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The Fernie Ledger 1905-10-11

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jt. ■'
./>■• >, y-"•
'' »
) ■/ 'i -.'K- *^
A Volume I, Number ;io.
Price, $2 a*Year, in Advance.
ts -."
.'. .:"'
Local Happenings in and
About the City
Interesting lieips  About flany
People   Vou Know,.
>...   '"
K a
•J Father Mersbne.* visited Michel Mon*
■   " .day,.- A     -~'i      - *.   A'
-,      Dr. Barber w&l'sojourulng at Michel
1   during last week; *    '0     A
Mrs. Holbrook. jjost/nistruBS at Elko,
."  svas iu town last Friday. 1
;'!'     Miss Pugsley, of'St. Joht»,*'N, B., Ir h
:"■*;   truest of Mrs. (Dr.) Bonn-all.'. . ,   .
.  AG. G/Mofiattisatthe coast having
.   a good time visiting- friends.-    o •
* ■-•.. father Paveruier waa In.Cranbrook
;    froim last Friday till Monday.        A
'-   '': Mrs. J,- S> Gusty is homo asrain after
« visit to her mother in Sandon.
P. Rowland and wife, of Rochester,
7". \N. Y,, were in the"city .thia week.
": ,"-, Ml88 Grace Dudley, lelt Friday to
A'-vislt  friends   in Movie, Cranbrook
'-'  jp-bd Klmberly, ,
„ J H. McMullin is away taking tjie
two;.unfortunate craay wen to thu
asylum at the coast,
.'   :   P,' Vibert'," manager of.the Union
'flank at Lethbridgo, ia in the city; to
day shakinghands with.friends. . .
-,   - The Catholic church at Michel is bo*
** '   inn fitted up inaido and will   be,-ready
' for occupancy: early riojet wuek.' .'   1
,A.:E.X Kirkpatrick-■ of, Toronto,; the
Canadian manager of the "UnitedStates
'">.' Fidelity- & Guarantee Co.,  is ,in the
city. '       ''*...•■; - '.;-\ "
Mr. W.'S,' ifarding' is  supplying a
•, "long felt want in  offering-  to
:    repair typewriter1!, etc., and keep them
■-.   in »rder.-   A" *•-   .'-■'•       ."    ..'•'
-■    Mjrs. (Dr:) Gomn and Miss Suddaby
'''   left on the Great Northern yesterday to
■- take in the Spokane fair.   They are e'x--
' " ficc-tedlback Monday. ■' "■"   . -   •",'"•'
* Mr. Win. Ilerider-onwas in"the.citv
* ".Sunday    accompanied   -'by - architect.
-Kwart^ kiokinar after matters in connee
' Aiion-with the new postbfficd building.
-•' ' Tb'», work on Mr.. Escbwis's; pe«;
*: .hotel- lias .'bee..' pniW.-riaht aKead as
. ■ftWi''ii h;«l happened? and-he
,.\:*'expects, to^.be'athonitt in it in ii fe\y
• S, B F. Stein, of Vancouver, was ,in
town yesterday,
"'■'»■> '    - ' ■   ■
James Clark, of Medicine Hat, visited
Fernie Saturday.       .    .,;   -A.--:'
Malcolm Mclnnes came up fromEik-
mouth on Monday.* ..,--.
Robert Uaysof busy'Butte, was fi'
Fernie visitor yesterday 7 A   '•;'■'"
.- E. ami J. Brown, of Davenport, wore
nt the King- Edward yei-terday'.       ..
' G, Ii. Scott,-of ,Tobaeco Plains, was
on our streets Saturday     '.'- '
Mr. and Mrs. .Gordon, of Gateway,
were iu town a day or two ago", ■
Milt Kastner, A, Mntz, J. It. Lawry
nnd A. J. Motl started for Spokane fair
tliia'moridug. -      "
- Amoii1,' those going over, the Groat
.Northern to Spokane yesterday1 were
Mr and Mrs Blundcll, Mr and Mrs H.
Wiltshire, W. AW Little and J. R.
Rustan.' .,
AToin Whelan is booming a ball to be
driven in aid of the Pernio base ball
club. Puf-h it iiliinf,'. With Whelan'
andHjl the (.wuetliuiulii, wives and ihe
sisters of the base ball boys they should
be able to gut'a lousing ttuiioiii-to help
the boys aloiix.
"V" Dr. Corsun returned hmno from
Nelson' oh Monday evening' after an'
absence of ten days, most of which time
he spent lii the solid comfort of a quiet
rest. .Tho Dr" looks well and feels fit
for duty oiice moro He reports things
in general to be rather quiet in Nelson
at prosont. ■   ,   ...
.Mrs, -oMaria McDonald was before
mag-hit rate Whimster oii a -charge- of
attempting to set lire to n bnildinji' in
block -21 but nol suilicient evidence was
produced to warrant a commitment and
she was released from custody. Mrs, Mc-
Donald's defence was'most ably conducted by Mr. Eclihtein.
.It seems that-things aro to be ho arranged before it he couvBiilng'Jofjtho noxt
peace conference at. the Hague, that
nothing shall bo discussed which" any
one of the'powers does not wiiutbroiUht
before it. ."This arrangement will make
tbi.*ij-se.isy,: nothing- of vital Impon-
aneo-will be talked about.
More Hoberlein .roasters are being
.installed .at,--the Marysville smelter
whicli will 'duulile'thu capacity of that
inBtitultninnext' spring. The" crying
need of -Marysville just now seems to bo
mure school room and superintendent
Robinson  of tbe -  dopart-
Thanksgiviiig Day    , ,
'The 26th instant is officially proclaimed as the particular day upon
which ; we '..Canadians are to return
tKanks collectively, for the blessings
vouchsafed us during the year'. Our
thanks as a nation if such a term is per*
ihissableyshould be hearty and isnani-
moHs.* No country in the world lias
moroio'be thankful for, and if we, as a
people do nothing to interfere with the
great'tide of immigration now rolling in
upon lis IroiiT almost every" corner of
the world,* further than to see to it that
the cast off, criminal and pauper classes
aro not to'be lavishly assisted to cast'
their lots with our great and growing
crop of citizens, it is prnbablo that' wo
willcoiitiiiue for decades to come, to remain at tho head of tho list of .growing
nations. All these temporal blessings
aro things for which wo should indeed
be thankful, but we must not forget
the greater.blessings which spring out
of .a religious, moral aud upright life.
Our.'grcat Dominion as a whole ranks
second, to,none in its respect for-,the
Christian.religion and tlie great moral
spirit which-springs from it.
Now that this great tide of prosperity
has'sot in and wealth begins to aeeuaj.
ulate it behooves us to take heed lest we
become ^fo'reretful, whilst .enjojiiig the
temporal comfort which com"s with so
much prosperity. We do not have to
travel far from our Canadian homes to
see the. blighting effi*cts of too much
accumulation of * wealth iu too , few
hands,audwhilst wo are thanking a
Divine providence on the 24">r,h for what
has been bestowed upon us as a people:
lot us mingle with our gratitude a small
still voiced prayer' that we may have
wisdom to enable us to avoid tho evils
which so often accompany vast accum
illations of tlie goods of this world.
The peoplo of Canada are strong
mentally, physically and morally andjf
every holiest upright man, woman and
cliild in our gre.U country should render tliemsplvosintoso many committees
of one, to see to io thut no dishonest, unscrupulous, designing schemer after
power, shall,be trusted in any capacity
.wherein he can use his "power for selfish purposes, we will be worthy, of all
thc goodthings thatare being showered
Uj-on us, and shall avoid the evils that
follow in the wake of wealth when used
to^opprcss and keep poor the poor and
the lonely. Let us remember the 2oth
aud be prayerfully thankful.
. Manager J. R.'Uutfan 'of'the G-dar
Vallov mill is '.now. in Spokane intor-
viewing' tiW Gn'at-;.Northpr«-officiate
"Mgardintr the completions 'of.tlie.8pur at
that'mill.    ; ■_•      '....;     7
Mr. G G. Henderson, returned to
town yesterday.     He   reports i*ood
..props'and good times .in Ontario. He
will remain with us until his now building is completed. ..'„'..'
"     J. W. Banfleld, the young and popular manager of the Hoyal   Rank  at
Nelson has been transferred to Cuba to
tnke charge of a very important branch
' of that bank.   .
-, Julius liurcl, formerly proprietor of
the Morrissey hotel at .Morrissey, to'
building n hotel at MliLv.*;-,: and will
remove to that place as sooii as his new
bulldlnff Ib ready (or occupjinoy.
Father Mersotior hiB received ftiiother
Jotter from Father Cocolo who Is now at
Stewart Lake Mis-ilon,.- -Ho has been
making journeys on foot to outlying
stations, BOinotlmeH traveling 40 miles
in a day.
Thomas Youatt, the now manager of
the Elk hotel at. Elko, was In town
Monday nnd gavo tlio 'Iwinoi.i* » cnll,
Mr Youatt Is a popular young man and
always lemly to Ionic after the wants of
bis nue-its. "'..-■ ■ ' ..,.
Thomas Cralmi, mino host of tho
Michel hotel c'aiue down on tho local
• g.nd returned on tho evening express
ywtwtyy. The mnddenlng city whirl
dihtracts him and ho only stops with us
botwoon traiiio.
Mn. J S Gusty, who hai boon visiting her mot her here (or somo time, left
(or Fornlo on Tuesday. Mm J. Craw
ford and MIM A. Trenory accompanied
hor ai far an Nelson.—Sandon Mining
' J ud(ioForln wlll arrive bore on tho
Avoiiinit of the 12th to sit as arbitrator
•undor thu Workmon's Compensation
Act in a i-aso in which Hector McDonald In a claimant agalnvt tbo Crow's
Nest Pass Conl Co
Th« I-Vsi'iilo Lumbdr Co. are supplying the lumber lo contractor Kerr tu
tho new sido walk*. It will tako
150,000 foot to liir the bill Wo are
glad lo know Mint llm money fur this
lumber is to remain iu Fertile.
Mr. A. Lultth, president ol tlio East
kooletisy Luinu.<r oo., **.* mi iho «••>
iMio(J*y. ..J-1. J-***-*-*-' ■■■' un' f--JWH'lJ-
*sw mill man of **-'<8t Kootonny and has
beviiatitiA Ion.; lhat ho cxu't Mcop
'   well out of hoarlii|f 0'»'»» bn*» «*w
The Klk LnmbfrCo. rerelvwl tho first
cliwjuo, ior l^s by flro of tln-ir mill,
y-Mtordsy. It «■» '«'""• l,,ft Scot1'**'
Union mul *«•» lor *1,uj7 W, being the
lull amount allowed by tho adjuster on
tb* policy inti.d by tliat co upany.
Mr, .lamM 8loan of thu Omit Nor*
, them reports big banliitss over his .lin*
this VfAt- Muny r'<"»|»l»* '■"' "' ont-ido
txiUixn tiouio to Fornlo io mke the Kor
llnrnto 8|)«k*t.o during thn wWifk to
attend tho (air. Mr. Stosii t<ul\tu suA
imlUt *xv\ is a good fellow sittl. great -demand.
--. The-Henderson building "has started
to ..grow'again lifter- a week of bad
weathri*.!' The-joistafbr -the lirst floor
Lave -biien placed and- tonic cf tlie door
frames are In position.. Mr Henderson, will push the work as rapidly as
possible.'1 Boll & Faiquarson hav*-) the
contract and are doing well.
To bei Submitted to the Vote
; ;: ofthe People.
Is it Stupidity, or Fear ?
• & Morrison's fruit and confectionery store was broken into Fiiday
night last after the proprietors had
locked tip and gone homo, and $9150
In cash was taken from' belli ud some
boxes In tho rear of the store under "tho
stairway, whero it had boon placed fm*
safe keeping, Nn duo to the robber
has, as yet, been obtained. \
Ttcv, J. P.'WcslinJin, piiKtorof tho
Methodist Crnnbrook to. Ic
llev. Robson's placo In the Methodist
church horn last Sundny on tho occasion o( tho anniversary Hi-i'viccs. On
Monday night he lectured to a fair
sized audience,tn tho church, The
tltloof 1i!b dlscourss wiia "You're It"
and he gavo his bearers a' plonsant
hour of ontortalnmoiit. Mr West mnn
is "It" as a lecturer aud we will bo
p loured to hear him ngulii
Mr and MrH. Thomas Whelan of tins
Napanee arrived homo last Saturday
morning Mrs, Whnlaii hnd rather n
sui-hiustlmo of it during hor pojoiirn in
old Ontario but hor innuy friends In
town are glad to have lior back with
them ngaln. She has almost completely recovered hor Hilars ,,Tcm, well
Tom looks a9 though he will pull
tliromrh tho coming winter without
flOi'lountrouble If ihewonlhnr Is not too
lovure. The Napanee looks moro llko
homo now.
The Iittlo son of Km-. C. U ft. Toole
lately pastor .in chorg'o of thn Baptist
church here, ims had Ihe mlhfortiiuo to
lose tho sight of ono of his eyes, Ills
parents mode (ivory effort to prevent
tho loss when they tllHcovureil that
there was something wrong nnd took
the child to a specialist at Everett but
It seems impossible to rontore the Mitht,
Rev. Mr. Poolo l* in charge ef tho
Baptist church at Snohomish, Wind.
W. A. Gullihor, M. P.. Talks of
... -- - Oonditiona^in-K.-O.-^ ^
\    . - /.Toronto Nuwa
"What is your opinion of the report
that Americans aro getting control of
•inoribpoUes-ot all kinds on the British
Columbin coast?"
This question was asked of Mr.* W.
A. Galliher. M. P. P. for. Kootenay,
by, a reporter of the News.
"Well somebody has to gobble
theso things," wits tho practical replj*
"Tlie fisheries nre there, the timbor
limits aro there, the mines nro thero.
Somebody hns got to exploit them.
Canadians d-.n't ns a rulo. Canadian
capital is either too timid or too slow.
or-sometimes to much sibs'irbed in
sohomos outside uf Cnnndii. As long
ns our raw material is manufactured
in Canailn I don't seo any objection
in letting foreign capital in Just hs
far as it lias n mind to como."
In conclusion he said thnt British
Columbians were among, the most
loyal of Canadians.
