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The Fernie Ledger 1905-08-23

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 * -*v    -■*■--'.   .*.\ ,*.   *- - *.      -*r ■*%'* 1.4.1    T-^T^*.   **l   Ai   *l -i *  . -4_.-*. ,Jit'*-J^Tfc ~   *   '      *J.-'I    .1        .        *    I        *       *.,-*-*-.*   ;*,    *-     '-t'-T.*. T1-T-*'* *> i. J""-**.. I*'- 'r       -w* J,      *      « •        *   . P.V4'     ' I
"7,.**-".V   ->,■*?'*,?"? V • 7: :■.-   -     '         '■'*);**''■* '''*".'.-■-',/.-.-v»*i: 7^7 ~"'s  ;'.•-, ■"■ . -'.--     7'-./""-V—i"--^,, ,/-*f  .*... ■
7   "-. '     "-"*•* >-7_"'7- *'.'".'' ' = ;"7.""''*".'. 7 *' '7:V-.'t."'■'*, = ■'"' "*'■-•   "     '*     ■--"'*•-■-"■!'■''•'..  . --*'-"
-   f
^y-^'/--\: -i
v-*-'" # r
. o
■ ***•*•
\ • ■
'■"^ - 'IDC
-£.?. i
i ->1"7:|
— iimiui linn   i^wrtny
Volume:;.!., "Number--3 .-.'..-
... x'FERNIE, B.C., WEDNESDAY,/AUGUST 23, 1905
Price, $2 a Year, in Apvance*
Local Happenings in and
About the City.
interesting Items About' flariy
-  Peopie, You Know*.,
There was a ball team at Calgary^ .■-.*,.■
• Made iir of boys from Glengarry.',"'.- J  -
They thought Fernie a ciucli, ,- ,
■ But now call it a-pinch.-   ' **"  '   ***• -,
Aud so they aro acting contrary,*
A. B.Docksteader ot the Sun Life
is In town.   , -    - ■-.   ..-,*-,
-Harjry Howard, of Blairmore,. was j in
town last Thursday,.   ,    .1
A.. B. Trites spent .Sunday communing- with nature at Elko.      ,r-     '[,
J, B. Wallace is back' from his trlp'in
quest of new, material for his plant.
A, McDougal,of tho" Fortiio Lumber
'Co., went tb Craubrook on Satuiday.
Waller Wardropo,"-now manager oJ
".thoCarbon-Creek baw.m-U wns in town
laBt Friday,' .
- ., * ...... 4
W. 'J. Doberer,, manager of the
Trites-Wobd, at .Michel, was'in.-, town
.011 Saturday.7       T   _'*-,,' ; "■:<-'*
Rev" Baashuw, cf Morrissey.. occu-
pied the pulpit In the Methodist'church
. Brolcy Bros have tho contract to
build Hundley's new livery barn on J.
A. McLeans lot: '" '7'   ..
1 Rev. Win; I*. Ewingyof Coal Crock,
will occupy the pulpit in the- Methpdist
Church next Sunday.' --
". A. A. MacDoiiald M. P. P. is oxpcc '
ted here shortly on, professional', business of importance. *; ,•• . -,'VJ    ~" '. *
„The. Kootenay Rilles Nos. 1 and 2'
'■companies class . fired today at the
100 and- 200 yd range. ■'
W. R. Ross left for-Cranbrook yester-
•day to defend James Gill-who has'boen
"brought back on new charges..*
J. A. McLean went to Medicine Hat
last week ou a^buuinesa*'trip. ,:,He reports tlie gas towu as'all right.
Mr. Fred Mori is, of.the Nunderloh
Uliictrlc Supply Cor of Montreal? "was in*
town several days .during the week. .
■^James McEvoy went to "Michel on
Monday evening- v   -
* 0,- H/ Becker, travelling freight,
Hkjent of the C. P- R is.ln the city..    "
-.. W. McKinley, of the Sparwood Lumbar Co. j-. was* ih town yesterday and
made us a,friendly call.
*v _ "      m    T- " *
, Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 561;
will hold a'Vpecial meeting Friday even
ing' at 8."** Visiting "members ■ cordially
:=Eschwig .-till keepsiupthe'two forty
gait with- which he 'started tn**_to re*
build'his hotel. The lirst '-.flour joints
are';laid and the brick .walls are up
fonr'or five"feet high.
' The public schools opened last Monday with all the.old teach era: hftok in
their1 places excepting Miss Marshall,
whose place, will proha>>ly be filled by
MissS.A..Ilirtel ofBujimnio. '*
Mr. Fred Watson, Mr. and Mrs.
F.red Johnson, Mis-f- Mnrifl Wli'imster.
Mr. ard Mrs. Will Liphardt',"* Mi'**-8
Uiiinsay, aim Mr. Irwin and others
made tip a merry party bent on berrioi
and pleasure tliat went up to Ho'-nicr
.last night.'     . -    '   ■ '    "
To.ddy Jarvis is s'o far tho',craekshot
of thn East Kootenay ; Rifles haviii-j-
nindoSD out. oft a possible'35, while
•Arthur Lnmert.has the honor of bcinit.
low'est, having made 2 out bf 85,'and if
it hadn't been for the marker Dug,
Ash-ivorth woiild have mado 88 out of
83"',.    ■     'W      7
•It was noticed by some critically dis"
posed individual that" the Union Jack
carried at the head of tho Slav .procession the ottior day was wrong side up.
ThiswRs bad but.,this"crltical-'observer
could Have * easily adjusted the matter
by standing on his head while the flag*
floated by.     .- '--:'    ,'.• .:_
* Wo see by the Dajly Province .that
■Mr.*6osthan A. Wey, * recOiitly,--*Kuper-
iutendent for Brndstrcut in .this, province an^ the Yukon with' headquarters
at Vancouver, ha.s resigned that -poxi-
Uoutogointo business/for himself ns
"ah activo member of the' firm ef Wev
& Thompson,1 .Commission brokers.
We wish'him success., , '..'    *> —
■ E. A., Watt, of .Wattsburg,,'reports
> lumber business1 g'ood.-ai.d that thero
is an  it'creasing demand for timber, .
' "•',*■ ■    ""t*  '     '.-"'" ;*'   '     :;
The Power plant that supplies wator
.for the North Star Lumber Coy's, milj
. =. '. , ^JL l-ll ^/SL..-^,--* M41*... -~H'A'"-
,^W»a"-r-ucsiTUj eu"T;uy."ui OTiaoii—x uui buj*j-
* °    T,-'-.'"-      ••'••*- ^   '£jfi.*-''*, -   'J...;-'"-'
D. H. Smith, -electrlisiarij.ln^charge
iof tho.Crow,'s Nest Pass Coy'8 "electrical
plaut .'at Michel, was Mn town last
Thursday.!.        ,'#■'    - - ..,;     "'   ,..
Mayor Stork, Mrs..Stork and Master
Douglas Stork left on Sunday1 v(a the
*C. P. R bound for Portland and other
coafltcities. ' ". ,     \,~
Fred. Simpson, of the-Herald, was
down from Cranbi60k again duy before'
.yesterday boosting'-for the Labor Day
xielebratloii'to.bo hold on Sopt 4th...,
Mr. Hewitt, of Carbonado, is sending
iliu 14 yoar|old eon Robert, who was so
•unfortiinatoaa to lose his riuht.xi>rm
last Octobor, to tlio Vernon college.   *.
L. , I 1
• Malcolm . Mclnnes waa in town on
Biiturduay. Ho wns sufforlng irom a
aovoro sprain ol liisjeft wrist chuaoil tiy
a full from* a'horse while riding near
Elkmouth.;'' >v Y   '■,
The luBu'flrb at Jaffray wns, ..dri.vot)
by ,'tlio' wind * lino/ tho. ynrds at that
plnco lust Monday ntid a box car loaded with ties, wus dee'troyed. before il
•was put-out.    .   ,  ,
Jos. Aldor who wai Iniiiiy bunicd
about, tho hend, hands and Uot in 11
bush lire up the mine road n fow (inys
Ago is dolnjr vory well undor trentuioiil
^it tho hospital".
Somo ot iho ennnory men 0! Washington stuto are ondoiivorlnj* to Induce
.tho II. S govoinmeiit to nsslHt iho Dominion tfovurnruoiit to build n hntcli-
451'y on the Frasor River.
An Italian named Huntonl had Ills
tl.ilfli broken by 11 full nt tho iiew steel
tlpplu tlio other dny ni:d was broiii-lit
to tlio liospltnl uufforlnrr from coiicusbIoii
but Is gutting along all right.      '
An Ottawa dispatch states Hint pro*
fosHOr Waltor II Ingall.of New York,
tho omlnoiit nine expert will commence
nn Invostngnllon of tho seine ro«oureun
ol tho Kooiouuy country on tlio flmt of
fluptoihuor. ,,,,.
Mr. and Mrs. Eckstein leiwu tliln
morning for I'ortlnnd «ud Coast cltlos.
Thoy wilt be abmmt about two or
tlirco weokd . Cecelia Mckntoln goon
iih fni'lftd Spokano wliero sho ru-un*
tors tho Acudumy of tlm Uo'y Niunoa,
A party of plcnlcors eompniii.il of Knv
Mts.J Btichahan,.;a.destitute women
Hying in the bottom near ;tho. river ,in
ii house open" to the weallicr," has applied to tlio'city for relief. 'Hor bus*
,b,indfjs serving a 3CI "da\; sentence in
the lockup for'drunkenness., 'There
teems to.bo 116 reason to complain but.
Last week1 we; published a letter
froin'fthe city clerk ot Nanaimo, and
a statement sho"winK the profit w!,ich
the* waterworks ol -that city was earning for the people. " We had a communication handed in this week fi-oni
the Oily Clerk at Grand" Forks. from
which we gather the following interesting facts.'
"- The cost of the'Grand Forks water
plant wiis $50,000. The annual cost
of operating and riiaititaining includ
ing engineer's salary of $150 per
month and a charge of $175 per
month I'or power, amounts to $4,000.
The' income tbtals"'$8,000.. - The
charge lor services'to.private houses
is $i.50 per month with rcducii-m of
one-ihird if paid boloiv the 10th ot
each month. . Bath and toilets are
charged 50 cents extra fr each so
that if-these nre.both used in tlie
house the lull cliargo woukl be $2.30
per month with a reduction of one-
third leuv'mg a net charge i»fj% $1 70
per monili for what ''consumers here
have to.pay $2 50. ,The interest and
(inoual sinking fund charges are
$16607 ' Take "the engineer's sali-rv
and the ctiargo for power out .of the
expense account and'there would re
niain nnlv $400 of a running- expense
which, added to tlie $4660 for interest
and sinking fund would leave a profit ot J-204O to the City iir Grand Forks
and that with only 300 consumers
and a rate that is-80 cents a month
lower than" the Fernie consumer
pays.    '. -',     7 _.
ko wonder,the Cv N. P. E. L. & P.
Co, are desirous .of-"retaining this
little business, but,there is a growing
wonder that the Mayor and City
Co.uncil aro willing to buy the hydrants and throw away this nice, revenue earner at the suggestion of Mr;
Lindsey which seems to have been,so
forcibly ttiade'to them in that midnight session held in tliiit gentleman's
ollice a few weeks ago..     * '
• 'Alex;- Anderson' was  let off. under
suspended sentence.   Ho was charged
with being drunk.and,disorderly.
' Isaac Simpson  paid $5.00 and costs
not be well to see that this family "does'
not suffer,. .",       -.,. -      -.  ;   *. -,.
f "A. A"Richardson)"claim a'djiieter for
the insuranceeompanies that sustained
losses in the late rre has (inislied hie
work and left for the coast last Tuesday
morning, Ho succeeded in settling all
claims in a satisfactory manner and will
he romembe'red'ns a: vory" careful, fair
minded gentleman-, well equipped for
the very responsible dutios he had to
; Tho Slav: portion of otir. population
turned out iivgiiln attiro oft Monday to
celebrate n national anniversary. Tho
original Italian band headed tho procession. Mhiiv carriages and wngi'ns,
Resides peoplo on'foot mndo up a long
parade which traversed thn main
streets.' They halted-'at tho Catholic
church where tho ceremony, of christening tlio ling wns pot-formed.
Dodgoi s an^ont announcing nn excursion to Cranbrook on tho.. 4th of
next month under tho mnnngemont of
the Kntit Kootoimy Ulfltk Tlio Cranbrook people nro,not slow nt cntdrtnln*
ing nml.tliclr grounds nro tho bubt.
This will lio n lino opportunity for a
plan-Hint oiuinK nnd we hopo thero will
bo a good turnout from hore, Hound
trip tickets can bo had of the commlttoo
nt 5-2.50 onch,
• Win. Barrett nnil Thos. Bnrrett, of
.Spoknno, iuul Mrs. T- M, Conpm, of
Lor. AiiIiuIoh, Col,, brothors mid sister
of onglnuflr Jlnrrott nf the 0. P. 11,
who wns ho badly. Injured by tho ox-
pli-Rlon of nn engine n shni't timo ii*;,o
wore nt tho Fornlo ul-fht beforo laat on
tliuir return from Modluluu Hat whither
thoy Iuul boon called tu kuo tholr broth-
or wlio'.»still lii a vory crltlcnl condition,
Wo nro In receipt of n round trip puss
kindly forwarded by thnt very oblig*
lug gentlemen who looks ho carefully
litter tho "-.'Ciioriil phKHungor hiiRliiom' of
lho 0. P. It. «t Wlnnlpog, Mr. C. K.
