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The Fernie Ledger 1907-11-30

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To the Members of, District
i8,.U. M. vV. of A.
Dear Sirs and Bros;,--       •- *■■•
Circumstances are such that
■ Fernie, I). 0.,-Nov. 21'.—(Special)—Iu
an interview here lasi night; Mr. Lindsey, the new President of ilie Crow's
Most- Pass Conl Co.'1, /.aid ho' intenSed
closing the coko ovens hero' aiul at
Michel, employing 500 men.' ' This was
owing to-tho, closing , of the Kootenay
smelters. The'Boundary Coal Co, is
also closing the. ..iick Cut mine, employ -
I  deem it inadvisable  to  runli»S' •* largo number of. men.—Toronto
Seen by n representative ol tlio Ledger ,tho above roport' wns absolutely'
denied. 'The coke ovens ot Pernio will
in tin. face of- all eventuality, continue
to run at leaet 60 per' cent, of their
plant., '   '       '",'""
It is* not thought in.*lhis district the
shut down of tho Boundary smelters
will'bo of-a very long duration/ It
will take more thaii' this to retard tho
4 . ...   ^»
advance and progress of our city.'-   ' '■-
for the Presidency of District
iS, and,I take this opportunity to inform you of my decision and also to thank you
cordially .ufor-,the ...honor of
nominating; me., „As.in '.the
past, I«intend to continue
•working for our mutual ad-
vaneement,ab'ut I feel -that at'
present jt is'more honorable'
to be a"good soldier than a
poor general." /"'.:> ;. • . .
Again   thanking' you;, for
your.kindness -'  ..    -7.
I am,1'. --; ■■- ;.-■;■ ;_■-,",.   *,,';,; ■
y   .Yours very, fraternally,*
William ■-.. Marchant, of Victoria;
inspector of customs, was in Fernie this week inspecting the local
office. .Seen, 'by "The . Ledger,'-,',
Mr. Marcharit • 'declared himself
thoroughly satisfied*'with, the-pres-,
ent, workings .of the*'office and the
continued.,, arid    ever    increasing
- prosperity, "of Fernie^ Mr. 'Mar-
chant thought': it Highly ' probable,
with' Fernie's commercial -.growth,
-the office here "when it is, moved
into , the new premises,., .will ' .be
made' a. port, andjriot as now,,, a
supporter,* to Nelson. Mr.-;,-.. Mar-
chant went ..to*Nelson on [the passenger on"Thursday .morning.   "'*
A"'REQ£IBSTv''- "'
Request to fire ■Underwfilers.h-
.___. .    .-4 . ,:    -.
' A' meeting of the city*1 council-!'
was held . on- Thursday evening
last.-. Present, - Mayor Bonnell,
Aldermen Quail, Tuttle*and Gates.
6 The ' minutes of the previous
meeting-, were passed. ' '
Eeport of the 'police commissioner, was read, recommending the
amendment of the license by-law
to prohibit vocal1 and instrumental music ,iri bars and'install sanitation under city jail.   ' !'.
Eeport of Fire Chief wast read
and. filed.   ,     '■''..
Eeport-of the City Engineer'on'
progress of work on septic - tank."-
The   . City'     Engineer - submitted'.'
plans of  ,-prop.osed    dram on Mc-
Evoy Street. ,,,,'-'•
-The City Engineer was instruct--,
,ed to 'write H.'H.  Depew a.n& in-"
form  him  where  the  new   -lights-
were, to, be located.,. .,.
■ The Mayor reported   the ' result
of the various interviews with the
Coal Company.' ■■   ■              . ,'■' '■> - '■
' ■ Moved by Aid.   Gates,  seconded*
by,,. Aid. Tuttle,'that .-the City Engineer make an estimate,  oi'.;the,
value of the waterworks'and res-"
ervoir and report'.    Carried. ' •' '-"-'
Moved, by- Aid. .Gates, seconded
by Alderman' Tuttle," that the City
Council request -the '"'Board of Fire
•Underwriters to lower,, the rate of
insurance<in-the City-of. Fernie, as
•we have'a paid'fire'chief, teamster, team,' hose wagon, chemical,-
adequate supply of'hose and'volunteer -fire brigade.- -   •'
'   -*    ■■    "    '"'   -»-; ——O"^ '—' !"     ■'    '     ■
I .The slot machines iri the city of
Fernie were closed down tight on
Thursday afternoon last-, 'by . the
chief, of. police, .who was instructed by'the. police commissioners to-
carry out a .regulation passed by
.he board'- as * the, articles come
within the criminal code "of .the'-
Dominion of Canada. \Ve?„ understand a meeting* of the hotel keep
' The   following   letter '.has been
sent to the, Western'Coa.1,.Operators''-* Association., ".    •  ■'" '   .
',,'Fernie,■B.''C., Nov. 22nd,*1907.
W.. F. Little; Esq.. ,„   .
■' .7'7 '■'.-   ,'   Canmore,-Alta."
Dear Sir—    -' '"■ ■* * '
- The; agreements'" between our respective- organizations makes no
provision for the wages' of rock
machine men, helpers and ° muckers. On behalf of Dis'trict'Nb.'18,''
U.M. W. of A.,, we'demand'the
following schedule: Machine, men
'$3.75,    helpers',  $3.25,'     muckers,.
$2.75; .-. wet places    25 cents'   per
shift extra. . ^    *"' ■
No', "provision-being    made   for
Sunday labor, a. demand is hereby
made'for'time and cne-half ■' -for
Sunday'labor. " ■*.. .
; We beg to request that your association give these matters your-
early consideration and ;. that  ■. a
meeting of the joint committee.be
called at an early-date to consider theso matters,""
Yours ..tr.uly,-- .
F.H.SHERMAN,    7 i ers and'police commissioners took
President" Dist; IS, ,U. M." W.-'o£ A., place last evening*.   ...     '-*,..-     7
The New" President of •tl.c'O. N;
-'. ■■";•.'?* 'Coal Co.,'Ltd.*', •;'■'■'«
G..G. S. Lindsey", Esq.v'IC. C."
"'•♦:•.- "        " '       "' ''"'   '"'
' „ A* largely nttcuded mass7 ei-ting of
the miiic;\yorkers of Michel-was held
on Sunday last, and wus addressed,- by
District President F H. ^Sherman arid
International Board Member.?; Patter.-.
SOU. ; * - >•'--: 7 :--*- -.- - - * ... .*-..;
District -President'Sherman,.in the
-Ourse'oMiis.remarks, .said that he had
comq to 'Michel for the'purpos'e of meet-
ing- his opponents and reporting" to the
■ mill- ii ii n m miiiii*i
J.     &~\ ti   X^v,
iM pMr_<__M=:_-___C-.Yva or* fo\.*.ti     >J
1*_>_1._W9_.-M !«*_£*«=-EU&ma Cl
•j. _
.-■■'■   i      V ..'v.-.VOiiv LqiweB;'.-. AirrQw: Lake'.t,;'',._\^,./..', .
;'-, '   "'*''-; *■'•■'. 4.'0   IV.i8es.Sou6.->   West   of   Ndsipi. ■   '
AN opportunity,'lo own an orchid home within quick and casyreacli
■I of   the   uni imi led-,' markets   of -British    Coliimbia,   ■ Alberta' -and
Saskatchewan.'-:;,   io  aiul "20 acre blocks;',    Fin«st climate in Jvo'oten.iy
Men's-'Winter' Clothing
TnoltT^^*7c"Trrt Inrrwor i-^T"tTre7DpFnc"f
Union." lie contrasted.the.position,of
{.ffali'B -to-day. with   what-, thoy-.were
when , he was elected -Tresfdont /our'
years.-..go;...At .that' time only three
locals w.uro .organised with G-25 inen.b.crs',
while to-d;.y ,tl!ey- hail 21.-loeal-unions
in goodstiu'idii!?* with over 4,G06"ni"cm-
; ','oi-ii.   The p'.aitlo.i.qf the uvi'.ii.,v.-brl.ei-.s
' j liiul ■ boeii iiaturnlly beiieliied," aiid'tlio
liours of labor Lad been sliorteiicil from
ron to uiglil, per ...iiifl,-aiid tlie* Coal
Mines 1.08'ulatlon Act," the, Eiripl'oyefii''
Liability Aei and the Workmen's Com-
poiisritiou- Act had all'bcen'enforced
.inco ho took olHco. .Tho miners em-
, ployeil'by tlio Oi-bw's" Kesl'Tasu-iCoal
I  t*. j Cn. had 'reteivedin uonefit's from the
I A j ciiforceiiHint of theso liuvs alone more
I % \ in dollars and centa than they bad ^'Y
\  A 1 paid to lho U, M. W.-of A-, eoiiteijiitnily
II "j* \ were mill indebted to the ovifiinixntioii.
5 v I    ■ •■ ■
A j    I'rosldent Slierinuii fluted that in his
Yy. opinion iho eoiulilioii9 in his district
♦*• ; ivi*re moiu "httiblo Ihnu any upon,tho
' .* ' Aiuerleaii Cnntineiii, «".;d thut Ijuvhi^*
^.^*,;,,;»>.;-t;.<..;«:.<..:.i;..:..:.';..:»:-.<><">*:*';'^ . n«-,v estuiiiifiied uu-iii..«ivci_'.iiia «r..iM<*a
*** r, ' ■ " ', ! lho j-chpi'i-l ul' thn'cn.ployi'Vr. nnd ihe
~~ j public they kImhiIiI (iuivi,-l» rclniii tlmt
ixspect without v/liii-li Ihi-y' could nol
Fum,  Po_"t3'C..lc»rO'. Appty   to ■ • r—-—-
" PiaG£3   BflTiv-astsnenfi:   C6.9 .'Ltd,
!L g 5. (rs (.vriclgC)    A S b e r t a
,« v ■■ *»^-Vt J**-^JW**-^-^**W^
*,*_*.,«.■,..*.. !_«^T«nVi.*v^i^r*»_rfW'.,*J*wuwTJt'.»jr,ivir.«.ri;'
j__r..(_TAJi-L.>ili'jrArj .i«A.ft-K*r-*:«i
-"Cacr's1 Mackinaw  Coats
',-CarV's   Mackinaw .Pants"
-.H.....B.. -Mackinaw.--.Goats.
;. 'H;T 'B. ,Mackina-,v- 'Pants"    ■." . 7 ,°   ■ -'". . ■?■' "4'.op '
- Overcoais-from,;     ,'  ..''    '*   .*.      " $10.00  to '25.00*.
- "Stan'sfield'pure wool Uuncirwear, per suit*:       .   3.00
"Big'Horn pure wool Underwear-.per suit ■"'        3*oo
.-'.'Heayy'.wool*.Sox,'   '■■ Y-   ./*5c>"-"3'5c,   and .50c  pair.
.. Pig'. Skin, Mitts .and Gloves' -        "'       ,$ 1.60".up..,!,
- Buckskin' Milts.and. Glove's .,-,/'$1.25 up
'I_;umb'e'rmc"n''s"R libbers'- - " $1:65.10 $3.35-per pair"
-German Sox'- ...   65c. 10  $1.50  per  pair
Horse  Hide Mitts  and  Glove's     '•      -o $1.-25  UP" ■
"^  Mule   Skin. Mitts  and  Gloves   ,    ■ •     ^ 75c
• The".Trites-Wood Co,,lLtd-   "
. j'-'/O.ii
,Eook« f^ (Jiiiu.vJfti-n*in«
■    At N. K. ..inlil.ibv'H
Owjjif'- to oiu- i-paco being crowtl-
ed this Week, we nre eon-ipellecl to
hold over tho cut of Lille, 7-.Ua.,
which wo, will run next week,
S. SliccUl,, of ' CiilKury, wns - in
town this week.
KorClii-i-iiiiii. sifirt of all KiniiH tin-1
v,il| hi- nppruclateil iifti'- Llplwmlr.
,    F, H. Halo loft for Calgary    on
business Wodne.'iday   evening last,
Mr. B, Spafford, of Caljjavy,-
was in town this \vc-vk on buni-
TtookR lor Olirtatmas
At N. K. StulJliiby'fl
,T. E. Proctor, fllHtvlct paHr-enf,'-
er nR-ont, 0, P. R., was in    town
Tlnu-Hclay. «..'--'""
llliili-iiliitniiionvoiilivioif the city, Hmni1-
thiiilt Ihut Hi" rei'clviM will keep, can
Iir- bniijrlit nl i.lplmi'iltV,
ChrUtmns rates, C. P. It. will
bo In offcet T)m-, lnt to 31nt to nil
points eiiHt.. Look u_. tholr ad.
. .Tohn Gnlvln, vico-prosident of
District 18, U. M. '-V. of A,, av-
rived in the city on No. B wotit-
boniul on Friday morning lnat.
OlirlKtiiiiiH Oni'ilH nnd Oak'ndnni
MU' llH'llll*. IKTOhH tllO MM..
7i, II. HxnUhth,\   n
Miss Marshall, who bus been
with Mj-b. Wngjfot, mllHnor, for
.pome time, hai* Hovered her con-
noction with that firm nnd loft
for her homo in Michel.
Nineteen nomination-'    into   tho
miners' unioij took placo    at tho
' meeting of    the*    Gladstone local
which, wan held in the minors' hall
hero on Wodnesdayi evening last.
G. W. N, Boulton, late account-
ant in the Indian Head branch of
thc Union bank, took over tho
mnnagerii.1 duties of the Home
bank hern this voir,
ts for 0.U.,lifc»UtB_-.8
Ai. K; M. F>U'l'l;ii>\7.;
The locating party of eij_>hteon;
n' the "Un'at Kovthurn I'oiiftmc-
lion, rotnnn'd to tho city 'i'nurs-
-vny from the T.llt .'ti.vei* valley.
"Ti'liey will be* '.V.,.bn_.il«.d ■ for tho
season. .  -  -    !'
'A bi.,\'-. vi,Ai-\\ f"i-» 'Ni'M-i "{if,- l-il-
Iwudl l.i'i'i-n a llno.i'' uitiiieiit .ri'iii ?l (io
to if Ui.y.
4Janion Douglas and Mr. Luw-
renson, of Michel, wove in, the city
\hiK week on liUBiner.s connected
with tho aujiremo court which was
being held at tbo timo of thoir
viwit. ,. ■>  .
Mv. and Mni. Patrick' Hughno
have left their -apartments at tho
Waldorf hotel and havo gone into
iT-Hidciico nt tholr cottage, No. AH
'Victoria Avenue. Mrs, Hughes
wlll rt-iioive on tho flr.'-t Tuesday
in ellcli..month.
Hooks I'or OSn'istui.iS
At N. ]•), Hu(l(ln!).v'a
.fudge Wilson, who bus Xwn
holding supreme court in tho Provincial Court, ir^J-nie, returned to
Cranbrook on Wednesday morning. Mrs, Wilson camo to Fernie
with the Judge and' Intended ' to
spend tho time of tbo holding of
the supremo, court here, but she
wan rogrotfully called home owing
to me hicKiifss 0: iht'.r child.
! '-.
Olii-is.uin'i C.'ir.'.K m-ii Calciidai'M >
'i'ri.'iiiJ:* ju'r«!:ii ih'i fir-J:i.
_S'. M. ISitili-iiu.v * ''
,A mwli'iig of ih-.- )!_im.::i.-' com-',
nuBf-ioner.- and the ho'tfil keepor'i'
v/iui held at ,tho cily Jiiili oi. I-'ri.
day aitenioon to il;:4*m,- lhe i.lot
miichino deadlock. Wo doclcion
aviis, arrived at in tho matfe-v.
Under tlio fmsplccs. oj,'tin- United -Mino Workers ul Anieik-a      ' '
.Will be held jit I?eraiq on Satiivtlay Doc. 21,
For the benuiU-of l.i'o.  Thcs.   Stc-clo,   Col'.-m:tii
who lost hiilli'.'liaiHis and an eye in a niim: accSJi-'nl.-
j hope to MU'eecil.   llejii'liliedlilsai-llon
! Iuul  i:i.i'iii,'V in advi.-lii*.; tho mim-r-i to
■ aeei-pt tl.n a^'tuuiii'-iit niiii poiutiid but
' that wliiiL v.-a.'i ilom: r.ii!- with iho run-
'' i-i'nt' <A the nii-ii ii-* I'Suiesiiod by tins
ij,..iiol s'uli', and Lbiit no 'iihli'ict in tin.
il, M. \V. of A, Wii:. cOinltielr.il upon a
vloiiKK-i'-uk: b.'1'.i-- like l'ii-'.Vlct )«.'   Un
I'lfj.i.il hy .'ipnc/iliiig to the mi'ii lo ccn'o
! their petty jealousy and co optraln lo-
] ,,'ulliL-i" fur tht nia.iiuyi. j;ood.
—— ;    Intoniiitloiii.l l.onrd   Mi.n.lior  Peter
Charles UrLan.'of Michel,    who ; Patli'r.iun   brlelly  kuvo a   ii'Mime of
celi'Ctucl to hnvo s-'.o.-dy trial   be* \ Inlui'nntioutil affalrn, and appciiled to
fore tho oounly court judge    in-.; ,|l0 ,M0„,b(.M*H to Into soinu Inteiest In
stead of waiting for the    assies - ,     Cl)mi„„. (.UtC-tlnit for Dlolr'.cl and
^*^^r^«to*-."S-^ffl; "•™»»""»»| ™'t''"''1 rm!'""";
eouit houfto here. ', urging tlie men to bo united and Kami
Tho charge Urban had to , face ■ ■.boulder to Khoubler during tlio hiinl
wus ono of     alleged withdrawing ' c 1 iiic-r» Unit may como upon llii-in.
from thn Canadian Hank of Com,, ,     ,     ' ...   ...,.,.,.,..„ ,i,ri ......1...
mnrco tho uiini of 6n« hundred and .    At u ° tl""> °',1    '<' -ll »/-f «"«« ll »"
forty   dollars,     tlm funds of the   tu.»ii, -Ian. Duiinlan, mAwA ior <|iiehtloiih
Hun};nrinn r-jnrioty,  of which    he   or vt'innrks from iiiiyone.   No ijuegtioiih
was   treasurer   from March Clbt,   W(.|-(,  nHked  nor  did  anyone   Hpeali,
100., to January of this year. '"n,uH ciulcd one nf tin* nin-t n.i'-i>*-.[iil
During a vi«t 01  Urban to   iho , I|„,„,|n(rH BVl,r ,„,,,, Bl Mk.,lrt by t|l0
Old Country,  thu allegud dewilca* . . ' m],
lions wero discovprcd,  niul   upon   'J'1*1"*-* UiiicntH.
his return to Michnl, after an ab- • ,.    q, .,—,-■
Roiico of some months, .tho prose*
t'lttion was commenced. What might have boon    a    very
Many    wilnessps    wire   brou.ht   CL-rious ace id on. t   rosultijig in    tho
forward for the prosecution,    but   loss of lifo, occurred this week on
''. '     'Vj'l   ',.   .     -.     .17,,.,,     ....       *,4_      i(/wu       bc«. /.«-._»     4_4<.i»i.»-4       tli<U
flictln**     owlnir  to    thn  tuft  thnt   iPuruli*. when  one of Xhf contr.'ic't
PIIT/.I-'.S: l-'t, Ub >*'»!id Gol.) Herd'.' Wudl. :.i.il a i~ h .n,'
imi, III. S..lid (iold I .iu:..--.' W.-itcl. ami ;i I ;,.l ■•■■ 1'..'..ith-ini Mowiiu'iit
l.-.l, Ilk ..('I.1! (ii bill laid I'.ralli.iv 1 iiiildaiui' Ib-.-iVh
irh, Ilk ;-',i!iil \}i.\A WI b lljin- I  7\  I'i'.i' l!r<-"i.-li
nub' I'ipn     ,
5th, I t.'ai'eof I'ipi-i '".lb,
TIOICHJTS     -     SOo
Prizes on exhibition for one week al Liphardt's window
l l«m w.mw.n.n-1 --ijai-rMiH wMiw-rtwirnir-milrfTTnir ^'¥ it- nr "-t"*-'-'- ■ ^f*^?^*"^*
Piv>iit.v"i*4.. C'jii*ta..t« .yamnjion Mhnv (the witnesses) did not und- ors of tho Groat Northern Bail*
wna summoned to Hosmer by wire |..*»-.innd tho Entjlir.h languugo and wny was returning to Fernio driv.
on Wednesday to Investigate some t tho int«rnr«*t*r "<*<.uld not und^r- *ng a team <vnd **iittr. At .-* very
troublo amongst the Slavs sottled hitand the full -ilrnineanri* of the 't.-e'p part of the toad, which is
iu   that district.    Bailey   Casock   advocate's .,ueries. nluo   narrow   at   this   point, thi*
was charged with assaulting   ono |    Owin»   to  the far*  ihnt  oiu" of   *.4>*v4.  «.(»nt  nw.r n... ,.,..v*,nV,„Mif
Xw-'.-.f-.i* »>y i.it.mg iiim on tne   iho   pririCipnl    witnesses  for    the   ,,nd  (.ne of   the hoi'Ht-s    was"   so
prosecution wu-p absent under doc- noriously injurud that it had to
tor's orders nnd could not pos- Ve shot, and the other ono was
■"-inly attmid euurt, the .Judge ad- seriously injured. Tho road be-
journod the case and released Ur- . tween. llosmer and IVrnie is in a
'.nn on bail, 5fi30() himself and , vory dangerous condition nnd
S30C. In SKuritv Tho bail forth- '. should bo attended to by the
-online. T'rhnn !?«■ rcl^.i*;-"-!. '' authoritli's. The 3»vow that Uaa
L. T. Eckstein was counsel for . tallen dnrin" the last week has
{..<» defense, nnd Sherwood H>r- * added to the dHngrr of nn nlw«y.»j
chmer for the prosecution. tdr.nperoufl road.
