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The Fernie Ledger 1905-10-18

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. <>*-*—■
">)*..'" ir-*1   *', *■
.,-  J*-
*--. f
> i
. Volume..I,' Numper i'i.'
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance.
Local Happenings in-.and.
About the Citv
Interesting  Items   About   Hany
i People   ,Vou,Know.  .-    -
'•   A. E/Groon, of Vancouver ia ■ in. ihe
'*,.'. -' I..
citv, •. ". , •        ..-,,.,
ll. .Simpson of Winnipeg was in town
yesterday. ','.',,       ,-•■'-
"■' J. W.'Glcasou of Ottawa was in town
- yesterday.   ,"_-"-•_      A,   «-
Mrs - Alma 'Humes and son are nt
the Imperial., -, ■ ,    „ 7" .
. •' W. II. Fleet, of Calgary was on our
"streets Monday;-'•■'■ *.
' H. N. Scorett, of Calgary was in  the
city.last week. -•    '.
E B.'Cole; of .Stratford was in the
-* city pn .Monday. k      ' ',.    .
. ,. ■-■  »     *-■'J
■'-'•■F'i'.l:. Wilsiiii," Blairmore, was at the
Waldorf Friday. '"     ■
■  «' '   ' * *        *   '     *        A f ,
Georgo Bell, of Kndcrby, was ou oiir
strect-i, Saturday.
Constable Dow; of-Wardner was iu
the city Monday - •   ..    '     " «,- .
Mr. and Mrs.'A-Joy.e entertained a
few of their young friends at euchre on
' l-'rfdny evening last. '    «
11.11   Rii'liiiid-iori, Morrise'ey' Mines,
* - was iu to.vn Saturday.
R Howard of Calgary-stopped'at,the
King Edward Monday. .
Constable/Fred' Lorcli of .Morrissey
was in town on'Mon'day. "...
Mi'ssE. R. 8t*odcr, of Revelst^ke is
a guest at the Imperial.
. Mrs"-; Keay entevlalnud friends at an
afternoon tea last Friday.    , ._
- J; A. Nash of'Modesto,' Cal.,„ was  at
the Waldorf last Saturday.    ,„.
■■   A. XV. Clark, of Kansas. City,  Mo;,-
.was in the city last Monday'.'; '■ ^
- ".lohn Li'iiehnra, president of the Rocky
- Mountain    Development , Co.,  passed
"'through,Ferule lastAriiir-sda'y ,on his
'■wav to Spokane.'    ';   ..       .> ;,.* . -
'" Conductor Hit)b'aid is back again on
tliV.Fe.rniellexford run on the .Great
.Nortiieriraiid.Miiiductor Robertoon has
=-   gone to the iii:iiii line.   A     " '    A 7
' "' MW-'A .p.--Clif!iinette.of Marysville
was iu tow'n'jijJ;aiii'..last..l',iid<,iy.    .Mr'.
*^(»liOh\Hi.e-i3-»ilwiiyK-iii*^-ooil— liiiiHor-aiii"
•:lad'r'or:ioii't"'(>!d'fi-ieiriis:-"■/■       7__   ,
A.'Cai'aA-eYta* ha's'thi-; wall.-;i of-lils.iiew-
lwo.*slpr,v brick ht'oio jiYid'_tijyotliiig''iii
" block 2l, ready 'or'thfc'.io.if aiid hopes to
beat home, in itiu'a lew wool-is time. -.
. y TijoJiiuior Guild, com posed of the
yciiiig ladies of Christ),1 Church ■ have
taken up ihui'r no-k for tbo winter and
propoEC to #iva u .series of 'fori nightly,
.-socials.     ■   •
All the Fernie' vi-dtorsto thiVSpokaiie
fniriare back again and ropoit' a good
timo in the hob of the Inland Empire
-, Tho fi-iilt'aiid.stock displays were line
and tho races wero exciting.    ">
•Wm. Colpmnn of Cowley .was in  tho
city'Inst Saturday.    'Mr.  Colpiuan , in
'  engaged in'tho general "merel'iiuidiHO
, business at Cowley aiid ruportJjhusliio-B
good;   Ho left on the local I'or'Cnui;
brook tn join hi-i family.
Tiio tti'.ssl/iwl Star cornea to u«brUh,t
nii'l uow-ty fl. Altlclnfl, Its editor, Is it
iiian of oxpeiionco in tho 1iiiu\iics-i and
i,-; Htlll coinit'i'.tcd with thi) Nan'aiiiio
Ilouild Wu wloli the Star a long ji ml
successful life ut Rossland.   •* _
AJ T Claxton came lu from Alberta
' on .Saturday and loft en a trip through
Went  itooKjimy nnd   tho   Boundary
country.   JIowlllnlBO-vlt.lt thu (Joiiht
•   ell lux  nnd  eat   Thaiikfii'lving turkey
willi IiIh Hlstor in Now Westminster ho
,   uforercturnfiiu to Toronto.
Wnlt.-r Harwood missed his way to
Futi'diiy school lust Sunday and found
hitnHcir nt Andy Good's hotel nt tlie
mtinmil. JJi'foru finding hiriH'<lf buck
In I'V.'nle, ovor 00 Huh caiitrl \ ed to gut
out of Summit* I.n.*o Into l>I« bag, ami
his Fiiriiln frlundfl liavo buon liappy,
, i *-, .
Constable Mai't'lii wna In town Friday
Ho "brnuiriit Tlion. MeKo.o down nnd
|iljic(»l him In the Jail hero to await hit-
trial nt tlio noxt Hitting of the county
court. Hiildy wasn't riding tho "Sway
liiickod ImrHo" this tlmo but carried n
knife up hiRHlimvo nml n ciirtnlu iiowh-
pacor map wiin obHiirvnd lo tru.it Mr.
•> -Mori'iri with grout roHpuct nud (.'OiiHldorii
XV,. O'Ronrko of Moyie was-at the
Central on Monday.    ''-. _A-
-.Geo. Robinson of Gardner, \Yas."at
the-C-ehtral last week.
■_, Mrs. A .Berridge, of Coal Creek, .will
receive on Thursday, Oet, 26th.
'■ D. -J*T -".Mclntyre, of   Nanton, Alta ,
passed through iowd laet Sunday.
rR."A   Merithan, of  Woodstock, N
B- was a King Edward guest Monday.'
_"G'  Windley of   Ladysmith  was a
visitor ,it the King Edward on Monday.
Geo. Hcart'avan, bf Lemona, Wash.,
was a visitor at the Napanee Monday.
• Lionel J. Chute, of ■ Strathroy, "Ont.,
stopped at'the King Edward lust 'Sun-
- Mrs. Tt, XV Wood entertained her
lady friends at aii" at homo AVednesday
last.    . '    -
" C. M. r.oekhart, of Elkmniit'h was, in
town stopping at the King Edward on
Monday."    ,   *     -
! T V. Lowrio.y, tbe hotelman af
Movie, registered at tbo Central last
P. R Johnson, and N. S. Nnilson.of
Edmonton were guests at 'the King
Edward Sunday. -   /,
Dr. and Mrs. Bonnoll 'entertained
about forty.of their friends at progressive euchre last Monday evoning.   '
■ Robert'Jaffray, Thos! Walmsley, Col-
Pellatt and other,directors of the Coal
Co. are'expected in Fernie in a day or
two.  '      •   '   , 7  ■
G" W."Downing-, of Jaffray, was in
town' last  Thursday _sampling  .Tom'
Whelan's grub.  -Mr. Downing reports
good business lor hunters and  fishermen around Jaffray.   -
No.'97 won the'.organ which -was
raffled off last night' by R; Dudley.
Thcparty holding the lucky' n'um-
ber will please call,"present, ticket
and receive the organ*.
The C P, R.'Telogi-aph Co havestrung
a wire from Calgary to Cranbrook and
men aie at work stringing from' Cranbrook to Macleod. . This"">ill enable
the-company to-give a"much bettcr
servico.       -'      ■[_        ° ,
Coo Whelan,.. -while taking in the
fruit fair hist • week, had a "con" game
put up on* liim at*the race track. He
went backing- "Yoiing --Pilgrim" jiist
like'a young f ilsrini till he had to wire
''.Tom'' for money, to get" away with.
Provincial Superintendent. A.-Robin-
<on." of .-Victoria, was lier_e_la.sb ^\Kfttik—
Tooking-into .school affairs .His stay'
was- very, short. .. Tho field is rather
-   Off-on u Hunt.
Postmaster Johnson, Wm. Forsyth,
Wm. Baldry'and'Jas. Miller are up tbe
Elk looking for game. They have,their
guns loaded for bear, elk, deer, sheep or
goat as, the case "may be and their
friends are looking for fresh meat on
the return of these nimrods.
Brewers Must Pny. „ ,
It would appear from the finding of
Mr. .Justice, Irving in the appeal case of
Joseph Niede'rstadt, of - Moyie, that
brewers^must take out provincial
licenses to sell beer.
Accordiug to Justice Irvin' s decision
the act of ,.1900 is intra vires and
brewers are liable to a license fee oil
both retail aiul.wholesalo business.1
A Plcit to Rob Us of Our
Wetter Franchise .
"Railway Accident.
, By. the spreading of .rails-tho westbound express was turned wrong bide
up one mile wejt of Jaflray last Saturday morning. A few of the passengers
wero badly bruised but no. fatalities
occurred. Mr. and. Mrs. McBride, of
Cranbrook were,-amongst the*,most
seriously hurt. The C. P. It* luck held
good once more. No, serious delay resulted and trains" were running as usual
the'next day.  ,     ">     .'"-*■
, Railroad Extension. \
' It i3 l-umo'red that J.J. Hill is negotiating for the. charter of the Macleod,
Cai-dston & Montana railway compaiiy
and tmit = if he secures it the Great
Ni-rtheru AVill'build'to Macleod iu the
near future. -.This would shorten the
distance between mines here and Great
Falls, a great deal and it is sure to
come to pas's- that -the Great Northern
will be built'through to the prairies to
connect'. with * an extension from, the
main line;'0        ' *
Grand Trunk Pacific.
-. Active operations have begun'on the
G. T. P and 'AOOO men will be at work
iu a ;few' days.. Tlie' contract price of
the Lake Superior section is 85,000,0fX)
for 210 miles bf road. Much of thi*!
distance will be look work," This pait
of the road is to be ready to haudlo the
wheat crop of 1907.    '.,
The "McDonald, Mi-Millen & Co. con'
tract, reaching' from Winnipeg .to
Touchw,bod Hills, a distance of 825
miles, is tobb completed by Aug. 31st.
190(5, and* will cost $1,000,000".     ■ *-'.    -
Canto im* out nnnoutielng llio woi'd
nrnivanutry bull nl-Colcinnn, Oct '2Mh,
l^intv- patroim-MiBi Mm II. N- Galer,
Mrs. ti I. Vr-iMir, Mm. J. I<\ I'ovnh,
Mi-h. J. Wcntwnod, ji ml Mrs O. W,
Dunodlct. Oonoinl comuilttp.ii Mows.
IT N rtnbir, A Ofliwi'pi'ii, ft 1 T'Vi.'i'V,
IV .1 Mcliilyve, A. V. P.ivnb. IT. W V.
I'lillpck, O. W. Bonnillc.t. Thoro nnml
bj\ no doubt n* to tx good tlmo Tlmno
Cnluinmi |.o.ipln don't know how to
handle a poor propoMllon,
Vjiwio IIcawiAih mul ilaiiafi* JMvib
wero lioforo Mn-ilutruto Wlilnutiu* tn*-t
Vrltlrty charged with cruolly to niilmiilH
Thpy were drlvors In No, ft mino At
Conl Cr«i''t nnd wo'« «ccu«c(l of
unmftrolfiilly boatlni* lliidr liorno*.
Chief McMullen prospnitiil nnd L I'.
Eckntoln defended. AfUir wirnd Iihimo
talk llm R'N* tvu* ijill'iiirncil to fati'i*
day rrnviiing but wJieri Pnliiiday
morning trrhnd It was itlienvcriui that
tho arct^d Ii-jiI dcpaited without
ICAvluy; Cuoir fututft hi! IrciMct.
arjjo" for one. man to look after and in'
c(jiisequen'co.80tne pbi-ti6"iiH''of'it"a.ve not'
as" well looked aftpr'ao tbey should be.
The growth of ""population requirca a
continual expanding of school facilities.
Almost every placo in East Kootenay is
asking for more "school rooms and
more teachers
 r- ,
, It,seems tlut a few days ago* some
members of the "First Families of
America" butted, into' the," mountain
home of the '.'Kings of Butter*." and
killed some of idiom'.
Tlion (mo Jaines .McCormick butted
into thu gtimo with a little liard C'lah
and .secured  a  fow  beads of theso
sheep    Happening,to meet Mr. W,,
W. Tuttle, wlio is a fancier of heads
n trade whb consummuted whereby
tlio ■ heads of two of tho  big horns
became the property of Mr. .Tuttlo,
who nt onae nriMiigod to have tho
heads s?nt lo Calgary to bo mounted
and n-turiiod to him to bo placed
jilongsido 'Old I'uul Krugor't." hond
In tho Royal b:ir.   A! .this 6tngo of
lho   gnmo   the   Qaine    Protection
Association butted In and Mr.  Tuttlo
went through   the unpleasant ox
•icirleiice of being  undor arrnst for
viol;>.ilng tho c«mo lnw by trying to
ship guniii out of tho provincn without
having  secured., a . Ilc.iiso.     Mr.
