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The Fernie Ledger 1905-08-30

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 ,■*',--   ----- •*-*■=-,-*i - sSrzfT-.'!^ ;
■■'.-''-' .'" » :""-'vif
'y'-y "    -JC v    ■,*■'   7
7       \
- V- ■'■■■. /
/_ ' )-'JV        '^"c-      v"?'   ^<r7""J'/
.. • '   i
• •',- **i7-''.-*'
- -.' -".*-.'* >-.
-' •-.
twSEP 5 ■_*MOS-- ,<£
*■* ~-y '
*V*^^^**-.rf**. *■
Volume., I,-Number 4.
f Price,' $2 a Year, in Advance '
,*_- Local Happenings, in and
'  About the City
'".". Interesting Items * About flany
_'.-. People  Vou Know
• Every month a lire .*   ..
' • ,— "Kvet? west* •• show, :
' *.' Oh! Our Holy Sire;,   '   '* .   ", ,v..
' ; . At what 11 paoe we go! - * '    ',
y. Mrs J.;R "Pollock left for the* coast
on Saturday.
'     R.  W. Wood left".'on Saturday for
• Portland and othor coast, clues. .' ■   •
J. H. Pearson and G. G. Jewell were
at the Grand in Sp'»'--jie last Friday. .
7   -Rev.  Mr. Kintli-yi of Michel,  wlll
conduct tho service at the. MuthoaiBt
Gliurch next Sunday. ...•*-
Misn McUale is able (to be out,once
more after her. unfortunate experience
„ with a runaway' horse.   *' '
1-     .., Br inquiring at the Ladder office two
;    jiBiitloiiu'ii wiehintjr'board'iind fu'rniKlied
, room can bo accommodated.       •
.Municipal ownership has paid well in
,..-   Guclph;' Out   4n  two years, the-city
hat* cleared 926,171 from gas and power.
Mrs. Bark.ley, ' wife of^MK Barkley
the C,'P. R  operator here, left' lust
*.   Sat ui day* lot Montreal to visit her par
,.'   onto.   .. .„; . • "'; ' •.. 7-- • '"""••.
7  . -The-city got $3i8;00.from the.deiil
zens of the houses at the lower end- of
Pellat.Ave.last week*   -This business
"- is looking- up:.'_,"  y/ 7;.  -*..';' -..
,   ■* 'YesterdaV Mr. Dockerill-moved Mr.
'Eckstein's office from the "Quail block
,*. -  to the rooms over tbe Crow's Nest. Trad:
.. injjjCoy'anew'store.-'_■* 7 ', 7' '-*"
:Misa,Carrie..Hall has resigned iier
position as toather* in the-city schools
- .and lier place will bo filled, by, another
' teacher next month.   ~~   ' ■  ' .   .
-.-'  Mr and Mrs Panther who have been
.-;    vtsUin-c MrB. -A/ -C. Liphardt .have re-
turned to Calvary.   Mrs. Panther is'a
'agister bf Mrs, Liphardt.     '. .
. .   -.fames Johnson has resumed hist- posl-
'"■ 'Hon at J. D, Quail's after having visit-
7-    ed"Portland,, San.. Francisco-*-.and
^VTorynfcD^n.ttyacaUonitou-r;  . 7 * * •> -
. Y Digby and Waldo*have,the contract
- forKummer's now house and also one
- for^postmapter, Jobnison to-be built
;-.'. near Fred Johufion's cottage.'  '
' ' 4 Wm .Hoffman, formely of the Trites
■   - Wood Co., returned from"a 'rambling
- trip which extended, from Toronto on
the Lakes to Portland on the. Sound. .
, W. J. Ried, of Cranbook," camieTdown'
with his mother, who has been visiting
. him and registered at tho Fernie. Mrs^
-Bied-left'over the GrSrforSouf ryes-
terday morning. 7" 7..,..,,: '",    - . 7.
*   Father Lepinejh"charge of the Cath-
-otic JlChareh tat--; Blairmore - has - been
" transferred to the 'IndianMReserveat'
Mac'leodapfllFatheriOe'.Vildei.-late of
^ift^^-^S^a-^^ ^^mfkWX. ComminKreturned 01,
*r:.&>4&*iMat&?iG;fr.R^roadm*Atof loft ,\j0)1(* -     ..•*.•._   ..     ..•
A. B. '-Williams, provincial" game
warden, was registered at the Fernie
on Monday. -
"J Gordon,~of Vancouverrand H: B.,
Ewio*?. ot Little Rock, were at- the
Imperial yesterday.. *
Fred Kirkham, the well-known
grocery traveller was calling on customers here yesterday.
A six months old child - of ,Mr.*and
Mrs. John Kirbin died on the 23rd and
w«s buried on the 25th. ,
H: E.'■ Macdoneil, district" freight
agent of the C. P. R , Nelson, is in town
8tO|i|iing-at the Feruie,
Alfred C. Nelson has been appointed
actin-,' government agent during the
absence of.I. F Armstrong-.
Charlie Sheppard returned from Winnipeg-last Sunday eveiiiii"- und is At
work again in his old place. . /*
- The Fernie Carpenters Union will
hold a smoker on the evening of Labor
Day beginning at6 o'clock.? •
J'. L.Thorney, the Fernio shoemaker, doe*i his wdtk prutnptlv and neativ.
Try him. Opposite P. Burn's .Office
• Ji J. Whalen, of Montreal, travelling
for the Sherman Williams Paint and
VarniBh Co., was at Fernie last we«k  '•"
No further.word has been-'received
frnm" Mr. and- Mrs, Tom Whelan tint
Con expects them to return in-the next
few days.
Mr. H M. Burritt, of Vancouver,
travelling in the interests of the
Corticelli Silk people was at the Fernie
last Saturday	
Wm Handle? has. purchased the
house'and lot immediately across the
alley in the rear of the one he purchased of J. A. McLean, ji
. The fall, wheat on the prairie. has
been pal tiered in the stook with very
little dnniHife, and the harvesters aro
now Busy with spring wheat- and>.oats.
.His'serene Highness, Prince Louis,of
Battenburg, and his jolly Jack-Tars,
are beinj? treated to a good time down
in what Mr. Lowery would call the cent
belt',    ;-'..,..-   ■-*,_     .   "*   * ";.
If is reported that Premier McBrido
is to be made a Doctor of Laws.. Good.
We'vegotawholelof of laws in British
Columbia that ueed doctoring.—Golden
Star; ■;.  .'- *" ". . ',  '.. *" ,  -   .'*    ^
E. J Arnold, proprietor and advance
a»cnt of the Arnold shows, was in town
Monday and "Tuesday arranging for
their entertainment here on the 5th and
6th of Sept.—-'-" ^-7 =-- , '
Fred Kirkpatrick. of* this office met
with a' painful accidenton "Sunday., He
tripped on a -broken billiard cue and
the sharp point, entered his risrht eye.
With care he may not lose his sight;-	
-?,-Fonr boysj-^oJJB^eeriJjoarding.at
MrermcDonald's moved their goods to
a small "shack in the. woods near the
GrN." station .Saturday morning and
in the .afternoon had to' move 'again,
The bush. lire, burned the shack and
twice in twenty four hours they^wer*
homeless. ..;•--..---. -. '-"._7::-.,°..7^...77"-'*
r-7 :„ ■■'/»:■■ ■     -7° 7*
apan Lome Oo Ot
Sreat* ffle/oicing
The Angel of Peace spreiubi her wiiifrs from afar,.
And proclaims to the World tho end uf the War,"
Culled   from   Exchanges
Along The Crow
of 'the'"Many Events
the Piiss Towns.   .
Portsmouth, N. H„ Aug. 29—Peace between Russia and Japan was practically concluded at this mornin-j's session
of the Conference. , For ihe sake of peace the Japanese with a magnanimity worthy of their heroic achievements in the
war, met lhe ultimatum of tlie Czar and abandoned their demands not only for re-imbursement for the cost of the war
but for the re.purclinse.of the Northern half bf Sahklin;> Russia at the same lime agreeing to the division ofthe Island.
The Japanese also withdrew articles 10 and.. 11 ofthe Peace Conditions originally proposed :—(demand for the„ sui render,
of the interned warships and limitation of the Russian.-Naval "power in llie Far E.ist) The delegates,of the respective
missions were called on at tlie afternoon session and'the actual work of formulating the treaty of Peace began. An
arnistice probably will be arranged at once. The news'that peace had been agreed upon caused the most. intense excit-
ment at the hotel where the convoys hnve.heen'sutiohecl.' Everywhere there was a deliiium of jubilation.. A scene of
'the greate'st excitement'followed the'receiptof the news "in the lobby of the Hotel Wentworth. -The peace-bulletin was
telephoned-to tlie Conference room at the'Navy Yarduby Mr. Sato and like an electric thrill flooded through the room.
There were screams of joy. Men threw their hats alofi, want actually wild,'then there was a rush for the telegraph
office and in an instant the news was spreading to the remotest corners of the earth. '      -
M. Wilte accompanied bytBaron de Rosen came to the hotel for luncheon.     There was a wonderful demonstration
upon theirarrivAl. - . -'.   ' •"    * '- ,"*■•*     ' ,
***-. * , ;*-" -" ' -'
' The rumor is circulated that'there is some sort' of secret understanding behind the'peace treaty. ' The two plenipotentiaries have respectively proposed to their Emperors the conclusionof an immediate armistice. °
,. M. Witte in an interview said :., It seems increJitabfe.,.' I" do not believe any other man in my place would have
dared to hope for the possiblity of.peace on the conditions to which we have just agreed.' From all sides, from President
Roosevelt down to my own friends in Russia I received up to.the last moment this morning urgent representations that
something should be paid to Japan. * Not only.ive do not pay so much asa kopeck, but we obtain half ofSahklin, now in
their hands., Atthis mornings meeting,I presented my written proposition which was the Russian ultimatum. .It was
iL'cepied by the Japanese.'- Iwas^amazed and until I was in the conference room I did not think what would happen.
I did not anticipate such a great and happy issue.77-7,.-        ;    -'. - • k
.' ■  -   " |I   Bntwliile we rejoice wi'th'e'seeedind great ioj'..   -'   „ ;
• ."-.         -7'■-' .-                       , '/Lot us remejiiber ihe wWobt, thc orphan, the fatherless boy. .   .'    .
-      -  - ,              ..>. ../   ...       , .-,-'   Lotqs pray that thejlo.-»soji8 bought tttsuoh coat
. __,';*!;        "■   7 --' "-y   "'*--'   -   ■■". — ^" Woi Mpoel and trokvj»ar«^ anoh team and such strife,          -   ■" '          '• V            .,
■''        "'' "   .     -'.^.r;'; May never be lost,'. u"-''       .                         "* *         .  , . .   -  -•- 1. •-,    -   '•
-...-. .■'■-• '■"' ' "              "          ''-. '.-a-' -.'■-,         -1 '    -    *                "■- •**-■'       ......
for Banff last night for a fow days - well
'   earned rest.' His, place will be filled
i*,';'"i!urieg-'"hirt -absence by,-, road - master
,;.7'Sandrtron, ot-Macleod.•.,«„ v
'•/- , .Ross'Bros;'pf tho Elkmouth mill have
/   built a platform 100 feet', long, at; that
7 station on the.G; N. for. tho. accommo
, dation of the "public.   The red  tape
' ' prooess'-was too slow for them.
■/     Louis Monette, driver in No. 2. mine
. waa severely injured' at Coal Creek
'- yesterday morning.   He was' taken  to
:   Tils boardiug house whero" his injuries
;.   wero attended to by tho colliery stir*
**goon,"''I"-■.;.■'  :7     -y - -
.   '-Mr. J. A. Hplden.jof tho Alborta
.Grain Co.','Is In* town stopping at tho
- Fernio   Ho reports fino crops of wheat
all over tho prairie and is looking for n
1 big trade with the peoplo. ofthe* Pass
..towns,;,-,    "   .-
•■■   The Calgary Herald huscut the Star
< off its exchange list.   Tho Star has. reciprocated thiN good fool ing by cuttlni*
,   the Herald off Its dfrtdhoad Hat;    What
is the Star's gain In tho Herald's' loss.—
. Golden Star.
'Herb Fullerton stopped at tho Fornlo
a fow days last weuk     Ho did good
'   work at tbo flro rescuing horses from
, burning stables, toarlnii down  small
buildlnus  aud being uonorally usoful
•II trouod.
T, Muuroo. spnclHl coimUble In
charge of tho dfpthuria pntionts at Elk*
, mouth has returned ■ Dr, Iliggins
states that his patients havo all rocnv
ored and the health oiliccrs havoraissd
-. tho quarantine.
