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The Fernie Ledger 1905-10-25

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 ,^^-^lative^^; a;\ '-■ ■ •
■/^va'A'-'a'''"''^ -^-;
.,, , a*-
Ts^**03s-x^-*--*''. -., *
- -.y--'■,,'■• yA>:-.y-;yyrY?y*-tiS'
" '-" - T>  -- • . *'■'-.. ..'*  .-.:-.>! '-V-fii* \ **■■ -
,4.   .,
s .' '    *■*-:'
- - 'K^A^e
VAf-V- T"
■'     )      .          %               ■ 1               >
,    ' ' -
,   ^. ;.," -^ -■■'■' -• ~ ' •,-- "
-. •"■"' AA-f/ '-A^^W
1     ,               *>./•'-         A
„   -      . -- *; v J..- *■
-A          -7 •'
■•J  V.,k.-V-}   ; Jf
■   1 /■
!   /
*!           £,/
A*    ■   ■
7/   .
/  1
---'  **.     f         ,     :
__,-', /I   j -    'v'A
,   »    .»-,.
; ^Volume-; I;' ^Number Vi*.';
Price, $2.a Year, in Advance.
,'  "■   ..1 Mr'
Local Happenings in and
;        About the City      "
.Interesting - Items  About  riaxiiy
?*     ,,;*>'.-:People< YoiTKnow A-7
;. T.1 H- Scott, bt Tobacco JPlains
•town today. -4      ''' '"•'-, ' .;   *.-
v   Dr. Bell, bf CrahbVook)* ivas lii town
Mast Friday. ,.".,'    "7 .;.'_* __ --1
-  R t-T.Qalbraith," of PortStet4o.was
in the'city Thursday7^ '"','    : ,'"."" "
. ; W.J Langley of Fort Steele, was ih
, the city last Thursday.      -.-    -,. ,   .[_
'•'   J, B..Lar)gley,! of..Gateway was "a
Fernie visitor last Thursday.      *   *, "
Sergeant W.'C Bryan,of the it. N
* WcM. P. at Macleod. ia!'„ln> the- city.
-Sergeant Bryan is one of the veterans
•of the,force.-      -        '     .,.-'-. *•-.'
and for three day's the boys had fan
with them before tlie game got away
,. Don't forge>(j the baseball boys Friday
night.'.'' Everybody should be there
withhie best girl. -The-boys aro;put-
tingup the best of everything and their
.(•Sorts should be rewarded' by, a record
turn-out. ,-A '{rood ball team'eaimot be
kept up"; without a: great expense and,
ajl lovers of clean baseball sport ..will
have the. opportunity Friday night to
he'lpour -ball toani "and enjoy a" good
time, -The members of the club want to
startthe now" year with a clean balance
sheet jand we hope they." will be. well
supported.'  ' ■     ' " •''
centenary of ihis event  showed plainly
Mrs. A. Berridge, of Cjoal Creek  will hlhat.patriotism bubbled forth in a-'ninn-
tm  '■>
receive on Tuesday, Oct- Slat instead of
•Thursday the 26th.   - ; j".,'
MrAL AV Christie, lumber dealer, 'of
Winnipeg,' was in', the; cityn yesterday.
Mr. Chrietie'e firm liaudlcd the entire
, .cut of the Fbrnio Lumber Co., for '• the
*-past season. "      - . y
Social in  the'' Methodist "church  1*
Thursday,     Thauksgiving    eveniiig.-
£6me and have a goodtiiuo    Refreshments, and a good program*.     -*• -*  ,
, Hugh-B. Giimorc?*' Ex -. M.XP.;; P.Nof
Vancouver was in the city last'.Friday
Mr."Gihiiore is agent for tlie -,\Vatcrous
JSngine \Vork  for  lii C,   aiid  ropofts
(business good in his lino..   7.
ThcCedar Valley Mill Co, are .log-,
jflna with a crew. of '80' men anii tliia
jnill will be adding its share to'the
industrial"Jifo^of Fernie in the future.
' The oianageinent expect to operate the.
. jnill contlnously^iext season.   ■'". y]
A. B. Docksteader, of Nelson, i-epre
sentingthe Suy Llfe3 ofCinadaisin the.
*ity. /-He! has been ovei- in.-Aibena and
reports good,busiiii'SB on' tbe prairie.
Farmers are'iiow selling thoir wheat at;
£8 cebte per bushel and oats at ib cents
^'J Mr.   Robert jaffr*y,„Col. .Pellatte,
Ajlr. Wnmsleyand.Mr. Da I ton, directors
v.of the Crows Nest Puss Coul Co. tame to
^Fiiriil'eMast   Friday, and   ha\e\ been
. Jook'ihg over'--;tivB^Cd.;'property; and
■visitingthu difforent.wH»<»-iuririg.''the
. 'week. -'-;-4'** '.- A-*:' ''.{»;■ .y -y't* .-,-«.•"<
Trafalgar Day
; vOne hundred years ago last Saturday the greatest victory* for the British
was won on Trafalgar bay under'the
leadership'of Lord Nelson. The celebration throughout ..the world  of  the
ner hitherto unfelt by.the present gen
eriUion'nnd a deep seated, conviction to
stand to her guns prove to the civilized
world that nothing has been lost or for-
gotten -of those - great victories that
pliiced Great Britain where she. stands'
today—the mightiest ruler on,earth*
JVarlcsH bIib stands,       „ * ' -
Anil, though a mighty host of vultures,    "
Heady at the call, wait to bwoop tio-wn upon
'" £horv 1   -,'     "    '
Horliafliecl foes again will learn;
As backward to their haunts they turn. -    '
That British plubk is still a power, ■■  '
That Britishors above them tower, 4, ~ -
Ami whllo tlio oarth swingson thru'spaoo, -  :'
Tis Britain loads tho human race.  ' -',    -'
' .The Trafalgar centennial celebration was observed locally by a sihok-
.er in Stork's Opera House on Monday
ai'glit.   ,     - / '    . v
W. li, Ross * presided, and set the
ball rolling of'his_happy" little
speeches which wiis enthusiastically
received by the audience.
A.'The Sailors Chorus" "was , well
rendered by a chorus of fifteen led by
Mr. Thos. Biggs. „ ,
AThe ehairaiairtlien introduced Mr.
G G. S.' Lindsey .who. treated the
audience to a "very,, iiiteresti ng. his*
torie sketch pfLfird Nelson's life arid
his services to his country, sotting
forth Nelson's" proverbial disobedience'
of orders in, his "persistent; obstinacy
in --flghtlrig ■ when randAwhere_Jie
feme Expects Every Man
'•':' •■^'^o-Do. HissDiity7 -"'
-Constable Dow is in the city-ana re"
•■■; port's tliat the westbound' ekprWs^fan
jover and killed a* deaf ai.d*di*mb;^nditinr
•. ;«st 8fi«ftl»y- it^*W4«du««->V ThMijoai*.;
Iiidia¥ wal lUer.iJ[ly cut-^ ^pieces, aiid
jthe body was .wait tov tlj^ -StrEugene
-  inlHsionforbuilaliA"     "-
PostmasteriJohriHon,.Jim Mllloiy-W.
Forsytii, and \V..Baldry returned (ram
their bunting'.'trip up  the .Elk., this
" jnorning.   The Kootenay Indians "wore,
.Mead of thero so that the chances  for
■g'amo -wer-a iiiljn. . Thiiy however se:
rvui-ed one lino deer and, hud a  s'6od
,tlnie gunerally.    .   ,
Tho ladles, of the Methodist church
•will hold their annual Thanksgiving
• *«.ertiiin'ii.oi!t7on Tliursday .evening
..Jieixt.'    Boston linked, bonus,   brown
bread, bbiiiIwIcIioh, etc., will be served.
A good program Is iiIho being provided.
lie Muro and bring your ThiiiikBglvliia
irlonds with you.
•    F. E. Simpson, of Cranbrook gave us
: a friendly call Inst Monday.   Mr. Simp
- son Is a hustler and is uettlug his Lutli-
biidge venture In shape to do «oou
nottDpaper businesi. • He 1ms a Kood
, Held awaiting hliu on the pruirle aud
juverybody will bo glad to soo him anil
iily partner mako a success oi the Lcthbridge Herald;"
Key. Mr, Komptou, tho new pWor of
. jtho Baptist poople hero arrived in the
city last week with hln family and have
taken np reildunco on Pullutt Ave,
(Mr. Kempton labored Miccesufiilly at
. lOkotoku, Alta., for tho puHt two yenrK
«nd comes to.hls, cbnrgu hero lil-ilily
^nuninineudud Ho Is a cood upe.tker.
•JVo welcome Mr. Kempton and fumili.
jkmongit iii and wish hiin ull iiiaunur
XA aucuqis.ln hi* ihIibIoii.
The annual meoting of tho Kornin
liberal Aisoqlatlon has boon called (or
Monday nljlit and all thono Intorusioit
in koaplng allvo the party lutorost
, /i-iould bo thero. A well organlssud n«
loeiatiou working liartiinnlously can
accomplish a great deal, aud thero U
loti to do in-thli district If we as llbor
ill wish to win In tho next prgvliiclm
contest. Let every niuiulior do pi-iHiiui
ready to work lor thu Inturoiti of tho
jbYad. Starkey,, vlco.presldoni ol
thoNolwn board ul trade, uud u
prominent biwlnosa man, was in town
llonday. U-i* states tlmt tho prcus
roport laying tlmt tlio NoIhoii bo.inl
, ot trado jrucummeuded tho bo-.tli
Kootenay pawrumi to tho Flatlidtd
Wm luoorifOt. Tho board oiuion d
$ proposition tu build a rond Into ihut
cttxvntry hnt did tin*. TftnmxxxsnA  niiv
particular routo.
Andy Good wm in town to-day and
|(«porU that ho, In company with 0.
H. Itobulii--*, itaptlato Utnorouux nud
-Bum. lie Ai Inter wero oat In tut*
itioniiUln *mUi (il'i!r<iw'H N'ent, lnhi
V week and ha-i totxie Hue «|K>rt, ca[j-
• turlni; «lx big lii-rn* and two g«ja->,
They •*'• r«j wot aU d»yi nnd  Hit
trud w.aihcr nil  the tlmo
jiuiuo waa r»u*i4 in » Iur«e canycm
thoa<,'bt.bes(;;'_'".-.'   ?-.-',- - "- '■"   -
.; Dr. Wklkein then favored the audience with a* flne- rendition ' of- Ser' Bhzf aze!B sp-^eclK-in'the' fainbas
JJunjell vs. Picliwiok. case. -.,   y;.   -
. Mr...Hiiysom. then, sang^tho solo,
"Nolan's Death" whicli,, was followed
by a duet siing .by Webber   and
■Moore.*   ■ *    !  .-  ."'...'
:Mr., Reading then   cleared, the
decks by a happy rendition of ''The
Adiuiral's brcwra.",, -,'. ,   ■'
* Hov. John liobson addrossed' tlie
meeting urging tbo selection of some
suitable emblem in coinmomoration
of tho patriotism of Lord Nelson to be
placed in tho school.
' John Hunter sung the "March "ol
the Cameron Men" in a manner thut
brought down tho houso.'
''-•Mayor Stork spoko a few moment.*
upon tho importance of the lesson of
such a life.iib Nelson's. •, „
• McBsrs Thomas, Mott and -Perkins
followed with songs.
Kov, A, Dunn mado ono of his
tolling l'ttlo speeches, closing with a
recitation from Kipling, "Lest wo
Forget." ■' ,   '
U. Coulthnrd sang "Tho Midship
fnlto" and Thos,'Biggs sang "Jolly
Jack Tar"bo well that ho wns accord-
od 1111 -iinc-jro.
W. II. Kvnns gavo a recitation and
a song.
j. .Johnson recited tho "Silver
Frank, T. Mott aiul S.un Perkins Hung more songs.
Hov. Mr. Burtlot. in ido a vory Interesting Iittlo specbh full of tho ring
ol patriotism and th'-.' vory pleusant
(intoi-tuliinipnt whs brought to a cloi-o
by thn Blnglng.of'Kulo Urliantila mul
Qi-id Save tho King.
7DpN*T BE: WALK!-:!) QfCR
• "'-- ", ;  ''   ;'   '  'y   ' \ .-
■ In Joly Mr.'Lindsey modestly asked therity-to buy Jiis'oUl hycl^yiits and to
supply any new oncf that might be necessary, A few diiys.ifjo be', staled that
hewould be willing to supply twenty new ones imw und'more .w.thty uiij-hi be
required, utthe expense of his company. This is favorable proirres*: for the city
and the people neeil not be alarmed about his doing tliiA whei'Jier. he .gets an
agreement or not; We wish to emphasize the fuel that according l« n-ood au^
ihority his company is under obligations to supply hyuji.mii-j anti 'to kv«cp ihe'in
supplied with a sufficient quantity and pressure of water'for'fire^. protection purposes in any organized Municipality or any unorganized-'commuhity, where he
sets up in the business of selling .water to liu- people muK-r liis coi'npany's charter.'  ' "- -   ■ 7   ''.*■"'",'.,
1 - i- - -- v .,
.-**'' j,  - - *:*
.   The silly contention that the city "woiild be coi'ipellVd «o huy (lip whole   of the
company's water system if this agreement is not rmilied,' and,that -30%, would
have to he added lo (he price, might be answered hy -saying that if so, the city
would (hen be in a position io sell the Coal Co.'water for the'coke ovens ■ at its
own price. We believe Mr. Lindsey lias business sagacity enough to prevent
such.a condition arising; and the city ol Fernio will never be allowed .a diance
tOjbuy or'control in any way the waler supply for the coke oveiib.v; The inventor'
of this scare-ctow must be a scare-crow of colossal, proportions himself, but according to the best legal opinions there is no- way by which, the.-, company can
force a sale of their plant rfpon the city unless they lirst. get- some kind * of an
agreement with'.the city, hence the one now; before" (he people.// Let - us -i-o
carefully over ihis'proposed agreement once more. Whereas,, number one re-
citesjliat the company has constructed and is extending a water system in Fernie and Van Is the exclusive right to operatefor." the te'rni' of ten'years,
whereas three and four siiiipjy recite that it is necessary to- submit the agreement to the "voters in the shape of a bylaw and-that it is desirable that the city
should own the "system within tlie city limits at tlie end of teojears. * T-he ne.\i
paragraph"recites that in consideration of one dollar and oth'er.J considerations
mentioned'further on lhat the company will iigfee as follows:    '•■ -
.Clause or paragraph oiie recites'that the company will have. installed by the
ist oi December an up-to-date water system .withuMhe city limits, with at least
86 pounds pressure, - " ,* •■;*.,    -.