Tuttlo whs in Ignorance regarding
this Htrlngent provision of tho law, but
ignoranco of the law excuses no mnn
nnd ho was lined !|6 nnd coBts by tho
mnglstr'iio   who .butted In ut this
juncture.   This last btUfwus so hurd
thnt the hcuds wero butted cloir out
of tho   possi'sslon of   Mr.   Tuttle,
nnd   nro   at   prouont   tho    pro*
jierty of tin. ofTondi.il provlnco,
McCoi-macIc ia bui ting his bond
n-^nlnst lho jail will In nnd It Is sulci
that -somo of tlio rail wny oIUcIhIh urn
looking for n Bolt plnco to-butc out of
llm gaiiie,    ,
.Tnini-H McCormnck wuh \lm\ $\'l
uud ('outs In the shce)i hond ciso thli*
morning nnd Mr {.ending Is uilll
onjo.slng his liberty ponding further
development*!.   13;uil Haul 13aul
Lending Actor Dead
. Sir Henry Irving died very suddenly
after taking his usual part on.'tlje stage
at._--Bradfiird^-' England.-- >,Oct;, . 13th.
'foli'ii Henry Brodrihb,.' was „born at.
Keiiuori,.]'eb. (Jth, 183S,'aiid was 67
years! 8,nionth"s, and 7 days old when
an attal-k of syncope reiiioved him fropi
the stage of life's theatre. .Sir Henry
Irving bad been' for long years tlie'
leading character upon the English
speaking stage, aud did much to elevate the calling to which I14J gnve his
life. He was an example of what long
continued, pains-taking effort can accomplish, rniher'ban tlitil of the meteoric brilliancy of nenius.
"Itshallbe the-'duty ofthe Municipality or Comp.iny to
provide a sufficient supply of water for the use of the Municipality or unincorporated locality in the prevention and extinguishment of-fires, and for such purposes to provide,
equip, place and maintain a sufficient number of hydrants in
such places as may be most readily available for such purposes, and the same to keep supplied with a sufficient quantity and force of.iwater."       _ .      .
And this Act is by Sec. 20, Chapter 46, 1900, made ap-
plicable-to the C.. Nf. P. E. L. & P. C. o.
Last Thursday nij-lit seemed unfavorable for tho transaction of city buidiiess.
With Robins in Foit William, Wallace i*ono to tho races, and Cree and Herch-
iner othei wise engaged, the Mayor aud Alderman Tuttle and Trites had a lonesome time of it wuiting for a quorum and finally pave it up as. a bad job and
went homo. A special meeting waa called for Friday moriiing" at which the
Mayor and Aldermen Tuttle, Cree, Trites and Herchmer were present.   ,
The bylaw subject was dealt with and five new ones were started'on the way
for acceptance"or rejection by the voters on the 80th of this month. When these,
bylaws had passed.tliei committee stage and the committee had risen and re-
ported, Alderm'in Herchmer treated tho Council, and tho few spectators pre«ont to
an address lu which ha'dwelt feelingly upon tho martyr like conduct'of the city
coiuicil and of the uncalled for abuse that,had been'heaped upon their devoted
heads by an unfeeling ungrateful public. He spoke of how thc Council had used
every eudeavor to Ee'cure from the C. N P. E. L. & I\Co. tho best bargain possible. . .After having tried in, vain to raise money upon the debentures-voted, by
the,pe.ople, and stated that their efforts had resulted in utter failure in theendeav
or to'sell the water debentures.' .He did not, however, read Peacock's celebrated
letter or refer to the Simpson proposal to place the bonds at par or better if he
were commissioned to place the securities.
Peacock Vletter,, coming from a company owned and controlled by tho com J
pany most interested.iu "defeating the people of Fernie in their effort to build and
own their own water works, seems to take the courage out of these councillors
and make babies of them.        , ■ . ;   !"      . ■
Some peoplo in Nelson insisted that it was impossible to place the debentures
of that city at, any wboye near par, in face of the opposition of a private corporation bent upon* defeating the project, but the bonds were disposed of at a
good (igureand the power plant is being constructed.
The Mayor responded with a'hero! here! to Alderman Herchmer's plaint as to
the abuse in euch titgryiA tone as to remind one of the old time Aniens iu a good
old fashioned Methodist prayer meeting,
* j * -   -   .   ..- -■>'■
Our Ottawa Uopresontntivo
W. A. Galliher, M P. was in town
11' day or two1 Inst week slopping olT on
bis way borne from Ottawa.
VV. A. is always ready and willing to
be advised as 10 how best to serve bis
'constituency, and gets Iota of free ad-,
vice along those lines"-.from entirely
disinterested patriots who live for iio
other purpose than to see* that everything goes right, and thai the government dosen'l gel held up by bad men
with axes lo grind.
Mr. Galliher was on the train that
turned turtle at JalTray Saturday morn*
ing but came out of lhe wreck safe niul
sound, and journeyed on to Moyie lo
see the boys and to have a look at the
big silver lead mine at llm! place.
Tlio F1u.1io.m1 Oil KlohlH.
J Flshornudlt.il Hutchinson, of
HoBHlimd, lm vo been making a pronpnct-
Ins tour through tlio Flathead oil fluid**
during the p.ifil month. Thoy report
to lho It- H-land Miner that they hud
travelled 60*) inllus on honolmck and
found 11 rough country to-got llimunli.
This pnrlv ou« III led lit Kiko whore 11
LioiJiiiui repi'enontallv.t met them ut tho
Htorenf Mr, Hurts! If (hero Iuul beou
a road from Fnrnlu lo tlm nil He'd thct*"
peoplo would hum iiuuln our town tholr
ha no and with Midi n rond 1111 could be
iijikIu from Coul Crock tholr trip would
have lii'im much niixlnr and i'liortei'.
Mr. Ki-iher utakud eight oil claims and
Ihrcecoiil claims and Is optlnilHllc. as to
the wealth of the Held. Ho predicts
activity In that direction noxt year,
"7ffterbeing*tbus rfelf^iyeiTof pent up, feelings,, the council went on with the
reading (if the bylaws ft'id they were made ready to submit to thounappreciative
votors. Bylaws No.',20 and 21.-provide for the repeal of byluwMU and 15 voted last
spring for.water anB'Bewer bylaws..,.J,l*i!seJWQbyJaw.%wUl.doubtleiis,.be. voted,
as in that'way the, city will bo saved the expense of litigation which would ro
suit in their repoal by.'thecf.iirts.      -A*        " *     ,
Bylaw 19 authorizing Iho borrowing of $5000'to equip and maintain nn efficient
fire brigade has only one objection. Five thousand dollarsis^nore than is required in the ueartyutui'o for that purpose, and as city clerk Nu.111 manifests a
decided reluctance' to placing any fundi* at the dlipnaal of future Councils it i«.
presumed that he will Us'eJijs influence ugainst this 35,000 scheme and it may bo
defeated.'-   '   '. •*v7'^-'.'..,, ,_ .,""''
Bylaw 22 !s a sugar coated snare which if adopted at this time will placo the
city in a still worse position than at preseift as regards the ownership of it's own
water system, nnd,thisi fact explains the, anxiety for Us pasna'^* in .certain quar
ters.' There is noiimiicdiiitfl necessity for its pas-iago at this time as nothing
can be dono towards installing it until next'suinuier..
" If the people of Fornlo should be so foolish as to put In tx eewor system, before
they do a wntor system thoy will only he aiding to fasten fetters upon them*
selves for all time to come. A sower system without wator Is of no, use and
after taxing themselves with tho cost of It they would havo to «o.to the Klectrie
Unlit nnd Powor Co. to mako terms and it has recently developed in an unmis-
tnkeahlo'manner, what such terms are to bo. Mr. Lindsey practlcfllly Bays to
the city that unli*.*s his terms as to hydrants and water rates aro complied with
ho will'not glvo us fire protection and this in face'of tliu fact 1 hat llm law com-
pols his Co. to do so, It may bu that his Co. can demand payment for water for
flro protection, but there is no doubt about llio compnny being bound to furnish
tho protection., it is hardly to bo believed tliat the rate of coinponmitlon Is thn
real objiv-t aimed at by Mr. Llndsoy. Ho has rofuncd point blank to sitrn an
agreement to eurreudi-r to the city thn riyht of his company tn put in a water
pyHtem at nny tlmo fil thu future that tho compnny may b.*- decide, notwithstanding that he ni-rces to sell his old plant to tho city nt tho nnd of Ion years.
To voto for tho sewer b\ law now would only bo aid Ing (Ills Huhmno to place the
wntor supply ol Fornlo in tho hands of thu C. N. P. H L & P. Co Jn poi-pot*
Aldormnn Wallace and other members of tho, Council hnvo bnon tolling us
that wo must hurry up and mako any,hirudin with Mr. LIud-uiy'M Co. Unit ho
mny deslro because tlio longor wo dolnv, thu Btrongur will the Power Co. becomo
entrenched in Its position In tlm city- tlmt pnnHiMfilnn In 11I110 points of tho law,
and accordini* to this kind of bouudlo-s wisdom on thu part nf theHO Holnns, wo
will bo in n much better position to bnttlo for our I'l-jlits aftor surronderlng the
tonth point.
"Whom the flod-i wish to destroy thoy first mnko mad" wus never more clc-nr-
ly (leiiimiHtintod tliiiu In tho Instance of our city council i)iiipluiHl/.lrig thu fact
that ■' now or novcr" Ib tho motto to bn adopted by every well wlshorof the city
of Fornlo.
Don't volo for tho Hftwoi'bylnw, No, 22 Impnworliit. the city lo borrow $10,000
If you don't wnnt to nld in dostroylng nil hopo of over owning and opuiJiting
your own wntor plnnt.
As to bylaw 21),   It looms such a ridiculous proposition vloweil from  the
Htniidpnliit of tho Mimiclpfillty that It Is to lm wondered nl, that thnn Hlioiild   be
w'HHtodlii ludwrniniloii.   True Mr Llndsiiy has aiuo'id.ulhls former Hug-to*
sii;rg*'9tionB and that Mr. Luidsc,*.
adopted them at the suggestions of
the absent bodied councillor now so
journing in the distant city of Foi!
"William. The one particu'ar clausi
that was of any value to the City o
Feruie iu the agreement aa drawn u-
by city solicitor l^awe. was pre
emptorily and emphatically Uirnci
down by Mr. Lindsey, and this pari 1
it tells tho whole story. This clausi
as written by Mr. L»we, wa
numbered 7, and read as follows:
"And that should the city purchase
the said water works system of the Co.
at ai.y time, under the powers herein
contained, the company shall not at
any time or times thereafter,
directly, by itself, or in connection with any other company or cor
poration,- cany on or operate any
waterworks or system of waterworks,
or supply, or attempt to supply any
person or persons, corporation or cor-
por.itioui*, other than The Crows Nest
Pass Coal Co , Ltd.,.within two miles 01
the preseiit boundaries of the City oi
Fernie. nor sha'l, nor will, at any time
thereiifior, do, or cause to bo done, am
act, matter or thing whereby, or b>
reason, or by means whereof, thu said
city shall or may bo injured or damnified in tin) operation and mainteuaucr
of the said water works system to be
purchased hereunder, or in the sale or
supply of water to any pereon or per
sons, corporation or corpoiatibus within Biich radius.'"
The clause would make tbe deal a
real sale to the city of'Fernio of the
water plant which clauses 7 and 8 ii.'the
agreement iir now submitted mak-.i a
piutense of doini*. , If the agreement
as now submitted wero to bo adopted
tho company could turn over their old
plant at the- end of each succeeding
ten years ac the price of a new one,
and sosro 011 indefinitely in the water
business, magiianiinously allowing the
cily to appoint arbitrators who?e duty
would be to ascertain the cost of a new
pIaiitinorderth.it the city should relieve tho company of the necessity of
renewing their old plant at their own"
expense. What a beautifully arranged endless chain machine this
would be. Nothing could disarrange
this perpetual motion agreement ex-
ciipt tho failure to keep-on tap a suf
iii-iunt -supply of, tho right kind of
councillors.   1  ' *
If the game should succeed this titm'-
its application would be easier nex--
rinris !iIIojT5~"springs eternal-in th.
human , breast, man never is but al
ways to be hlessed.'' If the ^people oi
Fernje w..re to surrciider their right*
now-j-thoy- wouldy-arAld-.' Wallace-has-
no] unwittingly 'slated, be in a much
weakiir position thaii ever, and as we
weaken our own position we jjive-
strength tn our opposition.-' The time"
to settle this difference between the C.
