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A *■*
,. A
On'  Lower -Arrow*'Lake
40   Miles   South   West   of   NcIst-si
AN opportunity to own an orchid home, within, quick and easy reach
of   the. unlimited   markets ■ of.. British  ..Columbia,   Alberta   and
Saskatchewan.    5,   10 and  20 acre blocks.*' Finest climate ih Kootenay
For   Full, Particulars   Apply   to
CroW's   Nest1-..Pass   Investment   Co., -"Ltd.
Lcthbridge,    Alberta,
■ v
■ m*OT**xn***nmwivM**.m*rm*m
Books for. Clii'istinns
At'N. 13. SiHliliiby'n
Sid    Foultou,    of    Winnipeg-,  is
.visiting- friends in town.
Joe Synatok was Itlllad at* ho
mines at Michel on Tuesday morning.
Charles Klingensmith, of Elko,
was in town this week on business,
. R. W. Wood took tho Flyor on
Thursday to Spokano and coatrt
points, ' ;*
Fred Tooby, wifo and child, loft
Friday evoniug for Liverpool via
C. P. R,
ClirlHtiuns CnrdH und Oii.e.......'H
i'OI* fl-IOIldH IICTOHH tllO HCI1*
N. 12. Suddaby
Georgo, Leech, tho well-known
lumber man, of Cranbrook, was
in town Friday.
J, A, Macdonald, sooretary of
District 18, came in on Ko, 5 on
Thursday morning.
"""Ernest Parks, of tho police force,
roturncd Thursday on the Flyor
from a trip to Spokane,
Rooks for Clirifltman
At N. I-.. Sudiluby'a '
Mr. Halo, of tho North American Lumbor Company, returned
on Thursday from Spokane,
Robert O, Drinnan, who baa already moved to Hosmer, ia registered at tho Fernie Hotel.
F. H. Sherman, prenldont District 18, V. M, W, of A,, left the
city for Lethbridgo on the 0,20
cast bound on Friday to confer
;with Lewis Stockett.
Books for Cliristmns
ii ■
At N. E. Sndiluby'fl
Aleck Susnar, interpreter to District 18, IT. M. W. 01' A., wns in
Jdio city on Tuesday ou business.
F, II. Sherman, president ■ of
District 18, U. M. W. of A., camo
in on No, 5 on Thuisday morning.
F. H. Sherman, president T.'iH*
trict 18, will address a nu'iin
meeting ' at Michel on Sunday
Everything )r settled ot Hosmer
ns far as the labor rltuation iu
eoncomod, excopt the question of
doctor to the local union.
Joint Compensation Committeo
sat at Coal Croek on ThurmUy
afternoon to consider cluimu for
injuries undor tho above act,
Books for Christmas
At N. E. Suddaby'a
Miss Clara Morris, clerk at tho
Waldorf Hotel, loavos today (Saturday) for a week's visit to
WhiteAsh and Kalispcll,
W. M. Hotbam, breeder of
Clydesdales, Maple Creek, Sank,,
will havo a carload of draft horses
for sain at Burns' stockyard on
the 80th November.
A large number of passengers
left by the C. T, Jt. lax mlvcxpool,
Ohrlstanla, Norway" and other
European points last night to
i»pond Christmas at home.
In our next issue we will, run a
rut nf T.iile Altn , «• mllnr to the
cut of Frank appearing in this issue. The week following we will
have a cut of Bellevue, Alta,
W. XL. Ross, iM.P.P., and T.
Whelan left on Wednesday's west
bound for Vancouver Lo attend
the Conservative convention, 3/r.
Whelan will take in other coast
points during Lis visit wist.
You can get n first-class pair of
opera glasses for $5 at Lipliart
tho Jewelers. 1|
Lost, on Tuesday morning, Nov,
10th, 1907. in. Victoria Avenuo, a
purse containing $70, Anyone
Wilding the t-ainu will please re*
turn to tho Lodger Oilico and bo
tnimbly rewarded,
,Tho report of the committee appointed by the Coleman local to
enqulro into eub*dlstrlct board
member Bro, W, Graham's status
in district, will appear in our columns next week,
Olii'Islnuis Curds niul CiiU'ikIiii-.s
for .'.'lends nuruss tiio huh.
X. 1*]. biwMnby
Madame Letelliur, tho famous
Parisian palmist, is in town nnd
staying at tho Hotel Fernio, room
18, whoro sho will bo pleased to
coo anyone wishing to consult her
The rogular mooting of tho
Young Men's Liberal Club will be
hold next Monday evening, the
26th, in thoir rooms in tho Beck
Block, where permanent quartors
for the dub have been secured.
We have been requested to state
that tinsol postcards and cards
of hard surface will not bo delivered through tho mails, as they
injure the atamping machines.
When posted thf»v nre sent to the
dead letter office.
Mr, Charles Similiter, who wns
superintendent at Carbonado and
Michel, has succeeded It. G. Drinnan as general superintendents of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal   Com*
One  of.the* most interesting, ,in-. I
cidents in connection with" the, recent    labor    dispute-  arbitration,
was the speech of Frank H. Sherman',-President "of district 18,    of I
■ihe United Mine Workers of Amer- I
ica.'Mr. Sherman,'who'apparent- j
Iy was    not* very, "greatly pleased
with the way things  were going,
in'the course  of his  remarks    to
Mr.  Justice   Stuart,    gave utterance    to    these    very    significant
words'   "Agitation  is- the  life  of
the, union, and ixu ooon.as things
get working smoothly,, the union
goes to pieces.   The only way   to
keep it alive is to ,keep up an agitation."
Judge Stuart interrupted him by
saying: "That is a .frank statement to'make in court, Mr. Sherman, to which Mr, Sherman replied, "Frank is my.- name, and
I'm always frank."
Neithor union' men nor, capitalists nor the general public agree
with Mr,' Sherman;,'; ideas of keeping a union alive, ln view of tho
many potty. trouble*.- that hnvo
kopt things unskilled in. his district ever since he' has han been
president. !lvlr, Sherman's remarks are vwy signiP.cant.—Lethbridgo Herald.
..,.,.   o —
A <iUKisTIOX OF i IMi:
'35c,   and   50c pair
Pig-  Skin. Mitts  and Gloves $1.00 up
Buckskin-. Mitts and Gloves _'. $1.25 up
Lumbermen's,. Rubbers .$1.65 to $3.35 per pair
German Sox , ,.. ■ 65c to $1.50 per pair
Horse. Hide."Mitts and  Gloves* - -  $1.25  up
Mule  Skin ^ Mitts and  Gloves ?-75c
The Trites=Wood Co., Ltd.
- - Undor tlio auspices of tlio United Mine '"Workers ol America
Will bo held at Eornio'on Saturday. Dec. 21,
-  For tlie bono lit of Bro.  Thos.  Steele,  Coleman,
who lost both hands and an eye in,a mine accident.
IMUZI-.S: Isl, 11U Solid Gold (.ent'H Watch anil a 17 Jmv'-rWiiMiisiii Movement
.hid, Ilk Solid Gold LiiiIIns' Wiiteli ntid :i 15 Jewel Wultlmin Muvuiiioiit
,lliil, 1 IU Solid licihl ll-lilnl Swiillow Cliutolninu Hrom'li
•Ith, 1 IU .Solid (.old WIkIi Uomi Safety I'lu lh-noeli
litli,' 1 (Jus'u nf I'lpoi (Ith, 1 .Singlo I'lpu
TICKETS     -     50o
(Prizes on exhibition for one week at Liphardt's window
Tho board of    arbitrator--,    ap-
I    Tho financial doprossion ia hav-
I iiiR a serious effect upon the work-
j ers,     Already men aro beginning
i. ir.A ... ai.»ia.. tiw, ritomitn    im.  \ to crowd tho conl mines ot     Al-
K™ dth.° StahJau3&t0 ami ! >-«*    and ^    arc walking
sii totI1     infen rotation 3 SoC ! »™ been reorganized.   Thero    ap-
?i      i   ,? ,d»E?ni   T,,m, > poftM to bo eonaidorablo dlRcrim-
\\T Jon ■   ««,, £,riCnrlJ n*tt ' ««•"<>» nGal»flt Prominent   union
Bth,  100,, nml puitieulmly Bb to. h   *»     ,, j} lt
whoro iho drivers and  uhlitmen'B i
day commences and ends, having
hoard tho ovldonco adduced by
tho parties, and the argument.*
mado on behnlf of oach, do hereby docldo an follows;
"In our opinion tho day ot the
drivers begins at the turnout or
place where tho homos aro hitched to the cam, and the ihiftmens'
day boglnB at tho placo wburo
they actually begin to work inside tho mino, and that tho timo
employed in going to and (torn
there plt'CB, frcm r-wrt t« tho -pit
bottom is not     Included in    the ! jt will  b« "thn lari»?»t convt-ntlon
men thoro, which may result In
ati'ong moauurcH bolng taken by
tho U. M, W, of A. in order to pro-
tcct itH membors,
Tho not result of the arbitration caBO at Lethbridge between
tho A. II. & I. Co. and thc U. JM.
W. of A,, 1b a gain of 17 cents
per day to the drivers and pay
for delays that may occur while
on their way to the shaft bottom with their horses at tho close
of tho day's work,
The 6th annual convention of
District IR, U. M. W. of A., will
, 1.11 *     Y.lI'l.lV,      . *V-       11
Kit.    »*-.•»*    II.    *.*,„„.,M^<     4...    iJU,     .i
r..*.**      mm.1    «, ..,.,.... ».!    1.1..
t,***"J»    **•• .    —.* *    .....
tion on Wednesday last*
Louis Stockett, general manager Hosmer and Bankhead mines,
was in town on Monday to con*
mlt with Vttrr Patterson on tho
question of tho doctor for the
ICoam<*r camp, over which some
diffculty has occurred.
day's work.   The decision »* concurred iii, by the chairman and hy
the arbitrators oh behalf of    the
CHAS. A. STUART, Chairman.
ir. KACsrwr. "
Lethbridgo,  Nov.   15th,   1007.
  o~  -
In the history of   the V,   M. W.
of A.	
Trank, Nov. SO,—The   mounted
^i*,jfc-.*-£    frfcttH-**     <r» I*"«i.I*vo*     *'C»C    CJi,***-^'^.     ty
Blairmore today on the discovery
ot one of the foultst murders in
the history of Alberta. Mollie
Lewis ,a prostitute, was found
dead in her home near Blairmore
him with the eiii.u>. Thero i.s tin
yet little ovidonro nfrninst tlio
inan, who i» held on suspicion,
awaiting instructions from head-
f|uniter,s at Hepina.
Owing   to a breakage     on our
cutter, w>> wcic not able to trim j at an early hour today, and there
and cut ''Tho Ledger" last    week j are ample signs of murder.     The
or this, but hay.c to have it    its- *. police have  amitcd a  Chlnamnr,
paired by next Issue. (named Sam    Sing nnd   charged  tical education..
To  Tho  Omcorii and  Member--,    o£
tho Local     UnioiiH    Comprising
District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Thn Fifth Annual Convention,
will be hold in tho Labor Temple,
Lethbrldge, Alta., on Wednesday,
Doc, llth, 1007, nt () a.m. Local
unions aro requested to send dole*
gates according to Articlo 8, District Constitution. Unions having 500 membors in good standing are entitled to two delegates,
Delegates, should bring certificates for first-class return railway
Credentials should be sent in  to
tbe District OmCt-itt not later than
Doe, Oth, 1007.   Yours fratornallv.
ir', H. «itKKMAN, Pres.
.T. 31. CALVIN, Vkt-Vii'H.
.T. A. MACDONALD, Sec-Treat*
-., .—+	
Wo are ia receipt of a very artistic prospectuB of the Oarbutt
Business   College,  Calgary,       Its1,
1;..I„U»    •:;•-;;; J ';*.,;       ;;;ithj di    il f«-
struction and modern office appliances are all illustrated by
beautiful half-tones. We are glad
that such an up-to-date school
has been established in the west,
and that It will no longer bo necessary for ambitious young men
and women to go tas-t for a j.rac-
-ii x--
*>re» iMfaUOHWMt*. «li
The.-Parties-to the .Statement
fast Backing Down
' Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 20, 1007
Senator -J affray told Ralph
Smith, who told J. G. O'Donog-
hue, solicitor for T. and L. C,
that just,prior to the miner's difficulties last .spring, F. Sherman,
president, District 18, approached
Geoi Lindsey, manager C. N. P.
C. Co., and represented that he
■was in financial straits, asking,
and pressing Lindsey'to help him
out with a "loan, and , that he
(Sherman) would, see that^ Lindsey ' and the^C. N.'P. Coal Co.
■would not lose by it.- The loan
'was made, I think. ,
'J.    G.    O'DONOGHUE.
J. F. LEHENEY.     -
O'D.   says he    advised*"that . in
■ justice to Sherman, if the , charge
was untrue, or to the ..miners if
the charge.was true, the matter
should.be at once cleared, v.p. It
is alleged ,that. Lindsey has. the
documents to prove the charge,
and was willing' to go ahead , if
Jaffray-would'approve. *. Nothing
has since been done.
' J.   G.   O'DONOGHUE.
J. F. LEHENEY.    '
October 13th,  1907.
The Honourable Robert Jaffray,
Toronto, Ont.
Dear Sir:.        ">
I am instructed by Mr. i\ H.
Sherman. President of District No
18, of the United Mine Workers
' of America, to draw your attention to a slanderous statement,
alleged to have been made by'ycu
- to Mr. Ralph Smith, M.,'F.', and
by that gentleman repeated to the
Secretary of the Trades and labor
Congress of Canada to the aliect
' that during the ' industrial troubles -between the'Xoal operators
ahd the Mine Workers Vast spring
my client,.then being. Pres-vle:**, of
said-district~appToacSs"d""Mr" G7
G. S. Lindsey. then General Manager  of     the    Crow's   Nest  3'a^s
* Company, stating "-/that"'he, Slier,
man was in financial,strait.*;, and
asked and pressed Mr. Lindsey to
lend him money, In eonside. .■u'lon
of which assurance was given
that the Crows' Nest Tnv*. «.*c ,■> I
Company would not loss V'/ Jr.,
meaning the loan, and fu'riuer
more the loan was, .as yon' - ?x-
.pressed it, ViUa'de, I thiatt." Tl'.g
statement, alleged to have been
made,by you has been •.lisi.*iibi*ed
-by  some members   of  the    .Ciades
■ and Labor Congress of Canada,
as well by tho Board of said Dis-'
trict No. 18, bcth of whi.-h, it
appears conrider lhat my' client
should take some action to clear
himself. I need not point, out
to you that' occupying the position that ho does any slanderous
statements to tho affect of those
mentioned are very damaging to
Mr. Sherman, Whilst he does not
wish to engage in litigation, his
instructions are, that unless an
apology and retraction, approved
by me, his solicitor, he forthwith'
made, to bring an action against
you for damages.   •
I trust that you will give this
matter your immediate attention
ns Mr. Sherman -wishes to report
back as soon as pouslblo to tho
Trades and Labor Congrecs and
to said District No. IS, what ho
has done in tho premises and also
-what, if anything, you have dono
Yours  faithfully,
Toronto, Can,, Oct, 21, 1907,
L. P. Eckstein, Esq., *
Barrister, Fornlo, B, C,
I am "rather astonished at tho
receipt of yours of tho 14th inst.
regarding statements said to
havo boon made about Mr, Sherman to Mr. Ralph Smith, M. P,
by mo,
All I can soy In that I never
mndo such statements either to
Mr. Smith or anyone elso, and I
cannot    believe    that  Mr.   Smith
ever made the statement on    my
Yours' truly," --•
' "    ,'   Robert Jaffray, ;s
'* • Vice President.
-   "     -•    October  30th,- 190;.
The Honourable -Robert Jaffray,
r     Toronto, Ont.
Re Sherman.
• I thank you for your • letter of
the 21st inst., and am x*ileased to
have" it stated by you that the
statements attributed to you is
not founded upon fact. 'lam this
day in receipt of a letter from Mr
J.'G. O'Donoghiie, Barrister, practicing in your city', who signed
the memorandum that I quoted
in my first letter to you and who
now states as follows: ■■
"Tne information was given
to me curing  tne last  session '
oi tne iiomiiiionrariiameiit Dy
inr.  itaipn .Smitli, iyJL. ■ r:,-vrls-j
wno   was  as  sincerely .anxious
.as    J. was ' to  nave tne   "trutu '.
,'", vindicated,   ' xmo     opportunity
■   presented- itself  to  me to^    do
Vi. .E." COATES,  JP..,.    '
/      ' Agent for
. Locator.
anytniugj until at the last '
mteting- ■ of, tne Trades Congress at Winnipeg, when i
spoae to lvir. Leneney aoout
tne matter. He', made the
memorandum, wnich 1 signed
and I also signed the second
memorandum that you quote
. in your letter, part of wnich
' may be in my handwriting,
but- I have quite lorgotten as
to  that."      * , ■      ,
it will thus be seen that a slander greatly, aiiecting, .Mr. biier-
man in his orticial position, was,
de facto originated by someone.
My instructions are to bring
action ,, against all .the "parties,
concerned to the end that in* that
way my client may be. thoroughly' vindicated and"' the slanderer,
whoever he is, may be' brougnt
into light. You may therefore expect to have, an 'opportunity' of
coming- forward and showing
which one told the truth. Rasn'
and false statements of tne Kind
reterred to by whomsoever maae
cannot and will not. be tolerated
rjy my client or by the organization of whicli he is;;the head.
Yours faithfully,   ''   -   j;
E.J.P. -    "- "
. Toronto .Canada, Nov.  9,   1907.
L. P. Eckstein'^ Esq.,
Barrister, Fernie, B. C.
Dear  Sir: -.-
I have your communication of
of October 30th with further reference to the statements uilsged
to have been made in connection
.with—MiwSherin an i ; —
by local application!., ns thuy can*
not roach thn diseased portion of
tho oar. There Ih only ono wny to
ouro deafness, and tlmt Ir hy con*
ntltutlonal romn.Ilfiff. Deafness M
caused by an Inflamed condition of
tho mucuos lining or tho eustachian
•trihn.   Whon   thin     tn\\n lo  inflnrr*"-.*
yon ham a riirnbllnn- sound or lm-
lierfnot himrlncc, nnd when It la en
I, enclose .you, a copy: of a letter
received by me from Mr. Smith
to' whom I sent a copy of our
previous correspondence. ^
. I think this is definite enough
to make it unnecessary, for you,
to communicate with me again in
connection with this matter.
.'Yours truly,
Robert Jaffray,
Enc. *  ■
Nanaimo,* B,  C.  Oct. 31,- ISO?.*
, >j. G. S. Lindsey, Esq.
' Dear  Sir:
I am much surprised to
have a letter from yon on the
subject ci" the enclosed letter
regarding some supposed
statement made by Senator....
JalTray to- ma, and- by me ' to
- the secretary, of the T. &, L.
Congress,' I have read Mr.
Eckstein's letter to Mr. Jail-
,'ray, and tho statement teferr-
■ cd to, and I am at a loss to
understand them1, as I have
, never known anything about
or heard ,anything about Mr.
Sherman being in financial
straits and asking Mr, Lindsay or yourself for money,
and am certain Senator Jaffray never told mo any such
story, and T do not believe
Mr, Draper (the Secretary of
the T. & L. Congress) ' ever
made any such statement to
any person. Thero ia ovidont-
ly some misunderstanding,
and you aro quite at liberty
to fo'rward this letter to Mr.