Mr. Frank II. Wort Illusion, of Elko,
and Miss Margaret Mnhol 1'odhunt.ir
0 of Ferule wero united In tin* ootids of
holy inatrlniony nt Christ Church, Mon-
dav at t p tn., the rector Rev. K. U.
Dartlott ofllclatlng..
No buslneM was over advortleoil so
ecxtonslvely that It would carry Itself by
thnmomontum It hnd attained. The
fatten oxpross train stops after a whllo
if tha steam incut off—uiiIshs It li going downhill all the way.
Captslu McEvoy reports large isles
nf tickets for thn Cranbrook excursion
Indication are that a large crowd wlll
fro along with the Kootenay Itlflos and
ftho wi-stlierlii fnlr a fino time is In
store for thou, at Cranbrook
Fernie won ths North wost lmsobsl
tournament lirld at ChImhi-v, Culgsry
importsd a profoiHlon.il tmttory but thu
coal heavers from Fertile didn't do a
tlilni* with It. What Calgary needs Is a
professional ulno.--Ooldi.ii star,
A urdno cannot bo committed by a
bmlv of mon oocupylng tho Iil«hont
posftlous within tho gift of tho nnopli*,
' without that crlm« nrnrtni'li.-**' « -ii*p-r.*(!
nig oflsct nn tho mon who will form that
lodylM Ujy/ijlij-'-j.—IV.jjjjiptJg iritmne.
Wo havo Just received 0 letter from
■ som-tary White of Cranbrook, estond
1 Iiik to us the frooilnm of thnt beantlful
little city unit Monday, also froo luiielt
and n ProHS badge witn which to adorn
fir «,■•,!;.',«., TUi*!n»,   Wnntn oo
TlioanpletrceslnJohn fJbtiners' or-
ehard are laduit with fruit. Moit of
tho llinb* aro pnp'K-d up to koop thorn
from breaking off. The fruit has > One
color, and later on, when Mr Conner is
ai-iUap, the Star will toll ell.about tho
flavorM-Ooldon Star.
Unlit* Stat*bier and Miss Lottls Kvsni
vr*rs marrh'd at tho lioma uf thu brlilo'n
-parents In Ouelph. Ontario, yetwrd f
atojWpm. fho haptiy couple lwiV4i
Toronto this ronrnlnti bound for Fertile
whon 0 warm wHcome from a hunt of
friends awaits tham,
Mr. VAo*.n,  of tha GrMt  Kortheru
Inolt oitmsnilntt on Hntnrttny to movi*
all tht furniture aud oHic-a fl ttiires out
of th» station whan ths hmh firo was
I!      raging on all sides of thu Inillillig,
•--■'  CKANmtOOK
From the Prosjiector
Lack of water 1s retarding placer
mining to a considerable extent* at
Perry creek and at Wild Horse creek.
The Sullivan Mining Company haa
installed a new air compressor to
keep pace With its constantly increasing output.
The people of .the Kootenavs are
tho mainstay, of lMtiah Columbia—
They contribute directly and indirectly two. thirds-of the revenues of
the province .   .•*_...-
• ,'At tho Stem winder) work on the
new strike reported last week is
progressing.. " While the - vein' is
small, it has well defined, walls and
the oro is high grade which conveys
an impression that they will widen out
at depth. .
At the Sullivan' mining is active,
and work is being pushed and it assures'a • large output this Jyear.
About 150 ton ot ore is rained' daily.
The Marysville smelter handles' the
ore mined, and it is reported'that
there, will be no curtailment of operations at the mine during; the
coming winter.' *     " _ ]
Messrs., Fink, Beale,.and Simpson,
were at fernie several .days this
nday,evening from'' the St. Mary***
coabtry where .they, beeii surveying
some mineral, claims, They report a
fine .trio and lots of flt.li In the river
above the lake Thev. also report a big
forest flro to be r<igiug on the south
fork of tbe St. Mury's river,        y\
W. P. Dockerill, barrister? of Ross**
land, is iu tbe city looking after Mr.
Eckstein's extensive huHtnesH during
tholalter'sab-Hiuceon a much needed
vacation. Mr. Drntkorill is a. very
pleasant gentleman who we are sure
will take good care of the interests left
in lila charge - .. y
' Mr and Mrs. Waller. L. McCallum,
of Spokane, Washington, are spendin-'
a brief honeymoon in our city. They
ere guests at the Napano. Mr. Me
Callum is deputy county troimuror oi
Spokane Co., Wa-*ltlii«ton., Ho Ib an
old friend ot Cou Whelan,' who enticed
him to.the Rockies for his honeymoon
Mr. A. G"od, of the Summit Hotel
writes to correct the statement; in litHt
week's issuo regardhiK a mix-up at
that place. Upon Investigation we
flnd that Con, Sampson went up thero
inro'ponsetoa wire from Crows Nest
itatiou, but found all quiet, We aie
Kind to put Mr. Good right beforo tho
A wedding coremony uniting Mr 0.
II. Clappaiid MIhi Mnrgrctt 0 Phillips
was soleinnlztd by Kev, A Dunn at
the n-nldoiico of tun brldo's slstor, Mrs
Fred Wilkes, Inst Monday at 8 p. ni.
After partaking of a Hunt dinner, the
happy couple Toft for Ontario on.the
evening train, Only a fow friends and
rolatlvesof tho bride woro presout.
Con Whelan rocolvod a wire Monday
from tho Kalispell ball team asking
Fernio boys to go over on tlio 2nd, 8rd
nnd 4th Sept. Thsno dates woro sot to
play the Mlssouli' team hut thoy roport
It las impossible to moot the engagement. Mr. Whvlan replied that owing
to tho absence of the manager, Tom
Wholan, it would bo Impossible to
FRANK '!••;*'*   * '   '
From the Prank Pt'jSe-f1. *,-.,,-
' A special car will leave Macleod next
week for the convenience of the guests
attending the inaugural ceremonies nt'
Edmonton on the ist.
The C. P. R. has added dining cars
fo'the regular trains between Calgary
and Edmonton, so obviating die  half '
hour stay at Red Deer.,
C. P. Hill is expected to arrive at
Hillcrest any day, when operations on
the coal property will be started up. A
mine manager has been engaged and
a family has arrived to run "the board*'
ing house.
The engines have been set Into place
and the masons arc at work bricking
in the boilers. „ ■■- -
Two cars of Laclede fire brick nr-
rived this week from St. Louis, 'for,, the
lining of the furnaces.  .
* The outside work about the plant -is
being rushed, so as to have it all dono-
before the cold weather sets in. All
hands are working overtime.
The big flue leading to the top of
the hillhasbeen completed, and the
base plates are being set for tho- stack,
which is to be erected next week.
The Crow's Nest Bard.
Gohlcn Star.
The Fernie Ledge, while B*
Lowry was behind the, ecisaors^- kept
a bull dog around the brainey, bat
the new editor, D. V. Mott, keeps a
chained poet. Evidently the poet
week,and completed the necessary I got loose last week, for tin nearly
arrangements lor the yisjt .of; the every column of the. Ledge. w«s a
No Ad®
Why FundH nro Lncking
Onco moro Fornlo has been scourged
with' tho ili-o flond. Oiico more there
was no water, and this timo.thn hone
wns away from home Whnt little witter there was to bo lind could only he
brought to .the, corner of tho block
whoro the lire started aud the pressure*
was so slight thnt a stream could not he
thrown acroos tho street, 00 foot. The
flro started a little - before 0110 o'clock
a. ni. hut It was nearly half an hour
before the hose, that part of It that was
111 the city, was coupled up and wntor
turned on. The hose that had boon
lent to tho Fornlo Lumber Co. did uot
arrive untllthe fire had been burning
an hour Tlio total loss Is approxlmntlj
1-10,000 covered by insurance to the
extent of 115,000.
The   conflagration   of
caused a low- of over
Tho flro noar tho hospital
destroyed property to the
oxtent of
The flro tho end of July,
snd this last swells tho
total by another
Add to this the Ims or tho Pernio Mfg.
plant and wo have a loss of ovor half a
million dollars in thu past eighteen
months.  Thine aro three blocks in tin*
flro district of lho town that are as much
In the
April, 100-t,
f 800,000
The proprietor of Tub T^nnwt cnll- In dungor as thoy hnvo hoen
ed at the Cily Clerk's nll'ce last week past and lust ns sure astimogoi's on
In response to tx klnJIy invltntlo 1 from those blocks wlll -moot tho snmo fate a*
thnt 0fllc.nl to cnll and pay the license' t|)a 0iher» II better protection Is urn
fee ..•MMKed iignlnsl htm for running^ ,,rov|,j«d Now is tho time to hniiln.
"      ,r""    -■"——•-—•   Wh(lt W||| t|,e city council do uhout It y
newspaper. Tub Lbdobr man paid
his $5 nnd in so doing discovered thnt
lie wns (hu first mnn to pay such a
license fee Into tho city (rcusury. A
further Investigation rovenlod the fact
lhat there nro no evidences in the
shnpfof Nluhi In llw» rii-rtf'p <MTicc to
show thnt nny license hns been taken
iui( hy (he e.cctric fight peojiluallhough
lho llccii-** b)*luw provides (hat n li-
cense ofSloo shall be paid for the privilege of engaging lu Kuril business.
The Kiniie state of affairs exhtt, ns to
telephone nnd i*t|.«-o«>** cv?.'"-,..-.,'-.*, !i«;
no t?ic*o stub was in sight. Tho same
law lhat requires a printer to pay $.0 a
year also provides tlmt owners of Op*
era Houses shnll pay $75 11 year bui
Tux Lbdobr mnn could not lind that
kind of a stub in the stub hook.
Someone suggenlcd ihul ft tv.i.v tho
fault of former clerks that tlim-i* fees
were not collected but that w-n't do.
The Mayor nml Councillor**-are re-
spon«ibl« lor the conduct of their np*
pointed* and lo Hlkiw hundred* of dollars dua the city to go uni*ollec»*Hl Is
not only the fault of th« Clerk but of
the higher cflirUU as well.
People are told that there Is no mm*,
ey to do things with and it il Utile
wonder when llnwe from whom the
largfut lireiwe fees «r«» Ant trs Hlfnw**d
Kvrrvth.nil.baek^>,«.gXa,«lfd «*>&«' "* #"U*,"H!
-  - ■     business at the old •r* mnd* on ,th,nume-1 w,,° 0*f ■
Mr. Kloau fi doing
tew dollars rixni ta»«t»,
ThP Am started In tho small frame
homo on tho southwest comer of block
21, owned by W W. Tuttlo nnd roconl
ly occupied by a man named Lyons
vi!../ *..*.<.vU on n uomiiiitK sna prefmiiiy
hi'tiln'wv*-.   It iippn -<;>ri\i.d la a tlshUt
and the lnr«o honnllng house occupied
by Mrs. McDonald.  Tho wind ro«*
rapidly «a ths fire Increased and dmv»*
the flnn.es to'thn nortii and cast and In n
•'ii?*!  !''*:',, lhc «-.'.'-;?*5  '.lui*,  w** •»
flames.  The Baptist ehuieb. tbe 8*1*
Water bottling work* belonging to tho
Fort 8l««l Ihswlng Co., Fred Vanco'a
liotmo, tlm house occupied by William
Ingram, the boarding hous* run hy
Frank flhorlden, the next little reel*
ilonce belonging to Mr lUblchsud and
oecuple>l hy his son inlaw, Mr. Kom.
tho Queen's hotel,   llablchaud's largt-
boarding bonne, Tony Cra-ertte'e Iioun*
and r«**»t*<iraiit, the Kuiamtt   J-oy*'
stone cottage, the boarding houw be
longing to A. P. Clu-nnetts* and oecuided
hy Mr. Plante, T. Ubult's warehouw
and eoi'Unte, ttxA somo tAhtt small
buildlaga were dentroyed.
The Hnptist clmrcli wss uninsured
•Ims p4-ey h^vin/ lapied a thntt umi
ago. The Knmmer biys lose In tht
same way,their luserauco baviea; out)
expired a fow days beforo tho fire. T,
Loboll hnd no insurance. Ross Bros,,
of tho Queen's hotel, report botween
three and four thoUHnud Insurance and
Mr. Rabiclmud had about 93,000 on his
dwelling and boarding houso and
Tho fire had reached tho eighth house
beforo water was sturtod through the
hose nnd the chemical engine did not
arrive until two o'clock. Mr. Boynton
was early on tho eenno and status thnt
If n stream of wator had boon available at that timo the flro could luivn
boon confined to the smnll building
when It originated Tills stntement is
borne out by scvouil others whonrrlved
onrly on the. scono. Aftor It spread to
tho other buildings It wes uueless to
try to stay It and it whs a very closo
call for Mr. Kerr's fino now residonco
on tho opposite uldo ol tho street. Iiml
Mr dorr's linusu burned tlio flnino.*)
would cortnlnly have reached tho foundry and in nil probability the hoHpltnl
would have been reduced lo ashes.
