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The Fernie Ledger 1907-12-07

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• s
'-"\, "A"!N opportunity, to own an* orchid
"''ii^aV:, br.''-the   unlimited' markets   of
home within quick, and easy reach
of   British    Columbia,   Alberta. and„-
-.Saskatchevvah. ;T.5,r.i6'"and.' 20 acre blocks. , Finest climate in Kootenay,,
For   Full   Particulars   Apply  to
Crow's   Nest   Pass' Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lcthbridge,    Alberta,
Books for Christmas
, .;,"' "At N. .E.'Saddnby'8, ;.  ,'.,
-Liphardt's, jewelry storo .'will bo
open every evening, next, week un-
til 8.30.     i. 1        m-'.i.iii-,.    ,    M'. ,.'.,.
Tho''sheriff's' sale advertised for
last T*ko'sd'n.y'i"Dob:"3rd,' has'-.boon
postponed' to' Friday; Dec. 20th."
*" * ■■■ r..:'-..:• ?.. i-i ;.*.-..'! ,'f.,,,, , ., ,.
iF. J.'iWtitson, tho .real pstato
m.nn of Fernie, reports consider-
able, activity, in tho fruit hinds ho
.o'ntrolu".' ', 7 ':'" •*»",""  ,;"""v '
William " Bailey, charged" with
vagrancy, was-brought.up ,, from *.vCo.u*lablo. Horchmor
and   HontoncL'd
Iftbor. .!,,:
to 30 days hard
Tho police commissioners will
hold a' meeting thin afternoon to
consider the, trouble arising out
of tho* entry effected nt tho Royal'
Hotel this week..
Books for Christmas
At N. E. Suddnby'fl
Lost—A gold locket and . chain,
between Coal Creok football field,
mino train nnd corner of Gemmell
and Howland Stroots. Finder will
bo rewarded by returning to Mrs,
Wni. It. Host*.
Fete Murphy,, with tho new hoBe
wagon,, is. out doing limit) a , bit
of ofhis ilro team those
days. Tho hose wagon and' team
aro a credit to tho city, and Fete
looks most improssive on his
lirintmiiK Clink** mid   OiiU'ihI'iin
for frlomlH iK-rnHH tlio koii.
X. IS. Hmldnby
Two homes made a sensational
run home to their barn on Victoria Avcnuo on Sunday afternoon last. ,, The breaking of the
Whipple tree v.* as tl.c cnuso of tho
disturbance, which fortunately re*
.suited In no s*>H<.ii«! Injury,
. .VttAKFLBS" ''"Y'
A good-sized-' orowd was presont
ut tho opera house Thursday evening to witness the. return engage-
ment of tho Dominion Stock Company,' Last week they appeared
boro in the "Two Orphans,'* and
woro -greeted 'with a' 'bumper
house. Tho company'all* tho way
through is good, and each ono
sustained 'their reputation in thoir
particular pint, Thursday evening-,. Mr, Clarenbo. Bellairo, as
''Raffles,"'was clover, and was
easily tho best of the evening.
... _ o      ■    '
Customs . collections   lor   Nov,,
Dutable goods I?    Q8,t)00
Freo goods  ,...,.       80,000
Duty- colleotod,.' .15,685.07
Inland revenue . collections    for
tho.month of November, 1007
...I      MIM.
, Tho city council met on Thursday 'evening last.""Present; Mayor
Bonnbll,- Aldermen Tuttlo, Trites.
Qjiail and. Mclntyro.
Tho report of tho Firo Chief was
read.. ,Movod by Aid. Quail, seconded by'. Aid., Mclntyro, .that tho
report bo'adopted.'' Carried,
Moved by Aid, .Tuttlo, seconded
by Aid. Mclntyre, that the City
Clerk.bc instructed.,.to notify .Goo,
Cody, to remove his building from once. Carried.
-,,Tho. Mayor brought; forward tho
miostion . of, the inspection of
dnirics and abbntoirc,. After con*
njdorablo discussion tho Mayor
agreed, to, communicate with lho
Provincial Health Inspector . on
rho matter.
Tho City Engineer roported tho
oewor system comple-tod, and roc-
ommonded tho payment of lho
final estimate to A. McDonald,
and that the city uccopt tho Hys-
torn. Movod by Aid. Tuttle, sec
onded by 'Aid. Triton, that tho report'of ,the Engineer respecting
the estimates on the sewerage system be referred to the Water and
Power Committee, and if satisfactory paid.   Carried.
Movod by Aid, Trites, seconded
by Aid. quail, that Aldermen
Tuttlo and Oaten net with tho
Mayor as a committee on the revision of voters. Rf»v'ql„n +<*, fflV«
placo on the 21 st day of Decern-
i.w, liu- ihiiNictitiii oi vot«» by
citizens being open from Dec, 10th
to nomination day.
■■ ■ ' o.
Church of . England clergymen
ui.c IfOi .pi-wi tr.fcir Rfimnei by tho
government either in this country
or in England. If eucli wero the
case thc amount paid would appear In the midget issued every
year. In tho older provinces of
Cnnadu, such as Ontario, certain
lands   havo been1 willed    to    thn
thuu'h nnd aw a nouice oi wealth, j be of ,i' trlfllm; naturt:, nnd
but in the'iuwisr w«-t this in un- not i-ffpiiro tin* servicer, ot
linown.- "Ed,
1*11*1       llio*       Ittl
A settlement of tho disputto at
laber has been effoetod, tho mon
gaining some substantial Increases iu waires upon old mtoi
.♦District -President ..F. H, - Sher-
man liny {.*M-.w;i.*t.)y cowductBii
those negotiations, and worked
hard to achieve this result.
The full piuticuliirs will bo giv-
en next week.
One Man Killed and Another
* * *     >
A very serious, accident occurred
at the' cut bank on , tho ' Great
1 Northern-. • extension to Michel,
about two miles west of Hosmer,
during- the early hours of Monday
evening last, causing the death of
one- man - and injury to another.
The dead man's name is L.-0.
Taylor, who, with tho injured man
was working with a shovel in
front of the big steam shovol and
tho mountain,-which was perpetually -on. tho run as tho huge
mechanism was oating- out chunks
of the hillside. At a timo when
riono' of tho other workmen woro
paying i particular attention to
tho two men engaged in tho dangerous task botweon tho slipping
o'artli and tho shoveller, a larger
earth slide than usual took place.
Thoir fellow workmen wero - .horrified tb see one man standing
erect submorged to liis armpits',
and" in .tho * confusion," of the
moment everybody stems' to have
forgotten tho second laborer,
Tho ni'an-Jn sight was immediately rescued and was able to
walk to the camp.
. A search was then prostcatod
i'or iho. missing man, who; aftor
somo delay, was found lying down
under about a foot of soil . ap*
■pnroritly dead." Every effort was
mado to get tho stricken man to
the hospital without delay, ond
this was accomplished by tho
ftiithorltii'H In charge of thn construction gang.
Upon being admitted to tho ho«*
pitnl. the unfortunate man was
pronounced by tho doctor to bo
dead, nnd was removed to the
undertaking parlors of Scott anil
Ross to await tho coroner's orders.
On Wednesday morning Coroner
Elensdoll und a jury went out to
tho sceno of thc disaster and made
u careful scrutiny of tho possible
cause of the accident. Tho jury
then adjourned to meet on Friday
evening in tho provincial court
house Up to tlio tlmo of going
to press tho funeral has not been
$ 6.00
•' 3-75
"Lvra'c ici nTr.v'T'r an LS7T-" t~
Overcoats, from... \   .7
-.Starisfield pure wool Uundrwear per.suit--
Big Horn" pure wool "Underwear per suit-.
Heavy* wool  Sox,' 25c,   35c,   and
Pi?, Skin'.. Mitts and Gloves   ' ■
'  -        if^*
Buckskin  Mitts,and Gloves     - .."..    ,"
.    '-   ••      . 4*oo Y
SlO.00    tO    2vOO,
. -   3-oo*'
'-   3.00
50c  pair*
$1.00 up
.4$ 1.25 up
Lumbermen's  Rubbers-\     $1.65 to $3.35 per pair
German Sox ,.     65c  to $1.50 per  pair
Horse Hide Mitts and  Gloves   ,        ■ .■ $1.25  up
Mule Skin  Mitts., and  Gloves 75c
The Trites=Wood Co., Ltd.
, ■**■.
Under tho auspices of the United Mine Workers o( America
Will foe held at Fernio on Saturday Dec, 21,
For. the benefit of Bro, Thos.  Steele,  Coleman,
who lost both hands and an eye in a mine accident.
PltlZJ-.S: 1st, l*1k Koilil Gold (lout's Wnich nml n 17 Jewel Wnltlmn. Movement
*• . 2nd, Ilk Solid Gold LiuIIish' Wnteli andu 15.Jowiil Wulthiiiii Movement
llril, Mk Solid Gold il-binl Swallow Chnlelnlrio Hi-ooch
4th, Mk Solid Gold Wish Bone Pnfely Pin Ilronch
Ctli, 1 Ciih-e of ripen Oth, i Shif-lo Pipe
TICKETS :. -     SOo
Prizes on exhibition for. one week at Liphardt's window
On Sunday afternoon lnt>t «t
2.30 a Rasolino lamp 'in the homo
of R. Kerr exploded and started
a fire in the living room. The re*
port of thc outbreak whs sent in
over tlw telephone to the fire hall
nnd tho „flre chi.-f responded im*
i.Ksdiitelv.   TIip fir.< v.'itt iniir.d t->
i..i%iul4. to f-ttin|{iii*4h.
By a curious coincident a. fow
moments after tho Jury had loft
the ""ircne of the disaster another
lnndsllde took place, puttlnp; tho
shoveller temporarily out of
A. C. McKeen, Riipienio organizer of the Order of Tho Owl«, in in
tho Hty with a viev/ of fstabliiih-
infj a lorlpo of hid ordf-v here, Tho
fraternal brd-ji* of Owli pays nc-
'•I'Ti-'n', 'fi*'" itixA d-'iv'.!-. ' '.i*'.U.i, V/c
luid.'rf.trind tho initirtionn to this
orrlpr ure both pMinrsqiiB nnil
Coiisldorablo dlscunsion' io tak--
inir plaeo uinonif labor mon in Alberta relative to tho proper policy
to bo pursued at the coming Dominion and Provincial elections.
Tho Taber mineri. havo'* elected
Mr. Hopkins Evane to represent
them at tho convention called by
tho Trades nnd Labor Conf-frewi of
Canada to b« held in Calvary on
Dccombor ldth.
If tho sociulistio pnrtv is to
control tho labor unions of Alborta, they will have to soloct as
their- leaders flood clean men,
whoso record will bear iuspeotlon,
Men who havo boon truo'to their
fellows upon tho industrial field,
can, as a rule, bo trusted upon tho
political field.
JVt4,*y*»****£ 1.4*- •&».*».*.#•%»       ****Ci*V*^
In, thn pri«Ri*nt ofllenrn of District
No. 18, U. M. W. of A,, havo all
boon olected by lanjo majorities,
The resignation of James Douglas
of Michel, no a candidate for
proBidont, enmo to late to havo
nnv effect in Alberta, The members ol the local unionfl there wero
not awnro of his resignation.
Tho recent diHCUAsion of the
niotallforouB minors to accept a
reduction in wages owing to tho
low price of motals, shows that
the workers are much moro willing to utwlat tin*, employe-.:!. in
times of depression than the «m
Tho minors of Nova Scotia are
making efforts to become organized into the United Mino Workers of America. This is as , it
bhould bo. There iu room but for
ono miner1)' union in Canada, und
the miners of thu Norlhwost will
gladly welcome their brothers of
ihe east into thu Held.
A feature of tho tiinei' is. the
amount of attention preachers
*givo the problem of labor and
capital in their sermons. Oo to
it, brothers, It will do both you
and your oougregiitions good, and
will uot harm the,gospel ono bit.
Thrco investigation boards oro
sitting at Taber endeavoring to
bring about settlements of dis-
putes thoro. Prospects of settle*
ments aro bright.
ploy^ri  nr**  to    iimk»  eonr^ftilems i hi r.ontlnnti'A fnr mayor for    thc
in time of prosperity.    , ' ♦*"*t ♦»*"•"
The next regular meeting of the
Young Mou'a Liberal Club will bs
item m their rooms in the Bock
TVlnfk on Mf.udiij' vvcuii.^, OlJj
inst., and will take tho form of
n smoker and debate. Tho subject for debate will be tlio following resolution, viz,; "That Canada
is a better country today Undor
"RrHI'jh rill" ♦I'.*-.': ■.••;»? ',»;mM ^ j»»
an independent nation." Tho resolution will be supported by
Messrs. Fifihur, Matheson, Johnson nnd Spoors, and opposed by
Messrs. Moore, Edgecombe, Kennedy and Ingram.
The greattst uouonilruni in    the
city at present is who is going to
he r.omlnn*   *  *--■  ■
' r.ext term.
-r. .2
C, DECEMBER 7, 1907
'4.1i-£Qn>vnencing. at a post plant"-
l    atCoij  near . W. *T., Watson's
c-TXt northwest]';, corner, ■    and:.  being
isCT southwest'/ corner of.Gus Becken"
claim,   a-n*a "marked ' Gus  Beckeri's
southwest corner;, thence 80 chains
east;   '''thence"   80 "chains',"north';
y£h*iY-i   iiY^jQ IS    AlirVP    thence ;.80 ch'ains west; thence    80
"■^"^s--—■        '- ----^cWns south, to the place of com
mencement."" '"    c  "    '-. ••    :
- Dated-this 14th-day- of November fi907*"-*''  ■■ -J--,---..>■    '*.-
GUS BECKEN, Locator. .
■'-J. LIVINGSTONE "Agent..   •■   -
'■Witness—Nat Bibcock.'..--'.;". 7,
' * Grande-Forks,■'' Dec: 2;—Jay P.
Graves, general-manager. ,of . the
Granby Consolidated," which' owns
extensive copper mines at=Pheo-
ni-Jtj 23 miles distant, 'and the
largest copper smelting works in
, Canada, here iri Grand Forks, arrived on Saturday? from Spokane.
After a conference with    A.    B.
. * , i -- -i,
Hodges,  the local* manager,    Mr.
Graves stated that the directors
of the company, had decided, to reopen the mines of the company on
December 5th. and the smelter two
or i three days later, giving employment to some POO men when
operating at full capacity...
'Asked .for     a   statement,"   Mr.'-
Graves said:,
tVSince the closing of bur mines
and. smelter .about three weeks
ago, because of "the low price of
copper and " our j high operating
costs, we have been able to bring
about some reductions iii our.cost
of supplies and general, expenses,
„ and have been approached by some
of -our former employees asking if
..weicould resume onrthe scale- of
.wages'paid about-a year ago p.nd
as.Jnow-in eiTsr-t! -at, Rossland,
B^tte and elsewhere.* -.Under the.
proposed £$dyctions ' the, Granbjy
"company can -afford to again operate, and' we have decided to
start our mines, on December 5th,
and the smelting works two or
three days later.; I am of. 'he
opinion that the price of    copper
v will remain at 12*to 16 cents-per
- -, * . -.. ^ ■
pound for some monthc.   We will
proceed as fast as- possible.^to increase our output at the mines
and to increase the smelter capacity that we have?under contem-
pl.ation,*=r-l*Ielgon News.'.
-»   *Jomem**m*m
4 _
4*-y. - - . - -
■i.:     ?■■* .f-  ,
! *       Y':   '   '■ '
-ilinard's* Liniment, Co., Limited.   ■_
' ceived ' great benefit from the use
severe attack of La Grippe, and I
have frequently proved it to be
very effective in cases of Inflammation. ,* . '' '
■ '   '       'Yours,"          "
''••'''   W. -A.- HUTCHINSON.  -
commencement, . making  640
more or" less.       7
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
. ,    ' 7*., ,  Agent for .-
7 " '-'.•'--"- -'•-   " ;"■-   ■     Locator^-
Witness—Thbs.  Slater. -'"■.'■
:. 4.* Commencing . at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east of
27„  iniie post of   present C. P.   R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west,; and * being the, northeast corner,, post of    Anna Belden's    claim;
tkence;. west 80~r chains; thenee south
83    chains;     thence east, 80 chains;
thence nortii ,80 chains to a point of
commencement, > making   640   acres,
more or less.       ''"'-.,, -~ Y
Located-this 17th day of A*g.„1907.'
'.Agent for
.    t,   .','.,...   ',. - Locator.
Witness—Thos. Slater. . ■;'
5. Commencing ,at a post planted
at ;or near at a,point 3 miles . east
01 27 mile post.of present C. P.-R.
surrey;--' adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and .being ' the southeast,, corner post of George L. Belden's claim
thence west 80 ehains;-thence north
80 chains; thence' east 80. chains;
thence1'south 80 chains to a point of
commencement, ; making . 640.  acres,
5.—Commencing at a post planted at or hear one "mile east of C.
P, R. line, Block 4593, at 31-mile
post, and being southwest corner
of John Fisher's claim and marked John Fisher's southwest corner; thence" 80 chains east; thence
80 chains north; thence ,80 chains,
west;,thence 80 chains south to
place/of commencement.        -,   ,
Dated this 14th day of November, = 1907.*.       ■>   ; ,    „   .
JOHN FISHER, Locatro.    *
' Witness—Nat Babcock.. '»   ,
6.—Commencing at a post planted at-or neair one mile east of C.
P. R. line, Block, 4593, at 34 mile
post, and, being,; southeast corner
of W. Livingstone's claim and
marked., . William1' Livingstone's
southeast corner;'■ thence 80 chains
west; thence* 80 chains north;
thence 80 ■ chains east; thence 80
chains south^to place of -commencement; ■
. -Dated- this 14th day of November,  1907. •    i '*
W. LIVINGSTONE, Locator, j
Witness—Nat Babcock. ,   ", .
"7.—Commencing at a post' planted or.*"-near W. Livingstone's
southeast corner, and being north"-'
east', corner of W. Copelancl's
claim,, "and * marked William Cope-
land's northeast corner; thenper80
chains " vt&%\ Whence , 80 ehains
south;, i&'ence 8Q "' chains east;
thence go chains north to place of
commencement.- y '• ■ .,. ,,
. Dated this? 14th day, of Novem-31
ber, 1907.""'7 '"       ;.., .7 | __■   pf 27,of.present   C.'PfR.
WILLIAM COPELAND, Locator*. J survey, adjoining -: Block'--4598 on "the
■wSJSS SEE'As"4'. '■ H* M^Y *&*■•&
ner ofi Mr?. B<?nni?.,Belden's.claim;
more or xess..
