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The Fernie Ledger 1907-12-14

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 .<-*-"-M-*'*«^^ V-
■ V
On    Lower   Arrow   Lake
40  Miles   South   West   of. Nelson ■     fl "
AN opportunity to own an orchid home within quick ,and easy reach
of  the   unlimited   markets   of   British   Columbia,   Alberta   and
Saskatchewan.    5,   10 and  20 acre blocks.    Finest climate in Kootenay.,,
For   Full   Particulars  Apply   to
Crow's   Nest   Pass   On vestment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbrldge,    Alberta
Another Red letter Day in the
■■   ■   11    "i
History of fernie,
Carr's  Mackinaw Coats
Carr's  Mackinaw .Pants
H.   B.- Mackinaw. Coats
H.   B.  Mackinaw Pants
Overcoats; from : 7    ..     *
Stansfield pure wool Uundrwear per suit.
Big Horn pure wool Underwear per suit
$ 6.00
3*75 .
$10.00 to  25.00
3-oo -"
Heavy wool  Sox, '■' 'n     «25c,   35c, and - 50c pair
Pig Skin  Mitts and Gloves $1.00 up
Buckskin  Mitts and Gloves . . $1.25 up
Lumbermen's  Rubbers     '   $1.65 to $3.35 per,pair
German Sox 65c ,to $1.50 per pair
Horse Hide Mitts and  Gloves
Mule Skin Mitts and Gloves
$1.25 up
The Trites-Wood   o., Ltd.
}   -hs* •t**;**> *;**j»*;»->5»->5» ♦r*»r* »j*»*r*> •x*»r* •*>-^»i» *t-«'t--*-i5*»<» *5» -»i* •;«*5-* •t»»5»*5»»j**s»—;**>'5»»;* •;»*r**j* *r»»t**>j»**5«2» -o^s* *x* •t**5**5» »5» *t» »t* <* »t**t» •;*•;• •!» <**c»**w*t******i»*-> •*> 1^
••Whoro aro you going-?'' Why, to
engage Pat Miller's orchestra for
our ball.
Jewel cases and Ladlos Toilet
Sots in sterling silver at Lip-
Mr. E. Smith left for Cranbrook
on "Friday to onter tho employ of
P. Burns' thore.
J00 Goupllle was in Coleman
this week in ' lho, interest of the
Crow's Nest Cigar factory,
Tho Baptist Sunday School has
received a donation ot a nice
library from the eaBt this wook,
A. J. McCool has been appointed deputy oriraniEor for tbo order
of Owls, and will organize a nest
in both Coleman and Prank.
Judge Wilson, who has beon attending court in -Pernio this wook
left for Cranbrook on Friday
morning, and will rotmn on Monday to complete tho docket,
Tw»..(,..»    ...    Cuu.    C •*:*;/.   a   COlli*
pHmentnry   dinner   nnd    prPRentn
Brown's in town. Not you are
mistaken. It's Pat Miller and his
orchestra you have in mind,
G, W. Severhs, of Hosmer, paid
tho 'Lodger a visit on Thursday,   M    tww„. „. „ ,.u-	
and reports things doing well   in   on Wednesday night for tho pur.
A meeting of the local bockoy
club enthusiasts was hold in .iho
dining room of tho Napanco hotel
that fast growing town
Soo Liphardt about that fine
piece of hand painted china, we,
have Daulton, Japanecso, Limoges
and Pickard.
. T..1 Italian Society of Michul ore
giving a grand ball on tho evening of Tuesday, December the"31,
in the hall at Michel. A good
archestra will be in attendance,
and refreshments will be served.
Gub, Ludolph ran amuck last
Wednesday night down the lines
for which amusement Magistrate
Whimster fined Gus 920.00 and
the costs of the damage he had
committed with the alternative of
one month's hard labor. Upon
tho conclusion of tbe trial Gus
was re-arrostod upon a further
charge. Chief Pennycuick conducted tlie prosecution.
Ilium  Lone.   n.  ehinnmnti.    frrmi
iiosmer,  was  brought up before
-■-„•■ , ..'.*,-. t^xiAfiv   Wilit-j.     <iu   a   cu-umuteii
tion .will be mode to Mr. A. Col- ( trial   for   stealing a watch from
ville, who is leaving- the_ services1)- Whung Chun-, another chinaman.
After hearing the evidence the
Judge committed Hum Lang to
one year in tho Nelaon coal. Mr,
TT     ^  f „ .       1  1 .»     *-, ' <
-.  .     .........   ,„„   ».i..,,.\>int.   \j. OMvC'l,-
ted, nnd Sherwood Her^iner w«s
for the defence.
The dog sleigh races which aro
inaugurated today wlll be continued until tho.snow disappears,
Tho boy who carries thc highest
avorap;-.* of win.* .or tin* setiHon
will, at tho conclusion of tho sun-
son's rapi**- In jir.4';.->rit<vl v.-fth &
•well Miit. of elothiT. Tlio booby,
or boy of lower average will also
Ti*c"*iv<-- a suit of clothes of infer.
ior make1 to the winner. Ak thero
are thr** cash prize-', -riven with
eneh rare *iot Icti than six
o! the Crow's Nest Coal Company
Fred. Viuico returned from a
ivunx-.r.)' t.-l* in tnn tioi*. Creek,
district on Thursday evening. The
bag contained one door. Gamo in
tho district was plentiful but the
crust on tho snow continually
cracking beneath tho hunters feet
made it exceedingly dlfllcult to
stalk game.
The Rev, I. W, Williamson will
preach on Sunday rnorninr on th*
subject of "A Great Commission," and in tho evening "Tho
Making of A Nation." During the
evening service Mr. T, Biggs will
sin1- "The Model Church," and a
trio will he rendered by Miss
Gladys Hughe*, Tom Lewis and
Ilcv, I. W. WlllUu-bbb.
pose of organizing for the comin
season.   *T. H.   Whelan occupied
the chair.   About 35 wore present.
The following ofllcorB were oloct-
Hon. President—H. J. Johnson.
Patrons — W, B. Bobs, J, E.
Hurd, B. W, Wood, Frank Shor-
Prosident—Bov. Hugh Grant,
1st Vice-ProBident*-T, H. Whelan.
2nd wice-Proaldent—0. L. Boyn-
3rd Vice-President—C, B. Lawry,
Manager—Con, Whelan.
Soc-Troas.—Ohafl. Fyfe.
Execative Committee — Jit, A,
Kastner, C. W, Sheppard, J, Miller, J, Marshall.
Tho appointment of a Captain
was left to tho executive and
It was docidad that Fornio
should join tho Crow'a Nest
Lnnpne rrmq'uHnr*- nf TVTn"Tn«^,
Pincher Creole, Frank, Blairmoro,
Cu*k(uuii ami J'einii*, and that the
fee of $10 bo forwarded to tlu*
League Kocrotnry.
Honorary membership tickets
will bo printed and sold nt a foo
of 32.00,
Il.v. .oiic/.vni),' -wu.ii appointed a
committee on tho printing and
sale of tho tickots with powor to
add to their numbers: T. II. Whelan, C. R, Fyfe, M, A. Kastner, C.
L. Whelan, J. Miller, C. W. Davcy
and C. .Slioppni'd.
With iej*«rd to uniforms the
Kpcrfitnry will write to tho other
teams and ."*«t their colors ho that
no cu..**i.;l ...a,y u.i..u.
Tho ftxecutivo will procure new
net*) If necessary.
A    ball   will' probably l.o lit-ld
inter  on  for  thft purpose of  rak-
injr funds,
A -vole 0.* than)!.',  win. tvr.Afitul
nOn   Thursday aftornoon of last
week the city council made an in-
♦   spection of that part nf the sew-
**   erage system just completed    'by
Contractor McDonald, prior'to the
final payment being mado thoroon.
The Councillors,. accompanied   bv
contractor   McDonald,    tho    city
Clork and tho, City .Engineer left
the city hall   at 3.30 p.mi     Tbo
(Irst ■ point .visited .was tho flush
tank at the head of tho lane   between Victoria Avonuo and Baker
street whoro a hose from a nearby   hydrant   was turnod into it,
and whon nearly flllod with water
it'emptied itself into   tho sower.
This showod how tho sowers will
bo     flushed     automatically   and
thereby kept   cloan, direct  wator
connections will bo,mado to these
flush tanks.   Thc party then proceeded to the manholo near     Dr.
Bonnoll's residence whon tho sewerage system was formorly opened
by    tho    pulling    of   tho    plug
in     tho     bath     tub     in     the
Mayor's house, thereby emptying
its contents which had boon colored with a crimson dye,   into the
sower,     the   colored wator could
soon bo soon coming through  the
manholo in the street,
Tho septic tank and outlot was
next visited, the councillors carefully inspecting tho work already
done by contractor Oldland on the
T-Vf-'-H'Pv -PctUv ::ci*!;.!;..a '.U
operation of tho vrtrlriu* yarXr, of
tho Hystem
Undor tho auspices of tho United Mine Workers of America
Will be held at Fernie on Saturday Dec. 21,
For thc benefit of Bro. Thos. Steele, Coleman,
who lost both hands and an eye in a mine accident.
PHIZES: 1st, 14k Solid Gold Gont's Wnich nnd a 17 Jowol Wnlthnm Movcrnont
2nd, 14k Solid Gold Lndlos' Watch and a 15 Jowol Wolthnrn Movement
Orel, Ilk Solid Gold 8-blrd Swallow Chatolalno Brooch
4th, 14k Solid Gold Wish Dono Snfoty Pin Urooch
6th, 1 Cbbo of Pipes Mb, 1 Singlo l'lpo
TICKETS     -'    50o
Prizes on exhibition for one week at Liphardt's window-
mu*t compete, or the three money [the V/helnn "ftr«»*. for th* rn»»r***Ty
juufci. will not be paid. of the hous-e, before depaiting,
An mr-uffct was uciil in the Provincial Court houiju on Friday
evening of lniit week, on tho death
of L. 0. Taylor, who wan killed
by a fall ol oarth at' the cut on
♦,h« Michel cxteivslon of tho G. N.
11, on December the Snd last.
The followii*" ir, thn llndlng of
ll-u  jury.
"Wn, tho »u.di*r*i,"ned, find that
I.. 0. i'.i^in fun," v*) inn <limth on
Deccjiibcf tlm «nd at the mt bank
t«n tho Michel cxtMi-ion of the O.
IJ xo.idwa.-v by Mcfocation and
thnt he w.-ih buri-d 'mder a fall
of grir.'4-l uud rock.
Tic ;•-■•',• it'Coi:ii.-.« lhat    the
Ml)      'V- ci"   *'li<   "*.•     ■   ■■,.OV'!l        i*.
I v/otkl)-;;   i.i lighted ..oiu tho    top
Pat  riiller's
Open for KiiKngcmcnts Anywhere
Get them for Xmas;
Will furnish A tu « pieces        'Phone lioyal Hotel
to tho bottom during night shift,
and that thoso men who work bo-
twi-en tbo ahovel and the bill aro
specially warned of the danger of
that occupation.
Mr,, Sampson, of the Provincial
polf.-'j waa In attaadoacy.
A. W.l Bleasdelli, coroner, county
of Kootenay, hold th* Inquiry.
Tho jury were ai follow*; T. T.
John, foreman; Wm. Conntll, Jo*.
Miller, Calvwt Varty, W. Hamll*
ton, and C. C. Wright.
Tho funeral of tho unfortuaaU
mau V7aa twld ot. Qatvuda-/ lakt.
I ho 7th inat.
'imt '   V
FEBNIE LEDGER, -FESKIE, B.     C, BECEMBE-ti 14tK, 1907.
; v
- I
-■  /,- Y'       . .&.- •
„Th'e    usual .wee'kly  meeting   of
the Fernie, Locales. P. of C.\ was
. held, in; the Union Hall'. on   Sunday  evening.,.'. Comrade' McLaughlin presided., VThe subject   under
-■ consideration   was   "Unemployed,
It's Cause and Cure.",    and   was-
'   opened    out   in an    able and instructive manner by the Secretary,
Comrade Symonds. "In the course
of ,his. address the speaker said;—'
,,'•1 suppose that I am speaking to
a body of people' who have at some
*"  time   in -their   experience* passed
through    that. curious  industrial
phenomena,'  unemployment.    This,
is  an age   when we are boasting
of    our   achievements.     We   build
great bridges across space, and by
the aid of compass and pencil can
find   out  to    a   nicety .the  exact
measurement: of  each  span,    and
what it   can bear."    We have, our
big undertaking in railroads   and
other    things,  and one would expect with   all these things    that
, employment  would  be  found  for
ajfi. the people.   Unemployment   is
a peculiar one who does
np_t  observe but the socialist accepts it" as part of the present industrial system.   \       7-
iMost   of    you read -.the   '.'daily,
papers, capitalistic papers".we call'
them, and you doubtless suffer   a
siaiall    amount of uneasiness - in
.'reading'' these     papers, you. read
about  panics.    What "is  a  panic?
I" find a panic  means  a pancake;
or ithat which has gone flat.    We
waiit   to' take   into   consideration
what this thing is that Has e-one
flat.   We find railroads in America'
have laid off a large number   of
men. ■ flA great many factories   in
,  America |.have.been  closed,  down,
..and this is caused by the failure
of banks.   What is the outcome of
this;   closing', down' of factories?.
•The) outcome is the throwinc   out
,. of: employment of a large number
of  *men. *' In Vancouver a ' Teat
many men have been thrown out
.of* employment lately.   The 'unemployed question is a'very serious
one.' , * =■■•,,
In   continuinp-  ' the   speaker instanced the large • standing armies
. of unemployed in Germany, France
Italy, Austria, and Great Britain,,
arid pointed out various causes.of
unemployment such!'as, the intro-
duction> of   machinery and-labor-'
•^ saving devices, 'sickness,'accidents
' the     necessity   * of the. capitalistic
class , having  surplus  labor,    and
4.—Commencing at a post planted- - at or' near W. T. Watson's
northwest corner:, and '' being
southwest ■" corner ' of Gus Becken's
claim, and marked Gus Becken's
southwest", corner; thence' 80 chains
east; thence- SO chains • north;,
thence,80 chains.west; thence 80
chains south- to the place of commencement;'    '       I,,  -       "*     .
Dated this 14th day of Novem-,
ber,. 1907. .
.  GUS BECKEN, Locator.
', Witness—Nat Babcock.   ,
5.—Commencing at a post planted at oriiiear one mile east ofC.
P. R. line, Block 4593, at 31 mile
post, and heing southwest' corner
of John,Fisher's claim and marked John Fisher's southwest corner; thence 80 chains east; thence
80 chains north; thence 80-chains
west; thence 80 chains south" to
place of commencement.,,    ,-     •>
■ Dated this 14th day of November, 1907.      »
6.—Commencing at a post planted at or near,, one mile east of C:
P. R. line, Block, 4593, at 34 mile
post; .'and being southeast corner
of ",W. - Livingstone!s claim and
marked:;;: r William ' Livingstone's
southeastv'cofnerj thence 80 chains
west;' thence'";'80 chains north;
thence' 80 'chains east; thence 80
chains south to place . of commencement.   ■
Dated this 14th day of Novem-'.
ber,  1907.    , "     , ■
. W. LIVINGSTONE, Locator.
■ Witness—Nat Babcock..-*      -"    ,
. 7.—Commencing at a post planted at or near. W. Livingstone's
southeast corner, and being northeast corner "of W. Copeland's.
claim, and marked William Cope-
land's northeast corner; thence, 80
chains - west;, thence 80 - chains
south; thence 80 chains east;
thence 80 chaias north to place of
commencement."      ' ■ ;' .
Dated this 14th' day' of.November, 1907. . 	
Witness—Nat Babcock. -
, 8.—Commencing at a post'planted at or near W. Copeland's,
northeast' corner, and being northwest, corner, of R. Slugg's claim,
and • marked Richard Slugg's
northwest corner; thence 80 chains
fact that the'peoplewere deprived
%'i tne Jand,      and  of the''instruments  of. produc*.-0i£  ^d  of   distribution.
In dealing with.the cure for unemployment Mr. i; Symonds' said - a
class had. risen among the working  classes,   the   Socialist  Party,
who alone offered a solution     to
the unemployed question.    Socialism promised to'-'the worker     the
full product of his toil, and     all
who wished work would get work.
.   .   In closing,   Mr.'Symonds urged
all present to use their efforts   in
returning' socialist- members to the
Legislature. -■
A few questions were asked and
*   a short discussion' followed.
These   meetings     are   on   every
■ Sunday evenim.*;'in the Union Hall
at    7.45,    and,   all    workers-are
heartily -invited to attend,
commencement,    making 640    acres,
more or less. ■"'
, Located. this 17th day. of Oct., 1907.
W. E. COATES, JR.,   ..
. " ■   ■  . Agent- for, -
, ^ .      ,'-■      ,   ;•    Locator. '
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
4. Commencing 'at a post planted
at or near, at a point 1 mile east of
271 mile post of present C. P.'., R.
survey,' adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being the northeast corner post of Anna Belden's claim;
thence'west SO chains; thence south''
80 chains; thence east' 80 • chains;
thence north 80 chains-to a point o.
commencement, making 640 aires,
more or less.
