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The Fernie Ledger 1907-11-09

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 -:-; m
Vol. m No. li
lindsey Made President—Other
Changes.  77: ;,
ll    V*.
,. Toronto'.'Nov. 0.—The long exprcs-'*
sed wish'of tlio Hon. George- ■-, A.'
.Cox to retire from tho presidency of
tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
Limited,"was with" great "regret" given effect -*to ;nt 'yesterday's.- mooting
of tho board of that company. .'
' 'This : offledHhe; Jl6n.;:Miy;Cox '"has
- held- for'nine"-years, ''during , which
he has _. given., freely^of. his .ti^o,' and
energy to'building\ip' t'0' the ini-
mouse proportions it today-attains..
But-IMr. Cox's desire to lessen' the
burdens of too many-responsibilities
had to bo yielded, to. :.  ' ■    -  7.
Mr;,G. G.- S. Lindsey, K; O./was
at tho same moot ing advanced tb
tlie oflico .of "prosidbnt/'vacrttod "-"by,
the retiremont'-or" the lion'; *': (jeorgo'
■A. Cox, with,;the understanding that-
as chjef executive, he" should "devote
all' his; time-'and-attention- '. t'o>:lho
(hlt.ic-s °Ll.hnA ,P?si.tio". and, as =this
in turn" involvednhe appointment'of
■a new..generalin1anager,.t.that.»*-ofilco
has .been filled, ,by..tho.,selection...of
Mr. J nines-D. Hurd, of Duluth, _-a
mining engineer-; of'-long expei-icnco,
Mr.R. M. Young '.becomes "-'tlie sec
retary?of, thecoinpany ,.„„,.;,...' .
Fernie, b. a, November 9, 1907
.$1.00 a Year
. .      7     .HAVE "APPEALED
^ Frank,;Alta-,'Nov. 1.—The Hillcrest
Company' have ., appealed' from .tho
decision of Inspector' Belcher''. and
will try,and, show that'the notice
was an appeal'to their miners';,'to
help them, and-not'a lockout notice.
'.The above cut is a photograph .'of
the the hillside above No;
9 'nunc, ,;Coal Creek. This fissure is
easily, distinguished by the'1.-,'black
shadow.   Experts, ■ including  F. ' *W:
Robertson, of the mineralogizing department of mines of British Colum-
bia.'has visited Coal Creek, and .pronounces this fissure but a natural
subsidence", and* quite safe.*, '' "
■ f 1        *** ^ -.I- i (  * -     **.   *>\
[f   ♦ _j       "  ■ ■   ' rc •   ■   ■*' ■ ' -  * ■■ -     -'       -   '-,     - ■    . .. X-
- ,.'r,       On -. Lower- Arrow-   Lakei - \     —-■'- ■
40  Miles   South   West  of   Nelson.
.<>*,..,    ■     . ■*..;-   °
AN opportunity to own an orchid home within quick and easy-reach
.; ^V of-.the   unlimited ,, markets   of   British    Columbia, . Alberta Van'd
Saskatchewan.    5,'  10 and  20 acre blocks.    Finest climate in Kootenay
" ■ „    .  i *.,.'. '' ' ... ..
_ . _ 7   ppr   Full   Particulars   App.y   to        '■     :
Crow's   IN est   Pass'flnyestment   Co.,   Ltd.
Let lib ridge,    Alberto.
Says Coal Creek is Safe.
Wm. F.  Robertson, provincial min-
erologlet for British  Columbia, ■ has
been in Fernie at tho request of his
government investigating- the recent
fissure in the rock at Coal Creek and
to-investigate^ the possibilities oi\
danger " from this source.
'In-the first place'; no apprehension
may bo felt, Sir. Robertson assured
.us, as to the sliding 0f the mountain,, tthe strata comprising the
mountain being- hard, solid rock. It
is not-of such a nature as to slip
as tho strata di'ps'to the hill, which
in my opinion renders the . slipping
of the mountain quite out. of Uie
question., '   "
As to. there .'being-any danger'from
rocks •-that, may -be detached', from
the upper clilf rolling down the hill
the general slope .is such nS to .render this impossible.
1 find the, general slope of the-hill
is such that rocks would not ' roll
from this .cliff to .the bottom, ..and
the houses of the Ilolgu.ii camp'have
also..the protection of a secondary
ndgo that, makes danger positively
5>«t pf the,.questipn.Mn.niy opinion,
the recent „subsistanco :0n'ers, no\ danger to the houses or plant from this
source*.       '.".,'-
I might say, the present crack, as
well,as the other cracks down ' the
hillside, are'due to'the subsidence of
the rock which., follows' tho extraction of. coal,- and these cracks havo
occurred   . ut   .intervals ' during   tha
Harris  Tweeds,
;    Plaid Silks,
French , Pattern    Dress   Lengths.
Ladies' 'Winter Coats
Latest  styles,. man0 tailored, direct
from headquarters, Berljn, Germany ,
*    , . ..»;.
Books for Christmas'
]„   P,   Fckf-loln 'was in  Cranbrook
, on Thursday.
"Miss lloeg loft Friday on u visit
to friends in Waidiior.
You run u'i't' 11 first-uIiins pair "of
opni'ii glnsson fni,1!*!n at Uphart tho
' Mi'm, Dowser, of Kriig, wnh In town
n low days this week, llio giio;a of
Mj-h.   Duilley.
■ ,1, 11. Vox, Iravi'llliiH' freight uui'iit
of the (.', P. It., .NuIhoii, wuh lu unm
11  few iln.vH thlM wook,
.4 ■
Uookw for Christmas
('iiii.sUibli* l...!'si-h, of    Mlrh-i'l, wuh
In lho i'hy on 'riiOKduy,   l!o brought
in a  pi'lnwonor clinravd with Uk'fi,
■I.  P. l.owo, Doiiilnioii lOxprnKn ng* 	
..'ill, Ih back from n trip to Spokniiq M "tx Hie     ll
and N'clsoii In tho intoiPKls    of    IiIn   "''tHi'd lu the
Books for Christmas
- ".liniin.v" Johnson resigno:! his po-
hitlon hk jullu' on Wcdiuisduy owing
to, n 111 tlo dii"i'.eii!t,v arising from tlio
u.scapo 01' '-Winir.v Wllilu." tho notoi'*
ioim Fernio Jail hroiikoi- -.  ■■
r '
.1, K, SUvonmin, of tlo Canudlaii-
Anu'i'lcnn Coal mul Coko Company,
m'l'oiiipiniioil.liy his «-ifi,>, was In |*'or-
n.i> on W.-dnno-'av l-u-t ,uh1 re„lhi.*:-
od at thu I'V'i'iilo lliilel.
ft, (Iralniin lefl with his family for
llelllngluiiu 011 Kilday tnonilng,
where they will iwddo for koiiio tlmo.
.Mr. I'raluiin will ivt.irii In a few io 11>*>lv nfi(i|' his IninnihiK here,
If ymi want a llnu tlnuiji|yi'i>, go
to I.iplmi't'H. lie i'tii'|-|es the \VnIt*
hum, Nlghi, Afj-m-Hlz iiml (Intone,
Dooks for Christmas
Patronize homo industries, George's
Extra and Crow's Nest Special. Coll
for tho bust and .help Fernio grow.
Work of clearing tlio ground and
preparing tlio foundation ,for tho
now rlnlf .hnvn Ktnrtod, unci soon
Fernio will havo an up-to-dnlo skiit-
ing'find (uirling rlnU. Moru tluui
thlH, Iho'liiilhllng will add tU[ tho
pk-l.iiies(|iioiiC'SH of Vk-I.oi'hi' Avuiiuu,
I'oiivoi-ling what was un uy-osorn ln-
10 a Vel'i- iK'furHiii'y lionie of sport.
Tho number'of, cracks'shows', "that
these subsistences spread-pretty well
over the hillside, which renders - she
.danger less than-from a single large
crack,'and are' inasmuch a source- of
safety.       , '  •■ «
■The working 0f\xo. 9 mine^ ; the
face or which is' dii-ectTy"'".'i1'„'der tho
upper crack, were visited,-and "it was
found that .all the workings, except,
• at the very r.ico, had subsidences as
much .as., it' over will,', as the roof
and*'tho pavement of this mine arc
i» contact, the levels l.cing ,„.n(.u.
caliy.rock tunnels.   '
The upper crack hi the' „,ri„,,(a!ll
side is not more than 18 inches in
the solid rock,
•Mr. Robertson has kindly fnvoret|
us with,the enclosed cut, which .is
made from actual measurements.
•  Men's  Overcocits
^ *■<       *    '      -' ' 's
The made-to-\vear kind,., straight
from' the. best manufacturers, and
pricedto please you.
Stetson's Hats
New Fall blocks in both hard and
soft hats just, to hand.'=
The Trites-Wood Company, Ltd;
Agents for Geo., A. Slater's Invictus Shoo
Oporators and 'miners of tho four
states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois
and Indiana, roipoiided to ihe lnvl-
tatin of the iiiir.urs' ollicials l.o
meet in Indianapolis on the 2f)th
inst. io .consider llie I'staliliKhinuiii.
of the joint nioveinonl. in the central
Indianapolis,  Ind., N'ov.'-l, 1007.
Mr.  l'utei' I'atterton,
Fernio, U.  C,
Dear Sir mul Hi-other
For the past Hnvo or I'our     days
Prosldont Mitchell-Ims boon very low | t-onipetlMve Held,
and has been wavering between    llfei    'j'l'.e  iiiIiiith'   oIIIcI.iIn  of  Iho      |-(,ur
•md ila.itli.   The  reports wo hnvo ro-j stales  were prc-eiit.  iu  liuhalf of Hi*,
eeived  from  l.a   .Mall,, this  jiiorniny ! mliu'i'.s.
Indicate Unit ho is mucl, bettor and j    Th„ ,„,„„„„.„ „,   „,„ ,„,,„,„„i()lml
Ottin«   10   his   weaken,d   cou.ln im, i „,.,,, .„W1 Iini.(1,,t
I.If.   l-ei'iH.'i'y   will   llei'eS.Slll'Hy   be slow,
l-'rateniiillj   Yours,
The  ineullng  was  iii-/;.nii/-|.(|
si'li>(-t|oii   m'  'I',   1.     I ewp.,   v|e.
Tho Itallnn Hand went down to
T-i'ni'h   MV,ln..'-d:iv    v>,  «|i:..- t       1 t
Vint   in   iho   Itnllnn   I'cMimt Inn tn
lhat   town ThurKday.
It is wiih |<ii-iiMiro tlmt    wo     1111,
lunince lho ongageiiionl. of MIhh IIohIo
Snow  and   Oraham  t'ampboll,
jenl 4>muie man Jrom L'nlgni-.v.
t ,
Books for - Christmas
A. A. Miii-w, spei'lnl ropreHontatlvo
fvulivht dopavtment, l'urtl.i.iil, Uio.,
wan In town Thursday looking up
I.iik..U!I.h for (). u. N',. SiiuttHiln l'a*
<:lflc Hniluny.
V,'., H.  Siaiile-., nf "Th„     1,,'dger"
utalT, went  down to l.etlihi'|(|gn     nn
Friday night to bring h|n wife    ami
family lo  Ferule,   The pnrly return*
llyer    Sunday, and luno
Ir new home,
SamothliiffRood to emoko—Crow's
Net-t Special nr.rt Gcorec'u JCxtrn.
ivv it...,
Win,  l-\  UclWlHon, provlnelalmin.'   "'  "'  UII'SON'
iTitloBlKt   i'or   lli'itlsh   Coluniiiln, wnsj 0;	
in the  city ihis   week.   Areonipanled '. CU.VJ.'OM.S   KKTUIJN.S
hy Mr.   MeKvoy,  chief flipInoor     of! V(m   nOTOJMn*
•hu    (Wh Suixl. Viihh  L-oal    (,'„,„. I JIOU   00lO.,KK
I'uiiy,  uud  Mr,  lil^s,     Hucrutai'y of! "*
l-lle fllllllslOlle   I'llllll,!   01'  Ij,  JI.   \v.   of!
A.,, Mr,   Kiiberttion vhilluil  the fiacl.; 	
"I- liimlHlldn In tlle iiiimiiialn ut Conl ' (,,lll|,l',i,,lls mn''" «i lho out port  ofi „hlrli was- iulop|...|
iy   (lie
j dent of the I nit nl Mimj Woi'lcorH, iis
■ I'liiiirinaii. and (", l„ Si;rnKK'.s, nf l|-
; lln. I*., ivpiv-clilin..; the uj fi'aii.u'.',, a*»
1 w-.-i elary. "   '
~—— I     After a   I'i'iiiMiil. ul<.cu»,*,j,iii  t,f    tlU;
,.,,,,  , ,,     . ' ^lluailon,   ,1.   t\   Kiibi ,   pri'xli'i'tii
III..  liilluH.NK  ore  th,. ,i,s(„m,   ,i,. j )lf   ,„„ ,     l,,,,,,,,!,^.'    Asmi.'I,,, I.,,,,
tni-ns „„' ,l„, ,„„„„,  ,„• nc.i.ber:      .;„„■„,.„     „,„     ,.„„„„.„„.    nmJ,\
F"Tllle,   If.   ('.,   I'm- imiiilli  „inl|i||. nt.1
111,   MM'7:
,\'nine of iiiiports—.',.
Hilly   collected.
K ihiopoi'tod that I), V, Mott will
htart n, CoiiHorvutlM" dally In Fur*
»ie. Hi- h, an eiitlnihi.iht in neww*
..._ luipor work, and IiIh liandwiitliiK r,.*
tho j fcmlili'*. wry hiiivlil tlmt nf Horru-r*
Steely.—Krom Uie (iiveiiwnnil r.ed«e
nnd ll  luokH a little hleeji.
f.eor^i Doi'Ktilipokci", of tlio'Ci'ow'h
•Vim (.'i«ur Factory, 1 ("turned home
on Wednesday, ,*> nfim* a ^\K ivcti\-H
visit ,to .Vow Yorfc. Mr, Jinn-nbcc-:.
et infonuw un Mm., hu hud a \0iy
enjoyable holldny, biit |« u|n,i to j^t
homo «(,Mln with hj,, ,,ld nnd Wi,)\.
known frlendo.     '-
"Weary Wllll.ini" MeJ.oml haw on*,'
Allied J.-HI ||„. mM>„i„| I),,,,. I,, „,,„,,.;
"iKht, Wlllhiin iH tired of tho mon* '•
otony i)t llm f,,0,i lini| „,„ ,,|llMUly !
rmiiiil of dally toll. |f Wllllain \
would enter <|)n hnhl*ii]i Iiiik|iii>.<'n '
there would bo Homethliiff In'It, bill.!
to run two iIiij'h iu:i*osh the country1
und be bi'niHri,*  i..,,.i. ..wi,      ,1       i,
, '•   "   '•■'•'   "   "■(. '    li.l.,    i.UV,
on, Ih cheap, very i*lu*np. I c,,],._!,,,,_
Albert  t.'ook, lender of tlm Klltlun'! M"1(	
hand, walked into ono of the hnrl-tr! T",,n,T"	
MiopH In i-'omie for a nIiuvo,     After! '•M'>,"'H	
th»  opei'aflrn   he  admitted  It     was!
•-'.   7. i   A\a'.v  \\'  ini)   nm)     nu     Hi,,
Mwi'iit tour.      Moron, lonvlnu     Mr.!
Cook totideml the luirber two    bltH!    '■'•l:i1    l'i»|ltTt|nnH„,
"ml told him to imvo a Niimko with! ———n	
what wuh left, nftor p„y|„K    for the I    ...,.      ,
Hlmvtf.   Hoen Mr, t.'ook think ho wJ , ,r>?   ,,,<'";I'<,'I   «" « l«m*
in> "      '   '•''    w,,S,,,n   iH-liuif-ln^   d, the    rnitl
,     Id si.|\..i|,   ihut   )|.,h   (,if,,ri,mi    ,.,,,,,
i I'lrelice   nf   miiiei'H   nml   opcnitnis   Ih
I..1111W adjourned  in  ivm-si-miiii, nt   th,.
.•jiiT.ati'J.liiilH.uiii. hour nnd  place iih that   t„imci|
.    .'i.iwui.iiiii m  ii,,, invimtl.,11  lu tl... niii.i.'i.v ,,i-
: fi'lnl/ailon,   on   |itveinlii.r   jp,   jpo7,
«7a,IJ-J.-i,0t)   in  I.,. Hil'iv  r,.ui'i'M.iiU..|  |,\   ioj.ivmiii-
y itiitivo  committee*-   ii-oid  (*acli   Hiute
. .     ,      „ .Sl'l.tiaij,."^   ,,f t|„, fnu,- hiatc-rf I'ni'nieily const ilu*
lidiind collect I oiik mr th,, „ionth of | tin-r  tlm     .lolnt, Inlersint,.   con-en.
j Hull, with a vlrnv to ni.tlii<*vtirliii>- to
...-** -',r<J.-». r« 1 iteteriiiinu iih 10 whether nr not     a
tll«,fi7i joint  convention hluill ho culled, ami
set tie upon i,|| in'i-thbiiry
■o.'.tK.*    If   Ml,   t )
".".(JOi .letiilli, nud  Insno it cull  iherofor,
irnry Cnttlv, Co., ictunieil to J.'orniu
on I'i-I.liiy niorii,iitf from a \mmw»
visit to (.'alurniy.
J>* ■'»>•*
M-mi^i -V*,.-«
S*.      tp   \-*r
.m*m^      M
iiiihIi for homo down Victoriu    Ave,
Forhinnt.l.v 110 dtiiimjfo was 1I0110 be*
(|f(.r,.( Hi^ niRflway* weie <-«i.(iiinjd.
-#    i -l *?.
*>.   ft*   <V&
After th.- iul,  0f theinpet-
**.  '.*., t\*:-.,U."j   -"'"**■    *" ei'-.-ifnlileiil   l^'Uh   priWQ     ui,(,
tiie  fiil|nwiii({ fur publication;
J do not ,'iltnt-li nny special hIjj.
nlfii'tiin'o to the I'lilliin. of tho pn-B-
fill plelimilliily e,iMfi.|i..iao or tlm o|i*
eliiloiu to aifice to hMul out a ca||
nt thli time fer a |,ilnf roiuyntliu
• >i minurs nnd iipcrfttui'M to iiri-<itiK«>
n ii'nijn m*,-i|a tt} f„i.u ,-faxi lWiil
lAjuil, or, in other mu'ih,, to ro-es
The disruption  of  tho- joint, movement   in the early part of  Inst year '
lelt everyihing ia an unsettled    and
rather complicated  .situation.
Kuturully, at this time all part lea
are a little caiiHou.s in an endeavor
to renew tiie joint relations that i?x-
inii'il  previous to  last, year,
The operator!, attendii,}' the meot-
U\S. while represent at he nf pini'li-
eull"' all the coal producing InierestH
of Went era Pemisylvnniu, Q|,|0, |„.
'Nana nnd llllmib, wi ru here at our
liu'itutlon, and of course thoy now,
iiiidei'iiliind 1 hut. It Ih mil* i|,.,s|i'l> to
ni-eslnhli'-h the intei-sinte mn\u-
ment,  * „
- There \wrt> several Impi rluiil ipios*
li'Mis ulfectin..- the ninv_etin»il brntielit
up for dlhi'iiHsioli, I'eciiniiiilly, I .mi
Hutii.iiud ihut wln'ii i>\ery pluiM. ni'
thu hi 111111If-11 Is lliiiriiiii.'lily cnnviih-
*>"d by lhe operalnr,*-; w'h'n iM'i'e pres-
eiit In this cily, ih.-y will hee' tho
wImIiiiii ni ri-f*,iii).|i;t}iii)({ 'he Joint
bni',eni"iit ainl linidiim niioilici- in*
lel'hlnlo c,,n>,i"iil(.|i at a liuii' 10 bu
niii'i-eil upnii nml fur the purimMi of
uithiikIiiX a   w-ii-p. m-uI,.,
'I'lie ineellnir, wh|'-|,' u,:K j,,.!,! 1(1
the ChlVpiinl llnlel, n,iH |i|1M|ly a'i-
Jour.ii'd  to  rccitiiene n(   the     nuiao
lllnie   nn    |i,.e,    |p,
I ha.e iiIwhvs In ru 11 iuin ndm.
'-.lie, of joint .1111-,,.nt iniiK mul t,||„
I iii'i-niiuliiK nf nileiXalii wap-a enn-
IraclM between and niiii*
ern. This has been my piisltlon for
iweni,\  ,\.*,irs. ami while I havo seen
Iwn-  Infut    itim'ri,4,,.m,.   „.,,   . ,,,       ,
lelt'iH-o   In     the    i-enti-al   coinv-Mt {<■(-
lielil, J (i\|i,,i<t to M<e lilinthef ,'o|nt
iiii'iv.'inuiit. establlslied nn a |„iU.„.
Ihihih than over,
-Toint.   inoveiiientfl    uie  imt   iieifeit
"       ■       ••  •   ,1       ,4 1V      SS,4J lrf.ftl
liletiind j,.( i|„*.|mm| to ^Ivo stability
in lho mining imiustry and to pro.
tect ih,. lutetestH ..f all pintles d|*
li-ftl.v allected.
Au\,\. L>,itl,w.,tt/ WHN |„„., jlt xt,,
'.' ml no HiIh inoniinif, ||f. jK H*ifTor*
HiH tt roiiipiitiiHi trr.rtHr* <,f the
,„,,„„,. ..,.,,    H'.md MilTeilnu from nh.K-k to the
triblUh what Ih I.-H..WB nr. the    joint   l,,tk."^ wa, ...l,,,.,,,,,  u, M,o has.
1.'*.^,,. -__,
10 |**rlihiy.
• ■■■- :i^
/ Vy
**m '»o
* .'■
■i'i'"■**?■    .
'FfelWIR*T.TenGKR.-i(PEn^Rj' Bi*: C,   ypVEMTiCT 9, .1007
WORLD'S      «
'•a Victoria, ■'.-Austral is,' has-4,7e6 factories, employing- 67,595;-persons.■ --
o    ,' ,"       " *      ."- *' ',
,"     Two thousand unemplayed have'petitioned the.   Transvaal  government
■to send them back'to England.'
„.  -   ■., i.     o '
Adelaide,, Australia, flour mill employees have formed a strong union,
and' requested Premier Price to establish a ' wages board for the
trade.    „     ' ,_
In Germany there are 33 government lahor colonies, and one in the
United   Kingdom " for the reception
■    and employment ot worliless toilers.
In;the" Australian'cities ol Sydney,
■> *, Melbourne, Adelaide and" Perth, there
is a' marked activity in union    cir-
v in* up, and the ranks, of the   older
,    cks.   New unions are rapidly spring-
ones are increasing in number.
The negotiations between the jewelry manufacturers and the, skilled
workmen at'Paris, France, have
failed. It is, announced that llO.per-
sons have decided to dismiss their
■   emplo*-ws and will" declare a   lock-
,.OUt. ',     -     '
"> . *' » *    '
University extension lectures     are
* now delivered     at meetings bt' the
trades and labor council of' Sydney,
-   Australia, by professors of the uni-
,    .versity, who,at .the same. time,   receive instructions as to objects     o!
tne labor movement.;,
A general strike to, compel the en-
'   actment .,of universal suffrage laws'
o began   in Hungary on   Oct.  10.   In
1C4 to>vns is going on   and
no  food /can  be bought    anywhere,
,,     every hotel, and restau-,
rant being-closed .by the,police.    ,
"<»     -A  correspondent  of      av   Charters
Towers •   (Queensland)      newspaper
-" stites that i'n    .the Ingham district
Engar farmers employ, aboriginals at
from Is to 10s per week, and in one
I •* mill ■ in the' distriyt Japs   and other
_LJcoloretLlali-jiis are-jKorl'    al-
-  most every trade,-from fitters    and
•o    carpenters to blacksmiths.      -     * -
- The passive, resistance strike'- at
Vienna, Austria, is extending to thc
freight" trafi-'c divisions .in ■ Mcravia.
... The municipal authorities nre con-
' cerned regarding tbe provisioning of
the city, as shipments of meat, fruit
and vegetables have already fallen
off. Thousands of workers nre now-
earning only, .0 cents a day,.,
NOTICE -is hereby given that, 30
days-ai'U'r-"diito,;i intend1 to", apply,
to'the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
lands, and. Works'-.far a', .license . to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following ■ described lands situated in the district of Southeast Kootenay   Province,of British"Columbia.-
=■-1: Commencing' at u post planted
at or near one mile east, 4)f C. 1\ 11.
line at 27 "mile, post,, Block1-lo*)..,
and being southeast corner ol" **>._ IM.
Moore's claim and1 marked " S. ,, M.