Last,Thursday evening there were present at the Council meeting, liis Worship, Aluyor Stork',-Aldermen Tntile, Wallace and Cieo. Minutes of provious
iuceting-'wereread'.and adopted, and th.-n camecommunicjitions.
J R. McEwing Wrote nfikiiig leave to movo tlie small liou^e between his .store
and Stork's S'.iop on   Victoria Avo. b.ic!c aui'03.4 the alley  to   Baker Ave
Permission .was.-jranted.
, Mr. A. Mntz wrote asking tlie privilege to continue tho Union hofel business
in the Old Town u'iitil the 31st of December next, at which date t hu license would
expire and for. which he had baid. Aid. Cree moved and Aid. Tmtle ; seconded
that tlm extension be granted on condition that the petitioner agree not to Rjiply
for.rcnewal.of license and to discontinue the business after the expiration of
the prwji'nt license.,"** Alderman Wallace strenuously opposed the motion, He,
stated that the.Union hotel was making more money than any hotel in,town and
in view ofthe agreement entered into at tho time of incorporation, he thought it
was unfair to the hotel men, twoof whom' wero members of tho Council, to allow the Union to" continue at all. Tho re'asoii, Mut!. was anxious to have the
Union'continue*, was that hegut a rake-off of 25 cents on each keg of beor thnt that hotel,, which went into his own pocket aud not into tho treasury of
the Fort Steele.Brewing Co . * * , ■•    ,
What a saving.of taxes would accure to the peopb* of^ Foriiie if Aid.. Wallace
was to turii-'liis&earcliltehteyes'ontoall tho.*trniisac*tioiis that concern'tho city!
If lib could only widen the scoop of his vision sunicimjtlylio.'inelude'tho -sMO.OOO to
350,000 of rakeoff that would go to tho C. N. P. K L. and P. Co during tiie next
ten years, if the city were to consent to tho ".-uggesiioiis'' of Maunger Lindsey,
he would lie doing someHiinjr for the-city whose interests ho has sworn' to protect. But jnst'.how a 25 cent rakeoff to Mr Muiz on beer siold at tho Union
hotel effects tho financial affairs.of the City of Fernie. is hard to" make out. If the
Union hotel pays 25 cents'a kog more for tlie beer consumed in tliat hostlery it
would seem that,the. city hotels would havo ju*.t thnt much advau't.-igi over the
Old Town establishment, and we would advise Aid. Walhicn to stand :n wilh Mr
Mutz and help hiui to rrtiaii liis rakeoff from 25 cents to *?'2.50 which would help
Mutz at the expense of Mr. Wallace's rival iu iho beer trade. .* Mntz could no
doubt make ft all right with the Brewing Co! so that ovory thirg would he lovely. 'Aldermen Tuttlo and'Cree stood their ground h'oivcver, and the motion to
lut the Union coutiuue to the end of tho year was declared carried, Wallace
voting in tlie negative/ ". ' **
Tho Mayor reported that tbe committeeappointod to interview Mr.-Lindsey ns
to better terms re w'aterwoilis "suggestions" had seen Manager Lindsey win
had promised to make'a written statemont to (lie Council. "   - *■    -
Two petit ions .from ratepayers asking for Uy laws' were read by the clerk.
One asked for a bylaw to be submitted authorizing the borrowing, of suflicient
money to proporly.'equip the fireball and'to procure necessary equipment for an
efficient Ure'.b£i«-ade • The other petition was for the submission of a bylaw to
the voters for the purpose of raising funds for the installation of a sower system
When linked if 'the; petitions .bore the requisite unmoor of signatures, the Ci y
Clerk stated that the'Coal Co. alone tho registered owners'--of over ono
tenth "of the assessed real'jiropercy and as there were otltv.r names on tlio list
foreman for the Co , has started a
gang of men to rebuild llio c-.oip on
lhe bill side*destro^vd hy lire, last summer and will.soon have a,force of 75
. men ai work in ihe woods aiid al tht-
mill where he will at o;;ce begin tin.'
construction of a bridge over the Klk
over which lhe C. P. R. spur will be
brought, to the mill. This bridge will-
consist of three'sixty foot span-* niakiiiL
a toial length of 1 So feet with trestlu
work approaches on e.ich side. The
Jive piers will be pile.-, with plank casings filled wilh-rocks. When, this-
bridge is completed llie- machinery
.tor the new mill can he unloaded' from
the c.-ir io the mill, thus making a
grcit saving in unloadi!',* and placing.
The rebuilding of ihis great mill and
its openuioti al our very doois means the
distribution of over $100,000 in wage-;
every yi-ar in our midst. ' An inslilu-
lion of such niagniiude should be encouraged in all possible wajs by iIk
people of Fernie, as it, together with
its sister iii*>tiluiioii the Pernio Linnber
Co., is next lo the Coal Co the mainstay ofour cits'.
* o
c       —:—r
It wi 1 be <*oen by a reference to Mgr.
Lindsey's Maior Stork, d.'itei1
Sept.. 30'h,tlwit be hns far modili-ri
his "sugijeetiniis" of tho 1 h of -July, as
to consent, to,put in "20 Ir.(Irani.', free nt
"harafi to the ci ty, provnh'd tho c't^
looks after them aud keeps them in re-
pan'. lie ulso'says that the instiiliatiiin
nf hydrants is uf no great importance.'
If thiB is correct why so much insistence
that tho cily should put them in, and
later, that if he shall put in'20 of them
.ii.,, ij=i»,.
■that'the-petitionspbore-a-snUtelennniirilTefTif names
Tho tieai-ce committee th on reported the following;'.accounts recommending
their passage.   , -   c ,'     -
Salaries -ii............'...»...' .' _';..'.,.."....'.......",.. ,'M ;f' 95
Buppltos'...,....., >; :,A.^V.. .'A;......,...,i...i..',....."..'- •:'-'-'- ■ -;- •"■".'"{........... 1«5*52
Expenses', J...G Cummings :..,.' '...-.. , -. :.--.'....'..-...'.,4i$ 7,~
Other expensea.'..'!- ",  109.8)
School Board...'.*, ; .'*,. *....,'.....:.. ■ 310.00
tioldleand McCulloch, safe, ;- *  "5?7.15
■T.S.T Aloxauder, fire hall lot...,. 770.O11
Halanceou chemicalengiuo -...' 872.15
time insisting upon what hu carls trivia!
It looks tn an ordinary individual as
thousrh tlie law, under which the C.
N I*. L.&P Co's charter was granted,
provides that about al! .11 h
hav.) to di? in oid<-r to st'cuio u. chacer
is In agree to ►U|pp!,\ natorin suilicient
iiuttntity and mauitain « siubchiil force
to provide,.proper protetlinn fiom fiie,
to the' municipalitie.-i in which iheu
propose'to sell water, and to i'i-iv-di-- a
stjjTioiKX'rN-iJMnnR or iiviotASTSiTJuscci:
From oui own Corcespondcnt
A hiillai-d sqj'per will be given by
the C. C. L. and A. A. at Coal Creek
on Nov. and. .      ,
TbeC.-C. L.' A. A. will hold a
..inokoi iu their uew-'ciub room bn the
eveniiig of .'mv. 1st.
Considoi-.'bio j;riinibling txists
among the miners because of tho
saoitagc (->, cr-. in the n.iiie.- '
- W.ll. Kfiuj-, ot Coal Creek, will
havo chargo of the tu---v i-:ub wheu it is
finibhed and ready for busiiJOEo.
Thc football match played at Coal
Creek tutt .Sm.-Wiay between the Cole-
ifidii le.miand,Cr«'k boss resulted in a \ie:or> ior the l.-uler. Score, 3
to -2.
Vdtiug is >](£(.(din""* (oday at tho
miiic-s lu cl-jct a- vice-jjreaident. and
meditors, liw jrevioui volu bs-ing in-,
decisive iii the election of these ol'li-
00rs ofthe Dis-.rict Uiiloni
Tom B:u'iiis.,oiie of lhe Coal Creek
footballs pi 1.\ ■„, c u.jured in lhe Coal
Creek, and Coleman game on the I-'cruie ,
giouude uu Sept. suiii, is around again
and went 10 v,oA in the mine last
Umry* Uuiiu, Dave Ji.Iiiip, William
Williams and Mr. McA l.:ii left ye;tc..-'
vlay for Nanaimo, where tbey will go 10
work iis fire boBiesin the mines of the
Wi'Sleru Fuel Co., just resuming svoik
aftei the long &ti iU*.-    ....
A'coile'wt.i.'Jt: is being nrrang'd to
betaken uf> 16)- ,-i ininei- who has'been
off for":i loiigtifije throu-. h accident.
Cue wbndi ro ""'when tin/" collections
will c-.'iise,"si.eiijn an accident fus.d
exists to aid oiir sick' ai.d disablud
ei mr'ndes.    ", ".
' ■ I       V
Miss. Ewing, -a high class' dress-
city should, keep them  in repirr;
l.indsey should not spend so mm h ! maker Irom, Manchept/jr, .England,
h:is come ,,to •, ri.-i-.i-ie" at.. tbo , Creek.
MissHwing has been-, for. sbmemont lis
en'gagt diit, lur business; in - Fernie.
She -is a sister of. the Kev.. -W. P. Swim?, -.Metl.r.dist church. pastor. •, Iler *
temporary reaidciice will be l'JL
"   The inluibiiiints'. here extend  a,
very   hearty''-svOlcoinc io>.tho'' new -
Mrs. Ji'iusmi/-'1 Older" residents''will
rccotrniz.'-hor in'the '■Miss'-McNee' uf-'
bvgoiie'd.'iys,'  ssho (in'-leavings tho
t-frur/lcTTvais'Hlre-roeipient—of-ffl^yin  •
u-*ble i-res<mt'.' bV the many friends
wlio he'd her'in great esteem,    Few
giiRsii'tl'th'r* errand of"Mr.'.lemson, on
lea v iotr same ,t wo'weeks 11 go tor-V*»n-
c(iuvei*.   We wish them" much happi-
. c-s In tlieir n-jw lioino ntuongstis.;-; -
llllHt lipilI.Og illllll
Fivd Waters of the IClk Lumber
roturucd a lew days a|?o from 11 trip
to tho Kcd Doer Lumber Co. null on
tho IledDrer rivt-r northwiibt of Win*
nipetf, where ho tiHtt been culled by
tlio management to mwlst In unravel-
ing« tnngltd ball of yarn in tlie
shape of tx log J tm whloh, had tied up
llm 1,4,*. ounfilv ond nnt Mi.-i    l>li»   mill
ont of businecs.
Ficiliiiya ho ilmnmod tho river but
our past knowledge of Frod'a riam
mit)gqu*iliflCi<ttons mndo ui refrain
from asking pointrd questions uliont
how he rfH flu; rlimmlng. Thorc
wtro from five to h-v-m million feet
mU'Hudcd it 1.(J 1'ioi U.ul l,\wMX nt, Uie
mill In nbui. xwn week* time, nnd
lhc Hum it iv, * began x\t hum
Olmugo of Miuiitgemont
W. W, Tuttle has loiiBcd his Uoyiil
hotel property to two wrll known
Pernio boya, Charley Lndcrouto and
Clmrlov Davey. Tho lease iuiib lor
two yeiirs und tho boyo tuok posses*
slon Monday evening, Thoy ure nd-
vcrtiRing n formal ojionlngon Sntur-
dny, nnd everybody wlll bo met
with tho "glad emlle" and tho open
hand of welcome.
lho now firm have lho good will
of tho lute proprietor nnd muy confidently, look Tor it full filmto of paii-un*
11 go in tholr lino
Mr. Tuttlo'a rctlmniont from nctlvo
eornoctlon with the lioynl hotel tiikcH
from the ranks ol hotel keepurs the
oldcBt nnd most w-ilclv known of
Fcrriio'n numorotb) lundlordB. Tho
ltoyul hotel 111 tlm old dn>H of Fornlo
wlll Jong bn roiiiainboi'od by thn
traveling public iih one of the grenn
oiirU of the trnvolera desert; Mr.
Tuttlo Is nt present In rather d.-llciitn
health nnd a rent from nctlvo btiHint-fH
Uu nccimsity I'iiiIkm' thnn 11 clioicn
li|ioi) his pnrt. Uo takes with him to
prlvatn life tho g'jod wIhIicu of runny
friends who Impo to Heu him buck In
the hiiriK-wiiiHofold In thu neitr future,
Total   -    , s?<:0J8!l3
-The Clerk reported that Kerr & Co, had retir ned 'the sldewnlk contract signed
by J. R. McEwingiind F.'W Vance as bondsmen to tho exlout of'SS00.0O.
Bond was accepted, „ ■ -7
Mr; Lindsey's lotto? in reply to tho committeo appointed to see him was ih*ii
read, ThiB'lettor will bo found in full on another paj;c
■ Alderman Cree moved that a bylaw enbodyiii'f Mr. Lindsey's propn»ilion be
drawn nnd submitted to vote and Aldi'rinairWalhieo'socon'deil it The. Mayoi
doelarod'the motion carried, Cree nnd Wallace voting for, and Tuttle it^uiiist
On motion the petitions for firo protection and sower bylaws were accepted
and (lied.
■   Tho Council resolved Itself into a committee of tho whole with Aldoruviu Cre4i
in the chair and took up tho consideration of bylaw No. 10 to provide" funds I'm
lire protection.   The sum of $3,000 was fixed as thn limit of tlio amount   to  lx*
borrowed for this purpo-ie,   The City Solicitor Mibmlttiida draft of tlio hy!/n\
which provided for tho nil tin*: of a sinking fund and fnr fnion--',  In  the  n-m-i'
way,   lie stated Dial he had followed the used by Nelson, IUs-.l.*u,d, Y-iu»
couvor and Victoria nnd other cities in tlm province    After listening to au nrgu
ment offered hy the City Clerk favoring n change from this eoiirsn lo one provid
ing for tlio redemption of one ifo'JO debenture each year, whieh he stated  would
put it out nf the power of any futuro Council to ehiinjio I Ini 'payuuMilH If   thoy
should bo desire, and do away with tlie sinking fund fi-uuii'i-, *.,( the bylaw, the
I'ominlttoo referred tho draft, back to the City  Solicitor  with  instructions  tn
change It so as to conform tn the flugtrostloiiHof the City dork.
