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Vol. iii No. 17
P '
four or Five Hundred Men
Entombed With Littlt* if
any Hope far Rescue.
< ■ '«
Counelsville_; Pa*,, Doc. 19—Four
•or five hundred miners are entombed in the :Darr mines of the Pittsburg .Coal company at Jacob's
"Creek, on .the Youghiogheny river
18 miles west of here. ■   ,_,   * . -''   „
Of. these 400 fully 100 are Americans, • the. rest being Hungarians.
A terrific explosion shook     the
.vicinity of the mine at 11.30 and
Announced to all the surrounding*
i cc untry  that  a  great  convulsion
.  of some* kind had occurred   down
■under'the surface..'
Shortly after smoke,began, to
issue from the mouth of the mine
•which is of the slope," variety:
Among those imprisoned in the
nxine are-Pit Boss-.O'Connell and
«-two fire bosses.   ,.*••■•
On ' account of the force of the
explosion, which rent the interior
V'of- the mine, and tho presence of
fire, with 'the blocked condition of
Ithe slope, it is not thought there
is mucho chance f or; the men in-
•8ide. '      r, , ,   *   «.    ..;
At the recent'meeting of the "re--
organization of the Fernie Hockey
Club held-in the Napanee hotel,
Mr. Tom, Whelan 1st Vice-Presi-\
dent, gave' an impetus, to the
game ' by announcing' that he
would put up»a silver cup Valued
at $300.00. The cup is to be a
beauty, and stands 38 inches high
and. will, be omblametic of.the
championship of the* Crow's Nest
Hockey League,* comprising at
present " Prank, Pincher Creek,
Blairmore Coleman and Fernie.
The Whelan boys have always
been leading spirits in sports in
Fernie, and have given of their
time and money in no mean -way,
and in coming forward this season with so very valuable and
worthy a trophy should receive
the,support they deserve.
Dan McDermid Falls Under
Train at Morrissey.
Northern Pacific Jrain was in
*    line for a Clean-up.
Today - is" pay day for the ejii-
ployees of the Crow's'Nest Pass
Coal Co., Fernie, and the"amount
to be. paid out' is !?204i463.75.
This ..amount being distributed at
-"this time of-the.year gladens the
bearts of many a home, and helps
the merchants to wear a.smile/for
a season^'-'.""■•*" -""r.-r--^^'._" ■ "l'_
in the history of the C.N. P. C.
Co., and the Ledger hopes to see
the roll keep. on.increasing i   and1
from reliable * reports! it is likely
to be doubled -by spring. time. '
One man is in jail and another
is believed tb be.sufferingrfrom 'a*
more or less severe bullet wound
at the hands . of .Harry Draper as
a result of. an attemot to hold ut>
nnd rob the west bound Northern
Pacific pnsseno-er No. 3 about 2.30
o'clock Tuesday, morning two
miles' east of Trent.
Only, the presence of mind of.the
engineer* in charge of the train
saved the company' from a holdup'similar to the one at Rondo,
Mont., September ,12.—Spokane
Chronicle. ,
Morrisey, B. C., Dec. 20.—Today
as the C.P. R. express, No. .5,
was pulling .out from the station,
here, Dan McDermid, while stepping off the train; slipped, rolling
under, and was instantly< killed...
The fact that the platform at the
station was.in bad condition ow-°
ing to the ice making it- slippery
made it possible for this fatality
to occur. McDermid was an old
timer in these parts and was well
known throughout the Kootenays
as a prospector. =
Coroner Bleasdell was.asked by
the Railway Co. to postpone the
inquest, on the body, , as they
would, not be able to get the evidence of the brakesman who wit-,
nessed the accident. The coroner
informed them that he would empanel the jury to view the body,
and that he would probably hold
•the inquest about the 23rd. *'
Most Harmonious Meeting of
Miners at lethbridge—The
District to Contribute to
a Mitchell Testimonial
J.A rather, misleading ..article appeared^ in~the" columns  bf. oiir .esteemed-contemporary- this   , week,*
to the-effect, that' T., T. John late
editor    of^ this, paper had severed.
did sever himself all, right, . but
was -asked?,,to ,do so. . If the Ledger was such a bright and credit-,
able sheet, why this action on^the
part of the executive.   Nuff said:
A big company is being formed
to exploit a new coal mine * 16
miles west of Medicine Hat, northwest of Seven Persons on the bank,
of the river. .   ; ••_:>
Here there is a seam of coal six
to seven feet wide and already. a
quantity, has been mined. Unfortunately a fire got-into the'loose
coal*.and a new shaft-had to be
started. -A.second gang of men
was taken but last' Wednesday,
and rapid work is expected to be
accomplished.   . 7
.Some of the miners, who. have
been at work on the old shaft for
a couple of weeks, and whose ex-
perience has been gaine_d_j-.t_Le_th-
bridge and Taber state that     the
coal is equal to the. Gait coal. .
Ira Farringer is at the head- of
the new concern. The prospects are
that - the mine' will mean many
new families for the district,;
y        •-■-"-'     **- '   -.-, ■       -"• - <*•        ,', ■       ''.-- ■.''.-,-•■   '        ' ..--..
*C*    L_L i !_. ._..   . * ..    .  _.7...!i     ...... _ o .
Kootenay  Fruit Lands
4 , '* " '' I'     .
I ' ,     '
■^.HY'not buy a ten or twenty acre fruit farm which'.-.'..ill. yield you
t      from ,$300.00 to $600.00 profit per acre per year? Situated in the
District with a most delightful climate and splendid shipping facilities.
'.   We pay purchaser's expenses to look over our land.
It stands
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbrldge, „ A I be r t a
x .      Y
At the Miners' Convention a
number off resolution* dealing
-with the duties of District officers
and their salaries were eonaidered
and President Sherman explained
.the nature of what would have to
be done to me.et the demand aimed at in the resolution*, j He demonstrated that the expense eon*
nected with the business-the executive bad to perform was evidence
that the present per capita tax
-would not admit of any additional Balar.es. If work was wanted
by the - locals and sub-districts
had to be organeled, then more
men were necessary. He celled
ior expressions of opinion In the
. vnatter and stated that a wide
'awake man should be sent to Edmonton as measured of importance
to trades unions would come before the Legislature at the noxt
to express their opinions, many
session. The delegates wore quick
thinking that' if moro authority
wero given to tho district ward
mojuberu and subdlstrlct, the work
of looking into agreements would
"hn  proAtly fnMHt.n-tar".
A~motlbn to insert 60 cents per
mon... por member instead oi. XVic
nr month in tho nnauaiun^nt   for
.he   defence    fund   called   for a
spirited discussion.
It was moved in amendment
that 400 be inserted, instead     of
iyiyc.     Tlte    Uiolioi.     call, it's*.,  ii.Wa
leaving the assessment for the defence fund as it was formerly, in
view of th? resolution,
—— -o....' -
Diclc Winchester committed suicide by hanging, near Grand
Torks last Tuesday.
Pittsburg police have unearthed
a band of grafters. They operated
a so-called National "Railroad Em**
ployes Industrial League and a
membership fee ranging from ?25
to 9100 was secured from many
prominent Pittsburg concerns, for
which the members were intmed
against all labor disturbances,
Tim 3Clwu.-.i.*> weu heavily iU.c-.il.
Aro you talking, or am X listening r
Our matrimonial bureau ''has
Have I got to keep doing it oil
the days of my life ? ■
Have you heard that new song
"John, Poor, Poor John!"
A new paper'. for Pernie. Yes.
John's paper. It will be run by a
Another fire at Maoleod. Well,
they need something to keep them
Lost — A large frame houso.
When last seen was making good
time down Main street, Mclood.
Do you want mc to talk ? I'll
How fortunate that we are in
Pernio. Down in Macleod these
days shopping parties havo to go.
hand in, hand in largo numbers,
for fear of being blown away.
"My friend, X have nothing to
jjiuuig i*.*> past weeit teveral
Tnnu*ntpii pollfc nppd'nrcrt on o\\r
streets. Tho supposition is that
they are looking for nomo building blown this way from Macleod.
"Take m.o in, I'm crany." This
really hhppcnod in Pornio,
fcxfett Idandiey *".&& a nice team 01
bays now, and although we hate
'to contradict our worthy co-turn,
we havo failed, after very careful
ecrutiny, to locate the cattle
We understand that a party interested in prohibition wan himy
during thc pant week advocating
the cause in Fernie. At this hour
\wo iuc". not in a position to report
just what has been accomplished.
"Vou bay you had an txreri-
ence with the black hand while* in
New York?"
"Yts, Aud a terrible expriciuce
it was, I had thrte aces and the
othtfi: £clIo-j* Li.d H\.« clubs.''*
1)00 RAGES
On Saturday last at' 3 p.m! a
good crowd was in attendance to
witness the Dog racea inautrurat-
ed .ty Toj» Wlwlan of the Napanee
hotel, This harmless sport was
?.«fc ^oduced two years ago by
"Tom" and each succeeding win-
ter adds interest to the »flair,
and _|he boys in particular look
forward to the races,
»Jr«,.-raCM tod»-y. wiU commence
BtLLp,«i\5n,d ^ be ,rom   «"
corner of Walmsley etrc-et to the
Sro^a.W&ur?te^ *
Eiagi„dBAojS,r80n' ""*' ™'
SnSd'.e°nd   "anit-Mik«    Valpolia,
Davie Anderson, Jack, 3rd
J'fi^.Por", Princey,'8„d'.
Elgin Boyco, Princoy,,ind
^rZ'^y^'^   »)oat Percy
*«h, belnp: fa"Vrt, T& S^C"
4th i?*fUVUal:lttf(l' n^essitatlng tho
went y«° ^ Pr<1<"•' MM cash
'Trince » S° VolP.0,1,a with
David a a money. ?i'00 to
•wavjcl Anderson wftVi "t..i. ..
rfio. 'itxd money 50 cents to El»<n
Boyco with "trlncey!" M &*
conclusion of the season tlie bov
■11S *r "i1 «V° Preflftnt«d with a
1      *'. c}?ihot «nd likewise     the
iS? SnlS^"ff 2nd' Th0 ««h Prises
will be fflven wry fta.tnrda.y.
' Montreal, D«. 18.-Hon. Jou?h
Israel Tarto, M-mlnister of public
works, died at 3.35 thi, afteSJon
, '^ 'fid-''"'* «* hi-. «on*ir.-la7r,
Dr, De Ma«iKny, in this city, lii
hi.<l Luu ih for some time.
The.' second . session of the convention of District No.' 18 of the
United Mine Workers of America,
opened at one o'clock on Monday
afternoonj - with President *P. H.
Sherman," in the. chair. *:
After his opening remarks" - the
chairman" called upon Mr. Wm.
Davidson, - the fraternal delegate
from the'WesternrFedreeation * of
Miners,- .to ...address , the meeting.
Mr'' Davidson represented a constituency in the Provincial Parliament '■ of British Columbia • for
three years on the labor ticket.
In a forceful .address the speaker
showed- that to redress grievances
the Labor Party *rmist get'hold of
the . reins- oi government.,. His
ing in.the interests of labor.-He
opinion was; -that the Labor de-„
partment' at Ottawa are not work-
held that labor .organizations
should-'educate their members,on
economic questions -and thus lead
them to' see the needs of. the ' Labor ."party.* Mr. Davidson stated
that .the Western Federation oi
Miners had declared for political
action in matters affecting the demands' of. labor.- ..Under the present, system all labor could hope
for was a livingi*- while it should
have all'it produced.; ".'. -.', ■ __" '
The speaker's opinion was that
the. Pair Wage "Clause in'; the, Act
JVAS A-tfllO*. 41*t4'l.*i   -' -WT*. w.*   -,...». -f, c.
—**  -* 7t —.«-V— W u.^ w w- «*.#-
little as men could.be hired for..
, In referring to the Independent
Legislation Act,. the speaker said
that. it handicapped Labor .when
an'occasion arose to demand a
shorter day or an increase', in
wages. It is. opposed to the labor
.class. 1 -The wisest .course, for working men'to" take would be to -say
thatvthey dislike the Act.   •
Mr. Davidson, showed the-difference between the platform.of the
Labor .Party "and ...that ■ of. Socialism. "The'chief difference. is ' that
labor does not deny the present
system, but the Labor party, -will-
in time adopt * true Socialism as
its platform.
, Mr. P. P. Pettipiece, of Vancouver, organizer for the Dominion
Trades o«d Labor Congress was
tho next speaker. As an orator,
Mr. *!i>-.it?rTbP« has made a reputation, an.ong Labor  organi/.aiions.
In opening,' he drew attention
to the fact that the. present tin in
was, most interesting in the history of labor, movements. He
urged strongly as his mission to
then convention, that tho United
Mine Workers . affiliate with the
Dominion Trades and Labor Congress. When this stop had been
taken the Miners could make tho
Congress what tbey want it.
The speaker traced the hiBtory
of the Congress showing what it
stands for, and wherein its objects can be improved upon. He
showed where the Congress must
adopt arbitrary legislation to
secure for Labor its rights, To
Illustrate reference was made to
tho manner in which tbe Compensation Act and the eight hour day
were secured in B. C. He maintained that labor was cheated at
the point of production, not in
consumption, as. was shown by
the recent inquiry into the Lumber combine.
To contrast the labor movement
in British Columbia which questioned the right of capitalists to
own and operate the mines, cheap
non-voting, Asiatie labor was
brought in, thus doing away to a
large extent with white labor, To
have tbe ownership of the mines
transferred to the working class,
the Labor party must send representatives to parliament, At pre*
sent labor owns and oiiprates only
those industries , which do not
pay. A solution of the Asiatic
problem would be to have the
workingmen own the mines and
then they could say as to who
should oporato them.
Tho speaker then showed wherein Socialism and Trades Unionism
differ and whoro tho Trades Unions
are deficient. He claimed that in-
dustrlally   laborers   flght against
u..c (iiw.ua tiy uv i>.4..i;o, At. evj-
rlnncn th»» rtiPf. 0f InVinrcrr. ••,tT"v-
ing to outstrip each othor in ne-
curing work. Wo must aB men de-
mand our rights, Let us make
Meet-Ion day Canada's Labor day.
W. C. Ives, of LothbWdge, tho
lrpnl advlspr nf thr* Mlfir*r « iiHa*.
next took tho floor. Ho gave ex.
presslon to his sympathy' with
Labor movement, and showed the
relation of the logal profession to
UnioniMU. The speaker explained
the nature of recent legislation
affecting the Labor party and reporter! on ca.^r. d-ialt v'Uh, in connection with his office in the
Union. In explninlnir the nature
and duty of the committee np-
pointed to enquire into th* difficulties arising between mine owners and their fmpl-oyce.i. Mr. Iv<m
stated that the pres.-* wa« allowed
to publish the report*, of the com-
mjision, giving it any coloring it
(Continued on page l..)
For the Ladies
Fancy Collars
Silk Shirt Waists
For the Men
Shaving- Setts
Smoking Jackets
Dressing  Gowns
Smoking Setts
Toys and Dolls
C .''     '     ';, *   " '■'-',
i .AlJ.^kinds^and_descriptions—at—price*:
, to please you.
Store open  every evening until Christmas
The   Trites=Wood   Co.,
.* ♦-,
msriHciATiss oiioskn
The following delegates and
committees wore chosen:
■fcraleiimi aelvgatt* 10 Wctt.t.i.
TederaHon 0! Wlnprn-P. "Pr*Hfr-
son, elected by acclamation.
Delegnte to Edmonton to wait
upon Legislation— "President Sherman, Donald McNab and 0. II,
y-ilr.i Cpr»*»"!ttee with Wenti-m
Coal Operators' Association—President Sherman, Secretary Macdonald, Wm. Graham.
Joint Committee for Taber District-—President Sherman, Secretary Macdonald, and David Miller,
Gus Klngling, of the famous circus combiaation, Is dead at Now
At Kamloops on Thursday Capt,
D. L. Keller, alias D. L. Swlth,
an army ofilcer ol Reno, Mev.,
waK arrested, charged with having
filled in a \At.rAt tht^ym from the
If. S. ifuartrrmtiatera' office at
Port Sheridan for 903,600 t
Toklo, Dec. CO—.The Minister of
tho navy, Admiral Saiko in an in-
it»rw"«*fiT ontrl' ''Tlii. A*Yif»Wrfin fl««et
will be hear till ,y welcomed should
11 visit Japan, I iiuow Admiral
Evans well, ho is a delightful gentleman nnd a splendid sailor and
I. certainly hopo that he will
bi*lng hie ships on this sido and
give us a chance to show our ap-
p.t-t.h.UGX. ol m* good (JUil.mbO,-'
Prince Ito, resident general of
Korea, said; "America has always
been a friend to Japan and the
Japanose are staunch admirers of
President . Roosevelt. Wo have
never had any other thought than
that it was quit* the intention of
America to dispatch a ileet wheie
it is desired, and it will be specially wtikumiid should ll come to
Japan. I have always maintained
that talk of war heeween America
and Japan is unspeakable and
think the attitude of the people
toward the fleet will ultimately
jrove tLo iliuceiity of ow words,
which hsvf }*f-*r- c-ftntfiitirntly
friendly. ' 7' ^<n>r'^T!'H. i\"
.". '-*-'^V:
Grand ForK^HEx^eukve" Detlares
"a Granby is Infringing on the
Lemieux Act and Alien  <
Labor Law—Police
Trying to Hake
make strangers' acquainted- and to
look after the general welfare _• of
,the dancers. ' ,' -••
^Vlhe -Moyie'' union is'one'of the.
strongest in the. Western Federa-.
tipn of -Miners' in Canada;' It has
ay' membership of 350 ..and has
.,{5)2,500 in the.bank on deposit,.besides a valuable lot in town.'-At
the present time/John Taylor is
the president," and c- .Thos. E.
