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The Fernie Ledger 1905-08-22

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•%    Tii
Vol. II, Number 13".
--■•TrovTIT^bTai^^.   .
--. *-.-**;";*".'*:--/it-'i*.  ■-.*-**-<,
.'-- -■*"  7' ' ""'"'.'?,.> i\
'*/,'. *.*
hi:y 9'V ir-77;
••/ •'
riany Interesting Items  About People—A  Week's
Round-Up of Local Happenings
The west bound express was four
hours late' today,* ,
Constable Dow, of Elko, was in
thc city Monday and yesterday.
A. H. li. Macgowan, M. P. P., "of
Vancouver, in in the city • today,,
II. II. Ross, of Elkmouth, came ia
on last night's, ddai'i'il G. N. train.
V. II, Ilale returned today from a
trip to Calgary and oilier Alberta
. ; The' carpenters will meet hereafter
on the first ' and third Tuesdays of
tach month.    ■
E.- 11. J. Porsicr, manager of {he
Wnrdrop mill, came in on today's delayed express.
F. A. Watson went west on the local yesterday-to look after some insurance*, basines-*,    *
W. J. llenzell, ot Calgary, has been1,
in the city for a few days looking up
business few'Rising Sun flour.
The-rain pf Monday night and yes-.
tcrday has checked r the.bush fire at
llosmer to a considerable extent; *
G. -G. S.„ Lindsay, general manager,
ot the .Crow's Nest' Pass Coal Co.,
returned ' froin Toronto Sunday morn-
nin'g..   ,      -' -7      '       .     .'
A. Uelger was fined S15 and costs,
by G. G. Moflatt, .T. p., yesterday
for having a revolver in his possession.        .       -  .-1        , \i '' ' '    •
Mrs. A. P. Walker is much "improved, in health, and has been" removed,
to her home; after a long sojourn m
• He hospital.
. Superintendent Eriekson passed,
through ;. in his piivate car,, which
was attached .to thc delayed west
bound express today. ,'.,.-,
What has Income of those, racing cart
wheels? The cart has iljeeit ready for
tha wheels for sonic time, but no
wheels  are forthcoming. '   * .
Mr. A.-Joyce   is     out again after
bring iaid-up a few days.by a strained back,  the result of a fall  at    his
.residence a, few days ago. ,,.,.
""Mrs7Ifig.gins, leaves "toiug.iT~!o'7a
. *.isit- to" friends- arid relatives  at .llie
Coast.   She    takes' little  Paul    with
her,r and both -will be greatly missed.-
Vi. A. Miiiidcll is to have an exhibition of Alberta grasses and  grains
from Southern.Alljcr'tar'plaewl-;in Mis
Window by  Kmigralion'<*Ag>e-iit   "'Ibiii-
"lai».'     ■'.'
Tht Howie investigation, which has
1 leen in progress for several days before Gov. Agent McMullen, is still in
progress, and will proliubly be con-,
clmlcd 'this week,"
Provincial Auditor General Anderson, of Victoria, w.is in town Inst
week inspecting, the provincial books
in, the oil!ccs here, which he found in
good condition, "
The mill men In the Moyie concwi-
trulors have been - granted their request for an eight hour day. The engineers have asked for mid will re'
ecivo  the." sama concessions,,      .  . .,.
Thos.., Vogue,-lute proprietor of the
Wnldorf Hotel,. left last night for
Spoknno. Mr, rogue has proved him*
Keif cm efficient hotel mnn, and leaves
lu his successors  a prosperous  bu.si-
Tliis locality is licing visited by
copious showersn ol rain, nud the
tops of lhc moiinluiiis show a light
mat of snow this morning, the fust
of the season,; The weather iu con*
MHq.teiici- is unite, cold nnd forest fires
nru" dying out,
Wc iiilH.scd seeing Mayor Forester,
of Merliiiiw Hot, who gave our ollice
n frieiuliy call-Inst week, ns he was
passing through Fernie. Mr, • Forester is also editor uud proprietor ol
(lie Med Ir Inu Hat yews,, ono of the
i/nod papers of the prairie country.
The Conl Creek football clunnpions
would like in try concl unions with
the ^'nil-oil hoys, Why can't a game
he arranged? The ledger IwIIuvch the
Coal Cicek boys can outplay the
ISYIsmi lunin, niul would like tn see a
jfniiio Hirniijji'd, between lhe two
I ennui,
Tho grnillnj( fnr lho new trnekN In
Iliu yiinU ol lho MoiriNNoy, Fernie
uud Michel riilli'iidd here Is cotiiiilut.
rd, nud the rail** will soon lie In
plnru. Mc, Oldliuiid is now Hiipcli
UutUni* the excavation for llie new
weighing sen le, und thu whole scliunie
, nf * itiiiiioveiii.'iit, will Ro'tm |» coin*
I'lcKil  itmi  reaily   'ui   ll.se,
.1>o.k Conner gut kftiitu a full nt
t.'oul Creek ycMcitluy evening, which,
fortunately, resulted in no great ia-
jury. He wus riding'on n enr of
limber which was being shunted on
Mi tins .ugh hpiir -alum Uu; tiii.Tie.'.
••ro cut ready for the mine, whin,
loosing bis hold in some wny, ho fell
nfl mi the aide where it was furthest
lo tlw ground, sustaining sonic cuts
and bruises about tlio head.
The miner* at tlw Ililkrent min*ii
l.nvr hem off isltlft for several days,
(.uuliii; u KcUleliiLiit of ditTerciKcs
wits the managi-mcnt, The miners
haw |<etti for sum* time ondiavorinj*-
to h.ive niv njrrdtietit jdmihir to
Xhime in rxiiititirc with the .»Ijfi
min.* in the Y*:.s siiaogt-A -a ith '.bv
lHMrtfst itmnrt(f»*riii.'n-2, Unit. liim*
Item uniiblc- to bung n*l,out such ar-
1 mi/1 nun t, mi/A have it-astd work \\\\-
til th** matter tan \m mltled. About
7S men are, in the lru-ntiiiiiii*, idle.
WH0>S   JblJ.Y?   WHAT'S   .TOIJA'?
Fred Robinson,    the  . lumber •.mer-
ckant, is" again in the city.
'  V. Hyde   Baker     and'   C.  M.-Edwards spent Sunday in bur city. '
Mr.., 11. King, of the King dumber
Company, Cranbrook, was in ' thc
citj' Monday.. ...
0. I.. Boynton,. manager ■ of the
Elk J.umlier Co., made a flying trip
lo  Spokane ...last  week.
A. J. Burton, ol thc Burton saw
works,' Vancouver, was •■ in town a
lew davs during the week.
One Mr. McVauc pleaded giiilly to
a charge of assault, and got off luckily with a S15 fmc and costs. .
A bush fire is reported to have
started on Gold Creek, a tr|liitary to
the  Kootenay  river,, last  week.    '   •
Miss McLean, of Great,Falls, Montana, is visiting her uncle, H. Fi McLean, of tht Palace druc store.
a ^      r.
The Italian band went up to Michel
Sunday evening to. play for the Hungarian" Society celebration held there
A gill net was found in the ISlk
river nonr the government bridge,
nine miles below Kiko last Sunday,
which the owner can have by applying to Constable Dow, of Elko.
_ Garner , Jones was" fined -550 and
costs in the police court yesterday
for assaulting,, a policeman, abd Van
ndditioanal Sio. and costs for 'smashing! up things in the Fcrnic'Hotel,
- W. ,T.' Walker, vice-president of "the
i'acilic Live Stock Association,, of
Spokane,- passed through, thc 1eity
Monday, on his way to Edmonton,'
\vh-:.*re the association is opening, a
branch. ' '        .'
The Chinaman, Cuinvow, who has-
been advertising himself as a cureall
for some time iu the city,"-was taken
into custody yesterday," "charged with
practising medicine without being' a
registered parctitioner."   '    '
This .seems' to-be hotel porter's
■wecii— al— court~—Scveral"or"tlienr-rlmvi!"
been "presented'' by our courteous
Chief of Police and have niadc thcir
little acknowledgements' in a substantial and submissive manner.' .-
,. Mr.. Wilkinson,-of Wisconsin, , an
old experienced... tiin'l>cr. cruiser,- and
dealer, is again in'the city after an
absence of over a year. ' He reports
the inquiry for , good timber limits
to l-c growing, *aud will be looking
up bargains in that line.
Fred K'riinoski' a hotel porter, was
taken into custody yesterday, charged with obtaining nioncy under,false
pretenses. This is the same man who
figured in a case"'in the police court
some time ago iu connection wilh
i-hargos of llieft oi  a diamond    ring
Tho ball given al Stork's Hall last
Thursday night, was a very plensanl
affair, well attended, and the fire
boys realized half a hundred dollars
out of it, The hoys are improving
constantly in their rmmiiig, lowering
their record nt every practice.
Chas. Eriekson, one of the boys
who used to ,work al the Elk LumW
Company's mill, and.wlio is now
working at the Wardrop mill, was in
(own Monday.. He reports tne mill
doing good business and turning out
35,000 to 30,000 feet per dny,
Win. "- Thomas n»d James I.,
Spr.i|^iie. ,two hotel porters, were each
fined ,tyo and costs for flourishing
firearms, razors, etc., nnd embellish-
ini,' thoir hiiiguuge with terms not
i/uite np to the standard of decency
which should be .ob.served upon the
Tha bush lire, which hns Wen
'-mouldering nnd blt.y.ing up by times
us tlio weather changed, for the last
two or three weukti on tlio Alee,
Uliick llmiifi ncur I'oHiucr, Is again
oil" the rampage, nud is doing considerable damage. The frcviuciit cluing-
litR ol Ilii. wind keeps driving il
around the iiioiiiitnlii, despite .tho efforts ihut liavu huuti iiiiulti to put it
The uinoiiiit paid out last Hatur*
day 011 ui-coiilit of July work by vliu
Coul Co., at this pluce, Conl Creek,
iuul MicliiI, wns Si-w/'i'l./fi. This is
a little short of tliu previous month,
but is due to the uuuierouk holidays
of that month. Thu output of the
mines is steadily on the increase,
mill Ihi' priv roll im-ows Inn^r in mii-
m(<|V'1II-Q. '*
Mr. .1. I». Carr'ck, of lite C. P. A.
t-tuff, mid U, C. S. HniMlall, gnmo
waidc-u fur the district, lelt today
for n trip up the isontli^fork ol H'k
liver ia quest ol rest, ixcupcratinn,
fit,)) mul other Ihings, They will Iw
tfouo (.evr.rnl days, and their return
will Iw looked for with interest by
ihose who llko llsli aiwl fish stories.
Mrs, La we, mother of our city so*
licltor, V. C l^iwc, who has lvecn
visiting her s-on and v/lft during tht
t-uiniuci', leaves for her homo in 01-
law.i Friday evening. Mu. I,uwa
llke-s our city in lhe mountains, nnd
h»» enjoyed Iter visit vtry much, Shu
will return to her homo in Ottawa
n» -one more missionary to cntight.-n
1 a it 1 in |«r-ofjJc loitUittilnii thc pli'iis-
iirci nud aiIv,tn("Hi,c!< of western lift,
Her many newly made (rit-mlt in Fertile will ta glad to wvlroinc her liock
iv-^ifn, wilh widn-s that sin* m,iv -.toy
.ongrr.BcJ-t lime.
Mr. D. II. Telford went east Monday' and jfeunncd to town today.
A young child ol Mr. and Mrs-
Bain'brino, of thc old town, was biir-
ied yesterday-. Father Favernier, of
thc Catholic church conducted tho
lunerul service at the church. Scott
and Ross conducted  the' funeral.
Miss Ruble Thomson, who was one
of the victims " of thc sad drowning
accident on the Red river at 'Winnipeg, was a sister of the wife of David Xunii, brother of our city clerk,
J. W. Nunu. Mr. and. Mrs. D. Nunn
were guests of Mr. aiul Mrs. Nunn a
few weeks ago. ',,
It is , l'cported that., King Kdvv.-ii d
cleaned, up 52,506,000 upon the recent
rise in stocks in New ' York.
Bob IC awards of6 the Eye Opener,
should scad in hit. bill Tor the big
\vrit»*-up ol the royal shooting party
last fall.
M. Meeklenburg, M,-A., the .celebrated and" experienced eye specialist
will again visit the following places:
Crau'liVook, Cosmopolitan Hotel,*
Srpt. 9-10; Marysvi le, Sep* M-*'*.*,
Moyie drug store, 13-14; Fernie,
Bleasdell's drug store, Sept, 16-17.
-Now is your opportunity to have
your eyes, properly attended to by it
reliable   and' graduate  eye  specialist.
Things are not. always. evenly rcj-:-
ulatod in, this little world. Last week'
there wcie five diflcrcnt sJiows' and
i-ntertainmcnl.s to be reported, ranging from a high-class musical entertainment lo a minstrel show. This
week the uitm1>cr;has dwindled to twn
and the range reduced to almost nil.
A boxiug bout in Stork's Hall"' on'
Monday n'|,£ut .and a pair of inform-,
ingbeais on the street yesterday.
A wreck'occurred near Elkmouth on
the G. N.-Monday morning as a
freight  was  going  south-.
Five cars of •_ coke and coal jumped
the track, and were badly, smashed
up'.       .       - •■ ' -    - ' •
7flie • south bound ^passenger -Monday night got'no further.. than thc
scene of-the wreck, and had to return,
to,Fernie. " •'    ;
;'Clearuig - tli; wreckage' from the
tratk was a diflieiilt task without llfci,
aid'of a wreck train and crew," and
the'   south..bound passenger did    not
gt\t-  t\r\ *-■■* *■   |ll\ I./4I4II/, J> I t   llJ4 mfAAl^-ll II 1    • 1 —
^t—|/«»oL vE»C"*iT->*.\.llO—1JI—l»J*lO—>\ IKLn—UlH.il-
regular tiine'-ln'st"'night.'--     ' -. -
The passenger, from Rcxford came
up and "transferred its' local, to ,, thc
Fernie traiii, which .cainc-.back to'
town in time to go out on regular
time .last..night...,,.,..   .., 7-». kf -~*:;i'-
,    0-;—-—
Charley. Shcppard, who has ,becn a
well-known arid " well-liked business
man of our* town for-four-or five.
y?iars, left last night" for..Seattle,
where he goes to seek an opening- in
business.- Mr. Sheppurd was a mem-
lcr of the firm of'Shcppard* and Elliott, hardware dealers nnd plumbers, and was ons of the good business men of our town,
Charley takes with him the good
wishes of many warm friends in Ferule,- 'who, while regretting to lose
him, will wish him success wherever
he may decide to sett It*, ,
Thc Ledger will follow him', "hnd
Its wish is that ho may .do well and
return to Fernie to remain perman-
■ ully wilh us.