Lp:atedthi3i 17th day of Oct.; 19071
/     "W„K-COATES,;-JE';'"'.. ■'i] •; [ ■,
• \- '7* ' .   ,•' \    Agent.• for-",
S     !,GEQRCrE  L',   BELDEN, '-_.;  "r\
%.ii-Y '. v''■:'■'. ■■■'^.'-^oca4t?ir:^
Witness—Thos.', Slater.   i'V'!'. I:- ^--4^ ■;
6. Commencing at „.a post planted
at or, [neaf'.J'at a .point '3 miles\. eaBt
8.—Commencing at a post planted at or,, near W. Copeland's
northeast corner, and being northwest corner of R. Slugg's claim,
and* 'marked Richard Slugg's
"northwest corner; thence 80 chains,
east; thence- 80 chains south;
thence' 80 chains'; west; thence .,"80,
chains,,' xiprth, to place ,pf- > commencement," "77  ,  "•'   „' "..'•
Dated ,x this" 14th'day of Novexu-
The educational meeting of. the
S. P. of C, which"was held in the
Union Hall on Sunday night, was
a marked success and was a departure from the usual procedure,
the chairman, calling upon whom
he thought fit to speak five minutes on "Soalialism .nnd its
Ideals,"-and"Mr. W. H, Evans, o£
Coal Creek, presided, and after ft
few remarks, called on the comrades one by one to outline the
ideals for which they were striving;
Alter t'ao ^ddrestes were deliverod
Bocjaihtio Vohgs'Vel'e flung,' aiid
l\!.Z meeting, which was interesting and' instructive from start to
finish closed, with tho usual song.
Next Sunday the meeting will be
held as usual, and a-, cordial in-
ivitation is extended to all who
wish to spend a profitable hour.
"oer;  iVOT.     **    "-^ :—""—*"-■ :
RICHARD SLU6G; Locator1.
, Witness—Nat Babcock.   ' ..',.'
9.—Commencing at a post plant
ed at ,or .near.R. Slugg's noith-
west corner, and being;south west'
corner of. J. Sandback's! claim,
and;. marked John. .Sandback's
southwest corner; thence' '80
chains east; thence SO chains
north,;., thence 80 chains we»t;-
the'tice 80' chains south to place
of commencement.!'
Dated.this 14th day of'Nsvem*
ber,   19077;        ,    ■ .. .
, ■ Witness—Nat Babcock,
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply
to,, the Hon, Chiof Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a license
to prospect; for coal and potroloum
on, the following deacribod lands,
situated In thn District of South
Kint Kootenny, Province of Brit-
ilkSPlmUo:  " .;„  .
1.—Commencing at a post planted* at or near 38 milo post of d
P.-R. line, Block 4503, and being
, ihe southwest corner of Nat Bab-
cock's claim, and mark-id Nat
Babcock'S southwest corner; theuce
80 chains east; thonco 80 chain.)
north; thenco 80 chains wi-nt;
thonce 80 chains south to pJaco
of commnncenent.
Dated this 14th day of Novomber, 1007.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
■   , '     '   ■ . -'   '.*"':
NOTICE Is hereby given that,. 111)
Wi. ?#*-£' date { ltt\bnA tp apply la
tbo Hon. ■ Chief -Commissioner* C!
Lands and Works for a Uconso to
prospect ior coul and petroleum on,
the following lands situate, in the
diatrict ol Soutbonst* Kootenay,
British Columbia, Block 4D93.
1, Commencing at a post planted at
or near at a point one mile cast ol
27 milo post of present C,P , R. survey, adjoin'.ni,;    Dlocl. 4B93   on   tbo
Wist, and being thc Bouthcnst   corner post of Bornlce Belden's claim;
Ihcnco north 80 chains; thenco west
bO chains;    tucucc Houth 80 chaini;
tlience oatit 80 chains to a point if
commencement,    making  0.0    acres,
nioro or less.
Located this 17th dny of'CW,' 1907,
'W, 15, COATBfl^ jn„
M„    . Agent for
WltntsB-ThcH. Hlr.U'i.
thence i east '80. chain's;' thence- north
80   chains;'   thence, west 80J ehains;
thence-.soil th, 80 chains to a point of
Cflmmenfiiiment,-^. making ,640 .acres,'
more or less.". - *        ''■,''•-.,    " "■
Located: this 17th day of Oct., 1907.'
'   W. E, QOATES, JR.,   ,: ,      ■
,'     .;   , . Agent.for,.
'      MRS.   BQNNIH. BELDEN,   °-
Witness—Thos. Slater^'"
11. Commencing at a post .planted
at or hear at a point 1 mile east of
29 mile*.. post, of. present ',0.; P. R.
survey, adjoining Block '4593' on the
west, "and being the northwest cor-,
ner post of John.. D.„*Peterson's
claim;'thence, south 80 chains; thence
east " 80 '. chains; thence north- 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of commencement, nu.king 640
acres, more or: less; '.--»-„
Located this 19th day ol Oct., 1907.
,   .7"'" -*-'« Agent for..0
,'"-...       .     ''   ,        ,      Locator..
Witness—Thos. Slater:
15. Commencing at a. post planted
at or near at a; point .8 miles „' east
of 29° mile post*of present C. P.! R.
surveyiadjoining Block "4593 on the
west,, and- being the northweBt corner post1 of Nicholas Bangs' claim;
theuce south 80 chains; thence east
SO chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence .west 80 chains' to.a point ot
commencement;. making , 640 acres,
more or. less.   ;" ;. ,
Located thU. 19th day of Oct., 1907.
- '   W. E." COATES, Jr!,".   :•'
■''*■    -' .-."      -"' Agent' for..
.    "NICHOLAS BANGS,        ■•
7"".*>.'  '■*,-      -,,'•'  ";;   .Locator."
Witness--rThos. - Slater.' .'    ■',''
. 16. Commencing at a post planted
at'or near at.;.a point-'3'miles   east
of 29, niile post of present':" C.'" P/i-R.
'survey,'/adioihih'g^Biock:,4593;on -the
west;'*and'>beirig;.'the-. uortheast> ;cor-
ner,'p*i6st. of Juliiis ~ ; Kribbs',  claim;
thence'.','sbiith 80 • chains; thence" west*
80:chains; ;;thencer -north:-80 chains;
thence': east; 80 chains to-a c Point, of
CommeBcenie'nti   making ,'640    acres,
more or'less.    '      '':'-* -.'"
-( Located: this-19th day of Oct., 1907*
'^.'V'iw^E.'cOATES.-JR!,'"   /';   '.
*..;.-    7..7-., 7'  _':' "<i' ~°:   A-gent'for
*--'•':: JULIUS .'KRIBBS, ",.;-;,    ' ".-.-
"- > •:    ' -'7\,-" ;",'.   .-*v- .."-'     Locatoi .*
WiEn',sg--Tlios, Slater. .''"   ' ■■"'  "
:..,7. Commencing-at= a post "planted
a.t.'or near .the northeast'corner .- of
the J. F. Silverman claim,,, and
being* northwest corner:? of W. Darby's claim, and^ marked W. .Darby
northwest corner;1 thence 80. chains
south; thence ,80,chains east; thence
80' chains '"north; thence 80., chains
west to placo*. of commencement.'
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
.     .W.  DARBY,
-,  -   '.   , 'Locator. - •
,    ''     -    *'-       ' '.    77 .-   "-'Agent,
Witness—John McDonald;;
8. -Commencing at a post planted
at oi- near W. Darby,.northwest corner, and being southwest corner of
B. Lamoruiex's claim, and marked
B. Lamoruiex's southwest corner;
thence 80 chains .north; thence 80
chains east; thenco 80 chains south;
thenco 80 chains west to place of
commencement. '-.,;    '<>'„  .   -.   .-,
Located this 25th day of Oct., 1907
, '        - Locator.
' 7'     "' Agent.-
Witness—John McDonald.-.
NOTICE is hereby "given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and. Works, for a liclnse -. to
prospect foi* coal'and petroleum on
tho folloeRing described lands situated in the district, of . Southeast
Kootenay, Province of British Columbia.. ' * .       ■'       ■     "'       '..■«,.-■      .: '
■ 2, Commencing at a post plantod
at or nonr at a point 1 milo cast of
27 milo  post of    present   0. P. 11.
^.-Commencing at a post plant- „um?   ndlolnlnu Block 4503 on tho
«<d at or near 38 mile post of   C, 1      .    '       ,  , „ "..    „ „.,,„.„„,.  .„-
P. R. line, Block 4603, and   being ™si> "** 1)C,n8 t,,c "outhwest cor
northwest corner of J, "".jving^
utono's claim, and marked John
Livingstone's northwest corner;
thonco 80 chains oast; thenco 80
chains south; thenco SO ihains
wert', thrr.ce TO tha'.n". ncith to
plnce of commencement.
Dated this 14th day ot November,  If-07.
Witness—-Nat Babcock.
nor pout of Mrs. Pearl Belden's
claim; thonco east 80 chains; thenco
north 80 chains; thenco west 30
chains; thonco south 80 chains to a
i-w!**1* cf ccmwcin'owiPiit," ninlflnt* (140
norm more nr Iphb.
Locitcd thin 17th day r.f Oct-, 1807.
W. B. COATKH, Jn.,
A cent for ■•
!. ".".■-. tor
"i\. Commencing at a post planted
at or,nci.r:at a' point 3 miles east
of'27 mile post'of present.C. P. R.
survey,'"adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being the ^northwest corner poet of Mrs. Bernlce Belden's
11 -       .
claim; thence-south 80 chains; thence
east . 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 chains tb a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more of lees;-' — . •  -
Located this '17th divert Oct., 1907.
777 W-' B.y 'c6aTES,"'jr.", "'' " '
11    Agent for
■'•'" ...I--:.. '.-'■':. ,." ,...l-0.c'*tor7"
Witnessr-Thos,-Slater.. •
• j8;-Cpinn.encing at a post "planted
(•V'ijr ..hettr Jit "a"point 3 rhilos east
ol^'miioVos't' ol preset'p, P. .IJ.
survey,, adjoining Block 4593 on . tKiS
west, and. being the northwest, corner post of Nicholas A. Bangs'
claim; thenco.south 80 cbains; thenco
enst 80 cliains; thenco north 80
chains; thenco west 80 chains lo a
point of commencement, making C40
acres, moro or less,
'Located thlB 17th dny of Oct., 1907.
.   , Agent for
.   W. fi. COATES,  JR.,
WitiiesB-ThoB^ Slater..
1 t). Commoncins nt ft Post planted
at or near ot a point 1 mile east,
ol 29 mile post ot present O. 5^ *R,
survey, udJoljilbK Block 450D on the
west, nnd being tho southonst -corner pest ol Frederick C. Bnng'H
claim; thence nortii 80 chains; tlience
west SO chnlna; thence south 80
cliuins; tlionce cast 80 clmlim to a
point of ccmrncnccmcnt,' mnking C40
acres, more or less.
Locutid this 19th dny of Oct., 1907.
Agent for
,    PnEDBniCK  C.   11ANOS,     .
Witness—Thos. Rlnttr.
--'•NOTICE". ■'
.NOTICE is hereby, given that .30
days' after' date ,1 intend to'" ;.apply
to.the Eon. ..Chief !-Cp'nimissibncr, of
Lands and'Works for a license' to
prospect for coal and petroleum -"^
the following described ^nds-aituat-
lccl m_^c d.stnct/r,i Southeast Kont-_
enay^t .j^ t ^CQ q{ British Columbia.
•1." Commencing' at a post planted
at'or near one mile'cast of C. P.* R.
line"'at 27. mile post, Block 4593,
and being southeast corner of S. M.
Moore's claim and marked S. M.
Moore southeast corner; thence .80
chuins west; thence 80 chains north;
thenco 80 chains cast; - thence 80
chains south to place of commencement. . - '-•
Located this 25th day of Oct., 1907
.,   ' S. M. MOOR13,
' „..' Locator.
•'     BAPTISE    LAMORUIEX,   *■
':,..*     . " "     'Agent;
, Witness— .lohn McDonald.
. 2. Commencing at a post, planted
at or near S, M, M'o'oro's southeast,
corner, and being tho northeast'cor*
'ner of .170. Rochford.s claim, and
marked J. C. Rochford northeast
uotner; thenco 80 chuins west; thonco
80 chuins south; ■ thonco 80- 'chnlns
oust; thonco 80 chains north to
placo of commencement, .
Located thin 25th tiny of Oct.,-1007
, - Agont. •
•   Witness—John SIcD.onald.
.'}, Commencing' at a post planted
at or nonr .1, C, Rochford north
oust corntr, tintl lining northeast cornor of. .1. .Uolioi'tHon's clniin' nnd
marked J. Robertson northwest cor-
nor; thenco. 80 chiiiim -Hoiilh; lliunco
80 clmiiiH mist.; thonco 80 chnlns
north; thonco 80 cliuins west to
nlnco of coinmonceinoiit.
Located this 2, dny of Oct., 190
ing. southeast,corner Vf-'J..;.L. Kiidg's
claim;iand .;.mark.e^.\7j7ij.?'Kirig'B
>vest;.. thenco..80ochainsnorth';.thence
-.cnains.'east; ' thence-80 chains1
south to place "of. commencement.-,:*.-*£
... Located  this 24th day of Oct:, 1907
,.*. n J. L\-KING(;,^'? -Y 'Y"ifi
Y .i" Lbctttori''*1'
-. '-■ '.'7-.- ;.' -' ,-,".'.; 7, *:;; Agent. -' !*
'. Witness—John McDonaiih ;.-*'.7;':
■ 2.,-Commencing at"a-post-*-planted'
at; or* near ' southeast corner of J.-'
L. King's claim, .and-. being northeast corner of D. C. Drain's clainv
and marked D.- C- Brian's northeast
corner; thenco. 80, chains! west; thence
80* chains^ south;', thence1 80 chains
east;. thence 80 chains north to place"
of commencement.'     , ,,.] *,,.   - .' . ..
Located this 25th day of Oct., "*',11*1:i
.,- D: c. drain;   .-.-• -'. j,v 4"* -^
*  ,.,", ■. -■-,..,,.. -,*.-.■.r=": •':   -.. .--
'!-;-»•;? yi'.'    ... "     Locator. -.
-.. -' - BAPTISE;   LAMORUIEX,;-'"
' " ' *,"'-".,""'       ■...' Agent,
- Witness— John McDonald:   -
Knowledge of Chemistry! Makes Work
Eesy, For German Crook."
Germany being a nation of scholars,.
It is not surprising that a German city .'
should produce the first doctor :of safe* -
blowing.::The question;*,
did not wait to receive the degree of
D.S. B.,'but took,every thing else hfr' j
could lay his hands on and departed, .
nuich to the chagrin, of the Dresden_._--
police ln^whose district he operated.
The   narrative, of   his' deed, -which .
shows" that niuch, learning may (alsjy
be a dangerous thing, seems worth the
reteillng. ,',-■''*.'.>,'■':.'"... ',.*•■   ' { '.•' -
'The D. •■S.*"B. secured aVrbqin in; a.
hotel Jus&over the office^ of n money-
changer.' At night he cut °a, hole In. the-
woodeii* flooring,  beneath wblclii-.was
a thick'., layer of cement;!. In -this he,„
bored a small "hole,-thro'ughiwhlch;he
thrust au umbrella, .which .when-opened. Bcrved'ito ."catch; the,. f-iTagnienta.hof
cement ^without"'nplseJ'-*1-;When .;a:. hble
Rulnciently large' iiod.^^beenVmade} the
D. S^ B. clambered .'down*- a i.rppe" lad-
dcr^'arid.' bullt'hlmVa^.tentiof .'-bWuketa
around "'the' safe'.' - Behind"'; this: screen;
ho'; placed1'two cylinders of compressed
6xygennnd an ordinary; acetylene* gen-: *
orator ..icharged". with'calcium -carbide
dud -water.> With'**these" the" scientific
burglar'produced a blowpipe flaine',of
such Intensity'that a ho!e.;wasjm'elted
In; the steel dobi* of: the '"safe'' lix a;few
miamte's.' *,The'n' the pifS.^BKhelped/
'Uiiiiselfi'to* all;the* cash^returaedjup,,
the *fop4';*ladder£iiridi''wlien""^inornirig
'eahie^pald his hotel blil^and departed. *
;i;;a,he'fCTlmeJ^ld':-lii Hie!
'eyeslof^,) the" Dresden -.pbijro;^ opened \
'fh<v'orwiiftf "Hil»''R'nlpnVlfl'p''^rnn"lr'ti'fpllnTO . -.
 •jttoKtaBkivqf.; plttlrig7
cjiet&e'a}7 of
tfie-'tihiIverelty'.•fi^'duated:»aife.'1 blowers.
'*> .'i?,.***-' 1*-.'>.--."«. *..-i..uL-''iVii;-''..,M -*. --'* .---
■7orTt.ommencnig-at7'a— post-*"pia"n"ted"
at or, near northeast corner of' LV C:4'
Drain's claim/and being northwest
corner.of the A. A.-Sparks' .claim,
and marked. A. A. Sparks' northwest corner;, thence 80 chains east;
thenco-80 chain's south; ihericc. 80
chains west; .thence 80 chains north
to place of commencement. • ''■'-	
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907
'<   A';  A.  SPARKS,
,   ;.,..   -'   - •'■  ■           Agent."-'
.Witness—John McDonald.
4. CouilliCnciiig at a post- plantod
nt or near northwest comer of', AA
Ai Sparks' claim*, and bUllig' hdiitll-
wt'St corner-of thU Ax' dood' claim,
and, marked Aiiiiy Wood's southwest
corner; thonco 80 chuins'east; thenco
80 chalim north'; theiieo 80 'ihains'
west; _ tlicnco 80 chains south to
place of cominencomoiit.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1007
'       '■ A. GOOD,
*       ,   „    -   "      ,  . ■ '.locator...
"ii... ,■ . ■ "        Agent., ,
Witness—John McDonald,
inechanlsm Tia'd j bwn '■ Be^feltilarsug-
'gesfed'tb'use •at'deVl^^ntalnlng "no-
lassluur cyanide^ and.;.Bulphurlc> acld^.-
:which:;woiild; expcfl^th^German.Itaf- .
fleB-.'td-thgv'fiiihes*-of''prii^ic acid:were
he.'u'nwai' set'offtthe clock-...
■^^L^^i&-;UPoiof,a .few'.-.
thief -if --he;^malni^iiiiear«the;; safe.
.Thls^ reiraate^upptf'. .i&^ca^rather -
ThlTn'upon pol'i^'Beemsrclifiracterlstlc.' „
of thi>"<»ermans, but it appears oiily.V
question-of- a-Bjiorf ;tIijio -when .the: .
int'iiiis * V4'h'oreby.■ he 'can^'.combat"thg.,
"sclc'r.;:flc, ^lefanccs "of   strong TJbxes:,'-
Upon-the" whole, It would strike one-,
ns easier to leave a gnsjet burning im
front of the sqfe..uud. hire Ja night
watchmnn;     '\iiYY-i- -\\  '• •  t
-1    ..--..    "Kflion't Morrli.'*. 	
■( '•ffyoiiwuTgo'To tne jjhice In Ger*'
.many where Nelson Morris was borpj*i„-
sald ii New' York butcher, "yc-u wllS
flnd no^record of a Morris: family be- .
cause   Morris  wns  not  the  butcher
king's ,name,'. Ills   German   family,;
^m^^^^di'nn^d' i-ji' Morris through'.
lipucullar cTinmor'elreuinstnncc8.''A8'.' >
.1 Ind-hc workud'In-Chicago''for a ninm,
by the name^ of NoJhou and became •
known ntiioiig"T'eTson s cuslomers,^,
•Nelson's Morris,' ho hnvflig'cTiangcilL   -,
his first niiino Morltz lo Morris.  'JW'-
pon'jj Morris',wns 11 bright fellowj and'.1.