Mooi'o southeast . -corner; thence. 80
chairs -west; thenco 80 chains north;
thenyc SU"' chains east; thence 80
chains .south to place of ci.'iiinience-
li cated   this 25th day of Oct,, 1907
S. M. MOOltK, .    ' •■'
.,     lUl'TlSlC    LAMOlttJIWX,   „
Witness—John McDonald.
7-V        \ "T>
.^1. .Commencing" at' a post..-.planted,
iit'.or *""near-ones, jnile ea*?t""di' 0. P.;
H. lino,at the'"29-mile'post, and bi>
ing'soiitheast cornor of J.-TJ. King's
claim, and marked J.,.17 King's
southeast' corner; .thence80 --chains
west;-thence 80 (-bains-north;-,thence
SO . chains cast; thence 80 chains
south' to place of commencement, . ■ „.
Located,.this 21th day of Oct., 1907
"   y. -'"J. INKING,
A  l-'AllMl-.-t'S TRIALS.
Weak   and   Worn Out.  Through  Ovor-
.   work  and   "Long  Hours,
Tho fanner's life )> always a hard
one, but If be is weak or suffering it
is almost! uabeiirablc. The hours aro
long and the work:so hard that none
•out the 'strongest can stand it. An
illustration of tho elTecL af bard
work on the system Is given by Mr.
(loo, lluntsborg, n .farmer of Spry,
'Out. Ho says: "I have lii-ed i early all'my life In lho ilruco peninsula, I am a farmer nnd have always
had my share of hard wvrk r.nd lllie
n good many other men 1 thought
thorn'wiih no wa.irout to my syMoni.
In this 1 wan mini-ikon, for n'out a
yi-ar and a half ago I began to go
gradually down hill. 1 would tire at
thu. least uM.'i'tloii; -nv apii'.uto fulled nie; 1 had u Hcvon* pain In my
side iiiul a round my heart. The iliie-
tor told nm 1, wuh' wilTorlng from
pernicious anaeiiiin, 1 doctored for
six months, but Instead of linprov.
liiK 1 grow no weak thnt 1 could
hardly move without anslntniici*.' I
lost (lenh IIII I wiis almost a s'.ele*
ton, A friend from SloUcH Ilny told
me of the great benefit shn lind dollied from the use of Hr. Williams'
I'iiil' I'Ills and ndvlricil me to try
them,   My sl*nei'.|n.|nw hail
i'civ.c.1 pTi'll 1 ellelil, Irian their use, j
so- I iV'li'eil In i:V'.e ll eliuttrl.i!, ]
Afi-i- imltn.,' Hie pill** about u ni'int|i|
I i.i'ijmii tn win 'Uretii'.ili, anil iniin :
i '>ut    mi    I    'in"r >\<■ I   int'K'lv.       Vi*.*,
2. Commencing at a post plante.l
at or. near .S. M, Moore's.southeast
corner, and being thc northeast corner of .l.-CJ. Kochford.s' claim, and
marked .J." C. Kochford' northeast
cotner; thenco 80 chains west; thence
80 chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thenco 80 chains north to
place  of .commencement.
Located" this 25th day of Oct., 1907
.   ,I,C, ROCHFOHD, ■   *-'
•■11APT1SK    LAMOK.U1U.X,     ,'
„ Agent.
. Witne-S—John McDonald,
:». Commencing' at a post' planted
at or near J. C:- Uochford north
oast corntr, and being,northeast corner of .1. Hobertson's claim and
east corner, and .being northeast cor-
markedJ. .Robertson northwest corner; thence 80 chains,south; thence
80 chains cast; thenco 80 chains
north; thence 80 , chains west to
place of commencement.
* Located this 25th day. of Oct., 1907
, '■ I ocator.
° '      Agent.
Witness—John  Mclionald.   '
-,-1; Commencing at a- ; oU planted
at or near .1. Robertson's northwest
corner, and,being southwest, corner,
of John McDonald's claim,' and
marked John -McDonald; thence 80
chains; north; thence SO chains east;
t'heiK-e 80 chains south; thorne 80
chains west to place "of commence-.-
ment. .
L cated   this 25th dny of OH.",'1C07
<*      JOHN McDONAM),      '     "",
-   '       Locator.
* -   ■       ,,..;.       . ■    Agent.
' 5.  Uonimoncing at a post ■ l-hu'tod
at or near one mile from the south
east  corner of A. Cood's claim,-and
being  southeast  corner   of     11. ■   R
■ ■Jumble's claim, and, marked    H,, R
Gamble's southeast corner; ihence SO
chains west; thenco SO' chains noith
thence ' SO    chains' east;-    thence 80
chains south to place of, commence
'  Located   this 21th day of O-t., 1C07
11.   |{, .GAMl.I..!.,
' Locator.
..„■:■„  , ■     Agent.
'Witness—.1 olm McDonald.
tS, Conmiencing at a post planted
ut or near southeast corner, of II. H.
'('amble's claim, and'" being northeast, corner of .1, Murid's claim, and
marked A. Murid's..n.>rU-on*t u«>i'i*o>-;
(hence'80 chains west; thonco * SO
chains south; thenee 80 chains east;
thonce 80 chains north to placo of
.1.  Ml'RID,
•   HAPTISI'.    T„\M--)lljr.3X,
,   ■     . Agent.
"" Witness—John McDonald:
2. 'Commencing at a post - planted
at. or near -southeast corner of *L,
L. King's' claim, and .being northeast corner" of 1). C. Drain's-claim,
and. marked ,1). C. - Drian's northeast
corner; thence 80 chains west; the ice
80 'chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thuiice-80 chains north to ['lace
of commencement.     .
Located   this 25th day of OcC, 1907
11.  C. DRA1X,
., Locator.- ■
v ,"     .-.Agent.
Witness—John McDonald,
..  *> ■>   ,     -   .    .     ;*■*?<.":]' $ijytyy
.,i5.  Commencing-at. a.-.postt planted
at.or near one mile from the.south*
east=corher'.of J.-McDonald's claim:
and-;being      southeast .corner  of  A,
Ric,e|s  claim,  and 'mai-ked7A.' Rice's
southeast'-"  corner;    thence■ 80 ; chains
west; thence 80'chains ri'orth; thence
,,80- chains    east; '  thence,80 chains
I soutlv to place, of cpmmencement.
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907,
A.. RICE, .      ;; '*",  ' .       ',''   |
." ,      -    '       '     ,    - Locator.
•    .. .-     ..- .,..',... Agent: -
■ Witness—John McDonald.
G.  Commencing at  a.  post  idanted
at or near southeast'corner of    the'
A.  Rico claim, and  being northeast
corner, of   J.  1>\   Silverman's  claim,
and marked J,,F- Silverman's north
cast corner;   thence   80 chains-west;
tl ence' 80* chains south;     '.hence' * 0
chains east;  thence 30 chains north
I to place, of., commencement.7'    ,"
Located ,this 25th day (.-J* Oct., r. 1 07
J.  V.; SILVERMAN,*    ■ , "   .
1 ~  7 Locator.,,
o   '    -       ' '    Agent.
Witness—John McDonald. '   ,
Rest -•- -.,5,000,000
Total Assets^ r 113,000,000
i   .-    ■*'»", ''..'".-    .■"  ." *'■    ■„ *
BraichR^ou^ States^nd Englanit
B. E. WALKER, President __ ,'•    -,
ALEX. LAIRD, Gener^ Manager  \
,A. B.ivMJ^tySmV^^Atatoi
Branches   -
.1. Commencing, at a i>ost planted
at or near northeast corner,of 1). O.
Drain's claim, and being northwest
corner of"the A. A. Sparks' claim,
and marked A. A. Sparks''northwest corner; theuce 80 chains cast;
thence 80 chains'south; thence '80
chains west; thence 80 chains, north
to place of commencement.
Located this 24th day of Oct., 1907
.-■-..■      -1 . Locator.
BAlyr-lSE /LA'MORUil'.X\i
,7 -'      '       ...Agent.
Witness—John McDonald.
.     •    ' ^-i  -
4. Commencing at a post planted,,
at-or.near northwest corner of. A:
A. Sparks'- claim, and being southwest corner of'the'A. Good, claim,
and marked Andy Good's southwest
corner; thence 80 chains^east; thence
80 chains north; thence SO ihains
west; ' thenco" 80' chains south to
place of commencement."'.' •". ■
L:catcd  this 2-lth;day, of Oct.,"l907
"A. GOOD,,   ,      .
'-•"-. -  ' :   'locator.-
',, , , ■ --,.      Agent.
Witness—John McDonald.
Deposits ol $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates.   The depositir is delap-whajoyc-r to-
tho withdrawal ol this whole or any. portion ot the deposit.
Fernie Branch
.   ,. ■'•*■ 'i -->'- ■■>'■ ;-
,,, H. p32dmoiid»,; Manager
7. Commencing at* a' post planted* A.' C ; J
nt or near-the northeast corner, of'jr. ■ -^nin-f
the    J: F.  .Silverman '   cluim," .and■'»■;<> MB—
being northwest^ corner of W..Cai'i
by's, 'claim, and** marked W. -Darby
northwest corner; thenco 80*. chains
south; thence ,80 chains east;,thence,
80 chains "north; thence 80 •_ chains
west  to. place of commencement.,:  .
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
W.  DARBY,   •>',        7" 7, -\
; ^Locator.'.
' - •' 't        •* ' ' - Agent.:-;.
8. Commencing at a post planted
nt or near Wk'Darby, northwest coiner, and being southwest corner of
B., Lamoruiex's claim,„ and 'marked
]V.' I^anioruicx'^s "southwest corner;
thence-80 chuins 'north; thence " 80
chains east; thenco 80.chains south;
thence 80 chains' ■ west to place- of.
commencement. •
Located  this 25th day of Oct.;, 1907
; .  .   ' • • .    v Locator.
'     7     ?   " . . .Agent, i
Witness—John McDonald. v
"I   .1,'J!..,, ...   .1. ' ♦>•
,%* -
.":That is"..the^wav-1 WaJcVies'^^Jre;;after' ;. '
■",    they have been repaired%y, xis. ...Leave
,  your watch with us" for any repairs you
'" raay/need.', ,        ",   '-,     '] * i-   '.-■■'. '•'•'<
;:./;iG.:' lips.^^3D;;g?.
}l   .Official Watch Inspector for' Great^Northern-Ry*;
'&   .y   . .i *■;.„. ;.,_-„•■ ii, -i,.    j .,-.,■', , .,; .;      .,- v,. •*;*>  i;7'>-:l:i cfi-.ovt.1 -'.-v  ■ v
Witness—-lohn McDonald.
7,  Conniieiiclng at  a  lmst  planted
al or near northeast corner    of    .1
Murid's cbilin, and  bi'ing northwest
corner of A. K. Irwin's claim,    and
i)inr'<ed .1. V.  Irwin's northwest cor
ner; thencn 80 chitiiiM south;    t'-onco
yo   chains cast;     thenco 80 chains
north;     thciuo 80 chains wast     to
placo of commencement.
I.i.ciUod  this 2Ilh day of O.t., lt;07
.1, V. 1RWIK,   •   „
Lnnitor, ■
Willicfii—lohn  McDonald.
H, .Nmiiin-ni'lng nl ix post phintcil
at or unai' thn northwnst coi'iH'r of
,1. V, Irwin's claim, nnd being south
west conii'i' of R. II. (.uinbh-'H clalni,
and marked It, II. (liimhlu'H HOiith-
wont cornor; thciu'i* 80 i-haliiH cunt;
Ihnii'i! HO rhnliiH north; tlimico 80
rliiiIiih went; thcni-a 811 clinllirt nouth
t.i jiIih-k.of coiniiu'iiconienl.
1.01'iiIimI 1'ilH'JJih day of Oct., ll'07
U.   II,  (JAMIU.K,
WIlni'Ks—.Iniin Mi'l-i-iiiiM.
we will receive subscriptions
to The Fernie Ledger at the
rate of
One Dollar a Year
We want to double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity   and  get tlie   paper,
: i- -\,-..••*.   In   i i,mi
Si ) I'll'l-l   I-    I*im*i*1i>'    *.'»v l*I I   lillil       III I
i!,i4--, nl'ii i- date  I   li,i> nd in iiojily I ■>
-, i
i.'l<     !i'\
, '
l I
-. l' ■ ' '.I,
li . li,I'll I
I li -III I !••
tit.        '.,
ll, JU)      !'i
!•  "        I..f
!.        *   ■
ul    I'i .
I'I- I I
II, ll   I
.1   .1 ,1
i U-i*1
. :r I        '
.- 1. '
,i* .1 ■',
I 1 I' i
I . , i -
i       I I*,.
".lii.f   I". ,iMii|..',in| iT
>i', -   i.'l'   ii    ;i *' Ir' i*
;.,  I   aii'l    p.'' I'lll"   ill
,1.       , j'    .1     I .    .'.
1   li-,4ll,4    brlii-.i'   thi.-,   h,l\i'll   1U.N    lifr." ■
Cniiil  1,1.-ii I  I-  O  it-*   uf hi'.ilih  \
Iwi'll     I 111"     I,'.Mill     J  'III'    ,IM'I     -Ul  II III'-
i'isi's as nu.-i'MiIrt,   ihctiinal ihin,     •;<•! 1
iittni, liuligi-slioii, Im.ii-t  p.ilpllaiinn, |
l-t'/l'inil   llllll   tli'   *.rf,'tt    illM   of   Uolllfll I
will ii"t <>*.iM, The in->l [i-ifciij
blood loniH a nd nor*,!. i-.'Stun-r in \
tl*.4i v,4ii''t I-i Dr- U'illlanH' Plnl. I'iM'
Sold by nil iin-dklno iln.ttciN nr by
in.kll .it. ."iii ri'iil:. .i !iu.\ or '.Ai. bi.X4.i
tor 4'A..•*•>, from 'lhe Dr. tUIH.uiif-.'
W*<l»flne Co., IIr«M*livlllr, Ont.
• r
■ i' i'i.iI
ti-  1    i
, i.
I f «'.
I'.     II.
*   .l.'is.l,
,1-1 .I
with all the News
Send    your   name   into
Man.Mjjcr of The  Ledger.
»*.****** ^*+* ****** a* ^m**imri»m*m*msor*, ■**>'*
Fresh and Salt .Meats.    Poultry and   jyj)
„FiSh. , Fresh Eggs and Dairy Butter.
Phone 4
Victoria Ave.
\V,.    I,.,,-,.   I-..-!
of  th"    l*>,i'".t
.ud  In-ill).;  nun I'i'iist   lor.ii'i' ul   S, 'tl.
\1 *nri''n i I'lliu    and  iiiiii'm'iI     S,  M.
• ImIiin v."?*i: tlcm'.' HO 4*hnlii4* ii'H'ih;
>'h'..i*    Mo ih.iii'H ,^X;     tl',i*iiif«    H<l
rli.ho* s iiUli -to  \A.tft. of i umiiK'tic >•
L*(M»,d   iliUa.V'nl.iy <.f 0<i., |:|M7
s, m. Moom:,
HAi'Tini:   i.t:\.oni:u.s',.
Wlliii**.*.*—Julio   MrDnii.ihl.
Minird'a Liniment Cure* Dlpnthfrin.
j '*''*' .4',•     ' *
%.,.W w -•»•» *aa ,»**l.<
'•■Ijlf-'ll       III SlOfl
t'-ir'*;   lor   nrintod
i-n.i-l'aotinn. . . .
mat ior
Western Canada
I Co-operative & Trading Co,, Ltd, |
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General  Merchandise
HIM **m*m*msm IW»W
'il Coleman
:-: Altar rJr
,j -Tiii    '    ■ ■      tV
V"       i~i.\   .ii,4i.M.MOl,.W*,)>M»Vi,).,l   *■*,'' »\>*M..%) -Al ■Al*-M'A>^'Vi^)«^)~'\>-,U
H Poaches.
S Lemons,
J      mJL~  ti J
. WWV      fc«M>*«W * -*'
B      li
H    it   it   ri &....J?
Pears,    Plums,    Apples,    Oranges,    Hannnas,
•        *.4**I»*J m ,    ~,   .  ,   - -      j. *       I * *^ ' "
Italian Prunes,   Cantaloups,   aud  Giape   'Fruit
, all at  right prices.
3  L33Q.     20    OmX7TB
*WJ**Sm*mm •NMM MM**!  IT^I*WfMM>MMM|
J3 JbliJb&JjN -LJbLi
.1 '
' I.
Ledger Ads are Winners
-, -  ttf**rm^+a.*  T4+*--"='-  -
,-*>. *-~".,'^I-*-tw.-VUl .JI+*l<%«JT-*
1 rtW>A"-^MMMirir> hvli.**/
- Is the most efficient and
perfect of leayening agents*
No alum, lime or ammonia.
St.' Ttiul, Minn.,-. Nov. 4.—A " dis-
•      • 1 ^,^.-4***1. --^HV* £■*»*   .      « -     -.    *' *CT\,*     *,      - n"        *
patch from Grand Forks, N. Uy,
says: Scnntor-irnnslioi-ougli . today
scat the following toh'ernm to Pros-
;.   ;i .   f -    <
iclent Roosevelt:->.*.'*      's?^.,-". ■  »„
•/Fully   • ■130.0700;000" bushels'--
grain now, ready to ho marketed
lhcreforbMiiuc'fi'-"'yrSVfer  than., in
si re
.any ->/'other
.(ioction-   of the'-country,
't,, consideration
at thuiiaKUs of th71reasii.ry-dc;*art.:
4. ■ If *£A . if*-, .h'■*•-.■ 4" *j % ', *i '" ':
ment; •*"   •■"*'*        *■■.- - .*•■ ■"*;-   ''-..-'•*.,-
J' -"
'■■   ""i'on ■ million "dollars, plucc.l
'Twin, City  banks .would raise,,
aiid "'start'' -shipments ... to
This • -would " •, relieve - :.tho
financial   stress   in   the   cast ."much
, -      i        - .i
quicker  than' a   deposit   of  treasury
funds in New York. ,     .".--.
'■/Treasury relief operations should
Jiavo been, begun here, where "the con-
j' greatest.   Our-people, are
L-n'oUiosing'their heads—they have-no
;   fear  of  a   panic,''but in  thisj-    crop
.   moving   "seasoo./our ■'business    men
.-.should' have  special   consideration."
N3  PIN.
3>me Amusing Experiments With Bitl
i of Metal and Water; .." „
Let a drop oi".water fall upon glass
aud it will spread, but a drop of mercury will r.ot. This Is bocauss the wa-
tci- and the glass have an ...Unity for
c.'ieh other, so that tho water wets the
glass, but there Is in-affinity between
mercury'and glass. The same principle underlies a pretty experiment that
may hi* made with water and a pin.
' Water will'wet a pin, but not so
readily as it wets glass. 'Remembering
Never Send All White Flower*
. In .-sending Cowers to an ■- invalid
greatJdiseriminatiou must be. practiced.
In the',' firet place, be careful hot to
cause any extra work to' the already
overburdened family..
For this reason growing plants are
undesirable, and, besides, while the
old Idea that they harmed the sick
one by remaining In the. room overnight Is only a.superstItlon,nIt is true
that the invalid may easily harm them,
especially If they are much" handled.
In the second place, do not send
flowers having a very pronounced or
sickening odor. Tuberoses are thus
distinctly ^barred, as nre other flowers
of their class.
Thirdly, nvold violent color contrasts.
Tho nervous system Is always slightly
deranged and the perceptions unduly
in a'serious Illness, .and the
this, we may make a pin, even a biff 7£",""BV"'",
.oiie.■float'upon the surface.of water. ■ l^S'of vivid reds and pinks,and
.I h?re arc* several way=i of doing this, :ycnows  mfiy',u0  really  harmful  and
one of them bi-ltig that shown In
accompanying   Illustration, . Lay
Toronto,  Nov. 8,_—Ttv tlie eiuo;;' of
it .
.liiddell-oh..-Saturday gave judgment
.1,0 tho effect" that, there; was ho cbn-
"tract that, the machinery of.the 1)*?-
u-oit Yukon'Mining Co.-should''be
taken* over at 8500,000 in stock of
,tho-Uunnilinn^company, and thnt.lhc
value -of the .machinery nt' (ho'time,
of the-transaction was only $.p>0,000,
and the."placer" claims SIo,000.    ■
•' 'j\istUp"H'*dde)*;Hhctl the action as -"'arising out''of u'gross per-
jutrated "liy the, ('.efendants* (other
.1 hiin'.the.-ooinpaiiie.s)' upon-,tho. l'hij"-,
i"lir, Bo'yle and tho 'Canadian Klon-
ilyl''o''^lliiihg'Ooiiipaiiy."'' ■'•
V driigijiHt'cnii obtnir.s tin liniln-
tion of MIN'AlU)'.S,lJi.NW,NTfrom
,n Toroiit'o".;hou'He'"rtt. *;'a'v very low-
price and hi\Vo':'':t-lnlieiod-'ihls    own
nfoiUlulvi'',:',/  ,-.,  .   •; -"        ,   .   '    .
.. 'I'lflHgj-eiiHV'.lin'lt-'iitlon Is*' tho    poor-
"cst  vV)I*(3;:\¥e*:iui\o'.vi't   -'Kitm i-f    thu
'miiny-tluit/ovbry.'. Tuin,  Did-*
i.llurrv luis tried to Introduce.
,Asli.foi:..-.M,iN,Altn;s tindAyoii
gut.,It. i -,-, ■   , i
The fanners- v niv; busy tineshing
'and' lvplirt -good yields?     " *" '""'
Ooiisidcraltle Iiuil'dirig"- of co.Uagcs
is taking, place.   Ta!:er is still gi-ow-
oig. "        ,    " '<„. -5 -gY''
General Manager V.- Uixoif-h'tis re-
signed his position 'with the Canada
West Coal' iiiyl Coko*jComp<iny. ''-,'- " .
•The   rc''n(H-t'pof.,U'1c^.Mil)*.-rest  nr'bi-'
trqtion  boasd  iins'.bpon sent' loathe
dopartnV.-nl 'of :ln'lipr.\;Yv\!. mulcrstand
thai " !■"    II., fjljpnuan;..tho'/jhiners'
representnlive''i>H'ill-'1.make -.V^mihqc-;
il.Y .report.    .v<".*;'**.--7- V7-"—7.'*7.-'7
'"%;:;■;'7-.'3'-' T'-'. ■>.*';\
' Win. _H nl 1 ockviind ''{,'ori'i pa ny intends
to   p'ush'-the CdoveTo'iviucnt- of -, their
mine aO'K'iouI^City'.'.and will put.'.'"in
two' liiiles.of side' track, and  install
e.xtensi\e .mining .machinery at .tidal
JL'ity near -.Taber'.   *      ,. ,    c  •"     ' .•.',"
'Toiii I.urke, ' tnternational' - Moiird
'M"ehiber for Illinois, will leave .the
movement; -,t o. become 1 ho .Inhor .commissioner'for'the .Operntois", As-ioei-
r'Li'on of "I\l"ontnna - and Wyoming.
At iiie  men  need  not-be S'irry—they
know. Ilurkc.
.. ■ ° I, -"
A number of men recently employed in l-*o . mctnliferoiis mines use
coming into the coa. camps and
complains of, being and that
i.eprcssion  hhs.-set    in ,-the  diiTerent
livelv high
(juartz camps „ in'spito-.of the    rein
wages.   "
, It is said that ;,thc miners of llis-
irict'No.-18, U. M..W. of A,,'-will*
support Ji, It. Lewis, vic'e-pre^ii'ent,
ti:r the presidency of., tho I.'. ,M. Vi.
i-f.'A,'as successor to John .Mitchell.
Vice-President J Jowls-■, wns in ..(-Vrnid
Inst spring niul jiroved- himself a,
very sti-iing mnii. We. wish him success. ' ..     4 .      .
,   CoiiMii'erablu spec-.ilution has ta^en,
i:hice .with i;egard_ to this' outcome < f
.„ - ,, ; i:ow TO l*'T,0.\T A I'IS. > „
!>ih upon the' prongs' of a fork, and'
.hen, hoI.;i!'g tho fork at an angle of
Vo-ty-five .'•.'gives, place' it-very gently
"pon lhe waier, watching your oppor-
lunify to rainove the support.
