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The Fernie Ledger 1907-10-26

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■• *m
'.■     ..   -
t: ■
■ ;r
Tf *K
g^t? L^-a^ie -
L. Ill   No. 9
Fernie, ■ B.' C.,'.."OcTOBEit 2G, 19G7
$1.00 a YEAtt^
4-'-'-- ;' "
' -   ' . -      -.!> (.*""'-*       *
.V. \".'f.":' •-." ;y-'ii.-l<
...     i-.
:<•:♦♦:.•:»:••;••:♦.:.•:.•:«•:»:•♦:♦•:••;•*:• v
.. v
On   Lower   Arrow:Leike
40  Miles   South  West  of   Nelson
AN opportunity'to own. an orchid homewttliin quick, and easy reach
•of  the   unlimited--markets -of   British - Columbia,   Alberta   and
Saskatchewan.:* 5,-'- io* andv,2o!! acre -blocks.*^ - Finest- climate in Kootenay
■/."lAMV'-yy yiyi-y
Por   Pull
l.'~,-'.'.':'''\&.v'-': .'"'
Particulars   Apply   to
!>'''*-' - '• '-,'.-C-»•.'»'iii>v - .'  '-       •    ■ .'
Nest "Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
-,>•■■•   '-.74"   \ ■   -  - ■ • ,**■,,■_■■   . __.
Lethbrldge,    Al fc» e r ta    ,
i'. John Walsh, uf Winnipeg, was
>\vn this week.
•rood number of men havo left Coal
'i camp this week for Nanalmo.
\V, Bates, of tbo Amos Holden boot
uhoo manufactory, waa in town this
'■{. '   ,.
icre was no meeting of tho City
".ell this wook owing to tho absence
) mayor,
W. Walters, tho well known trav*
. & mnn, wns In thu city this wook
0 Interests of his linn,
Y.'HIiepnrd, of Calgary, Is vUltlng
in sprain. We understand thnt
bridge real estate fs tho objective.
oks for Oliristmas
-havo received n copy of tho tele*
"i dlroctory of thn Cranbrook Eloc
I^Iffht Company.   Kvcrybody can
"i\|*4' t\rn*7 nMth Vn, AO
r. S,'«!.....*i', lho xtDtlAiMiwn pboi*
phor, did us tho honor of taking
ohotograph ot our staff on Thursday
•ntracts for the akatlng and curllug
havo boon called lor, and wo trust
"*ork of building 'prill go ahead at
a Larson and Miss Lofthouso, ladv
eta, have purchased tbo business
•tarles Gilbert, and will take over
'onday next.
>o accident* occurred at Coal Crunk
weak. Harry Klogwood suffered
a rock on hit foot and Victor Kisti
red from an Injury to bis back.
»oks for Christmas
Patronize homo Industries, Georgo's
Extra and Crow's Nest Special. Call
for tho best'and help Fornlo grow.
Books for Christmas
Mr. H. Wllllnfi-liam has left for a fow
months' trip to Bovorluy. England..
William Wilson, well known In trav
oiling circles, was lu Fernio this week
looking after the lutcroftts of Ills llrm,
We understand thnt certain nir-nsurt'R
aro bolng taken to clean up thn town of
Fernio, und this pnpor wlll do its shnre
of the work.
This wook at tho Afalzci Frank Schof
wns sentenced to n life form by Judgo
Morrison. Animals of iho order of
Schof duservo all thnt they can pot, nnd
wo compliment tho jiidjio ou this fun-
A mooting of the Young Liberal
AHsoclntlon'wlll ho held on Monday
evening next at the Miner-*.' HrII nt
nii**hf. n'rlock. for tho pIppHm* nf olliforrt
and pwnoral organization. Kvoryonnl
in sympathy with tho principles ol
Liberalism Is Invited to attend,
Books for Christmas
Something Rood to smoke—Crow's
Nest Special and George's Exira.
Try tbem.
.1 Mr. Chandler, purchasing timber
•Sent for the 0. T. F, ii in Fcn.ic,
looking after.orders for ties and bridge
lumber for elitpmout to points on lho
prairie. He Informed^* that a contract
for some 100 miles has already been let
for construction from Prlnco Rupert
east, Mr. Chandler Is a tt*»rongh timber axon, ud U boytog tbe beet naJtarUJ
procutibte. ... I
Itov, Wn'or Olddlngs, recently from
Alberta, *■ in town this week, nnd
went on to Michel Friday,morning in
company with Rev, W. L, Hnll to tiiko
clr ige of thu Methodist Church thoro.
Books for Christmas
H. L Edmonds, of the Inninfail
brnncli of tlio Bnnk of Coiiimorco, aa-
Btiined duties ns manager of tho Femlo
branch of tho Hank of Comniorco tills
week, Mr. Holt, the into manager,
goos to Vancouver. Purlin, his may in
Fernie, Mr, Holt mndo many friend's.
A Bpoulnl mooting of tho Board of
License Commission of the Fornlo
Liwiiro District will bo held in the
Court Konm, Fornlo, on November fith.
nt tbo hour of 7 no In tho afternoon, to
consider tho following application for a
liquor IIccikc: Hugh Hell, Qmen's
Hotel, Hosmer,
A Foclnl dance wna jjlvou nt Coat
Creole on WndnoMlay nl«lit by Mr. nnd
Mre. Williams, the occnbloii being thu
pnlAVi.bn.t-.,    r I  ll   j,    !. f     . f
^.,4   .|,,...,t  L.   . ./K   ......*,*.«,4.   «.-•    ..   ?vt.   II.
Mr«. WllUnw', whlfb Xor-V jMiho nt
Liverpool, Unglntul. As n hour nnd
hostess, Mr, and Mrs. Williams nre
urexcollod, ami many wore the praises
for tho onjoynblo evening spent.
Books for Christmas
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
Church aro giving a ThnnkMglvIng
Dinner in the church on Thursday.
Thanksgiving Day, October IU. Dinner
wilt be served during tho evening,
beginblng at 6.H0. Arrangements have
been engaging the ladles1 attention for
eome titne past. Music will le rendered,
and a pletunt lime is anticipated.
Everybody welcome. Tickets, 60
cents; chorea half-price.
bpejts Declare All is Safe.
'A"crack or lunds'ildo .occurred tliii
wook, above Ko. 0 miiio in'the north
mountain at • Coal Creek, which Is
cr.usins. p.,wi'|prn,..!fi nppvolionpion in
vl.cvv of "the fitnlity thnt o.-cu-vp-.! at
Frank .""mo thro? yon'r.*. nyo. Wo nro*
so nccuitomodin th!** lntlfu-lc Xo vouavd
the enrth in* 'b snlid thnt nnythlns' in
nature'of'a-rrnck or subsidence is
nliiriniug,. \Vo uudersinnd tlim"nimiy.
peo'p'lo'hitvi) left Coi.l Creek this week,
and thnt iuuny moro nro coiiteiuplating
the same thing.
Geologically,-Fcri.te nml Frank; nre
illeslmilar, In one cniJc tlio ennl depofiits
nro horizontal, and in the other vcrticnl,
-.vltlcli makes a tninienilous diffoienco.
Frank is linui ttone, whicli Is always
ntmospheilcally weathering,, ni'icl at
Fernio wo liavo sandstone, which dees'
not weather at the snrno rale.
On another pn^c 7. ill bo found a
report of expert-- coucorniiig tho developments.
—  o
. Tho Fornlo ami other Pass popers
hnvo boon hnving a run of hoar Htories
lately, but one thnt caps then, nil has
coinu to Tho Frank Paper in tho tale
of tho experience thnt bofel a Frank
miner between Frank and Lille one
niiilit last week, Miku Waytlla was
iho victim, nud lie, according to hit-
own account, ennui very uenr being
ment for bruin. Waytlla had hoen
celebrating pay day in the way a good
many of his fellows aro in tho habit of
doing, and tho fact accounted for his
taking a notion Into his head to tnke n
walk to Lillo In tho edge of evenlpjr.
He stnrtod up the track nud hnd
leiu-liod a point about half wny Lutw-.cn
thu two camps which hns, always been
much frequented by bears, when nlfjlit
Hottlcd and it licciitnu <*ultu dark,
Suddenly hu wns startled to Feu tn front
Special Showing of
Harris   Tweeds,, - "Broadcloths,
■ Venetians, Panamas,' ■  °
.,   - Platd Silks, Delaines,7
French    Pattern Dress   Lengths.
Ladies' Winter Coats
r- i O
Latest  styles,   man   tailored-; direct
from headquarters,"Berlin, Germany-
Men's  Overcoats^
The    made-to-\vear   kind,-  straight
from   the  best' manufacturers,-'   and
"priced to.please you. *
Stetson's Hats
New Fall blocks in both hard and
soft hats just to hand. . ■
The Trites-Wood Company, Ud.
Agents for Geo. A. Slater's Invictus Shoo
| | t^
Vi Robite za Vase Dollary ale Nechajte ich Robit pre vas
Nikdavhistoriitohotokrajuncbol taki vichlcd n.i zrobenai
penazi datii svetu jak je teras y Lcthbridge. Obchodni a
Fabricni Kapital so Spoludnej Alberti Brani to Zapaunic
polian (Prairie.)
Lcthbridge je kolanjnicni prostredok so Spoludnej
Albcrty a je taki prostredok najbohatsieho rolnickeho kraja
v Severnc Amcriky Kasda velka kolajna spolocnost so
Zapadnej Canndy abo us ma abo pripravuje jej kolajnu linaj
abi brala jej ucast s uchelnicho drevenieho abo inieho
obchodus s tohoto bohaticho kraja. Ktori pravc teras jc
len v jcho mladosti cili v jeho koliske obscdlac'enia a
Velkid pracovne cili robotarnc sit v Lethbridge. Uhclnic
doli ktoric zamestnauaju mnoho muzof tehlarcn a skridloven
Electricna Fabrika Ml in na mukii ktori srobi dene pat sto
bociek muki Oliver zvama fabrika na.virabnnia matcrlalu pre
budunki Fabrika cili robolarcn na robenia radii na kone a
inic kozenic naradic Pivovar Zclc/.na fabrika Motornich cili
parovich vozov spolocnost Vlncna fabrika mnoho inich.
Obecenstvo v Lcthbridge sa s dvojnasobnilo v poslcdn-
ich dvoch rokoch a vsctko poka-ztije ze u druchichdvoch
rokoch obescenstvo sa zvisi na io,ooo siovom desnt tisic V
rastnucom mestejako je toto celkem ncmouze srobit lepscj
.jako vlozit svojc pi naze do podnikov ci  k'upit plac (lot)
of7l.7iVith^ budu lak v sillPflt do horl Jnko obeccn slvo tl0'
doc which lot out a Mvacep.ro.vi. Hoipoccu,    Place (loti) ktoric mi predavame tcras po $100.
ret-oiled, but gathering hi» courago| budu stat v kratkom 0 mnoho viaccj.
decided ho would not to turned back        'pjet0 p|acc (|oti) su dobra kupa ci pre obchod cili prie-
kup a ci na postaveni domacnosti oni sa dobrom suchom
a rovnom polozeni len par minut choudze od stret'u obchodu
mesta ano oni sa nadovsttko najlcpsic pre uhlo-kopov
ponevac sa blis ko uhelmch doiov. Ziaden ciovek nesbohatne
pri telcsnej praci ale mnohi sbochatli ked ich placu ulozili do
podnikov skros nakuncni placov v mestc. Jestli vy ulozitc
vase peniaze do podnikov jako sa mestkie podniki v tedi vase
peniaze sa vam s dvojnasobnia za kratki cas. Tieto hore
udante place (loti) sa po prvi-ratk na trhu odpredaji za levni
cas a za tu najnisu cenu cvo mozc bit.
Drstc trimtc krastni napredok mesta Lethbridge vyvasej
misli ahlastc sa u naso dajsi visvetlcnia. Mi taki mame plac
na predaj v Calgary a inic majetki ktorie sa dobrie podniki.
Hlaste sa u C. A. SHEPARD & CO.
Abo u Watson's Real Hstc Office, Pernie.
by a dog. Accordingly ho strode for
ward with the iuttiitibii of giving the
uuln.nl 11 good kick but ai ho wan lu
tho act ho discovered to his horror tbat
tbo dog WM a bur. I.f' utrne-i. to
mako track*, but bruin was too quick
for him and grabbed him by tho back
of hlii leg with hla jawa. Terrified
Miko net up a vlgoroux howl, and with
all tho forcn he could muster beat
thi animal on thn ..m-I with hid Rata.
Bet«eeo tho two, ho succeeded in
frightening tha bear Into lotting go hla
hold, and Mlko thou ducked ror town,
whll* tha boar evidently raada off ai he
aavr nothing farther of It. Mike bad a
badly lacerated lag, which required the
tUenM-M, of % turf mi. -meral dayi.—
Ptonk Pap#F.   * '"■    ■■
t (l
■ A Successful Woman Embalmer Says
Work Is Net Disagreeable.
'"When there .juo si) nian.v professions open to women, why on. earth
■did you choose !o bo iin.cnil.iiliner."
was the question put to .Mrs. Luke of
.Cincinnati, 0.   She replied:
"I luivo grown fairly' familiar with
■.that question. It has lieen hurled at
i mo several thousand times since I
passed the Ohio state examination
; three years ago and came out qualified
]to embalm aiid bury the dead.
"Five years ago I found myself a
| widow, with a ba'..y girl two years old
;to support and educate and no means.
FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. 0.   OCTOBj-.R 27, 1907   . '"
-..-■-./ =
that it may be changed ^with every
new directory.
* If the telephone Is detached from the
wall, a small wooden table'with" shelf
underneath is tbe best "resting "place.
The book may. be kept on the. shelf,
ai'rt the table may," be covered with
o centerpiece to match the book cover.
Shiny leather'Is not a secure holding
for the slippery instrument,    y,'
* A booth in a home may be made an
attractive little nook by putting curtains up at the windows, preferably of
some cool'mercerized goods. A, stool
or a chair must lie provided, with a
cushion for the back, or tho scat must
be mndo as comfortable as possible
foi- tlie long waits'for "Central." An
electric fan in a booth is always aii acquisition, for nothing can be warmer
than one of these telephone booths in
summer when the door is closed.,
Tablets may be secured which are
used' for the frequently used numbers
and for the calls when the person'desired is absent.
An instrument should uevei? be
'/shined with any patent preparation or
paste. "An occasional rubbing with a
flannel cloth will suffice. .The transmitter should be cleansed 'frequently
with carbolic acid.
I had: not been educated-to-work. I
had ho accomplishments which I could
turn'into cold 'cash'. Born in Germany.
I was brought- to America when a
child, received a common school'education! and man*ied very young.."''';
"These things (I decided—I must earn
more! money than the average stenographer or clerk, and,.1 must: have .a.
home.' , _" "
"like most women,,I had 'assisted hi
caring ^ for the dead.in my neighborhood.^ The difference between the woman's way'- and faiat of the usual man
undertaker had started me to thinking
t)f.thp|pf>gsihim-l«a '    - -    g'' -
"I entered a college of embalming,
and I worked my way through by. sell;
Ing'.embalmin'g fluid after school.' In
! this way I got acquainted with the cn-'
Idertakers in the city, and .'when I grad-
j Bated one of them gave me a chance
i by making me his assistant., , ,
i.- "I could easily make fromj $150 to
$200 a month if I worked steadily, but
I cannot give up.my home or leave my
child to" tlie care of strangers,"
'■ Suggettions For Campers. '
If tho vacation is to be spent in camp
life, hygienic principles .must ,be remembered." The .cleansing of the sl.I.i
must jnever lie'-omitted, and tlio daily
bath should also;bo takou.
Food should be| looked after as carefully as. at ho::.e, and all tho fresh
, fruit, cream and eggs tbat can bo had
.'j-Rhonldj bo taken.   *
i   Little;meat Is necessary unless ono
.goes lfi1'for-considerable exertion,-but
i,vcgctaule'"s"a!adH nhd'flsK'nro excellent:'
There-are two tilings'that'campers
must tako with them to the woods and
•Btroamp-adaptablllty find good humor:
,  Bo ready'to go 'anywhere;'to sink"
;your   owu   personal   objections   und
-tastes, to mnko life ns.cnsy as posslblo
for your companions, ;'   ;        _      ,
I Tho pure air, tho restful"'silence, the
morning plunge ln tbo cool lake, tlio
ilong dnya.Bpent In the open air,.make
camp Ufo.,the Ideal way,to regain
•strength', and hnpnlncsR, for which all"
yacatlo'nlata aro mipposed to be seek-
Tlio womnn who works In the o.Tico
all tho year around owes It to1 herself
.to Bprnul hor vacations admirably. "
■ To go to some overcrowded Neaaldo
resort Is not tlio best way to spend tlio
nnnunl two wonkn, or to go to some
stupid little'country town whoro thoro
Is no fishing, bathing or boating, whoro
thoro Ih nothing to do but gossip and
dawdlo tlmo away, Is no way for any
ono under sixty to spend n holiday.
Health and plonsuro must be combined to form the vacation tlmt Is worth
Tclephono Attrnctlvenona.
liy ino'il peoplo who mvii telfphoiuw
It Irt'i not !i:'4.'ii c dm'. R'i'i.'.l ui-cjfjiiii'y b
ml'irn llii':-.i In ;iiiy wiy. Thn |''"Im
wood !in\iM or **li:»ply tlm ulfl-el In<-Ii*h-
iiii'iil. nml tlio .vin.l i of j.;il\*t.'ii tiipo liuvu
f.llil" ! '",-('!l tli:*- ii;» :t. lU'Cl'ii'lIi-. Imi )i v,v
II U I'l't'liinlii';' tn ho a |'*'<I t.i iii.i':<> t!,*i'
(I'h'phifiu! iiii iirii:inii'iit ns well im n
usul'ul alTalr. AIUioiikIi tlio Insiruiiioiji
ll.«)ir cun liiirdly bo Iriinsforml to milt
the Inillvliliiiil I n Ml it mul' llinii'-li If Ik
not yet posslhle to hnvo tho Inevitable
green tnpi L'civi'i'i?d with Homo Rort of
iloweri'd eropo do chine to match tha
wall paper, It Is, howovor, practicable
to M.'ikf l!.*.- Mi'iihtuw ...inn'r !:\ ".ivp*
bit! with tho rc-it of tho furnishings.
