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 united rffine Workers of Jimeri'ca
). e*. *
1- •
I* 8
Indianapolis, Ind„ October 7, J 907
lo the Officers and Members   •     '" ' ■'•.■.'
■■       ".'of the U.'M.'W'. of A.   , :    fc . •      ' " \    ' ,    *
'Greeting:. '     , "- ,'     ■ ■>■      * -   ', '   ■/ '   .'   '"'.. ■      -   .
..Inasmuch.; as .notices'callihg for nominations are being sent out from
the, Office of the Secretary, and in-order that all local unions arid members
^ thereof may be, in a position to,express- their choice for the. off ice-of
President, I herewith announce that I shall not be a- candidate for the
*■ Presidency,.of -your organization.      "•-,.'■'-.  '■'   "".*J  -,';
' ;; I .am,prompted to arrive'afr this,,conclusion because I believe that I am
no.'longer well enough to,"give your interests, the.,.consideration their
„ impbrtance demands. *' ■' ■ -, ■    '.. \   ", "'* -,, \ _ ■' "-•' .
. V-'/Ishai^.explain in greater detail in my/annual report tb our coming
;,^cbnve;h^ohHHe causes which impel.me to give up the^high.officeto which
J';y6u^::have:-Vfe'l:dcted'me for so.many years.;       ~\.-' ■   ,- *.
, 71.thank you for-the'confidence you have reposed in me and I beg you to
■ 'frfl-i eve" that the advancement of my-craft has been my highest ambition.
President U.'M.; W.of A.
«•' A
♦*,'       ....-,   . "" *   v
fie r- "—: - ; ~; ~^   ~
'        ■ '° *-' ir i * '' .  I -    I
Crow's Nest Pass Ihvestrnent Go., Ltd,
■   '      ;,.*■■'   '      .    ' "'"        7' :* *'' ' 7. ■     '-' "'     "     ■"■''       '    '.'
offer you one of the best opportunities you ever had, or
can have in a few choice, close-in Lots in the city, of
Lethbridge, at a , reasonable price and within the reach
of everyone    :    :    :    :    :    :    : <.:■ :    :..:    :,':    5    ;    ;
,   It will pay you to write to-d y
.for further particulars.   A few dollars invested now will
"mean many in the immediate future    :    :    ;    :    :    :    :
«... ...**-*•
A. T. Hamilton haB something interesting to say on pago 8.
Mrs. Davloo wlll rocoivo at Udgo
ditto tho (imt Thursday of each month.
Tho Crow's Meat Pass Conl Company's
payroll (or tho month of September Is
John A. McDonald, secretary-treasurer of District 18 U. M. W. of A., was
_in tho city on Thursday.
Tho Eastorn Township Bank will open
a branch in Victoria Avenue, Pernio,
within tho uoxt thirty days.
Femlo has been sufforlng from an
Invasion ot Hindus this woo.-., very
picturesque nnd all that, but a Iittlo
Something Rood to smoko—Crow's
Nest Special and George's Extra.
Try thorn. *
President Sherman hns boon in Hoh.
mor most of the wsok sitting,on tho
Hoard ot Conciliation lor tho adjustment
of j»rlf|*tfnn',''i- nt. Mint, point;,
'*> ^Tho Scol.l*** CJ.il* kM ilicli* wcd.1,)*
mooting iu tho Minors' Hall on Wodnca*
day night. A pleasant time was spent,
nnd many good songs rendered.
II, N. Galer, of tho International Coal
and Coko Co., Coleman, was In tho city
on Monday. Wo aro golnjg to .send Mr.
Galor some of our patent memory pow*
dor. i; -        ".-'■■
W. Spier, manager of the Eastern
.Township Bank at Grand Forks, was In
- tho^oHy-thlB week in connection with
tho opji-nlAf'of a branch of his bank
hero* ,
J. H Gulvin came In from the Hosmei,
Conciliation Board on Thursday, antUfba offieei, mem ho#»,,and cottages for
left fpr fitratbeona tho Hahie evening for; the PaeitU Coal toffiWkm)tr, This Is a
( mnlxaltOB pvpoiM iii to get eott-j vary ele^emtfaekslis a tribute to Mr.
,-**••*-torn ww^^
Judge Wilson, of Cranbrook, has boon
sitting as chairman on tho Conciliation
Board of mino operators and tho olllcors
of District No. 18 U. M. W. of A. this
Tho Coal Crook Club declared opon
Iioubo again thU wook, and without
wishing to appear ns moral censors we
trust tho now commandments will bo
Tbo Fall Assizes wilt be held In
Fornlo on Tuesday, tho 22nd inst.,
bofore Mr. Justice Morrison, It Is
exported that two days will complete
tho cases.
Tho editor of "Tho Ledgor" is very
glad to hoar of Undo Bon Hill and of
anyono olso In Carbonado i somo day ho
will pay you n surprise visit and shako
hands all round.
Patronize homo Industries, Qoorgo's
Extra nnd Crow's Nest Special, Cull
for tho boat and help Fornlo grow.
Judge Wilson, of Cranbrook, was tn
Fornlo on Friday, having returned from
tho Hosmor Conciliation Hoard.   Ho
toUiiluUl Uiufcttlilc Aaj lo lui^ii; Lu tt.
o« tbe Cpnclllntltin Bonnl there.
President F. II. iShormsn, District 18
U. M. Wi ot A., was in tho filly on
Thursday* leaving the sumo night for
Tabor and Lethbridgo. President
bnorman will be In Calgary on tbo "£lm\
Peter P-aUorson left on Thursday
evening for Morrlssey on organization
work, and will leave (er Indianapolis
(Ind.) on Mouday, to attend an International Board meeting on lhe-26th inst.
of tha U. M. W. of A.
A• T. Hamilton has secured the contract for tho plumbjng ,apd heating of
W. W. Leach, of tho Government
Geological Survey, nnd his wifo wero
visiting Fori) jo this week shaking hands
with old IrlondB. Mr. Loach has just
como in. from a survoy trip on tho
Tolkwa River, and showed us.somo of
tho boBt photos wo over remember to
havo soon of mule and doff packs and
of tho doings at the outposts of humanity,
The prisoner who escaped from tho
local gaol last woolc was arrested at
Michel, nnd brought back by Constable
Pennyculck on Wodnesday. Tho runa*
way had consldorablo neryo but very
little discretion, for having reached
Mlchol ho ontorod tho hotel nnd wantod
a drink, still wearing tho broad arrow on
his pnnts,
Informal luncheon Given by
Young Liberals.
W. J. Galliher, member for theKoot*
enay division in the Dominion House,
was in the city on Tuesday last paying
an informal visit to his constituents,
and on the evening of that day the
Young Liberal Association of Fernie (a
recently formed society of enthusiastic
young men). tendered. Mr. Galliher a
luncheon at the Waldorf-Hotel.
. After justice had been done to an
ample and well served meal, and the
toast to the King had been drunk with
enthusiasm (no cranks being present),
Dr. Hig_>ins_ president of the Liberal
Association of Fernie, in a few well
chOBen' words, proposed a toast to the
guest of the evening. *. * - ,. -. _
The rising of Mr. Galliher to respond
to the toast of his health was a signal
for an outburst of cheers and the singing
of" For he'B a jolly good fellow." Mr.
Galliher dwelt on, the necessity of all
the Liberal forces standing together,
the young men combining with the
parent association so that no friction
should ^detract from the results' that
might be achieved at the next election,
Mr. .Galliher also advised co-operation
in the selection.of candidates for posii
tions, and warned those concerned, to
guard against tbe clashing of conflicting
interests.- - - -- .- - .    ,
At the conclusion of the speech of the
honorable member, J. W. Nunn, the
city clerk, was called upon to propose
the toast to the Press. With some
referred to the principal dilemna of his
life ,when once he purchased a pound of
butter, which he wrapped in a copy of
the.'1 Winnipeg Telegram," and placing
the butter in an incubator for safoty, it
,was hatched into lyo. This was partici
ularly hard on the editor, of "The
Ledger." "
Mr, Pedler began the responding for
"the'.rrei5s,,on account of. bie agev The
editor of ''ThVFfee Press", was, as he
always is, modest and diffident, ojid tt
tho end of au hour's talking it was
evident he only wants a cassock to
complete his evangelization of the city.
The editor of "The Lodger", followed
Apostle George with his usual auBtority
of thought,       „ ■  .
In responding to tho toftBt ot tho
ladies, Mr. Talt proved himself a master
of his subject, his first sentence eliciting
a round of applause that entirely out'
classed anything from any other speaker,
nnd mado tho remainder of his speech
prosaic in tho extreme,
To Mr. Fisher fell the duty of respond-'
ing to the Young Liberal Association.
Tlio last toast of tbo evening was one
to It. II. Moore, our genial host, which
was drunk vory heartily, tho company;
singing '* For he's a jolly good follow,''
and the orchestra, with absolato disinterestedness, playing " Rule Brlttania,''
— —   0   '      '"       -    -
The G. N. baseball team mot the city
team on Sunday afternoon last on tho
Recreation Grounds, and played ono
game, with the result that tho city
team won by 11 to 5. Tom Whelan
acted as umpire to tho complete satli-
faction of tho playors of both toning, but
Charley Davey will have to put moro
dinger into his sprinting if ho wishes
to remain In the same class with Cornel'
lui. Although they lost, tho G. N,
aggregate aro not discouraged, and are
still ready to go up against anything
that looks like baseball.
Harris  Tweeds, Broadcloths,
"   "Venetians, "        Panamas,
Plaid Silks, Delaines,   .
French    Pattern Dress   Lengths.
Ladies', Winter Coats
!*'■"■■ (I 1   '
Latest styles,  man. tailored, direct
from headquarters, Berlin, Germany
Men's  Overcoats
The made-to-wear kind, straight
from : the best manufacturers, arid
priced to, please you."        .   „    o;   *
Stetson*s Hats";
New.Fall blocks in both hard and
,. ■ I. •* *' >       . j    -
soft hats just to hand.
•Mtaw**1..1. ii " mrvim
LL People interested in Co-operation
please note that thc committee appointed
to look after share capital of the Fernie
Industrial & Provident Co-operative
will meet in thc Union Hal), Fernie,
to receive the already promised subscriptions to
(ht above turned Society, at.tl aUo nev. bul.sc.ib-*
•rs, on Saturday evening, Oct. 19th, at 7 to Jjf.30.
If you are interested in your own welfare kindly
meet us, For further information apply to the
Committee. -- *'.*
The people of Cbal trcek kindly taWnotice
that the committee will alio meet in'the Coal
Creek, Hall on Thursday,' Oct. -Hth, at 7 o'clock
for the same purpose. «!? j  ■,.
!',        ,f,,,..,4l>...',*'
Yi Robite za Vase Dollary ale Nechajte ich Robit pre vas
Nikda vhistoriitohotokrajunebol taki vichlcdna zrobenai
penazi daut svetujak je teras v Lethbridge. Obchodni a
Fabricni Kapitat so Spoludnej Albcrti Brani to Zapaunic
polian (Prairie.)
Lcthbridge je kolanjnicni prostredok so Spoludnej
Alberty a je taki prostredok najbohatsieho rolnickeho kraja
v Sevcrne Amerikv Kasda velka kolajna spolocnost so
Zapadncj Canady abo us ma abo pripravuje jej kolajnu linaj
abi brala jej ucast s uchelnieho drevenieho abo inieho
obchodus s tohoto bohaticho kraja. Ktori pravc tcras jc
len v jeho mladosti cili v jcho koliskc obsedlacenia a
Vclkid pracovnc cili robotarne sa v Lethbridge. Uhclnie
doli ktoric zamestnauaiu mnoho muzof tehlaren a skridloven
Blcctricna Fabrika Mlin na muku ktori srobi dene pat sto
bocick muki Oliver zvama fabrika na virabania matcrialu pre
budunki Fabrika cili robotaren na robenia radii na kone a
inie kozenic naradie Pivovar Zelezna fabrika Motornich cili
parovich vozov spolocnost Vlnena fabrika mnoho inich.
Obecenstvo v Lethbridge sa s dvojnasobnilo v poslcdn-
ich dvoch rokoch a vsctko poka-zujc zc u druchichdvoch
rokoch obescenstvo sa zvisi na 10,000 siovom desat tisic V
rastnucom meste jako jc toto celkem ncmouzc srobil lepscj
jako vlozit svoje pinazc do podnikov ci kupit plac (lot)
poncvac place budu talc v slupat do hori jako obeccn stvo do
poccu. Place (loti) ktorie mi predavamc teras po $100;
midu stat v kratkom o mnoho viaccj.
Tieto place (loti) su dohra kupa ci pre obchod cili pric-
kup a ci na postayeni domacnostt oni sa dobrom suchom
a rovnom polozeni len par minut choudzc od strcdu obchodu
mesta ano oni sa nadovsetko najlepsic pre uhlo-kopov
ponevac sa blis ko uhelnich dolov. Ztaden clovck nesbohatne
pri telesnej praci ale mnohi sbochatli ked ich placu ulozili do
podnikov skros nakupeni placovv meste. Jcstlivy ulorite
vase peniaze do podnilcqv^Ico sa mestkie podniki v tedi vase
peniaze sa vam s dvo,}naSobnia za krttki cas. Tieto here
udanie place (loti) J&*p0 prvi-ratk ha trhu odpredaji za levni
cas au tu naji^gu cenu cv0 mozc bit.
Drstc tnrtjj^ jtmstni napredok mesta Lethbridge vyvasej
mJslia hlaste -% u na80 dajsi visvetlcnia. Mi taki mame plac
.»'»'.♦. •
ush a hlaste aL u na80 aajsi visvetlcnia.   Mi taki mame pi
1 predaj sr Cd^ry a inie maje&i ktorie sa dobrie podniki.
.f-.i '3   !Hfoit M i C.'A.'SHBPA1RD & CO.
li Keal Hsl^Offict, F*fni*.
w 1!
-   )■'
.-'*,   .     >
^71   ■
-•4' *f-
4 '"j .*
ti '(■fnpj&VWw.
rs.- c
■C«fe. fttfnzJ*tZ&3H&'t2$££I
>-s^»'^:-a***^i--^,^'jW^-.-*?ir ^•'S'' f r*f*"
• M-i/^rt     ,»J-^*«1(
^-^PBRKIB ^PQBR;lffei^ii-^||: fl? qCTOBBK- J9;gl907j ft'
.'""i  S*"" '.'V  !-'».-'  *.
me**.<   ws »•-*•<-/» •*•«
;-vV       -j™.- *
. :"• ,<■ 'P "-..-'".,
Vancouver, "Oct. 14'7-The Asiatic
Exclusion League, tonight passed resolutions stating-that it \yas advisable , for. the people of Vancouver to
express .their attitude as to the exclusion question in a constitutional
manner. "Therefore,' R.' C. ' MacPtaer-
Bon, M.P., uas requested to'' resign
his sent in the Dominion House and
all the local members of the provincial legislature ure'asked to va-
keep your weather eye open for these
that are liable to develop such'' defects. "' 7- . ,7,. .
Many .unions - have, almost gone
through a hapt'sm.of fire, but come
out" stronger "and purer than""'ever,'
for the* reason*that they have.been
able to locate", the dross, and * tha"t
they know where "to look for it in
the' future. Then rank and file are
usually all right, 'but there are always, a ."tew -weak-kneed creatures
creatures hanging 'around, the ragged'
edge. They always drop oil at the
slightest 'provocation.   Tho    vatch-
cate their seats so that the    elect-' dogs of .tho union always have'  to
o   ■
ors might .have an opportunity
. declaring the local sentiment in
most tellin? manner.
A separate resolution asking Pre-
b. mier.,JMcBride . ,to resign ..after  an
, evasive letter from the Premier    to
the league's queries had been read.
The league declared to hereafter
enter full' tickets for civic, provincial "and .. Dominion elections. Along
, general lines _of work it was decided
to' hold another parade"'shortly vand
strong committees .were appointed
to \l arrange for a monster.- demon-
s.ration. -   . *   -     - ,     -
J. H. Hawthornthwaite last night.
of.; keep herding     them    to, keep them
from straying away from the- main
band. The. union should adopt some
form of * badge such as5 the. monthly
dues button, so that they can be located at all times. ' -''.',..
The one sheep that is disposed to
go astray ahs always given the
shepherd more trouble than the other 'ninety-and-nine- It is this is the
cause in most, instances of the demand ,'for the so-called '"closed shop
so that- fae "bird can sing and.
won't sing ' arc the cause of more
fiction- between' employers and men
■ than'"'all others put together.—Mixer
addressed a Socialist mass meeting
on the Oriental • immigration ques- ,
tion-in his usual* strenuous'manner. _
He* claimed     that the entire, blame •
'1f;r the present conditions' rested on |
the:men' ant the corporations    who ,
brought th' ■ labor to the country,     i
Rev.  Mr. T'raser, a pramincnt loc^ _;
' e1"  clergyman, lust - .night ''declared j
that the foremen on large jobs,, were j
largely  instrumental  in', having  Ori- !
entals put ai work to the   exclusion i
of' white   labor.  and < - charged  that-
therc was. a" general practice of these
men  receiving  payments from
entals-for obtaining positions.'