Mel'horson, Thin pans wlll ho iwod
for lho piirpoiio nf nltetnlitig tho Prows
ANKOi'lntiun mooting to be hold nt
lliinff thia week nml If tlm hot ol ineti
along tho lino and nt tho N11tlot.nl
1'iirk would bo ns genorntij wo nilj-lit
inufltei* up.courntro and mix with thu
old boys ovor thero,
Senator Turner hiii!'Mr, nnd  Mrs.
Dunn, postmiiKlor .Iohnion,Mr». .lftt'viH,|Liiryion stopped off in Femlo on  (heir
""  11 1*      1      ''       r •' .1
^4.1*    11.1% t\   4*J   *i|J./A...lv     4.41.1    ...till   ..y .....
>un*3li-r *'il M.ijjiijlk-. T3u* ia w>u-
lor expressed liinisc-lf ji>s well pk\i.ieil
with lhc rc*»ulu of the Holwrling pr«>*
cess of roaslinn the Sullivan ores,
This prouctt. iiiiUc*a saving of $1 per
ton over .-.lie old hand proiat, nnd iih
they ore trc.ting 100 tout per d.ty
this saving is quite nil item. Mr,
Lor> ton is nsslsbtnt iicrgcaiit*tit-armu
of tlio U. S, Senate 4111I 1ms inkcn 11
few lesson* In tlio art of bluffing from
lho S!*Aiuhe» about Crauhrnok. He
knnw*i 11 good utory aboul brilinx on
hone racing but we have our doubts a*
to whither lie could bo induced XO till
Base Ball at.Oalgary
The. interest wbich'began to manifest
itself i-e'eently in the election:of mem-
l.ere of lhe first provincial 'legislature
in 'Alberta is in danger of ,''innocuous'
desuetude." We fear; that, even the
eloquence of Mr. Bennett will not avail
to get t.Kjiniiuis of "_well"Known business men" to come down "'from the lofty
aud much more' important affairs of
.   "*
baseball, to such very prosy-ana iiuim-
portnut, uiatters ,as_ provincial righir
and wrongs and who shall be-empow-
erod to do, the righting of.-the wronps,
or ttie wron'«iii<r of the rights legislat
tvely. On 1110.18th inst , the Calgary
Htrald talks about fake?, and calls for
a imiFS meeting tv get legal proceeding,*.
started, etc , etc. On . theUTth inst.
the same people stated that-,tho assertion is freely made by those' who pretend to know that thoy can prove that
men connected with the promotion of
(hutournimioiit, and the employment
nf lho umpire, won larco sums' ou the
defeat of tho home team. Much of the
criticism is based upon theuse^of a map
ns umpire who was arrested djirlng the
late wambling scandal asjhe man .who
nominally held tho privilege* for operating gambling games ou tbo exhibition
grounds. , ' ' *     "
The Eye Opener dovotes columns to
thobuininy question,",with -indications
of spreading all over the pages of ,that
bright little sheet unless "unrelenting
justice isdealtout at once?"to' these
fixers of games. - ''■■.■-
The  score  of   the  Fernie—Cnlgarv
*- 1 ft     -      -      -        * *
game looks to'au outsider as though it
wan anybody's game to   the:'hiht   man
out, and "The 'Her.ibi'S report of,"it  on
ihe dav it occurred, contained} uo hint
of any unfair jiidirm^.uts of; tbo umpire,
and it look.s'a little like a caVo of "sour
(i   ^    .
grapes. ■• "        ' • ' ,7   ,
Wo would advise these Calgary
kickers to keep a close watch on the
police ci.urt recorde, aud wht-n their'
tournament mana<>ers' undcrtako to
put a man ol that record in the position
of .umpire of any kind bf li.'gume-do
iheir'kickiug beforo the game'begins.  ;
hands and feet tlvan he could well manage. His eyes were blue and" his
face . was the. color of a new , laid
turkey, egij. He was t.ken to see
hi*, first circus along, with' liis brotheis
aud although he iB now crowdiqg the
sixtieth mile stone aiid has -gone to
every show or circus tliat has come his
way ^ever since he- has never seer
one half so gloriously grand as; was
that lirst one with its fat clown, its-
tumblers in tights, its rope walker.-,
and its fairy queens who. walked tight
wireS-and jumped through hoops covered with paper while riding upon the
backs of spotted horses going, nt the
rateof at least three, miles an hour.'
Be sure and give the kids a chance to
see tho first snow. It will be tho be»t
one of their lives.
Tliu pernio* all wont nromul, wont around,
Tlie ilugj wui'i) full i>t fun,
Jjul when thc bull iIok kuI utter theulown,
Why t|iu "cluwii tliuii li.nt tu rim.
Wisdom ns Sho is Known
The recent decii-ion of Mr Justice
Martin ,in the case of disputed license
in block 4693 in which he,rules tliat the
Commissioner of Lands and, Works has
no right to iisii'e two ' licenses covering
the same piece of ground,-, exposes, a
weakatcempt of a.'viiry weak govern
ment to,shirk,.a   very..-unpleasant   re-
A very refiiifcd7gcht)eman by-the
nameof Hill was fined lf-20.00 and cost
foriudulfjir.g in the ]pilpnnaiitipal-.tiinc of
'beatiiifif his wife, who resides dowir on
tho lower end of' I'oflatte' Ave. . It
sceius°that Ibis gentleman of olegn'nt
leisure ..was ' not i-atiMled ' wilh ' the
support rendered hiin by his faithful
spouse and so proceeded to lam baste
hor into a more appreciative Plate ot
inind ns to'her wifely duties ' Then the
magistrate gave him $-25 and trimmings for frequnntint* the house whore
his wife lives. This'was hard and the
poor follow hns two months staring hiin
in tho faco and casting a gloom over
his immediate futut'O if ho cannot (11-:
up t ho cash
" NoIboii Krolm pleaded qnilty to the.
charge thnt ho hnd been gambling,nnd
pnid 910 with costs Into tho, city
treasury! <■   '
Joo Lngnce paid §25,imd costs for the
satno offence, •;
'. Thos. Bongs upon bolng gently ,cou
sti'ftined   by tho chief nnd-tho court
confessed to tho hoiihi weakness in bib
nntiiro and pnld $-5 nnd costs,
Fred. Beckott also eoiitribtit'eii ?25
uud costs for being unable to restrain
his (jninbllny proclivities.
The mnglstrnto failed to find satisfactory proof thnt Ed, Hall lived by
gambling nnd hnd to dismiss thu ense.
Tlibj, wns hind ou the treasury nml
when, our reporter, left tlio city ofiice
thoro seemed to bo a -gloomy- inisl
HOttllng down over tho wholo olllcinl
crowd nnd Chief Walker began drink
wi rilln water out of tho rain barrel,
sppmilBilitya!i"d~atl ho sainfl^ti mogaTlie r~
in all tlie money possible .jyitliotit giv
ing.value, /rhese license-" contain a
condition"tlift,t i,n.-U(, case"will the .government undertake io-'giiarauteu-. the
holder au'iiinst other. claimant', and
another which states, that no- money
paid for these licenses will bo refunded.
We do not know of any country outside
of Yiinpuuela -in 'which this kind of
governing goea on How Iook ' Unpeople of this province will submit to
snub weakling attempts al government
is not very ijrnlilotnnticiil.
It developed during a trial bt-fore-'Mr
Justice Duff of a case arising out of. an
attempt by the owners of a fore shore
licensoto oust a trespasser, that'it is
possible that all lic'onses isniiod by the
Chief-Commissioner of Lauds Sc Works
siiico 1809 nro worlhloss froin the fact
that in thnt yenrn law wai passed talc*
in-* such power from tlm CnmniiKuloiior
and plncingitiii the hands of the (-ov
ernor in council which it apprnrs
Ims never been repoaled'. Whllo these
Iittlo thltiRS wero grlirling through tho
courtB, tho cabinet, with tho exception
of ono loenl man loft on guard nt Victoria, wont gunning for votes In the
Alborni woodfl. Kow much, of H10
money oblnlnitd by tills issuing of
worlliless liconscs in block -1593 this
gunning party promised to tho voters
of Alhorni for rond luilMitig and other
things It would bti dilllcult to conjecture
but that the prnnilsos will turn nut to
bnof nny 1110:0 ro'il value thnn the
proiuiBOH mndo to' tho llccnso holders Is
notn inatler of Hpeetilntinu,
It is a pleasure to us to be able to report the settlement <>f the strike which
4\-as declared by thc United Mine
Workers of America last Saturday.
Tiie miners are at work again aud thc
matter.s in dispute have been so quickly
arranged that only two working days
have been lost to the men, and two
davs output to the Co.   ,
We do'uot feel disposed to comment
upon the merits of tbe case now that
everything is in full swing again and
nothing left to be considered except the
interpretation-'of'clause- 13 which relates to thu meginty pnrt of tho difficulty. This is to be disposed Oof upon
the icturu. of gener-M manager Liud-
sey which -is looked, for early next
month     ,7 - "
As an illustration of the'wonderful
quickness with whicli important news
spreads ever the country we cau say
that before this cli.lic.ulty"was generally
known to the people.'here we were in
receipt of orders by wire'from the piess
at Vancouver -calling Jor tbe__ latest
news as to the striko situation;
Tho'great coal Industry whicli centres at Fernie cannot be touched'or
stopped -foi-21 hours' without creating
great uneasiness to many other large
concerns hi different pans of tlie province.;' We are of opinion that this hhoit
lived little strike will prove ^1 blessing
in Oisguiso as it has shown that there
are ."no verv serioiiB defectB in the
agreement under whiih lhe men and
the Co. mo wbiking and that  there is"
■ ii
Culled . from    Exchanges
Along The. Crow
Some   of   the Many . Events  in
the Pass Towns.
From tho Times
II. N. Galer, manager of the International Coal & Coke Co., of Cole-
nmn returned oil Wednesday from a
business trip 10 Calgary.
,1 he mine of tbe International Coal
and Coke Co., at Coleman, is now the
largest shipping mine in Alberta and
is in a position to easily mine and
ship over 2000 tons perduy whonover
the market justifies ic.
ot men are prospecting and developing what is destined to be one ot the
greatest ore producing sections on
Mr. Alex Lucas, of Knslo, was in,,
Cranbrook Monday. Mr. Lucas is
chief assessor of tho Kootenkys. In
conversation with a Prospector representative he said:, "Tho Kootenay and Columbia valleys are tlie
prettiest in British Colmnhia."   ■
Cokijiel Robert T. Lowory has disposed of thc Fernie. Ledge - to a. syndicate of Fernie 'millionaires*. Trfe-
Colonel is getting new buttons on his
fighting clothes, and will swing a
big stick, win 11 editing his new missionary paper lho "Claim," with the
freedom of & mnn who don't give a
d—line for Mnyor Stork, the Coul
Company or other monopolists.   Tl>o
m.    , , Colonel will get saucv, nnd be   indc-
Monday a carload of lumber at thc pedent when lie hits tlio high spots
a much better'"spiiit'pervading the
v. hole camp than has -ever beforo existed. Thosewhtt-Viirc in a'pobiiLu't.
to knbw'.wliat-was a'f*tu.fUy-.''traii'-*plTiiig
felt sure that the strike would be-'iliort
lived bocauso'if. was realized Unit on
neither side was there a spirit of intol-
eraiico or arrogance ..lauifetsttd. We
congratujnte tho' union' men, tho Co.
and also the merchants and citi/.ent
of the.distriut upoii the happy outcome.
WOO!) conxioKt-j
*,....      C..»n       «!.. ,       It^l,.   \     Ut,.  ,t„r,
:ilA.   *^*t*-*,   *-..*,.   ...I  #    *•-*,.**•'-.
!lo«B. MU« Mott and othstt went tn
Hosmor yeRtorday morning to |dck
borrlc* snd had a. good tlmo gonernlly,
C. J, Torton, of tho Royal Crown
Sosp Co, of Vancouver, wan' In town
tin* t»tiv.»4  tvod'tiiu^ *. wl.c iVu.it.   IkC
reports builnMi good and Jndnlng fiom
ths quantity- snd quality of timp ho
soils in Fernio ws aro tha clonnoii
pOOplolnB.C. '"
Tha loeond stack ef tho Sulllvtn
amtUcr at Marynvllliv amultc.* wn*i
blown Ir. on tho 17th and is working
fieoly. TUIs given t,ho plaut a lapac-
ley «qiul to any in tbo Kootenay.
Tho annnsl production of lead wlll bs
stleaitSOOO torn.
It hns boon found thnt ro many vlo-
Intiouii of the flro limit by-law Imvii
occtircd that it would hardly bo fnir to
compel tho Crow's Nest Trading Co, to
n movo the woodmi cornice from their
now building. The Tuttlo building
Itiiuiedlntely mljobiliiK tho Trltus-Wood
building 011 tho oppoultu sido wim put
up in violation of this ordinance Mid
thoro urn other limtnnceH of thu snmu
kind. Wo think provision should bn
inmlo lo hnvo a building limpoctor
whoho busluesH •hould hu to turn Hint
tho regulations nro followed, Thin
duty might bo performed by tho Chief
of police.