Kelly the financial 'secretary.
*"   '   ■ o——■—— *"'
■:*■' :     AT
The executive board of. the Western Federation of Miners at Den-.
ver, has, officially called off the
strike in the, Cripple Creek district' of Colorado, giving as . the
reason the Jact that the camp
is- in. need, of skilled mine workers; and now, by calling off the
strike, many union men1 employed
"in less favorable places" can go
to, Cripple Creek and accept work
without^- violating -their union
The board also received a message .from unions ,an-British Columbia, stating that'the mine "operators are attempting to reduce
wages and asking advice in '" the
matter.,, The replvwas sent back
to the. union men to "stand
pat." Acting Secretary Kirwan
Men are arriving daily and re-.j had the following to say:-
turning by "the next train. Sever- |""''If the reduction'as threatened
al ' extra policemen have been j is made in British* Columbia more
sworn ,in*, and stationed around j than six thousand skilled miners
around? the. smelter'and railway | will lay down their tools and-the
depot.     It looks  as  though they ; mining industry, of  the  Canadian
. Grand Forks,' Dec. 15—Hearing
that the Grand Forks Labor
Union was'making charges against
certain. parties ' for bringing in
foreign labor your correspondent
has asked the executive committee
of the,' local union, for the facts,-
when the Jollowing signed statement ' was    made:    "The  Granby
.company's whistle blew - promptly
at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning and
"some seven or eight men responded to its call. This is the first
time since !the 14th of November.
j west     will
be.   crippled."—Moyie
■expected trouble or are trying to
make'it, as some of these officers
of the law are demanding the
Union 'buttons from the men's
coats- with a warning to. keep'
.moving.- There is no need .of any
action like^this on the part.of anv j    phoenix, ' Dec.   16—The  Phoenix
- employers-   of labor in the Boun-   miner's'union held a meeting last
dary country.   The working     men , night)  when the letter from Ideal
-are  intelligent, law    abiding   citi- ! manager  Hodges,   enclosing      the'
zens.     We . consider." the    action ; wage scal-  was considered.    Dele-
taken by the .Granby company" a j gations from the Greenwood
violation'   of    Article "   57; of the ; Grand Forks unions were al,
- Lemieux Labor Act.   Many of the j selit.' "A.
men  ■ arriving    assert    that  they,'
■ have    been'   hired    in** the United
States,.  having    received - a.r' free
fire Brigade; Does .Good Work
and Prevents Spreading
Macleod Station,' Alberta, Dec.
15.—Fire broke out in a vacant
building which was partly burned
last August, and it seenis from
the way it was burning and. the
fire starting at four o'clock in" the
morning, that it, was incendary.
The brigade was on the spot in
short,order aiid ten minutes after
the alarm was given two powerful streams of water were'put on-,
to the fire which was very fierce.
The flames spread to a Chinese
laundry and totally destroyed it,
together with a building occupied
by some chinamen as a store.'
Chow Sam, a naturalized chinaman, who keeps a restaurant and
store, was forced to remove his'
goods into the street.-
W.. P. Liphardt, jeweler, and- D.
A. Bain, tailor, also, had their'
goods ready to remove,'1as they
were in danger-of being burned
out, but the firemen got the flames
under control and .these merchants
and D. Barker,' who was burned
out last winter/J. C. Fawcett,
lawyer,,and.^others were in danger,
but thanks to the efficient work
of the fire brigade, were saved. W.
P. . Liphardt referred to in the
"above is a brother of our worthy
citizen-and business man, ,Mr.' A.
C. . Liphardt,-^'and Will's many,
friends here are glad tb.knbw that,
he escaped the fire demon.
1      O ■*•?
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D, S.
... . .7 ,.?; piaisTTIST     '_ .;..  .
OmcE HouRsi- •      E SOto 12 a. ni. 1 to 5 p. m
'    '    ■■",.    "' 6.30 to 8 p.m.
Office in A'ox.L ck's Block    .
'    .      " '
over Slum'.. Bakery. [ „
PERNIE, - -    ,   -     -      " B. C
.   ' 7    4> "' *->'
Insurance and Customs Broker'
Crow's   Nest   Trading--   Co.   Block,'
'Fernie,. B. C. ° .."
L.  P.   Eckstein
<-■' Barrister-at-Law, Solicitor
Boom-, 1 & 3, Henderson block'. Fernie. B. C.
JL Barber, l.d.s., d.'d.s.,
L' T. W    Block',- opposite the  Bank
-   Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m,-
pass.     This,  we consider a violation of the Alien Labor lav/.     As
good  citizens  we   demand  protection under the   law . of "the.-country, in which i_we]_live_and toil, and
■ in ''conclusion    ask  the = laboring
class to govern themselves accordingly:."—Vancouver   WorlH.
Signed — Executive  Committee.
"Grand'Forks Union 180,
w.-f; m.
full discussion was,held,
and    a.committee, consisting     of
John Mclnnis, M. C. Wade and J.
Mr.    Hodges,   after "which, it   - is
understood that the proposed "reduced wage scale will.be submitted to the members of'the Phoenix
union  for  acceptance  or rejection
by'a referendum vote.-
j'   It is considered here thafaiioth-.
I er step has been made in the get-'
j ting together .of the Granby man*
i agement    and    the  miners.Nelson
i News.   '4
(     * o  *        .
I was cured o£ painful Goitre by
Chatam/* Ont.     '**
I was cured of Inflamation     by
Walsh, Ont.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia
Parkdale, Ont.
Vancouver, Dec. 10, 1907
To the Editor of the Ledger.
cExtra.attractions are-, the' rule
for Christmas numbers, and in
this, particular the December issue
SPORTS IN CANADA," published
by W. J. Taylor, Woodstock,
Ont,, is by no moans behind. Tho
quality and character of the contents aro both high and such, as
must prove attractive to every
sportsman' while the Christmas
flavor, though not too pronounced
is well in evidence. An exploration paper of exceptional interest
loads off, the traveller, 'with a
half breed guide, making his way
from tho End of Steel on the
Temiskaming & Northern Ontario
c      m,    «....     ,. Railway   to . Moose  -Factory on
Dear S*r;-Tho Fifteenth Annual   Hudson Bay,   Two stories of hua.
ters lost in the woods aro most
interesting experiences which -will
come home to thoso .-who are acquainted with our pathless forests. Somo Christmas Fox hunts,
a Christmas day spent in Marino
Zoology on lho shores of the Pacific in British Columbia, and a
story of a police, patrol undor
great difficulties in the far north
land aro all notoablo articles, Tho
story of how an ungrateful settlor
met his end in a snow blizzard on
Christinas Eve, and how a bear
waB defeated by snowballs aro
specimens of tho variety of    con-
'   . * ffffu    ..' '    1. '...'       'li'-', til.     ,  . ■
PImu, Specification- and Est.-
maUa fnrulabed on appllcatlaa.
PlMty . o! GOOD DRY, LUM-
.   '*     tt. "i. KBtttt,
Architect    aid Saperlattu'diat
Offlca at taal-iaica,
International Convention of the
Northwest Fruit Growers' Association which gwas held in this
city last week was pronounced by
tho visiting „ delegates to be tho
most successful ever held. An
Ofllcial report of tho valuable
papers and discussions is now be-
.ing propared, and for the benefit
of those who either failod to ap-
preciato tho importance of the
event or wo.ro otherwise provented
from being present, I may say
that a copy of this report will be
mailed   free to   nil thoso Bonding
In their membership fee of 91.00,   ..,. w .„ „4    ,
to the undersigned, on or before   tents which mako this numbor an
Y0n,8a°f .Iw",*; I advftnC8   "P°n a11 thftt hnB B0"0
Yoma faithfully, . before<   *iIhrtt HourB   ,„   ft £,„
MAXWELL SMITH, ' Trap" is a vivid piece of descrip-
Socrotary for 1007. tion    of   a   misadventure   in tho
back  woods,   while Indian  Cook-
j ing in Northern, Canada supplies i
'-. another view of lifo in Canadian j
i forests which provo so attractive 1
L-eivorated . to aii students   of outdoor   lifo. 1
Tli«j.sJay, _ -Fot* vati«i,v and iuteroat this num. 1 	
g-'ftiid    ball,   ber. Is unsurpassed, and should bo j AMALGAriATPn   cnricwTr
"t  unlovable ' the  ono   maffazine «o  sn^...„„.JAm/XUUAriArED   S0CIE1V   OF
Local'   Miners'
of officers for   the
Union ''have been
made, and the election will take
place at the " .end" of the month.
The only officer elected by acclamation was the secretary treasui>
er, Chas. Peacock. The candidates
for the .'other  nffirTpg  aw* .    •
, President—Bi- G. Hamilton, and
D.  H. .Quigley. '*■«,.
.  Vice-President -_- Mike   Daimuthi
and John Larson.
Recording secretary—Thos. Hea-
ton, and Jos. Kosko.
Door Keeper—Stevo Begala, H.
Rosaine, and Jos. Pisko.—Lethbridge Herald.
lo Consumptives
Tho uuderalgned having been restored to health by simple moans,
arter suffering for sovoral years
with a severe lung affootlon, and
that droad disease CONSUMPTION,
Is anxious to mako known to f his
follow sufforors tho moans of ours.
To tliuao \viiu aesir'o It, ho will
cheerfully send (froo of ohfirge) a
copy of tho prescription usod, whlob
thoy wlll find a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHITIS and; all throat and lung
MALADIES. Ho hopos all sufforors
will try this Rombdy, aB It Is lnralu-
able. Thoso doslrlng tho proscription, whloh wlll cost tho nothing,
and may provo a blessing, wlll
ploaso address , ;
Brooklyn. N. V.
fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
T\Tr.*.^r    *.*"! .       *.    ,
it«i   pfrrhth   nr,r\l'rfi-'-.-,v.i'
last   hy    giving
which    provrd
Plans  nnd   Kstlmnlcs on Appllenllon
Rcsidc'iia-* 70 Mowlimd Ave,
J. \Vii.so.v Ciiiav, AiiniiTP.c-i-
. Fernie B, C.
F. C. LAWE .    .   ALEX. I. FISHER, X. A.
Lat^e & Fisher
Crow's  ,Nest   -Trading * Co.', . Block,
Fernie,  B. C.
W. B. Boss. K. c.
J. S. T. Alexandke
Ross & Alexander
*>: 'FERNIE. B.C. ■'
Oflicc In I,. T, W.'Bloclc, Victoria Avenue.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc..
6.—Commencing at a. post planted at or near one. mile east of C
P..R. line, Block, 4593, at 34 mile
post, and being southeast corner
of W. Livingstone's claim- and
marked .., William Livingstone's
southeast comer; thence 80 chains
west; ' thence 80 chains -north;
thence 80 chain's east; thence. 80
chains south- to place of commencement. ,    -      " , , v, .,   's   ,
Dated. this  14th day  of November, 1907. " '•_
■■   W. LIVINGSTONE, Locator.*
•Witness—Nat Babcock. ;
'7.—-Commencing'at a post planted, at' or near„.W., Livingstone's
southeast corner, and being .northeast corner of W. Copeland's
claim, and marked William Copeland's northeast corner; thence 80
chains west; thence 80 . chains
south; thence 80 chains east;
thence 80 chains, north to place of
commencement.     ' .' -■* -
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907. •-."-
Witness—Nat. Babcock.
8.—Commencing at a post'planted at- or near W. Copeland's
northeast corner, and being northwest-corner of B7 Slugg's claim,
and marked ' Richard Slugg's
northwest corner; thence 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains west;. thence ,80
chains north to place of commencement.*
Dated this 14th. day of November, 1907.
Witness—Nat Babcock. ■
* : „ .■*'"' ; "<?"*'-
,' 9.—Commencing at a post- planted at or near R. Slugg's northwest corner, and being- southwest
corner. of J. Sandback's ,claim,-
and marked John Sandback's.
southwest , corner; , thence - 80"
chains east; , ..thence. SO chains
north;' thence 80" chains west;
thence 80 chains south to place
of commencement..', " '
Dated this 14th day cf I.ovem-,
ber,   1907. " ',,.'.■-..'
.   JOHN SANDBACK, Locator.':v
Witness—Nat Babcock.    ■
OEBees over P. Burns' & Co's* Block
' .. .,'   Victoria Ave. ...       '
FERNIE     '    "':-:   • ": " B. C.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at oi- near the northeast corner    of
the'.'  J. F.  Silverman     claim,     and
being northwest  corner of  Vi.  Darby's . claim, and ' marked IV. Darby;
northwest corner; thence 80 ' chains
south; thence, 80 chains east; thence -
80 chains north; •-. thence 80    chains'
■west to place of- commencement.
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
W.^DARBY,      '" i'      '     ..
■  ■     , •.-■■'    Agent.
Witness—John McDonald." -'  "
r 8.. Cojnmeiicihg at a post planted
at or-near W. Darby, northwest cor--
ner, and ..being southwest corner1 of
B.-.;Lamoruiex's claim, und' marked
B, Lamoruiex's , southwest corner-
thence' 80 chains, north; thence 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains west to placo of
commencement. -   ' ■
Located  this 25th day'of Oct.,-1907
''■,:• . Agent. -
.  \\ltiiess—John McDonald.. .
„»,„    _.        ,  n  mo,,t *nJoyabl* ; the -ono   ma-jazine no  sportsman
ftiToh.   F'nnneinUy, too, it  waa a : mifle.   ~
»ucca«   for n*f ■"-■.     ,     Ev"y aitIcle la ^ercBtlag | CARPENTERS   AND
"  .      ' .!      ftftPr Pny-,nff ftl1   ox. \ and many of thorn are of special i
„, , .    -    vne -union   *TitM*"".t.
will be "fattened" to the extent i *
01   nbout    9100.00
Too    much
praise cn„«0t be ffJvon tha dJffor.
•-nt committee*, who had In hand
tho management     of   this year's
«.»!«•    Th,ra w„ nothing M#tc.
ted.  Morley hall was never decor-
■WI    nt   tt WM that uW,t, and
1       mmhtro   ol   the floor com*
Unittee were svtr on the alert   to
\ A movement has been inau/j-urat-
, ed in Now York under the auspieon
I of the Women's Trade Union Lea*
■Rue, to form women's auxiliaries
. to the various trade unions in
j that city. It is propoRed to enlist
-the support of th« wIvcb, sisters,
;and daughters of tlie orffanlwd
*.-.vti\» n-i l»'.ci>ouK.-iii s, Hall every       j
allernJle Thursday 4t 0 p.m.
A. Wvkkh, j'roi..        Wh. I). HnmnrMi. s.,., ■
Bulfdcr and Contrnctor >
j IJetitiiHtes cheer/nlly civon nnd work i
j promptly executed to the fwls- '
I faction of our customers. i
notice.        °, ,.
NOTICE js hereby, given that 30.
days "after "date I intend, to apply,
to the Hon. . Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works--for: a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following. described - lands,
situated in the District of South
East Kootenay,-Province of British .'.Columbia:
1.—Commencing at a post planted at or near 3!? mile post , of <C.
P. R. „line, Block 4593, and being
the southwest corner of Nat Bab-
cock's claim, and marked Nat
Babcock's southwest corner; theuce
80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north; thence 80". chains west;
tiience 80 chains south to place
or commencen*.ent.
Dated this 14th day of Novom-
bor,  1007.
fitness—Nat Babcock,    jy
*■ 2.—-Commencing at,a post planted at or near 32 mile post of C,
P.* R, line, Block 4593, and being
northwost corner of J. r.jving-
stone's claim, and marked John
Livingstone's northwest corner;
thonce 80 chains east; thonce 80
chains south; thenco- 80 iliains
wost; thence 80 chains north to
place of .commencement.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
3.—Commencing at a post plant-
ed at or near J. Livingstone's
northeast cornor, and boing northwest corner of W. T. Watson's
claiin, and marked W. T. Watson's
northwest cornor; thence 80 chains
oast; thenco. 80* chains''south;
thenco 80 chains.weBt; thenco 80
chains north to place of ctm-
Dated this 14th day of Novem-
ber, 1007.     •   ■   "
W. T. WATSON, Locator,
J. LIVINGSTONE, Agont.     ,
Witness—Nat Baboook.
4,—Commencing at a post plant-
ed at or noar W, T, Watson's
northwest corner, and being
southwest corner of Gus Bockon's
claim, and marked Gus Becken's
nouthwest comer; thonco 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains west; thence 80
chains south to the place of oom-
Dated this 14th day of November, 1007.
GUS„ BECKEN, Locator.
Witness—Nnt "RnbiriMr
*•".—CoTOWp-nrln-!; ni :*, j*o:--t 2*3,^.1.
ed at or near one mile oast of C.
P. R. line, Block 4503, at 31 mile
post, and bflng- southwest corner
of John Fisher's claim and mark-
ed John "Fisher's southwest corner:  thi-ni** BO rbn'r""  r«•)■;■   il;	
fiO chains north; thenee 80 chains
west; thenco 80 chains nouth to
place of commencement.
Dated thin 14th day of November, 1007.
W.tnepK—Nat Babcock.
Try a Ledger Ad.
„ •*   /   ..NOTICE*, • "*   .-.."•;
. NOTICE 'isT-ie'reby given that" 30
days after'date! intend to'-; apply
to the Hon. Chief. Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license -to
pi-ospect for-coal and petroleum" on
ed in the'district of Southeast Kootenay, Province of British Columbia.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at or near.ono' milo east of C. P. R.
lino at 27 mile post, Block 4593,
and being southeast corner of S.. M.