, Prominent local men are discussing
as to whether Kipling's recent visit
to. the coast was not as ambassador,
incognito, lor-  the Imperial government to obtain a knowledge of local
opinion regarding Oriental immigra-
" tion.' It was pointed out.- that   his
* coast as the main object of his vis-
■ it.    It1 was-also -noted that   while
here ,he e'iosoly questioned local men _
■ of all classes on the matter, and |
many timei- assed-whether the coun- !
■try would sti-nd for a law which j
would permit of Asiatics coming in \
1 L> " 4 I
for a term o' ycais, to be   deported i
at the expiration of the, period;    an '
., immigration plan -similar    to    that
pursued by Great Britain' in    other
■ colonies.
In response to a reauest   of   the
Exclu.-ion Lta-juc that the city coun-
and, Server."
i        ■   .   *■     - - I
"The peace conference at. The Hague
has 'completed its task. It discussed
the problei is of war largely from
the 'viewpoints of the war specialists.' Undoubtedly much good has
betn accomplished through this dis-
cu-ssion.. -ind much good will result
in the future.
But war has ;-not been abolished.
That was uot .'the-real purpose of
the" conference. Its .purpose'- was _, to
"civilize". .;war—to-.make the 'killing*
of our brothers more human. Hereafter it will be done with more ceremony and with greater politeness.
No doubt that will' be a" comfort to
the dead soldier^ It'will,also make
l:ss "burdensome the lives. of the
'widows an3 the orphans who remain.
',War "shall cease.   But'if. we are to
Ottawa, Oct. H.—A. "P. Dillinger,
assistant fto' the 'chief traffic ' expert,
of the raiKvay commission ,has made,
a report4to vliat body regarding the
alleged shortage of cars* for, fuel'-"on
the Crow's Nest branch of the C.
P. R.      7,
. He visited Lethbridge, Frank,
Lille, Hillcrest, Bellevue, Blairmore,"
Coleman and Fernie, and found that
there was :i Eihortage of cars to
some extent,during the months * of
April, May, June and July. Winter
extending well into "the spring, tho
equipment was tied up to some extent' in April, aud May. The strike
iu the mines, accidents on. the line,
and-the fact that the railway company was directing its energies to-,
ward moving the previous season's
grain before the new crop came in,
accounted for- the shortage in June
and 'July, but at the time Dillinger
was there, about Aug. 20,, there were
more cars on hand than were ■ required. - ' . ■ ■ '    •
.Since   July,   Dillinger  says,    cars
for ' Canadian coal-    on the  Crow's'
Nest line have given facilities for
maintainin*,- the., supply. The mines
shipping domestic coal have not been
short..of cars since July, but   mines
shipping to" the L'nited   States have
city of men fewi.bf v, the mines are
workng to"-full'capacity; but;* with
2,000 cars in' cqntinuous service
throughout"the Crow's Nest district,
he thinks that'there" is riot likely to
be any "shortage "of cars" for" fiauling"
all the coal* the mines can" supply.,
-Mr. Dillinger adds that these was
thin in,store at prairie towns west
of* Winnipeg '■ 25,000" tons of coal' for
.domestic use, exclusive "of what had
beeu delivered to consumers, and, a
further supply was - and' is still
coming in for use on railways.' The,
G. P..Pi. Lad in store west of Winnipeg 100,000 tons of "steam coal for
winter use, with not less than 150,-
000 tons moie booked .to arrive before flic close of navigation.
been short, at times.-  Owing to sc.ir-
I New & Second7Hkiiii I
a Stoves, Musical Goods, Etc.
♦:♦. ■  . .. .
.♦♦   AU kind of goods handled on l
¥    ' Commission. *    '*,
■a " -     ..-
Next Door to Imperial Hotel"
B. E: WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD;* General Manager •
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of ,
Branches .-.-'.    .  - 7
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000?
Rest, -7- - 7 5,000,000)
Total Assets, - -113,000,000-*
" Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States' and' England
.Deposits of SI and upwards received, and Interest allowed,at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no* delay whatever in.
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.  ..   . .
Fernie-. Branch
G; S.   Holt, , Munnffer*
' *,T> 4.TA A.V V> *J> *,tt* *VV«J> *Y> W VT> «J>\*> «J> \?/ <»> <T> <T> V> tV «* \*A \\r *,1i* «J> *I> , '.
•rlv *i> /i*» /I*. *i\ <i* w*\wi* **"> /i> vi* /iv *& *l\ h\ *i\ <"f> *i> *-»> n\ *i\ yj. *ri> <i*» *£> *r'*v'
* THE- HOME BANK OF mm "'"
Watch it-Increase.  Air you have.--to
d6; with  a
keep  it
take lone  for
*-i —... ..-^-.-tt.^^*^^.^.—. — ^..i—_-» ■yt-*- -^—iUW4.CVJ
Savings   Account  is  to  start, it. arid.'t *^7i
watch   it'^ grow.   :Doesn-f-&,■■-. '•
.&   .r.   .* .to ;couni   up  to a,- considerable" 31-.°~
—then   you  sec„\the'  advantage—the '*wis-
S    donv of saving. ,     7      '   .    , ;, ■ 0 ' ■' - _-," ; 7'7: - <&
S "^ ^ei]S an Account.with The Home Bank of Canada ^ I
£;■?        J. ^..   MARSHALL,  Mgr.', Fernie   Branch        V!»?
,\tf v . S
W ' ........ $fah
»iv ¥i\ <*i>* «.>► **t*v «*i>«*ivyi\ «-f» <.> *i\ fi\ /!-> t <i\ 4-jv *-t> <i* «*.> *i\ <*t> f-Iv#ivvJy^»?IC¥p?
OE"   TtE
cil endorse the policy of tbe exclusion cf A'siallcn from the. Dominion,
that body tonight referred the question to a committee which should
'draw up a full report;' Rivinp; rens-
nns-for nnr recommended action.
'i1' ■*■ ''representatives ot the leaRne
■ -o were pus-.nt expressed ln heat-
ul terms tlieir surprise that thc
c-juiicil eliojld interpose nny delay.
.   - o       —
THE    QUITTER,      '
await the edict -from^ the conference
at- ,The Hfirue. -which shall declare
it, -we will wait long and patiently,
and 'Fortunately,- there are other farces
'at'.work on'thi& job. 'Among them
is organize I labor. -The coming con-;
veuticn of the American' Federation
of Labor at Norfolk will be a real
factor 'in bringing, about peace
among nation-*.
Seme day the 'organized working-
men of the world shall say: '"Let
there le peace," and there shall be
peace. Thev will refuse to go .out
and kill an.i to maim their fellow-
workers and brother men, in ■ order
to satisfy the pride, the selfishness,
and thc covetuiisness of their rulers.
Th.y will'call a great peace strike,
in order to r.ave the lives of ' work-
ins-men and in order to bring an cnil
ti the suffering of soldiers' .widows
and' orfhanr*-. -Then war shall ceaBC
and msn" wi.l learn that there is another way ic right the wrongs   of
Weak-Kneed   Who   Fly    tho    Union
Track m Times of Streiis.'.'
Ol nil Ui3 Ui_'J-'!rn' lo r-.harjictcrH In
ing'lu'ii ti man t: '.••o-.st, it   is
the '7ui'!.,;•'' Is   ah-
wi-rat, R-iyn 'lie    1 .oh
■"■n    tiio
11''lu t*.
That  is  the  way1 Watches  are, after
..they have been repaired.by us7   Leave
your watch with us for any repairs yem
may  need.       •   '■   '   '"i        "";■ ".-.* -   -
X     Official Watch Inspector for Great Northern Ry.'     X
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AiigPlrs I'r.l'.n    Ad\n",'itp.
I'nci- irac': llie lii.*n-c lh.it I
'no ,il'« lO'iUi" is Uiij ij]ij*,i.t. i-i
mlr.it.on i,[ :il!  irur: fip<irtpmc;ii.
IdllJ*  ;.M   lll.y  i'.cL  an   lUi'...,!   1 I'll
' Ottawa, Oct. li.—Thu formal oi'd-
or-ln-c&uncil appointing tho Hon.
ltcd-jlphe. Lemieux CuiuuUi'r envoy _
to Japuir was passed nt the cabinet
in'cet'nii tod*-y. Mr. Lemieux will bo
„ccoinpi*nle-l by Joseph Pope, under
fiecr,.t:ry of suite,' dud Mv. Verrott,
the i)osr,ni;.Bter's privnte sccveinry.
"h _,_ v.i.i t-'.'.il by lho EmpriKH 'A
Cli ik from ' V'diiLoiivui* on Oct. «.3.
A,'- ; lv *'ly 11' iteil, ilu* *.Tiij)iine.'0
(Juii .1.1 (IniiT'l, NofioO will not l<».
The i'o.-i-'o'i IVr tho ci.noillntlon or
l.ii- Jmi.!su.,o i,< in \. I.iu/ivn, li'.il. i'- v.'ati
i.o 0 ul'L* dun* ii'i'.ii-;-.i o^!-*rn irom
the .i'.iIi.ii-UUh at Totli'.
It w.*n -,l-o ddiikd i't the uililniit
m.jcltnv, ti.d.iy to fipi'iilnt NV. I..
,M,ic'.iciv/Ij Kin:, ikl-uty milliliter nl
1 ihiir, io \c iny.il ivuimini I-wi' '.'vi
SO Lo Vi.ii''.'iuvi'i- to inlju.it tlii' (linn
iirC3 to th'** Jnp.iniH'' citl'/rn*1 eiinsed
hy tlio itc.;nt rUHti tlur.-.    At   .m*-
f. r
llieir money ihey unvly kick, but
wlu-ii t'e f.lunt.nuv i-i mp.-iii!- Indl-
viilu:-,l „t Hi*- t.cju thruwa r.p IiIh
tnil mid ijni>i. ii. I hr hi'.Kiili, Uh Is.'
i-. l.rr.ivlcil '"T uM ihin- anil will never
l*n ii f.i'.:iVti-i iv. the li'-ltin;' until he
ll.if.        I'l'(1l';ll'.'il     llllLKlli    lityfliul      I'll
■|U-'-.tt' n of doubt,
Ho It l.i'u thu U'adu union. There
i.ro ni.iiiy nui who ure rul.lil ('nthii*-;-
InH'.B wlan liift union "Ih HrHt oi'Kiin-
Izcd, or as Ion-;- ;is it iH on tlio up-
rriiili", but K't a cloud nppoar on the - time IL wuh h«:.^eiitc(l to send n
horizon, no uuttir If it bo no larecr, jml'tc, Hit it woul.l tiil<c Homo time
than the provei-blnl '"nijin'H. lmnd," ',to do UiIh, and the Koverni'ient hi
,311(1 they jo;«ln lu wlilno like a lot j/mxiuUR to li.ive tho wholo matter
"ol whipped ct.r«. They stop paylnc clenrcd up us apetdlly ivu pobhIIiIc, »
duos, "until thlR tliintr Ir poUIpiI," 'ho that tlirro will bo lens ilifllculty |
for fe.tr th'v mljilit not win out, In the.wny of Mr. Lemieux ln reach-
nnd tlun tlitlf four bits would he Imt ft eettltmcnt with the Mikiulo'a
rgone beyond recovery. How long : government whon ho arrives In Ja-
wouid. nny (.i„'anliation Htand thnt|l>(ii.. Mr. Kln« wiU aiuuult wltb the
ever bad ai-iy trouble If even a ma- j Japaneie consul ln Vancouver, and
j'.r.'tv z! J!*-"* r.:,;:?.}:!r.'! ■n,T*,*i'l .neonm(*'will fn** -whnti.vnr meaBiire he may
such,a position? Tboitf1''Ihat^ !Wgj ttlnk proper to arrive at a deelRlnn
wfitiiered' midi a condition are to\\\Htii%JSii actuftl ,0B8 ",utain*(• b^
tninif entitled" to a crfftt   deal   ot |cocb pa^' .....     ,.
tttMl. , |   Mr, NbisN!""    l*",8*''14*1'. to   ""?
The man or net of num who Met "government ftXkl?^'J,ent,BHow,n»f.th'
thi» tr/ifk I'/idcr ttomn imn-rinary or Inn* to h* over jf^000, Mr* K,n<?
•slif-ht strain Bhfliiil-J never be tram- wlll be provided with? H ctW ot tbiB j D*—u« *
i they ;,tul,meut ami w.i: # ^^fi.lly Into ; Peaches
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Fri-sh Kg^s and Dairy Butter.
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>A axuIn dmil they prove that —, ,..„„„....„,,, ..„.. «... h. , .
Ihvc overcome i/ie diRadvantnces of  jt on the spot.  The'V10"1^'   wll> h<> j '-cnions»
fn.m Olta*«in ht ° '
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stty of    Van-
Ihelr j.cllr.reo run* 'i> r(,uv(r wil l.o afteruJr,,H r'*'uA   ,,y
l.oufc     «,ut    for    tit* the l.u.n.ni.p V,   neM*   ll 'f,r   ,Jl
Hi ir -it.cistry.    The rawhorw   m«-n fi rwardrd
<mI! them   ' fliort Tire.],"  In  "otlif-r H it likely tlmt tlji*
wolds, thnt.
the    U'.;i,(l»*.
"iHiitu.'' *v.(*l   *.t tUu   uai.kC    l.u.1. umottt't oyi^r.dwl.
all at  right  prices,
i^orr^Toica   a xttcs.
an   orcii*-TTs
TOIiVE beck:
.^ Coleman :-: Alta.
1 ar
\ r?
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if.*. -.■
hmi '"'•-
|:;- 7
i *.
FERNIE LEDGER,[jFBpSB&t.Bv G, OpfpBgft,i?,,mT
i-^aaa^skm^imvesiisa^x, ,g; r:*
pcrformdd.' He went to Chicago
night before, last and expected to go
from Chicago torLa Salle,, HI.,-today to consult with' a surgeon' in regard  to the advisability of another
operation. -                    .,-...-■---    7'
—--.   o  ■
ra:..- ■
PURE, healthful, grape cream
of tartar powder, the only -;
kind that can be used with- :
out impairing, the healthfulness of
the \ food.     Makes   the   biscuit,;
|  cake and pastry  more digestible:
»  and wholesome. : Absolutely free
\  from alum and phosphate of lime.
'7 Chemical analyses show the -low priced powders-made ' r
1 a of alum to contain 'large .'quantities of sulphuric acid, ;,'
» • "and that a portion ofjhc alum from alum baking pow- . .;
» . dcrs remains unchanged in the food! You cannot afford -
to take, alum and sulphuric acids 'into your stomach.
•',-TThere is to be a railway mailser-
.-- vice on ■'; he ** Spokane Internatioaal
betTeen SpoPane and, Eastp'ort., The
postal* authorities -of:, this city real! ved • official ■ notification , from
iWashington, *.' D/ 0„ -this* morning,,
authorizing the commencement . ol
"the service on November 4. A United States railway . mail post*office
fcar will be put ou the route..."
The effect of the new service   will.
' be that Bonner's Perry and - Sand-
"   point, common points *- on the Great
.   Northern" and''the -Spokane International,,, will     receive    an    additional
*     Eastport and 'all the other points >6n
the  Sp'okuno International will    receive their'   mail   direct* instead., of
'   Having if staged over from Laclade
.'and- "'other points    on    the   Great
,*-. ■' 'Northern as 'heretofore.   Under   Wen
conditions muil- for these points v ill.
- he delivered-'a', day or more J sooner
than under the present   system.
The' granting "of' authority to ■ the
,'.'- • Spokane international *;'is .likely* ,"■ to
cut deeply into tho bulk of mail now
■carried by 'the Great Northern and
,;  the Norther-i Pacific.     The. mail for,
-•'■''' Eastern Brit sh Columbia .and     Al-
: ■  berta, and in. fact alL the'  western
■ .Canadian.provinces;is now dispatch-,
"""cd'over the Groat"Northern. It goes
■ Canadian   territory' over'   the Great
''to Utstovd. Mont., and is sent.iiito'
■ -Northern     branch ■  into     Canadian
torritory ever ..tiio    Groat Northqrn
branch into_ line ;,Ifom-that point, j
Tho United. States'government, li-';
respective of rnnil'-contracts,  makes
',_    it a ruie. to givo mrill'to'.tho.'
war between the Soo-Spokarie , and
the   other   roads,!., ..principally   the
Great Northern,  for  the mail busi-.
ness.—Spokane Chronicle.   '■■
: o .
BA.M'S ..HEAI/m. '
Baby's ^. health and happiness depends upon its little stomach" and
bowels performing their work,.regularly. ■ *lf these', are out" oi.or^r
Baby's Own Tablets will ci*.ri»i: '>wie
trouble* quicker than any other medicine, and the mother has the guarantee of a" government, analyst that
this medicine is perfectly safe. Mrs.