Iib'ciimo popuhir willi" llio peoi»rcj whom*;
he served.   WI1011 ho stni-^j'd to! biisl*'*
■liosR ho retained his nl^nttNi and InO
tlmo peoplo lost slir'^'or.hte real fam--  *
liy ■nrfmo.- IT0-f"^f|y' (iropped'"tllo-','8"'
5. Commencing at a post- plnnted f0!rii"*°-P'->n.',U-,d P™^ v'T"
at or near one mile from fho scrtl? f(""!*' *'« ^»a «"» •";,mont? 0f- BUC";
cast corner of A, O.ioil's cluim, nml ' «•• Wm »>»< w,mia hnvo-liccomo n.|
being southeast corner of ' JJ. R, ,*xW uiiik'i' nny elwmnstnncefl, but I«
Clnniblo's claim, and inarkod .11 ,_*• j JLI.I..U the ililoptlmi of the euphonious-
anniblo'H soiithenst oonior; f '*i?'Uni..o*..ol*-»d him." • ■*- ->*>,i— 1.
chnlns .west; thenco SO i'1-     ...<"Xo 801 „ ..'.i-i'"^^;.
thenco 80 chnlns c- .■•''l-w north;
chnlns south to r' '.•'-'.; . thoncu 80
ment, ^isva of commenco*
Locatctl   ''.       » • "
ii.i<i Sill* day of Oct., 1007
: ii. n.t (jamuu;,   ",
r'''     ^     ' Locator.".'
,     BAPTISE   LAMORUIEX,    * '
i    W.4. '' Agont.'
wAykisb--John McDonald.
&,—•V»l>llll*."l*>* >l*fe    i»V   4*4   I"'****.   Ji»4i.*k**   ,
od    at    or ne**r   J. Liviiigstene's 1 witness-Tl^H.  Muter
northeast comer, an" being north-1
went corner    .of W.  T.   ty/n'tson's
claiir., and tnnrked W. T, Watson's
northwf-it corner; thrnre 80,chains
oast.;    ihonro     R0   i-hnins   south;  -jv milo post of troucnt   O.    P.    11
i   lv, ivomiiicni'iiiK ul a pool piitiilcil
;ut 4ji' iiti,ii- ,it 4. i'i.Uil I mile -.-.iaI <jI
123 mile pest of present C, p. It. sur-
;vty, adjoining Block 4593 on tb-t
'west, nnd being tho Houtliwest oor-
ncr    post of Bertha MIIIcivh clnlm;
WiliieKH-Jolin ;,u.,(WV,lm,
/••'''^JimMMjtntt 'iit a post thinledl
,a 'i'i* hour ,1*. Roborison's northwest
unrnoi', nii-d liVting Houlliw-jst cornor
nt .Inlm Mclliiiinld'H claim, mid
inui'kod .lohn McUinuihl; Uiciu-c- 80
chniiiN, iwiith; tlicniju SO chnlns 'cast;
tlumco 80 chnlns south; Ui'-ni*9 80
chnlns, went to phico nf consinciiicu*
miiiit, '
Located this 25th dny -if lift,, 11)07
A Kent.
WlliiPSM—1J0I111 McDonnld,.
ft. Coiniiiuiiclng nt, a post plnnted
ut or nonr 0110 milo from tho smith*
1'iiKt coiner of .1. McDonald's i'lnim,
iiml lidng * KOiithcnfit enrner of A.
IHco'h i-lnlin, and nuirked A. Hlco'»
MiiithuiiHt ciinivr; thence 80 chulim
wi'St; thonco 80 (.'hniim north j 'thonco
Mo ,clinliw oust; tlu-nce 80 chiilim
Hiiiitli t» rdiiro ot .•iiintn-'iitvinimt.
l.ociitoil thin 2,"itli ilny of Oct,, 11)07
... JJ I UK,
T.< it'ii tor,
\VIUU'hri—,l 11I111  Mclliinalil.
0'  I'limiiii'iii'linr  nt   11   nn^t   liliniod
•(S* Cinnmetnclng. nt u post plantod
■il or near HonthoaHt cornor of 11. H,
Qftmbla'« clniin, and being north-
oast, enwer of, tt. Murld'o clnlm, and
iniiTkad .1, Murid's noithoiiHt corner;
thenco 80 cIiiiIiih w«mt; thonce 80
chnl-nH Houth; thence 80 chnlns enst;
thence 80 chniim north to placo of
.1. Muiun,
IlAl'TISE   LAM^ujr-jrx.
UitnoKH—Jiilm McHoimlil,
Testing the Monorail.    ■•''*• ..o
Imllu'B governmont In inuklng a prnc*'-
tli'iil,, (est of n monorail systom.   It ,1m
ilcscrlbod ;ns* follows;   "On   grooved
wlioelH.' nrrnngeil tandom fashion, Is
oaiTluil   11   pliitfonu.     Tho, groovodl
wheels run.upon n.rail.which projocts'.
uiwluuh .or two nliovo tho groundi. An-*
other wheel of large dlametara-m...inking n broiul trend Is nttncheiT do* tlio1
cur by  ti" hinged  nrm   working, om
Bprlngn. . Tills wTioel Is llglit Ttj CjJJT*
ntniirtlonnnil ynlght.   It Is moroly tho
bnlnnco wheif'nnd In placed n  fow
Inchon from 0110 sido of tho car ami
runs on tho rond.   It cnrrlos no londl
wlintovor, tlio wholo loml bolng on the;
rnll nnd 1ho con.trnl, wheels, but It of*-:,.
foctunfly pro^ntH tlio- enrs liolng over*-
linliincexl.   On thin monorail rond tho1
fH'wor of n pull' of draft nnlmnls In1
_   ., . . multiplied by ton iindior traction on*-
niVrrSLYt Soisf 'iif nt.r; k,,,cs uy nc,ir,y twc,,,y; ™iuu> ,,no '*
Miirlil's cluim, nnd bolng north wost
corner of ,J. 1*'. Irwin's dnlm, and
mnrkod .1. J.'. Irwin's north wont cor-
nor; tlieiiui PO chains south; thonco
WO uhuiiiH enht: tlii-nco 80 chains
north; lliem-u 80 (•linliifl west to
pliife nf cnimneiH'omoiit.
Liicntnd thli 2Ilh rln
tlicnco north     HU chains; thence wist J ,,t, or i-.-ni\,M)iiil-.M,>,t .-iinifi' of    ihojnnj iimrl,-*-) n. n. '{UunhlK'n   south
cnpnblo of bolng Inld ns rapidly nsi nny
The SilicrUn Chinaman,  ——• ""-V
Siberia Is feolln.-f tlio.prorciro of tlio*
linnlworking Cliliiiimn'n.   Tlio higher
, wngos pnld In Slborln und In lho Ainiii"
I  r  imvrv    'V<   0t'' W'0"- provinces ultnict lliom.  Ti'itvulow 0111
... j . .m-...**-., jlll0 TrniissllHii'liiii   railway  sny  Uttif
„,|,,Ki,   j IUril,V/!(;"v,r'      niSnanicn arc rccn (•".■/■hir.ll;* si rv
HAI MM,   LAMOIIUIEX | wy f^m .f (|m IlilI|wny „•  fnf ^
WHIios*—.lohn Mon.innld.  ' ° " '    ! ,,uu*,,H 'rkuttsk, bolng on^gwl ns frulC
0 '   1 ,j nud truck fnrmers nnd coming to tlio
H. (.ommonclnir n*  n j-«st plantcil'trnln to dispose of tholr pro.lupc f»
,   ',V r,M.!' ,,1,*,In1">,t,>w^* cornor   or punEcnBcn. Much of tlio tuoiiej uiado
m1*. • *■•*, h ■ U
Chlnoco never lo write hov.w ^ Uli>>u:
80 cl-nlim;   tlicnco    Houth SO chains: j A.   Won i'lnim, nud l.olng iiuitlieast | west "cornor;  ihom.-tt Ht) cIihIhh oust-
.   f'mnm'-iirln'  at  a  lirst  iih.nlcl   tlirnco wmt 80 clnlnn to n point   of '' «•'"*''«'••  "/  ;'•''■   ■"'li.l,Vl'"Mn'H 'IMnH ".'T" H° <,lmi,"K nm'll,! ■   »",,,c« HOI r««,wiinlli.Krciiiu.;;lfl
,', comin.-nrin',   ni  n  pr.Ht  juiim.*..!    ^ ^^     „..,.,„..    „,„    und nuiiliod .1,  I-'. s t.mth \ ohiijiw wont; thonof- MO chn)
l 1   • ... ,111111    Miuuii'i    "1     ii    hum nuilli   n   inniii ""niiii     iu;ni,j     ii,rilir    nU    (III
nt or nonr ut 1. point 1 mile oust of oommenecmrrt,    mnlslni;    C-10 neren.   ,nM* „„,,„.,..  ,,1,,,,,,,,  Sl) v]uxUlH tttol.;i„ pi,,,*,, „f r,,,!,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,.,,,.
IliH south !
.then.*-.! }»0,ohains wo£,t; tbence    80
iblll.l-*.      T'-iil'.l        1 a    J li'i i'    ii*'       Mill
i4- 1 4,./   •! ■      1 (ti,   ,1 ...   nf   v ■,-»,,,,
i..ri  lf-07.
W. T. WATSON. Locator.
Witucsc—Nat BabcocU.
•o*nfy fi<H'-.ln'.niT Hlook iti'n on thc
win", niul l-i.lii!: tho ivii'tluvif-l ((.:*
«->r '" '■' f '■'.■rifiilo Tlilib-n's olnltii',
ih nre 1 ontli Mi <h.lnn; tliui'i.' <!*■■■
(0  fhalnK',    llionro  iiofth  SO  rhnlnii;
mors 1 r loar,,
L-.'c.itj.l   th;n   10th d.,y (.f Cot,, KOV.
w. v.. 1:, ,*u,,
Acint. for
i;::i:'iii.*.. :.:i.' n\,
ihcnoo wont SO cliaios to a point of   W.tms.-3-TIiuS,. hlat:r.
t'oiii'o HO clmltlH hinilh; • lioiioo ' H
i-ll.lll h ,•;-,;.(; ll*o,|i',| '-'ll -!M<hlS I'ultll
'n    l.lili*'**   "i   i-nl'lOV 'iv   ||i"l'.
I, M.ii'il- lUI-i iit.Xh il.i. . ' "|.*L., -.507
.1,   I*.  t'llA'I-'.llMAX,
- t .i'ii -iiui-.'i'i:*■.!•:   i.v'-.iuiit ii:\'      1 » . ,
A"cui.    I
Miuii'M.—.!iiliii Md'oiinl:!., Minif.l's Liniment Cur*.« Difilherlu. '
LiicillMl    this 'Jllii dny „f ().-t., |',!07
It.  It.  (! AM III .IK,
T   ir-:i!fi|*
iiAinisi-:   i.AMi.iuiiij.v,
\-. 11Ill's.. .lnyi,   Alt-1 • 111:11 I.
Di-rgoyiio'3   Voi.ib.
Nol fnr from Hi" lluil it-IIu
of >fr. flh'M-.-i- hi w-•'•i'ii-
Ii";- fi fi;,- 1 I--*'-   ■• •* • .-•  ' * .*
icyno, M*h]} wns di ''•:-', • 1
Hi ■  I-1". ,,'   •,-"■     ..'   .  .
r 'i.h r.-.l to t' 0 .'' ."'     ;
III 1777.
I u-o
r f FERNIE. LEDGER, FERNIE," B."7c.;; DECEMBER 7,'1907
Baking Powder
The finest in the world
When ordering ask for Dr. Price's by name, else
the grocer may forget the kind you are accustomed to.
B. E. WALKER, President
A1EX. LAIRD, General Manager ■
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, SI 0,000,000
Rest,, - - V 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branclies throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
11        v ***m*^^^i
No Definite Information is to
Hand-General Impression
* l ^   '      1
; That all are Dead
- Fayette City, Fa.,'-Dec. 2.—BeT
tween 23 and 30 miners, possibly
more, are entombed in the Naomi
mine of the United Coal Company,
located three,  miles west Jof • this.
- "city, and there is practically, no
hope that they are alive.     Their
..imprisonment- is. due .-to, an  explosion    of black damp  about   8
-o'clock last night, soon.after the
night shift went to work:
. . Pittsburg, Dec.'2;—The fate,  of
five -American and 42 foreign miners, - while - not  definitely known,
'• was;pretty-well established'    late
today'bv*the"finding of the body
of a mine pumper near the' 22nd
entry of the Naomi-   mine   of the
, .United Coal Company at Fayette
City, ,35 ..miles from this .city.'. The'
man had*, died of suffocation.   " Y
'". Judging;from "the two fatalities
^-fji^c—fnr^lrnnwjj, ^,both have=bsen-
Vcaused by poisonous gas; it .is al-'
, most certain that the 47 ,', miners
- suc'ciimbed*'-to the 'deadly damp.
■- uuccembed' to the deadly * damp.
.There, is,   also a possibility   -that
the'  explosion'   of last night   oc-
vc'ivrred.'so close to the,'men that
they were killed* by .its force. " or
' the 'resultant' fall" of toriw of rock
and"earth..  Since  shortly after 8
o'clock last night a large force of
rescuers    have .labored constantly
-in an effort to .reach the imprisoned men. .The work has been'neces-
,sarilyslow" on    account    of    the
wreckage after '.the explosion     of
damp.   Notwithstanding'the   fact
that the rescue, party has worked
in one minute reliefs, a score   or
more   of    the   number! have been,
compelled    to  go to thoir homes
suffering from tho poisonous gas.
Two of the rescuers are in a critical condition.     All day long    a
crowd of 2,000 people have stood
about tho mouth   of .the ill-fated
mino    awaiting somo    news from
tho entombed men.   Hundreds    of
these persons    are relatives , and
friends of tho unfortunate miners,
and their grief is   pitablo. '     Tho
rescuers aro dlvidod in opinion as
to whon they will roach, the     entombed   mon.     Soinu believe the
ond of their search will como lata
tonight, wlyllo others do not look
on this until tomorrow   ovoning.
In the meantlmo it is tho gonoral
opinion that all of the   men    aro
dead,—Nelson News.
is no necessity for a license at
present. It may be that, in the
spring a, license" will be necessary,
but at present there is not, and I
will''therefore affirm the finding of
the Commissioners. '
Counsel fee of   $20 allowed    to
counsel-opposing appeal'.   *
. •        ' P. E. WILSON. '
Deposits of $1 and upwards received,' and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit*
Fernie Branch
H.   L.   Edmonds,   Manager
Undertakers & tmbalmers
The   Calgary   Marble ' &„.Granite
The   Kootenay   Marble   'Works; .
Samples Can be Seen at the Office.
Parlors in lundy's
The miners-,at Rossland have
voted to accept the old scale of
wages in force prior 'to July 1st.
The vote stood 353 ' in favor of
The reduction and 116 against.
Thc wages prior to July 1st were
§3.50 a day for machine men.and
82:75^ day for shovellers. . Since'
then the wages that have prevailed have been S4 a day for machine men and ?3.25"a*"day for
shovellers.' ,The, wages of "timber-
men,' -blacksmiths and others employed aboiit'-.the mines were "also
advanced.proportionately on July
1st. '. A,    .'...'.      ''.*'..'
.Owing to.the.low price of .the
metals, the profits of the mines
were. considerably decreased, so
that in'some"instances they went]
.to the ..vanishing point.. The sit-'
uation was -understood - !t>y the
membersi of the union, and the
intimation was' recently made by
the' scale of wages was decreased,"
the mines "and smelters would be
compelled to cease operations "until metals brought a higher price.
The result of the polling was chat
the resolution was carried by- a
two-thirds majority, ,. This will
prevent the closing .down of the
mines, which would have been, a
.calamity to nearly every individual in the community.
The employees' of the • Trail
smelter have also accepted a cut
in wages.
In tho matter of an appeal by
Simon Dragon from tho doci»lon
ot the Bourd of Liccnao Commissioners:
Tho application mado by the appellant is for a wholesale'liquor
license at Michel. Tho application
is opposed on two grounds—first
that tho applicant is not a lit
and propor person to have a lie-
onse, and second, that in any
event a wholesale liconso at tho
point mentioned ia unnecessary,
Tho affidavits of, witness Mod
chevrp that in lhe opinion of the
rtnponentn, Mnnnvn, Johnson nnd
Quail, the applicant wan a fit and
propor person. As against this in
the evidence ot the Chief Liconse
Inspector that the applicant is not
*>, fit nnrl V4rnpr>r rieroMi to lipid a
license. That question is therefore
one which, If necessary, I would
uso my own discretion, but ao my
other finding dispones of the ap-
poal, I will not deal with it.
In my opinion there in at tho
present no necessity for a whole-
Knit- license At Michel, and T can
not see how a man could make a
living. That, of course, has nothing; to do with my finding, but
it ii useful in showing that   there
Tho regular meeting of nthe
Young Liberal . Club committee
was held in the Beck Block . on
Monday, Nov. 25, when a- communication owas received from
Hob. William Templeman, Minister of Inland Revenue and Mines
for tho province, accepting the
honorary prosidpney   of the  club.
Tho committee of thc club, which
is alive to it's possibilities, arranged for a smoker and debate
at thc,club room at tho next meeting, Dec 9th, at 8 o'clock In tho
evening. , i
Tho subject of dobato is as follows:
"That Canada is a bollor country today under British rulo than
sho would bp as, nn independent
Tho resolution will bo supported
by Messrs, Fisher,, Mathoson,
Spiers and Johnston, and thoso
gontlomon will bo opposod by
Messrs, Moore, Edgecombe-, Ken-
nocly and Frod Ingram.
A good dobato is anticipated,
and ovoryono interested . in these
political Irbuos is welcome to attend,
Stoves! Stoves!
Two car, loads just arrived..,' £prnc in and  take
your, choice while our stock,js,complete at.
CjTT A TT.JS   Hardware & Furniture.
y^wwO^ww >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'*♦'*♦♦♦♦+ +*
Citizens and Employees • Meet
— to Say Farewell :-**■
success can be'- measured by
the tributes of one's fellow men,
H.' N. Galer -has" reason ' to feel
highly honored in the banquet
given to him on Saturday last,
when 20 of the official staff of the
International Coal and Coke Company ,sat down; to a sumptuous
dinner , at tho Coleman Hotel,',
Coleman, Alberta. The gathering
was to mark tho retirement irom
tho general managership of tho
International Coal and Coke Company and his departure for "Spokane, whero ho has taken up his
residence, and was a tribute of tho
nigh esteem in which,he Is held by
his ollicials, A splendid dinner,
pleasing, music, a bright toast
list, entertaining programme and
a general feeling, of good fellowship mado the evening ono of rare
enjoyment. Promptly at 9.30 tho
staff, together with Mr. Galer, lho
guest bf tho evening; Mr; Whitc-
sido, who , assumes tho . management of tho company on Jan, 1;
Mr, Laldlaw, of Spokano, and Mr,
Ewing sat down to tho tablo.
Aftor tho dinner .was concluded
tho chairman of tho ovoning, Goo.
L. Fraser, in a few well rendered
remarks pointed out thc occasion
of tho gathering and on bohalf of
tho ofllcial staff of the company,
presented Mr. Galer with a beautiful diamond set locket, suitably
engravod, and with a hand-painted china sot for Mrs, Galer.