Mooi'e's claim and" marked. S. M.
irooro southeast 'corner; tlicnco 80
chains west; thenco 80 chains north;
thenco 80- chains east; . thenco 80
chains south" to plucOj of commencement.   . ■
Located  this'25th duy of Oct., 1907
S.' M. 3tOORE,"
Locator. ,
Witness—.lohn McDonald,
D.- Commencing at a post plantoil
at" or near S. M, M'ooro's southeast
orner and being the northwest cor-j
ncr of J. C. Rochford.s claim, and
niarkod J. ''C. Rochford northeast
cotnor; thenco 80 chains west; thonco
80 chains south; thenco 80 chains
cast; thonco 80 chains north to
placo of commoncoment. ■
Located this 25th day of Oct., 1007
'"      .Locator.
Wllrioss—John McDonnld.
3, Commencing at a post plantod
at or near .1, 0. Rochford north
east coi-ntr, and being northonst cornor . of J, ltobortHon's claim nnd
niarkod J, Robertson northwost cornor; thonco 80 chains south; thuneo
80 chains cast; thonco 80 chains
north; thenco 80 chains wost to
placo of cominoncomont,.
Localod  thin 25th dny of Oct., 100
.     A. UODKllTSON,
I ocator,
Witness—.lohn McDnmilil,
4. Commonclng,. at a 1 ost Hunted
nt or noar J, Ilobortson'u northwost
cornor, and bolng southwost cornor
of John McDonald's claim,. nnd
niarkod John McDonald; thonco ' 80
chainB'north; thonco MO chains oast;
thonco 80 chnlns "south; l.hinuo 80
chains wost to placo of commence-
mont.,' _
Locnto.l this 25lh dny of Oct., 1007
,.    Locator.
Witness—John "McDoimld,
fi. Commencing at a post planted
al nr nonr ono milo from tlio south.
enst corner of J. McDonnld's claim,
uml being noutlioant cornor of A.
ltk'o's i'lnim, nnd 'niarkod A, I'llco'*"
soiitlionst c-irnor: thonco B0 chnlns
wost; iln'iico tiff (.'liniiis nnrlli; thonco
NO chnlllH ph'*I,: 'ihcnco R0 flvitnn
south to-plnco of coiiinioncoinimt.
l.ov.dvA  Uih *.Y> \U t.Uy ul Owt., ' Uu?
lui'Ti.src   i.iVMonuu-j\'.
\\ llnuhH—Jolm McDonnld.
A. C'oininoncliig at a post plnntoil
nt iir nonr southeast cornor nf    tho
A. lilt'o clnlm, nml being noitlionst
cornor of J. j**.  Hllvennnn's clnlm,
mul mnrked .1. V. Sllvoi'mairs north
cnsl. cornor;   thonco   R0 chnlnn wont;
llionco 80 chnlns smith; " <honro '0
<•li.-iln.-i onnt:  thnnnn "0 -'Imtns forth
to i>lnco iif'ooininoncomont.
Lncnrnd  this 25th rtav of Oct.. **l*07
.1.   K.  HI LV HUMAN',
„   '' " Lnrntor.
..„. . i Agent,
Wltness-Joliu McDonald^
■ ■.°,    "   .. NOTICE '
NOTICE is hereby giver, that    30-
days after.date I. intend to apply to
the   ,Hon;    Chief Commissioner    of ^
Lands and Works for a lic'nse   - to
prospect for coal and petroloum    on
the ■ follooRing,, described   lands situated .in tho district of " Southeast '
Kootenay, Province of.British ■■ Co-'-"
'lumbiai -, .. . .
1. Commencing at a post planted .
tit or., near one mile'enst of'C. "Pi '"
It. line at the 29 milo post, and being southeast corner of J. ■ L. King's
claim, and -marked -J. L. King's
southeast cornor; * thonce 80 chains
west;, thonce, 80 chains'north; thence
80 chains.east; thenco 80 chains
south to placo of commencement.
■Located  this 24th day of Oct., 1907 '
J. L. KING, ''-;
'■ '-". " Locator.
.   Agent";.    -
Witness—John McDonald. \
2, Commencing at a post planted
at or near southeast-.corner of J.*
L. King's claim, and "being"   north-!
■ east corner,* of D.  C. Drain's claim,
and marked D.  C. "Brian's northeast"
corner; thenco 80 chains west; thence
80   chains * south;   thence   80   chains;
east; thenco 80 chaius'north'to placo
of, commencement. *': .-'..-
Located this 24th day of Oct'. 1907 "
' ,.   .;, D.  C. DRAIN',   ..'-,-.
<■    .   .        >    Locator.
7    > BAPTISE'   L^UtORUlEX. -   ■-
Wituess—John 'McDonald.
3. Commencing at a-'post- planted
at or near'northeast corner of D. C.
Drain's - claim,- aiid * being '-.'northwest
.corner of tho A. A. Sparks' ' claim,
and marked     A. A.  Sparks'  northwest corner; thonco 80 chains   east;
thenco  80  chains soutli;   thenco    80 **
chains west; thenco 80 chains north ,.
to place of con.moncon.out.
Located this 24th day of Oct.', 1907
; A.  A. (SPARKS,
I.T.. ^ Agont.
Witness—John McDonnld.
•1. Commencing at a'post planted
nt or near northwost corner' of A.
A. Sparks' claim, and being southwest corner of tho A. Good claim,
nnd marked Andy Good's southwest
corner; thenco 80 chains oast; thonco
80 chains north; thonco 80 chains
wost; .thonco 80 chains south to
plnco of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907
.** locator,
,.,,.   '       - Agent.  . •
Witness—Jolm McDonald.'
3. Commencing at a post " planted
nt or near ono milo from tho south*
oast corner of A. Good's claim, and
bolng southoast cornor.of 1-J. R.
Gamble's clnlm, and mnrkod H, 71,
Gamble's southeast corner; tlinnco 80
chnlns wost; thonco'SO'*chains north;
thonco 80 chains oust; thonco 80
chains south to placo of commence-
Locatod this 21th dny of Oct.. 1007
II. R. GAMDLM,-    -
4>.,. , .        ' Agont.
( Witness—Jolm MuDonald.     '
fl. Oommonclng nt a post plantod
nt or nelir southeast cornor of JI. R,
Gamble's claim', and bolng north-i
oast cornor of J. Murid's claim, and
innrkod J. Miirjd's nortlioast cornor;
Ihonco 80 chains wost;. thonco 80
chains south; thonco 80 chains oast-
thonco 80 chains north to. placo of
Locatod this 24th day of Oot. 1007
Jt MUIUD, •-*••'.
Witness- Jolm McDonald.
7. Commencing nt a post planted
at or nonr nortlionst cornor of ,],
Murid's clnlm, nnd bolng northwost
cornor of J. \t, inv|-yH claim, au.l
iiMirkod ,1. 1*\ Irwin's northwost cor-
norj.Uionco 80 cliainu flouth; thonco
HO I'hnliiN onhl; tlicnco 80 chnlns
noi'tli; thoni'o 80 chnlns wost to
plnco of commoncomont,
T.f'cnio/l   lli|» "Mb (in,. , c f. 1     ir«-
">V       •   V**»,   *-vU,
J, l'\ IRWIN,
. ,,,  Locator.
...... Agont.
Wlthos.s-.lohn* .McDonald.
r fR-^ Onmmoneliig nt a post planted
■"      '7."  V.Zl.V   '..,.;   I.u.illViC.-.-t VAXuuV      oi
A. I. Irwin's claim, and bolng south
wost cornor of \\, \\, Qnmblo's claim,
nnd marked 11, H, Onniblo's soutli-
wost cornor; Ihonco 80 chnlns onst;
thonco 80 chnlns north; thonco,'80
chnltiH wost; thonco 80 chains south
to plnco or commoncomont.
Locato.<l thin 21th ilajr of Oct., V.)07
1*. R. OA2WIH.W,
nArrrsis   lamouuiex,
Witness—John McDoiinld.
Mlnard'u Liniment Cures Dlptthurla, 1
—o—--— -.
lOCONM   .
So Says Organizer Leheney of
the New Party
FERNIE LED&ER, gESKXE, B.   C, DECEMBER 21st,  1907.
The new political party for   the
.  province 'of   Alberta is now well
under way.   The organization was
"completed on Saturday,, and     an
organizer .appointed and preparations, inaugurated .for the coming
Dominion elections.'.
..   The-new  organizer, is'J.* F., Leheney, of Coleman.   To'the, Alber-
tan last night he stated that candidates would assuredly be placed
in .the field iii the ridings of   Cal-
■* gary,    Edmonton,' Macleod *   and
Medicine Hat.   He was' not certain
,. about   the   other   three, but will*
.   make a" stuncy of conditions.
The   meeting   for    organization
was held on Saturday,blasting, all
day.   Delegates were present from
the Society of Equity, Trades and
Labor   Unions,    and' other labor
organizations in the west.   '„ ".
*• ' 4
'  After some' discussion the platform of the Socialist.party,   .-"was'
adopted.   The vote upon this was
37 to 9... .
The ' leading     planks     are „as
follows: .   •
1. The transformation, as rapidly as possible o£ capitalist pro-n
perty in, the means, of wealth production (natural resources,1 factories,, mills ,railways, etc.) into the
collective property of the. working class.       . . o-
2. Thorough and democratic organization "' and  management
■ industry by* the workers.
\    NEW BANK.    ,'.
.The^new. bank of British Col*-,
umbia, -which .will-have its headquarters in. Vancouver, will have
on its provisional board some of
the most prominent ..business men
of Vancouver and Victoria. Following is.the list of members: T.'
W. Patterson, capitalist, Victoria;
J. A. Mitchell, capitalist and lumberman, Victoria; J; A. Harvey,
Barrister; Cranbrook; W. H. Mal-
kin, wholesale merchant^ Vancouver; E, P.-McLennan,-merchant
Vancouver; H. .T. Ceperly, broker
Vancouver; Mr. George H. Cowan,
will be solicitor for the new bank.
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
Total Assets; - 113,000,000
Branclies throughout Canada, and'In the United States an^Eugland
Undertakers k EmbalmersI
Deposits of $1 nnd upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay -whatever in
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
f?" ,, ■ AGENTS   FOR'" -
M:.      The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granuc  Works
S» The    Kootenay    Marble   -Works,    Nelson
-Sj Samples Can be Seen at lhe Office. -
Parlors in lundy's Block
Workingmen, keep away from
the Boundary district of British
Columbia'. The Granby company
is attempting to "cut the wages
here. Hundreds of* idle men here.
.Take no notice of newspaper reports to the contrary.
President Phoenix   Miner's Union.
A. E. HARDY,      *
.President Grand Forks Smelter-
,men's Union. * „    '-7  •*.,'
.The above is a copy of a handbill that has been sent around.
,  * —o—.—_     . .
Making Good.
-There Is no way'of making lasting
friends liko "Making~Good;" and* Doctor
Pierce's medicines well exemplify this,
and their friends, after more ihan two
.decades of popularity, are numbered oy'! ♦
tho'luindroas of thousands., Tho? have ■♦
"made good"'and.they have ?iot made ' ""
drunkards.' ■   \
A good, holiest, squave-donl medicine of
known composition is Dr. Pierce's aoldcn
Medical Discovery. It.still enjoys an immense sale, while most of. the preparations that have come into prominence in
the earlier period of its popularity have
"gone'by the board " and are nevei1 more
;heard of.. There must be some reason for .
this-long-time popularity and that is to I *
be found in its superior merits. "When '
once given a fair trial for weak stomach, f
or for liver and blood' affections, its supe-'] 4\
nor curative qualities are soon manifest;     "
.hence it has survived and grown' in pop-
ular favor, while scores of less meritorious
for a brief period and then been as soon
forgotten. . •
I'or a torpid liver with its ■ attendant
indigestion, dyspepsia, headache, perhaps dizziness, fouf breath, nasty coated
tongue, with bitter taste, loss of appetite,
with distress after eating, nervousness
and debility, nothing is so good as Dr.'
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.' It's
an. honest, squaro-deal medicine wilh all"
as-possible of production for use
instead of production for profit.
■ There were 35 resolutions passed
the most important being .those
favored by the miners, including
the eight-hour day, compensation
to miners for injuries. The _ society, of Equity also brought forward some important resolutions,
An organization was' effected,
"taking.tho form of an executive of
-seven members. A lociU quorum
of four includes Messrs. Henderson, Harrison, Howell and Brown,
The other three aro Messrs." Springfield,' of, Edmonton, McCbrmack,
of Lethbridge, and Evans, of
To those later were added
Messrs. Scott, of Frank, Morgan,
of Bankhead, and Smith, of Coleman,
Mr. Leheney was appointed organizer.
The convention selected tho
great West as its organ, provided
that paper would give sufficient
space for tho cause.—Calgary Albertan.
Put it in-Some Safe Place for
it May Come ..in Handy
Some Day
Its ingredients printed on bottle-wrapper
— no secret,- no hocus-pocus Immune,
therefore (Joii't accept a nuhsliiulc -Unit
tho dealer may possibly make a little bigger profit, hnht'on your right- to havo
whit- you call* for.
Don't buy Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proserin. •
tion oxpectlii',' It |,o prove n '"cure-nil."  it '
is only iidvlstid I'or woman's spcdnl, ail- :
mnnts.  Itinnkn-; weak women strong and '
sick wniii"ii well.   Loss'advertised thnn, :
soiiiG,pn*ijar.itioiis sold for liko purposes,
its slewing iMiraiivo virtues still maintain
its p(i.;ltio:i In tho front ranks, where It*;
stood ovi*r two decades imo.   As :in in* -
vlanrailns tunic and streiijuhenlnj-; norv- i
lno It Is iinnqmilod. It, won't sntlsfv thoso
who want" birao," ror there is not a drop
of alcohol In It. !
■ Dr. Pierce's IMo.isnnt Pellets, the orlot- '•
mil Little Liver I'llls, iililir.iigh tlm first
pill of their kind In lho mnrl.nt, still lend,
and when onco tried are over nfterwards
In favor. Nusy to tako ns cniidy-ono to
tlirrn a doso, Much imitated but never
Spectators taken in at Nelson-
Out in the first Round
by local- applications, as they cannot reach thc diseased portion of
the oar." There Is only one way ts
cure deafness,, and that Is "by constitutional remedies. Duafnoss Ib
caused by an inflamed condition of
tho mucuos lining of the eustachian
tube. When this tube -Ib' hiflamed
you havo a rumbling Bound or Imperfect liHnrln^, and when it is entirely closed, deafness Is tho result,
and unless the inflammation can bo
taken out and this tubo restored to
Iti normal condition, hearing will bt
destroyed forever; nine cases out of
ton aro oauocd by catarrh, whloh li
nothing but an Inflamed condition
of tho mucuos surfaces.
Wo wlll give Ono Hundred Dollars
for any caso of deafness (oausod by
catarrh) that cannot bo otirod by
Hnll'fl Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, froe.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolodo,    O.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constipation. ,     ,      -
Sold by druggists, 76c.
Here is a simple home-made mixture as given by "nn eminent authority on Kidney diseases, who
makes tho statement in a Now
York dally newspaper that it will
relieve almost nny caso of Kidney
trouble if takon boforo tho stago
oi Brlght's disease. He states
that such symptoms as lame back
pain In tho oide, frequent desire to
urinato, especially at night; painful and discolored urination are
readily overcome. Hero is tho ro-
coiptj try it.
Fluid Extract Dandelion^ one*
, half ounce; Compound Kargon.
ono ounce; Compound tfyniji 8ar-
hftI'-ii i...-., thiee ounces, 'iiixkn a
teaspoonful after each meal and
at bedtime.
A well known druggist hero In
town is authority that those in*
gradients aro all harmless nnd
easily mixed at homo by shaking
woll in a bottlo. This mixturo lias
a peculiar* healing and soo thing
effect upon the entire Kidney and
Urinary structure, and often over-
comes the wor«t lorms. oi "Rhevi-
mittlsm in just a little while.
This mixture is said to removo '
all blood disorders and euro tho
"Rheumatism, by forcing  the kid-
IN PROBATE  NO,  267 OF  1007.,
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the J35tli day of November,  1007,
it was ordered by Feter Edmund
Wilson,    Esq,, local judge' of the
said court, that   James Ferguson
gathered to wttnoss a contost ox"-   Armstrong, ofllcial administrator,
0 n in and tor that portion    of    the
county of East Kootenay, includ*
The 15-vound glove contest between Barney Mullin and Jack
Fitasimmons at tho opera he use,
proved to be a flzzlo from tho
view point of tho largo audionco
pectod to clovolop somo uxciting
situations, from tho record o*. tho
two principals.
Tho contost * was called by
referee Cunningham at 10 p.m,
and the men came together with
a movement that brought vision
of "something doing." Thoy
exchanged blows and Mullin
reached for a short arm jab with
his right on Fitz's wind. Fitz
went down and his seconds immediately yelled "foul," The re-
foree's attontion was called to the
fact thnt one of tho contestants
was down-and finally ho started
to count,' but Fltz did not respond so was countod out.
(jrtoat aifi.satisiact.iou wim mani-
I'c.U-'l by tht' ci'ou'd; *.0i..e fjitw-
tain tho idea of a foul, many bo-
lieving tlmt the short arm jab to
tho wind, proved too much for
i-'uzHinmons Mad Mitt the iigr.t
that he was Btruck below the belt
with his opponent's kneo, but
Bays it may have been an accident, and says ho certainly was
not hit, nnd did not land on his
opponent either, H> nays he got
his" in tho clinch.
Thc   preliminary to the     main
fight was a six round bout     be*
' tween Arthur Zimmer and "Sco't-
ed in tho Fernie electoral district,
be administrator of all and singular the estate of George Onysko,
of Hosmer, B, C, doceased, interstate,
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interost
in the distribution of the estate
of the said docoaHod is roquired to
send, before the 2nd day of January next by reglstoiod lotter, addressed to tho undersigned, his
name and the full particulars , of
his claim or Interest and a statement of his account and tho nature of tho Beeurity, if any, held
by him.
