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The Fernie Ledger 1905-11-08

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 y-Yf-Yi^^C^yi^iiiy-i'ii ■'"''.""Ai,-". --?,A-a-.-^'A"-7"-y ■' "   -y-Y-y:':"~^'-YY"f "A-
*>.«■• -■>■
■*-----■ .M"
•)   V     ,
- \       '   - •   ~ *.   ,.   -
•*•__'..- '■',  ,    '-
■ <     ■ i   '   _ '
1 V
4   ,..     .^    -*V**-> '*'-'■*'." .'        ' 'S
--'—■-'       .     *.—-tt-liS-^f   - . C    -'
,'jW 13 1005
*      .7,1
Volume C -Numberiii."'a  -A
-.,-.*>   !»'
??' * .----
.:FERNJE,5 B.C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER: 8,'1965    v
•„-*  -   - >--- - ' * - *-'   -ss    ■■■        ■       .'  i*-f     *_ •
PRitHY^^A. Year, i*. Advance
Local .Happenings in and
7 '';V; .About ihe/City." _;'-','>
* '•.'■■"''■' '    ■ - .'• \■ -,:', v .'•'■ •"'-* ,"'
Interesting Items  About - flany
'-., ' \.■■ ■ 7 People,; Vou -Know A- A
it-     - -
\ .■■■' ..
' 'i. ■ H. H. Fullefton, of Nelson-, is in the
7: city. \"''   ".... ■  -. .'-,.,    '.   „
'J;'" -ife W.,Wood - visited ^ Cranbrook last
A'Monday.      -. ---   .-    •  '" • ■   ,',-' -  "
■vj-      ,      - > •   ■     •;■    - j
:,,,.  (Jon.Dow,;b£-: Wardner,-was. in town
Af Saturday. , -A ■".".'   -   -■',.'•    ;"     -•' J
Y - Cranbrook civic elections como off on
Athe22nditiBt. 7 A
, JU  .      ■
.% , W. J. Tlmllck, of Pincher Creek, waa
Aj.ln town on 'Sunday;"...   t;    ? j 7 -T-,
-     -       %  * *-* .   ' y
*;   J. Flelschmnn, of Vancouver was at
!-/the Napanee'ori; Monday.     *    }.
'ii ;j. Pi Elliott, of Pincher Creek," wan
^'here'the':flr«t of the week.
': Mri'P.' Vandussen is vory ill at. his
,. veetdenee lu ,We»t .Fernle...    yi
AAGeorjje Shannon, special policeman, Is
Atoqw on duty at Coal Creok mines,'
* f Bishop Dontonwell, of j^ewW^stmin*
\ *tiit, arrived in the city last night.    A
*-.., *     -.-.,. j-,<,*. ,/: ' -'.i     -,-----*   ■ *'.
:('i\',Hatch,?!',!!he ■ Insurance Amah of
. Cnnbrootc, w*wi In the city yesterday.
**" 1 '    4- ' >    ■ '      . .       . *      * ,     .
„ >'.;"**W.,T. Reld,' the dry goods man .of
-£C-ftiabrook, wan In the city yesterday.
;■ K'.Thos.!' foita^the. ..hotdnt»n-;,of
" ^Morrisaey * Mine*;-'Wm; In .the ^clty on
' IMoBday," , -,     ^V^'AwA;-;.-!; *',,". '.
, "V 8cott &" Rom have removed .their
,.! r*andartaking   establishment * to   * the
iLundy block. •  ■        '"«,        A:-, »,
.-'■ .». ." v    •. -      *    - '   ; '
f -j'There is & printer working ,in the
jLkmkr office who Bleeps in Indiana
\everynight'.." .--.-.r-        '-'""•-.',■ " "
A'.MIw Blakeinore,'of Nelson, was the
..." /guestof Mn. (Dr) Bonnell the first .of
'the week. -'',*■
V - 1 i      4 C
".The Tritee-Wood Co. are; unloading;
250fee|lof<4Saeoti^Salesmen"for their
^ewitore,..''A-:     A    A-,^  '-"'{'Y'-
"   ;s?.1(r.   stxi'Itifflf'' Ste'ph"eni.;'of."'the
jknsfr-allan hotel, Morrlsaay, J^ere city
■j-vlritwa"oil Monday.   -"•*"i-7r'   *.;''A"*
°. Y iTJ*e -1lr.te8*Woi.d Co. have purchased
 "      be
service was held by Eev. M'cCall, of
the :,Presbyterian'^church'''- A* large
precession of miners followed the body
to the cemetery."     ;.".  *.-'V    -•-'
"-"'List week we xindertookto jrlve Mr.
Mi p. Garman a g-qod-. farewell., notice
upon the occasion ■ of, his departure.
We. wrote it in our most artistic
"Greelian.style,"but the-'stupidity of
the compositor was - of' such" sublime
proportions that he could not. read* the,
manuscript, aiid the result was that
Mr. Garman was Gannaned ont of existence, | not withstanding- our earnest
efforts'to aid the printer, iq translating
the pencil marks into print. "His name
ia Garman, not'Gannen, and he a much
better fellow than he poisibly could be
if he wero called Gannen.'  u'   A V
tffee i-Rktltard , stock and will soon
u^dyita-ptece it oii the market* ,f 7%
'H lG.iQ.-S. /Ilindsey left oii.' Sunday
(•^tagrJorTorentb and^is not • expect-
■T^to-S*etu>nm5ULaft6Ftn"e7h^lf^        ;
A^HiVHonof,I'CbwtV  Court   Judge
Wtison-.frSl h6ld-co*iirt>>ere- to-morrow;
- Council Vag-arles
Tho proceedin-fs of the special council meeting- hold last week after the
bylaw, election f is very dry reading
wlion sheared ofthe ornamental frills o
speech' with which they were tucked
aud filled about.-'     --   - ,   "
Alderman .Cree thought that Mi*.
Lawe was. not an'Impartial "authority
on'thebylaw'husiness, as'ho had not
voted in the same way as the stately
aldermiM. had.dono... •; To, bo impartial
one must'- be like Cree Now Cree can
canvass for telephone contracts among
alt.sorts of people without pay,-".for a
corporation, in .which he has.no inter*
est and can canvass-for votes^forthe
same inetitutioh'anil can'even Vote^-for
a proposition as a citizen and then Vote
as a councillor to confirm his voters .a
citizen without the leaBt shadow, of a
suspicion of partially crossing-his vir-
giu.miud. (But for h lawyer, to even
cast a silent'vote one way or ihe- other
on a proposition and then presume to
be,able to give an iinpnrtial opinion as
to whether the proposition had carried
or not would be, in the mind of. alderman Creeanimponsibility.A*We have
often heard it said that the. average
Englishman was void76f;^»7 sense .of
humor, anil from Mr. Cree's.. assertions
as to'tlie partiality of Sr.-.'Ij.we. we are
forced-to;conclud«;tHat*"tKe councillor
is not above the average Englishman In
his'sense of. humor: 7 ■"■' ■* . • }',
, Then alderman Wallace had; to,get
'another o'f his, friends "into trouble by
(•llliig-the Council that Mr, W.;R. Ross
had told liim that ho was of opinion
that'lho bylaw had passed.. Now *ire
all know'that Mr." Roas has been  en-,
,   % J. Q., Ciimmlngfl, ?JP. 'l>*S.f; ha«; re.
•"' turned from1 Frank^whflretee;has been
. .doing some •nglj-iMri.i)^
I F.5.W, P^ors^aBslstent • freight, traffic
" man'a^'rrortho C;P. iB'.-.'andJsH* E.
illacdonald, of, Nelson, -sure liior^ion
Saturday,  i \  ■: ■   '
,'j> G. G. Jewell waa In town >last 4,week
" «nd reports that about half the-frradlnit
for the spur to the Hill Great;mlije fa.
gaged, in a laudablo! effort to .make no
record-a'poa-the wat*»Mue«tlon-:*-dnriu'jjf
pvu.41,4, rrn,... queSutOu (iuring-
all these.days of.strife;aud contention,
and had It "not been'for'' Wallace . making public property;' of hla", private
A large docket*wai.ta.Jiie. attention. Ac loplniop Mr', Bofi8;«iec.ordjogi the vexed
- \^iW»-..-S»'»-J>.-^JJ.**-- .T--?-;--',^~.'-. '-''.'■   'aiu<H«'. n/Anlri »4«irA umainiul a hlan'lr
.-?;Therfl.;wlll bt tx largo,turnout.of
jferrilu1 residents *t the oponlng ball to
?iVb given by tho C. 0. I* & A. A. ■ to-,1,
ruorrow night at Coal Creek,
'•ij J. L. Morrissey,, Cuwdinn manager
att tho Union Assurance Society and
'-Xhoa. Bruce, manager for Manitoba for
•tl^ttime company, aro In the city.
■IfMr, C/C, Wright has movod hla stock
oi jowelery into  the store   formerly
-occupied, by,-Scott & Rons and is now
j-ijady to Ao biisineas with his' many
Wttitomsrs In better quaitors,
lt"j. P. AnnBtrbngrgoireriimbiitiijioiit,
;h«ld a sale of the government lots In
-the Fornlo annex ou Saturday.  ' Them
was not much ddmnud for theso lots
,0ljly four bolng sold at tho upsot prices.
tiioo. Ij. Doylo, accountant for P.
Bijrns it Co., has boon trniiBforrod to
1 the Greenwood branch. He loft for bis
n«w port, Sunday .morplng. ..Horbort
fCrabtrin iucooedshlin" In tlm Fornlo
,«fflM, - --. ■■ .■»"■■ ■"-',
There will ho a meeting of the
.Hookey club In M. A. KniUtior'U ollice
•jnoit TuotiUy evening Bt 8 00 All
•.Interested In this Uatmdlan sport should
be proiont as arrangements* for the
•irlnter'Maion aro to bn mndo.'
The inioker to-night at Conl Creek
.will ho an onj'iynhlo affair.  0.0 8
■J.liidMiy, It, Q Drinnan, I). Havles, .1.
McBToy, II, D. .Wright, Mnynr Htorlr,
W. U.-lioM-'nn-l Tlio*   Kclih aro thn
• ipoakara, which Iniunn a good tlnie
Jonas Jones who met with «uch 11
.painful accident a few dny* ngo, ffH-
jtlng his foot caught tn a liny preii, litis
.died from iitw Injuries. Mr. Jones wns
«ona oftlieoUhliYierii .of Ml<- I'lncliei
.creolt counirjr 'nnd wilt b« ti-jUwd by u
<Ȥry large circle of frlendn. '
i(X L- UovJitf-a *rt'liJi*;/rjl itmidty
tfrotm Orant'ii Tnai, Oregon, whero ho
)hai boon spending a'few days tonkin-*?
rafter tome Important mining Intere-d*.
Oavotopment work In being pronpcuti-d
*r> * wry r'eh cry*■"?•* lolfO a-J.'Ic!; U
•jyUIdlng 170-lbi of copper per ton valued
at KM 87. TberoUa latjro well defined
tadf« carrying thli motat,   „
Tha funeral of Mr. John Kivr, -who
died from, tbe fffocls-of the Injiirie*
TtK*tf*it tsrsntl? whlM i'famptlpg t-*»
beard iha'mtnn trntn trlillt* It wm in
fi-ietton, was tDtiAnnM fr-in. fhe lindiT-
tiling roomi of Beott & Hotm In-Jt Sunday. The body wan taken'to thi»
Miner*'  Union   hall where a abort
question, would havO. remained, ni; blank
Noyef miiid, "f Mr/ 'R6(*s,*" sometimes* a
blank record is tho worst kind to have
on a public question Aiid- this break
lipbn the part of alderman Wallace
may-prove abiesBlng in disguise.' u]
'   ',''■■ 7./**v7   1'  ' ■    - />
Alderman'Tattle was again, the one
man on the" board who.favored;,taking
iMr", Lawo's advice--'iiptigetting •out sido
ftpinionbefore'; taking a decided'action
up*nuso'important a'quostion, biit tho
other, meipborH'woro' p'ossesHcd of aii
irredistnblo desire to do things .'nnd tie
up the; city to tho water' pipes of the
,PftwcitrfO)Bipany before any meddle-some
outHlda lawyer could.have anything to
say,' -TKla-aeHon laid the city liable to
a costly .actloin in tho courts, which
might have boon* avoided by a fow day*
delny, but they f jiavo become no ,1m*
biuiatod to buttln^tho law nnd then
paying tho costB-tlmt-wo suppose it wan
from force of habit'-tbat they ovor
rodothoBolicilorand-nldormnn Tuttlo
In order to mako impossible to got into
court whoro tholr record isono.unbrok.
en cjiain of dofontun'd cost.   , ,
Mr. Lnwo gave tho couiicUhlH opinion ns tn whntlinr bylaw-lift had .been
lei*nlly pasflnd, but In view, of'tbo (fact,
that loenl tnlont seemed to dlffor,,Oio
would ndviso thnt the opinion, of nmln 1
ontoutsldn council ho secured' bofore
action wnn tnkon. Nobody but tx -Fop
nlo nldnrman could object to such nd-j
vice bolng followed, .ntid nobpdy. can,
flnd niiy fault "with" Mr. Lawo for tl«.'
ullnlng to net nny longer for a body of
layman whoprnctlunlly told him thoy
know morn,about tho caso than ho did.
ft In tr-i'n thnt t.ioro In a lawyer on thn
board, but It Is nlfo trim tint tin hold*
npodUlon nnlcgnl ndvlnertd thi* com
puny, nuking for nn agroemnnt with thn
city nud ns aldormnn Crmi took such 1
lofty position regarding Lawo'n advice
It Votild l'O absurd lo nuppono that Mr.