Clause two says the company will permit any and every citizen to connect with
the system'at the street line and to supply water at a rentalequaj to ihe present
rates-charged) and (hat no'water shall be supplied from below the mines atCoal
Creek.-, :,''A,      *       % A       .     .   .-.;-. .    >*-A   L'' "'    "      ^-*
■ Clause three";statcs that tbe company will put-in.-twenty hydrants - free of
charge and tb supply more as,the requirements for fire protection may 'demand
"Clause four, states that the company will supply water f-ir Beiw-rs, the amount
necessary,to,be determined by a competent.engiueer be chosen by. the
parties A i Y."t Vv .       ■'_   ■ -' " ,   ,;-7',    ,^-i--      "       .'     '
rnclausefive.the company agrees to furnish water for streetj; sprinkling,- at
$10 per month.- --i'*'
the city grants to thc'company" the exclusive right  to supply water  within, the
the water plant. Last Jun« lhe city aslied him if his company would sell their
plant to the city, and if so at what price. His answer was that they, did not
wish to sell, livery move that has been since made hy the company has rendered it more difficult for the city to purchase the plant if it is so desired and we
as a city are today compelled to tight for our civic rights against a- company,
some of the pretended friends of which have said would use all the coersive
power possible to force upon us an agreement which as a city we do not want.
No intelligent-citizen of Fernie desires to oppose either the; Coal Co. or the
'PowerCo, in any undertaking which is exclusively within their own rijrhts or
which does not conflict with thc. interests and rights of the city, and we, fail to
(See in what way tho citizens have deserved to be called unreasonable or unfaii;
in making a stand for rights to which llioy are fairly entitled umler the law au.
the agreement entered into at the time of incorporation.   The silly twaddle ii*
diilged in by some newly-van verted friends of the Coal Co. to the'effect that tin
officers of that institution would do unwarrantable things   to  the  city   if  tin.
were opposed in the water agreement, reflects very little credit upon the intelli
geiice of the authors nr a very low estimite upon their pan, of the intelligeiiii-
of Ihe average Feruie citizen. These oppoueets of the proposition now before th
people aro acting clearly within their right* of citizenship, and we mistake vpi
much theirtompcr if they do not resent any insinuations from whatever sourc-
that hears the least semblance of athreat.   No one ueed fear for quo inorueni
that the Power Co. or the Coal Co. nre going to be so short-sighted ah to met
out vengeance upon the citizens of Fernie liccaus.i they differ fiom thorn upon -
matter of business which'so vitally concerns tho Municipality. v
~" in closing this article we wish to note lhat someone has been prompted by
over much zeal to slate that D., V, Mott is a champion of municipal ownershif
when it suited his ■convenience but a monopolist when his own interest- was ii
the way. "'       ; '      ■        .
Whether this be true or not it'can iiave no bearing upon the question now   be
fore the people, but it so luippens that Mr. Mott about the only man at  tin
public meeting between the board of trade, and the r4.'presentative of the  Powei
company when the basis of lhe agreement betweun the parlies, for iiicorporjitioi
was laid, who slated, that wnile he thought jliat municipal  ownership of lln-
waler system would he right at some-time, yet he would favor arranging  wilh
the company for the supply of water'until the ci'ty. was'in a hj'.ier position to install a plant, provided a mutually satisfactory agreement, could   be  111.iJe.'    N'»
satisfactory proposition has ever been submitted to lhe people  and   rather   than
favor the present proposition, the editor of Tin-: Ledger   will  continue  to "work
for and advocate municipal 'ownership of the waler system instead,   but   if  the
Power company will submit a proposition in w hich they agree to   supply, water
at the rates Hint are .al least no higher than tlie rales in  other places, and  also
agree to allow the city the exclusive right at the end  of  our   agreed   term of
years to;put in and operate its own system without, opposition from lliem there
would be a proposition with two sides to it and it  is   quite   likely-, lhat   many
people that oppose the present jug handled arrangement would support  it even
though' Mott miglu'coiitinue to be obstreperous.'  This zealous  person also desires to convey the idea that Mr, Molt is also favoring  municipal  ownership of
lhe telephone system hut he will have a hard lime finding that man's name on, a
petition asking the city dads to go into the telephone business or to cite a single
individual who has ever heard him say he was in favor of  such   .t   proposition.
We would feel like asking pardon of our readers fortaking'up time in  personal
explanations, were it not for the fact thai'these statements are hinged   upon  an
absolute falsehood which if not denied might, as it is eviJenlly designed  to do,
prejudice some unthinking person whom it is desired loreach through  personal
.feeling, against lhe real interests ofthe cily.    Such Uicticsare always employed
by people who are short 011 real arguments and have a' very low estimate  of the
intelligence and motives which'actuate the people to whom they lalk iir write.
Mr. 0. L. Bovnton, manager of^he
Elk. Lumber. Co., arrived ih town
from St. Paul yesterday morning stA ■
is busy at work arranging tor tit*
completion ot the new mill. v.
The b*ji!er-hoa*e ia about completed.
The steel trusses lor ihe roof are ia
place and the roofing wil alt he «mT
in k day or two.   The new milt will ,.
i»f>0feet by', 140 feet.   Tfee lower.
story will be ol concrete and the upper frame-will be of wood aided with'
orrugated iron sheeting, tbe roof wMl
"ln> be of metal.   A double cut band
uill will be installed which will ha*e
i capacity of 75.0CO feel per day of 10
tours, and the mill is so constructed
s to permit of it second band orclreu-
ar  being added   thus focminf a
iouble mill as waB the first one, ,
The new mill will be strictly up-t(K
date having all the latest improved
-iitiw mill machinery and no expense
will be up?red in equipping the pteiK .
with all the latest labor saving de- -
vices known to the wide awake mill
man. Mr.l.iynton expects to have tils
mill enclosed within six weeks and to
have the bridge und track ready to
haul the new machinery directly to
the mills from the 0. P. R. main lh'w
when it arrives. Mr. Boynton rabde
good time building the first plant but
with much practise he is gaming
ftpecd as a builder ot mills and ha its
breaking aii previous records in
getting the new mill in shape for
business. Upon his arrival home
yesterday ho found a good fat check ,'
awaiting hiin, tha second payment
on the loss on the, mill in September.
Mr. Fred Waters has aogang of 82
men at work at' the new bush camp ;
over thc river getting out logs and
expects to" increase the gang later
This wide awake milling company,,
is proving a valuable asset to tins city
of Fernie and every ono rejoices to
se^ theso people building rip such an
extensive industry ;so near the' cityA
Clause seven grants the right to the city to b
years,' provided ndlii-e in-writing be given two
city limits for ten years dating from the first day of next, Deceinner.-
buy the.syslem. at ihe end- -of. ten
month's J>eforc;,tli**iend-«oU4hut
period.;.The price lobe paid is to be agreed upon by arbitration, the arbitrators
to be governed by the law provided in such cases, and lhe amount agreed  upon
must be paid the company before the eiid of ten years. '      -   *
- Clause eight.ties tiie hands of the arbitrators mentioned in cl.iusc seven Instating th(U the price lobe paid shall be determined by the then value of the
Number nine clause is" thevdais'yot the whole boquet. In this the Company
repeats thc easement: promise, so as to allow thecity to lay, mains to connect
vided'lhe city give written notice to the company within twe've months stating
where the Fairy Creek water is to be brought across Elk river and at what
point the supply pipo Is he CONNECTED WIT.H THE COMPANY'S
Running Down' tlie Scale'
^Wrtug'sostionT-The city tOm%Y
ail the old hydrant*--, and as many, new
ones as needed. -'   A
. Second arrangement: The-city to
.buyall the new hydrants" * ^ *:....„
> Third agreements'-'.The-1 company to
buy new'hydrautH and'the city to. take
care, of them- ■. , .
The fourth to be submitted later.
llnolc from Wliiiil'iojr
•Mr and Mt*. A. ^McDmianll of the
l-'oi'iiiu Liniihor (,0,,rntiiriiittl hiHt uwk
from* a trip li> Wluulpng. Mr. Me
DnugJiH found liuHlnpm In good ronill.
tion nud thn di'innml fm- luml-i-r
Imprnvltig. He ninlnn thai-* '« a «hort
nge of Hppnrntom Iff Mtinltnha which Ih
rctm-dlng thn threshing opprntlont*.
Had wrnlher, „i( it flhcnld not In, wlll
Miiso trtma Astnnan to nut4iHiuli|i-jr
grain nnd tho fnimora don't tike .(inn
(0 Hl'lUlp,
Mr Mi'Dounal! I» onn of tha ve»onui
tn'll men In this vnlloy nnd hi-u-nii'imny
Ims Hpuut lotn nf mnni>y horo which
lrn-4 helped to build <ip (ho trade of lhe
. PootUiill, Hmokcr
Tlift FAottmll Qmoknr nn 8*tnrd«y
oyanlnu noul in the MinorV Union hull
tinder fim iii"!''(?»'•» nt thn Fernie F'-ot*
HhII Club, hlilii fnfr to Ihi a prononnced
WHT3W. Tlm«e mnoii^ri ar* pnpulir
«i*J ** th* proi'teA* fin to help alonir a
Tli(*](lc>rrviii'.« dipATting.rliimant fn the city,
a big tin r?oul Im conl\d.nlUl!y eipeclol.
This Isstclmise.will.need n great deal of explanation before people  having
the interest nf the cily in mind, will he persuaded to vote for it at nil.
Tlicrevai-e two sldro to this proposed agreement. Thu Power Co on Its part
nizrecB to noil the city water nt tho sums old rntn, to supply wiitor for flro pro*
tcctlon fre*c; to put In 20 hydrants nt Its own oxp'Mise: to supply water to flush
sewers to a limited 'extent: to soil the city water for street sprinkling at $10 per
hydrnnt, per montlii to ,allow tho city to lay water pipes ncroBS Its laud to con
noi't with ltd own Hvufom froo of coHt, and to ncll its tun year old, wood pipe system tn the city at tlm prlco it would cost lo put in a now mm like It. Tlic'ctiy ih
nuked to fjtivn tho -Power Co nn exclusive frnnchlso for lu yi-iirs and to pay ono
dollar for tho privilege; to maintain the hydnintH, nnd to hhuw llie (.mrpni-v
just whoro thoy want to turn the Pnlry Crook wator Into tlm Compnny'j. uyiitPiiif
within the noxt Thin Ib ralht-r a one-Hided bargain whon it is I'fmi'-ml-nroi.
that tho rntoHclinrgoil here nrii hi|*lior thnn iu any other pldcn Hlimlarly ->i u uivl.
and thnt If Iho Powni' Co- worn to olinrijo up to tho Crow's Ncet Piiiu C'(.iil (.'o, Its
duo proportion nf tlm cost mid mnliitonnnco of tho plant, tliuso rates should he
lens, rather than muni thnn In other places 	
Viewed in lhc llf-lit of Mr, Lindsoy's refusal lo agree to remain out of the
•waler husinesH In I'nriiio after the purchase of his worn out system, ho nmnoi
complain if tho people look upon (he ambiguous wording of thnt ninth clause
wilh a grent dcnl of suspicion.
We do nol wish lo he undmtooil as saying that Mr, Lindsey In Griming
clmises, kovuii, ei';lil and nine, did no with the Intention of paving the wny to a
pcrpeiunl control of Ihe water supply to the city of Fernie. hnl wo do nny thnt In
our opinion, these ilntiseM ure mi coiisirucfod as to nllow of double construction
and to lend tons much trouble nt 4he end of tin- proposed ten yenrs tx* we 11 re
having now. It In not nl all improbable Ihni ul the end often yearn Mr. Lind*
t*cy mav not he innnngcr for the Power Co,, or the prisiftit diivrlors mny
have Wen repined hy others, aud In that cvont, what in there in this ugree>
iiu'iit to prevent the Power Co. or their friends from heiiiii),' up iliu h.uue -Jaini
•o continue In bn.*ilii.'>.s uud to oppose the cily of Fernie gohiK Into the water
bualiieiiN it* nrc now being uied. Let us once more reler to clauses seven and
Clause seven provides Mint in case n price cnnnol he itgrccd upon, ,the arbitration machinery m provided by law ahull lie applied. Thi* would result in ti
price being fixed upon Ihe plain nl what ll would nrtunllv hi> wnrili ni ihiif tim.-
Uut nil tlmt mnchlncrv Is rendered umcIohh, ro fnr hr **etllni» .1 price U oonivrne-',
hy cIiiuko ei|*ht which specifics thnt the prlco shall he exactly what It would cost
lo install one like ll, To the average mind there In no two meanings in he
placed upon this provision, imJ thu city, if li agrees tn Mich a provision must be
prepared to pay llie Co, for a new plant in plnce of the old one and then have to
l ,;y .'.-." .1 -.--r.v*'-- •'.''!* ", :l.i i.'.i ^-.--;.;.*,:...»-,'... .;.,.■..',, »j u.,4*.* C.-v **.ln*; 44^,41. >,.,.-•
jt h now engnged In before It could hope to cxercine its right to supply it* own
Mr. Lindsey nor nny of hlii director* ran have nny grounds for complaint
against the citizen, nf Pernio If they refine to ratify t.uch uu iiKrceinent, e«pec>
inllv in view of tho f.ict that he lui<* refused, point blank In ngreo to remain out
of die *nter luinim-i* In l\rnie afmr thu expiration of ten ywirx. - *
Wheil the riiy ol Fernie wan organl/ed it wan well known lhat one nf lhe
reaMonu, lhc main one in fact, wlilrli induced the people to niiii for H charier u-.i*
Sliding Down tho Scale
First ai'irtimeiit in fnvor of first proposition: "l-Jetter accept it, for the com
pany ir. in a position ,to do iib it pluat-cs.
nnd might refuse to do anything.
Second argument in favor nf Hi*cnnr'
prnpohitinn: "A groat coneesfiioii hi\"
been made by tho compnny lu.coiiKeiit-
ing not to force thn city to„buy the old
liydinnts nud a deal sl-nnlil bolmndo m
mice beforenwnrythinsr fieezcs up,
Third ni-|*uinent'in fiivor-'ifliistngreo-
niont: The compnny hns nindo n urcin-.
er concession and will put iu ami pay
for now hydrnntg if tho city will iiccnpi
proposed agreement, NOT OTHERWISE."