After the puid last mentioned
date tho administrator will proceed .with thi. distribution of the
"'...It, .<«'v...;___, icgu.d, lu ihoi,*
elr-ilmn only of vMch he Mmll hnvo
had notice
Dated ut   Cranbrook, this 80th
dny of November, 1007.
JAMES       FE*fl GU.-30N        ATIM-
PflV'nl   A'1i"'nWr.i',c-r.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
of Novci-nbci. 1007,
.    „,. .   .    ,    , ..    , ty" Reed, nnd the boxers gave   a
neys to filter and strain from   tho  Rpod exhibition of the art of self
blood and system all uric acid
and foul, decomposed waste matter, which causes these affllettyns
Try it If you aren't well. Sitvi*
the prescription.
defence. Their hits were clean and
the bout free from clinches. "Scot*
ty" ace.iud to be tuts CuvoJiU,
And the referee's decision of a
draw did not appear to meet with
tbe approval of tbe crowd.
the 25th day of Nc
It was ordered by Peter Edmund
VViUon, Ebq., loci>l judgo of the
said court, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, official adminiitratot,
in and for '_hut portion of the
county of East Kootenay, included Jn the Fcmle electoral district,
be administrator of all and sing-
nlrtr the (••stuff* of Joseph Jfctwleh.
or MaUrick, of Hosmer, B, C, defeased, Interstate,
Every creditor or olhtr
oosekeeper s ■.
Pay your, Housekeeping bills by cheque,
againsl: an account
withThe Home Bank
of Canada.    Paying
The   wenpy   traveller iii scarcli, of n   gooil
' lioino, plenty to ent and bomotliing good to
drink should go to , .. „
The King Edward Hotel
J. L.   Gates,   Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave,
through the bank
safer' than' paying|f£*^^
with cash out of hand.
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to you at
the end of the month
with your account
accurately balanced.
of Canada. ,
G, W. N. Boulton, Manager
Fernie  Branch
Western Canada
I Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd. |
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General  Merchandise
having any claim upon   or inter-
est In the distribution of the   en- I
lulu oi tht) t>.uu ai-CtfuttcUi is   re- j
(julrpd    to' nend, Vifforf   the !?nrt
day of January next by registered I
letter,   addressed   to   the   under- f
signed, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim I
or interest and a statement of his i
iceo'int'* asifl  .intttrf  cf ih? .rtcur-
Ity, If any, held by him. I
After  tn*  said  hut  mentioned
date the administrator wlll   pro- i
ceed with the distribution of the !
estate,    having regard to    those • r
claims only of which he Bhall have ! «
had notice.       ■> j J5J
Dated  ct Cranbrook,  this 30th
day of Hovcmber. 1007.
.TAMI**"-"       Fr'-nOTIKOW ATFtM-
Ofllcial Administrator.
A hotel thnt lurnlsliei quiet. «on-
modlous accommodation for IU put* <
rout la it source of plemure to thi {
trnTelHijr public. Hueb a one la til |
Klip Bdwftrd Hotel, of Fertile, eor-1
person war oppoilte post offlte. i
*      * t0Ak S*%   *•«■>_  ITS,   .*-■•»   tt **m O    <**   Atm,
ri OpoSiLiun
It   will  pay   you  io look
over  our  stock   of Foot-
NSCill   lO,    Fiill    rtl.-U   Wi.Ucl
use.    Our stock's complete
SOX nt Loircsf Prices
W. R. McDougall
205 Vlcforlrt Ave., Fowl*      ' iip-EMflE"-LEDGER,rFERNIE', B"   *C.-, DECEMBEK 21i*t,'-1907:
The Fernie Ledger
, $ 1 :a -Year ih Advance'•-
leaned every Saturday ' from the Office of
■    FuMIeation. Todd Blook, Victoria Ave,
J?erme, British Columbia.
AH changes of rids, must be in as follows :—
:. JPages i and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday ; pwtes a and 4,"
Sp.m. Thursday, and page 0, 2 p.m. Friday.
' We -will be unable to insure chanijo unless,
" this rule is complied with, . ,
Legal. advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each bubsc-
, tjuent insertion. ,   „
Bates for contract advertising on applioa*
' tion at office of publication, Totld Block.   .,-
Christmas comes but once a   '
year,' ,     , *
And when it conies it brings
_ good cheer! '
We,,earnestly hope that the fore-1'
going will be'truly realized by all
classes^ in our Dominion, but we
fear that under conditions- prevail-
* ing. at this season' thousands- of
our people will come short of the
good cheer, " and' we "trust that
those of our readers'who oare iii
,the position to do so" will make it-
as cheery"1 as .possible for those
who we,know .fall.short.
■ o——
■ We pick up our. daily papers of
British „Columbia and the first'
thing that catch, our eye is Duns-
muir or Asai'tic labor, and'a resolution by . this' party and that
party asking the Dominion government for. the. dismissal of* this'
official who in -our opinion has
violated his pledge to this province and should not be'' allowed
to,fill the ofiice any longer. .
, We don't know,what effect these
resolutions will have with the present " government, but, we think
there should-be more enthusiasm
shown  by  all  residents, of'.B.    C*
. and especially amongst tlio work-
. ers, when* asking for Lhe dismissal
of an officer in so high a position.
. It   seems  ' that, this, enthusiasm
—exis v3^=on±y^=Wiiers=4,ii03e=i'C30ALi-"=
tions are passed, but,'we have an
idea,"and it is .plain to" be seen
that the same enthusiasm has permeated the," whole people of our
province, and the -general cry. is
"oust him for he \s no-more 0wor-
thy" to    be   entrusted with   filling
"or trying- to fill, any longer the
position he has unvi'.-7-o-.aoly-iried
to fill,''     "-,.■'*■
' A • noticeable'feature , of, "the,; la-'
bor convention-'on*' Saturday was
the number * of resolution's - introduced by the->delegates from the
miners' unions.'     ■'   -   .
Frank' Scott, of Frank Miners',
union, was seen at the "Victoria
hotel by,'a representative of" the
Herald.- In answer to a query', as
to whether he, did* not think that
the convention -made a mistake in
adopting such'' an advanced platform' on Saturday." Mr;' Scott "replied:
"The step which was,taken at
Saturday's. convention is the result of the treatment we have received. The general public is not
■ aware ' of the conditions that obtain .in the coal mining industry,
they, know noth ng of the dangers
hardships and unhealthiness of
our* occupation.
How many persons in" Calgary,
for instance,,'are ' aware,of tho
effect' of the safety lamp on*' the
miners' eyesight? You don't'know
yourself, Well, let me assure you,
it is harmful in the extreme,' positively disastrous. . ' < . ' -,
■ "Does .any', one with an-element
of fair play in his composition'
deny that a calling which vesults
in so many fatalities and bodily
injuries does not deserve some protection by' the passage oi'a. com-'
pensation act? - '"Remeini.or tJiat
the loss" of a bread winner- entails
hardships,' often on Uie young and
helpless..'  -.„""•     * „'
"A compensation act would'have
the effect of, making the mine owners take'"' precautions to , guard
against accident. 'This. has been
the effect wherever a' good compensation act has been enacted.
"We ought to have a law compelling inspection of the mines at
least every six weeks; and emphasise this please, the posting of the,
inspector's    reports'    at .the  mine''
;, "All mines should be compelled
to.,haye;a properly equipped wash-
house and keep it in sanitary con-
ditian. - „
"Of course we made known these
'things to the members of.the legislature.- I, myself, was on the committee that waited on Mr. l\iar-
cellus, and he promised faithfully
to introduce bills and amendments
to-this'end. Thus.far he has failed to make,good, butVwe will have
the satisfaction of 'electing'-him to
stay at home next time, and putting in his place one, of ourselves,
a position to make them known.
""I do not know who "our-candidate „will be, , biit, whoever we,
select will be-the next representative for that riding in Edmonton. ' '—Calgary' Herald, *
We wish to. make an explanation
as well as an apology to tlie firm
of Chesman' Barrett &. Chesman,
real estate agents, of Vancouver,
"in regard to a letter and editorial
which appeared in our paper a
, few weeks .ago. First of all, we*
.were not .aware at the time, that
they were thc firm referred 'to in
the communication received from
Moyie. The man that- the Moyie
peoplo -.were' after was a Mr.
Wright, and wo, or they, were not
Wishing to cast any reflection on
the good name of tho abovo mentioned firm, It was purely a personal .hatter with tho Moyie Union Secretary and Mr. Wright find
our editorial wus not intended in
any way for such reliable firms
■as Barrett, Chesman & Barrett,
we were'aiming at some of tho unscrupulous "would bo" real ostate
agents, as we had two or threo
samples ■liL.-i.-i; from Winnipeg', who
were trying to sell some out-lying
property that* would be absolutely useless for years to come.
jVcssrs. Choamun, Barrett & Ches
mfxn have, some real good buying
around Vancouver, and it is a
pleasure to us that they aro doing
a good business around thin district. Wo understand that the man
Wright has been fired by tho firm
on lenrnlng of his history.
",  *7        '  ■' • *      0**"     ~ r     -\ I ■*        .'-.    i
By-Law No. 48
The' ' following regulations and
clauses from the sewer-connectlnq
ByrLaw^nre printed In, order! that.'
citizens wishing to connect with tho
Sewerage System may know what
steps are required to be taken.
1. Apply to City Clerk, for, application1'form.  .'■'*'    .      « .
2i E ojjrige ofle or lhe Ueonijicd*''
plumbers or contractors to make,
sewer connection. Fill out application form and glvo same to plumber
or'contractor vrho will bo given permit to connect on the, payment of
the connection fee of §10..
/    , R. POT-TEH,
Sec. 2. No ■ connections shall lie
made with the, sewernge system" .ot
the City of Fernie, B.C., except as
prescribed by thesc-rulcs'and ^regulations .'"'"' I ' [J '
■*(a) The manner of piercing or
opening into the "mains'Pand laterals
of the sewerage system, or connecting therewith, and the materials of
which said connections shall be made
must be in accordance- withl' the
rules and regulations as hereinafter
set forth.w "i ', ., ,* i ,
, (b) No person," firm'' ro ccrpornp
tion shall make .alter or repair any
connection with the mains,tindj laterals of the sewerage system, or
do any kind of wcrk connected with
the laying'of house drains or house
sewers or plumbing, or makej any
repairs,, additions to, or alterations
of any, drain connected directly with
the mains and laterals of the Sewerage ■ sjtstem, .without the written
permission of -the sewer committee,
and.if any connection shall be made,
or alteration of a conncclion'.or of
a-drain-connecting with said bewer,
.without the written permission __ of
the Sewer Committee, or in a* mant-
ner different-fr0ni the moJe pres:rlb-
ed by these Rules a.nii. Regulujtlon's
the'person or persons making same,
and the owner or*occupant, of the
premises-directing it^to be ,made,
shall-severally and respectively forfeit the siiiii',of twenty-five, dollars
<5> ...;\. ' »< ■    ->'-.. '"   ' •<-§■-
- '"--Buy" • ;*;.--.;;>:-v:*,:'
..""'.. r  il--,:'- .',„■•• »    ' '» - - ■;       a>
Lands at Robson
Five Trains daily, C. P. R.
Steamer, daily Telephone and
Telegraph, good Boating,
Fishing 'and Hunting,., level
Land, magnificent Soil.
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by'buyiug at.
Robson...'. -       ,.    "'    7
fruit., lands   where   you
get,   irrigation    and   be
crops. '  ' °.
These lands can.be, bought
at, $i.0(3 per acre per-, month"
Your money back if not satisfied. - For particulars see, '
If there is a magazine reader in
this" district that has not "read
'(Westward''Ho'* they should certainly obtain a copy of the Xmas.
issue. Western Canada's new
monthly is only six month's old,
but in that- brief space has grown
from 4G pages to 128. The De-"
cember issue is printed on heavy
coated paper, well, illustrated and
has a striking cover design' in two
colors, .It's contents include over
a score of seasonable stories nmrl
poems besides the rogular departments.   .    ,
Tho, miners in convention hero
are an intelligent band of workingmen, and tho sessions of the
convention aro conducted in a
buslnoss-Hko way, -* lcthbridge
%■ .'For   quotations %
% on Hay & Oals %
% write, to %
I ItfGiiihiiiigj) - &.    Ruby %
I mnsouRY, alta. I
& Simulal rates In Co nt mi* tor.- uiul <£>
<_? Lunilicrmoii <♦*>
«> .i4
F. J. Watson
' *   *■'     -   7    '■■    o
Fernie ■ •* -:- B. C.
Dining Room in connection   , -
Hotel, Hosmer
= -^Open-May-1
'   Everything , new and
up-to-date.  .-,  .
„,     Every-accom modal ion
for* thc public.
Bar siocKtid with the
finest in the land
I ■II.MIII*. ■        C*
Suitable GHPISTMAS Presents
Mr, Potti'ploco is an, organizor
for the International Typographical "Union, .with hoadquartors at
Vancouver, B. C. Ho ih also Western organizer for tho Trades nnd
Labor Congress of Canada, vice
W. H. Trotter, who In now Cnnadian Labor ambassador in Groat
Britain—where he went, not to
discourage voluntary immigration
.j4.*    Iki     . t.-i.l   ....    t4j444J.lt.   UJiU   piuCU
1 Vi*1* condition 4if the Cnunrt'rin *ln-
bor market beforo them. 1
"This year I havo visited     all
employing newspaper cfl.fi- points
" -"'■"r.4|ii Oiidnd, r.nd po far as'
tho Typographical union is     con-!
pfTTiPfi.  thn nlr-bt.bfiiir din I"   «nw'
tiniversnl in C'nnadn, with nn ex-
riDtion   of    »wo|iat Urand"m   and i
Winnipeg,"   saitl organizer Petti-
Mr. Pcttipiece left for Edmonton
nnd will be a fraternal delegate
from the Dominion Trades and
Ljihor Congras.i to tho D'-fltric't
convention of the United Mine
Woikein of America, at Lethhsidi*--*
Organizer Pettipiece will upend
all next season in the Canadian
west in the interests of the Domln-
i-Db Trade* snd Labor Congrew,
and the International Typographical "Union.—Winnipeg Voice.
Succosgoi' lo J. W. II. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
Will supply men for
nil clnsscs of work,
cither by   the  *!«>, "
week'or- month.
Riiihrnpii,    I ttrtfttormctt   AX
Under now management  ;
Woll furnished rooms.   Tho table Is
supplied with tlio best tlie mnrkot
uflurds.1 Tl.o bar is supplied
with the best wines, liquors and cigars.   '
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Women  for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing.
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street
to the City of Fernie-for every such
offense. ■ . ,   ,-. i , -    . *7' n .., Ji.-'L.-'
Application For Permit. ,
Sec. 3. . (a)   All'   applications   for
permrts -to-'connect with the* mains
anil laterals of the sewerage system
must be made on ,tho printed   form
furnished by the CIly"of Fernio. The
application nuist be signed by*   the
owner,or thc property't cbe drained,
or IiIj authorized agent, 'designating
fully and in detail the specifications
of tlio r„on tan plated cnuiiocllon   audi
.llio exact location thereof',       ,   ,    I
(b)   ICo application shall bo grant- i
.unless,the specifications of such eon- | ~
tomplatcd conneotlon are approved
In writing by the"Cily Kiiijln'ccr, but
"where so approved It inn/ be issued
by   Llio  Clt.V fllorV. on   behuJI   OI   ttlO j
Sewer Commitleo.
Amplication For License.
Soo. 5. (n) All pponinijrs Into tlio
sowers for tho purpose of making
connection therewith from any
dwelling house .cellar, vault, yard,
or otlior premises, shall be made by
person•■ licensed by the City to pnr-
/orm suoh wot.**, and the. snld por-
roiis, hsforo bring so licensed, slinjl
fllo Tn the office o( tho City Clerk
a petition Blvinjr the' iiiiino of tholn-
divltlual or f'rni nnd plneci of busl-
nosi asklnR to ,bo licensed) to nui'ko
connoolloiiH with Ilia sewerngo syH-
'(h) SiUd petition' must lio slgnod
by two rcuponi-llilo persr'ns, who arc
citizens residing In lho cily, vouch*
Ing for tho business cnpnolty niul reputation of the iippllennl; that| ho
Is ronldlng In tho City; or Fornlo, a
master of bin trade, and willing lo
ho governed In all respects liy tho
ruloB and regulation*! which aro, or
mny bo adopted by the City.
(o) Knoli nppllennt ror a license
shall cxcculo and deposit with; the
City Clerk a bond with two or moro
responsible purelloN to ho approved
b ysnld olty, In the/ penal sum of
five hundred dollars, conditioned
thai ho wlll enrefuly mako tho con-
noollon with the mains nnd laterals
of the fiownrngo rystoin In tho mnn*
nor proKcrlliud liy those Union, and
ItogiUlntloiiH ,uml that ho 'nvlll  In-
domnlfy nml savo hiirnilOKS the Cltjv ! [Jooma rpnprnPH hn mii*-»
from aU nooiilontHnnd^amnscicaui* uooras rOBerOCa DIJ Wire
oil by any nop-lijrnnnn in protootlnft
his work, or any unfnlthfiil, Impor-
foot or Inailoiumto work done hyelr,-
tno of his llconno, ahtl( that ho will
fnlthfully comply with tho ordln-
nnoos of tho city Itf, relation to tho j
ho wlll replant* and rnstorn tha n\Ac-'
walk, pavomont »r stroot   Hiirrnoo'
over any opening ho may havo mailoi I *■ '      im.'-j-ju-ji ■       {
to as good htato nnd condition as lie . 4A^,yy.,AAAAAAAAAAj^,\As, '■
found IL ,nnd keep and mnliilaln tho j A - '
ntniiio )/i jjood irdor to tho snllufjic-i *t!