JiifTray or Mr. Eckstein Just
as you think proper.
'Yours sincerel"
Signed.   Ralph  Smith.
. October 15th, 1907.
J. G. O'Donoghue, Esq.,
Barrister, Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir:
I havo received instructions to
tnko such proceedings us tho nature of tho case hereinafter re*
referred to may warrant, I havo
received from my client a pencil
statement, which I understand Is
taken up by. the Congress as ' a i. Ccmmencing at a post planted
vT°dy,o lhe'   Prxsesid?n^   *  District   at or near &i int 1 mile east o£
No.  18 has suffered by the  state- * - :-. ■
ments said to have been made by ,27   mlle Pust of _ present C. P.    R.
the  Honourable  Senator  Jaffray,   survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the.
and repeated,by way of discussion j west,  and    being the' northeast, cor-
by, members of the  Confess   and | ;     ' B M    ,      ^
also., bv members oi the.U. JM. W. !     „  * . '
of A.," It'has been;decided that .thence wsst, £0- chains; Whence south
the matter involved in ,the charges 80 chains;' ■■ tlience east ■ SO, chains;
said to have been made by Sena- ,thence north 80'chains'to a Point o'
tor J affray are too serious   to be : -.. . , . ,.-.„
permitted to go unchallenged. I : commencement, making 040 acres,
have)      therefore   instructions    to   more or less, -,     ,        "
being potion against Senator Jaf-j Located this 17th day of Aug., 1907.
fray fox dama-ges unless .that gen- i
tleman apologizes and retracts the *
slanderous statements said to \
have been niade by him, or else'i
acknowledge that there is no j
truth  in  fact   to    the    statement i •■ ?    ,
imputed ' to    him.'     The  District" Witncss-Thcs.. Slater. -, •
Board of the U.  M. W.  of A.  has' -      ,,, . .",>.*
asked me to t5rrite .to you and ask ■ ' 5* t-ommencing at a post planted
you if you will;,kindly favor me at or near at a,point 3 miles east
as their solicitor with any infor- of 27 mile post of present C. P. R.
mation    which    you    may    have y   adjoJni      Block 4593 on ^
touching the premises. ■ " "     ■■ ,
Yours faithfully' ' ■ west, • and .being   the southeast   cor-
L. P. ECKSTEIN, -A'-^v Ppst °£ George L. Belden's claim
Toronto, Canada, Oct. 25th, 1807..;then" west'80 ebains; tbence.north
L.'P 'Eckstein« i£0 cllainsi     thence-  east   80 chains;
v .   Barrister,   Etc.,   Fernie,    .{tlience south 80 chains tq a point of
Dear'Sir: \ ' . i commencement, ■ making'' G4.0    acres,
. I   have   yours . oi    October   the j or lcsSi        -   ,     ^   ■
15th   respecting      the      Sherman i - .   .        '" .
matter, and I am pleased to be.j Lo:ated this 17th day of Oct., 1907;
able to   give you  any;   assistance w  E   qoatES   JR:
iu my power.   - ,"• ' ' '       "' "
All the. information that I had
or have upon the subject is contained- in the memorandum which
you have, quoted'"to'nie. The information' was given,to,,me during the last session of the Dominion Parliament' by Ralph Smith,
M. P;, who was -as sincerely
anxious as I was to'-have"'' the
truth vindicated. KSo« opportunity
presented itself to me to do anything until at the last meeting' of
thef,Trades Congress at1 Winnipeg,
when"' I spoke to Mr. Leheney
about the matter. He made , the
memorandum, which I Signed and
I also signed the second memorandum that you- quote in your
letter, part of which may- be^in
my-hand writing, but I have qtiite
forgotten as'tb that.  •
, The subject matter, was not discussed before the Congress at all,
but, so far. as I know, simply between Leheney and me, and it was
left to Mr. Leheney to take what
course' he deemed, best to have
the charge, cleared up. You will
no- doubt be'able to receive at
first hand* a statement of ■ what
has transpired in the west ■ * with
-respect- to—the^mratter since the"
Coi-.gress   adjourned.     I   sincerely
hope, now 'that the matter has
been taken up, that every ■ effort
will be made to get at the truth
of the charge. I shall be glad to
be of any ., assistance to you in
connection with it.
Yours  sincerely,-
0--7K-'-  .'J.G.  O'DONOGHUE.
October 30," 1007.
(,(Continued  on  Page, 4.)    __,
Agent. for "
„        Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.   7      *    '
6. Commencing at a post planted
at or near at a point 3 miles east
of 27 mile post of present C. P. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and being the southwest corner of -Mrs. Bonnie Belden's claim;
thence* east SO chains; thence nortii
80 chains; thence.'' west 80 t4iains;
thence south' 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 .acres,
more' or less.. - "-;
' Located  this ,17th day of Oct., .19071
W. E.'COATES,. JR.,- ;
':, - -i     Agent for
-    ' "7   ' ,.    Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater;
,7. Commencing at a post planted,
at,.or near at a point 3 miles east
of- 27 mile post of present C. P. R.
point'of commencement, me.king 640
acres, more.or less.      ...
Located  this 19th day of Oct., 1907..
"    W. E.  COATES,  JR:,   '
7    „ ■ ' Agent for
Locator.  "
,15. Commsnc'n;; at a-post planted
at or r.e.ir at a point 3 miles cast
cf 29 mil? post of present C.c P. R.
survey,adjoin'ng Block'4593 ' on the
west, and being the northwest' corner post cf Nicholas Bangs',- claim;
thence south £0 chains; thence- east
UO chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west £0 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less. '• - •
Located thia 19th day of Oct.', 1907..
' W. E. COATES,'JR.,
Agent for   ■
t, ' Locator.
Witness—Tho.".  Slater.
16'. Commencing at a post piantcd
at or near at a point 3 miles   east
of 29 mile .post of present   C.j,P. R.
survey, adjoining Block "4593 on thc
west,' and being the northeast    cor-
n-r post of Julius    Knobs', claim;
thence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; '■' thence     north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to a point' of
commencement,' making   640   "acres,
more, or less.
Located .this 19th day of Oct., 1907.
W. E.- GOATES,  JR.,-
■.      /        Agent for
" .'   -JULIUS kribbs;
'   .   .- .*     '        Locato:.
W'tnrss-Thcs.   Slater.
8.  Commencing,'at •»■ post planted-
at or near the northwest corner    of
J.„I'\ Irwin's claim, and lieing "south
westcorher of It." IX. Gamble's claim,
and murked 1\.  It.  Gamble's .southwest  corner; .thenco  80  cliains  wist;
thence HO chains north;"-.,   thence, SO-
chains  west;  tlience SO chain,1? south"
to place of coimiioneoinqiit.
Located   this '2 Ith day of Oct., 1907,
„   It." 11.   GAMBLE,
, Locator:
Witness—John McDonald.'      .    .
mt>*M.ux« wwwi
' NOTICE is hereby given that ia \
days niter date I, Intend to apply lo
tho" Hoii.. Chief Commission-"!* of
Lands and Works-for a license --to
prospect ior conl and petroleum on
thc following landr, situate In thc
district of Southeast Kofj'tenay.
British ColumU.,, Block *15'J3.
1, Commencing at a post planted at
or near at a point one mile east of
27 mile post of present C.P . It. survey, adjoin,'.)-.; Block 45IJH on thc
west, nnd helm; the southeast corner post of Bei'nlce Deldoii'b claim';
thenco nortii SO chains; thenco west
{0 chaliih; tlience south £0 chnlns;
thenco east SO chr.in-3 to n point rf
CLiHincnccmorit, ninlvIiiK G-.0 acrea,
mew or less. '„
Located tin's 17th dny ol Oct. 1907.
Agent for
Wltn(f-R-Tli('H.  Hlntfcl,
2. Commencing at, a poHt plnntod
at or near at a point 1 mile emit of
27 milo  post of    prc'flont,   C, V. 11.
survey, ndjuIniuR Block 4593 on the
h*7<-ur..an»^^ !™'. ««d *•>»««» BoiithwcHt cor-
reads as follows: i"1-*"   P'«t °'     Mr«' J enr'    Bchlcn'h
"Senntor Jaffrnir told Ralph    iclnlm; thenco cost fid chains; tlicnci
Smith, who told .T. G, O'Don
Confess80tha\°\x[°t   Jio? fe    !«W»»- »»™« «0I>*" fc0 pl"^» to » i
tho 'Minor's dlflkulties     inst     I-oJnt of cotnmcnccnifnt, mnlslni*; MO I
survey, - adjoining Block 4593 on the
west, and heing the northwest cor-
n:r, post of Mrs. ■ Bernice Belden's
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; ^ thenco north SO
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of commencement, making G40
acres, mere or less.
Located this 17th,duy of Oct.,, 1907.
W.  E.- COATES,   JR.,
Agent for
Witness—Thos; Slater.    7,
, S." Commencing at "'a post   planted
int or near at a point 3 miles' east
of 27 mile post of present 0., P. R.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on tho
west, and helng thc northwest   corner   post of    Nicholas    A., Bauas"
claim; thenco south 80 chnlns; tlicnco
east     80 chains;'-'   thence north    80
chnins; thenco west 80 chains to   a
point of commencement, making CIO
acres, more or less.
Located this 17th day of Oct., 1907.
Agent for
W.  E,  COATES,   JR.,
Locator. ;
Witness—TIiob.  Sinter,
!). Commencing  at a post planted
nt or near at a point 1 mile   east
of 2'J mile petit of present 0, V, 11.
survey, adjoining Block 4593 on the
west,   nnd   hclng tho southeast corner   post   of     Frederick O, Bung's
claim; thtnee north 80 chains; thence
west   £0   chains;     thenco   south 8Q
chains; thence enst 80 chains to   a
point of commencement, making C40
acrcPi more or Icsh.
Located tWs 19th day of Dct.,  1907.
W. K. COATES, .lit,,
Agent for
, FHEDBniCK   0,   BANGS,
NOTICE is hereby, given that, .10 ,
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the lion." Chief Commissioner of „
Lands and Works for iv Ik!use to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the folloelUng I'duseriliod lands sit-
miU'd in the district of .Southeast
KooU'tui.v,' Province of British' Columbia.
Commencing at it post planted at
or near mid mile em-it of (VI1. It.*
line ut 127 mile post, Block 4;jS3,
and lK'ing' northeast corner of S. -M".;
Moorels, claim and marked S. ,2tf.
.Moore southeast corner; thence 80
chains west; thonco HO chains north; :
iheuce' SO chains east; tlicnco SOchains south to "place of commencement,.' .-   "
Located   this 25th day of Qct., 1307;
1    Locator.
.'    ' Agent.
'Witness—John, McDonald,     o
1. Coimucncing at a post piantcd
at. or. near one .mile cast of C. P.; u
It, line at tlio 29 mile post, and being southeast corner of J. L-.King's
claim, and marked. „ .1. L. King's
southeast corner; thenco 80 chains
west; thenco'80 chains north; thence
SO chains east; thenco 80 chains
.south to placo of commencement. .,
■   Located  this 21th clay of Oct., W07.
', Agent..,
.Witness—John McDonald.
<2.  Commencing at u post,   plantod -
at.  or near   "southeast cornet  of.Jy,
L," King's claim,  and  being , north-
,eust coiner of.l).   O.  Drain's claim,
and  niarked D.' C.  Drian's northeast
corner; thonco 80 chains, west; thenco'
NOTICE is hereby given that :?0
days after date 1 intend, to . apply
to the lion. -Chief Commissioner,, of
Lands.and Works for'a license • to
prospect for coal -and petroleum -on
the following described lands situated in the' district of Southeast Kootenay,  Province of British   Columbia.
1.  Commencing at  a.post  planted .
ut or near one milo east of C. J\ M. ] 80   chains   south;' thenco   80   chains
inirlli   Ml flininfl!     tlicnco   weft   M '< Witness—TIioh, Slater.
spring F, Shormnn, rrosident
District 13, npiu-ouohod Georo-e
Lindsoy, manager C N. P, C,
Co,, and ri*piVBi<nted that he
was iu uniUK-iftl straits a«kln-e;
and proEsing Llndsav to holp
him nut with tt loun and that
Lindsny nnd tho C. W. .F,  C.
C 4   4 ,       ,
^-v-   »* •*  i«v>4, jubc ijy jt,   ii..*
lonn vi nr. mnAo, T thlnV,"'
I  havi*  also  another memoran-
r.crrs moro or Iiwh.
10. Commencing at u post planted
at ot near at a point 1 milo east ol
29 milo post of present C. V. R. Hiir-
l.oc-.tcil (his 17th dpyrf Oct., 1907. !Vfy,  ad.'olnluB    Block' 459:1 on    the
W, B. COATES, jn., Jwcst, nnd being the coiithwest   cor*
Agfnl for _nor;*..OBt of Bertha Mlllons claim;
j thenco ugrth 80 cliulna; theace eaBt
!80 chaihs; thence south 80 chains;
•tlicnco west 80 chains to a,point of
, commencement,    malting    G40 acres,
| 'rtiim'iw—r.n*»K. *-*fcit.--i.
S, finminrncln--; nt a post r-lDtilfd
line at 27  mile     post;-Block 450:1,
aiul being southeast corner of S.' M.
Moore's claim" and ■ marked    S.    M.
Mooro southeast   , corner;  thonce 80
ehTTi iTs^-csi^thencc^^^
,thence 80'    chains oast; •   tlience 80
chains south.- to. placo ' of commencement'. .        .      '    '
Located   this 25th day uf Oct., 11)07
■-.,-' Locator.
' Agent.
Witness—.John McDonald.
2, Commencing at a post planted
at or near W,.M, Moore's southeast
corner, and being the 'mirtheast, corner of .J. C. Kochfor.'l.s claim, and
niiii'Ued J. C Uochfonl "northeast
cotniu-; tlioiiC4! SO ohains wost; thonce
80 chains south; thonco 80' chains
oast; tl-.o-.ico 80 cliains north to
pluco of cominoncenient,
Located   this a.'ilh day of Oct., 11)07
,1, C,  HOC'lll-'Olil),
IlAl'TISE     L\MOUl.:ilOX,
Wil iio.-s—lohn Mi:l),onal(l.
.'), (,'oiiiiiK'iiclng at a posit ])laiited
nt or near ,1. C, Itochford north
oast corr.tr, and boing norllicast cor-
iioi'-'.-ol' .), liohoi'ison's ■ claim and
ensl cornor, and being noi'i.hoasl. cor-
nmrlU'd ,,L 'lloi'ui'lsoii noi-thwosi. corner; thonce 80 uliulns south; thonco
8(1 chains cast; tbi'iu'c 8i) chains
nortii; thi'iico SO chains went io
plac. of coiiiiiieiici'iiiiim.
Liicuod  this i!,*itli day of licL., 1007
.1.   I.OItEKTSON,
'" I oca tor,
HAITI SE     I.AMOm'll'.X,
.   ,, Ayanl.
Witness—.lohn   Mi-lionnbl.
•I, ('oiiiiii"i!-'lng nt n i 'ist plni'tod
at or lii-iir .1. Koliari son's noi tli west
i-.oniL'i-, and being ,soutli\v.;.st ■ ciirner
of John iM'-'PoiimM'k claim,' ami,
iimrko.l John McDonuld; t'iciicc HO
chains.' nnrlli; Iheiica SO fhaliis oast:
thi'iico HO I'haiiis sou Hi; iIiciko 80
chuiiiH wast to place of romnieiici.'-
L' entail  this 2!ith day of O^-t,, 1«07
JOHN ,Mc|l()NA-..|),
Wltni'KK—John  JlcPoiinld.
■V I'otniiiniii'lng at n |u)iit planted
nt or near ouit iiilln from tho siuth*
i'iihI cornel' of A. (lood's ;liiiin, und
being HoutlieaM, corni'V of 11, II.
(Iiiiulilii's clai'iu, mul niiii'l.ud II. II,
(liiiulila's hoiil.lii'iist I'oi'iiai'; ilicncaHO
I'luiiiiH wi'Htj thi'iii'd Ml I'lia Ins run tli;
Hiont'n HO i'IiiiIns iiast; Hii'iii'ij 80
ilinliiH soulli io place of (.'omiiiani'o*
Lnniteil   thlH'JIIh ilny of O.-t., 1D07
11. it. (i.VMiii.i*:,
Willies'*—John Mi'Donnlil,
l\. ('liiiiini'iii'liiff'lit. 11  post  pliuiti'il
Hit or ileal' soiitheiist i-oria-r of 11. It.
liiuiiblv'H   t-'hiliu, iuul   being   uorth-
enst corner of .1. Murid's claim, mul
•ilrely ola-oil. UeolwiM Is tbo ro.ult.| jlum    »««H»y   ««Bned  hy you, !nt nr nenr nt ft ,)oint x m|lo enBt of ;moro or less
ftrid unlfss the Inflammation can be,"p,u""S *» follow-* ,,„«,»*   r    p    n  I   L'C.ited th
tntron out and this tubo restored to        "?■*D-(P7IB «'«»J" **^<]     " m"°     "   ? """"J .?'   V'   "'   ■'       '    ."
If normal cnmlltlon. taMrl.1 will b.j    ^Zr!^^ t^"T "   C"7' !,***** ?*** .?' °n the I W* *'"
this 19th day ot Oct., lflOf.
Hinorninlcnndltloa.hPiirlDK wlllbn, t)„ rbr„f, w„ 11fltr„„   „r   ¥
J";rosrf »wVSr '* >".Utt Tk*!'?l .l I thp --"<-™'fi H tho charge " was
tun am enusod hy catarrh, whleh lii true tho matter should be   tmt
nothlnR hot nn   Inflamed condition j onco rlearcd up.   It Is alleRfd
of tho muciiM mrJacos, j that Lindsey   has   the     docu-
We will Rlro Oils Hundred Dollar*I merits to yirs-ve the charfjo and
for any enne of denfness (caused byi WftS   willing to po ahead     It
oatnrrh) that cannot ho mired   by Jottmy would approve.      Mo-
Hall'i. Catarrh Car«, Sond tor clr- „   -5 hli"Jm" Uerl (1.c,r'e''
rttilfira   trim I "ot"   °«  t^*" *1H°ten documents
cuiarji. rroe. /t).r. wrU,,.n „,,nn w.ni„Hrtn i^nd-
t   J  rnriJPV A rm   Trti«*««    n ''""H    at    t!* T'i*''('•,   t'»r\  Labor
TnVtt ttotl's Family Pills for eon-
COATB, .ro.,
.lU'-k   W'vk-A    iwv   UmhIi.-'.i, ,-,i      M44-
east; thenco 80 chains'.north to place
of commencement. ■
Located "this 25th day of Oct., 1907'
D.  C. D11A1K,     •   -
HArTlSE n.LAM6ilUlIi.\,
'   i- .       ,'   - ** Agent. •'
* Witness—John McDonald.
,1       . a
.'5.  ComniQiicing at a ))ost   planted,
ul or near northeast corner of D. (!..
Drain's 'claim,   and  being  northwest,
corner of the A. A. Sparks'    claim,,
and  marked     A.  A.   Sparks'  northwest corner;  thonco 80 chains  .east;  ■
thonco 80'chains-south'   ihence    80,
chains west;  thonco SO chains nortii
lo placo of commencement, „
Located   this 2-lth day of Oct.", 1..07
A.  A,   SI'AllKS,      "
. Local or.
.l*Aiyr*,SE   -L.-VMOl'tUlEX,
*    Agent,
Witness—John Mol.onald.