Thi,-.; in.iy   i'i>i;ulre!'n   lirtle practice,
but,,you. will soon ,lie able to succeed,,
when yon will see the Water, assume'a
c-ojvo.N  t'o.-m o:i'-p:ii'h side of the pin,
and ns soon- iis' the pin has'replaivd
enoi:g'.i oi' ihe'w-iti'i- to couiiterhalanco
Its 'wt'iglit it wlll'l'(inV''ii',IIttle°broiit.--
oTiils i'xiieriiiK'iii  may tie made wiflr
a'lieef'le,  us-wi 11, as a  pin,  it'1 being
iK*cessar.v  only -u  place  it   u'p'm  tlie
■ water so i-aiefiiil.-. the'water i-au-
;not wet it.    Thai  may sound l!ke<Jan
'.inconsistency.-but it is possible, nevertheless, to so lay the pin'or the needle
upon  the 'water'that  it shall  not bo
made wet.       ," H
'If you'lind the .experiment with the
simplcr mo'hod: Lay-a slieet of ciga-
retti,* paper cveiily upon_ tlie water, and,
p.pon t-e.pajie:' place a.needle or a pin.
As soon us X'.iti pn.ier sets wet through
it will t;iuk bel >w the surface, leaving
the needle oivtli'o pin (loatiug. Uy.iw-
Ing great care, you 'might perhaps succeed after awhile In lloatiug a dime
or a gold "dollar iivthe same way.'
! will surely be disagreeable to the pa*
■ tlent. Choose Instead dellciito pinks,-
| soft creams or light blues. On tho
j other hand, do -'not, above all, send
"{ white roses unaccompanied by any other (lower ,uor an abundance of unre-
i Moved white'(lowers of any khid. Vou,
might just ns w'-ell -'order.-n Horal-pil-'
lo'.v marked-"At West" for (ho.*effect'
j It will have upon thl\ recipient, of your-
mistaken *     -       ]
' The -"sick are" often, inclined to be
morbid,' and nothing but cheerful suggestions ishould bo presented to their
iEaglna'tibii's." Filially, prefer llie,im:
usual (lowers. Vou may be" pretty sure
that.many, besides ''.yourself will send
roses .and carnations and violets. The
little bunch -ol' "ragged' robins or .the
cluster of' old fashioned pinU peonies
will l;e a thousand limes more'.appreciated. ...-' : ""
And hesf "of„-all will be the-butter-'
cups or tlie homely black eyed,Susans
which tell perhaps of a I'aroff happy
home or a dear ono' loved and gone.
y      The   Calgary.  Marble.  &   Granite Works      -
(,       The** Kootenay    Marble    Works,  , Nelson-
Samples Cen lie Seen at lhe Office.      , Parlors, in lundy's Block
■■tiTr&t vyipt -/si** -/-Tuff yifot V^ff ¥£&
Ho Wears h Yellow Shawl,and Keeps
; His Fe«t In a Tub.
"lhe .little Ki.'-l-'r came, In from  the
full of (lower.-', and
i boggJil  her  i'.-.a:-.',:-.::i  for  a  story- "a
j bi-and u?-.v o:ie. i*.ir.:imin"—so immima
j tried to thini; of a iiew story, while :lio
i little slMtor U-*pt  very  still; ' .At luut
iiyivoinenl, has been urrivyd at,   and | mamma ciiu.clil M'glil of u pansy amo:ig
' the little llowors the little sister .held,
r.cgol lii turns  hetweon  the'district ol'-! f.irden. her hn:i
licers nnd the nianagenieiits    of   the
dir.'eivni.l coal eoinpiinies during this
j.-iist  week.   Wo  underslnnd  ihut   no
that il:e men will make nn'applica-1
lion to tho'Minister' of, T.nboi* for a
hoard of jn.x'ostlgntloii. -Mn the mean-
linio'work \'>-ill go,on us us-.iul.'
How the Smartly Gowned Woman Puts
on Hor Hat. -■    ■     <-
. The4'smartly gowned woman" knows
full welltlie, value of.hat poise. • Does
she plant' her hat ou  her head  and
stick a pin in it carelessly?   Not she.
Sho knows, for the best of reasons,
tbat adjusting the" hat is tr matter that
deserves study and .tbat must be'done
with" care. "»,'       .'S '-,..-
That every hat Is.capable;of,a poise...
That unless it Is poised rightly Its effect is spoiled..  It is graceful and b"e-
ungraceful If badly poised.
-The average woman does not know
how-to adjust her hat.   She does not
seem to realize that the graceful, ap-'
pearance of a ha't depends entirely, on
its poise;-that unless, It Is poised right
It is dowdy. ,   .
That it must bo set carefully on the
coiffure and the hair*must bocpulled
down In front to show some of Its big
soft waves.' - '   '
That tho side should'be fluffed'out n
Iittlo and the back hair receive attention. /
As for the hat, that-It reai.ire3 pinning niul that the pins must hover be
placed In carelessly.    .
That ouch pin should show and become a part of the color scheme.   ,    -
Thnt the lint when pinned on should
look light nnd careless,, though It
should bo that studied carelessness
which Is 'real art.-Woman's World.   ,
TJ.ewp.-iry traveller in search of
■li'ninp, plenty to eat and something
'drink, should go to "   '
..'J .4 " . -
a   good
go.d to
The King* Edward Hotel
J^br-Gatesr- Prbprit'trir"5 ~—
Co-ncr Hanson St
& Victoria Ave.,'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^♦♦♦j..:. * ♦♦•:.♦♦•:♦.:••:•♦:••:•♦•:*•:«:♦•:•♦♦♦♦•:• *:•.
NoininutlcW arc coming in droves
Iron, mine l-,c**le- for the M*Mci ot;
tlcers." Si.Vc»ty:tl'.rei). locals .'havo nl-s
reody roportcil iiem'untiontt; about
ton moro reM.-;fn to lo l-.oitr.'l from,
Al' repcr'B n.iiot to lii( th's week. •
J Whon tho rororts nro, In a letter
will I.a aililrefBcrt 'to' each cnmllilatc
rTyPofoil, na to ' wlwthtr! ho wiii
htiiiid for tho v.oiiiinntlon. 'W'lun all
Iiivo teen tlun u vote will
hii pal't-jl for,
Up to tVite-l'-'or 'prcHldcnt-Mr.
Jl,\yatt, tlu prcBont Ircumhont, huu
llfty l-calw-w|io h«vo ondr.ri.eil hiim
Wiii., l.liid.Hjy, vlcc-prtBM-.nt, l.ns _ 13
Ioci'b,' \ihof I.rtVO tmlt.i'.c*:l his'in-'
nomlimtlcn;/ 13 hii\b cr.J-rned. Joti
Varlot, rf Mul»jorry. 0. Mnrvey ,1m*.
thf)tjn"<lcrei«.cnt,oI.7, IocuIh; AohoV,
H.-ft'iij nrd A, D.l-.ncy, Ar., four
o\ti'..\ John Minnlnc, .Tohn McClrcw,
Wm.'O.ivu nnil ,W, WlV* .lonkliiH, two
each ami ti'avu'ul olhci'B LUnltcrlnK.
mien Gilmoifi-, for HJiTntary.-
tronmircr, 'linn .-U 1-jtftU; .Too Clark,
of ai.ncivil, 8; Wm, Kirkwonii, anil
.U.u-i, (.(iiui;*!:; two each nii.l the
hal.nce ncntt.rin/.
F, r Kr.fonsl Iljurd Mcmtcr,
H,rry..liov«fuli hn« ar* loculn; .Wm.^
iviul.o;, -I; Jim Nolan, 2; Vi. T,'
Virhlxt, xlj\v..rA Whltelnathcr, Vi.
'fitxxi, A. tl*.'.!* and J. Harvey arc
nil In thn race.'
All thu r.omln.tions niuut lo rondo
ly the 20tli,„Fo thnt not 1cm wlll be
0 nt to -tli-* several nominees and
lc-rn frcm them if they will stand
f:r n&mlmt(*.n3 from the district.—
r.ttt'.ur/ Vtirx*..o,
Tells How to Prepare a Simple
Mixture to Overcome Dread
■ T,o-,-'iri'lli,';.e I'. ,*■' , worst forms of
iJlii'iuiiiiliKin, ini'." n i"ns|ioonfnl of
lie followl.ig 1.1IM in* nfter each
iiie.i^ uml nt lu'illliiiu,
I'I 'hi- I'l.s-triict, _ mu-lmlf
imine; ('oin';ioiiiid, Kiirgon, ono
(iniu'i'i; C'iiiii|i(i'.inil, H,\rni|> SnrfrMii'llhi,
I 111 I'd  OIIIK-I'.S. ' '
TIii'mj ii.iViuliii*s Inniu.Iii'iitK i-iin hn
iillliliii'd from our hniiin tlrugglHt nud
nrc oitNlly nilxi'il li,v*sliiiMng' tlicin
tt-i'll" In a. hot tie, , Ih-lli-f Is goiici'iill.v
loll, from tlio Hint, few ihihi'fi.
] 'I'Hn        lU-l'Sfrl' Ih II    hllllPH   II    W'l'll*
i\nii\i-n nutliorliy In n' Clnii'liiiiil
nitiriilng init'i'i', fni'i'i'M thi' I'loggoi'l
up, liiiictlw.' kl'liaiyN to II11 i'i' uiul
hi rain from Mm hlnoil tho poison-inn
w-iiHle ninili'i' and uric ih'I I,' whli'h
ciUm'.s II! ciim.itl.siii.
Ah, KliO'uii'llhiu Ik Mitt only the
nu,si | nlnf.ii ainl lull in>: « < I-cum', )■
hnl iliiu:, .'iii-.'H ,to lifts I Iiii* i-Iiiii hi!
ivll'i* will nu <lo >l t In- greatly vol*,
i'imI 1 v nviiiv «'i|-i',»iii'i.* I ni lionv '
\"ho hliiiuld nt oni'i' tro-mri' lln-ml v-1
liim to got lid' i«' I'!'.
It ,. |h     mid   lint  n    l nrKi.ii who ;
W'lllllll   M'MI   tilih lUVhl'li. tillll   Ifgllllll!-
)$, n dow or. iv.'n dully, or men u !
"ii'w tlmt's it wi"!-:, wo il I iii'Vi-i* hnvii'
•M'l-linih Kidney or Lilmiij illaordoru.
or Hhi'-inirttliKiii. j
Ct.t tliln out nnd pii.'.-i'i-.o It. <i',)od j
....■." I'l-i'sci'ijitl'iH which'
r^illy rvlli'Vc nrc n'liirc, inilei-il, uud;
wlii'ti you rii-ed It, you wi.nt it bn.l-j
i-,,   inn ili.iviuiisth hi'ii* hay Uu-.v will
and thU Ih vvli.U she told tlw Iittlo sister:   -
"In t!:t» r.'.h'.r.h* 'if every ps'.nsy 'thoro
lives n little old mnn. He must hi? a
very cold Iittlo man,,,loo, .'or he I/, always wrapped in njittlo yellow hlnii-
hot and even llinsi has to have an o.:trn
covering of velvet piuiHy leaves to lu>*.>;>
him warm. And ho sits In the (lower
with o'.sly his lit'ii'l uncovered, so lhat
ho enn see llu> wm-kl.
.'"But lho "(incori'Ht thing nhnul this
little old man Is Hint hi* always kcops
Ills feet In. a I'li'iMiib-srrli :i finny
little'tub, too-so ring ami narrow that
you \vo',>:' how ho milling.'.*"- to get Ills
IVol In It, lio dow, tliough, I'or when
you pull lhe tub oi'f tlit'i-i', you will ills*
r-ovor Ills two liny feat, as ivnl as
■.'im be."
The nosl tlnii' yon plcl, n pansy sno
If yon lind'llie m,i,i >in.l 111.' Iittlo
I'ool tub,
When laco.ciirtnlii!--',begin to give
wny, baste n larg? plceo of thin white
cloth over wenh parts before wnshlng
Doll In'a pillow'slip or thin sack.
Whon rendy to sow on n row .of
hooks find eyoa place the two edges
or lining to which they are to bo
sewed evenly together ono on top of
tho otlior, then tako tho trnclng whoQl
and mark plnces on both edges nt
In ripping long seams of mnchlno,
stitching tho work onn bo ilulclfly nnd
easily dono If you will .simply put tlio
garment under tlio prossuio .fool and
lower tho iioi-illo Id hold It (Irmly, thou
hold It In the left hand n short div
tnnco nnd wilh n Hluirp knife Inserted
hi tlio Bonm rip It.
If Iiud. year's while Ihian sltli-t l.i
frayed nt tho lii,:;cin,,cul t.ft' nml sew
on n bins fold wilh the seam tn tho
outside, Turn over nud sllteh down
on tho out.'ldo of tho skirt. ''1'hl.i will
glvo tlio effM't cf a now foolhold. If
proferriMl, iuhl ono or two moro fultl.i
nbovo this,
We  -M-h tho inrpo-it rr-i'nil denlers cf Tobaccos find, ti pars'
in T'ernso. „ Wo. »«'
J'iioe... ir: lho .most
town. D'li't (orirl't
of a L'oul .smuki*.
I   only .I'i'liiililo   stick,
cmit'lc'tc   and   best   so
the Fornio Cigar S:y.:e
Address 104
Our ratiL'o of
ictfd stouk isi
when in ncitl
Tel. 19
■ ♦:•■■
A New Idea.
A new voi'uloii of (In1 until hug thnt
will fiirnlHli own gri'iiler fun lii'ciiusn
A Question of PolitcnciiB,
No one Ins u ight to outer mini hor
poi',ii):i'.i runn w',:!:jii'. knocking for
poi'iii!.'*'! m. inijmilii'i' how i'liv*i> nn-.l
intlsmil:*- llio rolii'lrvi" lii'twcmi llicni
mny ho. Dvovy lininnn holng hns a
I'lg'il lo prlvni'v whon ho or Him do.
tilriu It; mi.I huh 1'iiiii'tcuy uml i-ommoii
HoiHii 'I'tivbld nu, liilrushiii, Whi'llior
ymi n-''> .i| .h':i,v .or n girl, yon slioii.'l J
nnt (»ii«7r tho nnm of fnllior, mullinc, j
liroihcr or slstor without liimoUlin' or t nf tlio gtvatot ditllculty In getting out
iislvlng pi>niil,-(l,i,i. Tlm strli't oliM'i-v.; the presents Is n box illloil Willi mud.
iiiici* of ihli Iittlo ruin not only eiulilos ' Tills Is of cotii'su piii'tloulnr.y sulloil
llK* uu".i'.!r..T,( of Hi.. fiiMl.y tn hiiw. pr). . to hiitiiiuor piitlloH. Whotlior In n city
vai-y wlin'i i!ioy doslro It. hut It ostiih* f hiu:k yard or n country liiwn ll wlll
.litihiM mi.l.i'osti.ri a high Hlnii.liii-.l of I furnish mi ond of nnuisomotit for tlio
pn::ti.'iu*;*:i tlmt will lm sure to result In l mnull guests.
oluv.UltiK Hi*' i-li.'.riU'lor of tin- oniiro! Toys of vnrloiw Horls hhoiild bo biirlod
I'linlly circle, It Is a grout mlst.ika ! In tho sninl. 'Over imicIi toy sllcl. n.
Id tlil.ilt llnil I'Otii'li-sy niidpallti'iiiMi*,'» | lonjj Hleiiiiiiwl liower oil wlilt-h Id a
o-,-o:i I'ltle Ih'im n!vo.!!.| |.;> :*lrv,vn o-.dy i number.
UiiMj  n  corroipoiiiliiig  niinibcr of
The  I^ilaco Drug Store
'Ii:i.. VI. II. F. MoM'I.v.V. Mull.
I; i*. „..„.>. ..      1.:.'  I.Ull I,,   Cil'i ll' l< U.'i'
ii'il"!' Mb'W" "II (i't)''v.--.'I' :• Ih'i. fl-o.
ih'on wlo, are limslit tn be piuii't'l! n's*
ly poll to ut hmiic i\ro sure to ho pnlllo
out of it.--<;..i.'-.ih'' Xuwh.
Icither Hiipply  foso Inj-iodl'-rits     orj
J'.o Me inlvf'ic i,.,i-i'y rn ta'ct If |
any of nor rcailciH so jircft't'. i
Th» Fcrottitunot.
iin Butii ,i nU. ■ Viuw-r.
Mii'tl llill.-r Ci'in the rnwr.
I' only tin vo one unntl l<lin< t-.y*
And a, tcuny, wr-rny n mu!
J wan su nfnlil. ilv'tii* I'hllilivri,
Vou'il tnrgt'X im. whfii you i-nmi,
8n ( iinki'i] my .Mullii'i' Nuiuru
To let mo fli.».au my nania.
I know H'a luiivl to 'iiH-mber,
Hnch an nwftil lot,
flut M'hi'ii yun'iu In iho uardiiii
Vlismu for-get-rtio-ncit, .   j
1 jlrrwr-i". hi .') l.i'xv httt'l '.'.'''I <JH t.oU
1 hloHsoiii' ii iniin'.itT tlmt will i-o:'ro.Jpouil t
I with ouo ou the tlowors In lho Rami,
hut hnvo tlio't-.i so pl-ieod thnt
; thoy will not show. ;
i    Uni'li ohlhl ilrnvvri a Hawer from tin*
bowl, nficr whlob ho proceeds lo dig
I out of the Kiiiul tho llowor wilh tho
; Bnno nunilior on It find flldo 1lio toy
\ thnt ii bnrlod underneath It.
If Voir Would'Dreit Wall.
i   Wonr plain clothes for plain oeca*;
Btona. * !
i   Khnrt lUthtwolght skirts for wfllldnir. ;
f'omfortnhlc sbuca ttui! low Jiccla ou '
street boots. „ ,
You wont comfort nnd satlsnctlon I
of clonn emootli  shuvos   every
morning;. • I
The Car bo Magnetic Is tho only-
OUARANTR.:!) to slvo thin.
Th(««^(*f«*t lJlc«*»rl<' iiMtijii-rln»
positively tnetg;ea every par-
tkh of CuriMii Mitt} file of
steel) ln*o tho niclal'-glvlng
dlnmond"llko Ixirdnoss
throu.ihout llio bl;idi*--.omo-
thlng; obiolutcly lutpomihlo
with fire tempered steel used
I.i ".*...,.'1.';£ **.'.' ci!;;." (4j,<m».
Uut test this razor in your
own lionie—cr lmve your barber
use It on you,   Secure one ?n
** .* —
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, firiwrir-;. Ron!*: pn*f Ww
krXs r«(!lifciiiii»
UlUHOtt   AT   IIOfeMtH,   D. C.
iMriii'..iv.j; ii.',*,**. t.Mi -.wil
trrrTO-NT'   r./'.rnst-
Crow's    Nost   Spoolnl
'Minor's Fnvorlto Cln«r« o
\^ !£====
'::■•FERNl^'.T^GB.IC^ERipE, B::p;-r;,;';^q^E*m^.9i'..lj*\Q7B-.,r::.-.
$1 ■-». Year in Advance
Signed every- Saturday  from  the Office .of
Publication, Todd Blook, Victoria Ave.,
, Fernie, British Columbia.  ■
i .11    „   .
AU changes of ads. must be in'as follows:—
Pages i and 6,2 p. m. Tuesday ; pages a and 4,
Sp.m. Thursday, and page 6,2 p.m. triday.
"We will be unable to insure chango unless
• this rule is complied with..
Legal advertisW, 12 cents per 'nonpariol
line lirst insertion, 8 cents per line eaoh subsequent insertion.- ■ ' „
Bates for contract advertising on application at office Of publication, Todd Block. -
T. T.
JOHN,      F.
FERNIE, 2811—Prea*, Jan. LancaBten;
Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER, 2494.—Pres., Wm. Taylor;
&?<*., Wm, N* Reid.
MICHEL,*.2834.—Pres., Wm   Cplgrc-
-' hbuii; Sec., Charles Garner.	
COLEMAN, 2633.—Pres., W. Haysom;
• Sec, Wm, Graham. =.- • .-
FRANK,   1268.-PreB.,   Fred, AUott;
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE,, i233^-PreB.,
Sec, A.-W^May. ■■   •>
BELLEVUE, 431-Pres.,      ,    ,.
JSec. Fred ChappeU,     ...
t"''""  7-  ' ''''   ''   .7 '"" "    -*■   "
HtLtCfiES-lV   1053,-Pres.',    Robert
LiV6tt;'Vice'pres., J. Lagace^; Sec,
Harry T. Cooper.
■LUNDBREOK.    2275—Pres., , Alex.
McCullock; Sec., Peter Blake...       >
LTJNDBRECK,, 2352.—Pres., William
Steep) Sec, Stephen Davies.
WOODPECKER, 2299.-Pres.,'
■ Sec.,-Andrew;Wilso'n.   ■ *
MORRINVILLE, 2378-Pres.,- .'
-    Sec, T. Meir.
Sec, .   '
■CANMORE, 13S7.-Pi-es , ,* '"  .0 {,
,., Sec., Robert Hunter. 7      ,"   ,
BANKHEAD,,2o9.-Pr'cs., Wm. Fisher;
'f    grtr. l_'R,_l_DvOO*"»         "      ~ 	
 ■ ■ *j\,\,w*-*.—*—±SJ-wJ*** _r* * ■	
make more profit for- the*citizens of
Canada'than in bringing "about \ the
complete success: of "* the "Equity plan;
When you look back of the--"long,-
weary years'."that are past ,for nearly 50 years anil 'you- see the so-called schemes that have been    brought
forward* to benefit farmers,'"each und
every one of   them failures—examine
them,'and3yoii:,will find that-" each
und :-everyone   "''completely' , ignorcl
''Price" altogether; in'fact, - in some
cases farmers were even told bluntly'
to their facts that 'Trice", was none
of their business,  and'they  were. \o
leave,that to  a  "Beneficient Provi-*
deuce," and the law of-"Supply and
Demand,", and in some case farmers'
institutes in the Eastern State swero
forbidden to discuss the question *of
price at all, under pains and    penalties, etc.; and yet' when, by- organiz--
ation,* our farmers will take hold of
the "Question of Prices,"-,and*   get
them',   they will see their    troubles
melting before them Hkq-:gnow before
the ehinook wind.
Now, farmers, organize! Tt*-ko a
little spare time oft this winter, and
see j. that your-? neighbors join tlie
"Society of Equity," and when you
find one that won't join, ' find out
why,; and nine times out of ten you
will find a man who is connected
with some game of fleecing the* farmers—just make, a special, note of it.
In Alberta we have about" 3,000
members, is a drop in the
bucket to what has to be done, and
a work like thiss will never bo accomplished if you leave, it +5 two or
thrtia tjliiC'ers of" the society. Everyone should take a hand; it will payr
.every" farmer j-."oven the blind farmers
who n,ow oppose us will benefit by*
itV '"•'".      -      '   "   ;„ ,
This winter we expect-the society
to take active "steps to thoroughly
organize tho,. province, and then"*
march on to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for not before we have captured these three provinces shall we
be makers of our "prices.
Now see ' to it- lhat your'union
take's a hand in-this question, and'
by all means, have your man at tho
annual meeting—send,two if you can
stand it, and see,to it that organization is pushed well to tho-front
there.     -   °   ''*.,'     .'
*   ■** l -
■.*»■ ■ *;^;«^■*f■-^**
;-.;, '-       -WHOLESALE
■1,c'' , -' 7 '  ' ',. -;,'• 1A.3ST3D ' RETAIL
Li3Siiia?Er)        ; .,"  '■■
> -
Five Trains daily, C. P. R*
Steamer, daily Telephone and
-Telegraph, good. Boating,
fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent Soil. .
Avoid isolation and poor trans-"..'*
portation facilities by buyiug at -
Robson.        4    >     ."".'.
Buy fruit lands' where you .
can gef -irrigation ;ahd be,
sure of good crops.
These 'lands can  be   bought
at,, $1.00 per acre  per month ,,
Your money back if not satisfied.    For particulars.see
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand.'   "Hams, Bacon, Lard,  But-
* ter and Eggs. ^
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
1 .
j* Watson
Q®§$%0Ww4$**®Q&*i$MM>$ &$$$$$$$Q®®$$?M®®$®®®§
This paper will" not be responsible
,for opinions expressed-by .its"correspondents. , ', , ,
TABER.  102.—Prts., T. Boyle; Sec.,
Win. Murdock. '7
LETHBRIDGE,  -571—Pres.,    B.-   G.
Hamilton; Sec, Charles Peacock.
TABER, 1959.—Pres.', Walter Vcre;
' Sec, Robert Doodson.
CARBON ADO. 2318.-Pres.,
' Preflit.di.t8 • and secretaries whose
names do.not appoar on this list are
fttiuest*d' to farward them to this
office for inoeftion.
'   Continued   Inquiries   reach us for
the foregone Information.