Last, thftfX Is putting In thn hyd-
OF ANY KIND. The Power compimj
linn Hlld nil tho wny down frnm do-
niniidlng thnt tlm city .mould buy thoir
. ll h>dn»ntH, to nutnslly putting in now
iiiiOM at tln-lr nwn cxiicnco, Now If thc
mutter is left jut-t whoi'n It Is llio enm*
puny v.Ill Hnlflh thn job «nd furnish
wntiir ns In the pnet nnd tho city will
rtitnlii lu Its iiont-nHflnn iturlght to put
In lUilmit of Uh own. Tlm coni|'iin,\
will hnvo gained nn new power nr prlv-
Huge New powers nnd now privelng-
or Is whnt hftti been nliiuul nt nil tlu-
lime hut nothing of value has boon of
fiirml for thiiflii powers oxcopt whnt the
compnny urn nbllgod to give vrllhout
Hiiy iii-ri-i'iuitiiti
Tho city Iih' nn.'er mi ohllgntloii to
buy nnyh'iiIy'H iiliuit imlo-ni thoy nunu'
to do ho, nnd they -hIkhiIiI nnvnr luien
to do mu with nu) body wlm llutl.t rnfiiMis
to Hign nn ngrni'innnt tn slnv out nl ih
huwImniH when their (iluiit I\hh been
tnkon over by the city.
The* Law In tlio Cnso
We would cimtinn tlio ch'Clor* n-
giiln-t the Ingoiiioipi attompt tliat
mny l»n made amiln hy the
would hn fi'lomln ot thn '.Yiiw'u
Nph'. KlootrloLI-rlitA Power Co.
fllllt t'lOiiO iHVni'lllg IIH   p|-0|JOH1||<'ll,   U'
tl,'lu..o tlicm I'V iiuiiiing ( t.-i'
Bitld cmti|>iiiiy liHSimv exclusive right
or Inwulthi* to rqulp and operate «
wntovworkn nvatotn, In tho city, Wo
kniw that It wan at Hie fo-Binnlnenl
tlm controversy ur«ed in hulmlf oi
tlio company that tlm city w xtx |*-iwcr-
lens InsoliHlcli an It wh* claimed thai
thnt company 'Kwitnieil nunntnrv
rlK'it> giving It nu kxcIuhIvo prlvIN
ogc which could not be taken awjiv,
except bv coninnt ol tho cnmimuy
ItiHolf,   At n piihMc mooting he'd In
shown to bo false, lu\e been dropped
by-*the—ad voeates~of-the**pro posed
agreement now before tlie electors. -
Another ingenious nttempt to draw
tlie wool ovor'the eyes of tlie .people
consisted, in stating that tho Jooal--
legal opiiuion was in error, just In
the same way as loenl legal 'opinion
was ignored in fighting the telephone
company with a result, which is well
known nnd will never bo forgotten.
Those who know lilni will credit Mr.
J. A. MucDonald, K. C, of*Rossland,
with being a* gentleman stntiding
high in his profession, and ono whom
nothing cnuld induce to give an
opinion which is not in nccord with
what ho believed to bo Bound lnw.
rimt eininout counsel wiisiisked for
an opinion on the subject and In
giving it stated us follows: .
"I may say genorully, however
thnt I boliove your opinion set forth
In  tho  lottor  Is * correct   Thero is
only one point which seems to mo to
bo tirgiumhle against thnt conclusion
und that Is this: Until incoi'|iomtlon ol
the city, tho power coinpnny could
not havo ita undertaking purclinaod
by anybody,   ita charter, however,
mndo 'A, subject' to the conditions
mi-iitionuil in pnrt 4 of tlio Wator
Clauses Coti-jolldutloi) Act,    Amon«
these conditions m one tlmt upon in
corporjitlon  of a  munlol|iiillry   tin*
miiiilcipnllty hIiiiII hnvo tlm right to
pnrchiiRo tho wator worlin,     Tho
Kernlo  TnciiriwpiMnn   Act provldnn
tlmt tho right-, ol t'lo jjower comp;in>
fifi.tll nol ho (leiTd'gjitod from hy run-
son of tlio'' inc-rporntlon ol the city.
Now thn power comp'inv mlerht cui
-."nd    Unit  na  it hid thn right to
i'/iitv uu Its IiihIiiuhh wltlimit being
-mli|i!Ct to piuvhiis'i, ro long- 'in thorn
was no niiuiWsli'iilltv thnrc, thnt tin-
'n(*nrp'*-vni|on of  tin- oi'y miist no
ilorrngnto from that right,  Tlionnn
wr-r t<> thin, howoviir. In mv nplnlmi
i-i, that tlio |viwi>.r cmnpnny'n wnter
workK being nnhject nlwnin to pin*,
clinno on tho Imyirpnrnil'i.i ortliooltv,
tha wol'd.* referred to In tlm Hpeolal
net hn i-o ,no iippllciitl'in.   II It wt rr
Intiiiided lii tako awny from tho citv
when IliO'ii'P'initod a powor given hy
the gc'KTiil Inws i.f the Ini'.tl to pur
rliMin (xlif leg wnte-r workd, It nlmnl'l
lmve   been ko stn ted  hi clear and
nvt potie t(>i--»(q "
Ni'twltlmtnndlntr Mint thn lnw
necnm I'Pi'.ectly plum anil thnt the
Company In powcrleRs mul within tlio
rrlp of the Cl»v, yet we (hid Ita nrtvo-
cnten |irutond|ng'tliat tho ivvinm Jf!
thit-Tnnn,   Tho upponlH mcila In t,|i*f>
d'jvi.'l in .i,*-f> (».ij/.i;l.,»»..l »/, }, ,„y) iv!;;}i
the (icople, wlioui'o rapidly Im>c< tiling
e.liic/ifcd to It ok niter their own ln>
ti rent* nnd it will ho dlfllciilt (o cnicli
them wiih chnff.
Every voter in the city should read!
tlm nncra house, thin ootilcntton wn>-
thnt they might own ihelr own unter syMeni. nnd In nm-wfr to qiientioiii along shown to have no legal or other
llioce line*, Mr. I.indvev nlalcd thai the busliieH of hi* compjiny wiu the mining I merit, (n fact tho matter wiiid drop-
of coal and liwniiiking of coke and lhat they would not opp.)>.e the city buying-pod     nti    Other   CotUcnttoilB,   when
CojiI Output,
Thr* Cnhl (Hiipu* fm' thn ureek ending l-Vlilny, ()ot. 20, wanmiMlnwiii-—
(.'.ul Ci».ik
clauses 7, 8 aud. 9, in connection with ■
thn clause as submitted by the city,aud .
which   Mr. Lindsey emphatically refused to sign.   ,; A ,  .   -   7 !  " .
> i.V Andjhjtf.i-hould iOiej. city .purchase. ;
the said wator workei system of the Co.
at any time, under the powers herein
contained, tho company nlwll not at any
time or times thereafter, directly, by   "
itself, or in connection with nny other
company or corporation,  carry oti or -
operate nny waterworks or system of
waterworks, or supply or attempt to
supply any   -riorson or  persons,   cor*'
porn tion nr corporntionB other than tbe
Crow's Nest Pass Coil Co., Ltd., within
two miles nf the present boundaries -of'
the city of Feruie, nor shnll, nor will.nt
any time therenftcr, do or cause to be
done, any act, mutter or thing whereby
or by reason, or by inenni whereof, the
snld citv shall or may be Injured or
damnified in tho operation and.main*
tonancu nf tho *>nl<l wntor works ayutein
tn bo puichnBi'd hereunder, or In the
nhIo or, supply of water to any permm
or porsons, corporntiou or corporation!
within such radius."
7.   Tho city Hlmll have tho right at ,
nny tlmo after the expiry of nine yean
niul beforo the expiration of tlio nnid
ten yours for whicli this privilege it
Bioiitcd, upon giving to thn company
two moniliN'  notice  iu writing of its
Intention ho to dn (the giving of such
notice Hhiiil bind thn city to enmpletfl
tho purchnte) tn purchase nt tho expiry -
of I In- i-nhl in ,\ (viri mid to thou tnkoovor
own nnd operate, the whole nf tho said
wntmwmks nystom, •ituntn within the
limits of iho e 11 ill city, and
hIiuiI lm compelled  to noil tha mine,
provided the prim to hn pnld therefor
ns iigreo'l no or determined hy nhrltra-
tlnu niuill lm 1 aid Wy the. city to tie
C'linpiiuv Imfore thn oxpliary of tho
Hiild Km years for which tIifh privilege
in j/i'iintcil.   Thn price tn ho pnld ilmll
he llvril by Hihltriilinu, If the parties
iJiiiiidt ngiee, finh pi Ire or vnhiHtliiii
In he i|i'tiirniliii'(| by tho nwnrd nf three
Hi'hltnitnin, the city  nml cnmpauj to
name mul Hppnlut encli an arl.ltrnlor,
nml ihe Nhld inbltiJit'irH io npiolnt a
1 III id ni-l'ltiiiKe, mieh NrhftiMiluu l.i be
I'lindiicii'd ir ile.r the Ar'iltrntluii Ad or
Art*, nf M it;-h O'llumliln fur thu tiu.11
lining mul the i"ild Act nr Act* (.luiil
apply ,lii,'Hll rcHpoctH (0 th*.' Hiid Hibltni.
lln»''.''*.i.^. !$';
H, Tu llxiii-t* the prlco to ho pnflT h»r
mucIi M'nfi-r «r»it.-ii jciIi'ih "flm m.Mij'l'ii.
tors nliall tiiKo us llm bimti of vufunHnn
tho thnn vnlun ol tho nyntem to hn
tiikon over ni ■ (wing concern, thnt In. .
,lnjf*.prim nl which tho nitiniilpall'y
VanhHimtnll • like aystem an that hniuijt
(jekein over at tUisot arbitration, hut
irriiape-tivn nf any allowance) for the
value of the franchlan.
II, Ami tho company hnrthy tgrt*t
In tho oviiiit nf the city purelmilr-g thn
water svntcm nf the company aa herein-
licf.ire' providcil, to glvn nn eaueinunt
tn tho city to cn ibln them to lay malim
to ronvey water from Fairy Creek lo
cojitii*c. with thn water lyutein of the
company provided tho city will, within
twelve ninnlhn from the (lute hereof
mrnUh to thn cmiiiuiriy in writing a
-tuteinn it a*» to where tlw J-'*lry Ci« k
water will com ihcLk Uiver and at
what point tt li doiired to eouncct the*
mipply pipe wiih the company'sayiitcut.. ■ V--
a m '^^i?/,^ ,   . .
". "•7-   i~-~y -'ii"-.::-!^^^'fe^sf-'-^SvA'^-?^^^®*^
*   ,-s    •-■'.-*_ •-■-_v*-7^-    *'--'■'^'?\'ri,^4-\*,??;sS-^3g'^&*!
-'.."".-  . j1-"1-"--*'-?--   ■- ■--.',v'-**-yiisi'sifi-'j'X'.'s?]
The Fernie |j9&er
aHsolutelv nothing  to do   with the
tabiiea-iioH -ot ixw. fakVdispatcti,-, and.
^are«ngaged in a perfectly legitmate
^ "attdeitnlfiin •^hawig: already' cj-'pend-^
- •*'' - .* - - - ■ ----- ■ ■ *- *,-"■ -  '„•■*, „„,- .-1 ed oVer ^TS.'QilQ In -feoriMg for oil and-
Ivsa*ie»«i- CFeduexlay froa\<r3M*o.«f pub-!      ■    ■     -~     I       *„."■*
m-,iic*twa.e-M»tesoiWo<Mit!jt:juj4ir3*vker,-3 nuilaing-<$anfcsana m renningoi'ieTa-y
•~ljg*i^t,*mi.tiM.O»tuimliia..y ■       ,.-l-;   „.   ■    . ,  A"    .    *>
r    . - •    _      -•• ^ Jtions..*eacomj>letoj'-brti*ing,
* "twooqLuws** year *Wadvance   y plant,'apsm^-hg *^1ant, ji,-2pli~ tanks;
{WxiWi'JEAI. t*«ICA.Vj
stored tA^e<.k«a«e4«-k«'& 4«3irod, irtttowt ]
'_.-•--'-. ex«*«Jiai -<s* ; '
-   i*n our iuci, per iijjpi&i
.'(. o  5:E4lKwUfit«l)dii"-pla-l)e-ia4efin-niahea
<iet ta wnewnel* 1* li net maiia'»« JsicV .*)
Auction SsiJe^-Euwrtiiiiwiwuti, Tenders, X.e-
SsiJ«s»_Suvsrtniiw»iUt4_, Tenders, X.e-
-esistcVlvioei1*.-*»line,fi-fat insertion,
ieaui^a. Une^stK-li wbdeqaent insertion,
-. *
J>>st.J>jrawJ,,*J--r date,'?.-; lfit,gf&: or.^*-;
«..Jiji4iattf^./eiV4«it-ii wBrd.,«iM3i u.f^f^sisi
•On lawk p«ee union?; locals, iSl wn-V-. a |*-Ti'
VOu4i«.it i>iige huiouc teoals, J!(> oeutt, *   Un
BiartKv, »AllttlUSES jjtu DEvcais
fi occurring «oi4iig.*«nar nAscrilwrt, fraf; -fcYi
■othirr-i-Meeiiti't-udtiiiJertiaii- Cin^.^.-sif <--°'H
jgrriitul*(i(»u.-oeii4-tiiluiioe -or itli^i'tU -»bitear.v
*v.iiutrv*t<-,Jisft.-.'<.fE.'ie',-.t,j an'l weddlm; pre*-
t.iU. .Uc«iMU^.li«^l').wiy*rieJ.)<*<>l*. ibotUou.
v.     , UilSiSHii.<ff. l-S<»*>W*( Ctftl-S
^•lth«utc^iijija,-o«M;uii* ir «-Jc.*»r. *i *me-i.l.i
' Anr r«ith«r infoi-muttou deiireJ c*t> t*o 1*<1;
«MHH>plicati(«ito tiiu imnmiC4-r. t  ,-
(Qi.IL AN».9\?