■I.  Coinmoacing nt .a  post 1 hinted
at  or near northwest corner of " A.,
A. Sparks' claim, aiuf. being    soutli-,-,*
wost cornor of tho A.  flood    claim,'
and marked Andy Hood's southwest
coriiui';, thenco HO chains oust; tlicnco
Hu chains  north;   thonco 80'   tluilns-
west;     thoi-ico 80 chains south     to ...
place  o!'-> roiiiiiioiiceineut,
Loculod   this 'Jltli day of Oct., 1.^07
a. coon,
Agout.   -
Witness—John .McDonald,
o, (,'oinuu'nei 1^' at a po*,l' planted
at or near 01:0 nilli!* from thu* south*
east corner of J, .McDonald's claim,
and lu'lug snullioiist cornor of A.
Itii-u s cluim, nnd nuirliod A, Dice's
southeast eoriu-r; , thonco HO elialns
wost; thonco HO cliains north; thenco
80 I'h.ilns i.ai-.t; tin nco 80 ch.ilus
south to placu of coiiiniQiici.'tiiont,
1.01:11 toil tills 2,'ith day of Oct., 11)07
A.. ItlCE,
WltmiHS—tlohn Mu Dunn Id,
tl. Ooniineiirlug at a post planted
n(. or iii'iir HiiiiihouHt coi'iier of tho
A.'ltlt-o t'liiliii, uud being iiorthousl,
cornel' of J, F, Silwriiiuirs I'lnim,
uml marked ,1. I<\ Nihainnin's iioith
enst I'oi'iii'i';' thi'iico HO chnlns west;
tliiuiro HO chnlns sinitli; •hi'iieo ■ u
t'liuliiS mist; llioiicu SO '.'hiilns mnth
lo plni'd of roiuiniHU'oiiiiMit,
Miciuuil thlN 25tli day of Oct., VI 07
A,  l>\ HILVMltMAV,
Witness—.111I111 MclhinuJil.
7. ('niiiitii'iirliig nt a post plitnleil
at or iii'iir iho iioi'tlifiiHt. corner of
tliu J. 1''. SI henna 11 claim, and
being nonInvest conum' of W. Diir*
liy'H clnlm, niul mnrkcil W, Darby
north wont ruriiei'i thuneo HO chnlim
south; tlion.''* Hi) cliains oiiHt; tliourm
HO I'hniiis iioith; thenco 80 uhnlti*
west In pluco nf rn'mrimiPn'W.Tit
. ...; .». :.i.;..;*. ....lu.uaM. «•«••••«<. 1   Locittcd  this U.Hh day of Oct;, lOcfe
; ner pout of Gertrude Belden's claim;
jth'neo'Voutli SO chnlns; thtnee   enst i
■ SO rhnins;   thenee north  RO chains; , WitacsB—Tlios, Slati«.
'thincc west iO chnlos to n point of '.
(Comm-Tcment,    maktn-j Cio    acres, '<
'rwii*) nr tmn.
11. Commcnclnff nt »i pott planted
at or near at a point I mile east of
21 mile   poat of present    C. P. 11.
located  this l"th day e.f Drf., 191.7.  fl'irvty, ruljoinlrj: Ulccli  4503 in thr
•mi■■n'*-* -i:
Soil ly dru^Utt, 75c.
•*li..i .tv*. i!l<"o-i *cd, ri?
:t     tt]i] finri    thev    •■•f.j-,->   hy   ; oni"
i*.:.*j t-x: ni ihi- Tr,-,(i<-s i'i.A L;»t*--:
w, v.. roATHs, .in.,
.Went for
<.i.jiTrnw>.. HKi.HBN'.
Cnnfr^t*,- if Xht'i' -r**}*- r*->» f-;*'.'jis.!y  W.tvffi—"i'hi f. F3,'it*r.
w, it, ;:tirt 1 rin}';  t'.c rorthwe-t  ra
**-;r   jot tt     Ai.htx   I).    Peters..n's
rliiitn; iliimro s.,«t:i iJ rhnins; thrriT-r
ti..t   ii   >h I s,   thine':   rii r;h   it
<h -ir.R   r..<r/t *«<-t M -fba.r.i" *.(.   «
llirinee HO rlialim wl; llvn.'o
I'liiiiim south; ilnuicn HO chains oust;
thence HO chains north tu plnco of
J.   MDItlD,
1 Aeuut.
WitnnsM—John McDonald.
7. Contiiionrlng nt a post  planted
at or liein- noitlioiiKt corner   of   ,1,
Murid's i'lnim, and  being northuoht
(.-iiriiiT of .1,  I-'. Irwin's claim,    and
innrki'il ,h V, Irwin's nnrtliuvst cor-
lu-r; iIii-ik'.i HO rhnlis south;    f'-purv
!**«)   .'liuIns  eni-t;     tlnniv  PO (.hiilns
nortii:     tlH'iicn Hft rlmiiiM wost     tu
|>I.u'e <,f 14.14441.4.44.1 hiuiii,
L- ni'nl i!iK 'jiiU Wav of () <„, l!.o;
J. V. IHVilS,
I.114 .it i.e.
Wi-i'i.'.-—.liU  M4l»..ji.-iJ.I.
w, hahhy.
Loci tor,
haptisk   r.AMonunox,
Witness—Joun McDonald.
R    ('iimniiniclnir     'il    'i   nf,.'*   '•};;..•:'..yj.
at or near \\', Purhy, noVtliwcst curlier, und I'dnff nouthu'i'sL enrnor of
11. Latiionilox'h claim, mm marlied
II. T/ainiirulcx*s voiithwust corner.,
tlu'iuo HO chnlns north; tlionco HTi
chains oust; thenco Hn chnlns soutl\
thi'iico HO chains west lo place «f
Located this U.'ith dny of Oct., K'07
11 Afii-uX.
Hitix.'.sM—.Ioliri Mi-lititiiiiil.
'MlrisTiV,-; Lh:5mtr,t Cutis DJ:>fitlit*iI;i.
■j 1
,-■ *. FERNIE LEDGER,  FERNIE,  B.       C, NOVEMBER 23, 1907
I  was  employed
on 30 th Sept.. ;
in No. 9 mine, Coal Creek, owned j
and operated by the' Crow.'s Nest ;
Pass Coal  Company. - ]
My occupation was to bar down '
rocks in narrow places nnd "to j
drill "holes where it was necessary, j
I was ' doing- this .work on that !
day. My work was on incline No. j
3 right. The object of my work |
was to'enlarge'the tunnel. I'wasj
wdeking by orders  of the-flreboss   :
I don't    Know   .his'   name except •
Tom,   On,thisaday I was drilling |
holes.     The   holes  I  was  drilling i
were, foivi shooting. ,  I understand]
what  shooting  holes means,.,     l|
filled  one hole  that. day. " I filled j
it with dynamite. ' I used one and •
a half sticks.  _ There was,, only one '
hole loaded that  I know  of that-;
morning.     " . •■     • I
.1'   knew    a    man*   named Peter j
Johnson. He was working with
me on tho morning of 2uth Fep.-
tember, .1907, doing the same
kind' of work. I know that Peter
Johnson filled a hole with dynamite1' that morning.
■^ I and Johnson went on tshift at
II p. m. on the 19th. I know of
'an accident in the mine about 4
a. iii. of the 20tli.. It'took the
form ,,c.f,a dynamite explosipn,., I
was knocked down by it. I do
not know who set off the shot.
The shot lighter" was. about thirty
feet away when - „explosion occurred. There was no one else present or near. ;,lt is the business of
the shot lighter to' fire all shots.
I* think the shot lighter takes' orders from * the fireboss. It is a
general order- the shot'lighter gets
Irom the fireboss. . There were no
other holes drilled'except the two
mentioned prior to explosioii, One
of the holes spoken of-were tried
by the 'shot' lighter first for. two
or three time.-; and it would not
go., Then the shot lighter cut the
wire about. three feet from the
cable, then he *took, his knife,
scratched, the wire and connected
to the cable. Then he tried it
and it ,did not go. Then Peter
Johnson    said ,we  better  try    to
_ /»V. a v.fl.a -Lii A— r\+_Vi*ai* -U**.Tj*. rV\- -. r-1*. *-i4-_
 *. lll*!^ V" 4, M.t.V—•- \S V** »»..*. UV I.\-| 1 •*.-**.V \ J11U   V~
lighter, who I identify in court
as: Powell, said if the'first hole
don!t go, then we will have two.
Then Johnson-says the chances
aie the caps are good,-wo better
try it...The shot lighter'says all
right. Peter Johnson and I went-
down to get some powder, When
we left I'noticed the cable was
connected - to the battery. „We
went for powder about 20 or 25
feet from the charged holes,       We
DECISION Of JURY    fl«y »•«-*»• standard THE CANADIAN BANK
Inquest of Peter Joh ison KiHed .■
'. ai Coal Creek Sept. 21;.   j
'   Jury—A*.   K.   Cree, .William    Ingram,    W.  A. Ross, W.,   J.- Elun-'
dell, Robert Moore, C.-Varty,
Fernie, Nov. 8, 1907.
John    .De-Baptiste     being . sworn
8. E. WALKER, President "
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager,,
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
-Branches     ' - °   '    ,
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - ; 5.000.000
Total Assets, - 113,000.000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
_-r>--4.,   V*.
.   :%
8->    ii
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Jade from Grapes
Deposits o£ SI and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. Thu depositor is subject to no delay whatever In
the withdrawal-of the whole or any portion of thc deposit.   ,
Undertakers &/ Embalmers
The' ^Calgary   Marble   &7 Granite .Works
The.   Kootenav    Marble " Works,    Nelson
Samples Can te Seen at lhe Office. .
Fernio  Hruncli
H.   L.   Edmunds,   Manager;
..  Parlors in Lundy's Elotk fe
- ♦
; *
! '>
. ft
discretion where and when I work
'during tlio night:
I know of-an accident iii the
mine on morning- of the 20th September.- There was a manu hurt
who died from the effects. ' His
name was Peter Johnson. The
accident took the form of a dynamite explosion,* .At 4 a.m., Sen
tern her- ,20th, 1907, I went tb ITo.
3 right incline as'per plan pro-
diiced for the . purpose of firing
two shots.'' I first attached the !
wire of the battery, to the charjj- ;
ed hold in deep r*oad.' Af-er mak- !
ing- p-repnr.itions I endeavored "to |
fire the shot,' 'but failed, o The
cause of "the failure I .don't quite-;
know. Then I made arrangements [
with Peter Johnson to charge the ;
secdnd.-hole'with dynamite, which!
he did. Jn the meantime I:arran^-
ed mv battery... At tthe time of i
the explosion 1 was ensfaeed male- i
ing an examination,-of the - cable i
for the vmn.'ose of Caidin.s: out if . v
it was brolton or hot.' While in : JJ*
the act of doin-? so the ex-olosion'i ?
took place. I was about eight \ ^
yards and a .foot from scene of ] •*>
explosion at the time.1'.After the . ♦
explosion, as soon'as I'could re-j ♦
cover mvself, I went-forward and I *
found Peter Johnson and John j 2
De Baptiste"on the, floor. X saw , ^
the seriousness of the accident at.j<>
a' 8flp_n.ee. The:5 I went for help.
This is all I know about it/
I don't * know where Spruston
was at the time of accident'. The
lever of battery .was in my pocket
at   tiine'.'.of   explosion..    ■•
I- don't remember-giving "-the
mm   orders   to   connect  th?   cable
J ■__.. ♦
'■'-     " -jjy"'   "r'"^v^5«t      ~
■XT/  .
*    •'.*•
!.. ;
1   ■>
i       *T>
1  *    *.*•
Two car. loads just arrived.  ' Comc0in and   take
vour choice while our stock is complete at ■ ■
0       .   -* '      -       -' ■:- "*       .'- -.
G^TU'^ic.IEI.j'S   ^a:.dlwaii,-*8 & FuFniture
^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^♦♦♦^H!'** »4}></*ww*ww'++w+4>w'w+w'4.-www>
brought the powder back to about
ten feet from the loaded hole and
about five feet from the unloaded
hole. Then , we went 'up to the
loaded hole and disconnected the
wire from tho cable. We took the
cable near to the unloaded hole.
Then we took, the powder and
charged the second hole. - Peter
Johnson said to the shot lighter
you better move the cable from
the straight line to ,the left hand
side. The shot lighter moved the
cable. We cut the wire from the
nee ond charged hole. Then we
took tho knife,' scratched .the wire
to connect with the second, charged hole, Johnson aiid I connected, the ...first wire and whon wo
tried to connect tho other wire and
on the second turn of tho second
wirearotmd the cable the. shot
wont off in the last hole charged.
Tho shot lighter was about 30
feet from tho hole that exploded
at tho time of oicplosion. I think
ho had tlm battery with him, Tho
blast wont off before wo wero able
to give any warning to tho shot
lighter that thuy wero rondy, I
heard no'warning from tho shot
lighter beforo thn explosion.
I was conscious tiftor explosion
for 15 minutes, I stinted to holler soon aftor explosion. Tho shot
lighter came and called Johnson
by name. Johnson did not answer.   Tho shot lighter then swore,
Johnson and I wero doing tho
work as wo wero instructed and
was part of our regular work. I
do not know if it wns my duty
to do this work or not. I did nol
know or. fool any bump about
time of L'xjiloslon.
T..or<> arc only ono flroboBH, and
tv/o shot lighten*, Our Hhot
llghtor taken chnrpo, of work in
the incllno tht> otlior ln tho Nlopo,
Tho ftroboHs I call Tom Ib my
ho8«i. Peter Johnson connected
the wiro with tho unble, I waH
about two foot from the hole wlun
it exploded. Johnson wns about
i' lfl Ineho1*. Tlw* cablo was connected with the hattory when wo wont
for the powder to charge tho second hole,
A.  W.  BLEASDELL.  Coroner,
William Powell being sworn said:
i     44441     I'.ll^tll^VU     h,V      thi' 4>IOa',->
W4"-"* Vt\"\ C'orO Pompnny nt" Cool
Creek In No, 0 mine, i" was fireboss ou the 20th .Soptomb.pr. I
*.vns ft '-,hr»t lighter ots tht.*, dry
also, I hold n certificate as a
iii-4-'lii)H'-..   1 ftlno hold n cortiflcato
.,*•   .,     Mi*t   Hn.Mnv      Tt   ''-   ni'-'tnin-
ary. tor a flreboi.-i to ri.'charge tho I t.'.,w"i..}.i
two    duties    at   the name    time, j njZ(1<i _Mm
Tin-re were two other fireboxes lu '
thntiiiin<» on1 that tiny nnd on the
Kftv.u- '-hif:,   Thi'y wpiw on duty an
'wil nn niveau,   Thcmr.H R"uvr,tin
wa-s    th" chief fireboss.      lie told
iv.- i-.t It ',•■ u.. of tl-" t-^th •whore
the vrv.io*'--, irnngH of men   would
br.   vorkiri".     I    irot nn    <>'.i(-rlftc
crder« from anyone where I   was
to work that shift,   I use my own
iwith^theVHexplo^iver- iTiici"-not-
know they were maMne,- these ccn-
nuctions at the time." ■ The battery
was disconnected and  on the  side
at time  of explosion.
The hole that exploded had
been primed and ready for discharging, The men were uot using any tools that might have
caused friction at time of explosion. The hole; was about two* feet
deep. ' There may have been two
sticks in' it or ono and one-half.
A wooden tamper was used, and
mud was used, to stem the hole
with; I disconnected the battery
from the cable soon, after.John
De Bautis'te noticed' it attached.
I put the lever ig my pocket. In
my estimation it was just as safe
connected providing I had the
lever ia my pocket,
There were many bumps off and
on during that night, some of
them very severe. I do not know
if the bumps could- have discharged the. shot,'
, I put,lever in niy pocket'just as
soon as I,failed to flro tho " first
shot. I do not know who connected tho wires for the shot that
failed at the first hole, If tho
man connected the wires on first
hole I do not consider I was
breaking a rule in' allowing it.
I saw Spurtson. about ti a.m.
It waa about 15 minutes between
timo tho first hole missed and
time of explosion. Rulo No. 17,
••Special, Rulss,'' would not apply
in this caso. Length of cable to
tho battery about 70 foot; longth'
of cap and wire about fl foet.
I attached the cable to tho battery in case of first hole. I got
into safe place, gave tho aignnl,
and whon overytuing looked safe
1 turned tho lever, Tho cable
when I waB examining it wan in
tho ct'iitre of track, It was not
touching any of tho rails to tho
best of my knowledge, The cable,
howQvor, would havo to cross
ralh at thu switches. The cable
is coatod with tin bo coatings of
rubber to prevont contact with
any conductor. I do not know
what caused that shot to oxplodo,
A. W, BI.EASDET.L, Coroner,
11, G, Drinnan being- sworn said:
I wan general HUporintuiulcnt of
tho Crow.s Nest I'a*»s Coal Company at tlmo of accident, 20th
■•joptoinbor; 1007. An investigation was held into cauro of accident by Mr. Colvllle, and there
was nothing deflnito found out as
to what canned thu shot to go
otT. It is eu'itomarv tor bumps to
occur in No, 0 mine. It is iiiipos*
slblo for tho bumps to explode
that shot.
nrrazsssaafgimr^^ __
dominion: MEAT CO.
Limited "' i
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Fish.     Fresh Eggs and Dairy Butter,
Phone 4
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I Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd. f
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria'Ave.
The  'weary   traveller in. search' ol- a   frood(i- ■
home, plenty to t-at and something good-to"
drink' shuuld. iro to     .. ■*-■■,       7  - ,   "'
,. *-. • ,f*    -    . ,
,°   - -       ' '*>'... °      '  '
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Fernie, B. C. *;
♦ ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'X'^
We nve ihe lnrpropt retnil dealers of Tobncen? and Cigara ,
in   Fernie; .We sell   only   reliable  stock.  , Our ran no of
Pipes . in   the most   o-implete   and   best selected,stock in
town.   Don't, forget the Fernio. Ciuar Store when in need
of a gocd smoke.
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General  Merchandise
® *.
A Paying
It   w
ill pay you to look
our stock of Foot-
tor Fall and Winter
Our stock's complete
1 I       I.       I .      ......   1^   I f       I   .       ,,,.4.4
-* »       * ";   V.       .-    .4.        » «*/      ***;   »-.**4
hhot by the buttery without
uso oi tho lovnr.    .
110BT.  G.   DBINNAN.        j
A,  W.   Br.RAKO'raL,   Ccronc-r. ,
ThomftK Addison Luiny uv.'orn said;
I know    3-et.pr    Johnson-   before '
t !   1 T 1 * I   • 1      " m
4.   .U,'.,l Jj. k'l^,..  -'"• +**».•« ..■■,'4 i,
att«*r dc-uth and rccoff-
ns Voter Jch....on.
Tiros,   ahpison.
W. BT.r-ARnr.LI.., Ccronn-.
That tho nnlrl P-.t'.r Jolm.ion on
tin* Srith Any rf P";-tf»!*''(«i- .Iff);'.
it, Ko. \t i.,iue, Co.il Ci ei*.', <\ii:.p
to bin death V.y .ir. fit,pic..-ion oi
dyniiti.i.c. <.'.*.««» 01 ■ pyjiloBior.
'       '"»)'!