The owii(>rn of privnte phonos si-ldnm
hnvo Imotlm, Imt (ho InBtrmiinut Ih simply riveted to the wall or Ntandfl on a
desk tnblo, Tho manner of adornlnpr It
ho nsi not to appear to bo out of pliice,
of course;1 (lepcmlii on Its locntlon, lint
thero nro sovernl ways of nxltiir It up
.which nmy bo taken as hints.  •
Mi tho (Imt plncp, the 'directory Win
bn niad.o,to l*o nn nttrnctlvo iidillllon
1u tho nppnrntuH, nnd whim provided
with a pretty njui/jvalilo cover It Ih
IrniiHforiiuiil Into quite nn ornament
ft*- It liu ii-,*:; at thv side uf (ho phono,
Leaf her, canraa.* linen, burlap, and wall
rnper nro ntfrnellvo'materials for Hi.**.
fY.ver. Thr*, wor-W "Telephone Dlwt*
"ty" mnv h* painted er burned across
tlilw. anrfjll ma-t-jiavo fiiHtflnlntp. like,:
tht*  removable  raajpulne coven,, to,
Does It Occur, to You—
That late hours are a frequent cause
of the appearance of premature wrinkles? ::,' '
} That If we took the trouble occasionally to "count our ..mercies" :most,of
us would find that we have more to
"be thankful for than to grumble at? *
That "absence of ..occupation .is not
rest?"    ■
That you (cannot ..expect admiration
If'you never take, any trouble to deserve it? ,       -;
That if you really care for a person
you- will not say unkind things to or
of him or her?'.
That your wife's temper, whether
good or biid, ..is often only a reflection
of your own?       •   <• '
* That personal remarks are seldom in
good taste? (' „ ,
That "when you meet a friend and
,say,to her. ,"How..poorly you are looking!" it. is by no means payings her a
compliment? . c.    . -j   •   '.
That your children will not love you
a bit less for your firmness In saying
"ubV.. :'at. .the right moment?—Home
Notes. •'...'■ f
7   Helps  In Shopping.     ,,,
.„ A.woman who has a large family to
which   she  always-carries   with ' her.
'n her. pocketbo'ok or * hand. bag is a
small "notebook. 'It takes up very little room, but Is a great convenience
andtime,saver.   In this book she keeps
a memorandum, of sizes of shoes, hosiery, underwear, etc., for the different
members of her  family,  besides  the
names of any special styles or,brands
of articles which she Is In the.habit
of buying.1   This proves to be a much
easier method than trying to carry all
of this data lu one's memory and avoids,
having to return articles of.the wrong
size which  have! been . purchased by
mistake.;. 7"   i'\      .   .....   i, ■
In this book, too, are written the
Bhopplng.llsta which, put on loose slips
of paper, would bo more liable to be
lost. This book furnishes a sort of
perpetual memornndum. ..Tilings which
are not purchased at ono time are still
recorded to bo attended to again.
 Cooking' Lamb.	
Throw It Into boiling .wator for five
minutes and drain. ,.•_'.,
*Put In a Btewpan a-piece of butter
tho size'of ah' eggr-nndplaeoon the'
Are. When molted mix In it ono table-
spoonful of flour, after which pour In,
little,by little,' a.plnt'.and a half, of
boiling'water, stirring constantly with
a wooden spoon,
. Tut tho;ment In tho pan nnd four
small'. onions, a bay leaf, two cloves,
threp sprigs of parsley, two of thyme,
salt,and pepper,-
' About fifteen minutes before It Is ■
dono add two or threo 'mushrooms 'cut
In slices.   .
Tnko from tho lire when cooked.,
Placo tlio moat on a dish with tho
mushrooms nnd onions around, or, If
preferred, without cither. Strain tho
snuco over tho moat mid sorvo,
Onions Make Mirth,
If people would out more onions, the
population would bo a great deal
healthier, Stilton a writer In, the Table,
WI.**,- am wo billons', lieonuRO wc
don't eat onions, Ynu never saw n
dyspeptic man on I In.j. onions. Ho
thlnkfi they nrc poison;, but, In fuel,
thoy urn tin*, iiii'dlcliiu tlmt he most
mviln, my* Homo ('lm|,
Whenever  ymi  'H'i» mi 'union   en ter
y..!i ,-.-.- ,i w'.i.il.' ,.„i;!**.1, tp,.*i !;.;i-.*i*-.|,
,! ",' • m.I f.'lhw. who known wl'iit 7«
' uj*,!ii. I > (.'ill lu ki'-'n him (tori Iiiiiu,ii'|i,|
Vnlii almtit lhc uli'.:.'of lllV-v:!!,", bi'i'icl I
i i only a I'l'iiteh,    Tlu'l'i' \i innre noiir-  '
hihmcnt in au onion thnn thero Is In '
ii jm'.I. I
■aerious consequences were averted a-t*
Kingston by Zam-Buk. Blood Poison
through stocking dyo 1ms on moro than ono
occasion proved bcrious, nml such-miuht
lmve beon tlio cixro with "Mr. Tlios. Foster
o£ Kingston, had it not boon for Zam-Muk.
Mr. Foster, formerly an olllcor in tlie Horse
Artillory Btationed at Kingston, says:—
' Last fall I had a nasty soro on my foot
caused by tho irritation from n projectine
oyelct in my shoe, lloforo I was aware of
it tho colored sock I woro had poisoned the
nosh and I suffered much in conscquonco.
i tried a good many salves and*bintn.cnts
yet there was no improvement until I
began with Zam-Buk. This ointment drew
out all'tho inflammation and polsonouB
matter and healed tho sore in several days
after applying. You oan publish thia statement if you wish for the merits of Zaw-Buk
cannot be to widely known.!*.
.»^L,.*^.<Ii!*!5!ef 1ulckl"r'*riel<1 toSSam-Bnlc. SoM by»U
•torei and mwllcine TenJoni »t 50c » box. oruoi. frw
fromainBukCo..Toronto,SIraxu»L*&    .   \!
Will be Seen at the Opera
House, Oct. 31st.
The   Egyptian-of   Pompeii, under
the direction ofr.Harold Nelson   and
Clifford-Lane ;Eruce-; will appear   at,
the Opera* House, Fernie, Tmirsday,
Oct. 31," 1907.'   ■
The play opens with the fete, day
at Pompeii. (Nydia, the blind girl,
wanderijlthnjugh. the .streets selling
flowers. !'Glaucus, the noble Athenian, converses with her, but does "not
guess)'ihat, the ,loves',; him,' for to
him she is but a child, and his affections are centered upon lone', the
beautiful Neapolitan maiden'. , She
and "her bi other,' Apaecides," have
teen pupils of Arbaces, the Egyptian-
and .he, while trying' to'' keep the
brother from becoming a Christian, ■
tries'ao the same time to- win lone
fcr his bride. , She,, however, "loves
Glaucus. Thc interest of.the, play
circles round Arbaces, the Egyptian',
who, with his bass treachery and
cunning'„n".akcs a strong personality.
The plot, is'good. The. Costumes
arc typical of that early era, the
sandalled lm:, the flowing robes," thc
land ot Cnristians in their . black
cloaks and hoods. , ...
While this production is under tho
direction of Harold Nelson and*-Clifford Lace' Biuce, they have" spared
no pains to make this new venture
a success.-**a capable company of*
New York players have been chosen
to fill the various roles .to support
Miss Helene Scott,- who appears as
lone,,, the Neapolitan maiden.\ Miss
Scott,, is too well- known through
the west to, need mention, having
appeared fcr so many seasons^ as
leading, woman for the Nelson, Bruce*
Co. Her many friends and admirers
will be glad to welcome her after an*
absence, of two years.
Mr. Joseph De. Stefabi, an actor,
of great ability and long experience
appears, in* the role of Arbaces,
which demands more than ^ordinary
talent to portray. The play is a
dramatization' of- Bulwer-Lytton's
famous novel, The, Last Days . ol
Pompeii. c, , -
Special scenery has beto provided,
and the    curtain,descends ;upon the
magnificent spectacle of Vesuvius in-
Eruption; "• 7 ° '.  -'
„•• - l&y;r."5'rr;c:v..-4'.'.'
The Embroiderer.
WIn*i. .eiiibi-oliU-i'liii,' Inltlulu on it
(owul tlmt Ih to he Iif*uiMllti*Iio.l. linn'
Himt'u iuioii.iIi below tin* liittoi'H for n
imw hvin, div ('ii' 'Iiii. nun is miiv to
tear off Ioiik lKifoid tlu; rest ot' tin-
towel hIiowh wear. If tho Initial*1 nro
plneoil cIoho to tho horn It Ih ItuposHlbli*
to ropiilr tho Injury ho thnt tho towel
will look wpII.
Rtmov* 8talm Prom 8lnl*.
Wot Hltlc und Bprlnlclo chlorldo of
11 mo fcito, It. Lot Rtonil nhuiit n half
hour, nnd It wlll hocoiuu white. It
will rouovo nil stiilim iis nothing o.t.u
Aftor wmliloir flnnnolK rub n Iittlo
vlni*£iir well Into the Iiiiii.Ih, Thin
tnlcri- away tlio shrunken look tlmt tho
i-..lu Boti nud mtikcH it soft nud white.
Hoak tlml foot In hot salt and water,
It tests srul nootlios thorn; at nothln/*;
"    wllfdo. ....
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.This, paperowill not be responsible
lor opinions cespressed by its correspondents.
'To Tho Editor:-, °
. Dear Sic—1' would.* beg* leave .for
the use" of your valuable paper to
express an opinion on certain questions .which __ seem to ' be occupying
•the attention of the working classes-
of this'disU'ict aud those people'who'
take any in.crest in the .social and
economic , conditions prevailing iu
this part Vi British Columbia.
- In the first place I may say that
I know that the "Free Press is the'
property of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company,"'but ■ I also "know
that it. owes a- duty to the general
' public, as well as to its proprietors,
and I know,• also',' that"for the.."Free
Press" to rciuse to give" publicity to
both sides cf these questions, would
instantly^mean 'ostracism 'by its
most intelligent, readers.. ^However,
" -I "'do' not doubt that that the' '''Free
Press" will be unbiased in dealing
with these questions and- thereby retain, -* at least, self-respect.- The"
questions I have especial reference to
-are some of the letters appearing in
the'.."Free"' Press" and the^-'Fernie
Ledger."-The .large influx^of , im-
., ported imtn?f.rants. into-=thls" part -is
they like it. In. answer- I would
quote Voltaire, who .when Puefondorf
claimed slavery* was originally voluntary, demsnded a copy of; the first
ccntract, declaring -that if that was
so, he would find the- slave's name
appended to the contract. It was'
never produced. 'Backhands may like [stances    than some
'.'.-' QilSSI'li«ttSr'«Hu.ia.'..'.:u.Ml '■ M.
had, and know by- experience that
that is hartir, likely to be accomplished by a*, .over-stocked' labor'
market. However here is "where I
differ with Mr. Biggs." He advises
men ,to stay jn England and not to
come-to British Columbia, for fear'
that we in British Columbia already
fail' to maintain the privileges we,
have. It is, ia my opinion, illogical
and inconsistent to ask men, to stay
in England whilst we enjoy the lib-'
erties they, Lave' not. "I know I differ in opinion with a lot of miners*
on this question, but liberty '- of
speech 'nitjuns more to me, it is
broader, deeper and more glorious
than to say 1 think; what I think
somebody else thinks. I believe in
honest opin.on, right or wrong. ' I
am an Englishman and know conditions here JaJilywell. England is
cursed with caste.. A miner there is
classed very little above-the .average
hog, and even he.is in better* cirefum-
f    his- fellow-
_causing~quTte ^^ensation~¥inong"~th-e"
' miners of this-district.'■■*__  ■-■•_• 7 -•'.■'
' The peculiar feature is that    only
"the C. N. P. C. 0. have to resort to
- this-method of sending ■ out to England, etc., oi special agents to misrepresent   ta - a certain   extent the
'true Conditions  which, prevail here.
In Mr. Biggs: first letter he explained the situation at Fernie very thoroughly and to a considerable extent,
and casually mentioned tbat conditions could not be so good In Michel
■ or there would not be such a scarcity of men as reported by the com-
.'pany.  Quito a natural conclusion* on
the'part of Mr?'Biggs.  It is refresh;
, Ing to find at least'that some of tho'
Fernie men understand part-ally the
conditions at Michel.    Somo    little'
time ago, when Michel men   refused
to go to work under tho conditions
. impoBed upoD tnem by Mr. Sherman
and : Minister   of   Labor ' McKonzlo
Xing, some of the Fernio .union   ol-
.  tlcinh declared that the Michel men
' were   being led   away   hy someono
with personal   feelings and, possibly
perepnal    aspirations.     Tlmo   has,
however,. shown that tho Michel mon
were on the right tratfk, and we are
grateful to Mr. , Biggs for his   con*
coBBlon.  Whan- we consider the conditions that now prevail iii tho met-,
all fcrous district of British Colum-
'bin, ,,to«other   with * tho conditions
prevailing In the conl mines of Montana and Wyoming, U. B. A., which
are, with Michel, etc., ln the   same
competitive   field," I ask   candidly,
"Did Michel receive a square deal?"
It is truo that somo men in Mlehel
make fairly good wanes, but  under
what conditions do they earn tbem,
and even   arc' tihoy typical of   tho
gonornl earning capudty of the miners. I answer, most   emphatically,
"no."     Thr* men who nre making
wages that compare In any way lav-
orahlo to thc wagon earned even   In
Alberta, arc men who work  on the
backhand Mjuton.; that Is, ono   man
working,    l.vlnc   nnd    earning his
Rood wages nt    tho   expense of tho
poor    slave (laborer)    who   works
nloiiguldo of him, sharing the   same
Wanders ' and receiving just enough
to keep body and soul together. The
rcrnlnrn   t,l llm    "Free Press"     enn
•Judp-e how meny luxuries a mnn rat*
* cd nt $2.50 per day can indulge In,
In a closed town, taking Into    con-
Hldorntion,   of   course   bis   broken
time, eta., which form on Important
T<iTt tn  nil rri.il rnlnpis    T  nm  Rnrrv
to Hoy that, awie of our most prominent union   members and socialists
think lt.no fltuj-rnce to practice this
inhumnn syHt'em; men who in stentorian, tone announces that tbey are
flsrhMng for   the destruction   of the
cruel system of competitive- capital-
!'lffm; men whose low for their   fel-
'   Tow-man 'Is-.'sq, overwhelming   that
'   th'ey do hot'hH.tate'to ttAct advant-
hit ot tt.-^'frrstfjpsrl.on they.mwt*.!
'   uhle.to.do Vol; ?t ••«• -WW jatd, Mr.*
Bdltor, that ti'we bactluii&i do'not
object   to thU ivy-jltm, but ta.tl.-jc.
the system, but;, it has never been
my privilege tb see any of those-who
did.' We' have aeain in Michel an al-'
most infinite number oft grievances,
which must be, remedied, and .before
long, too. I would advise' the company to send, down to Michel that
gentleman \\h.o in Free Press columns
signed himselt ."Satisfied." I- will
undertake to.show him that in,some
instances ive have men shovelling
coal for the lidiculous sum of ,4 cents'
per ton, a thing unparalellcd' on the
American    continent.    4 will   show
him a mine. where the miners"   set
■* ,\
their posts for nothing, other camps
in, this 'district paying'5 cents per.
lineal foor for •-- sanie71 will show
him men pushing - cfoal down-a chute
250 . feet long for nothing.' I will
show' him • men packing -timbers the
same- distance for .nothing—these
things being..done by compani men.
in other "camps.. I could go on al-.
most ad infinitum. t How is that" in
Taber, Alta., .the"" men receive 50,-c.
per. ton ior loading and blasting-
coal, after it has been machine mined,'aiid-the med *in_ No. 3, Michel, re-
-ceive"~only~57t5—cents™- per—ton——ior-
handpicked coal, having 'to blast and
load too.' Why should" the C.' N..P.
C. C. to discriminated in favor . of
liy.,this, district union?"Do circumstances justi.'j it? No sir! "All of
the Alberta operators had to buy
their coal lands as well as develop
them.'whiUt the C. N. P. C. C,
through political intrigi'.e' and corruption, acquired *250 .:square, miles
pfjthe finest, coal land under .tlie sun,
and an almost illimitable stretch of
tlmter'lauu, too, and'for nothing^ A
very conservative estimate of the
value of. this property would be
?1Q,000,COQ, probably_ '?15,CO0,CO3
would be urmrer the proper value.*
Yet we' never hear-of this, being"
counted in their balance.*--
Should we then work under  worse
conditions ana for less wages than
other camps in the same field,    and
will tho Miohel men consent to'work
under these conditions until the expiration''of this contract?.   Let me
say thut in' my opinion that   Michel
Is" a vcritablo magazine,, nnd is aa
likely as    not to go "off" at any
tlmo.  I ask you not to brand mo as
a dcmasoR   until   after   proper   investigation,    but rather   como    to,
Michel nnd enquire for yourself, Ask
the local .superintendent . how   often
ho Interviews   thc   local   grievance
commlttoe.  That, I consider, Bhould
be'n" true 'inc'ox, to    the situation.
Most probuMy tho company wlil Bay,
what reliance can wc place In these
men? Havo tbey no respect   for   n
regular aslgafd    nnd legal contract?
Allow mo to suggest, sir, that   no
contract or agreement Is ,valld which
Is signed  through fear  or Intimidation,   and   I can prove ..to the full
that that applies In this,case. The
company nuy>gnln''nBk, what method   would be taken to "abrogate"
this agreoment? In my opinion, the
miners of1'-Michel, nnd » bollovo Fernio, too, and.ng that they arc work.
Ing under worse conditions anil less
wns-CH than those that prevail In the
aforementioned places, may.   nnd I
believe they' will eventually, If not
In tins immediate future, break nwny
from District IS and form themselves
into r. scparUc district, or probably
nfflllntn Willi the Western Federation
lionares,,and capitalists, etc., -said:
that, "they" the Capitalists,., were'
"God's Trustees."- I'wonder if he
meant it, ii so, what'an awful" eon-
demnatien of his God, 7A trustee,
as. I' understand it,-"is, a' person who'
is entrusted with a certain charge,
by one who trusts him, believes and
thinks thai he is an honest- man,
one who will perform* this duty.
Are some' of thc well known American millior&i'es men of that calibre?
Men who hv : violated every law in
the U.S. /,. both moral and physl-..
cal; men who have torn to pieces
thousands of children, in their merciless., exploiution, men who have,today in "peonage" their fel,ow countrymen. Ac these God's trustees/
some of wl oni deny, his very existence. I can't believe it. . The Bishop of Lordon is cither misquoted,
or he is mad If 'a man about to
die, leaving an'1 only .daughter,, one
whom his c>ery affection was centred)
in, one who was too young, or   too
country mo;*..   There, is a   class   in
England who arc almost afraid that
their very clothes"might touch*those
of the working class.   They     could
not ■ be more scared   if workingmen
were, lepers.   Even the business class
have to play a very subservient role.