The sowfti' bylaw wont ovor for the same reason.
The committee rose and reported prop, kiss.
After His Worship had resumed tin chair Alderman Tuttle explained to the
Council his reasons for voilii'rnKitlnst taking up Mr, Lindsey's iinutudnd smy
tfostions as to the hydrant f.'iirunj of iho water works qua8tlou lie cnntoiuleii
that under section 77 of chapter 100 Revised Statutes of tlm prov Inco which applies to the C. ***I P. Ii. L &. I', Co. made It the duty uf tlmt enmpiiuy in supply 11
-mllli'lent supply ol water and to provide and maintain whalevei hydrants might
hit required by the City ond to oxtondnnd supply additional hydrants as tlioC'il*.
might require.
The Cily Solli-ltnrcited other clauses winch to his mind miciiukI tn hear out
tlm contention uf Alderman Tuttlo along llieen Hues.
Aldoi'innn Wnlliico sitld that oven'granting that this view was r,orr«ct thn cily
Nhmil(l nuviirlholiiKS nuler Into an ngrr-omnnt wiih tlm Co. in order to H.ift^uurd
llm InlcrfHlsof (hiH'lty ll'the inatter wnHdelnyed thn company would Im on
trijiirhliig Itself htwngor and i-trongor all the time Mnynr Ktoik said Aid
Wallace was rlirlit and Hint ndssc-ilon was nine points of Iho law,
This Is why, wnpr.-sum-* the Mayor Is soauxlouR topnH.HMM dm liydfiHitnliimg
Inlm,' Hint tiim-eby he can control llm trnuhhiHO'ne wator Hup;ly,
Mr. Cron was nppoiiiti'd (•liairntnti of the flnniicft coniinlltoo, after which tho
Collin II adjourned to Monday eveuin*: to dike up tho con.iideriitiou of pciidini;
I'Ulll'O.Sl., AM) TO Ki-.'.I--.-IIL-..1  IX A   I'IUII-jIU
STATU OK imi'AI!!.-
This is.all ihe charter can cost the.-c
people,-but 'ii seems tbiir Mr.,,Llnd»i!y
for.fl.HTit. resson "dpu'-t wn.nt U- comp.i,* -
with the reipiirciminti- of lhe l.-iwT 'l-e
states, lhat ho Js pn-piiri-d lo iiiBtii'l
these 20 hydrnnts now, but wil n-t d -.
•*o until there is some kind of n coiitrcct
entered into, nu I siig.-i'MS that -!o!d
weather Is appronching which might
prevent tho installation of them, if it I-
dolayed till freezing cots in. Uo would
ho oxli'uuioly tfrnteful If tlie council
would rclliivo him of llm undertaking 01
July -tth Iiiei. Now this -Itli of July
uiideriiikiiig was a must sltipcmlom*
one and we don't woiidij' tin-the should
hn extremely grateful If he should lm
relievi'd Think (if it! Ilu Hi'dcrtook
to cuntiuuMi.iipplyin'r the i-liy wilh
\vater at tlm sumo nhl rale and to lAUtyi
tiie city lo buy hie old .ly/rii.iimiiid to!
buy all the new ones that might be
needed It was tin awful nndi-rtiiklni!
upon his pjirl and bo certiiinSy wmihl
fuel greatly relnvi-d   If relea-od   from
■Ull'll  ll llilldnf l('."p(iUHibHll>.   \l*lhi'cU*.
has never ncecpt. d M,iy.a'Stni'l;'-. j i'.ci
4*e fall to soo why  .Mi, l.iu.i-H->- tln,.iili>
cmsliliT   himself   umli'i-   anv   presiml
obligHilon growl,ik nut of lhe playing
•if that gi'.'nt card,
It didn't lake n ti'lcl;, Jitid we a--"
sure thu city could not now h-dd Mr.
l.i ml-ley to his siigii'sllotiH )l it sn «!.■
shvil, 111.1l It hii:* miiiiifoNlcil 11 decided
.umlifnlness in Id cxprohui of any
le •ire hi tint d'livtl'Mi. W.i really
Inipo that Mr. I.i".hey wlll waste no
,ld'|i (iVer any inwnii'ial nniiu'itioii
ur'Hii.-x nut of liln "■■iiggcilions" iif the
Ith ol July, llu al*-» itl.'ites that "a,
1111 1 havo had no answur fiom tl.i
c< ui'i-ll tii my couitniinlcatlon "
Dn the other  Inn A wo nre not viwuri
Hint  he- hns  h.ul   thn  consent  ut I11-
iliicctcis to flic July Niiggi'Ktlnii*. nr i'
lie Ini", Uml he has cominiiuhiilid 1 Iti -j
in the   mnynr  or i'utiiir.1, t-u lli.u 1)1
i'Uv Hci'ins to boiipruat Imili i-nd-n: tlii
lane, and no 'imi in-c-d w«.|'i\ j.Ii mt  an;.
<,iilignih)ii»i iirUlug nut nf fln>*i* n in rl.
niile suggestIniiH.      We   inn  Iiml  n*
f-illlt with Ml 1,'iidxny fni'iliiiii*. nil   |i.-
i*iinIn |iiitlii*i-Mil* 11.Inn-its i-f Iih- i"ii
■iliiyiT"    That is  «h..t hu in |iildfn
and Innvoijlil lm Im-I.itig lu duty  If ne
f.nh'd UiliiaUn iis a ^ijnd  Jl  li:in.'-.ln  11
  ■    r
-I'Voni our own correniiuniUnt   ',.,
Mr. Jake I'Miik of tho firm of Fink
Urn*,., (Jrimbrook soontut "dnyl!here
lookinir nftcr-hnMiiPW'■ during the
wvek. Jako'.is '-lie of Cr'nnbrook's
t'liicri-i-ising dilzona. Ho reports
Imslucss good in his lino. '
Jiilm Hud'in,' formerly of .TsfTray,
but Iti'ely with' ihe 1'iist -Kootensy
LiiinlK'i- Co. el Cruiibrook is-now hero '
•jSiitiing hi-, cumps in order for'tio
Ml« Miii-tiii nl Tobiitjoo plains Ims
ri-Blgiii'd Iter |Kihltlon(,th(ird usteaolior
•nd is hem viaitlnv;'Mrs. Frank
i)i i'i.--.i r,
Mr. A. l.tiich, ires, nf the Kust
Kooteimy Lumbor Co. spent a day
'iiTo during the week looking ""•'-cr
hcv, A. Fmli'V, PivsbvterUin.miii"
Uii'i*, who has kmn Imlillng wrvlco
liei'c. twice a inonijli Ins gone to
Moyie ami Cri'sum. The .LiflVuy
in dpi'.- are expecting somo ono, to
lake his place but nothing deilulto
nuhuiiiMi dueld'iil upim.,
Fit A NIC.
jii'lty than 75000 fci't per day of lolnmr.
Krom iliu Fruiili X'iti*<t
.) Hi'ci'ki!tiritl,'o iiissed through
Ki'ai.k this morning. If«t smtcil that
tiii< Kind at l,uniH>ri"-k jh llnUhi'il
ami crosiicutilng Is going on. Ono
,«min lii'isulreiidy bi-fii ruudicd.
(i 'innil Manager l-Vrni'U of Ho
CiiiuiiU.iii-M.'liil Co , returned Thurs-
•t'lv .-veiling from liiltixli (!-iluinbla.
11   v ii*i.'n ■-*,** »• y at tl»' iiilin-i.
ThO   ^"Hl   InlMUMC ll'   lll'll'-g txitU, 1(1
*i!i! mu' nir-ih-r in 'it"'' prevented
W..111 wiiiilil (iilit'i'wlsu liavi' (Idubiliss
Im'cii .1 Imi train wreck ••! two Ireight
piiNSililn   for   iln'iu,    lint  aIiiiI iilmu
ncity ('.'iiiii-ll tiiit !-i».t-iu« so hiin.I a-*iiia|nh n ar i'imw'*. N- v la»t Snluijdny
and mav Hoiim liire«> ns the 1I1M mm. If I not in l.o able to sen thinii.'h   Ihntfiin-n
Tha City Couiiril nuvling hml ni«ht
wn« unlnlcrtmlng xo upci-i'iioi-i, Tlnrro
were present the MnyoraiiiJ AM* rim 11
TiiU**, Tullle nod CViv.
The br-laws repealing by-laws 14
and 15 wan rend thriir- limes and M1111J
over for final iiclhni. The fir*.* loan
by-law whs ndvauced lo the same singe
ni. wns si',K4i lb** new *.4-w»r bs*l,iw.
Mr,   (V   I.,    itoynton,  Hvmnirer
the   Klk Luinlur   Co,,   ivIiiiik-J \,t>\
wi'-ch fiom .1 Xt'tp to die coast trnhttt
he had gone in search of material to he
0f| Mr. floynton.s ruiMinimndations niv
adopted by bis hoard, ihe mill will be
pr.u-ti.'ally llrcproof, covi-rod wiih cm-
riignled iron on nil sides with steel
frames   nnJ    ceiiuiit    liours    b low,
oil llm Kite of iho ono totally destroyed
by fire. He has been eit(.*nc,cd in
working out plans and specilicnlion*
for ji new mill Jthiiost ever sim'e the
lin* and lefl (or Si. lYml ovi-r lhc (Jri-ut
Ntiitliiiu M.'iil..) I.' nuiMi'ii  u>iii lii*-
in iho fence wlilo'i Mr. I.iud*ny Iih*.!
hiien trytiii! In litnid Hiniiinl lhe'tea *
!.nr i:d" in   this   I.} di mil l-ro| 0 it on
( 1   t|,ii ti'li",i"i|ihli» (It--
jiiVMom.'   ","  lv*'* T'li-H wi»fi* run
Kigmher bu^ lliey int'l near rienllnel
Why !• ho '*<) pifMMeiil  h'ii.iiI,.
1 whoro 1 iicli I'lilliui'i-r Was iible to see
Himin kind nf a cniilrait j*   1^ it liivnti-i |*   ' .,     *      "
|,u wauls to nr ct rli-<i-l-y.if K.-i.m. !»J.i.e ui ,m neeldiMit.
trnin i'X['ei.»ivi< w.iii'i- i-liii 1^11.'   *iii   r
The ch.inge proposed by Cil> Cl«rk j dir**s:lors and h> ntoUe I'mnl An .-.ion* as
N'utui v-.i'i louuj (o be iiupi.ik.tuable 4'ti
n.vuiKit of the .t)n»ir'jL(u>i) of the l.iw. iiuil tlu- '-ioWiiig finul
fcalun s w •'! remain in as it drawn
hy ll.-.* sity*i.divilt>r. GhhwU mJjtiuruvJ.
1V.«rl,   I-   ■ .1- 1.-     I .'  ,
Ihiili-r hmimr whrYli is In Ih: lhc
same size ns the n|.| one ^OkOj feet and
the walls Ihis lime ,tw m be (if coucrete
lihx Ui, Teams Ivuan hauling the
lili>rk" unto llu- ^iciiml cn Moudav.
Th?* h„;i,.,- j, ,,u- ,,;[! tK ,tv.uv'd Y\U •*.'r,,", ,h,,*v.H".,..,,ft'.?'"'rr:'"M'l',,,.u,;i..."uHr.b-.t iur.1 jhni-t.
bccaiisa lie is ilesirous nf -hlfilii' n
responsibility fiom Iliu rein pany t'lthi
council j*   If tlm cily mtiiiH'H to put it
Illltilll'SS    *t       h**
wnrViK is grnwlin.   (
rep'irti'd in yi'»ii-i'i.«y'»  S<*l-iu- S.'WH
Iuul    IJ.-l'lltlOII
x).  Ilucliaiimi is
thii'ii hydrants nr to Isko cat c of   im si>iiig1hnt  m.*   «'>     i
after they are In, and wn belleva Hmt !►»»•■' >'••" ""'"Y',1 r,i',i''il""',T: « '!
iron   nioiing,   the   sterl irmises   for
v, bi> li .ire ih'4*.  here and  ready  to iv
tu sizt*   anil    ctp.inty    nl     the    milt *
which Is to lv built ,u rapidly ns pos. I P"« »« pUv a* khw a* lhe walls arc
t<'-iA<, !i r thfn.
Ttw ncw.milt will be ef nol Wss cap-     Mr,   \Vii4.*rs,   ttu   euerKCtic Imsft
his cmipany ?   Wu tliln* this Hipieiilon   n,,. 4,iii|im.-nt nl »n\#i•••• t'bi  » ii*-. .1 1
fnr Mr. Mud, (-v and   Ids c/impiriv tn' m I "t .■■'in.:1 r-i Hi"  11 ■(■ •   i:*'-       I
imuv  evi'i,-sinl  Hist tho riliKei.»f(;-»"trfi.'H   ,,*,',*     'A,vl';,    '',. .'■ , *
,. 1.1     ..       . .    1   .     . iiii.iif li ii.'mi in ■•** *-■' "'' ■' **- '• '     '
k-.Tiiit! will ii«»t tiMvn In i»ny forhyilraiiis!Ji))ti    , (lill,t   ,  „   ..   „,.   .   .„ ,(. t
to uc |lac«<d u|on utiybixlv «ii«'tt water I,,|MI'|,  m,iv    . \«m.>iiIi     ''.-".b   the
pipt'S. j*tiM*r pri-iliut .(tu« li mt.-tny Se?^ * ■•■* ■" * - '*-?v^l* ?V" ^ ■*&
"-",-.' . * V   -A-^^^JA       "■--
*'  /■
*    :■'•
Till- I«I-:i*lNl1E LEDGER,'TORtfi£  B. GM OCTOBER* ir, 19^5,
Th^ Ppdnir I pnfiRj?,evidenc''5 hba b e'' pfir*dHC,d tl,!lt
liic.rcKmc  j^VM^*- atonidinany-way^npHonteiinyone,
and it i-i a exeater to -Mr.
Purdy tthnnto anyone else that, the*
over insurance shoal I -i-iavs been
allowed on his building.