Frank. Neill, Marksviile, Ont.; says:
"I have'used . Baby's.Own Tablets
breaking"_ up colds and destroying
worms, and always' with the best
success.!.'. .Sold by all medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cents .a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.:,4'-
There is a kind of goodness abroad
that is enough to make decent, men
and women' breathe the Pharisee's
prayer, "God, I thank thee that* I
am not'as other'men are.!' The kind
of goodness'that walks about .with
the placard/about its neck", "I"*,,am
goad,",and turns tip its nose at
everything that is not squared to its
miscroscdplc standard of holiness,
must matte ■ devils laugh as well" as
angel's weep. We have known' men
who were to good, that%the song of_
the little birds on'Sunday-disturbed
the" sanctity of their Sabbath
thoughts, while for a*' human .-being
to whistle on the Lord's day. was.'an
"awful desecration." .Some of'.these
were men to good that they could
hot live with their wives nor get
along1 with their "children. The goodness that secludes';_ itself and finds
expression in ascetic criticism of che
world, in general, and other Chris-'
tians in particular, is a kind concerning which we' may well pray,
'■Good Lord deliver us." It is born
of selfishness just as much as "beer
guzzling," with", the advantage, i'
favor, of tho latter, as the guzzler
usually shares his pleasure. ' "He
that ■ separateth himself seeketh*. bis
own desire,' saith Solomon. 'Look
out that yoar goodness'.is not' conceit, prejudice or a bad liver."Goodness ' and.' sweetness are, inseparable.1
You can't1 palm- off. that • wretched
counterfeit- compound of narrowness,,
selfishness and egotism as the pure
thing. Tlie world "does not make
many mistakes' in its estimates '• of
riien." You- nre valued at your worth.
Take off the curd, my good .friend. .
.^-ielasBed^ith .tho*»*whq;^ay<>pnot,
a gocd   word for "'anybody. "Asia
rule the cynic is no better, if he "'be
not-worse, than those against whom
his'cynicism is directed.   ,
--    - . ■-:
Religion "that letb a man steal extra ' discounts and allowances    from
his, creditors'   and permits    him  ..to
cancel  orders  and return' goods   . in.
order to bay-them from others,'  is
cross-eyed." A man may be an elder,
a deacon o'** a steward iu the church,"
but if ho'works the flim-flam   game
on peoplo. he buys goods from,    his
religion is not worth the powdcr.it
will take to blow.it over   Gilroy's
barn.    Theie is too     much of this
psalm.'' sinking     on  Sundays » and
i'shinanagin" ' on    Mondays.      The
worst of >.t is, that people   try   to
make  theniselvcB  believe that    this
kind of thing is not exactly crooked.
Wo; would like to know, the'difference
between a man who gets a lot    of
goods and holds up the seller for an
extra three per cent, discount, with
the alternative of having them ' returned, and the     highwayman.-who
.drops  a pistol under your nose  on"
a dark night and requests the privilege ■   of cm* mining     your purse or
your watch. ■ The man who can make
tho distinc-ion will beat the    devil
at' di awing*fine lines.   The only dif-
gets .penitentiary intone case, while
ference' we can see is that   a •>, man
in the other he usually gets the dis-t
count. ... ' 7.-       "
;7';-7:-75";':;.r7:--1 r—y'y ^i*
A' Weekly Newspaper for. .the Home "f~
The Newspaper of the Great.Canadian West
- '/—-—Will Me Its First Appearance on—	
Saturday, October 26th, '07
, , ' * -A '        Il
, ;   See That You Get a Copy-
a •:♦
-*-, ♦:•
. ■■■'■ Thc    .       ' ty
Office: Dominion Building, Calgary, Alta.
% '      Go., 'Ltd.'    , ">
:> ALEX. McDOUGAll, Pres: Hen." Mgr.$
that can deliver it in, tho shortest ]
tlmo ut destination. Tho mail for |
Oana'dlttn points,. will thorcforo . bo
eent ov»5r tho Spokane International
nnd Ounhdlan" I»fttflfle alter tho inauguration of lho now service Mall
for western Camidian points from
'American territory wcot of this city,
Orogoti, Washington and California,
line perforce to pass througU this
Tho Soo-SpoKano traiuB wiU probably recelvo no lnconulderablo portion ol the. mrtild from the Twin
"Cities, an the ofllclals of tho rood
jslnlm that their time to 3t. Paul
li eoveral hours better than that ol
■either the Groat Northern or the
Northori. Pacillc. All tho mall which
tho Soo'Bi>cknne cun deliver In the
thnn tho   other |
- Iiidlaiiapol"[s,::"',''Ind/r;vOct.' 'AlY\
crisis that may strike the very vitals,
of the mine'workers' organization is
threatened* by .a fight, for the   place":
to l:'o vacated by John Mitchell. On'
one, side    is Vice-President     Lewis,-'
backed by    tho socialists nnd radi*
cnls, -who want' to strikc""most    of,,
the time.,. pn the other side is,,   J.J
T.  Vi Nichols, president of district*;
NoV l,r «nd next   to  John Mitchell;
P'obably "the '/most ^ popular rnah;
among' the Mltehcli' men,* That'l^itf_j
ohell is -"ett'lng out of tho organiza-.
tiou at a critical period Is admitted,
for, the fliMi   time in Its existence.-.
ro^id I Both" tho bituminous and anthracite
contracts e^piro at tho some
April 1 next
A   straibut-    line,   can't' be,   too
straight, a circle can't be too round,
a square can't be too square,    out,
caft be too "honest.". When you find
acyone sticking up for-zig-zag honesty, put -\our pocketbook in"'a safe
plice, and go business with him in
sp.'*   cash only.   The  man who,    is
ho.'isse only when it suits his pocket
doss   not   reed the   jimmie   or   the
sandtag to     make,**him a first-class
thug.   These are tho kind'of people,
who think a man is too honest when
he rdeals a3 squarely with the innocent   child   or   poor old negro   who
comes to his   ' establishment as:he_
does'  with     tlio wide-awake, intelU-*.
gent -people     who know   what'   the
mar.cot valua of a dollar is in kind'."
It is an a\ ful comment on >,,society
that men who aro particular''ln" regard to Doing honest with tholr fellows   arc regarded     as "peculiac,"'
and aro pointed out on the   street
as objects of curiosity.   It is strnngo
too that the critics seldom   rcallzo
the silont comment upon their own
lives, their ollmnte of these cranks
may uflord.   "As a man thin-ioth •••
his heart, so is ho."
Manufacturers of and   *     *
-   Dealers ih'' ■ „        . ♦>
Rough & Dressed Larhber     *    ;y
Dimension & Bridge "Timber *
- Piling, -Moulding, Lath.3, ♦,♦
,   Shingles and Ties, v
1 Undertakeps L Embalmers
| Telephone Poles a Specialty!
7AGENTSu;FOR -   .; , „
Marble   Works,    Nelson'
Samples Can be Seen at the Office.
Parlors in Lundy's Block
.%                          * ••:♦
♦ All OrderB Promptly Attended;♦
♦?                 -   . ' ■ ■, v
.|.                     fn • -■■*■
f Tel. 3
Fernie, B. C. y
S   4%
The A. Macdonald Cft
;,       (Head Office, Winnipeg)    " : -
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.;
Pernie, B. C.
New York, 0*-t. 14.-Tho Central
Federated ...'lull has received an appeal from Ti-iKldoht Gompbrs, of tho
American federation ot Labor,
whicli bus Icon sent to all tho affiliated unl.>na,' aRHng them to ro-
(lueut all i")htlcal candidates to the
present campaign to commit them-
tolves, openly r*s to government by
Gompers mA that tho wIbuscb ol
the power ol Injunction occurs con-
ilantly ,ftt»d la ddrnjeroua to tho liberty of the ncol-lo.
.Twin Oltlea aponer tn,,n tne   ou.o. i   j ^A      q{ Uj() ,a,)or un,on>
roeida may be expected to bo dollv I
tied to it.
Under the now schedule, which goes
into effect on October 13, tho Soo-
Spokane tra n will mnko direct connection hero with tho 0. R. & N.
afternoon train to Portland. Tho
trnln of the former road will therefore probably sot tho major portion,
if not nil of the Tort-land mail    at
Vv'lV* \it Ir. r. ponU'"'i*
to InvcstlB-ite all candidates for jud
lcial and iopiBlatlve offlccs, so that
they can be put on record an to how
they stand «,u the fjuefltion of   rov-
crument by injunction.
Tho man who ia untrue himself,it.
nlwayi. willing to listen to untru.Vas
al.out others.  A liar breeds   liars.
Tho man who encourages falsehood
will tesct a following of liars. What
folly for a man to look for verity in
these about him when his wholo life
is a tifisuo of fraud and deception.
You   might as well     expect barloy
from thletlis as, honest, clerks from
a crooked proprietor or faithful servants from a deceitful master, When
tho head of an establishment puts a
premium on falsehood, ho should not
bo surprised when his till Is tapped.
"If a ruler henrkenetb to falsehood,
all his servants   are wicked."    An
honest   employer mnkes nn honest
employee  Thero aro cases, of courso,
whore dishonesty iu help crops up in
splto ol tho inllucnco a nrnmro   mnn
may exeri", rut thi-su nro tbo exception rather thr.n the ruh\ Loosen>3B
in morals ,it the head ot an instltu
kit.  I'aui, <»*>  ii.
lo deliver
tho other
The    Soo* Spokane    ofllclalu    are
known to have put on a fast sched-
ulo largely with the Idea of catching
a jtoiiuijii oi i..« uu«4.U.  "Vwu: ^M'.
uie nnd ability to live up to It wlll
be Inveatlgated by Uncle Sam's government, ond If they demonstrate an
ability   to   run  their trains  faster
than tn'oes of tho other roads   and-
ftuij U ln a position to deliver th«
mall   sooneit   at dsstlnation,   the
•government   will undoubtedly dlvurt
tb'e bunlnew to tbem until  another
road bcm a  notcK bitter. Tlallway
and postal mto IaoV for a fast train
Indianapolis,   liid., Oct. 10,-John
M-itrbdl     vi"""'''''-'''' °'     thn   United
tion Is a calamity,
before you help.
Walk carefully
Wholesale  Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
*i      Camp Supplies
WINE   CO., Ltd.
"Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
Sole Agents in Kust Kooteimy lor
HOUSE  NO.   174
Tho weary traveller In search ol a rooiI
homo, plenty to eat and something good to
drink should ffo to
The King Edward Hotel
J, L.  Gates,  Proprietor
Fernie, B, C.
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
Wkoksale   Dealers   aad
Importtrs of
w r ,
w   r   ~.
Ol CO,
Of oil iho c ontomptiblo creatures ■
that lalllct tUrasilves upon society, j s-w
-"■■■*      '        t''', l'-np-niiscd-Bnlllcr of moral oh* i m w
[•eV^lVln'riboTter time   tbiiniMlnfi WorkorB, announces In tho cur- i ltt\uity Is tlw most unbtnrnble. There ; jyt^
or ron(jg   ' r« nt lsfiuo ft the United Mino Work-1 fire some people who can scent scan- ]
ers journal that ho wlll not be a. \ dnl where xn one else cat} disrern tho ; /*»nf|t--*tnrc nnA RllfHorC
condldato for re-election as prcsi- ighcst of nuaildon. Beware of *'"7-tUiiU UllUl 0 QllU UUUUua
dent.   Ho soys in his announcement J man who Is ever BUnplclous of other i ^^^
well enough to attend properlj   to j putlnj; motives to people*  Far rath-
tho office, None o! the executive ot* | er be deceived than live in an   at-
fleers ol the organisation wero In tbe jmospbere  it  distrust and suspicion
city today, but it Is said at   head-1 of everybody.   The suspleloua   man
quarters that Mr. Mitchell will fin* I docs blmse.f more injury thnn those
ffhoss rlm-MCter or motives be
juditts or Imp-an**. The Indulgence
in the dlnpoAiMon rrttilrnets and narrows a man into .a moral lath, Don't
bs auspicious- Rathtr be beateb or
sold tbun |o about with a sneer aad
toll hfs pretcnt term of president,
which will expire April 1 next year.
Mr. Mitchell underwent a murglMl
operation about sli: months ago and
It it said that he has not fully recovered and    that It will ba teces-
Plau, BpaeUeatlou aal Bati* i
watta fimiibaH on aBpllcatloi.
rttaty of GOOD DUY IVU-
&. A. KJUUt.
AnSiUet    *&t t5s*ptrla<<»*««<
Mm ti lisllsisa,
Phillip Carosella
Dry <i«ods, Oroceries, Boots and Sbo«s
Gent's furnishings
You want comfort ond satUactlon
of cloan smooth shaves every
mornlne. ...
The Carbo Mnjcnetlc Is tha only
OUARANTBUD to give this
-ftonttivnlv wftrj;** »very p»r«
tlele of carbon "ithe life ol
wd oniy -
Read the Ledger
I steel) Into the metal-slvlag
dlamond-Uka Hardness
throughout «he Made"»some«
thins; absolutely Impossible
with flro temper*-! eteel used
In making* at) other raxwo.
But test this razor In yoof
own homs--or have your barber
use It on you. Secure oae JO
***& sw:
K.^«K?!^§5p::>»j»t;---4^>-s^ .4'
_■_.. \..\yoSf.,*...*—d
-^->-^««w.i~i*w=^^««4r^^r,lrBsjBsn4 yT,-i^g>vr^- ~"—'J'.'H ' 1 ,.,-„,*v~~-.-.
rK)-K*-;tV^iMite.K'.^lw___airv*b Ht >*_*«
-*«*.Vi*«.>«£W--45-  "
"'"■''iS-- -*
Vf«>aw"tf«^' J
!-7ei»iSatwid%y  ftort tbe
s«R»n,TPtf9a Block, Vjetox:
fernie, British Columbia
IattTed level*! SatnidaV  floa the .Officio, of
-'• ' PBb'UgitlbnsT^a BlOCt, V-ietoiia At&,
AU chajngesl'of ads.- m-ust be In rs follows :—
Paces 1 and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday ; pages 3 and 4,
lp. m. Thursday, and page B,2, p.m; Friday.
We will 'be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with.
;-.Lesral advertising 12 cents per n'onpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion. ,
Bates for contraot advertising on application at o(Bee'Of publication, Todd Block.
T. T. JOHN,      F. H. SHERMAN,
■tufted jna win for the home.teaifa. bv..
< U NI ON I jiff LA BE L>
FERNIE, 2314— Pres,, Jae/Lancasten;
■ Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
HOSMER, 2491.—Pres.', Wm, Taylor;
';   Sec. Wm. N. Reid. ..   ..
sMICHELy 2334.—Pres.;. Wm'. Colgre-
\   houn; Sec, Charles Garner. . •
■COLEMAN, 2633.—Pres., W. Haysom;
,   Sec, Wm, Graham. *• ' ;    '__
.'FRANK, 1263.-Pres.,
■  Sec, George Nichols'.      _        -
'. LILLE, 1233—Pres.",-
, , Sec', A. W. May.     .   • \-
BELLEVUE, 431-Pres.,
-   Sec, Fred Chappell. _.
HILLCREST, 1058;—Pres.,. llobert
*" 'Livett; Yice-pres., J. Lag-ace; Sec;
.    Harry T. Cooper. ' ■    •    .„
LTJNDBRECK,    2275—Pres.,    Alex.
McCuilock; Sec, Peter Blake.
LUNDBRECK; 2352.—Pros., William
Steep; Sec, Stephen Davles.1
WOODPECKER, 2299.—Pres., „
•   Sec, Andrew Wilson.      '„    "
'MORRINVILLE,2378-Pres., •   -
Rec,.T. Meir.
,   Sec, ' '   " .
OA-NMnHF., 1387 — Pi-ps. "   .'    '■''■.
. Sec, Robert Hunter. ., .
' BANKHEAD, 29.—Pres., Wm. Fisher;
Sec, F. Dyson.
TABER.' 102.—Pres., T,' Boyle; Sec;
Wm. Murdock, 7 '     "
.LETHBRIDGE,    674—Pros.,   B.   G
Hamilton; Sec, Charles Peacock.
TABER, 1959.—PreB.j- 'Walter' Vere;
-  Sec, Robert Doodson.
° CARBONADO, 2318.V-Pres.,    .'
hi > •.'
1   Presidents   and secretaries   whose
■Barnes do not appear on thle Ustare
Wqneeted to forward them . to this
office for Insertion. ,
.. _ Continued * inquiries . reach ub for
'lhe foregoing information. "' ' '.'
a score of 2 goals to 0. The game was
well contested, and some fine play was
shown by both teams. The Michel'for*-'
wards excelled in fast go-ahead play,'
and kept the opposing forwards busy.
