyes .free cf cliargc, ..
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.  -
A. C. Liphardt
Jeweller      ' Optician
Mother wn« Thero
. Twenty-five or thirty years n^o thu
Rev. Charles G. Finney,, former prcKi*
dent of Oberlin college, wns cnrryinijon
a seiicK of revival meellii(rs in Uoslon.
One day 11 gentleman called to see liim
Sov-a-rfflil Tfooagsarcdl ,
Sisacas of
E^ingRg SioQ-ik
Fob' Sab ■.
ime 1 to Oct, 15
•Tickets on sale from June 1st to
September HOth, and lh'nited to ninety
days from date of sale—but not later
than November 80th. Stop Overs will
will be ullowed at any point in either
direction within limit.of ticket-
- A fee of fifty cents will be charged
at rovtlnnd for extonsion Return Ticket.
ti \ •   • '
•■  James Sloan; Agent
AND ' "
RETURN   *",.
90 .Day Limit
■   All Rail via Sumas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
r^^VancouveB*1 to
,r  ■ t  Seattle' .-.
Via  Victoria   _._..•
- Tbrougli Sleoplng Car    . <'
Ai'i'owltcad to Vancouvoi*
Sunday       Wednesday       Friday
For full  partieulars,     tickets, -first*
class or tourists   sleeping car   roser*
viulo.11..   Apply to local a<*-ent.
R. Reading
A-itiiit at Fornio.
J S.Citrtd^D.P.A,,
_, Viuioouvor
Mott, Son L Co,
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B.C.
Agents in fornlo for Tt G. Proctor, Nelson
Wholesale Commission Merchants & Manufacturers' Ag^tits- '*
The Lumsden" Roller Mills
The'Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-tower Soap
The Vogel Packing Co.
The Blairmore Lime Mfg. Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds.
P. O.   BOX
The Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Biscuit MannfKoturers
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd..
The "Arniur" Co., Ltd.    '
The Moyie Mill & Lumber Co.*
The Hygiene Kola Wine Co.
■,   Correspondence Solicited.
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all  -
kidney, liver,
. and stomach
, ailments and
they eliminate
all metalic
poisons Yrom
.the system.
i*ow under the new management of Harry Mcintosh,
'   - Hoffman House, Rossland.   , ■,'
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
,,     Lake, B.C., 27th  February, 1898.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh, Scotland,
March 3, 1898
,7    One gallon of water contained the following ingredients, the results are expressed in parts. :
Chlorine       8.14
Sulphuric Acid  363.43
Silica     74-29
Lime  .' .-"• 84.57
Alkalies as Soda ...     5.71
Magnesia  232.00
Lithia 86
Sulphuretted Hydrogen     32.00
1   Boating,
Fishing and
$12 to $18
per week,
according* to
■„ residence in
hotel or villas.
Tiit .t t/< »,»*ntfi*,*t nt tAi riiftxstt /• f4t flATHtfiO
<tilfT,e<   £41*$ e-ti^  tm+nfyct* »,.t*t/Asm   tit   71 *« »/ •
/(stf^aJ,    TAtt trt,t,tv,U e* *,t *«J fr»M A**4Hf ttrj
f,» Ji.it t *n,t \Pitl Aevttt est* matt fit sftttooce tn u**
tn AcvfsjtLtr tA*  cWw tv,tt* ttU/rsm fm* A/J.r'***»*
t*iHf    lonfi4T lid i»*mA   atttjir. t Ti
TAif Ht*.tj,  *f,n,»*wT»d   dtstritt t% U*A  U ttst Ami *\t.
Sc,4f*t /srjfo «fl/ j«m '«**•» mm^pi-/ Mitt ***«»**,
sw/m   fttctmd ,|  sjf'rtt rUtt   Ctvmttmt ctJ,*f €t*/ m».
*t,'f  it  list /rSmt^tsf  Ot fir*,* tnm* /IktAtt ■ A ecnjkmmj
**}.*f tn   tl, *>ti;*itjr tr* ftitAt*** Ust yttr ttrvii 4 Wfu
•^('W tiaXHtrf/H-tlAU S A/7   IsttA Cm** /Ktf sitfi/? '
, .  5/,e2*,* 1, O- s^rs, v otit f^, Aist ***t *t»j tr***
Cesti/tsci Arrutj Imi'it* Aorows «aJ o«V*t «*. to
1 ctiat**(/ ot ressotslU t-ott* tj m/Pf .'*/(» fAt /tr*.
./sftttr- tfti*. Wtsr* 4st»i sis* 00 U*       . .-//
■B-     FLATHEAO1 ,
•«.«*< »•*-!■•?..> lit oA**i niM/mnt '.