■»FW^».*S tmrn^it**,***. tSUmWt^ljfSrwmsVmiiJfSrmfmm^ m^ fVl^r,m
. J-isuei. every Weihiestlay froja ollice oi pub-
jtKjsition. comer of Wood St, and Baker Ave,,
• jSTcrnie. British Columbia.
-    f*-IOMMEBv'UL D13fLAY|-
,*i Allowcil to lie changed when denire^t, without
4    . 1     ., extrt. 4jlinriO)
J So per inch, per rqonth p'osiiion, &>X advance
Slg dt^eount when plates Rre furuinlied
.,(eet in uoupariel, Vi lines mute*) un inch.) ,
Aiu-tiwM s!ili!.-,K'.itei-iaii!!.ieut». Ti;i{iler.s, Le-
41,1 Xoiice*. etc.. Hi cents n tine, first insertion,
* - Ji-iii.t* p lino each .-.uljseilueDt insertion.
■  i*st, Konnd, F<Jr Sale, To L«t, Rent or *Kx*
chance, one oent u -word, each uiiwrtion.
.   /Jubftt-k piiRe iLfiianK.lpoalb, Mil  ceiitR a lln
,,jOu front \x\va anions locals, HO q«ut» ,*u   lin
»,','■     o'^K'iII#. MAMK1AUKS JL)UJ>i)Jh*TUS
n   ,{f*ocuxrinK ..mouKnt our subacritier*., free; all.;-
.-' JothWH iniertion.- Cards, of cou-
fmtnl.itioi., coud.ileni'e or th.iuk-t, oliituary
ii-l:rvetc.,li.-t» of aru*>(» »ui t vn-ddinu pre**
^ata. 10 cents a line (n<vtiMrl«l) aauh insertion.
Pincher Creek Cjindidntes
Fpinh    Sherman    lias   started   hi?-
CHinpuiirn in llie Pincher Creek .ridinj:
■vhcre ilmre are at ('lis time four randi
dates  for   legislative   honors.   '.Mr.
Marc-ellii« represents the* Liberal pnrly,
Mr. Kemmies is   (lie  regular conservative   c-mid'dAe,  whilst   Mr.   Ch.u-!e*
Keitles, an ok! tinier of Pincher Creek;
is making a canvas of   the dibiricl as a,,
representative candidate of the  independently inclined voter,    -
As lo whicli of ihes^ candidates will
receivellie largest vote we are unabk
to say, llioiif-li it would seem lhat llie
real Jfi^ht lies between , Marcellus and
Sherman. But there i.s one thing thai
may be considered as almost a certainty
and that is'ih-jt no candidate is likely'
■3rithoatIi*4a,ii,e,«iH>iuc*..ox.,0aer.iiu,month _ t«j xe^ive a ijiajority ofthe  vol** tlmt
will he cast-in.ihat disd-iel at "lhe  lirst
Any lurHior information de-.ireil can be had
-T 011 aiiiil.i'i.iti^.to the manager.
' Tako ITorJico   Greeley's  Advice
Last Week w. wrote a short article
.upon the possibilities tor sm-ill tartn-
' *ri and fruit gruivtjrs in the Kootenay
valley so near 1' and in suah
■  jch^ojtouch by rail with all the F»ss
The G. P. li. and the Great, North-
. crh, passing thfoagh valley, n?
,-they do, brin-rs the southern halt" of
, the vnlley within tw.) ln.urs ru'i by
, -train to our town, and in a vary short
•time the Kootenitv'Contnil will be ii!
operation from Golden to a junction
w.ith tne C.P- *,•£.,  which will' brin«
the upper portion of tlie ya^o-j' with
jp.easy by rail.    We wish to
. iiiipio>8  upon  thosii   contemplating
taking ii|j lands for marke; gardening
}.urpo3is  or ifor fruit growing,  tha-:
■they eanno'ido better than to secure
some of this land, before it passes into
.-  si e hands of bi'ge companies to be
■parceled out by them to thcsin.ill;
* rancher or fruit at" a proll*.
As stated bi'.Pjr-, these labels now
belong tothe Kootenay V-llev's Lm.l
,' '-Company fthd to the C. P. It both ot
'•which' companies lav anxuAts to (lis
pose of'them to seth rs.    Their price*
Are very moderate and 'th**. terms ot.
. payment are bj arranged that a man
,-with a  very  moderate   amount ol
cash can possess himself of a founda
:tion for a home in what will, in a
" Avery few yeara beqoi#.e tlve source ol
—^suppiyforaii tiseionyrg aio«g"tia'Cr
." P. E. as far. east as tr.ins|>ortaduii
* .charges will iierujitot fruits, vege-
. *tnblea and other pro.lucts being
. .shipped.   •   ' "
Thojxjseiblliti aof tho valley to the
west of as with its line climate and/i
.toil so adapted to thc rrowing of all
iinds of fruits can scarcely be csti
Aiated, but that success nwaitu those
" .V(ho havo the courage to lend in such
iif» enterprise is as certain as tlm-
•sdiey put their hands to tho plow ami
.don't lookback.
provincial elei-'jon.-   This would   sc4*m
like a dofreneratien from a
majority l.i
s i-t in .t>ood law*.- o- lhe proper en I'or.* -
t enl of laws- id ready enaiied.
N'o jfoveri'menf   de^e«din<!f upon ;i
minority .vote ■ of. lhe   people   for   its.
Kiwcr can be of any l.nlin;»   benefit  K-
■ hi.', people.    P.-irty orffanizalions often
'venule   corrupt   and'   do    not   represent   tlie  will .of the    rank  and    file
if Ihe voters in   their   ranks,   but   the
voter always has in his power lo chastise
;n.-> leaders and llie' most effectual wip
nf doing this is to make his vote  couiii
lwii-e ny votinif for   the   candidate, of
the opposing p'ruiy.    A study nf- recent
elections in the United Stales will demonstrate ibis power'as-shown by there-
turns of several states wherein lhe can-.
Jidaie of one of lhe great   parlies   for
president    received   Jari^e     majorities
\\ bile the candidate of the same party
lor governor that had heen foisted onto
these privates in the ranks by unscrupulous machine manipulators were completely  snowed under at the same election.    If these dissatisfied   voter;!  had
contented themselves with boUiog" from
their parly and*setling upiandidnies of
their own  they would   have defeated
ihcir ow'n'.obiect and  would-have,   in
all   probability 'helped   lo  place   these
machine, made candidates in office by a
minority vote;
Majority will is what is aimed at .by
popular government, and that ^ is
oi-ly attainable ihidu-b  the  organiza-
• Ifyout-your fr-eacls or re!:tive3 suffer with
Fits, Epilep-y, St. Vitus' Dance, or Falling
Sickness, write for at ialbolile and valuable
treatise on such diseases to Tns Leieig Co..
l79Kin^ Street, V/., Toronto, Canada. AU
druggists sell or can obtain f-.r you ,
'/.-PERNIE .
——'* "^*» 1—.—
ft :
Is a^pleasa'ht' homfe
for the traveler.
a factional rule which does not often re-  lion of the people into  two  opposing
lei ■$£*
mm\  ^Vtrnf   '
ItAV-ingah   Inducement  to' offer,   should
state the fact through the local newspaper
whose advertising-columns arc  an  Index
. of Trade 6f"th'e community.
Strangers and visiters .examine, thc columns.of
©ras€; L9ti.f3s.-r1
' ty[Tia
to'ascertain thc extent ajid variety of the Trade
and Industry of Fernie. The Lkd.ger hns the
largest paid up circulation, and its street sales far
exceed those of any other newspaper along the line '
of the Crow's Nest Pass .Railway, andDits readers
have the money to gay for their requirements.
the Business Men of Fernie, to make-our  advertising columns as thoroughly' representative ofthe
■ *-■■ * of.the community,,as our news columns  are.
of the'occurrences of the city and district.
Phone 1 © asad ws?S§ saSS -ffos* soj?y»
parties. If one of .thes,e after
lieingentrusted wilh the direction ofthe
administration of affairs ' proves unworthy ofthe reposed in it, then
lhe voter who wishes to wield the
greatest Jrifluoncc upon thu re.-ults ot
an election will see to it tbat,his recreant leaders get,one vote less and the
opposition one more. A vote for., a
third party candidate can have only
half lhe'effect'as one changed from one
of the leading parties to the oilier, and'
often results "in' a weak' vaccill.-iting
government at the mercy of every wind
that blows. >■ , .
,   President Roosevelt,is in his position'
today as a result of hundreds of thousands of democratic   voles,   and , these
votes are ready to leave hiin the "moment he departs  from  the straight "and
narrow  path   of "official   duly.-'   Tlie
democratic leaders know, tbat -the selection of a man asa candidate, at .the
next election who does nol in every  respect meet the 'demands   of  the  rank
and file of llieir: partv,  means  humiliating,  defeat,   and, the' ..same   result
awaits lho bad candidate " who  should
happen hy machine methods to' secure
ji nomination from' the republicans.
* Thus it will be seen'  that' the   most
effectual way' Lo secure good' government is to have as few  party organizations as possible, and   using the   fran-
cl.ise   iii  lhe most effectual way.    - In
our own province we have lacked organization   along these lines so, long   that
it seems, hard to'get people to take any,
'inte'iosl in the affairs ofthe province.   -,
It is safe,to say tliat for years no government   hns   bad tlie confidence of a
majority ofthe people   and   the   result
iias been  incompetency    and   misgov-
irnmeul.    Party organization i» necessary  to carry "on popular  government,
hut it does not follow that the best way
to secure ihe  best   government   under
such a'systein is always to vole for  the
candidate/if the parly with   which   the
voter-is aiTiliated.    Sometimes the best
thing lhat can happen   to   one's   own
party is lo give it a rest from its  labors
of governing'.-
$a%iitnl * #2,320,860 .- >*fce&H*ve-* ^2,S20}OCC ■
"-'-,'     i-^th^JLHssitsr$28,500,000.''}'  * ' ; ; •'„
,    Hon:,Wm.-Giesox- President.-       •   ., .,   "'■
•    J.-'rxjRNBULL,- Vice-President-and' General' Manager," '
** ',
•0"X-sTIO3Sr,iJXJJ^.3jSXJ ' y
'. Gs»6Vif,s ' Blest- 'Special
 •- : axu'—'—'■ ■—
l^3'n8rFs''Favcir,at-s Caaas-s
.    Drafts issued. Canada orabj-oad. ' Foreig". dr-tJ":s oc*ii:-?d.   ," ;,'
-. '  '' "   Special advantaf-jes-in-Savings Dejiaflni^n!..>.■-;■ - ■" •'     -
Open in*0the evening of the Coal Go's p'ay-,d'ay frori.7 tiil 9
"*';.-'      ■'"•'--'    J.R, tAWHY'As'onlJ PEHSIS BRANU*.1.
.            •-*.'      .    ..."*■*■ "A ''"-'.'•".' ,-i.j* .    .
First Class in Every Respect |
. MRS. S., JENNINGS,.*'Pbopkiktkbsr. }    -
M*-* - ■■,*,- IT
a watch.
its.only duty in life,is to answer- correctly one question   " '.       ""   - ''
■"what time is it?'
All watches sold by us are giinrnu-
teed'toanswer tliis iinporiaut question
correctly     The prices are right. •
Official Watuii Sfispootoi* ai S. M. By.
■Jsweler1,; ."-    - •'    ©ptBoSara
eele Brewery Co.. LM
- ■i;fernib,'b,c. ''       ■ '■-:';'■■'
Brewers >f Extra; Fine,
XageriBeer aiid Aerated:
Raters.- Bottled Go.qds
.. ■"'. a Specialty.. *«   .   -,
i I i I--,*-.,
Mount Fernie Lodge-N.6. 47
■ Meets  'ev ry   Friday evening' at   8
p.m. ii. l.O.O.F. Hall.  '   '* \-,.   ,-
, .     ,     .A   T. Buck,  P.G..R.S.
toves!' • ■ Stoves I  Slaves f
WE have just unloaded .-i car of aii kinds of Heaters, Steel   Ranges  and   Cook Stoves.
and select your Heater before the^.alj.go.
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'^ nesipfiis iiiFiincy Koclcers, Ann, Morris Chair,-,. Conches,
Tiihles, China, Parkir and Music Cahiuets", Iron and Urnss Beds—in faU
everylliing in the Furniture line, «
Vou aro welcome, whether ynu huy or not. "
No trouble lo show floods,    riclure frnminp.a specially.
~   Nfew C-f.f Now in Mock
Home Grcwn aii4l Imported
■    Wholesale aud Jtetail •
Special 1'rices to Fai-mor's. Inutitntes
Thoaaitnds of Fruit  und  Oruamentnl Trce^
Rho«1<>dou(iri>ns,      Roses,      Gi-ociiliouef
, and*Hardy 3*Ii4ii(s
now growing in my nm-serioa for   ,
' Spring planting
Enslom prices or-l^ss.      ' White Labor
The Fire inquest.
The juries in the tho tliroo liro investigations hiiviiif*: bpont scygrnl
dnya in ouch csbq und, as it bi-ciiib,
h»vinff m»do as tltnrouuli a boiu-cIi
(or Inforraatlon mu whs l-ossihle, lmve.
rendered rardicts in ncco dune) with
-the fact** in oaoh case and have been
in the Silver wood oxm nothing of a
fiuflplcloas natttro was revojih'd nml
there is no doubt in the minds of the
people ub to the oris In of the lire
tying purely nccldeutnl
As aronult of the inveatl^iiti -n iuf.c
ihe clrourastnncenund the f.ictn rclnt
In/? to tho flro in block 21 tiio jni-v
Ending wneof such a n-it'i;'-; as to loud
jjtp tj^e arrctst of Mm, Marin McDona'd,
who Is now conflnnd in Jail, awaiiina
{trial upon a charge of ii.eouitl'iiim
fhtxt this block 21 Urn won nl i n
Incundla-ry origin bcjii-ch admits ot h
•tlonbt aid tho rosiilt of thu irhil will
bo ,»waited with Interest by our
Tlio verdict of the jury In the I'u-ilv
£»M is nf even inure iiii|nM",iine>i tn
tlm pitbl'c tlinti tliat of either of the
"Wc, lhe Jury Jtfipolri'cd f>luvoiii|.
ftfxtt Into the ciiuh- ol the Mm which
fltftnrrcd In A. .1 l'njily'ii h' r" cn
t,)m ntorfliiur of Sept, aiih I HO.", fl il
1)0 rcuwmahlo chiko fur the hiild lire
fKcept It l>e of nn Inennlliirv ml«in
Wo bnllove thnt too much 'iihuimiici-
Imi been placed oi the building
/i/ceordiiig to liHHCtiinl vhIiic,"
Tliu evWeiijWi nf the Htcck tnkor,
Mr. /Jrown, wltowd t* nt the nock
mid tlxuuvM wcru wmth .1JI IH!i
nnd    Huh   wjih   iiiHiiii'd   lor -i'A,'
;ioo o." n'-hj/i   w> vi if.*, ditnj
vhIuc. IJiid the nii-ent ol llm
JscotllMi Union cnr-Hr-nicd lo iho con-
(O'irrflU of j^WX) In lhe I'linenix
mfiUitli-ril tho total iiniountof'liiHnr-
«ncenn bnlldlnp hihI (vnten'H would
llivo been 31H U in d lie total value
•Mi\rrivi'd hi hv Cun nieio-Pin'tli nnd
Accountnnt lie iwn was $!«-.'/; TIiIh
ieavrsH terxf mnnll ititirizlit betwocn
ho'urI value mid  ati;ount of iiimii'*
4W50 CiJTl'd.