J i il
hend   with   a pieco of   cordwood
nnd Mat Golgie with a dinner-
jiail. At a preliminary hearing
before Jt, J. Cole, J, "P., Cosack
was committed for trial and was
subsequently tried by Judgo Wilson and sentenced to six month's
Imprisonment in Nelson jail. The
prisoner was removed to Nelson
Thursday by C0n.-l.1l.lu Law.
The doctor ij.ieMioii cniilininM lo
ngltalii thti iiilui'i'i' in varloiui eaiii|iii.
liomiu'i' in I ne rs 1.I1011I1I lm-l*-t upon
pelting a guild exprn-leuiTil pliyhlclnii
who will live at IfoMiiiar and Hilte miiiio
iiitci'i'i-t In tha wiiil-fi-rt iif Unit ennp,
If any doctor rci-tdves fiom I lie. work*
men *.!li>i or mure a uionth and einpl'iys
ainilhertodotbc work for *?l'J'i anionth,
wn call that i»raft. Worklmr umu sbetdil
pill a stop tu that kind of sweating.
AppUcnliotiS for clnirtcis for bncnl
UnlniiH liavc been recidvcd by t be iillicers
of District No. IH 1), M, W, of A. from
llm following camps ■ Hamilton and
Clover liar,'Alls.1 Khtevan, lloch I'orcce,
(' ..l!!*.!'1.' ;.;.'• H !..f..l! f. !--, ".... 1
Nk'nln'VMli'yJV'    ■
Tlm District Prchiilniit Is bu»y tr.vimr
t<i iX'KOt.ft.u contra*..!, fur thu following
iiiniest' Oniiada Went Coal and Uo.,
Dnggan lliiiitnuU aid Co., DoiiickIIc
D'til I'o., 'labcr, l.iillock and Uo., lire-
tiler and Co., Conl City, .lolm Hnwclls
and Co., l.Hinbton Conl Co., Steplicns
n'fid Co., Woodpecker, Altn.
Thn ftimin cnnl inlncn In thn Crow's
Netst Pans diftrlct of Alberta sni at
priwnt wnikliig sliott tlmo owing to
the csr uliortage nnd tbo, closlmr down
of lhe coko oven?.
Winking ineii wlio liavn a job nmy
do well to h-.ld il down lliLs winter.
Thcru aro many men walking around
looking for nnplnyiimm. Wo may
have a hard winter fnr tlio working
cl.'iis thin winter, ho linld your Jobs till
lho warm weather cmiii's iigaln.
Minors, bow would you like t.i work
for 1(1 liours per day and f;et *}l"i per
1/n/iiili and lioul'iiy That Ih what somo
of tint l.i^nUn iiiiin'i'i. Hn' doing In
Nuilhcrii Albe.ilii.
*  l.utlibrldgi! I« one of tlm best orgiin*
i/.iul  luWIih ill Wenti'lll  fiillllibl,' uvury
1 radii  lining  oiuani/.i-d.    Wbat'n  llm
niattei- with Fi'i-nli'*'
What allelic wuikuiii nf Kiiul Kool-
oimy dolnu In order to bo nroperly
icpicsimU-d at Ultuwa'. Kooleiuiy is
purolv an liidiistrlnl constltiienuv, and
mIiiiuIi" bo repi'CM'iili'd by a mmrfrom
llu: Ulliivn UH.illinr.
Tlle UiilU'is of Dlstilet No. IH should
liikcau inteii'Nt in llm coming election
(or International (.llicers, and every
Tin-inlier fchnnlil rnt.t IiIm vole T 1,
l.e it In sceiin* ulmiiht cm (aiu to hiicceed
.lohn Mitchell ns Pro. blent.
On Sunday night, Dec. 1, Rev,
Lashley Hall will <D, V.) deal
with the growth nnd meaning   of
"Ifite.iiatsonaUsii.," with pntUc-
ulnr reference to the Hague con-
for**n'*'» nnd oj.ji.ing International
iv_JI *.\ •.-..*■ >..
~XX\ r
:.,      "     \   '-     '
■»r»*>-w^ft-^*'*'*-M^,<**''-^ -» iwia>_.v*i_»i^l,wS4i^r)^
-    - >   -,„.-i7^'--"*-'S- '-•'*
,^.v ,-^M;'ir■'■*'"^-ti£i^^^-iaJ-^2Ss.',
c- •
i - i -. -t •'*! •, •- >j r»i
. . There was a good*-attendance on
Sunday'.night in the Union Hall
when the Ternie socialist party
held -  their     weekly , educational
* meeting.     I>Ir.  J.'  Shooter -presided,* and the meeting opened by the
. singing    of   a labor    song,    after
which'  Mr.  J. Harrington recited
""Thanatopsis."    Mr.   Chippendale
then sang. "Oro Pro Nobis."
• The speaker' of the evening, Mr.
W.  Mint on, was then called upon
' to give an address-on "Capitalistic Economics    of   Waste."      The
speaker,  during  the course of- his
remarks,   said:   We have ' all been
■'    taught  to believe there ■ was     no
w>iste whatever under our'-resent
system, 'but it was easily demon-,
strated    without -    any   statistics
whatever  that  there, was ' waste,
and a great amount, too, and we
could all'verify it from    personal
observation'.    It  could be    easily
.   .proved from the two principal in-*
-. dustries of cour, own locality.
The* mountains all around us were
clothed ■ with timber, but in course
of. time the timbermen came along
and cut it down and sent-it to the
mill. What „was done with the
residue? It was left „ just where
it -; had fallen,  and it formed    an
,. ideal, position for* a forest fire,
and when,a fire did occur,• thousands of good timber was destroy^
ed.- Then, when the timber got
to - the mill, there, was an endless
waste. Was there, no use '.for all
the odds and ends that was cut
of the' lumber?   Yes,  it could   be
0 burnt,, "and there was enough
waste to keep Fernie in firewood
■ ' all the winter, but the cry was it
, would not pay to cut it into firewood. Then"" what about the
waste in coal mining?. He „knew
a mine where only 25 per cent, of
the  coal was  extracted,    and"  it
- was .all because'their cry-was for
immediate' profits.' - The .same'
thing applied to "hydraulic* gold
Most' of the gold that was got
was for adornment purposes, and
■■***■» i /*. ir-i r\ T _. r>f»V"Tr/\ *J-V* p. v*t«* v. »-*.**•. r_ **. _•* *P •*■ •_• *I 1   __.
—i—T_*.-.<_*.—_._.*_. i,--.3v.v-v U-v,uc--|;urpOoc~Oi—nuil™-
- ity. It was a* waste of labor.
Take ,the case of- human labor and
the railways were responsible for
more- deaths than what "occurred
in the Boer war. One of the great
wastes of the- capitalist system
was its waste of .human life.
What, about the , armies and navies? .It  seemed  to-be  the   policy
n of the present system, to " maintain a portion of the human race
on purpose to.fight the other portion; the same with the penitentiary system, Sir Thomas 'Moore
says, you'first make a thief and
then punish him, and the largest
part of first offenders.' .Vip't..*.o
hardened criminals. There was 50
per cent, of tho human family en-
- gaged    in    non-productive  labor,
and it was time this waste of effort' was stopped' and we    began
to  put  our house in  order.     All'
this waste can bo done away with
*    when-we 'awaken to'a conscious*
n    iiess'of ourselves.    .. '
Tho address evoked a profitable
discussion,  and the  speaker    ap-
, penred    to    be at   his best when
answering  some   of  tbe questions
which-wero fired at him,'
The next meeting will bo held
at the usual time on Sunday
How much have they cost? How
much havo they gained?
Government statisticians have
collected figures which show that
during the twenty-five years from
3 881   to 1005, there wero 30,fiQ7
strikes-arid 1-,546-lockouts'*, in the0
United States.-•-■   ■ ,        ,.-=,- -■-     . ■"
These labor disturbances involved 199,945 " establishments and
'7;444,279 wage" earners. In consequence of . them-.'there was" a
direct financial, loss of;?5,00,000,-
000. ,    -.       -        ... 7 ' ..    •
-That's h'o'w much strikes .cost—,
in-money.      .■  ■  ' <•
What thev cost in life and suf-
* ... -i.
fering is beyord computation.
Have strikes paid, then?
We should say. unhesitatingly,
"Yes," and we shotild be glad to
tell you why we say l,"Yes."
- A strike is a protest. A- great
strike is an original protest.
' Some" of these organized protests .- have lost. The powers
against, which they iought have
been too mighty. ."All,their cost
in wages-and suffering, and sometimes life,' has seemed to go for
nothing. .Others have won, and
have brought fnen' self-respect and
recognition' \5and ; consideration.
They-have resulted in a certain
degree of economic' and social independence.. ,_. "■* '
It has been' the exception when
a great,strike was not inspired by
principle. One man may be unreasonable, but a federation so
immense that it increased last
year by 188,000 members moves
like,,an .army.'. -Organized., labor,
has now" enlisted 1,538,970 mem-,
bers, an, increase; of ,1,274,145
within the last ten^years.
One man; may i.fight.;because he
is quarrelsome; an.army goes on
the field for cause. , . ■ , ■
-, The American , -.Federation * of-
Labor has been holding its 27th,
anniversary convention at Jamestown. President Gomp.ers defined,
its attitude .when''he. said at the'
opening session: ,,
"Labor today stands erect, looking the world in the face, insisting'
upon equal treatment", equal 4-p-
portunity" and resenting .any - at-,
tempt at injustice or wrong.''
' Has' organized labor made mis-
takes? So has government.- So
has religion.' Even civilization
and human progress have    known
_i.r>, « +_*4-_*.r«_ e_+ (,-f a*l "-av__Q4-l_+*ho_U_ J4 T*,_
But" organized labor has helped
the world' on. It is one of -, the
bridges which are spanning tke
great chasm 'between the rich and
the poor. It' is one of the forces
which are compelling a recognition  of  the brotherhood  of man.
The strike's which" have,been 1 unjustified need 'not count. .The1
struggles which have cost human
life and human suffering are only
a' part of the onward movement..
The money loss is of no real im-,
portance. Even those almost, holy
battles which have been lost in
the "long fight against selfish"0""-1'
nnd migiic, tne'se"'may be set aside
also. They ought to have- been
won, but they were lost.
Well, no matter, '   '
The principle is there, and if. we
bolieve at all that the best must
win in the end, wo must be broad
visioried enough to see that everything that helps us toward that
best is good,'—Cincinatti i'tfit.
the blood the foul acids and waste
inatter which cause sickness and"
suffering. * Those of our * readers
who suffer can make no mistake
in giving- it a trial,-
commenc:m.nt;    making  640    acres,
more or less.,
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
W.E.' COATES,; JR.,      ,-,"■
- ,, .'Agent for .
'71* v      -  Locator.  ■
Witness—Thcs.  Slater.
i. Ccmme'nc'ng   at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east of
12.    mile p-_st cf   present C. P.   R.
Six inches of snow fell on* Tues
day,, - '     ' -,=*'■ . -,'-""-
. Lewis 'Herchmer has  named the'survey,  adjoining Block 4593  on the
baby. ^       - '        ,        -'   "■*'*•'',       •' iwe3,;. acd ■ being the, northeast cor-
■ Murphy has flown to  a warmer
Who  stole   the  sidewalks     that
we never had.       ... ,
John Hunter was visiting friends j
in town, lately. - *
School has been closed this week j
on'account of some repairs." I
• Two bankers, in -town'this week
cashing cheques.   ■ We are coming.
Band concerts at the drug store
every evening "is all the .go these
cold nights./ -■'     ._■"'■■,
Skating, has begun. The boys
have organized a hockey team to
play Fernie. ' We have money to
bet on our boys.
W. P.  Tierney' had a very good*
payroll; about 31,200 this, month.
Jack was busy all right.",     '.
A. B. Campbell seems to have
the boys coming his way. He
gives free entertainments- on the
new phonograph he has just received.' I guess all ..are welcome
at A. H's.' . ,
ei ' ■ ' '
Our C. P. P*. depot has been, improved very much since Mr. Eeagh
has'taken charge. It feels much
like summer when you' have', to
wait., in,-the depot for some . of
these fast trains. Mr. Keagh believes in keeping his place of business warm and comfortable for
the passengers waiting.
by loonl applications, as tlioy cannot roach tlio diseased portion or
tho oar. There Is only ono way to
euro deafness, ami that Is by con*
.itlt.illoi-.al ronivtllns. Duafimss Is
r-nufiod by an Inflamed, condition of
tho 111110110.1 lining of thu eu«limhlnn
'tubo. When thin tube In Inflamed
rnu ht.™ a riir-Mlng w„a tll <„„.
pprfoot heuri-i*-', and whim \x. w- entirely closed, dimfrtuiis U thn re-mlt,
uiul unless tho Inflammation enn Lu
taken ont nnd thia mlo reiloied to
ltd nonuiil condition, hearing will Ik
dortroyed forever! nine ci«c-» out of
ivi. *m ftauHbii hy cint»n>i, wjiieh in
tiothlns, but an Inflamed condition
of tbo muouos anrfaaot.
.Vu wlll giro Ono Hundred I)oll«r«
for any cafe of dcafneii (uitiittid  by
catarrh) thnt unnuot bo cured   by
HnllVi Catnrrh Curo.-S-^nd for olr-
. fiulnrn, freo,
f. J. CJIUS-vv .V, CXI.. Tolmln.    n.
Tako Ihill'n rnially IM'g for u0„.
It took a jury just three minutes ae Duluth last week.to decide
upon a verdict of-acquittal in the
case af a striking miner,who was
arrested by a United States Steel
Corporation' thug because the
miner threatened to shoot the
detective if*1 he entered his house
without a warrant. Newspapers
up the lake are commenting upon
the remarkable fact that of "the
many arrests made not one miner
has been convicted by judge or
jury, ■ The United States Steel
Corporation had-instituted a reign'
ol-Nrrov -in, the - hope of 'acarii-if-
the ,'miners back to work, 15'jit
failed ignominiously. . .
jn;r"i.-psi' bf P Anna .Belden's .claim;
th-:nc3 west SO chains; thence south
8} chains; thence east SO' chains;
tlience nci'ili 80 chains,to a point of
cbmmenc:ment,*   making    640.   acres,
msre cr"lTss. 	
Located this 17th day of Aug., 1S07.,
,W. B. COATES,* JR.,
■ Agent for
'.',    ANN A,'BELDEN," ."   '
Wit:ic6S-:ThoB.' Slater.-' ■ '
5. Commsucing, at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
Of 27 rxiile post of present C." P..R.
survey,"-adjoining Block 4593 oh the
west, and being the.-'southeast' cbr-;
Tier post,of George L. Belden's claim
thence' west' 80 ehains;- thence- north
St. chains; .thence-, east '80 chains;
thence south'- 80 chain's to-a-point-of
commencement",', making .640 -acres",
mora"or less. s       ,     '••'.'-
Lo'sited\thls] 17th day of Oct., 1S07.
.    ••   ' W.'E. COATES, JR., / j     ,  .
•" „'*   7      "   ,, Agent for
-,   .. V..' * '       "-.     7. Locator.   ,
vVitiicss-fthos.' Slater. .i
6. Commencing at. a post- planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
of 27 mile post .of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, -and being' the southwest corner of Mrs. Bonnie Belden's" claim;
thence east 80 chains; thence north
St chains;,- - thence west 80 ehains;
thence south 80. chains to a point of
commencement, „ making 640 * acres,
more or. less.
;,Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907..
'TiT_i^*m /*ia a rnT*ir? *-*•-»*•*
 ; \y~r~ ej.-^ V3UA"! a O~;~0 iwy^—^y' ;
Prepare il at Home by Shaking
Ingredients Well in a
What will appear very interest**
ing to many peoplo hero is ■ tho
articlo taken from a New York
dnily papor, giving a simple prescription, as formulated by a
noted authority, who elnlms that
ho has found a positive remedy to
euro almost any case of backache
or kidney or bladder derangement'
in the following slmplo prescription, if taken before thc stage of
Bright'** diseaso.'
Fluid Extract   Dnndeloln,    one*
half   ounce,   Compound   ICnrgon, I27■ nills   prst of     pnecnt   0, V. ll.
j one ounce; Compound Syrup San> j«-rvoy, ndjolrirg Ulcelt J50.J on tlie
ii?i-.i'.lli\ three ounces.   Shako,noil i,v-8-i "»'■* 1)Cl"S  tho  L-oiitliW3Ht cor-
NOTICE is hereby Riven.,that 'ixi
days after date I intend to apply to
tho Hull. Chief Commissioner of
hmids and Wor'is for' a liccnso. to'
prospect tor coal ami petroleum ou
tho lollowlng lunds sitnnto in tlie
illatrlct of Southeast Kootenay.
British CclumUti, L'lnol.  .593. "
1. Commencing at a pest planted nt.
or nwr at a point ono mile cast of
27 milo post .of present G.P , R. biv.'-
vcy, ndjuin'.rit; bloctc 459a on tlio
west, and bring the southeast corner post of Bcruice Belden's clnlm;
liien.o nortii SO cluuns; thence west
tO chains; tlunce south 80 chains;
thence o.'iSt SO chains to a point if
c.mincncemont, malting C40 acres,
liioro or less. '
Ljcattd this 17th ilny cf Oct. 1907.
VV. 13. C0AT1SB, JR„
Agent for
'   DiailNICB BELDEN, .
WltirsB-Thcs. Bl..tn.
2, Conimencln.; i.t. a poBt plnnti'il
nt or near at n point 1 mile er.st of
'.11. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point-1 mile east of
29 mile post'of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining Block. 4593 on the
west, and being the northwest cor:
ner post of John D.,'' Peterson's
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
east' 80,'chains; thence-i north''80
chains; thence west 80.chains, to a
pbint„of commencement,-mtking 640
acres7more or less, -.- ; '
" Located, this 19th day bf Oct., 1907.
■*   "V     i
-,.,.,'-*   ,7*f*.';     ..Agent for'
.'JOHN.' D.   PETERSON,".  .
.   .    "      - Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.    '
15. Comm-mcing at a post planted
at or near at - ii point 3 miles. east
of 29 mile post of present C. P. R.
surveyiadjoin'ng,. Block 4593 on the
west,. and being -the northwest corner-post of,Nicholas Bangs' claim;
thence south SO chains; thence east
80'chains;, 'thence north 80' chains;
thence-west'80 chains to'a* point of
commencement;,- - making ■ 640 • acres,
more or*less. '   '• *■' '-," -'
Located Lthis ' 19th day of Oct., 1907.
"y   •'_'   W. E. COATES, JR.-;
.■■■■■■ ','..'',*. ■ -1 Agent for-
■;>    .NICHOLAS- BANGS,'      -   ''"
'   ,-*''"■'   ';•;-'    '•■--r*'■-■ 7;'•"•'■'.'' L'ocator;'"-'
Wiiiness—Thd'e." Sla'ter.'' ','„>; ,,'-'.*;  ,';■
': lifPCommencing -ai a'^post't'pla'nted.
at or near at :a point""3 'miiesr^ast
of 29 mile post" of'present C. _. P. R.
survey, ••adjoining-.Block>4593\ on =the
west', ..and-'-being "the1' northeast-''corner post of Julius ;.' Kribb's'":;ciairii;
thence SDUth'80 chains; ..thence "west
80 chain's; • thence ' north> 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains'to'a'point"- of
commencement,, making 640 acres,
more or less.
.Located this 19thday of Oct., 1907.
