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k/U^^   Y^^tUUikS^tS,
/<    - ^
Vol. Ill No. IS
Fernie, B. C, December 28, 1907
The    information -was. received I-scale posted   at mines and smelter
Men Back to Work-Company to
Work at Fullest Capacity--
Everybody Now Happy
Grand "   Forks, Dec.  24. —' The.
t'routle"which has.been the means
of \tying up the boundary,  mines
(and smelters the past two months
between the Granby' company  and
the  local ,,unions   of. the* Western
Federation ,of: Miners, has -at -last
' \       been'..settled.'   - The  Grand-. Forks
'Y\ "   and Phoenix, unions  have „   .been
j,       holding.,; numerous .special  meetings during the, week and the" result
of a vote taken at last Wednesdays
meeting*.,  yeas':that Phoenix voted
by „a  substantial majority to  return to  work, while Grand-Forks
turned .the,vote the  other'!, way. '
„ Much-work has-been done by.the
executive committee of .the,unions
in* interviewing the.officials .of the
Granby   company,- with  good  results, as the . special meeting      of
Grand; Forks Union No:   180, .today . reversed,  their ■ decision   • and
.decided    to  accept '.the -conditions
axid-'scale, laid down bj*" thc Granby company. , .    ....'.,.'.    «
An official of tlie Western Federation-, of" Miners,-.when interviewed
tonight .^ stated:'   -'"The;  question,
has been s'et'tledain -a;., manner«satisfactory   ."to -both'parties, under
the-' present .,~cqnditions, -,and -the-
'men,; will, . go\-,to  work .and the
Granby ■ company,, will- resume ;operations. ',*'■ 7-' *«*•*£■",'!"',":..".7"''-'.' 7 ,?-•
,;* .The men will'.holdianother-'meet-|
ing .tomorrow.;afternoon.-,"t6-.;;*.'re-
\\x   ceive ^repqrts'Afrom- the-.'committe%-
I j  .*- - which:, conveyed -the, decision^ of* the-
11- the Granby company and 'also' the
I|'v '.result-of-the.Pho'enix"union""wliich
I' „ is - holding, a.,'-special-/meeting.'to-'
" ■ night '.to consider" matters f .talked
over wjth'm'ariager Hodges of.'the
Granby, who. was in Phoenix"'yesterday'.' -   7,,     '  '".    "."' , '7 7
that'"the" company, was,' satisfied
with the,- new. arrangements and
that 'work would'be started" iri
Phoenix 'oii Thursday 'morning
andwhen the several affairs about
the inine are put in runninr older
ore will be shipped to the smelter'
here, which will be run at" its full
capacity as soon as possible.
* The result of today's vote has
put the town on the„niove~&.?.id tbe
merchants are doing a ' good
Christnias business,- the citi.'er s
spending, money more freely,"since
more is in .sight. -*
The ore trains' of .both railways
are being rushed into their' places
and all parties are preparing for
the business resulting from the
resumption  of  work.  , . \ -   '
This is the best Christmas box
received'by any-city cr ir.wn in
the province, coming as i*c has on
Christmas eve.     ,   ** I    '   - '
7'Phoenix, Dec. 24.-The' best
possible ' Christmas present' that
could have come to the people of-
the Boundary, was delivored today
wlien the Grand' Forks Rmi-Uer-
men's union and,-Phoenix M.utrs'
union decided to return' to woik
atonce„at. themiiies, and''sme'/cr
ing works of the Granoy'Cmsoli-
.dated Mining x& Smelting company. - ,       ■    '
The men .will start in at the
'Granby niiries in this "camp the
day after Christmas • aad also ■ at
the smelter. In'the course of a
week or two the full complement
should • be at work somewhere between SOO and lOOO-uniploj'^f's
This- afternoon a special meeting of thC'Smeltennen's union'was
held at Grand Forks.-"in!, a -new
vote . .taken- on t whether" tho new
wage, scale should" be acc2yT.ec!, -it
having ,been turned -down-last
vw,cek.- All but 30 voted vo* accept
it, according to- repprt,' ai.d, then
tho,y.ote-,was made ujuur.mous:* -
'This evening a'-, special,-meeting'
.of-Phoenix1 Miners' union "Wo;. 8,
,was"held" here. A"'week ago this
pinion'gave a* majority, .'y.ote-' to
. accept* the - new- scale - and at to-night's ' 'me-afcing, .'after.' sheafing
^pnt-T^'Graffd^Fdrks-", , union',.'" the
Phoenix,,'union' also decided'"to're-
s'ume.worlc.a't'biic'e.*.,   iY.  ',"..'•-*"
For'.the,last" $w'ofweeks'.follow^
ing-'the, effort''of the''special. ,c'c*m-
m.ittee- of the- Phoenix "board -"?6f
the- Granby,,.company' and/'thc'employees    together   /on , tlie  wage
, ..'■■-. ■ '      ■■ V     *:"ii7   ,*';,    ..*. - -      -
nearly three weeks ago, there,has
been, a number of conferences between A, B. Hodges; local manager of the Granby company >and a
committee of the union. Thus the
,entire matter has- been amicably
settled. 1
The scale accepted is about 50
cents per day lower than that
prevailing when the mines were
closed on November 11 " on account of the low price-of copper
'and high operating costs.. It is a
certainty, that the Granby. will
operate at ■> fullest, capacity 5 of
3000 tons of ore shipped and
smelted *r daily, as only on, this
scale can the company make oven
'a moderate profit on 12 or 13
cent copper.        .   * 0 ■'   .
The    announcement is the cause
of  the  greatest     satisfaction tonight, in Phoenix and in the Boundary generally.''   • '■
 0 -
Believing Last Hour is at Hand
Calls Priest to His Bedside
and is Baptized.   -
Miners'  President, Suddenly
Stricken, Gratifies Wife and
:'■'   Becomes CatWc.
"I believe that niy time is at hand,
I do not care—l am half if I.id that' it is
Some .person - with wifful,, intent
tried' to wreck the G.- N. passen-
on Thursday evening. Fortunately'for those -on board .the. train
slowed up at Iir.ig,*,*and "then   it    ,       . -
was discovered that the switch f,uino*0-,
had been-turned. Had the train j ' :'If I do .not fcg the men ayain, tell
been 'going full . speed at this j them for ine that whatever'I'have done
point, the result would have beeii'|for .them, whatever suocc!-fi 1 Ji.-ivo,-
disastrous, - and doubtless fatal [ b ou„,,]t w u irns-not'l.cen for V
for some -if not all on board.'-' . - , ,, ' T , , . -. '
Tracks were - discovered leading to ;-«i™"",J'ljR1K>ilt; Tt !'"s.been because I
the switch and'were traced in the j loved '" them.",- rresiiie'nt *' Mitchell's
direction of Bayn'e, Lake. A .detective     is working    on-the case,
and it,, is to be' hojjed the culprit
will be. lodged in jail.    ,;
G. P. 17 .CREW' HELD   UP
The' crew  on" the  C.  P. .E.  west
bound No.  5, which had charge .of
the"'  train 'which      unfortunately
was-.the cause of the death of-Dan
McDermid' atv Morrisey. last "Friday
were held "over here*, last evening
*"to.' ■ app'eib:   tTe'tbre,' ftire-; coroner's
Jury^to  give evidence'..,
•       -,'-.  —.—!—o '•   ..
'. Thp result of'the* do^ races'  on'
Saturdajrwas as' follows. ■''*'-..y* ■  .,   ■
" First. pri2'e,*.JRalpli Larne'r.* >- - • pknowingi his - pliysical, condition,' Presi
*' Second;prize,--David' Andars*6ii.-."
Third prize,' Percy "BIcDougan*.,
^■^_il^_ * ' '  '   "V ".'■/ ■ ■*-■= ■■  :'■■•: f"Y--x>.} 'A,** 77"' r{:.<-    1 ■■*-'• y-l'
/Kootenay Fruit; LarBdisv
'■   ,, 7 -'       _ ",",7   -fi'i   v  '■'■'i..-:'.-*'! '7 7;i-.i      '-'■•.'.■'.
WHY not buy.a ten or-twenty acre fruit farm which . -.**.ill,yield yo.u.;-,
. from,.$390.00 to $600.00 profit per acre per year'?'.Situated in-die-, -
:rOWBE;;i,AEBO'W;  ±ijA.-E:H.;'
District with a most'deiightfurclimate and'splendid shipping facilities.
■ '■ -i'-'' • r  ■ - -,   (     '.        n   .^ *' *      *'''
, We pay purchaser's expenses to look over our land.     It StandS *
inspection. •;_•;•■ ,
''''"-,',, i. ....       - *
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbrldgei    Alberta  .
-.vori!*> when hn believed ilcalh was near.
Convinced -that lii.-i, vitality was,fast
•jivmp,- way through liie-.t'liysicalfrtiain
incident to' several' o-'jerations' niider-
,;onc durinw the last yeiir. and believing
h's deatli to bea-iiiattei-of a few hours
at the most, John Mitchell, president of
the.United Mine Wo/ke-s of Amo-ica,-
was received into the liomuniCatliolic
Cliui-cli aiid senta final message lo the
members of r-his-organization' at It
0 'e 10 c k_on_F i:i da vl n i_QUj.in a-
i" president"- Mitchell was stricken suddenly, during-the conference of miners
(•aiid'operators' at-'.tho,CIaypool Hotel at
ip.o.'clock.,.- .Tlio pain'svas intense, and,
d«nV,Mitcn*eli- iiifQrmecl, his' friends that
■"icath.'wjjjB-nviiV ,'liis collapse was,'duo
to the coiidi.tibn ,ofVounds madg (luring
the ln^t 'opei'atfoil'iti -a'hospital. at, Lit
Salle; 111,', a fow weeks ago..4  '
•    j ',"    4     -'■--    ' '      '"'■   ' '-'4     "
'..Tho 8olc*T**V..rltes]bt brtptiem-were
porfortn'-jd- at itrAMKcholl'j. liedsido.ih
tho hotel by tho „R6v. i'eter Killian, a
member of the clorg-y;'bf St.," JoIiu'b
Parish. The young priest was hurriedly
summoned by, W; D. Ryan'; secretary of
tho' Illinois.minors, at tlio request of
Mr. Mitchell,'who felt ho had1 little timo
to prop-ire'...*, soul'for the next world,
Following/the porformnnco of tho rlto
Mr, Mitchell caused his wlfjj.nt'Spring
Vulloy, Uli, to ho notified tliat ho-hnd
tukoi. the step sho. had nlw.iye wished
liim to tako—thrit ho hnd accepted tho
teaching of her church
Abo-at two hundred men v eat to
work in Phoonix mines yesterday.
While oating' Xmas, dinnor at
London, Ont., Wm, Stephenson
was choked to cloath,
Pat Burns and the Salvation
Army Joined hands' at Caltfnry in
fooding- the needy on Xmas,
Tho Cholera iscomn.Ut.ing; grout
ravages among tho pilgrims at
Mocca. Tho dvalhs u»o» aging ono
hundred daily.
A fire in a picture thoatro al
Brandon on Thursday night de*
stroyed the .moving picture machine and three sets of films.
Ovor 300 minors are thrown out
of work owing to a fire in the
Edna Mine No. 1 of the Pittsburg
Coal Coy at Adamsburg, Pa.
A- Father John is seriously ill with
the rticutranee ol au old malady
ln an aggravated form. This dispatch is dated from St. Peter))*
,Tn a quarrel at Brampton, Ont.
»*ua.A. u.y,M.4, v.*. E».t;Li;->i44i'iiiii by
the name of .Jack shot and instantly killed .Tns. Curry a farmer, 80 years of ago.
At Boise, Idnho; Judge Wood
denied the motions filed by the
defence in the Pcttibone trial,
that a verdict of acquittal he nd-
vised by the court.
Three persons were lti'^d mnd
eighteen injured at Cam-len tyesterday by a collision on %l,t tlev-
ated tracks of the Pennsylvana
railway. The Pemberton accommodation train ran imt 3 thf Atlantic City Express dun.'**- a
hoavy iog.
A dispatoh from Victoria says
that the exhibition building neat-
Oak Bay was totally dostroyed by
fire, entailing a loss of $00,000.
Causo of flro unknown,
By being pickod up by a G. N,
train to Nelson from Spokauo, a
man by tho name of Gibb was
saved from sure death from exposure, as it was he was in a bad
condition when found from front
At Goldfleld yesterday, tho Mine
ownoi'B' Association filed a suit in
the circuit court, asking not only
for an injunction against picketing and interfering, but fo»* tho
final dissolution of tho, Goldfleld
Minors' union. '
101 cur off
Tlie Change to be Made About
March Ist-Arrangements
to Run to Portland
Mr. Graham CanipbcU and Miss
"Rooio Snow were unltd.1 ul '.mil*
rlage on Xmas.* afternoon by tho
Rev. H, Grant. Miss McKnue w.. a
bridesmaid, nnA Mi* TT noniM+i*
best man. Mr. anl M-t. Cninp*j»:l
leii hy tiie eveutug I'lyer for Un*
gary and other eastern points.
The Ledger extends rengrntuk*
One of the cleanest nnd most
evenly balanced companies that
has played here latoly Is tho
Cripple Creek Co., which *,.«,\ed
here last Friday and 'Jaturday.
On Friday evening tlie;/ plnyrd
"Cripple Creek",and won much
applause, and on Saturday night
they put uu "At, ToUl ' m the
Hills." This they played t\rw&-
ingly well and should have Led a
bumper house, but the "pay
night" and Xmas. shopping
seemed to draw the cro*vd, and
we ntv moriy to say that they had
« v»ry sivnll lio"5c. T.wy dciteivtd
I a full one. ..
Commencing about Murch 1, the
Soo-Spokano trains will operate
between Portland, Ort*,, and the
twin cities instead of between
Spokane and ht. *vaul nu at present, tho 0. II, & N, rails to bo
used botweon Spokane nnd Portland,
It io announced by Canadian Fa*
tiifXc. offlcinln Ht4t "Xv,i,:\ ;.«r;.:*.__*;.
ments havo been "made with thn -
iiauimuu road tor thw use of tho |
line to Portland and the I'.vw ar- j
rangemont will commence about'
the dato named.
, Tho trains will then nm over
tho 0. B. & N. from Wpokr.nrt to
x'oiUamt, the Spokane Interna-)
tional from Spokane to tho boun-i
dary, the Canadian Pacific to
Moouojnw and the Soo line the
balance of the- distance to St.
Paul. Some changes in the time
table will bo necessitated.
It hns also fVen stated on the
coast that, on and after January)
1, there would be two trains daily1
iron* Spokane to tho twin cities,'
over tbe Soo*Spokane route, Lo->
cal officials of the road de.lare '
that they have heard nothing of:
such an arrangement.
DIED-On the 20th inst. Mfttftfi*-
Gei'lrud*-, only rtaughter of Henry!
and Gertrude Bentliam.
Bad Head-on Collision Between
Freights on the Crow's Nest
at Brocket, Three Stations
West of Macleod.
A bad wrock occurred at1 Brock-
ott on Tuesday morning,
From conversation with tho
passongcrs the following pnvt.rul-
are wore learned: The operator at
Brockett, the third station wist
of Macleod, had orders to hold
No. 1443, the extra west Spo*.i-...e
freight, at ihat point to let No.
1430, the regular .Crowds 'Nrct
freight' pass. He failed to give
tho order, and Just a*l No. H43
was leaving Brockett at R./iO, the
othor train crashed into it, naif a
T. Ormr-Vny. a hraltwuua *.:. lhe
past bound train, was killeJ our
Christian" Von Wold, the fireman on thc   west bound was hi-
|.,„..1       .1....I        II.,      <J,.* Jf,       •* ij
his nose boing cwt oft   a*A «>'h»»
injuries reeeivd.
Geo, McKinnon. the ftrornn <*n
tho* other locomotive, leceivod
serious injuries to both legs and
was otherwise injured.      ,<    .-,:.'.
Both are in the Macleod hospital. Neither is .nj.m«d iatully and
thero is every hope of r.aving Me.
Kiuj-.on'tt (cct.
Engineer Allender nnd Conductor Choquctte of No. 114**. were
badly shakt'j. up. b-it nst ,««-ijous-
ly injured.
Immediately Alter h*? let the
tiain j';t..s, the oynt.ttar at iircck.
nit rlf'i.ippf-!-.*,-! nnn a** yt . UU,
whereabouts ,a<* ai-iolut.*./ un*
known to »he rail amy r.lll'*ials.
New Year
Immense stock of up-
to « date Goods for
Christmas giving f-lt-i"
For the Ladies
1.1 >
Fancy. Collars
Handkerchiefs '
Silk-Shirt Waists
For the Men
Gloves    '   *    °
Ties       ,\
Shaving*  Setts
Smoking Jackets
Dressing" -Gowns
Mufflers   ."'. &,
..^Smoking Setts
Toys and Dolls
All kinds and- descriptions at' prices
■to please ,you7 .- ..',-'.. *        .,'''"■
Store v open  every ^evening until Christmas
. \ '  \'. *7        \ ;'; ",.'.'.*"..-. ■'   -..' ■   • . ■> *— ,'*-'.
'"' •*  "    '\"   "'. .' "'. • '*-    ' ■''   •' '■ ;    - '      -   '''".- "    .   *   .'1
-,'"■>.. .•;',J\.»*-   .'.".ft V •'. .£. .1.7*' i.—. '   "*<-''..'«..'-    ,4-.■..«•. -^'..-.-■''ji»»'.''i.-'i.'-, II   *.'4.4',!..**A-rt <•"-'"''■
.,-.,'     . , •        •        - ■      '.,..,,■■•       '''"*'.;
1 ,     . ' *     ,     v • ■' '.'
■ . [ ■   " ".'     „     >'  1V" - -.        ,' . ' .'..
The   Tfites=Wood   Go,,
TueRdnv mnrninp* Mnntn CAntxn
visited the ledger office and pie*
t,euU>l tin* *.*.*..'. with il .lux ot
choice cigars from W, A. Ingram,
bf tho Club Cigar Store, Bill believes that printers should smoke
hero as well as hereiiter. The
staff wiuh Mr. Ingram a luarty
ami piohpt-xou!* hbioion.
As regular as clock work the
Fernie Brewing Co., always re.
members the boys at the Ledger
staff on Christmas, and cn Tues-
doy morning "Bob1" fihaw un-
loadrtci a case of Mtitz' special.
We proceeded at .-vice to sample
the- amber stuff and can recommend it as heing up to proof. We
extend the staff's best w.r*U*i to
the firm.        	
John Podbielancik of the King's
hotel, distributed a very nico
Xmas. ftouvenir in the suape of a
•.ii'-.ly ;'.'t*-tnit-.".I ''ii*,*-*' c»ao fUltd
with the best brand of home*
produced cigars,
D« Thuiiiiny luiiiiiHL ui tlm
Queen's hotel Jos. Champhane
was found dead in a chair in the
office, The deceased was well
known around Fernie, having
worked as brakeman in the C. P.
<*». j*»a<J..» ..«•« .» -*.*.. k» on tt.e
high lino. He wa» about 40 years
of age and came from Chaploau,
Ont,, where he leaves a wife and.
four children. A coroner's Jury
viewed the remains and adjourned
till Monday noxt. A post mortem
examination will he made in th*
The announcement in thi Nelsor.
