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The Fernie Ledger 1905-09-27

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 t .% .'>_ .-a
-4      *      Nrf--!*-"    Pi-?
/ I
;--. Volume I, Number 8,
Price, $2, a .Year,' in Advance.
Local Happenings in- and
A 7 AAbout the. City
interesting Items  About  Hany
' _'       People' Vou know
■ ''^October 2<3' lias   been-...proclaimed
'Thanksgiving Day .A"     ;7   ,   -*•
• .Mr. Elliott is at Pincher Cieek" buy
-   injr grain for the Alborta Elevator Co.
' -/Mm.';J"-Brown .left^ Monday', evening
ou'aa extended vi6it to her "parents' in
.' Ontario;-    *  '* ' .      .'.''.      '   ' ■
f if" We-nre glad to si--**, J   .l.arvis'on  the
■ streets ajjaiii after his long-coniWment
to the house.  , ■    --       '.-'A*   '' "
• *'B,B. Btoomdalso^adjimti'd the lobs
V .-on the  Purdy: .building, the. amount
^agreed upon being -W80 00    , '    ,.,
"  --.MiilRyairoL the Trites Wood  Co.
'   -utaff.ui stopping  at Sheep Mountain
-- ian'clifor"a week of nuicli needed rest.
A., Mr., aiid JJrsrBerndge.ret_ui'pedoTei-
> iiho ■ Noi-thoru, .Mohilay earning • from
'ithoir trip.tii Portland and other coast,
tfitien.    ,-   ' ' A"5' *••:,.   -,,   ;'   A > '
j Mrs. "Jaj.. Boys.'of Cranbrook  was
,>therguest of Mrs, J. Geddings on1'Sunday ...aud' left oil Monday for Spokane
over the G. N.-, ?v        •' , A yi; . .
Leslie, Mills'and his aunt MibS Miili,
V/of New York returned last Friday from
;■a trip to Spokane,- Portland ^and .'other
-■'. points by the way.   .,,'. t      A .   -,7;...
:■' ' F. C. DuBols, yardmaster and .shipper
jor the Elk Lumber Co., Is' shipping
some very flue shiplap and other, stock
-from their yards to the prairie.
/The next meeting of the Synod Home
-, ^Usioo Committee composed of a-re--
preaentative/rom'eabh Presbytery  of
'    -this'district Will be held at Calgary.'*
The loss of the Elk Lumber ;Co. was
satisfactorily'* settled aud Mr,  B.  B-
jBroomel left'on. Saturday tqk'adjust a
loss in,' Idaho:    -TheVniount; allowed
." -tha Elk Co. was 154528,79/:.-'
1 "': Mr. Summer who waa called here from
.Seattle- to ahsisc tin tbe. adjustment of
•the Elk Lumber Co. loss is a state-*sen-
1 j-for representing one of the   Washing;
toa districts in.'the legislature of that
'-State.   ,, " _ ,    ,-j,      ; -    A ,'
The butpwt of the mines forithe week
 ffl\dingJF>iday; 'feepV.22n'dTA-"~".'--:"
CoalCreek A Y;& -i ■" ' • -7828 tons
Michel.. -:.- '. Y.; AJ, '■ 7064 A*
Carbonido' '"''-'J'" A" '   7     2081 '•?.-
. D'MoXeish^of Elko, waa in. Fernie
yesterday.    A. , •     V *-> "    -
J. D. Ioulsoti(, of Spokane, was iii
town yesterday.,     7*'   , ■ . , ' .
L'.  J, Zui'nmor, of Spokane, was iu
the city.'yestorday. „ -    ,'    /     A
7,Mr"aiidMreJ O.'P. Hill, of Hillcrest,
are in the' city today.  '. *.        ' A •
H. Epsteiu, oX HYinnipeg, paid this
city a visit "yesterday. ..*-.,*-
, Q. H. Dickson, of Coleman, was a
Ferule visitor Saturday. ' - -,'-. ,\
*' D. W, Gainer,' of .Spokane,** passed
through to^vn yesterday. - ..' ' '.
. J.Nixon; of Macleod' was 'registered
at tUu King Edward Monday.'
R. Potter, furniture man'of.Vancouver, wiis on our streets Saturday.
Dr. Bell, of-Cranbrook,,1 stopped off
here" between trains last Friday.
Provincial'coiistablo C* A. Dow, of
Wardner, was in town last Friday.
D. Twonilj*y of Strnthcona, registered at the King Edward Friday last.
P.O. ClnoBBWi, Edmontnn, was reg
isterwl at the' King Edward Friday:
7).;'C Raney,. Fort SV-^tt, KaiihaB,
stopped at  the King Edward Monday*:
• H'P, McLean formerly with-A'.VW.
Bldasd'ell* was at tlie'Klng ; Edward*
Monday. ' "--"-      ' \.'-
A Su'therlaud4 provincial, boiler in*,
spector stationed at Nelson a-as in town
lust week. .'   A,' • '". '   "" " 7
-,M/.Fitzpatricki' read master on tl.e
Great Northern was in town a day m-
two last.weok.    ,, :   ,       .'    '       *.   ",
-The Misses Borden called upon Mrs.
McEvoy'at the park, - during their
brief stay here.       ,,    A     \ A ,"■
A. E. Logau and Thos.'Galway,' "of
Grand Kapids, were guests at.the King
Edward last.Fiid-iy; i-,      "
-. *, ^    . I-.
, D. J. O'Donou'ghuo, fair wages adjuster-of the .department of, labor,
Ottawa,,was in the city last'Friday".
J.McCdrmick-wasatthe King Edward Monday.' , He has taken a position iifthe freight:..department of-tlie
C*,P It. at this place.
Mr.,-R. Beading, C-P R'-'aaeiit left
for. the Coast yesterday morning- for a
two wi-eks rest from .the arduous labor
of his responsible position hero.   -   -   .
" The'mmitlily tea held by, the ladies of
the'Methodist church will be given by
M.rs.'T. White at ber houio.on,Tuesday;
a..A !lf.,«.«._Q.*n,n_rs4 «to—S—13.r
;Bl<cr,^4.uii4-u,«y-,^-».l.^-v     v, f ..
veiy'cdrdiBl invitation is extended te
all:.7.' -A -„."'' -:'      V- .
'.. ' 18,923 tons
Jng plant, at Elko has ra-jigned^his'
.position, and .goes', back,to-Maiiitob;t.
jUls place will be filled by Mr. Krapjift-1
who is liow at..Elko 'looking after the
business. Large .quantities of"!rough
lumber are.still arriving and the plant-
is kept busy nil the time, ' , .
, ;The first, election', for, mayor nnd
ruunctUors for tlie new -municipalttt/ of
•Clairoliqltn held, on "Monday -the. 18th
4ost., resulted in the election. o."'Wm,
Moffat,,'mayor; and iFWher, Flaek,
•McKenzie, Noble,.-Teekcy and , Dr
Tiippor. Tlioie fellows should, take
ihe'Flernle Lkdobr nn-*" get wise as to
}ww not to doUiin^B as demonstrated by
the Fornlo aggregation.
_ The Northwest Colonlzatloii Cn, have
recently purehiiBOdoftlii. C. P. R txuA
.other parties, 240,000 news sltuntivln
flaslwitcliewttii ai*d Alberta , 'I'IiIb
compnny to'cbinnuhotl of hii entarprli-lng
lot of gentleman who have made money
,on previous iliwlii of tlilH iinture mid wc
(MORlad town that they nvo still con
tlnulng the flame tumliioaH. Tho
■ thoavlc-Jt BtncUholdcrn In the Elk Lurnl).
*r Co of this plnco nro iiIho memborp of
thor Northwest Colonization Conipiiny,
W. E .Hones, member of the National
Board,U. M.  W- of A. wns in town
during the week    lln Is hero In1 cun-
ii-?ctlon with the strike trouble between
tbo members of the order nnd the mnn
Hgement of the Canndlaii Americiwi
■Coal & Coko Co »t Prank.   Mr. Jones
is tx very Intelligent, ploiinlnii porson
•llty. Wl»h Hiidi men ns Sherman. Pat
tamon, Howbrnok and Jones to deal,
with wo sliotiW think thero should be
no terloiiR dlinouity thnt may arise between the mannfcomont and the man.
The prosecution (or Impersonation
growing out of the rocent Albernl clue-
lion has been dismissed becauso the
nan Imporsonnted wni conveniently
abnent. How Attorney Goneral Wilson
must havo wept again nt this nilsciir
rlagt of justice Ho should bo provld*
on with • (onr jug of goodly proportions.
These mlsearrlaRoi aro boeomlnj so
frequent thnt tho conseilwont showers
of tears must bo adding mfttprlally tn
tV.-j br.wi'llty ftf   ♦bi*  cllniitti-* drffl-n   nt
tMeoant The weather reports Imll-
cste an IncroaRO of molfturo from
some source.
Mr. snd Mrs. Dsvles returned homo
last week but left Master Ben In tho
itcnool at ""Ilii. L*wi*»n''£«••*■»*••*.■•♦«
avenue, Victoria, This school for boys
Is presided over by Mr. Lang and no
wore bfsutlful spot could be found
for such »n Institution. Tho grounds
contain about six acres told out In tho
most article and pli-ssliig manner.
Tha old vew trotts and laurel hedges
and arebasfflva the plnco a most dUw
lliitfttlibod appearance The boy cd-
ucatod midst such surroundings Is for*
tuiitte Indeed and we aie sure Maoter
ITenDAvl-a* will Appro date his opportunities.
Mr-Pierson and Mr,,-Klauor returned
from the.'prairio Tuesday ■inornina
I>riiijvS^AWitJh;tiietm.gfJqd bags, of game
nnd pleasant recollections'of linesport'
ini: among "• tho ducks and praiiie
i-liickeiis. . ■- '
" NormanJ Broley returned from the,
coast last week with his brido and will
reside'for a short' timo, in Cranbrook
where he is looking after the contract
for the'bulldlng of the.iiew home of tho"
'Canadian Bank of Commerce., >■
Tliere was a snrapUi plnt'e of potiitoe,"
grown in West Pernio by F. II Shor-xinii
on exhibition iitBlundoll's grocery the
otlior dav which should have been senl
to Nelson as anevidonco of what can
be done hero In the vegetable line,"
' W. E. Southorland, oil expert. Snok-
niip; passed through town last week
onrouto from Oil City whero ho had
booniii-7eKtigatiii« the Hocky Mountain
'Development Co. property. He hnd
his well of information Bceurely capped.
Dr. Bonnol.N. K. Suddaby and'.A, B
['rites ri'turiH'd Monthly fiom t their
gunning expedition oil . the prnlrlo'
Thoy report lots of birds and coed sport,
We inn sponl, from actual tost as to tho
quality of tho name brought buck and
Van class It as Al.
George Clodi»,«ot out side of B.C.
pnt-ture the ntliei- dav und nftur tnll'lng
tho mutter over with a royal N. W. M.
V. mnn who had ye!low stripes do»'ii
his punt li'gs, Goorno got h.ick on to
his own sido of ihe fence. Up didn't
know thoy kept herders on tho other
sido of lho lino.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. L Mathuwa and
Mr. andMrs.F.G. Oslsr Btn|iped ever
a dsy last week nt tho Foriile. Mr,
Mathews Ih a son of Director MiiIIu.wh
of tlio C .P. U.i. nnd'his wife Is n
(Imiglitor of K, B. Osier. Thnfo two
gutitleinen nre inuiiiberH of the linn of
Mathews & Osier, stock brokers of
Montreal. Mr. Mnlhows Is also souro-
tary treasurer of the Cmmdlnii M d'.lng
■■' .' "■'    Excellent Crops   ," '
-. Miv-J.-Nixon of Mauleod was in tfiwi
Monday and reports that liaryestiug ii
about'over.* All the grain i.s in stool;
aud threshing is .in full swing. The
quality olthe y;r,im is good, no damage from raiii or frost having been sustained •'' lii quantity tiio result1-- of
-thresbin-t; so far are very gratifying,
the yield in alniott every" instance exceeding the expectations" ,bf llm farmers " In-one instance the yield per acre
of, fail' wheat has'reached i>0 bushels
This w«8 the'vield on tiie old'Oxley'
ranch now owned by Bland rlnrrinp."
Tlie avera»e thiMupJiout the distiiet
will hoapnrnxiiiiately >>5. bushels' per
acre of fall wheat, and from 25 to So
bushels per aero of i-pi ing wheat. The
oat crop is also goo-1, but. as- none has
iis yet been threshed, no aeenrste estimate can' be found as to yield in bushels per acre 'I he crop ' of hay was
abundant and well cured and stacked.
Vegetables of; all* kinds ,are abundant
•niul.first cbiWin quiijity'
"Even the"crop ol candidates for leg
islative-honors is abundant in quantity,
although the quality is very'much ii.
dispute ov.iiiHr, of course, to the polili
cal coloring of. the' spectacles through
which they "may happen to" he viewed:
With nlPtiicse 'blessings heaped upon
them in one season there neighbors' of
ours Bhould ho happy. • 7
-* o.        " •  ,
Pro'side'iit Hill and Pnrty'1' ->
Yesterday a' little after four' o'clock
in the afternoon the special .(rain bearing the Piesidcnl "j. J. Hill;''of the
Great Northern, and .other ollicials of
ihe- Northern, 4Northern Pacific and
the* Burlington road pulled in ' to lhe
G. N.' station here. Messrs. ,A. H.
Cree,7W.' W. Tuttle and Mr. May,'
of the. Bank of Commerce were on tiie
station platform and were introduced (o
Mr. Hill and others of llie parly by Mr.
Lindsey. After a few uibnicnls.stay at
the station,the train,was pulled up to
.the Y and all -the coaches excepl, the
observation car were dropped and5 the
one coach drawn By engine io86"\vhich
has hauled the special train from St.
Paul and will locomote the train to' the
coast and. ret urn- via Denver ihus
making a • pretty" long run for, one
engine. After a brief slay at the
mines, during u'hich Mr, Hill had his
first opportunity, of inspeiuing lhe various holes in-the ground into which he
has blown.some of his spare shcckles,
and a look' at the great steel tipple and
other.'surface fixtures that go to the
equipment ofthe largest coal mines in
the country,'-the (rain began its^rcturn
trip.,A, '     -V   .'" '■■'■>
. Our news' galherer got next tb Mr.