Ileri'hmer would bn ankod for lognl ad-
vice or that he would favor Ihu Conn*
ell with It If thoy did, If the bylaw
was logallv adoptod It will b« binding,
otherwise not..
" f .- -/ .Harold; Jarvis; . •' v '
. Harold J^rvis,Canada's greatest tenor)
will.sing in-Stork's-opera house on
Wednesday eyening,;Nqv". 16th.r. i.
'.Tothe'peopleof Can»dft",.Mr. Jarvis
needs no introducing! remarks or -fulsome praise. - His fame Ib an wide as
the continent and press dispatches from
every nook and corner of-the-.country
could be quoted, telling of \ the .street
melody of his voi'c*. -We'Beie»t,'only
two of tbe hundreds wa have seen; one
from the staid' old Witness of'Montreal
aud one from Washington. Di.C.
' vAlways a- standard song' at Scotch,
gatherings "Scots Wlia,,'Hae!' received
a superb rendering at the hands of Mr.
Jarvis last night.- To a powerful resonant voice, hi2rbly.yii.mnt',in quality,
and a splendid intarpretatton, of tho
spirit of the nbng, the acting, of tho
thought, tho coiicentration, of the passion in gesture, tone and eye, and ,it is
not surprising that calm old men felt
their blood young and warm, or that
young men glowed with , n fire which
seemed to - lift- them' off their seats.
Snch is the power of a magnetic ■ voice,
reinforced by Intense' feeling. , If one
desires to discover,how. much of tho
martial, buried beneath the cares of
shop or streets in him, let him hear
Mr. Jarvis laing ^Scots Wha flae."
Depths bf j£i.*otion never, suspected by
the wild bosom nro .stirred, and'the
truth is learned that in the most pacific
there is something which will respond
to the voice; to the eye, to the high
word that-urges/—Daily .Witness,
Montreal."'.A,;''' "- ' ' V
. \Vashingt8n, D. C: It is , many
years since anything ro enjoyable in tho
way of singing was heard. Nature has
done a great deal for Wit. * Jarvis.. Hi'f
figure is fine,-hjs.address, pleasant.
His voice i8powcrful and'sympathetic,
rich and resonant, swelling now to full-
toned thunder, sinking now to gentlest
xephyr, tind throughout the range entirely, free from any harshness, or anything unmusical.' -Hisselections were
excellent. Certainly Mr/" jarvis has
mnde'ii place for himself in the hearts
of the music-loving people here, V.-
The Ladies Aid society of. the.Metho*
dist church have succeeded in securing
Mr.'Jarvis for Wednesday; Nov. ljSth.j
andal I Kernie will'be turning out to
enjoy ari eveningi with "the greatest
singer, before-the Canadian-'people;
Our people are'lovers of good music,1
and.the hall will be' filled.-- --'
*. Those desiring' good seats will do well
to'secure them at once. - Seats - and
tickets can-be secured at .Suddaby '9.,; *;
Crowdliiff. Into ' Canada. ,
; St. Paul, Nov; 7;~There is a. persistent rumor .tharj. J.^tlill has m-
theHddabnVBay,railroad^ and;wiil
build to the bay. '.None of tbe local
offlolftls bf the Great Nokhern have
"confirmed the report.which, Is circa
lated so generally from tbe.Canadian
borderJ. -    ,:      "-   ,. , \,   . .    -
It is suggested that the 1 impending
cause of such control is the desire to
secure a .foothold - in the Canadian
Northwest and extend a system in
various directions through that .vast
territory. '*. ' }   y )
- At present tlie wholo mutter ir' in
the. air.
BSats the Klondike.
Miles of Rich-;6re in JSigfit
1    ,-      * -    - 1 1   7 }
Said to be the Kichest Strike in
- the World.. r
_ Victoria, B.C., Nov. 8.—Every report coining to hand, from .the new
camp at Conrad,* Windy arm, in theA
Yukon-British' Columbia borderland,
gqes tocorroberafe "the "declaration'of
the men jvho were-first;in the field,
that this is by far the greatest thing in
lhe New North, greater than the Rfon*
dike ever dreamed of.bciiig, and so far
overshadowing Cripple creek as (o be
beyond comparison.- Col. H. J.' Conrad, lhe father.of the district, and liis
associates iu chief companies as yet operating, iorrn (lie closest]- kind of cor-
poration, in which "interests nre nol
purchascabio nl,any prtce; the estimates
by conservative expert's of the amount
of rich ore in sight on their properties
reaches so far'into the. multi-millions
as to. stagger the im1.ginatiqn.7On
the Mountain Hero claiiHJa'st, season's
development ol the Montana vein exposed ore by actuub'measurement on
June 26, of the value', of $12,900,000.-
Il was at that date,that General Manager G. A; Singer,-of tiieConrad-Cbnsol-
idatcd Co., begnn 'operations"on the
Mountain Hero-'gulch,-1 jhalf a mile
north^of,.the. Montana-Jtunnei...This
tunnel was driven at a cross-cut, and
on October 24 the .rich fissure vein was
reached at a depth'.of.63$ feet.. This"
strike proves Uie vein more than a.mile
and a half long, and it' has already
been shown tofbe from four to sir feet
wide, .extending, from -Pooley" canyon
to Montana. cree&*r-Developments to
date show this to be.'one of.the: longest
or quite the longest! chutes of continuous high grade ore in the known world.
Ore in eight to the extent:"of!:$ia,ooo-«
000 by a'6ao foot tunnel is (something
new in the annais-*'of: mining. The
Uranus claim Ims also beeii developed to
such an extent, thatfthere* are 50,600'
tons of ore. in sight; .ro'that. it "can-be
actually measured,,',above^lhe tunnel
level, that will run higher than. $50 to
the ton: and thc camp is not yet a year
..    /■ - :-j. -, . * -V -V ..i-.iv :       -*'  -.-
ofthe new field, '-is'how.\preparing a
report corroborative "of the" facts stated
above.' H.- A. Munn, another Victorian
who is inclined to be pessimistic rather
than optomistic, is also convinced after
a visit there, that Windy- Ann is the
great mining.population center of. the
New Nortii of a verv few years Hence.
Mr. Munn adds;-^ "Conrad is a flourishing town andjwill have.iii- thc. hear
future the. largest* population of any
town in tlie Yukon territory. I was
in Skagwaywiien a committee waited
on Col.'Conrad to induce bim uAbuild
a smelter there. -'The only answer he
gave them, was: 'What would King
Edward think' of .mi-* taking the ore out
of his country and treating it over
here?"     "  y
- My information from the mines department is that Windy Anil is by far
tho greatest mining district yet discov.
ered in tlie ..'Caniidijiii North. ' Every
statement made by the first prospectors
has been borne "out twenty, fold; and il
is today in just the  position the Klon
Minutes of special meeting of the
city council Nov. lst^'1905.
.Present: His Worship, Mayor Stork;
Aldermen,' Cree, Trites, Hcrchuer,
Wallace and Tattle.
- J. W. Nunn, returning officer of
the election to vote on proposed bylaws,^ declared the result'to be as
follows:    , .-■**■ ,  -
• For the ratification of by-laws:
No. For. Again&t. Rejected. Total.
Speeial Iy Contri b uted by
Our Own Staff
of- the Many Events
the Pass Towns.
1 121
Moved, by Alderman Herchner,
seconded by Alderman "A'allnce, that
tbe report of tlle returning officer. be
adopted And made s part of tho ruinates of tho council, carried.
Moved, by Alderman Wallace, seconded by Alderman Cree,-that bylaw number 19 be now reconsldored,
dike was in",j§96-7---tlie  public could carried
scarcely grasp the'' truth.' It   will  be
well to.watoli.it, as;thecomii'ig.great
center of mining activity  in   Western
Canada.'"°',' ."-*•-'•'",.-?  ;   • Ar
.**■*-,... .V-.**"    - ,   .iCH'G.
Burrell'a Tribute to  Harold
Tho water bylaw, submitted last June
rocolvi'd a much targor vote than did
numlxir 28 Inst week ; James McLmii
took lognl sfopfl to hsVo tlio Juno dec
tion voided, kind as a conspqui-nco it
l,«a |.*.sj4a1 4iu» ut wj*i»Uiic«*< iliii li*
lp)»i\i votln-fr at Ibnt time iris a* jh.'IU-
intt as cnmpari<d to tho illegal votas cast
on the IWth of Octobor, but we predict
that the man or tho let of mnn nho
start prncoodliiRi to void the lust election will bn riillnd nil .'ind*? -\" r.'.r^.t
for dolny exactly what Jamea Mclean
did In the InttroMa of tht people who
will now bo spllllna vlalu of wrath upon
lho liiiflds nf tbe rasctli who follow
Ihelr example. *	
nonx. •
mr!7Ptr:np  At r^uu tm a.*, -m, ,tiu«,
lo t'ii wit* of W. fl. y*M*\ I, a ton.
Ilt'TTAV- A%C*i*t V»lUv,»4ti Xd**. tii \s
Ih* wlfu of J„U. Rattan, a JtwaliUi,;
I St. Pitul, Minn., Nov 7,—Thc people of Uegina and Saskitchowan -trcn-
orallv, will bo glad to hear that J J.
Hill, the Great Northern Bail way
magnate, is determined to follow the
example of thousands of .American
settlors, and invade the Cnnndlan
Northwest. Ills plans in Manitoba
aro already known to many, but tho
inows hns looked ont horo today, that
ho is polnp to extend ,tho Mohall
branch to Hoginn. It Ia expected
this lino will ran only a short distance
from one of tho 0, P. 11. branches,
One ot HII I'8 friends said today that
next year would see a vast amount
ef, railway building ln Saskatchewan.
.AlplmUot of Succoiu.
'Atlead cnrcfully lo details.
. Do prompt in ull things.
.CoiiJilder.wcll, then decide positively!
Darcio do, right; four to do wrong,
l.twJuru trials, patiently,
Wght/lliVti hntllcs bruvcly.
Go not Into.(Jjc.BOcIuty ofthe vicious.
Injure not niiotiiorJij, roputntion. -
Join luinds ouly wltli, tlio virtuous.
Keep your .uiind' jfroc   from   evil
Lio not tor nny • oonsidsration,
Mako taw rrmthi MCijualnUincc*,
Never try toiippunr whnt.you ttrt not.
Observe good innnnenii
Piiy your debts prompily.
Question not (he veracity of n xticnM.
Rcsiwct tbo counsel «f<vnur fimrKnii-
Sncrlfice money rather than prlnrlpln/
Touch not, Inso not, 'handle .not In*
tosicuting drinku.
V*t your leisure for iniprovenicnt.
Venture'not upon tha threshold,of
Vi'..*.*..') t,.\i«».i«'i; wNtr )our pjikMimii.
Yield not to discourngement.
Zv.'alomly lnhor for tlio right  nnd
sua-cn Is ct.ruiln.'—I.x. -
Jly Little Irish Maiden.
Just n sliumrnck from Klllnrncy, juit a
lock of golden h.ur,
Just it iimf.1l wee hit of hlnrnay, sent
from I'riiiV fs|.*«o ftiir,
Oh, my hi'Jirt in in Killjir'.?)-, and I
*- wt«ili I loo, had stayed,
Girls are mnny, i>ul not any like  my
.llillo .Irish m.iIJ.—-I'.x.
Although nearly all the;,best strikes
have been made this" summer and^prac-
ticaliyall wiiiiin tho^past*..two.years,
oyer.-*,400 feel. of-•»-o"rk--*-bi-tSijaiready
been dohe oii Windy Ai-ni claiins.'- The
Conrad Consolidated and "the I. H.
Conrad Bonanza!have donei.'soo feet
of ^york*alone,' and are putting in' a
tramway foiir miles long at ;,a." cost "of
$7S/ooo. A shipriient'-'of' 100 tons of
ore was made from the .Venus ..'claim of
the Conrad-CtHisolidated to the Tacoma
smelter, which <netted $102.40 aftor
pitying, all frciglit .. and , ■'treatment
charges.. The Venus ledge .shows, up
for two and one-half .miles,''! While, (he
Uranus has been stripped for- a mile.
Col. Conrad hns' mined from Mexico to
thc Arctic, and believes the Windy Arm
strikes to be the biggest ever madu in
America. His company has all the
capital required, nnd together with the'
Toronto company represented by Ed*
mbnd HristoJ M. P. will spend $2,000;-
000 in building 11 suiclter, development
nnd putting up four more aerial trains,
ono of which will be carried in over the
Ice this winter.- •
' The Windy Arm oro is a silver sulphide carrying gold from .$1 a to $60
and is Idontlcnl with thc product of the
famous CoiriHlock lode, The Windy
Arm district Is on Tnglsh lake, nbout
50 milcH from tho ocean, nnd the line
01 tho W. P. & Y. R. The camp Is of
'great importance and. unlike .nnything
boforo found In the Yukon, sinco it
offers permanent work to miners nnd
other laborers every day In the year.