News a few days ago to the effect
that the Consular s oflices hrre
and at Kelson were lo Ve closed,
has since been recomidercd, at
least as far as Fernie is crmc*rned
and this point wt.l continue to
• ci..;,... upiiU u* .>4*7..i. , .1. H.
Pollock Is American Co?.**.! at
.»■   te*-
1 ,    .-.
r(t. '■
t -
• '   il-'-J!!' *."  '-
.'«      ' *
, \  ■    ','■
*■ ♦       i
t    *
*  *       ■ . \ -*■■*■■- '•
'.      ' *•'   -V.    "\, '•   .   ■■    ^\\   ■'
A -    \"   ■    a    "     :   '       ' '       * _• -
FBRNSE L-M1W-R, BBHiHE, B*   «.,- »E«OMMMt St,-l&i?.'
Scale of Miners' Wages Set According to
-Varying Value.of Metals-Scale Practically
That Offered in Boundary—Automar
tically, Increasing on the - * ;
ettering .'of Conditions
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
■jt.^ysssat.:. •
ArcttiteC/.j and Superintendent  ,
6*iice at Residence,
BAKER ST.        .*    FERNIE, Bi  C.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D. D. S,
:     „'__ D-EJiSTTTISI1,
Office Hoursi-?     8 soto 12 a. m.' 1 to 5 p. e.
].>,-. <6.S0 ton p.m.- .
, Officii in A1 ex. L olt's ihoek     ' " '" ,
, over Shun;,. Uakory.
KEHNIE,  "    -        -        -'-...    B.,C
Insurance and Customs Broker
,- s
*; 3S o;
*"■* •*■ e3 t
r, S O O.
g )S c >1
Q   tm   ^iT!   (
'11,2>-.2      -r
rc'**^H^ fcr ^
K     2 ci a 5
oe>S*- aS'
. ° tt-3 fi o 5
^ I*
-.£>*  *.'■**
*5•**__-, ittp
§.2 "53.5.2
ii £ C -;■-.
c x i* o 4"~
= --<"*•.» a s
5 Si
• O y
' Shaftmen.'. ~.  ' 51.25
Machine men, including mychine men hi raises'
'   Y   above 40 feet...      3.75
Haramersmen ........- -   3.G5
Blasters -..'.      -1.25
Powdermen     3.50
* Timbermen .'     3.75
Timber ^ trainers *.  .*;....      3.75
Timbermen helpers....'...'. ' 7\   3.25
L.    Pumpmen.: •'.    3.75
1  Pipemen, underground or on surface .'...*■   3.50
'„"Trackmen..... '.     3.75
,.,    Trackmen helpers -.  3.50
V   Nippers ....    - 3.25 -
"Muckers and carmen      3.25
Car loaders ior motor...'...'. *....*      3.50
Top'carmen..,.;, .' ■■„••••     3.25
Common laborers,....", .' .,., ....    3.00
Teamsters*;.....; —;.. ...     3.25'
Watchmen... ; •'...".'....*.     3.00
* Skip tender's.'...;, '.' % «   3.75-
Hoistmen for geared hoists, double and'single
,   drum •"...    *4.oV
Licensed Engineers..;   „ 4.25'
Firemen '.<*.....,—'..."i—....' ,   3.50
., Motormen  .......'—.:     S30-
-J-7-EIectrician ,-in.charge.of,generator. .,.„;.,,,_.._,,._;_, 4.25j_
c       Electrician, not in charge of 2renei-ato"r  3,75
* Machinists.; ,...'.".      4.25,
Machinists' helper.... ....7.,..    3.25.
Blacksmiths'and tool sharpeners....'.'     4.25 -
Blacksmiths' helper..;1     3.50
Bench carpenters. , ■   4.25,
-   Kough carpenters'.". 7.., •  3.75
Carpenters'helper.'.... ....      3.25
Millrhen, except bullcooks. '. ..,     3.75
Bullcooks ;.'      3.25
' 3.40
3 50
'   3,00
3.50 »
' ?-00
.3 00
■* 3.00J
', 3.00 '-
* 3-75 o
4.00 °
3.25 ,
- 3.25
.. 3.50
.   3.50
,' 3.50,
' 4.00
• 3.75
4.00 '
•i.oo ■
3.75 ,
3.50 '
3.25 »
.  3.25
' 3.75 ■
- 3.50
W. li. CAJII'IU'.I.T.
Crow's   Nest
TradiiiR-   Co.
' B. 0. '
Plans'/and   Estimates, on Application
Residence -6 Howland Ave.
J. Wilson Gray, Architect
■"   ,    Fernie  B. C. ',
L.  P.   Eckstein
Barristbu-at-Law, Solicitor
Rooms 1 it S, Heiulevson block.. Fernie, B.C.
,'.'   meets in McDoiigall's Hall every    .'
,  alternate Thursday al 8 p.m.
A. Wvkes, Pres. ■     Wm. D.'SC!ioi--iF.r,D,Seo.
W. A; COfflELL
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
.    promptly executed to the satis-   •-"
faction of our customers..
J. Barber^ l.d.s., d.d.s,,
l T. W   -Block,   opposite the   Bank
Office liours—8 a',m. to 8 p.m.
Latoe Sc Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading "Co.    Block,
Fernie,  B. C- -
W. II, Boss, K. C.
J. S. T. Alexander
For ^quotations
_o_n_H_a_v & Oats
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE, B. O.   . „
Office iii h, T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
*• Barristers, Solicitors, Etc. .
* Tha board of conciliation nnd investigation under the Industrial Disputes
Investigation Act 1907, in the matter of
the Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Co. of Canada and certain employees of
the company at the St, Eugene mine,
Moyie, reached an unanimous decision
in the matter shortly before mldiilght
last evening. ■■ ■ ,
The board consisted of his honor P.
■E.;Wilson, county court judge,.chairman; S. S. Taylor, representing the
employees! and J. A. Harvoy, representing tho company, •
Tho toxt of tho board's award Io as
"On our appointment wo proceeded
to Moyie on tho earliest possible day
that could ho arranged, and hold our
first mooting on tho 7th day of October.
Tho BCHsions hold on tho 7th, 8th and
0th days of Octobor woro dovoted to
. ascertaining tlio exact cause of dUputo
as between tho parties, and our purposo
then was to procood as a board of con-
epilation In ab far ns wo could to ascertain tho real bnais of tho difficulties between tho parties and, If possible, to
narrow down tho Ihsuo for tho purposes
of any invoHtlgatlon that It might bo
necenuiry to hold. At tho ond of that
period wo hnd fully acquainted ourBOlveo
with all tho facts in dlsputo, but at that
timo wo found wo could do no moro as
a board of conciliation and woro than
ready to proceed with tholnvcRtlgiatlon.
The company, howovor, hnd instructed
counsol in tho matter, who waa fully
prepared, anil tholr officials wero not in
n position to proceed without his assist*
ariee unless thoy had an adjournment
to mora fully Inform themselves as to
thc evidence to bo adduced.
"As the men objected to counsel appearing, wo wero compollod to grant
that adjournment and the matter stood
over until tho 17th day of October, when
we nga|,n met in Moylo and attempted
m-Hln tin * hoard nf conciliation to brine:
the parties togothor.
" Wo sat (or such purpose on the-17th
andpsrt'of the 18th' days of'October;
and'oc tlio afternoon ol the 18th a pro,-
position ^as' prepjirod, ,»nd, tho moa
thfi-ft'.nirreed to" hold a imeeting that
oveoing r and ^diBcnss the < proposition,
aiid determine; whether or not the'pro-
ptBltitfn>J'iQbihitted by" thu 'company.
«bould'bo'ne'eopted. On tlie following'
morfiing, tho men reported that thoy
could not consider, any ^proposition for
m rc-tluctfon, and thu company vefused
to agree to the HtibmlsBlon to the liosrd
ol tht* «jUtf»Uon m to thiiti. cIhhkhh of
labor in dispute, nnd wo, therefore, hnd
to proceed with the hearing as to the
wholo utattor.
"In our iuveitigatlon as * board of
conciliation we found that the dispute
*uo*o Ubto t|,<! deAiiM.liv the men to
bare their wages Increued-to what U
write to
■.-o     *■■ *   - ' .j    *   .
Hembling   &    Ruby
Specif4l rates to Contractors apa
^> . Lumbermen '« ->  '
6.—Commencing at a post planted at or near one mile east of C;
P. R. line,' Block, 4593, at 34 mile
post, and. being southeast corner
of -W. Livingstone's claiir. end
marked -. -William .Livingstone's
southeast corner; thence SO chains
west; thence - 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80
chains south' to place of commencement.' J_
" Dated this  14th day of November,  1907.
W. LIVINGSTONE, Locator. '
Witness—Nat Babcock.'
, 7.—-Commencing at a post planted- at _ or near W. Livingstone's
southeast corner, and being north-
oast* corner of W. Copeland's
claim,v and marked William Copeland's'northeast corner; thence 80
chains ' west; ,,thence 80 chains
south; thence 80 chains ,, east;
thence 80 chains north to'place of
Dated this 14th day' of November, 1907. 7 „   .- -	
Witness—Nat Babcock.
8.—Commencing at a post planted at or near W. Copeland's
northeast-corner, and being north-
west.'corner of R. Slugg's claim,
and„ marked' Richard Slugg's
northwest corner; thence' 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains ,-west; thence 80
chains - north ,. to place of commencement/
1 Dated this 14th day of November, 4907.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
9.—-Commencing at a, post planted at- or.near R. Slugg's. noith-
west comerf^and being- southwest
corner of "A. Sandback's' claim,'
and. marked John Sandback's
southwest corner;." thence '80
chains, eastp' thence SO chains
north; thence 80 chains west;
thence 80 chains south to place
of commencement.
'Dated this 14th day'of "c'.ern-
ber,   1907.
JOHN SANDBACK, Locator. " ■
Witness—Nat Babcock.
.7.  Commencing at a.post 'pla*a^.
at or near the*^ northeast corner'-  Of
the  "J. P.  Silverman     claim,   'and
being  northwest  corner  of Vi.  Darby's    claim, ,and    marked W.* Darby,
northwest corner; thence' 80    chains' ^
south; thence 80 chains east;' thence
80' chains north;   thence 80 •  chains
west  to place of commencement. ■'.,
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907,
j Locator.
Witness—John McDonald.1    ■     • •
S.-> Commencing   at a post' planted*
nt or near \V, Darby, northwest corner,' und being southwest' cornor    of
13.  Lamoruiex's claim, ana    marked
.13.   Lamoruiex's ' southwest    corner;
thenco 80 chains . north; thence    SO
ehains enst; thenco 80 chains south;
thenco SO ohains .. west to place    of'
commencement.        .       •'   ,
Located .this 25th day of Oct.  1907-
Locator. '
. '■'' .-*.*•     Agent,
Witness—John McDonald.
known as tlio Boundary scale. Prior to
Juno 1st tho men had been "working
undor what was known as the old Slocan
Bcale, iixed in 1900... On June 1st thoy
had received a very material increase,
but did not receive the samo rate of
wages as wns being- then paid in the
Boundary district! Tho men maintained
that tho rate of increase as given was
not sufficient, that they Hhould receive
tho same rate of wages as that paid in
the Boundary district, and thut the in-
crcasoasgiven discriminated in regards
to certain classes of labor. Thoy based
thoir demands for an increase on the
fact that tho cost of living-had materially increased since the old scale was
fixed, that the wages lu othor departments of Industry had increased during
the last 10 years from 25 to 100 por cent.;
that thoy woro entitled to tho eaino rato
ot wajjoH as that paid in tho Boundary
country, whore conditions are practically
tho samo as at Moyio, whlid nnd that
moro especially in tho caso of muckers,
in Hosslnnd and tho Boundary tho In-
crcaso has boon from 1G% por cent, to
80 por cont,, while In Moyio tho increase
has only boon 8)tf por cent. Tho com*
pany mot this isiuoand maintained thnt
not only should an increase not bo
granted, but that thu prosont scale of
wages wat» oxccislve under tho condi*
tions, and that tho old Slooan scnlo,
which prevailed prior to Juno 1st, should
bo rostorod.
•• On that dispute wo then proceeded
on the 10th and 20th days of Octobor
to take evldonco at Moylo and then
dealt principally with tho prices of coin*
moditlos, and tho cost of living of tho
present time as compared with tho po*
rlod from 1000 to 1004. On tho 20th we
adjourned until the 27th, of Octobor,
whon wo again sat at Moylo and pro*
ceodod with taking further ovidonce on
tho cost of living, the wngeB pnld In
othor mining camps.'ahd tho conditions
of labor at Moylo itself, That session,
.anted u.uj. ti.uwtli day of Uctot*or,and
tht'tVlllt'JU'O'pi-IWJUCfd )>iil0M USfiOYOCOi
n very wlity'field on tho'cost oi living
now ai 'compared with' tho cost ot living
in prior; yearn «lnee 1000, on the Increase
'ofwagus since 1000 irt- other' linos' of
fctt^vUti"/, auJI ou tLtt bCAke of viftntsiy
paid in other mining camps in North
America,. (Eyldonco was adduced show:,
ing the cost of living in a great jiumbor
of other mining camps, working undor
jho Btmo conditions, and also tt to tho
scale of wages paid in each mining
camp In British Columbia, In the Yukon
nnd Alaska, awl lii all thn various lm*
pnrtnnt mining camps of tho United
States, inoludlng Michigan, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and California.
"On the 20th day of November our
sittings »t Moyie wer* adjourntd to
rttUnn tn t*)ts farther ovhtsneo Irom
Successor to J. .W. H. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate
Will supply men for
all classes of work,
either by the 'day,
week or month.
Victoria Ave. '"-..     ^
■•'■"   ■:-**-*■:•* ■     :  B. C.
Bushmen,   Lumbermen
Women  for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing-.
Reasonable   Rates
lo, Consumptives
. i
The nuderilsnad having bead ra*
tottd to hoolth by.ilmplo means,
after sofforlnff for a-mra. years
with a anvore lung affection, and
that drond' dlaeam CONSUMPTION,
la anxious to make known to bis
fellow ■afferersthe nutans, of euri.
To thMa who deilr* It, na wUi
eheerfuUjr, aeud ittot ol ohmrmo) a
copy of the proworlptlon otoi, which
titty wlll flad a eiira for CONSUUP-
cmiTIB and, all throat and long
MJI4J>1SBL He l.P3>w -».!» *txtt*t*t*
•will,try thlt nemody, as it Is InTaln.
-able, Thos* dsstrlng tht pr«a»tl|i*
tion, .whlob will ooat, tbo nothing,
andntiiay prote a blowing^ wlll
plsaaa addnaa
Dcooklrn. K. V.
••» • '•■ Stotice. >    .   **■' ,
'NOTICE is hereby given1 that 30
days-"after date I intend' to**-apply
to the Hon.' Chief Commissioner
of "Lands and -Works for a "license
to prospect for coal' and petroleum
on the following described lands,
situated in the District* o£, Soutli
EasJ- .Kootenay, Province bf Bi-it-'-
ish* Columbia: '■' ''
1,—-Commencing"at a post planted at or near 3S mile post of C.
P. E. line, Block 4593, and being
the southwest* corner of Nat Bab-
cock's claim, - and marked' Nat
Babcock's southwest corner; tlience
80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north; thence 80 . chains west;
thence 80 chains south to placo
oT commencement.
Pated this 14th day of November, 1907.
NAT BABCOCK, Locator.    '
Witness—Nat Babcock.
2,—.Commencing at a' post planted at or noar 32 mile post of C.
P. R. line, Block 4593, and being
northwest corner of J. /.iving-
stone's claim, and marked John
Livingstone's northwest , corners'
thonco 80 chains east; thonce 80
chains south; thenco SO ihains
wost; thonco 80 chains north , to
place of commencement. „
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907.
Witness—Nat Babcock,
3.—Commencing at a post planted at or noar J. Livingstone's
northeast cornor, and being northwest corner of W, T. Watson's
claim, and marked W. T. Watson's
northweBt corner; thenee-80 chains
east; 'thence ' 80 chains south;
thence 80 cbains west; thenco 80
ehains north to place of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1007.
. W. T. WATSON, Locator.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
•-.NOTICE, r ",
days,after tjiixto. I int-aid to rapply
tb the Hon. Chief Commissioner ,of
Lands and, AVorks -for a license to
pOospect for coal" iand petfoleum '■'■ on
the following described* lands situat.
ed in tho-,district of Southeast Kootenay, Province of ,British Columbia.
,1. Commencing at. a-post-planted
at or near ono mile, east of C. P. It.
line at,27 milo . post, Block Aod'.V,
and-'boing southeast comer of S. M".
Moore's claim* and marked S. M.*
Moore southeast corner; thenco 80
chains west; thonco .80,ohaina'-novUt;
thenco 80 chains east; , thenco 80
chains south to place of commencement. '
Locatod  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
, "   BAirrrsE   lamouuiex,
..   Agent.
Witness—John McDonnId.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at or neiu' S. M, Moore's southeast
orner and being the northwest corner of J. O. Rochford.s claim, and
'marked .1. O. Rochford ' northeast
cotner; thonco' 80 chains wost; thonco
80 chains south; thenco 80 chains
east; thonco 80 chains-north , to
placo of commencement,
Located this 25th day of Oct,, 1007
Witnoss—John McDonald.
.1, Commencing at a' post planted
at or near .l.'O. Rochford north
east corner, and being N. W. corner of J,.i Robortson's claim nnd
marked J. Robortson northwost cornor; thonco 80 chains south; thonco
80 , chains oust; thonco 80 cliains
north; thenco 80 chaine west to
placo of commencement.
Located this 25th day of (.let., 100
-■  " Agont,
lVltnoss—John Mclionnld,
NOTICE is»hereby given that,, 30
days after' date I intend to-apply'to
the - - Hon.    Chief Commissioner ■ of- *.
Lands and Works for a liclnso   ..to   ■
prospect for coal and petroleum   bn'_
the   follooRing    described   lands situated   in the'district of    Southeast
Kootenay, Province of British.   Columbia. .,- „"
1. Commencing at a post   planted
ut or   near .one   mile east of C. P.;.;
R. .line atthe 29 mile'post, and being' southeast corner of J. L.'King's-
claim, jind    marked',   J.  L.  King's-.
southeast corner;  thence 80 ,. chaius
west;-thence 80 chains north; thenco -~
80    chains  east;   .thenco  80  chaius   ■
south to, place of commencement.
Located  this 24th day of Oct.,,1907  '
J. L. KING,        , ' j.:
' - ,;■ '    Locator.
.   ■?"   BAPTISE    LAMORUIEX, .,
, " -   .       '•>-,.   ' ■■ ',       'Agent."" ,
, Witness—John ,*McDonald.' '
2, Commencing at" a post    planted
at  or-near    southeast- corner  of  J.. *»
L.  King's claim, and. being . northeast corner of D.   C. Drain's claim',',
and marked D!. C, Drian's northeast
ner; thence SO chains west;' thence
chains  south;' thence   80  chains-■*'
eaSt; thence,80.chains north to.place-J
of commencement. - -    ,'*■--"
'•'. D; C. DRAIN,:        .   ,,
".   *' ,   - -   .,v "7'..   j, ■ -•-' .. Locator."" ., .