— o-
Mr. Drown, Superintendent of thc
C. P. R development work at llosmer
was in tho cily on Monday find reports
work progressing rapidly nl that point.
I*i**;hty-..vo men lire now nt worlc nnd
moro nrc boinj,' added ns (he work tul-
vanccii, A saw mill will soon ho in
operation for tho use of tho compnny.
Mr. Hrown hnd just returned, from 11
Irlp up lhe Kile river lo the conl fields
being opened up in that locality. He
took willi him twelve nilJitioiml men
und there nrc now uhoui 35 men ull
told up llicro doing proi-pccllng work
nnd erecting comfortable cnbliiH nml
store houseH. The work up there will
he prosecuted contlnimlly in future
With tlio C. P. R„ 1I10 Crow's Nosl
Pass Coul Co. iuul lhe Inlernuilonul
Conl & Coko Co. ut work mul tlio
Imperial Co. itlno proicciifln-*,' mirvoyii
nnd getting ready for development
work, tlio Crow'ii NcM Puss will he
tho htmlcfct vnlley in the wvM in 11 very
few year**,
More thnn n qimrler million of dollars nro paid out eiuli month now nnd
..  . *,l ,14 I I  .
IIIU   -JUI.I   Villi    till,     I/.. 14.111^   ill     (1.14.41111^,
|J)C h'lJf J»13)JWJ J))'.,,4'.
People, who n few yeiiri. ,igo were
first ful that thc market for conl nnd
coko would he over dune nro now
complaining that traiKportalloti fat-Hi*
ties nro nol sufficient to enable llicm to
keep up with their orders. No one
gecms to hnvo hnd nny conception
of tlio tremendous growth thnt linn
m.inlfet.ted itself in VVeslcrn Canada
lately, nnd it looks n» though it had
only begun,
The CrowNi Nr*.! vnllpy wilh ff-r
ttorem of ro.il And ol limber ii one of
the greatest store houw* from which
tlie new ponulndoit of the plnlni have
to draw their »upn|le» iu tho»e linen,
Willi two fire.it «*onilneiitJil line* of
mllwny travirrwug it und bringing the
prodiitt*i of Hulh nide* of the Horkys
tlirougli the I'ii.* over their Unci, I hit
v/illey in « very tow yenr* will ho 11
siianiiinj: lice hlvtofindiislr'/iiin'ipi.'il*
led lu tiny part of the w#*t.
V ;7;.' ^ -RrICE.$2 -^..-yI-AR IN ADVANCE
■ m"' '"
Miss \J6hnson, of the International
News Bureau, . ,while in Fernie last
week; cokstnted to be, i*aterviewed by
a Ledger reporter. after her visit to
the great -power plant..at the CoaL
Creek mines,' and. gave,.him'a great
deal ol information - about motors,
transmitters and generators of- electricity! She was yuite enthusiastic
over the big' compressors" and -generators, "aiid.while; at the plant plied
the electrician,in charge with a great
many questions. ... .    --
In answer to .,  the reporter's- questions,, j-hc staled:       „^.j .
That the plant of .tlie; Crow's-Nest
Pass Coal Co. at* Coal.Creek,-is one
of the niost iip-to-date and productive institutions in Western . Canada.
The "steel tipple is a .remarkable t> c*-'
of engineering, spanning nearly Son
feet of the valley, and., conncctingi the
mouths of the * two'. tunnels, from
which thc coal is run out unto the
'tipple. , Uut ■ the power,house was
what T enjoyed the "most, and must
say that it is up to date in all departments, except the boiler room.
In tha power house proper, the interviewee explained *to the reporter j
that in every instance' the machinery j
had been placed to best'-advantage,
no compressor . motor or generator
occupying a position requiring the expenditure of more ' energy than
was] necessary to attain -the results
desired, while pulleys,- shafting and
belting could not be improved on,
In the main'body; of thc power
house the electricity is generated by
steaim, and-' run from the ^aerators of
which this,plant has 4 of 134- horsepower each, and 22b volts, to the
motors and alternators, aiid distributed into the mines, and to the City
of Fernie.   '■
The. motors in use by the company,
are a line . that cannot lx.'surpassed
being ol" the three phase type, , and
(rec from the pulsatory-action of thc
single  and- two phase .motors.
What is the difference between a two
and three phase'motor? inquired the
reporter.  .
■Well,, answered tlie interviewee, in
alternating the current, the flow of
energy is", pulsatory, "not1 steady, and
to overcome this! " the current . by
three phase gencia'tors is caused to
How with equal frequency, and like
t-Iic pistol's on - a three cylinder    en^
Uinc to move, .not one directly inline
with, the other, but to-'follow in succession, thus giving an cvenj-flow 01
yiiirgy instead of-the pulsatory motion secured from two pliasc lines,
The. armatures, of three, phasg- tnotom
ire wound iii "three separate "coils-.
,Thc motors ^ iu use by this company,
nrc'run by the electricity, arid give
the mechanical- power;.--or, hvo.ti.r
words, they lake up .the'energy tf nn
electric, currents from tlie,gcn.iM.urs
and convert it into mechanical cm
ergy. .The' mechanical action t.i ."hy
.opper coudtictoi carrying the current,
and the mngnjlisn.' of the nci'ghlior-
ing current makes this poii'.'.de. 'Ihis
mechanical energy is■ appl*:.-.-1» llif
operating of machines by having a
pulley on the motor as it rotates,
and another cither on the Jimchinc lo
ik operated or oil a pulley on a shaft.
I notice that it, re/iaired two five
hundred horse power motors to oper-
r.te the power for the mines, while
only a 250 horse power motor generates electricity for the town of Fernie, The voltage obtained from this
plant I understand to be 2,400, nud
alternated ou two alternators of 2,-
500; lights each that transform the
direct current from the generators Into alternating current, lo he used In
lighting the mines and hkMiscs of Coal
-Vccording to information received
fiom the electrician, I might state,
however, that llie lighting of Fernio
is differe-ni. The entire 2,400 volts
ure transmitted over a numlwr four
<opper line lo Fernie, where rtaih Individual lighting system -is e(|i)ii|<p.*d
with its own lrnn-i.oimer, rclu.-ing
tho voltage to the munlicr r«<|ui'-.ii,
On this line, however, there is only
one 250 horse power nilotnr, which, |rtl*<
lhon|gJi a very good machine, Is hardly millicltnl for what Is required ol
Was thero any other machinery In
llu building of Intercut, Inquired lhe
Vi't*. The company has nlso three
large air compivHsorH used in operating the hoists, drllU, pumps and
In ventilating lhe mine'.. Two of
t.i.Hi coiiipii'XMJiH are ►Iralght lino
tnachliK'N, and oik 11 duplex. The
two line coiiipit'Ksors gviioiatlng ',,•
-on cubli- Iccl cHch of free air, while
the duplex mnchimi carries,    in    the
(■(.rMi'r.f    <M>       •<•.■■.•••tin,   n(   l -<\i\     r\\\\\<.
1 *. ,1
feet of air.
Till me, huitl the reporter, speaking about the motors, "do those In
operation at the Coal Creek plant
give out ns much electricity as tluy
n-ifivc from tin* ?i*iirrn1nrs,
.Vn, oh nol' On a Unhorse power
motor operating at a speed of 1,200
revolutions, thcie is a friction loss of
nearly 90 per cent,, and this you can
apply in proportion, an I ttcllcve all
lho motors of this plant are of l,3nn
rivol.itii.n*, The principal Iowwh nre
due to trillion and armature heating.
•Welt, what docR a motor conalst of,
llun iiv'-'ir.il the reporter, anxloiu to
Cct at the botliuii of tlte wonderful
Will, there arc two kind* of nioi-
4'U, tlu-. ditul univ-U ahd imliutiou
This power pliiiit hn.*) two of the
fiiMiicr, oach (nn«l*.tinjt; of 0 ttvoW.
<*$ .iriiiatiire, nn width li wound thr
copper cotvductors' of t*c current.
The field magnet, which acts as an
urger est the aniiattue and drives ii
by the four magnet poles.in a side-
wise manner. Besides the above essentials, there is a 'commutator and
a -number'. of' brushes that are used
to -obtain a sliding contact-, between
lhe conductors in"revolutionary motion and the wires, directing the current to the motors.   .   .
Well, then, is not a dynamo and a
motor the - same thing?
•"• Well, no, replied ihe speaker, but
a dynamo could lie used as a motor
if,the cm rent was supplied at the
proper voltage, and again a motor
cam 1ms used as a dynamo if the
proper speed is turned on to drive it.
Miss Johnson returned to the city
after a trip to Coleman on her way
to the main line via Nelson and Hev-
Miss Johnson lias taken a couise
in electrical cMgiiieering, aud seems
at home aiimnjj( generators aud dynamos.
Her newspaper work has also taken her up mountains, " and brought
iier in loutli wilh many noted people
from ail callings and professions.
I This was her first visit to the
|Crow's Nest l'ass, and we are likely
to read something oi interest from
her pen descriptive of this part of
the province.  ',
*  o	
Tile little compuny of children who
conceived, prepared and presented the,
concert .,r>o successfully at Stork's
Opera House a few days ago, went
up'to Coal Creek last night and reproduced the same programme with
some slight variations,' to a large
ind appreciative audience in thc hall
of tlie Coal Creek library and athletic association.,
They again wen I through, the whole-
list of s'ougs, recitations, choruses,
ihe fan drill aud the dfinccs without
\ hitch.
Miss Dollie Barnett, Miss'I.undip,
liheta Todd, the ,Cody children, in
fact all of them, down to the "Goblins Will Get You'' little singer, were
most .enthusiastically' cheered. "After,
• he entertainment" was over • there
was'an hour aiid a. half to' wait nn-
.. .Ji-. I. a — 4 «•.,... — .., n.-i..,'. 1^. ftl. 4 rt^.l.-'...... '.n-.
■\.,s—1HU— b. =A,U~ ;**«x. i4*4>—■.,«*.. iv—4.4..—4-..1 i.u.,-
and thi children had one of the,times'
oi their lives in the hall. They danced the cake walk, they waltzed and
went througjli all the. other dances.;'including the two slcp and some that
hart do/.cus ol-steps.  ' "V   '-■>'
' On the train they sang all lhc
songs that have becu' heard <tfor th."*
last two or three years, and ' doubtless wenl to lied last night to dream
of the songs aud other dances:
Conductor I.ettlter, who, by lhc
way is not a very old kid 'himself,
'.ook a look at the bunch of children
in thc couch, aud gave it up as a
bad job and negotiated with Mrs.
Todd fciYnlhc passage of the'job lot
* Nearly $25 was realized, which,
after pajing ths expenses, will le.i\n
another iwat little sum to lie turned
over to the benevolent society.
The children appreciate very highly
<■• geacroslly of the management ol
the Coal Creek club in allowing the
i'se ol their hull free of charge,- and
Mr, Tultle very 'generously, wenl
along and took the chair.
Mrs, ll.irnett, Mrs. I.ainb and several other ladles accompanied them.
Valpariso and Santiago, South America Badly Hit
Many Lives Lost
■I   'I-*>:-,,
Mr. 15. A, Hill left Sunday tor a
trio to Vancouver and the coast.
Miner,k orchestra supplied the music for the dunce held iu the l'.agle
hall 011 SiitutiTay night for the U-iu-
lit ol the hose team.
Kighl  hours woik, nud eight hours
play,   eight     hour's sleep .ind fight
dollar--) a day.   This order ol   events
KUiliis to lie coming somewhat near
Mr, KinvNl Marwkii, who recently
i-aiuc from Uoxnlniul,, to Moylo, lelo
on Friday for Nelson, lo Join the
cricket learn now playing at the
coast. Il is said thai Marsdeti is oiu
of the Mi'ong.-Nt pluyi-ri in the Knot*
On Ftitlny 111*, tnanapcmeitt ncce«Ud
to thc request of tlte mill uu-n for au
el'jlit-lioui dny, The loiUi.-ssidii,dates
from the loth of Uu. month, wIumi
the rci|iivst wiih made, The engineers
nlso tleinaiKh'tl a clitiijj^|-*i "'id on Saturday thev were notified of the coiu-
,,j ,_•■	
will be    in
.    ,., •      1    :  t   ..   ;,,   r ...
,',*..) .»   *.**.,..'..   ...   .....
Thm* nn .■."■il-hnur dav
vogue nil round.
That the genial accountant of the
Ht, K'i-*eiie mining comptiny's olliie,
is a popnlnr m.in wuh manifi't-t    by
tt*|M    ^.44-tl**1*.        *S.*h^    w. ^. 4   ^,kWW4*    ...       .'-   >
honor tniKt    ThitrMlny cwning at the
Hotel Kuottii.iy.
About forty |K.oplu gathered to $\c
John Daly a st-nd-olf. Miiur's 01 •
(beKtrn 01 five kieces was nu lhe
othur  liiiisfe nppropifnlt*  fnr  tli
Mr. Daly wan ircvnird with a
Jicmdnoiii-' cut glass dicmtcr mid other    glltMlP*!.
On Saturday     iir, and Mr-..   H.ilv
w " •
i*\\A el..Ulteu     Ull *vW,>ic U>i Midlta,
Idaho, where they will    male   tln-ir
home.   Mi, D.ilv will lake (hnr<;i>   of
a *toii' lot llu- lY'ltu*.! \tiuin<» C.an
pMiv at t'o.tir d'Ali-fi-^.
spot  nnd stip|»lfcd'nil    Ihr upln-ibiti'
miKiic, i*s well im initioiial airs,   uiul
Once more the earth has quaked,
this time on the. Pacific Coast of
South America, Valpariso and Santiago, Chili, being the chief sufferer.!.
H will 1;<: some time before accurate
information is received, owing to the
ifreaking of telegiaph and caJlde lines,
hut enough is known to warrant the
statement that thousands of lives
and millions of dollars worth of
property  have   licen   lost.
The shocks continued, for hours, and
lhc people of the stricken cities were
thrown into a panic, "which mrjiired
martial law to control.
The inhabitnbts of Valpariso, to
the'number of 6o,ooo,took refuge in
lho hills surrounding the city aiid upon' ships in the harbor.
Kire broke out imnicdiatelv after
the earthquake, adding its terrors to
those caused by the heaving ul„i
flunking ol, the ground.
Valpariso was built     more solidly
The Kev. J. 1\ 'Wcstmati, Methodist
ministot of Cranbrook, and chairman
of the East Kootenay district, is
what we may call' "a mixer;" that
i.s, he makes it a point to he pleasant to all ordinary, as well as extraordinary iolks, but we are fir-
prised , to learn of his lwiug reco<'-
niwd as a,shad)* character, ,-jt seems-
that on entering one of the local hotels at Coal Creek, just after goitii-
through the mine, that a little trap
door tender of thc mine shouted out,
'Say, Ma', there goes the "tough"
that was in the mine today."