TAttt Atttt, J»ri.t^y,t,t ,L„ ac«.]am^/.l4*%/Sr
»."•»■ in/I  liut ,1 ti,   l~.,t ttnitU rtl,,y
firjlrlttr ftftu.tiff ./fil. !*..,!
'   "~"   A..Q0OO .V*'    •*.'    '
* Oi/bimii
<*»«■•»/«»*• .'t ."». 1/li. »&W'" ,*.miv
>(j.rtj i.U. Ct.ii,.. Airtk th,t 7H.n^.tm
'Jrim wA,el tii/,ti,J,l„ ,C. ntmt tttettnlti l^tttt-
mljU. r.t'.,.l\Alfri^ rlii.l..fJwtJtfy.JHr/., r*i/,^t
1,mt Ittpii^ .m.71^.**.'^^***.. tl., *,_1*..m*I**2i.*v*j
I..I, .Sttllt,.i i,.tti..t^. rit.t.M Thtl^i ..J..*, it. .It
<r,J/M,.„,,.l ij,.^      'I'
,,,,- PLAN
or THB
r- * ' ' n
oflini'lnus roiiHl. lioot tlm iippullzlnsodova
Oiicnt.ft nml I Im rl<-h lirowii (.'i-iivy trlnldM tompt*
iHRly lo ti.o illflli, That lu tlm kind of roiwtd our
1 1 pi-raluccj,  Tomlor, ]uli>y, liourlnlilrjf,  It
will iiinkr. you linilny Hint lirairny
Of i'oiii'bu wonoll thn < liolnoiit cutu Of vcol,
liinih, pnrlt, i'ii', iiikii Iim Jn«t low wo aro
tiiiliiiig I1C11I,  lii)ofwiu*4i01 iiiii-oil'urlnerH.
judiciously placed in a live newspaper THAT
IS READ, is like a bullet which goes
Right to thc mark'.
Sonic circulations are sUif^ish.    A paper that
i.s nol attractive to the   reader   is   not   widely
read  represents       j       :       :       :       :
Money thrown away.
"       Thrre is   no dcaiJ-wonil in flic   i*ircn!.*irfr-*n   of
An advertisement in its columns always
Brines Results.   :   :
Order your Summer suits now, Nutty
. %****
SuitiiiKH muv arriving.
P. P. f.lnhscJicr,
Sll\*rtr>n'* lieu Ttller
A no UN'S the outer man, and
raises the wearer in the
opinion of the critical public
Geo. W. Carruthers
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
J. R.Cameron
Is tho tailor to go to whon
you wnnt a summer
Suit of Clothes
Uo has tho nobblCBl Btiltlng-f
to Boloct from, nnd the (It nnd
workmanship is tho host,
SAND0N,   •
A Summer Suit
Ts probably tha propor
1 onpor At tliln tlmo
ol tho your, If you
havo a doNlro In thnt
(Jam, on
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First ninUer of tho " Flor de Dnhnmn," " Roiobud," and
"General Arthur" since 1S76 ; over 27 years In existence.
Wali-iik Cronh, Western Representative.
Kenny & McLeod
wiiV'-' W.*& would bo hotter If you'd
^}J hi'i^h li up A hit,
'^IjAUiniMKSoiily enmo to thono
>Vl? -*ho A .n't ;*«t up nnd "(jit,"
'W-H-.N* now »*dfl,vs can't niaku s \i\\t
x) nt nny drrrnl nine,
./fyM.I-".****; liJieir hiinl jmpir they
' V\ pfrnintpntly putronis**?,.
—nnd tlmt'H Tun Lntxi cti.
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
Wc get out a class of Printing that is superior to  the
general run. : : : ;
That's why we're kept busy.
Do wc do your work?
Good Printing Pays
Wc do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
—The Ledorr.
' Ol'KK'K - •
mm       f  mf—1^™-** _.-.   *     *■ P * *. ' I **    Wm »     *•
A enmnlfti* titnrk   n\   rnfTin*?,  rn«iiVi*-t<*i, nnd
Bin i.t! Good.*., itl.w Metallic Lined Shipping CtU>c*>
Parlors in the T. Beck Block Victoria Avenue
I' .JMI.JUX'4i: P<1 11 )B8mLAJU.M.UIJ.Il!LII I
P. BURNS & CO.—1
Hav« oih» of tht>ir largwt -JtorMi In r«rnio.