=C      ;!-.      ,„ ""■:,   Agent. -
Witness—John McDonald.' .H *.
[Continued on page 6.]
C. V, Walker, owner and manager ol Winnipeg's new i».:iOi),CoO
theatre, Tht Walker, has Just completed arrangements for a tour
terott Western Canada -f "Tht
Bonnie Britr Bush," one of the
preatfBt plnye in the history tf
tht drarou.   ..
4,—Commencing at a post planted at or near W, T. Watson's
northwest comer, and. bolng;
southwest-corner of Gus Bscken'e
claim, and marked Gus Beelcen's
southwest comer; thence 80 ohains
east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains west; thenoe 80
chains south to tbe place of commencement.   . '   .    *     ■ •'
■DmUi ILis llUi'jJ'.y cS !Tc've.-.v
bur^ 1007.
GUS BECKEN, Locator.
Witness—Nat Babcock,
B.—Commencinu at a post plant-
efl tit or *n»nr o-ni* m\\* M-»"r, nf O.
V, E. line, Block 4503, at 31 mile
post, and I'slng southwest corner
of John Fishers claim and mark-
td John Fisher's southwest corner; thenct 80 chains east; thence
80 ehains north; thenee 80 chains
west; thence 80 chains south to
place of eemrnenpement.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1007.
JOHN FI8HEH, Locatro.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
4, Commencing at a l ont planted
ut or noar J. RohortBon's noitliwost
cornor, and bolng southwost cornor
of John McDonald's claim,' ond
marked Jolm McDonald; thcncb 80
chains-north;,thonco SO chains oast;
thonco 80 chainB south;' thnnte 80
chnlns west to , place of commence-
Locatod this 36th dny 'if Oct,, 1007
'• Agent.
WltnoBs—John McDonnld,    .
R. Commencing at a poit plnnted
at or near ono mllii from tho southeast corner of J, McDonald's claim,
i.::A being r,c*uth**?.rt cornor nf A
Rico's claim, nnd marked A. Rico's
southeast, corner; thonco bO cliuins
west; thenco 80 chains north; tlicnco
80' chains cast;*, tlicnco 80.chains
smith to place of commoncomont.
Located this 2B*.h day of Oct,, 1007
« Locator,
*■ Agent.  '
WitnosN—John McDonald.
3. ..Commencing at a post   planted
at. or near- northeast corner of D. C.   ,j
Drain's  claim,  and. being ■• northwest "7
corner of the A. A. Sparks'    claim,
and marked     A. A.  Sparks'* northwest corner; thenco 80 chains'  "east;
thenco 80 chains south;  thenco    80
chains west; thence 80 chaius north
to-plncc-of-commencement.        "  '<■
Located  this a-itu.day of Oct., 1907
*    DA'PiTJlSE 'flJAMORUIEX,    -
Witness—John McDonald.
4. Commencing at a post planted
at or near northwest corner of,* A'.
A. Sparks' claim, and being    southwest cornor-of tho A, Good   cluim,
nnd marked Andy Good's southwest
cornor; thenco 80 chains east; thenco
80 chains north;  thenco 80    ihains
wost;     thenco 80 chains south     to ■
placo of commencement.
Located this 2-lth day of Oct., 1907   .
Ai GOOD, „ .        .
'* ,6cat or..
Witness—John McDonald.
0. Commencing at a post planted
nt or near one mile from tho acuth*
enst corner of A. Good's cluim, and
being southeast corner of H. R,
Gnmhlo's clnlm, and marked. H, R,
Gamble's southeast.corno'-; tlicnco 80
chnlns west; thonco'SO cliains noith;
thonco 80 chains oast; thonco 80
chains soutli to placo of commoncomont.
Locntod this 24th dny of Oct., 1907
, Agent,
Witness—John McDonald.
0, Commencing at, a post plantod
at or noar southeast cornor of H. R.
Gamble's claim, and being north*
east cornor of J.. Murid's claim, and
niarkod ,J. Murid's .northeast'corner;
thonco 80 chnlns .west; thonce. 80*
chains south; thonco 80 chains oast;
ihonco SO,elmlnc*north to placo of
commoncomont.' "
Located this 84th day of Oct. 1007
• Agont..
Witnoss—John McDonald,
7. Commencing at a post plantod
at or near northeast corner' of J.
Mvirlil'o claim, and being northwost
cornor of J. 1-Y, Irwin's claim, and
markod J, l\ Irwin's northwost corner; t.hnnr.i. HO rhnlns south: thenee
80 chains oaHt;. . thonce 80. chains
north,'., iilwtii-ti SQ„-ciiulus w<aL , to
place of commoncomont.
Located, this 24th day.of Oct., 1907
J. F.'lItWIN,
WltbcsB—John -McDonald.
Try a Ledger Ad.
0. Commencing at n post plnnted
at or near southeast enrnor of, tho
A. Rico claim, nnd bolng northeast
corr.er of .T. F. BU\crinan'a clnlm,
and mnrkrd J. F. Silverman's i.orth
(■■nut corner; thotu'e flO rhnlns wrst;
tlience 80 rhnlns Btmth; 'hence * 0
chains cast; thenco SO .hains tu-rth
to jilnre of commencement.
Locnred this 25th day if 0.:l., 5(07
Witneat—John McDonald,
8. Commencing at a post planted
nt or nonr tho northwost cornor of
J. F. Irwin's claim, and being south
wost cornor of It. It. Gamble's claim,
and markod R. R. Gamble's southwest corner?; thtinca (XO chnlns east;
thonco 80 chains north; thenco 80
chnlnn west; thence BO chains south
to placo of commoncoment.
Located this 2»th day of Or,t.. 1907,
H. R. GAMnLE. "
HHneM—John McDonald.
Minard's Liniment Cures DlpttbeUa. A Full Report of the Fissure at
Coal Creek Submitted by
the Mineralogist
Thomas Bijrge, Esq.,
" See. Gladstone Local Union,
" *   .. U. M. Vi. of America,   -    '
'Fernie, B. C.
'Sir:-     ,  , \  "' '
In further reply to your telegram bf
the 2Qth ult, stating that a mountain at
Fernie was sub&idin;-"- and endan«:erinfr
life and property, The'Honoc'iblo The
Minister of Mines'directs nie to enclose
a copy oi the Provincial -Mineralogist's
-Eeport on the manor, from which it
•appears that tlie fissures do not offer or
. suggest any danger from .slides or rolling rocks from the hilleide.,
1 have the honor to.be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,*
'"  '     ■ li F. TOLMIE,       .      "       ,
Deputy Minister of Mines.
Victoria", 2nd'Dec. 1907.
"', [COPY]
The Ilonn'rahli} The-Tilinistei'-stjf Mines
ile reported danger from   -
rock glides at Coal Creek.
• Sir :-■'■/
■   In'.accoidance  with 'ui'r-tinations re-'
-ceiyed ■ from   yon   I _loft.-Victoria'" on I
■Novjsmber 1st ni*.4l.'proceeded to',.Fernio!
to. itivcstigtito   llie   condition   oF   tho I
rBRyiB-LllDGBRV TEHMEB, B.   C.; DECEMBER 28, -1907.1
settlement as before,the coal was extracted. .  ,  ■      '• ,,';-   .-*''■    '  .
The travelling and haulage roads and
the airways through the worked out
portions of the mines where the roof
and pavement have come, together,
have been kept open by taking down
the roof or taking up the pavement
and are now practically rock tunnels.
In this system of mining there are no
old workings left in which any accumulation of gas can occur. - o
■ From these facts I argue that no further subsidence of any importance will
occur in the surface overlying the seams
so far worked, and as the workings at
present extend to a„ point under the
brow of the hill—back of which the surface is more nearly, level—any further
cracks due to subsidence will bo in tlie
flatter country and free from nil bus--
picion of danger.
As to any danger from the subsidence
which has slrendy'taken place, I would
say there is none, for the reason that
tho strata forming, the mountain nre
hard, solid bedsof sandstone, conglomerate and argillite, quite unaffected by
water. These,strata arc merely horizontal, such dip _ as-they have being
into the hill, which'/eliminates any
possibility of there being any gener'nl
slide of the hillside into the vullev of
The fissure, which was the immediate
cause of the investigation, occurs'in a
sandstone bluff some 75feet high, which
forms the brow of the hill—some 1800,
feet above   the   level  of the'railway'
tracks—nnd cuts across a point of this
'j bluff in a, direction parallel with tho
j main  creek,   The fissure in' the solid
j rock i.s about 18 inches wide, biit whore.
] the rock is covered wilh earth the earth
j has in  j.l'ijc'es run  gown,  giving   the
! nuuresoion- to a  casual observei-. of a
; dt-hure of several feet in/widrh. ;
' This fissure evidently occurred in the
early p.irt of'the past, summer.   In .-id-
B. E. WALKER, President „
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager'
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and In the United States and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever ln
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
1 Undertakers & Embalmed;
M . h ■
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Jg The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite  Works •";
The   Kootenay   Marble    Works,   "Nelson ■ '
Samples Can be Seen at the Office. Parlors in Lundy's Block
Fernie Branch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
f— :  '  ' '
..'lncmiitiuii above lln"* .workings of thn j clition io, tiiis. iiinsl- recent Jissurc,
■con! swims cut the Oiw.'s Nest l'ass Coal} found' m;v*-i-;u   other:  (mrallel   liss-ires   »$•
Cqijipai)yi at   Coal  Creek, -.which  had j occurrine-tif. intervalsckiv/iuhc. hillside,   **•'
been* reportectto you •-.•> iieiiif-,- in a con-   which fact indicates that the subsidence
ditioiT^bwiiig^tO' the. extraction °ot-*the-
- "underlying coal,
. Hfe and property.
"'    1 .arrived iii Fernio on _nia-lU_o_f_3r_d
•and on the 4th 1. interviewed your in
formant—Mr. ;Bi <*-«■£—the Secretary of
the local Union, and learned from, liim
that the anticipated danger lay in the
fact that the extraction of the coal in
No. 1 and 9. Mines, Coal Creek, had
«aused a subsidence of^ the hill above
theso seams, which subsidence was
manifested by the opening of cracks in
tho higher rocky beds of which the
mountain is formed, and it was feared
by-many of the "inhabitants of. Coal
Creek that thoso fisBuree—some'of which
wero in rocky cliffs—would causo largo
fragments of,, the cliff to bocomo detached and that these would roll down
upon tho houses in tho valley, causing
a disaster Bimilar to that which occurred,
somo years back at Frank, Alberta.
As far as Mr. Biggs know, or I could
hear from others, there was no insinuation or expectation of danger in tho
minos mentioned, and tho supposed
danger' was entirely from tho surfneo
timtorial which It was thought might
roll down upon tho houses.    .
On tho 5th Inst. I went up to Coal
Creole nnd examined tho whole of tho
ground In question,
As your information hnd boon (rom
tlio Secretary of tho local Union, I
t.t considered- it advisnblo that tho Secro*
If! tnry nnd two other momboru should
*   accompany mo, which they did nt my
I wm ftlso accompanied by Mr.
McEvoy, tbe Geologist nnd Engineer of
tho Crow's Nost Pnsa Conl Company,
and by Mr. Morgan, tho Inspector of
Mines for tho District,
I lind that the mountain In question
is on tho north eido of Conl Crook—its
highest point somo 1800 foot nbovo
mllwny trucks, bolng almost duo nortii
nf tho tlpplo—from whloh tlio hill' Hhiih
with n vory uniform slop.* of about WT
with two or three snndstono or conglom*
or'nto bluffs from thirty to sixty feet
hillh, standing nearly vortical, mnl'ing
the nvorniro nnglo from tho top to both
of about \W to »7".
Thoro nro two coal scams undorlylng
thlrt hill thnt havo boon worked, viz.,
No. l Mino nnd No. 9 Mino.
No. 1 Mino to tho overlying goam nnd
lias boon extensively mined but has
recently boon nbandoncd on account of
tlio pnvmnont rlnlrie up grndunlly nml
filling tlio levels, etc., ciiusIiik heavy
oxponsoln timbering nml In "brushliiR
| /out" tiie luvela and air courses
, VV'liilo tin's nrguea a nubaidonco of tho
I overlying strata, It also nrguoH thnt tho
j greater part of such hubMdcnce has
; already takun plnco nnd thnt no midden
tfivhig Is to bo expected.
No. f) rotun underlie1" No. 1, nntl It
j    from six to eight foet thick of conl.
Thoso workings I Inspected ou tho flth
;    Inst,    it
i This mino has been operated exclusively on tho "long wall" system—
whereby nil thu conl In tho seam Is
j    nxtrncted ns tlio working face to ad-
'     vnnced—tho apncu left by tho ronl to
i    pnr.lnlly filled with timber, re-fun.., rock,
etc., mntl na the working advance, tbo
roof gradually settles down, itiimIiIiij**
nnd compiTHslng tho filling, tiiilil tho
r<k)f nntl pavement nr.* practically in
i-oitUU ..i.il  ..>,  m-vuiti.   hoin   liirttmr
of the hill has been"gradual-!and jroin
«s to cause danger to on  for some.-time;.     This number .-o(
small fissures is. much lesafdangerous
than-if the effect was -concentrated in
"oTTtriTTrKe brea kT7-" •7" ~
•■ The most recent,fissure had detached
a section of the bluff some'75 feet high^
.which,.toppling over, had fallen down
on the steepest part of the, general hillside, and the fragments of this rock fall
had rolled _ or been thrown, down .the
hillside for, somo distance, the piece
going furthest—a mass of some eighty
tons—being not over 100 yards from
the base of the bluff.
■This gives "a practical illustration
that tho slope of the hill is not sufficiently
steep to permit of boulders rolling any
From this bluff.to the nearost buildings is a horizontal distanco of.about
2,4r'6o feet. ; , .. ■
Ab to the underground workings—]
could not,,enter No. 1 Mine as It, had
been abandoned for somo time and is
now nearly choked up, but I I* now It
from"previous inspections.
I went .through No. 9 Mine with the
ovorman, tho inspector and Mr. Biggs,
nnd found everything in good ordor
nnd as safo ns coal mining can bo made.
I Include with this roport n section of
tbo hill In question, Bhowing location
of fissures, etc.
In conclusion, I beg to ropprt thnt in
my opinion theso fissures do not offor
or suggest any dnngor from slides or
rolling rocks from tho hillside, nnd that
no further Investigation is required.
I,might any that I found somo 1C0
men hnd boon frlghtonod from their
work by storlos of tho oxtont of thoso
fissures, consequently I considered it
ndvisnblo to glvo n stntomont of my
findings to tho local press nt once nnd
before making my report to you—of
which action J Informed you by tole-
grnph.     '
1 nm, Sir,
Youth respectfully,
Provincial Minomlnutof,
Vlctorln, until Novomber, 1907.
I        * ii y- ';.'.
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W« urf a J«u X*
il::n'. IV
To   Our
We thank you for past favors '
and wish yon a' Merry -Xmas.
a,.- ■ . ..   •   ■■    CO
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and unless the inflammation can be
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Its normal condition, hearing will bo
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ton are.caused by catarrh, whloh Is
nothing but an Inflamed condition
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Wo will glvo One Hundred Dollars
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F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,   O.
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Sold by druse-it*, 7lo.
IN PROBATE  NO.  287  OF  1907.
NOTICE Is hereby given, that on
the 25th day of November, 1007,
it wns ordered by Toter Edmund
Wilson, Esq., local judge of the
said court, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, ofllcial administrator,
in and for that portion of the
county of East Kootenay, included in tbo Fornie olectoral distriot,
bo administrator of all and sing-
ulnr tho estate of Georgo Onyoko,
of Hosmer, B. C,'deconsod, inter-
Every creditor or othor person
having nny claim upon or interest
in tho distribution of tho ostato
of tho said docuniiod Is required, to
sond, boforo tho 2nd day of January noxt by rcglnteied letter, addressed to tho undersigned, bin
name and the full particulars of
his claim or interost aud a state*
ment of his account and the nature of the security, if any, held
by him,
After the said last mentioned
date the administrator will pro-
coed with the distribution of the
4»stato. having regard to those
claims only of which he shall have
• •*&■<•*      m.*imt\tm,C
Datod at   Cranhronfc, thin tJflt.h
day of November, 1007.
Ofllcial Administrator.
Pay your housekeeping bills by cheque,
againsTi! an account
withThe Home Bank
of Canada. Paying
through the bank is
safer than paying
with cash out of nana
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to you at
the end of the month
with your account
accurately balanced,
f T.-J85-4     THE
of Canada.
G. W. N. Boulton, Manager
Fernie Branch
n' -Tri     " ''   '     ';"   '' * ■   v     - "    *   ■   '     '
I The Dominion-Meat-Co..
The Store of Satisfaction
,  A  large selection of Xmas.  Poultry and „
.Fresh and Smoked Meats will be on hand
Order   Early   and    Avoid   the   Rush
•Phone 4
Victoria, Ave
The   weary., traveller in search ot a . good     ■    v.   .
home, plenty to cat and something- good to
.  drink should go to "
The King: Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates,   Proprietor
Corner Hanson St,       , i-* •       r*»    /~»
& Victoria Ave. rCfllie-,  B. C.
Wsetern Canada
I Co-operative' & Trading Co,, Ltd,
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General  Merchandise
IN PKODATE NO. £60 OF  1007.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that on
tho 85th day of November, 1007,
It was ordered by Peter   Edmund
(Wilson, Esq., loenl judge of    the
jsald court, that .Tame» Ferguson
j Armstroutf,. *jf..e.ul u.di**....Ut.'&to.,
ti— j... «r*..•>.». nm7i7-—T,—T~ Mn ant-* ior that portion of the
The dole of Ayeri PI1U is small, only eountv of East Kn«t*««w 7«m..T
onestbedtime/ Asarulejaxttive'dotet ! 3 jn thV *?««!*• d«KrJfH£♦5l?"
•re belterthsn cathartic dotei. Forcon- ' tz %!$?.£, ft* *lfi *°ii*l dj*t,,kt-
itlpiilon, blllousncsa, dyspeptl*. «ick7 ?., .h.iSlJi «# t * \*Z? ."^-V
headache*. «hey cannot V« txttW. * "1^1?*^ft*e* V, ^".W1?.1™^
Atk your doctor about thli. . °.r "s*"!-;*. »t Hoswer, B. C„ de*
hftviajj any claim upon or Interest ln the distribution of tho sa.
tate of the said deceased, Is to.
ciulred to send, bifore the Snd
ut»y oi Jttjjuiiry next oy registered
letter, ndtlTrtinptl to tli* uj.d»-r-
aiened. his name ami address aa*i
the full particulars of his claim
or interest and a statement of Lis
account and naturo of the security, if any, held by him.
• r*«-   *\,t   „.<.i   1. i.   ,,,.,.i..... t
**'..,.. ..«»        *****       ***..»        Li*.^**WtV4i44,*
dot* the administrator will pro*
ceed with the distribution of the
estate, having regard to thos*
claims only of which be shall have
had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 20th
day of November. 1007.
