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The Fernie Ledger 1907-11-02

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..4i.   V :-^'.'    -        --'i   .--'.'      *ts"    >*  *'*-'*'r*"^i.*ii:**~-7li'^*"fi'^-^.l
!..,«<ur^.' ■"■      '   • ' '.*   '•     .*      ''•     '•'-'*»'■
■■■■"■■■'     ^t^.. It
o/i f^ff^m^a^i
Vol. Ill No. 10
Fernie, B. C, November 2, 1907
if 1.00 a Yeab
Arbitrators Unablej to Agree
at Conciliation Board.-
It has to do. with contract prices mostly,
and the owners do not at all agree with
the prices demanded'by tho miners.
Possibly nothing will be done further
bv either of the principal" parties until
thoy have heard from the* reports'sent
to the government.
, Calgary, Oct 28.—The final meeting
of the' arbitration board appointed to
settle the "dispute between the miners
•and owners of the Hillcrest Ccal and
•Coke Company, was held at Cochrane
.recently.andnoagreement,wa8 reached.
'F. H'. Shormiw, district president of
the miners' union, refused to agree to
the report which .the'other'two members
of tjkboard had decided upon.   Hon.
• Qtyw. Fisher, chairman of the board,
•and J. R. McDonald, representative of
the owners agreed to a certain report,
■ but  Mr.  Sherman  did  not think h«
would be caring1 for the interests of the
* men as ho should'if he agreed, and the
meeting.brokeup. ■
.When interviewed Mr. Sherman said
'he would certainly not recommend, to
the men that, they agree to the report
drawn up by the'other two members of
the board.'" He will send in an independ.
ent report to.the government find the
two agreeing members will send their
! report also. Possibly, the government
will be able, to .assist in settling the
trouble. Mr. Sherman stated that it
■wc-kqw up to the miners at Hillcrest.
.'They can strilceif they want to, or they
can remain at work. *■   - .
J. r! McDonald states that he hopes
there, will be no strike/but he added
..that it was practically up to Sherman..
as his report to the minerB will carry
great weight,,aiid if he favors striking
■  to obtain wnat,the men desire then.the
men possibly, will go out. -,    ,      ,  <*
The difference between the tr.o propositions, the miners on one side and
Weather Conditions Perfect-
Scores Good.
This paper, will not bo rosponsiblo for opinions expressed by its,corrospoinlents.
■ . To'the editor'of " The Ledger."' .
Sir, ; ;■ ''
Wo should' like, through the columns
of your widely read paper, to get some
explanation of the mountain slide in
our mining- camp,, - We havo seen certain
explanations offered to the public, but
are not satisfied that they are unbiassed.
Oiir homes are here, and all that we
possess is here, and as a working man I
should like tlie' matter investigated,-'
aiid most of the men I have spoken, to
are'of the same opinion. .Now, Mr.
Editor, you are in a position' to assist us
very materially in this matter by bringing my request before the public, and
once for-all settling the question of the
stability of the mountain.
Lots of people have been-up here
lookingjonnd who know no more about
geology than th'ey do about coal mining,
but they have all said it looks all right
and have gone down, to Fernie saying
so. This ia"" hardly enough for ub wlio
are residents in the danger zone,'and 1
thought if I wrote.this and you cared to
publish it. something might be done.
An impartial investigating committee
ia whut we want before we'are satisfied:
Thanking you in advance and apolo-
gizing for troublin-j; you, l    -
I remain, ,"   ■        3      '
(but I don't kuow.for how much longer),
Coal Creek, Oct. 2d,m7. •*
[We invite discussion on this matter.
but might be adjusted without striking.
' The Kootenay Rifles on Sunday last
held a competition for the lieutenant's
cup.. The weather was perfect .for
shooting, and the totals of tho competitors were creditable,* No, 1 Company
winning out with sixteen points" Teams
of. four from each Company, five shots
each mnn at 100 yards rapid in 25
seconds, standing; five shots each man
at 200 yards rapid in 25 seconds, kneeling; anil live shots each man rapid in
25 seconds at 500 yards, prone. Scores:
No. 1 Company, 136; No. 2 Company,
120. Private Robertson 45, Sergeant
Savage,20, Private Shaw 23, Private
Wilson °53, Private White 55, Corporal
Bain'side* 22, Sergeant Frechette SO, j limited, ' After
Private Smith 5-1, Private Steven 29, ■ as "   . st\ident
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Officials Leaving.    ;
..- Some important changes have taken place this week in the official *
staff of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co., Ltd. Mr. D. Davies,' for many
years comptroller, has tendered ,, his
resignation, and will be succeeded by
Mr. A: Klauer, chief clerk to Mr.
Davies. •    _.
R. Ci. Drinnan, general superintendent of the Crow's Nest Pass' Coal*
Co.,-has'-also resigned, and is vacating his present position on Nov.
15th to assume tlie position of superintendent of the "Hosmer mines,
serving five years
in ' ."England; • ■  Mr.
Corporal Wallace 7*1, Corporal Min ton j Drinnan came- to, this- country,"]
81, Corporal Suddaby 75, -Lieutenant j nvkt g0'ing to Vancouver Island, with! j
McMuUiivl8, lMvatc Shymku 5, Sergt.. I ^ New'. Vancouver Coal Co:,' Na- ;
Kempston 75, Private Cos 58, Private -^ He ,has beeo g^eral supeti-|
Lambert 9.   ,        . , intendent of the     Crow's Nest Pass.;
Co. for six and a half years; and
has acquired an extensive knowledge
of mining! • •■ -
■ The reports of .any further impending changes in the official staff are
both premature and unfounded-
Frank H. Sherman, district president
of No. 18'"U. M. W. A., is authority for
thc statement-that the combination
between the-U..M.*W. A. and the
Society, of Equity, formed with a view
to placing candidates in the field at
Macleod and Medicine Hat ridings iu
the next Dominion election,, ia an
assured thing and that he will'be the
candidate in Macleod riding instead of
Medicine Hat, as had hitherto, been
assumed  would be the  caBe— Frank
**«*«*-4.h**:« $
ZFiRfcriT    Xi-A-isr
On   Lower  Arrow   Lake
40 MIIcb  South  West of. Nelson.
AN opportunity'to own an orchid, home within quick and easy reach
of  the   unlimited   markets, of   British- Columbia,   Alberta  and
Saskatchewan.   5;   10- and -ao acre blocks*.  Finest climate in Koo.tenay,
 Tor   Pull   Particulars  Apply  to
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Leth bridge,    Alberta
Mr.-,'Lindsey ■ will-return from Toronto within ten days.
—: o—;  '"
The regular. meeting of Cranbrook
Typographical Union, No. 510, *.yas held
in Cranbrook oii Sunday last, the 27th,.
election of officers, the following were
appointed for the coming year: President, E. H. Read, Cranbrook; vice-
preBident, Bert Whimster, Fernie; secretary-treasurer, L. P. Sullivan, Cranbrook'; executive committee, A. Bale,
of " The Prospector'• Offlco, Cranbrook;
P. Grenons, of r" The* Herald," Crart-
brook; A. Buckley and W, S- Stanley,
of "Tbe Ledger," Fernie,: with,Bert
Whimster, of "Tho Fernie Free Press,"
as chairman; delegate to Trades and
Labor.Cojttty.tl, M. D, Billings. Messrs.
Whimster and Stanley attended from
Fernie and report much progress in this
union.-   ;• •  ,        .  ..'
<   "_        'O    ■    '      '
While President Mitchell Ib Buffering
from rheumatism iu the shoulders, and
during- tlio past few days hns been
troubled by nervous Insomnin, his
general condition It satisfactory to tho
physicians, his wound being In good
condition and hla pulso and temperature
normal.—United Mino Workors Journal.
Harris   Tweeds,
;  PI aid. Silks,.
French    Pattern
Dress   Lengths.
Ladies' Winter Coats
Latest' styles,   man   tailored, direct3
from headquarters, Berlin, Germany
Men's  Overcoats
« --        ' - ■
-The- made-to-wear kind, straight
from the best manufacturers, and
priced to please .you.-
(,• °      - * *■
.New Fall blocks in both hard and
■*   ■ ,<•"...
soft hats just to hand. ^   ,
It, W. Wood took tho flyer for Spokano
on Sunday. '■'   [   _,
„  ThankBRlvlng dny waB opcut .vory
quietly In Fornlo.  '
G, G.8.'Undio'y lelt bri tho .flyer on
Wednesday night (or Toronto,
Books for Christmas
William MoArthnr. of tho Thou, Hyan
Co., Winnipeg, mu iu tho dty this
week,      .  *
Itobort -31iaw nnd wlfo lift vln C.P.R.
on Monday ovenlnji; for Cftinploti on a
Soniothlnir Rood to amoko-Orow's
Nest Special nnd Gcorffo'a Extra,
Try them.  (>
Tho Kastern Towmhlp Bank oponod
n branch In Fornlo on Novomber Ut,
Ooorjfo Vi. Ewlnir, Into of Colonmn, wlll
ho inniing-in-,
,1. R Volume, Into of tho Ell; Lumber
Co,, liKiumed the duties ol city cleil;
mul nhHi'Miur lor tiio city ui t'liinw u»
.Novcmbi'r Ut.
Boolcs for Christinas
Tlie new C.P It. *<•*'•. •»«* received n
coat of palm and j.resent* a very credit'
ahlo appearance. We uuderutnnd Bob
Moore iirencrlhed tho color.
Tho oxodui from Coal Crook, owlnjr
fo Urn Mnrl»lld»» of lait vreali, Kill con*
tlnucfl, many of the minert heln-j appro-
rionnlvo of wliat ml/rW ncciir."
L. Mutz, of tho Fort Steolo Brewery,
was In Rings Gates thia wook.
Mr, and Mrs L. P. Eckstein returned
from Spokane on Monday last.
Books for Christmas
A largo riumhor of Fornloltos havo
visited Coal Crook "this week to' look at
the llssure on the mountain side. ><.>-.  ■
Wodnosday holn-j tho last day for
retflatrntlon, some of our (rluptli wero
vory busy.
Mr. Brooks, of Handloy aud Brooks,
accompanied hy his wlfo, loft on Monday
evonlufr on a trip to Mooso Jaw.
Patronize homo Industries, Oeoi'tfe'i
Extra and Crow's Nest Special. Call
for tho beat and help Fornlo -grow.
J, G, Held, advanco flflfnnt of tho
" Kilties,"' was In Fernio on Tuesday
complotlnjr negotiations for tho forth*
cornlnj*; concert on Novomber 5th, .
Frank Van . Decent-, of tho Itoyal
Hotel, Crnnl.rook, wns In tlio city this
week on n visit. Ho reporU evorythiiiu
in C'lRiit'iot'K .? luOMittf hii iiiiiii,
J. I' Lowe, ol tlm I'oiiiiniiii. Kxprt'cs
Company, hns paid n llyinff visit to
XelhG!. mul D'*imcj>Vary. Hfrctunic i
homo on TucmIdv tii>rlit, uud lelt. xxntxhx
on Friday for t-ome Ka«t«rn uo'n\l».
C. W. Stewart, advcriUintr mnnngtr
for tho World'* DiM'enolnjr Medical
Association, of Buffalo, N.V., wns, In
th* city on Wednesday |>lscliijr advertising contracts with tho papers hero ,
Books for Christmas
Another shipment of English miners
was brought to Ferule this week,.
C. A, Kllng-smlth, of Elko, was in
the city on Thursday on business.
"The Roasland Minor"has been cut
down to a weekly napor, Rossland was
never big- enough t6 support a dally.
Tho long (flRtanco telephone which
was opened last week to Cranbrook has
now been oxtondod to Moyio,and Hello
girls can now bo cnlled nt thnt point,
Miss Craig, Who1 was formerly nurse
in the Home Hospital hero and who has
beon tho giiCHt of Miss Kirkpatrick for
two weeks, left for Spokano on Tuesday.
S. F. Shopard, of tho Crow's Nest
Pass Investment Co., Ltd., returned to
the city from Lethbridgo on Thursday.
Mr.Sbopard will bo in tho city for a fow
days in connection with his rail estate
Books for Christmas
J. T, Martin, of tho Canadian Fair,
banks Co,, Litiilted, Vancouver, was in
the city ou Thursday. Mr. Martin
handles Fairbanks Company from Nelson nnd roports good-huslueis, partlcu<
larly In gasoline engines.
Indianapolis, Oct, 20 —The lirst step
in the impending war hctweon tho
miners and operators of America was
taken today by tho national oxecutlvo
board of United Mino Workers, Vlco<
ProBldent Lewis presiding, when tho j
board decided to have the olllceri of tho
stato organizations in the central competitive field mott with tho operators of
mines on Octobor 20 to decldo whether
nn Inter-state coiivontlon to mnko n
naw-flcalo shnll'mect In January.
The absence of Pronldent Mitchell Is
deplored, ns his Influence with tho
operators Is strong-
'i     "0    ■"""-'
Tho" Eagles held n very buccohhIuI
smoker nt tl,o,'Opern House on Frldny
night, which wns well attonded by tho
members of tlie aerie nnd pevornl well
known cltlzoiiH. W. Itoss, M.P.P.., .was
tho chairman.
W. C, OHbori.0 hns commenced n dray
nud trnnsfer business of hlfl own in tlio
city. All orders will ho promptly nt-
tended to, and chargos wlll ho in keeping
with tho straight forwnrd mariner in
whlcn all business wil! he conducted.
Books for Christmas
It, W. Coulthnrd, general nnlos agent
of tho Crow'H Nest Pnm Conl Co., hns
hoen In Nelson this week, nnd wns
Interviewed there witli respect to the
Importation of miners from Htaffordshlro
nnd Wales. Mr. Coulthnrd seenm satisfied with tho result of his cornpauy'rt
Wo have recelvod our new inoiioliun
mnchmi! Iroja Winnipeg, and It is beliiBlp-'i'tovmancc have the right, to
Inhfnllcfi,   We trust our next Issuo will.' rr-nslderatlon, nnd liooll-rniilsm
Tho Ladles' Aid of tho Methodist
Church gave n dinner on Thursday
ovonlng. Music wns provided, nnd an
oujoyablo time was spent.
Wc would llko, without prejudice, to
draw attention to,tho behaviour of tho'importations,
young people nt tho rear of tho Opern |   W|,j, tjl0 rotIroment from business of
House during the performance!! held; y^ Charles Gilbert, we nro loniiig the
therein,    Peoplo who pay to nee «*,,|,nn thnt lind the lirst and only union
.smi'e barber Miop in Fernie.   Mr. Gilbert has
is no .,„„„ j,,,,.,, n |onir fi,,)*, n))ii |,flK mndo n
A. W. Belden', of Crow's Nest, wan lu
the city on Wednesday, having como
In from prospecting. It. B. Stack, of
Michigan, nnd J I), Flnlny, of .Ohio,
conl opcrntors nnd bankers, accompany
Mr. Belden, and are looking over the
The Scottish Socioty gave n social
evening on Halloween, nnd a vory
plonsnnt time wns spent. Printer G. G.
Meikle occupied tho chair, nnd the
evening wns enlivened by Scottish
national Rongs. A bngplpo contributed
to the Scotch flavor of thn evening.
Fifty Dollars Howard for-the arrost
nnd detention of John Clilsholm, Height
about 5 feet 8 Inehei, weight l«0*iouiidH,
ago about 113 years, smooth shaven,
Scotch broguu and repents his words or
stutters when oxcited, has projecting
front toolh In upper Jnw, nvn.ro shouldered, deep breast, medium blown hnlr.
When last seen woro corduroy com: In
n lumberjack. Is chnrged with criminal
nssault, Notify at my expense.—W. H.
O'Connoll, Kalispoll, Sheriff of Flathead
County, Montana,
Charles Gilbert has sold out his bnrbor
business to tlie Misses Larson and
Lofstrom, two accompli-dicd lady barbers, recently from Spokano, For Pernio lady barbers Is a new thing, hut in
most of tho larger cities of the States Is
quite common, and Winnipeg has now
n tlmt class eight chair lady barber
nbop, which l« doing n very large bush
iu'ri*.   " The Ledger" whines tho ladlea
show the Improvement  wo  hope to, help to Hint right. number of cIomi friend*, ninnng
achieve, nnd Unit our nubKn<n-r» wiln    Erl„,ht i»,ui<ft \m \w\ m nmuslng union men -especially.   Wo with Mr.
; tlmo during the past 'weelc collecting (illliert success in whatever liu goes nt
everv Hi.cccRt*. nnd bespeaks n cordial
tlm |nnd gentlemanly treatment nt tlm liamls
ol then pmvuiih,
L. Blackstono, (treat Northern
.-.~.-::.t, l\.'•.•.•", -*'.'"1 .' I" •"'■'•'•ic'" *' tl"1
CiP.lt, went to High lilver on a duck
shooting  expedition ln>it week, nnd
nppi-eclntooui" ellorts.
-.    i tho citv road tax.   At the first night the
BOOkS   ior   Chri.StmaS: objects ol this tax look mysterious, but
' w>ioti nrr.ieil with tlm mnlentv of tho*
G. S. Holt, the late mauugor of tlm law mysteries dl*np|iear.   Tlm comic
Cn::ndlan Bank of Commerce, Fernie. ■ look on the faces of Kf.mo ol the uufor-
hns left fov Vnncouver.   Before leaving1 tunates who hnvo been hold up havo; r<)tllrne7i homo ou Wednesday.  They
Mr, Hoit was presented with n hnudsomoj been ludicrous In the extreme. j report gnmoplentlful, 100 ducks making
gold -wnteli by tlm muinbers of the,   ()no 0f t|,e moit Important things that] their bag,  The weather was»Iittlo too
Fernio dub a» n innrl: of esteem. j ,mVfl occurfW| |n tho .labor situation at i fine and hot, but High Ulver district is
J. W. Nunn, our popular city clerk, I Fernio lor tome lime has been a ru-,; getting very popular with sporting men.
retired on Thursday last, nnd Iihm left' sbuflle. of the Important positions of the! To Mr. Blackhtona'a gun fell a goose, nt
NMiim's'Crop's Nest Pn.srinansjijnjet.^ Officials! long range  Tho adventures of theso
' beeii hero for years are leav-! gentlemen as related by Mr. Carrlck
others are coming Sri to succeed! aro thrilling In the extreme, and the
tlmt* an iim-* hiiMSW bo | shortage In (he^ommlssarlst are nmus*
forces wlli'be eujfiged.     |Uf.
*&SmV*wi*W*iSmmmm*Jmm]mml* t.       "■* I-     ■
Books for Christmas
Tr,ti\ Wbelnn lftnriiml (rrmi WnllniM".
Idaho, on tlm ilyer ou Tuesday nlglit.