Five wetfki -au;o a^iisjEaionaifl.i'pnU'h
jrt-ent the round -rff.tlMi patwi* to th-i ef
ffeetthata «u-4ier of oil i-U'Mliig S.00O
jbnrrela a d*v had -bean etrnik on <ii<>
l-roperty of the Iloeky *MQ'4*ntain -Dove!*
^fiiiioutCompnny in AlbiJita.' llm dix
.jJntch *-asdatft{l trr^i!OiJCAty,,whicli ii*
',-iho cabiu.l<H*atiflHi o,ftiiat s^ihitimis «n-
^(u-piiee. -\V.« took oecasiou^to point ont
^t the time that there is tin telegraph
station with lit'40 uiilos of Ol City, -iukI
,ti>,it tne dji-pateh contained other iulu'r-
ent ovkli'iicm of bei»ir, faked.   For in-
if a cn-pacitv ot 50 baiTels -"each, a
smalt! refiinng •pia«t,*«tid' are now
onstrocting two -stone' .-tanks of.SOQ.
lvir-rei8A«^paqit> *ach,'jto t»e Unedi
Oith -oeiiKMrt. 'J'diey have tl»e Biacfiin-
*ry feought *nd on the road Jfor-a
refinery«f4i0 barrels capacity which
will t»e <jfc«ratIon «s soon aa it;
can be |?ot op.' It, will be seen that*
t'.e.conpa'py ^vlUgbon hav« a storage
eapa«it*(,' of IftK) Iwrrels. df oil and
an rWlnp50 blin-elsa.tlay.   .Oil- is
being refined 'as last «s- *ike. small
l.ilant now avfu^e.ea.1 take'cyire of it.
At   (K-esont I hey *»re turning outj
^n'solinfi,' coal oil, he:id light oil, ..two
grades ol   ia**-tea ting oil, cylinder:
oil and cod tar.   About 3% of tlu*S
ci'udu oii is wived in the, {shape of coal
tar andahout;!.*)^ is gasoline,   The
_p.ugju-y <jlectric light |-lant is using
1 this oil on tlwir dyo-imos juxl.are
Sj plejisod with results.
part ofthe country which will be so
greatly benefited, by,the estnb'.ishipg
of so important an' enterprise as 13
ainted at bv the • Jlocky Mountain
DeyeU.-pW'9nt-»3rX--."'    -      '      .
Iiivclosing we wish to say' that „we
are well aoqiiainteil with the prominent rancher npon whose statemenc-
tiie Tribune b^ses itsur-J'tstcriticism,
and can -state that- he is a man .-of
unimfeachrfble tru-th*rulri(-ss.but there;
has heen a inisiihderat-inding some'
wheM-e as to the'' facts suiToanding
that f:mw»s'fake dispatch.       *   - •-_
, .-staiice, on the same day as tlie' gu-*hi*r
Avas supj«i?ei( to have ^','.'J( j-ti-U'ii-. the
Veailer ofith«.di^ia.i'!li wa-s able to con-
^ti'in itaiinporiancft   by * the  expressed
/opinion of a Phil idclphia «xpe,rt   whn
.wus not in the di**tr,ivt.   Today the Tri-
.i}iuiifi.puhiisheH a statement by a jfentle
man who happened t<-«b« in Oil City on
,the llth of September, the d.-ite-of this
. marvelous dispatch.   He is a man oft
.. *ueh itegrity that no oni)  who fcuows
liim wil l qiu'titi-m tiie. absolute accuracy
,o( his statements, aiid he sayf that the
.whole dispatch was a pure fake.  Neith
or then 'nor at any time, hue a gusher.
;bisen struck upon tho property ol the'
jllocky/Mountain Deyolapotent Co. or
^i:iona'iy oilier property in Aibetta or
in the Flatliead district.    A  little oil,
■ '      i "f
jtho seepage of the rocks,-has been
-■piimped at intervals ovjer, the last two
years, but the quantity'is insignificant
and absolutely valuelebfl except "as an
indication of the  possibility of larger
 deposits! -Qnecannot_t-JO_etrongly_diipJ
' reeate.the niethnds adn'pted not only by
the company'under coneideration, but*
by practically all tbe companies owning
■ oil-reservatiniiSMn' the Flathead, and-
•Southorn.Alberta (districts to boom their
proper.tiee. jt'or absolute fabrication the
regorts which have been circulated by
,., the-cconipunies from time to time-are
(ie,jisily'the most outrageous evorpub-
^lislicd i;i Canada, ^s a rule when a
fich tind is epokenof in connection with
mining there is at least some float pick-
, cd up, but thcBe oil pooplo have boosted
jtheir piopurtios on absolutely nothing
,,.|(»*tceptsuch liidicatioiiH aa were referred
:. , Ur. cJelsji-i/i i^ yearn ago, viz.,
alight heppajjes pf- oil.- Js(Qtli^ng thnt
iias been done eiuco has improved the
jproH-p^uct^' of flndiug pay oil in the
slightest de^roo, and whllo we hnve no
,-. didcoui'ftgo the logltimate ex
plnitHtion of poHiiroleoil Holds, wo, shall
fin all, wo can to rilscoiirnuo Jilio Invest*
fiioiiti. o^ m'.ouey l' jt \t to |j.o controlled
liy nf on jvl'o hiibitunlly make hucIi
ptckluBHstatuuientsna thono referred to
jn the (lirfpn/cii from Oil city. Jt is no
help to tno Country, out it inn Ices it
jinrder .to g(!f fiyop' /}i)lliir..which fs re-
■ mil red for legltltnatu utiturprisos when
fO/innny thoiiumids of dollurH nro ex-
lracied from tho pockets of the public
py misreproBoiitation anil fabrlcatod
T|ioabnyo from tho Ifel^on Tribune
pf-the 17th |nsf„, C(|i)i/'H wjpli i> |j;id
gp.po froii* i^ jijaj) \i/ho can' go grace-
jn 11,v treat an absciitco iir hu Iiiih done
|,ii tho cimo of John Hniifiton.   Wti
p-produco tho artlclo lumded "Jolm
II mitiin'H   Uoslgnutloii" In nnotliei-
puluinn it|icl vyc wijh f,ocqii)i)}iiHini| ft
fo, ou.i; ruiiijor*} iib a Just aiid fnlr
f,'stlii)nto qt Mr. UniiBtoii,   But why
' flm editor ot tho Tribune should run
V'H'i nnd iniku  mteh unjiiRilihibio
(rtti'lutuivH up ni tlmofllooi-H and umnii*
goinniit  of  \\yx  JJofjky    l||Q'.uiti)|ii
'. )i!vu|(ipti)(iiil, Co, au lm Iiiih, in tho
flxiyo fdlfor|iil,  wo nro atalonHt't
ttiow,   Uo culls tin- buildings, lwrlng
/I ii nti Ni|() jJiiinping nmclilnory, to.
if'tl|pr w'l'ult other |inproycmniit»in/ido
■iv tint company, "tlia on hit) "ifwih
filou of tlmt Ambllong entorprUa-'iind
| ni sen flie whole) nt'Melo upon n four
jllio loeal,   a  Bliitomeiit of  ll   Weill
[iiinwir' ViincliiM' at I'jnelier Crook,
vvho nn> r that tho "gnnliup dlnpuicli"
jitntliig tlji! \yell wiih (|ow|ng nf tlm
I'iito of H,0Ui# biu.roU a dny wuh a
I'hiko dlspittcli,"   Tho Lkdokh cm hiljo (} n| in toll (rom tho Wlnnlpog
Tr.biinn, i|iii (irlnfcd It In tho Uhiio ol
.fej-t  I**')!, bn' too)t th,. pi'e_f|ii}tj(*); to
w-Jro one of tho oltlc*r*oC t|)o poinp-ipy
,, na t>i thc irennlnQsH oi thu roport mil)
.-wns Inf iriiiod that there wnn no truth
In tho dispute.i; WuoluBo.d lho ni'tlulr-
|!.v wiylilffi "t\9 Wf) «P & pi'M* Wfl I'fl-
pe|vi;d ii wire from our (".pecf-il c'lrri'B-
[Kiudont at I'licjlior Cfeok itiiti|;g
lero wit* no truth In the nlnvu
p»|iort i' T||itp ft? only tine nioanlng
y\ la>   p'lpvoyod    |)V  i^Jip 7'ii»nifie
Jrtlpi^t and that le an nlj<nlnti»jy }jn:
i«tl||,i|i|o onp. 'llio oIllcei-H ami
tliu I oivnern nf the atrck nl the H'-ck v
tlniiiitiilri    Davu npiiiont   Co,   had
U the Tribune wishes to get the
peal tacts as,to what the Hoclcy}
Mountain Development Co. .p-re-dnini!-
at Oil City where their 'Cabiir ia
d'-catnl Jilllie has to d-) is to go to
1'ineher Creek* where he will „findv
free transportation awaiting iiimto
and from the cabin,, the. iatch string
of which w,ill ,^c found on tlio outside.,
ide xwill be sure ol courteous treatment and will come away knowing
that thc tuanaeeiuent of the company
are in very great earnest about the
properly ,and ai-c spending .their t'miei
•injoa-l prospecting and'developing.
They nni "not" wotrying oyer fake
dispatches for whicli they are in no
way accountable, and don't want to
divide the proceeds of* sales with'
promoters or otlror parties, i» oivior to
unload _t.*.eir prnperty. They have
,hu(& iaith enough in the undertaking
to. put, $75,'UO0,, mostly their, own
money, into ic, and will continue the!
work hoping to have for their reward
avalua-ble property.      .   •
Mr. John, Lincham, the president,
and by far the*lieay,itst-st(>ck holder,
was tor ten years the repi-eseritatt ve-
of.the High liiver district in the
JUorthwest asseniblv and is well
known all,oyer the country as on,e ot
the .most successful busiest men'in
the   west.   It. is owing,  in a very
Jat'gH measure, ,to his .energy, coupl
cess of the enterprise that so, much
hits be-in accoinpl/shcd. People,o|
East Kootenay.wijl^rej dec to see the*,
hopes ot.iWr .Litieiiam aiid ^lis associ*-
ates realized, - and it id very
unfortunate   that  such   very unfair
An Ii*ftportan*;|^Rel Denl  which
'7    JUoajiis Miwih to--Fernie.
We hiive been deveitlngSa .little-
space cfl-cli week-to calling the attention of tliose people whoate thinking of going fomewiiere ar*tl sun-Rug'
f^-uit larais,-iX) the advantage-.of the
Kootenay, Vnlley, so near our doors
•iver more distant sections.-
Mr. T* G. Proctor* has about c-m-
sumated a deal wi.:h wealthy Chicago
;i'irtiesbv which about 20,000 acres'
■ f the 'Koi.tvnav "Valley land l>*-.ngv
botwocn Canal il its and Fort Steele-
will bp secuved Vby men who liavo
money to invest, aud who will at once
Iwgvntirrang'pniente to irnlgaw the*
la ltd and sell ,it to small, holders,
A large portion of the land to be conveyed belongs to the Kootenay Val
ley Co. and the .-remainder to the C
IVIt. Co,     An--irrigation  system,
costing $5010C.0'will be put in operation so lhat all ol* these lauds,nceiling
water .w^U,be supplied:   The parties
taking tip this enterprise mav hk ,de-.
pended uoon to make it a success and'
w« will have -a large scttlen'ient ol
producers   of fruit, - vegetables and
(i(i4ry -products •just &t our doors..
'All of these settlers will be to some
extent, customers of.our merchants
and reciprocity in products and goods
will be'the result...
There are still'thoasands of acres
of land south of the C. P:,R." and
nearer to onr city .than the land spoken of aboye that can be hndin tracts
to suit purchasers ranging from.$2.50
to $1-5 per acre according to quantity
and quality desired. Time wil-l- be
allowed on all deferred payments at
6°/ so that it is within -.the, reach of
/f) o *■
almost anyone .who earns wages to
secure a piece of this land* before it
goes into the hands of some la nre cor;
poration or capitalist to have a profit
on,the iovos*,n_ieflt.   ',   . ,*      -    7
Tlie people ot Fernie. should be,
alive to this opportunity of buiidins
up the business'of the town by widen-
chand.ise and trade and making Fernie the commercial centre' of a populous dis't riot.'.,  - , -   „-'''     ■■' «• ."
given us the MHo-ving 4nlnrination
i*egarding the cost of, -running and
maintaining the'water system oi Cal •
gary,'    "..-•   ■ '       "   .
General expense and fixed charges;
53185:03.' - Pumping, system.,: main,
tenanee ;.abd    expense    ,'$2 675.00
Fuei,-a'cc6ant $1,815.   Maintenance of
street se.wei*s and .repairs;'.$418.00.
Total -fS'lPS'OOA   '"YYy'y   ,Y}-:
The'rates are b,-i?ed upon the nam*'
ber of rooms and occupants of.a house
and run from §10 a year for .a" house
of .our rooirjs and'two occupants'to
?57-a yoar for a 20 room house with!
30 occupants. A house of 7V rooms
with five ocenpants^pays $13 a ;yoar
for.onetap, and *ic-r, nn «adii{t|Qnai^
chjvvgc.c.f-*$2 per year making a" total
veaiUv-charge'of $15 or $125  per
■.-I-?-   t-1".-'^-**3!
.,' ^Is a pleasant .home.
•;   -for; the traveler.
JOHN .SORpE, Prop,
month, & house of 7 rooms and five.
(ocii-pants can .have a bath and water
closet servlc-% , A-house often.-rooms
and ten inmates-can have .tap,' bath
and water eloset service for $*J0.00
o'er'year or $i 6(5 per month '. ' *
Thus it will be seen that .-water*
costs thn.consumer a great deal less
in Calvary than in Fi-fiile.- - This is
iicounted for, as we suppiso,Mjv tho, tlmt'.m .Qiigary -tlie water ia
pu'mped through the- pipes, while
herein Fernie the water runs down
hill through them causing gri'iit
friction and consequent wearingv ont
4if the pipes, (or. -which tA*.e'r',consum
er must, expect "to pay,- notwith
standing the fact that it cos|8 $4190.*-
03 for pumping expenses, that do not
enter Into tne cost ,'ot water here':
The consumption is', ot course, ri great
(leai'lnrgerin.C'iIgary than here, but
the extra' expense of pumpihgsatid of
fixed charges on the large evpendi-
ture'of •iustal-Kng'Sn 1 iirire a .plant will
1,'iTs'it the difF'srenee in revenue.  .
'.', 'i."*-y3srxo3*>r.Xi^.BBL *.
Crow's   NtssJ:   SjseGialJ
-'*-. Slead OffSceis ^!^miK(ni^.Gaita(j.&...	
Ca^at^i$2,320.00^ 'Y}mserve]f $2,,320,00$
. yi ~i .i: :i.y. }y.&&tnli2&8ets '*^fjpQ#tiQ.--'-•,'.}r y- r . ;.•
;HbN.:WM^Gijis6N,7P^ ,-*■. A A,-..- .A.-
; \ ] ]y TuRNBULLy Vi^ce-Piesija^nt ktVd General Mahag'ec.A-. ' 7^.