Mimical 0 a
Mr. ami Mi'*-. Ditvics gavo a delight*
fnl inuHicalo at Who XAxxio inn  liium*
day evening, which wns enjoyed by a
Inrgo mimlK'r of frlmnd* Tb.) follow*
log InhtriiineiitHl iiiuhIc whs retulcred
by Mr. Fred Morrin. ol Now York City
neoutilu of Mm, Uavlcs.
Sninii'S tzfrny
Moonlight Sonata,, Dccllioycn
l'ertietual Motion Wober
« WalsMW )
Impromlu > Chopin
"•oloualso J
Co/.ad*» Dog und I'ony Show
'•Tlio ulcpliant rook i-uuiiiI, ijodi rouml,
TJui biui'l biittlm. lu piny,
Tliu 1HH« Utyi uii'tur tliu inoiil<n}V uiiffo
Jdiil Ijolttir nut uut nf I lio way,"
17.. -,
HUccnto Itubensiriii
If I were a bird IIoiimiU
Snrlng ftong.
Rfmiy J
W«l,u }
Witcbn danco)
P.rl Konlg	
nhnpnodis No 'i.
, .Mcl.di:lsi4iiiill
... PadeiwUki
Tliu monkey cngo wan tliero nil rluht
also tht) little hoys, but no elophnnt was
in evidence. Tliero were lots of ponies,
well trnliiod, troops of ilo^H nnd some
The nliow was not an nggrogntlon of
nil thu sliov, nttrnctloiis on eiinh, but
It was well worth tho prlco. Tho nt-
loiidniicii wa* not huyo In I ho after noon
but thoro wns a cood hoii'iiiu thin-Vfu*
lui* ItwiiHwoilh tho prlco nf ndiuls
slnu to watch the expreisinuH of uiiinlt-
liikciilile Ji»y iobo hcen upnii lho luces
nf tho kills.
Mr. C<v/,'*il wai nssli-tcd by local talent
In mnlrlnw bin Urci'l imrri.li"*. l*'i-niiV
Dimlnp, Peri'V Clark, Knddli* Diinliiti,
Hilllu HiirrowH, (leoritu Cmd, Ned
Uiitlilo, Stnnloy Ti.dliumei- nud
(..eorgo ("odv lielpfd to htoor llm pro*
conmIuii nroutid town, while UiihIo Mills
wns lhe Iittlo queen who drove the goat.
The poiili-n vcpni mi hnnAy with llieir
hind feet thnt tho Ijovh Iiml to krep them
about hnlf a block npiirl to avoir] 11
kicking mutch. Thin nrrnnuftrnent nI»o
luuglhomnlout thfl prouv-itloii so ihata
crocs eyed kid couldn't nn \\n\h enA* of
It at the satti'i time.   Whtvn U thc uiau
. .ShulKut  Llsrt
At the regular meeting of the council 1'tst Wednesday night tho minutes
of previous meeting wcro* rend and
approved, The Mayor, Aldermen
Crop, Trites, Wallace, Herclimer aiid
Robins wero present,
A communication from P. Kennedy
complaining of sido walk In front ol
lots 5 and 6, block 22 wus rend and
A communication from L. E. McDonald asking pcruiisblon to build a
20 x 20 addition to liis 'blacksmith
chop on lot 11, block 17 was refused.
Poi'iiilsslon was grunted to (>. 0.
Henderson toenct a brick, etono or
concrctubuilding on lotH 0 nnd 10,
bli.uk 11. Mr, Uciiclci'Kon also linked
tor tlio grade In front ot theso lots,
Discussion followed. Crco and Trlics
moved that a competent engineer bn
employed to establish tho grade.
The clerk wits Instructed to notify
tho Crow's Nest Tending Co, nml thc
contractors engaged on tho building
to ceaso opei'iitlons as thu wooden
cornice being put on tho new build-
in g wns not in nccordanco with the
lire limit bjlnw
Aldci'innn Ucruhnicr gavo notice
of motion re sowor bylaw at tho noxt
regular mooting.
Moved by Hohliis nml Herohmor
that we go Into committeo on health.
With Trite* In the chair Urn health
cnrnmlttcn diiiciinwil thcHanliary eon*
(litIons of thn city.
Chief Walker reimrtivl thnt one
lentn could not handle the gnrb.tgc
and ilu. c'jmmtiti'a liisti-iictuil Mm tn
emplov nnotlier tenni and proceed
[with tho work nnder i/istructioii*s ot
1 the eftiiiiiary iimpccujr,
i\d|oiirncil until I81I1 at 8 p, 111.
Tliu only hu.iluuA*t tnvuiiicied at
tho Kridny night ucrslnii waa the re-
fprrinif ot nnmr>rtiM«i nidnwalk iicti*
tions t») llio luard ot works committeo.
saw-mill above Lille broke away and
ran into the engine at Lille, doing
considerable damage to it. The engine however was repaired sufficiently to allow of its resuming its run on
Last Saturday evening a well contested game of football was played In
I-Yank between tho Frank and Conl
Creek teams. The game-was hotly
contested, hut in spite of the* gallant
light put up by Frank tlio vitiitor»
succeeded in scoring two goals where
as Frank in spite of many attempts
faikd to kick ^single goal.
-The mine nt Bellevno, openitedjby"
the West Canadian Collieries of this
place, is now producing over 200
tons per day and giving employment
to some 90 miners.' This mino is
rapidly being put into shape -to soon
become one cf our principal producers
Nine new double cuttnges are' being
built by tlie company there besides
an extensive set ot stables. Bellevue
Is becoming an important residential
ahd business point and is surely entitled to a"railway station and a* post
■ The big shaft being sunk at Lund-
bivclc hns now reached a depth ot
over 200 feet and is being sank at the
rate of 25 feet per week. Lundpreck
is destined to ploy * a no inco'nsider-
production of coal, in this district,
About 65nwn arc now given employment- by the; cimipany there and cottages are hying built for the • accommodation of n large additional force.
The river is to bo bridged' nt this
point- which will allow tho ranchers
on iho north sido ot the river,access
to lhe new town find open up a now
market tor thorn. There is also talk
ot building a flour mill and elevator
at Lundbi-ock whicli will largely add
to lho Importance' of that [ducu.
in his claim.
^ The third annual cclvhrniibn of die
Miclicl Miners. Union came oil* jircord-
ing to .inuoumemcnl on Monday.
About 100 went up from I'ernie lo enjoy thc spoils,  severnl  ladies were in
° *
the crowd.
Owing to the high wind which pro-
vailed during life afternoon the program
as arranged could not be curried out in
detail and although the (pounds were
frequently sprinkled the dust was'driven
in such dense clouds; as lo make it
very disagreeable lo every body,
, In lhe G.rls' R.ice, under-15, lirst
prize was won hy Alwyn Anthony, 2nd.
by Ueairice Anthony.
Running .long jump—ist   William, .
Renwicki Jiid Waiter Ditk. '
In ihe pony race three heals were-
run.    II.   MoLeod's   pony   look first
money and Charlie Bruel's 2nd'.
VV. Weave won first money, in the-.
220-yd. race and John Owen 2nd.
In the boys' race, under. 12, Frank.
Wafro j-ot' Iheir-first, and John Iladdou..
came in second. -    ,   c
1        i,' !-*    ■    -. ! .   1
Kdna Passi won first in the  12-year.-
old girls' race and Millie I'/isto second.
, The   boys  under   ten-were, led  by.,
Herbert Murray, G. Lcflcy coming in,
second. **   ..
From tlio llvruld
J. G. Cummings uf Pernio was In
town .Monday.
Chief McMullln ot Fornlo waB In
town Wednesday.
Mlsa Ithoda Lcitch is expected
homo tho latter part of tho - wook.
After leaving Toronto sho visited relatives in Chicago and Manitoba.
MlssT.ou nnd Kiln Lcitch will leave
In a fow dayB for Calgary whoro
thoy will enter the seminary for tho
next kcIiooI year.
N, 13, Broloy, who has tho contract
for tho new bank building to bo occupied hy the Canndiun Ii'iulc of
Coinim-rcp', wiwintowntoduv,, Thoro
hns b.son Biuno (Hfllcitlty nljout thc
quality of hrlck, b:it this U being adjusted and lho work will ho l'CHumod
In a lowday-ri.
James Neil has bought out his
pnrtnur, l\ Chonottu, and hurenftor
will havo (nil conirol ol tho Fulls
View liotol nt .Mnryfivlllo. Mr. Koil
is a hustler and will loavo nothing
undone 10 maku tlio buslnohfl a huc-
ni'M, Mr, Clmiiettt) ims not nnnounc-
cd whnt hn will iln hut ho would not
bo hnppy unless ho was haying or
selling an hotel.
There hnvo hrm a number of biiHh
fires raging nlmiit thli. part of tlm
illbtrlct thc ]'ii»t week. JjxhI Bundny
nlulit ono goi Btiii'tf-d mi Bull river
"HIn Tlie1- ioo-yd7,dasliTTniners, nrul
mine workers,   VV.   Weaver took fir*5t    ..
und Dick liehansecond.  ,
In the race for boys under 14'years: .
II. Quigg was first io the siring aiul',
M.:Zcrnan came,next.    ■'" c
The married ladies' contest was won,
by Mrs. McNcven, Mrs. White second.   ••
Stanley Brewer won the sack nice.
R. Healmer second.
The high jump was easily won  by,
Renwick, with John Owen second,
Wm. Renwick caught the greased: .
pig after-an exciting clmsu in  which
some dogs took *]uiieun interest,
The hop step nnd jump was won by ,
Renwick, Ferguson biking second. '
Renwick covered 39 ft. 11,in. easily.
The 440-yd, race was run but a dispute (arising ns to result, lhe contcbt- * -
ants   refused   to run   it over und no
awnrd was made.       '
Mr. Crahan closed his bar for lho
day   but   there was   plenty of liquid    -
refreshments (0 be had m a temporary
bar which wns run hy tliu miners.
Thc Indies also had booths at whicli
lemonade, candies nnd other good
things could be hnd.
The Italian band from Fernie discoursed music nil" the grounds during
thu day und supplied the harmonious
sounds to which many li'-jit fantastic.
Iocs beat time in the lino large hall of"
the hotel until the weesiwill hours of
the morning. Thero wiis a sido hhoiv*
attraction in the evunlng which scented
to draw'a crowd.
If thu people of Michel can do an well
in n weird storm with 11 mrtko on nnd
a pari ot (be uiiiuiigeinviit unavoidably
.absent, thoy certainly lire capable of
giving a rousing time In fair weather
city mt a mw
J. Mcintosh, of Grand Fork*, two
goritlnmfii 11 «nied Hunter nnd I'rof,
Hitltimn, of PtilliDxn, Wjt-d.ington, and
a \iMly of v.i'.-.iiUl.'.'tii were nt tin'.
or womnn that lm* forgotten their flrxl llmr"!''' I«t nijiht and left thli morn-
(.how? We oucukucw a Lid of about} hi,?, mi lhc local for Ci'iiu'i. NeAt. riom
nine iiiminor* who wm called "(owjihiin- ilify will prom-d to lhe Flathend
h«nd" becau<-; of the wbltcne*! nl hi*t'to .i.*i"-«*ct imnaul lho oil UoAi isWnaA
hair, ktid who Iiml  morn h'fr*, urmn, 'by Mr Mclnlonh and otliorn.
Af'.or 11 leimtliy dlnciiBn'on at tlm
Council un otlng I nnt week it wjih dis*
covorod thnt thero i-tnolccnlly ostnh
lished grade fi-r building on Victoria
avenue, lho city council novel* having
p/nwd a bylaw to that effect, Mr.
Ifciidoiwin Iijih conimfliiumloiHjra'.Imm
and run up tho mountain sido ilium* |r>n lib lot and will bo two to put bin
liinHui,'the whole ottlMt part ot tho firm floor at any level bctweon  tho
(•Muiiri'  Tl"-1 Invcpri fir-* nnd •'"• »>n« ' Ivrtrnm of   lil«   cnll'ir end   \\\*   ro'-f
- " 1 11 ....
Mint, bimprobubly dime iho mint dnm■' rAxtU't. W« nrc wri> tl\nn'*;h x\\x\i, \\f
ago Is ono tlmt wnmnnrtcil on the! will ntrlku n happy lucdlniu. He U
Krxitenny alxmt I'ltimlvib creek, 'busy «ur*crlntcndlng oxcavmlon op-
It hns la en golnu for thu piiBt thrco joratlonn which nro wnll undor wny.
daynnnd linmiwcpt through -sovcral; He intcnrtu halldlng tlio hnl width of
l.Mlirr.l  .imLi lv..r>,i rtlW (nVtVilnl   il)'   \it(J j ilift il-i, iVv ir.t.X, illill Villi t'tU-.U'-J   iiOtA,
•Standard and Ijut Kootenay T.umWr on the sido street 80 loot, and clear
companion. 0. I). McNah and V. jthrotigh to tho alloy on tho part Ititt-
Hvdo Bakor lott lor that part of tho j ly covered hy the Shcp;nrd .1 Elliott
country yesterday. building.  Tlm now mruemn. wlll Ut
_»_ jtwoHtoriislil-.'h and will ho hcaKd
Them in nn r*vi**r Inerpiilng d»»
mar.d for mem tmelti-r C'lj-ncltv In
U10 KnofenavB, nnd I bin demand will
continue tor tho ivaoon tliat thousnndti
' A ii'uxul iiu'ctinii ui tin; ret**.*' Afi *
ie,'KmlcniJil ijtArr nl l/u'loi, will lm
h*hx on FrhUy, Au^itM 5. All m*l0-
b«*i* aji'l vmitiij-,' bi'AW"* totdw.'y
. ^4 %\v|S'-':. - '
-?-'K-»|-.'10>i.* '■ li-    - * r*.'