OW-MaI Adminifltrator,
Coleman :-: Alta.
A hotel that furnishes quiet,* •oi*-
modious aceomtnodntlon for its pnt*
rctu in it'-Woree of pleasure to the
tr*t*ve)UDV(^r.nUle. 8nth * one Is t»s
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W. R. McDougall
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•"J 4-1 ' .        *
Every creditor or othtr   person WG cppoiltc i-ont office
v a
il 4
The; Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance    ..
I»gned every Saturday  from  tlie"Office of
-. Publication, ToiM Blook, Victoria Ave,
.   ' J?ernio' British Columbia.
AllelmiiBesof'ads. must be in us lollows:—
fftlitis i aiul 5, -»v-m. Tuesday ; paws :i and ■».
Xii. in rimrsduv, uud „imt?o 6, -' p.m, 1 ru'tiy.
We will lie unable to in-iure change unless
- this rulo U complied with.-     ,..
,   Lwnl  adwrtlsim.  I'i eont^ i>i?r nonpariel
linotli'sl insorlioD.S cents i:ei-lino eauli suUsc-
- quent insertion.
nates for mnilraot lulvortNiiit; on umilioii*
tion at ollice of publication, Todd Mock.
'At the present time, wLrsi ir.cr.ey
is   practically,   in'sorne   parts nt
least, a nonentity, it V-'ehooyes us
to. look into   the  sy*5tei'i • of    our
banking   institutions,   and  see    ii
they are right.,     0
With the. in£ormaT"ion furnished
' depositors every year, and also at
..'-other  times,   it' would- see:n   tliat
all the banks-were as. solid as the
2-ocks of Gibralter.-   But are they?
Do their reports tally'willi- tbeir
.. failures? '*We think,not"     So:oe*of
our largest institutions' siitw   an
enormous sum accounted for     by
"Call   and   Short     Loans,'-'    etc.
Now of what,do "these consist?*   If
the   money.'   was    7et out in   responsible places,  arid in  our, own
Country,  where it could be called
in on short notice, ax'.d placed to
the credit  of the bank* -a-iioi   absolutely • necessary,  tl.eve'    would
not     be     so many hank failures.
But we have seen instances where
the funds  of the banks  are   lent
out in such a manner that when a
case   of  emergency 'occur.1:,  it cannot" be  got  in., in -.time  to  supply
the" demands   of   .,he   anxious    de-,
positors,    and  the ultimate    consequence    is     readily foi seen, the
b"afikTlnu~st^iose_it"s^lWrs7s    •""""~
.Why should the Canadian banks
lend their money in .large quant i-
■ties  to   foreign- countries    and  es
pecially*    at     the present critical
*    time.  .'  The  United    States  Lave
■uftered but' lately from this  system, and" our ■ba,iking'iiiot-.tiii:.jon&
should  . see  to  it  that the  same
grievious mistake is not made.
Look at .the ,matter ^from a depositor's standpoint, -.li'e Sf.vos,
through either Lard woik or good
judgment; it. n-aStirs Jiot which,
- a small amount, oi muney, He
wishes,to deposit, it *ov, safety',
and looks up the standing . t" the
.various banks j-opiMsonted in the
district in t/hich he reside.* Ho
gets- their munul repots and'
goes by thorn, IV.oy .'Lev a huge
residue and rosorvo. "Ahey look'
solid and safe, but alas,.loo often
:!heiv reserves are in such a shape
that when wanted they cannot be
obtained, and tlio nun who has
by this time accumulated what he
thinks.will keep him atid his family, learns all of -j,* sudden that he
is practically ,*. "bankrupt, by the
failure of his bank,
i This is where wo .hink tho gov-
ornmont should take a hand in
the affairs of tho banks, Thoy
should bo made by an Act of
Parliament to always hoop enough
of n ready obtainable resorvo, or
emergency fund to offset any
Htringenoy that may occur, and
that is bound to occur from timo
to timo, more especially in thesu
■   youngor countries, on account of
. the immense amount of business
that is dono on paper. The present system is far too lax, nnd
amounts to a misrepresentation of
cfacts by the directors of tho tanks
though porhapH not int.mlioi.nl.
ttobert R. lledley; the special Dominion'' Government Commissioner, 'appointed to inquire into the mining conditions in Western Canada, returned on
Thursday n*oniin»- from Bankhead, and
left on the afternoon train-for Edmonton.
Mr. lledley also visit ed'the. coal
'mines at Canmore'iuul the cement plant
at Kxshaw. " j
licsardinir tlie Bankhead miner!, Mr.
lledley said thai it was i-ortainly a
in'rffo proposition, and thoro is an immense body' of first class conl. The
daily output i.s in the neis'liWliood of
1,000 tons, and. about *150'men are employed in and around, tlie 'mines. Tlie
coal is almost anthracite, the principal
market ior it being in the Kootenay
district and Calgary. The coal dust
is mado into brickete,-which aire used
quite extensively by the C. P. 11.'com-'
pany in their locomotives in the, mountains. The grates of the engines ai-e
specially adapted for burning these
brickots.,"-",.      ,: - *. -
At Canmoro there are a considerable
number'of men working on contract
getting.out.coal,.a great deal of which
is used by the C.-P. R.
The cement plant at Exshaw is almost
completed', and rock crushing operations have commenced. *- The company
expects, in a short time,.tb commence
the" manufacture of cement, and by
next spring to havo the plant running
full blast.   "
Jlr. Hedley's'i-eport will be submitted
to the department of mines ih a few-
weeks, and will be laid before parliament and printed-during the present
session.     ...; *'--.        *    (J_.
. * o       ■    ■  ■'
I was cured of "Rheumatic Gout
-Halifax..     ','.-ANDREW KING.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis
by MINARD'S LINIMENT.      „  ''*
Sussex. ■"     '   "i   -• V     '
I was cured-o£~»~Acute~Rheuii-ia'--
Markham, Ont.     C. S. BILLING
Div.  1.   5th Reader— . 7   .   .
genior Division— ,        . ,
1st Helen Muirhead.    ■ •    '
2nd Annie Beattie'.
3rd -Margaret Robertson.
Junior Division—' *    ,        '      *
1st' Elsie \Voodhouse.
2nd' Arthur Mnirhcad.
'•ird Willie nird.. * ' '
Div.* 2: Urd Header—
1st '.John Yokes.
Snd   Evelyn  Bift'KS.
:trd. Andrew Ingram.
2nd Reader—' -   *        -4
1st Sam Ilalton." '    7>'    '
2nd Hilda Nowrick.    »    ■    ; t ;
- 3rd .1 olin Pollard.  -    .
Div. 3i> '2ml Reader—
A Class-. '■' "•  " ' ■ ,
1st JvTorman McBean. ,'-.-"
Snd Frank Ixtcher.   »        •1
3rd Russol.Colton.     .       '
"B Class--    ,   ■ !.'■„
1st Albert Dicken. '•_,_,
2nd-Alfred Swings. ,'* '-
3rd James Graves.    ','    ■_'''.•
Div.  4. ° 1st Reader.- ,   . _
A. Class— .0 ...,*'       _i   .
1st  Freda Yokes. . ■•* i '   ■>'•'.
., 2nd  IIus-cll Burkitt, Evalin'e  Jar,-
vis,—equal.' * <,
B Class-   "        .   " |     * ■
1st Nellie DiiVnington.'v> 7* .{'.
2nd Willie Barr.      ,      /       , 1 •
3rd.'Mary Dragon.,   ■' - '': ■ ;    1 _
Div. 5. 1st Primer—    ,71 >
A Class—      \}.   .        . ;   '  ' [     -
ist Joc'-lloven.   ,   •      ,'. • 7 .    .  '
2nd Arthur Riches'.-. ■ -.'   " [ ■   -:
3rd George Meikle. ',-.:'   ,■''.-.
B Class- r ''..'..
1st Kitty Patterson.    ■■     ; .
2nd Lizzie McDougall.   *;      \ . \
3rd, Cyril Marshall. .''
Div .6.   Kindergarten—   !'['__
A Class—   *■,•
."1st Henry Blucher. *" .:' ,, _,_<
2nd Dewey Chevalier. ,; ' 4 V,-
3rd Benjamin Brown., 7 1 '.' I'"
B Class-
ist  Peter Dragon." .-,!(•!.       i"
2nd Ivy .Bullock.     .       ,; ' ":
■ 3rd-George Softur..    V- -,  [ -t    ,7
■" PROMOTION.   '*."«"
From  1st Primer lo 2nd* 'Primer.
•*Joc Hoven.' -     -   *  1 •      , ! ■   -
Arthur Riches. ■   ',..'<■■  ■"
niirgton, James Highara, Victoria'Ke-
foury, Jennie. Maltiean,' .May, Newr
rlck ,Dan Skog, Willie Tully, Arthur,
Woddliouse, Olga Fallett,'Annie Wil-"'
Hams, Hubert Broley, Hazel Burkitt,
Wili:c Ciowers.Francbs Cariscn', Russell Dudley, Ernest Dickinson, Alice
Kerr, Guilyn Evans, George Letcher,
Postcl 'Mayers, Clifford -Robertson,*
Doris Smith, Freda Yokes ,'Ma'ry Soj-
ko,  Kate Ewlng, Alfred  Munkwita.
Div.  o. "Percentage of attendance i
95.7.1..   ,.     ,    , ;..    --      ■     \%
Pupils with perfect aitcndance, "-v
..Hilda  Atkinson, Charlie    Uurkljtt,'   %
Louis Card, Mary ,Cristcnso,  Haydn    y
Evans, Ivy Guythorpo, Ada Harper,' ^
Kiln a Glnsscof.-Chnrles King, Jenn-!
j no Lynn, llcrmnn Mayers, Millie Ma-]
: Bain, Rose McDougall, John Mclnnls,
j Airless Mehachlan, Angus   .McLeod,!
Joe. Tabibak, Couslance Bonnell; Lillian Cameron, Janet Dinn'lngton, Eva
fngram, George Fallett, 'Mary Gcd-
des, Frank Harper, Kathleen Lyon,
Bella Macaloa, George ,Mcikle, Margaret 'McDonald,, Lizzie " .McDougall,
Maggie,McLachlan, Kate McLachlan,
Agnes McMnjinus.',,
" Div. G. Percentage of attendance
03.17. '■,,.,.-'
Pupils with perfect attendance.
John Cms, Wanio Clowers, * Alice
Stone, Tudor Eavns, .Annie Mclnnes,
Olive 'Gaythorpe, Ethel .Dcnsbury,
Sofira 'Macliolieu,, Rosy -Mongctoe,
James Stollat, Dewey Chevalier, An-
gelo Carosella, Peter Tabibak, Ruth
Dickon,' Flora. Bird,' Mary TCsy, James
Halton, Gcorgle Kerr,: William, Mc-'
6Fa*rt[uhar, Annabclle Mills, George
•'Soffterl Joh!»n .Wnifenlbck, i Firank'
Yokes. " -
'Ann-ell's",Comedians will'present that
famous New York success, "Wedded,
but no wite." This'-is.said by many
who have seeirit to'bo the most beautiful p'ay, ever written. The church
scene is.grand. New specialties will
be given between_each act. ' This com;
pany is appenvinR hero under a positive
guarantee. ,:-" Wedded, but no wife","
the play yon have beeii waiting/for;
Opera Hoii6e, tonight.
Jacob's Creole,-Pa , Dgc. 21.-Search--'
ing parties at the Dan* mine today
reached entry Xo. 27, where they found
71 bodies in a heap,-- Wilh the 4G bodies*
which .havo already been brought ""to
the surface the total number recovered
today is; 120, The bodies found in No-
27 entry are not so badly mutilated ns
somo ot tho bodies previously recovered.'
Today was funeral day at the mine.
Twelve Identified bodies'-were taken
from tlie temporary morgue and placed
in n long line along, tho tracks of the
PiltBbriru' ftxiA Lake Krie rnllroail. The
last ceremonies wnio conducted in the
open with hundrcdrt'of frlontls, relatives
and" spectators. Tlio resultant scones
were especially pathetic. Following tho
services the bodies were placed on n
train and taken to Connellsvlllu, I'n,,
for burial. ._
In , tho bye-elections in Centre
York this week, McLean, the
liberal, was elected over Wallace,
conservative by a small majority.
Five Trains daily, C. P. <R.
Steamer, daily Telephone and
Telegraph, , good Boating-,
Fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent Soil...
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by buyiug at
Robson. , . / \
. Buy
.where   you
and   be
sure  of good  crops.
These lands can be bought
at. $1.00 per acre: per-month
Your money back'If not satisfied.    For particulars see
F. J.  Watson
■*. ■
Fernie -:- B. C;
^Q^Or^M^®®®® ♦-^"'-^3'^'f <$<H>&$><Hl®^§<&PQ^<M>ff®
TliftMtncutlvo hoard of thn United
Mine Workers of Amorlcn, in bohhIoii on
Friday afternoon, voted to oxpund a
coiiHidoi'ahlo sum o( money out of thu
mlnort-' national troasury toward the
relief of families allllcted by recent
ininlniT nerldentu,
Thr*, hoard -will new! »1,00(1 to tho ml-
ferois at Mnnonjrah, W. Vn., SI,000 to
the stricken fatnlllos at tho Parr mines
near Connelliville, Pa., and I&00 to tbo
widows and the children of tho mon
•who lout thnir livrs in n rccont Alnhitinn
mint! horror.
The hoard on Friday heard a roport
from a committee of minors from Madl*
soi.vlllo, Ky. Tin committee represents
the Hopkins County district, whore the
minors' organization U making an effort to ngreo on a icale with thu operators.
At a station (ailed Bridge, In
the Boundary two men. were killed
Xmas. morning by a cava in while
-working a titan, shovel with a
construction outfit.
'»• (1      "   *' '
Notico is hereby given that
thirty/ days aftor date I the
the undersigned .intend to apply
to tho Hon. tho Chief ComiwlHslon-
er of Lands nnd Works at Vie-
toria for a liconse to prospoct for
coal and potroleum on lho following described lands.
Commencing at a pont marked
D. Cate's south wott corner, being also the south oast comer of
lot 1008 group 1, thonco SO chains
east, thence 80 chains ncrth,
thonco 80 chains went to the
north east corner of i f.0*d firoup
1, thonco following tho eastern
boundary of said lot 1008 gvoup
1, to the point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or
Dated tho 14tli day of Deoejnber
S, A, CATE, lotntor. ■
R, McGREOOR, Agent.
.George Meikle.    :  f •'.-, .  ! ! \
John Mclnnis.   --■■■ •:""-   ,-'-'.'•    -
" Herman/Mayers.     ■-"i \ {       ' ,*
Roso  McDougall.     ■'',,','.    ' \
Louis Card.        •'     ;--.'v.    7
Frank'Harper.    ',  ]' ''[■- • . ■ : ••" ■
Kate Card. •' ' !,--7 ",."• .'" '•
Lillian ('ara'croB.  - 1 .*
Bella Jfaealoo.  ., ■   ■  '   i -,
'Mildred Neath.  '   .' :,7 . .    '.'•''■
'.M:i ,vLaUlinraito.       1 ■-       "   ,
EKtelle MiUx. ' „ ',     ,
Felicia CJarosfilln,     '-'.;-.''
Margaret McDonald.        .    -,      •
Boy  Burkitt:      7 , •',   '     ',   -'."
Kate-'MoLac* Ian.
Eva Ingram. 7
Gccrfto I'allo'tt, '.'
"Andrew Madon.     .-      '; "   ..
' Albert Mott.
11 Janot Illnnington.
Angu.? MoTiCod,
Cecilia Slmlnlka.    ,* ,.' 1  I
Mary Wallace-        ,* j
May Bc.il. .:
KlndcrKiirtnn Class to 1st Primer,
Ilcnr.-v hluohor, '/
Dewey Cliovnllor.        •   , ;
Bcnjiimln Hrown. '        '■
Jfevitie, 3B, C.
TVrnie. "nflcenib^r 1. 1007.
To Whom it may Concern'.
Tho partnership heretofore existing between Wm, Scott and
Owen Ross, under tht f.rm name
0! Tho Fernio Cartage Co., and
Scott &■ Ross,  Undertakers,  was
Vy   .Vint 11 il   <*pn«<»T4,t   rHioM'u^rl,     to
date from tho 1st of December
1007. Owen Rosa retains the
name of The Fernie Cartage Co.,
and Wm. Scott the Undertaking
Department. All accounts duo the
said The Fernie Cartage Co. are
payable to Owen Ross at the office
of the said Company, and all
accounts due the Undertaking department ar* payable to Wm.
.lohn Drnjfon.
Annie Moliiiils,    , ,. ■ '.:[', ,",
Annabclle Mills',' ;-,
rhyllls itiploy.   ,.,■''
- Frank Yokes.' ,,      1
Wanio Clowers,    , , ,
Arnold Ilcavor.   .        ;' ' ■
Artl ylioavnr. 1      ,
Maud IJoul, ,_,
William llclangor. '    ,
„ Phyllis Chambers.     '      'A
Gcorglo Korr. , ;   *   ,
Notly IIiirIios.
Enimolln riAntollft. '7
Mnry 15-jy, , *
Mary Ilotihoauld.
Div. l l'croontafro of nttonfnnco
' PuplU with porfoot nttontinnoo.
Annie.lioattlo, Potor Carosolln, El-
slo Wooillioiisn, Clayton Duijo|s, Mnry
Mononald, Arthur Mulrhond, Mary
llatoman, Wil lln Bird, Bolla DlokouV
IjoonnrA Dudley ,llolon Muirhead,
Limn. Tolfor," llhnta Hamilton.
Div, il, I'orcentaKe of attondancit
Pupils with porfoot nttondanoo.
Uobort, Atklrt •on, Nelllo llobh, Andrew lnnn.ni, Allen Duthie, Sadie
("liipp, Tnlry McDoutcnll, .lohn Pol-
lnj;d .Lyilln MunkwIU, John Yokes,
Arthur Htnno, Elon llnhh, Thornsn,
(-hiromtlln. Killtuir Dtidloy, 4>«mLn*,t
Ouzzl, (lei-ran Linn,   Allen MoLnod,
nitrtn   NnuTlMr.   .Tntnon   White.      \n*
drew MarRhall. >
i- Div. », I'oroontasco ot attnnilancoi 	
01.48. '    .      - j^^^""—'  M    „■ ^^
Pupils with perfect attendance.     i4.:..:..:..:..j.>.>^^.:..>.:-..:»>.>.>.>.>*
Violet Harwell, Mnrjnrio    llroloy, \,./
RiiBKol.t'olton, TVmy Cnroselln,   Al-jt*»
U.(t     *>|V*.44'.I,     .Hi..Vi        tiv, lli^V.,     i\>.4i
Oravos, Fred Hnndloy, Lily    ITall,
If it is  Right in  Footwear
Our New Line
The   Doctor's
is a  Box  Calf,   Calf   lined,
Waterproof Shoe
Just the thing for this kind of
weather.   For Men and Women.
a   Pair
Under new iiinni.gomcnt
Well CurnlBhcd rooms.   Tlio tabic Is
Biippllcd with tho bust tlio market
nITords,  Tho bar Is supplied
with tho best wines, liquors und cigars,
' Jas. Severn, Prop.