N. P. E. \i &, V. Co and tho city "ol
Fernie ts now, and if the people nro m
careful in guarding their own interest*.
as is Mr. Lindsay in looking- after tlio
Interests of his employers, there wlll be
no vory serious trouble in securing' the
rights to which the city ia entitled.
Axtl Walter .Welanaer, the - 14
months old son of Mr. ami Mrs.
-Velander,  died at  the Cranbrook
los'-ita! on Wednesday and . was
buried at Fernie 011 Friday.   Kev.
ir. Dunn performed the sad rites from
he residence of Mr., and Mra. .1.
'elfer, hymns being sang by Mrs.
3 ork und Mrs. H. Watson.
From our own eorreipo dent.
Mr. MoKee came in irom Cranbrook
Monday night,
Mr. A. C. Vickery was in Fernie
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Cooper left on
Thursday ior Brandon.
Mrs TodJiuiiter and" family have
removed from Feruie and tuken np
their residence here.
Wm. MoEwan and George Pi'intcss
who have been .working on the C. 1\
li.. arc out on a holiday. •• .
*. i -.
Miss Shaw opened her school on
Monday. Owing to illness it has
beeu closvd for the past month.
Messrs. Hanbury and Khnppel .returned from Spokane on Saturday-
and Mr. Haubury left for Brandon on
Mrs. Holbrook and Geo. Birdsley
wish to express their thanks to their
ccighbora and friends for their kind
assistance in their recent bereavement.
From out Ovvu Oorr(i*'i)ondi3iit
The grand ball and supper at the
c'ub 011 Nov. 2nd promises to be the
event ot the season.
Rev. Mr. Bartlett, of Fernie.. will   .
hold service in the school house on
Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
Owing to alteration of the mine
oars and connecting the track with
the hew tipple, No. 2 mine was idle
on Monday. '
Some of the ladies who visit Fernio 7 ,
so noisy as to cause us to wonder if
thev fell from the water wagon.   *      '
Mutzwill install his beer syBtera''"
in the new clnb house next week but   '
pilgrimsare cautioned to stay on the':
'water wapon until Lindsey gets tinis
to install the electric lights on'the "
streets. ""     '    '       '*
The visit of Supt. Robinson, paid us
Inst week, was altogether too short.
-1 he trustees would have liked 10,
have met hiin and impress on him
tho ncc«B3ity of increased school
HiitltM.Nnul Muvii>r.M' flnngi'it
„ Andre II.-iiiiniomttliusupiviHodniiir-
drerol young Oliver In Lewis und
Chirk comity, Mmitnnn, registered ut
tho WniM-u-.' on the Nt!. Inst. He
camo in on flm Northern from Ontc-
wuv nnd lnft uv«r the C. 1\ II, the
noxt morning fur tho weal. h Ho was
arrested in Vancouver on ; Mnmlny
nnd wlll ho taken hick lo
Montnnu fi\|* trial. Mr. John
llmitr-i. of tbo Wfild'iri, vcin.inibf'rrd
rJ.li 111:111 very dhtlijcfly nud gave
young OUvorV Lillmr n jro/al (li-wcrlp-
thin nf him whon tl.nl gcritlrinan was
lure u fow duys «.go In pm-mlt nl
I'roiuliiojit Knl I wny Oflloliilu.
S. li. ierliiri, aHmstaut floneial ntxtx.
iKiUrtOr ngont for tho Unmt Northern,
ncroiniiAiilftl by travelling freight
agent W. C. Wllki'i and U.S. Uolllun,
giuieral agent of tlm Chicago and
Niu-niwoMierii Uy, were In Keniln I '*>t
Thuiiday nnd mado the Lkuokii ollice n
friendly call.
Mr. Yi'ikcslH ono of tho Ilvo rnllrnsd
men of the \4i>-.t and lakes genial kuii-
Hlilnn with htm ii'1 lm travels nbont the
ruiinli-j*     "" reporli Inewmlng hii"!
ncRU for his liim nt all points mid lm*
in -ir- •iimt'Ho'i I'i M*1 rnnko up.
Mr. C'dlliioof theNnrthwoM' in rnriiui
to mn 111 Ahum every sixiwoekn and nn
1.1M11P"*. fnr the C, Sr ciuIwdkI travel
liir('rn"<l« hii company iiulhoeOy. lin
i;im-,'m s vri'sX |n<t>ui»l In railway aiUim
In Mast Koolauay,
lloiih so far as to agree to put lu -20 hydrants at thn exp-nnm of his company hut
lhat Is only nuri-nlng to do what lm Is under obllgntlmi to do ncconllng tn the
temiHof the ehiiili'i'under which his cumpany Is alh.wcdtn sell   wninr  to the
public,   The (iiiseiiii'iit bm-lnnmi Is ono of iIkisjuiih natnro.   No company could
prevent tho Cily of Fernln Inyinif watiir plpnu ncriHH IU Limit, anl tlio oxpro-
prnpiintlon i-ngiilatlnnH provide for such cnnHnjj.'iicles  If tlmrels any meaning
to bo iiltat'luul to tlilr'- p'lit of Ihe ngrci'inunl It Is lo bn found in tho hUtdinnntH ul
Homoof Uu. oppnneulH nf innnlclpiil owiu'i'shlp Ihut tho Co. -wmi d resort In all
kinds of torlinicnlilii'H to prcvont thn inuiilrlpiilHy from cntciing Into tlm wulnr
.iiiniiici-n upon im on 11 nacouiii.   ii (H<i n*,- m*"i«i »» «**« fyi»t«»in llio water lur
flij.il.Jug kuive-ru ii'Mi'd l*u JJ-.I.'JJj!ti-d by any n^n'iuuail lahtn.HlrtAat  hy ,\u,\
••computimtengineer to be ngrecd upon   by  thn  parlliiH,"     Water  for utmil
sprinkling Hiid llm protoctlnn would be fren tntx unllmlti'd, so that All the legal
phrasing about Hint psrl of thn deal iikuiiim only Hint tho city must Imnui-B itself
up with conil'.tlnmi tlmt m«»n nothing to It mid nviirythlng to^ tho conipany by
n:i 1- ii .".1'.*".'."?.' J!."."" '•';" n'-ii"r 1.:,..!'-',.;..!.'..; «!.;. 4^...-Mv.'Wt!->.. of «i4v, 4lni4i4»
and thoso oilutr onnslded «rniti|-eiit«nt*i thn city Is nidml to Wml Itn-lf to pay
primuiit rntos nnd nnt to niilor Into or hIIow anyljody ol»n to ontnr Into tho wntor
lumiiiMHii In tho city for tno spseo of ton.yotrtand to buy thu company's old
plant nt thu mid of tlmt period nt tins prico lhat It would com the city to pu* In
a new one.   ProvUlmi U mado lu M'ctlon 7 for tho appointment of Arbitrator*
whoar»to sctln nicordnmo with tho provuloim of  tho  ArliitrAtlmi  AcN  of
IJiitich Columbia In miivini'Jttlho price tn l)i> pnld. mul  thnn  jn-rtlon f. fpeci
llclftlly limits the power of lh(i<o nrbliiHtori to llxlng tho juice the cll\ shall put
f4ir this old plant wt whnt It would i.i't to Inxiall a new one like it.    In tlm «b-
iipnroiif lloblimwn must coi.fMii mir Innldlltj in iu deriitnnd how no much wis
di 111 foiild bn couden**i-d in nn umali n tpur* a* i* oicupiod by thnaitiH0 sotllij.'i*
7 mul a In Hii* pi-npoi'-d agreement.
AsU will known Mr llobiu* lUim-'il to bu lln real Author of the  l«h -f July
,    Protty October Wtddlng.
, (l'inoliur Oruuk Kulio)
One ofthe prettiest weddings of lhe
season took place last , Wednesday evening, the 4th inst., at thc residence of
John Merron, lisq., M. I'., when his
second daughter, Kale, was given in
nmrriagt! to Mr. John Loche Jamieson
of Medicine Hut,
Mr. Jiimleson is well nnd favornbly
known here, having ot one lime been
on the Mounted Police stnlTul this place
while the bride was one of the most
popular young Indies in Pincher Creek,
which was abundantly ntU'slcd by the
numerous and costly presents she received. She will no greatly missed
from social circles hero.
Tho marriage ceremony was performed by flic liev. IJ. C. .Mcl'h.iil in
the presence of I he iiu'inhcis of the
family, and lhe near relatives .of lhc
bride, only. The bride's sisler, Mrs.
I'., IJ, Ambrose, presided al the piano,
aud at thu appropriate moment llu
bride appeared leaning on lur father'"
nrin. Hor )otiii)-cr wihUT, Mid* I.dith
.lid the hrldi'iniild't. purl very hwcciIj-
uud Mr. W, II, Upton attended the
Undi'i'ii llornl wedding bell, with
!'iiliii|>e uml hlnsHoms everywhere, and
with fervent prayers in lhe hearts of
all preiCiit I'or their fuiuiu h.ippluuss,
lhc lu'iiulilul niiirilagi- service ' w.is
■ cad, (be ring given itnd received, and
jtiiui 1.4)4 lie J.iniiesou and Kate Alhertn
.feumi weiv pioiunmced litisbiind and
wile. They icceived iniiiiedialely the
warm uui^riitul'iuuii.-i and hearty good
wishes of nil preseoi.
Tin- I*r!,lf. II 1«.. .nl    ..;.;.,.    .';„-.,;,;:*
Intglv in white e.dienik*, willi guip.ire
iippliqiie irimmingi, and with regu«
liiiion veil mid oniiigc blossoms,' her
only jewel being 11 b.imUoinc |>carl per,-
diint, the I**'* ol 'be groom.
After lhe lervinon) ii dvl'igluful dejeuner was Mtrvetl In thu dining room.
Mr. and Mr*, Jamil-ion left on thc
woMhiiiiiid train ihe following morning
Last spring a petition was IinnnYii •
In to tho Coil Creek qftlce ofthe Conl*
Co. Mr. Lindsev never n-coivod.
.such so ho says. It was signed hva'.
deputation appointed ut a meeting'
of .citizens, and was a request Fit
jitreot lights. Why wus It not
Lindsey's suggestion, that two rr
three electric lights will be placed on
the now tipple, hardly mucin with
the approval ol the residents hero nml
he asks what wo would be willing to
pay il ho Installed a-Btrect lighting
system,. He status that Fernta gets
along without street lights and Infei-u
that wo should too. Have wo to suffer becauso ho has his knifo Into
MncIJoiuild Won.
His Honor, .Tudgo Forln, who hoiird
thc curio on .Saturday hns handed in
tho following ruinous for his award :
In thu mutter of tho, Worknien'ii
Oiiiiipmisatloii Act.   Hoe'or McDonald, Ai)|j) leant, vg, Tho O.N.
I». C Co., l.e8|Jond.'nt,
In the cjiso bu bin I ted tho maximum
earning capacity ol the   applicant
huloru tho accident wuh $15 tx wuolc
And «fL'T tlm iiccldfitit $V2 it W'.uk,
this W;lK llxnd hy coiiHolit,
Thi'(|''Oniioii mhndi'olilcd Imi How
muc'ij by way of c'oiM|H.'iwiit!oii Is thu
applicant ciitiiJcd to receive ulnco ho
went to wiii'lt its a hiinpllghicr txx, $12
a week, wtirkiug 10 hours a da*, V
Fcllowliig tho weight of ciis«k und
MJV.I4,    |,r*iv'|i;r     ll,.    J ,<;■,;;    SJ|l»    ^^
iivg'imfM.K-. bv O'luni'i'l, 1 nmiifiSii*
opinion that the applicant U i-mltl-d
tof.'Ja wook us C(!ii.|KJii*rition during'
tim |KJi'lod whon his wiigcs nro .fl:' :i
wo«;'x, In tho evrn1- o\ his wigt-n
ijt.iii)' ii,ciuiimj»1 nver vti a wimi!;, Xmi
Iras thnn $l.\ lioidi-.ll only bo until It d
to tlm illlTcrinc'' liutwunn tin* lico.-is*
nl wci'lily wiigcii mid 5*1 ."1 per wi» k.
fVstshhould bo ptld by r««-ifKini|i'iit*»
ns their ollV-r wns lci*» thAti aiiioiint
"J. A. I'dilllH"
Mr. h. V   IVskMelii niif-H Hr*-(. .is
to ,p.'(id .• nimiiii viMiing p intt on thfl'Cml.iM-l lur tin* applicmt jihu Mr. II.
P.(.ili,M-o.»st; .et.iniiii^ ihi-y will r«id« W. Hisreluittrr hr llm i«»|»mi sunt
in M-nliiinetl.it. CUiJ-Miy. /..'• -.'.---A :>-j" ■■>'■,'■*?.-<■?"
'  i'^'.-y^'~"
The Fernie Ledger
Issrasd every Wednesday from .olfiee of implication, corner of W004I St. niul U.tlcer Ave.
'-Ji-ernle, British Colui.bin. ,
m ■
Allowed to be changed wheu 4loaired, .vithout
extra char-'e)
,   I..N) lier inch, per montli
Spuc.ul i.o-.j.tiou, 5>% iidvaiice      '
53Ji discount when plates are furm.-.he.l
(set in'nbnpnriel, 111 lines make an inch.)