, Two or more .persons may
open'a joint account with The
Home Bank of Canada, and
deposit or withdraw money by
cheque over their individual
name. This arrangement is
most convenient for man and
wife, especially if the husband
has .to travel.\arid cannot always reach home by; the week
end.' In case of the death of
either party conducting a joint
account, the amount on deposit
becomes the property of/the
surviving participant without any, process of law.: fTo
simplify the management of
your.household, or your own
and your partner's business,
arrange with us to conduct a
joint account. We pay full
compound interest on savings
1854    THE      1854-*/
or Canada.
N; Boulton, Managed
Fernie Branch
OOimNIONiflE^ to^
", Limited  ■      '.  -7 7-v .-7: ■" .. v2
Fresh and Salt Meats.    Poultry, and
Fish.     Fresh '.Eggs and Dairy Butter..
The,, weary traveller* in search of. a pood
home, plenty to eat ..nnd something good to
drink should go to '   ,.n
The King Edward Hotel
J. ;L;  Gates,, Proprietors -u.«'.
Corner Hanson St. r* •       r*    s*
& Victoria Ave. rQtt\\Qy  D.X/,
G. W.
Western Canada
Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd, J
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General   Merchandise
by loonl applications ni tlio**" cannot roach tho dlsoaRed portion of
tho oar, Thoro In only ono ttaj to
ouro (lofifnoflfl, and that Is by oon
etitutlonal romodloi. Duafnesi li
oaunad by an laflamod oondltlon at
tho muouoa lining of tho cuitaohlan
tubo. \v'iii*-u tain luut* I* Intt&uioci
you have n rnmWJnff j-odjiiJ or Imperfect bnarlna-, and wht-n It lit entirely oloflod. doafneua U tbo roialt,
and anion* tha Inflammation oan be
taken out and this tnbo roilorod to
lt« condition, hr.arlne will -hn
doirtroyod fororer i nloo oaien out of
ton aro named by oatarrb, whloh li
nothlnir but an Inflamed oondltlon
of tho muouoa"".,
We will kIto Ono Tlundrod Dollan
for any cms of doafneii (oauued by
catarrh) that oannot bo onred by
nair« Catarrh Cure. Send for circular!, free,
F. J. CHENEY &iC0„ Toledo,   tt'
Take Ilall'i Family Pills for oon.
«tlp«tlon,      (l       ,i
Sold by druigUU, 7(«.
IK PROBATE NO, 307 OF 1007.
NOTICE in hureby given that on
the 2Rth clay of Novemhor, 1007,
It was ordorcd by Toter Edmund
Wilaon, Esq,, local JudR-e of the
snld court, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, official, administrator,
in and for that portion of thc
county of East Kootenay, included in the Fornie electoral district,
be administrator ol all and singular the estate of George Onysko,
of Hosmer, B.C.. deceased, interstate.
TV-fV*.*-    rt'f-'H     ...... M   . .-       -,.
"*■-      V*V       *■.£**•**>•       V.       V****.4 J't«*>l*.«»
havinp; any claim upon or lnt»»r«Rt
in the distribution of the estate
of the said deceased in required to
send, before the 2nd day of January next by registered lotter, addressed to tha undersigned, hin
name nnd tb* full rmrMrnlnrf* of
his claim or interest and a state*
ment of his account and the nature of tho security, if any, held
by him!
After the said last mentioned
date the administrator will proceed with the distribution of the
tt%tntn, havmfj regard to those
oluims only of which he shall have
hnd notlco "
Duted at   Cranbrook, this 80th
day of November, 1007.
Official Administrator.
IN PROBATE NO.  200 OF  1007.
NOTICE Is horoby given that on
the 25th day ot Novomber, 1007,
it was ordered by Futer Edmund
Wilson, Esq., local judge of the
said court, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, ofllcial administrator,
in and for thut portion of the
county of East Kootenay, Includ-
?d in the Fernie doctoral district,
be administrator of all and singular the estate of Joseph Matwieh
or Matorlck, of llosmer, B. C, do-
roused, intorstato,
Every creditor,or other   person
1-, ,.,.!.*„     ,.    ,.    .1,1. .,«      !.-.*,,._
*..4 . *.*a   ***.J    l***....    ..^-w**      v**
est In tho distribution of the estate of the said deceased, Is required to send i before the 2nd
day of January next by registered
letter, addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full Tmrtleiilnrs of bis clnlm
or interest and a statement of his
account and nature of the security, if any, held by him.
After the said ltut mentioned
date the administrator will proceed with the distribution of the
estate, having regard to those
■claims only of which he shall have
had notice.      _ '
Dated  at  CraubTook,  this 20th
day of November. 1007.
JAMES       FERGUSON        AttM.
A Paying
Official AdminHtrator.
It will pay you lo look
over our stock of Footwear tor Kill antl Winter
use.    Our stock's complete
SOX nt Lowest. Prices
W. R. McDougall
20S Victoria Ave, Fernie
iy -
m 8
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
liaised, every Saturday  from  tlie Office  of
Publication, Tortd Block, Victoria Ave,,
JPornie, British Columbia. •'
'"   All changes of ads. must be in lis follows:—'
Beiges 2' and fi, 3 p. m. Tuesday ;'piiges S and i,
• 8p.m.Thursday, and imgetS,3-p.m. Friday,
We will be unable to insure change unless
.  this rule is complied with.
.   Legal .advertising  1-' cent*? por npnpariel
lino iirst insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion. * *.->   .
Rates for contract advortisinc; on-npplioii* i |
tion at ofiice of inn? Tiiilil DlocK.,
.  T. T, JOHN,       F, II. SHERMAN,
' -      •■ Editor    * Manager
„'FERNIE, 2314—Pres.,"I. X. Puck-
ey; Fin.. Sec.,'Thos. Biggs*
HOSMER; 2494—Pres., Wm. ..Taylor; Sec, Wm. N. Reid ._    7
MICHEL, 2334—Pres., Wm: 061-
grehoun; Sec, Charles Garner. "
COLEMAN, 2633—Pres., W. Hay-
son; Sec, Wm. GrarTam. ■■ »
FRANK, 1263—Pres'., Fred Allott;
Sec.; George Nichols. ***
■    LILLE,. .1233—Pres., ' T.'' Evans:
Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431—Pres.'! F. Lewis-
Sec, Fred Chappell. '■
HILLCREST, 1058-Pres., Robert
Livett; Vice-Pres., J.. Lagac'e;
Sec, Harry T.-Cooper,"
LUNDBRECK,  2275—Pres.,    Alex.
„   '-TStcCullp'ck;-'Sec.,, Peter Blake?  "•
. WOODPECKER,   2299-Pres.'. °   W.
;    . R. Hughes; ,Sec, John .Fletcher.
'*' M0RRINVILLE,   2378—Pres.;     C.
■>;    H.' Richardson; Sec, J. .Mathe-
-      son.' . "      - „ . °
*'.>>■-,.    -     .
,-   DIAMOND CITY—Pres.,     *   -   .'    *
Sec, T. .Entwistle.  ''
*■ fl  r> ' r      *
- CANMORE, 13S7—Pres., W.,  Skv-
age; Sec, Jack Raymond;   -
•. BANKHEAD,        29—Pres., -. Wm.
'   -> Fisher;. Sec, F. Dyson^ .-.,   '°
"TABER,      102—Pres.,''  T.    Boyle;
-i,—Sec. ,_Wm';—Murdocki—«e—I-V-—*».
...LETHBRIDGE,, 574—Pres/ B. G..
Hamilton;'^ Sec,- Charles Pea-.
cook1; -       . i
,- TABER, 1359—Pres., All'.', Roberts; Sec, Robert Doodson. "
, CITY MINES,  2240,  Edmonton—
Pr*es., T. James;. , '   <•■ '
STRATHCONA, 2248—Pros., John
,   ,'( Saint; Sec," Jas, Poole.
Strathcona—Pres., Jas. Cherl-
er; Sec, Neil Mc Cormick.   ■_,
"BUSH .MINES," 2655,, Edmonton—!
,; Pres.;    Chas.    L.    Bryce;    Sec,
; •   Harper.
Presidents   and secretaries ^.iwnose.
names do not uppcar on this list arc
•requested to farward them   to   this
'office for Insertion.
.Continued' inquiries   reach us-for
i) the forogoini*- information.
If you want to;-invest your
money," will be
perfectly safe and* at i1k\
same time0;bring' larger returns than elsewhere,;
If you' want to be close 16 great; \incl rapidly;
increasing manufacturing; industries, schools
and colleges, "transcontinental railroads and •
electric tram lines ;'    ."'-.,,; /.',-;■
-If you want to be close to two great seaports*0
>. where^ vessels  from ,all  parts of the world
* arrive and'depart daily ;     7 _'■;• ■ ■-    -7  .<*.■ Yy
If'you  Want' to  live in ajcity of beautiiul
homes where the .-lawns are: green and  the-
flowers bloom  every ['month  of the year;
1 If you-want ^land  close to. the. B.C.   Elec-
• trie tram line .'between' Vancouver and' New
Westminster, the .fastest growing cities in
Canada, where great docks, electric  power
.'plants, railways, city, provincial and domin-\
ion public works costing millions prof'*'
gress of'construction, where every, kind of
.' labor is in demand and where the highest .
wages are paid'; If you want all these things *
combined, put your money in beautiful'V-.v...
Hillcrest Addition"
We guarantee the'lots to bo high, dry and level; only: half a •
block from the" tram line and live minutes'- walkfrom the,
centre of the city of New. Westminster.   , The lots are 38'by
120 feet.   Price".§100.00,' one-third cash. -Remember' that.
,the two cities! boundaries are only six miles-iipart. that
the sea is on one side and the Fraser river on the other and
that the cities must grow   together-and on account of"
British Columbia's immense undeveloped resources,'minerals, fisheries, timber, rich agricultural lands, climate, etc., ^
and the great tide of emmigration now fairly set in, that the *"
largest city in'Canada is" result.    "        "        ;    "
Our firm is well known.'' We will refer "you to one of 'our
bankers here.' Remember' that '-one "good investment is
*' worth a life of labor" and come to see iis at the Hotel Fernie .
or fill in coupon and we*will call on you and will be pleased
to^sho wrqu jnaps, aji^'photograplis, etc.;' sliowiiij; exact
location of. the lots,"how they lay and'jmprovements.igoing
on around them. ' , -
Barrett &
•fir-, O
COUPON..            •,   '",
Xame  ',..
C. .i
*.   Adilro.45,,.'. ..,,.'	
.    Time to call -,, .'." ■>
Cut out uml mail to Cliosman, Bar-
rat & Ohosmtui, Hotel Fernio,    •   •
". Even "this - year ;he went' to" "District -19". and assisted in; getting
an advance of 5 per cent", for the
-miners'of, that district. ■   ,
There  are    many ■ other ,  things
that could' be mentioned', to    his
credii, but space forbids.
It is not-to be presumed that he
| accomplished these things „. alone,
! he had charge  of the -work'- ■ and
j outlined  the "plans which   carried-
| with them success.   •'"-.-
j . It   is  also  true that  there    are
i "some districts in which he has not
.been.   Some oiie who knows., can
ss; I best explain why ..ho was never in
5$   certain districts.   It' is known that
% , he was purposely''    kept •> out    of
'd  some'of th^se districts'.
g;    This is a'record that can be.very
I'; -largely1 added to by reading . the
[i*- proceedi-n(<s of '   "joint conventions
ji 'cl  operatois  and minors and the
w; proceedings   of  tho ".national   con-
i-S>' ventions oi the.United. Mine'Work-
m   ei s. .
<■ "  ''    .'•",.    ■ ;            ■'- .'..-,
■--■','   *"°.'
;'■■;."■. 7 Buy";'
fYi' - -..  "' * ■ .*• .■
Tho lotter wo publish from the
president of tho Crow's Nest Pass
• Company, Limited, disposes of tho
insidious sug-gf-stion contained In
. some correspondence, wo published
in our issue last weoU stating that
President Sherman, of District 18,
11. M. W. of A., had approached
Mr, Lindsey, ■ president of the
Crow's Nest Pass  Coal  Company
,, "for funds.''
To thrust such ,t vile correspondence upon the public on tho
live of nn election may bo talton
ns u.n indication of sinister
*r.otive, which wo try ,to dissuade
from white men. When pooplo
cannot flght fnir, thoy must so
far commit theinHclvos that thoy
jmmt show their hands and mako
their stand ridiculous.
t. .This - pops*-will-nut1-ue" responsible
for opinions expressed liy its correspondents.
To The Editor'
The   following, letter   has   been
handed us for publication:'
F, H. Sherman, Esq.,
'   President Dist. 18 , •
U. M.- W. of A.
Dear Sir-
Any statoment, „by whomso-
. ever made, to   the effect that ■
you ever, either directly or indirectly,   approached   mo   for
funds for any    purpose whatever, is absolutely false.' ■ I do
not know what motive   could -.
prompt   anyone., to    circulate,
such "a roport,    but you' havo
my authority    to nay that it
has been entirely   unfounded. •
You have always been extreme-
. iy zealous in tho cause which
,  you   havo    advocated  . whon- .
over     your    , dealings    havo
brought you   in contact with
myself.     Indeed) I havo often
thought   you have been ovcr-
zonlouo in   lho causo of thoso
you   represent,    nnd   I   havo
never heard it suggested that
you    should    moderato   your
zoal for any   financial roason.
Yours Truly,
Tabor, Altn., Nov. 30, 1007.
"   '     o   ■■■—
Mr. Lindmiy-R lnttor is a    com-1    .„   ,   . .       "! , ..
' ploto - vindication    of     President I f^S'L1" Zt ftV01lnd "" 1Uln0H
Sherman's  procedure during    his! ^iTlJo^' active     in    tho
term of oflleo, who happily at tho . Knights of Labor in 188-3.
timo wo published tlio correBpond- '    rillr-rt pofdtions    in Local     Au-
cnee refeired to in our'Inst wook'n ! B0*"l1,1lX» Xm0*   tK" of.L" bePinn."B
<r.-i.n   +»,»•«,.. i.   it        s- , with Worthy InKpoctor and gome*
the only man nominated through-  Master Workman.
out the ontirt   dintrict to oppone i    XlepresonU'd 100 K.  of L,   at a
him  at tho forlhcoi-.inp- ^loction   i co**v'*-..'-.°n   of   Western   Pc-nnc-yl*
ifi,  by  this expression  of    confl. ' JE"'11 ond   Ohio . YT? ±n 1B':8'
,i-„- it ...   , .. ,T**° Stt'>'° yonr attended tno   ryn-
men, lifted beyond thn r«r;lon of < nembly'l?,!-., kToT'tV.
burrilous correspondenco, nnd is a f;Kato t0 tl10 convcntioiii which
splendid tribute to bis zeal and; uEd0ftMin?ra«ti°nal pro"l0',',l,0
coinpciuiicy in advoeatinp the - Tho following 'year wri-i a dclo-
cause of minors gonorally, but of; f,'flte to tlj0 convention held in
District 18 morn TinrMriiliT*!*." 7r,ri   Indianapolis,    Ind.,  December  If,.
inatpci   tho charge of    sacrificing ! of America.
tho interest', of miners for flnanci- j    He   has attended   nil   national
nl reasons nhould be ma*i!o to ro* i co«vo/ltJons ,oi United Minn U'ork*
T-J\ :rw tweh \htm r los"icr^ AStav.aatooTEn
son, and they appear to   want a I Ohio sub-district in 1805.
little schooling, i    He wm olectrd secretary oi   tho
l?J"ii»   United Mino   Workors     in
iJ00^* fcUvo Pftrt ia mokine
tht national strike of 1897 a »ue*
««»», -when the United Mine Work
ers had less * .than " ten thousand
members; and which ended-in " a
settlement of an advance in the
liiinins,-.r**t<>'-*-*'*t*' the ■establish*,! ent
of the inter-state joint convention.
At"the "joint convention in Chicago' in 1398 ho was elected' chairman of tho miners' scale committee. The. eight-hour day . was
agreed' to at that convention, an
advance in-' the ' mining, rate of
practically -IS" per cent. ' and, a
uniform inside day wage scale.  .
The Illinois delegates presented
T, L. Lewis with a boautiful gold
mounted fountain pen in recognition of his masterly .defense of
tho: mine-run systom. Tho only
presentation madont tho conven-.
tion.    ■'■'■■•
. When, the Hocking -operators refused to attend tho joint convention in 1899 it was Lewis that
convinced them to sign' tho agreement made at Pittsburg,
Ho was elected vice-president in
1900 and re-elected every year
sinco.    .
In 1900 he was assigned to tho
southwest .md hold eighteen moot-'
ings in twlevo days and organized
flvo mines nnd helped lay tho
foundation which later established
tho joint movoinent in the southwest.
It is conceded that through his
influonco tho best wngo scale that
existed in Michigan wns agroed to
in joint convention.
In tho fall of 1900 ho attended
a joint convention of Diutrict 19
and tho result was an advanco of
7j| por cent, in wngos,
Tho miners of tho Block Coal
district of Indiana eliminated
from thoir joint agreement tho
compulsory purchasing clause
through tlio influence of Lewis.
•',■ . •"- '* '.>"_"' ",' -     -  *     ' g'
By virtue of" -a writ of Fieri
Facias issued out of the .Supreme
Court of British" Columbia, hold-,
en;at-Fernie, B. C, "at-the suit of
James W.. Murphy, plaintiff, and
A. D.. McDonald, defendant; and
to 'me directed against the' goods'
and chattels of' the-above-named
defendant,"A. D. McDonald, I have
seized "and taken* in execution ,,all
the-right, title ""and interests uof
the said defendant's sawmill, »:a;
chinery,„logs, lumber,-posts, sit-"
uate about two miles south1' •■ of
the town; of Swinton on the \west
side of the'Great. Northern Bail-
way, to'recover th'e sum of $125,'
besides sheriff's poundage, cliiccrs
fees and all other legal incidental
expenses," all bf which I shall,__ expose for sale or sufficient thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt and
costs where the " situated,
on Friday',1 December ■> 20th, 1907,-
at,the hour of two o'clock in the
afternoon, ..'•'''.'
-* Dated at Fernie, B. C, this 19th
day. of November, A. D.'1907.
-i_V "'    *    .'"'M.; A. -KASTNER, "',
j    "'"., ■■        'Sheriff's Deputy.
-' '■*;''   -' - __: o-^—
Additional -Locals
■ Mr.0-; Harris, ■ who has* .be^en* here
l'of the'last two-months, returned
tp','the Coast this morning.
-'Mr; Frank^Ball,'- who ' has .been
here with, the Elk..Company for
some-,- :.time,    left"   for'  Spokane
Trites-Wood. have received .their
goods for .the ■ Christmas season,"
and they are now on display at
their store.     . _ <<     7        '   ■
•'- A meeting.'.'of the hockey " club'
will be. held"'in M7 A.'.Kastrier's
office -next Wednesday" evening at
8 p.m.-*for' organization purposes.
!{ A large number of people are
'taking advantage of the ' Christ-
,'m'as' rates over the C. P. R.,' and
leaving'daily to spend. Christmas
with their friends in the east.