'J'lio mutter of protection Hen with
(iiinii'lvrti but tin* limitriii-.u jcoplni
will  lie U) btnino In future If over!
Iiuturaiicu U i*ernitiud.   One over
iimuicd pro|>irv in a menace to nil
ntlton  nenr It,   nn well   un  to  the
r/jinpAtilesnm) It U within the power!
of thi*He c-itnpanli'H io have tln-Hr, |
ojrentu see to it ih-it over lin-u wi'.ce.
docH not occur, i
,   A* to wlio wt lire in the  l-unly
Ixilldlnfl; it Is useless lospcculnte. Nu
a fvu^ mnb or      i
J. D. QUAIL     Fur
,'niture N
nml lhc Cheapest ever s.-jKI in Fernie, now on view at
Miss 'Varty's  Home of Fashion
J. EBas^t'GPy r.-.D^7 d.d.s.,
wawowMM*.   ,
L. T. W.   Block,' opposite  tho   Ban7
Ofliue honra—8 iv.mrto fi p.m.
Wi' J. Wriglesworth, D.'d. S/
OJ-riCK Ilouiifi! H lo 12 i(.m„ llo(J)i.,ii.
Office in Alox. Bocli's Block
* OYorSlinn'H Dj-tkerv.'
FERNIE,       —        ~        -.    - R. C.
L. P. Eckstein
I.AItUISTKH-AT-I.AW,    ' SoUl'ITOH,' ^'EtC.
.OiiiliiH'rt n'lock, Kciiln, H. 0.
W, JI. RoiJH *    J. S. T, Al.liXA.Nri-H
- Ros? & Alexander
Oilico In I,. T, W.'Blnulc, Vlclorh Avomie.
r^;^, HENRY,,
Vancouver, ll.C.
3010 TVegtiiiiiiiUm- Itond'.
f    Hnve one of theii- largest storci? ia Fernio: * -"." ■ A     '' ' " s'"•-''■ * *•
x    .   -_     .,   7    ;i\^y:   Lainb^Vea^Fi-e-sh aiid-Smoked.FitK.'' •#-* '
> : Fresh Fish':q*onstan:tly
For Quick Returns
List yonTProi-orty with  ITllOS..' Batl',
Siicoessoi loT. J. J«!irlcor,nli 'TIIK OWI.'
J?roporfcy for Snln, to Itont oi Etcliiinso.
RontH rnlloutod,  Kmliloymcnt funiislied.
wsucww-jHWaa. -.
Great Northern Rv.
, P. 0; Latoe
Totit, Block, Fernio. n. C
All Canadian Pntent Moilicines sold at llieir marked price
from ihis date. No need to send away I'or your medicine
now.   Remember the place.
l-Yi-nk-, Ilii Oct, liKJ.'j. Noxt Duor to tho Tost Onicn.
i,*»»m«*>4i.»hiii.i.i|i<.«.i^.hwm*»'» ——■ ■oni***''■"■'I' (i«Un»M"
4* M
T uLvjtvaiiO   liiiuiotaLU i an
OOTOBinii,  O  TO  1(3,   1DOU
Wiini.prful I)ls|ilnyn nl I'.'iln'H 1'\iiiioiih l'yrotrclinl'H pro-
lii'ininii -1 ne )•' ill < 11'ort. Ariliur" in Kuinnn^ li'iruwiirks
I/ircor I'.xluliits In Every   Dnimrtnifint of the   Viilr
.Miii'h Ui'lny I.tio.i(lnrlntf tlio Wholo Wook, Eiylit Etit'-Ios
Tin'Kiiir-M, Show of Llvu atnijl-: over lu-ld In Wh*Illusion
U|j|(nlat(- Vjiudcvlllft IVosrrnm !•*»i-ry Aftcnuion nml Kvenlniy
Hfiiiitlnil Knilt I)Ih|.|ji,\h for IJ!v Ciisl: Prlzufi
Fivo m;;Mor*. Kx«itl<i*ir li»c"» D/iily
PjKi|»iiiu» Kennel Ciid/s M\\r Animnl TXi-qf Fhow
Indii'ii Village mul Iitdi;ui JJiicin/md DHiiccfi
Rdurei' Ps'es sir] Wvt&A Fv. urritvnr on All Pj-ilrntrlt
t.'ii «■*• -("!•-?» for SmIi>
■V  I.* mi l'l.'.ii mi' \.i*\ UOWB1.T. W. IM-I'.I., IVit-Iilfi.t
,,u I it,,;- I'i.m-mj, U'lll C It. Cf Willi >\'l., S/v niirl Mxr.
' <). 0, 0UMM1NGS
OUice : Molt, Son & Co., L.T.W. Hlocl.
I'-runiu—-»—llritisli Col urn hia
*Mfc~"~~"~*~'--"T*--*'i'*-Tiv •"-1 [•^'^VrTT'iiii tiiit*-mii~Mn m\mm* m imiii
e. w. mmQWQm
(l.iito iisbii,viii' Nulsoii Hinoltur)
Giihl. Silvor nr l.unil imoli SI .li'i
f!iilipnr *].,'.n      (lolil-Sllvni' M m
Ciiiu'«oii lor ol.hur mul ii In on uiipliYiiHon
l'.n,l)i'ii'vef JH.H J'linmi AII7T
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Mjrs. E. Todd
3VC0.1Fi3SIQ      3?X7ik.ISrO
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Fair, On sale Oct.'7 to 14th
inclusive." Return limit Oct.
16.    Round trip,,4$n,75. n  , -
Jnnios Sloan, Agont, I'Vrnlo.'
"   ^>'tf^^^'^'!e^ ''t'^:'': W^^''^0!C^^"'-  '-"''■
Pernio, Hi 0.
ToacCiQH* of tSia Wanno'
(Ijoiioliolliikoy Method)
•\ tlHirouph trnlnlnjrnBMirril t'uclrpiipli
1 1 1   ri.ninm—rrniii. — ii.*ii *..i.ii n**iiiiiiw.m.ii*i.itf**.i.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Rktaii.   Mmat   Merchants
Philip Carosolia
CholcPht cutfl of I'Vcsli Ak'JitH, til
wiiye on luuul.    ,,
IIhiiih, Uncon aiid-Liird im woll.
All kinds ol Fresh KihIi, In jonson
Prompt UoHvory.
Glvo nun 0.111.
TI'.I.  18.      '   ,    ,
General Morchant
In '
I       tSmWiUStW^lTtt^ j
Wo till-(i ftnmt prlilti In kioiilnir ji
41-, |J ,,.:uf,,||i(| utncli hT Tiiilot   Al'tll'liw,
Au.ytlilnj,' thoro U ji (loirouid fur, wi'
nro pluii*c(l looliliiin.
Poopld , Iih III  (  tO  COtlhilllil'    oiir
i.t,oi'uiiM lliMilijuiirtcm for PcrliniiijK
Pine Honpn, Mriihlio", (Iri-iunH nnd Lo
lliJUH, I'lllVlllMH And nil rftrth of •
EL E. Suddaby
A cujjiplutd ijtock
Of HclliXll Sll|'|iliurt
OII lliltlll,    I    I
A,, full  line of Caskets,, Coffins,. Shipping
Wreaths and Society Emblems*-on hand. ■
.Ofkick Phone41       Residknce 76'
"   ParUors-.EnT. ESaok EBSo©k  ,..,
a^jvt.^'Q^ wWi^' V?
lii the Territory \U 4
professes to cover., J
bVfcl\YWncRE ii%^y<j^/vv^v<^^i-»'-%;i-v%'i^■
IF YOU DON'T   ■■,.'■■
• A'-Blind Person
4>'!**.v$*-..}'<><--$- <$.<t»*4*>4*^ t&&A?4i>4ti&<S>Q'&+-<w4y4)>.w>&'b&1&4r4><&*>^
But even then you would know all about it, because ■
and even thc blind can find out     <   -  ' ■
is read and a ppi'uciait.d byhearly
cvetybody in tfje Crows Nest
Pas-s and it carries advertisers
into , ...
The Minds of the Masses,*
"  ' " '    1     1 '   "ilTnli^ 1(li
Im llie v-ifiNi 'imi 1ir**-l ,niM'l'1ir lnvriilinpijl
you (.'jiii put your money into, jirnJ
Pernie Annex"
proHcntN lho bust opportunity on (hu mail..'l to-diiy.
The pruhpu-u for l\njic, dlr-count iiny other interior Cily in the I'rov..
ince, nnd h will pity ymi.ui Investigiiiu,    Gut niuv wchi'dulu uf1 prices.
Cull on or wr'uo
A. H. CREH, Burn's Block
Sole A-trciil for "FKKNjK AN'NRX." FRKNIK, I). C, ,
t'Tf^ Otin'i P.iv Runt.    Buy it f.ol jhiJ Ou-n Vour (Iwn IIoiih*. 'I!JJ ' '■ A;" oi '^^f^cV^-K'^^3^~"'l^'A^^yp:^P^S
*) '■
[{   '
-i .-.*' -■.t-..;;-A"'f"-'.-:^-'S^^r^B^v,l   ,
'    "        '"V'-'i'=>■"-;-''-"vi^-jir' *■-*''*'     '
n, 1905 ■
f .'-.
..A Fred Stork,-Esq'-..
7   ,   .-!.''Y\"   .'Mayor of Pernie, B C.
y: Y~Y Dear Sir,y1 beg-1 to reply to^the
-.-n-qiu'sls preferred to me yegtenity
'A by vourself .and Al-lernvn Wallace
and Hcrchirier.'.reprijseritirior'the Mu-
-■   -'  riicipil C(U',cjr;.tiiat I should amend
niy'KiVs-'ii'stiori'of 1 he ."4r.(i 61 Jui.\" by
'BSjv' io.iiall 'hydrants at this
■.-.-    cc'-.npany'.B i*xpv'usw*'aj.d .that . this
'   .e>i..p)ii.y,i sh(*.uhl- provide jou with
':'- "f .v-o.t-.^Viiter"(or.yuu** Fire Hall' which
f-*I,midp,i;stniid;you'to limit, to two house'
\teps nnd two bath room tups,     -<■,
:- "*'■•- -I aiu impressed with the stat-eaie'rit-
,:~".of the committee to the effect that my
^.proposition of/July 4th' has 'met with
*.saiue:onixjsition.frpmi»me"or the! citi-'
- ::-*e'ens ot Senile.'" So far I have had no
„.   ; wis*er from the -Council to my com-
7i inuriication. .1 <bave eoi.8i.ltcd our
*': Land Comuiissioner^ind he tells' me
.tjibat since -nay absence dating from'
.    j'July 4th there har. been Borne oppo*
. isitlonon thepartof some of tlie citi-
'   vzens to the accepting of my surges-*
VftionB/   I begot j'ou therefore to re-
flievc'meQf whatjllhe.n proposed on
Aift»h"aU-ot*this company, if»you feel
th'atTtUhcan b9 done.     If'tor   any,
".   reason '.I cannot honorably retire from
'.;*i .-the position then taken, then please
.-"-' -let nie know .whether my proposition-
■:1s accepted*or rejected..
" 71" am .advised this is something for
,,, the.people, to pass upon. It the
.;; people will relieve me from my offer
:     I shall be obligedto them.
0 Xhe-question of the -installation of
:; itthe hydrants,  is   a - comparatively
. , A-trivial one.   I should .have thought
-;.  that it would have been -good busi-
'y.   ness for the Municipality  who alonV
7 '.can need-hydrants for fire, protection
';   purposes to-hfcye owned them, them
*' j -selves.   If that .be not tlie tietter yiew
.A I am quite willing to.install .hydrants
J-   up to the number of,twenty, as necd-
,;Aed, at this company's expense,, snb-
A'; ject to the- condition t&at^inasmuch
J': asthey.-areused'«xc3,u9i-ydy*sbyKt "he,
.^Municipality, the. duty , of, repairing
..Aaiid looking after them shall .be..theirs
A-    This term may  t»  added'-""to* my.
,- auggestion of July. 4th.
V'.-i-' I do not "wish to incorjx)i*ate tin. an
- A' *ttreemeut ot- this kind, so .trivial a as the supply of water to your
.-*. ^rehall but when ".vour Council < re-
•"-,. guested, on a previousocoasion free
.' 'I. *l«ctric liirlit.'tor the same in&titntion,.
}i granted their requested an.I;I aiu'
■'-A-fijaii' 'willing to meet your request; for
Y{ ire'e water, to' the "extent""asked for,
any one'desiring a copy can secure it
liy sending au order lo the author Ait
Kamloops B. Cr
.any 'i'gveeraont with" you or-not.:,,
- \ i"l *m. prepared to install"the" hyd-
'■-!■' rants now'-'but j',wiir-rP.6ti do so- uutil
f flucj) tiMe,asthl8.matterM»been.r^
A-'*olviid in contriict .one^.way ;or';the
pother, as should we reach no agree-'
.nient.Ido not propose to install hyd-
"..•""irants.     The"question then-f-'re  of-
* (-getting thi* matter settle' before,-tlu»-
/, jcolri weather sets ln, rests  with   the.