The flro whlln not totalling so ui-i-nt a
loss 11s tlio-lasi llio, inflicts loss upon
ninny peoplo who can ill afford tho loss
uf tholr little all.
It Is a pltublu Hlj-lit to soo children
nud mothers huddling togothnr sround
thulr Iittlo savings Himtchoil from the
llmnuri looking upnn tlio doiitrtiutloii
wrought by tho roaring-, scroflinlng
duiiioii of flro ns hu Ikki up tho place
lliey havo known as homo, "Uo It
uver so humble thuru is no place llko
Ami it does not make it any csiiur to
theuii homoIosH puoplo to havn to reflect
tt.Mt it is all chsrgosble to utter lack of
was loft there, honco when tho fire
broke out in town on Friday night
teams had to bo sunt to tho mill before
boso enough could bo had to roach
further thnn tho nearest hydrant'to the
comer of the block whore tho flro
started, If thin is not very noar to
criminal no'-ligenco what could it bu
bo called? To play al (Ire fli-hting as
has been dono iu this city is to reap but
ono reward, nnd wo of Fornlo nro reap*
ing a rich linrvuHt of costs and ashes.
Tho tlmo ftiidinioiioy ho far expondod
has gone' lllto   thu    buildings,   Into
nothingness,  The modnld' nud chocks
pnld out to a few nftor tho hist flro
proved tho quietus of om* lire dopnrt-
mont   TI1010 is only one wny to have a
competent firo dupnrtniout aud that is
to pay for it.    Enough Iiiih been Inst
at these Inst two flrus which if unVod
would havo paid a,fire department for
long years to como.  It is 110 expert*
incut.' Other towns hnvo thoso organ*
Izatlon and pay for them,   Evan tho
little town of Mnylci Ims n brlgndu
drilling for tho contest At Cranbrook,
Furnish the lire hull tomorrow, organic
it brigadn tonight, pay them MIX) each
for -.'very drill, fiirnit-h thum  wilh lho
\tto,ior cluihi's, tlio r(><]nitrite apparatus
hung up a \nrtM for the one who makes
the best time to the hall upon calls
and lu one moiithjwo wlll hnvo a brigade equal to any, and if wu hsd had
this slnco the city wns organized wu
would ho DlW.ooo richur than wo am
toduy.    How much of  tho  8100,000
would it have cost in do thin/*
The attention uf the people hns been
colled lo the fact that (here is a steam
pump at the V.lb' I nint***'.' Ci. ...'ii
Fernie Barid.of 20..piecee, and two
companies ofthe riflemen numbering
80 men'/to Cranbrook on Labor Day.
It is estimated tbat( not less, than 300
citfcsensof tlie coaljftwn.will be here
oanbardaVtr"        *
,.   '; "4    * "'■-I*,.      1 '   1.    . '    *'(
^ '. 1 ) ' ■   1
- : Froiii tha Lender,, '"'"., '" -.
-, *       -      -  * •       ., •,$--.--
". War between' Norway_ahd Sweden
would almoot dep6rrfiljU>LMlnM#4^
, Tlie three new boilers for. the 8t.
Eugene arehere Hnd are being, installed. The 20 Hand drills which
wero ordered some time ago from tho
Jonokes Maehiue Co. hnvo not yet
reached here. *, r
Jack MoTavisb, Patrick Higglna,
and another man wero knocked out
by gas while working in the winze
in the Lake Shore .shaft level last
night., and had a narrow escape from
being asphyxiated.
"Old Man" Simpson knows how to
make a good fellow ot himself. , Between notvanid election every man
in Cranbrook who carries an ad in
the Herald will likely bo mentioned
as a "probable candidato for mayor."
Tlio Moyio hose team is getting In
fine condition for the races at Cranbrook'on Labor Day. Two teams
aro also getting thomsolvco in elmpo
for tho drilling mutches. From pro-
sent Indications tho Httendnnco froin
Moyio will bo good.
poesy. Tbo Star also has a poem
builder in its palace. Here is what
he warbled off yesterday in a thirsty
tone of voice:,... ■*
,     It won't be loritr at any'raCa,   ,YL^
 —1« ha fceeptTon writliiji rooh wt,
Era someone will unrely mutitatti..
-*''   The rising poet, DiV. Mott.
. ..-> -■"■•i- ■ ■ —•'■'.'■      ,
., Twinkle, Twinkle, Golden Star,, .
' y.  How" we. wonder who yo*. sn, .lti
■:: Up to hifrh Maldat'the rraowi'   "'. ,
„1   ,lXm<i**i!:tX«*±vcmOvtwrntyrKM*. *
7        Arnold Circus , v.:;.
The Calgary Herald has the following to say in regard to Arnolds Circus:
- The Arnold circus is a good clean
Aggregation and especially strong in
acrobatic feats, trapeze preibrniers,
clowns, juggling and trick dog acts*
The invariable concert is there nnd
with it (he song and dance artists, the
bicycle whirl and many other interesting fcutures.   .
The daring work, ofthe prefornicrj
in mid air, both on the swinging * trap*
cze und the high horizontal bars is
perhaps the best of its kind ever seen
111 the west. It is team work wholly,
each containing three people,' Littln
Irene, working, withj her mother,and
father on the acrid irupcze, provoked
much applause. The tight rupo turn
Is a catchy act, Among those who
attracted 11 special notice were Del-
vin, (he Flying Victorellim, Koh.'r family, Dorc ..iiiiily, the lio'Tni'ins, tlie
'1 ruviolas mid jumping LVUuizo,
vfgaiiicatioii 011 ilia part of the city In | which carries a pre«Hur« of 1M lb* nnd
llti) w*U<.r vl * t'ta iniiixAe. A well
drilled, pro|ie«ly equlppod tiro brlgailn
could and In all prubtbllity would have
(iriivftited the spread, of tho last two
(Ims lioyoml the b'tilldlugs in whiih
,'.,.v)  «vv*H\>-i'
i ho city bis a fire hall which if properly fiiriiUhod could have boon filled
with single mon who aro only too willing to occupy It, but there lias beer, no
t-ffort worthy tha txtoxs, expended In
ibis direction There Is all MM *»ft
of hose, not half enough to meat tho
demands thst an, likely to be mndo
ui'On the city at any timo, Upon tbiu
fast occailon it wss iilaluly evident to
all that we have a tiro brigade only In
The actio* mayor gaT-s lt*f tro*ttftn» 'top [***{ni
to Mr. Wilkes a ua.v or two Mur* tM*
last Kri* to take foujr or five Lumlred
feet ol tha hoto belonging to tho city
lo the Fcrnlu I^umber Co. mill a mile
oostbof 10111 whtvre a bii'b fire wa«
tbret.tenlr.gtlx. mill. Mr. Wilki* toot.
|1,« ll'*«. *i d.rctu-d lu tblk Ui.il, and It
Us* a capacity of lootj gallons por
minute. 1 his pump Iihi an lutaku or
IV inches *tiA a disuhargo pipe of seven
liii-lu'.t nud will throw four
thMugh 2)4 inch hose    It
From tho Timet
Tho United Jllno Workers Intend
to At oncn organIzo tho at present
unorganized conl cnmpe throughout
tho province ol Alberta. .
V. ti, Smith, State Mine Inspector,
was in town during tho wcok nud
mndo a thorough Inspection of tho
Frank mino on Wednesday.
II. V. Webber, who hns been lioJ|>-
Ing out on the Frank Paper, left on
Monday for Michel whoro ho has secured tx position.
On Thnradny Mrs. (Dr.) O'lltgnn
returned (rum n visit to Fort William,
Ont., nccoiiipiink'il hy baby Dottle
who Iiab boon visiting hor grmnl
parents ior the past fow months,
A mine manager has boon engaged
to tako chi-rgc and start no work nt
the iiilicrest mine. It ii expectivi
(batC. f. Kid will arrive within thn
next few days.
A good Inst gamo of hsftotuill win
Firo Appnrntiia
Lust Wednesday thc fire brigade received 500 feet, moro of new hose,
ninoke protectors iuul 11 »pniy - nozzle.
This makes 1500 feci of hoso now in
thu lire hull. If there's a town ten
limes (he .size of Golden thnt has tx better lire lighting apparatus you've got
10 show lhe Slur.—IJuldcn Suir.
Wu don't know iibou*, the towns ten
tlini!*! lhc tt'nti of Ooldun but wu cun
tell the Star man (hut whut Fcrni*'
lucks iu Iciif-lh ol'hoNC i>hc fully makes
up in thc length, breadth and thick-
nu*.*. of her lire record.
Notes On Tlio Fire.
stroNmi plavctt In, Coleman on
t<1l*l     ft"-'
•aiunti rxwrwi a rwrvolr to draw from.
Mr. Doyiiton Is willing to aMlit us In
all ways pottihle in an enlcnvor 10 pro
tec'toun-tilvoi from this fire scourge.
The town is hi just as much danger to*
day as It was the day before the last
Tha water supply Is nttorly n*oltm
and onr tlty council are doing absolutely nothing to remedy this condition.
Jfuut we sit by atvl wait for the nest
nre or shall wo protest so strongly and
so continually that our city officials will
iVae-ock ItAitn Ut-ng
i-niitigh tn hmk nftnr (hU, tUU I.1M
duly to tlm city.
*4-J-4 4****»VI     Utufitttrll
vin. 1'jank and
Coleman teams. It resulted In a win
for tho Colemnn team by a tccro of
1) to 8.
The Vance cottago will he rebuilt at
Cnrravettasays he will, robnlid his
Mr. Huntington lout some furniture
nnd a valuable little library In tho saute
Tlm Kummcr hoys hivo cominoiieod
work 011 a new Irnine Iiuiino to replace
thu onn just burnt.
The Pollock Winn Co. lost about I'M
word) ol goods which wnoNtored In the
U'bullu wuru-hnuse. Mr. i'ullock also
Inst hiH uic** littls btl|[gy.
Hoss Bros, aro plaiiing to lebnlld thn
Qui..,.*'-. *«u.cl. 1 u»y m 111 ouuil a brick
or emin-tit Riid will expend trom j)->»v
to |lo,uuo on thu now biilidhig.
The C. I', it, Co. excsitfid with the
partial lowf of their water tank. A
irelght car was run aloiigtlde lhe tank
nud ths bote wns tnkun to tho top of
the mr but tlm ""if".- v;u.ll *•»» U>
iliroivn 10 tho top of (lio link. Thu
top was burned off snd the xldo next
the tiro acro»s tho kiruut was pretty
badly damaged Marry Luar |ieifnrm-
ud quite s gyinnailic feat by climbing
to inn top 01 the Ubk and putting out
tho ihe.
Poller** Court
A. II. II. Msrsoiran, M. V. P.. c/
Va< -j***-,w rr/ifter-vl sit the Kartiie on
Sundav t-veiiin *.   If** i* niikii.^ « H
Owing to the fatal ncelJent that
happened In the Frank mine Inst
Datorday the fout-ball game aohedtil-
ed to be pluywl K-twcon 1-Vatik and
Coleman on that date was called off.
Xa*% Satnrday Mr. Tl-omaa We
returned from New Orleans with hU
, bride. Mr. ami Mrs.' Kite have taken np their resklrnca In Mr VAo'n
plse«5 on Victoria atieet.
M..,M.av II. I. Frai.k, pml-fenttrf   ,Tli«*c/,tl«ge»t.«te..v iwyiiiwn Mir
thc Canadian-Aionlran 0*i Os ar*«fi*V** ** V* ^ [?'"^J' rJZ'"?\?x
_*. 1 j.,   ».*. ...i,      11.    t'..-b   «.itilw**l  t#ir«!t»   Oil  Uib left i.aiifc «.( |),«
ereak ofthe same nam**.  1 hev are Al*.
iig ir!-f.tfn..a»h ll.e Kf-i>i<*i.»yi I'^iitii.*.'
Long Gsy wn» tinv.1 Sjj und cost* tlte
other Asy (or dampening clothe*, hi hi*.
Uundr) in t* nunnt-r amttury m llu;
lau*. -Till*, cnliijiiicd healhcn hjnllrd
fr»m KoT.r.lii nd where it u*cin>. ihuy «tv
fiiM p.nlL'uUr ^-Miui little ihiitg*i liltt»
iiml. II** w:it tiAA 10 (i.ij I^uig AttA
not do it .ig.iin,
rivMl in runic.    Mr.  Kiank will
(rrmainforaf.wiI.vs  loVh.g o(lttivMtmtotx»ro*t*l ri<U a..-<l« to u,„
his  rxtei.tivc  Limine*. jlit*resu la',, rrk and form av«r>   |.reti-» »jht t«
mfi.-r u..>urauju<.j.Mtri*.
iLut* c»4>n.