Coal Creek were slow, in comparison,
their inBide men being too slow and
studied in their movements to score
goals, while their outside men were
weak and never .troubled the Michel
The score was a fitting, reflex of'the
day's play, as Michel" werentho better
team, and although (hey had the advantage iv. playing on their own ground
it is an open question if the result would
have been different had the game been
played elsewhere.   77.."'",   "     s   •>
This leaves the result, of the football
season the same as last year, Coal Creek
securing the league championship,
which, by • the way, "they have won
three years in succession, while Michel
are again winners of the Fort Steele
Brewery Cup, which they also won last
year. , . <:
Below is a record of the different
clubs in the C. N. P. League:. '
'     Played Won Lost Dr'n P'ts'
Coal Creek,...6      ,5,      V '    0   ;10
Coleman;...'..6       4       V     1      9
Fernie...... ."\ 6       2  . ' 4    ,0'4
Michel' 6       0       5       11-
-''* Two points for a win, one for a>draw.'
;i/-7//;.oa \a
This paper will not be responsible
for opinions expressed by its correspondents... ■    , ' Y . ""-,
To the editor..     „7
;. Two days ago I forwarded to "The  '
, Fernie Free Press" a letter enclosed .
asking for publication. _ However,
by -tonight's mail I received my
letter back, without comment and  .
without assigning any reason for
withholding from mo the^privilege .
of.using their paper to'answer in
■ part " Satisfied," to whom their col*'
.' -.Ik I--.     ,  .,■ ,-,, _;, ,|.«\W.,
1. The ahneuncoriient that John Mitchell'
will not seek l-ivelcction as procidont ot
•the United Mino Workers of America
■will C0m«) «9 fr surprise to tho public ol
this eohtlnoht.  Uie, libwiWei\ ho silt*-
. priB-a to thoso who nro in clono touch
with tho inner workings of Unit vast
organization, John Mitchell,pevionally,
is ono of thu brightest and most capable
Labor loaders wo havo over mot, Rising
from tho rnnkB, ho has (*nndo a nnmo
for himself niid.hl9 organization thnt
will not soon ho forgotten, nml it In with
keen regret that tho. Canadian mnmhera
of tho V. M. W. of A. hour of his
The tromnmlouH strain upoii n inmlorn
Lnboi- leader of tlu* Rtniiding of Mitchell
Is gri'iit, nud no wonder fo flnn n con*
nt i til ti on   ns   Mllcliell   pmiseKUdil   has
hficonift widckeil by ill health,  John
MIU'lu'll wiih' truo to IiIh frlemlH, nnd!
ninny times look tbnlilniiHjupniililim-.'H.
thnt holnngi'd to ntlin-i*, nnd now iIh'mj]
BO'Ciilled frlondsof liiflciiiiKuutlifli'usult.j
Wc -ilr.cciely hone that .John Jlltcholl
will rt-cover I.Ih lioalih nml Ktreti|(tli, iih
wo can ill afford to lose imch mon,
umns- were'opened.    However,' l~"
hope "The Ledger" will at least *
stand for, freedom,of speech,  the
,., fundamental principle of all liberty., '
This, sir; I take, is a fair example
of "press muzzling" under a capitalistic regime.- -I-wonder if -the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
couldn't acquire a concession, giving
them control of tho Canadian press
or even the air.   Can a pueillanim* .
ousband of pedants like this command Canadian respect, who are so'■ -
pouiile minded that they dare or
will only give one side publicity ? I
don't think so.  -■'•■*,
,'   ,+ .    JAMES DOUGLAS.!''
Michel, B.C., Oct. 16,1907. ,     "
•■. •  i   i      •" t •     i..
Tho letter' referred to by thia corres*
pondent wijl bo published next' week
with some unnecessary personal criticisms eliminated,
To tho members of the
iRtqniniionnl Executive Board. >'
Gentlemen!        "•*>•■■ •
.I i
President Mitch'oll directs mc to
issue" a cnll for n meeting of tho
International Executive Board nt
licadqunrtors on Friday morning,
Octobor 25th, at ton o'clock. Please
. ncknowlcdgo receipt of this notification, apprising Mr. Mitchell whether
or not you will attend tho meeting.
I bog to say "that tho uowBpapor
reports of Mr, Mitchell's Illness
have boon much exaggerated, Mr.
Mitchell has been qui to 111, niul wlll
bo obligod to umlorgo another
operation in tho cnurpo of time, but
nt pniBciit his condition in much
improved, nnd ho expects to tako
up his rojrulnr work lu n few <lnyn.
Yours very truly,
K. C. MOUI11S,
Jiidlnnii|'oHn, Ind., Oct, 8, WI,
. On  a  6o x,120 .Corner Lot;    House has*
6 rooms . including Bath Room,'    Property -
.rents at $2o.cxr per "month" and. is  For,'   ■
~ Sale  at $1790.00.,    ;
a    Easy Terms
F. J. Watson
Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Fine Hair
It's fine care that makes fine
1-,«4>»*t   Tt»<A  ^ vf»i"'i T-T«.I•• \Ttf
new improved formula, r.y
tcmatlcally, conscientiously,
and you will get results, We
know it stops fulling hair, cures
dandruff, and Is 0 most decant
dressing. Entirely new. New
bottle.  New contents.
Doti not chance thi color ef th hair.
jW. J. WrlRlesworth, D. D, S.
! Oitick llomii-|.       t 'I..IO Yi ii, in, 1 to A|1, 111
i n.iKi tdH v-m.
Oilico tt> A'ux, t. '.li't. Urn.:),
over Hlimr, ilitlifirv.
PKI1N1K,       -       -        -.*-■«. 0
FormuU wMhtMh b«ll»
•     Bliow 11 to jr«or
■'—        e»e,«?
» On lho fvont pn^e ol thin werliV Immc,
wlll ho found nn ndvcrtlflemcntvolcrrlng
to the cHtnl'llf-lilnir of tho Femlo IndiiH*
trlnlanil 1'rovldentCo oporstlveHoclcty,
xhnruA In whicli compnny will noon bo
v,4n(l4* tr,. lop4H»       If lo tt\ lift liftn/4,*  tt,*,*
th.i society will not commit tho blunders
i-o frequently initio In OKUbllti.iiiicnts of
thia Koi-t, hut will Rtart on An JiRRured
hnrilfl nnd will engaga employees of
experience nml problfy.   Pernio Ik in
tho fortunate '-onltloii of being nhlu to
j.rnlit by lhe mUlaUos <A Ub forcrmuit-i-.i,
nnd nu we iindentRixi many of llm j>ro-  Ayer's HMr Vlp.or,«snow mode from our
.sinter--, ol ii,"* prrrnnt Mhruio rro old  nei*Improved lortnuli,UtheUiett,nioKt
rmintrv vv.otiUt who vam iiit<r*-»t(<l iu *eientil1c, end In every w«y the very best
..,  r,r*.Vc.i,f*,n.(»r ii...  .l, ..      .  •>»' prepaniHon ever pliced upon the
M-npeia nc na ht,ihe;.-. h^H-K-m, m„m\u* iorftllinKh«Jr«nddindrafflt
iindf-ruUinK lot'.***   i'» a li'-filthy turidl- {, ,he one Rrejt medicine.
tion. .     ; —"U*i*brOi*i.0.lj*rC*^Uw*H,VutJmm
insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest   Trading  Co.   Block,
Fornlo, W. C.
IL '
V, 0, J,A\VK AM3X. T. I'IRHKH, 11, A.
Latcc & Fisher
!i". K''y'-, '-•'" 7«^7^''•i:^-.'\^'v,--'',7■';V1,^^|f'^^%^
..    .'      ..'*.   ;   ^".-.tf-- r~.4'^.-^..   ■       ...;,-.-■'..     t- ' 4. .    -• '   ■--  ~ v . . •   *»>   ■.'^---i.'-i*!.-*'.^* i:' V .'- >
jS>JNT>  RETAIL'-. -ft-
heat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork,' Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smokedand Salted Fish; always a
good assortment., Try; our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut.and Oysters. ,
Look Up
|''-2iW';: ■■'.;:
VictoHa Ave*®
when   you    require   -
> ..• anything \in .
Boots, & Shoes
t.1, i. ' ^ ' * * *7 *
Trunks. Valises
& Suit Gases
—Lowest Prices.    ^G^ils^Soia'f^C^irOnly.     -T
Wh   Kb
<? s.-,
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of all kinds  done promptly.
Telephone 57,, or call a driver '
Office:  Northern Hotel, Fernie, B. C.
ADything in,.the ahove line done at
reaionable ratei
Tan-to, Awnings, and sJB
oanvas goods made io
A. T. Milne, Gemmel Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
NcM    TrndlnB   Co.
I'ernie, 11. C.
Wi  .    11C8H, K.O, J. H, T, Al,KXANI)l.n
Ross & Alexander
PEK.NIK, ii. 0.
OJlIre In I.. T. W. Hloflk, VlrlorU Avenne.
ConL-Conl lunili mny l-e iiurclinwl ftt HO
por noro tor noft conl uml tlK) (nr itiitlirnoiio.
Not more tImi) !IW uorcn can lit noqulrad by
0110 lmllvlili'iil ori'oni'iiinv, Hoyulty nt ths
riito nf tail (-onti* litr ton or U,im \>o\>ui% ihiill
Li colleotiid on tli« Brow- output,
Qniirt/.-*A freo minor'it cortlflonlo Is urnntoil
ui>oti imyinent 111 ii.lvuiivo of it. jior uniu'in for
an Iiitllvi'lunl, Mii.l Troni f/vt to tlixi ym milium
for n coni'iiuiy iicronlltiit to cupltiil.
A frro minor, linvlnif dUnovftruil mlnornl In
|ilac*o,niuy lut-'iilon ohilm ),frKi x 1 ,iVhj luut,, .
Tho fon far rucoiillnu 11 oliilm U id.
At. IwiRt "rUKinuiittiooxpoinhbl on tliocli.lm
fiiU'liycnrnr pnlilto tli** nilliljiif rdcoi'ler In
lli.u tlicri'iif,   Whfnt.'i'*! lm*. iK.iiii nx|wi>ilfi'l or
1 imlil, lholi)('iiti)i|iiii,v,4U|>oii liiivlni!it mirvi\v
1 niH'Ic. i.ii'l iiimn roiiiplylni*' vltli ullinr  ro*
(inlrcniuutrt.imu-lin.ii tho ttiml ni cl nil lu'ro,
Tlio 1'ii.tHlt |inivl"k*i fur 1 lio twymoiit ot n
' loy.tlty «>f tfj l'**T ntit fill tlu» M(Iu*i,
J   I'i.ack.ii liilniDUiliilm'i Kouoriilly nro 101 foot
> *'|u»i-4i; I'litiA* fi'ni.'. roiiovviililuyiiiii'ly,
!   A fi-c-ft minor inuv  ohtnlii two Iuumi to
. ilrt'ilmiforKnlilo(ilvitiiillt»null lorn turn, of
. ,\4i*iitvyL'|*i>, riiiipwulilu ut tliu ilUurotloii uf
] li* llliili.tt-'rcif ilitlntorlur.
•   Tlio lonvw mIhiII lmvn 11 ilrntltrn In nponitlnn
within oiifiiifrHkoiifroin tlifliliito of tlie Ifiuu
for 1'imli llvu niihii,  limit 111 tloimr iinmim for
imicIi   mill) or ilvnr IiiiikoiI,   Iloyiilty nt, tlio
rnteof -ilk i»-» ceiil rallccteU on tht output af*
tor It uxcoi'di »10,f)l0,
44'    4»*    f.    ....
1)A|in1v MlnUfnr nf tlm Intnrlor,
V. Tl.-tlniiutlioilrcil linlillcntlon of tliln »i!
Tortifttmontwlllnot ho pnhl for.
Cigars, Tobacco*.
Gigar^es'lSt Pipes
There ie only one place in town
whereyou can Ret (rood reliable
.goodsin odr line'thnt'is At ,
W. A. INGRAM, prop.
Phone 91, "-'',- "'FunriK' B. C
»l    11'    iM'fiC'; iii-l;*t
L.  P.   Eckstein
nAU*i!»TRn'Ar*LAW,  Somohor
I . .
' Itoomt I &.• a, H-Jtiilcir«fm Mock. Fcmio, I). 0.
iii»r»i'l)f^ir.»'»   ttrwyott
Il.VimiKTF.KS, Soucitoks, Etc.
Barboi> i..d.s., n.n.s.,
T. W   Clock,  oppo'iltc. the .IhtxU
OBif*hoof*-H*,m loDp.Ri.
Ofllccs over 1». Itarnn' & Co*s Block
Viciorin Avo,
u. c.
Try a Ledger Ad,
IN TIIK MATTEIl of Tlio IlritUli Column*
AND IN TIIK MATrnt of tho lino of mllwny
of tho Crtw^St»t Southern ItnllwityCom*
NOnCR U lifwly irlvMi tlmt thi* nlnn. i>ro*
iiii. mul t.iKiW <>iii'ii-iiin« i'.ii.v itr*I'.ir.l.w.ll
niilirotiil.i.f thatiPtfnn ot ih» line of mllwny
ol lhc I'trtw**, K*.*trv.iifh*'in ll»tlwiiy<'onit>miy
t...i.. IVii.ti. to lln l»'-,| ■•' I'Ui tin1 .Vliifn.v '•(
-, |.t|.|i,til t, Hi 7, ill |iu.l«. ,\ Iti •111, I,llV,.l   IttiRtv
try Oltlee nl NtW(|» It.«I. ii**\i».7yiK.
l>nt( 5 tliUtiln'i'.vff **'*|»frn1«r, I'i-. 7.
l A   II-  MAr.NKU.I.,
' Hvltetloil'-r »h» tViiw** N*»t youtln»rn
It S It llnilvrnyCompnnjr.
Tho Oovornmont of tho Province of DrltUhr
Columhlu hereby offum a, roward or Flvn
mtndroil Dolluru for tho urront,, or ror In-
■ormntlon loiuliii(t to tlio nrrost and iltllvory
ton Drltlnh Columbia CoiiHtnhloof ratrlok
Mullon.wliolfi (.'hnmo'l with the murder or
ono AukoIo Orlnndo on tlio lnt day of Hoptem*
her, in»7, nt Micliol, In the District or South
Eiut Kootonny,rrovinco or llritlnh Columblii,
Dosorlptlon or Patrick Mullen Ib as follows:
Nntlonnllty, Irlnh.
Ooaiipiition,'conl miner,
IToluht, .1 fcot I) lncho>; weight IM Ihn.
Complexion, fnlr,* hnlr <lnr)(, Inclined to 1<ij
Wns clmin ulrnvon on Ut lnntnnt.
Wnrt on rlitlit. Jintul nt point of thumb.
When luut won, woro hrown oliuek cont nnit
troiiKiim uf Nnmo nintorlnl; blown bootw, ntid
Wnrriiiit U«uinl,—tli'port nny Informntion
Imiiimlliitoly to
.1  11, Mfl.MllHii,Cliliif C-onitnlilii, Pernio, 1).
C, Or to till! llllilfll'nluilillll
liy nriliT,
I-'. H. Ill'SSHV,
Kiiporlntwiilfiit I'rovlnulftl I'ollni),
l'rnvlnrlul l'ollco l>4*|inrtini,iit,
Viutoilii.JI, (J.,Sept. 11,11-117.
IN THK MATTKIl of Tlio IlritUli Calumbl*
Itnllwny Act,
AND IN TIIK MATTKIl of tho lino of mil wr.7
of tha Urow'ii No-tt Houthtm ItnUwuyCom.
puny 1
.SunOr. m neroity iriven tnntt tie pltin, pro-
til« nnd iinok of riifnrnni'n duly imrtltmd nnd'
niiptovutl of tho »«ciion ot tlm iuin of railway
offhonrow'nNo»t.Houtliorn UiillwiiyCompMiV
from ntntlon I Ml + !& to atittlon yinn, btlnira
portbiu of tht lint from Ftrult to Ml«btl. wa«
on tlio mil dny of September. li>07. depotittd
In thu ..nn*l lU-uUtiy Oilico nt N'oUon, 11, fj..
iu No, 7HHK.
Tinted tril<!*nth dnvof Soritnmlmr, llKff.
A,   li.  MAONJi'IJ.I.,
Solicitor for the Crow'* Nttt Houtbern
'105, llnllwiiy Compnny.
..JU Senif/or'tirafojue
spssg   102-ftio-v,
.* *Ar>eiAJDEST,W,
/ ^ IV
I -l
, _ l The-Xrow-'s Nest Trading Company
Save*'a'-vepy-''fiiric--'-disii>lay of fruit in
their Windows.
'-.'• 'Alter this week-the Ledger will he
on sale on tbe streets of.Fernie' at
^6 o'clock Friday-morning'.
.Mrs. J. S. Irvine will'receive on
Thursday tviternoon, Oct. 24th,. between, the hoprs of 4ahd 5 o'clock.
The body bf the man who was
drowned ic the Elk river . three
months ago. .was found'at** Michel on
. Thursday.   Coroner Bleasdell _ left for.
o Michel on Friday to view the, body.
The engineers' (, examination '.board
Is sitting in Fernie „this* week" at the
Miners' Hall. John Peck, chief inspector of machinery, and A. -E.
