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The Fernie Ledger 1907-11-16

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yor Advocates Principle of
Public '.Ownership of Pub-
:  lie utilities
The regular meeting of the city-
council was held in tho city offices last night. '
Present—Mayor   Bonnell.   Alder-
■-men  Tuttle,   Quail,   Mclntyre  and
Gates. .,        *,
-   Minutes    of.-   previous    meeting
were read and adopted.""   f
L. P. Eckstein wrote the city re
the,,weighing by-law..
The British Columbia govern-
'.meht wanted official confirmation
of the arrangement made for the
city by the Mayor re moving lock
up and keep of .government pris-,
oner's. ' ■",'-.       .""
"- Two letters from1'the C. N. P,
Coal Company were read, one re
• straying animals destroying the
lawn and ornamental shrubbery
on the office block,and discouraging the company from further improvements, and one requesting,
the 'council to make the grade of
Cox street conform, to the landscape of the.office square.'.
."'■A* H. Cree asked the city to
lend to the Fernie band, the "instruments, owned by the city or
put a price on them.
., Aid. Gates will put a box at the
"city, scales. ■      ,       ■-
-.Ine     city,   clerk     will . remind
poundkeeper of his duties.
The Works aiid Property    Committee will deal with the   .grade
,. on Cox'streets ,
o     The city council ratified by motion   the   arrangement re lock-up
' and prisoners. '
'The City Band will get the horns
if they," can find thefti.
John Williams aiid others.asked
for a sidewalk from- Tuttle's cor-
' "oner    down   the    south " side ,   of
"Thompson street to a point, beyond Macpherson avenue.' "Referred to V/prks-and'Property' Committee.'. .';   ' '  "--'
D. Davies and 17 others petitioned sthe, city council for certain
improvements ih the annex. „ The
annex * is', suffering from lack of
ordinary city "conveniences' and
progress is retarded.' Particularly they want a viaduct crossing
the G. N. R. at Cox, street, ' city
water, sewerage .connection, electric lights and sidewalks on
streets already stumped. - Referred
to Works and Property Committee. * '
A notice will be posted at the
bridge leading- - to ' the recreation
grounds warning tlie public that
it is. unsafe' for- teams. '
Aldermen Gates.,! Quail and Mclntyre will see what can be done
toward compelling the G, N. E.
to put in the crossing at Cox
street.   ' '      -*
City Engineer Potter'' reported'
progress, and expenditure ' on the
dewers.   * " '
The chief of police and the goal-
er reported that additional stock
was required for the -jail. The
chief wanted a cage in the basement for crumby transients.
The fire chief reported fires and
The Works and Property Committee will get' supplies for the
jail "and arrange for , accommodation of drunks. V,
. By-law No. 50 was introduced
and'read'first time.G This by-law
allows, the construction of the
rink within the fire limits. It was
read a second and third time.
Mayor Bonnell advocated, municipal ownership v of; a water, system. He. believed that the time
had come for. the'city to seriously
consider, civic ownership of public
utilities'- in view of the growing
needs to,the community. Already
the* city bill for water is a considerable item; and that drain,in
the - civic ,, resources is bound ' to
grow. If an arrangement could be
made by which the city could acquire its own water system as a
preliminary. step t o - the' municipal
ownership of all public utilities it
would be sound business and"  in
order ' to' expedite action-in the
matter he appointed a 'committee
consisting of Aid. - Gates', Trites
and' the Mayor to interview the
Crow's Nest-Pass .Electric Light'
and Power Company* to see if any
arrangements*, could be made by
which the city could acquire that
Part; of the water plant in which
th? city is interested.   ' -*   ■•
> ,i
Aid, Gates gave notice tliat at
the next meeting of the council he
would ' introduce a by-law to
amend the sewer connection by-
"law, reducing the permit fee,, from
?10 t* ?5,     ;    * •   . •    -.   '
Aid., Gates will make ■ arrangements ior new. sidewalks.
Smelters and Klines Start Down*-
* Two-accidents,, occurred at No.
2. mine, Coal Creek this morning.
James White' is ' suffering from
an injured back and leg, caused
by a fall of rock, and Alfred
Chisholin was crashed between the
roof of the mine and.the car upon which he .was riding. Chis-
holm is a Scotchman and is ■ 22
years of age.    , 7
, A fire broke out in the school
house here on Wednesday" after-,
noon. The. cause of the fire was
the usual'one bf placing wood on
the stove to dry, which started
the . conflagration. .. Fortunately
the children, who have the .advantage of a weekly fire drill,
got out in-time and no, casualties
occurred.    ' , '
The ceiling over the0"stove was
badly, charred, but the damage
was slight. "
The new hose' wagon, which
reached Fernie on'Saturday, Nov.
2nd, had its 'baptism on Wednesday, and helped things considerably; From7the fire hall' to' the
scene of the' fire the brigade made
a record run, and are-to be congratulated.      '• -'.'"■-.
•V      "  --4-   ' - -   ■ '*      _ ;-, .-     ",-*.        .  , *    "".-."    • ,"    * A
'JL ■ • •    --■ ..-,-.- -..■.,'',-..,-   ,.,?*.': i..-_■   i o   .   ;' ,-■ , - - • J.
01*- -"-;; lower -Arrow- Lake
40 Miles  South  West  of  Nelson
 ... i -'. ■-.-'   '■■'   - '?."•:•" ■  '■ : ■..- '""•--•   vi-      _
AN opportunity toj own ah orchid home within quick* arid ea$y reach•'
...  of  the   unlimited' markets   bf' British,,. Columbia,   Alberta   arid
Saskatchewan. , 5,   io, and  20 acre blocks.    Finest climate-in Kootenay
for   Pull .Particulars' Apply  to
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment:   Co.,   Ltd.
". ■*■ ■-■'.'.,, ■ ■■       ■ a
Lethbrfdge,    Alberta
Phoenixj Nov, 12^—Like a bolt
i from . the blue" to'"the Boundary
came the news.last night that all
of thc large mines-' and*,, smelters
of,this section,had decided to immediately discontinue operations
of "all kinds completely, and orders to. this end wero 'immediately
put'into'efl'ectTby the. several mine
and smelter managements operating in the district.        ,.    ■
Yesterday- 'morning about 100
men were' let out at the Granby
Gold Drop mine, a property' in
the large.group; but operated independently Jn ' some respects.
Last night most of the rest of the
500, men employed at the Granby
come to work, and the same thing
occurred at the Snowshoe * mines
in this camp. The Dominion Copper, Company's mines,have been
closed for three or four weeks. Reports from the B. C. Copper mines
are,to the same effect, and it is
also reported that the mines at
Rossland' have likewise discontinued operations entirely.
For the first time in ten years,
except.during the coke shortage
last. May, no whistles were heard
in this camp since last night and
probably will ..not be heard for, a
while to come, from all indications., -.- ■
_ No explanations . are forthcoming as yet as to^the cause of the
close.down. Only a few men are
at work at the different mines,
and they are cleaning upr putting
away tools, . draining-,,, pipe, lines
and in general prepaiing for mak-
ing machinery, etc., in shape for
idleness for .some time. During
the night the last ore was .crushed, and loaded into the,,, railway
dumps; and today the last trains
of ore are being taken out. No-
one; appears to know, how lon'o-
the close down will last. Yeste*>
day. .was payday for October in
this camp, and .with" the 11 days
also.-now to be paid for, about
-i —j---1—t—^vM-a^-j^m,—bV/taA- Q-f ~~trig"
wages,paid out in Phoenix this
Books for Christmas
At'N. "k" SiKlilitliy'a
i. -*
. Tho monthly payroll for October is W,<116.: .,   7
■               .. >"" >-7.h
Judtro   Wilson','" of     Cranwook,
was in the city on Monday,'^
Mrs, Todhunlor and daughter^
uf Elko, were in town thia week*..
D. H. Tolfor was In town this
week utter an oxtonded trip oast,
Tho E as torn Townships branch
bank is oponing- in Fernie on tho
Elko will have a day and night'
telegraphic service from Nov. 14
right on.
ClirlHtiuns Cnrdii and Oatend-ir*.
for ft ioiidH nciroRH tho hoik
N. K. Suddnby
Miss Anderson nnd J. McClenient spent a pleasant day at
Elko luut Sunday,
Miss Mary Lamb passed at Vancouver with honors in stenography on tho llth.
Graham Campbell, tho real estate mnn for Calgary, left the
city on Monday tor Cranbrook,
The Great Northern Hallway
will commence Hto&l laying on
their Michel extension next week.
Books for Cl-jrtatmns
At N. li Huilil/ib.-'s
Peter   Patterson,    Tntornntionnl
Bonrd Member for District 18, U.
JU. W. of   A., left   for Lundbrcck
• on Tuesda'y.
Shnijes are now open for sub-
icriptions to thi* Fernio Rink Co,,
und the socretary is also open to
record payment--..
II       '
A shocking tragedy occurred at"
Hosmer on Monday last, when an
accidental-:.explosion killed, thrss
men,- one Italian-.and two; Slavs.
The men.^were'.'blaatfi-g on:**4 side
hill to get. material- \io fill a
trestle.-;,■ Th'ey,i had' '*..seven-■' holes
.H.le,d,' aild/ : w«re drilling the
eighth, which; was .to have ' been
discharged at 8 p. m., when a pre.
mature . explosion, occurred, which
is supposed to havo been tho result of tho drill coming in* contact with the unflred.-charg-o. 'Tho
dead men are:, • „
E. Montibotty, foreman, age 35,
married,  ■    •   *
Geo, Noisk, age 20, singlo.
Joe Matavaich, ago 20, singlo,
,   Montibotty   leaves a   wife    and
two ' children,   and  is  well known
in this locality.   Noisk and Matavaich had only , been here a i'rw
months.   This is'tho first fatality,
in Hosmer, which promises to ,bo I
one of .the   most prominent    coal'!
centres in British Columbia. i
illinery Sale
One Hundred
Ladies',   Misses' - and     Children's
Ready-to-wear Hats at  exactly'
7      One Half Price
Two Hundred
Ladies',     Misses'   and"  Children's
Hat * Shapes at exactly
One Half Price
;   Don't    miss    this;   opportunity   to
7 get a  hat   that suits , you at one
half the,,original, price.
Sale Starts Saturday
The Thtcs-Wood Company, Ltd.
. AioBntB>foeG«o.;A. Slater's Inricws.'Shoe  ':
Azents for Batterick'9-Patterns •"-
Books for Cliristmns
At N.'E. SurtdiibyJs
G, ,G.  S.,,lindsey,  jirosidont    of
tho  Crow's Nest  Pass  Coal Company,   returned   to   Fernio  Thui-3*.
day morning, *,*'
W, W. Tuttlo wns in tho city
from Hosmer on Thursday and
reports everything in that thriv*
ing town,as good,'
-.: John A. Macdonald, sociotary-
troasurer District 18, U. M. W, of
A., wan in tho city this week and
loft Monday for his homo, Blair-
more, Alta. „   .
F, H. Sherman, president. Dls*
trlot 18, U. M, W. of A., reached
the city on Saturday last and left
again for Coal City on Monday
night's train.
Books for Cliristmns
At N. E. Sudduby's
Son)et...n? Rood to Rmokc—Crow's
Nest tSpcclul and Ocorffo's Extra.
Try thorn. ,
In harmony with the resolution
of the    Ministerial    Association,
Rev, W. L, Hall   will proach    a
npooiul sermon Sunday ni|*ht    on |
the civic situation.
The new hosr- wnq-on reached
Fornio on Saturday last. It's capacity is 1,300 tf*et and is a
jjruat ncquinition to our flro fight-
injjr eapacitv.
A very hue exhibition ot iruit
was on dinplny this wrek in tho
office window of T. J. Watson,
the  woll-knowii  real  estnto man,
and thu fni'it v/ua fvoiu Nilson,      '
Two "stiffs" cime up before His,
Worship Judge Whimster and were !
l»'t tra on suipeniipd sentence. -
They left    immediately for parts
u.....iown, bound fast.
PatVonlzo liome Industries, Ge'brflfc's
Extra aiid Crow's Nest Specnil. Call
lor the biisi imd liolp Jt'ornlo yrow.
A. J. McCool .returned ..from
West Kooteimy on Thursday
night from an inspection of mineral 'claimj and fruit lands in that
district, ■»
A; Hurd commenced work as
general manager of tho Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company on Friday, the 8th, Mr. Hurd is well
known to coal operators and miners.
Mrs. H, L. Edmonds will re*
ceivo for tho Arst time at her residence, Macpherson Ave., on Wednesday, Nov. BOth'and afterwards
on the first and third Wednesday
of each week,
W, It, Eainey, with his wife and
child, have returned to the city
from Vornon. Mr, Itainey was a
resident of this city five years ago
and was well known us a violinist and barber,
ClirlHtiuns Ct.rtlH und Calendar*,
for frlenilH ncroHH tlio hi'ii.
X. U. Buddnby
At the last meeting of the Ministerial Association a resolution
was passed that all the ministers
of the dty ejiit.I"- en ''Tl-.-? JTcrr.1
Condition of tho City" next Run-
day evening, Nov, 17th.
Thomas Biggs, tiecrctary of
Gladstone loenl of the United
Mine Worker's of America, left for
I.ethbr!dte   on     Wednesday  ni«-ht
t;iy sj't'cifil  •terjti»'Kt to attend    the
uoncilsntion board  at  that place,
Under tho auspices of the United Mine Workers ol.America
Will be held at Fernie on Saturday Dec. 21,
.  , For the benefit oT Bro.- Thos.  Steele,  Coleman,
' who losi both hands and an eye in a mine accident.
i«t, in
■j.,.1, n
:tni, 111
■•olid (Jo'.il (!ciit'n Wntcli it ml n 17 .Jewel WiiHInun Moyeiiuait
Solid (.old Liiilic*,' WiiU'h uiul 11 I,j .lewel WiilUi.'iiii Movi'iiU'iit
U Snlid (Si Vi M-'iiril Swallow Clintc'iiine I'ln-ni-n
iii Snlid (loid WVli UuiniftitUjty I'm iiiu.-i-h
(..'use of Pipes (ilii, I JJin^ltf Pipo
On,'Thursday    night   everybody
in Fernio seemed .to Uo thinking of ]
wrestling,-and    the dining    room1
of the Waldorf Hotel was cleared.
Sawdust was laid down and   the
sport commenced.
In    tho   preliminary  exhibition. , ,».
Arthur Blundell and Billy Warren ' PfJZCS On exhibition for One WUClc at  Liphal'dt S Win COW
held   tho floor,    and Warren had
thn bust   of    tho busi- ■ 'S2Z2£2!2£!
Tho !?50 anido bout between Joe
Gri>on and Joe Voncur was also n
ono-sided business, Gvoen throw-
ing his opj-onont successiully
twice. About 100 witnessed tho
Engineer Potter made a verbal
report on the progress made to
date on the construction of tho
sewage system. Mr, Potter states
that up to Nov. 12th 08 per cent,
of the sewers hud been laid; the
remuining amount will be laid in
ten days after the arrival of the
pipes from the Coast.
Regarding the septic tank; Mr.
Potter spoico in favorable tonus
of tho rapid progross and good
work being done by Mv. Oldfand,
who, although starting late in
tho season on a difficult contract,
linn RO pi»r n>nt. nf tliu work enm-
pletod one tunic being so far fin*
li'it'd that it is
ready to
may fool
C. P. II. Will be an Imporant
factor in Production of Coal
Not later than September of
nuxt year the Canadian Pacific
■Railway company will start act-
ive operations which will make it
a big factor iu the production of
coal In East Kootenay and . the
supply of bituminous fuel for consumption in Washington and the
northwest   generally.    Tho   com-
Jtany will begin mining coal from
1,000 acres of land which it owns
at Hosmer on a scale that will
augment the output of the north-
western Canadian Aelds to tho ex-
U„iw7v,i 1,000,000 I
"A-,  nn  inf\ui*i'ir>n*.
a :*t*ar.
fnr  th<»  rt<*-
flelds    in
wlth the Crow's Nest    Pass
assurr-d  that their   -sow. I "rU.i»sh   Columbia,   the
erase system is comi.let nnd ready .Pae,ftc entered    into  an
tor use as soon up. tho outlet    is |'i1   ,  „ .    , ,.   .. „.,„    , „-,
,.'o.„,l,l„d, .whir), will le in about ! ?^,JriW„elttl?r"n X
iVH, UflV»,      IM'   Ul|]liili*>    L-ftVH      fill  l     '•    ,      :*, , ,    c    '   tn   ...   ,,,  ,.
it.mi.rcd  account   oi   the  «*i>endl- i V™*™}, "i of conl for 10 ye«i«.
inw on snwr-r nwonnt to dutu r.nd i «»'J,J*rs- W^^A  n£*n*
o\  the Cnnudinn P-'.nuc in    hpo*
iliu continuation of tho a^iccjin-iit.
to the limit, but ia desirous that
the Cnnadian Pacific help supply
the demand.  .
"At the time the agreement wan
made it was not foreseen what tho
increase of the demand for coal
from the British Columbia mines
would be. The Canadian Pacific
is erecting buildings, starting
towns and has let contracts (or
more than 91,000,000 worth of
equipment. ..When the work is under way the daily output of tbo
mines will be 3.000 tons daily.
"Prom reports recently published, it would appear that Canada,
would consume all the product of
its mines, During tl*« first eight
months of this year the United
States marketed in Canada more
than 0,000,000 tons of bituminous
and unthracite coal, an increase
ol 1,600,000 tons over the same
period   in     thi*   preceding    year.
*. 4  , ., *       .,    », ,1
,4i;UI4l        III.      V.       V*.«>       .* .,i      4.4i..*>*4.4*C\*
in "Rnntern Oanndn, it, heinj» tA\\yi-
ped from Pennsylvania and other
.coal producing region*.' having the
•rreat  lake*,    as  a   transportation '
I    "This will i'f»ntin>i(> to be      the
'     „       .   .-       1..      C.        •!.« ^.,.-»r	
,V.  ... 4.1.4.       .   ,..,1.4?, 4.144k
having objected to the sale cf
jinpers cn it0, rlati'orm. Wc shnll
expect all kinds of subscriptions
puift of •"lie Dominion, as the rail
routes  cannot  compfte  with    tbe
Ihoupht that lhc amount on It-mil . ,f'' Ul° ,-*'l'wt---'-' *-'■"-»..» "' "i"" \?*u>r trnnspoitntion. The grovv-
woulrt just about     compMo    Uie-5',U10' " ing domnnd (or conl   n tht- north-
■.y4;t..m. "This restrictive agrffment will ! west    -a'111  hv    v.ipplied  irom   the
Accordinir to the by-law adopt- . t^i'i*'-* hy limitation in 1000, but t mines lit the imnu'dinte tertitoiy.
'W hy the coun"il. it is necessary 7he Canadian Pacific ".'ill begin j The opening of the Cunadinn Tn-
;or the j.ror.i'rtv owncrn to apiil'v ri'duein'' coal from Its mini**, a . e'.fir **o.ii {'..'U'.:. v.ijl ,-j .. l,.i.u-*;,y
to the e'tv <*ieik for a pern-it be-   wnr earl.fr, as the Crow's    West | »u solving the fuel pvotlem in the
.„i'oj,« uuy newct cot.i.t-tlot'. in. made. , rusi. Cou-.*,-ai;y i- :-.-n ir.'rt'.r.g ?:*. , ■•'•rt.iwp*..
i i , ,
**** •'*),;
NOVEMBER 16, ,1907
Examinations Were Held intainio End fernie
in Septemlisr—fiftv-six Caadiiiotes    -
Split (g).   "Airway 5x7 feet ,by
5,000 feet long-.' "* • ."
Split (c).  .Airway,6x5.5 feet'by   •
4,000 feet long.-.   ^  ' ' "„
What quantity will pass through
each airway? 20
(-1) If in an,airway .72 square   ,
1'oet in sectional area the velocity is 550 feet psr minute, what
will be the 'velocity if the area'
', Seventy Per Cent. Required.,
. (1) What is .'the interpretation
of the term, V'mine'' -according
to  the Act *	
(2) What are the prohibitions
and what are the'" exceptions to
the use of  single  shafts?.: 10
(3) What certified officials are -,
recmired in every mine to which
thi's act implies. What are the
several Qualifications recjuired,
and under what conditions are
exemptions  allowed?   10
(4) What returns- and notices
are required by the Act? 10
(5) What  inspections  and, examinations .are required and al- ,
lo.wed in  a  n-.ine-in which  this
Act  applies?.'..'. 10
'(6) What   are   the provisions
'of the Act'as to  arbitration?... 10
(7) What   are    the  provisions ^
as to    the  holding-  oi coroners \
inquests    on   de'aths""froiu   acci- ■
dents in mines to which Act applies?   ......   ;. •-■  10
(8) State what is required by
the Act as to plans of' mines to
which the  Act  applies? .....10
■   (9)  What*, are' the requirements
of the Act as to the testing of
safety lamps other, than proyid-   ',
ed for in,-Rule, 8,  and-what are   -
the    exceptions? ."' -...10
(10) Fill out the-cccident form
given.     Assume * the   conditions
of the accident , and supply an '
intelligent sketch  of-the same?. 10
.     Seventy Per  Cent.  Required.
'■' (1) Name   "and    describe    the _
'several  gases  met  with in  coal
'mines,   give    'atomic; ^.weights,   ,
'symbols.o specific'gravities*-"  and
properties,    where     found    and
how produced, how detected and.,
under what 'conditions  do   they
become   • daneevous    to    human
life? :.... ""••••' '■  ."........-10
'-'(2) Explain the law of the
. diffusion ot gases, 'giving rule...10
U (3) Name"' the gases expressed
in the ' following symbols, C2
114 and- CSHS: With what mine
''■as'es-- may    these' , °-ases   com-
",'bine? '.'■-  ■ '• ' ■■■■••10
(4) In     a.   return    airway,, the
quantity passing- is 135,000 cub- .
ic  icet  per  minute- and {the
■gas?" "barometer :   30.3    inches.*-
What 'quantity," in  cubic  feet  or--   •
Jthis   gas  is    given    off .in,the
5 'mine, and suppose 'the quantity
•df  air to  be  decreased to   100,-
lOOO cubic* feet per-minute,* what   -
.v^ould then be .the' percehtage-of
marsh  gas  in  the   air?-.;,.'..   ..:...20
(5), What   are '.the '■ principal   ■
causes    of.- explosions'   in  coal
•{mines and what precautions and ■
'" !preventive  m'easufes    should; be
'taken to prevent them? 15
'' : (6) What volume of dry air is .
required   to   completely   explode
'350 cubic, feet  of ' marsh gas?...10
' ', (7) What'is the"weight of-350 ,
■  cubic   feet  of    marsh   gas  and
■ whut is ..the    weight of the hy-,
-drogen contained i.i ,it? 15
(8) Is .concussion or compression dangerous in a fiery mine   '
and why?.' .-  -. .,,."...10
(0) State  the    various me'th-
, ords-o'f detectiug the presence of
CO in ' a mine  <>,   ,10
(10) In the event of an' explosion of fire damp,, what "
changes in the mine atmosphere
takes place and what first steps
are necessary "to rescue life and
property, What dangers are to
bo anticipated in rescue work?.15
Seventy Per Cent. Required.