' "    -W. E. COATES,'* JR.,   .
 r 'Agent"for ,
"    ,"     - *' ,.. '. ■ -Locato:. ■
Witness—Thcs.' Slater,  ,
7. Commencing.at a post planted! •
at' or near the-northeast corner of-
the "J. P.' Silverman claim, and
being- northwest'*'corner of VI. Darby's/claim, and' marked Vi;..Darby;
northwest-cornor; thence 80 chains:
south; thence SO chains east; thence *
80 chains north; 'thonce,80 chains'
west to place - of., commencement.- '   ;'
Located  this 25th day of Oct.,'1907.
' .. ... ..W7DAR1JY..    „,   .-       ., . ,      .,
."    . -   * Locator.
'i,    '• ",     . -     -. , *    Agent.'.
Witness—John "XIcDoiiald7        ' ■*   .
8. Commeiiclmr nt a' post, planted
nt or iiour-'W. Darb.v",* northwest c'or-.
lier, an'd being' southwest corner oi
11. Lamoruicx's clniin, una.- ]j.fiJ5rkC4l,-
13. Ijamovuibx's, .southwest ;*, corner;
tlicnco 80 chniii's north; thonce 80
chains east; thenco 80 chains south;
thence SO chains west'.to place of ,
commencement. --..-,
■Located  this 125th day of Oct., 1907"
-  ' - •       .'      .'    Locator.   -*-
'   -    '       '..,,..•' Agent.'"'
Witness—John -McDonald. -
in a Lottie uud tii'io in teaspoon-
j ful doses ai'tor each meal aud
, iirjf.in at bedtinie.
.,v \.
i. r ****.    t"
..i.s   t
nor ji.st of Mrs- Po^rl lUdd-.n'.-i
clnlm; ihence est 8*i chnlns; tlicnco
tiir.h   SO cl..'.."F;     tliir.ee   wc.t    fd
r\"\'\v    Ih «*•   i"."l'i   Ht   pXtiXrt.  tr,   n
.,'''"', '    Agent for
. * '     MRS.   BONNIE  BELDEN,
i.   *. , ■     -. Locator.
Witness—Thcs.  Slater.     -- ' ';   '
7. Commencing at,a post planted
at or ncr at" a' point 3 miles east
of 27 mile post of present- C P. R.
survey, adjoining Block,4593 on"the
west, and being the northwest cor-
n.r'post of Mrs. "Bernice Belden's
cl;.im; thence south SO chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence north , 80
c':a'ns; thence west' 80 chains to a
point of commencomont,- making" 640
acres, more or less.
Located t'-ils 17th dny of Oct.,'1907.
W.  E.  COATi.S,   JR.;     ,
Agent for
'       ■     l\hlS.   BERNICE   BELDEN,
' -'■      , • Locator.
Witncss-Thcs.  Slater.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
of 27 milo post of present O, P, fl,
survey, adjoining Block -1093 on the
wist, and being the northwest corner post of Nicholas A. Bangs'
claim; thenco' south 80 chains; thenco
least 80 chains; thenco nortii 80
chains; thenco west 80 'chains to a
point of commencement, making G40
acres, more or less.
Locat.d this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
Agent for
W. E.  COATES,  JR.,.
ii Locator.
Wltness-TlioH. Slater,
9. Commencing at a post planted
at or near nt a point 1 milo oast
cf 29 milo poet of prtBcnt C. P. U,
surrey, adjoining Block 4G93 on the
west, nnd being tho southeast cor-
■er poBt of Frederick 0, Dnnu's
claim; tlumco north 80 chains; thence
west £0 cluinBj thenco nouth 80
chains; thenco oast 80 chains to «
point of cn.rruncen.i'nt, making 040'
acres, moie or less.
l.oeutid this 18th dny of Oct.,   1007.
W. B.  COATI'.H,  JR.,
Agent for
PilEDKWCK   C.   11ANC1H,
W (■•-eq.-Thrp  - C'lofrf
'. ■■' notice;,, ; / -»'
NOTICE is hereby" given;that 30
days after date I intend to . apply
to the'Hon. Chief * Commissioner - of
Lands and Works--for-a   license .to
IVryi'o, w'r>n ri'lril ■-.'nivdiri'r   1h<n ' I'oliit  ol  rommencpnifnt, nuiVlnif f-IO
I pivscriptlon, ntatml that tlfe    Jn-'Mr.'n irnro r-t Ifi'f*.
! j;redients   nro  all    hnrmlci"3,  and
can* bn obtlined at a -*mall    cost*
irom     any
C'ood prescription
ey, ?r i'j- ::.?.*:i*::-c v.-j-jII
j Ko put up if ashed to do so. Ho
j lurthor stated that while this pre* WltifBB—The*, filnttr.
{fjcription is often prescribed in
i rheumatic ;if.,ietio»*'. with i-plen-
! did result!-, he cou'd seo no rear.*
id, Ci,;u.tiu..'..ii; ut a pool ulaiiieit
ICBited IhlB 17th dny rf O.t-, 1-07. •*' "uB"'ftt ^V^ T "
rv   v   ri\kvwu    tn \ *2J n,,,e Pc8t ci l'r***>l C, V. It. t>ur-
W. E. UXAFLH. jni,|    ^    jt{y(   H(lolrjlnK    u,ock  im  on    thi}
wist, nnd lulng the southwest   <<or-
'rn v/hy it -/oild n-it >-e ,t f.p'et* ;27 mile po«1 ot rr<rent    C.    I».    It,
. Jid  m.i.'dy for Lfdr.i>y rnd win* 'H'rviy. ftdjolnlnu Pkcli 4511 an thc
;•>,.'   li'- ■.)!•*   -. t:-l   i - *- Ir .-<*"* r •,   r, •   )'    «' «\  .■n*'1   Tin,"  1h«  tr rl)ii< ret    rrir
hm, a  i frill...;- a-tiu.i    ri ou    tho   ' ti |'.'-'   of O r iiii'.c n.M.Ti'.'i cl.il.n;
ncr rost of Bertha Mllltr-fl claim;
'ithrnce nvrth 80 chains; thenco east
:80 chnlns;   tlience   south 80 chains;
I. Commrncinv! nt a  prst plnnted :Ul,nCc Wl8t 80 eba,n» to « P°lnt   °r
t it ne.tr at a point 1 mile east of joommineement.    making    C-tO acres,
Soil hy druc-lBta, 7Cc.
hif.i'y   -trili •■tr"-   • 1> ,n« liu,'     •.■*.»»o   fli HP"    n<i
au; :    I  .;m   '. ,-'.   -r.-.n*   jti.'  h»*l'i*   'il ilialn1-'
h  Ut 'h I •:■*■.  theiii*e   r-ps*
t! c-ro   , t.'i'i   !* i  cti in**,
more tr lesss.
h: c.iUA this .10th d„y of Cci., 1C07
W. K.  roATV*.   JR .
A;;ait fi.r
.it(j tiu-iii to s-iit  nnd tilter    irom   ill me went *•"» ili'ii«.*t to a pi.-lnt r.-l   V.'.t'.vt*!   Tln.s. Hi..Ur.
prospect"foF*ci)ar_a"nd Tppcraieu m~o tr
the following described lands situated in thc district, of Southeast Kootenay, Province of British', Columbia.
* 1,, Commencing at n.post planted
at or near one mile east of. C. 1'. K.
line at 27 mile post,-Block",-109.1,
and being southeast corner of S. M.
Moore's' claim end marked" S. IM.
Moore southeast corner; iheuce 80
chains west;" thence 80'chains north;'
thence SO chains east; thenco 80
chains .south to pln'co of commencement.
Located* this 25th dny ol* Oct., 1007
'-   Locator,
■   .BAPTISE  , L.UIOUU110X, ,
Witness—.lohn McDi-nnlil.'  '-   •
2. Commencing at a post plantod
nt or lietirS. iM, Moore's southeast
corner, and liein*.; tho northeast corner of A, IV'l-toehford.s cluim', nnd
marlied Ai- C, 'Hochford northeast
eotner; tlience 80 clininswest; thonco
SO chnlns south: them-'o 80 chains
oitht; ■ thonce 80' cliains north to
jiliico of eiimmeiicomoiit.
'Loc.ited   IhiK 2,"th' Any at Oct., 1007
,i. c. jy.cnji'ou..;
Liiuivtor, -.
IlAl'TISE    L\MOHL'llCX,   ,
Witness—John ^Icl.oimld.
!5, Co'niinc'iicing nt n' jiost planted
nt nr "nonr .1, (.'. Ilochfnrd north
oust corntr, nnd being iioriheusi eiir-
ner of i), Uoliortson's claim nud
marked A, Roliei'tHnii northwest uur-
nerj thonco Ht) clminu south; thoneu
HO chuiiiH PUKtj tlioneo HO CllltlllH
mirth; thenco SO chains west to
place of commencement,.
Located this i.'itli ilny id Oct., 100
.). HOllKUTBO.V,,.,
I ■j'.'ntor.
Witness—John Mi'lKinuld.
A, Cominominu nt u i'ist plnnted
nt or nonr .1, HobortHiin's northwest
ennioi', nnd liolnir Kiiuthw.'Ht corner
of .1 olin AlcUoiuild'N I'litiiii, nnd
llinrkud John McUiii'iilil; t'li'iu-f HO
chuiiiH, north; tlieni'it HO i.'IiiiImh uiiHt;
tlinnri) HO I'linlns Hiiulh: thi'iiio bt)
chnlns west to plniu nf < ommonco-
L-ciited this S.'th dny uf tlit., lOOi'
Wlti'.i'-t-.i—.lohn  .Mi'P'iiiuld.
!\. Ciiiiini'iii-rg nt n post | 1-iiit "d
ut or ni'.tr nro mlln frnm the south*
iMiht eoi'i-er *if J. Mi;I)uIHi1.1'h clniin.
iuul lu'lnij HiiiitheiiKt enriier i i A.
IIIui'h clniin, and iiini-l'.fil 'A.  ltk'o'ii
hiiMllli'llHt     i'iiI'IU'I"!'   tlll,''lCi'  ."11    i'1'lllllh
west; thi'iico SO chiiii'd nnrlli; tl'i'iuv
.     .'   '  -i '      :'   .     '''*'J 4*   '...*
vomh t't i'1'ii'o ot I'Miimin'ii'i'ini'iit.
l,Ov'< t..'i|  t'llw •J.H'i.dny ol Oct., UI07
'    A. JMCK,
Wit ii'«HH—John McHiin.il'.l.
U. (.'omiiu.'iii-|ii(r tit n p4i**t plitlilud
ut or iieiir MiuthiMht oiniirr of iho
A, llleu i-htiiii, iiud li'iiiK iiiirtlieiiht
enrnor of .1. P'* "SU\t rniuTi'H i-Ielin,
uud mni'ld'd J. I*\ Hlhi.'i'iii.ni's i.otth
i-iiM ciinii.'!'; thi'iii-n *<0 I'hnliiH uust;
l!.i;'u-u HO chains m.i.IIi;     ■ hi'i.co ' t)
l'.|.li..t4    I'.llil ,    l'..l',44!    '.-"t)       l,.li.if,     |4,',Vll
tn jitn.-o nf i-i'iiimi' iivmeni.
I.* i'.i i.. i  t';!-,' :>r\i*i i.i ■   • mi , ■• cr
.1.   T.   :-'tl.Vr.l!M',N,
l.o* >tt.r,
*i\**t:.'!'.   !.'.*! iiMtr.*:
V.it «.K*>—J.,!iii Mi pMinil!.
^"-  •■"    NOTICE
,' NOTICE is;hereby' giveil' that ."HO
days after.'date" 1 intend to'apply to
the -Hon." Chief Commissioner of
Lands and .-Works for a liolnso ,. tc*
prospect for coal.and,.petroleum ' oii
the folloelting v described lands situated in the district of Southeast
Kootenay, Province of British -Columbia.   -' . - ' .
... .* .
- • 1.  Commencing at a post5, ".planted
at or   near one "milo oast of C. P.i
R. line at the 29. mile post,, and be- -.
ing southeast corner of J. L. King's
claim,  and    marked  ■ J.   I,.  King's."
.southeast  corner;' thenco 80  • chaius
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
■ SO    chains  east:    thence  80  chains
south to place of commencement.
.   Located   this 24th dny of Oct., 1007\
;      J. L. KiNG,-
■."'■'' *        Locator. '
* --    BAPTISE    LAMOKUIEX', .
-' '"      '.', ■" ;'Agent.- -   '
Witness—John McDonald.""   '
2.  Cominencing at as post' planted '
at - or near', southeast corner "of J.  ■
L.  King's- claim',  and being    northeast- corner  of D.   C.  Brain's' claim,
and marked D.  O. Brian's northeast '■ -
corner; thence 80 chains west; thenco '
SO   chains   south;   thence   80   chains
^cast;'thence 80-chains north to placo *
1>f "commencement.    -,»
Located this 25th'day of Oct., 1007
,D.  C.-DKAIN,
,. .   ,.        ",          .        '*• .Locator.
. j_   IIAIHISK LAMOllUUili^, S
Witness—John McDonald.
.-  3.  Commencing at a post   planted,
at or near northeast corner- of D. C'
Drain's  claim,   and  being  northwest
corner of the A.  A. Sparks'    claim,,
and  marked     A. A.  Sparks'  northwest corner; thenco 80 chains   east; '
tlieni-e.SO  chuins south; .'thence    80
chains west;  thenco ' 80' chains north
to plncc of commencement;       ■
Located  this 24th day of Oct., 1007
A.  A.  SPARKS,"    "'
Witness—John McDonald.
•1. Commencing at, a. post planted,
nt or near northwest corner of    A.
A. Sparks' clnlm, nnd being   southwest .corner of.thu A. Good    cluim,"
nnd marked Andy Good's nouth west
cornel'; ,thence 80 chnlns enst'; thenco
80  chains  north;   thenco  80'  ihnina.
west;     thenco 80 chains south     to
plnce of commencement.
Locnled   this 24th dny of Oct., 1!.'07
A,  GOOD,  '
„ ..ocular.
...   ' '       Agent.
'Witness—.lolui McDonald.'    -
.">.  Ciiiiiimmi'liig nt a cost    [.'hinted
at or iii-ar <>r.i> mile fiMiu lhe muth-
enst corner in' A, tlood's tlimu, and
being  smit'-en.'-.t  curlier:- nf    J I.     U,
Oiuiilile's chim, mul innr.Mjl    H.  11.
(luiiilile's soutiieust eornoi"; llif.'iCoSO
elmliiH ivi'Hi'; iln'ii-'c y-n ehnlns ninth;
Uioiicli   HO   chains bust;     I hence b0-
elinins south to place ,of comiiioiu'o-'
Locntml  this 2 Ith ilny of Oct., 100-7
Witness—John McDonnld.
(I. Commencing nt a post plnnted'
at or near southeast cornor oMI. It.
GiiiiiIiIii'h elnlm, nnd being north-
wist corner of J, MurJd'H clnlm, nnd
iiiurkod .1. Murid's northoiiKt cornor;
thoni'ii R0 chuiiiH wohI,; thonco HO'
Clin Ins smith; tlu-neo HO chnlns enst;
thenco 80 i'IiiiIiih north to plnco of
H.VPTISK    LAMllljrj.V,
Witness—John McDonnld,
7. Cniimielicliig ut n' post pliiuted
nt or iiimi- nnitliiMSt ciiiiiei- nf „l,
.Murld'H clnlui, und ludiig northsvnt,
enriii'i' of .1, V, lr\\la's i'lnim, nml
iiiiirlii'd .1, F. Invlii'H niirtluvi.i.t enr-
iier; tlunce Ho chuiiiH South; t; o„co
HO, cIuiliiH in: l; tli* nee SO cli.iliw
iiorlli;     thencri HO cIiiiIiih  wont     tn
plill'fl   nf   I'OtnilK'lli'clllG'H,
Loco (ed  thl>i 21th ilnv nf'o (.. H'fir
./. f, IHMIX,
HAl'TIHI'l  T.VMOm'lKX'.
WltU-Si-J.-.iu MrDdM'.KI. ,
8. Cniniiiciiclnj- nt n po«t | l.intod
nt or nf.ir the nnrthwnm enrnor nf
A. h\ Inviii'H clnlm, and thlixt; i.onili
wost C'jrii»r f f 1\, IJ. Gnmlili*'s iliiin,
mid imirked it. J|; (Jumble's ao'it**-
wcht eiiiiicr; thenco HO chnlns enst:
llii'ine 80 elm ins ninth; ' xhttwyt **'f>
I'lmliis west: thenco HO chnlns flmiih.
tn pltn'i.' nf coninienroninnt.
I.oc.iifd   tilH 2llh dry nf Orf,, lf.0.*
f .I'-utiir,
UAi i'i-.i;     I,A l«)Ui II.,.',
V.illl. *.. —,».4l,n M-*Ji  r«|.|.
i^n^d'** LI.".;mesit, Curvd UlpntluLv,
•  I FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE,  B.      C, NOVEMBER 30, 1907.
A Pure, Wholesome, Reliable
Cream ol Tartar Baking Powder
"—"~m The cream of tartar used in Dr. Price's Baking Powder gZZZ
IZTg is derived from grapes in the exact'form and compost- .■-—^-
tion in which it occurs in that. luscious, healthful fruit   |zZT
Improves the Flavor and Adds
To the Healthtulness of the Food
Its Use ix Protection ai\d
at Guarantee Against
Alum Food
' Michel;' B. ;C. Nov, 27.— John
Symatnik, a' Polish miner, -was
' fatally injured *' in. - the mines
here. He was " employed as
a rope rider on" the incline in the.mine," which is very
steep.' Symatnik was at work at
the bottom of the track while . a
■load of timber was being lowered,
when,the coupling broke and several cats broke loose, dropping
down hill at'.a .terrific "speed, run-'
ning over the unfortunate victim
who-had either not heard the' on-
rushing cars or else, had been unable to' clear the - track.'He, was
picked up - in - an unconscious condition and.taken to "the1 hospital,
_"_where medical''assistance'was    at
=5=once***ra-t-7=h.ai*d,  ■ but—i*e=rnever=7=re—
.gained-'consciousness,  "and    died
shortly,   -after."-,,      Upon     examination it  was found  that not  a
. bone in his body was broken, but
.he  had    received' internal injuries
- ' which caused his death.   *
S. E. WALKER, President      ,  ,
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager ,..
A. H. IRELAND, Superiiiteadent nf '
„ Branches
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - -7 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout* Canada, and in t!:a United States and England
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever In
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Fernie  Branch
Y       IN   CROW'S   NEST   PASS
• Winnipeg, Novl 16—Sir William
VanHorne, chairman of the board
.cf, directors of.the C.P; R., is in
the city with H. J. Whigam, of
New York;.W. K. Whigam, London,, England, and' others. - Sir
William mentioned that he bad
come west on his,'- annual trip
which had, now for - many years
been a regular institution, He
would go out to Selkirk to'havo
a look at his farm, i.hovi^h he
was afraid he was neglecting- lis
"hobby; as last year he had. only
spent a couple of hours at Selkirk, On Monday he and his
friends, went west to Moosejaw,
from where' they would* tako tho
Soo line and travel'over the portion of thut line west to St. Paul.
With .regard to C, P, R. developments he excused himself bo referring to Sir Thomas Shaugh-
.nwssy's visit. Sir Thonias, ho
said, was now tho' recognized
.spokesman ,of the road, and* no
doubt he had coverud the ground
whin last in Winnipeg-. As far1 as
he (Sir William) knew, thoro was
nothing in innnediato preparation.
Ho thought the Soo-Spolrano
lino was destined to become a
great artery of tho west. Asked
with regard to tiro financial
stringency, Sir William said that
anything lie or • anybody olso
could suy was only a pious opinion and probably not wqith tho
breath it wus uttorod with,
With nn ironical twinkle in his
eye, Sir William professed to know
much less about present western
conditions than his interviewer,
Ho ventured the statement, how-
over, that any depression was
.artificial, and the prosperity of
tho west rested ou far too sound
.u. basis to he set back for any
lengtn ot   time.    Ait tae tanners
MOM..]   pttlhAllly IKfltt    Ai,     Much
jn hard cush for this year's crop
«» for the Ust year, he did not
see that there watt any kick coming.
Vijr Wittuun Vanliorn jnenuoned
that the gentlemen who were
travelling with him were interested in the Soo line. Ho would not
say whether they contemplated operations of any kind in the west.
Thi>y w^ri» well-known nnnneier.-i.
"You never can tell," said Sir
'William.—Southern Alberta JTowa.
(From Mine Workers Journal)
.* "Recently my attention was ..called-to a newspaper story which has
-been given' wide circulation to tho
effect thatiripon the expiration, of
my',term as president of .the TJ.