Located this 17th day of Aug., 1907.
"    Vi. E. COATES, JR.,
Agent for
, ANNA BELDEN,        ,    ,    -i
• .    ■" "   * ,.    " ,' Locator.
Witness—Thos. .Slater.
'  ' ti
5. Commencing - at a post planted
at or- near\ at a point '3 miles east
Of 27. mile;post'of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining, Block '4593\on the
west, and being the southeast corner post of George L. Belden's claim
thence west 80 chains; thence north
80, chains;. ' thence "east -80 chains;
thence south 80 chains to a point of,
commencement,*' making 640 * acres,'
more,or less.
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
.. . ':   W. E. COATES, JR.,'     ,
'"'  ' ' ... Agent for"
7     ' Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater,    -
6. Commencing at a post ,plante3
at cf near at a point 3 miles east
of 27 mile post'of present * C. P. R.*
6urrey, adjoining' Block 4593 on„the
west,,and being the southwest &>r-
ner of Mrs. Bonnie Belden's claim;,
thence east. 80 * chains; thence north
80., 'chains; thence, west 80 ehains;
thence south'.80 chains to a point of
commencement,' .making 640 acres!
more3 or less. iu _"'  	
I v/as cui-ed'of toreible lumbago
REV. WM. BROWN.     ..',-
I was'cured of a bad case     of
ear'   ache    by    MINARD'S   LINIMENT.
' I   was   cured ■ of sensitive lungs
A new.' riant oro crusher has'
company's Mother Lode mine near
Greenwood. The machine is similar to thase used by tho Granby.
NOTICE is ihtreby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply
tp-^/'-'Fpi' Chief Commissioner
■..if-'.bands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on tho following described land's,
situated in tho District of South
East Kootenay, -Province of Brit-
Jsh Col.iimM<\5
-*»».. IL
1,—Commencing at a post plantod at or near 32 milo post of C.
P. It. line, Block 459*3, pnd. *.;;■;£
imt southwest Col-her of Nat Dab*
cock's claim, and marked Mat
Bubeoek'-j southwest eoNiiV; tlience
80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north; thtnee 80 chains v/ff-t',
thenco 80 chains south to viace
of eottiiuencenent.
Dated this Mtb. day of Woven.*-
thence 80 chains west; thence .-.80
ch'aihso north to place of commencement. . ~     „ .,*
' Bated this 14th day of November, 1907'*' ...... ,..-
Witness—Nat Babcock.-"
9,—Commencing at a post planted ^at" or near R. Slugg's northwest corner, , and being southwest
corner of J. Sandback's. • claim*;
and marked John Sandback's
southwest , corner; s thence 80
chains east; thence 80 chains
north; thence '80 chains v.ei*t;
thence(, 80 chains south to place
of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of 3.-.-.eir.
ber,   1907.
JOHN SANDBACKjv Locator. ■
Witness—Nat Babcock.
. 11' Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east of ■
29, mile post of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining-Block. 4593 on the
west, and being the northwest corner, post, of „ John D.' Peterson's,
claim; .thence south 80 chains; thence
east . 80 chains; thence north SO
chains;, thence west 80 ' chains to' - a
point bf commencement, miking 640
acres, more or less,   ' •
Located this 19th day of Oct., 1907.'
•■*■■   .,      "     .. Agent for
- , Locator. t
Witness—Thos.  Slater. " ',  " '
15. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles- east
of-29'mile post of present C. P. R.
survey,adjpining Block 4593 on the
west, and being the northwest -* corner post of Nicholas Bangs' claim;
thence south 80 chains; thence , east
£0 chains; thence'north , 80 chains;
thence, west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, " .making 640' acres,
more or less.    ..... *■  -'
Located this * 19th day,of Oct., 1907.
.,        W.' E. COATES, JR.,
...,-»,'   ..' "*-       ...... Agent for-
,„ NICHOLAS BANGS,  "   ■'      ''
7'    *' u Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater. ^
16. .Commencing at a post'.planted
at or near at a. point 3 miles east:
of 29 mile post of^present' C. P., R.
survey,,, adjoining'Block 4593 on the'
west, and being the northeast corner post of Julius Kribbs' 'claim;
thence • south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains;- ' thence' north 80: chains;
thence east 80- chains, to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
niore oi- less.'. • , ■ '' ,'
"Located this 19th day of Oct., 1907.
W. E. COATES, a JR., ;     . "'
'^      '   p "''     ''..,,    Agent' for»
v" ■ ■■   -    Locato*.
Witness—Thos. Slater.
'7. Commencing at a post planted
at or near the northeast ■ corner?, of
ihe J. F, Silverman'' claim,, and
being northwest corner ,of W.- Dar-'
by's claim, and marked W. Darby
northwest corner; :,thence ,80 chains
south; -thence 80 chains east; thence
SO chains north; thence 80 -> chains
west to place of commencement..
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
W.   DARBY,       ' _
'-        ."',''-'',"      ..  Locator. '
*    .      BAPTISE,,  LAMORUIEX,
-   . - Agent. ",
Witness—John McDonald.'
S. Commencing at a post planted
at or near W, Darby, northwest corner, and being southwest corner of
II. Lamoruiex's claim, and marked
1).\ Lamoruiex's- southwest corner;
thence*' 80 chains north; thonco 80
chains cast;** thence 80 chuins south;
thence 80, chains" west to, place of
commencement, o '    '
, Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
'n   .   , "■• vAgent."
'Vitncss—John McDonald.
NOTICE' is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply io
tbo Hon.! Chief' Oomrritflsibncr . of
Lands and Works for a llconso to
prospect lor coul and petroleum on
tho following lands situate in tho
district of Southonst ■ Kootenay.
British Columbia, Block "1593.,
1. Commencing at a post planted at
or nonr at a point ono milo cast of
27 milo post of present C,P , It, survey, adjoining Block 459» ,on tho
.west, and being the HoutueuBt cor-
hcil"poBt of Dot-nice Belden'*- filalmj
thence north 80 chains; thonco west
v-0 chains; thence south 80 chain'-;
thonco emt $0 chniua to a point 11
commenccmcnti malting C40 ncrci^
SlW-i ov Ma.
LuC-ited this l7ih dnjr bf Ofit. i»07.
Vi, E-, COAtiSB, JR.,
Agont for
Wi-incfls-ThoH, Sintei.
NAT BABCOOK', Locator, 2, Commonclng at a post planted
witness—Nat Babcock. i.„    „ ,    , *    ■    . -,    _   „   „
'27 milo   post of    present   0. P, Tt.
Q.-CommpneliiE; nt a pofitp'ant-|flurvey   ndjoinliiK Block 4593 on the I   Located Udii 10th-lay of Oct.,  1907.
fd at er near 33 mile post of    0
, Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
.   '..W. E.' COATES, JR., v.     ,
-   . , -« ■     .        . - *   ■- •
.   ■ *-. ,        '     Agent for
->  '. ^ - Locator,
Witness—Thos, "Slater,
",   .     .-■ ...■■;,:.'._ ",; \
7. Cohimfeficingai a-post planted
at cr near at a point 3 miles east
of 27 mile P06t of present C. P. 'R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 -on' the
west, and being the northwest, cor-*
ner, pest -of . Mrs. Bernice Belden's
claim; tbence, south 80 chains; thence
east 80 .chains; ■ thenco north SO
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of commencement, making C40
acres,- more or ..less.' . 7 '
Lo'catrd this .17th duy of Oct., 1907.
Vi.' Fi. COAT25S,  JR.;      .   -
Agent' for
Locator. ,
WJtncss-Thcs.  Slater.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at or near ut n point.3 miles east
of 27 mile post of present "C. P, n.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being tho northwest corner post of Nicholas A. Bangs'
claim; thenco south 80 chains; thenco
oast 80 chains; thenco north 80
chains; thenco west 80 chainB to a
point .of commencement, making 040
acres, moro or less.
Located this" 17th day ol Oct., 1907.
,   .';■:■'■ "-        ■    'Agent lor
Witness—Thou. Slater,
0> C'l-liihlemi'lilg nl a poiH. piantcd
nt or near at a p'rilnt 1 milo nant
ot 29 mllb iioH-fc of prcacnt O. P, It.
Bii.'vey, adjoining Block 4G93 on thc
west, nnd heim-, the southeast cor-
hv*r poBt of Frederick 0. Bani-'s
claim; thonco north DO chnlns; tlicnco
went SO chnlnn; tbence Bouth 80
chains; tlicnco cast K0 chninB to a
point of commencement, making C40
acroPi more or Ichh.
NOTICE is hereby given that
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner" of
Lands ainl Works t for a license " to
prospect for codl and petroleum ■'■ on
the., following described lands situated, in the'district of Southeast Koot.-,
tjnay. Province of British Columbiu.
*   1;  Commencing tit. d' post .planted
at or near one mile east of C...-P. R.
line at 27 mile     post, .Block 4503,
and being southeast corner of S.' M.
.Moore's claim and marked    S.    M.
Mooro southeast     .corner; thence 80
chains west;, thenco 80 chains north;
thenco' 80 • chains east;     thence 80
'chains south to place of commonce-
Located' .this 2,*5th day oi Oct,, 190J
s   ■   ,'   BAPTISE    LAMORUIEX,
" Agent,
-"Witness—..lohn McDonnld.
2.  Commoiiclhg' at a post   plnnted
,ut or nenr, H..M, Mooru's southeast
'corner,'and  being-tho northeast corner of ,1.(J. Rochford.s claim,    and
marked A. U,'     Hochfovd    northeast
■"cotiior; thenco 80 chains west; thonco
80 chains south;  thonco, 80    chains
oust;' thonco     80 chains' north    to
plnco of coinmont'omoiu.
Located  tills 115th tiny ot Uct., 1007
Witness—John M«D,oimkl.
* JI. "Commoncing iit a post planted
at' or near. <J. C. Rochford north
oa'st'corntr, nnd bolng northeast,corner of,I. I'dlioi-tfioii's clr.lm'nnd
marked .1, Robertson northwest corner; thonco 80 chnlns south; thonco
80 clinlus oust;' thenco hO chains
north; thonco 80 chains vest to
placo of coinineiicoinont.
Local od this S.-Hh dny ot (.if-t., 100
I ut.-atoi'.
-■_        •   ' Ayont.
Wltni'SH—.Tnlin  Mi'lKinuhl.
'I, Commcnclne nt a lost limited
at oi* nonr .KHoliei'tson's northwest
i-ornoi-, und bolng souiluvoHt cornor
of .John McDoniild'N clniin, nml
mai-kod ".lohn McDnnuld; t'tciiro HO
(.I'liilm, north; tli.'iieoSO chaltiH cuhi;
thnnro R0. ch[,iiifl"Hni'th; ilicmo 80
chnlns woift 'to plnco nf ciminicncu*
mout. " \
Located thin UBth dny nl Oct., lt-07
.JOHN' MolH)**.AM),
A Bent.
Witness—.J-ilui  Mi'DiiiimIiI.
^V;;;^.notice*- ;r ..
**-     <, \. m*m*m*m%*m  ~'
NOTICE is hereby, given that 30
daysafter. date"I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief * Commissioner of
Lands and..Works for a licinse to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the folloeRing- described lands situated" in the district of Southeast
Kootenay,. Province of British Columbia.      *-.,■*.,■-»■      ,
- ., i> ' * "
-■A. Commencing, at a post" planted
at or near one , mile east' of C. P.
R. line at the 29 mile post, and being southeast corner of J.' L. King's
claim, and marked'. J. L. King's
southeast' corner;- thence' 80 chains
west;'thence 80. chains north; thence
80 chains ,eiist; thence 80 chains
south to, place of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907
' J. Li KING,       ,.
;J"- - -' Locator.
-■   ■'■' •   o'.i - ...* Agentt
' Witness—John McDonald. "'"' '"
,2. Commencing at "planted
at or.near southeast corner"of J.
L. King's claim, and being northeast corner of D. C. Drain's claim,'
and marked D. C. Dr'ian's northeast
corner; thence 80cchains>est;.thence
SO chains south; thence* 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north to place
of coihmencement.       ' A        ■"  -
Located  this of Oct.'.' 1907*
'   ■■-   D—C—DirATN7"~^"' "r~'~.
A pastors' union, composed of all the,
Protestant,, clergymen of Lacrosse,,/
Wis., is affiliated with, the America;.,
Federation of Labor.L,      ^
It the annual revenues of the"Church"
of   England   -were   divided    equally
among the clergy of that denoinina--■"
tion there would be, hardly *?1,250 each.
Starting so long ago that he declines,
to tell just when it was, Rev. O. Badg-'■•
ley   of   the   Pearl   Street   Methodist '"
church of Cleveland recently preached
his six thousandth sermon.
Rev. Dr. Curtis'Leo Laws of. Baltimore recently completed n tour'of the-
United States, covering about 11,000
miles. At one time or another he has.
visited almost every country on the
globe.       , ,  " *   7 • ,'
There arc 8,000 Chinese In New York
city, and, for them' the lirst Chinese- ■ -
church Is now to be built, being nn put-
growth of the5 Presbyterian mission', *,
and Rev. Hule Kin will be,the^flrst
pastor.. . . ^ ,.'., •',. 'i^j..,-.7rj)
St Thomas' Epiiwbpal-church in New-
York is about equally'divided ,whether.
to,: expend., JjLpOQ.OpO. op'fc.noy^xuek
or.'split', the' amount' and?giy^v()nejlialf ^--
of it to mission work, using'•■the'fbttjer,*
half for a church.
The civil,list "of;the king-of Greece
is the smallest, in Europe, it does not
exceed $200,000 a-yean ;'7  yiYHyi"'* *
In thc last theatrical season King;
Edward witnessed, the performance of
thirty-one plays. There Is no,better.or   a
more  considerate playgoer  than_: his; 7
majesty,  and   he . Is  always . prompt;
never delaying the raising of the cur* *->
t.iln._   , ' .-       •    ' •', ,v   *  ■-■,-,   -i'*' :_ '
' Emperor William's extraordinarily yet*, "
siitlle knowledge of ill technical, mat-,
ters * was, illustrated .again' during. ,th«"
visit his- majesty recently.!paid .'Germany's great central^ wireless 'stations
,;it Nuuen,/when.the,kaiser^gave'.-evl- -
■Ap'tf ?- -tt-"t j,e. ^'is.'thoroughly. coiiver-
snnl^Ith t'he-MorSiTnTp^ .'.
'...Grand;Dtike .NicholasiNicholayitcfa, „
inspector general of the Russian cavalry, is described'as'a'magnificent son'
of Mars, perhaps the .last.of.the Ro- retain the herculean stature
which was.once their' birthright:. Ho
stands six feet ninelnches in his,thin1 '
soledicavalry boots and Is active, alert  '
and well proportioned...    '■      ■->•■• ^-''"
P, R. line, Block 4503, and   being ,
wrHt, and being tho I'oiithweHt cor-
northwest'  corner   cf' J.   *".iviiif>;" :ncr   post of     Mrs.  Ponrl   Belden's i Arent for
bione *» amiit,  nnd uiftiKcd   u olxn claim;  thenco oust 80 chains; thenco : PRKDKniCIC  0.  11ANOH,
Ii!Srao1ohnl,iroa!;tML"n''JlM^"('rih   ^0 -.IminHj     tlicnco   wont   .«■ -. . Locator,
chains   south;     thoiu-«   SO  'hains > olminH; ,h«nro Houth 80 chnlns to a ; Witnrsn—Thos. .Sinter.
•west;  thence SO chains north    to   point of commencement, inuUlnK C-10;
place of eo»n»<nce.:.eut. ncrc„ m9n or )CSB. ,
Dated this Mth dny of tf-ivem- '
b^r.   1!'07
JOHN LIVINGSTONE,   -\,<v.-.nt.
Witness—Nat Babcock.       ' '
fi. Cniniiii'iicliig nt u post planted
nl. nr iii.;ii' imo nilli' IY1.n1 lho .ihiilIi-
4   ' '  ' Locator.
' * *{\.<VCI11
Witness—John McDonald.    -°
3. Comuieiicnig al a post planted
?.w or near northeast corner of D. C.
Drain's claim,' and being northwest
Corner of the A. A. Sparks',, claim,
and marked "A. A. Sparks' northwest ,corner; thence*8fi cli'iins east;
thence "80, chains south; iheuce 80
chains ..west; thenco 80. chuins north
x.o place of commencement',
Located this 24th day of Oct.,1907
a, a. sparks;
..'..,' Locator,
Agent. "
Witness—John McDonald.
,'L Commoncing at a post i-hmtod
at, or near northwest corner of A.
A. Sparks' claim, und being- southwest corner nf tho A.'Good cluim,-
'unci miu*iv.uil-Aii(ly Good's southwest
corner; thonco- 8u•"-(■.fains east; thuneo'
SO'chains nnrlli; ..iheiico 80 (hains
west; thenco- 80 chiiins* south to
place of commencement.
Local od   this 2*tth dny of Oct.-, 1007
■A,  GOOD, * '
„' '   Agent,
witness—.lohn McDonald.