(1) There are, 30,000 cubic
iect of,air per minute passing
along an airway having a rubbing surface    of   35,000 square
* feet and a sectional area of 35
uquaro foet.   What is the- water .
guage? 15
(2) What  horse power engine,
is required to vontilato a mino
working 4E0 men.   Water guago
1.5 incheH.   Combined   efficiency
of fan and engine CO per cent?,, 15
/o\   1 on nnn     ...4-j„   J..*,  -c   .i.
. 4; Ccrnmcnc'hg,. at a pest i planted
at or near at. a'point 1 mile'east'of
-27 mile pest-cf • present C.P. ,,R.
survey, adjoining' Blcck-4593'bn' the
west,' and beiiig the' northeast corner post of. Ancao Belden's claim;
tluncj w;st 10 cbains; thence south
83 chains; tlience cast 80 chains;
is decreased to CO square feet?.10 j thence n^rlh 80 chains'to a point of
take--"to * secure     the   best    pos-'    •:        „ , ', . ... •
would you     jcommcnciincnt,    mailing _ MO    acres,
more cr Jess.    ,  "      ■
, Located this 17th dny bf Au.
(5) What measures'
ible    results,   from   a   fan,   the
capacity    of    which  is    limited '
and    the,,-  demands  upon  which
i are  close  to   its  capacity? 15
10 i    (6)JAre ventilating doors, ac-
" solutely    necessary*   to   efficient
ventilation,    and'   is' there   any '
advantage in reducing.',the, num.,
ber   of  doors  in   a  mine?   How •'
would, you  accomplish  the    re
auctions?....". '  7;*..
(7) Describe with sketches-
what you consider to be a good
nir -crossing. • What- material
would you conrider it best to ,
use in' its construction, having
in view tho desirability of rendering it proof against explosions? ,, 15
(8) What   is   meant,' by    the' *-
3-, 1907.
• Vi. E. COATES,  JR.,    ',
tt , '   Agent ior
"'        7 Locator,
.truss—Thcs.  Slater.     '" .     -
j'q-j -5. Coir.m;.iic'n.;" at a-'Pcst platted
|at'cr„ncar at,a,point 3 miles   eabt i
■Cf 27, mile post of •>present C, P.. U.
survey, adjoining Dlccie 4593 on-the
fwrst, and .t'eing   the'southeast   CGr-,
,'nor pCst cf George L. Belden's'claim
'. th.nce west £0 ohains; thence north
i .   ,
,f0 chains;     thence    east   80 chains;
, thence south 80 chains to a point of
mating    640    acres,
mors or l:ss. '
point of commcr.ce~:C'nt,-."nH','!4ir.gi,.C40
acres, more or less. ' -
'. Located this; 10th day of Oct., 1S07,
'   ;      W. E. COATE8, JR.,
,    . Agent' for
^    '    * *' Locator.
Witness—Thcs.   Slater. '<
' 15. Coirm:r_c'n,-; at a post "pUnti-cl
at cr r.e-.r at a point 3-miles 'east
cf 29 ni li post cf present C. [.P. R.
' survey,adjoin'ng E'oclc, 4503 on, the
V4':st, end heing the northwest cor-'"
nti*. post ef Ki.hclhs Bangs' claim;
thence ro'ith 10 chains'; thence- c::st
SO olitlns; ■ thence north SO chaius;"
thence wcs*. [0 chain.", 'to a point of
c< mmenc:mjnt, making 6-JO acres,
I more cr less.        " " t
Located  thia  19th day of Oct., 1907.
W.'E. COATES; JR.,    , ^   "'
.    ' ',    Agent for
, -; , Locator.
Witicss—The?.  Slater.
equivalent  orifice as  applied' to
niine    ventilation?   '. .......10  commencement,
' (9) Does a change in the bar-     j
omcter affect the volume of air'     |„   -,
through   a, mine.-   Ex- • I *lo atcd^tlii 17th day of Oct., K07.
passing ,, through   a, mine.-   ±*x- •
plain why ." 15
(10)  Ventilate  the  plan-*, given
using   the    conventional    signs "
shown '.  V .3..W0
* -
Tit'ly Per  Cent.   Required,
(1) Describe with sketches*the ,
two  cdivmon methods  of  v.iik- -
ing coal fields. 'What conditions'
would  govern  you  in   adopting'-
<iither    system?.    Assume    your
own  conditions . as  to   thickness
of ream   and character  of roof ,
and floor?.-  *. 20'
i (2) Describe  with  sketch ' section, a  method • of   timbering ' a
pit bottom siding without hav-''
ing      recouese     to      unusually
heavy timbers   cr    using centre
j.  '* W.'E. COATES, JR.,    ''     ■ "'
j       .,.      a -' -      '-' Agent for
,1 ' * ,.  ,.   Locator.
j Witness—Thos;  Slater.   ' 7  '   •
i  '6. Commencing at'  a pest planted
[at or .near at a;point 3 miles   east
!'c.f"27'm.le pcst'bf present' .0. P.'"R.
'svrvcy,  adjeining Block 4593 on the
jwest, end tolrg the-southwest   oornor  of Mrs.  Eonnie. Belden's claim;
thence ce.st 10 chains;  thence north
10   chains;     thence   vest ,80 chains;
j,thenc3, south 80 chains to' appoint of
|co*mmcr:c:ment, - making   640   -acres,
78. .Commencing at a post planted
at" or near lhe northwest corner of
J.- l-\ Irwin's claim, anil being south
west corner of 11.''R. Gamble's claim,
and inarmed'R.-R. Gamble's 'southwest corner; ther.ce SO cha ins east;
thence„.S0 .chains "north;,' tlience £0
chains west;' thence 'SO chains, south
Vo i>lnco of'commencement.1-'' .' '' ••
Located .'this ilili day of Oct., If 07
'  ',      .K.   H.'  (5AMHLK, '■'
"■',". ^.Locator.
•     l.A°rTISl-: ' LAMORL'llOX," r'i.:.
■ Witift-ss—Toh:i McDonald.     .'     n ,-
1 * -: 'n'otice ■
ssmMmsssmm^mMEMm X
The best "l'i!l.ir i day lie-uso
in tlie city.   '■
Well stock od, bar. v ,
Liquors and Cisin*? tf the
'    *>-
16. Conuncnclns at a post1 planted
at orne-r tt a point 3 miles cast'-
of 29 mile post of present C,,"P.'R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west', ar.d being the northeast cor-
nr p'ost cf Julius Kribcs' claim;
th:-nc3 south, 80 chains; thence west
SO 'chiins;'. thence ncrth £0 chains;
thence e;st 80 chains to a point",of
commencement,' making 040 acres,
mcreor less."      , ,      •"
■Located this. 19th d y of Cct., 1C07-
,,W/E. COATES,  JR.,      .
." .       Agent for
'.    v   JULIUS KR1BBS,-
'  • ' - '"        Locato:."
■O *' *.        * '4
Witnrss—Thcs.  Slater.   ,
.15  mere or less. -■
(3) What" type  of mining ma-'
nhine would    you consider suitable in' a mine  having-  an    extremely  tender roof? 10
■ (4)  In a. single haulage plane.,
whore  17    loaded"   cars    'weigh"
■4,200   'pounds      each,'    and  ihe
hauling rope is 4,500, feet long
iind' weighs   0 pound per foot, -
'•.vhat is the-'.teiision', at ?tbe mo- ''"
nient   of  movement   of .the,   full,*-
load,-the  grade 'being -3.2   ,p,er „
cent., and if'the, train is hauled,,*
at  a  velocity   of   10  miles    -per
hour, what "is the required horse
'Locatiid. this  17th day of Oct., 1S07.
•     Vi. E. COATES, .JR.,"     *'   '
TvItacss--Th"cs"."' Slater.
■ Agent' for
■ BELDEN,' ."
£b~- • '* .poivg-7-oi—th.e__Leng.ine?,
(5)"' Sho vi by" sketches ■ the var-
jious systems of "timbering levels *
and rooms. Show *the various*
notches-generally used in-, framing, mine "timber (a,) • for top
pressure, (b) for side pressure,'
(c)  , for ,. side  and' • top  • ressure'
combined.:. * ,.;.-;   ...15
(Continued  on  Page  3.)"
7. Ccmmencing at 'a Post planted
at cr r.Ci,r'it,a point 3 miles" east
of*27- mile-post of- present-Cv P. 'R:
survey, adjoining Blcc!c4593 on. the
wr'st,' and being ;'the northwest 'ccr-
20Jn'.r pest e.f "Mrs, Bernice7Belderi's
cliim; thenca fouth 80 chains; tbence
east-' 80 chains;, thincc' north-.SO"
thonce west 80 *chain_ to    a"
NOTICE.is hereby., given that M
days after date I intend to apply to
the , Hon. Chief Commis-ioncr of
Lands' and- Worts' for a license to
prospect ior coal '-flnd petroleum' tm
the' fblLw'ing lends situate " in " the
district of "Southeast' "Ko.tcnay.
Erltish Columlia, Block 4593.
1. Commencing at a post planted at
or near at'a point one mile,, east of
27 milo post of present C.P . R. survey, adjuin'n;; Block 4593 on the
west, and bting the* sout.lieD.Bt ''■corner post-of Beruice Bcldcn'tj claim;
thenco north £0 chains; thonco west
id cliains; thence south 80 chains;
theuce o;st £0 chains to a point cf
c.mincnowment, »;aking C40 acres,
mere or< less.
1 Located this 17th day cf Oct. 1907.
Agent for
Locator.   .
Witncfis-ThtH.  Bl&Ui.
2, Coninioncln',' at a> post plantod
rt or nonr nt n point 1 milo cnBt of
27 mlla  pest of    prmont   0. P. R.
'fl r,-ey, niljolniriR Block 4B93 on the
Jw nL, nnd tolrg tho RouthwcBt cor-
  ncr   p:st rf    Mrs. Po?rl   Hcldcn's
claim; thenca o.»st 80 chains; thonco
CURED nrr.h   {0 chiiissi     thonco   wost   fO
n (hix'txH; Ih:nro south .SO c)ulnn tn ,*.
' iioint of commencement, ninkln-; C-10
by  local nppllontlonn, nn thny onn* nrr:n irore rr loan.
not  rench  tho .licensed portion   of j
thn onr.   There Ih only onn   ■▼«•* tn
(3) 130,000 cubic ftot of air
per minute in doiivered at tho
foot of the downcast shaft and
thero dividod into three splits
as follows;
Split (a).   Airway GxO feet by
■1,500 feet long.
c" a ns;
1^ - - -■- ,
point'cf  commencement,  in'a'.un;*-  6*10
acres, more cr icss.
,-Locatcd t'-iis 17th day of Oct., 1S07-
Vi.  E.  COAT13S-,   JR., -   ,'
'-■ '■•'-.,'       y Agent for '
'•''•■'" -MRS.   BERNICE   BELDEN, ■
' Locator. _,.
W'tatss—Thcs.  Slater. 7     _ '.-•
• 8. Commencing at a post   piantcd
at or near at a point 3 miles enst
of 27 mile'post of'present C. P. 11/
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and-being tho; northwest   corner   pest of    Nicholas    A.   Bancs'
cl.-iim; lher.ee south 80 chains; thence
oast     80 chains;     thenco north,,80
chains; thenco west .80 chains to ' a
point of commoncoment, making 640
acres, moro or less.
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
Agent' for '
'*      W. E. COATES,  JR.,
Witntss-Thos. Slater,'
9. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point l" milo cast
cf 29 milo poet of present 0, P. R.
surrey, adjoining Block 4593 on tho
west, end being tho southeast cornor pest of .' Frederick C. Bang's
(1 im; thenco north 80 chains; thenco
west 80 chnlna; .thenco south 80
chains; thonco onst 80 chains to n
point cf c:n.monccmcnt, making CiO
acre!-, more or less.
L'ocatt'd thia 39th dny of Oct., 1907,
Vi. H.  COATES,  JR„
Agent for
NOTICE" is. here! y. given • that ' 3U
days "after date' J it,tend" to^ ' apply
to the lion. Chief Commissioner' of
Lands and Works for 'a license to
prospect, for.coal anil petroleum on
the fbllowinir <lcicr.il-od lands situated in the district of H'outhctibt Koot,-,
unny, 'I'To'-viitf-e- of British  Columbia.
1. Commencing at. a post planted
ut'or-near one. mile'east of'.C. P., 11:
lii'e at '27 mile* post, block "1;">Vj:5,
and being southeast, corner of S. *M._
Moore's'claim and marked, fii ^L
^looivscnithea&t ccrne'r; • thenee 80
chains west; thenee SO chains north;
thenco'80 cliaiii.s eubt; 'theuce SO
chai:-7 south  to  place ,Of fijinmence-
4.-H4I1I. ' .   ' ".     .      ,   ' J    '       '       ' 	
'XOTICK is-heieby given, that :.0
days after dais 1 intend to ap|)ly to
iho'" ' linn. Chief Commissioner of
Lands" a lid Works for a. lic!,nso toj
pros;'ecl fcr coal npd .petroleum on i
the loll-.-eUiiig- described lands sit-;
liateil in iBe district oi Soulhensi |
Kootenay, Pro\ir.co of British Columbia. '   ,
Commencing at a post planted nt
ir 1.ear oi'.*l mile east of C.. P. 11.
.line',, at'27 mihi.'post, Bloc'c '.1583,
and.being northeast corner of S.rI\I.
"Moorols claim, aiid 'marked S. JL
Monie si'iutl.cust cornel1; thenee . 80
chuins west; tlicnco SO chains north;
thenee SO chains cast; thence SO
chains soutli to place of commencement.    ■ '   -*  ■   . , .'
Located   this 25th.day of Oct., 1307
S.  M. --MOORK,
..     ■ ■        4    -     *   ,-       Agent.;
Witnefs—John McDonald. i-' ,
- 1. Commencing at a- post", planted'
nt or near om iriila enst of C. P.
R. line at the 20. mile post, and- being southeast corner, of J. L. King's
claim,'nnd liinrto:! ■ J.. L. King's,,
southeast corror; thence SO chains'
west'; thence SO chains north; tlience
-"•0 chains east; thence SO chains
.south to plfco of commencement.
Located   this 2-lth day oi Oct.,'lC07'
7   '  ' "Ji  L.  KiNU,      -*,       ,   .
...,,■ "• '..-Locator. ,
,'■,,'■-    ' Agent. ■
• Witness—John McDonald.,     .      -■•
• 2.' Commencing at a post planted
at or.; nonr southeast cOnu'i-' of; .).
L. King's claim, and being .northeast coiner of 1). C". -'Drain's claim,,
anil mur'-'cd 'D. C. Drian's^ nortiieast
l-oVnor; thonce,SO chains west; Cc.ico
SU   chains- south;   tlience   8(.7chaiini
east; tlience SO cha i as'north, to.pl iu'e
ot commencement.       ,.
Located  this 2->tn day c.f 0c("7 l'J07'
1).   C'.   DHA'l.X,-   * .    . ;-
■   ,,     ;,..;'        '\     ' ,.   '- "    -,'"  Locator! '.'
'"    .'ILM'TISIC ' 3'..Ulbl*L'!K'.\, .    '
'    ■-.   , ■" ' Agent.
Witness—John McDonald.      '   . '
mm**S.*Mm)t,1mttC*m *■
IE 07
Fit for a King
*,    \TI10 meats .that you'buy
- . froin-Ud are lit.I'or a kintr
.We sell  iio'liMtf iluit'ia
'-•."   hot the best,"'llmt is why
we,have so many pleased-
■■ -'customers-'   • Let :\W' di—
.-'   moi-stittc' this, fact* by • a,:
tria 1 * - ■: Polite "-attention-
•   "and prompt service."
Calgary  Cattle  Go.|
1 tuatc tt* *•* cpwfi 3 **uvmraiAaMu-.-«tv-t«KBiu*>iUA«A4sa*«aait j%**&msk*ax\
\V.t:u8B—TIich. Sinter,
I.co-tcil thlB 17th d.-y if 0;t., 1:07,
Yr\ I*. COAT1-.H,  JU.,'
.    „ AkciiI  for
l.nfntor. ■
\V.tin-n--TliLH.  KluU'r.
Ccmm'.inln,' nt.
,. ..*. ■• . t   ;.-
euro ilr'afneHH, nml tint Ih liy, i-nn*
utltiitUiiiitl reiiniilli'H, liiMifniw-- 1-
rnuNfiil by an liiflniniul camlltlon of
thn .riuminx lliiliin of thn ni^lnnhlnn
tiibn, When th!« tube Ih Inflnnn'i!
yon liavo n rumhllriii Hiiuml or lm*
porfeut hcarlii'*, and when It I* nn.
tlri'lv  r>tn»i'i|   Huntni.i.11 li thn  rimilT
nml 11 ttU*«» thn Inflammation can lm
taken out anil thin mho r***Uon'il to
lift iioniuij onriiiit'.iin. h'arlnn \v|l| hr>
deKiroy.d ton*»cr; nln>- «>.«c*> out of
tnn nru (-'.iim-il liy catnrih, whlelt I*
nnlhlriK but an    Inflniucri ch million
\j.     *iii'     441   ,4.-   iVl.*   V,4i I ii IV*4* *,, •-',     -».*,-...-,, '..-'.,.   4,     4.v » I...      ..-     >.*....m...,
Wi* trill pin-* One illnn'lrerl nnlinr* \h neo vrcHt 81 clmlos to a point of
for any vnt..' ut cj.'nfneni* (cmiHcil  lijr fo*r.m:ro ment,    mal-ln-*  (lio    acrcH,
a  jii'Ht i-l.intoil
 ,    . ■ 1 r.-ll" f.">.  cf
r.7   in'l«   Pr p"   rf   ', VfPPTlt     C     V      Tt.
p'I'.'iy. irlHn'.W' ll;c!i ITi",;! rn lho
umi'., nn.l IcIiir' tin nnrlhwp.Ft cor>
rer ju.Ht of Oorti'inlo HcIiIcii'm claim;
tlvn'-fl rniith Ffl ch.lr.n; tlunce.   rr.Ht,
10. Ci.innunclij',' at 11 iio-:t planted
r.t ti- ne.'.r ut a ])tlnt 1 nillu cunt of
'il m.lj pcHt cf pivsmt O. I'. It. hui'-
viy, nd.olr.lrBi llliul; W,Y,\ on tin
W'Ht, mid litiiiR tlio KouthwcHt corner ] out rf Her tin Mllhru cl.ilnr,
tl.cn?o n rlh 80 cIj.iIhh; thenco cnHt
S>) I'', air.H; Ihrnc.i i-ontli f.0 (liainn*.
tlirnce WMJt 80 chains tit a point of
coinm n"i;m<n*, nmMn,; t, 10 acrcii,
mrii'i* 1 r 1'w.
Ti'-e-t '.-I th'n  Itlth <l',v nf (>»■(
L;*,catcil,-this 25t,h day of Oct
.v    , si "ji:' jiooiu*:, "'   ,.-,.
'.'.■      • ■'  •     "Locator.
'". '}* ''iVAPfi'gE^T^AilOTl'JlKX;
,."'■' , • N, -      Agent. ,'
.;.Wi1.ncst.--;Mohn ■McDonald..,...     ' ....
v2.?Coin)nencing-.-dt£a post   plantqil
at or near S.'--lI*,---M"ooi-'fi,s. southeast
corner, caml  being tho northeast corner of J.  C. ltochfoi'd.s claim;-    and
mnrUbil J.  C.     l.ochiord    northoasC'
i-.oti-.'er; thenco 80.chains west; theac^
SO  chains  south;   thonce  SO    chain?)
e.ist;    the'ico     80 chains  nortii'' to
place-  oi commencembnt.
[Located .this 23th day of Oct., I.j'07
J. 0: KOClll'-Ol.D,
, ■ ''- ' • Locator.
,   .';    HAPTISI-*    LiUlOHUIKX,
' .'   , * • •   Agvnt.
' Wltno-"s—John McDonald,
'A.- Commencing* at a post planted
at or leur J, C. Ilochford .north
elist coi-nti-, and being northeast cornor of J. Wobertson'H claim und
east corner, anil being northenst cor*
mhrk'oil J. Hobertson northwest cornor; thonce SO chains smith; thuneo
80 chains east; tluiiice 81) chains
north; thonco 80", chains wost to
placo.'of commencement. . ,
Located  this 2,1th day of Oct., 1907
J, JtOlll'lUTSON,
I ocator.
■   Afiont,
Witness—John Mc Donald.
"1. Conimonclng nt. a, lost ] hinted
at or near J. Hubert son's northwest,
cornor, and being sun th wost   corner
of   John   McDonald's   clnlm,    mid
marked  John McDonald; tlii'iicc    80
chains; north; tlicnco ,80 chains oust!
tlimico 80 clinit.Fi sinir.li:  lIiciho'  &<)
chains   wost to   place nf 1 onuiiiiiiCv'*
mont, ■  ■    ■
Ltcntoil   this 2,1th dny nf Oct,, .C07
,.    JOILN' McDONA'.J),
A (-ont.