'G. G.' :S, Lindsey left on* the
midnight eastbound flyer on Friday,. *jveek .for Toronto, where ho
iVill spend Christmas, returning to
Fernie in January. Mr. Lindsey's
father, a gentleman of 88 years
,of,age,' went east on-the same
train.       *   .      ,,,.;'
Fred Vance went out ou a hunting-expedition'on Tuesday's ' No.
5. westbound; He will* bo* accom-"
paniod by Jim ' Bates,. tho „ well-
known.'sport' from-' Cranbrook.'
The party-will 'commence their
hunt' for garni*, SO miles north of
Wardner, und expect to be away
about two weeks,'
Rov, R. S.' Wilkinson, rector of
Christ church, during thc month
of December is preaching tho following series of sermons
Doc, 8, 7.30 p.m., "Tho Church
a Brotherhood and an Arrtiy,"
, Dec, '15., 7.30 p.m., ''The Church
and Citizenship."'
Doc, * US, 7.30 p.m., ""Tho Triumph of Labor,"
Tho secretory of tho Ladies'
Bcnovolent Society wishes to draw
The attention of tho members to
tho faot thnt at the next mooting
of tho Society, tho'ofllcers for tho
•?omiiifr yeur will bn elected. As
this is a most important mooting,
it is hoped that members will,
make,it thoir business to attend,
The Socict*. will moot nt tho homo
°, S« H' M(,Lo'in <-hls afternoon
fit    tituOt
A. Price,.who has succoodod It.
It. Jamieson as now. gonornl man-
ftjyw of tho Calgary division,
,'aosod through here.on Thursday
inst in his pvlvatn c»r "Minnesota,"  accompanied by E. Erlclt*
tho Knnnwhn Valley of Went   ,..-   .,,.,:„;uu,Uil
*}.!"!?'.uml ln 1003 v'ltabliiilied tho I which be hn* jurisdiction
the Kannwha Vr.llVv of Went" Vi" ! ^LWA °L*l,p **»* Js    *»    ^l
Five  Trains ;claily,-\C.'   P.. R.
Steamer,'' .daily- Telephone apd
Telegraph,      good    ^Boating, >
Fishing   'and'   Hnnling,   level"
Land, magnificent Soil.   ., *,.
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by. buy iu g at
Robson.' " ,*: ''"■ " . " '- -''■ ■
Buy   fruit   lands-..where, you -
can    get ;-irrigation . and   be
sure "of good  crops. . ■•
These lauds can be., bought
at'$i.ob per-acre per month
Your money .back-if _riot satisfied.    For particulars'see. -.  ,. .
To J. Watsoir
. B* C.
Suitab.e;CHPISfTMA'S; Presents
For Men
Patent' Ueathcr \Shoes "    '
Felt- and Leather Slippers ,
Leather Suit Cases and '.
.Trunks,     '  .It  .'
For Women
Felt Slippers Fur bound in
'Red,"Green nnd Brown
Something New
Washable Kid Slippers . ,
In,Blue, Pink and White
.   :-
For Children
N      *
J   *
\ ''n   O
.An endless variety^of Shoes
and" Slippers, all suitable -.
and serviceable
,, *■                      ■  *-.
-      *   IV               .             '1       -               *-
.Hockey' Boots  for' all
appointed bill of fare, speeches
were : made ' by Mr'.' Owen Ross,
Messrs. Carrick and Bob Moore,
who made the speech of the evening in responding- to tho toast to
ihe host.
In the adjourned Waldo,
which came up for trial on Friday
afternoon",.,' tho magistrate found
that'the evidence was of a mo»t
conflicting v nature, tho plaintiff
and tho accused swearing against
each other without any witnesses
to the affair. Thc accused stated
that the plaintiff put her' arms
around him. Plaintiff denied tho
act, but no covroborativo ovi-.
denco was produced that the act
was not committed. Caf>o dismissed. The counsel were tho samo
as at the previous hearing, ■
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
■ Thoro la only ono pluco in town
wheroyou can-Ret good reliable
„ goods in oar lino thnt is at
W. A. INGRAM, prop.    -
Piioni. 01.    -    ■-    Fernie, B. 0
ictyaainted  with    thf  road    over
W, 1Z.
.mint movoint-nt an."! a closed'shop   Wnodhourp ' »,;. .V,' i     ,    ' *'?
in that  soctlon of mont Virgin!^ j S.  M?ffi5J ffi  '' „IZ^tiA C
The closed shop was given   up in • Alaf-ferrl, l0Pnl fcrcS" wcu" aho
"it was Lewi, that prepared th, j "^^ "f lh" 1,uU-v- ,
doc.-um.--ui; that wri: j-iCMrntfed   by      A*-  CKplcr-ion  ocenncd  at  Hnnn
the .Alabamu ojlkpra  to tho avbi- , ffO'i.   foundjy    on    Tlmrndnv " •>•■
ji'*"" i'j    im- | **;■*>■/ j'.ju.    iiie of thft   f*x-
,'-.-'• **<.t|-,
Wn«4 m71i--1. hnlnt-v'.  nf  1**>*,*-   .-♦'*
less homi* m labor, iien.l-monihlv ■ into   the   t-
4-(|/4H.;r..      ..r,
tu-ct'ia n reduction in wagr;,-,   and .'i'lace of   «-.vplo«*ion.
thc same year attended    a    joint! no
, Tortunately
mo same year attended    a    joint! no    catastrophe    happened     and
convention of the southwest     of ; worh to repair tho rhat cred fur
rittihursr, Kansas, and provented   »ace befrnn nt onco.
ft reduction   In    tho mlninfr rate. I
preat      1,l° ^•••t<'d Brotherhood ni Car-
°        ! unnters gave a banrntet    at    tlu-
Waldorf HoM
O^r city police led a strenuous
life on Tuesday last.
much to tho suit-rise oi a
It was' J>win thnt- wmt ta  nf-> 'Waldorf Hotfl    on  Tn^idrty,  Dec.
trict 1 in tha antliiriclto   district ; ,ll*f••   Aitct the AnsemMing' of the
and prevented u strike of the en-
the dUtiict by adopting n plan
to secure a favorable decision for
the men on the dock hasting eon-
troversy in 1WM.*
{vue.its, 0. N. Roih, of the Ternle
CurUgn Company, was \mnni-
motisly t»lectt-d to th*> chair, being
the oldest carpenter present. After
full duty had been done to a well
Greatest of    Scottish Play*.    Will j
Tours   Wcstorn Canada—Famous Songstress a Spk'.idkl
C, P. Walker,'owner and manager of Winnipeg's iu-w tpliOO^UO
theatre, The Walker, has just completed arrangements for a .tour
ncrosA Western Canada ..l "Tho
Bonnie Brier Bush," ono of tho
nroatest plays in tho history - c-f
tho drama.
Tho tour will VprWn at Fort
William, Wednesday, December
•Ith, and will close at Nelson, B.
C, about January 10th. After
oni* nip-bt in Kcnoi-.i. n week will
bo devoted to Winnipeg,. whoro
•.his famous drama ban previously
been given for four lonf-.' ongage-
mpntH. Fornlo will be among the
eiphlren citie?. at which a one-
night engagement will bo played,
Thc company which will pivscnt
"Tho Bonnie BrU-r. Bush" on' thio
I.-J...       .l.,.,.V~-..       kl.t.ij       j,1.4.^^*4. ,   .     ...l.t
<<; (•riiti'i»rn.,nf*l 0? *i\nvf'v" o<- prominence, nmoiH* whom ave J. Vnlmer
Coltinf*, Walter Scotf Wi-eks, Ward
E P.enp'»lior, P.&»'tr» Tr«lnnd, late
pipe mn'for of tlio <19th Ifighland-
t'vs of Toronto, Kfnnoth McKen-, Mnrion MrT)-*i*nnlrl. Ann Catrrl
•Irlt'lnide Mnttltuws, Wm, J. Casey,
tho Bonner children and many
others of note. , The entire Now
York scenic production and electrical equipment in caniful, a
'special ltu'j',0 baggage car bolng
wiuir*d for the tr-insportation.
A decided t»atne* will hn fj*-*
sppcinl en^Agemenfc for the tour
of the Au*,trnlinn nightingale,
M.*.-. MagKlft McCann. the sweetest
sinR-er of Scottish songs that
ever visited Canada,
"The Bonnie Brier Bush,"    the
Notice to Public
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
Company  ,
I have commenced «i high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
f. C.
.'.stlmiitoH furnlslictl on contract, work
• — ■*-.■)» ii m mil-^^w_fj.l*!f>y*yf1!!^^
play of all plays dear to the
hearts af tho Canadian,, peoplo, is
a, dramatisation, by .Tamea Muc-
Arthur.   of tlio late   Ian Maclar-
, -     M *
1,.    *.     ...V*,. **»        *.**      ♦   *.«r.M      .....*«*.       »».«**
it dc'ili't*; Wo tn  Xho Innd    whaRe
lochii and heathery hillK inspired
tho gicat son;r poet, Robert Burns.
If in hk not very long but useful
life,   Ian Mnrlaren    or tho    Ilec.
John Watson, which wus his real
name, had eriven the world noth-
i ir- but "lhe Uonn.o Brier Bush,"
ihis life would not have been lived
[in vain.   To thoso who follow tho
j stage closely, tho play stands out
llko a llghthouia in tho sea of un-
I interesting  '-.tag'*  Btorios.      It in
j distinctly a play of heart    intor-
I e3t, while    the comedy is nb«nd«.
ant, whoh'somo and natural.
The enterprleo of Manager Walker in securing **The Bonnie Brier
Hush" lor a western tour will be
appreciated hy all lovers of the
best in drama. ?'
fl- /■
FEB3TIE LEDGEB^^S-g&lTZE, B.        C..3ECEMBEB 7, 1907
e ¥ this House have learned; the secret of true economy;   they   deal
;. ■__,__;. .     -   withthese firms and save money. 7;.     ,       ;  . °
L S v © r y
,e Horses. Good ltigs, Now Harness
■r'--' ■*-V'-¥
>1   ■'-'.*
« ;**fi-'
',>    '■?'.».    ?   <•/ ; / ^-'"^2.
has, a cellar filled, with
choice Wines and Liquors
The Pollock Wine Go.
The people"1      't the-u-
and many others g       _
*&,*• °o:
As  olA
depe*d .tT..-sei
and Je-«e,ePy
•■4. ■ *»«**■
•  &;.co-
..3 Leading
.-* *; always on-.hand * • •   •
Bean & • Morrison
S*8oW   Ci-ea
Fernie Lumber Go. Ltd,
,   and  Building.Material of all  kinds
Estimates     are
cheerfully    fur-
nished,    Give a
trial order.
•nery Butter
°"  earth
*ty Cash
: .The,;. Inmates o^this.House -
*■» 5*
"are happy because they ©ear.
McDougall's Shoes
Semi-Ready Clothing
Look well ,7
"     Fit   better,   „   ,
Last lontjcr
■ ,Tlian other clolhing
See Us Before Yoif Buy
.in- avx4
X'/.'///■'■■</ -11.
iyu >iiii>:,"',.y?
■our ,
— —  *c>*.**.  ^
A\nw^", .««. fcNV
^C^'Wa. ^
'    '/J   0
s house is
F. J. Watson
,e*    0^
' *'*
,._ •iLp^JGSfe^
* iPw \ ^^
4 \ v^ •2',,' .
To make the House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Fernie Ledger. 0        **.    '.'
_,.-->        •4."„1'|
■^EEMifiE'LEDGER; FERNIE, B:     C, DECEMBER'7,..1907
What the Excavations at Gezer Havo
' * " . .Disclosed.
Wonderful discoveries have been
made In the ruins of. the' ancient city
■of Gezer, In Palestine. Professor Stewart Macallster, who is now at work on
tlio site, has discovered tho ruins of
eight cities, or periods of building
there, going back to anolent cave
dwellers, 3,000 years B. C. The remains therefore of 5,000 years of apparently almost continuous human llfo
aro seen on this little hill. When a
dwelling fell down or was destroy(>d
the newcomer did not clear away tho
rubble, but reared a. fresh structure on
the ruins of the old, and, digging now
fieep down through these ruins, the
explorer of today has discovered the
nntouched cremaled remains of a cave
dwelling race not acquainted with
metal, also the undisturbed dead of a
Canaanlte tribe with' bronze weapons;
also of a-Canaanltc" "high place," with
the bones of newly born infants, sacrificed apparently to, some uukuown del-
. ty or bones of,Infants buried under
tho corners of house walls,  r
These human sacrifices were,
' believed,  the   "aboniinations"   of  the
Ammonites denounced In the Old Testament.   Human sacrifices * were often
.   offered at the couimencement of -un*
■ dertakings, and it has been shown that
the breaking of a bottle of wine at tho,
. naming,of a ship is but the survival of*
tbo 'aucient  abominable  custom.--  So
-'* also the * Innocent looking Maypole Is
simply ni relic of a pole found in old
pagan temples, traces) of one having
been found in the "high place",or temple of Gezer. Various statements in
the Bible'are amply confirmed by discoveries made by the explorers of the
'society., __" ..'.,*' -7
, Developments at Gezer make it possible to understand more clearly how
,   Samson pulled down the pillars of the
temple.   These pillars were of wood
■ and 'merely rested on "stumps of
stone." The,strong man therefore, had
but to draw the' wooden supports together and off the stone, -> and down-,
came .the Jtemple.- crashing about the
Philistines' ears—Chicago-News..7    *
SEALED TENDERS aiMresseil to Uie un.ler-.
sienod, nml endorsed "TeMiier.for Public
Buildins, Lad y»m ith,'B.C.," will be received
at this oilico until Wednesday, December 11,
19U7, inclusively,-*- for the coiintrection of a
Public Building at I adyamith, B C,'*
Plans and specification can bo seen and
forms of tender obtained at this Department,
and on application to the-Postmaster at
Ladysmith, B,C, ' -7
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not be considered unless mado on tho
printed form supplied, and signed with their
uctual signatures.
Each tondor must be accompanied b.y an
acceptod cheque on » chartered bank; made
parable to the order cf the Honourable tbe
Minister, of Publio Work.-, equal to tea,per
pent (10 p.o.) of the amount of the" tender,
which will be forfeited If the person tendering:
deoline to enter into a contract whou called
up»n to do so, or if he fail to complete the
work contracted'for. If the tondor be aot
accepted the cheque will,be returned.
Tlio Department does not bind itself to accept, the lowest or any tender. ,
By Order.
-     „      FRED.'GE LIN AS,,
■   =r--c ■  Secretary,
Department of Public Works.        v    '* r.
,     „      Ottawa, NoTomber 13, WOT.
Division I.—Percentage attendance
96.07. Pupils with perfect attendance—Peter Carosella, Bella Dicken, Gladys McFarquhar,' Arthur
Muirhead, Elsie'Woodho'use, Mary
Bateman, Clarence Dahl, Leonard
Dudley, Helen Muirhead, Margar-
at Robertson, Rheta Hamilton:
Division II.—Percentage attendance 85.08. " Pupils with perfect
attendance—Elon " Bebb, " Sadie
Clapp, Elizabeth Glover, Andrew
Ingram, George Linn, John Mc-
Lachlan. James1 White, Andrew
Marshall, Nellie Bebb/, Alice 'Duthie, i Dkminick Guzzie, Opal Lacher,
Annie Macdonald,,, Allen McLeod,
John Tokes.' ',_■_,     ,-\   ' -: ■-'t • „
"Rank—Senior ■*■ Division,   George
Burkitt.   Junior   Division, ..Tames
Patterson. .    . .,  *
' -     ,   * .   -      * •     I from the Department
.   Division III.—Percentage" attend- [   •
ance;.87.56.   Pupils    with    perfect
attendance—Sarah Bensob.M&'rjcf-
ie Broley, .Albert Dicken, ' James
Easton,     Alfred     Ewings,      Tom
Graves, ■ James    .Graves,.    Fred
Handlev,  Walter 'Hughes, Herbert
Lethcer/   Frank ' Letcher,  Murray
McLeod,., Norman McBean. .
Rank—Senior Division, Norman
McBean. Junior n Division, Colin
Commons, Margaret Sherwood.
Division IV.—Percentage att'end-
ance**87.54.'Pupils; with perfect
attendance—William Benson Aub-
.rey Clapo, Dorothy Dicken, Eveline Jarvis, Albert McBean," Clifford, "Robertson,   , Freda ' Tokes,
The best dollar a day house
,'   in the city.
"Well stocked, bar.
Liquors and Cigars of the
highest quality.,   '..
, NOTICE is hereby^ given that. 30
days'i after .date I intend to apply
to "the Hon'. Chief Commissioner
of Lands-and Works for a license
to prospect for; coal arid petroleum
on the following.'- lands,' situate
in the district of * Southeast Kootenay,
British    Columbia,' -. Block
■ Newspapers will not be paid for thii ad-rer-
lti*ement if they.insert it without authority
as ft
Coat. —Coal mining rights may be leased for
11 period,of twenty-one years at, an annual
' ' . Mends Tire Punctures.
An' Australian has Invented something for-tho pro vent 1911 "of tire punctures. He enlls\.it . miraculum,. It Is
described as a scmilir*uid preparation,
looking like cream'and about as thick."
It Is Injected cold Hi rough the .valve
into tlio- hmcr tube, of pneumatic,
tires. "The revolution;of the wheel,"
writes Colonel Ilalstend, "spreads', the
compound on the inside of tho tire, so
that If the tiro Is punctured tho mlraculum exudes through Jhe hole and,
coining In contact with tho atmosphere, congeals, completely filllug llio
Mary Dragon, Annie Williams,
Hazel Burkitt, • Millie Condiej-Mel-
vin Dahl, George Letcher, . Postel
Mayers, "Doris Smith, Cyril Glov-'
er, Kate Ewing, Bay Gould.   „
Rank—Senior,. Division, Freda
Tokes. Junior' - Division,'"' Mary
Dragon.' ' '»
Division V.—Percentage attendance. 87.93. - Pupils',with perfect
' attendance — -.Hilda Atkinson,
Felicia" Carosella, Hayden Evans,
Edna Glass cet,- Eva Ingram, Her-
man Mayers, Ge0vge Meikle, John
Mclnnes —Willie»Neath J.oe—.Tabi-c-
bak,  Charlie Burkitt,  Janet   Den-
nington,   Mary,  Joe Hover/Jeanne Lynn,* Andrew    Mader,
Lizzie    McDougall,     Maggie    Mc-
I Lachlan, Kitty Patterson.  ,
1     Rank—Senior   Division, Herman
i Mayers.   Junior-   Division,"   .Kate
! McL'aclilan," '.'. " *..°"'     -    '    ■
, Division VI.—Percentage attend-
> ance S6.88,-. Pupils r.with perfect
i attendance—Fred Eeal;- Florence
'Bird, Mary Courtell, Ruth Dicken,
J.,James  Halton,  William- McFarqu-
reiitnl of tl per acre, Not more than 2,5('0
acres* shall be leased to one individual or
eompanv, A royalty nt the rate of Ave cents
per ton shall be'collected on the merchantable
conl mined."'   ->..'-*--      ' ,.      ':
QUAim,.—A person eighteen •„ ears of bro or
ov.ii-, hnvinirdiscoveredmineriilin place, may
locate a claim 1,500 x 1,500 feet. .- '    i.
The fee for recording a claim is *;.r>.