There was a little excitement the
other evening at the depot.9 It seems
that the many lriciids of Mr. Sampson, our local chief of police, (he is
chief of the squad Ix-e-ause he is the
only one in* il) became acquainted
with the fact that he-had' gone to,
t'-eniic with the young lady who has
of late been his fair escort about
town, and that they were returning
many weddings have recently tak*.'.i
place-ilii. 1 the crowd readily lyccaine
auspicious. and generously ■'',armed
witk ric4>, awaited the arrival of the
happy pair. But it seems, - however,
that their judgment; -was' a little
hasty and their generosity premature. . ,
Uuilc a number of Michel residents
have lately lefl town, especially
Wclchmcu, many returning to* their
homes in the Old Country. "Mr. Phillips and MV. Thomas being amoiig
ihe num hs.-.
Mr. MUla is expecting to leave
■•oon to join his newly married sou
in Montana.
A strike among the miners lte'o
was narrowly averted Saturday. Kor
somo time past thc miners' union
hertj has becu receiving complaints
Irom many of its iiiciiiIkts of shortage iu their pay, amounting us high
as iiftccii or twenty dollars some
limes, So serious lind il Income that
thc uuiou, it seems, rdqitcslcd lhe
coal cotnpauy lo rectify matters.
The olliceiu of the company rendily
adjusted maulers lo thu ' MHljilsfncl'inii,
of thc niuu..
The day     school was expected   to
commence its fall term a week ago,
hnl it will nol he opened,   much   to
the snllslacl',011 ol certain small put
ties, till thu i*ud oi the moiitU,
The   Michel     gymnasium was'   1111-
untinced lo reopen, bill owing to Mi.
Stanley Brewer,  its Instructor,   h,iv
ing spruiiU'd his ankle, the fall   op
ciiing was postponed for a few weeks.
Bay day was ,t|iiite a ((piiel day heiv.
The boys were uvlih-nlly wailing for
Monday before they I'licut-hod theii
AI last, niter mntty unsuccesslul
attempts, a new choir bus been organized lu thu Methodist i-hunli. TJu*
young Indies have taken hold in
earnuNi, and Improvement in the
singing |,s the result,
A pretty little baptismal se'vht
witn held ill tiie home ol Mr, and
Mrs, KithiiKl Ketli'Miin, wh.-ti ill * *
infant ion win given the name, of
IlirlKiU, Tliu lUv, (-co. Kinney, ll.
A., oH'ui.iUd, and Mr. mid Mrs. ..lultiu
({ccleHtnii acted ns god parents ol
the child. Alter thu ceremony, n sum*
pious Rpii!.t was. much i-njoyed by
'he many friends who were present,
The br.iss bund finiu l'Vrnlo aniv*
414  .SlUlil.1)    I ".lltU^   ilii    Ui*    ilu(lf.»l'••'"
* jtii't'-.    dn    Mdiiitiiy,    and    ',,i:wi-id\
tlinw   intuit din     Into  tlw JtalJluith
quiet  as people  Were  Wending     llieir
way to cliiirih
the hidliliiy ou Monday wns usher*
si 'r. n-'"l: • v*r?) !:''■?• J*.-!.!-""
which c.uiMil iintt'h exrittiin-nt. A
rrinthmitti got rvu/y drunk (and all
who get drunk wilh evil spirits are
rnuy), tlun niter breaking mtuh
fiirnllui"-*. and making intuli tmise,
•iouglit. to iiiurdi'i the lady nf the
house, bat luj teas urnsted nud cut
rled to the "toohr" alter he "*itc-
coided in Mil\ tearing lur t-li.t.,,-*.
half off ber.
Tlitu ihtcc travelling fnrtlgm-rs,
wilh tw*> hugi* l,tir*'|van |»«-rt»»titiin«
U-nri, walked ihroUfh Mithel ^ath-
irin^j niiViK ,r,nu tri)>ht(ti.-d the hor-
«4*», ftpt'ciuliy th.t stiinl *t«ld hnrnr oi
iba iniltiiiiin Ml lllarkliurn hint
mtuh dil'aulty in i-eisuiidiiiij' hi.
hottt ih.tl ih.- t.rtf. «tri- h.mn', ,>.
lnt  Mr. Mtiir.iv's tent', did not %to;i
than San rr.uicisco, and the 'dama^,
by fire will not be so great from
that cause as it was in -the latter
city. •-.':.,,'
London    ami \cw     ,York    business '
firms arc heavily interested  in    Val-
pariso-aii'd other cities iu  tlte stricken counlry,   bin  to .what extent they '
have siilu-i-ed  i.s  not as yet  knovj."
"The Nocu, nu inter-island   stcau-cr.
while anclunvd oil -the northeast.xroast'
of Hawaii Island, la>«t Tlmrstfciy, wasp
tarried  forward    by  a  .sudden  under-  '
<ow with such lou-e   that her    cable
thain was broken and she lost   fori v.
fathoms of ihe .tha,n.
Honolulu i.s distant, between five and "'
six thousand  miles,, in :,  dirocc   li.ij
from  Valj-.aiiso, and iu ihL. middle of
the north Pacific ocean.
The    seiMiio-arapic    liislruments    in
Victoria,  Washington   ,   London    and*
o:lur cities  lccoided  the disturbance,
which  la.slcd  for several  hours.
to be-persuaded.   They  h:ft    Mr.    A.,
McI,c"od's   williout   stopping    to ' get '
Mr.  Murray,  1010 oil   ' a wheel    ami
made    a free. ^ de-livery 61   milk aud
milk cans ,  at the C. P." II. crossing
Tlu 11'they raced each other past   the
store and hotel and across the fridge *
to  tlie stirring accompaniment   made
l.'.V   a     three  wheeled   wagon.   At  tlie
.nd of tin; bridge they deposited what
was  .'eii  of   the  wagon  and -coursed
freely    through upjier  town   till  they
wi-ru      iiatlieied    in    by  sympathetic '
irii rids-and restored to their forsaken ■
master. ' '    ■       ,
I lien  the band played and the people went   down across the    track,   tor
-Michel pail; to enjoy  the picnic'Not
Much  was (lone  !:e*r6i-e      noon,  except '
to  look  around   to  sec  what  was go-
iug to  be  done.   At'one  o'clock  'the
master  of   eei\iiionius   proceeded to go
• lirough-     the   nrograiumc.   A     gooit*
ci.ol,   c'oudy   dav  was   furnished, * so
that' the ice cream Uiat was provided'
was- not* much needed.     ■    - .   * *
-JXha—lieaiitif n \lv-
alley   was   well   patronized    all   ' day    !J
long,  and  here  much   money  changed.,
amis  7   ..,'        "        -,:'
Miuli    {.jul.'isia.si'i    was   liranifeslc'd'     '*
whin il came  lo pulling off  lhc   pile  , ' ,
'■hot' howjmg., pj-iznj -.'l'lt<>sy,_.oiilWwi-.;,7.'
i:i's Iwlto cx|'iecteft'5^'"4'iivi-y '^lT^Mtttcit:-,",i'
ih-1.1  counted  for     very  li'ftlOj-.wJuli-.,'' '/.*
green      hands    earned, off' "aU^fiigW'." "
scores.   Mr.  .Spencer \r?ihem  took tht',
ten    dollar  prize    hy  knocking   'over'
nine pins,  while Mr. Kinney came hoc- '
ond,  v, hen  he  bowled  over, eight.
Mr;    Koduey   M^'Ken/.iu      won    thj • '■
prize     at    pole   vaulting,  when    hi*.'''
gracefully sailed over the eight    foot
mark. '   ;"
The little girls won the little gjirl'.V
foot   race,   and   the   little   bovs     wuii   '
the   boy's  iiie-ealilt;;   contest,   because  „
they  wuuld open  up anl  .stuff  t!i.»-.»-.
selves  with  pie, .und  my,  after,   the      v
Utile  fellows-got  ihioiigh eating | te,
they wen-4 bhieberi-ii'.'i-pie boys all over their face,
Mr.   fieo.   Ileli.sh  won   the first pricii ' '
ut ih.-  hi/y stick,  with  Dan  Mellon'-
(llll   MVIIIld.
.t lay   pigeon     trap  shooting,    Mr.,    '
I'r.d  TiijUir  I.st, Walker -2nd. ,'
T.trget sliooiitig with 2a, Mr, M'nl-
iir'Aliiioud made 10 points wilh 3
sli.,ts, while Dick Jones iiinii! second
v.i■ 11 i\ joints with lht'ci! shots,
At tlio riillle Mr, Dave. Moi'/.iiti won
th.; Sv K'lhl chain, and less forltin-
.it.   nun got lesser prizes.
III.- bind fiiiiiished music while
lii-lil net gaily nipped over the lluor.
■ •I the pavtliiin, uhlle lefi-eshmeiil
dun.Is luitti.slu'il Nwert. meals uud
It nit, and the beer garden Mowed laser
•"«»r ih>> uu.lalile,
Alter the little rules were put to
Ind lhe bull w.is lu hi in the liMl till
the win Miiitll Ileitis of the next
iii'/iuitig, and the llniigiiriiiu Sociity
.mi.A a stiiussiul day.
Scvi-rul  lormer nsiib ills of  Michel
ttuu'   in   town today,   niniHig wh.ini,
Here   Mr,    Jiu-k     MiDi.uuld,  Tfihly^   ;
'!.i'ii,  itll'l  Cn oii;,-   I,u\.
Mr, Diibiiei', a loin,it manager   nl,   ,,
'h-j Ti Ill's*Wood Co,  here, nud   now.   ,
11    Iiiis'.ikns      111    C1.1 ul•>ook,  |m:.s*d k
tllMllgll   Milllel    uu    tin;  lm ul    11 id.i y
uu his wny nisi,  to U'thlirtdgr.
Mr.  I,luilsny,"f.f   IV  N",  V.    0   C,
h.id Intuit ill holt I lietv today.   Tie t«i
.ii*. 111 p.iiii<cl  with  wilt'  iiml Miu,
Mr. Arlhiii   Williams, .'Icitri.'tiin   'it
, ,       - i ., • ,  1    , 1 .-
.11.   j.......  I.-1.,-^ .....  ,1. ,,#.».». i,   ». .*
in   M-d', -n    11.f. \   1   'Ayh\    U\x    ht- "
v.-.,..   not   iilor.e.   Mis*,   l.aiua   Slutiet,
li.'i- •niiii' lime wnlm-ss til llie Miihcl
1Io.fl, Woiiipiiiili'd  him.   Thev  wru*     -
0,1 iheii way lo Mi-ilicine Hnl, where
,1  :   1  < . 1 .,,     Tt,,   1, -.,,.,,
itiii|hs ]il.iU to r.)Klld 11 couple- of
wttVn mt a nip i» Vatiuuiver and
b'.i.k Tluy have tin* hetirty cimgriil-
11!: t oils nl the iitliie tump, mid llio lb 1
11 lies mv well known lure and pop-
Mi. Kinney, who hns ht'tt gcHii-n
t it'l*/< muiifv in Uie )ihoUi)!rnph|1iUl*
in,* , hen lo! tin* bv.i ».t< motiifu;
his tui'ihided to Ji-.l niWt iniliworfc »
lh..t trade. IT.- s.iy* that cveiytrtu* ,;,
•h uibl lian* n profi-ssii'ii. ami ih»
thil wi'ti. ll is Ml ri)-h( to have u
l.ti'bv r ii ilu- hiile, but tun- HUtilt
li. n» 'ai v.-Ii-.h in '.j'«nd till oiie'i   in* >
»I;jV.    Ml.   .'     Spaidillg,      \llln   It   III*
1 .nitit'.i.ij It i- in ft 1 *»ie, hai tnlcti
• .\.r xli. Kinn..'% M«>li« and !msi*
-•' -71 V'-P
AUGUST ..a?.
IN   AD-
■ Issued*" every Wednesday from  the office   of ^'publication,    Todd ..Block,
.Victoria  Ave!,  Kernie',  British  CoU
' uuttiifc.*
Hon. Richard" Mcllride has 'got back
to'Victoria-from the norlhem-'.inler-
ior, and J. H. Ilawlhornthwaite, M.
P. P.,' i.s once moru at home with his
irieiids and neighbors al Nanaimo,
.nfie'r his long missionary tour of the
upper country, and all the govein-
' melit organs are busy telling their,
lenders tliat there is to lx* no t'l'*r-
tiou this fall.   . .
Mr. Jlawlhornthwailc i.s now ,de-
nouiicing the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works as an unfit maii to
hold a cabinet position in a .uhitul
of Socialists.
Mr.    Ilawthornlliwaite   •  knew    as
much about    the     unfitness of  Hon-
Mr.  Green  before he started out    mi
his educational trip as he <Wvs now.
lie "knew as'much about Llie Kuieii
Island     transaction, ' the Columbian
Western "land  grab,   and_ the llewdiu-y
'do up bf the province as he doef.al
,tht eiuV'of'his stumping tour in    the
-■ interest   ot   revoliilioiinry   Socialism,
but he knows more, about what    the ]
people, of  the province  think  of    the
government he has been helping lo do
these things     which he now .led .ires
unfits the chief actor in them lo hnl,!
ollice 'twenty-four  hours.
It is .possible that Mr.- llawilmn-
thwaite may have been sincere in h'.s
consistent'support of! a gover-.'.iueui
which, if he is sincere, has been
making of him the most stupendous
ass there is in a whole herd oi po
litical- asses now grazing in oi'ici.iU
pastures.    .   » ,
■That,he should, for three sessions,
aid in uphdlding a caibinet loaded
With.such a man -as ".he now asset tithe Chief .Commissioner to be, aiul so
have-been instrumental by.his •.•up-
port of such a'man in robb'-ing the
people of the province-of millions ol
dollars .worth of the public domain, localise, he , was ignorantly innocent oi
tha natme ol.-such legislation, and was
all this'"'time finding out that this
cabinet'; minister was unfit to hold ollice twenty-four liours,' then-he bus
.ihoroiitghly demonstrated hiis own 1111-
. fitness to hold tlie position his con-
sti tlicfl tk~h avc -pi acrd-jf lm-"i nr-*-"-—^
■lie is entirely too slow' for this ng<:
to mi
of process, and .should,lw_rcplaced at
the next election by a wan, who can
find s.ich _.things out before he saddles
upon himself and liis district the re
spotisibility for the wrongs done the
whole province*
" The* Mcllride government and its
npologislie supporter from Nanaimo
have been paddling about in the -wat-
trs of provincial politics in au anli*
if'liatcd dugout, which they have been
Vainly trying to permade the people
is a real ship oi stale, and now that
thc apologist has had an opportunity to gel froin the, people their opinion of the hollow log and its crew,
Steps ashore at the first binding aiul
'declares that the chief paddler in the
l-otten affair couldn't paddle in a
lifuU '.lx-longiiijg* to liini twenty'four
Messrs. llcllriile, Ilawlhornthwaite
and Green have been laboring, imdei
the delusion that the people of this
province are u lot of ignorant, hidebound parliv.nns that cun be dipi-ud-
; cd upon to follow the lminlnisUdilly
hollow soundings of u cracked" and
worn-out political drum and the discordant notes ol n brass horn with
tunny blowers oi wind nt one end, tt
crack i*it the middle nnd a Iwll-slrhpeil
mouth at the othur.