Mr. Whelan reports the Hencc-sscy
Burus In flno working order. Tho
Ui n ns I is now in 4,'-0feiU, nnd everything
ii looking fine. On Haturday lnit a
lead was cut In tho upper work revealing
an eight inch lend ot tjidld galena which
runs parallel with' tho old leads,,am.
tiiem is every likelihood tliat aii tin-so
leads will combine,.- Somo fine photos
of thlt property wlll be on exhibition In
a Tew day*'in C. C. Wright's (tha
jeweler's) window.
& •."!"■
--J-.V ■•''"
't^-ffi^  '\-l.'tS  '
■I'". * .———'■'.."•   . '-' -
Mutt Be s Stimulating Comjymion Foi.
J j... the Up to D§.to_ Man; '__^n» ,
' ^'ItJS; rather difficult being TCn-odem
•womant" reuuirked a matron the other
day. "We are expected to lie clever.
! active, well informed and Interested
"in tlie, world ..we. live. in. 4If we., fail
' In these things men consider us stupid
and indolent and 'ho fun to talk to..
But when a woman does possess th*
qualities that mnko,her n sllniulatius
companion for the up to tin to man .immediately croakers arise and call he-
a 'new!woman,' with a disparaging accent) and sigh dolcful.y.nbniit the \va..
their grandmothers kept house.
"Yet with all the* tendency, there I* -
to   make   jokes   almiit   tlio   modern
woman or'condemn her as loo stud'
pus.-too athletic; trp independent, there ■
Is"no doubt tliat, she Is fast mouutinj,'
the pedestal which tlie other type of
woman  lias so  long occupied alone,
or, if not a pedestal, she,is taking :■
.' position which is on tlio whole, more
.secure and more desirable.   There has
always been a theory that" the ideal'
{mother is the one* who sticks to he:''
own fireside and mends her children's
.stockings.    This   theory, still   lingers
In spite of the fact that so many col-
..»*.„■...!'-   ■''*''   "'"Is'who   havo   not
logo  mtv.  »—*•  o—...   .•■,-..*-!«^..*   «-•■-
■*   been to college, but'nro hovcrthelt'SS'
-bright,* koeu niul well Informed,. at'e
'g ".niarrylng and proving that, a niothor
'may have outside interests-aud be'a
-.'better, mother because of them.' Hnl
• it is merely a theory,and docs nobody"
any barm.
"In Frank Stockton's 'Squirrel Inn-
there is a scientllic uurscgirl.   When
• it is hinted that her college.- studies
may have kept, hor from learning as
much about .babies as anursegirl ought
to know she exclaims: ,'Not know
about babies? Why, I know all about
babies! I have dissected one.7,'While
this degree, of, education .will- never,
perhaps, bo demanded of the modern
mother,' tho world is beginning to see
that .the better informed a mother is,
, the larger in her views,' tlie" broader
in her interests, the bettor mother will
she be."
O* o ■- ."
'■! ■   t'-'i*
in'addition to. its
,, '-/.- '        ,1!..
Union Printers'
ter consideration and standing, in-,
sures a widespread international
Character *vQ th? movement that can
Have no other "effect'than the .dovetailing and cementing of that fraternal spirit that springs spontaneously, from heart to heart amongprjnt-
crs, and which has bad feasible demonstration ol utility in the Colorado
Springs • retreat—"its bounty, unpur-
ehasable, its charity without price.:'
The   International \- Typographical
Union never docs anything by,balves, |
Au organization   of 50.000 members, 'ico, , where this unique organization
scattered   throughout     the,  United  created ,a 'furore.   Not only does the
States and Canada, that' can begin
with a working     capitul' of .$10,000
■'".';' ■ -v, TO MINE COAL ,   '.'.7 ■-
,  . ': \     .-£.%.        ,*  "      .■;. 7.    '
..'At",th^.meeting in the I.a.bor Tern-1
pie to' consider the" coal proposition
the purchase by the Central Labor
Council and- the committee was .empowered ta go ahead--with..the bus-
ine-iS arrangements already entered
inlot       n ,
This action pledges the Central
Labor Council to the purchase ot
200,000 shares at' 75 cents a share in
the Superior Coal Alining Company,'
which is capitalized at $400,000. The
par value of thc stock is ?1, so .labor, gets u discount of,25 per cent.!
In c-oiisideration of taking up this
stock labor will be entitled to ■ three
of tho five trustees ou .the board,ot
management. These-* were , elected
last evening and are R. A. Hicks,.
H. F. Bbulton and3G. S. Munroe. ,
" This stock" "will he sold to the' general public,.but its voting power
will be retained by the ] Labor Council in order that the price of ^ coal
may'bo kept'low enough to merely
pay a fair'profit    tc/tuc' sharehfild-*
twV"  *;';■* j- :*■'" ,.;
The mining, property of the company is situated near Issaquali, two , -                  < .     .
-    7   xi'            ;+„*. ™;w-frnm the !statcs government annually expends
find   -three-quarter milcfa from tne         .,     ° „•'.+„
si         .            i     ■> 'millions-of dollars in.pensions   to
"N'n"h*riprn  Pacific railroad.     A - roaci , ,           »   „ ■              -
Ho.tnein lauuo.raioa    . . ^-jits aged and disabled warriors.   An
occasional business house has- been'
noted, that, after a" service of long
duration, retires preferred employ-
ess on a .yearly allowance, but the
practical working out of a scheme
for, peniaionirig -in "a substantial
msnn:r, the decrepit' membership of
voluntary .organization,  composed
■*•■    '-.zyi'i,   -AV '     K'.i   •"■     .   iii   ' i-'-..
*■ THE'KILTIES  TOUft   '.
■   yj?_~y      '■.>!■;
;-v     .' ■   t -•      *'■--.'   »;\ " v.     'V.1*  *  -
:The7 Kilties";-   Canada's''"""iainous
Scotch -''Canadian .band, .recently
made a, tour of 48 weeks in Canada,
United States and "Mexico", during
whirh time 'they covered -26,000
miles.. Everywhere they, were- greet-,
ed with'" the greatest enthusiasm,
their playing, being'conceded to be
second to no other .band." Return
engagements .' are always requested,
and the 15th'-'taur, on- which, they
aro just entering, will include Mex-
band give concerts    of-, the  ^highest
quality, but the male, choir which it
and- intelligently and successfully ..carries renders Scotch ballads in an
build ' arid conduct an- institution ''artistic ■ manner, and the'champion
representing every penny's worth of- dancer    and bagpiper,    Mr.;Fraser,
§500,003; can be relied upon to ori^
initc and inaugurate a plan ior pensioning, its aged'and infirm membership ■> that will7 be worthy -of emulation for organizations of like character.. ... '  ..' ,   • .
Many cities have pension funds in
operation for the benefit of policemen, firemen, school teachers ami
other   public   servants; the   United
b:e. walker, president a-.:        Paid-up Capital)$10,000^000*
ALEX. LAIRD, GeneralMinager j^gi      _    ^  '_ 5SQ00,00Q
^Sf"*' s^ertatendentof.    Total Assets, *• 113,000,0(10'
Branches throughout Canada, andin.the United'states and England
Deposits o! SI and upwards' received, and interest allowed, at'
current rates. The. depositor is subject to no delay.whatever Ju*
tho withdrawal ol the whole or any 'portion of tl»e deposit., |
has already been graded from
mine .to the' Korthern Facific railway, while another is projected" to
Lake Washington, so that the ' company will .not be dependent entirely
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The' mines arc developed'to such
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dispensable.iRelish.  • ■*    *
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•It never hoUH.the possibilities of pto
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The band .will be heard iii our city
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Cormack. This is the first ' opportunity for some time - to hear the
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band.    " - • ■  --
The band,iis under   the leadership
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Fernie Branch
H.   L.  Edmonds," Manager
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tiionlavorable to' econcmlcanniningr
The coal committee of the Central
Labor Council has information
slewing that the cJ'oal can be mined
at a cost' cf' ?2,-.' and until the rail-
twomy people,' If pervert with sa'n-V,jway sl,ul. to thc Northern "Vaciflc
wkl'.e*-. and ice;-. Select two pli.'n'-, \^ 'conVll.t3cl ' cartage.- to'Issaquali
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ton. *    They   fmu're   that it ' can be
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■thiol:, i-:!.x willi V.yn c'.ilylia:!, n<71 c.:\. j Wc do not-ask you to take our word
fupftil.of Knnd fv.-cet fi'c:nn whipped j
light niiii salt mid iieppor tn Inslo.   II
yon like oil, try this mayonnaise dress
,lng: Into tho well beaten'yolk of one
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oil. Holl two oggn hard, riib Into the
yollts n dn'sh of ciiyenno peppoi', 0:1c
hrilf Rpoonful of Ball. Add IIiIh to the
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a lemon, mix well, then add tho well
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tho dressing is ready for uro.
When innKliiB 'moBlicd potntowi Into
ctkeu rub tho hands,with flour to prevent potato sticking to. them,  r
Oruss stains may bo removed by
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If the fat In tlio dripping.pan catches
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' A wooden sivoon should be dipped In
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w«h adopted by thc recent convention ol tho union, nnd submitted for
nurabcrghlii vote. Almshouses, Infirmaries and kindred Insttutlons
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Local typographical unions of the
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Money Found on Them Marked
"* f   "'    ~\r. %  ' Y:  ' '       " **■
Like that Stolen From
Great Northern,
preceding the shipments. The wrappers around the money were' in most
cases unbroken and were those used
exclusively by, the Commercial: National .bank. On the wrappers* were
'the initials„of the"tellers in Chicago
who   counted   out the funds..   Both
Mr.  Vincent and Mr. ...Yeoraans    are
*- '    *'    ■
positive the '* money i& identical with
that .stolen in the train robbery^
■; The tip. that the robbers were " in
Bonner's Ferry was sent to the authorities- by^ Jesse..' E. Howe and
Thomas Riley., Riley has.<been on
the lookout for the men ever" since
the hold-up was reported, and had
secured a pretty good description of
the men. Reilly is a dance ball proprietor and had the good , fortune
to have .the. men come .to .his place,
where-they proceeded to part   with
"Good fortune for the local   police
•and gross recklessness on.-the *""part*
. of-C. "McDonald and Ed.'Smith,- re-
 all l-fr Ail lane* QnTiir/ln*-- fl I trtl •#* — i n "frVs-ft.
— Dwivvu—iuuv7>-'Uvw>Uuj—*«*(j«u #** *mw-
-capture of the" two men who are believed '. beyond >-■ the possibility of
doubt tobe the men who held up
the Great' Northern Overland Limited at Rondo siding on the early
■morning on Sept.. 12.
For over a week the local   police not 800n. ** forgotten.   They finally
■have been awaiting news that - the -|iavited, Howe_ and ■ Riley to.accom-
.hold-ups were' in" this territory,   aa*'"V'"thern onvthelr traVels and Pald
I out money to Riley to pay for   the
damages done to-tho place.
Neither,of the prisoners bear any rc-
s.mblance to the escaped convict,
and.as"it now appears Miner and his
gang were not implicated.
A man named Fawkes, of Rexford,
Mont., is counted on" to be a star
witness against tho hold-ups, as the
nun-who held up the train entered
his store previons* to the afiair and'
did considerable trading. Fawkes
has maintained-all along that ne
would recognize the men if ho ■„ ever
met thc-m. • Fireman Pearson, who
was on the train at thc time of the
hold-up, wiU' also be an important
witness. He had a good look at the
men and it is be.ieved he will be
a'Je to identify them positively.-
Thc men will be taken to Montana
as soon as possible under a strong
guard, ° and 'ft ill be held there for
trial. TLey • are locked. in separate
cells in the city jail, and have-not
been allowed to oommuniedte. Strict
orders are now in force which deny
everyone *■ the privilege of. seeing • or
talking with the prisoners.
The police ■> have " not bothered
themselves about the reward up to
the present, and have apparently
given , the matter little thought.
There is a big reward for thec men
in case they are eonvi'-ted. The
Great Northern has ' offered ?5,000
each for„the men, the post officeMe-
Partment $1,000 each, end the Marine Insurance Company of London
has'offered $1,000'each, and an extra
reward . of. 10 per cent: , of all the
stolen money recovered. *
There.w.ll prohably be six men in
the proposition, to divide the re-
Ward, but it is' possible that others
will come forward .with claims, ■ as
this ft", generally the case in matters
of this sort... .No reward, however,
will te paid- until„the matter is settled in the courts as to the guilt of
the 'accused.'
 o  ——■■
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ior it cannot help thinking there is
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the tenderfoot and the system which
allows it. ,, '      "J,= ";
their money.;",1".''     ^''- v .'•...-*
All of their.bills were paid in currency, and this is what first excited
suspicion. They were shown a grand
time in Bonner's Ferry, and gave
the., town , an awakening, that  .will
Receipt is Easily Prepared at
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The Scranton, Pa., Times, was
first to print this remarkable prescription, in October of 1906," s-ince
when all "the5 leading newspapers of
New „ .York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Pittsburg and *. other cities h.yvs
made many announcements of it   to
Undertakers & Embalmersf
.AGENTS   FOR ,,. /    j|
The- Calgary   Marble   &   Granite Works        -|$
The   Kootenay   Marble   Works,: Nelson §£
Samples (an k Seen at the Office. * Parlors in Lundy's Block Jg
"they had received the tip   and have
been quietly, biding their, time   and
expecting   a. call.    It came-Friday
.afternoon   shortly   after   2 o'clock,
,   when a telegram' from Bonner's Ferry to the local Great Northern   of-
„   flclals brought word   that two   men
who answered tho description of tbe
, hold-ups were lavishly spending their
' money in Bonner's Ferry and   were
about to leave for Spokane. ,  *■
; .As soon as tho flash was received
Sergeant D. D, McPhee    and Dotcc-
m -lives IK T. Briley and .. Alex.   McDonald, "thrco of thc nerviest men on
tho   local police   force, in   company
with  Special OHlcere Pyau, Enrlght
und Dclrmcy, of tho Groat Northern
went to Colbert, where they waited
. for tho incoming train, which   they
;'; hoarded.    They had received    word
•['that,;the bandits wcro In a drawing
'•   room .in cxvs of tho sleepers, nnd on
:',' boarding tbo train made euro their
•; quarry waa , still on board,    There
i1 ,was no haste to make> tho arrest
Riley and Howe were quick to accept the, Invitation,'but -took care to
notify the Spokane authorities that
they were coming..The quartet occupied a drawing room in the train
and wore apparently having a good
time when the arrest was made.
When the- men ,wero landed at the
pollco   station they    were searched
and packago. after packago'  of   currency was taken from their pockots.
The greater portion of   the   money-
was in $500 packn£03 nnd the wrappers were unbroken.  T.io money was.
kept separate, and this morning    t
was found that McDonald had $4,955
cn his pcrscn and Smith had $9,440.
It is bt'llovcd thc men started    out
with   frlS.COO and had   spent   about
$i!00 in tln-ir wild debauch' at   lion-,-,
r.er's" Ferry.     Where tho rene-niiVlng
$25,000 Is at present has not    been
l.nrned'., 11 iu believed to either be"
cached , by tho bandits   or else* to'
Certain that the men would ' not ^ve   ton   tl,,n<-** ovcr tn co»fe'lcr-
lcavo tho   train until  they   reached
'Spokniia,   tho oflicors  waited  iiutll
the Irain arrived inaldo tho'city llm;
ilu.    Then   .Macdonald   and    Drilcy
' opqned.tho door of tho drawing room'
. and! flashed'their, revolvers   in   tho
,incea of tho two men,   ' They, made,
no resistance nnd were quickly handcuffed,
At tho station they were searched
nnd wndfi of paper nionoy in $500
son. This money was roURhly counted and found to bo n little over
pnekngea were found on their por-
$14,COO. The men ottered no explanation other than to say they had
drawn the money out of a bank and
were on their way to buy a mine.
Moro than this they would imt Hay.
Saturday moralng the money
was counted by Chief Bice nnd W.
r* v-.t4.p-.ul- iT4.fi ,T A. YonmnnH,
riAfihior nnd rtRRlntant cashier ro-
t-pectively, of the Old Natlonnl bank.
It was found that the total amount
of money was f 14,895, all of which,
was' In currency.
ate a
In speaking cf the,, men, „t*3crgcnnt,
MePhoo said;
"Tho men answer tho description
of thc train robbers to' a dot, and \
fully believe we havo,tho right men;
I not only think thoy did tho Montana job, but that they also did*tho
work at Ballard lint year. Thoy
claim to be miners',' but neither of
them show any slunn of ever having
Worked In limine.
".McDonald Is tho largest of., tho
mon and is about ilvo feet nine or
ton Inches tall, and weighs in ■ tho
ueljiliborhucd of IM pomi-ls. Ho Is
Miinoth i-haven, has n dark complex-
Ion, dark hair nnd Is inclined to bo
Btjop shouldered, flu has n prominent ncse, but not one which would
nttrnct attention ai thc cne (>f
Sin'tli'-- TVIh wni r.rr> ilrcflm-d ln
ordinary f.iflhion and thore was
noth'n? aV,out them to indicate nny
particular i:ne of work.
.*.'Smith Is the shorter ot the two.
... la several inches shorter    and
Pills* makes new blood. Every drop
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Pills .have brought ,the glow of
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One cf thesa' is Mrs. Elizabeth Dunham, of Welland, Ont., who says:
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ly run down. I had sickening head-'
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Ijrockvillo, Out,  • |
their readers.
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Office, Winnipeg)
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,'
Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.
Pernie. B. C.
HOUSE   NO.   174
The ' weary traveller in search of a good
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."..-..J. L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Fernie, B. G.
Wholesale   Groceries.,   Flour,   Feed &
Camp Supplies    ■*
I New & Second Handf
A Stovest Musical GoodH, Etc. A
A  — A
*•* *•-
AU kind of'goals handled on
Next Door to Imperial Hotel,
Wo nre the largest retail dealers of Tobaccos and Cigars
in Fernio. ' Wc sell only-reliable stock. Our range of
Pipes is tho most complete and best selected stock in
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Address 104
Tel. 19
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
Solo Agents In Kii-*t Kooteimy for
It is a certain thing llinl there would
ho much less diseases in llie community
if cverv individual took proper precautions to orc"«i'rve. his or her health. ,\W
cannot he too cleanly in our habits.