-iiwn o\ ijkj cny *i,ngini'(T| lor  tho
porloil or rlt montliB thorcaftor, nnd i
that ho will pay nil fines Imposed upon him for a vjplatlon; of any of
Unite Utiles njid llogglatlons,
(il) Tho limit or tlmo or liconsos
•hall b6 oKe year.
For Women
Felt Slippers Fin-bound in
Green nnd Brown
Something New
. "Washable Kid Slippers o
in llluo, l'ink and White
For CRildren
An endless variety of Shoes
and Slippers, nil suitable
and serviceable
llockcy  Roots
Ecenj attention.
home  for the
:c.L.'WHELAN • • Munuger
rrilWi diito for roi'dvlnn to«il(irs for Piilillc
'A HiilliliiiK. bnilyMiifih, JI. 0,, him Ikiph
axlnndvn to Moinluy.'Docomlici' Klnl, 1IW7,
"1'liiiiK uml Biiot'llU-iiUoiiH can Lo hcoiii'aiui
fornii. of tondor olitnlni'd ut tliU ])ppnr(mcnt (
<in Hiiplluiitlon tn tho 1'ostmiis.tnr at l.inly.
Mnllli, !)..('., und to .Wlllliiui Umiilm-nou,
Sujiorlntondnu: Art-lillcot, Vmtoilit, ]). 0,
Ilv ordor,
KltUP. (ll-H.IA'AS,
Ddimrtmout of J'ulillii AVovki,
Ottiiwn, Nuv-Jiiilicr S7tli, 1!K*7.
ICash! Cashl|
Pajd foi* Seoond
Hnnd Furnlturo
Stovosy etc.
:-: B. C. Furniture Store
•> Noxt Door to Imperial Hotel
v •♦-
CREE   &
Fornlo nnl
v\,.r. ro,. f.   I„,|,
*   K-vf   ***  V **v   *V'*-V*
cl*>,nt Trif-nrnnec
1_j u*^ L'-fl L--C
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thero is only ono plnco in town
wheroyou can «ot good reliablo
coods in our lino that Is at
Pito.vk 01.
A. INGHAM, pnop.
-      -      Fl'-KNIE,
Tl. C
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced a high*
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
KstlmnteB furnished on contract work
C V, Wn llrer, owne*r aud mottaK*
tr of Winnij.ix' s ntw i?;j(,i,i,CO0
thcatr*, The Walker, hat jujt com-
pletfd ftimngeiiifnts for a t<*.ur
acrow Weatarn Canada «r «Th»
Bonnie Brier Buth," one of the
gm<#*t fAsyt in the hittory cf
the drama.
i y
.   m   t» y^f <%<-%_<•»
The Hotel of Pcrnlc
Tho centre of Commercial
find TooriU Trnde
Cublne   Un^scellwl
By virtue of a writ of Fiori
Facias issued out of the Suprome-
Court of British Columbia, hold-
en at Fernio, B, C, at tbe auit of
.Tnivnq W MtwIiWj ___*-l,-iln':l!,?_I :,r.d
A. B. McDonald,* defendant, nnd
to mo (iiructed against tbe goods
-tr-^-. 1 and chattel*, of the above-namod.
t'jTY' defendant, A. D. McDonald, I have
', seized nnd taken iu execution rJl
tho right, title and interests     o!
•i«; "yo'lMCJ*: N ill-:ui*'iiv (jivkn tum « num I tho said defondont'n sawmill, ma-
i 't \t tn , fur llm |i.irjirni» of rnrrtrltni; nml Ht,
Y i .l.iiifrllin V4iic*i»' l.M xii'l li*s<triiitfAii>-i4|<|il|i<
**   mllnn tliM mny l'Mniiile.r«lntlpji liu-rclo.
|intt.>I ut I'Vriil.- tfit**. 1.1th ilnynf l),-*-(ml«r
A.U. Jl«i7,
City ClMk.
y S» r. Wallace       Prop*
*U*4W*A*>**yto&'M-M44if I
G'wiii on Jai.ni.ry niii. Win* not Miuly
iliorllian-l, lmnkk*eln«, rtr., ami lunlifj*
tin n cocl »4l*il«*.1 t«.»iUori? We tun
Ii»!|v you. ,lr.l*»*-.tln«* oulm-im ttnn on
refjnut to P. n. OAflmlt, rrtni.r|Hr.1 of
TJte «*l*fl'titt tfftu.3*.*-** CoDme, ftmtgsry.
uato hbout two miloB "south o*f
the town of Swinton on the west
(*ide of the Great Northern Bail-
way, to rocover the sum of tflSS,
besides sheriff's poundage, c'liccrs
fees and all other legal incidental
expenses, nil of which I shall expose for sale or sufllcleAt thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt and
costs where the above is situated
on Friday, December 20th, 1007.
at the hour of two o'clock in tbe
Bated at Fernie, B. C, tUis 10th
day of November, A. D. 1907.
Sh*»lH'a Deputy. .kx\*
•' i-r-t-yir—!   it  i»rr|'|.
It's Ohe of Those Articles
That you feel a positive pleasure! in paying
':",, for, being so pure and -delicious.
Lead Packets Only
]Jlue Label 40c., Roil Label 50c,
und Oold J.ubel OOo. per lb, ■
At all Grocers
Convention of Dist. 18
'•' 7 (Continued-from page'l.)
desiredi'" Thus,    one'of  the great
'factors in the formation'of public
opinion ' was    an   organ  used' to '
' whip' miners into- . their present
position and to keep" them there.,
* Upon being questioned by. Pete
Patterson, representative ' 61 the
International Board of "United
Mine Workers -Association,". Mr.
Pettipiece   explained  the  relation
' among the local unions, the"Dis-
trict-iUnions,' the Congress of.Can-.
'ada and the International Congress.        ,",* ■   . ,;,
At this stage in the procedure,
the president read ' a telegram
from John Mitchell, -President, of?
the International Union expressing-the wish that the "convention
would; be a pleasant and successful one. .,' „
- The,, following resolution 'was
then received from.the Resolution
Committee and read:     ' ■ • a •
".. That'whereas John Mitchell has
-through ill health been compelled
to'resign'the position of President
of tho International United   Mine
Workers,,* of America, we therefore
desire ' to place on ..record our ap-
' preciatio'n of his splendid services
. to the labor cause and especially
to   the, Miners  and "Mine  Workers
of this"'continent.   .-■■''     <.; ■
••'Therefore, be it resolved that we
give John Mitchell_an__Inte_rhation.:,
^^testimonial,    and- that, we*-donate from'this district, the-sum of
§500 as t a. neuclus of a fund for
that- purpose and that we ask   all,
districts   and local1" unions  to , assist0 us in making ,this testimony
to the cause of.Labor, '
.' .-' The resolution was discussed   at
some " length.     In* the  discussion
the President's worth, generosity,
and   "magnanimity   wore enlarged
- upon as well as the work' he ac-
' complished in the- labor cause.
An amendment to the eft'ect that
., the part, of the resolution referring to ■ the testimonial bo referred
to the local unions with a reqxiest
that committees be appointed   tb
■   look after the matter was brought
.'_ before the convention." A vote was
taken and the chairman declared
the amendment lost,   The resolution was then voted on and    was
Tho delegates to the convention
.1 were F. H.   -Sherman,   President;
,  Wm., Davidson, fraternal delegate
•fronv;tho Western Federation   ■ of
Miner's; R. P. Pettipiece, representing Typographical Union and or-
.   ganizer for tho Dominion Congress
P. Pattorson, representing tho International Board of United Mine
Workers; A", Wilde and J, Lancaster, Fernie; H, R. Hughes, Woodpecker;' II. 'Dunlop,  Bankhead;, P.
Blake,  Lundbroek; H.  Reid,  Hosmer;   H. Savage, Canmore; Jno,
Moore,,   Coleman     G-.    Mitchell,
Frank:   Jas,     Poole,   Stratheona;
Jas. Boyle, Tuber; W. MePhernon,
■ Hillcrest; I). M<*N'ab,    Lethbridge;
Patrick R.  Kelly,  Diamond City;
- A. Mosely, "flollevue; C. Richard-
eon, Morlnvllloj it, Wilson, Taber;
J. J, McDovitt, Edmonton; J, H.
Gordon,    , Michel; I-I. Whitohouno,
■ Michel; A," McLeod, Lill*?.
-. li
District 18 Join forces with, the
Trades and labor Council
Lethbridge, Alta., Dec. 13—-The
Convention-of* District No. IS of
U. M." W. .of A. resumedc,the business of,receiving., the report of the
committee' . on •'" ' constitutional
amendments at one o'clock . yesterday afternoon. ,, All tlie, delegates took an f.r.tive part iii tho
discussion on the amendments and
& little cross-firing., was indulged'
in.    . - ..-'*■■
However „it was evident that
each representative' was sincere in
his efforts' to have the organize-'
tion- count for something in lhe
Labor cause. The various locals
chose men to. represent them who
are alert, and ■ enthusiastic ---iii' all
matters pertaining to -Trades -i Unionism.; The delegates to the convention undoubtedly have made
a-. wide study of industrial and economic problems. - As individuals
they' leave, no uncertain sound
lingering around thc exprossion. of
■' "A motion to ' have.. the tribunal
appointed' to try any number of
the executive on any charge C4>n-
Bisto of three members. One ap-
pointed~by the accused,- one ty the,
members of the-local:umoi7:'.iak;_
1ng*the"^Karge, and lihe ether M.y
the two already appointed, ". instead of the three mernbets "being
ments of the Convention bn this
matter to his,.district. He assured
Mr. Davidson"., bf ■ the hearty support of ,-the .coal.miners,, should he
be the labqr'candidats in the coming election-.*";-'-;"' *.'.-
-Mr.'Davidson-thanked the dele*-
gates stating, that . he-was not
seeking .political " honors,'- but
would render" his best; seevices
should such an occasion arise,- although there were numbers of men
well qualified to represent the.
cause-   •'
Delegate McNab from" Lethbridge
Local,was called to the chair and
President Sherman's annual re-'
port was received., '
To be Permitted by the District
; Lethbridge, Alta.-,' Dec. 14.—The
discussion and addresses'at the
Miners' Convention . yesterday afternoon, .were tbe, most spirited
heard in any session since the con-,
vention . opened . Vice-President*
■Galvin's' report--' was •" read and
adopted. President Sherman, Mr.
Patterson, '• and-delegate Gordon,,
explained to the convention, conditions existing,, in Vancouver Island and in parts of B. C. The
President gave an,'outline of the
policy 'followed by the -jfficers of
the district. The consideration of
these,,two ' questions took "up the
.whole afternoon session. The policy as outlined by the'President,
was proven to be a wise and, sue-'
cessfui one, viewed from the standpoint ,of the district, the local union,, or of the individual.member.
It was shown that the, organization coants for something in preventing - trouble or settling grievances. The delegates approved
of the policy' pursued', and evidently recognized the worth of their
president.;,, ' •- *      .-„'*"
In submitting his" annual report
the President stated that, it gave
him .great "pleasure to "say that
the past year had been one of continued progress for _the,Mine Workers of Canada. On January the
4th . he   communicated .with the
early  - part  of    November.    This
agreement is- the,best in Alberta."
all things being "considered.'' '
-, The agreements with the'    three
companies ! at , Taber.- terminated
on November. 1st, 'and owing"to a
.change of management there was
considerable delay'.7 To safeguard
the-'-intere'sts of the Miners an Investigation Board "-was nailed for
in all three cases.,
■ With the"-i assistance of .Kidge
'Stuart of' Calgary, as Chairman,
an agreement- was made,,.giving
the miners an increase in wages of
from' 5 to 17-J per cent., on old
rates. .These agreements were signed on December 6thjyand 7th. All
contracts made during the year ;
expire on March 31st. . !
In dealing     with the Imm.gra-'I
tion  question the  Prs.ud'int said:.!
'•This  matter has  brfsyi  agitating I
the minds  of-some of-, our* peoploJ
for    some.  time. -1 do not tiiink, j
judging from the past,   that'   we ■)
have'much cause to fear.fr om the]
Immigration.  Scheme  of the  Coal'j
operators so long as they confine '
themselves ,to  the' bringing in   bf
miners  from" Great Britain     and
other-   European    countries.      We
should,    however    see   to it that
workingmen are not brought     to
this district under :false representations.   The Asiatic immigration
however,  is - a   most serious menace' to   the welfare of   the   ..white
working ■ class,   and  every effort
should be made by us to stop this
class    of   immigration'-   to;     our
shores.   - However,,   I    fear ■ that
again  that    the    working  people
will vote the very system that is
responsible    for   this   as well as'
other evils. .*.,-•'
Referring to legislation',for mine
laborers the • report stated • that
strong  -and - determined -   efforts
should be made • at the next session of the legislature at Edmonton*-to'obtain an^eight hour bank
..tq-ibank day act, . a- ' workmen's
compensation act for injuries, arid
a bill establishing a semi-monthly
pay'day. -      "->■»■.
During the year the, organization
entered the northern lignite field,
commonly known as tne Edmonton district, and a number *■ of new
locals were' organized by Board'
Member Patterson and Vice-President Galvin,, .assisted by Brother
Susnar,-, as foreign! speaking organizer. The following locals were
organized '/Morinville, City Mines,
Edmonton; Stratheona; • White
Star Mirfe; and'Bush' Mines,
In .the.southern field locals were
to all points in  Ontario  and  Oucbccc
.. '    "       r'" '   West of Montreal .- ,    ■-.
Prooortionately low, rates to points cast of Montreal
Good for 80 days with stop-over privileges
Close connection's and excellent train service via
"The Oriental Limited"
For .folders, particulars, etc.,'call or address   r
II. L. BLACKSTONE,  AGent, Fernie
,    ' W. A* K0>S. Asst. Pass. Aft, Seattle    ,
different   coal-   companies    whose
agreements ■ ezpiredoon ."April" 1st. iJorn-ipd^at^Woodpecker^-Diainorid-}-
appointed by the executive as formerly <jcarried.' »
■ It-was . moved, seconded and
carried that "the-convention hereafter meet, on tho. first Wednesuay
iri February. After a lengthy debate the. resolution^ t-j strike out
Article 11 of the Constitution was'
voted clown.
The resolution committee   - was
then     called ■"on'   '.o ropo;t.    The
most'  important     resolution, presented was, "That-Distvi.it' Nfo. 18
of the 'United   Mine-Workers      of
America ainliato will-.' the Tiades
and Labor'    Congress ?f ''anada,
and that .the National A.'.ion't'.tion,
or the District pay the ";jer.capita'
tax for all  the locals'. ' Th'".,, resolution was almost unanimously.,
adopted,   The resolution that the
District    unite with Fernio. Local
Union    in   purchasing   the   Todd
block, Fernie, was lost.
Tho reason why and,-,how the
District had bought the "l-'evnie
Lodger" was satisfactorily explained to' tho "dologatos as being,
in accordance with a resolution
passed-in Calgary to'that effect.
A resolution to the o'fect that
tho District ofllcers be '.i.'iltcd to refund tho salary paid them during
the recent strike as it w<j.g unconstitutional, was lost.
A resolution asking that ' tho
secrotary , provide •each , delegate
with a synopsis-of all work clone
in tho convention, caused consider
nnvitiSf^them to a joint'confer
ence and after a preliminary conference-at Fernie with a committee
af the Western Coal Operators Association, a joint convention'was
called to meet at • Calgary on
March" 4th. "This convention   had
to   adjourn,   the   operators   refusing to do,business,-unless the Miners' representatives had full power
to  settle and  sign an.agreement..
This power was granted by     the
members of the district and    ..the
i members of.-.the convention again
| convened, "oii     March 18th,    This
j agreements expired   on April 1st,
! without   any     settlement     being
made.   The delegates returned and
reported   to'   tho  various   unions
upon the- situation.   The District
„Board met and.decided to take a
ballot, vote of .all members for or>
against n strike and upon the result of the vot becoming known,
the members, quit work upon their
own* individual initiation without
having   received   any    orders   to
that   effoot,    Tho situation     .was
very complicated owing to -the industrial    disputes     Investigation
Bill being rushed through tho parliament   at , Ottawa,    with - tho
avowed   intention , of heading off
tho striko of Wostem Miners then
feared.     •' ■'
As law-abiding citizens the miners had involved tho provisions
of   this   Act    and    requostod tho
City • Alberta Mines, Lundbfeck
and-Hosmer. ■      ,    •     „- °
The report stated that .there had
been a steady increase in membership, that the organization.' was
firmly established and. was gaining the respect of. employers- and
the public generally. When- the
President took office the membership " was 624. Today.it is'upwards of 4,000,'
During the. year the President
travelled* 14,378 miles on trains
and during these months he spent
as many' as 16 nights on trains.
In. addition to telegrams 1453
letters were written.   .
After dealing with, tho policy-.
and'what it had accomplished the
report 'concluded as follows: -My
relations with my. official colleagues have-been of a pleasant character, and I deeiro to thank all
those of, our membership who have
ably assisted mo during the past
year. , To my" opponents I boar no
ill will and say we shall know
each other better when tho mists
havo passed awny.
The following is tho report of
the- committee on ''Officers' Reports."
"We have carefully gone ovor
Vice-Prosident's' roport and while
we 'recognize that ,tho Vice-President has on tho wholo being .acting* directly undor tho President's
orders,   we  believe''that  the  Vice
Christmas Excursions
East $62.35
' -to-   ■ -     "
Montreal and Toronto
and all points west thereof in
■ Ontario and Quebec  ■
Quebec, St. John. Halifax nnd
other Maritime Province cities^
'-,    rates on application
Tickets on Sale Daily ? .