M.' W. of A. I am to'receive ' an-
appointment to -some high political . office, the impression being
conveyed that-1 am retiring preparatory to accepting such a po-,
sition.      "'•',■'
' I have no information as to the
origin of this story, but whatever
its source or purpose, I wish" .to
say that:so far as I am concerned;
no1' tender of. any political appointment has been made' to me, and
if ■ such a move is -contemplated ■ I
l*n^w-al>s"6"lut"ny^otKing aboWTtTT
,It is'both painful and distaste-
ml to ma to be called upon to discuss matters of this character, especially at a time when I am incapacitated by,illness,' but I take
this occasion to emphasize as
strongly as po'ssible.-.the statement
hitherto. made, that my retirement
is based solely upon impaired
health and the consequent feeling
that, as a. result thereof, I can
not give to the organization that
character of service that is ' re-,
quired and* properly, expected" of
its president,
- It is probably natural that there
should be some speculation as to
my future,, and in* order that
wrong impressions may not be.
formed or credence be given to
unfounded rumors—some of them
possibly calculated to do me injury—I wislv to state that I have
made no arrangements and reached
no conclusions as to what I shall
do after April. 1, and so far as I
nm now able to say, I shall not
decide a3 to my futuro work until
my term of ofiice .shall have expired,   Yours truly,
President U. M, W. of A,
Undertakers & Embalmersf
■g    . ' AGENTS   FOR j|
M    -, The"" Calgary" Marble   &   Granite  Works      „ •«$
M   ;     'The"  Kootenay'. Marble    Works,,  Nelson ' 77K
if Samples Can tie Seen at the Office. Parlors h body's Block $£
Two car loads just*arrived. : Come in and  take
your choice while 'our stock' is complete at.  , ,.
QTT ATT'i'S'' Hardware & Furniture
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Phone 4
,Fresh, and Salt Meats..   Poultry .and
Fish.     Fresh Eggs and Dairy Butter.'
Edmonton, Alta,, Nov. SO, 1G07
To Trades Councils, Local Trades
Unions Society of Equity and
■Other Organizations Actively
Engaged in tho Labor Movement:
Dear Sirs and Brothers!
In obedience to tho command of
tho Twenty-third Annual Convention of tho Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada, held at Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 10-21, 1007,
we issue this call for a convention
to bo held in tho Trades and Labor Council's Hall, Stophon Avo.,
Calgary, on Saturday, December
J-Ith, 1007. The convention • will
be cnlled to order at 0 a.in.
The purpouo of tho convenelon
is to draft a political platform on
whicii me trades unionists and
Sm met a of Alberta may uuttc and
concentrate their efforts so as to
more! effectively secure that recognition of their needs and requirements which the present political
div.Mont dtny them. It were useless, for us to blind ourselves to
the fact that the laborer {rets just
what he shows a determination
to have, und In no way can he
mor* emphatically enter his profit than In thi- MeeMon of men.
who enter the halls of legislation
pledged to  advance his interests.
In 'this work we ask your co-operation grid support and request
you to send a delegate, .*
The convention will be for., one
day only, -and will assemble
prompt "at 0 a.m., when delegates
will please hand their credentials
to tha secretary. The, convention
will bo private, but union men
will bo admitted as visitors on
producing a union card in. good
standing. ■
Thc .Canadian Pacific Railway
Company has offered the following
rates to delegates to tho convention on purchasing singlo lava
ticket and securing standard certificate as a receipt:
If thero are 100 delegates with
standard certificates tho return
faro will bo freo.
If there are less than 100 and
moro than S5 with standard certificates, return one-third tho faro,
If thero are less than 25 with
standard certificates, return journey will be two-thirds tho fare.
All    delegates   whon     securing
tickots will ask for standard certificates as a rocolpt for sumo and
deposit tho certificates with    tho
convention    secretary,   who    will
make tho necessary arrangomonts
for   tho   return   trip.     Dolegates
must not purchaso return tickots,
ns theso do not securo any bono*
fits and aro not roeognized by the
railway company as counting to
the number in attendance,    Delegates, thorefore, be sure and   follow out these instructions,
Vice .President,'Coleman.
Secrotary,    Drawor 1802, Edmonton.
••OrHBrit!im^7*aKJKUllt>V#      ■IHHB.IBJiB-gaEq
The   weary : traveller*.in search ot a   good
home, 'plenty to eat and something good to,
drink should go to   •■•'-,.
The King- Edward; Hotel
J. L.  Gates,   Proprietor \
Fernie, B.C.
Corner Hanson St.-
& Victoria Ave. •••
We nre the .largest retail'dealers of Tobaccos and .Cigars
in Fernie. We sell only reliable stock. '' Our range of
Pipes is, the most complete and best selected stock in
town, Don't forget tlio Fernio Cigar Store* when in nee<V
of a goc4 snioftc. • ■ " ■'    ■.■■■—■■■ •• ■•■
Address i 04.
Tel. 19   t
?;•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•!•♦•->♦♦♦•> aaaam*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
If you want a fine timepiece, %o
to Lipnart's. He carries the
Waltham, Elgin, Agassis, md
Pay, your housekeeping bills by cheque,
againsl: an account
withThe Home Bank
of Canada. Paying
through the bank is
safer than paying
with cash out of hand.
Your cheque is a
receipt and we return
your cheques to you at
the end of the month
with your account
accurately balanced.
of Canada.
Western Canada
Co-operative & Trading Co,, Ltd.
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General   Merchandise
Coleman :-: Alia. 3?
®®®©s^<s: $$c£(i®(^d$®$rd®®<i^/£(*y$$ <&^®q®&§®^?!®q
A Paying
It will pay you to look
over our *stock of Fool-
wear for Fall and Winter
use.   Our stock's complete
SOX at Lowest Prices
W. R. McDougall
205 Victoria Ave, Fernie
LuUcLui nUu-ul t5 VillllltJI oji®^-«®s®©?^^^^
, *■■* ^-..--^.l-.^^
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
Issued every Saturday  from' the Oflico of
Publication, Todd Blook, Victoria Ave., --
•-Kermo, British Columbia. "  "
. All changes of acU. must he In as follows:—
Pages, i and 5,2 p. m, Tuesday ; panes J,anil. 4,
-8p.m. Thursday, and page 0,2 l>.m. "Friday.
We will be unable to insure change.unless
■ this rule is complied with. -
Leg.il advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per lino each sulfee-
Quent insertion. . •:.
Bates for contract advertising on applioa-
tiouat oilico of publication, Todd Block.    -- '"
T.T.JOHN;       F. H. SHERMAN,
,'.      * Editor ,. Manager
To ;;,.-•;'■
<UNION [&fjUiBfV>
The retirement from tho. contest (or
jtliij Pr'oijideii'cy of pisjtrigt 13 ,U,'M. W.
ot 'A. of '.James  Bougias, d  otichol,
' 'whose letter we publish" on thc. front
1 page of this ist.ue and who was tho only
.'•nominee  from  the-various'locals  of
■   District 18 to oppose t ho existing regime,
-   must bo taken as a'compliment to .lhe
present conduct  of  affairs, ■*■ and .'Mr,'
Douglas's letter is straightforward and
wo understand his decision in this matter is irrevocable.   President Sherman
no w stands for another term*of .office,
without an opponent, which is in itself
a,matter of extreme'significance. „
The position of President, who repre-,
sont's a community ok so many eoniiict-'
ing interests and Labqr diilii:iiltk'|, ■u:il
1 that can command, tho cui'lidciieo of
hose lie Ecrvus,' without oi)pohition)
must he very gratifying to Mr- Sherman,
A_£AVV>\T> \?t. VIA 4j> \1*
If you want to -invest .your
. "money .where it will  be.
perfectly-   safe/and   at  the
same time brine-larger  return's than .'elsewhere
This is "the" last   issue  of  "The
"Ledger"  fief ore the  election of  officers .for .District. IS, .TJn.ited.Mine
■Workers, of " America takes i">lace.
If  accumtilated  experience; in1 the
matter    of    dealing     with,    labor'
trouble is-of any use, there should
' be very little doubt .as to, the result 'of   these    elections.     Unions
with, their  annual  possibility'    of.
change  in  their  officers,   are    .'always    at    a    disadvantage •■ with
walking corporations, the heads of
-which accumulate  experience from
to*the vicissitudes'oi' annual elections.     Itten, who have conducted
labor-movements  of ' vast  signin-
• * carice    with    success  are  the mien'
who   should' control   the   destinies
of labor,  and although an aspirant for honors may possibly ' be
equally gifted,- as far as- mere- intellect  'goes..- it    is- the   judicial
handling of complicated problems
in times of stress that counts. ■',,*
To have lived through a p'eriod
of* bitter animosity- and to have
emerged triumphantly, as far - as
organized labor i.s concerned, is
no mean task. People who occupy positions of,public responsibility are always open to an
amount, of criticism 'that 'somo-
'tiines,, becomes merely vituperation. Truth is often hard-to hit,
and its ■ tugjiifioan'ci.' is open to
„ r.uviy queries ami ' f.uppresfied
judgments thnt vaguely indicate
the rever&o.,
Happily the process of time
ideal's theso mcttuvs-. up and,leaves
bare to tlie bono the true re'ripon-
N tt.-'A lilOV'.i   y,v,Tii(y.yy,
In another column will be found
a It.'tter from the r.ecrot.u'y of the
Moyie JYTin..*.-'-"' Union referring to
tho sale of real estate which, is
Jocated in all giirf. oi inaccesiblo
,-places. Por the geooud time we
wish to worn' our rcadora njjnjnst
those smooth gentlemen.
lutendm?; purchast'iT.  of real e,'..-
If you want to be close to great and'rapidly
.' increasing ■■manufacturing industries, schools
"and colleges; traiiscontineji'ial.'rciilfoads' and
.electric tram lines ;' '. " ", .':„"
7-If you want to be close to two great seaports
Where vessels, from >*•■ parts ;of lhc world
■ 'arrive'and depart daily';'   ' "7"   'v '
,If ybuc want: to'live in a city, of^beautiiul
- homes .where the  lawns are  green and  the
-flowers  bloom . every  month  of the  year ;•■
. If you want- land  close to the B. G. '- Electric tram line between' Vancouver and "New .*"
.Westminster,'*'the' fastest growing cities in
'•' Canada' where great docks, electric  power"
"plants,'railways,'city, provincial and domin- '
ion public .works costing- millions are in' progress of construction", where" every kind of
- labor  is in demand- and where ;the highest.
. "wages are paid ; If you want all these'things'-'
„ combined,*put your money.in beautiful, ,;'    ■?
:,;'HUlcitest'- Addition""-'
Wcvguai-nntce the lois,to he hi^li.-dry.and,level, only linlf a .
block from the .tram line and ' five, minutes walk.from  the
-.ceniro of'the. cilvof-New WcptminfifftV. ' Tli'* lot-* urn 3.1 hy .
133 feet.   Price",$100.00, o,ne-third <--.7tv  Remember  that
-the two cities' boundaries ari\ oyAy six miles a pari:', 'that "
the sea is on one side, ahd-lhe 'Fi-asi'i'.river on tlio other and
Unit the  cities .must "row   together aiid "oir'account oJ7
Brilish Columbia':; immense undeveloped resources, minerals, fisheries, limber, rich 'agricultural lanilti, .climate, etc.,
. , nnd the m-eiit tide.of'emmigration now fairly, set in, that the.,
• largest city in Canada is'bound to resuir.   ..' .7 "7-'
" Our firm-is well kinwnv   Via will refer' you to one of our
bankers hen;.   Kemember that '-one  good invest, nenl is *
-. v.-orth' a lite ot labor" and come to see'us at the Hotel Fernie
7'or, fill.iu coupon and we.'-wil! call on you and will be pleased -'
"'to show you map's,-and^photogniphs, etc.',-. showing'exi'.ct.
locationoTTlTolots, how fliey lay aTuninprqvomonts-igoiTig' -
on around them.'
* -
Time, tn c.-lll	
Ciit out mul i-imil to riiusiiiiin.ll.n-
rel- oi (.'hpiiiiiu'n. Hn'.')l 1-Vn-ii i.-.
.". ' " ^NOTICE..
. NOTICE is' hereby, given that 30
days, after, date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands.and Works fo*; a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the, following - lands, . situate*
in the district ot" Southeast Kootenay, .British-," Columbia, - Block
4593."-' ,.-•'.
°   .       .-• ".'..;       -...
1.—-Commencing at a post planted'1. niile east , of the S3 milo*
p.ost-of, the present^ C.P.B. survey
on west '-Boundary line of' "Block
■1593, and being the'S.E. coiner
post of, the Samuel M. Moore
claim, thence' running north 80
chains, thence . west-80 -.,chc*.ns,.
thence south 80 • chains, thence-
east 80 chains, to'a point of l-j-jiv-
n.encement, making "dlO.._. acre's,
'more or less. '     '" 7
Located,, this  12th  daj ■ of  November,  1907.       '   '-
S'AHUEL-M.-MOOJl2,  f or.-,inr
,   A. W.:.BELD3N,-A;-c.-J't.   .
Witness:'G-.  C H'.'   Ctils''V::\.
. -.2.—Commencing,,nl_ a post ;--an-
ted ' 1 mile", east-..'of *. the 23rd
mile "-post of 'the 'present ;' C.
P. R, 'survey on "v.est boundary
line'of Block:-1593, .•u.d'ho.-ng.Uie
N,-E„ corner post oi Jesse P. ,'Fil-
verman's claim, theWc i-uiiliing-
west 80 chains,, tVence .south- SO
chains, ' thence cast' SO chair.s,
thence north 80 chains,Bto ri point
of, commenceme-t, making o'JU
acreSf.more or I'jS.    ■ .-'. ' '
Located   thi?'. .'-2'.ii day  of .November," 1907.    '     -,'. ,
. '.' A.' W. BELOliN,. Agent.    -
Witness:. G-.  -\-   Lr.   'J'.lcm.iii. , „o
3.f-Comm?'ncing„at a post plan-
red" 1. mile east . of the- 23rd-
mile post '' of,- the' present C.
P.''It.*-survey •- 'i' vest, boundary
of Block 45')3, unci bemg the S.
'W. corner post of the, Jni. Hot:
ertson claim, thence i anning noitu
80 chains, chen-'e east SO * chif.ji'S.
tlience ■■'south SO chains, vhe:ue
\yest .80.chains .to a point of
commciiceais'nt," juaking ti-10 acres
more ,or less. ''a
Located  this   1 .-rii' -'.av   of  N: •/-
ember,-1907. >   1        ;    "
J.    JNO.   .ROBEtt rSON',   Iuc;Uci..,(
I     - 'A. W. BISLISSN. Agent    -        . "
j Witness:  G.- C. H.  Coleman., -'    y
I      -,*■"..'      '■>     -*7-   -. ■    '    .   .,"
'4.—Commencing ar a post, plan-
.ted ,1 mile (Vast of the 23rd mile*
post' ' of; ■ the. •' present,.,, .C-
P. "E. survey, on ■ -'-est" "bm-ndary
line of Blocn.,4593, and being the
■'KT-.W."' corner ' post of ■ the "William
G.\ Pearson**claim, -thence running'
east'po cliaiijs,._ thohce-sotith 80
-cliains.'.   thence-   west/ ■ 80._difljns.-_
arsio's a
.Five-Trains daily. C.P.-R.
Steamer, ^daily. Telephone and
Telegraphy , good' /Boating,
Fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent-Soil.   7
Avoid isolation and. poor transportation facilities by bnyiug at
"Robson.   .  ■'     ..-' * *? ■'
B„uy fruit lands where yoii
,can" , get irrigation- and- be
sure" of good, crops..;
These'  lands, * can  be-   bought*
at $i.oo  per  acre  per  month,.
' Your  money • back if not satisfied.    For particulars see
. Pernie'■ •• :■•
ESa    C_a
"■■"irwTn t^nmsrtttsr'r'?' •!*;"■*• •   •      nntiiyiT nwn
tybQ^QOrh®®®®®®® i>$<w4$>:*>~$'®§®4&^^$$&$$^4q>®q>& .,
thence north SO chaii s,'"to a point
of commencement, making *-. 640
acres more or less,      . ;• r. -
Located,   'this. 12th day  of 'November, 1907: -,..,.'.
,.ft, WILLIAM. G-. PEARSON,.Locator'.
$ I-A.'W.  BELDEN,  Agent.   •.,    '    :'
Witness: "G. C. H.  Coleman. '   ■  '•-
This paper., will not bp...rcspon'aiM*»;
.for - opinion's- expressed Ty its corres-'
pondents. " '
■ To thtswlitor of " The Ledger."   * ,
Sir,  ;
* I rriid with conBidi'.rnbla ainazenianl
what '.'Tin- Fren rresu" was plenscd to
call the ,',' fjiets", concerning n dlKon'sed'
beiiFt Hlnughteredhy P. Piiinm in flinir
1'iFt. issim As to (lie iijipi'iu'iinci) of tlio
liciiPt in my humble c.spiivionco 1 hnvc
lifivi'i' 'ecu ii (■orrioi' cpeelun'n of beef
ni.idy fni-'linninn i'fiiisuin]itio'i*. Imn,'>*ing
up in t-ivili/niion,' I ffntluii' Hint tho
■inlm'il wan found (o he ilippnspd .In tin*.
lung.1* upon its being opened. Sir, not
only llm hiiin-H lnu tho' henit, liver nnd
kidim.VH wt'i-n to my iiuiNperioncnd rye
nlif-ohiroly dlsxustinj,- to look  upon
lata  have- no uer-.l   to  go  outside | \Vhv were, fiic'i pnins tnkeu to clenn an
' tillv 'X^oiS6   and "llS   -"".r' llf>0-(1 '" «» M^ ^ ■
pui'fiuB. '    Nf>t even tho undent Ma-yplliiiiP, who
The particularly insidious   part j oicaltwl tlnilr oxen'to tlio gofllicriil, could
of tho    prc-^rVt rtonl   <*   the -^h ' lmve eljow'ii grMlw-.■.iilicitmlo over, thr:
an advaalajji- oyer his ^.]ioW: l<,|,,|-°'"'»»-"y «'«■.■» thnt It i*hni,lil hi.
workmen is contcmptnhlo at nil I "w!'ke and clean miU'ldo afi InHldn,'1
ntae;ea of tho g-aino nnrj should he I li'-w cai'iifnl thoy wem that no Inii'i* of
forever treated i\<i nn outHidcr. Ho
should bo lvle-jnU'd to the roglon
vihnro he bolongR. "J'hii, is all wo
i-nn say at present, hut' in tho future we .may again hnvo occasion
to refer to thia ni niter.
lilih Mhould remain upon It! ' I.onlly
iinyiiiiii Itinkl'nirat it nn It liui'mr iu thn
■"I'Ui'.'litei' liouHn.would have m\\A It had
liai'ii pnjp.ucil for liiiiiuiu I'niiHiimiitliin,'
nnd prnjiiifed well. '   .,
!    I  would milium' hnllevn tliat "' Un|.i
jlvniali'i" prophfii*y,lind hvon fiillllled~-
* i "Tlin lion Kliall ent ftr;i\i» with the in"
Wilki-fcon, Wash., Nov. o   -;-.,|.iuj a IjiHcher' blioiil-1 'no lo  midi
^^ilL,"flmlT„V:n3, thi. ^c   tr- !' mnUU> nW" "" ",li""11 U> * ■' !"! "»"
fidvcrtlr.lnR- inv ronl miners. .,'nc\'.","''^'i'"11'1"1 inturent I'.uiid wlileh'wan.
I mny <my that thi«! stnt<> fs'falrly. !-f'>". n tl17t1v11-f.1l nn nteh.n hn-iy dny a-i
well supplied with miner.-, at pn-s*-pity il.iy.' '
ent,  nnd I think it. would "bo del- '    rj.. , ,,',,.
t       at. 'Iluiioim., hoivovi'i-, aii'wfiiL'Uwliirh
)-il*:™t«.l   ior  T>f'.t, jii-!:-.fr.:   to  leiiVt*
their hon'i"? tn co'mp out hern nnd
Jlrjd that they mulrt not. fiurl em-
'i   u.g't,* aie  ficlvertiponienti*    to
*'''  -•<■'■   --1       '.... .   -.-:.:. ij
rniuo hot-,. ihpy rr-n hri*'f thr'ner*
rfSRMj-y Infonnnt.on by .ipplyinr.-
to TiiA .'Jiioivdvii, rlibtijcc fitscro*
tar;., i-TaniiNin.', B, C. 1 -i-n\, y.iur-.