Sutherland, district- inspector, ; are
conducting the examination. Seven
candidates are before , the board,
.which .will,conclude tonight.
On Tuesday night a pretty wedding
was solemnized at the Baptist Church,
"the principal parties beinjr Mr. Thomas
Parry,  of  Fernie,  and  Miss Maggie
.Roberts,'of Carnarvon,.. Wales. The
bride'waa attired in a dress of net over
, white silk, trimmed with Valenciennes
lace,  and-, was ,, attended 'by,.* Miss E.
..Fletcher, and ■ Miss .Paiiersoil," little
Gertrudo and" Nina Williamson acting-
a§ . flower ' girls." °Mr. Phillips „ and
Mr. .George Shortman'acted as.best
men." The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. I.- W; Williamson. Miss E.
Biggs officiated at the organ, and as the
bridal party entered the church played
the Bridal March. After the ceremony
the wedding party were entertained at
• supper by Rey. and Mrs. Williamson.in
. thc Parsonage, with whom, the bride
lived for some time.   The numerous
o and costly presents .received testify to
the many friends of the principal parties;
- -.who"will continue to reside in Fernie.
The coal company is erecting about
,- twenty new residences on the hill.
President F. H. Sherman, District 18
U. M. W. of. A,, spent last Sunday in
' town.  ,7        . • ,
Thtj new wash JjOuso is o.earihg!_cpm _
'•; i>leti6ri, and is eipectedHo be in uae by
the end of the month.
William Graham, the secretary of the
'union, was out of town the greater part
",'.'of last week on business connected with
District 18 U. M. W. of A.
'**- Rev* Mi*. Webb spoke to a large coin
gregation at the English Church on
Sunday night on " What tho world
owes Jobub Christ." Your correspondent
; wns unable to be-present, but lias listened over since to the laudations of
the rev*gehttomnn's'soimon. ,
The Institutional Church was decorated for thoh'trvest festival on Sunday
with "tha fruits of the land." Mr.
Slurray preached a very eloquent scr-
- mon on God'B goodness to men ns ovl*
idenced by the bountiful cropi. Thoro
was a very fair attendance at the evon-
,  IngBorvlco.
- Mrs.-Hnrry Burko died on child bod
nt tho Union Hospital on Thursilny
evening last. The funeral, wlifch took
place from the Institutional Church,
.. wns Inriroly nttonded. The docenscd
lady, who   was' well  nnd   favorably
known, Ib survived by the baby which \ lieved thnt tho system of capitalism
cost hor llfo nnd two other children nml! had" roach od JU zenith, find a few
hor husband. Tho heroavod family I ycaw moro W0||ld fiCj tlicushcrliiK In
havetliohoartlolt sympathy nf the entire !of thc oonm,0,Wonlth. Ho then ilo-
communlty. !])lcte(j   somc of    U)0   llorror„   rtn(1
- Alexnndn'r Crnnkflton, who lilled tliOii-nii'ltl-.K .-.ml InluntlcoB which thn
Ollice nfchdi;kw()l>{liiiiiiii for llm minors" prcfitnt i-iynti'iu Indicted on mankind,
union, liimluft for his old liniiui In rifu-nnd ctiiierlt.lly on children Jn factor-
■   ....      ...   ~ „vC*vV
' -. .      -:   7- , *7'?7
■*-  -"■•• '*' ;^'J;\4^' 4*-.v sa J;
taL       ..   7  +*■   vx"A
he goes,.and, witfi.'most of us, the hope
is strong that but a short.time at longest
may elapse before we have the pleasure
of extending a welcoming hand to " Big
Dave." .     ■ ' *.       . .""   .
The usual weekly meeting of the
Socialist party." of Feme- was held
,in "the Union Hall last Sunday,"and
judging'by. the audience that as-
Bcniblcd.Jsqcialisin.'is not. a thing to
be i-cared at, as many of its oppon-
■en^s,' would' ,;ba\Ve ^.'ug "believe,. ;Ja**id
members' for, the attractive program
of mraic, recitations, and speeches
which arc arranged each week. Sunday's meeting was no, exception to
the rule, tnd ought to be a stimulus,
to the loc.1 members, urging them
on ..to .still .further, achievements in
their programme, , so , that their
meetings'may be tho most attractive
ones,.In,the plaq'e,.nnd especially s'o
after the attendance of, last Sunday;
Mr, J. Shooter preRldcd" at' Sunday's meeting, and after thc singing
of ''Toilers AripiV.'.gnvo ,a, few rcj
marks,' after' which Mr. Chippendale
very ably sang "Rocked" In thc
Cradle of the Deep. .      "
Mr. W. Minton was thon called upon to give an address on labor and
cnpit.il, and kept the audionco's attention for fully 40 minutes, oxpln-n-
inpr the tn.anlng of the torms , cap-
itul, labor and, surplus value. , Ho
then chewed that tho Interests of
labor nnd capital'wore not identical,
ns they were commonly believed to
Lo, but iiulto tho roverso, nnd lie bo-
ily ly ■ the speaker! and this is • one.
good thing about the meetings—any;
one can discuss the address or ask'a
Question, u ihing which does not'pertain at most other meetings. .
I'ANY.   "
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Tel. 19
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excel*tional ability will be at,-.the
Pernie Opera House for* three nights,
commencing ■ Monday, Oct; 2-l^j.e-?
kenting "Cnristophej: Jr.," Cha'rley^'6
Aunt," and the "Nominee."   ' \
This company is credited as beiitg
the; very best ever blaying In
em   Canada.    The | Calgary.pa
speak mosi; flattering of thenr;
may return there for three
and tho Herald gays; "We wish %y)
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get the dates, Oct. 21, 22 and 23.!.'7i
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(ivmiini! pruccdin** liliilfpni-luniliownR1
toiuli'i'i'il a reception bv IiIh fi-lninl*-. A ■
nice lu-n^'uiiiiiiio hiul liucti luriui^iHl,
nnd wnH cnirled tlii-mi^l. nicccn-ifully.
Thn dupot pliilfonii wns crowdcil with
his wnll-wlHliers to jjlvo hiin thr- piii'tlii«
hnndHlinkn nud wish liim " hon vnynco.'
" Tlio Columau I)iiba|ln,r nnd INscrcri'
les who had to work lonw* bourn <in-
.Icr coridlT.loiiH which dwnrfrd tho dn*
Vil'.irmoiit tA pliynlrnl, mont.nl and
moral powi'v.*', Much n iiystom tlmt
lind to th'-ivu at tho ovponfio of thn
rlsliiR (jeni'i'ation wns n dinliollcul
By»t(in nn:l oumit to open the oyoH
i I lhc wmkers to the InjiiHtlcfn it
Inlllrtod upon thcin.   Hn then r1io.v-
ton Club " »■ « "«w orjninlxnllon In t iln I Pf, lkW t1u workcrH wcro hU1,  ,,lV
thrlvlnff llltlo town, n.i,Utar.s out with: .„ ncconnt ()f   ,   p ,
«Llfirffo nnd outl.uslnH c itiemlmrihlp. „,,„,        ^ purchase oB them
At a moot ng hold on Monday nljflit, n „,      ,      ,.     . .   ',     ...      ,.
„ ,,,,.,!...".,,! ,.i,.t.. ,v. .    , - ..   i i the only rommoditv they lind toHoll.
nnd it wnft decide..! on ne.yt, Tnp.«lnv'n!"n-,'r' lhrJr Iilbor powcr- nn(l lfc
night to carry out nn elaborate pro-:wna thl0',lph tho 1,ny BK of th,R ,ftb"
jrrammo, tho feature of which wlll bo!or M™ ^ixi flUrPlim vnluo accni.nl.
impromptu Bpeeehea. On, tlio two foi- Ho t,lon depicted wlmt would happen
lowlnjr Tuoadaya tho questions »o ho w,lf>» l^or wuh awakened nnd fully
debuted nve * "Tlmt nrptnptl/4»» J«J»Hli(. ,-illve* thf>v would nnne»*llli» t*iiiiet-itnt#*
host iiitoro«U of Ctnndn," "That thojn co-operative for a competitive sys-
llrfit duty of a cltlren in ptitrlotlHin," t:m; a limn-in for an Inliumnn «>'h-
Anothor departure for tlm old country.tllni n flV,t"m of brotherli04id for
this pnst week wns David 0. llohi.'i-ti;- -1" lndlvnli.*nl'nti*s one. Then wmiM
•'niaDftva." Many wcr« IlioMpni*. ,0 wndc i>48sill,|o In practl'o tlmt
rtorw or rt»(»r.'f stills MTiIdendefermln.'i- ri-'cert. l'.ve nns *nii'.thrr. I?,-* nri'-
tion to leave hi. Kooiio will hetiiii-teil (A upfii nil rX'^m to do their lwl
bv hl*i fellow mlnei'M in-irn Mini i)iN hi/,' 1 e*-l In ii*'l,*» 1 rl't-^ .t'oiiI ■—i»r*-fi <• ef.-.ff
^•ciii'il iii/iii.   Al fill ll/m-N.ri-mly nith ft uf III n^.-.
■kind word, over cheery, wlllliiii In forcet Is Mich iM'fufs'or. folli-wcil  the   nd.
bin own in his do-dro (fir a Ijrtjtlu'rV dr;»i», >pnd m«ny f|iif»tl(n«i were nsV-
.welMtfe,heha»Onrbeitwl<liC»wli"»rtvi-r c,i vhl'h were nnB.vcr;d Hntl«l«etor-
* i
Tho Pernio Athletic' Club met on
Thursday evening in the Provincial
Court Houati to discuss tho advisability cf forming an athletic elub.
After somo diircusBlon it was found
that all those present wcro in favor
of the scheme,   '
Alderman 'DJc-n'sdoll moved that officers bo appointed with power to
go ahead with tlio organization of
tho Booiety nnd appoint ofTfcers. The
following wcro appointed:
Hon. Prcn., Ur. Bonnell.
President, Thos. Bigcs.
Vlco-Prcslrtcnt, Flro Chiof McDou-
gal.     ""
Financial Sccrctnry, 0. h. Doylo,
■ Moved aivl Hocondcd that no executive committee' consisting of president, ,'ico, nnd sccrctnry, BlcaHdcll
Warren,■ MeiMe and Kenny by ' np-
)ioliHol tu work In conjunction with
tie officer*, tf  develop tha    society.
'I lint tho nlllrci'H being ckctol
servo 12 montlin fi-nni Ortnlinr In
each year, It was furthor decided
by the lnccliint tlmt the eniiimltten
meet to dee'dc tlio incmhorship f>*n,
Tho niujUi'i* wui. thoruiinhly unnn-
Jmous throi.-.'hoi'.t.
Tho committee aro requested     to
mott In (In Lodger Oilico on    Monday evening, next at 8 o'clock,
D,.*--,i.- - l.-A'a !>w; Ao 1 otw yuii
Dixon—-*'N'ot a farthlncr. Going
round paying your little debts?"
nr*rr4"W—"NQ; I wuh going round
OL-in*; i;l 1 had overSooiteil anybody.
, i^M^^^^^^-M^^^^ ■
On Saturday, October 26tl», Wateh for•-•••
The Western Homestead
,.   Tbe Newapnper of tbe Great Cnnndlaii West
Which Mean* that tho people of our Great Canadian West are" ^
to be supplied with a long-felt want in thc form of an up-to- $.
.   date Weekly Newspaper, one that will appeal to all, and one*. 4
that has no connection with any existing daily paper. $
, ,                '                  ■••.-" -|>
The Wcatern Homeoteacl will bo published at Calvary, <*$>,
Alta., on Octobor 20 noxtand weekly thereafter. It will consist %
ot Sixteen Paijos, containing 112 columm of Interesting road* <>>
ing for young and old.- If you desire tho latest telegraphic. %
news from homo rend Tho Western-Homestead and get the Z
boit from tho world over.                               <■    * •*♦>
Look for the Serial Story tho largest hit in prcsonKlny
fiction. You cannot holp but enjoy It. Do not miss the first
The Western Homestead will devote a pngo to matters of
interest to women. Fashion Notes, Cooking Ilcclpoa nnd
Household Hints will bo given weekly.
The Western Homestead will contain a Rood Short
.Story ench week, Agricultural Notes nnd many'other fenturos,
The Western Homestead will lm on mIo everywhere
In the Wont nt fie por copy or nt tx yenrly stibicrlptioii af f I
payable in ndvnncu.
On Siitunlny, Oi.-lol.er 2«Hli, Wulcli for
Tlie Western Homestead
Tllli XCWNIH'.I.OI- (iflllO (Jl-eilt Olllllllllllll Wast-
Easy Terms
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«■•'•••♦•   »'•   •,'•"
Ti- M"  iviHrr  <-f  'Vi. f  ''i'e    f T  !.;. \i,-:\
Into nf Kurnle, II. t',, ilfuonkcij
Notli'n ln tmruliy ulvun Diet nil nroilitnn-
mill ntliitri liitvinu cliiliiix nuitliiht tli» v*lHfv
of Iliu Mtl'l 'lolin llyiu, iluPdiiHiiil, wlio clleil on
ill nXiiitlX  tfif IMh Of H*\,\i:Tt.Xrt-r, HniT, Atfl re-
c]iilrcil »ii or lii.forrt tlm till of PKcnmLori HOT,
lomrnl livii'ikt |irii;mlilorilollv(ir tn Mr I.. I'.
KckKteln, nf Kiirme. II 0.. Holldtor tor tlm
mtrnlnl.trntrir. thi'lrriirKtlnt, ntnl «.n».niiTni.u
ii'l'lrt<H*.i<» mul iic*.('ilj.tirniM, iIhi lull imrticii
1..1 *-- ii... „t.ni: i tm  u  t...i  ..   i l»|i. of tli-'r i-lHim*. tl»> "tfitfimnt of tlitlr
Lend mo live Bhlllincu till Saturday, i Np>>«-.iuit_i ui»i.tli<* uutnioof their .ecmiik'.. if
will you?"
by local application'), aa they ct\u-
; lot  ronoh thn tllncaiiGd portion   of
thfl oar, Thoro Ih only ono way to
| ouro UHftfiioHS, and thnt Ih by oon**
' iitltutlonal romodlOH, Dunfnoitti In
j cauaod by nn Inflamed condition ot
I tho mucuon lining o( tho tunUchlan
I -tubo. Whon thin tubo In Inllamod
] yon haro a rumbling Honnd or   Ira-.
purfcoi htiaria^, aud wn«n It it ,**u-
1 > by a respectable and
cxporicncotl person.
A<1 tireps :
Mrs. W. (Nurse),
•♦Ledger" Oniee.
; mijji'il'l liythom.
Anil fitrDii.rtnlti) tiotlcn llmt utter i*iirli lii.t
nioiitlutiKil ,lut,t th*. '.ilii ii'liiilul'triilnr will
liriil'l* -.|ti(.|l*!tll.lltt!tll(. Il*.'lr(^uf till,'It'll.it-.ol
iiiiioi if tin. 1'iirtii". tntitli-'l tlipri'to, li.tviii'i
\;-gS, I i.lllv t.i till* il.lllli*, nf wlii'll lm *. It 111
lh«r Inn* tnitli'i'. mii.I - uf 'lm **il"l .iliitlnU.
Iriit'.i 44i;i imi i .< tin'.i > lur tlm ^..int ii..»'., or 1      .    ,„ 1,1   .... .   .     _,   , ,   .
.111V1....1.I1.T. 'ii.. ntiv t- p»oti >,r |.r.r»m .of    A lu,u'1 thnt ItirnmlifH qukt, »om
a!ii..|. 1 l.ft,. 1 ..•'.|..f.ii I I.nt   li*.Yi> Iiffli f. |iiif„ll,iii„   nrfintrimr-iX-tln*   Is.*   j^   p   .
"««..- A.WII.IUIAH
Contractu..*, .anl liuilderit
llHtlmntpH l-»ri)l«}jCfl
Rcfildcncc-Corncr Howland Ave. and j -ilreljr oloacd, d'oarnoag In tho roau.t,
,, n „        Mclivoy St. - 1 and unlcm tho Inflaran-ntlon can be-
i. ». t.ox ass Kernie, H. C. I takon out and thin tabo roitored to
—. j j(B nortuoi condition, bearing- will on
\\I     A     -fniMiVfl?! T o'tutlroycQ' fororfr; also mv-**j eii ct
*v .   11,   uXJlWlimjlj     (ten aru causod by catarrh, whlnh l»
Builder ond Controctor nothing bnt nn 'Inflamed condition
KstlmAtci cheerfully fflvon nml work i 0f tho mUCUM ■arf'lco,,•
promptly executed to tho iwttto.
ruction of our customer...
l>44 , ., I- 1   ,,..,...,  ,..-.. li..,..,. t,.,.li ,\i-.^l,i
I til r i *l tJ.i. itii-tnv.i n-'fol 1 r, 1«".
i„ 1-. r.-K'vrm*.
