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 VOLilllMlXOi 7
British Colonies Intend to Keep
Iheir Affairs to Themselves.
-7 n.-.t." - -   •-»•• ,r  , ,,.__.s .'.
J. ',   . .    •    - ,. ';_ j -. j.. .
.To understand the bitterness of Asiatic race, antagonism ,on the Pacific
coaatQit is ..necessary to. realize-that
while the number of Chinese in the Far
West declined during the census decade
of 1890-1900 the1 Japanese increased six*
fold in that period, the number in'the
nation'mounting from14,899 to 86,000,
of, whom 10,151 .were concentrated in
California (an.increase from .1,147), 8l,»
ill iu Hawaii, 5,617 in Washington and
. - '2,501 iiV'Oregbn^agaihsronly'35-1 iii
. ~Xk\v York." *, ' ■ \
. Of the Chinese population of 119,050
in 1900,'thou.rh the number in California
lind decreased'from'72,472, it was yet
..45,753, 'or1 more than 40 per cent."- of all
,the Chinese iii the United States. The
Chinese' in Oregon iu 1900 numbered
10,C97, in -Aliu-ka 3,116 and in Hawaii
*. '20,767.   New York had -7,170.'      ;
Tlie questions raised by Asiatic immigration havo become aeuto- in -the'
Transvaal,' where," following the ordi'
nance of 1904 allowing the importation
of coolies to"work in the, mines, 43;-191
, were brought in .within a year. Since
1905,permits for this class of immigration
have been.refused and the Transvaal
Parliament has passed a law looking to
the eventual exclusion, of .all- Asiatics,
including Hindoos—despite,their status
" as British subjects—along-with Chinese
, ,and Japanese.;;,-, ..■.■• -v.;* '..'"_... yy
2*!atal, where Hindoos'and other Asiatics'constitute one-tenth of the .entire
population and.outnumber:the, 97,000
Europeans, Mongolians have been excluded from Australia and New Zealand.
These British colonies, in the words of
" the,"London Telegraph";of July 10th
last,  are "determined to keep* their
».  several countries  to  themselves, and
prepared to'^make aiiy .sacrifice,'.'1 to
that end: Canada, by the,"act. of;'l903,
imposes a head tax of $500 on all Chinamen entering the Dominion.. j,.-?.:,
Movements of India's teeming people
Buch as caused the riot at' Bellinguam,
Wash.;' have only recently begun to
affect this country. By the census of
1900 the Hindoos, of tho United States
numbered only 2,069. Within tho last
few years their entrance into the Canadian Northwest has been encouraged
by employers of labor.-In thoTransvaal,
according to a recent statement in the
British Parliament, the British" Indian
population of the colony numbers about
10,000, the majority "of wliom are shopkeepers, street venders, jewelers, tailors and market gardeners. Virtually
ndno'of the.Hindoos\ot theJTransva'al
are coolies, miners or mechanics.      "'''
British opinion regarding tho inroads
of Oriental populations 'in 'the'" colonics
is now tempered by the uglv fact of the
Vancouver riots. It is "significant of
the real attitude of the nation that the
cone'ervati've .London "Spectator," in''
(lovEing the exclusion measures in
Australia'and New Zealand, recently
Baid:   " ,i  -'
'"Much as'we respect the Japanese,
much as wc*.detest the usual phenomena
of racial' arid .color prejudice, we are
bound to say that in tlie last rcBort we
cannot wonder that the self-governing
English-speaking communities' of the
empire are determined to remain.white
men's countries, with all that ,that involves, "aiid will not run the risk of letting the land they live in and ,the land
they love'be made'the ground for aii
experiment .which *has never before,
been tried -'in *-history-'1"thc;e'xperiment
of a<communityof mixed European and
Asiatic blood, founded on* a mixture of
the social, leligious and moral ideals of
the two continents.",
Great' Britain may now view more'
charitably the failings of Americans
whoso prejudices its own colonies share
so.vioLentlv.—" New York World." * ■
Notices to the Above Effect
Posted at Hillcrest Mines"
Frank,   Alta.,' -Oct,., -ii.—
-•>.    i ' '   '        -..'■',;■:   ■••.
Hillcrest Co.  posted lockout
notices this morning. Board
still in session. Will prosecute
.company for . breach of act.
Government refuses to appoint' commission at. Leth-
bridge; Strike may result.
(Sgd.) F. H. Sherman.
.     } o '-I i        <  / ^
.Word.was received Friday morning
in the city of the death ~at Victoria,
B.C., of Mrs. Wriglesworth, mother of
Dr. Wriglesworth; of our town." The
deceased lady was thrown .'from a
carriages short time "ago while driving,
and-.this was the immediate cause of
death.. J)r. Wriglesworth "was at hen-
residence,'before''the end came. We
extend to the doctor our sincere' sympathy in this sudden affliction.       7; '■_
Mr. Ed.' Wriglesworth,  contractor,
jsjaj.so "a son.-      " '■ ":      7   .*■•• --'••
ty ■
.- j*.-*.-*. '.*
Crow's * Nest Pass Investment Co., Ltd.
.;■„: "-.j'.
offer yoii "brie of the best opportunities you; ever .had-, or... ;„	
can', have in- a.-few,"'choice, close-in Lots in the city of
Xethbridge, at^a reasonable price and "within the.reach
of everyone   ':>.;:
• •  ■"     •
1   }
Y. ^
. W will pay yoii 1-6 write!fb-fday
for further particulars.    A few dollars- ;ij*ivested' now will
mean  many in.the immediate:future      '   -
• ,      * * • "   * »     '   •
• '   ,i •        • * • t ■
.   i      * f-     V, ' •
Has Cranbrook got all This
Money to Spare?
I, A: E. Watts, hereby challenge Sir
Wilfred Laurier and the Members of
the Government, individually or collectively, to put up funds for the purpose
indicated by the attached resolution
and thereby show their desire that
political campaigns, shall be conducted
decently and honestly, and that in
futuro thoy will prosecute offenders and
see that justice ia effectually applied,
and thereby cleanse Canada of the foul
blot they have put upon'her fair name.
io prove:my sincerity aiid to shield
a part of British Columbia from the
shameful stigma, the crying disgrace of
Canada which makes her appear'as a
harlot among the clean nations of the
earth, I will offer 85,000.00.reward foi;
information leading to the conviction
and unseating of any/Member of Parliament Jhat may bo elected in the1
Kootenays by the aid of cbribery or
corruption, whether he be of tlie Liberal
or Conservative or of any other party, ,
Cranbrook, B.C.,    _.
-'-^ytl1 October,' 1907.
... 4
Whereas there has been abundant
proof .that numberless cases of gross
corruption of the electors have been
perpetrated throughout Canada, whereby the voice of [the people' has been
stifled, their national, fame besmirched
and'their representatives muzzled.
At a meeting,of the Executive Committee of the" Ci-anbrobk' Conservative
Association held on the above date,
George T. Rogers presiding, tlie following resolution was unanimously adopted:- \y.. .-        >    '
D, K. Book, of Vancouver, wn« in tho
city this wool? looking alter tlio IntoroBts
of his firm.        "   .
John U. Onlvln nnd Voter PnUernon
nro nt Frank tlilH week attending tlio
HllleroRt convention.
Eilwnvd 1'olerBon, of Ilowtnor, .paid
"The Lodger" a pleasant call op Tuca*
ilny nnd srnvo tho stuff a jflnd smtlo
Aro nil voters looking nflor thulr
rutflBtrntlon" o. votes? . Holiiy in tliln
uinttor will inonn a laborlcss rofrlster.
Somotliinir (?ood to Hinoko-*Crow,B
Nost Special and George's Kxtrn.
Try them.
Putronlzo liomo indufltrlos, Goorjro'a
Kxtru nnd Crow's Nest Speoliil, Cull
for the best nnd liolp Fernio grow.
W. Keay, tlio Hitli-colloctor of custom,
Ims tonilo'wl his ri<Klgnntlon, to take
effect on t.ionpi»oliitmo,ilnf nsuceoanor.
"Tho Lodger'' congrntulntcs Mri
\OlUllll) UJ'Oll till UppOllllllll'll! ar* vii-iis,
lii'.'i.HH.'j.-, iiiiil HfU-asur lw !.'« i'fly i'i
Mr. W. II. I'linlAp, acting board
iiiniiibur of Hie BiinUheiul Local, wns In
Kiirnlc tills, wut'lc. Mr. Din-lap is
iTpri'-ifei.iui'' inn Local hi inn liilnri'si
On WcduuHday.aftoi-noon ono of the
pi'iioiiors of tt'Ju city Jail mndo a clash
far liberty, and although.Tolior Joliiuon
,, nnd tho city clerk did a aprliit after
liim ho is still nt lnrgo,
Thn flro chlof rptiirnoil from hN vara'
tion on Wednesday evenlnc, bringing
Ids family with him to settle in fyrrM
Th« chief wporta harlna- iipent aYerJ
pleiuu'it faw days' holiday.
Aloxnnder I Fisher, of tho iirm of
La wo anil Flnher,, barriHters, niul his
bride returned from their honoymoon
on .Sunday loot. Mr. Fisher hns been
bupy slinking liniulu nil the wool*.
Clini-les llollliiii, thlof and gonornl
plcker-up of iincoi'flldiM'i'd trilloH, was
sentenced to three niontha by Judge:
Wilson on Thursday last, nnd taken
down to the Nelson ponltentlnry by tlio
olllcci' from Conl Crook.
4iiiilgo Wilson, of Cranbrook, wns in
town on Thursday on judicial 1)iin|iiohb,
and returned on Fiidny to Criinin-ook.
Tlio Judge will bo In Farnlo nunlii on
Mondny, nnd will nit on tho conclllntlou
bnnrd nt ltoiim-r on thnt dny,
Tho dlHmnutfinj: of tho old rink hns
coimiiuiicod, nnd kooh wo Iioro to wv
tho now ono lu courno nf coiiHtructlon.
A rink combining skating with curling
Is what we want, nnd will help'to piihb
tho time wlieii thu hiiow comes.
Auotlier tni-ii'dy occtirriMl nt No, 2
Coal Creek on W.'dneiulii.v night, when
Gouier J one-' wn-i imutliercd under n
fall of conl, the result of a bump. iIoiioh
was n single mnn, mnd lonves n mother
in W'alun. Tlie lui-eral took plnce nn
Friday nftonmon. Tho niinoH clowl
down for the day,
Wlmt In the mniter wltli our contem-
,.,„,,..   <1    T     li   ......... ,..i   ,« "    Tl   s T' . I'   ,,
||>V».*»V  •       *A  4W  ..— **J*   »* *.-"* * . 4"V ««***44l4.'«
bnuil played in lVrnlo Inht night in
front of Tritef-Wood's atoro. It will
probably piny,In front of the Waldorf,
and why not'*1 . Have you to» much
music In Fernie'/ Do you hnvo too
much of the artlntlc side nf life that yon
can tllupDimo with tlit?i*c li.xurlo«SJ If thn
"Freo Preia" wants the Italian band
to play outnide its ofiice why don't
they hails out some light anil got a free
'ertiieicant? Thlounctlous rectitude
l« groTeiquo,
Tlio MeBsonger Hoy Company woro
in Fernie this week, nnd put on a very
good show. It is ofton difficult for n
travelling • company to do /anything
rcnlly creditable, but tlio Messenger
Hoy Company Ib very good.
Tlio Liberal Atmoclntion will hold a
meetliiK in tiie minors' hall, Forme, on
Monday evonlng noxt, to moot W. A.
(.nlllher, M.l\ All Liberals nro cordially
Invited to nttond. Mr. Galliher will bo
entertained by tho Young LlboralB nt a
dinner at tho Wnldorf Hotel on Monday
(wining nt 7 o'clock, ■
Fred Vance, Torn Beck and Jim
Mroley returned from n week's hunting
expedition ou Tuomlny Inst, Thirty
miles nortii of Crng wns the scene of
tho oporntlmiH, and thev had koiiio ver>
line sport, live deer, two hears, nnd nil
KorlH of Mii'ill giunu falling Into their
lings. Wo toiik Fred's word for tlilH
gnmo hug, but wo In our Innocenco nro
Imposed upon ngnlu.
Owing to tho fact tlmt the editor of
tlilH paper hns been nbhcnt from Fumi-a
part of this week, the IIhC nf npDllciintH
for entry Into our matrimonial burenti
t, ill uot he publinhi'd until next week.
Our rendci-h wlll lie plensed tn lienr tlmt
the editor of the "Fernio Freo Press"
line ninilii uu uppllcut.ini for a lady to
share h\» trouble, nud wo nn* bitty
trying to hUtiMy bim,
The fuiuiraloi tho late F..I. Dunn
took place on Sunday afternoon Inst, nt
11 o'clock, from tiio undertaking rooms
of Scott nud. Hnm. After tlie funeral
nrrvlco in thn Roman Catholic Church,
conducted by the Kev. Father Meissncr
the Fraternal Order of Fugles, wearing
their badges of the Order, led the way
to tho cemetery, where the lait iad
rltea wero performed In the prononco of
a large number of »ympathising friends.