■Everybody .tliat Is worth'anything
Is n crook. Cranks aro -the salt of
tho earth. Thomas Carlylo *\nd .John
Ttuskln wore cranks, and so, it wo
may say ko, was tho "amm of sorrow -who wns acquainted with grlof.',',
" Only from,the nilndfl of,cranks do
the sweot things enmo. .When wu
used the word crank in our issuo of
Oct. 10, to, which some objection
has boon tnkon, wi* roferred to cronkH,
in trivial affairs, and .\iot to ifcoFu
who nro, inaugurating ipovomonts of
world-wide import,
At tho sninu time It is opon to us
to soy that although juany menu 111
talk of ameliorating conditions thoy
will ' not support tho tenets they
preach—not, divo down. Why? Uo*
caufio they nro not cranks in tho
proper sense of tlio ward. A perfect
crank will do everything to further
his ono object.* Ho, as Matthew
Arnold once said, "hoob not wldo,
Imt deep," nnd It is this depth thnt
is always Illuminating. In our own
pi-ofQHHJon only the crnnkn arc huiird
n/—the usual, the Illustrious, oh*
hcui'p, fall hy tho wayside nnd nro
forgot ton, It Ih only thorn* who
Imvti Homuthlng lo wiy, thowt who
lime 11 Hniiuii* hour of thinking
r-oiuotlnien, thnt ure ii'ganli'd, and
nil hough I hoy hie-vo mom than thol**
-nhai'** of nbiiHO, iu the «*/*d tlwy
_ fiirnigbtnn out.
il« u**fbwl,T talking **v</)
Peter Tatterson, international
Hoard "Member'U. M* "W.1 of. A., returned .. from Indianapolis on Monday morning lust. Whilst" in Indianapolis Mr.. Patterson attended'. the
meeting of the International Exeecu-
tivo Hoard, and met, the operators of
the. four competitive states nnd thc
district  oiliccrs- of the same states.
- An "application from Michigan anil
Ohio to enter thc competitive field,
which includes AVcstorn Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana,and Illinois, .was considered; and it'*\vas -'decided to, report at the adjourned nigetinc;. nee.
■i'ltli. The policy for strikes,in Col.
uru'do, District lii, was left in thc
hands of the national oiliccrs, with
the right to call a striko in Kentucky if necessary. The International Hoard donated the sum of
§500 to tho Nova Scotia striko in
Tho Nova Scotia minors havo sent
to tho International' oiliccrs asking
for un iirgaiil/.ci- to come to tholr
aid, and nssuro 10 local unions if
thoy cannot got a conference with
the operators and au acceptance- of
the ngroomonts.. The,.sending of or-
gaiiizei'H wus 'ilofui'i-cd , until tho
board'meeting of Dec 10;
,.J. II. White, of Ohio,*is tho only
ai nd Id ute for vlco-president, although
live days moro aro loft for nomination-..
"^iVyoming.VTnTey ,
wheel   was   turned   at -nny
14'iBii-y Bficin.a »Htlo strange to our
iiipmiicin, but we haui iilwn.vs ron*
Mdi'md, uml mill ■•uhhiifui, llial t.nwc
is M'ni'L'oly uiiytliiiig of moro import*
owe i* tlm fiiruit'is of AU>ertn, i««l
lm* tlm Niiitiu ri'iiNon lo tlm fiirnici's
ut all Cuiiiidu, than to orgmjlzo. ,
Tliu fnniii'i-N Jiavo ..over yut organ-
1/i'd flip t-o Ihu miti-y of Kqiilty) ex-
•■ri-pt In Riil'i-y (till the \\b.hi"i uf tilt*
M'hi'irioH of oUif-i' people.
I wuiilil thut'l I hud tlw* gift of ton-
j.,iii>n nnd tlw gKiiliisof half 11 do/cii
SlniKi'Hpi'iu-i'H rollril niiii onn. ior I
(.now of iioUiliig Hull   I 11111I1I     no.
1,-im^lish,,   more gijod   {■>, doing, os   India
Vk-O'lTosldont hewis anil Secretary
Wilson and ,1'ulcr PatUrson spout
Sutluttuy last at la. Knlla, and
culled upon Vresidont, Mitcholl, but
wore una lile to hvo him, Mitchell being undue ihictor's ordum to hou 110
onn but his wlfu, Thu pi'cHldoiit uuil-
crwont a- Ki-cond oporatliMi Nov, 1,
•Iiiiiiimi !<Ta,vlor, fni'iimrly Ins'icctor
of niini'H, IIHiioIn, left Lu Pin lln on
Monday lust to ttiko filing) of the
Tiibi'i' uiincH,
T. I.. IjiwIh and Vi, Wilson uru tho
only en nd Mn ten for >\w ottkc ot
ptvs.<h*nt V, M. W. of A. Jx-wis is
\kry slotiDglf nomlnalud in IWImou'r
liomi- illHtvicf, llllll Klu*.rffl hi it It.
'Ill »lt« I'UWMN OiVI,
Pi'ltl**h    I.Ii-vki  Mo    *!l«f"'Uin Li-ur)'
"l.ooU    hori>t   Yii'1!  i-titi      piny  wiih-
IiIm hi'iid  ami  I win piny with     hm
tall, nnd    wu tan both struku     thi*
Nlllllll   Ci   lljfl   hlll'lv,"
Pi'islnii   (Int—"I  don't.     rejuninhi-r
tun lni» lii'iin ciiimiitlnil  nlimit   IIiIj"
Mr.  Editor:  , " -
I see in this week's issue of tbe
Fernie Free Press a letter'supposed
to be written by a Welsh minor,
showing the public how "men are approached in thc coaches by ' myself
in'reference to getting men  to join
.. . — •  *~ ...   ,   .-'-,' .. .,. .. 1 i \,r\ ^+.4_+l,/l.
xnc-umoiK—L_(jiiiiii.—j.- iiiu-.iii-***—*,.!-*.««-
interests of thc union nt every; pp-
Ijorlunity, and when 1 see a stranger it .is'my business to ask him to
join. But when I ask a man to join
moro-than once and at each time get
a rebuff, and'not a decent answer,
1, being1 human! cannot help but retaliate. Now this Welsh1'minor, I who
is not Welsh at all, does nol give his
name, but ho has no need to. be
afraid. I'Mchow him .well, it being a
fact' there are so few of this'stamp,
of man I meet, that'I can call this
one by name if I so wish'. He comes
from a pli\8o culled Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire, , uiid'hiis been working
hern'fiii'-, a conaldci-ablo time.,., The
reason this man will not join now
is because ho has something against
tho ofllcers,, Ho thinks so much of
unionism that ho con be influenced
by ono or two to put' theso principles one side, so deep in his heart
does thoso principles lio. Tlo does not
go back to Ebbw Valo because . bo
would bo compelled to \oin the union
there, for thoy will not allow such
parasites"to live amongst them, and
It would lio n vory good thing if
the same conditions as to■'those par*
nsitos prevailed hero, Then, if thoso
persons would not como to,'• thoy
crtuld go olsewhoro'nnd Ilvo on tho
efforts of others, but.thoro will como
a time when thoro will bo no room
for this paniNito to Ilvo.on .(Jod's
earth. Oh, lot it como soon, say 1.
1 am plons-id ho has wrlltbn, for
poHHihly ho will influciK'o his broth-
ui jiaruslles to show tholr gums uhovo
llieir tooth, nnd It will make It nil
tho easier to find thorn out. This
ono talks of slaves, Does ho know
Hint he Ih one? and one thnt is
aATlHI''?El) to remain a slave, for
Ipi will not Join with others to try
und unii'lJoi'nU' his conditions or his
So mud) for the Welsh minor, Ih-
looks to hn morn llko 11 Welsh pud-
Icr. .
Yoiimh, etc,
tom ninas.
IVrnJfl.  11.  tt,
"ttV rti'h«*t*i*.'H  tho  I'i'Omh Hoitx*, time
that thb nl 1 an), on Mr, lllngH nnd
.hlu  reply  should ii|ipinii-    the sumo
week,   Why da tlu'ho iwinoylng cor-
Shnmokin, Pa., ..Oct. „ ,29.-Ten
thousand United Mine Workers ' were
idle in the Northumberland, Montour, and Columbia ..county districts
today- in honor of Protidcnt John
Mitchell. ' .'    ,
- Collieries were idle, and at many
iti6etings prayers were offered up for
the recovery of Mr.' Mitchell^ and
urging him to remain "at the' head
of the organiration when his present
term expires.
Wilkesbarre.   Vn.,   Oct.*-29—Mitchell .day" was observed throughout the
TO rayTTa ntnvo f
of the
collieries., U was tho first timo since
tlie cstabiishment of thoday that a
general'demonstration did not take
placo in  .."'-. '
Look Up
* -   n   ' *
Victoria  Ave.
when   you.   require
■ anything,, in ■'"'■•■
Boots, & Shoes
Trunks^ Valises
& Suit Gases
Goods Sold for Cash Only.
Lowest Prices.
W. R
SKA LED tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Detention Huilding, Victoria, 11.
U,, will, be r)ceived ot this ollice until "Monday, December 2, 1907/ in-
Dlusivcly, for the construction of a
Detention Building nt Victoria, IX,
Plans und'■."specifications can bo
soon nnd forms of tender obtained
at this Department and on application to ' William Henderson, Esq.
l.osident Architect, Victoria, 11. 0,
Persons tendering nro notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
mndo on tho printed form supplied,
und signed with llieir actuul signatures, '   '
Each tender must bo accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on n chartered
bank, mndo payable to the order of
tho Honorable tho Minister of Public Works, oqual .to ten per cent (10
p, c.) of the amount, of tho tender,
which wlll bn forfeited If tho. person
tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or
if ho full to complete the work contracted for. If tho lender bo not accepted the cheque will bo returned,
Tho Dnpnrtiucnl does not. bind itself to accept tho lowest or any tondor.
J..v Order,
FRED 0101 .IN"AH,
Depart of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 2, 1.007,,
Nowspiipors will not ho pnld     for
this lulvoi-tlsomont If they Insert   It
without  authority   from tlio Department.
ll)!; PllbliC Cigars; Tobacco,; 7-
Cigarettes & Pipes
There ia only one place in town*
whereyou can get good reliable
goods in oar line that ia at
.    W* A. INGRAM,'prof.""
Phone 91.    -    - , Fkrnie, B. C
Kootenay Dray & Transfer
I have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of: your
Estimates furnished on contract work
t'l.'NpomU'ntM not t*ii;n iln-li- nniiies.—■
■ ■ ■ O' ■
.Man In ii >ct,i<'..ui')i! Iiiin.l with
iiiiiirimonliil posHllillltli's—ihu(|_ is
ilit* I'lim'itiHloii o.'i-i-y Kihiinnil wiiiu-
iih  In  llrjl'ijn tcfliiy lin.i imht.'iJ nt,
('iui.-Cnnl mlnliir rlulil" moy U Immml for
* liarlwl nf ( w«hiI,v*(»iim vciMrH Ht »n minimi
Miitnl of »j per mtr«, Nnt, more Ilnin «,Afti)
sure* nIihII lm Ini.noil to <>n« iniiivliJtml or
fompMiy A ravAlly nt 1I10 rut* nf Hvo oentu
per ton, uliiill Imi'nlltnli.ilnn tlt« inwrfliHtilHlilw
Willi llllllllll.
-Ql'A.HTt.,—A !*nnii iilulikun , f nm ot nan
lUrovorml mlimmt In plmn, in
•41, . r. ,—
nviir. Iiiivinu 1	
I ami t.i 110I1U111 l,Mi> ),Mi r»ut.
Tlm fti* for roonrillfiir a ulnlm U1 fi,
At. Imist•limri.ii»t li*(Kpoiiilftilon tlmrlr.lm
mioliytitir or tmiil tn thn mliilnn maoitlAf In
NOTICE iilioiuby «lvnn tlmt npnliaatlon
will l-o miulo tn tho rnrlinmant of Oaniuliv
nt tlio noxt Region thereof for nn not to lncor*
nomto iv Oompnny undor tlio„ name of
"WoBtuni of Cnnaila IlBllway OompHny,"
with powor to oom-tniot.. oqulp, maintiitn tin
nponito n lino nr Uiioh of ruilwAy of atAmmrd
or otlior KMi'ite by moium of Htonm, olootrioity
nr nny other Kind of locomotive powor.,,
(1.) From a point on tlm International
lioumlnty lino In tlio I'rovlncn of Allmrtn.
helweon the on it «Ii1a of IIhiiko twent,v*tlir«t
(imi uml tho went alilo of Rnniio twenty^lght
(U8) went of the Kouttli, I'rlnolnnl Mnrlilmn, to
h pnlnt on tlio tlriiv'n No't r„nn linn of tho
UiiiiAilfan J'koIIIo JUHwk.v Coinpitny lietweon
Oowloy uml JMnnhcr Crook 1 theniio North*
wonturly folbwIiiB the valley of the Nortii
Fork of the Old Mnn Hlvor to * point In the
lilvlnuntome Rnniio of monhtAimi nt or nenr
Motion thlrtytlimo (,'i:i) In Tnwm.hlpT«n (lu),
lUtiueThruo (fl), W«Kt or the Firtli WinolnAl
MerldUii) thonce through the ]>««» In thn
I,lvln»ntone Mounlnlim ut the l»»t named
rmlnt nml nnrthorly up the vnlley of the
  hi!ono Hlvor tii a point on Hleh lllver,
nt or noHr towimhlp Heventeen (171 In IUiiro
Four I'I nnd Five |A| Wont of tl.e Fifth l'rlnoi.
imi Meridian 1 thence Nonh*K«iterlyliy tin
mint pruotli'Ahle route tu iliu City of Ctlgnry,
|«1 From a point nn ilin Mldil'v nranch nt
nr n*Ar lu jiinotioii with the lilvlnimtone
lllver 1 tlunce ,to n point in the Kooky
MnniilAlnn went of Oould'n llomui thence
throuRh a piiM In the Jloeky MountiilnM to the
TKlloydMhn KIH lllver hy the mon) prnntlcKhle
tei thenoe Hontherly down the    "
route 1 thenoe Hontherly down
tho Klk lllver tn a jiniet.nn wit) 	
I'iiMHu HhIIwhv aiiiI tlm rirent. Northern
HiillwA** In Ihe Klk Hlvor vnlley At or nrnr
tlievniiiRenf Mlehvl,
AN!, to noi-xti-n'it, eiimp, innlntiiln nnd
ojii>rnte lirHiich' lliien, nnd with luoh powere,
riRhta und prlvlleRON an nre Jmifdentliil nr
noneiiHAry tlioretn, nnd tn pntiNtrant, ontilp,
....... .-..-,;-.-, -  .- inAlntiilu nnd npimitu lulnnriipli und tele*
Hmi tlipiwir,   Wliim mi Iimk iKiaii'nxpiiiiii'i'l nr I phono llmm In nonniiption <li« Nil Id mil
Tito Hovornmont of the Province of IlritUli
CnlumhlA herohy otlernA rowArd of Five-
Hundred Dollnre for the Arrest, or for information loiidlnu to the nrrent And delivery ,
to a IlritUli Columlil* Conntfthloof Pntrlolc
Million, who U i'iiAtRod with the murdor of
one AnROloOrlnndo on tlio Ut day of Boptem*
lior, 1007, At Mluhol, In the Dlttrlat or South
Knit KootonfiyJ'rovlnt'O of Drltlah Columbin,
Donortptlon of Patrick Mullon isnsfollowm
Nationality, Irlnh,
Ooourntlon, oonl miner.
Aro 20 yoari,.
Helffht, r. reot fl Inohei t welRht iai Ibu,
Complexion, fair 1 hair dark, Inclined to hi
Wna olenn uhnven on let Instant.
. Wart on right hand nt point ot thumt/,
Whon lAtrit teen, wore hrowu ohenk onat and',
troiuora of name material 1 brown hook, and
round, grey felt hat.
Warrant, liiiued,-Report Any informatloAi
Immediately to
J H.MoMIIIln, Oiler Conitnhle, Fernie, R-,
C, or to tho unile»lsneil 1
11     By order,
F.fl, iiuwufty;
Huperlntendent Provincial Polloo,
ProvlnolAl Polloe IVpartment,'  :
■ .'
.Mil.   Iv'U'.lt  IIAHDIK'H    t'OSl>i;<T.
'llmro hi no i-lvlll/^l Hliiln In llm
world, «lt-M|iofiu in* domocriitlfi, suvo
l.iiuhinil, which wimlil not. i>rn nmv
lui'i> IiimkIIi'iI fills drnniny il(*nm-
("DgiU' iioiiih*. lln1 IionLli'r fur wiylng
ur lining hull nH ninth hn Ih> Iuih in
A hotel tliat lurnlolioa quiet, «m-
modlouR nccomraoilatlOD fur ita put*
ronti l« n source of plennuro to tho
truvellin-; imhlic Such a one ia the
KIdb Edward Hotel, of Fernie, cor*
in*r oppoiite job! (jlUce,
 -.    .,,.   . ,
pnld, the Inemtor mny, iiwm linjInR h enr»nv 1 way And lt» liriimihen, nnd to franemlt men*
made, r.M upon nomplyliiR with  otlior  re* | Niiirim fiirnnnimeri'lNl puriiniien and to (dinKiti
.jnUnitio*,!^ pnvr.nuN),» Ihi Iiu4.i nl t/\ [„,\, ni-ri*       1.1J»tlu i'i t. 11   i*. *., It .4.i,.,i.,l, tU^lii.lti .
The pntent provlilon for the payment nf * > tho nupply nf llRhf, hunt nud power, mid to
ix-jully idi'ltn-i- i-nil i-n iiii-.vJiltt,, *ii*i;iiIh> iu.] iti<i'i'lnji 44iii,,j- ),i,\iir, l,,j \hni
Pi .cm minim, nlnlii4j umiiirullu „,„ i», r.,.., ' puriinin    And to Imnii, ki>II mul ilUtillintu
Jiim. '('ii rif^Jft^^ I "»' nllii-rwl-.i di^pn^ i,f tin- hiiiiiu.iui.I I.i
eajiBrn.t'ii'ir.viwtAniiiewAiiiejwiiij. | ,|(     ,ln,r (,l)1|„(;[ (o||M rrnm AlliM.MOii«iieln«
Ar> *m.ll.-ijn( mny iMaln twi> Im.n n.i (|,„| «|i fn;iBlit |,N^li,fc- ovwrcnlil Mitw«>-«iiil
ilr«ilireriirr>nld uf Jive uillmrNi'li tin n tiipni iif | Iii-miii'Iiim, nnd tn rmitii'itt wit fi uml make
i»unJvj-i'Mi-»,riiii«wiiiiliiAt, llie iliniirHUiin nf l ti-nlllr or otlmr ArrnnuAmunU with rnllwnv
thn Mmutnr ut ihi'liititrlnr, ,„■ ,,il,(i|- iHiinpiiiili>n  lin-liidlni,  any llm. iir
Tl.„ I, -rf, .1,..11 |,,i,.(. n ,',',.,1,.,. I,. ,.,,,.,..,.1.,,' iitllu'iM'1,, tli,. *.ti.ii. ,,f M/u.lnnir i.,.n ,,r tl,,,
ivithlii <mii fii'iKim ii'ion tlii'iliKn nf tliu Iuiimi j I'nili'iJ Wnlt'>i nl AiniT'cn, niul In /hii'I'Iiihi.,
lot wi-li lUu inlliH, Itiiiitnl »|iii;or niniiiiii for' '«•>•' '^''-"> lf.n*t* «»r i,tli,.iwl.itii|.||iilt» t lu, pro*
null iiilli* <d liver ll,I •*,], Knyiilty lit tin. ' l»'lv. rlirliU I'lul Iniiiclil.c nf .inv .iilier
riitd nf-i1, pnri'i'iir i'iilli.-i'(ii.| un thuiMitpul. nt- ' fiiinpiiiiliiH, und In Iihiw hi'hiiII tunny ntlmr
Hi it nvi'i'i'ili yin,i««i. '    i:iiiii|.iiny tlm prupnrt,, liulitviiiid fiiiui'liltc
W. \V,(!nliV ' ''''I'Hi'iiinimny.
Ih-P'ity MIiiMeriirtlielnfiirhir. i   THAT h»,.|, rnllwav tnnv l»i diii'lnrdl tiilio
N.ll.-rpi'iitlin»l7f I imMli'iiMim or Ihi.-. ll,|.!'"fll'"K<'n<'i'iilii«lv.iiitti*i..,f L'nnndiv. -   4
vcrtNementwIlfliiif. Lt* MM for. ■'        tUWtttl, V.XVPUKt.t.k. VV.tint'WS,
       —.   ...    .       * . | Ndlnitor* Kr ApplicHiitii
! DATI-'.li At Wimilpcu. thi* *'-tnl
Miiinlil h I.luluiflit xW.x.m Collin, «tc. l   •'«> or.^umiHK, a.u., \m, ;.t
ii . -    , ■.'••...'..,
Express and Baggage Transfer
Drnyiiiff of nki kinds doiie promptijv
Telephone 57 or call n driver
OtXxtM;  tVoidiciti Hole/, Kernie,. li. C
Anything in tho nhovi' liim Aoxxo nt
ni;iNoii/ihh! nttt'8
Tonts, Awnlnnsp  and nil
canvns (joods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gcmmel Street^
' ■'-.■'(■■       ,   .   id ('■
W -■-...•*-._
@Div.  I.—Percentage attendance 92.
Pupils   in; perfect: 'attendance—-Annie
' Beat'tie, Bella Dicken,. Clarence.Dahl,
•  Helen'Muirhead,' Oliver Ruttan, Law-
- ''renco'-Wildinan;- Willie Reiii, •"'Clayton
Dubois. 5Gladys  McFarquliar, ;' "Mar-.
■   garet Robertson, Laura Telfei", Elsie
- Voodhouse.    • ' -   ' > -
Rank—Sen.  Div.—1  Aniiie-Beatti'e,
'. Helen "Muirhead;
' Junion Did.—1"'Clarence' Dahl.' ■•"
Div. 11.— Percentage',. attendance
83.56. Pupils with, perfect attendance—Elon Bcbb, F.vclyn Biggs,'
' Sadie. Clapp, Edgar'Dudley, .Euiine-
liae Kefouey, Fairy-McDougall, Lydia
Murkwitz, .Edith Tutty; Nellie Bebb,
Theresa ' Carosella, Jennie Cody,
Dominie Gazgi, Opal Lacher,, Allen
McLeod, Clifford, Stock-well, John
'Pokes.' 7  . ■" »
- Rank—Sen. Div.—1, James Line,
'.I.un. Div.—1 Heni-y Johnson!
Div:; ■' III.—Percentage   attendance,
'82.71.   Pupils  wiih    perfect, attendance—Sarah Benson, Rosy Carosella,
Clara Cody, Alfred'QEwings,    Walter
",Hughes,   Herbert..   Letcher,  "Norman
McBean,, Annie Bullock, Tony    Carosella, James-Easton, James-Graves
Edward     Jackson,   Frank -Letcher,
Maggie Sherwood. ..,'■•
Rank—Sen.  Div.-fj-l.- Norman   . Mc-
* Bean. ' "       *'   ■"
Jun. Div.—l,Sarah Benson, Albert
Dicken; Ernest, Stone.
Div. IV.—Percentage attendance,
, 87.0(5. Pupils 'with perfect attend-
hn(e^-William'.Bcnso'n> Aubrey Cla')-^
Frances Carlson, Ernest Dickenson,
Russell Dudley," '.Jenhlo Guidosh,
Josephine, Maden, May Newrick,
.Willie fully, Freda Tokes, Hazel
Jiurkilt, Millie = Condie, Dorothy,
jllcken,  MaryDragan,  Koto Ewing,
.    .v. -     -V*
. George Letcher, -Postcl Mayers, Doris Smith, Annie Williams.
• i»
.Rank—Sen. Div.—1, Freda Tokes.-
Jun. Div,—I,  Joseph "Smolarcliick.
Div.     V.—Percentage      attendance,
,9.1 ."i'i.   Pupils' with  perfect  ; attend-
ansc—Hilda .''Atkinson,   Charlie     Eii-.
gar,    George.Fallctt, May,-   Geddes,
Mary-  Laithwaite,    Andrew    Mader,
George Meikle) Estella Mulz, <• John
IM clinics, Willie He;\tlif  Charlie   J.ui*'-
. kitt, .Hayden Evans, ,lvy Gaythorpc,
Ooe   Hover,  Jeanne.. Lynn,  Herman
Why? Because it is annoying,
untidy.* And mostly, because
it almost invariably leads to
baldness*. Cure it, and save
your hair. Get more,* too, at
9 the same time. All easily done
with Ayer's Hair Vigor, new
improved formula. Stop this
formation of dandruff!    .
yPoa no" change the color of the hair.