1, 1
ri'fht.'ou  V/ol,;h   mhv.<ni   ni lived
il''1 l"^.'',i't'.'j;) v'r,:^i*5-d.iy last from
Ur' Old Ciuuti;' to w*rJ: In thc
»ilji'."i r.t I'onl  rr.'el'.   They   went
"'(■'c?  i im   ii> .,,
.tCjj.l.      t.e.'v,.U
nh*■"»)• TT-u-f'  -"nf.  ni   th*--    d'*i,*
,    .no'    n.i-j     ";f.   r,rn'«    »t>u(( 4 1
id  woi-.f   Up  !rj   »i|fi
11,i  thf hill  to   "lx.
'lif,     J;:-    ;i
,'• Tin* I'Vhr h'ij,:ji" nifndiiii fiinii imi!-
thiiiln,.', ierhiij'.i 11,1'v ,111* ni.'. aw.'irn of
'■In*]'!..   (1,1  1'iMi'v,   j:, h |,,<*i    ] ...,,i
. iliiiin oIImu'h fall Sm-iali.-,!., vour he.tn
, iiiuir,  I   l/ClH'.vY.  hoin  lu'ai'ntiv. for   1
h-'ldom  !(<*. "Tie   l''rc(i   I'icsh"   cuine
InlniM thi- -.vi.'.',', .-.i.i! iny iioi'ili.yj paid
>n uoetiii-nal \iwit to V. ISniii:.' Hhniju'ldcr
li*.u»fi. aiwl fi.unil '.l.i.. a:iiin:i| ).t( piiit**l
iti Im- * in! nu Ij;y tu'.-l',t.\V, ,'|1 tl'O hrlil!V'l.
Wit ri.iV jt jnecil I.I till" I'llli-; to||I)i-.
Ill mi c!l, ',\-;r*f'nt'..l t!-rt It aj r.-avril to
1 i' \'i, •'■;: ■ 'I "ni ■'.  ti'■•-(!• due io tiift iiiva-
->.u.',: 1)1   ll,.'   !",ii!,;i  I./ till,! !.|i;.,i.!H.     Ul-.
Y....I i-.l (.ir 1 uii,' Mi-Mit'liu, v. hu d.rld-
1.1   **.  •■ tt..   (i ,4   ,   ,-,., ,._   , ;_; i,   W)
app-ic'i'ly <! i-c    1 (ii,d>-tMi.-ii)  fi-uni
'1 >.     ni...
•5.--Commencing- at a post planted at or near at a point one niile
3ii enst "cf .25'mile post of present-C
*=-'P.    R. .survey,'- adjoiiiinc    Block
IKKiS-a'a^i-^iS^.^j 4S93 0rinthc west," and being-    the
j southwest0corner post of Alex.' S.
Farquharson's claim;, thence north
SO' cliains;- thence west SO chains;
thence    south' ' 80 chains;,   thence
east 80 .chains to a point of commencement,    malting"    6*10     acres
more'or less."
■ Located this 13th day of   November, '1907.     n
cutor. ,
W. E. COATES-, Agent.
Witness:  G    C   H,, Coleman.
down, toward, tlio .shnighU'r .Iiohskvoii
Satiu'-day, hut did liot tako lho bi-nnt. ,
-So-n-i ilxuili- tlififbteps 'Hliould l)(i
taken to have every cow-in Fei-nie ex-
ainined, especially it.*** mllk,aiT.eui.ni.si!il.
i;ouri*fi of danger in the tranhniissinn of
consnmptio!i,'»ml lo prohibit thelullin*.
of,.cutiiiS unless under the. supervision
of tlm health olllvior.
There is not, the. p1Ik1-.ic.sI doubt ii'i 7;,-.-_r_v
111ymliHltl1.it "TluiImi'.o Picbk" vur.'-iou j
of iho all'.ur has not «oi 11 particle 1 f 1
t rut li ju It.   Tliu:-(!  wno wiiuld ku'ow-
in;;ly filliiinpt tn i-ovei* a.eiinii! i.f iIiIm
iiiaiiri! nro iiifirni-iiiitoiiip'ilde than ilu;
perpotraiiH'!' the;-''*)!'.   I tru:..| ymi will
cm $ our v. ay to jrivn thi' inihlielty.
, '        ■*! nui'a tjtily.
.101 IN   ll.Ull.lNC.TuN
I'OMlil!, I\UV. Ctlll, HM7
To .Contractors and
Have • 'you " pfot-   yo*.ir
■   winter supply of Oais &
- Potatoes.-', ,If "not., order
now ' as : the   prices  are
*   ■g'oing',up owing*..to the
crop   failure _.this   year.
0"it3, 00 lbs.' guaranteed    *' M £%,*,
per bushel -.. ..'....'....fi|.yilg
Potatoes, 1.20 lb', sacks' gf> *Jj  -^gS
'   por sack '• -..:..", ^ g.n£,0
At your sidinR-,  liberal ^credit isiirt
,   pi-ompt shipmeiit, ■   Oi'ilcr now. •
B. A. B«lislo, an American pro*
fessionpl ('ambler, was arrested
in thu city lujjt Satuvduy by Chief
Pennycuiclc, In his poaseSBion
were found fifteen packs of marked cards and five crooked dice.
The mothods adopted b** thia
nh.'U-lc to' rob the public were, ne.
usual, hlinjilo in the cxliomc.
Tho seal on tho pack a» uur-
chiuSijd'Wu.!* unbroken, but tlio Hide
of llv* wrapper had been nliilfully
o'.'cned, nnd throuffh this openm.-,-
the eurdi-i had been extracted, doctoral, and then replaced, attar
which the p.ickiifte wan roflxed.   '
To the imhutiutcd' nothiji|>- v;\i>
uppaiuit, only the .critical eye of
thu poliui) dotectlv.p; nny1.hin;r ,un-
ii'iu il in i-ii'oer tie uirii'iMii"; or t.|i'-
rullxin''' of tho wrapping of the
Thin t'i'i'ok had in hii poar.cn-.lon
bo-iidcj' the card1, before iv.nnllon-
etl, ■ a ncr feet outiit including
paint l,ruuhen' for hla nefjiilous
Ilii :icUnowK,d''t'd bi-ini;   a   pro*
By virtue of ' n writ of ' Fieri
Pacins iysiu'd oul'of-itho Uuprmno
Court of British, Columbia, hold-
en at Fernie, B. C, at the suit of
.Tames W. Wiurr.hy, plaintiff, -','tiiu\
A, B. McDonald, -defendant, and
to mo directed .-igaiust the goods
find chattels of the above-named
dffcnd.'iui, A, T). McDonald, I havo
liolaed and taken in execution oil
tho rir;;ht, title (i,nd jntereatB ■ of
tlie n.ild detVirh..ut,'-i snv;mill, n;';-.-
i-h'lnery, lofja, lumber, posts, i.it-
unte .-ibout two * mile.1, nouth of
the town of Swir.tou on the wost
f-ido of the Great Northern 1-iail-
v.-ay, t" r-.-'Mva-.the ;.uiu oi ^.1135,
bpfildcn rdu-viff'a poundage, clllcci-n
fees and* nil other Icr-iI jiicidcntnl
expenses, all of which 1 nhall <*x-
pOhe for i*nlo or tiu.llcieiit thereof,
to HutJf.i'y nn id .iudgnient, debt nnd
coFtii whore tlu- above ia rltauted
on Tueadiiy, Dcconihor ord, 3007,
til; the hour of two o'chjek in the
Dated nt Ternie, B. C, thia !-9th
day of November, A, D,  1007.
M, A, r.-VSTNEK,
Rl'.ei'llVi: Dermty.
Ed. ■■ Cuming'
•w '^woiww iMm wwwwwumnKi*. n**ii*-MiUMM m m%svHtrm*w*mrni wsmn*,
mlUMAiii TKXPliirN niUli-i.-rttnl tollicwmlm-
*>J swilri.l,(niil oUilfir-nd '• Ti'lulor tm- I'nlilii
Duililiiifr, l.tiilyr-inilli, H. ('..,'' trill l>r. ri'roivuil
111  till, (,Hii4_  n„||| WfillH >.lil,V|  IVC'lli'ilT 11,
lrn>", Ir.cln-.lvoly, fur < liu riii'inlrrntlim of 11
I'u.iUc liiiililiiii' nf. I anl.vr.niitli, II. 0,
riniin nnil hiii'i'iricnllmi fun l:o si'im iii'mI
I'oi'iiin nl' tiMiilnr nlilulmul nfc tlil-i D^iiri'iiumi.
unit mi ,ii|i)ilicitt(i.i) lo tliu .'ostmii.-ti-v ut
Livly-imitli, II C,
I'ui'.uii-, liniil'ii'ln;; mu no'I/Id.1 Hint lemleis
\vill not lm (,i,ii,iil(.|i.il hiiIlns lliinlii i.|i llio
ni-liili'-l fnrin :<ii|i|i|ji*i|, mid sIkul'iI with tlion*
iirtiml hli;nuli:)'ii...
■ Knelt ,tci')ili.i''m7t 11> ncctiiitniiili'il l>y im
ni'd-ptiul clini|iiu mt ii, uiiurii'rcil liiuilr, niinio
iiiivmIiIu 111.tlm iirilui' nf thu llniiriiiiiilil* tho
MlnMi'i* of |>ul,||,t W'nrlt*,, i*.)i!*U
CigarettesM. Pipes.
-. ■'     There is only oho place in towii"
whereyou can rQt pood .relit* ble
'.   good's in oiu- line that is a'7
th FL^m _i. 1 tPt^tzirz a t»_<s.^:ir». I> I=_
W. A. INGRAM, ph'op. - - .,
Piioxit 511. ■' -   . -,    Fernie. 13.' C
KootenayBray * 8. Transfer .
. -Company, ■' .
I1'have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in_ the.cit)' and hope by.
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
patronage; .     [ -Y
Ksllniftics I'lirnisluiil on.coiHijict worit
]VO'l'ir:l'' I* lii'tnly i:if..n tli.'tt uvi'lii'.ii Ion
■*-' \4ill lm miuln to tlm I'lii'lintnoiit of (IiiiiikIil
ut tlio mixfc isijhhion I linrim' for ;ut net lo incur*
imrittii ll (Ii)ii)|mn,v liliilcl* tlio llillilo uf
••Woiitt'ru ul - liiuiitilii Hulliriiy Omni nm-,"
ttitli iiiiwor lo rminlriid. oiiulp, mnliitiiiii riti.l
oiioi'ittu a llni' in* liiius nf ritilwiiy nl'.htnuiliti'il
nrollini-imvci) liy menus nf t.tc|ini, olfotrlolty'
or 101 v iillii"). I(ini| ut liii'iiiiiollvi.. ]iQaor.
    .. lo Un I)0|*
i-PM.dn |i,c ) nf tho iimoimt. of iho tcinlnr,
vlilcli ti-ill lie. lui'liilti'il if tlir.|un*Miii linnli'i'liiiri-
ilot'lliiii, to oiunr Iuin it ciiDiriitit wlioiioiillijil -    fl.)   Krom  n  jtnlnl. cm  t ■ to   hitontiillumil
lijinn to tin <io, nr ir lio full to i>oni|ili'in tho I lmnn'hltf lino in tlm I'l-ovlnoc of AH'orln
! wiu*.i ('iiiiifiiiittMl tor, If tlm toinlot' lm nut., hoiw.eii llio oust t<lilo of Jliuniri twontvthrco
, a"ro|.tuil tlm lihuriiio ttill liu nilnnu.il, (in, nnd (lio wiixl. rtiilo of Jlninro twciit.'v-ol«ht.
]■'   Tlm I'nun vl molalities mil Mini ll'.o'f tn no. I <-■'' wi'm.of fho Koi'Mh Priiuiliinl .Mioiiiiiin, t.o
i:tpt Hit; Iii\4u,*.t oi nny tiiiiiloi,
I liy Oi-ilcr.
! I*'lll*:il. lllillilNA'*,
i . llri-loliliv.
, ]lu|.ltltllll-|||. i.f  I'l'l.l'fl Woilr.
Oitilwn,.\(ii|.|iil,'iir 111, Iliu','.
i Xuw«|iiipi'i «'.vl|l unl l.e |iiiM lm- tuts iuIvoi*.
I tinmi'iii. If tli«y iii*.. iiii wit lima iimlinritv
i Irom tlit* i)ii|itiiliiii.-nl. :
j ■        .'.'I.',,
*A**m^i*H**+*,*f.**M K»>IH*MI«a.Ufk«HM^W«>.«HkMJViHn»«MU«iAtWtMt
T!,i» M.'itlonnl
.oa^4 vr.t.ta   Uiwi.44    {t;iu
P M   I*, t *"''1 *"■    t ".\"i I1*    I .,-
ti i".in.
minrs cn fix.
Bxi-julflitrly iirintecl on fine coi\t-
ftl pjii.-ijr. Plctucfti ot' v.'t-11-l.uown
pooi'lc,   .of     curronl.   uvontK,     of
, 1     ' 1 I  '*,       1 4 '
(•«kuiji"j   aialj   ',"••'      " 7,"* ■'   .'■""    l"1'»-'*'-
i*.4«(i    ■>>. ■     I Jtnoiu. oni. Tlinnpnnd •vM.r'Vo t«ol-.'.*.
imj tom-'in V/octorn Crnnrln " ho. ! ot l-lcturps in np.nh Irbhi., Ap*
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fo«, hiivi} cbJv:k,erRlilc timo to ! r«*»j} tn^h" Tt\«\lth poplo. Noxx-
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■  *  ■-• ::'1;.'fiiri-.U*   Whlmitor    to I      nppveelat»?tl.   T«n cont'i n copy,
thn*!.' jiiftiiOii .in  --o.il wilh    horrl I 0,1°  rlolln-v  n  y'-p-1'-     Tin* PJctor-
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nnd ir. flcfnult of pnyinint  a   fur- j St.. Montr.-nl. r!t--''Tov. ,'.'3
th--- ti,i,-i.  .nojitir.1;, iiiiiii'ioiimciu. !  . .,,., -„-„.. ... -,
.Muiry C i t'f.w\-0".A, ;m Hln.-r nii.u-I
 *      ■»■*•    .,..*.*i.. l.r    i.,.U'.nitV, .      i.Ti:i;.iiiio      i..-l.*j  'vi,   In"      ij. |.(-i*
v/a.s  ri-uioni-Jd njio*, tlio :-ame o'r* | T'ru'i-ihm puliul»;t, is jn town awl
'•ii'-iiin    In   I-.-,-.'   .4--.-th,i   .•.,,,.;     .     '    i   .,,-,,     ..i   a - ir.^i
t..  r:..,-n--'.-I-'i   h.,d
WiVN'M'-'H   OK  CAN'.MUAN   N'DHTII.Wlii'i
I MlM.'iil lii.lil'I.A'l|ii.\S,
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i. mi. im ny    A i.'nn It.v nt thn ntc of livu.i'i'in .
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: uml li.hiKil
i.'i htk.   Aiit-ii'i   ii:h'..t,-,, i H; i , t ,,-, ,„■
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1   llt.i|l||i II Olllll'l   1  *|.IVl  'iWH.K-t
Til" lm li>ri(iiwri<lnii iir.l(iit:i i-, .'i
... . ii.
■i.. to,-
ii |.iilnt on llio i:i-4iw'.s >i'i-t l'..:,*, ll)-,i. of iho
Ontiiuliilli I'liolllc llnllwmV Oiiniimny liotwooiv
Onwlo.v iuul I'ini'liur Crooli!1 IhniiVn Nnit/i*
wohioilv liillnwhiif llm fiillny oft ho Nortii
Koiliol the (Jlil Mini Hlvor i„ a point in iho
[.Ivlngitoiiu ltiiiiKu of mumitiitiiK nt nr iimu-
ixjiitliiit thlrty-tlnon i:t:i) in Ti>wiii.1;IiiTon (i11.1.
lliir.iMTIiivn (II), \Vi'»t nf tlio 1'll'th rriiici|i,*il
Alui'lilliinj tlioncij tliriMi(;li tlm p.ihs ,in tlm
I.ivliiititntio Mimiiiiihis nt tlio hiht. iiinni-i.t
imltit. nii'1 nortlini-ly up tlio vnllov of thn
l.lvjiititonu Hlvor to a |.oint on lliuli Hlvcr.
iitorniiiirlotvii",lil|i s'livtintoniuU) in llimuo
I'oiirll|illol 1'|vi;|..| Wt-siol fl-.n Kirtli* ITInol..
imi Mi'i'liilmi! tjit'iioii Xi>nli.|*'.nNi«i*l,vliv tin*,
must iif.iotlonMo ronlo tn tho Citv of Oul.mry,
f''l l''r.«iiii|.ftlnt(iiiii,,i Millr.o llriu.ih ut
or nciir In Jiniotlun with lho I.it*ini(,tono
lllvni*: thciioo in K point (*. t|)0 ||w|,v
Mnillllitllih tv.i-t or fl-nilil'H Di.inoi tlir.)if.)>
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v.illryiil llm KM* Hlvi-i-ln* tho inoit pnn'ilo'ilil-i
i-nitiiii tlmm-ii Siiiitlwirlrilowii tho vitlh.f nf
llin Kill Hlvor ton imiotsmi willi thnCiniio'lliut
il'-ill.- U-iil.v.iy ;m.l! tl„i (li,,,,! .\.lM|i,iii
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iliu vilhiKu «i .'.ll-ii. I,
ANII In (.ftn..!ri'i-t, ciiiiip,  mnlnl.iln' iuul'
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iijiiiiii.i 'i  i.,ii  npinitu iuinurni.li   nml tflii..
pll.'l.n    tlF ... 1?. #-...-.*-.0'.'-»-  -..-11.    ( '   .      .   I \  ..    "I
" I '.*.i'.t it'.-i h* >.4141,1-1,., ,, iii,a to ), ii,i.niji   m,,...
'!         • '* I*'   I'    •-' ■ -.'.-ll j
' |.|irll,l'i.iir..i' p-.'lt in llm iiifiiln.:
,   III  IJ lillTl "ll,      IVIll'O      '   "'ll lx  I"'"'!!  t-.' linil'I-.'! Ill' 1  Irll.   tln'l.iliill'l    Ml.,1 V,,',.'.''.',' .     "I    '.    1   '■;      '. "
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i,n! -. -,il ut -  ].iti,>1m 0 tin. I in.l i' .' .. ,   .,.,,.
',".   ■' -n '"' '   I'll' i-on   i' i   H' I I. "1  :    ■ ■ -<   1    !i'i|.        • ...    ......       \ .   i   ,   .    I ■ , - ■ '    .   ' "*
I     l.iu pntiiil pmv'.Ii's r<.r Iiii" p'lvm.'it. iif r, I'i'"! '.Mn-iv.-l ■   if,.-,-, i, r.f i|„. „,.,„„ -J,,*ri  .
•   f.  '.   .1   V nl.'; |.4T (M)l   ill) till.    Ol..*., I  I..4V   M..I    ...ii.,'    I,i!|,   J,,,-i, „||, .,,-   ,||7ll-.lll
i , ■ i i.|. i:..i,ii.,' i-,,i|',. -1    . i -   ii,- ,.,
•'pu.i.i; (.iiirt' It .1 •.'■ i-i it.144 <ii.I.. -,.. .r'.y,
*n   nppll, i,i.:    I....?,    -il-' ii ,   144 i  |.:i. i
ill,  ',*. lot ; • !.| (fiin --ill*- mi h :. i n (. ri i ...
t" .   It V 40.11 .   ,l"|,l,..VIll.|n III.   t  in    ■ 11 -I- I-CS IO II    Ill-
ill.' 'M.iii-i. i f.'il,,. In'oi Dr.   '
,i|' !'I iu.li   .,   .-iii:' tn   ■■?.,:.,'   v.-'.!'.. \'i, .*"'„'.'i7
|t,Mti!.. ni   'i'ii,,,   |i|-.-,i)>.;m   io*,  'i'iiIj   i,i|i|.„v
I"    in   .-In:   (...iiip,i,..|,.-,   iiirjn ,(,.,.   M)v   i„„ „,
i .llvny In >!k-    i«i"v • < :i..iii„*. ,   i,i ,.(,f -.1
1 i To I <iiti. ,,-.! ,\,t nl, ,i. oi .'  |.,    ,. ,.,-ii,   .
....     , ,   „ , ,    , lii'oi.ti.*. j, ,i»o i.v iiii..r\4i.o il|.,(i,i,„ ,;,„ .,,„.
V'.  ■'   "'   'l-iil-nit .i li.ilt.-. n. iiMiiilinii ,'.ii i'-i.   iirhi    .nol   ;,-  i.-lii,.   i,i   ,.i,v   ,;,„,
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'• ■ ■ •'  ''; .'!'.'■.   I'  nl.tl  -lu.i iiiii.ti.../nrl'-(in-|."i-v rp ■  ! .'.fi.-ii i, i l,;lniun„|  ;,,,,., |,,,,,
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,,  ,,,,       ..,    .,    ,    I'*1'--' '•"■' 1l(,(l» ■'•'cl-Tl owl  a    %.\. ■ 1C(, nnyo*-.i> v;i-*V.ln<; to eon-nit. hint  t.iuvR riJ,inUii-!i:i. 7 n.   V.K'.A'.XoVi'  '.v,d  Gul'hn. ; rt.-irYio:.:A\y.