Hill's private secretary, a very obliging
and urbane gentleman aiid' was favor-"
ed with,- an- inspection of the different
coaches-of the special. Among those
the President gf the Northern., Pacific,
Mr. Howard Elliott and formerly used
by Daniel S. Ltimont,,once private secretary to Grover,Cleveland, and'later
secretary of jhe treasury under-President Cleveland. There .iVere in the
dcnt,*L. W.' Hill,'"- Howard Elliott; president.of the.Norlliern-Pacific,- J.-M.
Hanisford, 2nd vice president of the
sume road, D. Miller, vice president.:'of
the Burlington , road,. Ben Campbell,
4H1 vice president of the.G. N., George
Baker, H. A. Baker, George Clark,
IVtyne Whitney, Jonathan 'Thome,
W. Lane, A. Kirsell, VV. B. Dean.* S.
Thome, Grant B. Schley, Amos T,
French, and- Frank Taylor, W R.
Brown, private secretary to Mr. Hill,
Ed. Pearson, Fred Prior, aiid O, A.
Allen, secretaries toother officials of
the party. Thcslnyat the station on
lhe return trip was very brief, and
after Manager Lindsey, Supt. Drinnan,.Comptroller Davies, aud Engineer
Wright ofthe Coal Co, left the coach il
was attached, to tlie cars ofthe train
and the official parly lefl the station at
about 6 p. 111. hound on its journey to
the Coast. Mr. Hill was a la-en observer of all things about him, and was
pleased with what he saw. When
shown the report of the meeting nfthe
committee from the Board of Trade
and lYe-iidoni Sliaiiglii.*!ssy of the C.
P, U, last Saturday nnd which appeals
iu Tint LiinoBU lodiiy, Mr. Mill ex-
pres-ed regret Ihut llie C, P 1*1, were
the lonscrs of so niiii'li haulage uf coke
aiid.-i'o.il bei hum) of the building of
the Great Northern- into . Kurniu hut
with a smile that was expressive
he kiiUI' to our reporter lluil he thought
there was room for belli roads in the
valley and hoped that lioih coiitpi'iuies
would lmve lots nl business. "
Our reporter is 'under many, obligations to Mr. Hrown for tin:, wry ouirl-
eons treatment arvorded him, Much
information not Intended for publication was given him.
The Ledger man was fhrlumilo In
making the ncqiiiilnuini'i' of 10 11 agree
able a ,'entlemau as Mr. Dill's private
President   Slijiughnessy's   Visit
to Fernie.
-Lasr Saturday at,2:15 p.m. the special
train bearing Sir .Thomas Shaughnessey
aiid other ofiiciaLs of the C. P.'.R. arrived in Fernie .on. their  regular, inspection trip over the Great -system.   There
were in the party' besides Sir Thomas,
Win.   Whyte,^lstl vice-pros., W.   D.
Mathews, ItA.B. Angus, C. It. llosmer,
Senator  Forget' and   Mr.   Redmond-
The  party ■ remained   at   llio station
about   thirty   minutes,.during which
time a committee fi on> the Fernie Board
of Trade consisting of President A. II.
Cree;   Vice-pres., ,W".   W.  Tattle;   F.
Stork,   Dr.   Iliggins and D, Y.  Mott,
waited ' upoii  them   and  presented to
President   Shanghnessoy  a   preamble
and resolutions passu'l by tho council
of the bi.nrd aiid'endor-W by tho city
council asking for tlie construction of
a more commodious'statioii building for
this plnco.   They- pointed out that the
present quarters erected when the ro.-u^
was lirst'built bad-been- outgrown' and
is inadequate for tho greatly increased
business  at  this   place:'   Sir Thomas
replying paid that the matter was in the
hands ofs Mr.. Whyte Mind  he   had no
doubt that tlmt gentleman would dq_all
he could-to .meet  the - request of the
committee  and the. people of Fernie,
but, ho"added, iii rather a jocular vein
of 'course, thafthe'.C. P.'R. had lost a
lot of business at 'this   point from the
fact tbat a  very .large  portion of the
coal and coke that had formerly  been
tranapoited  by his'company was now
being hauled over the G. N".     In   consequence, of. this loss  of .haulage his
company  bad   laid off- twelve   train
crews   between   Fernie   and Nelson.
One of the committee called his attention to the fact that as a iesult of tho
change of the'smeltiiig by the Le'Rii
mines* from Northport  to Trail there
would  be   brought back to his line a
Urge portion of-this'lost tonnage.    Sir
Thomas  assured  tho  committee that
these matters would.not enter into tho
consideration , of.the" station   building
and aftor  a 'pleasant; interchange of
good   wishes  the ■<party  board*d   the
tram and ipulle.d out.tor Macleod.
* Gen. Supt. Jaiiiie'smi,- of Calgary, and
Supt. EHcksoiii  0JACranbrook,   Wi-;re,
with'thVpait*..-. t.v!i. Su.it   Jainieson
repoits bumi cr eift;--. all. over Alberta
and expectsga-atiuei-ciiso-.of ■ business
in coiiscqueiict-.   Sir., Thomas ..Shaush-
nossey slatesthat-.,thn',company,have
expended 'S20,(J00..OCJ.^.;.for iijcjrease  of
Lowery's Cliiini'
""With tho Claim circulating freely,
consumer^of fuel need have no fear for
the coining wjnter. The Claim is de-'
cidedly hot, and written in Mr: Lowery's most attractive style. Although
it dealB exhaustively with religious
subjects, it can scarcely bo regarded as
the moutbp'eeeof ihe churches.11
- The above from tho Nelson Econo*
mist sets forth some of tho advantages
of having tbo Claim lying about, but
there are disadvantages as well.
We are endeavoring to keep from the
insurance agents, the. fact that we have
a sample of thin combustible bundle of
paper in Our oilico. -
Tho rate charged for insurance is
already pretty high anil wo fear that a
knowledge of such inflammable inafei i 1
being stored in the Lsijukk oflko would
result in these meddlesome " foliaws
placing our plant in tlie saw mill class
of risks. The, installment .of the first
copies of the Claim sent, to Fernio was
gobbled up so quickly that in twenty
four'hours after its arrival not a copy
was to be had. Mr.'Lowery will either
havo to "cool. down a little or' increase
the press run bf hia niagazino.
Culled   froin    Exchanges
Along The Crow
Some  of   the Many Events in
the Puss Towns.
Fit ASK*
From the Frank Paper
General Manager Fonuau ot
metal  company, "is  absent  at   the
company's mines in the Kootcuays. -
Proprietor Mnnnahan is hctvinf-** the
fonifc windows of the Coleman hotel
letteivd. which add3 to the appearance of the place.
possible of ascent. Disappointed
they were obliged to retrace their
steps. They got back to town about
■1 o'clock in the afternoon..
The rest of the party in going up
between the two peaks, found' hard
climbing-but succeeded in reaching
the top. s
From tliii Herald
P. Land "Jifentover-'to Nelson" this
week to attend the fair and visit his
two daughters who are in 6CI100I
there. !
Living apartments have been added to the Canadian -Bank   of Commerce building ard now  the bank
ligh River- Polo club   has boys are at home to their friendi between meals.     .. .,
TWwffTfiTtTT"siiiulr'BrwK •aim'tiie*'coer
pany anticipate.no tfonbie in' handling
the great- wheat cVop-qf'the'territories
and Manitoba. "The'shipping of grain
crtfps aiid of cattle/nl the sumo season
of the year pri'scnts-a ', serious problem
to* the' 'tra'nsp'oYfiii.ori'"*- companies and
they havo been trying to (*eep up with
tho demand for cars but as Sir Thomas
smilingly aaid his peoplo wero not sorry
that thoy had so much to do.       ',    .-  -
West Fernio
A •■LBnGEit repress ntativo spont an
hour over in West Fernie cn Monday
and while there counted the houses in
that progressive, part of our community. He fouiiu that there are thirty
dwellings between the miii and tho G.
N track aiid twenty on the'west, side
of the railroad, everyone of whiciY, was
occupied, excepting one or two not far
cnougji along in course of const ruction
to' pormit the roof being put on.    - "   "
The occupaulsof these houses do not
belong to the "rc.ce.suicide" branch of
the human family as is evidence by
the troops-of children to be-seen on
every hand There are at least 300 citizens over the river, nearly all belonging to the labor producing class. At
the rate of increase "prevailing at
present, iho population,of West Fernie
will be doubled during tho next year,
and the question of street lights, wator
and schools will require lho attention
of the citizens,
' Mi. W. It. Cox of the-Michel, hot<l
has a .ranch, near Ulko upon wifu-i, a
fine crop of potatoes lias been grown.
The 1
achieved considerable distinction Ir.r
itself and for Albe'rU. It rucently
.won tho polo championship of CanR.lii
defeating all the eastesn teams and
a crack team from Buffalo as well.
Iti honor of General Manager
Ciller's birthday Monday'- Mrs. Galer
gfcve a card party. Among those
present were Mr. and Mm. J. V.
Povah, Miss Mclntyre; Messrs. Geo.
li. Frascr, Dickson, Brodie and Had
cliff    - ■
1 '
J., M. Reader, manager ot the
Grand Union hotel .left Tuesday
morning lor a trip to Portland and
the S -und cities. He expects to be
back in Coleman in about three
weeks. Uis place is being filled by
P. Mitchell of Grand Forks, B. C.   *
It is announced that II. Mullinshas
sold to Cowdry ■ and Mauiisell, Macleod 10,000 cattle from the old Cochrane range for a quarter of a million
dollars: This deal ck-scsout the last
of tiie oi*ce famous Cochrane ranch
which was one of-the largest cattle
outfits iti the wosf. 1 he Cochrane
land wa3 sold about a year ago.*
An incident in the ceremonies at
Qoleurui last week iu honor of tlie
governoiugeneral, which attracted
much attention, was the pr. sene'e on
•he speaker's stand, of IV II. Sherman,'district president ot the United
Mine Workers. Mr. Sherman was'
tliei'o by invitation of General Man
There will be no oil -pushers in
British Columbia until the question
of titles are settled. Men are not
going to spend thousands of dollars
sinking well-i lor someone else" to
grab when'tbey prove valnable.
ConducfT T' A. Core)', who is now
permanently installed on the Crow
passencer run, was in town a fe*v
days las--, week and returned to Medicine Hut Friday, taking his family
with him, where they will m.future
reside. Cranbrook regrets losing
such estimable * citizens,, biit« the
people ol the gas city are gainers. tl _">
Ministiir of Militia in the City.
. A private'ear containing Sir F- W.
Borden and partv attached to the, east
bound express arrived in Fornlo last
Saturday evening and was detached
and remained ovor until Monday
morning when if was*, taken on to
Macleod by tho oiiHt bound local.
'■ The parly consisted of Sir F. W. I.nr*
den, Minister of Militia, tho Misses
Borden, Gen and Mrs I.ako, Chief
.Instico Woatlu'i-hy, of Ifalifnx, Mr. and
Mrs. I.yi'.ll niul Mn. I). W, Lockorhy,
of Montreal, nud Mr. Charles I.. Parent
of Ottawa
Thopni-tv dined nt the Pernio after
which Sir Frederick Hordon and Gen,
Lake spent an hour at Iho Fernio Club
whero hn wns cnlled upon by tho
oIlli'pt'H of tho two militia compnuics
and other cltlzous,
The oIIIpci's nxproswl their regret nt
nnt hiivinghnd Hiilllclont notice of tlm
arrival of tho distingulHlioil pnrty to
nimble thorn to propnrn' a flttliiR rc-
.The Kftglcs held their mil door «n-
tm-tnlnmont on tho athletic grounds Inst
Thursday nliiht and Hcorcil n nival
ouccuas despite tho tlirentnnlng tiKpect
nf tlin'wimther during tlm nfterrioon. A
liirgo crowd was In nttoud'tii'O nml
«di. *!..' JAy V:*".'..i lui'tuu '...ti....
V.b'i'trlo'llTblfibi-d bcMi provMed nud
a InrRe dancing pl.-tform wns mndo u«c
of by many alight fuutnstlc too dni-liiu
tho ovoning.
A. T, Claxton, a former resident ol
i'unm-j, i>g*r «»' "i\»*M»iVi», -wu* tu lotin
a day or two during the w«nlc and Ht
for Kdmonton and other Alberta points
by Monday1* train. A. T. In now travailing, for thn well known firm of
Rokardt ft Co,, wholemiltj grocers
Tor'mtrt. Arthur Is niioilmr otic nf th<*-
kind 0/ young men much liovdt'd In
this new and growing country. A
ftrlcily tipri„»ht, bnnourab!c young
man who love* tbo went-', and always
coiiicjib.<*f no matterhnw far Imi nmy
rnnm, HolJU-umofa warm Hclcomu
whunaver ho viillt Fcriile.
The Kill Lumber Co. have built n
boiler house J?I *•: no fern over the two
bniliMS lliey urn now using 10 run tluur
planer pbint, Tlm i»l,r.vliigH vault has
boon rtibiillt ami hrlckt>d In, this limn
from the (.round un. II. In 17 x I™ fed
and 21 foot hl/li Tha bliiwnr KVhtom
has liceii rclltti'd mul Ik In opci-.itloti.
This pnrt of the phint hnibperi fitted
with a set ol niitomutii' valve-i which
ntldf-i vory mninrlaliv to thosafntvn-*
woll tin to [fiucuuvi'iiii'iH-0 01 opiuaiii if
Mr F'nc'i, who linn Iuul chnrgn of ihln
pnrt of the mill, xt'nui-- to hu muster of
tho blower Im-din*-/*. tx* le M<-m-i to bo
fnmjllnr with every datall. Mr, Hiyn*
ton In busy with plans nnd speclHintloiis
for a now mill ami l« In rni.iiifi.it nun*
inilnicntlon witb his director*- upon lho
Hiibjocl but ai yet uotldnir ib«ili»lto Ihs
been nrrlvi-d nl. Tin* board of diri'ct*
oi», owing tn illflh-nltliH In the way of
DRcurlng ihe right of wny hr tli-*- spm-
from thn C P. It nuiln line to lho mill
nml otlior nintti-i-*s it-eiu to hesiltte
nbniil rpliulhlliiir nt thin point on n very
exloncivn S''nb'.