Auction Sale),Entertainments. Tenders,
Ba\ Notices etc., Ill cent.-, u line, lirsl 1
-.--    ■.I'e-
£ul notices etc, mceiii.*. is nuv, ...*• insertionj
5 cents .tt U»e each subsequent. j.nsertiDn.
J.'Jh.NpA.-H'OU Ur A1W
Lost, Koni-ui; Pflr Snle7ro Lot. Rent or Ex-
chsnae, oue eent 11 woril, each insertion.
11K.VI>1.N0 notices
Ouliflck page among locals, 12!r oentu a lin
On 1 rout im&o among, locals, 20 cents a  Un
inlia-~f. niir sllhacriliOr.-i,
Civr.k of con-
ff oocurrinR amonsst our subscribci-s, free; all
/dtlmrs 50 rent* each insertion
Kra dilution, condolence or thanks, obituai.v
poetry gU'., lists of guests nnd weddiut; pres-
iaiits, )J> cents » lino (.nonpiiriel) each insertion.
without change, one inch or under, 41.1 moi'th
Any further information desired can bo hud
op application to the manager.
Sir William Mulock has resigned
tho position of Post Master General
jn the Dominion Cabinet, and is retiring Irom hc.ive life on account of
jll health.
Sir William . proved Jtpself an
able administrator of tlio postal • department and succeeded in transforming an annual deficit ot $800,000
- into a surplus, while at the same
time reducing the rate ol postage.
The .only adverse  criticism  that
could be passed upon his policy  wns
his failure to keep up with the nepds
uf the people in tha far west, 'whero
the continued increase of population
and the extension "of new railroads
into new districts calls for a thorough
. .knowledge of the wants and conditions ot this "great, west" to enable
the postal  department io  keep ' up
■yvitii the  march of the  immigrant.
..'    A residence in the interior where
mails are infrequent and irregular
would be a beneficial   preliminary
•--_   education for a Postmaster General.
As an instance of what often happens
in this western country, we wish io
call attention to the lack of proper
mail service between Fernie and so
*    nearby a neighbor as Elko.    There
is    one   mail    train   a day each
way on the'C. P. R, and one train
'   eaoh "way on the Great Northern,
bufc=witn=8il--ti.i63e-tr!iins~runn...vr,   ..c=
cannot send a letter from Fernie to
Elko and get  an  answer  the same
day,      Letters ,' mailed    here    go
through to .Cranbrook where they lay
over and come back to Elko by  the
ncxtmail so that an answer cannot
be sent by the same train,
This is an inexcusable 6tate of affairs
and we think the  matter has  been
brought to the attention of the  do-
piirtiiient, butas yet no r.-sults -have
been attained.   We believe the- lirst
duty of thc postofiico departinon-; h
to provide thc best jxis-siblo soi vico to
the people and wo trust thut whoever
succeeds Sir Wlllinin Mulock in t.he
position ot head of tho postal dopiirt
ment will be a i?iun who is hi miliar
with thc conditions in tho wcb., and
alive to tho Just that rapid communication by mull is ono of the iic.ct'Bsi-
tins to bo pi'ovid.id by  thut department, " 0
The tact thut ,lt takes longer to
ee.nd n latter by rnil from Fernio tu
Elko, adistiiiicoof li) miles nnd not
» reply ovor n railroad on which u
inui! train pnssna «..ich wuy ovcrj
day, than It would for u mail carrier
on foot to do the Job is umplo evi
rionoo to tho people of theso two
places thnt there is room for improvement In thc mull uei'vlco in thi**
particular part of* tho west. Tli in
condition of tho mail service ho.ween
Kiko and Fornlo is not a now one.
It has existed for uvi-r seven years,
as to the. trains on thu C. I\ 1*. und
for two or three ycur* oi that time a
mill clerk has been on duty on these
trains bo that tho extra cost of good
((orvico would bo .ilmns', nil. A little
extra conipeim-tilon to the Kiko postmaster would do thu work.
The tntiiHlbriiintloii of a dclleli Into
a mii|i|im In •ho [Kmiolfiuo dopiiriiiiuiit
Is a good thing, provided it Im nccoin
plls.ic.1 wltliimt Inti if( ring with tin*
thorough clllelf-ncy ol llm mu'vicc.
Thcnuin*«r ol dully dollvcrlow have
Inert incl'i'iised In all th*! largo cltle**
of the cast, and th's&mt of tt-jiiin-At-
hntlcpo'd.'igo li-is bi'i'ii rpiluced, all
ol which In vci'v f>(»tfl nud wu lmpu
the now Minister, wliuovi t- hu mny be,
will lio ubto to continue tho guxJ
work done by Hlr Willinm along,
theiw llnoH, and that hu mil mid u>
tho efllcloncy ol the Ht-rvico In the
wost hy iitelng to it that whero good
train utrvlcc exlnrn tlmt goal  mull
oi,rt*lpi> ivXXX f,iXXrnv
Creek It was claimed that this rojid,
IG miles in hngth, could bebuik at a
cost of $'J 500 (0 The Nelson board
endorsed this resolution and the Nelson arid- Kc^land'penple can bo de ■
ponded uj.cn to push this scheme
with "ei:ei*gv.
Wh:it are tho merchants and people
-.( Ft-rnie going fo do about this effort
to side track ihe"proposition to extend
the very good road already -exUtincr
from il'Vrnie to Coal Cn*.ek; on into
-he Flathead valley? 'Five hundred
dollars have already been expended
by the city and- board of trade in thi:-
project,. and why should we go t1'
sleep and lose what 1ms already beei
expended and let the rond go where
it is cert-iin to "divert tr.\.le from onr'
city Hi*d tbi-ow the travel'that should
come to us, to other towns ?   Do not
let us delude ourselves bv' thinking
wc ha\e done all that is necessary.
The trad-' of thcFlathead country
can be brought to Fernie if our people
make continued and united effort to
briii" it this way.   It is of the utmost
importance to the future of our city to
have every possible avenue tor trade
and travel opi ned U|, und no com] el
ing city is going to aid iis to do this.
A,meeting of our own board should
bo called at once and every member,
every'meichant and every hotel man
should be there, ready to assist with
time  ai d  money to hasten   action
upon the project ot the extension of
the road from Coal Creek to the Flathead.
It developed at the Nelson board
meeting mentioned above, that the
Hon. Wm.' Fielding bad suggested to
some ot the Nelson people that a petition be; presented to the Railway
Commission asking for the building
of the gap In the C. P. Ii. between
Kootenay Landing and Proctor. A
committee was appointed to take this
mutter in band and to report at the
next regular monthly meeting.
The people of. Nelson are, wide
awake and no problem is too big for
them if it involves futare*',good to
their city, We should, be as wide
awake to our future growth as Nelson or any other town. "A strong
pull, ai.d a long pull, and Ja pull
together" will get us what we want.
-$170,000. We have been extending it
this year and the "work is not quite
coni|jlete so I cau-iot tell definitely the
exact amount.      '.     ' 7,
We do our pumping  by . electricity.
The   town   puitltased ,. two    electrical
puinpa fiom the   Allis," Chalmers  Bullock Co. at a cost of.3lli.850, which price
included the installing of them at Loth
bridge and turning them over   in  per
feet runniii'j-  order-   ■ The power   for
these puinpa is supplied by the Loth
bridgo.Eleciric Co. Ltd., who hold a
live year contract with'the town    We
pump at the present time 250,000 gallons a day and this costs us oo an a'ver-
ige' of  §215 a month for power.   We
nave only been operating our system
eiiice lhe 1st of April  and so far   ou'r
revenue has averaged 81,000 a month
This is sufficient to pay all exi-enses ol
operating and interest on the deben-
tures.. We have also a frontage tax of
5 coots a foot   that   is   applied   to   all
propertyjravers'-d bythe water .pipe,
fbis was found necessary on account'of
Lethbridge beinft'so scattered and large
blocks of lots held hy   non residents
.don;' which the pipo had to pass to get
to the inhabited portions, so we applied
this frontage tiix on all laud-, thereby
reducing tho nctuftl cobt of the water to
the, consumer.
I am enclosing you a schedule of
rates adopted here and which so far,
with one or two exceptions has_ proved
Wo have beenexperimentlnj* a little
with wood pipe and ou the whole it
g-ives good satisfaction but is apparently very difficult to repair. We have
about two miles of this pipe, but I think
it is too early, yet tb say very, much
about it. .
- The town of Lethbridgo is. running-
the waterworks entirely separate from
the municipal business, hiiving a seri-
arate bank account and set of books;
tho object being to make this department pay for itself. . Wo have at'the
present time nearly 400connections and
these are being added to so\ that "our
reveiiiip is increasing nearly every
mouth. -"*-.>
If there is any further information I
can give you I will be pleased to do so.
Yours truly " -
'• C. B Bowman   '   ,
'■ Secretary-Treasurer
If yon, your fi-'ends or relatives suffer-with
Fits, Epilepsy; St. Vitus' Dance, or Falling
•sickness, write for a tri.il bottle and valuable
treatise on such diseases to Tub Leibio Co..
179 Kin;' Street, W., Toronto, Canada.' All
drugguts sell or can obtain kr you
pay-its .way. Biit. to assume that- the
people, bf .Fernie would vote a debt
upon themselves for a water system
and then buy .their water of an
oppoSitioii'eompany. is to assumeUiat
they are lunatics: If they paid jheir
money to another company thus cutting off the revenue which should go
to pay for the water plant'they would
have to vote a direct tax upon themselves, to pay thc deficiency. ' The
proposition carries its remedy with it
and as sure as * the city of Fernie puts
in its own water system it will supply
its own citizens and will bo able to
pay for its plant out of the profits or
th'e business. All theso figures .'arc
based upon present conditions. Who
can doubt but that in ten years the
consumption ot,water in this.city shall
not hKvo doubled. thus addiug 50% to
the revenue, -■ if present" rates ' are
maintained or a corresp-jnding'reduc-
tion in rates' if so desired. - *'
■ ■ -ts-- 1!	
; a pleasant home
for the,traveler.
■ '  TT3**TI03Sr., LABEL '  * , '
Crow's   Nest   Special
8inaa»t'sjFav'o*pa4e ©sgas's
.-■.'.. Y       Heed Office s" HacaUlon, -Canada.   .
Capital * $2,320,000    , Ttleserve * $2,320,000
.    ttbtal Mssets = $28,500,000       A*'.
:A   Hon. Wm.'Gibson's President. •   ."-..'•; 5 '-v
'}'"]• Turxbull, Vice-President1 and General Manager..
; 71 Branches ths'oaghout Canada
Drafts issued, payable in Canada or abroad.,   Foreign drafts cashed.
•'.,-    Special.ad vantages in Savings Department.   -J     -' - " 'A '
' Open jn "{he evening- of the'Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9
■" ' "        "  '      A       J- S. LAW.tY Agorit FfiUNIIi BRANO."*.
While in'the city last week  Mr,
"Vibertof ihe .Union. Bank at Leth
bridge called at The Ledger office
and gave us aife"w items of news
about his progressive home town.
The Bankjot Montreal has,erected a fino new 'building three stories
in height.
A. Soulherland has built a, two
storey . business house of pressed
brick.       7, ....
Lethbridge Waterworks
Through the courtesy, of city'clerk
Bowman, of Lethbridge, we are able to
lay before onr' readeia a statement
showing, tlie' extent, cost and. rates
charged thc consumers of water in that
city. Mr. Bowman's letter is aa foi
lows:    . __„ .-,_. v     '7
—: ;—■ fcetl;bridge*f0ct-18th7057"
I). Y. Mott, Esq.
,    Fernie, B.C. "    ,
Dear Sir,- ... ,
I beg to acknowledge receipt
of vour favor.of tlie filth, of Octobt-r
and' in reply beg to --ive you the following information, which I trust will
be of Bervice to you.
Tho town of Lethbridgo has laid
122 fi-et of 12 inch main
GSOfifoetof 10 •*.*     "    '"
'     51.21 feet of 8  ■•.     "
]h03(l feet of  fl  "    ' '"
9G09 feci of ,4 '•        "
.■md iiistidled 53 hydrante.    They also
laid down 2-1,080 feet of tile sewer.
We paid the contractor for Inying-
tills pi - 0*547,897.52 and hisvwnrk coir
sistcd simply of exi'avatlni» and laying
the pipe, Ho furnished hlu own sup
p'iisg for so doing, other than fho pipe
it'-elf By -.-uppllcs, 1 moan load, cl-iu*
nnt, giiHliutf*, hump, yarn, etc
'lhe total cost of our system will, I
expect, bo  In   tho   uoluhborhood  of
We flnd Irom the table of rates,
which Mr. Bowman furnishes us,that
two taps, one bath and „one water
closet in a- private house costs the
consumer $27 per annum or $2.25 per
month,-a single tap costing $1.66.- It
will be seen by Mr. Bowman's,statement that it costs $215 per month to
run tbe .pumping. plant which, is a
charge that Fernie would not have to
meet. The total-cost of the Lethbridge -plant is■ just' about double
plant here would cost. The number
of consumers acLuthbridge is 400, the
revenue $ 1,000 per -month. Now it we
take from this,$1,000 the $215. which
it costs the Lethbridge people to pump
their watiir,*' we have $785 per month
from cohsiuuers." Our system costing
iialf'as.mnch as that at Lethbridge,
ihe fixeiii*-charge3 would be just hall
ns niuch'and as that plant is bringing
in revenue - enough to meet fixed
ch.rge-3 it follows that wo (ould 11 ee
tixed charges of a sysleni ccsting
lialfns much, with a revenue ofjiihi"
one halt $785, or $392.50 per month.