The shallow political tricks of by-
)>oiic days in this province will not
secure ciidorsiiieiil ol such n combination of ilK'Hicieiicy, insincerity, and
ilicoitipatnbilily its ' is now paddling
librout in, llial waler-lngcd old dugout, with holes iu its bottom nnd
illscord in its crew; wilh Kaleii Island rocks lo port, the Columbian
ulid western lands to slnrboatd, nnd
\iliw.H.i.'|l(.'     mIu-hI    laws,    vUitui*.
Dewdncy  ditscriminatioii anjjbad;_ad-
iuinistratiori-.o.f. tliSvworst kind of, lax
laws peeping 7ip'   cmt^of  "the    water
fere and afu---Il is- little-\yonde-r~i.lial
one ot the' crew who lias ha'd -a gj-ance
■ut  the 'surrounding's  should 'want -to
step "ashoie   befoie   the   old   canoe    is
suli.nerge.d-  by. the .. w'ave.'.of .public
cc.tileMnalion.ul, which he has caught,
a  glimpse, just - ahead.,.   ;'    •/ "-.   %'^-f '
Tlie days of the'.o.d-tinVtr'ick pony
politics are over, aiid people are not
going to   .support  a. lot  of  tricksters
just because* they aie lajlpled with-the
name of this or; that parly.
" These' little  politicians  at  Victoria
are small,.even' measured as politicians,, and people who '" have the well
being .- of ..this 'province at heart,    he,
-.hey   Conservative 'or   Lilwral,    have
t/eeu caieiully     taking tlieir me-iwuie,-
au-.l    wluii   the' opportunity '    arrives
they will-'   endorse Mr.' llawthoriilh-
waile's--latest    opinion  or 7 one    of
them,  end  include  those who are  responsible for liim,   in  the' same   yerr
diet. ' '     " '       ,
. The Liberals will lie given a" show
do soitielhilig 'for tlie good of the
and if tbey pi'ove as inelli-
ci.ul iu theii-' fir.slititteinpl at sleer-
ing the ship of slate.us has this" fust
aitixii-.l ot a make-believe Conservative goveinnieiil, they will deserve,
and iecei.ve„a worse,late"than a-w-Oi.-!*
the rtltHride dugout. The Conservative parly is not wholly responsible
lor that dug-out. '■
alanv of the best men in the pnrly
were deceit ed and tricked into support in,' lhe, present government, and
have some excuse to 'oiler for, the predicament'in which' they find themselves, and thousands-ol them will
atone us far as possible their part in
ihe wrong done the province, liy 'refusing  lo repeal the offence.
If, with this cxpeiience of the Conservatives fresh in their memories,
the ■' Liberals were' to commit the
same grave ofieiice ol undertaking to
gowrn the province by dickering with
people avowedly opposed lo their
principles and .methods' of government, iht-v would be worse-, sinners
than have been their political opponents, and would reap lhe same richly
deseivi'divcbiideinnation al the hands
of lho people upon lhe lirsl'opportunity.'     -        ', ,
Th -. C' nservative pni ty is discredited ly a governineiiL willing, to hold
on to ollice by'the aid of those, who
cipinly Haul in their, faces the statement ahal they would not,lie allowed
to ho'd ollice in'a cabinet of their
mak'n/ ' twenty-four hours. What,,' a
nice 'liUle lii t-of ebinpeusation .for
thirty-:,ix months oi flattery, and'ser-
\ility! '
-^I'li-jr-iji-'i yr4—< nn_anaiLy-i.CoUh*LiXi*jaiejL
who' are patriots first and Conservatives, nfterwaids,. to. permit^this discredit, to lie .permanently fastened up-
,on :th-ir partv by , continuing0 to support such unworthy servants.
If the Liberals do not 'sweep the
pro\in.-"o ,.il. the. next, election, ,the
fault will lie tlieir own, and if being,
.(.turn d with a pien^re iiva'jority; ihey
atlemi'l tht* impossibh*-, as have thc
piesen' governiuciil,-they will reap
111*- ;*a-ae whirlwind which the sowing
of w-'ti'l has bioni'hl. to the present
goven'.meut*.' * .   ,.. .
The       defeat      of        the      jrovcrn-
im-ii    will be the best ,thing that'can
iiusidious.M*-; ever wakeful • ahd f.vliolly
iselfish elci*}ent, corporate wealth', and
British Columbia has'^beeii onvi of tli-*_
greatest '':-'smfferers-**T roirT- 'ihis- ^baneful
influence. ' ,."
Corporate' wealth lists;, by'-its
:.d and  constant cllort,  siicebedftrt-   in
sccurilig'to'itself- tha-cream-.-of-- tlu*. |
public domain,."and,in tieing.,;,up in.
franchises, .so  much of tlie  public* util-.
ities-     of .the province , without;, any
o(i,uiyale'nt lo the people, .that; at first.
glance it would appear- that littlcTe-.
mains' to fight for.   But this is • not:
thc base,  and much remains  ; to    be
kept'out   .of lhc-..clutches of.,corporations, ,and  there  are  things  uqw,-,. in,
their grasp whi'ch  do not  legal ly ;or.
morally,  belong  tnere,     'and    which
sliQuld    Is restored ' to.their rightful
owners,'the people of  the province.   .
'" To do   these - ; things wil]I, mpinc
lloes-ivells,  Weavers,   Folks   and .Jeromes    in  the departments of,-govern-,
ment and in the legislative assemb;ty.-.
Have wc got' them  in British . Co-'
iuiiibia? , -     *.-■<■    .  ...     ..< '    . ■ i
Have we'got'    them iii. the*Liberal''
partv? „,..;." -;K    .-
And if we have,'<can,we defeat   the
sclk'in-.s   oi     the   corporation   servant
substitute  in    'their ' stead  tried
2 "tt ,        •        J-. "
^fEcksteiii &IGrau
Barristbrs-at-Law,-   Solicitors.  EtCi
■•*-.^.,   ^..      ,.'•        .V     ' I.     ...    t, .   ..     .     . T.   „,. -. " ,-^
Kooms,l& 3, Henderson block, Fernie, B.C.
Ihree hundred times bet-
''" ter than 'sticky paper."
So'id;byail,Draggists "an'iV General Stores
' ■'    t "' .'."'diidby mail.'     '        '"
77     HAMILTON, ONTf■■.';'',..■'.
■/•y.;P. C;-Lattj"e*-
■ Post* Office Block. FernievB. C.
tools who, can be depended upon to
Mi'bslilule private interest" f6r the interest of the public
•The corporation lendjr is the paid
Hcryanl who works with but one aim
•-the  interest of his .employer.
lie will ollen'.sacrifice.honor,, paiiy
fealty,. oi- patriorism itself upon-.the
altar of .corporate,* greed, the niosl
insatiable, ' all .consuming o^, all
greeds. ,.,„
15very little crumb ot patronage
wh'leh. he doles out-to employee.is ex-,
peeled to bring , its return of political  support, of, corporate  interest.
Tliis i.s the evil of .the. limes with
wliieh  the.'people have .'to, cojnlelnd. .
This is the evil which lias wielded
I oo. much influence in the past',( but
which, like other evils,-.brings 'about"
its  O'.Mi  overthrow.     '..  .,,  ' ,  ,
The present goveriinieiit is aii, example of-this, and will [die /d ,too
much coi])oration. inllueiicci', coupled
with too little slrciiglh in thi) House.
Tho. shallowness of ^ tlawtli'oViiUi-
thwaile's campaign arises'from the
fact tint while he lias been pi-caching Socialism, ...and denouncing tne
system which has resulted' in placing"
the wealth of tlie world in too ..few
hands, he .has been' aiding', by votes
ill ( the legislature, to-'tie,up^ that
\ycalth in still fewer,hands, '.and ..iii,
a still ,' more", obieclioua.ble manner
'{hail  has. even   bciorc. been  doiie.  ,"".,
His .eiToils. iluri-ni' "his late, slumping tour, to make his profession di.
reVolulioiiiiry ..Sqcialisni ' 4i6areiy.-iUi
eliaiice'df/Chaslikiiig a-faithless 'gov-
eriime*iit'H'or'-r-betraying - him, if he
was really'in-ea-rnest in his giving'
away of millions »o£ dollars-worth .of
thi people's property iii order to get
'through a bill Uj compel"-employers,
ol labor''to pay, weekly or' tvi-week-
ly, tlic'ir employees. • '" ■ '.*
' 'Tlie' Ledger doe's   'not 'lwlieve    that
ariy:|nppre;ciable   number-of   lalxiring
' these
the, re-
of  the'people of'llie.prov-
cerlain that'they'
lilaiialibiii al their'exact value;.
'.A:cheap, politician     almost   invariably    underestimates'' the', inlell.igence
W. II. Ross, K. 0. (J, S. T. ALEXAsriai
Ross & Alexander,
'•-   ■■        'feknie.'b. c1     ■"
Office tn-.!,. T. W. Block, Vieloil-. Avoimc.
4iil4 .^.IJU'IC^ IJ4JJI4;       IIIIIHUV.1     4/4       ii.,.-vj
iiibiitwo'.ilil^l;e willing to accept 1
'ciaicl'ssion.* iit siich 'a cost to thi
J. Barber? l.d.s.
" :   ,       DENTIST
' T. W . Block,   opposite the
' Ollleo hours—S a.m. to 8 p.in.
nice,' and it is ye-i-y
'will,i lake  jlr.   ll'awtlio:
ol' his hearers, 'anil  averages   .up    by
always , .eiitcrlainiiig   an   exaggerated
o])i,n,"ic*i! ,e>.f• his. own.. ..    .    ,
Tlte   wage .earners,- whom, .this gen-
l,enia;i--claims to roprescnl, .arc, -alter.- till,  just so. many' of  the    people
who' go- to make, up the, whole--voting
population  ol., the, province,. and they
are .just. lil;c*tK? 'others ..who- go    to
make up the. whole. • -,.,.,-   7
As    a-., bpdy   ;they    arc    holiest,
.fair-niindcd. and as, intelligent  as „,the,
others,  and  want only., fair., and honorable treatment  at the"-hands* cUlie'.
law; makers of* tlte .land.  .-,.. ,^ ■   ,     :
.'Tliey'.'will     ;be .'as! .M.iiick .to [under-
s'laiid   that, rights' .secured .,by*, wronging o'.hcr prople  are  bought  at ..too
groat ii. piifie,   -Us-would •I-any.,othcr
'cliis.s  of -people.      :■.--.      ...      ...
Mr.P,:iIu\v,lho!-nlhwaile's" bold, slap
tit ; Uie'-TJoii. .Mr. Green is an ,cvi-
di.'ii'ie tint he.,lui.*7 received some ,in-'
lilhat'iiu ,ot, the: dissatisfaction ,of' all
n'»liL--:thiul«ug people, with ;thc pi"eR7,
'(.rii.} rovernment.- Such trcatnicjit,
'does .not.reilecl .much credit .upon. Mr;
llawthoiulhwaiite, and".still:'less .upon; th-B-;.goveriyi'icut,, but.,is. no,, morp
tliaii could-, bu:a\pe*cted .by- thcn'i,,.and
is-a's much as, .they .deserve. , -
\'ihz. vrhve:rniiie.n-. -has, never manifcst-
'cd',,iaiiy ! desirx;., to .go. to the people,'
.audi if :-JUr. Ilawlhornthwaite has, only
VV.J. Wriglesworth, D.-D.S.
. • ;     *   ',   'XJ-BiaSTTIST ;
Office HouiiBi-,, ." H-'itto 12 u. in. l to f"ii.*.i
"',   - ' C.30 to u'v-n*.
'!      Oflico in Alux.i Bk's Uioek
-  ovor Slum's Jlukcry., ,   *'.
"' CALL AND SEE '     *
, Davey & Laderoute',
._        _..  _ li. 0
';      OlTiee:   L.-T.W. Block"    v
, 'Fernie—-"-—British' Columbia
toie Finest Porter-
\   ^and'^ ir:y "^ ")* --
iTlie.only.GoodS B€^
'in Fernie."" * ^ '^ Y
the pi-oda-dl erf the  * ,
..Sold only.at- -|
%e Kiiiff 's JHotel.
the. Galgary "'■*.
Cattle Co.': -' •■■: :
Detail   Meat   Merchants
t*     \    ». -m^	
i.    ,'.  ",.    .,    . .      -..-    ..
Is a, pleaisant home.,
. ° for the traveler.'
hap) v:i
the Consij-viitivi! paily,.for
it will mean the disappearance, ol lhe
ri'iniitiiH'of incoinpelcncy which has,
>.o nirm-tiiiialely for the province.and
the ]i.rty. suteeeded ill fasteninj-; it-
si,lf lt.nii nn unwiliiiij'. paily and an
iinforl' nate   province. '        - '
A   victory for     thu    I.Nm.-'iIh will
■iiiL-i'itt  ruspoH ilbility in
ut     ^.iveiniiij'   a new
proviii-a which ha.s
ud,'nu I Ihey will
its first trial
iil-.d- jirnwing
been iiiis|;overo*
'iiid the tusk a difficult iui'-: one thut will rc.-luirc ..the
united effort (if na'tilcr, executive and
le'nlshi'ivi:' ahilily than has yd lieen
exch-'s d ,jii the iidiiilnistralion ol the
ahull ' nf lh« pi'ovim-e.
TVImli di'pi-nds upon the ability, Ml'1
integrity'of n h-uder, but much 'also
(U'lK'li li" itpnit lhe. suiiic'iiUribtiU'K in
his i-nbiitet nssocialcs.-'aniV, theif* sitp-
poi'lir. in  111-.-  IlfiiiHoT"'**
Xo lead!-! can expiu't to jfd Milid
Mippoil liom a luli'-wln-". made up of
iiic<nii|'.i-liiu'y ii|wni th; one hand nm.