If an   aristo'-rat   wanted   a box of
Beecham's  Fills, * the shop assistant
would, have to     take   them to-his
home and   4\->;uld  have to    approach
the   place by    -the,   back door,- and
with   almost-  reyerential awe,    and.
would he almighty glad if he     got
away without the dog being   set on
him.   The   average  workingman,    in
thousands in England, is tricked out
of the greatest privilege a man can
have in aay country, viz., the Iran--
chise. "' J'ist , because^   hundreds . of
.thousands are human enough to stay
with  their pm cnts,    without taking
out "lodger's-papers," they are   deprived of a.  vote  in the country. Were
I in England today I would have no-
vcte.-  Yet- wc find that all the aristocracy have-votes, because- if they
are not householders they "are property owner's, but there are thousands
mea in Kugla.id, who consider themselves' faiily   lucky,  i,   they    have
enough   property to buy them  their
breakfast,    'lhe very  fact  that-we
stay in tin's"country ourselves, is, a'
better incmiiye for the Englishman
to come, than Mr. Bigg's and others
notes   of   warning  are to the cor-,
trary.   Ii '-ve suffer fiom bad   laws
in this country,  we only get   what
desurvo.   There is no vountry in
0   world where    thc  workingmen,
are in such an overwhelming majori-,
ty as in British Columbia, and moro
especially-the Fernie riding.   If- we.
want   or   vish to   emancipate ourselves, wn have every possible opportunity,   Wri   have" In this   " country
what the Trade Unionists   and Socialists of England have been   and
are yet fip.liti.ig for,   universal "suffrage.  Why then should we ask these
men to st.iy in a country whero they
have' not that lirivilogc.   To mo   it
soems   absurd.      Wo   have, in and
around    thi-pr    mines   benrly    2,50,0
men, there are, I believe about   C
practicing    banisters In this   same
riding, yet we send Wm. Ross,,barrister to rcp't-seiit us.   What has he
dono or silil lor tho workingmen of
this ooDF.tlti'tncy.  On tho     question
of the   J,\d* invasion   ho has maintained an ominous silence,   Ho   has
sceu   hundreds   of   white men displaced by Japs In the lumbering industry, thcroly bringing them   Into
competition wit', tbo  men engaged
In thut    Industry in this neighborhood, yet ho opens not his mouth.
His sllonco to me, Mr. Editor, boars
a very strong   rcsomblanco   to thc
devotion of Leucna;    who,   wc are
told, bit out her tongw for fear she
mlgbt   be tortured to betray   her
muster Arlutogitcn.   Mr. Robs,  lln
bis devotion to his 'master 1. e. (The
Corporal ion    does not. bite out his
tongue,   biit   rather putu It In   his
cheek,    Speaking   of   the   .Tap Invasion, I notice that President Hays
uf tbe Grand Trunk Taclflc in an interview nt   Vancouver said,  "That
uny one whom   tho government al- ]
innocent,  an-"  he bethought himself
g „    Canada's Weekly Newspaper
to' appoint for her,, until she arrived at maLviity, a guardian, a trustee; would he deliberately choose a
libertine? ,. when' will "this mummery
cease, wh3n will the bishop's and
all the orthodoxy, cease to shackle
men's- minds'? • When will they commence to tell thc truth, I woiider.
Tn conclusion, sir, although I cheerfully accord"-to "Satisfied", all I ask
for myself," and especially the freedom of speech, he must see that I
writ"; as „he did, in the. Company's
paper, and under a non-de-plumc,
places him ia a funny position, 'to
say thc least. , He is also unique, .in
that he is satisfied. ■ Man as a whole
is not, never was, and never can be
satisfied. He has been, and is .today,'' struggling up the social plane
,-ind for the firsc time'in human history,' v»e see signs that he is about
to ..assume, the , full'responsibilities
of 'manbood. In other words he is
aboui to "refuse'to be the chattel of
anyone, whom -nature has ^endowed
with a cunning,, tigerish ^brain, in:.
just,.the   same .fashion  that  society
.rflfiirAci^—fA o.llri'*!* ri'rto rnan lixrllOTTi't--
—i. V* UO-U*7 %J\J 1-."--* *.\J  TI " Wi*V &i«LAl.« 1 H   MV#*»■»■■-
nature has endowed with Herculean-
um strength .to .impose on. another.
However,-seeing that "Satisfied" is
satisfied, I think rMr. Lindsay ought
to put in operation that old Mosaic-
law, that if a bondsman says "I love'
my master,' ,1' refuse to/leave him,"-
the master was supposed, to lead*,
him to the door post; and plug '' a
hole through hii: ear. I hope that*
Mr. Lindsay hus enough respect for
the Bible to. carry out its „in-
junctioni" I .hope Mr.' Editor that
I have not presumed too far on your
valuablo sracc, and that you will
give this a corner in your widely
read paper. Having just about the
snme respect for tlio, man who signs
a non-do-plume us a man who packH
a bomb, I nm, .     ,
' ., .Yours icspectfully,  '
James   Douglas.
Western    Homestead
will make its first appearance
'■'> -*.,' - . . '.
Saturday, October 26th, '07
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conditions nnd waRes, more com-1.Vest I'i-sa Coui Co., itpea-Vnn? ■»
mennurato . rlth theB« prosperous I Cal/jnry the other day, implored
times. They r<co?.uUe that the time.the people not to make the Japan-
is opportiaift, It Is now or, never, nni j cue (-u.-i.Uon a pollttcul one. I won-
T T<-*liot'-* xrw nre- rleht,.' nevertlnK ! der Trhv? Will the worltlni? class
back lo th'j immigration policy of jcver tako n tumble to themselves?
this company* It was but natural Senator C'o< must think that we nre
that there rh'ould bo friction, They "dead e/is/.' Does he think tlmt
the company nnd' the miners were wc do nit knew thnt through polltl
both Impelled by tlio nAtnc common \ cnl control do they manipulate every
hnmi-n Irtitlr.ct.'to take the action,thin? to suit themselves. Thnt
they • did/namely, •aelfl«..neai. The , through hirx they (thc capitalists',
co-nipnny'w'rrt w*»Vln-** to u'lpTilcm^nt'been Able to entrench them«elves,
their, fof'ce'of employees on the aim-j and that oaly throufih polities will
pie?pt-t-u-lal)' that If It pays   to ex-!we ever be able to .- dlalodsr* thern.
f*f6t(t iMUalwr. of ene. man, it pa;rs
•o-»m»f-W-^lffltttiOto.. On the oth- itiria tool   I we the Bishop of Loa
or hand, the rain wanted to eouwrve
wU'it   ViltXt. HUcttia   ttf-jy   already
But,we *»U do it Senator, and' next
♦Jon,   efitmmtoti   to •  ' cflB«ret*llon
eoaipo'cM    thttflf of Amerieani mil-
' Wholesale Denlcrs nnd Direct
\\U\Kii-tfAa t/'i
misn whiskey,
Kt.fi UULLASD Obi,
Solo Ajrenti in East Kootenay for
.,,. ,  .* .«*yA'TER
xmUotU  Ikalart   *M   tWrael
tepattani ei
Phillip Carosella
dry (mk ftrnreries. BmLs and Shoes
Gut's furchbiufs
a-naMOH at HOtMtit. xt.xi.
Read thc Ledger
Vou want comfort and satlhictlonl
of elaan smooth  shaves   every |
imorninK. _, |
TJjft C»rl»o Morartlc Is \ht only*
OUARANTBLD to five this.
Thesaciet Rlectrtctemptrln-*;
posltlraly merges overy par*
Uele of carbon • (tha Ufa of
ftf-eT' into thi*- mMRl.-rjHvlny
diamond-Ilka hardaesa
throughout tha blade«soma«
thlac absolutely Impoeilbla
with flra tomparad atael used
In making all other razor*.
Hut test thia razor In your I
own home—or have your bar bar
us* It an you.   Sacur* oa* J"
The. Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
Iagued every Saturday  from  the Ofiice. of
.Publication, Todd Blook, Victoria Ave,
Fernie, British Columbia-.
•  All changes of 'ads. must he in as follows :—
Pages i and 5, 2 p. m. Tuesday ; pages » and 4,
- 2p. m: Thursday, and paRe 0, 2 p.m., Friday.
Wo will be unable to insure change unless
. this rule is complied with.'
Legal advortUinir 12 "cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, S cents jier line each subsequent insej-tion,
Hates for contract advert kin? on application at oilico of publication, Todd Block.*
T.T. JOHN,.     F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor Manager
<U N10 N^lyl L A IBIE L>
, FERNIE, :231d:—Prbs.,;J sis. Lancastori;
Fin. Sec, Thos, Biggs.- .7
HOSMER, 249-ir— Pres,, Wm. Taylor;
■   .Sec*, Win. N. Keid*.    J„  .-
MICHEL,' 233iVPi-6s.,,Wm. Colgrc-
"   houn';' Sec, Charles, Garner,
'COLEMAN,'2638,-Pres., W. Haysom;
:   Sec., Will; Graham*        "      " 0  ., *'
■FjtANK, 12-39,-Pres,, '    "
v"'"Sec, George Nichols  „    „"     e
LILLE, »1283.-Pres.,«   .   .
Sec, A* W. May.
BELLEVUE, 431.—Pres.,
Sec, Fred Cnappell.   *
HILLCREST, ; 1058.—Pres., Robert
Livettj Yice-pres., J. Lagace; Sec,
Harry.T. Cooper.
LTJNDBRECK, ' 2275.-'-Pres., Alex
McCullpck; Sec., Peter Blake.      ' _■■
LTJNDBRECK, 23.52.—Pres., William
Steep; Sec, Stephen Davles.
■ WOODPECKER, 2299.—Pres.,   *   .
Sec, Andrew Wilson. _■-"- "- y.'
'   MORRINVILLE, 2378,-Pres.,   .     *"
See., T. Meir. *     7 , ■'*       ,-
have in the past been charged with ingratitude toward their leaders;, then, as
in the case of John Siuey," to erect
monuments over their graves. It would
be the height bf ■ ingratitude to allow,
Mitchell to retire from office,-broken in'
health. No coal company nor any other
business firm would think of treating
an able officer in this manner.
This paper will not he responsible
for opinions expressed by. its correspondents,
k '
CANMORE, 1387.-Pres., 7 '
- Sec-, Robert Hunter. .
BANKHEAD, 29.—Pres., Wm. Fisher';
Sec,' F! Dyson.     : „
TABER,  102.—Prfcs., T. Boyle';' Sec.
*   Wm. Murdoc'k,
LETHBRIDGE,    574.-Pr.es.,    B.   G.
. Hamilton; Sec, Charles Peacock,
TABER,  1959.—Pres.,  Waiter Vore;
Sec, Robert Doodson.
CARBONADO^ 2318,-Pres.,    .
Presidents and secretaries whoso
names do not appear on this list are
" requested to farward them to this
office for Insertion.
Continued inquiries reach' lis for
the foregoing information.
Editor, " Fernio Ledger,"
Fernio, B.C.   .
Dear Sir: ,
Letters are being constantly received by tho Bureau'ot Provincial
., Information from persons desiring
work on farms and orchards. These
applications are from,tho Middle, and
Eastern Provinces . of Canada, the
British Isles and Northern Europe,
and may be divided.into four classes,
. namely:— -        '."    ■ J
1. Young men inexperienced in farm
work, wishing to'learn practical farm
' work and horticulture;
2. Experienced farm, hands, uumar-
3. Experienced farm hands, married
" (with families . or' otherwise) whose
wives are'willing to take service with
their husbands;
4. Women domestics. *
A majority of the applicants is of
class 1, but there is a considerable-
number of class 2.   Class 3 is much
less numerous, and there are very few
applicants in class 4. ., Most of the
, married men.are desirous of having a
dwelling separate from that of the
employers, an0 arrangement   which
- should commend itself to those who
1 look to securing permanent help. ,
Under an agreement existing between the Government and the Emi-
5 gration Branch of the Salvation Army
a considerable immigration of t&rm
hands and domestic help is°expected
from Great Britain during the spring
Tuesday afternoon inaugurated a stop
in advance for Fernio: it mado it possible to talk to Cranbrook by'phono.
Tho usefulness of telephones has become
bo thoroughly established that now tho
idea of comfort is a factor in tholr working,   In lonely prairie homesteads, to
women who have nothing but tho Inevitable round of duties to por form,
women who havo never tho opportunity
to exchange the trivial gossip with theii-
neighbours, havo now some moans of
warding off tho Intolerable lonollness of
tholr llvos.    For this trivial goiislp Id
tho salt of llfo.   ln cases ol fire, or other
natural phenomena which ondnngor tho
llvos of mon, telephones aro a source of
security, nnd In many casos have savod
thousands of dollars,   It hns beon remarked moro than onco thnt groat
occasions occur to vory fow men, and
that tlio ordinary affairs of llfo to which
tho telephone mlnlBtorn li a real nld to
I trust it will not scorn Impertinent in
mo, not now a miner nor olliilblo for
moinbpi'Nhlp to tho Miners' National
Union under its vulos, to adviso or sng>
KCBt 111 iliu aaauit o( tlio urg-tiiUnUoii.
1 DiiYYa 'oxiircss thu htipu Dm] tha
minors will disregard John Mitch oil's
lottor to retire from tho proildonoy At
tho oxplnitlon of hln present term of
oilico, hut lhat thoy will ro elect him
■*•»*• J   —!*»-**  1, ft..*   „   (-lv  •-*- •»¥■*.* 1. p--1  •i»-i*»(f*r*   ■*••»
rest and rccuporato. '
Mitchell ii unquestionably tho best
all-round man the miners of tho United
States evor had for president, Ho, hns
the confidence of tho American people
ai'1 no labor leader ever had, The
breath of smplclon has never been
ralxed tourhln-? his honor, his hone»ty
, or hla devotion to duly.
, Hit breakdown it thli remit of over
work and mental strain, Ha needs and
deaervM 0 lonir .vacation, to restore hla
j.e*ltl.. TkemlD»».eftl.»JV»itedBUlea
• •■'■•■• "-" ■   "• •  "•   " "" "r ,. 7
,      ■ ...*■, . ..
4[j",   fil'I A,
and early summer of 1908.
° The Government is very desirous
of securing the immigration to British
Columbia of a-reliable class of white
labor, .and invites the earnest cooperation of the farmers.'fruit growers
and dairymen of that Province to
that end. "
You are therefore requested to call
the attention of employers of Labor in
* your district to this letter, and request
them tofilfin, as comprehensibly as
possible, the forms enclosed. ;
"    Yours truly, 7,
It.   G.   TATLOW,
Minister of Finance and
Victoria, October, 1907.
.   St. Mary's Hospital;
LaSallo, 111., Oct. 12,1907.
To tho Ofllcors and Members of Local
Unions of tho U. M. W, of A.:
Probably you will havo observed
from nowspapor reports that it has
boon necessary for mo again to onlor
tho hospital and undergo a surgical
operation. By tho tlmo this notice
reaches you tho operation will hnvo
boon performed; howoyor, it Is likely
that it will bo somo little while before
I can glvo attention to tho many details of my work , theroforo* I roquoBt
that local nnd, district ofllcers make
every effort to ad|ust differences within
tholr own boundaries, thereby relieving mo, ns far as possible of the
necessity of entering Into corrospoiid*
onco regarding such differences. 1
am hopeful that within a reasonable
porlod I shnll bonblotoglvonttoiition
to Important correspondence and to
tho direction of tho nffulrn •' of tho
organization, but It will facilitate my
recovery nnd save mo much worry If
I am not required, wlillo confined lo
tho hospital, to glvo consideration to
Organizers, and members of tho
International Executive Board will
please discontinue their wuokly reports, excopt upon mutters thnt mny
bo of moro thnn ordinary Interest or
President U, M, W.ofA..
On a .660c 120 Corner Lot. .House has
6 rooms, including Bath Room. Property,
rents at $20.00 ,per month and iso For
Sale at $1700.00. _,    . •*,''■■"
Easy Terms
"LIMITIEir)      *■ ,-.
'   = "WHOLESALE    ■"
J^TfTJD   E3TAIL -  *
A, LWAYS a choice supply of "Beef,
Pork,.Mutton, Veal and Lamb, on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eqfqrs. - ■ *-. ,
Fresh, Smoked and Salted.Fish; always a-
good assortment.    Try our Mince  Meat,
-    Saurkraut and,Oysters. *,   '
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
.   when   you    require
\   anything in' -
. ■ *\ -'    ■'     ' •'.,.*■ - •-• , (i
Boots. & Shoes
Trunks, Valises
«        " .-•••. '; ' ''
& Suit Gases
Lowest Prices.       Goods Sold foi* Cash Only.
WR. McDougall
. Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully piven and work
promptly executed to the'satis*
. faction of our customers.
H. Deli..' , A.Wh.dmai«
Contrnotors, nnd Builders  .,
Bstimntot*. Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P. 0. Box 3ss       ...       Fernie, B. C.
P. J. Watson
Insurance   and    Real   Estate
1 *"
W, j. Wriglesworth, D, D, S,
OmoK Houimi*      t toto it... m. 1 to fi p, m
.  0,30 to« v.ni.
Ofllce In A'ox, t ok'tiliouk
ovor Hlinn'. Jlakory.
KRUNIK,       -       -       -     --        D. 0
SKA Mil) WI)!-] lulilraimoil to tha nnder*
RlRnoil -will t>e rnceivoil up tu fi p.m,, Mnn-
diiVi Ootolior Kith, tor tlm nonttruntlAn of n
HkntlnK nml Cnrllnv Ttlnk In Keeorilnni!* with
& Iniin ami xncolllcBtiotw on Ilia In tlio Citv
lerk'n OIIIbb After KnttinUy no       ~     '
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Neat  Trading  Co.
Fornlo, B. C.
With.  Illnk to ba ....... .r . . .
iv nonii, Ootnlie'r
Ilh) faat liy 1W feat so ml
   - , All tan«
dtrit ta na on pinnar formi prnvlilail liy lha
fliiinimny, A certillai) chunk for fiV. of tliu
•mnutit of tha tanilar, nuda pajrabln to tha
Tr<m»ur«r of tha Farnla Cafllni- and Hkatlnv
Club, ut.ut uccuuipauy vucU lid.
Tba luwatt or utif bid nut ntcmtrlly «o*
O,  ti. UOVNTOy, '
Chairman Plana aad RpaolnVaf fona
CommlttM, r#r*. UOuillon
< Md bkatlnr Aink Cp.
t*roi*,ty.i.utVKii, r     \ . •
„7v-*«-"* —»—   7
. *    .     <
. '.*''■ -    *     '
Vi   'i'i.   ; I.   ,,l        '
L.  P.   Eckstein
<   .
Ilooma 1 ft S, II«n(l«Kon blook. Femla, II, 0.