L»mb, Vral, Fir»h Rnd Smoked Finh.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
t -.W-jiir-SJ-V'-rt
*»i^*wpM**--*******-WW*WPMWI.I.^^  in'';
'V'-:T''-\^7:'-*:-i-^^ ' *>'•-, <^5>Vt^^->: I'^.^'v'^ ■ 'Y^'-'-iYiYYiy- r-"'"*-v.-■*■•'*.'•-* '-K-^:::^-r:'^;
',.;■-'..   "".- ;J-:.-:'"' *.*;'. V*7-' '' '•   "   •^'"'■'^-l??''-'^' ^--77 ;*::;!.*'";-;".-;.i7. ■' '   '       -"•' ■''-..".:'"■'
■"?c'vti'(. ".  wB
V- *•".:.»"  :'*.->4"3
., -. .4
The Canadian Batik of Commerce
°«i<i*ttp Capital
Head Office : fORONTO
J&,700.000 i    ■ "Rest- -$3,500,000.
Special attention is directed to the following Advantages offered b - •
Our Savings Bank. . .,
Prposlts of $1 and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added to the Deposit TWICE in ciwh year, at lhe end of Way and
November.   The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the. deposit.
Payable in all parts'of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought  and  Sold
at Lowest Rates.
il -M 1 '    11        'i"*' mm
T. B. MAY, Manager
Giraffes are the most difficult of all
animals to take hy surprise.
Kenny & McLeod always have room
i *r ontr more order.
In Italy the value of land is consider-
ei 34 times the annual rental.
Surprise your friends by, petting a
new suit at Kenny & McLeod.
Scotland is connected with Iceland
toy a submerged bank at a depth of 500
The Royal Seal is always a delightful companion to a man who loves n
good cigar.
Physicians in various parts ' of Eng-
. land arv complaining that the competition  iif departments of  hospitals   i.
ruinously unfair.
W.. J. Blnndell has the cheapes-
dishes in town. He gives 97 piece.*
for $9' and J07 for £10.75.
. A league has been formed in Switzerland .to. preserve picturesque spot.*
throughout the little Republic from
commercial vandalism.
The K. K. C. is rapidly coming up
the pike.,. It is a cigar made in Nelson
Ask the man behind the bar to let you
look at it.
Bedding-out plants should be thoroughly watered before being turned
out of their pots and boxes, and again
when replanted, to settle the soil
around the roots.        "   '
At last Fernie is to have a good shoemaker, J. L. Thornley has opened out
next door to Kenny & McLeod, and. is
this heading, inserted at the rate of One
cent a word each insertion.
tbls office,
JJpilU VTeduesday night, s. watch charm,
consisting of moss agate, gopher tooth, ai.d
sovereign.  Return to Roma Hotel.
•Promoters ..
prepared for all-kinds of work in his"
Mrs. Todd is certainly up-to-date in
cult-ring to the tastes of her many customers. The latest convenience is a
novelty in the shape of a hat box that
- throws tlie old style bund-box ii.to
the shade. "
The King Edward Hotel occupies , a
prominent position in Fernie only ti
step or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
llie city.       .
ShepparU & Elliott nre still in .the
tinning and plumbing; business. Those'
indebted to them.will confer a favor in
Kettltn-r their accounts as speedily as
The  Kootenay al Sandon has not
"locked the door for nine years.    Right
handy for strangers when  they're out
Irite, and cannot trade their thirst for
Thc .specie room on, ocean steamer*.-
is usually 17 feet long, 19 feet wide nnd
8 feet high. Il is formed of steel plates
a quarter of an inch thick, wilh a steel
door, which has a burglar proof combination-lock.
About Lowery's Claim
Mr. R. T. Lowery, the genius of
western journalism iii Canada, is about
to establish a monthly journal at Kelson to be known as Lowery's Claim.
Mr. Lowery tried the Claim once before wilh excellent results every way,
but financially. Let us hope that this
time there will be no exception to his
range of success1. Tlie witty mountain editor tersely declares. "It will
be a monthly journal,,devoted to truth,
and humor, with no strings upon its
editorials," and we cannot have* too
many papers of that sort, even if Mr.
Lowery publishes it at a loss.—Tor-
4*nto Globe.'
The Globe makes one error. The
>ld Claim was a financial success from
ihe grass roots.
R. T. Lowery, of the Fernie Ledge,
".iIks of again establishing, his month*
y paper, the Claim.    He should do so.
it i-i writing tor a paper of this charac-
er thai Lowery does his   best   work.
To be bothered with petty details, to be
mndicapped with the weekly expense
■ill, is enough to take the humor and
■nosy out of any nature on earth,  and
io man of talent can do justice to him-
:elf trying to give freedom to his thought
md wondering at the same time if Pete
Jones will have his ad in another week.
We would like   to   see  Lowery .with
£100,000 in the bank and   nothing 'to
■Jo   but   write (for u monthly paper
of his own.    That would   be  a  paper
worth reading.—Cranbrook Herald.