Thc climate iu very much like that of
Montann or the Alborta country. The
richly mineralized area has a known
width of 3 miles und n known length
of 7 milt's in norphry formation. How
much larger Ihe district Is no one' yet
knows us lhoy continue to lind that It
extends on both sldon, to the soulhcjisl
and the northwest. There wcro about
one luindrvd claims located during tht*
piiNl summer, which were readily sold
10 mining mon on llie ground with the
ready caxh lo pay fnr (hem. One prospector sold Ro per Cant of Ills cluhi for
$105,000,1'cialiiing a 20 per cant in-
teri'M for which he * lum since been
offered $50,000 by thc majority pur*
.chasers. Th*» vein* itr«* im* -H««iin* «tJ
cut the formation In n true ttmnu re-
gardlrss of dykes or other lntersoi'llom<.
Thero nre many veins running both In
nn,on»io4y and ucslcrly direction while
others show en   the  surface  running
littrth 'i»(l "ci't};.     P,,c ,.,..;   tHtui,   W,Kf
these vein* for miles, finding the same
ore in one*spot mm-another.'-The orr,
initead of showing in chtitea, Iscontln-
uoui for miles. About So. to 90-per
cent ofthe values in most of the veins
li in 'liver. The balance -U gold.
There are two veins In thc-district
lum-wcr vvln'ic goM prutlmiiinalw*!.
W. P, Robertson, provincial miner-
aloglut of Hritlth Columhi.t. who has
Juit returned from nn ofllcial inspection
"Mr. Nelson and company presented
Frqncescada^Ritni.ii.to a good house
last Saturday 'evenina*. -Mr..Nelson has
made several .appearances in - tin's city
now,"', and- people have had abundaut
opportunity to,forra a clear impression
of his work.': The sotting:' of the' play,
both as regards costumes and scenery,
was decidedly good. That Harold Neb
son himself has real d ramatic ability
every ono'will concede.. But his limitations are obvious, and it is apparently
au impossible feat for him to enter into
the character ho is representing with
that,£omp]etenoss which makes for a
great success. -The. tricks- of gesture
and voico which stamp one of his characters mark all of them. , He deserves,
credit ,for fiystematicaliy ..presenting
ciea'ri dramatic work through this coun*
try,.when heaven know?, things, of the
sbrt ai-'e scarce enough. But if,this ac
ton's to gain oh his audience!!, instead
of wearying them, he will have to abolish the impression which, somehow or
•■wliole'thinV.'. Whe'fher itis'Haihlet or
Prince Otto;'; or-'Lancjottb,'- that- Mr.
Nelson js'prbsenting;' tho feeling created
in.: too". many, atnongst.-.tbej-* audience
eeeuu ^o.be -yi'l^old^^i^^^ladi^^ntj'
gentlemen, kindly l-eniombftr thfit these
other,^people,aro merely!supporting
mfs", *Thl8 is unfortunate, biit wo believe trua'^.Mr. Nolson has high aspirations,- and undoubted powers arid wp
should llko to see hiin riso - above 'thin
sort of thihjr, and secure-, what lio. lb
aiming at, a placo among theroaily
prominent actors of the day.     . -    ■
Clifford Lane^Bnice waRveaslly''the
succass of, the", evening - in his 'rolo ns
Jester, It to, we* Imagine, a rolo spee-
illy to tho liking.of the yoiin**,'actor, and
itisa.tribute.to'Us. ability tbat ho filled
It bo capitally.
* Somo sll-rht interruption nt tho back
of the hall dui-liig'tlie prog'rois, of the
play was tho occasion, for a homily on
manners by Harold Nelson'.^, It, was a
homily not entirely In good tiisto.
Every man who appears on a public
platform knows tho irritation of th0K(-
intei-rii|)ttniifl, biit tn como beforo the
curtain with a lengthy.robukfl Is a.mistake. Mora 1-flpocinlly wns It n mistake
to'sndille on the teacher of a cmmminl-
ty tho sins oft tlio small hoy In tho back
of a public'* linll) -• Nulsy nuisnncoH In
any part of a (mil should bo dealt with
promptlyfor tho snkc-of thoso who pay
tholr money to'"henr'porformnncci In
quicttlOR9, but If lectures are'ib lio ro'tid
by the performer tney must bo delivered
with a tact and .ttlrui-HH, both in manner
and matter, which will- lenve no nasty
tuHln in tho.mouth . On.the wholo the
wny |to: prevent liiturrupilous l»rt(i
tunku lho perfiihiuincu so InteroHtlng
that the wish to Interrupt will imt ox ist,
Noxt tlmo Mr. Nelson oxporlonuoR nn
oagornosi to oxpoiiiiil tho plilloHophy of
manneri. It will bn wo)I to rninombni-
the old proverb, fpstina lento "—Grand
Forks Gntotto,
Moved, by Alderman Herchner,
seconded by Alderman Wallace, thut
by-law number 19, bs passed, carried.    •*
Moved, by Alderman;Hei*chor, seconded by Alderman Trites, that bylaw number 20. be now reconslderi-d,
carried. -       '"'
Moved,.by Alderman Trites. Bee
oiided by Alderman Herchmer,  that
by-law number 20 bo passed, carried.
Moved, by Alderman Tuttlo, seconded by Alderman Trites that bylaw number 21 be now reconsidered,
*- \      c*
carried. - .   * •   "'
Moved, by Alderman Herchmer,
seconded by Alderman Tuttle. that
by-law number 21 be passed, carried:'
Moved,, by Alderman Trites,   seconded by Alderman Tattle, that by
law number 22 be now reconsided,
-; Moved by Alderman Trites, seconded'by Alderman Herchner'that
by-law number 22 be passed,"carried.
Moved, by.Alderman Tuttle,,seconded by Alderman'Trites that bylaw number'twenty-three be' reconsidered, carried.   '"
T,he city solicitor was asked for h's
opinion as te whether by-Jaw number 23 -MiM j*ece_tofl^^
Froui our own comupundviit ■
Mr. Corey Dow, of. Wardner, spent
a day at JalTray this week.
Graiit  Downing  Kpcnt>.,Sunday   in '
Wardner (he guest of Corey Dow.
Mr. Wm. Whiting, killed t\vo fine
buck deer near his ranch tills week]
Mrs. R.'Englisand Miss White spent
Saturday in Wardner, the guesl of Mrs.
,. *. i*.*--, . *. - - ^*rf* -,.
Mrs* S. Pearson haaancw baby girl,
born Nov. 1st. ' Both mother and child
arc doing well.   ,
Mrs. A. Fenwick has returned to her
home at. Fort Sleel aocoinpanicd- by
Miss Marston.
^frs. Grant Downing is, spending a'
few days in Fernie tlie guest of Mrs. T.
H. Whelanat the Napanee hotel;
HIGH IUYEIt    .   '""*
From otuf oxmamespun&tni
W; Middle-ditch will ^tart np n
lumberyard here..
The usual hallowe'en pranks were
indulged in by the boys.
„ The'saw mill has shut down for
the winter and the men are in the *
huso cutting timber for next season.
Grain is not coming in very fast
owing to .he low priive. Farmers
prefer to hold till spring for a taise.
High River will have two covered
rinks this winter! Messre. Hamilton
are 'building one and Mr. Carver tlie
other.    ' " *  ' •   _ , y
C. Schack has sold ;hia.lumber
business to the Otis Lumber-Co. and:   '
is turning his attention to grain.v ,|ie :
will continue to" look-) after, tbe business of the High River Elerator'Co,''-!
-,**,'** .
The barb" wire-fence'around the
every day.respliced.5 ' irtlie" company would put np a .decant fence'
and put:a. crossing opposite "thoSt.
George hotel it is possible this fence
catting would cease,     <
numbor of' votes required for endor-
sation; and stated that - iti his opinion
it had not, citing the ;statuiory'pro-|c,,P..Rv.depot' la-^eausiiig a lot bi
visions In support oi Ms opinion. He trouble. * Every night it" is cat and
stated however,.as other.local ottor-" ' * J" — ** *
neys^liad expressed an opposite opinion, that-he. would adviBe the'council
to procure the opinion of some' eminent outside counsel before passing
it. Alderman Cree expressed hlra-
self that as a majority of the council
was of thc opinion that the by-law
hod received' the necessary votes,
tliat tbey should pass it at once.
Alderman Tuttlo objected tothe passing of by-law 23 antH the advice of
the city solicitor had been 'carried
out, and unbiased outside advlco had
been obtained.
Moved, by Aldormnin Cree, -seconded by "Alderman Trites that by-law
23 bo passed, carried. The vole on
this motion was as follows; For,
Cree, Trites, Ilcrclinor and Wallaces,
Against, Tuttle, Sunday in Cranbrook.
Wheronpon tho council ndjonrned.
Thore was no meeting of the city
council on Thursday night, only the
mayor and connollmon Croo nnd
Wallaco patting In an appearance.
' ■••'*■ .j-v.^*.'
I  ' '.')■
From our own cormpo-ictoiit.
John McKee has retnrni'd from Ryan.
G. Bardsley has movod ln from his
Mlis Myrtle McKoo waB in Jaffray on
■T. Youatt went idowo to F,orj*Jpon
Mr.. Hobortnon returned from Efts
mouth Friday night.
Mrs.  McKay spent   Saturday
Tho   Conl  Out-put.
The out put of cnal at tho mines for
thewouk'endingFriday, Nuv. 3rd
wan as follows!'"'
Coal Crook
£,.3(1$ tons.
Total       1(5,712
Mr. and Mrs, J. Duncan mourn tho
loss of thoir infant son,
A. Kennedy, of Blonholm, Opt., who
has been visiting here for the past week
loft for homo on fjunday,
A card party waa given nt tho rosi*
donee of Mrs. Jus. McKoe on Friday,
A. Kennedy bulug the guoat of Jiuj
,■"*'" _     • *"• ri'-i^rym
The Pernio small boy Rliotild aectiro
a cortillcsle of good behavior from his
toscliorlf liowls!ii*s to avoid a lucture
tomorro-f " nlgjjt, , ,.
Newapnper* Tlio Host Medium.
(N, C, Fowlen jr., to the members of
Ihr N.   I*. Yiry  Goods AtMocliilion:
"Wlmt |n the best advertising"medium?
■   •     ■    ■■  ' ..   . *
Without Jcpriicttttng tint value of nny
ofthe i»ood ndv.-rili.lnjr i*n».ttiAi»F f,
there iir<* many, I wiih lo tstnlc rnj,'*b-Jl-
icalty, nnJ without <|ij«lificttli(,m, that
the newspaper Is lhc best and cheapest
advertising medium for the retail ndver-
ikor    1 c'tntnt   f„-, ^^.'Mj ;,„,„v„
upon you the Intrinsic value of ncim*
pjipor nilvertlslng space. Tlio news*
paper, logically, pMycbologlynlly and
pniciiciilly in the most natural of iiJ.cr
lining medluni*. /Vdvertltifng beNmy;-.
lo the newspaper. "The render liuyi
ihe uvvtspnper fur the ndverl'miiij; -"*>
well M forth* newipaVfd many a worn*
an buji il nlnioutetcluiivcly for lhc
Tho Mountain Mill AHUoclatlon.
The tnombnrg of tlio Mountain Mill
Association hold a moetlng In Nelion
on Monday. Di-loiratns from all the
mills worn pro-nuit and a very siicc^tHfiil
and liiirmoiiloiis Resslon wn« held. Tbo
mill men aro fi'iillii'r more hopeful awT
are bo-rlnnlng to think thnt (hrre may
be a good year at<ead oftlirm, Thr
lumber biiHlnAKS has bnnn anything hut
RRiUfaotory to tho maniifncturers for
tlm last three yenr* and It is tlmo they
waro getting a Iittlo profit nut of tholr
The Manitoba and Korlh West farm-
•rnanuip to tl.nlr eyes In grain and
I will  bo  laklntr    In   itrtn**''1i1i*»   Vl't
|(W,(KK),I100 for whnat and oats evi*ry
grain of which is protected, but with
all 1 tilt wealth pouring In upon tlimn
they take time between  breath* tn
about fnr "freo lumber •'  The fact that
(liny are lining proiMted In evtrv ton
eiuviiiiH- way jhi-1 the lumberman of (his
province are being uii(|»roti»i!ti'd by thn
dominion government on lhe one hand
and the provincial government on the
otlu-r,   does not  seem to weigh *n
linavlly upon the minds of the •tntiw-
a* do*'* llm Itet lhat there nm mrtr« of
(he fartneri than there are lumbermen.
Thn farrnnrs arc *n|oyl»_f th* principle
nf prfrtfcllon while lhe mill men am
nifferlnr from, the eiTceta of the frw*
(radii principle asjapplled to the lumber
indimtry.   Thcio I* no logic in this ei*
. cept that which comas from brute farce.
New York City I-.lecl.ona
Mayor Cm, B. McClelland was re*
elected yesterday by a plurality of
H.OOO.   District Attorney Jerome was
rooloeliwl by over 8,000 plurality,
Theso aro rather narrow margins In
tx vote so liirgn ns was rvist in the great*
nut city on tho continent, All lovers of
honest Kovernnuuit trill rrjnlce over the
success of Mr. Juromn which Insure
tho continuance of the great reform
movement for which hn li entitled to so
much crodlt.
.« '
HI llvri loKaw York,
IM llftVO VUl».| tltt XlXlitXt,
I'd havt olv»B llm wor.l.
Of tb* .!*•! to t)i«l Xtvtt.l,
UinlillHMmii Juronir,
I'll li*ve »iit to lii* fcnino,
If I0011M Ii4 v«t run Htorlr
In thai lioo-llfm- Now York.
Cmuorook   Kleofioii*.