W. P. Muirhead & Co.
Miss L&wBon, the lady barbtr returned (rom o visit to the coait
on Saturday morning.
AMto Lnnoftitor, Frank Lnttiher, Willie Patterson, Norman Mncllean, An-
nio Ilnllook, Hor ah nrnuon, llurdell
Clow«rs, HoBy Carosella, .Tmnos Kast-
on; Minnie Fallett, JnmoH dravott,
Wnlter IhiKhoe, Kdwnrd .lackunn,
Herbert Letcher, Florence MaoDour-
i all, ilenlrluu Mottitlf-y, Krnent Htone.
Div ,5, percontaga of attendanco
Pupil* with'perfect nttondanee.
WUI.e Ilnneoo, Kth«<l Doyce, Aubrey
-t-fi-tpj., iiilli* Coodi«, .lleJkftsd <X>*n-
mone,  IWfttb-*/ Dicken,    NpJIM Din-
The Hotel of rcrnlc
Tlio centre of Commercial
nnd Tonrlttt Tr*do
CnWne   Unexcelled
1 y
fciccnj attention.
Rooms re8eroed by loirc
A plco8Qtit home for the
C. I. WHELAN • • Manager
Kings   Hote
Fornlo, D. 0.
liar supplied with tho best of Wines
Liquors and Cigars,
Dining Room in connection
S. r.Wallnce
A'    In   e&eb   exhibition   game     at
Y ; Winnipeg this wtelc the Wanderers
Y! of Montreal went down to defeat.
 X i The firet gome hy the Maple Lenfe
Froo. V i fey   °   scor*   °' 5 t0 3>   Irv tbt
■ A! iteond   game   Portage la Prairie
♦.•>.:.<.^.::.<m:»X':'*>*':"X*^<**x-^: did the trick by 2 to 1
Hotel. Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything new nnd
Every .iccommodiition
for the public.
Bnr sio<'rf4*il with the
finest In thc land
Proprietor TEB»ia:LEDGES-'  PERNIEp fi^C.y.DECEMBER 28^ 1907.
-    That you are using tthe best tea obtainable ?
if not^ why hesitate about giving
il Mil
wil ill;
"'/.,'-     , '■'-   "   -    tea .* *    . ., .-""'
an bpnopfcinaty of proving-its woHth
Lead Packets Only ' ^,}athX!^\if"    At all Grocers
,. -...- .     "  CREEK.,       *
„ (Crowded out last week.) __,
A gathering unprecedented in'' the
annals of, Coal Creek,'was held last
Saturday evening in the Cluhl Hall,
on thc occasion ot a, farewell presentation to Mr. Csolvilic, late Superintendent at these-mines . ,"
Mr" John :McCllmcnt occupied thc
chair, and when he called the'meeting to order a,t 8 o'clock, a most re*-
presontative audience had assembled
and tho hall was taxed to its utmsot
capacity. -
Thc ghairman said that  thoyi all
[Continued from page 2,]
' " Wo find also that abnormally 'favorable oper-iting- conditions in loadiiind
silver-lead mines arise when silver is
quoted for 30 days on the metal market
«t 02 cents and'oyer, and lead ia.quoted
for 30 days,at £10 per long ton and over,
the Slocah and -Boundary countries. And in copper, or copper-<rold mines
The Boundary scale being that demand- ftnci the like, as far as evidence has
ed by the men',' and tho Slocan scale been adduced before us we suggest that
being-;the old rate paid, it was deemed abnormally favorable conditions are
necessary to inquire into tho conditions experienced when copper is quoted oh
on which these scales were based. - Ow- the metal .market for 30 days at ls'eents
ing' to certain business engagements  p(4.. p0u:*.d and over.
of one of the members of tho board and
,„. ...    ..    ..     ,     .,      . >vu i.iure.ore, wniiestrong vrecorn
owing to an affliction in the family,,of m-„„AS„„ t),„ „,*    ..      ...      ■".
nnnth.rn.nmW    «,«. siH-inr, M^ln    1™*-^ the adoption Of the BCRlO  p.'O
vided and entitled ' Recommended Wage
Scale for Abnormally. Unfavorable Condition's,"..until'such conditions can be
said to-be normally favorablo, have
determined that the attached scales are
under-the several conditions e'etout,
right and proper and should be followed
as   those   conditions   arise."—Nelson
'        ... OF   THE ''SEASON-
At the Opera House, Fernie, Jan'. 1st,
Mr. Sanfoi-d Dodge and Miss Louise
Marshall will present that great Shakespearian play," the Merchant of Venice,
assisted by a strong company of artists.
Positively their last appearance „ this
season,      ■• . . -
another member, the sitting ilt-iSfelsoii
was delayed until tho 29th day of November, ,Tho men then requested a further
adjournment, owing to the absence of
' Mr. Mills, who had been their leading
representative in presenting their case
to the' board. On the consent of all
parties that adjournment was granted
and while the board desired to expedite -U 4
matters they did not feel  that  thoy
, could proceed in face of the men's statement, th,it to-do so, in the absence of
Mr. Mills, would prejudice their case.
A further adjournment was then taken
until tho'Rth day of December, when
the board as-aih sat at Nelson and completed their, work of taking evidence on
the points which were referred to our
'session-it"Nelson. .,
"Since we have undertaken the settlement of 'the particulardispute sub-
 rv. ilf pf-l_f rt_*ilif-Li d-_li nnlhnn»2ivini>lA.i.>. <-.„»A7~i^
--IiilLlCl'".-vu-ua-xu-ii**[3"WCOll-lll»*Uc"lU il lipoUF"
by'all parties to the dispute that we are
expected* to fix. a scale :of wages that
would apply to practically all the1 mining district's of Kootenay and Yale, and
to that ond tho miners adduced evidence
'from-all parts of those districts';*.ti.o
compnny followed the same course, and
in addition pressed upon us the fact
that they were'operating a large mino
in. tho..- Boundary  district!   two , large
mines in Rossland, a smelter at. Trail,
in addition to the St. Eugene at Moyie,
all of which would bo affected by our
findings,   Recogni/jiug this turn in thc
arbitration proceedings and the evident
benefit to all persons in such districts if
some broader disposition of tho matter
of wngo scale wnB included in our dcter-
"minntipns, wo have concluded that our
first duty was io ostiihllsh a fnii- wngo
cnlo, applicable to the districts named,
; including tho pni'ticulnr mino iiiterosted,
namely, tho St. Eugono nt Moyio, ■ But
' wo also doom it necessary in view, of
existing abnonnnlly unfavorable operating conditions, nnd tho Into abnormally
favorablo   operating  conditions   thnt
havo proynilcd. thnt wo should provide
n recommended senlo to ho ncted upon
under such abnormal conditions; henco
wo havo determined  thnt  tho   hciiIo
nnmod holow ns tho - rocon.moi.dcd fnir
wngo scalo for normally favorable con*
,ditlon9' is* tho scalo that all minors,
, including tho ono particularly affected
by thoso proceedings, should pny under
all normally fnvoniblo conditions. But
ns wo find that prosont operating conditions aro abnormally unfavorable wo
recommend that tho scalo provided below and ontitlod • rocommontlod wngo
scalo for abnormally unfavorable operating conditions' should bo now adopted
and continue whilst such conditions     Tho piny of nil playsdoavtothehoarts
provnll i nnd-should tho Industry, either °'tho Canadian people, "Tho Bonnia
as to loail, Bllvor-lcnd, copper,*coppor* Drlor I-iuli," is tx drnmatlzatlon hy
ffolrt nnd llio llko mlnos again pass to Jninos Mncnrlhur.'of tho Into Inn Mnc
n1,..A*,*v.Mll..  r«..*..,.. t.i..   - *i    i.      Ini»nn*a iiIav., nf  t\,i\ a......  ... .     i  i.
nhnormally fnvornblo operating condl
tioiiH, tlion any such clans of tlio Indus
holow ontitlod • Hocnmniendod Wngo
ficnlo for Abnormally Favorablo Condi*
tloni.' "
" Wo find that tho present most pronounced conditions affecting tlio lead
nnd sllver-load mlnos, ontltllnB thorn to
ho conslilorod ns oporntlng under ab*
normally unfavornhlo conditions, nro:
"(n) Tho panic conditions of tho
metal markets.
"(h) The dinicultles found In marketing tho motnl products
" (c) Tho loss sustained continuously
of Into by lend decllnine; nftor tho oni Is
received by tho srnoltors, In which two
thn bounty fneytihln only on tbo v*»Iito
of tho lend contained In'tho oro at tho
timo of receipt by tho irocltor) does not
relievo ogninit tho loss thue sustained,
"(d) Tho abnormally low prlco of the
silver contents of tho ore.
"Wo find also thnt tho copper mlnr*»
affected aro oporntlng at present under
ahnormnlly unfavorable conditions, for
the following most pronounced ren«onn:
"(ii) Becamo of conditions similar to
, thoio given above in respect of tho lead
and silver lead mines,
" (b) Tho present abnormally low price
.of copper,.  .
'Wo therefore, while strongly recorii-
Th~tlieTfternoon at 2730 there will be
a matinee, when "Ingomar, or the
Barbarian," will ,be performed."
The Daily Herald of Calgary,'speaking of the performance of tho Sanford
Dodge company in the Merchant of
Venice, snyo:.-' >       '..-■''     ,-,
Tho members of the Sanford-Dodge
company appeared to far better; advantage in the great Shakespearian plav
last night than thoy did in tho French
pla.vjho night before..' Their production
of the Merchant- of Venice-was a most
siiitablo opportunity for tho company to
show themselves at whnt'Calgary' lias
found to be their best on'* this short
acquaintance. No doubt ns tho theatre
goers of the city become hotter acquainted they .will lind other plays in which
thoy .like individual members' better,
but so far the groat .Shylock story-has
provided'thc opportunity,
Mr. Dodge'used tho Edwin Booth
version of tho mnatni'ploco and "was
very good ns'th'o .Tor:-. All tho rango of
emotions, stimulated and real, which
the fninous charaetor has been credited
with, was followed with a caro and
naturalness which puts Snnford Dodge
away ahead of tho Shakespearian acto"s
who have played In Calgary,
Tho richly endowed Portia was represented splendidly by Miss Louise
Marshall. Slio also found a most appropriate sotting for hor nhllity nnd several
ot her scones woro really vory iino.
Tho support which tho lending per-
formors received wns good,
.- WMt Ails You?
Do you feol 'weak, tired, "despondent,"
have frcqiiont headache!*, coated 'tongue,
-bitter or bad taste-In morning, "heartburn," belching of gas, acid risings in"
throat after eating, stomach gnaw or
burn, foul breath, dizzy,spells,: poor or
variable appetite, nausea at times and
'kindred symptoms?
' If yriTN^ive any considerable number of
thfvabovo S7«y)toms you are suffering
from^iliousnfts^TWpid liver.with indi-
gcstion>t^Ay'5petys*i4> J^2i£rj*£;s,Oo_!dcn
valuable medicinal principles known to
.medical scienco for tlie*))oimaj)j;nt cnre"of
such ahnorm.iLconilitlons._ It "io a niosE
eflieient liver invigorator, stomach tonic,
bowel regulator and nerve strengthened
Tlio""Golde'ii Medical Discovery'J is not
a patent medicine 4">r secret nostrum, a
full list of its ingredients being printed
on Hs bottlc-wriir-por and attested under
oath. A gl-,v.ic?_iU its foraula will show
that it contains no alcohol, or harmful
habit-forming drugs, 'it is a fluid extract,
made with pure, triplc-ro.ined glycerine,
of proper strength, from tho roots of tho
following native American forest plants,
7iz., Golden tJeal root-, Stonc'root, Black
Chcrravbark, Queen's root^ liloodroot, and
SfandiMke root. ]    _ 7
Tlio followins. lcadins medical authorities..
anions.' a host of others, extol lho fofwoin-,'
rouis for tliucui-o of just such ailments as tliu
nlK>vc>..vmi>to;ii4,indicate: 1'iof. It. l;:u-lliolo\v,
M. 1).. 4.f ,li:in'i-.sun Mud. Col]o*.ro, Pliil.i.; Prof.
11. G Wood. M. U.of Univ.of I'a.: Prof.Kdwiu
M. llalc. M. 1).. of Hahnemann Mod. Colleire,
Cliicaw; 1'iof, John Kins:. M. I)., Author ot
Ameiicim Dlsiii'iisatory; Pro'.'. ,Tno. iM. ijcucl-
det-. M. D..AuUioi-of Succilic.:Medicines; I'rof.
Liuirenco .lol'.nson. JI. U. Mod. Dcjil. Univ. of •
N. V.; t'rof. Kliiloy Ellin-Jrwood. M. R.-Aullior
ot-.Mateiiu Mcdica and Vrof: in Rennqft Medical Culli'sie, Cliicnt'o. Scufl namn' and' ad-
dresson 1'ostalCard lo Dr. R. V."Pierce, r.uf-
_fn1r\ _>!_! \- «|hj1 ....
,A mass  meeting"'of the, miners of
Roche Pe'r'ceo was.lield in the Riverside.
IIolefon'DeccmberlGth. Bros Sullivan
and rntterion ,h:oke their journey here
and addressedthe meeting.   After hearing stirring addresses   from   the  two
brother.1*, it was unanimously agreed tb
organize and hecomo members of the
L*YM. \V. of A.    Tlie following'ollice
bearers ivoi'e njipoinled: President, A.
Cd] qu ho in:; vice-president, John Auhi;'
secrettn y-trent-urer;    Edward    Pierce.
Tully three-fourths of the miners .pres-
, ent enrolled.*   This we believe is llie.           iiu
I first attempt to orgniiiKo the miners of j felt Intense poBre"^'^ thrdeparlurc
thcSouris Ynlloy, and .from "what we I of Mr. Colvlllc.-nftcr soniany years
liave seen it bids fair to bo successful,   j of useful service, and ho was sure
°— o    "    . -that    their   '.late    Superintendent
would carry with him the best wish*,,
es ;of all. -
'Mr .Elliot in an eloquent, speech
said that it was with' mingled feelings of pleasure and regret, that he
wished to_ say a few words on this
auspicious occasion.
, Ho expressed the great regret that
was felt on all sides, through tho
teverance of Mr. Cclviiio's connection
wilh them, for besides^being a good
fo rbesides tiring a good Superintendent, he had at the'saine time been an'
ideal citizen, for. whatever had been
Promoted for the advancement of the
community of Coal Creek, |had, always received his fullest support financially and otherwise.
OB-Jjehaif of the official p,nd workmen of the Coal Creek Mines, he risked Mr.'Colville's acceptance of a gold
watch, chain, and locket and a'purso'
of-gold, not only on account
of their intrinsic ,value/bub as'a
token tof esteem and respect by which
he was held by them. * . ■ 'i ; '■ , .
' <,He,'trusted that he would live long
to have" the pleasure of wearing the
watch and chain, for. every time he
looked upon the dial it would remind
'him of* thc good wishes, the good
ttiodiinigis, ' thie esteem, the , respect we all had for you,, when you
severed your-connection with'us, on
the. 14th day of December, 1907.
Mr.* ColviUe, in acknowledging the
gifts, thanked them from tho bottom,of .his heart, for their many
good wisiics, 'and for the beautiful
presents,  which would always    re-
— ...w,—...—.-,w— ,i,,..—,, v.'t .*;—.,, c—, vi'iiiL-irt.4 .-ins"
extracts from wriiinprs of all thn nberb medical authors and many others oi.clor.slni;.'in tlio
strongest possible terms, each' and uvcvv In-
pi-edlent of which "Golden-Medical Illscov-5
cry" is Ciimposed. .,' ' -'.        -■ 0
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets lvjmiato and
InviKorate stomach, liver and howels. ,Tlipy
may lie n<crt In c.on.l't'iwtion wil Ii "Golden
Medical Dl'-'-ovefy'.'.if hotrcls are much coa-
Btl]>n4«L   'I'l.oy'i-o tin*- and Kiiciir-ceaied.
—"     ^
Inron'B Htory of tho snmo nnmo, nnd It
,. depicts llfo In tho Innd wliono loclm nnd
"- 1  »"«■• ««V   n"4-l' 4.1141.1, 411    iliu   IIIIHIH- -1 ■-    »■■*■ >•   ".IWH4J luvim   lllll.
try ro nhnorumlly favorably nffeolcd I'^thory hilln limplred thn great Hong
Blionld nt onco ndopt tho flcnlo,provided l,t10t -lohoft Ihirm-
If lu his not vurv lung hut useful llfo,
Inn Mnclnron or Uov. John WntHon
whloh was IiIb real namo, had "jlv'-n tho
world nothing but "Tho Donnlo Urior
Uimh" hi* liro would not hnvo boon
lived In vain.
To.thjso who follow tho Btngo closely
thn piny otnndH out llko n ll-vrlithoiiao In
a fjoa of unlntoroHting Htago utorlcs.
It Ih dlstlncMv n plnynf Iids-h Ittrorflo*-,
whllo its comedy is wholesome and
Iii-r story of life in the Scottish High*
Innds, will ho presented In tho Opera
House on January flrd. lnos \an „iaj.
"Tho Tloiuilu Iirler Bush" ti in a class
by itself, just aa James A, Henrno'u
"Shorn Acres" and Donmnn Thompson's " The Old IIomoi-KMd " are.
Whllo Its ntmosplioro and locnlo nro
strictly Scotch, iu philosophy of llfo
nnd human nnturnl appeal arounlverstl,
That is why It U fntcrMtlnff nlll-o to
(ill cUmph of xhpnuogoerh from gallery
to parquet. Tho scenic envlronmant
oi the pity is the ismo si was seen on
Hi former vlslund faithfully reproduce*
the hcoom of Scotch Undwspe and tot,
tnge life.
Some .busybody whose' motives''can.
be surmised, has originated a rumor
that the Directors of tho Fornlo H\*k
Conipany receive pecuniary 'compensation' for tholr services, or for
each Director's nipoting that they
attend. Tho. rumor la fnlBO. Tho
Directors aro giving thoir gorvlcr.B
gratis nnd some of them are spending *a gr*at doal of timo ott th'o company's work. Wo understand that
homo of tho subBoflbors wero withholding tholr. assessments bccmiHo
thoy thought that pn'r.t of.tho money
wftR going Iiito tho pookots/ of tho
■Directors. A It is moat rogrcttablo
that Buch n canard Bhould havo boon
circulated to hamper , tho .work-of
ii public spirited body of men whoso
motivoB ln giving tholr services grn>
itiutously to tho furthering of this
ooterprjso aro particularly unselfish. . .-
Says Many Persons Here can
be Made Happy Again
by Using This.
mine" him of his pleasant' association
with. Coal Creek. .