MibMf'.i.uiy to pi-iv-ii*' iulei-i'Sls up-
,„i" .the nlher: The I'lvnli'sl foive
workiii" for' ovil In the l.'ulMntive,
mid |,|ir.'iiiiiii.!ii<;il world today is
his votes in* favor oi' ,. I lie. most "oii
jecticn.ible- legislation,; in. fuvor of,
the worst form of private ^ownership, .were too*-illogical, io^convince,
oppon.nis or conlirm .followers ' Ut
their faith in him as a safeJqadcrj.
A man must be.-a most c'piisiimalo
jiijrglen-with facts und iijjures'.to '.be
able to make people of only o've';a'»c
inental ability believe Unit ",'. the
wealth of tho world can be more
'licjnally disliibuled, by pacing "taws
which "aid in tighteiiinj'- the grasp 'ot
.those who already hold too much oi
it, anl adding lo thai too .much thtit
which, they did not before possess,
liis excuse ' ,that .by voting lands
into the hands of wealthy 'corpora-;
linns, and by-allowing, the ve;i\iissioi-j
of large amounts of taxes due front
the same corporations, and .the helping out of llu suiall Hewdney'fni'nK'i''
ui" thu expense of the, 'rest' of the,
small farmers and .small owners of'.the'
province, und his iissisliuiai in whitewashing the- Knien Isllmd deal, were
ull,iu con'siderat'loii or the aid lu'i got
Irom .the. govcnniiv-nl'iii passing .llic
ltdiiclion cd the eJectioji di'pnsit bill,
the' transfer of "voters' bill 'nml -he
weekly pay hill, if "irwe, would , only
prove" him lo lie a very cheii|i trader
in political .natters. ,
But the facts are against hint. The
traiishr of voter.!1' bill'was it, g'iv-
eriiiiii'iil bill sitppoi'U'd' by both M-h'S
or' tha House, nnd was never in " »ny
danger'ot defeat. Th; ilcctioiiH (deposit bill wns passed Vvfoie Ih- <*'<'-
linub'irii und' W.-stcrn liill, nm. .Ihi-
hill n( most diivel and pnu-ticnMii'U-
elit to the wni-i'imn, the weekly'wug'v
bill, Wrts defeated three Any*- Ivl.ue
Oic Oi.luinhinii and Wcslctn .bill .wi*.i
pass.d, .mil he had a uui'd i-v-t-llciiL
iustT fouikr^/out.; *.vllat~ other :  people".
have -h\o\\m from the .V.cj.-jinninB, that,
Ihb'rlTon. JMr...C.reei* is apt good cab'-
,i\'at] timber-, ,tli;-n the "government will
Y filili .iiK-ivel bashful typM appealing,
lo jlho province.,for--a...new leasc.pl
lile,' v :- . .. I.    ~.i!,  - '■ '      '"-.      i   f-y-
Mr.'. IlawUi-ornlhwaite, can be itc-
!>Lii!'.led ' upon ,'to .fiiiallv discover that
iji'et Hon, ,*i\Ir. Mcllride; is ns- unfit, .to
be, h cabinet miiii'ilci: as -is- the Hon.
Mr.* Gi-.*eii'e,.jH-'will only tnke.a.lil-
"tlc-more .liiim-and a little mom Insight iulo lhe, inner workings of that
alljiwerful' tliiiigT-tliu -public mind,
'('ii' moic.'lrip np icoimtfy, may, so
c'j|-e'n his eyes iw,to, enable hi>" ,to.See
what olhcis.see, that the Hon. Richard being-*reSponsib,c for,the Hon.
'lioliv't-l, is equally unfit ror a cabinet
p'oiiiliiii,'and ho may again declare
liisjeo.ivictious,-     ',,   , .:
'iliil even so .-omphalic, a deimnciu--
lion .is-has ',,'been pronounced npoii
iiur cabinet-.liiini.sler.. by the 'Socialist
ItntKr, il applied to .'tlio whole' lot,
w'ill not stir .them out of ,111cIr Jiiin-
i.sti'Vial ihatiu. •
Tho.-iu chairs • are very noil, com-
Iciriul.Ie things lp, sit in, and it will
lake more than delpgalory remarks
Iroiii Mippoi-wrs. to induce the o'ecu-
pauts lo .vainla. ,-    •      ,: „  .*.'
All thin*;!' have their uses in this
world, and if., Mr. .Unwlhtivnlh.wuil'c
and his purty of .two in thu House
..mcivdid' in ti'itehlug both lhe older
and' larger parties, in lhat House, the
liilllily ot Mti-lt alliances ni has kept
iSte' 'i l'c.'icnt governnii-iit, han^iiig
twijet inn uml death diiniig llu la.st
thru* yciir-s, iJiiit.Hltlt' pnrly hns mil
lived ill v.iin.
ncliurreh Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
-' ':;,;ppR,.SALE.'   '-■";
'Oflioe'in rear of How Foon Block: li-emio, ll.C
"', ■      Plaiw,. Specifications 'aiid Esli-
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:    -Plenty, of  GOOD   DRY .LTJM-
;   BEle''''ON,'IIANi*.    '     '    ";   '  '!
|.   "" "u. a: krrr. ■*.'-•  -
[Architect-   ' and Superintendent
Office at Residence.
BAKKR ST.,     -'   - '-icERNlB, B,C
Simon Dragon,
j.,—____ _——..-
-„,.'■-   -,,.   -I-' .
\ tVholesaic Dealers' and Direct Import-
;.",.',:   ,."   o" ters of ■•"
'/-SCOTCH AND  ,     ''*.   ;  ..- .
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lift   AND HOUvAND.GIN,   "",,-.-!,
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■  Choicest cuts of fresh meats always
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Hams, bacon, and lard -as well.
All kinds of fresh CAh 00  season.   ',
Prompt- delivery. ■','",      ,
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drowns Nest        ";
ectric Supply Store   '
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;    Goods kept in1 stock". '""",
i ' —  —--—
I /'  -All  work:,-:
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ilURMEISTER'; '    "•,7
John, Turner^'
,-: P.R0.4-V.
GREENHOUSE l'l/ANTS,, , l'loral
Work. Home industry, Catalogue
Free. " .     -   '   ;
• '   Seedltouse nnd .Greenhouses,
3010 Westininstor Rd., Vancouver ll.C
 : __ :—•-'i
..■^0*W^?.ymm*+l*k.''£*<   -"'JmL   ill^ds'W^m**^-,.
-!   Sole Agents in Canada, for
Windsor •  Tonic,    'Japj   * Destroyer,
'    * -       '.' ?-'  * -.
I J I :
Genera). Merchant,, - •:
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.;
■ irEjTKasriEi, 33.. o.\
If not, you ara missing- somo
oi Uie clioiccst,-literature ol
lho century., „ , '• .!>' ,'V\' -P-''.
Scr.'d ,a dollar to ",R7r.L0W*
KRY, Nelson, 13. C. and Ret
it rcffiilarly for ■ 0' yciir and
'i'isb qufc'61* tho rut.     yi:V
MINAIlll'J-i l.iniuii-nt Cures Distemper
aKKtsaSca '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Labor Day
tion, September
Parade at
10  a.   m.
Horse Races
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and all manner
of afthfetic
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prize money
Special Trains all point©
W   ^\w) -^. -«,        tm*m.        Bnl    **"»%    41%"
it ao*»^ r*--«^,«^-*
Race, Wet Test
sustxsMmWsn*mm**om*.m mm**m»»-**t0''^mmt'mm
See Posters
for full
E.   Kootenay's
Big      Holiday.
A* Ji
,                                                         i
WINMIPWO            . rOUT, AliTlUMi
VAVh                        '   DUIiUTII
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On    Mtil<:   Ann. 7"«-'.'.i    Su|it,    8-jo.
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Now Hiij-hiuil lMiuitlnii! l'roviiui'ti
' On AppllcitUnii.
■tSir I'ATKOIS t via 111 i-ftls  in utit-fr.n v
Glow's    Nest   Special
.._.*.„ -,'ANli -J^-* ■	
ftl5noi*'s Favorito Glnarsi
"' m
•T. 8. CATlTUn,
1).  1».  A., Nnlsoti.
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v fruits and
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Hue i-uu'U 'fiml uvtrythl"C tlu-.
scduoti niTor.l.i in fine coiidiluui.
COMH       IX AND      8KB.
J. R, McEwIng
1 MirntMl*.
in iotil*.
l.miuuiH    Ciium* ti^k^vt
I-l only one'if ft liiintlrcd illirort-tit
Mlm|inniiiuUlr,ntour llrlitrli luritu'l
out In. Tho jwrfoct (ju-illly of llm
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urn uui'lo, (jimllilR.i tlioui nn tlio
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•VI, A. IXKMAM, Prop,
Miotio 9t.       -      •*      Vurnlo, n, C\
Tht cttii'.CiKV'irc  of, l-'crnlc wl\\
jik-nim tuto iiotire thnt After Anr'}
Ts-t,   iw/i  llu*  CurptnlfTn.  nnd .Tolii,
;l,4  i'f   l-'rini*-   t.-otn]  llio  will <hi.
nintul four ilollni* (l.oo) for elp-ht (8*.
honts1 wnrV.
W. A. C0NNI.T.T/,
U. n, <.C C, A J. U. ttw, Fernie.   '
+ .:>:»*•**.*■•* * ■■««'t«*««'»»«»ii«*HM>i^i"«"^
Vilnanlli. I.lntmcnt Cwrcn Dlphth«rii\
I Great.      '*
Sale I
if -Phnnim
I-? uiiuup
Kli-OUHY   11HOH.,
Noxt to Jlnnlc of Oommoroo $*?
Hnvo lift to RO por oont. *4
■fl*? M.iii'h Fiii'ni»liliiiriJ,
•J»        . LntlloR' Wnar,
llontH AHIioor,
,„ . ;      "itH, C«|i», '.llovoi,
WlllcllllH,   IlftZOl-H,  ,
,Iowolnryf Not Ion*
• nml KrnnllwnrcH
Everything s at Sacrifice Prices J1
Vxxxo TuiUIhIi TolimieoM,
nnd OlixiirottOH
|| Kfoury
f\* Como lit ntiil Nftfl
Bros, i
$*? ..-"..jO-    *. ,.,*■
*-'   Williclm's   maga7inev.'"The   Coast,"
- '    comes ..regularly   'to  tlie ' I.edg-er "ex
change    table; .and is-sp.bright -;iuuV
.sparkling  that il is becoming, one  oi
those .liUlcj ]. things' which .ingraciato
themselves into   ' the list of "wanted
thiugs"   iij5on*:,the-exchange  list.-The
• August number is'exceptionally good,
containing - many  articles' and * stories'
.of - merit.   OiiR4--*of these, '"Through
Western Canada Over the C. "l\ K. *"
.will prove tof( much interest." lb Brit-
is.*. Columbia1 readers. ,   ■,'"7
Another short sketch "from  the pen
of. Agn;s  Deans  Cameron descriptive
of  Alberta's',, jrolden  granary,    .needs
110 other incentive "lo' read'' tiiati ' lhe
.   naming'of *   its'" well-known  author.-
Misji Cameron heads her article .with
a ic'uotaljon,,froiii KipliiiNr, a.j autliqr,
,'     who,^seeTus"to appeal to her. with mi-
usual^forcc.   .-   < ~-      7   -,
The; .I.c'dgei-/ has. recently experience
x cd   the   pleasure of mecling and   becoming ocq'iiainlcd, -willi nnotli-r .lad'v
co:itr.VJutor lei} Mr. Wilhclin's reftiht-'/e
litllii(iiioiithly7who is-a zealous ' ait-'
-locate of "Tlie,Coast."    .7   '.
IJojior     ]..  ^'ilhelm   is  -a man'of
coiiviclioiis,    aiid; jlas' shown'.in; the
*    s.hort\spaiv of four. ye,ii-.s   that   il   is
'pnssiJztSu      to;" produce    a   creilUuljle
monthly inagav.inc7)n.ltlie .west coast;,
His   ambition   of establishing, such
a    publication.' is ';   a .'most laudable
one,: nml as he Ms deii'ionsli-ating his
ability .'and   perseverance,   his   reward
_, .is  siil-e; to  conie.' .   The  illustrations
are numerous -hud -from  well selected'
, subjects   artistically'executed,   which
contributes one of. the -most pleasing
■   features'      of   a '„publication," 'wUich'
H*i"ows, niqi-y pleasing wibli every issue:,
'„3'  "      ,—rr"—o o       ■   ' ,
\ 'Anjiiiipdrtnnt.'dcal in. western coal,
laiuls was concluded a few days ago.
It wiis'lho sale of- * tiiV Tabor ■ Coal
CViupaijiy's properly, a shorl clisitaiicc;
cast*;-, eif Lethbridge, to an American
syndical'c of capitalists headed liy ().
A. Koiiertson, the wcjl-known speculator,!- who- has, operated in the
-Northwest, so exeensively and success-
fully,Sllie last four or five years."
'■''lie Tabor coal' niin ■ consisted of a
territory covering nearly ten thousand: 'acres of land, -with* the same deposit of coal as that owned by the
Galls and ''' 'operatell - so, successfully
for :ycars. ■>'-The'men who' comprised
lhc1vTa'l>oi'i,coal company, and who
owiicd 'and operated the Tabor mines,
were: gentlemen well known' in 'Wiiini-
peg;-1! and  comprised  Mr.   .T.  {-Stanley,
- Howell, lhe barrisW,-Mr.' 1).' E. Ad-
ainsj. the coai man, Mr. Isaac Cock-
ibiiiij,  srcrelary  of    - the  lunibenncn's
—assod'-yjoh'TZML iU. l_"iyp i,
estate  agent,-and  Kev.  Canon   Roii-
c-iicrgietie settlers _ to Vake'of, them lived at' luaie v. iih her" parents -.- at <
the producers .of the bfe red/apple and Amherst, .V. S. .She, complained ' of'
luscious strawberry. ,       .   , general   weakness and loss' of; .apps-
"'■**    Her biood was'thin ;fliid'watery^
The ■ climate and the^ soil" are" here'
awaiting ,the" stttltr.'to take advant-
ol' them.        -
Come-and $ee them. ",- "77
■i   . '.   ;■
 Oir ;—
„I,ast Saturday morning, .the (.post
ollice safe"iu tiie.Midway past- office jhe-oTachcs""aud dizziness
was blown opeii ; ayd robbed of its
contents.' "-, ,r'7 • ' " 7 ^ '•' ,
The building' caught' lire and' was
consumed and ihe townsite lhiilding'
adjoiuiug, was also destroyed. ;>
The   loss   to'buildings and contents
wns    al,oui   5*7,000,      the* insurance
amounting"   t0    *>2,ooo>      Very.,little
booty wus secured by "the roto.*-ors
 o—'■   .
. 7 *?'*AV MOULD HOUfSES. .