HimcIkI to Tint I.fikish.)
A moating undor thn auuplcevof the
rifllway men wu held in Oranhrook ou
Monday night taut lo di-mux candidates
for llm emnlnif t«iint»»«1i ,*.,.4...,.u* «**,a.
Mown. J. D. Mrllrlil-i-, O.T. Unsrrt
and A, Moffatt «<>r« »ugge«.t«l for
Mayor. Messrs. Jas. Kyaii.J. P.Flsk,
D. Murphy,.!. Jackson. W. Hlggaii)*ot-
hein, V. De V*r» Hunt and other* warn
rnanttonml for aldt>rman,
The mcfctliif waa adilrpsii-i] by alt
the above named geutli-mien ami *l*o
by Mr. J. A. llarv«>yt H«v Mr, Ward,
mer and other dtlximt,,
Tho street lalUjuys that Mtflritlh
and Moffatt will supjiort Il*»j*«!r» and
lhat there wlll be ne election but that
all will go in by acclamation,
C.   '■'(■I
fi       1    ,-
1 .< V*-*-.-*-."-,-1
-.--■-.-.--.r; ■••?...>.■>-•  -* - '■.•"■*■?.■ -. »-yv.-iy *■-■ .-v^y-iy*y■'#-•'-i-y^.'--:-;.,...   .- -- .-.-,-"-;•-.-,-.-,--- *?.v-.-vsr-*>i^;-'--?,t-.-s^"--v5.r;*.-.^...\   *.; .■.•.f.^!-?,s?*s,-*4^a^ p:-!**u-A**-7-vv7'>-a-'A^S
■.; 7A7A7" '      ••■-:-: t y•■"•-■' .-.y.''•'■••   ..* -7;A*-'-•T'-.--'-,'-.vA'"'  -   -      ■-: '   - **:; .*;7*   ■' 771-AAj-^7     *■*. 77*-'."'"7V-^A*'>7-:;-^^^ '"A-V"'----.;
o .*
l esj^.1 .*r*?*ij»**wt*i'
The Fejrnve Leooer
'   O. V. MOTT
.„.   . —,-*.   EClTOR
•-      - -    • - MANACER
IsskjkI every Wednesday from office of publication, corner of WoodSt. nnd Baker Ave.,
fernie, BrltUh Colartbia. •■**-■ .
gineeringundertaklng 011 the whole
route,has been accbmplisbed. arid Is
now ready for use,
Ivivlngstone lived not in vain."
Allowed to be obanged when desired, without
~-       'extra chawe)
0 1.5o per inch, per month
Special uooition, 50K advance ,
,   ($tf/6,$ke-iu.Uv"*hen plates are furnished   -.
($et in nonpariel, 12 lines maice an inch.)
Auction Sales, Entertainments, Tenders, Le-
SalNoticesjiJto.VIOcentsa HneTiirst insertion,
& cents' a Jine each subsequent insertion,  - ■
' ■ CJtSl'-A-WOBlJrADS ,
■LoKt,Jfoiui4l, For Sale, To Let. Rent or Ex-
' ' change, one cent n word, each insertion.
On back page amone JopjUa, li} cents a tin
(On fwot !*«■* amiviis locals, 40 cents a lin
if occurring Amongst our subscribers, free,- all
Ethers 50 cent* each insertion. Cards of con-
Sratulation. condolence or thanks, obituary
Coctiyetc.,lUtsof*uestK and wHlnR presents. JV cents ,a line (jwnpariDl) each insertion.
Without change, one inch or under, tl a month
■Vnr further information desired can be had
on apDl.lpat.9n J;** the manaBelf.
.- Inspecting: Coai Beds." •
s"     ' ]B.'t!. Miniwj E^ctiange.)
James MnEvoy. and- 0. L. ^Spencer,
coal experts from Fernie, were in Medley last week, i-omin-f in from Midway.
They were .on their way through the
; Nicola coal fields., Mr McEvoy Is Chief
Geologist for the Crown's Nest Coal Company, and is fairly familiar with the
Siiriilkamecu, having-. made a trip
throufrh there in 1888. Mr.' Spencer
bas also bad a prior knowledge of the
Similk'nmeen having journeyed through
several years ago. On Tjuesday they
had a run over the mill Mid works of
tlie Daly-Reduction Company, buV did
not have timo to go. up to ■ (.lie' riiine.
Mr. McEvoy will make an examination
of the Nicola and Similkwaeen poal
Copy   for  change   ads
■must be in the Ledger office
-for the inside pages, not later
than Friday noon, for the back
page not later than Tuesday
poon—new advertisements
Received up to.Tuesday nigh}:
pt 6 o'clock,
Dunn's  Report,
We learri from Dunn's Review, bf
Oct. 28th, that accordlm* to compilations made by- the Journal Of Com*
tuertie, that the tota} payment on ao-.
count ol IndustfiiU .dividends will exceed $15,000,000 an increase of $1,-
000,000 over same period last year,
and that tho total payments of divi-
dens on industrial stocks tor .the ten
months of the year lust passed is $232, -'
400,000 arbincrease   of $18,000,000
over the/janie
rlod last year.
• ••Psvchink" is a wonderful
>   It   contains -medicinal
elements not found in any of.the
patent  medicines*  ' "Psvchih»w-
is a regular practicing physician's.,
, formula.   A tonic for weak people,
* for men of business worries, for the
•tired  mother,   the  pale,  languid
girl.  Young girls just budding into
womanhood j elderly people wl**> -
feel that weakness due to old age
find it a remedy they cannot do
" without.   It restores yJ-UlUy, cn*
atcs riiA, newftilood, qwnoyes all
^purities, strengthens the nerves.
If you need a trial ask druggist for
«• Psychine."   c
Mount,Fernie Lodge No,. 47.
. IQys^CMi^-O.F..
"_' Meets*"- ev',"ry   Friday, evening at' '$.
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.   I, **-
T.Bhck, P.G..R.S., -
J. Barber, l.».s., d.d'.s.,'
":    -DENTIST-' ■".■■!;*■■-
** m*mmmm^^^mma****^s^*s*m .
L) T. W. ' Block,, opposite the  Bank
-       Adfliceiiours—8a.w. to8p.m. --■■,       •
W.J7 Wriglesworth^ D,D,S-;
.< -r>3j33srTisrr     . ,'■ 7
Omen Hotmsi 9 to 12 a. tn., 1 to 6p. m
' ■ Office in Alex. Beck's Blook"   .'"
over Slinn'a Bakery. .
fERNIB,*--   "'—■   •: .'—    -\ — •"—,7. ,B. 0.
L. P. Eckstein
Barristkb-at-Law,   Solicitor, ^EtC*
Ctithbert Block, IFenilo, B. G.' **'
FERNIE    ■•:"■:
.», * •■■.- ,»:■•■•*   a
*,-. ■ '-1',!   '  7«        ,.   A
Is. a pleasant home .*
A for the traveler,-   .
J, '., > - . ■ ■
on T. J4. SLOOUM, Mmitod  .     .
I7» Kin-*- •*••«•. Toronto, tenMia
W. a. Sobs ' .  J. 8. T. Alkxakikk
Ross & Alexander
" ---• i KERNIE, B. O.     ' ■'■■'
Otttoe in h. T. W.' Block, VlctorU Avenue.
" trnsrioisr eabkl
Crow's  Nest   Special
,^__ ^-'and  "- '.  i.V ■■—
Miner's Ftw-orlte Cigars
"":^ A^Head Office :  Hamilton-, $anada. .,     j; y
Capital *#2,320,0QQ i: Tftesfpve-* $2,$20,OO0
-. Hon.-, Wm;- GiissoN, Presidgqti ■,' * A. * 7 s -\       ." :*■ fj-
:'.-'    J. TuRNBULL,'.Vice-President and,General,Manager,;  .
7? ^Branches, tnrougliout CancwS-a     ;7^ *7
> Prafis issued, payable iii Canada or abroad;    Foreign 'drafts cashed. 7
>*.-';    7   ''    Special advantages in Savings pepartment.'-     •■ I---'■. ".--jt'
Open in .theeygning of the Coal Go's pay-dtiy from 7 tUir-j) ■■
Moro About flip fake   Dispatch
r   * si
^ *.
In endeavoriiifr to meet the criticism of The Ledger upon an articlo
■-reflcctiuir upon the integrity ol, the
"officers' and  management   ot   tho
•tfbckv   fountain  Development. Co.
the Neltion Tribune states that the
•above named compapv was tho!'only
.one owning oil properties in tlie vi-
pinity ot Oil City and it was fair' to
infer from that .fact-Uiat the pwneru
pt tliat property were the authors of
{the fake dispateh.   We would Bti*>te
for the  Information of The  Tribune
that there ia another company o-vn-
f ner oil claims adjuininff (he property
pf the Rocky Mountain Co. and that
v«?ry.little work has-been done on it.
. Whether the owners of thia undevel-
A'ii-ped property  woijjd^ bs firuilty" ol
— iuiiuuiai:iui iijk in 10O-1 c{JO» i*5 v.-,—fi*.aJ-
pr3" being tapped Upon their neigh*
tbor's property,. wved? not.-attempt to
p&y. but We stated in our previous
-Article that one ot tbe'ofncials ot the
pevelopmeut Co. had promptly wired
{its a denial oi the truth of the. fake
•dinpatcji. The president of the -companyarrived in Calgary, where he
Is well known, on the raornirig that
the Wiiiuipeg Tribune dispatch ap
Beared in the papers and in answer
to congratulations .proffered him,
stated that when he left Oil City 0
day or two previous nothing warranting such a statement had o&
currcd. He also went to the press
nnd authorized a denial of the nn*
thonticity ot the di-spatch which wus
Wo wish also to call tho Tribune's
attention to the tapi. thut it stated in
Us first articlo on cliis suhjoct tlmt tin*
d|spatch contalnt'il inherent evl-
-uenccs ot being faked. Iii this the
Tribune was correct, but to conclude
than the owners and i)l]|cers ol the
Kocky Mountain Development Co.
Iiud anything to do with the lulclng
jtjuiinoss la absolutely oronoous, anil
\vq tiro sure tho editor of the Tribune
will bo just enough to concede thc
co}TccH}espo(our }K)8|tjori,
Rnlirbad'MHngro.   ,
Poor's thirty-HE-ighth annual Manual of Railroads in, the United States
gives the totil milage of railroads at
the end of 1U04 as 213,828 miles and
an increase of 5014 miles for the year.
The gross earnings- totaled' $1,977.*
(538,713; operating expenses $1,838,-
3D8 6SG, leaving the net earnings of
$039 2-10,027. After paying dividends
and interest there was a surplus of
$9:.. 620,010.  .     * ■ ■     -
, F*?C, Latoe;
*   Post Office-Block.'Fernie. B.'C.    .   a .. Wfltcll
As William Rockefeller drove to
the station this raorning he bailed, a
pewsboy and proffered him a cent for.
a paper. -     -   .
The boy drew, himself up proudly.
"I cannot take it, Mr.' Rockefeller,"
he-'salj} politely, but firmly. "I
know the source ot your wealth, ° and
my conscience will not permit me to
touch even a penny of it." ,
.-   .LAND SURVEYOR,        '•
Office: Mottii5on&Co.,L.T.W. Block
Fbrnie-—■—British Columbia ■
We'Httd t-p Turij. it Do*vn.
The new Russiitn loan amounting
to $260,000,000, has been allotted.
New York and London place, $40,-
000.000 to $50,000,00-J. but Paris,, as
usual gets the bulk of the loan
amouting. lo '•-$180,000,000. Berlin
will absorb a comparatively small
portion. There is a Russian Government-issue of $1,155,030,000 listed on
the stock exchanges, in which there
have been no,public dealings.     	
KoTainted Money Goes.
.JiiBt before the third race was run
at Beiiniiigs today a man stopped* up
to Sol Lichstein, the well-known
bookniaker./and handed.him a thousand dollar bil'f for a bet on Pete Daly.
"Where did, you get this money?"
asked Mr. Lichstein suspiciously,
"Why," tho man, replied, "it is
part of my Standard Oil dividends."
Mr. Liok-jteln waived him. a way
imperiously. • -Nothing doing/7'he
said. ''Notainted money isrooolved
J. Pierpont Morgan met with a distinct rebuff today while negotiating
with an art dealer for a stolen .cope.
"I will givelyou, $}5,0D0 for the
cope." -'       .'•''■'•■
The art dealer accepted -. the 'offer,
but when he * received the" millionaire's check returpeel it at once, sayings *       <*•"'■        _' . _ 7,   .
It is impossible.for me to take this.
There are some depths to which even
an Italian art dealer oannot sink.
Your money Is tainted.   Good: morn*.
ing*A', -'' *■
*■■•" ■■-■'■■■ ■" •
. Much indignation is' expressed by
»he-ieading-cltizensT-over_ aplacard
that appeared,,, this afternoon in a
store window.;, Tbe placard, read:
"Tainted monev is good enough-Jor
us. Bring on your trust-begotten
wealth and spend it here." A' .
A movement is on foot to boycott
thiB "store. yz~*£   ■ '" ■' "' '■:",
Fancy &Qods
Big Reductions in Price
Mrs. E. Todd
• .   ■. .A-OB-ercnr  .
' its only duty in life is to answer correctly one question -        ..;,*',:.
whiat fitrieis it?'