He traced the development of these
mines, from tho time he settled here
about six years ago, until the present,- when-there were Justi a fow
wooden shacks scattered here and
thero. ,and the mines only, in ■ their
infancy, while to-day we find the
camp at Coal Creek second, to none
in B.C..    , '-,      _ - "
, Tlio remainder of the evening was
spent In listening to a most excellent
programme- which had been arranged ,to which -Misses Frank and Sid'
Earp, Tom Jonklnson, >W. "R. Puck*-
cy;, W. II. Evans and many others
contributed and Judging by thet encores domandod, their efforts, were
much appreciated,
Mr. Itudnlckl was the abic accomh
paniBt on tho .pianoforte.
A voto of thankR to tho chair matt'
and tho singing of "God Savo ' Tho
King" brought to a oloso"o, cu'tJifar*.
Ing that will bo long romomberod in
Coal Creek. ,
0|ioim oi) .fimnnry mh, Why not i.tudy
hlionlinmi, liooldionliK., etc, and quuliry
for a tfoocl Militrloil noKltlon? Wo onii
,hol|i you. Iiit()i-(i.-,tln« ontiUosuo froo on
rufincstto [•'. U, Uarlmtt, l'rlmd|ntl nf
Tho Gurliult JlniiliKiM CcJIuut', Oilimrv.
Christmas Excursions
East $62.35
• "." ,'   '  ■   —to—
Montreal and Toronto
and all points west tliereot in
Ontario and Quebec   '
Qiiebftc, St." John. Halifax and
other Maritime Province cities
i rateson application
* Tickets on Sale Daily
Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st
Ron.id Trip,  First Class    „.
Three Months.Limit
Old  Country^ Rates
Halifax, St.' John' or Portland
T^ aiidT-eturn    ~      '   "
: ' •Ip/-»3.»35v'
Return Ocean Fares:
Saloon    Second   Steerage
.    8104.50 . $7G.OO   ' '$55.00 '"
and up" according t? steamer
i  -  ,
„ „
■- For further imrtioulurs cull on local
HKUIitA, 01- itilllrUnS
.1. MOE, '"!■:, 3. COY1.R,      ,.
'   'U, 1'. A.   '   ., A. O.I,'. A.
■ Xuls.011 VhhrcuT
60   YEARS'
TowiiBlto ' Ajronte
Forniu und Ilosmor
Fire, Llio & Acol*
dont Insuranco
There   in    so much rho'umatism
hero in our neighbrhood that tho
following   advice   by an eminent
authority, who writos for retidors
of a    large eastern daily paper,
will   bo   highly     appreciated by
thono who suffer
Oot   from   any good pharmacy
ono-half ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion one ounce Compound  Kar-
gon,   three   ounces   of Compound
Syrup „of   Sarsaparilla.      Shako
those'well in a bottle and tako in
tenspoonful dosos after each meal
and , at bedtiim<; also drink plenty of good water.
It is claimed that there aro few
victims of this dread and torturous disease who will fnii to find
j ready relief in this simple   home-
...Atlc.- ...U'lui-e, and in m*)•.(. cue*
a permanent cure is the reault.
I    This simple receipt is said     to 	
strengthen and elenmse the elimf- -»^^<..:..:..:»:.<..:..:..:..:..:..:..'.a.:mm«;.a,
nativo tissues af the Kidneys   so    * ...*-.♦▼-
that   they   can   Alter and strain
tiuui ilife mood wr.u fcytitem     the
poisons,  acids and waste matter
which cause not only rheumatism
but numerous other diseases.   Ev-
ery man,or woman hero who feels
that their kidneys are not healthy
and active, or who suffers from
- any urinary trouble whatever,
j should not hesitate to make up
S this mixture, as it is eertain to
, Uo much koocI, and may save you
j from much misery and sufferinc
I after awhile.
| Our home druggists say that
5 they will either supply tht* in-
i gradients or mix the prescription.
i r#ady to take,-ft? our readers aik
„ them.
-jrnjr natontn.
i-i4L.in4ni 4UI.UI4 uiruuKii i44unU **£ CO* rOCQlve
tpicial notice, without olmrijo, lutlio
Scieutific flmcriMn.
A himdaomoly Uluatratoil wookly. Lumoat ctr-
milntlon of nny (Clontlllo Jotininl.   'i'urmii for
»l1'lw*SliJ!oiIlo™*f0",po't,IBO pr-)pal'-*   B<,la hf
loo. & V BU WMbltwtool D. 0.
From , France, ' Holland and
i.   " Japanr'.'
*  a 'i
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers,*; Bee' Supplies,- Spray
Pumps, Spraying- Material, Cat
Flowers, etc- Oldest established
nursery' on Che mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free,
;   Nurseries •■"
Grccnliousos and Sccdhouscs   ,~
Fit for a King
Tho meats that you buy ,"■
irom us aro lit foi- it king."
Wc sell noMiIntr that is
'.not tho best, that is why
wo ImvoBO'many plouse'tl  *
customers.:   Let  us de-   ,
monstiitc this fact by n
trial.''   Polite   atten'tion
und prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
Kittimiitea furnished on contract work {
All work guaranteed
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd,
Victoria Av«,
Fernie, B. C.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thero (s only ono plnco ln town
wheroyon enn got good rcllnblo
coodnlnoar lino that ta nt
W   A
TW-JWAM, vvov.
-    I'Ytinji;
«. C
ICash! Cash!|
•:• A.
Paid for Sooond
Hand -F urnltum
Stoves., etc*
A irP"K **X« for r^reivlna .cmlfn fur I'nlilla
A    ~   ..ullilln*.   Uilytmiih, II, C,„ luo lein
I : •ixtnniUm ti) MoniU.v, li«ir-dml*i-r J.-iril, Jim",
,J , 1'lr.iu unitnHK-iJlcfitldim can lv n-nn, »n<1
J    fonnit of teriilorblitiliiiiil nt till. IkpJirtmrrit,
A | .mlffi,  II, ('.,  nn,t  tn  U'llllnm   lli-n.trr.nn
y ; >4i|n«rint(itiilinif Arrluirct, Vl'-torm, ll. C.
ny oritur,
mm. ni:f.rxw.
B. f. furniture Store |
"""" !»! ! l)#j'«rtmit.t«.f PnMir Woik
<ni«*», Nownt+i itth, X'.*-l.
Y Next IlV»r to Imperl*! Hotel  y
*A.yri.y<A.yrt.yw,A.}AA4A$ i Rc<i(i thc Led get
v MtX. McDOUGAll, Prts. & Ctn. Mgr. ±
Denlors In
Houjfli & Droned Lwnbcr
Dimension vi ISridKo Timbor
Piling, Moulding, Laths, A
Shlnglftn nnd Tics.
| Telephone Poles a Specialty I
ft Aii Ordor» i'romptly Attended
of* --
V Tel. 3 rcrnlc, B. C. •!•
V *>
The A. Macdonald Co
(Ilead.Onto, Winnipeg)
Uranctics—Vancouv-fr, Nelson, Fernii-
Kdmonton, Altn. & Kenorn, On*.
Fertile,  B. C.
,WhoI««fe Grocerlef.   Flour,  Feed-It
Camp Suppliei m
<K   '
■fBB^Ig ..LKD-S-Ba,--JV/aXtHm; -I. ;' G.', iDEGEttBBR-28, 1907.
Put the Right Spirit Into Your Work
"     -  and Keep Your Ideals High. ,
Put the right spirit'into your work.
Treat your calling as, divine,, as a call
from principle. : If the thing Itself be
not important, the spirit in which you
take hold of it makes all the difference
, ln the world to you.' It can make or
mar the man. You cannot afford
.grumbling service or botched work in
your life's record.. You cannot afford
to form a habit of half doing things or
of doing them in the spirit of a drudge,,,
for this will drag its slimy trail through
all your subsequent career, always hu*
mlUatiug 3-011 at the most unexpected
' times. Let other people do tho poor
Jobs, tho botched work, If they will.
Keep your standards up, your ideals
high.     *
The attitude with which a man approaches his task has everything to do
with the quality and efficiency of his,
work and with its influence upon his
- character. What a man does is a part
of himself. It is the self expression of
.what he stands for. Our life work is
an outpicturing of our ambition, our
ideals, our real selves. If you see a
man's work, you see th(5 man.
No one can respect himself or have
Tho'most independent *man on earth la
'the farmer, for ho makes tho earth yield
him almost everything needed for life.
He knows that as ho 's<?\vs so., will' ho
reap, ilo ' usually . keeps strong• and"
healthy from constant strife with Naturo
—In sunshino and in pure air. At,night
when work is done!' ho finds most refresh*'
ing sleep, such as only a tired man
knows. In tho samo way that tho earth
yields food for man, so does it,provide1
remedies for human ills. Thousands of.,
households throughout the farming districts of tho,United States know tho
valuo of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical DIs-
covory. It Is Nature's most valuablo and
health-giving agent—ma do without tho
uso of alcohol. It contains native medicinal roots, and Is tho concentration oj
Nature's vitality as found in tho American forests. This romedy has a history
which speaks well for it becauso it was
given to tho public by Dr. It. V. Pierce,
founder of tho Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y., nearly
forty years ago, and has since been' sold
by druggists lu ever Increasing quan-*
titles. ' " >-.   -
Dr. Pierce found that the bark of
the Black Cherry-tree," tho root of the
Mandrake," Stone   root,. Queen's 'root,
By-Law* No.- 48
. Bloodroot and Golden Seal.*root, mado,
that sublime faith in himself which is,  int0 a scientific, non-alcoholic extract by
essential to all high achievements
when ho puts mean, half hearted, slipshod service into what he does. ■ He
cannot get his highest self approval until he does bis level best.—Success.
Shoes   Said   to* Be   an
Her Character.
Index  to
the uso of glycerine, made tho best alterative and tonic. Tho refreshing influence
of this extract is at onco apparant in tho
recovered strength' of tho, patient—tho
vital fires of tho body burn brighter and
thoir increased activity consumes tho
tissue rubbish which otherwise may
poison the system. This alterative and
tonic extract has been found to. stand
alone as a safe, invigorating tonic, as it
docs not- depend - on. alcohol for a false
tue of his license, and) that he will
faithfully comply 'with the ordinances of the city inj. relation to the
Sewerage system; and further that
he will replace and restore the sidewalk, pavement;"or street surface
over any opening he may. have made,
to as good state and oondltlon, ae he
found it ,and keep and maintain the
same ln jjood order. to) the satisfaction of the City Engineerl for .the
period of sj_j*£ months thereafter, aad
that he will pay all fines Imposed upon him for a * vlqla,tlon( of any, o£
these Rules ajid Regulations.
(d)  The limit of time of HcenseB
shall, be oBe year.    . ,<    i !■
"If you .want to know whether  a •' stimulation, but 1$ Nature's'own method
girl is slovenly or not look at her
heels," said the wise woman lo. the j
young man who was conlomplating'-.l
matrimony. ''ITer gown may-be pretty, hor , hat becoming, .her neckwear
trim and heal and hor glove's well fitting, but if her heels ni-e run over look
out for her. Hor trinr.ios's in other respects Pimply denotes, that she is neat
spasmodically, that.;-he. will make an
' effort (o keep things tidied and in or-
, der'only when, she is-urged-, to or-because she,1, hns some special provocation. But by
..man that in
| of strengthening and cleansing tho sys-
,, The1 following regulations and
clauses from tho sewer^ connectlnq
By-Law are printed In' order that
citizens wishing to connect,with the
Sewerage System >.may know what
steps aro required to he taken.
1., Apply to City Clerk for, application form.
i 2m. E.ojEflgs one, or (the 'Ufcenfeed;
plumbers or contractors to make
sewer connection. Fill out application form.and give same to plumber
or contractor who wlll he given permit to connect on the* payment of
tho connection fee of $10.
i ., •   7 r: potter,
Sec. 2.. No connections "shall he
made with tho sewerage system" ot
the City of Fernie,-' B.C., except as
prescribed by these rules and " regulations.'.' '   ■.-*'•   " 7 ,
(a) i The' manner of --piercing' * 'oi*
opening Into the main's and laterals
of the, sewer age.system, or con'nect-
whlch- said connections shall be made
ing therowith', and'the materials, of
must ,be_'in ;accordance withl > the
rules and;rcgulallons as hereinafter
set, forth. - "-. ' -- - \ '_ o
4 (b)   No person,   firm, ro   corporaf
Hn,n  shnll mnkp   iXiev nr rpnnir n nv   tworityyciirs, renewable at tho  discretion of
uon snau .rnaKc ,aner or repair any  tho Minister of tho Interior.
connection with thc mains and* lat-
j erals of the sewerage system, or
j do any kind of wcrk connected with
', the laying of house drains or house
sewers or plumbing, or make, ..any
,Co,\r; —Conl mininR rights may bo leased for
n period of tvrenty-onb yours at nn annual
rontnl of tl per aero. Not more than 2,5G0
acres shall be leased to ono individual or
company. A royalty at tlie rale of fivo'conts
per ton alinU bo collected on the merchantable
colli mined.    ... ," ,
QUAUTK.-A person eighteen ; ears of ago or
over, liavinf? discovered mineral in place, may
locate a claim i,fluo x 1,500 feet. - *
- The fee for recording a'olaim is <5."-        *   »
- At least SIOO muiit bo expended on tho elbtm
ouch year or paid to the mining recorder iu
lieu thereof. When iaOO has ucen oxpond&d or
paid, thc locator may, upon having a survey
made, r.nd upon complying %vitli other, vo-
quiroments, purchase the land at $1 per acre.
The patent provides for, the payment- of a
royalty of L:\ per'cent ou tho sales,
Pr.ACKll mining claims genorally are 101 fc'ot
square; entry foe Si) renewable yearly,
An applicant may obtain two louses to
dredge for gold of live miles en ch for a term of
; was given* to thia vegetable ■ compound..
I becauso one of tho important ingredients
was Golden Seal root. '"'* *-Such an
age system,-   without the ' 'written
permission of the*sewer committee',':
and Jf any connection'shall bo'mado,*F ■
Tho leasee shall have a dredge in operation
within oiie season from the dato of tho'lease
for each iivo miles. Rental $10 per annum for
each mile of river leased, Royalty at the'
rn to of 2J- per cent collected on "the output after it exceeds .Tl 0,000.
*■> ' \V. W.Oi'V,-
Dopnty Minister of the Interior.'
Nl I^.—Unauthorized publication of this ail-
vortisemcnt trill not be paid for.   ',
., Aug 1-07-fim
♦       '' ■'-.                       y -- <•
A 1   ■ 1    1 B—4 1—--4 PV Wt A
% yv%*-<''i*-'
I • ..Hotel'.;,;.
X . The best dollar a day house
♦*♦                in the citv. .
*:*-- ',      Well stocked bar.-.
♦!♦    Liquors, and Cigars of the'.
♦$♦,   v      highest quality.
* .   ROSS BROS.           PROPS.
>''         -         *"*
You want comfort and satisactlon
of cloan smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic 2s tho only
GUARANTEED to' give this.    £ ig
Thesecret ElectricTempering ^•a1"
positively merges every particle of carbon ' (the   life of
steel) into the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness   „■,
throughout the blade—some-  yr;
thing  absolutely, impossible Vjf
with firo tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
But test this ,razoi*  in your
own home—or have your barber
use it on you.    Secure one, 30
NOTICE, is hereby given that 30
days after* date * I* intend to apply'
to -.the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a, license
to prospect for coal- and petroleum,
on the following lands, situate
in the district of Southeast Kootenay, British , - Columbia, =*-* Block •
4593.  , * .
1".—Commencing at a post plan-,
ted.l mile east . of the 23 mile
post of the present C.P.R. 'survey,
on west Boundary line of Block.
4593, and" being the S.E. comer
post 'of the Samuel M. Moore
claim, thence running, north 80
chains, thenco west 80 cha-jis,
thence south' 80 chains, taence'
east 80 chains,' to a point of i«u;*
mencement,, making (.10 arres,
more or less.   ■ ,,
Located this' i2th .day  cf November,. 1907.
SAMUEL IM. MOOUE, f.'oc-uor,
A. W. BELD3N, Aa-ent.
Witness: G.  C. H.' Cola i'ia.    .
2.—Coiamiencing at. a post ;/an-
Ited   1    mile     east    of    the  23rd
J mile    post , of ..the* 'present     C.
, P.  P*.  survey r on   west bo\indary
line-of Block 4593| ar,d being. th«
N.E. corner "post (if .'esse P.   Pil-
verman's    . claimn thenco  running
west 80  chains,,,tbence, south   80
chains,     thence, eaat   .80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, to a point
of  -commenceme'-'.t, making I," 6-10 '
uulhoriiy nsl)r.* Rohcrts Btirtholow, ol,; or .alteration, of ia.cc'nncctioii.o'r lot \-
iTchoi'son Medical ColicRo,savsof C40 don 1; w ;■   .- -       •    ,. ...,, •■.,        -.- 4
Seal root, "very ns-cfuT as a stomachic |a Gr)lin connecting with*said tewfr, >
tonic.   Cures caiarrh'of thc stomach and ' without1 the'.written permission' .'of-
headr.chos accompanying the srime."  Dr. ! the Sewer' Committee; or in a", ma'ni-
Grover Con, in bis book Organic Modi- ]      "A,,.' *' .; . "'    ni"    „■-,    <■        i, .
dues, speaking, of Golden .Seal root, says -, ner different-[r0m tho mOLepieS2ilb-
e'd .by these Rules a,nd Regulations
person- or persons making sanie,
ias some special provoca- ; ernes, speaicing.01 uouien v**.cai root, says - -""-■
v li'itm-o siio i^ qiiok    Thr. ' that "as alivcr jnvigorator it.hiis/cjo"! ed .
yu.ituio sliojb slack,   lhe, eq,(H,s,„   Further-ho'snys, "in chronic in- I tho'
iirnes a girl , with perpetu- -\ flammation of tho bladder, wo decmit one. i   '  ,
ing to' the breakfast table.as soon as
the honeymoon is over,in a tumbled
pers; She never will be a good housekeeper.
"On the other hand, I've seen girls
whoi maybe did not have such a trim
appearance, whoso hair was apt to be
a little flying, but whose hocls rested
firmly on iho ground, and never did
1 discover1 they wero In the _slovenly
.class. Maybe thoy wero not careful
enough of outward appearances, but
they kept their buttons sewed on, rips
repaired, spots 'sponged ■ off nnd their
rooms in immncuhUo order."— Ex*
"I wish I were strong and healthy
nnd magnificent nn. that tnnu over
there," sighed the delicate, thin man,
"hut, then, it Isn'f-.worth whllo to envy
' people, to ouvy anybody, In this old
world, I had n friend' onco who wns
tnllor tlmn he nnd finer nnd more magnificent, n mnn of splendid physique
You'd think, to look nt him, thnt ho
would hnvo lived forever, but ho Is
dead now. Died of some slight trou*
bio of Indigestion Hint n delicate mnn
might hnvo lived through, nnd thin is
all I hnvo left (0 nun hid mo of him,
tills ring wilh Ihla hnntlsomo Intaglio.,
It Is nlmost priceless to mo nnd, In;
fact, nlifiost priceless of Itself. Intaglios'nro vory rnro those days. This Is
exceedingly rnro, Somo tlmo I wlll
send you n letter nnd seal It with tho
ring, so you enn hnvo tho Intaglio also
to remind you thnt It Isn't worth whllo
to envy anybody In this old world."
toriic in the convalescing stages of fevers,
pneumonia, dysentery-and other'acute"
ciLsnascs Hydrastis (Golden Seal root) Is
Blitmarck os a b'rlnker.