Uhowtipmitigoitu^ u*ii> ^^'■Y'SYi''' yK'^-yyy' V.1--r77;^;--:'#--''7-.i;.!77 ""-', ' ",7-; -'^J"**.*-^/;'*7 '''*'"7-,77"■-'".•' ","";- "SiT--,
v '-•''''■:" •:■ .":.•. ---•• - -    • ■ ..■«■.   .-•'". '."•.■-*> r '-■". *     *■-■■      '-.*■'-.--•■ -    •■-•.-•
•■'*-:■■■■• • ^..        -*       ,       -..-.       ..' .-"•    ... ,.••■  .-..*.-. -...-   •        -.,,..   -,-
•^..-.--i,  Vr-*.; ;7"i7-.^;i::
."■>   "■''t   ■.'■-■' if
The- Fernie Ledger
a a
1-wueil nvety WeAuai&sy from olDc* of pub-
f-atlon, corner of Wood St. and Baker Ave*
'ernie, DxiliehColumMa,;;
.  h
. I">.*>~*
*   '     »
;      ,'       ADVERTISING.  RATE8,
(ftllftVai to be ahange<I when desired,' .Titfeos.t
eictra cliAjfjo)
^ r.      .,   -ti/.j pet Inch, jai-r montli - -'   *"'"
* Special position, JO',; Advance      ;;
io.*: JUouiint when platpi are furni.-t.icd'
*..-*».*•■."• - . , ■   - . -
'.**' Out irTnotipsiial, li lines maks an inoh.j
Auction Sales, Entertainments, Tender*. Le*
4*1 Not tat fito., 10 cent* a Una, tint intsi-tion,
.'. out. t * a line ?m?)i lubopquent insertion,
toil, Found, Por Suit?, To I*t, Rent or Ex*
* cbanw, one cent a word, escli inssnion.
- " , 'I.EiDi.S'n NOIKK* • ' .   '
On btpj. page among locals,' 18.lt fents a line
On fronl pngw nmonx local*:, JO cer.t.-i a line
. tf occurring amiment our suWriberi, free; all
uthel-H SU cents each insertion. Curd* of congratulation, condolence or thank*, obituary
putt ty etc., U-,t.-i of guests nml wedding pre**
* twit, lucitnti a llnelnonpaflel} each iniertion.
< BcrnKM ob rnoKF.ssjaA-.M, cabd*
without change, one inch or under, il a month
A ny furl bar Information dnsiretl can be bad
on application to the manager.
trie Light companies, Telephone companies Express companies Opera House
owners and publishers of newspapers
paid the licenses assessed  to. them **<*-
cordiriK to the License- bylaw "and not,
to dicker with owners of dog shows. for'
half'payine'riV of the, tux" 5mpca4?d •bylaw upon them.''■ Help lis to ihnoculate
Ihem with  such ° appreciation of, that
gem.'called, consistency.as would'restrain them from declaring against the
advisability I asone of them did of putting in a sewer system and then "after
reading Peacock's -letter- make'notice
of motion to present   a   sewer  bylaw.
Help us to penetrate into the sublime
depths of the, mind of Alderman Robins
and to let in a sufficient amount of consideration for the public interest bf the
city, coupled with sufficient self-respect
as to cause him to resign his position
iis alderman in a city ■ from whicli he
has departed with the avowed intention  of taking np Ids   residence ■ elsewhere,
But above all we hope the Tribune
mnn will join hands with us in our endeavor to impress upon the minds ' of
these night prowling owls of, wisdom
that it would be  in  accordance wilh
The very able editor  of the Nelson
Tribune contributed a scathing   leader
on thi* Hind inst;  upon .the treatment
by the Crops Nest Pass  Coal  Co. "of
the miners in  their employ/   However
- correct he may in his conclusions and
. however unfair and' unjust this company may have been in the   pact   it  is
plainly evident that now they are treating with their men  from   an  entirely
ditierent standpoint and , that. there is
Jiule fear that thc miners will  not re
reive justice and that too with,,as little
tlel-iy as possible.' - '
Under these circumstances it would
he waste of time for us to tall; of what
, might lmve been in the past.
it is (he future wilh " which we
ruve to deal, and recent developments
clearly, indicate that in so-far as the
difficulties that may from time to time
nrlse between the employers and the
employees of the great coal industry is
concerned there is a much better, un-
.;. derstanding of the motives; which
actuate, and the methods which are
employed by all parlies than there ever
Hyas before. -Quick, -sharp and decisive as was the action of the miners
*■ the other day, it cannot be said that
they were actuated by any other than a
f.pirit ot justice "anil their  action' was
. way in;which suclraction should be
me,.,-. A great lesson has been learned
wherein. xhi parties to a controversy
nrc willing )o   concede   honest - in Ion
lions to their opponents, The Miners'1
Union have'demonstrated that ii great
improvement has taken place -"Within
their order in the last few years, am
ns . a - result - of this improvement
they     lind   'thnt   their   prestige   \>
'■'/'"much greater, and so long as they
use moderation tempered with
firmness in their  dealings  with their
' cmploycrs'they are sure of honorable
treatment.' We wish to say to thc
rditor ofthe Tribune that in so fnr ns
the treatment of the miners in this
district Is concerned wc believe that
'lhe miners are fast lonrning the sccrel
, nf how to look nftcr their own interests
hi m.-rtisfactory manner and that their
employer.; ure also learning that their
bent IntcrpHts nrc to be   safeguarded
t only hv perfectly   fair nnd   honorable
■ 'treatment    of    their     employees.
Hitter denunciation of wlmt has passed  will uot assist us now, but wc
"Invoke the aid of thc Tribune lo  save
us from our own deiir little city coun*
, (-il.   Help us to ten eh these follows that
- it is unsucmly to go itinerating around
(titer dark at the beck nnd cull of those
„'Who wish to use them to further pri«
vute.interests that are antagonistic to
the interests of tho cily which Interests
IhvjThave sworn to protect (thnt It looks
h<id to NtiinJ up nl  tho council  table
,. nnd blioul for Municipal ownership of
wutci syt.li'.,, on Tuesday night und
then, In lho short spuco of one week,
after having sat in secret conclave
with 11 man whom thoy know t» be
working with might and nviin to defeat
their object go about town trying to
iviivlnce people that they  wpre mis*
, I'lkei! in their ideas of* municipal own*
ernlilp, and tlmt it would ho bettor to
pay thi* man's Co. $1,50 permonlli for
water for ten years and to buy part of
Iiii. existing plant than to go on with
thi InhtfilliiK'nlofn system for which
Ilii*,.'liy In rut-pun*--' to their call had
empowered thcni to do. Help us to tcarh
lliL'i-.|Mvuliir logged councilors tlmt it Is
im^i-ikll'ltt to secure the rights ofthe
■rlty they ii.-iuv to repienent. hyrniivllnir
In the dum In the night time and l*^**
glng for mercy of those who have the
vlTldiilnrv to makokuch propositions un
tlmt (anions joker which Mayor Stork
cirrldd around in Ills alouve so lung,
tu 1,   ,     .      <     •.-•'.      * •■
• ».",!     *.'.    *«  s^*»,i.^4<j   w.ivat     44;44*41«»    4,\>
mkIi 11 slHlc of inlolllgeiice as will cn.
<ihU> (hem to sue that it is not credit*
11M1! to undertake lo collect money on
piper whh'h docs nut reprocnt value;
tlMtit Is« waste ofthe pjople's money
lou.ikrt.i'.u 10 dfi.e out r.ipil.d when
it wi*.!ie*i to engage in any bind ot pub
lie cntcrpriite in the <ily by remitting te
ti-il.iwfiil iKis (iguiiikt innoa-nt people
tinA ivununj the co*.|s over (0 the
»-fl'*Jtt'. ,iftn*.iikf»; th,tt iiMtud nf tr>>
it»g to oAUict abvitutfly U'ijictifi.«bi-y
the. best established precedents govern
ing such cases in this great'* British
Empire if, after having- received the un*
mistakeable verdict of the people on
this water question they ' do not see
tKeir-way clear to follow the' advice
given, the only decent thing for, them
to do would be to^resign and allow
others .10 take up'tW work which they
have refused to do. «
. • The people of Fernie ; are not much
alarmed about prolonged strikes and
consequent stagnation of business.
Recent events strengthen them' in the
opinion that there is very little likelihood of serious 'trouble between employers and employees in the great
coal and coke, industry which contributes so largely to the welfare of this
part of the province.
Building is going on just, as if no
strike had been declared. While the
miners were thronging the streets during the few davs they we're off duty,1"
the' owners of the lots from which the
buildings had so lately been swept by
the relentless nre fiend were redoubling their efforts to replace them, with
much belter and larger structures.
The sound of the hammer , and the
clink of the trowel never ceased. The
only possible,check of the progress of
building operations was the inability of
the city government to keep out of the
way of the-ae enterprising builders with
their grade regulations. Instead, of
sitting down and waiting for the city to
Ull him how high .or how low he
should4'place his-,floors,,inv-.his new
.building.^Mr." ".Henderson" established
his-'owri grade and went orTwilh his
work; We haven't arty doubt but that
'he .city will come along some of these
lays and-establish their, grade in conformity with that adopted by Mr.
Henderson. The days of doubt ns to
the future of. Fernie have past.' The
probability of serious difficulty arising
between the Coal Co. and their men
grows less every day, And when wc
have a cily council sufficiently wiso to
obey the advice of the city instead of
that of people who are trying to fasten
upon us a monopoly of the water supply
at figures that would compel us to pay
into the pockets of noil resident people
$75,000 to 8100,000 In profits during
thc next ten years, we shall have laid
the foundation of the most- prosperous
city in eastern British Columbia.
Cheer up you man of the Tribune I
The old days nre gone and the city
council is going.
City Partnership ln Vice.
Outburst, Spokane;    -' *
It is generally understood that the
Grand Jurv has been  partially occupied'during the week in an-investi-
gatlon of the charges ot persecution
and protection meted oat to immoral
women on Front street by the police
department. 'The matter should lie
sifted to the bottom; it is one ot the
foulest biota upon our civic life.   The
Odthurstdoes not believe that any
city which levies tribute upon th.e
degrading arid disgusting   human 1
traffic, can lay claim tothe condition I
of higher civilization, whether such
tribute be collected officially .in the
name ofthe ctty, by human . ghouls
in its, employ' who blackmail the
hunted creatures by virtue of their
paltry official positions, or by private
citizens whousc the cloak ot moral
crusaders in their attempts to extort
illegal gain.':   "     • '*
In this connection it will be remembered . that an agitation was
started las'; summer with the osten-.
slblo object-'of driving immortil
women 'from Front3 street. Tiie
agitation was Btarted by A. A. Rratt,
of tho Kraft Harness Company, and,
as a result, Mayor Boyd served notice
that ail houses of prostitution in the
neighborhood should be closed within sixty days.-About the time this
period expired, owners of property
used for immoral purposes and the
prostitutes themselves were notified
that the agitation.would be stopped
upon payment of SflOOO to Mr. Kraft
and $300 to a very prominent law
firm which had acted as Kraft's legal
adviser.   -
The property ho'dere got together
as a result of the intimation, and the
money was subscribed jointly by
them and the immoral women most
interested. Tlie negotiations were
conducted by Archie Ash. on behalf
oi the property holders arid prostitutes
and by tlte aforesaid law firm on behalf of Kraft.    -
In order to cover up the transaction
and avoid future disclosures, it was
decidetl-that Ash should take an 6p;
tion on a block of the capital stock of
the A. A. Kraft Co. at par/puvjng
down the Bum ot $1000, the balance
being payable at a future date.
This arrangement was carried out,
and it isneedless to say that Ash did
not exercise hiVoption.  "
The property holders and immoral
women had been led to believe that
A. A. Kraft and E. E. Derapsie were
Mount Fernie, Lodge No. 47
^m^~     ll
I. 0. •TLj^. 0. F.
. Meets   ev r.y   Friday
p.m. in I.O.O.F, Hall.
„' ;.'       ."'   .  7        T. BfiCK,
evening at" 8
" P.G:,R.S.