; "That we fully endorse the, proposal
of Mr; A' E- Watts', of Wattsburg, that
a subscription list shall be opened and
the public invited to subscribe to a fund
which shall'ne held in trust and used
soiely for the purpose of prosecution
and-reward for the conviction of any
person or corporation in any way contravening the laws against bribery and
corruption at elections either for tho
Provincial Legislatures or the House of
Commons at Ottawa,-,.. .-*.. .-..	
"The amount so subscribed shall'be
returned to the subscribers if,not.used
for the purpose* Indicated, or if part
only.of the fund be used then the balance
shall be returned to the"subscribers pro
rata according to the contributlon..of
each subscriber. _       r
•' We bog to commend lho resolution
to tho consideration of nil executives
throughout Canada and to all candidates
nctunl or prospective, for scats in the
Provincial Legislntures or in the
Dominion House! being fully confident
thnt it will havo tho hearty approval of
tho vast'majority of the Canadian people,
who nro the real masters of the political
situation rather thnn the ballot stuffer
or tho manipulator!* of election returns,
(Signed) G. T. KOGKHS, Chairman.
JOSKPU RYAN, Secretary."
 o   ■—
lit Silk Art Needle Work
Oct.: 7th to 19th
i"     * v «.
'A   N Expert Te.icher direct'from
°J-\    the Belding; Paul  Go's Art *
School,   will  give   free   lessons  in
Silk   Art   Needle   Work,    on. „ the
second .floor of our  store  for 'two
-weeks, commencing Oct.  7th.
You  are ..most  cordially invited to
,        ■ 1- 5
attend .these classes,* also-to view
the handsome display of high,
class  finished "pieces.   ___ ■  '• "   '".*"-
Belding's 'Silks and' Linens1  used
exclusively in  these  classes. "
The Trites-Wood Company,ltd.
Tlio City Council met on Thursday,
the 10th Instant, TIioho present were
His Worship the Mayor, Aldermen
Triton, (intes, Quail, nnd Tuttle.
Tho mluutea of tho procodlng meetings, September 20th, 28ih nnd llUth,
wero rend and adopted,
Tho lire cliief mibinlttcd his report
for tho month of September, which wns
rend and adopted,       <■
The city engineer's estimate for sewer
worlt for tho month of Pcpti'iuher wns
referrod bach to tho l-'lnntico Committee,
nnd If found correct wnH.ordcri-d to be
The petition of 0, tl. Ilenderson for
j n MdownlU uu Pnllett Avenue between
j .la If ray Street nml McKvoy Street wns
j rcferii'd tothel'ubllcWorksC'iuiiinltti'e.
■ TlioClerU wns InMi'uctcd to write to
: the 0. N. Hallway Co, tlmt uiiIi'm* their
j vrohMlngK wore coiiiplcti'd shortly tliu
' f'o'iucll v'ou'd tnl'i' li1,";!!! j.r'""C.,'*f*'l'.r.-^',f'
''   A rt'folutUii w:ii jih!"-!'!1. rpMu-iin^'
! the public to demand the wolghmai-tcrV
I receipt for all conl delivered.
j   (.ntcH-Quall, Tlmt Aldermnn Trites
j be a fommlttce of nne tohnvenbulldlnu
( It was decided that the auditors for
' HK)7 be appointed bv the Mayor.
j Aldcnunn dates gave notice thnt ho
i would in introduce a byliuv to amend
! the flro limit bylaw.
No otlU'lnl 1«ply hiin beeii received
from the Nelxon tire brigade reftpectlng
the challenge which xva publinhed last
woek to havo a hoio reel run. Nelson
probably know where they aro,
Vi Robite za Vase Dollary ale Nechajte ich Robit pre vas
penazi daui svetu jak je tcras v Lcthbridge. Obchodni a
Fabricni Kapilal so Spoludncj Alberti Brani to Zapaunic
polian (Prairie.)
Lethbridgo jc kolanjnicni prostredok ,so Spoludnej
Alberty a jc taki prostredok najbohatsicho rolnickeho krnja
v Severne Amerikv Kasda yclka kolajna spolocnost so
Zapadncj Canady abo us ma abo pripravuje jej kolajnulinaj
abi brala jej ticast s "tichelnicho drevenieho ab'o -inieho
obchodus s tohot'o bohatieho kraja, Ktori prave tcras je
len v jcho mladosti cili v jclio koliskc obscdlacenia a
Vclkid pracovne cili robotarne sa v Lcthbridge. Uhelnic
doli ktoric zamcstnatitijti mnoho nuizof tchlaren a skridlovcn
lilcctricna Fabrika Mlin na miiku ktori srobi dene pat sto
bocick nuiki Oliver zvama fabrika na virabania matcrialu pre
budunki Fabrika cili robolaren na robenia radu na konc a
inic kozenic naradic Pivovar Zele/.na fabrika Motornich cili
parovich vozov spolocnost Vlnena fabrika mnoho inich.
Obecenstvo v Lcthbridge sa s dvojnnsobnilo v posledn-
ich tlvoch rokoch ii vsctko poka-zttje /e  ti druchiclulvoch
rokoch nbesccnslvo sa zvisi na 10,000 siovom desnt lisic V
rastnucom mostc jako jc toto eel kern ncmouzc srobii lepscj
jalo vlozit syojc pinazc do  podnikov ci' kupit plac (lot)
jponcvac place'btulii talc v. sttipat do hori jako obecenstvo do
jpoccu.    Place (loti) ktoric mi  ptvdavamc tcras po $100.
[bitdu stat v kratkom o mnoho viacej.
!       Ticto place (lots) n;i dobra kup.* c! pic uLJiod cili pfic-
inip a ci na  po.siaveni ilomacno.sli oiu *sa dobroni .siiclioin
a rovnom polozeni len par mimit choudze od sirct'tt ohchodu
tncsta ano oni sa nadovsctlco   nnjlcpstc   pre uhlo-kopov
ponevJHC,.sa Wis ko uhclnich dolov. Ziaden clovek nesbohatne
pri telpenej pr.nci r\)o wnohi sbec!.:.!.. !;cd ich plact. iilcdll c!o
podnikov slcros naktipeni placov v meste.   Jestli vy ulozite
vase peniaze do podnikov jako sa mestkic nodniki v ledi vase
peniaze sa vam s tlvojnasobnia za kratki cas,   Ticto hore
udanic place (loti) sa po prvi-krat na trim odprednji za levni
cas a za iu najnisu ccnu cvo moze bit.
Drstc trimlc krastni naprcdok mesta Lcthbridge vyvasej
mislialibistesa tt naso dajsi visvetlenin. Mi taki mamc plac
na predaj v Calgary a inic majctki ktoric sa dobrie podniki.
] I'HIaste'sa u C. A. isHEPARD & CO.
Abo u Watson's Real Hste Office/Fernie.
- {fc - "t '
t    *.
■ $■ -i ■
!j *I •
v -|!;? ^
- it, **
*  .
f; *;
4? . '
Hi. '■
Ii .
Jl '.
■ Hi ■*
i    "f     -
■wU..£"iV   I
ICv, ett*
i. t"5
■>. "   Y:,y-VJ
■    y\
-■'.'.. iUv-.-.--
IPBRNi^fLMMfilttt, S*B**Nld, B. 0. GG-JOBBB ti, 190*
0  i
save this mm
\ -
;:_ it May f Come=in Handy v
Here is a simple) home-made" mixture as given-by an eminent author'-;;
lty on Kidney; dIseaBes,$who!makeB
tae statement in a New York daily
newspaper that. ..it will relieve al-
i-Kca before.-, the ntage.ot Bright's
mbst any; cane bt 'Kidney trouble.;!!
d sease*. Ho states that such sym-
i torhs"   ns lame back, < pain in the
> t-.dc, frequent desire to urinate,.- especially at night; painful and    dis-
, c -jlored■- urination, 'are - readily   over-
<bme.   Here is the recipe; try it:     r,
; Fluid Extract jpandeloin, jone-toalf
< unce; Compound Kargon, one ounce;
,< ompound -'Syrup  Sarsparilla,  three
< ucces..',    Take a teaspoonlul   after
e ch met.1 and at bedtime. -
A well-known druggist here in
t vra is authority that these ingredients are all harmless and easily
n x:d at home by shaking well in a
ottle. This mixture has a peculiar
lulling and- soothing effect upon the
11.tire Kidney and Urinary structure,
; ud often overcomes the worst forms,
ii Rheumatism'in just a little while.
This mixture _is" said to remove  ^all
1 iood disorders' and cure  the Rheu-
milism by forcing the Kidneys to
fi t'ir' and strain from the blood and
syslih all uric acid and foul, 'decern-.
posed waste""' matter, which' cause
■these altlictions." Try it if you are
not well.   Save'the prescription..,.
, (i        ......
Tbe announcement which has been
made in the newspapers that a Mr.
JR. H. Nesbitt, of.British Columbia,
, bad come oyer to South Wales"  to
iengage a number of miners for   the
_Crow;s_JsTcst_EagsLOoal_Co. ,_Ltd.,-
\ NEWlffONp
'.  .*      E '     *rr   i     7'''.';.;
A.ConwMiiewBe. Vijitsr* 'r^tmAt* i-jQswmi
■ Consideration. 7, ■■•
-Tlil3port^le-lronlnsrboard-la the
mventtoa of .Mrs.. Josephine G. Sbep-
onL *Wjjlth one of these boards and an
decibfc~bir.'i5iu iron, women" cain" do
U3ett-owi*r--pgeaslug.- -A-convenience,
aocH TarM*r"means~ a "i^r^&Mr to.
women in hotel apartmente, boarding!
tapes or ln.apartmwits where room:
to; a coraHteratloru    £"■{,   j?   '_       '|, *
Wa board;.can;be converted Into a',
chfilr when sot In use; and with a'
cover or a burnt wood design its pro-.,
talc character la'lost sight of for the;
It' also has df*-f»eaakms tc the bade of
tbe board, with points in th* same for.
• * .* 'i i     .'1. fb*. •'
and that he   was making Bridgend
'his.headquarters,   has evidently   at-
. '^ft-?**?-* '    considerable     <&ttenti.9.[i.
'Bridgend on .Saturday evening   and
.throughout Monday    was the objective of quite a pilgrimage of miners
Irom various parts' of South Wales,
Borne    arriving by train, some ** on
bicyedes, others on foot.   Several ,of
the men alsa brought their    wives
.with     them,- tho women     evidently
'definite about the. prospects of. min-
.wantlng to know *-. something   really1
trs-in Canada before-allowing their
,bctt:r halves     to decide on emigration.   The men who arrived on Sat-,
unlay found that' Mr!' Nesbitt.    had
left'the town for the west end, and
was staying    in Carmarthen (where
he has relatives), but that he   was
expected'to return cither on Sunday
night or Monday morning.   On Mon-
iday morning the pilgrimage ol min-
crs to the Louse where Mr. KeBbltt
Is staying was resumed in increased
numbers.  Miners, somo ol,them with
their wives, nrlived from the Rhond-
da Vnlhy nnd   Mid-Glumorgan,„and
other part* of South Wiiles by   almost every 1 rain,   but found, however, that Mr. Nesbitt .had not yet
Toturned from Carmarthen.     Thrlco
during the morning, afternoon    and
evening, our representative called at
Mr,  Nesbltt/'i uddresa only to   find
tli nt genii.man was Htlll nhRint. On
each occasion our representative saw
gruii'iK ot inlnorn, clothed   in   their
Bundny host, wnlkln-c Impatiently up
ami down the road expectant of the
arrival ut nny moment of Mr,   Nos-
bltt.   Tho lady uf the Iiouh6'   whoro
■ Mr, Nuul-itl is    sluylng nt Uridgond
witn k«|il bii,4<* unHWfrii'K caHotH   In
(liiofit of nowK roanrdlnK mliii'.***- em-
liloymcnt in Iiiit.it-li Columbia,   and
iiuiiKi'oiii     1<j1 ti'i'M for    Mr,  Ncnbltt
lte;it iirrli'iii',' hy every pout,   *   The
nioiit Icfuru   innliiiii";   u Journey   to
ininii-H    who wrote for nn appoint-
Hr<U',i.i'l nctid     wiaely,  na    ovtntH
proved, nnd pmli.ipH it would bo well
if nil otli.ni who want tn m'u    Mr.
N?Bbilt would follow their   exnmplo
before journeying to   Urldgond.    Wo
iindcrHtiind     that Mr. Nraliltt   contemplate*! hnblln  n meeting nt llrld-
uniiil Hhortlv, nt. which lm will    address mincrH who think of cmlgrnt-
in*{ ns to tha prospcetH    at Crow'a
Neat Pnsn.  ct would he quite   bvS-
flclcnt if thoso win) wroto to   bim
would addrcHH tho letters to "Mr. It,
TT   "NpPhltt,   neent  tor     tin-    f*.rnw'«i
Nest 1'aHH Coal Co,, Ltd., Brldgeod.
An amusing refluent ban reached Superintendent John Davie* from n miner ut Aberdare—a request for "the
nddrcHO   for tho recruiting strgoant
of the Urltlsli Columbia mlncD."