Witness—John Mc|)onnl<|,
.1. Commencing nt a |.ost   I'lantcil
at or near.ono mile from, the siiilh-
oust coi'iicr of A. (lood's ;!nim, nnd
lining  soiitl-o.ist.  coi'iu'i'  of     11,     It,
(lambln's rlnini, and inai-ked    11,  l(,
flainblii's KiiiH 1'iMU't I'Di'iiiii'; tlifi.cn 80
chains west; ilicnru Si) chains' ninth;
thonrn   80   chains e*st;     tlioncn SO
I'haliiH soutli to pliK'D of coiiiiniiiu-u-
l.iu'iM.'d   this 2Ilh day nf (ht,, 1.107
Local or,
Witn, ;4S—Ji'hn   MiDuiiaiil,
(I.  Ciiiniiicin-linr  nt   11   pnHt   pi mti'd
nr iii'.ir south list rnriu'r nf ||. \{,
•>,■,.'■■        -     .    •*       .*.
*:•   .7      ■    ■'-.-,    *  ■ ■  .*.
••>'        ^c The    \ .c ■    '-a
♦!• '•■  ■     -, ...-,,   1   ■   ■      ,- *.*»
' ••♦ S*
* , -   ."j   ^   , *      -      n.  *. ■*■        ,J     *•♦*
...'J.'  Commencing-at, a'post   'plained'
at or near nortneast "cornur, 01 Ji. t.1.
V-,,-|, Drain's,, claim, <,and..,buiiig .1101 tlnvost
corner of the  A.  A".1'Sparks'    claim,
and  hiarUed,   ' A,   A..   Sparks'   nortn-
wost ..corner; - thenco '80 chains-- least.;:
tlicnco,, SO • chains , sou tli;- 1 hence    'So
chains'west; thence 80"chuin's"n0rth'
to place of cominenceinent,   "  .
. L'ocated i-this -nth dajvof.Oot., i'JOT
A.. A.  SPARKS, .        , '"•
.   :"     ;■*'.-■      ■       "■*      Locntoi*.'"-''
" '   ' ■       ' '*      Agent.'
Witness—John M'cDohald. ,
4.  Coininoncing at  a  post 1 hinted
nt  or near iioi'lliwo.st-:"oi>ri:or*oi'    A.
A. Sparks' claim, i\nd being    soutli-.
west corner of tho A, Good    'ciulm,
iuul,mnivml  Andy Good's southwest
corner; thenco 80 chains east; tlicnco
80 chiiins north;' thenco SO    ihains
wost;     thence 80 chains south      to
place of commencement.
Located  this 24th day of Oct., 1007
A. GOOD,  ,    ,
■'        ••■ '.,ocator,
Witness—John MuDonahl.
ti. Commencing nt a post "planted
at or near ono milo from tho south*
enst corner of J; McDonald's claim,
and being southeast cornor of A.
Rico's claim, and marked A! Rico'-;
southeast ' corner; thonco 80 chain's
west; thonco 80 chains north; thonco
80 chains east; thenco 80 chains
south to placo of coiiimoiiciimniit.
J .oca tod tills 2.1tii day of Oct,, 1.007
AVItnoss—John McDonald. ■•
(3, Commi'iicing at a post planted
ut ni* near miutho.iM. corner iif the
A, Rku clnlm, and holng uorthoast
corner uf J. '■', Slhi'i'inan's claim,
and ina'rki'd J. F, 811 ui-iimu'h i.oith
•■list flnrnoi'j tlicnco 80 clinlns wuiit;
tlioni'6 80 chuiiiH miuth; 'hcia-o ' d
chnlns I'list: thonco •*:() -.ihahis imith
to placo of coiiiinonceinijiit,
Lociitod this 2.1th iliiv vi ijui.,:.'. 07
.).  I-'.  SILVERMAN, '   .
Local or,
WltiicHH-./oliii McDdiiuld.
i-.,    JKinafacturersofiind
- '■'.    .'.-'Dealersin'""''
lloxikh & Dressed Lumber
Dimension & Bridge Timber
Piling", .'Moulding, Liitli3,'
'    "' Shingles and  Ties.
♦ ■
I Telephone Poles a Specialty-!:
y AIT Orders Prompt'y Attended •:<
.!♦' ,      to *.
Y Tel. 3
Pernie, B. C.
To Contractors and
Have you got your
winter supply of Oats &
Potatoes. If not order
now as the , prices nre
going up owing to thc
crop   failure   this  year.
Oats, fiO lbs, Runrnniocd      At\s*.
per busliel ■fU V
PotntocH, 11)0lb, sucks ft**}   Ag
per suck  JJ> | .C©
cntnrrlr- that onnnnt lm curnii hy
Ilall'H Catarrh C'uco. *».'inl for clr*
cnlnm, fruo.
F, ,T. ClICNEV v(t CO., TolrJ...    O.
TAkA null's Family t'liu for con*
Sold Ly Jruii'liti, 75c,
m ro or 1 ss.
I acted lli:« 17th Any ol Cct., 1307.
W. H. COATKH, Jn.,
Agent, for
oisnTrinum-: drliikm.
WltntBB-Tbcs. BIntcr.    >
\\\ ll.' COATK,  .lit., j
As'tnt  for
iii*:nrrrA iMir.i.F.n,
...v. Y.a — i'ii, ,1,    ,M,iU-i.
I 11. Ccmtnincln,; r,t'.% post plunttil
i'.t <r u'nr at a iioint t milo cast ot
,21 nile jt<i[,t r.f prwent (!, I\ It,
B'lr-.ty, niljolnirj,' lllock -150.1 on thr
w.tt, and hoinK tlio nnrthwo-tt corner rent cl John 1). reloiaon't*
(lnlm: Ihenrn south 80 clmlns; then-v
rant 80 tlulnp; ihencr* north SO
cb.iinB; tlience west 80 chains to   a
(Jitllll'li'!.--     rlnhn, .iilKl     IcillH'    lloi'lll*
mim ciiriiiT uf ,1, M'ii'M'h i'liilm, iiiiil
nitii*" I'll -I, Mnrlil'i- 11 < 111.!-c*. 1 s-1. nii'i ur;
lhc i'ii flu rhnlliN ivi'^t; (Mi'iM'ii j.*0
i-llilins Mil!tli; lllilli-n SO clliiJiiH i';lht;
11'i'lirp  Kill I'lmltiN  noi'lll   lo  lilni-n     if
-I.   V!']}!..,
iiap'I'Ihm   L.VM*,i!t;;i.:\'.
WIli'i'KH—.Iniin Mi-lliiimlil.
7. CiiinniiiiidiiK at 11  punt planted
nl  nr iii'iir tlm iiiirtliciiht 1'iii'ni'i*. of, At vour 6liling,, MIhtiiI credit Dlld
Urn   .1, |.\ siiM.'nfiaii    einini,   ami!   prompt slilpiiipiit.    Oi'tlcr
I'l'lllif   linl'lliVvi'Nl    i'iU-lli'1'   nl'   W.    Mill'-' 	
j I'.v'h .'Iniin, anil iiiiirlii'il \V. n.i ri iy |
j iiiii'lliMnst I'linii'i'; lliniii'ii Xu c!>ii|ii'm •
Iho;.tli;  ihonv SO ihnii'ii enut;  Uiciiri*'
IMII   I'lllllllH   llnl-tllj      tlll'lll'n   SO      l-hlllllsl
, \v, Kl,   lo  pi no nf foiniiiiiircnii'iil. '
I    l.ii'Mt.'d   llil 1 Il'itli day of ILL, 1H07 ,
! w. iniiiiv.
I.ncatoi',    i
14  4 tl'l'l    I I. ,     I *,    ,,. 1    1 1 .•• '
I •■ * #     *-.     *. ,.,,,.,4J,,|    ., I ..V ,
1 A'.'vnt.
1    WiiiiL'tiS'—.li.liii McDonald.
UNIK li, C
•-•.j-^'i^-j't j'?-t-r-t i j-'j-f-j'-j-j*"-? j\-}-»-
I   H. (.'niiiiiii'iic'liiir   nt ;A post plantnd
1 at or iifiir \V. Il.irliy, imi'tliwcHt mr-
, , "rr, uml lii'|ii|j Miniilnvi'ht cori.cr    of
,,  ( iiiniiiniH-liijr ni   a   pn-*)   plm.li'd   li,   I.u in.) 1.11.. v h i-lnlin. and    imirl.o.l
• «l     t\X'      llii'in    tti if*Mi|i  1 <  <       •wi'ii     (i nf i 1 f • »
Mnn'.i'K rl.ilm. and  h.'lnK  inn-tlnuM   iiu'iuv'si)'^Ii'k 'iioiiliV Uii.-.Ro"''*'l(i
.-liali.M |.|,m; t|i,niif .*-»> rhiiiiis sDialij
i'1'.rni'r rf ,1. V, Ii-wIii'k ilaim, nnd
iiiiii'KimI .). F. Irwin's nni*ihv\|,ht. i-or*
iii-r; (liciiyii f*'t'i rliaii.s.Kinitli; t!*« lm
W<i I'liaiiiN cast; ilii-inv fiO- elm I iih
nci-tli; tliem-e HO cIiiiIiih wt'Ht to
]d h'c of riiiiniioneeiiUMii.
L-croii tvis amFi fi.iv nf n t, nor
.J. v. mviis,
HAl'TIHK   I.VMllltlMKX,
WHI-pa-<—.lohn MrDonnld.
tlu'iini hi rhaiini*
went lo plain    of
iitNl  this a.*ith day of art., 11107. j
HAl'TIHK    L.\M,mi(ll''X,       \%
u*i. , ,     , A sent.
I i-i)
l&xn tlW <Sa2-5i
Pop Fnll  PJnrit.n-ji
•Mr. Wm. I(.|, I'liflii'v luu |n.t. r,,.
*'i'|4(i.| u lino wpIwiIhi i">f Oioici*
Jliiltin fur fiMi'Jtii* |mi|i»nii»,
•Viimeil ll,vf«n|i<rj|. .•IiiitIo Ac il'tnliln,
•I vi(ili>ifii* nf Xircl-Mi*. >Iiii>Ihiiiii|
ilnaMii, »,nifl.i'(«4 of .I',!*! 'Tnlii.H,
:i viiriiii-. I.'iiiln l.lllk-. ,'lviirlntlo,i
of ..Ilium*,
(or price*
MJuira'u Liniment CurtB Dlpntberla. $$$4-lte-W-te"yfQI>M>$>Q>t4>i> 1
THErC ANADIl^LN' BANK ^i^^Mmmmm^'mimm^mm&m
■ .';'-.OF. G0MMER€E:-:" ' '*' '    '   * ''; '"c^  '    "'- *
Ld-iACLISlJED   IS07-'
S. E.-V*M,IK2:>,,Pjcsijie5t " 7 .,
ALEZ.-jLAISb, General Maragor '7
A. H. ITiSLA-WD, Sup.erlateaclsnt of
E:aacii4.s '   ,
P&idkr, Gapitd,;S*i:G,C80.G00.
■Rest,'1" - "-■--•  -7 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Brandies taroGgHout Canada/ and in -tbe. United States'-and Enflanti1
l»"-VQ     j   l—%>
1 Under
■ r\ 1/ /■-, p r\
Afecfe from
s4-    P
D.-p wits of SI find upwards received,' and interest allowed at
c-in-t-ut  i-iilus.'   Thu deposit..i* is subject to no delay whatever in
withdrawal of tho whole or any portion of, the dep„sit,"
ary  'Marble   & 'Granite' Works
Kootenay  Marble , Works, - 'Nelson
Samples Can te Seen at Uic Off ice. Parlcrs ialundy's DIock H
r-^-3-'B^^^!l*-^^*?':7^V?y>. >'?t^*'-T^-^-.'lSS»->.Vtii".Xt-r*:-"^i^**.V,-*?-*.TKa^tA-!
yisrc.nglitj   to, younger housekeep»
ers, .to beginners in" the art of bread
and-c&lig making, oo'agency can 2:en
much aid, mo assistant
^s^va au heJpfai as q^c Price
Baking Powder.-\ Do .not make the
I ■: mistake c-l experimenting; with others.
■W.Hf- r-VA".,«;*iiVj'?i*'M r*i'iiiTCT.s'.;',r'tnor'-11 *:C° fe-t,
^*     ■   i ...., -. - -.
■-'-,    (Continued" from Page-" 2.)'.
thence cast'
(0) Show  by     sketches -a i-it -
"bottom,   arrangement     capable
of handling' r.n  output  of  1,000   ■
- tons per .snil't.".. ...,..."  ; -,"...15
".(7). In   exploring   -aiid • report-    »
ing upon a new coal field, what • -
features' should be .fully, covered
in  your   examination.    Describe
how ryou  would  arrive  at  your ■
conclusions.'." '    '    '..15
(8).Compare   .   the'-    various-,
'methods  transmitting  power, to
distant   portions "of"  the ', mini.--.
where    power,    is '.required,.., for.'.''
pumping,   , mining     machinery,
local haulage and power drills.10
,(9) How. would, you avoid-the-"
dangers arising-, from coal dust
.what you would'consider an ef-'"
fe'etive  and  practical  system ; of 7,
■ watering such amine.-. ;,15.
(10) In . erecting ventilating
machinery, ■     what    - provision
.would you make in its erection ,
• or construction in order that it
would'*not be seriously impaired'
, in the' event  of ' ' an  explosion,
and having in view its restora-
1 tion- to  efficiency    without  un- ■'
necessary delay?'..' 10
'.'MINE  MACHINEEY.      ,
■. Fifty Per  Cent.  "Required,
(1)'What in    your "opinion is.
the best    form of boiler' to  install  at  a  coal mine.    The    ordinary flue boiler or the modern
tubuler    or    water  tube boiler;','
and why?, -Name  the'usual  fit-
tings'and appliances to colliery
boilers , '  ,.,.15
(2) What is the, safe working
load cf . a crucible steel rope
1 J-    inches   in   diameter,    on a
e.    'Whet 7s ■" Ure
distance  from   start
sv/->.-r  Lv   ccmpnta-
to   facD?
Lien.  b::ir.'..... •   ..."...-...' ..7.  ..,-.
" yi)  i'-rom • the .ro'Towmg-   le.ei
notes plot a profile to a scale
| c.f-'iOO-ie-ct lo, cne inch hori: *cn-
j ial,.; -.'.nd- 10'feet to one inch
| vertical:       ' '    '   7     ...
'Station   0,    -Back sight
"   -lore bight C-;...iU.
t-.ta.ion "'1,    Back    sight,     G.'iO
Foi-e cijjht    .50.    ,. -
iStition S-'j-lack sight'8.39'Fore
sight 3.SO
Station 3, Back-sight 7.<i0, i'ore1'
-     "sight 2.10
Station A, Back sight' 9.20 Fore
- sight 3.15.'        " ■ ' -,••
Station 5, Back sight' 6.50, Pore    ''
■    sight 3.35. „■■  " -      '   '.     ■■-.
„;The    stations," are    100     feet
apart.     -Find     also   the    grad-    *
_*iavi4" ?*''>■*■■■■ *-■"-* « 4*-*- ri'n-i.n *■ *■»• i-J-« *•- .*».»._*	
-*>-**li—*■*■ wi**—ubu wiUj.i"''**— iy\j— a iiUliuIi"^	
5...'..'." '.....-: •...;;  '„.:;. ..; :...10
.(6) Plot'the-following survey
to a scale of one chain to , one
inch. Close' ' the - remaining
course, giving course and distance and take out the area:
North 350 links:    '
North-79, East 450 Unks.
South 45, East 375 links. - "
South 30, West 500 links.
QIZT-A-iEJU'S .fr^^riW.«Pe&'F»K:nS-!8.:pe j
•rtniaiwnMTf M-JMi
♦♦♦.♦♦♦••^♦♦♦♦♦$4 ♦ *'*^
dope 500 feet long and dipping
35   degrees?,,
' (7) The course , of a gangway -
is S  42 degrees ,E,  the    rooms
are  - driven- east.    ' The    total .
width of room and pillar is 70
feet.   Find  the  distance   on"'the
gangway from centre of rooms?15
(8)' Mention   . , all ■      possible
sources    of  error '■> which, might _
accrue** to    underground survey-   .
ing and levelling? 10
" (1) What    are'   the'   duties  of
the overman   under the special
rules? ,   ..,.,.'  10
(2) What are the loq'uire.ments'
,'.,15   of the general rulos as to   \ei>''
Limited    -   ,
\\     .-wmuuHinN
Fresh and Salt Meats.,   Poultry  and
t '( '        ' ri
rish.     Fresh l-ig^s and Dairy Butter.
Phone 4
Victoria Aye.
runuuM-wiii iiwrnvuw
tilation? .';.. .: 10
(3) What aro the requirements
of the act as to the uso'of explosives In mine's in whicli in-
ilammablo gas hns bean found
within the preceding three
months ',  ,,,10
(4) Wh4at examinations are
the  minors required to make?,..10
(5) What nre tho requirements
cf fe-enertU ruU> 8 ph to lamps',
lights   and loua.co?   10
(G) What ■ is 'required by  the
act as to watering dutty mines"
both   locally and generally? 10
(7) What does thu net roquiio
as to fencing, both above and
below   ground 10
{&) Under the' special rules
vi.j cn- auth.ri.id to-cxM,. no
safnty lamps in to-ms of {y,:nsral ■
rule 8, without yrcjvdicc to tho
appointment of any other competent porson for that pui-posi,?10
(0) Wliiyt dully Inspection of'
the mino ih luquirarl under rulo
30? Who la tho camricttmt portion rdfi-rred to in this rulo? 10
(10) Make nn imaginary report covering un examination
made and complying with tho
roquiromontn    of  tho   previous
.juectlon  ;  10
(1) Name and, descrtho tho
various Kas*s met v/llh In coal
mines. Give Symbols and specific gravities, Whern aro thoso
gns-Js found and how detected?.20
(2) There h pasBln/j tbrou-jh a
,.,10  hena'ng a mixture  of air   ond
i a and. guu at its inont explosive point amounting to 7,000
cubic feet per minute.   What ad-
."IHIonnl   ncinnnf  n   tttir xwnrr  \-n
uddod to this mixture to render
it hatmlei*>.f SO
(3) How would ,vou icmove a
la.rjre body of Are damp from a
section of    thr) mine v/heto tho
(3) When would you cleom ' it
advisable to replace mules witA
mechanical haulage?  , 10
(4*) What experio-ncos liiive you
, had, if any, with mechanical
haulage underground, Describe
briofly, What in your opinion
is the,,best system of mechanical haulage to suit all conditions - • ,,„,',  „■ 15
(5) In n mine, the slope of
which is 1,000 feet in length and
dipping £5 degrees, the quant'ty
of water accumulating ia 300,-
000 gallons per day, Give tho
eis'o of stream and .water of a
singlo pump to vemovo the water in 10 hours', afisuming. tho
main offectiue steam presfuro to '
bo R0 pounds to tho squaro inch
total   eulcl'mcy 60 i>qy cont? 30
, (0) If it required 00 'horse
power to drivo the armnturo cf
u dynamo when it in dolivoring
40,000 watts, whr.t is tho ef-
ficipncy of tho dynnmo? .IB
(7) Whnt in iwnnt ly tho
mannmotric i-HleUmy and tho
mochnnicnl rlllcioncy cf a fan?
With n fan of 40 horro powor,
■ t'fllcl"*ne" BO ror cent,, wntfrape
S,B inches, what quantity of air
per minute vl'l Ve produced
nndpr thefi* conditions? IB
(8) Th there nny dilTorenco in
thi* efllohmey between an air
compressor nlace at,,the purfacc
'nnd ono underground nt tho bottom of a deep shaft, effective
Ktenm pressure being tho same
in both cases?  	
Tifty Per Cent. Required.
fl) Name     and   doserire   the
various    instruments    used    in
Hutu: tuiieyiii&.   Jn u-AAiiioii to
JnaUuivituts of precisions, name
nnd descrlble aimplo instruments
•suitablii to approximate turvey-
injj- and   levelling in mino ,.15  ventilating:   current   is   insufll
(■2) Whut    is     thn    magnotio      cient?     : 10
| • ■   "   Wastern' Canada -       . I
I Co-oparative & Trading Co., Ltd. n
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General  Mcrchandcse
Coleman :-: Alta.
Tlie w'ary traveller in search .ot a pood
liciin*, I'li'iiry to cut and sumeihing go^d to
drink sli.uld ,j?o tu
^    ^i'-   '. ■  r--&  ..----.-- -   -     -       j
J. L.   Qate3,   Proprietor *    7
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
*•. ...
■^"e !i.i:p„ • lio hu
i"    |-VniU'"'"  \\t<
l'il'CS   , Is     till'    I Mil,*,'.
(■•wil.   I'l'ii't,  Ici'yiM,
t-f  11   P'Oill   SIlUikL', -
n-t ri"nil' dr-iiliM-f- of T'ibiicc'ii'nnd  Citrnrs
mjII • onlv   ri'liiililft   stick, .  Din- r.-iai'i! nf
K''l- eii-il stock in'
p 'ii)t l"ti'   iiml    lii-.i
thu I'Vrnio C'i^nr Sii/i-o  when in ncud
•!•   Address'104     ■ ■     :•:           *Tet. i& '!-
•>                       '■ »*•
•:• • .>
•<•                                                                                 ,■           "         ., .;;
Ci) To  v/hat    causes   aro  ex-     (
iu*.'.ul.4).ur II\>w .!> it t'o^udf
What is the.present declination
in your, mining district? What
is properly meant by the variation cf the magnetic net-die? 10
,, (3) Dis.'ribf what information
should appear upon a well*
drav/n mine flan, mentioning
contour   linen     and    describing
their uses and value 10
(-1) A    mine     roadway   runs
north 175 feet, thence west 350
feet,     thence   noith   480   fiet, '
thence   west   415   feet,   thence
plosions in coal mines due? Do-
scribo   .tho    sovoral   conditions    ,
v/hich may cuiso or contribute
to an   explosion? 15
(8) Describe thp properties cf
sulphuretted hydrogen and under what conditions dons it occur in nvinfti Could nn explosive mixture of this gas be tr.;
tori-d into und examined by a
person with an ordinary safety
lamp? ,. ,,,,,  ...15
(Ci)What nro the p/eneml remedies to bo upplldd to persons
overcome by mino gnues? 15
(10) What R-aBP*! would you
expoct to oncount*r from a gob
tire? 10
(I) What ii nnoftnt by the rub-
1 Ivi"  *"nrf:\pr?   What I"  the vuV
I bint* surface of an nirway 5 feet
wtde and S let-t high and 1,5'JO
j feet long?,., ••,„•"" 10
j (2) If a fun produces 125,000
I cubic feet of air por minute with
! a water guage of 1.5 inches,
M'hnt  1^  thn hnrso 'jinwerf . IR
i    (3) It is   jequirod   to   tre'.lo
thu quantity of air in a given
ft-i V«nat (;cnir*.i pjveautiors
would yoa t.ike with regard to
the Accumulation of gas in old     ,  ,     ,- .,      -  .T ,
workings, having rc-rnrd to the <j "ulatlon. How much
%entilating or isolating of the 'thtt »,ower be 1™<™AV»
sume? io .