C    .    »    »-..   "..j-. V'i;..    .,,,     ;    -f   V. »    i    ;   *;-,     ; .J
3. Commencing, at a post, planted
I* at- or'-near^at-a- point- -•"t-*mile--«ae4?-.of
27 mile post of present C. P.-""r.
survey, adjoining Block 4593- on,the
west, arid being the northwest' corner post of Gertrude Belden's f.claim;
th-.nce south SO cliains;' thence east
SO chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chaios to a point of
commencement, making' 640 acres,
more or less.- ' -■■" -, <.-*
640.' acres,''
Fonaulr. with nek botll.
*      Show It to your
Aik him ttbost It,
th.a da u h« ■•__•«
The new Ayer's Hair Vigor will certainly
dojhis work, because, first of all- it destroys the jerms which are the orinnal
cause of dandruff. Having riven thisTaid
nature completes the cure. The teals is
restored to « perfectly healthy condition.
r-*mu my th«j. o. im o*„ z«w*ii.
Bai, Agnes-McManns.. .
. ..'Rank—Sen.  Div.—1,-Herman Mny-
ers. "-> ■  ■ .    -       '
Jun. Div.—1, Lix/ie McDougall.
Div.' • VI.—Percentage .httondanc'i),
89.00. Pupils wiih' perfect,, alteinl-
iince—Benjamin - -Brown, "May Coin'r
loll, John Drngan, Ruth Dicken,
Olive Gnythorjii!, James (, Hulto'ii,
William McFaixpihar, Alice Micinrii,
Flossie Owen, Gcorgo , Softer,
'Johnny Warswell, \ Frank Yorkis,
William Bellinger, Wnnie Klaus, ,]vy
Bullock, Peter Dragau, .Leslie Fowler, Hugh- Gllmour, Annie Mclniics,
Soufira Mnchelion, Rosy Mongeloo,
Phyllis nipley, Alico Stone,' Dowcy
Chevalier, Peter Taliahnc. v
Rank-t-Div. ■ I,.—1,,':Dewey Chovalior.
Baby Class—1, :Ivy Bullock..
Oct. .Sept.
"No. of pupils' cntolied,309.   ' 31(1. ,,
'Average' netiinl   daily'
"   nltondnnco.,.,.. '...'.' 270.!).. 200.0,1
Percentage attendance. B7A8   82,28
No, of   perfect, attendance '. 100.        fill.
■    *   ■ o	
' A Bi-ltlHh ,soldier Ih . fair, giuno In
lhe Dolhi Imznnr. Tho very lirchhiK
in tho gutter iilniso him to his fnca.
Tho Brltifih mildlcr Hooner or later
will ciiino his own countrymen, who
nre Hiich flogi'niiriito poltrooiiH tbat
lliey would tiik-o away from the nuiii
\yho gunrds tho eoiini vy tho right ;i(
' vigorous' self-ili-tV-ira   in    a'' prlvatl'
„ i|iuirrol. .    , ,
Jim Hill Hitting for Prairie as
* fas! as PossiWe
*  -,    "™******       (       . ^
Spokano, Nov. 2:—Transportation
. problems^ in the Elk River,coal fields
district pf Ke*st Kootenay,B,., ' C,,
hortH of here, may be solved before
the close of another year. The Great
Northern "railway is now extending
<!th"e 'Crow's Nest southern line east'
from Fernie, to," Michel, 25 miles.
Grading is almost completed and
.most of the line is ready- for the
rails. The location party of 30 men
i.s working north from Michel in Klk
Valley and locating* a libe for*'° GO
miles. The destination is Kananas-*
kis Pass, which alVords an easy grade
into the fertile..prairies" of Alberta
and '.Saskatchewan and direct entry
into Calgary. This "'invasion ' of1 the
heart oft,lhe.Canadian Pacific's territory may "be a reprisal for "the
Canadian * Pacifiejs aggression in
Spokane  territory.'■ but".t.h'pi-Q_is__ " »_
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907'.
W. B. COATES,  JR:,     , ,,' ,'■
'Agent, for-
Witness—Thos.  Slater.	
i'. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile east of
27 mile pest of present C. P..' R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593.on the
west,, and- being the northeast corner post of Anna Bel-den's claim;
thence west 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thence' east'. 80 chains;-
thence north 80 chains,to a point of
commencement,^ making - 640 acres,
imore or less. V
Located this 17th day of Aug., 1907.
'"-Vi. E. COATES,  JR.",
■ Agent for*
Witness—Thos. Slater.
5. Commencing at a post planted
at,or near at a point 3 miles east
Of 27 mile post of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on, the
west, and being the southeast -corner post of George ,L. Belden's claim
thence, west 8Q ehains- thence nprth
tO chains;, . thence east 80 chains;
thence*south 80 chains to & point of
commencement, 'making 640 "acres',
more or less.- '-■-.'".
Lo:ated this 17th day of Get., 1907...
". W. E. COATES, JR.,
Agent for
</' Locator. ...
Witness—Thos.  Slater. 7
goneral impression ' that -the" Hi 11
line" will in' aLifow'*years handle a
-vast, slice "of the great ' Canadian
wheat crop grown in the west. Indications are "that the Canadian I'a-
tiliu will meet this move promptlv,
nnd the O. 1'. R. extension up Elk
Valley'is regarded as certain. .This
information from the north is
.'lirought by Roland A.. Laii'd, formerly of Montreal,, but now'secretary
of the Galbraith' Coal Compan yhcre,
who has just returned-from nil inspection of tho properties of tho Imperial Coal and Coko Co. He added
"if the.general impression is correct
lhat, the. Hill .intesosts and . J. tp,
Graves- of Spokano are safely in control of the Crow's 'Nest Coal Co.',
thon the Cn*!Uidinn system', in self
psolei'tlon, has to open up-the -Klk
Valley coal fields to secure un * •adequate supply of fuel. It,, is acknowledged thnt tho Canadian Pacific has
bought very valuable coal lands
Ihoru for tlio purpose of openinir un
that country. .
NOTICE Is. hereby given that ;!U
•Jays after date I intend to apply to
tho Hon. Chief CommiBsioner of
Lands anil Works for a license to
prospect ior eoul-'and petroleum ou
thc folhiwing iunds sltuato ln the
dlulrldt of Southeast Kootenay.
British Columbia, Block 4593.
1. Commencing-nt a pout planted at
or. near at a point one milo east of
27 milo post of present O.P . n'. survey, adjoining    Block 4593   on*  tho
vest, anil being the Bouthcnat   cor-
w^i * *>*
tier, posi of fiernlce Bi<ldcnTi> claim;
I thenco north SO chalin*; thenco west
-rsjfiO chains;   thenco nouth 80 chains;
| thence o.iBt &0 chains to a point cf
CURED cumi-icnc-mont,
' more or Iohs.
iraking G40   ncreR,
G. Commencing at a post planted
at, or near at a point '3 miles .east
of 27 mile post of present G.*- P. R'.
survey, adjoining" Block 4593 on' the
! west, .and being the'southwest corner of Mrs." Bonnie .Belden's claim;
thence east-SO chains; thence north'
TO chains; ( thence \vest~80 chains;
thence south 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or. less.  , ,
Located this 17th day of Oct;, 1907.
- .-'..   <i"; .'.'." /   ■■     'Agent for
Witness—Thos. Slater. '•
n^       '    ■ i -,*    '    *
7. Commencing at. a post .-planted
at or ncur at a point 3 miles east
of,27 mile post of .present O. P, R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being tho northwest cor-
nri* post „of Mrs. Bernlce Belden's
claim; thenco south 80 chains; thence
east 80() chains; thenco north 80
cliains; thence west 80 chaina to . a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, moro or less.
Located this 17th day oi Oct., 1907.
,      W.E.  COATKS,   .TR., .'
Agent for
Witness—Thos. Slater.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at or near ut a point 3 miles cast
of 27 milo poBt of present. 0. P, R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and holng tho northwest cornor post of Nicholas A. Bangs'
claim; thonco south 80 chains; thonce
enst 80 chains; , thonce north 80
chains; thenco wost 80 chains to a
point of commoncoment, making 640
ncros, more or less.
jjocpted this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
Aijcnt for
W. 13. COATB8,' JR.','
"<-. ' .' " Locator.
WltnoBfi-ThoB. Slater.
Licaled tliiH IHh day of Oct. 1907.
„    Agent for
by local applications, an thoy cun-
not reach -tho dlunud portion of
the Mr. There If only ont way to
euro (loafnoia, nnd that lv by oon*
■Kltutloonl roroodlof. D»«'n«M li';™,* nM' ., ■ m . ,
„ eaaaod by nn Inflamed condition 0ri,w,tlw,"-Th',H" hln.teI-
the muouos lining; of tbe co-itaohtar.,
-tubo. Wbon thli tubo \t Inflnmud' •». Commencing nt-n • post plnntod
jrou hare a rnmbllnu nonnd or lm* at',or nour at n point 1 milo cast of
•perfect hnnrlnir, and when It la en* 27 milo post of present O, j>, It,
tlrely oloaod, donfnoui U tbo roault, :R,ifvey, ndjolnlng Block «9»'bh tho
nnd nnlc« tho Inflararaotlon can ft.,w>flti |1Ild ,)0lng tll0 ,0,,^^^ cor.
tnkon ont nnd thin tnns roitored to.  .        ,    ,    ,,,     „    ,   „,,-■.
It* normal condition, hflnrtnu wlll lio.":'.   >"*" ,'\/Tu     '    ' *
tfctroyeaforeier.t,loecn»ei»outof rMm'> ^,PHP■,, p:,,il *" '',)J'H,',■ 11Jt'JJl'''
ten nro aauiod by catarrh, which It """■ ^ ilwliw; thenrc w^t .w
nothing but un   Inflamed condition <*hn'nH: lJi* ne** south MX clmin» to it
"of tho muouoti 8orfftcn». pulnt of commencemr'nt,  mnklnu; C<0  WU-vmh  TIu,h.  Ml.itcr
Wo wlll rIvo Ono Hundred Doltnrn (,rr h irorp m \w.
f*»*>    .»*..,    *...,...   *.^   .If.., *n*«p,,.1.1,     li*.
commencement,., making
more "or- less4--~~•*—*- -**»- -"'
Located this 19th day. of Oct., 1307.
W. E,  COATE,  JR.,    •     .
. "   ' ■    Agent for "
• -.\ . ,   Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater..'       '   ;   '.';
11. Commencing at .-a post planted
at cr near e.t a point l mile east of
29 mile post of present. C., P. R.
survey, adjoining .Block 4593 pn the
w^st, and being - thc northwest corner post of, John D. Peterson's
claim;' thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80 'chains; thence north- 80
chains;'tlience west 80 chains to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.0 -,   .   '
Located this 19th day of Oct., 1907.
Agent for  \
Witness—Thos. Slater.
15. Commencing at' a post planted
at or near at.a point 3"miles east
of 29 mile po/t of present C. p." R.
survey.adjoini'ng Block 4593 on the
west, and being the northwest cor-s
ner post of Nicholas Bangs' claim;
thence south SO chains; thence east
80, chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains' tb a point of
commencement', making C40 acres,
more or less. ,  *     ,1 *',.
Located this 19th day of Oct.; 1907.
' ' ' i * Agent for
<■. ... Locator.
Witness—Thos."' Slater.','     ,,
i ^ -      -   7        '■'
'10. Commencing at'a post planted
at or a point 3 mile's east
of 29 mile post of0present C. P. R.
survey,."adjoining,Block 4593 on the
west, and being the' northeast cor-
n:r post of Julius Kribbs" claim;
thence south 80'chains; thence west
80 chains;" thence north 80 chains;'
thence .east 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or, less.
Located this 19th day of Oct., 1907.
/     ,-W; E. COATES,',,JR.,'
Agent for
•'_. ' '    JULIUS .KRIBBS,.*  ,       '   ,
•  -- LocatoJ.
Witness—Thos.  Slater."     . *'•    "   .
■--..'iDE!asra3C(BT:.i.7-'i ''""
Office 'Houbs.- '•■'  g soto \Z *, m.' 1 to t p. m
6,30 to 8 p.m', ; .,;.'
Office in'A'ex. L ck'sbiocli    ■
•"'over Siinn'. i'akery.   ', j «•.
o. L] A
%:.\tyj    ymi c^\    .v?;;.- *
*•• /^ f  T W^ r~o. W. Y/""^ A
.*..   m     mm      I    ■      ^ B     ^ lm.   If   t w-*r
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest -Trading-   Co.   Block,
Fernie, B. C.
L.  P.   Eckstein
-   Barristkb-at-Law, Solicitor
Roomg 1 & 3, Henderson block. Fernie, B. C.
J. Barberyl.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
-oOffic«hours—8a.m. to 8p.m.   -.   ^
F. C. LAWE ,      -ALEX. I. FISHER, B. A.
Latce 3c Fisher
Crow's, Nest:   Trading.Co.    Block,
Fernie, B. C
The best dollar a day house
in the city.
, Well stocked,bar. -
Liquors and Cigars cf the
•highest quality. .•}•
W. R. BOSS, K. C.    , J. S. T. ALEXANDBB
Ross & Alexander
Office in L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.   '"
Offices over -P. Burns' & Co's Block
-■Victoria Ave.
B. C.
Fit for a King
The meats that you buy
,. from us are fit for, a kin-?."
We sell nofhin"?,that is
not the best, that ia-why
we have so many pleased
customers. Let us de-
. monstate this fact ,by ii
trial. - ' Polite attention .
and prompt service.
Calgary Cattle Co.
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head OITicc, Winnipeg)
Branches—Vancouver,' Nelson, Fernie,
Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.
Fernie,  B» C.
Wholesale, Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
Camp Supplies
I Cash! Cash if
Paid for Second
Hand Furniture
Stoves*, etc.
B. C. Furniture Store
Next Door to Imporlul Hotel
9. Commoncint. at a post planted
at or near at a point 1 mile ciiriL
of 29 mile poHt ol lirtHcnt U. P, II.
Burvey, ndjolnln*; Block ♦1593 on the
went, anil bolng the HoutheriHt corner pout nf .■"rcilcrlclc O. IlaiiK'H '
cl.lm; thence north 80 chiil-in; thence
w<nt B0 thnlno; thence nouth K0
clinlnB; thence cant UO clminu to n
point" nf 'cmmcnccmont, mnklni? 0*10
nerou, more or Ichn,
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
Hole A;fnnU In KiihI Knntnnny for
 wUiiu«n-uiiu-.viuiui aCLVjr"1	
Elstimatescheerfallv given and work
promptly executed to the satis- .
•   B  faction cf our customers.
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished i, .
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
, McEvoy St.
P. O. Box 3ss       ...     ' Fernie, B. C.
fl. Kerr & Co.
and Builders
Plum, Specificttions kid B*ti*
matta IwaiBhad on application.
tt. A. KERR.
Artkltect     aad SoperiaUadtat
OSm at Raeldaacc.
To Contractors and
Have you got your
winter supply of Oats &
Potatoes. If not order
now as thc prices arc
Ijoing up owing to the
crop   failure   this   year.
Oats, GO llm. Ruarontcc.l      M ft -
pet* lmflliel 4Uv
A '
For  Sale !• I
'   -   y     ,    ■  *'        *
A fow' good   lesidehtia!  lot's,    *♦!
well Eituated from 5150 to S200   •:•
- ,. v
Easy Terms |
A      F. J.  WATSON,
t    Insurance & Real Estate Broker
♦ ■
IN the less expensive Brooches
Diamond Hall has never
shown such excellent value as
the one illustrated above at
"yHE  mount   is   made   of
heavy 14k. gold and the
pearls are of the finest quality.
"J"HE crescent is I# inches
long and finished in the
bright gilt.
■and for our Cataiogua.
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yontic St.
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd,
i AltX. HcOOUCAU, Pres. SCen. Kgr.;!-
III tllll  lllltM.T  Ilf  lllll llntlllll 111 .lollll llvllH, ,
llltl* tit Kvlllll', I). ('-., (Idll'l'Mlll
1'otlltOCH, ILK) lb.  HdUkH
I At your sldln-LT, II born I credit, nml
'   prompt Hhi|)inont.    Order now.
.   . N'nUi'i' I*. IiiiihIiV ii I i ihi HiiiI   nil  'iridium*.. I
T nr>,itr<l thin I'JHi Anv nt Oct      1!lil7   ' »»*»■•*. *tf »ttir«* Imvlnii ilulm*, iiiritlnsi. llm nuliiti!
iiocairn uu" utii <my oi uct,,   \i\n. . ,.r f jl(.».Hf,i .i,,!,,, iiwiN.iiitduiMni, wim iii,„i mi
if,,    4H/i»'i IV.S,
I-'JIHDKHK.'!;   <:.
catarrh) that oanuot bn anrod   liy
ITnH'0 CAtnrrb Cum. Send for elr-'
eulsr*, freo.
' F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,"' 0. |
Tako Uo.ll* Ysmlly Villi for con-;
nilpiitlon. I
BoM by ''UU, 76c.
l.oo.tcil ibl« mil il.iy «f Oi.-t, ]'J07.
W. li r.-OATMH, .111.,
AKent  (or
WitiKHd-TlioH. fllntcr.
MfninVn I.lnlmrnt -f-iirfii T-lpnlh^rlrt.
 -*      -     -  .''...,,.,,  -,,.,. ,.
. i|itll'(.il nil or lii.fni'.. tlm Ill) i.i |l,.|.|.|iil,i,r, ll«t?. I
•'■   i. .11 ,  ,-.. I ),,,).;,, I , ,   I. "..,.   ; .  y,   j„ )',
I iM'kitiiiji,, ul I'tTimi   II  •', »liilli>llnr for iln*'
iiiJinitii*'!!,:! r, I/.I'M i lm. ti,,i. mi,| «iininii,,.„,.
, ii,lilr,.«i.|,,. I4inl il.'-i M|iI;i,iis. tin1 (nil {ntilli-il*.
.,t   i : t„ .   ,'., ii. . i„,.   Lit, imi,', „; ti,„ir i
*   • ii, fi. ii ni- in-1 ili> i, inn,, ,,i i del i . |.. i.f lilii.. if
mijr,hiili li> tlii'iti, ;
,*             "** T4.I  'I   t ' ':    .    :      ' , ' 1 i -,. *'|!.'   n|*, r    ,| -I, t .    '   '
III.  ,11 II*  ,1 .,  .     *..)>   >,.llh ii|l-»U,|! HI    4(1.1
tf ! |,riii.p<,,i.iri..i.l> ,ii.-14 ■. i.„t ll,, .(,.,.,.«.i'i
..'■ -   i .111111111! Iliu lunlii'i i'iiHIIihI  tin ri-1... Iiml,>.•
i'i WltlU IK.til, nl Iiri'HIIIt  I-,   I>,   It. KUl      i-'+J.I i,i|lv tu tU i  nun., .il «rl,i,.|, I,,. ,), ,|| :
viv     ililnliiliii.      tXl.xpti'i   ,,n      I li . I l',V"" .l«*»'i "'in ..ilul tl. Ill Uiii »,l|i I ti. linn..'
wr«t, nnd lieinj; tlie noutliwcHt   "'•"   '"■■' i1"". •■"■"•••f i" »«. i«*h.i-ii m* i».r*i<n*. *■!
ill    Cnlil'llr tu In
Atfwil   Uir
nl ni
, vyuiiiiiid
•'khsii-; u. o.
.;. IOT
i V •""**""
I ••
Mnnnliictarom of nnd
Dcnloff) In
tit t r in-i.r ut a pt'inl 1 milt* i-i4ii(.
Hnturli & Dr<!ntt<(] Lumber
DimonHlon »-i Hrltl-afo Timlcr
J'llinj,', Montillni;, IjiUi*.
SbiiiKhi.  .mil  Ti >
'I'ownhitH  A-u'ttiitj*
Ki.rnl-1. nnd  lliwuici-
.,(  Hiiitlui  Milbr.H clul.ii',
ncr   |i«Ht
tlicnrp n.rlli     flu .-.i-iIiih; tlumcr runt-
jfiO t'lminH;   tlx-nci*   Huiitli HO <lniinH;
thine? u*»*f SO rb.-ilriw to n point    of
. v IH.imill in* jii|.'ii|i>4 nl
44 In..ii cl ,i im i mil lu, -.liiill iiiil  Iiii 4 ii Iuin rill i ml I..4 lu,I, ill llu, I.ii I •iii'lnli.. Irjl.||t|,'i .
1'i.fct till,, llli.liiv nf'Mul ft. It'll,
).. I>. 1*-|-K*TKI,V,
vUill^tl.ii* ILil^rl- Allium,mlmliiii"
IfUtlH Tut ./llllll .1,111,1, ll»4 4 U.I..I.
Kii-f, lil'iiit Acci*
dont Inmiriuicc
■ Y
All OnliiW lYoiu-iily Atli'iuli',
Estate? "
' V Tel. 3
Pcrnlc, D. C. ■*■
Road tho hoA^r^,^.^^^,.^^^
na I
FKRXI-R LEDGER, FERXIE, B...C.    NOVEMBER 9,  19)07 :~~,.'-'
* ».?
!..' SI
•'""y.~fplanted:"-at,~cir-" near-'thejiorth .-.* east
.;; .corner, post .of.'AliQe, Fraser's.,' claim,
""'   ' and   being the south, .^est cor ner-
" Notice' is hereby given that;30
days afterdate','! intend to apply „to
, the 'Honorable , Chief, Commissioner
-of Larids'and Works for a license to
prospect for coil and. petroleum on
the following lands, situate in the
district of. South East Kootenay,*
British Columbia, Block 4593..-.
* Commencin.--*'at planted one
mile south and one mile west of the
' south east. corner post ■ of lot No.
1G67, and bting the south east, corner pest of Anne C. Robinson's
cairn, thence north.80 chains, thence
west    tlC-   chains,   thence   south   80
- chains,   thence east 80 chains to a
•-> point cf commencement, .makiog 640
*   , ,'■-'.■•)    ..    ■  ■--■
acres more-or less. . -  -
-.' 'iLjoialci -Ihis ,20th'; day .o*";Septem-
'bet,''lC07;Y'Y:Y;'-'        Y'-- '■'.
ANNE^C^:'^QBINS6N,-;£oi!4**|orr   '.'
._" By.'JeilN>J..-Hn^ 7
1 Witnesses:'■,„•„,-"•.•„ y-'Y.('■*.•>. .-?-.  ....>-,
Davii''IJ..;'A!cGirinis."; ,'■   '   'y\.     -.
Arthur' VV> "Beid'enj'r""' 'f .- !•-»   ';-*.
Henry Howitf," 3rd. ".', *    '' ;; : -
' NO. 2.— Commencing' at a 'post
planted' nl or near, tlie' south east
■corner post of -Anne C. Robinson's'
chim, ac.d- lying • south ■ of Anne" C.
'Robinson's ' claim, ■*'■ and ■ being th»
north cast coiner, post of'-Adelia.
Robinson's claim, thence' west 80
■chams, thc-rcc south, 80 chains,,
tlHnce east tli chains', thence north
£0 chains,-" to-a point of , commencement, makir.g 610 acres- more or
:i:ss. "    ",      '      ,   '       . .'"
Loc*j Ud  zh,e 20th' day  of"Septem-
■' ber, 1907.      *     ...        --,  :
ADELIA LGBIN'SON,  Locator.     ^
■  By.JCHN  J. HEWITT,  Agent.
-i   ■*** -
Witn;ss:s:   •
""Davici Ii. McGinnis.
'Arthur W-. Belden."'      *.
No. ;3.—Ccmmencing at a post
'-, fibntci' at or near the. north east
corner post cf , Adelia Robinson's
-claim-aTid^bchis^the-north-west-^corner post of Martin Robinson's claim,
thence .souih SO chains,"thence east
80 chains, thence nortii 80 chains,
tin-nee west i-'O chains, to a point of
conimencenuiit. making 640 acres,
more or lesn  . ■ .    ,
Located this 20th day of Scptem-
"'  ber, 1207. ■    .
.By JOHN J." HEWITT, Agent.
W'tnuses: '   0
David Ii. McGinnis,,, ,,
Arthur \V. Belden, .
Henry Hewitt. 3rd.   "
No. 4,—Commencing at n post
pluitcd n't ir near tho.,north' west
corner inst of Martin Iiob"Inson:s
■tliim, nnd lying north ot
Mart'.n ro'.l-.ific.n's cl'nirn, nnd .being
the south wist corner post of And-
i-i y Frns:i;a c'aiin,  thence enfit , 80
post cf„C.l..ifi. J. 'Kershaw's claim,
thence north 8'i chains,-.' thence east
SO chain-*, thtnee south 80' chains- to
a-point of ^commencement,■ maling,
C10 - acres more or less, and lying
nor'.h of Alice Fraser's claim.- „ .
bcr, 1S07.,.-.,     Y.'. . '    '       ,   ,,, „
* Located this 21st day1 of September, 1907.""   ,','''     '-"■. "
-By. JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witnesses;    ;       ', \ ."'.',
Henry ', 3rd.,
.Thcs. Slattr. '■',',
No. 8.—' Commencing at a- post
pUuled at or near one mile south
of the' couth east5'corner, of Olive
Norton's cl.iirn, and being the south
ciet" corner, of Leavenworth Kershaw's clj-Jin', thence, north ,80
chains, tnoace west 80-chains, thence
south1 £0 "chains, thence east 80
nsains to «*. point; "of-commencement,-
makin-j ui3~aciet more or less,.jand
lying south 'v'Oiive'Norton's claim.*
• Located. t:ii."i 21st day *.of ■ September, 1-307.".-   •;'■■■'.-■      -    ■
,7     - ■   .Locator.