"*.' »>^'
.»--v.r»-:y—t  ~l^4
I"    •   -4,
SEEKING A WrPBJ'f]   "'l
Wi '   ■'■      '   W- - •'-'i*
&Y. m
A hotel that tumlahfs qultt, <*orn*
1 modJou« accommodation for Its pat-
.r< ns in ,i bourc* i,t plcacurc to thu
trivellln-i; -.mtdtc. Kuch n one la thc
Kins Kd»ard 1U.U\, tJ Ktmlr, for-
■er cppo*Uc tout i-*frie<*.
insvaaxar phases op usiqrci**cEsa ■'
securing the Ironing sheet Instantly,
keeping the sheet smooth and allow;
Ing adjastment.or removal at will, or
hoods" can 'be made to. slip over the
board, with wadding underneath giv^
Ing it-the necessary thickness. ]
Another feature that adds to the util-*
Ity of this'board Is the portable part.
It comes apart und can be put In a
trunk when going away for the summer.    *'   " ■
Gowns that are" perishable can only
be worn'once 'without, pressing out
the-wrinkles. "Women-with maids of
their own can supervise with a board
of this'kind In their rooms, and those
without-maids will flnd It even moro
convenient Every one has -waists,
rare laces,- costly handkerchiefs, which
require special' laundering.".. With , a
board such ns this many a woman can
save ^both her possessions and her.
How to Play at What-la Called Cireu-
. lating Library.   ■
A. novel and;entertaining, form of
conviersation' is called the circulating'
library. '    ' ;
The invited guests should Include'an
equal nnmber of girls and men, and.
the ladies are asked to come costume;
dress to' represgn£ .tjf-j ]^ ^fl^.fiF.
something may be worn to suggest It,
as ln^the ordjnary book tea**, says the'
Philadelphia Press.   _'!
The names oj Qie. different books;
represented are catalogued duly under
their Initial letters, and this list is
pinned up in the parlor.
As each girl arrives she is conducted.
by the hostess, who acts as -librarian,.
Into a rear room or, if only^one apartment Is available for the* fun, behind
a screen, arranged at the rear of tbe:
drawing room. . •
Each.man on arriving reads the list
of books and' decides which title bo
would prefer. ,
He appeals to the librarian, who-
leads oat to him the book lie has bo-'
lectcd. ""■''.      "  '    "Y" - ' ,
*' Each borrower Is permitted to retain <
a book.ten minutes, not.longer,.after
which-he moat return It to tho shelves
under penalty of paying a forfeit
lio then selects another namo from
tho list ■
Of course tho borrower must not bo
allowed to discover by whom the different books aro being personified.
. This same attractive idea.can also
bo arranged as a philanthropic venturo
wltlrn largo numbor of books and flvo
or six librarians to seo that tbo .men
patrons nro,waited upon..
Tho money la takon in tho form ot
twonty-flve cent entranco foes and also
In fines pnld by thoso who disregard
rules and fall to return specially Interesting volnmos within' tlmo limits,',,.    ''
Afternoon Roit,
Tho nocosHlty foi'i.a rest hour for a
btiRy mother nnd liotiRokccpcr cannot
bo too strongly insisted upon. All other woinon aro apt to tulco this.rest except tho woman whoso "work lu novcr
dono" nml who 'needs It tho, most of
nil, It is not nccoRsnry to'uiiio n full
hour's rest, I nil. iih much tlmo an this
iihnuld bo allowed In lho early iif'tor-
nooii lifter thii work of tho dinner In
over, for lho nlmplo objoet of roHtlng.
Tho linblt Hluuilil bo iiequlivd of jjoIiik
to oiio'h rootn mil of rdiuttliur out the
nulHldi) world nn inueli iih It In poiwlble,
tniti'thor wilh all worldly euro nnd
worry, llnilio tlm Uunpli'ii, loonon the
dresH uml, If |kih:'IIi!o, put on u looso
wruppoi' uiul lie down, tilt-op mny not
eoino ,*u OIH.-0, Imi tho luil-lt Ih hood iu.'-
quli-ud, niul iu n Hhurt tlmo the tiled
woman who ml'ipw this remedy wlll
full iiHleop alum-it nn Hmiii nn hIk*
touches tlio pillow, Kvon II' her en-
forced nnp iIoch not last over half nn
hour no period of sloop lu tho twenty-
four hours covering the aaiuu amount
of tlmo will bo hu refreshing or give
I wo uiuctj rt«t tu tiroti brain and muscle
Plitacho Cream In Marlngu* Shall*.
Mix a Hcmit tublc-sjioonftil of Hour
with ono cupful of ftugar; add one cga
and beat thoroughly, Havo ready n
pint of hot milk and pour filowly over
tho flour imd sugar, lleturn to double
bollor ond cook twenty nilDutcs. Tako
from fire, cool ami stir In ono quart
of cronm, a tabtefipoonfiil vanilla and
two onnc-M oi! platiebo mils hla-nebed
and pounded to a nrnooth pnate. Add
a tableapoonfal of orttnim (lower wo-
Ur nnd freozc. Ecrvro ht tho meringue
Khella, If your grooar doca not keep
the pfntnehe nntfl and you fieciltnt',* to
; Invade the Pyrlnn qiniritT. potimled
< nlmonds with n (Invnrlng of bitter
nlitu'ijil ntiA a Utile i-plnnd) julco 1*.
I'fvlor Kn*t*n will prixluco nlmf>*.t tin*
aamo rc-Hiilt. I'or forty ducats you
would riml to tyinAmiilo this reclpo.
-; A''plain spoken i*equ«at for a wife,
in" a' letter which was "very much to
the'ipoint,4 was read at; the- meeting
of the Guildford Guardians on Saturday. TThe.-letter,,--- came.from.. St.
Qerrard,,lBntlsh? Columbia, ;and the
writer, who signed, himself, "Yours
reBpecefully5" gave hiB °aame, but
did not desire,that it should be published.   He wrote: .     '
VWomen" are .scarce biit here.' I
know, there are plenty in the Old
jountry, and I guess some of. you
gentlemen knows ol some nice' girl
who would like a husband; I am in
a position to like comfortable, 'biit
I ain't a-millionaire.
j ;'I am a tradesman, and have" got
a job and -earning five -dollars a
'day, or in English money about a
pound, and if I get a'good helpmate
I am going to start a business of
rhy, own. ■-,.'-        '/ *- '
"I am an Englishman and came
out to this country tike years ago..
My home is in one of the., Midland
Cqunties, and^I am the son of a re?
spectablo tradesman. I am 26 years
of age, and big and ■ strong, stand
6, ft;-in my socks, weigh 13 stone,.
am of dark "complexion,  ain't    bad
looking.'1 It'iwsJOB   Kke-'Veelling    a:
hprse.'don'tj'ljti,'5-?"-,. ','  - $ ■'  .-'■' '."';
'Well, I kinder guess I am putting
myself for'sale all right. I want a
nice girl, who stands anything from
5 ft. 6 in. up to°6-ft..-Bnd* who ain't
bad looking:, and haB got* nice ways
and- disposition. I "don't;"want ,s an
angel, but a sensible girl,:ab6ut. 20
to 23 years old. z don't'.care wheth-.
er she, is ..dark or fair.       .. *
The- beam decided to take no   action.  **■ 7V- '.--,-'-.' '■■',
_' ■—.—o
Read the Ledger
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to The Fernie Ledger at the.
rate of
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Wc have just placed in stock some
of the latest Tads for printed ' matter
and guarantee   satisfaction , .
wi'iiua-aMBBi xkwsx*»ommamm*mmM
». tr WA1KEE,"Pwridant	
JXSX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IBWjUrDi Superintendent of
•   ■ Branches*
up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest,; t- r*'. r>   h5,000,000
TotalMetSj •• 113,000,000
Brandies throughout Canada; and In the United States and^Enfland
,   '     COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS'PAPKPDWOUNTEO)r"„.i"Vf   .,      , :   |
"•   •       ', ,, ,,;,-,',, ,,„„-,;.!;;t.--.jirj.:. ^ iw.'Y -84:< ;
Deposits :of $1 -and upwards received, and Interest allowed at -
enrtrnt rates.   The depositor is subject to no delay -whatever In *
the -withdrawal of the whole or any; portion of the .deposit** ;;
,. i     \    *     ,* _ *        . .. ,
Fernie. Branch   .
Q.8,   Holt.   Manager,
^~  Y ,^_^^_2__^. _2 '_ ■   ,      - ■ ' * *•*   t'   , r    j  \i 11   • .'.'ij ! ll 4    »*i    11 li, O  ( i .   L.(    iit
it(   .' "*ti
ll'l-t'lrs n.i •*■*.
i^'WitchitJncr.ease... ah you-have;,to,:-
M do with  a Savings   Account is  to sfart it and    ^
& keep it, going—then .\vatch   it' • grow. ■. Doesn't ■ S
& take long»for. it to count  up, to a considerable   g|,
^{_» amount—then  yoy  see .the  advantage—the7i
^   dom  of saving-. -    °    .   - "„.     r*^
Xft' -•'-*'    7 .,    , '■>'"'  9$
I $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada f
Fernie   Branch
J. M.   MARSHALL,, Mgr.,
1 0 3ST   T
That , is the  way Watches are after '
they have been repaired by us.    Leave.;. ,      if
your watch withus for any repairs yoii*. X
may -need." u '_■    ,' " " , .' ■*, „_.;"      -\„ A"
l jl: g.  liphaedtT;
-tr - ' . ■*, •  c - ■ ., ♦>
>; 7 OfficialWatch Inspector for0Great Northern Ry;     %
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Stoves! Stoves!
Two car loads just arrived,   Come in and take
your, choice while our stock is complete at
QIT^li/S   Hardware & Furniture
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g)    Fresh and Salt Meals,    Poultry and   JQ
Fish.     Fresh Kggs and Dairy Butter.
Phone 4
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Jl? JTu l~J JL JL k3
Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,   Apples,   Oranges,    Bananas,
Lemons,   Italian Prunes,   Cantaloups,   and  Grape    Fruit rp
all al  right  prices. '*-"
SWEET     POTATOES     3  LBS.     35    CEITTB
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Co-operative & Trading Co.. Ltd. j
Dry   Goods,   Groceries   and
Geru>ral  Merchandise
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ig Coleman
FER3STIE i ^«^^^^ V
l!   .
FEBNIB MTO-^c^Wn^faTft. <y'^^»n*y07i^-iaa giMI
; _, ^■j^MjKJHjg
The finest iii the world
W].e^ ordering ask fpr„Pr. price's by name, else
the grocer may forget the kind, you are asGUStGWed'to.
■'*■•■.!   '•■
„   WBST.'-
'' These are Kipling's words:
, ''Oh, Bast is East and West is
West, and-never; the ;'twain .shall
meet':" * " • *','._ - -,.'..
, It was the (question of Oriental immigration' that made us think of
them. • ■>'„
This antagonism against the Japanese is racial. It broke out in the
west. It blazed up, in Canada. Aus-"
tralia, under . British (rule, always
refuses' the  Japanese citizenship.
Because they know what it means.
A vast part of-the woiid does not
know. Th'erc'is'a'Jap^here and' -a
' Jap, there.o They have their,own pursuits. „They live their own lives.
They come into no appreciable contact with the' citizens around them.
The Chinese "are jsveii ■ less conspicuous. ' People do not know they,are
here. They do not know .what it
Would mean to be obliged to.recognize ,thcm. ' im   7.,. ,>.ii -'
The,West does know.,,
. Suppose hordes of Orientals should"
.pour into New England. Suppose
they should *'say: "We are herel-'We
have come to work! We have come
to be citizens,;.thousands and,tens of
thoKiinds ( of us! ■• We ,have come
with, our -customs," our, manners,' our
_PoLnt^pt_Ylew,_jj_u_r-_standai*d' of '-life!
.We expert to gain.   We do not   expect to' contribute,- because?'wc * do.
not think as you    think.   Give    us
room!"   . \ ._■■ .. '_',. >  '■   '*
II they came.like this—and this is
the v,ny they'    are   coming in the
■West—there would be another Bos-,
ton tea party'. arid it would ring the
bull's eye of,history■ louder^han'It
-was Tung" in::1773; •„" *-,' •■'■.-•i ;•- ,.,j '7 '
It is tho inherited feeling of race.
It, is. as' tho'everlasting and.;, us ' resistless as the'tides/Jt'caniho-niorc
bo tiilkcd* down or argued down or
lOh'islatcd down than men can    talk.
, or, argue.' or legislate 'out of existence tlie-principle, of, self-preservr."
tion.   ,  ■    .  ■
'■ Labor -. contributes .to '.. it. .. - The
EChool. question, contributes to - it.
Commoi-ce .contributes to It. Religion contributes to it. The economics'of citizenship contribute-  to
it.       • __,- .    ;■■';     .,.
But lHick\qt,,alVjs^-,racoV because it
Is* imposBibie'!'tlia.t.,'..tho': Anglo-Saxon
and tho Oilon'tal-should unlto.
That, is why we. stand for'Oriental
exclusion. ■ :' ■ ■•', ' ;       . > < • \ l
It Is not necessarily any reflection
upon tho Oriental. If, he builds up
ii groat world power of his own; if
ho transforms his stnndnrdB of life
Into lofty Menls, his conturlos" of
(lurknsEs into surpassing light, well
nud goud.
It will bo magnificent. Wc will
glory in his achievement.