Tlio Fernie Ledge, after a year's ruil
has been sold by R. T. Lowfery to a
local company with D, V. Mott at the
head, and the erstwhile humorist bf
theSlocan tvill return 10 the'more con*
sume the publication of his "Claim."
Just as there is always room, "at the
lop" so there is room here for an original humorist, whose witticisms and
jokes are never stnle," whose philosophy
is sound, and whose outlook on life and
humanity have not been soured by a
too close acquaintance with the "seamy
side,"- Cheery optimism of the Mark
Tnpley, of the Checryhlc Brothers type,
is what we want,, und no doubt ' thin
i.*, what the "Claim" will dispense, for
has il hot the endorsation of the Rev.
James McDonald, editor of llie Toronto Globe?—Nelson Tribune. •
British Colambia has found afrtend
In the Canadian Magazine. That
ably-edited periodical notes that this
province is somewhat' dissatisfied
with its treatment by the federal authorities and ia demanding better
terms. It remarks: This discontent
may or may not be wholly just, but
it is quite-evident' that -- it demands
serious attention. Manitoba has been
tilled with settlers and gridironed
with railways. The territories have
been the special care ot the department ot the interior, and m'aoh hap.
been done to assist in their development. British Columbia has been
somewhat neglected. Her time has
now coma. Her needs ere great.
She Is quite justified in keeping her
claims well advertised, and she deserves every consideration at the
hands ot the remainder ot Canada.
It Canada is to be a united "country
justice mUBt be done every province.
No, part of the Dominion should bo
coddled at the expense of another.
The measure ot British Columbia's
claim Is her contribution to the general revenue. It is a good sign to
see the case for British Columbia taken up in this vigorous way by the
chief magazine of tbecournry.
Any entertainment of any kind
at which an . admission , fee. is
charged and for which we have
done the1 printing, will receive
free notice in these columhs,,,and
if complimentary, tickets are furnished The Ledge, a write-up 'of.
the occurrence will be given. -."
'  In all other, cases,  notices  of
entertainments etc., must be paid .
for, and no write-up will be   given of any entertainment   unless^
tickets for the same   have   been,
supplied to this office.
This is nothing more than business etiquette and the courtesy
due and extended to the' press in
all communities where ordinary
horse-sense prevails.
Fire Sale
Shirts, Collars, Ties, ■ Hats
and other Gent's  Furnish:
. ings, at less than cost.
I am going out of these lines
.   entirely "and want ,the room
..for. my New Fall, Stock bf
: Tweeds etc, '"*■•,
• Big Bargains.;     77
•   .       ",       '   " Mer' chant Tailor
Boiled mHjAiJI
35 Gents per pound
we Aim to please you \.
,    „,-,-. « -1 latond to ap-
to the Chief Commissioner of Lunas
Kfotice is lieroby given that I tatond to a*
'ply to tbe Chief Commissioner of Lunu.
and Works for Hopubo to prospect for Coal
liHFORB THE 1115 A K
for   being
O.   Duchah-m   paid
drunlc it nd dizzy,
James Ruchimim got 11 month hard
for being drunk 'and not -supporting
his fan-Tily.
"   Arch.   Hunt  was   taxed   $50  ■ for
hi'i|iici)thig Ihe red light district,
Dan Kleanln got a month. hard io,-
being a vagrant.
Alf. Hill got a month in jail for frequenting Imuscm of ill-shape,   '
For uHMiuliii.'r a Jap woman Win,
Henry puid (30 and corIn.
Win. Coin got n month nt hurd labor
for HWvilhiur 11 ciiKc of minors! wator
from tho Wnldorf.
I; coot A lux. Noble 110 and coutii for
bi'liij*' ilriink and imlntr lantuairfl r*.rc\v
heard In pnlito locioty,
About This Paper
The Fernio Lodfiu which renched
huro today, con till ns thu annoimcoinoiit
thniR. T, Lowory, thn proprietor hah
•old tho paper to D, V Mott who
will or^nnizo a compnny to tako over
tlui property, Mr. Lowory BtiyB that
hu will jro to NoIboii iuul rovlvo tlio
monthly (ormorly known iih I.owury'N
Clnhu Mr. Mott ia not a iiowtipapoi
mnn, hut ho ii u hustler and should ho
min to mnko tho paper po. Tlio niune
will ho chnng.'d to Tin; Lmximi, Notli-
hiff as to tho policy under tho now man-
a^mnnt lian boon ninioiinueil —Oniii*
brook Herald.
, .West Fernie.   .
West Fernio still keeps up the
rapid,pace, at which she started in
the building campaign in tho spring.