? At least Sioo must be expended on the clf.irn,
eaehvearor paid to the milling recorder in
lieu thereof, When '5'jO has ueen expend!/, or
paid, the locator may, upon haying a* survey,
made, r.nd upon complying- -v.-itlr other requirements, purchase the land at JI per acre.
The patent provides for the payment of ft
royalty of 2J per cent on the sales.
,, Placer mining claims generally are 101 feet
square; entry fee «5 renewable yearly, ...
An' applicant may obtain two leases to
dredge fur gold of live miles ench for a term of1
twentv years, ronewable at the discretion of
the'Minister of the Interior,.. - .
Tho,lessee' shall have a dredge in operation
within one season from the date. of the lease
for each live miles, Rental tlo per annum for
each mile of river leased, , Royalty at the
rate of 2.V per cent coUc'eted-on-the output after it exceeds ilO,000. . .'
W. W.Coky,
-Dep-'ty Minister of thc Interior.
X. B.—ViiHuthorized publication of this advertisement will not bo paid for. .   '. ■
0    , Aug l-07-6m
, You want comfort and sntlsactlon I
ot clean smooth shaves every |
morning. k " ■
The Carbo Magnetic is the only*
GUARANTEED to give this. <
Thesecret Electric'Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of
steel) into the metal—giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade—something absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in. making all ether razors.
. But test this razor . in your
own home—or have your barber")
use it on you.*  : Secure one. 30
J. D.   QUAIL!
1.—Commencing at a post planted 1 mile east of tho 23 milo
post of the present C.P."R. survey
on west Boundary line jot Block
4593, and being the S.E. comer
post of the '• Samuel M. , Moore
claim, thence running, north 80
chains, thence ■* west 80 chs.ns,
thence 1 south .' 80 „ chains, tjenco
east 80'chains, to a point of commencement, making (140 acres,
more or less. .7
Located this 12th day of November, 1907.   7
A. W. BELD3N, As-»*•*,.
Witness:  G. C. H.'Cola «i-.:i. •
.»'-■,'*' 1.
2.—Commencing at a post Ranted 1 mile east' of the 23rd
mile post, of the '• present ' C.
P. R.' survey 'on west boundary
line of Block" 4593, ai-d bo.'ng the
N.E. corner,poit 01 Jesse 5". Fil:
verman's claim, thenco,,running
west 80 chains, tbence south' 80
chains, thence 80 chain's,
thence north 80 cliains, to a pom*,
of commene'eme -.t, making u-30
acres, more or Ijjs. ,,
'   Located   thi.-,  .2.b -lay  ol'November, 1907. '
A. W. BEL.Dl-I-T. Agent.*    '.'"
Witness:  Ci.' •?.   Lro C'.lejsMi-.;    '   -,'
hole,   It Is roportcil tlmt In a motor | liar,, Archibald Meikle, .Rosy Mon*
tiro treated with this composition n
six Inch ranll wus driven to n depth
of tliroo Inches nnd, the nnll being
withdrawn, the enr was then sent onV
short journny.- On returning Its punc*
tuisd tire was found to bo quite hard."
When Testa Dines.
' When Nikola Tesln, tho inventor,
goes into tho dining room of tho Waldorf-Astoria In Now York after Uo
comes ln from his work In tho ovenlng
tho first thing ho does Is to order every ono of tho day's papers, Ho stacks
those upon thu floor, and tublo and
goes through them llko a cyclono while
ho Is waiting for his soup, Ho roarkrf
on the tablecloth with his fingors, fork
or spoon curious things lhat no ono
. can mnko out. It tnlccs him two or
throo hours to cat his dinner, nnd ho
novcr scorns to slop working for a
minute whllo ho Is at It, nud ho always
dines nlono.
getee,-George Softer, John Wais-
nok, Dewey Chevalior, Artty Beaver, Angrelo,. Cnvos*lla,-^""Drag-
6n, John Harris, Annie Mclnnes,
Sonfria .„ Macbelien. ' Annabello
.Mills, Phyllis Ripley,! James stob-
bart, Lizzie' Wilson, Peter Taha-
Rank—1st Primer Class, Henry
Blucher. Baby * Class •■>— Martha
Read. . «
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
■Gent's Furnishings
i**- lrt  *-■
' 3.—Comm?nting at a post'plan-'
red l' mile .east- of the 23rd-
mile post of the present C.
P.R. survey ci. . v est
of Block,45")3, and being the.S...
W. corner post of .the Jni.,. Robertson claim, thence 1 Mining- uot tli
80 chains, thea-:e east 80, chauis.
thence south SO'chains, vhenrc
west -80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 040 acres
more''or less.. ■; . *
Located this  l.';-.h  .iav  of' Nr- v-
ember," 1907.'  „'.- .   "
-   JNO.   ROBERTSON,   locator.
A." W. 'BELDEN, Agent.  '    *   ,..
Witness: G. iC. H;' Coleman.
•■...- ■:, "*■ -^_^^ '
,• Cranbrook Land District ,
District of East Kootenay
TAKE    NOTICE '*» that'   r.'ed',R^
Dahelll    o£    Fernie,-. B.  0. ."timber
cruiser,   icicnd&   to   apply",ior      a
special timber license  over the-' foi-*
lowing' dt scribed lands:
f* ''   -   .     ''    ^ * -t, ,4
No. I.-- Commencing'   at   a post
planted, on the south bank: of a
small creel: in the Elk river-. valley,,
about one mile north and one mile
west ot C..&rles .Weigert's Pre-emption Lot No. 2000, thence 40 chaias
west, them'o ltO,chains north.'thence
40 chains east; ' thence ICO 'chains
south to *point ot beginning,';* coa-s,;
taming 6i0 arrco more or less.
'Dated September 28th, 1907.    ,   \
No., 2.— Commencing   at   a-  post
piantcd   about   20   chains north of.
Goat 'Creek niiii 40 chains west    of
Elk ,Riv4.-r   cn the north and'' west,
boundaries   t.i   the ". Patmore timber,
limits, thence west 40..chains,' thence
north >-10,, "chains,   thence west   40;
chains," thence     north"   40    chains,,
thence touth 12C chains, to point ot
te^iunin^, containing 640,, acres more
or, less. ■»■•■.. o '
Dated September 16th, 1907.:*     .*'
No. 3.—Commencing at a post
planted on the west - fork of
Bingay Creek about "one mile south',
of main stream and about- three
miles up stream from the junction
of the"Elk "River" adjoining L'; W.
Patmoro's timber limit on the west,"
theiiee west 64 chain's; thence northlOO
chains,,,theace east''64 chains, thence'
south TjO chains' to point' of-begin-
ingi" cont,*.;ninf .640, acres more or,
less. '".-..-■       •■*..,■
Dated September 2i)rd. 1907. _   "'_
To ,Tho Ofllcers and Members    of
the Local    Unions    Comprising
District No. 18, U. M, W. of A,
The Fifth Annual Convention
will be held in the Labor Tomplo,
Lethbridgo, Alta., on Wednesday,
Doc. llth, 1907, at 0 a.m. Local
unions aro requested to send dole-
gates according; to Avticlo 8, District Constitution. Unions having- 500 members in  good   stand-
Beloved of a Spinster.
Roma tlmo txtto, hotovo ever ho wooed ,    -
nud won Iho fi.i.."limlln«'IjucIiohs Co* ] ",g_,ftre cntitle.d to,two. delogatos,
cllle  of   McchlcnlMirj;,   nn luccntrlc
iipliintei- of uiiitiii'u yeiit'H luinniiiiceil nn
undylii'*" love for llio dorninh crown
pi'lnco. Tho olhor dny the poor Intly
dloil nud left In lior wlll 11 mim of
rnonoy nml nil her Jowelry, valued nt
£12,000, to tho heir nppiiioiit, Not only
thin; n lottor wiih found nniong hor
po8HoHHlonn In which Hlio mndo him nn
oft'or of mni'i'lnn"). The' prlnco kept tho
lottor, hut ImH Kent tlio tnonoy nnd tho
Jowolryto tho Inily'H noxt of kln,-
London Gontlowouuin,
Dolcfffttos    nhoultl  bring  cei'tifl*
cntes for flrst-dass return railway
fare,   ,
Credentials should be sent in to
tho District Offlcei*-. not later than
Dec. 8th, 1007.   Yours fraternally,
n    F, H  SHERMAN, Pres.
J, R. GALVIN, Vlco-Pres.
J, A. MACDONALD. Sec-Troas
NOTICE is hereby (tivoii .thut implication
\vill bt* miuie to the Purlmmont of ChiihiIii,,
nt the next session tiiureof for an net to incor-
poruto - a Compnny . wiuler tlio name of,
•'Western of Cimmla, Rnilway. Comrnny,"
with powor to construct, equip, maintain mul
operate n line or lines of rr.llwn.v ol fttanrtiml
ov other pin-Re hy niuiinsof steam, electriuity
or any other kind of locomotive power, '* '
(1*1 From" appoint voh tna
bounilutv lino ill the l'rovincn of Alborta
between thu east hliio of TiniiRO twonty-three
(l'S) uml the wost sido of Hiuiro twenty-eiulit
{ii) west of the Fouith Principal Meri.hitn, to
n point on tlio Crow's Nc(*t I' line of the
CaiiAilian Piiciiic Railway Company between
Cowlov nii-1 Pincher Creel;: thenee North*
Yvo*.ti'i-lv followiiii; the vallov of the North
Fork of the Ohl Man ltivor to a, point in the
Jjivinirstone Rnneo of mountains nt nr near
section thlrty.threo (n,*}) in To»iihlitpTen(10).
HanilO Tlirun (81. \\'in.t of HioKiftli Priiialpnl-
Moruliun; thonco throu(jh the puss in tho
Livingstone Mountains nt tho Inst named
■mint und northerly up the vnlley of tho
Uvii'Kstoiie Hiverton point on Hiclt Rivor,
nt or near township SoventooiHl7) in Range
Four [4] nnd Five |S| Wost of tho Fifth Prinoi*
pul Meridian: thenee North-Eatiterlyby the
most Draotiuablo route to tho Citv of CftiRitry,
[8] From a point on the lllddlo Branch at
or.-nonr Us junction with tho Livingstone
River: thonoe to n point iu tho Rooky
Mountains west of Gould's Domo: tlionco
through a pass in tho Rocky Mountains to tho
valley of the IClk River by the most prnotlcablo
route: thonoo Southerly down tho vnlloy of
the Klk River to n junction with tho Canadian
Piuiido Railway nnd tho Great -Northern
Railway in the Klk Rivor vulloy nt or near
tho fllliiRoof Mlohol,
ANT) to oonstruot, oriuip, maintain nnd
oiioratu branch linos, and with such powors,
rfithts and privlleitos as nro incidential or
noeossnry thoroto, nnd to construot, oquip,"
maintain and opontto toleprnpli nnd tele*
phono lino* ln eonnootion with tho said rail*
wny und its branches, nnd to transmit mos-
siibos for oommorolnl purposes nnd to nlmmo
tolls thoreforo and to ffonornte olontricity fnr
tho supply of Unlit, boat and power, and tn
auqulro, ntid dovolop wivtor powers for tlmt
purposo. And to loa<o, sell nnd distril>i)to
anil otborwlso dl.tposo or tho.siimo,ami to
lov.v nnil collect tolls from nil porsons uslim
ami all froliflit pasuliiif ovor said railway and
bt-anohosi and to oonnoot with'and mako
tmillo or othur nrratiftomonts with mllwuy
or otlior onin|ianlos ln<*Hulin« anv lino of
railway In the state of Montana, ono of tlio
Unltnil Stntnsof Aninrlcii,' ond to pnrnliiiNn,
tit len ovor, loasu or ethorwlse acnulm tlie pro*
putty, rights.and franohlse of any other
i.'oinpnnios, and to loitsn nv soil tn nny otlior
compnny the property, rliilitv iuul franchise
tif Ihuemnpanv,
THAT such hi 11 wny milv bn doelnrod to bo
for thn KTlicrtil iiilviiiitnoii of Cunniin.
iionni, cami'IikMi .*;• miUi'soN,
Solluitnrs fcr Appllannts,
ItATKlJHt Wliinlpoi*. this Mid
diiyofMiipteinliur, A,l)„lUid. It
WINE   GO.rLtd.
Wholesale Dealers 'and ^Direct.
.,,   '        Importers of-
OLD TOM    '
'■'-CHAMPAGNE ". "■      ,
Solo Agents in East Kootenay for.
Fort Steele
Femlo,  B. O.
4.—Commendng at, a post planted, 1-mile" east o£;the.23rd mile-
post of. ..'the * present . C.
P.J R. survey, on*'«■•'est 'b'H'iidary
line of. Blocn" 4593," and being,the
N.W.   corner  post  of  the  William
.f*i - '    T\ .- _ nn *»»• a1 a ■ M-.^^^+1-i. r\w\ e*t* vil*i %i 1 *\ ru—
'\JTTTmm CUI OVlt^'i-aCi.i'l.iJ.-j bi.LCA'iV.U — J.-V'-.A'kXAAAAg*-
east. SO chains, - thence south ° 80
chains, "thence" west* "80, chains,
■thence.north SO chaiis, to a point
bf commencement, .making- 640
acres more or less:   --■
Located--.this 12th day  of November, 1907.
■A.-'-W.  BELDEN,  Agent.---'
Witness: G, C. H, Coleman.'-     ■
-    ■    -       ' '      . ■ ,t
" -     ■ - i ^
-,, 5.—Commencing at a post planted at.or near at a point one milo
east of 25 mile post of present C.
P. R. survey, adjoining Block
4593 on" the west, and being . the
southwest corner post of Alex. S.
Farquharson's claim;' thence north
80, chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence-, south -80 chains; thence
east 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 640 acres
more or less,
Located this 13th day of   November, 1907. ...    ,
ALEX. S. FARQUHARSON,    Locator, ..
W. E. COATES, Agent.
Witness: *G   C, H. Coleman.
No. 4.—Commencing at a post
planted cn the east bank of the
njrttiji'ork of Big "Creek near the
north' east corner. of timber license
number -1*1794 and about two. miles,
west of coal license number 6379 oa
El'c, Rm;r tlu-nce"'north -80 .chains,-..
thence west: 40 chains, thence soutli
40 .chaluj/' tlicn'tfe 'west 80  chains,-
thence south 40 chains, • thence east -
120    chains _. to point 'ol beginning,.
.coritain:u.ja640 acres more or less.
'  Djted' Scut ember 25th." 1907.
No. 5.-^-Commencing     at   a   post
pUnted on U10 ..upper-Elk River   at'
tlio noi'lli east' corner of timber-license lumtlicr 12426 ami on the west*
boundary cf. A. Manahancoal licenso
numcer 1932, thence north*40 chains',-
thtnee we-'t' 40 chains, thence north
80    chains  thtneo west    40  chains,*
thence south', 120 chains, thenco east'.
80   chains    to  point . of boginnlng,.
containing C40 acres more or less.
Dated Sirtembcr 8th, 1907. \
, PRLD R, DALZELL, ■ Locator.   '.
Brewers' of Extra FIno Lngfcr
v"' and   Aerated   Wnlers.
Bottled   Gooila    a    Specialty.
Eny Tlmn For Volo*.
' WWJanj. Vgljjli tho crhnlnnl lioro of
Tho Mnous" Kopoi.r-.'l{ ntTvonturo, liau a
plonimnt future lioforr> liim wlion lio Is
rulenued from Itlu Geiniun prlnon In
1010. Tho commltteo which wns form*
cd litBt winter to promoto IjIh wolfnro
nnnounccH thut Ktilllclont HubKcrlpllons
liiivo boon received to kIvo hiin a freo*
hold residence, n  workshop for his
44.1,-        ,*. .   . I \f .*..,. .      «*
luvim**^ u«.u .*  ,/^    f.vt*vH., *w
fowt-r thnn 1!1B wnmot* hnvo wrlttnn
offorlnt* to ranrry hiin, 'Tlio mnjorlty
of tlio ladles nro ("Ionium, lint two
American telri.-t nml ono I.nsllMi wldoir
nro nmontl lho num bcr,
A Plot of LimhI 65 x 11.-2 fi'ttt with 4.voomt'tl riflitorcil Cotln-70 21 x 20
f*»«t, with Pnntry. Olothci- Clonot, n«llnr nud f(t>oA well of wntor.
Proceeds   for  lhc family  of  Chan.   Bcbb
THURSDAY.   DECCMBCR 26th,   1907
Crow's    Most,  Spoolnl
Minor's Favorite Cigars
Tho National
, Illustrated
T»-KinB tto Cnttncn. ,
Gorninn conrU nppenr to toko no \
chances In donlliii{ with nppllcntlons i
to presume tho denth of persons who ]
havo disappeared. The principal Vlon-
nn pnpors publish n Ions ofllcial advertisement from tho court at Oborndorf,
CAlltRic upon ono fMoiN riohr, bont
on April tU, 1770, to appear before ths
srtld <v>tirt  ffoiiii* tlim> l«*forn Mnreli
13,1003, olhenvlf-o lie will bo dwUred
dentil As irerr Fldclls Rohr would
now bo'137 fears old vttto b» tllto,
It Is hardly likely that tho" court will
havo tbo of seolng him.
To Contractors and
Exquisitely f'-'inted bn lino coated paper. Pictures ot woll-known
people, of current ovonts, of
things beautiful and curious.
About one thousand square inches
of pictures in oauh issue. Appeals to Canadians aa the groat
illustrated papon. of London appeal to the Emrlish peoplo, Non-
political. Absolutely no axo to
grind. Its aim nololy to plcnso
nnd to inform. Hunt bu Boon to
be appreciated. Ton conts a copy.
Ono dollnr n year. Tho Pictorial Publishing* Co,, 142 St. Peter
St., Montronl, 3t*-Nov, 23
lo Consumptivos
Tho undorolgnod having boon ra*,
-tftorod to health by simple moans,
aftor suffering for several yoars
with a sovoro lung affootlon, and
that droad dlaoaso CONSUMPTION,
Is anxious to malco known to hla
follow atifforors tho moanB of euro,*
To thoso who doslro It, ho will
oheorfully nond (froo of ohArgo) nj
copy of tho proscription used, whloltl
thoy wlll rind a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATATIIIII, BRONCHITIS and nil throat and lunjf
MALADIES. Ho hopes all suffororu
wlll try this Iloniody, as It In Invalid
ablo, Thoso desiring tho proscription, whloh wlll cost tha nothing,
and may provo a blessing, will
plcuso address ,>
Brooklyn, N. Y<
H*\v»? yon got
winter supply of Oats &.
Potatoes. I'f not order
now ns thc prices arc
going up owing to the
crop   failure   this   vear.
Oats, CO Wm. Ronrantoed
por bushel,
\ f • » t 1 t »t t*it*ttiit
Potntocs, 120 lb. sacks £•!   4%¥*
portwok       ^l-b-O
At your siding, liberal credit nnd
prompt shipment.    Order now.
Ths'thovs Home snd Lot Is tho properly of Chsc. Bchb, a 11.00
ticket of tho trtlt msfce It thoxxgo htnAt.   lUvt • try.
Tickots ($1.00) to bo had from Mr, T. Dljrgi or Mr. Chas. ilebb, I-crtile.