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Aoi; l-i.;--.i),     'iiiyuf.*"f|.tiiiii.i.r. t\,|i., !•«.;, r,f
The People in this House have learned the secret of -true,'--economy.; -they
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.-/■■.";'■""•>' "■   with these firms and save money.
A7/)     ''".. N
-**    , \i'ri "**
f\ 1 4 I"
>        .«**, .^Itm^imr*' r*     W^v)    v
•f^U^ ^."."V-*^
^lii ,!**.Ji'»1.-**',''iV
if'/si-v-,'- '  i ■*.»-/-. ft's **
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:_-*.W.-*-^^;^'^S<?£^tf^^'-^r--^^t i-r .--I-., w- ..- -. .- 'U»^.:'r.V.-.,.... „y --^-i-ij.;. --^"'.'''"^ZffT''^^ m-7--i7~S-VW-"«;y4-..-^^^^
7    AT
One Kiiled4n  Old fernie
/Resident injured. :  :
Sask., Nov. 22.— As
a result of an accident which took
place about 10.45 this morning at
A building which is-'being erected
as an exrtension to the city pow-
- er house on Manitoba street east-
one man is dead and two injured,
one rather seriously. The, dead
man, is George Nethercott,* a
single man aged about- 30 years,
who was employed as a laborer.
The injured are Contractor W
Lawrence^ and Chas. Fenwick,
carpenter. Mr. Lawrence is in
most serious condition, having
one leg fractured, *" several . ribs
broken and head badly cut. Mr.*
Fenwick has a hand badly cut and
otherwise badly bruised and shaken up.   '■ „       7, -
- At,present the work, going on in
the building.is -that of '-erecting
supports for the roof. These are
four steel "trusses; weighing about
a ton each" One is placed at each
end of.the roof and.the other two
between them. Three of these had
been erected last night, and the
fourth .was. put in position-, this
morning..., At 10.45 they fell,
crushing the men below.   -■   . •
„ At the time the -Occident occurred, as far as can'be learned, only
three men were inside the - building, while one was.,on top of one
of the trusses. The men ■ on the
floor inside were .Contractor Lawrence, foreman J allies Price and
George Nethercott. Price was at
the east end of the building hammering a stick into the ground,
while Lawrence'was standing near,
him. Nethercott' was presumably
, somewhere near the centre oi' the
building. ' * _  ■
Suddenly Lawrence noticed- that
the. trusses were, giving way   and,
shouted to Price to, run,    at' the
•"■ same  time* rushing  towards      the
Her New  Book  an ^Experience 6f the
•    .       ..'Hunting Field. -. »'-,.,.,'
Mrs. Ernest Thompson Seton,9, wife
of Ernest Thompson Seton, is shining
forth ln a field that few women have
entered, that of.the gun, the,camp and
the pack pony.' * Her latest book,
"Nimrod's Wife." is a brisk and gay
narrative of hunting experiences ln
the Sierras, In the Rockies, on the Ottawa river ;and In Norway. . It is a
groat little book, one that the modern
American ..woman will read with keen
enthusiasm, wishing she bad been a
part of such scenes bf care free'excitement in. the open. , But the' main
the careless,and, untidy-.glr! often'ex<
claims.", .But-people do-so-and silently note all thnt is wanting.
Girls who desire to make a gaod Ini-
pvession,'- who desire men ,to'.rospi.ct
and adinire, must pay attentlou-'-is
the smallest ilei.iihs. Carefully'mcuileil
gloves'," tidy shoo luces. ■ scrupulously
clean lace—even if. it'' hears evidence
of mending—fire nil indicative of neatness and self respect. .A girl who
looks after her personal appearance
will see that the home is scrupulously
tidy and orderly.
There is an*.'old proverb that "ii's
bail, to be poor; but it's doubly.' bad to
look poor.", The girl who is tidy and
neat, in, the little dctaiis of lier dress
will not,show,the empty state of her
purse nearly so much as she'who allows her clothes to become 'draggled
and unkempt and the tidy girl will
certainly be far more likely to meet
a good anil'worthy" man, whose honest, strong liauds will labor for her.   ,
point "of interest' of its 400 and more
pa ge_s_is_Jhat_JJ_i_3___Ernest__iTu_o_mp_so_iV
. not.'attempt*to make his escape
irom the * building,' but' retreated'
: to a corner. In an instant-the"
. heavy beams' of steel fell, striking
Lawrence and, Nethercott. while
Price, back against the wall, was''
not touched by anj of the descending" steel. There was no
method of escape for * Fenwick,
who was on, top of one of the
trusses. He fell with the'(truss he
was on, and • suffered his injuries'
through the fall.
The cause"'of the,, accident is not
definitely known. The trusses
were supported by two purloin
'..plates extending' over the whole.*
four, and by guy ropes.. It is supposed that one of the guy ropes
broke or was loosened,
The unfortunate workman who
was killed, 'George Nethercott; is
v,n Irishman, who had been in
this country for over a, year. His
skull, and body were badly crushed* by the steel.—Winnipeg Free
Press. ' '
Contractor Lawrence was . well
known in Fernie, having    been a
resident in this' city for a number
of years,   His many friends   wish
" him a speedy recovery.
One of tho, most curious results
of the Hoe of the X-rays is a form'
of burn over tho place which Is
.subjected to tho.rays,
Mr. C. R, Wilson, of Toronto
Junction, s,iys; ''Some time ago
I had occasion to'uee the X-rays
on my hand. The rays burned tho
buck of it und left the aln'n in a
peculiar condition. During- the
winter ono of tlio knuckles so affected, cracked, and it would not
henl. I was advised to try Zam-
Dult, and to my great pleasure
this balm henlud the crack quick-
ly. I praise this skin-hoiiler vory
highly, and haze no objoctlon-to
your publishing the result of my
trial of it.   It is a splendid healer.
Zam-Buk cures blood polHon,
cuts, bruises, old wounds, running
sores, ulcers, bolls, pilos, eruptions, scalp sores, eczema, itch,
chapped hands, harbor's 'rash,
./ii.tia, iwultli, ilu'Uj»iulis>ni, neu-
vnlgln, (Ar. Sold hy M Arugglxiu
und stores at BOc. a bo*, or from
Zam-Buk' Co., Toroi to, 3 boxen
for JJ1.25. A free sample box will
be sent on   application.   Enclose
i<C.  ktikkup lot   pontt.ge.
■ " O     '
A hotel that iurnlihei quiet, «om-
modtous accommodation for Its pat-
rina lu a suuroo of pleasure to ths
l ravelling public. Such a ons li tha
King, Edward Hotel, of Fernio, corner oppoilto" post offleo.
Ml.ii.nl 8 Liniment Cures Colda, etc.
Did Likewise.
> "Upon my word, it's too hail," gram*,
bled Mrs. "Daz;:le in, a complaining
voice. .'T'shall really have to punish
those dreadful children.". *
„ "Why,' what ■ h-ive 'the little dears
been up to , nowV" inquired (he hor.-
peckptl'luisbanil. -     -   v.' -
"They have,' made my sewing room
Into a perfect bear garden,", answered
his wife." "Nothing is in.its right place.
Cott'cii..' wool, pins, scissors, needles
and all'my working materials are jammed in odd corners anyhow,."
-. "That wasn't-the children, dear," said
Mr. Dazzle in bis suavest tones. "I
did tliat." -'.... y
"You'• did It, did you?" snapped his
wife. "And pray what possessed youV"
"My kindness, of heart'pro'-rfptoil me
to do It. As you straightened up my
room and arranired'all my Jxwks-arid
papers so beautifully I thought I'd put
your sewing room ih order—so I did."
tHe Handy Boy Can Construct
- an.Excsllent Flier. ■>. ■ _.,,
= Tlie 'accompanying cut shows how a
good kite may be made. Out of somo
straight grained, light wood—cedar
preferred—make four sticks about one-
eighth of an inch Iii thickness. "Let
two of them be twenty-two inches in
Jength, one seventeen and one-half:
Inches and the other thirteen and
three-quarters Inches. Place them as
shown In the picture, nnd tack them
firmly  where "they  cross.    Cut llttl*
Seton .is,, a -crack shot, one'.of the
mightiest of huntresses, a Mrs.'Nim-
rod In all actuality.who has brought
down her moose, her bear, her deer,
her record being most enviable among
women with tho gun.6
All these tales of the' hunting field
Mrs. - Thompson Seton" relates with
much gusto and snap. She is a born
story teller and ,the Incidents reel off
vividly from her pen. Not until late
In' the book, when the chnpters ' on
Norway hunting are reached, does
this woman hunter concede that sho
finally.laid down her rifle for n camera and became n devotee of tho "new
hunting." ■,..!.
This brilliant set of entertaining
anecdotes of Mr^JTlinrnpoou-seton's'
"i*nis'7.1n'tlie fur- west and In Can*
nda Is striking when,It comes to bo
compared with Ernest Thompson Se*
ton's emphatic, announcements over a
number of years that ho only shoots
for food, not for sport, and that his
"good hunting" Is altogether with tho
camera. Mrs. futon's experiences,
therefore, aro piquant ln thc extreme,
bound up in n book over hor own
Neatness and Matrimony.
Scrupulous neatness,* even to tho
smallest trifles, often determines a
man's ilr-clslon regarding tho marrying
of n girl nioro than nny other thing.
A good education, groat ability or oven
oxcoptlonnl bounty wlll not tuko tho
place'of absolute cleanliness nnil tidiness. Most men will not overlook tho
Jnt'k of these tilings.
Men very nulel'ly notice buttons off
shoes, glovos, di-i'SH or coat, or soiled
gloves, or spots upon tho clothing, ond
are always prejudiced by thoin, ho*
cniiHo they probably Indicate slovonll-
•doss In tho homo. Nothing U moro
ill-horrent to a num than untidiness ln
n girl.
■ Nothing Is ho disappointing to tho
nmlp sex ns to flnil Hint tho girl from
whom no much wiih uxpeetoil Ih found
wanting In lho uuittor of neatness nml
orderliness, gloveulinosR Is a vory
cusy thing lo full Into. We ought nil
to l,o on gmii'il ii'till iih t II. After nil, It
li trifles Mint toll, small clutnlta In lhc
imittor of ilrt'HH. Hun. lx an example:
Nol long ago u young mm. had occasion to linvi'l hy nn early train
eTory innrnlng ami got to know a pretty, well dreiiMOd young 'ndy who always wont by tin* name train. Ho foil
In lovo-but oni; morning ho became-
disillusioned. Ah thc girl alighted
from tho truln ho mxt a largo hoi* in
bcr stocking tbo to tho heel of hor
nhoo, lie was uo particular about lx>
lng neat uiim»ol: (hut lm ouuld *.t/l
stand untidlnp.iu In othen. If this
girl could bo slnvonly In small things,
ho argued, uho woiild certainly bt ao
In large and catoIhw about tlw hoots.
And Im van perfectly right AU
thoughts on unking her to shiro ber
llio with hlw b»v« vanlahMt.
8lovcnllnaiH In dress without doubt
Indicates a similar defect In' homo
llfo.   Wo should all try to mako il
Itood Impression on people  Tho world
! Judges a great donl by outward np-
. penrnncos,   Any mnn tights shy of .a
i wlrl who evidently ciuc.) uo little about
; what peoplo think that she will not
, go to the fmulile of being henf.   "^h,
: It doesn't mutter!   No one will see."
Watermelon ^Ccke.
.'This consists of two parts."the white
portion.Imitating tho rind and the pink
made like the center.' It has a'green
frosting;' and in the pink part are
raisin's to represent, seeds. Divide the
same-white cake-batter in two parts,
tinting tbe one portion with pink.sugar
until the shade desired. A little strawberry juice may also be put In.' -Add
the raisins dredged with flour.'-.Now it
will* take two persons to manipulate
the batter-'wlien.pouring in the round
mold in which' it is to be baked. Let
one put'in. the white part for tlie border, while the other adds the pink center. Bake about an hour in a moderate oven." When 'done cool in the
mold, then invert on. a round "platter
with a little spinach juice.
Children's Pocket Money.
As soon as a child is old enough'to
ask for a penny to spend for itself a
small weekly allowance should be given and tho child taught to save a por-'
tion of it for. presents, etc. No matter how few the pennies a child should
know just how" many to expect during
the week and on what day.
- This wlinoheli'tho value of money—a
valuable lesson—a lid it will al30 tench
the little one how to'be generous and
self denying by carefully saving up
some of those'sjiine cherished pennies
for a present for'soine one else.
,:4 The,best dollar a day house
♦J« .'       in the city. *■-,_
*:* ■       Well stocked bar.
A ■--:                  !■*              *'       "'
A Liquors and Cigars' of the.
A .       highest quality* :-
£ ROSS BROS.        -PROPS.
V ' .    .-
■ «.♦
DIAGKAS; OF IUTi:.      .    *,
notches at,.the ends of the sticks, and
.put a string arouiul tbe whole frame,"
-'making It taut; mid tying it so that
'it will not slip.
Nowocut .out a piece of very thin
.mauila paper—tissue paper.would do,'
but thin nianila is more serviceable--^
one 'inch larger all around than the
frame, and paste the edge over the
string. -"Make a small hole ln,thi* end
of.tho sticks at A. B,'C, D..E and P
and put in a string loosely from, Av to
F, from B-tii E and from'c to Di-
Make ai string' loop from B to 1*\ to
whicli the tail of tbe kite is to .be attached.- " The/, strings must como
through to tho paper side of the kite,
not7'the stick sUle.        n -
-.Tlie cord by .which, you are to (ly.
the kite should l:o attached where l'*.e
strings cross each other; do this With
a loose.knot inclosing all.the strings.-
For the..,tail, use a strip of ,miisiin
about, one inch i:i width anil fifteen,
made of paper relied■-up. If the kite
should dive, "add more, tail ■ until it
sails steadily. "     v
Use fine., but strong, cord for .tho
flying, and don't attempt it In r. high
wind.' Kite3 always Uy better lu a
moderate wind. ,. •■   •
You want comfort and satlsactioa
of clean smooth shaves every
morning. ...
The Carbo Magnetic Is the only
GUARANTEED to give this.
The secret Electric Tempering
positively merges every particle of carbon (tho life of
steel) into the metol—glvlng
diamond-like hardness
throughout the' blade—something absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other razors.   .
But test this razor  in your
ownhome-aor have your barber
use it on you.    Secure one 30
—,  Packing" n. Coat.'
A UReful thing for wives to know
when they are, p icking up their lord
and niHHtor's clothes Is how to fold a
man's coat Thero Is 11 knack In It
that it will aid domestic happiness for
her to ir.iii'.tcr. Lay the coat out per.
fectly tint.-right side up, Spread the
sleeves out Hinoathly, then fold, them
back to the.elbow until the bottoms of
the ciilfs are even with the collar. Fold
the rovers b-ii'ls and double tho coat
over, folding It oil the center Ream,
Smooth out till twinkles nnd lay It on
n level sni'l'ace In the trunk.    "
To Prevent Riding Up of 8ldrt
A common <--n:.:;.lulut Ih thnt Hltlrts*
will tide up lu the front. Women that
have imminent uIuIoiiiimik have more
trouble thnn ntl-ors, There are. two
remedies for tlilst- <»itl»»r i» wear hoiiii1
of the ninny coiitrlvniu'i-s which nrc
uold for this pirpy!!* or to make 11 tab
of lining material about four nnd n
half Inches wide r.:i;l live InchcH long.
T.i Is iv.iimI hi' i'lifi'iel out t.i (It the
eon tor of tin*- sk'rt In fi-mil nnd cauifht
with Iho no-mi w!-'.mi i'i.' facing Is how-
od on" tit tin* wal-t Hue. Flulrfh lhc
edge of It by pinking.
Mocllcli Porfumco.
The woman win nupli'iii to smart-
noss lakes car;' to lie ,iui fait In tho
matter of pi'i-l'iinvs. ..wli yonr see*
Rovornl new kcoum In vngito,* ihiiugh 11
ciH'laln few of the old I'iihIiIoiiimI i»h
nonces rulnln ihclr popularity, of Ih"-*"*
lavender and wood violet deuote tin1 refined; well hi'eil woiniiii. The him'IiI*.-
of tho prcHont hoiihoii are ronutrltiihle-
for tholr milrth* yet ponotriitlutf oilor:
VlnnlgrottOH nro ngaln oonsldeicd mod
Portuoueia 8a!ad.
Slice two meillntn bIkw! Arm encutn-
born, ono nmnll IJii'iiiIhIi onion, two medium sized tomiit-HM, fvo bww*. poppers and two rouuJ npplcs from which
tiie core.* nave bfi'ii niuioicd. 11 ix iu
'a saxlxxA Iwl wilh four 1nl)l(*<4poont*.l*i
of French drivmlng. ttetxo plain or on
lettuce loaves, Ice cold. ' >
Phillip Carosella
. Wholesale.
>.    mm*******^ '
^ * ; * ll ,
Dry Goods, Groceries. Boots ami Shoes
Gent's furnishings
Explanation- of This Insect's Ability to
-   Walk Upside Down.
The nullify r.f.ll.o fiy to walk nlo'ns
the coiling or up and down 11 pane of
gliii-a Is a mat tor that'la constantly
puzzling boys ami girls, and older
people, too. and » simple explanation
of It. here might be of Interest.
. As Insignificant a, creature ns the
fly. Is; this power has made It the subject of sclentIflc Rtudy.for years. Tho
BclentlHts at first thought Its feet wore
furnished with suction pumps, so to.
Hpeak,- little valves that clung to the
celling on the Rhine principle ns ttint
of tho wet leather disk that boys lift
bricks with. When thoy found tlint
this wns an error they thought t'.int
tho., fly's foot were supplied with n
kind of sticky oil thnt ennbloil It to
hold( on.
But a careful experimenter discovered thnt while the feet esudo n fluid It
Is not Btleky. nml so thnt theory had
to ho given up Finally this sumo experimenter lilt on the truth, Ho found
thnt tho feet of the fly are covered
with minute hairs-each fly lian nliout
1,200 of Ihem-ninl that tho fluid thnt
comes from them enables the fly to
wnlk, head down, 0:1 cvea lho amostli-
est Btirfnce, hy enpllhry nttrnctlon—
Hint Is to-say, tlio flu id on tho lly's foot
firms a suit of (•■"iiiiii-iMI-v.i Ihmwi-imi tl:o
feet nnd' |!io HMi-faw the liy w!il!;s o:i,
nnd the ntti'iicilnn thei-i'liy iMlitlilljIii'd
Ih sli'DUg ciinii'li t:> k'.muiIii wi'iiral
limes the veig'it of the tly.
It Is IrnjioiiHllili' for Hu. fly to got
along well unless Ma feci mv porfeclly
cloi'.n, nnd when you hpi> ll nppnrciitly
iniiUIng Its tolli't by,, I'ubljln:.' Us feet
togolhor- nnd all over It*-; wings nml
Intel. If Is Hliiiply putting Hh feet In
  -.. (i
Sevan Moons In Ons Night.
U In bm!i! Unit at aoiinina. f'nl,. the
full riimj'i i'Noi nud sets hmviii tlnii's In
one* night, The IndlniiB cull the plni.-o
PiOitoniH vnlley, whU'li iiieimw tho -viih.
ley of 1111111:.' moon**," Tin* I'tplniiiUlmv
U tlmt Uteri* Is a cortnln peak oust ot-
the town toward which yon hnvo hi
look to hoi* the ipti'iM' plKHiomituou, titio
mountain being ao formed there ih;xt
thc moon rliica Into sight and -AlnUn
out of It seven tlinefl lu ruccoshIou,
WINE   GO., Lid.;
Wholesale Dealersand Direet'
Importers of
'     LONDON DRY   '   .,,
' .POMMERY   - -   --.v-  -       °  .
Solo Agents in Enst Kooteimy for
W ATE It'" ■
Cranbrook Land -District ;
Diatrict of Bast,Kootenay'■'•'
, TAKE V NOTICE that T.'ed , ■ R.
Dalzehl7of Fernie, B. C. timber
cruiser, .irteritis to.j apply for 7a
special timber license over the foi;
lowiug^ described lauds:
No. 1.— 'Commencing    at   a post"
planted on the 'south   .bank:    ol " a * .
small creel: in the Elfc river   valley,
about*cne mile north and one mile
west oi  C'h&rleB  Weigert's Pre-emp-,
tion Lot ?^u. 2000, tlience 40 chaina
west, theut'c 160 chains north, theace
40  chains    east,    thence 160 chains'
acuth   to   point oi beginning,' containing 640 nciee more or less.
