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The Fernie Ledger 1905-10-04

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 •**£-. a '.A ^iM^-^YY
x                '        .•■*''   *.-r    -   —    -_,         *   '       *.           -     -I-*—
- .- -a*
C                               ' .  -             -      -
\ ■ ',    v ■ ■'■       /    - '■
A ■.''-.'.. - -7-.
:*■; ■*-,:■;« ^-7A*v^\^*?k"
.   ,':.'.*->**
-  - - --'-  ,"     ,. \" :»-' *>V  <
=-■'' - J 7 \
'.    -V   ./     />      /*    :^^*\.A
".      -4
Volume. I, :NOmberig.
; Local Happenings "in and
A ^ About the, City
Interesting -Items ^ About  flany
,a. .'; •>' People A k'ou ;kno>y. >  ,-A
...,,*, ' '-T.-M. Law, of Pincher Creek,":is*--at
.". ^the Napanee.' 7 ", -.-   , - A',* A*.
; ■] ^ Kenny & AfeLeod, tailors WeMstgn"
' ;, 'ed'to'-iolm Jarvis.' ' -••_ ,-*-->■   -   V;:;
' ."'?'• Dr.'Corsan went to Nelson-iast Siiitur*'
-   d ay for a short holiday...   ** »? A*".'; -
- •; -H;-W"Pkce,"of>Moyie was at tne
.,,   -_King_;Edward yesterday.-   *,>' •%",.-
'■■ ,??■ A. C, Thompson/of Kalispell.'was at
-.-'.''.the Napanee the'other day.    .   ',; -7_
A.* A. T;-Newuian,-o"f Whitefish,register*
.Jed -with mine host Gates yesterday.*.- .. •'■
':i. Mise Wwteryof Mfeb7el,-is spending a-
.   ,  tfewdayg in town with Mra.Telfer. . -
- V G: ,W ,'Detlah*. of SpokaneAwas-Ve-
.gisiered at the Kin* Ed ward Friday;;!
- •**■ Mrs. Telfer and her friend MrR.v Whv
ter, of Michel, spent Sunday at JSIkoVt-:
Marion. Piatt, of Spokane, was' re\
'■ glBtered at'the Kin*?' Edward last, week;
.' H. L. Staebler returned from a -trip
'*'   r* to Nelson, ahd intermediate points last
'   :,Fridiiy.   ';"-'',-'.-*'* ■;  •--*7   ■    ..-.f
<A P. Miller and L; Claw, both of Van*-?'
«buver, were at.- the Kiug- Edward off
.; Monday. '].- -~   '■ •'.; *    ■* -j. ■. '* A '• - -fc
; 7 The strike at Nanaimo has been,set*!
-' tied aud the mines will soon bo in" full'
•wing again.        -    ;       •  ■' ,*C   ** -,  i
i-«, Capt. McEvoy and Leigh Spencer left"
. 'this morning for an extended trip * into
. 7-Mthe "unknown."    .-■-   •■«-
**. -, ul" P. Eckstein went down to  iieth-
cbridge.on Saturday on';business and
.    ^returned Monday, morniug. ; 7    .; *. ■",:
'i- 0. L Boyntbu lias been at.the coast
V, * on a business trip during tlie" pastweek.'
;  '.Hois expected.home to-day.  * •'-'   ■:■'
,' *-* It will be cheaper" to'take a trip ovor
•',   ^the fi. N.. to the Spokane fair * than to
atop at honio.   See their ver^Mow rates
. • published in another column..,   ,
.>>' Mrs" R G. Driunian returned Friday
slast from an*extended Visit to frieudu ^t
;,the coast'.. .While away she visited .in
';' Vancouver;' New -Westminster, Seattle
.-   and Naimimo.   At the latter place-she
>J, saw Miss Edmunds,,-Messrs. Stockott
;  Letcher, Bird'and Graliain/.all former
v -.-Fernieitoa.-A;.     \-  i  -.'>'.-"-',- -7'
-i->.Mr-G. PUlart of CarnavVon,  Ont.
>;who is interested, in -AVest Fernie real
•estate spent'adayiii Fernie last week
-. ^and while here took & look at.* the new
,y tipple at Coal ^Creek. •" Mr-Hart left on
7 {.Friday fbr the Coast where he .intends
,   "to spend a few1 weeks-'before returning
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance;
,*■ V
\ r*
to Ontario.:
. Mr.-andtMra: Sam Graham ^returned
Tib Feriiie* last" week after a. protrui-ted'
JlVlsit to Portland nndother po'i,tsiii Oire
»pon." Mr; Graham is owner of a farm in
,Tthjy '/o>tite .Willimette"   river., .valley
•a'lOve'Balem:   He'reports crops in tliat
■•locality, a.little short in quantity but
7- of'exeellerit quality. '-
- •* Pernio has become'the centre of. a't
' traction...to;-traveling djjfnataries" in
. ..western Canada:.-1'It-has-reached the
- ' elage iu that, town (hat. they-i have to
;' ffcave an' official »eception':.'c(*>ttimlttoe
\*nd mcix whq-know how to/ put; oh" a
*' '^iiilie.tviil coat and not feel uncijjhfort*'
-T {i»-ble.'-<''*Cranbrook Herald " *-,   >"•
'-'- if The Pilot Bay.ameltor which has been
idle since 1898, was taken possession of
■ * on Monday by Mr.'C'F. Ferneau for
.. 1 tho Canadian Metal Co and wll^be put
.,    .in operation tu soon as the property
- \fOiia be |fittod' up'for service.   This in
. :poodjiowfl to tho.people of East Koot
venny.for moro smelters ineau more coke
, ^ntf more coal. A   ,
\ ■ Fernie charges *% a  month , for a
*;t>ut.ineflfi telejihono.     The   company
would probably clmrgo more but .thoy.
nre willing to leave the patrons houio
J thing with which lo buy'a iliroud  in
- est* of. doath. — Cranbrook Herald.
JlW'rongagain VOId .Man." The |4 Is
'.what is left after paying water and
ektctric light bills.
;' CharlleFlfe, long ini'harge of thn C.
P. R, station hero, leaves tor Macleod
to take churgo of the etiilion at that
. place. Charlie is a good hoy and will
bo missed here Ho wns stationed at
Macleod (*bmo years ago nnd will 'not
bo a strauuor to tho people of that
place. Tho Lkdoer wishes' Charlie
well wherever he may bo stationed. .
The total bank clearances of the
. Unltod States for the wook ending
Sept. 28th was #2,600,68*2,500, Increaso
over fame week last year 20.1% The
clearances of Cnnadian'banks for the
same week footed t**i,0ilfl,-180 and a
singular couneldenco is the fact tlmt
tht rate of Incroaao was exactly the
same, vlt 20.1% St. John, N. B. was
tbo,only Canadian city* reporting a do-
Prof. Horuaby, of Now. York, stopp-
ed over lioro on' Monday ovonlitR with
Mr. Phllllpi. Thoy camo in on the C.
P, R^rom Fort Steelo Junction and left
' yesterday momlnjr over thn f', N. for
JonnlngB, Mont. Ti.ey had .with them
some, yoauf mountain goad laptured
above Fort Stonlo, wliluli the profoHHor
Is t."ikliiir throuuh to New York where
thoy will bs placed on exhibition In
the tcoologlcal gardoni.
A. Joyce, acting Registrar, reoolvcd
word from Judge Form saying that tlm
court died Imro for Oct, 112th wlll stand
postponed for on* wotk, when the
roiluent Judge to bo lu-polillml for F.nst
Kootenay will preside. Hu further
1 tales that In Mvorlng hi* Immodlatc
connection with the court here ho
wishes to convey his thanks to all tho
member* of the provincial utaff for their
unvarying courtesy nud attention.
Mil* Pen and Marguerite Davits left
thu morning over tlm G N. (or
Washington to resume their studios In
Chevy Chase, Ladles' Col logo. Tholr
many young friends in Fernio will miss
♦ hum,  but Inniinnd numt   X\n Vnrn"'! vn
that the young Idea will know how to
tlioot, Tlit LmiAitkii. iuin* iltait iniiiiy
friends In good wishes to tho j-lrls lu
their ftbMiice and all hope to m?o thorn
back In Fernio an jolly aa ever at the
ond of the school year,
' A'parlv of mountain cllmbora wont
U_4» 1*4H»4.<» iSViuJtt Utl AWlMtVt  ».4H4-,(144*UU)
Mre., IHvles, and Mrs. I)r. Walkem
chaperoned a bevy of girls and some
gallant young men, Pen Davies and
Mr. M. Gordon aud brother and Miwuri,
Ward and Itarratoancceoded In galnlntr
the mmmttt nnd while there wero favored by tho woather clerk with a mow.
•••torm. The remainder of the peity
•topped wlihlu three hundred fsnt ofthe
ton, rri'fittlntr to ta'ce rhetnordlnf the
advance guar.1 as to the tinautin* to bn
seen from th" summit through the veil
of a snowitorm, to rllii.V"**** th«i last
fOi) feet of }(*tgol rot k. The party returned home without a mishap and
ptoud of their achlovcuiutit.
G. A. Cameron, of Regina,'stopped at
the*King Edward Saturday. ;•.;"    .   „l
Georare R, Lyons, of Kalispeef regis*
teredatthe Napanee on Monday.1 ,' .
; J.D. P&steii, of ,Libby,.-Mout.,'was a
guest at the King Edward Monday. .
/JAG. Proctor-, oiie^of Nelsons live-'
.liest and' most progressive business
;men,*is in town today. ..  ,-,
-SenatorCox, E.S.'Wood and other
directors-ofthe Coal Co'; are expected
in Feruie iu a few days. .'-' '" ' - ,
O. L. Boyntonjl manager of the Eik'
Lumber Co. has been absent a few days
on a business trip to the Coast. .'
-' VV. Tiinlick loft for Olds,' Alta., last
evening- wore he proposes going- into
the hotel business.. He will hofollowed
latter by D, McRae, his partner.
The - anniversary ■ services  of. the
MeihodiBt Church will be held on Sunday next.    Rov.'- J.-' P. Westman, of
Cranbrook, will conduct 'the services.
,. The'cheap rates'for the Sbokane fair
over the G. N extend from'Saturday of
this week to the Saturday following aiid
tickets are good to return up to «nd including the noxt Monday".   "■" ,
.'- Mrs Effie Naiison, wife of Mr- Nan
eon^of Coal Creek/ and sister of ll •■ G.
. Shearer; diod.on* Monday.-* The funer-
f. altook placo today from the. Presbyter*
' Ian church, under the direction of-,Scott
&<;Ross, undertakers;.'„;   - ,?-' A,' - ■'.
>%Mr."E. Tiizzmaiiaudfamily left ves
terday for Vancouver where they-'will
make tbeir.-ho.no. '.-Miss>Tazr.riian. has
been helpiiig "to giVe* the".-people''the
iiewe throuu;h the medium of Tua Led"
oeu.   The whole Ledobk, staff.-join   in
wishing her a good future, in her h'ewly
chosen home..--- .7 " •  *   :   7   -'".;'.