•4lt|..,l, ,
.li'l'i-i'fi.l lli.li-rt A.IIhih. n linitii,
11 .-■ r..r f.ir .I'.J.t. lt}-ii», ■ I" i.-i» 1,1.
tiifiillimti nrroinrnrd- tf.-in ff-,r
rtns i-i.,1 source t.i 1'Ic.isum to tho
trav-tllln-j .mbUc. Hurh n one ia the
King IMffnrd Hf.t.-l, ot Pernio, corner opponlte post ofiice.
Wo will bIto Ono Hundred Dollar*
for any caao of dnufnem. (cauootl by
catarrh) that cannot bo oured by.
ir-tll-si Catarrh Cure. Send for clr-
culnm, froo.   < ,
11   ■
f, J. CHENEY it CO., Toledo,   0.
>   Tako ITnU'M Family I'lllt for con-
Sold by ilruetilats, 78c.
-^   n
a niedioal man ar agfoeil spaolajlst a
In Airiarlbo but wllir«a» that
■ta* ■*■*•**   am   aa*aa    »--B&-»«*-j^^w£'-"^tf"yf,'ijjjJi
ita ji r An in
rawni UUKWB.. *»"!■»■ »..°.,
the  Purest, most Healthful and
Delirious of all
Will then.be a conlerenee o£ tha
miners and operator*. oE the - central
Competitive field before the, expiration of-tho present-scale arrauge-
BWnt? :TIi1b question la frequently
asked etod in beginning to. assume
BBtiouti It-rra in tbe minds I ot many
engaged in the coal business, but as
yetuo satisfactoryanswer Is. forth-
OOTOlUS- -     -
Offing to tbe peculiar methods of
the lafrt settlement tbe movement
was unto, tunntely lelt at thatpar-
-Ucular tlmo: without assurance that.
■ Jt would De continued alter tbe pres-
The Industrial Index hopes and
believes that there will be such a
meeting, and tbat tbe joint move-
meat ot tha central: competitive field
wlll agate be put upon a working
basis and continue to give stability
to tbe coil trade.
Mere than twenty years ago-what
IB kDownait tbe Joint movement wan
organised by . operators and miners
wbo bad become heartsick and weary {
ot local settlement oi general questions, when every cold .snap meant
strike against r.-.tiuctlon, when sub
picton was dt :ke;n' edge- that..your I
"neighbor cud some unloosed ior ad- |
vanta&e in making: contracts, i
There ore "those : now engaged in
the coal business, both as opecators
and as miners who will remember
that th.s-is notithe.first time that
the artan-.en.;.nt has received.a se
vere jolt of the hands of those who
«t-ne*»ved that their own selfish ra
tercsUi Uy in getting along with or
without its nssistnmce.;.But through
tenr-l ycire ot trial without the
joint mttWuiciit, utter It tnro had
Leen in existence, the great raejor-
a-jun to.ame conUnced of Its ct .
ity ul   tb   otninl competitive   Mil'
Tbe joint movement Is riot tbe
football ot any Individual or any Individual- corporation*, to be kicked
around Ior their pleasure or■' profit
llt.ls too. .big, it is-too Wide, with
its thoueanda ora-ll-ons ot dollars
invested and ita. hundreds ot.thousand b of men involved
The questions it has to deal with
'must he *iut by men with a clear
brain, broad mluded and singleness
of.purpose. And the Industrial In
dex would respectfully suggest that
private aUtonon, secret trips to
New York nnd telephonic connexion
w-tii Washington ure not the best
methods ol inspiring confidence in
the great "body ot. men who tape
counsel Irom each other at these
The joint movement depends entirely on a square deal, open, and
'above board
It is not ou.opportunists'., move-
ment and it Ig not Intended that
men should give or receive tempor
ary benefit from. Tbo results ot Its
deliberations ore permanent- and are
anxiously awaited by and are .w
pectcd to be satisfactory to the
great mass of,those directly effestil
Says Many Persons Here Can
be Made Happy Again by
Using this.
There "is so much Rheumatism here
in our neighborhood.now. that the
fallowing advice by an 'eminent au.
ibanty, who writes lot readers ot a
large eastern daily, paper; will be
highly appreciated by those who
;'iil. i
Uct from any gpoa. pharmacy one-1
ball oUi.ee Fluid Extract Dandelain,
And ini. II - »»t ,,<r*.M I, I,,!"" ^ <»»»•■>. »»*»■ t'™
mhol. ,. tort,,,, n. „,.t ,„.,. IT'* »' J™"*™* <f» 8»™™f'
ta. lit. to l.,i d.vto* & ,«> "a, """   " '•«»»»»"'<»<» **• «
->....—    i .,.   L    ... .,._   ._ each   meii and    at bedtime    also |
Sou** the La-tn • Bowl Half Filled
■ fW|th'Q«.=lin..
Tta boat motliwl for denning In.
home IS*wIth 'guKllno Sousa tho lure
up nnd down In n bowl lmlf flllcil villi
»<isolluo. lo remove tho lirsl nud worn
(•Htm*' hnvo n meoiul bowl i-c.id.v ami
ImniiidliitrilytriuM the- hue in frusl] m»
oimo. Tliou," boford It Ims X\ma Xo dry,
wrap It cnroftilly uboiit man iiiuml «h
'jM-t IIIib n I'ollltia pin or.tlic roller n«il
(oi*'tub idlclion'towol. Tlio loiiiwr llm
roller tiio ln-'tioi-'. 'i'bo iiolnls of llio Inoo
muni Xm carefully iilobod ami fiwilwicU
down with plus.
Tlio run or tlio cliltTou volluud scarf
adds niiotlittcllom to Ibo aummov girl's
clunnlug bill. -Poi-' ordinary dust nnd
atiiBlucss use Culler's eni-Ui, rubbluff
tbo powdof lii'w.tli tbblinnds and putting tho folds of chlEtou togotboi be*
twobii the: .ninds ns a lonndrcss doos
clelir attirolilng. If tbo soar! or veil bn«
boon ipottoil Ju the win, It cnu bo
wnnbod iu (fnholliu- foi tlr-u) iwo some
rocoDtncte ultb a tlgbt flttlns HA, suOi
ns a ttliiss j.ir nnd tlu inlltt sbnlior ur
L\en u tlu pull. Hnvo UiU bait Cull of
Biiso'llne, drop In ybut* vol! or sonrf niul
shako It rnplilly. rour obt tbo dlrly
pisblliie. 'rinse, hi fresh, 'find, hoMlna
tho veil or scurf il-jlitly between yoni-
tlminls or lliisurs. shnUe It In u brcMto
until pcrfi-itH tlu
licuioinbBi* tlwifstisollno.ls blalily In*
tlammnWe, so tin-the'work in.tbtj'UBht
for tout or.ucoldont.
White ebltTon wlls, If of- good quit...
ly and lhe mush Is uninjured, can bo
mndo to do dub ngnlti and nguln If
ihej nro djod tLo prtwoss Is \cr^8lm»
pie. Directions nro printed on the little
liaetogestor botne dyclda to be found
In any chemist's shop. The dyes nre
prepared tor silks and Woolfiii, and
tha directions differ slightly. That
meant for silk would be better for
chiffon. Qood uuullty white chiffon
takes exquisite -"-hades of blue, pink or
lavender. A good black le wore.difficult to obtain for nny mnterlnl, nnd tbo
novice should U«ip to light colors, t.nco
also nmy bb u-iilstactorlly dyed nt
home. -Ten or-coffee- will give innnv
uciiullfnl shades from corn to brown,
necordlng. to tlie'strcngtli of the.Infusion nnd thc number of times the lace
is dipped. It should bo dried nfler each
F 1754 Made
Wliat eooOly liinta tl
Pour pounds of iiit,
Of fnin'<l Ulppiei-ilcs 1 "» b
'riint aoim-lct pn i n-rulw |
T\.c i,.|1ius J' f'Tn «'"*
And nhen l*i« « .iksr. IWI
WliMi iwfto remain IHJt  \
ln-w!inn ]ffll> i
striitcf,   kekuuts nnd ebaosln
cp,il tr^U'. uml to "alv-a. osstiriinee to
tUe "'ne'awM ■ i-'uelic that the fuel buji
ply r.t th; In'Ud    Stales is cn   n
btisin:«9 l.iiia
Tho cuntrott entered into hetween
the .ol'erdturk' nnd niluers ta libt
krmed by the wl.i nt tne ninjcrlty
Evcrjllitu; m tbe cmrnot mtuA ro
eeti'o the n-sci.li>! all the miner*
and ull.ot the djuratori who arc n
larty to 't
TU0.operat4.1s or mtners or any
tne slate, rt I ii slnn _ to. accede to..its
terms icoy provont an agreement
Atuotiun-is called - to - this because
II eUuwb that this arrangement is
based tn auoluu freedom ol action
on tbe pari of the operators and
miners, and to be successful cat's
for the greatest degree of ,:.catt-lar
and sincerity front all.the parties ti
terested. Duplicity and double AwX
:lngb?\*enopUcc in tha arransement
At the bottom uf tbe whole ar
rangtinent, al the very foundation
and dtntandtuj the first consldera-*
tionr te the miners' interests. Biit
the miners' _ ablUty to secure _aU
that.belongs to.tbem will depend
upon the Ktrcugtb ol t.he otBiniwi-
tion an*} tbe unity of its aotion,' One of tho most singular wagers,
knowledge ri the justnesi of their ! which might he taken tb be the-out-
4em>nds and tbe power to enforce i come ol a Blowing industrial age,
them . -" 'woe mndo nnd-decided in 1811,. Sir.
If tiie miners present an unbrok v \ John Throckmorton at that" time
front tbe operators will know just .bet a thousand guineas that he could
wbat tbey havt to .deal with. They !have a coat made In a ilny, from the
win then know what thoy ran bay ;Bret shearing of the sheep* to: the
lator and pruduce coal tor. It will Llait etltch-ot the tailor's needle.
be their business to figure what it [According to the agreement, at five
can he sold for, la tbe morning Sir John gave   two
But tt the operators find the min- ] Southdown sheep -to: a Sir. Ooxeter.
Idrinit pte-unty, Lt gt»d water.
It ia-ololmed that there are few
vleLlinacf thia dread, and torturous,
d'se se v.h. w.ll fall, to find ready,
iielltl lu this simple home-made mix-
jtun.. nnd In.inos'l-Cases a permanent
jture'is the-result.
11l!sL' s-mpk: recipe Is said to
's rtn-the-t und - cleanse the olimlua-
Jllve tisNU-!E.:.ot.tho Kldiioj-s so that
jthty c-n eiier and strain Irom tho
blood and system the poiBons, acids
aad waste matter, which cause not.
Lnly: liheiimatism, tut numerons oth-
Itr disease Every man or-'Woman
1 here "who" feels" that their";kidneys are
Inot healiby and aative, or who sul-
fers from any urinary trouble what-
eier, should, not hesitate to -n.alte
np this mixture,, .as;.it^ iscertain; to:
do much good, aod may save yon_
from- much misery and sutlertng aft-
er while. i
Our borne druggiets say tbey will j
either supply the ingredients or mix
the presMptibn ready to; take II
'our readers1 BBn. them
m wortlo ir
Willi Pltllo
CJ4VUDP o'er l.n mii'.'aoo wrltlnii pnjieri
lio tielH*no[l drld  in hiiIli mil
And m piiwprve It—ihl» llio way.
Wet pnpi'f rtr.Vil mi nurfaec lay,
On Hint osi ml ■ ->uti i-r e*rti*t*
iii ph-iutn. ij-M Usluly. 0(Pr-
I't Ic
Tlio.vory tat ii
\ 11 i
it J Uy
*Btt A JW>.
'*WB ARB) KINO. I JftWMl'lvwtiit.i  This Is nnotbir non-
, -L-t,. . . luntoftva.»tM«t.-.-'« i« probably
Thmigfi-Uavid %*Gaily wns nn:un-'stunge,"but true, tbnt-the. greatest
known quantity as a '-headline." the\dettwuHor laborers is Jtt..toM«_«a-
|-pa^letl|6Tai)o"to."t1»e Sllllard opera
house Wednesday night to hear "We
are King, In which he took the
principal character, or rather tho
two.chier cliaraoturi*- ' Early in --the
evening; overjf'-ient M*-. ^Cl-t '*- tyx}
bbiiBo^ftdhiioii sold, niHV-tbo.-.gnl-
lety had the 8 It 6. Blan On W\\
occasion"'It wns neither Onlly ,nor
the pluy thnt drove tho crowd, but
tho faot that: 0. IV Walker, ot the
uw Walker ', theatre, ot "Winnipeg,
Walker is:tnowu■ to .bai-o blgh tdeftls
wus back of- tho enterprise. '.-. Mr.
relative" to plays.and. actors, and;
tbe: people ot vfestern Cunada are
always .Qoindent ot seeing something
good .when a company is n'nt out
hy; llm. Such waB> tho.ease laat
night, and rarely ht-n.there beeii a
tnore delighted audience In the Hil-
lintd theater thun that which wit*
uossLd tbo uroduation ot "Wo Aro
King." A ple'Mttig' oneet v-m tro-
atofl upon the llitlng or the curtain
lor the first act. by tha:ember..to
stage':Bettings nud. the apparent ot-
ttmtlun to detail.
ThcdUHl role ot■ tbo king nnd.tbe
sorlbe is .taken- by David B,T- Qally,
:.tbe ebanges are. remarkably,
quick.. .Ho:hnB a apleudid ooucaptlon
ottho drambtie act, and his eomsly
Is bright and reDned, while he does
not uverflo love-making.. Miss *311t* I
as the prlnceBB, la a charming
character, 'bright, winsome and natural. , The -company, .throughout is
composed ot excellent actors in*.!
actresses," and as a remit nil ;>ii.*
mtnar. parts were well taken.—Ki«
era Miner andNeWs, Sept; 31.
tforis wL«e the employer ;li bitterly:
oppned to omplojoca jolnlbg a labor orgMli.iit.oni
A hoaithy ikln li absolutely-esaen-
tinl to HD1ALTH, .HAPPINH8B nnd ||
BEAUTY, und the natural nuiluev-
or-raillng way to keep a. hBalthy ikln
Is tu trout all iolurlcs and eruptions 1
.promptly. .-with-Bam-But-,. Zam-Biik j
eontdins only the rich sups nnd
juHiCB-' .ot- healing, .bealtb-glvloB
herbs, ■ and la- therefore .Nature's. Own. I
Skin Henwdy, {
Mrs   A   B   Gardiner, Oatallna, ot |
Mlaa.-K. M, Barllett, Montreal, ot
Mrs.." A.. Harrison, Kingston,.": ol i,
Blbod Po'sou.
Mr.   Alfred   Brown, Toronto,   ot I
Mrs. - Oogijiil, Wftpella,  Snsk.,: ol |
Abaeasses. I.
All'skm' diseases yield to . Znm-1
Uuk. ,'Obti.tuable Irom ,all; druggists'- I
and store*- at Goo. a box.' Sena "to
SSum-Buk ' .06., Toronto,: ior tree
sumple hot. Just eut out this offer,
write.name bf paper, across It,, and
mail, with le. etamp to pay. postr
Bear Island, Aug. 36, 1903.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear' Sirs,—"ioiir traveller. Is here
today and wo are. getting a large
quantity of your MINARD'S, LINIMENT. We lind it.tbe beat Liniment in the market, making no ex
cePtfoo. -Wo have heeu.in business 13
ear<! and have.handled all kinds,
>ut havo. dropped them ,,all_. but
yours; that sells itself; the others
e to lie pushed to get rid oi
The disease, known, aa blackleg in
cattle, althcugd entirely Unknown in
many extensive ahrioultural. sectloos
of Canada, and' not at all widespread in. any -district or province
annually causes .quite extensive-loss
bb to cattle raisers. Anthrax, which
is quite a .different dleease, although
froiiwntly:i;oniused with, blackleg in
tne minds ot many cattle.raisers, Is
also the cause of serious loss oE
slock. . Tho former disease...s almost entirely confined to cattle und
er tbrta years,, and is. generally fat
ul. The latter attacks other classes
of farm animaiirand the hpmansnb.
jcctis not taempt from Its infection
which  generally  rest-its  seriously
By the aid of science, cattle rais
ers are now enabled to protect their
steel; against these maladies..... As
It is repcrtefi that 15,000 addition- |tl]e: buman .fmiiiy'" is vaccinated1
al miners can secure employment in Lgaihat smallpos, in the same.man
-union mining districts of_ nej' cattle-Are rendered imune from
West. Virginia. If opposition to the blacWo^, and anthrax: The Depert-
Gnited M'no Workers was withdrawn nlont C[ , . Agriculture at Ottawa,
there would be very little trouble in through" thn health of animals branch
getting :meii to locate In thnt state, jig now .In a ipositlon ito supply pre-
The scarcity ot mon tor Wese Vlr-' vontlvo vaootiie for oueh ol these
glnls non-union mines boenrao so UiBwstBiit tlio.nominnl cost olnio
seriouH.a (lUOnMoft:   thnt   Governor joimiBper Sose, "Until' reeontly,   by
'4" ,o4»
tfevtlU, SB. C.
r%        ,%,
Kings   Hotel
Kernie, B,: C.