.-., Coiii'monclng at a post planted
nt or near ono milo from ..the southeast coriu-r,of A, Good's tliinri, and
being southeast corner of J J, R,
Gamble's claim,, and markod .11. R.
Gamble's southeast uonior; ^limicoSO
chnlns west; ihonco SO chains noith;
thenco 80 chains oust; thonco 60
chnlns south to placo of commencement. "
'Located this 2 Ith day of Oct., 1007
II.   11. G.UrilMC,
BAl'TI,■*•,•;  LA.MOHUIBX,
WI(,'08rt-*-,Jnhi* McDonuld.
fl. tilimiiioticlng ut a iiost plantod
nt or iicnr-flouthonsl cornor of JT, It,
Gnmblo's clnlm, nnd bolng north-
I'lisi, corliol' nf .1, Murid's cjnlm, nnd
miu'kod .1. Murid's nurtlionht cornor;
Ihonco 80 chuiiiH -vent; thonco 80
rlialhs south; llicnco 80 chnlnH oust;
thonco HO chnlns north to plnco of
.1.  MIJIUD,     , , -       "   *
l AiTOIlt.
WMtiPHN—lohii  McDonald.
Tlie .TapailOse' Esperanto association-
contains SOO Japanese members.    In"
Kyoto lliey use for n meeting place of
their group one" of the.old Buddhist
tomploa. .    ."-.-   ' ■ <   ■	
.la eiasgow recently n't St. Gi-lbert's-'
church  thc  Ilev.  David  Graba'm  in--
stead of a sermon gave his congrega-- .
tion, a-lecture on the beauties'of Es--
poranto. * Nobody went to sleep.
Dr. Zamenhof,' the Inventor of Esperanto, is publishing In La Revue nil'
Esperanto - translation of (, Schiller's'.
"The Robbers." This makes his fourth
Important translation. The others
were'of Shnkcsponre's '.'Ilnmlot," Gogol's "The Reviser" unci tho book." of
Eccles!astc3 "-„_--^...._*, ~-"y
Tlie.E-jpornnto movement'ln Finland
Is not wldespro'rid, hut what thero Is of
It is earnest. . Atllclslngfors thoy hnyo1
Kliii'lod tho l'"lmi(i Esperaiitlslo, a foiir
page shoi't, which Is typewritten nud
thou mhncogrnplicd., The editor cheer*
"fully imnouiiccs Unit when the number ■■'
of his subscrlbcra makes It worth whllo
he wlll have his pnpor printed.
 r       -* ,,j."'
I.y, kocphig tho seeds picked from
tlio perennials they wlll bloom much
Tho Callfornln redwood. tree novcr
doenys. Fallen trunks which have
been overgrown by now forests nro ns
fscl.d us on tlio day thoy foil.       ,-
„W'lion using foi'tlllzors bownro of iis-.
Ing' enough to Induce a rapid growth.
Rapid growth nmonn pot plnnts Ih,
iiino on bus out of tun, wonlr, unhealthy
gi-owlli, and flower growers should always aim to avoid It.
'iliu ooniiii-y plant Is a myth. Tho
nguvo of tlio ordor of iimaryllldacoao
tnkf-H from ton to peventy, years to
como to lunturliy, tlion blooniR onco
nnd dies. Thoro Is no plant thut flowers onco ovorv hundred yours.
•    ,^'il —. *ff.       .    I»
A tunHpoonful of strong coffcto added
to chocoliito nt tlio lust, inlnuto, wlll
glvo It'n dollcloiis llnvor,-
To Hcnio fish ipilckly cover with boiling wntor.' Lot It remain In tlie water
Just half a minute, then scrapo with n
knlfo nnd tho sonles will como off readily.
Pick out nil tho bonos nud inlneo n
can cf hiinllno;..  Add mio-hiilf as uiucli
lilcldoH.    K(»iiHim
Locnted 'his 17th dnv nf Oct... 100T.
W. 13. COATKS, .IU.,
'! Agent for
jins. rraARL bbldbn,
3.—-Commencing at a post plant- . Locator,
cd at or near J. Livingstone's wifneHs-ThnR Sinter
northeast corner, and being north- - W,tllcB8 inoB' BIntcr'
west corner     of W.  T.   l-Jntson's     .  r, .        k t    .    t ,
claim, and marked W, T. Watson's : 3- t-o""n<'»>c>n« '»«■ >* I'f'Kt plnnted
northwest corner-, tbence 80 chnlnn nt or nflnr at a point 1 mile cast of
oa-'t;    theiuo     BO   chains   south; .27 mile'post of present   C.   V.   Tl.
SX^orth^ ™«* *™ «» **
mencement. J west, and being the northwest   cor-
Datrd this 14th day of Novem-j ner post of Gertrude Beldea'B claim;
fcw 1*T,3ttr*T«Sftw  r    '» !th#nee iouth 80 chains; tl.-M.ire   east
J.* tTVWOSTSfm"eA«S*. i» chains:   thenee north 80 chains;
Witness—Nat Babcock. 1 thtnee wert 80 cbalos to 0 Poltl of
10. tVinmuiirlng nt u post pluiitod
nt ur war nt a luJlit 1 iiilhi cant oi j
'li llllUi p(.,Ht. ol  pl't'ill'Ilt  (".  1J.  li. Hlir-
Tty, adiolnlng Ulock \Wi on tlw
west, and being tho eouthwost dir-
ncr post of Tlortha Mlllrr:.'i claim;
tlience north 80 chains; thenco cast
80 cliains;   thence   south FO cliains;
7. L'diiiiueni'ing at a pnmt planted
nt. (ir m»nr mii'thi-iiRt 'curlier of ,T,
Mhi'M'n i'lnim, nml being nrirthwo.'.t
(.-oni*"'- nf ,J, |.'. Irwin's i-lnlin, nnd
iiiiirki'd ,1. l-". Irwln'ft U(ii-th\ eor*
i'ii-.t coi-iii'r of .1. M-'Doimld'H clniin, | iicl"; lhoin-o fO cliuins south; thoiicoi..i'lin|i|ii|d I'Ui-iiinlii'r
,,'. ' ,' !>. ■-"'!' ' ' , ,"::' *• -V* 1 ,7' ''"•'"■■ <-"--'- ■ titiittit uu umutis ,-v,-l;;i mil .in.! cjiyclin;*., iuul mis with
M.11II...11SI   .-..nivr:    ihuucuKu  cli.itns | plum of r..uiinnnc..inoMi. ll ,   ....*....».Ui.u .uv-.ii.i;.   w.vb ...1 wa.ui.
wi-.sli ilii'tuv wi i/imiu.- lunih; tiiuiitu 1    Lccnlod tliln aiih «lav of O-t.. V.'OT' ''
•I. P. IllWIV,   ' '    '''•"' k'''i'v'l'i'* fK'-im «'h'"*--« I..*!1'- 'vi"*
1   ' Local or,"    ' 1Iio"I"-i"-!pi1 lirnvl or i:ngll:'h  iiiu'tlu*;,
HAI'TISI'.   LAMGluhi-'X, '    ' f'hr»I> line n 1'p.uihli led \v.<\i\\.'V iiik'i
A.'i-I.t Illl'f    'I    .'IV .'I    -.*! •>■'■     '"I"    M> ' ■■'*
iMll'i'S"-—.J11J111  3P-J)iiiiiiJiJ,
1 ,wn   Hiilns   ,'H>*1:     ih-nro HO
ImiiiMi tn pliiri- nf ciuiiiTii'iiPi'mi-nt.
|    |,oi!i:tcil   thN i!.*th ihiy nf Oct., 1H07
A. UH.-K,
|r " -\K0nt.
Wltiii'SK—Idlin  .McDdiU'.lil.
(5. Coiiimciiciiig nt a \nit;t pl.-mled
nt nr injur enrnor of. tlio
A.  Iti'-'O clniin, uud  l-t'ing noi'thecjht
j Imlf a civ-aiii t-lieww, *---jn;.oa uhli »>.-.'1
! niul n Utile pi'.|)ilkii nud  form  Into
Train and Track.
thenco wist Su fbulhS to 11 pnjnt   of i--,'l',,,T   "/  A.  V,   rfiUi-.-iniiii'h  tinlm,
1 nnd niiii-Ncd .1. I-, yihfi'm.iii s r.orth
commencement,    mnklng   fiiO acrrs,
more or less,
Lccatcl this 10th day nf Oct., 1907
Vi.-E. COATB,  JR.,
1 AKent for
W.ancss-Thoi. Slater.
emt   fnl-iipr;    tlii'Hi.i    SO  r|iniri<;   ^i-.l
tlifiii'c  MO ihalftf. hiiiith;     "in-iit-o ' "
'.•linlim mist; thonco "-0  .hiilns rmtli
tn plare nt rnmmi'in'-mi'ii..
Liicntnil  this 2."jtli dav if Oct., '-.', 07
.1.  V. rtlLVKllMAN*,*'
Witness—John McRonald,
fX, CiHiuiipticlUiir ut a (tost plantod
nt or nonr tlio northwi-st cornor of
.1. !■'. Irwin's plnliri, nnd bcliitf south
w«'St cunu-r of It. II. Ganililo's claim,
nnd iniii'ki'd It. R. Gnmblo's southwest conu'r: tliPiico HO rhnlns cant; Trnlii'i on tho Pro'lWh I'l'^'ruU
ijn.i.u. m rhniiifi iiMi-tli: iIipiico 80|,mvo bl,on fK.cnB|oiMilly sioppJ.fby'i|jd
i-hiiliiH west: tlirnco HO chains south   fo..,.., .,, n1|-»wi,„i
1" |.|flrv.  ii{ I'Hllilljulirt.jHuiit. .I'.
LncniPil  this illtli dny of Oct,,* IPO"
it. h. oAmhm-:.
iiAPTrsi:  LAMonmiix,
Uitnttfi—loli*. M<l>**n**ij.
Minard's Liniment Cures DIpitheria.
Tliu titnniKo (-ii|i;ii,lty nf tho ynrils of
tho rcnnsylrnnlu rallrmd linn IncroiiH*
ed 200 *ter t-ent In ten -jonw.
Btot'l 1k>x cars lmve been Imllt-recently whicli wlll welsh n'bmit 3.00tl
[XMimis loss than wooden cars of (he
eon-M else and cannclty. m
WW.   I   ,
The General Manager Explains
Commercial Stringency
§ «
Montreal Dec, 13—At the annual
meeting of the shareholdex-s of the
Bank' of Montreal the annual report as recently, published' was
adopted and authority given for
tbe addition of two directors. E.
S.    Clouston,    general   ^manager,
' commenting on 'the figures contained in the annual statement,
said the increase in the deposits
" bearing interest was due to .. the
withdrawal, of funds by the people attracted by .the low prices of
securities'   and ' desiring to make'
. permanent'investments. - , -
'*, He referred to the stringency in
the money market, taking the
ground, that the reaction, so far
as Canada was concerned, was not
likely to be nearly so severe as in
tbe past instances of the kingdom.
The stringency -was due to universal    causes.     Countries     have
., been    living beyond their'means,
and retrenchment, was necessary,
, Mr.' Clouston also answered ^the
criticism ' on  the action,   of    the
banks in having so much    loaned
- outside the Dominion.) which in a
time of stringency might have
been used .to .advantage at borne.
He . claimed' it was necessary" to
Have sufficient assets easily and
quickly available.*-, Sums loaned
"to- call' in-safe securities were
really part-of the reserves of the
banks', and they had the' choice of
leaving, them lying unprofitable in
vaults or using them to -'advantage.- •' -   *   . ,'■     •*_   ■',"..   '
• ..Even if the money was' all call-
., ed in it-would not be placed    in
-*   circulation,   being_^a_na-rt_o_f__^the
reserved.' "„' .        ■■;.^" 7   ■■'" *   * . ■
"The. president, Sir'Geo. Drum-
, iriond, in his address was optim-
■ istic, saying:     "'■
■'•'Here in Canada we have escaped most of,all the troubles of our
neighbors. The' collapse-'in- stocks
has. no doubt affected- many in-
v'e'stors, but beyond a certain
tightening of the money ' market-
and advancing interest, I can see
no' evidence of serious 'effects. The'
banks have been-acting with caution "in their reserves,'which, • is
eminently proper with a conflagration raging next-door, but consumptive-demand has been good,
and the excellent business - of the
early part of the year has shown
little abatement up to the present
time." '' -      '",'.'
,   .  -     fl .
tor man a. realization of his . responsibility to his fellow man.""
To make'manhood felt far' and
wide was the highest .aim of niah,
and this was tV:e of "a, nation."
The law of influence is one of the
greatest laws which
Man's influence on his fellow man
is either for' good or bad—that
influence is always present. Thus
it is that we can lift up or we can
drag our ■ fellow man* down'.
Through it' all we can see the vision of the great opportunity '' to
do good and influence other men
toward heaven.
"Some men who are in business
think that tbey have their .business to they'please with it,
but that is - wrong." said the
Bishop. "It is a matter of stewardship and it is not his own for
his own use. There must be _. an
accounting to society, to other
individuals and an accounting, to
God who gives us these, opportunities. One man* may be given one
talent and another ten. The only
equality is in the opportunity for
service, and.each man will be held
responsible only in that measure
that he has given talents." ■
The speaker then referred to the
great  moral   wave  that  was • at
the present .time sweeping over the
United States.   There was an ele-'
ment of.pessimism prevalent, but
despite    it- all   there    was    every the situation.   Men
■were beginning to- care whether a
thing   was,  right or   wrong,  and.
that... in   itself was    a great    improvement'- and    intensified     the'
hope.   Some men were- prone    to
think that the region represented
by the old    gospel     was-playing
out, but nothing could be farther
from the truth. . This belief was
being even carried' into the pulpit
and was developing into sensationalism'with, the yellow journalism as a promoting, force. o     >
- "Religion will never play .out,"
was the 'emphatic declaration of-
the. Bishop^'« "Men never" thou'ght
more v about it than*'they do. to-
"aayT^TKey are tired"of that which
has grown out of sectarianism in
religion, but out of it all is growing, a' grander idea of the Kingdom of flGod and the Saviour him-"
self.'*. Previously it was- a mutual
admiration society.—a sort of holy
1 elub—buL it did' not 'work,,
"The world is growing better
every day. and the type of manhood is. becoming nobler," ob-'
served the Bishop in com*lutiion.
"True. manhood is reaching out
so that you will lift others high-
el. Out" of the darkness there
ahines a light, • and that light is
so' reflected in us that we can see
the good works of our Father.and
glorify Him in heaven." '
I-4N BANK''■ i*8^'^^*-*^^^ ^^m^^mm^
B. E. WALKER, President .'„
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
' Branches -   **
Paid,up Capital, $ 10.000,000
Rest, - -. - i>.000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throu'jliout Canada, and in. the United States and Enjlahd
Deposits of $1 und upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. Thc depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the withdrawal-of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
1 Undertakers & Embalmers
'~-n     , AGENTS   FOR  ■-'
" The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granue Works        .-«
,   The   Kootenay   Marble.. Works,    Nelson!      *w>
Samples Can be Seen-at tlie Office.      .7       Parlors in lundy's Block
"You.cannot legislate men into
morality,     It   is one   thing    to
place laws on tho statuto   books
but   it-   is *"an    entirely dliTorent
thing    to,   mako them ■ workable.
Too often tho laws wo pastern >>o*
como doad letters on the pages cf
the statuto book."
*3o„ spoke   Right   Rov,   Bishop
Keator, D.D., of Olympia,  Wash,,
who addressed a mass mooting of
men in Christ church on Docembor
Snd.   Tho mooting was under   tho
a,uspicos of tho Brotherhood of St.
Andrew in connection    with    the
church, nnd was largely attondod,
bolng    representative    of    almo3t
every denomination.   An 'oloquont
arid forcible   spoaltor, tho Bishop
was heard to splendid advantage,
and hiH words carried conviction
with them.   His arguments showed a broadth of thought   nnd   a
practicability   of    purpose   that
rendo'rod   thorn dooply   impressivo
and made them peculiarly adaptable to tho subject which ho   discussed, ''Man's Responsibility   to
'•This Pucifle province is full   of
activity and enorgy," he declared..
"Her resources and opportunities
are very groat,   But tho greatost
asset   wo hnvo is   our  manhood,
* and we should soelc to malco   this
fact Vnov.'r* fr.v uud v. Hi lw    ...<...
who nre nomW thither,   Tt In the
ono thing of all things'that   will
malto the country groat."
The Bishop made interesting rcf- j
oronco to tho big convention of tho !