It U to hp hoped tlmt lhMr-.mp.tny L,
will benblc to m iirrtn^"- nni'fui n* m ,,*,",
nriablo llicm In tiwlld 11 not tier mill crjiiil
In enparitv to the on« d»*-troy«it by Urn
(•option but n-Hiiri-il Sir Frpilorlclcnnd
tho General that tlu>y fully nppreclatud
tli»op|iortunilvof moot Ing nud con vers
Ing with tho olllclnl brad of the depart*
menl to which lliey belong.
Both genllemmi cxprcHicdthiiineiilvps
ns well plcnsPil with the iippcm-iinco of
our youiu* cily and tho uvidoncn of
solidity of growth to be neon on nil
At n roKiilt nf tins visit nurmllttin
oHIi-am nro eonll'lcnt thnt n Miltnbln
drill h«ll will lm prnvhlivl Inr thi'li
I'ouipnnlos nt an early dnte. All the
oIllccrK uf tlm two <-om]ijin|(is in town
nt the lime pnld their rcfipeuiH to Sir
Fredi'i'li'k nnd flni. Lake.
The pnrty will i'"i> it Mnrlood, C.»]-
gnry nnd Kdnioiitnn before leaving for
the oiiHt.
. Mr. Hurtz reports biiBiness good in
his lino at Elko, and while, our scribe
was talking to him he was busy outfitting a party from - Rossland which
was urepnriiig for a two weeks exploration tiip.iuto Iho-Fliillieatl country.
The Elko, people, ilry looking for a
crowd of visitor's on Saturday and Sunday next,.as that is the. day llie bridge
'men of tho C. P-. II. expect to spend in
that locality. Mr. Ingham will bo on
hand with two ortlii-K.-ri;}.. for the use
pf the Beckers of pleasure,.
Miss L. W. Shaw, wlio touches tho
Elko school has been confined to the
St. Eugene hospital at Cranbrook for
several dnys nud' In cousefnieiicu th.«
school has boon closed, Miss Slaw-h
rapidly iccovering aud is expiTleil
bai'knt her po*>t In a few (lnyi. The at-
tendance at prosont |sonly,20 as that is
nil the present room will nccommodnti..
As eooii as the new building In ready
the attendance ndi] hn nt lm-,*-!; thirty.
Oiir traveling' news gatherer spent
an hour al lilko 'last .Saturday while
there he called upon Mrs. Holbrook
who pri'iides at tiie post ollice and
learned from her lhat the unsatisfactory mull service hiid not iis yet been
improved find it still lakes two or three
days in send 11 lei ler from Ferule lo
F.lko, a distune*, of nineteen miles by
rail and get a reply notwithstanding there is a mail train eu.*h way on
two railways. We need 11 visit from
Sir Win. Mulock In this p.iri of the
Co. to'mebt Earl Grey. ' The circum-
, s       1
stance was nmeb comment on as evi-,
deneing thofi-ier.dly Iceiinti existing
between the Coal Co. and the leader
ui the iniin in l<s employ;
A*-party "of'live young men, 'four .of
whom were the first amateur mountain climbers who ever-scaled Crow.s
Ni-'st mountain, atteinpt'd to climb
the face of Turtle mountain, Sunday.
The attempt failed and incidentally
It came near being the end of two of
the ventuivsoine party.' Happily,
strength and good norve saved then)
froiufiei-ious accident,
The party was composed of .Keith
Whimster, I'. D. MoTiivluli, G. Ilnr-
rowpr,   nud   1).  lii ■ StnufTur   who
climbed the Crows Nest three weeks
before, and  V.  G.   Giant.     They
started from Frank nt nine  o'clock
Sunday morulng with tlio Intention
ol going straight up the (ace of the
mountain,  which had   never l).-eii
climbi-tl.    When  well up on  Use
ninuiitiiin, three of t-liu party,  n.ir*
rower, StuuiTer iuul Grant camo to
the conclusion I,lie lace ol tlio peak
was hnpi'Ssibli) and the party divided
the three Mimed, deciding to go 111/
the draw, Kopiirating what Is known
as the west puiik, ihuh'gliest of  all,
fiom ihe next one on the wfiit. . That
wiis tlm peak (jlTerlng the grmitost,
dilllciiHy efftseeiit nud McTavlsh and
Wlilnisteriietprniired ongoing up it
From the Lendor.
St. Eugene stoclt is  now   quoted at
44 cents.     , '
The Alice mine ajid mill at   Creston
will again start up af'er October ist.   ■
The   St.   Eugene   will pay another'
quarterly dividend about October 1st." '
. - - -     - - . >    ■' <v
.Leslie Mills aiid hisauiil Miss  Mills,   ,
bl Fernie,   stopped  off in Moyie.fbr a
day to vis-it   wiih llieir old friends, Joe •
Goupill and inolhcr.     They  have just
returned from ilii? Portland fair.
■ ."Everything ;is going along very
salibfactoriljvat the St. Eugene,","said
Mr., Croniii yesterday. "Tne Lake
Shore shaft is to be put down, another
T5o~im~'nHJ~^ir~wiTl~be -started ou
this in about 10 days,, or as soon-as the
new cable Arrives for lhe hoist. • About
1200 feet 111 east from the shaft level a*
winze was sunk foilowingllie ore ,to a
depthof yo feel,y,Tlic,ore.body,,at that
depth has proved'bvllur tlion* oftpvcled,-
and wc are' now tissured that, tlie mine
!s- gelling better .with dcpih."      ,    ].'.
' -^ 1
MhiP Maiiiii{iir,Crunin __,   r
Still lu>0|lS ll Ijl-Ollll'lll,
Ile-.-iiiika tlii'io'n no ilutv un lain)"
Hn fiiiirn llio I'ninmisiiiin  '   ,
Till (lie Iniul Imlitstry ia iloml.
Kuvor mliiil my ddur Croniii
You nun now stop your ir^'anMn
Tlmt 11 ri iron Imill Imiot (luiuli
JiikI kiji-p uu n llsliiii' *
With tluil Ti.rIII"('ni'iiinl*vIo»*'
Ami you'll (jot > our protocUon on Und.
U. M. W. Of A.
While in Elko, the l...i.ui:n mnn was
hhiiwu npplui ill Ml'i. IJ.jIIiUm.U'k slo.e
tlmt were (.town on thn old I'hllipti'
raui'h now owned by our old towin-man,
Scott. TlniMifl|>|'liin Wero of lino hi.'o
and n<md ('unllty, The growing of
aluui'it nil klhilhof fiultH lu the valley
nf (he Koolciiny hni pithHcd lho expeii
mi'iilnl sUi^o nnd the produrtiou of
ui'iiily llm ttli'iln of (lie frnfl htipply of
the I'.'i'-st'i-.vtiH fr.-nu this valley N mily
a qiii'ftlini nf the time it w ill n*'|iili" t>-
npiMi up and improve tin* liinu-nnds ol
nf iti-ii'-. (d the fliiiht l.luil (iffiult pm
duclrgluids tbat in--* ini'v nwiililiia- lln-
l-Ollllllg   of Iliil    llUl'MI!    f.Ktiil*   of   tin
pinblcin. A ,M." I'fcilcjiiH'iu, llvini*
rtlinllt Ihfi'ii ilil'i*-. Itoi'lll of Iln< J-'i'iil
itnrh niul I'i mill's fomh of 1*7o, Ini.-
immpklii ,    ►iijii.t lu-i,    iii'lliniii    nml
iih tlmt win* the ulijeet ol tlio trip.
Tliu two had rcachtd 11 point iibcut-
luilt.way up when the mishap re-
li'i'i'cd tn (.eeui'i-ed. Wliliiiatcr was
nlic/id, a llitle ill-itiu.L'ii nlmvc Me*
TavUli, lie had the rope which the
ilwociiiTlnl ff.r*.ili!ty, tied al junt his
wnlni while McTavlsh kept tho oilur
end in his hand, l-'ortuimti'ly Whim-
ster cli.inivd t'llmvn (li'i fret firmly
pliiiitcil when McThvIhIi Hllppcd and
fell over tho lace «f thecllfl' In un
liirtiimt he wiih iliiiigling ut Iliu end
:A ihr. I- ipe. liv g'VJ'l Itiek bf Iuul
wrapiwl tiie iv|o lU'ounil his liai.tl
and vvjih tl.iiH nli'e lo hnng nn until im
I'niild gel hi*- "ilu r luii-d >i*i tl,.*i.,|f.
liu luiiig un lhc ri.pi-'n cud lur *>> hat
hiii'iiK-d tu uiul and llm llllitl alxive,
I'roin t ha Tl mim     ' •
T, Violett hai secured a   large logging contract from the IV-ter McLaren
Co.      "
, J. S. Gustic, of Eernic, is In charge
ofthe business of the J', Hum*. Co.
during (he absence of .Manager Miller.
The coal company arc about lo erect
n l.'trfjo hotel ul    Hi'llevup   and have
iilrcady the exciivalion lur (he cellar
completed. ■■' -  ,
The Eiank Miners Union have Is*
sued a strike notice aud hnvo had tbem
siuit to all points warning men to keep
iiwjiy hum Eraiik*.
The 11011I1 liimicl al Frank, lately
I imi m-J by tlw Ciinadian Metals Co., Ih
indui'i'din the Mrilce nt thai place no it
is doubtful if lho smeller people will be
.■ibl.' lo operate il fur uuiuc lime (0 come.
The output of lhe Nctli'vup mini* hug
'.ecu mildly curtailed l-ikly owing to
ihi'lr having r.m Into n roiU roll. The
m.Mii entry Is Iwliig driven In rock nl-
(liotu*h llie iiiitnngcineiit in in hopes of
gcilint; tlinni-'li it nl any time,,
The Mi ike Mlinilion at the Frank
miuii remains praclically mu hiiii|»fd
itltlioii''b during lhc week i-onfurcna's
wcro lu'l'l Ivl wren thc niliu-r*. and tht
bu-htcus uieii. The result of tlit->t>r con-
fi-icnrcs arc lluil Iheiuiiii'i!. h.ive ag-
ri.'i'd to inii'l upon lhe public platform
ilie ivpri'M-niiiliM's of C0.1l Company
.md thus air their privulo grievanciit
As ihr publii lire largely itiU'ri'slcd in
Ilk-sl1 labor irnuhti'K * 1.i** public nic(hi*tl
r      ii'... .'..'-     • '.._. ..
(he election of officers for the V. M.
W. of A,. Ai will be «i'cn from the
liguri'i 'inollii'r ballnt wlllboniva's'.ary
for vhv pri'-.idi'nl 'inil nuJilnrs.
Inliriuilioiial  Uoiird   Member*-Put-
tcrson 104 {.    Iliggs 6.v.
.Secy.-Trt-.u—IIo-AlnMHi!-. ysj     1fu\-
[•mm 7,u.
Vict-IViM.*—Hingi 4'jl,  !ivuns-  371,
and tlm* k"» P «bl« ftert ImlttvUry brr.i
Nest to tlm ureat fAnl nnd roVn lfidiw-
.liimalni'-* in fi-tftfiit-l.it) nil ilti'iilt. - InlnnjigutiUhiilghof chiiihij It  was  a ,     n o	
tins i4j|i4i.iinj-  is iiK- usim ui na-j ji,.; n|.('ii,   tint I'l'.drli'r miw Kiiui)ili*.*i iif I iii,''i('i" iif a I'nw liMUituU  and   in  tho | ,niinlv snlnt on llu* purl of (In* union
rciciu ...i..ut at mc .uiitii.if mcuiing lor 1 n*i"i *■ '-""'  >*"i>"  t* »■* •t',.,1< xo ..n . ( hk-jiuUImh \\ bini-*'cr wimlinie'tiit' nnd j 	
Hiil'iMiik'u i-tiii-i' tliMi w.i*«' mi liim hi* ; hMdiiu f"r dour life tn avoid l)"lii(.'
nny «bi»l hi* h.'Cit ^1 (|.,v r.SruI;,-( >i4,.jilll),,t.|, imijHj 0VfcP ,jl0 suflt Al
In FitiiIi' which Ii'i.l hi-cii HbiH,id ..vei )IlM rtIj .\JoTitvWiffotH ir«>l bold on
tbclliii'fi'mn Wuslili.gtoii paiti h'l'id'!,,,,,,.,,,.,. „,.,,,,,..(, i,.,,..^ .,.„, „„ii(„t
I f    ,1|4 ,11  1,, 1 ■ r .4 'i 141 ,       i lii-(11   ,|jll   I il. j'l: I    1 . , ,„   . , , , .."
,     „ ,.     ,1 ,t  I   . 1      ,      1 b m«<! f.'Jiiiiii nvtr Iihm   up the per
lluiiitienii«,iitinalbitiiiilu»iiloii-«.frugu' ., ',      , .,    ,, ,  ,      .
. miner, whol,.,n tiuml s*nxt uM„t In  H'H'Huiiliil'ti IT.   U.> wan imt Injin-d
llliu 1.11m It i.f Iliu  t'-.i:ili, I.. Ink*- up, in-Uiy wav I.U'. the fact nl  \\ IiIiiwUt
mnnll   bodiiM   of  Inml   wiildii  ca-.'. ;li;ivhg a dim |-**-l!l«»n on  the  rock
reach    of     I lu'l'l-     inlitiii*.'     i.ivn;*.iledi»c, wii<i all thu saved either Inmi
iiriif by 1 cn -inu*   t«» •'fi'r.iv.itc   lln>   In i.| f!-i'f nf 1.ri') fi* r or more, m.to u tnii;
inrmil k-cIimi-hiuI Invltiidiii i» tii-k'i'i, j riick-i wh'T.' b-tb would cloubtlcwi
tlm mi-f-in. In nn lnt..,)l.....u iii^nr *.-. 11>:IVC |K.V.U l^tiu-a.
,   ...   .     ,     -   ,,       , ,., 1 in nuiki'lho i.td I'lil'i 1jiii„'Ii luiMl.fii lyi
Audiiur—Au I/.;, .\dd.«-o 531-1 w|l„, „llln(r„„, ,„(,kl,lis„, ,„r ,,,;,,,„.,,I   Tluv   wi.Ui.nM  the dlmh   bu'
try   tho   lumliiring   bu»liio*» U
th'e grcnicst imroiUuce toour city
<j 1IJ", I^mri'/K.ili (7J., SVs-. nis
G. Downing rv-ioiU low of chii-keiis,
J111U1, and .ulii-r gainc In the vicinity
NU—r*.. ('lapptmd Hiiti'i. of Cranbrook
Mi'iv at J.ib'i.iy l.iv.t wcrk and buggifd a
line lol of t bii-Ui'iiH.