Bar supplied with the best of Wlnea
-    Liquors and. Gieari.
Dining Room in connection
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything new and
I Proprietor |
The girl who win sketch In colurt piiii
muko an. nil mo five 'sorwai. by eovrrluR
tho frame with ki-edu ilonliH nml su„*
K4!stlug hn lui[tre&-.oulsl Inausciiiio, lm-
tins.tho.iJcnliii Itf-i'ir couslltuto llio net
essnry green tou^
Tho best ihelhoil or potting on fns-
tonoi-a Is to sew them Btrotiuly lo n
stout iiimo-of silk tnpo, homuilint these,
"strips or tapociosely to opening nrtor
-nil" the-pressing Is Uone.. ThernstiJU*
era arenpt to mnko shiny places when
pressing Is dona nttor.Uiey flro.lupluco.
To finish the w!uoa. of doUica or other
buttonholed edges cut the gowls a little
distance from the line where the,buttonholing isto go and hem it hack.to
tbat line. Then buttonhole thc roltlcu
edge This prevents the rra-silcd looking edge bo ..often seen after-washing
auil gives it a;padtled appearance.
Prtvant Moths.
iGet a large dry-gootlH'Iios.-, Hake
cover of top by putting on hinges nnd
lino with heavy carpel or tar paper.
Tackpaper so that there will bo uo
chance for mollis, to got In, lining llil
also Pack away Winter clothing with
plenty'of moth bnlls ami newspapers.
Sot box on bricks or pieces of wood to
ralsQ.lt from'floor.' It will.not get
musly If loft lu basement or nttle, nnd
you wlll have no trouble with tnotlis or
dust. In whiter It onn ho used to pnek
a way tho summer clothing.
Dawson called tv oonforenUe ofoper-
uteris and oihita.interested to meet
tn Ohdiluton,"' West Virginia, Bop-
toin5.ui*. H to-doviBB- some plan to
Sot miner*."to Ibontc InMhnt ;Btato.
The oonterencc awb atljourned. Inilell*
nitely oh aecp"uiit-o( the illhosB;._ot
the governor.
Xclvrjfto-operators.j.are .wrestling
with the problem ol fight Ing' the
United. Mine WorkerB on the one
hand and Irylng*to got enough, miners .to-operate their mines on the
other... .The "Ooloratlo. Fuel ft -Iron
Company.has;UUbovcred It a .hard,
proposition to".pay-"-dividends -"'■"*&
spcua "so inoeh" money flghtiBg"union
There Is a growing scarcity ol
miners in. the anthracite region, of
Pennsylvania.. The principal cause
is-.'tlie '.danger..of:.: .wining .and the
failure ot the anthracite men.to get
an advance In wages "and a slight
change in the methods of employ'
ment that tbey Were justly entitled
to in 1906. Thousands ol anthreolte
mine workers receive-lesa wages
than tho commonest laborers oE the
In the coke region ot Pennsylvania
2,0110 more miners can flnd employment.' It Is & significant fact that.
in .the. colte region miners are denied
the'right, to organize.
Over "1,000 : minors oan find employment in Lhe Irwin district    ot
Bpeunl. arrnnuiiinent. with extensive
niftnuLetui-e-a-.ia tbe United.States,
tbtse prodiiotB iwere. stwurod at a
reduocd eds-:. and Wore:placed In,tbo
hmnla. of Oi.if-.dlan 'eitttle; raisers >t.j
ten' oonts tie dose for tal-hohlcg vaccine "and fourteen "cents, per duso" tor
enthral vnooine. It Ib duo., to the
fact that those preparations are now;
being made at" the hloloijli-ftl labor*
atory ln conneotlon with the iioolth
of.nnlri.nls hrnnch that they, oan be
supplied at flweohtH per dose.
The vaccine lor blackleg may. be
administered hy any intelligent pec
son by means oE an instrument supplied hy the department at fifty
Anthrax vnc'ine which is also
supplied at Ave cents:per. dose; Is
more difficult to. admlnfster, .requiring a quallflud .Veterinarian, to. ;treat
an animal.
Oattle raiBers who have fear ot an
attack of either "blackleg .or anthrax
would do well to apply to the Veterinary General at Ottawa for tbe
proper preventive treatment.
Crow's   : Nest   Special
Woll fUvnished. it»tn*i.   The table la
supplied with[the bent the market
affords   The bar is supplied
with the best wines, 11-
qttora Bad cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Hlnor'* Favorite Clgara |
wabbly: or of 'uncertain attitude
ItTcreates conluelon In their ranKs
and while, tbat may gain temporary
victory it means certain' defeat In:
the end-
.IJ there Ifl: to be a Joint _ movement at tlie sxplratlon of tbe preB-
eat scale year It must be re-tsUb-
llgbed on a broader ami more   sUb-
stantlal bails. It,must he onder-
stood tfiat fKe^Interests ol tbeintti-
ers and   operatora and the   public
gen«allr ara greater than the Interests of a few inblviduaia.
Tbe"sbeSp -:-*ore -shorn,' the -wool-
'Bpunt" *rhe yam "spooled, warp-
ill, loomed and wove."- The , cloth
'burred, milled, rowed, dyed, dried,
sheared '. aui-. pressed." -' Af: -fottr.
'clock in the aiteruoon:tt,waB . In.
tiie hands Of a tailor At exactly
twcnlj* m'lndreB after six that vrorlt-
roan finished his task and.the.-comr
pleted coat was presented by Mr
Goxeter to Sir John, irtia> put It on
and appeared ln i't More a crowd
.of eve ihoo-una appUttdfng ipectat-
org —Metrop-iltttta-Ma-pakie.
,To Clean a Silver Teapot.
Twice a week, af ter. using, nil tho
pot"-willi hot soila water and Ist It
itand for a couple of hours and ihcn
rinse In plenty of warm water. When
the teapot "is : cleaned- oataido; wl.U
plate' powder, it: should also be pol*
ishod inside and- well rinsed- before
u-shig. Any silver teapot which Is not
constantty.Boaked thus will oequlro n
sediment on tho tnsldo front tho tea
which is most unwholesome.
Did You Eysr*
ir yon'd tlit-ead the luce on embroia-
erejl bending nulekly nftev it comes
troni the laundry tnck a narrow taps
tp tbo ribbon before It Is drawn ont
und then pull tho ribbon ont and; tmv
tapa In When tbe garment returns
from the lannflry. tack the rlbboa: to
tbo tape nml poll It In es the tape goes
Eoerq attention.
Rooms reseroed by toire
A pleasant home  for the
then «tudy tho price proposition attei*
wa«li ^Vs first slm at ft Wing:, the
public pure drugs, sod compound ng
them i-aretully and correctly seoordlnfl*
to presorlptlon. Then wopftx the prlca
to allow outBehes the Bmrilwt —--•"
otworklnff'proHt thereon Tha
our store Ts to popular.
The -pBleoe  Drug  Stara
Tet, It    H. r. «ilMSt ■«■*•*
|      Hotel
The Hotel *>f Fertile
The centre bt Comtoefblal^
& 9. r. Wallace        Prop* i
o p
.,    «'
». ■;;.
■'   .
_".   PERNIM Lg.it ER, PERNIE, 13. 0. OCTOBER 19, 1907,;,   77*
'*    -' ",-*.,
The*; Journal isini receipt of-e card
from:one of its ' subscribers'which
contains     the brief but "significant
: statement:   . ,      *
7 "Please stop1 my paper .when-time
expires; no, ^orlt; am growing old."
What a" u*agedy those few 7words
portray. The climax of a life given
to the industrial world to help in
its progress; a .-life used to its utmost enpacity, while youth and
strength remained and tossed back
into( tlie heap-of worked.out humanity when tht "magnilicent body. had
■ been .broken in the industrial struggle and the. last"-' dollar-producing el-
fort had oe.-a dragged forth.
What msrnurles must, this man
have;.; what emotions surge through
his breast; ,,v-hat comfort can come-
to him in this day when he dwells
on the past and reflects an a life ot
honest labor;' devotion to duty and
a patient e..deavor to grasp' some
of the pleasures of life-or to store
them up, to find that after 'a.life's
effort ho is no longer wanted; that
he has served.his uselulness and that
the doors.>f Industry behind Avhich
is* still' an opportunity are to him
forever closed? „ ■>'
' Tlie tragi«! blory*.contained in our
told by-th*v   immortal Burns,-.'* who
i?   ,. ! -. , *
says:-    ■-, ■        .      ■
:   * -4       .       '      '   •■>'
Look not alone on youthful prime,
Or manhood's active might;     "
Man then is useful to his kind,
Supported in, his right,;.,.   _" :
But.see"him on the -edge of"life,.
.With cares aud sorrows worn,
Then.age and want, oh! ill-matched
.Showman was.made to.mourn."
We should take a .lesson from, this
and look ir**."*. the future when-  we,
too, will be old, and prepare a place
wherein eld 4-igt shall know" no want
und the cU h of life may lie attended not by lr-ourning and bitter   regret butj'y comfoit-and-tenderness
that is due the tired-out'body for a
lifetime's fiiithful-work,—Mine Workers' Journal.     .   '
Mrs.    Chas.  P. Haley   Restored  by
.   Dr.' Williams'. "Pink' .Pills.. ' '.."
MI was-Utterly ■ helpless with sciat-
lea." I cculd not'move.in-bed without . Doctors treated me, but I did
hot improve I used Dr. Williams'
Pink Pill-.-.; and' today' ami a well
woman.:'   This  tribute  to  the'mer
its of Dr. Williams'    -Pink Pills   is
old subscriber's words is most truly,'made by Mrs.  Chas. F. Haley,"    of
Yarmouth", N. S. . Two -years - ago
she suffered most. severely from an
attack '. of sciatica, and „ for • a * number of months' was.an invalid confined to her bed.- She" further states:,
"It is impossible ,for me to describe
the-pain from which I suffered. I
endeavored to continue my profession as a music teacher, but was
forced.' to give it up."- The doctor
said the - trouble' was sciatica, but
his treatment did not help nie! I
could' scarcely take a step without-
the most * acute - pain - shooting
thiough my back , and down the
limb.' Finally I Look to my .bed and
lay there perfectly helpless, and
could 'hot "move without aid.. _' The
pain was never absent.. I consulted
another doctor,' but with no better
results, and I .began to think I could
always bo a sufferer. One day a
friend who' .was in to see me 'asked
why I did' not take, Dr. Williams'
Pin'* Pills,' and on her advice I decided to.do so. The result was* beyond my most hopeful-expectations.
All, the-pains and aches disappeared
and Ibave never since been troubled
wilh sciatica. I have no hesitation
in recommending Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for ihe trouble from which. I
suffered," -'     '  .
When the blood is'"poor the nerves
are starved;  then  comes  the agony
of sciatica,''•.neuralgia,' or perhaps
partial' paralysis... ; Dr. , Williams'
Pink Pills, actually.make new,"rich-
red blood, which feedB" the starved
nerves, drives out pain and restores
health; It is because these pills actually- make new blood" that they
cure.sUch common ailment's as rheumatism, anaemia, backaches and
headaches, heart palpitation; indigestion, and1 the pa nful. irregularities of growing girls and women. You
can get ' Dr. Williams' «Pink Pills
froni'any medicine dealer or by mail
at 50 cents a box or sis boxes for
?2.50. from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville, Ont. „
' ■"•"  .      ——o-v—	
A hotel that, furnishes .quiet, Commodious accommodation for its patrons is7i source .of,, pleasure .to'the1
travelling public. Such a one is the
King Edward Hotel, of -Pernie, corner opposite post ofiice. '",
by a respectable and
experienced person.
Address:. «
..'Mrs. VV. (Nurse),'*.,
*  ""Ledger" Office.
- - ■ " *•     .7 "
J.30; am Daily Except Sunday
For St. Paul,  Chicago, -New York/-Toronto,, '■. *'
" Seattle;. Spokane,   Vancouver and Victoria  ■
" -Via- •:'•-■'
The■■', Great. Northern  Railway
7 "Ths Comfortable Way"
Fernie to Seattle 24 Hours
Vancouver 32 Hours,.
Victoria 30 Hours
For particulars  call on or address
H. L.   BLACKSTONE, Agt., Fernie
V   or-W. A..ROSS, A. G. ?. A., Seattle
Incorporated under the Ea-t-vs of British^, Columbia.
Secured in Canada and United States Patent Office.
President—W-   M.   Whimster,'Police Magistrate.^ ....
Vice-rresident-A.   W.   BleaisdeBI," Ex Mayor cf Fernie.
Treasurer—T. -Beck,1 Merchant, Fernio.
.S.-.p.i-i'l-'ii-.y.—-M kaBf-iPf.    EVmif..   -
Directors—A. "C.   Lip hard I,   Jeweller.      '•"*""-*   *
**    -   . . , •       *^*>    .  ...
Joe   ASello, Merchant.
L.   G.   McDonald,   Blacksmith.
C;-  O.   Demaurez,   Jeweller. a
,From France,. Holland and
■   - • ,   Japan '.
7   PLANTS!: :
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers,'-* Bee Supplies,"- Spray
Pumps,'- Spraying.- Material,0' Cut
Flowers, etc.K ■ Oldest established
nursery on the mainland of B. .0.
'Catalogue free, oli -.-'
, Nurseries.0   '
Greenhouses and Sccdhouses
^ vawc_o_u_v_er7_b. c.      .
Kcdu'cecl   Kutes "from   Eastern
Points  on  Sale  Daily
,   ,   September 1st to October 31st
Ottawa  : §4*4.85   ,
Detroit   •-                  ' "1
;      .
Parkdalo -
Correspondingly   Low   Kates' from
o.Intermediate Points   -■
60   YEARS', v.
We are now prepared to place 3;000 shares only (fully paid up and nonassessable) bn the market, the proceeds of which are to be used to build a
propeller big' enough to demonstrate the practicability of the invention.
, ,. ,    ■ * *      , f IT ,
According to the statistics of the Patent office 75% of all money is
invested directly or indirectly in patents.
All big inventions have been sneerod at and turned down, and stock went
begging at a low price, and not one person in a thousand took advantage of
the opportunity to buy the stock. For example, Mr. Westinghouse, inventor of
the now famous air-brake, was kicked out of his own father's factory.; Kelly, the
inventor of Bessemer steel, was called crazy, Bell Telephone stock went begging,,
as also thousands of others too numerous to mention.
Mostly all the big fortunes have been made through patents, or brains
as it should be called.
What is ti stockholder in pur company! He; is a partner. His stock
represents liis interest.. If lio wishes to sell his stock he can do so.   The books
aro open to ovory shareholder for inspection.
,       .i ' ,. ,
-•< , ,.,' .   -       .... ,. *   ,
Baay at @saoe ail^yoM can afff@HL -
In about three months' (lino you may havo to pay 500/ more for stock.
Stock purchased now may lay the foundation 'of-a■'fortune for lite.
Thia new'propeller will; In'our opinion, make a great saving in coal and
machinery, and on that account leave more space for merchandise in a vessel. It
will go at any speed desired, and is perfectly safe, as it can bo repaired in case of
breakage at sen or elsewhere- without going Into dry dock.
For fiu-tlicr information apply to any of tho ofllcers. •
Selling Agents- M. A. Kastner, C. 0. Demaurez.
The Demaurez Propeller Co., Limited
IPIBIRlsrilEj    IB   O
tmmm**** *^Am**m*§   mMmXM   %J **m*****,^1 ***•%**» «m1«^mI  WO *mm*\*m*m*W 00 \mT    W   ,
P.S.—You may count on C. 0. Demaurez-to make this invention a gramd
success.—C. 0. Demaurez.
Soo-Spokane   Service
.Fastest betweeu Spokane and
--    " the Twin Cities
The Can ad in n Pacific Operates,'
Standard Sleeping Cars
'& Tourist Sleeping Cars
On   Two - Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction
Tr-ide Marks
Design a
Cop "rights &c.
Anyone•.enrtlnff askclcli nndd)Bcrljillonrony
rtl«Uly iiscormln our opinion ttAO whether r.n
invention 18 probBbly pntentiiiilo. ,Coniroun!r«.
t'.ons ctrlctlyconfldontlal. HAM BOOK on I'fltentc
■ant free. OldenC niioncy for «e(^rln(,'patents.
I'ntohu token t&rouKh Munu ft Co. rccelvo
tftclat no(lce,-wlthout clmreo, 11tho ,
Scientific flit! ^rican,
' A limidiomoly lllaitrntcd weoliif. .I.nreost olr*
cnlBtlon of nny eclentlJo inuriiq.   'I'er[n»,,l3a
for Uatcs, Ref-ervHtioiis, nnd nny information
' desire*!,' iipp.y
C. S. KYFK, Depoi Ticltot A«ent "
E. .1. C0Y1.E, AG. P. A., Vnncouver, or
JOIIN'MOE, D, P. A , Nelson.
lo Consumptives
Tbo undoraigncd having boon ro-
Stored, to health by Bluple   moana,
after Buffering   for novoral years
with a novoro lung affootlon,   and
that- droad dlsoaBO CONSUMPTION,
Is anxious to make known   to UIb
fallow euffororfl the moann of  euro.