But let him do IL lii Asia, not In
ThlB ib not BolflHhnoBB, nny more
than tho Imprisonment of criminals
is selfishness. It is not sacrificing
ethics any moro than tho exclusion
ot opiloptlce Ib sacrificing ethics. It
Ib no blow at thc foundations ol tho
republic, any moro than Is any other
principle which will not permit, tho
wclfure of' tho republic to bo, menaced.
Keep out tbo Orlcntulfl.—Cincinnati I Post.
'.-'-.  7 "'.  y 1   :    -
Attendance., and   Reports
" Div.' I.—25, pupils .enrolled;    per:';
e'entage attendance 93.8.    ,    ;'    ■   .*'
Pupils' with perfect 'attendance for
the. month—Willie ; Bird, Clayton,'
Dubois, „Mabcl Graham, Gladys -Mc-
Farciuliar," Arthur" Muirheadj"-'Bernice;
Winnett, Clarence . Dahl, , Leonard'
Dudley, John ■ Macdonald, Helen
'Muirhead,   Margaret  Robertson;   "
Head pupils,' Senior Division—Hel-'
en Muirhead, Margaret Robertson. .
\ Junior Division—Elsie Woodhouse.
Div. II.—52 .pupils enrolled"; percentage attendance 84,36:   „ •
Pupils with perfect attendance for
the month—Theicsa . Carosella, Jen:
nie Cody;'-3 Garnet' Dudley,-. Dominic
Guzzi,-. Henry Johnson,>•;.' Allen;;, McLeod, . * Marlin * Robichand',1"' 'Edith
Tully,", Sadie-,; cilapp,' Edgar Dudley,
Alice'buthi'e^A'ndrew Ingram, Janies
Linn,17'Lydia-' •• -Munkwitz, Clifford
Stockwcll, James White.     ,    ,'«   .-
Head pupils, t senior division-
James Liim; 'junior division, Fairy
McDoiigal.' '■■ '■-    '\ '■■•      '"'' ■;'
Div. III.—is pupils enrolled; per-
centase;"attendance 85.22.
Pupils " with perfect attendance-
Sarah Benson, Tony Carosella, Albert Dicken, Gladys Graham,  James
"Graves,   Herl:ert~"_7I]etcli'er, Norman'
McBean, Majorie Broley,. ,'CoHn Com-.'
mons, James Easton,   , Tom Graves,
Walter Hughes, Frank". Letcher,   Ernest Stone." .' ,-';.   '.
Head pupils—Seuidr, division, Norman McBoon; junior; division, Colin
Commons. '
l)'iv.'.*IV-:—5G"pupils enrolled;;, per-,,
eenta<ro_ attendance 81';*14.' |-■ "'
.Pui.iV'w'.th'. perfect attendance—
iDoris ; Smith,, ..Cyril" Glover, -George
Le'tVhcr',4 May'-Ndwick, 'William5 ''Ben-
sou, Hazel Hurkitt, Nellie Condie,
Rues'*! Dudley, Ernest Dickinson,'
Find:. - "folios, ' Victoria Kefoury,;
Pcstel ' Mayers,' Clifford Robertson,'
Hubert Broley, r1 Aubrey Clapp,' Roland Commons, Dorothy Dicken, Jen-;
nie Guidosh,'       '.'
Head' pupils'—Senior division, Ed-,
-.■ar Harper; junior division, Dorothy
Dicken."1"1''"1 ' ' ' "'' ■ •"
.. Div,, v.—-Cl puj>il3 enrolled;, per-
cmta^e attondanco 85,43.
, Pupils with ■ perfect nttendnnce—
(ilv.irles Burltitt, Mnry Geddesj-Freil
Johnson;1- Andrew Madcr," Goorgo
Meikle, Rtso , McDougall, Millie
Nc/itli, IMicIa Carosella, Eva iri-
i^rom, Besslo Lynn, Herman Mayers,
M:il!o Mcl3;iln, Lizzie McDougall,
Arthur Riches,'
Honil pupllf—Senior class, Hernun
Mayers; juulor class, Kathleen Lyon.
Div. VI.—77 pupils enrolled; por-
centaj;o uttendnnco 73,?77.
Pupils with perfect attendance—
Ivy* Bullock, Angolo Oaroflclla, Ruth
Dicken, Gcorgio Kerr, Annabello
Clureuco Davlcs, Jnmcs Honton, Ar.
Mills, Floiiiile Owen, Mary Courtell,
ch bald Mullilo Rosy Mongctee, Alice
Hortd    pui'lls—Flrat   class,  Annie
Slono. .
Mclnnos; baby class, Qcorgo Kerr.
Accord.ng to tho completo roturne
of naturallwtlon for 190(1, a vory
lnr^o proportion of the lmmlgrnntB
•irrlvlng in Canada nro taking tho
onth of t'llenliinco.
Fininiples ®, Face Sores
oro ncoimiion truuble.  liiipurltltu which tliouM h« thrown off from the bodjr huto *,
toi'donov to remain ln tlio fey-ncm, tluu oloitelnu tlio pores nnd giving rlio to all lorUof
0i".;",l'..*4''l','  !*!'lTl   t'O'l1'!""      '/|4"4 X>l\tr   l4t.T.1l(.'\   tl .^ _  .     . . ,
tlio »kin tin**rtmoatwliolcotiio clfuci. Htitlnmtitte*]
mul In 'j,.Uic,. Vln I ti 'tirn-wtiiYnii*,' Imjiinlt-y uml
romatti* lho nkln to n lionlthy BtMo.
"Mm-lluk Id tho hen hou.eliold bnlm ever
lirougrh t Into it liom»." Haeh i* the opinion of Stri.
Hi\riliMoUoiii.lil,of lllrr, (Out) Slio say<:-"Mr
lltllo fflrl huil tv«oveid nmlobiUnnlonulionlior
, nkln.1'1 I nppllcrt l.(im.n»k a fovr tlmo* nml tho
■ V.'v t-T-'^''*!- vV>f"Vi >"i'l Officii nil MMir ri>mi>r1ln<f.
Jl-1-m.l.uli cure* Kciemn, Ulceri, Scrofnlit, I'oU-
on«i» woumJt, Ko-.wrliigMore.it.nilatlSI.inDlrta*-*...
ltitbhod vrflll in It •/nm-Jtuk l« tho ttnoH oiiibro****
(Ion for IllituiuntUin. Uolatlwj. clo. t)t All»ton«
nml .IniBBUM »t w«nU. orfrowtoin;Uiik Co.,
Voroiiiofefrprlco.3 boxo* t or fl U (tt K tul/ont
The Newest Methods In House Oecora-
'.-■ tions.        ,    i
Taueled walls! were never cpusiderecl
sniartor than now, nor more 'pnu'tlcal
'for the average Hut or apartment, for
housewives, especially the progressive
ones', _ realize that Avails so decorated
make a  room  much more attractive
■than papers with crowns or borders
and, Incidentally, that richer effects for
less money,-aro*possible.,:-   ;"
There is another desirable feature to
panels, that thoughtful -women have
discovered, and thut Is with the walls
broken in this fashion h room requires
comparatively few pictures, for the
panels are decoration" In -themselves,
niul If expensive paper Is used an etch-'
■ Ing or au oi! painting is really out of
place, for thero Is no background to
show It to advantage, and, moreover.
It actually detracts from the effective-.,
ness of the panel by breaking tho lines.
"Panels," says a well known decorator, "are always effective If  made
' ercn from plain papers, but thc most
.ttrnclive methods are worked out by
.combining'.n plain., background with
striped, floral or'scroll panels.
■'To panel walls, the latter are first
covered with paper, preferably plain,
from the baseboard to the ceiljiig/arid
'on. this, the paiicls aro laid. '■ Tliose
pieces, contrary to tlio opinion of
many.' aro not wold In shapes ready t:>
■-•rat on. but by the roll, and are*'cut,
t.-my   width'or  length  desired.    As a'.
.-rule, -paiiols aro not placed more than
twelve luchcs above tho baseboard anil
oxtend  to within cighlocu or twenty--
"four inches of, tho ceiling, thus ma'lei-.Igor tiiL* background a frieze at the top
"and a dado at the bottom.   The'dis;
i.niL-es between panels depend upon the
wall space, for they may bo either wide.-
or narrow'.   '
•' ,;"If 'the panels are ^either wider orc
narrower  than   the   width, of   a  roll.
' which runs from twenty-seven to thlr-
.ty Inches wide, considerable paper is
.wasted, which makes this style of dec-
fOr.-iting more expensive than  tho'old
'-style/but the panels, if. desired, may
*bo made narrow—just the width,of the
■paper  or   wide  enough   to  take  two
::„widths.        ■ ■' "
•' ••Panels set on backgrounds naturally
need a. finish'-to cover,tho raw edges
where the two meet..and for this pur-'
!pose bands" of paper resembling-moldings are, used.   These bands or binders
-do not come ready to hang, but. must-
n design, that,has stripes" suitable "for
outlining panels.   Some border papers
have two stripes,  while others have
.three or five, that may be cut out and
.used hs molding'for panels."
JContrivance Deposits Tooth Powder on
■ * , the Brush.    .
\ An exceedingly neat device which
'.should appeal to members of the fair
'jeox Is the holder for tooth .powder and'
"brush shown hero', It is so constructed
j-;ihat by simply operating a lever It
.jwlll deliver n certain amount of the
tooth powder on to tho toothbrush,
The tooth powdor M pln.-i'il In tho ro-
coptnclo through nn opiMiinff In tlio top.
Within tho wept nolo nro rolls of paper which agitate tlm tooth powder mul
ciirryjt' to nn opening In tho bottom of
tho i'ci'i*ptii(.'lo, „ TIiIh o[)i'iilng Ih thu
mime hIzo oh lho brl.itlos of tho brush,
thu latter belntr held In placo hy n
"lamp. After phi'-lng tlio liniHli In po*
-:ltloii n Htnall lever lx oporated to move
tho pnpor roll (o bring tlio oxnet
.uiiotint nl' powder doHlrcil on to the
briiBh. Tho powder Ih ilnposllod on
(ho lirUtloH of tho Iu'iihIi, tho roll mitv-
ing ii Iho to cIohi' the opening n»:iliiHt
fiirllmr illsi'lmi'Kij, Tlio brush Is ri'iidl*
!y ivinuvttl nnd the powder ii].pl!<Ml io
lhc tenth, ThU I'Oiitrlviii'.co d«wrf away
with the .iivi.'i'.-'aliy of di*po»liliig tho
powder In thi'pnlm of tho hum!, tho ro*
sou.'ci! foiiiinoiily I'ortorli'il to.
A Oosd Idea,
A wmiuin wbi «n<.i iibrnnil nlnidet
ovvry 'Siiiiiinor nayu tlmt tlii'iv'K Juki
'.,.•   II..,'    .' I j,\"»  ,"....,',,   it;.'   I.4.'-' iji'i'l  ti,,,
••ivi-fiilly-tlml I,-, willi,,-, pi'iicll inn]
Mfi'pci'. r*'hi.' rhtlmM to liftvo trli*d p;ifl(-
".vv wllhmit n lint, mul It ha* nlwiiys
;t'siill«<.|. I{>.'t-ttiifiinlnn. A long time, n
'mnVilr'lf*,|KHS)bli*. iK'fon** Imt HnlllnR
.ln:<» f'la'.um'.-cn our« Uut -of tho llilwg'i
die u'lll'iim*;! to inl.o with her. Then
'.villi-tills llxt nf liiiii.l i-'hu Fi'tM nbont
?"tilntr t!iolhl:igM ivudy. When tho
ilnal pm-liln-,' lliuo coiiim, ulio .'lieckH
off the things In order to hoo thnt until*
In-j l.-i ttilMMlng,
H'.ic Ka;,H ttiat  If  tux*  tvh-s to uut
r",*idy for a long trip without motliol
'. ''i'!h-.,i!;:;r;  I.i :-;u.i«  t:i U>  left  lahl.u.
I IJ; it nil! l.i* iircih-il.   It'** nboiil na bad
"■. to Inivo to* many thing.*- ulong nn ttvi
few, but thc uialiliig of tho list will
tx* n rafptninr-l nartlnst this f!anjp*r n«
woM ns (ho danger of omitting necc»*
•wry artlclca.        ....
,- * -.1-   ,   .
A few doses of Baby's. Own .,Tablets relieves and cures constipation,
indigestion, colic,"' diarrhpea ■ ■ .and,
simple fevers. \The Tablets;, breakjup
colds, expel worms and- bring- .the
little teeth through painlessly. T,|ey'
bring' health to the little' one and'
comfort to 'the mother. '■ And you.
have" the guarantee of a government-
analyst that this medicine does not
contain one particle of. ' opiate o'or
poisonous EOothing stuff. Mrs^'C.
F. Kerr, Elgin, Ont., says:.''Da-py's'
Own Tablets is the best medicine I
have ever used for stomach and bowel troubles and destroying worms."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 25c. a'box from, The Dr.
Williams' ' Medicine Ca?, Brockvilje,
Ont. ;";}..
About 800 of the employees of the
Reading, Hardware Company have
quit work/ The trouble is due to alleged discrimination, the firm, it,"is
said,' refusing    to  reinstate   several
t l'"i   -• '.-      " . ■>
men who were too active io a strike.