Cleanliness is not- only next to Godliness,
hut a sure keeper of tfood health. Wo
should daily wnsli tho skin with a good
■■ntlH'pti*: .Soup, brush nnd. dean the (colli
well, and sec to it" (licit our person aiul
pergonal effects arc beyond repr.vicli as
regards di-anliness. Kverv facility for
the Ilalli nnd, Toilet are here,
The Palace Drug Store
„    TEL. 12. II. V, MoI-BAN. Mow.
ml. ,i    m.
ww. zz^'.T ivaT thai fiht^oA   „..!£
.  hy  the   ComrocMlal National Danlt
of Chicago to the Old National bank
of this city was proven absolutely
by tbo officers o! tbe bank, who examined tbe -wrappers.  In tbe   first
plac* a ihipinffnt of 140,000 s*nt   to
the battle was stolen. This ablpment
loft 'CUIai.uo asptcmber' 1,  On   tbe
wrappers of   ths   pioney   recovered
Vers the dates  of 8e»U«V,r i, t,
, iii* Tl 'TliU'fiftdtM* thafc-H • was
' tnoney eolltetetl attd'eonnted ont by
pears to be of a more nervous disposition, while McDonald is cool and
deliberate. Doth have strongr faces
aad appear to bo fully competent to
do a hold-up job. Smith is more
like HAmmonil, one of the men who
held up the train at Dearmouth."
The Plnkertonj were Invcotlffatfti.t
tbe esse, with * view of finding oat
wn-ithf-r there was any possibility ol
BUI Miner or 'any. of ths men who
escaped with * b'lm- from WsV z'lljtoy
l    In thn mutter nt -Ini ii.tntu ot .lul'.n t>,Vi.»,
Loudi'ii, Oct. 21,—Klcr HurJic, M.   laU'<'Jl-V.il«.n.(',*t**-'.''-.4*ii
P., d«strlbitig hi* trl',> around    the '   n^itv t* h*n*-r «i»*n xiit.x m ru-tixat,
world, wr.tei of "the insana way the J S-T,\S?!SriTrtoTA*VTw»V/.\^J^t\"*iAV^iVI'lJ.':
Canadian government permits gamb-1 ft abo* ^.^^^^h^^iV^^i^i
Un* in land.  T,roo and again 1 met £{$U?ifiW^^
men who a few years ago were pen-  ^mlni«tr»trtr,th»lfChfl»tUn»nj!«ura»m«»,
nilibs and now reckon their fortunes
by hundreds of thouiumH ot dollars.
It saddens one to see a great   continent   turning   in  natural  wealth
bUil white by a horde ot unscrv-pul-
ous speculators."
He declare! tbe settler, esptdallj
In tbe went, frequently pays (rom
1300 to fl.500 for lan*l which,  waa
tat tank on the tbr<« buaioeas days minster could bin done tin   wort? VfaaM'a i.ltimh'iMm 6^i*i *Vt;
•ddniui anil <t*t«i>lptlan*, tha (ull pytlon.
Un ofttKlr clalmi, th* itntimint of their
aMflitnt* *n*l tbtnitnnortiMlr Moaiitlei. If
And faMli»il»V»jt'otlM that aftirjiwh lnt
meatlona-I <UU the altt -.•iKlnutrator wilt
ttae**d t» -11-tflhnt* th* aiutt or tht d*e*ai» i
imons th* t>*ttl«« mtltM thmlo. hMti.s
iupl ealjr to tha claim* of which htjbifl
iMrm.-.* not.«*,an4 th«« th* Mil s/iKjaU*
likWf will wA Is l.«l>U> fuc lhe Mil *U*U
aw part thtttof to an/ w-rioi. or Mr*9t.« of
w\**m (UIm* noXle* ihall not h»»* Jw*n t+
ujvoi h/ hlra at. th* tin* of taeh rllitri\alloB.
L.r.fxxsems,   ■;-■   .
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Sosltlvely mergci every par
Icle of carbon' (tha  life of
*»*«nrt Into th* nipml<*«5lwttij
dlaittond-llka hardiness
throughout Uie blade—some*-'
thing absolutely ' Impeaslbl*
with fire* tamperad ataal used
la making all other razor*.     ,-,
thit test this razor In yow |
awrahomc'-orfeava yot-rhart-ar
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OATION TO PUk*ry!r*     —
•,"/  :.
Phillip Carosella
Dry Gwds, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's furnishings
■RANOH AY HOtsffft,  ■. O.
xrvrtoiaT x,Asaz;
Ori\wf*   H*tt   Spo*\*l
'   AVO •
■ItMiVt F-lVe)Hto OliAl^
i\ ^
-' .
.-** '   .
*i -
i.-'i. \
.a.**' ■
The Fernie Ledger
$ 1 a Year in Advance"
^.. -        , * -.-       .     ,'.  .
leaned overy-Saturday  from  the  Oflico* of
•Publication, Todd Blook, Victoria Ave,
Fcruie, Brj.tf.sh Columbia".
i      .:  -   ONE   LABEL, ,,".-,,'; '.;<
tv   ..      -■'- ^      ni ..' "."- *" £
It is Btate'd that at' the A F. of L.
convention to be held at Norfolk, Va.,
next November, an effort will bo made
to secure the adoption of a national
label instead of. the hundred., or more
jiow in use., '       '        '
The wisdom of this movo can not be!
T. T.
JOHN,       F.
7' '■ MannRer,
AH changes of nds. must, hoIn as follows !-»
Pages S and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday; pngos s nnd 4,-
2p. m. 'Ihuihdny, und pugali, i p.m. Friday.,
'we will bo unable to insure change, unless
this rule is complied with,  •   , _■ ' >■   "  ,„  •-   .*  ,  ,, ,.        ,    .-.   .,
Leaa]   adverting  IS cent, per noupariel'i SU0("f sM1*V   questioned _ if   the   UlUOn
hue first jpi.jrt wn, b cc-nta per line such iubsc*'. laoi/l .is ,to l?- made whut it was intended I fs
ouent insertion.''   -    ' .- ! i 71 • '  .    i - •     , *S
Hate, for contract n-lvarVl-in, on applied ! lo-be' VlZ ' a Hl"" nUUU,al  °f prffnni?ed |»
tion at olHco of publication, TodilBiock        .. labor nnd a protection a»uinst.. unfair ■
j conditions, tha sweat shop and scab!
labor.     The, United  Mine  Workers, 'M
| numoi-icilly and ihsnncially the greatest 'g1
SATUKDAY^NOVEMBER TTbOT "j Jjhjr ^anlaailon, 1ms no labels never-! :
 -.. j.theloss uo ono of the constituent unions
has been more active in its use than tho
mine workcre. Thure is but a limited
number among the millions of men constituting- tho A. F. of L. who can,'off.
hand, tell the true from the counterfeit,
label. Men outside of the orgpnissntUu
whoso sympathies naturally are wiili
labor unions and who "WQulcl not knowingly purch-;e gCftb g00tis are hundreds
of  times  deceived by   au   imitation.
•\^un±&*-''  .-—;■ --"Sms „;
FERNIE, 2314.—Pres., Jas. Lancaster";
c •-■*'m7Soc;;"Ttios*.~Bte8:3.,
HOSMER, 2*191.-Pres„ Wm. Taylor;
1   Sec, Wm. N. Reid-      ■ , ' '
MICHEL, ,2334.~Pres.", Wm. .Colgre-
v houn; Sec, Charles Garner.
COLEMAN, 2633.—Pres., W.Haysom;
Sec;, Wm, Graham. ;      •
FRANK, i263.-Pres.,- *
' Sec.; George Nichols.    .
LILLE, 1233.-Preu.,
.    Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431.—Pres.,
Sec, Fred Chappell.
HILLCREST,     1058,-Pres.,    Robert
, Livett; Vice-presi, J. Lagace; Sec,
Harry T ..Cooper.
LUNDBREOK,  ', 2275—Pres.,  . Alex.
^McCullockV'Sec.', Peter Blake.
. '.LUNDBREOK,. 2352.rPres.,.,William
Steep; Sec, Stephen Davies..     o
-   WOODPECKER, 2299.—Pres.,
'  Sec, Andrew Wilson.'
,'.'MORRiNVILLE,2378-Pres.,   ,
;'   ; Sec, T. Meir. * ,
*    DIAMOND CITY.-Pres ,        " .   *
Sec, - *
Likewise within the unions numberless
men are .deceived. , Let us have one
striking emblem so plain and clear that
n6ne;may_be deceived and then have it
patented, and copyrighted so that a
"just as good" will be forgery, and the
strongest weapon of organized labor
will be more than doubled in power.
The "Journal never saw anything that
amounted. to even a fair argument
against ouc universal label _ and the
reason why is there is no such argument.
Our alliances with the, various farmer
unions makes this single label impefa*
tive, and it should'be adopted this year.
—United Mine Workers Journal.
"V/ZLiviUurlEiT loo 17—rrea-j——* * *-?
,   Sec, Robert Hunter.
BANKHEAD, 29.—Pres., Wm. Fisher;
-Sec, F. Dyson.-■-   '■';'-..--- * .
TABER,  102.—Pi-fcs., T; Boyle.;, Sec..
Win. Miirdock.
LETHBRIDGE,    574—Pros.,    B.   G
Hamilton; Sec., Charles Peacock,'
TABER,  1959.—Pres.,  Waiter  Vere;
Sec-, Robert Doodson.
CARBONADO, 2318 -Pres.,
'.'   Frealdents   and eecrotarlcs   whose
nameB do not appear on this list are
ri(iuested to farward them   to   this
office for Insertion.
,   l '*
Continued   inquiries   reach us for
the foregoing information.
Tho Trades, and Labor Congress of
Canada havo decided to send to Grout
Britain n representative labor mnn to
inform tho workmen there tho truth
about exluting conditions in Ciiiuula
Miners hnvQ boon'flifhtlng for tblB for
somo time, and wo should be glad to
boo a miner appointed for thli* purpoFi-,
Operators havo their rupresentativosin
tho old country, nml go far miners hnvo
rolled to communications which, considering tho iinmcnso dlHtnnco, nro
almost iinftvnilintt in their usefulness,
ThORonerosltyof Mr, Kipling's Ottawa speech is not moro marked thnn
Its hoi'Ioiih truntmont of Canada's poten-
tinllticR, Ho could offer Canadians no
tlnur tribute nor ono tlmt thoy will
OHteom moro hl-jlily thnn to tnko for
granted, ns ho did, thnt they would
respond to the best meaning of grcntnc.HH
In a nation, Wealth nnd power by
mich nn Int'-rpnitntlon nro not rognrdod
as fiiiN In tlicinselvfs, but ns mi'iini bv
which londort-hlp nny bu obtained In
well ilulnuiiiiihUlitMOVc.riiiui'ut, Thorn
Ottawa, October 28—Sir Frederick
Borden has^-instituted proceedings for
litiel against the Nineteenth Century of
London, Eng , which'reproduced a story
from the Calgary "Eye Opeuef " of an
alleged bacchanalian orgy at a military
dinner in Toronto, and tbe subsequent
hilarious proceedings, all of which the
minister of militia declares is easily
capable of disproof.
...    nyt. ~.  „ %v» sk**i»\+_/•>.f_*rl n vy\ ft tvaa-i o'.iinfi AvcI-AaH .
""■ X lie Ulll-U-uilV"Wi~v*c».iiie-i^^c-iij-UiiUv/i JWVVm-
to be fifty thousand pounds sterling.
-—r— 0: ' , ;
Free fight in Court—-Dignity of- the Bench
'„ Disregarderf.
A disgracefcl scene occurred in the
Boyle court house lately "while Hib
Honor County Court Judge Wakely'
was revising the voters' list for the
division. Mr. - Geo. W, Tully was
after givln(j evidence, io support of
his claim to' vote, and on leaving
thc witness table he, it is alleged,
and Mr. Alfred O'Connor had an altercation und hluws wcro exchanged.
In an instant the two parties, those
who" supported* Mr. Juspcr Tally and
tho su.pp-ji'ters of the parliamentary,,
party, were engaged in a fierco
The row first commenced   at   ths
solicitors'    table,    but    the   people-
lushed down from the gallery    and !
the hack* of tho hall and clnmborcd
tnemsiilvoH into the light. The shouts
over tho scatB and benches and threw
and yells were almost deafening,
His Honor shouted "Order, order"
but without the slightest effect. The
few police present endeavored to
separate thc combatants, hut tho
their control, nnd thc fight went on
disturbance had got entirely beyond
till both pnrt an bocumo exhausted.
Hie 1-Jonorj crying "81i..nie, shame,"
lelt tho bench and got britwocn tho
partiofl nnd succeeded after Homo
dilllculty in quellim- tho tumult.
Addresslm- thoso prci't-nt, Ills
Honor miirt—Guntlcinun "of Iloylo, T
am ashamed of you. 1 r-uvor
.'thought yo'i, would cmiflunt your-
;H?h'eH in Mich n manner in 11 coi.it
of mine,   itbira of "lt'n the Tully'ii
On, a 60 x 120"Corner- Lot. House Has
6 rooms including Bath Room; Property
rents ,.at,.,$20.00 per month and is For
Sale at $1700.00.     ■      ;  , -
. Easy Terms
., -'    ' « (1
F. J. Watson
Insurance   and    Real   EvState
Irian'iniin) nbxoiii'o, It will binioti-il, in ■ fnuH.'')
Mr. Klpllng't. spei'.di, of thn ju-nUo ol',   •■ll'- J■•l:l,»■,' ''""liy, d»\vn wIi.jho fi*<*-
nillltfiry nnlor, or of n-j.iy belief that tbo' blood wan Mifamlnii irom n scv-
cUlztMi*. of tlinllrltliili cniplronrti choseii <•*' >ut cA'i.r the ti'n, ..uUd His lion-
for tin* fiivnr of Ih'iivi'ii inrirt'lbiiiintlii'i'inr whut. nntifin ht* would Inkn In «"of-
pooiiln.   Iiihtead, ho iiotnlH uut tlmt if (icneo tn Patrick n'Oonnnr. who, lm
Camilla rh(io*.i'rt io net im it Multi-li uv H'AA wnot near   to hicktntr   tho   eye
clnne corponitlon, roftmingtofelmro withjoiit of him,,
thu re^t nf tho world the bnnloiiH of    Mr. U'Connor-lt wan your broth-
emigration as well iib ItH good, tho
loadeiHhlp which ought to bo horn, nml
which lie believes will bo hers, will bo
lost. Tho conchmlon Is all tho moro
forcible hlnco it In upokcn by tho mnn
who urges Canndlnnn "to pump In'1
British emigration. Nations aro not
llko m«n who, by taking thought, cannot add one cubit to their Htature. Ytt
It hai botnb*/ no iloyiied.pUn. but'by
tliu ttvuiir'or^guii^uV.VUki, tbat. tliu
xukl 'of.'t^e Can^lan na^An^bas; bwt.
YibtfaY Hot (da iam« courlt'jsf nvinU
will come tho t*tr«nglhouiii(_r of national
^4»7-,*-";i.;!f jurt-ir. Hsr\- *«■*..
',.   * •
,*.- it>.«-i«.>i-y fi* &"»''*
or George nnd yoiirself started It,'
Mr     .Tifl-irr   "Pully—My  T.nril,   XtmXt
at wy eye.       '
His Ilouor-'-unlor, ordor." , Ho
then called on the bead constable
who waa responsible for keeping order in court to state who was to
blame, at which there were crii>n of
''Tully, Tally," x\x\A checro and
conbte** chtcfH.       '_       tl:YjJ'u
When'order' wait restored Hla mxi'
or aworc Aetlrj_u,, 8*rj,*w)t, yOa^ry-i
d-Jlto,-^o>'Wfli. jesponalbV?-
fe^^lsil^lfoi BCeM.	
.x.im.M**a*i. +<
WltncH.i «aid ho saw Mr. dcor-jo
Tully ruah off tho wltnceu table nnd
fctrlkc Mr. Alfred O'Connor In tbo
f.ico with hjs clenched fist.
Ills liuw-r—I Bsntcnce Gcori-o
Tully to a week in .nil for contempt,
of court.
Air. Ji-.iiper, Tully-Wbiit about
, HiH lluijor—Wbo wuh tl.e man '1,
miw <-trii'""Uri'* Hn vii-iltnllv In the
.   ActliHt Hcruoaiit—Mr. Alfred (J'Onn-
! nor.
j   His Honor—I ulno aunt-, nco"him to
.a week's imprisonment.
i    Tiffori*   tl'e   crivrt   'i/l'nnrnffl      TH«
j Honor again rcfcrrcil to tho occurrence, and ciprcflsml his extreme re-
gret that t»uch a dlBcrcditablo scone
t'hould hi.ve taken placo in a court
over which bo presided. He altcrel
hla sentence ttx a fine of £3 in en i'i
case, and. hoped that was tbe lant
he would hear c?f it. '
After the court adJourn-iA'the row
wA« renewed' and tbe police were
;kepi' busily en-jaged ;in 'qrfelHnr th»;
j',dlsturbnncefl in various parts.
(&"?■*, **.
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on.
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs. , ,
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish;,always a
good assortment.:. Try our Mince  Meat,.
Saurkraut and Oysters.        ■"" '•■•»."'
Look Up
Victoria  Ave*
^  when   you    require
anything in
Boots, & Shoes
Trunks. Valises
"'- ''■■.."  7-.       '   -.     - ;.-■       1 .  ">7' .
& Suit Gases
Lowest Prices.—   Goods Sold for Cash Qiiiy.
W. R. McDougall
Notice to Public
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
'■.■■■.„ Company
l have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in, the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit , a share of your
Estimates furnished on contract work
V.OM, — Conl iiillitntr rliilitN mny Iib IohkihI fm;
iv jn-rlwl of tw*nty*4inu yt'iir*. nt m> hiiiiiiiiI
runtiil of rl (Kir in-ro. Sot inoru 'linn .',.'''l>
ikm'o* hlmll lm Iiih^ihI to iuin Iii.IIvI.IhuI ur
conipiniv.   A rnyiiltynt thu rata of ilvo riMiN
|li;|- lull ~h'lll lnH-.l|l|ii:ti;.| on tlio »)lf>I-i-llsi II lit li].:
i'iimI intiii'l,
</i;aii 1 v.,—A )ii*wuii aIvIi'viiii „ 1 at* of «Mf4i or
iivi*r. Imvlnu 1I1 ii'iiViM'f"! iiiliiural In iilw-n, mny
l.ll'Hln 11 Hlilllll 1..1'» X li"'1*! tlmt,
Tli . I'.-., f'.i. i'i--  vlli... 11 nl.itin I . .'1
At lm)ut *]oomutt lift nxpumlcil on tlio uli.On
Iil4-',,W   .1   . 1    4..: I    I..    I)jl.   J..1..J   W   J-.-.-l." 1.  r    III
linn tloTPrtf. Wlnni i>i'ii»iIii\i* noun uximuilii'l or
imiil, tliu lovutor nmy, ii|i.m Inn h\\s it mir'-cy
mit.lo, r.ml upon voiniilyJnit with otlinr ro*
ijulniiiifaiiti.,imrclmtiti tliuUml.-ittJiierncm.