3.-.J£.!"......uwu     ■>*■   iii. Asidtuw    m
Washington a fow weeks ago, and !
whei'o at a big mass mooting this *
samo     subject     wnn     discussed,
-   A Square Deal
Is assured you whon you buy Dr, Pierces
family modlclnos—for all the Ingrodi-
onta entering Into thorn aro printed cn
tho bottlo-wrappcr:- and tholr fomujo.9
aro attested undor oath as boln-jcc-mploto
and correct. You know Just what you aro
paying for and that tho Ingredients aro
(fathered from Nature's laboratory, bolng
soloctcd from tho most valuablo natlvo
medicinal roots found growing in our
American forestTm*dLjvhllo potent to euro
aro porftsfft-l* harndosOvoaMlo tho moot
delicate woii^at»*nnillaT4Tn;r Not a drop
by, local applications, as they can
not'reach the diseased portion of
the ear. 'Thero Is'only ono .way to
euro deafness; and that Is hy constitutional remedies. Duafnet-a Is
caused hy an Inflamed condition of
thp.iriucuos lining of the eustachian
tube.- When this tube Is inflamed
you -have a rumbling wound or Imperfect- hi'iirln.*,. and when It Is entirely olo-ted, deafuesH la tho result,
and.unless tho inflammation can bo
taken out and this tubo restored to
Its normal condition/hearing wlll bi
destroyed forever; nine oases out of
ton aro caused hy catarrh, whloh la
nothing but an Inflamod condition
of tho muouos surfaces.
We will give.One Hundrod Dollars
for any oaae of doafneflB (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo oared by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for blr-
ouIdn, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolcde,   O.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Sold by druggists, 76c.
if_fl|pfi)iol enters Inl.o their minim*;
aimra iwiTniitDwrOTiiEirnDaMnuii
ineaiclin".. properties of Its own,
bolng a most valuablonntlspptlc and antl«, nutritive nnd soothing demulcent,
lilycorlno plays an Important part ln
Dr. I'loree's llnlilpn Medical Discovery In
tho euro of JndlKi'fltlnn, dyspepsia und
wnak stomiiefi, iitUmdcd hy sour risings,
liourUmni, foul bnmili, eon tod tonguo,
poor uiijjuilto, gnawliii" fi'dliia' In atom-
null, biliousness uml Iclnilrnil derange-
nifiits of tlio stomiich, liver und bowels,
I'i'sIiIob curing nil tlio iil-ovn distressing
'iillinoiits. tlio',(inldou Mi'ilk-iil Discovery"
,ls u spi>clllc for all dli-i'M-os of tli'J mucous
mnmliriiiics, ns cuturrli, wlmiliPi* of tho
iia-.ul (mssagosorof tlm suimach, bowels
or pelvic oruaiis. J-Jvcn In Its nlccratlvo
stages It wlll yield to this sovorclun remedy If Its use ho jiersevend In, InChronlo
Catarrh nr tlin KiihiiI i-ui.siigo'-, It Is well,
whllo tuldiig lho "(.it'ldoii Medical Discovery" for tho iioeoHsary i-onsiltiitlonal
treatment, to cleanse thu pussngoa freely
two or tln-oo tlmos a day with Dr. Kngo's
Catarrh Hnmody, This thoroimh courso
of trealniont generally cures tlio worst
In voiikIih anil hoarMMiuM (.'aiiswl by bron-
lb ltd, ihuittt nnd I mi if ni{'i.'ntli)ii>>, con-
iuinptloii iu Its n'lvunci'il ntnucH, tlii< "(laltlon
Mmllcal Dlsrovory" Is n inont olllcluiit mm-
cily, fMioclnlly In (Ikmii nhMltrntu, limm-ou
ruiiifliH cnuiiiM] lij'lri'liiitlim mul eonni'stloii of,
tho hroiieliUl mucousrni'iiilirnncH. Tho-'Dls*1
covory" Is not ho ins id fm* iiciiiu rouuli* nrls*
liur from siuidun eelds. noi' huimi It lw ox-
Iiected to euro eensiiiniillon In Us nilvimeiH,
;'.;.„-. > ;.....,<sil ,,., ui.ii imi. »i/f uli
llio olisfiinato. elii-onlij rontdin, whli'li, If nei?-
li-i'ti-il. er liuiJJj- ij'i'^.'ii.1. Ji :..J iitii.ii\ni\mno"
Uon.HUtlio best nicdluinu ihatcan bfltakcA
Tho next eonvention of the,
Amorican Toderation of tabor
will be held in Denver.
IN PROBATE NO, 267 OF 1007.
NOTICE i3 herobygivon that on
the 25th day of November, 1007,
it was ^ordered by Toter Edmund
Wilson, Esq,, -local judge of the
said court, that Jamos Ferguson
Armstrong, ofllcial administrator,
in and for that portion of .llio
county of East Kootenay,- included in tho Fernie (doctoral district,
be administrator of all and sing*
ular the estate of Georgo Onyslco,
of Hosmer, B, C, deceased, interstate
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
in the distribution of the estate
of the said deceased in roquircd to
send, before the Snd dny of .January noxt by registeied letter, addressed to tho undersigned, his
name and the full particulars of
his claim or interest and a statement of his account and tho nature of tho security, if any, hold
by him.
After tho said last mentioned
date thu administrator will proceed with tho distribution of tho
estate, having regard to those
e-.i-irn-i rmly nf which he iliall \.*.\u
had notice.   '
Dated ut   Cranbrook, thin 20th
day of November, 1007.
JAMES       FERGUSON        ARM-
Official Administrator.
Try this week and,open a
- savings account by depositing one dollar...
Keep it up, and at the
end of the year you will
have saved a month's fair
wages, on which we are
paying full compound
interest as your account
The Home Bank of Canada '
is thc particular friend of the
small depositor. Thc highest
rate of interest is paid, and
customers who wish to save,
closely are loaned handy metal
banks free—vest pocket size
for men.
It will lio no I rouble Tor you to open an Account.
Leave your itnme nm!. nililrrm, .IcpoKit one
drtlliir ami tnbu vour pan. UnoW. W'htn you ara
out of llm Ci'.y,*, or witliilniwAlu may Im
made by Idler.
The weary traveller in search of a pood
home, plenty to eat and something good to
drink should go to . -
The King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Fernie, B.C.
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
Western Canada
Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd,
of Canada.
G. W. N. Boulton, Manager
Fernie liruncli   .
Tho Boston local of tho Wood,
Wiro and ' Motal "Lather:-]1 Union
has Piitablisliod a nick and death
though not'on-j of tho distinguish- J benefit system for its members.
ed speakers   attempted to  * prove ■ *——.
that, thero was a responsibility ho. !    Vxxrirxfr tho nine month* pm!fnB
iween man   and man.   Thoy     all \ ^^ flV$™> g«J*   *»;
took   the    fnrt for   g-i-nntc-.i,   nnr"
thai was wlmt Jit* j*ro*-o.';ed to do.
"Any man who tmly tutors   in*
to lif.i must p-ah;?.* thi*; responsibility,"   lu-   dovl.-ijfd.   "iro    true
man can liv* hln lift* (or Wr.-'elf,
and    nft  ihinry <*rru*  th*> in't'iT't
that is planted deep v/ill work out
...ri..huit  Hi*,2'i'il   ior      tho
responding period of lOOi],
At the next convention of tho
Tir.df-i at.d Labor Cojulm■*>.■, of
CiuuuU' tin; quv-tion of bavin!--- <-ll
l ..-.I!'. s.> i.. f'-ivcimm-nt employees
!'... 1.'. ,.;.*.7i tt... *;i*il lot*, vice act
v ill be considered,
IN PKODATE NO.  i-'OO OV  1007.
NOTICE is hirohy given that on
; tlio 25th dny of November, 1007,
1 It wni ordered by Tvtw   Edmund
■ Wilson, Esq., local .itulgo of    tho
: said  court,   thnt  A:nv.i"i  Ffi-ffiiinn
- ArniHronf,",  oll'ri^l, ad.iiinSstrator,
i in and for that portion    of    tho
■"ninny of V.nfjt KootniJiy, iiiflud-
cA itt ihi* Fi-irj-if rl(*ctrirni d''.tr'i*t, '„
! ..     •   .'   ..ii. •,.!.-..,    r.1    nil     *.../!     <,i.,.,-   *XV.Xi
having any claim upon or inter-
est in the distribution of tho estate of the said docoasod, is required to send, boforo tho Snd
day of January noxt by registered
letter, addressed to tho under*
signed,1 liis name and addross and
tho full particulars of his claim
or interest and a statement of his
account nnd nnturi* of XX\n mow-
ity, if any, held by him. "
Alter the Kaicl last mentioned
date tho administrator will proceed with tho distribution of tho
estato, having rep-.trd t<i those
claims only of which ho shall havo
had notice,
Dated at Cranbrook, this 20th
day of Novomber. 1007.
JAMES       FE-RGURON        AKM-
0     STllONO,
Official Administrator.
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
. General  Merchandise
Coleman :-: Alta.
A Paying
A hotel that {lirnlslics quiet, aom*.
rnridlou.'i acoinraml.itluii fur itu li.wt.*
itns Pi ;i uoiirco ot  plciniiru   to tho
iid.itiii' of nil niid jiinf**
ul;-.r th.» estati* of .'Jr.*-<>*'h "JI:'t*..'i?h
or ^f.' t.-r jf-k. uf TTopIiu r, 11. C. de- •
4 4..*u.;il, in'niliiVati-,
Every creditor or other
traVi'lUn-.* iiiUlc.   iuth i-. nnt: Is tliu-    t.
; i:d*.-nl lli.t.l, t,f   Ti-;uli;, ror* ,   i'
n!*:.* -Tp .-site j o;,t <', *;',
It will pay you to look
over our slock of Fool-
wear ior Fall aiul Winlor
use.    Our stock's complete
MITTS,  (ILOI'/iS ami
S()t\ n( Loti'i'st  Prices
W. R. McDougall
20? Victoria  A-
person MinnrJ'p Mnlment Cun.   CoM.:, etc,
. ^ 4 -■ £*c
WEENIE'.XEDGEK^FERNXE, B.    cl," DECE-MSEK- 14thJ. 1907.
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
leaned' every Saturday  from  the Office of
.Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
-   . Fernie, British Columbia.   -. - ...
AU changes of ads. must be in as follows:—
Pages S and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday ; pases s niul 4,
tp. m. Thursday, and page U, 2 p.m. Friday.
we will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with.
Legal advertisipi! 12 cents per" nonpariel
line tirst insortion,8 cents per lino each subsequent insertion. *
Kates for contract advertising oil aMilica-
tion ut ofiice of publication, Todd Block.
T. T, JOHN.       F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor Manager
-PERNIE, 2314—Pres., I. T. Puck-
ey; Fin;. Sec, Thos. Biggs.    " •,
HOSMER, 2494—Pres., rWm., Taylor: Sec, Wm. N. Reid .
'J        .   . ...   •
MICHEL; 2334—Pres., Wni. vCol-
grehoun; Sec," Charles Garner.   ,
COLEMAN, 2633—Pres., Vii Hay-
son; Sec, Wni. Graham.,
PRANK, 126,3—Pres'.,.Fred Allott;'
L Sec;, George Nichols.        ,,.*>
LILLE,    1233—Pres.,    T.   Evans;
'   Sec, A. ,W. May. '
BELLEVUE, 431—Pres.,- F. Lewis;
Sec, 'Fred Chappell.
HILLCREST,   1058—Pres., Robert
•■■ Livett;    Vice-Pres.,    J.   Lagace;
Sec, Harry T., Cooper.
LTJNDBRECK, 2275—Pres., Alex.
McCullock;''Sec, Peter .Blake. .,-
WOODPECKER, 2299—Pres., W.
R. Hughes; .Sec.j John Fletcher.
MORRINVILLE,' 2378—Pres., . C.
H. Richardson; ;Sec, J. Mathe-
son.,' >.-.,;..-
Sec, T. Entwistle.   .
CANMORE, 1387--Pres., W.    Sav-
,    age; Sec, Jack Raymond.
-BANKHEAD, 29—Pres..   ' Wm.
Fisher; Sec, F. Dyson,
TABER, •" 102—Pres?, T. Boyle;
Sec, Wm. Murdock.   " v
LETHBRIDGE,    574—Pres.  B.. G.
• , Hamilton;    Sec,   Charles    Peacock.
TABER, 135y—Pres., Alt'. Rob-,
erts; Sec, Robert Doodson..*
. CITY MINES, 2240, Edmonton—
Pres., T. James;. *  '* _        '  '
STRATHC0NA, 2248—Pres., John
"   Saint; Sec*, Jas. Poole.
Strathcona—Pres., Jas. Cherl-
er; Sec, Neil Mc Cormick.
BUSH MINES, 2655, Edmonton—
Pres., Chas. L. Bryce; Sec,
Presidents and' secrotarlcB wnoso
names do not appear on this list are
raciucsted to forward them to this
offlco for. insertion.
Continued inquiries -reach us for
tho forogolnc information.
. Tho formal opening- of tho sewerage system by tho city fathers
last week marks,,an epoch in the
growth' of our - city, Adequate
jsewerago is one of tho necessities
of modom Hfo, and the conditions
of life without it aro intolerable.
In tho old days somo sanitarians considered1 an opon sower as
tho only way of ventilating a
town, holding as thoy did that
the noxious gaso8 woro disseminated into tho atmosphere with tho
least possible harm. To thorn tho
closing in of thoso panes as in
mo dorn sanitation, would work
incalculable injury.
Hard as they woro at first to
convinco thoy havo at length
tmccumbod to tho dictates of
scienco and aro now on the sido of
the modorns,
Fernie is to be congratulated on
its oncrgotic action to equip a
thoroughly modern soworago system ond tho city engineer is to be
congratulated on tho realization
of his ambition.
4*.*-*r.*w>.,.  .   +,  r       ... .
4'. X*Oi W J.iviV   lii).
If thoro is a mngazino reader in
this district that has not read
"Westward Ho" thoy should certainly obtain a copy of tho Xmas.
issue, Western Canada's now
n-io.ithly Ir, ;r.ty :.ix. ^.ouili'* *U,
but in that brief spaco has grown
from 43 pages to 128, Tho December issuo iB printod on heavy
coated paper, woll illustrated nnd
hns a striking cover design in two
colors. It's contonts Jncludo ovor
a score of seasonable stories and besidis tho ti-fjulur clopart-
Members of the United Mine
Workers' organization ■ and miners
everywhere are taking- an unusual
interest, ' in the forthcoming , election of national officials.- . ,
This is not surprising, as it is
the first change of any consequence that has been made,in", the
official force of the International
■ organization, for some years.
A great number, oi the membership personally know the candidates for the various -positions.
Those who have not met them at
conventions and at various district conferences, have had ■- the
opportunity of looking over the
various records of the different
conventions in the last eip-lit nine
or ten years, and should know
what. has or what has not been
done by ■ the various,. officials , in
behalf of the organization.
■. It would seem "* that the whole
question should be left to the rank
and file of the .membership, the
men who swing the picks and keep
up the organization, in order'.that
they may in turn be benefited   by
it.-   -.   . ., ,     „    . *; '..
This it seems, is not to be done
as it has reliably come to the
Industrial Index that a number
af the members bf the United Mine
Workers, holding official positions
and paid , from the Iaternational
treasury foi" buildr . ° the organization in," unorganized ' districts, in other words, some - of,
the organizers, instead ■ of- devoting their "time to the purpose for
whicli they are% employed, are engaged in' organized districts in, electioneering against, one of the
candidates for internationsl presidency. - -.     .,,''''
This is not done with, the consent of the organization, but it is
true ' nevertheless. ' ./And; it' is
"strange that, these people - all * repeat the same story and* repeat it-
in a-uniform way. The story has'
been printed in articles written'.' in
Indianapolis,,' Ind.',,and in Scran-
ton-' and .Wilkesbarre, Pa., arid
Have been'copied and recopied to
lhe effect that it is not safe to
elect'. T.-- L. Lewis'„ international
president because he is a "radi-'
cal." The'use and purpose of this
statement by the men who spread
it is create'. prejudice against
United Mine Workers ■. ever had.
And we - question very much
whether the ■ people who use the
term "radical'. 'really know what'
the word means.
A radical is a man after truth;
is a man who believes in progress
rather than retrogression, believes
in ■ going forward rather than
backward, always works and is
doing something '' to uplift the
human family, •      ,
. All the.good'ithatwas.ever done!
in the way of securingMabor legis-'
lation and safeguarding the rights
of the people in Europe-in the
past centuries, has been done by
Radicals. Scienco produces Darwin, Huxley and Spencer, the
greatest radicals ever.
The first Congress of .what is
now the United States, was*in the
language of Lord Chatham, "The
greatest' body of men that ever
assembled.", Thomas Jefferson,
who, is given, credit for* writing
tho constitution of the ■ United
States, was a represontativo of.
the radicals,' 'Andrew Jackson,
tho father of progressive democracy, . was u radical. Abraham
Lincoln,1 who was responsible for
the freeing of a race of people
from serfdom in tho United States
was a radical of the most ■ pronounced type.
Those mon** wero all radicals at
the time when they actod, but
now they are all prophets, seers,'
and wiso men, honest men, when'
wo look back at thoir sayings
and doings from this time,
And coming to our own da", wo
would suggest that tho two' load-
ing figures In tho public mind at
tho prosont time, Theodore Rooso-
velt and William J. Bryan, aro
radicals of tho most pronounced
typo.   ..
In short, a radical has tho cour-
ago of his convictions. He does
something. Ho may mako mistakes, but in tho general trond
and course of events 'tho irreat
majority- is benefited by what ho
doos. A radical dons not live in
tho past but in the futuro, ,Ig-
noramusos who. accuso men of being radicals (-imply pay thorn n
complimout without intending to
do so, Thoy, the creaturoB .who
make accusation without knowing what thoy aro talking about
arc never found in the front
ranks of a fight, but always in
tho rear nerff tho commissary do-
pnrtmont, whoro thoro is somo-
thing to hand out and no danger,
and nothing to bo lost.