(6) What pr**MUtlor.s would i
you adopt to prevent lr."«i of '
life and profeity Jn mines su?- j
ject to sudden outbursts of I
CArbcnaUd hydro^er.? 15 .
(6) Whnt is altv'rdnm-?? Wh%t
iu it's effect upon human life,
And why? „ „.„ io
(0) Describe same plan of ven-
| tilation which may havo'occurred to you   in your experience,
-...plying slii'loh if necessary?.,.15
(7) It is nocuosary to drive an '
intako airway through an abandoned district* How would th's
bo done, nnd what details
would bo nero'-Hnry in order to
comply with tho act? 10
(8) How would you incir'nso
the ventilation without inciour,-
ing tho   powor? 10
(0) In thero any danger from
a too high or too low volocity
of tho air current? What under
ordlnnry conditions would you
consider suitable volocitits for:
(a) Thc shaft; 0') tho hcul-
age wnys; fe) the working
fdcoi, Is thore nny dinger
from too hlp-h n  vnloclty In
tho roturn airways? ',. ...15
(ID) VeiUilaU the pi*., given
u'iin-j      conventional,   signs
shown?  '      ...20
(1) What is creep or niuo'eze? ■
TTnw  would  ynu  nrn»r,t   It  ti'hen
i once     commenced,    and    what
1 methods would   you Adopt    to
11 .is n cerium lliiii',' llml there would
Iv "liiiih li'*-s dlsenscs in llie co linumitv
if every iiidiviilual li'ok proper prernu*
linns to'nresiTve his or lu-r lie.-ilili, We
I'linnol le loo ch'iinly in" our Imhiis,
C'lu'iinlii'ii'ss Im not  only, ncxi lo (loJIini".'*,
'iillli. We
iilh n f^onil
iinli-cptli' Soup, ItiisIi ii,n.l I'l.-iui tIn* U-i'ih
will, mill see lo il thai' Our per-oo mul
piTMinnl i-lTf.-is nro hovoiul ti*prn,n h ns
r'.'ffiirds i!eimllm*s»i, l-'wry f.u'iliiy |\m-
lliL'liiilh mul Toilet mv hen'.
s    t lu'iiiilii'.i'ss im not   only nexi lo
j)   hut a biiiv keeper ol' ^nod hen
J   . hIioiiIiI diillv wiihIi Ihe .sl.iu wi
The Palace Druu; Store
TKL. li II. V, MoM'VVN'. Mmt.
must     ! prevent a recurrent?  , 10
, .,,.,.15     (2) What  is the horte power
(1) State   what    advantages    |e' An *>nglno   capable of lifting
nre derived'from spliU'ng   the      R0(> gnllpns of water per min*
*lr    nnd    to v/hat txtent   you     ,ute   ngAinst   a pressure    of 85
consider uplitting advisable? 10 pound* per scjaute inch.    Apjly
the following formula and *how
4'omputfttlon fn full.
Where C—Gallon* per minute
O. X. P.
(Continued oa P»ge 4.)
(5) Name and describe the
various instruments used to determine the condition of the
ventilation and of the atmosphere  or a mine? ,  10
Vou want comfort nnd satlsnctloti
of cleitn smooth shavei. every
Tho Car bo Magnetic Is tho only
(lUAKANIBLU to irlvo this. \AJ.
Vic scent lilcctrJt-' 1 atipuvlag   .tt
Sosltlvely merges every par*'
Ida or carbon  (the  life of
steel) In'o the mctal-clvlng
dlamontl-lll.o liurdoesB
thfliughout the hlade«*iome-
Hthl-'g  e^«o^«te'•■'   lm«o«»lble
with fire tempered «"feel used
In making all other razors
But test this razor In
own home—or have your ba'rber
use It on you    Secure one i~
Phillip Carosella
try Coed-;, GriMr/iK, Ronk end SIims
Cent's Furnishings
l'.\l'K<<M/.K IPTilK IMI «-|HV
Crow's    Uo»*l    Spooinl
J.  D.    QUAIL       MlnorVrtt^rHi"ciniir»
-«*'.  .mu I *..'•--,
The Fernie Ledger
11 a Year in Advance
*' luned tvert Satardav  from  the Ofiice of
•Publication, Todd Slock. Victoria Ave.,
Fernie, British Columbia.
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We will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with.
Legal" advertising- IS cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion. ' ,, ■
. Bates for contract advertising! on application at ofiice of publication, Todd Block.
, T. T. JOHN,       F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor Manager
FERNIE, 28M.—Pres.-, Jas.'LanciiEten;
Fin, Sec, Thos. Biggs..      '     „
HOSMER, 2191.—Pres., Wm. Taylor;
. feec*. Win. N. Reid. , *.,   ■,
MICHEL, 233-1.—Pros., Wm Colgre-
houn; Sec., Charles Garner.
COLEMAN, 2683."—Pres., W. Haysom;
Sec., Win. Graham., -
FRANK,' 1263—Pres,', Fred Allott;
Sec., George Nichols. '    • ,-
LILLE, i233 -Pre*.,
Sec., A. W. May.    .
BELLEVUE^ 431 -Pres ,   .     ,
Sec, Fred Cha'ppell.
HILLCREST, lboS.-Pri's., Robert
Livett; Vice-pres., J.'Lagace; Sec,
Harry T. Cooler. -
LUNDBRECK, 2275.-Pree., Alex.
McCullock; Sec , Peter Blake.      ' ■
'LUNDBREOK,  2352.-Pres*, ...William
■;. Steep; Sec, Stephen Davies.
-WOODPECKER, 2299.—Pres ,
-Sec., Andrew Wilson.
'.MORR^WILLE,2378.-Pres., '.
,'-•■■ Rec.,'T.'Meir.
-DIAMOND CITY .-Pres-,..   -
Sec,    ■ ' '
CANMORE,, 1387—Pres , W. Savage;
-   Sec| Jack Raymond.
BANKHEAD, 29 —Pres^'WmTFisfier;
Sec, E. Dyson. •■ v ,
TAT3ER,Vl02 —Prc's., T. Boyle; Sec.
.-. > \Vm"; Murdock.   ,*■* - ■,       -
LETHBRIDGE,-' 574.-Pre3., \ B.   G
Hamilton; Sec," Charles Peacock.
TABER, 1959.—Pres., ."Walter' Yere;
",   Sec'-, Robert Doodsou*
' CARBONADO, 2318;-Pres.,    ;
Presidents and secretaries ,wqosc
names do not appear on this list are
requested to farward them to tins
office for insertion.
1 Continued inquiries * reach us for
the foregoing information. ,
bibles or testaments were disposed  of were 67  persons  quite des-'
titut'e „of any .copy  of  the    Holy
scriptures: ..,•„. - -
' An analysis of scriptures supplied shows, the following languages—Greek, Slav, (Eccles.),
Trench, Italian, Polish, Russian,
Ruthemen, \ Chinese, Japanese,
German, English. , Other-.,languages were asked for but scriptures were not on band. *
The    colporteur"'came   in touch
with   all  classes    and conditions,
including church people, socialists,
and the residents of the north end,
where several copies were disposed
of.   Special interest was shown by
individual Japanese.     One    white
man thought the Koran was   < of
greater, importance than the bible. I
One man who was induced ,to buy
one had been without a bible for j
ten 'years,    Copies were bought by ;
some    who    had  recently" become j
Christians.   Several times the'col- i
porteur -,was asked to  take    beer j
by Italians and Russians  out . of :
sheer kindness,,,and he had great j
difficulty  in  making  them  under- ;
stand why he • declined.   He,    was '
treated with the utmost courtesy *
by Russians',    Catholics have taken  ,a keen" interest   iri the    bible
distribution.    In" one  case   a  man I
in , one  of  the  camps  unable'     to }
read gave.25 cents to purchase a j
bible for someone else.   The   Ga-
licians   showed* a, childlike     sympathy,' but did.not seem  to und-"
erstand much about the Sabbath.
The colporteur found the Italians
on the whole very open to receive
the scriptures.   They wanted    the
whole bible,' whereas he had only
testaments    and portions   of    the
old testament.   , -
At th*e camps'-he received every
kindness, and again and again he
was told ty different men how
good ' it was to have someone
4*ome and visit them. The visiting-was much appreciated,;.'even
where bibles were not taken. Five
churches"in Fernie and Coal Creek
were addressed on the lines of. the
Bible Society. -Finally, according
to'the eolporteur, in some cases
the sanitary conditions of some
localities could be improved.
<$<*^;H**M''$''*-I^^ <^<$'<§<&&M><&.<&&H><§>
■*'■   -'       .'. ...'--   ■' -  - ■      - ,- -    '■  -f
Lands at Robson
Five  Trains daily,. C.   P.   R.
Steamer,  daily Telephone and
Telegraph,      good/   Boating,
p   Fishing    and   Hunting,   level
..Land, magnificent Soil.
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by buyiu'g at
, Robson. ■ - ".    '
Buy •, fruit , lands where' you
can'" get irrigation and be
sure  of good  crops.
These    lands  can  be    bought    ■■
i       * ,      * O
at $i.oo per acre per,-month1
Your money back if not satisfied.    For particulars see
f> J. Watson
Fernie ■•'■"-:-." B.C.
'<M*$>®Q>®HQ>®&&&®4> 't'4>&fr&$>:$> $-<H><$>$$^<$M>®$<i>/>>'&§ <H*&$> S>
The following are the nominations I'or the official ballot of
District 18, U. M. W. of A,', for
the year 1908:
For President—F, H, Sherman,
Taber, Alta.; James Douglas,
Michel, B,  C.
For Vice-President—John R,
Galvin, Fernie, B ,C; Chas. Gar-
ner, Michely B. C,; Geo.< Wilson,
Lundbreck, B. O.j Nicholas Mar-
iscisco, Fernie, B. C; James Wilson,  Tabor,  Alta,
For Secretary-TieaBuror—John
A. Macdonald, Blairmore, Alta.;
John N, Howbroolc, Fornic, B. C,;
Joseph Shooter, Fernie, B, C;
Clem Stubbs, Taber, Alta.
For I, B, M,—-Peter Pattoraon,
Fernie, B. C; Wm. Dickenson,
Fernio, B. C; II, Evans, Taber,
Alta.; 0. Fowerp, Canmore, Alta.
For,, Auditors-W. H. Evans,
Fernie, B. C; .TamcH Holdon,
Morinvillo, Alta.; Jnineo Lancaster, Fornlo, B. C; Joseph Lano,
Fernie, B. C,
„ Official  ballot  Sub-District No.
1, U, M. W. of A,-John Sullivan,
Michel, B. C; William DiivIb,
Michel, B, Ci David Paton, Fernio, 'B. C.
Ofllcial ballot Sub.DlBtrlct • No,
2, V. M, W. of A.-William Gra-
hnm, Colemnn, Altn.; Frank Low*
ih, BoHbvup, Altu.j Edward Spnr*
row, Frank, Altn,
Ofllcial ballot Sub-District    No.
3, U. K. W. of A.-D. L. Miller,
Taber; Donald McNab, Lothbridfjo
Alta. p
Ofllcial ballot Sub-District No.
■1, U. M. W. of A.-Wllliam Dun-
lap, Uankhcad, Alta,; William
Sava/ro, Cnnmoro. Alta,
To Ths Officers , and. Members of
The Local Unions Comprising
-District No.  18:
The balloting for , district officers and; district executive board
members will take place on Monday, Dec.o 2nd, 1907.
,,A11 members are' requested * to
record their  votes.
Local officers, and members, are
Tequested^to see-that~the~provjs-'
ions of Article 7, District Constitution, -referring, to votibg,, ore
tution, referring to- voting, are
advised to ballot at the nnses,
where it is most convenient for
the members.-   ■',-•.-'
Immediately    after    the   ballots
are counted, the.tally..sheets and,
returns, together with the ballots,;
used and unused,' should'.be ' senti
to  J.   A.   Macdonald,      secretary,
treasurer, Blairmore, 'Alta.
  "0 ■   ■'',
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov, 7, 1907.'
Mr.  Peter Patterson,- '
Fernie, ,-B.  C..- ,
Dear'Sir" arid" Brother:
Reports from La,Salle today indicate that President Mitchell is
now regarded as out of danger,
and the doctors expect that unless further complications set in,
ho will recover. His convalescence of course will be slow.'
While Mr. Mitchell is very weak
at this time, his pulse and temperature are normal and last
night ho was permitted to havo
some solid food.
Respectfully yours, - s
*'(3) What    are     the     require-  ",
ments of the general rules as to
ventilation?......  •"• • —10
(4) What are the requirements '
of the act as to fencing in'the
mine?  ...'. 10,
(5) What  are -  the provisions „
of the act as to the withdrawal
of the workmen in case .of dan
(6) What  are  the regulations
as to'the use  of, safety lamps;    .,
open lights, matches and tobac-    '
co?..,° .".   ...7...... 710
It'N'CL'S.     .
Mr. Turnbull, of the British and
Foreign Bible Society, who has
upent several weeks in and around
Fernie, tnnkini** n honmp to rtrmnc
canvniw, has rtetntty returned to
hid homo in Alberta. Ho had a
variety of experience*!, and has
funi.Hhnd us with Home details of
public Interest.
Dining hiH stay, Sept. 24 to
Oct. 24, hi' made in all'078 vis*
'tl, ".fiM im lifhli"; ond K'fl ♦.■ii-
tmnentH, jvrriviiif; J„ cash $02.25
Two hiMi-s nml H l.*< trum-iit*. worn
f-ivtn (wny, rpT.rwMJnj-; ?2.f>n in
vnluiv     Ai||otig    tliose  to  whom "
(Continued from Page 3,)
Where P Pressure per square
inch,   1714 '     15
*3) What precautions. would
you tako to guard againBt danger to life and property arising
trom the uso of oloctricity in a
mine?., , ••• ......10
(I Show by sketches how you
would drive and timber a heading through running ground?...15
(5) Explain or show - by
sketches somo sate method of
drawing pillars assuming your „
own conditions, What condi*
lions would govorn you In determining tho size of the pillars?    15
(0) What precautions would
you tnl'o to ensure the safety of
drivers and others who may
hnvo to truvel on main haulage
roads, on-jine pianos and Belt'-
acting iticlinoB? ,., 10
(7) Tn establishing a system
of mechanical haulago, what
conditions would govorn you as
to velocity? Would*you conoid*
er a high or a low velocity advantageous,   uijd   why? 15
(8) What practical effective
system of watering a dry and
dusty mine would you install,
having regard to the easy extension of the same aB the area
ol the mii.tt liicieahcdF,..,, lit
(0** TTov; would you deal v/H.H
mine flres arising from any
cause? - What general precautions would you first adopt to
ensure safety to life and prop*
eriyi*,.,,, ,,,,,  ..,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,15
firi)   Tf      t*hV        l-fsrl-ir.    -.f      tJin
main entry is 33 W, what is the
bearing of a cross entry turned
froni it to the right nt an angle
of 00 degreos? 10
Mining Art und Ituleti.
j    (1) What ore the duties of the
f-rn.'.an    a:,    act forth     in   the
: special rules'.".,„. io
d) Whnt   nrt>   t)„.  r^Milntloni
;ns to the tiff t.f t-xplor'ivi-K nnd
jKlastinj*? 10
i^7y^hat    are    the   examina-
tions'   required   in    a    mine" in   ,**.
which   inflamable gas , has been -
found,-within" the preceding 12
months^    and what are "the ex-,
aminations    required in,a mine  •
. r.    taiiicn  iniiammaible" gas has    ;
not been   found within the pre-. .,
ceding 2 months? * -.10[
.,(8) What .'ar^-the requirements    ,
of.,; the ■ act*as'' to manholes or ":
places of refuge?.'..' .- ..."...' ...10
, Y(9) What .are the duties of the
runners    and ' drivers under' the
special rules? '....."....'.. .,.'. 10
(10)As fireman you have made
your examination—make out
your report, mentioning-.some
defect,q,r irregularity found during your examination, and .sign'
with   vour   usual signature? 10
WORK.    ,
'■(1) Name   and   describe    the
various   gases .   found    in coal
mines, where found and how detected, and' giye specific gravit- ,
ies? :.„. *. 20
(2) How would you as a fireman, proceed to make an examination , -of a .mine, Assuming
that you found a largo body of ,
fire damp, how would you proceed to,, remove it? What'precautions would you take to prevent an accident arising* from
same? If unable to' remove it,
how  'would you proceed? 15
(3) As a fireman, what are
your first duties beforo ontoring
upon an examination of the
mine or your district of the
same? , 10
(4) In making your examination you find it necessary to
order the use of safety lamps in
the middle of a ventilating district. What aro your duties
with regard to tho remaining
portion of the district? 10
(6) What nre the advantages
of splitting an air current in a
mine? *  10
(6) What causes windy shots,
and under whnt conditions are
thpy a source of daugor? 10
(7) Explain    tho uses   of the
barometer,     thermometer     and
water guage as'applied'to'mine,
ventilation? ."  10
(8) Show„by sketches,the following methods of' timbering:
Ordinary   plot   and cap   on
, inclined seam, ■
"".Simple, bar;    and   post .and'
,,bar, , level,'seam? .'..'.'.:.[... 15
.! Level 'or * compound not- on
'....   level , seam? ."..'.' '..-...'. 15c
" (9)- What are the principles in- ".
volved in' the'safety lamp   and ■
Vhat are the requirements for* a1
g"o"ocl~""sat>T"y^ramp~ib"r—generai   T
use?.—".. ..'.'..' ' ;.-...'.. ;....." ....'.\.:.10
(10) Ventilate the plan given,
.using the conventional signs
shown? ■'..'. -,...'..30
SEALKD tenders addressed to the
undersigned, nn'd endorsed "Tendor
for Detention Building, Victoria, 11.
L'., will be r)celved at this ollice until Monday, December 2; 11)07, inclusively, for,tho construction of a
Detention Building' at Victorin, 11.
'0. '-,"*.. ,
. Plans "and spociflcntlons enn,l>o
scon nnd forms of tendor obtained
at this Department .and on application ' to William flonilci'snii,. I'.si;,
Hosident Architect, Victoria, B. ,0.
Persons tendering aro notified tlmt
tenders will not be considered .uiiIohh'
mndo on tlio printed foi:m supplied,'
and signed with theii* actual signatures.'
ISi.ch tender must lio accompanied
by an accepted cheque on n cluii'toroil
bank, made priynlilo to the order of
tho Honorable tlio Minister of Public Works, ni'tinl to ten per cent (10
p. c) of .tlio amount of tlio tondor,
which will be forfeited if tho person
tendering doc! Inn to nnt or into a contend." when en Hod upon to do sn, or
if hu' full to complete tlio work contracted for, If tho tondor bo not ne*
copted tho cheque will lio rotiirnoil.
Tho l.-)|-ni'f.mont doos not lilnd ■ itself to accept tho lowest or any tun*
By Order;
Dopnrt of Piihllc Works,
Ottawa, Novomher il,  1007, .
Newspapers will iiot lio pnld     for
tills ndvoi-tlKoinoiit if thoy  insert,   it
without  authority   from'tho Depart*
Dinecrouscouehs. Extremely
perilous coughs. Coughs tint
rtsp md tear the throat and
lunis. Coughs that shake the
whole body. You need iregu-j
Iar medicine, a doctor's medicine, for such i cough, Ask
your doctor about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
vm puiAinn our loi-uiulM
Wt ttiilib dtohol
W* ure* yon te
1 Any cc-od doctor will tell you thitametj,!-
; cina like Ayer's Cherry Pectoril cinnot
do fc* hn it work If th* bowels ire con*
•tlpatcd. Ask your doctor if tie knowi
invthinc belter than Ayer's 1*111$ for cor-
- rectingtrdi rluce;l-.hncsi of the liver..
> t^mtute.* trihtJ.o.xjtt Ct*, Lcwtu, iuilf*"-*
Myj«.i'SlH   OF  OANAIUAN   NOIlTll.WKH'l
,i V/.-5?;.7Sf,,llL!n,,.,l"T r','l,,H ni,,y l» i«-.«hi f»r
h. .) i i.r L-1,^l,.-v',',,u A,,,llw '"' «n «»"»"l
rniliill i>i »1 pur Hero, Not nmri' Hum ■•'„ii
iioroH nImiII |,'« |uMNW| to w-HwIlv ml" r
nompiiiiy A roynlt.v i.t tlm ruti »III •"'■ iiit'
colliI {nlnn!1 ,,0ftn|,BB,t;'1«"' tl.«...ii"l,ii.milil,.
giunrn.-Ainri.oii i<laliiu«n „ hu, nf „B0 or
nvwr. hnvliiirillnrnveni m i-ieriil In iiluiii. miiv
Tlie he for rooorilirig h clnlm in »A.
At. ItiiiKt, trliNimuHtlie (ixii-.iiil-.il on tliu iili.lrn
mii'liywror ,m ,1 tn themining wc i**lV>>'In
lln ii tlii'mpf.  When »M» liH^-neen « pon Hid or
mmle, niul upon eoinblyln* with othur w.
quIwmtilitM, pnrnlmw Hie Uml «t HI t"'r «?••«
Tlijt putem provlilim for tlie paymunt nf it
n.vMty nf«>*'<'rci>nt on thn mil hk, *
1'l.AiiKR inliilnn ntnltriM Renenilly km lm tm
■(.iiHre; entry fee 1,1 wnewAlile yourly.
Art Nupllpant mitv oliulu two ltm%n% ta
dmlH«rurHulilortlva.milMfiip|ifi.rii u-rm nf
twenty jriir^ri'iiuwiililo nl. the ilUowtinn nr
tlio MiiiUturnf tlie IntHrlur.