Tlm iiutunl iirovlitcH for tliu pAymimt of 11
roynlty ofKJpur0011 ton tliu naloit,
i'T.Ai'dit minim* r.lnlms Konemlly nro 14) feet
ii4,untc, c,il>>- Unt^tDlibuMi.B^tiJJIlf,
An Applicant mity olitsln two l«mti to
ilreilBMnriioliI of ttvumlleneiiehfora torm ol
»w«n».v j'«Hr«, ron«wftlil» »t the <l Inure tion of
the Ufi.li.ttir of tlio Interior.
Tlio lomico nlmlllinvoinlrcilae In oporiitltm
within onuMmnonfrom «li»(Ute of tho Ioamb
for moIi live mllfln. H-mUl «|i)ner Annum for
enflh mile of river lt*««il, Iloyalty »t the
n»te of »J per cent oolltcteil on the output ef*
ttr it »cte<U (10,000.
W.W.OOET,        ,     .
IVpuly Il'lnltler of the Interior.
V. B,-Un»ut.rtr.r*d.pul*Uf»llo.. be tiiJi'*-!.
Y«rtl«meB,t will tH>ti.-t*« p*l4 for.'. t.     '«•v
NOTIOK lutiorouy «lvon that npiiUeiiHon
m ill ho mmlo to tha Piirlmmont of Camilla
at tho noxt sohhIot) th(iroof for nn not to lncor*
linrato a Company under tho name of
"Weutcrn of Cannda llsllway Compimy,"
with powor to aoimtrnot. equip, maintain ana
operate a lino or linen of railway of ntandard
or otlior atO'Ufi hy inv1 aim nf uteam, olootrlcity
or any other kind of looumolivo powor,
(l.) From a point on the International
lioundaty lino ll) tho Prnvlnuo of Alborta
hotweeu tha eimt uhle of IlanKO twonty*throo
(*.*,-)) nnd tho went side of lie.npo twcnty-olght
(UH) went of tho Pouith I'rlnoliml Meridian, to
a point on tho Crow'N Nest V,,hh lino of the
Cnnndlnn 1'aoltlo Ilailway Company hotween
Cowloy und J'lncher Creek 1 thonco North*
woKtmly following tho vnllov of tho North
Korlt nf tho Old Man Hiver tn a point In tho
Iiivlna>tnne Ilnnue nf momitrilim at or niiar
Kootlon thlrty.rhrcm (,'i!l) In TonnhliliiTandn).
ItnneeThroo (ii), ,\Voi,t or tlm Fifth Vrlnelpnl
Meridian 1 tlienro thronuh tho pun* In the
LIvlnRKtone MnnnlaliiH at tho lnnt named
point and northerly up tlie valley nf tho
Uvliifitono lllvcr to a point on Kiali- Illver,
nt or near lownnhlp Hoventeen (17) in Tlnnne
Fourlllnnd Five |A) Wont of the Fifth 1'rlnol*
pal Meridian: tliviinn Norili-Kimlerlyhy the
»no»t pr-uitlcnM*. route to Iho t'lty of CalKitry
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes;
There is only one place In town*
whereyou can get good reliable*
* £00dsinpar line that.is at
* W. A. INGRAM, pnop. .,
Phone 91.    -    -'   Fkrnie, B. 0
ThoOovornmontof.tlio ['rovinoo of Uritluli
Colinnl'la heroliy olVorn a reward ofFlvo*
Hnmlred llollura for "tho nrront, or for Information leadiiiR to tho nrront and delivery
to a BritUh Columbia Conativhlo of Pntrloic.
Million, who Ih chiircod with tho murder of
one Anitolo Orlando on the 1st. day of September, IIK17, at Mlcliol, In theDlstriatof South
Eitfct Kootonay,I'rovinc-fl of BrltUli Columbia.
Deaorlptlon of Patrick'Mullen iBBifollowdr
Nationality, IrUli.   "
Oofiupatlon, ooftl miner.
Ago VO ycnri).
Ilolulit, 5 foot 0 Inolios; weight lMllm,
Complexion, fair t hair dark, inclined to bt
Wiih clean uliavon on lit instant,
Wu'rt on rlirht hand at point of thumli,   „
When liiHt neon, wore brown oheok onat tnd-
trou.erM of unmu material 1 brown boot*, nnd1
round, jtroy felt hat,,
Warrant laaued,—Report any Information
Immediately to
,1 II. MoMIUIn, Chief OonitahU, Fernie, li.
Ci or to the undornlanud 1
Dy ordor,
Ktiperlntonileiit. Provlnolnl Police,
I'rovlnnial Polldi* Department,
,111 , ... ■i..*;..*..*."*-        mmmtm «...
\-i] From a point on tlm Mldillo Uriuich nt
nr near In Junntlnn with the MvimMnno
lllvcri tli(-in*4* t,> a puliil iu tin? ll'Kihy
Mouniuliii. we«t of fl'iuld'H D011101 thunro
tlin)ii(.h n fuih*. lu thu Hockv Mountain" to tho
valley ol tlm Klk HIvkI'Ii.v thn uui»t iiniollcnhio
rioiini thi'iu'u Soutlici'lvdown thiivnllcy nt
tho Klk lllvci'toa Jiiui'tinu with the f'niiadlitii
I'uriilu llnll'ivuy and tho 11 rent Norlhi'iii
IiiilUv.iv In the l'.lk lllvur valluyi,) irimu-
thiMiUiii/.. ol MMiul.
AND to riiitstruiit, ((juip, maintain nnd
npKpiti*. l.niii'ih Ili>ii4, an.I with -Mall  unuvrv.
jTi^.liA   440.1    |i,.44,Lf.'4.*    I,.,   4414)    *)14. ).i4'4. I .,4)     4.4  J
nt'pflin'ftrv thereto, ai 1 !■. ennntrnet, rniiiti, (
llllllUlUlll    44.)...'    upriurn   (l/.ilhlp/l    III.')'   Iliil). )
phoiif, line*: In rnnnwtinn with thn t.ald rnll» i
way and ItH liriiuchc, and lo trnunniit inei,*
iiiiffn*. fur commercial purpnte* pmlt.   -linr"f '
tiillHlliorr'foni iiinltiK-onuruiceii -■    ,..,
thu niipply of IlKlit, heat and powof, iiiiil.u
nuiiiilrn, and ilovelop water pawen for that
purnn.i)   And to   wwo, mdl and ilUtrihute
i     '  *   - ,   a.    .iii      , ..    .   i ,.
*....•   ,1 .......»*, .'I       <<    i    'A'.    ...     4....    *.*... ^, >b..'*    k^
lew and cullcrt lolU fiom allnernoiu tuliiff
and all frolnht p-mlna* nvor «nld railway and
hmnohet, and to ronncot with ami make
tralllo or other arrnnpernenti with railway
or other companion Inelui.lnff nnr line of
railway In tho utateof Montana, one of the
UnHeilBlatotof Amer'ra, nml to purfhftke,
ImVo over, leate or etherwUe itenulrw the pro*
perty, rlfthte and [ranehlee of any other
companle*. nnd to Ueu or Mil to any other
comp»n> the property, riftbte *t\i fianeblM
of the company. -• ■•   i
TUAT eucli-rallway m*i> *«. -tf-jaTerti,! to le
for the »*nrral »dv*n|tft •f-Cas/.d*.
noyau, ciupiiRLi. i* rsnovsoy,
* A   y- ','v**      8oJlelUn,ftrAK-He»iiti
DATED ai WI*lpeirJjfcIi"lsW''ur'
d»*/o;»«pUm»)er, A.1>.,1W. Er
Express and Baggage Transfer
Dj-.I)-!)")-,'  of  'ill  J.jllJi     Ji*J)i-   J-ij-OJH^jJj'.
Tclfplione 57 or call » driver
OiTico s  Noriliorn Hotel,'Fernie B. C,
Anytlilnp- in tho above lino dono nt
rcitonablo ratei
Tth|iiy Awnings, -and All
i,j,l,    tt1r>*i*-»**Hi|
*. ,* • ••»
.-♦♦it* .tl x*M* .*i. •» 'a**   * '■''• ■* \y
■ 11
i "i
I .*
■It    F        1    *>*»   * FBRNIB LBPQKB, gflRWB, B. 0.   NpVEMBHB-!, 1907
"WH  AltB  KING"
■'■-Wo nro Klinr,"   with nm*.*.    u.
Centre of Coal Industry lootST" ,l,v"""""""'"'"™
JTel-nLe,  Oct. ■ 28,—This    suction
tlm  I'uhb   bilii  nn.oi-   espei-lemjed
I .tlie tlli-B
i Winnipeg,
pluyci-n, will npDaiu- here under
> 'iho i
istuii la" hiit a
ul Ml'. .0,.
wing   fr.*n
i ffnlliBi', ul
nil-.  J'vldtiy,
| lii Oonuuoiioltig at a post plant-ail
Ini"or uour ut a yoiiit i milo tuwt'ot
|fli'milu .poet u£ ptuaoat U, I', II.
.■unoy, udluliiliiH tjloeli WJIl un the
'viM, una baiuv tho UouthWut mr-
lid* pitst ul Mm, i'utii'l Ikl-lt-a',*
-daliiii  thnuce uttal. bu die. I no;  ll-iim-**
Dm-lil.D, G,4lly in
Himiiuctf, "We Are KIhk," w
ud with ciiiiaclty luismeun
opi.ru h'jtisa Monday evening,
The etui' nml !ii» play- wm
to   Uronilun   theatre-goer
pictures, ju
gwnter   pirlud   of   pri'sim
iliu-in^  tliu UiBt lew  month}*,  [ui- nut ;
only liim;  t!i«  mlnm  Uccri  pi'niiiicin*,-
u  heavy toim;i.;e,  but  the    Cihibuuiv
tion  uf  lhc <>xieii^'i'n  ,.il  llie- tit'eat .
Noi'tlieni   r.tiiMuy      from  Fernio    to'
Michel lutif udapl .imother lufgo   ii.iy
roll to the ill*.triel und placed u mi1>-
stnutial amount ol money in circu-  tuEy Camo under tbe direction ol C.
lotion.      Tbo    dry,   bright weather,   v, Walktr,   -which was   a sufficient
which nan lately favored  tbiB . sec-. guurontue to tlio public that tbo pro-
tlou ol tbo country, baa greatly as-   .l,i0tion merited good patronage,
.   alfltBd (mlWiiiK operations;    ond tho;    "We Aro     Kins" i*>'*<lo a doelded
. now provincial buildlnsa being erect- blt-^tlio Ki-catost hit ol surcrol bou-
oit in Pernio aro ncurlnn completion ; Bans. It's seldom, indeed, Brandon
nnd will be ready for occupancy bo-, people b0ve nn opportunity ot seeing
tore tho enow (lies, while it is os- | u8 finished nn nrtist no David B,
•looted that the roof ol the now poet! Gaily. H's piny is bright, smart
on-jfl. and cuBtoms houB0 will bo   ou'end'   intensely   interesting-just   tho
__  hfltorS- the --Winter closes in.   Besides'bill thnt tbo theatre devotee eojoyB
nu-meroua -Jprlvatc residences    which ' ana the general public amis   really
nre ' Utt-dsp^oanatruction,   Work     had  en ter tain Ing.
been;ebinmenceil.ua a large building ■   There    was the     some   refreshing
' for tbo steam laundry company and jsHap to the presentation of "We Are
the old skating rink hns been do-|King» that characterises all the
molished. to make.room for a $10,- :Walker productions- There was ev-
OGO curling und skatiug" rink, which Wywhere evidence oE that attention
is to be pushed to completion with- 'to detail which gives to a piece the
out delay. 'swinf of a finished. production,    the
The long distance telephone service ' artistic air that success demands.
■  between this     town  and  Kiko    and j
s inaugurated o
(By the   Rev.    Charles    Stelzle.)
Oranbrook wa
cesday, when
over the wires between these points
for the first time. The necessity for
such q line has Ions been felt, and
Ite   establishment     will be a great *
convenience to the business men and : There is a "ecullar twlst itt tl"
the public generally oi this district. baa-aa mm whioh le*(is lf- to be-
The installation ol the sewage sys- ' " t"at a thmE iB ao becallH5 « -s
tern, which was somewhat retarded i,n prlnt' Tb* Sact that a WWW*
by the scarcity ol labor at the be- ! hss aaid Uu,B antl SIJ is to most folk-,
ginning of the summer, is progress- ,*"*&!»** evidence thaL it is true. We :
ing rapidly, and lC the present wea- nB:d not Etop to aaal^e this curi" I
ther continues,  will be completed in   ous P^^o^si^ detotop- j
about two weeks time. The pipes ; To some edltors thil! tact is a !
are aIl down and tho sceptic tauk,tource. of w^ratulatlwi. But . the ,
is under construction, but no con- jtrae "m°u'd*-r ^ PubHc, opinion"
neetions with- the houses have been >-seDkB to ar9UEa thc thinking machine
made as yet, though an edort will ;cI hiB WMtttMnoy. Ho is really an
he made, to -rush that part'6f thc iedl,cator- Ke is one or the most im-
work through at ouce. .   r°ttnnt   faotors in  the  development
The shooting competition ■ of tho
Kootenay Rifles will .take place, neit
Suiiflp^aJ'. the rifle range, and keen
-:.compeUl*^lis^p<«rf:!:in.'.a3i -the
■events, a& the average shooting, et^:
Aciency of the meu Is better than
last year.—NelBon News.
- r 	
Thu "Kilties'' Aro Cumin'!
,   of the humau race.   But he
infallible.   He will be the first to'Ia-d-
rait it.   He Is tempted in all points
,  like aB we are, and he is not   with-
My. observation  of  the labor edjt-
. ors of this country has ted   me   'to
jhave for  them  the greatest respect.
i Many of them, are engaged in a most
', difficult    task.      Often    the  support
< which is given them is insufficient to
; permit tbem to do their best   work
[in bchdlf oE labor.   Tbey should re-
." ioelvo tho   most cordial -.o-oporation
Arrittigimusnta'lmvo just been I'l'itiujcl thc rank and Mo, us well na that
lo m-Uijr tho turnnus " KiltleB'' Biiml to ;of kadurs.
renilo on" Nn vein ner i*>tb for iwo griunl; Th-jy are ro.-lly very hunum. Thoy.
t'liucortE. This t» ono of tlio most es-lure (*lm1 tu receive helpful subbos-
peiish-u.itti-iicllanMlhnt] Imsevi'i* toured : troni. ' Tbey espoct thc "knacks"
tke.Wust, iuut it «na iivcussury to jjivo !uni thi!y Qr3 nut jlE:illp0inted. But
tholr mwiniiemeiit a bltr (timi-niituu.llhBrn arc oUlef. ^ ^ hor>stlai, tbP
Tl.e''Klltles-Muiv*.*awm*W-wid1nupu-!I,lbcl. Th      ,tor RpprMtatM
tat bn,linvius toured ovoi-aoO.lWG ml os.. , .„' , ,.,,.,.,,„,, ...
iu CftMdn, United state., Mo.ieo-n.idi''1 "hcn "° '? *, *   Uut !G J"" ai'1
tow.in Greet Britain three years •W,.jPn>wr-   Tc ' h'm nh0",t ":
^Stti*«'*Poni'Q(ltwli'ebufoi-atboKii»i.b3*!   As a nib' ho coeils thc   money"
gn   but ■■oomm'snil.    The "Kilties" iB ajHe a
"•ennudiliii orgnnl-satlon with hoadqunrt- 'ho "Bt °r
* Loc.ited ihis  ITtll  tiny j.f rjtt,, HOT,
ft'.  K.  CUATliS,  JH.,
Aeent fot
MUS.  X'SARl/BBLCIfiK,   -
* Witnesu—ThuB.  laiiittr.
i .'I. Commpnclus ut a post planted
!nt or near at u point 1 mile oust of
■27 nillo post of present C. P. H,
; survey, adjoining BlooK 4a33 on the
jwest, nnd being the northwest corner poat of QertrudB Beldon's ulaim;
'thenco ECU tli 80 chains; thence Cast
| SO cliuins; thonce north 80 ohalua;
. thenco weat 80 cbnios to a Point of
I oommenosment, mnking G40 acres,
' UK-re or less.   ,-----
LoOated  this  17th day uE Oct., 1907-,
Agent for
Witness—Thos.  Slattr.
i. Commencing at a post planted
nt or near nt a point 1 mile east oE
27 mile post oE present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining.Blook 45B3 on the
west, and being tbe northeast corner pos*. nf Anna BeW»n's claim;
thsnee wsst 50 chains; thence south
SJ chaina; thence.east 80 ch.iina;
thence north 80 ehains to a point ol
commencement,    making    640    acres,
Locatud this 17th day ol Aug., 1907.
W.  B.  COATES,  JR.,
. Agent for
Wltaess-Thos.  Slater.
5. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
01 27 mile post of present O. P. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593- on. the
west, and being- the southeast corner post of George L. Behlen's claim
thence west 80 ehains; thence north
E0 chains; thence east 80..chains;-
thence south SO chains to a jipintof
commencement,   making    640 .--acrea,
Lo;ated  this 17th day ot Oct.,,1907.;
: uolnt of_ commencement, .inoki&(•; G4o
juoroN) mure or losi.
:    Locnttd tliln 10tli day UI Oct.,   1007,
W, Ul, iJlUTlDK,  JH„
Arrnl  (ur
WltiiT-iM-ThuM. \AAtnr.
10, Uvtniwntli-i. ,>t i. mn i.mnLoil
r. ii. i
W, J, Wriglesworth, D. D. S/
mtWlii a'hi. i. ili'n
ui'ii s-riiih*  |l«li[A*.
ti mile punt ot prest.
vey, aii.'oiuinR Uk,t
t  the
.ml   I
:. iJciti
t at Belleville, Ontario, and ti
the past Beven j'e-mundertheniaiiBge-
m on I of -T, P. J. Power. Tbe mon
heing selected from the crack regimental
hands of Eastern Canada, -besides the
"Kilties" being one of tha. greatest
concert bands lu the world, they have
features that are harJ to bent,- such ri
their male choir of 16 trained voices, fix
Highland daneert!, five bagpipers, and
celebrated soloist i-   They will make
He eats the tumc kind ot food that
a,-hen he can get
have apparently
concluded that he lives on ink. , But
even ink-cDBts money. And the market price is advancing. He wearB
the S3 me kind ol" clothes.- Be lives
in the same kind of a house and he
deals with the same kind of a landlord.
Just Ior the fun ot it—let's give
boost—in    just the way that
Locator;, *
Witness—Thos.  Slater. ^ 7 "
6. Commencing at a post Planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east,
cf 27 mile post of present C. p. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being> tho southwest Corner of Mrs. Bonnie Bolflen's claim;
thence eaat 80 chains; thence north
SO chains; thence west SO chains;
thenee south 80 chains ton point of
cominoi.e-.mcnt, mukini- 6-10 acres,
more or. Itss.