"By tholr ways yo fihall know
thorn." And tho.Indiistrinl Indox
would respectfully suggest that
when any person rcuires r.ny in-
tormntion ns to what tho various
...c.„.:, ... ,.,,„ iiuwinational or-
rrnntzritirm hnvo done, nnd vJvil
thoy havo nccomnlinhcd, hs* should
go and look up the records of .national scale committees, district
and sub-district settlements and
various sourcos of information
that are nytt-n to him „,,*■...,'., .«
lho personal statements of"those
who havo.a motive, and not a
good one, in misrepresenting the
BI? tlU'lr   °Wn orttRniz'---
V»'**> «.•> \J> <>. \'a <Ia ♦.»*
Authentic timo in Fernie seems
at a discount. We would MiggeBt
as a suitable gift to th« city that
th* Crow's Nest Company present
tho city with an up-to-date public
clock on a New Year's gift.
VoTlCK',H_m*|*i'*nV iiiVKV ,■,„, „ (.„„tf
• r*    !'■ ■A'*.''''" ""•' *■' *" ''"■ t'ttv m:ic,, 'I I-, on Nnliiiilny, IkrfiMlwr ,Jihit „,'
V I. m . [it {hn l'iirt.n*.» nt rnrrrfflni* nn*- tn-
vl.lnt/th*. Voter-.' 1.l.t «ti.1 .i..»r.i.,Mn?"t....|.
i much tlmt uiity \„ riimlK ri.liit|iiHt!i(-r*to.
A.ViVlW-J.* ¥fnl" "''' ,'1'M'|,""<)f -Vernier
.IOII.V  H,  VOI.l'ME,
If you .want, to invest* your
i money where it-will be
perfectly safe and at the
same time bring- larger returns than,elsewhere ;.
If you want to bo. close to great and rapidly
■ increasing, manufacturing industries, schools
and colleges, transcontinental railroads 'and
electric tram lines ;' ... ;; .
If you want to be close to two great seaports
where vessels, from  all  parts of the world
arrive and depart daily*,   !
If you  want  to  live in a city of beau'tiiul
homes  where.the' lawns are  green and 'the
flowers  bloom  every, .month * of-the -..year ;
If you want land  close to  the B. C.   Electric tram line between-Vancouver and   New.
•Westminster,* the  fastest growing cities,in
Canada  where great" docks, electric   power
plants', railways, city, provincial and dominion public works costing millions are in' progress of < construction,"where  every kind of
labor  is in 'demand  and where  the highest-
wages arc paid ; .If you want all these things-
combined, put your money in beautiful
"Hillcrest Addition"
-.       .1 -      - *- -•        .
We guarantee the lots to be liigh, dry and level, only half a
hlncU from the tram line and . live ininutps walk from the
■centre of the city of New Westminster. -The lots are 33 by
120 feet. Price' 8100.00, one-third"cash. Remember that-
, the two cities' boundaries are only six miles apart, that'
the sea'is on one side and the.Eraser river on the other and
that the cities must grow* together and on account bf
British Columbia's iinnipiisooundeveloped resources, minerals; fisheries,'timber, rich agricultural lands,- climate',' etc.,'
<and the'treat tide "of eminigiatiori'now fairly set in,"that the
largest city in Canada is bound to result.   .       .    ,
Our firm is. well-known. We; will refer you to one of our •
=-"batik6i-5=ueit?i—x\emen-iuer-tiiat=~oii6=goou=Tiii vestaieiit=is=
worth a lifo of labor" and come to see us at the Hotel Fernie
or fill in coupon and we will call on-you and will be pleased
to show you maps, and. photographs;', etc., showing exact
location of the lots, how they lay. and improvements .going
on around them. 7 . ,. .7    .       . »'
\ ,     Buy.. ',\ .
*■ .    "* ■ '' .
1 •■ ' '  .7
1 , ■ • ' „ o '    '     i *"■
Lands at Robson
Barrett &
Cliesman .«■:,,;
Address "...
•    ,     , \-i   ■ ,-   * -
Time to call...'	
,'      ' *    t   *       'J, ■'
Cut out arid mail to Chosmim, Barret & Chesmun. Hotol Fernio
Statement of the Result of the Business of the Bank for fte
Year Ending 30th -Noyehiber, 1907.
Balance at Credit of Profit and Logs' Account, brought
forward from last'year '. '. '.      $103,562' 43
Net -Profits for the year endinj?; 3 0th Novombor,    after,
providing for all bad and doubtful'dobts...; 1,753,349 67
i 91,855,012 10
Which has been appropriated as f ollows:
Dividends, Nos. 80, 81, 82 and 83,  at "Eip-ht   per cent,
por annum ', $800,000 00
Written off Bank Premises  350,000 00
Transferred to Pension Fund (annual, contribution)       30,000 00
Balance Carried forward  ;.......  675,912 10
81,855,912 10
Toronto, 7th December, 1007.
Tho Annual Meeting of the Shareholders   of   the   Bank' will bo
•   *      held on Tuesday, the 14th day of January, 1908, at
12 o'clock noon.
Notes of tho Bank in circulation   $9,235,761) (58
Deposits not boaring interest  $20,051,271 35
Deposits bearing interest, includiinp; interest accrued to dato   03,089,780 15   87,041,057 50
Balances due to other Banks in C nnadn   155,499 78
Balances duo to othor Banks in foreign countries ,„ ,,,1,373,791 IB
Dividends unpaid ,  '...        1,608 44
Dividend No. 83, payablo 1st Doo ember   ,  200,00 00
Capital paid up   $10,000,000 00
Rest ,,,     5,000,000 00
Balance of Profit and Loss Account
carriod forward        075,012 10   15,076,412 10
$133,683,538 02
Coin and Bullion  ;    $5,003,047 48
Dominion -Notes  ,    o,HV0,'Alii Ub   11,053,411* 73
Deposit with Dominion Government for security of Note
circulation  ,, ,    450,000 00
Notes of and Cheques on other Banks  3,730,470 42
Balances duo by other Banks   in  Canada ,,        0,362 52
BalancoH duo by Agents of tho Bank in tho Unitod
T/*i*. r.A k,*4 ft    lnt     r- r,
* "'tt— " *             ' ' *      -•'-'    ""■ **■*.,*,*..,    iz&
Balances duo by.. Agents of tho Bank and other Banks
in .Foreign countries  2,878,820 77
Government Bonds, Municipal  and other Secutities .,.   4,874,681 80
Call and Short Loans  " 12,695,557 30
8 36,743,443 48
Othor Current Loav.:, ar.d Discount* .'■  70,073,271 fiO
Overdue Debts (loss fully provided for)      100,807 32
B-'fil T-itnt,* (othfr than Bnt!i)f -pr .mil«•*>*.          G4tnsn 68
*>Tt»-tgajjM        34,248 58
Bank Fromifies  1,412,035 20
Other Assets    2-15,689 50
^113,083,538 02
* ■*• • i.,i     I
General Mnnitg«r.
Five Trains daily, ,fC. P. R.
Steamer, daily Telephone and
Telegraph,' -good' Boating,
, Fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent: Soil.
.Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by
Robson...   '.,;', -     ■
Buy, fruit- lands where. you.
can get irrigation and be!
sure  of good  crops.       '     .   '
' ">n . - '
These   lands can  be    bought
at  $  per  acre-per  month"
Your money* back if not satis-
fied.    Fois particulars see ■■
JF. J.; Watson     :
Fernie,, \ -s- '■,;*■ B.C.
,<J*<S^<M<S^><^^<S><S><^> •t;-^-;M^4'$,<Hi<S><$j^^^
, Suitable
■ For Men
Patent Leather. Shoes-*
Felt "and Leather Slippers
feather Suit Cases and
Trunks     ' «
For Women
Felt Slippers Fur bound in
■   Red, Green .niulBrowii
Something New
Washable Kid Slipper.-
in Blue, Pink nnd White
For GHildren
,- * __*!  '
An endless variety of Shoes
nnd Slippers, nil suitable
and. serviceable -
C. P. Walker, owner and manng-*
or of Winnipeg's new s?!i00,C00
theatre, Tho'Walker, has just completed arrangements for a tour
across Western Canada . ..f "The
Bonnie Brier Bush," one of .the'
greatest plays in the history cf
the drama.   ■
The tour will ber.'n at Fort
William, Wednesday, December
4th, and will close at Nelson, B.
C," about January 10th, After
ono night in Kenora, a week will
bo devoted to Winnipeg, where
U*.i3 famous drama has previously
been given' for four long engage-
monts, Fomie will be among tho
eighteen cities at which a one-
night engagement will bo played,
Tho company which will proBent
"Tho Bonnie Brier Bush" on this
tour numbers thirty people, and
ts composed of players of prominence, among whom aro J. Palmer
Collins, Walter Scott Weeks, Ward
E. B-enselior, Robert Ireland, lato
pipe major of the 48th Highlanders of Toronto, Kenneth McKenzie, Marion McDonnld, Ann Caird,
Adelaido Matthews, Wm. J. Oasoy,
tho Bennor children and many
others of note. Tbe entire Nov/
York scenic production and electrical equipment is "carried, a
special large baggage car being
required for.tlio transportation.
A doclded featurn will bo the
special engagement for tho tour
of tho Australian nightingale,
Miss Maggie MoCnnn, the sweetest
slngpr of Scottish songs that
evor visitod Canada.
'•The Bonnie Brier Bush," tho
r>lny of nil *"*li*yi* donr to thi-
hearts of the Canadian peoplo, is
a i.iiUUiUi.'iU.v.u !-y t7umt**i *iiac-
Arthur, of thc late Ian Maclar-
cn's story of tho same i.nmo, nnd
it depicts lifo in tho land whose
lochs aud heathery hills inspired
the groat song poet, Itobort Burns.
.. .1. i.... umL 'c-.j *\*"K tj^t u«,ti'w.
lifo, Ian Mnclaren or tho Rec,
4Tohn Watson, which was his real
name, had given tho world noth-
\r- hut "Tho Bonnie Brier Bush,■»
his life, would not havo been lived
In vain. To those who follow the
ntrigo closely, tho play stnnds out
like a lighthomti In tho wa of uninteresting stag** stories. It is
rUiUnrtlv .t p)iy of li*art interest, whilr* the comedy is' abundant, wholesome and natural.
The enterprise of Manager Walk-
er in securing "The Bonnie Brier
Bush for a western tour will bo
appreciated by all lovers of the
bMt in druma.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
.   Thoro is only ono placo in town
. . .wheroyou enn set pood reliable
goods in oav line tlmt Is at
W. A.' INGRAM, pnop.
PrroNE 01.    -     -    Frrnie, b. C
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced a high
class Drayand Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
Estimates furnished on contract work
By virtue of n writ of FUri
Facias issued out of the Supremo
Court of British Columbia, hold-
tn at Fernie, B. C,, at the suit of
.Tamos W. Murphy, plaintiff, and
A. ii, .'-.elJQiwUU. aciendunt, ana
to mr dirrrifd ajjalnii U**> youd-i
and chattels of the above-named
difendnnt, A. D. McDonald, I bavo
Acizcd and taken in execution ail
the right, title and interest!*     of
the said defendant's sawmill, ma-
,.r;.,„*.v    i.„..      i 1 i .,
,     J J    '"ti-,       . — ■■•**.»,    i'W.w*,    i,.v-
uato about two miles south of
the town of Swinton on the west
nido of the Great Northern Bail-
way, to recover the sum of §.125,
besides sheriff's poundage, cfHccrs
fees nnd nil other lepal incidental
expenses, nil of which I shall t*x- for sale or t.ull\clent thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt and
I'oftu wIimv th(» nbovc in rituatcd
on Friday, December 20th, 1007,
at the hour of two o'clock in tbe
Dated at Fernie, B. C, thli 19th
day of November, A, D, 1007.
,     SUatiff's BopOy. mmmm.
li -
• *    '    * ' "   , '     °... -° ■■•<•-.     . '. - - ;   '-        ■'.';,.' '<    ' '-7
The Pepple in this House .have learned the secret of true economy;, they   deal
;: 7 ,:     with these firms: and save money.■'* ■ Y
if • -^
- w
■ft,". ..:"-y:
At the top
.Handle? & "Brooks
tine Hones; Good Rigs, New Harness.
'i&i.k ■'*,:■;>
'.has, a cellar filled  with
choice Wines and Liquors
—from—   ,
The Pollock Wine Go.
fflffl»**»^r-T ■ n thls house
and T« and ^clePy>
batches anu
*    '    ^-from —
***^ "*>.
a* Pln a A
^/}/»f     . **V
0-   U#.    «„„ je-weler
s "Lead-ng
1 >*>
Fresh  Bread,   Pies  and   Cakes
'    . always on- hand ...        ..   ;
Bean & Morrison
•"•e Gold   Ci-eameny Butter
Best  on  earth !
pay Cash
The Inmates of this Hous
- </s/w//ie,//s/.
are happy because theg toear'
McDougairs Shoes
Fernie Lumber Co. Ltd.
and  Building** Material of all kinds
Estimates    are
cheerfully    furnished,    Give a
trial order.
->*■;.. "■■'/'■
,7 7-
Semi-Ready Clothing
4 ' ' 4
Look' well
Fit   better
Last- longer
Than other clothing
See Us Before You Buy
wbOo»Ban_*    -
5*'t**. »»«■»*'!■.'. Co«>0
■18 insured nBainst fire by
•ir.,, Vtrt
n*,    ' 'I'ltr
^1   '   ^1°"
*    ^-^^
0*' tNn^Bhk   o'%t0»f"
To make the House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Fernie Ledger. fr
- , • '' .-   : •.-,-'•• 7.   '-,.- 7;-*--'-    f '*77-;7 ,.   ■■"■-*■'v"
{'FERNIE' LEBGEE,;FEKNIE, ,B.'- C, DECEMBER. 14th, i'907.
Sad Experience of lhe Wife of a Writer j
' -   of Fiction.   - j
His wife gazed'at liim In open eyed ■
wonderment. - She was not' used to it j
at all, for. he land been absolutely neg- j
lecting her for the last mouth or two. " j
"When 1 see you, sweet, all that I
have dreamed of love and happiness 13
mine.   The stars gleam brighter, the
*' ■ , 1 '
jDireffions to,-Prepare Simple,
:    Yet" - RemarEcable Home
tare.   *    -
EAT.ED TENr-CTS^i'Mreused tn the mulei-
s-irjiit'd, (4ii(l-einioi-'s6:i " 'JViulor for l'nbliu
Lililin*?,' l.ailysmir'i. i). C.,-'„wiUl)e received
A well - known- authority on
rheumatism ?ives the readers o£
a large New York*' daily" *">at>er the
following valuable yet simple and
harmless prescription which any
one can easily prepare at home.
Fluid extract .Dandelion one-half
flo*.yors smell sweeter, and my life* is j ounCe; Compound Kargon, one
filled with an'ecstasy that cannot be jounce; Compound Syrup Sarsapar-
traiislated into words."    *■    -*' | ilia, three ounces
She was thrilled with a joy that had
not been hers for many days and was
about to cast herself Into his arms
when he. waved her off.
"Through long vistas would I wander with "you arm. in arm. I would
note with you the brooklet's playing,
. the susurrous message of the trees,
the piping of the merry birds, arid "all
life's poesy shall be* for us alone. Ah,
blessed Arcady, where lovers roam!"
She moved about uneasily and long-
- ed for the caress that seemed bound to
come with the words he uttered, but
" he went on in a strange monotone.'-
"No.sorrow can avail while we two
arc. together.  Ofothe fount of perpot-'
Mix by shaking well in a bottle
and take a teaspoonful after each
meal' and at bedtime.
He-states that the ingredients
can be obtained from any good
prescription pharmac-" at small
cost and being of vegetable 'extraction,, are harmless to-take. .'
* This pleasant' mixture, if taken
rejrularly for a "few days;.; is said
to . overcome almost any .case of
Rheumatism. The pain- and-swell-
ing, if any, diminishes with each(
dose, until- permanent results ■ are
obtained, and, without injuring'
tlie stomach. . While there1 are
many so-called'" rheumatism remedies, patent medicines, etc., some
of which" do give relW-.. fp-»- really
s'     ... .... ....
at this office until Wcrtnesila.v, December 11,
I!ui7, iiu-.iusivulj., for the construction of <i
l'uMic Bunding iit Liui,y»mith, 13. 0. '
Vluns niul, specification cun bo seen "nnil
forms of teniler ol'tiiinod iit tli is Department,
mid on application to tho l'ost muster nt
I.adysmith, B. P.       *- .-
Persons tendering uro riotlfled that tenders
will not be consideml unless made on the
printed form supplied, und nigneil with their
Hctiuil. signatures.
Each tender must be uecompiuiied by an
accepted cheque on ii chartered bank, mado
payable to the order of the Honourabl* tho
Minister of i'ublio Works, equal to ton per
cent (10 p.o.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited If the person tendering
decline to enter iuto 11 contract when called
upon to do so,* or if lie fail to complete the
work contracted for. If tho,tender be not
accepted the chequo will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
"     ° By Order.