"-^■i --??*'$<;*—5':~ i'i
The Fernie Ledger
-' I«*ne<. every Wednesitay from office of piih-
licKtiiiti, U4,rner of Wood St. ami Bjiker A v.!.;
Kernie, Britri.-.h Colnmbiti. , lv
Icmvhkkuai.- ni.«i*i.-AV|  -
(•lloweil to be ci4Unseil wlu*n ilesirod, .vitliout
exit* <;har*4>)
9f tlja \ier inoli, i*r montli
-. ^ikoihI position, it/.uilvtmoe
-    5';.dlM-.oimt wlieu plute*. aro furnUIieil   ■
(set in nonimriel, li lines mlike nn innli.)
Auction Sule-., Entertainments, Tender*. I.e-
Itnl Notici'sotc, 111 vents it Una, tir»t in^urrion,
Scents ii line enoh Milmeqiu-ut in-ertion,  ,
'„-,       CKNT-A-tVORSVAHS
1.0-it, Fi.«nrt,'.Kor f-*:tit*. To Lot, Itont>or Kic-
cvhiiiiKe, 4>j»« cent u word, each insertion.
ric company is therefore a very potent weapon against'tho weak kneed
and thus this cry is, raised* to brinp
■those weaklings Inline. We wonder-if the *^l'coi|{|_!J&y knows all
that is being-, done In ita powerful
name. Takingj^Mr. Davies statement as' eviflenW of the truth we
corns to the • conclusion that not the
coal •Ppijipany -.but an independent
company unconcerned'with attempt-
ii-jgf to set hold -of the water works.
Is;.', possible that the coal company
nnd its many shareholders know absolutely nothing of what-is being
done and would they resent any attempt to bring it into the controversy."
The rai!wa''*i*rf lhe Untied
"jfl'lNO NOWKS *'
On back pntre nmo'iiK lociiln, li'. cent*!, line
,On iro..t )>«k« anion*; local.-., -'0 cent-, a line
If ocoiirrini; nmonsft onr sub«crilier->, free; all
others JV)cents€*icl> iuiurtiou. CiiriU of con-
(fruuilMtinn. coniiolunci- or tlmnks, pliitwir.v
j.K.-try vU'.,li->t.* of Kue.U'itml wviiiliiiK pie*
cnt>. II cents u lineinoiii-Hrielj eat-li inr-vrtiou.
iii'SIXfsk oi. ritoKKssioNAi, oaiihr '
Without, cluing... one inch <*r umlor. ?1 n montli
Mount Fernie'Lodge "No.-47
Any further information <lesirtit can he Iiml
un tipplii-iition tu tlie iiiuiiiiK>'r.
,,   Very tew know that there is any
difference between the Crow's
Nest Pas-? Coal'Company and the
Crow's Nest Pass Electric Ligjit &
Power Co.,  Iloth  c-uripanlesjliavp
- their offices in the same building and
T*otn seem tb have the. snmo set ol
officials.   Therefore it lias long been
. the custom to regard these two companies as'one and the same thing.
Are they the sam--? We all know
Mr. Davies whose veracity no one
-will attack. - lie is the Comptroller
of the-Coal Company and therefore in
a position to know whereof he speaks.
At the last sitting of the connty court
" here Mr. Dayies was a witness' in a
case. He was asked the following
question; "Is the Crow's Nest Pass
Electric Light & Power Company a
subsidiary company of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company?" After
some exchange ot argument bv thc
respective counsel as to whether Mr.
' Davies should answer such a question
the court ruled that he ahonld; wh'ere-
npon Mr. Davies made this reply;
"No it is not.   It is ah independent
- company."   We ask our readers to
' consider and  weigh • the answer ■ of
... Mr. Davies solemnly given'under
-j**oath. If"8 he states, and we have
pledged a statement," the one comp-
* any is independent of the' other, does
it not follow that 'allthis trouble about
fighting the coal company is so much
idle talk. If Mr. .Davies told the
truth, as we believe he did, then a
company fathered no doubt by' some
. nt the officials of the' coal company
,lk.tindependent thereof is causing
/"i'uKthc tempest and setting citizen
/•gainst citizen; If the coal company
)ia» no-share In the profits of the
other company it snrely cannot be
oncerned wltlr-tho- water work3
< mention.   Why tlienMs'tlie cal com*
- p'iny 8honIdered with-the hliimo nf
attempting to steal the - franchise?
We can only surmise the reason.
Thero are many who- suppose that
withoouho, good will of the conl
company Fernie and all its citizens
would go to hndos. To some tho cry
/'wit the cnnl company will do thin or
that is sufficient to make thorn sworvo
fi*om what thoy know is right. Tho
coal company cry used by tho clcct-
A Bettor Fire,Brigade
We do not see' why there can not
be an efficient fire brigade organized
and drilled to a state of efficiency.
There is lota of gocd material for such
an organization but so long as there
is m permanent and systematic organization there will be wasted time
nnd energy in theso ,'flre fights.
Would ir not be better to have an np-
prupriation get aside the, mnin-
lainiince of a paid corps d men, who
would * therefore bo placed under'"
obligations to turn'flu. at, any- nnd all
limes at the sound ot the bell, and
who would foe under orders of a chief,
or assistant chief in absence of the
former." Tho expenditure of money
Pa* the purpose of drilling these . wen
wonM bring f.'ir-better results than
will tlio hasty and inconsiderate distribution of medals and checksafter a
fire hns been extinguished. We
trust that this mutter will be taken
up b>'the-council and sotiio such pi nn
as susrgesied above be acted upon.
A brigade drilled • to act in concert
nnd which has been trained* by act*
ual calls,at unexpected times to run
to all parts of the city thereby .gaining practical knowledge of -the best
routes to take, and the location ofthe
hydrants in all- parts of the town,
would be'-worth many times its cost
to the people. The time-,to stop a
lire is at the beginning, and the only
way to be in at the beginning is to
havo a force that knows where to go
and what to do when it gets there.
employ an arn»)_of 1,500,000 men. '
Rice forms tbe   principal   article   of
food of about a third   of , the   human
-a. ... .
race.   ■ .   -
The City of Mexico' has * contracted
for sewerage work and pipe laying   lo
cost $600,000.     . '..' . ~ ~-
o .,"""-
The best cork' comes from   Algeria*
There are 2,500,000 acres of cork  for--
esls in that country.   .       ■   . .   ,
1 Ulm cathedral in Wurtemhurg, possess the highest church spire in lhe
world.    It is 533 feet high.
All the hospitals .and almhouses in
Berlin are regularly supplied , wilh
flowers from lhe public gardens.
' It is cak-ulated tliat 40,000 persons
make a living in London by begging,
and that their average income amounts
to about $1,500,000 a year. -.' . '
Brown eyes and dark eyes are particularly common among thc criminal
class., An American observer c.ills thc
brown the criminal eye.
Turkish, women  do' not como inlr
control of their  private   fortune   uiiti!
after marriage.     Then  they, can  dis
pose of one-third of it without the husband's consent.
Meets   ev rv   Friday
p.m. in I.O.OVF.-Half., ," 7 i
■""■'..T.^Beck,- P.G..R.S.
j. Barbel*!
,  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
-"'     DEMT 1ST t   -,;..;.'
W.   Block,   opposite the" Bank
Office hours—S B.m. to 8 p.m.
"■*-*vf**'S 7." '■$ ~
* -   - -.«T-<-   - - "*
''.■■'* ,-*•
>-' 'i
•e-y^  .SJ,VWSI*. 4'     ,-•
W, J. Wriglesworth, D, D.-'S.
"      'y' '•', D'M'N'TIST   '
Office Houkfj- .'.-.",., flto l-J a.m., ltoGp. m
Ofiice in Alex. Beck's Block  . / V,
-    over SUnii's Rakerv.   - * ■  ', -   -   "■
FERXIF7      —    ,"   -        •-     --.,  "B.C.
—-.—_».»... ■■-
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
J-,    '-s.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Head- Officer s - Kaimilton, Canada.; 7
Capital J ^££35>O0OY'. ?JKe$ev pe}* ^.235^000^
i ' -Y- Vy.-'''. ^otal - Bssets>'$27,50b,doV~'::;::-^jy: r;"" ;
... - Hon. Wm. (jibson, President., ..    - .. 7 %      . '   -
J.,Turnbull. Vice-President and.General,Manager."     ..       7;----
A Geineri4l Baiikinf* Business tMnsacted., Current Aoc'oVints opened with-Herclian'ti Maiiu    ]*""' ""' *   * -
facturers, and Municipalities on the m'oht, reasonable tero.8 -    Banking facilities IT'.adly,- *.- ' * ...
extended to all persons desiring to open business-or private accounts.. • -Special' attention' '•'*-. '*-*'' -'I
given to all out of town ncoounta.     Interest at*Current//Bates allowed on Savings 'Bnnk       ^*     .,
Deposits from ifl.00 upwards. '-" Collections efffeetcd in all parts of Canada at Lowest Rates. .     e
Drafts issued, payable in Cannda or Abroad.   British, American, and Foreign Drafts cashed.'   c>   "'■-';-.   -
'-", -' '"     An'office of thia Baiik has been opened at Fernie,      .    * ^,   .4.      ',.•'"
., ■   All Correspondence addressed to the Agent.-wiU be personally attended to. ,"'
J.;R."LAWRT":'f.v/;;: :^:';v
Agent, FEiixiK BnANar. ■_   7;-"•'•;"  , ..
L-P. Eckstein
,    i,
Bai«jistek-at-Law,   SbuCiToit,   Etc.
Callilrrt Block", Fo-nie, B. 0. .
\v; R. Itoss ,      , J. 8. T. AI.KXANIIKII
. -t Ross & Alexander
rEnNiF, b. c   ,
Office In li. T. W.'Iilock, Victoriu Avenue.
When you emok*e a clgai
fipe that It Is UNION made. * '
Blue Prize, Henry Vanov CohiQibus find
Havana Ark  Cigars aro Union Goods
made bv. ' ■ '7.
Winnipeg, Unit.
Reprcsentod hy GEOHGK RORTON.
MnudeGonne.-tlie Irish •'.Lian'of
Arc" has gone asrain, and secured a
separation from Col. McBride.
'   '    Dummy Directors,
Wo Canadians are quite scire that
our insurance companies are so much
abovu. suspicion ' that  anything- resembling: ah  Equitable scandal in
this country would   be impossible.
Probably it is true that the insurance
business is managed more carefully
and on more conservative lines than
it is in the States; and yet, says the
Hamilton Herald, one of  tlie abuses
complained of in connection with the
Equitable scandal is   not unknown
here. .Glance at the lists "of directors
of some  of, oar prominent insurance
companies, and see if there are not
among these directors mon who don't
direct, and don't even attend  directors'  meetings,   but  who  are   paid
directors'fees solely for the use of
their names;   i*» it not something resembling a fraud  on   the  public to
publish the names of eminent men as
directors when they are in fact only
dummies?—Kdssland Miner.
F. C» Lgtoe
', Post Office Block, Fernie. B.C.-
Crow's   Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Provincial Land Surveyor
-   ' ' *__i.     ■<■■'*-   '-*'
Lands and Mineral ClalmsSutveyed:
.and Crown (Jranted.*-'
PO. Box BBS,- -' * Offler: Kootenay flt;, Kelfi-n
After a.newspaper.man lias yelled
himself hoarse in au pffort to persuade
people to patronize, home merchants,
and accidentally stumbles on the fact
tliat man v. oOfie~-^lowsrSe'' is*, en-.
dcavoring-*to.,protect - are-, sending
away for^their-jqb printing, itrathef
shakes big faith ,in- mankind •and
makes reciprocity, look.like a lead
dime with a. hole in 'it.' says the
Rocky Mmntain. News', ir Now. isn't
that true? ..•-'*.■   '■'.'      :-..-' -
/ J.' G. CUMMINGS   -
'.•-"■ DOMINION    '.-'■■-
Ofiice: Mott, Son & Co'., L.T.W. Block
Fernie British"Columbia- -
(Late assaypr Nelw'n Smoltor/ •-:'
OoM. Silver brl.oiid eacli ..."w."j.t"..'.$1.0ot>
Cojiiwr S-l-V) •    fiol*l-Silver...-.'..*l.fiO-
CJuirgiii lor other metals on application   "-
V. 0,Drawer 1108 Phono' AG7
* A        .     REOUISITES
■ -   " ,i   - -1 \-.,      ""
We* take great" pride in tccping a
. well assorted stock of Toilet' Articles."
» , -...'.'..    ■ ,   .
; Any thing- there is;a demand'for, we
are pleased to,obtain. .  •' '
People,have<.comc to consider' onr
store as Headquarters tor Perfume's,
Fine Soaps, Brushe.", Creamu^and Lo*
,  tions, Powders and all Bprts,of'.v
A complete stock .7
of School Supplies "•
■ '"on hand.   :" :
.Commencing1 Sept* 20
1f ARGER and better: than ever.    Everything
2   new and.up,to "date.    All kinds of open air
attractions, i   Each, day something- interesting.