•    , .    -     "    .1     ',    '   r    - -.
•Wo.mndd.an unpardonable" omission
in'our'repoit.of the>Board of-Trade
"delegation which- met Sir -Thomas
Shaughnessy week before last,' Mr." W.
R.Uoss, M.-P.,. P. was tire biggest
member in the lot'in more wavs than
one and we. don't ' understand" how it
was, that our reporter should" not be
able to see him.   - ' ■",   ,'
- Last Saturday as* the** eastbound' ex-
pres8.wa8B!aiidin*<at the'stntion four
liasseiigers strolled over to the ; coke
ovens and when the gong sounded were
too far away to get back on board before
tjip.train.pulled-aut. -One.of the stroll
ers had . a ..wife, on » board ' who was"
whisked "away loaving her--spouse be
hind. -Tbeexpret-s.washeldat Michel
for.nu hour Vaiting for a special-to
overtake them with tho four unluckv
travellers. V* .* - *•-?- . *-i     ■-' -7
Mr. O.Lund, father of P. Lund, so
well known air over thia'country,
arrived ;in town ..Monday evening.
Mr. Lund landed "on , Ameriiah-soil
at Portland, Maine thirty-two years
ago at the age'of 32 and thus passed
•just half hisjife .on: this side-of the
briny /deep."." When- he .arrived' he
knew not-one word'of the English
language and c6uld"c;irr"y life efk-cts
in a^satehilon Ins-back. The popu-
latlon of United^ StajesAahdACaijadal
'T im   Bl^IFFED
Lindsey, and The Council: are  Up
;-;  Against It;■T'his^iine   .
:: ;''7 A;.BOLD-PLAY AND A CAlADOWN'. '•■"
has aTliealth Teavening. of this kind"
of. Nood couraijTg.througlivits-Veins
whichls adding to the-.mental-.and
physical healthy of our people.-■ Mr.
Lund 18 a*"resident-* :of,-, Spokane and
is • here to meet'and -visit "his *soii.*
Alr^P^IiUndLis a-'very .busy umri an
d, his,father. iinds that his * son. is- at
present some, where in'Alberta'lob'k-
ing after 'business'. , Mr.. 0 .Lund
went to Alberta yesterday evening.
.    Coal Creole School      A
Thero, are two teachors .employed
teaching tho young idea how; to shoot.
One' of these toauhors occupies tho
Methodist church and the othor holds
forth in thu new'school building on the
south side of tho creek, Mr, Tolts and
Miss Keith,together havo a daily attendance of about 80 pupils, but'this
iuverago -should be raised to fit least 100
as it seemed to the reporter that thero
wero too many children about tho work
shops nnd otlior places wasting the
most valuable timo of tliolr,Hvvs in idle-
iio*s, Such iiii increase of attendance
would of course mean more room and
more teaclierH, hut what ia worth doing
a^all. Ib worth doing well, .
'      .   Coal Creek Club
V.'After lookliin over the great tipple
unity. tho . careful directions of Mr.
Wiltshire,.our repprtor took a stroll
about the Iittlo town ' of Conl Crook
The Coal Co. aro' oroctinjjr a fino
building near tho homo occupied by
Dr Keith, which whon complotod will
bo occupied by tho Coal Crook Library,
and Athletic Association as a clubroom.
This building is 85 by GO feet and two
storlcR hluh. On the ground floor thoro
will bo a largo reading room at tho
front with a small book room opening
off, whero book shelves aro to ho arranged (or tlio conrunlont shelving of
hooks, Buck of thnso rooms thoro will
bo rooms for billiards, cards and smok-
IngbooldoH asmiill room, well locatod
for tho purpose,, whoro beer and othor
soft drinks wlll bo kopt on tap for tho
uso of tho inemboi-ri nnd their frlonds,
Thero la a stairway loading from the
or.trance room nt the front to a largo
entertainment hall which oeeuplos the
entire upper atomy, A Htngo 12 foot
deep la cut off tho end of this with small
(ironing rooms at uach side from which
narrow stairs lead to the rooms below,
Tho plastering Is now bolng put on
and the dull expects to bo At homo In
Its now quarters by thn end of tho prAi-
ent mouth.
Tho members of the club wlll furnished the building throughout and
(juvoairc-iuy purchased a piano tor the
ljjj.1. 1.. Dm iiiuUiii1 wA'i.fijj,. tvliiHih-
monts lho Association do not Intend to
run their little tipple for profit, and
Will sell Mich goods nt a prlco that will
cover uoceiiary oxpensoa.
T«u> «»)NUto.A*Wttbi inte ww. arranged building a quiet plnce of amnio*
ment and rest where tho raotnliora can
ipeiid their unoccupied hours In reading, smoking, or at bllllardi, cards and
other lutioceut ifainei of amusement aM
recreation. .
Tho oOlcors of ihe Coal Creek Library
and AthletieAsmirlallon aro m followi;
Hon l*rpald«nt,-A. Colvllle,
IJfl« Vhei Presldunt. I). Martin.-
Vice President, A. Courtney.      . r,
I*t*j*.dt*iit. I»r. Ket'i
Necretary, Tbomaa Keith.
Treasurer, J. 8. Matheson.
Tjie"meeting of "the City Council'last' Wetlnesday 'cve/iWg- brought forth an
extra amount of the kind of drivel that has characterized its sittings whenever
anything-in which the Crows Nest Pass-Electric-Light and Power Co.-,has any
dii ect interest as opposed to lhat of thecity^.hrippens .to conie. before ii,
TA .letter,,from L. P. Eckstein enclosing"$io for license.to.practicela\v was
received. V;Mr,.Eckstein objects to paying- these fees if oilier parties arc allowed
.to disregard* the reqiiireuiei.ts of the license bylaw,-but ou'p.city dads look' it as
a.jolre'thatordiiiaryindividuals should lmve the cheek «*> hick because large
sums due, under the law by which lliey-are conipeiied,.to';pay. money into the
city treusiliy",.*are allowed lo go by default, because thc^.hre;due. from u corporation which already enjoys freedom from taxation on property vulueil al from
$80,000 to $ioo,oob:     ,, • "•      -  ■'-.* "".
A pelition. fromL.-Atkinson and others asking permission io put a crossing
oii Victoria.ayenue was refused. ' -.     u ,-        . ,
T. B. May^bf the Bank of Commerce biTe're'd to loan $5006 tb'lhe city on notes
at 6%.'   Referred lo Finance committee.. "--"-   '   *■ ',',''"'• ..'    7
, Then a c6iijmuiiicaticn from G.G-. S- Lindsay, General Manager ofthe C.N.
P.'E: L. &vFv"Co., Ltdi,' was read.' Owing, as we suppbseVto.the fau that Alderman ">W.- O'.-'Robins is "sojourning at'present in Fort William,. Mr. Lindsay's
letter to the* Council lacks u little of thai effusive politeness so/ lavishly bestowed
upon them iiijliis coinniu'i.ication of July 4th which 'our readers will remember
began f.hus:..--^'-   .*"     ;'    '      '.'_',-•     A' "''-*"■   ■>-   v'   'A' '*
.Dear Mr., Mayor       .,-,..-. "     ■'.. b. -.
.. ■.-'-., ..''As a result of the'eonference which I had itW-vpleasure-of having
last-night with yourself and all thi* members of the Municip'al'Council in Fernie,
Ijiiii disposed 'to-make the following suggestions for. your consideration. ■■
.. ' Please understand 'that these are made subject to the approval- of my Board of
Directors^'but.'l/lhinlc you may confidently feel tliat,he Uiteclors will endorse
whalcver..I suggesti' .   .' •-.."-.i^-,>'.      *
There is no use in a-communication of this kind entering into the merits- or
demerits'of the'present water, controversy,-etc..etc." - ' {' ■ l
'" Thisi latter statement- as to merit or'demerit was 'correct,* inasmuch as
.viewed from a.city standpoint; there was absolutely no jnerirto discuss.while the
demerits were So plainly evident that- no body, outside the Cily Council has been
found possessed of nerve enough to speak a word for them to lhe public! Mr.
Lindsay's last communication.is as follows. ,'-' <■*' '■ 7
"To the Mayor and City Council, Fernie.B,G; A A*
•Gentlemen—I beg id draw your attention lo the fact that our water-
works*-systein is about completed and we expect;to turn., on-V-the water. about
October 15th,'. Our propo'sition/of July'4th was to the effect that the company
would attach up whatever hydrants.the city niight csire to'purchase, and I would
therefore suggest that whatever, you intend to do in tlie' matter of these hydrants'
should be done quickly, as the cold weather, is rapidly approaching. A
/■.-■-.," ,.. ,- ,'.. ,. .... " 7"' ■ Yours .truly A; A.':.. ■''." ■»-' '
'7._a;... t" . i     i    ■   ' i' ■ :*-*'• -G.S. '.Lindsey '-'■- |jt..
•   .__., ... ■ General -Manager C. N: P. E.'L.'&P. Co.,*/' "' Y;X ,-'..  ' ,'j.-,'.
C.;N. P. C. Go's Mammoth
Structure,at. Coal
The Largest In Canada.
,' We'might say just here for the benefit of these.Councilors that' an election
severe as to make the water, in whi.tevcr"hydraiits they may undertake to make
the City-of Firnie pay for, for the C. N...P. E ,L. &.P. Co. feel like, the water
in Hades.^iii cdiriparison. ,.,- , - ■ ' * "' * -v ' -n- .- . ,- -',.-,->-,,. ,
. -This slap in the face from Mr. Lindsey, which means, if-itj means anything,
"hurry up. you. sluggards or we,may"hav,e;t6spankVou,Mivas*ecciv'ed*Hiilli meek
submission by all the Council except one lone member., Aldermen. Wallace.
Cree, Trite'sand Fierclinier all seemed awfully .thirsty for fire water, and Mayor
Stork having recovered his '.'Scotch" lost at the midnight -., meeting -> wilh -Mr,
Lindsey lasl July, asserted emphatically that he still favored the famous' joker
which Robins said the Mayor carried about town all that week.        - ■,-'   -, -
Alderman Tuttle opposed the senseless proposition of buying hydrants, lo put
on other, peoples' property and. refused lo serve 011 a cominiilec to'interview Mr.-
Lindsey about prices, etc. A committee composed of the Mayor and Aldermen
Herchmer and Wallace was appointed to interview Mr. Lindsey on the subject.
Mr. Lawe, the City solicitor explained that in order to ratify any agreement
that might be arrived at, it wouid'bc necessary to place it in the form ofii by-law
and liave the ratepayers vote on il. "Aye, there's the rub.'!' These councillors
called a meeting ofthe people in order to lind out-whut they thought about this
hydrant business,.* but found the temperature of public opinion so decidedly
chilly'lhiU lliey dared not call lor, a vote and the Mayor adjourned Hie meeting.,
, This proposition of the C. N. P. E c L. & P. Co. Ltd., having'for lis object
thc double purpose of securing a ten year exclusive right to sell water to thc
people of Fernio at the same old rate, nnd to compel the city to buy hydrants
which the company are bound bylaw lo furnish, will never receive the sanction
of tho people of Fernio, mo mntlcr how often, Mayor Stork loses his "Scotch
Courage" and changes his opinion.