1 -      -,,.*"'
J« Barber, t.bis., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite the  Bank
..-.--"    Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
VV. J, Wriglesworth, D, D, S.
"(  .., rnuasTTisT -■ \   i "'
Office.Hobrs 9to'i2 a.m.,lt«,6p. m
Office'iii Alex. Beck's Block .
overSUnu'sBakory. ^
PERNIE,        -.       -   "   --   --        b:C,
ank ofMamilton
———«. .—
a pleasant home1
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop;
L., P., Eckstein
Barristkk-at-Law,   Solicitor,
Cuthbert Block, Fernio. B. C.
\v. a. Ross   - j. s..t: Alkxandkr
Ross^& Alexander
Ollice in L. T. W.'Block, Victoria Avenue.
7    ,*,./'   Head, Offico r Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,235,000      Tfle$evve * $2,235,000
\;    /*■      S : Qotnl Meseig* $27,500,000 .. _'". "«.
,,"■*" Hon."Wm. Gibson, President.''V.,1.7;„;..-.,^,*.~:.-----   ,'.   „,
■  J. TuR'NBULLi'Vice-President arid Xjeneral Manager.
A General Banking Business transacted. Current Accounts opened with Meroha Mnna
faoturei-3, arid Municipalities on. the most.reasonable terms Bankintrfacilities trladly
extended to all persons desiring to open,business or private accounts. , Speoial attention
Riven to all out of town-accounts. , Interest nt Current Rates allowed on Savings Bank
Deposits from si .00 upwards.- Collections effected mall parts of Canada at Lowest Rateu,
Drafts issued,-payable in Canada or Abroad. 1 British; American,-and Foreign Drafts cashed.
An office of this Bank hns been opened at Fernie. -
All Correspondence addressed to the Agent will be personally attended, to,"
V.*' . ,, *     'x'    ''"  .   ... Agent, Fkbnis Branch '
When ynu smoke a-ciga,
see that it is "UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana Ark Cigars are Union Goods
made by.
Winnipeg, Man.
Renrcsented by GEORGE IIORTON.   ,
F, C. Latoe,
Post pSice Block.Fernie. B. C.
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
-r.British Columbia"
. '••: xjisrio^sr -labbl   *
Crow's  Nest   SpeciaE
 AND '-—^ *----
Miner's Favorite Cigars
; , ijiata assaycr Nelson Smolter)
Oold, Silver or Lead each ..:.,." $1.00
Coppcr.-s^.Sl.M'-—'Gold-Silver M.50
, Churges for other metals on application
P.O.Drawer 1108'.; ;,    Phono A67
"Fernie, B.C.
Teacher of the Piano
.  .^-s-"" '(Leschetizkey Method)
Cslttry Tt*tm]A,
A very general cry of fnko has
been raised ovor tho Fernlo-Ohlfjary
ball irame, A well known business
roan came into tho Horold ofiice today and declared that the scandal
over the baseball lake of tho rooont
tonrnamont has spread over tho north
and aouth country until ovory other
person he mot was dcnounclm? Cal*
gary for tho homo of crooked sport.
Ho declared his readlnois to contribute a share of tho expense of holding
the proposod investigation. Ho do*
clarcd his conviction that If any city
official was gollty of participation in
a plot to okeat by means of a' fixed"
game, ho should bo instantly discharged. The gentleman said there
was a growing feeling tbat the
criminal law against cheating by this
kind nf jobbery should be invoked, ,
Ho pointed out tbat a number, of
""•'1 V-flnwn t!r* horn cjpertu who "'crc
Wp.nMfl-M with orooUart t^rtu clno*
where, are alleged to have won largo
sums by tholr knowledge ef which
club was to win In tho Fcndo-Cal.
gary contest. T.int Davy, a man
**-)*t>.ii,Y eofinwawi with the tin born
gang, was io the box as urapiro Is
pointed to as the certain evidence
that something was wrong. Tho
mctubcni of tho Calgary club aro
furious over tbo situation.
Tlie Herald believes an investiga*
tion Is necessary and tliat tlte city is
In a position to foroo any of ita em'
ployeea to explain their conduct to
tbe MtUfactioti of the alderman or re*
sign.     A MUM routing of citizens
crusade," and in" paying over this
sum ot $1300 they expected that the
agitation would cease.,; But on the
day following the settlement, B. B.
Dempsie started the second aglt.itlon
whlch-is still being carried on.
In making these assertions, the
Outburst realizes that, it is. making
serious charges; but.it wlll 'substantiate every..statement it has made
when the occasion arises. It believes
that such a transaction is one that
should bo sifted to the bottom by the
Grand "Jury. '• Tho prostitute upon
whom blackmail is lovied is pure as
an angel compared to the cowardly
blackguard who extorts it, whether
he be dressed ln overalls, or in the
more pretentious garb of tho smug,
truckling and sanctimonious business
Gontlemen of tho Grand Jury! you
hnvo found In tho course of your
labors, that tho charges so fur made
by The Outburst havo been true.
Investigate this matter nnd you will
Und that it has erred only in not tell*
ing all tho truth.
And, If you lovo Spokano, stops this
Unholy tralflb in human lives, or nt
leaBt express your abhorrence of such
a practice as civlo profit-sharing in
the wagcB ot sin. Stop that, and
your efforts will result in .lasting
It Is the most loathsome, lopronc
and disgusting blot upon our city's
fair name. K any thoro bo who bo*
I'evo that such tributo should bo
levied In tho namo of tho city, lot him
attend tho local police court upon lho
day of monthly penance, when tho
immoral women pay tho fines which
entitle them to tho protoctton of
Spokane, and whloh mako of tho city
a partner In tholr business,
Lot him bco tho poor miserable,
sodden, bedraggled creatures deposit
tho contribution Irom their enmlngs
In the trafllo of souls, money obtained
by pandering to tho lust of man,
money gathered by tho ruin of your
sons nnd your husbands.
Lot him watch tho pitiful, hopolosi
faeos ho thnn seosi If he can then any
thnt such things should bo, ho Is
either totally callous to the misery
and sinfulness ot tho llfo or has never
twvivivi thn mlnlHt«*rtnf*>  Inv.-.  nnA
care of a good mother— ii puro wife.
A thorough training: assured each pupil
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Fine Soaps, Brushes, Creams and Lo-
tiohp. Powders and all sorts of
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Commencing Sept. 20
IARGER.and better than ever.5 Everything'
-/ new and up to date. All kinds of open air
attractions.. Each day. something interesting-,.
You will meet old friends there. Single ' fare .on.
all lines of travel.    Write for.. Prize List,'-' **
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Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. E. Todd
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Hi    ■
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at our School. Supplies
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. *• i1     ' "        , < *** ■, '    '      ,        J'       i  , ,' f  , * *..!«.■*"*■
'" * ■* -   1   * '    '"■' '   * ,
\ --''- v .. :     ;■•:.: ''■ •-■ -7' •--■ -^y:- >Y''iy'^
«      '   ^000000000000000099909000000000000000900X0, <
1*    7fe  -7Thedoor*of.the""h.:    .;- : - \".i-'. '.. -i§,i^%
j. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
'   Dealer In
Rough and Dressed Lumber
4,   OR   BATH
K Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. K
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^  &
'^^W?;-^ ' * *V-V * *: \ ■i >
'.'-      4 '"i'-TV-JS-T
:,\ /?;
'4tf 7
■  V
Frank Paper. p '        .
•  Crows Nest mountain, the" f,*imous
""peak of th's southern country,  was.
•- successfully scaled on Sunday last by
tour daring young men,'they, having
• the honor of baing-'the- first party of
amateurs to liave ever'accomplished
the dangerous feat    Only' once be-
-'tore'-has'the* ascent'-been .made "arid
- then-by,'two professional Swiss guides
" who'reached the summit two years
-ago., They were'employed by tlie
'   noted VV. Wliymper; and forestalled
-' their employer in ascendiiiff tbe  far-
famed mountain/   prher.riw'uhtaijis
may  be . hla her but few there are
that have "such dangerous surround
it-igs, arid   hitherto  all,.attempts  to
.ficale'the hill by amateurs have been
The party making the ascent last
> Sunday was comprised of K.- Wliim-
" ater, Frank-*\P, D. McTavish, Calgary; D. G. Himower, Lethbridge;
and D.L. Stauffuv.Coleman; , They
.' had been preparing for the trip for
some time and went  fully equipped
„ having axes, topes, provisions; water
bottles, camera, etc., along with
them.   .'
, A start was made from Coleman at
3 a. m. - Sunday,0 "the men taking
horses from there to an pid logging
camp of the McLaren' Co.,1 about Ave
miles north of Pawls' ranch, close up
■to the foot of the mountain.  This wiis
1 the/route traveled by the Wliymper
party two' years ago. There' the
horses were lelt and the men followed
..the  .Whymper^ blaze, through the
1 'bush till it was lost, when they struck
outfor themselves, traveling tour, or
five miles before the edge of the timber line was reach-id'7 This was ,accomplished and the base of the maiu
hill reached, at its:-southwest corner
'  at 8.30 o'clock.'
The real climbing then commenced
tlie party gradually working around
"/•ou.the shale slides to the •■ northwest
' "corner ot the hill.   There they "struck
.   a narrow ravine or crevice running
.,up the'mountain -for- some' distance
and in it"was a glacier.   An attempt
was made to  ascend .the, precipitous
wall, but alter going up 200 ieet the
„ men found .their   progress. blocked
and they - were  forced  to' descend.
-Going about halt way up the crevice
they again attempted the precipice
op the north side and after, a hard
struggle succeeded. For 500 feet it
was almost straight up, footholds being had on narrow,ledges and knobs
of rock. . Mr. Whimster was in the.
lead-and the others followed as"closely as possible, ropes being -'used
several,times. "Onceor twice members of the party became faint and
had to be field up hy the; ropes, for
a-slip would have meant a horrible
death.    - ■   '"
"■ Alter scaling the precipice, which
was the most perilous part of the
whole climb, a series bf shiile slides
'and short cliffs. were met. with for
several hundred feet. \.- Thenco;'the.
men worked northwards "along the^
incline finally hitting the base of tlie
con*, on tho.north slope.- Then for
half a mile it was a stiff and dangerous climb until - the summit was
reached at 12.15 o'clock.a There the
party found a : stone cairn built bv
the Swiss guides two, years ago, an
empty Dewar whiskey bottle, and a
red flag. The climbers erected another cairn close bj and carved their
names on top. They also wrote their
names on a paper and left the slip in
the bottle/ Besides this they, stretched a cord between the two cairns and
tied to ic a ,white handkerchief, which
may still be seen floating on the summit. _ As a memento-of their trip the
men brought down the Swis9 fliig and
a number.of photos they hud talien
of the marvellous views to be hadjup
there. '*, They state the .panorama
from the top ot the Crow is one of surpassing beauty, everything being
disccrniible for miles'in all directions.
The descent. commenced at 2.15
p in. and was negotiated in safety,
McLaren's camp being, reached ,at
6.30 and Coleman at'. 8 30.;':. The
Crow's N^est'-is 9,800 feet liigh arid the
sides aro a succession of steep precipices and shale slides, cohstituting-
a/dahgorous' and difficult piece of
work,to scale.' The weather for the
trip was perfect 'and, the atmosphere
clear, with a cold breeze on the summit. , The ascent and descent were'
made without accident of any kind,
tlie men being careful, to blaze their
route wherever possible. They feel
highly elated' at their success and
state their reward has been  ample.
The honor ot being the first amateurs
tb make the ascejit was great, while
the- views obtained are.interesting
and valuable. S-
, Other parties have been stirred up
since to make the ascent and it is
quite probable that the attempt will
be made while the weather is good.
Twelfth Annual Spokane Inter-
" state Fair. October 9 to 15   .
' „      °    .' 	
Another novelty which will be a
real attraction has been added to
those already promised for the Spok-"
ane Interstate Fair,, which' is held
this year from CctobVr 9 to 15. It is
a farmer's race for'a $100 purse. It. is
given by the Pacific Live • Stock Association of Spokane for teams driven by the owner and drawing four-
wheeled vehicles. ' Each team must
be owned by the party entering same
at it&stsix months prior- to the Fair.
Horses which have run in professional races will bo barred.; The rac<
will.be half mile heats, the bust-'twc
in three, trot or pace, or both. The
race, will be fur overnight entries am-
the purs*1 will he divided 50, 25,. II
and .10 per cent. , No entrance iei
will be charged. It is not yet, announced what day this race will" be
given. It will be one ofthe most interesting contests at the Fair, for thi-.
farmers oi the Inland . Empire have
plenty of good driving teams.   .    ,
in the coal mines of the world. Of
these England bas 585,000, Unfted
States 300^000, Germany 258,000,
Belgium 100,000. Eussia 44.000. The
world's .miners , of metal number
4;000,000.-""'rv v7' ■'_■''
"Well, That's News To Me."
Stammering is unknown . among
savage tribes.