Department of Public Works*. '
Ottawa, November 13,1907.
Newspapers will not bo paid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority
from'the Department.
. 23 2t
CE.' i ,'.,. ■■■"' ;' I
The best dollar a day house
. ■ s, in the city. A
.    , Well stocked bar.   . *£
Liquors and Cigars of the •>
highest quality. *
.V **
ual happiness shall we drink, and all' klve..permanent results,  and    the
of unending | |bov0) wiU no doubt te  .greatiy
our long days shall we, be
comfort each to the other.''
She   had   to. interrupt   him.
couldn't * stand   it,longer.    With   one j    Inquiry at the drug' stores'.,    of
swift bound she threw herself-around j this neighborhood elicits   the ' in-
hlm iu loving embrace, only to have ,,formation ' that these  drugs '; are
I appreciated by many, sufferers here
She j at  this time..'.'
him cast "her rudely aside.
"Don't bother me!" he yelled.   "I'm
bo obsessed by the new novel
.writing, and I can't get some of the
love passages out of my. raiiid."     .   t
And he .left the room; leaving her a
■; prey to her sad, sad thoughts and the
dim remembrance of the joys of yes-,
c teryear. •   "7 "
Up to Him.
, Joseph Wlllard, for many years clerk
to a court in New Jersey, used to tell
of one of the funniest as well as one
of the noisiest scenes ln court of which
he had been a witness. *
. A slander case was being tried be-
h armless and can be bought separately, or the' druggists here will
mix the, prescription for our readers if asketf. to.
. Mining in the Coast districts is
steadily    expanding  and  growing
in importance, - and quite recently
some valuable finds  of' copper   in
large deposits, and'averaging from
2 to 6 per cent., have been   found
-r j     w   s      m.        •    1    1     -s    bbth ' along' the -mainland  coast
fore Judge Carter.   Tho prmclpaKwit-| and_on^sei|I.aUgxoups_of_islands
woman.   She talked so' fast that his
' honor was unable vto follow her testimony.* especially as it was delivered in
,  broken,English. -In,vain he attempted
several :tlmes,to stop; her. :
"Stop,' stop!" lie cried, rapplns sharp-
. ly  ou his  desk.   But  die' torrent of.
Coal.—Coal mining rights may bo leased for
a' period of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of 51'per acre. Not more than'2,500
acres, shall'be leased to ono-individual or"
company. A royalty at the rate of live cents
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable
coal mined.   , ,
QUA.1U'/.,—A person eighteen ; cars of age or
over, ha vinp discovered mineral in place, may
locate a chum 1,500 x 1,500 feet. "
The fee for recording a claim is «S.
At least jlOO must be expended on the claim
each year or paid to the mining recorder in
lieu thereof. When »500 has oeen expended or
paid, the locator may, upon having a survey
made, and upon complying with ..other requirements, "purchase the land at $1 per acre.  .
The patent-provides for the payment of a
royalty of 2J per ctnt on the sales.        "   „
Placer mining claims generally are 101 feet
square; entry fee **5 renewable yearly,
An applicant'"may obtain two- leases to
dredge for gold of five miles each for a term of
twenty years, renewable at the discretion of
the Minister of the Interior. ,    _.,
The lessee shall have a dredge in operation
within one season from the date of the lease
for each rive miles. Rental $10 per annum for
each mile of river leased. Royalty at the
rate of 2V per cent collected ou tbe output after it exceeds $10,000, - -.   .      -   ,   "'
,'■<•■ 'W.W.COKY,     ,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
*N\ B.— Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for.
'",'.'- . ■'        Aug'l-07-6m
You want comfort and satlsactlon I
of clean smooth shaves s every I
morning.  - = '■   . c
The Cnrbo Magnetic Is the only"
GUARANTEED to give this.
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon * (the life of
steel) into the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade—something absolutely' impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other,, razors.
But test" this razor in your
own home—or have your barber
use It on you. Secure one 30
NOTICE'is hereby given that'30
days ait ter date I intend to apply
to the Hon.'",. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and. Works for ,a license
to prospect foi-'. coal-and petroleum
on thc following lands, situate hj
in the district, of Southeast Koot-
enay, '' British-   Columbia,    Block
.  .)X>
1.—Commencing at a post? planted. 1 mile 'east of.the- 23 milo
post,of the present C.P.R. survey
on west Boundary* line of Block
4593, and-being tho S.E, comer
post of , the ! Samuel M. Mooro
claim, thence running north -80
chains, thence . west 80 chi- ,ns,
thence semth '80 chains, t*ience
east 80 chains, to a point of ifm'*
ttiencement, making .,{\IQ .'acres,
more 0* less.  .      ", ■ 7     .
Located this  12th day   of November, 1907. !
A. W. BELD3N, Ae-e-it. -   .
Witness: G. C. H.  Col3,i--.i.     *
•'■ 2.—Commencing at a'post Van-
ted 1 " mile ' east,_._,of the 23rd
mile post of - the present C.
P., B. survey on west boundary
line of, Block 4593, .-ii-d U-.-ng the
N.E.,corner post ol Jesse -?.* "-"il-
verman's claim, thenco running
westv'80 chains," theiioe south ,"SO
chains, 'thence' e;ist," SO chains,'
thence north 80.chains, to a point
of commenceme -.t, making . u-.'O
acres, moire or, l.*3s.'
Located   thh"'.2*.i: Any of November, ,1907.,
A. W. BELOliJiT. Agent.     ,
Witness:  G.  0.   lJ.  O'.lwsiaa.,,   - '
Cranbrook >)'.*uid District
District of" ISnst" Kootenay
j. d: quail:
• ,.t«L
adjacent thereto, notably ' a deposit on Morsely Island and others
near Observatory Inlet. In some
cases shipments of ore have already-.been made to local smelters
while in- others "development work
is in progress,. There is also considerable more .activity on the
west 'Coast' of' Vancouver Island,
words' went on.   "Okl  woman,. hush , ,    . ...        , _   ,-
np!- he shouted lu exasperation.   But | one property .inparticular at.Syd-
,r      ■■■•    ,'        .',.,„ s 1    si 1 ncv Inlet showing, up remarkably
t was useless.-At inst lie.threw>wn.iwell   whilVthe cr|*tl*n of anoth(*
.his pen, exhnusteel, and cried .out to., smelfe   at    tto . hoad-of • Alberni
Phillip Carosella
Dry. Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
, V.    -Gent's Furnishings, l   .;
3.—Commencing.'at a ]iost plan-
red,. . 1 mile east. of the 23rd
mile post - of the . present C.
P. -It.\survey on vest boundary
of Block 45*)3, end being the S".
W. corner post of tlie Jni. Robertson claim, thence 1 unnhig- noith
80 chains, thea-ie east 80 cha-us.
thence" south 80 chains, ''' vhenfe
west 80 chains rto 'a point of
commencem-fnt, making 0-10 acres
more or less. '"     . ■     -»
. Located this l.ith  "iav  af Np v'-
ember,1907.   '■'       ..., "'    "
>JNO.   EOBERrSON,   locator.   '
■' *" A. W. BELDEN-, Agent,
Witness: G-...C. H. Coleman"
TAKE,   NOTICE     that   rred   R.
Dalzelil    of    Kernie,    B.  C.    timher
cruiser,'   icionds ,to   apply- Ior      a
special timber license .over  the foi- ,
lowing described lauds: '" '
No.  l.«*'Commencing    at   a-post.,
planted "on the south    bank:    of   a
small creel: iu the Elk- river  valley,
about one mile north and one mile
west oi  Charles  Wcigert's ' Pre-emption -Lot No. 2000, thence 40 chains
west, thenc-e 160 chains' north, thenco: "
40 chains    east,    thence 160 chains
aouth'.. to   point of beginning,   containing G40.f.rTes more or less.
' Dated September 28th, 1907.
No. 2.— Commencing "at   a   post
planted.. about - 20   chains -north ol .
Goat Creek anc! 40 chains west  -,bf
Elk' RiviT   cn the north and., west
boundaries   a- the   Patmore timber
limits, thenco .west 40.chains,' thenco"•
north • -10    chains,    thence  west   40 '•
chains,    thi-nce     north" 40*   chains,
thence toil th 12C chains, to point of
beginning, c-Jntaining 640 acres more
or less.        <> •'',:'-
Dated September. 16th, 1907.  ■
No. 3.—Commencing    at  „ a  post .
planted =■ on .   the . west   fork    of *
Bingay ,Creek about one mile south',
ol   main- stream,  and .about three,
miles ., up stream from the junction
of the Elk   River ? adjoining L. W.
Patmoro-s timber limit on the west,
thence,west 64 chains; ^thence northlOO,
chains,' theuce east 64 chains,- thence
south luO chains to point. of begin-
ingi' <cont.*,;ninfc-.' 640 acres more,- or
less.     * ■ ,-, n "   *.., ,     *■.
Dated Se-Ptember..23rd„.1907'. 1° • •■
counsql: '. -' .   ^       -j Canal
"There, Mr.THuuter!' You set her go-'; .Arjain
.Ing, now slop her!" .
Their Appearance..-     '"  *
Little Wattle' Womhat—Dora  while
igen'lomen   tint  runs „de   nutymoblles
looks snwlnh funny, doesn't doy, Top-
Mr, Wonilmt-Doy sho' does, muh
eon. 'Minds mc ln de face do most of
'em does of a pusson dnt' has been
Bent for and couldn't come and Is den
shot ln de proximity wld; a > box 0'
tacks for not coinln'.
Enid's Prayer.
Tho other night little Enid, tired out
by a day's romping nt the seashore,
wns about to retire for the night when'
her mother told her to sny her prayers,
wlileh"sho ovldontly wns about to forget.   This Is what she said:
"Oil, Lord, If you knew everything,
you,know I nm very sleepy, so doodby
till tomorrow night!"
A Compromloc*.
Wcddcrly—My   wife   nnd    I   wont
downtown to select a now i-iir for our
pniior this  morning,  filio  liked ono
is1 under contemplation;
copper properties-.on ^the-
C'ut-on Charlotte Islands are 'beginning to attract, a'good deal of
attention, several .claims having'-
been recently bonded at , high
figures .there.  - _     ',     .  , ■"
.The potentialities of the .country through 'which the line ■ of" the'
Grand Trunk Pacific „is'projected-
are very ^enthusiastically regarded
by men who have ..prospected in
some of these northern -districts,
notably thoso of the Skeona- and
Telkwa. Coal is distributed in
widely separated localities in.the
Skeena .watershed, and is reported to have.been found on the lower reaches of the Tolkwa "River,
and its tributaries; the headwaters of the Motico River; the Bulk-
ley River; Driftwood Creek, the
Kitsequecla River; the Kispyox
and Tzesatzakwa Rivers; the head
of Copper Rivor and nonr'the head
of tho Sko«na itsolf. Unfortunately, howover, none of these coals
appear to be cokiag, whicli, in
view • of tho occurrence in tho
neighborhood of large bodies of
refractory ores is a . matter of
somo concern, altl.ou"i. .svstomatic
prospecting in1 thc future may
havo a more, successful issuo,.Min'
TVTO'nCE ^ is hereby ijivon that application
1» \4i!l'jom!ulo totlioFiirhumaut'ofCiinniia
at the next session thereof for an act to incor-
porato . a Company under-, tho' .namo' of
•'Western of- Canada ' Hail way, Company."
with powor to construct, equip, maintain and
oporato a line or linos of railway'of standard
or other giwga hy ineuns of steam, electricity
or any other kind of locomotive power,
(l'O From a point on' tho International
bnunduty-lino ><> the IVovin'co of Alborta
between tho east.'slda of Kaneo-twenty-three
(S3)1 and. tho west oido of'ItanKO twenty-eight
(ss) west of the [''ouitli Principal "Meridian,.to
a iioint on tho Crow's Nest lino of.the
Canadian P»cluc Hallway Company hotweun
Cowley und 1'inoher Crook:,. thenee North*
■wontorly- following tho valley of tho North
Fork ot the Old Man Ilivor to a point in the
I.ivinBstono Ultima of mountains at or near
hootion thirty-three-(a3) in Town ship Ten (10),
llanufl Throe (!)), West of the Fifth 1'rii.oipal
Meridian 1 tlicnco through tho pasu-in tho
Ijlvinfi-atono-Mountains .at tho last'namod
point and northorly up tho volley of the
Llvlugatono Hlvor to a point on Hiuh'Hivor,
pattern anil I liked iinotlior. .     , .,••,.        ,  ili.l you do Mbout, J'^l-s of oconomc importance have
... * boon     discovpred    in     various   snc.
1 been   discovered   in   various sections.   Thoso include doposits     of
■  We-lderly-Oli, wo compromised on ! ^n\ and "copiiorpyTitos'at tho
tho ono she llkod. , hoati  ot- Kitimat Arm;, iron   nonr
i Port Essin/rton,  and  coppor  oros
.   . Tim's Joke.
"Did yes* notice iilmnt th' Joko mo
broflior Tlm plnyod on wan nv tliiin
cliiiu ffours?"
"I licnrd n (uri'lhlo tiling liapponod (0
htm.  Toor Tlm!"
' "Toor Tlm' tli' dlvvloJ lio hnd n
Blillck nv (lliinniiitto In IiId pockotwbli)
ho «-or run ovur."*
in tho Bulkloy Valley serlos. Many
of thoso doposits aro of *.-rcat ox-
t.ont, and whilo in most.'casoa
Iittlo more th*hn surface proapoot-
ino; lias been attempted, promiso
offceotlinij-ly well. From hrticlo In
Mines and Minorlas for Decoinbt1".
[8] From n point on the Mldd'o Jlranclvat
or near Un Junotion with tho Livinaatono
Hiver: 11 point in tho lloulty
Mountains wont of Gould's Homo: thonco
through a pans In tho Hoc-ky Mountains to tho
rnlloyoi'tho IClk Hlvor by tho montiirnotionblo
route 1 tlionoo Southerly down tlio valley of
tho Klk Hivnr to a Junotion with thnOanadlan
I'ni'iuo Hallway and tho Groat Northern
Hallway In the Klk Hivor vulloy at or near
tho villaptoof Mlnhul, .*
ANU to oonstruot, nnuip. maintain and
opera to branch linos, and with huoli powers,
lights and privileges as aro ineldontlal or
iiceosHiirv thereto, and to constritot, oqulp,
inalntain and oporato toleitrnph nnd toln-
phono linns In con mitt inn with tho (.aid rnll-
waj- and Its liruiifllibH, and to transmit mos*
nuuuH forconiiiiurolal purpouos aud to. (ihiirnu
tolls tlicinforo 11 ml tiiHonoriilndlontrlclty for
thu Niipiily of liuht. limit and powor, and tn
ncqulro. uiul develop water powers for'tlmt
purpose. And to leiuo, sell anil distribute
ami otherwise dispose uf the same,and to
lovv nnd collect tolls fiom nil persons uslnu
ami all freluht piisslno- ovor said railway nnd
limnc'iDii, und to connect with and mako
tiallln or other iirmiiHumnnts with railway
or other iiompimliis tnnluilliiii anv linn of
mllwny in thu statonf Montana, one nf tho
United Status of Aini'i'icit. nml 10 puroliasu,
tako.ovnr, Inane or uthnrwlsn nennlrii thn pro*
porty,. rluhts and Ininohlsa of nny otlior
nompiinins, anil to lease or sell to any other
company tlie property, rlnlitiiand rninohlso
i>f tliouoiniiiiiii'.'
THAT' kiioIi nil I wry nmy bo donlnrod to bo
for llm iiotierul iidvantftim of Cnniula,
.Sfiliiiitors fcr Applicants,
DATEP nt Wlnnlpon*. thU li.'lnl
day of Huptomlior, A.1),, X'Ml, fit,
wii^E;,;'CO^ Ltd.! -..*
Wholesale .Dealers and'Direot
.-7 Importers of    "
SCOTCH AND.i;     .
■■   f-LONDONiDEY'
ALE.AND STOUT,,;     .
BURMEISTER       ,   .
'■■ Solo .A^onta tn Enst Kootenay for
,4.—Comm-ensirig '.at a post planted 1 mile, east of the 23rd mile
post?    ,"of '"   Jthe       present   -.C.
Port Steele
Fernie,  H. O.
Brewers of Rslra  Fine Lnger   .
and '■ AeiMleil   Waters.
Dottled   GoodH    11    Specialty.
A Plot of Lmiil 66 x 1B2 fcot with •l-roomod PlnM-ircd Collnffo 21 x 20
runt, with J'nntrjr, ClothflH Closet, Collar nnd iroiul well of water.
Proceeds   for  the  family  of  CHns.   Bcbb
Crow's    Nost   Spoolnl
Mlnor'B Favorlto Olfjars
i^. ji". survey" on .4-est -tjiu*ndary,
line°of Blocn 4593, and being.the.
N.W. corner post,, of the William1
,G.' Pearson claim, thence' running'
east, 80 chains, thence south". 80
chains, ' thence west.,. 80 chains,
thence .north SO.chairs, to a point
of commencement, -making- „640
aci-es more or less.