You vvill'meet old friends there." /Single, fare-on,
all lines of travel.    Write for Prize List. .    ,       . .
."      7J. E.' Annable, Sec.    .
Twelfth Annunl Spoknno Intcr-
stnto Fair, October 9 to 15
1005 "■
Mining will he given ' moro careful
attention this year than ever before by
lhe Spokane Interstate fair, which is
held from October olh to 151)1. The
newly issued premium list has a well
prepared and arranged list of premiums
covering all lhe lines of mining in .thin
part of tho country. It is the intention
ofthe management to make themining
department belter limn over. This district, ns well us every other, should
make 11 good display, for there will he
lhmi<i.inils of visitors from the  east nt
tlie Spokane fair this year.
: Fernie, B. 0.
The Difference
We can do foryou-
,   What you cannot
Do for yourself.
* We can" take the strongest
Facts about your business
And make them into ads,
That bristle with conviction.
We can-display them-
Effectively without.
Squandering space.
-. Our services are free        "
To our advertisers.
Will you let us
Fix up your ads, - .
Makin'g'.them ads
That attract
And hold trade.
Wc.build that kind. '
We are liberal users of
Our own medicine.
It pays us,   -
It would pay you.
Drop in and talk it over.
The Ledger.
Teacher of the Piano
■ ■.*-:   "?'^t:'--'^y'i'^:-y^: -"-;
' (LoiCoheMa-kej^ -Method), a" .\i,,
' -    '.   ''.r: '-:'m'1T '."..Vi"-.-- ft.'i" ■;"-'' '
,.j-'-   , ,'.   '* r--,"•'"-   •'."■"'*■    '
A thorowgli tralnliigassuredeach pupil
/  "        " FERNIE ■'-   '' "~   *   ■ •"     -    ■'
First Class in Every; Respect
.  mrs. s.. Jennings; PROPRiEi-hEsg.'*     ,,. "
Fancy Goqd^
Big Reductions in Price ,
Mrs. E. Todd
mobbis    ipi^-isro
*    *   j^o-mi^a-z":.
between a good and a poor baking
powder would not amount for a family's
supply to one dollar a year. Thc poor
powder would cause doctors' bills many
times this.
JL—— ^^     •«». «»*      V •      1*V  I****
Is  offering   ns   a premium
ib customers
New Crop Now In Stock ,
,4 *  »    1
Homo Grown nnd Imported *' ,v ""..
0A11DBN, Fffil.I) and lT.OWEU SEEDS
Wholimnlo nml Retail,,
Spnolal 1'rlooH to J*-|irinor's InstituloH
Tliousiiiulu of Fruit, ami Ornnmontnl TroOH
niiniloil.tiitli'oiifi.     Iloiiuf,     ai'uitnliouiie
nud Jlnnly I'lautN
now itrowimr In my nar«erlo« for
BjirhiK pliuitlnf,
Kudtorn prior* or loss. Wljito Tnljor
l"KRTILI8E«f»-nii!R HIVE8& 8UPW.IKS.
Vnnoonvei', II.O.
.1010 WnilmlnilAr lloiul.    .
-    *v ■■;. ■*■■,   -,u"...'-  :. 4-
..Should see our Ne'w Flies.
Reversed, Wing.    . *.
.' Gauze Wing'' ■'
Made by Abbey & Imbria -
of New York, also >  \
English Hand-Made
Flies.-apd.a large' 7-
assortment of stock
S     7 -     '- 7 - • §
«»   ' ■*   ^9009900000000009009900090000000000000009^1        §
The Drug Store behind     '
the Cotton Windows.   ,   »   *
t*    *-
•*'       '
The door of ,.the .
'       '       -,
Hashotbeeh locked for manyfyears.   ... §
The landlords   are   always happy,       §
even when their bank-roll looks-thin- .   %x* :
ner than the lean edge of -aivattenut.-
ated wafer.    Try one of their morn-
bracers. .;,Mail   orders   receive:
: prompt attention. ',.•■*. --
Allen & Palmer
■y ^
J. A, MacLean
js the most economical in the end, because it goes further in leavening and
insure« nerferr, wliolr-snmc food.
When ordering of thc grocer always
call for Dr, Price's Cream Baking Powder by name for good health and good
food. Jt makes the finest cake, puddings, flapjacks, biscuits and bre.3?d.
,, '    NOTK.*»-**nu*r<» are many Imitation
baking powders -which art jotafrom nv«
•-met 0akino i*owotn Co, ccnt-4 to twoity-fivt cotxxt 0 poumL They
CHipApe. nhcKild b« carefully avoided u, tbtv are
/rvictc frqm alum itul ut uuIicaIiWuI.    >
Lot Youi*
Z^itiimiiyi ojxiiit
I Bo nn Arl in Your*
Loool Pnpor.   1   1   t
1 -   * "
IWRln curly,
fl ^,,   t„,M*>   U.ll   l.fil 41
A (joo-l J-li-tl *** tnttn will Invurlnlilj*
lm fi-iiml 11 K'«''1 ii'lvi-i XUfX,
Tlio |ii>«» lili'l rniwil wny .« ^wur-* pul»
Drily lo •lil-fii-'.li llif ('41I1H11111 nf
Tlio Loilgor
fur *.M-n I10.lv -.hrnu-th lifM r«*«il* It.
f.-ll tlii*m In your n>l nonmthlita li In*
J)o not li« foolKnt wilh on* ni.
#*,,.     K«-#pllu|>.
(%Ml<yif I dtst^Atit Witt* * any n »lf.n».
lUfcl H'-i»p«cl*l f«*lui» of your
1m»lnf"-i. *    * •
It Will l»ay.
I     I
Philip Carosella
Gonoral Merchant
Dealer ;
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
,       FERNIE, B.C. ,
Browprs of Extra FIno
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
For Quick Returns
Mat, your Propurty with Tt  T   Barker
Vro\mty for Mn, to Hunt or Ktotinnan.
Ilfiit* rnllcolml.  Kiniil'iynidiit furlli-lioil.
|ls only duty in life is to answer correctly ono question
"Wlmt tlmo Is It?"
All watches sold by us nre
guaranteed to answer thi:* important   question   correctly.
Thc prices arc; right.
owfli.i v/uxtihin»p**ttret 0. n. ny.
Jeweler Optlelnn
I '■•'_■
I       ■ ,       '      _£.*,    M        ,*. .
! Viini.ti.iAli/ Violent ami Wrwl l!Df>M'lcr»
of Wlnoi, T.lquorH nnd Cigftm,
Ol.lrlft Afffntw fnr
romm-arj Champti-ffilt  !
nml flclillle Boor
Olitribufcm of
ChnroUrlnln nnd
Pb-wnoit Clxn«
irjDRMiffl. ja.bt
VANCOUVrn «»» NCt«ON, •X.'
If you aro looking for FIbIiIpr, Bathing
ITunting, Boiitlng or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Denver niid atop a fuw diiyfl, wooIcb or
inontliH at tho Nown.arl.et ITotcl with Henry
Btego. Ilomo cooking, anil tlio Uncut boveragca
In tho world, including wator, Writo or wire
Ijciiry stm
fimmtM liotd
new Denver
18 In nildURhlful lo*
* nM t Ion mul from
lti.liiil(HiiiU'* emi l>.
m'uii nil Miiilii'milyol-
llm n-rnrnl wmnnry
tl'»tH\irrniintU, litunn
J;;        i;.   .1     „   I ,       •'.„
Initvclty at j\'»}«4*n,
Jt m th* horn, nti
tmiiH.lit niul hukiiii'in
itiBii from .11 {4Art«nf
ttiAwnrM. Tlm enl«*
mlr# or in«*ili(K*rlly,
•iinl f v#rj- room U nn
mniiiy tu Innonmln.
l< ynu it*-(Kl  logiri"
w\\v\\ ou «li» vi4ty in,
lOIU'll    (tl*.   Wil.  Willi
I ilMil U il.H
B. TOHPKINS, Hanaifcr
In Pornio, in a plcaaant
homo for all who travel.
Jlooms rcflrrvcd by who.
*. f|» A A
T. Whelan, iMannfter
Evrr> man avi% It lo himnelf itnd
Mx fiunlly (0 nifuler a I ride or pro
ftfi-xioil. Read llie dlnpfny *dv*rt!»
menl of die nix Mor-M School-* of Tela
Ifrnpliy, In this lime and luarn (de
Ifrnj-pli nnd be flmnrcd a poilllun.
,"** *■. ^
.^„., >m*w<+wm*wx*i-'**w^ 'r 'iwu^^f-rty. ^.'JAr^--: A^'&*.&Wi%!M<*s?&^*
hi,, .^^^a-^j^wwrf-w^-r -| jjT itriMMi'l   illlllll T-'™"~fc*---1liHnir *   -*>■■•*■- -J*--» ■■-..•a^ rf«»jAt«.»->-~'-- - _ *r 5" ' * ^l
. "'"JK
j?7--*".'->,v. <«•;?" '
■t •%.-
>-':.:,L./' .--*,-'"-i      i.y^'' \'Y'''f^^^^^tMfi-^'--   ..   -7'."'->"-'«•-"'■   -'-^-7    -7%
■>    "'     ■*■■•'   "7„     *.    iv--" 7'^i-*Y'-m&P'. *V   -        -7'-      ^*7 "7.:K-.
4- *.'-;'>
'    THE LEDGEjR, ,FERNIE|fi:C ; Aljgijs^ ^1905 .--
^.^^.'-■■.'■f-rf;^*:';--.    .   .,   -
J       . \Vi -jf-.v-..- ',. _rfa-,i4*- *-
*      * ' 3£r'7*"V''>   W%--'<        -   -
-    Into tlie  tailor'?  pre'seiic?~sh„e jcame
-   like a shot from  a   gun.^and looked
such daggers at. luni' tha^h-jj^felt- in--
':.' -dined to run. -",'<   *;. <YJA Y '?•/ -V'
-*'    " Her black eyes flashed-,with; anger,
arid her language wiis-profuse,.-and
when she raised-'aithreatenih^'liahd hi'
trembled in his shoes. f  *• -    *_-- •'-
You ninth part ef a manl she yelled,
■ I'll crush you as a' fly!   '- .Tliis  earthly
planet never Iield.agreater firigltt  than
I.' 7     -'•    .       . - Ui 7- ; ' ,_ ',;
Gaze on the bloomers which I   wear."
You made them sir; for me.   - Don't,
look at them.withsuch'.a'stupij stare,
/ but scan themcarelully!"" ""*'• —'■",' '**   '   '
You   guaranteed ,'a-: perfect-".fit  to,
■'■*'. measure .whiclr. L.brought. _.Now.. do
you think it a bit stranger that   I   am
, lighting .iolf>v * -«-*j-«*-fci'.»r--.vi. s-'.,i." -4 -.
Gaze on,them   well,   you -senseless
" goose*.'. Say,   am   I  not. a .  fright?.
Where they are tight  they -^should, be
loose; where loose they should be tight.
She slowly turned that he might'scan
the fitness pf the clothes,, and   as   he
gazed that man blushed like a red, red
rose, '•" - H. "     .        • °,   - -1
With laiigh suppressed, and  bows
- profuse,  he}, said she'd  spoken right;
where.they were loose they,'should lie
'  tight,. where . tight:! they   should bf
loose. , 4„7,'-.V   ,- .    •
These no doubt are the -first, said he,
tliat madam;ever wore.l You've made
a slight mistake,   I see.:    They*'re on
wrong side' before.
- - i-*i-   •-•'"„. *     .
\ A redder blush,  the   tailor   said   he
never, never sawj and as she iu confusion fled,ihe laughed Haw!,Haw! Haw!
- Ha'w!   •-■*;■'■■ '. '  "-■■-.- '."*' '■'•'■. V.'.-
' *-**,
F. H., Sherman Nominated, as a
Candldute Thursday.
Last Thursday a 'convention pf.tho
labor unions of the Pass was- held in.
the parlors of tho Frank hotel,-, with
the.ohject oi nominating a' c mdidate
to contest the forthcoming election -n'
the Pincher r'ding on behalf of the
independent labor interests. Eleven'
delegaies were present,-Representing
the jminer$";unIon5 at Cole'mah,5 Blair-'
more, iAllty Bellevue and Frank," and
the carpenters'union-here. • The railway, men'werq-not".represented,, but
sent word they wou^d;;*abide by* de-
.cTsjon of conyehtion.-V-T. H.:Sherman
presided; '_; "7- '"    -",-.?-•''; ""* V7 .'
* After-a thorough^discussioa' of;the
situation it' was decided to1 place* a
candidate in th'e.field and "the; honor
fell unanimously to F.  H. Shermari,
president ofthe district association i'of
the United Mine.' Workers.'   He  ac
cepted tlie nomination, subject to the
executive board of district -No. 18*
An_"'executive -.' .committee v.was then
organized as follows;' Robt. Evans,
Frank, secretary; J:" A. Macdoiiiald,
Blairmore, ..treasurer; ,Wra.f- Evans,
J. Whriler. J. Chapman, Frank; F.
GeBsIe'r, i,T*"_ Haines, - Coleman,  "J.
Noble; Lille.-  They  have- power, to
add.to theirsnnmbers, and .will have
chargV'of the campaign."'IjocaVcom-
.mittees are to be organized - in each
camp.   . "    7    .