.-,, ; -.71  Braoches throiigSiout Ganada   ; -*  ,
"'• ii. ,  .- .fSV       .' -   * * *--* ' *- '"--'' -s -*    '.      ;'-..4,' -  ,-,   ..;•-." j'
-* -- •" • 7-!' ' '. "     •'- \ ■ y :,--   "?".*.'. -;..",'. -"',,.; ,--     -•'- .-
<A,, Drafisjissued. payable in Canada or^«hroa3.';,Foreigh"dr -  „A ' " "
'-'' .''A'.' ".A ,*""-7?P*-ciala* Savings Department.':- AAA _,-<"■ •*.   , ,;'
■ Open in.the evening,'of the Coal.Co's pay-day;''frpm75I.TI g*.   .  .
'-"-""'""-"" '"-'->■""'' '^' "      ■'"'' ':i n.t*WRY AsontvFERk[EBaAN(jr';
1 v-«!f, -_ ,-:,-l" -7V-X ..... \7-\*'.-  ; -*■..-    ■
Miner-'s Favorite Gigars
;*?* \'..:■-r,-'"-' 7
Who Pays for,tbe Cigars.
' -The insurance investigations at New
York still.'con'inues. to,-bring forth
startling and unexpected testimony. ' -
" A few days ago, President McCrudy,-
of the Mutual Life,'staled that it was
not the object oflife companies to make
money for, .fcheir policy holders-to spend
in cigars and other foolish' things.'
- From the-,evidence so' far .'adduced,'
this is'correct. „ It seems,to he the object of these companies, as now'managed,- tojiiake money out of tlie policy
holders to be spent for expensive cigars
and other foolish things by the , managers and hangers on of the companies
' Mr'..Mi-C'Jrdy and'/his - family need
not worry a ho yt, the price, of cigar*?, so
long as tbey eari'con-tinue'lo draw . hiin
a'watclv^ :..-V.yJ
:  rLs'only,duty in life is Jo answer correctly owe question I ''-''. i '
■•twhat>timejisit*?'." us' -Are.^guar'an-
leed'io answer this in\por.tant- question
correctly ,   The prices are right.' .:-_7'
Offiolal Watch Inspector of G. N. Ry. .
Jeweler Optician
".  -.   ;-   .•-, ■;. -;■ . "■' 'FERNTE': - ' _   " *A:' •'" iV:-"^
i*irst;;Cla§*si in lyefyRespeet
.   * ' -:     MRS. 6.' JENNINGS, Wwrnr/rnissB,,."
• «!5-«?4-»H*!4' WtHWteHfo W'I'ff'fH'' W-H'-Wir*
Port Steele Brewery (&,£&
■*- Csilgary Water Ratei,!?      „
In answer lo an inquiry Mr. II. E
criticism should  orainate from the Gillis,   city   clerk  ot Calgary has
Brewers of E±tra Fine
La-ger Beer and Aerated
Waters! , Bottled Goods
■A- -aSpecialty.
MtV^itw%1MMriV ^^^^^e^V%^i*^^^*'^^*VV%*^%^- I^Vft^-Vti
\ Selling Canadian     *
made Patent) Medicines at  Marked   Prices
,is an old .thing'at this Store.
^ We are always prepared to meet the lowest ob-
J fainable prices in the Kootenays,'in Drills and,
Stationery. + '.    , .-).- +
THE FERNIE DRUG STORE        N.    E*    Stlddaby.
Stoves! Stoves!   Stoves!
WK have just unloaded a car of all kinds of Hpat-
prs, J^teeJ  Ranges' arjd  Cpok Stoves.    Come
and selept your Heater before they all gfo.
_QAI.I. niul exnmine our Ktoclc of Fiirnilnre nnd see some of tho New
^ Di-kIkhh in Fimcy Roi'hors, Ann ChnirK,- Morris CIiiiIi-h, Couches,
T:ihle«, China, Purlor and Music. Ciihlnels, Iron and Bniss Beds—in fact
everything 1" thn Furniture lino.
You nro wclromej whether you hiiy or not,
l*fo frouhlo to nhoiv (,mocIs,   Picluro framing n upociultjy,
ilrecis'of thousa'nds.of dollar's out of the
policy holders of the Mutual, Life;
-" The real object'of life insurance is, sis
president McCuvdy suite's, to,protect
those dependent upondje policy holder
for, support', in case the insured should
die, thus cutting off the support, ahd
these investigations are bringing to
light'thc fact that entirely-loo much,
has been charged for this,, protection,
and tho overcharge, has gone-into the
pockets "of such men as McCaul, Mc-
Curdy, Hyde and. flljiers, \v],o have
been entrusted with the administration
of these funds.
Tho investigation fever is spreading
and wjll finally reach to all parts ot lhe
f*Iohe where insurance companies exist.
The result will be beneficial in just so
far ns the examinations are thorough
and complete.   ■ , '-
Mount Fernie Lodge J-Jo, 47
lOt\sj^CJt\ 0. F.
,. Ne\y,.,C-cp' No>y in;Mock. .
. <   '.-.. EToine GroWa and'Imported   -  '.
Q;''H.jKN, K-135LD nnd FLOWEU SEEDS.;.
*  .   -  - Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to'Farmer's Institutes
Thousands'^of-'Fruit' and Ornarrioutal 'iroes
,- 'i      _. •  -.' *        '." - '      '-*-.'
Hhododondroiis,    'Ro^es,      Groonhousit
' ■',' • '     nnd  ila'r<iy-'Pla'iitg,
ppw (rrowinu.'in ray nurseries'■ for  * -
.,   ^Spring planting       -     ,-;," _| .
Eastern prices or less.       J       -', White IjaTjor
^-..j.«. f;'Vancouver, H.O.
■'3010 WostmiiiHtbr liured.  •
For Ouick -Returns-1 A
ri *v ' v     	
Liflt your Property with   ■rFJir*e
-. Sticcessor'to T. J. llarki)r,at 'THE OWL1
Property for Snln,- to Rent or Exolmnijo.
Rents collected. Employment furnlahod.
- Have one of their,largest stores-in"Fernie. ,AA    •"';"". A- ,.     .,
*.<: 'i..--'"-'y- y '-' -,'■ -• W,-?-.'-"',*-' '■      "'   '■'' -"Y .. .-'., -*i *. . Y- ^.
7 :i'-y,:jyt   " ':. -..   -.-   -Lamb, Veal, Fresh"and Sh'ioked Fisli".'i:'f-.
.',.-:-I?TOSh^_Eish.,Gonsfaritiy arriving ^'1
Meets  ev ry   Friday
p.m. hi J.O,P.F. Hi>llf
T. Buck
evening at  S
Barber, l.d.s.*, d.d.s,
7     v
Hardware.     Jt   D. QUAIL       Furniture
■llll llllll^
j*A *^    4. m**,   mX*mW**j    **.
Arsin   WINTPD
1   *i i.    i *-*- up,  t*0,   mi    *    *■   4k-< I* %
and thc Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view ^t
Miss Vartv's  Home of Fashion
L. T. W.   mode,
Olllufl liourH-
oppoKito tho  Banlt
•fla.m, to Rp.m,
W, J, Wriglesworth, D. D, S,
Oki'ick. Hoijiihi n to I8n,m.,l toftji.m
Oilluo in Alox, Ilook'H Jllaok
' ovor SUim'H Ilaliory,
PKUNIT':,       *-       -       -    -       fl. 0,
L. P..Eckstein
Bahiiihtbr-at-Lmv,   SoMWron, J;Ktc.
UuililMirt Jllnck, fdrnla, 11, 0,    *
NV, R, IlriHn
Ross & Alexander
BAuni.STi.iis,' sor.ToiTonfl, kto
IflClfNIlT!, ». O,
Onion In fi. T, W.'lUrtolr, V|(*lorl*» Avuime.
F, 0, Lat-oe
b.^KKl.Ml.K,,   iilU
1'oHt Oillmi Dlock. FMrnlo. 11. 0
(LntqiisHftyei- Nelson Sinolter)'-
, Gtold, Silver or Loud enoli tt.fiO ,
(loppsr ifl.M      Gohl-Sllvor ,.'.. il.BO '
Cluirgon.for other nietuU on nppllcntiou.
P, O.DruworlloH  • •    Phono A07
„'■    Fornlo, B. O,.
TeaoEior of ilia Piano
.t. , -
„ ,   (LeHo'ietlzkoy Mutltoil),    ,.
\ tliorou;*;!) Lrnhilng-^flfliirarl each pupil
the Calgaiy   '
Cattle Co.   :   :.
Retail   Meat- Merchants
Choicest cnts of Fi-culi Monts, nl
wnyHon liniul.'
HtimR, Huoon nnd LnrtI n» well.
All klnrlRol Kronh ["Ish, In jenson
Prompt Doll vory,
Qlvo w a cull.
TKIj 18. „    -
,1' J.1 '*' Uf .'.III,*
9Jfark Well.
All Canadian Patent Medicines sold nt their marked price
from this date. No need to send n\yny for your medicine
now.    Remember thc place.
r rule, 4t)i Oct. V.)x% N«xt D wi* to tlie Poat Oilico.
.iomjnion ;
Office: Moil, Son ft Co., L.T.W. Block
Pkiinir British Columlilii
1 ,i
„,.„....,,    ...  ^^,^^.^.nt....y„M„,,-*.!*.^*»
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mm* E* To»n
I <!•
'-•"A*.-7 vi •'■.!.•■'■■••*.;•;■,
A- full  line of Caskets,  Coffins,   Shipping' Cases'
Wreaths and Society' Emblems on, hand, ■-' *    •    .-:A,.
Office Phone 41   ,   Residence 76, "' ■  '   ,
ParSors In T. Book Block
• /
Business House
having an Inducement to offer, .should
state thp fact-through the local'newspaper
whose advertising columns are an Index
of Trade of the community.■"■       *
Strangers and visitors examine the columns of' ,.*
The: Pernio: L©sSg@jp
to ascertain the extent and' variety of the Trade
and Industry, of Fernie. , The Ledger, has the
largest paid up circulation, and its, street salcs'far
exceed those of any other newspaper along the line
ofthe Crow's 'Nest .Pass "Railway, and its .readers
have thc money to pay for their requirements.
EnvotatiojD is Extended
lhe Businqss Men of Fernie, to make our advertising columns as thoroughly- representative ofthe
trade of thc community, ns our, news columns arc
of the occurrences of lhe city and district.
Phono 10 and wo'lloall foi* oopy.
Gcnora! Merchant
Ih llm HHfe-it nml haul piiylng In vent ment
vim I'm nil! Vnnf mnni'V Xnirt   m.>t
1 ,      . t ,
"Fernie Annex"
prcKcntu lhe licM cpporUinily on (he it-nrUct lo'-iluyr"*-
Thu firoufHTfii for Fornlo, ditifoiml nny other Interior City in th* Paw*
ince, nnd it will pny you 10 invostinfiie.    Gel new ichedulo of prla*».
Cull on or ivrilo
A. H. CREH, Burn'5 Block
Sole Af*cnt for "FBKNIK AMNF.X." „    FRRNIK, !I, C.
tT D^n'H'ny Kvnl.    i:uy * ls\ «ml Own Wur Own Home. XX
*W*W'<'*ttV*mmlBmm*m l|Ut|M^ti *?-!*" f
If.'.-^4,*t.' *V.'W!7^--:!*.
;. -^*i^3r*.^4^*4v
--.-->. ■..y!\:,^\yx"   -*-
\/-V-  '.•.*■'.'*';'. ."'■"'*.. H,*rt.'
'->'.-->;.--•>- l'r
B, '
gf ;,-_'
\^&?   ■'
'--^JfA'    -
n y7~'*„i** '-7-*^.\--(-- -^  '     *'- '3'[,'4C«.7 -.--,-'*-'
.-  -*, ■';."■ ■'.''-* "„,- ' -*'-'->-.,. *'** '''-^y1'"i-i'-*''-
•77 AA--*
•    *.     ft*-**--. .2. r. ,',  t\
-TH'eMeRNIE LEDGER,:fERNHE; B.-q,.OCTOBER   25,   1905
r< ot...;
'ii V- ■*■* - '
A .'7     Be Biggest oh Continent   '..
A'      "T.-v*'.'"'' ";'"' . tTh'eFrank'Paperl-^A'-T:-;:-" S-
. Tlje'rinc'-smelter.;-of 'ihe 'Canadian
";■' ' ---Metal Co. "uriier"construction her^and
J.  *Anow neafmg coWpiawii-f-tiiat i^Vs.'to
'  - - i*j*lie.original plant—isdestined'to;be'bf
- "'.',■' -j-      ;       -t 1    ■ .■■-,>-. „, .I--    .     >:,■■.,*
._'-,! ' vastly.greater jniportapce'to 'tlie-jcoina-
..','" .'•--.i.unity and to the rmwrtg '.interests 7>fJ
. '   .-istheAvest than has; hitherto been dreamed*;
of,higlily*s that importance has  been
*. 1, ^estimated.- This, for,,thetreason*.that
• -,' -with the plant not ye< quite- ready for,
. ',v   .operation, ihe.vbluiije . of' business^ i-ri
.-,..    i-isight is so'greai'lhat'the'comipany has
"--■decided t-a-enlarg^d-ie^'ca'pacil^'of'.the.
,:*,Works to more than-Houble .that .ofiir-
:   ? tinftlly'pla'nned, •and'.-iri'. consequence^
V'.t   -when,'.the, pjant JV.finally_ completed,
to the smelter, here for final treatment,
llius-reducing ;io a , minimum, - the
freight charge; it „ will have"', its own
smelter ."and. finallywilloperaie its own'
colliery? tiy'reason of which,', coal' will
b'e*delivered immediately1''from'the"coal
■-. ' .-v -■»-■. -•----,-'■ -   .-.'■-. - --'•
nnne'tnto the works at apnee no other
*.-"-  1  -j -,-'-'...' *. -       .- *
zinc works-can enjoy and at'a cost'no
greater..iban had   liatural  gas.for
fueL-""A'A--.>.'. '.a -"-.". '*.'-   ■-, ; --".
■'./'iFranU will not only have'the firsts-xiric
* "Vsfnelle'r in Canada'.'.Kuf the''mbst>moil-
. '   ,   <-'.-.-'   .'  . - >.■-,     -•   *..   ,.*** "■' ■   " -ii*,
"•■ern and date; as well as the Iar-;
-   A^est institution of itskind-pn the Amer-i*
,7*ican continent. . ,"" .. »'■.' '. *7" '"•'   A
'■<■ '.-■ -, The decision'of'tlie'company-to   increase the capacity of-lhe smelter, "was
.  .announced by General -Manager, j/jC;
■ ,;Fernau, who-returnea a-*few" days'ago
"    rfrom British Columbia where 4ic;has
. , 'been   for some   time   completing , the
; oegotiations'.for the acquisition  by .his
' vcompany, by the Pilot Bay smelter and_j
tlie Blue Bell mine in .addition  to. the'
•viiines previbusly aotjuired'at Ainsworth
;      While ,in ilie' Koolenays -Mr.\Ferhau
, * ./-waVjoined by Messrs." Edward Rion'del
. .ni-id.O.'.Liegea-rt on. their "return .from
'     *<joldneld and a conference  was -held.