A pott, of ion Coal Creek iiiiiieru nro
nl J illr 1) li.i\..i|» 11 fine oiiling nud loin
,,!'«-..n ^ii'i .in: bird*.,
Ouggai. .is<-, (J*—l.-r ,uR. MiKcbini.- ni,|, H ««i,,jeirMc.    Wn-it <-*•* i-u*.*,*U'tx wiOjin 1..HV «T fiftv ittl ut the
JS4, Noore tu, Whiting s.^4.
Mi>rri#5n*)' .'.ot si'.ilii.lod.
I i-.-ili do Jlii-.tl-ef i-aii,  unit  the  pi.jri.-i*. *•,<,„    Vltri,   hu,.,.v<l    |»y   a   l#rteCll\
!Si5wi3.yy U'" Ua"'   W,,u"mr«««< t«« <>l^ «h(ch wm In.'
Mr, l.r.ml IVju-iiiii,^ rrporl* btniiK'*-.
g,i.ij .it bit* J iiTr.ij lii*.!i-l, Mr. dr.int
pdlTllR I-tKtHiK« t'fliil* h cull te-Jay.
Hi- is <vf»r H'lln* f*4'ii'«! nf jaIIv Und*
[>.t4!*i, .utd a living, iiu'vlng, breathing
«-K.uiiple i»f v,hM giwd livng Ji***;* for 11
fiJJ...n. Pj^jBtr*1^*^^
^fTv-.*?^-^**^^ ';' *j**'-'.'V'^^?'^"'^^yy?!??sgi'.'" -*" * aj " '-» -' * - ^t^p'T]^^ ' -^Trrr
*«■ V.M-'* •^"l"Tlv-'^:»^.**';.^vv-S^r''«'J '"- ",^'"X"7:,',j;'l-
- i**.£s'
irTyj. »_i '
The Fernie Ledger
;g. g. meikle
_ Issued every We.lii6a>la.v from office of pub-
tUctitUiiucanier ot.Wuud SU mill liHker. Aru.,.
tf-ernU, BritUts Coln<«bia. -    -
;'  •'{('OMUhtU UI. blSl'CAYl
»llow«4l lobe ohttnged whon desired, without*
■       *' extra chame)      -     - -
.I..Vi per llieh, per' month       ,
.ttauiul u'osttioii, 5a% advance
.fin-'i dlrt!outit.*he*.*p'lqte>> are furnished
", * -1 TBANR1KST A»YKBTIB*BMF.*4-Tfl    '
(set in nonpRjiel, IS lined nialce'au inch.)
Unction S»le«,.Entertoit\lT.euts, TendeM, I.e-
'gi»l Ntitioes etc., lotei^JS aiyie,(Brut insertion,
.:    i 4*.«uti a lijie^sji sub'*e'qnent iutertion,   •
Xost„F'><uul, For Sale, To Let. Itent or Ex-
r' 4*h«Jj4**-, one cent a word, each inuortion,
.On book page amors locals, WI cents a lin
_Ou (rout 1X4813 among locals, *W cents a lin
lilKl'UU, UAUUIAUkd AsiD UK A/I 115
*(r occnrrintc amongst our snb«ribfn», free; al1
iitkers JO cents euuli insertion.  Cards of cou-
^.atulatioii.cuiidnlviii:o or tintiiks, abituurj
poetry etc., lints of guests and weitilinK pres-.
•at-.. 10 cents a line (nou|iaricl) eat-li' insertion,-
!-.•■;•. '. .,,,-..■■
,>vtth«ut<st^ncp,one iii'cli ut uniler. M.n piontli,
"- "-' ' re; ^"^—
An; further information desired can be had
•'•'• ori application to the manager.
The Fersik Ledger expresses nnx-
£oty lest the business transuded by
the Mayor and Ccuucil of Fernio is
•il'rgul, ;owint( to the fact .that accord-
v Ini-*- to Section 19 of tho Municipal
fCiaurjea As,x\ ,the Mayor was disqaali-
.fied'fur eWct-ugi.   We .commend tlu-
JLedgkr's aci:iqn Jn calling attention
,to.:any  doubt Ab^t  may  exist .on,
- f'-   "     ,       * -
- jtl'.o subject    It will be..reniemberod
.that Mr. Barnard was disqualified at
.tlfjU-jst election.in Victoria owing  to
jt.t.'ft^i^ility .of this sort and he hud
•to-beireelected.   Thfi.la.w is tbat no
person may be elected Mayor, Alder
Iman. Reeve or Councillor, who has
^JEjCtiy ,pr indirectly,   any contract
.with the municipality,  or who has,
any unsettled, dispute** claim a (gainst;
the municipality, or who has by hira-
j'je.f or through his partner any contract whatever or any interest in any
contract with or for the  municipality
•either directly ^r jjid*iir«ctly.    Tlie
^awis simple enough, but we have
jTesson to know thnt it is often evaded
in British Columbia, and we are not.
sure that itis properly observed iD
yictoria.—The Week.
' The above, from The Week has  the
right ring.    Np cily Mayor or Alder-
iiiu.0 .sihould remain '}!} ,<i'5l-'<> a si"R'c
day if by so doing he   jeopardizes   the
JJ*?pal^tal.us_of_an>Lbv-la'vjth.aLi'niiv  be
enacted by a citv council.     Thero   is
low level <ts these men, asser after telling the people of Pernio that" his company did not de.sjre.li.- oppose them in
putting iii their sown 'wat r system,
lhat the business of bis people was the
mining'of coal and. the i.iaking__of coke
and that they did not want, to' stir up
friction and oontitotjoii over these smaller inalle'r)j, li.'e.'t'he would not go a lillie
further mid llireaten these Alderman
with dire punishment if his wishes were
npt respectedV >->
The editor ofthe Week was right in;
saying lhat the people of Fernie should
' be very careful.as to the legal  standing
of the members of the council but what
about the moral decrepitude'pfa^council
which deliberately travels •-nb.out.hi  the
dark at the beck1 and   call   of  a man
whom   tbey   assert   might    resort   to
injustifiable (joerckiti;L._order'Jo compel
the   city  .they .misrepresent ._ to    pay
exorbitant .lilies for water   and  to buy"-
his hydrants of him as a guarantee,   a.->-
wc suppose, of  godd   faith   upon   llie
part of tbese gentleman in whom be so
manifestly has very   little   confidence
b.iiher these   AlJerman   have grossly
iiiiM-epented  .to ,the  people of   Fernie
what did take place  at that   nocturnal
meeting in the Crows y.est l'ass Coal
Company office or   Mr.    Lindsay   has
stooped to very unfair methods in order
lo frighten a lot of very   weak kneed
city councillors from doing lhat  whicli
lh(*y had, upon numerous occasions declared should he done, and   which  the
people of thecity did most emphatically authorized them to 1J9.    ••
The disregard of the technicalities of
ihe buy is a bad " practice to establish
by those who are entrusted *a ilh lhc
administration of it but i,t iaas nothing
when compared witji the lack of moral
.stamina, as demonstrated by these men
who-are holding on to offices under
circumstances which indicate1' their
utter lack of sell respect or 9/ the will
of the people who Have so unfortunately
for thc city entrusted them' with the
administration of its affairs.
tioubly describe as having "no soul."
It seems, indeed, hot.only to have no'
soul, no human sympathies! but also
no particular conscience; no fine seuse
of moral differences and values.-
There is'- growing "up, how.cv'cr, - ti
stern Puritan mood ambn^.tho people
which demands that, every individual member ot anv' board of directors
shall be held personally aqcountablc
for the acts of the corporation. If the
majority of his fel low directors de-,
teruiine on what seems to him wrong
doing, ho must manfully and publicly utter his personal protest; and,' if
the evil course lie persisted in, be
must disconnect himself from the iniquitous business. As it is now, .very
many business mcfldo not, scruple, to
avow that, as members ol a corporation, they either, vote tor—or a|low
without public protest tlie majority to
vote for—policies which as private
individuals of honor they would
never stoop to.
Mount, Fernie Lodge No. 47
I. o; 'Jf^^S, -;'.&.F.
Meets   ev rv   Friday evening, at,
p.m. in I.O.O'.F. Hall. "'"       - ,   ' "
... T. Beck, P.G.jR.S.
J. BarSBerrx*D.s.;:. d.d.s.,
- nmmmmmmmmamm
L. T*,W.   Block,•. opposite th'e  Bank
Ofiice hours--8 a.m. to 8 p.m. *
Entitled to the Belt
There nre fish stories and .fish
stories, but anyone who can beat this
telegraphic bit ot news in the sporting columns ol the Chicago Journ.il
is almost worthy of belief:
The dispatch says that J. S.Graves
a Union City, Mich., farmer, spread
abiiuta'peck ot anqlo worms and
grubs over an area of thin ice on a
lake nonr his farm. Tho fisi\came to
tlio surface, saw tho bait through the
transparent ice, held their noses to
the bottom ot the sheet of ice until
they were frozen solid, and the, next
day Graves cut the ice. Now, says
the dispatch, lie has over a ton of 41sh
in his iee house, as ••'tbey average
about ten la/ge fish to one cake of
W, J. Wriglesworth, D. D, S,
Office Hockf, 9to 12 a.m., 1 to6p.m
Office in Alex, Bock's Blook .
overSlinn's liakery., _
FIRNTE,     '   —        —        —     —        B. C.
.'      ■     .'    ,"-      '■""-'. ■	
L. P. Eckstein
Barrister-at-Law,   Solicitor, IEtc.'
'-    .Cntlilx-rt Block, ,t> nlo, B.C.
Js a pleasant- .ho/ne
-      FV      -
• ' forithe traveler. A
W. It. Ross
J.' S. T. -ALKXAKrun
\ Ross & Alexander
. J-'ICRNIE, B. C. ;
ODlco In L. T. \V.' Block, Victoria ATisnne.
F. G. Lato'e
Post Office Block, Fernie.'B. C-
-Head Office :  Hantflton, Canada.
Capital^ $2,320,000   'i:fcesevvt:? $2,320,000
■  Y ■■    total, Msset*p.$28,5bOtC£Q   " ''■ _ ?•',
:Hon.'Wm. Gibsqn, President," . y "'   Y
J. TuftN.-BULL, V,ice-Presideat and General Manjager.
. 7 i Branches throughoutjOanadp
;-Drafts issued, payable in Canada or abroad, - Foreig-p drafts cashed.
A.   .   -   • *•   Special advantages iii-Siivings Depa.r,tni.ent.;
Open In the evening of the Coal Co'is pay-day from 7 till 9
'.'*'• J. R. LAWRY: Agont .FERNIE BBANOJff
, -.
*^ "    When yon smoke a ciga
see that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, ColuiiibuS and
Havana  Ark jDigiirs are" Union Goods
made bv.
Wlmiliicg, Man.
Roorcsentcit liy GEOJiGK HOKTON.    *<
- J.
Office : Mott, Son &. Co., L.T.W. Block
" '   Fbrnib-——'British Columbia
small doubt that lho city of   Fernie is
in just such a position   tod^ty anA   has
ibren in tbat position for a  long  time.
But the Wcejc   <j^uj$ ^,t   seem   to be
.aware ol the fact that the   dbregurd ol
((hc!>e technicalities  are   the   smallest
-part of the offending of ibis Fernie city
/council.   There seems to be no length
.these Alderman and   the   Mayor arc
.willing to go in order to thwart the will
•I' theriij^ple of thc city.    These councillors and  jtji.is   Miiy.or  were  a fev\
-019111}*-] ngo  elected   to   the position
.which they hold after having publicly
jltclared   that they favored municipal
on nership of our water system:     After
jthejr election   they submitted   io, (J;c
■properly owners a by-law ashing for
j^he authority  to. issue bond*; [or   tin-
pylVOlip of installing n water  system,
.jiiii. bylaw wjis   endorsed   by a   very
jiirge minority but  these  same  councillors and the Mayor hnve been doing
all in their power, since having   had a
•*i'cre,t conference wilb the ijinniigpi* of
thj» Cftjopany most intere.'ie'd in defeating Ihe propositions, to thwnrl the will
pf the people qf Kjurnlc.   They have re-
jf'-sed Ui (jp Miiyihlng   further   In tne
fimtfer, j^nd  nrc   now, or have very
rccontly been endeavor!i)(r ^o foist upon
lhe city 11 bylaw to enable llicm   lo pul
jn a -jewer system  and jirrimge" with
flic Gfow-'s IS'qst Klcolric Lighl & Power
■Co., lo Hi'ijply the water for t);.* cily  nl
PrIcc*' ll))l) HfC Rouble whiit lliey'should
They have been guilty of iilteijipling
>o collect money upon noies for which
fxo value had ever been received. They
|iave ij^i'iindi'fi'd thousands of dollum
pf tlio people's money ju useless lltigii-
flnn the result of which could in no
**\enl beof the slighicM valiic lo the
fIfy ofFumie. One of these council-
|pr» llHC left the city taking hU family
wllji li|.p to Fort William, Oni., will,
jhe ovpwed Intention of making ihut
pfacu his |Hfi.*ancnt home, bui has
forgotten lu hand in his reslgimtion, mi
Ilut! |ils plire iv left vacint nt the
fnupcij hoard;
L'nijer inch condlllons U   It   to  hu
,w»nfj^(«d at, if people wbould conclude
tlmt lliflr roiincil Is not rrnty   i>_™H;.
ili*jquulll]cil  for   llieir    pq-.ltioim    hut
piornlly unlit to be hiirusted with the.
affairs of the municipality?    Would il
j)-? surprising If people should conclude
(lint tlisjK'gentleman had in some wny
,.1  * 1' .1    .,«,',       ■
^..►0.4    >.,V4;)f^).*i». 441     VW-.U    *    )»44^H>4Vl>l
tliat they dure not luy down lho until*
prity which so unfortunately inn been
placed in ||ielr hands, for fcnr Mint
ypnj*ennce nijght be \iiiied upon them
by ij]p man whom tluy allege
tlmt \f the vity .Uo\AA priH-wd
willi the c'pnstruclionof ibilrown w«t.-r
>*/>U*ni would oppose them with all
lli-fptiaccr of llie -roinp-ijny fie rrfpresenis
njid|fi«l Ik <k«uJJ co/uro! ai li*.i»t. s«»
per «nt Q( the. water contuntiitioi*. - uf
l-VCily**   I* it U*U*.\i<MtmtA* 10) ♦Ufp.-Mf
f>j;il Hn msn lit thi' pmltion whtrh Mf.
f.ini/s*^yovxupie-* should stoop u> such a
Thoso Stone Piles
Kditor I.KIiOKK;
Will you kindly inform me -whether thero
is nny la >v dealing with the upeiihit,' of the
^trctt»;ef title city by tho coal company and
the laying down piped. The «trcetn where
such work hus been done hi*.vo been left in u
horrible muss. Who„e duty i.i to cleuu up and
roino\'e tlie piles?