Archie McLean is building a. high
roofed cottage twenty-four by thirty-
six leet just above the railroad track
near the log piling ground ol the Elk
Lumber Co; tor Mr. John Morgfin.*
Mr. J, Parker is building' another of
about tbe dame size near by, while
Ben Chesham is building a house 24s
28 near the residence of Fred Waters.
" These people have the misfortune
of having to live without the luxur-
Alderman, etc.-- yet they can console
themselves upon the. tact that they
are not raxed $2.50 per tap for drink-'
Ing .CoalCraok water; ,-.--.
Important Find.
Mr. M. Philips, of-Elko,' has just
uncovered a new ledgo measuring SO
feet in'width on one of his mineral
claims located near his old ranch now
owned by Geo Seott. ■ '
There is a;, six foot vein of fine
looking copper.ore in this ledge,
samples of which Mr .John Mptt handed to our reporterTand which can be
seen at tho office of Mott, Son & Co.
Good judges think that this ore will
run at least $100.00 in value per ton.
Mr. Philips is arranging to ship a few
hundred pounds of his ore to the1 Trail
smelter in order to get a smelter test.
This is an important flnd not only for
the lucky owner but to every body
n East Kootenay. '-"
and Potroloum on the following lauds. Beginning at a post marked It.- A. Welsh's
northwest corner, thence wost one milo. thsnoo
north one mi'e, thence oiwt one mile, thonce
south one mile to the point of commencement. .
JulylStu.im ,      porJ.B.KergUHon.agont
Notice lii hereby given that'I Intend to apply to the Chiof Commissioner of Lands and
Wort* foi* license to prospect for Coal und
Petroleum on the following lands. Beginning at a post, marked "R A, WeluhV northwost corner,", thenco aoiith one mile, thonce
east one mile, thence nortii one mile,, thuneo
west one,mile to tho point of commence*
'   * R. A. WJELSn
July 18th, 1905. per J. B. Ferguson, agent.
\fotice is hereby given that I. intend to ap-
i^ply to the Chief Commissioner of .Lands
and Works for licanoe to prospect for Coal
and Petroleum ou the following landa beginning at a post marked, "R. A Welsh's
northwest corner".theuce east ono mile to the
Elk river thence north one mile "following
the bank Of tho Elk river, thenco wost o-.ie
mile, thence south one mile'to point of commencement.;   • ■    .    ,
J.E.Mirj.BR   .
July 12th, 1905. por J. B. Ferguson, agent.
S k §
I ' §
Prompt. SJetEvary;      ■     -.7
W. J. Biund^il
The People's.. Grocer,   P. O. Block; Fernie
-Wood Co., Ltd.-
Great Northern Special. ,,
On Wednesday last a special train
arrived over the C.P.R. in Pernie,
bearing Vice Pres.'L. W. Hill. Gen
Manager P. E. Ward, W. E. Bt*gg,
Act. Gen. Solicitor, Archie Gray,
Gen. Passenger and Freight As**ent,
H. A. Kennedy, A'sst. Gen._Supt>» W,
W." Broughton,' Gen. .Freight and
Traffic, Agt., and,B Campbell, fourth
Vice Pres. of the G. N.  :.'-   .7     '.,
These officials were accompanied
by Mrs. L. W. Hill and the Misses
Colt, cousins of Mrs. Hill, Mrs. D.
Miller, wife of D. Miller, Vice Pres.
oi .the Burlington Road, and Mr.-G.
J^otice is hereby given that, I intend to u
J-'plv'to the Oliiof Commisoionor of Lane
and works tor licence  to'prospect for Coal
JULY was a record month  for our bihsiness.-
are, bound to make August bigger and better.
By helping-us—we help you.
PEACHES      v
_§==___:•$",)-"""§"' *$* rir '■£"' *$* -fr -"J-!!!! ,°i
have secured the output of- one fine, orchard,.
d are,how receiving  orders  for family  use.
""Don't delay.    Call or plione us.at once.    The price is,
-within the^reach of all.   '      ■ '' "■' \ :
The party left Sf Paiil on Monday
aud will go'over thc road to the coast
before returning. ■'
and Petroleum on the following described
land3. Beginning ot a poat marked 'R. F„
MoKecbnie's uorthaiibt uoruur" thonce west*
oiie mile. th4'tico north one mile, fltonce east
ono mile, thonce south ono mile to jioint of
commencement     ■ ...
July 12th, 1906      per J.  B; . D'Higuaon,  agent.1
Notice is hi'iohy given that I-will apply.to
the Chief'Commissioner of Landd and
Work3 for licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum on tho following lands. Beginning at a poi.t marked "J. B. Ferguson's north
east corner" (planted on the west shore ol tho
Elk river one milo north irom Coal and Petroleum olaim 1874) thence south one mile,
thence west one mile, thenco north one mile,
thence east one milo to point of commencement. - o • ■.