Loeuted   this  lrthdny ol Oct., IU07.
W.  E.  COATES.  JR.,
'Agent for
Witness-Tnos.   Slater.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at or pciii* at a point 3 miles east
ot 37 mile post oi present C- P- R.
survey, adjoining Block 4693 on the
west, and- being tho northwest corner peat of Mrs. Bernice Belden's
clilm;.thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80. chnlns; thence north SO
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of .commencement,- making 640
acres, more or less.   .-
located tliia 17th dny'ol Oct., 1907.
*    'W.--E.  L'OATBS,  JR.,
] v Agent for
[ .       .   .       "    '   -- Locator.
- Witness—Thos   Slater
tlience narth SO tbuiiis; tlience e-ist.
80 eiiuliiH; tbence eolith SO ihains;
thence wist B0 chains to a point of
ciunmcncemtnt, itmkln« 640 acrea,
more ur loss.
Locatud this 1'Jtb day of Oct., l'JilT.
W.  E.. COATE,  JR.,
Agent for
Witness—Thus,  aiater.
11, Commencing at a post planted
at or near Qt a point 1 mile east of
89 mile   post oE present   C. P. It.
ey, adjuining Block 4593 on the
west,  and being tbo northwest corner   post ot     John   D.   Peterson'a
claim; thence south BO chains; theuce
east    80   chains;    tbence   north    SO
chnlna; thence west BO chaina to' a
point of commencement, making G'O
acres, more or less.
Located this 19th day of Oct., 1907.
W. E.  COATES,  JR.,
Agent for
Witness—Thos.   Sinter.
Vi. Commene:ng at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east of
23 mile post cf present C. P. B.
survey, adjoining Uluuk 4593 on the
west,, and being tlie northeast c^r-
post of Wm. Sasson's claim:
thence south 80 ibuins; thence weat
hains; thenco north SO chains:
thence e?.st £0 chains to a point ot
commencement,   making   010     acres,
Locat.d  this  19th day o.'Oct., 1907-
W. E.  COATES,  JR.,
Agent for
Witness—Th3s.  Slater.
13. Commencing at a Post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east oi
29 mile post ol present C. P. 11.
ey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being the southeast' corner of Louisa Nasson's clafm; thenoe
north S3 cbains; thence west SO
chains; thence south SO chains; thence
east 80 chaius to a point of "commencement,   making  040  acres,  more
Located this  19th day ol Oct., 1907-
M. A. ^.-^ST^EH
Insurance and C    om   B   k
Crow's   Xwt  Tm C
Fernio,        C
Hotel     |
*os-> B «•*■*■; p ops
L.   P.   Echstem
lUnKiBTWAT-i. w   So
luomi. ISta.Uandiirsonb     k       n      B
Latoe 5r Fisher
Crow's Nest Trading Co, Block,
Pernie, B.-C.
Witness—Thos. Sinter.
J. Barber^ ids   dds
I   T..1V.   Block,_ oppos o     c B    k
t.".    Bobs, k, c. j. s. t,
Ross & Alexander
The meats that you buy
irom us are fit for a king.
We sell no-hinc that is
not the beat, that is why
we have so many pleaseti ■
customers. Let tin de-
moDS'ute this fact by n
trial. Polite attention
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
OfBees over P. Brarne" & Co's Block; ^    rOf       ^HiC  !    %
Victoria Ave. '. •> . <•
.NIE :—: B. C.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfolly giveti'and work
promptly executed to the Batit-
faotionofoor cuBtomen.
Easy Terms
Itsannce & Real rotate Bnktr    S
Contractors nnd Bnilders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P. O. B01355        —        Fernie, B.C.
Commencing at a. post planted
r n*jar &t a point 3 milo a    east
g[ SB mile l>ost at present. C.    r, B-
ur-.-ey,  ndjoliilii!,-  llioelt *IS1I3  ou  the
■est,  nr.d  V.einn  tho  su nth west   cor- '
er ct Fred Niissun's Uuim;  thence |
north     6U    ehnlnB;     thence enst SO \
chains;      thoice      south    80  chains; I
ihaoco west KO chuins to a point    ft 1
commencement,    making  640    acres,
more or less.
Located  this  19th Coy ot Oct., 1907.
Agent Ior
Witntsa—Thos.   Slater.
"15. Conanencin-"-; at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
of 29 mile post of present C. p. R.
survey.ndioittine Block 1593 cn the
west, and being.the northwest corner post ol Nicholas Bangs' claim;
Ithenee south SO chains; thence east
! (iO chains; thenee north 80 chains:
j thence wist SO chains to a point ot
maSina  6-JO    acres,
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans.- Specifications nnd K.tti-
matts  fntniahfld on annlication
a. JL. KB1UC.
Atckiteet    aid SnperlaUudeat
Office at Kuidtace.
! Fernie Lumber |
I Co., Ltd. I
I MX. MtDOUGAU, Pres. &6». Hgf* |
a ■    -   -      *x
^ BAKE   DISH   makes
exceedingly   u;efu!    and   j
mi:ch appreciated gift.
AT S5.C0 wc are ofFering a.
dish of the fines* silver
plate, having a removable
granite lining, and richly ornamented handles.
(QUR large and handsomely
. illustrated Catalogue will   I
be mailed upon request showing a very large assortment of
these serviceable dishes.
Ryhie Bros.,
134-138 Yonie St.
Especially night coughs. Na
ture neeii-jn little help to quiet
the irritation, control the In
flammation, check the progress
of the disease. Our advice is
—give the children Ayers
Cherry'Peroral, Ask your
doctor If this is &vadvice also
He knows best. Do as he says
on r
1 po
P   n
o    nea    at a po nt on    m  e e at o
i   to n suat o   pr s nt (-* I     R  a
v y   fldju a B oelt 4n9J    on    tho
v st   and be ng the s u heast   eo
ncr post of Be u  e Belden t> clain
tnence  north  E0  chcins   thence  west
0 chains     thence    outh SO  cna n
theuce eabt SU cha ns to a po nt    I
c m nencement     inii,K pt.  640    adr«s
u ore or less
^caM-thta 1 Ui -day ot Oct  15&
"rf U "bdAVBtS  Jn b       ,
'1",-"* k£i*t (or
B^WB ¥ilSf4>W   j
Witness  Thos   Slater
p   n    o   c n        n n        v
I ocat        b s  1 th   ay      Oct   130T
A ent tor
ft    E   t  ATEt,    JR
M  HOL   S   A    B4\GS
nitaesB  Thos   Slater
9 Coinmenc ng at a post p anted
at or near at a point 1 mile east
ot 29 tails, pqiit^ijfKinBaunt c P B
bijj ey adjolaioc ^lcck 4693 on the
,west and being "t*e loutheaat coi1
cer poet of rrridctiCK C Bang s
la-im tbeoce north fid oh&lgB thence,
w st~ 80 chains thence- south 80
I La ns   tbence east SO chains to    a
E ntr IJ 9      ti  t
\T st   a n        e c    t
n r post ( I     bb a
h nee s th 80 cha s thence west
SO hain thence n rt 30 cliains
thenoe east & chn ns to a point ot
commencement mak ntr 040 acres
more or leas
Located this 19th day ot Oct 1907
Agent for
LwstoT   a
WrtMto—Thos   Slater *
M nurd b Liniment Cures Oolds   etc
£. Manufacturers of and *
* Dealers in X
I Soach \. D e^ed Lumber %
D men on \. Br Iffe Timbor .j.
P 1 ng   "\Ioiii I ns   Ijiihi, •!•
-5        e Tics. ■>
Telephone Poles a Specialty I
\    O le a I       r-1   Utendcd 'S
Tel   3 Fernie, B. C. •>
r>__i Townsite  Agents
fVCd.1     Fernie. and Hoemer
PfrcLife-t Acct
ctent Inmirance
Read the Ledger
by local applications, as they cannot recoil.the diseased portion o[
the ear. There Is only one way to
cure deafness, and Lhiit is by coa-
Btltuttoiial rpm^iilea. D<-atness Is
caused hy an iiitlaoied condition ot
tbe mucuos lining ot tho eustachian
tabs. When th's tabo is inllameil
yon have a, rnmbllng aoand or la-,
perfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed, deafness U the remit,
and unless the Inflammation can be
taken ont and this tube restored to
its norma] oondltlon, beanie will be
destroyed forever: nine co«e» ont of
ten are caused* by catHrb, wnlok^tt
notblQE hat an inflamed conartton
ta the inuoaoa mrfaoen.
Wo ti-IU lite On* HnndrMl. Dollars
tor »ny com o^ deafww («wa hy
«t«pB).«ftVc**nb6^*W M/-M tic
&mW**C*J*rtV 8&S. -msWtwt^
'"tf. J.'CHBNJET * Oft,'VmttmOf'-'Vf
-   Tmt*  BSmV* ISSmlj.VaU lRMh
■tiptfHw. ,    _l_ ;;...,..d
" t*\ FERNIE LEDGER,- FERNIS-. B. 0.     NOVEMBER 2,* 19077
i*..-V .  "■. _£!"-,. 0. ' ;'   '-.•
Notice is , hereby- given that 30
days after date, I intend to apply to
.the Honorable Chief Commissioner
of Lands anil Works for a license to;
prospect for roal aud petroleum on
the following lands, situate in tlie
'district of South' East Kootenay,
British Columbia, Block 4593.
Commcncin," at a post planted ono
mile sout)i arid one mile west of tho
south'cast corner post of lot No.
1CG7, and being -ihe south east corner post ot .Anne C. Robinson's
cairn,;thonco north 80 chains, thenco
west 8C chains,, thence south 80
chains, thenco cast 80 chains to a,
point of commencement, makiog G40
' acres more or less. .
■ Located this 20th day .'of September,. 1607.     . „    '     . .,     • * '..
i <> ■
By JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.     ,.
.Witnesses:        *   ■  " v 1
David,It. McGinnis.        , . 7
Arthur ,W. Belden,'
Henry Hewitt, 3rd:-.
o NO. ' 2.— Commencing   at -a ' post
planted at or near^ the south   east
corner post of Anne  C.  Robinson's
claimj and lying south, of Anne C.
Robinson's, -claim,    and    being the
• north   east ' corner   post ol Adelia'
Robinson's  claim,   thence west     80*
chains, °, thc*ECC     south   80   chains,
thence east 80 chains,  thence north
80' chains, -to a point of commence-
. inen't,   makii'e    640 acres   more   or
-■less.' i ■ ■' '      ; *
Located this 20th day of September, 1907.       '•'     '"
By  JOHN"  J..HEWITT,. Agent.
.Witnesses:-    7, '"' 7
David It! McGinnis.-
Arthur W. Belden.
i) .,
No.    3'—Ccmmencing    at a   post
planted at or near the north > 'east
• corner post cc. Adelia".. Robinson's
claim and beinv*, the north west cor-
' ner post of Martin Robinson's claim,
s thence aouth 80 chains, ■ thence east
80 chains,   thence north 80 chains,
.  thence west CO chains, to a point of
'Commencement,   making 640    acres,
more' or leaa    *     '   "
Located this 20th day of September, 1907..        ■ '    - -    ■■
David R. McGinnis,
Arthur W. Belden,
Henry Hewitt. 3rd.
No.  4,—Commencing     at   a   post
lilantcd at e r near ' the north   west
, corner p-jsl  of    Martin Robinsonis
• el-urn, arid, lying north of
Martin Roblnecn'a claim, and belne;
the soutli v.mt corner post of Awl-
sloy Frasn's' claim, thence cast 80
dH'iiiH, thtnee north 80 chains,
thonco r.nut.1- SO chains, to a point oi
commincmtnt, malcim; 040 acres,
more or less.
Located wh, HOtli day of Septom-,
bo*', ISO:.
AUDS1.1-.V FllASEM Locator.
Uy ..OIJN J. Hl'iwiTTl AKent.
J)(ivid It. KtiUinnlK,
Aithur W. Iic-ldon,
Ilunry Hcw'tl, 3rd,,
No. o.— Commencing at n poRt
planted ut or nonr the houUi enst
corner poa; of Martin Icoblnson'B
claim and loin,' thc north oast cor«
ner pent of OHvo Noitan's claim,
thenco nciuh 80 chains, thenco went
80 cliuinn, thence north 80 clminu,
thtnt-c I'-iHt KO chains to a point ol
C(.,m.unci-ni(i i making (M acres,
more or Uun, nml lying noutli of
Martin RoVlrton's* claim.
Located tlU 2lnt day "of Hoptember, 1507.
By JOir   J, HEWITT, AfiCxxt.
Hi-nrv Ihwlit   3rd.,
Tlion,  Sinter „
planted,, at or'.near the north east
cbrnervpqst ot,, Alice-Fraser's, claim,
and- being the south ' west. corner,
post ot'.C.'nfl. J. Kershaw's claim,,
thence■'north 8U-chains,'thence east
SO cha?aj, thtnee south 80 chains to
a 'point of commencement, nialing
C10 ■ acres more or less, and, lying,
norlh of Alice Fraser's. claim,
bcr, 1907.'. , '..-.   ' '     \   '
Located this 21st' day of September, 1907. •■
By.' JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent. ",
| Witnesses: '"''.'
Henry Hev.'itt, 3rd;,   -     '
Thcs. Slutcr. -    ,
No. 8.— Commencing at a post
planted at or near one mile south
of the south east corner of Olive
Nortcn's chum and being the south
cast corner of Leavenworth . Kershaw's ; claim, thence north 80
chains, tneacii west 80 chains, thence
outh 80 chains, thence east 80
nsains to a point "of commencement,
makin-j 013 acrei more or less, and
lying south'     Olive,Norton's claim.
Located this. 21st day .of September, 1907.       -■•-.-*, '
'"        Locator.
By JOHN, J ■ HEWITT, Agent.' -
Witnesses:      "  *  ■     ■
Henry Hev it".   3rd.',        /
This.. Slater.
No; 9.— Gi n mencing ' at a post
planted at or near the south ' east
corner . pom of ..Leavenworth Kershaw's alalia and being the south
west' corner' post of Jesse Kershaw's
claim, ther • north 80 chains, thence
east'' SO cheins'" thence south 80.
cliains,, thence west 80 chains, to .a
point or'cor.rreucement, making 640..,
acres n.oio or less; aod lying east of
LcavenworcQ Kershaw's claim.
Located this 21st*.,day of  September, 1907-. .' ■ , •*■       "''.-"
0 ,-* JESSE KERSHAW, .Locator. «
•     By JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent;
Witnesses:. - '■        .    „ ° "
Thos. Slater,  .  . -                 '
~HenTy~Hev.'itt7*-3rdr^ ———
No. 107- Commencing, at a post
planted at" or "neari the south west
corner' post .ol Jessie "Kershaw's
claim, and being the north west corner post of Mary ,E. Kershaw's
claim, -thencfc- south 80 chajns,.thence
east . 80 chains, thence '■ north ' 80
chains; ihenco west 80 chains to a
point of commencement- -making .640
acres nioro,or less,-anti lying south
of Jesse Kershaw's claim. i
Located ILin 21st day of Seotc'm-
tor, 1307.    .:','.     *     ,7
By JOHN J„ "HEWITT, Agent.'
Witnesses: * ' ■<
,  Thcs. Siftter,
Henry Hewitt, 3rd,
No. 11.— Con.mencing at a post
phn'.ed at'or near the north west
ojvn'.r pe*;-t of Mary *E. Kershaw's
clnlm, nnd being thc uorth cast corner pest of Henry B, Kershaw's
claim, thenco south 80 chains,' thence
west 80 cli-iins,- thence north 80
chains, thenca cost fiO chains, ,to a
point of commencement, making ,040
acres more i.-r less, nnd lying west.,
of Mary fc..,/,*.en»..n\v,s claim.
Located U,is 21st day of September, 1C07,
HKNUY  B.   KERBHAW,   Locator,
ny JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent,
Witnesses. '
Thou. SlflltT,
Henry He-witt, 3rd.
No. I*!,"- Ccmmencing at a poBt
pluntcd ut or near ono mile south
ef tho Kouth c-nBt corner, of Henry
B, KornhnWH clnlm, (also C mllea
Houili of tho Hcuth cast corner ot L.
1CG7) nod hi_ji,i'. tho nouth enst dirtier post ol Philip II. Kei'Bhaw'.H
claim thonco north 80 chhlnn, thenco
wtBt R0 ri'-f'.nH, thenco south 80
yli'ilnw,. thonce cast M cluilns, to n
point ol commencement, nrnhlng ft-'O
acres moro or less, and lying Houth
ol Ilunry Tl. KcrHhnw'H clnlm.  '
Louutcd Mil 23rh day ot September, 1S07.
niil.Tl' 11." KKRBIIAW, Locntor.
A. \V„ LYldcn.
"*' HI     .     ,•
- No.- 14.-,-C.y,mmencihg at-' a ■ post
planted at or : near,'the ,'south east
corner post cf Dorothy Kershaw's
claim, and he'ng the north west corner ' post of Harry ■ B. Hewitt's
claim, thence eouth 80 chains, thence
east ■ 70 chains, '.thence north 80-
chaius, thence west SO chains,' .to-a
point 6f commencement, making
6*0 actcs, more or less andv lying
south of Dorothy Kershaw's ' claim.
i . Located* this 23rd da.y of -^Septem-
ber,°l907. * ! .". 7   '   - 7
' By. JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witnesses: ■■   •
A. W. Belden, .-*.,'
Thos. Slf.ter.., ';*
.. N04 15. - Commencing' at._. a' post
planted at or near the north west
corner post o< Harry, B. Hewitt's
claim,, and being the north east corner post of Harley B. Davenport's
claim, thonce south 80 ehains, thence
west. SO chains, thence north - 80
chains, tl.cr.ee- east 80' cbains, to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres. more' or less, and-lying west
of Harry B. Hewitt's claim.,
Located this 23rd day of September, 1S07, Y "'       °
By' JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witnesses: *    '
' A. W. Belden,:'        , '   ''"
'Thos- Slater, ' .   .»
No. 16.— Commencing at   a   post,
planted one mile south and "one mile
7ast   of th* south east comer    of
Harry B. Hewitt's claim (or 8 miles
soL*.th and 2 miles"east oi the-south
east corner   post of L. 1667),'   and
bein? the f.outh east.corner post   of
Eeall Foster's claim, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80' chains, thence
south -*80.  chains,    thence .east 80
chains, to a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, more or less,: The
n.w. * corner- of   this claim corners
with the s. e. comer ot Harry,   B.Hewitt's claim.   ......   '-*    .,.       ■*■
„ Located this 25th day ot Septem-
K»r._i!,r,7 ..   •■■'';" 7 * '■' ;; '■■  .-■';■'-_^_._
BEA'l.L FOSTER, Locator.