■J. Qarbep-p l.d.s,, d.d.s.,
UT. W   Block, I opposite trje B«(»lc
O^ti^la,^^!^,   .(V>.,
■   >\\  ,s.'.J   i»!;'.'':l,'i '"•'
V, 0, LAWK AliT.X, I, KIRHEH, U, A.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Bloclc,
. Fernie, B. C.
\V,       UOBH. K, 0. J, H. T, AMtXANDUH
Ross Sc Alcxaiidcr
FERNIE. 0. tt
Ofllca In L. T, W, Illook, Victoria Avenue,
Express and Baggage Transfer
Dmying of nil kinds done promptly.
Telephone 57 or cull n driver
Office :   Northern Hotel, Fernie, B, C.
Anything In tho nhove lino dono nt
rcRBonablc rntoi
Tents. Awnlngsa and all
onnvos goods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gcmmcl Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
11. \t. 1iKuc11ur.1t
BAnnisTKits, Solicitohs, Etc,
OMttoa over P. Barm' & Co's Block
Victor.* Avo.
B. C*
■ Jtn>4 al t»a|ai^wfi*llL*
 'i     /      )l,     ,'iC
4^. .      H>
mining nF.aur.ATio.vs..
Oanl.—Raul Innda nmy bo imrolinnad at $111
nor noro for wi't conl nml ititi for Killhrnnlin,
Not. rnnrotlnui iiao iioron cun lia iifiiulrod by
0110 indivldmil or pnnipiin.v. iloyiilty at tho
riitonftoiiouiilHiiortimor »,rt*i poumU alutlJ
In (iolleotuil on thu (.com output,
Quiirti*"A Irno minor', uortljloiita U vrnntod
iltlilii llt.iillVlli  lit (4.l4*.l.t< U.\^ ,'4.1   t,i,......I   t,ll
an lndlvidi'iil, nnd from iM to »l(n> por annum
(ur*i;uiini.-iiiyui.t,onlii.ti If iUfHinh
A froo minor, havlnRiMncnvorod mltioral In
plncoiimiy Inonto n oliilm IjtHto x l,Awi foot.
ThofeeforroconUiiRafUlm Ut*.
At loiiHt <il00 -mint ho oxponrtod nn tin oklm
oiu'hyearor pnld to tha ■mhiin« raoordar In
llou tliurouf,  Wliou tfttto luu .10011 axpondbd or
"all  t-'.'O lo'ltor r«nj'|tij4i4W lnvln^* n  nuir**
mndo, ftnd upon oaniplyin«r ,-wltti otlmr ro*
quli<om«iitii,pnrolmia Uialnnuatllan aera.
'Div pMont prnvldei for tbo pnyrnint af *
royalty of vi par cent on t|ia Mtloi.    >,
Pr.ACKii mining (ilnlmi mnarally aro 161 fiat
•qunrei antry faa Hlfonewablayaarly,
A fraa minor may pliUIn two loaia* to
dradnifurRoliloftlTamlleaaaohfora tarm af
t«antyye«ra, ranowahlaat tha dlioratlon of
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes &:
There is only one place in town
whereyou can get good reliable
goods in our line that Is at
W. A. INGRAM, rnor.
Phone 91.    -    -    Fkrnie, B. C
Tho flovommtint of tho Proyinoo of Drltlsb
Columlilii horoby olTem a roward of Five
Hundred Dollar* for tha arrant, or for Information leiKlIriBto tho arrant nnd dallvary
to a DritUh Columbia Ooimtnlilo of Patriot
Mullan, who I* charRod with tha minder of
ono Anitolo Orlando on tha Int. day of Sontem*
hor, 1007, at Michol, In tha District of South
Hii.t Koot-inny.l'rovlnco of IlritUli Columbia.
Doaorlptlon of Patrick' Mulloii in as follow* 1
Nationality, Irish.
Ounupntlon, ooal minor. '"
IleJ-fflit, 5 feot n Inolios; wulnlit IM lln.
Cnmploxlon, fair) hnlr dark, Inclined to ba
Wan claim uliavon on l.t Inslftnt,
Wurt on rlnlit hand at point or thumb,
Whon Inst noon, woro brown ohonk onat and
troimora of munnmiitorinl'i brown booti, ana)
round,uroy fait hut,
Wnrrnnt Unnad,—Ilaport any Information
Immadlntaly to >    *
,1 11. McMIUln. Ohtnf flonitulilt, Purnla, B,
0M or to tho uudomluntiii 1
By order,
Ruperlntandant Provincial Follct,
Provincial Polloo Department,
.   Victoria, n.O.,Sapt, 11,1107.
Ulhut4ir of ilia Intmlor,
Tho lotwa ahull htvaa\dr»d«aln oparatlan
within onanaaaon from tba data of tha Iti-io
Itoital (lOMrAnniuufar
       r laanad,   -loyalty at tho
rata of *,j**n*onteoJU»tad(-i thooutpnt af*
fur each llvu inlUa.  .. ..
each  mil* of rlvar laanad,
tarltaxoaadH»OA».. ,..,...--
.. '     . w.wf-dfiiit,- ' 7 ,   •
„ ,. iWiAty.lllattiiiilolU'all.UtlaV.
Ht H.'-UtuutliorteU' iwiliailaV •/" iHt'tit
\ptlHM*Oiwfll*a'Mx*A*ttt.*,-i:ii V !'■"
IN, TIIK MATTKU of Tlio IlritUli Columbl*
HnllwAy Act,
AND IN THR MATTER nf tha line of rallw,,-*
of tho Urow'N Ni>kt Houthorn Hallway Com*
JtOTlCTt Is lurMi.r I'lvcn Iiml lh(.ii1iujFji/o*
illo and liook of roforonco duly oartlllod and
approved of lho ktoilon of tha Una of railway
of tha Orow'a NoatHouthorn Hull wny Company
from itatlon IMI + M to Matlon tm uhg *
portion of tha Una from Ferula to Mhibol, waa
on tha VBtli dav of Hoptambor, Una. dapoaltad
In tlio Land Un-rltitry OIHca iU Nehou.D. 0.,
Dated thisMth dayof Saptombor, J007,
A. H. MAONF.ir...,
Solicitor for tha Crow". Neit Southam
UOti Hnllwny Company.
I   ■••♦ a   a.1*"a **•* /
IfJMblished '  ■   •
■, ;.'.• '.-■* <Kfi-<
, **# t-
*•• i FERNIE LEDGER, PERNIE, B.  0.  OCTOBER ,26, • 1907
"' *
Spring Valley.'IU., Oct. 11,1907. .
Mr. Frank W. Snyder, Publisher, the
Labor Argus, Charleston, \Y. Ya.:
;. Dear Sir and Brother—Your favor of
October a waa forwarded from Indian"
apolis and received at Spring- Valley,
where I nm, epeiulinjj a few hours at
my home, preparatory tq cnterin-? the
.hospital at LaSallo, 111., for the purpose
of uuclorgoing- an operation.
Your letter enclosed what purports to
be an interview from Mr. John Nugent,
■and you ask*mo to write a statement in
reply thoroto.   As only two hours will
.elapse before I leave for the hospital,
and ae the operation I am forced to uii'
clergo is serious r.nd complicated, it is
not likely that 1 shall have opportunity
.to give attention to matters of this kind i
again in tlio very near future, I'shall,'
therefore, . accept u your invitation  to
mnkerenlv.   ..*-'•
■ *■'      " . 4     a i
That Mr. Nugent should express sur-
, prise that the officers of our organization
should seek to prevent miners from
locating in tho state of AVi-st Virginia-1
is,,to ,say,the least, astonishing.   He
knows that for many, many yeat-B the
very best possible^ efforts were made to
organize that 6tate.   He cannot deny
that the efforts made were'the best, be*.
cause he hoi-ea-proininent part in them.
Letters from him oii lile at our ofiice
aud his statements before our Executive
Board will show that these efforts and
plans had his endorsement.    -
• -We were not able to Becure—at least
little progress was made toward securing
—a thorough organization in the Little
Mountain State, •• arid', a large part of
what*wo had iu the Kanawha district
was'destroyed bv* a settlement made by
- him without our knowledge or authority.
However, continuous, coriBtaut agitation
and never-ceasing effort did result in
depleting the state of West Virginia of
nearly all its practical miners whom the
impositions of the'operators had not
, already, driven out. . The culmination
of all this is, that although West Virginia
' has more than' 50,000 men "employed.
their homes? Are the guards less aggressive?. Are the weapons they use
lesB deadly ? Have the operators grown
more liberal? Or does this critic of our
organization*believe that perhaps theee
foreign workmen wiil assert themselves
differently than have our own American
workmen?  -
As a mattor of fact, let me announce
thus publicly that not only, has  the
with such qualities that make him a
peerless leader of men will be loot to
organized labor,   Such a man can no
more be turned from his natural bent
than the tides. ,       '
'    i  ' ' " .* " '■"
In this hour of his affliction no more
pleasurable thing could happen tnan to
read the-numberless tributes paid to
President Mitchell by. the press of the
country, with scarcely an exception.
United Mino Workers of America taken j Froin t"Ke pens of an conie priceless and
additional steps to prevent these decep*
tions sought to be practised, upohthe
workmen of Europe, but the entire
American labor movement will add its
strength to these efforts, and information
wi.l.uo'lllcd with the Uuitcd States government that will put an end for ever
to this dastardly attempt' to" beguile
decent workmen to migrate to n state
where conditions aro far less favorable
than prevail in the countries from which
they should oomo. ■
- ' Yours truly,
- '       ,     President U. M. W, of A.
free recognition of the honor, ability'
and courage of our striken leader. No
matter how inuc-h thoy may have differed
with his'economic ideas,'none tail to
note his incorruptibility and uushakable
integrity of purpose and i-.is high ideals.
It has been-giyen but to,few men ini
our country's history to have been ae- !
corded with scarcely a dissenting voice,
such a merited mead of honor.
We are the Largest retail dc'iWs of Tobaccos and Cigars
in,. Fernie. We sell only l-eli.-iblc stock. Our l-anire of
Pipes is , the most cjinpltae ami best selected stoek in
town.' Dmi't forgi-t Uie Ferine Cisrar Store when iu need
of a "good smoke. •-,
Address 104k
Tel. 19
I     Hotel     I
The best dollar a day house
in the city. ■„
Well stocked bar.  ,
Liquors and Cigars of the
highest quality.   '
. .♦. A A A AAA A '.♦.
"the mine owners find themselves handi
capped in the operation of their properties .because they lack good, practical
miners:* If my memory serves me right,
Mr .--'Nugent,' in his testimony before
the mining commission, declared that
moro than 20,000 good;- practical men
had left, that Btato because of tho conditions prevailing thero. Arid although
theBO very conditions remain unchanged,
Mr. Nugent, on a.salary derived from
funds contributed by non-union, coal-
operators, proceeds to the old country,
there to induce practical English speaking men to Iceato in tho state from
which, 20,000 men wero ,driven because
of the unfair mining conditions..
Ho will not dony the statement that
his salary was paid from money contributed by tho coal operators, and if he
should I shnll furnish from tho highoet
possible authority verification of the
What wns tho duty of the ofllcers of
tho miners'union under these circumstances?   Would wo not havo boon
remiss to our trust had wo failed to in*
onn. tho miners.o( Great Britain of the
terrible conditions prevailing in tho
, state of West Virginia?   It Ispuorllo
for. him to speak of our exaggerating
the conditions thoro.   Tho Governor of
Wost Virginia,"in a special mossago to
tho legislature, characterized conditions
' and existing evils In, stronger terms
- than I could use   Mr. Nugent himself, I
'■ In many flpoochcB  mado before ho
, sought political preferment, and boforo
ho received an appolntmont, denounced
them ns strongly, if not moro strongly,
" than I enn do. *•
His stntomont that our letters did not
stop a single man from coming to thin
country is simply nonsonio and is mode
for tho purpose of porfiimdlng tho operators of West Vlrymla that ho will succeed
in getting iuIiioi-h for them, in order
that he may bo continued in oilico. Ho
will not got men for them, bncnuso (ho
effort ho U mnklng is nlonu illegal lines,
Ae I stated to Governor Dawson dur*
.. lug a recent trip to CharluHtou, whon
ths mino owners of West Virginia will
permit their employees to becoino mom*
bors of tho orgnnlzntion, as thoy have
n legal, moral and constitutional right
to do, and whon they pny thmo mon ib
high wages and give thorn no favornhlo
conditions of employment, nnd protect
their IIvoh ami limbs while at work, an
is done in other stutos, then It will not
bo J.4-4.1-M..Ii lot tmvuiii to go (o Europe
to lU'i'U roluerfl. 'J'lJt'li.'jijiJi ainl llmi-
enmls of native West Virginians, driven
from tholr horn ok and tho plocog of their
birth and forced to sock work ln tho
mines of other hUIcs, becnuHO M good
Axsrtczzsand ai* ^n,l vt-j;»....*;.. d.,***
Asserted and exercised tholr right to
organize, wlll return to West Virginia
Any man. who himself bollovos, or
who socks to mnko other* bollovo, tliat
West Virginia will bo organized by
'bringing mlnen from foreign conntrlen
Into that iUto,,is either woefully Ignorant on Is hlmsflf de'rtlTln^l^hft'pftijpln
* ,vJ.-S.fl *h» formerly -fa*j Mld^^t^wfliint.
Vw&'iit-creator prlfUftj^ tylijded
thpjnirj i,W, Mc^pt iny|i5lr «n*.whi.
laadj ot ether* v)-* w«ri>lbma- Quo
It took a thousand tons bf coal every
day to maintain the great speed of the
steamship Lusitania. on her record-
breaking trip across tho Atlantic. This
immense volume of fuel, representing
the output of a good-sized coal breaker
in active operation, was fed to the'
mammoth*furnaces of the great ship by
60 men, who did not obtain a glimpse of
the sky from tho time the vessel started
on her voyage- off., the English coast
until' her.engines slowed up in New"
York harbor: . *
Tho tremendous fires of the big ship
were kept at a white he«it from start to
finish. It was torture for the stokers in
that terrible'inferno. We are told that
'Jflames,-under the influence of forced
draft, licked out into the hold,'and as
the tour of iluty'of each man expired he
dropped his shovel arid staggered away,
groping for the air vents. All through
Tuesday afternoon the coal passers and
firemen worked at top speed, arid the
evening saw no cessation. About 7.15
.o'clockia firoman,-overcome-byheat-and
physical strain, suddenly went insane.
He attacked his fellows with his shovel,
and'for a time it seemed as though the
staff of firemen would be reduced th rough
the cracking of the skulls of several
good men;'' But he was finally oyer:
powered and taken to the ship's hoe-
pital." ,     „ **■'.-
From this it will be seen that the
record breaking voyage of thoLusitania
was diio' to something more than her
turbine engines. It was the enormous
amount of coal used and tho tremendous
expenditure of human energy by tho
men deep down in her depthB who
ondurod tho maddening tortures of the
intense heat so that she might score n
    -o   »■■■■ " ' -i
Minnesota has happily escaped<a' tarnished reputation so far iD tho progress
of the strike on tho iron range. There
has been no bloodshed, no armed clash
between the strikers and the authorities
to disgrace the state's name like that"
of Colorado or California. That is nor
the fault, however, of,certain misguided
citizens who thought to preserve peace
by lawless and hi-jh'handed.treatment
of thestriking workmen.-  .,
The New York Nation,Jn its current
number, chortles gleefully over the incident at Ely, where the townspeople
escorted one Lundstrom, an organizer
for the union, to the railroad station
in "a,jeering crowd," and sent, him
away on pain'of rough handling. The
editor glories in this act.
" i
The lawless conduct of citizens and;
the extra legal acts of officers at' Nash-
wauk,' in breaking up lawful meetings
of the strikers, brought on a hair-trigger
situation that required much diplomacy
to settle. The ignorant strikers, up to
this time, have'shown more self-control
and a better sense of justice ihan"some
of the intelligent American citizens
who thought to quell them and preserve
■Maw arid order" by illegal means.—
JV^TinpAnpftlJa Trih^po,  1
Amid tho hurly burly labor troubles
and tho tribulations of tho trusts, tho
world has Iittlo time to recognize tho
merit" of thoso gentle souls who nre
making tho world bettor in. tho humble
walks of life.
Among those tho working man's wife
oxorts an. influence for good that is
moro far-renching than that of presidents and kings nnd legislators—of
captains of industry and philanthropic
millionaires and walking delegates.
In tlmo tho hard conditions of life may
cftiifio her to Bhrlnk from disclosing tho
Iittlo vanities which soften tho radiant
charm of womanhood as tho down
softens the. blush of tho punch. Yet n
kind net, tho merest trifling bit ef pralso,
may luro them forth again to give tho
Ho to tho wrinkles on tho brow, tho
bitter word and tho world-woaiy look,
Heaven bloss tho working man's wifo I
-Washington Tradu Unionist -
. President Mitchell, ntzalnst tlio warnings of nntiii-o nnd tho ndvico of his
friends, did not tako tlmo onoiigli to
recover from a fnrnior surftlcnl opernt Ion,
nnd tho natural reruilt em-nod, lie left
last Friday for LaSallo, Til,, whoro on
Monday ho'ngnln underwent two opera-
tlonn, from which hii "emorirod safely,
nnd nt this (Tuesday's) writing ho is
■li/mji   ta   n ell   .id   CUu'hi   ho (.'XpCl'luU,
lliou;»ii In n rrlllrnl conditio'.,
IVeslderit Mitchell for tho pant two
years hns not been n well mnn. The
titanic struggles of 1000, 1002 nnd 1000
had sapped tiui mined his rugged con-
JsiHilivMil,. 4.1.U   yJe    Ui*4   (--Mi   ci^iitv.t.O
months ho had been working upon hii
eonrngo n»d nervo I?«t oven these
wero unequal to tho task nnd ho wnB
forced to yield. Hut ha is going to got
wall, though it may tako several mouths
to do so, and it is sincorely hoped that
none wlll /ail to respect his wIbIics and
froo hint from all business men for *
few months at-leiitt. ,,,„..,.
Of hii retl{Qipfyit.rrora the field whim
tiq.hii wos w.eh.-toeu'abU honor tod
lucce-M, TheJ»m»aI<»ill*p«ik-I*l«f.
It ii fuUU to1tls*tktimw04itttmm^^wr)^
The "Kilties;'Arc Comin'!
Arrangements have just beeiTmado
to bring thofamo'us " Kilties "Band to
Fernie on November 5th for two grand
concerts. This is one of* tho most expensive attractions that has oyer toured
the West, and it was necessary to give
their management a big, guarantee.