Tlie l«ntiw-«t-klinll Im^ne'Itcilcn In rmemtlnn
*%',4.1iUv>.«»,o(4h;uiHiiIlitiitiiliH,«  i,|  Mill limi,|.
ror wicli live mileo. I'tmtnl *in i tr amimii for
*"■*<*•■ nille nf rlverleiuvl, itnvmty nt tlm
mte nt t< |M;ro4itit oiillcctvil nn tlmoiitimt nf.
t.r lt«xcr«i|««iu,uu.
IkiftvMlnlrtuTtit tlniliituriijc
X. r.-Vii|i.it)i-.i..-i.<l i.uli'li-i.tliin i.f thi, ul.
vt*rti.*nn,nt will i.i.t In jjiiit for
.V,.h I- -,-i.ii.
,    7,     ■ Lr^HTED „
-    'WHOLESALE     ,
*   ^A-JSTID   BETAIL,;.
fleat M^rchailts
LVVAYS a choice ' supply of ,Beef,
, Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand.    Hams, Bacon, Lard,  Butter and Eggs. „
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
" good" assortment. * Try "our .Mince Meat,
."   Saurkraut and Oysters..
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
.when, you    require
, anything in .   -
Boots? & Shoes
Trunks*, Valises ^
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold for. Cash Only. '■'■'
"T^^wi"R «^ WI c D oorga i t^,.*- /■
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
i *   i    , '
I have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit' a share of yoiir
patronage.   , "
Estimates furnished on contract work
N0T1CM in linroby givoii tlmt, tvpiillentlnn
\v III lio mmlu to tlio riirliiimnnt. ufOiuuula
ut. llio noxt hUrtHlnn tliurnof fnr nn not tn llicm*
poi-iitu ii Cotntmny uniliir - thu niiniu of
"WoBtorn of Uunmlii Itallwny Comi'imy,"
with pnivor to rnimtrnnt. equip, ninintiiin and
oportiro n linn nr llnoHOf mllwny of htiuiilurii
nr otlior ffiiruo liy miimiHof stonni, ulcntriclty
nr any nthcr Itmil of looomotlvo powor.
(1.) Krom n point on tlm Intermitloniil
liniuiiliity lino In thn Province of Alborta
linlwiicn tlio oiiHt Klile of Itiiiiito twonty-f.hroe
(-.'!ii mill tlm wcht hiilu of nftPKclwi,'ntj'.olglit
(UU) went of tlio '''ninth I'rlnohml Muriilliin, tn
n point on tli ii Oow'h Nnnt I'„hh lino nf tho
Ciiiiiiilliin I'liclllii Rnltwity Oninpiiny liotwpim
Ciiwlo.v Uml i'inoiior Cri'olti thni'i'ii Nortii*
wimturlv fiillowlnu thn vnlliiy nf tlm Nortii
Kuril ol tliu Olil. Man Hlvor tn ii pulnt. In tho
MvliiffKtmm Hiiiiko of nionntalim nt or nonr
Moutlon llilrty-tlmin (till) ln TownHliliiTnn (in),
Hinme-riir-'o mi, Wi'Nt nf tlm Fifth Vrinulniil
Murlilliini thuneo thrunuli tlm piihh in tlm
Mvinvntonii MonnlniiiH nt llio hut niimml
point iiml iiorthnrly up tlm vulloy of tho
l.lvlt Kitnnii Hlvor ton point un XHuh Hlvor,
iitornniirluwimlilp Wovuntuini(17) in Huniio
FnnrM|nii.| Klva|.'.| W«n| nf tl.o Fifth 1-rlnol*
pnl Miirlilliin: *lii'iH'ii Norili'Kimtiirlyliy tho
nin«t priictlmil'ln roiiin tu Iliu (Illy of Ciilwirjr
III] Krom ii iioint nn thn MMil'ii llriincli nt
or nonr lu Jmiotlnii with tho l.li'inuitmm
lllveri thuiH-o tn it point in tho lli«:ky
MnnnliiliiH woxt uf IIihI.Tm Uoinni thonco
tlirnnitlt n pm-i* In tlm llotlcv Mmintiilni* tn thr
vulloy of f liu KIU Itlvorh.v llio inont priuiilniihlii
routot tlitoiifio Siiullifrlv ilown tlm vnlluy nf
tlio Kill Hlvdrtoiijiuictlon wilh thndiiniiilliin
I'iipIIIo Hiillway nml tlm Urciit Nnrtliern
llnllwK.v In tli* Klk llivor vulloy nt nr nmir
tliovlllHRtiufMlchvl. .
AND to normtrnol, ininip, iniilntiiln nml
oiiomtii lirnnnh Ilium, nnd with niiuIi pnwom,
rfvlitH nml prlvlloKUM an nro Ini-lil-intliil nr
and to conitrurt, onulp,
  .., .rute teloarapli  am) tola*
Tilinno Xoim In nnnnnptinn with tlinnnlil rnll- i
n«cen«a»y tln»r»to        	
ninintiiin and operate toloarapli
Cigarettes &: Pipes:
, There Is only one place in town
whereyou can set good reliable
goods in oar line that is at '
:.    W. A. LN'GJMM, prop.
Phone. 01. • ■ -. - -    Fernie^ B, 0
Tho Oovornmont of tlio Prormoo bf nrltlnh'
Oiluml'lii liorohy offer* a rowuril of Flvo*-
llunilroil Dolliirn for tho nrront, or for In-
lormntlon 1piuIIii*t to tlieiirrct nnd ilelivarv
tnn Ilrltlsh Oolumhl.i CoiiHtnlilo of Piitrlolc
Million, who hi olmrKoil with the miudor of
ono AukoIo Orliinilci on tho lnt ilny of Soptmn-
linr, IHUT. nt Alli'lwl, In tlm Illitrlitt, of Month
Kiut Knotoniiy,Province of IlritUli Columhlii,
Ponorlptlon of Pntrl.'li Mullen In at foi lows i
Nationality, Irish.
Oumipiitlnn,oonl miner,
Alto nil your*-,
HolKlit.; f) fi*ot. H lix-him i wolffht \m lb«.
Complexion, fii.tr; luilr durlc, inolinod to ho*
' Wiih elimn klnivnn on ]»t. Iimtiint, ■
,,"\Viirt, on rhtlit hnnd nt point ol Ihnnih,
When Intit mien, wore hrnwn olioolt emit min
trim Horn of muni) iniitiirlul j limwn liootK, nnd *
round,uroy folt hut,
, Wiirriint iMKiiotl.—Iloi>ort nny Informntlon
Iininndliitely tn
■  ,1 H, Mo.Mlllln.Chlof Comtiihlii, Fernie, IJ, -
0., or to llm ninliiritluiuMl t
Uy oritur,
Hiiptirliitoiidoiit 1'rnvlnolul Polloo,.
I'rnvlni'liil Pollim Depnrtment,
viiitnriii, I), 0., Kept. 11, IIK'7,
.MiiinrJ'B 1.1nlmt?nt C«rc*» Cold*, etc.
WNynnil it» lirnimlmn,nnd to trarmrnit mon.
Hurrim fnr cnmvrnwliil p«Tpnno« rthI tn p,n\rnn
tnlUlheruloni nnd tnuennriituelei'.tricity for
tlie mipply of Hunt, hunt und power, uml to
uiiqnlro fti.d devolop wntnr. pownrt for thnt
puriiA4« And to Um«, t»l\ mul dUtrlliute
ii nil otlmrwlhii dhipiiiB of thu mimo,nnd to
luvy nnd eiilliH'UnlU from nil tiurnonH iiklnu
nml nil freiitht inunliiit' ovur unlit rallwny iinil
lirnncliai*, anil to connect with tout ninUe
*,!*,,..«  4.1  'J'n.tl  »>,Ai,w(*ll,tliV*'«4Ui   <H4l*>4',
or other ciiinimiileH incliiitiiiir nnv line of
riillwiivln thu htmoiif Montiinn,or,eof tho
i!ti|t«iisiiit(ii!of Amer'rH. end in piirelmiie,
tnl(« nviir. linn* or ntliorwlio iii>nnIi'o the pro-
pi<rty. rluliN nud tinncliUii ol nny otliar
* iMimpiiiilei., nnd tn I en ho or mill in bjiv other
! dim*.nny tin, |iiii|i|.|t,i, rlnlitu nml friinhino
lift lm I'ompan.v,
THAT Mich mllwny mnv lm iloi'lnred tolm
, li,f ll.i. i;i.|,i.|,il n.i \ nnt ti i- „f ('niiii,In,
i     iioiTun, c:ami'ui:i,i, u K.Bnm'.^-N*,
1 ^Ul> lltlfi. \(t AppIii-iiiiIh
, 1'ATKIf'to U-iniilr.i.if.UiJ.i-.'inl
f   dfly'nfSfptnnl.tr. ,\,1>„1!ki7, f.t
Express and Baggage Transfer*
Drnytng of nil kinds done promptly.
Telephone 57 or call a driver
Office 1  Northern Hotel, Fernie, 13. C,
Anything In the nbovo lino done nt
reasonnblo rntei
Tonis, AwnlnflSy nnd nil
canvas -goods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gemmcl Str^.t,.
or nt Trites-Wood & Co. FEBJJIE LEDGEE, FEB.N'IE,  E.   C, NOVEMEES 16, 1907.
• '      i *   ' ,C-   *   '        ' ' ' * l g -V '
'    . , *  c   ' *      ' ''    ' " -' -t> ' , *- *
The People in this House have learned the secret of true economy;  they   deal
with these. firms and save money.
•••J.----,-'-''-    •'<••*'
.i*. * >-.-*   ••■ •{.-•. i--.
, 1. !."H 'J*"
• v..**,-*.
' .*•*
has  a cellar filled  with
choice Wines and Liquors
i s -,       ■ ' ■"■ .
The Pollock Wine Go.
At the top
Handley & Brooks
Uorsos. Good Ulss, New Harness
7 •»••-£>■,*' jJ
. .'• 7"r-..' *t
Us   *,-
cA,wP"f « «
*ouf ^
s^ .^.
'      „ V0*&'
e hc
','Vt      7 •■' il'-*'
*:■   -7.^ ■_:-■.-
l-r' -J. ..'-.' I   ■ ■ - ■
'    ,      '   .-.     -." "J I
,    '.-"■'    .''•$.•"';' v...,-1
■, f' , a.
■■' f 7>V ■ ''".V."'1 "'*'
'   '::;^'?:y
I    1 ■■■..'■ 4   T7 V
T7 -.\vr. ■•-   ■-■ >*'."/£
•■-'■ Y'.iiy-tf'■+:<&:'*?.
COm we >*
-   t\V.s^°use
o* .V7"oi! 3e«*r'
«,' ■ s,y"s
- & -Co-
rs Lea^og
._.".-.. always on .hand * * •;    .  ,.
Bean & «orr»pii
M\ •'■■■" "^^^^j^^
Fernie Lumber Co. Ltd.
and  Building Material of all  kinds
Estimates   , are
cheerfully    fur- .1
l nished,    Give a
trial order.
tabfe but the cloth
iii! Blurideli
W:R McDougall
;      Th?„ Shoe. Man
""'     2°5 Victor^ k __^_
.,—,^.—„_„    , .-"-hi/is; ■—;—
Semi-Ready Clothing
1 Look well
Fit  better
.. Last longer
Than other clothing
See Os Before You Buy
-in the ne*t
4,    ^,vV    ^\o^1
^ -6°^^
^.o^   *3
v;'"tf /«
^ .v.,N
\M» '
"^^  "   ftw«   %#     *****
To fliaKe the House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Fernie   Ledger. FE-RNIE - LESSEE;' FERNIE, "B. , C.;"• NOVEMBER'-lG^ltX)?
Notice   is' 'licreliy'   given tlmt 30
planted at or near' tie north ' east
corner poat bt AllcsFraser-'s' .claim;
aud"being ihe south'.', west, corner
post' cf C"!.;';.s. J:''kei*shavc's...claim,
j thcncj rxrth S's chai:;s, thence cast
■days after date, I intend to apply to ;Vy ch.^%, lll;:.cj soU{h* i0 chains to
tlio Honorable , Chief Commissioner a ^.point , ol ■ commencement,;- nial'ing
of Lands' ana Works'for. a license to C{0 - acres inor<* "or less,-,-ind-lying
prospect for cor.l ,aud' petroleum   on   nor.h of Alio; Fras:r's claim.     "
the fol^w-m-j' lands: "situate in   the iLcr* li-0'- "    '"        •*« -
..   , .,!    Located this  21st  day  of-Septcm-
d'strict    of   South East Kootenay,
Hritish Columbia, Block 4593.
Commeucin,, at a post planted one   - B?- JOHN J. HEWITT. Agent
■' '   *■ ■ - ■ Wil.IlGt-*S''S
mile south ard cue mile west of the "'"■
'    ., ,     . XT He,-,ry Hewitt, 3rd.,
eouth east ccrnor post of lot   No, _    T-        Kiatti-''>
1CG7, and lu ins'the,'south cast corner   pest , cf   Anne   0. "Robinson's
. No! li.—Cinvmencing at a .post
phntei':at7'ji-;- neir'-'th'e -south east
cof.icr, post 'ci .-Dorothy . Kershaw's
(him, and'l'C-h-j the north.west corner "rost cf Harry* , B. Hewitt's."
cl im, then*:? eouth 85 chains, thence'
est 70 chains, thence north SO
cli'iins," th'er.c-e west 80 ..chains: to a
point cf * toiimjeiicemeritr-'''mailing
CO act:s, n-cre or less * arid'lying
south cf'Dorothy Kershaw,1 s; claim..
Loc.it:d this 23rd day of Septem-
cornrr "pest;   ,i.I, George Vi.   Slyter's
clium*;'***a'nd*l)eirig'1the south west tor-;"
nsr, post-' of. Dan^D.- Cal".:in:s claim,'
thenco n:rth'.. SO'- chains,  thence  east
Locxtei. ibis 29th'.'day .cf."Septem
ber, 1907
CHARLEc. J, KERSHAW,-Locator Lc';  lS07-
*" " "~    ' .'.HARRY B. HEWITT, Locator
' Uy JOHN7 J. HEWITT, Agent
Witness-is:... ■
A. W.--Bclilni,     ,'
No.  8.— Commencing   ct   a   post
pL.n.ed   at or near one mile south
culm, then^j north SO chiiins,'thence ! 0f   llle    Mdtu cas-; .corner of dliyc
west 'IIC    chains,   thence   south   80 ■ Ncrt.n's' cl'.'um anil belli-*; the south'!
chains;    thence cast SO. chains to a joatf ccrn.r   of   LeavinWorlh.   l,cr- \«*«*   po.t c-Harry B. Alewitt s
t':r s cla.i'. thonce north SO. chains,
theuce"wj-5t' i'0'lchai'r.s','?theiice south i"ber,**l»0.'.
".£0V( h..in i.'r.tlKtico east 80 chains to a I   "^DlTKyG'CItDOX.'yLoeator.
Ii&i'ht-*--.I-'t'nrrr'!*ncerli£rit7mali'ini- 610 I   ByJibK*. ^ J.'-1'HEWITT,  Agent.
£0.   chii-is,.   tlience  south  80  chains,- sere's mor.*-. or. less, and lyinsr east of ' W.Ih-es:    ■
,i ■-.'.-•
Djrothy l,'eii.l-|-.\4''s-claim.,      •     .   ';
thenee wist* SO ,ihai::s, to a point o*
commeij'ctnjent,; making  640. * acres,
more1   or''-'less.-and    lying   -east of
George W.\Siyt£i-,s cl.iim."
Locale^-<-his- 25th day  of.-.Septeiii:-.
bcr/'isoi'.* .■ '■   ,    '.'•   • ■    .'  ,   7 .'
DAN. ,D.   CALKINS,' Locator.    "   ''
-By JOHN J. HEWITT,  Agent.
Witness.  , ...
Thcs.-fih-.tcr    •'-'.■ .   '
'■Lh..s.,. t-j.ntci:
.. .Lur;-.te;'l,.)1.iiisP£S.h';:day^df/Septpih-:;!-'  No..3.,,'-^ Co.i-iue:-.cing   i
•bei"' i-."0i. •"   '*    -   -■•-'■■..■-      ,.■'•'-■"'* I'I-!ii-"'.4i' ij, 'ot ""near t'-e s.
TO1.-U. .-l'-r.OCTOl-.',  Locator.
'.  "By. J iJIN' "J. HEWITT," Agent
Witness:       ■'-•     ,,   "
Th s.  £i.4t3i-;
'trios. SIt-.ter. „
Np. "15.-- Commencing at   a   post
No. 29. - Ci-mmcncing   at   a 'post
at ■' a post
outli "ea;t
.corjcr ptst L-: L. "*1S0J,'and baing
} iha "n..r h'east comer post cf Mary
■fi-'N^rion's chim.- thenee, south 40
|*-h;.ins, ih.nr^ ,u,st 80 ^y^; thcn;e
.':n-5ith    &■., U..7&, ' thenee caV:  -70'
plant.d  »'.
'njar" the sov.'.h   east
out..:-   o
point ct commencement, maMog 640 .-h--"''J     ^''»"'   lllWi« - north'
cll&iiu, tncf-.:.-.; v,c-st SJ ch.,ins, thence
No. 22.'— Commencing   at -a .post
pLntcd nt or near, the south    '.vest.
corn:r„ pest     of   Ban D.    Calkin's'
claim,   and Icing'    thc north    west
l'hntod at  or near the  north, west j corn r peat  cl  CharLs a; .Fester's
cl*,im, thrnco south S3 chains, Uu-ncc ! cjmm'.ncwutnt
corn.i- p,':-t of Wiiliain H. Proctor's
corner p^st oi' Clara H, Lea's claim,.
' . chains,. t ■; .-' i o'ul.'oi^ coin'ir.eiH-cmeiH
in king .C-iU'cuvs.-,, liici're uv \Yi ai...
claim,'    und    being the south ^west
tlunce licitb 5.0 chains,- thence east
ty ng s^i.t1; ry>i.;' iSuj,,
' Loci il-.ili.b Suth  day' cl J;*.; i.i.i-
'.".•■, i or..- .  - *' ,„.
Mll-i   E-XOKiOX,  Lorutir.
SI ih.in-:, tbe;ce south  £0*   chains :    B     JQ.      -     m3w'lTT' A'-uil
thenee west .0 ch..ir;s to a point of:,:. / - ' A"lu.1
mal.ing   C-10   acres',
eif t   i*C     (lirssris,"   thence    north SO j more or loss aud l'ing east of Win. i
acres more or loss.   , *
Lor'nfcl'this 20th  day  or  Septon:
.b:r,-,lC0,7.  * '  '
"■' 4 *" 41
ANNE C 'T-:OBlNSON,  Locator.'
Uy Jcrr.  J. .HEWITT, AgVat.
Davii vi. McGinnis. '■ .
.' Arthur W., Belden,'      ..
. 1-Icnry ili-wilt, '3rd..'
.out'.i , iO   .i-liair.i
„„ , I'toim, and hclnj; the1 north cast Cor-
ii-ci* ptoi cf Harl-ey   B'. Davenport's ! chaius,' tli.in-e vested chains.'tq a jH. Procte:-s cl..ir.i
U'him, Lhcinu south £0 i-hfiir-s, thence jpciht cf cc"nm.(-:r.c:nicnt,. making C-10 j-  L.c.'tel, ti)
0    ch .int.-,   thonce  north    SO.I m-ics race,.* or I.s-.,  and lying 'south ; bcr, 1.07.'
'cf D::n D. ("-..lliin'ts cbim." .. |    Cl.ARAJI.  LEA,  Lori..L*n-.<
ft\{nc s-
fhes.   £1.
■ SO
«nPt^,7a res 'mon* ci- ks=, and lyiug  .west' ber," 1^0/-.
tiience-   east
'r.f..iins to *j. point? ri cjiiimeucement, i;v',,-t    i0    cj: -1"1"''
ima-unj -JlJ a«u  more or _lc>a.   and!cll'lilss' t!-<',itt  "rit £S cbai"is-   io
j lvin>• south       Oltvc Norton's claim. ]
Located. t:ii,-  ilst  day  of
! l.or,  1C07.    ■' ■"-*•      ..,',>
I-IERSI-IAW, '"• :      ■] ".''o:.-tol .this ?.SvZ  day  o!' Beptem-
Locator. jbrr,'i'07 '.■ ,  0<
HEWITT, .Agent.      IJIAP.LEV D. DA VENPORT,' 1 locator.
•!t'.i day of Septem- ■ pl.m ol  n
oi-.t cf o;inim"-uccm"Jiit,  making £.0 7 liOt.tiA  tUirf i:iii  py. of- Septem-"
- ,|bf H-in-y B,' Hewitt's claim.
'I LEAVE *.Wi 3'TI.
NO.   2.— C'ommench),
planted  iii  or .no.:r'* the  south
•    .. 1       By JCHN J
j Wi'uois^s:   *    -
■  , Henry Hcvit    £rd., •
at; a   post !.   Tli.s.  PlaU-r.
east .j
No.   9.—-"Ci r. inc;ici;;s.
. at ,.a !- post
•* corner  post  ot. Anne >C.   Robinson's i
cliim, itrA lying south   of Anne G.
,,   , - , ,   . ■■-,','.        ii     : c.in:r     i ot
Robinson s   >c4aim, , and    bcuig  the , <   1
north    c?st    comer    post  oi Adelia ■      •
,,  , -        ,      ,  ,       ,, ,      p., ! v.cit. coi ii.r pott of Jesse Kershav/'s
ItobmsLii s-claim,   thence   v.est     R" * *
ipianiid   at  or  Lear  the. south' east
I .*
:c.in:r    ioi--.    of    Leavenworth  Kcr-,
und   being ' the  south-
chains,      thc-i-cc   . south   £0' ' ch-jins.'i
tlunce' ens:  K*  ch'„ins,  tbence  north
iO  chains,, to-appoint of rommence-,
'meet,,  maiur.j    CiO  acres    more ' or
. Loc'.-L-jd this 2Cth day of, Septem-,
bcr, 1S07. ,      c     „■   .
"  , ADELIA f.GBINSON;  Locator.
c    By JCH.V'.).  HEWITT,  Agent.   '"
Witn:ss:s:' , - ■
Daviu li   McGiimis.
Arthur  W.  Belden.- '' " .