Hrst Class in Every Respect■%
.    MB8. S. JENNINGS, PadrBiBTBESs.. 7   ,   ;:,
■      .   -9 ".LIMITED.        .,      '   ^i
„ AH watches sold by us are guaranteed lo answer this important question
correctly   .'The prices are right. : * , _
' OHIolal Watoh Inspootor of 0. N. Ry.,
Jeweler Optician
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers
"•'  ■ of Wiues, Liquors and Cigars; *
District Agents for  7
;-     "Pbminery Clwmpagne^
. .   and Schlitz Beer
DlstribiitorB of„   .'-- ... .  ,A ,-   V;;
_ , ^        .       . '        *-    ,** * -       < r - >„«,   ,
'   4   1 *■;*-■ . *•■ * '
7   ,       Chamberlain and;      \*  .
,     -"-"-.      Pharsoh -Cigars
s ".       ' .'..'''
f Selling Canadian
i made Patent Medicines at "Marked' Prices
*-» is an old thing at this Store,
£ Wc arc always prepared to meet tho lowest ob-
J tainable prices in lhe Kootenays, in Drills and
£      Stationery.        + +■■+.'.■
N. E. Suddaby
Halcyon Hot Springs
New rrap,Now. in Stock
I,-.'"-  Homo Grown and Imported " .    .-
Ot. Jii.KN; FIELD Jiiid FLOWEB 8EED3 ,
..."-.   ^ -Wholesale and Retail   •< 1 •.'
Special. Prices to Farmer's Institutes ><*, -
Thousands of Frulfaud .Ornamental Trees*
BhododendroiiH,''- Hoses, * Greenhouse
;. ,.-'■ •'"nnd-Hardy'Plants •. " .';' : "
5 :now" grovtlngln my nurseries for '
' " *' ' 7; Spring planting : ' -
Eastern prices or less. A.' Whito tabor
Fort Steele Brewery G64 Ltd;
'.-    FERNIE, B.C,
v-aa==^=r-*i*. " —'   .,:. I...'.. -vir.'-'-Ti..
BreWeris of Extra Fiiie
V Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters; Bottled Goods
'""      ' •' '■ '  a Specialty. / ' - f • ■.-]
'. *"° " '• V      '-Vanoo'uTor, B.C.
SOlOvWestminster Road.
For Quick Returns   ,
List your Property with   -Phog.   Batt
Arrow Lake.
tar-Tlio most
appolntod .Baalth
[>o West, with a cpm*
plefco system »f Batlis-lnoludinj? Turkiolr and
Hussian. Open the year round. The ouratlv*,
properties of Its waters nro unoqualcd for Cm*-
Fng AlltlhoumatiOf Norvous nnd -Unsoular
Troubles; for Healing all Kidney, Liver and
Stomnoh Ailmentm for Kllminatiiig tall-Met*,
allio Poisons from the Byntom
Tlie grandeur of tho scenery Is unrivalled,
jtiountains, unow noaks, forosts, lakos, wator*
fallfli boating, yaohtlng, fishing, shooting,ox*
 IHi . ..
oursions, tennln.
. Itswlntorollmato 1b unmirpaiisoil for mild*
- '.1 Proprietor,
1 *-*%-V*-%%*-%%'%%*^^
OdiouM ConumrlHoim.
Wo 4wpl!9rfl jn Mo ^Y"8torn horn
lophoi'o Imvo always buun pl'piK) i-l
tlio tnuffnlllcoiit Ninpfam, wator full,
Mid it ii trnly a Ki-untl femuro in tho
riHtural scenery of Atnorlcn, but
the rccont formal Qponinn of tho Vic.
torln Kails' brlilffo ncroan thn /.iiuil-o*
ul river Just bo'ow tho Ylotorla Fiillo,
riMiilmhnstlint thero i|i'« other ful Ik
tlutn NlH^iirA that uro worth looking
at, This Rrost ciitariiot wits (lnt dis*
covered hy tho routleim white rutin
nl»at lilty ynniii 11^0. 1 ho nlevntlnn
ol the country ut this point Ih hIjoM
2,000 foot uhovo left lovol or 310 foel
lower thnn thn Foruln towiiHlUi. Tin-
In III aro front fX) to I'll fret high and
ovur a milo In width, Thu toIIh on
the now brldgo over which thn ours
run ure over d'U luut above lho wider
lu tho river. '
Tlio ih-ij|'Ip down In Ontiirio nre
Uking k (Trent iluttl uf tiitereat tlii'So
ditys lu tho iruinoiidtjiw uuorny ot lho
Nltiiram KhIIh hn thoy pluniro Incns*
uititly over *h« brink of tho precipice
nnd drop li'iO fnut to the lowest level
i>,  ., .4ni.)4Mn.<1   winiMmr of nhxn'Cdl
-■■'it '•
energy, but hown-u.i-.il, In cjiiiihiiI*
mn, thli tittle ciwoftdo i|i|>i'fti**t when
viewed nientnlly with the 420 foot
fall of *» river over » mile wide.
Uow niftny yenn wlll It bo before
thU tcreivt tctixne of pow«r will l>s ti-
tmlvixMjs the liftmen uf u-Wulnc-M nnd
be iupj>lylnn |*»wer u> ft vtui rt'Rtuii
In the fieurt of what, ft few ywriftgo,
wm celled "Dsrk^t Afrlcn.''
Thrne thoiuaud mllcn of the Hvo,
tluunMivt K-oveti huiuln*d mllfs of
C»««lf Hluvb-V Cifw U»Cairo railm»d-
\t now cuui-iicWiU, ttuil the Iiii-tfwW oo
' 111' i,iqrn
W**m*^mw.^*w^ ****** *m***f m*^*mw*m- *w**m^   w^^^*
Rall and WTnter
fN I 'I I" O'.T -*Vn gmt
t 1 '       •*' "
nnd tho Cho.'ipost ever sold in Fernie, now on view nt
Miss Varty's Home of Fashion
i7ii7sWJh*tfttiiif    NEEDED'
Annually, to fill the now jnultlons erontod
by Ititilroad and TolcurHph Companies. Wo
want. VOUNQ MEN mxl LADIES of,Rood
habits, to ,-
Wo fnrnlitli 1ft por opnt. of the Onorators
and Station.AuonU fn Aniorloft.PHr »•.*•
soliooU aro thelamest exolujlve .Talfgrnnh
Bohools IN THE Vy.ORLD.. MsJatblisJuja «0
yoarsaii'lenvlorsedby all luaillns lUillwuy
We oxeouto a MM lloml to ovory studnnt
to furnish him or hor iy position pftylnn
from (40 to MK) a mouth In Btntout-ast nftlio
Boeky Moiintfllni, ur from liTJ to HiK) ii
montb In HtJiten wost. of tho RooUlos, IMMEDIATELY UPON GRADUATION. ,
Htndoiils oan enter-.tuny time, ;No va*
oatlonK. Kor full nartlnulurs romrdlnir any
of our Schools wrlto dlroet to out ovcoutlvo
Cincinnati, Ohio. BulTilo, N. V'
AtluU Qii - UCroi.o,
| Tmrktnii T«i i    tin frinclic(ii
, Successor to T. J. I)urkor,at 'THE OWL"
Property for Sain, to Rent or Exchange,
Ronts oollootod, Employment furuishod,
m.- BliNS & GO,
„. 54 ^.   . .*• .1   ,■','.'- ,- ■ •     A„_.       ... --..
Have one of their largest'stores in Fernie.... A - • ',,,
i -.- Lamb, Veal, Freeh and Smoked Fiafc;
; JPresh Fish instantly arriving^
^, t t!
"^4lLateassayorNolwnSmolter) ,. ,
' Gowrillvor.br Load oaoh . .*.  .M.00
Coppor....: *1.60      Gold-Silver..... *l.M.-
Ohurgos for other metals on applluation
P. 0, Dmwor nos' Phono AM
1   Foi'iiio, II. O.',     '
Toncher of tho Piano !
(f.ouoliotlr.koy Mothod)
A thorough trainingusHUicd each pupil
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :,
Retail    Meat   Merchants
i. Cirj. I
We linvo thc one you nre looking for—a Tin Lamp
complete with Reflector, at a bargain 65 cents.
Fanpy Colored Stnnd Lumps* at $1.00 nnd $1.25
! ihr..ry f imj«, — cpiyHnl, Jtt^.OO.
TinntiiK nml l'lumbli»n Dcpjinuioiit oppoullti SnlviUioi. A,rmy  Uiirrii tlt»
,,i,1 C-dcvfooin nt4Yi iti.ff tn l1ir> Klnf Kilwarrl Itnti-1,
^    %    *
In FernU, It m
PlttMmni llomo
for oil who trav
Rooms isiitrv
od by Wlro.
T. WHEL/IW, Wantijjer
■»i«-" »■■■ ■■ ■■■■■■ ■■
Thoi. Poiur.  *i   »f   Proprietor
*      ,*       ^
'. . A .". &   - -'.: .; .*
A   full line of Caskets, .Coffins.1, Shipping   Casess
* '      , a^*'*--4'*   •■'V       ■   " • '   ■»■•'''
Wreaths and:S6"crety Emblems oivhand.
•' - ,' «'-''■■•      ..'   ■   . '■   - ■- -• -   , ■ ..'.-   ■. :, ,!•-.
,     „ Y   ■N'-HJLSOIT,  B. "b.'   .    ',(i| .,        i,Ayi
x        , j 'i i
jES?" During- N6vember and December a discount of
io per cent will be allowed off all orders for spring
delivery.    ".,'+,' ' + - '+     '.'-'■
PF"* We have cuts and designs for Monuments and
l' other Cemetery Work, which^we will lie pleased to'
-"    show intending purchasers.  ? - , -„,.
Office Phonb 41       Residence 76       '     -
Parlors In T. Book Blook
3w ij \
1 ,
• t.
CliolcoHt qiiU of FYeih McnU, al
wnya on tinnd.
JIuniB, Bacon nnd Lard im wull,
All klnduof KcohIi Flah, In aoimon
Prompt Dollvory.
01 vo ua a cull.
TEL 18.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
All Canadian Patent Medicines sold at their,marked prico >
from this date.   No need to send away for your medicine
now.   Remember tho place.
Fornlo, 4th Oct. 1005 Noxt Door to tho Poat Otfloa,
t^t   rr    y y r\nr\i~>T
*Wmm*m*nWS*y*m%wlm ,
i f
1 r-i it      1 r       i   ifii^i'M*!! - ry* \   •( •
iM/iv  nv; 1 ru/i i'"s*-
T, H. YOU ATT,, Proprietor.
Is thc place to take the
Great Northern train
to Spokane, time 12
hours; to Seattle 24
hours; to Vancouver 3a
L7x Mmtvalian tootei
Thr Puack to Stop  ;.
Speciitl Attention Glvt-n to Local Tourfafa
mowlwy Junction, 3D, C. ■■sv***-"----.- -•■■'." t'ly-W- v*yi -•'
AA^AA^sA-f 7 7
;,i. '-*-s*.   ■.•^■■T
■ f
HpHE first few days of our Great Slaughter Sale, demoiistrated again tlie mightiness of our organization.   High Class Clothing *at tho low-
, est prices eyerilinowhi makes an irresistahle combination—a combine the people like, judging by the way the crowds which came since
g '". our opening day.     '^^ti-rt ,   ,
- -I
and Near
And Why 1  Becausetheybought Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes for less money then they had ever dreamed of.   Every customer left our
store with
■ »T>
the last three 4ays of our QreatSale.   We will again use our knife and cut prices stilL lower in order to reduce this Stock by that time
For:JW Saturday Night, November llth., at Midnight
j Again we say/Buy your Clothing aM you have an opportunity to  buy Good Goods for such
'.'  . '    '.- / '.•... 7■„, j. 7-.a.. 7 *'.   '*:.'■-. •%■ .*■* $•*?        trifling cost.
* ABt
Ǥ-*' A IB-A-IRG-^insr  G-I-FEES
■•■' .Yy&
§$^SrtW-'-£?'*E^ihiiltoiy^: ;pit--R-bforai; War%(Jb'e"StGGk> Pernie, B. G
4, EstabUaliOB the Stuiidard     7
•Tho Oriental:' Limited, of 'the
Vr'Qrout Noitlierii Railway',*' a
.'^Sinrvel In Train Equipment.
ArJie hardship nnd depi'iviitlons of an
overland trlp;iti.tlie ■»«*,ly' .-lays of tho.
JtilorthwoBt aru knowu lo ail who road**
ii|itiii8 (-iirly day a trip nerous America
beaut tenfold ttat-wlanflfer ithan^a j trip
wound the world inenns today..-'4.What
wonderful changes havo boon wrought
'•aii^wh'tt wiB'. coiijaUlbrcd a hai-dshii'J
itUy years ttjjjoYwhicl.'few could combal
li today a pleatmrablo pautlmo—nomo>
tiling to autl'eipato, s'oinethliitf- to de*'
Hjfht. « * ■■ ,. • ? '■• A -. 5" -*
/^Iiuinoaimrably.jinorft bo In this'the
'cRpe-alnco the Great Northern placud tn
Bervice their rojral train, "Tho Oriental
Luiiitod.'' Tlio fact imiHt bo consiilorud
that-itl uudorUklnff a journey ot Buvor-
Bi'thoiiHiiiitl mlloHthe oiiue and comfort
-with which It can ha accomplished Ib a
flirt conflldorntlon; Inthd criiit'einpla-
tlnnol » jouruoy the traveler BoloctH
' that riicana of transportation which af*
ford'a him llie quickest,'' easlOBt and
niOHtcitnfortable trln, It In nooxairgor-
atlop to mate' lhat the Oriental Limited
it t.io fulfillment of Inventive,Ronlim In
train oqulpinont, Fow people .reallicd
tlio caro beHtowed, tho - complicated,
cmoothly working tnei-hnnlHin which
roakea tho wholo a thlnur of bonuty and
pITr/ccllon In'the art of trnniportntloii.