.i.i--.-4**7*7J.*0 irl ■=■; "> ;foi\>.:">. * :_■ i _ p ,
&;- EmbaimerSi|
t ♦
A ,,♦,
f.-         ' The    '. ♦
:*:  ■ ■ <$
I Fernie Lumber I
♦:<•"       Co., Ltd. *
I'MEX. HcDOUGALL, Pres. & Gen. Mgr. §
Manufacturers of and
Dealersin *
Roue, h & Dressed Lumber
Dimension & Bridge Timber
.   Piling, Moulding, Laths,
Shingles and  Ties.
Telephone Poles a Specialty
All Orders Promptly Attended
Tel. 3 Fernie, B.C.''•>
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Ofiice, Winnipeg)
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
Kdmonton, Altn,',& Kenora, Ont...*-;,
Fernie, B« C;    -
Wholesale  Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
Camp Supplies
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesalb Dealers and Direct
Importers of
POMMEltT , „
Solo .Agents ln Kant Kootcimv for
U'ATKIt" .
-Wiobaols   Doaliri   mad   Dinet
Importtn ol
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
i PlUf, S|>eclfic«ttoni and K»tt*
maUa furniilicd on application.
PltBtf ol GOOD  DRY  I.UM*
,   ])UU ON HAND. ,    .
ii, x. antiM.,
Artkltcet    ud Sop-triuUndttt
0111m tt lultU»c«,
2)AKr.& ST, FERNIE, Q, C.
 f At MjN'IJsiTHuUk LS'liysfiTT
Opowr»    Ne&t   Sp-aolal
Mtnan'o Fnvorlto Olgan
'  . The   Calgary'■MarbltiT&'.'.'Graniie Works.       Jg
- 'The   Kootenay1   Marble -Works,   -Nelson  ".'.  J^
Samples Can 1)€ Seen at Hie OfM         ■- Parlors in lundy's Block $£
•; ih y-ii
PHONE, NO.' 52
HOUSE   NO.   174
The   weary .traveller in search of a   pood .
home,.'plenty to eat.and something good to
v.7----:-' 7 drink,should go to       " • .-_•".       ;■    •
The King Edward: Hotel
J. L.  Gates;   Proprietor
Fernie, B.C.
Corner Hanson St.
&'Victoria Ave.
^Greatest of Tonia?
3ep   (Pmounce£Si?KEEN.)
I **-        Troubles *
MONEY can buy iulvertlHin« epaoe, but it etw't bay ■
(jturtor century'i ruccobdIuI record of wonderfal and
almoat rniraculoafl euros ol tbe moat difficolt and
Intricate cawa of tliront, lung and stomach tronblaa, Snoh la
1'flyclilno'fl rocord. ThoiManda of cam (rjven op by laading
doctora tui hopclcn* and incurablo bare been quickly and not-
mancntly cowd by I'nychine, It la an infallible remedy for
cougha, coldB. Dronclillii, pnaan.on.jn, contramntlon. IncllfftiOon,
loan of appotilo and all waating dimajieii
" Uy aon hut * turrlblo coimh tn<1
wu wutwl tri * ihulnw, tioRlAn
MldhfooiildnnLJIiri*, lloiiwl l'«y.
ctifn**, ft auml tifiii.M- "    ' 	
ir, llrockvllln.
"-Unc 1, IUnif.
., A/tor tftklnf M.OO worth of Pit*
cl-lnomj- luni»ara wilUrnl llfou
»(f»ln worth tlTinf.H***l(ia,
irdt, M»rrlotU(lmti, NJl
" tiy iirif»«e now aonnd uafeaB
afUr ludtur l"fTthln«."-U. lUxkUai.
BrlilKtiburu, Ont.
, "iMthliMBtvwt mr llta.»-i.Wal-
deii, 70orow»JI Ht,, Toronta
Piycltlne Never Pails     Paychlne lias no Subttttnftt
•     AT AIX DDALGR9, 10c and 11.00 A BOTTUJ     •       !
DR. T.A, SLOCUM. Limited, 179 Klnr 5*. W.
Phillip Carosella
L!5?U0n   DEALER
Dry Goods, firor-riw, Mt ui Mms
Cent's furnishing*;
im* t::*r luimi. a.:o.
Try a Ledger Ad.
Vou want comfort and HntLsnctlon I
nf r\*nn mnnnth «ttn*.'i*«: »>v<»r''l
morning. " I
The Cat lio .llii^ne.i't; i* the only**
OUARANTBI-D to Blvc tills,    v
Tlieaccret, lilectrlcl entperinj** ['^
positively mersea every particle of enrbon  (tlio  life of |
diamond-like Itardneaa
throughout the b.ade»»aome-
thln-g absolutely Impoialble
-with fire tempered steel used
In maklnjc all other ra/ora.
But teat thia mor in your,
own home—or have your barber
un* ft on you.   Secure ono 30
., n*
'. f\
%■ **■
i '*
i =
•M. - j
*   -I
f! .,'
.v> ',
{■• Li
:! ! i'
i     ■     *   n I
.     I "
r ■»" *l», "'ttr*p<wowm1!**^''Pi*$
'"Lu-yi^T' HIKJ.W'-i-s-
: TKtfVFefrii
$1 •'Year.ln Advance
'* lamed •very Saturday  from the Ofiice of.
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,    *
■ffernie, British Columbia.
.All changes of ads. mut. be In ns follows i—
. tikces *' arid 5,2 p. m. TueWay I pages 8 and 4,
Sp.m. Thursday, and page 8,2-p.m. Friday.
We will be unable to _ insure change unless
this rub,is oomplied with.     * _
•■    Legal advertising 12 conts per non'pariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subse-
'   quant insertion.
. Bates for contract advertising on application at offioe of publication, Todd Block. "
T.'t. JOHN,       F. H. SHERMAN, .
Editor      * Manager
, .FERNIE, 2814.T-Pres*. Jas.LancaB.er-;
.   Fin. Sec, Thos. Biggs.
; .HOSMER, 2494.-Pres., Wm. Taylor;
Sec.; Wm. N. Reid.    ,,.
MICHEL, 2334.—Pres., Wm   Colgre-
houn; Sec, Charles Garner.
't^nLEMAN.^eSS.-Pres., W.~ Haysom;
Sec, Wm. Graham.
' !'KANK, 1268—Pres.,
^ .Sec, George Nichols.
. ;.ILLE,-1283— PreB.,
Sec, A. W. May; ..''.*'
J-ELLEVIJE, 431-Pres,      ,   .
Sec, Fred Cliappell*
ll'lLLCREST,     1058,—Pres.,  "Robert
.Livett; Tice-pres., J. Lag-ace; Sec.,
"   Harry T. Cooper.
LUNDBRECK,    2275.—Pree.,    Alex.
McCullock; Sec, Peter Blake.
-!UNDBRECK,.:,2352.—Pres., William
Steep; Sec, Stephen Davles.
,,' WOODPECKER, 2299.—Pres , " "
c0 , Sec, Andrew Wilson.
-   WORRINVILLE, 237S.-Pres.,"    -.
Sec, T. Meir.        *   ■=  '
. ^DIAMOND CITY.-Prcs.,.   '
— Ovj4^~j—;—^—^ ?t '—
v CAfl MORE, 1387—Pres ,, "'
Sec)' Robert Httnter.
.BANKHEAD, 29,-Pres.,Wm. Fisher;
Sec, F. Dyson.'
, TABER, . 102—Prfcs., -T. Boyle; Sec,
>   LETHBRIDGE,    574—Pres.,   B|. ,G.
-.     Hamilton, See.', Charles -Peacock. *'
'[  TABER, -1959.—i'res*.   Walter  \jere;
';    ' Se'ci,'Robert Dobd'sdni.':''';       '; , ,..*
I     CARBONADO, 2818,-rPres.,.v.-
Presidents " and secretaries   wnose
namea do not appear on this list are'
requested to forward them, to  this
office for'Insertion." '  ' '   ')"
Continued   inquiries   reach us (or
* tbe foreg'oinK information.
Tne advices received from,the cen-
.tres'df the mining industry in the
interior,of the province are to the
effect that the supply, of- coke, and
coal from the Crow's Nest Pass, is
once more adequate to the needs of
the smelters and mines; The Nelson,
Trail, Northport /and ,'Boundary
smelters , which „ depend upon ,this
source' for their fuel are again able
to work" at their full,capacity and.
so keep in continuous employment
the great forces of men dependent on
the mining industry for their livelihood, and, to create wealth for . the'
country.   It.is extremely, gratifying
"■ , '4 ' 4
that this relief, so, necessary-to the
progress of these great, enterprises of
the province, should have been se-,
cured, and it is mo^ gratifying still
that'some reasonable assurance* is
given that there will not be - any
recurrence of the conditions causing
the. shortage, which compelled the
smelters practically to shut down
during ihe past few weeks. It is to
be. hoped that when the government
commission, appointed to investi- |
gate the causes of the recent trouble
has fully ,enquire°d into the circumstances "ai.d made its report and recommendations,  it will be impossible
for'auy similar state of  affairs    to
- '*
arise without; at. least,  the    public
being able ,   at 'once     to place1   the '
blame where it should rightly lie.
But it is' significant that th'e'cred-
it for the termination of the recent
trouble and for securing the abundant' frepply which the smelters are
now, obtaining must be given, not to
any 'efforts of, governments or, arbitration boards, or to the pressure
of- public' " opinion and'  the    crying
iieediTof"the country, but~to~~the un-
aided efforts'©! one individual whose
great interests in the smelting" enterprise made it worth his while to
give' his personal attention to the
matter. 'It" will be"'remembered'that
Mr. . Lindsey,-. the • manager ■ -of- — the
Crow's Nest Coal Company, laid the
last week
all sold
with me
for 77
"We arc pleased    to ee* tn't.1   tH*
'.', committee who. have, charge* of ■ tho
•'. nrn-.ni*cmcntH. for   -the new, curling
, nnd skating link, are getting down
to business.
in a city like Vcrnic, where   many,,
mon   are at a loss    after business
hours to -till - 1n llieir time, nny thins
that mnkcH for clean sport* und clean
. 1.
living 1111.I.CR for morality,    n
. .Thu strenuous Hie w.'.n never a
light occiiMitlon; no athlete could
nflurrt tu trifle with himself,   and if
■*. '
wo cun :lo anything at nil to Improve thu flatus of these waste
lii'.ur.-., w« fliall only be too clml.
('urliiiK fcr UR'ii of mennp In nil
riiflit, but for tliono who dcli'-'ht in
iiioi'e i.'::aci,lim txcitMiii'iitK, Hid,tin-?
lH'Miri'ly the pnsUiuo, Wc trunt. that,
wisdom will jiriiViill nnd that Ki-rnii*
'will pi nni.au n rink roinlilnlni; nil Mm
_ s]forti) lint .will    mnko life clentwr,
.'llfitt'ir',   |)lll'(;I',
still very considerable 'degree;' to the
difficulty of, obtaining labor.  He denied- that- It -was-due,■ in-any meat-"
ure whatever',' to his company's die-
position' to .■tlll-'thc-'order's1 of:smelt::-
ing companies in .the United   States-
in preference to those ot British Columbia; and he denied'this, although,
the goveinihent' returns show   that
during the past few'-months a   very
large amount of fuel has beeii sent
acrots lho boundary   by the Cr'ow'e
Nest Puss Coal Company, .and that
this exportation occurred at a' time
when our own-smelters were clamoring for coke to keep them lnVoper-
at on,   '• " ■        '    .   ",    '
Now, is it likely that even in response to the pressure of public opinion and government appeals','' the,
British' Ocluinbia smelters would yet
Lo receiving any siifilclent supply had
not '' Mr, Jny P. Graves, of tho
Grunby company, c,omo to the rescue. That gentleman-took a mothod
of InlliiotielnK - * the situation which I
wns immediately effective', He purchased such n block, of tho . Crow's
Nest Coal Conipnny's stock that it
intltlul hi in to a scat at tho hoard
cf directors, nnd having socurrd this
position of ailv.'intai'O ho hurt rtn in-
lervlcw with tho rniinnRor ut Fornlu.
The n-milt wuh IflHtuntnnc'oiiH. I.a'jor
and r,u;-H were both found In ahitnd-
.nici) mul i.ho liiinkni-n of the biiwR-
F. J. Watson
.Insurance   and    Real   Estate
■--**,  .-' "..LIMIT-HID
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,'
Porki Mutton, Veal arid Lamb* on *
hand. ! Hams, Bacon,' Lard,  But-,,
ter and Eggs. •;     •'     -
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment.   Try our Mince  Meat,,,
* Saurkraut and Oysters.   , ,      ,   „
Look Up
Victoria   Ave.
' ,when   you    require ,
. anything in . * .
Boots, & Shoes
Trunks. Valises
& Suit Cases
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold for Cash Only.
W. R. McDougall
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of air kinds   done promptly.
Telephone. S7 -br.call,a.driver
jQffipe: /NbrLlicrn-Hotel^Fernie.'.-B. C.
.  1    f .    „■       .    '.,'    '• ' * "        * '     \     • '
■J-1 I'll  ifl      il >!■ ll I
Any thing in the above lino dono at
reasonable ratea , ,
Tents* Awnings,  nnd nil
canvas goods made to
A.T, Milne, Gemmcl Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
Cigars, Tobacco*
Cigarettes & Pipes
There Is only one place in town
whereyou can get (?ood reliable
iroods In oar line that is at
.     W. A. INGRAM, prop.