AjJ'j'Tb, trhOl'Jiti niifi
SOX ui Lowest  Prices
W  P
*  i   o   ».x*
s. -vtrf *t_>- \jr *y* M^
. *
H ,ift
2<|R Victoria Ave, Penile
'*   t   •   •■«*'•.•   ♦.!. »•'•   »   H  1    4   M   •   I   I*.   ■    I, •   *■* .*.'•...*   *',,,,,*,*,*
4 *
* »i*.m
of Canada
Notice is hereby Riven tlmt iv Plvlclciul at tlie rate
of SIX PUR CENT per annum upon the puid-up
Capital Stock of The Home Hank of Camula has
been deelaml for the Half-year, cnilmjj
Noveml/cr J.Oth, VM)7, and that the same will he
payable at the Head Ollice und Hi-imehes of the
Hank on anil after Monday the second day of
December next.
The Transfer Hooks will he closed from the
10th to the 110th of November prox., both days
inclusive,   liy order of the Hoard.
Toronto, October «Hrd, 11)07.
         General Mor.c'Jcr.
I! M WIU !.](.*',
1 t  I llll.
Bring in Your Job Work
Ledger Ads are Winners '•'*
•*. *k*H***miem&~*vt
t^R^s-n**^^ .,.
,*■  N t «i
.»J^i.w^*i-,'*ii«ftMlJ&^^ *.-.--7s."}
The Fernie Ledger
".,'  ,      $ 1 a Year in Advance       «-,
Iisueil every  Suturdav   from   tlie  Ofiice  of
" Publication. Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
Fernie, British Columbia.
All changes of n.<is. mu?t be In ns follows :—
Pugos S ami», 2 p. m. Tuo-sday ■; papes s aiul •),
2 p.m. Thursday, and puj-'o li,!! p. in   Friday.
' We will bo unable to injure chunga unless
-.e    more
' this rule i» complied with.
Leant lulvertisijic 12' cents per nonpariel!
lino lirat insertion, M cents per Hue eiu-h Miliou-.
quont insfition, ,    , ' ! along*
■HutM for contract .id\v.rt,t-iii „■ on ;tj,;:licr-.-,
tionat ollscn of puljli"i'.ti.in,Toi|.I illw'k        *  ,-.
resumed. Many of the local miners are kicking because they did"
riot0 get' more of an advance^ last
spring-, but we-believe that conditions and wages at present prevailing in ..District 18 are some, of
the most" stable upon the American continent,, and the wisdom of
i the policy pursued by the leaders
! of _the miners in this district will
evident    as  time' rolls
C.j that just prior to the miner's difficulties last spring, F.
Sherman, President District
18,' approached George Lindsay, manager.C. N*. P.. C. Co., '
and. represented that.- he was
in financial straits, asking
and pressing* Lindsey 'to- help
him out- with • a loan, and
that he (Sherman) would see
that Lindsey and the C. N". P.
coal company would not lose
ty it. .The loan was made,* I
think." - ,   ■ •'■        •'    ' '
T. T.
JOHN,,      I-
..   Editor'
". 1.'jy :•.-{(? r
FERNIE, 2314—Pres.; I.'T. Puck-
''   ey; Fin!" Sec, Thos. Biggs.'.  '
HOSMER,' 2494—Pres.,  Win*.  Tay-
lor;-Sec, Wm. N. Reid .'
MICHEL,  2334—Pres..  Wm'.     Col-
grehoun; Sec, Charles Garner.»
COLEMAN, 2633—Pres., W.   Hay-
.   son;' Sec, Wm.  Graham.
PRANK, 1263—Pres., Fred'Alio tt;
Sec, George Nichols,       •   »
LILLE, 1233—Pres., -T. Evans;
Sec, A. W. May.
BELLEVUE, r431—Pres., F. Lewis;
Sec'.', Fred Chappell. -
HILLCREST, 1058—Pres., Robert
Livett; Vice-Pres., J. Lagace;
Sec, Harry T.  Cooper,
-' 0 -' '
LTJNDBRECK, ,2275—Pres.," Alex.
-   McCullock;  Sec, Peter, Blake.   ,
WOODPECKER, 2299-'-Pres.,' ■ W.
R. H\ighes; Sec, John-Fletcher.
MORRINVILLE, 2378—Pres., .', C.
-• H.-Richardson; Sec, J. Mathe-
* son. ":'     |,  .
' DIAMOND CITY—Pres.,.'  -.   •   '
Vindictiveni'ss, of the usual order is easily dealt .with, but- vin-
dictiveness of the unusual order
is'- hard- to-combat. V/e publish
in another column a. series of letters dealing* with a "matter, of serious' import—one that cannot be
allowed to pass without some editorial, cominerit.   ■*
We refer to- the series of letters
in. which* thc names bf .Senator
Jaffray', Ralph Smith and J. G.
O'Donoghue'are mentioned. .Men
who at this stage of the game in
the world's history can so far violate the laws of decency and seek
to detract" from their opponents
by 'methods so regretable .as have
been-used in the case to which we
refer, are beneath ■ contempt. . A
snake in the grass is a'-conti'empt-
ablo insect at all times, working
hour by hour, week in,'and week*
out for * some supposed advantage.' This, abasement to trivalit-
ies is grotesque, and Mr.' O'Donoghue seems to be a* master of
obliquity, which is" putting'the
matter in the mildest form,
can-safely leave the" issue in
hands of our readers. '
port so made concerning its president. .My instructions are to use
every.-effort to-trace the slander
to its proper- source^ I-am ih receipt of a letter from the Honourable Senator Jaffray denying that
he even made such statements to
yourself. . Before taking- proceedings! shall be obliged if you will
kindly state whether.you'made to'
Mr. O'Donoghue- the - statement
that is attributed to you", That
this matter was very much dis-'
cussed by members of the Trades
aiid Labor Congress I think can-
j-not be doubtedj ' if what is*re-'
[ 'ported to me is correct. I trust
I   '■" '      ' j that you will'-favor me with    an
TROUBLE IN VIEW " .    '" ", c~rlg ^P1^  as failing the same I
.,   - , j,. snail have to:issue a. writ against
 ""• _       , i you  or take  such    other proceed-
''.■>. ! ings as the case mav warrant,  as
Whether   Mrr-'  Ralph 3'mtn.   .fi.'Mr.   Sherman is determined- that
P.,  Mr.  O'Donoghue    -i-r   someone*i£ by no* other .means"he can vindicate himself he will 'do- so.,   by
bringing" into   court; all  the* par
November llth, 1907. '
Ralph Smith,,Esq., DI. P.,
. Nanaimo, -B,  C.
Re Sherman Slander.
Dear Sir:
I enclose    a    copy -of    a letter
which ' I:'have  this   ' day. received
irom Mr. J, G.  O'Donoghue, who,
you    will  notice,    has , suggested
that I refer,  as therein stated, to
you.   .Kindly    advise'   me  in 'the
premises.   This   report   concerning j
I Mr.   Sherman    will,    evon  though j,
i absolutely untrue, injure,, him very "I
much., Already  ho   has   experieriu- j
cd tho   a:"c"-t   oi    such" a  slj.nder, j
i hat may laid it ■'•still .more a'ggra- \
j vating if he -offer himself-for    re- j
;'election,    as   President   of 'District ,
j Uo.  13.  IT.    M.  V,'.- of. A.   I need,
'. not toll you that any false report ;
concerning   any  men,   no   'matter';
: how- false    it  may TieJ   ..may    do I
- him    some   'injury,    as   there are '
, ihany - ■.■.•.charitable ' people    who
: not -only believe that    the report
. true,  -but even   though they may.
: think-it untrue,   will nevertheless
'circulate  it  and lead'others to be-
ported back to" District 18 of the '■ !ieve in its truth. '   I trust, there-'
United .Mine Workers of America, i fore,  that you will assist   mc,  or
The  said District decided'that 'it'! my. clients;  in seeing  that justice
was necsssary to  ascertain what,
if any, truth there was in the' re-
I have  also    another
nm Veaclings us follows'    *
*'0VD.. says ho advised that in
jnstieo 'to Sherman,, if, '.vise
C'-iargo was untrue, or to the
Mviinu-j ji t-he *c:ir.:'ge ,wa&. true,
tiiat .the matter should l:u at
or.ee cloared up. It ir, ollii^ed
that Lindsey, has the ■ dueii-*'-
'meats to pv'ove. the 'eliarge
and was willing to go ahead il
Jaffray would approve'. Noth- '
ing .has since been done."
These  statements  were  duly" re-
La aids'at Robso<n
Sec, T.-Entwistle.
age; Sec
-J.-001—-jrzesTj- w r;
Jack Raymond.
■ Fisher:  Sec,
P. Dyson.
TABER,      102—Pres.,    T.    Boyle;
Sec, Wm. Murdock.
LETHBRIDGE,    574.—Pres,  B,- G.
Hamilton;    Sec,   Charles    Pea-
■ cock.
else is guilty of traversing the
good name of a mnn in~" h.gli
standing ° amongst his fellows-workmen, will-no doubt be'proved
in the'course of proceedings which
have'' already,, been^ ■ instituted--
against Ralph Smith „ for "slander.
It will . be seen" by. Mr. O'Dcn-
bump of memory does not seem
to be wgll developed, he neverthe:
less appears positive that Ralph'
Smith spoke to "him- about Mr.
Sherman in the way of.-repeating
the- alleged charges against that
gentleman. ,
, . ■■ ■   o—    .
TABER,   1359—Pros
erts; Sec
Alt'., Rob-
Robert Doodson.
CITY' MINES,  2240,
Pres., T. James;.
STRATHCONA, 2248—Pres,, John
>    Saint; Sec, Jas. Poole.
Strathcona—Pres., Jas. Cherl-
er; Sec, Neil Mc Connick,
BUSH MINES, 2G55, Edmonton—'
Pres., Chas. L. Bryce; Sec,
"Harper.   ■
Presidents and. secretaries wnoso
Dames do not appear on this list arc
requested to farward them to this
office for Insertion.
Continuod inquiries reach us Ior
the forosoin;: Information.
UXOltaAXlZ.-.l)   I.AI50.'.
is done to Mr. Sherman, as you
would, if-'it were- your, own case,
desire that justice should' be done
to. you, If Senator Cox made the
statement. ' or anyone else made
such a statement,to you;"it is, I
think,. your duty to disclose the
name of the, person' who" made
such a statement. .It appears sufficiently- plain that you reported
.to, Mr .O'Donoghue' that one of
the Senators had,,made tho statement to you reflecting upon *: Mr.
Sherman.-."" The only uncertainty
that Mr.' O'Donoghue now enter-^
tains is with, respect to the individual who, spoke to you.^Trust-
ing that you will favor nie with,
an early reply.
Yours faithfully, ■
7     «■"   "   ,     L. P. ECKSTEIN.
wiiixw *mn «.*!
tie's ^who are charged' with having
slandered him.
-Yours,faithfully,    », -
7      L.  P.'; ECKSTEIN.  ■
October 30th,  1807.
To Contractors and
EIWM MraWHU W ««>M4 •« WW. E* U% »*J*KlW««»l»Jl*«l»ft1, I*1W 1 k>U*n«K*r«WM
> .1 > '
Five  Trains  daily,   C.„ P.   R.
Steamer,   daily Telephone and,,
Telegraph,    ' good-     Boating,
Fishing- and   Hunting',  .level
Land, magnificent" Soil.'
Avoid isolation and poor 'trans-.
..portation" facilities by buytug at0
Robson. , ',..
Buy fruit lands, where you
can get irrisfation and be'
sure  of good  crops.' 7  '.'
These    lands- can   be
at $1.00  per  acre > per  month
Your  money back if not satisfied. . .-For .particulars, see-  • „
The financial 'dopresKion in the
IJ. S. A, and other countries Ia
having a serious olToct upon tho
utaplo Industries of tho west, Tho
coal trade js usually tho last to
bo affected by depression in trado,
unci also is .slow to respond to increased activities In other industries.
The' lny.ng off of thousand's of
men and tho dosing down of in-
rlUNtrial pluutii will hnvo a moHt
iieriousolTeot upon tho wnfro-earn-
or* ot our1 country, Tho closing
down of tho varlouH snu'ltor/i and
nietttliferouB mines of Montana
and Southern British Columbia
will ultimately result' in tho
damping down of hundreds of
coko ovens, and consequently
shortening the demand for coal.
Tho organizations of the met-
nUffrous smelter men nnd ^minors
Micrcoderl in forcing wngos up to
on  exceptionally hiijh rate    last
T>* *    - n        ■.   1      i    .
--.*    ,     ......     ,.v .-       ,*»v     .I.U.t.t.sj     C44U-
not •dnY'd to pny thor.p wn^-ep iiiul
glvo tho conditions of labor   demanded, with the result that today thousands aro idle.
It wjvb over thus.   Tho captains
V>.   il,^l>v>at>j   il.ll. A'jr.   .)4.0'ilJ_;'.il.   aijoul
these conditions immediately labor began to assert itself ahovo a
certain level.
Wo believe that thc present state,
of affairs is brought about purposely to enable the capitalist to
reduce wages' und show labor how
hitlpUhH it is under present <*co* i
nomic conditions. '
In our opinion Iht woilfjiit-n of
the Boundary country can walk
th* !>trecti until thty have h.id
inouijh nnd wil- neccpt a rcduc*
tir.n. Then, nnd not before, -wil,
tli" ,iini>lt«'r.'i be blown In and work
(Continued   from Page 2.)
A, Gi O'Donoghue, Esq.,
"    Barrister at Law,
Dineen  Building,
Toronto, Ont..
Dear Sir:,
I beg to thank you for your letter of the 25th instant. On yesterday I-received a letter.from tho-
Honourable Senator Jaffray, who,
in reply to my. communication to
him, states as follows:
"I am   rather   astonished at
the   receipt of   yours of   the*
14th     inst.   regarding    statements said, to have been mado
about    Mr,   Sherman to    Mr,
Ralph Smith,    M. P., by mo.   ■
All I can say is that I never
made such   statements,    either
to' Mr,  Smith or anyone else,
and I cannot believe that Mr.,
Smith over   made   the    statement on my authority."
If Mr, Ralph Smith quoted Sen-
ntov JalTray an you state, ho did
aud   which   statement , on   your
part I bolievo,  thou   Smith    was
mistaken ,or else the Sonatar was
misunderstood,   I may  say   that
District No,  18, U.  M, W.  of' A.,
decided to probe this matter    to
its depth,'it being desirablo that
its president should oither ho vindicated or otherwise dealt with.
Yours faithfully,
Toronto, Ont., Nov. 7th, 1007.
L, P, Eckstein, Esq,,
Barrister, Etc,   -
Pernio, B,  C.
Ro Sherman.
Dear Sir;
Since tho receipt of your letter.
of Oct. 30th, I havo boon questioning myself whether I was
wrong in stating that Henator
Joffray was the gentleman named
hy Mr. Smith, and an item in
this morning's newspaper ftating
that Senator Cox, president ol
tho Crow's NcBt Coal Co,, had
been succeeded by Mr, Lindsey,
causod mo to think that pofi-ilily
Senator Cox y/as tho name g.'vcn
to mo. I know it was somo high
ofllcial of the company. ' You
n-jjif'-ht thoreforo onquiro from Sen.
nrnv    ("'«*• Xt   Vr,   ••*-f\''<1   t*/>     r-,,»-f
ment reported to mo I
Smith, i am Hatiaiijd t
.senator mado tho stutc:
ported to mo by Ralph Jimith.-hc
causo at tho timo both Mr. Sm.th
and I felt very keonly ihe' refltc
Hon upon ono of our l*>.\d-.'i-,i, and
we were taotn prompted wilh the
Bame desiro to sco juBtioe dono,
Perhaps if you wrote to Mr,
Smith ho would holp you.
Yours faithfully,
October 80th, 1007.
Ralph Smith, .T?.iq.,
Nnnalmo, B, C.
Dear Sir:
I have instructions to toko such
proceedings ns the nature of the
cftEO hereinafter referred to    may
It appears that .lurinff
"Ralph Smith, Esq.", M: P.,.  ".      ; "
Nanaimo,, B..  C.   ■■
Dear Sir: ,
Since writing you under date of
yesterday"I have received a letter
from Mr. J. G. O'Donoghue, barrister, practicing-- at Toronto,
stating- that at the last session of.
the Dominion Parliament you
made to him' the statement that
I quoted, to you in my said letter.'
About this statement, on the, part
of Mr. O'Donoghue, and tho, em*
■ phatic .deni.il of Senator Jaffray
that he ever made, any charge
against Mr. Sherman, I must ask
you to be good enough to say
whether or no you quoted Senator Jaffray in the, way that. you
have said you have done, I may
as well tell you most frankly that
everyone ,* connected: with this
slander, which, it undoubtedly is,'
will, bo brought into' light and
made to bear the odium whim
attaches to the person of the
,- Nanaimo, B. C, Nov. 1, 10O',\
L. P. Eckstein, Esq..
Dear Sir;
I have your letter of ' tho 2Dth
ult, regarding" cortain "statements,
supposed to be made by me to
J. G. O'Donoghue, viz., that,Mr.
Sherman represented to Mr, Lind-
pey thnt he was in financial'
straits and asked and proswd him
to help hiin out and that his
company would not looso by it,
In reply, I beg to sny taut I
never know anything . n'jout Mr.
Sherman being in flnan?ial f>t'ait,g
and asking Mr, Lindsey for monoy
and 1" never hoard Mr. Juffray teU
Ll_I_l_t-\r4.1rvrN L	
. L*> l*V* **> **>=
NOTICE   is hereby RivoVrlmt. nppl.cnt.Ion
«ill bo nuulc to the Purlin inont of Camilla
" Have     you ■  got   your
winter supply", of Oats'&
°   Potatoes.,   If not order
i   '
-   now   as   the   prices are
.    going up, owing to the
*.     crop   failure   this. year.
Oats, CO'lbs;'- guaranteed
., pev bushel	
Potatoes, 1201b. sacks
per sack...	
At your siding-, liberal credit and
prompt shipment.   - Order now.,
Ed? Cuming
SKA MCI) TKNI1K11S niMroM.i'il
hU'iicul, ami
......        to tlio under*
 iniiloi'sed " Tu.iiler for I'ublli*.
Ilnililiiiit, liiiilj'Mnltli, 11,0.." wlll lm rnciiivnd
at thin ollli'd until Wudiiumluv, llofenilini* 11,
1HI17, ini'luslvidy, fnr llio ■'Oi.t.tn'ntlon of a
I'lilille Jlnlldlnmit Udytunitli, 11,(5.
lHniiK nml Hiioc.lllcnilnii iiihi lm kikiii und
forniH of tiMiilin* olitiilned iit, Mils lif'imi'tniflnt.
ini'l on npplleiitioii to tlio i'flhtinni'iur At
l.ndj'ismltli, II, (',
I'nrrinnx toinliii'liiR nr« linMllcd Hint fnn.lor*.
wlll nut. bo ouiihldoi'iiil mili'»i. iiiiiiii. ou tliu
ininto.l form Mippllt'd, mid hlK»(.d wlllithuir
Mi'liml hiKiiiiturnN,
 „    ,   Unoli tiimliir miihl, lm Hcccmpiinli'd by nn
such a Htory, neither Ao I buliovo ! n-''<-ui>t|r,ili«lio<iiio on h oimrirrjul luinl., I'undu
that   J,    G,  O'Donofrhuo    would •■>-.-*•---■--
inaho such a statement.
Yours truly,
Novembor 5t,h, j007.