The finance committee gave nolicothal a temporary loan bylaw would be introduced nt the next meeting, ,
On motion a telephone wus ordered for the use of Chief Walker at his residence. - - ,
A requisition from the school board for $424 was referred to lhe Coinmlltcu of
Police Magistrate Whimster was granted atUhorlty to employ council and a
stenographer to usslst in the Ore inquiry with tho understanding Unit terms of
remuneration bo arranged before services begins,
Upon inquiring of Aid Wallace, the Cily Clerk stntcd that Mr, Kerr Iiml not
yet returned the contract for building sidewalks with the necessary «ij*ni\lurcs.
After changing tho time of.mocllng from Wednesday to Thursday ovoning
the Council adjourned,
,  Below  we print  section 77, chapter 190 of the Revised Statutes  of British
Columbia which might bo slualed with profit hy nil concerned,
"It shall be thc duty of the Municipality or Company to,
provide a sufficient supply of water for the use of the Municipality or unincorporated locality in thc prevention mid extinguishment of fires, and for such purposes to provide,
equip, place and maintain a sufficient number of hydrants in
such places as may be most readily available for such purposes, and the same lo keep supplied with a sufficient quantity and force of water.''
And thia act is by Sec, ao, chapter 46, 1900, mndo applicable to (ho C, N. P.
R. L. -X. J', Co.
Our Arttiullery
A largo portion of the Pernio City
Council arrive* at Fort William nnd
explains to an jutonli-lii-d web footer
bow it In that he cun bo sn Alilorinnii
In Fornlo and a clllunn of the city by
tha lake at t% wunoliine.
Si.tUfnctory Hottloinont
Through the rnurlesy of IVoihlent
Slk'rmtm of the United Mine Workers
of Amorlm, wc Imvp Ivfnro nn tlm
Hgrcrment arrived nt- hot ween Ihis or-
*fcr iii id ilii* Canadian Aiiiericitn ton I «\
Coke Co. of Fr-uik.
The miners sccuro an ndiniu-** in
wnger. In some instance., and 11 reduction of rent for company limn-on, The
chcrk nil" ■micm Is In hi* nlui'ri'ivl in
lhe saino way as at Coul Creek inlites.
The agreement 11 hold* good tint 11 lhc
311I of Mnrcli 1907, it being undurslood
that lhe parties lo the conlrncl shnll
meet in conference sixty diiyi prior lo
tlio expiration of the iigri-umcnl lo din-
cuss the ronewiil thereof for -mother
lurm of years, 'This sutisfiiriort' seltV-
inont of dilli-renees between employer*!
•md vi)t|tUi_yvvv, ix .mother (viili-nr*. ili.u
all parlies are advancing ulong the
line of conrlllalion, and ' f lint the**
labor trouble* nre growing Ion wrimis
as a rcnult of a Utter undertint ding ol
nioilvcs actuating die panic lnltre>ted
A Leuoku reporter, was detailed to
take a run up to the Coal Creek mines
last Thursday for the purpose of taking
notes for a short, wrjte-up of the, great
tipple which 16 n.-ariup completion.
Mr., Wiltshire had informed our scribe
that he would have the machinery of
the north side in motion that afternoon
fort he purpose ot tivstiiij- it aiid that he
would be pleased to show the reporter
over the whole structuie. '.Tho L>-:ixit:n
mau availing. hiuiBelf of "so kiud. an
offer, went up on the2 p. m.'traiu and
put in au hour with Mr. Wiltshire ami
as a result we are able to give the foi
lowing report:
To begin, with the tipple proper is -10
feet wide and tho .approaches aro 28 feet
111 width.   The length of  tho tipple   iB
244 feet aud. the -approaches are  each
2*10 feet long, making tLa  total' length
of the whole structure 724  feet.    The
frame of the struoturo is mado of steel
columns, with cross sectionsof IS inch
eye beams which support the crosseyo
beams, which are 12 inches   in  width
1 lie latter are four feet apart nud support tho floors of, the tipple and   the
approaches..  Tho floor is of two layer*.
of two-inch planking, the  lower layoi
being of fir aud the upper of tamarac
timber.    1'lie sub floor which extoiule
the length of tho tipple,-is supported
by the same sized eye beams as the
main floor but has only'one layer of two
inch tania'-ac flooring * The roof trusaob
aro all made of 2J x 2J inch angle' iron
aud are JO and 28 feet long' respectively.   Cross pieces, called channels reach
from trusstto truss and these trusses are-
further stayed by'ofie inch rods," running diagonally from truss to truss beneath the channel ..irons.    The corri
gated roofing is fastened-to'these chan
nel irons, or purline "plates,   as a car
penter might call   them,' -by .strips   of
galvanized hoop iron % of an  inch   in
width, which  are  passed   round   the
channels aud fastened   to theroofiii"-
with rivets.   The roof iron ia 20 aanso.
and that on the sides' is > 22 '• gauge   in
thickness, all galv'aniztd'.    The south
approach is carried over'Coal Creek by
three 80 foot girders fifteen   inches   iu
depth made with twolvo inch ch.-inDels
and the necessary bracing to g ivo - suf
ncient strength to carry   roof   trusses,
floor beams and_ machine supports for
the-trip   feeders  and  rope .haulage
equipment. ,.-.,.
The two approaches, where not  clos-
ed-in"      '
-oy— the— ciJrrUfjared-
,. .    „ siding, are
protected by two inch* pipe hand rail-'
h'g, fastened to the columus by.means
of U bolts and supported between the
columus by two inch pipe stands] fa.M-
•Ailed to the- floor,by lug, screws.
There are *326 .tons of structural 'steel,
lbfi tons of corrugated ironed .-175,000
lineal feet of flooring- in tho structure
aud 132 :windows aiid '9 doors, the
only- wood ouing floors, steps of tliu"
stairs and tho door and window frames
TIiib great steel building was desigtied and constructed readv for erection
at the f,hops of thu IL-yl and Pa ttersou
Co at Pittsburg Pa. m\A wont together
without tlw changim* of a single bolt
hole, .lho foundations supporting it
aro of concrete'pillars placed in accord
auce with-tho plans" supplied by tho
builders About 28000 jiueh nv«iH.
woro used at tiie shops and ovtir 1«,000
111 imtting it together at Conl Creek
boBliles 15,000 bolts The iiiachiuorv
in placo weighs almost 100 tons. The
height of tho building is' about 50 leet
But the moBt interesting phrt, of tiie
wholo thing is, like the same iiart of
some hotels, thf real tippler, 'llm
haulage and return tracks on the north
approach had been completed at the
tlmo of oiir scribe's visit so thnt tlio
operation of the maVhluory could be
demonstrated by actual test To begin
with tho trucks aro so arranged as to
permit of thn loaded cam being brought
on tho tipple propor by tho electric motor In the usual way, to the ond of a
chain hauling arrangement known as
a trip foodor. This trip foedur Is an
endless   chain   equlpea  with  "docs"
whichcatch the cars and haul'them to
the rotary dump, and is run bv power from a dynamo, placed on the sub
floor below. -
This rotary dumping machine is a
large iron cylinder, about 7 feet (lin. in
diameter and long enough to hold. two
coal cars at the same'time.    This" big
tube is  coutroled by 111 sans of a big
lever and can be stopped at auv place
m its revolving movement.-
-   A   track,   corresponding   in gauge
• with tho hauling track, is laid through
the inside ot'the circular dump oppos-
site a iougltudinal  openiug in its side
through  wh'ch   the coal drops when
falling from the inverted cars     When
the  dump  iB  stopped with   the   track
at the bottom the rails are in line with
the   out side track, and tho opening
through which tlie coal is discharged
isat.thetop    On each side of the tube
are    placed    mils , securely    fastened to the inside and which are placed
far enough abovo  the lower rails to
admit of the passage of tho car wheels
between these upper.and lower   rails.
Higher up tu the tube aro what mi»lit
bo called flanges which project out into
the tubo far onou-*!*. to pass ovor tho
edj-os of the box of a ear.   Bv (his arrangement of rail and flange the cjir
cau be turned wrong sideup and ralibved
of.its load by revolving tho big drum
and the coal drops out of thecal- to the
other side, of the dump whore it drops
through the opening in its sido on to
lho   feed   apron ' below.    By simplv
moving a lever tho operator-'cau stop
or start tbo dump at any point in its
revolving motion.   A' largo cog wheel
passes around tho centre of this  drum
on   the outside   and meshes--  into "a
smaller one from which   the power is
applied-    E-ieh of thesorotarv dumps
is driven by a 7%. horse power motor
which is used fur uo'oth'ijr purpose. , *
Our reporter wished for Kipling
.    Ahliehuw thia thini; a tippling,
Andthe coal u dropping through tliu floor,
lie 44-iaiiudho lind a plioto
Of r.Iiis ungainly "roto"      •>
As   it dumped tho coal down tbrougli
, the door. *
The apron feeder upon which the
coal (nils carries it along to the shaking
screens., In passing- over these screens
tho fine, coal drops through to a couvev-
or iwhich takes it to tho slack bin froin
whero it is loaded into. the dump car
whicli in turu takes it tothe coke ovens.
. The lump coal passes over tho sliak
ing screens to the* picking belt which
runs at aright angle fiom tho screens
and is earned to the box car loader
shuto or the gondola cars, if box cars
arc not ready to receive it. By an no
ron arrangement at the end of the
picking belt.tbe coal cau easily bo di
reeled to either the box ear loader or
to tho gondola cars as mav be desired.
While passing along the picking table
the reck is. separated bv hand and
thrown' into'a shute or feeder which
carries it back-to a rotary dump just like
the one already; described excepting it
is only long enough to hold ono of the
ordinary coal cars. When the car has
been filled it is run into" the dump and
iiuI'Mtded. The;rock drops to a" convey
-orwnicncarni-iTit to gondolas on the
ground level and run to th'e dump.
Let us return to the first rotary dump
No doagereld this'titne. • After-the ro
tary has turned its;Htomach lull of- cars
.wioni_E-6i.de up and the coal-has dropped
,qut, -it^.t-ontiuues its,revolviiig course
iiutil the care are-'Hghi. sido .nit with
caro" agaiu and the track in the dump
matches the one whinh-leadii out at'tho
opposite end from where the cars entered it Tbey .are then started.*on
their return journey to the mind for
more coal. The return track, - where
it leaves the rotary dump; marked A in
tho accompanying diagram, is about
two feet above the level of the Main
floor of thc'tlpplo, and slopes backdown to that liivol again in a distance
of about 15 feet to thn point marked IJ
where an automatic spring'ftwitch iB so1
arranged that tlie empty car passing'
over It Burs if so as to tlnow* it over to
tlm return vrack marked 1) in diagram
No 2 on Its return trip. After passing'
over tho switch and Bolting it for. its
rotum, Uki car climbs the slope up to
tlio end of the track marked C It Is
then started on its return journey down
tho incline automatically setting the
switch at B buck in placo' for tho noxt
car as it passes and is thrown onto tho
return track at the part marked B (11
tho.second diagram and is run onto
tho feed chain marked K bv its own
momentum, whero it Is "picked up" hy
the dogs nnd moved,aloug tn tho electric motor to he hauled buck into tho
mine. Thoso trip feodH nro supplied
with sulllciont powor to move fifty cars
at once.