Phone 91.    -    -    I^krnie, B, 0
T'.ip C.ty v.'plph irfiUii   In no*.v    \r\
working older, and thufiu who want
to u.'C whit a ton of coal looks like
' have tlio. privilege of looking.    The
rr>*?t i.A thn iro'jjhjti-f }«* *nn\ in rijrst','
' n ton, to tbe purebneer.  When you
rtracmber tbe aatisfaction of getllnfc
Vrbat you pay for, there should   be
vfity Iittlo trouble ln'lntluclnK   clt-
Ize/ift to InVtt advantage of the pre-
Anything  ln  hulk* run  he  wrleh'd
rd ihr auinc rate,  but tho    citizen
hu.ih H  mi.kI  i'i-..[-» 1hf. avplif.iilnij,
tin* i-itj- hn'lii: no pou-rr to r-inip.*!     .     , . .        ...
... ,     ,. . ..    ,  ,. ,,    7 »binl.ip'»'*r, <l<^rot«A!Tsy-i nquire about
tkt-htoue    until  »tt*r the li*'llvM«iiil;thetMi.,5t.affnefM,^liA^r.tpi!U,
.1! plicr.tlon..
Take Cold
oro l>(-'*i.n once more to fill up. Or.l-
uv whjch h.ul liein held up for wceltti
v.irc 1 roinptly attcmiid to, and tho
iiilnin.,: Irduptry nf tho .*.i>ot.'iu*.yt' at
<incc i-inivwl. It I** undcrstnod that
o,-.c (cauiro of tho an-an-j;cnii!nl
I r*Ai;;ht al.out by Mr. Graven Ih that
'tho inclln.tticn of .'' the coal com,
P.iny'n ni.ni'U'omeiit to liairnlc   with
! it-j Kinploycea over wa/CB and hour*)
Onewaylstopoynoottcntionl "rtS Me011 "ut M 'J°P- *° *m l""1
-- - ■ ia.on Mill im livultM nt, tfuitiiiiithiy
in the, coal, .ih in thu nietallifcrouu
min'w. ' '
j It cinnjt but Htrlke a rcflcctlnc
pt-raon as slcnlflc.mt that a eltu'i-
ticji ubH-b bud 'become bo cntnuKled
ub to te alarming and which1 threat-
'xneA to rt'filot the heat effort* of
tovcrnmett to remedy tt, BhouKl
have l.e.n stral»*htened out ao t-peed-
11*/ awl completely nt the touch of
a iii.m wliotifi .nUriiit In Un «olution j
w.'i.i   *i\\n\   to   hla Ability   to   deal j
„,.,,,                  .       .      1 wtl'i    It.   Inat  trie tr/M-.Sli*    slioull <
When the bonfls arc cofnupried, pol-  , ,       ,
■.f.noiiasub&iflnccst.ri'shi.oibedlnioihe »liV'   '■•«•»     tciminalr*     mltwM;
MoiJusrjj.U'J7';ii*;i!.iJlyr(;i)io*.cdfr«)in *h,i.:i ihM im ft nf ci-r laLi-r Allti  ;
the botly a", n-.ture IntenJcJ.   Knc.wtoj» (.||-t s,     -r. tr.e n Inlnr r*«ion     nt '
leant. j<r.*** iri'i*. ttnir.in<*e   on   the !
-—M4d»tyu«j.c.iy.rt.o..i-.*ii!,i4i4*«^— 1'i-rt ol   tb'»!     -whe* ml.'ht prevent!
to It; at least not until It de
vclops into pneumonia, or
bronchitis, or pleurisy. An*
other way is to ask your doctor sibotit Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, ir he says, " The best
thins for colds," then take It.
Do as he says, anyway.
W« p«bll»*» *ur r«r««lu
'"*■■-""■"---1 ■
W* Xn*Utt •V»*jil
from «iir**i**IJi'ii(»
W» xt't* yo« *«
eo'.ml vour
thnn—l/'iior.-iiicc and u refuual tn bo
cnliu-htciH. Why khouhl not thn
ni-.nni'or o( tho f-row'N NcmI I'ihh
('iiiupiiiiy Iinvi' iloiin hlniH''Jf what hn
wiih for-v-'d by Mr. (SnivoH to do. Is
it itOt hc.caiiso hi' wuh not a lai'i*.o
cnLiUjt.li man to cotuprchcnd and deal
wit!i the r-itii.ition or hcrntino lm had
not, tho trim IntertBtH of thn country and his own company at heart,.
■vary packat
wlll kill
mor* tlle* than
300 ahaata
of ntlcky paper
Conl.—Coal luniU mny bu lmrelmneil nt KO
iiurnnrofiir Miff colli nml r*ao f(ir iiiitlirnc.llu,
Not innrntlmn H;'o iicnm cun lm iu*'|uin*cl hy
njin imllvMi'iU or chiiiiihiiv, Iloyiilty 111 tli«
riitooftdti cmiUpnr ton of \),nt\t) poumh ubiill
l)» Clllll'Ctud 4111 tliu Uri)»/4 0Ut|lUt.        r.
Qiiiirt/—A (run nilunr'H ctirtlflnnto Is nrantod
uiHiiitii.viiiiiiii 111 iiilvitin'oo) eft in»r 1111111*111 fur
1111 liiMlvi'iiuil, nixl I i-i; 111 -.*j,i ti» f-Hm i'«>r tintivijt
for 111'linipiLiiy iii'i'urilii.it liM'iipi'.iil.
A Inn'inliiiir, Imvliiiiilii.r-iU'urfiil mlncr.-il In
litiii'H.iimy lui'iitii 111'liiiin Lftui h XJiit) li.'iit,
Tin.' fi'M for rcporillnv n clilim Ih i,'>.
At liniht -Imi'iuxt I viiiniildl on tli* ili.lin
11111I1 iiiiir ui* |ii>M in Uik iiiiniiiK iu*iii-ili.r In
liim ilii*ri"il. Whon **iV*i lui» iH'i'ii I'XiU'inlvl (11
lnil.l, tin' liii'iitui- nmy, miuli Jiiivliitf 14 wiry
nm.lii, 1,1.1 li tion roiri'Iylim  willi  'itlii-i'  ic-
l|llll4.-|IPIIIlUiIIHI'l-1l.'l"l'  till' llHI'l Jt''l MU   Ht'tn.
Tlm 1 nit hi 1 jirnviilf* for llio iMiyini'iit of h
ruviilty nl il iiit ci'iit un tlm mim,
I'l.M i.itiiiliiliii; I'liiliii- itvii'-riilly nr* Wfr-st
»i|mn-u; oiitr.v liu. 1.1 ri'iiuwribln yiiiirly,
A fi"" in In it mu V ol'titli) two Imun tn
ilriiilwu ful Unlit ol llvu rn llt*i. i'ii ill tor 11 tiilii) ol
tuniilv Vi'Hru, iiiiifiwiililo nt tliu illotiiit'on ol
lit MiiiUtur of tlie Intiiilor,
. Tho Iflkki'ii uliull Iidvii it <1 r<*il«« In oiiomflmi
wlililn ono ton mm from tliiKliirn of tlm li'iue
for oiurli llvu inllon, Itmitiil »in nnr iiiimmi for
(iiiuli mile ol river li'iuciil, Hiijiilty nt \Xt*
into of Kj I'lrocnt colliftml on tin,output hI<
u. ;.i».n.*j.i-.1''u.
l)»ji' ty Miniitor of tha liuorior,
N. ll.-t'nriwthoHml puMli'iilion or tliln ait
T«itf.*rr.|t,t will rM X* r*U tot.
Tho Oovornmnnt of thn I'rovinoo of nrltUli
Coliunhli. horoliy oOoth a rownnl of, Flvo
If mid roil Uollnm for tlio arrant, or for Information U'iuUdb to tho nrre»t unit del Ivory
to a Jlrltli.il Colnnilil.i Cinntiililii of 1'ntrlolt
Mnllnn,-ivlio Ih eliarffod with thu mnntor of
ono AdkoIo Orlnmlo on thn Ht. 'lay of Sniitnni*
lior, 111117, nt. Micliol, hi thu Dlitrlot of Sontli
Eiut Kootiinny,l'ruvliu'ii of llritUh Oolnmliiii,
I)pscrlptlo"n ofrntrtiili Mullvn IumfolloWH: '
Nnt.loimUty, Irlih,
Oootipatioii, oohI minor.
AcoSflyuari,     '
lldir.it, S ffdt 0 Inolipk; wMrIu lfl:l llm.
Cnmplcxlon, fair; Iwilr ibirk, iiutlitiml to lm
WiU cliiiin khiivon 011 Nl Iiihtmit,
Wurt nn r'ttlit Iuin.1 nt I'olnt ol thumb,
Whon Iti**t kikiiii wnro brown iiliei'k cont- nnil
(I-IIU4I.14.   Ilf Mllllii IIIHlnrilll |  lllllWIl llllotHi llllll
ruiiiiiliKi'oy ft-It lint,
Wiirriml IhhUimI-Hfiini't nny liifonniitlon
lininniliiito'y to
,1 II. Mi-'Mlll.ir.'.iiliif f'r.ii»tnM*i. Knulo, 11.
I'„, nr to llm uiiiIi'|'»miiici| ;
liy orliTi
V, S, 1II'S>'KY,
"»iil".rlii'piiili.nt  I'rovliK-l-il I'nlli'i*,
I'ruVliinlii) I'olli'c Di'iiitrtiiii'iit.
VliM.irbi. II, (J., Snt, 11, lloT,
— 0OLD ov 	
Dft-jcusTs, mtm w amm mm
toe. por pacliQt, or 3 paeke(«for*>Se*
wlll Inftt * **>,!> lo oaaiion.,
TN THR UATTKIl ur Tlie IlrltUh Columbia
i AND IN TIIK MATTI'Il of tlie llnuof rollwny
of the t'row'K N«*t Houtborii Hullway J.'om*
;      I»ny.
- NOTICK In lit>ri*liyi*lven Hint thu pbiti, |iro-
' Mu Hint liioli i.f rein «nc*) 'tuly ifitltinl mul
ii|.|.rrnt.'*l. of tin* ►(•(.(Inn of tl.ii llni'iif nillwHV
ntiliot rnw'ii Si-*t Tiiiiiltirlii IUll«viiv»'oui|«»iiV
.'Iuin I'Vl'i.li' to tt'i'inrr «-i*,i 11 Mu- .''III iln.V of
■-1.I1t4.111l.1f. l'l'T, ili.|..,.|tf.| In •bi> l.i.li.t Ki4i;U*
t»v <l|l-i-|. Ml .V»-!../ii II C. n« .V.i, ;.-«K.
|i:it«<l till* !tllil«VI'f !*'i'| tt li,l,i-r. 1U>7..
A    K.  3t.V('N'Rtt,[.,
S<i||i iter for 1 li" fw'i Niitt foutbum
US'.I IUHiinj tu...f'«nf.
IN Till! MArri.ll or Tin. IllHUh ('uluinblit.
Hdllwny Act,
AND IN TIIK MATTKK of thr. line of r-tllwiiy
of tlio Crow'* SimX Hnutlmrn llwilway Com-
NOTICK J- .liiTiibi' *'Jviii iiml tlu jiIiijj,fu-i-
illn nmi book of rffumnro ilnly curtilleil Hint
k iiii to veil uf tlm ncllon of the line of railway
ottheCrow'uNii.t.Hoiitbiirn HnilwayComtihtiv
from -.tNtlon .Ml i-a to nntlonilld twine «
portlnn of tli* line from Kernie tn Mlcluil, un.
on the VMh duv of tfciitemlitr, limT. ileiioHlteil
In tlm biuul lUnintry Ollice ut NnUon.lV 0,,
n«Vc, Mull- '
V*t*A thi.-JOIh ilarnf J^utembor, IW7.
Holloltorforthe Crow'* NettHoutliern
it 0 B lUllwuy Company.
forty Yfar-s,
Stnd/or QMojue
102 Tc 104.
•AoeiAfOE STmW.,
■:! \
FERNIE'iiBDGBR-,; FBRNIB,>&!O.-'bOTOBEB'-tt,-' 1««7
yrs1 "•.■v-'«¥^»*.!,r^ft*--:«^:-r( .'■'
X  *
The board' of conciliation. and., ar-
bitratlrin.;,appointed", udder  the0   Le-
i ,   * -    .-..-*"
mi*u< labor disputes'act to investigate tlie differences between the
Hillcrest coal company and tbe U.
M.'- W. oii A:, relative to 'wage 'schedule, convened . at Frank » Monday
morning. The members'of the board
are Speaker Fisher, of the.. Alberta
leg-islature; chairman, J. "' R. McDonald," "' i epresentlftg ;,the Hillcrest
company, and F. H, Sherman representing. vthe*; mpn. ". Joseph, Kmmerson
of Blairmore is acting/ass clerk and
stenographer to . take testimony..