• people and tholr represcntatires and
'//J'again repeat you will be
; Kind «noa-rh to relieve mo from the'.
, -undertaking whloh I gave you on
'  July 4th If It oan be-done with honor
;, to all concoriii-di I shall.bov extreme
JLy ^-ratoful.
. ;: , Tours tculy'''.
- G. G. S Lindsey
General Manager
,   ,. .Book Rovlow
'   *   ,,,A very /interesting book is thnt en-
I iitXcA   tlie "History of the Noriliern,
;' Interior of British Cohiniibiii" iby the
,'Rev. A. G.  Morlcc 0.  M.  I.    The
;'   regiwn covered hy the author was once
. '".called "New Caledonia" nud extends
. from Fort Thompson, now Kamloops,
f on the south to the head waters ofthe
'*.. P,«uc*e River nnd Stewart   Lake on tho
,  ,'" «*brth.    The   period  through , whicli
,( Jlev.  Morico'H history  xtends Is ,em-
', -braced bet ween   the yeurs   1660  und
.'' itftSo.
.The author weaves his fads togeth-
;  cr In a most delightfully, fiiscinating
- manner, which relieves thc voluinn u
•>. the grievous fault so common to many
j .Million   who,   In tholr desire to be
'.■'merely accunite, noglcct the mustard
? which should go with the mental meat
-.with   which they desire   to'   till  the
- minds of their. readers.    Father Mor
'Ice's bonk Is as fawclnatlng as 11 work of
fiction and one is loth to . lay it down
" oiice one has taken n peep between Us
govern. Tho mimes of such patlifindcrs
''at MacKeiulp, Simpson, Douglas,
, Fraser nod Jobn Tod and uiany otlicrs
. whose experiences in lhe honrl of thi*
great province, during the advent of the
white innrt ure related, thould be made
fanilliur to every school boy and tjirl in
British Columbia.
We need m^re provincial pride, moro
of the knowledge ol whnt has been cn*
.-.durcd by thcM* early colony ■.uildcrii,
' thnt we, the present occupunts   und
- po-jnetsorsof the fruits of their labors
* mny more fully ronl'uo whnt we have
and how much  we  own to the,  trail
blaxors of civilization.
If   such   books it* Father Morli.e
- has produced could ho pl.ici'd in (he
hands of every school hoy mul f-jtrl in
'  the province   the   ijond resiilts could
- ririf lie (■slhniited and ire* Irnst If mnv
liiid lln way into nvery Hritisli Columbia home.
. The Hook which is now In lis second
edition it pulillklied hy William Uriggs
'. Toronto, cooUiiw ,140 puu;e<i, is well
bound miiJ Is illuslr.ncd with numer-
out ponruii* und mcencs   lukon from
VHlIoUt.  llik.UHt>   (if  ll)£,  Vrt*.ll    CUUllll-*
dcKiibed,    Tin*   prtfe' is $1.50 and
Didn't Understand iForeighars
A modest young lady, who desired tb
mnke a purchase at a drygoo J-* More,'
addressed the young man behind the
counter thus: It is my desire to obtain
a pair of -circular elastic appendages,
capable'of being contracted or expanded by means of oscillating, burnished
steel appliances that .sparkle like particles ofjjold leaf set with Alaska" diam
onds, and which are utilized for retaining iu proper"posilion the habiliments
of the lower extremities', which innate
delicacy forbids nie to mention. Afiix
scratching his head for a few injnutes,.
the bewildered clerk called the boss aiid'
said a young Slav lady wished to speak
to him.   "■-,.. *        '
Tho Flower of Innocence
An angel handed to a child a flower
and bade the girl guard it as3 her life,
for it was more precious than any
.riches* and tbe child -looked upon' it
with wonder and marveled iit -the
beauty of its petals. And she guarded
it carefully, day by day," and in a little
while, when-she bad grown into beautiful maidenhood, she stood at the gateway ol life and talked to, lier flower
which she loved and she told it of her
beautiful dreams;,and the flower grew
ever sweeter and fairer in' the knowledge that it was to' be carried up the
h..l of lile hnd into the gateway of
Peace by so pure a.maiden.   A ■*   ''    -.
And then'onc day the.Ghost of Ga'y-
etycame into the life of the maiden
and pleaded, with her to wander, into
the Grove.of Pleasure, to which she
heldlhe' key; and lhe girl -answered
that she found pleasure in the -path ,of
life * and needed not to go aside. into
tlie grove. -.   .
7 And the maiden had climbed high up
the hill and had hidden the flower, from
every ray. of^ the sun day
-the-re eaiiie to her a black-robed spectre
called Sorrow; and Sorrow stayed with
her and mocked her and refused to
leave her, buMvlien 'Sorrow -stretched
out-gfaspfing hands for the flower,- the
girl thrust her hands away, and, she
would not even give up the fltfwer to
be rid of Sorrovr. "
As she went -on she* met a gray:
spectre called Poverty, and Poverty
walked beside her and .would not leave
her, but t-Jie-'-uiaiden who -had ■ grown
into a wo"iian, drew her mantle around
her fair shoulders,' and sheltered her
"flo^T"fronrp6verly'rcme'rga2el "Aiul"
though the way'., had at' times been
burning hot and then again bitter cold;
the', flower w9s.fw.ifa[-and/fair' and-. hot
'a'peia.1 had lost its fragile beauty,'
*• And tlien one day, I lie re came to her
a spirit dressed in rose si nd gold and lhe
face borel.llie likeness of a.iriend.'and
she was glad ■ because' lhe way was
sometimes lonely, and stretched out
Jier-hands in welcome. And lhe spirit
that" bore ..the" likeness of a- friend
showered flowers and  pleasures in her
pathway once again, arid tlie spectre of
Sorrow and Poverty dropped, behind.
And thc woman opened her heart lo
her companion and she drew. from the
shelter, of her nianlle, tlie' flower ■ that
hud lived in such beauty, and the eyes
that were in' the .face llial bore the
likeness of a friend gloated upon the
loveliness o*f the flower, and they walked onward, side by sido, and after a
while she trusted .her flower into, the
hands ofthe onc'who wnlked with her,
and for many days , most
tenderly, but there came a day when
he broke from it a petal and the woman seized il with a cry of agony and
thrusting it into her bosom, walked on
alone  and left behind lier the one who
HalFs / ;
Diamond Hall's recent
remoyal to much larger
premises means increased
opportunities for serving the
Canadian public..
'■-,, East and West and
everywhere, the perfected
Mail* Order System of
the Dominion's largest
•Jewelry"store puts an end
to "barriers"ofdistance."
AiuctJ8J1:BrJ*i of iiithk
wm «v«v§ "wr*u«
:: '.You can order with
assured satisfaction from
its illustrated catalogue of
Diamonds,-Jewelry, |
Watches, Silver, Cut
Glass, Stationery,  etc.
134-138  YOWOE
had worn the likeness of a friend; and
he .laughed a scornful- laugh and 'be
tossed the faded petal.carelessly away.
And gray "haired 'Wisdom, who ' had.
been in the; shadows beside the way
picked up the petal and hiding it ir
her hand joined the woman and wall -
ed hand in hahd wilh her, while just-a
little in the distance the .Phantom nf
Regret hovered with threatening eyis.
.•.And the woman grew weary and her
eyes were full of sadness as.s-he looked
upon her flower, whose broken' beauty
made her heart bleed. And sometimes
she.faltered and stumbled on the way
and Wisdom helped her .halting footsteps. And in the distance up the hill,
of life, which had seemed so short,
stretched itself into a weary way, and
fie woman grieved because she cou d
hot heal her flower.
And one- day gaunt Despair came
•aid offered - her riches for the petals
that"were left,, 'but she waved liim
a vay; and another d.-iy,-flowering Ease'
came and offered her prosperity for lhe
broken ' beauty," and she. would no;
listen to him, and Wisdom smiled to
herself and pushed aside a few sharp
rocks Irom the woman's bleeding feet.
, And at .last, when she wasigray
and tired wilh * her long battle, she
c '.me lo the gateway of Peace, and at
was the nngeFwIio'liiid'-given her ' the
flower while she was only a child.' And
his face wa** stern when he looked upon it and saw ■ the- broken, -pelal; hut
when .Wisdom '.handed to him' the
bruised, part fche had carried in the
warmth of her hand,' and 'when she
told him that thc woman had refused
to give up the- other petals for any
pleasure and of the long and grievous
journey she had come, he, took the
fbwer and breathed fresh'life into it,
and opened to (he woman, the door of
peace.and she passed in trembling and
smiling.—Lenora Newman Dennison.
It appears from pres.-; dispatches,
0:0 ihe ruling of Magistrate Yarwood
in the impersonating, case arising oul.
ofthe Albernl.election has not prevented the continuance' of the case..and an
appeal has been taken to the higher
courts "* 4--" •
I have heen instructed by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company to  sell
the undeimentioned-goods  by'  Publii-'
Auction, pursuaiit*to tlie  provisions  o-'
the Railway , Act "i4-)fi3,   owing  to  tlu-
non-payment of tolls or freight chargey
agaiiT-t the said goods.
19 Carloads, best quality Mie.hrV
Coke, shipped by the Crow's
.   Nest Pass. Company,
containing in all
973900 Jbs.
.   The sale will be" held at the Canacli-
an Pacific Railway  Station, at  Green
wood, B. G.,'on'(!.e of.October 1905, at the hour of-11   o'clock  in
tlie forenoon.,
, Daled-thls 29th  day of   September.,
iW° , A
<  •* . RANnoi.pu Stuart      ;
'    '•' Auctioneer
a 1 .-.if. 1
if--' ■
&'S&U #%/■&■'
p you have lands or lots for sale, list them wilh us, if you  want   to  buy,
call on us. '
ou to insure, have us write the risk''
wilW»TIW<i   «At*«B-*» want to borrxv money,
On Sale Daily Till
L&C? *ta
A Margin
The bell-hop had carried a jingling
pitcher up loroom 49' and had emptied the clattering contents into the
white pitcher that belonged to the
•* Then the boy stood  expectantly,  remarking significantly:
Als that all, mister?
The roomer handed the boy a nickel
and the youth exclaimed as he looked
disgustedly nt the stingy tip.
Durned near all, wasn't,it misler.-—
Baltimore American.
AND   *
u Psycwnb " differs radically -from
the old fogey medicilies'." It is compounded on, new and advanced
methods of curing disease, otherwise
it would be just like scores of others,
without any .exceptional merits^
Rut "Psvciumc" virtues
of healing, that no other jttciT£ir*t.tit^n [n tlie world docs.
Tlicrc never has heen in the history of medicme, such
a truly remarkable remedy, for thc prompt and complete
cure of obstinate coughs and lung trouble. Thiire is
iioluiij^ i.u.0 jufci like it, ot uoiliiii'f C4J.0 uiic Siiiif
ii£ R0tX*' Tl-iousandi. ot men and women reauijy^ and
enthusiastically give testimony to prove the statement.
Linden, N. S,, Jiiiu* ;tli, loo.].
••I ennnot unonlc too lii'jlily for your «*x<*oUt*nt—f mny my Invnliui'.'I.-—rvni.'i.y
for weaknuss of throiit, lunn-i or declining t.iintiiUois, My brother, utolliur, uiul
slitor died of consumption, ntid I mijiiVKf I I *lu*ii*.t'l a Undonry In ihi-; dircdinn,
bui, Ihank (Jod.lliroiiirlnlictifo of MVCIllN'l'. I lo-d-.y enjoy good hcnlllt. I
NulTeri'd for Honiii two ycari. 1'ioin ,i(li<lri'«vhii;,* couuli nnd weiik tiiii)r*.
I iimkI PSVnf I.VK nn.l f)X(*JVL'r..S'F'>y. -. 1.! ii.-i-1 iil'f in.' rl-jl.f up. yty lu'ijji
nro now »troin* nud 1 enjoy bpleiulid limltli.   Your, duly, „
"ki.i.a >r. con:."
V%7.*W4H .
'    , SEATTLE
' . ..'   AH Rail via Somas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
Vancouver to
SeatttSe        . -J    .;
Via -Victoria -
Through.Sleeping Car
-.* Arrewhoad to Vanoouvcp
" Sunday W.irfnos-iay and Friday
For full   particulars,'   ticket's; - first-
class'or toiii-i.sta-'Hleepinj-f .car   reservations.   Apply to local agent. ■.
- ' - • Agent at Fernie*
J. S.Cavt4ir,D.P.A., - ','C .T.Coyle, A.G.P.A.
NeUon. Vftiicouvi,'!
If you Want to buy
or sell any 'mining
stock --*\yrite or wire
We deal in all  mining stocks and will. "
■ ,; be pleased ■ to. send
you quotations.
Whol(*.nnln Di-nlc-rH and niroct Tin porters
of Wlnod, Liquors and CijjarB.
District Agontfl for
" Pommnry ChutijpnRiifl
niul Sulilltss Boor
DW'tnbutoi'B of
Chnnibcrlaln nnd
I'hui'rtiili Clears
mEiR.i*Tiin   13. o.
I1AUK Vol ten tliat. (Vi tXnvf, aftor ilnin, I In
i- ti-Tirl In uplili* tn IllJ Honor tliu l,liMit«iunit
rinicrniii' In Conm.l1, iin.lui* tlm ''Hlvor nml
Ktri'imn, Ai'l" I'm iiiiriiiliialiMi to I'lonr liimlit.ii'n,
ld-f-l'iiiii. nml niiii.r (ilmlriiplliiiiii fmni tlit' IumI
nf WIIhoii <*iiiio'«, Kic.1 Kiiottiiinv II. Cl., from
It. iioint nf nnli*y iii'.> tlm I*i'( IXiwT tu iu
no nuMLiiil tn I'uiiftr*(it damn, lluimi*] nml
mn'oi riinh (itlmr Inir.ruvniiii.iiti. mu mny lm
liiii'iij*iut',viiirililviiii( Iiiuk iiikI iliiiiiiiin* I lin In-r
lJi.toil, Aiibiii.* lotli. l»:i,ri.