Dlngr-im No. 1
MMI**i umu
Dliiiiruiii Xi,',a
From the above ileserlptinu it will Ik*
hooii (hat ihis arritiigoiui-ni cuilutl n
"kick buck" for thn liAinlling of tlm
empty cars wnrliN on the piiiulplii of
tho • switch back" 110 fiimlllnr lo lovers
of fun a few vewrri ngo, Thn fe.i-d up
rons, tlm Nhfiklnu niti'iimh, picking |,*ibln
and wahto .conveyor are all iiperntt'd
mi'ii   who   Imvn   tlm  most dlwigre.i-.
iiMn   and   itjiliualtli.v   job  about llie
This grunt tipple Is llm LurchI In this
country in um,«. Tlm only oik* hi.*
pi-imi.hliig it lu j-izti \r tho 0110 recently
cDiihlrtii'leil by  llm
iy  llm .(.-iiii- em 11 imnv ill
from  ono Una jdWt for each " ruUirv (}ttr,!>n''^r ^...,*,!i^~,2f..A■■*,1,,,,
turnip,  tint power lining supplied   t>y
two ™ iinr*.!' ••■riucr dviiir.nii'i. T'iV
("lectriclly fnr all tin-nil ilytminn-H Is
supplied from thn main  power house,
Peat-noil & Jewell-,have completed
their tie, contract at this place, and
have moved their outlit to tfrauk,
where they have secured a contract
from U, i\ Liill 16 build a spur froui-
the Crow line to the Hill Crest coal
mimng property. .;    •       - ■ ;,
Jaffray is; experiencing quite-a
booiiijustiiow.. The Kootenay mill
is now iunijin_g full blast furnishing
employment lor about sixty r men.
This Co. are contemplating putting
in a large tie camp about lour, miles
lroiu here which will lurnish'employ-
, Rev. John George, ' a Christian
minister t'coia-:Turkey, spent a lew
days here soliciting subscriptions to a
fund lor the.purpose of building a
lionie tor oiphana in that country.,
He. wa8'quito^u,cces8fui MiudJve &*pe
hi* will succeed in securing the rit-c-
ei'Bsarj amount to build the, orphan*
lljfO. ''';-
 . .    _■   *   . t1
From our own cor'ru.*i)oii'lont,'
Mrs, Mott of lilko was iu Fernie on.
! Air. J, llaubory loft Tueaduy for the
oust on u trip.   . ,    •
Mr. and Mrs. J. Irwiu wore up from
Uoai on Jridtiy on business,
Mr. Austin returned Wednesday
irom his trip lo Montreal and otlior
easieru cilius.
K. L. McKco, who Iuih been watching
tho bridge here, leaves for hib usual
woik I'uusday,    >
Mrs, J, Uolup and daughter along
with M'.bs MuKeo wo.o in Cranbrook
l,M Wetlnesday.
Mr. A. T. Krapfoll returned Friday
from the coast, Mr. Kntptoil luiuinu
inakitig his liuinu hero.
Mr. und Mrs. Agnow left ht the count
lust week on a vit.11 'i'hoi will inkn in
I'urtlaiid, Vuucouvur and Victoria.
Miss K.van i-nturued to Ferule 011
I'ljui-udiiy from lugiiiinrH uncii whuro
she has iju-jii spciiibug a snurt holiday.
Mrs. McNuiuh let 11 rued from Mon.
tnml tlm liiht of tli 11 week where
she lias put her hoy in school Mr. uml
Mrs. .i.e.Nulsliloft for the const Friday,
Mr. T. IJ. Proctor aiul Mr SUnlluld
wimu lu Klku Monday, They drove
out to Jliiyuiri bike and oilier coiiu'uy
i>liii'ON mid look llio uaht bound train
that nlglit,
Mrs. Win. Coopnr roturited .from
lii-jiiitiiiij whero she wont with hur nick
buy a month ago leaving liim much
Ini.ii'ijviul, 1SI111 thinks Kiko Ih tntk-lt
nicer now llntii it whs bo foi 0,
A "Faii'1-..iil.h ipih-l, witluhing ecalu-g
is so placed ut ouch iii.d ilut tlm loiidit'l
ear of conl in wclyli'-d   iih  ll    pii'Mo.
fll'i-.ptlli. Tilntfi>riil In frn.il nf iVn.i, n-l.l.
out (lii^ioppiigiMjf (hiU'ar lu  Ilii  pas
sage io the rotary dump.   Tlinno H-nles
an well as  llu* dynamos, on tlio tlp|il(*>
nre protected from thu ueciiiiiiiliitiui of
dust hy corrugated ulient iron ho. lugs,
Tlie Ikik car loiiilur nt. llm end of the
11-cMng apron it* A huge cradle 011 Mre!
rn IrnJiil   rail   rui-Lorx   whiih   reii   nn
nili*,M      Whin  a  boxcar   has   Ikht
placed ii|ion this cimilu it I*j rocked inlo
an', icuuhu-l aiigliiliv h>duititii', pov-t-r
Onecud isluucnid nu leu 1 run ii.to i'
nil llilfl.   then   tin ('lii i'ikI lo lei
dow-.- nd filed, whenv • ur shronKht
l>a<:k to n level mill tiiu load lliiii-licd
w bile lu tin t po.utlon.   This nrrang-a-   liig'lUe rallifr liaMlly -ttrll.f*n Vtliilc, kitivWod inm muler and gsbiin |i|ni-ini
m«'i;t wveti the labor ol t It ice or ffl.«i   \\»* l.!-.t>^i;n tark  WlM.r-t 10   f j|i;»»i'<».i'•.*" lidcmol il*« iixtfi.
TrK(*K-\V(i(i(l Ntoro nt Conl Crock
Mr. W, W. Thompson, tiiutiagor for
Ti lies. Wood Slorii at Coal Crock, took
our ruporiei- tliroiigh that enuihiNli.
mi-lit from ccllitr to garrut.
Tho are nine ninployonH 011 Iho stuff
nt this store IichIiIoh Mr. Thouipioii nml
all dueiiiuil busy,
l.argo htoeki of groceries, drygpodi
1 >  > 11
.loul.* I4i|i|  ri,w4.,-i    ALU    1/*|||-|     IJICU II    Jill*"
11,111.1.i*-*- were jilied nji a\iriijl Jho A|t.ro
Mr. A. I) Kuipy has i;kiir«n uf the
•Irygoods ilile whilm our Fernie neigh*
hir, Mr. Kirkpatrick was looking after
Ihe "ond things to cat on the grocery
..In   ,r  )ii„  r.iMn        .V;-.    I,'z'.-i  l.:..l.i
nfter tim atooiintlug (lii|mr(iu(i.it- The
Coal Crei'k pott olliro is IncalOd lu
lliostoro jnkl back of the iiccouiitaiits
dimk, Unking at the price*, In plain
llgiires, nu llm clnthlng dliplnycil in
lho wliul.iw .-it tlm front nf Uut store,
llm l.ntvivH niici iiiHile tho diHcoveiy
thai prlivs aro mtich hi-rher st Co A
1'ioik llun Foiuin. about .-VtO luut
hicher lis nexr hs ha could innkm nut
A luuof v'ailioiuilo li.u l.iMiu (urn
Ioijwi fr.m lis moorinj.-* sl.tlmt placo
".\"i'"\ . ......
lhe wronud nud began tlm coiiMlructliin
uf (in', dpji.i-1 on Urn .'ith ur dmt ,(ulv ami
expects io have eveiythliig cuinplftml
by llm lfiihof Detomber, Thn north
tipple is now ready for ilea and will lulu conilnuiitiHopeution ju a few tin vs.
When hitth me working rn-julnrly iliXX)
, ,.  1 „ 1 .   hi  " , 1     i-i.
tolal dallv   eJiiuulty   nf (wKJioiin  If
throe shifts of fl hours eweh are wnrked,
lle«ld(". Mr. II. A.  Wlitslilio   who   Is
Hlipi-rhitcinlitnt   of cntihtrtHlInu,   Mr.
Newhoiifo Imi had elm rue o( tin- inM-il
latlon of thn iimehlurry mul Mr. W. W.
LItlloliJis kept tsb  (in   the.  limn  aiid
hnril.-u.    Mr, H-irrc riMntfier Iuul   jril
uie/llate ibaige  nf lho utiutluuil M«i*l
department.    All  of  then*   lioys  an*
ntulitirt/lirifc and jnllv sniiil icIlfiWH st
Hist,    All (cili tlii-nt imte    been   in
kkllled uniler*. mmaged aiul • lolal of i »"" •■ •"0,v' perched on tlm Mv ot (ho
from'Ho 70 Wifn 1jj.vo b hi h(«m*IiI\ . hill i».-a,li of IkiiH'reH, JiHikiiig H\n:> s
employed nt Hun-.lent utrk.    in rhw ! C'lll-'clioii of box cam with ilm wneels
(..(hat hlai
•tldn of (I
K   ■ ■■■■
through the columns of his paper his
siueeie thanks to. Mr.' Wiltshire and
his able ubsistanli for ihe very courteous treatment'accorded the repurte.r
upon lho occasion of his visit to Co.".l
Creek for the purpose of gathering
news for this paper. The Lkdoek latch
string is always on the' outside to you,
boys.        . '"','"'
Tlie Crows Nest Pass Coal Co. have
testified in a very substantial' manner
their utmost faith in these great coal
deposits by the expenditure of so much
money, approximately, two buudred
thousand, dollars', ih the .erection, (f
this groat tipple. The people of Fernio
seo in it the-assurance of continuous
work for large numbers of men aiid
aro consequently cheerful -as -t« tho
future of inejr young and ambitious
little city.
Krom our pvrii correopumluiit "   '
. .John Milton, ol Feruie, was iu Jaffray yesterday; J
OuroId.friuiKl Mutz, from Fernio,.
has been Undiug a due -net'ot fish
Were but nays the deer are too wild.
■• John Anderaon,'. foreman for J'eur-
8ou & Jewell,  left fyr Swansea aid- .
ing to look alter their work at that
placo. * -'
The weather has been so wet the,
past week that most oi the nimrods
are doing their",hunting stories by
the hotel lire, - -   - .,"   '.