July. 12th, 1905.    ,         J. B. FERGUSON.
Notice is hereby,givon that I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
und Works for licence to-prospect for Coal
and Petroleum on -the following lauds. Beginning at a post marked '.'J. B. Ferguson's
northeast corner, thence west one mile, tlience
north one mile, thenco to the west shore, of
the Elk river foll0 4ving tho sfcid river slouth to
the point of commencement. - --<*
- - •■ ' - - H J.THORNE
July 12th, 1905. por J. B. Ferguson, agent.'.
lVTotlce is hereby- given that I intend to ap
•J-'ply to the Chief Commissioner,-of Lands
and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and
.Petroleum on the following described lands.
Beginning at a postmarked "B. E. MoKcchnle's
iiortheastcornor'.'. thenco east one mile lo the
Elk rivor, thence north one milo following the
line of the Elk river, thence west one mile,
ment-.,      .       ■        -,- , -.-."_•
vv.HARTMcHARG. .:   .-,',
July 12th, 1905., ' per J. B.'Ferguuon, agont. -, n'
.,     .    '      -   *.     ■' ■•*■!■ •<■*!
PART ofra car-load.    Cheapest in  town,
and Rubbers to match.
Diphtheria ia Elkmouth.
A family -named Jorgensen from
Whiteniouth, Man., arrived here on
Monday. One Iittlo girl aged ten
and a half years apparently contracted diphtheria in tvimsit and' died on
Pridav, and tbe rest of the children
numbering six. are down with the
disease. Tho house is quarantined.
Mr. Jorgonaon is employed at Ross
Bros, mill, but is in straightened
circumstancesand with a large family
this misfortune will fall heavily on
him, particularly as there Is no way
in which the government can assist
WE are the only receivers  of  Sugar  in  car-lots,
which mean's more for a ' dollar than  you   can. I
.procure elsewhere.    Deal'with the  BIG°STORE and'
swell your bank account.    Bring your money, or" your
credit.    We want your trade, , - ,.
FernSe, Michel, RSoprissey,, Goal Groek.
When It. T. Lowory presented hln
hill iiinouiitlng to $10.M to the city
ck'i'l, ntid iiflkod (or tho paymont ol
tlm Humo, ho was told that tho olork
hud liiHtructlona to withhold payment
until Mr. Lowory Iuul paid 0110 cor
■nln promissory noto irlvcn by Mrs! J,
R. Ifiirrln hint Octoher to tho city
clerk and which wan Indorsed hy Mr,
Lowery, I/iwery at onco oiitoroil
hult for tho full lunnunl of tlio bill
and aflor $2 nf oosw hud hoen added
thc CfliUH'll ornwled down (inc. Bottled
out *-. court.
Plenty of lawyicks.
HlmllHr to Fernie Oiuah.
At BrubinriiiM, Vormont. Uut wrote 1
•*ult iiBHlMHt, tbM firaud Trunk Hallway
ns itfj^i !:.' -...ar.. Ttc mil •«*»
brought hy the Conneiticut Valley
Luinb«r Company, which clilmi that
30,000 ucrxtH of ilmher land owntd by
the company wure dontroyed in 1008 by
h Urn Mid to have boon cauwd hy •
locomotive of tho corporttlon. Dam.
•KC-. of |iK)0,000 hi thu claim of the Con*
uec-ilctit Valley Co.
l>m the' fijiJlii'i/ -of the rofereei
rent*. thncmoKofnoveral other lumber
tirmt with lutttn aggregating ^200,000
Ivy'tb* iMtn't flr«i it* thwe flrtoi have
*gtoo4 (but the Ciinneclietit Valley
■nit iihftll bo ttfrniAnt at »..Uit*—-The
hetriojy ii to bo c'ltbndod; more than
WJ witncitica have been itummoaed. ' •
If nil reporin bo truo wo wlll noon
havo a large incroimo of lawyer* In
Ferule, a promlnont K.C, Is said to bft
forming a partnership with a Joc/11
,. ,. 1 11^*., ,, i n  .,,.. .   ,    ,i  11
tbtfst   ni ni. ifi.nu *V»y mule ui)*ii)/ito
r*fihe V>J«f b.iiT, o»c Irom lho wei.
and one from Alberta are caloulatlng
to p|><!n ofHoci In thU city. The legel
llphts tnuHt havo been readltig ab^ut
our uotorloutf city council.
A itrotig (earn lelt Fornln hmt ulght
to take pari in the bnnuball touroinionl
at Calvary, nlthouffh Kernie only
luhHcrlbi'd SIS? towjinli the oxpenioi.