"it was recognized ('feat wirti-'he.ore the
company would produce from, its- own
..mines *and the large volume of custom
-'"^(business'Mr." Fernau had received' as-4
•aiirances of,from oth'er Kootenay mines
,. •"•(tiie capacity of tlw"iniilal plant' would
,* *be entirely inadequate.1/'The. decision
s-   Ho "enlarge was made and ,Mr.^ Fefnau
-. .-and hisjassodateSfCaiM-r, en -lb <-F.rank,i
7 borders',for. the   proposed   enlargement
<,w'ere issvted tb Works i Manager Jones
'   theday.of their arrival here -and , Mon-
•iday morning -the   work   was   started..
..; • 'jThe cleanng oF tire ground for the.'n<1-
- ' <3ed plant is now. in.progress,and .with:
- r .-in a few diiysthc laying e-T.the fqunda-
,'i.tion will be under, way. -' 4 -. *"'-■- . -
iThe-plans for.the enlargement,of the
rjismelter contemplate 'it1ie;.,ex'ten'sion "of;
,.    ,;tlie ni'ain-btiililing' -Eoe-feet'on'ithe'' west
■' '--'end ^nd: 126 feet on the eiist eivd which
.. , \will give 1 the . main .building .a.i total
',.    -,l,;lengtlvbf B70 feet. '•This.wili'give'r'oom
'-> for- seven more furnaces or. a. total'ci-
'. A pa city of 3000 retorts; -aiid, six;-imore-
y- rrpastersora'totarofien.-   It. will' con-
"*'^sidera'bljAiKir"e-th',;i'n^db'ubl(*:\the .capa'c-
1^7-7*^3 ty'-Oc'-ti ie=preseni'5piaiit=^=aiici=^Hs-^5ia'(eup
:   "-when*'coiiipleted,-rthe-combined  works;
*■•:.-.•: - -'..' '..--• . '..- " •-'• . '■■ "■ -A';*■*...\
' -- i-vwill-bonstitutc thelargesl «inc ..smelting
',' institution oii the oonlinent.^„,Tlie--eh-*
•" WJargejii6i)t'ivill'.ii'Ivolvc4he conj»tr.uctitvn
. 7.: of another great flue like  tlic.onu^al-
'lireudy built v*.Uiwh>unv'nearly'3ooo',foet
..Jup the-inountainahd tlie niouhtairi'.viiiU
.-. , be crowned byJtwo*gigantic stacks An.
*   Astead of one.    The,constriction of.the
addition to the plain wilj be- ih^nir re*'
- ^,',*«per,ts similar, to thai now • built,   being
4<iTlircly of stone, Ijrick and steel. ;'
1   '     -.The Pilot Bay smelter is to'bo reno-
'.■v'lte'd-and refitted   for. concentrating
' . and will.have a magnetic separalor for
-,enriching'zinc ores' containing    too
Hiiuch iron,    h-wlll also opernte n lead
stack and.,coasting   furnaces and the'
' .bulU.c-f, tlie lead ores will lio itreatsd
<1ier(j, only enoughj being hraugJitherc
to-supply Ihe'amoiint required (o'tnix,
, (with the einc ashes. .   , - *
.Willi the. finalj completion!.of,, the
works now provided for. nnd Ihe ultimate inutoiiJilizJitioJivOf ,Uit .-p-Uns, thu
1 *,ns*qm*.'lo  «*\f the Caniidinn Smelting
^ jcompuny'* equipment will probably be
the most complete of any concern bf ihe
.kind in  existence. ; It  will   operate
1.    .mines ol its own wh'wli .will supply 11
'   lurgo portion of the-.ore for Its smeller;
; ,\\-Jt,|i,'Jie iicquiHilloii of lho Pilot Bay
imeltcr, it will have  a  plant 'with n
, wnter haul for all crude ore, which will
. concentrntc (lie crude ores for shipment
While the mines of the compatiy will
furnish;'nsiJerable.-.port-ibn  df the
•are treated, by the smelter?, the plant'
wasjjuilt in-the first ■ instance";for'., the'
treatment of custoin';ores - ahd that "in;
tention will  be   adhered,-to "and':the
plant'will be so "complete ihat the.cqni*-
pajiy wil) buy ores, of :;,any -," description
except, copper.' 7-V - '-- .-A- "'''"• '-"'''i
.       *     ^    *    . -' -     * ,-* V,*.1,,   , -i *.-   -<■ ,. -
-. The importance " to: Fnmk. of' the'
Melal company's decision to, enlarge
tliesnieiter, ,wiir'be .very- great, ,as,
whereas'.-'the' original ■ plans' contemplated' the employment-rif, about 75
men when-the plant should be in • operation/the inslitution will now alToni
f     1 * '   * .'       "        * V      _, *' *■ .
employment . lo something like -200
men when tf-shall be iii full operation
and the volume of business that will be
done through Frank-by -reason of the
lodiiiion of the smelter here, will be
very greatly increased. * The iinport-
ajice it will be to the, mining' industry
of the west, quite as obvious. *
,Tlie-expenditure,,of money entailed
by tlie constriu'.lionof'.the works hero
will total 'something-over $700,000.
* -;.Jolm Houston's Beeignatiqii ' -
.    *7 - ,'     '{Nolioii Tribnno]  - '
"John Houston has-resigned, fhe
maybralHy of. Nelson.f, His oppon-
ents-haye"been hoping "for this, and
his ft;iend8 .hardly.* expected - itA 'It
lias -been sai'd by;, those who ■ know
hiin'best 'that one"-could - -never'"tell,
wharhe would do, and it is admitted
thuVhis idiosyncrasies arc so numerous, arid so marked' that he might
do almost anytbihfi:.1,';Our own' feeling i-rthat "he;--has -done tlie right'1
thing, under the circumstances,- and
in doine: it he belies the expectations
of those who said that he.had.notj the
erace^to-do the,, right;.; 'His enemies;
are.v.'elcoino"to his ;i-esignation. -and;
if't affords them-any 'sitisfactien- lie
do' riot envy "their 'feelings."' John
Houston liiUTriade.inistakes, some of
tHeni 8-.)'serious'tKat/.in the .-C!*so -of
anv "ordinary ;-m'ari they .-would: de-
servo to be visited with; severe i-censure, ,bnt, against ^tliose' mistakes1; has
to be set fourteen,- vears"of;unremit-
to advance its . interests. . .This was
not always,, done in a , way .-.which
ivqiild coriiinend.itselt't-o' the critical
olWervcr,*-.btsirlie'8uccaerled-.and it"is
no;cxaggerjition'to.;say 'that outside
KobteDay', Nelson-'is"' known :cliieily,
througli its.Hssexsia.tl6-*. with' the errat*1
Ic but original miln who reprosen'.ed
it; in.jhelocal legisljituro. , It is n
striking fact that tlio-;ohIy word, of
cer.eurb te, be found 11 mon gst the hundreds of howspapqr commonts which
have been made during the last two
months, .is -contained--4ri dispatches
emanating from tlie city in whicli he
lived.- All outside comment has
borno'testiiriniiy to'tlie ability" and
high purpose of tho man. All have*
admitted his vagiuvica, but, havo ox-
ousod them upon tho grounds oP'tom-
poramo'nt and public'service, and wo
do not heaitato to say tliat in spite off
lilst-hortoomirigB, thero aro far more
.people In Nelson, tofiay -who .woiild
rango tliomsolves on his side than on
tho eido of- Ills detractors John
Houston was his own , worst enemy.'
Ho had a tom-porAment derived; IVoru
Fronclfancestry which rendered him
vory cxcltablo, nnd his rough curly
llio, without "much restraint, lias
tended to develop lack.of so' 1 .control.
It he Iuul been able to mnster him*-'
self ho could have m*istored the country.   The goneial public only saw
the >yorst side of a   rash,   impetuous,
wilful man/ Ilut tliose who"were admitted tothe small inner circ!e;of his
acquaintance knew that three parts
of his^-gruffiiess. was assumed, and
that his natural instincts wero kindly
generous and sympathetic."  He t has
befriended "many who--needed help,
ahd never turned ono away whom -it
was jn.iiis'power to assist;. ; In the
dispatch .which we publish elsewhere
he says'that if he'is successful in his
-newspherehe shall discharge eyei-y
one of his financial liabilities, and it
is'no-slight'-testimony  to  his  real
character,tha't everyone who knows
: Him will, believe this statement,-im*
piicity.- -• ISeison will go on ' without
Johfv'JIouston as.,it  would" without
any;other public raan'.who.might, be
removed from'our nuilst,   but unless
we-iire entirely mistaken,   'Nel^.n
will miss'lho one man who has shown
himself abie ;to form a;-' party . arid
leadittounbroken suncess■ fo'r-:fourteen'yeara, who able" to organize and'earry oiit important pub-
lie work,;,'and  who leaves at.the.
moment, when his ^greatest work is
wichiir measurable distance of su'-*
cessfui achievement.  ,IIo may never
return to'Nelson, although we sincerely hope ho will.. If he does, his
mistakes will be. forgotten5-and tor-
given,, the\niore readily "perhaps .because after all he' himself is.the greatest sufferer.   Biit whether he returns
or not he leaves, .tho,-niemory ■ of a
strong  personality, .a disinterested
career, anda-rneasuro of. public service  tor.  of   his adoption not. in'the mmds of reason*
a,ble" men, appreciable'clouded   by
the manner of hia- leaving,.
<,. .,"Nothing;extenuate,: nor ;aught
"- i'. Sot down in malice." ■<
or'will be occupying rooms in-the hall,
and will become members of a permanent brigade.     '        ' . .
*.. „-TKis 15-jewcl ".Ryrie"-
.*' movement is. fully g-uar-
'• anteed and good enough
for a^solid gold covering.
BaPwe have widened its
■ opportunities for " sew-'
' ing-mankind" by offering-
it*for just $15.00 in a, 25-.
. year,gold filled case—■
•ladies' j or . men's   sire.
Diamond Hall's recent
enlargement means increased ' values to customers. . ...
—' LIMITED '■	
134-138 YONOE ST.
.TOROMTO   -    ONT.
@M. Estate, Loaii.'
iiiranc® Brokers
F \smi .hfive l/w ds or, lots forsalty list them with us, if you  want  to  tyiry
call 'on. us.,  -- -     '     ■       7     ' ....     '- 7r^
.'John -Linelia-.n, pres'ulent-. ..of.'; the
Rocky'Mountain Development.'Co! of
■Alberta,-' passed 'through;the*city last
Friday -on his,--way to" Oil City from
.Portland.".;''Mh" ^'irieliainAhas been
'taking a little holiday at the Lewis &
Clark fair and reports a good time! '
7 Mr. John Lineham was representative of thetHigh'River district,.Alberta,
for a great' many years and is one of the
oldest residents of the prairie province'.
He was,".'for a long- time, engaged in
the'/lmnber '""business having a mill af
"Okotoks*and "timber limits., on Hifih
;River'antl'SheepjCreek.-- He sold "this
property J, a,'.' few ', years.;; ago, J'in
order; ,cto * devote his.*--time ' to ihe
■fc^l^pmeiiTtof the oil-'property;'at
Oil'City. /.Mr. '-Lineham.i*i a very conservative man in his business methods'
and, does''i notk'allow'-1 himself to he
carried awKy,by'fii.e' looking'prospects,
but lias ahvajs" had faith in* his oil
property, and' manifests it,' not""by
extravagant st(ilen.entsi"but by' keeping
const.-inlly at his development work and
spending his.time and his money in the
'enterprise; We .have known Mr. Ljnc-
hain very intimately since 18S9 and no
moro honorable or- reliable business
man is'.lo be found than he has proved
to be, We- wish, him eAery success in
his great "undertaking.
,   Tlio Derby Rnco
, Thc Derby purse race last Thursday
at Spokane was an exciting event witnessed by the largest crowd ever assembled .atthe,nice track.' ■ the . race
was won by "Follow Mo" ridden by
Williams. "Salable" ridden by Chaiid-
lercame in second!' half a' length he*
hiiid the-leader, and "Royally," the
-pokano favorite, ridden by Sherwood,
was a close .third. *,"
.Thobetling was 10 to 1 against
"Follow Mo" but- they had to follow
just the same.
- Thursday's attendance was the largest in thehislory of the Associ-iiion and
the receipts of the fair,: nt the close of
the day equalled the total expenditures.
The receipts of Friday and Saturday
rcprcMcnt profit In the Association.
Seuntor Fiilfoid nond
Bcnalor Ktilford/'ol HrocUvllle>,Oiit,,
died atNowton Muss., Sunday nfier
noon from the affects ( automobile accident ono week ago Mnndiiy.i
Tho Into Gr-orgo Tayhir  Vuihrii
*wns a iintlvo of llroci.\|||.-,,
whero he was born Au nvxt 8th, Iflfili.
Taken promptly and faithfully according to dlreo- H,) 0lim,! 0| Ul,l"1(l Vmv]™ sto«k, a
tlono will not-only Invariably preavontOoiituniptlon,(1('SC(-ml<,nl0' M>o FuifoniH, of Dudh*
but -will novor fall 'to ouro any of' those lottor '("'(,< I)l)V0"sl111'*'. iCnginiiii. lie was
dltoaaot which aro always the fororunnore of «pp"i.«fi toiho sonntoby SJp WlilVld
-Oontumptlon. - v Hurler In 11)00.^
11 iill wny KnrnlngH
Dunn'n Review for Scpteniber i<i nl
hund. Froin it we glcnn the following Inleri'Htlng fnolu.     (imsx (•urnlni-'-i
Cokibcok, May 30th, 190.,,
Il «iTordi ma plca»urfl to npenk of llm  merlin ol
" Piychtna. which I found io b« n marraloiia tonic nnd
tli-iuo builder.   I was tak/io down with a bad cold,
which latlled ion my -lungi.,   In fact, I bollavo I win
navar trc* tnm^ota* ior nontnu piwioui, -inij .tried 0filia grealcHl n.ilroiul-e lor the fi-n'itl
ae. advartlaod, but obtained no'rallef.   I had t|ienI V«»rending Juno,-,01b.
learned  that auch ramedlaa aro merely palllrtllve snd
not cwatlva prAparntlon*.   Prlendi ndvltecl Piychlne, nnd
at>r ttxblng- aeverat bottle* I became aoitml and ntrong
.,.,-.    f , .,    ,f.    r *    ..... .        ,
A^**..*«     *.*.*.*>.«   w.    us 1    stv.t^.1.   sU.t\t    ia<U   l»A'.^4*,   l*,'*wl..