When Bismarck wns'In London ln
18-13 ho won invited to visit tho fnraoun
brewery of Bnrclny & Perkins, and his
hosts,' having lioiml of hla reputation
as a. boor drinker of great prowoss,
preHontcd to him an enormous tnnltard
of old nlo, ln tlm confident expectation
thnt ho would be obliged to admit him*
KOlf vnnrjulHlKMl by It. "I hoIkciI tho
tnnUnnl," nismnri'l. told Sir Clmrlns
T)lll.o; who mooimliMl llio slory, "and
1 I bought, of my country nnd drank
to rhiKHln nnd tilled It till it was
empty. Tlion I tlinnkeil my ontortnin*
orH-eourleoimly, I liopo-and sue*
.ecndcjd, In innklii't my wny ns^nrwi
London bridge, There I sntdown ln
ono of tho stono recesses, nnd tot
houm tlio great brldgo wont round and
rouud me." '      '
>•  ;	
Th» Qraat Amerloan. Dost.
Thrfovorago* American la blMO al*
moBt'.bofoiro tho I.itgllBh tclrl lo ready
to lonvo hor school, Httyn tx writer. Tit*
English girl novcr loaves her govornASi
t.ni -Korno hf-frro "h<* lt< *%1s?'--'t.--''**T«_, wtttl*
at thn wimo ngn tho Amerlcnn Klrl hu
soon -much ot tho world.    Yot Um
Dr. Coe continues: "We-, would* here
- add that our experience has demon-
started tho Hydrastis or Golden Seal root
to bo a valuable remedv in bronchitis,
laryngitis, and other affections of the
rcspinilory organs."      '• ■ '■" "■
Trof. llobart A.' Ifaro, M. D., University
''of Pennsylvania, says of Golden Seal:
"Of servtco in chronic catarrh of tho
stomach and bowels following,ahusoof
alcohol, a tonic afj;er malarial fever.
Has a distinct, nhti-malarial influence.
Good In all catarrhal conditions, as
uterine catarrh, leucorrhea,■<etc. Is,a
curative ngent in chronic dyspepsia."
' Prof, John M. Scudder jn Specific iMed*
lcjstlon soys of Golden Seal: "It stimulates tho digestive procossrs, and Increases
tho assimilation of food. By theso' means
thcfilooil.is enriched, nnd this blood feeds
tlio muscular system. I mention the
muscular system becauso I believe It
lirst feels tho increased power imparted
by tho stimulation of Increased nutrition. Tho consequent Improvement on
tho nervous and glandular systems aro
natural results. »
"In relation- to Its genori.1 oflocts on
tho system, there is no medicine in mo.
obont ivhlch there -Is such general unan*
■Imlly nf opinion. It Is im.ucrsalli/ ro.-,',
garded as the tonic useful In "all do-
bllltlatntl states."
Dr, I'lereo'.s Favorite Prescription opo-
clally put up lor woman's-Ills—for thoso
distressing—dragging down aliments—
pecullnr to womon—Ifialso a tomperanco
roniedy that Is host known by Its cures.
With Dr. Pierce's medicines, tholr In-
ally run;over heels will find- ber com-}\, ot r.lio most reliable agents of curo._ Asa;:**nd'the owner or occupa'nh'of   lhe
' *--"--■-■"       ' -■■-■      '" 'premises  directing it; to - be  made,
shall severally and respectively for-
to tho City of Fernie for every such
Offense. ,- .   ;       ■   ;      ':   .     I-',,    ',..   |s    -.
Application For Permit.'-  i,,.-*
Sec. 3.;. (a) All .applications for,
permfts.lb connect with the. mains
and laterals of tho sewerage system
must be mado on the printed, form
furnished by-the City of Femlo; The
application must bo signed by 'tho:
owner of the property t obo drained,
or his, authorized agent',' designating
.fully and in detail-the specifications
of the cpntcmplated criohectlon and
•the roxact location thereof.- ;" j'  ' '
(h) No application shalfbe grnnV
unless thc spoclflciition's'of's'uch eoh*-
templatcd coiincetldn'.nrd approvctl
In vvTltlng'by tho City Engineer, but
where so npprovod It inn^ bo; issued
hy the city Clork'pn-'hehalf„'of tljo
Sower Committeo'; • '' ', ( ::,: (
■'-,. t" Amplication For License."- "J .
•'•■Sec.: 5. (a) All ppoiilnffs. Into . tho
sowers'.for the purpose of making
connection' therewith froun .any
dwelling houso .collar, vault, yard,
or othor promises, Bhall bo mado hy
porst>n-i licensed by tho City to perform suoh worK, and Ihoi said por-
eons, before being so Hcorisod, Bhajl
file Tli tho offlco oC tho City Clerk
a petition giving thc name or tho individual or rirm and placet of business asking to ,ho HcoiiHodi to make
cori'nootlons with tho sewerage sys-
,tom.', 1 1   ' |'| ; . i   ,ii,
(b) Said potltlon miiHt ho signed
by two rospoflBlblo porsens, who aro
cltltonB residing In tho City, vouching for tho business capaolty and ro-
putatlon of tho applicant; that) ho
is residing-in the City* of Fornlo, a
mastor of his trado, and willing to
bo govcrnod In all roHpoots liy tho
rulos nnd regulations which aroi or
may bo adopted by tho City.   ,        1
(0) Kadi applicant for a llconeo
filinlt cxoonlo and dqposlt with) tho
City Clork a bond with two or moro
ronpoiiMblo sureties to ho approved
b ysntd city, in th.-*, ponhl sum of
five hundred dollars, condltlonod
that ho will uurcfuly mnko tho oon-
nootlon with the mains and laloralB
of tho soworngo Hystom In thn mna*
nor prcflorlbod hy thoso Itulos, nnd
negullatlions ,nnd that ho -fvill lm*
demolfy and savo harmlous tho City
from all aoc|donts nnd^dnmagOB oaui*
ed by nny -hegllgonoo lit rrotootln*r
h!« work, or any unfaithful, Impor-
fciot or Inadequate work dono byclrr
1 uii    i*t*    j. itii^i'i n    ui-1'uii.iii-on*    uiiuii     ill-
being iirlntnd on each soparato bottlo
wrapper.   Thus_ Invalid   suflorors  aro
takon Into Dr, Pierce's full confidence
Dr, Plnrco's grout thoiisnnd-pago lllus-
trated Common Sonso Modlcal- Advisor
wlll bo sent froo, paper-bound, for 31 one*
cent stamps, or cloth-bound for BO BtanvpiV
Address Dr, li,V, Plorco, llulfalo, N, X,
■ 0     1 .i ■
A Tow Drops Add Plqusnoy to Man*,
a Dish.
A lltllo li'inon Julco does wonders foi
n hu.it of dlshoii, Croiunod oystuni losii
tl:*1 Hli'imj,' lliihy tinvoi' which hoiiio pc-i'.
::;i!i.i i-liiii-go then, with If 11 fuv; I'l'-jpii
of It'inon Jr.leif urn conked with tho
.TPiiin flitiicn, '     '■
l*'l'll>*l HWI'Ot pot iit OPS fipi'lllkli'll willi
ll   l'.".V  (ll'lip-l  of  ll'lllOII  jnlci,  llll.-l   llK'll
I v.'iiii ,-i iiuio r.iigni' ni'itM' tbey iii'*> put
j !:it.i ll'.e I'i-ying p;m nro lmiiit.'i).it'!,v lm.
1 IV.iVl'll.
v':'.i',liilo',vei' rti'dsaod with di-nv, n b-.;t*
(**:• iiai't'o lu niiji'o ilpllcloim If n l!!t!*>
k'nir-n Julco komh Into tho mxxoo litfoi-u
Itlstunind ovt'r thn'vpgpfnblps.
-'An nppntl'/liiK soup mndo of thn iittlo
j|i*cpn llngoolots found nt tho grocer's,
Imt too Iittlo known to tho nvonigo
hoiisckcopor, was Bcrvod nt a prolty
lurifhooii tho other dny with thin Mires
of loinon limiting In each pinto, A. tn*
I'lci'poonful of whipped orwirn wont
hilt* ovory pinto too.
Carrot fritters, n favorlto In one
litiiw-lioM nt loriHt. owe HOinothlna* of
tliu.r.tiistlni'MH to llio fow drops of lom*
.,.i    It.'.;..1!    ,■.■•■.■./..«,    ..'.i.ri.1   jd.si   iK'CutV
t!:e,v 1x0 to tho triblp,   Theso boiled Mr-
NOTICK is hereby given tlmt amplication
v ill bo made to the Pnrliiimont of Cniiiida
:tt the noxt session thereof for nn not to int*4)i-
pnrnto 11.'Compnny undor tlic'nnmu of
-'Western of Canada Unilwny,Compnny,"
with power to construct, oiiuiji, maintain and,
operate n line or lines of railway of standard
or other Biivge by means of steam, electricity,
or any other kind of locomotive power.
=*=\i*f/-=7=J: rom=ii=^j-,oin,,"=on=uiios7.i.i»>jer33iiL,ioni4 4=
bonndaty lino 'in tho Province of Alberta
'jetweon the oust sido of Itango twenty-throo
(23) and- the wost side of- Hilngo twonty'-oiBht
(2S) west of the Foi't th Principal Meridian, to
a point on the Crow's Nest P..ss lino of tlie
Canadian Pacific Railway Company between
Cowloy ami Pincher Creek: thonce Northwesterly following the vallov of tho North
Fork of the Old Man River to a point in the
Livingstone Range of mountains at or noar
seotion tliirty-Uneo-tM) in .Township Ten (10),
HangaThroo (S),- West of the Fifth Principal
Meridian;'thonco through tho.pass"in tho
Livingstone Mountains .at tlio-last named
noint and northerly, up. the valley of tho
Lilvlngstoiio River to a point on Rich River,
•it or near township Seventeen (17) in Range
li-oiir [41 and Flvo |S] Wost of tho Fifth Principal Meridian: thenco Jfortli-Kastorlyby tho
most practicable routo to tho Citv of Calgary.
■-. [:»],-,FromVifpo'lnt bn iho*'>'liildVJ*irnnch at
ov near its junction with tho LivinKstono
Ulvor:. tlionoo ' to' a point ill ,tho Jiocity
Mountninri '"we'st of Gould's Uomo: ilioik'o
tlnoiigh a pass in the Hoi'ky Mountains to tho
valley of the Klk JUvor b.v tho mnst practicalilo
route t'thonco Sontlicrlvdown tliu valley of
tho Kl Ic )livoi'.t(i,a-junction with the Canadian
L'lic.ifio •'R'uliw'ay' and tlio Great Northern
■Hallway in* the .Klk River viiiloy nt orneur
tho,vUliiffOo.f|)|le)iol.>     • ' ,      ,,,.,i)
AND to ponntmnt', -crimp, inn)iltnin and
oiinrivto liranuli lino*, and with muiIi powers,
righlrt' and privileges ns ^rcinoidgntial or
noiioi-fai'.v thoroto,, and to vonhtruat,-equip,
maiiitnin and, opferate "tologrnpli i.ml telo-
phonailinos in (ion'imetioiiTwKli tlio sitld railway ana its i-ruiiulios, uml to transmit '1110s-
hiibcs fnrcoinmorclal purposos anil to (diargo
(nils tlrdruforo niiii lo gonorato electricity for
thn supply of light, heat ,-iiiui powi'r, nnd to
iiuqulroi niiA dcvalnp-wator powers for that
purposo. -And-to ;|omo, sell unil-dltiti-ihnto
and othnrwlun dinpnpo of tli 11 hiimo, and to
levy nnd-Bollbet tolls from iillnorsonsusink
nnd nil frolght passing ovur siijd railway una
brimoln's, mul to connect with anil mnko
ti'u.lio; or othor nrrnnaomontfl witlrriiilnny
or other onmpnnlas • Including 11 nv lino of
railway in'tho stittoof Montana, ono of the
United States of America, and to puroluuo,
tako ovur, Inn do or otherwise acquire tlio pro.
porty, riglits ami rranohlso of any other
companies, anil to lonso or soil to any othor
company tlio proporty, rights unit franchise
of thooompanv,
TJIA.T Mich railway may ho doolarc-t to lib
for tho Konoral advantage of Canada,
Holioltorit fcr Apnllonnti.
lib' Carosella-
!   *
WiioEesaEe  -
7 • u^iy'oK' oEALiEB'.,;
.Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes*
i*     ' i1    * , l
.   --Gent's Furnishing .     „
DATED nt Winnipeg, this D.lrd
ilny of Kept-undor, A.U., 1W)7.
If thero is a magazine* roador in
this, distriot that has not road
'•Wontward Ho" thoy should oor-
tainly obtain a, copy of tho Xmas,
issuo, Wostorn Canada's now
monthly is only six mouth's old,'
but in that briof spaco has grown
from 40 pages to 188, The Do-
comber issuo is printed, on heavy-
coated paper) well illustrated and
has a striking cover design in, two'
colors. It's contents include over
a floor* of seasonable stories and
poomn besides the regular depart*
American jrlrl retains lior vlradty and .      ,   ,   _,,
her lhti*r«t In ovorythlnK. and It U   Mt ■•llm ll™ """-"J >» ""» s""'° w»>'
thnt ono duality, i ti.ink, ntwvo mi ou.* i:;:;^r(!;::^,1,,lif:1.!!!:!;?: i1!?:,^
«w that.wins, for hnr tho rulmlratka
.*    11. J   T.-, r*H,...,,' ,*.  'PL*      I ™r*.t***.
V*.   W*'*    *..*+»^.,>*»* I' -/......, . ..       , * ... .*. »-•"*,
woman novor looUn-to lior hunhnnd sa
master, -while" <1n7KncllBhwomsn U
tnuifht to do so from hor birth.—Ttt*
Make*.One P**\ Wotm.
It Is a fact that ono cannot tell bow
bad ho really fct-ls .wlUjoat fceUof
worn, Th«' way' f<*> f«*t(food to io
not talk too iiuk-Ii- about your ilxtt.
Think how well you nr-.-*, how well you
hiiTO done and'ftfl «otn\ about It, and
If there lu anything tho matt-»r with
yon think It won't Inst Ions nml that tt
U. not worth thiukln-? stjout. — Etch* run.
i".:t Into twi or throi. pli-ccs. npcorillni*
t > 'liflr tt'ttc. illpncil Intr* lipntnn *>2C
t.inl I1j:-:i lulu hri'.'iilcj'ii.'jilM ajk! fi-Jci)
l:i !:nt fat.
t'uJil holli'il cauliflower dro-wed with'
»ll, lnuioii Juice, salt nntl pppper txx\A
rcrvod on lettiico letxtoa mnlces nn ox*
(vl:i'lil Kiilnd.
WINE   00., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
■ ■   ■'  Importers of     t '„... .;
',',.' -. SCOTCH".AND'*'    ;;""'r"  ;'; 1"
OLD TOM   '    '
POMMERY ,    w
CHAMPAGNE !   ■■   >   ..
■   Solo A tfonts in Enct Kootenay for
acres, more or l*3s.
Port Steele
Fornio, B. 0.
Brewers of Extra Fine Lngor  '
and   Aerated   Waters.
Bottled   Goods    a    Spoclnlty,
trasrionsr labxl
Crow's    Host   SpcoSal
Mlncr'-'e Fnvorito Cifiors
Located   thi-.  ', 2'.b >.ky of ■'.November, 1907. '■ ■-    -V.-v.     1 -
■A. W.' J3ELD13N. Agent.    '     '
Witness:  G.' 0.   tr, "C'lleman.-,,
. 3.—Comnunung at &'.-]ios.t '.plan-
red   1    niile     east     of:,   the,23rd
mile   "post -   of   tKe    present    C.
P,'' R.   survey., 'c u ■' v es:r:7b4_i,'.ui.di.ry
of -Block;45')3/".iii-id being'.tiie-S.
W. .corner 'ipqst.,of'Hhe*lJni. ..Robertson claim-,"thence 1 tinning**-uo. tli
80 chain's, 'thgap.e east. SO.;- cli4i*ji*s,'
tHence    south'^'SO-'chaiifs1',-' ^Thence'
west' -' SO/clianis J to'-jr'a^'jipiiit   of'
commenpem'siit, .,'jnh.li:iiijj,»'G40 .acres'
more ov.sass:.   .■ ,-■-,,    ,y-:h■*,-•• p;'.1.   <
Located."'this 'l.V.h! .-.av/of- Npv-
emlier,' 1907;"  ''.'■'    ■'   "' '■•   ".   ,"'.
'■• .JNO:  ROBERTSON,- locator*.'
- ■ -'-/A.' W;.: .BKLDtBN; /Agent'. , - ■ .* c  '
.Witness:; G..*:'p.-,H. ,'Golenian.';»•-' .i ,
,        "     -' - ■       '■'-'<. -f-' 1
---4.—Commencing* .ai *a .pest- planted  1' mile' "feast -=of th"e.;.23f,d1 mile
post--'- • of ■ 7'Tthe   -*" present-- \°£.
P., R.'. survey^. ori:. --.-yesf.'-vbov.iidory'
:line. o£-r'Bl^cn71593,.;and^beingytfio"
N.'w;  corner' post .of.Ithe**WiU'iam
G.  Pearson' claim,  thence'ru'hhingk
east 80 chains, thence south' • "80"
chains,    thence    west. ft'80' chain's,
thence north ,80 chains, to a point
of "commencement, .making'   '640
acres more or, less.      ,    ' *,   •-!..,
Located   this 12th dayxof-'November, 1907.        " -*"'st^>.'7?;i:'':-7
A.  W.  BELDEN,  Agent. ' "
.Witness: G. C. H., Coleman. *"
"""5.—Commencing at .a post planted'at or near at a poinlr-ono-milo ,
east of'25'-mile post'of .present C.
P.    R.    survey,    adjoining,: .Block;
4593-on,the west, and-'being-   the
southwest corner post' of^Alex. S.'*
Parquharson's claim; thence north
SO chains; thonce west 80 chains;
thenxd    south    80 chains;'' thenco
'east SO chains,,to a point of com-"
mencement,    making   ■ 640     acres
more or less. ' <•';'{ *,.-*7'--
Located this 13th day'of,  November, 1907. ,   ".''''  "•
ALEX, s.'farquharson;; Lo-
'    cator,'      ,     ','.-..
W. E. COATES,-Agent.    „-
Witness: pi'  C\ H„ Coleman.
. canadian:,,pictorial..
■WHIM , ,'   1
The National 0 Illustratod . 'Maga-'
■   .zlnt?',     - -'■■' " '' ^''.'i-
Exquisitely' printod on flho coat-
bd paper, Pictures of we^known
pooplo, of current ev»nt8,";'.'-of
things beautiful and curious.
About ono thousand square inches
of pictures in each issue, Appeals to Canadians as the great
illustratod papers ot London appeal to the English people*.,,..Non-
political. Absolutely no axe to
gilnd. Its aim solely to pleaso
and to inform,'1 Must bo 'seen .- to
bo appreciated. Ton co»*.ts a copy.