As we are not a lawyer we have referred the above to one.   The Act of
incorporation ofthe Crow-'s Nest Elec
trie Light &.Power .Go. requires that
company to "fill in  the ground,   re
-lnur-lfn-Mnrl-mu l*,4_iy/V4rl,* Il.a.rnofl -otr.—.
-...w... .%.-.-. i.a .......... -^.1....*— 4-..V-. \..*..,    *.**>. I-
so opened and broken np, and carry
away the rubbish occasioned thereby."
Mini's Injustice *
Did you ever hear of a man .trying  to lift an  unfortunate woman
when she falls from the pedestal of
honesty and virtue?     Nary  a  lift,
Too much blood still creeping thru
our veins.     When  once a  wpiimu
trips and falls, from  her  high   honored position, she stands in h hell Irom
whicli no human will stoop to lift bcr
out; huaband, broth&r, father, all are
deaf to her cries from tliat hour.   But
011 the oilier hand how bo ii?    We
have scon men as low as it is possible lor men to fall.   We h'tye seen
tho wife lift.up the husband from the
gutter and press hlra to her heart
while.teurs of sympathy, lovo, and
niigujsh trickle down her cheek ip
profuwon.   Wp have seen the wilo
follow tho husband  through  llfo in
one conatnnt whirl of   misery  and
misfortunes and when at the gates of
hell thoy nro separated weuld stand
and wring their h.ipds/ In mortal agony been uso tlio curtain lutd fallen
between them und Hhe could go no
farther Wo have seen the mother follow lier 9 -1) through the paths of crime
and ylco,  tihumo  und dcgradntlon
through whicli a man  win never
known lo follow a woman, yet who 's
u»blame lorM19downfall of woman.
Why?   Lot tlion ngols of* lien von be
tho Jury itnd Uod Almighty  bo Uic
J ud-fro. —ISxplitkn-grta,
OoriioratloiiH nnd CorriiptloiiH
Women) Chrlstlnn AdvporUo (rel„)
Aug, 80,-~Tho tlmo Is cumlng' nonr
when biiRlucH men will not ho able
to shield tlienmclvos behind tho notion
of -.lio ulHtrnct thing called 11 corporation um! which thoy und oilier.* laco-
The World's Whiskers
The most remarkable whisker
novelty, tbe barber said, is to .be
found in France. Frenchmen for the
last six months, have been wearing
Ik-x beards. A box beard is as
square as a piece of carpentry) nine
inches long, five inches wide, two
inches deep; every corner sharp and
true, and all the surfaces, upper and,
under and side, smoothed as il with 11
plane, -
The box beard is neat and queer.
It was introduced by the King of Bel-
gia/i. ~ -*.
The English have a new mustache
the buttei fly. Tlie butterfly is ' not.
more than two inches long. If is Inst
which ends turning upwards and
inward. It has been adopted by all
she young army officers, The king
has stamped it with his approval.
Ynu will h-irdly b.eliove it, but- in
Italy the pat*ch is being worn. Tbe
IfilIan has his eluV shaved smooth
except lor a tiny circular i*utch, the
size ct a shirt stud, and in this patch
he wears a little tuft a half ineh long.
It is as though the Italian had a mole
there, but the patch is just his coquetry. ,
Here in America smooth faces,,
or beards or mustaches in the more
simple, classio'slylcs continue. The
mon of America would be ashamed
to wear the box, the buttnfly or the
patch.  .
In nnother column we publish a letter from Enquirer. The subject dealt
with by him' is otte which the City
Council should certainly take up al
onee. Tbe streets have been left in n
horrible stale as enquirer puts it. Wc
draw the nltenlion of lhe City .Counpil
to tbp matter, in tbe meantime, pending
a fair chance for I hem to act wc refrain from criticism.
Mr. ChnrlcuM. Webster, collector
of customs for tho Eftatos of Montana
and Idaho and whose ofllcial residence is at Grant Falls was In the city
last Friday, In connection with bu»i
nussiu hisdcpaitmunt,     "
Crow's   Nest   Speqial
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T. Whelan, Jfana^er
Have,one of their largest stores in Fernie. A-
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish*'
Fresh Fish .constantly■ arriving
♦'Tlio A-Ktunin Vlolot."
[VVordu hy F, Clltrord lluri-lii-l
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Tlm gontlunnnn uf •.iiiiiuiorw wiino
Tlw.liruinlxnof u world of vlildi
Hud, HWdut OeiOhor umuun nniilii.
Now fnlU 11 it.iiir.,v nmntllnu hiiru
And iti-nuii Ih fr'uix-** In uciitla tfroy
Tho jnll.t NWflot ijnlm nf iiftiir-diiy.
TIi-j IiikIi «)f niituriild.iiiiy
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A Blind Person
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ABOUT IT******
and even thc blind can find out that ../,
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everybody in thc Crows Nest
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The Minds of the Masses
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I. 0000
Doors, vSash, Shingles, Plaster'
Cement, Fire Clay etc.
J". 3D. Q"U^.IXi
T-r^T'i.TD'W-.A.T-J.TO &TT&l>TXTXm3B -CU'
-i-,. ; -
- K
'"' -    (Special"ti tliu LxDaen.) ''
.   Victoria,  B.   C.\  Sept. .2^.—Fact,
jgpssip] and conjecture , in t corineclion
•with'the abruptly ended   cruise ol  tlie
sealer Carmencitu, > and. io .connection
..wilji that.vessel herself, have made the
Capital'!?  conversation-** during a week
jpast^  The log of the Cani.encita' would
•undoubtedly read like a Parke: Russell
romanQe,, wilh perhaps a dash .of Kip:
'Juiff-the aboriginal.    It has not, indeed,,
(quite, escaped ..the, fiction, makers   for'
"jack.London* has   declared   over   his
own signature   that   Captain   "Alec"
-   McLean ,;of the Cannencita is.tlie brie.
Iphly and original  "Lars Larsen",  the
.weird   "Sea Wolf'" of liis   virile but
= .elemental .rimsterpiece.      '.'    ;*-«;-'
:.f McLean is a* veteran of (,the sealing
■industry of. Nova Scolia'and of  British
.Columbia, , and ,*• eighteen, or nineteen
•years ago   "commanded    the    "Mary
Ellen" sealing out .of this jjort.   ' He
'lias had  the misfortune   to figure   in
some thrilling adventures, -whicli  have
,beeri  the   more ' ren.a.rltable .the   far-
•jther.lhey traveled,-but,to the.average1
4-uinan.being he seems a a .very   mild-
iiTiiinnered   and    generally   peaceable
also being, forwarded hy the .steamer.'
Then,'"Collector, -Newbury'-seized the
skins and ordered McLean' and the
schooner here. ' They came perhaps
because there" - was,;. neither . money,
supplies or meii aboard, and the vessel
was debarred from going, anywhere
else. .In coming she had to keep
within-three miles of shore to escape'tlw
possibility, .«t seizure by the American
navy.' For trans-shipping skins as had
been done, . for entering Clayoquot
without reporting as prescribed bylaw,
and for false declaration in clearing onr
the occasion of her last visit,*, fines, ag-
gregatfiig $i,6c>o were imposed and
llie shifts papers were taken from lier.
The fines were paid and then" sis "men
ofthe crew libelled for. wages., Their
case is still beforethe Admiralty Court.
Aiid it does nol appear that '"30" is yet
to be written to the Kale ..of the seal'
raides and her buccaneer commander.
skipper,  whose   long   moustache and- ;'b->' deserving of a second term for his
ted hair are the most formidable '-items  Vlllued services io .evolving or^er out of
political chaos;  but nevertheless   it is
Tlie general hope and- expectation
that His Honor Sir Henri Joly de
Lotbiniere would be asked to "accept a
full second term as representative rof
His Majesty 4n British Coluriibia appears to have borne fruit fo be dissap-
pointed. ,' His Honor   was unquestion-
agency, is trying.to' secure a divorce.
Just another instance of finding* that
mail order bargains are'uot just as-'represented and that a much better grade
of the same article can he obtained at
home. Good enough for him; he oughl
to patronize home industry. The home
grown article is usually the best.
fed hair are the most formidable 'items
-.in his composition, His brother" Daii
joow dead, was indeed a . hero. for the
tthe builder of dime novels—but that is
.another story. One or two experiences
in rookery raidingj an occasional ven-
iture in opium or Chinamen* the alleged
.firing upon a United States warship
.wilh his signal gun when he was master of.the',schooner "JamesC?. Swan;"
.a. few trifling differences - with lhe
(.Customs oyer the   detaili   of entranci
and'- clearance—and   "Alec*'   McLean
--.     " -.    -' , - —    .-i - ,     -     *
has been journalistically canonized as.a
. twentieth centiiry Captain Kidd.'. Ht
doesn't really deserv.ed.it. . As a po'pul-
.ar writer would say, he is as mild , arid
gentlemanly a chap as ever slit awiud-
pipeor scuttled a ship for insurance
; ;As fbr his last experience:    He with
A number of other loyal Americans decided to utilize the sclioonr Cannencita
,for  a   sealing   schooner,   depile   the
■ mandatory prohibition of such enterprise
..by the laws^of the great republic.     A
plausible fairy story was told to. tlie accommodating Mexican consul' at" San
Francisi:o, as to the Cannencita  being
.owned by.a mythical Mexican here, and
■provisional Mexican registry was granted to the schooner:  Shetliereiipon out-
,> fitted fbr a   sealing  miise   Jjere   and
cleiired, for'AcapuIco.      She, had  no
—>. i>li.ii4>«j.i-U4-g4ji4i£-lu-rt>~.*|,ui4.0,- HiiU-^i;u*
not go. Instead she picked up" ii riffraff crew-at Drake's Bay and did some
sealing along tlw coast and .111 Behring
Sea. While she was thus employed
the authorities got-v-wind^-of.' heVlittle
^iin'o; a number of gentlemen" of San.
■J'Vancisco'were indicted as her owners
jfor violation of lhe anti-sealing laws of
(lie United States ahd I'or conspiracy to
{violate the same; a similar indictment
was secured aguinst Captain McLean,
■;it,.d a cruiser, was- $ent to /rake the
■northern sea in an\elTort to find liim,
the American courts holding that the
•Ciirmencita was still Americrn, Ciip-
•.uin McLean conveniently thought
(Otherwise, and proceeded lo scul tinder
',the Mexican fliigwith utter disregard
•foriseasons, bouniiiwies or weapons 11s
prescribed hy the international modus
,vivendj id which America, Great Bri-
'aiiiHiid Russia are inlercslcd.
There can bo Iittlo real i.oubt that il
\wan McLciui's Intention - to again raid
one of tho breeding islands, hut the
atory of his gel-rlcli-qjikl-. programme,
-us unfolded in the San Fransico, press,
reached the hunters via a passing wlml-
pr, Hiid they'rebelled, Thoy had not
totilractcd tor any so dining infraction
.of the laws nnd thoy, hnd 11 distinct
feeling of wniit-to-go-homo, Water
mx* running sluijrt, nnd McLean could
,»oi tiny them nay, Tho schooner re-
turned to Clayoquot, n small port oii
t\xo went cdnal of Vancouver Island,
pud mix of (ho mon came hero by const-
Injr steamer, the  cntch of 3G5  sUIiih
announced, in. high' places', that his
tenure* will terminate immediately
after the' Dominion Exhibition,- which
lie will open in his oftkial capacity;
His successor will then be named and
installed. It-is'stated .a.nd inferentially
endorsed by the Times,; Senator
fempleman's own newspaper, that the
next governor is Mr., George Riley,
M. P. for Victoria, who entered politics
about five years" ago.solely' for that
evanescent factor, the ' -honor, of par
liamentary position, and for some time
has had cpvetous eye upon the gubernatorial position. ' Mr Riley admits
lhat he has good reason to .expect that
the plum will fall in his direction. -, He
is an . Irishman, - a St. Catherines,
Ont. man, a retired railway corifractor,
and a good wise,head very much on the
order of Mr/Dooley of Arcliry   Road.
Resignations and'dismissnls froiji'the
provincial civil-service are in the air.
The one thit .has eventuated concerns
Mr." W. S..Gore; for. lho past thirty
yeai-s of tlie department of Lands and'
Works, and for the "' past ten Deputy
Coiiimissidner. The government says
that'Mr. Gore, retires- because he has
had enough of the work and responsib-
ility of public service;  Mr.  Gore doei-
who h
not contradict .this. -' And yet their is a
very general^ understanding that' tht
real cause of his retirement is naggiiifj
and 'aggravation on -the part of his*
officer.- -Hon. II.; F.' Green,
promised" tlie" ollice lo hi*
own friend aiid henchman,« Mr. Nei
Mackay.. Olher rumors in connectioi
with the service are that Col. R,
Wolfeiiden . D.S.;0., King's Printer
wilj be superannuate^! after next sessii*-i
that 'CommissionerliibocU will- be le
the estimatesi (although he has a -con
tract with the government that has yet
two years tg run), and lhat Inspector
of Taxes J. B. McKillig.in will shortly
withdraw thejight of his presence. W.
J. Goepel temporarily fills the ofiice ol
deputy commissioner.
This week tho fishery commission is.'
meeting here, Sir Fred. W.' Borden,
Minister of Mllllia, is visiting, and
studying defence needs* the Capital is
preparing, for tho TarilT Commission;
nnd the kings of tlie C.P.R. are inspecting llieir latest acquisition (the E.
& N. railway) while congriilulatliig
their general superintendent, Mr, R.
Marpole, who on Saturday evening
was niarricd |o Miss Anna Holmes, a
daughter, of Col. Holmes D. 0. C.
Tho couple are cruising on' Mr. Puns-
mnir's yiu-hl,'Thistle.
vA man in a neighboring  town who
Heciircd his wife through a matrimonial
Minutes of Council meeting' held on
Wednesday ev'ening.'Sept. 20th.