_ aulTering with Paychlnn, and I voluntarily give pormlnlor,
* for tbo jJuWkatlon of thli atatament.
(Pronounced Si*keen.)
I'ennt.ylvannln ■9!7.'*l.a»6..107
New VorkCenlnel SI-IOLOS''"
Pitt. C. C. it St. I.. *7i»M7i,1M
r it-,,. 11*. -*r . n
4..    .-,.....,     .... . ., j,,,, 4, s
Grand Trunk 7,87i>,02i
Front Ihe above il will be seen lhat
lhc C. V. It. Im fourth on llm li-d m an
'earner of elullarsainl cenH,
You need the
gtuarante-Sf on your
clothes   now,   more
.. than ever before.
• This" • season there
is more' shoddy
masquerading as
honest tweed than
eyer before;,,       : . ;.
\ Your;only, test of ordinary'
^clbtliing-is^-tlie wear 'it gives
.ypuf after ,yoii*buy 'it. "A  '
''*,-'   ,/    !•■ v. '    -■ '     - ■ "'
■: Senii-readyA..garments,: are'
.tested before::yoU\see) tbem
tested '. i'ii;"; 'Semi-ready
TF you have property to insure, have us write the.rirfk -
IF you want to borr'j;v-money,
call at our ofiice.
\AfE hayelsbmc very choice  lands Tor sale rin
V\ '.These lands'are suitable for Fruit raising,'e
^ u~~    For full information apply to
thc Kootenay "Vallejc,
also some excellent stock
ion '<& "Co.; .¥±552: 'Fojrnle'
,TailoryA,-by * -harder tests' than
ever, give
*  Every thread of Semi-ready
"•".'j,,. •;    i- , '*   «.(v -- . *r
materials has ".passed "through
the bauds of, experts before
it can be accepted. Our'label
guarantees "this, 0   \
.' After that
'" your nipuey
we • still   say
back for any.
" ii2
■ Mi:imm
FER^Bc  -   -   •>   On G
Jf ^&Yt>fr'$r&. *$&$?& sfttWttfr'&'.&tt/iff&i'i,
is a journal that tells the ".truth.   ^
■ * .        . t i*
If you^ want it for a year, 'send a $ to
R. TALQWERY, Nelsoii, B. C
1     /ortyYeaW,
Send fir Qtaloguj'
■Adijiaide St.,Ww
Am uiiUy, to hU tho now niiriilnns uroiilml
liv Ilnllrtiud (itnl Tolttqntpli Caniiiniiiui Wc
wnnt YOUNG MEN nml LADIES ot (,-ooit
Wo funiish 7fi pr.r ao\H. of (liu (Jiii-mtOM
iuul Slution AKfi'.tH In Aniuiloii Uut kIv
10I100U1110 tlio liirnont exclunlvo Tdlc^ivipli
Si.ho»iU IN 'THE WCRLO, Kn1ulill.(lio'l Sil
vimr«niul omioi'iKiilliv nil lwulhij? Il.iihvur
Wnoxi-uiito 11 dSfll rJonil to ovur.v jitiulciil
!o liirnli,li liim m lier 11 |ni:ii',l<iii piivnu;
from. IU tn.- (I'I a ni'intli in StutoHc-iint 1.1"t]m-
nochy Mnuntiiln?, ni- fi-nm tJfi to ^iw 11
innndi In F'nl.'i wi'»( of (lin li'iokloK, IMMEDIATELY UPONiGRADUATION,
K'udrnt-H ciiu t.n(-"r nt nny dliiio Nrt vii-
I'litliiMH. For lull 'iii.TlMiliir.iTotMriliiiu* nny
11! iiiirf pIidiiIm wriUi illivi't In our nvunutivu
iilili n ut Cli'olnnati, il.   UntHldKiw froo,    • [
Cincinnati, Ohio. fiolFalo, N. Y' j
Mlanln Ga, LaC'osso, Wis. I
Toxnrkana, Tox, ' Sun Fianclsco, Cal,'
■.■***»». ,*4*-.gwf **"■
to  buy
' 0
n lining
or wire
A**Ht. Fir % Uilifitiii' Clil'f
f'hlcl Tiill'c nfjltr- fin* Wrlij.'i.l.' Iif*.-
,tpp..intul Cle.irU". Iiiil^i-r Ji*«.lil;ii)t
chief nf lhc tli'p.irtinunl. TIA* lx a
gni.ii M-!ri-iirci, 11* Mr, Hiil^fr lw» .-tliu  llitf   I'm-
Por **\a «» atl dnif -Mom, $1.00 per l»»tlle.   If ytmt
Arttgglni hsun't  P*jFchln« In alork cttll nt Dr. Stocum,' yvW* u^n -'••■'••l '»•••'«■*•
Umitad, 179 King atre«lt wo»l, Toronto, and' a law* ''r;*^"'l, J""' '*" 'Y!""*' •'n  turn! •i-li.>n
Mmpln bottla will Im given ytm fres *• * tH|.   To tn,'«f4-,J;   \U',,hl'i> **??"* J r''" "
f»*sr* Msn cLWU of To««io a a^mpio«,*H«» »«» f '* '"-,,r" '''"; !" , ""' "'   " .P '.'-"l
.        " * .-        *     ,nenl nwticr hi'Imi |il •»■(?.    rin*   m  .1
ttqmSti, n " ^*rt *J >i.-ii», ftnt) scvtritif uth r Iniys mv,
If you wanl
or sell any
stock .write
Wc ilcil in all mining' stocks aiul will
he pleased to send
you quotations,
Wlinlumilo Dualnruand Direici Iiiijii'itcrH
of WI1101, M()iiorH nml Ci^Ara.
Halcyon Hot Springs
A-r^ow Lskq.  «  «•  - ti. C.
/f"'' Tlw miMi, voifiu'l'v ii|ipiilnlml llmiltli I'li'iunin Hn (ii'l In llm \W»t. ivllli 11 i'iiih-
■iliitn n.v-tuin 1 llaili'i-iiuiiii'liiih' mul
HuHslnii (liiiiii tlio vim' riiiinil. TiiiidiiriitlvH
|iiii|ii.|tiii. ut, ilii Miituri 11 "11 iii,(i.|.|iilu.| I.'i' Cur-
-tt-t rll |-||.'.inm'!i\ N<■ 14-..11. uml Mii-ii-iiIiii'
I'l'iiuliliM) lor IIimiIIiii' ml Klin y, l.lvir mul
'I'iiIiii,rll AIIiihiiiUi lm- l*)lliiiiiiiitiii|{ lull Mul*
iilllc. I'lil'iini Irmn tin. ri,t,..(Kin.
Tlm -(i-iinitiicv of tlio »- cui'iy U iimlvnlUil,
M..u 1 ti.1 in-*, .now *H<iiU,fui'( .t»,, wnti'i-
I'llll*. lliSlilllH, VMUlltllll-, tiKllllIK, l(lHllltlll«, II\*.
imi'iiiiiiM, liiiinU,
It* winterollmiiti'U iiiihiii|>iihx(<<! fur inilil*'
modkii.v urns
AND   IfOpsiW
In Fornlo, Is a
Plonsant Homo
for oil who trav
Rooms rosorv
od by V/lre.
T. WHEUIN, Rlairciyor
f »*■
Is the place to take the
GreaT Northern tiuiin
to Spokane, time 12
hours; lo Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 32
Ub*9 Zimtralian motel
Till-   Tl.ACK to Sti-i»
Special AilcniiiHi Givi'ii^i I.001I Totirlsia
ffllOi't'lOQcy ,7 line thu, 30, C.
..*.....   I *..,!,„„. .„■.-„  , ■
9oi. 2B DAY
Uii»trii-t Ajt^nt-** lur
ritliMii'-'-y Cliiililji »y:im
and Hi'Mit*- Meet
niitri'itiioru of
CliAinhcrlaln mid
i'liaiAuli *t,«x4ra>
Fob* Ho^nsi Trip
Tickc-tM on Sale Oct, 25 & 26
nt ull r.iiiiiill-iii I'.k'iIh- fillni**, l\)i'
.Vi'mr ic Vfiiicnuvcr, 1111A nil Inlci*
HH'*.' I.iuo I'olnIs.
Good returning until Oct. 28
Tbrougti Sloaplno Oar
Arrowtioad lo Vancouver
miinisj Watln-jada** and Friday
I'ii*full  juiitini'.ir',    tli-f.i-1-,  lii-f
(,ln<i<» or lour-.His  ale'cpiiifr car   rcne-i-
4.VJJ1 ij*j.   Ai'l.v toI'Val.i;*.ut
It. Iti'mlnij/
A :<t'.t »i I'i rut •.' * .
,1 (ml.
K ti
in every department of
Advertise in "The Ledger-."
'?- "■*.?.- '*-'- '..'K'ijt'l
, '7 YY$bif I
1.1*      *'     "   U *       i'.i
' "■    *   r<    " * ^c'/ -
'.* 'i -iiYiy
-.A -!  ~'-•*$•■
T\\ 7-Xfl .r '^.;;:;;^>5^;.. *:v A    \/ '; £..;
;  ''Y'l'   ,*r   ',"'-v~,"r
jI'-h-   ..,     *■  j.- i\\ :
THE FKRNlli LEDGER,' I-ERN1E-B. C,,;QCtOBER:.i5,:*i9oj
ie Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office : TORONTO'
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700.000:
Rest- -SS.^PQ.OaO
Speci-4 -^ttentiop ijs $]f*c\e& to -t*!* -Jo^winK Advantages .ofiejed  b
.   - -,    7        "-        tQof $avjogs Bank."" ''       *'•-.-"
Deposit's fff $p and .upwards reived,,and Interest allowed at Current R^Jes.
■ Interest ,is addudfto -llj.e Dvep(j»]i* TWICE in each year, at the end of May and
islove^mber.    The Depositor is s,ubject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
...........    .    .pf ii^e wliole or any portion of the deposit.
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
.GREAT   BRITAIN   AND.EJJROPE   Bought   and   Sold
*   at Lowesi-RaUg. ,*. .        - .
■.".. A   ■ >.-.--.•.' :*rr.— '       -
,.   —   .- - T. Bi MAY, Manager .
1, i.\.-MxL.U!*~-~.-T*
 •-.   IVTI
That sliced boiled ham at BlundeU'c
£<* delicious.    ,
•Jo* Stephens, nf the Australian hotel,
Morriusey, was in the city Tuesday.
For'Furniture and Pianos, use only,
jLlquiet Vtnieer    10 and 60 cents a -bot
(tlesfruij*. N. E. Riulihiby.        -        *■
•Mr. E. B. McDerniid, of tiie Arm of
•McDermid & McHaiely, Kelson, is in
.tho city.
Go ia WriRht the jeweller, for that
.VaU'ti you've been promising yourself.
■Prices arc greatly reduced.
Next Sunday llev. John wjl)
ipreach'R.TIiaiikaffiyiinr sey-^on i_i_i the
a-ooriiinjj in-iking aptiropriate r1ejfej-encei'
Xo tlie occasion.
. Carmicliael, the -Uil/v, has jwt received •the tijObWejst'stpc-jt of
for Fall' jiuits Aii.ei'.overcoats ever
brought into Fernie*. ;>
You know you have to «*et tliat rinf,'*
"IVIiy'iie-f buy it now when bargains are
..vciinj-; ai Wright's the jeweller.
'Ttie ball in Stork'n hall on, Friday
inijfht should he the largest of the sua
^oii.   Everybody will be there.,
Let us make you a fancy vest from
onaot ti.osc choice iiew patterns.' Come
inand eae them.   J.   .Cartnlclmel, tlu
Jailor. '     i-
'' $t)u.>mjQT%t!t the ThnnkK'i-lvin-r social
v ,at.,tiu.e   Methodmt   church ' tomorrow
'•ttijjfltt.   /Good things to eat and a good
urogram. » - ,
{The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
''iprornin.ent -. position  in  Fernie only-a
' step or t»# fj-oin the C.   P.   R.  depot,
I and convenient-to business hoiiscs  in
'"-fl**. citv.    .,'
Hon. Frnnk Oliver, Minister of fhe
^riorrow Biid will ad-lres--. the el^cton*
at thatpliice on bVnlay even jug-, A
Kverv man owe* it lo himself and
., -bis family to mauler a   trade or profession. '    Read  the display adverti,.-.*
ment of the six Morse Schools of ,Tele-
,  graphy, in   this  issue and  learn' 'ole*
erpahy and' be assured a position.
Scott & Ross have been' appgJi;Xed
local agents for the Barikliead nnthra-
citecoal and have "a cyir of it now ready
to deliver. Mr. Ross states that "be
will deliver t,hi,s coal in small quantities
to parties wishing to try il.
" Good News for Moyio
From tho Leader
That tliecto«e;dowoattheSt ISujjjeno
will uot be anl long as was Ht (irpt ox-
pocted conies jib the bjust jjowiil^e news
(or Moyio,. '>)Vn JS.hiUl sjtart jtjp .*{TAin
much sooiter than wo expect-.!*!," M-rr.
Croniii i.Tfoniied the Leader yeBterday.