After organizing, the members of the
board decided to hold the sessions
at Hillcrest and proceeded to that
place to begin work. Daily' sessions
are being held. The inquiry is likely
to'last several day6. . ., -
i At the opening of the first session
Chairman Fisher inquired of . both
bides if they were willing , to te
bound by the finding ol the board.
Manager Hillj of the Hillcrest com:
pany, and John Galvin for the men,
both decliaed, and the investigation
comnienc-id. It" was made to, appear
that'" tbe men claim their remuneration should be based on tbe prices
and wages in vogue in No. 2 mine at
Coleman , where the contract price
for digging is 55 cents a ton, where-
,as ..the",Hillcrest /company claims'- ad-
vantages for its mine which entitle
it td'a pieferentialin the schedules,
the price paid by .the company being
50 cents a ton.. It was also shown'-
that other differences existed between
the company^and' the union rega-*.!-'
ing day pay aud accommodations as
to boarding'house, wash house, etc.
"In the'taking of -'testimony Tuesday and Wednesday; , the- following
.were examined: .Harry Cooper, acting secretary cf. , the local .union;
John Cameron; niiner;, Angus Camp-
id   Pritchard,, miner;   Daniel  Blavin,
..miner; H. C. Davis, miner, Abraham
Dodd, min^r, and- Henry Miller, tlm-
berman. ,'..''    .  -,   --"•
- Mr? Cooper testified as to the condition cf the mine and. general condition's about tbe .property. A concensus of tbe evidence of the miners
was fiv $o ^fftjot, tbafc .tho_j mine was
in good condition and thc seam a
goud ons to work in, but that    it
..was not as"'favorable as' No. 2   -at
i ...        ,
Coleman us to making wage's; as tht
eoal was harder. Fifty cents a ton
was considered an insufficient price.
All contended that from $5 to $6 a
day was fair wages for a miner.
.Exception was taken to -the* boarding housi* and the fact that there
.was no Hash house. As to timber,
were identical at Hillcrest with Cole-
ing, Henry-Miller said the-conditions
man No. 2.  ■■   ,   '     .
Tho hearing is likely to consume
the rest, of .the week'at least, and
it is tho general opinion of tho men
that nu. Eettlfment wlll result.—
Frank Paper.
S. S. CONVENTION1       j-
. A Sunday .school convention for
the ; Kootenay.    and. Okanagan dis-
t ' *-     )     . . r ' --*
tricts is. to te held in' the,, Baptist
church, Nelson, October 22-, 23 anil
24.,        ^ '       ~ :    ■'       -
Bach school outside of the city ot
by three delegates, for this converi-
Nelson.is entitled to be represented
tion only.* Delegates vwill be   enter-
- P ' »
tained by ;tlie" friends of Nelsorl.
Their names should*rbe .forwarded to
Mr. E. J. Chave,= Nelson, on or before October 15'.   . '     "■{
The principal speakers will be Rev.
W. C. Merritt,: international fiel/1
worker for the" 'Pacific . Northwest;
for" Sunday schools and Bpworth
Rev. A. J. Boyle, western i secretary
Leagues of. the Methodist church,
and Mr.' Stuart Muirhead, the recently appointed general secretary
for "the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and  Saskatchewan.
-"i. .     *
The subjects to   be discussed   are
of vita! importance to all Sunday,
school workets. Plans for the , organization of a provincial .associa-'
ish'Columbia, also for the ?xtension
tion for the eastern section-of Brit-
of the Sunday school in this part of
the province will be presented-to the
convention. For-these reasons it is
to be hoped that- each school will be
fully represented, and; yiat. pastors
and'-superintendents, will-, do .Aheir
fchare iu working up.an -atercst in
the- convention.
Mr. *C. P. Walker, of the Walker
Theatre, Winnipeg, who has been* responsible for many of the most satisfactory theatrical performances!*-! Western
Canada, will present another attraction
which, he is confident, will prove as
his'direction; .-Under"a considerable
guarantee, Mr.'Walker has secured,
for a limited season, thc excellent com'
pany of metropolitan players presenting-
the delightful romantic comedy, " We
are king-," and will offer this attraction
iu the local opera bouse at some.'early
date".    .-..,-;' ■' :
_•- We,are king;" has enjoyed.phenoiiii
e^al^ucpels "Jin*Inj-*; tbe past fpi^r seasons
iu the theatrical centres of the world,
and Mr. Walker haB shown great con.
fidonco in the theatre goers bf the West
by bringing this company to them.
11,'imu .I'l.y, '"' ■ u.
. THE plain Bangle Bracelet
will be worn ■ more this
season than ever before.
QUR $5.00 Bracelet' is made
.of solid gold, and can be
supplied either in the cva! cr
round shape.
JT is quite heavy and tjie finish
and  workmanship  is  the
finest possible.
VWE enclose it in a fine velvet
lined case for $5.00.
•end for our Cataloguo.
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonge St.
by local applications, as they oan-
■ot reach the diseased portion of
the ear.' There Is only one way to
cure "deafness,,,and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness la
caused by an Inflamed! condition of
the mucuos lining of the eustachian
tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
you have a rumbling Bound or Imperfect bearing;,, and whe» It le entirely closed, deafness is the result,
and unlesB tbe inflammation can be
taken "out and thia tube restored to
Its normal condition, hearing will be
destroyed forever; nine cases ont of
ten are caused by catarrh, which le
nothing but an Inflamed condition
of the mucuos surfaces. . ■ .. *
for any case of deafness (caused, by
catarrh), that cannot be oared by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. 8end for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,   a
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open for business with
a full"line of Stationery,
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Cards, Souvenir Goods,
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Drug Sundries, Patent
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Photographic Supplies
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A. A.
Ledger ftlr Job Work
«♦. ,. •*»
.•♦    A' few good   lesidential  lots,    .*.,
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g Easy Terms %
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I    lisiraice & Real Estate Mtf   ^
OnSntiirdny, Octobor 2«th, NA'ntch for
The Western Homestead
Tho XiuvH|>ti|)Ci' of tlm Oront Ciitliullitn West
Which Means thnt tin" |i«.oplnof nurfiivnt Cnrmillan Wcntarn
to lm ni|i|)lioil with ,-i imii;.fult u-niii In tliiu'orin nfnini|i'iii*
ilnin Wi'.oljly Nt'\v.*.|ni|ii'r, onn thnt will ii|i{w>:i| in nil, nml mm
that Ihik nn crniiic'tiiiii with niiy i'niv.Iii^ ilully phjhm',
Thtt WGMtcrn Mon.c-iCend will lm |*ulil^hoil ntt'nl^ii'.v,
Aim ,on tintiiIh'i".liui'.vi nml wni'.My iliiMi'iiflur. It wlllcniiMst
if fj'istniiii I'n.jis, ciiniiiiiiiiii; ll'l riiliiiiuiH nf liituri'Ulii',' rend*
in;' lm- .mhiii,'- nml old. If ^mi 'Ii-sIh1 thn InliMt li'|i^rii|ililc
linn* fi'iim Iioiiiii ri'iiil Tlm Wii.ti'iii llrnDcutcriil mul gi;t thn
lii'»t tfi-iiin ih" wnrlil <ivi'i'.
Look for thc Scrlol Story tin* Inmost hit in iircRont'ilny
lli'tlon. Vou (.'iiniiftt help hut uiij'iy It. Do not iiiIhh lho lli-Ht
clinptor. "
The Western Homcntcnd will devote n pngo to mnltors of
lr.'.cr..'ft ti v'".:ii.':u    1'n ).],?, ):./.. ., C»-'7
HriUMihohl llliHn wlll ho ylvon wccUly,
..I.-...V4.*4   41 il44
The Western Homestead will contain n gooil Short
Story each week, .-ijirlciiltunil Note* nud ninny other foaturnH
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la tlio Welt at 6c per copy or »t a yearly nubicrlptlon of |J.i
p^yAblc In ndvance.
Ou Sntiinlny, Octobor 20tli, Wattli for
The Western Homestead
THE ^y i&s4   .   ,        ,   ,/
<Vtnr-"tm»M.V.mit ft tmt.mmmw u-i i..
ImS&'t ?l
i ,
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS have Kvclutionicci nv;or mafcln^—tf-^v n
• •If    % »    l^» |2£. (!#•«
-.- TiM?Ef>.ED 2V ELECTRICITY, v/hichJs
their nar.ufactur^ I: cf tlm finer J English and
r..l Juiy, &ni at last there has been
*** **>, t f « |. f
The* N*c\vH|iniii>r of tlio* f*r.'«< Cini-uHmi West v
Swedish make.   This wonderful Jiicovtt/ is thc i;sj.t ol )■:...:
produced A razor that will shave any fcearcf, NO .WATT.??. !!'" V.'  . „    „    .
ELECTRIC TEMPERING addi CARBON to tht f.edt w**.--*jr t-rp-i-ir fy f!r-», (ff-r nftt*# tfru* m?<hod knera for
ten-tories) DE8TROVS the CARBON which lithe life of «'.:m, A'.\ •*"•■•„■• r*.;'•*.;• "r-r'tr* must r***- HONED AND GROUND
often, at their blades will NOT hold an edge any length o< tl.r.v. CAF:3 J r.P.WZT.C RA:>OR3 do not recu.re HONING
or GRINDING during a lifetime in private oki they arj -»!! tzm^zr.i tilt:- every put of thrir bU-fet beln-j iob|ected to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding known,
YOUR DEALER will deJirer to you one ot these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on M d«p' trlaf, without
obligation on your part to purdute----Ha.ee advantage of this opportunity. 3:etk avray from the barber habit 1 You will iiv**
.$50.00 annually. .
Call on our representatives fn your town, and requett a copy of "Hints On Shaving"—TMs booklet illustrates the
correct razor position for shaving every part of Ihe face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKGN 7R0M LIF2)Ht alio tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY; aJaouIi txt dealer b: out of tScrr, drop ui ^ c^ti, ani wcwill send you
one by return mail.
Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, Ilakers,   «J.   D.    QTJ^.IIj
•.S<Mrf. FJroarJxvnv. N. Y.
sum ii>emi him
"', i''.&   '   J
11  i.
y '*
*'. .j-
i ..
c  .    *
, iv«
>' s
i y i
f.-.   *
■    !•' ■■■;
k  '
t   ■*■
i .
i. *■ ■ i
-I:"'   i
'   'I
j'Li •   ■"'■■ -;;-is-.?.-'{jv-4;,f,-
y^8BNig r^Qi^J-asL-qfl^
,    „-.Vk-->l; --• '■.■ji.jif'ftt,,'.'-''"*/   .-*> ^__, ♦"*- ,. T,:****-      *"■»        O *a    -* '   • ,'-fv--\'    *
'"   tVsr •'. 4-'--•: .•*■ •.': -i"-'i---»-'T';;2___aA—*vvi
Invitations; by. Telephone; Opposed"'by
_!r«L\V*-,',_M'»'pbir«.ofi Stern.,*$ex.'j     V,   :.
Is Packod Only in Sealed Lead Packets to
7--7.''7."vT;''-.:'^ '"•   '
iBLMciiSS^ --iViiixEBf ";:■: v7-v/7.6REEi
r  >4   di- ....I
;-:\.'-'a .
At-Vour Qroce^-j
'     '*. ■    ■ 4       ' ___),      .  *S
. ,/Accbrding-'to' --Sir.-' Sargent', the
■Commissioner," General! of Immigration American 'tabor,/is engaged in
the complicated enterprise of trying
1 "    v a,      _ i     ,     ■*'
to lift itself with -one hand -while
holding itself'do'wn'with'the or,her7
'**'-;. '.-'... ','',.- ■ '■-
He says th'at-''the-fact* that' the
United" States pays   higher,   wages
than any. - other country, on earth,
•brings era!grants, here.".''   t '
, Of the , 'truth cf     that statement
there can oe.iio doubt.   Some of our
4 '* ' '        **
emigrants came for other -reasons
but the inducement to the great majority  is the possibility  of  getting
" two dollars" per day instead of ' two
dollars per week. ' If our' business
blackens and wages fall,- the tide of
emigration shows at once' the close
watch that ' 'the' emigrant keeps on
the American wage" scale. .     ,' "_._,'
The number of arrivals lessens and
many of these of earlier arrivals go
home.with a little bunch of savings.
.'"Labor lights steadily for higher;"
and-almost as "steadily opposes "immigration. It puts up the' premium
and' strives to -bejt back the   hands
*. that .rush out to receive it.   ...
T~ ijabor'F"rdeai"is"*monop"oly- of"-t~he"
• labor market, 'it will-limit the num-
' her  of, workers  and  so  force  from
"the community a higher wage than
that compelled  by, competition.    It
may-only be-a coincidence,   and. it
the scarcity-of labor.** I am
that]if no more men come herei fdr
ten'; [years (there would not .bjs,^
shortage. ... At, the, coast,.and.:t><)il
miles;'inland, they'„only,Iwarit^ Chinese
and Japanese, because they, get them
chcap[        -. ■ V       7   _,' *
'■yours'respectfully,      , _ .,,.   ■"
." ;,-: Y-    "        ' W.'SUEPPARD.'
7,erv. dlSictflt..tlrJng-.foi_j. me to prevari-"
cjitejpii my'Ject.,- lf.lt'weren't for-.-tha
pi-ppgnce^pfj'ibyx'i}- ..womai^.-i shouHlh't
liave' Silid''pi-'ev.'i;'-ieate.'.-"  ''"'*-      7. '
' "Has anything hiip'pened*recentliv.to.