P.alph Smith, Esq,, M. P.,
Nanaimo, D, C, ,
Doar Sin
I am in roc-nipt of your lottor
of tho 1st instant. Upon recolv-
iiiff instructions, if nny, from my
clients, I shall communicate fur.
thor with you. That Mr, O'Donoghue mado tho statement attrih-
utod to him is confirmed by tho
same bolng undor his signature,
and lator by his lottor to myself
nfllrming his first , statement.
Thoreforo, it appears abundantly
plain that either you mado tho
statement which ho snys you did,
or ho has dono you a groat in-
justice by claiming that you did
so.      Personally,   I   roftret    vorv
im.vMdc tu tliu order ui tlm llommii.1,1* tlm
MlnlHtor of I'ublli* World', flqiml to tnn pni'
cont (in im.) of tin iimnunt or tlm loridur,
wliloli will tin ffirfelliiil If tlio iinrumi toudcrliur
iloi'liiift to outer into n cunt runt wIhuipiiIIuiI
upon to do mi, or If lm full to complidi tlio
worn eonlriintiiil for. If tlm tnndnr be not
ii'-coptuil the 4>liur|ti» will lm returned,
Tlio Piiiiu it inont dow* nut bind llhelf tn ne*
ot'pt tlio lowflHl. or nny tondor,
IlT Ordfir,
I'llKl). (IKMNAH,
l)o|inrtmoiit of Pub]lo Work*,,
OttKWii, Notemlmr ill, 1M7,
^NowniftpyrH will not li»|iuld for tlili ndre'r*
tlmimuiit If thoy liueri. li wHIitmt imthorlty
from tliu i-io|nutiii-jnt,
ii.i it
lltTtluj-MexIrhiiSS-iuirtiiL'l-uofMuf j4Tr'ilut=tTj-iu4-ur-
pornlo'- a Company undor tlie minio of
"Western of Ciii'.uda llnihvuy Comruny,"
with po^\•er to construct, equip, maintain and
operate a line or linos of railway of i.tandurd
or other riivrq hy means of steam, electricity
or any other kind of locomotivo powor.  .
(1.) From a point on tho International
honndaty lino ill tho Province of Alhorhvi
hotwoon'tho en,st side of lianue twenty-three
(88) and tho wost sido of Runee twent.v-eiBlit
(2S) west of tho Pouiih 1'rincipivl Sloi-idian, to
a point on tho Crow's Xest !'.,*,» lino of tha
Canadian Pacific "Railway Company between
Cowlov and Pincher Creek: thonco Norlh-
wosterlv followluR llio valley of tho North
Fork of tho Old Man Hivor ton point in tho
LivIiiRntono Ranco, of mountains at or near
sootlon thlrtv-throo (.S3) in TouiihlilpUY'il (1(1),
Jtanno Three (!l), Wost. of the Kifth Principal
.Meridian; thonco through tho p.iss in tho
LiviiiRstouo Mountains at tho Inst named
point and northerly up the valley, nf tlio
LiviiiKStono Hivor ton point on Hi**.! Klvor,
at or nonr township *>ovontean (171 in RanRO
Four II) nnd PIvo |S| West of tho Fifth Principal Meridian : thonco Norih-Fastorly i,y tho
most practicable roulo to tho City of Ciiliiary.
|2lr From anoint on tlio Middle Branch'ut
or near Its' junction with tho Idvincstono
Hivor: thonco to a' point ln tlio Hooky
Mountains wost of Gould's Domo: thonco
through apabS in tlio'Hqtkv Mountains to lho
valloyol'tho Klk lllverhy tho mostprnoiieablo
route: thonco Southerly down tlio vulloy of
tho Kl!c Hivor to a Junntinn with tho Caniidlnn
I'ai'lllo Hallway and 'the Oroat Northern
Hallway'ln ilifi Klk Hivor vulloy at. or near
tho vIIIiiko or Michel.
ANH tn construe!, equip, maintain und
niierutn hrnncli Hues, und with siioh powers,
rmhls and privileKOn as are Iiicldontlal r\\<
nicossary thereto, and lo eonslirurt., riiiitp,
imiIjitnl-ii and opi'Viitn toli.itrtipli und telephone linos In poniiut'tion with tho said rail-
wiiyaud Its IjiniH'lies, and to transmit iiio>i-
saac* for ciiiiiiiioicial purpo.*os and to uIuu-ko
tiilUihoruloiu and tnuonernto electricity for
tho supply ofdlfflit, hunt, and power, and to
nvqnlrii ainl devolop water powers for ,.flint
pmiios4<, And to li*i\«o, sell and ilUtrlhtilo
and othcrwisii diipmo of tlm slime, und In
low nnd collect tolls Irom ull ptnvons usiiiK
iuul ull I'rolirlit pa^iilmi nvnr siild rnilwiiyiiinl
bniui'liiis, and to romiect, with and mnko
trallln nr other iti'runitonioiits with riiilwny
oi* other oompuulu-. Includliiit anv lino of
railway in tliu -.1 jiin of Montana, oimof the
United Stales of Amorlea. aiul lo purchase,
1 nHo over, li'ii.sn or otlinrwlso niMiuiro tlio |ito*
poitv, rlijlii', and li'iinohlso of any otlior
i'oni|)uuii.'s, and to loaso or sail loanyoHior
compnny the property, rlnhtiiullil friiin'lilsu
,)f lliocoinpiuiy,
THAT mioli rnll'vny may ho doolnrod to bo
for llm uonontl udvuiitni.o of Cnuudii.
,   ' Solicitors for AjiplloiuitK,
DATKDul. Wlnnliioi", this a.'lrd
duynfHi'iilomlicr, A,l)„ln<i7. "   fit
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
,    There is only oho place in town (
o   whereyou.can get good reliable
goods in oar line that is at,
W. A. INGRAM, prop.  ..
Phone 01.    -    -.   Fernie,- B.'0
IM.M,.—Coal mining rl«ht» mnj- bo loutoil fo,
n piirloil of twtnty.nmi roars ut an nnnitu
VIM, I'I I      't     ••'       J..".'      H-    I- V'l       I    ■..,■,        (I ..      *..,-/*
Kootenay Dray & Transfer.
I have commenced a high,
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a -share of your
patronage. ^_i_. '
Estlmntcs furnished on contract work
v -nnln.4 I i"*4*-'-,* u,(*1 viuiuunt imrtjoa should lunro.* -hull l/n iimnml to one iudivldii'iifoi-
.*. J\ni]in . ^o flvnvn tntn '.1.1-. roj.lj tv."-.!' ,,||n'M»,v -** rnvnllv at tin. rati, of IU,. ,-,.i,i .
twit   boinu n,„t whoro n  fffiitlemnn HoltHn"^ n ! J»«*>r.-'r">»'-,1l» lio nnlleotuil mi tliumorflumtitMu
lUU'lIt       »-C  | hiffh   Oflico.    «lV„l4    nr.   *Mv     «l " J '     .i'"U'""l.   ' .         ..     .
high oflicp, mtch an Mr. Shorman,
Is rf-jftHgnctl, you can hardly blnmo
thu District Exooutlvoti if-they uso
every offort     to  fnrrot  out     tho
1 rntl'tv  ■>,., ,-i..      ...    ,1   ...li    ,,   ,     ,
, ** *    • ■*     J i   —*»  -.••■«»*•*   ..... .-..niH,.*.*
inont ju-ovo true, to c«o that tho, ,--,..-	
fiaid FrcRldcnt     no lonpor cnlnvs ' imld, tliolocntorinnv. nnon IihvIiikk nir-oy
i.i    in    v* J°ys   iniiilo, nml upon i-oniplyliiir with otlior ro-
yrAHi7.,—A (lorfon (ilnhtomi: cn rn of nirn or
ovtir, liuvlnuduiiiuuriii) niiiiiiruliu |ilmu, muy
lofiilo u oliilm l,.'i!'(i x /.,r«i" fool.
Tlio foo for ro<!Ordlr|u "• olulm Ih tt!i,
\t.loiiht »liKiri'Mntli[if.yniindf'.1 on tlm vXt In,' llio  HnnoTii'ili
SI'lALKD tomloi'H ikIiIichsoiI to tho
uiuIoi'hIkiioiI, nnd nndort-od "Tondor
for DL'totitlon IUiIIiIIhh;, Victoria, IX.
C, will ho rjcolved at thin oflko .in*
tl) Monilny, Hccombor 2, 1007, In-
diiHlvoly, fov thn coiiHtructlon of n
DotontiMii .lluilding nt Victoria, 1),
I'lniis nnd sppelflcntlonH can lio
kpoh nnd fornw of tonilor olitalnod
at. tlilH J')(>|mi'tiiiont und on apiillca*
tion to William Ifnndoi'Ron, Ksi|.
lloKldcnl. Architect, Victoria, 11. 0.
Tcrson,, tcii(lorlii|r nro notified tlint
I        ■      I      " 4.   "'I       ' It ,"      , I    I ,     1 -1
I...,.   ...    44..,   ,.    .    ./^    4.,I..., ,.,.4..   ...,,..:,
lmirin! nn tlio lirltitofl fnvn* BUpplloil,.
and Higned with their actual hIrihi*
lures,  ■
Kach t<n<l«*r must  hi* «(.-<>oni[*a»iii,!l
hy nn niwptpd .'liocpio on n chni'torotl
bunk, mado pnyiihlo to tlio ordor of
lho  Minister  of  pnh*
Tho (lovornmont of tlio I'rovinoo of Hrltlnh
Coliiinlila   horoliy   011'orn a rowurd of Klvo
Jlniidrod nullum fnr tho urroHt, or for Information limdlmjto tlio nrroht und tUllvary
ton IlritUli Columbia CoiiNtuhloof 1'utrlok
Million, who In I'hnruod wilh tha niurdcir of
ono Atiuolo Orlnndn on thn lnt dny of 8m it miliar, 111117, nt Allcliol, hi tlio DlHtrlot of Houth
Kiut Kootonuy^'rovlnoi) of IlritUli Ooluinhlii,
Doucrlpllnn ofPntrlnl. Million It nl follow*! 1
Nutlontdlty, Trlili.
,. OofliumtIon, conl minor.
Aro I'll yourm,
Ilululit, li foot li Inohoi 1 woliilil lull llm,
ComploKloii, fair 1 luilr durk, inolined to ho
Wuh flloiin ilmvon on Ut Inutnnt,
Wurt nn rlitlit Imml At point of ilmmli,
Whon hint loan, woro hrown nlionk oout. nnd
troimorM of mtrnn miitorlul j hrown hoot*, and
ronndiitroy folt Imt,
Wnrrniitli.Hi.-3il,—ll»i>ort any Information
Imnuidiiitoly to
J II. M0MIIII11, Chluf Conitubla, Fornlt, JI,
0,, or to iho nndflridsninl 1
fly ordor,
Huporlntendont L'rovlnohtl l'oll*«,
I'rovlnnln) Polloo Iioptirlraont,
imi'iivimror jiiiii) to tlm ini 111 iiii rn'iuriioi* in
lleii.tiiW'ftf.   Wlmil '"Vki llrti. iiorli ox|«)inl',d or
-."hui', r.oHoitoi1' for T. and t,.
tho confldenco of hla fellow-mcn.
I will point out to you that you
aid not deny that you mado tho
statement to Mr* O'Donoghuo thnt
ho attributes to you. Vou simply
bi\y that you n«v«r hnard Senator
JftlTniy mnl'.o uny-Bttttomcnt about
Hrvo^hlli'Mr &Jd G°UnS "°l iU*'   ™* '«'•-* ■'«•" h»w*«'"-'"l"' *!«»««•»
JJtvo  iiml  «»,   J,   C,   0 DoiiOR'huo , within onoi-i*iii.<.iifr<'iiitii<."liit.i of tlio J
would    make such "       	
Tli<* question in
O'Donoghuo that
in r.nvmedi w.V^'-niv,
I' i- t! Mi.'liiti rid ijinli.tnlrii,
t! ,-fl,.,i,lll,,.,i;'(..|   f.»>ll'.nr!'-lt   r.f   tills   fl'l
1 vi rri-i'i'i,."' "Ill ti"f  •.- itildit
-iiirf Ui7.«n
the last   nveetinij of tho    Tradei j had told y„„  what  it in rjrifmt-'d,
nnd Labor   Cont;rf-s«i n statement 1 y6,x j,^--, ).„ iVit]t,   ri,.)(, ni'  "  .''
von made to the following efTect: .LlrrtJe,ht. ftt!.iWPr t0 Hds ^.^-.tfnr..   v
••"4-;U4.tt*.   ''..'H'.-.x.y  tuld ItulpU
Smith, who to|d J, O. O'Don-
n.iilroniont*', piirohiito tho hind nt ^,1 por ucro,
Tlm pntt'iit provldcn fnr tho piiymnnt of i,
royitlty of SJ |»it cent on thn Milun,
I'i.aci;!! inlnlnu i'liilm* i/unvrully nro lA'i foot
«HHiirti; entry fo« «•"> ruiiowuhlo yn.irly,
Ait rtppllf/tni- ninv nX.tititt two Ifintui tn
dii'di'i' Inr Kold of Jlvoiiillfiii'iii'li for 11 turm of
I'vfjiityyi'iirii, roniiWHldo nt tlio dlnorotlon of
tlm Mlnl*.tnr nf tho Interior. '
■*". <-». U ilonogllUO , within iiii»».i'ii».<>.ifr"iii tin.' iln in of tlm h1111.11
itich n Htatoment. - tf>r wli Ilvo milo., Huntril Bpiioriinmim for
did *'r,',4 4^.11 i\t*. - i-fl'-h mil" "f li'.tr hui**.I, Ii-iyrtlty nt thi.
' ™ •','", tMl nr' '■ mr,.,.f yip.ir('<iiti">lli'-.'fi(loiMli*iuiitpur. uf-
it bcr.ator -.Tftftray   t.-r tt # x.'.-.'-t., rii..'»p-.
Voit).. fakl.'....;
lie "iVorkfl, ci|ii(il to 1on por cent (10
p. c.) of t.lu* nnioiint of tlio tondor,
which will lm forfeited if tlio -portion
tt'iidoi'lnp, docllno to outer into a contract when called upon to tlo ho, or
if I10 fall to coinpletn tho work con*
tracted for. If tlio ,(<*mlor boinot nc-
copied tlui pliffpir* will tin n-tnnifd,
Tlio Depart ment iIoch not bind it*
Hclf to accept" tlio Inwest or any len*
Hy. Order,
l'ltl'.l) (JKMXAS,
Mccrol 11 ry,
|i4ip,.it r.f l'ublii- Workfi.
Oltiiwn,  Sio.fmiK'r 2, 1(107.
Xew^copur*.  will  imt  1,0 pnld      for
lui.*. iiiK.i'*,). 4 ,11,1,1   4,  Hi.-.v   liiM'l'l,    it
v.itlumi  to'i'ihi.rity   iniin the T)ep.irt*
To Th* Ofllcorn and Mombrrs of
The Local Unions Compvislnp;
THst.rlr.t-. No.  Ifli
Tho bftllotin-* for district officers and district executive board
momboru will take placo on Monday, Dec; 2nd, 1007.
All members are requested to
record their votes,
Loeal ofllcers and members, are
requested to sen that tho provisions of Article 7, District Constitution, reforrlnp; to votlbp. nre
tutlon, referring to voting, aire
advised to ballot at the mines,
where it in most ronvenlfnt for
the members. <■
Immediately after tho ballots
are counted, the tally sheets and
returns, together with the ballots.
Ua4.-d und ui.'u.fd, bhould be sent
to J. A. Macdonald, secretary-
troaswror, ninirmore. Alta. !■•*
Z ?
The People in this House have learned the secret of true, economy
these. firms and save money.
they   deal
To make thc House complete drop in and Subscribe to The Kernie  Ledger. 4uwi*«--^u*x>*a?' >•
i  -    V  ■
As Viewed from a Socialistic
Standpoint   '':■:'
good  audience . oa*    «,    o£ lnm  er in
Sound.-' .The" speaker ..drives-^^ t
At Coal Creek,. Mr. J. Harrington gave' an instructive address
before a good audience on- "Is
refrained from rhetonics and placed the case simply' of the working*
public owning the means of. p(o-
public owning- the means of pro-
change that are used socially and'
that every p.ian und woman shall
* have free access-, to tlie means oi
exchange  equivalent
find a master who will employ
us." Therefore,- we say that the
man that owns the job owns you,
and we believe.,it is wrong for one
mail to hold in his hands the tool
of production which men are needing in order for their everyday-
needs'.' *We look back-with horro'r.
t'oth'e days* of chattel.slavery and
eagerness for profits, heartlessly
exploits little children. It is estimated - in the Southern. cotton
mills there are 60,000 children between the ages oi 6"and 1.6 who
are working 12 hours per day for
-iiages which are-a standing disgrace to-any civilization.^ In New.
York S.tate alone there are 92,000
llie days of Simon Legree with his ■ child laborers, and it is computed
lash, and we have no desire for a j there are one and a half-millions I
return   oi  those  days  and yet the j of  chjld      wage    slaves    who', are, i
workers    cannot    see , that   ,there j'growing up illiterate and a    large |
is      a -  Simon      Legree    stalking , -number  of   'them -   being  dwar,ed
through'  the   land  with   the  whip * mentally ''and  physically.    This  is
his hands and which , the'fruits of capitalism,... and any
to  the capitalists just j system'which has to thrive, at the
the  producer   to ' have  a  full
of     his  pro-
! as much" as the whip did    in    the
j clden  days.     We  were  boin      for
ji'jeedom,   not   for  servitude,     and
' all  who   wish  for  freedom  should
- ,io:n, the ranks oi     the'  socialist
party and vote  the straight" ticket, so  that the wealth    producers
may  cease*, to   be  converted     into
wage  slaves,  but' rise  into" - their
"■duct. instead of being- paid, wages, j best estato and enjoy the first
The speaker spoke under a dif- | |ruits 0f their labor," which we be-
ficulty owing to the lights being j lieve to be ■ the crea.tiv-e design."
cut off, and had to address a dark jThen capitalism'violates the eco-
room by the aid of a ,farmer's.; llomjc rights 0f humanity by con-
lantern, which would .be discoura- J fixating .more   than   one-half     of
] the   output   value   of'the  workers
ging" , to many speakers, but
••Jack'' 'is made of stenrer stuff
than to be tutned aside by such'
an incident.,   " ' **
•■   There was,  no  discussion','    and
'many    were   disappointed   at   the
action    of  an  individual    with   a
reputation    aiid   a   supposed  au-
th  ' "   ""'""
- th w   . .      _
'was concluding,his address.      The:
expected  goods  were  not- deliver- i
ed.' ■., -      ■       ■ *    !
Next    Sunday    Mr.    'W. -Minton',
ority on'getting up and leaving ; you g0    The law ot*   wages me'i
e- meeting   just  as. the     speaker ; luat wages never rise above,
will be the speaker in the'.miners"
halland the subject'under discussion ■ will be "Capitalistic Econa-
mics of Waste."' Chair to be taken
at 7.45, p.m.  prompt.