Minutes' of previous meeting, read
and adopted. .,' :   - ,' '
The'action of.the executive council of
the Board of Trade in asking the C.
P. R. to build a newstation at Fernie
was endorsed.
A letter from the C. N. P. Coal „ Co.
regarding the-removal of night soil Was
laid over, for future action.
A letter from J.-S. T. Alexander relating to payment for fire hall was-read
and referred-to the finance committee.
" A letter from L. "P. Eckstein offering,
to pay the amount assessed to him for
the privilege of practicing law in the
city of. Fernie provided the license
charged against other parties - .doing
busines? in the city were properly collected, was read and the clerk instruct-
d lo reply informing Mr. Eckstein lhat
other lawyers had paid their fees without protest.  5. ■       A-  ," ;
The fire", water and light committee
were instructed to ,ci»rry „out. the instructions of the City Council regarding
the equipment of the lire hall as speedily as possible.   '.".   • •' ^
The Council then went into committee of tlie whole to consider tenders for
the bu'il.ding of sidewalks. 1
■ The committee    recommended   the
acceptance of the tender of* R. Kerr.
Council authorized Magistrate Whim-,
ster to employ council and a stenographer to assist in the investigation .of the
fire in Purdy's store. ',   ,
Alderman Trites gave notice -that lie
would at the next meeting of the Council introduce a bylaw to repeal bylaws
15'and 16, ...■*■_
Alderman Cree. gave notice that he
would introduce a loan bylaw to raise
money for heater lire protection.
Adjourned. -
,    SEATTLE:"
90 Day .Limit'   •
choice' gf boutes
. All Rail via Sumas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
Vancouvsr to
Via Victoria
:   Dominion   Exhibition..
Tickets on sale Sept. 24 to Oct. 8,
good to return till Oct. 12.
Through Sleeping Car
.Arrowhead to .Vancouver
Daily from Sept.. 26 to Oct. -26
> For full particulars, ° tickets, first-
class or tourists Bleeping ear reservations.* Apply to -local agent,*
II. Reading
„   - ,A?ont at Fernie.
rn .vs.
^*L ij .-*.-;-.
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want  to buy,       - $f
call on us.     —..1 ~  ,' _ ' ___ zz W
TF you have property to insure,"have us write the risk
IF you want to borow money,
call at our ofiice.
B J. Coyle, A.O.P.A.
]W"OTICE is -hereby given that aHer the ex-
■!■» i>iration of 30 elear liuys f rom this da to,
I intend to apply to the Assistant Comrais-
stonbr of Lands and Works lor the district in
which the undermentioned lands nro situate
for a license to prospect for coat and- petroleum for 11 term of one year over the following described lands situate in .tbo district
of Southeast Kootenay commencing at a post
lilnnted about one niike west of thobummitof
jlin^DnAlrn.Lf Mitttain^   iiTtt.l   4-imp,>_*-»-i iln ,  l.nni 1. _.<*>. f_
--"I* IJ    I.t4/Vl>4 J -.llVUU VU1UJ   UII44-V •• U"**! J.t\jH   llVIVli ~\jl~
the South Kootenay Pass Trail and marked
•'Horhort ..Hyland's Northwest corner po.,t,"
thence south eighty chaius, thence east eighty
3liHins,'thonoo north eighty*chains, thence
wett eighty chains to the place of commencement t'ontaminjf (MO acres more or less.
Located und duted the 16th dny of August,
190S. Herbert Hyliwd, Locator
, J. G, Gordon, Agent  ...
\T0T1CE is ho'reh.v given tliat after.tho oxptra*.
•-i lion of .1(1 clear days from this ilate I iu-
ond to apply to tho Assistant Ooininlssioncr
it Lands anil Woiks for tho district in which
he undurmoiitloneil lands-are situate for a
icenne to pro3]>cct for ooal and petroleum for
t form of ono year  over tlio following do-
ii-ri'ii'il lands tiiluata in tho district of South
"last Kootenay commencing at a post planted
vent of and aujoininK Horhort liyland's.cor-
er post and marked "A,0r. W, Hylaud's north-
out by lhc omission of his'- salary fron    mst i-orner post" tliunno south'olghty chains
.    -7-->.'.--'. >'.     1        ' *  hence-  west   oiirhty  cl   '■■-   ■■
.1^^     — ^L..^~..i*...   /..111. A...I.U    l«#*>i    I11114       r% **t\t\— i.i    *    _    _^.       ,. .  ..      it    _    .   _
hains, thenco north
.. jty chains, tlience east eighty cliains to
the place of ooiiimoiiceroont eontnining ij-10
icros moro or loss,
located and dutud tlio lilth day o( August,
inoft,     A. G. W. Hyland, Locator
J, G. Gordon, Atfent
1 VfOTICE in hrrol\v Rivon that After the oxplr-
•*' ation of 31 clear dnys from this date, I intend to apply to the Auflsttint Commissioner
nf Lauds and Works for tho district in which
tho uudoi'mentiono'l lands urn situate for n
llcenso tojirosiKiut for conl and petroleum for
-x form of one yonr ovor tlio following de-
sorlbud lands situato in thu district of noutli*
Hast Kootenay uonimuiii'lnir at u post plantod
nortii of and iidlolnlng K.Q. W Hyland's for-
nor Dost aiidmarltod ''ii. Waller's southeast
corner post" thonce wostolght.yclmins, thence
north eighty chnlns, thonoo naHt oluhty ohains,
rlioiico south eighty chiiimi to the place of
iiommnnctmiciituoniainiiig nin amis mora or
less, Loontnd and dated tlin ldthday of August 1005, G, Waller Locator
J, G, Gordon Agent
NOTICK Uliorohy given that after tlio oxplr'
ntion of HO clear days from tlilidate, I inland to upply to tliu Assistant Commlsslonnr
of Land nml Works for the ilUtrlot In which
M10 undermentioned lands  aro sltuiito   for
11 license lo prospect for oiinl null petrolourn
for a term of one yonr over tho foUowIiig de-
•orlbod lands Httuatit in llio district of BouHr
Knat Kootunny uuinitibiiolng i.t 11 [iost plant
eiljoastofandiidliiliilngG Wnllor-scorner pust
Hud mnrkod,,M.O. Wallers Boutliwest oornor
pust" tlinni'ii east olghl.v ohains. thencr,
north eighty oliiilnsttliuiicfl went ulglityoliuint
thonce nouth eighty nlmlns. to lho place nf
oommoncvinatit onntiilning (li'i iinrvs mora or
lusi Lucuted and 1.1.U1I tills JOtli duy of Aug.
iMtilVOS, M.O Wallor Locator
J, Q,Oordon Agont
* - ' * -'\"i * t'"t I'      '•   ' "
ON'T EuyX6ts until you have seen what
have to oftem T;| A     +     +      +     +
If you want  to  buy
, or   sell any   mining *
.  stock write-or wire
0 us. . .-
We deal in all ,min-
jng stocks'and will
be pleased, to send
you quotations.
Read Down t
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9 00 a 111
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' St. Paul
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•'8:00 p m
Lv 4:00 p m
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t Daily Except Sun-pay.
To fScnttleiind Vtincoiiver
two   nsriG-Ena-s    n
To Wlnni|)e« nud St.  Piwl
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• tihov.hu to nil |>nlntH
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For Tlckot", Mnpo, TJoi-th Ri*eorv«tlonB,
& uomplctn luformutloii, cnll or nddrosn
JAS. .SLOAN, AsrontCJ.N. Ry.
rEltNIP!, II. (J.
. Ilmli lliron innntlis
*-• i>. mi .1,4111. ■<ji|illi'iiiioii v ill I in nniiln to
tli^Iiinitiiniiiii (loviiriinr In Cimiinil, hvTIm
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■■ ,whcM.)hett-dr rtfflilrns can be had at
**  1     11.1 ..1.11 .i *... » > .» *-*	
As a Business Investment or for a Home, there is no properly to
equal that in the NEW LOCATION now on thc market and
known as
FERNIU is bound to be the Greatest City in
the interior of British Columbia, and now
is the time to buy. <-]< ^ ^
New schedule of prices now ready.
Call on or write to   —   —   —
vBolc Agent for
Burn'*-* Rlock, FERNIE, B. C.
X*t*xxt jViMt I am ni*-*- able to offer |*uU it iiilHIn the r*rach of t\try mm xo own  hi*  own    Home.
NOTrni. U luroliy ulvm,
ftftnr iln to, iiji|illi'iiiin
tli^Iiinitiiniiiii (loviiriinr      .	
JCIk l.iunlinr (tii'l Jlimu'ii-'tiii'lnn- (Joinjmiiy,
ilmitiit, to olninKitliii nit in 11 nf tlm Cninpunv
to"TliuI''lkLiiinli(ir(;i)nipiiny, Llwitcil,"
■lulv to, llWi HolJcituiH fnr Iliu Companj.
rAKK Volli'u tliutm iln,v« Nft.r iktu, I In
trinl to nptil.V to HU Honor tlm Mniitniiiiiit
(lovornorfn Oouncll, iiiiiIiu- llm "Hlvnr nml
HiniHins Act" for i.prinlr.«l'in to nlsnr liuuliInN,
loit-lntiiii nml otlini' nlmiriclliiiiH from llm ln>il
of SViUon L'ri'iik, Kiint Kii'iimiiiy ll, 0,, frmu
It* imlril. ofdtitry Into llm Klk IMinr In Iih
lO'iroc, Hint lo coiialriii'i iliims, llimun nml
niiilm Hiioli otlior Imiirnviiiii.iitii nt mny Iih
iiKimssiiry foi- ilrlilntf lot* ainl tlitiuliiu; tluilmr
Diitnl, Aiis-iikt Mlli.ino'i.
K.rnlt, II. C. JOHN (1. CtlMSUN'OK
TlHlUun \otici-;.s
-L lanil (o wmilv to the Hon, Chief Oomml*-
•iloiiornf Liiiiifslu. Works for it MiHitiml llcoiifo
to cut nnil curry -.way tlitiW from tlm follow*
iii«ilo*arllitiil Imi'Ui
Ooinifimiflnir ul n, iio.t iiiitrkml J. fl, L'um*
:. h., 'J'   '. ."....'.',-..   *       .,  ,*.   .'.„.,'.   ', '....'
JiicIiiiJim iiorlli (irj.i 4'i oliiiins unntni 111*
iiorlliwtstoortKirdf W. II. Wnrilroii's tlnilior
llc«nc« o<i Wil.on Cruek, Kj*i«t Knotting;
tli. c M'iml fticliHln>,tlionc 1 nortliwi i-liuftia.
tlifiicounit Hilolmliw, tliiniro nouth hi olmint
tn iiuhii nt ■'oiiiiiKilicniiinut,
I)Iteil tli* 17th ilny nl K*i.t<.ir,l->nr. ifVrt.
•'pAKKNOTIOl.tlmtSiiiUv.nf^r il»*« I In
»loi... ... .    	
Uicut sni unity *w*y tlmh.r from tha follow*
Inn <f...,.*rl><t.l Imiitit
Winl tim, ul;/U, llio Iliu  Clii-U C.iu.int,
*lon*rof [<ini|»u Work« fur
' » •IKK-Illl  llcncp
J, 0, f'tiin-
«.riiir,   hctnif
Cnmmttifllnr »t • f"i»tt tn*rXif<X
mhigi. T. Ii., iiiiiiljv.i-nt «-,
slinnl iTrlinliKCntitli of tlm nnrllifnut i-drrmr
nf II. Cuminlii«r.' ilmUr tl.-nur« on WlUmi
erc.k, Kiui. KonlM.mi tln-nie »onlh hiclmiiii
lli.net «*HIJ.>olii.iii«, tliiimw north litclmliK,
Ili.iiu6w.il *-ii*/i»Iii». thniir. north40chnitu,
tli.il.* <r«»t i'i chtltit lo point nf e«n*m*iiro*
IUI4VI thli Idlli iXsy of J*"ti»»mhi*r, XW.
We havo for sale 160 acrea of land situated altfht miles from Pe«c.lirand and seven miles from
<•* Kelowna o.i the west Bido of the Okanogan Luke. Thlrty-Uvo acrna of tlio tract in bottom laud,
15acres of level bench and 50 acres of gently glopi'is* Innd. Tlio ronialiuler is good pasture land.
NFivQaciTia of thia bottom land is u'uler cultivation. Cultivated lands in the iiei<rlihorliood <of tbla
land, Rre oarinug-flnug little fortunes for their owners. Some fruit growers in that section havo
sold thoir cropB on the trees at from 8200 to 800 per acre-to Winnipeg- dealers thii- yoar Here is a
chance to sucuro a fruit and vegetable farm at reasotiablo prices and upon terms thnt .should
suit the purchaser.   Call on us for prices, terms etc. *        "
Mott? Son &Co., L- BLo-k, Fernio   |
0 -.■ ' f*|X
s ■'
is a journal that tells the truth.
KA - '.,'■',■'.'
\Ff~i~31 you.want it for a year, send -a „$to
^R.T. LOWERY; Nelson, B~a
Amiuiilly, tolllltlioiiow nonitloiiH ort-atoil
liy Hullroiul nml Talci;rii|>ri Coni|iniiIuH Wo
want YOUNG MEN mid LADIES of ITt'ort
lialilts, to
Wo fnrnlHh 75 per cont, or tho Oiioratnro
anil Stutlon Aauiita In Aiiieiion Our nix
Hi'.hoolri nro tliu Inrtre-it oxoliiHiva Tn'onniiih
Sohonls im THE WrSRLD. Kstiilillnlio-I DO
yonn nuu unifornoit by nil IuihIIiib IUilwny
Woovociil-o n Win flomt to (ivory nliiiIon>h
to fumlf.li hiin or lur u iionltion imyliiK i
from -.40 to (lin a month ill Stilton oust of tho
Ilm-liV MountAlni, or fnnu WJi to «lfKl n
month 1« SliitOH wuHt of tiio Jlnoklui*, IMMEDIATELY UPON GRADUATION,
Htuilbiitiaiui outer nt any tlmo. No vii*
tuitloiM. For full imrtlculiiri rnn'ir'llliM nny
of ourKi<hooU wrlto illiret to our nxcriitlvu
oltlfo nt Cliiolmintl, O,  Ciitnloi;iii> fn*o.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y<
Atlanta Ga,    , UCrono, Wit,
Yex-irkann, Tex, ■   S.in Franel.co, Cal. i
Subject To
We ftill buy
I onn Hlinrcs RocUy Mounliiin Oil
2CKKI slmres Intcrnnlioiml Conl.
i ooo shares Rambler, Cariboo,
We ofler, subject to sale.
in.ooo uliurcs Woulorn Oil.