... No. , 3.—Ccmmencing    at' a    post
f-lamcd at or near the - noTth    east
rnfnrr   -i.i,^,   rf'     Aflalip      T*r,Ki,4onp'g
|4.1.*.im, ther*   north 80 chains, thence
; e.st    iO ", cl.i ins"' r thence    Sjiith "' 80
i .-i      , r* . "
' tii^ins, ith'..n;e. west £0  chains;to   a"
piint ci ci.,:: irnic:incnt,  making o40
, *     - .       i ■
acres n.oie; or less, aod lying east of
L'javcnv.'br.i  Kirsiiaw's claim.'
Locat,'d  this  21st day of  Septcm-
Ler,;ii07." ^   .'   '    '    '       "    .   •
JE33E  KbR.SHAW,  Locator.   .
■   By JOL'j.  J. HEWITT, Agent.'
Thcs.- Slater, „ ,'     '      ,.,,'-■
Henry, Hewitt,' 3rd.
claim and being- thc north west cor-
'. ner post of Martin Robinson's claim,
thrhco ■'soiith-£0 c'.iains, thence east
50 chains,' thence north '80 chains,
thince wett -i-'O chains, to a point of
commencement making 640 . acres,
more or les.-,
, Locatid  this 20ih day of Septem-"
ber,' 1907." ■ , , *    .
■    MARTIN ROBINSON;  Locator.
David R. McGinnis, n
Arthur V,. Belden,' ',   '"■
' **,*
Henry "Hewitt. 2rd,  '
' c- .
No. ii— Cummciic'iig' at a post
I hinted st ir near the north west
comer post of Martin RobUisonis'
•l:im, awl lying north cf
Martin Poi-lnsin's claim, und being
the, £Qi,th'\,i.it corner post of ,Av.d-
k1 y,,Frns:i'a c'aim, thtnee east 80
diiliiH,' tnence north. 80 chains,
thonco r.r.uth 80 chains, to a pcint ol
cin.m ne m nt, miiliicg CIO acros,
■ moro or l:s-i.
l.oc-i'al tnit, 20th day cf Hcptem-
he, I'JOr.     ''       ,4.
AUDSLEV FriASiani Locator.
By JOHN  J. HEWITT1  Agent.
Wlln.ss s:
Bjvkl li, McGinn's,
,    Ailli-r W. Bflflen,
II nr,- l*.cw;tl, 3id,, ,
Ho. *..—■ fi.niinaic'ng at n' po--'t
pl.uilcil nt or near tl.e south east
o r ,4.r pea. c-f Muriin RoUnson's
c aim and l.-rlnj Uic north eai't corner pent i f Clivo Ko-t.'in'.s cluim,
(licnoj pouth 60 chninH, tlience west
>0 iln ini, thence nortii BO clinlnn,
thtnee o.ih: i:0 ihains to n roJnt of
cniiniwi'ii imiHiik fi-to acreB,
ini.ro cr 1ik:i, nml lying Fouth ol
M'H'Un I'oMnfon'H clnlm.
l.r.mfil tl I» Slnt day nl flcptcm*
Ur, 1107.
OL1VH NfirOV!.  Locntor,
By JOH1   J, HEWITT, A-vnt.
11 nry rn-Ml- "flnl.,
Tlioa. Klaior
No." 10 —'.Commencing ,at   a   post
planted at crj'near the' south-'west
c:.rner    pest    of*-Jessie "Kershaw's
.i. 1^-,-im ^i?-!id=beinc?—the-north=west^cor^. ^JII^cjs—^cUjitfc
n_er." "post cf1  Mary    E;   Kershaw's
claim, thenc?-soutli 80 chains', thence
east    80, chains,   thence .north ;.80
..hairs, ilwnco west SO chains to   a
pcint of commencement; making 640
acr.s-tuorn cr less, and lying south
of  Jesse Korshaw's claim.
L.cated tl.in 21st day of. Scotem-'
le-,.l"07.    '
-. MARY E. RI RSHAW, Locator/
.'.By JOHN' J. HEWITT, Agent.,.
Witnecscs: ,    '.   • t
Tlr.s. 'Sinter,'
Henry Hewitt, 3rd.
V.itU'.G CS",
A.'.'W. B--3ciei!,   „: i
Th:-s 'Bl'aln, ■"
.. No.  10.—  Commencing at   a   post'.
phnted enj"* mil* south-and cue niile
?.:st    cf ih-j .south-'east--''corner    of
Harry'13   Hewitt's claim (or 8 miles
S'/.'.-.h7aYi'"'  2 inil;s east-, of the - south
est c.ri-.er    post  ofTj..lC67), ' and
lxin; the fouth eatt'corner post* of
.ie.l! .Foster'*; claim, thciice north £0
iluiu.":,. tl.cnci.> west ,80 chains, thonce
loath     £0    chains,    thence  .'cast'80
clia;.ns, to a point of commencement;
making C'lO'nire*!, more or less, The
n.w*.    orner.  cf    this claim .corners
- ,  ., - - - - -        **
'.yilhlhe s.  e. corner-cf.Harry    B.
Hewitt's1 cli'lm.
- 1.03iite.l this £5,th- day .of Septem-
licr, 1'07   '. .....
„■- BEAI.L FOSTER, Locator. - \
'7By'-JO*.INT-J. HEWITT, Agent..'"•
Wiln^t'a: " " *        •    - "7- "•   •-'
-CHARTil-'iS- A'.  FOSTER,   Lcntor.
By  JU'.tN   J.'KKWITT, 'Agcut..'-    '
Witness.-  '.-.,,.      -       »
"Jh-s: ilii-t-r.    "7     ... .     .-',
No. '23.— Lonimencinj ' at -a . poii,
phutc".,' ft c-r neir the north west,
corn r- p st. c-f  Ch .rl s  A.   Fosters'
By  ;ORX J.' HE*., ITT, A;-.ciit.
Wiln;ss:      .   , ',       -
■ Thos., Slat i*.     '   "'
j   N-j. ,.'.*-'f,t m:acn-*in,*- ,/.l   a   pes! \
jlli!:t".d i.t (,;• near  the  south    west ,
e'e'rner p ,si oi C7r.i'"H. l.ca's'. clsi-n, I
Hii l.ciaj Hi» iicMh'wrsi corner post \
No. ,3,'-- C..mm,i«ing   at-a   post
or   njar* the   sjutli  tasf
...   ISO J,   anl     being
c-.rner.pcsi of Clar-
c ce J. ■K.r.Lfc's r-ixim,  thence south
l7*iico  cr.st,S0 'chains,'
nc^nc-K!,  si cheJns,; th'ence west,
'E*'!-',  to  a, pcint.,r.f commence-'
•'".'e.t, nuRinj i-Uj acres. :aore or less, ■
01A l,iii- ca*t Cf ilai-y'K. Norton's
'laira.        * - ■ -   -;
;*.*o,rna   p.'st  cf  L
! the u 1 th Hcs.i
!c ce J. '1
,' 4I; .
\6 c'ln
cf'.WJilfB. I-; Lea's    claim,  Whence;,   ^P\ ^™>i^^'
1-7  -CKf-, -J.  hEWiT.T, "Agent.
lov.th   31 ■ i ha in
th;nce   e.-.st    £0
cblm,-ar.'l leii.;* H13 north cast cor-' thuns - tli.ncj.n-.i'i.h .80 chains .thence
ccr posi of Forbcj P. HasL.ell"Jr's ; wiit :,0 duiis. to 'a point*'of com-
cr.-.im, thrnci: s;.uth £0 chains, thenc"1   mrnceinen:', .innking  040  acres," more'
, No, 11.— Commencing at a post
ll.neu at cr near ,the north west
cynx r pc-.'-t*' of Mery E. Kershaw's
cbim, nnd being tho north east cor-
n'i- pesit cf Henry* B. Kershaw's
claim, th.-nce south £0-chains, thence
west £0' clijins, thtnea north 80
chain-!, thrncj east 80 chains, to a
pcint cf co.nmer.c.ment', mailing G40
dcr s more i.r less, and lying west
cf Mnry 1-3. Vlcrt-haw's clnlm,
I.oc-it-d tbis, 21st day of* Ecptem-
l.rr, ior,     •'
HENRY  B.   KERSHAW,  Locator.
By JOHN*'J. HEWITT, Agent.
Tlios. Slater,
1-li.nry I-Uwit.t, 3rd.
No, I*!."- Ccmmencing . at a, poHt
|1 n cd i(t cr near cr.o milo south
i.f tlo EO'.uli enst cornor of Henry
11. Koi'iihuv's claim, (also .0 mllJs
imXi.h ol lho .44'iiUi cast coiner of L,
1 6') nod Iuin?, tin Houth cast cpr-
n r jicct cl " riilllp II, Kcreliawis
iliu th tic-i north 80 chain.-., thenco
w.s. 10 ni'i'ns, tlunso south £0
c'li'ln**, tl.Oi-.co or-Bt 50 ch.iir.B, to 11
Iioint <A cimuiiencuiiuitt, ituiMng (i'ii
net b m'-,re or Iih.i, p.nft lying south
of Henry n. Kcrhlmw'H claim,'
I.ouitd 'n'j 23rli ilny of Boptem*
lur, 1:0:. •       ■■
PIIiMP II. r.KRSIIAW, Locator.
A. W. I't-JOt-r.
Tli. a. Ml. 1 r. ' „
ro. «.-- (.'(•r/rn-iiic'n--   nt   a   font ;   No, '13     (Mi.menclng   nt  n   post
iiri.nt.'.l «t e   nMr tins north    ea«t ; I'1 •ctcd ,lt •jr imr tll° nouUl   ettBL
"cwrn«r pw c'. Olive Norton-.s claim. |co,,n"r I'0"-* r"' rhll:P »■ B«wl>ftw'«
ixtxA   hflntt   thc.   narih wrnt corner i •llit»> »{*(l ,(,nt tUe K0»^ west cor
No. 17.— C'ummencing at a post
planted' at or near* the south -east
c.rn:r-cl Ler 1'""Fester's claim, and
being the. couth west, corner post of
)V. I. MvjI ion's "claim, thsnee north
il] ■ chain-s, thence cast 80 chains,
south : V) ch.-.ins, -thence -. west'- £0
cha'.rs,- tn ;;, pcint of commencement
ma'an; CIO." acres more or less, and
Ijing c:sr. c   BcaU Poster's claim.
Lociltd" this 25th day of Scptem-
.bor.-roi. ' „      „       .   f
- W. -I. LC I'LTON, Locator.'
"!', By  J01.-1V J."HEWITT,  Agent.
Witness; '    • ,
'Ihjs. Susie'    ''  "   '■
No. 18 •,- Commencing at a', "post
jjl.tnicil at or near the south west
corn r " p4.ifit ol Vi. I. Moulton's
'claim, and hi tag the north west corner-post cf ,1. R. Tucker's claim;
tlKiicc- io.Ul) 8C chains, thenco cast
SO chains, tlicnco north 80 chains,
llicn'-o w.et £0 chair.s, to a- point of
c»mmcni,t.r:»*iit, making C40 acres,
moro cr lets, nnd lying south of W.
1,'M.ultrn'y claim.   '
Locutil this 25th day of Scptcm-
lor, 1107.
J. I-I. TUCKER,. Locator,
l-'y JOH.V J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness: .
T.ios. Plnlvr.
No. 13.— Commencing at a poEt
phnted r.t cr neni' lho north wost
coiner ni.**t rf J. II. Tucker's claim,
md biin.; tho north cjst corner post
0. L. T, SiUtun's claim, thenco
KO'tli SO clmiiu, tlience west 80
'li in?, trenco norili 80 chainn, Iheuce
ou-t '0 cluiiu', to a point cf coin-
in no.'mi'.'ti inakinj; C10 ncrcp, nioro
ir 1;,8, t r.x] lying wofit of .1, 11,
-.'.iclicr <* cii'-lm, rt
Ii.c t d  'whin 2"tli il.:y cf Beptcm*
bcr, ro;,
li. T. SHRIiTON', Locator.
IJ/ .I(>1)N J. KBWITT, Agent.
Witness: ■ ■
Thos. ti'.nttx.
w.st ,, V) ch-.'iris, thence north 80
chains, thruce'enst SO chains, to' a
point cf ci.-mnicnc-.'mcnt, making C40
acr.s, inure o: hss, and, lying we-:t
of'Charl-s A. Fcstii'Is claim.     '    ,
Locpled this' 25th day of September; 1S07     '      , 7-     ' "
FORBES   ?.   HASKELL,   Locator
Witness:"'        : '
,Th;s.' SJatrr. p
By." JOHN J • HEWITT, Agent, -i,
. No. 24.—'Commencing at a post
"planted ono mill";east cf the south
weit* cornpr pest ol'Vi.yi. Moulton's
•cIa!m(o": 8 miles, south and-3 miles'
east- cf'tl'r south east corner., post
of' ,L. \ lW7,- ana being the south
we-st-corner post cf John J. Hewitt's
east S • chains, **>thence south .80,
chains,' t';.cn;,e west 80".'chain's toa
point ci cemmencement,. making 640
acres moro cr less, and lying east
of WM. B.mlton's claim.' ," ;
',Located' this 27th, day of Septem-.
bcr,"'190•- '.  , .""•■     -     *■
. . ' JOH.n   J.- HEWITT,  Locator.    ,
Witii'ss.   -   '    "'
"Tliac. »'Slat'»i. ■
No. 23.— 'Commencing'- at a post
planted at or D0..r the south west
earner,, poet of John: J. Hewitt's
clam, :.i,l,'being „the north west
corr.cr p..'S*t'-'I Henry Hewitt,3rd's
iLim,' tUMiCfj sculh 8J.chaina, thence
cast 80 ' cbains, thence north 80
cl.a us, U'.in-'e north 80 chains, to a
point of cii'mnicnsc.UEnt, making G40
acres mcie or Uaa and- lying south
cf John J. Hewitt's alalm..,   '"
Ijocnlcii iliii. 27th day of Soptem-
her, 1507
HENI.Y HEWITT, 3rd, "Locator.
Dy JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent. •
Tii.s.  fc'l.itoi-.
No. 21 — Ci inmcnsiiy at a post
Il..nt.d two mil's nortii , cf the
eo'ith vi'*'i c-crhcr post of John J.
Hewitt's ().*im, (also c mlUs south
ar.cl 3 ni ' 1 c.;s of the.south cast
cer..0T ptfit 0. L. 1CC7) and being
tlio B.-u'* we-jt C'rnor post of
Willi in    Hcwltl-'u     claim,     thence
cr l.s=, er.d lying.south of Clara H.
,Lea's claim. ,     .
Loc.-.to.l this - 2ith day of Septem-,
bcr, I'i'.7.'' 7 ' ■' .,       ' .
., W5I. 1-'. LEA,  Locator..,    .
_B/  J0i-L*-! f  HEWITT, Agent,.',.
W!!irs7:       '       . 7     "
Thos"1 ELitcr.
No. 31.— Commencing at a pcDt
planted ft ,or near" the north west
earn i"' ;io.4 cf William F.. Lea's
claim, .iiml being the north "cast corner por>t J John U- Brook's claim,
theace sovth £u .chains, .thence west
10 chaicii. tbenci north 80 chains,
tlien?e evJ 80'ehain--, to a point of
more or ieasj and lying Rest of Vim.
Cw-mmcn''! nuLi, t making 640, acres,
P.* Lea's ciui:ri.. '   ,.      . ■'■    !  '
wysi n,.iu., ■'■    .';■'■■     -  :
No. 33. -- Commenc-ng . at* a   post
,1- nt d at or ,„car the; south   east,
j coi =cr post o: L. 1S0S and" being the'
15'ji.lh    vi-a:. corner    post" of 'Isaac ?
I Oar-on's   claim,    th-;nc3 ''"north    SO
'h Ins, ■tl.uncp ca-rt S) chains, theuce
soulh__ &'i"  chains,   thence .west.   ?0
,ch*i s t'" ;,  point''-of cemmencement,'.
m.kii-.g C40 acr;s, mere or -less, 'and "
lyihj t'usi Vf.I? '150S. '     ■'   ■   ■.   Y
l.oc-i.t.-.l./l.luV gcth .day of Septem-i
bcr,"l 07  . '_ --.,.-        •       :.t'" i
IS S A -S CAR SON, Locator: -
By -'OH..* J. HEWITT, "Agent.    ■
ffilnoFs..      ,V.   ',  ""    „•     ',        *
•Th s." Slater   '-    ."  ■ 7 '7  -,"'
.Locateil tbis 28th day. of September, ;l-r07."
' JOHN U.;BROOKS,  Locator.
"-Ey JOHN". J.' HEWITT, Agent."-
44 ..   •     "
Witness:   ■■ ■    -   „     - -   *  v.
Thos; S-.later. ,    ./ '
, No. .32,-- Commencing   at   *.   post
plant.d   at .,r near the- south east
corn r , poHt    of.,  Jesse   Kershaw's
claim,  (4 n.'Ls south and one mile
cast of tho south cast corner post
cf L. ICCi") una being the south west
toracr pi-si' of William B. C. Spike's
iLim, tl'eiice north £0 chain.-, thence
cast   .v "diiilns, ' thence "south   80
chair.s, tlwico west 80 chains, to a
point 0! ro-umcncvincnt,. making C40
acres more'or less, nnd lying" east of
Jesso Kr.fliaw't, claim.
-LocjI.iI tli.tj 2.th clay of Septem-
ter, 1C07--   '
WM. I), C. f'iPIKE, Iiocntor'.   ■
By JOHN J..HliWiTr, Agent.   '
T..os. Plater. '
No. 33 - Commencing at a Post
I'lau.cd i.t or near lho south wost
cor.icr 'itist 0, .Wm, B. C. Spike's
chim, ft'-.-l l,einb- the north west cor-,
ner *,os, i-l .l'lavella Spike's claim,
tliCuCo-OiKt >.0 r.haln3, thence north
£0 chain.', <u ncc west £0 chains, to
'a point ot commencement, making
G'lQ'ftcr.B iiio'.o or loss nnd lying
south cl Wm. B. C. Spike's claim.
I.o:ato*l tills 28ih day of Septem-
i:ortii    e.0   clinir.s,  tlicnco   cnat    80
ch ..no,    tl:.n.     south    10     chnlnH, , be, 107,
tlionc"3 w f,; *>'   cbains, to a point of [   i-'I*A  2 IA SI'II'B, I 03nt;r
District of Ensit Kootenay
TAKE "NOTICE . that , i-ied • R. ff
D.l.el.1    of    Fernie,'   B.  O.   timber !
crjiser,   iru-r.dt.   to   apply   for      a
speci.l  timber license 'over the following- described lauds:'   '''"■"
No. 1.-' Commencing, at a post
pLn.cd cn tho south bank: of ,,d
£in-l. creek in the Elk river valley,"
about enj m.lj a:rth and.one mile
w.tit 01 Cii&i'i.s ..Wclgort's Pre-emp-
t on Lot No. 2t0j; thence 40 chair.s
\4CfiJ, thniii-u' lj'i ch.tin3 north, thence
40 ihains cc.fc-1, t'lisr.co 1C0 ^chains
a.uih to point cf beginning, ecu- >
ta ning fiiO idles more or lees.  '
B„t.J Eei.t.micr 2iih, lDOf.
No. 2.— ('onimanclng at a post
I-l iit.-d n-joiit' 20 chains north of
Goat (.i-.c-k.MK. 40. chains west of
1-l.i Ri A r cn lho north and west
bov.m:ari s i f tho l'atmcro tiiiibor
l.n.Jts, thenco wist 40 chains, thenco
north -10 chains, thonco west 40
ih.uis, t'u cce north 40 cjhulns,
t'icncc ujiith J21 chains, to point of,
ic i.inin,', (-..ntninliig C40 acres moro
or l.&s,
D..tecl,S*nitunLur ICtb, 1907.
No. 3,- Commencing at a post
I lined on .'. tl: 0 west fork of
Binjuj- Cro lc about ona milo south
o!   n.aia   stream   and nboht tbreo
common.' rv-t* m.ililn,*- C-10 acres
nioro cr l.-frs, nnd. lying nortii of
Uluiile-,   V   Ir.i'e claim.
I.o-.nti'' t, 117Ui day of P.eptcm*
bo:, no/.
WM. IT   IIT.WITT,'Locator.
By  JOHN  .1. HEWITT, ARtnt.
Tlion. Ifl,.tcr.
c rn- r   01   C'Lmlcs    A,   Koi>*liiiw's
chim tnlrfi 2 m'.loa a-jiuh nnd 1 ml'.r
f.Trt  C-f I11O fi'lltll  Oilflt  ccrncr    pOBl
if L. 1 li) nnd lulu** tho rt'jutli we t.
,No, 2'— (Vommonclng   nt   a   pewt'e rn r idt if Inne Norton's i-l.tltn
lhr.td ft •t nor tha routli  Vcst|th:ncc t. 1 li il dUn*, tlunce osal
m I s up I'U'-wn from the junction
cf tho Kit River Adjoining L.* W,
r.itm:.tes fr.ibcr limit on the west,
tlcnc. w.ut t4 cIU.b; thtnee noi'thlOil
ilifiin , t'leiira c;,Ht C4 chains, thence
s .1.U1 l',0 ih.iinr* lo point of bogl.i-
No. 31,-- CVH.m.nclnR nt n post j.,>»Bi c-.nt.'.mln'.' C40 acres moro or
jl nol'it t'.r near the eout.li -cast !l:.B,
11 t.ti Sfi-ttnilor 23rd, 1907.
Uy tiOHN J. HEWITT, Agent,
Tin?, fc Liter.
No. 4,-Or iiiinsnclnif «t a pout
|il ntol <n tin u Ht bnnic of tho
n rh i'oik if 1 -•(• Cicok near the
north c.'i'it c.inr cf timber license
n m.o;* l.'i7.il ith! about two mil.1*
,HJD  o\ r.e' i» ht ..f Willicm TI. Hewitt's 8» «,h i;.i-, th- dtc south E0    chains,   ".•'"'   ;'".,   "",t, l " """
;o. 2).- Cc.mimn.lng   nt  a  p0>l!cl !w, ml hfir..; th.-) north west cor- Ith.nc. wnt B) chaina, t; n point o{'r * n . .r'n,   e° " Ti   so   1  1 °"
int-d cm. mllb eouth cf the aouth  n r \ttn\ <t Clmrlw WrUnn claim,   commenrM..nn,    niAklnic M0 tottn, j,,.' *',",« i *"    .t. .V
it crncrcf J. II. Tncker'a claim,   'lirn-c -o tb 8'  cl.r.lni, thence enstim^re   rr   h»,«,   and   lyln?   east ol   !J'"" * "e ;® ™''   hc"c* ,,01 th
0 Bt
(ir 10 mil x sjutli ami 3 miles cut
of thi loath cat corner pout I»
IC"), nrii lo'np the south cast ror-
81) di Ir.A.  Hi ncc    r.orlli 80 chalnn,  (h rl s ,T. Kirehaw's clnlm.