Witness:   ..' "        , -   ,
Thos. Slater.       7' ';
Np. 17.— Commencing' at va post
planted at or near the south" east
corner. ot Bep.U Foster's claim,. and
being the couth west corner post ot
W. I. Moulton'a claim, thence north
80., chain**-," thence cast 80' chains,
south 30 chains,, -thenco west 80
chains, to >x p'cint^ot commencement
makih.; 640 acres more or. less, and
ljing east e.: Bcall Foster's claim.
Located this 25th day of September, r:o7.  7
W. I. LCI'LTON, Locator.
By JOHN' J. HEWITT, Agent.
. Thj3. Slate
No. 18"* - Commencing at a post
piantcd at or near the' south west
corner pout of W. I. Moulton's
claim, and hi ing the north west cor-1
ner pest cf .'I. R, Tucker's' claim,
theuce toulli' 8C chains, thenco' east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thenco west'SO chains, to a point of
commcnecnv.'tit, ninUlng G40 acres,
moro or les*H, nnd lying nouth ol W,
T. Mcultrn'u clnlm.
Locate 1 Mils 25th day ot Septem-
l.pr, lf-07.
J, II. TUCKER, Locator.
By JOH.V .1. HEWITT, Agent'.
Witness: -' ,
Tiio*. Sl-iUr.
Nn. 13.— Commencing, at- a post
piantcd nt./.r near the florth .woet
coiner r-ofit i-i J. II. Tucker'B claim,
end bc-lni lho north enst .corner post
o.' L, T. SlHdton'fl ;,clnlm, thenco
Houth 80 chnlna, thenco west 80
cliuins, tVcnco north 80 chnlnB, thenco
cist i!0 ch'«|ii»?, to u point ol com*
iiuneomciu,, iiiuking C-10 acres, moro
cr la«8, 1 nd lying wost of J, R.
T'.icl.cr's' c'juim. '
LucntcJ thin 25th day of September, 1--07.
Ii. T, fHELTON, Loeutor.
By JOHN .1, HEWITT, Agent.
Thos. Slt.lu.
No, 20.— Commencing   ut   11  pont
corner post'--cl' George W.' Slyter's
claim, and being the south west* corner post ot Dan.D. Calkin:s claim,,
thsnee north 80 chains,- thence east
80. chaias, thence south 80 chains,,
thence west 80 chain's, to a point of
commencement, making - 640' „ acres,
more or lets, and. lying east of
George W. SiyterVclaini. ,'
Located this 25tli day of Septem-,
ber, 1907.     ,
DAN. D.  CALKINS, Locator.
' By JOHN* J, HEWITT, Agent.      '
Thos." .Slater.
* No. 22.'— C.'ommene''ng- at. a„ post
planted at or near the south west
corner post of Dan D. Calkin's
claim, and being thc north west
co'rnsr post c7 Charles A. Foster's
claim, theuce south 80 chains, thence
eist EC chains, thence north 80
ehains, thenco west 80 chains, to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres mcee or .less, and lying south
of Dan D. Calkin's claim."
■"•■LoA-itec. thia 25th day of September,'190/.
By. JOHN. J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness. "■'
,Thos. Slater.
No. 23.— Commencing , at a post
planted at or near the north west
corner' P'.*st of Charles A. Foster's
claim, ar.d being the north .east corner post of Forbes P. Haskell Jr's
claim, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chuins, thence -north 80
chains, theiice east 80 chains, to a
point of - commencement, making - 640
acres, more or less, arid lying west
of Charles A. Foster's claim.,
Located." this 25th day of - September, 1907,' «"■>
FORBES ;?.,,HASKELL,  Locator.
Witness:   7 - "   „
"V Thos.781at.cr7,
* By.  JOHN J   HEWITT, Agent.
No. 24.— Commencing at a ■ post
planted one milo east of the south
west corner post, of W.. I. Moulton's
__clajj*a_(o?- 8jniles south and-3 miles
No.  G.— Cur mencing   nt   a   post J   ^0. 13..,1 Lu.uu.unc.tiB   at   u   i-w.*l
\A;\nttA at t    nnar the north   'cftat Jl'ljntctl tit or near tho south   cast
coiner post ol ThlUp II. Kmhtw'*
cluim, nml v.oint thc south west corner print •-,! Dorothy Kershaw's
claim, thouco north 80 chnlns,
thence cast ?M chains, thence south
80 chains, time weat 80 chains, to
a po nt ol commencement, making
610 ucr-;a moro or leas and lying
cast of t'ao Philip H. Kerabaw'a
I^irata-A thin 23rd day ot -September, 1907.
DOROrtit KERSHAW, Locator.
.*' WJcu'«iM'A:>;."• *-""•''■''        » Bf JOHN. J. HEWITT, Agent,
A. W. JJcMen,
_, *'*»-L, 1,     «t 3    *, •       *'.'••.*
Tl>o». QUUr. '•
corner p-jnl c! Olive Nortonis claim,
and being thc north w*flt comer
I'tot ol A.ire S-'iatant'ft v.*i...u, w.'ic*
nouth 80 chains, thenco cast 80
chaina, tnp.nc-, north 80 chnlna,
thenco wc<.: .chaina, to a point of
commeneeii'fntr making C-10 acres
more prlel*,'and lying etiBt ot Olive
NoTtoi*ta''cVnljrp.   "      '      '
'i^KifAiMi'llttt day 0! BepUm-
ber, .i«)!r'.-. ' - .'      '
jiuqij' PiUBEn, ,Lo.e*tor,   ,
.**% .JiJHN -J. HEWITT, Agent.  ,
Vi&mU'.'— •- "':',;''       '
* Hrarr"Mlt, Jrd;*, .    7
,f,,,'Hn'ii    '   .."'     litlt-t-J '   ■•       -   •
No. f.- CohltHmWi  at a pout
H17...44I 4,.<. ;..llv .'.v.tH rf. 11v "rml-h ■
'i-„:>i C'Tntv il  .1, TT. TupV.or'n rlnlm, I
(■.r 10 rnJlca south and 3 mlleB cast i
ot   the   south   onot corner   poat L
1CC7), and fco-nc the nouth east corner   post   ct   Otorgo   W,    Blytcr's
claim, l.Tufii-fc vnt\\.ii iii cU..=», th^rscc
wes.t - £0   chnlns, thenco south    80
chains, enst 80, chains, to a point ot
commencement,   making   G40 acres,
more or lone, and lying south of J.
H. Tucke.*'« <,lalm.  • •   •, • *
I.o^ated th'.a 25th day of StptAm-
ber, 1907*
jJItiQ-**. fllater,   ,,.,..
f.-Vet^ji.*-** ComowneJat At •*. post
planted   ai or n»**t t*-i iiouita, catt
east of the south east corner post"
of - L. 1667, and being the south
'west-corner,post ot John J. Hewitt's
claim, t-ie'..ei} north 80 chains, thence
east "85 „ chain's, thence'south 80
chaius, tl-.en'Je west 80 chains to a
point of commencement,'.making 640
acres mors or less, and lying east
of W. 1. Boulton's claim.
Located this 27th day.of September, 190-V-
''  :JOH)V J.'HEWITT, Locator.     ;
Thoc, Sluter.'
No. 25.— Commencing at a post
planted at or. Dear the. south-west
corner pebt of. John J. Hewitt's
claim, r.rd being the north Vest
corner [use ,*f Henry Hewitt 3rd's
claim, tuotico scuth 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, tb'-^ui-o north' 80 chains, to' n
point of-cc-mirionceihont, making 640
acres mote or less and lying south
of-John J. Hewitt's dalm, ,
Located 'iliis 27th day o( September, 1907   '  ,7. '    ■ -,
HENl'lY HEWITT, 3rd, Locator.
By JOHN'  .1. HEWITT,. Agent.
Witness.*'   •■
Thos.  b'lfitc-r.
.„,4>   . '	
No. 2C — Commencing at a post
l.lantid' two miles north' of tho
couth wi. ccrnei* post of John J.
Howltt'n claim, (also C miles south
and 3 -m'1 1 cat--' of tho south east
cc-1-i.ei' jiu-fit. 0' L. * 1CC7) and being
the s5u"i wc:>l corner post' ot
William' Hoijtt'B claim, thenco
north '-S0 rhnins. thunce , cast 80
ch.iiiis, ttcn.* eouth ' 80 chnlns,
thonco w-ii-,.. at chains, to a point of
commona.™-**. inaklng G40 acres
more cr lcps, nnd, lying north ot
Ulmiles   V.  Leo's claim,
Locnto! ti 27lh day ol BcptPiiv
ber, ISO/,
WM. IT   UliWITT, Locator.
Ly JOi'lN J, HEWITT, Aucmt.
Thos, Sluter,
No. 27 — C.'oinnionctnK at a poBt
lilfinl'.d .it -ii- no.ir the south west
co.nor pent cf William TI, Hewitt's
clilm, owl bdnp; tho north west cor*
i\tr Rut of Charles W. Lea's claim,
thenco ronth 81 chnlns, thence tabt
80 chninH, thtneo north bv/ cu.uiu,
thr.nco west (-0 clmlnn, to a point ot
commoncemtnt, mftklni- 640 acres,
more or leas, lying south ct William
1*   TTnwIlfn filnlrn.
Looted this 27th duy ot September, W07.    ■
OHARIKS W. LEA, Locator.
By JOHK J. HEWITT,. Agent.
Thou, ("Iftter,
No. 28.»< Commencing at a pott
planted cne mile east ot the north
east cwrnrr ct Harry B. Hewitt's
claim; (aW '< miles sou-lb aiid :*
-i*a1uv.^v>|i^f*A^--'>V''-}*1 *Vt- ,'9<*>n.R
post ot t'.^I) jw-i Mnrth«'<-f^llf
•3-isf. enffier pptt of Willlnra H.'-'lPrSI?
tor's "claim, thence, "north 80' chains,
thence w?st" 80 chains, thence south
80-chain<>*. thtnee east, 80. chains to a
point „■ f "ccn nencement,,.making 640
acres mor?Tor less, and lying east of
Dorothy' Keishaw's claim."'     ''.■'
L'6rdte'i'">tl'iis"'28th,day; of ..September,  iiiOr.'..'. .  I.v.   ,::     ."*; ■ " '^ ,'.;
WM. II. PROCTOR,  Locator. '
By JOHN J.'HEWITT, Agent. •
.Witness: ' ■'■'-,
' Thos. Sititoi's      "'   - -  ;
No, 29. - C\,mmencing at" a post
planted a'- or near the south ,cast
corujr p-..-,t of, William H. Proctor's
corner post of Clara*H. Lea's claim,
claim, und being the south west
thence north SO chains;' thence,.east
SO chains, thence . south 80 chains,
thence west SO chains to a point of'
commencement, -making -640, acres,
more'or less and lying,east of Wm.
H. Proctor's claim,' *       " -.   ,•
Located this 28th day of September, 1907.    .„   ■
CLARA H. LEA, Locator.
. By "JOHN J. -HEW1TTJ Agent.'
Witness:    ,.__•-'
Thos.. ."Slater.-, ."   ;■
No. iitf.— Ccmmencing at a'post
planted at or,near the south west
corner p jst pi Clara H.- Lea's claim,
and being the north west corner post
of William ,V. Lea's claim, - thence,
soutli 80, chains,, thence east "80
chains thence north 80 chains' thence
west .80 chains, to a point of commencement,' making 640 acres, more
or, less, and lying south of Clara H.
Lea's, claim.
Located this . 28th day of September, 1S07..,;
WM. F. LEA, Locator.
' . By JOHN. J ' HEWITT, Agent.'
' Thos., Slater.' ..    '     (
No. 31.— Commencing at a' post
planted at or near the north west
corner post 0! William ,F. 'Lea's
claim',,land being,the north eaBt corner por>t ot John TJ. Brook's claim,
theuce sovtu 80 chains, thence west
kO' chamy,' tbcnc» north 80 chains,
moreor less,'-and lying Rest of Wm.
commenci met.t;' making 640 acre's,
F. Lea's claim. . ;
Located this 28th day of September, 1907.     '     '      '
JOHN If. BROOKS, Locator.
Witness:    *
Thos.  Slater.
No, u2'.—- Commencing at a .post
planted tt or near the! south east
corner post ot Jes'so Kershaw's
claim, (4- nllcs south and ono mile
east; of the , south cast corner post
ot L. 16C7) and being tho 'south west
corner pestof William" D. C. Spike's
cluim, thenca north 80 chains, thenco
east SO chains, thence south 80
chains, thonco west 80 chains, to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres more or less, and lying east ol
Jesse'Kf-r.'Fhaw',, claim.
' Locut.d tills 2Sth day of September, 1S07,
WM. D. 0, SPIRE, Locator.  , '
By'JOil.; J. HEWITT, Agent.
Thos. Sin Lor.
' No, ,3.1'- Commencing at a post
planted ut or near the south west
corner pout 0! Wm. D. C, Spike's
claim, n".'i l,c*in(; the north wcbl corner 1:0s*'. of -Flavella Spike's claim,
thenco 01st i-0 chains, thenco, north
£0 c-hnli.ii, Hunccwest 80 chains, to
a point ot commencement, making
G40 ncrcB ino».o or less nnd lying
south ot Wm.li. O, Splko's claim.,
Located this* 28th dny ol' September. 1607, '   '
FLAV3M.A SPIKE, Locator.
By JOHN-.I. HEWITT, Agont.
Witness: * ''  '
Thos, frlulcr.
'No. 34,— Commencing at a post
plantod ,'it m* near tho south oast
corner ol Charles J. Kershaw's
claim (also 2 miles south nml 1 milo
onht cf the south oust corner post
of L, 1C(17) nnd being tho Routh west
C'.rner post of Irene Norton's dlaim
thenco tioi tli SO chains, thenco oubL
SO (Inirii*, thrnrc south 80 chnlns,
tbene3 wc-st 80 chnlriB, to a point of
rommcnrcincnt, n-i*.kine 610 acres,
iiiuit; u. .*:,', ;.'.'.\ V/lir **"* of
ih-iiliU J. Ktri'V.nw'-i clnlm.
Located tills 20th dny of September. 1«07.
HU5NI3 NORTON, Locator.
Thos.ii Slater.
Ko. 33,- Commencing at a poBt
plauted tt or near the aouth vest
corner rost ot Irene Norton's claim
and belritj the north west corner post
ot Edith Gordon's claim, thence
south £0 cliolno, tbenw Mst 80
chains, thenca north 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains, to a point of
commencement,   maVlnj   6(0, acrea/
/Located^ this*; 29th";clay 6f, Septgm-'
bcr,; 1907.' .'.'.'?. ,7 ! '_'■' '•■ -i ^ ' .
. EDITH 'GORDON, Locator.; Y-
By JOHN" J. HEWITT, Agent.   :,
Witness: '. ■ r7 .-. .   . - ,'   :*:.' '.';; -(,
Thosi' Slater.'   "J    "     ''"'."..,.
No. 36.-- Commencing at a post
pl:uit;d' ot "or hear the south east
corner7, pcst"ol"L. 1908,. and-being
tho uoreli'cast corner ^post. of Mary, •
E. Ncrton's. claim, thenco south 80
chjuns, "theii'-o, w est 80 chains, th'en?e.
north SC'- chains, thence„cast., 80
chains, t;> fi ro'.nt oi commencement
making 610 noes, more or less,"anJ
lying souf. of L, 190S.^    "'
Located this330th day cf Scj.timber, 1907.' '■■'■.'
MARY E.  NORTON,- Locator.    .
By.  JOHN J. HEWITT," A;-:er.t.
Witness: *"■        .7 .-      :     j
Thos.  Slater.  *.J    ,7   "_ '     . -,
No. 37 — Commencing . at' a post
planted at. or near the south east.
corner p(st of L. 1908, and- being
the. north west corner -post-, of. Clar-
oaco J. Spike's claim,, thence south'
80 chaius, thence east' 80^ chains,-
thence no? th ,8 "7 chains, thence, west
£0 chains, to a point of commencement, making C40 acres more' 'of less,-
and'* lying eat-tot Mary "is* Norton's
claim.      '   ' ' .7.
CLARENCi:   J.   SPIKE, Locator/.
By JOtlN J. HEWITT, Agent.'     ,
Witness..*        -., ' -.'   <•' '■      ',
'Thos. Slater;... '--' ...,'_
, No. 38.— Commencing at "a post'
pluntcd at or near the. south east
corner post ot L. 1908 and being the
south -aebt corner ' post bf; Isaac
Carson's claim, thenco north- 80
ehains, tlience east 80. chains, thence
south 81) chains, thence: west * 80
chains to a point of commencement',*
making e40 acres, more or, less, and
lying wst ci I, 1908.
a Locate.'." this 30th, day1 of September, 1'JO". '- . ' ° . '- 7. ; ' .,
.. ISSAC CARSON,' Locator. •.' i'\
By-'JOli.-: J_:■-. HEWITT, Agent'. "'
Witness. \ ' ;! '*,   '- ,  '•' 7   i
Thcs.  Slater. "7.   ." r" .«..
more   or less ,nnd , lyinjj, aoutb
Irene Noiton'a claim.
r:   Cranbrook Land-District
■*'   District ef*East Kooteimy
.TAKE   NOTICE,  "that... Fred"  RA
Ddlzelil    of, Fernie,  ,B.';O.   timber
cruiser,   ictends   to   apply   for      a
special timber license over the foi*.
lowing described lauds:
No.' 1.-- Coramonclng at a poat
plantod on tho south'bank; of a
•small creel, in the-Elk river' valley,
about ono mile north and one milo
went ot Charles Welgcrt's Pre-emption Lot* No. 2000, thenco 40 chains
west, theui'o 1C0. chains north, thenco
40 . chains . east,. thenco 1C0 chain's
sjuth to point" of beginning,' con- ,
taming 640 ficicG more or less.    •
Ditod September 28th, 1907.
No, 2,— (.'onimenclng at. a -post
phnted about 20 chains north ot
Goat Crock nni. 40 chains wost of
Lite River cn tho north and west
bouudarifH; i.f, the Pntmoro timber
limits, thenco west 40 chains, thenco
north -10 chaine,, thenco -west 40
chains, Ihi'cco _. north 40 ' chains,
thenco boiith 120 chains, to DoJuteo*^
LQjnn.u.-., e'otitnlnlng C40■trnwdM^'
of "1MB.   " '. .ftfiftfrfi
Dated St-i'ittmbor"16th, 1907. „'■ .     „
No, 3,—Commcncing at a post
piantcd on the west fork ' of "
tlinguy L'roek about ono mile south
oi main strcnm nnd aboct thrbo
mlliB up liU'cnm (rom tho junction
of the 1-Ult River adjolnlni*; Lv W.