;    By'JOHN, J   HEWITT,; Agent.
.'".'M^nry'-Hevi't. '_3rd:;--'-   ■'-'    '■  ,' " ■
;'Slater.   ,fl -.-•      a     '    ,       .
No. a.—Cir.mencing at a post;
planted at- or- near the south east;
corner , i-oy. of Leavenworth Kershaw's cJlai.r' an<i» being the south
wect- corutr" post of Jesse Kershaw's
cLii.ri, ther • '" north 80 chains, thence
e-st SO-.- cLt-ins thence ■ south 80
cliains*, ih^nce west 80 chains to a
pcinl cf Co*: rrrucemeht, making'C40
acres n.ou"; or less,' aod lying east'of
L:avemvo7'i .Kershaw's claim,   "
Located this, 21st day ,of Septem-.
Ler, 1C0J.      -   ' .*,. ,,- ' . .«
, JESSE  KERSHAW;" Locator.
, By J01L'<  J'. HEWITT,' Agent.
o ■>
Witnesses'. -    -   -     -
Thcs. Slater, '    '. .
Henry, Hewitt, 3rd: -
No. 10.—" Co*ur.-.eacing at,, a'' post
planted at" cr near the south west
ccrnar .pest" of ■ Jessie "Kershaw's
vl-iim,. f.nd lelng'the nortii .west'.cor-
-.liim," thunc."'south 80 chains, thence'
east,, 80 ■ chains,' .thence' north* ,■ 80
.haii.s, -ihoncu west 80 chains to a
pcint of commencement; '-making' 640
acr.s in oro cr less, and lying south
of Jesse Kc*'"!"haw's-claim.,,
L cated  tLin 21st'day of. Seotera-
ie-,-i:or.        ■•'".'
"   MARY E. K1RSI-IAW,-Locator."
By 'JOHN  J.* HEWITT,' Agent
Witnceses: ■ .
This.  Sinler, .     "'
Henry Hewitt, 3rd.
No. 11.— .Commencing^ at a post,
■'Ln'.e:! ,at or near ihe north,, west
icjvn r ■pc*.<-t" ' ol',' Mary, E. Kershaw's
cln'ini, nnd Le'ing the north enst corner* pest c£ Henry B, Kershaw's
claim, tlu-nro south £0 chains, thence
west £0 cliuins, thenco north 80
chains,  the no j cast' 80 chains,* to a
. No." 14.—Commencing■' at?' a post
planted at or near the* south east
corner'post cf' Dorothy" Kershaw's
claim, and bc'ng the north west corner "post of. Harry B; ,Hewitt's
claim, thence uouth" 80 chain's, thence
esst 70 chains, thence north 30
chains, thence'west 80'chains, to a
point ■ cf ' commencement, ' making
6.0, actos,, more" or less0 and- lying
south . of * Dorothy Kershaw's claim.
' Located this * 23rd day of Septem-'
ber, 1907.      ■" V" •"■.,..■'
By JOHN j; HEWITT, Agent.
Witnesses: ',
'  A. W. Belden,    , ' "
Thos. Suiter. - "     .
No. 15. ■- Commencing fiat a post
planted at. or near the north west
corner" post of ' Harry 'B7Hewitt's
claim, ranil, being the north east corner post' of Harley B. Davenport's
claim, Ib-inco south SO ehains, thence
west ,S0- chains, thence north 80
chains, theuce east SO chains,- to^. a
1'oint cf conimericemcnt, making 640
acres' move 'or less';" and" lying .west'
of Harry B.'Hewitt's .claim.   ,,
located this '23rd day, of  Septem^
be-r,r 1207,' '..', ■ ••   ■-.- '.    '.    ...',    ■",
B>" JOHN, J, HEWITT.' Agent:  ■
Witnesses:.   ■;   ,'      ',      ■-• :■•,   •„ , ■;   -:'
■.."A; W.-BcWeti, ' ',;
Thos   Slatcj,
corner "post. V.f George W. Slyter's
claim,, and lielrig the south west corner post of Dan D. Calkin:s claim,'
thence n.rtli ?0 chains, thence east
SO, chai-is, .thence s'outh_ 80- chains,
thence west SO chains,-'to a point,of
commencement,'making G40 acres,'
more" or . less, and lying ~east .of
Gcorje W/Siyter's' claim.-
lo'catec*. thi^i 25th day. of Septem-r
ber, 1C07.        -----       -
DAN. D.  CALKINS, .Locator.'
By'-JOHN  J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness;   ' '■' , •
Thcs.' Slater..
• No. 22.— Commencing -at ,a- post
planted* at or near the south west
corner ' post of Dan D. Calkin's
claim;' and tt-ing , the north west
corner pest of Charles A. Foster's
claim, thenco south 80 chains, thence
emt iC cha.'ns, rthence north' 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains,, to, a
point of commencement, making 640
acicsmcee or,less, and lying south,
of Dan D, Calkin's-'claim.'  '    -'   '
Loots'.,  thid 2Gth .day,of. September, ISO/. , *.. -,
■ CHARLES' A. FOSTER,'' Lcator.
:By' JOHN J.. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness.     '    c,     „■    ,
,Th:s..S!f-.t*:r.    '     l,„-    -  "
No. 23T— ..Commencing -at   a   p'tist
planted at,'or ne^r  the north west
corner"p st of  Ch:.rl:s  A.  Foster's^
claim, c-.r.d l,cin-j the north east.cor
ter's _claim* thence north 80 chains,
tlience w?st 80' chains;'thence south
S9 chainV" thence, cast 80 chains to "a
P c- in t ■, I; cc n ir e hcement, making 640
acres mor.i or-less, and lying east'pf
Deiothy Ivcithaw's■ claim.-
Located 'iliis'29th day-of^Septem-*
bei,. ISO'.. 7"    • ,  .■
■EDITH GORDON, Loeator.......''■
By /JOHN  -J. HEWITT,' Agent.   -v
WiLnrss:'-'    "    -:.''     '' ■-""' ,- *,,'•   ' .
Thos."&'jHtcr:'" 'V '''/ ": :'- '".
Lorated"ll!is. 28th. day of. Septem-   ' No. 36.— Commencing... at, a v, post
No. 16.— Commencing at a' post,
planted one mile south and one mile
?ast cf thi- south east corner of
Harry B   Hewitt's-claim (or. 8 miles
e^st corner post ,of .L. 1667), .and
bein*; the south east corner post-' of
I'eill Foster's claim', thence north 80
chains, thenco west 80 chains,,thence
£.outh „£0'.- chains, thence" east- 80
ehains, to a.point of.commencement,
making C40 acres,.more.or less,..The
n.w. csrner cf this claim corners
-wilh the s. c. corner of Harry, B.
Hewitt's c.-iim.
Loiete.i. this 25th" day of Septem-'
ber, r07   '       .„      -  7   ..   ' ,   ,.
-    BEAl.LtFOSTER, Locator. .
''.JBy ' JO'.iX.l.- HEWITT, Agent, v,
Wiihrhs: ''    ■
Thos. ,Si:itt:.
bei, l'JOr.   ■    -■•-"•-.■_."'■,
/ WM^'H.'I'PF.d'CTOR,; Locator.'
By .j;iIi"Nt"J;HEWIT.T, Agent.
Witness:'        .        ' I    •'   - -   '
Thns. Suite*.-,        .'"-'■ 7     ' '
, pljnt.d tt' or near the .south    east -.
'corner/Pcsf ol" L. J908, ■ aiid being
the,.h.east of Mary-
-*■■ iNcrum s claim, thence south    iO.
chains, ihinrj west"80.chains,'then'•a^.
v     -V     f--r-.„, „■     •   •.       - ' »»   aDrth 'S-„',Jl'*'i-*s.    thence- cast - iO   '
.No. i,'.). - Ci.mmencing   at   a,  post -chq,-no   +.   „   •„.„,.    .
, ---,   ,    . '   .. , . .cuainb, t., p lo-nt- oi commencemenc
planted «'..,«? near the south   east- m ,•,;„,  ..,,     ' a ■-        , ■    ■
J   t iiJ-n-      tt   „     ,." .   innkin*5 6i,i acres, less, ar,..
corner p.,-,t, of WUham H,:-Proctor's ;lyJng.S0Ut, r;fL   m$    .--
corner post of-Clara-IL Lea's claim  j   Loca-d ^ j^-^'- -     ;
claim, ' . and    being the south west ! jjtr   107 - *  * •
thence north,,i0 chains, thence, east   -,M'AnY"B   K0KT0X> Lornt,.ri    ■
By. JOHN J. HEWITT, A^ci.t.'
Witne-'s:- ?. .    "
Thos.   SJ.-.toi;    •        I'',''""
£0'' cli'iins, -tbence south 80    chains,
thonce,chains, to,a point of   ,
commencement,"   making,   640  acres,
more, or less and..'lying east of Wm. j .       t ,      ,,       .
H-. Proctor's claim.     . ^' ,   -,    I   No. 3? -Commencing   at'  a, post"
' ■L5c£tei7bis''28th"day_>of Septeni-|pian':ed  at. or near." the • southi  east
bcr,'.. 1.07.",. , ii ,.*.'-.-' ''.•": -.j corner pi st of L. 1908,-'and    being
—CLARA-H..-LEA,--Locator.- "   jthe north Mtst corner post of Clar-
.-.By JOHN J.'HEWITT, Agent.       , J.' Spi!;e's claim, .thence south
iS0. chain*,    tl.ence  east 80   chains', i7
ih.DC3 no; th Si chains,. thence west
•v   ■   ,     v. •     -   .-, i   l° chainii> io a point of-commence-
,No. ,*•.'.—rCc-mmcncinSi at1 a- post   ,r,r.l('  m,..,_., r,„ - . ■■
*..     -.-*:-..■.i-   . t   •"..     -,.-1        ,nc-*Li n''i"ing,-C40 acres more pr less;
Witness:       - -.
Thos. - Sicitir.'
planted t.t 'cr. near the-soutli   west
corner p ist of Clara H." Lea's claim,
lind being the north west corner post
,    * - „ ii        . . .-
of  William*-?'.'■ Lea's'''claim',  thence
'south.". 30  td.hins',*■'thence ' cast-  SO   rt jin_.BS
chains thence~noi'th;86,chains thence I
, Thos.-
and lyiu. ea:-t of Mary E7 Norton's
clai;::. ■ ...       .-..,-•.'*
,CLARENc-i:  J. .-SPIKE,', Locator.-
By JOi'IX- J. -HEWITT, 'Agent.-.
nerpo's'!; of Forbes P. Haskell Jr'si we'it iO "cli-jii.s".' to a pbint'.'of .com-|-*  ru°s*  ^^-ter. -•*  -.
claim", thencec'se*uth "SO chains', thence jmencemene,  making "640 acres, ,more j   t* °'-     '" Commencing   at .a   post
cr l.'ss; r.r.d lying south' of Clara H.
cli'iins, thenee north 80 chains, Point of co:nmcr.c.ment, making 640
thence rouils 80 chains, to a'point o( acr.s n-oro' cr lesp, 'and; lying''west
c*-)ii.m nc.m.nt,    mnldng    0*10 acres, Uf Mary Id, Kershaw's claim,
mere cr Ub*-,
Loca'cd t'nii. 20th day ot Soptcm-
bc,  1V07. *
Uy  ,'OliN  J. HEWITT1 Agent.
Wltmfis.s: • o
David 1!, KcGinnlH, »
Attir.r' W.. Hclilon,
IT nry i;cw;tt, 3ul,,
Located U,»4 21st day ol Soptem-
Icr, TOT.
HT-.NUY  B.'. KERSHAW, .Locator.'
By JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent. •
Thos. SlstiSr, i
Henry Hewitt, 3rd. '
No. ll!,-- ((.mmencing nt n post'.ed nt cr near one milo south
cf tl.o Eouili coBt cornor of Henry
11., Kershaw's clnlm, (iiIbo C„ mileu
Huiiili of the Hi-iitl. cast corner of L.
l'.C) nod lii-lnp tlio south cast cpr-
n:r peat of > riilllp H. KcrslmwiH
d„iiTi thmco north 80 chains, tlunce
>0 cli-:,in*, tlimco north. 80 chnlns, !WtHt E0 r'''i'r'«7 tlitnco south 80
ihtnee Ms. YAi rlmlna to n point' of !c'h,lntf> ti:0l!Ce oaBt t0 limine, to a
c.mmriiecimii maklUR f.-IO acrPH, 1 P"lnt '>' comihencement, making Mfl
more cr Itwi, and lying Kouth ot!"ct"8 moro or ,c83> "m* *y|n« B0Uth
.M'irlln'Po!.li'f;on'n, clnlm, |o! Hmvy I-'.'Korahnw'B claim.
I.ccnt'd tlt.i 2iRb day of'flpptom-'   J-™11-'1 *'V3 2flrl1 ,,nv of September, 110'.
PIUI.II> II. KIWSHAW, locator,
Ily .If)F-N .1. HKWI'IT, Ajiont.
j Witn'-sscfl' ■
i    A.  W,   I iWt'Xi
1   TIk.h. HI ir.
Uo, .".-- f nWi-i'iic.'ni' at a
pl.ini.ud ut or i:oar tho houUi po-i, of Iiinrtin 11ohinnon'B
u aim .'Hid brjnr' the north cant corner rest i-f .Clive No-t'-in'n claim,
iliencs eouth 80 cliolns, tlicnco west, Ivor.
' OMVH NfUrONi I.wntnr,
IXy .1011'   J, I!KW:tT, Acent.
II nry   Ini.,
Tlion.  winter
No. c.—■ (.'c n m.'icln;; at n
piimt'-'il .it c nn;ir the north
■corner ]ty.f c'
No, 13      CciiLincnclng   (it   a   pont
,i'ii,»t '■ 1'li;tl-'' -1"- ' r ,!C,,r ''',c fiulIt'1   cnHt
west-- SO" ch'.'ins,'thence no'rtli    80
chains, ttenco east 80 chains,  to'   a
th aufYniiles easrof^e so^ \*0& ci commencement, making G40-
acr.s, more o:" less, and lying west
of Charts'A. Foster's" claim.
- LoC'ited this" 25th day of. September, 1907. ,.',."'
'  FORBES' P.   HASKELL,'Locator.
"By.. JOHN J   HEWITT,  Agent..'
No. "24.— Commencing at a post
planted one mile east of the south
weet corner pest of W. I. Moulton's
cla:m (ot'8 miles south and 3 miles
east cf U'e- south east corner post
of L. lCt;7, and being the south
west corner post cf-" John-J.'Hewitt's
el?i'.*, t5i»i:c'e' north 80 chains, thence
GciDli-^.J.*—^Cuciiua]—uU4.-u^42— oOulii uv
chaius, t'lcne'e west 80 chains „to'a
point ci cemmencement, making C40
acres more or less, and lying east
of, W.!*T*. B Hilton's claim. '**.•■
'.'■ Located this'27th day of-September, 190,'",; ,'..'; ■* .. ..4 *',*-
.   ,   JOIi.*"   J.  HEWITT,  Locator.     .
Thoc. Sluter. -   .   ,
: No. ,17.— Commencing at a., post
planted at or near the. south .'cast'
corner" cf .BcrI1 Fester s claim, and
being the couth west corner post of
Vi. I. M,'alien's claim, thence nortii
SO _, chains, thence east 80 chains,
sou'.h ° W ck'.ins,; .thence west 80
chains,- to ,\- pcint of commencement
ma'sin"; C-10 here? more or less, and
l-i'in; est l   BcaU Foster's claim. ,
Located, this 25th day of 'September, 1"07.
Vi. 'I.-I.Ct'LTON, Locator.
By  JGU\'  J.. HEWITT,-Agent.
. Tli.-s! .Sistc .. ..      -      -,       „ ■   *
No. .18 •'-' Commencing at a post
planted at or nour* tho soutli west
corn:r pest ot , W.- I.' Moulton's
claim, and,, hi ing tho north west cor-
;ner post of il., R. Tucker's, claim,
thaico toulh 8C chains, thence eaBt
80 chains, ' thonco north 80 chains,
tlicnco 80 chains,'to a point of
ccmmencci;*ii,'iit, 'making.'040 acres,
more a; .less, pud lying soutli of W,
I" Moulton's claim. "
I.ocati.1 '.his 25th day of Septem-
lef, 1C07.'
'J.  H. TUCKER, Locator,
liy JOHN .1. HEWITT, Agent,
T.ios. PlQli-r,'"      ,
No, 13.— Commencing ht a post
plint.od; nt t,-v near the nortii west
coiner pes-f i-f J. II, Tucker's claim,
rnd bclnj Hie north eaat corner post
o.' L, T, fc.Ji..*ltyn'B,. claim, thenco
south 80 'chiiins, thence west .80
■'luliw, frenco nnrlli 80 .chains, thenco
cut i'O ch'ijli/, to ,ii _point ,pl coin-
in ncamei't," mnklng C-10 ncreB, more
i.r I.vb, f-ntl lying west of J. 11.
Tucker's clnlm.
L.cited this 25th dny of Hoptem-
hcr, 1507.
L. T...HHRI/TOS*, Locator,
By .Iflix J, HEWITT, Agent.
Thos.. e:i.iri.
No.'25.— Commencing' at a post
piantcd at c." near the south west
corner pcbt of John J.' Hewitt's
claim, :.i .1 ' being tlie north west
corner p.isc -f Henry Hewitt 3rd's
clilm, tuTiCt; scuth Si) chains, thence'
cast SO chiiins,' tlience nortii ' 80
cha'us, tI**.'.';-!? north SO chains, to n'
point'of commencement, making 040
acres mcic or less and lying south
of John J. Hewitt's'claim.
Located ilils 27th day' ot September, 1U07
HBN11Y HEWITT,  3rd, Locator.
By AOfrVV ,1:" HEWITT, Agent!
WllntEK. ■'
Thee.  Sloter.
No. 2L *- Ci mmcncinn* at a post
I.*;d I wo mil.B north of the
couth w*e. ccmcr post of John J,
Hcwltt'n cJ.'iim, (alKo C miles south
,ar.d 3 pi ' i cas of the south east
caver pest 6r. L. 1CG7) and being
tlio s-u''* wn:it c.rner pest of
Wllll'.m Hc-vltt's claim, th?nco
nortrt fO rlinina, thenco ' cant'' 80
ch.ilna, tl:> n.-' south E0 chains,
tlionc3 ivi,; s'   th.iln?, to.a point ol
plint.d at'or • near the' south'- cast"
corner pout c: L." 1908 "and being tho
south .-sott"' corner 'post' of"' Isaac'
Carbon;s"' claim', ...tlience;' north, 80-
t.h< tlie'nc e" east'80 "chains,' thenco
south 80 cbfljn3', thence west 80
chairs to-a point oi".commencement,
mukiijg C40»acr:s, more or less, and
iying-eu5i uc*i L 1 COS. ' ,- ' . ,
. Locut:'.! this 3Cth'-.d'ny; of .September, 1.0". ■ ■ i * 7-
. '  IS SAO" CAB SON, Locator.-:"'  ',7
-,   By JOII..'" J. HEWITT,* Agent'. "
iVitnefs. ,    *
Th.s."Slater'. . ' '-.-       --       ■
Lea's", claim.'.-,      .-..".*-  '•".'.
Located' this 2'8th'" day' of' Sebt'em-
_-. ■        ....    v*     - -    K .
bcr,'lSf-7.' .   ' ".   «."■' - ■
WM. F. liEA, Locator'..! .,   ,
- By JOH.V J ' HEWITT," Agent..
Witness:        ■'     ,       ,,   7 .
Thcs.' Slater. '    ■■•
No. 31.— Commencing   at   a   post-'
rlantcd at or near the north   west
corner    popt'-of'  William^F.  Lea'.s
claim, !and being-the north cast corner "po.-t  jf John r.U.'Brcok's claim,
thence so'.'th 80 chains,-thence west-
10 chail:-i, tLcnci    north   80   cbains,
thenoe eist.-80 chain;, to. a point of'
more or'less, and .lying Rest qt Wm.
cc-mmeDi-imii.l,    making; G40    acres,
F. Lea's c'uim.    , * -       .'.'•'",
.^Locaied—'.tbis—2St-h=da,!'~of— Se*otem—
ber, ,1907. " .,*'''.
By; JOHN  J."HEWiTT,  Agent. tAke    noticb     tUt    r_.ed   R_
Witness: ;,.          -'       "         -  "     •-■ D-l:el',l    of .Fernie,    B.'C.   timber".
Thos.,. Sinter.   ,\      ,■■„                   . craiser,'■ irtcr,d6   to-apply   for'    a-
No, 32.-   Commencing   at   a   post s^ecial  tim!,cr license'over  the fol-
Flanted    at .-.r near the south east lowiuS' described lauds:...         ,    '
corner    post    of '■ Jesse    Kershaw's No.  1.-- Commencing-at'-'a post
claim,  (4 niks south and one mile, pitted on the south   bank: ..of .'a
east of,the south east corner  post smnu cre(,.* j-nthe"Elk river  valley,
~ t
Cranbrook L.ind Distritt
District of K««tcnay
cf L. 1CG7) and being the,south west
corner pest of William D. C. Spike's
claim, thenca north 80 chains, thence
east" v' chains,. .thence south 80
ch.uns, thenco west 80 chains, to a
point of commencement, making G40
acres more oi" less, and lying cast of
Jesse.Ke:.Fhitw'i, claim.
Located, this 2StIi day, of September,'1S07.
WM. D, C. SPIKE, Locator.
By JOHN J. HKW1TT, Agent;1,' '
Wiln.KB: ,"  „. „
Tl*.os. Sinter.'
No. 33 - Commoncing at a post
planted i;t or near tho soutli west
comer post o'.'Wm.., D. C, Spike's
cluim, n---J'Lcln<; tho north west corner i os-, cf Fiavella Spike's claim,
thence eist K0 chains, thenco north
£0 .'halnd, in.ncf west 80 chnlns, to
a point oi commencement, making
G-10 acres uio'.o or loss and lying
eouth cf Wm., It, C, Spike's claim.
Located thlH 28th day of September, 1*07,
FLA\ Hl.1 A SFIKB, Locator. '
commen;'ni'i.      maklner   0*10    ncrcs |   By 'JOHN, J. HEWITT, Agent,
moro   er l"f"?, nnd lying   nortii   of
Cli,'iilo*j   V.  Ica'B claim.
Locat*-' t.     27th d:iy of September, lf07.
WM. It   IIi:\MTT, Locator.
liy JOHN  J. HEWITT, A[,cnt.  *
Tlion.  !••:,,Kr,
ThoE. £ Liter.
about" one,milo north and one mile
wcst'bi Cli'crles Weigcrt's Pre-emp-
t on Lot Ni.4.'„2000lV thence-40 chains
west, them-o lLO chains north, thenco
40' chains eat-l, thence 1C0' chains
s euth to point of beginning, con- ,
taming fiiO anecmorc or loss.
D.,t.'.l Septimber 28th, 1907.
. No, 2.— Commencing "at a post
plnnte-d " n'oou't 20 cliainB north' of
Goat Crwk and 40 chains west of
LL; Ri/ir cn tlio north nnd west
boundnri:8 r.f tho Patmore timber
l.mitB, thence west.40 chiiins, theuco
north 40 chains, thonco west" 40
chiins, th'nee nortii 40 chains,
thenco buiilh 120 chiiins, to-point of
l.o.lnnln„', cmtnlnlng C40 acres moro
or 1,'SB.