5000 tilmrun Hi-n'.ilo l.nUi* Mining.
(DulTalo lluiiip, IJaliD.)
liiMiriuico Rim Stock Jlrolkf-rH
Fernie 13, C.
Typographically    ^^-—n^.-^
Artlsiloally and    l^©^^©!
*"§« ®®f .G®G)d &M Rvvdy ^
The Fornlo Ledger,   *  *  *  *
TorBtso, 13. C.
h Summer Suit
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Luke,  ■  -  ■ B. C.
t#r Tho moit pnrlnrtlir   »npnlnti>i1   HdHllh
nml I'li-iinom It rt In ilia Went, with it ooin-
iilntji nviitfin nf lltitlm-li)i>liiitlii((Tiirl-|»li uiul
lliitrif.i*, fln,.ii tlir* 4*ftnr NI41T4-1 Tin* ni,riiTl4>i.
tiri,).«rlli*» nt H> iruttiri lint Uli|if|iililnfl Inr I'.iir-
IiiB hU Ithninnnlli*, Sdrvoiu hiu! HiiM-uUr
Troiil'loxi lor lt«»liti« nil Kl.ltirv, Llrnr mi't
S'oiiiiii.|i Alliii('iil»t tor KIIiiiIiimHiiij wil Wflt*
ullli* I'i'Iii-iiid from lh/4 Hy.tuni,
Tli'ffmiiitonr nf Hi" acMi^ry l> iinrltAllfil,
Uoiiii(mIiiii,«ii»*|X4I4I<<,fnf4*»t>«, hiki., «nl«r-
ti.lli., lioutlnK, ynrlilliig,|lihlii», nhontlnir, it«.
oiir«lniM,(t unlit.
Id «lnt«rcllm»t« U nninirji»t»iM| for mlhl-
Not loo of TranHfor of Mnmicn
NOTICEI; litrtj.1- ir.v#ii (hut H d**» uiim
■Into I fl,(dllil to Npiilv to Ui* If..«r<l of
Lite lie* l'oirn.l**l4>r*4r*>. K»riiln l,ii»in« 1H»-
irkt ftir * IrnntfuJ.if my iiitiiuti fur llm Klk
Ilolr!, I'/lin.ioTtdrniK V'tiuM
VmhiI thw l'llli Ait] ttt Iwplriiiliur, l<«.«..
L», U«M>,l*tll
IA |inli.il)lvtlm propor
cnpi'i- Ht lliU tlmo
of tlm yt'.-ir. If you
hnvo n iIuhIi'u In tlmt
CAM, ox
J. A. MacLean
Kenny & McLeod
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
Wc^'ci out a clas.-; of Vrh)l~
Ing" that is superior to the
ifeniM'.il run.  t : : :
That's why we're kept busy.
Do we do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing'.
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—Tne L.CDGI.R.
Builder and Contractor
Dwilor in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
.I'hnlnMlfl Dmilnm rniil Dlrnct Importm
, I IIM. ,,    li,.,   , i r,
*/.   •■ ■■ I., ... |..-,.,) „,.'. \..f,titt.
DUuitt Agt-nti ror
1'oi.iiuur-)* Cliumpn'rii-i
mill Brhlllt Hour
DlHtrihutflri of
ChdttibcirUIn and
Phartoh Ol^nn
FBlR.Kin    39.0.
' Atlvcrililnir la not Ju.it bovine
upsco nt cnt-rato ilRnronln tho cheap*
cat j-RiK-ni—thnt'*! wartlnir raonuy.
Voa mtut ml vert lac lit \mpcn thai;
•rliu rt'iulu.
I* ... La^i
AA-***^-'.'■•-. " --'"■ ■ .77-'7'vA?s'SA«7'. --'-"- -.".'-.'■*s»S"-,'-S-.*":  •'.!< ,'o* '"'j'" ;*>-; '=1   -•"■-*,"- -'-„'r"A--'
*j.*,*iN***i^ 4*.,'i,.ia • >>.,«
...-  - .,-   -.w^.
, - •    *-:.>y.J-/; ■ v.- *-.--- .-V-'.-v ".-:*-.
-* ..   -*--.»- ■.*'-,-. -.-.' -'.-}s.-v ---".a- -., - ;■."--*-,--:"■- • ■'', :-i-:i"'.---....' -r f* -..*.-'-.• _-.-'•-.. ;■ .*■"- .* *'\- -v
■^HE.F&NIH LEDGER; FERN:1£  «. -C, SEPTEMBER •**-?,' ^S
■^OWihil.^i m.«M
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
■*      Head Office-: : TORONTO .,
°^id-up Capital - - $8,700,000   , Rest -
" ; Special, attention -is directed to' the following Advantages ofTtf eel  b
Our Savings Bank. '■ ,     '
Deposit?'of $i and upwards received." and Interest allowed at Cu.rrent Rates.
Interest is addad to the Deposit TWICE in each y.ear, at the end of May and
November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
,.   c .of jthe whole or any portion of the deposit. - ,
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNIT ED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE; Bought  and   Sold
;    ' '•''   - ""at Lowest Rates.    '*
T. B. MAY,' Manager
this heading, inserted ut tho rate of One
uent a word encu'iugertion.       -,-
this o'Uce,
Ftfr Stilo or To Rent
(.-Leai-i. fio«-lan<l Avoune,
A for sale al. this office, price 25 cents each:—
".Rooms To Let, Apply Within." "Purnlalieil
KoomsTo Lsb Apply Within.".      ■   .-
To Lot.
Co's. Block.-. Apply to C. N, Trading Co.
. .   4T. R. Barnes is again viBitiiij* friends
.in Fernie.
Leslie Herring, of St. Louis, waa in
■^wn \ast week.
See Blundell'-s window ' for fancy
F*. J. Pence, of Victoria wa.e on our
.streets last Thursday
A J. Mott paid a living- visit to
•Crnubrook yesterday.
An elevator for the handling of
jgrain ia to be built at Macleod,
'   IJenny St. McLeod always have room
for oqg niore order.
F. M. Erkina, of Nelson paid our city
a visit durinjj the week
WV Mitchell and wife of Craubrook
AVbie iu the city last week.
football match, Frank vs Coal Creek
,01. Saturday.    Kick-ofTat 4.30.
. .-Druggists report a lively  trade in
jicebagRat present.
-Surprise your friotids" by getting a
pew suit at Kenny & McLeod.
•,. J. II. Madden and Thos L&tifftoii of
Ashland, Wis. art. visiting- this locality.
The Knights of Pythias are preparing
^or their banquet tonight at the Fernie
Ed. J Fibley, advance agent of the
,"Hottent Coon in Dixie" was in town
Don't forget the Methodist tea parly
,to be given by Mrs. Tom White next
A. Ti   Morris of the McClary Co.   of
, Viincouver was in to.wn Monday.    He
•reports tho business good for fall trade.
We are glad to learu that Mrs.
Telford, wife of road master Telford of
the C P. R. and her daughter have
returned from an nxtonded trip to
eastern cities and n months stay in
Throe members of tho Coleman foot
hall team were before the beak Mondny
for being too rough at the game played
here. Two of them woro 6ncd $5 and
costs each but thu third was let go
without fine.
There was an automobile .stored away
on the O. N. special tor use of the party
where roads and time permit.. The
rqnds (?) were all right in Kernie but
lhe time was too brief to permit of a
spin through the city *       ."    ."
Every man owes it" to1' himself" and
his family to master a trade or profession. Read lhe display advertis-
ment of liiesix Morse Schools of-Telegraphy, in this issue and learn telo
grpahy and be assured a position.
Mr. WiUon, a popular knight of the
road is'at tho Fernie accompanied by
his wife. Mr. V.'ilson ' notes with
pleasure the great improvement in' the
styleand number of buildings thsit have
been erected since his visit of a year
xx'xY .
G. G. S. rLindscy, manager of the
Coal Co., arrived, from Medicine Hat
yesterday on a special train in time to
•■nei't J. J. Hill and party at. the G. N.
station and escort them to .the mines.
Mr".' Lindsey looks improved in health
since leaving his post last July.
Mr.Mikb.ias who was injured-in the
handcar runaway, last week is pro-
gres-Miig favorably and will he/ out of
the hospital in a few days. Mr. Faucet!;, tiie electrician was also shaken
up slightly, and Mr. Lewis received .1'
few scratches. The whole party ftg<»r
well loaded op wilh the cinders and
dirt into which, they took sueh.uuex-
VX le. .Also iavwiU loads of good manuro, excellent for, mushroom beds, Apply at thia
office.   (Early],    :
»'   about 0 or 7 rooms.    Apply at Lwiuiai
ulKiut tiiice months old. The cliJUian
who carried him uwny will K«t inro tumble
iinU'.s*i they ivlum him at onuu J, A. HROLEY"
.watch you've been promising   yourself.
f rices are greatly reduced.
•Mr. Lambert's threestbry np.irt'inei.t
*Jiouse on Pellatt Ave. is rupidly near*
* James Jerome Hill, preMdent of the
(Grout Northern Railway, was G7 years
/old on Saturday,1
Ed. Flannlgan \vas jiBHessed if 10 nnd
(.•ostB or one. month in jail for lieiiit.-
drunk uud disorderly.
Yoii know you liav'c lo get that ring.
Why not buy it now when bargains are
£oing at Wright's the jeweller.
Tho foot ball game 'bottveen Fumis
£nd Coleman played ion tlio athletic
pound hereon Sattmlny wag won by
jthe Tlsitors., Score J.r-Q.
Lot us maUe you o fancy yest from
,onnr)f those choico new pattortiB. Cojiu-
fn nnd sco them,. .J.  Cnrmlchaol, th
Jtulloi*. ' 1 '
' Jim plilnk w»ii before tho bonk for
/dninpening .clothes in nil impromptu
jimnncr but jjs tlm chnrge could not ho
proven hu got off without a fino.
Miss G.ejTtrJjde CJ/ipp left l.ist Wvd-
[wsdty ino^pug un an exiunded visit
Jo friends nnd relmives in Vancouver
fxtxd New WeuliniiwitT.
Ciinnlclujol, thn tnlj/'tc, lino jnot rp
jmiIvwI- the nohbioi-t Mock of TwcndH
/or   Pull   Hulls   and   ovm-omits ovor
jiirouj-lit Into Furnlo.
Tlie firs; steel was liilil on lhc Spo-
liixtxclk Internnliuniil rond «t Vttlik yes-
ferAny. The C. V. R, nre getting
jbneU nt lhc (J. W. by invndlng the lor-
fltoryofthe latier nt Spol«me.
The King J-Mwunl Hold occupies n
proinlnent pnslilon In Fomlu only a
j-lop or 1 wo from the C. f, ]{, depot,
imd convenient io htihlticiN Louses in
fhe city,
Ub hard |o wnla« up iliem- d.ulc
piornlngs, Ci'l 1111 nlnrni clock nt
WriKlU'H tin* jeweller nnd you ain't
jwcns-lccj? yj/'-'w-lf.
Mr \i. MuL'iiti'licnii,  of the  11. (1
Pur.iiA Co, Mcrciiiitlln Awxtcy  V.m
fniivoi-, l»  in town lonblnu; nfiur biiHi.
in*u In IjIr lino.   Mr. MtCinchoon \„ hii
•iff.-ilileyojins; V),xx\ well   virre,l  In his
IiihIiiijhii, which In kci'iiinu' n  (liuv-cr on
tl'» JMllWMlf nil IJllHllKJ-.*-   IMll0r|)l'll)HH   In
fim pruvfiK-i*.
pKClUli 1143.44,4:11*.. ; ■—I =	
Our old friend und neighbor, G. W.
Ciirrutiters, lias returned from the
prairie to spend tlie winter in Fernie.
He reports' line civips in lhe Nanton
district, one inan claiming 140 bushels
of oats per acre. .Mr. Carrulhers has
his homestead all fenced -and a coni-
fortahle house erected. Ho has sown
ten ;icres lo fftll wheat and will sow as
much to spring wlion.l or ooats next
spring. .   .
Captain McEvoy returned from'CTM-
i.ru polnis Monday morningand Hnding
Sir V. Uordon, Milliliter ol Militia nt the
station ready to go east by the loenl.
doubled bnek'to Michel in orijor tn have
a chat with the JI011. go.iilluinnii. Wc
can not speak ns tn the mutter." tils*
cu-iHi'.d hut wo mnv bo euro Cn plain
McEvoy did not fni. to ppo'nk 11 word nr
two in favor of ,1 the proposition to erect
n good Btaod drill hnll in Fornlo.
Good News from Macleod
SlrThoninR Sliiiugliii.osfiy nnd ntlu'r
I'llininli (if-compiinylng Ijim stooped tit
Macleod rlntui-dnyV.veriliiji-niiil wus met
by a (leU'uiitloiiH nf dti/.i'i'-.s nud of tlip
town ('(.uiicil. An nri'iingcmmit wjip
Hi-rived nt by which the (J. V U. will
jit onco bei'iu lho coiiRtnu-tioii of m cut
off lino lending from tho main lino imo\
nf tho prefii'iit Hint Ion to ii point on 101 li
81. lielwec.n 'Jud nml flrd Ave, which
will pi 111:u tlio now million within n
(]iiiirtur of a mile of the hiisiuoN-i centre
of thn (own
Tender* nre. already ciilU'd [or nnd
thin muiili needed work will lie ru-liinl
tn couiplHloii In n few weeks. The
I'iti/.ens nf Mnclood hnvo been pe-i-nii.t-
otitli' working for this rnnnlt for n long
tlmo nnd wo nro glnd to know thnt llieir
I'llorlK hnvo nt" Inst been ernwiii'd with
Hui'ccfl.q Thin nieatiH tl grunt deal tn
tlietnwii of Mi'.eleoil na It is thn cent re
nf n Inrjj-n dlKtrlt'tof ranching and farm
'.ng couulry nud wilh the Intitvy humll*
cap iiinli*r which lliey luivo bo long
lieeii Inliorhig rninnvml we nxpoet lo
-*(>(> Miicleod blnnsnin into tlm liii-gi.-*!
nnd ni0.1t llmii'lHliiiii* town in Sotithei-n
Tlm G. I*. II. Iiav.* under coiiHlilern*
Mnn lliebiillilliin of two hrldifi'H nctoHi
the Old Mnn river liiit\u'i:n Letlibridge
Mini Macleod which will uim-lly Nlmrten
the illktniicn tiiitwoiiii tliouo two pnlnls
nud ul -o Iitifirnvf* Ihe mini boil Tlm
priiHint rniitn Iimh n vnr been Hnllt>fnct-
ory iiiid owing tn tlm nature of th"
•-untilry lluoiiaii which It rmiti con|d
imi lm iindo a lliht cIiihh road,
"One "editor," a gentleman who presides over the destinies of the Cranbrook Herald, and who poses as an independent in politics and never loses
and opportunity for a sly hit at the
Conservatives, literary used- up his
slock of unpleasant adjectives in commenting on ■ the article in question.