Edison  Proposes "..lo   Cast' .Concrete
" Cottages." „   "   "'
,^c\v-Vork* Aug, M.-Whole houses
moulded m a single casting out of
•solid- concrete, which- will' provide
cosy liomi-s for worknitgintn at' a cost
from one iif th to one-fourth of, what
the average, mechanic pays, today, -,s
u goal .vhioli Thomas A. Edison is
striving io reach by a plan he is con-
litLnl-will work out .successfully.,
- Coiiibin.'d with economy of ' con-
sti-iicliou aiul liiaiiitenancc, the inven-
toi aims to embrace architectural
.Jien'iily ,-nul practical indestructibility in the'project, by which, he- expects -to- '.evolulionizc present meth-
eds <_>!' .^reeling the poor man's home.
He intends next -jear-lo make* the
lirst pra:i-i,<al experiments in-mould,
ing solid .biicreto houses' in a new
village-near WarreW Cove,' ST. 'J./jiisl
across the Delaware river from .lias-
ion, Pa. One, ot the big Edison industrial- -..- tablishmcnls is situated
there,'ami he puiposes to erect homes
■by the iic,v process "for the families of'
■ he nun .beds ol employees;" of the
plant.    , ,     ,        .
nescribiiio- jn clelciil .the .plan lie has
•levised, Edison" -said:' *'"I purpose.
ai'ier.ob'Uiniiig the. designs, to Jiave
metallic' moulds ' made to'corfespond
with them. Tiie mould for cachhoiise
will be made
and she gt\w thinner day" by daj-'un
til she looked almost^ a ;sliadbw. Her
cheekj were sunken, all- trga*" ol color
had "left hei face and hei-,'.friei'uls feared she was going into*'a "decline. ''I
had no energy," says'Miss Roberts,
"and     suflered    so"." much   from the.
aiid   other
syjiiptoms oi anaemia   that I felt   I
did not- care whether I lived or.Uiel.
One day, however, "vlieii reading ,oiir
local    ,oap*r,   I read   a   testimonial:"
given by a young girl in f.ivor of Dr.
Williams'    link Pills,   and   as,,  r-r
symptoms weie almost identical with
my own,   I determined   to'try'   this
medicine. - Ikforc I had used the second box r began   to" find Ixmefit,- and
I coulimwl  taking, the pills until.- I
had   used .seven or eight  boxes,   "I'i"
.which time I was fully restored    to
health."   'loday Miss Rolierls. looks
as thoKgh she had never been ill    a
(lav, in lier life, and shs I as no i7si-
tation ui saying she owes her pre.v.nt
energy   md health''   to Dr. Williams*
Had hlo-iA is the cause of all common diseases like anaemia',- headaches,' -aidless, general weakness,
head ) palpitation, neuralgia,* .-.digestion and the special ailments that
only womenfolk know. Dr. Williams'
Piuk; rilldj aire ihcsq eommou r.il-
mculs because they make rich, icd,
hcallh-gii'iig "blood, .bracing , tht
jangled ' nerves aiul giving strength
to every oiga-n in the body. Do not
take any piils without the full name,
"Dr. Williams' l'ink l'llls'l'or'-'.-Vlc
People"'--"s on tlte wrapper'around
each box. 6old by all medicine dialers or by mail at 50 cents a-liox or.
six boxes ,forpS2.5o from the Dr. Williams'   -Medicine  Co.,- Brockville, C'ift.-
T. Whelan,   Manager
*A pleasant home
for the traveller.
Rooms , reserved
by wire.   . "
Every Attention
-. ers, brolhet- of' the II011.-R. Rogers..
1    This company ■ has'been operating*
the 'mine Joi-.'s'onic'time,  having, invested ;. libditL', .' a.-hundred' ilibusand
r- dollars'iii-the .enterprise.   More   enp-
,-• ilal .;wds._np('ded..(o-t.put "the- necessary
■amotint-''of go into *the .business.-R,i-
ccntly'aii . oiTcr.of ?6oo,ono for the
properlv was .submitted on behalf of
the iibove "7iained people, and -iflcr
1101113   consideration'  il  was accepted.
' It is 'understood that each of lhe
above .named gentlemen will clear the
Ming sum of 550,000.
The new company is already, getting' into shape to develop llie mines
in vigorous style',-and il will nol be
11 surprise iT the Northwest i,s '• supplied with much cheaper coal thnn it
hna been gelling ior V'tiUe a lime.
1    _        ,,   — o—■——
"     11.  C,  FRUIT  ON" EXIinilTION.
. The, exhibition of llrithih Columbia
fruits at the Winnipeg, llrniiilon,'
Moosi'jnw uml Hegiim' fa Irk is,awnU-
iiilifjj (-ivnt,interest in litis pmvina'
uiid^jlls-possibilities in tliu minds of
tlw d utile is 011 llie plains,
We have,' within 11 • few miles, of
l'Vinie, in lhe volley of tlu Knoteiiny
river, lliousiiiids of ncivs of l^unl
wlijch, wluii properly .-ultiviiU'd, pro-
(litce just .sui'li'liifj fniil ns lias lieeii
on exhibition froiit, (Hliei- portions of
lho 'pnii'iiice..
Tlie iniin who niftkcs ii good selection of,Midi land nud ]ilnuls and
pruiii'S bin lives wilh euro, will bu
sure of iL'gonil ivliirn for hi 11 timo
mul hiltor.
Tliu pltiiitjng nod cullivfttiiijj ol
f rn It li'ui'H is oiu1. of tliu most Inler-
ifitiiig, iih wull un the 'inont iiriilUnlilc
Tlioiisiindn of ricres of liiiii fruit
IiUkIh iu Southeast Kooleimy    nwnlt
, -j   -
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happl*
ness to his Home
11 A I        I Mil .
, iv*.. t.v.,^i .-.*...I luc.14; \\u» uo tula ior
my wlfi* nn both her lnn|»i worn nffi-rl«l,"
•»*/• Mr. L, II. Walter, of I'cnrl Street,
Hrocliville, Out. "It waa a Rnd diiap.
polntment to ub both, junt ilarllnp out U
" llffl. only married a short time. Hut hefors
■h((h«d flnluhed tho first bottle of Psychine*
the pain In htr lunfft quickly went away,
ana Mier tiikmjj mx tioltlo* Mm. \"Vji'tu«r
w« * new creature nnd perfectly well
That It luit ona of tho many fainlllM
Into which Pnychlno has hrought hops,
henllh nnd happiness. It In n living proof
that Paychlna cures Consumption. Out
don't wait for Consumption. Cure your
LaGrlppc, your Cuutfli, your Urunchiiiit,
four Catarrh, or your I'nmimonla with Um
rrmi-dy that nt<vrr full*)—
_ (Prououtvctvl Bl\*tit)
50c. Per Bottle
trnts**' oxsso Oi uo0 •»-*ll Oruu,****
IX. T. A. 8LO0UM. UmlW, Torwttw ,*
in: detachable pans.
** V4-ili be.separate.plates . and
small ino.iids that can be screwed lo-
gcther. C'isiiy lo'foL'iu 011c mould for
an entire house.-. ■ ;That-a fine imisii
may be ob tailed,'the' inside surfaces
"f the par.'.s will be nickel plated."
"Alter a mould  for a whole house^
is.'set up,p;ti   .will    be a .very simple
matter tojiump concrete     into ever/
nook' and cranny:   The  piii'iiping* process will-not l-ei'ji-iii-e more than a few
Jiniit« : , Jt it,.,. r^..'.. '■«   ,    ■        ..    , -  ._
-  ;-/ ■-' *v*——A..in—4i.,iy.*»^-*—LiiiiV-"ii t"
niost will be-necessary'for the hard-
imiiij*; of ihe ^concrete, the parts o."
1 lie JiioiiivrwiU'-beiinsercwe'd and 'taken oil,', md a solid concietc house jwill
Tcjnaiji.'.i' ; 7
The invtiJtor says, that under or-
()inary :iieuiiist(Uices the- • eoncrele
ilie,s will noi. c-osi nio're' tliau from
**,5oo*to pf.ao apiece.
"Wli:'n my plan is,actually'put to
prneticai n'se," he said, '"lucclianic*
ciiriiiniv' :?2.5;r> a day can' Ilvo as
well, so iar as .the quality..and. r011-
voiiieiii-o ol their homes is concerned,
as nicu mow eariiiuj.- Sio a'day. ft
coals no.v - about ?:,ooo to build ,a
frame villa of the' si/.e and with' the
uinveiiioir.:.. of tho proposed concrete
lunises, " ,U costs now about' Jtf.ooo
lo jiitl ;,)> a brick house of the. samis
d.:.seriptit).ii, \eiiher n frame nor a
brick ho'ise i.s luiythiiijr like so dur-
iililu as t'i,> coiiprotu hoiiNc's ,wilf, lie.
To reproduce,   one bf them ' in stoiu
would v'osi "715,000."
t *   •
■I    \
4'     ■ NOTICE. ' '
Take notice that, within sixty'days
I intend to a))ply to' the Chief • Commissioners oi I,aiids and Woiks foi- .-'v
special '.iceiisc to cut and cany av.iy
timber from the following lands, sit;
uatcd in .South East Kootenay -district; Commencing at a post marked' John r-oiksltadcrs," northeast corner,, about "one mile "'west-of. i.he
mouth of Tuiinel Creek, where, it-.empties into lhe Elkdiivei-, tlience .south
80 "'chains, • thence "west .;,Sp cliains,
thence north So chains,-, thenee east 80
chains,   lo place of 'commencement.
-Located August ist,- i'906. ■. ^ ;:
'   *-.       -       '. .'     _,'   ;;"'-.' :-I.ocator.
Per       "A. B. DOCKvSTEADER, *
 SJ -: '- -   -   . '■''' ''■' ■ 'A^en'.,-
Agents for
The Calgary Marble and Granite Works
The koc'tenny Marble .Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the ofiice.
Office Phone 41       Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
They Need tin. Rich "Red IUood.   Dr.
V.'illiiiiiH' l'ink rills  tnwatty
' '• Jluke. ' ' «
1      \ •
"J'hrci yMift n-io Miss Ellen I'r.fw
oris, wlio i.olds thu poj-ltlon of, Ktiles-
l.nly 111 nip. of'the lending sl/orn.s fu
Unllfn,c, .'■", vS., wna n palu, Melie.itc
h'tikiiij,'     jotuijj woiiuiu, *w!i(o   i.hcn
i \ ,
Coal.—Coal limcln mny be purcliasod nt *10
lier aero for soft; coul mid tiio for iiiitlimclte
Aot moretlmn i'M iicruj etui W.ncquiri'il, by
oue individual ur eomiumy, Kayalty ut'tho
l-ttto often cants por ton ol a,000 pouiulii shnll
bo collected on tlio groin output,,
, Quartz—A frou minor's cortlficiUo In iirnntfiil
nipon payment in ntivaneo of ts per iinnuiu for
nil iiullvidual, tiu.il from iM to *1(K) per iinnum
for a company uceordiutf to cnpltnl.
A fre» minor, hiivini? dlseovoied minm-al in
place,may lm-jito aolaini 1 ,UX) x l,,ifw foot.
llie foo for recordini, a claim la 15.
* At leant tlOOmusl lio oxponded on tha claim
oachyonr or )inid to tho mlntni; rocorilot- in
llou tiicroof, Whoa tMl has ucou bxpbiidod or
puid, tho locator may, upon liavliiK u aurvoy
iimdo, and upon coiuplyiiiK with otliur ro-
(lulroiuentii,])iU'eliatu tha land at* tun ui'i-u,
The patent provIdiiH for tlio payment of a
•royalty of .'J, por cent on tho bulo*,
Pi.aci.it inlniiiK iiliiiniK eonorally aro loo fcot
nqiiaro; ontr.v lou *f»i*oiiowiibloyearly,
A froo minor may olitnln two leimcm lo
■Irodire lor irohl of ilvo uiIIck cnuli for it term of
twwity yeiiM, roiuiwiililoiit.tho illnuretloii of
ha Mluihtor of lho Interior,
'• Tho Iokkco Hliallhavoadroiliio In oponition
within ono BOiiHon fniin tho datu of thu lonso
I'or each tlvo inlloi*. Ron ul t/io lior atiiiiini for
oaoh milo or rlvor IoiihoiI, Jloyalty at tlia
ratdor HjporcciiUolluctoilon the output uf-
tor it oxuu.'da i*io,ooo.
•       -W. • W.' COHBY, ■•'••   '
Deputy Minister of tho Interior.'
N, IK—Uitayith()yi'/c(f ^(hlictHjli-qii  oi
thin ntlvcrti.scineiit will not hu'pnid
for. .    ,   .
e of Business
Having- leased the Fernie Livery
and I)i\ay Jbusiness of Win. Hana-
ley, I -am prepared to do ail
kinds of Draying and Livery
work.  ;
'l-,Agrent   for Fccrnie Coal, Summit Ltme nnd Distributing
, Ajriont of the Canadiim Oil Co. e
G ive me a call
■ ii y'y- 7 -:\r .,.- .•' i
'- • ♦
gAUTWWT IIOUSR, formerly the
•**' Chirk, thu host ?r a dny kotel
In' Nelson. Only white help tn ployed
O. ,W. HAUTliWTr, rrourletor.   '
ft/to    ,    ,     ,
mdorf Jftotel
MOIJKRN convhni:e\'cks
Jtrnte,  &  C,
SBty$s & JfusAf
The Elk Lumber GOif
Dimensioii^ Flooring^ Siding^
Finishing Lumber1 and
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
i The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jetoelenj Repairing
j Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
: B: E..WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l ManAgt*
Business may be transacted by mail with any braaolk
of tho Bank. Accounts may bo opened, and deposits'
made or withdrawn by mail.  Ever-y attention ia paid
] to out-of-town accounts.
Feiiiio IJranch O. S. Jlolt,   Manutref
Make yoitir wife heippy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
or  money refunded
Omw'ww'W ^♦♦•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->-«»*-»->"<>** *
Jfamos Savant,
•■' - - tPropriotor
Well furiilslictl rooms. Tlie InMii Is siipiillctl wilh tlte h/tti
(lio niiu-hcL aflonls, Tliu bn J- l.i .'.:iii|>1I*ji1 with the best witioi,
liquors and ci«:or,i.        J
IBS S, JI. ! J LJ—LiUiJUmiWI'-iWl-lMU"?*
Si, m * I^^WI^**,^,^^*,,,,,,,,B
iell ft,,
Hound    Trip
Excursion Tickets
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Duliilli S other Eastern Points
'::::.' Selling Datos Sept. 8 & 10
Hnvo ono oC' their InrgcHt- fttorcn ln Femlo.
Lamb, Voat, 1-Yoh1i anil Bmokoil I-'IhIi.