Iirri'co wsi h0 clinlni*, to a point of j   Lnci.ol this 25th dny of Septem-
cutuire c in n',   malclnc*   G40 acres, iter, :'rJor,
NO   chili'j,    tlf.1'0 xvmb 80 clminu,
p nt ol Alice Fri-Bor'n rl'ilm, tliKncc I ntr   l»out ' "■   Worothy   Kcrshaw'Bjnr   iiost   cf   George   W., t-lljtir".: jiiiore or f m, lvlng nouth cf William ,     1RISM. NfiFiTOX, Locntor.
south Ml itnlnn, tlrncn Part «»«tJ .ivii. tim-cc luttti 60 cliuins,
rhiirn, inn.0' norlh 80 clminu, jili.'nce cast .'. cluuia, tlience soutli
Mifinco wcv       clniti*), to a point of
foTm^ncfmrnt, makln"? CiO ■ ocrt*
merit nr If** ptvl lylnr urni nf OlWf
N. fon'H cihfro.
1.-nc/it*«1 tils 21»t day cf  Bfptem-
ler, 1W.
ALTt-W rilARRn, I.oentor,
, Hy JOflM J. IIRWITT, AR*nt.
Vtnry T-YvWI, 3rd.,
Tin*. Kl-.trr.
N'o. 7.- I'ommenelnfp  At  ft  pott
'3i> chit.rs, tlt»c* *tTtatj80 chains, to
a ro ut oi commencement, making
UilO u'M rtior.; or Usui and lylnn;
cAivt it tlit* I hill? M. Kenshaw'8
cl im.
l/*r.itnl t!i.B 23:d day of Beptcrn-
bcr, iror.
nOKOI-ir*' KP.RSHAW, Ticcator.
By JOHN .T. HEWITT, Agent,
A. W. nt'Mi-i,
Thw, filitcr. , ^j,
lam, nunc njrih 61 duins, tlience
we t    (0   rli.ilno, thence soutli    F0
'h In;, e si t?o chains, to n point ol ib r, l*t>r.
ommrncuncnt,   mnliln"*,    C40 acres,     OHAIt' KB W. I.KA, T.ocntor.
norj or Ifrts, and lyinK south of .T.I   n*/ .TOHM" .'. HKWITT, Atrent
H. Tic'n.*'*! cljlm.
I* <'.\t*.l th> 25th day ol Beptcm*
!/»r, If07,
OEOnOK W. HI.VTEU. Locator.
liy JOHN J, HEWITT, Ajent.
Thoi. W.tter.
No. 21.— i',i;rr.rariit'07 tt   *   pn«<
plir.tel   <tt or near tbe i-Mitb eat*.
H. WfffXi, t. ol Jm. 1   I>y JOKN A, HK'tNiVr, AfitiU,
I.oc td thin 27th duy of Septem* j Wittcs-;
jthcncu foiith M chains, thenco enut
120   chaliw   tc joint ol beginning,
'       .(•'.,      fir. . ,' '      ,   ,   '
,   -i.^.  »«.*.*,..**    «r.^    ..itl.il   ...4y.V    0>     *C*>*4*
'    tt Ini f rii*ml;r Wth. 1007*
! ' .' '■■.'
j No. 5.—Commisncing. 'ntr-ii post
ill iiltd cn tho upper EU Hlver at
j tlio roitli t.-ist corner cf timber 11*
■p nRf ni-rii'rt- Xfxtf. ppd mi th« wp«t
wi n or. \™ MU »'77,"r *™ ',',".,, ™v \iound- fy *"- »Ana!,*n coal ]*™<
Tbo.. Pinltf. iC0',n1r ,,Crt,ff rT    T°n > - r'um"tr V'*  ih»* «^th «• ***'<
4 Knd 'c r« ^ "f11' wef  ««•»««;f"1 ;thenee no t ^0 ch.li... thew* north
No. 2V« Cownwnclnjr  at  n  pos»j<f   Ed.th  Gordon'B   clnlm, thence ;fi0   (h^TH tb,Bre WMt   40 chMng
rla-td tm milt wit of th« north  bo th   EO   chains, tlience ea.t    «<>! thence 8-*uh 12C chilu. thence east
eir wr*:rr   cf   Harry B. Hewltfi i chains,   th,nce    north   80   chain-, jM  (h ,„,    fo   po,nt   pr ,e;lrnIn^
t\ lm. xnWo t. miln south  ami    % .llHi.es mti I) chulnu, to a point ot 1        |(|jn, fM nCrtg ^^ ff |Mg
mis »;.'.«■•. r' tbe south east corner icom-rfnc ment,   maVlncr   C<0 nerei. j   ., ((,(, £_,.,,,„,,„,, ,th   tW7
•jost ff L* ltit.1) and helnn the «outh imrre   tr Ine and   lyln,r south    o- j
tit', ec-vc: pc»t of William 11. Proc-jlnnj Kmtta'j clil«. j     PRLO r*. DALZBLL, Ixxetor.
'JhoB. fc'l.ilcr.
No. 33,- Ciimmfiiclnu  nt  0   Post
jl'.ii Ud tX rr Jie-ir the »;iiitli    wph
• 'i
""***. r\
FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. "'C.,,-NOVEMBER 16, ,1907      ."
.    rr.-'-'"' "
■*-—»-—».• —
im juct X tKixaunu
YBis most 0*5*5 HcarTssies
jW. J. Wriglesworth,. D. D. S.
|" .       U-BinSTTISI? "     ,.
I ■-h-im-.F, Uoi:itf,-        £ l-.io'li u.'ni. 1 no 5 p. rn ;
■     '  ii'.*' tod u in. ,   |
I Ot*U*e in A ct. L 'ik',. ii.ix-.ii '
.OvmShnr.'   l!ii',e.*v.-
B. C.
"■V"       *A
- " *y'ri* n "
-..     .    s ■&.&■, ■
P^vsj, SeS.piiciis and WSio'escj-KSo
Lead Paoi!-.„'S:3"Gw?y. '
.CSackj,' Mixed op Crses.
Highest Award, St. Louis, 1904.
; Insurance" and . Customs Broker
! '      ti     '   ■"•
j Crow's   Nl-j-c   Trading* Co.' Block,
i "     Fei-viic,  15. C.   ""   '   :°
°L. -R'   Eckstein
.',, *t
R.\KK.:sn;K"\VT-L.A\vl SguciTou
.-xcept Sunday
; ®*-#J$>^t>, *&& .<"*S'*'' r   7-  ,7
■ Mlii
."• ct'", >7,w York,  Toronto,
fipo.\:i!iu,'.' V 4iic--n*iyur and Victoria ,
historic mission und progress    of'
, * the .human family has lallen-. upon '
- *,-' ''   ,-       the "proletarian,   the  nian..*who  in j lluonw 1 Cd 3. H«iniflrso*i Moe).-. Kernio. ». 0,
The ■■ weekly- educational meeting-   order to' live must sell liis   -labor
of  the   S   P.   of    C.  held-i'ii   .the'power.   There'is  a, class  stiuggle
Union'-Hall  on    Sunday last *aSi101' ?xiste"c,ti a^d the. fittest   will
.    ,,    . t, ,  \     -'  j    , survive,     lhe   luture   belongs   to
again up to tne usual stancuud ot  socialism  or dass;      . b      ■
excellence, both as lrjgards atlnn.v
ance, enthusiasm,*. and' uh intsili.
gtriit discussion of economics.,   T>
Several questions were asked of
the speaker at the close and were
answered   to   the   satisfaction     of
-    ■     , . *   i i  +v,n mo,i    tho  questioner.   Next-. Sunday  the
VV. -Milne presided,  and tho meet- ,.eries wil, fce continued   whe*_Mr.-
ing- opened with the singing oi
the- International, Party, after
which a reading was given by Mr.
Vi. - McLaughlin.   ' Alter     another
Shooter will give au address on
'■The,Wrongs of Capitalism,", and
Mr.   J.   Harrington 'will, speak  at
7?         I-^TTp   Coal Creek, his subject- being "Is
song- had" been sung, the energetic ! Socialiam jsWid?''      Anyone in-
secretary, Mr.  W.  topionos,    was ■ terested intKe studv of r .
called upon to continue ttwMrie*, I subiects are  ;nvited to be nt
of discourses on economics begun
a few weeks-ago' by Mr, J. Harrington. Mr. Symonds remarked:
It is obvious to "any who- tako
the trouble to' think, that, the condition of the working- class' just
hovers about ■ ai' bare subsistence,
imd'this is in'spite-of the fact of
the past years of. accumulating
wealth and the ^increasing capacity, of machine production.   It re
so that misconceptions ni a.y- bo
swept away and'a true knowledge
of facts obtained      „ ... ',
At a meeting-  of    the employees
J. Barbery l.d.s., d.d.s.,
l   T. W    Block, , opposite  the   Bank
o - (I
Ottiuc hours—8 tt.m to 8 p.m.' *
Latoe. ".&'■. Fisher ■
n " ''      '-*
Crow's   Nest     Trading,, Co.-   Block,
.,' Fernie,  13, C...
W. Jt. iiCSti. K. (.". "' J. S. T. 'ALEX ANW1B
Ross &'-Alexander
7   - FKKXUv. u.'.a   • ...
Otth-v in  I,, t. \V. Block,..Victoria .Avunuc
- motei
f,'CALL AND .SEE-   ■' ,
Great   Northern   Railway
"Tfoe Cosci-Jo.»'S:a833e'Way"  ,
Fernio to SeattEa 2-4-Hours
^anoouvQ!5'32 Scours   -
■■ Victoria 3® flours1 "•'•'-
for particulars call on or. address
■H.' L.   BLACKSTONE, A»t., Fernie,
■    ■ ;■(.!• W.'A.  R0S3," A-GUP._ A., Seattle
Kings, Hole
Fernie. ,,B   C.,'
From  France, ■ Holland and
■- Japan'
II. W. HKIU.-ll.llJr.lt
.■iiiiiRwcoM .iiiii:cii.Mi:ii
Bar supplied wit!«-the-best of Widcf |   F0R FALL" PLANTING
Liquors aiul Citr-.rs.
Sst .bought labor power as:a,coui- , the" mines 7)*/ a majority "of 125-,'-
modity 'and determined its value.; the.iVotevs^ndinffi Drs_ Hi hl3
by the cost of„its production.  Ihe ' and  Cartwvi„llt  340;  Drs.  Eoiinell
"secret    lay in     surplus   value,   .a,      ^ c             *15   snojisd ballots 9.-i nirpri'titpo    v ''nnnP-i-inn'
vuhie-*,T-i-oduced-,4by  working.   .Biir:    .   ■;■•   ■;■-  _,__'_■•_;■ _-; ■  __' __■_. \ HllRCHMER ,&   HERCrfMER0'
. , Dinir.j; E.-oin  in. connection
plus" labor-* time.    Cavlyle  uescrib- • ■   Our,, little  dance  was  a .success.-*      -    ,-,•.,    ...,■'-
ed.. political economy au -the^dis- j Ws" hope they will be,kept up. [   , Baekktehs, , Si
msi,l-,science>,/-but,\tlio' socialists L - ynvifetions are'out for  an ""At. ;    * 1 ■'  '-i' ' ,l>_7__
olicttors, .Etc;
hope   of     the  H(jme>>   gi-reu  -ny.the  members   of
the B. S.  A.,  of Hosmer,-   at ,the
Offices ovi.'i- I1;' Burns* &.Co's Blouk.j
'■Victoria! Ave.7 ■•* •-.'.-■ ■ i
have  made  it  the   ,, ^.,^   --     —   T-"<"ome
workers.'' . lhe  object  of, this-,ad- ■
dress .is 9to' show the rise of    the ,   _-?;„      .d    Q      ^„the ^^
capitalist cla-s, for they, line .any ;  >* n      -   ,; v_       ,   .
.other    ie^inie.'.. liad   a'beginning, i    John Ti'erney did not  get'ma:
'CapitaKsm, had.its .origin,in  -tho ried while, away.        .'. ■__    .   -;,       • ,| ; '"   " '; ■-' — __7
usurers', guildsmen and small trad-; -. -^ • ^ were' ■ kii'le'cV' and one !       , . r      i       '% X\'., T ^7' ,T
■-ra-of medieval    times    anci^ iiiey l^      d in  tho miKes Monday.-j.   ,   W,  :'A; " l/OMEL'L
- as -a class weie b«mg coutmuauy -T . p-i...j.iF.Y-ni.ta^r. -placo* 'oh' -Wed-
HoteS9' Siosmer-
7       Open May 11
^discriminated",,   against, ,   111:44    su. nesday,   This js'the-first    serious
.'many   .instances    persecuted, , but 'accideilt in Hosmei-."
they continued to ". grow
It remained>,fo ,ftlio discovery. 01
new lands to, allow'them the scope
for-expansion,-and a*peculiar fallacy' of :th'e present-day interpretation of %-history,  such   as the"set; (     ^^ ^  _
'.ting out of .Columbus, to discover ! tw"v/on~t stop"to utaTk
the   world,   is  not   in  accordance
with    the actual, facts. : The ;,soc-
Three 'new st'ores,'' which, are'   to
l.e' built  will .make'Hosmer   look,
.like    a   "city,
But,   --'oh,    those
"rj u 1 lacni .Tcriro": *. tru CtiJr
C-if.iinjites cheeTf;ally■ <riv-nri aiul .work
pruin j>tly 'cxeeutccit.o' the satis*.- •:
fii'ction-bfbur'. citritomci-a. ' ■". "'
I ri'liiiblo, varieties at ronS'inable vrici'-s
'j Kfi-rilizisis,    Bee-. Supplic-**,    Spmv
i t-'nnips,    Spi'iivii'ir     Mateii.-il.    Cut
Jj'liAVtirs,  . (;ic.     Oich'St   I'srablislii'd
liiirsci'y. '.ni the niiiinl-ii'.t'rxt B. C.
Cainlottiie free.-   -    '.'--.,_
- r-'*1 -   e    r*!!"i''?-ri!W'--5
■', •   '    itiia   rjr    hfii^hsi'O    a
<>■     Gixiii-ihoust's nnt! £ccii.iou:;es
■''VANCOUVER, •E.-G-/--.    ■"
Bell and    Wildman  are so  busy
ialis't looking .well into the economic conditions that obtained
in Europe at that period, sees
that the reason, of tho Coiumbus
expedition* was', not in the- interests' of science, but "was" an endeavor to" find, a new trade route,,
to the' East Indies and to escape
paying ;toir to the Barbany pirates which infested the seas of
Northern Africa. By chance ' the
continent of America was found,
but Columbus was not aware of
it; he,imagined that the new land
v/as the Indies.
This is called ''Historic Mater-'
ialism," and it puts past, evonts
in ■ a new light, and it is only
from a materialist view we can
lind out the truth about material
things. With. the discovery of
new lands the scope for exploitation increased, and the progenitors, of tho great captains of-industry were not averse to dealing
in* slaven, The storifis of fabulous
wealth in tho new countries excited cupidity, and expeditions
began to be fitted out.from all
-Europoan seaports. Piracy began to be fashionable, and many
of tho" great men who figured
largely in English history wero
nothing more thnn murdorous pirates who would be hanged today
as human vermin. The mode of
production and exchange determines morals, With tho stream
of wealth ll owing- back to tho old-
i-r    countries,    deiived   from    tho
Dr. Weldon.-.,of .Halifax, N. S.,
is located in" Hosmer., Nobody
sick. We have three'doctors and
a; drug- store. 7" "'
John Hunter,*, manager of ' the'
Royal', has resigned. John expects to soon go to the Old'Country to visit his'folks.   ,
,,,,., ,       1,    .
Dick'Scott, expects to move   his
wife and family here soon.
" Messrs. Reagh and Tierney    expect to open a branch here of millinery.
Simple Home-Made Treatment
Said to Overcome
Eveiyll-iiiisj  new  .-uul
- • up-id'-date.   '    *.
KycTV .ii'A-t.inin\ul;tiiQii
for lhe piililic."'" ■ •
■ i ..,,...      .     .
"T';ir studied wilh the
■■■    finest in the l.mJ... •
^^-M-fcrfj  ■■■'SO   YEARS'.":
H.I l:l.I.?        ,   ' -'       v.       .,..        ,    A.'WlLIlMAS
Contractors;,Hnd>B'.nders -r;.
7   KstlhiMtes Furnished  ....-
Residence—Corner. Hgwjand .Ave. anil
'   M.cEvoy St'.' '
-    ■   .-.-,.' ,'• -,'.'.. • ■■*
Proprietor.; -
P. 0. Box
Fernie, H. C.
fl. Kerr Si^ Co.
1 ■ '■ '
Contractors and Builders
FUm. Speclncationa and Est!-
mate! (nrtiiihcd n* tippllcotlfm.
ft. A. KBtft.
Architect    »■*! StipcriBtcadetit
Ofiet at EtiltUaca,
Under, new mhiiiigenient
Well furnished minis.   The table U
, BUpplied with tlict best the market
affords,   TI.e bar is supplied
with the best wines, II-"
„   quors and cigars,
AnrouosiMullii,', 11 rhrtcli <n'.d<>M(Ti|<lloii may
I'lloitl*- iiscuriiuu our ci>mi"u «we w bei he oa  .
invention.Iti prnhnhly piitoijl«h'9i1,f''Hiiinuiii,*»* ■
llim-Kirlcilyoniiliilaiiilnl. IIAKCPOOKon I'aicutc;
ueut free. Oliloat iiL'Oiicr fur i-oiiiruiy i>i4ieiili!.. . .
H»t,enti):taUon tlitouuh aiuui: & Co. receive
tptlM notice, without elinrco, I. tun
*sxs***tt*» "-n^^
A 'n.iniltotuely llludrateil' im>k '. ,1 nrcest clr.
culiiilon o£,ony.<icloiitlJc JnuriiJ. . -j'ariin, ti *
ynirj four tuontbs, f X. Sold by all no4VHi't'iilori>.
NIUNN £ Co.»»"«-*-* New York
4).*Vl.lO 1,1*»4,   -Oh  t »im *-S,'M'««/r\.»S  U  - I
utu *b Hire umumr *
The Great
Trans-Continental 'Highway °
The' Best of1 Equipment, and
Tourist. Standard Sleeping Cars
'and DininjT On rs onfall
..'   tl',ron-;htrains
I   Low Hate'Kail Tickets in con-
I       neciion with Ocean Steam-.-
, ■   .   ship Tickets
Cheap -
■•■   .   'Ocean;,    „, •
./.Rates -to. •;   .
7 Etsrope, -■ . s_
For Turtlici-' iniiti^ulurs caU ou local
iiK*.*!,ln, or nililrc..s
"j; MOE,. \       K.J. t'OYI.K,
;">'•' ir.i'.-'A.- -""' '"  -'A'-a. I'.A. *
-.-1      ,.,•• Ni'Jsnn ■!..- 'v,.,-.      Vmi'uQuvcr ■
■" t'..S. .fYl'E.,,'    ,-
Depot Ticltnt Atjent,'-
lo Consumptivos
The undereleoed haTlng been restored to health by simple mcaan,
after eurferlng for MToral yean
with a uovoro lung affootlon, nnd
that dread dleonso UONSUMl'TION,
fellow sufforors tho moans of cure
To thoso who doBlro It, he will
cheerfnlly send (froo of chArge) a
copy of tho prescription uBcd, which
FOR $2.00
Yfith a diamond rlii*,' I reveal
troo how t» Hecure u beautiful complexion. DlamowlH and oxqulnitu
complexion nru both deeirnhls. An
opportunity to every woman Ih now oi
ls noxious to make known   to Mb f,,re,i for obtaining hoth.   For $.00 I
Whon an eminent authority announced   In     tho , Snranton, Pa.,
Times thnt he, had found a    new
way to treat that dread Amorican
disease,    Rheumatism,  with    just |
common,  every-day drugB    found,
ji. any drug storo, the physicians |
were slow indeed to attach much,
importance to his claims.      This !
was only ii, few months a&'o.    To-:
slave trade and tho robbing     of I **y   ™™lV 0V(rV fu!W,K"  ll*
new countries, esp,):laily    Mox-co »h« "u»try'. ovmi ^f,,"- *,?*£ ,* 1
and   Peru,   ills embyro caritalist )™ dwHe", iB W'JfJ w-d
begun-to   evolve and fit   Uim».«"' splendid "«wjt» achjovecl.     It
for tho new environment.     Banks »« «o   simple     that nny ono can,
camo into exlita.ee, and also thcte  pn-Pi-to it lit homo at i,mnll cost. .
Iiecame   inaugurated tho "nation.  lT  -B'made up  no follows       Get;
al dobt.''   Ah yoars rolltd by cap-
it alism began to unfold and gain
jiowor,    but it remained   for  tho
introduction of (.team powor ■ to
MibBtitiiL*   hand    powor   and ,tho
iiuontii.-.;' cf   iiuu-hiiicry* to   (jivo
ihi'in tlu ftlisointo nuiHiuty    ovm-
WINE   CO., Ltd.
WIiolcBtile Dealers nnd Direct,
Im porters of
t      ' o  ' T~) copy 01 wo pi
JaS. oCVCm, J   FOP.  thoy will find a ouro for CONSUMP
Eccrtj attention.