Located   this 12th day of Nov-
'eniber, 1907.
A. *W.  BELDEN, .Agent.
Witness: G. >C. H.  Coleman.
5—Commencing at a post plant-'
ed at or. near at appoint one milo
east of 25 mile post of present C.
P. E, survey, adjoining Block
4593 on the.west, and being the
southwest .corner post of Alex, S.
Farquharsbn's claim; thence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thenco south 80 chains; thenco
east 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 640 acres
more or less,
Located this 13th day of Nov-
ember, 1907.
W. E.. COATES, Agent.
Witness: G. C. H. Coleman.
No*. 4~9omm?n9lng'.,*at' .a"'post
planted,   cn   tho'  east,, bank of the."
north iiork, of Big Creek near*, the
north-.enst .corner of timber "licepsaV
M, LiifoiiHUo, IhiIiik completely ruin*
«vl nml linrlttK rwilvod to commit
t-ulelilo, tried It Unit on hln reflection
in tlio «1i*k*i to wo whnt It looked Ifko.
Knp Vnlunblr-* Only.
"Vi"'., *"c hii'it- >>.-.(* *if Uie new nti*
t!ira.'lt<» ii-frlKiTHf-rf."
"Wh'-it in .In- Vi-orlA U that*/"
"Why, ,-..i-.i |.iit  \ii'ir In: and U'cf-
«i  11.- In •!..- I'i', your '-'.il In tlio hot*
; . ,     . * -,.<.:.  1 .a Hjl' Hoot."—
1:   ■' * ''j*
'' ' .V'
• m*m f     1
The National, -Illustrated   Magazine,
Exquisitely printed oil flno coated paper. Pictures of well-known
people, of current events, of
things beautiful and curious.
About one thousand square inches
of.' pictures in.each, issue. Appeals to Canadians as tho groat
Illustrated papers,of Lqndon appeal to the Enirlish peoplo. Non-
political. Absolutely no axo to
grind. Its aim solely to ploaso
and to inform, Must bo soon to
.be, appreciated., Ton cents a copy,
Ono oollnr a year. Tho notorial .Publishing Co., I'IS St. Potor
St., Montreal. 3t—Nov, S3
number l'(7'J-l and' about two miles
west of coal license: number '6379' on
Elk Rner tlunce north 80' chains,
thenco-west -10 chains, "thence'.south,
40 chaina,' thenee. west 80 ..chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence, east
120 chuins to point - of - beginning,
contain; 1)^.040 acres more or less.
, Dated Sci'tembcr 25th.. 1907. .'
■ ' ' *
No. 5,—Commencing 7it a post
pl,*.nlcd on the' upper Elk Rh'er at
the north cast cornor of .timber license munlier ^12-126 and on tho west
boundary cf a. Mnnhlian coal license
number 19o2, thence north 40 chains,*
thence wo*'t 40 chains, thonco north
80 chains thenco west.-,,40 chains,.,
tlience south 12C chains, thenco eaBt
80 chains to point ofboglnning,
containing 640 acres moro or less.
Dated September 8th, 1907.
FRED 11. DALZELL, Locator.
lo Consumptives
rl' ' ■
Tbo uudorelgnod having boon restored to health by simple moans,,
nftor Buffering for soToral years
with a eovoro lung affootlori, and
that droad dlfloano CONSUMPTION,
le anxious 'to mako known to hla
follow suffororB the moans of euro.
To • thoso who, ho will
oheorfully nond (froo of ohArgo) ei
copy of tho prcRorlptlon used, whlob
thoy will find a ouro for CONSUME-
OIIITIS and all throat and limp;
MALADIES. Ho hop oh nil sufforors
will try this Romody, as it Is InYalu-
ablo. Tlioflo iloRlrlng tho proscription, whloh wlll cewt tho nothing,
and nmy provu a ulosrilDff, wlll
jileaao nddrcBH,
Brooklyn, N, Y,
Tlii' H'-Wi* H'*iif" nx.A l.'if X\".' ,• i-nipciiy nf ( ha*. Il-'l.h. tint n -JI.OO
IH'Ul't "i tl'C V> t..l.l-4   4,4111 lllill.l- tt llHill^l' W.vliili.,       IWlVIt 11 II,'*
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The Most Critical
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r>E33**T,risa?   "'«
Office Hours!*    ' 8 toto 12 a. m." l to 5 p. ra
6.S0 to 8 p.m'.
Office'in A'ex. k. ck's Bioefc ,    „
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Lead. Packets Only
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At all Grocers
''I,,. >4 .
Efttombed by Terrific Explosion
? !at Monongah in West ■-
:i      Virginia. ■".'"
• "*   , '    .    '■ "'    Y.
Pittsburg', Dec'.' 6.-A terrific and
disastrous «PloSiT011.0"^edo °*5
•Friday in Mines Nos. 6 and 8, of
the Consolidated Coal Company,
of Monongah, W: Va. _
"Mine Superintendant Malan says
* at the least"- 500 men   were'    em-
' tombed. -"      ■ " .       "'   '". ...
,    It is believed a majority of the
ettombed men,were killed.     _
The bodies o£ three miners have
beeii recovered near the .mouth of
mine No.  ti. "'-".■,    '      j.v
Mine No. 6 as-located-on the
east'side of the Monongahela river
and mine No.'8 on the west side.
How the explosion occurred simultaneously in both mines cannot
be explained at this, time.
,. All is confusion- at the scene of
'the- disaster  and: definite news is'
meaner,"   The explosion was heard
for 8 miles. -'• . - -
* After . the, - receipt of the' news,
physicians'and .'special cars'w-ere
r despatched from Fairmont to the
scene. '-.The' mine was too full   o^
been    made by the clothing ' and
shoes he wore.
The accident, the greatest in the
history of coal mining-,, has dazed
the people of this city. Tonight,
the streets of both this and Fair-;
mont;,are, crowded- with people,'
whilst thousands line- the^sills. in
the vicinity of the mines."'
^About ,40 ,percent..; of the entombed are Americans.' -
All hope is gone that any of the
men are still alive. t Nearl- 400
coffins reached Monongah todav
from- Pittsburg and,,from West
Virginia cities.
C. W.'.Watson,* president of. the
Consolidated Coal Comnany, said
to'1 the Associated ■-.Press today:
"The accident'is deplorable from
.every standpoint. " It was entirely
unexpected.. As yet, we do not"
know the exact cause of. the explosion. It might feave -resulted
from a blow out spot igniting , &
pocket of gas. About 50 per cent,
of the mine accidents of the coun-.
try. are caused in this way. It is
probable the present one resulted
from this cause. -We will conduct
a rigid examination. An investigation, however will not benefit the
dead miners. Their, families .will
be looked after.* » The company
will bury the dead."-
All the "saloons in Monongah
have been- closed since the explos-.
ion and the 6,000 miners employed in other mines in,, the vicinity,
have*suspended work and tendered
their assistance to rescuing' parties.- The property loss- is estimated at $50,000 exclusive,.of the
cost' of "rescue work. -   ,
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest   Trading; Co.
Fernie, B.C.,
Ia* P.   Eckstein
• Barrister-at-Law, Solicitor
Koocii 1& 3, Henderson block. Fernie. B.C.
J« Bai*bOI*^ L.D.S.,   D.D.8.,
I  T. W    Blockj,..opposite the Bank
1   '   Office hoars—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Latoe & Fisher:
Crow's   Nest: 'Trading'" Co.    Block,
;  - ■'.-.. Fernie,-. B. C. -
W.S. •ftoss.k.c.
j. S. f. iXEXANDEB
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE.-B.C.  , .
Office in Li T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
frevnie. 38. C.
" '    CALL AND SEE   '• \
JJ -   ■ "   *.'   '' -       ■ '■ *,    1
$   v $
to, all
points ,.11  Ontario and Ouebece-
West of Montreal     '
Kings  Hote
■'■    ■'   -'.Fernie, B. C.
ProDortionately low rales to points east of Montreal
Good for 90 days with stop-over privileges
, Close connections and excellent train service via,
"The Oriental limited"
■*•*  For folders, particulars,.etc., call or address„   -
H. L. BLACKSTONE) AGent, Fernie .
W; A. "ROSS. AsskTass.'Ajjt., Seattle
iiia  or.
So    I,".v«j."
I i
"SSii'OKe^tor" rescuers
enter.'   "     '"„'■■" „,     ,-,.
It ig said,the explosion started
in, No. 6 and' N^oi '8
'mine, the two'*' being 'eoiii'.ecteU'., ;.
Another special says the first
explosion was followed by. the
blowing up oi a boileV.. in No. 8.
Gravest fears" are felt for the
safety of the great number., of
men. in the workings.
Some idea of the force bf the
explosion may be gained from the
fact that props from t the mine
were not only blown out of the
entry, but' were hurled clear across
the west 'fork of the,Monongahela
river.   Wires are down.
It is feared that, the;}accident
will turn out to be the'worst in
the .history of milling in this country.'   _
Monongah, W.'Va., Dec. 7.— At
9 o'clock tonight a total of     25
..bodies  had    been  recovered  from
mines "No. 6 and   8 of the Fairmont Coal Company of Monongah.
Scores    of    other, victims  are -in
sight of tho rescuing parties' and
it was estimated that at least* 100
.dead will be brought to the   surface  before    daylight    tomorrow,
Howover,    the    number of* bodies
, recovered tonight and early Sunday depend upon the condition of
.. the mino, it being said late today
that tho deadly black damp     became   moro , pronounced as     tho
further recesses of the mines were
i- approached, and it was a physical
Impossibility to    go   further     on
account of tho impure 'hir.   It   is
stated tonight by the gonerul manager that 487 actual minors were
checked off as entering tho mines
yestorday mornine,   This numbor,
It was further stated, did not include fully 100 tappers, mulo drivers,    pumpers  and boys.    Should
thoso figures be correct tho death
list will bo ovor 550 persons,   Thci
condition of tho bodies thus     far
recovered is horrible,   Many   aro
dismembered,    somo aro fearfully
crushed ond the rest are blackened
and burned beyond recognition.
Tho body of J, J. McGow, pit
boss, and one of tho best known
mining mon in West Virginia, was
recovored tonight in Mine No, 0.
It wns headless and otherwise
disAgurod, identification     having
.   Barristers, Solicitors, Etcv
Bar supplied .with the^best'ofWtoes
'•"'--.  Liquors and Ciears.       .
Dining Room in.connection  »
Offices over P. Burns' eVCo's Block
. _yjcitsiua^Ave.—
• MVnohgan-, Wi.Vaii I0ec.,9.—Six-
-cy.hours after thfe, terrible.explosion of black, which wrecked
mines N0S4  6 and 8\of the' Fairmont  Coal  Company last Friday
mon.ii.g, 53 bodies", or only about
one-eighth" of the total-number .of-
victims, have been brought to the
surface; while less;fourth
of   the    total'   number have' been
actually located.   The others, undoubtedly between 300 and 400 in
number,    lie in' unknown sections
of the'-east workings," that extend
two miles and more back from the
main entrance to the mine's.   The
unlocatsjd   bodies" - are,   seriously
menaced by  destroying  elements,
by   decaying   in- the overheated,
humid and vapor poisoned atmosphere,,   and * by    fires    that   are
smouldering'here and there in the
workings, and from time to  time
bursting into flames.   Steadily the
chance     is     ebbing     that     these
bodies will be brought'to the surface, identified  by friends' and relatives and given Christian burial.
A large force of" skilled miners,
volunteered    for*-.- tHe   hazardous
task of the' rescuing,, are on     the
scene, ready to re-enter tho mines
and take up the work where they
were forced to  leave it yesterday
when fire, broke out in'mine   No,
6.   The men await only tfia word
from Clarence Hall, the export of
the Federal government and J. W.
Paul,   West Virginia, chief    mino
inspector,  Thoso two men aro now
, in charge, superceding ofllcers   of
tho mining Company«and others,
who directed the first rescue work.
New    difficulties   and complications havo confronted the rescuers
on every hand, but only with brief
interruptions, .the work was con*,
tinuod until three  o'clock yesterday afternoon.   Tho flro drove all
from tho unexplored rogions   and
tho search had to bo abandoned.
Tho flames have been fought     bv
ovory * possible ' moons, including,
tho.. laying of    water pipes  from'
tho river far into tho mino,
The flro which broke out in No.
8 mino yostordav was walled in
this morning nnd tho recovering
of the bodies of the victims of
Friday's explosion ,wns rosumed.
B. C.
°      Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
■   promptly executed to the satis*
,   faction of our customers.
Hotel, Hosmer
fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
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Plenty  of GOOD  DRY LUMBER ON HAND.       : 7"        *
Architect     and Superintendent
Office at Eeaidencc,   -
BAKER ST.   ,       ' FERNIE,' B.  C."
Open May 1 i
1 Everything new, and   ,
Every accommodation
for the'public'
, Bar scored with the   .
finest in the Kind'
jCIirist mas. Excursions
- E&st $62.35
-•    ,"'"'       ' —to—,   °•"    ,   '' ',-
Montreal and Toronto
and all points west thereof in
. ., .Ontario and Quebec
Quebec, St. John; .Halifax and
other Maritime Province cities c
rates on application
Tickets on Sale Daily
Dec. 1st to Dec.3!st
'   -Round Trip, First Class    ,-
Three Months Limit,    -   -
; Old Country Rates
Halifax, St. John or Portland
From.. France,  Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable-prices
Fertilizers,-- Bee' Supplies, Spray „
Pumps, Sprayinp:. Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest- established
nursery on the mainland of B. C.
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Nurseries ,
Greenhouses and Seedhouseff
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Salocn Second - Steerage '
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For fiirllier piirticiilars'eiill on lncal
HBoritr;' or address
J. MOE," >:. J. COYI.E,'
,I).P.A... A.G.r.A'".
Nelson ,    Vancouver
Under new mnnngement
.60  YEARS'
Trade Markc?
w, n. c'ami'iikli. , ,3, irn.poNn.iAY
Finns  nnd   Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howlnnd Ave.
J,' Wilson Orav, ■■
Fernie B, C.
meets in McDougiiU's Hall every
-alternate Thursday *it 8 p.m,
A. Wvkkh, IVoh. „     Wm. 1), Scilni'iKi.ii, Soo.
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supplied with tlio best tho market
affords.   Tlie bar is supplied   .
with tho beBt wirioB, liquors und cigars,
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bandi "'"■"
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trial.     Polite , attention
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Calgary Cattle Co.
All work guaranteed
A  lcttoito  unxioun  mothers
written by Mrs. F. W, Kittle, ot
Kltkdalo, P.Q..    who savs:  " My
little A-yoixr old boy Buffered since
Thomas   Roderick   has resumed
work on tho Summit Group     In
1 Summit, camp,
« *   *   •
Eoeri) attention.
Rooms rescrucd bij u)lrc
Victoria Ave.
Pernio, B. C.
»j» «j* »j# • j« **«■»£• •J**»J» *J» *t**J# ■**♦ *** *!• *•* ••**•* ♦!
Fernie Lumber
Coit Ltd*
:•: AUX. MrDOUGALl. Pres. S Gen. Mgr.:]:
Manufacturers ol'nntl
Dealers in
A shipment of 500 tons of coal |
arrived at tho Consolidated Com-
hf was 'lfi niontlvi old'TronVVbacl , pany's War EurIo mino lust week.
Iff,'.      T tried ninny s-\lves      nnd I *   *   *
and had doctor;' tie tend him, but i
none did him any erood,   Thn fine- ;
If vou thlp'-. yntJ "**<\ rt ton.-r.
ask your doctor. II' you think
you need something for your
blood j'-ri?!*. your (locror. IF you
think you w-viUl like to try
!*Viv. o ..ui.***.'i4.4/»i* ;••; k>ttf-»'iJpVi-
rilla, nsk your doctor. Consult him often. Keep In close
touch with hlm.
Ask your doctor to name some 0! tht
remits or constipation. HI* lone Hit will
begin with fick-hetdicbe. biliousness,
dyspepsls, thin blood, bid skin. Then
isk him If he would recommend your
mine Ayer's Pills.
•—JtLubfthW.O.iJW Ot*., towH.* ■■
voki mu jt wns 111 tlie blood, ,
■ 1     *"'<       is   yf ;»,'i.*t.*\ mmL*it,  J  Ui*.** t
ly wi-Oi now I hnd lind 11101 <■ ini tli
in Zfim-Buk, ior it immediately *
..4-aUd ilu- hoy'.*-! li^', Ho is now -
n?aily '1 yearn old.and loolcn inr
from b?inf5,- consmnjitlvc. Ho is
" -'V .r. '' ''ii;^, ....*....j .j^ij, v.*.*Xi<.i>
to Zam-Buk. I hope, this letter
will help a jjoo.d many anxious
Mothers take heart. Don't be
rliHeournped bemuse everything
ha« failed to lunl your child until
you have tried Znm-Buk. Znm-
Bvik j,-. ir.M-.uc'h li.-n'llnf' Balm,
nnd quic'xly overcomcB nnd re-
mow1.- nil t If in diseases. It I..
equally ^-ood for -sounff and old.