Clergyman stand second in .'the list
of inventors; mechanics first,
In Vienna glass is being used' to
fill teeth with.        - .
Man-is,sick  ten .days,    woman
twenty days, in each year. ; '
The king of Italy is presented ari
nually   by   the emperor of Austria^
with 10,000 American cigars.;.
-■To run  an ocean liner from New
York to Liverpool costs $50,000. -,
The avei'age .weight of ari *AndaP
man islander is 60 pounds. ' <     , "
"What a dreadful smell'. The gas
-a escaping, Mary!" ■": >
"Don't get excited, mum.' It can't
:<) very far. I've just shut the wind-
The most cosily   leather in
world isknown'as piano leather,, -
The hottest springs in Europe are
tlie Ital-an.baths of Nero, where the
water is 182 degrees.; - 7
* Japan's posta 1 service is the cheapest in the world; Letters, travel for
two. sen—about seventeenths9 of a
penny.   '    ', ••" 7    ..-
Berne has the reputation of being
the;nio8t honest town.in Switzerland.
It is said'that not a single article litis
been lost within the'city without being recovered.
The Italian members of parliament
are riot paid, but are allowed to travel on.the Italian railway lines,"the
Goveirim'arit paying the assessment
at the end of.the year.       ,..    ;  ,
One million and a half men work
Its baths cure-
all nervous and"
muscular " '"
„ diseases, its
.water heal all ,.
kidney," liver, /,
1 arid stomach ..
-■ ailments and'
they eliminate
- all metaiic "
. poisons from
the system,'   -
.Vow under the new management of Harry Mcintosh, -
*    '-  '■■'  "■   Hoffman House, ftosslu'ndr        -        ,
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water froin Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
,-   ■ , ■   ,-    Lake, B.C.", 27th  February,.1898.
*    Laboratory of City Analyst,. Edinburgh, Scotland,
...';■ "    ,   March. 3, 1898
v   One gallon , of water, contained the following, in*
, gredients, the results are expressed in parts.
Chlorine      8.14
Sulphuric Acid..:.
Alkalies as Soda .
- 74-29
■• «4'S7
Magnesia   232,00
Lithia.. ;.,..       .86
Sulphuretted Hydro-      "   „
I(«n -32.00
"--" Boating,
Fibbing and   ..
,-h lixcursions.    *
; per -weeki-
according to
residence in
hotel or villas.
Adorns the outer man; and
raises the wearer in the
opinion of the critical public
Portland, - Ore,
June 1 to/Oet. 15
Geo. W. Carruthers
J. R.Cameron
Is the tailor "to go to whet
•  ' you want "a summer
Suit of Clothes
lie has the nobbiest suiting
tb select from, and the fit am
workmanship is the best.
K Summer' Suit
Ffii a_ ROU^D    TRSP
@aB; Estat$;' Loan :
surance brokers
IF you have lauds or lots for sale, list them with us, if you want to buy,
- call on iis. . ■■     "       ' n'T-
. Tickets^ eale from .June ist to
September-HOtb,- and limited to ninety
days from dat/O ol -sale—but * not later
■     - --    *   i t.    ;.*    ■--.*.     .,-'(-
than November 80th.". Stop Overs' will
will'be allowed at'any point in either
direction .within limit of ticket. . . -■
A fee of ilfty conts will bo charged
at Portland for extension Return Ticket.
James Sloan, Agent
7 TS probably tho proper,
*   *   caper at this,-time
of .the year;    If you;
have'a'.desire'in that,
'.dlrso*???? ''■'■'  J   -,'
'*,   CA'r.L'o!i;'.
• .-- judiciously placed in a. live-newspaper THAT
', IS,-READ,- is like a bullet which goes
Rig%:.to:Tthe.'^tiiark.   Y-i
.' Some circulations are sluggish.   ,A paper that
is hot attractive to-the   reader   is   not   widely
,,':     read.  ,AN.ADVERTISEMENT that is; not
read- represents'. -   :       :        ':        :      ';,7;.
Money thrown aWay.;
There is   no dead-wood, in the   circulation   of
'\.Y ]" An advertisement in, its..columns always
Brings. Results. ::
F you have, property to insure, have us write the risk
IF you want to borrow money,
. call at our office. ■
Wo have for salo 1G0 acres of land situatcii; olffht miles from Penclilnnd ond soven milos from
Kolowna oa the wont sido of lho Oknno#an Lulto,'Thlrty-flvo acres of tho tract is bottom Innd,,
16 acres of lovol bench nnd B0 acres of tfontly fllopliu-* Iniid. Tlio romnindor-.ls', pood pasture Innd,
JFlvoncroii of this bottom Innd in under cnlllvntloii. Cultivated liinds In the nol)j;liborlinnd of this
* Imid, rire cnrniiiff Bniiff Iittlo lortunoH for tholr ownorp. Bohio fruit prowers In tlmt Hcclion hnvo,
sold their crops on tho trees at from 8200 to BOO per acre to WltniU'df*- dealers this year Horo Is a'
,chnnco to socuroa'fruit, nml voKota.ilo farm nt ronsounblo prices and upon torma that should
suit the purcluiBor,  Call on ui for piicesi terms etc.
Mott/Son & Co.
La  Ta  Wh
y      BLOCK.
i" ©JTbhI©
Canadian *s ^
owery s
oOuiiiai Oi
Truth. Humor and
90 Day Limit
.   All Rnil via* Surans or
8. S. Princess Victoria
Vonoouvop to
Via Victoria
_ Tbroiigh SleepItiQ Oni*"
Arrowhead to Vanoouvor
Ountlay   ' Wodnooday      Friday
For full pnrticularB.    ticket*, flrst-
clniifl or tourists iloophifr car , rcnor.
vfttloim.  Apply lo locM njront,
11, nuiuliiitj
Afrcnt at Fernio.
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
,,Wegetout a class of Print-
: -ing that is .superior to the
'   ,'    . - ''"-;'   •'
general run. : : : :   .     '   ;
That's why we're kept busy.
Do we do your work ?
Good Printing Pays
We do good Printing.
Try us with your next order
—The Ledger.
%**»■■**'**,   ''.;■■ -V-*!**-"- "V   ■••->">♦
.'■■■'■; +'.*'' '■•■■ '-'4
A  full, stock, of Caskets,: Coffin's, Shipping
Wreaths and Society Emblems on hand.
,,, Office Phone 41      Residence 76
ParBors In T. Book Blook
r-P. BURNS & GO.
Aiijiuully,tol.lUhei.aw iK>sitIoii-» crcMcJ
liy Ilollioud anil TolfRrniili Companlnii. Wo
wivnt .YOUNG MEN mn* UADIE8 nt raoiI
Imlilti, to
-Waf.irnl'.lvTAp.'r etnt. of tin Opfrotow
Kill) Htatlnn Airnnts In Anniloiv Our ilx
noliooUiiro llio l»w»Ht tTcoluj va 'l>l*unipli
BohouU IN THtt WORLD,, ft •'%*.»,£ »
VonnninaaiKlorinxr-My nti londlnir lullway
'Olllnlal-i. „    ,A       .  . ,  ,   .
Weoxnoiito ft SUM Homl to nyory atintant
to fiirnUh him or liar » ii.oj.lHnn nu.y nir
from M0 to tno a iti'intli In hlnlmi'int nt tlm
Ilooliy Monntnlna, or froni t.7;} to txm i
montli In Hlaton want or tlm Iloolilo*, |M*
Htuilonto cun antcr »t tiny lima, no v».
tntlonn. For full imit niiliir. roiiirdliiiiiny
of ourHpliooU wrttii illf««t to our oieoutlve
olllto lit Cliiolimati, t).  Cotnlniiue (roa.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y<
Atlanta 'Gi, LiCroiit, Wit.
Tantrkiriii Tix. 8»n fraaeltco, Cal,
Havo one of their largest Btoree in Fernie. f
Lamb, Veal, Fresh Rnd Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
§F you've got a good thing-
push it, don't let business
lag behind;
\OR the want of a little ef
fort, of
the advertising
i^K can show you how to
m do it, it
may take you
by surprise,
f}0 see thc money roll your
J? way.   Why  don't  you
—in Thu Le»oi.k.
Furniture and
DurgalnB In ■,,,
Wall Paper
Two complcto nets of Uiir Fixture*, on
DrltliH Pints Mirror -IQxtH] Inclieu, now,.
Iwdttcr Presnon, Ulllliml and Pool Tabli-i
CjihIi I.e(rl«tom And other ipoolMltlei,
Uall Onlora Itaralva I'roiniit   Ainnllon,
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
<***- Justice will appear in Nelson
B.C. next month.   ."',   ...
J-yiilS is its second time on earth,
■VtV and for $1. a year it is sent to
any part of the world.   .   .  .
Address R.T. LOWERY. Nelson, B. C.
rpm: KAHU) linTRI., in KnhIo, Ih thu Inm
•*•    Iliu lull-** In thn nit*v.
f ra^uv vrt.liwriT lflVT"-!   in
A   tiftn<l«iiiAri»rM fornll .rnvclliii    _.
fitwiMT.     »K.NSv.rf i.- vrttniY, fri.j
oriilo Ilia Cily
Tha onlv Hr**t
I,.  .Hilt,    All modcrr
K«iii|4o /iH/nik In ounncc
yiNLAY Mol.Kui), I'loprittor.
tba Clark
Order your Summer suiti now, Nutly
SulUngt now arrtvlngf.
F. -R Ucbscher,
Sltnrtss't 0*tt Tslttr        .   .
'•tf*    """"
of InneU^wroMt liaat Ilia »pi*ell«JmrciiV4*
Mr«t*a and tha rtMi tiwwi) rfftVjr trieKlN t**mp»*
lnMly t» tUi 4IUI1, 'I'tul [< it* kinJ iit i*m.U uut
],M*r iirti(liicf», Tf.'ilf'f. Jiilt-i*. rioiirlMiliiif. It
•ill mnko jcki brilny anit tiraway
Of ttwr*« w* t»U Ih* thftleeat cat* 'A vr«l,
|»mti, p*rk. ate, ,aJ»o. Pol Jo»i i*w wa ar*
Utktnjr Uaft, nrefwara ef oar otfertiigi.
S. UthatwalflailajrhnUl III Nalaon.   UnlT
l» htlp amployart.   tt.  W. UAHTMcrr.
)TJSINKKS would Ij« boltar if you'd
brui.li It up 1 bit,
AHD T1M1-.H only comn to tlioio
•wlio don't «et up nnd ''pit,"
^i;N nn-v-.wfi._yi «nt m«V« t pile
o{ iny decent il/e,
M.VM their local puper they
peralatantly p*lroiiU«.
Several Thousand
Shares of
Mlt-ilnn S-tonk
For Sals
Mott, Son A. Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B.C.
Agentt in fernie for T, G. Proctor, Nilt^A
mm iT-V«*Jh-»*V»*^wir«'fJ».
.. -; \<?*v
^».l^£,f.w*j__jjj^ a^;t t'l^-^v^i&A.l^..^.^^ ^.i^ *, '*'. ,*y/f^-'*.-^i»y^v tmvmr^m^j^y^^mp*!***
^' ■*   ■' -■-"•- ■   .- - '        '   ,        -. •   r   ;        _.,">■ - "'"        -T-j l   '** *- ■t ■" l\ .-"     * •       ".. . '       -y ' .  ."* 'v^"    ^".^ "    *
'  .'. ? ^"-"^_7'i Z'\:Y':~''    ' -•'" - -- i'i'Y   ./j ^—"i';'■---v y' Y'^'^.y''■.'■ Y~-'iY^*'■ "^ s,-X-7-7--'' .YY-i'i^Ii
;< -
- •*•*.'
"•*-""• ■*■■»-*■-*—r
'-•■- II        I
'- — -in   ii
The Cariadlain Bank pf Commerce
■ -  '-. '7;      Head Olllcft : TORONTO .    '        l* Y 7-';   -;'
°aid-up Capital - . $8,700,000 .      Y,    .   Res,. . $3,500.000.
Special attention is directed tothe fdlowing AdvantaKes offered b
■i .Our Savings Bank.     ,	
: Deposits of $t nnd upwards received, and Interest' allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added to the Deposit TWICE In each'year, at the end of Mav and
November.    The Depositor i.s sUbiect to no dolav- »*., JLJ tl li1.?$™*,
ti*^ r»       •      .      . • ——.*.*. ..*.»., as mc ciiu oi .nay ana
The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
ofthe wholit or, any portion ofthe deposit.
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought  and   Sold
at Lowest Rates.