'.VrTho Oriental Limited" Ib made up
of a locomotive, nl tlio moat advanced
und powerful type. ologaiit day coacliOK
nuAllnjr Oi pimple; now tout Ut aleoperfl
which lmve been snrh n feature of the
(."rout Northern overland trains; new.
(lining car-; paluee Bleeplne; earn' and,
what ib a decided Innovation in tratifl
contlnoiitnl ij-nin t-«iul|tincint»' a com
)iaitnioii( obaeriltlon library car.
|iM>«i    Ml.1
The Amethyst has been
referred to natho " Matronly Jewel "—nnd the
epithet' Is undoubtedly
The now Diamond Hall
haa an unusually extend*
, ed range of Amnthyat ■
Droocheti Pendanta.
Hln-»», N«cklet«» etc.
One Brooch of com-
■^poHinp; beauty conalats,
,:«(a largo Amethyst surrounded with 30 Whole
" Fearla—the price befaflf
}$'*%, poatpaid.
 UMITEP ■   '  ' ■
134-138 VOMOB 5T.
Observation 'Buflfot Library Oom-
_*■- ■'-.; jiartment Qitrs., -.. '*." '-',
) TneBe'.carB are-Jthaj'fii*st'-*ofjth,eir;.kind,
to be UBedoii'tranBcbntlnoiital^railwnys
They are the embodiment of comfort
aii'd convenience and typify the height
of inventive genius lii oar building,- 'In
tho construction of the cars thopurpoflo
In view has been to fuminh; the traveling public with qvery comfort and luxury which thoy eould aecuro at a first-
clRBU.hotol or at their club,}, Ease, oie'
gnuco and e'xcelleuco Ifl tho combination sought in the • building .of those
ca'rB. -Tho ol'iForvatlon rpome. are flu-
inhed in vernifillon wood and tlieAl-airt*.
are upholutcred in '{,'reoh leather, the
romainder of tho fui-nlsliini'fl belnff' in
liiirmony with- the general color
fichemo". The card room l» linlHhed in
Eiiplifth oak with (-rceii leather seat
coverim/a Thn four stato rooms .which-
are unusually rdoiny--nro Itnlsliediii
iiuihoffttiiy,.coco, .vormilllon". and teu-
quln, while the furniBlilngd are olive,
rmldlch rose; Kreen and maroon phiBh,
In the ordor named, .. Tho ...drawliij}
room it* finished in malib*rany and all
rui-iilfllilnfljB are jroldon brown plush.
Tho rear half of tliose cava is duvpt
ed to tlio observation rdoiiiy^andHome*
ly furnlBlied with 6a*y chairs, wiltlnK,
doik,oto'.'- '.Wide''platolfgiHM windows
afford anui»obstruct6d'view.of'the sur-
roundliifr country,' Thomi who oujoy
botiitf In (lie open air wlll find comfoit-
ablopoatH on tlio protocted reai"*plat<
form, ' i'i,.y^ i""Y?Y' Y*
-Curront porlodlcalf, a brancli of- the
.HnoklowrY library and tho latest newH.
papers obtatnablo.at t-U^liifl* point, nnd.
en rlniilonre proyldoij. In ,,these enra.,
TliUcaVjiIhocoiitalhs n'apnqloua earn
room with n wpll atnekoil buffet, nlcelv'
furiilalicrt-niid 'pleHHlirill/'aTrjiu'ijcil for
llio comfort and convenience of pnnbon-
gl'V*. •-. •'..■'•
huxurluua in appointment, well nlKh
perfect In inoclmnlcjil coiihtructlon,
complete In every dotnll from houdll'-lii
to rear and laiitmn, thero Is nolhlnjr
Initio be lUiHlrnd," ThnOpiuatliiu ^rt-r
wlll at once apienl tn the pnsi-eiiKor for
the aeluctlonof llienOaches from eon*
iliictor to pntter la nude with a view tu
•heir adaptability. The pliiclnu in scr
vice of "The Oriental Umlli d"lia» be*r.
tlonn with a view not ,-iilv to ruin 111
travel but crento It. That this end Ih
icuiiniiMt-hiif ih 1111 luMirnl fact to any.
nnii wlmso |i]i'amro it is to mako a
^urr.iy arr«^»li«roMlntiit on Amer
icii'H must cum foi tal-lti ovm land train.
disgorg^llierwast suiiils'stolen from the,
millions'of premium pnyers. Million*
^ire'pefjurcrB-will face." indictment ^for
falsely testifying before the* investigat**
ing cominilce .while under oath. Multi-millionaires will, it is believed, be
compelled loiiglit desperately to keep
out of jail for crimes committed in the
name of high finance.
Only one thing can save these frock-
coated grafters, who have been plunder
ing "tin* widows and orphans, and that
is the failure of thu altorncy-gcneral of
New' York State mid the district nt'tor*.
neyofNew York Country to.do their
dutv. Belli officials have already
indicated clearly that their office!* are
ready, when the investigation closes-, to
begin tlie light, which will go down in
feWtUi AtitHoritiOM Will Drinjiiid
Tlmt VliHt UuiiiH of lll-tldttoiiM
lloHtttiriKd to tho Credit
,, , of,t|ie I'rvHiiiun l'jiyora., ,
Nuw. Ynrk,,Oi-l. Ja.—The Inveullgn-
tion of uuuMiice wrnndiila liy the Nru
, VorU liuUliilure In lii lu follow.-d. from
f>r«;<>eiil indiri.tli-iiis, by the tiuini jfi|f.in-
l'i(- 1cj;a] haul*,* [bu world li.ij! uttr .st'i'ii
Mlliinii.iiri* urjiflvr*! wlim*.- uiiiie-d far-
liini-i run iiiiu iliu hilliim*,, will,,lfphui*.
jJiMiof uiiMiirr)-, be ilefi'iidnnts in Mill*
lH'tiU|;lii hy ilie .jiliut-j-gcnvr.-I uud
l-V ;t.w UiaUl**l .4,'.**n*..4.) lu fcutt tlwin Ui
Covert Coat
is extremely
The tiew style
Semi-feady covert or
top-coat promises to
;b;e very:; popular this
It has good reason
' ■     ,       u»      I*   ' V**       -,-.-■ •
to be, foro it is snappy
with style—a sensible
style, too.
. We make,them
either with the box
back or with the vent
Those who wear
either of them .will
he perfectly satisfied
with their appearance.
Gall in and see how
well we can suit you.
f'mmz - • - c. c.
history as a battle of Tilon's of the legal
profession,' and tiie greutost court trial
of the money power' of. the country." '
Tlie crimes with which the grafters of
fortunes from insurance funds may be
charged are: Grand larceny,' perjury,
forgi-ry.'cn.bezzlcmeiit and fraud.
Wall Strbbt Power,Involved., ;
,'Allof these crimes hiivcbeen lestified
to, or have been shown clearly, in tlie
testimony produced ut the sessions ni
the investigating committee. It will In*
on.these charges that theiiiulii-million-
aircs, llie powers who rule'Wall-street
and thc financial destinies of litis country,! may by tried,     ■■
The law holds that directors of nn insurance company are trustees, and it is
further held by the law that trustees are.
prohibited,' from making,, inoncy
through funds held in their trusteeship;
Under this law, all ofthe directors of
the Big Three Life insurance comphnics
tlio Equitable,- the New York-Life and
the Mutual Life, ure responsible for ihe
money made by themselves and their
fellow'illreclors in syndicate deals, in '
joint liccounts, in the purchases and
sale of, stocks and bonds in which they
hold an intercut.
The district attorney has evidence
l*rou|>|il, out at thc investigation thai it-
sufficient, il Is declared, to send men,
whose fortunes run into the many mill*
inns, to jail. Embezzlement, larceny,-'
perjury, forgery, fraud and every other
crimes ngninst huneul .finance have run
ran;punt in the management of tlichc
glgnnlic Institutions, anil when the bat-
tlo to placo the responsihiliy begins,
nnd the stato oMdals open their tight
lo punish the men responsible for these
conditions, who Is it they will have to
combat? '
Some Imi'osino Nam its.
Thomas 1' Uynn. August Uelmont, J
Pierpont Morgan, II II Rogers, li rj
Unrrlman, Cornelius Vttmlcrhllt, John
Jacob Aster, A J Causalt, CIiiiiiihvv M
li-epoiy, T Jeffuri.on Coolldgo, U C
Deeming, Louis Fitzgerald, lames H
.■"organ, H C I'rlck, Jainos fi -Hyde,
J*J Hill, Alvln W KrWli, David MolT*
ill, Levi l> Morion, D Ogden Mill, II 1)
Odell, Jacob HJ.SiliilT ami I lurry I'uy*
nt Wlilmey are Niiiiicol the men who,
if lhc law's hold, will be foned to dis*
gorge parU of their fnrtulies before the
courts of the slnle.
^ ... _. ,. ,„.~. -~~^,,„r~1^..,-.
- Sect-etar'v of state Blihu Root,was a
trustee of the Mutual Lifo, where on
tho'tostimdny ot tlieMcCurdy family,
gvaft ran riot and Illegal profits vvti*e
made-by the trufctec'3 ol the company.
Mr. Root is responsible, in the* eyes
of tiie law, for his proportion of the
unjust fortunes so made, whether he
was privy to' them dr not.
('Lake Biwn is lhe only large sheet of
fresh waler in Japan worthy of mention.' If is'36 miles, long, 12" miles
wide, ttnd'lts'g/cateet depth nbout 300
■"v rr n 1    '        '         ...nn,.!..
geritie, 3D. C.
Davkv Si Laukuoutb
•J*"       «$•
Dally, bc<ween St. Paul,   ninneapollr, and Fernio, Spokane,
Seattle, Everett, Varcouver and Png'et Sound PolnU '■
VIA THE .    ' '
'furilotuiluil liif0Mi..Uo",«i|(i4, nlc,cnll 1111 .   „
II. I., III.ACKHJ't NK, A«iJiit,
,      |.'HllSIK,B.O.
Improved Sorvfoe to
North '^i.clfio Coast.
ftfnvp-Q?   StAViPcf    fttnvpfl;?
tw*00      **+   W * ***   ***     t*
*W   %**        *        ****   ****>     tt
WH hnve just tinloadctl a c;ir of all kinds of Healers, Steel  Ranges nnd Cook  St'oves.    Come
and select your Heater before they alt fro.
I        Afc*k«   •i.hU  4.I..4.44,44V  1.1*..    *..%.*> tf.   I**).    .   U,hl,4..*»,V  **.44>   A..4.   |h*W*.4w     Ml      1,44*.
*^ Desigiu in Fancy Kotkurs, Ann Chitlr*., Morris Clmir*, Cnudicr.,
Ttiblcs, China. Parlor and Mustt* Cabinets, Iron and Hnus IU-d» - in fact
everything in the I'uniiturt' limi.
Vou nro wvlcoiiu*, wlielher you buy or nol..
No trouble to hIiow giHidd,    Piciuru framing a f>pc«*Tiifiy.
Hardware.     J«   D- QUAlL       Pumfttirc
Lonvo Nolson 7 a. in.
\l» Kloni 11 1,111k,
Arr Vancouver 11.50 a.m.
One night cnroulo
New cc|tilpment
Coaches,  )>\rs{ Class
and Tourist .Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
Atlantic S. S. Agency
All lines represented
Through Tlcka!*,
Ti>nrfromi»|||*.,|ut,, In
Great J? rim in
Cf.I'lN-! "i *+ •■
Italy, cic.   *
ot lowtst rates.
Ask for Christmas Sailing*.
fur <iiin|.Ut,>  liir.iriri,ll>.u  »m>If
*" l(-'»il /ijrtrit
It.  Kuadfll/
A''.«nl iti I Villi' ,
I s,r*,t«, l».l> »,        ; .». ■;„,i,.t i, ,| j.,., t
J*«l4'n1 Vmi'ilUtir
Tho Gomfortablo Way
Hl'llli )il>V4|l '
II...1 II tn l.v,
I" I) ii in
W-till in
7.11 |i lu
J.Vui hi
I'iiiiii in
ii Hihii »rr
/J*., in  Kir
Kii.iiln   „
i: vi.Hit
*•«     I'*.l
' IImii-I Tf,
Arr, ii imp m
.    »«M i'in
•I in |i in
iifvip rn
-      I' *l fi 141
V»i ii in
li* l'»'|iiu
' . ■'' 'a |i in
* lUlly 4Uni|il .M,ii,|,i).