At the present rate ot $2 50 per
month just 157 consumers would meet
these charges.
tt, us somo of ouv people assert, the
0. N;' P. E. L, & P. Co. were lo remain in the fluid and could Bucun*
half the water patronage of the town
the city system would still be able t**
The Bent-ley Co., Ltd.. are just
finishing a three story, pressed brick
front building and;the Chinook Club
will soon have new-quarters, in.their
new three storey brick building. -
■ Our coal mining neighbors of Lethbridge. livin'-g iii a climate where" the
wind always speaks in a "still small
voice" seem' to have lofty notions and
are climbing lip in the air with their
new buildings.   This is because there
s not, room, enough on.-the ground"
andchcy have fo" ,'pccapy' the';'upper
a watch.   ' ■„-■'
4 \ 4 I ■*•
' _its only duty in life is to'answer correctly one question -    '
•"•what-time is it?.
All watches sold by us are guaranteed to answer this important question
correctly- - The prices are ri^ht. -!
OHioial Watch Inspoctor'cf O. N. Ky. "
Jeroeter ■■ * ©jjticaan
New C *•(>[> Now  in' Mock
,  Home Grown and Imported
. Wholesitle and Beta il,
Special Prices to Farmer's Institutes
ThousaiidB of Fruit and Ornamontul Trees
Ilhod<j4leinlrons,      Roues,      Grooiiliousn
"mid Hardy -Plants,
now.growing in.my nui*»eiie» for,
• ' Spring, plautiiig
Eastern prices or less.-    *' White Labor
'.AM. J/-HENRY,"■ .
A' o. A . ■    " ■   •■   ,    FERNIE    ,'-' ■■"/ ■••;"  ;;
| First Glass, in Eyery Respect
.      ."MRS. .8.-'JENNINGS, Puoprietress. ;      ,'
' Lethbridge with' her new 'water
systiitn and-.irrigation ditches should
be able to reduce the consumption of
intoxicating beverages ahd keep
sober. '     '-
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. o
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer arid Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty;
3010 West in luster Konil.
LYNOII-At Coal Creelt'.Oot, 1» tli, the infimt.
iliuiKlilcr ol Ur. nnd Ihs. .loliu Li-nch'
aged a months and ll wocIca,
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
evening at   8
Meets   cv ry   Friday
p.m. in I.O.O.R Hall.
T. Buck
«J.  -SarSDOP^  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
Stoves! Stoves!; Stove5!
lillMIWIWMI   m*mtMmU*m**mm**%mfMtm*m****mkm^^
WE have just unloaded a car of all kinds of Heaters, Steel  Ranges and  Cook .Stoves,
and select your Heater before they all go.
r^AlAt and examine our slock of Furniture- nnd see some of tho New
y Designs in Fancy Rockers, Arm Chairs, Morris Chairs, Couches,
Tiihles^Chinn, Parlor nnd Music Cubiiiets, Iron and Urns*. Ucds—in fact
everything in (lio Fiii-niiiiru line.
You aro welcome, whether you buy or not.
No trouble to show goods,    Picture framing .1 specialty.
'I he Nelson IUird ot Triniu held u
very {nti.'tvHi'.Inx meeting on tho evi>rt-
ing oi the I-'ih Inst, and umongftt
other thin** dKciiv,»4t V.U-* a xo
solution fitjin the U'iMluiiit Itwrd of
Tr*(1e r«-eoiuiuen Mug « w»g<ni mad
living built lnt» llm coul nnd oil Ili-hU
in South Va*. Kcotenay by way
ol  S-ath  Kootenay   l\xta to 8jk«
Kll and Winter
and the Cheapest ever sold in Fernie, now on view at
Miss Varty's  Home of Fashion
L, T. W.   Block,   opposite tho
• Oilluo houi'H—8 (\,m, to 8 p.m.
W, J, Wriglesworth, D, D, S,
iDrjjjrKrTXST ■
Oi'Pioi; Jloinifi, oto is iv. m,, Ho dp, m
Oilluo In Alox. Bnok'ti Hlnok
RR1UHB,        -       _       _     _       ji. o.
For Quick. Returns     ;     /
List youi- fi-oporfcy fril.h   -y^Qg     "Qptt
Suc'cossor to T. J. JlurkBr,at''THK OWJ/'
Property .for Sal(i, to Itont or Kxulmngo,
Ilent'ii collooted,  Employnionr funiishcd,
retail;& wholesale heat dealers
Have one of their largest storeslin, Femie.\  "       '. A'   ""
„:     ""-•--,    y,\    ,,-   Lamb,-Veal, Fresh and Smoked'-Fisli.-
Fresh Fish^constcintly,arriving^
Great Northern Ry.
Excursion raies to Spokane
Fair. On sale Oct. 7 to 14th
inclusive. . Return limit Oct.
16.    Round trip $11.75.
James Sloan, Atfont, Fornlo.
Fernlci, n, 0.
Teac5sss« of tEto PSano
(LoHoliolUliay MnMiod)
A thorous'li training nHHiired each pupil
-  L. P. Eckstein
Oiulilwrt Jlloolc, Karnlo, II, 0,      '
W. It. IloHn j. s, T. AUiXANPijii
Ross & Alexander
Olilcn In Ij. T. WVHIook, Vlutorln Avoinio.
P. C. Latce
To«t Oilico llloek, Vernio. 11. C.
OiUce: Moii'l'Son&Co.,L.T.W. MocU
Frhnir British Cohimhla
»l»B=a«^l=gTrrTrTr[7rrTTimi|N. |1|||h|   m,   ,
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
CholcuHt outa of Fi'chIi Monlu, nl
wnyn on Imml,
HiiniH, Huron nnd Liml iih well,
All klmlHol Fi'tmh FIbIi, In 30110011
I'roini't Unlivery,
Glvo tin a cull,
TEL 18,.
• **m •*, *    ** 1 ■"•(j**.
*•***•* wmmw i**
T^ark Well.
All Canadian Patent Medicines sold nt llieir marked price
from this date. No need lo send away for your medicine
now.    Remember the place.
Fcrriip, 1th Oct. 1005 Ne-xt Door to the Post Offlcc,
iLittii HiniiiynrNuUon Hnmltur)
flolil.Kllvm-iirt.iiinl tmcli hi.tt)
I (iuin.*. vi 11,        fj   11 (in,.  .1 .f,
I'liiiiKiiH lur nllidrniutiilij on ii|ijiilVfttimi
r. 0,ririiviir .int. riiona AnT
— Ausrrs	
Fancy Goods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. e. Todd
MOimiB     PIANO
Philip Carosella
PHRNin. n.c,
r?/40/>»4ol   nit *4 v*r.)^ ty ., i
■ A   full  lino of-Caskets,' Coffins, ' Shipping - Cases
Wrcaths.and Society Emblems on hand.,'
Office Phone-41       Residence 76
.,41 „ .
''■M">- -\frt*\'+.**,F,-W>1.'J,-■)*? fi*!-t
having an Inducement to offer, should
state the fact through the local newspaper
whose advertising columns are an Index
of Trade of the community.
Strangers and visitors examine the columns of
Tito FeiraSe L®dJ§geii»
to ascertain the extent and variety of the Trade
nnd Industry of Fernie., The, Ledger has the
largest paid up circulation, and its street sales far
exceed those of any other newspaper along thc line
of lhc Crow's Nest Pass Railway, and its readers
have thc money to pay for their requirements.
the Business Men of Fernie, to make our advertising columns as thoroughly representative ofthe
trade of the community, as our hews columns are
ofthe occurrences of the city and district.
Phone W nnd wo'EI oaZI foo* copy.
mmrnm*Vf*t*m\**p^mmwtt*tm>m*mimm* n-m*m*
iii lhc mifpst mid hcsl pnvlu-f liuvOinonl
you 4.-111} jiut your innu*_*y iiuo, 11111.I
4*Femie Annex"
prcsem* lho hcM npjporltmlly on the niarlu*. to-diiy,
The proiipcetH for Fernio, illscounl nny oihor Interior Cily In lhe Prov>
luce, iuul it will pay you to hive.stij;iiie,    Got now uchcduL' of prlcvi.
Call on or write    "
A. II. CREE, Bum's Block
tmT D'ni'l l»*iy Kent.
IJtiy n Lot und Own Vour Own Home. "^J
mnm%*Mi*wmmi>f*w> f -j wm  -,, fe^?-^^ •■* ,'•" 7- -^A^^^A-A "
•J.-: '.
iK'IiS,   1905
Jf*f  .
Carley's Ode to. Blukemoro
With Shaughnessy, I'll ride in stale,   "
And Tribune shares w^'ll confibcate,   "
Malevoienlial     ^
Pestilential,      ,   ''
Colisequeniial •"-.-".-
.'-.'-       ."-[Fourth estate, '"'
I'll have "Windy'-* Young': for 'chief-pf
". ' -"- stall", -       ''  7- -' , ■"        -  ,      '-
His merry jests will'make us laugh    ,-■
''    '.-•'-! Coal for coking
•    •■   Glee invoking ", A-?.
.-; ^   .1    Mirth provoking,        ,A>
'•-■-.      ■   :■ Chief of staff.   . <  '■"" i
■ .„ My.specialty will,be High,finance,- '
" My-fbrtune 1 will thus ehchunce) -
», -V        - .' -   Nerve distracting;,
" "   :   Scenes enacting, - - '■; '■
Most exacting '   *
■ High finance       '.     ,-
I shall induce the rich magnate
• To introduce a new, freight rate,       -;
"A referential,  '       - '"  '
-A   0 , Differential. ;*;   ' . ,0
Freight rate.
I'll hire'a large and rooniy hall,
- "And there display my massive gall, .
•'   a,    _,' Ornamental,
,    .Monumental
4 '     "     _ Native gall.'.-
I'll be the C. P. R*; candidate,
»Far it alone I'll legislate,   . ,
, •' *       Most potential;   .-»
, Influential,  ,
"_,, But essential
Syndicate. 7
I'll swipe a pair of Houston's pants,
, '"Which I may fill, in time, perchance,.
,7. Hypothecated,,-'-.
J A '7 • , Electro-plated,'     V   .   .
' ' Insulated" ._-..-'■'    ~„''
...-'.   "• , Houston,pants.  -.     .
, The judges I shall subjugate. ,
,_And thrust them from-their high estate,
Unessential,    .' *
' ,,* Reverential,
- Eniinential       , . - -
High "estate.
Every night a new sensation.
(There shall be no condensation,)
L1'    ...- Goodness graciousl "
-  -'        ' Most salacious}      A   .
■  * -. - it .        ,       ■
0    -■'■-.   .   ' lfjiillacious-
\i    New sensation. .'.
And thus we'll win a circulation
Far beyond all-computation,
* 7.  ,■.   Quite exclusive,   '",     r
Yet' elusive,"
-A-   • ' Oft delusive,     ....    *
•'  <    .•*-< Circulation.-
would he?    Would anyone imagine for
a moment that the merchant who used
a column of space wouK^ do as much
business as the man who used a paife
—even  though  everything "else    were
equal ?' - "■" ■
. - . 4
-   - ^' 1
,, M4ist--experienced . ai'vertiseis    w\Y.
agree that in this kind  oX a case  the
results would be. very  nearly in-direct
proportion to the space used.        *.
.' -SIZE is still >"o much a factor in the
world — it .DECIDES SO MANY
THINGS in business hs ~ well as in
statecraft, that the advertiser who
gives loo little consideration tc-Mt handicaps Jiiuiself in the race.' "
, „In many an instance the.inere-'doubling of the space, occupied'by a store
advertisement.in this newspaper -woidd
double the store sales resulting from it.
An advertisement will not "stand out,"'
ii an eye-catching, way, if it is crowded
space-—ifit lacks "elbow room."
, The., advertiser who has learned
things about publicity is as careful to
provide space in which his.advertisement may come5" "out and.be separate
as he is to make tlie text matter dignified and convincing.
In a little town • between Cleveland,
Tenu., and Chattanooga, il was the
purpose to give a donation to the colored minister. .One of lhe brothers-in
the church volunteered to make a col-
lection oftlie offeringiffrom the various
homes of the, members, and, an old
colored woman, somewhat well to do,
loaned her cart and a' pair of "steers to
this brother to facilitate .the gathering
of the donation goods.' After ho had
been throughout the neighborhood and
secured a reasonable load of. groceries,
and clothing lie drove off to Chattanooga and sold- everything, including
the cart and the steers;- pocketed the
proceeds and'departed for Atlanta on a
visit,, to his, relatives. Consternation
and then indignation reigned supreme
in the home community , when it had
become known that lie had gone.