Dated September 28th,' 1907:
No.' 2.— Commencing   at,  a.: post,
piantcd . about   20   chains, north 0!
Goat" Creek and 40 chains west   , of  ,
Elk KiftT   cn the north, and   west
boundaries   i.f   the   Patmore timber,
limits, thence west 40 cliains, thence
north    40    chains,    thence  west" 40
chains,    thi nee "-north,   40    chains,
thence couth 120 chains, to point of
be0iiiniK£__-^ containing 640 acres more
or less.        ..        '■"-.'
Dated yep timber 16th,.1907.'
"No.1" 3.—Commencing,   at    "a  post -
planted     on     the   west   fork     o£.
Bing'uy Creek about one' mile south
of    main   stream ; and about three
miles   'up stream from the junction
of "the Elk  .River   adjoining L. W. „
Patmore'-'s timber limit" on the west,
thence west C4 chairs; thence riorthlOO
chains, theuce- east-64 chains, thence
south 100 -chains ,to point of begin-
ing,   ccnt.*.uiiiiji-  G40 acres more   or
less. , " *; *„ '   7 '     . *' .
* Dated September 23rd, 1907.   * "' [
' No.   4.'—Commencing   at   a   post ■
planted     cn   the*   east bank ol the
north 1' ork of ■ Big Creek near • the
north east corner' of timber, license
number 1WJ4 arid "about two miles
west of coal .license number. 6379 on* •
El!i Rn er tlu-nce    north  80  chains, '
thence west 40 chains, thenco south
40 ^chains,    thenee . west  80.chains, >,
■i n»np/*^irr.iii.ri A*\ nT-ininc JlianPo^Jocr	
-vuvuwv — h3«.-««\ 14— s v — \.uui*n)|T-vvuvuvi — ui*u v	
120    chains    to point 0* beginning,
containing 640 acres more or.less.
' Dated'ScMcmber 25th.. 1907. '."•
.,■ '     y
No. 5.—Commencing at a ° post
planted on tho upper Elk River, at
tho' noi-U'i east corner of timber license number 12126 andi on the,west
boundary cf* A. Manahan coal license
number 19S2, thenco north 40 chains,,
thence we^t' 40 chaius, thence north
80 chain.*) tlunce west 40 chains,
thence"'sunt*. 120 chains, thenco east,
80 chains to, point ol1;beginning,
■containing 640 acres more or .less.
Dated Sipteniber 8th, M07.
FRED  P.. DALZELL,. Locator.
Fort Steele
Brewery Co.,Ltd
Penile, 13. O.
Brewers of Extra
uud   Aerated
Bottled   GoodH    a
Fine Lriger'
trasrioisr  label
Crow's    Nest   Gjiccial
tV-llncr's Fnvoi'ito OiHar-s
lo Consumptives
The undorelgoed having bd'en re-
Btorod to health by simple moann,
oftor aufforinu for Bororal yoara
vrlth a novoro lung affoetlon, nnd
that drond dlooaflo CONSUMPTION,
li anxious to mako known to his
fsllovr sufferers tho means of cure.
Xo thoso who doalro It, he will
ektsrfully oond (freo of' charge) a
cepy of tho prescription uuod, whloh
they wlll rind a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHITIS nnd all'throat and luns
MALADIES. Ho hopes nil sufforors
will try this Romcdy, an- It Ih Inrnlu-
nolo, Thoflc doBlrlng tho proflorlp-
ilon, which wlll coat tho nothlnn,
and may prove a blesHlng, will
plcuso nddrenn
Brooklyn, N. Yi
Save toa Iouvch fur wnshlnu vnrnliih*
ed paint When HtiUJclent leavca lmve
accatnuliitwl »lwp Wtfcm »« liiutj
•minutes In n tin v-owol und then strain
through n sieve. Thin water wlll give
Tarnished point n newer nnd fresher
nppoftrnnce than n wiihIiIiiji with tonp
nnd wntor.
A levins v.-ir.ir-'i v.-lll fi-e^p Fmr he.arl
worm nn Idiik tx* «l:o Ih'e.. and lier j
linlr Midi n* hr.'.-j on :i!ii* ilyca.—Mnx I
Ctl't*'* OuoWi'itf.
Whon C'i'lla'i) lion hatchet] out Ttn brood
Ono of Iter fl-.1lel.lc11 iwmuil ns nootl—
Trrntnl hXn mn wiih illKm>pc*ct.
Mnrlictt dlnnbcillciico nml ni»nl»et.
In spllo of wjlrnlnc word and look
Ki» plunuml nlomi Into lho brook.
kl..A looilicr Wlhti tan Ul> tU'ti 4i4>*tln,
I^imentliB Hint 1i«*r child would drown.
With ■very fen tlw In a flutter
She* culled, with many n claclc and clut-
1   tur,
With many nn nnvlons, troubled cluul*-*
Blio didn't Jinow lio w/m a ducM
And wo, It chanced, wen. thorn to *t*
Thin muoh nltllctotl family,
W» ijl.j not worry, for wn li-now
A duckllnir knows a (lilnif or two.
Wd wanted to <Mnilaln--t)iit, than,
How wiu mm 'itpliUu tliluuu to » lien? ,
  -WotldnctOn HIM.
Heat Merchants
LWAYS.a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal nnd Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Egfgs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraul and Oysters,
41 li „
;. /i
1 ,
-A TRIAL i^keS
-      Makes friends and converts.
This is the whole, secret why
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
Office Hol'REi-     ".8 soto 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
- - '       •* 6.S0 to » p.m.' --
Office in A'ex. t* ck's Bioufc ,
'   . OTer Shnn'. Bakery.
kerxie?     •-■-"    -      -
B. C
; is im osiich popular, favor.
Lead Packets Only    ^*^UtiSw^lity - -At ail Grocers
While the- prompt 'and"energetic
action of the Provincial government, in calling for the arbitration as by statute provided,1' has
had* an immediate effect    an ;. the
„ supply of fuel to the up-country-
smelters, the' question has' arisen
in not a* few 'minds-as to whether
—once the deterrent effect' of., the
lesson has worn off--rthe evil may
not occur again. ;.'
It is  easy,   of- course  to  accuse
such,doubters''of pessimism.   But;,
unfortunately,.enough particulars
„." were brought to light during 'the'
agitation, which' resulted in , the
government's - action', ,jto prove beyond all doubt that the statutory
provisions ■' made for the purpose
of 'ensuring a' regular and sufficient" supply of .fuel to.the Koot-'
enay. and Boundary - smelters. had
. been broken^ through wilful wrong-
' doing, 'and not through unavoidable .  causes.     These    facts being
public property, it is scarcely., to
„. be wondered at that' the public is
' not vdisposed^'to trust the    inborn
"  sense of rectitude of any coal com-
...pany'.to prevent a recurrence - of
the* conditions which created .    so
■> *■ *    . ■ * -• " .i **.  '-, . -
much damage in" our principal industry.   ...   ' 7 ■ -.-- ,    7 ■• ■   . ."•
4  Naturally,   then,, the  cry  arises
sfor  a* remedy  which*--will  prevent
occurring .again  and  again, every
..time that the eye  of.the government-   is , supposed to  be looking
the other way. ",
fl Of course there are those who
propose government ownership as
,a way out of the difficulty. There
are a number of excellent, people
whose ideas o£ the functions of
government are so lofty that
every time their milkman, -nuts a
little more water than usual into
the can,"they raise a howl for the
government to take over all the
dairies in the country, '*   '
. It is a, pretty theory, and a
charming faith, but it will not
work. The " .average government
has* quite' enough to do' already,
without adding to its 'burden,
Moreover,, governments are not
appointed or elected .to peddle coal
by the sack or milk by the quart,
Their 'business is not to peddle,
but to control tlio peddlers. Thero
is the whole thins: in a nutshell.
Government control, if you like,
That is whrit governments nro
made for. But government own*
Trivato initiative, individual enterprise—these are tho things that
■ make a country go ahead, nnd no
machine-made government routine
con ever take their place.'      But'
., private   initiative and individual
enterprise,     being    very    human
things,     aro liable to go wrong.
Then the government stops in and
controls, putting in operation tho
established machinery of tho law,
punishing'    the   black sheep    and
bringing   him   back to   tho fold,
" This is what is meant by the art
of government though it is    not
at all understood in Canada    or
the United States.
Dismissing, then, the dreams of
the socialist, we come to the consideration of the most -> practical
form in which "government" control can be exercised in this particular instance. In order to prevent the starvation of our ' own
industries through their necessary-
fuel being denied them.   .
The simplest plan is to make
the'export of coal and coke, too
expensive to be profitable, by putting on an export duty.   ;    "'
It is safe to say that,.had a
duty been ■ required to b"e paid on
every tori of coal or coke-shipped
by".^the^CrowJs Nest Company to
United -States', '.smelters," there
would never have been-' any •' fuel-
shortage   in    the Boundary'    and
Kootenays.     ".. ",'■'
J" -        -'   -
.The proposition , may seem *   a
little startling, "and it., is 41 quite
certain "that it will be' most., violently opposed.. But let us look
at a few facts. '" : ■ -
' ,One- of the fc'most ' bitterly denounced measures of the present
Provincial government was that
imposing an export duty on'lumber. - Mr.'' McBride- and his M colleagues laid down the hard, cold
principle *■ that. a' country's" raw
material should be manufactured
within its borders. ^They stuck" to
their guns and carried- the measures ~ in the force of the- most
strenuous .opposition; .with the
result that today there areexpenT
payrolls   on the British Columbia
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest   Trading:   Co.   Block,
Fernie, B. C.   ,
L.  P.   Eckstein
BarrJster-'at-Law, Solicitor
Kooms 1 Ht S, Henderson block.' Fernie.^B. C.
Barber* l.d.s., d.d.s.
1>T. W    Block,' opposite the
Ofiice hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m..
Latoe & Fisher   *
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
,   7 Fernie, B. C.   ,.
W. B.Aoss.K.C.
J. S. T. Alexander
\   Ross & Alexander
V, ''- * t
FERNIE, B.C.   ' .'■  „
OtHce in L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
*•.'.• S*5e
' Lfevnie. 38. C.
1 n
c|»   ,_■*$»
Kings   Hote
:'     '    -. Fernie, B.' C,
Bar supplied with the best of Wvaot
,   *   Liquors and Cigars.
Dining Room in connection
Offices;over P. Burns' & Go's Block
.Victoria. Ave.
B. C.
The Family
I Tho best medicines In the
j world cannot (alio the place of
i.ii.ur.im.iy pii^iv-iui*.  Consul.
hi..] uiiy V...U-) LaUn ■**•   If
the trouble Is with your
throat, bronch.nl tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
I Aver's Cherry Pectoral. Then
take It or not, as he says.
side of .the line, "which -would oth-
eiwise have been existing in the"
State of Washington.    *'      , ,
At the close of the last session
of .the'Provincial legislature, notice, was given that , a measure,
.would be .brought down, next year
to deal in a similar measure with
the exportation of iron1 -ores- from
British Columbia. " Its object was
stated plainly to be the enforcement.^ of the, manufacture of our
raw iron into the various industrial forms.. „by means of plants
erected within our own borders.
The wisdom of the measure is so
apparent that it is difficult to
conceivo of any grounds upon
which it can be opposed when it
comes before tho house. -
But, some will say, if1 an export
duty is placed],ort coal, what becomes,'of-the Vancouver Island
coal-mines, whose lurgcst market
is- the supplying of. the shipping
of Puget Sound and San Francisco?   '
Well, would it bo tho unit time
Jn tho history of British Columbia that a government passed different regulations to apply to different conditions oxistini*; oast and
west of tho Cascades? Hardly, wo
It has   boon again and    again
pointed out in tho columns of the
B. C. Mining Exchange that if tho
Provinco  of British Columbia,   is
to attain that commercial supremacy to which, hor enormous natural resources    entitle hor,     sho
must manufacture thoso    natural
resources  -within   hor  own borders,   This is sound industrial policy, the wisdom of which has boon
proved in evory instance since the
dawn of commercial hit-tor"   from
Tyro   and   Sidon down.    Tho export of raw'materials may enrich
ono or two,     tho export    of tho
manufactured      article     enriches
I thousands, gives employment    to
millions,  crontes prosperous    clt-
Iok and flourishing Industrie*) and
builds np a. powerful nation.—Ex*
. Builder and Contractor*    ./.i.
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the satis-   .
7      faction of our customers.
H. Fem..   •        7"  * A.Wildhax
Hotel, Hosmer
, Open May 1
Everything new and
Contractors and Builders .
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P. 0. Box 3S5    ',....*   Fernie1, B. C.
a Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
rinBB, .Specifications and Entl-
tnatei furnished on application,
V.. A. KERR,
Architect " nnd Superintendent
Office tt Reildcncc,
■..,. up-to-date.
Every accommodation.
for the public.
Bar siocted with the   *
.  finest in the.land
Plans  nnd " Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howlnnd Ave.
J. Wilson Gray, Arciiitbct
Fernic B. C.
Under new management
Well furnished rooms.' The table is
supplied with tho best the market
uffords.   Tl.e bar is supplied
with tho best wines, II- ..
quors and cigars.   , -,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Vi* pubiiih our rortnuUi
W. btnlih ttacttal
irumaiir intdlolntt
W."ireii y»4» *«
eoiKn.t your
meets in McDougall's Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8 p.m.
A. Wyki.1, J'ron.       Wm. I), Hciioiii'I.h, Soo
L ••«   itii * 1
P. o. c.
Eocri) attention,
Rooms reserved by voire
Christmas Excursions,
".-, ■ j   .. ;    -*.•-■•        .,   t.
„   '■..,•• —to—     ^
.. Montreal and Toronto
and all points'west th'ereot in ,
■-■'. Ontario.and Quebec
QuebVe'St. John. Halifax and
other Maritime Province cities
;.  rates onappllcaticn,,.
".    Tickets on Sale Daily.
Dec. 1st; to Dec. 31st
R(i*i.id Trip, First" Class
- ' Three Months Limit *.   i
„ Old ..Country Rates.
Halifax, St. John.,or Portland
,  and return'" v ..   '.
-:'" $73.35:/;'.
—*^—lletufn—Ocea n^-prpa ;  -
- Saloon   Second" Steerage*
$101,50" $76.00      $55.00.
and up according tD steamer
.For further pnrtloulurs'cull oil locul '
,'    . agents, or address
' J. MOE, "' ■ E. J. COYLE;
D.P.A.      * A.G.P.A.
.*.  .Nelson. .- Vancouvor
From  France,  Holland and
7' '     " ' A>
4 -*   ,   4 . j        1
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps,' .Spravirpr Material, Cut
Flowers,. etc. Oldest established
nursery on tho mainland of B.-* C.
Catalogue free,        , ,
Nurseries .
' Greenhouses' and Sccdhouaes
60   YEARS'*'
Truoc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyono nonrtlnn n ulicloli nnd il mcrlptlnn may
Illicitly (incoriiiln our opinion fr.io whotlic nn
Invoiitlnn |» prnhnblrPHtoiitnhio. .Cotrimvmldi.-
[|oiiB«lrlclif conliilonMnl. HAM HOOK on I'nlcqic.
sent froo. uidsHt nirom-y iui-pviiirniiriiui<.iit>.
l'ntnntfl tnknii lliroiuli Miimi a Co. ncolvo-
in:clal)io('«, nlllioiiicliiirco, I • Tlio
Scientific Emm*
A (iiiiKltnmclV llliHlr.llcil wimI,
I 'irnPHt i'ii*.
I'i'. nm, X'i t
ciiiiTuiyi'i of uhy"Bni6ii'il.ln l,iuiii I. . .   .
yimr: fo'imiontlio,tl. Isold!.) ,-,1 i.u-v;<>c*h1cit.
WSVENN & Cn.«««-«*-*.. Mow Yorft
,i-i., •!,    IM. *.    J(L*. y   «<„   ^ 4* .'>•. 4"..    *».''>
Fit for a King
The incuts that you buy
Irom us are lit I'or n .kiny.
We sell no'hi lift -lint is
not tho best, tlmt Is why
we have so many pleased
customers , Lftt us t\c-
monstute iliis,,fact by u
trial. ' Polite miontion
and prompt service,
Calgary Cattle Co.
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C,
!Cash I Cash!I
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd* "
:«: AtEX. McDOUGALL, Pres. & Gen. Mgr.:»;
Manul-icturcri* of and
Dealers iii
A pleasant
home  for the
i .J.
C. L. WHELAN • • Mami-qor
Pn/,*J for Seooiiti
Kami. urnltmro
Siovos, etc.
♦ l
♦:• l^ouirli ft. DrcfHcd Lumber
Dimension & Ui-ldjfo Tlmhor
Pilini,', Moiildlntf, Liitlw,
Hhliiffli'H nnd  Ties.
i Telephone Poles a Specialty.!:
All Oiilor.*
RHicu*. Atta-.b, f.ick-lii'i.lacbc'j.lnilifr.ea'
tion, constlpaiion, dSizy spells — iheae
nrft some of the reinlis of in Inicllvc
liver. A*\ yoi'f Aoni-tr \t lie tpiatits
Ayer's F'ilia in these tr.m. Tlie d»U
is small, crt p.!! sr V: ct!!rrtt*.
XmmJftU lJ tu /. 0. Jti M P»,, l4U«n, V.. If *•«
To The Editor:
Tor the 'ixifonnntion of your
rt'iulori-, wo advixo you that on
and nftcr December 1st, wngcB
paid to laborers on construction
of Crow's N*«t Prss eJttfinsion
Fernie to 'Michel; will be ns foi
Common labor  , $ 2.50
Teamsters   (month     of   S.0
rtuys)  ,  -lO.fH)
Yoiiri trnlv.
c. jnxxj.v.v.
.*M'ini<*, l.ov. *5, l!;u..
Moi'tttllrit friiliiy in ouch month In 1.0. 0, V. • A
Hull. ] •>
n. II. «<vir». W. K*«v.      ' ■ *
Wnttliy l'wi-M»iit, Wortliyi-oowtiiry.
:|TheA. Macdonald Coil
(IK'iid OlTiw, Wiiinipcx)
mmmmmm,    _■-___, W^    |     m    ■»■■»»
IM        ||^^    Mt   ul        •*     •»    mmmm
i y
' A
i A
% B. r. furniture Store
*\* XextDoor lo Imjierliil IToinl   A
•;• •;•
Ivlinotiiiiti, Aim
rcmJc, B. C.
Ni'Non, Ft-rMii",, V,
.S; Koiturti, Ont.      i »|.
The Motel of Pcrnlc
Cr 'i-i.*!!4.*.
Unp b.
V'.-ur,    t'cc ! .\;
The contri) ol Coinmcrclnl
nnd IV.tii Ut IViulo
Cui-iino   L'tit'Xcclleil
B. V. V/mIIhc«        Prop.
A i
Tornlp, n. C. A
yTcl. Tt
V'n'tiio ii nl
Read lhc Ledger
i'.i.. Li'i »'l Ati'.i
donl Iiin!iraiico
1'iiLi—iJIHIIHHJU'U'i'JIlUIL-l 'JU  11'.11 ULI'W
Express and Baggage Transfer
Dr.'ijiiij* .-f .'il UIiiJ*. Ji'ii*,- i lonipily.
i f   . iioiu"  "7  or (.ill  .i  4lii\4t
I* l. ,.~ ■cj.'.yj i".. :„'
-.**4*»;??yy"""tK'•t.-.ft'.y- h'W.''o3»'Hw;>.
News 6f the City
Wanted—A ' girl for. general   house-
Svork. -'Apply -'frs.  L- -P* Eckstein..'
,1-lonse . to ".'rent.—Apply "13' Fernio
[AnnoN.        »      "      ".'--'.     ' '   '■
D -uble House Tor S ile (easy terms)
in Wc-at Fi-i-nii*-, 8 rooms; jrlasshoase,-
* chicken .house, etc.—Apply to John'
.    McL-iiililaii,.West bVroie. 7'7 ■ * ' *
-i.-   . . '      r, - .
*    "Wauled,     bj*   experienced business
mnii     (English),'   position   iii ollice,
'     warehouse or stores, or hny place of
"   „ .trust.—K.   1-'.   We.sthy,  P.   0.  Fcrnii*.
Foi-  Sale—5     room   'house   .--i.d
one-quarter acre for sale or  '-t?nt,
—Awply  Charles Edgar, West 1 er-
» Mie.'or Box 194, P.O.
"Thoroughly     experienced -   lady
stenographer   ■    and    "bookheep'or
,wants   good  position.—Apply .   to
." Ledger Office. '   '   .'