Ed,  Cuming
■A.3ST3D  "H'HQT.A.I'Ili'
f*\fm\     jm,   J««|j»   rf»444   **m ••» fm,
LVVAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Munon, Vcai and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs,
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters,
•   ■'.
i             '
, ■',
y. **
t, i ■>
<of.incomparable quality manifests
In millions of teapots daily,   1$$$
Has built its enormous sale on* "Quality Rock"
"-"-■,''        "■""' as    7 , .   ',. .7 . .
Lead Packets Only   '3iue -bel 40c
W. J. WrigleswoM-TD, D,S.
" X>-E33SrTIST,
Office Hooksi-       8 wto 32 a. m.' 1 to 8p. m
o   -    " -''6.30 to* p.m.   ,.-".,    ,-,
,   Office in A ex; h ck's Hiouk        *' ■*
' over SUnn'', Bakers*.
aid aoTd la-iei %oo^r\b!e'\" t; At.alLGnocers
It is , a . common   fallacy    that
socialism and government * ownership, are identical terms, and such'
is thought to be the case with the
.average - man  in ' the ' street."   This
•   was'amply .verified in last-week's
issue ot' '.'The,Ledger" in
. lished' exchange" article, '/-The Con-"
'" trol'of'Cbal." '" "■'*:.."   ■
One read there that -government
' ownership*' wa's'7undesirable,~'"but*
government control was. the valve'
byVwhich   private, '.-ownership   of
public utilities! was to be regulat-'
ed and the' dreams of the socialist
33i*s*»isseci .froni the'sane'consideration;      .       _, ,_■_.      i .   ■     ".i.,;
• L6t:,us see how far socialism and
government ownership are, compatible.   Germany'is a  fitting il-
. lustration - of government*., ownership,and'the socialists, poll 30 per
j cent.,of the total electorate. To,,
the*/, unthinking \-mind this .looks
. mighty like, socialism ..being identical "with government ownership,
andjjyet,'what'-jare;-'the"] real* facts?
It is well Known' that:VBismarck'
adopted govemmeiit'.'ownership:'for
the.purpose of. setting .back social*
ishi)" arid'yet'ih" spitVof- 'state'-r&iU
roads, coal mines, workhieH's pen-.
"sibn's • and other* like Sops thrown
.4to:ith8__felamorin e*^_mob ._th_eis o cia-U.
-.* ' '      -      I   i    - <  ".     ■ • ■     '-,-   .*>*'
* N, pw 'a j word; as ,'■ to government
"ioatJol.- j Wbafis a: government?
^.government is considered -to be
a\"bbdy .of men supposed popularly
elected' (vide election protests in
Ontario) to carry-;out; the ^will of-
the?PEOPLE—-|'the dear .people"—
but- an observer., looking „ ,below.
.the, surface of' political' intrigue
conies to the conclusion that 7 a"'
government is a committee appointed to look after'the interests
of. a ruling- class, and that ruling
class is the capitalist class which
appoints governments to - look
after their interests.1' To government, control or government ownership the * capitalist 'always
stands to win-*-t*.e working class
'-.The position of the socialist towards government , ownership ■ is
paradoxical—we aro: supporters of
such and yet against it. We support state control as the lesser of
evils, also as students of evolution accept it as a steo towards
tho inauguration of the co-operative commonwodlth. But wo oppose state control, and municipal-
iration of public utilities for the
reason that the proletariat is the
Bamo poddlpr of labor, power that
he was before. His position Is
more insecure, for, as part of capitalism, he oxists by competition;
under private enterprise ho haB
many masters, under the state
ftut'onb.''" '" ' ",y   ',";„"_,.
, Socialism has nothing in common with government ownership,
which in another form of monopolistic capitalism operated in the
intcrcstfl   of --4 por cents.''     The
economics of';"sbcialism will totally abolish wage"'labor as productive of surplus value, 'and raise
mankind; from economic servitude
to something more; than mere,
"job hunters."
'     ■ . ■       *  . J  V     ■
To the taunt of .^dreamers" "that
is    usually thrown   at socialists.
Let me say here and now. that instead    of being' ''dreamers"    they
are students of the evolution    of
society, .and can see that capitalism will .give birth ^ to socialism.'
The   human    family * has   passed
through .^many  phases ^of , social
life, from savagery and barbarism
into, civilization,  and the; latter
can be   summed up as successive
stages;- in.', the.' following-7'order:^
chattel   slavery,     fuedalism   aiid
capitalism,   . each epoch" being s a
distinct^ mode of production... We'.,
are living in a period of economic-
history,; .when sign's are- not >want-1'
ing     T'tp foretell      its^ collapse.
.. anics. point out   the defects    of;
capitalism,' showing how   . incapable'it is'of providing'the human
family :with necessities of life.    T'"
' These panics are periodical,- and.'
with ■ the increase and improve-'
ment of machine production ..will
be more marked ,arid frequent'' in-
the_ 'near future. This ° is not".
prophesy, ' - but .. simple' deduction
"from* the ^capitalistic. ' mode" of
production.'   '"     "_    —-"--"--;,• "-,-•-
■■ As .yiaX' various.- ccohbmici'epochs
Rave passed into oblivion, so in-
the fullness of^time will" capitalism disappear. Tho next s-tep^
TiigHeif^in^tK^rffdaiJi -> of economic*1
evolution, la government-7,ownership or state'" capitalism',,-which, in
turn will ,give way to "the, co-operative republic, j -
Insurance -.'an'd Customs"5 i3roker
Crow's   Nest, Trading   Co.   Block,
Fernie, B.°C.     '
L.  P.   Eckstein
, Barrisieb-at-Law, SbnbiroR
Rooms' l & S, Henderson blook. Fernie, B. C.
1 ~
" 'J v.?'
J.1 Barber^ l.d.s., ^d.d.s.,
T.'W,  Block,   opposite the  Bank
Office hours—8 a.m.. to 8'
1 Y:yJY..i 7   • ■*■■.-. -
' „'  CALL'AND SEE , '
F. 0. LAWE
■Latoe X: Fisher :
Nest    Trading   Co. ' Block*
Fernie,.B.C. •
Advice of Noted Authority, Also
Gives a Simple Home
W. R, Ecsb.K.C.
ill-' v    , '.   "'   .,    i-    .I'**™   .,*■
-  Ross & Alexander.^
'*•;•'.  .. ' ;     '-FERNIE.B. o..,        ;,'-..., :
". Offlee ln L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avemw. '
n.W, HERCHMER ,    ,   ..     8HEI1W601) HEnCIIKEIt
y  Barristers, 'Solicitors, Etc '",
'. * -^™,, --, -1 'c
Offices"overrP^BdrnB*.& Go's Block
:;' -.7 y Victoria -fAve.':.- .. -■-.•■-.■', >
pernie; ;'.*.-.!:.■',    !lB. C.
**•   ' - *   .4   ' ' *■ » I --
,. :-y   .Bniidp.r BpH.rnnf-,»g(»t'>y, -•-'■'*.,
Estimates cHeerfu"lly;ffiveh and work
-, ^'.'promptly executeti to the satis*..-"
I • j  ' faction bf oar :'cu8tomere,;".,".
rJ    .'rf-in   >H>ll,>J>t,MW-'   f** t***UW
not needed
Ayer's Sarsopflrlllo Is not n
strong drink, As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
In It. It Is a nonalcoholic tonic
land alterative. Ar.k your own
doctor about your taking this
medicine for thin, -impure
blood. Follow his advice
every time.  He knows,
Get .fronii'oriy prescription pharmacist the fpllowing**:,   -*
Fluid Extract Dandeloin, one-
half- ounce;' Compound Kargon,
ono ounce; Compound Syrup Sar-
Baparills,  three ouncos, '
Shake well in a bo.ttle and take
a teaspoont'ul doso aftor each meal
and at bedtime, ■■
Tho above is considered by an
**minent authority, who writes in
a New York daily paper, as the
ftiu'St prescription over written to
relievo Backache, Kidney Trouble,
Weak Bladder" , and all forms of
Urinary difficulties. This mixture
acts promptly on tho bliminative
tissues of the.Kidnoys, enabling
them to filter and strain tho'urio
acid and other waste matter from
tho blood, which causes Rheumatism.
Some persons *whp suffer with
tho afflictions may not fcci in*1
dined to plaeo much confidence in
this sjuiP.0 m.xturo, yet thoso who
havo tried il Bay the results art
simply surprising, tlia relief being
olTocted without the slightest injury to tho stomach or other organs.
Mix somo nnt*. give it a. trial. It
cortainly comos highly recommend-
ed, It is the prescription of an
eminent authority, whose entire
lepiitntloti, it is said, wus oslal>
lished by it.
A druggist hen?1 ixt home when
asked slated that he could   either
ft'*-!***.*,      t\\r.     IY- rt\.f,f\lf,^,tf,      f y     ,..t*r      ll    «
0    0 •/ * ' £J ** r*-        , * m ./ S4 + *#«•**•*- fc**1<kt.
prt'pnrlptlnn'fnr  our wnrtorn,  t\\vo
rocommendn it as harmlcsn.
h.beu,.-'' '*,',• boo'o 'io.\';--trA.wjLi)MAH
- Oontraoitore.. and Builders .-
Estimates Furnished
Rcsidence-*--Corh"er Holland'Ave. and
'■] '  McEvoy St.
P. O. Box-3'ss       ...       Fernie,',B. C.
fl. Kerr tfrCo.
Contractors and Builders
.7   '    ,   'Fernie, B, C
Bar supplied:-with the best.of Wine*
'■ '      Liquors and Cigars. 7";
!   Dining. Boom* in connection.
Hotel, Hosmer
,        Opein May  .
Everything new and
,  -"*   *■■.--*:   ,up-to-date. ./, ,
-*■ Every accommodation _;
.for.the public; -.
Bar stocked with_the_.
fine'stin the land'  ■'''
;;     Plus, Specifications Md Eiti-
matii fttrninhed on application.'
Plentf of GOOD DRY LUMBER ON HAND. :i->i
;» tt. A. KElltt,
Arcliittct    and Superintendent
Office at SuitUnct.
\T. Ji. CAHI'MXl. ....  J, WII.80S OIUV
Plans  nnd   Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howland Ave,
<•   J. Wilson Gray, Architkct
Fernie B. C.   „
meets In McBougali's MaI. evtry
Alternate Thundty at 8 p,m.
A, Wykkd, rros,       Wm. 1), Hi'iinnuM), tjoo
" Under new management
Well ftirnished rooms.   The table Ib
supplied with the best the market ,
affords.   The bar is supplied
with the beBt wineB, li- '„     ■■ ;•
quora and cigars. •>, ■
Jas. Severn, Prop.
A'.\ you1- vlo-*ti.r, "What ij llio lirst ijiimiI
rule of hc.-iltli.-" Nino doctors out oi
{iit \.i7|- * ■. 1 »v| <i 1 »...i*. t.ii; L.i>.i,ij
rcituljf."' 'Iiii'na-js hi rn another que r.-
tint. "V'!--' .tn veil l!il."l r,f Acer's
J'iVW'ir cnnsi-pslif*.?"
•—a* Jo by its* J, 0. Ay« 0»„ Xi4-rr.ll, JI111.—•
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head On.a*( \VinnipCR)
Brunches—■Va..couver, N1.I..0H, Fernie,
I'Mn-iontnt., Altn. i*.- Kunont, Ont.
Efler,} attention,
to all points in  Ontarjo. and  Ouebece.
.West*, of Montreal
,-v- ^*^?M*yy)$if!l&f9* *<> Points east, of Montreal
I Good fop 90 days wiih stop-over privileges
.'. Close .connections and excellent' train service Via  , -r i
:: V^f he Oriental Limited"
;,.' . .     For.ioiders, particnlars, etc.,~call or address'
H.L. BLACKSTONE, AGentV Fernie- ■-■    " .-■
.T-f,'ACROSS,;' Agst.;Pftss.''Agt.;i,Sea'ttle'
: Christmas Excursions
"Montreal and Toronto"""
ahd'V.lI'points west'" the'reot in
-. .   Ontario arid "Quebec "      .
•-    ,.L,: •>-      -     .      t.   ■.   .       .  ■   ,,.-
'QaebftC, St. John.' Halifax'arid'-'
other MaritimerProvince cities
rates on application    '
Tickets oh Sale Daily
■Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st     .'
Ron ad Trip, First'Class   ."*■'
.-',--••-,•=. Three'.Months Limit
Old Country Rates 7;
Halifax," St.'.'John' or Portland.■*,
1 and return '     '' --, .'
,'•'3*5 :--   ;';:'
,7.'   Return: Ocean. Fa res : . Y-
. v Saloon ""Second   Steerage -1
";|104.\>J0;' $76:00   ".$55 00- ." ;
and up-according f> steamer'.
-- For further jinrticnlarB call, on loc'ul   ,
.agents, or address'•    '-"
."J. MOE,       ,     ' "E. J. COYLE,'  '    ■*'
io .:iP.,lP-A-"..:'.    '    A-G-PA-    :■'.'
"i".".'. "'.Nelson,,', - Vancouver., .
From' France,  Holland and
-.-. ■„-1   . Japan \ ■
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, JBee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, SpraviDg1 Material,. Cut
Flowers,'1 etc._"", Oldest established
nursery,.on" the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free,   .   -: .=. *    ■   ^
, Nurseries
' ' '        * \"      . ■'",       , l
Qreenhousas .'and SeedhousM      --.
,60   YEARS'*'
.Trade Mafw*,
■ ' -iDhiono'
Comriohts Ac;
..HH....tvMi *uiiuu.„iin<, imnunuun **u • *.^*.4^
lont free, Oldoet apency for noivring nn'.entn.
, Patenu t«kon tliroguh Mur.n * Co, receive
tfukitnottet, withoutclmruo, (itiie
Scientific JUnsrican.
hwidaomclj-IllOdtrnlcit wenk ', ■ T.itnre*t fir*
latlon of nny orlentlJo iinirn J. 'IVi-iim, |3 »
an four raontlji, ll. Sold bx«U nowti'tutlort*.
Fit for a King
The meats that you,.buy
Irom us are fit for a king.
We sell no'iiing that is
' • nrit, the best, that is wliv
wo:have so ninny plcasecl ..
customers, Let us de-
monstute thli fact by a
trial. Polite, attention
.    and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
All work guaranteed
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd.
Rooms reserved by iroire
A plcQfiQtlt home for the
C. L. WHELAN • - Manager
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
I Cash
PnW for Seoond
Btoves, oto.
CJroccrlis,   I-'lour,
C.i'-ip Siippllcj
Tlio uui'fla ot' the workingmon in \ *
their Il' thoy wovild
just snve tlu-!!' itioncy they would
soon l-o hoyoiiil iho renel. of j>ovj; '
orty," etc*, That wan tlm .'ulviso
wc li'ttr-m-cl to Inst your; jv.'W thc
'iftmc a-iith/-.iitJ.-3 toll iik ' tho
tvouV'li' with --h- coun'jy tod.'y
',.. .ii. . .i >- i i i.t in'; \.;ii iiii.. \.\
ii'oiH «.'lvi'.*.ih' tic;.—ar.i'iv.'!)in»i i'i Iittlo
:<-"A      t..-!:n    !'     r:*1"K«    t ,-J (J ,-J'/, "    *.V JS I****
nro wp to tello*.*-*
WW* ^fc**h>f. W**
'* "1    lm
fi.  .    ., ..JMtiU.iJWWiiLil^JUJ.-UA-iMI
*      Hotel.     *
tWR. RkDOUGAll, Pr«. i Gen. Mgr. $
Dcttlcrs In
The. Mote! of Prrrilc
ilwiii—Tnrrrr^nrTiT-rii(rir*tTnm '%'
B. C. Furniture Store
v   v IXi-J- H- I;«;-[-V.:)l llc'tr-l   £
A i.-.J. ■.•
J! ♦*->*-**-****<,-*-^***-->**c,>*
*•*     *    m*rmt*m**0m***mm**m*00*yOS*^
♦ Koairh & Drcrscd I
V DliDcnslpn & IirldBo Timbor
•,*        Pilinfr, Moul(liii(?, UthR,
i fihl.)B'lc8 nnd Tics,
:*: Telephone Poles a Specialty §
:i:       —       $
Y All Orders Promptly Attended <*
A . V
A -
U. C. a.
CRRP    *     MOFI-AT
Tlio cpisii'.! of Couiiiicrcial
ai.rl Tr.nii t. Tr.-td'i
(',,; ,*■•<   UiiP\,:ulli-d
■Vvulu iii.d
ui- r
»"* Ct "
tl'' li!  ln-,'1.'..!.!'.*'      i| A^ii../ 4.
Fir.-.l.!'.'.--. Ai-7
•!• S. t*. I nrc        Prop. •:•
\ivi\t\   [\w
I Al*lgiM'
Y Tel. 3
i iiuiutmnK !■[■
Express and Baggage Transfer
I .'I .14 (,1|'
J'l.l   1'
Oll'i..-:   N. uiim, 11= ..;. I .(uic, Ji. C PEENIE"LEDGER;*FERNIE,"B. ■' C.' PECEMBER 7. 1907
NewS -jbl the City fATAUTY IN THE
i  imxm
Wanted—A-girl-for'general   housework. ,'Apply Mrs. L.'P. Eckstein.*;
House to ;' rent.—Apply ^ 48 Fernie
{Annex. .-,-'.        ■
■ Doable House for Sale (easy terms)
in West Pernie, 8 rooms, glass house,
chicken, house, etc.—Apply to John
McLachlan, West Fernie;'        .'■■  1
Thoroughly '   experienced     .lady.
" stenographer       and      bookkeeper
wants  good  position.—Apply, , to.
Ledger Office.       ■*,.','
When;' you, want a housekeeper,
cook, chamber maid, dining room
girls, :general servants,- bar keepers, or help of any kind, go to,
'Ambrose's Employment Office,' Cox
Street.  ' --        . M83-4t ;
Astray on premises at Wardiier,
two sorrel horses.' ■ The same have'
done considerable' damage , - to
garden'.- Owner may have . £the
"' same by paying damages. and expenses/- These horses are'branded
on left'jaw 6,.white star on forehead.. For particulars apply '■>; S.
,T. Harrison. P. O.'Box 5, Ward-
'ner. •
'. '   Wanted.—Experienced jrirl>for gen-
' oral   housework.—Apply  Mrs.'  A.   B.
Trites. "      -    "7,-   ■    ,   -..
Girl wanted to help with care of
children, or ono who would help in
exchange for clothing,'keep and to go
to school.—Apply,"Ledger"Office.
Wanted—Cottage or Psmall house
■. near    centre  of city at once.—Apply X, Ledger .'Office.' »", 7   *   _*
lohn tlovafl Instantly Killedron
-, HisAVay Home7   :;■:
• A very-sad accident occurred in
the railway yards of .the. M.' F. .&.
M.' Railroad here on Dec. 2nd at
6.30 "p.m., „when, John Hovan, '.a'
well-lmbwn and well-to-do member' of the Slavonian colony, was
instantly killed.  ' -■/  *-7
The crew ' of the' train did inot
see' him on the "tracks, and did not
appear, to understand how the accident happened.. Deceased was 56
years of,.age and .leaves-,a 1 wife"
and family.