Fresh iFish constantly arriving*
'%%%<^%%%«'   %%*%*<%r%r%r*^SW*4^%,01^^
For 'f'*tn[F-'(l lufavmalldft. i-atcr, ntg., ta!. on, v.,- iwl.'wi.
H. \„ IH.ACKSTONi:, ftnile, H. C.
Head  Office
Cnlgn.'y,' Altn.
The Dominion Meat
&   .^.Cattie    Co.,   Ltd.
XVUo) let-talc & Retail Meat Merchanta
Fertile, B. C.
Hams*.    BncorV   *-»-rtl« t-in>tn mriA v»«nne in s»*u»btJi..
Victoria   ,Avc-» 'PUond No.  •*
Now  Open   for   rn^nrjcmenlH   at
Dances,   Parties,   [!r:2:c.,   in   Fernie
.-rr=r=r^r.T^S Or      OUtSlcfC      TOWIIS .=^^	
From   3   to   8   Pieces   Furnished
• *
AfldrcBBi    C. A. MILLCR.
*»»j*»*»j»»j*»j ***»*l" •X**-*I"*I^-> X** • j*»* J*-*!*-*?** J*** J-* J •*!** • X **X"**-I—"5-—*'X"*'X"* **
Roy cil   Hotel,  Pernie
and   Home   Life
Cnn bo etijoycil by Ink lit;'     your     iiltnl.s    nt
The Royal  Restaurant
In ronjuiirtion wilh tint l.oyiil IIiili-l.    'Mil- lust     nirnl
illy fur 35  irnlN, A frw iimri! rrcul nt   \,onrAvrn ilnsiicil,
In   ii:k|icr(liillv   Kollrllcil.
orrvi'il in t thi
Vmir imtrofltM
MKS. rVI. HOtLZiii, Proprietress
1  * ™        "'■ • "'I'     "'        I .'ttll^m*mmm*m
Mt Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
Brower* of Extra Fino
linger Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goodh
a Specialty.
Wty low ralm, lotirwl itip drs' .i.i-s. will Ik. in eflivi tn i-unt*
itii tm.'iii:. uu ih*, futhmiiij', ii.K.i ,'.:. j, .u,.* _:,, An^iui v, ,•;, .iii-i
<), iiiiil S-|il«>tiilicr S, <j ami to. |( ., ( t*„nt, ni|tl.iu .1 trip v*t.i It
ulH jny ji.nr tn w.iit4- uu* lm   {.tll   •■.mtiul.y*.
Vii. hImi n(l4t  very  |uw Until,' tti:» i.tl.** hi.ni Clii..ij»o uml uih*r
p.i'.ti-ni |m'.ul. to i.ll -primi|>,il  wt--.ii.11    jiiiintv     II     any    ul   Vtiur
Iruri'!-. ju,- (i.iiiiun «»nt in .nt yttit, v.t.x.  ht llnir n.iiiiiH.
A ji>i*ul r.iTil Inr in-inrrnnlicm will  '.it','. .1  I'liltV  ri-jily. '
11. S.   < OKI.INS, (Ir-ii'l  AjfPIlt
<ll.' K|trr\Kiii> Ave., Hpok*u\0
t      Tr* ^iS-vfii ■■* if'-i    -----* '.*'.■■-■* ' -1-   - o3-*>■•.      ■-.>*'.    -  •*. 4 .     	
b-v*f,i3*-ffS*=*---':'''-t---- ^Ai-fct-s-t*
:. . /'
g   i5 PRIZE ,fOR, EACH.
_. I| ,   -   /       .
The  Cranbrook  Labor Day celebra-
'■' tioi^is   being .*;' well, advertised,   -and
the Jorge   ' anil at* raciivc    prize list
looks, inviting .-.to - those  who    intend
10   compete lor some" or     these substantial purses.-    Monday,  Sept.  3 is
the;day,  aud  KerDie .people  will    he
there iu lar.ge. numbeis' to see the fue-
mui-s races, in whicU so .imicli intei-
, e.<is being aroused by our* own boys
in flic practices.      ^ ;.-
On* another ;p:ise* will   be set"
advertisement      containing  the
.gramme.  _   It'will   ]:«   noticed
there''is-to-ije "no admission fe«,  n new
and "KimiiiciHlnblc  feature;    awl    low
vales will be given ou alT trains.
Wc'will-all be-there 7
At that "'•■Vanity Fair'
AVith  our maidens dark
,'Aml our maidens tair. '■ ,, .     '
Our l.oys with their cart,
Will be there at the start,,
,To make those spriittcrs
lliiid^b'n-'their^plinti-i's. .    .. ., ,
And their gii'lhs diminish"'   -'
If they wish to be first at the finish.
K _
and if salislactory arrangements can
be-made, the Copper Kettir Company
will put on a big .stall bf men this
I all.
.Considerable space is Ifcing given to
tlie discovery   (by     the wise medical
isu.li of Paris,  France);'of .appeiulicil,
is, which *is caused, -   so*they claim,
,by.three   diflerent     kinds   of worms,
and that  . ihche' worms    are largely
l-dusid  throiigJi-'.ealing^ Chinese vegetables.   If this is true," it is no wonder that appendicitis  is licconiing  so
common  in-Southeast" Kootenay.
, Professor llany Steel' anil his   big
horn concert  troupe played to standing room' in ljlko on 'the' i6lh.       A
free  toiu'ert "was  given  in   the  afternoon to  the children, which proved a
l>r0-   hig  advirtisemcnt . ■ "for   the    evening
that   j.jl(j'w,   'ihv; Professor is right    up to
dale, with   his'   numerous  selections,
and eveiything .would have passed oil
pleasantly if the Professor had omitted "the last number-on the prugram,
a   rollicking'   lush, comic song    and
d.ince entitled  '-Is there a comer   in
Heaven  for    me."   This  proved    too
much lor the cowboys from the Quarter Chile Har ltunch near lloosville,
'nil! lliey stampede*! the whole l.iuidu
The  riofe.ssor and  his troupe, boarded ihe. Great Northern     south bound
express,   and when last     heard from
they were playing to 'ilu water lilies
under the     big'pint trees near   Klk-
Oim SHIPMENTS..."' "'     "
Shipments "of ore during the '. last
week, as reported by thc Daily News
were as follows:
"     ■ .1    Tons.
Boundary i     ......-■ ......18,185
lios'sland   .-.- :,... 6,31b
Slocan ■ Kootenay... ...'..'. ......,"... 2,907'
■Total    "    -....27,402
Receipts 61 ore at the smelters for
the' week wcr*>: -   -       *    -.'...
.    .Tons.   _i
Granby, Grand Forks.„...  i3,4°2
Dominion-   Copper   Co.   receipts
' Boundary    Falls...'.;. '......' .': 4,-364
Trail    smelter ." \..z  6,»34
Hall   mines   smelter,  Nelson...... i,iC>7,
Marysvillu   smeller,   Marysville.     50()
Bank  of   Hamilton
.ihYTwt ."A'  *;*:;■'•:'   ■'■_•.	
Jl-'lff.'! -M
.-.V  .Capital
* i   Reserve
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000
DEPARTMENT.   One Dollar is sufficient to open • an '$>
S "ACCOUNT.   Interest paid   Bemi-annually   at eurrcntnT
rates.   The best facilities aro offered   to   out-of-town ^
:,• depositors Current   acconnts   of   maaufactuvers * and ^
... merchants solicited.,,     „ '   <£
A General .Banking  Business  Transacted '   ' %
The prolcsted lacrosse game   which
was lo have licei.'played at  I'VanU' on
Monday'between;Ihe  Lcthbridge and
Cranbrook teams, was nol played and
the cup will go to", Cranbrook by default.
This is an unfortunate .ending of the
. contest and it is nol  quite  clear why,
after the president of lhc   league   had
decided upon 1'Vank as lhc proper place
to play the game, that lhe   Lcthbridge
team should refuse to play.
'thefi'remuns' BALL
The first-ball given by the boys of
the''fire brigade, look place in Stork's
hall,"hist Thursday night nnd was nol
only.well'altetidod but was a. most enjoyable, social', event. This pleasant
way of honoring the boys who spend
so much of ihpir time in filling themselves for lhe service which means so
much;for'thc.lpwn should be an annual
■nffair.^Tiieannual 'firemen's ball is the
social event of the year.in many cities
and should he,so here vicing with the
Ladies' Bonevoleiit Society in this respect. {The -boys-of our brigade can ,.he
.lppnnfipf'l 11 noii"to see that these affairs
The 'dunce given at Coal Creek last
I-'riday night, "upon the occasion of
the rutin n of Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Moore, was a most enjoyable affair,
(her seventy-five people werc'there
many' goinjr up " irom Fernie to. be
The eiilerlainmeiit hall of. the Coal
Creek ciuh'building was well filled.
The liest of music wa's supplied by
Miller's orchestra, and dainty te-
freshiniiils were served about mid-
nijihl. ,t     '
One of' the pleasing events ' of the
cvciiin.; was the presentation to both
-Mr. r.nd • Mrs, Moore of fine gold
w-iucl-.es hy the 'Fernio aerie of the
Iralcnul  order .of Eagles. ;
The presentation speech was made
hy AMeniuui Tuttle in a happy
style '
'J'his was a number on the programme, not known to Mr. and Mrs.
Moore, but their response was none'
the" l-.ss, hearty and sincere.
The dancing was kept up till a vory
late hour,' and everybody was happy,
even the newly married couple.
-.    o  ■> -
Total.... .'!  ...... -;./-*'6,"2tJ7
The tola, "shipments from "the miifcs
for "tlie year lo date, 1,046,272 tons.'
Total  receipts at' thc smelters - toy
the vear ti) dale,   1,020,240 tons.. >. •
 ^ _,.7 .   -7
, IW.SY COLEMAN.        . „..-!7
I'l'he town of Coleiiiabi i.s 0110 of  'the
brightest and     newest in,    the-l'ass,
and the Intel national     Coal & Coke
CoTf   one of     the   most enterprising/
companies. , . **'
■ Their mine is now turning'out from
1,200 to 1,500 tons per day, and^are
prepared 10 increase the output to
2,500 tons whenever ' the supply of
cars can he had.
The car fa...ine is general, and-effects business lo a very .appreciable
extent. . ,
The railway. companies arc sup-,
pos.d to lead in the development of
the" lo-intry and the. building-up",.of
new industries, but just now fi they
arc living pushed' oii every liaiidv to
supply tw*tn'^i.)rl\atioii facilities' rts
fast as required -by this" growing
country. '    -
under this heading instcrted at.tho
rate^-bl' one",cent a word each inscr-
- tibn.7'7:7"' . •'-
Preserving Season is now
Get our prices on Fruit
Jars  before   purchasing   elsewhere.    -.'/-.. '; ..  ^  7   . '    ; .   .-,   '.
Bring your Cash and get value for your Money.
The People's Grocer,   P. 0. Block, Fernie
***• c *--
I  .;-.   5    7"§
lyANTED-'-Girl    for . general   liouse-
' ■ \v6rk";-7Appiy (lot. Mi-sl W; VT. Ross.
WANTED- A    good planer    operator
lai: Hosmer sn.winili.-^-Apply at Mill."
'  '''.''ii:- '  7\   4.
\VANTEl)~Good • girl; for general
' housew-ji-K-.—Apply,*.. .Mrs. , J, Vi:
■■ Nunn.   ■ ,*'■•,'■ 4
yiTUATION-rwanted ,by-stenograph-
: cr-/gold'l'nccialisl."..'.Apply to,J, cavj
,,"-er'L ofiice. '-'   -  ' '-'    '"«
arc of thc best and the" people of ihe city
are rapidly coming lo see" the importance of a well, trained .brigade* of fire
fighters. J.The nest ball given by the
* boys-.will be siill more largely attended
than the last week's first effort.
ACCH'jE.v.T ON THE C. C7llRA"N"Cir
- Lethliridgc will celebrate* Labor Day
and is'"adveriising thc event most liberally.
■\ A fine program of sports,  races .and
gVmes has been arranged   for  •'*'•**   •'
sniolier is to lib lhc event of the  evening. "Thc'conimittee. consisting of D.
■j: McCormacU, Win.   Davis,   II.   Evans and A. Chisliolm, wilh T. W. ,Han
nthan ns chairman nnd R. A.  Culhcrl-
son'ns secretary is a guarantee thai the
iiffair will be n successful one.
" The ball .will be opened, by a procession of floats   and  decorated   wagons
from Oliver's hall lo   tho   big ,,square,
-where the program will be carried out.
Tho Lclhbridge brass band will   furnish the music.   A base ball game will
lie played al 4 p. m,
Last  Saturday, evening    fifteen    or-
eiylit-.*i.ii    men and boys  mounted    a
push  ear at Coal,    Creek and uiuler-
too\ to nial<c a record run to town,
and  succeeded.. When Hearing the end
ol  ih.'ir journey a dog  ran    out    in
front  ol  the car,, and fearing an up-'
set,   the  occupants of the  flat crowded to the rear. ,The-dog was caught
IjV the car and the front end    lieing-
Ugh:, llie ear was thrown off, sp'llii'g
its   load   of  passengers   into  a    pro-
iiil.si*nnii!, heap by  lhe road side.
A i'lav, Steve Ytikn by name, had
his h-%; Iirokcn below the knee, and i.s
in th.: hospital for repairs.
Dii'ii! Cody got a badly 'spritt led
liosi*, and mhiio of the others received
j.lii-hl   IniiiscN and scratches.
Thai, dog won't upset any more
ears, but that load of 'passengers will
talif uo more chances for fear that
thi'.'.' au-. other dogs foolish ciioti|ili
to try to stop them if they do,
WHtfS   .10I.LV?. (WHAT'S  .toll1,:?
,' WALDOKE.- '*   -
* Fred Lot sell, Wardner; Vi. Donald,
Nelson;' Cors Hopkins, Spokane; G.
J. Dard, Cognac, Fiance;'- J. Shearer, Co;il Creek; W.-G. Ross, -'-Vancouver; "H. E. Iliggins, Spokane; IL
.At. Ili»gins, Spokane;' A. Sampson,
Michel; II Marshall, Michel; A! M.
Amliews, Cranbrook; 'A.'C.'Adkins,
Samipoiiil;■ E. K. ' .1.? Forslcr f and
wife, Spar wood; ' Mrs. Jas. Forslcr,
Hraniptoii; C. A. Dow, Elko; Jas.
JlacFarlane, Coal Cr?".k'; Jas.; Carr,
Coal Creek; J. Shearer--".Coal'Creek;
E. .1. Duttoii, Medicine Hat";?VT-Hyde/
IVa^ei-, Crpnl |Pok;' J*.- CVijiitwell,
Cranliirook; L- lioddy, Ottawa; Sol'.