After some time the culprit drifted back
in deep contrition; .but. having spent"
all. I.ndignatioifoiice more arose-to a
while heat, and it was determined to
give, him a churJi "trial without waiting for any legal formality. -The' day-
was set, the meeting was crowded; the
preacher presided, and after a statement of the charges he announced thai
the accused would-be given a chance to
be heard.- He"went forward and took
the place of the preacher0on the' platform. ■•  '•-- -     ',.   -
The Mother's Poem,,
■-■■'.;■■ ., ,■.-*"■' 7 ...,*  <■■      „■   - /
-,. At one tihiews.   Kate 'Geary  was
' one of the   most   talented " writers/'in
Chicago.     She became the*:slave of
drugs.and-.liquor,  and fell dead one
day tliis .summer just   as her. husband
wiis taking .away.from * her ** their. two
children, ono* of whom was the dearest
thing.lo her life.* K few days* before
' her .death   she' wrote   a  poem . thai
breathes a mother's deathless love  ahd
, contains some of the sweetest lines ever
woven into verse.-, Here is the poem:.
-I love the world with all its brave endeavor,
I'love its winds and Hoods, and suns
aiid sands.
But. oh, I love—most deeply and  for*
Tho clinging .ouch  of timid   little
hands'.   "7
I love ihe dawn nil pearl and primrose
Or thnt which covert comes—all wel
and griiyj
Or the blue glemn through frosty windows showing,
Thnt us!icr,s in the dny.
And love of num—thelove that's worth
tho winning,
, (Not always worth the keeping, hui!
to say)—
- Because of all tlio sorrows nnd the sinning,
Like this—who did betray?
But, oh, above nil   love  for  mnn  or
Above nil friendship for tho human
Above all  mittire's  passionate  great
Glvo me tlio sunlight of a little face,
Give me the liond ngiilnsl my vhouldur
iy.*-**.     '
The feel of ono  soft body  close to
The strength lo dice the world for htm
All power-Ilia rest he thlnel
Out over still afar lho laddie lingers,
And ever mill nlunu do 1 repine,
While longing lor lho touch of trusting
* finjri'r*:.
■ And n Iittlo loving hand In mined
AI"ain'sTg^nuffiiT" to sayAcT^-sd^
he began in a penitent voice; I'se a po'
»iis)ible siiiner... • But '.Bcedren,' so is
'tfe all inis'ablc sinners. '"An, de good
book says wVniust forgib.. How manv
times bredren? > Till seven times? . No
till seventy-seven times. An' I nin'i
sinned no seventy-seven times, and I'm
just, going,to suggest that we turn dis
into a forgibness mcotin'an' everybody
in dis great comp'ny dat' is willin' to
fergib nie, conic up' now, 'while wc
sing one of oiir'd'eah ole hymns, an*
shake nia' hand. . And he 'started one
of the powerful revival tunes, nnd they
began to come, first those who hadn't
given anything to" the ' donation ' nnd
were not much.interested iii tlie matter
anyway, then those who hadn't lost
much and then the others. Finally
they had all passed before hiin except
one, and sho sluck to her seat, . And
he said: Dar's one po' mis'nhlc sinner
still lef dat,won't forgib, she .won't
forgib. (She was lho old Indy who had
lost the sleers.) Now I sugges' dat
we hub a.season oh prayer,1 tin' gib dis
po' ole sinner ono mo' chance. And
after they had prnyed nnd sung a
hymn,   the old lady  came up ton.—
Frederic Morgan Davenport
1 „   '
How Jinny Such
A human derelict, 11 miserable man--
weal*, wayward nnd dissolute,, moved
by remorse, dospiiir or tho conscious**
ncss of his own unworthihe-.s, committed Htilcldc- in Clovelniid, Ohio, rec-
unlly, niul In his pocket was found a
letter from his wife, living In iinotlicr
city, which tends as follows:'
and the brooks and the country walks
-.-the old happy days in the flat,*. Are
you letting it go? I Ii.-ive believed ih
you.. Before we wore m.\rried' I' was
afra.id you were' in danger, * hut I, believed the good would triumph. I can
.believe in yoii still—oh, so heartily,
wilh just a little encouragement.
, My-dear, you are the heart of .my
lieart.- I have dono all''I could. If T
have not: been*-".acceptable, God pity
me'. I, wpuld give my, life to,make
you the man you' were in tended, to be—
if'I knew bow.' Sometimes I have
given without fivail. ''
,-'. This was your time, this is your time
to s-how what manner of man you arc.
I write severely but my heart goes out
to *you, and you know il in spite of my
works.' 1 shall send the money though
it will be a little less than $40. Your
leh gram broke my last $40. It is just
as well, for I want to know what you
are doing.- If you return, it means you
need my nursing and will resume your
work,as soon as you are able. It must
not mean thai you}.have petered out
and have no backbone. That ..J will-
not face. Ask yourself if you have
done the best you could.'
Don't send more telegrams, collect
for I am sending you all my mo ney.
You know how much I had when, you
left, and I-have no more. Don't think
I don't love you,,'. You know I do,'
but don'L delude yourself into thinking
lhat there is any .work in New York
that is'sure, or any that is possible if
you are not doing right.    ', v -
Only a woman could write such a
letter* as that. A man having such a
wife—loyal,-loving, sensible", tenderly
sympathetic, yet insisting on courage
and noi excusing the lack of. it—ought
to be able to succeed, to conquer weakness and assert himself a man-. But
here is one who'failcd, 11s others-have
tailed before him. ' It is an !oId story-
repeated; one of life's tragedies. -"'Before we were married I was afraid you
were.in danger, but 1 believed the good
would triumph." 1 How many'woincn
have made that mistake? It is a
strong love.tha't survives the misery of
it. , The love and the faith of women
fire sublime, but to each may come the
sunset,of hope. The hope and sacrifice of ihis wife end al the grave oPa
self murderer. ' Her love may live on.
The letter, so full of pathos of,loving
appeal, wifely devotion and womanly
hope and courage^was of course, not
intended for publi cation.. The close of
the tragedy gave it publicity.
Northport, Wash. News. . With the
well founded rumoAlhat A. J... McMillan has cabled to friends that "he, has
secure'd absolute control ot- the majority of the stockholders of the Le Roi,
lhat the three-year contract with tlie
Trail smelter is null and void, and that
a meeting will be held on or before the
161I1 inst., also the further fact that the
C. P. R. has not yet put its engineer.--
in the field to survey -a line from it*-
main track*to the Le Rol ore bunkers,
should give oiir citizens every reason to
believe thnt if the s Melter closes at all
il will be for.only a short time.
Philadelphia, end - it shucked me
to perceive, as we conversed, that I
had to look far dow'iv at • him ;md he
had to look up at me.'
, Be little, if you. would be great. That
is the paradoxical advice lhat' 1 would
give ,10 aIl"growingJads7,  '
Semi-ready tailors
tf >
do but one thing—-
but  they   do   that
Merchant tailors
cannot tailor, by the
Semi-ready - method
----clothing manufacturers' won't, it
would cost them too
much. °
Semi-ready garments, are
tailored by teams of experts.
Each tailor is ■ a .specialist,
working only on that part of
a garment at which he is a
Thus each Semi-ready garment passes through the
hands of about, 35 different
experts. Bach tailors only
that part which he can do
a best, so that the completed
garment is the.".perfection., of
high class tailoring in every
detail. '    514
"'*'   " " A. " ■ "" 'B
[P.vou have lands or lots for sale, list them with us, if you • want  to  buv
1  call on iis.     ' ■ *■"
IF you have property to insure, have us write the risk
""""■""*"**°->t"     ■ ■' '•mmmmm^nmm.m^n.mmiimmmmmmmii' "^-i»,r .^1,i^jjZ
IF you want to bono,v money,
' call at our office.
Wo hnvo for salo'160 iiercs of l:i
'•■««- situated eight n.iloa from IV-wlilaiirt ami BBVo„ miles froin
Kelowna o.i tho west aide of the Okano-HU Ukii. Tinny- ti -rn .-u res of iho tract is Ix.cioi'i U'.i
16*cres'of level hnnch and 50 ac-.-ns of gei.tly slopintr l.-ii.d     The riMirimdor It  gn,„l  ,,,.,,Ul*0 h\\{
\% ■
Flvo aero.*) of thia hottom land is under cultivation.
.    , . Cnltivaied'I.-ukMm thu nei»;|,iK,r|„m(l of il.ja
land are earning: auug Utile foi tunes for their ow.wm. So.no f.uit -.row-jra in that awtioi. hl'Z
sold their crops on tho treos at from S20-0 to BOO per acre to \Vlmii|.«!*- dcalura this vi-nr 'ir«rP is a
chnncoiosoru.oa fruit a.ul v^ctahlo farm at- r-i-iaoiwl.lo prices and upon lernts that should
suit the purclmtor.*. Call on-Ub for prices, terms etc.- .
ILb     fin    9(V«
.     BLOCK,
B, G„
■   -On-Sale Daily Till
Aro Groat Mon Llttlo?
Two ttill mon wcro conversing-,   and
one made the hackneyed remark:
■ "Little mon are conceited.'1
That saying is false, the oilier ol.jecl-
ed. Il would he truer to say,' "Litlli-
men are great." So many of th'.'
world's greatest men have been physically litlle, that if I were fivo feet four
instead of six feet two, I should feel
moro confident of futuro success.
Look at Andrew Carnegie, he went
on. Look iit Mark Twain. Look at
Rodin, Look at Wm, Dean Ilowellt-,
Look at Swinbuni, All greai, all
Look al Napoleon. Look at Shelly.
Look ut Whistler. Look nt Pope.
Look at Heine. These great men
wero little men.
Look nt King Kdwnrd, Look al
Lowery. Look al Lindsey, All great,
all little,
Kvc-n the prctiidont, so far as height
is a journal that tells the truth.
you want it for a year, send a $ to
"RTTTt^WgRV^elson; B.- C.
Think of iliu good tlmeu—llio woods  goos,  ,is little.     I met him once in
Siinco In Advoi'llHliiir "':
Supposo tlmt two clothiers —* mor-
cliunts. of iibout equal alanding—
should divide equal ly betwe-cn llicm*
lelvea a very lurffo purchase of goods,
tliui being iiblo to offor to the public
otockuof jip|iroxlum(eIy even value.
Suppofui tlmt iho advortUeinenlii nf
Hie two mcrclmni* wen prjicilcally
Alike in le»t-|irli-<w and dcucrlpilonu o:
gcmltt ncltlnl'y duplIcAtvtl. ;'
But tuppoie tlmt one incrchnnt confined li!» «dv*r||(em«nt »o one column
of i-pac* In IliU newjipapur, nnd Unit
tlio other u*cJ it whole page, U there
any doubt nl ull ubout what the result
w    p.
rf      i'i
IAnD!DOC T'lat " 1*avcin>,E " PPS'^vc-y c«rcs all forms of
LAUllirlrCl ^'lfl|,|PP',i Coh-tIi'i, Colds, mul Pneumonia,
is nbiuiJiinlly vouched for bv scores of men
and womci. in diiTeront parts of tho Dominion wlio Hiivo been
restorctl tohonlth th rough this rrally ronnirkaMo remedy, "Psvciuni."
is not a patent mudicino in the trua Kenso of tlio word, but n ruguli'i*
profcwionnl prescription prepared afier carefully approved ficicntihe
methods.    Iln eflicncy 1ms been tested in thousands of .severe cases.
AND    ,;.
All Hall via Sumas or
S. Bn Pvtmmss Victoria
Vancffiuvey1 Ho
Saa&t'to   '" ,    ■
Via -Vluiurln
Through Slooplng Onr
Ai'i'owltoad to Viinoouvor
Sumlny Wodnondny nnd Friday
Fur full  paitlculiii'9,    licktitR,  Hrflt*
olnnH or tourlHtfl   Rlcuplng ear   rcfler*
vutlonn,   Apply to loenl agout,
11. lUmilin-r
Agont at Fornlo.