Palmoi'e'a t-mber limit on the .wost,
thonco west Cl obnlcsi thenco northlOO
chnliH, thoni'o ennt Cl chains, thenco .
south HO chums to point of 'begin-
iiic, ccnt.'.inlnf CIO acres moro or
Diteci Si'iilcmtor 23rd, 1907.
No.   4.-Commencing   at   a   post
planted    <n   tho   oust bnnk of the
nurtli .'orl. of Bit,' Creole near    tho
north emit coiner of timber license
numbor lW'Jl nnd about two miles
vest nf «r.',il license number C379 on
Elk Runt- tlunce   north 80 chains,
thonco Mut 40 cbains, thenco south
.u    «...,i.4».*,    I......'.,  v.'ut ?0  chain",
ilaiiU- t'.i.lb i'.x chains, thence east *»
120 chains to point' ol beginning, ***
contalniii-*; 640 acres more or less.
Dulcd EopU-mhcr 25th, 1907.
N,;, f.-Cr"-^ eltirf ' nt a post
planted on /no upper Ellc River nt
the no.'th enet corner ot timber It-'
ccose number 12426 and on the weat
boundary cf A. Manabnn coal license
number ;i9a2, thence north 40 chains,
thence weft ,40't.eU.ni. thene^-Wtb
80. cbains thtnee west 40, chains,
thenco O'juth 130 chain*, thencte iintt
tontalnine t<0 aerturWa .tritou.
' I)ite4";8trt«mb«»it»t,/rt(>7*tM»' ■:    J
pn-iiD P.. DAl«»Mji*^o«Ator.      ,. n *
-  ,        - a .       "
.* ftW*»V*-*.l,-Y&SC^.J- «.*.-.«.■*■.-J*. -i*.ai
In (Millions of; Teapots Daily
Have You Tried it?
Lead Packets Only
Some Difficulties tliat Will be
,4 ^' * (*-
Bridged Over   ■;-■•
The storm center of our social and
industrial'life today seems to liein
' .this _relationship _of employment. It
is asserted .by, many that Christianity has failed to* penetrate ..into the
. relationship between employer '• and
employee, and that this relationship
•snincongruous with'that of Chris-
Vian brotberhoQdi There are doubtless those. who would be- conscious-
of an incongruity if one of their "domestic ser*. ants, took a seat "next,, to
them in- church. There are gentlemen „who do not feel it proper to
bow to the cook oh the street, when
worth, unfl* in unskilled labor they
are forced down by the competition
of men who have starving families
to support to the very lowest pos-
Eibls amount upon which a man-can
keep flc&h on his bones and breath
in his body. >
' There is a limit below which wages
can not go. It is the' death of ■ the
man „ by "starvation. , In  this    coun-
any one who will consider their side
will not-be surprised. '.   -,
Much- fault is found with the sympathetic strike, but '-ft hen you find a
workingman who is doing well who
will leave his work and go out with
h's wife and family to' face hunger
and want, simply iu'order to better
the "condition of some poor fellow
workingman in another.employment,
and perhaps another state, a man
whom he,has never seen, do you
not here% find a*, truer exemplification
of Chribtian-brotherhood than,, Is
found among most church members?,
Would y6u be -willing to do ttho
same to'help' one ol'., your fellow
members? .   **
There is one remedy which ought
to tc at once insisted upon;* that is,
there should be established a minimum wage, below which the laborer
can not'be driven by competition.
That . wage 'should be sufficient to'
enable him to live comfortably.
This, however, is not, a .true remedy.
What is really' needed is that employers should,- be converted, ; that
they should feel the
r \
they would thus recognize a woman Jab°™r >assed >tirely" over their
nf m.n {*,(■«*-;„». —:..," -j.:... . heads, lhe book gi\'es an awful picture cf -a horde of, men,- ...ragged,
whit?-f£ced, d.sperate,--fighting" with
one ..another for the chance to.,,, en-*
dura the most* frightful labor" and
exhaustion,, for a; few -pennies, |. because death' is staring 'them, their
wives and their children* in "the face.
The story. was• perfectly .possible, in
spirit of'Christ
as those'early,Romans felt'it,    and
try .skilled labor has been broughta I *?" ?*? ^' T* ' lnt° PerSOli"
gocd way above this level, but un->T , ™S Wi^ th0U' °ml>l°?™-.
suUed labor   is;perilously near    lt, jLabor C1»^*   , ,     .
There is • no sadder commentary , oh
the unselfishness . of human, nature
than the, way' in which the recently
published' book,' "The Jungle," was
received. It is a study ot the situation, of the'.unskilleh iaborer in
America and-the fiightful condition
in which he is placed. The only impression ii made'on the miiid of the
public was a fear that some little
taint.might have come into '.their
'food. • The agonizing struggle of the:
.of even inferior socka'position,, who
1 .was not in this relation' of employment.   What does this feeling ' indicate in -reference'.-to'domestic'    service?.  It is.' an important    question,'
for by* the last census one-quarter of
..the   population  of  . -Massachusetts,
■750,000* individuals,  are engaged -.in
"domestic service. ■ 7    "-  .""-'.    - o
.There;>re;a]so few of us, said Rev*: * ^   i_ qU'Sfl°n" " %«tid^ happen
Hopkins,Dcnison,"'in," the' Carpenter  ) ° ' *%'
whouhavB.ndr^beai inconvenienced by I''1 he"1'°?J' d.,ffl.culty is *» the imper-
th'e struggle"; which" is going' on
.the industi-iai; world, whkh manifests
itself ln.fctti'kes.-'Onb-ll'ith bf 'the pop-'
ulatio'n If Massachusetts are 'engaged in manufactuve, about the same
number as are in. the public schools.
About 10 ptr cent, of trite Population
arc in trade and transportation.
Only 2 For^cent.^aro in professional
employments'. We Beo, tlien tlint the
largest portion of the population is
affected by this question.'     -• ■
When we turn to llie Bible we find
that .upon reporting of their sins tho
people asked ot John the Baptist
.what they should do.1 Ho gave two
rules to thoso representing the riohcr
or employing class. Fi.*st, "Ho that
hath two coats, let him, give to him
that" hath none;", second,"Enact no
more than is your due." Jesua'gavo
no defin.te rules in reference to this
question of employment, Ho gave
but one lano for fill men; "Whatsoever ye,would that men should do to
you do ye'oven so to them." He
came not to alter men by legislation, but ty giving men a new suit.
Ho knew, that whoever-truly felt the
touch' of 'Hie spirit  -and wnB   con-
,vertocT ;trom   Wlflslintiis    to' love, i'tiJ,'uu    on   °y OIt,wo    foro. heavy
woiild   deal far    bettor with this hiu(l* ftnd fcct and -MtronentB   0|
jsonr-lity <3f _ modern industrial rela-
tirns. The. employer docs not ..know
his 'men and their families'. He simply considers' his. own., side.'"'. He
l'n.-.ws the'-pressure from his • stockholders. It. is the manager and' forc-
m:n who de.il-wltli the men. They
i'lKw simply that they will lose their
1,03itions unless tlie work is done uc-
ccrdin-j- t'j a certain schedule of profit j. lhc whole work becomes, therefore, a great machino, a perfect
J'lii'ternui',':, c niching relentlessly the
:iics of human beings in order to
proceed upon its way, The employer and employee are divided by an
imp. arable chrism. Each"'Is absolutely impervious to the situation ot
the otlur.  7 "
This Is-shown, |perhaps, ovon more
in Its, tfie(:t upon children, Here it,'
is not merely a question of food but
proper development, future ' ability
and happiness. Because parents are
poor and' starving, children' work.
When. the factories *' drat came In
children were apprenticed to mill
owners by the ovcrseera of the poor,
eometlmes by their parents, Thoy.
worked in .stenffb, In heated rooms,
fcicod    on  by blows .."from   heavy.
is the best;  • •> „.'
Matthias Foley!  Oil City, Ont.
Jcsjph  Show,  Norway,  Me.**   '■
Charles Whootcn, Mulgrave, N.  S.
Rev.  R.   o.  Armstrong,  Mulgrave,
N.  S.     " * -    ' -      '
'  Pierre Laiidcrs,  Sen., Pokemouche,
N. B."     ' „
• Thomas Wasson," Sheffield, N.'. B.
SARAT0!3A  CHIPS.   """
Dainty   Invented   by   Lately   Deceased
Colored Boniface. ;,
Jf one owns a potato sMco:*, which is
not an expensive,utensil. S'lr.ilogi chips
i're^easi'y prepriroil.' T!ic*,v nre'nlv.-fi'ys
an acceptable nce'cmpaniment to fi-ied
fish, but porliaps aiv npvoi-Inioji^hai)!
_. - -*.      '      *'-     -- i'*- -*   ->      ■ ..,- "... - , . . -.,    .•
7.30 a.m. Daily Except Sunday
"   icr 3'. ?■>. • . ■CYca'"-, New York,  Toronto!   ..
Reat.tiii,   Spokane,   Ytincouver and Victoria
"      '     -Via-      ^
The   Great   Northern   Railway
"The Comfortable Way'"
Fernie to Seattle 24 Hours
Vancouver 32 Hours
Victoria 30 Hours
For particulars call on or address *    '
'     H. L.   BLACKSTONE, Agl., Fernie
or W. A.. ROSS, A. G. P.. A., Seattle
,      Fernie, B. C.
Bar supplied with the best of Wine?
Liquors and Cisrars.   -
Dining- Room in connection
mly in evidence iliauvwheu served .is
<-iio',iif the"{'.ccessoncs of a ' plcuic'
„!i:'.*choou. \ynsh a::d pare .mod!u':i;
sized potatces.' .Slice' liiiu, using a vegetable rlicer mp.de,(cr'the imrpose.'-lu*',
to a. bowl of,-cold water niul lot stand"
one-and (;i:e-l:nlf '!:ou;-:i, e-li:ur,l:is tha*
water'twiee.   •        ',".''"
Prain, plim-je Into njiottle of boilii'.;>
wntor niul let hair one inlmtte. Dralii
:.'S:il:i, cover with cckl water nnd'lol
yt.uui,(:\-e luiiiv.tes. Tp.lto i'ro'.*.i the water aud d:-.v .LivtwoL'u tuwi'ls. F:-v In
■Jeep r-.it v.-M'] (k-!ica(e!.v browiir.!, liiep.
I*.:;' hi motion wilh n'uliljr.mer t!irot!.*--Ii-
ot'.t tlio.eookinjr. I'emovp with n slsiin.
mor to n pan lined with brown paper
(which will nlisoi'l)' the supei'lluouM fat)
nnd siu-lnkla with suit. .Always drain
fried potatoes on-brown' paper,. foi
fried, food If properly .cooked and pro;)*
erly drained seldom absorbs enough
fnt to bo Indigestible to adults,
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1 -.
Every.tlsing  new; and
Every aecoriimoihiiion
for Hie |U''blic.-r.
Bar siocited with the1
'  finest in the land
-.     i\? X 4I.1
question of employment thnn nny
law could make liim do,
.Wherever men .Jwere filled' with H1h
spirit' immediato' chunges resulted in
thdr relatione to their employees,
Hermee, a ChrlBtiuri, ond prefect of
Rome, under Trojnn" on tlie day
that his 1,250 ulnvtH were baptized,
Kiivc th«w all their freedom innd nn-
ulstance lo gain a livelihood. Hin
exjimplo was followed by tho wealthy
llomunfl, who were nflcrward converted', one actually scttlnjt free
8,000 bIhvcb, Tho poorer OhriBtliinB
did tho mono In a U'KHer doxree,
I.ot iih boo', to dctcrniino if thn
uptrlt that produced these rcBiilts in
tho enrly epoch is wtill active in
the rchticnuliip of employment today.
The employer t-.diiy vory larfjcly
in«iwt.B thnt tho he«t worked    ehnll
fpfiilvr   *'*\  ...,* ».f-   II. ..     it,, ...   i    i.
•*uiH    ..0....4..4.    .*...*,    ^..L   4/4>u4 v^b    ...
Willinj In1 work fiit. It \'\ nnsrrtrd
thit labor rnubt be brought in open
market, and that nil interfancnen is
wron.?- Tho rewnnl of the laborer
by thin method depcnilB on thc num-
..V."  oi.   .4il*u.t.-*.  IiUo  Ui-i>i»,    -ot.1..  WjI
on the worth of thn service or the
skill required. If .there are too few
laborer*, tbey will charge more than
tho work if. worth.   "
In the Doiton colony in 1CB0, labor ern wtre ko Kcuree and wngcn no
low that a law wa« Pftined filing the
wage. Today we flod metly the
oppose,oUte;of affdlrg, There are
too nMDj.llKbortra. conMqutnUy the
ompitiiloB fpr op ninny of ttw.mto
volt lot }9wiko* iUlt urttu  it
punishment. Sometimes they were
fed after,' the pigs, and often' with
poorer food. Thoy worked Bixteen
hours at n stretch. If they tried to
run away irons were riveted on their
anlilta. If they fell asleep from «•
hauitlon they were diicR*d' with cold
water. Tb.r wns the Wy the competitive iiy-stem worked in'Christian
ICDitland a century aso. ThankB to
phllnntliropUts and reformers conditions nro Letter toWn'y, ■
The conditions of wcmcn'i- labor
hive le:» scarcely hotter.,'lho . difficulty with the work ol women-and
children Ib that tholr hibor ».in -'tin
forct-d down to a low point because
many of them live'at home and
work only to add Pto thu homo in-
como: Ths result is, theRO peoplo
are brought into competition with
tlioBO dependent ' entirely on their
o-ivn wur...
.wiut is tho remedy for thiK sltua-
tion? tiiixil wc m\o charity to
these jieorlo? Many omployovs arc
puttnj in various chnritablo and
benovolcnt ontcrprlscB. It is found
tli..t this only Rncers men. whn fppl
they aro unjustly dealt with, Shall
wo ns Christians simply preach" thli
Roupol to tlum nnd toll tbem we can
not interfere with labor condition*?
Tho laboring man rcnllaeB that ho
is absolutely at the mercy of selfish-
neos aud greed. It is only through
the labor unions that the working-
men have been ablo little by little
to belter their conditions. They
have dune many things that were
uiajost and many things that mate
tkt WcwT'bort wlli It-Jl-ffeatlerf; uv
Lemon Juice hns n plnco on the
toilet tnblo of tho careful girl. It re.
moves Rtnlns from tho handB nnd
whitens lho Hkin., Maries on tho neck
made by wearing-'a blgli collar may
lie. removed by lemon Jiilco.
^Children In Italy nro,not allowed to
rub their eyes. When nn Infant bursts
into tea rs no effort is mndo,to rpprcus,
the, emotion, but tho youngster la .allowed to .bare. Jts,cry out. It is'ns-
Bertpil thp% thl^ljcnqtlflea%xj> cyoji and
.ninkes tbem clear, whllei.rubbtng^lio
vyes !»J»rcfli;tl\oijui,ijn mniiy ways.
In ,mnnjr ca'noli' aiwondorfui jrnprovo*
luenf In tlio complexion mny. no obtained by Irn'oroly wnHliing tlie/face
Hovorol -llmes'u day with tho foll'o-#|ng
lotion, leaving,j It,on until It dri|fcs:
Tal:o ■.fll^ng,pphrjr of glycerin 'ind
mix .with It Imir n pint of oranw■*%/.
or wnfpr, To thin add n tablcspootifiil
of. ixiwdort'd iMimx,
-Wiiuii'ii, who-.lmve-: oily »lt.ri»:jtQOj
•luielly briwltfu :tliuititmlvoh , to their
Mtu. Tho-rulluwli.jc''solution'1 wlii-glvo
n clear, dry - Hkin Hi f'rirWmonfliiiMr*
ii'-od rcgiijiirly: .I'l'lyiicliMi^.bflrnix -pno
ounce. p\ir?> frlyiMTlii.two. <ii|nccin.-cnin-
|'.inr„wnti<jVi.i.t HUlrltHofi'iiiuplior. two
•lunrlM. Tljo; Hklu • Hliiiblil lio bullied
Willi thin lot It; (i • two: or threo tluion
•i dny, ... .      ..''..
i* '    Under new -management
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" Japan
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Sprav
Pumps,.-Spravicpr Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery ,on .the mainland, of' B.' C.
Catalogue free,
Greenhouses and Sccdhouscs ".''
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Well -furnished rooms.   Tho table ta
supplied with tho best; tho market
affords.   The bar is supplied
with tho best wines, liquors and cigars,
, ' -i '■ ! -I
Jas. Severn/Prop.
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W%£&>ms*  Truce Marks
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Anyor.Ofi. niHi'3 n cl.-olf'i «i-.<)., i.-trlntlon irtnv
'Illicitly- iiaocriiilii our ui micM (T/towliKtho'- i:;i
liiTOilllnn lsprnhnlilypiitciiinlila Cciumunli'i.
Moi,33irloLo;co!i!!;'r.'itlnl, HANCH!)0:{on IT-tL-utc
bunt froo. Olilast nppi.4.7 i-.. r.n-'irlnw ti.itonip.
I'ntoius.tftlson tlirouuh Mumi & Co. rowlvc
tpcclnlJioHcf, without clmrao, U'ha
ScWfie HitKft:?.it.
A handsomolj- llliistrnted wook (.   I nruost clr.
, cnlotloti of nny ncloiitlJo lourii J.   Tgi-iim, f3 »
l<jMi Jgur niontlio, »1. Sold Uy til r.owd'onlorn.
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a *
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plan that trio  to the
.'Best of service and accominoda-
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undersigned   will   be   ,;
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J. MOW,      .4"    .:   K. J. COYliK, '    ,
'-"■J*-1-A. A.G.I', A.  '
Xt'laon       ', Viiiii'uitrcr
A pleasant liomc for tlie
How to rtoll an Umbrella,
"Why  In It." iidltua-iut luiiniRitlvi!
cuBtouior In nu uuilifollu Hliup, "(Imt
ono cr.:i never m'A x:\, im uuiIimiIIii u»
compactly nml iioiKly ns it In rollwl
WllOII llO lll'-J'H It?"
"You ran If you only know how,"
said lho Hliopkcoimr, "Imt If ovoryhody | .„ *;
l.u-4.-.. ..ji. it U4JHHI iiit'iiu k-Nii Ijiisint'ux i C, L, WHELAN
fnr iw.   Tlie utniirr-Vn wojjIiI Iu.mj )«.■ ' —
Ror, nnd thoro would bo mueli Iohs
work for tlio ropnlrow. Porhnp.** 1
ouKht not to toll you how, but It'H ho
Blmplu yon Hlmnld know. If you lmve
noticed, nwirly t-vcryliotly who roll* ii|i
-.».. v„,i.irv-ii.» i.i'..i'*, lui.v. of It liy the
handle nnd krcpn Iwlnlln^ tho Mick
with ono luind, whllu ho fold* nml
rollH with tho other.