. The Jaffray school has been opened with - an enrol lenient of sixteen
scholars.      Mibd White,'toriuely "ot"
Kosslaud, is in charge and is rendering entire saiisiaction. •   i\
^ Th(«. Duncan and. two friends from
Coal Creek.have been beating"tiie
hushes about Jaffray during the
week ior.game, getting a good -share
ot it well sprinkled, with fine sport. A *-*   ' „L   Th<J.   "* >
^ /  - -
-.--"v.   -?> y' -,- '--:.¥-"**-:■- 'ii* j-*^-- it/
-." --, Yc
•-..■-. w-.--.-. ,*:-.«' i - . .„;*••
*- ■   *. 1, --'-*" -   '- .> - --
' W'TYA^'^Y'i'-
The Fernie Ledger
D. V. MOTT    *,-,
G. G.
and experience in governmental affairs
than any of his associates at, the council, table, and fif„ he succeeds .in convincing the people of this' provides that
Isaiie4weiyW«ilne8a»vfroii.offic8 of pub* thepr^enta^gregatfon'calie'd'a^binet
jVerel^brifcuSCoVwtilf.   ,*n'1 ?a*er Avo'1 •*■ transacting the business entrusted to
- them in such.a manner, as to, protect,
the interest of the" province, arid tlie
rights of its citizens, he will have earned the additional right to be call d the
chambion explainer of all the specimens who have essayed to explain, satisfactorily the vacciilating vagaries of
his colleagues.     \  .
allowed to be changed when desired, jrithout
ex.tii» charge)
I.60 per inch, per month
Special position. 60% advance  >
iff/, discount when plates are furnished    *
tjmK la.nojiparlsl, 12 lines make an inch,)' '
Amotion Sales, Entertainments. Tenders, ".
S*A Ndtioes etc, 10 cents a line, nnt insert!
5««nti a line aaolrgubseauent insertion.
J^At.Foand, Vox Bale, To Let. Hentor Ex-
change, one cent a worsl.eaoh insertion.
On "bank page araonj locals, 18& oonts a lin
Oa frost page among looals, 30 cents a  lin
ti osoorrlng amongst oiir subscribers, free; all
otfcersK) cents saoh insertion. Cards of oon*
gT»tuU»tlon, condolence or thanks, obituary
poetry etc, Hats of guests and wedding pres*
•■ts, 10 oonts a line (nonparisl) each insertion.
Without ohacgs, one inch or under, $1 a month
Wiliiou Weep*
4or farther Information, desired can be had
on application to the muuager.
"A few days ago the president of the
council, through his own organ, gave
a partial explanation ofthe Hasleni incident which, as far as it went, was
satisfactory. He said that when the
present government came into power
it found that former governments had
allbwtd Mr. Hasten, to get into, debt lo
the public treasury aiid that the, new
chiof commissioner of lands nnd Works
Hon. R. F. Green, felt'himself com-
pftlled to give Mr. H.islem time tor the
payment of this old debt rather than
cancel his lease and thus lose all pros
peel of recovering thn money. He said
too, that an arrangement had' been
made with a bank whereby the latter
undertook to make regular payments
against the Haslem debt.
On the surface, this looked like a
reasonable arrangement; but-; remembering that no payments had beeri
' made, Tha World asked the President
ofthe council to further explain why
the matters had been allowed to run on
for two fears longer ia view of the' fact
that this agreement made by the bank
was never carried out? As no payments tfert forthcoming, and - as the
debt'taept piling up, why did the government let matters take their' course
unrilthe final'crash came, and Mr.
.Hislam assigned? 7 .
.cn.ini.il made   no reply—-possibly be-
caujjii he can make none.   , Should  he
The facts in the impersonating, case
against Ed. Nelson as set forth by the
prosecuting attorney, Mr. T. S. Bax-
ter,,show that this Ed. Nelson who voted under the name of Nelse Christian
Nelson had himself voted at his home
precint. . None of the facts set forth by
Baxter were refuted or - even denied.
None of these litlle things were sufficient however, to convince that latest
example of judicial law- twislers,
Magistrate Yarwood, that the man Ed
Nelson should be punished for his
violotion of lhe law. This modern
Solomon let the fellow go because, as
he claimed, he could not hold him unless it was known that the man impersonated was in existence. This should
cause more tears from .the Attorney
General as he must surely know that
this clumsv subterfuge on the part of
Yarrowood is absolutely without justification so far as tlie law governing
such cases is concerned, and that still
another miscarriage ofjuslice has resulted. Such things should be pre1
vented at all hazzard if for no other
reason than to relieve the awful strain
that   the   Attorney General 'must-be
laboring under..
- " A
The next step in this Alberhi election
case will be a petition to set   aside   the
election,   which   will   come   before a
superior court judge where is probable
more things will be revealed which will
cause lamentation upon the part of the
friends of pure election methods. While
several members of the   cabinet   were
tramping .through "the Aiberni woods
looking for good places to spend monej
on  roads,  bridges and   other   things,
Yarwood  must   have    been    hunting
through the statutes for good ground tb
stand   on   in case he should be called
upon  to render   learned   decisions  in
personating cases.     The higher court
judges wereat the same  time   playing
havoc with a lot of the actions of these
preambalating ministers who had   been
good a market as is Fernie and the
other towns in the Pass, when just as
good lands can be had so near to' the
market as these lands iu the valley of
the Kootenay.-." Prices are much lower,
and adjoining them - are thousands bf
acres ol grazing lands that would enable the fruit grower ahd market gardener to have his herd of cattle or band
of horses as an additional revenue
producer. The, pioneering has been
done. All that is required is a Iittlo
money coupled with well directed labor
to make hundreds of happy homes for
those who lov.e out. door life and its
consequent freedom," the'drudgery of a
mine life or the uncertainties of the
life of a mechanic.
By clubbing together parties could
be formed and purchases of sections, half
sections or quarter sections ,be made
and tho land subdivided tD suit the desires of those wishing to-make homes
on small fruit and grazing farms a«d
thus form little neighborhoods where
schools could be established and other
social advantages be'secured.
The advantages to the'people ofthe
lowns of the pass which would accrue
from the settlement of1 this beautiful
valley at our very, doors can not be estimated in dollars and cents. Fresher
fruits and vegetables, the products of
the dairy Jand the fruit.of the indus- fjuaranteed
trious hand would.be some of the advantages in return for which the goods
of our merchants would find their way
into the homes of these builders of the
The Ledger will gladly lend a hand
to help along such a movement and
will gladly answer any iuquiries thai
may'coine to it for further information
as to tlie possibilities of the country
to the west of us.'-- The1 tracts of
land ' available to the small fruit
grown on ranches- will have passed into the hands of large owners in a
few years.    Now is the time to  secure
*' I -a
a small homestead at reasonable prices.
gating . committees instead of State
officials' who are not responsible, to
the. people or the government'- of
Canada.   *    "' ,   ' " --•
Canadian life insurance companies
should-themselves be tlie first to ask
for *■» thorough .-and impartial investigation eif" their - affairs, so that it tlie
price -paid tor life insurance "in the
Dominion is as low as it should be,,
these • companies will be placed in a
proper light before the people.
A Two Cent Belt
According to a recent   statement ,in
tlie Vancouver -World,  the provincial
government seemto'have  an   irresistible inclination   lo   help large timber
holders to possess themselves of. timber
at a two cent rental when they, could
just as well have"22 cents   from 'other
parties.    According lo the World, timber lands on Broughton island,  which
is entirely outside of  the pulp, reserve
held by the Western Power and  Pulp
Co. have" been   refused   to- applicants
under the License system, and  are being held for the above Co. at".a rental of
'2 cents per acre.    The president ofthe
council will  have to turn his kaleidoscopic lenses uponothis, statement and
give il the necessary coloring  to satisfy
the prying curiosity of these meddlesome
hunters  for trouble    The,trifling difference of ib cents per acre.on a   few'
thousand acres of limber land need not
worry  the, government provided they
make arrangements with  the bankers
of the Western Power and lPu'P -Co.,
whereby arrearages of dues, etc. can b*
The . experience   in * the
Haslam case should  put lhe government wise, and they should be able lo
secure the payment*of the' two   cents
per   acre   without   _ jeopordlzing    the
rights of other creditors . of  the   Pulp
Co. if at any lime lliey should become
involved in financial difficulties.
The World man's informant states
thnt the timber in question is not suitable forpulp, being nearly aii 'cedar;
but how are we tb know tbat the Pulp
Co. has not * some" secret ' process by
which it can turn cedar into spruce as
easily as they, can reduce the rental
fee from 22 Xo<z cenls per, acre.
* .
Is,a pleasant, home
>for the traveler.
mk of Hamilton
- Head Office :..Hamilton, Canada.        ,Ar\
Capital * $2;320;000    \ Reserve *, $2,320,000
V ;*.>: ,- . Qotal B88ete'e£28,500tdQ0 yy   ,■""■-*A.k,
- Hon.' Wm. Gibson, President... ..' "■"        -A   - ■..
XT J. Turnbull. Vice-President and General Manager. •   ,;
71 Branches throughout Canada -
-■   .   *   ' - - *" " :—:—: —,—..  7 -   . "      '   ■'.' --
Drafts issued, payable in Candda-or abroad.    Foreign drafts cashed.       '   .
' !L   7'"'   '     * ' Special advantages in Savings Department.-.... . ',;''",
Open ih the evening of the Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
.'-7   .- 7 J. '   LAWRY Ajont KKaNIBBBANOlt
* :x
tjisrio^sr* LABEL ,
Crow's "Nest   Special
,. i
Miner's Favorite Cigars
continue to fail to do so, and should no
other defender ot the government supply' the missing links -which he with-
tiolils, it will be impossible to escape
ttheconclusion.that thwe wi*6 an up
*tc«niingly understanding between the
chiet commissioner and Mr. Haslam
whereby, in return for the support of
the latter, the government agreed to
give plenty of time before pressing for
p-iyment ofthe debts due to the public
treasury. •
AH ihis time, il must be remembered
the government was hard up, was
plmding poverty in the legislature, was
- increasing taxes on every class of cili-
sen in thc province, and-was scheming
to unburden itself of a large1 share of
the cost of public eduaitic-'n. '. In view
ot'thist, the Haslam deal appears all the
worse; for it seems only too probiible I
that other cases similar to the Has.
lain one (and it is impoisible without
innide information tb toll how many
Buch crises there were) played n large
part in precipitating the financial con-
dltlonR which finally necc*wltnted a very
heavy increase in taxation—an increase which everyone in the province
•t feeling to-day. Il is somewhat unreasonable lhat, in order to free
friend* of tho government from paying
their just debts to the public, the people
fencrnlly should be mulcted • through
the channel of taxation."
The abore is from the Vancouver
World of the 161 It inst.
Tho •xplunntion, or ruthsr whnt pur
pord to bo an explanation, of the
Iliulnm affair mentioned, make* clear
one lliingand thut Is the presunl govern*
tment Iim been continuing the mime
policy as re^urd* timber dues that had
been punuod hy it* predecessor.
l.ftrire holders of timbor on Vancouv-
er Island were allowed to hold their
tlmtier for yean without paying up
whilst the government had lo borrow
money and pay Interest upon it, for the
ordinary running expenses of Its imtch«
Incry tind 'after large amounts of these
jjui'8 had Hccumuliiled sclllcmsiits were
(dTuctcd whereby   the  timber holder-.