The " Kilties" have a world-wide reputation, having.toxued over 900,000 miles
in Canada, United States,'Mexico and
Europo. When tho " Kilties " wero on
tour in Great Britain three years ago,
thoy appeared twico before tho King by
lloyal command. The "Kilties" is a
Canadian organization wlthhondquart-
ors at Belleville, Ontario, nnd touring
tho past seven years under the management of T. P. J. Power. Tho mon
being selected from the crack regimental
bnndB.of Eastern Canada, besides tho
"Kilties" being ono of tho greatest
concert bands in tho world, thoy have
features thnt nro hard to beat, such as
their male ohoir of 10 trained voices, six
Highland dancors, live bagpipers, nnd
celebrated soloists. Thoy will mnko n
grand regimental parade in full kilted
rogimontnls, a sight well worth seeing
nnd ono not soon to bo forgotten- Tholr
concerts aro entirely out of the ordinary,
A. B. Campbell Is now
open for business with
a full line of Stationery,
School Supplies, Post
Cards, Souvenir Goods,
Drug Sundries, Patent
Medicines.: Etc. ... .
Photographic Supplies;
H05MER, B. G.
It is a certain thing thnt, there would
be muclv'less diseases in the community
if every individual took proper precautions to .oreserve his or her henlth. We
cannot . lie too cleanly in our habits,
Cleanliness is not only next to Godliness,
but n suro keeper of good health. We
should daily wash tho-skin with a good
antiseptic Soap, brush niul. clean the teeth
well, and see to it lhat our person and
personal cfTccls arc beyond reproach as
regards cleanliness. • Kvery facility '--
tho Bath rtnd Toilet nre here,
The Palace Drug Store
TEL. 12. H, F. McLEAN, Mon.
Fit for a King
The meats that you buy
from us are. fit for a king.
We sell noMiing. that is
not tho best, that is why .
we have so many pleased
customers. -Let us de-
moDState..this fact by a.-
trial. Polite . attention
and prompt service.
Galgary Cattle Co.
For 5ale!
A few good l evidential lots,
well situated from $150 to $200
Easy Terms
. Insurance & Real Estate Broker
If your Iittlo ono Ib restless ' and
cross it la more than likely tho
troublo is duo to somo dorangement
of the PLomucli or bowels, nnd If
Unby'o Own TnblotH is given the
child wtll noon bo bright nnd cheerful
nnd wlioii tho mother given hor child
this medicine sho lian tho gunrnntcu
of tho government nnnlyat that It
contains no opiate or potHonout)
drug. Mrn. ir. F, Lonoy, Allnnford,
Out,, .m-js:—"l hnvo used Dnhy'H
Own IablotB for conntlpatlon nml
other nl'ri-cnts of children nnd hnvo
found ihini moro aatlsfactory thnn
any ot'iir form of medicine." Sold
by mcdirJiii* dealcrH, or by mnil nt,
213c n box from The Dr. Williams
Mudiclno Ho , Ilrockvllli!, Ont,
HoRtlnnd, Oct, 22,—Thn Rosslnnil I
Minor, the oldest dnily in the interior of British Columbia, BUnpended
publlratlon todny becnuso of the
htk of patronage. The Miner lina
been established for eleven years,
nnd Finn n plant Inrp»(* riiongh for «
city many tlmcB its siie.11 V/llUnm
K, Rolltiir, the publlcbcr' of tht
paper, said today that tbe Miner
will be Isiued an a weekly, but tbe
#A ^ixtkmM.ff txhtyptA tojttHi^t
tmivom.^ftktta mdu
. cowoeomraU with (UitiH.
In tlm mnt.or «f tlio entato of JohnDyno,
into of Fornlo, IX, f„ iltccnticd
Notion Ih lioroliy fflvon tliat all orod!torn
mid oUmtt liavluii blniiiiit, uKabml tha eiUta
of tlio hii Id John Dvttu, do'ooiiKtd, who dina on
or about tho Iflth of tioptomliur, 1907, Aro to*
nulrml on or linforn tlio 4th of I'tifinmlur, 1W7,
to minil hy pout, prorui'l or dollvi-r to Mr I., 1',
..ckittln, or F«nifa, 11, O,. Holloltor for tho
n-ln.lnl'ttriitor, thalrClirUtlnn mid mirnmnoN,
i*rt*lr'i«*.oH iiml <U«rrlptlonH, tlm full pnrtlon*
liim of their vliilrnt, tha *tiit*rn*nt of thalr
naonuntM and tho nnturo or their -.aourllloii. If
any, hold hy Hiuin,
And fitrtluir tnho not len thnt itf'ariunh Inht
mimtlonttd iliiti- tho mild udinlnliitriitor will
•irocood to dUt rllnito tha umintH of t ha docoiihOd
iimonii tho iiiirtlim untitled tharitio. Imvlmi
ruiwut nnlv to tha olnlmx of wlilnli hn Niinll
■Jwri lliivn notion, uud llutt Ilia mild iidiiilnu*
►Trulorwlll not he Ifiildo for tho MUX iidhaU or
nny intrt thoroof tn any iinrnou or iia-noim of
whonu iilulnii. notion hIiiiII not liav« Iman re.
crlvad hyhiiii iittlio tlmo of hiichdUtrllmtliHi.
Dittad thlt. ttli <\uy nt Ootoliar, 1M7.
l„ l». KOKSTKIN,
Hollnllor for Ilnl'i-rt Allium, ndmlnlv
trdlul for.lolin llyim.diii'i'Oiiud,
Fernie Lumber
Co., Ltd*
|i; AIR. McDOUGAll, Pres. I Gen. Mgr. ;i;
A nMHMWtMOntaHHr*-''>t-i*i*i*i*iH-i-i*H A
Dcnlors In
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plm, Speelficktioni tirl Ritl-
tnttci fomlnhed on application.
I'lt.tT ol GOOD ORY U»M-
R, A, KRUn,
ArtiiiUct    ud 9«p«riBUiiiltMt
(Min «t lMl«*«e»,
BAKBll Bt, FKttNIB, B. C.
Piling, Mouldinfr, I^tlis, •(•
ShlnRlcH and TIcb. <fc
— y
♦:♦ Itoujrh & DrcuBcd Lambor
Dlmonslon & Hrld^o Timber
"THE above illustration fails,,
to show the beauty of
this Sugar Bbyvl and Cream
Jug, which we sell at $5.00.
T"HEY are of ordinary size,
and the plating is very
durable—the finest that can be
will nol tarnish, is a
special feature of this set.    n
Our Catalogue will b* •ont upon
T*c*\pi ef your rvnme and
Ryrie Bros.,
131.138 Yoiuio SU
£ Telephone Poles a Specialty :*:
?         i. _.
♦ AH OriWi Promptly J^ltcr.dct! *:* ' \l,u u
X to %\xx\xo.
v - - - •J-1 •yon i.
ii A
fcrnlc, B. C. «[•
by local application--., ot thoy tort*
»6t reooh tho dlNeAicd portion of
tho our, Thoro In only one troy t»
ouro il(mfne«H, and thnt In hy oon*-
■tltnllonnl romoJIns. Dvafoovt la
oautod by nn Inflamed condition of
iiUuiM) iliilUn ill   CUli  4.U.lttOilittU
Whon thin tehc In ltitliwoffl
yon havo n, rnmhtlnn wound or Ira-
porfoot bearlncc, nnd wbon It U entirely oloaod, donfneki in the rosolt,
and union tbo Inflammation oan o*
A UoUl thut (uradheu quUt, •om-
modioa» aeepnusodatloD for itt pnt-
roni 1« a ipurce of plMtura to tb*
traVellinjt public'. Sucb jo one it tb*
RlV K^Vtf rtotiircr^rnle, cor-'
-MT ©»po»it* ffloit otMu.
♦.;-.I'*;.«J.*;.'!«»J.t;»«;.»X»<J<<»>;>.;..J.<«J.*X-4 taken oat and thin tnbe reitored to*
It* norma J oondltlon, heorloc will be
f ae-troyed forerer,; nln* caiei out pt
ton are oatnwd by catarrh, wbleh !■
nothing but an Inflamed condition
of tbe mnonM tttttoctt.
We will clre One Hundred Tktttro
for any eaae of deafnaee (eaaead by,
catarrh) tbat cannot be eared by)
nail'* Catarrh Cure. Bend fer dr-
ooiem, freer   i,r- *. * • , ,■ i,-t ,
by a respectable nnd
experienced person.
Mrs. .Vy..(Nursp),
•   "j.'3\\ -V Ledger'; Ofljcq.
Read thc Ledger
•■iWk*H^-KHirr wni tsT
• <*<i.», i
lolt-bi ttxuuMl n$.
t l»"
Ai.!. uJ
r- ■ t FERNIE LHDQKR;" FSRNIB, B,; 0^;6CTpBTER,.27l 1907,,
",,'   -     NOTICE   '"'     .,-.
'    - ' ':> * '   —*- • i .      -    7
-.       I-
*.   -j     ,.     - -.- *.
Notice vis hereby given that 30
days after date, I intend to apply tb
the Honorable - Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a, license to
prospect for cotd' aud petroleum on
the following lands, situate in tho
district .ol South East Kootenay,
British Columbia, Block 4593.   -
Commeiicin.-- at a post planted one
mile south and one mile west of the
eouth east* corner .post of lot No;
1067,', and buns the south east corner post cf Anne C. Robinson's
cairn, thence north 80 chains, thence
• .west   UO .chains,   thence   south'  80
chains,    thence east 80 chains to„ a
, point of commencement, makiog G40
' acres mo're orrless. , .
Located'this 20th day of Septem-
' ber,   1607. '. "        , .,      *•
'ANNE C. ROBINSON, Locator. ,
'' By JOHN- J. HEWITT, Agent.
*. David R. KcGinnis.
.-Arthur W.  Belden, -
.'  Henry Hewitt, 3rd!
NO.' 2.— Commencing at a post
planted at or near the-south east
corner post of Anne C. Robinson's
claim,- and lying south of Anne'C.
..Robinson's claim, and being the
north east coiner post of Adelia
Robinson's claim, thence west 80*'
chains,'", therjeo south ,80 chains,
thence ,east 80 chains, thence north
80  chains,' to a point*of cbmmence-
" merit.'   maltir.-*    040. acres    more   or
less. . . * >•
'Located  this 4 20th day' of September," 1907: *   "    i
** By .JOHN"  .1. HEWITT,- Agent.'
.Witnesses:     7
'    David II. MeGTuSisT*    ~ -
Arthur W. Belden „-'
'No. * 3.—C< mmencing7at a post
' plante. at or near the north .. east
corner post c-1" Adelia Robinson's
claim and being, the north west corner post of Martin Robinson's claim,
thence south; 80 - chains, thence east
' 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, to a point of
commencenunt making 6*10. . acres,
more or lesn
Located this 20th day of September, 1907.
' -By. JOHN J, HEWITT, Agent.
David R. McGlnnis,
Arthur V,. Belden,
Henry Hewitt. 3rd,
No. 4.—Commencing .-. at a post
planted at tr near the north west
"corner post of Martin Rc-bi«.son:s
claim, mid lying north : of
Martin Robinson's claim, and being
- the, south west corner post of* Audi-ley Frasei's claim, thence, cast 80
"chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence z-outu 80 chains, to a point ot
commencement, making CIO acres,
mure or les*.
. Located tnib 20th day of September, 1007.
.   AUDSI.1-.Y FIUSERl Locator.
David It, KcGinnis,
Arthur W, Bi-ldon,
Henry Hewitt, 3rd,,
No. 5.— Cominenclns at a post
planted nt or nonr th*? Houth east
corner pos; of Martin Robinson's
claim and .rein/- the north oast corner post nf Uiivo Nortan'n claim,
thenco Houth 80 clminH, thenco weat
DO chnlna, thonce north RO chains,
thtnee east 80 chains to a point of
commcnccmr1 \ making 640 acres,"
more or 1ch:i, nnd lying south of
Martin Rot-int'on's claim.
Located U.U 21st day ot Scptem-
her, 1907.
OLIVI-1 NCUTON, Locator,
BJr JOH*  .1, HEWITT, Atfftnt,
Henry Hcvilti, 3rd.,
Thos. .Slalor
"So. C-— Ccrrmcncini! at n post
planted at c near thc north cast
corner pis* c! Olive Norton'.s claim,
and IjelnR- the north weflt corner
pi.-fii ut Ai.v*i rk4w»c»'A >,lv>!*"*, i-ri"
nouth 80 chains, thence cant 00
chains, tnenc- north 80 chains,
thenco'vch chains, to a point ol
fommeiicoirrnt, making C40 acres
more or less, and lying east of Olive
.Norton's claim.
Located thin 3Ut Any ol September, l»o7.
'ALICE, F.I-.ABl?R, Locator*
pjr JOHN J. HEWITT,-Agent.
WUhe-ilws:"   ••-■ .
Henry Hewitt, Srd.,
Thos. Blater.
Ko. 7,- Commencing  oX  a post
planted at or near the. north east
corner post of Alice Praser's* claim,
and being the- south west comer
post of Cl.'as*. J.,Kershaw's claim',
thence, north 8'J chains'; thence east
30 chai:ii,„thence south'80 chains to
a,, point of commencement, maling
C10 acres more or less, and lying
north of Alice Frascr's claim,
bcr, 1907.   ' „        .,,   -
Located this 21st day' of September, 1907. '., '■''.'.
By.'JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.:
Witnesses: ,    ,
Henry Hewitt, 3rd.,
Thos. Slater.. 7
No. 8.— Coiamencing at a post
planted at or near one mile south
of the south east corner of Olive
Norton's claim and being the south
east corner of Leavenworth Kershaw's , claim, thence north -80'
chains, tnence west 80 ^chains,, thence
south S0v chains,"' thence east 80
nsains to a point of commencement,
making 013"acres.- more or less, and
lying.south       Olive Norton's claim.
'Located  this 21st'day of. September,  1907.      \     ' '    " '"' ;    '
\ ■    . y   . Locator.
Witnesses: -■   '        ""'.'.     .   "'
Henry Hevit;   3rd.',,
Thcs. Slater.'"'
No.  9.—• Cir-mencing -at-   a   post'
planted at or near" the  south   east
corner , posv   hi'' Leavenworth Kershaw's  ■alaiii'    and  being  the  south
west corner post' of Jesse Kershaw's
claim, then*   north 80-chains, thence
east,   SO   chtins.  -thence    south' 80
eiiains,  thence west 80  chains to   a
p'oiut of comrpucernent. making; 640
acres moui or less, aod.lying east of■
Leavenwoi'cii Kershaw's claim.
■ Located this 21st day of  September, 1907.   .     ,    -. '    . ,".     '.
JESSE  KERSHAW,' Locator .'•-
By JOHN  J. HEWITT; Agent.  ''
Witnesses: °7  °- ' '
Thos". Slater,   . °;    '   7    "      ,. " ■
—Henry-Hewitl-y-Srd-s ;■   .   -.. ,--;
No. ..10.— Commencing at' a post
planted at or near" the, south ' west
corner ...post of Jessie - Kershaw's
claim, and being the north west "corner post of Mary- ' E. Kershaw's
claim, thenct'. south 80-chains;' thence
east 80- chains, thence north 80
chains, ih'oncc west 80 chains to "'a
point ol commencement, making ,640
acres more or less; and-lying south
ot   Jesse Kershaw's claim'. *•'.*•' '   ''
Located iliu -21st- day of Scotem-
l:er, 1307; ' ''' , ',    ' •
By  JOHN'-J,. HEWITT; Agent.','
Witnesses:  ■ -. '
Thos, Sinter,
Henry Hewitt, 3rd.     - „ ,.    ,   :
No. ll.-r- 'Commencing''.at -a', post
planted at-or near tho north, west
ejni'r .pc'St.- of ..Mary H,"-Korshaw's
claim, nnd Icing the north east corner post 'of' Henry B.-Korshaw's
claim, thonco south 80 chaina, thence
west 80 cliuins," thence north 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains, to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres more cr less, and lying west
of Mary ill. Kershaw's claim.
Located thin. 21st day ol September, 1907.
HENRY  B.  KERSHAW,  Locator.
Thos, Slater,
Henry Hewitt, 3rd.
No. li!.*- Ccmmonoing at a poet
planted at or, near ono mile south
of the south cast corner ot Henry
B, Kershaw's claim, (also C miles
south ot the fk-uth eaBt corner ot L.
1GG7) nod being tbo south eaat cpr-
nor post of Philip H. Korshawis
claim thonco north SO chnlns, tbence
west 80 cualns, tbence south 80
>hulns, thonco cast 80 chains, to a
point ot commoncoment, making 640
acres moro or less, nnd lying south
of Henry D. Kershaw's claim,
Located tali 23ru day ot September, 1907.
PHiI.T.1- B, KKRBHAW, Locator.
liy JOHN J, HKWITT, Agent.
A„ W. lltli.cn,
The-. .Jl.-t r
No.'14.--Commencing at a post
planted at or near the soutli east
corner ' post cf Dorothy Kershaw's
claim, and being' the north west corner post of Harry B.' Hewitt's
claim, thence south 80 chains, thence
east 70 chains?, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains,' to a
point of commencement, .making
640 actes, more or less and' lying
south of Dorothy Kershaw's claim.
Located this 23rd day of September; 1907. "*
HARRY B. HEWITT, Locator" .
By JOHN  J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witnesses:      '', ■   .
A. W. Belden, ,
Thos. -.Sinter.
No1 15.— Commencing at a post
planted at or near, the north ,west
corner post of Harry B. Hewitt's
claim, and being the north east corner post of HarleyvB. Davenport's
ciaim, ''thonce south 80 ehains,. thence
west . SO chains, thence^ north " 80
chains, .thouco east 80, chains, ° to a'
point of commencement, making 640
acres more or less, and'lying west
of Harry ;B. Hewitt's claim.  . '■
" Located-"this 23rd day .of September, 1307. 7  ■   ■
By' JOHN J. HEWITT;* Agent.'
Witnesses: . _ ■',,.,
rf'A. W.' Belden,       -    " '
* Thos   Slater,' '      7'  a    * '     "      *•
^No. 16.— Commencing at, a post
piantcd one mile south and one mile
?ast , ,of the south east' corner ' of
Harry B. Hewitt's.claim (or 8 miles
south .anA 2-miles, east of the southeast conier post ot L. 1067), and
bein? the f.outh east corner post. of
Beall Foster's claim, thence"' north 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains, thence
south- SO chains, thence east.80
chains, to -a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, move or less, The
■u.w. corner--'of this-claim corners
with the "s. *e; corner of Harry - B.
Hewitt's claim. , * ',.-
■' Located this 25th day of Septem-
■l^r-,—lili.7-. , '     ''.'".'.'   ':. '_
corner, post cJ George W. Slyter's
claim,, and being the-south west corner post of Dan D. Calkin-.s claim,
thence north' 80 „chains,' thence east
80 chaias, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80. chains, to a' point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
more orvlee's, and. lying east of
George W, Siyter's claim.