1 Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st
.-  . RoD.id Trip,  First Class
Three Months Limit    .  -
Old  Country Rates'
Halifax,' St. John or Portland
..  iinfl-i'ptiirn-
,   $73.35,';;.
7 Return Ocean Fares;   -
, Saloon ■ Second - Steerage ;
'   SlO-t.50    $76.00   ,,'$5i).O0'
and up according t") steamer
For fnrMiei' jiarticiiliXTs onUon lociil '
HKul.t.-., 01' 'Killlt'.--, •    l
.J. ,MOK,    .- K.J.COVI.E,
I). I'. .\. A.fi.J1. A,
'    Xf-lson Vancouver
From   France,   Holland and
Japan     ., .-.
reliable varieties at- reasonable prices^
Fertilizers, , Bee Supplies,' Spray"
Pumps, Spravin-?0 Material,' Cut
Flowers, etc. ..Oldest established
nursery,, on thc mainland ~of B. C.
Catalogue free.
-    e • ■ ■       .       - ' , „.„
Greenhouses and Secdhousos
investigation board which request
j tho Minister granted. Tho minors
i did all that honorable men could
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone lornllng n nkotob nnd dMcrlntlon may
ntifoUly ascertain our opinion froo wliotlior an
Invonllnn Tf) Prolinlil? piitomft!il(*,n__Cfiniimiiilpii.
tlotKHtrlotiyrariildoiillnl,JlANDDOOK onhitonts
tent froo. Olilnat nacney for pocurlntr putcntn.
I'ntnnta taken t fi row tr) j Munn k CO. rocolre
ircctalmitUe, without ciim-ro, lit tlio
^i.   -_■
Minister of Labor to appoint   an»» President has put forth his   best
motion that the secrotary g-ec tho
ininutes printed nnd sond each
dolegato a copy, waa «avriod.   .
At the clor.4' of lho discufision
Mr. Pettipiece, on behalf of tho
Trades Congress, thanltod the delegates for tho hearty', n.annev in
which tho matter of alBliation
with the Cabadian, Cong-msn wab
taken up. He advlned regarding
tho mothodnof procod'iro in this
rogard and aBked the help nnd
sympathy of ,tho convantion in
accomplif-hing' thin end.
•- At tho Miners' Convention tho
next niornin-*? tho roport of tho
, Resolution Committeo on constitutional amendments- was ro-
ceivtd and discussod, In tho
courco ot tho discussion Prosidcnt
Sherman outlined his work in the
district, sotting boforo tho delegates the requirements of tho lo-
cal unions and tho difficulties to
be faced. " Ho also explained in
what parts of the district further
organization waa necessary.
Ono of the delegates nt this
point called attontion to tho fact
that a representative of the press
was prosont, and inquired as to
w..7..t. .«- lm, .j..owed to minain.
' Afti'V irnm* fUncufi-ftlft-n It wnn decided that tho business of the. convention was open to the public,
?xt«l>t when a motion to go into
cxocutlvo session wna before the
TV« *-r-•;-?:!'<+7:: t; .'j;:;-.*... ,'.*...
District President's ..alary to V160
per month called for on intorcst-
ing discussion, in which it wni
clearly shown by Mr. Pettipiece
Mr. Patterson, nnd others, that,
considering tho increased coat of
living, tlie many incidental ez-
•lenaoo, and the ability the oitlce
demands, that the present salary
is at present MitiriOy inadi><_<unt«,
It was moved and seconded on
amendment that the President's
•alary be inereastd to $125 per
month and legitimate expenses.
"Upon a vote being taken the
chairman d«l».r«<d the smtnAiatnt
able laughtor.    In .'onsoqi^nco   a' d? ti°.},:.peP l'?ftco'   %ut tho policy
•   ■    • ' -      of studied dolay nnd the putting
up of notices of big reductions up.
on tho pit heads so enraged tho
men that it became impossible-to
koop thorn at work.
International Vice-President T,
L, Lewis visitod tho scono of
trouble and his assistanco and ad-
vico was, an inspiration to tho
minors, and tho arrival at Fernio
of Sir William Mulock, chairman
of tho investigation board and
W. L. King,, deputy minister "of
labor, lod to another series of
conferences with the result that
anothor agreement was arrived at
and submitted to the members for
a ba.lot voto.
Thoy accepted this agreement by
a majority of 37V and on May 0,
tne agreement was signod.
Early in. May ho (the President)
Lethbridge, Alta., Dei. 13— Tho
Miners' Convention oponod f*-i
businous at nine o'ebj). tlux morning and continuod to reeiilvo ihe
report of the rcsc*l\iim cox;
A    resolution to th? off«(t that
possible efforts on our behalf and '
to further tho interests of tho organization. Wo congratulate thc
Vice-President on his success in
tho organization work in tho nfirth orn field."
-'In summing up tho socrotary-
troasuror'B,,roport,- wo can congratulate district No. 18 on our
strides made in this department
during the last year. Although
the expenditure during tho last
last season has been extromely
hoavy in tho matter of tho Calgary convention and organization
work, taking all this into consideration, wo consider tho district
to bo in good financial condition
at prosont, and your coinmitteo
congratulato tho secrotnry treasurer on his work,"
"The first part of tho President's
roport doal«. chiofly with negotiations with tho coal operators and
consequent ngreomonts, and aftor
our consideration havo come to
the conclusion that, while we have
Scientific Htiici'kui).
Almndcomoly illustrated weukly. Lnrccit clr-
etiliulon ot Ji»>* 'clontlllo joiinmi, 'Jerini lor
t'.iiiiulu, »\V,i n yevr, romaKa prop.-ilil, HM by
nil iiciVHiluftlorw,
'"-Ufanob mSifxh r.Bt, Wii.lilriuu*o,U,(5.
Fit for a King
Tho meats that you* buy
from us aro Ht for a kini*\
Wo sell no'hinpr that is
not tho best, tlmt is why
wo havo so ninny pleased'
oustomcrs,, Let us dc-
inonstato tills fact by a
trial. Polite attention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cailie Co.
Fernie Lumber
Co«9 Ltd.
coiiimenced    negotiations   si-oking       ....  ,  _	
the* stationary onglneers" union ho j nu ftpSB*"i">i*t for Lothbridgo min*; not rccoivod aii that we expected
ignored, and if it interfered with | or"> th.° company still refusing to j or desired, still we beliovo . that
tho ngreoment between tho miners  i,, offi., " ."i0 *x\inetH organization,   tho   best   possible results     have
-     '      - -    *  " •     lT'>o District  ofllcorfi decided      to	
thoroughly tust tho Industrial dis*
putes law and find out if it would
bo of any advantage to the miners at Lethbridge.
IMorit thn Mr??,,.*" cculd .-,'.1 Uw.
All work giinmiitcc.l
A vi
Pernlfj. ». C
and the Westorn Coal Operativo
Association an ulTort to fill thoir
placos will be adopted,
Mr. Davidson, fraternal delegate
from W. F. of Miners, stated that
trict No. 18, U. M. W. of A, took
! up tho routine    business at nine
ll; ALEX. McOOUGAll, Pres J Gen. Mgr. i
***    »**
MimiifficturarB oftnul
Dealoi'H in
beon obtained under tho cireum* , ,
sinncos, and rocommcrid that tho I ° -;locl1 this morning,
same conservative yet aggressive I A constitutional amondinent
policy be punued in tho futuro, j stating tlmt any candidate ior
The part of the roport di-nHnr* I District ofllco who canvassed or
*uu mo uiiJiiifiraiion, wo would | solicits votes shall be diBqtialUled
ntrnngly rrromjj.f'jjd ihul i....* con- , v,'*''s 'i1?'^'1,''1*',, , lt
vention drnfl a resolution and for* An thn election** of the Inlcina-
ward tho same to tho Government' Uonnl offleer* a«v taking plnco n
nt Ottawa, urotahtinff against itho ,0Cftl ?|n»o»s l"'« w-'"'«i ball-
Asftilic Immigration.   In tho mat-! ots W0l'° distributed among
be  lind   tn  Xr.rttri.)  «nd   «rl:cd    vi;
mission to thank the convention I "vcr. Intornatior.nl Tlorvrrt Wi-wVer
tor tae courtesies extended to him ■ ■»—«*"» omi Vice-President Cal-
nnd to e.Uond on behalf of his dis- | v"* ,,ftd an intorview with tho
trict nn invitation to this district i company nnd on agreement was
to send a delegate to their con- I •\n'»ved at, which while not all
vention, promising to return tho j tn°y dosircrl, yot was an improve-
Irindnes.s with which he had   been * *110,1'** "I'on the old rnnd-Hf44io
ivw^.vtu.     *vis   i-xurinU'O mi. good      Ai iinivwhi the men worked for  - -  , ... ....
wishes to District Wo, 18, and said ( soino timo without any agreement '' coming session /ion*, district No
that it was gratifying to bo ablo -, wlt'1  »10 uniftn.    They also  quit i l" in tho province of Alborta   to
to i;it in a convention with   men i wo»"k in April.   At the timo of tho I further our intercuts.
who aro no anxious for tho organ- j B°neral roturn to work no nettJ**- '    your committeo feels well sat* j
Uation as a  whole.   Tlio conven- | ment <-0.1'1-* '-*0 »»»do with the com*  *»fl«d with tho ntiidcs made in or-
i tor of legislation wi* would strout:
' 1.'       roeni-.  '.-■'•;: J       '
i'it.s bo sent to
Wfifi t'lWji.
•j-- Romjli & Droned I.iMiiher
•{• , Uimonsion A Hrid^o Timber
*t*   ,     Hling, Mouldliiif, Lutli.1*,
Y Shingles and  TIch,
J Telephone Poles a Specialty |
  ...*•!,.'       k\j\li,j-
Eduionton, nt th«*
tion tendered ,to Mr. Davidson, I J?ony ,wK,'!ft*td t,mt '"•io»,J the
and to the district he represents ' financial diffleiiltiM they did not
a hoarey vote of thanks. ; ciro to rc-open the mine and the
President Sherman, in convey-! members there were offered mkM.
iug the appreciation of the Oon- i •IUCU lo Kfct work elsawhere. In
vention, suoke of Mr. Davidson's i the latter part of July the corn-
worth ana ability, and the work P*»y again * resumed oprratiins,
he accomplished for the welfare of i and negotiations were commenced
the Miners. He altio spoke of the j looking for an agreement. A
relation between the w. F, of M. I Board of Investigation was culled
and the TJ. M. W. of A. and asked i and after its report was received
Hr, Davidson to csrrj the s«nt.-   an, uevcttti.eut wan made in     tbe i    The Miners'  Convention of Dis
! delegnten  and  a
rpt   t^   , iit .-, , t *
u majority to T. I*. Lvvjiti .for the
j<r»iBi-.eney, Jno. P. Whito cud W.
fa. Ityan   wore givrn    a .i.ijcity
! for .Vice-President 'tnri    Hi'dclary
I tronliurer, respect!vi-ly.
The special committee bi might
ganization work and deveropment I,n ft ««oJ»tion dealln;* witli nys-
of Dfntrict Uo. lft and vecom- tematic or orgam-tatlon bv allot-
mend that this branch of the work ! -nS » certain ibid in a n.i.eriil
be vlftotttwily pushed in this fil- w»y/» •"/■■ A[n\r.1^ °m*:«>'' 3l10,
ture. ronsideraiion of this rjuci.tion and
To sum up the President's report. *nq«Irl«f regarding local   dllllcul-
as a whole wc hflleve that he has   tits occuj.ied the morning session
•ione his   utmost  to   further  our;	
interests at mino workers, all   of |"'   ' '     "*
which w* respectfully submit   foir   __ *       . *       ■*
your consideration. Read   thC    LcdgCf
Y Tel. 3
Ml Orders i'mmptly
Tcrnlc, B. C. •{•
The A, Macdonald Co
(Head Office. Winnipeg)
tlranclics—fVancouvcr, Ni-Kou, Fernie,
,1   Kdmonton, Alta. X* Kcnoni, Oni.   *
Fernie, B. C,
Wholcwde  Groceries,   Klour,
Camp Supplies
Feed *t:
■ "!■
■* |;
*1 V
•ji*. 7* tl * -" i r*,-zrr-^ttt?
FSSKXB LEDGES, FE*ftKX*E, B.    C., DECEMBER gist, 11907,
-»**.v»*/V* .!/--»<i-»i.--»«^»-«-f-^».«p*i»|i^-^
Number of Deaths in Monongah Mine will Probably
:   Number 338
••*. ■ i*
President Mitchell has convalesced so far as tb leave the hospital. He came to Indianapolis yesterday. . This will be the best of
news to his myriad of friends, all
of whom hope he will heed his
physicisn's advice/ and refrain
from overtaxing' his powers until
fully "restored.—-Mine Worker's
" Monongah, VV. V., Dec. 17.— The
state mine inspector of West Virginia ia making a-thorough examination of mines No. 6 and 8
today, where, the explosion occurred   a    week    ago'.    Until' Mr.
" * . '
Paul    concludes his investigation,
.work at the mines has - been suspended.
Explorations were stopped, last
night, at' which ..time a total of
320 bodies had been', recovered.
The results of a,house census being taken by the company show
that 338 men were missing-, which
leaves eighteen bodies, still in the ,
mines,,according to the company's
' estimate. •>
.-• Mr. Paul's examination will
probably be completed tonight,
,when a force of men will begin,to
clear - away th© debris in' both
mines which was caused by*:the
falls. It, will be .'several days before death list will be known.
Coroner Aimes decided today that
■ the inquest should begin oh- Tuesday. Many experts will give testimony and the; investigation will
possibly last a week. --'.'•
The  time is never lost  that
devoted "to work.—-Emerson.
A grand/ball is being arranged
for New Year's eve by the' local'
football club. The boys say that
it is to be the best-ever, "so get
your feet • in 'shape for the best
_ho n^.o f_the_seas o n,-
■- \- ...'     "-'    "' "■'■'',       *v
Another Coal Mine Horror-Non-
Union Employed
Birmingham, Dec.    17 Advices
tonight from .,Yolande, indicate
that about 60 men met death in
the mines at that place, early to-^
day. The work of recovery is
slow," and while hundreds of miners from adjacent mining camps
are present to assist it* is thought
that all of tho dead cannot' be
taken out before, tomorrow. Only
12 bodies have' been recovered up
to dark.. "Fewer than". 100 men
were in the mine. The mine has
been pronounced■ free.' of gas' by
state inspectors and it was shown
,that the explosion was caused by
dust. , For two hours' after the explosion, it was impossible to-venture near the mouth of the mine,
so hot was the air .that rushed
out. There was a terrible explosion, ' the force, being known outside because of the dust and tim-.
ber that were blown out in great
quantities, destroying small buildings nearby "and landing some dis*
tance away. There was a terrific
heat hear" the shaft after' the ■ ex-
.-:Ssiqvs!.Q'J  o:.iJ   .a
.• A concert composed entirely of
local talent is' being - arranged by
Mr, Joim'Thomas, for, Friday December   27th,    at    the  Methodist'
.Church! -The programme,, will- be a
first class one, and is' being- specially prepared. A-£>-ood attendance
is looked forward to,,'and a most
pleasant eveiiii.g'is assured to all
. .who, attend.' •- -: ■
Miss Margaret Johnson, for the
past'three years ,in the charge of
the junior department, will leave
shortly for Vancouver, to" take a
'course at the Normal school, at
that, place. Wo hope that Miss
Johnson will be, with us again
next year, as we learn that tho
school board has offered for ■ hor
return next.fall.  *
* The ladies of tho English church
aro holding,,a social on the oven-
' ing of tho 23rd, at which you aro
bound to havo an enjoyable evening, as tho committeo in ..charge
have spared no pains or expense,
Tho Michel Hockey Club was organized last week, when tho fol-
■ lowing- ofllcers were elected for.tho
ensuing season)
Pi'G'-idont) G, iiii Steadman; Vice-
president, Tim Trurcn; Secretary-
treasurer, Alox,  McLeod.'
,Tho capital of tho Club was
placed at tj.J300.00, 20 shares of
§1.10 each, and tho entire amount
was subscribed at onco. A strong
committee was appointed to assist tho oilkors in tho preliminary
arrangements. Tho Coal company
has granted tho Club tho uso of
tho lots adjoining the Tritos-Wood
storo and tho rosidenco occupiod
by Suporintondant CharloB Simis-
tor, Altogether this is a most
excellent site, and tho boat that
could havo boon secured. Tho
-work will bp rushed an much as
Capital is the fruit of labor and
could not,exist if labor had not
existed. , Labor, therefore, deserves much, the higher consideration.—Abraham .Lincoln. -
„ A . man with . $50,000,000 can
understand why he wants "1..000-
000,000, but he can't understand
why a man who gets $2.75 a day
wants $3.—Lincoln" Steffens.
•  .*   *
James Simpson,, the vice-nresi-
dent of ,. the Trades and Labor
Congress is a candidate. for the
mayoralty of Toronto.' He runs I
as ,a Socialist, he being a' prominent member of the'. Socialist party of Canada." ,,    -     ' •   '
.•***," ■ i
' I rejoice at every effort working-
men make to organize. I hail the
labor- movement. It is my only
hope for dernocracy,/'Organize and jplosion. -Within an hour 15 men
stand together. Let the nation had "'awled >ut of the mine and,
hear' a united demand from labor- jtheir description of interior 'coning voice;—Wendell Philips. ' - .*■-' j'ditions were .terrible. .Several, of
- '■*****  ' |; thees men were severely burned
The miners' and'smeltermen employed", by the-Alaska Smelting &
Refining Company at Hadley. Alaska, have seized the . company's
property to force the payment of
their wages. The - affairs of the*
company are in- the hands of- ■ a
receiver and' the money'for two'
months' wages was expected at
Hadle.y-_sev.eral-da-ys-ei?o^—. .        !