You leave I'ernie
|    To-day
nml nrrive StvmJf',   \ric-
toria or Vancouver
•*»*       \*sv   **,**%**%   <<M^   *Ms       wt*      '*m*0   *■*****•■
.Mli.fi   C>x\i  . AttK
T*ryl r..r stl«    TJiwUiiil,, |». „ o»*iUol.-l
•»..1|*Un ...„,l..4. *,.•(, . „ ,ttW„.rT.  iH
tmpmtXt, U t !.•• i.i. .j-.,'*"/.    . wifh pfntiirr
K**tlt#..t' ..tin *itl»»i.l4.r.i»li.. f.., . '
llifl .»lal ll 'J. «i|l,|vl I., ,»f1 ,,,  ,,      ;-    r   ,. f
tlur tsit.ii ill .t , »i-«. ,   ft
T,V *   n,| I*.,,,,,„i, ',
»'-■•'•''■ t*N.I'i-lwiH..,»,vL
, "Ori'S" »"-'ic'--J; -' .-T^'K"-*:'^ A^J- A-7-" ;" ;.-1-'*'-^'* A^Y«f4----j ~ .*y-- .-.-.' °'
•;,-'*S-,,-fc;-:;.*\--;^-:.:;i:,.t!   -.-■
"V 7"    ••.::-*   "~»: '
1.     • o
• em.
t   ■-•-•.'.-•---   -*-'. .   -"• I'-i-^^Pr-'V-'V:'?;" ■*      .-*1-£.-..T- -r>*'j-^^^ -J.-A
THE FERNTIE ■^ET^GHR; FERjCIE, B. C., koVEM3ER'*;^;'t965  '   V' v'" "■':>; ":>'"" ■'" '"':" '""'-" ' '   —'V-'-- * 'V-  "  "--."'"
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Offia. j TORONTO.,
Paid-up Ctpltal. ■ $8,700,000 Rest-"-$3,500,000
Special attention is directed to the following Advantages offered' b
Our Savings Bank. "     ,
Deposits of $i and upwards received, and Interest allowed at Current Rates/
Interest w added to (he Deposit TWICE in«ach j-enr, at the end of May and
.November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of tlte whole or any portion of the deposit.
Payable in ail parts of CANADA, THE UNITED- STATES;
GREAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought  and   Sold
"at Lowest Rates.
ilUI . ].._ LJJL-
* That sliced boiled hain'at  Blundell's
Is .delicious. -
»    The smallest vibration of sound  can
• lhe distinguished belter with one ear
:than with hoth. ,    ,
Fbr Furniture and Piano:-., *mo only
'.Liquid Veneer. JO and 50 conta a bot
ftlo from N. E. Suddaby. '■
Only,one person Iti 15 has  perfect
•©ye-., the larp*st jjercenfcige of defects
prevailing among- *fj.ir-haired people.
Go to Wright tbe jeweller,   for that
■watch,you've been promising  yourself.
.Price* stre^reatly reduced. "   '
'     Germany is able to feed nine-tenths
.of her,nearly 80,000,000 indabitnnts on
-tha products of her own soil ,•   '
Carmichael, the tailor, has just received  thc nobbiest stock of Tweeds
,   for   Fall,-«iit8   and   overcoats ever
ibzonght.into Fernie.
;-5The Kongo dwarf, six specimens  of
, -which have deen brought to Ixwdon by
„<Colonel Harrison, never reach a great-
•er^age than 40 years.
,' You know you have to get lhat ring.
'"Why not buy it now when bargains are
;going al Wright's tlie jeweller.
, Let us make you a fancy vest from
,oneof those choice new patterns. Come
,in and nee tlyufl. A. .Carmichael,. the
Twenty thousand frogs a 3'ear are
fused for dissection and experimental
-purposes jo thc University 0/ Fenjpsyl-
A-ania medical laboratories..
,'" The 'King Fdward Hotel occupies a
.prominent position in Fernie only a
:»tep or two from the C. P. R. depot,
.-and convenient tb business houses in
' utile city. . -* ■.-"?'
„'-,The nails of Uvo fingers never grow
■with the same rapidity, tliat ot "the
uiiiddle   finger growing   the     lastest.
authorities "discredited, Collin's castle
of fancied security came tumbling into
ruins. His light' thereafter was purely
prefunctory and upon technicalities
I        Gibbons..'
#55,856 DAMAGES
Important Onse Decided Against
th© Government.
"Judgment was given by Registrar
Auduttet in exchequer court yesterday
In a case of much intorosit and import-
riicij. It' was that of H. M. Price vs.
tho Dominion government. Thoplain
tiff was, awarded 855,950 damages with
interest from the time of the action.
The plaintiff, who residua In Quebec, it-
a weli known lumberman, owning
limits on the line of that -section of tht*
Intercolonial railway; acquired' from
the Druinmond coiuity railway.* Con
siderable damage was dono to bin and
other properties by fire claimed to havo
been started by sparko from an I. C. It,;
locomotive; Many witnesses were examined and a pretty strong case was
made out as to thut being the cause of
the fire. '   •   ,
Tho case wns referred by Judge Bur'
bidare to the registrar who, in his
judgment, finds the government responsible for damages caused by ihe
fire. There have been numerous cases
of damages being awarded in connection wilh injury or loss sustained on
public works, but this is about the lirst
case of damages being allowed where
the injury was not on the public work
in question, ouch as tho railway but
rather on adjoining property.
There are about eighteen other ca«e»
lnrgely depending on the judgment in
the Price suit.    '
\\vhile that ofthe thumb grows slowest
Every man owes it to himself and
Ihis family to inajrter'a trade or profession; Read-the display adverti»-
iinent of the six Morse Schools of Tele-
:graphy, in this isssue and learn' tele.
:grap!iy and'be assured a position. .
The origins of modern slang-are
■sometimes found as far back as Shakespeare. There is k legend llial one of
..the common phrases' origin.-ited in the
•ark. Wheiribfi mice (00k up . their
_ .abode temporarily with ■'Nou.*,' * they
found a nice large cheese in .their apart*
inenls. They looked at it' wilh admir-
.ation.and father mouse remarked:
"That's thc whole cheese!"
. j.j-i-_.i.
Vicioria. JJ. £. -Nov. .9.—AS n .sequel
to the .Cullitw cause jcclcbre, Uie law,
^uthoriUes.of Cjmnjrfa and fireiU Urii-
.niii ate confronted by ope of foe wost'
iTcmacltble "situations" iii the rcwrdK
,of orim-inul jurisprudencq, vft: that
inuinarous judiciirt decisions during the
jpast few years lmve been given without,
"-viirr-jut.of.ljiw, that men have been ru-
itmifjedio '.Uiiiied Suites prison's who
■legally were entitled lo the satjctuury
.of British soil,'und that on the, other
,1,'^nd llio surrender bits been .refused of
.rriminals .wboin .Uicstnlcs lind u per*
(feet right do ask foe tTiw discovery is
.11 turprise to the profes-dariJn this coun.
Ury Hndiin Jioglnnil. Jt ,wiuj also 11 dis*
itlie real reason he in backfin.Californla,
;iJefore he lefl ,ilmt HtiiteiV -iJio mifety
i<»f.Urili»li • Columbia (ho |ui\<iii'<; been
»«!nde .defendant ,ln ,bot|i blgjimy nnd
iperjury procccdingn) he .carefully in
iformcd bi«iiielf,»H to lhc stntjj.s of ex.
drjldltloniUw', itoing lb tlje worki of
AlxsAwo groatout llritisli and Cnnndlan
,*uilio<itiM ireupccllvi'Iy on midi law,
.Sir Edwiirjl -aMrl<e .und Mr. Crunk.,
■uliiiw, for llie uj.Mirjincc -tlinl' purjury'
(< u iiImi blKnnij;) U not nn olTfiice pro*
vvided for In the C'lniidinu cxlr-idition
r-nrt of iK<)o. Invevllgiulon hy cmjimel1
ttlie .State of .C-jiliforniit, after .Collin'..
,«rr*st here, developed tlieifncMlmt (he
j*rt of \Ho<) contained a provision lo the
»cnVci that il should not become opi'rii-|
itlvo unljl brpoght Into force by prodn.
iiu.ilitMj*. bturai 01 «if,ord.*rK.iu-(-ouni-il
,#jnIj(«VA.).iiiMiiii|i notice-, in ihe C.m,ulu
1 uCj«((Mte.(o-Ti«:iiil) disclosed the astound*
ii*" fact lhat thi» proclamation hud
I<jM«ii ovt*rliH.ked| thai ihe .act of 1K89
,ccm<iequ«ntly.i*i not In force or efl'eci
.mid him n*v«r fxcnj that iheuct of,1886
Jii^llll itho .only operative extradition
il.iw of Canada; and that all judgment*
lliandcd down by exlmdiiion coiihiiIm*
doners tn Canada undor the net of 1899
dinvt b««n improperly given, also that
Clarke nnd Crankkhaw, lhe hlgheut
.nulliorllics.-for onre lire in not iinpnr-
.donable error.   The non-prool/imaliun
^ H XV Clark, Cranbrook, O Newholipc,
City, Win Aloxandor, Lothbrulve. A
Iliinilltoii, Cranbrook, Geo .Blin'nuon,
Conl Creek, Mr and Mrs L V Kcksteln,
City, hfj-fl G Downing, Jaffrny, J Flclsh-'
mnn, Vancouviir/T Yountt, Kiko, il
Dowuiiig, Jaffrny, C ,F .And'rbw, City,
T Herns, Victoria, .0 Ciiqiiho, ,OouIo
A J McCnilre, Morrissey, Ed Whet-
stnno and wlfo, Calgnvy, II \V Clark,
Crnnhrook, Ilobt McAlllstor, Nolson,
A Taft, II Hooker and wlfo Ppokono,
W A Itlchuson, 0 Itnsbach. Aiinin Hns
Imeli, Kva Illrijr, A Allen, Iola, Knn.,
C A Dmi'( Wnrdnor, ,W J MeComb, C
Miiflon, IJ Porry, Kdmoiitoi*, A ,Cnmji
liidl llimmor, W Hlllman, Spoknno, A^
Jo'mson, H Otiniilnir, mid A Lowery,1
I)»ven|inrt, C W Acknnnnn, Lind, T
Ci-niiliionk, G II J'Jni'l, Spokuno, XV (1
Aran, llnwden, Up l.ipton, Mclliilii, \V
Unilttx, J-'ijIlons, Wash., T Nnttervlllo,
Ht John, WrtHh,
II Chnpinnn, Victoria} N C. Hroley nnd
•vii.*, Qruiibronk, Mrs W Allan, Walnce,
\V Dblinrl, .1HMill'srdnawl wlfu Nnnlnn.
II ('iimmlniis, Conl Creek, F it Hinlth,
tormito, I) A Mullan, I'liii'linr crunk, F
iVsrHini Jnffrny, MrsHtanton Winnipeg,
T A Hill, Huattlr*, 11 K McDonald,
Ciiiilur Oily, ,S A Culton Cnlomnn. F A
Miniroo, MuL'lnod, C C Wsldilp,
r M Nugt. (J r' xpncl.. U S Lewis,
*hin'.nne, \V S Flml.ih, Piiirhnr cri'iik,
A A Slinnoor, Ilityiies, P G-tiMlierlniul,
Onunry, Tims lUderiinil JCKti'iiliiins,
Miirrlniiy iuIiich, J Lydliti, Toronto,
'.iMMuiroti, Spoknnt**, W Mclmiis nnd
win, Klki'inuili, K 1'nulsaii and wlfu,
On I /ary, B Wllllnnm, Cml .Creek, Geo
M J iuul, .1 U Lan-jli-y, (ialnwav,
J (» Coiilton, LowUtnn, Ann Kynri,
Slink mn., fl W (Iniiitt-rild, W HruiW
C N C'nt* Simiiidfi  ,1   Hivitisnn,   Van.
,b,lnB poMtlveljr established, nnd t^^li^'"m ° A »*""'
Trouble In  Victoria.. * 7
Victoria; B. C.„Nov, 8.—Rumors are
rife of an investigation by the Attorney
General's    Department ; of ' charges
against the Victoria city police which
under the-, codoAThe first specified
complaint is in connection With' the
agrne'm'ent entered into'betwoeu Chief
of Police Lahgiey'; Sergt. Detective
Palmer, and _the man Christopher ■ C.
Kurtz, whereby the polico.guara'ntoed
to Kurtz that in the event of hisdisclos
ing the whercabouls of tho proceeds of
tlio Uedforn diamond robbery, in which
ho was, to have been . a prlucipal, all
proceedings against himself and his
confederates would bo dropped. The
bargain was carried out, although
Kurtz is now under trial for otlior
thefts and for burglary with violence
irt Vancouver, and the Attorney Gcnor-
nl's Department treatens to intervene
with a prosecution of tho woman mom-
bor of tbe gang. Tlio Becond-caiian
of complaint Is lho ngronnnint disclosed
by. A. T. Fell, hetweou the polico cbm-
miMHlon nnd loenl .Cldnoso, whereby tho
lntti.-r worn permitted ^0 carry on gam
bling, condidoniilly \ipon whites being
excluded from tho play. The ajderipen
suggests that there was a flnanclni ad-
yantngo to the police iu this agreement.
From tba Herald
A few days ago W. A. Aldridge."0
Trail, who'has charge of ail the mining operations in which tbeLC. P. K.
is concerned, went with J. NEL McKenzie. manager "of the-LeRoi, at
Rossland to visit; the smelter at Marysville. They arrived . by the, east
bound train and drove at once across
tothe scene of their investigations.