Ono dollar' a yoar, Tho Pictorial Publishing Co,, 142 St, Poter
St., Montreal.  ,, '■'   3t—Nov. 23
Lik-i! t.i r.'-'v..".' |',-.ijr.'„-
v.-iiiip it is v.vt. v.-'i ir
1 r'-t-Jy of fi 4 (•■«■.• fn
I'.-l    \\    lli'ttM    1-    J''
.1 liy Iro'.'.'.rt-;
it N want ml j g^
v,' >:-";ti>" 11 |!;!>.    fe.-.-*~:-
r-.-l   r\a'„t   i.lJl
Katn lluU l<a unlquo yet nerfcell*- n»tur*l tr«iirr*nnt for Injurli'i. .kin
.l|kwi^.,|1urti«,l*niii--,oio, nu lfKAr,IS'O,H00THlN(Jnri(l ANTtHKlTIO,
I'i M«> piw ur n tiiirn, n wiw, n ili-cp nlwr nr nn i.i>.ti>mi ruti-it ^tirtmc,
/inn !(<tU 11 two* iiuw «Wln In ttrnvv* nrrr llm titirt llkn n«w row* nf lumura
illnk est f»f> o* t.»ln^il firun all lirryjliU *M «!<w< »l .Jrt <*<-n(# • !•»•£ w ih:»tMl4  1
-1 fit |,r. .-frtitrt /r<>iii-i<iil. *'4i. Ti.i>6nlo* 3 Iwaiw fur f 1,'iV .   I
rtwuwwwiw MttniM' nwii.iMui»imwi»»ii«i Mumiimmal
x-jiajviiT-mr) ,
A.JXXJ  MiH'X'Ji.11^
Heat Merchants
LWAYS «i choice supply of Beef,
Porlc, Mutrion, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Ee-gfs. ■ •    , • '•..,
4.  ■
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
i^ooJ assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.     ,  ,.
U \.it, -TiUS^ L8i>gBR'  B"^'«* B*        C," BEfrBBEBBR tB, 1997.
The rPeople ■ in this ^House have; learned the secret of true; economy;   they   deal
"       ■;.        ; 'With these firms and save money."      ;
"No, 'not at our bam. Ladies' Drivers a Specialty.
Handley & ■•Brooks"
r < -4
has- a cellar filled  with
chbica ' Wines and Liquors
S"    r "1
oi ■*•- *
The Pollock Wine Co.
Us '
e l ^ncj
e    m
fall       )
" -nunvth\shouse
'     ThcpeoPlc"      ffet their ■
'   and,'rnany others &
Watches and Je*
* ■    " ^- "from —: ,..;
l^resh  Bread,  Pies  and  Cakes
.". always' on hand . . • ,    ,
Bean .A Morrison
Fernie Lumber Co. Ltd.
-and  Building Material of all kinds
Estimates    are
cheerfully    fur-
, nisiied.    Qive a
trial order.,
Pt>re Gold   Cr^      ^^Y*
°n  earth
The Inmates of,this House
are happy because they icear
McDougall's Shoes
Look well  ,
Fit  better
Last longer
Than other clothing
See Us Before You Buy
orld and not
the next
The  w»»;Jl?,%*»<
inu,w "';    -store
See us for y
^ ».»Hoa^'f
Insured ?
Thta house iWl*"«Bl»:
jr. j. Watson
ct-M     ..iirtil'* r
1..  ■:*>■!:
To make the House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Fernie Ledger.
"I J / .' ' £■
h «•jsau!Ki!ait&v^,'m>*'J*s
t\?vi L$TJ. 'rr
a   '-vA*?'^-1   -
- v
>       -A        ■*.
;..*■ "*
i\ I".'
JVew^of the City
- House'. to"  rent.—Apply 43 "Fernio
"Annex, ' .   -„
Wanted to Rent—Two. unfurnished rooms. Apply by letter to A,
Ledger! - i>
•'.   FOR  SALE—A nice    assortment
•of young    chickens, .apply to   P.
"Pouplick,  Fernie Brewery. "
-„ Thoroughly.   experienced     lady
stenographer       and      bookkeeper**
wants  good   position.—Apply    to
Ledger Office.
Competant bookkeeper, open for
engagements, keeping" merchants
and other tiooks, post and render
monthly accounts. Apply by' letter to X, Fernie Ledger. , „
Wanted.— One second   hand s<iw
mill in irr-od condition,, capacity 10.-
000 12.000 feet per day,, with planer
-and croover. ■ Address Crown Coal
& Coke Co., Crow.s Nest. \i C.
PARRAK.-rVrftiitetl information of
Robert Farrar. L'ist. known address
Stirling, Alberta, Canada.—Inquirer
his sister, M. II. Schofield, 153, Nor-
den road, Ramford, Roclnlale,. Lan-
caslii-e, England, who is very anxious to hear from liim.
  o .
. Mr.  M." .Davies,  of Spokane was
here for Xmas.
W. "Griffin; of Sparwood, w&s in
the city on Wednesday. -
Pat.  Whelan made a 'flying trip
to  Crow's Most- this week-
Mrs. H. Herchmer left on Thursday for a .visit to Toronto.
,     Poor,  ''Tom   and   J.erry"   were
given a big" chase this week.
E, C oho on, of. Waldo" was visiting around the'city  4ais week.
o "     -
H.  A."Wilkes has'.been gazetted
coroner for the Fernie district.
' '    Dressmaking  and  lailic*-,'   tailor-,
ing done'at SO Pell at t avenue.       j
*   There °,is a 'street, rumor that the-
Northern hotel i.-N chau-jing hands'.
Steve Anderson- visited Macleod
during- the-'early part of the,week.
Mr.    Hicks, -ot    the Trites-Wood
.-.-ICo.; visited in" Calgary during 'the
week. -  -* ' '   -   -
Dec. 28
Angell's, Comedians
will  present that famous
New York'comedy
but no
Wife95   7
Beautiful Scenery
Sparkling Comedy   ,    '" '
Handsome Costumes
A Guaranteed Attraction
Scats biv Sale 'at
C.,P. Walker
-, presents the origini\l
Kirke. La Shell's production of
/. '   SALE
Of Campbell and faultless
.   Clothing
tr.*. , .' •'  *''
Ci ,- ( ' ' ' . .> 1    " •
Oranges, ; Regulars price 40c,   Saturday
Ginger, Snaps, 311*5.
Ian McLaren's
beautiful heart story ot*
Auld" Scotland'
, Notable cast of 20 players      ,,
Male Quartette, Pipers;etc.       \
'..-  Carload of scencrv i
,.'     SPECIAL': FEATURE    .   ' S
Miss   Maggie   McCann
Queen of Scottish Song, ...
"Greatest"dramatic production '•
now'bpfore American public"—
N. Y. World-. , ' '   '-
* - — Prices —-,       -,
50c,*75c "'$T.;00
Sale ef Seats at Pafere-' Drug Store
Prices $J .50 and $1.00
Free ■ L-st   Suspended
"®' ' '.,      .
01  Lethbridge,   is
Miss  Pollock this
--Miss Hazell
the. guest, 'of
week.  7   *
The  Misses-Dudley,    of   Nelson,
spent Xmas. here under the p.i::en-
,tal roof.
II) Sri
EP7J3 [?%■» JfJCT
■n iMMKJWwwa. ***f-a xa na m
.Programme-for Sunday, Dec. 29th
Mr. ■ and Mrs.    Lewis  oi
came   in,to the   ci-:y   on
. morning. ...
You can find anything you want
in jewelry for a New Year's gift
at Liphardt's, . '
■ The late John Laphan who died
at the Fernio hospital -was biuied
last Saturday.
■Manager Hurd, of uie Crow's
Nest Pass Coal. Co,, wan. in St.
Paul this week.
Robt. "Todd, ot Taber spent the
holidays in the city with Mr. ond
Mrs. Thos. Todd. ■<
- Graham Campbell; real ei-tf.lf*
dealer, of Calgary, was ir town
during tho week,
' Miss Iva Sheppard, of Calguiy,
was visiting with lior brother
Charles, this weuk.
j, Livingstone of Crow's Nest,
paid us a friendly call in the early part of tho week.
Tho Owls Intend giving a concert in tho near future undor the
direction of Pat Millor,, , 7
Miss Dot. Brown of Chicago,
was visiting hor sister, rf t**o
post ofiice staff this week.
Mr. and Mrs. N, E. Broley of
Vancouver, aro in tho eny and are
registered "at tho Nnpanw.
, Tho MifisoH McPhail of Calgary,
visited with tholr brother Jim
;ind Archie over Chi'l'-tinay.
Mr. , find Mrs. VV, Liphardt, of
Macleod, wore Xma... giiooU with
Mr. aiul Mrs, A, d, Liphardt,
See Liphardt about that watch
ho has them at any prico ljll.00,
9.J.60, ,.ji2,7B, $5.00 90.60 mid up.
Mr. Shoppard is acting 0. N.
city: agent-in tho absonco cf Mr,
H. L. Blnfikstone, who ia in St.
Peter   Patterson,   'International
Hoard Member of the U, M, W, of
'A., roturnod to the city on Wed
Pat Miller's
tho music at
ior tne dance,
C-hoc  CJ-.iV**-
Admassion  25c.
enable us to make
extensive store improvements in this department, Jail our new and .up-
to-date-" stock' of- hand
tailored clothing has been
reduced "in price regardless of, original cost and
profit.. To enable us to
make these improvements
bur stock must be moved,
but of the way and reduced.
prices are the .means we
are taking to accomplish
this.* Examine our' '
of the best'ready to wear
clothing ,-, in town,, and
take advantage of special
sale .prices.*. ■
Pay Cash
W.   J.    BLUNDELL        Prompt Dollvory
11 h
$ Miniature Electric.Rai
>.-i ■*
See our windows foi
The regular programme will be ..continued on Monday night
..-■   ' .at the old price's, ,10c and loc,   * *    ■*■
The Crow's Nest
Trading Company, IM'
The Store of good
orchestra supplied
Hosmer J .ant night
given i»y wit* torow
Owing to the great amount   of
work and business we have   had'
in   the   patit six   weckn, we have j
been -unable to keep abreant wlth|
r*n*- 4iro»V     A'   C   T,1pVtnrdt wlcbest
to thank   those    wlio havo been
k»pt   waiting,    from   now on we
can handle all work oromptly and
■ M. Berrington, of 'Summit, B,
C, formerly of Pernie,' was Renewing old acquain'-en-jes dining
tho holidays.
Messrs. A, McDougall , ii-id-P.
Kennedy, of tho Fernio Lumber
Co. wont to Winnipeg on a business trip on Thursday.,
W. Walkden won tho Firsi True
Cup presented by the Forme Cigar
Storo for Billiards, and J. Sffi-s
tho Second Prize Gold Moda*.     .
Tho , Oddfellows aro (joinj**, to
hold a special mooting cn Monday
night, at which somo businoss of
importance will bo tiannacted.
Tho Snow Shoo Club had a
pleasant sleigh vide to Hosmov
last night, and aft»sr ihe drive
thoy had a very nnjleyablo "hop."
, We understand that the dance to
bo givon by tho C. C. L. A. Ai at
Coal Crook on Now Year's ovo has
been postponed, till January ,6th.
Evan Jones, with ticket No.
8?7 won the house and lot that
was owned by C. JDebb, at tho
drawing held on Thursday oven-
A roport to the'effect tbo.1; tho
G. N. city oflico is to bo rioted
gained circulation hero Fridny,
At this hour wo cannot deny or
confirm tho roport.
Calendnru, toilot tsetfl, doll»,
games, in fact everything in our
window at cost, from the JJflth of
December till 1st of January. See
our ad, Palace Drug Store.
E. Kirkpatrick, of, the "Albur-
tanM staff of Calgary, was visiting with his brother Fred, of tho
Free Press during tho week and
returned Thursday ovoning.
Wc •Wiv*-*'-. n vory uniqun XmaB.
remembrance from tin Winnipeg
£'r«e I'reas, in tht •...up.* of a J.V-J-
rel of flour. Thc battel is only
about 0 inches long, and makes u
very up-to-date souvenir.  • ;
Mr. J> Galvin,' -Vica-pvosident of
District No. 18, U. 31. V/. eif A.,
is in the city,
Harry Cummings, surveyor,, bas
organized a party * ta po, to the
Flathead to stake! some claims.
A. C. Liphardt has a very fine
selection of,loose diamonds'which
he can mount in his own workshop.  His prices are right.
W. J. Blundoll announces that
all persons not having received
his handsome plate . and calendar
can have one by calling at the
Tho Baptist Sunday School.
Xmas, troo and entertainment
will be" held on Friday, "Junuary
3rd. This year tho entertainment
will consist of lantern views on
the birth of Christ in addition to
tho recitations and songs of the
scholars, and distribution of presents.
Cissy McCourt., . Song, ''In .the
Valley Where the,' Blue Birds
Sing" T. Biggs. Cornet. Solo,
"Heavenly Song',' Rov. Williamson. Song,'"Star of Bothkbfjn"
Miss Gladys Huglies.'* Son£ Comic
"Farmer Giles" Arthur Williams.
Second Part—Duot, "Excelsior"
Miss Biggs and T.' Blgjjs. Selection, "piano" Jas. Cartiledgo.
Song, Miss Cissy McCourt. Beci-
tation, "Spread of the Red," Wm.
Minton. Song, T. Chippingdale.
Comic; "Let go Elica" A. Williams. Song, -<Tho Migh-.y Deep,"
Jas. .Cartllcdge.
.---   —o	
Messrs. Trltos-Woods CoM vish
to remind all children thnt on
Now Year's morning thoy will
distribute to each and all the
usual bag of sweets. All children
aro to lino up at the store piompt
ly at oloven o'clock, Do ..urn niid
bo on time, but not too noon.
Thi! distribution comt'ioneis sharp
at eleven.
,,.   o	
Coleman, Dec. i23 •- Jn thc fx»t
game of hockey in the Crow's
Nest League held last night the
homo team ran away from Frank
with a,score of 16 to li
l.ADV ll.UtrilillSl
Aroprc-'tm'-l to fitter .olaiUeiT
trmb' ti*. w.'H nn i/t'iitlcinea't*.
!.*<4'-*-' l^ir n«4fa<-<'**f.r<*"»(-wl
anv Anv Mil SnUirtl/iV,
From  early morning -^on Xman,
i^4*.y     KU.IC    ♦*.    *■>-     *J*J.U*J* t,y.v." **-**   -**-   ,?-'■*
streets, playing Xman. 'carols, We
did not envy the boys their" task,
but the shekols taken:}.!.no d-)\.bt
helped to offset the »l.rtiln.
On New Year's KVe a special
watch night service will be held in
the Baptist chvivch, commencing
at 10.45. After the service light
refreshment*, will he ttnrvtA. V.vny.
body is heartily invited.
Special Xmas. services will be
held in the Baptist church on Sun-
day. In the: evening Pastor Williamson   will   speak on the   sub
® , j«>ct "A King V'ho was
9 ; i;ui.u." M*. v.'.lt..*...'
'*' i so play a cornet solo,
. The Socialist Party ot Canada,
.re.mo Locai,, h«ld u cuuc<-.t ui.-I
r.ujiprr on the pverrfnjf" nf Chvlfit.-
mm in the Miner's union hall, at
which a very large number of people attended, Ihe hall was too
small for all who wished to attend, and a lot    of   peoplo went
, »-       Tl. *   * i •• **i>»'l*   •*■*»■ i* t-<   *■* «
mW** **,_% ^ * ****     *» W ** • w *  »*       * • **•■!     *r • •   i
best held in Fernio for somo time,
and reflects great credit on those
taking part, as well as the committee in charge. The hall waa
tastefully decorated with appropriate mottos ot the Socialist
party. The tables were well filled
with eatables, and toa was Rirrved
from six o'clock. The following is
thu piogi'ummc;
, First Part—"Toiler* Ailif" by
the Congregation. Chairman,
Opening rejnarks. Solo, j-iano,
T. Bullen. Song, T. Chlppingdale.
Recitation, "Christinas Day     at
Wo had the pleasure of witnessing the moving pictures at     tho
Opera house on Thursday ovoning,
when "The Passion Play" was put
on.   It is one of tho best things
wo havo seen in that lino,- and tho
jnanagor; Mr. Stovens Is to be con-
gratolated on   securing tho films
at   thin   particular     season.    Of
course there are a fow things amis
in tho plctureni* but those aro trivial, and except,\o a biblical stu-
dont would bo overlooked-,   ono of
thoso, tho baptism of Christ is in-
corroct,    ns   tho   Biblo    describes
Christ as having gone down into
the river and boon immersed, not
sprinkled,,,,Tho scones, tho beautiful colorings and tho appearance
and disappoarnnco ot the angels,
Is   a most wonderful  piece   of electrical achievement, and must be
seen ,' to    be   appreciated,     Mr,
Stevens is going to put this    on
again Sunday evening, starting at
Q o'clock, or aB soon as all    the
churches are over, and as somo of
the ministers are to be thero and
explain the various scenes depleted, it will be a treat that no one
should miss.   Tho following scones
of the   life of   Christ aro clearly
The Annunciation, Shepherds
Watching their Hocks, Tbe liirtn
of Christ, Flight into Egypt,
Massacre of the Innocents, Christ
in the Carpenter's'Shop,'Baptising of Jesus, Death of John the
t ♦.v-.lBnntis't. Christ in the Synauofrue,
" ' Feeding the Multitude, Healing
the Sick, -Raising of Lasarui, tho
Ascension, The... Transfiguration,
Tha Messiah's Entry into Jerusalem, The Last Supper, Agony , in
the Garden, The Betrayed, Christ
Before    tho   High   Priest, Before
*.-     ; ■   $£
lictrliinlng Saturday, tlio 28ch Deo, nnd t.nt.1 tho 1st of
Janunry, 1008, ovcrythtaR you nee in our. window will
bo sold at Cost price.
Bargains for Every One
Tills Is a ffcnnlno Halo.   The balanco of holiday Roods
must  bo  cloarcd out at cost  botoro  stock  takinfl; in^
Watch the Window of the
-   r\^«
Phone 12
Drug store
H, P. flcLean , Mnnnger
i n*. play
<^l'^yyy&ybl^^^WSf^>b'hi r.pfcial music
V'ho was horn in   a i Cosi-ins,"" J. Harilngton.
" ill  al- ! "I'ti» W'V.rfnrj My Jtcnrl Awnv ft,r
and other! You," Wm. McLaugbUn.     Sone,
i "The    Old     nustic Brldce" Wis,*,
will bo Jcndcrod.
n«rod tha King, Clirfit Mors
Pontius Pilate,, Tho Condemnation, Cftrrylnij the Crosn, The
Crucifixion, Taken Down from the
Cross, Placing Jesus in the Tomb,
The P.essurecticin.
It may not be amiss here to request the Sadies to re»nov*   thuir
hats, a* it is a matter of Incon-
vltnance   to   those behind to tryj
and see th* pi«*tutM with a large;
hat .-inr front of them.        ' 5
All thc leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
Bring in Your Job Work


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