Mr. Sherman announced hia'ccim-
paign would commence at once; and
he will made a personal canvass ot
the riding, beginning at the prairie
end.. He said"there was ho question
ot withdrawing -and lie was in, the
held to!8tay .and-! win. With three
candidates in thc field he was dead
sure to win,*.as labor controlled' over
700 votes ih the Pass, with a; big lot
more to go on the list. His campaign
would be run on strictly' independent
lines.   --'   ' "*•■'■'"   ''     '"'.' ;.'}..
Invention!) to.be Invented    \
An' easy and quick way* to gel'rich" "is
to invent something good, and then ■_ to
market this invention wisely. ' There"
follows a-list of much needed inventions, compiled from the notebook of an
inventor who.is a* millionaire. This
man declares that in anyone of the
following inventions a fortune of seven
figures lies7 . , ..,.'' -.,77 ■ ',
.Asilent typewriter. The great\ob-'
jeclion to typewriters'- is,- their noise,"
yet it-should be easy to deaden the click
ofthe keys., A silent typewriter would
otonceoust all the rattletraps.- '    ...
An - automatic stamp .aMixer. To
afllx a,postage stai'iip to 'a"letter there
is no method but the awkward way1 of
dampenihg'the stamp .'and' pressing it
on ihe envelope with  the hand, " ^The
world needsTpn automatic Jetterstamper
This should fie, .an instriimenT:-shaped
like a seal. -'lt-:should cariy; in its interior'a hundred^or more • stamps.
Pressed upon ah .envelope," ah/inside
mechanism should' fir^t moisten j the"
-stamp and then fix-it firmly'to- the letter. Such a' cohtrivance. '"capable, of,
stamping a hundred letters-a miriutel
TVouId sell like hot cakes at ,a, tremendous price.     '!'     "'-.'      ' "'-,7' " .*   •
'- An. unshrinkable flannel,; The-best
of flannels may shrink. A man may
pay $io^or $12 for a pair of flannel
trousers, and at their first cleaning they
.may-dwindle into knickerbockers. A
woman may pay $25 or $30 for' a.skirt
of flannel, and at its first cleaning it
may draw, up* to her knees.. Some,'
chemicarsolution nat will make flai)-
nel, unshrinkable would, if patented,
sell afa high rate per barrel.
A rotary toothbrush. . Dentists clean
their patient's teeth with a brush,.-as
round as a marble, ^that revolves by
electrical or by foot power. The dentist moves this brush slowly over the
teeth,, and, whizzing powerfully," it
cleanses more thoroughly, • than the
most violent rubbing of an ordinary
toothbrush could do. A rotary brush,
revolving from the pressure of the hand,
would afford an easier and a belter
way tb clean the teeth than, the world
now possesses, and hence'it would sell
well- •'■/■* ; ,. -, \ _ ■ "". - "
. A cheap substitute for rubber.        --.
A flying machine.- -      *, .   .
tiiiie whejathe'-Hon.'J.;M. Gifisonand-'
Manager-'Hawkins.paid the way.for
securing a franchise from - the city
which made it possible.for the company
to,make an additional- §100,000 per
"annum on an "output -of power* and
which, owiiig to the unwillingness of
inability - of our elected, representatives
to'protect us in the matter, netted the
'city nothing in return." It seems ~ a
few bottles of champagne -judiciously
opened and a few pats on' the hack did
the work. Now.that the Cataract
Power Co. is coming back to the city
for aiv extension of it*- franchise from
seven to fifty years.it might'be the policy of prudence on the part, of the citi-.
ze'ns to organize a refreshment'. com-'
mil tee and keep champagne and cigar,''
constantly on'tap for the aldermen until all danger of an attack is passed.—
Toronto World. 7 -   '     ' "
4, Cliiiiiipiisrne Daaa th.3.Trlck"
Through a correspondent,* of'the Si."
Catharines Star'we leirn'something :o>'
the melhods emploved by  the Catarai*„
Power Co.  in  cultivating,   the    gcio
will of ih'e-city council.'.acidj.Jjoard:<\
water commissioners., .It appears, tha*'
emissaries of. the    Cataract company
when they have their  eyes- on* some
thing they want, act the part of '.'"goo■'
fellows',.'by'Iiberally distribuliug7cha"m
pagne aiid other joy creators. . - A Jitll-.
junketing' excursion   was engineere*."*
lhe other day by  two  of the Cataract
agents and from all accounts the members ofthe special committee to'-whom
the Cataract application  has   been   referred had a teal nice lime.     This   picnic reminds the correspoodent   of   the
Steal Estate- Loan
Portland, - Ore.
line 1 to Oct.. 15
Tickets "on sale from June 1st'to
'. -      M.     .- ' 1
September 80th, and, limited to ninety
days from date of "sale—but not later
than November 30th. „ Stop,, Overs will
will be allowed at anv point in either
,' . *.-■ - y-,-•."■■.*    <-, 7. ■> -
direction within limit of ticket.   ,.
A fee of fifty.cents will- be charged
at Portlaudfor extenBion'Pveturn Ticket.
James Sloan, Agent
IF you .have lands or.lots for sale, list them with us,rii\you want- to buy.
/ call qri'usV''.:''     "      ' " '   '  '__U1'" '   '  * '	
'■'•['       -    ' '        '•' ii''.i     '"     »    • . .      •'     ' ,-'•■..' " *'    ■ ''
TF yoij.haye;property to insure, have us write,the.risk. .
"- *•"'.''     * - •--      :.   ." '    '*.'      ■".:.'     , •    ' "     '■"' .      '   h '
IF you, want,to borrow money, '.,•'"•' ■-
call at our office.'   *
:We have for sale 1Q0 mm ot Und sltuntod olffht mllen from Penchland ond seven -miles from
Kolowm oa tho west tide of the Oknnngan Lnko. Thlrty-flvo aures of the tract Is bottom land
15 acres of level bonch and 60 acres of gently oloplnir land. The rorwilnilur Is good pnnturo land'
Flvoacros of this bottom Innd is undor cnlllviition, Cultivated lands In , the: neighborhood 0f this
land, aro earning inujf little lortunos for their owners. Somo fruit prowors in thnt section hnvo
aold tholr crops on tho trees at from 8200 .to 000 per ncro to Winnipeg ilealors this yesr Hero is «
chance to secure a fruit and vogetablo fnrm at ronsonnblo prices niul .upon terms thnt should
suit the purchaser,. Coll on us for prices, terms etc. ,.       . ,0
I   Mott, Son & Co.,--tb'lo6«, Fei*nie
wmmmsmmm^ aa^
' ;   'AND    '   '
90 Day Limit
All Itail via. Sumns or
8. S. Prlriooss Viotoria
Vanoouvei* to
.Via .Victoria.    .
Through Slooplnn Onr
Arrowlioail to Vanoouvoi*
Sunday   -  Wednostlny      Friday
' . Its baths cure
all nervous and
muscular r«
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
, and stomach
' .'ailments and
,;; they eliminate
"=   all inelalic
' , poisons from
•the system.
Reports Analysts ,.   ,
Of Samples of Water from Halcvon Hot Springs, Arrow
Lake, B.C.. 27th  February, 1898.        'v.'*." -
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh,,--Scotland,     '
,- March 3, 1898       x^V-
One gallon  of .water contained the-foifo»'ingiin-;
gredients, the results are expressed in parts-; *•"
Chlorine ;...      8. t^
Sulphuric Acid .- 363.4•}
Silica...:  '74.29
I*ime\.     84.57
Alkalies as Soda ...      5.71
Magnesia  232.00
Lithia         ,86
Sulphuretted Hydni- •-*■*' .
•fen...;     32.00
$12 to $18
per week,_
--'.--     '* *
-. according tcC v"
• -• residence in
hotel or villas.,,
i'V "'V
' r. v.,*-;
ArioRNS the'outer man, and
■ -    * 1 "        1 '
raises  the^ wearer  in   the
opiiiion„of the cjriticnl public
Jr RvC^^ron
- y.t ';;J",, " >. * ii>*fj-r :^<v .** *• *- -*
*'..J8the tailor.', to^-go. to 'when
-, J    * . )*■        °        if     ., ,
you want a "summer ~;:.
Sujt;-ot>CJi|^H^S;7'' -m
He lias the'nobbiest suitings
to'select'from,* and the lit. and
-4  ''*'',';:5'V.;'i."':>'ti 7   *'
-    .workmanship is the*beB.t> -
CAPsjnON        *      OI.nKST   TAILOR
A Summer Suit
Ts.p'rcbably the proper.
■" A-.' caper at thi*- .time
of  tiie  year. .   If you
have a desire-in that
direction-'-,-r"y"-* .yr.'-«
Kenny &:McLeod
■\ .
.-•A- . -
For full, particulars,    tickots,  (Irst-
class or tour'.Hta  eloepln;; cur   voHor-
vntlons.   Apply, to lacnl ngo.nl,
U, Itondliifr
Agont nt Fornlo.
J 8,Ci*rtor,D.P.A„
owery s
•23 Journal of Truth, Humor and
^8-' Justice will appear in Nelson
B. C. next month.	
J^IilS is its second time on»earth,
** and for $1. a year it is sent to
any part of the world.   .   .   .
Address R. T. LOWERY, Nelson. B. C.
Poor Printing .
Pays Poor Profits.
We get out a class of Printing that is superior to the
general run.  : : : :
4 '. '
That's why we're'kept busy.
Do we do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
—Tin. LunoER.
iXkwxaM-au:i      NEEDED
AnimiillS'i tollll tliniinw Tx.NHIon*. iTcntoil
by lUilruiiil uihl TulwirnI'll Vuui]m\i\u* Wu
want YOUNQ MEN uml LADIE8 or imml
lialilU, tu
Wo fiiriildli 7-) por rnnl. nf tlm 0|n<roti>r-:
■ml Htntlun Awi-nts In Ainvrlni' „ 'Mir hit
unlmoUnro tho lnri(u*>t.tixrliulv* T'll.'-jripli
HohoflU IN THE WORLD,, IC.Jhm) jIhM an
Wooxociitn n »S.Vl lliiiiil to i'very ulihli'iit
to furnlili liim or Imr n puoliKin itt.yl.iu
from 14ii to nn ii inont li In Stilt*)** ■ nu nl llm
Iliickr Mniintnlui, or frmn *T.'i tn Mini n
mnnlli InSliUcn wiwt of llm It.N'Mii', IM-
Hiu lunli iuin niiliir nt nny tinu*. Nd vii*
1'iilliiiia, i'or full imi'lriiliiM ri*rf ii'llnn tiny
of mtrHulmnlii willo illri'i't I'lniirntni-iitlvii
oltli'O ut t'lnnliiliiitl, 0,   OuliilrtKin liim,
Cincinnati, Olilo, nuff'la, N, Y*
A'.lantii On, UCrcne, Wli,
T«Kirl(in), Id*. 8sn frantlito, Cil.
P-Jf. yum SwtiiiiKi .lu'ttn no*, .N'.iKj
Sullliini non- arriving.
P. P. Ucbschcr,
Slltr*rt*s'§ Hon Ttlter
jjjU.SINKSS would bo boiler IfyonM
»5j Inuih It up n bit,
jMj[AUD TIMES only como to those
Hy|5 win*, don't gH up and "g\t,"
\f\'^ httvt-t'Anys. ttn't mtVo * pile
i.iVfti'' Af •ny Ji-cont tilt1,
j^J/S*l,V:f?S tliHr Ie>c*l ptxptt lliey
fiftr*lit«ntl-f fikironlx*.
An   :,i
judiciously placed in a live, nev^ig^-riTOAT
IS READ, is like a bullet which" goeS
Rig-ht to the mark,^^
-.£**' ■
Some circulations are sluggish... A pagef^ihat
is not attractive to the   reader -Hs^-kbi-"widely I
read.    AN ADVKRTISEMEN^'ihat is  not'H
' read   represents        :        :        :»      :,:-,. ..'
Money thrown aWly.
.   ,        There is -no dead-wood in the   circulation   of
An advertisement in its colunins always
Brings0 Results.   : -:"*V:. -,
Have ono of their litrgoKt stores in Fernio. r
Lamb, Venl, Fresh antl .Smoked FIhIi.    #
Fresh Fish .constantly arriving \
0 %S*V%AAlf*%r%+f%l<%^+Air*X%l^ %l%f%f%'%f% •
IfiF you've got a good thing-
| push it, don't let business
lag behind;
FpiOR the want of a little cf-
Ij'ijJ fort,  of the  advertising
'J\i can show you how to
V$\ do it, il may lake you
by surprise,
mTjfO sec the money roll your
MS way-  "Why   don't   you
—in Tiik Li'Doi-u.
VII. IIKVI.AVI), llimtncnr iir.d i'rovlncHI
«  Und.Hurviiyoi.  K*Ht.O
riiitK KASI.O IIOTl'l,,!** Kiflo.U tliu li-inl
IIB lliiiiil III tlmnllV.
l*fM'|.'l !••
i*.  T' UMI'nilTII
rjn: i'ii.iii:ur ii on: i. in vt,n-\<>u u ti«<
I* iiiiiiili|iinrl''r>(nrull IihmiIIithIh UniCliy
.fWllv^r.       Ht-'JiNKTr*, lU'ltl'IIV, I'top..
Vlr-I.KIMt lltlTKI.. lMllt. All tn*"ii1»ril
II ininm\Mnpnii nniiit'l* rmniii In Mititicc-
Ml, ...mil  iy tolf-vi iW* in.it k Hi *l (ml.