., .We,  the jury _em:Raiineled, to.', inquire into the cause of .the.-j. death
of John'Hovan,;find "that on. or',
about 6.30 p.m. of December 2nd,
-the\deceased,   John. Hovan,   -was
killed by being run.over by    engine No.-502 on. the" M. F.-.& M.-
Railroad track.  'At""the time'-   of
the accident the .'engine was;' moving backwards, coming'-into,   the
Fernie "-ards'.''.'   „    ,   "•''       „.• 7.-..*",.
.7'   --,   ' Foreman.-
-.-'■' *—-—*>——--''  -•'; Y-
For   quotations    *,
on Hay & Oats   7
■'"'**■   ';  "-*,, '   ;■
Hembling   & ' Ruby
7DID6BURY,   ALTA.     7.
.   , Special rates'to Contractors and
W .* "Lumbermen  "*"-- '■ *••
Liphardt's jewelry store wilUbe
open every evening next-week until, 8.30. ,   <■
- If 'you want a fine' piece' of
hand-painted china, see Liphardt.
He., has in  stock a fine    line. •' of
tssrDoalton,       Limoges,.      Cbalport,
Bavaria' and Japanese.'
The  aldermen1,- accompanied,  by
the city engineer  and contractor,
o    -inspected    the    sewerage   „ system
yesterday.   A full report will appear next week.,    *_-    •    *'       .
..   ''The    Amalgamated ■'.-Society    of1
Carpenters and Joiners" are giving
a smoker'. in the Miners'   . Union
.   Hall on Thursday, Dec.--12,  1907,
for which invitations are out.''
Books tor Christmas
.   ;-   'iAt-'N. E. Suddaby's . ....   .
The    moving  .pictures    at a ,the
'opera, house are being',very much
- enjoyed* by- those who are fortunate enough, to attend.' The 'pictures  are* the best we* have    had
'   " the pleasure of seeing.        .   '   -
Opens on January Oth, Why not study
shorthand, bookkoeing, etc., and qualify
for a good salarlo'd' position?'?'We can
help you,- Interesting catalogue free on
request, to F. G. Gartmtt, Principal of
Tlie Garbutt Business College, Calg'ary7
,   .. "        ■ -'   ''*!      ;;    - ."       O
Prices for
- A* nice fan or a- pair of opera
glasses .make ^a'good ^ Chris tin as
gift.   Liphard^'ias^'theiii.;   •_:    -..
""Clin?! t■■ni hV*iCVw's'^ad-CCnlcntlars
i iiy-ry-.'-^Y^^i^y^ihli' , ,
l ,iorti,jLends"'iier6feH ti.-tpgoti. .,£--.
!•To5nl'oyr,bw■'■evt*ntag';5*3*,s*4,?, * ^i^
t 'st^chu&li,',; the pastof',-^'','. 'T..
W. S.Willlamso'nV--,*"i-will>;'pre,ach .'bri'.-
• 'The" ^xtii&tPo&ttio&Z&otexiJi^
speaking acquaintance with his
majesty, this should be -j the i "opportunity;, to * get".next; y*|'   If; -3
!d.;'W: Hart, of tne"'Kootenay
River' Land Company, was in the
city this week, staving at the
" Waldorf-..;''Hotel.' •!Mr.:-Hart|'will
sbon be, placing on vthe. market a
track of 4.A0 ac,reS|.,which will be
divided,in five'and .ton'^cred'o.ts.
JA. T. ,Ha.nil*-o« ,'leavps ..on. tonight's .flyer! for, Collingwood. and
Stratford: oii' a three'^week's',,visit.
Mr. Hamilton'has riot'been'.'tb his
liome,'down, east' for eight1 years.
On his return to'-Fernie"Mrs; Ham-
ilton will accompany her husband,
! Thomas, Craha'u,- of Michel, was
in tho city yesterday' on business.
Mr. Cralinu has a very valuable
asset' 'in his "monopoly of'licenses
at Michel, as witness the finding
of Judge --'Wilson- in ,tho Dragon
case, which we publish in this issue, • ■ , •, .•>.■•.-'   .■.;..;. ,.;,-.■ .,..;..;..;.,...; v
Clirlstiiuis Curds and Gnlemliir.s'
•   for fi'i(Mi(lH,n<»roKH tins sen.
NT. Vi. Hmld'iiby
.-Before J.,H. McM}iUe**,,vEsq,'., S.,s
M., Dh.ii-JMcDougal \wn's| ", chargocl
with assaulting Mrs, Muir at'
Wuldo. The.caao canio. up for
h'oaring Th\nsdiiy,.'fi'fa'd 'was .. .id'*'
jpurned , by., the, prosocutiop ..-, for",
further evidence.' Constable Siamp*
The opening services of. the.Coal
Creek Methodist church;were held
on' Sunday Nov. 24th. The0 sermon in the morning dealt with
,the message 'of,Haggar as to the'
reconstruction;of the temple.*"''' A
goodly, number 'of friends . were
present from Fernie.  . J"
. In the evening Rev. Hall-,' explained to a full congregation the
history- and- meaning of' "The
House of God" and- its application to present conditions. •
'' On Monday evening Mrs. Hall'
gave her well-known lecture, on'
"Odd People" to-an audience, that
was both interested and amused
from beginning -to end. ,1 •
G. G. S., Lindsey, Esq.J presided
with* characteristic 'grace and'
point,, and -delighted .the gather-,
inE by, announcing, that he would'
be happy,, to contribute $100 * towards the' §200 which required' to
be raised to finance the*, building
fund. , The chur-'h and addition,
with electric light.and extras cost
m the neighborhood ' of ?1,600,
towards -which a grant- had .been
received ■ from .'the- missionary
society of-?300, a„loan -from- -the
Methodist ■ Church" Aid' society"'of
Successor to J. W. H. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
7..   Will supply,_men'for *
• all,' classes of work, ■„
'   either by ' the  day,
week or month.
Bushmen,   Lumbermen
?  Teamsters
rne  balance    received'
Rev     Urf,   Stevenson gracefully
noved a vote  of thauka _'.to"- the
Jfidy lecturer, complimenting " her
(in the-highest terms. " Thi's./jvas
jgconded by. Rev. J. G. 'Gibson, of
;-^osmer'/'-7ihd- carried'-'entliusias'ti-
**r.\M *tt>i >Sf rm-t^J kH^-i. H»* >
Women for cleaning*,
.':.' Saturday  Specials    ■
Nice Fancy Glass'4.piece-Table Sets, -* Butter, Crea™;'C_fj_)_^
Sugar Bowl and Spoon Holder, regular price 75c speciahQUC
■:.'■ .' 7 -.. ■-   *   "■-■-'.'.  -',:„■"■-       «     -*'-     *;   -   ■'-..- -    , *
Fresh'Ground Cofifee,regular,price;35o             7,4    rftF^
Saturday, per lb..., ..;.. •• tfa9l?
Pay Cash W.  J.   BLUNDELL        Prompt Delivery
<J> '.*-,"■- * '-        ',''',- •>;     .        '     "
<$x$>^^^>^>4M<$,^*M^.H<$>M       *M^>^^><$><$^><^"$>^^^
j!j Rev....Lashley~HttH-.tlien-moved-
5a vote of thanks to tho chairman,
^n-?).t?^.1?-°,-.c,asiP-''- to .speak, of his
.untajling.-courtesy and-rHisr'^^. of
, saymg^th'e^righ't Vthihg;. at^tiie
Rev,;- J^G<eclding;s,ji of.'JMichelJ   and'
carried'fyfth aibplause. '1 '-. K"   fsj--
; Sjngirigiwas [rendeted^ hy:. Messrs:"
Schofleld;.'„-and-,*:'iHpbbiris;-;ahd ".by"
Mrs.. S'mpspn,,i,,.and>aXfn6st, ,:e»-
'joyable"Jev,enirig" was^•bx.W'^lltito- o
tloso. -r''7!i7i.:7-;oi,-.'   ""~'J'H-''1'Y*<S '  •
! Iti-iXN'.i Johnson 1 and .Jim Barnes)
of Coal'.';Creelt" had 'an.'.exciting'ex*'
perience _ ou|,"'Tuesday 'laBtJ; fii-when/i
thinking";they!'would' like.'aV*drive,'
Ithey hired .a"horse' and'cutter from
a local; livery; barn, ■•..riii,'.*.'''.;*', V
i West''Fernie !was'" their'' oojectlve
po:nt, but" just;bofore. the'yvredch-'.
ed   .that-   hospitable suburb  the
cutter';', 'hit.;.;- a ■■ snowbank,-j"an'd';
Messrs,-. Johnson- and .Barnos-'wore'
shot as from  a catapult in    tho
cool-and refreshing enow, and the
horse,    having  freed itself    from
the ,;,cutter,  commenced., (n .mad
dash: f or.jliomej by way of Victoria
Ayenuo. '-Down    Victoria    Avenue,
jeareercd the horse as far   as "the'
post ollice corner, w'nero it turned
sharp in tho direction of the    C,
'P. R. depot,"aiid. then ■•'tried    to
climb tlte 'tolop'liono polo' opposite
jtho Imperial Hotel, a feat boyond
jthe skill ,of any'* horse, •
:   At a lato hour the   horse    was
'discovered- -| standing . quietly    bo-
son    prosecute*.!,    and   Sherwood'1^-? two.ho* cn*'«.at tlie Groat
Ki.rchm'or'«"?f«ifiotl:- '-'-■*.*-T!SK> ?;:[Northorn depot waiting to bo ros-
, Woh'avii InBtdnM-ourhoV-BttoV Sid   the   out°nt CllHVv^hn
ReasohabEe , Rates
.jj-'ajjS'S'Aj   . ..=1
Y     ■   teJ.
We have just placed in
stock car load of the
*above lines. - Our storage space being limited
, we . offer ■ for: ten . days-
special prices to reduce
stock.-? ' Take advantage'
of this money, .saving
opportunity. We require
space more than we do
these travelling goods.  ",
CY.By. ,L.y OMiSy
*.    "Auditor, Accountant,.General^Agent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurnnco
Books'" opened;   closed,, audited,'. and' accounts 1? ept in the
most up-to-date manner.    7
Office.  Burns'  Block.
Fernio, B, O.
*■'-   ■    ■- -■■':-  -,-   : '*.  .-• ."-' •"-.-. ...-  •'   *■
|- ■■■'■ yA... :-T.; .HAMILTON •:-$ ■
W   Tinsmithing, <■ Plumbing,   Steam    Fitting   ^ 1
-TK " ' ■        . 7: '■ ";*  ■-  -    \ ■ '. r%_ -
W-'-\ \    All Work Promptly Executed and       ';*■ %  '"
sK,        ' Satisfaction* Guaranteed.-,       „       ."" W .,_
■^   Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel
■ 1* /v —. m-t*4*\*i.*\a*-f\.
.. J'.JH J ti'JiCUl
• T ' ,. 1 . » r '.Kiim-yj.'i vvi"iio-
Tradings Company,^ ltdi
«T-he-Store of good valiies»
5 *»
Stit.   _
:;.. 11
-ix.'^.rt     ,/'ti.4. -J.-^
*rtp«.*.*.**. «^*v
now stitchor lias arrived. Tho
water powor wo rolled upon uo to
this wook wuk very irregular in
its supply and incurred a great
doal of untie'eessary work on -tlio'
part of the stnlT and frefluent dtf-
, layw. The stitcher will enablo us
to imdcrtalto-more job work.
CIiI'IhIiuiih Oiii'dM iiiiiI Oaleiulni'K
for (VIoihIh ni'ioHS tlio Ken.
X. 15. Sml-liiby
1   ■    7    ,
Lew Herchmer was ih from Hosmer on Monday, bringing   in two
prisoners, one a colored man who-
was charged with vagrancy    and,
was sentenced to ten Jail,
nnd It. Nichols, who was charged
with bslng drunk and disorderly,
and sentenced to ."30 days   in   the
local Jail.   Both men were    tried
XMifriYn V    ,T    rnln. ,T. "J?
 rs oh Wed*
nesday morning for a ten minute
drivo.and.** the, possibility... oL,..a
t-erioUB accident.
X''''THR' bTHMSOCfH'iji\>E *'''?'
'" Goorge Shlhnord1 was.-.brought
before the:boalc at;, tho. provincial
this week and charged with ' assaulting his wifo Cnrolino, who
seoms'to' have ''.boen', having a
nrotty bad timo. Tho evidonco
forthcoming ' was oufllciently
strong to bind tho aeotiRod over
for six months on a bond of ono
hundred dollars.
Tukuc Hartia, % pugilist bully
ond goneral disturb'or of .tlie'poaeo
also was a reffretful visitor to the
police court this .week, charged
with assftultinp- one" Pedor Danil
/.- V^   V ■/.'*',.  M' -';- 'wW'   '
V   l1*
The   Moving   Pictures at the Opera
"- House,,..this week' ,*are1la' "MummerEI-Iyi
4 I C 4k \mJ
Hii: 1
tf.i.'tr iM;'(!!
•iy."'r l:i
,Thto..Montnna ,Girl, alonoj.le,*,Worth, your*wiulo'and ihonby^Bhowing;
.   .i'i    .   -.,.*,,t.- i' ,"* v- I  h"'-'-<  'f'i'l  WW  j"   <■)<"■.!('!   '
What a Girl will do for her Lover.*o *■'.■
Tho most daring vidlna* over done liy human bolnc-'Jrih'd ienched tho   «
1 . .,'n'iii jtii* * i4(.'J*   fi,--ii       *, *i 1 * I t.j 111, yii
scene In timo to cut tho rope in two with a buUottrom.hor-reyplvor   $
. • ■* * -   *" ■  -•'  "i." (»_)
nnd saved the life of tho ono oho lovod best, .n«d-,th.o scono^v,®'
Jiappyi marringo.
o             '        *'.■-, •'<".-    ,          4'   i'.j'.\:l\,i< t "j
sr "'   '„'',■:.': — ':",■.: '    -:,•'       :   ,,   "   "" •=;•**
A- -
Mv/o.i' iin'~:c.o'i':.-
-.»      m       «      ' 1,'.   ',   , 1 owite, a p«rson to whom pugilism 1
Books for ClirJstmas,i'-«^naft-his
\t "N  Ii* Hn/l/lnhv'n '    Hartia wan muleed of the    Bum
■u is, u iiatidftDj a ; nf ^6Q0 ftnd C0Bt9>  nnd l8 prob<
liit missis mm x torsinon S i s^irr tom** 7^*Cot *
  x J Wednesday last to view the see
Coronor Sleasdell and tho party
'J.   ,4,u,*K>k'A   '*l.k.4>   '.IVui  sy-^i   i\»  tl»t Cui
y last to view the scene
,.   w. the disaster which resulted   in
fi)   the death of a laborer, J.. 0, Tay-
•>■) i lor   on Monday, Snd   inst.,    are
S ! probably the first passonfrors    to
g , KO over this line.   Owinp   to tbe
yitt'r.i*nt oj»on v/h'.thor ftrfttxt   pro-*
Kress is being made with'tho steel j
***.^-.^^^«^_-__   '"r'"^.  >™*  n  ^rZfL 'tfxft is still,
•^•^^as-vSt^S®.-,! work. i
i.ahv iiAiiiir.tin
Ar*< |>r»,'|i(.reil to rater Inlndii**'
tradi* nn well nn ^'ciitlcinonV.
I.rnlii!!." Imirnud fnee-* treated
nny iihv .i\it MiMinliiN
*'     \     Y.J   ' \   ■
HAT  ?
I  ' -,'i >        *  I  -I I   ', I.-       i 1   i I   ■   I" ,'  i
Tho-oiipoVtunltyofinulciiiflf yoiir cholco of OllrlstmnB*
■crlftH, comfortably, from,.unb;o|*on nBtortmou^t-.^t.
yflui'-loisuvo look ovor^oup Inrffo nnd'Vnrlod stock of -
thlngH Btiltablo for ClirlGtmnH prosoi-.tR nnd wo nro suro
.   1 • j you will bo ublq to tntjko a floloctlon to your liking. ..
Christmas Cards oriel Calendars >    <
ffoiurthorn early to catch tho EnirllHl. ,mnll«.
Choice Perfumes >.
Vory flnoflt. imported perfumon In cut urlnss nml fnney
bottlei.   Koiilcer.prosenttoRlvealndy.i   ,    \,    .;,
11.   ,.    n'  •'<,1,''' *;   * 1';     '■
Fancy Goods ~ -   ,"ii"«l -•-.*«-
A lurffo'nnd* vnrlcd nsoortmont tlmt you* cannot
find olBOwlioro. ' Pleturo framon—urtiBlto dcalgns, nil
. Htvlos and hIkos. LikIIoh linnd Mirrors, Wall nnd Stand
Mirrors. Dolls nnd Doll notfl—flomo real honutlos,
'*.• v v'-Wo hnvo n fine lino of metallic lion.lH. .Sncliot 1'owdon
inr mtilrtnir dainty nrnannH 'Wlrlrnp Wnrlr-RsuVfl'ii.
nil Bli.cs, padded nnd plain, '
ht tin Tea Sets
Otips nnd Saucers. Plntes. nnd novolHe*.     Hoyul
Doulton China and Wt'dffcwoodwnro l'ottory.
N. E. Suddaby,   rcrnlc Drug Store
Don't stop 4to annoy- your-*neighbor'.*- >*-
'Tf-fi'by Jaskido* .Tjijmifdr the lohn of-his shot -~'Li">
-s ** gun* in shootings-season .when, you can.' '
secure-a full choke .bore,"'pistoI,-,.gnp, '7."':
■' Viij double, barrelled, .breach.loading., shot, .,.'..
.'fiiiOfgiin Iwiiiri interchai.'geable..barreis.and,.. 7'
...,*•■: nickle-plated,breach:for';   y.-^ :..:;,..■■:.    ■ .-
'v''i-*.-.        K.i  it'li','1-     • 'ij'.'h,-
:;.'.*\ .4^.i.f.ii{    u.    t.;*r7 ■     : ■■ ■*      -'  a.   -■•■■   ..v.-, • ■■;"
'   $16.00 less 5 per cent.
^•tip/i}. ', -      •  t-i-''-    '   -,.--.- -..
only a few left.   The best values in
the land.   :No trouble to.-show them
■"■''"•'.-and to, see-is to discover their yalue^ -
and  buy.       ...
;:.-!,...m  .■■/ ;-j*jow j8 t-10 timo to purolmso your Christmas pro-
•" '■ "  "    ' Hents.   Do' not watt till thc rush of tho Inst minute
w..e..*-M.o host hits bcon'snnppod up by'sonio ono with','
..*„,,..:   .. i.forothouplit.. '
■WBHAVB-TflB-db.OPS-   ''.''"..
Christmas Cards,. Souvonlrs,  l-'ancy  Goods,   Dolls,
Toys, Teddy Hoars, arid other beautiful, th.ntfs too*,
numorous'to montlop.
Presents for oil from the .Baby -to.„Grandfathcr .,,
II, P. McLean
Ledger Ads are Winners
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
1 Confectionery.
■   >   I "'I   ^" *W    MM *■»-• MMMHM^ MUfMMIf     ^W*»J  MMMtilMMMW
   ; ■  '.■ *.  ■: ."»'n     I*".i'i  ■■■■*!.;
Brifiig \n Your Job Work


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