The educational meeting ' of ,.the
S. P. of C, which was held in the'
Union Hall., oh Sunday was- not
as largely attended as usual, owing to another meeting- being held
at    Coal'   Creek the.   sains" night.
and only allowing a bare subsistence ,while to the wealth producers does the wealth belong which
it creates. • Ricardo, ' a political
economist, gave to the world'
what is' known'as „the * law-of
wag-es,  which'is verified, wherever
cost of subsistence. If a* man goes
to China and" works for 5 cents a
day he can live on the 5 ■ cents because, the  necessities   of   life     are
i brought down in direct rates to
\ the wages. It is the same in the
; west, * where wages rule higher—
| the cobt of living goes up in pro-
! portion" to the wages earned.  The
present capitalist system only al--
'.lows-, enough  to   live .on,   so   that
more wage 'slaves may be repro-
' duced, and we contend' this is ■ a
■violation of our' rights as a
.wealth'  producing   class.       Labor
Nevertheless the meeting was an-,' produces all wealth, and unto
education to tho.e who were pres- labor it rightly belongs,' and our
cnt.- Mr. W. Dickenson-presided, ; aim and object is to abolish this"
and after one of the,inspiring soc- , confiscation'and exploitation and
ialist. songs had been 'sung, Mr. ! give to the workers the full pro-
W.   Minton-. recited   one   of  Burns' J ducts    bf     their.'.-toil,    and what
expense  of childhood ought to  go
and  a system adopted that    will
pay due regard to childhood and
assist   the   young  life ' to   develop
into true citizruis.   The boys   and
girls.of today will be the men and
women of tomorrow,  and it ought
to-be the sacred duty of   a   state
to look after   the moral,  • mental
and physical powers of its young
life  and      help  them  to   grow  up
honorable   men   and   women.   But
what does "capitalism  care   about
young life—nothing at all. "All it
needs  out  of yoang life   and   all
life,  is profits, "and-it'has no use
for anyone who is not    producing-
profits.'  Then  the custom  of  capitalism is anti-christian and    opposed      to   the ' sermon -; on      the
mount.     What  with  its  exploitation of- childhood and its adulteration of foods for profits aiid its
placing    of,   profits -'.above * everything, ■   pjther    manhood',    virtue,
honesty or love.   How*.can we say
when \vo  look at  such  facts      as
these that they are putting' ' into1
practice    the'   sublime    ethics     of
Christ.    But   there   is" a     brighter
day    dawning;    .the signs  of   the
times teaches us to be optimistic.
We can see a light ih the distance
which is becoming' larger and larger .and'dispelling -   the darkness
j and the gloom; we can see the day
approaching when humanity shall
uo longer be subject to the whims
£-.nd  caprices   of  a  master " class,
but shall 'stand erect and free, and
it ought to be the earnest endeav
say that-eight parsons out of
n sillier nt somo limo or other
from piles. .Wlutlior the pil-fl nre bleed-
iri's;, nnd protruding, or iuhing or
"blind," ZiiiH-lluk gives immediate ease.
Mr. Neil Dcvpn, 'Wobbwooil, Ont-, suffered
wiih piles oig.it'voti-s. -*1 fow boxes of
Zulu-link ciirod Iuin. Ho since stij-*.: "I
h-ivu Iuul novum not the trouhlo so that I
know I nm p**rni inently currd."
Mr. ('. li. Fiwt. ]._nnox ville, 1* Q., writes:
" I wive movo.l Znnvl-iil. h Brent euro for
Pile* from which I suilcreil acutely for n.
Ions? Lime." "
l'ier Dulno, West Hampton, says: "Thank
you ever <o much for Zn.in-I.uk. It. cuicil
inv nenhnw of 1'ilori nnd my 'on ot nlmplos,
in Ui'.'.ifiinls of llie'finders after four apiill-
cuiioii..'   , ".•
Try n Sample, Free.
Send Ic to tho Zani-hnl; Co., Toronto, to
pay posture iJiiid u samplo will bu mailed
yo-i. Mention this-advertisement. Don't
sutlbrnny lonRerl ■*••
tfim-Huk euros Cuts, Chapped Ilnnds,
Ulcors. Hums, Sire Loss. Abscess..., Pols-
soned Wounds, Hoils, Kczomii and all skin
trouble. Hubbodn-cllinitlRaAplcnilidcm.
liroiiiiiion for Kh.nmnMsm. Noiiralnia and
Poiullcn, etc. -Vic. ahnxof nl! druggists nnd
storrs or postpaid ou receipt of prico from tho
I Tnron'o. 3 boxes for St.25,
X 7I'lie best dollar a day, house
♦♦_ .- in the city.
Y'   .       Well stocked-bai*.
A **-*
•>    L'VjUors .'md Ciffars,.'f the,- •>
A             hi^'lK-'St, (I'lalitY. '»'
'•:•              - v
♦     R0S5 BROS.           PROPS. V
Cranbrook Land  District
District of East Kootenay "'
special i
NOTICE   , that    IVed    R.
of i.''ernic, ,.B.' C. timber^
ii;"icrid& to - apply Ipr ' a
imlifcr"' liconse', over the £ol-
poems,     "Man's    Inhumanity -to
-.Man."  ■ ,
Mr. J. Shooter,,was then called
tipon to, give an address on "the
"Wrong's of Capitalism,"' aiid was
listened to attentively,-while he
explained some 'of the injustices
which  men   and  women  have     to'
of   the
would that mean. It would mean
a paradoxical fact, namely, more
Avork-for all and • les.s for each,-
and consequently more sunshine
and happiness for "■ the workersT
Life would theii be w.orth living,
and not the' monotonous, drudgery life as it ,is to so many -today.     Then     ija'pitalism.   outrages'
' . A note of warning tu miners    'nv
'lending; to eiiiigrale  lo  Ciinnda- was j
given  ut'; u   inuoting  of      Poiityprild'j
and Khoiidda (Xo.' *J) "districi hold, uL-[
''Pontypridd  on' Moiiilny."   11'.was    in-i
tiiiffiti'd   .that1 a   groiip  of* wiirkmi'ii ■
had  already  left, the-district  in    re- j
s-puu.si: 'to ••the cilliiring liolii-es ■   ]iuh-
lishud, and that a fart her contingent;
inlended cnibarking for  Canada, ^lr. .
Hon  Davies,  ageiit,  stutoil  that    .he:-"
had   rec4>i\-ed   a   (.-uvular    from"   .Mr.
Thomas   liiggs,   tho  secretary  of  the
Crow's  Nest  inii;ers,   which    forcibly
Iiointed out that there wiis" no     du-
nuind* for labor,*1'as, the mines,, were
already ' ijuito   [nil.   The'  i-opresenta-.
lion's  m:i(!e  that  a   ininef, could-earn
You want comfort and satiaKetion
of claan smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic is the only
GUARANTEED to give this.
The secret Electric Tempering
positively, merges every particle of carbon (the life of
steel) into tho metal—giving
diamond-like, hardness
throughout tho blade—something absolutely impossible
with fire teanperce! steel used
in making all other .razors.
But test this razor   in yo.tr j7j&-
own hoihe-"Oir have your barber I®
use it on you.    Secure one 30
or  of. each   and- everyone  to  help l'*^2S0 a month was.'also grossly mis- i
to bring- about that glorious time*!. k'lul'M"'-   ^,l'-  Davies added Unit * in. _
which has.been foretold'by    seers'' tending, emigrants could
and sung in,story by poets,
we can  do  it by' joining !the
put up'-with- ou  account
ytresen i.-'ua-p-Ttra-i-is-t—systeiii^    ^ r~==
Mr.  Shooter remarked:      f    '-
In speaking oi the wrongs which _____
the system  of     capitalism, inflicts.,; because if all the" wealth wer
-upon  the  human race,   one hardly ' be    destroyed," labor
knows   how Xo .'begin    to     name''       " "
them,  they  are-, so numevons.    -It
or secondary .to  capital.'   In  our
opinion   labor   should' rank, first,
must be apparent to every thinking person who' has studied* social
conditions at. all that, nine-tenths
of the poverty and, crime, and
consequently misery, squalor, vice
and sin is attributable- to the
present capitalistic system;. Luxurious living- and idleness   fosters
,. vice and crime on the ,one hand;
ignorance, poverty and misery
produce like results-on the other
hand; the present economic system enriches the rich at the ex--
pense of the poor, and the riches
of the poverty turn out to be *a
curse to .both, and it is. because
we believe that the greatness of a
nation does, not consist in its
wealth and power nor in its poverty and ignorance, but in the
character of its men and .women
that we aro met tonight to raise
our protest against a system
which wo helieve is crushing and
dwarfing the development of true
manhood und womanhood instead
ot' being a help to the develop,
ment'of tho best nnd the noblest
which is in man, and any nation
which does not help men to develop tho highest within thorn
will sooner or later sink into ruin
und decay, Don't you think
there would be moro honest    and
.virtuous peoplo'in tho world if we
had*an: industrial   system whoro
power'-, of
i hands and brain's could produce
more,"but if labor ..power* bf hands
and brains were to 'disappear no
more wealth would be created.
Labor should therefore stand* first
and foremost, but capitalism reverses the order azid "puts labor
next to capital. Lincoln's ;; words
aro true when he said, capital is
the fruit of labor, labor is the
superior of capital and deserves
much- the higher consideration.
Again capitalism causes a superabundance "of the necessities - of
life to bo produced, and by so
doing causes need and,distress
when the workers have produced
more commodities .than the market demands,'factories mills and
shops are closed down; and because the workers havo only been-
receiving a bare subsistence, when
the wonts are closed down ' they
have not tho means to buy back
the things they havo produced and
as a result they have to go hungry because ,thoy have produced
too much tood;'shoeless because
thoy have produced too many
shoes; thoy go in shabby clotheB
because they have produced too
many clothes. If the means ot
production were owned collective,
ly, when an overabundance ■ was
created, thoy could tako a rest
until tho excess was consumed,
Ihen capitalism is wrong because
tho value it puts on commodities
.   „ _,    soc
ialist party, which" is a political
movement, the object- of which is
to put an end to .exploitation by
changing private' ownership of the
.earth-'and other means'of production into collective ownership by
all the people, to ■ be democratically controlled by them in their
own interests.  . •   '
(able   of
io  him.''
wafifes   nnici  on
consult the [
application !
Philjip Carosell
..  U$mn   S3EALEB
—i_e. y-ou ancivj Kelp to"bring the"
brighter day here by becoming
class conscious socialists, " Then
we. shall have the satisfaction of
knowing we did our little part in
substituting the co-operative commonwealth for the present capitalistic system.with its train of
horrors and injustices.
Several questions were asked
and answered, and the meeting
closed with the singing of '-The
Marseilles."- "
'- .1 was' cured of a severe cold by
MINARD'S LINIMENT.    . ■   .      *'
Oxford,  N. ,S.    E.  F.  EEWSON.,
I was cured - of a terrible sorain
"-  *   FRED  COULSON,
Dry Goods, Groceries. Boots and Shots..
Gent's Furnishings
x aTinout ir,_l*J~t_:        -*7~"AT^'AT^ C
s I_was cured-af Black Erysipelas
by MINARD'S LINIMENT. ''   ,     ' j
; Inglesville,,   .T,   W. 'RUGGLES.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Came    to
the Rescuo    After   Doctors
the intbrest of one would be the j is more than" its real valjie, The
interest of nil, instead of a cheat- j true value of any commoditv is
your-nolghbor sy..t:m." Mothinbs no more than its actual cost of
thero would. In a world like this \ production and distribution,., and
whoro nature has provided for the
*uv.d*. of all there did not    ought
From the Property Holders of the
Fernie Annex.
To, His Worship the Mayor   ,  and
•"    Council of the City of Fernie'
May, it    Please Your   Honorable
Body: .
The undersigned property holders of the Fernio. Annex desire formally tb represent to .you. the following facts:—
1, The conveniences in the -Annex are not adequate.
2, The progress of the Annex
and the increase in population
and business of the City of Fernie
are retarded as a rosult.'
* 3. Among , tho 'improvements
that are desired may be mentioned the following:
(a) A" reasonably convenient
viaduct on Cox street to provide
means of access to and from tho
business part of tho city. *
(b) Water mains connecting with
the city waterworks, local water
boing unsafe nnd liable to cause
infectious diseases, which may
seriously affect the life of tho
wholo town,
(c) Connection with the electric
ting some of the capitalists into
tho proletarian rank.'., and only a
fchort   while ago     In   Washington
The life of any constant traveller
is always  a hard on«,   out those
whoso work compel them to take
long, tiresome drives ovor    rough
roads,  exposed    to  all conditions'
of weather, are in constant danger of losing their health.   The ex-
trcmo' heat    of   summer    or'  the
piercing winds of winter sap their
strength, the kidneys become dis-
| easea or rheumatism sots in. What
it. needed to withstand this   hardship is   rich   red blood—tho pure
blood that Dr* Williams' Pink Pills
alone can make,     Those pills "aro
the travellers never-failing friend,
Concerning,   them     Mr,      George i lighting  facilities  of the    Crow's
Dalpe, of St, Eloi, Quo., says; "I j Nest Pass Electric Light nnd Pow-
iim a grain doalor and am obliged ! er Company.
to   make    frequent   trips,    somo-      (cl) A consideration of the ques-
„   r   ^^ . times   very   tiring.      I   returned , tion   with    the general   Rowerage
'any value moie than this" is   sui"jhomo ivom ouo of these trips last j system of the city so that    when
puis value, and is an act. of    ex- ; summer very much t'atlgu.d.       I  required,it mnj be put in without
producer i was overheated and Uiod to cool i delay,
iltfl of cap- I anc* r98t    myself by   lounging on I    (°) Sidewalks  on   Htroots    that
this way, ! tll° verandah till late r;t n'is'ut,   I j liavo beon stumped,
commodities j caught cold and tho   le.-c*. i ny    I_    Your     petitioners    fool       vory
would bo socured at their    actual * ,l-d'not foel ftt nil. well,   I had a ; strongly in regard to clnuso "A.r
cost and would be a lot less than ! Iwadnehe, pains   in my stomach,,\ To have encouraged people to buy
wlmt thoy nro today, and    thoro   «♦"■ wns very weak,   I wont to soo  unc* llvo •■■ the Annox and to nf-
would not bo exploitation neither   <■ doctor, but he said 1   would bo ■low tllom to remain cut off   from
ol tho producer nor the consumer,   alright in a dny or so, so I start* i "•« roHt of tho city Is an injustice
Then capitalism brings into     ex- j ••'<• <"•* '...other   trip.     I hnd not' WJ»C** w« think should bo romov-
istence housos of ill-famo and also ' Rono fnr boforo I tolt vory ill and i ed ftt one(,< <•'"• undnr no circum-
nad   to return   homo   und go to i stances    should  the autumn pass
   .„,b«d.   I hnd chlllf*, ho'idncho, pnlns I without  this  improvement   being
whon It prevents marriage and ! i» 'uy stomach and kidnoys. Tho ! completed. Wo urge your honor-
destroys tho sanctity of tho homo, i doctor came to see mo and he Hnid u,,1° "0(,y to see that tho neooR-
According to stntistlcs 10 millions j I w«8 overworked. Ho treated mo B"ry »topB nro taken to nccom-
of tho wage onrnors of tho United I for several months, but instead of 1 *'-iflh thls w01'"* l-oforo winter
■      ■ -  -- - comes on.
Clauses B, C and D nre not of
Mich immedinto importance, although     it  is diflloult  to  undor-
WeiUE   £0.,  Ltd.
■  Wholesale .Dealers nnd Direct .
Importers of -
- Rolo7*g-ent8 in Kust Knoteimv for
Pprt Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
Fernie,  U. 0.
lowing .dticribed lauds:'.   -   <    7
iNo; 1.-7 Commeucing at .a post
pLnled cn the south -batik: of a
f-.mr.il creel, iu thc Kili river valley,
about cna nnle u.rtli' aiid one milo ■■
west oi C aeries ..eigcrt's Pre-emp-
t.on Lot No. i-i-O-, theuce 40 chains
vest., ihem'o ltd' chains north, thence
•iU Jhahis east, thence * 1G0 chains
sjuth , to point of beginning,- con-,
taming Gi'O aues more or less.
Dat.J Sept4-nibcr 28th, 1907:    ■
No. 2.— Commencing ' at a cpost
pl.*int.d naout 20 chains north of
Goat Creek anii _0 chaius west of
lii.;., l.i*/_r . cn tlie north and west
boundaries i.i the. Patmd're timber
limits, tlience west' 4o' chains, thene*
uortb- 40 ■ chains, thence west 40
chains,- 1an.ee north 40 chains,
thence1'tioiith 120 ch-iius, to point bf
te^i-niin^, containing CIO acres more
or less." -       1    •    '
., Cited "_>t-iiT{,inbur ICth,  1907.-    '     ,
. No, 3.—Ccmmencing    at      a, post
plan Led     on ... the    west    fork    "of
Dingiiy Creek, about one mile south,
ol * mam    stream    and about three,
mii.s    up stream from' the junction
of' the Ellc  'River    adjoining L, W.
Patmoro's timber limit on the west,
thenca west C4 chaics; thenco nortuioo
chain-, .thenca east G4 chains, thenco
south'' 1.0  chains to point of begin-*
iug,   ccnt.i.nin.-  C-10; acres, more   or
Ices.       ' "'     _. '   -'   -
D,}t.d Sfcrtemfcer 23rd, 1907.   -.
,No. 4.—Commencing ,at a;"post
planted c.n* the "east'bank of the.'
n_Tth-i'ork of Big Creek near the
north east corner' of,. timber license
number l'.tTH and, about two.,'miles
'.vest of c*.al license number G379 on
:_._1_: T.I _..,T.___..l\..,./ii L..-._,Al___,_n__«.4._.!«—^
r--.*..—-.*_-» i,i-i-wh ls\,v ISIJS IU       OU      4.11(4111^^
thence'"'\\tst 40 chains, thence south
40. chaitit!,'' tlictwe west 80 chains,
thence- south o40 chains,' thence east
120 chains to point ol beginning,
containing,(340 acres more or less.
I).;ted  September 25th.  1907.
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager
und   Aerated   Waters.
llottled    Goods    11    Specialty.
No. '5.-—Commencing, at .a post
planted on the upper Elk River . at
tho north east corner, of timber, 11-
censi nuiulicr 12426 and on the west
boundary cf i*. Manahan coal license
number 19.2. thence north 40 chains,
.thcuce %7<ji't 40 chains, thence „north
80 chains tlunce weat 40 chnlns,
tlience south 12C chnlns, tbence east
80 chains to' point ot beginning,
containing 64» acres more„or less.,,
Dated Si-ptember 8th, 1907.
FR'ZD  P., DALZELL1,  Locator.
thrro ought to bo such things as
immiorB and bog-£fnrs, capitnlists
and multi-niillionnlrea, and it ls
1-i'CftiiHc we would like to soo frn0.
dorn and plenty nnd knowlcdiro
and honor and work for the wliolo
poo-jlti that wo aro agitntintr for
tho overthrow of t>, system which
.lireeds 000 paupers to ono million*
"ire and the substituting- of the
co-operative commonwealth, and
wo would not bo Injuring the can.
i^iliHts by no dolnff. Tho proHent
h.vNteni yonr nt'ter year keopn mit- ' states roceive ljil.40 por day    tho 1 improving'    I    continually    grow
croatoH the saloon.   How   can    it
do otherwise than create brothels
trnsrioasr  labbl
Crow's    Nost   Special
Minor's Favorlto Clnars
lo Consumptives
Tha uiiderslgnod bavins boon restored to health by simple moans,
aftor Buffering for sororal yoari
with a severe lung affection, and
that drond disease CONSUMPTION,
li anxious io mako known to his
fellow sufforors tho moans of ouro.