Hoi nut of paying Interest to lho gov
eminent, ami it may be lound tliat in
,H>i)w .ovt.'toa* hud itiiiliihA niAutil'ioii.i
ji*_cordtd tlium for riot having observed
ihe lew. The very flimsy story of how
the present government mndo iirrang.
intnie -wilh a hank In luch a way aa to
wcure payment of the buck duet In the
H'Jthun cunt', which alter hi), arco'd-
ing to Ihe explainer did not lecureany
thing nm even one payment of the hack
due* nnd which proved of no value' lo
lhe govcrnment IniHimirhit* lhe property nnd limits hnd In the end to be ncued
hy tin- government, to Ihe undoing of
mliu ncJitorx, onlv proves that all ihi**.
mtinocu- filng reunited in low to iuno-
C("it rrtJifor*.
Thu editor of the News Adwtfoer,
who happens to he president of the
0-Ufti'il in lhe governnienlwhoMaction*.
> In* Is valient))' endeavoring lo explain
ami condone, hat n large contract on
bi» ltuiidk, Ait enjoys Uie reputation!
oi'M-.g the ptociMior of more ability,
taking people's money without. giving
value in some cases, whilst they . were
allowing other people lo use government money in the shnpe of unpaid
tiiViber dues, in other instances. With
all these unpleasant, little incidences
cropping up in unexpected ' phices and
al inopportune times, a lecture upon the
corruption in the politics of Ontario or
the shortcomings of insurance companies in the United Slates should be looked after and scathingly commented
upon by the, editors of independent
newspapers, with a few spasmodical
shrieks about the provincial rights of
our new provincial neighbors being
trampled in thc mire by lhat awful
enemy of liberty Sir Wilfred Laurier
thrown in as sauce to disguise the taste
of the unsavory mess which lies at the
bcttom of ourown provincial mess of
pottage.     ' ■	
The Insurance Muddle
The E istern press is teeming just
now with articles upon the | insurance
situation as demonstrated -by the
developments in the Equitable and
New York Lite muddles... .
A portion of the' Canadian press
seems to be laboring to convince
its readers that such conditions as
are shown to exist" in the American
companies do not prevail bn this side
of the'.iine, whilst another portion is
engaged in an effort to proye that
the possibilities, at least, tire the same
Mount Fernie. Lodge No. 47
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a watch. *
its only duty in life is to answer correctly one question"   ' •' ;     •
"what time is it?*
All watches sold by us are. guaranteed.to answer this important, question
correctly    The prices are right.
Offlolal Watch Inspector of G. N. By.
Jeweler Optician
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Wi ^B
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•J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block;   opposite the  Bank
Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m. .,'• ;
Eiiat Kootenay Fruit Belt
In our last week's Issue there was
published an account of lho fruits and
vegetable* seen at Elko hy a Lf.ik.jkk
correspondent. Tho Kootenay Valley
lying so near our door contains thousands of acres of land most admirably
iidopted to the growing of fruits and
vegetables and the climatic conditions
are such as to make Ihis district nn
ideal spot for the small farmer. There
iire hundreds of places along the Koot-
enay and its many .small tributaries be.,
livoen the Boundary on the south nnd'
Ciiiml Flats on the north whore ideal
fruit and vegetable hinds can be
drought! into a stale of remuneration
nl coinpjiralively small cost of money
mid labor, The Canadian Pacific railroad and lhc Kootuniiy Valleys Com*
puny havo large areas of hind
which can bo purchased nt from $3 to
lioneracroand upon UrniM lo suit
puri'hiiscrH. Fruit hinds along Koot*
cnny Inkc, in tho neighborhood of
Nelson nrc fust being absorbed nnd thu
price has risen very maicrlally In con-
Hoquenco.    But why go so far Irom so
as over the border, to juggle with
trust funds. One Canadian Lile Co.
hits had an American state official
examine 'its condition and report
the same, in his official capacity of
state insurance inspector for the state
of Michigan." According-to his re
port this company is in a firm- condition with no evidence of over valuation of assets or other wrong doing,
but it must be loorne in mind that the
New. York Life, the Equitable and
tho other largo companies have' had
just such reports as to the Bound
flancial condition and- economic
management mado from time to
time by state officials whose business
it is to look into such things. Despite all those assurances, as a result
ot a , quarrel between oHIcviIb of a
largo company, It transpires that its
affairs have been so managed as to
allow a favurcd fow to reap rich
harvests in the shape ot fat salaries
and tho use of tunds belonging to the
company, by other companies controlled by themselves,
That exactly the same conditions
pertain in Canada ns to directors and
officers of one corpuratlon being also
officers, directors or stock holders of
otbor companies which borrow from
each other Is not disputed and the
possibility, of just such juggling
exists under the conditions now
prevailing in this country. Pooplo
are beginning to take a keen Interest
In these matters, bo vital to ull those
who have boon buying lifo insuranci-
and are sorlously considering whether
tho prico of the security they have
been buviiitf is not a great deal too
high. Tho developments at Now
York show boy ond doubt that viifct
Hums of money paid for llio Insnranco
has boon (livened Into tho pockets of
pooplo who are not entitled to them,
if, upon Investigation, It Is lound that
companies on thia Bide ot tho international lino oro cliHi-glng practically
the name prices tor lifo Insurance ns
havo boon ohnrgud hy thoso robbers
of widows and oi phutm on tho other
sido, pooplo will not bn slow in muk
ing up their minds that an Invostlga
tion of tho motlx'ds of Insurance
companies in this country should be
Iuul, by properly authorized lnvcstl
W, JAWriglesworth,-D. D. S.
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:-. i *~:**V
f'j-----,.-;. > -.:
i; cyy^^i-
'i-iT  . " -\ • **■ >
Ik  0
Strange Flours.
- *~ '       ->■*.- '. -:"   '*   ■     .
The Chinese cook Btj*uck the end ot
•B ivory chopstick into a small brown
bisoait.; -    - .... - ..    7 '-.   ,...
Taste sir,,., he said.   .
*A Tho biscuit was warm, crisp,'; rich,
It was light, well salted, "nutritious—
abiiwuit, in a word, of. peculiar, excellence.'
• This biscuit, sir, is. made, ot the
flour of lentils,: said the.' Chinaman.
You know lentils?..Little green'pellets slightly flattened, like split pcae?,
Lentils, sir, are considered the most
nutritious of all the foods on earth:
This one" lentil biscuit, sir is equal in
nourishing to a pound and a '' half, of
^roastbeef.^A^; ,'7.'-,-'->."'-
-■Hetook: from a tin a little cake.
""Again taste,"he said.
; The little eake was very rioh and
good. v.A
It is made sir, of flour of ° almonds;
•aid the cook. Fresh, sweet almonds
ground, into a white'powder between
two. mill stones. Such a."thing is
finer than your flour of'wheat, \eh?
Then he lifted a great lid, and re-
Tealedsowe thirty or forty, compart-
monU; one'filled with a pink flour,
another with a yellow one, a third
with a brown one, a fourth with .a
white, a fifth with a pale green, a
sixth with a blue and so on. - „'"' „
"../All these:are Chinese flours,*• he
•aid.■ In China; sir, we make over
^ fifty kinds of flours. -We mako flour
•out of rlee, out of peanuts, out of
.beans, out ot potatoes,* out -of sweet
potatoes, out of peas, out of oocoanuts,
out of millet, oat ot pulse, out of oats,
out of bananas—the fact is,, sir, - we
-make flours in China' out of everything but wheat. For in China, Blr,
.we eat no bread, and therefore,, the
co-aree, dry, tasteless flour of wheat is
useless to us.
Impudence of tho Right. Sort *'
; Rear Admiral Wilde, at a banquet
given iin bis, honor ia Boston, desired to illustrate in someway a certain sort bf humorous, and. harmless
impudence that is found at its best in
America.., .. —: .
-There was a young man, said .Admiral. Wilde, and he desired to pay
hisaddresseBto a certain young lady
so iti a trank'and honorable way, he'
called on the yonng lady.s father, de-;
scribed-his: circumstances and prospects, and asked if heimight, be regarded aa R'saitor.
.'■ Well, the.father-saicl, I have no
objection to you. You seem to be an
honest, ..industrous,: healthy enough
young-fellow. I guess you can begin
to pay your addresses it you want to.
Understand, -though;' that I put biit
the lights at 10 o'clock.'
All right, sir,, said the.young man.
I'll be careful not to come around before that time.., '
Picked Up.
-A man who. was picked up recently by the marshal seemed to be suffering from mental aberration, but
who on recovery,' gave this account of
himself: J        . •      .'  -
■ When ho. left Ms happy home
early in the morning, his wife kissed
him ffpod bye, * as was - her custom
when she wanted any .errand performed, and.then asked him to go to
the dressmaker and tell hor that' she
(his-wife) had * changed her, mind,
and would, have'. the watered silk
made instead 'of the", poplin' and be
ure tb tell her dear, said the wife,
that if she thinks it would ..look better with' ten bias flounces without
puffing, and a box pleated below the
equator,,, which should be gathered
in' hem stitched- gudgeons up and
down the seams, with a gusset stitch
between, she can make it up in that
way, instead 01 Hutting the bobbinet
insertion, and' piecing out with ap;
plique, as I, suggested yesterday.—
--Ei. ■*''";"'.,'''
John Waiiamaker's Opinion
.   -      - s 0     '
About advertising, John Wanamaker
the millionaire merchant, gives the foi-
lowing sound advice: "I do the heaviest advertising in dull times. Then is
when people look more keenly for bargains, anxious' to know' how much
things cost and where they can save
money. I advertise particular things,
give prices, and take as much pains
with my'ahnouncement as-I do with
my stock. l\ never "permit my announcement to lag and never miss an
issue in myichosen publications. Advertising has made my-store—it. will
make others grow to enormous propor-.
tions.-, My.advice .to merchants,, no'
matter how small, is to advertise, and
keep everlasting at it—successis sure.
A Novel Fishing Net. .
'! - . EiymoiidChronicle. _■,< ■
: It is not often that any of the1 nymphs
bf Magratii go to the bother of donning
a bathing dress when they take their
daily dip in the limpid Pot Hole; At
least so is the report, and after the experience- of Miss Irene Kimball, the
custom will be still morev in disfavor.'
Miss Kimball compromised between
the. Newport'' atid 'Magratii style-..by
putting.on a.cotton dress'before.'."dashing into the spray; ■" ; She dashed to
some purpose,' when "J the plunge , was
made.- There was a-seven*pound fish
in the same creek with the swimmers,
which wanted tp get in on the fun and
joined the merry group. In the excitement the sporty fish mistook the opening in the front of the, bathing suit for
a short cut home and swain in." It
would be hard to say which was _ the
worst startled, the maiden or the trout.
One yelled for help and the other ^kicked for liberty. There was no back door
for the fish and /no room for htm to
turn around, so he was dragged ashore
with his-, terrified captor. And ,there
was fish for dinner in Magrath.   ".
Tho New Hayseed
Those shrewd city, 'folks who. have
had no' end of fun ..at the expense of
gold brick farmers are now finding our
that in the matter of gullibility '-its dis
nigger's foot dat's burning after, all."