Bated Septimber ICth, 1907,
No, 3,—Commencing at a post
r-hn.eil on tho" west .fork of
llittjny t'ro:k about ono milo south
of mam. Rlicniu mid abov.t three
mis up sti'unm from tlio junction
■ct the I.U River adjoining L, W,
P.ilmore'B t'mber limit on tho west,
tl-cncj wefit C-l chairs; thenco nprthlO'l
chain', flours oaBt C-l chains, thenco
B'si.tli I'jO rhiiinp to point of begln-
iujr, ctnt.'.itilnj.' C40 ncreB more or
Ditcfi .September 23rd, 1907.,
No, 4.—Commencing at a post
phi.tod in llio u.tHt bank of the
njrlh l'ink vt Big Creek nonr tlio
north wit cm r of timber license
No. 31.— Commencing   at  n  post
pl in'.cl at rr'renr tlie south   eafit
C-rn-r'  of    CHiarlea    A,-- 'Korslmw'H
cl'.ilm I'fldj 2 miles nouth nnd 1 mile
cntt i.f tho o'-'iitii east corner   pon't
"''' jef h, I'ii") ar.d lielng thn Bjuth'wo*.t i
No, 2;— Cpn.mor.cIni*.   nt   a  pofit I c rn-;r pr.*it cf Irene Norton's o\;x\m j
ihr.Ld t.t --r rc.r the ro-illi   wi>«t ! thenco 81 ch-.ilin, thenco cast j
cne* p-nr. i-f William II, UcwitfJs. ilium', thunce nouth 80    chalnn, !n,,ln'lo!; u™ ™* "boiit tw0< mllrs
No, 2.'.*-   nt  n   post \v\ liui, ini leinij tho north west ror- ifncno w.ft 8.) chains, to n point of i J,'    " .    c "" m',  " C,,".on
itint-il *■ no rnilb hoiiIIi of the nouth . n r pen1 fl nmrlcH W. I/a'p claim, '< roniinciic.*i.;iiu,    muklng  IM0  i>«i*ph,    ,     uu"r t"'r("    nort1, R0 chain**,
net oin*v ot J. H. Tucker'B claim. ; tlr.n-.'c' -o tli 8'  chains, thence onPt'inora   tt   liw,   nud   lying' cflpt of    "cn" ?tRt ™ rllnlns' thenco south
40   rlmliM,    t!:on:-o went 80 chnlns,
thetico, unwh w clialhi', thenco enst
120   chain'!    to point of beginning,
contatnlnj C<0 ncrca moro or less.   ,
I'.len r-ciM'Tnur 20th. li-07,
(i r JO mll'.H Houth nnd a mllen e-.Ht.Si'i .clniiiii   Hi nrc    norih HO clrnlni, jC'InrleB .T. Kn-flhaw'B claim.
:! Olive Norloniii clnlm. -, corn ir i os:  oi I'hll'.p H. Kernlmw'H ; cf   tho   loi'th   east corner   pent I. :■ thenco wsl fC cIhIik, tt t\ r-olr*t r f j   Loca'e*l tliln-Sfltli dny nr f'.cptcm-
-md   bi'ln»   tl.n   north wcHt comer , '•„*'nii *''-*' lt,'nK tht i-outh went cor-jl'.CT), ar/i \.'i<ny. the south caH*, cor- ■ cinm.e curnl,    makin;;   C40 ai-re*?, jfcer, l'JUT.
-i't,|.  „f   \)ir* w- ^.„i'n oi.iit4»   filmic • lier    pnt't    i.f    Dorothv    Koi'Hhnw'n   n r    |>rmr.    r.t   C,r>r,ryn    W.    HUtT'c * ii'rri* or I -m ». lvln"* w>il*h i*f Wlll'nm I   •   IflKMl NflT-tTON,  T.rtcitor.
►■iiiitl-i    rn   tl-i'vin    ih"n"f **n"t    M  chim,    tho'iCi*     north     KO   chnlnH, •■ I'la'r.), lanire north 80 cliulnn, llimce ll{, 1-lcw't'. •. fdnlm. !   liy JOT1N J, I1KWITT, Airent,
wo-.t    ib   flmins, tlience Houth    Mm   loo td il,i« 27t'» d.iy of fli-ptcm- , Witr.pB-;
r.h'ilpn,    tnnic*     tft'.h    R0    rhalnn, ' lll"nc<- t'-'fil- ''• tli'«i*9i thenco   nouth
...once wc       rhaln-i*. io a point ot'-^ fluliiii. time  went 80 chaiM, to
fn'i'ni'ncpmrnt,   maklnf*- C40    nr.W'A   ront o. coinmenipemfnt., mftkin-R | commencement,   making    C10 ncrt*B,
ii'(.r« or IPS,*, nnd lying cixnt o! Olive j-"*0    ,ltriS n'or'; or    'tB8 An('  lylnl?|n'ore or Kw, and lying flo.ith of .1.
clnlni, e.ifit SO chalnH, to a point of | bir, lf07.
OHAniKS W,  I.riA, I.ocntor,
Hy .TOr^,T J. HEWITT, Agent.'ftt'il tils 2lnt dny of  flpptem*
ler, J.'07,
ALILT. ri'.ASRn, Locator.
Ily JOHN J. IfMWITT, Airont.
rrrnr,* r-VwlCr,  3rA.,
Tmp. SlAtr-r.
,-* Commfnclni;   at   a   poit
j   Lur'ato I tins 23:d day ol Eeptcm*
Micr, 1'jO;.
!      nOUOhf*' KF.RRHAW, Locator.
Uy JOHN .T. HKWITT, Agent,
A. W. lieMcn,
TIuj. Sl-itcr.
L.c-,itci th'n 25th <l-«y ol Reptem-, 1C01\
'CliOUf-K W.  flLYTKR, LocAtor.
Hy .iOW?; .I. HRWITT, A (rent.
Witn' hs:
Thru.   Main?,
Nn. 21.— r.:r,mn.i>nr.lne nt   n   pist
jfil'inK*!   n*!  or nrar thp sout'i e.-itt
ThoR.  t'ifitcr.
No. 2'..* • Cor.inifncin« nt a post
plant'-d ono milt oust of tlio north
fi-fl, r.f Hnrry n, TTewltt's
.'l^Itn, talpo f. mllcfl Bouth nnd 2
ml ti c.-'-t «.' tho noutli,eaBt corner
(out nf L. lf.f,7) and bflnu tin* south
tvp. rcir.'OT Vfft ot WlUlnm TT. rroe-
ThoB,  Rlniflr.
No. !13.-' Cnmmenclni; nt a post
pln-'.ted i.t rv near the muth weat
coin I- fcut of Irene Norton's <Ati\m
crxA I dr.!- tlio north wert corner poBt
cf Kdiili Gordon's claim, thunce
00 ith TO chnlnH, tlicnco eaat 80
chnlns, Ihi'ticn north 80 rhftlnw,
thencs wcift 81 cliains, to a point of
comaioncfmont* irmdilnB C10 acres,
more f.r Wrn nnd lylnjr nouth nt
Ircns NtJiTcn'.* rl .Im.
No.iTi,—Onmnunclnp;     nt   n   poflt
phntcd rn lho upper■ Elk River   at
tho noitli f,ast corner of timber'11*
c nBcni'.ii'.lrr 12188 nnd on tho went
. ..,. 1 ..     *.   %. , .. , ..
-"•* */     ',  *     *    *     .••4*U.I,*.,',4l.   US!...    *i*..li4l.j}*e
nnm'.er I0i2. tUct:ce north 40 chains,
thence wt 40 fluiiifl, tbence north
80 r,h.\ th'.nco west 40 chnlnH,
thence nviah 12C clnlnn, tlience east
80 <.Hns to point of l;eglnnlnir,
rnnt-ifuln; Ct!) arr-;n rrnn' i-r low.
Ditci! fiirtcmher 6th, 1007,
FP.LD ,«. nALZTSMj, tneator.
* 'i1
.- 4
-.1 J
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'CIW »
Forceful Argument m Favor of
-'■ Wi Cksed Shop
Thij open shop is a" subject of daily
discussion in publications of, every
character. But although the .volume
cf literature arid oratory offered the
public-on thc. subject is enormous, 1
, suMmit the proposition that it is one
sided. Anart, from some trade journ-
nls ^ printed .for and , circulated
among" union men, argument on-the
. mutter is invariably based on the
prior assumption tliat "tho open shop
-is- the correct and desirable condition. Thu consequence is that ' thn
great section of the, public not« .directly connected with trades unions
has' been led - to form -nn imperfect
judgment-because it   .has not    been
- enabled to hear the advocates of both
sides.";-' '■ "■ r ° ■ " '-'■"" ' -,"
At the,outset, it must be admitted
that the whole question hinges upon
ci-.u jiis'tiflcntiiia ivliich -:an )c jITer-*
• cd for the, existence of grades unions
.The"general-introduction of the oj-cn
shop;,"\is •equivalent'    to  the ^clestruc-
.-iion'of trades unions, and tiie open
.shop'-is, or-is not the lnost'Iieneficisil
liiihij-.trhil  comUlion  in precise meas-
uro as ^the-trades, union is or is not
,   \, '   -a  desirable institution. -.Thus  it-  is
'-   iny t'wo-folii object to show (a) tlmt
- ''    unions' and    open  shop cannot- exist
-    nt the-same time";'(bj    that of    the
two  conditions'the  continued   exist-
■' nice of unions tends to the greatest
good to the greatest number. "   ■
. "   -     Ticsignodly,-'*'   those,  who "advocate
,the' open shop' have striven to make
it appeir as the fair shop; where opportunity  for employment is    equal
to ull, and where merit alone is lhe
determinating   factor   for     ndvanoe-
" ment;-   where  the    walking delegate
does not intrude his iinwo'emiio presence ;,and   sow   tho seeds of discord
I'l'twi'on   the just  employer , and * his
coiilcntud. employees;     where      tho
*        workmen  keeps all he minis instead
of supporting parasites who  foment
strife that thero   mny   bo nn  oxcuso
fortheir being; and above' all, whoro
tho workman is'-free to exercise his
r««r sncred constitutional  right* to    con*
tract with his employer without tho
unwarranted inlcrfcivnco of .third
parties,  ■ ,   *,.
l'.et us siippi-RC a givon industry to
bo upon an open shop basis, Just
nt this point 1 contend that dlsermi.
Iiindon'Ih certain to enter, Roino
■of tho ivppllcunls for work are nonunion men, Tlio employer knows
• 11mt.tlu.Hi* will accept a lower wugii
11uin thu union Iihh li.vod, Thoy will
iniiko iiolhlng more olTcrllvo thnn
mntt'Tori iiroti'sts ngnlnsl, leiigthnii'
ing hours; Un-y luivis no weight,
Imi. tnkos uo iKTounl, nf ilm niimlipi*
who hold il.
Now we wlll tain up the plinsii of
I l.o unit ter p:v<i'iil. <I In the pleliirn
of thu walking iliiliigiiio driving mi'ii
from c,iiii(j.onlni I'inplojiiii'iit., rogiinl-
li'ss of thn nxlNfonro or non-exlslenci'
II'  Hlllllrll'lll   gl'illMllll'I'H,    If  it,   Is     as-
siiir.ol thai iinloii mi'ii ui'-! Ii.,i'i|ly iih
well ulil'.i in en ni for llieir own    in*
I   I'i','IS  IIS  11  III:.'.!,.  Ill" Hlli'i'P!   t'liit   Illi-V
strike ^without knowing why," and endure the hardships-' and si/iTerings entailed as a consequence^ for no better
reason than that' somebody 'ordered
them to do so; that they, persist in
loyalty to their union, 'although, deprived of-'their situations und lobbed
of their earnings to support unworthy lenders, only "because they
lack -intjl'i0eiia- to* percuhe ■• 'how'
much better their conditio^ would
he outside of it, then indeed it- weie
a worthy work to'reso'.'c then from
their union, slavery, nnd giverihem
o-.ei shop freedom. !>n if it ]3 conceded that union' meii are ut lonst"
on a par,' with others - .in kricwiiig
which'side * their bread is 1,'iiitercel
on;'that they,'are just as" keen f.o.'gct
a good job and as reluctant to leave
jt asany,, other sort of men:- that
they canj realize when "thoy arc being
robhed as quickly as most j.eopie,
and'that the.hardships "of strikes are'
no more'palatable to them than' I'to
,other persons with, a proper .apprec-
iasion of well filled stomachs und
well .clad bac'%8,- then it must "seem
tolerably . clear that. there is 'intelligent reasoning behind their loyalty
to tlie,union idea.,,'-You cannot fool
all the people all,'the tiiiie," is as
a;ipiie.i.!-le'"'to them iis to" others.
The trump card - of the' open "shop
advocate is always insistence upon
the sacred'right o the individual, to
w-*rk where lie likes, for- and with
whom he likes and for what he.likes.
I-'ic-ry eloquence .on'"that topic,'.-with
nu impassioned reference to the constitution and,, the flag,-and . something, concerning our revered • i'-ii-e-
fal liej^^i»'^£d_aii'l^ei--V.ed_hoi-j.'-iiin k-ou-
an apparently effective argument until examined in the light" of cold
le.ihon. Freedom of "contract ' pre-
suppos-'s the equality of, the contracting parties. 'What sort of
ejualily exists between-the owner, o*'
kind,._machinery and capital on. tho
ut e si'ie,'iuul the owner of nothing
but a pair of hands on the other-? It
has ben forcibly said that most
workmen-have not a month's, wage's
between themselves and the almshouse 'Through "freedom" of oi.ii
of tlie parties is fully circiimscrihed
by'thu in'i'-.i'i'inive change of his ne-
io.-.sit ics. Now, if the possibility of
the, woiviiuin is' still 'further prejudiced by, tho fact Hint thrco men u.'ro
si'iikiiig one job, will it ho contend-
I'd tlmt any kind of, freedom remuii's
bi:t ihat of taking nil l-,e can gut—
wit'i tho altornalivo'of starving?
The union confers with tho ein-
11 .vol's or n represent a live of the
individuals who compose It. All thu
questions surrounding employment
In nn industry nre discussed, with
Uie result that, writ len coni,raclH for
n definite period ,of lime ure i'greed
upon fur living wages nnd for rons-
iinablo hours. Would any amount of
glowing rhetoric onubles one hull*
vi Mini lo do ns much for himself*?
Oh'.on'o, tho union flxi's u nilnl-
iiinin of wages, Thure still ivnmiiis
to I lie liidlvldunl tliu iinri'sirk'ted
right to L'ontrnct for a wage Hlmv'u
llm S'jiili', And merit nliove tin* uv-
('1'iigc Ihuls ri'iiiiiiii'i'iitloii In com*
poiiNiilliin iibovo thn minimum. It Is
very common In my u.\|ioi'li»n.'u to
Iiml mini rci'i'lvhig moru tluui thu
Willi-. Ob\iuiisl,v, thnn, the only
freedom the iinln.i inn i has ;iiin-nn,|-
i'1'ud jh ilui-fri'i'iloni Xo uiidii'. into
I'Diiipntllliui with his fellows fur thn
opi'oi'tuuliy lo luln'i' until wiip'H
luivu biii'ii I'l'ilucc 1 to the level on
wi'li'li thi' i-lii'iipi'sl of thi'iu i'iiii hn-
II,    iH    III,IS   .-.il4lV.ll    llllll    lltllii:iS   Ufl'U
up ,the wages, of theii' members. Tlicy
do more.'..'-The non-union- man, in i*o;
c-yijit of wages a|ways loss than   tlio
vni-n      scale,- and    working    longer
ho*.rs,  V.i neverthekss e.iablc-d tj get
jue-.e taan .would ;t iho
scaly did'  not    exist, as ,a .siumiai'il.*.
That his wages,have -he-.'ii increase.!,^
his hours de-'ivased, his standard -of
li\ing aud even .his vaunted*
'fi-ioJom' of contract  in some degrco!
preso.'vcil through the struggles ami
saVri.'-ccs of \ t!:er men'.',   ,7
. 3Iy chain is now complete. In.' diugiyumuatiu iorni- it
would appear thus'
<); o:i shop—destruction of" trades
unions—unchecked .competition' _. for
the opportunity to work—consequent
loss of wages—increase of working
hours—decreased purchasing powers
of thi! musses—less employment of
stoic and factory, making still moro''
diffc. lu thc'struggle for existence.  -1
Union shop—more -employnumt, for [
mrii-e inei, under better conditions,
,fcir higher wnues—in-ire money lo lie
sj-a- t for the'things that add 'refinement to life—more work for the-mon
that make'and hnnle these things—,ij
more g-rcral <lilTu.<-ioniof the ju-o-
ducts of industry—a distinctly highur
standard of living, wilh thc,'*niitiga-
.tion of the most terrible feature ot
o-n- industrial system—competition
between the have nots for the opportunity to ^york_.        , -
.'And if further justification oT trade required it can be found
iii the altruism which prompts it to
care for the sick and"aged;" to bury
its dead and protect its .widows aiid
orphans. Yes, aad Jt found
in3the lights it has made and will
rnaVe for ovcrjthirg that tci.ds, to
.the upli.'tingand betterment of' the
race; for tie children it has *'aved
from the devouringomae of Moloch in
mire aiid factory"; for the effort il
has made to -destroy', the recking
sweatshop and the., filthy u-nunont;
for the" advanced political stand it
has always-taken.'   " ,'.,.
. We know the conditions, which gave
birth to trades unionism.-" Ope:) shop1'
• ■;:   *-; '
mc-ins a   le-.'crsuni  to  those    cb:u!i:
tions;   Union   men   understand   ..this
cl.'arly"  o:iough,-and   •however'** they:
may,  mas\- it behind■•Jijgh]  soii'iiding
phrasi's employers -are equally    cog.
nizant   of    that'**'truth!  '"-".The   fight
against the,open shop,is" a-fight for
-ii lei—-()Iiie—bund lu-of—srickis^RmTl i~ii"or
become a "heap of hrenkajde twigs.
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Proprietor \"
The investigntlon which Mr. Mac*
Kon/iu King has l:oen holding In
'Vancouver in connection , with tlio
Japuiii'so Influx has had an tino.x-
peeled rosiilt, and, hns shown tlmt
thn Asiatic I'.xcluslonists hncl un-
eai'thed a mnro's nest,' Thoy Jin-o iiiinoiincod. tlmo and ngnln,
that the ilnpniH'Ho Iminlgi'iitlon Iuul
l.'i'iin oiigiiienrnd by (.'a nud inn corpnr*
iitlons who ilenlroil (o 1'inploy I'heiip
colnreil lulior, .Mr, King has iliscov-
dud that thii irruprlon wuh duo to
tlu> iii.iriiliiniloiiK of n still ii .liipuiii>sii
lionnllilii.liouse ki'iiperH, who nstah-
lliihi'il uu agiincy in Vuncoiivcr, anil
I'ontriiciod with slmllni' agenclcH In
■In,uin , for daps at so much por
lu'H'l, rin'i'e was n rnku-niT at both
i'iuIh, tlm i'iii'i,iii|.'H of the Japs mi
'his -Idol belli-**- pnld over to Iliu
iigo.U-y wlili-h di'ilui'ted -|'i'ri4niiingv*t
viirvliig from live lo lirin,m, It (|ni*n
not   look iih If lho while iii'in   I'.milil
Under new management
Tho table is
supplied with the best the market
affords,   The bar is supplied
with thc best wines, li- ,,
quors, and cigars,
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers,, -Bee.-- Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spravinp. Material, Ctit
Flowijrs,, .etc.- Oldest, established
nursery-on the mainland'of B. C."
Catalogue, free.
Greenhouses and Seedhouscs
60   YEARS'"
^1>AC]FIC rW Marks
Copyrights &c.
AnTono «endliiK n rltotoTi nnd -i mcrlptlnn mnj
'"■ '■ '"-   '  r opiinoii rtrte 44tieil --
    _     .      .--.yimlcntnlij.   Comni	
tlonostrlctlycniifidonttttl. HANDBOOK on 1'atenu
I'll^kly iisccrtiiiii our opinion ftrfe \\ fiuiher an ,
luvenllon is probably imlcntnl!^..Comtuunlcn.
lent freo. Olttust nt-nncy for Be<urln((imteiit6.
Patents taken throucli .".tuii'.-ft to. receive
tpecialnotice, without churce, titbo , .
Scientific flitttrleatt
A haudiomolj-lllUKtrnfcd wecli -i.   I.ircost dr.
.culBf —   '   	
■ ■■          —   .     .      —_■________„_._..
1    i   ft'
; -*:uiis -.'■-
'*                                                                                                             M
Space    .
1    '                                                                                                '■
i      .                     7                            ,,                     S   .                    *
4*1                                        t                                               '
We will have a
t    o                          *
c*                    "■                       ..   -,                                                *x* *
in tiiiie for you to
plan that triD 'to, the * } ;■-
'                                                                                                                                         4             -                                                                                "
',•'                                                                                                                '                                              '                                                                         ^
^ -ft1- °    ;    ■'    .      ' •         .,
Best of service and accommoda- -.
.    V   tion'.'   ,   ' c _ * j
All communications addressed ":
.,                             •    " '           *    '     ;
to your ""local agent orthe^ .
undersigned   will   be   ^
i                "         -*
promptly attended to.
V       1                         ■                                                  L
Cull on or Write'      "   ..
' j.'moe, '    *'V; ft'K.j.coYLF;;'
■ ■   ii.P.A.   -             A. a.?. X.
Nelson ,   -'          "Vancouv-pr   •
1                                                                                                       l1
'                                                                '   f
t   .       "  ' -       ■       £l      -■*;
culstlon of nny roioiHUc ]ouni*j.   'i urnn, j:t»
(our months, fI Sold by«ll newBc'ealon..
 &Co;a«!"«»*"A NewYork
li'uu^D 4.«(i.X4 S& t 9I„ W ati>«. tixi.' i*  >-
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Ecenj attention.
, i
Klvi1 Ilii' Kim uf M|i|iiin ninny |iiiint*.
■•rn In ihnir minimi «|ni>st I'.ir (hn nl-jRoOlllS l'CSCrUCd blj lOil'O
iiilnhiy iIhIIim', l,i,i, ||,,i|m*k I1111I4    iih
if    till'    l'.\l'|-|s|li||    |,|i|l!..||(i   MI'I'll.S   Hf>\|i|'. ]
ul  I'uliilo s Iii  ihi> 11 i-i. if iiu.istli-ii-j
10, Consumptives
, The undorelgned having heoo restored to health by simple meanB,
after Buffering for Bororal years
with a eevere lung affliction, and
thnt dread dlsonso CONSUMPTION,
IsanxlouB to make known to bis
follow Hufferorn the means of cure.
To those who doBlro It, ho will
cheerfully send (freo of ohftrpie) a
copy of tho prescription used, which
thoy wlll rind a cure for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATAItRH, DRON-
CHITIS and all threat and luns
MALADIES. Ho hopes all flufforori
wlll try this noraody, an It Is Inraln
ablo. Those doulrtng tho proscription, whlob will oast tho nothing,
and may prove a cleaning, will
pleaso address
Brooklyn, N, Y,
■ 1 A
All work tfiinraiitml
l*m*   .     *
^!niil:^±:iYY:]-:y.Y^Y.Y:'tt>';, y'-'^kY^ixiiY^Y, ,?jyj=*l&vii5i^
'I! ' !■ ,...!.. 1.,'.'..,   ,..r,   11     !:"*7,'''.'.*J     r:~-j bl.OCO  t'Cil&a'ti~A\.iFirvX'm~l£-'
A  plousQiit   lionus   for   I'llO
**»Hr ******, * "I
1;. !.. \\'I!l::i.A\!
FOR $2.00
With n (lliiniond rlnjj I 'reven!
froo .liowtoBftcuron beautiful com-
ploxlou. DimnoiulH nnd cxqtilsllo
complexion nru botli deeirnhli. An
opportunity to every wommi Ik now offered for obtiilnliii* both, l-'or $.00 I
offer 11 Kt. Gold Shell Itliifr,
shri'po llko n liolchcr, with ti Tiffany »ot-
tiiip, stt with a f,'ciiulnt*i diamoiul
and will scud fr«e with ovory ordor thn
recipe nnd directions, for obtaining a
fnultloas complexion, imfiily understood
nnd slmplo to follow. It will tmve tho
oxponRo' of Crcnmfl, CoHineticH und
HlonchcB. Wlll froo Iho Hkin from pirn-
pint*', IllnckhenilH, otc, nnd >;iv« tho «l<ii»
bonnty and -aoftuoHH.
RING l" f?nar.ititOf!(l by the">r to buaKioprcHiintcd
and fllioiild any puicli/iBcr Imi illHcutlulled
I will cheerfully refund tho itioiiey.
Do not let the prlco lend you to
doubt llio fr.-iiuliK-iU'SK or viiluo
of tlilH rliij:, tm tlio above ^tiiiraritfti
|ii-tti'('t,t .-noli ntiil every jnircliuKtM.
Heiul iih*,$'*.,00 by 11111II anil tul.
ndviinlntro nl'tlifsoU'er, ii--tin'fl- ft
in llnillcil. Pcml t-iy.ii of finder for
which rlii-r Isiliihiivd,
lvi*i -:'i-i! -'ti-nt '     '.'1-
\  a
^r.-f ni.