J.B.Cftrtsr,I..P.\„       •*. .I.Coylo, A.d.P.A,
Ndlhnn. Viinnouvnr
If you want  lo buy
or   sell any   mining
slock write or wire
We deal in all mining slocks ami will
be pleased lo sciul
you quotations,
Ammiiiiy, *o lill thoiio\4- j>in-itinn« cioulcl !
liy Riillruicl mill Tole«frii),ifi Compimio.'i Wo
want YOUNG MEN nml LADIES uf Koqii
luit.ilH, to
Wo fumiuli 7B i>e*r cent, <>f tliu'(Jiiiii*ut(n*H '
ami Ptiition Airunt.-i in Amorlon    Our hh
i>(iliouli.iire th'd lui'KOit oyvIuhIvo Toloi?rii|ili
HoIiohIh IN THE VypRLR., UsIhIiIIjIkj.I Sil
your* nnd onik>rii«il'h,v<nil loailliiff Hailwuy ,
Wooxi'outu ii *S!.V) Boinl tn ovory fltmlont.
to fuiiiUh him (m   lior it  lKi»it|.ni  finyiuii
from • |:i t.i 'fliiniionih in HtalnsunHtnf 111*
Itoclty MnniiliiinH. nr I'nmi • IJ.'i to rVHi n j
month In rHnteii went nf thn   HiicKlot, im-'
Sliiiluiit i i-i'ii oni«r ut nny tln'd.   No va
<-ivtl<i)ir-.  Vur I'llll jiiivtluuliii'n ruKiinillU' liny ;
ol (mv Scliool* writ ii ttlrout lo onr nxciiullvc •
iillli-o ivl Clmlliuiuti, O.   CntiiluKili' fro ii.       f
Clnrlnnatli Ohio. BulTalo, N. Y-
Mlantii Qa, taCrotio, Wis,
Texftrkann, fox, -•     Sim J-'rnnclr.co. Cal,
,*Sf*mmm*mjm*)U1*ABm***mW*mt%*mm*^ ■ ******
Subject To
.i       MM. HltRUBLL wrll««, Seiil, .4U1, 11/4, nU.iit hU reiiinrlialilii rei-nvrty from nmln cnnrllct.
linn* 1 "Abiiiit 11 y«»r *«o I wij. i.ilieii iliiwit willi l.n lirlppu, (Inn I'mriiinnnln nml Tn-ImM l'»vtr.
SWAP "W *•}?**? nyy h,nV', ■ w i"'"",.-'r iw'!»i"».n« "f wf«\ rii>-.i4-i,ii(» mi.1 »t o in dm iimnjui u{    ni.trk-t A<**cnt« for
IUIII»i, lHitllic,i|1.j-n.t.ljnm«Ullll|i,M.I*vnvlh.it I iv,,. r^.*ii.l.*ai» n li.'jk-m* «.«.• W.vJ» 1 nn 1.1      l""ru-1 rtr.,-»l» ",r
:VlTA'i„m,iJf,r,V,,,!,J? h!f *""t1*",,'!r' y<™™ Mnilij'.l'f.. r-i-liiuUrlj I'.ytli.no, Xrnti* don# for nw    I
kin (Ully iilvln^ my Iu>ilnv4jiiul to frioiiil. unJ 4.4(|iialiil.-uu'*».
TT1T3 T>pT T WV WmXm Cn
m<Akj     m   \j£tm*\J\.smm       tl*l.jtAj     \j\}»
We will buy
loooslnirc'sRoi-U}- Mounliiin llil
aoiui Kliiiivs Inlcrnntloniil Coal,
uioosliiircs RfiiuMor, Carlhoo.
We olTt*r, subject to sale.
10,000 -.liiires WcsIitii Oil.
5000 .shuroh H11IT.1I11 l.iilio Mining,
(IU1IT.1I0 Mump, U11I10,)
IiwurniU'diiiiilSin-'U UrokorH
I'ernie 1^. C.
MODKIIN   Illfis
T. H.YOUATT, Proprietor.
In !Tc*i«HJor 3s a
Pfcasunt IrSunio
fu-r* a3l who trav
STIc-snis rc-serv
T. WHISILAK, Mnnofjiop
Wlioliisnln DortlnrrimKl Dlroot Importoi'H
of WIhuh, I.lquor-4 nml Ci-x/tm.
U411117 Sjiriiialiill, N,S,
Th» Dr. T, A. Slocum, Limited    -    179 King Street West, Toronto
Poiiimnry ChnrJipni»no
iiii'l Selillta Uoor
Dlntriliiuem of
CliAin^cilnln Aiid
Pharaoh Clffari
JTIBRtTtXO    r». O.
Halcyon Hot Springs
„    •*  n. * *. * ««4 **  »-*  m >* '\*+*»X
tDflvii.  .  WmmmmSm
Arrow Lnko,  -  -  - B* C»
tf Th« mn<( tM.ifoi'Hi* uminliil-u I Hr'iHI
ni,<l I'lMimini H.i-oi-1 in llm, \\V»*,Jfi-I',",',"'".
11M.. ■Vi.liim t |l.itli*- I" ■!<■'(•-.( Tu'' l-li ami
Itimlini, 11-iMi) llit*,Vi'nrmiiiiil. "" cnriiMvo
l,r.i|«'4'ii.* oi i'* vii tur* Mrv uiiimimlt.il fur (i^
'V'r'i"iihii..-*iiir ll<ii.lliii_t' ml Kliliii'v. I>i«> r .11.11
S'miiih'Ii AIIiiii'IiIhi fnr l-'liiiillililtliK nil  M<*l-
iilliu I'oU'.ipi. (ruin tIiiiS,vnt>ilii.
Thn Kr.ni'Kmi-nf llm m*iiiinry I* iinrlvMlti.il
iitll».liiiii«liiic,,vni.litli «,l|.liili«,«[iiiiitiiiu, u>:.
Mm.nt»in«, iiiiiw uut.*,,furm.!*. I»ki'», u'nti.r-
.'. .'      '......    ' "      " '' .:.■liim'"-
cm •iuii',ti'iiii'r*i
li. 44|iiIijm:!Iiiii4|4; li nimiirpitKNinl fnr t»» 11 -i
'""'*' lUIIHV MtlSVY*t1.
N*ypri.K li lit* i-«t.jf (Tlvfu. Hint III run nmnOiv
uller .Ii4»", u 1 f>tI. Itt Jul) V ill )>«> until.' to
),rI.It ni. i.ii.i (inK.ji..r ia Ci.i.a.fil, l.vThi
Ht l.'iliilii-r mi'I Mniminrfiwlnif I'liinfiKi.v.
i it„i'. I, »'i i-Hi4intl Him 1.mu" of (lii-1 • initio
K b*Tiiu Ktl. liiiniW (-4iin|>iiiij-, Mmltnl."
It.tntV M.fct.4M.ii(,
ttly ft, V.-.A HuikiIoii Jurlli4) CiinilHii;,
> FU.I.INCi Caii.-iilifin   miflo   I'ainiis   -it
We are
^N**  PKICICS is an OLH miiur at Tl. IS Su re.
^■-*-      iilw.iVS |iK|).IUll  U» Mi4.il  lli4   I»i.'. c-l    .-!'la II.1M1-.    Jil'itC.i
n the KotHCiiay.s, in »\ i  l»x    a*
y     Drugs and Stationery.
X.  IJ. SI  DDAlsY.        The Fenti. Drug Store.
*• .--v. .^.i f'V**. rv j y ...
'■■"Y '**<- >'
Ci   '»
l,,C <£.*** v V,'"- f^r-- V"**\ S* V"*;
., -,i^;-*.*...;. .p-4.™-;' v-^-_\-.,.  „■
II »■ llllUlllllll
.. ,■-'..       - ..-, .".-*-•     - -.   ".-   ir.*,* (C* .     .   ^   -*,s  '     ,'    ■        .  . ." ,„     .    4-  - ■, -f       ■ ,,   •
'-- <*•-'""
A**i*T«fll*,   14   I
he Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head OlTicft ; TORONTO   ~
Paiti-up Capital - - $8,700,000 ■ ,       Rest - - $3,500,000 ..
■   Special attention is directed to the following Advantages  offered  b
Our Savings Dank. ■ _     • ,   "
deposits Of $t and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates.
Interest is added to tlie Deposit TWICE in cyoh year, at the.end of May and
November.    The Depositor is suoject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
DRAFTS . Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
Ulini   I O    GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Dought  and   Sold
v-' this howling. iii»erteil ut tho rate of One
i-ent a won! euch insertion.   ,
at Lowest Rates.
T. B. MAY/Manof/er
Tlmt sliced boiled ham at Blundell's
is delicious,
Peter WilBon has.received his commission a'a County Court Judge for Hani
Kootenay aiidtwill hold his iirst sitiin?
ht Fernie on the 9th Nov
Scott & Ross havo ordorc.d n. car of
hard coal Irom IJ'u.kiiWid.' Look out
lor local noxt week     '
For Furniture and I'iiuios, use only
Liijuid Veneer 10 aiid 5U cuiiih a boi*
tit- (rom N  E. Suddaby.,
Go to Wright lhe jeweller, for that
watch'you've been promising yourself.
Prices are greatly reduced.
A meetiiiR of  the Ludics  Auxiliarj
Society of tho Miner's   Union   will   i.e
held in the hall mi Tliiusdnv c-ieniiig
Mrs. D It. McDonald, President
Carinicimel,' the tailor, has ju*-t received the nobbiest stock of -lwecde'
fir Fall suits and overcoats evoi
Vi'ought Into Fernio.
The ladies of the Methodist ehu'-ch
nre going lo serve baked bean*, am
brown bread at their Tlianks^ivin;:
fcocml, .Thursday iMili Oct A rouo
tirau ih proniiUi d. Don't forget tho date
You know you have to get thnt ring
Why not buy it now when bargains are
going at Wright's- the jeweller.
The people of the old world seem to
boon the move The arrivals ol' iinml
grants-at Now York during tho month
of September established a new record
for.that part. The total was' 90,712 as
against 8-2,708 a year ago.
Let un make you a ftlney vest from
one of those choice iiew patterns. Come
In aud boo them.' J. Car'michael,'tlu
• It is stated that A' F. Aylsworth iB to
succeed Sir William"Hiulock us Pi.t-t-
master General aiid will stand for eleu
- tion in North York." It is also reported
that Sir William Mul 14 k will receive
the ispp-.intn.-jut of Ohieflliistice of tbe
new Exchequer, Court division in Tor
onto." * ,.
** The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent   position 0in Fernie only a
, Step or two from the C. F. R. depot,
hnd convenient to business houses in
 tli^city , , •' -   "	
One wc«k ago today tho grain 'shii '•*
hients over.th'e. C. P: R. from the H***i.
of September to -1 ed I2.fil5.000 buKiVli}1
During the, corresponding' period !a*t
Voarthe total shipment (wau 5,799,000
bushels. -Leas than half pf this year's
(shipments.     ' -
The S. A harvest.- festivnl services
will- be conducted, no*;. Siiudav, com
meiH-ing in the lnoruing at ll'o'c-lok.
The service will lie co'itinui'd in the
afternoon at 3 .-ib well as in thu'evening
at 8 nVloi-k. On Monday evening, the
2-lrd inst., the annual harvest festival
• tinner wii! be, given. Immediatclv
(Iter tho dinner the festival gifts wiil
be disposed of. Everybody henrtilv
welcomed. Tbo best of everj'tliinar will
•le provided'   Come a Ion-*;.   "Only'-'uc.
_ Every man owes it lo himself and
his family to master a trade or profession.       Read   the display  adverli.-.-
nent of thesix Morso Schools of Tel*!-'
grapliy, in this issue and, learn tela-
grpahy and be assured a position.
The Frospcet'ir of' hist week has a
, llio eut.on its Iront  pase ofthe fall on
lie   Eik  river at  Elko,    lho- great
■-.norgy which is fj-oiny to wahte here
■very  day will be In-massed to machinery come day ami will be pupnlyintr
jiower to many tuiiins and factories in
:iiia part of th1* connti-v.   A power plant,
larye enough to utilize all the watei
•(•i'l-j; throu'fh tho --oi-ge would be ot
great benefit to all tho   surroundin---
couit-y  aud  a source  of steady and
■joini-.au* prnlit'to llie (.-ompany that will
take hold of and improve il.
A. Clark, cf Spokane, a as at- the
Napanee Saturday.-
. F Ri H-lwthnrne. of Nelnon, registered at the Napanee Monday.
E. E Case, of Colfax, Wash , stopped
over at the. Coutr.ii on Monday.
L. W. Pecks, of Cranbrook, was a
gueBt at the Central Monday.
Charlie Fnliames Jr., camn down
from Cranbrook last night on a short
vi*iit to his parents
Doiith of Aged Citizen
On Monday the 'Jth inst., Mi*. Thos.
Banisley, father of Mrs. E. M. Holbrook of Elko, lelt the home of his
son,' George. J. Bardsley 'with whom
lie had b6Yn Jiving',' presumably to
gojo a neighbor's, Mr. Peterson's,
but missed the road in Rome way and
wandered off into tho woixls. Mr.
B'irdsiey had been subject to fainting
spells at intervals, and when his son
min    1   Tffim  n   m|;i^|7Tlf-r   "  II   '  T r"TTTr
-***> IH.1M
A SiNAP. Hs]f acre in West. Pernio,'-gooil i>
^». story butisb on tbe propel tv. Ajiply Mott
Son it Co, -        -     '   .    '
Pernio    Lot OilxlOS.   Ku»y terms.   AjipU-
J Tumor. . —II
For Sale or To Rent
J- for sale a t this oiiice, p-.-iee 25 cents enftli:—
"lloonis tt) Let, Apply Within.-' "FuruialieJ
UoomsTo Let Apply Within."
ibout(ior7 rooms.    Apply   at LriKiCll
,* N* lXTELiaOENT OF PICK BOY.' Apply to
A J.. P. Kultst.-ln.,,-
"-J* QooilopcniiiRttt tin- J.Kii'iKK oiih-o.      -   ,
» »   wdi'k, apply LKi)GEit_(jiiU;n.