Mrs. Cliadwick "coaxed - her millions
out of business experts, and get-rich-
quick concerns waste their ammunition in appealing to honest sons of toil.
Now* and then a man,, from Wayback
is found among tlie "coiiie ons," and,
he is always a degenerate floater from
jtown, with im ported* vices and imported conceit. " The real countryman
knows the value of money, for it . is
coined by the sweat of the brow.
The gull who parted company with
$50,000 in cold cash to dishonestly beat
a horse race was a New York business
man'. Money invested in crookedness
is generally made in crookedness. If
it changes hands through fraud, honest
folks need not mourn. „ There is little
danger that wealth, honestly gained
will be lost to swindlers. The shrewdness' which puts ' into the owner's pocket will see that it stays there.
would show a much more satisfactory
\Vi^;;lWc?''-can show you how it's done. r If
"you'd like to. learn, jUvSt;phbne 10,'and
we'll call around aridpost you, so that
: -: when you post your cash book,
„ will show an increased balance in your
■■■' ■        ■    .    ■'- /v
favor, thanks to
. . This is Only Business
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New schedule ol prices now ready.
Call on or write to   —   —   —
Burn's Block, FERNIE, B. C.
Sole Agent for
<i , .
Til-iii» tlmt I am now nblu to offer puts it within the reach of every mnn to own lit* own    Home,
If you want  to buy
-   or   sell any   mining- '
stock write or wire
us.     <
We deal in all mining stocks and will
be pleased ' to send
you quotations.
Real Estate, Loan
and Insurance Brokers
"r    - -    ■ ' t ■...''..■
IF you have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want to buy,
call on us.     ._ «~i~ . ~ „^
F you have property to insure, have us write'the risk
TF you >yant to_borr3,v money,
call at our office.
We haye tor Bale 160 acres of land situated olfflit miles {rom Peachland and sovon milei. from
Kolowna oa the wost side of the Okanogun Lake. Thirty-five acres of the tract is bottom land.
15 acres of levol bench and 50 acri'8 of gently slopiiii; land. The remainder 1b {rood pasture land.
Five acres of this bottom land is under cultivation.' Cultivated lands In the neighborhood of this
land, are earning snug little fortunes for their ownem. Soino fruit growers in that section havo
sold their crops on tho trees at from $200 to 800 per acre to Winnipeg dealers this year Here is a
chance to secure a fruit and . vegetable farm at reasonable prices and1 upon terms that should
suit the purchaser,   Call on us for prices, terras etc.
oil, Son & Co.,L- block, Fernie
is a journal that tells the truth.
If you want it for a year, send a $ to . (jy
Annually, to *1U tho now im.iltlnn» ovoalo'l
by Ituilroad andTelD«ri»ph Oompimlun. \\ fc
want YOUNG MEN tutiA LADIES «« S001-'
lialiltn, to
Wo furnii.li 75 por omit, of the Ojiumtom
ami Htiitlon An-ontil In Anioiloa, Onr nu
HChoolHiivo tlm lurKest oxoIuhIvo CulMBriilili
Solioolii IN THE WORLD., Kj (iblX»hv\*\
yoiirn nna onilomoit liy nil Io»dlu»f lliiilwuy
OlMuIiilB. „     , s,s
Wa oxoontd n, H8B0 nonU to iiyor.y Htinlent
lo furnUh him oc liar ii nonlllon l>nyl»B
frmn -.-lo to S(W a inint.1 In istutmoiiBt of tlio
Uiiclty Mount-linn, or from if7.J to rJloo n
mnnthlnW-ateawHHt of Iliu RuckloH, IMMEDIATELY UPON GRADUATION,
rttiidontH dim (inter ut ouy tlmo. No va*
uiitlimu. For full imrtloi!lnr» I'wj'irillni. nny
n( nurHchoiilii wrlto iliroot to our oxooutlvo
ollice lit Cinoltiiiuti, (1.   Ciitiiloitun fruit.
Clnclniintl. Ohio. '       BufTalo/M. Y'
Mlanta 0a. UCroi.o, Wli,
TMRfkana, Tox, 8»n FrincUcu, Call
Road Down t ..     t Rond Up.
u.M. a m Lv.    Fornlo    An*. 9:00 p m
10:12 a m Kiko 8:10 p m
12:110 pm Rcixford flilOpm
7--.fi p ra       SPOKANE        9:110 a m
7:fi0 tx m F.v-nrott 0:81 p m
0:00 a ni Sonttl*. 8:00 p m
6:45 p m Arr Vancoiivbu Lv 4:00 p m
2{<18 p ni An*   Bt. Paul   Lv 6:00 p in
+ Daily Kxtbpt Huhjuy.     "
To Seattle -mil Vnucouvur
To Wlnnlpfig and St. I'auI
Close Connections
For Chicago, Toronto,   Montreal aud
AU PoInU Unit and West
Ae«tyUn» !il«h(«(l ('nm,
I'nti.lii- 'J'v '.(Jll AHI'VH,
l'dlicnHliniilriK (Jut
■rn nii-4iimi.>j (lUffj
Uinlmt Our* (Miuli *, I* c*H»)
Libmr/ ObMrvntlon  Ctrl
Tbrouah Ticketi and naggaga
chocki to all poluta
Stc/imulilp Tickots,
For TIcbatD, Map*, Rortli Rmorvatlon*,
k complutn Information, call or aildrohs
JAS.SLOAN, AjimtO.N. Ry.    *
rtm\ir., n. c. '<*
NOTICK lih(ir*lijr«l*m, Itikt thn* o.«nlh.
ifier dn,t«. KMillfiktion wlll X* m».l# in
(l.«l.lint(-T4»ftl (l«>**fi,<f In fuTir.rll, VyTtif
Klk lAipiUr *ii't U-.Mif*el**rinf iVmi^ny,
I.lmllM, ti>fh»n»»lti« n»m« of tli«r<-,mp«ny
Il.!'t*fr AurumrT*,
4*\t*).W6 tUiliritciniuribuCAjBiAn-f.
Subject To
Wc will buy
tooo Hlmreu Rocky Mounl.iln Oil
-.ono sluiros Inleriiiitioiuil Coal.
toooshlircH Ruml'lcr, Cariboo,
Wc oiTcr, subject to sale.
10,000 shares \Vcntoni Oil.
5000 slinrcu RutTiilo !-»Uo MlnliiR.
(nutTalo Hump, Idaho.)
lnvtiraiice and Stock Hrr-km-a
Fernie B. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
fm m «ia*w>» w%**imn
<mttmt*t t est*******
Arrow Lnki.,  -  -  • B. O.
inr Tb« mo»t tmrfuitly aiipolnUi. HenUli
»i, 1 rirt.tjr* Hi-w.ii in tf.*- w«*«i, wiih*. «-"««■
dIhIm »v<tem of Hn(li»-lncl«>lliiK Turkl.li hihI
Hiiiilxn. (hwi. tho -ftar round. Tlio iiiir»tiv»
protMirt tn* nf Ho wdtorii nrn.unonnnUd fnr Onr*
(ror nil RnKiimutlr, N«r-/(i*i>« nml Mti^nUr
IriHiiiiMiinriiHHniii] hii Vnrtiife, •■''<>"« *>*'•
HioniDtrh Allm*iii*i for Klln.UioUim oil llul-
ollln 1'oliMitn f^rn th*. Hy.wm,
Tho croiiiUnr (if tli* k-hmtv I* unrlvulk-l.
M(iiiti(nliiitl>inowp<>Hli*, lurnnt; Uki". viroler-
fulln, liimilnir, yon lit Inn, rUhliift-, nhnotlim, ««•
.ttwlntorollmtto I* tinim-pnooil for inlH*
"*"' IUI1RV MrlKTfWH.
Notion of TraiiMi\'r of  l.lconre
NOTICVIn XiDrthr |lv«i, ihoi Hit Ant* ' .t«r
4*1* I llitklnttottpf.'lt   »■»  Mi«   |Vi*M   o»
l.lr«nc« CommUilmnif.. K*riil*< X.U.tiii
trlut for « lf»n»f.»i at tmr ln-*nf» for lln
Hotel, Kiko.tftThMnatY «»l'
t**t«l tb* \m%b sis* ot M«;i(tu.t*r. I •■*•.
ll. ««.Vt-...tll
hm Yoia
Set Tired
4i   iii viii.   iv  nnii.   ivwn i in i411 nu   luniibi/ u
js Correct
^ Get @®oc9 and Ready HE*
The Fornlo Ledger,   -   -   -   -   Fernio, B. C.
/V Summer Suit
TfJ prolmlily llio propor
1 nipnr nl Hiin timo
of lho your, if ynu
hfivii n finnli-11 in tlmt
Kenny & McLeod
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Bailor In
IUKK NM li'i. OinI ill ilny* Mf.nr ilnin, I In
. Uml ln«|i|il.v In lllilliinor Ilii. Mi'iiteniiiii
(liivrmorin ('-niiiii.|l, iiiiilur (Iih "lllvcr imH
*4lr«Hi(ii( Ant" fur |u rinlt.lnn In i.|..Mr Imnlili tn.
Inir-Unm mul ntlitiri'ili.lllli'ltoiiiifruin (lit) liifl
of WllkonlVck, ISnt XiHlliinoy H C , from
iln |inliil uf <mtry inlii lln> Klk Ithi-r Id It*
»nurcH,mul trt I'nii.Iriit ilium, lliimn* mul
iimku mirli ctliiir liniifACliimiiii 11. inny l.»
in'i'iimHry for'IrMiiK Ihjh mul IliniilnjT llnilii-r
UotuiJ, Amrunl HKli.llnS,
V«ml«, 11,0, .IQIINO.CUMMINO**
rpAKP. HCrriCK Mint .VUlnyn sltrr itmln I In*
*■ tviiil tuMiiiily in tlmllnn, Ulilef OiiniuU*
nloiiorof l.Hinltlk Wmlnfor »«p»"lul IIimico
(unit Anil citsiy »w»v llnil*«r frunj ih* full*j» •
liiiriliixirllifil Urula!