"By Nov. 15th we expect Xo have a lull
i-rew at work again, and we shall en
(ityt'pr to l-ave the mill running-by
Dec 1st. The Btneitei-B are ruuuiii'r
nhort (•/flje^th.e price of lead is^ood
and ,\ye areaiixioiis to do biiBiness ",  '
The blacksmith shop is practically
cotiiplbted and the hoibt which was
brought over from RoHslaud is beiii1*
installed jmri wi,ll be ready for use in a
few 4ays. '-.yQ'rJj in the e'huft will be
rettttuied -nfi>,t- jveek. "The new-hoist
will be her/3 aad,iii8tal}ei by tho first
of the year. The teripina} bvUding-
and ore bin at the upp-sr ^n.d of the
liravity tram nre nearly Uuished. --•
The library committee ot the Sioyie
Miner's Union at a recent meeting de
cided to go ahead with the establish-
*        '.    .-'-King' Edward    • *■
Stewart H.,Lee.s, Hamiiton, Out., A
J Sanderf*. Rossland, (J H Evans and
wife, Medicine Hat, C H.Lockhart; Elkmouth, R C Black,, Nelson, J Davies,
Micbel, Rev H ,IA, Ki-mpton. aud wife,
Okotoks', Miss AfriieRs Mi-Quinn, Oko*
toks, \V J Cnultier, Calgary, J Smith,
and N. Pearson, Cranbrook, A A'uder
son, Uri-lta, T Mellott, Wash , R Book
out, Hunts, Wash , CL Sparling-,.York
A J MeOuire. Morrissey. Mrs H Ken
ne(ly,*-Ma8ter \\ ^unnedy, Trout
Lake, J Elderson, ^mherat, N B, D
Kennedy,Trout Lake.'S, E Salisbury,'
A-E\an8,£hfl-} stnn. Wash, J S Taa-
frartl'J^ngibrnok.C Dawson, M.qyie, Ii
Kinibnll, Spam ond, Otto Hughes, Elko"
M Blonelake, E Hunt, Miss Jean Murray, jiorn'si-ey, G B Caiine, FFlarnR-an'
TAYaddinjihiim, Higrh' River, M Gel-
den and wife, Chicago.  ' '   •
. Mies M Fitzgerald,.Chicago, A Good,
Crows Nest, J Mushook. Yictor Scott,
Jaffray, D "Hartden, R Cunningham-
Pittsburg, A. Hanson, \Vai*a, G Gillis*
pro, Alberta, O. Kindail, Sparwood, C
J IJenson, Spokane, A Sim, R Gillispic,
Hiirh River, F Whiteside, W Fareinor,
S Boulare, H. Gillispie, Spokane, \V H
Poven, .G FoulkeB,. Spukniu-j G XV
jQordon,.Ghica(-o. M Simpson, T. Wells,
Calgary, J C Walluit*-, J C Cooper, Ida
Matlerk; -W ;R ..Wallin-; apd Juniily
Spokape. David Baker/G \V Thorp,
E4wa), Wash,
pUBLIO .NOTICE ia hereby given that auo
1   tionsales ol Sthool Lands -will Tbe held  iu
the-Province of Alberta as follows:—
Edmonton, Wednesday, Oct. JStli., 19Q5, at'lO
o'clock, a.m.   ..,. .'
Le4luo,-Monday,Oct. 23ril. 1005,at.,10  o'clock,
' .a.'m.    .    ., . -   ,;- -• ,;.*-■>..
Wctaskiwin.-Thuirailay'Oct, gdth;1905, at 10
o'clock, a m;-;    -,.,"- -   ••
Lacombe, Monday Oct. 30th,. 1905, at 10 o'olook
a. m.     '  . .
Iunisfail, Thursday,-" No.v. 2nd, .li-Otv at 10 cf-
- dock, a. in. "      ,    ' ■   '  i   -.  '
Diilsbury, Monday, Nov. Glh. 1905, at 10 p'clock
'   a. m.       ' - ,        . .    . ,'
Calgary, Friday, Nov loth, 1905, at 10 lo'olock,
am.-.*-,-.- , -, f ,'
Hi«h Hivor; Tuesday. Nov..nith, -1905, iit  ^0
o'olook, p, ro,        •. * .
Piuehor Cr4sek, Thursday, Nov. leth. 1905, at 10
.  o'olook, a. m.' ■ *     ,. .--'.'.
Muciood, Monday, JTov. 20th, 1905, at-lOa'olock
a. m. ' - -        - * ■        -'-,,'-..
These :laiids are gitua-ted, siieating general- '
ly.w.thiu a dUUince of fMim twelve to twenty
miles of the Calvary unit Edmonton  Railway"
anil ot the Crow's Nest Bruiu-hlof tho Canadian
Pacific Kailway.   "■- ■ ;       --.,.-...   ... .-,,.-
Where any of tho lands are njider lease the
sales will be subject to such lease until its ex-
piiatlon on tho JJOth NoTember, 1905, and -the
lessee will have thc privilege uf removing any
feuoiug or other improvements he may have
on tho land.   Where any  parcel olTured is'
this heading, inserted at the rate of (Que
cent a word cnoh insertion,-
A SNAP.  Half acre in Wast Fernie, good 8
story house on the property. "Apply Mott
Son & Co. -. ■    '  , •■; *   ■ .
Famie    Lot (UividA. 'V..*     Annlv
J. Turner-. -
Lot 90x198. Easy terms.
For Sale oi* To Rent
-"•-'.ifor sale at this oflice,price25 cent3 each-.—
'■'Rooms To Let, Apply Within." "Furnished
RoomaToLet Apply-Within."
the Oven
Washing-toii Soda Crackers '
Grahniii Waifeys Salted Wafers
Cheese Wafers: Ginger Snaps
Vanilla Snaps  fernon Snaps * -
.-.. See pyr-vyindovy, pay.caish and .we*jir,a
•-. i- -. A "the,smile that; won't cpnje off/' , -'._.
: - ;t
§  TELEPHONE , $ -
I yi ""5^: •-.'-!'
" "i ,   I ".      " '* L ■*
. The People's <iroc-cr,
about 6 or 7 rooms. 'Apply  at Leugiu
office.- •      .*-""
crossod by a public highway or railway, the
stile'of such parcel shall be s' hject to- the reservation of tne land covered by such highway,
or that may'bo required for tho right of way
or other purposes of the railway.
The sales will only convey the surface rights
ami will bd subject to, the usual reservations
in favor of thn Crown
One-tenth in cash nt the time of tho sale,
mid the balance in nine equal an,nuul instalments with interest, at the rate of five per'
cent per annum on" the.bulanco of the purchase money from timo to tlmo remaining
unpaid, except in cases whero tho area- of, (he
land dues not exceed forty acres, in'whioh
case the tonus of payment shall be one-fifth
in cash and the balance in four equal animal
instalments, with interest at the rate of ii-re
jier cent per anni-m. .-
Upon a parcel of land being 'mocked down,
the puroliiistr shall immediately douosit One
Hundred Dollars with the Clerk of Sale, other
wise the parcel will at once be put up again
For this purpose intending purchasers should
provide themselves with marked- cheques on
h. P. Eoksttln.
work, apply LiiDCBn.Office.,,
THIRTY GOOD WQQDf.MF.N AT,ONCE. Apply to Fred. ■»*. ators, Elk Lumber Co. oilico,
Fernie. . -  '.       - —20
v. 3'miles from town,-l,y Nov l. Good
wages, J.H.Doyle, Agent, Falls View..Hotel,
MttiysvlUc,C.C. ■  -13
. _. . lay«_   _..
day of this week.   Tlio W. C Hamilton Co.
Av»nuo, two utiopeiv-d letters.   Findor
please return to Post Ofiice.
(From .ou_r owji oorrosnonil,?i.t.
Mi*8. KrapffiH came out from Brandon
Thui-Hday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Agnow returned' from
a trip to Brandon on Moiiday.
Mr. Mt-Iniies was upfrpin Elkmouth
Tuesday. --3        *    „' , i
i   W 'F. Hniibury went to Cranbiodk
Monday night. <' *
.-Mr, Geo.-Scott/ of j^oijaiviili?, went
through JJllko /)n hijB way to Feruie.   :-
M^-s.  Geo.  Mi-Koe  and   Miss  Mary
Todliunter w,e're iu Jaffray on Suuday
.   Mrs Langley and two children, of Ft:
Steele, came down Monday nig-lit and
chartered banks of Canada made to their own
order andPHJiiblo at par at the point of sale,
- r with bank notes of as lar«e a denomination
as possible. The.balance of the cash instalment must In every case bo Ipuid-before the
close of the sale, failing which the deposit of
Ono Hnndied Dollars will be forfeited and the
land withdrawn from sale.   ,   -^   •
NOTE:— CbeqtiO'fwill not be taken' in payment unless-marked "accepted" by the Ibanks
on which tbey are drawn, v
Lists of thetahds to be-sold may be had on
tipplication to "The Secretary, Department of
the Interior, Ottawa"; or to any of the Agents
of Dominion .Lands in' Manitoba,. Saskatchewan, or Alberta.   ■ ,"';•'
-   >'    •         -By Order,'    •  -'
v    ,,            - -            P G.KEYES,      -
/                        . "*   '        , -Secretary.
Department of the Interior,    t,
OTTAWA. 10th October,inofl. ' —14
Biindsmans* cap, tied in a white handkerchief.   Findor ploaso return to Lkdoek Office.
Card of Thanks
T. H. Nansen wish to publicly express
their thanks to their Presbyterian friends and
the choir, for thoir kindness to them in their
recent boreq-vemont. -,'   ,*       , "   *
"fvBORN.*' A '
KANGLEY.— At *Fernie,' on Oct. 21st.,- the
wifeof Wm.Kanulevof a son"-   „   ,,--
ilARSER.— At'Fernie.onOot. 21st., tlio wife
of O. E. Marser of a daughter.. *;,,-*  ''
ment of tiie library and reading room
uotuijlistanding the .dis.idvanta-tree left for Spokane Tuesday morniim-
eaused by tiio re-A0.111 J)a.l'l.-aJ s,*,ut' Aovti)
of the St." Eiigene niiue. Tf>i> library
in to, be i uu under tbe auspices of Xht
Minern' Union, but will be fre,o to tin-
general public of Moyie," The committee in charge are now arranging for
reading- tables, book cases, etc, and
have already, given a large order for
the leading magazines aud newspapers
of the country, and inside of the uexi
of. the Miners' Union turned into a
warm,   coay   room,- where  the whole
pco'ilt*. of .M'iyj-3 atw ilivited to spend
their long, white-p uvjotititgii to-projit
Jibleaud (-ocial. advantage.   The coin*
mittee will at all grateful for
any contributions of either literature or
rtiKiiml: CharlcM A. Mackc.v, James
A. McDonald, Thomas E. Kelley, Johu
lliicubuni, PT. Smith.
AN auction sale of lots in Block -1(1 Fernie
Annex,opposite'tho Groat Northern'Rnil-
way Dnpot, will be held at the Ollice ot the
County Court of East Kootenay at Fernip on
o'clock in tho forenoon. Terms one third
cash, one third six monlhs, one third twelve
months witlijntcrest at six percent: duy
of sale.        '" ,. '   *;
.Ctanbrook, ilst. October 1IW.1., ' "■'
i-..'    -        '     ■ ■ ,  '.       QpVejrnmeiitAgent.
Liberal Assoeiutlon Meeting-.
THE Annual Weetins of the Liberal Assccin*
tion will lioheld in Stork's Hall.„Monday,
October Mutli lWift; at 8j> m„ for the election
uf officers for the enHuiiiB year. ,.
Ladies and Gir.s I
We will help yoii secure this  Lovely Fur Scarf,
lhade. from .selected* full   furredv-skins, -of   Rich
.Black' Coney  Fur. .nearly. 50-inches" in-'length,
ornamented  with ' long' fur tails,   and.'fancy neck .
chain: , Most warm and comfortable, and made in. .
the.very latest style. - Wa'arc a Reliablo Corp*-
, pany', a'nd'we' want" goodr-trustworthy' agents to";
introduce   Good  Hope .Vegetable Hlls into every ■
home..''VVa require no Vnoney in'Advance, just
,    i^Ki-wwasiM'* -''send, us your name'and address. at orjee and we "
*d t^'Ms^^,. will send'you.Eight'Boxes'of our,;Famous-Re-'
mediosi »Sell them "at 25c ]er box,-aiid* when-we
you immediately, .after you have sold the $2. worth
and returned-the, money,  we  will  then • promptly
send you your Fur Scarf. . Our Good'Hope Pills ,
are' a Grand ^qmeejy for all weak aud impure conditions of the Blood,   a splendid  Tonic  and   Life
.u.   Builder. '-Th'ey'are'-easy to-sell, and are-in* great
demand.,: Don't *rn!ss* thi?. opportunity't to secure this-Elogant
FiirSoarf.; '..Write to-day.     '  .        ■
Tlie Largest, Newest and Cheapest Stock of-Mill-
inery to select from, "ever shown in Fernie.    •
The Newest CreationsAbf New York .and .Paris
Styles, produced here at very little cost.,,-        .  ,'
-      We have also opened up and ready foi^.sellihg *, on,
: Second Floor .of New Store       , 7,..:     '. .
A Ndw Stock of Furniture
• 'A New,-StQCfc.; of Carpetsj;^;
Linoleuiris and,:   :   -
. ;■.*■■      Elouse Eurnishings a
•-which".we will,be you whether you.;
are in need'of the goods or not
, Police Court, -. -,,
R. Rcadinp; of the " C. P; IV was
fined $5 and costs,"in Uie she*ep head
Ciise, ttvis morning.-'-,,The"polica- ar--*-
loHkln'g- for the Judjiurwjip sojd the
heads. ''.'-"
Wra. Jack was charged"with being;
druhlcjaiiddisorderly on the 23rdV but'
was let off on suspended sentence, r
"Twobien/ Wallace and'McCarthy; .
wcVe?*fined;$!>an(i 'coats' for:.fighclni»,.
on the street, - ' -■' ■*' Av,'..
j.' Menzle assesped, $i5* or ten
days for baing drunk and-diMrderly.
\ -.
STOE1"       ;
Di-y Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gent's Fuwiahlnas, Clothing, Croclterij, Staple and Fancij Groceries.
IFIEIRlSrilEi, B. O.
Just placed in stock
fSPinc very dainty designs in
Silk Blouses
These arc in all colors
and range in prices from
S£3^(Hn SKI9/^0
each.      +      +      +      +      ♦
".***.■. r-t.1 ifW. -A«.A-r«« m/>a.*>»
We have the ♦'Venus"
JilacK batin Underskirts,
malec of thc finest Sateen.
Prices $1.C0 to $2.40 each.
Liidicn' Black Silk Uiulerskirls,
from $5.75 to 87.50.
WE aro headquarters for staple and fancy
Groceries, and can llll orders no matter howLli.r£o or how small they may. ho, to
our customers satisfaction and profit;
WE solicit yoiirjhiisiness, atrial will convince you that wo can servo you well,
and save you money.
■ US!1 received, another shipment of
^     Perfumed Casts ie Soap
extra good value. 35 cents per dozen.
Our Values Cannot'..
1 be Duplicated in
Mens Furnishings
Hats & Caps
* '    m    /-*4   mr  mr
/r\     /-^*,
O.     IX,    lXtm.X
The Cash System is
;Th© Besta==
)H!II  '.llHU-»I"J.TTW
■uiuves ex lviitis
an(l Fine Boots
Coa| Creek Delivery:^ Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons
1 j"c_x ■CD1^ K3s jkzx **cz>iit<r>i><r«><i^K^><J


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