Located this 25th day.-of September, 1907.-
DAN. D.  CALKINS, Locator.
Witness: - ■•    ;   '•'
Thos; Slater.    -
No. 22.-- Commencing at a post
planted at or near, the south west
corner 'post of Dan D. 'Calkin's
claim, and being the north west
corner post o» Charles A. Foster's
claim, thence south 80 chains,' thence
east 80 chains, thence , north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres mcee or less, and'lying south
of Dan'D.' Calkin's claim.
Loaated this 25th day ■ of September, 1907. ■   ,'       ■
CHARLES ^A. FOSTER,  Lcator.   .
By JOHN "j., HEWITT, 'Agent.
Thos. Slater.*
No, IJ,..-, •wOtuii.t'iieiuK at a i^si
planted at or near the south cunt
corner post oi Thlllp H. Kershaw's
cluim, nail hoiuy the south west corner poet of Dorothy Kershaw's
claim, theuce north 80 chains,
thence cast P.'/ chains, thence south
80 chains, tt.nc* west 80 chains, to
a po nt o. commencement, malting
010 ucres more or less nnd-lyinn
east of tUo Philip H, Kershaw's
claim.   ,
Li-fatal tMs 23rd day ot September, 1007.
A. W. Btlilen,,!
Tho*. Slater.
'' ■ BEALL FOSTER, Locator.
«     By JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness:- ' ,
Thos. Si.'itt:.' '-" '■■'    -f
No. 17.— Commencing at a post
planted at or near the* south east,
corner ot-Berll Foster's claim, and
being the couth west corner, post of
W. 1. M.)Ulton's claim, thence, north
.SO sham-,, ,thence cast-; 80, chains,"
south- Ii') chains, thence, west 80
chains, to .j, point- of commencement
makin*;- 040.acres more or less, and
lying eosb. i.   Bcall Foster's claim.'
Located this- 25th,.day of September, 1307,,, ,    - .
W. -1. ECL'LTON, Locator.
,,By JO.l-IV J. HEWITT, Agent.-
Witness:-     *    .
Thos. Slate
■ No. 18 •- Commencing at a-,post
planted ut or near'tho south west
cornor post oi W,. "I, " Moulton's
claim, and hUn-j; the north west corner post of A. R. Tucker'B claim,
thonco south 8C chains';, thenco east
SO chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thence west 80' chains,, to a point ol
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or lc&s, and lying south ot W,
I. Moulton's claim.
Located this 26th day of September,' 1907,
■■ J. H. TUCKER, Locator,
By JOHN' ,1. HEWITT, Agont.
Thos, F>.nUr.
No. 19.-- Commencing at a post
piantcd at r.v near thc north west
comer post vl J. H, Tucker'B claim,
nnd being tho north oast corner post
ot L. T. Bhelton's claim, tbence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
c-bulns, tVonco north 80 cbalnB, thenco
oast 80 chulup, to a point of com-
meneumoi'ti making 640 acres, moro
ur ic-is, and lying west ot J. R<
Tucker'*] cinlni,  „
Located this 25th day ot September, 1307.
L- T. SHnLTOK, Locator.
By -JtillN J. HEWITT, Agent.
Thos. HUAi-r,
No, 20.— Commencing   at  a  post
piallUu   "jlil;  I.iltc   auull.   o'   IV.C   I.I'M'.
**»*.'. conur 4.-1 J. II. Turker'n t\t\\m,
(or 10 miles south and 3 miles cast
ot the fouth east corner post L
1C07), and bofne the south cast corner   post   cl   George   W.   Blytcr's
Claim,  ItltTlLfc notltl h\> tUalUe, vUtuv*.
wotit 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, east SO chains, to a point of
commencement, making , 640 acres,
more or less, and lying south of J.
H. Tucker's claim.
LoHAteil this 2,5th Jay ol September, 1907. ".   ,
OKOnCR W. ttLY'l'KH. ljocatiir.
By .TOHM .T. HpVflTT, Agent.
,Thog. Sinter.
No. ll.— Commeaclng at a post
'planted   nt or neat tbe south eat).
No. 23'.— Commencing at a post
planted at or near the north west
corner post of Charles A. Foster's
claim, and being the'north east corner post of Forbes P. Haskell Jr's
claim, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains,'thence north 80
chains, thence east ..80 chains, to a-
point of commencement," making' 640
acres,'more or less," and lying west
of Charles A. Foster's-claim.
" Locate*?., this; 25th day of p September; 1907,,.   ,*•   ;.'.   ■      	
v FORBES  ?;' HASKELL,   Locator,
Witness:' '',-■*,
„ Thos. Slater..        ■■' '   ,
■By.' JOHN J   HEWITT, Agent.-   ,
No.' 24.-• ..Commencing-"at a post
planted one mile'"east--of the*, south
west darner post of W. I. ^Moulton's
,ciaim^(.o£_81miles_s_outh ■ and, 3 miles
east of the south east "^corner
of? L. ' 1667
tor's clai'ii, thence,north ,80 chains,
thence;>w?st 80 chains, thence south
80 cha-iM. thence,east 80 chains to a
point '■! ccn nencement, making 640
acres mor? or less, arid lying east of
Dorothyt Kershaw's claim. , ■    " ■' '
" Lorated this 28th day of-September, 1907. , ;   ,'•       . r.      ■   • '-•-
-   WM." II," PROCTOR, Locator.'"-
"    By JOHN'J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witness:      ,''   ,' - ' '
Thos. Sliiterr    , ' .'■      ••.,    '
« ■ -I '
No.' 29, - Commencing - at   a   post
planted at • or. near the south   east
corner pwt of Willium H. Proctor's
corner post of Clara H. Lea's claim,'
claim, •  und    being the south west
thence .north SO chains,, thence east
80 chains, thence, south 80    chains,
thence west R0 chains to a point of
commencement,,   making    640  acres,
more or less and lying east of Wm.
H. Proctor's-claim.     ■        ,.'     ■
. Located ibis 28th.day of September, 1907.'
CLARA H.. LEA, Locator.     "
Witness: ■
'.Those Slater. ^.  *"'    '
No, ao.— Ccmmcncing at a post
planted at or., near, the south' • west
corner p'jst ol Clara H.,'Lea's claim,
and being the north west-corner post
of William F.' Lea's .claim,. thence
south .30 chains, _, thence cast, 80
chains thence north 80 chains thence
west SO cbains.. to a point-of commencement,' making 640. acres,' more
or less, and lying south, of Clara H.
Lea's claim.  ''
Located this 2Sth day of September,. 1907. "■■.-'=,.
" *' WM.  F. LEA.  Locator. '
.■     By  JOHN   J.  HEWITT, Agent.
Witness:    ','*,-
Thos.  Slater. ,
No. 31.— Commencing at a post-
planted at or near the north west
corner '.post..of' William 'F. Lea's
claim,,land being,the■ north east-corner post of John U. rBrook's claim,
thencevsouth. 80 chains, thence west
iO chaic,i,;,tlicncf-- north . 80   chain's,
and being 0 the south
west, corner ,post of John J. Hewitt's
claim, theuce north'80 chains, thence
east Sj . chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to a'
point *oi commencement, .making 640
acres more or less, and lying cast
of W. 7..,Boulton's claim. . -
, Located this '27th day 6t„ September, 190- -.    .{''J,,,   ;,     ■ ■■   -*. '   '■
.. JOHin'  J,-HEWITT, Locator.
Thoc.  Slutor..      ''  <,'
No. 25.— Commencing at a' post
piantcd i.t or. near the south west
comer pest' ot John J, Hewitt's
claim, r.t-J being the north west
cornor pw*s>c -4 Henry Hewitt 3rd's
claim, vuorico scuth 80 chains, thence
cast .80 chains, thence north- 80
chains, thsa':e north 80 chains,' to n
point' of cc'/mmcncement," making 640
acres moro or less and. lying south
of John J, Hewitt's ,c-lalm..
''Located this.27th day of. September, 1907,
HENRY HEWITT, 3rd, Locator.
By J OH1*.  J. HEWITT, Agent.
Witnoss,   .
Thos. Slater.
No. 26 — Cemmencing at a post
planted iwo miles north ot tho
south w^t ccrncr post of John J,
Hewitt's claim, (also G miles south
and 3. m1'* > cne- of tho south cast
corner, post ol L. 1GG7) and being
tho sou'i went corner post of
William Hewitt's . claim, thenco
north SO chains, thonco cast 80
chains, thin* south 80 .chains,
thonce w-w.. «• chains, to a point of
commonJjmiM. making 040 acres
moro cr less, and lying north ol
Charles   V, Lea's claim.
Locate \ ti 27th day ot September, 190;,
WM. II   HEWITT, Locator.
' Thos. Plater.
No. 27 -- Commencing nt a post
planted at ;it nc.\r the south west
corner pout of William H, Hewltt'a
claim, anl being the north wcatcov-
, Located this 29th' day.'o!^ September; 1907.    ", "*, -"'   /»   ■
* EDITH GORDON,' Locator.; •    ',' '.','
By-JOHN  J.-HEWITT, Agent.'    ,
Witness: '...,-
Thos.' Sjatcf. o -. - , .7, i
No/-36.— Commencing' at a post ■
planted' at or near the south-'' east
corner' post oi LV 1908,; and being
the north east corner post of Mary,
E. Norton's claim;"thence south 80
chains,, thence west 80 chains, thenee
north 80 ' chains, .. thence east 80
chains,' to a point oi commencement -
making 640 ncre's,- more or less;" aad.
lying-south of L. 1908.*
Locited' this '30th day of September, 1907. - v "■     7." "
MARY E. NORTON,..Locator. '      •""
By. JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.    '
Withe£s: -, ■-■•
Thos:  Sitter, \ .7   ,',
, No. 37 —' Commencing at - a post
planted at or near the south east
corner, pest of L. 19,08, and being
the north..--.4 est corner-post "of Clar-
onco J. HpLNe's claim, thence * soutli
SO chains, thence east 80 .chains,-
thence 'noit.li S"^ chains, thence west
80 chains, to a point of commencement, making 640 acres more "or, less',
and lying eaut of Mary E. Norton's,
claim;     * ■      .* 5", . .
CLARENCi: ,J.   SPIKE,-.-Locator.•
■>By'*JOiIM J. HEWITT, Agent.- * ,
Witness.,, -^    "*   " o,
Thos.  Slater.".-*       ;•:','.
No. 38.— Commencing tat • a   post',
piantcd at or   near the south   east "'
corner- poot oi L. 1908 and being, the
south   '-,4 est   corner   -post of  Isaac
Carson's,'claim, " thence    north    80 '
chains, tlience east 80 chains,* thence
south". 80 . chains^  thence . west .80-
chains to .t point'of commencement",-
mLikiiig C40 acres, more or less; and
lying east, oi I,   1908. ,    ■   ; *•-
'■■ Loctito.l  this 30th day of Septem-  *
bcr," 190". '•    -   -   ,    "    '  '    ■.,„"'    ,
" ISSAO CARSON,"Locator,'0    \   ,
By  JOH.v, J. HEWITT, Agcntf
Witness.  ,.     - '.   ...""  '  f,     7,   '     :.
'Thos.  Slater. '' " .   .   ,-
thenee east*- 80~cliains77to_a"Tp"oiTit—of*
more or less, and lying Rest of Wm.
commen<'imei.i"   niaking  640   acres,
F. Lea's'"-claim.  *')■'■'•    ■'
Located this 28th'day of September, 1907. . '      ■
■ JOHN U. BROOKS, .Locator.' ■ ,
By  JOHN ■ J. HEWITT,, Agent.
Witness;- .. .
Thos', ■ Slater. "    •    ,-. "   /'"'
No, 32.—- Commencing at a ..post
planted at /.r near the south east
corner post of Jesse Kershaw's
claim, '(4 milts'south' and ono mile
east, of ..the south east corner post
of L. 166") and being'.tho south'west
corner Pcst^of WilHanvD. C. Spike's
claim, thenca north 80- chains, thenco
east So chains,; thence south 80
chains, thonce west 80 chains, to a
point of. commencement, making C40
acres more or less,, and lying east ol
Jesse KrvT-haw't- claim. ■
Located this 28th day of September, 1907,'        <   "'
' WM; D. C. SPIKE, Locator.
By JOHN J. HEWITT, Agent.'.'
Witness: ■
Thos. Slater.
No, 33 - Commencing at a post
planted ut or near tho south weBt
comer post o'. Wm. D, O, Spike's
cluim, a'td beintf the north west corner por* e<f Flavella Splko's claim,
thenco Ort&t 80 chains, thonco north
80 chains, 1 hence west 80 chains, to
a point of commencement; making
G40 acres moie or loss and lying
south of Wm. It. C. Spike's claim.
Located this -23th day ot September, 1907,.
FLAV2LI.A SPIKE, Locator. ■
Thos, frlater.
. No. 34.—* Commencing nt a post
planted at or near thc south eiiBt
corner ot Charles J. Kershaw's
claim (also 2 miles south and 1 milo
eatat ul thc south east corner post
of L. 1667) and being the south west
corner pout of Irene Norton's claim
thence 1.01th SO chains, thenco east
SO chain*', thencr. south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chuins, to a point of
wv p^pI- r.f rhnrlf-H w. Lenl's claim, i commencement,   making 010 nerds,
thence rout.li fil chains, thenco cast I more   or   lew,   mm   lying   eu»i ul
80 chnlns, thence north 80 chains,
thence west «0 chnlns, to a point ol
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less, lying south ct William
? r.i •!.■] < -'
v., Iliu
Located this 27th day ot September, '1907.'
ThiM. t."latc.\
No. si.— Commencing at a post
planted ono mile- east of the north
east tttrorf cf Harry B. Hewitt's
claim, (also C tallea south' aiid 2
miles cast nl tbe toutb fast corner
poit of L. 1W7) a-aM being the aouth
u*i coract Pcot of William H. Pro*.
Charles J. Ku'til.u-.v'a' t"..ilwi.
Located this 29th day ot,September, 11*07.
IRISN'13 NORTON, Locato*\.
TI108. Sinier.
No. 33,- Commencing at a post
planted t*t cr near the south, west
corner re>»t of Irene Norton's claim
and -holr.-j the north vreat corner poat
uf Edith GoTdon's , claim,"tbence
aoutb Ut chains, thtnee entit 80
chains, tbence north A0 ishalns,
thenee'west': JO chains,'to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
mora or lesn and lying aoutb of
Irena Norton'! claim.
-■• Cranbrook Land District
') -.14 (1
District of East Kootenay
TAKE    NOTICE     that   Fred    R.
Dalzelll    of   Fernie,' B.' O." - timbon •
cruiser,   iciends   to   apply   for      a <•
special timber, license over the. fol->
lowing described .lands:
No. 1.— Commencing at a post '
planted on the south bank; of a
small creek in the Elk river valley,
about one milo north and one' milo
west oi Charles Wcigert's Pre-emption Lot No. 2000, thenco 40 chains
west, thene-o lbO chains north, thence
40 chains cost, thence 1G0., chains
«-juth to point of beginning, containing 'G<10 tines more or less.
Datsd September 28th, 1907.
No. 2.— Commencing at a post
planted about 20 chains north ot
Goat Creek one. 40 chains west ot
lilie R'l/i-r ' cn tho north and west
boundaries r;f tho Patmoro timber,
limits, thenco west 40 chains, thonco
north 40 chains, thonco wost , 40
chains, thi-Bfi* north 40 chaina, ,
thenco south 120 chains, to, point, ot
teilnnln^, containing 040 acres more
or lcss,(
Dated' Kcpte-mbor lGth, 'rj07„
■ No, 3.—Commencing at a post
plantod on the wost fork, ot
Binguy Creek about one milo south
of main stream and about three
miles up stream from the Junction
of the Klk River adjoining Lk W-
Patmoro's timber limit ou the west,
thonce west 04 chains; thonco northlOO
chains, thouvo cast, G4 chains, thenco
south lt*0 chains to point ot botfln-
mg, cont>*.iiiln-<' 040 acres moro or
D.ited September 23rd, 1007*,'
No. 4.—Commonclne nt a post
planted <u thc eaat bank ot tho
north i'ork of Big Creek near tho
north emit corner of timber license
number j**i7'.'*l nnd about two miles
west ol co.il license number 0379 on
Elk Uuor tlu-nce north 80 chains,
thenco west 40 chains, thence south
40 chaias, them*-) west t>o chains,
thenco south 40 chains, thence eaat
120 chuins to point ot beginning,;
containing G4Q acres more or less.
Bated September 25th, 1007.
l>o. ii.—\I.oinuittil-*u6 ai, 4i t*J-;**
piantcd on lho upper Klk River at
tho north eaBt corner of timber license number 12426 and on the weat
boundory cf A. Mannban coal license
number 19«2, tbence north 40 cbains,
thtnee ff-.it 40 chainu, theace north
81) chains thtnee west 40 chains, .
thence s-juth 120 chain*, thence east
80 chains' to point of beginning,
containld-j' 6<# aetes more or less.
Battd Si-rtember 8th, 1907. ;
FREO P.. DALZELL, Locator.
e   \\
1 FEr{^JLg'ICER, FERNIE,'B.  0.
But iff its from a Sealed Lead Packet of
OCTOBER 27, 1907
■TEA"   .
the leu .pot results wilB be unequalled
.. " '.BLACK :    "  MIXED ■     ". GREEN ,-  -
At yow? G.-acer's        Highest Award St. Louis, 1904
Hints ♦„   »    '•        *. ? 7    •"
to  Anxious  Mothers  Who  Discover Red Spots,
strikes   more   (error   to   a
VOU 11:
■iiich .Pmotl,e,"s so"> than nu appear-
•riii.tl ■raa-' ou lR,r bal,y* ™ess the
lie in'" ls'f'riek|y heat, .which oven
v'to 4Ust j"0XlH'i'ii'iic-cd person is.like-
;        uiow, Itjuuicatw illness, and-a'
,^t ■-••■ should, lie c-iili'cd.    '■"
,,.,'v   ;vlll!o wiiltlisg for liim lier mini!
''   yo   nuivli   ri'lievc;!   bv
A large" audience assembled in thc
oiir, yet he preferred to form a colony in New Lanark and die a poor
man in the States. What incentive
did 1 William Morris-,  the' poet, have,
Unjon Hall last Sunday,  when .. the j and Bl/rns and Shelley and Miltb '
usual meetmg-.of Pernie local-   was   with.h;'s pa;adise losi and p&r^
held. • Mr.  J. Blakemore was  ..voted
'.to the  chair,  and  after singing one
of the.inspiring" socialist songs, gave
a few.remarks.   He instanced a-case
'in New- York where a lady's favorite
'dog had.  died and   its funeral   had
cost $500, whilst there' were T honest
.workers who had contributed to the
.world's good could' not afford to he
buried decently, *all due, to the'system of exploitation which one worked' and lived under.   '
* Mr. W.. McLaughlan.was then called upon.-for'a song, and'.very"  ably
responded   , with.     .''The     Anchor's
.Weighed.;,'- " -.    rf.   .