KIXwAV M«l.V.oi), I'tof.rl.-lur.
of IiivUai. root t>«l Hi" »ppfil?Jng n-lori
«4"rn,i- N,n.t tin. rl^li Tiroit'i'*■' ,w ' l«*t-l'M trinjil
Irmly lotU'liili. Th»lti llio kliVl of nunu our
hrtt (.rmXiKtt. IVnitlr. Jutiy, fniiiiWilnir. I
will n\*ltr> yitn Lrilnv utirt hraivny
(ttfdiirnr. irft»*ll thr «)inlrp»t full <if fin*.
lamb, iwirk, .'lo., altn. tint }ii»t , ow w« nn
t«lklni U*f,  Ik(-lw«i«of ouroff«rttf«.
I   H'.id '
fyt-ILwuimiH tin* iilur* 4>ii>«iit the cni
(tip -at*. M AX.DSV, It TKIClilI.U'k
rt Amffli'»n plAii, Mfil«,»,irniW Koom'
cupti> fl.  duly n-lilui tUr.lt> I'liiiilnyni.
IftthlniryrUfwaliiitil (tie iilm-c cifupt the cold
BAtlTI.l--.rT HiM'iti:, fiiriricftir llu* Clatli
I* Owl**! ,\ u il iv Imtcl In jV-l.nii. ilnlk
lil'e lull, ci.1,.11141'1 ll W. HAHTI.KTT
to riinr
Furniture and
Undor taking:
Dnrgnlnn In
Wall Taper
Two complete hoIb of Hitr rixltiriu, on
liritlHli I'lnto Mirror KlxO-l Iiu'Ih-k, now,
Letter I'retiMM, llllllanl nml JW. Tulilim
Cm-ill H«frlHtnrH nml olher 8ppcli*lltli'«,
Hall  Onli-ra   Iti'nilvi'   ['rimipt   AlU'lillrtn,
R. Klllott, Kaslo, B.C.
Sovoral Thousand
Mining 8took
Fop Sola
Mott, Son & Co,
•A'iiuibuultS'  Misi-ohantii,
wiioi.ps.af iiKMr I (,.T. \V. Wlock, I'ernie, B, C\
•   ft. l.t liii'Ur, Kittf
i-r.iil.SV"**!!, U 0.
r   ,|     -Hv.t-ovir.k.,   XYh.i i ,1.- I> t(-
J.   Knit- "
-nil, X,i..*i*i, Hi*.
J   „'*!"■ n IfrttiB for T,Q. Prottor, Hchor*
*t ■-%'
■J V*      i.-
- ■.-.. *
 \«f>, ^^.Yr^J_J.jmwmmmmm^ammmmm^^
.  -"   '    .**■'  ■
i->!»ic*-jp Capital
Head Office*
-$8,700,000 *
x   Spedal attention is directed to the following. Advantages  offered  b '
! , .   Our.Savings Bank,   „.., .       ''-.-.
Deposits of §i and upwards received, nnd Interest allowed at Current Hates.
Interest is added to the Deposit TWIC.l; in each year, at the end of May and
November.   The Depositor is subject to no delny whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the deposit." .
Payable in all'parts of CANADA,THE UNITED STATES,
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND EUROPE   Bought   and  Sold
at Lowest Rates,
tlm heading, insetted at; the rate of Ont
cent a word tach insertion,  ,'.-,-    ,f       o.
i ofiice,.
«{?'»'« Wednesday night, a wHtch charm,
confuting of inor)9 Hgate, gopher tooth, anil
sovereign.   Return to Roma Hotel.
men.   Enquire ot Fred Waters, foreman
for the Elk Lumber Co. -
17 B, MAY, Manager
'  /
Kenny & McLeod alwavs.have room
tor one more order.
J. Nixon, of Macleod, xeffistered at
4he Kirg Edwavd this morning.'
Surprise your .friends by getting a
-new suit at Kenny & McLeod.
Miss L. B. Cirtla camo in this morning mid is registered at the Waldorf.
Mr. McCrea C.-P. R. Agent at Lethbridge spent Sunday here  with friends
M. N. Davies, son of D. Davies,
iefl tor Pulu.tli Tuesday on holiday trip.
T. H. White, Mrs.' White and tho
Iittlo Misses' White went to Elko i.lils
-Kenneth Corson had passed with
honors his matriculation exams, in the.
Toronto conservatory of music.
A. G. Watt, of Wattsburg, registered
at the Ferine la-*t night. uHe in visiting
.the mill men along the Hup on business
q- ■   y
Miss JfianAmlcrsoii-of the P. 0. st-aff
returned from E'ko on Monday,   wher
6he has been spending a  well  earned
II.  M.   FnlWton,   Victoria,  G.  G.
Jewell, Jaffray, and R. S.'Barron, of
Cranbrook, .registered  at  the Fernie
.this morning. '
C." \V. Dorinau,   Charles ' McGinnPS,
--Ri-bt.   Mori-ill.  S.  .5. Luoller,  II. W.
Morgan and Jim Wallace, all of Spo'
Jane, weie at the Waldorf this morning.
A.    P. Crfcnne'tte and" wife came.
in from Cranbrook, Monday.     He has
' disposed of his hotel at' Cranbrook arid
expects to open  up  here in..the near
"future, ' " .
- The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
slop or two from the C.   P.   Ri  depot,
and convenient to business houses in
.the city. '  >'
1 \* '
•Shcppard &  Elliott are still  in the
' tinning and plumbing business. Those
indebted to them will confer a favor' in
.settling their accounts-as speedily as
Peace nnd war are still wavering in
die balance at Portsmouth but development of the last few days indicate a
possibility' of a permanent peaceful
W. O. Robins nnd family left tout
•night for Fort William.. Mr. Robins
•wjll tako a trip over tho G.T. P. nnd
C. N.,R. routes returning via Fernio
in about six weeks.
A general mlx*up opourred nt Crow's
Neat Hotel nt the 8mun.lt, Inst Sunday
in which nil hands joined. Special con*
atablo Burrows froni hero nnd Snmson
of Michel, went up to call off tho fight.
Ono of tho best foot-ball mutches
over played In this section enmo off on
Saturday bntwoen Conl Crook and
Fornlo* Thoro was a hip, crowd and
the honors ivoro oven, neither team
scoring a goal.
Tbo Indies of tho ft. O. church nre
giving n lawn social this ovoning in the
beautiful groundB of Mr. II. W.
Ilorclimor, Jco c|*?nm and other ro*
frOHhtnents will be sorved by the Indies
and ^ good tlmo is ln (tore for Ihoso
who attend.
British Ooliimblft GnsBotto
Tho following announcements ant]
fdclal notleos nro contained in tho
current issue ot tho British Columbia
A lln of tho InntlH in Nelnon titif-m-
mont district to bo sold for taxes Is
CertlflcatM of incorporation hnvo
knn IbhiiccI to tlm following:
Clillllwnck Water Supply compnny,
Mil-Incorporated undor tho witter
clnuKiiH coiiHollilfttlon net with * cnplta
Of 15 0.000 in 6,000 shnrou 61 tl each.
I'i verett O. Griggs Rlilp compnny Ltd
Cnpltnl 1-0*1,000, In 04,000 uliniwi of 11
(inch.  To ttdopt nn aijri-amont dutnd
July 21,10OB, betwoen thn Victoria and
_ Vancnuvor Btovodorlng coippany Ltd.
Alld J. .}, QW/iiJIt  lui    lliO    (JUl4.ilt»BO    Ui
,llu' palling nblp I ,on\ Wolnnly.
William J. MoMastnr A $onn, Ltd,,
Cnpltnl -tfO.OW in 1,(VK) shnres o( 150
cjw|j. To acquire tha bunluous carried
on nt Vancouver by James A. McMus
K-,r htiu Hi ... McMfcutM tmuitig unuer
the firm niimo of W. J. McMaster &
Llconsos hnvo heon loiticd to thn foi*
lowing ottto provincial companloHt
Gorman American Insuranco com-
Vnny—Ilcnd ofltcc, 2f«w York, capital
11,125,000. Head ollluo in British Col-
.umbln. U In Victoria, J. J. Dostock
bning attorney.
Hartford Fire Jntharaiicf* company—
}Ujtxto\ili», Hartford Conn., capital |1,*
MfiMt llttA ofljee la J.rllUb Coinm.
b\* liU>t VWflrli, Turner, Uccloii A Co.
M J,, J»eln_jf attorney,
may be done without advertising, so will grain grow
-without fertilizers.
But what will tlie harvest be ?
Homo Insurance compnny— Head
office, New,; York, capltul U3,000,000,
Head oilico In British Columbia-is at
Vancouver, A. A. Boak being attoreny
For Sale or To Rent
rooms,    Apply  to H. Uorgan. . West
Fernio ' *'     .
Application has been made to the
Lieutenant governor in council-for th
iucorporation of Cranbrook into a city.
A Splendid Inatrunient
'■ - ' .   ^     Aug. 19, 05
Dear Mi*. Suddaby
- Allow me to thank vou tor the
J V        * .
use of thatsplendid instrument which
you placed ataiy disposal for the recital at Mr. Davies'house. My programme was quite a heavy oiie find
1 am'delighted with the way the
piano i'e8p.inded, action and tone
both assisting me gresxtly. Mason &
Uisch are to be coneTatulatcd on hav
ing such an „ excellent instrument.
,    Yours sincerely'    «
Fred E. Morris
Gladstone Sick & Benefit Society
-    Report,
The Gladstone   Sick and  Accident
Benefit Society- is a body of men   belonging lo the„ Fernie Miners'" Union,
U.   M. VV. of A., "w.is organized, six
months ago, and held their half-yearly
mceiing in .Todd's hall on Aug.   10th.
The. result, ot,the,audit,of the books!
shows that the  society is  progressing
in a satisfactory manner and* the work
done by the ollicials has not  been  in
vTiiiT^ltbougirihcre is ample room for
a   better   membership,  roll.      Anyone
asking for   information  of the above
named-society can receive the same by
applying   to any of the  undersigned
President, Herbert Lanfear ; John
Dudley, Vice President ; Treat?.,
John iMinton ; Sc4*retary, Ben. Cheet-
ham. Managing Ba.ird, Geo, Wilson,
Henry Scotl, Charles Edgar, William
CoHiiij>-e. Sick Visitors, John Kent,
Charles Sanderson.
.Wc, the undersigned auditors, have
examined the books" of the Secretary
and lind them satisfactory. The income received in entrance fees and dues.
is $330. The expenditure in benefits,
etc., Is $157.85 Bunelils alone lo tin.
amount of $02 have been given which
leaves 11 bank uccounl of $172.85 '
J. W. Burton,
William Carroll,
July 31st, 1905,
DISAfj-At Fcirn'n on Auaunt Hint tlio wlro or
l.,l)onl, of h Hun,
Ml.IKl.E~At SU Vlotorliv Avo„ romlo, II. 0.,
onHumliiv, Aiunnt Butlii 1005, tiio wife of
0,(i, Moi'iUi, of anuri,
Literal Obedience
A Fitchburg insurance man tells
the following:' A printed clause on
all policies Bays all changes in resi
dence should be made known at once
to the agent. A man called at an
ofliec thc other day and said: I have
painted my house yellow and llxed
up the chimney , .' * * x
, ——-J-.-— '
Mountain Fires
The Rinoulderinp fires on the other
side of the river broke, out furiously' on'
Monday during the high wind and aro
causing moic trouble tn tbo mill men.
Men from both mills were out fighting all of Monday ni-jht and both mills
were shut down,all "dny yesterday while
the meufought the spreading.flames. --
This time the fine bush camp on the
hill, which cost tlte Elk Co. 'S1200 OO;
was converted to ashes. Over 2000 logs
mi skids'were destroyed and several
thousand posts scattered through the
bush were burned'  '» **7
The Fernie Lumber Co. has, as yet,
escaped loss.'bjit unless the fire can' be
; totally extinguished, it is'sure to reach
their, timber and' inflict more damage.,
It seems that between the fire-fiend
and the gnawing hunger' of ■ tho tax
man,.that the lumber, industry in the
Knotennys has a hard timo of it, but
these lumbermen aro_plucky fellows
who don't seom to know how to say die.
"fcTOTICE is hereby glv«n;thRt lifter the ex*
1' piration of SO clear days from this date,
I intend to apply to the Asuiatant Coiamiu-
sioner of La.U&3 and Works for the district in
■which the underraentioned'lands are situate
for a license to prospect for 009.1 and petroleum for a term of one veax- over the following described lauds situate in the district
of Southern.t Ko itenay commencing at a poat
nl anted about one rnile weat of the summit of
.ihe Rooky Mountains and.two miles north of
tae South Kootenay Pass Trail and marked
"Herbert Hyland's Northwest corner post,"
thence south eighty chains, thence east eighty
chains, theuce north eighty chains, thence
west eighty chuins to place of commencement coutainiiiR (A0 acres more or less..
Located and dated the icth day of August,
1905. - Herbert Hyland, [jocator
J. G.,Gordou,'Ageut
NOTICE is hereby given that after.llie expira-
t ion of 80 clear days fn*m this date 1 intend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner
of I.tuids ana Wo-ks for the district in -which
tbo undermentioned lands are situate for,a
license to prospect forooal and petroleum for
a term of* one year over the following described lands situate in the district of South
East Kootenay commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining Herbert Hyland's corner post marked *lA.* G. W. Hyland's. north-
oast corner post" thence south eighty charts*.