Tho learn li com|ioti>d eft—C. Whelm,
e.; W, Rooievi'lt and P, Gregory, p \
E- 8aunder»,,l b. 1 M Baxter, 9 b, 1 T.
Valoolioa, 8 b ; W Sbouldercr. H.; T.
Lewli, If.; W. Miller, r(.; KWillin,
cf. A. C. Liphardt will efDelalo «•
aetleg nanager •■ owing to pre-uuia of
bt;ikr|eM T. H. Whelan could not pilot
tb* Aggregation to Cilgary aad rletory.
woiild be
A Good Time
Hand in
Dogs Wonderful Sagucity
Prof. O.'l. Cozad, of Cozad's California Doff, Pony, Monkey and Goat
Circus tells a storv of.the sagacity of
ono of his pots. Whon I was 01T tho
road I lived In a largo house at tho
winter quarters and ono of tho inmates was it* performing-*■ dog lhat
seemed to show almost human intelligence. ' His name is Sport nnd ho
does everything but talk whon por*
forrnlnir'with our show. A young
lady friend of ours onco teased him
by scufninp" about tho rups of our
homo until she could glvo an electric spark upon tho doir's nose. Not
lone; after this experience tho dog
was observed to roll upon tho rugs,
entirely of Its own accord, and then
to run to tho bras-i bod-stonda and obtain a spark. This ho continues to
do, nnd hla own observation seems
to have taught him thut ho must np
proach motal In ordor to reoolvo tho
spark. In ono room ho runs to the
bed steads; in another to tlio reglsler,
and us ho licks his noso after thc
pricking of the spark ho never fails
to wag the remains bf his tail, and
his fuco HNSuinos a deoldo expression
of pleasure. "Sport'- Is bin ono of a
hundred dogs thut Prof. Cozed exhibits with his splendid equine, simian
and canine paradox, Ov*i-r ono hundred demure Shetland ponies nnd
monkeys nro also with tho show nnd
tho friendship between these dumb
animals Is aB much a bouito of con-
Htunt wonderment to-Prof, Coznd as It
is to the public. Exhibitions will bo
given in Fernie on Aug. 17,   ,,    ,
XfOTICE is hereby given, that- throe"month*
j-» after dat«, application will be randi'. to
the Lieutenant Governor in Conneil,,-b,v The
Elk Lumber and Mannfucturinst. Company,
Limited, to ohungo the name of tho Company
to "Tne ElkLumber Company, Limited.1:   ' '
ROSSii A.LP.XANI1KR,    '    , "•■
July 20,1005 . Solicitor* for the Company.
NOTICE Ib hereby jrlvon that 80 Aayn after
(lute I intend to apply-to the Licence
CommisHionors fi.r tlio Fernie Lio- nco IJistiot,
for a transfer of my licence to sell ■ liquor by
retail In'the Australian Hotol-ut MorrisHey
B. 0,, to Joseph E, Stephens of MorrlsHey.
Dated at Fornio tills 20th day of June, 1303,
As I Intend leaving in a few wi-oko
I   tako   this method  of liotifyii-fct, all
parties owiiyr me to call at oilico in
Hutchison's Tailor shop, Victoria Avo
aud Hottlo their accounts,   Ail account'
rem (lining- unpaid after tliu 10th of tlii.*.
month will bo turned inito'iny solicitor,
Sherwood Herchmer for collection.   '
* ,. W.OUolilns.
NOTIOK Is liorcby ulvon that AHeo June
nii'hanls,of (lie oily of For- io, B C„ trad*
liiR as Clmvlon HiclutriiH, Oonoral llaroliunt,
anslBiind to Charles Wilmot Voyaey, of lho
City of Vancouver, II, 0., Accountant,. In Irrmt.
for the bonuilt of tlio creditor.- of the wM
Alloo -Trviio niohaiil.i, liiulliitf' us Chariot
nioliarrts, all lier real and porsnnal property,
credits and olTeots whloh may hn mrM nun
sold undor nxoautlon.
Croilltors nro requited to mmd to Atmls-nou,
P.O. I)ox741, Vnncniu ar, 1), C, on or Imfore
the 7th day of Hciitomluir, 10* ,1, imrtioulars
duly vorlflnd. of their claims nud ot tlio souurl*
ty. If any, liolri by thorn,
A meulinir of tho creditors of tho wild debtor
will behold at Iho olltco of Roju d Aloxnndur,
L. T. W. Hlooli, Pernio, 11 O , on Um Ifltli day
of AiiKUHt, HKIS, at iln'rlisok p in., for tlio pur*
itosoof KlvlnB dirootlons for tho dlspusnl of
tho estate.