...The secretary then' stated - there
were a. lot of S. D. F. and.I. L.
Peers arriving, from the' Old -..Country
and he"extended-,*;on behalf of Fernie
,lochl, ai hearty invitation to co-op-'
erate with them in their efforts to
advancejthe cause of' socialism. .""""
After the singing of another song,'
the speaker of the evening, Mr. J.
Harrington, was called "upo» to give
an address on socialism and; incentive, and proved himself to be an
ject in.a forceful and lucid manner
He. remarked '".that anyone who . :had
a stoneTto throw;at socialism, had
thrown-" incentive,' and he believed
that Solomon was not the' wisest
man on "earth 'or else he would, have
*■ asked for incentive instead of wis-
,'dom. What was incentive?- It was
a , motive power impelling men to
ae-tion; a power that incited men to"
do something and'he would like to
refer them to some of the first-class
minds.of tho past so that they might
take an historical view . of' the Incentive that had prompted these men*
to benefit tho world as they had-
'done. Karl Marx was 'born of the
middle.classes and could have been
removed from penury if he had chosen. When he was writing his book
which lias revolutionized the world,
he .refused money from Prince Bismarck,.'Which was offcrod 11 howould
not publish it', yet ho prefcrrod to
live in'eiilo ln London. What incon-.
tlvo prompted him when he could
havo lived.ih ease and luxury—certainly not tho incentlvo of gain.
What about Robert, Owen. With his
money he could havo lived in spldml-
rogained, It took hiin 20 'years*"to
produce these two books, and - ho
only got' $75 for both of them and
lost his eyesight as well. The incentive that prompted these men was a
love for their fellow man, and this
was' a greater incentive than gain:
It was the'incentive: pf riches that
produced . such conditions as Upton
Sinclair depicts in his book. It was
the incentive to gain that produced
such an abnormal'amount of" poverty," misery, vice and degradation as
was manifested today.. If it was
true that ^socialism would- kill incentive, vvhat about the Greek Republic? Surely this state would have
produced as poor a set*;of citizens as
could" be1 expected" but on. the . contrary* it produced some of the 5nest
minds in. painting,-medicine, astronomy..'and sculptor'as the'world has
ever .seen. What . about Socrates,
Plato; Brito, Glauco, igatho and a
host of others—incentive was "not
killed there. Socialism'' would not
destroy incentive, for as Ruskiin said
no great work'was ever'written,, no
but it was for the love'of the work.
Under socialism there" would be five
to. ten tinits as much incentive as
there is now." ■> '    ■"
Questions were asked of the speaker nt the close, which were answered
•ili-p7l4l--f "f ll1*' .ll.ifc.-pnr forms "rash
'Fur Ih",     ',|,w,|>'*---y what tlie.v mean.
hXKiiiY 'nxY' KCiU'k,t fevoi' lll"t '»ost
■nl-*fil   °-  il" '""csbos." Is not to'be"
•crsoa? ,C"' uu,,lRl0S l)'v a I1ei'so«
scnrlel i" llu> ln«lI™««»» of both, in,
.•red liYY t!lt' cn'l,ti"»> bright col*
*r t.i:w,       s,104ts uro so clos<-' togeth-
though-'    ■'1y.-Bwm t0 run 1*Irono ■>«••».
v dc7 L>ilcl* llttl<-> RPeck is really clear-
■ibout ,,        ,t l,esIns on the, chest or
Mean     ncck and sPreil'ls quickly.
'•'C'^    on" t,°WVlrSt'   t0'the 'lnCXP*
*»' i\,«V fnce- bu,t a Physician-
mouth l"]Y sf,e sma,) "Pots In-tho
This h ,,ore"th°y aPPenr elsewhere.
rnpjdlvnrft r on,Ptlon *bat develops
accom JZ"? tS faw"to'the body is
blotchi;niecl    by    "welling    and    Is
iienrs'Vhat Is part of ch'cken pox ap*
but IrJ00; °ntbe face rirst- as a rule,
from  ?, foriT,atipn   is   quite  different
fora^Mt,Lr,«Jn1rafiasle9- Iuthe
develoK . itt,e iumps tbat quickly.
It d<S int° blisterl»** looking things,
npneatv ",0t brea!: 6"t a11 'nt once, but
of the ,* , ,'otatl(»n tn different -parts
Hon" mJi /' so.thatat nrst one por-
•Ion w»;Lbf ?",te ,clear ot' any «rup-
•ippeaivI D°ther ,s covered. It dis-,"
■dS5T^ 5LP^5"»  '.""to 'cmt. that
Germ        " a time-
theotfn   °leas'os..!es8  serious than
mistaC'J,01',? Qnd frc(lue?.t'y fl«t
.before'h to muy. show by a rash
Thcei. T area»y fever symptoms.1
than iKUptl0,D ls us"a"y '""ch paler
thertlb       ■ moasiGS and may be el-'
•»»«"«• 5lp?rf ■er- bUt aS -a rulL,:re"
"«*» a S T°te' an-1 defi"Vld* »
and mt.; , r,ter tlm? than-ln measles
,;, - . Jy fade after two days.',"'" " ;*'
,tW -* J" *-"'., ' '■   '' - '* - »-
^y,. Make    CharminV   Trifles'.For
Tal-e Ba»ar. Stalls;    ■
■lder=;„ a^O^en..Bi.njka=of=ja;en.:
of the h together, at the', base
of mauv«Te? 'W!!b °Ue end of a J'ard
ers-intie5,ba%b1t; "blJ°a' Sbape the fiow-'
flowers'.a bal1' usnS extra-pieces "of
wind cYl up whpro necessary, nnd*
^tton round to keep all secure.
tfevnie, IB. c.
"' " 4 ■***■■''
■'.  i
1      V"
Fernie; B. C.
Advice of Noted Authority, Also
Gives a Simple Home
Prescription. .
Now is tlio tlmo whon tho doctor
EOts buuy, and tho patent medlcino
manufacturers reap tlio hnrvest, mi-,
Icna trout enro.la taken to An.*-x
wiirmly and keep the feet dry, Tliw
Is tho ndvlco of un i/id iiiiuiu'iit mi-
ll'or.ty, who suyH'tlu.t lllicumut.iK.itt
nnd Kidney troiiiilu wi'iither Ih hori«,
I'n.l r.Pin tella v,lw,t tu do Ir. jv ciiHis
of nn atlaclf.
Oot.fjom nny v,ooA preKeilptlnn
phnnniicy nio-lwilf omico I-'luM Extract D,(iidclaiii, ono ouncio t'oin-
poiiml Knrjjci.; tlircii ouiicch Compound Sjrup Bftrspnrilln. Mix hy
fcuaiijiiij in a bottle and tnko ft ton-
tpviouiul «fter iiioulb mul ut bedtime.
Just try this simple lioino-mudo
mixture ot thc first Blgn ol Khcuiua-
tiwn, or 11 your back nclics or you
feel that tho kldnoys nre not; ncUntr
just right, This ia said to bo it
splendid kidney regulator, nnd ol-
moBt certain remedy for all formn of
rhoumnllBiu, which In cauncd by uric
ncld in tho blood, which tlio kidneys
full to filter out. Any ono enn easily
prepare this at homo and at small
DruggUts in lliis town nnd vicinity, when thown tb* prescription,
stated that they can cither." Btipply
tbtse Ingredients, or, il our readers
prefer, they will compound the mixture for them.
The»-M * D'UMD""'11- ****< 8TAIITED.'
bnirnK °!,ch BtaI,c down ovcr the
of S thrend t,J0 ribb(>n ln "hd'out
ototofv tu,kH untn th0 fl^0^ aro «ft
moro ItT™11- Now tnk0 •» «>«w
other ffi U.8 °^ lavcnder*nn<- niako na*
So bn}" ^ U'° 8"Ino ^y.. .When tho
stalks i, l"*0 nnl8,,C(1 -ntermlnielo their.
TOds of *!?. b,I,d "'r""y'with,, tho'two
toff lomP,bbou WIllcl*'»"ou'<l 1>«yo been
8tnart bl° u"d fnHtu" ofr ^ lying •« "
wilI bo . * Tllt'sp lnv«n{lor dumbbells
inrs nt, ,OI!nc].t0 Ml "B"I(!nrtld1**' »t bn*
Golora       l00lt protty mn(1° ln vftrl0"B
Weak, Worn and Almost in Despair
When  Dr.'   Williams'    Pink  Pills
Came to his Rescue.
"My itruifith was almost gone, my
breath VtVy short, and I could fiard-
ly walk, I used many remedies but
thoy 411(1 not help me." Finally a
friend adv.'Kcl mo to take Dr. Williams >lak Pills, I did so, and today,,, thanks to tho pills; I.am a
Perfectly well man."/-
' Thio vory emphatic ' statement is
made ty Mr. R. L. Porter, of Malt-
land, N, 3. Mr. Porter is a fisherman, subject to much exposure. Ho
further says: "1 wns'in a stato of
debility * arid bloodlossness. Sometimes I could attend to my work,
but otton was too weak and miserable- to do so. 1 wub wakoful and
restlosb nt nights nnd could not oat
In tho morning,' I wns troubled with
pains in my back and shoulders,
somctinicn I could linrdly straiRhtcn
up. Thou JmUficfltion enmo to add to
my misery, and my condition was
ono thai rondo-mc nlmost hopeless. I
tried ijovcml medicines—but in vain.
Tiion c-iio dny a, frlond sn.d, why
don't y.iii try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills ? 1 tried them and I Klin.ll always l,c Ki-iili'ful for tliom. In a
chert timo 1 bcann to regain my
liciltli. 1, could est-hotter, " and
could n,\t r.ny hind nf food. My
ktiviiyili returned, I could attend to
my Wirlt. 1 w.is in lnct pcrfi'clly
ttull iiKiiiu, 11114I thiw la lictiiully duo
to Dr. \,,iltunin l'ink 1,'llln.   "
Dr, Wllli.ti.v l'ink I'Ula Imild up
tlio lit. blip'.li* iiud ilnvir mit dlKwit-ii in
jiiKt oiu, wny-tlu-y nctunlly make
new ral bl.ind. 'Hint j« M]| they do,
but tiny (in it well, They don't act
011 the bowels—thoy don:t pur^c and
woakcii liko common pills. TVv
don't bother with mere symptoiriH,
ihuy ko i.Kht to tbo root oi tho
troubio In tco,blood, that is why
ibey ci.io iiiincmin, with all its head-
nclics and backaches, nnd dlzs-incBB,
nnd rf-.irl nnlnltitfon T'i«t ;.;' V,L-
they cure indigestion, rheumatism,
ncuraUia, f-3:, Vitus dance, Bcncrnl
woakncuB nnd tho special ailments
thnt j;rcwin({ Rlrls and women do
not lln'i* to tfilk about oven to their
doctor-'. J'::t you must insist on
KttUii*{ il.o genuine pills with tho
Imi iisms r.> "-or, Wflllanw Huk.
Pliln for r.il8 Icopie" on the wrap-
per ur:»«,i-d toeh box., Sold by     nil
medlcino dr.-leri.-or by mail at BOc j J™** tlmt color. Ti.ttVnlrnnRTnitT*;
n box .-r .six boxes for. 12.(50* from S In flr "•"'•'n't B#o'liotv tlio color
Tbe Oa •,V..iu.fns Medicine Co., Lt to ke? 'IWwwico; buf, os sbo w.nt*
Drcckvi'h, Oni. .eaomhiT *'';,«»«'»■»■«'• «ho' veto vita
Bar supplied''with the best of Winea
,    Liquors .and Cisrara,   • *• .,
■ ;■ r.15!"?1!^;.Room in connection.. .'
P A C i'f A C
Hotel, Hosmer
'■   ;" -'..." .    ■ ■    *■-..-,«
Open May 1
„ .        Everything new and
,  up-to-date.
, Every accommodation
'for the public.    '    ':
.   Bar sedcrced with the
'    finest in the land
7.30 a. m. Daily Except Sunday
For, .St. Paul, Chicnjro, New .York, Toronto,
Seattle.   Spokane,   Vancouver and'Victoria
.- ',■.■'■ -Via-     •
the   Great   Northern  Railway
"The Comfortable Way'-'
1 —— ,   , ,
Fernie to Seattle 24 Hours
Vancouver 32 Hours
Victoria 30; Hours       -
For particulars call-on or addresV
,   i    H. L.   BLACKSTONE, Agt., Fernie
or W. Ay- ROSS, A. G. P. A., Seattle.
From  France,  Holland'and
<,  Japan-
PLAINTS;!    ..'
reliable.varieties at. reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee , Supplies, Spray
Pumps,. SpraviDR Material, Cut
Mowers, etc. .' Oldest 'established
nursery'on the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free. 7 '      ; ".    .-.':,
,., Nurseries  \    ...
Qreenhousos and Seedhouaes
60   YEARS'"
Tradc Marks
copvriohtb &c.
Reduced   Rates   from   Eastern
Points on Sale Daily
.   September let to October 31st '
Montreal .$46.10
Ottawa       144.85
Detroit      .
Parkdale .   .
Correspondingly   Low   Rates   from.
Intermediate Pointa     '   '	
Soo-Spokane   Service
Tbe Finest on the Continent and the
, Fastest between Spokane and -    '
the Twin Cities . "
The Canadian Pacific Operates
Standard Sleeping Care
& Tourist Sleeping Cars
On   Two   Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction '"
R-ytin'yhe Perf!"n«» of Ar»by.
moro •mi"'08 " ««*«>W«iitlon of two or
rill nori"1"" t,'lveR " r,',,ch mow delight*
KorS"",0 ,,,un olt,K,r "B0,, «tn«ly.
luilf o'f,  p  ' coml,1»** «« omico niid li
v   i I nu"10 m]ly "00(1 vlolct oxt,,n--'
rono i  i\  "" ",,nt'c e,wh of roH0- *«■»■
ten Xnnnlu u:;lr,R't' ,U1,, 1,,° rc«,"«
Inntliia i ,0/*,y novo1 *vot Mkni0 «"<■
nwm horfuiiio.   if to tliln nro nddod
o«    , .,0-;,K,° of «>">tl.iptnroof OITIH
nn I two ,lr?|w ,,r °" ,,r llll,ur -nlmoiiil
■o-'i-vi" 1|ml " 'liiiii'toi' iiruiiw of ii'inic
inMoo ',' l!ui y|,•J,, liJ I»teuElflod.   ut
n.i. ion teij.fjt;•**;v
o-'l-M'? 'f"'-' ''';,1'f'!ullf 0!1!U,M '''»«-'l. "-
irin'oi' ft01  r"K" l1"11 ••■■-■*i"-*»"«*.  wilh n
11|1.l.|,.,irK"'"',i «r-i'nwin ii nd two nnd
..,_.   . ill"!1"Sl,H   "''   Uli'-'lllio   of   i)n-i:(
Under new management
Well farnjahed, rooms.   Tho table li
• supplied with the best the market
affords.   The bar ia supplied
with the best wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
inTaqtinni.probablynatentRbK. Commnnlcn-
lent freo. Oldeet aaencr for aetanni patenu.
HKHatneUct, wltbout oharue, tmtS*     *""•"*■.
Sckimiic American.
A handtoniclr Ulnitratad w«ek if.  I,nri70«t olr*
eulitlon ot any eclentlJo journrJ. -'Tcrmi, u a '
l•2!S'.,«ISSr£"!Sth,• •*• Bo'** b»-allnew»(iealSta.
lo Consumptives
, The andoralgoed hatlnji boetf ra-
oftored to hoalth by simple mean a,
after Buffering for tMToral yean
with a ieTore lung affootton, and
tbat droad dlaoaeo CONSUMPTION,
la anxious to mako known to hlB
follow, bu f for or b the moans of cure.
To thoan who doslre It, he wil)
ohoorfully nond (free of ohargo) a
oopy of tho prcBorlptlon used, whlob
they will find a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRON-
CIIITIS and all throat and lung
MALADIES, no hopes oil niifforors
will try this Romody, as it In InTalu-
ab!o« Thoao desiring tho proiorlp-
tion, whlob will ooot tho nothing,
and may provo • a bidding, wlll
please address
Brooklyn. N. Y.
Eocrij attention,
l !1^,;,„V> " hIhx!.. mii'u>i''i*it
,    mM    ■•   "   r.m,4,l-   KI-IWS1   1)1     IHUl'l'   Him     I ""•""
i':1'.' well l-i.-mi-. i. ,, ,.,., . , •; I
«ii;ii'.i-,);i or n ri-ii-miii vini. i iKooms nssorood bti wirb
........ ,..,,,„..._ _ ->
ll'';(' I|C'I||'|1|(I  (..<;t|'||(..||.    ll   |11M4;|   I ,,    ' .
I||(!llllll'l'(i.|   „„,.   ,,   •*'"*-•' • "-   1H1..I l.i* |(<   ,
(|| llU,J]> ''"ll I'M' .-urn nml ''■•i|-.-ih*v:-
|J ,,'),""<   ,,1"l   -il'lht   I'.\l|llli4|tu  (.-IL'll.'l
„,•{;■;: v"> *i«-i*=i-»-ir.i nn.i i.oi;'i.:;. „» i::i,
WMoi ^,,,7l,1"".lM«l>«f thoy become
"'or;"!,^ll formnii;'"  ' '"   '	
A pleasant; home  for the
All work jjiii'inuucctl
For Rates, Roservfttidns, ami any information
desiro-l, apply »
0. S. FYFEl Depot Ticket Agent
,  E. J. COYLE, AG, P. A.. Vanuouver, or
'Victoria Aw.
. hi tut,,
Tlioroi    -1 Her."Hoodoo" Hu«.
!ni'i-dii,r<,c|,i,ni,li'" «"•'"■* vnrloty Hint
'    '   Imm wiunuii curry with them
Iiii* in tl, ." lj0lk,f Uwy urt) '"•"•'I'euM-
rr i-ontii4V,f mw™ »l •■nr-*» or Ui oth*
In town N'ow " T««hlonaWo moillgio
..„,,,, '"»*'» I'"""? of hor ciMtompn
K'io nin l,y ««l»owllllou« about colow.
wlio r ■ °." KVmi l]rvHH (w » womnn
forlnlHii''1 ft Krc-nlly.    lint within n
i"1' '«* woo.   She m\A that
:,,"!, '?„'•--■•" «r t« 'i trlmut. Tho "hoo
sho envc ..S0 >,roMW»",«». Mt**. Hint
dtvo* nnltl10 W"VM Bwn* Kl,° toI«- tlio
rrLt nf™ novcr t0 ""»•« »'<* nnoliicr
C. L. WHELAM • > Manager
|     Hotel     |
•••   Thc Hotel of Pernio
?---      i   i *
Y •>
V v
♦J*    The centre of Cc'inmerdiil    4
A nml Toarlut Trado .JI
•O*        Calslno  Unexcelled     • £
V S« r* Wallace       Prop, y
AMf^lSBl 12 1st *m\
Just arrived a large
and fresh stock of
Stewart's celebrated
Chocolates. All the
favorite flavors now
on hand.