".Vow. that'll Junt whoro tlio iiilntnku
oomej In. itmtonil of twlntlnif with
tho hc*ii!l6 bo n'.iould tnko hold of It
junt aluve th« nititu'of ihe cout rllw.
Thew point* nhliirally lie i*Vfrily round
ths ntlr-it. K<*p hold ot thaif}," prctw-
litf them tightly n«-ii).i»t tho itlck, »nd
tbun roll up tHr com, • ttoldlnf tht
rltii prvfciit* them from rrttlBf tirltt*
*A m .«£, UmI wt x btoAloo omX jt
-  m tosi OwwSij
i      Hotel     I
The Hotel of rernle
Tbo centre of Commercial
ami TouvUt Trade
"   Calilne Unexcelled
lo Consumptives
Tbo uudoralgnod harlns been restored to health by •lmplo moan a,
after eufforlng for several years
with a poyere Jung offcotlon, and
that, droad dlsoaab CONSUMPTION,
la anilohti to mako known' to'hla
fellow infforora tbo moansi of. ouro.
To thoae who doalre It, ho.', will
oheerfolly aond (free ofoharao),*
copy of tho preaorlptlon vinoi, .whlob
-tbey, wllUInd a ouro.for CON8UJ*fi»-
OHITIB and ill *tbrdat - aiid lung
UAX.ADIEB.; De' hopea aU'eoffmifa
will try thia Remedy; ta It la InYaJa-
a.b.04', Thoae 'dealrloj the pregerlp-1
tion, wbleh wiU wwt tbe notblof,
•nd may; prove • a blMaloe;, .wtU
pletM addraw
i mfibyAnp. a. WJiabjf, \
.'■"" -'■"'       Bro'okijfii. N. y.
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Ferule, B. C.
%r, w«f like*
•   ^"*.,»,  tt'-      T*.     '.» »■
"A*-wRpfJ,p,4j-»,Ji___PJ;g|fJ_[ 5»fj»JJJjJ
Just arrived a large
nnd fresh stock of
Stewart's celebrated
Chocolates. All the
favorite flavors now
on hand.
tiffmts, Tobaccos, Etc.
FOR $2.00
With a diamond rliijfr I revcnl
free howtosecuro a beautiful complexion. Diamonds and exquiulto
complexion aro both desirable.' An
opportunity to every woman la now of*
forcd for obtalhluj both. For $2.001
offer uliSKt, Gold Shell iilnj,
shape liko.a belcher, with a Tiffany sot?
tlnff, Bet,with a (jenulne diamond
And will Bond free with ovory order -lho
recipe and .dlrectiom,.(or,obtaining a
faul.tlciB.compleiti'oh.eaBlly understood
andslmpUtofollow. It will Have the
expense of Creams, Cositotfcii and
Dloachii.' \ym Me. the'ifcli) from PIm*
r>\*i, Bldckheada; etc., and pl've the Bkin
boauty and abrtneBB,
RING '" s:uarunte«d by the
manufacturer to beaHrepreaentad
and ahould any purchaicr bediaaatljfled
I will cbeerlully refund tlie money.
Do not let tlie price lead you to
doubt the utenulneneBH or value
of tlilM rhiff, ae tho aboTe guarantee
prottct* each and ovory .nurchaioi.
Hend me $2,00 by mull and tali
advnntiifro of tliln offer, nn the tiii'o
Is limited, Rend filzo of finger for
which ring Ib doBlrcd,
82 Kast Sflril Street       Now York City
Send mo your namn  an 1 i\\tn
iminoMof ft reputable people n»
rcforonco and I will forwflnl you a
propotition lo act nt my agent and noil
>ny good* in your locality.
Department 16
32 Kaht23rd Street, NKW YORK CITY
Fort Steele
Pernie, B. O,
, *>-Vt
nre*en of^;»tr» *tty i^g,,,
and   /mW AvVtiW.
i„ .»*■'
teiM ■,;
M   ■
^■^^JStsmia^BRNIB LEDGER,  FERNIE, „B.^..'NOVEMBER 2,.1907
Ne\*!s of the City
' "        I
See oiir prices ih seventeen-ieweled
gold filled watches.—A. 0. Llphardt.
Koom for a lew respectable boarders.—Apply .Mrs. IT. Biggs.'"Old Town.
'  /i '   °
Diamond'rings Ivtjm tm  to two
hundred and fitty dollars at Liphardt's
' Jcwelery Store.    ,
-Lost.—Silver "Watch with black
swastika fob. Return to'- "Ledger"
Officio aiul receive reward. *    - -   '
Wanted..--Au experienced girl for
general housework.—Apply-*" Mrs.
Tri:cs,'20, Walmsley Street, o-
Double House i'or Sale"(easy terms)
in "West Fernie, 8 rooms,' glass liouse,
chicken house,- etc.—Apply to John
McLachlai., West Fernie. ■■    ,;
House for sale on Riverside Avenue,
West ''Forme,-* 4- rooms, ..with water
pump,' coal" house, etc —Apply' tu
George Henry ,Park-cr, .Riverside
Avenue, West Fernie.   ■'
Astray on premises at Wardner,
; two' sorrel .horses. „• The same, have
.done considerable damage to garden.
Owner may have thc same by paying
• damages arid expenses.'   For.pai'ticu
lar's apply S.'J.,Harrison, P. 0; Box
5, Wardner., ■      ..     ,-     -,...-
Lost.—Gold charm from watch
chain, somewhere' between-Waldorf
Hotel or Hanson Street to opposite
station. Charm engraved with John
- S: Bolton's name. .Finder returning
to '' Ledger" ■ Office - will be. hand-
soniel'v rewarded".    . 0
Foi* Fall  Planting
Mr. Wai. Rd. Packcy has just received a lino selection of Choice
Bulbs for forcing purposes.
Xauied U.vnc.nth-., single4*fc double,
i! varieties al Xnrci'*.>us, sin&ilo niul-
double, i vtirletie* of siiijjlo Tuli|i»,
" viiiioties Calla Lilliss, 3 varieties
of l.iliump.        • ' .
for prices
mulefificaler.-The tbree men.got in.-.
tb'-cffiarersation and eventually there
was.:a talk of•'shaking for. .drinks.
The-pia'n who claimed to be a mule
owner said there was no. necessity to
shak-fe and "displayed ?600i" saying he
was-'rich. Then he- and the other
man sprang upon Wray, and one held
a revolver at his head while his
companions deftly rifled Wray's pockets, scouring $197. .
'The men. ran in* opposite directions
and Wraychcse - his man and
% ehas.d him, tut a third individual
<f>iwho wes standing by',' tripped   him
A^A^/s^-/*^^-.'^'-Nx-v^-^^-N^!up and "held him until the other-two
is   uunsympathettc is   Mr.   De Ste-
fani's only .trouble. ,'
-.    -.\ - --
.Arthur Carnlghan f.s Glaucus,-has
a*.part to play that meets with- approval , of the audience, and - scored
a success. Mr. Carnighan's enunciation struck'lis as being particularly
As  lone the* „Neapolitan   Maiden,
Miss Helene  Scott hadi a part    'of
great     dramatic possibility, "and in"
the emotional   passage   was   strong"
and*-clever. •■       '
Nydia,   the blind  girl,'played    by
Loretta Poland, was entirely     sym-
had escaped. He then made oft too..
The police have a'description;' of
the three men. They do not tally "n
any respect with the1 perpetrators of
the hold-up executed':on G. Maxwell
a day or two ago,     ,
•The oii, parties are' both busy
mcidlng their fences and preparing
to fight for first-place at the coming
Dominion- elections. Whaivis labor
doing? *
...Vice-President  Galvin  and   Oegan-'.
iier "Alex.   Lusner  are  busy  in    tbe
pathetic in character and won    the j Edmonton coal field'and report   the.
A man jumped off, the engine of tbe
North*-American Land and -Lumber
Company Friday and injured
his head. He "was conveyed . tb the
office of** Dr. Higgins. It is not
thought th; accident is a serious one..
'Jud-je Wilson,  oi  Cranbrook, was
"in t^wn yesterday to'-try the-boys
—charged—with—tbe-»derailment of—*thc.
engine near the coke ovens,' and to
arbitrate'upon tlie question of another ..cent-cat Michel. The case
against the boys was adjourned until the 14th inst.
At a meeting of-the Young Men's,
Liberal Club, held in the * Miners'
Union Hall last Monday evening, the
following officers were elected: Hon.
President,, Hon. Wm. Templeman;
President, Av Matheson;. Vice-Presidents, H, R. TJren and H. Frechette;
Sec-Treas,, Alex. Fisher. Executive
committee—Messrs. R "Speers, H.
W. Edgecombe, P, Kennedy, S. H.'
Hummell, R. Moore, J, S. Volume,
A. Macleod, F, Ingram, -A. Berridge,
W. Johnston,' 8t D. Wark and A.
Cnmphell. q
i    , —e-	
i  ■
The Nolfiou nnd\'Bruco productici
o! "The* Egyptian ,of. Pompeii,"
which is dramatized from Dulwcr
Lytton's lnmouB story, was presented to a Inrge audience in tho Stork
Oi'cra Houbs on Thursday evening
last. Ah most readern are awaro,
the Btory cf tho plot deals, with the
f.tri'.jpl.fl of the early Christians and
pagan Home.
As ArbaceH the Egyptian Joseph,'
Do Stcfr.nl is provided with a part
that milts bin dramatic 'moth'
oils, nml   thc   huccijsh ho   achieved
hc.irts of- thc .audience from the first, j organisation
■■ Thc other . characters of the'  play I unions!
were in capable hands,  and some' of
the   dramatic * climaxes    are   sensational.
The costumes throughout are good
and the staging, as far as-ithe limit?*! space afforded, picturesque".
of -   two    new   local
Considerable ■. changes" are rumored
anions the" differ.nt managements of
the coal companies of this district.
It is just as well for the boss to get
fixed once'in a while. ..,   ...    ..J*.,     .
Deputy Labor Minister Settles Trouble.
Vancouver,, ,', Oct., ■• 29.—Mackenzie
King, deputy minister of labor, who
is investigating the Japanese > riot.,
cl..ims" here- as special commissioner)
unearthed"! the- whole, story today
from a witness of,. the" system of
boarding house keepers bringing Japanese into this country.  *   '■,'
There are four organizations here,
who" have contracts with the * railway companies and others'to ' supply laborers. They deal,with similar companies in;Japan.
' The immigrants - are taken care of
by boarding house keepers here, who
supply them with work and * take
about, ttn per cent, of their wages
es long as tho men are on the job.
The men have .also to pay the companies in Japan. " ,
The laborers pay at both ends and
the companies make big money.
Winnipeg Thieves Secure Considerable Sum.
Winnipog, Oct, 30.—News of another holdup in broad daylight has
reached tho police station, tho perpetrators of which havo mysteriously vanished.       -   ■ ■
W. Wray, a man who recently ar-
rivod in tho city, yesterday Bays', lio
wus walking along thc transfer track
down by the Red river when a man
came up to him and enquired whero
tho 0. P.' R.,depot was, Wray directed him as best ho could, and a
wns Instant and conclusive'.,, Tlio fact moment later nnothor man jolnod
tint    tho    character    of   Arbaces them who asked to bo directed to a
' The-U. M. Vi. of A. now have five
locaf.unions in thc Edmonton .district— Merinville, City Mines, Strath-
cens, White"; Star Mine near Strath-
cona and, the Humberstone and Bush
Mines. More unions will be organized in thc Clover Bar field.   .    7
„The .recent convictions and fining of
thV Hillcrest "Coal and .Coke Company for violating the provisions'" of
the". Industrial. Disputes Investigation
show coal companies that they .cannot, play-fast and loose with their
employees. - '  -"- ■
^ i' i.'i-
Books for Christmas
Holiday lines now ready for sale. This
season's selection thc finest yet shown. We
hay.e an immense • variety. In it you are
sure to find your favorites.
Vancouver, 'Oct.' 30.-Adjutant
Wakefield, ot'the Salvation "Army,
states that, the first shipload of
Army immigrants will leave Liverpool, om Feb, 20 and' will.be booked
for British Columbia. Tho number
comprises fifty families and two hundred girls especially selected for domestic service. Locally ho is asking
for .applications from would-be employers.
■     O* '■  '
. Toronto, Oct. 20.—Election returns
rocoived here this evening are as foi'
Iowa: London, Beattlo (Con li elected by
majority'of 1034.
East Northumberland, Owona (Con,),
elected, majority ilfl.
i) North  VVelllnatnn,   Martin   (Con,),
elected, mnjorlty 215.—Southern Alborta
The Store
of Good
Sp eciais
o *
Imported Herring' in Tomato j
■'•'       ■ Sauce per tin ■
Imported   Kippered  Herrings
per .tin 7   ' .,
Imported Pilcarda per- tin  '
Sweet Pink-:Toilet Soap reg.
:2 - for .15 cents '    „
Special 5 for   -     '
.  Dinner Pail Cream Sodas
*     reg. 35c, special
<V> -i    ■■■    ,
day Specials
<!„ . Crescent-- Baking-'** Powder '[ regular price 4p;'lH,cts.   |>' •,; -
I'-. -'■-'■'''^'-'■Saturday: 30c" ' ^t^'£>%YK
|7'Lock Brand'31b. tins choice Tea regular price $1.25   %'
%i y Saturday. $1.00'  - .     , -'?,. -|
9"   ---—v--
I   W.-,l.   BLUWDELL
: Prompt De3iveir*y   iv
0  '
^'i^i/SV^VV'^^^'fc^lSv •^-%%^^^^^^^k.'^^*.%^/%^%^*l.'
Auditor, Accouutnnt, General Agont
Life, Accident nnd Employer's Liability Insurance
wvsswm* si w*m
•'Books .opened,, closed,'. audited, .and accounts*" kept in'the
■■"'",'      '      most up-to-date -'manner.       •
Office,   Burns'. Block.
Fernie, B. C.
'*  -
(jL^*, xssn, %wo^'t^i%wiy^'^^-1/*>^w%^/*b'W
The Crow's Nest Trading
>, Ltd.
■^ -.        	
%   Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam    Fitting    m
TP' '     '    " !     ''        '••■-■    ■•-'•-     "    ■    "tT-7'.
1" ~~~. ;   -■: "~".' ,   '•' ■  ■'■ ■■ y   §
W  Y A°U .Work .Prcm'ptiy Executed, and • . . ^-';
Si       .'  7'        Satisfaction   Guaranteed. ,        7   "-      ^,-
■^r '•-  ..■■ ...... ... - ■:-.     , . 7. ;   ., - -  0 -My.
* ■• ■•■-'■• ■■  " ■*,■
%   Telephone 1
Next.king'Edwardl Hotel   ' ^
Plans and   Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howland Ave. •■
J. Wilson G«ay, Architect
Fernie  B. C.    °
(lur range of (lift books
Is cxcoplion.illy I'Muli-
fiil, nlso 11 I'nil line of
New Autumn Fiction
conliiiniiiK thc best ncl-
HiiK \:oo\w in Canada
fjr tlw present si'-itou.
fi!.4i!tJ*'j 4S; M,..-*c*r,''" f.iivo-u*- l*o<>Us,
iiImi Pictui'ij S: Toy IlooUs, Our
lines nre beyond question In the ex*
". r ,«    •
Bibles Low Priced
Beautiful pocket l>il.'c, clear type,
Kood paper, French k Morocco
binding, red under gold edges with
..ups.    Special price flGcta.
Don't  forget  "The  Old. folk*  at  IDomc"
T "I
N. E. SUDDABY Order  Early
S«e our liigli grade I*ocal Vxtw CarJtv .-.pyl pt,cnd.m   '  , •  '
Stork Opera House
2 Nights 2
Commcnclnu Thursday, Noy. 7
1    0. P. Will kor olTora
tlio boautlful ivmantlc omedy
"We are
and an oxccptlcnal
, company
An Elnbomte Costume
and most Scenic .
Equipment: -
li * -1'r.CM $1.00, 7&v.Mc.
   *-DHUG blOUfi
^00^ ;-.;...
Don't stop to annoy your neighbor^
by asking Him for the loan of his shot
gun in shooting season when yoii can ;■
secure a full choke bore,   pistol,grip, "
double barrelled, breach loading shot
gun  with interchangeable barrels and
nickle plated breach for       •   '"'--,
$16.00 less 5 per cent.
only a few left. The best values in
the land. No trouble'to show them
and to. see is to discover their .value
and  buy.
»  i;
A        DOLLAR
Try this week and open a
savings account bv depositing one dollar,
keep it up, and at the
end of the year* you will
have saved a month's fair
wages, on which we are
paying full compound
interest as your account
Tbo Homo Dank of Canada
is the particular friend of the
small depositor. The highest
rate of interest is paid, and
cuDtoincii who wi**)) io ti.tvc
dozdy ui'l- Jo.u.c.1 kimly metal
banks free—vent pocket size
for men. I >
tuillbuuolronbleforymiloopennunci-oimt.   . Twloo OoininondOd l»V
I.tavs your nitmn una adJrcn, depot!, otit    i
M}™*}*?wT»»^..b^y*m*r*    u^   jm4    W}nn   rf|v»'npil   VII
■   !   1
t   .»   I
"Hoot Mon"
\. '■ *.' Th«
Canada-'s Grootost
Conoort Band
with all.tholr -ai-colal features
Mn\o nbfili', PnotMsh Dnnfiofs,   Hncr
npora, and Cp'.o^v^tcrt flnlototn
To Contractors and
V\>\ (.I Uic \-.Vj, *,t[ij..\» vi *m.,..'*4i. *..!. *.'.<.'• *<
mi.lt hy latter.
of Canada,.
Fp.rnic Branch •   '
Have you got your
winter supply of Oats &
Potatoes, If not order
now as the prices are
going up owing to thc
crop   failure " this   year.
O.its, 00lbs, guaranteed      M ft-
pin-bushel 4UC
Potatoes, 120 lb, sacks fa**   tfom
pr mink  3 I iCH
At vour sJi3!iJff, ISVcn. cretlH (uu\
prompt shipment.    Order now.
Ccd ger-tw Ne W&
They Sloer, Tltoy Dance,
Tlioy Play,,
Stork   Opora   House
Nov* 5th
flnntN nn flala '.Pernio Draff Store
week Jn advance,   Prices $1
■Try a--ledger Ad.
Ed,  Cuming
r. O. C.
lW«t»flr»t frl-Ur |n *uli month in 1,0. 0. V.
■ ■   ■.   - : "luii.'
fl.ll'Hour*. W.Xmjt,
WortJirPnnf'Nnf. W(*rfhj*5iD(if*ifiirr,


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