* *   *
Three   enemies   "'of   labor infest
the ranks of , workingmen — the
non-union man, the' union man
who j;esorts to violence, and the
voter, who.-' never scratches his
party's ticket. The -'.last is the
greatest, menace . both ""to .labor
and the public. His blind regularity constitutes the -strength 'of*.
,the political machine, rand a
strong- political- machine makes enlightened , and progressive rovern-
ment    impossible,—    Switch-sum's
* *    i
* To provide" the large amount of
labor,,- necessary on the Pacific
Coast to",repair the'battleship
fleet ,- when, it reaches - California,
next year, the navy department is
considering a proposition which
undoubtedly will cause a great
stir among the labor unions on
the,coast, This is to induce oast-
orn laborers to go-there by giving
them and their families free transportation, provided' they contract
to remain in tho government sor-
vice a certain lime,
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the under:
*ic»ad, end endorsed " Tender for Public
Buildi»*r, Ladysmith, B.C.," -will be received
ut this tffice until Wednesday, December 11,
1007, inclusively, for the construction of a
Public Building at £>u.dysimt.h, B. C-
Plans and specification ' can be seen and
forms of tender •btained at this Department
and on application to the Postmaster at
Ladjsmith, B, C,
Persens teuderinn are notifled that tenders
will not be considered'unless made on, the
printed form supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures..
Each tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque *>n u chartered bank, made
payable to the ordor of the Honourable tho
Minister of Public' Works, equal to ten per
cent (10 p.c) of the ameunt of the tender,
which will be forfeited If tho persen tendering
decline to enter into a contract when called
upon to do-so, or if ho fail to complete the
work contracted for. Jf the tender be not
a*.*t*e]*tcd the cheque will bo returned.
- The Department doe-fhot bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender,
Bt Order.
'      .   '. °       . PHED. GEr/fXAS,    ■
■' ..   Secretary.
Department of Public Works. ■'
Ottawa, November 13,1!K>7.
, Newspapers will not be paid fer this adver-
ti-Gincnt* If they insert it without authority
from tho Department,
? '- ' 23 2t
The" Yolande mines were' among
the . model collieries of the Birmingham region. Non-union men
were emploj'ed exclusively but
everything possible has-been done
to insure the contentment of those
employed.   '   '■ . "
-.'Birmingham, Dec' 17—A message from Yolande. at ■ midnight
says that 35 bodies have - been
ta ken—out—ahd^th at—+v-
believe between- 35
still in the mines,    -
4.ue_j. escuers-
and   40  are
(Mm' nr"*»*3i
Coat..—Goal mining rights may be leased for
a period'of twenty-one years at an annual
rental, of SI per aero. Not more than ,2,500
acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at tho rate of live cents
por ton lihull bo collected on the merchantable
coal mined.       ,-,* • '
Quaktz,—A person eighteen'; ears of age or'
over, htt vinfi discovered mineral in place, may
locate a claim 1,5:.K* x l,f,Q0 "f'eet-.
Th? foe for reeorilin*? a claim is i5. *
, At least £100 must bt oxpendedon thoolcim
eachyearor paid to the mining-recorder in
lieu thereof, When $500 has Deen expendbd or
paid, the locator may, upon having a survey
mado,*and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at $1 per acre.',
.' The patent provides for tlio payment of a.
royalty of i\ per emt on the sales.
Placer mining claims generally are 101 feet-
square; entry foo »6 renowable yearly,
An applicant may, obtain two leases to
dredge for gold of live miles each for a term of
twenty years, renewable at, the discretion '"of
the Minister of the Interior.
- Tho lessee sh.ill have a dredge in operation
within one season from the date of the lease
for each livo miles, Mental $10 per annum for
each mile of river leased. Royalty at the
rate of 2.J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds £10,000.- .- „-.._.-•
«     .  "' ,-           ;          W. W.CoitvV
■* .' Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B,—Unauthorized publication' of this advertisement will'not be paid for.
The best dollar a day house:
7 in, the city.
. Well stocked bar.
Liquors and Cigars of the
highest quality.
You want comfort and satisfaction
of clean smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic is the only
GUARANTEED to give this.
Thesecret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon-(the life of
steel) into thc metal-'glving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade--somo-;
thing absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
But test this razor  in your
own home--or have your barber
use ft on you. -  Secure one '
Aug I-07-Gm
A Strong Tonic       Without Alcohol
A Body Builder       Without Alcohol
A Blood Purifier     "Without Alcohol
A Greit Allerutlve   Without Alcohol
A Doctor'* Medicine Without Alcohol
Aytr't SimpirllU   Without Alcohol
*Wt puklltnjitir formtilM
-    W» \i*UXt *\**UX
W* art* y»» U
Ayer'i Pill* ire liver pills. They id
directly on the liver, mike more bile
■ecreted. This it why tbey are so valuable in conitipition, billeuincis. dyt<
1>#r*l«. *.ki.Atei<t$che, Askpuraocwr
f he lnewt s better lilUtlve pill.
fmm*UmSwflm*i,0,mJ*rO*., lm*fU, ***»,<•"•
A pleasant surpriso was in store j
ior thoso who attended the weekly
mooting ot' tbo S. 3?. of C,. which
was - hold in the Union hull last
Sunday, on account- oi tho fact;
that Comrades W, DadiGon,* ex-M,
P. V. for tho Slocan district, who
wus on his way back from ' tho
TradeH and Labo'r Congress which
had been hold at Calgary, dropped in along- with Comrade Fotti-
ploco, organizer for tho Trades
and Labor council , Tho meeting
waB turned over to thoso two
comradOH and tho interest novor
flaggod from tho start to tho finish, Comrado Daviuon was tho
first to addrons tho mooting, and
aftor complimenting tho Fernio
comrades upon thoir attondanco
at such mcotings, gavo a briof ro-
viow of Homo of tho work which
had been done at Calgary, nnd it
ploasod the hearts of the com.
radts when ho informed thorn that
the Soclnlist platform had boon
adopted by the Trados nnd Labor
council of Alberta, Comrade Davison laid utt'oiig emphasis upon
the fact of thoro bolng no other
purty, only the -Socialist pnrty
who could properly reprotient la*>
boi- there were only two classes
tho employed and tho employing
*.uij u.i.A ilwli luicivbiti were wide
nn tho nolon nnund«*r, n-nd nny
party which aimed at anything
less than the abolition of wage
slavery, nnd, the giving unto the
producers th'i full product of thoir
toil did not properly voice tho
sentiments of labor, nnd thorn
was no other party who had those
things in thoir platform only the
Socialist party. Comrade Davison
ia a good speaker, and knows how
to mako himself intelligible to an
audience," and there is not the
least doubt more will be heard-o(
him in tlm nenr futuro.
Comrade Pettipiece waa the next
speaker, and every one who heard
him came to the conclusion that
the Trades and Labor Congress
had been wise in their selection of
an organiver. He held the audiences' attention while he doled
out the sublime philosophy of
Socialism, Questions were asked
and answered, and the ...fceting
closed with the singing of "Toilers Arise."
, XKKl'.ZAM-nUK HANDY,", is n
found motto, lor daily mishaps make
ZAM'HUK n daily need.    It enn be
lined with  remarkable  soothing nnd
ncnlinp; efl'cct from the oldest member
of llie family down to the newborn babe.
Mr, hen. linger, Kdmonton, Alta,,
has recently hail occasion to lest the
rcmnrkaljle hcnling, powers of J.AM*
HUK.   Ilemiysi-    ■
,, "When openiiiL'.n can of Pineapple
Since llm oilier day lhe Caii Opener
in prip and my hand waa ripped j
'    ioii'-!i cil*.;*.* of llie naif I
(O'i'cii by Ui*
-.pened ran,
.,   .....   Ii inni.1'.' n Rash in inv
3S'iL'i-.d ,'.1jui',1 l\\fj ini-lii-.-, 1iji"i(*. The
fi \i.:\\\ \W fuaiful and lilt- blnml simply
'i\ -\\\;),i:.\ ii Any fruin I'm1.   1 l-.ad a box o!
;,\\!-l|l'|*,'|i*,indy and I iminc.l aiely
... i}i'i!'sd '■' ui''. 'i'n my siiipi-l-d' i he | i.i iii
.ij-.i-.Iil p.li- i-.-H-i*«l and ilic blinnlMii])|i d,
7,\.f. \M |;1'U'-S ipiicl:nt>.s in hi'ivlin*.; up
.Urulscs, etc., is a (;ic.H
'"•ji-iijylr lo iii>',
It'ond poisun, cuts, bruises, old
m-ouihIi, liiniiJiii! MJU'-i, ec/ema, \ilcers,
ImiN, ciiiplions, scal|> sores, itch, chap-
ro.l hanil-i, liiimi, sruld-i, aihl nil skin
injiiili-s and diH-ases, XANt-liUK is
ilu11-est rure /Vir pilci yd 1,-nnwn, fific
l.o\,   " '
in; I
NOflCK is1igi*o*j.v Rivon Unit application
>>illboi»uilo to tho ruihiunont of Canaila
nt tlio noxt.session therixof for an net to ineor*
porato n Company nmlor tlio- name of
"Western, of Ciiiiiid.a Hiiilwny Corapnnv,"
with power to construct, equip, maintain iiml
oporato a line or, lines of rnilwnv of stiuniapl
or otlier KftVKe >iy moans of steam, electricity
or any othor kind of iocomotivo powor.'       >,
(I.) From a point on tlio -International
bonii'laty lino in 'tho l'l-ovince of Allun-iii
between tlio east niila of liiinuo twontv-tliroo
(S8) and tlio wost sido of Kaniti! twciil'v-niglir
(:'8) west of llio Pouit'i i'rincipal JleriOiuii, io
a point on thu Crow's Xest J'„ss lino of tlio
Cnnailian 1'ueiilo nnilwn.v Company botwoon
Cowley and Pinclici- Creek: liion'ca North*
wcstiuly follnwint: tlio vnllov of tho North
F.irlv0f ti.v-.Vlil Mnn. Hiver to a point in the
l.ivinKs'Ono llanuo of inounfalns at or nonr
section llili-ty-tliroo (ll.'l) in Township Ton (10),
RniiRo Throe (.')], West of tho Fifth l'rincipal
.Miiriillan i thuneo through llio puss in. tlio
UviiiRstono Mountains nt tho'last jiniuod
point-and northovly np tlio viillov'of tho
LlvIiiRttone Hivor to n point onoIUuli Hlvor,
at ornoar townsliin Sovontonn 117) in Haneo
Pour -I] and Kivo If.] Wost or tho Fifth Principal Meridian: thenco North-liastorlyby tho
moot practicable ronlo tu tlio Citv of Cnntiiry.
fa] From a point on tho Midil'b llraneii at
or nonr its Junction with tho I.ivimtntono
Hlvor: tlionoo to a point in tho Ilooliv
Mimntains wost, of flonhl's Llomo: thonco
thrmiKh a jiliss In tho Hoi.Icy Mountains to the
valley of tho Kile Hlverby tho most practlonblo
routfli thonco Southerly down the vulloy ,of
Iho Kill Hivor to a juuotfon with thoCiinailian
1'iif.lllo Ituilwny niul the flroiit Northern
Hnllwny in lho IJik Hivor valley nt or near
,tho yllhiRoof MIcliol, *      „
A-VD to eonstni'-ti equip, maintiiin and
ojiii'iiiio braiH'h Hi;i'.-, iuul with riiieh powurs
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries; Boots and Shoes
nil diu^l-.lsiind sldiv
Co., I'tirnnin,
111 I li'Hil.M lio.N .nil mu i|i..r ii*. Mnmii.
i-1 id it
W9NE m.} Ltd.
" Wholesale i Dealers and Direct -
Importers of   ■■
.* '    LONDON DEY
Solo ^ffonts In Enst Kootennv for
-NOTICE is hereiiy given that 30   ,,
days after date I intend to apply
to the'Hon.    Cliief Commissioner     4
of Lands, and Works for a licensey
to prospect for coal and petroleum,
on the folio-wing,   lands, " situate
in the district of Southeast Kootenay,    British    Columbia!    Blo&ls.
4593.        ■
--* ' * •>
1.—-Commencing at a post planted 1   milo .east   of the   23  mile,
post of the present C.F.R.   survey*
on west   Boundary line of   Block .
4593, and being the S.E. , comer
post    of   the   Samuel US.."'  .Moore
claim, thence running   north    80
chains,    thence     west 80 ** cho.'jas,
thence    south,. 80 chains, vtaence    „
east 80 chains, to' a point of tcm:-
mencement,    making    t.10,   orres,- -
more' or less. ""
Located this  12th  day ■ of November," 1907.   ■
, SAMUEL M." MOO US,' foculor
..""A. W. BELD3N, Asrevit.     -
Witness-i G. ,C. H.  Cole >*.•,:..
2.—Commencing :it a post jVan-
t'ed   1    mile,    east    of     the 23rd
mile    post    of    the    present   , C. ,
P. R. survey   on ' west boundary
line of Block 4593, ar*d iit-ing the   "
N.E.- corner post ot Jesse F.  'Silverman's   ., claim,  thencn i-unniiig'
west 80 chains, +'jenco' south   SO
chains, ;   thence    eafit   ,80  chains, *.
thence nortii 80 chains, to a point
of    commencemc >.t, ,-,makiJig      6'10 '-
acres, more orl*"Js.
, Located   thi-*. '.S'.b'.day of -.'.\Tov-.'.
ember, 1907." '-..'. "\-\  •'
Ai'W. BJEL.D13N. Agent. '.    ■:< ' *
Witness; G,'C,_ ir. -'c-aeinari.' ." ,;•--, •
- S:—Commencing at'.a post plan-
red l'mile .east-,' of ../the 23rd
mile ' post, ''' of;' the' present'.- C,-
P." R. .survey 'on' ' vest boi'uidfi-V
of Block. .45')3, hnd being- the' tiv.'
W. corner-post" of.'the Jni,YRobertson claim,' thence i unning' Tao'j tii
80 chains, *;h"e*i-:e-oast-.SOi* cha-:h>3,",
thence south* 80 'chains', - Thence
west ■ 80 chains -to a point;-o'f
commencemant, m akin g; ,0*10 o'cres.
more or less.-.' - ".-•'• ; '*
Located, this  1,1th-riav'of .November,- 1907.- -   '■••''  "       .  '..-'     -'•"-•■ J--
JNO. -ROBERTSON,' locator. :
, A. W. .BELDEN; Agent". ' ■ '";'
Witness: G.- C-H.-* Coleman;:,... fv
4.—-Commencing.at' a'-post plan---,
ted 1  mile" east .of:' the v23rd ■ mile- ■.
'post"""***1   oi"      the    '' present „•v Ci
P. R.  survey on"  ->'est , b'.vndory "
line.of Blocn 4593, and beiiig.the-^
N.W.   corner post   of the" William "
G.  Pearson claim,  thence "running"
east SO chains, thence south- '*' 80
chains,    thence    west.. "80' chains;
thence north 80-chah-s, to a point
of   commencement,   making -: 640
"acres more-,or less. ,.--.'   '  "    "
. Located    this 12th day of Nov-*1'
ember, 1907.' ■
WILLIAM G. PEARSON, Locator;.   •
A,  W. 'BELDEN,  Agent.. ■',*"
Witness:  G. C. H.  Coleman.* '   : • *■
•5.—.Commencing at a post planted at, or near at a point one mile   ,
east of 25,mile post of-present C
P.    E.    survey,    adjoining    Block
4593 on the west, and being   tho -
southwest corner post of Afex, S.
Farquharson's claim; "thence north
SO chains; thonce wost 80 chains;'
thenco    south    80 chains;    thenco •
east- 80 cliains to a point of commencement,   making    ,640   .acres' '
more or less,
Located this 13tl. day of   November, 1D07. .       „   „ ■-. •'.
ALEX.  S. FARQUHARSON,    Locator.
W. E. COATES, Agent.
Witness: G. C. H, Coloman.
•; nml tn-lvllocO'i ns nro inciilfiillnl <n
ii,i.'o*<hiir.v tlii'rotn, nml tu coiihtruut., cnni|),
ni it ii 11 ii lit itii'l opcvutii loli-uiiipli nml tulc-
pltono linos In coniiuction wiih llio miIiI rnll-
wnyiuiil IihIii-iuicIic'i, uiut tn (nniMiilt hum*
Kiiifiis fni-coiiiiuurciliil pui-iiOf.cn mul tu t'lmrwo
t'lll,*) lliciorniii mul tu 4i(iiiiii'iitiioliiiMi*li.<lt.)' for
tliii'hii|i|vly nl'liiilit, ] it-it t nml juiwi'i', mul to
lU'Ulilrd. iili.l iliivn!i>|i wntnr jiiiwnr*i fur Hint
pui'iHiMi, Ami in ]i*i\*ii, ki'H nml ill.ii'llititi'
anil rillinrwUh ill-puso of tlm kihho, (mil ,tn
lnvv mi'l fillcfl lulli frnm nil i« r*on., n»IiiK
nml nil l'ri'i(jlit iiuhkIiik* nvni'Milil railway nml !
lsntiicIiom, nml to niimii'dt with uiul niuliol
trnflit' nr otlit.i* ni'i'iinuoninntH witti liilluiiy
or nllic-i- ('Oiii|)ii!ik*H jnoluiliiii,' nuv linn ul
mllwny in tlio i.latoof .Mnnttina, nun of tlio
Unltml Klut.OH nf America, nml in •inrulmi.D,
In 1(0 over, loiiNit or otlKirwIxn noqnlri) tlm |irn*
purty, 1'IkIiIh nml liunolilsn nf nny otlior
iiniiipitnioN, uml to IrniKii ni-.»oll toiniyotlmr
company tliu prnporty, rltflitu ami francililno
of tlionninpniii'.