MoDongaH St Co*
7  Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc,
FOR $2.00
With a diamond rinsr I reveal
free howtosccuro a beautiful complexion. DIamondH and oxqutMlto
complexion aro both desirable. An
opportunity to every woman Ih now offered for obtaining both. For $2.001
offer a 12 Kt, Gold Shell UIn»r,
shape llko a bolcher, with a Tiffany not-
tlnjf, set with n jrenulno dlainoiid
and will send free with ovory order tho
roclpo and dlroetlonu, for ohtnlnlng a
faultless complexion, onully undorHlood
and simple to follow. It will ««vo tho
expense of Creams, Coiwietii-H and
Illcnchei. Will free tlm skin from pirn-
pleh, Iilavkhuail-j, ote.,nn-il j;ivo tho Hkin
beauty nnd nofiiKiss.
RING •» iriinrmiteod by the
nuiuiifm:*tin*»r to lionKrciiroNonted
and nhould any piu-i-hawr liu iltana!.■fled
I wlll clnH'rfiilly r«»fim(l (lio innnoy.
Do not Ic, tho (irlri* loud you to
dOlll't tilt'  '•fllllllllt'lH.'MM  01*   VIllllO
oft Ills i'hi"ir,"ii(! tlm iihnvi* ^unr.iiitno ,
l.altL'U   I'lich   niul   uvcry purtlniHoi.
.KiMid nn» M\i.t)0 by umll 'mul tnl-
iidviliitm.'ii ol'llilsoflVi', a-, tlm iln r.
I-i llniitod.   S.'ii.l. .*-,!,:■■ uf  fliiKjur fui  '
Wh'U-ll till;;- i.s diihll'l'd,
!U Kust •-Mnl Slrc'-t        New Voik t'tty
huml mo your iiiiino mil tluv
iiinnt'H or :, reputublo in'oplo no
reference nud I will forward you a
propOHltlon to net iih my njri'iit and sell
my (rood* in vour Incalliv.
Department 15
112 EaKt-23rd Streut. NKW YOKK CITiT
Fort Steele
Fernie,  11. 0.
Hr«wt*r!. of I.xlru  Vixxn  Lmjcr
*nil   AmilcA   Wnfm.
Dottlcd   Qoods   »    Specialty* '     ^ttSS.XX:
l'f          -1
*.'fi' -• ■•' •'-.•'r*.,:v->--"■■■
'• -,-'   .      •■       .'■   ;• '
7   • -■*-.,'.j> :;> *:'7
.*  ■       ....
;.» i-Cv:
"'.  ■,-■■" .:(t..-S.
News of the v.ity |    —7,    .= \..S
FER&B!-1.EDGBR, FERNIE^ B.''C. ^OCTOBER :26;': 1907'
'i-l - —  '"
Presidents oj^opAX-
$$&U$°    ®**i.:*>-V
*• 5"|
J?   inin. fiom tip of nose to tail,   tahot on |
JjizuriilUiiRO.-rAiiplyLertBer.    (
Wanted .-Woman (or general housework.  ' Wages   satisfactory.—Applyj
Dr. Iii«gins.
ltoom for Ji tew respectable board-,
era.-Apply Mrs. II. BlffgB. Old Town.
Young Kirl wanted for house work,
''' to sleep at hpratf.'-Apply X, "Fernie | <?>
' Ledger."-   '
' House for sale, on Riverside Avenue,
■West. Fernie, 4 rooms, with .'water
pump,   coal   house, ."etc —Apply  to
George 'Henry   barker,   Riverside
Avenue, West Fernie."
Losl.-Sable Stoic (neck piece), on
'    October 21st, in or near Park.' Return
a   to .•"Ledger" Ofiice and receive r'e-
ward., 4    •„■     -■  . ■
Astray on premises "at Wardner,'
'" two sorrel* horses. ' The same have
done considerable damage'to •.rimicn.
, Owner may liave the same by paying
" damages aud expenses. ■ For particu-
" .lars'npplvS. J/IIiirrisoni'P. 0. Box
FopFaH  PSanting
Mr. Wm. Ilti. ' Puekey 1ms just ve-
{■oive'l ii lino* selection of Uioice .
'" Hull's for foroHiK.pari)0.*ies.-'
■ d varieties of Niuoissus, sinelo nml
,   doublo, 8 vnrtotioi of suibw J*uli|'*>,
r, varieties CiUla Lillies, 3 vnnoties
of J.iliums. ■    '; , ,     '
'lor prices
l^-^^WW^^^ $ *&$®$®$
The following,  circular , has   been
handed- in for .publication:
Last week'a fissure,in the   mountain north oi Coal Creek   was    reported;' ' Andrew  ColviUe,' Mine Sup
erinteodent,  immediately    made    an
examination and found it to   be an
old cleavage 400'feet long,   now   at
its widest part about' 2-1 inches, tapering to G inches at, the lace, of the
bluff at each end, with a depth t ascertained    by plumbing, of 90    feet.
He pronounced  it harmless.   R.   ,G.
<»'• I    v  7. ' >.-   ■.'    U ?? '*   7 ■*    .-'*■'., 4<%V'i:'''%?--,.':..,''■.:.$>
Vancouver,   Oct.    15.-W; .A,Matthews, president of the Consolidated
aud  Smelting   Company,,   cf
5, Wardner.
Bobits for OhristMias
;-ncd by Mr James Dona-las
will be. found in another column, of thia
issiio. Tlie editor of this pafcer. ban no
desire to supprc-s anything that'::; of
csfential value to anyone, only in so far
as pcvfionalilies do not count for a'nythinK
in' the realm of UiourIiI', mul rather
show ih weakness tlnui-anything- else.
-Can we-nevoi- '{ret the.'truth without
•venom.?" *■'■*■ .'
.Books for Christmas
! Drlnnan, - "General Superintendent:
1 and James' McEvoy, Chief' Engineer,
and Geologist, after a".careful examination, were firmly of the same op-'
inioii', pronouncing it only a. local
settling of the rocks along' an old \
moj  aud  Smelling   Company,,   online*  «.!   cleavage-**    old     as   tHo-j
Canada; travelling on the coast wiCh ; mountain *self. - * j
i .-. ,r iii,: r v* Mr James D. xlurd, an cnunuu, i
TTJ^T^ t ^i'ie^rt ,om the miuoU coal fieMs, |
£'tS ootSlton or\ne province. He a,d'a gentleman ol \^ ^« |
stated th,t British" Columbia, more wis asicl W come and maU an ex.,
ZxMy other yurt,o. the. Domin-,amin,ticn and. report, -winch^he to-j
oi, snouid -be interested,iu; having  day  did  in  ^l^ion    J U»
labcr conditions which would pnable , owany so^^  ^ &
capitalists  to.meet  on  equals terms.,Pert, -wn.cn i*, imam   «..      _
cn tUct liner other -ctions having ilews: iUstru*ions wc.today'
the same natural resources, ict t. 4. s *- - moun..
conditions were c»cU? ^/.f°.WW> ! ^ , th of,, Coal.Crcok. ' It 1-
from those thatshuuul prcml. .. i " .„ ., ... , . rT1„ nf ti,„
u        ■•       , ,   ,, v.   '. cimTiU' n -wideinna- out ci one oi iue
1„ the face, of "-/^-^j'^a^al^in^e Places   -in   thd>
teen  a acprcssion in  ousiness alo«« ! -   mm should any
lines in which ^P«^ *"   ^"iS^ta -over     be  loosened    they'
tonaled, '  mahing' ,mat ers xncrea. j   ^ ^ P
in,ly ,cliflicult.7  Silver. >- ^-j^^ to tllc wcst of the colliery
•l 7 ff.nl s -uer ounce, load had i ^""-"-       .   . ...
E   offer for each
of your dollars the.
* biggest dollar's''worth-of
value procurable.
Clioico Alberta Crenmery Butter
September, make, per lb.*
Crescent, vBakirig   Powder   reguiar^price 40 cts;,
/  'Saturday   30c ' - - '|.
I ■ Lock Brand 31b. tins choice Tea regular price f 1.25   |
f ' :. .-;' Saturday $1-00       "" ; ,0:|;
I   W.J. BLUINIDELL   •■      "'"    Prompt -Delivery; "|.-.
\- G/'E.;-. L.Y0N5
■' " ,7 •■ .*.
' ; \ Auditor, Accountant, General Affbnt      .
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability insurance
■ ■■■■•■■■■■■■■""■"ritimiWTTTirrr
mrssMr*l**!t»iJ>.*m*'***t**n*m »^w.*^«-w<*^^
Select, Rislern*»Efrgs,.
guaranteed,   per  doz:
Books  opened,   closed, "audfted,  and accounts  kept in the
'    '-    most up-to-date ■ manner. *■
Office,  llurr.s' "Block.
#^^lUm*X*i^M^*^Jmf+t<.\i***tm****» *•*
Fernie, 13. 0.
MO-JA. COFFME. A - special
blehd ot Moclm, Js-va, Coffo'c,
the quality beinff the best we
can purchase, per. lb. '"     , , ^
I and   r.ot' in  the ' direction   of-   Coal
dropped 7 cents "per ounce, .lead Uatt j
gone, down $15 per ton', and , copper j
w<-q    12'teats  below  former  quota- i
"aS    1L   -. ■ .        " , „ic.se would not come-a
The lumber business was also c-bf- wuul*
uncertain. Taking' all these, facts into account, there .must shortly be a
readjustment,of' wages to meet the
changed conditions,, and' thc ' sooner
this necessity was .realized-and ,'.ac-
.--    »V;n   l_.nll-nr'     it,
1 Creek town* or plant,, but    in    any
quarter     of'
■ the way down the mountain side on
account, cf >he slope at this point.
But'we do not;'-anticipate that   even
small fragments will so break away.
"The rocks are almost • horizontal
'. A' very successful dance was given
by the Kebekahs at the Stork Open;
House on Thursday night hist'. About
.150 couples occupied the floor. W.J.
Tuttle was the master of ceremonies.
This iB the first dance {riven by tho
■Kebekahs, but it is intended to make it
an annual affair. A good many peoplo
•from Hosmer and Coal Creek took in
this' dance. *    *      •
The lonff* distance telophono servico
"between Cranbrook and Fernio waa inaugurated from tlio ofiice of General
Manajrer Lindsey, of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Co., on Tuesday afternoon
last. - Aldorman Bleasdell,.representing
the city of Fornlo, was the Hrbt to
-oxtond'hls {jroetlnff to Cranbrook, and
Alderman Holbrook,1 of Cranbrook,
replied. The' old man of Cranbrook
represented" the* prons, and' wanted to
borrow a ton of paper,   We could not
' do this; wo do not deal with chronic
At tl.o,resular*.neetlhff of the Ladles'
AW Society of tlio Methodist Church,
held last Wednesday ovonlns at tho
homo of Mrs. Moore, Coal Creek, tlio
memborH and nomo friends.joined In
preHGiitlnj** to Mrs. W. Thomas a very!
pretty silvor livo o'clock lea bervlco ub
un expression ol tholr appreciation of
tho services rendorod and long inembev
whip of that lftily.   Tho presentation
wm made fin behalf of tho society liy
■Mrs, D. Willis, * president, while the
•address was road liy Mm, Mooro.   Mr,
«wl Mrs. Tlmm-iB lmve lotiflr been mom1
l>ern of tlio church, and tholr do'-nrluro
for Nannimo will leave a jrnp that wlll
lio marked in tho church.   The bcBt
wishes of a larffo circle of friends ffo
with llicm to tliulr now homo,
would Le for the future of the-province.
Mitiard's Liniment Co., Limited.-".
Dear Sirs,-'-I can recommend your
MINARD'S LINIMENT for,,Rheumatism and Sprains, as I have used it
for both with excellent results.
'.Yours truly,
T."'B. LAVER&, '
- St. John.
the mountain,   and   even if. the
Ay-sr's Hair Vigor was nood,
the best tliat was made. But
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new improved formula, is better. It
is the one great specific for falling hair. A new, preparation in
every way. New bottle. New
contents. Ask your druggist to
show itto you, "thenew kind."
not change the color of the heir.
I'ennuU with tub. bottU
9    Show It ts your
MM P.M iS Aik him about it,
t*#W» V nnadoMtiniyi
■crack 'should"'at ■ some~fei*irote-time"
extend to the bottom,,,which.is, not
likely, thc cut off portion ■ of the
mountain would be-just as.stable-as
thc rest, as'the slope, of the moun-
than is less than thc angle of rest.
'"In thc Rocky Mountains, "owing
to thc wear - of, nature, small __ fragments of reck break off occasionally
but never reach the,, bottom, where
the slope is as it is in this case.
"In our opinion there is atitolute-
ly no danger whatever to life or
property at either the* mines or thc
town of Coal Greek from the existing conditions or from any result of
thcsD conditions which in our opinion could .happen.
Sisned-Jamcs D. Hurd, M.E., C.
E.; Robert G. Drinnan, M.E., O.E.;
James McEvoy, M.S., C.E.; Andrew
I «m issuim? this circular to our
employoce and the people of    Coal
General Manager Crow's Nest   Paaa
Coal Compnny, Limited.
- .Some every day prices.. • t -
'. that mean a saving to '
you. .■ Y'
Preserved Fruits per tin 15c, 20o
Canned Eeas.per tin.'....,...', 1.0c
'Ciimax.Jams, 5 lb. pails',. ,50c
SheriffB Jolly .Powders
.  3 pkts.*..- •••'•••:  2oc
' Corn Starch, 3 pkts.'.....'. '25c
Laundry Starch 3 pkts..
• 1 lb. pkts. Pearline
- Washing Powder.-	
_.,-j,i b.,pkt5.-Gol dJV.ash.in .ir_
- Powder..	
;   A7T7-HAMILTON;;:
Tinsmithiiig,   Plumbing,   Steam * Pitting
:, 55
All Work Pr.crnpfly- Executed'-and
Satisfaction   Guaranteed. '   ,
Saturday Snaps
Get the benefit.
Laundry Soap, reg.. G bars 25c
special 8 bars 25c
7 lb. tins Marmalade reg. $1.00
Special '85c
Fancy Biscuit3 reg. 25c
Special 20c .
sfe-- Telephone 1
Next'-King Edward, Hotel
Plans  and  Estimates on Application
Residence 76 Howland Ave.
j; Wilson G«av, "Akcihtkct
Fernie ,B. C,
As we now m»ke our new H*ir Vljor It
does not have tho sllghteM effect upon
the color or thc hair. You may use It
freely and for any length of time witn-
out fear of changing the color. Stops
falllns hull-, Cures dandruff.
-—Unit Xtf th» t. 0. At*' 0:, umtXX, Utu,m—
Books for Christmas
Holiday lines no,v ready for sale,   This
sca*son's selection thc finest yet shown.   Wc
hayc an immense variety.     In it you arc
" sure to find your favorites.,
New Mm
Our rfli.fi-e of Gift hooks
is ■exceptionally biaut'f
ful, -lino a full line of
New Aulumn Fiction
contulnirtR lhe best scl-
linn lx>oU*4 li, Canada
for thc present wawn.
The Boys & -GirSs
4 ...■ K-^ **1»»»
\'ilACH.W» St. Mius.vJ'ii » 4-*'*1 -
also Picture & Toy BooUn. Our
lines are beyond question in the excellence of their get up.
Bibles low Priced
lle.tutiful pocket blh'c, dear .yr<\
wood paper, Frtnch & Morocco
Utndinn. red under gold wig" willi
m.ips.   Special price 60C18.
Stork Opera House
One NlffHt Only
1    ■ It
Thursday, Oct. 31st
Under tho direction of
Harold Nelson
Clifford lane Bruce
Porn pei i
A dramatization of Balwcr-
Lytton's famous nove.
"Ihe tot Days of Pompeii"
Helen Mt
Joseph DeStefani
Supported by a special company
Crow's    Nest   Spaolal
Mlnsr's Favorlts Clflars
Don't slop to annoy your neighbor,
by asking him for the loan of his shot
gun in shooting, season when you can,
secure a-full choke bore, pistol grip,
double barrelled, breach loading shot
gun with interchangeable barrels and
- nickle plated breach, for
$16.00 less 5 percent.
only a few left.   The best values in
the land.    No .trouble to show them
■ and to see is to discover their value
and buy. '
f L —'  I
3oint Accounts
"Hoot Mon"
Canada's Orentest
Oonoort Band
with nil tholr special features     .jw„   -   -,    ■»
&.;« C!a!r, Ss?.t!.rt nnne^rs.  Mftir* and your pnrt.rtftr's business,
Two or more persons may
open a joint account with The
Home Bank of Canada, und
deposit or withdraw money by
cheque over their individual
name.   This arrangement is
most convenient for man and
wife, especially it the husband
has to travel and cannot always reach home by the week
end.   In case of the death of
either party conducting a joint
account, the amount on deposit
Lccuii.ci thc. property of the
Wiving participant without uny process of law.    To
simplify thc management of
! your household, or your own
4       i       ......-*.«*>.•*'ii   Uitoinnca.
To Contractors and
Pipers, and Celobratcd Bololsts
Don't forget "The Old  folk.  «t Howe"
N. C. SUDDABV order carfy
S* our high gr*fe Local VW-* Car-J* and Calendar-!
CREB   &
Townalta Affenbi
Fernie and llosmer
Vir«, IJAttk AMJ4*
deit iQwrtnee
Twlet OommintUd by
ft*.  King Edwawl VII
Thiy 8tn«r, They Dance,
•They Way
Stork   Opera   Houw
Nov. 5th
S^uikUoaSiilfl Ferntfl T>rti(f Ston»
weeklnadnoee. . Price* $l
arrange with us to .conduct a
joint account. We pay full
compound interest on savings
or Canada.
Furnie Branch
Have you got your
winter supply of Oats &
Potatoes. If not. order
now as the prices arc
going up owing to thc
crop  failure   this  year.
Outs, CO lbs. Bttfirnntocd     Aftf*
pev bushel ■? Vv
Potutocs, l'-'Ulo. sacks tr*i  *}$L
At vour Bldlnff, 1H»»I credit and
prompt shipment.    Order now.
Ed. Cuming
UMti «»t tttAst In •«•* mft***1* •* J-°- °" *•
It.-a* Moon. VT.**oT,


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