30.   t905   .
v/ tbi* heading n>>-erteil at tha rate of One
cent a word each insertion. ■*
thli, oraee, ^^
IP *■'.• Wcdnewlay night, a watch charm.
eenMstlnff of moss agate, gopher tooUi, And
sovereign,  Return to Roma. Hotel. -,
T. S. MAY, Manager
Mr. Imam of Sheep Mountitln rancho
Was in town !n«t, week. ,       *.
Kenny & Mcl.eod itlwavs have room
,    for one more-order.   .
"" -Thi-f Connr'nhle McMnllin went up to
-^Cranbrook and Moyie yesterday.    «
Surprise your friends hy getting h
iievt suit at Kenny & McLeod.
N. £.* Snddaby has received"a »hip-
tnunt of the latest Edisons ffold mounted records.
The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Kernie only a
step or two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business, houses in
the citv.
Prof, Hapburn, of Nelson, is iii town
this week for the puruose of organizing*
a dancing Bchool, further'' armonce-
inent of which will appear next week,
t Sheppa'rd & Elliott are still < in the
tinning and plumbing business. Those
indebted to them will confer a favor in
settling their accounts as speedily as
John N. Howbrook, secretarv-trcau*
urer of the U. M. W of A , „ Dfst. 18,
wan called to Frank yesterday evening
to assist jn drawing- np the iiew agreement between the company and the
men at camp.
•_  Hlundell'is showing something;.nice
"in   dinner  »et»   and  the   prices'  are
' cheapeVtnan any you can get in Fernie.
They run from $9 to$-10.75" and' con-.
tain from 97 to 107 pieces..
Dr.'Bryce of the Mauitoba University,
lettvred in the .Presbyterian 'church on
• I Imnxiaa evening to a large and, very'
■ appreelatlTe audience.   The Dr.' is a
very able advocate of-education and
fikebther men of positive conviction has
-duos thrown at him    Just now some
.of lhe'„ profeseiotialpoliticiaris are after
him on the separate school subject -but
To Let
st'* Hlook.   Apply ttf-Q. N, Tra.llnii Co.
As no quorum turned out there waa
no regular meeting last week.
At a special mooting Friday evening
II." W Herchmer was appointed acting
Mayor By law No. 18 relating to tha
side walks was road a first tlmo.
Af, the special meeting Monday night
Chief of Police Walker waa appointed
huiJdiug inspector and notice of motion
to ameud the fire limit by law waa
For Sale or To Rent
Fenilo00"11''     A,>Ply   t0'H" MoiB*"*-    We»t
'n '■»., ./i-. ^   7 y.~':.  . -
t -■-!*• r.   j.*/. " *-ri-i-Min*'---iir-i-"
m$ ypp ears.
The Lndjr of Lyons
Miss Maragret Neville, the celebrated English actress and a most effective* cast will present at Stork's
Opera House, Thursday, September
14th. Sir Edwin Lyt'ton Bulwer's
romantic play, "The Lady of Lyons"
Though very beautiful in many respects, the play is undoubtedly to some
extent faultly and forced in' construction, yet at the same time, thc quickness of action, telling points, and
beauty of language, rivet and'please
an audience and push aside any imperfections. . '.        -
The most glowing econiums possible
were passed upon Lord Lytton in every
circle, when his name became associated with the authorship of 'The Lady
of Lyons," at the Same time "Black-
Woods Magazine" said of him: .-.
* "ToBulwer we assign the highest
place ainong modern writers 'offiction.
There is always power in the' creation
ofjiis fancy:- He is1 always' polished,
witty and learned. .Since the-days of
Scott*, were.ended, there '\», in our
opinion, no pinnacle so high as that on
jws^^pjnipn^entertained^Qf7« ••»
"»• °u 1- „"Tli'yUdyyof Lyon;?
"Richelieu" and the "Money".    Plays
, they don't seem to. bother him much,,    which we hang our wreath to BuJwer."
•   liev. E wing, of Coal Ctobki, "led" the     Su(in was a speciman ofthe uni
.?erviee^.theJIethodist:Chift-ehJaiir- """""     "'---	
Sunday. < In the'eveqinjj.Mrs.'.'Chap
man, of Calgary''satig that beautiful
nolo from Mendalsohn's Elijah", "Oh He«t
tn ■ t he .Soul".-. - Mre.n Uhapman is the
'jossessor of a' very sweet and well
iniiued voice and her rendering of the.
cvpruBsivo little solo was a treat to tlie
congregation.   • ^ -   -'   ;
James Gill  was • brought to Criari-
nrookMonday and'Tuesday was given
]r*JOTICEI« hereby Rlvon thnt aftor the ex*
fw plmtion ofJIOeloardayH from" this dnlu,
1 Intend to "Pply to the AsnUtant Commhi'
^loutir of l.»na» and Works for the district in
wbleli the undermentioned lauds are situate
for a IIcodhb to prospect for coal and oe*
troleum for a term of one year over the fil-
lowing described lands situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay ooiun-K'neiiis* at 11 no»t
lilttiitod about one mile we*.t of the sumuiltol'
the Koekv Mountains and two miles north* of
the, South Kootenay Pass Trail and uiarked
'•Herbert Jlyland's Northwest corner post."
thenco south onjhty chains, thenoe east eighty
4!lminsl theuo« nortii eighiv ohains;* thence
we^fc eighty chains to the place of commencement ctmtainine M0 acres more or ie&g.
U«ated and dttted tl,e 16th day of August,
1905. Herbert Hyland, Locator
~    . J. O. Gordon, Agent   .   ,
N0Ti^ WSF*? gi\"R **Jat *ft««.H*e Mpira*
nfT-«!.0iappl-},w *feo Assistant,Commissioner
of Lands ana Wo, ks for tho district in which
the undermentioned lands are situate for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum Tor
'.'?,"■*} I1 *!?• ?ett Pver tue lollowing de-
*t'rii*ed lands sftuateiu tho district of tliiuth
St ..^°.°}V",rv- c.01?'u«=?«=*nif «t» post planted
west of and atfjoining-Herbert Hyland's oor*
ner post andmarked -A.G. W. Hyland's north-
east corner post" thenco south eighty chain*
thencei west eighty chains, llience north
eighty chains, thence east eighty chains "S
tho place of commencement coutaininr 64u
acres mure or less.      - .   ,.•'-       *
Located.and dated the l«li day of August,
A. a. W. Hyland, Locator
^J: G.Gordon, Agent -o
another hearing and committed on*: six
.   charges. r W; ll. Ross appeared for ;Q111
.„   ami J. A. Hareey for \. Hyde'Bake'r,
who was pronecuting. * This tnoanB that
., in all probability It wlll go hnrder with
"* the i-rlsouer this vlmo than it did* be*
.; fure. Gill was taken to Nelson Wod*
-■. noday hy constable. Morris "and was
'•, placed in jnll to await trial.—Cranbrook
;.;  Herald. _.-...;.-...   -
f     Mr. E. Emmerson, of Spbitanei'ls in
r   tmv.,11 Btnppiiiv, at.the. King lidward.
He Ih 8U|>erlnteiidlng the loading of
the .railway.- construction outfit to bo
shipped to Midway    About 20 miles of
the A . V &)i. will bo built this fall
and by thia time noxt year 1 Httlo ovor
W111II0K will have been completod.   On
this llrHj*tKhnl!c«.tl>ore is Borne oxton*
... siivtj tunmilliiigtb do which wlll take
. time to complete,
■"  ,„tt>n«. K«lleyo(  tho R. N. W. M. P.,
1 fm her Creek, and Cun. Miles, of
Lnleninn,' wore In town Saturday to
,"''V.t„',iv «PI>oiiitmont chief gamo 'ward-
un W llluiniH of this province on -juhI*
ih-hh com.ectid with the violation of thn
B 0. gurne Iiiwh hy the Stonoy Indians
hut for j-omo iiiiacniuiitahlo reiiHiin Mr.
•.Villiiiiiis did   not 'nniwHr   and   the
, "rnlniM nf iho plant*''Imd to. return
, without at'iilng hhn,
A vlnjt tlfiijngh tho reoldence dis-
trlcts ol tills city irlll convince nny
<nio 1 hut I'Vmle in onjovlnpr n tiOMlthv
jfiim-th. In overy ' addition now
Iiohsph are hclnjr conBtrncfcrt, nnd
M-mrn licliifi-jTrHdert nnd boautlflcd.
Tliese n.'w ImttdtnjrrB aro lwln»; built
to inert thu iiicicjiHlnn- duinund (or
niMilloiml honicH, und buHpeitks the
pi-ucuerlty tlmt now ljroviills in
tl ii< city.
.lohnnio WllllnmR one or thn most
impultir Ckinl Co i-m ploy ens ruturnud
from n trip to I'orilniiU, Victoria nnd
AnncmiycrluHtTlnirHdiiy and reports
hnvlnjr Iiml 11 jrnnil time and hhvh tlm
PorilMiiil mir whh ull rlifht Wo liku
.iniin at ull thiioii un'opt when he
cnmi'H Aiuiiiid with Hint yellow hill fin
wlili'h lm mala!*, 1IH <,.v j^./i,) w|l(„, wo
think it ^ only woilli «1 i>j,   Uut lie it.
ho mrv<m fntn ainl hh itii-xni'iihlti as 11
|;olli!« judtfii ho we nl way •< lmve to rami)
down with llm cn-di to um rid of him.
\V« Min Htfiiiii In riwipt of a letter
..u !'i..' rHi ht V\ ',,UI" dutt,d ll'«
y-lril Iiihi., in kliioh Nlmmntni that Mr.
I uttlH Iihm henn lirttfllnir wuh that
dri'iul iILhims lypholil, with all itr
H«»r« ri'inpliratioiiN. Tho doctor In
attei.dni.i'M nn'il he hnd hut one ilmnce
II ti'ii, hut at thn 'Into of tho  latter lit*
I Uttlii kiatnt. nIhi hopHH m ho hon-«*
with nun in two weekM. Tlmlr mnnv
friitiiilK will frjoiw 10 Mnn Mr. Tuttle
r.'Htoivil to hcnlth and lnjth of thern at
I'Oiiiiiauitiii In Femlo.
which will retain their" position on the
stage for years and yeara'.to come.." r.
y  Fortune. Smiles on Them
1 It is said that the. company  present-
'"*?.. f"-y,**,>'W«"«-fii. stage.iton
.Tlie UAy of Lions" which .comes to
btorksppcra house, Thursday, Sep
tember 14th..has-made the slrongcs.
kind of a 2 hit and is doing ah Immenai*.
business.. It remains to be seen how
they will be appreciated here...
Rev. A..J. 8aunders, pastor of the
Rossland., Baptist church, aud Dirt
SSiS&W6"* of .v4?»Pt,Bt'- n-lB»ions.
ST^SmT-n town on Woonesday to assin
in •ettlfnif » pastor ovor the charm'
hero. Ho met with a much warmei
reception than he had ontlclpated.. Om
reporter observed him worklne with
members *of the conjrrejratlon to save
as much of the furiiiture of the church
as possible from burnlnj?. The insurance on the bnlldInK hall been allowed
to lapso and the «oni**rem»tiou have
notliinir left but the fcts*upou which
the church stood.      . '
Ho reports that the members have
mux0 T.k try,D-< t0„r",iK0 fu»dn. tt,
« uLld-   1,,,(,-y ""-y ,'c,l tholr lots and
Piirchiw a less valuable one aud npplv
the differaneo   towaidu tho bnlld/nir
1 nal m*i.*.u a. _n._     __ . r
N^H^ir *,er.eby 8jv«n that after the explr.
V..fllm ot,"°J'l^T days from this date, I intend to apply to the Assistant Commiss oner
of Lauds and Works for tho district in whioh
the undermentioned lands are situate*or a
license to Drospect for coal and petroleum for
» AMm.of,on« yea* <>ver the following- described .lands situate in the district of South-
taut Kootenay commencing nt a post planted
north of and adjo/minn A. G. W; gland's corner post andmarked "G. Waller's southeast
north eighty chains, thence east eUhty chains.
in^e.naoulh e}ght* ?hBins to »le Place of
commencement containinKftiOaores more or
l.eV;o.i0catSdSP<t.d»t,,-1*l,e -«thday of Aug*
ust 19U5.      G, Waller locator
, J.G.Gordon "Agent-
JWrOTICE is hereby given that Bfter the expir
r^^Vi00 <>?-*«» oIo«*-r Jays from this date, lln*'
tend to apply to the Assistant (3ommissioner
of Laud and Works for.the dlstriut in which
.the undermentioned lands are situate for
a license to prospect for ooal and petroleum
Sjihif?1 oiSnu, y«*over the following de*
vl«# 1.Rllds 8itUftte •*• the district of. tjonth
*f8t JKootenay commeBoing at_a:post:plant-
wteusiiHanaaajoinibg a Waller's oorne* «<»»♦*
noi^h eighty chains, thence west eighty ohaini
thence south' eighty chains to tbo place of
commencement containing 610 acres more oi
f-t •to«iOC*tSd /fn-ird^ed tiUis 10t** d-V of August J905..   U.O. Waller Locator
J.G.Gordon Ageut
QUR SYSTEM is based on the, fact that the skele-
v^ ton of a man never changes after he has attained
,his growth, m fact thatthe height of a man is un-
- •, . 0 *        ■ '
O^HIS we took as our standard of measurement— ™
•*-   unvarying base to work on.