I.-1, .ht
r 1 *.1111 -•. 1
1 ,     1
fi    M
'ill*'.!* 1 li    ),- 4 i.i-lr-
il ill-1 in 111,4 i,-l-. ii'.i *. 1 • I* i-ill.,| iiji.m 10
, tf. .1. II in.111 1, nl M ii'l-'n. 4 in; "M) iliii'n
I..... llm ,*,. ,i, ,ii, I ii. .| ,;,,„. ;:„j,' .„( ,,,I
SrNn   FOR   FTIKK   SAMPr.l?   jiox
iliiitliin tlilnvli'cnl.urnsiif siul eiiclomi I i*i*nt (or i>"»t«KC..ll/
jiliin.Uinil 4-,.,iiii.!, |,rn|.i-ily tr4-.1l4.iS
iu'.'il ipiiiMily if Z:mi-l;!iilv"i:. ii|7fi,
i-i-i'iliiis'Mdiivcti'ius. l.ut if i-fiivKv;
,,,,.. f. ,.„|, i„ ,1 ,,,,1, ,1,,,, ,,..t, 11 .^i ,yf,.
Mrs-, Ha'iiuiinud (tin* \.\\,^)y\^tif \\w oliilii*1
ryu ciitwl i>| Aiumim^K^wihc in tipplyuiic
.    -roil on ;i rusty n.'ul.
Yy^o •• rifHy u.iil, which
i.'iiTImiI <ior4*. Two npplicMiniii.
/.am*liulc ttlicu ti
She s"ivs
of Zaiu-lttik finlcd the [lain and run'iovod tliu
inll.1TllTn."ltir,tt "     Vrl WnmliT sIli' iliviili'il fn
do what tlioiiiands arc tloiii*j, \\i. \   "Keep
Zant'lluk handy ns the household remedy,
■•:■■:.*•:■ •:»,.»:--n»:»:-•:■*•:••:•♦* •:■•:"
!■■ H.rx .» ^. ,,,-ri      'i
Tho centre of Coinmcrclnl
nml Tonrl*.t TnuJo
CuIkIdo   Unexcelled
r. Wallace
Prop. 4"
^^p'.*.-^.-';^-d^irCcil    ,
xajr&~'*(5rsv!t' w;~y \\
■m* ft •#•   mm    m*,   -.n
M    fl      ur OttopscXtst
JL    *\J  A haeaotunlly
•m. il \rv nn wn«d»bushsi
10e. p*r pAchet, er 3 packtt* for 38c
wlll !••* m whole ••••on.
\ rin*   ii;i in •
*   i, i'lltlil'.i'
■1   I   '.1; I   :..:.\
. .11 i     Mi      111 I    .'! „
.. iii :     ;i!*'v.
I f
■1 t   ii'i.
Ui'pni'liiU'iil   I'i
:!.' l..ii.t'.Mnl :-!in'i'l, M'.W YOli
k 1 1 r
Fort Steele
IVriilc,  H, C.
,[) .8
wA&WW***WrWWAA$*W$'&w' 1 Miuuriln Liniment Curcn Cohli-, ««..
I.rcwcis of lixini  Fine{cr
.iiii)   AcmU-iI   W/ilcr<*.
Ilottlcdt   Ooodft   a    SpitcInUy. 8   :.
:P "
News of the City
Wanted—A girl for general   house-
'.\vork.   Apply Mrs.  L.' P. .Eckstein.
House to rent.—Apply. 4,3 Fernie
fA'-nnex.  - -      ■
,   Room for a lew respectable boarders.—Apply Mrs. H. Biggs. Old Town.
"Lost.—Silver" Watch , with  black
, swastika lob.   Return to  "Ledger"
Office and receive reward.       »
Wanted.—A" experienced girl for
general housework.—Apply Mrs.
Trites, 2i>, Walmsley Street.     v.
Lost—I'ii I'M* containing gold watch
und chain between post ollli-o and
Queen's Hotel. ' Return to' 'Puloco
"Drug Store and receive reward.
Double llousc tor S.ile (easy terms)
in West Fernie, 8 rooms, glass house,
chicken house, etc.—Apply to John
McLachlan, West Vernie.
Wanted, ' by experienced business
man (English),- position' in btlico;'
warehouse or stores, or any place of
trust-—E.*  E. ■Wcstby.r.P.  0.-Fernie.
- House'for sale on Riverside Avenue,"
West Fernie,'. 4 .room's," .with', water
pump, coal •■ house, ■; etc -----Apply 'to
George Henry.-Parker, Riverside
Avenue, West Fernie'. ''':7 '
Fo\ Sale—j-room . liouso and'«ono-
qiiars'ei- acre for sale or rent.—Apply
Charles Edgar, West, Fernie* or' Box
iOl, 1'.  0. ■ ".   ,_
—* o -— .-'
, Alex.   Watson  returiiecl from.    Winnipeg on No. i5  Friday morning.
.. Sec our prices in seventeen jeweled
gold filled watches.—A. C. Liphirdt.
- W. Broley, of' North' Battleford,
has beeir, visiUng friends in town
this   weok,» and  i-elurncd   on Friday.
Diamond r.ngs Irom tin   to  iwo
hundred ar.d fitty dollars at Liphardt's
. Jewelery Store;- ...» '   ,
J. L.' Gates is suffering' from „ an
,,   attack' of   rheumatism.   We  hope   he
will soon' be better.
A.'-   W.  Belden,' after     transacting
^business   in    the city, returned     to
- [Crow's Nest on Thursday. - *   ■
For Fall  Planting    %
Mr. Wm. ltd. Fuckey has just received a fine selection of Choice
Bulbs for forcing purposes.    ,
Named Hyacinths, single Jfe double,*."* VP
'<§>. , fi varieties of Narcissus, single ami, <§>
<§,    double, 8 varieties of single Tulip:., <•>
S,, 3 varieties Cftlla l.illies ,3 varieties &
,, of hiliums.    , *     - '   , ■ <$>
<*>' ■--■■   - "  **"' *-*= <§>
$    HOUSE    171   COAL  CREEK X
X • foi* prices |>
l> , <?>
- veyor,' accompanied  by  his  mother,
left for the' east this week.       . -   <■
-   Andrew Morris has been appointed
•city jailor  to succeed Mr.  Johnson,-
who  retired  from'' his .position'- on
Tuesday las't.   ' ' '
During bis slay in-Ferine Mr. F.
■Robertson, provincial" miilcralogisi
for Ili-itisli Coliiinbin. was the giic-jt
'"if W'i li. ll-iss, M". J\  |J.
Books for Christmas
,Frank lln'iiniiigton, cf (iio Cumuli-
inn Hank of Conimerco hlull' loft for
bis holidays on the llycr *.n Tui'S*
day morning for the Coast.
Tho elect ion of a dout'bi' for the
Uo'siiK't' camp will tnko, pliu'ii in the
inncliliic simp at, llosmer oh Saturday iii'lei-nomi nuxt, 'The last , cli-c-
lion has bcea doelmoil'1 null "nnd void,
The liaiici.' which ,wms' l-.cld at tin.'
Mt.i;rk. Opera" House on Wu.liieHday
I'VL'iiinif wi s not a very hiic-
ci'sh. Only vory few people n*>ni*-l
up  and   ihlngH  were doeldodly tiurm.
Tom All it n, (lii! l,':yi.*iir-o]d son of
Mr. Allan, West Ferule, shnl'ii vui-y
Jiiie spi.H-iiiii.iii of deer wn luivu Iuul on
i.'xliiliiiinn wee!- nt "Tho Ledger
Oilli'i'." Vmiiijf- Allnii shot thu deer
in (Vdiir Valley lust Hiiiiilny,
H.  V,. Motl  Iiiih given up his iiowh*
J HI .'i'i'     M'l'ellll'H   llllll      h»H   gillie       into
I'ii' Hour niul I'ei'il li i4,hie-s. On top
•'■' ' '* '! ' •' I'-.V Vi: ''n.'ll',*!.;,',•'I). V,
1 nl ed II! ii Horace (ireely Mnicl*; by
Hi-Ill ning. • ' '"
'•uy l-'awl'i's' day was pnnsed very
<|Uietly   In   Fei'iiie.    Tlie  (rnglc sl.nlli'l'-
'*'• ■'  of lhe fln.v  Inn.   'inw  vaiiislied
'""I    il     has    I nine     Imi     iiii     uf*
fair I'm- children nml iln, i'eniii|h|.- of
iiiice piiigiiitni   hlstnry, ',
.Hooka i'or CJiviwhniiB
We lire t-' In tl in I'nil ice llmt n^ilivi-
lli'Wl   nf  six   p,,|*  eenl,   | er  nlllll in   llll*
" Wii\., Andrews, of Waldo) is in thc
city on business. ■•
-   - - - , ***
I'.d. Wyldinnn,- of Taber, was. in thc.
city this week on buoincss.
'i'he Amalgamated Society of Carpenters nnd .Joiners opened a branch
lii li-ernie- on Moiiday. A^! Wykcs - is
president and Win. Schofield is secretary.',    , ,),. *' '.-..,-
A "meeting will he held in'the new
machine shops. at Hosmer mines on
Saturday, Nov. Oth, at 4 p. m.,?for
the purpose of electing a doctor for
the. employees. ; ■■-.-.'''■■■    <-■
Books for Christmas
Rev. ,.T. - CS. Gibson, fqrniecly ■ of
Sunderland, .England,*Was in "Fernie
this week on his way to llosmer,
where he., has been appointed by the
Methodist church,, with a view to
.taking up work there and, at the surrounding camps.       '   ' , .  *,    .,
Raw 'I. C." Williamson, at thc Baptist church, . will preach on Sunday
evening- next on the subject of the'
"Compassion-, of '.Jesus." , Special
music-will be given, including a solo,-
"Ora Pro Nobis," by Miss FJ.'.'Biggs
and a duet, '.'Jesus Lover-of My,
Soul." \    '    .       -.•••■   „■*- ^
A. W. Belden is erecting winter
quarters on the , proposed .Southeast
Kootenay road, and -will start i development for the winter. Supplies
are .now being taken-in.- Mr Belden
has interested with him Henry Hewitt, 7-f Tacoma,. also - Kribbs and
- Bangs, of    Spokane" and   ' Portland,
and' F. F.-- Goodall,' president cham-
hcr of commerce, Spokane and New
York, in. three different, groups. Thc
interesting of the above, capital ensures development on the Southeast
JCoqlonay and employment ° for a
number ■ of men,* and , a" payroll of
considerable amount-in,.the near future.,       "    .        '
"We are King", is a romantic play
of the sort inaugurated by Anthony,
T'ope, where tho happenings of the
commonwealth follow no 'regular system of govcsiiirieni and .everything-
is possible. That a newspni er man
should .wanI to be king is no' surprise to anyone, for he has all the
trouble r.nd ll. in'only right he should
have some or. the s.weets of life. Mr.
Gully plnyod the part of the fictitious'
Ning with an amount of gall iliu I
does hiin credit, Right through the
piny was good. Tlio scenory , and
cosluiiios were excellent, and the
conr.-tiny with Mr. Gaily ure elll-
cieiit,  " ■
"The Kilties," lhe world renowno.l
Ciiimdliiii band; gave a concert in
tt.e, Stork Opera House on Tuesday
nlghl hiht, Guy l''nwipes' day, A
en) iiclty house welcomed this vell-
Kii.iwii nuiKlcal aggregation , and on-
i-oyA u M'i'y fine concerl, Tlie
t-'i'oli-li* are n greiil nice;' the way
iLey have ltii|)iv'i*-od their | uisoiutl-
il,-, is [ion the world, Ih mil-pie, Tlio
Imgi-lii- Is not. nn instrument   ninny
l.e:i|'|e (lull full ill loVU With, llllll
,\el. willi its lilhilllt inns we lmve t it '. Its qilnlilles in tho j
ei\ ili/nllon of lhe world. The Kilt-[
,ii H aro I (turning .Mc.\k'o nnd tho |
Siiiilhurn Sliilo.*-, We" wish llieiiij
every sueeess, ,
Messrs.  II, ,J. Jlui-tlii, I*'.. M.    Tay- !
Ini',   K.   Vi,   Pollocl:,   George     Kbor*!
hurl, A.   K.  King and  11,  A.    John,
stun, uic in the city ou IiiihIih-hs i*om-
iifcli.i.l  will)  tliii.upi I'aiHul of ii niiui-
ln'i' of iln- hii-i-H iiiiiiiiif.ii'tiit'liiir pi-mini
ill    l-'ei-ilie " nnd    (i.inity,    TI'i'He    gen* '
ili'ineii inn   e\|,i'i|M   eiiiiiloyod by tlm!
Si'iiltle' fidiic of llli'i General A|'-!
mi iln- paid-up i-liin-es i.i' llm rnpltiil j pi'iilxil I'i'iiip.ui.v, uud their IiiiiiIiichh !
hlocU  r,i   ihe  liniiii.  I'm1:  of I'hiiiiiIm I is the INHmr up mid \nluiiig of Con-!
On Friday night last'the, Fraternal Order vof .Kagles . gave a smoker
and .concert, in the Stork , Opera
House. Vi; R. Ross, M. P. P.,*, was
hilled for ' chairman, , but was » unavoidably-absent./' Bob. Moore, of
the, Waldorf Hotel; was called upon
to fill hj's place.".- .An impromptu,
very impromptu-programme,.', was
carried out, and was quite refreshing in",, its' uncertainty., Chairman
Moore, called upon everyone in the
audience to -get up and perform,
'whether the said person could'' perform "or not. , The following , programme was carried out:
Opening'address by  Chairman.     .
Fernio Bund'
Sentimental    Song  . by   Mr.   W.   Hi
I' I'uckey,    ■ ,
Cornet'  and Baritone Duet by ■   T.
Maxxinobile and "Louis, Catenoro.-
Sonh  by Mr.   Hawkins.
Bagpipe Selection by, U.. Gordon.
Three .Jolly Boys by Messrs.  Scott,
'.  Smith and Hopkins. "
Exhibition     Sparring Match, .three-,
,{ round contest, between Mr.    S.'H.
Price and-.Jack Belangcau.*,
Three round     • contest      between a
chimney sweep and a baker.
Corijet Solo by T.' Mazzonobile.
Song by .Mr.* Graham.     ... . <,  "*
Sentimental, Song by Frank Adams-
Sentimental  Song by  H.  Cattell.
Song by Mr. T. Chippendale.
Song by George llodgett.
Comic Song by Mr. U'uckey.'.' .    ■*
Song by ..-Mr! Adams- « ',    .
Song by Mr. Scott.     '"'.■* .
German Song by 'Herman Meyers.
Song-by Mr.: Walter Miller..
The boxing competitions wero'' distinctly popular, .and tho, competition-
between the chimney sweep and'  the
.baker  provoked  much  laughter.     ln
each     competition  ' "Con"   '..Whelan
made, a  very competent and judicial
referee.   But' the cream of the even-,
ing,, as   far      as   humor  went,   was
when ;,*M.onty,"x the   oiie - and   only
"Monty"  decided-to*sing-a song, of
about ,.'i2   verses.   "Monty." ,   would
sing, ,and    Chairman'    Mooro    tried
every    conceivable', method1   to stop
him'First    the   chairman threatened
"Monty"  with his "attention'  'hammer,    and ". this '  was     unavailing.
Monty     would   sing.,     After    many
year's experience of,watching drama
thepaniomi'ne, between the.'chairman
and tho ,would-be' vocalist was ', the
funniest thing we ever remember to
havel seen.   Tlie. .song over, "Monty"
decided to .dance—and  dance forever
if the audience .wished it",    and, tho
chairman had his hands full _ again.
Only judicious handling -was any use,
and'"this time "Monty" was led    off
the stage  by  the chairman    amidst'
programme* were' all    ren-
Crow's Nest
trading Co'y
The Store of Good
Every   day   prices   that
mean a saving   to you
Alberta Creamery Butter
• per'lb.'
;      Saturday Specials      i
.<■•».. .   '"   "• ' , ■      '' "     :°    ~     '.'.    * '-""   '=  . <s>,
r%~ Crescent -Baking    Powder   regular price 40 cts.   ^.
dered, aiid a very pleasant evening
was concluded by singing "God Save
The King," '
 o ,*','    „
'   ,   ,     '■   PIOSMER NOTES,'      "
John Hunter is on   . the sick list.
T. ,G. Murphy is now operator at
the station.
F. VI. Reagh, formerly of ' Moyie,
has taken charge of the station. ■*
.1".   F.    Jar us  caught - two  trout
'weighing one-half pound.
Miss Jennie Smith,*,,of Moyie, is
employed  in  tho post  ofiice.
A, ,11. Campbell made, a flying trip
to Fernie. "A. B. is there with thc
goods.       ■        '
Our teacher. Miss I'ottblado,, has
been "on the sick list. Wc_,aro glad
to see hor ,out again,
•1. Vi. Willininsoii was in town this
week:' Mr. Williamson will have ser-
vlei>..|ii (he schoolhouse Sundav at :),
. Mr. VI, V. Ticrney, of tho''W, P,
Tlorney 4-i Co.,„is now. in town look-
ing'iifter tho const ruction'of tho C,
P. ,11.. Mr, Ticrney has about 200
men nt work'in this town. Success
to Mi'.-Tiernoy,
AMALGAHATED society of
mecis in McDoug.ill's Hall every
alternate Thur:d.iy at Q p,m.
A, Wykhs, IVoh.       Wm. I). Rciroi.*ii:r.n, i-ioo
■ Select Eastern Eggs ..
.   per dozen
Fancy Table and "Cook-
■,, ing Apples per box
■('...$2.bp ..■;-;*
Sunlight Soap per/bar
\ 7-.-5C;';7:;'
. Sunlight Soap per bar
Sherig's   Jelly   Powders
.3 packets
Saturday Specials
Climax Janvper.pail
Tomato: Catsup, per tin
Saturday .3©c
Lock Brand 3lb.- tins choice Tea regular'price'$i. 25
'■"   Saturday $1.00 -■;
Prompt Delivery
^H-ty^®®®^^*^ $$<$>4®$§®<^§<&®^w>$$$$^>§^$>$$'
'•V'fc<''V'%/'*'-%''-*1/V'V'-'i/''l^ -
Auditor, Accountnnt, General Ajsrcnt,
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insiiranco
Books opened,   closed, 'audited,* and accounts kept-in the
most up-to-date manner.
Office.   Burns'   Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
French Sardines reg; 15c
2 for
Griffin brand Bacon and
Hams sliced to your order
W. It. CAMl'llEM.
Plans   and   Ivstiiniiles on Applicalioii
i 1 , '
Residence 76,, Howland  Ave.
J. Wilson Gray," Arciiitkct
Fernie  B. C.
P. O. E.
Moots llmt fi'lilny In oinli month In I. 0, 0,'J'*,
llllll.     "
'll. II- Mooro,' \V, Kouy,
Worlliy 1'iuHlilont. Worthy Sooi*otiu*,v.
huh  1   -li'.-l.ui'il  (ui*  the  hull'   .sen-
i'IkIIiii,' .Vol*. .'Id, M'lir, M|1(| ,|,ilt' ,|l()
M.tiiu- will he imviilil,, ill tlm homl of.
Hi ii nml lirniii'lii-i. nf (In. Iniiiiy,   ,/. n.
-MlUhllllll,     tlld    llll-lll     ||||lt||*<;(.|'    (|f    (Jn.,
MiiJiiu    Hank,   is  wry      pi>|iiiliii- uiul
'    Illin.V   (llill,,\     I, .i'llll,,,
Tlm (.'I'liwn Conl nml t'okc ('inn*
I'liii.v,. uln'i-h jn ciinirollfd hy It. (I.
ISi'lnuii, nr« now siirvi'.vlii^ nn nortii
Mii-hi'l i-MM'k for n rnilrnnil tn run-
unit llmir |ii'ii|i-j,ity with tho limit
NOiihi'i-ii nml ('. |». K. nt Mii-liol.
Tlwy himV I'lvctuil ulniiM- (imii'toi'H
i'iji- 11 Ini'tfi' fiirco nf iiifn, and |1(IV0
irl n.iitiMilN I'm- 11 lilir wnrKltij} tun*
1.1*1, <»i;il lititiiiK |ii>oii (li!vtlo|'i,i| In
.villi, ii-,,1 <|iianlliy to Justily lho out-
Iny. It, ll.'flnnililf, ot lho It, C.
l-'iii'n. vi ritiMiurtr. is now illroetlnfr
*l|t*< (Ulvoloftiiipntii. '. •
cnl'DS    wil It'll   cilivy   iMIHIIH'il    lllKIU'lllK'i'
in niiilto I'lnsi' mul ni'i'iirnln (lijnrliiKl
lii'i'i'ssiiry.   The H'i-.|ri> Ih «>nr» wlilrh '
Im IioIiik Mu'iirml hy ii|i*ln*iliilii plnntHj
ilii'iiiinlniiiL ilio' |iro\|iii'o, n),Hl    Homo
lui-iiiy or iiioio 11 ro now under c«m-1
•I   ■■ 4     ill     il      li'.icii    i,,4      I i.i*    I4.||||i|lll,4 . I
Phi"  piii'ly   1110   nml-,(n>»  h"inli|nin'ti'i"('
i.t   llm Wnlilui'i, i
.'in iii-i,,, nti.,   ,'il.— \\m   lust   suni'".'
now hi'ln'b niiulu hy thu V, V, 11. for
,1 hrnnrli 11 no f nun Mldutl to thu
I'oinpiiny''- conl inliio 011 Klk rlvor,
will Im> i-iimpli'lcil Uy Un.', 1, It is
ll'.- InWinllon uf tho comimny tn
slnrl. tint work nf cniiHtriii-Uoti'" in
tin' r'iirl,VHpririff.
I'liliOlt   U'llirlvhlUll   llllll    Mltll   u   MM'-
inhH',nrrlr|onl ycalordny In N*n, ,s
ml'.', hnvljiff I.Is foot .ii>rlnii;ily In-
jiitcil hy n lip.nvy full id j-ock", Uu
wnw token to tlio honpltr.1.
||   Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam    Fitting  M
^ '        •   ' -    ?p
^.7 All Work Prcmptly Executed and   ■>';"  ."%
^ %   '.   -Satisfaction   Guaranteed. ,   W,
% ■'
%■ Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel'.,   ^
Don't stop to annoy' your neighbor
by asking him for the loan of his shot
gun,in shooting/season when you can
secure a full choke bore, pistol grip,
double-barrelled, breach loading shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and
nickle plated breach for" '
$16,0® less 5 por cent.
only a few left. The 'best values in
the land. No trouble to show them
and to sec is to discover their value
and  buy.      "
.f ■
1«J''      «J
n»&10M6 IMS
■    or.'-Uanada
Nn|.i(!o is hereby /»-iv*.n thai u Dividend iii tho nito
of CiX l?ER GENT per unuuni upon thu puitl-np
C'npitivl .Stock of Tlie Home I-Jank of Ciuiad:i has
been decliivcd for Llie; Hulf-yeiu', ciidiniv *
Novenibci' IJOth, 11)07. nnd that the same will hu
payable at the Head Ollice and UnuiehcM of the
Bunk on and after Monday the second day of
December nc:;t. "
The TitiMtfov DiiiA-iS u ill he c-lastvl Uviu tho
10th to the HOth of November prox., both days
inclusive.   By order of lhc Board.
Toronto, October SOi-d, 1007.
. General lV!.ir.n(|cr.
for Christmas
V- ,'vllVWf,ii**'fHNA*i>M.HNJt
Holiday lines uo,y ready for sale. This
season's selection the finest yet shown. We
have an immense variety.' In it you are
sure to find your favorites.
Our r;inf.'e of Glfl bonlcs
Is cxcoptionnlly li'juiiii*
ful, nlso ii full line of
..New Aiiltiinn I'ii'tlnn
C'-iitiiininj-f tho liest scl-
ii'iij^ f\i4ji>a in C'iiu,i4i,t
for Iliu preseiil .ifiison,
Ihe Boys & Girls
lllncKiu'n iv Miihson's I'.iiiiiuiK books,
iiIm. I'l.-uiiv it Tor HooUs, Our
lines nro bcvonil i|iii"iioii In llie t>x*
I'cllein-c of their ff.-i up.
Bibles low Priced
lli'inillfiil porl;fi(  MM*.,  tviii?
Komi   paper,    French   Si   Morotvo
ln'iiiiin'..;. ruj under kuI'J ed^cs willi
maps,    Spociiil price (JOctfl,
Don't  foract  ••The  Old   folUs   nt   Home"
Order   Corly
Sec our hii*!) Krade Local View Curds nnd Calendar-.
Fernie, KQ.
Ledger fids are Winners
- - ■<


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