To thoj.o who desire It, ho wlll
ohoorfully Bond (froo of ohftrge) n
copy of tho proscription usod, whloh
they wlll find a ouro ror CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, DRON-
CIIITIS nnd nil 'throat and luna
MALADIES, no hopes nil sufforors
will try this Romndy', as It Is Inraltt**
ablo. Thoso doslrlns tho proscription, whloh wlll cost tho nothlno,,
nnd mny provo a blosslnpj, wlll
please address
Drooklyn, N. V.
year rouncj.. How can' a man : worse, I wasted away nlmost to
properly diBchargo parental duties • n skeleton and really thought I
and bting up n tamily on a  wngo.] was going- to die,     Ono day   my
h blfssinf- In dlflsfujfe for the cap. 1 brothel
itnlists to be nNNiirvd of the no-
••.•tsitiop (.Wl -n,i««s::fr.ts 0/ lite,
rather than take Ihi* u„k of jrot*
tuif? and loslnjr, T.ft us look at
- niir. nf *hr> itirmn',--- „.,ft t\y. p. .
'■•' the iact of it converting tho
wealth producer."" into wi-if.e filavn.s,
Oiio oi tin* i-iv-KicU'iitK ni' one o|
i!t:.'« soul hern    ruilwnyu   is (iuot.>d
is   creatocl.     Then   whnt I tnknn
four hoxt'i    T
would become of     tho saloons if j ri..i.pflt to decide mn
the froflts vine eUiuinated*,   they . tbem nn*.   1 took about   n do-tu
would  Hoon  become  non-existent,   boxes,   They fully cured mo    nnd
Capitalism thrives on proiHs, and j today I hm able io f;o about my
it in i/iy Di!,, }-,.ri«_ f-.-.-,   ..of,-._;: ■;      .::'•*■   n*^**l'   *'.•.'*';?: iv *   (---\'*w-   *- *■   ;;, ,*' "
1 im.Ji.t.i.i.t'd and drinks «<;ld.     We I    ratigue, on the loar,t oxerUon is
i have heard     a lot nbout temper* ia elt-n tlmt tho blood is poor, Re-
' nin*n partirr,    and prohibitionists, jnlnco   the* bad   blood   with Rood
 ..land we have hrard lluir solution ' blood nnd lnbrv   will V*» n j. n *i.
i.t- hnvlii!; .'4.-n'd thnt wn^<* sinvpi-/! ior the drink problem, nnd never : ur". Br, WilU_-.mf.' Pink Pilln
<liliVi-fd iron* chattel slnvi'jy iii ! '-iff An they bint at a b oii filling make pure, rod blood. That is
-hat it _wf.K a mow cultured    nnd ' the   profits    connected     with  the , ••.•hy  th"v cure nnni-min,  rheumn-
. felt, onourh iVl'r your enrly ,*,'-»''''l<l<,rfttion nnd
to    continue  a(JviE0 MB wlmt wil1. be tlone'   we
r<>R':.>ctfully  subscribe
nnd locations.
cur   nanus
Wil I.I IK
WKI.I..   ■
<li-l.il-   '.i-.vf.'.'.-,  -..hicl.  to  t-ui
\ll,. -.1  -I*. .4.4.....   ,        V.4.4M.      \.ij      t-441       litiildN
,-lfi\i:i we iiic, t.nd that fact doefl ' th the only sane solutif.n of tin.
•ot jit'i.d .•( 1»,1. rf t'f'i.:r,:\tiir',ti>>c-. I'rrtlib'in Wf An r,nt wr.ni ,*,ny
"i> li'ivc nfitl.lr.iy only our ln>,oj ' '•■•'''•-)• <•■'• ■• 'd i.*.»*-i: un- , ui.d that
;mw--r nnd v/e haw 10 sell thnt in j '•• the r"f4n-_n we fifty take away
.fH..»r to provide »m wiijj iooA, ■ x\.» ji"oflt«-. p.wl yo\i will be vtril.*
•iii-l rin-l «il"*ltfr, and in or-ler to ! ir-|-' at ".he root of the drink ques*
oif out  labor power w<» hnvp    to | *ion*   A_;al»,   capitalism    in     its
v'.r.i.i, I'.iilin'V tioul.lu itidijjfh.Inn,
;..«'irt piilr^itaticn and the    n"rvr*
,..,.i,iv),, jn,. 0f fii-lhoi'-' nnd worn*
. nnlioorl, Sold by .-11 iiitdielne
■deal"is or ly mnil nt 50 rents   a
1 C-X   bt
*ix boxes for $-3.5ft from
XV.". Dr.
Williams Co., Rrockville,
Tlv   I'i'.ii'   111111   11   soiitnl   i.ltii'iitliiii
ciiiinri-t  Ic ciisllv iii'i|iilrcil  III tllo'"J)ii*,
iiilniiiii  |iii'\('iit.-.  imtn\   \vcli,t-<lm*iiU'<l
I'.nj.'llhlnm'n  wilh fiiiul'li'S from    M-t-i
UiiiM' in 11  Ijilni  \v iniii 1,ri iM,iii- •niiii)
uti'l  lii'tliT    ()|>|initiiiiitic*s for (,-"i%ii.jf
!"-.*.■   ,1   -'.ir'   in   I'i"   uii'l   in..!-!-;. IsiK
iI.iiijlIiIi'I'**  .I'll  limn I'",v" iiilii'i*. i-niJii-
'iry nn thn fiui' nf Mi" chili'.       Hot
•hi,*,  i* it   {.i-iiuiiilli-i-'* fi-nr.   In  p(>ini
nl fact, ('luuulii Ih nm' nf th.'    ln*st,
i iiltunti-il coiintrii"*! in Hn* worlil. ]
iTl.*i»yI -wil Cl I 1 !_.?_.
LWAYS a choice supply of Reef,
SJori., .Mimcm, Vimi .'inci L;imb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butler and Ktfj*.'*-.
Frcsli, Smoked nnd Sailed Fish; alwav<« a
j/occl assonmcni. Try ouv Minct' Meat,
Saurkraut and Ovstcrs. .51
It Infuses a Rch, Brown Liquor
'Glcar and wlihauS: ,c2oud 6? sed-mGnt
m ^*-.
MS**. "*Si
V.V-rV)       "™    "A"* *
/.;f fwl #
Y   '   \    ^   .7 •"..■„ ■ .TEA   ■'/':
Packed only sirs Scaled Lead Packages which preserve
its many excellent quaB.tces.
lead Packets Only", ^^^^it^f&^ir-- *- At alLGrocers
W. J/Wrisleswdrttvp. D. S.
piiinSTTIST j
i OfI-i...: Hot'jli.i-        5 I iro 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. in ;
il.so to S v.m. . i
I ,    ' Otlii'.e in A _.•_, L "-It's -5ioi:J_ '  !
-over Slimy   l'iil;e_y. ,      . . j
It'KllXIE,     ,V - —        -      _'      "r. G;
,Ba- a.' kastner   ;
,,'_,.,-    j
Insurance. and Customs Broker i
Crow's   Nost. Trading   Co.   Block,;
,   . ' Fernie,  13. C. ■!
Sale of Wages Drawn up and
Agreement Signed. ,
ave One
No sensc.bi running from one
doctor to nnother.   Select the;
I best one, then** stand by him.
Do not ticlay.'but consult him
In time when you are sick.
kAsk his opinion of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs
"•**»! »*f\jAf* *VW  +f* fm,*. io *Smm
not, just as he says.
■ -_-fHI-_.— W_
Wt publmhour r.rmulii
■   i-vTCTnlih »l«ehol
.**_ from eurjaMMiBtt
,W»"S7»»you to
Mntult yirar
tt alitor
the company .'agrees to deduct ,
such sums a? may be designated I
for fines, assessments and initiation fees, 0 and . pay nover' the'
amount deducted to the local secretary, of the United ' Mine Workers of America, but the company
dp not' assume any responsibility
or undertake to make mny such
payments when not indebted to
the employee.
It is agreed that all men working- on improvements or extensive,
repairs,., are"not included in the
jurisdiction of the United Mine
Workers of America.
Signed,  sealed and delivered on
behalf of the Hosmer mines'.,-
' -    General Ivia.np.irfir.
.       .     LEWIS   STOCKETT, "'.'
".    '  Superintendent.
Witnesses — David .   Borthwick,"
L. , P.   Eckstein '
Barmster-at-Law; Solicitor ..-•
I.oom_ _& ,i, llciiilerson hlook. Fernio. B.C.
Hamilton E. Fuller, David Borthwick.
.' j.ohn- r:  GALVIN, '
Vice-President' District* No.. IS.-
International    Bo aril" Member:
WILLIAM     TAYLOR,      "'
President  Local No.  2494
Secretary Local No.   2494.   -
-"    o——~
-*> ■    ii ii-'..-   '"*    * .
**   -' • \-
One mother-'happily • expressed
her-opinion of Baby's Own Tablets when she said "there's a smile
an every dose.'.' In homes where
Hosmer, B. C, -Nov. 18th, 1907.
.Agreement made and entered into .between the Hosmer mines and
the-* 'employees     of    * the  Hosmer
mines,- as represented by the "United. Mine Workers of America, Dis-
, trict 18.                 -
,,    It is' agreed "that, the    scale    of        „„^_,  „aviu
wages,  as  awarded by the Board   Hamilton B. Fuller.
- of conciliation and Investigation,   . on .l-.pl.-4if ■,.*■ +.,.,".-„      .
established' ."under   the   industrial   resented bv dLS,.  n^l^T
Investigation      Act      of    1907,-at   u   m   W   ^  *-
,,Hosmer,B. C, October ,17th, 1907-     "      *      '
will be paid by the company, _*as
long-as1 the wages in effect at that
time in the metalliferous mines of
Southern- British    Columbia    are
^ paid there.. *',
Should  the  wage's  at  any  time
pqid in the metalliferous'-mines of
Southern British  Columbia be less
than ,.$3.75  per ■ day for'  machine
runners,  the following wages   are
to be paid: •     ,
Machine runners, ?3.50 for eight
-• hours.
Machine   helpers,,   $3   for   eight
• hours.    „,   " *     .'.-'•-
''*   Muckers,  $2.75  for eight hours.
Drivers, $2.75 for eight hours?
--    *.*-' __.___/■ _4_ -___»«_p/-» $ _-- T__ _ 4. 4_
 -*-.i__e_ _»-—(,LuCrw^~ooTOV.^7lui—eigutT"
hours. '   ■ '    -
Dumpers (under cover) 25c. ,per
hour. ,*r ,
.   Dumpers    (without cover)  27-Jc.
" per hour. ,7
Outside labor, $2.50 ' for 10
hours.   , -
. Blacksmiths,. $3.50 to $4 for 10
hours.. , '        *
Blacksmith helpers, $2.75 .for 10
hours. ;, "
Timber framers, $3.50'   for    ,10
, _ Tracklayers, S3, for 8 hours,
Brattice men $3 for 8 hours..
Ho'istnian, $2.89 for S hours,
firemen, $2.75 for 8 hours.
Which rates aro only to, apply
to the present rook tunnels, and
expire■ March 31st 1908.. All-work
in opening up and developing- the
ooal seams, other than the clriv-
ing- of the crosscuts between tho
two-tunnels, ic to bo paid for on
the days wage scale in tho schedule between the Western Coal Op-
orator's Association and .Distroct
No, 18 of tho United Mine Workers of A.-.erica.-
Tho tunnels aro to bo driven
continuously with three shifts .of
tight hours ouch, seven clays per
week, except the shift from' mid-
, night Saturday to 8 a.m. Sunday, which will bo discontinued
for tho purpo.o of changing tho
.. tihiftH. Tho shifts to commence at
8 a.m., 4 p.m., and midnight,
Whera water, In falling from the
roof, is sufficient to wot un employee's clothing, it shnll bo con-
fidered a wet placo, and the com-
pany will pay tho following
Machine runners, $4 for 8 hours.
Machine helpers, IJ53.50 for eight
Muckers. -?3 for 8 hours.
Roclt   miners,    $3.75 lor   eight
.,   , Drivers, t}3 (or eight hours;
The company nfi-rees to concodo
-tliu check-off   syatom, and,   upon
the   proHPntation   of a    properly
exeeutf-d order from an employee,
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,j
I   T. W    Block,   opposite  the   Bank j
O-lico ho-Cirs—8 a.m to 8 j. m. i
1'*. C. LAWE
" °   '    '_    ■
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's • Nost     Trading    Co.- Block,
-   ' Fernie,  B: C.   ■
W, R. El-ss.K.C.
J. S. T. Alexander
Ross & Alexander
OHIcc in L. T. W-. Block, Victoria Avenue.
H.-W. ]1K1IC1IMI:U
a uie LS-aTe~us"e"d~taere—are-nb~
cross, fretful, sickly children." The
Tablets make children well ' and
keep them well. They cure indigestion, colic, constipation, diarrhoea, teething troubles and all
the other minor ailments of childhood. They can ibe given with
absolute safetv to the' new born
child, for the .mother has the guarantee of a government- analyst
that- the Tablets do not contain
one, particle of opiate or poisonous soothing stuff. Isn't such-a
guarantee worth something to
you, mother? The Tablets are
f-old by all medicine dealers or
may .be' had from The Dr. Wil
barns' Medicine ■ Co., Brockville,
Out., at 25 cents a box.
- Tlio n,|nii (|js(|f,|nf„] Knst "()f tlu)
l"«c . which lot the logion.s thunder
j'HKt. lias g«,n,. ,-oj. 0NC.,.. Tn n» pinco
ik steadily rising nn Knst alive, io
'il! tho' IndnstI'inl, niul Hocltil iu'i.I,-
li'iiis ol thu dny, 1Ui oust which, 'mi-
iiiouioi'lnlly nwiii'o of tho'truth thnt
Mian onnnnt. lho by liroiul nlono,    Is
,<mill Mint pliilr.KHi.h.v, limvowr ox-
iiltud. will nm  food ,i nation.
Druggists Hear Much Praise
for This Simple Home-
Made Mixture.
,.. Barristers, Solicitors, Etc'.
-•GHA!!_I6E-'.!PJ  fIME-'-    •■ ■
-     '       "       WINTEE  SCHEDTJi,B
'From 'FeiTnte BziUy eac'epl Sunday
.at 4.20 p.m.;
Close connections at licxforcl for Whiteilsli,'"Kalispell, St.
' Chicago, Toronto, Montreal. N(yv York,
■ ',» all points east' '
Spokane,  Seattle, Victoria; Vancouver, , .,
o ■ till points west' ■"    '
By the "Oriental  Limited"
For folders and full particulars call.on or address
'  H.. L.   BLACKSTOXE, A«t.,Foniie
' or W. A.  1.0S3, A. G. P. A„ Seattle
Kings   Hole.
Fernie, -B   C.
... 7.;:.,, Bar supplied with the best of Wines
Liquors and Cigars.
Dining Rooin in connection
Offices "over P. Barns' & CoVBlock
Victoria Ave."
B. C.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given.and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers.
H- 1,KI-'" ' ' '    A. WlLDMAN
Contractors nnd Unilder".
Estimates Furnished
Residence---Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P. O. Box 355       ...       Fernie, I.. C.
il. Kerr & Go,
Contractors and Builders
Flam, .Specification!! and Esti-
,  Di*tci furnished nn application.
ft. A. KERR.
Architect     and Superintendent
Office tt Reiidcice.
Always keep nfiox of Ayer's Pills in lhe
home, Just one pill it bedtime, nov and R„,,,,-,-.,
liicil, wlll v.,-,.1 of? nuuy kit attack oi * nv lion.
l-4-tl^-.-l.M__l_-|-*          Im-I-MAP* ._■-_■           W.Jkt.      .!__.__   J___.t_.__. *
Some romarltnblo Btorlos are be-
in-j told about town and amontr
tho country people coming in ot'
tms simple homo -mado mixture
curing Bhoumntism and Kldnoy
trouble. Hero Ib tho roeipo and
directionn toy taking: Mix bv
shaking well in n bottlo ono-half
ounco Fluid Extract Dandelion,
one ounco Compound Knrgon
three ounces Compound Syrup
Sarsajinrillfi. Take us a douo ono
tenspoonful after r.ieiil-*) and at
No change need bo made in your
usual diet, but drink plenty of
good water.     "
This mixture writes one author-
Jty in a loading Philadelphia
nmvnpnper, has a peculiar tonic
effect upon the kidnays; cleansing
thoclogged-up pores of the, elim*
...:....t l..-,.->..4.:j, iutcing vne kiu-
neyfl to sift nnd strnln from tbr
Idood the nric ne<d and other pois*
onous waste matter, overcoming
Klieumntiehi^ninddtr and Urinary
troubles in a short while,
A New York druggist who has
hnd hundreds -nf pnll« for tv-.*
Ingredient-, since tho first nn* i
nouncenient in the newspapers last
October stated that tho people
who onco try it «'swear by it,"
ftpecfnlly thorn? who have Urinary and Kidney trouble and bui'-
Ver. with nhoumntisn.."
The dru»fi<4f<? fn  thi".  n->ich!.or-'
hood ua.y they cpn supply tho in   '
Plans  and   l.stimutes on Appllcnlion
Kesidciico 76 Howland Ave.
J. Wilson (Juav, Ahciiitkct
Fernie  B. C.
r. o. c.
Motel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everytiiihg  new  and
up-to-date. -
Every accommodation
for the public.
Bar siocited with the
■ finest in the land
UikIlt' new management
Well furnished rooms.   The tabic Ih
supplied with the bust tho market
affords.   The bar is supplied
with tlio best wines, 11-
iiuoi's nnd cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
The Great
Trans-Continental Highway
The Best of Equipment and
Tourist. Standard Sleeping.Cars '
and Dining Cars on .all
.through, trains
Low Kate Rail Tickets in con-,
necuon with Ocean Steam-
-' ship Tickets-,,       -   ••'
For -ur.lior.'im.t.culiir.s cull on loenl
ni;er..n, or .i(lilr._i,        <>,
J- MOE,   , * JO. J. COYLE,
JJ. i:a. A. 0. J>. A,
Xelson' ,        V(iiicouvor
(', S  FYKE,
,.  liejjut Tlclcot AKi.nt,
, v   J-'-iiilo.
From  France,  Holland and.
Japan"       *. -   ■
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies', Sprav
Pumps, Spraying1 Mate.ial, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established'
nursery on the-mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free. ,
Greenhouses and Sccdhouses       ,,
60   YEARS'"
Trade Mark--.
Copyrights &c.
Anynnp soikIIiik n nltotoli mid i\ i.rrlptlnn mny
I'llolily iinRDriiiin niir ci|i|iiiiin !mh vifinilipr un
iiiY-niinnii is piulirihl)- rmU'iMiili -) rv.niui<in|pi,.
(liiiln»t.rlcllrr;niiliiloiitliil.   IflsriiOOKoii I'mnitc
■ _l.lt    tP_--_      / .1.1.^r.t    ...■*..*...    r .-.-._.-_-__--.__.._-
I'llolily ii-Rijriiiin our nt<liinin !mh '
llio '-'   	
>...,._ •tru..i i,,_iiii.ii,   HHrtl. IIUUI4 1.N l-llll'liu
ii<iiitr«>i, ovtav. n-i-iw-.-/ fiii*i.i'(uriiip<juitfliitH.
J'AtdllL. I.1J0I1 ihi-.niuli Mum. i Co. IlCOIvo
tftetntWilWt, wldKjiit chiTu'o, I Ulia
jI__    .   *    . .____»■, mtmmt
meets in McDoufi-ill'g Hall every
alternate Thursday at 6 p.m.
\, Wvi-rii, I'pi-s.        Wh. J). Hi n»i in.!., Si«
 „ —— j{ pleasant home for the
Eocnj attention.