Fmiilu. IJ.O, JOIIS'ri.Cl'JIMINnrt
at all DnuaoioTtv—orJ-*: oollah—TntAL mzz
Tho Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,    -    170 King Stroot West, Toronto
rn.\KH NOTIf.I. that SOiliiyi titter 'Into  I In*
-*•   ICIllI III Itpil'V III 'llM II'MI-   t'llll'f   ("OTlKlll*.*
Htniiur uf l.iiii'li ** W.iikufiira .lvcl'il liiviicu
loenl. *nil ciiif.vHwiir Irmii iliu li.llnw.
hut .|i"«'-il.iM Imi.tii:
Oiiiimuiicinn nl a pii.l murlui't .1, (I. dim*
nilri/*,'I', Ij , « 1'iirmr. iilnniml iil.nut
lisl*.n..m   i.   *,>■'*   I,   *,i*..,«i*   i.,..   „,    i.„
niirlhwi'*i.('ii»ii(iriif \V. H. Wai-itMti'n tlmlmi
.''V*WI44.   U ,      ll't...|.        (,',.'.J4,     J... i-      ...lii.'.,,.,...
tho rn wailHiilmtnii.iliiiiiii.' nnilliR'i I'liulm,
iIh-uch 4j,i«(.MoIiiiIim, tiienca iiuu'.Ii M oliuln»
tit imiiit iif riiitiiiii>i>.'«mi'iit.
iuittil Iliu Ijili ilay nl -*vj ft-irilitr. I*i'i
ri*. \KKNOTIfiRilmt.-villas ariiir 'lain 1 In-
I. (Mul 10 rn rilv'i" 1*.i* ll'ili   t'ttlnl  Ci.tntitl*-
nl'lll.'f II. 1. III'.-, h   i'i (,,►.* Kir ll »..II   llll   IMIIlild
t.i rut «inl I'Mrry aw.ty tiialH>r from tlt« (i>ll»w-
llm ilci<'rl'iiil Inu'U;
(-iiiiiUHiuiiiiidit a p'»t ninrViiil .1. ti, ("inn-
mint*. T- I... liiir'tivii.f r^riUT. I*lim
uliniit 4')(iinliiiiMiuili uf tlie n.jflliti'i.t  fiuiidi
ill II I'llllimll.K.,' (liilit-r HillilICO (III U'lla- II
i-.*>il(. Kiut Kiiiite'i'iV Hli'iii (i i.iiii(l, hlnliwIliD
iIici.i-ii i'a*i l*1) I'liMii'i., tli4..ii:n i.uftli I'i elm tn..
fni,hi, Wi-I m i-nf I if. tl'Hiii*i> llnttll 4'llllillii«,
li hiii i-4V,..( J'l rlniii. in (Milnf nf riiiiriiniKw
iiii* it,
iMll'l tliU I'lili iUvi,*'M4-jitMiilii.r, l'1-.V
call at our. efiico.
Wo have for sale 1(50 acres of 1'ml sitintorl oii>ht luiies from Pcachland nmrsi-vou miWs from
Kolnwnu oii the we*t el-Jo of the Okaiio.^i.u Lake. TMrty lice u. i-ph7,[ uuj li-.rcl-is hot min li,:it(,
15acres of level h«iich und 50 ,v.*res of "-o.slly slophisr land The rc.inaitidcr i.s jrou.l -.aWm* 1 Yl
,Fivi* acres oCthh bottom Uml Hu-idcrcnllivaiioii. Oullivated lin.-ds ht iho Peiffi.hoi'liood of'
land, .-iretiarnin:.''fin ii;*-liule fortunes for their owners. Some fruit jirowcm in "tiui section have
sold their crops on the trees at from 5200 lo 800 per Wint.ipiv ilea'ers t!ii- yi ,u-: llun>. i's a
o.1ia.!U'.e to seci'ire n fruit and vcajolahla tar hi «r reas'iniihlo pricw and upon -.erjiis Miat .*ii.iuld
suit the purchaser.   Call onus for prices, terms elc " -
'Mott, Bern &
t. w. - - *
4'K *    • " " V "* li
spSP*^ ^^^^c>sj yx—j>*\ y*Yyy?* '*>
i js<—3*^ i^CyyxU SKuATiafi ia£7^£i- saZ-.jM -'.. **4
'  K
is a journal that tells the troth,
If you want it for a year, send a $ to: ,j^
R.T.,LQWERY,Neison,B, C
VmV*%aaxasM**^mmnt*mir7mT*M a
Anm..*Hy,-to till tli« in -.v piiitinr.-i umiitii'
nv Il.-'iiiniMl ii'.'l 'ri.'ar.-iiDli ftiiniiiiilwli Wi
ivimt Vi-Ut-Q MEN 'i'"t  LADIES' of «no
litt'jtts, vo
Wdtui-nirili 75i)">r cunt- of tho Oi'oi-ntiii-i.
ami Stutrtjji AkuiiH in Amurlo* (Jur .*!•<
koUuuI:.ivro tltn Jnrtruit ij.:i'1iihI\o roloircipii
Hoho'iN |M THE WORLp,, K-Uiilljlicil tt-
voiiri'ii;ii(oiii!o)w;il)i.y ull loiidiiiv Jt,.l.wii,i
VVooxoo.nto a .''.Til RiiiiiI lo (ivory HtuMonf
1.0 llllll 0-    lllir    ll Llll    piV.Vlllr-'
frum !4«tn iliu ni'Mi'li in ■4tuf»:iI'lint. ul thi'
lluok,'M4.iiiiti'ii**i. nr  fmni  '"Hi t" 'lo"! i.
imiiii'ii h. S'-nlci vi'st nf Mm   H'-cMo.*, IM-j
Hhl'loiit-. i;inl niil'T i.t liny tiiiiu.   No vii-|
I'litluilH.   I''(ir Mill iKU'lli'iiliir., inv.ii'llnif ii»>
of oi-.rSi'liool-. -A-rlt.i itiri'il* l.i mn- nxcmitm
■ollU-fl ul Wiinliniiitl, (I    riHiiluBH-' lifid,
Clncinnitl, Ohio. v       .'    Buffalo, N. Y.
Mhnti Cn. UCros.Oi V/h,
Trixarka-ia, fcx, San Fianclsco. Cil.
Subject To
We will buj
loon uliares Koi-lty Miuinlnin Oil
aonn,irv's Iiituru.itiniiiil Conl.
lOOOKlnires'r, Ciuihoo,
Wo oficr, subject lo sale.
m,ooo shun'*! Wi'Mern Oil.
50110 rilinres lliilV.i'o I.iiUu Mining.
(l)tifl'iilo Hump, U.ilui.)
Iii:'iIit.iicu nnd Stoi-U r.iokoiA
I'ernie 11. C.
^■laMi^aMi^^^^^M^I^Ma^MM^^WMBtW**^^***^-*!-^ !■ *\rjf
hrrovi Lr.kcF  •  -  ■ to, C.
tit' Tint muni, imrlucllv mji|i<iIhIwiI Hiuiltli
mul I'lPimnrii Itimitfi In llm Wi-.t, Willi 11 mnn-
4,|,.i,4.\»i( Jl-4lh«-(i.. ti'.-liii-*'.!*''-'1 un i
|-VU,*MI.,1,      -4>.A 4.   44%.   I..,. .    " "■
llr-Llu'ltH" III iln WH(«r« HII-'l I'll  I t'-l'
\t.ii nil KliniiniHilK, Ni<rv«i.*. mikI Munulnr
Tfoul'ii*: inrli'i'-illiii: .i.t hi Ini v. I.n«i «i,'l
S'-ritHfti Allliici'*-! (nr Kil'Llnatli'if *X\ Mi't-
niiii* I'oliniu from Oif bii-miii.
TluiKriiriilmtr of tint ».iiinrv I* ui.ilinlti'l.
MdiiHliiilin. uliuw ! inli*i.l>"i.*»-. ("'.ii-. wi.lir.*
Uli». Imullnir.yiU' lUl.iiii.'xI.i.'iiiii','. in-
nn .Imi!.toni.U.
It* ..luUmMiii il.' I, un ,iii*,i.i   ' t f„t a I'I
Vfi-r-ri. I"f
Xotlro or -TriHiHf.'r or  I.I-pchc-p
JVJQTIi-'1'.Ut.*i'.t-r lilvtiiii'M -V -Uy* 'fi<r
.,„■.„. ,.,r„.i„   „....   ...r   ...   ,...,.-...   ...   ...-,*•'    <ll»t»UflUH<l|«»ir'"-»    !'>,*>'*    XXffM   «'•
Klk IliiiiWt niul Uwi.ulnr.liiiir* (-<iwi|«ny. i l.ii**i.«« t'ouiml*.! ui»t. ►vriim l.i«.«'->'-i' »••"-
j.i.nlOW. t'>*nc'lh«p*nut ol l»i*l"..Hilr«B> ill * X- r * tn.rin.__-i «' 11 •■ tut in * mr tJ.r
tit'•Timf.lltl.tiinli-rt'.iif.pBtir, I.Imlt<*>l." | II..I.I, Klkii.tnTlwriu. V  «*tt
,V-'1'Ii'KI>lii.(*'j'i''vrii, tlmt »lii*.»* in-riHi*
im i.llt>r il*,'.-, *i |-liu.ii«|. 4>|II I., mmlr lo
tlirl.lrulpiiiifil (liH.'I'i.r tli (illirll, l,v 7>i** (
»Jv*l, U.1
!t'«>*R' Aii«imi*,
■^liuJttn. Jur lho UiA<r«n>'
itult-k (hitm WMl iU)l ul »*»,.4. iuU.i. I.*"-
Il, 4CNM*>:l
Xtf.t] *. rirr
had 1
___    ««jwa a
a Slf^ii-.u
"  -    ' iv
1 •**, * fc*k ^44 m ******** n
YOU KNOW 0;•;?,■ ., jfi-i.lo WHEN YO'J
\ m*.'4Um***mn**»lM*h.,
- r*"iiiarf ■ni.a» *
.      LEI' US iicAK FiiOM YO'J.
The -Fa^Kb LosSnur-
^mzvyil®. p;*u i^;B
W.V.   *m*4m*-'*%U<r%imm,ti UKtt% Wft.*m.*mt%  1fS4«.
*rb*»WMk«.t«jr^Wh tstv*******
KJ-H (4 V'J> ft P''^ 7P* *''M
f,'-.j F& :;p*- /jA iCr.3 p* ;••;•*.
MCI *9t9wO*S*ttrmmm*y m%*m*t*t*MX  m*\
Pka^unt i-lomo
imW a"l Vj/j.^lrrv
iicinmz rosei'V
cd by Vi'ti'o.
wssiraipj, -Risp-^arop
n—wm n-murn -ANtf-i-V^V^e'1,^1**   -
' T^A-vA*
■"?■*-; ■*■'.
' i  ",-       s
«■ ;rA\^^9m^^4^^ 'Yy 1^0EiWW^$M$-'•" '^^^^^^^^^SW^^^^^i^^^^^M
'7tf{jyEKlS.£ UE&&ER, 'FERNil'. Bi C.-,\GCT&BE#rr.;.'i9!QS,
T^i0 Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital
Head Ofticft * TORONTO
$8,700,000 Rest.-- 5.3,500.000
'-'   Special attention is directeJ to lhe followm".-*; '• Advantages offered  b
Onr Savings Bank,'
^Deposits .of $i and upwards received, and'Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added lo the Deposit TWICE in e-.w.h year, at the end of May and
-November.    The Depositor is subject,to no,delay S-hiiieyer in the withdrawal
• ^of the whole or any portion of lhe deposit.
OR 4 FT\    Pa3'ab,e in a11 P^-3 of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
m   '}.*?.■    ■ V    GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROl'E   Bought   and   Sold
at Lowest Rates. ■
T. B. MAY, Manager
Frank G«ssler, of Coleman, Is all thp
Dan Olton, of Coul Creek, was at tho
p^iitia] Su-jtiaj.','
■Thai sliced boiled ham at Blundell's
f- delicious.
.». P. Myers, of Cranhrook, register-
cd jit the- CVntrnl .'■"■■'iid-iy.
.1 Di'dM-er, fro,i*ri Cranhrook, s'oppcd
.nt theCeutral on'Siinday.
Go to Wright tbe + jeweller, for lhat
wiiicjj you've, been promising your*,e!f.
iVic'es are greatly reduced.
G. U. Fiigjui spent Sunday at the
Lit iisinj'fccymi a fancy vst fj-oi;i
piionf t!o*e ciifiee new p-iMpriip. Coin''
411 mul sou theiii. ^. (Juiiiilcliuel, till"
A II. Hilars, oj Kiko, registered at tho.
Ccutial on tfiinany. - *
■ C!enrgc.JIi|.li'tte, of Mor'-i<.f.p,y, was a
pie.-t iit-irhe/!Uuiiti'Hl Monday. '
-Vou know ynu have to get that rinu;.
-Why not buy it now when bart^ains are
.going ai Wright's the jeweller.
P.. E Piiiihokeii. of Wiuidpe^, is a
,^-iie-it at,tha Napanee.   .
Garnii-h.T.t'l,   th<» tailm-, li.-m jnpf, re
cciveri   the <iobhit'«t  stock  of  i wceds
'fir   FiA}   suits   and   overcoats evoi
,   .hrnusr^fiiito Fctnie.
-".Ir a;id Mrs Chirles Wilson, nf
Calgary, aro stopping at the Napanee.
The coal output for week ending Friday the 6th, was as follows:—
Ci>al Creek, ,8869 tons
Michel ,C>2o6
Carbonado, ', 1936 ,
Total 17011
P.arr.ey Farmer, of Michel,- wrs re
o finlerod at the Napanee iast Fiiday.
-. W. S Hardin"-, machinist, agent for
ji'fverel Typwritors, Cn->h HmisferH.
- (-..tfp.B etc., 19 in town. ' His price-- are
oxtrcmoly moderate. - Mr. Hard ins- re
imi.b and adjusts ail k nrl*of machinps-
and P!\U<-fa('ti''in   is   gunrantced.    Iln
 may be found  Bt tlin^g-po-Rr g.*wino-
. "Jr. c in" Store or a note may be left at
Post Ollice. . ,
ihings'imjch worse iban, ° they
succeeded in suppressing the cause of
all llie trouble and lhe,skunk liow lies
beneath the din jusl over lhe bank on
the opposite side of River Bank Av.e.'