For nil skin diseases Zam-Buk
is without equal. It cure.-* ulrorj.,
festerinp* sorers, ringworm, eutu.
bruises, chnpned handu, hoiln, ee-
7«ma, «te,, <>te, AH stores and
druggists sell Zam-Buk Co., Tor-
onto, 3 ho»f«, 5J1.25.
Machine drills havo been ordorod
'.".. '.'.. zi~.■'.'.'. ...'...i. ... 7. r;.v.4.....
-ind hnnd flrill'iin- will tnon V>(* Al«-
contiiiued entirely at the property.
* •   #
A ion-i.' oi twenty*oiio luon wna
put to work Saturday at the
Gninby Smelter nt _Grand rorlts,
...i.i   .....'.    ......    .....     .<M    )S,»'.1ltl,    'Hill*.
an the reopening of the plant proceeds.
♦ •   ♦
The Canadian Pacific railroad
has finished the building of a
new spur to the Granby Company's Gold-Drop-Curlew claims,
whicli urn now in condition to
: furnish a large tonnngo.
A, pleasant
home for the
!Cash I Cash if
C. I. WHELAN • • MoiUlflcr;-';
! A
The Motel of rcrilKc
Tito c«iai'.* »'• 0*innu5tci'nl
and Tflurlst Trade
Culslno   Unexcelled
C. M. Campbell, ciigii^er for
the Granby company, made a complete    survey of the underground , &
' worbing» of the company's work* 1 A	
■ ings of the company's mines, dur- [ A -•*--,■—»
' ini,* tV.e    shutdown, it being pos- ; y S. r. Wallncc
.*ib!e to  R»t to «tope<t nnA rlriftt ' V
jnot available when astl've m
Pnld foi* Socorii!
Hnnil ? uvnUiivn
Glui/c-jy vie.
B. f. Ffirnituro- SIwp
Next Door-to Iinperiiil Ifnrc-I
>>' noiltfh «fe OrcKscd Lumber
Dlmonslon & HridRo.Tltnbor
•   l'llinp, Mould Inc. Liitlm, f
Sliln«lii» und TIck,
j Telephone PoIps a Snmally i
All fVdcr.-. IVumptly Attt-udnl -,<
y Tci. 3
rcrtiU?. H. C. v
Kernie nr.d
Kiro. Li'oA. Accident Insurnnee
Prop. V (
iu'i'ng' ^<A<<''><'<^'>yyw^'y^<^<^1
Read the Ledger
TheA. Macdonald Co
(Head OfnVe, Witmfpcir)
II/.i/hIr's—Vtifiiouvvr, Sultan, f'Vrnii',
I'dniontun. Aha. .t l\*.-nnrji, Ont.
rcmle, B. C.
U'ltflffwifi*  tirorvrie*;.   Hour,   Feed A*
Camp Supplic* TE-RNIE LEDGER,' FERNIE, B.   C.,, DECEMBER 14th. 1907.
News of the City
Wanted—A" girl-, for general '.house;
.work.   Apply Mrs.' L." "?. -Eckstein.
House  "to   rent.—Apply  43. Fernio
'"Annex.     '','""
Double House for Sale (easy terms)
in West Fernie, 8 rooms, glasshouse,
■■ ch'tiken house, etc.—Apply, to John
McLachlauftWest Fernie.
Thoroughly   'experienced     lady
and    .bookkeeper
Loose diamonds and" diamonds
mounted in rings from $10.00 "to
§250.00. We have an excellent, assortment.   A.-C.-* Liphardt-,.. _ ._   ;
Lew Herchmer, from • Hosmer,
accompanied by "Mrs. Herchmer,
and the young policeman »have.
been in the city this week, stbp--
ping at the' Waldorf. Mr. Herchmer had some case before Judge
Wilson' at the * Provincial court
house.  .' -  ">
!'wa?itfg™d%os Fo1' ««>i>'«!<i'')« a well-known citlaon
Ledger Office!' j >'. -''"-'nilo, II. F. l'.-amlov  dn-cl  Inst
- When vou want'a housekeeper, ™"y ^ n °f *" tl,l\ ^-f'!'
cook, ciumacr maid, dining room! Hio late .Mr. Brandiiw was chief dork
girls, wi.-ueral servants', bat' keep-.J nftlsii Crow's .Nost Puss'Conl Conipany
ers, or help of any kind,_ go to|,iu.;M„ v\w mKimj.e,i,,i period of
Ambrpse's Employment Office, Cox j.To)1,.:ini;. p. Walters, ck-rk of
Streot*-' -     *'"'      -!Xapaneo Hotel;'iiccomnauiedihi! corpse
.' Wnnted.-Ksporlnnced-pUl for gen-j      VWmn  for.*. interment,- going  out
oral, housework.,—Apply  Mrs.   A
= For   quotations
on-Hay* & Oats ■
write to
Hembling   &    Ruby
Special rates to Contractors and
Lnmbermon ,
.Trites.   ,
IT'1 t0
' Hiv-tli'* Great North cn
Cottage or small house
near- centre, of, city at once. —Ap-f
ply X, -Ledger Office.
Ciii'l -.wanted' to < help .with ■earo.j.of
children-,- or. one who- would- lielpTin
ex ch an are for clothing, keep and-to go
to school.—Apply " Ledger " Office: ■ "
Wanted.'—Ono" second ', hand*. Raw
mill in good condition,-'capacity 10, •
000 12.000 feet per day,' with.*planer
and jrroover. Address Crown Coal
& Coke Co,, yrow's Nest, B.C.
I*" ARR AR.—Wanted inlbroiation of
Robert Farrar. Last known address
Stirling,' Alberta. Canada.—Inquirer
his sister, M II. Schofield, 153, Nor-
'den'road, Ra'mford, Rochdale, Lan-
-cashire, England,- very anxious to hear from him.   •
at 4.20-p. m..on
Monday afternoon.     *.    ,'    ,-'.-■•
* Chief Pennycuick has* served no-,
tices .* the' residents- "of;■ Victoria
,Avenue this 'week; respecting' -.' the'
removal of snow from"' tlie sidewalks . The"; notice .'is" a copy ''; of
tlie city by-law ..oLMay,3Qtk,1905.
and ,is rofvol'd standing.'' When the
present'" accumulation of ice has
been"removed it. 'dught'.to-sbe,"- a
comparatively easy^matter tb cai>
ry.'out the police mandate which
will add very mhch to - the comfort of pedestrians "and make
shopping a pleasure whilst at.present it is-somewhat of a <
Opens on Jnnmiry Gtli, Why not study,
shorthand, bpokkeaing, ate, and tjuulify
for u good salaried position? Wo can
helii°you. Interesting catalogue free-on
icQuest to J?. Q.' Gnrbutt, Principal of
Tho Garlmtt, Business College, Calgary.
Gent's Military, Brushes at Lip-"
hardt's. , ,
T..-H. Whelan will hold his first
dog sleigh race for the season this
-Saturday afternoon "at 3 o'clock.
Turn out boys.^^ , ==B*=sa=~7""
R.'W. Coulthard and Mrs. Coul-
thard had a visit''from the Stork
last Friday evening' and Fernie is
richer for another little girl.       ,-'
^J.  H." Scott,' of Hartley,- Iowa,
reached on Friday morn-
on'.a-visit, to , the Whelan
. Bros.'of  the Napanee" hotel"
Scott will "spend the winter   . in
' Fernie. ' . *     : '  ' *-*'-
o     ■ '
On another page- will be found
the yearly statement of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. One of
the strong features of the Bank
is the net profit for the year ending 30th, November, and .the Savings bank deposits.
Gus Ternguito, forman of construction work on the G, N. R.
extension to Michel, left for Minnesota by the 4.20 Great Northern Wednesday afternoon on completion of the seasons work. -,
D. J. Eckorsley one of our popular. Fernie citizens is,, Reaving by
the Flyer on Saturday night for
Halifax. This is Mr. Eckcrsley's
first visit east for twenty-six
, years, and no doubt many changes and improvements will impress
him after such a lasso of time.
, .Dave will be absent from Fernio
for about six weeks.
A bazaar and dance in aid of
Christ Church was hold undor the
auspices of tho ladies of that
church yostorday afternoon and
evening at tho Stock Opora house.
Many dainty articlos of wearing
apparel were on exhibition on thc
stalls, and for tho danco tho hall
was tastefully decorated with cut
flowers and plants. Tho danco
was well patronized,
Tho     Amalgamated   Sorioty of
Carponters   and   Joiners held    a
smoker in   tho Minor's hall     on
Thursday night last. An impromptu programme was carried out,
Several   songs   wero 'sung,   and
RpOochoB dealing with union mat*
,ters as effecting tho building trado
•enlivoned tho proceedings. An-
'drew   McLeod gave selections   ot
the bag pipes and treated the
. and'.*-*.1 .*• to some inrdjnlc Stoiv.i
humor.   Mr. John Davidson fore*
man on the now provincial court
houso presided.
The moving pictures which aro
being exhibited at the opera house
by Mr. Stephens, tho manager,
nro proving to bo vory satisfactory and are a sourco of plensuro
,       *v''M    *■>«     *■-•*>    r^^pv^ii^'H*""'        ffty ™' * * 1 * /I!!i
thnwe  doMrinp;  trr'np^nd   nn  hmir   HHltV. rfn-ii* f'.r nx-oWIm* ion-'<*T.''ff>T ViiM'n
or innocent nmusoment.   Tho pic i riXt<i4nn-.i i»Atoml'iy, Domml-iir s-inl, iwu.
tures aro now and of such a char* |   piuin. nml N|icel..ciitlo.i» ran tu oeon, uml
acter that the mast exacting couldl ir..^^
take no offence.  Tho prices of ad. j ™l;>-,nl^
Secretary Fernie Miner's Union:'
Dear Sir and^Bro.—The Granby
company have posted notices., announcing' their intention of resuming .work under a reduced wage
scale. -* ". ■  i   '-'•
. Consequently a ' special meeting
of Phoenix' Miner's "Union.v was
held ' on 'December the 4th, at
which it was unanimously, decided
to accept   NO   REDUCTION     OF
...AGES. -.      -' '
-3      - -• ■'
Kindly   notify   all workingmen
pute is settled^ -.,'.'
'.'.        Chairman Committee.
Phoenix, B. C, Dec. 5th, 1907^
The funeral of Thomas Proud-
lock; who died on Monday morning last at 3 o'clock,- took place
on Tuesday afternoon, attended
by the near relatives and friends
of the deceased.
The Rev.* I. W. Williamson of
the Baptist church conducted the
service of the last sad' rites, in
an impressive manner, and officiated at the grave-side.
Young Proudlock was only 23
years of age and had been working as a section man, on the G,
N. Ry.  ,
, Ono of tho most attractive and
up-to-dato novelties for' Christmas
decoration is tho minaturo railway at tho Crow's Nost Trading
company's , window., Tho small
train, which consists of an ongino,
tender, baggago car and two
passenger coaches is run by eloc
trielty. Tho scono depleted shows
a mountain, and at ono side the
train is soon ontering a tunnol,
and at tho othor ond whoro it om'
ergos is the dopot, In the centre
of this circlo is displayed tho
goods, Tho mechanical part of the
business has been erectod by W.
Connoll our loading carpenter and
contractor, and reflects credit ob
his enro and workmanship, The
Triton-Woods Co., have,also a
very tastily decorated window,
and in faot most of the stores are
putting forward their host effort*,
for the Holiday week, Fernie can
certainly bonst of her window
thnt any bne can afford to go.
Drop in to-night nnd have a good
laugh—a euro for tho bluos.
lr'I.Eii, m-.MN'AH,
I)(.p'irtfii(nlo( Pnlillf Wnrk*".
rittnwii, Xo.i.mlicr, l.»*7,
i ii iv i-.-u-.r.i i'.i
,\ ••■ '.!«■'* u.'<. tor.i!«*r tn iH'lifti'
tradt' it- vvt'll as gi'Htli'tni'nV.
I.adii'^' hnlrr.nd '-u-ts.rMlP'l
nuv dm lait .S.uuul'ty.
Successorto J. W. H. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
V ii n
. ;,Will supply men' for
all classes, of work,.
•   either: by   the1 day,
.    . *     - - f1   * <.    - '' ' *
k   week or month. .
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
I eamsters
Women for cleaning*,
washing or scrubbing.
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street
STORE    -
i* *■'
Of Campbell and Faultless
1 *-'
i >   „, *
AJ -O enable us to make
-*- extensive store im-'
j provements in this department, all our new and up-
to-date . stock of hand
tailored clothing has been
reduced in .price„,regardless ot original" cost and
profit. To enable us to
make these improvements
our. stock must be moved
out of the way an'd reduced
prices are ;,,the means we
are-taking to accomplish'
this. Examine our rans*e
,of the-best ready to wear
clothing * in town, and
take advantage of special
sale prices..
-      ■''.■""".' •'    7    '   '
t>   ■'.       ■• . ■"
Miniature Electric Rail-'
. way consisting of track,
suspension   bridge - and;
depot." -   "       ,        .
See our windows for
Saturday  Specials
Nice Fancy Glass 4, piece Table Sets, Butter, Cream Cft^
Sugar Bowl and Spoon Holder, regular price 75c special QUv
Fresh Ground Coffee regular price 35c/ *%*Wsi
Saturday, per lh. ••.•„.... .._t55*V
Pay Cash"
W.J.   BLUNDELL Prompt Delivery
. <r' -
.    I
•^*M<$>-M><^<S>^-^^*M^ ■
^'*&%^/%/*s/fb/*±&qvWO/*b ■^■%^^/<iirtt/&"&y)yQ/V)^^,Q*&^iQ/ii/%,
'-    Auditor, Accountant, .General Affont
Life, Accident and Kinployer's Liability Insui-ance
Books opened,   closed, .audited,  and accounts- kcpt7iri[.:the.,
-     • most up-to-date manner.   .    ,    .„' ,;;''
Office,  Burns' Block.
■: Forhie, B. 0.
The Crow's Nest
Trading Company, Ltd.
The Store of good values
Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam
,i •*.     , " * *r %,
o  -     ,-   J ' l ' '  il        " '    "      "",
All Work Promptly Executed"
* Satisfaction   Guaranteed.
; Fitting': 3t
-• -^ .
■'   -;■*'■
^   Telephbne
7   -:.-,-.;. :■■*■*■
Next King Edward Hotel   ! ^
Programme for Saturday, Decemhor 14th, Ib Bomothlnp worth sooini/.
Ono complete round of laughter, and for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday tho programme is Bomethlnjr vory Interesting, entitled   ■
ninneliaha Palls, and the Beautiful City of Minneapolis, Minnesota
shown in Ub splendour nnd beauty, all decorated for tho Grand Army
Encampment week, sltuntod on the bnnks of tho Misslsippl lllver,
and other scenes as well.   Ono especially, entitled
i. Never Complain to Your Laundress," (5
Is Bomnthlng thnt will mnko you roar with laughter from start to finish.   5)
-     ®
Glvo us a oall and bo oonvlnoed |
*   • '       ■ s
WHAT   ?
Tho opportunity of miking your choice of Clirlstmm
gifts, comfortably, from unbroken aoiortmnntB. At
ynur leisure look over our largo and varied stock of
things tuitablo for Christmas preionts and wo are sura
you will bo ahlo to mnko a selection to your lil'lnn.
Ctirlsitmnsj. Card* and Calendarsj
Sond thorn early to catch tho English mnlli.
Choice Perfumes
Very flnoRt lmpoi<tcd perfume* iu cut glanD nnd fnncy
bntMc*.   Nn nlc»r prcunnt tn Hvo n Itidy,
fancy   Goods
A largo and v/ulod assortment that you ennnot
(Ind elsewhere. Picture frames -artistic diulgiiR, all
stylos and hIxoh, Lmliot hand Mirrors, Wall nnd Stand
Mirrors. Dolli nml Doll selH—some roal hciiuMcs.
Wo huyiJ a line line of iiietalllc IipjijIi*. Suchot IViwdnj-B
ini inditiiiij, 4i*4i.i;.  iiiiv.Miiiti.    "iVU.'.v,.    U'v.1*. I4..7v4.-,
1 nil slze», pndded mid plain. ,
J i
Chlnn Tea Sets n
Cups and Kauccrn. l'lntns, nnd nnvellicF. ltoynl
Doultou China and Wcdgcwoodwara Pottery.
IN. E. Suddaby,  *^™l*v™&$*°zs
i             " . ■
Don't stop to. annoy, your neighbor
by asking him for the loan of his shot
gun ih shooting season --when' you can
secure a full choke bore, pistol grip,
double barrelled, breach loading, shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and
nickle plated breach for
$10.00 lass 5 per oont.
only a few left. The best values in,
the land. No trouble to shovy/them
and to see is to discover their value
and buy.
New is t'io tlmo to purchase your Christmas presents. Do not wait till tho rush of tho last mlnuto
whon Mio host has boon snappod up by somo ono with
Christmas Cards, Souvenirs. Fancy Goods, Dolls,
Toys, Toddy Hoars, and othor beautiful things too
numerous to mention.
Presents for oil From the Baby to Grandfather
H. F. McUnn Mnnnger Fornlo
Ledger Ads are Winners
All thc leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
Bring in Your Job Work


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