Rooms reserved by wire
C. L.■WHELAN - - Munugcrj*
Seiesaiflc Jffijiirivm ■
' iitiljrDlimtriiii'il 4vi.ci. .. Tjii-itiI r.lt.
t nny 51'luntl.l. .I'.ur.i.). Tw i.,., s;. ?
r tuoni>iH, $1. Sola I.} .j|ii.«»i'i.iiI„i-_.
■(*♦*-»<.   •if*  It   «_   *_..._*•>....__* -.    it   7
». *"*ii.-.      .**'-n.    .V1"   V   ***m   '*%».-V"inT-'
All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Fernie. IJ. C.
ICash! Cash'1
Ptx**m for Seoontl
Hnntl -• urnituro
Stoves, otc.
MofU flr»t. frdlny in ihrIi moritli in 1-1). 0, K,
It.U* Monro. W.Kfiiy,"
Wurtliy t'fii.iili.iit, WorHiy Snpmtnry.
Hotel      |
! +
B. C. furniture Store
NextlXK-r to luipurlnl lldtel  »it
v •;•
I*..:.*..*..*..*..*..:.:.*..:.*..*,.: .*..:,*.,*.,;.:.; a
w»**».   »••«*»   ..%.,..'*.Sf
The A. Macdonald Co f ^i^,. j ] crbb . mowat
jM-dlcntn,  vh'ifh  rre ••'r,"«iliv "i..|.vV-fl
'J .ut" i-i rnifi t0 } f,
bdiousnt.fi, indlReslion.-sick liesdicbe. ,hi-r.t*r Mood  cifA-iMiu- r,rr,.nt
How nunyycar* |,aa your doctor known :. v-.t«i. ton-- i,nf,-.r  .;,,« p„HjL j'
Ihsse ptlh t   Ask him til *boui them,    j ,,'one i.:oi» lianr.lf U Cr '»in-nl " to
(lif'i*) Ofiice, \Viiiiiipc-(.;)
IlranrlH".—\'»nrinuivr, VoKnn, I'vnAt,
IMiiiiiiilDit, Alt,i, ,\ l,4'i.i»ii, On),
remits, C. C.
Th« centre of C'>mincrcinl
arwl T«.uil«t Tnulfl
<.-V.i»;ii(.   t'-.i-XOciU;-!
TowiisHo   Au'fjit
Kernlu md MoAiner
i|-»nt lr t.tir,im("'
\v:i i..
(.nwri. "*,    1 l>*i
Cui'.p S.-.(*][ I!-.*!
♦':••:•':••:••:"•:••:••:•.:.•:*•:•■;■•:••:••:••:•.:*.;.•:••:•♦ K CcIU  t il0   LCM I gc I"
Fit for a King
, Tho mciits tlisit you buy.
from us ure' lit for a kin*;.    -
We Bull  no'luiif'- tlmt i.
not tho host. Unit is why..
wo lin vc so muny plonse'cl
customers     T.i't  uh  <.p-
•   mopstato this lact bv a   ■
triiil.      Polltt!   intention
nml prompt sei'vii'.u.
Calgary Cattle Co.
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd.
:|; m. McDOUGAll, Pres. S Gen. Mgr.
Denleru In
Itouuli it DrcfHcd Ltunhiir
Dimension & Uridyl. Tliiiliur
-  J'IIIiih-, Mould lnt,', Lutli.,
Shliifylm and  TLos.
:|: Telephone Polesa Spcdally •.•
Y . .  A
•t* All Ordfii-ii I'roinpt'y Attundod
*f. to
X Tol. 3 Pcrnlc, B. C. •{
; Express and Baggage Transfer
J. i:.
or r.il
OilW:   Ni.rti;.ni Uut.-). I'^ni., 15. c* """ "y- - ll^-.^^-'----^ *V3^^TIirr.7***M£afij£E__-.*^^
ji the City
..cl—A' girl for general   housc-
.   'Apply, airs. L.. P. Eckstein. *
House to rent.—Apply 43 Fernie
l\i_nex7, '   ..-        .
Double House for Sale (easy terms)
in West Fernie, 8,rooms, glasshouse,
chicken house, etc.—Apply, to John
MeL-ichliui, West Fernie.    .
Wanted, liy" experienced business
man (English), , position .inr office,
warehouse or stores,' or any place- of
trust.—E.-E. .We.stby,  P.  O.  Fernie.
For Sale—5 room house :;_.d
one-quarter acre for sale or >ent.
—Apply Charles Edgar, Westler-
Eie, or Box 194, P. 0.
Thoroughly     experienced      lady
stenographer       and      bookkeeper
wants  good  position.—Apply    to
! Ledger Office.
When you want a housekeeper,
cook, chamber 'maid, dining room
girls, general servants, bar keep-*
ersi or help of any kind, go "to
Ambrose's Employment Office, Cox
.Street. "■ "    N23-4t
Astray on "premises at Wardner,
two sorrel horses. The same have
done considerable damage , to'
garden. Owner may have the
same by paying damages and "expenses. These horses are branded'
on left jaw 6, white star 011 forehead. For particulars apply, , S.
J. .Harrison.-P. 0. Box 5,' Wardner. ,
. o—r	
Sec our prices in seventeen iir-velcd
gold tilled watches.—A.. C. Liphardt.
Chr-St-i.-'.!. O.u-ds and Ojile.u-i.irs
for friends across the sen.
N.'fi. Hiulcl:il.y. -
' On    Tuesday last, a picuirosque
,.. marriage took place in the  Catholic church, when Meri McKiekojk
.   and John Hoven were united     in
the holy bond of matrimony. The
procession    up   Victoria .    Avenue
•- after the  ceremony was in „-itself
good to look at.,
There will be no service, in, the
I'ernie Methodist church on Sunday morning,, so as "to permit
friends to' go to Coal Creek. Ev-
. cning service as . usual at 7.30,
when singing will be made a special feature. Sunday school at
2.30. ."..-..*'
.Diamond rings from t.n   to,, two
■ hundred and fiity.dollarsatLiph.irdt's
place' -^.t the residence of theJ
bride's1 parents in West Fernie. In
addition to members pf the family, Mrs, J. Broley, Miss Hoey
and Mrs! Lashley Hall were present.:! Miss Hoey and "Mr. Munk-
witz stood up with the bride and
groom respectively. A sumptuous
repast was served, after which the
happy couple left hy the east
bound; train for their future'home
at Macleod, where -the groom owns
a ranch! A number of friends
t the station to see ■* them
were at
The .announcement that the
great play," "The Two-Orphans,"''
is coming to' our city, is a matter
of much import to the' theatregoers in our midst. No drama of
modern times has enjoyed- the
vogue that has been accorded to
this classical translation from the
French, The. reason is .<pparent.
The play .is interesting Irom the
rise of the curta'in on the fust e.ct
until tho final-fall m The„ fifth.
The'climaxes are stro-.ig ;..rd exciting, and the story is t ne that
will appeal to all classes of theatre-goers, no matter what their
position in life, may'be. The situations, lines , and the incidental
business of the play arc of such a
nature that, they compel the in-
divided attention of the spectators. A strong vein .of .cou-dey
runs through' the play, but it is
so placed that' never at any time
does it conflict with tho more'serious.scenes.' The author has been
careful'to preserve the dramatic
^unities, his characters are finely
drawn and as. true to nature , as
possible,     ' ■>
"The Jwo Orphans," with a
complete scenic, costume and
lighting equipment, will be presented in' the Fernie Opera House
on Thursday, November 88th, by
the Dominion Stock  Company.    *
The  National   Illustrated    Maga-
''        zinc
Messrs. Handley and Brooks,
the up-to-date "livery and cartage
firm, -are sporting a fine team of
black's. These boys are hustlers in
their particular line and are doing a good business. Fred Hand-
ley is'in Calgary, this week purchasing an outfit' of new cutters
and harness.
Olirists.ii.s Cnnls r.nd OsilcmlurH
i'or,friends across tlio sea.
N. 1.. Sail'aby
John R. Galvin returned to Fer-
,nie oh Tuesday mormig ].«_st from
■Edmonton'and Strathiona, wl.cre
he organized a local .at .White
Star-and the Bush mines, v.-l -ch
arc "situated eight miles fi.>ii. Edmonton, .All the men in the four
small minos-in this district have
now signed, up.
If you want,a fino timepiece, go
to Liphart's. He carries the
Wultham, , Elgin, Agassiz, rnd
Public ownership of public util-
' ities is the question primarily' bo-
ioro tho city council of Fernie at
the prasent' moment. Tho principle of public or municipal own-
' Hi-ship requires no' apology from
us—In theory it is correct. Tho
people r.houlil own what aro absolute necessities nnd have control 01 thepe lieci'SKities.
A quiet wedding took pUcc    at
tho Mnthodist parsonage "on Wed-
n*.,.di>y fiftcrnoon     bet ween Onknr
P,'   Flcnsburg and    Miss  Theresa
Ekbur.',-.   The" contractlnj-j    parties |
wfie both Swedes, the hrido hav- 1
in'- that .dny arrived from Rv.-ed- j
on'!   Tlio happy couple wi-nt to tho :
const ior tho-r honeymoon,   Rov. I
W.   L,  Hall  performed tho    ceremony.
On f-undny next, Nov. ?A, tho
Methodist church nt Cft.\l Creole
will ho opciif'il, whon tho Bov. W.
Lnshley Hall. B,A., B.D., of Fernie, will conduct the day's rm-
vicus. Morning service 11 a.m.,
evening nervlce 7.30 p,m, By tho
kind p'.rmiiiiion of Mr. Llndnoy a
tipecl.il train will loavo Fornlo for
Coal Creek at 10 n.m. on Sunday
morning. On Sunday.night Mrs,
Hull will deliver a lecture in the
■.•lunch, when Mr. G. G. S. Lind*
fit*y will preside, to commence at
V.i-0 p.m. Admission to lecture
25 conts.
Mias Fri.da Munkwits, one of
tho popular younpr ladies of the
city, was married on Thursday
Innt to Mr. Frederick Dnliell, of I
Macleod. The ceremony, which;
waa tmrJeruwil \\v -Rev. W. L.
Hall, was a quiet one, and   took
"*' Exquisitely printed on fine coated, paper. Pictures of well-known
people, of current events, of
things beautiful, ' and curious.
About one thousand square inches
of pictures in each' issue. Appeals'" to • Canadians as' the- great
illustrated papers of London appeal to the English _people. Non-
political. Absolutely no axe., to
grind. Its aim solely to please'
'and to inform. Must be seen to
be appreciated. Ten cents__a_copyv
One ■ dollar7 a year, -d The Pictorial Publishing- Co., 142 St. Peter
St.,-Montreal. ■ 3t—Nov.  83 ■■
Ey virtue of a writ of Fieri
Facias issued out of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia, hold-
en at Fernie,'' B, C,', at the suit of
James W. Murphy-, plaintiff,-■ and
A. D, McDonald, defendant, and
to me directed against'the .goods
and , chattels of the above-named
defendant, A. D. McDonald, I have
neized and taken in execution -till
the right, title and interests of
the said defendant's sawmill, n:a-
ehinory, logs, lumbor, posts, situate about two, miles south of
the town of Swinton-on-.'tho west'
fide of'the Great'Northorh Railway, to recover the sum of Sj.125,
besides sheriff's poundage, ciheers
fees and all other legal hicidontal
expenses, all of which I shall <-x-
poso for sale or sufficient thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt ond
costs, where tlie above is c-ituatod
on Tuesday, December ' 3rd, 3.907,
at tho hoxix" of two. o'clock'in the
afternoon.  •
Dated at Fornio, I.. C, this 5,0th
day of November. A, D. 1907.
M.' A. KASTNEtt,   .
Sheriff's Deputy.
twvst*** ** r**o nxio *******
Opera House
Thurs. Nov. 28
Madame LeielSier
.'The Famous Parisian Palmist-'
Is in Fernie for a short time*
Hadame Leltellier located
hidden money buried by ancestors in old iron pota in the south
of England. She can also help
you. " Sho reads life from the
Cradle to the Grave
aiid -fives advice on all affairs.
Consultations strictly confidential. -'.   „
CALL     TO-r>-_-.-3r'
■      [Last room bad; in tho hull] ."
Hours:   10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
s Nest
Opens on Junuury, Oth, Why not study
shorthand, bookkeohift, etc., and quality*1
for a good Siilnrlod position? Wo cun
help you. Interest-rig catalogue free on
roquo.t to If, G. (xH.lnut, Pi-inci'inl of
The Gurlmtt Business Collcse,, Calgary.
The store of good values
T Offlffi
Successor to J. "W. I-I; Terry
Employment and
Reafl Estate Office
Will'supply men for
.all classes of work,
-  either by   the   day,
week'or month:
Just placed in, stock, in
sealed lead packets, Red
Rose Ceylon Tea.   Reg. „
price 6ocf our price
fii ' *■'"_ -•   Make life worth living1 J ■ "«•».
® ',        .'■-<§>
'     ~ : TJS-E    •". ■■*   ,"• '   \|
.   ,    .■ , Pure Gold Frenca Creamery buttei*  35c" per pound j|-r
f;  Wild Kose English Breakfast Tea, our own blend, 50c per pound   j>
' .AND** ENfOY"'YOUR.MEALS'; '"'■
PayCash W.  J.    BLUNDELL        Prompt Delivery    |
<I^<^*M^<$-^-^ "
per lb.
Reg. 50c, our price
Bushmen,   Lumbermen   &
Women  for -cleaning,
■washing or scrubbing.- ^
Reasonable "'Rates
.ox; Street
We slice to your.order.
- Griffins Breakfast-*- ,
Bacon   and ' Hams .,
Royal Household Flour
. Guaranteed the best
100 lb. sacks -„ $3-25
50 lb sacks   -   $1.55
.    Grocery SpeciaEs
for   Saturday
Fancy    Sweet   Biscuits,
reg. 25c, special 20c
Choice ..Red Salmon, reg.
'   20'c, specials5c
Seeley's;  Full ..Strength,
;i   Auditor, Accouutnnt, General Afjent
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurance
Books cipened,   closed, * audited, and- accounts kept1 in the
'"  -       '" '''"     most up-to-date manner.   - .,   .      ,
1« m_i-nik*mmiwi<wi_iwyi_w**m* »■ »>wm—mm
Office,   Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
I     A.:T.;, HAMILTON " |
S = Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam    Fitting   ^
i IT**' M^wgMtMr_i--i-tMi*TWWW'Pw*»»*www«»M*-w*»*»M**M«*www---^^ im c V
* 7^   ,.. ,    — - ".--.■ -"-/ *■
'fj*-*      '   . All Work Promptly  Executed  and "Y   -.,  ?P
•^ ' . . Satisfaction ..Guaranteed. ." ,.       •'•      ^'-',
* .LIl—-■'    •"• ': 'f
*. - .-. *■' •     * *'■*■'   ■ .        ' -■"   *
bxtratts    ^
V,    ,*   *
2 or.   *',. -  - "* 15c
'.--. 4 oz.
Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel ■   ?j$
<t* »v o* \t* <i* <vv \ia \is <*a *. if *v «.v <v i *.r* *vv \v *.** aVvaata *xv » v a'mv \t> aj>
A l'lot of Liuiil 55 x 1H2 rci't with 4-roomed Plaetei-sd Cotta«-e 21- x 2G
tout, with Pniniy, Clothes Closet, Cellar and good well of water.   ,
Proceeds   for   the   family   of .Chas.   Bebb
THURSDAY.   DECEMBER  26th,    1907
'   l^-s-H'^^^^^2^ ''                  '"    "^
The Dominion Birek Co.
ln tho onormoiis
Don't stop to., annoy- your neighbor •
by asking- him .for the loan "of his shot
gun in .shooting' season when you can
secure a full choke bore, pistol grip,
double barrelled, breach, loading shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and A
nickle plated breach for
$16.00 less 5 per cent.
only a few left. Thc best values; in
the land. No trouble to show them
and to see is to discover their value
and  buy. . ■
Tho nhovo lionet! nnd Lot Ih tho property of Chun, Delili, but a $1.00
llckcl nf llio wlnn'or will 11mko.lt fhiiiifto Initidi*.    Havo a try.
Tlckoih (?l.ti;i) i'i li« hud f.niiu Mr. T.  fiv^n or Mr. Chan, Tli'l.h, Ferule.
The Two
The   Melo-Drnmatlc
<5> f.
ft Ar*-|»ro|mroiltocMerlo;8il|«*'   S,
ft) trndo \xn well an (rontloinrnV.    w
(*\ I.nilh'K' hnlr nnd fnrott treated
<ji any day but Saturday.
All Spoclnl Scenery and mat
Beautiful Costumes '
Electrical KiTecU
Prices:   $1.00, 75c & 80c
—Scats on Halo at —
Palace Drug Store
AT  ?
Tlm 0|i|»nrtui»Uv of making your i-hrik'u of (.lii'lut'iinn
HiflH, comfoi-tnlily, from tiiihi-r»ki.'ii nnortmt'iitH, At
your lelmirft lonls ttvur our Inru'i* nud varlnd hiock nf
tlitn^H Milinbln for ChrlhtimiH |ivwuih mid vn> nrc mire
ynu will ho libit) to mnko 11 Hnli'.tlou to your lllslng.
Cliristmns Cards and Calendars
Solid tlioui enrly to catch tlio Enjfli.Hli mnllff.
Choice Perfumes
Vory HnpHt Imported pnrfumes In cm crlftnn nnd fancy
bottle!".   No nicer f rvvvut to fjl<*c n I4.1l*1
runcy Goad*
A lui'ffo and vnrlod iisnortinont tlmt ynu rnniuit
find ol««wlior<>. Plcturn framao-artfitle dcaijzni-, nil
ntvloK anil olzft". l.ndlon band Mirror*, Wall nnd Stand
' M.rrnra. Dnlln nnd Doll untu-somo ronl boautlen.
W« linvn a (Inn lino of nititnlllc lifmU. Sachot Powderi
lor nmliiiiif Pniniy Tirphoum, WicWeir SHoi.; ._«i»iiiii5t».,
alt hIzdh, pnddnil nud plain. '
China Teh Sets
Cup* nnd Saucer.. 1'lntcn, and nnvultloi*,     Royal
Don I ton China aud Wcdgewnodivnro Poltory.
N. E. Suddaby,  r^ntpjoruu store
It is ;i certain thin;,'that thert \v»uld
he much loss disewhus in the community
if every individual took proper precautions to ..reserve his or her health, We
cannot hu too cleanly in our habits,
Cleunliness is nol only next to Godliness,
but n sure l.ceper of fjood healih, We
Hhould dully wash lhe null, with 11 kooiI
uiUlsuptic Soap, liru»«li nnd clean Ihe teeth
well, und sue to it thin our person and
pci'bonul cffcctM are beyond reproach as
retfttrdH cleunlineHS. Kyerv facility for
the Until and Toilet nrc here.
The Palace Drug Store
TEL. 12. H.P. MoLKAN, Mon.
,   x\ll the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
„   Confectionery.
^^^^^^^^        ^f^t^^^^^^mW     ^_J__Sl______M
 L--.J llll—■"-■■'■'_! JLIIUWI
Bring in Your Job Work
-W-?    .   :    -. .1
.   _S»4
£$  '.   ".-'
- *i*
■ $•£  -"
y$&     *'•-■  . 1
\1A   '           ■   ■•■       i
■ ?;•?.       '■*    <
' «A
VlV     . '
•V 7
\t»     ,
•>:■?     - ■■
<c        -
■ r_>-- '•


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