(.Vimmeni'lnn ot o jyiiil morkoil J, (I. (*<im*
iiiliifn.T. I. ,niiillii'imli'iiriu'r. |ilini((.il oliinil
*J4 .-Ini (ri*.   nnrlli    >,l,rl   (0  cli^lx-   ,M.,f nl   tli,.
imrtliwi-m (if.rtii>r ol Vt'.ll W iiiiirn|t"» »iiii>iit
lli-ttic* rin H'tls(,ii (!ir«k, Kmi KootetiJi-;
llici.ro w*il»»i|.|nil|.,t,llit.nei* norlliMn r)i»ln<>.
lln'iii.«<ii»»tMi'lmliiii,lhiiiii'*iiiiit;i •*** nhriltii.
to imliit nf ♦(iinii.i.iii-diiimt,
|l«ti).( Ihri llth iloy of H-|i»cmli»r.X*&.
rnAKKXOmy.tliotMiti.viiiirt.ir .l»t*t r In*
s. inii'l (<> m iilcio ilm Hun, (.'lilnf (V.mml4*
• Innur nf L^nrl-J Ht W'aiXl for O »,»(!|»l llrern*
• 4i rut nil 1 <«'rv .iwnyllinViCt (tumlliii li.Hn**
Ino «l* »nri.»'t la 'nl«i
r<imnitnt-nif»t» i^iit m»rV»(1 J. fl, fNim-
Uili.k. T. 1., iinilli>>r<( i- run, Icln«
nl i,m t*i< tmliukiiuili nlllic iK>ttli(.»»l i ntt.»,-
<>f II Puiiinil'ir,' iiml'nr llcotir* (in Wllmti
'■fnik. K«»t Kitiit-i.nyiMifi,'it ki-i|i itidl.ntin
'liMii-ftr*" IH'holm.lliMw* ti<,.(li O.fl.*' .«,
4h«M«*» wnl (•irli»lin,lhoiw*t- riftriti4.iftii.iin,
i'i»n. n we.f f» i h«m. In fniri* tit i*rtm.i4»i;i^.-
tntnil (1.1. y-».*i J»» '.f (*n.l«-*'»'...f. I-***..
Rough and Dressed Lumber
WIioImmI* DoAlom and Plroctlmpnrferii
ul Wino.**, I,k|U(.r» and CitfRn,
Dlctrlct AtronlM (or
I'oiiimnry Champitfrna
■nil tMilltr Pi-or
nUtriljiitm-H o(
CUuiUrlnln jukI
I'htrttoh Clg*n
Ailvenlsintf in jk-i ju>t ha\lug
tpnw nt c-it-rtiUi Hu'or-Milrt thft cbejtjv
f»t pnpfim--tiutt'(i wanlntr money.
Yon mnif mtvcitiM In | upera tfm-jj
ii &y$v
■ y^'y-*.'?'^"-.'! ■^'I'yy
. V" .'"-.-'•s-<*.'---t;.-'**.*i.-v..
-7'.  --
il' ''•i''j'-'S-^M'fJ^:-lr.
" A., , ;A-1'i'0s77:'*
, ,, ,' „„»,,. .A.
.-■ "r.'-'l*^
"■-■"■ iV-,'%-
■-. J -rA i
THE F£R,\"iE.LEDGER,- EERNIli  li'i C, OCT.OBER-j, ,905
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
-v   Head Office
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
"   Rest - - $3,500,000
Special attention is directed to the following .Advantages offered' b
.  ■ • ' ,    Our Savings Bank.
Deposits of $i and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added tothe Deposit TWICE inea4-.l1 year, a', the end of May. and
•.November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay- whatever in lhe withdrawal
of the whole, or any portion of the deposit. '
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought   and   Sold
at Lowest Rates. ' ....
t!:is heiifltrg, innGrtocl at thu rftto or One
vent a word ouch ii-sertion.
A SNAP.' Half acre in We.it Fernie, R4>od i
xV story house on the property.  Apply Mott
Son & Co.
For Sale or To Rent
JL for sale at this oilico, pi-ice 20 cents each:—
'•Room* To Let,' Apply Within." ;'l*urnislied
Room^ To Let "Apply Within." ,    .  „ ■
Co's.JBlouk... Apply to CN. Trading Co.--,
ROOM-TO ""RENT.    APPLY" TO  illlii.
McLean, Howhimi Avenue.
correspondent rates with other Kootenay points. -Coiiiniciinng September
261I1 and cpntinuing daily till Oct. 26,'
sleepers will be run between Arrowhead and Vancouver for the accomodation of Koolenay passengers. ,a For
tickets, reservations, etc,' apply to any
C. P. R. agent or write J.   S*-Caiter
D. P. A. Nelson B. C.     ■•    -
Mfti- '  , , "  ■   . ,
Great Northern Ry.j
Excursion rates to Spokane
Fair. 7 On*sale-Oct. 7 to 14th
inclusive;"   Return limit Oct.
.16. • Round'trip^ $11.75. A'.
James Sloab, Agent, Fernie.
,T. B. MAY, Manager
That sliced boiled hiuii at Blundell's
is delicious.
American women spend $60,000,000
year on cosmetics.
Spain was the first nation to equip
foot soldiers with muskets.
Go lo Wright tbe jeweller, for that
watch you've been promising yourself.
Prices are greatly reduced.
There are 230 glaciers in the Alps
over five miles in lenglh.i
You know you have to get lhat ring.
Why not buy it now when bargains are
going at Wright's the jeweller.
The average of suicides is lower in
Ireland than .in any country in the
world. ■    -.   , -
-' Let ur ma.cfi.yen a fancy vest from
one of those choice now pat-erne. Come
in and see them. J. Carmichael, the
In Cairo a l.t he present time there is
' an endowment   in  operation founded
expressly for the lodging and feeding
of homeless cats.
Carmichael," the tailor, has jost received the nobbiest stock of -Tweeds
for Fall suits and overcoats ever
bioujrht into Fernie. . *
Owing to the high price of, British
coal, the ,, Swedish government
is extending largely the use , of
lurf as fuel for its good locomotives on
State railways. '"','-   '"
The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
step or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
the city.     "   ' -      '
Chinese firemen seem to be immume
to the fierce heal of the stokehold in
ocean steamers, and can .stand temperatures that woiild speedily prostrate
while men.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Read the display advertio-
ment of thesix Morse Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue and learn tele-
grpahy and be assured a position.
FURNISHED   Room   in
,   suitable for one or two. . Eiuiuiie at
oftk'O for paiticulur*!.
p-ivata   family
' this
*»   about 3 or 7 rooms. , Apply at Leuueii
office. ' ' ' - ,
work, npply Lkikikh Ofiice. *
\ Forget
ceptin? that tho queen part was per-
foimi d by a fellow who could, under no
circumstances make a queen of himself.
All 111 all the "The Hottest Coon in
Dixie" troupe give their patrons their
money's worth of light fun producing
nothingness 'Which is much more enjoyable than the underdone tragedy
with which our people are sometimes served. Uncooked mental
food produces an effect upon the mental
faculties somewhat akin to the physical,
effcctis of cold pot pie taken into a delicate stomach just before bed time.
We are still suffering from occasional
attacks of night inare, the result of "too
much bad Faust taken into our mental
stomach some time ago.
Tbe Hottest Coon in Dixie
"The Hottest Coon  in Dixie" show
Cheap Rates to Coast
Are you going to the  Portland * Fair?.
Willis j'lf So why "not go .while the Dominion
Exhibition is on at New Westminster
and take' in both fairs for the price of
one? • The Canadian Pacific Railway
will issue tickets to Portland and   re-.
under  the management, of E
gave a well filled house a very pleasant
evening last Friday nfeht jn Stork's
hall.   The songs and dances were good
the baritone singer being called back
after,   his  rendition  of  " 'Neath   tho,
shade of the old apple tree"  and iater ! turn for $37 good tor 90 days,, a^d to
on   gave   his musical revendition   of'New   Westminster on  Sept.-24th  to
V.Ma Froin' by   request.  "The Dusky  Oct 3rd inclusive  good to return' (ill
Indian Queen scene was all right ex-  Oct  12 for $23.95 from ..Fernie with
Arriving; Daily.■■;;
THIS week we received a ljfrge shipment ;of Ladies'Silk Waists and .Silk*-Underskirts." Silk
.Waists in Taffeta, Peau de Soie arid* Crepe de
Cherie', Blacks and ""Colors, ajl priced to' move" them
quickly:— from'$4.00 to $16.00.    ',  .*.   -A .'■*
LApiES'jSilk Underskirts made of,superior quality.
Taffeta^i'n Blacks and  Colors,  priced -special  at
$7.50, $9.00 and $9.50;       • • .
'-.■'. /, ' * 4 '„ , t     '    '" *"t> * * J*.
Men's Underwear. ■•
MEN'S Underwear made by the most reliable manufacturers.    Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary'Pure Wool in.
Suits and Combinations. ,•■'   - _
-S.tanfield's Unshrinkable Elastic, Rib, from, $2.50 a
suit to $5:50. Knit-to-fit'', Combinations,, -Pure Wool.
$3*75 to$i2.oo~a suit.  . Penman's.'Natural Wool, "Un-
; shrinkable, all sizes, $3.00 to$4.5o asuit. ■   \
m*W*m^am**W*m**Cmm*m**m**^mmm**m*mm*t    ~
I ' -I ' p    > .1
.Also the largest range of     - .    *''
'Women's and Childrens'
:; we have weekly shipments.of the Celebrated        ,< .7*'
,Griffiri<; Brand Hams; '£Y
. and Brealdast Bacon- :^4y
They are the Best. - See our windows. , Buy some for Cash.
.      ■ - , ii       ' '     •       '--■"*,.-
Get the Gash Coupons with'eyery'50 cent'purchase andsbe'
convinced-that, they win. ■ '-'". ■■ "'.A. ... :i'i '"-AA
i-    '-     Promjit E2®lswes*y, .„■" *•--,..«■'. ■ A-a:
■■ <f--
■a -,.       . e:   . 7 *a
■>■ ■   -a. ■
The People's Grocer,. P, O. Block, Fernie
ark u/ellf
All Canadian Pate'nt Medicines sold at their; marked,price
from this date., .No.-need to send..away for your:medicine "
now.;   Remember the place.'"-      A'     '    •     ":';A"-'; .-'■"
'i:":    "A. W.:BtfiASDELL
Fernie,'4th Oct. 1905.        " -.      - r ';  Next Door" to the Poat Office.
-     -,
in the City, at the Lowest Prices.
The Trites-Wood Co., U'd
'r":' VNew^Fail-Swits^;.:;
'y: Rain C©ats and; ::
:':-'■ Oye'rcoafs. •.'C
1    ' v. ' -'    • « '    ***-■■   -1      *   -A-   l
Only thei.Vory,!'Latest GBdth EBid StySes
, "-"Jsast ;"©p@BteiL; ''vi^Yly--v-X
;' New Line of N^k^ea^:^^
5   I
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings, Clothing, Crockery, Stapie and Fancy Groceries.
25 Pep Cent Discoosiraf
picadilly. Hand Tailored, Ready-to-wear Clothing
for Boys and Men.
* picadilly Overcoats for Boys and Men.
RAVING purchased at a low rate on the dollar, a fall stock of Clothing', consigned to a firm
now out of business, wo must sacrifice it to make room for two largo purchases of our own that
are now on the road.
THESE aro all now seasons, hand tailored garments, made up of tho newest cloths, which for
workmanship and stylo cannot bo surpassed.
THE manufacturers, rather than pay double froigrht, and being desirous of keeping thoir favorably known brand on this market, offered us the complete consignment at a big sacrifice.
THIS is an opportunity that is seldom presented, of being able to buy absolutely new seasons
goods at such a reduction.
Boy's Clothing Men's Clothing
Boy's Overcoats Men's Overcoats
25 Fer Gent Discount
Coal Crock Delivery:— Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Aftornoons.


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