" Wc are afraid lhat* thc ."Old Man"
as Jie calls himself, is Jittle better than
an l-o!d humbug."
The above' from "The "Week" of
Victoriu is rather,,hard on tbe "Old
Man" of the Herald. We must join
the "Old Man" in protesting that the
government does not spend- enough of
the revenues obtained from, this corner ol llie province in improving the
existing roads 'and in malting new
ones * •.
We have just been interviewing one
of thc government oflicials closly connected with the expenditure of the
monies-appropriated for use in the Fernie and Cranbrook districts and have
learned that up "to date about $1000
have been expended out of the $6000
whicli was appropriated for the Ferhii-
district and about $500 out ofthe 850110
appropriated for'the Cranbrook district
has been applied' for improving nhe
roads of that district. This money is
available after the ist of July and can
be expended at any time between that
il ate" iiifd'tiTeTsrorj'uiy"! -5o6~ '
The amount set aside for  roads' and
* * o    " ' ' t       1     .
bridges in,these, .two districts is, re-
diculously small whin compared with
the amount of revenue derived from
the same territory. The total revenue
drawn from this pan of the country in
the same period will appoxinmle  §250,
The revenue from the Crow's Nesl
Pass Coal Co. alone will amount to
$80,000 which added to the timber
(Jut's, royalties, license fees and other
sources of revenue will probably exceed
the quarter million mark:
That out of Ihis"vast sum only $11,^
000 .should come back to* Ihis part of
the province is an absurdity which
ciutld be expected only from a government that resorts' to issuing bogus
licenses to people purporting to give
them Ihe right to explore and develop
coal and oil claims in llie same, districts
but which'in reality confer only the
privilege of going into court to lipjit
for that Vihich tho government has
already taken llieir money.
The decision ofthe courl in a „ case
arising uut of such thimblerigging by
lhe Commif.'-'ionc-r of Lands and Works
in which the judge hiates tli.il such
"flicinl can nut is-,ue two licenses lo the
Hume puree) of Innd, pl-ices the government In rntlier ft peculiar position and
renders it possible that a considerable
portion of Ihe monies wrongfully obtained by is.sulng licenses to Tom, Dick
iiml Hurry will hnve to he refunded,
thus reducing the amount of available
cash at Iliu disposal of llm government,
Add to this llm developments in lhe
Iluslani mill case which indiculo that
revenues that tire justly due und collect-
nhli) hnve been allowed In run for years
in iirrear«, nml the "Old Man" of lhe
Herald might ho able to discover Ihut
political favoritism U nol the only  fici*
or which enters  into   the   problem   of
getting the paltry 5 per cent.of the  revenues derived from South East ^Kootenay paid bacjt in the shape o.f-a  few
shovels full of dirt and a few additional
poles laid - down on' existingroads and
bridges..   It is not necessary to impugn
the motives which actuate the government in pursuing such a senseless course
in regard Urthe development of this part
of the province..   If the expenditure   of
the   road money   is governed  as   the
"Old Man" seems lo believe,-by'political motives then the supporters of such
government should see to  it   at   once,
and have this part of the program placed in tlie hands of some one who has a.
little broader view of  political   expediences than seems to   be ' po.sses.sed. by
lhe present manipulator of tluit kind of
work. "   The  elephantine   end  of lhe'
government menagerie which has been
at considerable trouble lately in its .endeavor lb explain the whys and wherefores of the failure to collect thc revenues due from, a certain   milling  firm,
might go   further   and   enlighten 'the
public   concerning "the   antics   of   the
monkey end of the show in its dealings
willi South East Kootenay both in   the
going of the revenues   i\otl in tlie coming of the "same. '•"> ' '
- How men  of acknowledged   ability
can remain in, and be a part of, an ad
ministration which shows such lamentable want of ability, viewed either from
lhe   point    of political   expediency or
from the broader and higher standpoint
of statesmanship, is a  problem   whicli
seems lo be troubling   more  than  one
man of ability   and   understanding   in
this province. >
■~,  .
*»*fe*» i,.iw*t  i4.^nim>
Iiigfbftin's  Hj-u.-i-,
*Mr,'A. E 'Ingham, "n^or.s iii te crops
of all kinds-of vegetables slid rso frost
up to dat.e at his raueh.
-.-He has green tomatoes, cucumbers
and other tender '-vines "and vegetables
still growing*.iu his garden. ,
.He has raised* al»ou{ five urns of
potatoes besides other vegetables this
year. Mr! Ingham is always striving
after the best'and last spring he ordered by mail ;. of -the.famous ''Burpee of
Philadelphia'* a pound ofa new vnriety
of .early pbt&too called the-Quick Lunch,
From this pound of eeed Mr. Ingham
has-just dug 58-lbs., of firm* Rooking
potatoes which, he is saving foi* spring
: Pure Gold Creamery Butter, Q P. r*
One Found 'Bjrioks. .^mv
^.   iTxesii, New, Laid Eggs; .-"• per*--- -doz.': "Q'fYp;'
From tlie Ranch, by Express      ^^
Buy The Best. Cash Only*
'-'..'"r„A --,*-;Prpmpt Delivery     ■*■*- *     *■»'"
The People's Grocer,   P. 6. Block, Fernl*
** A ■     ° **
,f       Tho Nelson Fsiir
The press and all the visitors to .the,
recent fair iit- Nelson speak in glowing
terms of what was provided by the
management and these who contributed by the way of exhibits to t he sue
cess of the enterprise! As entertainers
the penple of NVson are not" to be
beaten by the people',of any city in the
country, aud each mieceediiig' year adds
to their ability nnd desire to pleaee the
viaitois to what has become a fixture as
an annual event. We would like'to
see more of our own, citizens' avail
tlioinecives to ibis opportunity of seeing the displays of the products of our'
country which is offered by the Nelson
fair. -Mr. A H. Cree' spent a day at
the fair on his way "homo from North-
port and liosslaud and .adds his praise's
to thoso of ail'other visitors.' lib was
iv'oll pleased with the display"of fruits
and vegetables and the fine- Buowlngbf
ores from'tho-varioiia districts of East
... ,,.l_l U.,.;, i_1/.An ,-i.i*, ,\r l%.,_a-*.iY4n_£-ti-a,4i,n
till U-~» 4-OblT ,\47 4KO.IUV, uj-uviuw-*., *.»qv
oversight'Mr. Cree did not see the baby
'pliow, which, judging" from, the .preps
reports, was 'the-jcrowning feature'ot
the whole display,-'    •«  ,-"'
Knives for tho One-Armed     -J
What is that thing over there?
asked a man on a high stool at a
lunch couiiter.      .7 '
The thing lie was pointing at' was
shaped like a sickle, -had a handle,
and at the very "tip ol the blade was
a pronged fork.
That? stud tho waiter.. Why,
that's a one-armed knife. Ever sec
one before? And'he passed it-over
thc counter for • inspection. Nearly
all restunrants keep, them in their
stock of cutlery nowadays.
You see, the one armed man can't
cut his meat with tho same' motion
that yod or'l use.' Uo must' bear
down on his stoik or chop, and to
make the work easier for him some"
wise chap invented this sickle shaped
knife with a fork attached." - „ " -1
, II you'll notice, it is made oh the
principal of the * lialf circular cutter
harnessmakersuse. To be sure we
have to keep them sharp '.or their
usefulness would be -gone.—New
York Sun.    ° „   "
Arrivins: Dailv.
THIS week we received a large shipment of La-:
dies' Silk Waists and Silk Underskirts. Silk'
.,». Waists in Taffeta, Peau de~Soie and>- Crepe de-'
Chene, Blacks and! Colorsj all priced to- move,, them'
quickly:--.from-$4*09 to $1,6.00.   --' '' 7. '\
LADIES' Silk Underskirts made of superior quality
Taffeta,in Blacks.and  Colors,- priced .special aiv
$7:.50,'$9.00 and $9.50.  -7 ,    ■•}■'■, '"'■*'
A Subtle Cynic   y"
At the Whistleivexhibition in London
said a tourist, I had a cljat with Joseph Pennell, the well known artist.
Pennell bad spent his boyhood' in Ger-
mantown with me, and so wc talked of
our old Germantown friends. We
talked of a boy who hii'd bccome'an ar-
tisl-and married a'rich woman.
Pennell said this chap was not altogether happy. He-said he' would tell
me a story about him lhat \i ould reveal
sublly, in a Henry James manner,, the
cause of his unhappioess.
A stranger visited the man's studio
one day,"and paused, full 01" wonder
before a,life-size, .full length picture, of
a woman in a white. Greek dress..
Men's Underwear. ■-.-
MEN'S Underwear made tiy. the most.reliable"man-'
ufacturers. ,.Dr. Jaeger's.Sanitary"Pure Wool ini;
Suits and Combinations.      -.A,- ,.'     "-A A
Stanfield's UnshrinkabTe 'Elastic   Rib, .from $2.50 ai]
suit to $5.50/   Knit-tb-fit Combinations^  Pure Wool,,
$3.75 to $12.00 a suit,.   Penman's Natural*Wool, Unshrinkable, all sizes, $3.00 to'$4.50 a suit.."' .7'
Also the largest range of
Women's and'.Child-sens'
in the City,' at,the".Lowest Prices.
Mniiieipiil Oivn^rHliIp :i Success
•'Oppone.its of civic ownership of
public utilities will not extract,much
Bivtisinc'.ion out 0! the reports of tlie
Kingston lighting- plant, ■ which has
rcccntt^'beon mado public'. - Since
tho taking over of' the plum by tho
corporation eleven months ngo, the
rever.m. from tha'sale of rub lias been
$21,510, and irom electricity 31,2*10,
with a not profit over, operation expenses, Intei-eBt, tuxes and insurance
ot $11,102. This showihi? is mndo
deKpiio rlduction in the prlco of clec-
trlcitv from'M to 12 centu, and of rhb
from $2 to $1.00 u thousand. It is
also noted that during thoj'cnr re*
pairs to the amount' of $3.40'*) woro
made to tho plant.
Is this, said the sirangeiv in o tone
of amazement, your Kieal? -
No, the artist answered," its my wife.
THe;Trit^Wt>ocl,-eo. i^
llAUTM-Vn'.~,M (Iiii lliH>lfir.lVriiliioii Hr.pl..
Jlih.lliHulln nl Itnv, I*:, It, IJiirtl|>lt nf 11 i4ini.
IUVIK-1 -At l-'nrnli. ulilJiMit Jllli, tliu wlfu (if
'I'llll4. iMvlnnllf 11 illill,(l,tlir,
.IK.S'r.lA    Ai Pfti'iiliuin Hrtiil, '.'Ilh, tlm wlfu
nl .Mii'linil .Iniiiidi nf 11 h(iii,
11   if*!      U 1.1, .,,!„   ,,„   si.,,     .M,l,     ,, ,.   ,„■•„   ,,f
\V   A, ltll..*4l)f 11 Mill, ;,
I i.i.'ul ,-,U I 1 Mini nil >i*|if,  liilil, (till Willi lit j
II, Liny 11! 11 nun.
Cliotip Kiitcs to CotiHt
-- - .-    a
-, Are yoii goini'fo the Porllaiul Fair?
If so why 'nol-ffo" while-'tho poininion
l-.xhibitioi.iRon al New Westminster
and talie in both fairs for [lie, price of
one?, The Canadian Pacific Railway
will .issue tickets to Portland and return for $27 good for 90 days, iir.d lo
New Westminster on Sept, 24II1 to
Oct 3rd inclusive good to return till
Oct ta for $23.95 fr01*1 Frrnie with
correspondent rates with other Kootenay points. Commencing September
26th nnd^ontinuing daily lill Oct. 26,
sleepers will be run between Arrowhead nnd Vancouver for lho accomo*
dation of (Koolenny passengers. Kor
tickets, reservations, etc, apply to nny
C. P. R. iifjent or Write J.  S. Cailer
D. P. A. Nelson II, C.
few^FaiS Suite'
the Very Latest Gioth and Styles
Just., Operaed
New Line of Neckwear
A Mutual Itolutlvo
A Into story of Irish wit is located
hi New Orleans. An Irishman
boarded a train in which every seal
except 0110 was occupied by two
people, This sent had as occupants n
yonnu sport and a Inrifo BlinffKy .lop.
Tho Irishman utood by tlio Beat ex*'
pectinp that room would bo mado
(or him. Tho youn;? mnn did not,
t,nko tho hint, but rcparded tho other
who was pool Iy drcRaed, with ill-
disc 11 iced heoiu At lust the Iribli-
iiiun remaikcdi
'] Inn's 111'olnc-lookliip dop yo have
with ye.   Whnt breed Is lii1
Its a cr.m betwoon a skunk and
an irishman, wim tlio mmcrlnp answer.
(SliUi-o tlifii, Its n relntlve of lioth ol
iih, wns llio lns'tiiiit I'ciurt.—Ar-tjoii-
SBooks it Staiionevp
i of all hints at
O^M/V-U im
y,r tr ♦ x-*..*  4
15 &wre
>.«.tlhtJ.*-1 nif'O t-OA^"J.ftff
WIIRN you want any J'RINTJNG, and |
your order will be called for, neatly
and promptly executed, and delivered to you
in a workmanlike shape, and the price won't
be a cent more than the job is worth.   ^   ^
would show a much more satisfactory
state of affairs- if you patronised,    .
We can show you how it's done. If
you'd like to learn, just phone 10, and
we'll call around and post you,, so that
when you post .your cash book,
will show an increased balance in your
favor, thanks to
This is OmEv SSiiS!KesE


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