Wilkinson, Ashland;  N.  Griinslcy, Sc-
_ ^._, v. 1 ^TT,...i...ll_L_f*/ilJrai-.._i^.=l\Ti4ic_
-.LILIL-,^ 44-T—il: llt'l^I'l W..I.L,,*»-.;-,-; -4- -
E. Wv Johnson, Vancouver;- J. Mills,.
I'lairiuoie, '    L.    Schafer,    E.«\yillis,
Cora  Hopkins, Walla Walla; Mrs.  L.
Richard, Spokane;  J. A. Inilay, Gol-.
deiidale;  Miss  G.'Coleman,  Spokane;
A.  L.     Black,    Oakdalc;   Miss Fox;
Oakdale;     C, E. Augwood,. Kalisjpel;;
R.    Martin,   Knli.spel;    ' W.. IIaeyell,',
Spokane;  W., E.   Kay,  Spokane;    IL
II, Koss,   iciknioiith; ".Vi. V.'. Winter
and  wife,  Chicago;  Mrs,'1 Julius  Rhi-
lich,   Greenwood. '
FOll'SALE—A good William's piano.
Apply D7McLennan. =      , .-,
 .—^ : -t
•arc for sale at this olhce, price 25
cents each—."Rooms to  Let. Apply
Within,"     ''Furnished      Rooms to
,Lct; Apply Within.". ""•••■'
FOR SALE—A block of 2,000 acres of
;; land, -located»oh- railway, -will    go
5,oco reet ol good limber per cere;
' good  agi-Vcitllurar laud  when *tini-
"liisr "has, -been 'removed.'' •This will be'
sold very cheap.   For further    particulars,' apply, MOTT, {BON & CO.,
•FQR.-. SALl?--.0ii4>., AV^hin^'tcrii', ILaiui
'i:-PrcKR,';7;col.; folio; oncGordon Job-
;  her,;yWi'v 'Bdili •ithescj-presses   .are
in fair conditioii, and-are offered
,.for.sale, ch^ap^ on accoiint..of ,.hav-
 iiwr installed larger presses in llieir
'stead.'^Writeifor prices and    terms
to ...:.-, .
-■""- '"*•-..'■'•',.  '!'       '   Fernie. B. C:
*   - -     ** . "   , •
If cures   dandruff—stops   the'
hair   irom   falling' out—stops
:'itching     scalps—is   a   perfect.
] hair dressing—it kills thc daiid- -,
rulf germ.
r. We arc special agcnls for* this
now    celebrated - preparation. •
Any   person   holding   complimentary orders for this preparation must present 'them at once
. and get a bottle free.   .      .      '
See our Window
. A. W. Bleasde?
, piiescru'Tion mtuaaisT . "
Fernie B« C.
The early closing act hit Elko with
a bang Monday, Aug, anth.
.'   Mr. nnd Mrs, Howard illaguire and
daughter visited l'Vinie this week,
l-V It, Hiiwllmin cnnie down from
Nelson, Aiigusl iMh, "n the lust twn
C'.tnrgii Ihirdsley, of the Uosehud
■jlnck riinch, Is vlMling relativt-H in
Elkn,   "
II. U. Whliiisler, of Fcrnii1, wus
looking up h.i.'iiiH'-.N down I lie line
this week,
: Wiii, Collins Iuul two v.iliiiil,.'' mih-li
rows kilVd l.v 1 hu C P. li. tIii**
Mr. Iliinl.iirg, III*.- Hya.'i Tver ofthe
"*vi)i-th Siar Liiiubi'i On , urrivi'il in
Elko thin wci-k.
Oviile IVlth-r icIiiM-d 411 dollars per
dire for l'>n line lot ninth ol lions-
ville Insi  wi'.-l;,
•Tiim.-iH ll.ili's, C. P, ll. liiv iiispctl*
nr, is looking ullrr lhe umip.iny's in-
(lll»l*4    ilUlHIHl    ..Id'.
iWls.   .Sltfpm-li..,  tu     Alnii I-,.-.. __, ,    ..in.
..imiilly,      win.    vi.siting   Alls.   Gnugc
•M.IU-U,   it   \lw   Co'uil»Li:i   ll.itrl,   llli*
; v.ii'k, „
Kinl   U.iiiiiiKiinl  U ilniiif;  a l.ill.lul-
;    Jill'     iMIMj|c ■:*.      Ullll        Ills    |..ll'k    1IUII1
v. moving tnunus. into llu- moiint'iin
'.- jmiM-s.
li    "Heveial    fiiinilii-i,  floin   Cisiiiliioi-k,
" Wnrilmr, .   Imiiih    mid  Nikon,    an-
*-atti|M-*l| at Simp Mouiit.iiti uti.l    tin-
lllllill     llllk    'li     I'.IA     VI.4,,
*'• Frank Miiilci r, wilh li■:* family aii.l
•" 1'irgi* ]*.t«Iv o\ Lulii". ami j't ntliiiii-ii,
:j; itn- rnni|K.-i1 in PaiiidiM- Vaf.l.-y on the
;   J.or-i.>vilh- Flalh'.'id trail.
MitA  l-'hissiV     fiiiunlrup ntiA    Mt*v
Klin*! Kii-rj-n-f-n, Ikhii Un* "Flyiiiu
.1 H" r.niili, tanu; int»ii Kiko with tlie
'.'   Hoiiwilto     ..t.igc    TlniT'day wfarmj*
c«r. itifir.ly jirrlly dri-SMH ol nil «*h<-
UU   bill,.*  iilul  ilr.lTolis;.-.
KIic top|R*r  |iri>t*t-riii*. n.:.«r   Kmr%*
Mr. A. E..Teeter, of the city clerk's
ollic.', city of Slocnn, is teetering the
ri'l'iirlers who, us he seem"-; to think,
n IV
Vi. J. Tinilich, Pincher Creek; N. E.
Uroley, llosmer; P. L. Forcuiu, llay-
nes Lake; J. II. Currie, Vernon;
Miss McFadileii.-Wiishingtoir; .IV. McLeod, Eljiin; 0. I). Forte, Morrissey;
Wm. McGarrie, Morrissey; M. Man-
eley, Cr aiihrook; .V. Dutcher, rinch-
er Creek; J. G. Robson, Jaflrn'yj Vi.
Walker, Jaffray; C. S. Eraser, .Tnf*
irav; C. M. Moore, Crniihrook; Geo.
Mauhin, Coul Cioek; Chas, A. McDonald, Michel; Thos. M. Saver, Rev-
els:o'.;e, W, Lawrence, Michel.
Mrs. A. Hunting, Calgary; Gen.,
Georgcnson, Elkmouth; G..A.-Cameron, Milestone; Mrs. J. Reed, Hamilton; Mrs. M. E. Tweddle, Fishh'urn;
l-'ranl.  M.irshall,  Macleod;  A,  Camp*
Winnipeg.^/Port Arthur,   {st.   Paul,.
Diiliiili, Siotix':-City," S48-50;     Kansas
City, §54*25; S<-   Louis,   ?s6.oo;   Chi-
cujgo,- 5fio!i)0.'; On  sale  August 7-8-9,
■Sept.' R-to.y Final limit, Oct, 31. Toronto, $73.65.'_ On   sale .Sept. ,8-9-10.
■Limit, Nov.'30th';-  Milwaukee, $58.20.
On sale .Aug.-7-8-9.   Limit,   Oct.   3--
Throi^gli  rai.es all   stations   Ontario, Quebec, New .VJork, New England,
Maritime Provinces on   application.
,T, S. CARTER,        E. .1. CqV.LE,'
.- :D; P. A„" •      .,      A. S. P.A.,
iNelsdn.    '' iViVivco'iivcar.
Men, keep your feet cool and comfortable in a pair of our Oxfords,
they feel just right on the foot and
we know they will look good to you
if you step in and let us show you,
Tan, White, Black and Patent at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
We are'1 offering , you an extra quality Suit
Case made of Kcslol, 24 in.-, long and -has two
straps and good brass trimmings and lock, solid
leather corners, secured with copper rivets,
A Trunk  made* over a strong wooden , frame'
with  iron bottom  covered with. 5 oz. canvas well
painted   and ,-Jitted-with   two heavy str.ips  and
. iron trimmings stitched leather handles at i
Special Prices
trying to'knock his city liecause   hell,  Spaiwood;  N.   Frioilninii,    Nel
il is in ti'ouhle litiaiicially.
No' oily wnnls to knock Slocan,
lull, 011 thu con'triiry, everybody Is
willing io jump on the Slocau end of
llu- Teeter hoard and -help that city
lo T.-eU'r Shcrlll Tuck clean over tho
1110011 Inmi his cud of the teeter
hoaid. In a comiiiiinicatloii In thu
Ni-lwin News, Mr. Teeter writes the
lollowlitj- jiaiiigi'iiph, with which thu
Liil^cr   licailily   roinurs:
"'lhe most coiilcmpllhhi of all liars
Is thu olii'. who iiu-orpnriilts uu alnlii
of t rn I h to add pluuslhlllty to inii-
lU'iuii!! IiiIm'IiodiI, It is tnu: thut our
city is not now In a pr<is|H:iou\ liiiuil*
I'ial ..iiidilii.il. Tnvi'K have l.'cu levied ami live now due which would
pinvlih' Utiiple liVi-lllk: to meet all <|V
son, Thos- Hans, Cnnihiook;
nollou, Crnnhrook.
W.   IL
Tli j oulput of conl at the Conl
Creek and Michel mines for thc. week
ending Friday, August 17th, was as
follows; '
Coal Creek'.,
ii.ii    »* tit <    tint*
The appreciation ._ of. § X
those who have' visited
our showroom and visited ' our'1 millinery .and
fancy goods display is a,
flattering proof to us that
pur styles are exclusive,
tasteful and moderately
Only a few of those Lovely Bliick
Plumes Left
Expected   to arrive   ihis
week, a large shipnicnt
of beautiful shirt .waists,,
and shirt waist suits.
HAVE, taken 'over the business formerly conducted . by Shepperd & Elliott and wish lo inform
the public that lam in a position to do all kinds of
Tinsmilhing and Plumbing in a prompt and efficient
manner., 'Remember the place:
'Phone 1
" Pite door north of King Edward Hotel.
' & io
Henry Kllinlt, Knij,, nf Shcihrooke,
N, S., Ii^pector mul Supt. of llri(l(*u
loiislriHlion for N"m*u Kmlin, siivji:
"A  hot ilu     ni    MINAUIVS   L1NI*
iTT'^'T   ni'i'A      11     r!   .4.  -ir"     '"-1V"  ■
•■plain of     inv h'j», r:ui':i*d Lv n    lull \
while liiiihliiiij     11 hriil^c at Dohorty
Crook, Cliiiiherlniiil Co."
All tixmh of Oioccrii'S and 1'ro-
vIMon  1-ioiliice,  Vt'|{c|ii1ilc8,i  elt.
KAilillery and lliirticss, Camp-
Jji^ Outlls,  IMck Saddles, etc.
Indian Head Wotk iCinl Cuii.»:i;.
Fresh V*4R»;tnhl«'S nnd IVilnlncR
direct fio'ii
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Branches throughout Canada* nnd Agents
and Correspondents In thc United States
 and  Great Britain	
ZZi Nelson, B. C.
Smoke Royal Seal Ogars.
L Atkinson, ■■-•■-     -      -      fernie, B. C
'Ihi: mints, hnvc dcclnn-d the election of Hon, Mr. I'li'liHnj*, Kititmro
Mlnistir in tlu.* Dominion i.ihlmt,
void 011 mcount ol corrupt prnrlie.-h
Ly his ii|;t.lilN.
'fieri- h no iloiilit that Mr. KIMil-
,11^ will In- H.lniiiid a^aiti, iiml thc.*-
-IhhiIiI 1h< 110 il.iulit nhoul th** (iRcnts
ulio un-.' j4ii»Jtj»* ol tlit-M! prattjus
^.Hiiti* lhc jst%iri*.t lAtialttv:. tlukil
<>iu in 1I1.U1 1I1.1I I Ik- law |irovi«U*«.
Thi-i.- Uloiit,' !■> tli..t vull-known
ttit..: of felluM,!* win. live Ly slujiitinj'
Mn- viflncs of tlu-ir iMirlj*, whih*
pf.ulir.it.; iIh* % it*-** -a kin It Mx.ivr or
(•lit ht.ns i<> "ini ijV |i.t*iy willinu
fihipptil (."i    order finm   I.H.n I"
any part onst or ttvst.
H. nd onli-rs    to Kll.it  or Witdi-
villc. ami lliov *w»U .rrn'lvit
\il!ti »r« Ji'.uin^ tip littti 1I1.111 t-vtr,   u» lur ofi th<- huits of tlwm.
A liotet lhat fnrnlsTir*) <|iii»*t com-
mo>]iou>. an-itittmittl.ilion*! for Hn |tn*
Irons i.i n *oui<« *)f plr.isiim lo lln*
travrlUng' pulilif. Stuli a on* U the
Kinn; VAvstA li/»l« I of Fcrnl**, * tort-Mr ojipotlle |m»I nflite.
A General Blinking Business Transacted.
Accounts may be Opened and Conducted
Hy Mail   :   ;   :   :
Saving's Bank Department
DopoxlU of $1.00 mul ii|)\vi.r..H rccclvort iuul Tnlor-
4..-.*  iill&WCt! ' S\t OnrroMt fnt**!'.   Tin* l»ojtnuHrtf
(h «ttlt.ic«'t to no di-lity lit tlm xvllliilriiwnl
of tho wliolo or nny portion of tlio
Money Ordev« f\m\ ItrttHn ihhihmI n»iy-
nblo ovorywherc.
We list below a few things you all need
this weather—come and sec our assortment.
| Garden  Hose, / Hoso   Nozzles,   Lawn
I Mowers,  Grass  Clippers,  Sickles, Ice
I Cream Freezers, Kel'rigerators, Screen
I Doors and Windows.
I       ^e liave a nice assortment of llitse goods at most reasonable prices
Always   the   Lowest!!!
TIiIh wtM'k you want to hco the Hiioh of HoNlory for Moid
Women uml Olillilren.  Hpcolnl lliirjriiliiH In Uicho OoodH.
IJIoiiBC SoIh, Slide Finn, I'imcy Jewelry, WalrliuN, Cliwlcs, Kiunrra «vc.
Uenttini* liirliisli I'liiiaix-o mul Ci|jnrcUv.-».
OfipoHilo the Colic Ovens        —        Pulci-r Avenuo       —       Femlo
T *t
+±+i+W++^w'fPw''ww-<0''ww.*>w,w<v ^^^i-i-^^vv^Yv^^^^^^^,
Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. H. Marshall   , Manager
Subscribe  for Thc Fernie
Trunks, Suit
Cases Valises
Boots, Shoes
FERNIE, b, c.


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