, Mr. S. BF. STEIN
, Tlie. representative of tbe Art Bell
Piano ie in town., Its the piano that
lias been adoped by the best musical
institutions in Canada-
Tiie ittoulton LudieH' College of
Toronto are ndng Art Boll Pianos
exclusively    Tho  Hamilton  Con-
servatory have also adopted the Art
Bell and The Toronto Congerya.-..
tory havo-.jjurch'ased BellB recently
and Mr.Small at the request .ofjthe
musical director of the Grand' Opera
House has installed Art Boll Pianos on
its e-uitem circuit on account of its
staying in tune ami the patent quick
repenting   it is~tl.o piano that
delights thu musician.
Mr. Ryair's Morito and S dable wcrp'
among the winners, at Spokane on
Monday. '  '
Every man owes it' to Jiimuelf and
his family to master a trade -or profession. • Read the display ndvcri lament of thesis Morse. Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue and learn tele-
grpahy and be assured a- position.   „ •
Rev. Ayk.-oyd Stoney, iucumliciit nf
St. Paul's church at.MLhel has resigned
his charge and left to day over the G
N". for Topeka, Kiuit-ac. wlie.i-c he expects to l-j-niain permanently. Rev.
Stoney has been a worker in tho Pass
towns for three years,
The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
<U*p or two from the C. P. R. depot,
•md convenient to business houses0 in
'.he citv.
J Johnson. 'W. Dorriet, Geo. Scott,
Win. Wilson, Koith MoFarlane,   Win.*
'Graiiain.   Samuel   Thompson,    David j months to gel it here and set up
tto..L.rl-«.ii, Jactc O'N.-il. James Aiken, ! ;s lhe rfeatesl tlc|ay.
Thos. Smith, .loscph  StcphoiiFon and '
Peter Kennedy, of tho Coleman football
t"iiin stopped at the Central hotel on ,
S.uurduv.'' '•       .     isl'atl '»nd   did   considerable   damage.
■ Tlie mouth of thc tunnel is in -very loose
,   Brand after brand of "senb" cigars! gI.ound aild lhfs Cilvea in<   '.    -
come, and go, hut Georges Union; As near as can be asccrtain(,d the
mule smokes stand the t.c»t. His fire slarted !fl;oul , 0,c,ock und hs ori;
brands Crow's Nest Special and Min- R;n is u mysK,ry. Auervthing seemed
.ersiFjiv^.U-ai-e increasing- all righl when the meil eaine o[T- ,m
in demand and u is but justly so, for at ,-our 0'ci0ck." *
they're good smokers ai d union men
believe in patronizing union-made
There have been threatening  rumors
Another Firo
The St. Iiugene,had another, disastrous lire Ibis week.-' The shaft house
{and blacksmith shop al lhe Lake*Shore
workings were burned to lhe ground
eaily Friday morning and 'the hoisi
and oilier machinery in lhe building
is a total loss. The direct loss to lho
company will be nearly $20,000, which
is covered by $So.oo insurance. The
worst feature, however, .is the length
of lime it will lake to gel the builJing
rebuilt and lo gel thc machinery installed. The hoist will have to be
made to order in the east, and '-will
probably take between three and  four
The fire "caught  on  the   timbering
both in lhe main   tunnel   and   in   {lie
placed on sale d:dly till Qct. 31st at
Winnipeg, St. Paul aud aii points east
of these terminal points, low rale, oneway colonist excursion Tickets to all
Kootenay and North Pacific ,Coa.-,t
points. / Send for yourfriends while the
low rates arc in eifect. Full particulars
rom J. S'. Caiter, D. P. A.-  Nelson.-
■Mr. G. G. S. Lindsey returned; home
yesterday.   " .. •-        -  -,
Fred and W. ]{. Cochrane, of Spokane, were at the Napanee Saturday.
W. H. Qoulton, of Wanatchee, Wash'
stopped at the Napanee Saturduy.    * >
'.Thos.. Morgan, of Cranbrook, was'at
the King Edward last Friday.
Joseph Tliquipeon, of Sparwood, wan
m town, stopping at the King Edward
J. D. McNfally, agent for tl
hiseh Piano Co; waa at
ttdwaid Saturdav.-'     7
tho Mason &'
tho  King
S H. -Pearson of the Pearson-Jewell
.contracting.-^rin,-* was a^i tlio- Einj;'
-Edward Monday,, ■' •-''       '   --
jQhn, Thompson, of Vancover, cegis.
tcredaUlie.King Edward Monday. '
Kootenay Rifijis,"NTo 1 Compnnv   -  •'     •'  '
-     Cay. Jas MoEvov-commaiidiiif","'
The cnrnpniiy-wiil inirrtdu ill Sloi-k's Hall
on - Tliursiiay . ovonlns Oct 'litli nt s i>. m
1'livin clotliei. Baj-onet jixunisoaudiihysioal
drill. ' .,-       l** .    .; .
-     -."By Order        ,  - • ,-
-    *'   G. ll.-'Uoultrn.    •
.,.    ■ 0      Lieut, uud Aot.Adjt
of ii very bad smell being likely to offend
lhe nostrils of the delicaiejy refined
inhabitants, of that -part of- Pcrnk-
known as "quality hill". - These vile
rumors blossomed into actuality this
morning and .* Uie 'smell was awful.
The^Mayo^of our city and one of. hi-;
near neitrhbors-were eng.iged in a 'de's
perate effort to suppress this vile.smell-
'inij;filing   foiJ   liivilly ' after   making
' The fire, .coming as it does just on
lhe eve of winter, is a bad blow to both
the mining company and the town.
The mill will be shut down for the time
oeiug and no ore.will be shipped for
some time. However, a good force of
men will be kept on the-payroll rebuilding and pushing development
work in the mine.
Low Settlors' Kates, to Kooteimy
 js.iurM-iiuiiiu \jO";isi;—	
The Canadian Pacific Railway  have-
Kootenay Riflos,No "Compnny. - ■"*."..    ,;
,   ,-Alfred Stork, Oommainlnij*""
Tlie company will parado at Stork's Hall ou
Thursday evening, Oct. li'th at 8 p. ra.   Plain
clothea.  Bayonet excri-isu and physical drill.
. - •      ■*.    Ly Order   ■    ,
-. *', - W.S Ui-ay-    . -  -
Oct. 01005- *. .--       *■   - Lieut." and Act Adjt.
:       In our Show Rooms on Second Floor of our New
Store. • "   . . *      A ■','.''.      *,■'','
The Largest, Newest and Cheapest Stock1 of Mill-
- inery to select from, ever shown in!Fernie. •   A
"A The Newest Creations  of New Yorkc-arfd  Paris
," Styles, produced'here at very little cost.  "   '','..
We have also opened up and ready for .-selling* on
Second Floor of New'Store-'   ' '".   ,'',''■'
A New Stock of Furniture     ..J:
I A New Stock of-Carpets,
Linoleums'and y]
;    House Furnishings
■• ■■    % .  ,,        - -1   • .       c^      ^
which 'we pleased ,tq show,yo!u whether you
-are in need pf the goods*or not.       n   '^ *?;
}■    See Our .Window ^Exhibit.:   r.[      ,j ,;_
Peas 10c.  Beajis 10c.  Corn 2 jfpr'^i/S
Jojinatoes 15c* Cash pnlj,;     ; A
' -..,"Y\'A«* •-"-"    Prompt. Delivery  ; '.■> '"■'-.*. . ^Y.y;
iigS BlUBldlil
The PeopJe|s Grocer, * P.O./Block, JFeirnig
' UODER**r   RP3S
JT.. .H, YOLI ATT,:: Proprietor,
Tl|e Trites- W.0qd,€o,, Et;d;
\ Wholesale and Retail.
ih@ Visry Latest Cloth and Styles
Just- OptihedV;* -^ ■.•'-■.:"-;i
Une. Cf 'Nock wear ^
'    Spolcand RjiceS    A_'■".
* JniTiPsRyaii, Al Doyl'o, Dr, "Bell,
V: !A. Bollii.s.'A. J*! Martin and'Frerl
Smnll stQpppd over nt tlio Fernie
Monday morniner-"on/t.lielr'.^iy to
Spoknne. * Ch.irlrs MdNnV'and'^S.
Taylor, - followed. tliem ;.".ycsterday
morniriff..- -,. .   - -'-A-'."'.   ...
Mr. Ryan has hj3,cclebrateti strinpr
of flyers nt the SpokaiKV-tnick'" under
thn maniijrpinniit: of'.- fl-eorge' Went-
wo'rth so well known 'nil., over , this
conntry   "S' ono of'" {lie' vrry,. bes';-
trairiers in Aijicrioa..  Mr/ Ryan .has
ia hi3stabIcf.Red Cross Nun, Dora J,
Ishalana, Shellnioan^MocbritoI*Sal: ;
able anu Ishtrir. ''Most'-of^these ,'artj • :
of th'e'Warcus Daly stock of r'acet-s'. -   .' '
' Lovers of .horse rnciri" are looking ',
for a great race on Thursday at Spo- -c
kaiio onthe occas-ion of the   run"" tot-
tho$r."00p Derby purse; 'SirTRy'sny '
'Salable" l3jike^y,to^bo*ohe'J6f;^the
contestants lor this pnze, and .thero  -
will be'rcjoiciuj-*; in Cranbrook iChe.
wins the race. *>  -..   •'•'-'
Dry Good3, Boots and Shoos, Gent's Furnishings, Clothing, Crockery, Stap.c. and Fancy Groceries,
JTJSi'SilSrCEl, IB. o.
»*iY».,.*v;!**i-'.i».*vv**.*.-»'*»wf-;v^t» .'.Rn.'*V *i.i».i».j
GRNT' P. i < U R K ISHI i\.G S
k **-»* •******}**
«*■* »r,.
W. G. & R.
Regatta and NoKloyoe
• m**m%m*mm% t tt *r%*
I'ndervvcar for Men
il    -ft* wmiiiii-ii i— iff \*»mmi*m***mmsm*ssns^ssmsmmmX*s^^
'riH! r'J'J wciitl.i-r ':•* v-i'i-'lh' v.j'j-v ''.\th\' ,- "mki ymi ■>v,.li rtijiiire Vwiv^or
'   iiiKli-rploili'iitr.   Onr'vulnc" n'recxtiwirdlii.M'y jjootl, nu i-jtiiR In prim.
liYin tV)cents |>or irnrmi'iit to $',l'2o.
Wo ..Avctw'ic'''cl*8 of CloMiIncr,
In  the   J-Ii'-ADILW    nnd   W3VKHKKJN
,      ,      . .       ,ii
i't.*(lii'i»      lmIVrfi,i4'.i-. 'mi. r.i.A-1., ^>, ,wi i .»'.«■ "• ■• i...v.^.4 v* H4,v. -..»;. ...v't1. i. k'- '•' *
Tills U voiirnpiiori n.i It v to i»it\ new n,i»(t.:ii» liuitil litilottil j.i.rinclil*--, >A
Uieii* tlmt will iivr-muii 2."),', tx.liw HguriH.
Olothiiiu (<ir H ty* ai.d Mi'ii. Ovorconu ^r It>yf» nml Mi*».
tfiv",fA*&ifm*lmW" raNFi" wm ^n onr Grocery dc-
yy&tSEi^t^BraiailGilte pariment qimllfy
i.s ever our watchword. Wc slock no no but thc highest
quality jyoods, and sell at the lowest possible price, these
are reasons why it will pay you to let us cater to your grocery
wants, we solicit your business, a trial will convince you that
we can *s.crvc you well, and save you money. We quote a
few of our prices, all are uniformly low and money savers.
Tnblo Syrii|>. ft Ih Tliu*        lifiu oncli Stiu'ch, Ijinndry,         "   8 pkiB 2fto
do     ilu   10    do          oOc do Stai-oli, Corn,                   8 pIctR 'J5o
<!<»     flo   -i.    do       $lU)do Roup, I to vn I Crown            flbiirBaita
Crenni, Ht. OIhii'Icb mul do Cuinl'ort, ciiHtwin prlco, « burn ion
• Hiiiiill, li tinu,      $100 do Iiiipnitdl C'nstlln,      !> (jiil<(i8l..'io
Ciomii, St.. Cliiirli'niiiid do IVrliinii'd (.'nutiln    12 ciiUvi* 2Bo
Ji i-t-cy. liir^c. 2 ill id,          trie Onld Dust Wjibliinir I'uwduC
l).msi!it.Kll,v I'uwiluio,      .1 pku 2iiu 3 Ih Cartoons                    L'ftc
TRji Ifik -!%v       Our values in  this section cannot
kikva w<zviii!a    equalled,we carry all the leading pa
el Tens in stock as  well as a full ran^e of hitfh grade hulk
Teas.    I;or extra value wc recommend—
15,co  Rrmiri
<10c lb pkt
?iBwS" fS^»« Ka ©Ei       VVc  arc   headquarters for
^^Pg" IT [LbW^^o    value in
Coffees, our three
brands being put up specially for ourselves.
20c por ii). Strong and line flavor
■HOC per Ib. Strong and fine, rich flavor
4()C pd' 11). Mocha and Java, the best we can buy
Conl Ci^olr HolSvory:-- Tiiosr!ny, Tlmrsday nm\ Siiturday Afternoons
Our Dry-goods section is filled to
overflowing with the newest season's goods. .
Bwms ©o@t3sH ^.STcS^^
materials and trimmings. 131ack being the predominating
color for the fall and winter .season, we invite you to call nnd
inspect our large range of Black Goods in—
OSOSBSQSa     The newest creation In
Kilfc Cvepo Doclilno^ Pen do Ro!cfl.
Taffetas, China Silks," Black Morvelos. I
Wo lmve nl-*> * wry l,f*utlful >/*n£0 In hcitvlormntoriiils forlnlt «ndwinterwc*r
jfjtpst—mx yp"'^^'*^^
—      >ml *, m, mt m. mm f^ *mm m      ttl*lt.tJl».l_j4   V,\-C    WiUd.V^      bl.liUI-V.    CttCClS.
PEWNY'S celebrated Gloves in all
colors, every pair guaranteed.


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