When  you   want   a  housekeeper,*'
cook,  chamber maid, dining room
' " girls,  general  servants,   bar keepers,,, or*,   help   of  any kiiid,  go  to
'AmbVose's Employment Office, Cox
'.Street.     . " \ N23-'lt
Astray on premises at Wardner,
two.sorrel horses.   The same-have
done,, considerable--   damage      to
garden.,    Owner    mny  have      the
.same by paying- damages and expenses;   These horses  arc branded
,pn left jaw 6,' white star  on fore--
head.   For particulars, apply , .S.
- ,T.  Harrison!* P. -.0.  Box 5, Ward-
-    ner.   '  '.._ * *
Lost,' on Tuesday morning, Nov.
19tli,  1907,  in Victoria Avenue,. a
purse   containing    $70.     .Anyone'
h' finding  the  same will  please    re-
* turn to  the Ledger Ofiice   and   be
suitably rewarded.*
Wanted.—I'.Npcrioiieod.irii'l for <■"(*•.-
•crnl   liousework.—Applv sJIrs.':.-A.- 13:
'   .Trite:*-.
*' Girl   wantcil. to "ht-lp; with  care nf
-children,--or one \v,ho   would, help in
exeh.'incre for1 clothing, Icpim. and tr*\2;o
to school.— Apply ••Iledjjer" OHice.- ' .
■»  o :—
Ladies' inilef and manicure, seta in
sterling silver nt Lipliardt'e.     ,      .'
S. J. Coullon has seciuW a.popiiinn
with the Crow's Nei=t Tradiii;-;'Co. f.s
clerk:    '
, ,   .   T. II. Whelan and W. lit, Ross arrived
from'the Coast-on Wednesday evening
,  on the llyor.   -    • ' - '
•• John Williams, who has been with
the Coal Company for nine v.'.-hp, toft
for the Con it on Thiusilnv -via C.P.R..-
' Bee Liphardi's new "line of*,hand
lwinted china.' - ,     , '
° The Canadian Paeilie Railway fir-
lioiiiicc a very low round trip rate to all
. points in Ontario amKQuMifC west of
Montreal    Tickets be.ii.a (I!)'day limit,
-.-..-■'    „ ..  AT FERNIE-. *". .'  _.., y."
IN' PROBATE  NO.'  267  OF. 1907', ,
.NOTICE is hereby give.-.''that on
the -25th. day, of November, -1907,
it was-ordered by,, Peter Edmund-
Wilson,   "Esq.,  local  judge  of the
said court, that'   James Ferguson
Armstrong,  official' administrator,
m  and for  that  portion     of     the
.county of East Kootenay,  included in the Fernie electoral district,
be administrator-of all and singular the, estate of George,Onysko,
of Hosmer, B. C, deceased, interstate? ;"
Every, creditor or' ether - person
having" nny claim upon or interest
jn the'-distiibutioiY of, the estate.
.,of thef said deceased is -recjuired to'
send,* before the 2r.d day of -'January next liy registeied letter, addressed to the ' undersigned, his
name and. the full particulars of
his claim "or interest and a statement of his account and the nature of the security, if any, held
by' him. i ' *     • -
After the- said -last mentioned
date the administrator will 'proceed with the distribution of' the
estate, haying regard to .? those
claims only-.of which he-shall have
had notice"' •■-'/
Dated  at" ' Cranbrook,  this 29th
dav of November,  1907.
JAMES " ;   FERGUSON       ' ARM.-
'   STRONG, -, • •'.•"■,■■
-- -.   Official  Administrator.'....
Ulsda-me  Leteilier
;Tho Famous,Parisian Palmist °
Is in-Fernie for a short'time
fladame Lettellier located
hidden'money buried bynnces-
tois in old iron pot-.-vin.thesouth
of England.' She cur. also help
you..   She reads life'from the
, Cradle to the Grave -
.•imi irives advice on all affair?,
Coiieuitntioris ttrictlv confiden-
tinl. -'. "        '  ■  *' -
'  * | I' *4
S.CTES-   FKSKIE,   ROOM    t8
fl.nst room linok in'the hall"
Hours:   10 p.m. to tO p.m
Pricesv for
^■•Sk?*^^^^ .7
■  ,- MakvTTiFe' "worth iivinqr  -     '>■'"-' -. '*•     4:":"
:       ■ - '• -      . ..   .. ■'- '.♦-.
f -'* '   ":'-^'. '■'■iiSE--.'.'- -.. •■:.-:.:-..I
<$•-'     -    Pure Goiof Freric-i "Creamery butter  35c pcr;pound '-•$;.
% '.Wild lvose English Breakf.ist'Tea, our own blend, ,50e* per pound* .% ■
I -' ■      ;and -enjoy■ Y'oyr me-A*ls;'.•" .-." /*"|j
0|wns"oji .himiary oth. Why- not atuJy.
hliortliaud, liooklieoiiiM'i'olc., ami qualify
for u Kooil Sillaried vosifion? We'can
holp you. InleresliiiB catalogue froo on
request, to P. G. Ouilmlt, l'rim'ipsil' of
Tiio Giu-huU.-Bubiiioss CoIIcrc, Calgary.-
•      7  ,,   AT IJESNIE-. .'-'..„
INJ'PEOBA'TE NO.*-'g66'OE 1907.
NOTICE'is liereby given that on
the 25tlr day of November, ''1907;
it was ordered by Fetei- . Edmund
Wilson, .Esq., local ..judge vof ' the
said, court, that'James Ferguson
Armstrong, official administrator,
in and for that portion, ,of' the
county of East Kootenay, included,in the Fernie electoral district,
be-administrator of, all 'and singular the estate of Joseph Matwich
or Materick, of Hosmer, B. C, deceased, interstate.- "      '  ' J •
Every creditor or' other ' person
having any'claim'upon'., or interest in tho distribution of the estate of the said deceased, is required ■- to . send,' before , the 2nd
day of January .next, by registered
letter, addressed- 'to' thc '-undersigned, his name aud address and
the full^ particulars of' his claim
or interest) and a statement of his
account ,,and nature of the security," .if any, held by him.  ,    ■"..'■
After,' the, said , last .mentioned
date the administrator will . proceed with the .distribution of thc°
estate,, having, regard to those
claims only of which he .shall.have
-—nmnni v> rn^nms-ci: nvi. irup j >u r i in irrv -\ o"
visit ilie. E-ist al a very economieal cost.
.Uertwed j-.ite-*. to the Old Oouiitiy.are
,- iidverliseil eh'Owliere in tliis is:*ue.
Christinas Cards anil Giilendn;-s
for {-rienciK a'crosH Uie sea.
'.     '  N. E.'Smldaby .      "'    "
The'Dominion Express, Company
'wish .to inform' their, clients'-that
unless their,street numhors appear.
nvion packa^ps addressed'to* them
the 'express company cannot "be'
responsible0 for- delivery j' and con-"
.'iidr-rable delays are likely to take
place, particularly during the
Christmas rvndi,
Christ mas Cai-i.a nr.il Oni i* nil'm,
J'Dr^frJeiit'H aurosM Uie. ae:*.
.\. Fi. Una 'alsy,
I-Iarry Hodgson v/as put off the
e.-ii-tbound C. Vy'R. train at Fernio* on Wednc-t-dny night in , a.
stale 'of collopse. .Ii"odj'(son had
in his posr.esr.ioii nn„ ticket from
NiOsoh to Strtithcona, .hut'iiotherwise ]!ennylees , and' a charge to
the City of I'ernie. .Have the C.
1'. ii. t,i;e ri-'V.t to do tl".ia r.ort of
Ih in-,-?
I.w H'l-liimr," 'consli.hle st,\-
iv'n.-.'rt :it HoMuei-, }.,vov.ght ,to Uil
r'i'.y cv, Thuv.hjy ,-t China;:-i.n who
-'..-.•..•: w'n*:-l,-il un the cha)7>;o of
■' .".li-nlivi^- a v/atch irom anoiher
< hi:.-.r.-,)■*. 'I'i o poliM' found the
■■..".ti-h in iti4.\**i;-.A undi-r   the   bed
7 [Y-iY'"   -1- '■"'-■' '';1 [" '•'■ t't'.<:\-
iO".   TL-..   ni-.ini-   ui   il.f' yrcn.'jeA in
, i
t,;A.; AMBROSr:
j   'Siiccessor to J. \Y. H. Terry '
■ EiinplQyment -:-arBd
Real; Estate' Office
.-' ■ Will supply men for
all classes of work,
-'either  by   the. day,' .
week or month.
ws-m;3*.\anaiasw*K*?vnt2nmiX3t.'vrrx. jvvmkui
^PayCash Wc   J.    BLIi^QELL        Prompt Qojivcry    <^
^-i^^^cir'**s.-iy*i*ey*-v^-^'^'^ •^"5V^-^>^'^^''&-'^ts^^^'^<vV^
.Auditor, Accountant, General Agent
Life, Accident niul Employer's Liability Iiisuiiincc
smiwotsrrm.*. mm JFirW..^ smut v%raa«#v
Books opened,   closed,   audited, nnd 'accounts  kept -in the
, i.       ■ ■  '    . ■• ''most up-to-date '.manner.
iwriyf» «W*<»lWT^pJ.'=*gW.'<»t«r ir *- *r VMGAi. s^OAl-Of**
Office,   Burns'   Block.
Fernio, B. 0.
^■^■^i^^U^^l^'^/^^r^r^i/iX'%/^1^^1'^. -*>i^ "tiV'^-,4Va^^^^'^*>-^3l»
Bushmen,    Lumbermen   &
*■    .:■   '''.*  Tcanisitcrs" ""
Women, for cleaning,"
Dated- at • Cranbrook, "this ' 29th
day  of November. T907." ;"'"  'c
j"ABIES • ':  1*ERGUS0IT ":   . ARD1-
,,,"; STE0NG-, •'      "      ' '_'■",
; . Official Administrator.
-,X' v:diu)''01',,'wa!l:4'i?,tg
Moyie, B. C., Dec. 10lh, 1007,
Secretary Hiners'",'Lfr.ion,- -. -..
*. . _ -Fernie, B.   G.
Dear Sir and Brother'—       .  ■'
A' man named Wiig-ht and a
partner of his have been ^aropurl
this part'for'some" time trying"%'
sell real estate; which is" 'located
somewhere* between. Vancouver and
Wow Westminster,'. I do not know
much of tho_meiits,oi<-aemcri»s of
tlie property they are'trying' ,to"
sell, hut would like t.o'ninko you
acquainted with tho calibre.of Mr
„ washing or scrubbing.
feasors a bS«
.. ■ We have.just placed in
stock   caV 'load -of'  the
; above, lines. '  Our storage, space .being  limited
we * offer   for   ten   days
| special ..price's; to, reduce,
stock. .-.Take  advantage:
\ of :this  .money   saving
j. opportunity.   Wc require  [
i space more.xthan (,we do  \
Cok  Street
3'these travelling goods.
.r        ■ -    -
0 -r
; frading;. Conpy,- Llci. ,|
'■] The Store of "good Values
*■"'■■ *;-A. • t.* ■_ .HAiVlILTON^ ■ :|;:
II   Tinsinithitig,   Plumbing,   Steain    Fitting. |~
ij-, ■^■^■■awj«tfw»MMiwww**i»w»»«WMW»M<ww«w«w>«»MWi^iw>wwMMwyMia*iMiwiiii ii^wwm*ewo**mmmm*r**^mn'^namm*s:m*nw*wmm0^^^am*       '""' tV~*  -,
f /'.-".    ■;   ■ . .7f._-/,77~-   ;-',-: *'    ".* *:
All .Work Promptly "Executed  and
'o* '.'-.-
:-.',•■'■     Satisfaction 'Guaranteed; .   .
Telephone S
Next King Edward Hotel
Jc'.i-J. <.f n Ul',- to i;-L tlu-ir money,
J) tmy of youv boy?: want to .iii-"
v-y in -ueh, i-"'il PRiatn an ho in
Mu;;-. ih'.y should liuy it from
soi-iit»one r-i'io, ,is a maii of thr-L
'-.lil.cr :*hould ho taui'ht that
wiu*n    they take   such    rmlns    1o
....   ..,.,,,.-  ,.n   mi-  yi-cn.'jcci. m i "»»'    "".y nn.u   sv.r-.ix    rmuis    lo ! ^i-xvs-p.y-iVy-!!*'''.?:^
ey lluntmok,  and the 1„0k. i*    oi|U*-.io   IIu-im.-:-]-.. ..;     'ohnosiour.    ini > ^t^''^'^
u "■ ■.:"...,;:'<;,7;!:„'v-, Tiu; iSift,hn,v aclh txvo not' jP^j^^^^^
'  -  *   "  ••-'■•   ],l'-° on, Saturday  ,-,D'l,n '^SO'-ti.'n. .*   ■     , i&-t&Et3W(!a-ias^^
i-Aiiv luiini.im.
Al'l'  |>l(*|*,'ll'*|   111 I'llll.)   |()'||.li(4C.'
tnuli'fiM well iih {••■'iillt'iiKinV.
l.mlli'V liairniii] faces in-atcil
(HIV il.-iy Imt .'riiliii-dny,
 --. -;-.-~  :..', I    *la   is    ahout H fr-,-t   10    or    11
-_„•■    . ...   j inclu'K--high,   .-md ' wi-nis   a .short
w.'.•„»>.'(.-,i;o-^j.;i0'*,■,)■,*;■;;;..-,,._,,,>,];, ]fi'vuy    beard,       His   partner     is
-.uioc'th liliavc-n.
Itoj.ing this will bo tlm   m'oniiH
oi jiuttjn-f your p.*op1c    nfjrt    to
this old   fjont,    I nm,.  yourn frn-
THOS.   .:,  KJStLY.
feecivlary Moyio MiverH1. Union.    .
-...„,,, t) - j
G. A. Stovnis lian now nfiBiuuod !
the* nianaifi'jiHint of (itho Stork i
OjiPi'/i Ilduso, jind all' thi'y . now j
w.-nt it-, i\ jjfiod snr.tt in tho ticket ;
4M . -J?.-*
      n \ <?
'* •-I
AV vv AV jVat> at»'at/ a*> aV aV \Tj. *H> \v i iy/, \t/ *;T> <v <ia aT> \i> \t> \1a *.v \i* *,t* <ta ■
•*•$ "     .:    -- "   -,."":"..     ..' /-   .■'..   y   ■'- r;,'• " »   -.■-->   ■'•   / "Sfe
*A*»     '   „_^;„ ,JJ.; •       ■       —'     *' ■    ■ ,   m ■* ___; ■    -  - . ^A*»
JO.vBIc' DRAWN-FOR-   ""■     '"
A riot nf l.'j.jul 5,'j n'"l:iil fcct.v it'll -i-roomed piasti'Ved Cntln-jp-Q-rx 26
l'i'i;r, with I'Hiitry, Clidht's CIckcI, Ccllar'niid frood.wull of-wnter.  -
. Pi-ocetids ' for   thc   family ' of   Chas. , Bcbb
. YSiDEIS DAY,   DECEITS BER  3Gf.h,' -1907
Don't stop to annoy your neighbor.,
by asking liim for the loan of his shot
gun iii shooting,, season' when'you' can '-
secure a full 'choke' bo're, pistol.grip,
double barrelled, breach loading shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and
nickle plated breach for
$11®,©© Hess '5° |sei!« cent.
only a few loft. The" best values in
the land. No trouble to .show them
and'.to' see is to discover-their value-
and' buy.    ' *      '    '
| tris^L.-'^w
r*    t -\itrs &^<fl/M,s',-Ait*i t-ii^iir'iscmit^ui wis^iix^
\ifirirt wm. ■*»**..»«."
•i'\«    •<»♦'•
'•■•vSJS'-Jt'i ":.*&Tj&s&®
<"■> ,l>'> *'> »T> VV l.T>.\»»> «.-«> VT,1 iY> tlA V»»AT> Kt*
i***j ',*..***..-.*.. .4.-^#'*>-.^4.*-**.*■.**.^.*.*^*:«^*«:*.*i* • *!»,•;>*
^iv / **aV ^tv .ii\ /a*» <i* *"aV /a** /av t av /iv ^a*v »a> <i>,
*H*       "
<IA i
1      .       '
\1A  ,.
<i*    .
0    .
•ll> ..
■<l* „
*-AV  '     ..
1           ..    V
/A*»         ')
t. '
«.»»•        ^-!*
o>     ■.,
*l>      '     '
\1A   "
li).,   ■
vw    "*
Thu uliov* 111111*11! and hot IfTtliu |ii-ii|icriy of ('Iish. Ihihh, hut n t'1,00
l!il<|-l i'f lilt! .<■ ti.iu I' M iii inula! il I'iillU'lH li'linl.'.     HuSM ii. try.
Tii-kcis i-M.'.i.':-; 11 In i,nd [..nu Mr. "i,
Projjrms.ino for Sniunlity, November 30th
i   Hridgcl's Lover ,
i Clown P'^-Mor
,; SJ.*nv I\i)-.s
4 Illustrated  Song entitled  "'Hon nie Annie Laurie,"
jly Miidum Dlvelt ^ n
5 Mr, Pecksniff felches thc Doctor
o Moiher-in-law s race for a Son-in-law
Tlieiw houhou /ir«* (inttirtnlnln*/ ami vmy liui-jlml-li*. nud
tlio iu>r»nn who imIhsi>h thuitu hi:cii(»n roif.i.nlv lotmn a u-lianc-o
.lirllii'lr llfiitlmo for ii f-oriil nvonin'is'H I'litortnliinifiil,
TIk> llijou Tlii'ntii! Co, lmve limtxnl tliiitlficiu lloimc, nud urn
|uirmnni*ntly Incntcil for tlm comliifr ttuxMtx nnd will (*iv«
tit ft (iiihllp two rliniij^iiH ovcry wci'Ii.
Oomo nnd soo us nnd bo convlncod
Admi.ision 10c ami Inc. C. A. 5tevcu*», HaiiaKcr.
W H A'T   ?
Tliu 0|'i>iiiliinlty of md in-j- Nciii- i*ln,!4*i' i-r rin'.i.tiiiiiH
■jlfiH, I'liiiifiirlnlily, li inn iiiilii'iihi'ii ii'-or-tini'Mi*, Ar
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you will lie iihly in iin'ki'.n *-i*t**<*ll-n; in your l!t;liir'.
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Choice Pcrl'tminn
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Int., v...   ,   I       , ,   , ■ ,    1      I
'•     ••■    ■        ->■'   ...        •   ,   .        . ...   ...   »,.. .    .4   ...   ., .
{'one)'  CjoocJ..
A liiifiH nnd v.ii-it'il nHHorlmunl. Hint ynu cnmiot
Hnd (>|u.>i\'lu>ri*. I'ictiiri* liamt***-utti-Mi* «l<'*,l^n*, nil
Myli'K unit hI'/ou. I,jiiIIc. IiiiihI Mli'i'm***, Wnl! nnd Stnml
MlrrncH. ' DoIIh ami |)o|| sutii—■ kouki nml liouutli'H,
Wc linvo n liim llm* of inpinlllr licniln. Sni-lii't I'dwiIoi-h
lur niiiliiii;*- ihiinty ini'si'iiiH, Wii'lioi- Wot'.. U'lHlit'tf-,
all *\v,i\,*, piulilcd nml pliiln,
China Tea ScIh
Oii|-n mul .Sniu'irn, rintoH, nnd iKivi'ltli-f. Uoynl
DnultuuChliin nnd Wciliri^'ooilwni'o Pottury.
N. E. Suddaby,   rornic pru« store
It is u certain lliin-f Iiml llicre wouli1
Ik* imu'li less disi'i.si'S in the ro.nmunily
if cvi'iv inJiviilu.'il look propur privnu*
tions to ort'scrve Iiih or lii'r heullh, Wo
I'iiiimn lm loo L-li-aiily in our hutiil*;,
Climiilliic*..'. is not only ni'St to CiOkllinu-w,
but a Hni'f kccpi'r ul' khoiI IumIiIi, Wi< '\
hlioulil daily wiihh llio j-Uitl uiiii =i |;i»d
iinli'.'i.'plii: Hn;ip, hruili nnd i-lwin llm ivuili
will, mul   si-o (o it Iiml  otir |H-rson iuul
pCI'SHIllll  I'lll'l'lS    llll*   Ill'lOllil   IX'pl'OilLll    nn
r**nni-ilN  rli'itnlliK'hs.   livorv   fndlily   I'or
tllr. ll.iili .mil Ti)ili.t .it•_* luiv,
The Palace Drug Store
TEL. 12. U,V. MoLKAN." Mm*.
iron J±- s^set tooth:
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
! Confectionery.
Bring in Your Job Work


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