A private coach-took them.lbick1 the
next day in time to catch the -west
bound train, !so "that their visit attracted, bnt little attention. It ia
stated that they wanted*.to 'see the
Eeberleinroasters in operation at the
new plant.. Those foroaces are giving splendid satisfaction- no doubt,
but there was, likely enough something else in thewind. It would not
surprise a good many people if an
amalgamation of tlie great lead producing mines iu East Kootenay were
contemplated,. -   ,"  .'.- ,.-
. Tlw- Canadian Metal Cb.,-will soon
be employing over-lOO men in the
Ainsworth district in connection with
their zinc development., The company has ;banded the United and
Glengarry just above Ainsworth, and
the Blue Bell on the opposite. side ot
the lake. If the investigations'ot the
ground turn out satisfactorily there
will be good times in the neighborhood;. Both Kaslb-and„.,.-Ainsworth
will be miicji birieflted by,this fresh
activity. The' Herald hopes that a
new era of permanent prosperity is
opening up tor all that great district.
The Guggenheims, who constitute
the motive power* of the American
Smelting, arid Refining Co.; liave purchased- the great, hydraulic / gold
mine belonging to the Cariboo Hydraulic Co., at.Bullion, The price
is siiid to be $1,000,000.' .Sir Thomas
Shanghnessy, fl., A. Abbott and other
high officials bf the \ C.P. Ji.. are
among the members of the" selling
company. It will be borne in mind
that the A. S. & R. Co., have an interest through the Federal Mining
Co., in .the 'Sullivan mine and. the
Marysville smelter. Those [ facts
point to the trend of American capital
towards r B. C- mining properties.
Prospects do not seem to have any
attraction tor those people.
D. V. Mott, editor of.the Fernie
Ledger, made a great fight for' the
town'in the recent, battle, over itho
waterworks question? : It seems to be
a legal question as to who won out in
the fight,uas the vote stood G8 .to 53._
The Coal company was backing the
win. A .■■ 7 ' '■ ■    -" .-
this heading, insertftd at the rate of One
cent a word eacli insertion.
A SNAP.     
utory honse on the property.
Son & Co. \
Half acre in Weat Fernie, good %
■*--■■*-    Apply Mott
Fernie   Lot oosl98.
J.'farttr. =.,*■ -*A .,-1      .
Easy termn,   Apply
. —14
For Sale or To Rent
Fernie: * Lot fioxlSU. Good 4 room house.
ThisUatnap if taken at once. Easy terms.
Apply, llott, Son & Co.,,.'.,..,,
■*- for tale at thia oflic
"Booms To Let, Apply
Room* To Lot .Apply Within."
for tale at thia omoe,nrioe 25 cents each:—
'Booms To Let, Apply.Wlthin."  'Tnrniahed
L.P,Eck»teln.    .-       ,. - -
THIHTV GOOD WOODSMEN AT ONCK. Apply to Fred. Water*, Elk Lumber Co. office,
Fornie.' ' •_ . -       .-*..* -     —20
• •*» Smllos from town,   hy Nov   l.  Good
J, H. Doyle, Agent, Falls View Hotel,
Smllos from town,   hy Not   1,
wRges. J,' H. D   "
MarybVllle, B. C.
which was a suitable government
building, and a wagon, road to the
upper St/Mary's district., Mr. Green
in -reply," suggested that the eity ot
Cranbrook unite in building a large
and commodious court. house,. one
suitable for^provincial, judicial and
city baldness. - In the matter of road
improvements, the committee were
assured that a, considerable amount
of work would be done in'the early
spring. Mr. Green left for Fort Steele
on Friday, and in the afternoon went
to Fernie.- ■ " . ■ '•', A-'" '•   '
■ -.    • y,     ,-,'-.
power to
'.",-    Froni'th? Prospector'
E. Church,, of Seattle," was a - guest
at the' Cranbrook on.' Monday'.' Mr.
Church on Tuesday went to the Flathead country W look over a number
ot coal claims in which ho is interested.-'    ■ ••■ .     '" "
-      .       .     - -     y    I.   -       '
Don Mackay,. superintendent ot
roads, returned from the, St. Mary's
district on Monday. Mr. Mackay on
Tuesday went to'the Flathead count;
ry to look over a route foi* a wagon
road into tlie coal land sections of that
part of the district.   •. '"   ;•
Breckonrldgo & Lund Inst wook
Installed a logging camp' on the St.
Mary's river about four miles west ot
Marysville. Another camp will be
mado on the river three miles nbovo
Matthew crock, a, third camp, two
;ml.c,B further up' tho river. It .is
.estimated thut iit least six' million
feet of logs wlll bo cut in tills vicinity
during tho coming winter,
j1   i ,' '
t Hon. Jlobt. Grccni Minister of
Lands mid Works, was at tho ..Cran-
brook Tliuifiday. Ills visit to S jutli-'
oast Kootonny is to make a pergonal
Investigation of tho district In the
matter of roads, trails and bridges.
A. social meeting of the friends of
tho govornmont was hold In Walt's
hall during; tho evening at which Mr.
tiroon wns In attendance. A number
of loenl speakers caller) Mr. Green's
nttontlon to a numbor of wanls among
,     * '„  .'"Worn tho Times ,N.
' The Hon!;Frank Oliver addressed
a meeting on Monday at the Peter
McLaren mill;-,'- .
' MesBi-s. Kettles and Kemmls have
.been holding »meetings -during the
week-in-the Pass towns,'but have
received little if any encouragement
from the electors.
The Liberal meeting at Lille on
Wednesday evening was not only
largely attended but most enthusiastic ior Mr.'Mafceilus the liberal candidate;1 .; A ; • ~ ',. -,\v \    :
' Wednesday night Bennardo Boyio
who'had been;illfor sometime died
at the Frank hospital., Deceased was
a miner who' had" been working at
Bellevue. He was a native of Italy
arid a member'of the miner's-union.
He was buried here under th8 auspice's of the' union yesterday. - A
'.- .7  Frpja the Lender.."    ".   "   *•'■
Work Is progressing favorably -at
the king Lumber'Co'g hew mill at
Tochty.'' '"    „"A  ,.-   .
' Stipendiary Magistrate. Armstronif
held small debts cimrt here Tuesday.
Di*. Robert Beli,-F. R.S., director
ot the Dominion geological survey,
has been making a tour of the province and was Jn Moyie Wednesday
securing data for his next annual
report. 7-      *
- Within ten days or two weeks
a full force of 300 men will again lie
working at. the, St. Eugene'., This
means that between now, and. that
date - upwards' of - 150 men, mostly
miners, will be put to work. Miners
seem to be scarce, but it is thought
there will not be much difficulty in
getting tho required number. The
mill will start up nnd shipping will
bo commenced about Dec. 1st.
The new shaft house nnd framing
shed are being rushed to completion
as fast ns carpenters csn do tho work,
Thoslmft nous**. Is 40x200 feet nnd
tho gallows frame will be 80 ft, in
height, The framlncr shed is 80 foot
wide and 60 foot long. Tho new
bulldliWB nro larger, more convenient
and in ovory way-superior to the
ones which woro, destroyed by fire
some tliroo weeks ago.
The new tunnel'which was started
Homo time ngo is now in.a distance of
nbout W (cot, avid tbo load has boon
struck. 'I hfs tunnel is between the
1100 (not level of .tho Moyio and tho
1500 foot lover ot the Lake Bhore
property," •■
Work ln tho Lake Shore shaft will
bo commoncod In about a week's
Business House
having an Inducement to offer, should
Htate the fact through the local newspaper
whose advertising columns are an Index
of Trade of the community.
Strangers and visitors examine the columns of
Tho Fernie Ledger
- to ascertain the extent nnd variety of the Trade
And«Industry of Fernie. Thr Lkdorr has the
.- largest paid up circulation, nnd its street sales far
exceed those of any other newspaper along thc line
ofthe Crow's Nest Pass Railway, and Its, readers
have thc money to pay for their requirements.
Invitation is Extended
the Business Men of Fernie, to make our advertising columns as thoroughly representative ofthe
trade of thc community, as our news columns are
of the occurrences of the city and district.
Phono 10 and wovll call for copy.
If you warit  to buy
or   sell any   mining^
stock write or wire _
us. ■; •'. .* ; A"I
We deal[.in all" min-.' .
. ing -stocks ahd will - -:
be :ple£s-£d''-tb send A
, you quotations.       .'
MblTi SON <MX).
pUBLIO -NOTICT: is hereby given-that anc,'
is. -ilon ?al-,a 1* Sf*,h°ol LamH yill be h<ild in
the Province of Alberta a jfoTlowa:— -     .-
Edmonton, WednesdiVy, Oot. 18thi, 1805, «nt 10
'o'clook, a.m. .
Ii«duc, Monday, Oct. SSrd.-1905, at 10  o'cloek,
a.m.- -,   .-.*-■        •  o
Wota»kiwin, Thursday Oet. Kith,- MOV at 10
o'olook, a ro.
Lacombe, Mouday Oct.' 50th: 1005,* at 10 o'olook
.a.m.  -:■--'-    *    - * •.*,.„,, -. -,,,  -    - -      „ «   -
Innisfail, Thnraday, Nov. Snd, 11.05, at 10 o'-
olock,a.m.-. -    •-----. ■ ■    '.   -   '. ~ -  >^-
Didabury, Monday, Nov. Olh. 1905, at 10 o'clock
a.m. - , , ., t
Calgary, Friday,'Nor 10th,M06,at 10;o'olook,
a.m. - • *-   ^ -   - -
High Rivrr, Tuesday,' Nor.n«h,l»05, at  10
o'olook, pm.       "   , ■ ■ i
Finober Cn-ek, Thursday, Nov. 10th. 1906, nt 1ft
o'olook. a. m.'- .-*„._
Maoleod, Monday, Nov. JtOth. 1905, at 10 o'clock
». m.      . *   , ,        , ....,
i ThW.,ftnJ,» »ro s*tuat«d, gpoaking general-
ly. withini a dutance or from twelve to twenty
miles of theCalwirjr. and Kdmonton Itailwav
and of the Crow's Nest Bianchlof the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Whore any of the land* are underlease the
■ales will be subject to suoh'lease antil its tx-
on tho, land. .When.any parcel" offered i»
oroHscd by a public highway* ratlwav, the
sale of such parcel shull be sibject to tlie reservation of the land povered by such highway,
or thi>t may be required for the right of way
or other purposes of thn railway,    . -
The *)iles will only convey the surface rights
and will be subject to the.iuual reservations
in favor o( the Crown
n    s     TKHMS OP PAYMENT.  ."'   '    ,
Onft-tenthlncash at the time of tho sale,'
and the baliinc-e.ln nine.eqniij annual instalments with interest'at the rat* of five per
cent per annum onrthe balanc«. of tho purchase money from time to time remainlnij
unpaid, except in cases where the area of tha
land does not exceed forty aorea, in which
case the term* of payment shall be one-fifth
in cash.and the balaneo ln four equal annual
instalments, with interest at the rate of five
pe1" cent per annum*     '   '-' *»-       ,  * ••
Upon a parcel of land belnff knocked down',
the purehMor shall immediately donosit One
Hundretl UoHars with the Clerk of Sale, otherwise the parcel will at oiu-ebe put tip analn.
For this purpose intending purciiasors should
provide thcmaolvos with marked cheques on
ohiirtered banks of Canada made to their own
order and pajable at par at the point of "sale,
or with bank notes of as laree a denomination
aa possible., The balance of the cash instalment must In every case be pnld before the
close of the sale, failing which the deposit of
Onei Hnndrad Dollars will be forfeited and the
land withdrawn from sale.
' NOTE:- Cheques will not betaken in payment unless marko'l "aocepted" by the banks
on wtlj!iti)jy ir-t-lfivi? ■ ,
* Lists of the lands to bo sold may be had on
application to "The Secretary, Pepartment of
the Interior, Ottawa"; or to any of the Ajrents
of Dominion Lands in.Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta.      -' -    *. J,    .--■■<  '
.' *.      By Order,'  "  "*    ' -; -T
..F.G.KKTES,  u,
^partment of the Interior. Secretary.
OTTA WA. 16th Ootober. 100!
i October, 1905.
from Ireland
a fresh assortment of Jacob's Celebrated Fancy
Biscuits, lekf. Remember wejare the Sole.--Aj^n^/fof'„
. these,..goods. Jj^-See- our window, *;try:: some' arid /be
convinced'theyi%re; the. $est;7pay cash and sieep.conttjted.
'■*A*-•""-* *"-■ \PwM»P* D*»Mv©ry'Ji .    .- ■'
5 telIephone'*,
1 Z*y£:*
The People'j Grocer,  P.,0*. Block, Ferni*.
,-' ■• -v..
t*5t' :'
yotiio wail
\.-\- OS1
wk&tfk mock.
All ^New Stock;
The Mtes-^ood :GoAw4
Wholesale and Retail,   i I
ym0rix, The price is $1 a year
■B--:4- Iv(i)WER^'lS[elson,vlB. -C..
Real Estate. Loan
Insurance Brokers
TF you Have lands or lots for sale, list tHem with ns, if-'-you want to buy,
1  cnl1 on U3'    'r^lLl iiiluj' — ,   .J ==£=
... A' •       , ''--; \"'
TF you have property to insure, have us write thc risk * .,
IF you want to borrDv money,
call at our office.
,      ' • \ .* ' (   - , •,
\ JL J M have some very choice tends Tor 6,.!c in'ihe'Kouteuay Vnlley,
V V   T^esc lands arc suitable he Fruit raising, also sonw^xcelleiU sto«k
" For, full information apply to
/ f        * -mi    WUWUWi        "*        mmr .**      M •*» Mt Sattf
1    V ,.     .    II*    ,'.:.      -
Y .'#.
** «... »


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