Dated this 7th dny of Auiriist, A, V. 100A,
Hoilcltois for llio AssIriiuo,
Three moves are s^scS to be as bad as a
fire/ but B've had them a!3 asad .nm ctfe^S^g
bargaSns"for the derit SO days in Watches^
Clocks/Rings acij -Jijw-s^ary g&teraSBy.;
iNoxt door to Calgary Cattle Company]    ' _0« C« Wt*Sj_jh4ji  Ir QrillO
tjfreH/ou Ijhinkina
■n mil ii in,mil . ji m i ''HiJUiauwjiMwwMw
iir. sod Mr*, Cn,tl« wiihtoilncero-
ly think all tho kind friends who
aulited and ayinpathlzei. with them
In the sorrow that hw recently
h-ftfjillen their \xnmo, throatjrh the
untimely domh of tholr young- son,
ThoC. P. R.   OlTcr   Speclnl  90 Day
Round Trip Rnle<-from   Kontcnny
On Auijusl »4 and 25 and Seplcnilu'r
.il mi.-l  kj, .,'... C*4,lU-iU4li    r**4.\ii>.     l\,v!!*
way will tell at Nelson, Rowland and
Trail 90 day round trip tlcUeu to Win-
nipvu. St. Taul, Duluth. Fort William
for $s-*'5° u">' t0 ChlciiKo $64.00.
CorreHpondlnfr raten will he made from
all Koottinny point*.
Throutd* ruuiid trip ticket., will hi
io!d on the tame datei to Toronto,
Montreal and all poind in Ontxrin,
Quube*:, Maritime province*, New York
and New England tttiitef, pooJ on nil
rail or Itiko route, at Mpecial excursion
Por full particular-*, first cl*.**. or
tmiriM uli'oper.reMrvntiorn, npply J. S,
Carter. D. V. A.f Nelion.
Annually, tofllltlinnnw jjuMMiwh flnintud
by Knllrond nnd Tolcitrapn Comimnlim Wo
want YOUNG- MBN imrt LAOIKS of ffnod
hiiblts, to
Wofun,Ub7fp|i(jr uent. of tlio U|ii-i;iUji«
nnd Ht-fttlnn Avimti in Amnrin-v Our Ax
Hohnoliiuro tbolaruiut. oxaiumvu Tiilujrnnih
rJoboold IN THE WORLO, KhUIiIIhIiOiI 10
yenrii nnd omiorxod by ull hudlng It-iltway
Wooxoouto a tUM I'loml lo usury ttlii'lunt
to iiimUli Him or lier 11 riotltlun piiylnn
from .-(11 to tW a rn'inth In HtiUnmmafc of tlio
JUifky ilounUiitl, ur frura t7., to i\'») *.
month in Bute-wont or tho Iloolilon, |M-
•r»rnUTPLY Unw r,i»/ipil»TIOM
Htudoiiti onn miUir nt nny tlmo, No va*
uilltiu*. 1'iir till] nmlJculiirs iKi/ormnv mi,)'
of ourSohnoU wri to dlrcot to our axnoutlvo
o/tlcii nt Clnoiiiiintl, U.  CnUloMtio fr««,
Cl "irlnnitl, Ohio, ButT'to, N, Y,
Atlanta Oi, UCroui, Wit,
TuKitflonii T«x, 8sn Frtnelieo. C»l,
JiSout iMctverttsing?
It requires a deal of thinking-, and the more
thinking the less money to do the'work.
The more you think about it,  the  more you
.will realize the value of      :       :       :
If there is one newspaper in British Columbia
that is thoroughly i-cndj morning, evening
and Sunday, it is THE LEDGER, and it is
read by those with intelligence enough, to appreciate and money enough'to buy your goods.
*Do 2/ou Catch On?
Cozad's Famous California Show
W, J, Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
OrricK Kotmii* ...... l>to 11 i..m... totp.m
Ofllco In Alov. ll-iolt'i Hlnok
ovor Wlnn'ii llnVory.
VKRNIB,       - '"-       fl. O.
BIZZUTO.-At Fornlo otiUondn-f Angu.t lilt
llm wIMofAl HI'kh'o nl * ,nt\,
ADAIWOK-OATKU. Oi..\u«u»t Stli.lv tliu
n«v Jrthn Unb-iim. «t tli»nnl(l»nr»44f II. Ii
Mantoy. ittbvrt Adnm.on Ia lUnrml. ll»U»,
both o'r OonlCt**tt. TlioywurNouiitiuilixl by
,tioiif> Wroe mm l.owliii 8tov«rn.
Will Exhibit in
HO* a,***** Cm
«h     mm i***»«">   U|k **,     *»
Grand Street Parade
^A-T 11 .A.. li£.
Performances at 2 and 8
Price:- Adults 75, Children 50
-'-.. vi


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