Rooms rcscnJcd by iciro
CHITI8 and all throat nod lung
MALADIES. Ho hopes all sufforors
will try this Roraody, as it Is lnralii-
ablo, Thoso desiring tho proscription, whlob will cost tho nothing,
and may provo a blessing, wlll
pleaso addre«B
DroaklyD,.N. Y,
from any good ] v*ficription .phar.. WI»TE AND «ED PORT.
mncv    Il.iid    Extrnct ^nndoloin,     S*.>lii  .\ji.|,t* In Kust K'nifpnnv for
'onf'hnlf    ohiko; .CompoHiid    Knr-, AHL'AlJlAN   KA'K'l'S WAURKSHA j ——
g-on, one ounro-, Compound Syrup H'Ari'Ml
WurspuriUa, tlirco ouiicux.   Mix by, ,  7      , .     . c^      .,,,
1 ... -7, ^ picuaQnt  home  for the
(■hailing; in 11 1/ottln and toliti   in
ti'H9,'ioi.iiful clofes ai'tor nnch moil -j
All worlc ^tiai-.-uiU'cvl
Why?     Ikc.uiMt    cap-
i'.:::     s.'.id
jt..li.i:.\    i'wiiun'1 * that   '.vii-j-o  la".,;o.
v;;i«  clu-npor    th^ii ' sv.-iiii:.','     iin-'l
t'.4.'i'j>ii.i;; slftvos; tho whip of Simon
ti'H9,:in..iiful clofes ai'tor nneh moil -ri       A    fl/I I Ilf*"     ,      .  n   .
>imi:l» inKi-edinnlB, making an ai-   ' llUfU >»'t-^UUI itUU \JV
Lcbvi.u yii'.A cliun^cd ta lho scour^o I' :;"v.'c,
i',f hunger;   ccnditioiw,  V,oi*o:r.i>  •"■*. j 5:'dn'*',■*•'■
■nliit-ly   hurmh'S'i    lionio     romody
,'lt   Httl'i*   OOBt,
ivr.i'.toui  of il'.-i-;iii^ed
't in n conditJon    yro-
versed;"the \'i;ira't hlttvo was c«m> j i if'il V-y  lhc iVluro ot the    i".id-
ot tho n.ttstfi* spoltmrr tbo sjave— iir.im t.i-,* blood th" uric acid   and
,   , „       .        .   1        .      .   >   ■ 1   -        - .       1 - * ■..■".
.*,    ..k*.,   ii.u.t*   *.4.'li,j,.a4,^i   .a.,.,      I.,*      ,*...^.,.,.i..>..    -. .....*,    ^^    .. . *.
•u'Uvt*. enlcil,    fltliir     iu    the    ui::v-<   4ir'
Tlio t-t.-ry of r-.'l.-ird'.'. r;n*t- *,u,°1lI>*1 th*' ;,]:'*' V-^on, rrmaiua
Mm Itting found iit iih* WWe, ns !in th* blood. deeoiHiiosej nint
thA lata «uewi Victoria is quoted!1*?1''"" ul,0,ut *,* lointi r,i*...l muu*
rm envin", «U,vi not fit a*, to what ! tJ'"> .'■'}^!"'T  tlw n-itolrt  BH.Toiiutf
ji'iiiiy  iinj'j 1'iici'i    nmj  tin' ij3.,tyj-y  ,-v*-i ,i;"J*""'*> •••->•■•• >•■■ •■■•■.
of ti*o makina; of ths great     for-    .Thin j-res:rij.tion, is »nlA io l.o a'
turn's  and  fninilic1. ol ,T.a*..ensiliiro ' splendid hwlmi*;, clpDniiing; and in
(lU-.ul (,VVi,v, WIiH.lpi-^)
lii'.i:i,'IU"V'-V'iiiii'.'ni\*i'r,  W'Nmi, I'Vrnic,
I'" liiii'iiliiii, Altn. ."v Kenoi'.i, O.il.
| r-crnic, B. C.
Victoria 'Ave.
Irt-rnic, 15. C,
C. 1. WHKLAM • ■ MonuflP-r
»* *:•* "'wo****.'
Wl.,-1*   .'.
(•-, *.,'   ,'P"
C.l'llp   S11 i-flU**.
Q  QlSjftL^U
'*****        * '•
5 •'.'
iiud Yorkshiri! \r, on** cf kidtiau-
j ing eliildri.ii, working them 13
lioma par day and night, with all
manner of umivrntionable cruelty
nnd Hfiek murder. Th»» fortunes
cf England wero not made by 5
•por c<*nt*., hut by thounandn per
•cent.   Cupitnlif-n*   hnn  iult.Uet!  itn
viiroratiii-i-; tonic to the kidneys,
and fjlveii almc-t immedl'it'i relief in all i"ar'**.H cf Vlndder nnd
urimry trouMr-N nnd backi'ch-/.
Hm alio wnrni people In n lend'nf*-
New York pacer against the   dis*
CRbl:   .&
•      rmim ,*nm     n—H,   n.      I      M      r**""«        • •
\.    The: Motel of r-prnlc?.
'j' .(,'(-e.;A.i4««>.7.rK.*>H.'**. -'■'- ...^.-*•.*■;.,
Tiiwimito  A.'i'iltfc-., yt  --
Ki.'1'ii'ii' iiiil  H'.-simii* A    Thu ciMitfi! 11 C"iinni'.iclal
...   •:•
Pniel icr Second
t;r4n;-J   uririlura
Viva. T.I'P* At-oi'   p     JL n f A ■ A
I'llllCU        lm* Sf LCI LV - •(•
dent Insui'i
nml TtitnU. Tr.idi.
Cttislrto   Ilr.cxcclleil
:| ;|; B. f. furniture Store :|:
„....-.„ r „     , f S. r. Wallace       Prop. ♦ I *$  Next \U>r to Iinpi'iml llcwl  ^
mJSSJ:. w 0< mftny rntc,1t;Koa(l the Ledger^a*****...,^
offer u      Kt. Gold  Shell Kin^.
Hlmpe like a belcher, with hTiffany setting, net with a genuine diamond
And will fiend free with every order the
recipe and directions, for ohtiiininn n
faultleBd cdinploxlon, enHily underHtood
and simple to follow. It will Have the
•zpeiiKo ol Creniim, Cosmetii-H uml
IllenclifH. Will freo tho Hkin from pirn*
pltb, IllncklieiiilH, etc, and give thu Hkin
bunuty nnd 8f)ftiio«H, o
RING 'H jriii.riti.teed 1).V tlio
iiiniuifactui-'r lo l''um-|>reH<>iit('il
mid kIioiiM any iniri'liimci-lioiUHHiitlnllcil
I will I'lu'ei-fnlly refund tlio iit'onoy.
Do not lot (ho prico lend you tn
dnnltttlio gintiliii'iicHN or villus
•ftlilM ring, iii" tlm iihovo giiiintuleti
|ii'iili'i-t,i I'/ii'li nml every ptm-liiiHi'i.
Kond mi) ^Vi.OO by niiiil iuul In I
mlvniitiigo of 1 hisnllVr. i^tlieti ■*
l« limited. Si'ihI -iy.e of fln»i'r for
which ring liilc-ii-ed
:u K-'i-t-,Mi-d stn'i't       Ni<«- S'oili City
Ivii.l ill" VMir iiiiiin* tin <li<»
iiiiiic*- of ."1 ri'piitnl)!,* pcopl.' it
ii'fi-i.-jn' hi il I \-,j'.I fi.i'.vi.d >i. 11 ,1
l'i>,|,. 1 M'ln in i-i'i nn u.v ,1^1*1.1 iiii.I 'i II
!iij ;;i.i,'il- in \ i-li'r I ii'.lliiv.
4. I.,.   lv'|t,,,'otM-l.'.V
i>"l'aitiiii'iil 1"»
.!■ i..i-.",-.!i.| .-in*i*t, M-.VV Villi|< i'i I V
Fori- SIt.p.Ip.
I'VrnU*,   IJ. C.
,l'iev*-ei«t  of I'.Mi.t   l;ine   I..ig»r
mid   Ai'Mk-d   \V,.Ur>.
IlutlU'd    (JoiiilH    11    Hpceiulty,
ll    "
a.. i.w s^wtmsmt^uetit azsvszJOii&i.ifs^'wy-L, ^
*!.:«■-i^.ifiMiisrcc ftlC»--■■'^?0S3>^nlC^*i!r^-'.^^J£^*,^^v .*
;.- //"
,   . '8" "
News of the City
Canadian-American Coal Co. for
employing one Wm. McVey as fire-
boss on the'1 aforesaid date, was
adjourned to' Nov. 4th. The cases
were taken at. Macleod on' Nov.
4th, when the adjourned hearing
of the cases were resumed. Wm.
McVey ' was' fined ?5 and" costs,
and the Canadian-American ' Coal
Company-'was fined §50 and costs.
Wanted—A girl for general housework.   Applv Mrs. L. P. Eckstein.
il   *  *     "■ it
' House lo rent.—Apply 43'Fernio
'Annex. *      „  . 3-
- -DMibloJIvmsc for Sale (easy terms)
i'i "■-.V.-.st Fernie, S roqms, "lasshouse,
oh'cke'*. house, etc.—Apply to John
McL-iclil-tn, West bernic.
Wanted, liy experienced business,
man .' (Kns'lish),   jjomUou   in ofiice,
M-nrelioii.se in- .siui'o.s, or any place of -tion ,of "Uncle Tom'by  this
trust.—1*:.   10.   West by,  ]».  O.'Fernie.
For Sale—5'- room house ;i.d
one-quarter aero for sale or >*ent.
—Apply  CharU'S Edgar,  West 1 er-
r.ie, or Box 194, P. O. -
, Thoroughly experienced^, lady
stenographer and bookkeeper
wants good"" position.—Apply to
Ledg-er .Office. ■' .
Sec our prices in seventeen -jeweled
gold filled wat-ehes.—A. C. Liphardt.
Andy. Hamilton has secured the
plumbing contract for Wm'. Rob-
isliaud's new, three story boarding,
house and for the four houses' of
Geo.* Clapp on Fellatt = Avenue.
Andy is doing well these days.
Christinas-'.Caids and Calendars
.. for friends across the sea.
N. E. Suddaby
I    Stetson's  "Uncle  Tom's  Cabin"'
|-is the    mammoth    double production of   ''Uncle Tom's Cabin" and
will appear on Tuesday,'-Nov.  19,
at - the  opera "house.'     The  rendi-
known aiul v/oll-liked ..company
will, never grow old. This management' evidently,believes in the
maxim, "What's worth doing is
worth doing well." There " runs
through this'grand story-a pathos peculiarly touching and sweet'.
It ' speaks the universal language
'uf the heart. It reflects line- a
inirror the innermost phases, of
the human* emotions. It is more
than a play—it is. a -n.joral classic.' It argues for, two-of, the
greatest theme's that can engage
the mind—human liberty and . the
immortality of the'soul.■ Notwithstanding the frequent product on
of thisplay, it, is'never'produced
in the sumptuous manner by other^ companies as it is in Stetson's.
It is J like meeting' an old friend
after a year's absence. In his theatrical -offering, Manager Washburn has brought together all the
requisites    that'     go    to   make
really   good    production   and   one
it will be a^real loss to miss. '
with ' the greatest success. I - always feel safe when I have a box
of Tablets in' the house." Sold
by all "medicine dealers * or by mail
at 251, cents a' box' from The- Dr.
Williams "Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont. *
Blairmore , is going ahead, 'the
latest activity ■ being- the laying',
down of a cement plant in' the
eastern part of the townsite near
■ the lime kilns,, and the C.P. R.
are putting in a .new spur track
"to assist the development.
*    «    """    "
Diamond rings irom t.n to two
hundred and fifty dollars at Liphardt's
Jeweler y Store i
,-" Everyone remember the hot dinner at the Salvation Army hall
on Monday, Nov. 18. Dinner
served from 5 to 7.30;' admission
25c; proceeds in aid of the band
fund." A''good time is expected.
Come arid bring' all your friends.
-Mike Bernot shot a bob-tailed
wildcat on „ Tuesday morning
about four miles down the C. P,
R.--tracks west.- The cat was in
he brought it down with his* shot
gun. It is a good specimen, of the
Christmas Cards and Calendars
for friends across the'sea. '
N. E. Suddaby
T. A... Ambrose has purchased
the .erhployment and real estate
office of J. W. H. Terry on Cox
street. Mr. Ambrose has had vast
experience,, in West Africa as sup-'
crintendent and also as new works
inspector. His ad, app4*ars on.
page 8 of this issue.        *,'-„,
You can get a first-class pair of
opera glasses for $5 at Llphart
the Jewelers."
*- T
An amusing story' is ■ told on
two of our prominent citizens,
who, while on their .way to Hos-
nior, and while crossing the lower
part of the bridge, suddenly became scared on .waring.that there
waa a. drop of 30 feet, and had to
l.e n.'.sistpd ncros.-:, tho balance of
the way.   What next?
Tho caso iigainst Trod James,
v/ho v/as charged with the abduction of Florence May Reece, aged
15, of West Fernie, has been. di3*
misr.od, ths Judge tnhing the view
that James iT.igl.jj, have "been, mis-
tiil.ei. in thc ghl's'age. 1\vt Rov.
Mr. Williamson, of the Baptist
church,  tied tho'nuptial knot,
If you want a nno timepiece, go
to Liphart'M, Ho carries the
Wtl'-ham, Elgin, Agassis-., nul
The Rev, P.,, R. Wilkinson paid
•i vi,;it to Michel .and conducted
.'■un/icus hi thu English church
iiih-sion "hull. Much Interest is
»ii.*in,c;- shown In tho work of tho
church and a stroi.fr committee
has been appointed to deal with
re-organization of the, parish, It
is expoctod that Michel will goon
havo n rosldont clergyman.
Minard-fl Liniment Co., Lin.lt.jdi
GBntleuum—I have used M1W-
ARD'S LINIMENT on my v'tmtl
and in my family for years, ond
for the every-day Ills and ■• -ml-
dents of Ufa I.consider It ha.1 no
I would not start on a vjvage
without It," If it coBt a riollv* u
Schr. "Strokor," fit. Andro, Kan..
The tr'nl ot Wm, WrVpy for art- '
ln\t an flTeVioufi In the mine of th* !
Caniidinn-Amerlonn Coal Co. on j
or about July S7th, J907, and,the
The .presentation of a very handsome cabinet'' of silver was made
to R." G. Drinnan," general s'uper-
intendeat oi the" Crow's Nest Pass
Hall .on Thursday evening., Mr.
i Drinnan is going", to Hosmer to
take charge oi the mines there.,
Mr. °G.-G.' S. Lindsey, president
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, ■ made the' presentation and,
spoke in terms of appreciation of
Mr. Drinnan's services whilst with
his company.  - '    ".
W. H. Evans, of Coal Cicek,
was the chairman, and miners, as
well" as operators,' spoke enthusiastically of. Mr. Drinnen's work,
being a man who has had experience in every rung of the ladder,
and in whom workmen have every'
confidence. "'■=..     •",-•"
■The staffs,,,at Coal Creek and
-Fernie made ■ the' presentation', and
we understand■ Michel will also'respond. ', .,' ■ , ..
-o —-•
No mother can expect her little
ones'to'escape'all the minor' ailments of childhood, but she can
be reasonably sure that her .child-
will be healthy if she gives it "an
occasional dose of Baby's Own
Tablets. And she can feel absolutely s&fe in giving this medicine
as she has'the guarantee of a government analyst that it contains
no „ opiate or ^poisonous soothing
stuff. Mrs. Uria Cressman, ' New
Hamburg, Ont.; says: "I have
used Baby's ''Own Tablets for
stomach troubles and constipation
TUESDAY,* NOV.    19
Uncle Tom's Cabin
More Grand Novelties than ever
Two Brass Bands & Orchestra
Two Funny Marks
Two Mischievous Topsies
Gorgfi'oiiH Scenery with Benutiful
Eleetricnl, Effects
Gruii'l Vis-ion nnd Transformation
Genuine Southern CiikuWull-ers   .
Buck nnd Winn Dam-ers
Male nud Femnle (JunrtiMto
■ Clwii'iotH drnwn l y IIumU-oiiio
(■•lieilni.tl IVniies'
Col. Siuvyei'i' IV.ek Siberian Blood
■..».■..¥. r»ffl*J»TM,.W|.*,.WW*.MUM*4*»
Watdi for Lhe Big Street Parade
Plans   and   Estimates on  Application
*   Residence  76  Howland Ave.
J. Wilson Gray,  Architect
Fernie  B. C.
meels in McDougall's Hall every
"'„ alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
A. WVitus, Puns.        AVm. 1). Scuoi-ini.il, Sso.
Aerlc JffWrl.   M 561
■J-^fek; .. ■'
Saturday Specials
-f .Baby's Own Soap, regular price 50 cents per box   $
^     "'- Saturday   35c .* . . %
Lais Tea/'regular price so cents .per pound-; <v>
^ •   cs-4*».M«a-4n. /.«« • -   - -     /.■>-■»
%   Ram
'% "•■
Saturday 4Gg
hhwi raws swimmvwstmt t inmftiiw
W.   J.    BLSJK3EILL    ..' Prompt'DctUery
<>>    PayCash	
-^-^^'*V'*t'^'V*V^Sk^ky%' "'k. *%^VV'l*V'*5*'^-*a.,«lvNt>'tt^».'^4 ^-1V^Al^*-»X
F. O. E.
Meets first friilii}- in each month in I. 0
-*    Hull.-      <     ■,''.'      ,*
It. H- Moore,  '- "     W. Keay, ...
Worthy President.-  „ Worthy Seorotary
FOB ^A_ S"W"ElET toots:
All the leading lines of Yiiglv
. Class Chocolates and.
T03VC     BECK
TTFii tU
Crow's Nest Trading Company, Ltd,
The Store of Good Valued
RliJOLVED.'       "
TflFTOP WHO is^Twrix
dressed. >bu mr have
\jp.i\   ■ ■■■■■•. ■*..:■"■
^'t*. O-Talt//
copi'Rr-jn-rn-sfc.evfi«e uviton,or?wnc».chicaco.
C   E.;;.LYGNS
Auditor, Accounliint, Gencrnl Affcnt
Life, Accitlout-iUHl Employer's'Liability Insurniice
w ■ wwnnawtwi"»■ *u tm^ttsx* tn »w.i *wo>-nt wt t^««pi
Books opened,   closed,^, audited, and accounts  kept Mh tho
-'■,most,lup'-to-dato,,h.aiiner.."s ,.
Office,  Bunis'  Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
|-.  AT.   HAMILTON     ^
; ®mmEnjs, clothing;
V" '      i ' v        .
Or. now fall styles and des'gns for tho good dresser
Dressy Tweed Suits        - -   , '$10   to   $18
True Blue Serges, guaranteed fast colors     ■ 8,50 to 2S
Finest English Worsteds     -       -    ■ - 18 to 25
I'rlccB: $1.0*'), 7.">u and COa.
Tickets on sale at Ki-rnlo Drujf Storo'
*. . . .
• *.
• i
'. if. i  t  t '» f i   i  t v.  »
Ar*' v'<>|'-»ii"l liniitMldlmllP'*'
ii-t.i" ,'m ii'i'll nu- ^r.'itr(«'iit*'n'*-■-
I.iulii".' I'filriit'tl furfit tn-nt-i'tl
nny ■■■',■  l>ut Siitm-rlny,
(•' ♦ '• • ■■• ■'*/•/* '•, \\i «■'» «, '♦, i
».' •. *j • •' K *J
Succcsior to J W. II. Torry
Employment and
Real Estate Offl«:e
Will supply men for
all cltisscs of work, ,
cither by   the  dny,
week or month.
i    Women  for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing,
Reasonable   Rates
Cox  Street
W H AT   ?
Tlio opportunity nf making* youi' cholcu of Clirlntinm
ftlfm, comfortnlily, from inilirnkoii nMoriniiMiti'. At
your leisure look nv,>r o«r l«Vtf« otul varli'-l Hto.'k ot
tlilnBH euitablo for ChrlntmiiH |iriiH(<inn nnd wi* nr» Hiiru
you will 1)0 ablo to innki' n Hiik't-tlon to your liklni*.
Christmas Cards and Calendars
Send thum curly tn catch tlio I-.u^IIhIi iiiall*-.
Choice Perfumes
Vow  linnet Itnpni't-iil novfnmi>Q In t'OX <vlnec mid fnnpy
bottlec   No uicor lucNLMit to iflvi! n iHtly.
rnncy Goods
A .Inr!.-"'! iuul vnrli'il nsiorliniint that yiiti ennnot
lliiil'iilfiiwliprc. IMi'tiirii frninflH-nrlUtlc (lonlirnfi, nil
Mvi-'K uml hlv.i*", Lnillc* luiiiil Mlrrnrf, Wnl! niul Slnnil
Mii'i-ni>. l'"li« niul Drill ueU—-.niuii ri»il I'i'HiiHi'*',
V»»' lni\r n liin' iliu*1 <n 1iit-Wi,.H'. Iirflii>.   SrUlii-l .'nv,«irlB
fni' ninkiir,r iliiiiity nri".«,»it>i, Wk'kiM- Wurk Hnt<kctH,
nil f-'zi'-i, 1'inl led iiml jilalit.
Chlnti Ten Sett*
I'nn". ,'imi .'•uiU'cr-i. r.iitofi, ni'd iinvi'lfli'--, Itoynl
IiiiilllDiiCliiiiii ainl \Vfi|-^c*wi.*>*la'hnt I'ulliiry.
N. E. Suddaby,  Ccmicjghru«siorc
Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam ! Fitting   %
<■■■■■ ■    ■        - '      ■      ■ T&
■ 7   ,-;   ■■ .■■*-  -.;   ■      . ;'*'
All Work Prcmptly Executed,, and        '' '   W.
Satisfaction .Guaranteed.   ,:   .,'!.'   . - =w.
$;   Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel  ' **
Don't stop to annoy your neighbor
by asking him for the loan of his shot
gun in snooting season when you can
secure a full choke bore, pistol grip,
double^ barrelled, breach loading shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and
nickle plated breach for
$16.00 less 5 pop cont.
only a few left.. The best values in
the land; No- trouble to show 'them
and to see is to discover their value
and buy..,,, '. ,,,..-, Y,.
one oa;
of Canada
Notice is hereby given that n Dividend «t the rato
of SIX PEft CENT per'annum upon the paid-up
Capital Stock of The Home Bank of Canada has
been declared for the Half-year, ending
November 00th, 1007, and that the same will be
payable at the Head Office ond Branches of the
Bank on and after Monday the second day of
December next.
Tlm Transfer Books will be closed from the
10th to the flOth of November pro*., both days
inclusive.   By order of the Board,
Toronto, October 23rd, 1007.
, Gcr.ernl ManniJer.
—-^- Fcniic, B. c.——~
___■ '**■*


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