■^LTHEN you'come to the SemUReady Wardrobe
:e\: 1 y°u can. try on the actual garment; you can sec
if it sutts your individual preference, you can see if* the
pattern meets your ideas of good taste, if it helps your
appearance or not. ,       ;;
O^HE first shipment of Fall styles opened up this
■*•   week.    Each day brings newness to, our  stock.
Men's Furnishings arriving daily.
Yours for Good Clothes and Furnishings,
Semi-Ready  Tailoring
JJ£jJ have.the^heejiest and ^Dinn0P:.8eto^7 and
167 piecesj ever offered for sale in.'British Columbia.   .   ;.  7
7    See our window -    \-'••"'.      'v*
for. a surprise party.    .,- -'i  Y ■    .„
Cash only. 'yii -".    ,    -' ':    -,-.   "  ; '"'■'-   ,; "•
■     ■     Prompt CeHvery       - *.\ •
^000090000099^1, - *.7-
IrE TNEI  W. J. mimdeil
*800000000tigta% The People's.Grocer,   P. 6. Block, Fernie
Mi«   lr*e doeH not "S01"t0 '"■wurii-ri
hul dinar oimratioiiBBOora to bajrln.' W«
tholr br»vo effort to repkee the old
church with a \\*vr one.
i'Sr**" Aot fV'W>rn-J"l<Jn to clear b„ulde?s
•0rlW.?•l, •nd-o"***; olistruotlon. from the bed
■it Wilson Greek, Hast, Kootenay.' II. O.V from
ts point of entry into the Eilt lllver to iti
•nX,,.--iI t0.C01il,t-,i"'« di-mg,-iiunieu-and
'lake audi other improvements as may he
thuSm' ?* '   8S»nd-fl«"»taj-r tlmbi?
Dated, AugMt 10tj». IMS.
... -'FERNIE   '*''
'.       TO i"
Is  offering   as   a -premium
to customers
N°n,^J5 ''*?•> Riv*-)Jh,lt, Ai,0° Aunt
Biciiardi, of the oity of Fern o, B.C., trad*
-an as Charles B obaftTs, Qononil MerchtVnt,
•ssliriifld to Chfirles Wi mot -Veysey. of the
Olty of Vancouver, II. C, Aeoounfanf.'in trust
or thm henollt of the creditors 0/ lho laid
n '■i". J*noi, \}tlBh*ri*, trading as Charles
ttldiards.ftllherroal iiml personal propertv,
oreditu and offeots whloh may ho iwlwA aiid
.oldnndercxooiiMon. '
PCr»'dii!;'i''(fi-lfr-,ur-,qu,wd *%,"$* t0 Assignee,
.'ii I'A'1.0.!1' *.* ■!'• Of e» of Ito«" & Alexander
li.T. W.-lllook, K.rnio,B 0, on the liitli   av
oUubu. .lHOHaMo'eliKik p.m. TorifiX piir*
lhe'estate'.   " d,wot,0,,, ,or «» AtmuS of
Dated tills 7th day of August, A, D, IMS,
A \IW M.<\NA-nnR.
»0'.»Imii.1 Afintr,
Amlioiiy J. McMIIIm will rntlrn
fmiii1 iba ttwiurtl mantireniout of tlm
l.e llol Mlnlnir coraptny,.ou Friday.
Huptembur 1. Thl-g l«H tho rwult of .
rerent mootliiR- of thn board in London.
.iK*/Sr.*lAM.M"/f°.M.r' MoMlllw wai
Aluciad leflia U Kol lilrtotontotstgslf
throi'ghthrilDuuenceof O 8. Waicgv
li-w, who It Jt man of ureit wealth,
•■.\ui sJiliikr »«, Iww-rtiol (nflueooa in
l.oiition Oii-trirfjilcfrclM. Auliirauontly
.-ihoui iu-.. ynt* *z<ti Mr. McMlir.n wu
•'!r.'t«d iiAiijiitirig director,nud c yc4r
"^n (jntSo-iltiijjlier ho w«i tupolntud
K^iiitmI lonnatrvr.
Tbi're *'*ni< utboo •triifTjrle troltx,
*»•» tin bvw**n  Nwthpftrt ntid Tr*
»uiottfirli.tcnn-f/i to un nr to r«'g|is
«»liir.»l *.f lln- F.ft n,ii| Mfnlny Co.    Thii
rhaiii'i** foflin to InVortho Trtlt imi-ilti-r
pi*»i|»lfi «-ho nrc r«',i.*» 1'ntrtl lu th«: h.ii
U'tt hy tho ahln and diligent mauut r
>lr. W, J|. AMrJdfca
A Olonn Show
Thu maniiKcr of tho Arnold Show.--
which iippcnr lienrTuendity nnd UVdneu 1
dnv has tho followlnir teatlmmiul from Jvir 10,1101
Kev, ]m. H. bunlwrt, Vernon, B. C.
rhe Rectory, Vernon, |J. C.
»..   .. Augiisf 3, i«o«;
The jMnnnfpr, Arnold Showai 5
Dear Sir,—
.-1 intended your porformunce (Ida
Hiternoon nnd I lmve Hcen koiiio of the
bt-Hl dhows in Knjfliuid und tlilu count-
rv, hut I have never hecn u beller or 11
cloitncr hIiow thmi ynuru,
Rector All S11I11U Church,
 Vernon, IJ, C.
Stioo'ofjHfnl (JliiMonT»nrty
The burden party jrlven on Wodnea*
day In*- by the LkIIch of Ihu Altar
Socieiy ofthe Roman Catholic Church
wns ji very auai-aafiil 11 flair. Af r.
Iltwhiiier kindly lent hi* Kroiiiula for
lho ooiNion and thu many natural
bejiuiiea of ihe pine* were enhanced
hy InmmipriiMi* Inntorn; :inj t't'i'
A plea nam feature ofthe evcninci
entt-riainmcnt wan the numbil pro.
Knimiiie. The Italian fond p|HJ-«J
exivlleni mush: whirl) wm. mucli up.
pncinlod hy I lie lar^e crowd there,
Mr.-     j»,,ii,..i.\    1..    .<r .
- •• *       """""4"      '.-<.,>•,44,0
Bounded clear Hnd sweet in lhc open
nlr whllo iIioko who had die nl-tanuri*
of hearing Mr. IIiivj.uin'a voice were
Blveri it jreat very rarely unjoyed in
Fernie,   Both responded to encore*.
.1 ,e 'f.*"-"! of the •od8,y wlah to
thnnlt all thoie who to generbuily
helped to make tha evening a lucceii
The (olnl amount reallied waa ttor
f'S'-SS being clear profit which li
to be uaad In paying off tin debt on die
Mr. 6. Chrla Tblele of H.haa and
Mr. Thlalaieintaraaud la nlaltf- aad
la liorc to look ovay tb* xXtAA to & watt
!?irt ,0,fll5 VtatnUtxit   Vo rtportt that
allyer.lMd propoiUlAtta are «ttr*etUif
' -atti-iitfofi atprMfnt owinirto tha lm*
provivl lute of th* mtrkat for lead and'
N-^9EJ^*r-,,,J'Riven' *■>•■* three,months
Tiki, ?{,-?ri '■"•'l ijl'l'l-oatlon will lm innd" 0
tlMlilfUtenent (lovyrnnr in Oonncll, livThe
i,J?^LrdAfci,,'"Il«(M.h« n»"«e of the tomwnv
to "TheKlkliUmljerCimjiany, Mmlted"      '
§ubj<3ci To
"•"-*    We will buy
2000 Shares Rambrer Cariboo' ". y
5000 Sharca International Goal   ' • '
10000 Shares St Eugene
800 Shares Rocky Mountain Oil    ,
•   We offer, subject to sale, at
at a very low price
5000 Sharif Western Oil  .
If you wish to". Duy or sell
stock of any kind communicate with us.
Insurance and i^tock, Brbkors
Fernie B. C.
Fire Sale
Shirts, dollars, Ties, Hats
and other Gent's  Furnish-
■' ings, at le^ss than cost.
I am gpin'g out of these lines
, entirely and-want the room
.   for, my ^.evv. Fall Slock1 of
Tweeds'etc. .*•
•  Big Bargains,
; .      .v' *- *.,'" Merolunt Tailor
TheC. .P. |j.. Offer  Special 90 Day
Round Trip Rates from   Kootenay
-   - r-oints.
On August, 24 and 25 and September
16 and,;»7, the Canadian Pacific Rail.
^ way will sell at Nelson, Rossland and
Trail 90 day round trip tickets to Win-
nipeg, St. Paul, Diiluth,, Fort William
for $52.50 and to Chicago $64.00.
Corresponding rates willbe made from
all Kootenay points.
Through round trip tickets will be
sold o'n tho same dates to Toronto,
Montreal nnd nil points in Ontario,
Quebec, Maritime provinces, New York
and New England states,.good on all
rail or lake route, nt special excursion
Fpr full particulars, first class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply J. S.
Carter D. P. A. Nelson.
that our.strong yalues cannot be procured at any other
store in:Fernie.-.*    :■•-    .■'•■   Y    \    *'v'.'.      •    ;
'"7   ;1.- ,"- .' -   - * '■-.'   * ,'     '''''-
A Week of Specials ;   •  -U
." *■■ -   .'     '■-".'..'"-,"'      , ■..      .  .      ,'1-*
2 ?Y  Y^5 ^"Cy C°liars; re^uIar 35, i, So.'and;
.60 cents, to clear.at'25-cents each.        •   ■*-: A'. • V
.Ladies* Silk Blouses, yet a nice assortment in  Blabks
Creams and colors, regular $&pqlo,$18.00, now % off
Specials in Hosiery     .  , -.Specials in'Gloves   ' {
, Specials in Ladies White wear ■   *' 7      7-,
Specials in. Ladies Top Skirts" :   «/-.
■ '   , > -'::     •; Specials:in;La'dies Underves'ts'«:' Y y-.:"**
-■-,': 7 ".  t Specials in-Bbysu Blouses *.,'•' .-"f:>; :.*      V
...   " Specials in .Every .Department..;, v.'. .   7:7-:.
,W.e'manufacturers;-;. Prices'right.-     f: y:, Y.Y ';Y ,;   *
r\-.A - i
Bolioltom for llm Compnny.
Now is the time to buy these goods cheap
C. p. WRIGHT,Nm ™n TO    R1 ;r xup
r vjij.s.x * 0AWAnycmmco x1 ,L\i\.i\ 1 r!y
The Largest Aggregation of Sports
ever pulled off in the District;
Fernie's Two Militia Co's. will participate in thc Parade
Special Train to Cranbrook
and  Return
Arnold's Bin
'        ■ O
Everybody is Going.  ^asTia^Too:
Stork's Opera House
Tent Shows I!y!!!?^?y?L_?ept. 14
—  '      MR. RDWAnn r>   oTTZZZ '      -
 I.L-JUimiHIl 11111 111 ,   „      ■■iiijijlj-,,.,..
CssssfinaRCiEig Tuesday^ Septombei1
 Afternoon and Evening.
5t fa.
Littie Irene
Wonderful Del win
The Great De'elmer Farmer
Austin and the Funny Clowns
And a Host, of Others
C" %
3—Kober. Family---3
3—Dorc l'nniily—3
Jumping De'Omzo
Home's Dogs ,
ot   Henry   Irvmg's superb   company)
ilfl  /*%   *m M»   *m jm.   M. HW "II
******** iiivw
•«d a omt vfl-.-i.-Hv. cm f„ „ etahoni|e prot|lIC,lon flf
»«r Izihvtoriu Buhner Lyilon'a
Beautiful Romantic Love Storv
Doors open at a and 8 pi m.
Fr«e Exhibition at 1.30 and 7.30 O'olook
Pr#f. lIonM't Nfflh Olvlnn D«». Dnlll*
* -in——i^^_	
Honest, Clean, Inoffensive, Innocent Amusement,
Soliciting the patronage of Ladies, Gentlemen and Children.
•^»^irtft-nwuili.wtwjurtl,onfy „rumled'
Reserved So.MMvi.r^^^;ic wccfe ^
date in this city


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