* Avonuc,'* two  unnpoiitd   letters.    Fimlt-i
pleu>e return to Post Ollice.
0:,'t'iiiiJAVNiG..,T,(j.\ Yhrr-j.-rA avkn
uu, u pwr.4e (ioiiliiiniii*,'   nioi,t-.v.   F1114I1-1
Iilt*i,.*o loin-e with c-l- rlt lit Mil'. Purr-in 'lofol.
r.'iiched home about noon ot Monday
and found that ^his father had gone
awny. he waa alarnied and immediately began a pearch for hitn
'Fniliner to find his father that afternoon he communicated thc facts  to
his neighbors and h.id peop'e from
Elko nnd surrounding country cngsifit
in the search (or the missing man. A
reward was offered lur the discovery
of Mr. Rardsley and the Indians who
were iu the nei-.-hborhood took active
part in the search.
Thc Iiiditii:8 found the lifeless b.id>
ot Mr. B.irdsk-y about one mile to the
northwest of-the road leading Irom
the Bardsley ranch,to Peterson's, last
Thursday., ."Whether the unfortunate
old gentleman had .become bewildered and'lost his way- and died from
ever exertion and exposure or
whether he was overtaken by one of
the fainting spells to which he was
subject, is not k-.own.
Thomas Bardsley Was born 7in
E'lglai-d in 1820 and was p:ist, 85
yen re ..Id.. He came to Cs had a in
1865, Six yet.'rs later he removed to
Minnesota where he was joined'bv
his family, liis'wife died tour years
ago at Kalispell, Mont. 0
He leaves ii vesons and three daughters. The oldest son, Adam, lives at
Bradford, Pa.; one son, John, at Los
Angeles, Cal.; Thomas at Duluth,
Minn., and George and Arthur at the
ranch sotuh of.Klko. Mrs. Holbrook
has been a residentol Elko since the
town was located;and is postniistivt-s
at that place.   .Mrs.  J. A,  Davis of
Kalispell nnd'Mrs. F.-P.'  Bolls of S**.
Paul are sisters of Mrs.'Holbrook. ,
Mr. Bardsley was a member.of the
Brotherhood tit Locomotive Engineer's
from th'e inception' of the'order and
bolongid, to'lodire No. U4 of Braierd
Ho ran a.locomotive on the London
and North-Western rond for. 21 years
after which lid st rved a. number of
vears.on a railroad in Egypt. In ail
he served as loconiotive'eiigineer for
over 43 years. '' '      -'      -    ^ .
lie was -also a Mason, ' being a
member of (..irnetl Lodge No. ICG.at
White Hour Like, Minnesota.    -
Tbe f'uner.U took place on' Sunday
at Elko unden'the -'auspices of the
Masons and was largely attended. "
Base Bj.I1 Ball '..  *
The Fernie Base Bull Club is adver
tising-a Benefit Rail, to be' giveii ' iu
.Stork's Oper.-i House," on Oct. !27th, in
aid of the Ball-Club: It tiik'es money
to run a good base ball club, and our
boys have spent* a great deal of* tune
mid money during the s-'iison just eloBerl
and find thdinselves--till in'iliibt." It i'k
for the purpose of clearing up this old
score, that they are giving this bull
which will be a good one and should be
well patronized by the lovers of good
base bill.
,    .'Ambroy-XJoovo
A very pier./- \vi-.71ii.,v wi.s solemn .
v/.i'A at Mr, Li:,i!.-ey's park li'ouso this-,
i.-ofiiii'gatsao, liev.E U. Bartlott of
Gin ist Church oflieiitting Tbe high
eoutraeting parties' were Mr. Edward
Foster Anibrey, f4irmeily -of- Toronto,
nod MKh Mary Crawford Moore ofPe*
terboro, Out. nliss Maeonii was bridesmaid whil« Mr ll'ieheford assisted the
arooin. After the ceremony, a light
bieakfa'st was served, the brido earv
ing the wedding cake, and, tho happy
couplo departed amidst a shower of
rice. They lefl on th'e Great Northern
for a ten,days trip to Spokaii-n and other cities. Mr. and Mrs Aiubrey will
make their home in Fernio.
Trafalgar l>,iy
A meeting of a few of our citizens
was held in Mr.' Reading's,oflica last,
night, and it was decided to celebrate
"TrainU'ar Day" in an appropriate
manner next Monday night. Stork's
opera ^house has been secured and a
smoker will be a feature of the
evening. A'fee of 50 cents will be
A committee was appointed to
solicit funds for the purpose of seeming some permanent token of Lord
Nelson's great victory to b» placed
in the public school building The
minei-3 are joining in the movement
and a second meeting will be held in
iir. Reading's office to-morrow night
at which 'the necessary committees
will be appointed andj-he details ol
the  celebration -will   be arranged.
., Coul Out-put.
.  The  output ol the mines for the
week-ending Friday, Oat. 13th,' was'
as follows:
Coal Creek, '        - A '9337, tons
-. "Michel,- ,, ° '-   A     .1,356-,,
Carbinado; ...   "'   1.49G *„
,   ' Total,    15,189   ,7
The output for the.month of Sept.
was*.    ■      .',**-     .    '-• '.«.
Coal Creek,    - '3S, 278'tons*.
* Michel -\ '     '; 25 049   ,,
.Carbonado,   "; '.    ■ .  ■ 8,159   ,,' '
To*;al tor month,' 71.47G
s,     '    ,. ..','.-" ■    *    ■■    ' *" %   "'"       *' * V"' '     ''' -
'*. "--; New laid Eggs4 and .Griffin's Gel--
ebrateci Breakfast jBacoii. -      ,
■We-HaveThemV/Dr'MrMRrR" Nevv ^a«d   ESSs-
and *Pure   Gold ■nLIVjLlVlpLn. Creamery Butter
>-"'. -A   Prompt ES'eSivo'ry'       «'- .:- '•".'""
x*0eG8&000a00>rk i.-y    - •■;*.■■  3 7A'-*'
& tq "
§"-?TELliPHONE-- $    '
***!      ■'        K' '.  •  ' ~ tij
te*. :* *->      .. *..*6
«       -'      «        -|
%8&m(i8pe&a&3ti, .
9     *XP 9
The People's Qro"ciir,   P.*0. Block,  Fernie
. Moro x\bont tho Flathcitd
The ball of litigation over con dieting and overlapping claims in  the
Flathead district has been set rolling.'
The panics to .the-contest-are too
well known" syndicates, one of which
is   from   Spokane* 'rind* tho other a
prOyiucul c-'i-.i-rrn.    The details oi
what pt'(ni.-.Is :i io be ,'i most-  ir.lorest-
ing fight nre not given out but it, is
stated tliat-they "will bring into fcsin*
miipy ofthe  heated nucstious which
have arisen in  regard to tlie wholesale and indiscriminate"-methods ol
issuing coal and  petroleum licenses
in tie now /.itrjoU3 district and not
the least question is that respecting
the surveys.    We, expect in" a -short
time to say more about the,case.   . .
...Thi.   parties' nutating  the   fight
havo "retained Mr. ,L. P. Eckstein, of.
this citv,  but it is "s.iie lo say that
by the time the case reaches beyond
the ini».ihl stafje quits an - array of
prominent counsel on will be concern
cd on either side. ■ '    ..   ,
'    For Oakland. California. ,'
Jas.  Ryan,  Tom Cavon and Vic
Rollins returned from Siriki'-iH1. fair
on Monday  evening over tliOjG .N
and went on to Cranbrook yesterday.
„ Mr. Ryan is sending his rac.-rs to
Oakland. California, under rhe eaiv
of George Went worth, where they
wiil winter, if it can be called
wintering to stav in Oakland Irom
November to April. Air. Ryan has
seven horses in his sta ble.   -
- Salable, a three-year-old, is one of
thc most promising cl lhc lot and will
probably . show bet'.or, Rpeed another
season. '
M0RR1S3E7 ■' mx. SLnstralian „' Tbotel
js.the place to take the
Grent   Northern' train'
for Spokane,- lime   12
hour*;;   to  Seattle .24
j hours; to Vancouver 32
.-. . Thk Plac'e to.,Stop
Spei'ial x\Uentioi! Given to Local Tourists
■"    H. L STEPHENS :":
ffllovvisoey Sfnnciton, 33. C.
- I
In'our Show Rooms on Second Floor of our New.  J
The'Largest, Newest and Cheapest Stock of Millinery to select from, ever shown in Fernie.
. The Newest Creations . of New  York and   Paris
.-Styles, produced here at-very little cost.   ■   , .7 '   ■
We have also opened up'and'ready.-for selling- on
Second Floor of New-Store'1-    "* '■
A New Stock of Furniturev ■■>■'
A New Stdcic of Carpets,..     .'
Linoleums and
'    • .House . Furnishings':       a :
which/ve will be pleased to show "you-whether you
are in need,of the goods or'not. -    --    "   '*
The Trites-Wood Co^Ltvi-.
-  Wholesale and  Retail.  ,;
a ,t '■ ;    _   '       —PHONE'28— ' ''  A-*-  .   *•    \,-;
-. Tlifinkf»sivinj»-..-.Diiy ,
.   Tickets'willlw issued at all Canrt-
Port Arthur to, Vancouver 'nnd_jijl
uitcrmedi-.te, brannh "line p;*)i':its on'
pale O.'-t.-25tk and 26th.' {food returning until O.'t -23.'h at fare und .one
third for r-amd trip.
■^M^W^f '-■ Forty Years,,
VyffiWr'sii??^  Send for Qitslo^oa .
I   fe55^3   loa-sio^.,    ;'.;
'i\\ ,&$;+"'■  ^B-eiAIDE ST.;\V.*'
^I^te '■■"    TORONTO;  ,-
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gent's Funiisliiiifl3, Clothing, Croclierij, Stap.e and Fancy Groceries.
m Isn't it n pleasure to do business where you nro cunfitlont that you purcl.nKo p-oorta jit" tho law
r est price they can ho sol-U for. Wo buy ajulai:ll for strictly c.tBh, miwk all oiir woods in plaii
a      figures, guarantee the quality to be the highest, and our prices the lowest.
■Cr^B--*.^*.^*»*S-r*4^   OUR   Grocery Department"
!iarOC©B  B©S   is stocked with  the choicest
of Staple and Fancy Groceries, at prices which have considerably reduced the cost of living,
\\'TB 'me l0 arr'vc during the next two weeks,  four cars
of Ashcroft Potatoes.    If you are figuring on putting
in your winter stock, we can supply you for delivery from
cars nt a very low price.
Wc sell and recommend
$3.25 PSB SAC.KZ
Imvls F@iraislii§iiis
MRdaa*VVOBI\ Wo have a complete range for Men and
Boys, in Fleece Lined and All Wool, ranging in price from
$1.1*5 l0 $6*5" per suit.
W00i.ll7ei5;*i. Weareinn.po.sitioi. to meet your requirements in this line, having the best of this seasons creaiions
now iu stock.
A^'^nR^'"^      W° ■■avc  l'10 n10r,-» complete and
W-v*J.U!J-SM-£U&"   newest stock of Boy's Clothimr in
tl l*TIT4*t**. mim
^ i©©fJs
Iii our I)ry Goods Department wo are opening up daily,
New, Seasonable Goods.
Just received, a'beautiful range of Ladies and Children's
Dressing Gowns aiul JackiM..-, nicoly trimmed with colored
satin facing:, and heavy silk girdle.    I'ricct; $2.2^ to $8.00.
tJXrwr^t/rmvn,      Oni' T  -v!'i-*r'     *• - "i-i     "i*fl     -■
•*-*"**»*-*"- j- • ' - .il    '11        ■    • •     ^4
f r ..:,	
* *-J   »
'e have a double stock of Men's   New   Fall   and   Winter ] ^3*'*"' ":'J J'Sl'-v.! C.^Ij.-cj*.^-.-. .-ii^ w.v.vf}:^..^-!:^ ^....... value.
lothing, which must he turned into money. Children's and Boy's Worsted   Hose, all closely knit a
good, firm yarn.    Prices 25 cents to $1.15.
\A/tt.iS0n/3 )*urc Y-» on), Unshrinkable and Union Underwear for Ladies and Children, .second to none in Qlia'riy.
("rtK'M       n 11(1    ,^M*»    -••*, 1 M    * -nno   *l    I* 1 . 1 *** T *   -" I .«   1
*v »■  ")    *•***■*-•■>■     ■-     ->**       * • y*m,\.,,    iiti^KWt     k.'W    i-* Kl |<-»** t*iW«**
Clothing, wnicn must ne turned into money
These are all this seasons designs, nnd are the well-known
•TiCdiS!i.i.ji vmiiu G;»'u*ii'4iiijj4ii w;-ciikua.(i
Onr prices on all Men's Clothing are reduced 25 per cent.   '
This is your opportunity to make a considerable saving  on
your Winter Smt.
Coal Creek Delivery:— Ti!esdayf Thursday"and Saturday Aflernoonn
I -,


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