To   thoso who   dcslro It, ho    will
j choorfully   Bond (froo of charge) a
! copy of tho prescription uBcd, whlol.
i thoy will find a-cure for C0N3UMP-
1 CIIITIS and all 'throat   and.   Inn.**
'MALADIES,   lio  hopofi nil. Biiffcrorn
, will/try thlfl Keniody, as It la lnvf\lu-
' ablo,    Thrjfln -doHlrliiK tlio proHo'rlp-
tlon, which will   Gout thu noililii^,
' arid 'mny    provo   a   lileflnliig,    will
plenfl*- addrcHH
.i.-. Ilrooklyn, N,  V.
r*r"< 1
This is a home company, and we will try to keep it so.
'All worU ijiiarnnlccd
Victoria Ave. Pernio, II. C.
juuinuuimuu. ljiul^w..'1"! "!■■"" ju     , jjj! i.
Just arrived a large
aiid fresh, stock of
Stewart's celebrated
Chocolates. All the
favorite flavors now
on hand.
IVicQougsali & Go.
Cit-far*-:, ToUuvos Ktc.
FOR $2.00
With, n (llamond. rlnfj I reveal;1
free how to necuro a beautiful com-
ploxion. DiniuoiulH ami exquisite
complexion nro both tleeirnhlc. An
opportunity to every woman is now ol*
fcrwl for nbtninlii',! both. For $2.00' I
otTcriilSKt.'.Oold Shell Hlnff,
Blmpc HUc fi belcher, with tiTiff.iny set-
tin;,', set with n ^uiilue (liaiiioiul
,'iii'.l will si-mi freo.willi eyoi-y order thn
rei-i'io niul ilii'i'ctlont',, l'di- olnuliiii,,} ii
fiiiiUlims (jftm|iU'Xio.i,'('airily, i;iuli;i'Hlooil
iiinl lirnple lo follow, II. will niivii lho.
oxpeiiMJ.'uf * (Jn'iuii.'i, CoMiitiics and
IHcnclu'H, Will friH! (lie hKIn fi-i'nn pini*
III:*.-, r,'..i';|.lii:,ldfl i''.'-.,,'ii:<.! -}';:■ I lie > kit)
llf!'ll;lv (Hill huflPtt-i-r*.
TI;o GE\'lJl,\T.i.  !)IAM0.\D .
HI.YG 's k-ii.mi'iuiKm-iI by <ho
iiiiiiinl'.'H'(ii.-r io lii-rt.-rt'iin'M'iitod .
and Hli4i)i!(l ur.y ■•niTiiii-'.TV ills*nthflt'il
l„v.ill I*!*.-, if.rly ivl'mid (in* iiioncy.
Do not h<(. (In* pi'tco-lcad yon lo
dotihl (lui wi'iiiiiiioiii'fiH or valuo
of 1his rluiTi ii' iii'' C'lnvn ^iiiir.iiiti't'
I'l'dteeli i'.'u-Ii and every pni.i-hiifici.
Sond mc :*<■'..,00 l',v tiinll nnd u\h
ililviintii^e (il'UiisollVr, us llie ti",e
I* limited. Send nlv.o of finder fov
which lin^ ln(liin!ri.'d.
;« Enst 23i-d Street       New York City
Kcml mo your niuno an * tho
ii.iineitol •"* .t'lnit.ibli) (-oojdo >.*
ii-h'tiui'i; aiiA 3 will Ir.rwunl yx-\x n
I'.ropr.Bltioii to act ni ray n.,*cnl und w\l
mv gooili in your locality*
1    T. C. MOSELEY
Department 15
yj K»M iiurd Street, >K\V If Oil k cl'lY
-.'jmu'in iii'iw-w
Fort Steele
IVink', n. c.
I'n-wt'i*-  ,'f 17tr.t   l-'ii)v'   I-Kir
itiul   AitMir.!   Wiiti'rsi.
IIo1t!f<!    (ioo'.v.    a     Sjipflnlty.
if •■/
4^fm«*. , .,*  IIB^iUVHiinf^
.^-Cjji.r^-*^*-^-1-*^.*---** * ■'"■ "xr.vr**
,;'^-^*i'-'-^'»y'''W-^ -  ^U><r--y'--^J«i"J'- *-**b\^'^i'-Tf'i^'W-*-i*fli
i; "   * it   - • r*       **■*■'-—
"* "»TVi J '4 w*»' uj p3!»n*j*jnv>*»ti
"- 0,.W '   , '■ ';"       *    -7   ■■■* '*       '4
- •;*■ J."    *     _-. . - ,i.""> „-,
•l^ss.^-ij;   '-,       ■      . . •' '■-■ • ,      ,*'•'
OCTOBER 19, 1*307.
• 59£!*
TPOE,'' sale? ''iii^-fts^^
JPi'i'lOin'i ftom' .tip i iff !*u)«^_i*joj-t ail.S Shot, op.
Lizard E&nge.—ApylyXeager.  7 7
«.•-.;■•• i     .'•.-'..,,-i.)iii,     ,-, JJ'.'-    M-.i-is-: *■?:
Wanted .---.Woman for general house-,
work. Wage* satisfactory.—Apply,
D/-. Higgins.
1 Wanted to. rent—Comfortable
house, 7 or 8 rooms, modern.—Apply
W. S. Stanley, "Ledger " office.
For Sale.—Household goods of all
kinds including furniture,.*, carpets,
pictures, dishes, roll top desk, books,
phonograph, child's cutter, etc.—Ap-
ply after 3 p.m., J. W. Nunn, 76
Macpherson Avenue.
Wanted.—Live wide'awake boys
in every city, town and village to
sell Western Canada's, new .weekly
., newspaper, "The Western Homestead." Hustlers can raake~ big
money. No capital required. ■ Write
for terms immediately. "The Western Homestead," Calgary, Alta. '
.  Eoom for a few respectable boarders.—Apply Mrs. H. Biggs. Old Town.
Young girl wanted for house work,
to sleep at hVme.—Apply, X, •' Fernie
Ledger*". /-_
House for sale on Riverside Avenue.
West Fernie, 4 rooms, with water
pump, ' coal  house,   etc —Apply to
■ George   Henry' Parker,   Riverside
Avenue, WestFerhie.'1''.
!fey .'» ""'•-'' :i"dy y^&jjjSFti'
'■ ty"'<ir".f-\«. ""^"i-*Tr-"( i i i r» t l*~     '
Red Cross Pickles, regular 35c
To-day, per bottle	
Fancy Vases, regular 40o
Today, per pair
W. J. Blundell Cash 6rocei«
Fertile, B. C.
D. R.;<Whitehead. the well, known
travelling man representing Harry
Webb's chocolate, has been in the city
this week in the interests of his firm.
" Mr. Whitehead reports that thraughout
the diatrict trade is very good.   -7-   ]•
*'J., P.' Bowell, bursar-of Columbia
College, New Westminster, B. C., was
in the citj on Friday in the interests, of
his college Mr. Bowell reports a large
number of students in the college and a
generally healthyjitate.oTaffairs7"-J
- We are informed, upon wlint appears
to be reliable_authority,_that_M_r, Gall!-.
" ii r "' "rffittitrn-rmrrrfrr^M^^-^^^--^^^f
Tim; Crow's Niist Tfading Co
Buying in wholesale quantities for cash, and selling for
strictly cash thus avoiding credit expenses and losses,
enables us to place within your reach high quality nier-
chandise at the lowest possible cost to you. We can save
you money.  Are you interested? *7
purchasing eavlp in the dap will enable us to give pou bettev
attention ants move satisfactovp delivevp. Mill pou help.
wz *■*-
Auditor. Accountant, General Agent
Life, Accidentmid Employer's Liability Insuran. c,
Books opened, ' closed,  audited,' and accounts,, kept1 in the
• ■- °   most up-to-date manner.
Office,  Burns' Block.
Fernie, B. 0.
..In new. fall styles and cloths wi.ll give you.the .well.dres
sed appearance:    When you buy a Campbell garment:
satisfaction  in fit, style and; wear is assured.    May we
.show ..you our   range.   \\ '■ 7 " " .'   •-■-*.', .,
Men's Suits/ $8-50 to $25.00
her, during his recent* visit to Fernie,
was interviewed with a view to establishing a Liberal prper here by the
n . same person who tried to interview It.
L. Borden the week before in Cranbrook
with a view to establishing a Conservative paper hero;   The editing of two
0 politically opposed,, papers would-'be
unique in itself, but nothalf so unique
as tho man who is prepared to undertake
„  the job.
Eighty more miners landed in Fernie
, this week from the old, country, sent
out by the agents of the Crow's-Nest
rasa Coal Co, They readied the city
practically penniless. Two slept at tlie
police station, six slept at the depot,
ami some walkod the streets their first
night'In Fernio watching the moonlight
on tlie Lizard Range. Two moro con-
tlnpentH are on the way, nnd to nvoid
any further absurdity of this sort, wo
would suggest tlmt tho Indies of Fomie
inaugurate a bazaar and with the proceeds derived from this source fret a
Iittlo money-to form a reception committee to help the COAL COMPANY,
A special sonff service will bo fjlvon
iu the Baptist Church on Sunday night,
Tho following programmo will be rendered: Hymn, --0 worBhlp tho King,"
congregation; prayer ■„ duct, •'Arise,
thy light is come," Misses Gladys Hughes
nnd Amy Biggs; cornet solo, "Tho
Holy City," Mr. WilllnmBon; choruo,
••IIudilorHflcld," choir; Dlblo readiug;
hymn, " Jobu Lover of my soul," con-
ffregatlon; solo, MIbi Lizzie Luniloy;
< chorus, "Lead mo, Saviour," choir;
fiermon, "Tho mnn who spoiled tho
music," Pastor Williamson; quintette,
" Thoro's n land tliat Is falror tlmn day,'
Mcssi'B. Huglies, II. Biggs, Williamson,
Lown, nnd T. Illgge; hymn, " Onward
CliriitinnSoUliorH,"congrcgnllon; bone*
diction. Special oeMlng nccoinmodntion
-will bo provided.
Tlio following Ih tlio finding of tlio
jury wlio sat on Tuosdny night in
thu Court Homo to adjudicate upon
the cnuso of tho donth of Gomor Jonos,
tho unfortunnto mnn who wns killed nt
.Conl Crock on Octobor Otli laat*
•" We, tho jury, flnd thatGomer Jonci
met with liis death hy stiffocntion cnusod
by n "bump" on October Oth, 1007,
between tho hours of 7 p.m nnd 8 p.m.
in No. 2 mine, Conl Creek (16 room 4th
wnn'V   Wn mip-foRt tlmt tlio loner wnll
nystom, ailviflod by Inspector Movgnn,
eiiould be put in (orco in this particular
district of. No, 2 mino.—Ilobort Mooro
(foreman), TliornnB Addison, Wither
Clnrkson, Jnmes Btwerns. W. J. il
Morrison, Ft. 8* A Crosby."
On Ruturdiy, Oetober 20th, thoro wlll
bo publiuliod at Calgary, Alta., a new
wnokly nnwapaper, "Thft Woatern
VjlomMtead." It will bo a bright clean
wookly nowipapor containing many
new feature*!, and will appeal to the
people of Weatern Cainida is a good
data weekly \wtool pko&xMtA. lu tbe
Wm! fer Wwlerniri.
Al T.   HAMILTON     |
Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam   Fitting   ||
1  -■    -      -    .        - ; ■. -'     _•"     -|
All Work Prcmptlyo Executed and .     *      -Si
..Satisfaction- Guaranteed.
Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel
Three   Nights
George   B.
& Company
Monday, Oct. 21st
Tuesday, Oct. 22nd
Wednesday, Oct. 23rd
Packed house every ni-,'ht for throe weeks nt Calgary
Christopher Jr.
Charley's Aunt
Men's   unlined ;and   lined' gloves   in   Canvas,
Muleskin, ;Horsehide,   Pig   skin   and Buckskin
20c to 12.25 per pair
Winter Clothing
Examine our range of Men's heavy winter clothing
Duck and Mackinaw Coats.
Mackinaw Pant3 and" Khickersi
Engli3h Cord and Halifax Tweed Pants..    ,
Men's, Fine   Kid   and   Mocha   Gloves, in   al
. shades, silk, wool and fur lined
75c. to $3.25 per pair
*> .*■■>,•
Wew Fall Hats
We are now showing the newest shapes ot the
leading English and. American .makers. Oar
.showing, is so large and varied that we are
sure that we can"please you. -May we have
the opportunity ? , .  * „ ■
To Contractors and
White   Silk   embroidered front .and'caff,   .finest
quality Taffeta Silk, very dressy.,
Price   ,*,.....;
White Japanese Taffeta, deep lace yoke of finest
- quality Valenciennes. -—
Price. - :.
All-over net  Blouse with "yoke "and sleeves set
inrheavy medallion, quite swell.
Louisine  Silk,   a   silk  that   won't
Tailor made Blouse, very neat.
Price '. ."	
oko of finest
l sleeves set
cut,-   in  a
Ladies-  Skirts
Black Voile, , pleated
cloth, a real beauty.
Price.. '......
skirt   in   finest  quality
French Venetian Cloth in black, pleated and
nicely trimmed with self strapping. &f% Eft
Price   $%9.9(J
Grey Tweed, eleven gored and effectively
trimmed with braid.. rfp*K% g%0\
Price    ....^DiUU
Dark Check, Tweed  pleated, flounce . trimmed,
with self strapping.
Winter Apples
Car of choice' selected stock, made up of the undermentioned varieties now oh salo. Notwithstanding
the fact that prices aro away up wo will sell them
for a day or two at tho low prico of
7   $2.00 per box
Ontario Spy,   Baldwin,  Huesots,  St. Lawrence,
Greening, Stark, Powaukoe, Snow, Unas,
Pears', Citron, Grapes
Cantalopcs,     Cranberries.
Wo caa help you commonce tho day well by
Sliced to your order In apy quantity required. v'"'
Saturday Specials
8 lb. Tina Totloy's Toa, rog.*?1.25),i-ij»*i   0\tf%
Special        $1.UU
Baby's Own Soap
Per cake ...,...,.
2i lb. Tins Ttlblo Syrup
Per tin ;. ./............
Royal   Household  Flour
Is the best. Try a saok.
Have you „ pot your
winter supply ot" Oats &
Potatoes. If not order
now as thc prices are
going . up owing to thc
crop  failure  this  year.
Townsite Agents
Fernio and llosmer
Fire, Life & AcoL  C c*f <• -f a
dent Insuranco     CtSf Ld LC
Oats, CO lbs. guaranteed
per buBliel.
[flMII  li  I lllltlf tl
PoUtocs, 1201b. Backs *>*\   A0
per sack «|| I ■£•*}
At year eldlnpr. liberal credit and
. prompt uhlpmont.    Orner now, -
m*,' w ■» - •••. *>
Will double tho yilon*
r«Tf of wnur wimmw
outlnof. Wo havo thorn
ixx air**i/.*'»; from tlio
llrownlo to the latest
No, 4 Fol'llnff Pocket
Kodak. They soli al-
ways at catalog price.
Wo hnvo a lull lino of
-photographlo BuppllOR,
Films, Papon, Devcl*
oporfl, MounU, Day*
light Machlnci, Platei
Trlpodfl. etc, etc.
CmII and aeo them. •. •
N. C. Suddafyy
VstrnVm - Drug—-St^r«
■»rw' *m ** +*.****•* w* - J * '  -*•*    •»" m%mm*fmtssos^*mwi**tm
mSYAV* iHi'Iya 'WW '0
*•- *
Plans nnd  F.BllnmleB on Application
Residence 76 Howland Ave.
Fernie B, C.
UuXtinittUUj In Meh month la t. 0. 0. f.
■-*'■* mil.
JUH*W«w. Vt.X**f,
To shoot well good ammunition is required. The Canadian team in thc
international contest for the Palma
trophy at the D. R, A. Range, at
Ottawa, on Saturday, Sept. 7th, too
second place. The cartridges used
were Kynoch, loaded with their smokeless powder. In the total score the
CulivJIahs v-cvii little ly-il.in-L. thc
Americans and at the "long range"
outshot the winners of thc trophy.
We sell Kynoch Cartridges and
Kynoch Shotgun Shells in both
,   blaqk.nnd smokeless powders.
.V i
:o . *
i'.:.(B©i'' V1 •>«
- 5>S>-
.- ft--.-'., *
•*.-■!*<•     .
■ fth-v
■%■*'» -
V 1. '
'a 1
/   ■
,   .1,
■J'   n
O •


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