THAT »nnli mllwny mny Im ilonlnrcil to lie
fnr llio Konrnil iiilvmitnan of rmm*lii,
*   lini'OII.OAMIMIKl.l.* KKHOI'SON,
HolloltnrH fcr Applloiuitn.
IJATKH nt Wlnnlpi'-r.llilHU.'inl
ilny nf Si pIcnilKir, A,D„ ll«i7, fit
Fort Steele
Fernio,  H. 0.
Hrewcrrfv, of Ustr^.- Fino  I.ngcr   -
iinJ   AoratcJ   Witters.
Mottled    Goods    a     .Specialty.
A Plot of I.iuul rifi x 1111! fci-t i-lili .l-rnumi'il Plaitcrnl Cotrnpi' 21 x
fnot, with I'niitiy, C'lotliflH C'loi<-t, Collnr nnd ^ood well of wntiir.
Proceeds  for, thc  family of  Chas.   Bchb
THURSDAY.   DCCCMDCR 26th,   1907
Crow's    Nost   Spoolal
Miner's Favorlto Cigars
Tho Natlonnl
i'i no.   ,
ISxquisitely pointed on, lino coated iHiper, Pictures of woll-known
j-eoplo, of .current evonts, , of-
things benutiful , and curious.'
About one thousnnd squnro Inches'
of pioturoH in oach Ihbuo. Appeals to Canadians as the great
ilhiBtratod pnpora of London appeal to tho English peoplo. Non-
politioal. Absolutely no axo to
gj-ind, Its aim solely.to pleaso
and to ini onn, Must be seen to
be appreciated. Ton conts a copy.
One dollar a year. Tho Pictor-
ial Publishing Co,, MS,St. Poter
St., Montrtml, 3t*-Nov. S3
"       '*   *$    '   *'                     ',           *      *.*.
'..■" '..'.:-'riA;R--j|
IIW.V-1'■'■•'"""'•'*'  '''"' **■;■"-
??;:. -Y
•■-. ■:. YY .-':*■ S
., tl, .-',.' ,»vt.t '■ -4*-" 'I'"'", il.
7 *■■ •■
'* ""
4',"-«** ■>, ;-«.'.'i''.!*v«'i"'
*!^.■-4;*'-l.*•l'',*   **■***.
, ;7-:
^„if.*'i ^'£.,',&■"*■.'*-f _.-_|;
.■4»*fV'.Ws-'-» ■'t'.-'f-1
•'■>,'■• f
'. 1-7 V
- -,-. ^--* y
• i-™';fv<';-i',-'*.'■* ■'i!Li
... •
in '• '■--i1'1-''""TrfrtBHl
.',  "4 |V
*\imt^km*m*m\m*m*m***X*.' *t'
i,"S*.,*   l*0£Ul
> i >
ku^t "■l'^i*^"i?,-'   -   ,i, -s
******'',.***■«.-r*i i-t*-t..»«iki   *>,■*, *
' l-to^ii*.-'*^^ A*****
i: .1?. *•' ■
The kthove Houia ami Ut Ik tho properly of Chan. Bcbb, but a f 1.00  ,,
llckpl of tho winnrr will rn«l;n It fhnii^e linn.li-.   IInvi* * try.
JteluxlH (81.00) to le lifld from Mr. T. HIr-uii or Mr. Chun. Itobb, ternl*.
u!V3Srr)   JJI'KITA.IIj
fleat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal nnd Lamb on
hand, Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Krcsh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters,
11 ■FERNIE LEDGER, TERNIE, E.      C, DECEMBER 21st,  1907
The People: in .this House have learned the secret.of true economy;  they   deal
with these firms and :save money. ,
.*. '. *l.        •    • ^p
. ■*. „ fi1   *•*■ i *■• ■■ 4
c "'V-L-i4- ,v
•.*..'. .-.. j*
,07, :*'  ,.
No, .« .1 our bw.   ,    .    Ud*i.* Drivers a Sp.ci.lty.
Handley & Brooks
i r -. < }.y*fjs?F
**•*"■ A
^       ^
•L.has  a,.cellar filled with
p-choice Wine,s and Liquors,
,   — from-1-  '   ■
The Pollock Wine Go.
i•*'.' CL -"^^
k eft*
*V*? Ji/
' Jeb^Yd
■ ft
'.: •,/
Pnds °°     u  o«M«
^T\n" thvs bouse      •
and m   ' U Jeweled-
patches an« J
- ^_from—/   ••     .-
C   Cs    ^^ jo-wele
"" ""'■Fernio'?
jcvreler y
1 «V' /I
Fresh v'Bread j   Ries. a"!™   v
. -•*■   -. . .-always on hand ...
Fernie Lumber Co. Ltd.
i *> '
and.,Building Material of ail kinds
Estimates"    are
p. cheerfully    furnished,    Give a
trial order.   *
*"•? «•'- c,.amepy 8(ittep
Best  on  earth
'"■ "    '    ,-     PayCash
W"   J"   BtrUHDEtT
''/////A '""W'/wri
The Inmates of this House
are happu because tho., »»«„.. _
•Mc'Dougall's Shoes
:! *l'js/.
■ Look well
Fit  better
Last  longer
Than' other clothing
See Us Before You Buy,
lmm*l*+*^r*<i*itmjt*jh *
p7uit an*
Iprcsh *- - -   See us
IA *   *   •    home. _ J3 Can(jy
t'oa« ^^""otAcvft
w, :^
\s insured again'
f. J- Watson
vhlS house isins^^trire by
'^V u°or/„
To make the House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Fernie  Ledger. »«
News of the City
House to rent.—Apply, 43 Fernie
(Annex. 77
Thoroughly experienced ' lady
stenographer and*', ^bookkeeper
.wants good position.—Apply to
Ledger Office. -. ,'" . «
Girl wantcd^jCo -lwlp with care of
chiUlrcu', or ono" who „ would holp hi
exchange for clothing;, keopjiiii\o.po
to school.—Apply " L.cd£cr'-j
Wanted.—One'second hand saw
mill in good condition,, capacity 10,-
000 12.000 feet per day, with planer
and groover. Address Crown Coal
& Coke Co., ;*,row's Nest. B.C.
FARUAR.— Wanted information of
Robert Farrar. Last known address
Stirling:, Alberta, Canada.—Inquirer
his sister, M. II. Schofield, 153,- Nor-
den road, Ramford, Rochdale,- Lancashire, England, who ii very anxious to hear from him.    „
Gent's Military Brushes atLip-
Miss Corsan is back from   college. ^   ,. Y    '
D. H. Telford, of' Saskatoon is
in the' city. ''   *
Dan McKTeish is agkin acting as
■wine, clerk. at the Fernie.
Mr. Rogers, postmaster at Hos-
i      mer, was in town Tuesday.
Joe Stephens and Dave Clark
were'up'from Morrisey last week.
Jewel cases and Ladies Toilet
Sets in sterling silver at Lip-
ohardt's. ,,
Dick Firestone left for his home
at Liyey, . Mont, to spend the
Born, on Wednesday the 17th
inst.,. to the wife of*-*W. G. Ear-
clay, , a daughter.   ■"     "
u Miss Daley,' private nurse ,,left
for "Waldo on Monday, on professional duty. "        ''   '■
Miss Adcock, matron, at the
Home Hospital, is in. Calgary on
a short visit. *
- _- Mrs.  M. Palmer,"-of -Waldo,- was
in  the, city   on  Friday   and  gave
the Ledger a' call. '■
-> -J   An i item    from  Coali Creek for
late to appear,this week but will
be printed next issue.
The mine's were out of.commiss-
,    ion on Thursday owing'*to lack of
power to drive the fan-?.
Mr. J. S. Piper, detective staff
sergeant of the R. N. W. M. P. of
TVT;4(*1or,H   woo   ,'*,'*■„,..„    s.\.i~ • 1-
 " -*—.--- w „.—„w ..**>-w»**o—wcc**.
In the estimates presented- to
parliament last week, Fernie is
down for $30,000 for public build-
' The billiard tournament in progress for the last two weeks- at
the Fernie Cigar store is now*
drawing* to a -final.
,.  ,,     The   Bijou    theatre    Co,,, gave
their first sacial hop of the season
on   Wednesday    evening,    and   a
. good number were in attendance.
Mrs.  John Biggs and two children arrived in Fernie last' week
from a six months' visit to their
old hojne in Wales, -
„       A.   ColviUe," superintendant   for
the- C.   N. <P.   Coal  Co.   at  Coal
Creek ror several ysars left for the
east on Tuesday evening.
1 Mr.   J.' Lancaster  has   returned
home from attending the Convention of District 18 at T.othbridge,
. "  At his old trick again!     Who ■?
Why Pat Miller with his orchestra
furnishing all tho music for.    tho
.See Liphardt about that fine
pieijo of hand painted china, we
have Daulton, Japanoose, Limoires
and Pickard.
'•..m,1] Sunday evoning Pastor I. W;
Williamson will preach on "Trifling Things With M,ghty Issues."
Special music,
The Salvation Army Choral singers win bo out Christmas morning. All friends wishing a .'all
ploaso notify. -    h
Mr. R. Letcher,. engineer at the
Fernie Lumber Co., left 'for
Sprinjjhill, N. S,, Wednesday eve,
»»«■? to spend the holidays.
'* Mr. R. W. Wood, we ure sorry
to announce is confined to his
homo with an attack of tvpbo.d.
we hopo to hoar of his oneody recovery, '
J. W. Eobertson, of the Free
Press staff and family, leave for
the east this week to spend    the
■ii     J'      y wiu b**one *b0Ut
• Special services and musio will
be supplied at the Presbyterian
church for noxt Sunday. Space
■does not permit of un putting the
■entire pr.fframme in,
,, Mr«- J. Laoher and family lert
for Kalispel, Mont., Thursday af-
l°«rn°f0?,' by.th* °' N* Mr* ***"
win follow in a weok or so, where*
they will resido In the future
It is rather rough on a fellow
wheivhis wife objocts to him nnt-
ronizivg the lady hutbnrn. Sho
roally ought to put a collar and
elm... on him,
One  Oominion   Organ   amj|
one Singer Sewing Machine, j
App-yj01™ Hunt, 218, Con!
. Creek. i
, Handleys i > livery has been augmented by the receipt rof a vthor-
oughbi'ed Coach dog, which was
presented' to Fred, hy tha, Canadian Oil Company. Arid it", hris
no horns. * -,, '
The Cls'i.stmas numbor of Uie
"Voiced" .the, labor'j"aper of U.n-
nipe^j is _ just "to hand, and is a
oredi*j- to that paper. The typo-
*£-raphical appearance shows what
scAii be done with skilled, Union'
Tonight* in the opera house, the'
Cripple Creek Co. will present the
"Fatal Wedding." The company
comes well recommended and .were
favored with a good house last
night' when they presented "Cripple Creek."
Bills3 are', out announcing a
grand concert on New Years' eve
at Coleman, under the,ausp,'ces of
the fraternal order of Eagles. The
concert is to be followed by a
dance and needless to say a good
time is assured.
The services at Christ Church
Christmas day will,be as follows:
Holy   Communion   at 8.30 a.m.;
Choral   Service   at , 11    a.m.; Te
Deum,    Jacksoni   .Anthem   , "The
Hallowed Day"; Hvmns Nos!' 60,
59, and' 311.   ,    -*     -7     ■ -
R.. P. Pettipiece the . organizer
foi- the typographical union ' was
in the city on Sunday, 'and called
a special meeting of:the local typos, for, Sunday"afternoon, to
'transact some matters of import
to that organization. L - ' . „
, Mr. J.-W, Bennett, of Nelson,,is
in town for a few days and g-ave
the Ledger' a call; Mr. Bennett is
very enthusiastic, over Fernie's
welfare, and ' spoke in glowing
terms of our- present- prosperity.
"Without any , exception,"'"said
Mr. ..Bennett, "Fernie, is the busiest place in this district." Without any boasting, we , concur in
all that the above "gentleman'
says. t. ...
The Granby smelter trouble is
not yet settled. It is hoped, however, that* a_ settlement may bo
reached within the next,few days.
, Canada's clothing industry of
ment to - more than 26,000 men
all kinds is said to give,employ-
. and women.
STORE ;   ;
AT   THE   . '."•"'
".    ".     '* ' 4   .7" ^ BY   THE*
Programme for December 23rd, 24th/25th
.-■■'"   Overture Selections (R. H. Strang)     X
„„_,__        v c-v.aiiSijT^ivr£iuam~Toivett    ~     "  "r^   *
i. Cheating Justice y
2 Father's Picnic on the Sand
3 Illustrated Song, "Snuggle up closer"    •
4 Glimpses of Erin   ,     7 „ -    , 7" ,"    •
5 Baffled Burglar ■;'■*,. „    "     =•
*• ■      ■
Give us a oall and be convinced
•   *> Cl
Of Campbell and Faultless
HpO enable us to make
-*-' extensive store improvements in this department, all our new and up-
to-date , stock of hand
..tailored clothing has been
reduced in price regardless, oi original cost and
profit. To enable, us to
. makethese improvements,
pur. stock must be moved
out of the way and reduced
prices are the means we
are taking" to accomplish
this.' Examine our range
of.the best, ready to wear
clothing in town, and
take advantage ofspecial
sale prices.   ;
Miniature Electric'Railway 'consisting of track,
suspension "bridge and
depot.       '.*'",
; See our windows for
-conditions:  -
The: Crow ■ s Nest
Trading Company, Ltd.
The Store of good values
Christmas  Gifts
*——n Suggestions r'V   '.- i
For Ladies
DrcBBtog Cases
Mflnlcuro Sots
Huylor-B Ohoclotca
LatOBt NovoIb
Ornamental Clocks
Fancy Ink Standi
Afternoon Ton Sots
Rowlnpr Sots   ,
Jowel Cases
Ilooks of Poems
Travelling Companions
Writing Folios
Onyx Tables
Prayer & Hymn Books
Work Baiketa
Droflslnff Mirrors
Scissor Sots
Brass Dinner Gongs
Crumb Tray & Brush
Glovo & Ilandkorchlcf
Lottor Soalos
Roal Jnnaneso Satiuma
' & Clolsonno wave
Calondara '   ■ '   "
Post Card Albums
FIno Stationery
Purses & Pocket Books
Fori. Pots
Fine China Cups and
Bon Bon Dishes
Perfume Atomizers
Photo Frames
Brass Hot Water Kottlo
Card CaiOB
Puff Bozos
Musio Holla
Silver Soap Boxes
Card Ilcceivora
Curling Tongue Heators
Table Thormomotors
Fountain Pons
For Gentlemen
Photo Frames
Shaving Sets
Batest Novels
Shaving Mirrors
, Books of Poems
BlblCB and Prayer Books
Smoking Sets   .
Cigar Boxes
/ Clocks   .'
- Cigar and Cigarette -
Ash Trays
Tobacco Jars
Holders and Casos:
Pipo Racks
Office Scissor Sots
Travelling Companloi
ib Smoker's Cabinet
Writing Folios
•■Temple" Sot of
Crush Collar Hotdors
Collar Boxes
Brldgo Sots
Military Brushes
Cribbage and Chess Sots
Safety Razors
Ink Wolls
Fountain Pons
Papor Knives
Oilico CaUndars
1                        *            .         \
Wallets and Bill Folds
For Boys
Honty's Ilooks of Ad-
Bi-ownln Kodnks
»MhkIo Lnnlnrns
,. Hockoy Sticks & Pucks
Boxing OIovch   ,
HnvH'Own Annimlq
For Girls
Girls1 Own Annuals
Hoxrcl ChocolntOB
Dolls'Drosses, Furniture
uud Dishes
I'll ■■eon
Safiirday  Specials
t.  Oranges.   Regular  price. 40c,' ..."Saturday- 30c   f
I Ganger Snaps? 3'bs..*■ '.;•;. ,y..;. ;25c
W.   J.    BLUNDELL        Prompt Delivery     &
x      Pay Gash
Audltor, Accountant, General Agent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurance
Books opened,  closed,  audited,. and"accounts kept in the
"    ,    :. most up-to-date manner. „ ■-■■■'
Office,  Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
I !
W   Tinsmithing;   Plumbing,   Steam    Fitting  j|
*V- --   ■"' -,- *  * ■ '—;--.    —_    ' ■,.-.
^        - 7 All' Work. Promptly , Executed and  *     .
':  ,;   'i'*.;'  /■■-.   ':    -■ t     ) -    -   .- ' "■ -*•   '
Satisfaction . Guaranteed.
^   Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel ,.[
 '- Y"
We are there
Skates,   Hockey   Sticks,   Etc.
Without using any slang phrases,
we mean what . we say "We are
there" with all the paraphernalia
incidental to Skating and Hockey.
We carry the largest assortment of
these goods in. the district and for
quality   and  price  defy, competition.
Whimster & (So
|5j I.ADV iiAitni:im
$    Ate prop.ut'il to enter to ladies'
tit    trnAoni i.-cll nd ^ontli-Tiii'jiV.
f,   I.««lioh' Ji.iirjiiaJ /aci-.i l.wik'l
Any -lay l.ut Saturdnv.
Moke your selection and let us fill your order ns soon as possible
ABcnt f or Kodaks, H uylcrs* Chocolates, Edition A Victor Phonographs, etc.
Now !s tho time to parolineo yoar Christmas pre*
Bonts. Do not watt till tho rusli of tho Iqit mloate
when the bost has boon snapped op by somo one with
Christmas Cards, Souvenirs, Fancy. Goods, Dolls,
Toys, Teddy Boars, and other beautiful things too
numerous to mention.
Presents for all from the Baby to Grandfather
H   P   Mp|,f»nn
\dvertise  in The  Lvedsrei
All thc leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
vvAlfevj j Bring in Your Job Work


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