Uit'iH-e west eighty ohains,' thence nortii
eighty chains, thence east eighty chuins.to
rhe place of commencement containing 010
aoresmi.ru or less. *
Located and dated tho 16th day of August,
1905.     A. G. W. Hyland, Locator
•  J. G. Gordon,-Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that after the^xplr-
■ation of fli clear days from this date,-* intend to apply to tho Assistant Commissioner
nf Lands uud Works for tho district in which
tlm undermentioned lands are situate, for a
licuuso to jirospoct for coal and petroleum for
a term of ono year over, tlio following do-
i-cribed lauds nituate in. tho district of South
Enst Kootenay commencing at n post planted
nortii of and udioinlng A.G. W Hyland's cornor tiost markod *'G Waller's southeast corner
post" t.liciM*o westeigbtyuhaiiiR.thencenoilh
eighty chains, tlience east ol.hty chains,
thence south eighty chains to the place of
coniDtonornient containing fill acrei moro or
less*, r.ocujtod and dated tlie 16th day of August 1905, * G. Waller Locator
J, G, Gordon Agont
a watch.
its.only duty,in life is to. answer, correctly one question -     ',',:..
what time is it?'
All watches sold by., us are guaranteed to answer this important question
correctly    The prices are right.
OfflDlal Watch Insperitoi* of O. N. By. '
Jeweler. Optician
These warm days when water is so valuable for Real
-/''' -Estate."  -". ,7'\ q_ ,   /.:„",-''   ,7       ',"-"'     .',.'•.   '"
Try our Lemon, Pine-apple, Rasp-
, berry Syrups^r Lime Juice.
Dash Only, . "*!;'';
"  ..*''.-    -   . ■     Prompt. Delivery    ■'-**'"   ■
W. Ji; Biundell
The People's Grocer,  P. O, Block; Fernie
I ■*'■« I
3       -5
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or pro
fession. Read the "display,, advertis
ment of the six Morse Schools of Tele
grapby, in this issue .'and, learn tele
graphy. and be assured a position.__.   -
NOTICE is liorohy given that'after the expiration of Silelear days from thid date, 1 in-
tpnd to ajiply to the Aimistant Oommisaioner
of Lund and Works for the' district in which
the undermentioned lands are situated for
a licenso to prospect for coal and petroleum
for a term of one year over the following do-
scribed lands situated -n tho district of Soutu
East Kootenay commencing ht a post pl»nt-
Qdioast of and adjoining G, Waller's oorner post
aud marked-'M.C. Wallers southwest corner
-post" >thonce east eighty, chains, ithence
nortii eighty chains, thence west eighty chain?
thonco south eighty chains to the place of
commencement containing (MO acres more ot
less, Located and dated this lGth day of August 1905: - M.C. Waller' Locator •
J. G.Gordon Agent
Sunday Base* Ball
Speaking, of a Sunday baseball
game' that drew a largo crowd ot
ladies, the-Waterloo, (Ind.,) Dawn
. Tbe game was very quiet, notice
had been given to the spectators that
nocheering nor any noise would -be
allowed. The marshal and the
night watchman were both on hand
to preserve order. During the-game
someone dropped her b.iby from the
grandstand, .- but, forlunatnlv,^ the
little one was not. injured.
This must have been the bouncing
baby* that we sometimes read-about.
•"J Lighten our darkness wo beseech
thee, Oh ? *   ' -    _
f Our landlord did the trick on Saturday last.
11t now gives our customers  n
chance to
Have A Look
at our School Supplies
' •   Stationery; 7 ■ *   . ■*
'Magazines ^
, > Drugs .
; - &c, &c. ; ;
We have the goods   ;,
Just look in throughfroiir new
window.        .        .
A. W. Bleasdell
Recalls Days of Intolerance ..
tract oHand,'.arjjacenl*> to tlie' town
hall at Wate^WnrConn.', is saddled
with a condition that *' 'rip .Episcopal-
itms or other- sectarians" shall be allowed to build'a residence upon it lor
themselves. ^
;N0W.:-    >■'
t ■- __
would be
that our strong values cannot be procured at any other
store inJFernie.;      :       :        :        :.    *:       : •   .   ";
A Week jpf Specials
10 Doz. Ladies Fancy Collars, regular 35, 46, 50 and *
60 cents, to clear at 25 cents each.        :    ,   :        :k
i" "    «* -   • .     ' -, ,.'"'. ■ .'.I'''''
Ladies Silk Blouses, yet a.nice:,assortment in  Blacks,
Creams and colorsj regular $6.00 to $18.00^ now % off
\ Specials in Hosiery      " •   Specials in Gloves
; . Specials in Ladies White wear ' *
Specials in Ladies Top Skirts
,  Specials in Ladies Undervests L'     >   -
* Specials in Boys Blouses  _-..   ,
Specials-in Every Department.
Just received a shipment of-Stetson^Hats, direct from,'
thecmanufacturers/    Prices right;  - .. :y-■...:    ..:.:.,
The London World's Advice
To get' on with - an Englishman,
says a writer in the World, a colonial should insult him. , An Englishman will koivtow and be extremely civil if a colonial treats him
with firm, energetic insolence. In
England • Insolence and power
aro pretty •■ near synonymous.
Ifa.co'onialis sufiiclently nnd con-
vincin«ly rudo, the Englishman will
tako him for a robber -baron or a
rich foreign middleman or Jew
hanker, for tho Englishman cannot
help his feud ul ism. lie must kowtow
or snub. Ho Is convinced that trank
frttt.-rn.il equality Is only a business
ruse of the American.   -
Hri^iwwti^iiiiwiwniniiwijwiiftTiito-itw jfeJYXl w*
■W'W'aul.iM fri'i
iliu Largest A^Te^'aliuii of Sports
ever pulled off in the District
Forme's Two Militia Co's, will participate in the Parade
Special Train to Cranbrook
and  Return
Everybody is Going.   Brass Band Too.
Ppomotofi's . .
Any entertainment of nny kind
al which an iidmlssiou fee is
charged and for which we lmve
dono the prlntlnfr, will receive
free notice in these columns, nnd
if complimentary tickets flro furnished Tiik Lcnait, tx write-up of
tho occurrence will be given.
In all oilier ennes,'notices of
cnlcrtaimncnlH etc., must be paid
for, and no write-up will bo jrlv-
en of any entertainment unless
tickets for the sume havo been
Htippllcil to thin oilico.
ThiB Ih nothinp more than bus.
InesH o(i(|uctto and the courtesy
due nnd extended lo the press in
nil communities where ordinary
liorsc'HcnHo provnllv,
A Good.Time
to :■•*
Hand in
. *  Now is the time to buy. these goods cheap .7"   s
rARE Not loo thnt (Vi ilny. nftor dnta, I in
_ tend to *|ipl.v to IIU Honor tlm liUutonnnt
Oovornorln fjaunoll, under tlm "Illviir nnd
Htnmmii Aot" for porniiimloii to olour liimlilnrii.
loB-iiinmiinil otlmrolmtruotloiiH from tlio 'lieu
or VvllnonOreok, Kiut Itootimny II, 0, from
Um point of entry Into tlm Klk Hivor to itn
Sub cct To
We wjll buy
2000 filmrcs Unmblor OaWbrii.
5000 Hharos Intornntlonal Conl   .
10000 Hlians Bt Kuk<iiio
000 Slmrnn Roclty Mountnln Oil   .
We offer, subject to sale, at
at a very low price
mn Shitrcd Western OU
If you wish to buy or sell
stock of any kind communicate with us.
Int-uranca in*. Stock Broken
Fernie B. C.
noiirut,nml to conatrucT tlnnm, llumoi nnd
mitke mioh othor iraitrovoinatits ai nmy b*
nooimiittry for ilrivinit logi hiiiI iluinlna timlmr
Dut-jd.AuBUlt IMIi.lW.V
NOTirr. it u.,\j kiu.. r....1* .ui.u :„„u
HU'tiiintu, of tlm olty of Verniii, fl 0„ trftd*
iuit iiji Oimlc* Itti-burih, Onmnu) iivieluui,
rumlunml to lliiirlon Wilmot Vuywiy, of tlio
Oily of Vancouver, il. ("•„ Ar.omiiitinit, In triint
for tho tionolll of tlio omlitnri of Hit mid
Alien Juno lllchnrdt, trA-JliKi »• Clmrloi
Hlolmrdi, »IHi(irre*il nnd purminiil nninnrty,
ororiltt and dlTtoU whloh may bo mimi. nnd
*Pfre 2/oii
Jlboitt jirfveyrtising?
It requires a deal of thinking, and   the  more
thinking the less money to do the work.
The more you think about it,  the' more  you
will realize the value oi»     :      ':       :     Y' '
If there is one newspaper in British Columbia
that is thoroughly read, morning, evening
and Sunday, it is THE LEDGER, and it is
read by those with intelligence enough to appreciate and money enough to buy your goods.
2fc 2/ou Catch On?
orodll. ._...
void under•xuoiiMon.
f',MinltnmiMi rnonlr»iMn »«ni1 tn A««l«rnf>i4
J*, O, llox IM, Vnnnouviir, ll, O.. on or lioloru
"■■   "      " Hoptemiior, WJ, jwrtionltra
thftlr dlnlnin and of tlit MWnrl-
tlio Tth day of H«pt«mt'*r, tOcA, jwrtionlara
itiily vorlllM, nf thftlr nUlma and of tl
ty.lfany.lnldjjvtlmm.       -
Amonilnuoi tlio uruditorn nf tho nal	
will bo ImW at Um ofllun of JUnm JU Aloxindor,
I..T, W, llloflk, Kurnlo.fl U,on llm lDtli Hmv
01*   *»▼**(   I»II«1»W|    *wVt IMWf OS    U|.   ..    . ._ , „ T„
of Aujrunt, 1H0&, at I o'oliKik p.m., for tlm pur*
poio or (ivlntr dirootlouo for tho il
out fo'r tho "ilNpblial of
J5«t»d till Tth dny of Aiiffimt, A. P. 1AM.  '-
HOW tt AhtXAVtitttt,     '
HoUfitort for tlm A»tl«n«o.
TXTOTICB Jo ntroliy »lven, thlt throo m^nlh*
-iy After daf*. MipHcatlun will ba mad'i tn
!!*■ to*tit*nani qov«ra<.r In r'mnaD, VvTlia
and Usniifactutlnir Oomi
onama of UitCr'iti
tmpaojr, J.imltmi."
*•»   ATI
tImitH.toebkr.jratboiiami of UiaOnsi'iiiriy
to "ThotlkT.nmhur Cumpaoy, I.f-1*-' "
lUitklr ALn»*>l'f»,
HolicltoM forth* Company,
TheC. P. K. Offer Special 90 Dny
Round Trip Kiitou from Kooteimy
' On AiiffUHt 34 and 25 xxxxA September
16 unci 17, the Cnnttdlun Pacific Kuil-
wiiy will soil nt Nelson, Uomlmul and
Trull 90 dny round trip llckciu tn Wln-
nlpejri St. Paul, Duluth,  Port William
l'4/l      ^.^.. *,*..     .Ili.l     iO     lw.11411^0   ^/j^.Ovl.
CorrcHpniiiUnj; rnti'i* will ht xwxAr from
nil Kootunny polntn,
Through round trip ticlicln will be
Hold on' tlio snino dateM to Toronto,
MontrctiI and all poind* in Ontario,
OitV'*, M'lr'iiiop Ti»nvtrci!v, NcwYrrU
and New England utatcn, K*>od on all
roil or lnl<o route, at wpoclul exrurnlon
For full pnrticular«, firit clans or
tourist ilecper reservaiions, apply J. S.
Curler D. P. A.  Nelion.
Ilceord of Anjorlonn Pnmlly
B. H, 9hermnn of WUHuautown
found in old book lu his attic tlio
other dny whloh coniA.nod tho hla-
torv of the flhr.rraan family from an
farbMotcas 1763. Ta the volume
rolirence wm frequently made to
Pownat, Vt.t tmX.A U. tiadi iniuuce It
isipelled Pcundwoll.
Fire Sale
Shirts, Collars, Ties, Hats
and other Gent's Furnish*,
ings, at less than Cost.
1 am going out of these lines
entirely and want thc room
for my New Fall Stock of
, Tweeds etc.
Big Bargains.
M»rglunt Tailor
Hurtled by Cold
l'ntpnuii cuh\, nn is well kpown,
btiniB—!f we may use the term—llko
licut. If a drop of all' ai tt inn pern •
tnro of 180 docreea below xcro wero
(lUcod upon the hand it would lmve
tlio wrao effect at would the tafne
quantl'7 of molten uteel or lend.
Everyone who hnithe cjr#*r>f home
onshi to know tho pain Inflicted bv
I'iaclnjf n (rcMUM. hit In * horeo'ti
mouth.   It burnt llko hot iron.
■ j *$rj;.vi "*■' ^Ty'T"'::- 'ML
rir-j v *'%!2(£ii**,~*¥}'f%ttr$
i*Wm* >
— -j \i;-.
' -rV.S^.^fti^?'%ftlMa?Wi^
»-» **ita»8*
•v rr-mmwmm^sw*******^ - >..~*rZ!!tir-


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