..brln'-V'forth, tills plilllpplc^nsked'! the
"wop.uurdelfeatdly.'■"'':'   ;'' }■"■ /-• *■■■.■_'
'/i^'¥p.%!"?U™P,,S<l^'l*''2*''' companion,  still
"hi".. gi-owf/r^T'T^ye"'jnst!"^*«eir--:sa"ntj*
J)agpoid^il^lii«iilvlHg an, engngemut/tp
go siilling._'"lMlu^*o'ls'"rtnytfalnB In'the
worjd ,1. particularly, dislike].' )t. is.sa'll-
. Ing:'beastly sporti particularly lri tin-.
wirtnhi .veiUb^.Ulie.jJfis.^ ^ ,   .,     v:',
• "lyhaye.iievif'i; gojic anywhere on n
,snltboat_-,th$-tvye^liaj'cn't* $een elthqp
becalmed or drenched."       ' >      .  , ■,
-'"'."I- should'-think-that.any-.onc as fertile of excuses as. I have found you to
•be couldyhave -managed to get out,'of
accept-In;? 'such aiv Invitation."1 ';''.'.
w ,'lVcoi,J<,V^.I*'a.vo"if;,lt hadn't'-been for,
.that its veil tio'i of .thpovil one, the tel.o-^
phone." "'foil'yoii how it' wns./Theoth-'
or diiy< I "Was called up'ovci* the phono;
by a girl with a mighty sweet, voice,.
*'l <lL!n't roco';r.:i7P- It i'.i the least.   'Is-
• that you, Mr.- Smith?',the.voice asked...'
"I rnnliod fli".t it was" l.}"1    . ,', ..'!-.
:.",Wli'at are you going to'do on Slit-;
uvdayV Inn u I red lho voice.  •   '
• v
may be' the operation of an econom-
■ ic.law, but the,fact is that never, in
; our "histo'.'y'huve" .wages been so high | nie, which is, a pretty good
As  tue questioo of emigration ' to
Canada is for the moment * one   - of
s-jmcimporlance     to South    'Wales
miners,     owing to the presence    in
their     midst of Mr. R. H. Nesbitt, ■
who has come over to obtain   about
200 men for  the Crow's Nest   Pass
Colliery Company ..Limited,," of British ColumDia; 'our reporter called upon Mr. Nesbitt at. the house where'
he isHstaying at Bridgend, and askrjd,
hiin .for his comments upon'the criticism- put forward^ in .the:"above"' let-"
ter.* '. ...'.' ''. 7,
"Of course I   cannot., answer   for
the personal ..'experience of your correspondent,"' said "Mr. Nesbitt, "but"
you,wiil observe that*he says he has
wandered pretty     well over Canada,
and the United States*since 1902. Of
"course "dorf t^a"nT^'Tuggp?*any-'
j thing jthat.I,, ought no.tvto^ but*_may.
.it not be an ,..' illustration    of ..the
truth" of '   the proverb,-7 "a rolling
tone gathers no moss?"   At present,
however;';iybur correspondent-appears
to 'be  ' doing „fairly .well,;,as. he7is
staying at the   Queen's Hotel, Fer-
as durin-j ,the last lew, years,. the
period'of bur heaviest immigration.
Labor,,'fs .disposed-, to. pyerlepk' the
fact thut immigrants bring mouths
to feed and backs to clothe, as well
.-iS" brawn.
It a'pi,oarfc!; not',/:' to'ec'e^thaV-tho,-
produceri.- who Irighten,,- it' arc, also
consumers to lioap it busy. . , ■*...
Labor lo-.ic in a good deal of a
mystery anyway.      .■*■:•   ■
Sometlnies it. goes to the point—
Bametinies it Ins a trick ol stumbling over tlicir own feet.—-New ,,York
feun, Sr.pt-* Hi
He, is "'quite .iig'ht -as ,toV the cost cf
a halrj1 cut'; and shave.f -Biit razors
'are ay ■ easily.: procured '; in'1' Br tish
Columbia as here, and men 'can
' have ,therns£lye,_j... ,1 .always-do,.aiuL
put tlia" 3s lid in my '-own pocket. ,';;It js true—as,:was-stated*'by^.the
way iu- the .'newspaper paragraph ari-
u-juncing my' visit—that board and
room would cost. £5, but;-, tlie "men
earn, niii.ch more than 123 Cd a day,
i.nd'I say definitely that, a good ex-
jjc-rlinccd m!n:i- not- 'afraid "of work
c.-.n earn .Gl-a day. I have,.for in-
s'.ance, Uie ,pay ticket of n miner
v.ho -w.s Lrmerly of Macstog,' who'
bus   asked me     to show it to his
o:'::'.'.--';-,l rop'.leil'lioforc,! lhouf?ht.i
"•',-h-n'l   that   ('.olijihtfnl!''said   tlio-
voice,    "l'hon you 'wI11.ro with ■ us on
p. Riillin™ trip.^won't you?'--' *•   .
'"'Wlio 'v\ tjii--?' I asked.'my caution
asspi-iins itfoir to'i late.      •'..',"
"Thon-she spo'to her nanic. .and by*
a'.l lho Iittlo fl-:'*'*". *it„w!\<5 t-nt" of a'-
.trirl' whom   I  especially  dislike.    But,
v hat could T do?   If I refused, thon 1'
should make an. enemy of * her for. life.,
There wlll bo no rtno'ln tho party who'
will bo in^t'.io loast lnterestiijg to me.'
°a'.:d so I havo lot myself -jn^or about
an bad a'driy-asimy worstenomy could
desire.f<jr mc. * ,:   .7; '/.    u'"   l!
"Now..' i' sjAonld . lilro ,to see a  law
passed making invitations,by,tolcphoiiol
a felony tp be piinlslied^Vv imprison-■
m'onf; and I-think it should be legally-
'(*i\acteil also-that no woman' or man',
lr.ay  preface an invitation-by saying,
what are you goinc: to do on such and
«r.ch" a -"day .'and., thus cutting off .nil,
'iope of retreat, for the victim." ' i
„ "It is a low'down'thing to_do," ns-
sontwl"-ihe. woman" absently, "hut of,
.foi'irse there is ijlways a' way out of
it."   ..... .-* \ , .       ....
"'iift not even on?'(if•''thnt slippery sex
enulil get: out of a definite engagement,
■'nnld s!ie?"-- ', "'"' "
"Of courso.'iPlio would have a. headache at the last moment.   Why don't
,'yau * do * that; or ■ elks- send , n note by
iues"senKcr'.' to'shy thfit' you have been
•»ailo<l. out-'of.'.to.\yj),ou.Important bu?i-.
:ie.'-s?" "'
.- "I could not dp It," declared the mnn..
"Afioi*..'! have, promised, and tlie party"
Is made np and my hb'stossjsdopend-
Ip.ilj-Jir^ihe.'.l c'onid-not. be'sb beastly
iheiin as to disappoint iier—I couldn't
really.    That   ls.li   feminine trick;  It
.isn't masculine." . .      .   ...,.■-.. .
"""'O'l,'Isn't it?" scoffed the'womnn'as
she phieoil .a .pillow, at hnr; back.
"'Well,; ymi would thlnlc It was mnscn*.
line-if you woie ii hostc.s.s during the
season.".,   ,,-J -_^^^      ,-.   *,
..,'..> " ' Ottawa', Sept.' '28, ,1907.'-.
,^Thc" custom ;'prevailing 'among
farmers , throughout^ Canada" '*';'of
slaugitcriiig "' ■ aninials,.,particularly,
swine'; '-"upou -their t'bwn premises' and
selling the' dressed.- carcases"-.- on ■ the
local),market,, is one which entails
more, or'iiless,-loss tb-the^'prbducer.
Be'fbrej the .advent "of- packing.- establishment's;. .the domestic trade. - was
supplied -by- the, local "butchers, who
were, necessarily, compelled'to; pro-,
vide for'futlire-Bupplies',: and',',"as ,a
result, the local markets -were created. Conditions-have changed, however, the' local dealers no longer
supplying the .domestic 'trade,' which
has passed, .into the hands " of the
packing houses, which are now the
distributing,' centres for meats.
Packers can,, afford to, • and.u actually
dp pay;higher prices.-and fell'at lower" values than the local butchers for
reasons which ,are obvious 'when one
considers that profit's are -represented by the,-by-products... The"-packers
adverse to' buying dressed1' carcases,
as, they represent smaller' profits by.
by-products. Again,'" dresse'd"carcases, are impcrfec-Jy handled by. '5tjhe
farmsr, .the meat i:s,^any case being
bruised and unsightly; this, as,-well
I as improper chilling .being deterrent
to'good, prices. Animals, especially
hogs, require'scientific chilling,- btli-
erwis3-i those. part-? which enter into
the urocsss of" curing become sour
and . untit, for market. Packers * prefer, to, buy their meats-on'the hoof,
nnd for;.the reasons set forth abbye,
are aisle""to*.pay'higher* prices for tne
same ■•'■,''    , -
...Iii" view,, however, of the , large
.trade carried on in somo'.parts of
Canada,.;•• more, particularly., during
the-fall and winter, .in.dressed pork,
■as* well-us", in other dressed meat,
att?ntion may be directed' to one of
the 'requirements af' the regulations
made under the new meat inspection
act, which is, likely to have a considerable effect* on the business.above
referred to. .'The Department of vAg-
ricultiire at Ottawa having assumed.
to depress'the! price af dressed meat!
and it will be*well for producers to
bear in mind the -new conditions. and
when, for any reason's,--unable,to
market their stock bn hoof as {they
should undoubtedly do whenever'pos-
sible, dress ■ their' Logs; 'as- well ' ,-'as
other animals,'* in-such a ,way,.as to
meet'the ■ requirements of. -the ..new
act. 7 *     \     " ",'     >-  .'
.'..in'i'l. '
'■)-i . -
of  this  Kernels,GIvcb  Pleasing
Effect to Diohec.
Choppod   pistachio   nuts  nro  much
ii§ed for the (V'coi'Mtlon of ninny illsh-
es.*  IMiio nuts iua,v also bo used., The
green, of   the 'pistachio  Is  e.ipoclally
brothtr and iiuiuco him to come out j plensliiR.- They arc used on Iittlo su-
With iffer'encc to the inducements
which are he iii.' held but, to South
Wales miners to emigrate to British
Columtlj, wo have received the following letter from n miner who em-
lf-rnlod from thc I'lhondda Valley In
Fornle, B. C, Aug.
Quoun's Hotel
■   ,1'Jtli, 1*07,
Dear Mr. Editor—I hnvo hoen ln
thlH jiliico, Kurnlc, a fow dayB looking for work in trio coal mines, m
it wnfl in tho newspapers nU over
Br tlsli Columbia that thoy woro COO
mon tjhort litiro. Br.t 1 found out
niter I ;;ot huro that thoy did not
want anybody, and It Ih tho flamo
ililn*; nil ovor thin,country. 1 worked in ih*i Kliondda Vulloy, South
Wales, eight yours, nnd left there
VJ02, mill I lave hoen pretty well all
over C.tiuilu und tho United Statis.
Men whfi 4'ome here are told of tlio
big mousy m.idfi, but not what thoy
li:ive to lay out. '1 met three \Volnh-
inon Ijpi'.j on I'-rlilny Just, out 'from
WiiluR. They w-rc mnrrlt'd mon!with \
fiimll cw, aiid they 'lind leen loqklm,'
lul    \;„l'.,  ,,.. viJ.U   i,,i)n  a IK.'.   COUltl   liul
',;et ;t, .nt,] llu- t.'.J'tc- olhox'ti luA It-It
Rood joi-s ii como litre. Tho money
made Iito, K you are lucky enoui-h
to got n job, looks big, but when I
tc'.l you wlut you pay out It makes
It. very f-m.ili. It. costs <■« l.d (7!jc^
lor a hair cut nnd nlirfVA: .C5 n month
l« th** clio.ipest. board i,»ntl. room you
can r,ct, nnd Irom .cn to ,CB for a
suit of clothuH, and everything iIho
in proportion, The moAt money a
Miinp-iny man ninkcH Ih 12k fid n .'my,
T have ni'ide more than that In Wales
myself. I can Buy that thin country
In not what It ih crnckeil up to he.
There ari hundreds looking about
for work, nnd yet every one of the
niwspapjrs here is always tell Inn of
to-j, It shows-that he earns moro
than.-*?! a day. I sliiijl he addressing a mectln-' of miners at the Bun-
raven Hotel, Bridgend, on' Saturday
afternoon at four o'clock, and I
w.ll produce „ this and , other pay
tickets to nny who wish to sue them
and nnn-vtr any questions. I know
frcm personal cxpcrlf-nco and observation th.it mining labor Is .scarce'ln
Bnti.h Columbia. My company
Kiiarante.- wr-rk to tho men who
<ume out, mid wo huvo a lot of mining property to dovelop."
"I notlco," added Mr, NeHbltt,
that Mr. Thomas Richards, M. P.,
the a'.lo seorotary of tlio South
Wales Miners' I-'oderation, has warn-
od Welshmen to he careful about
uolng out to HHUhIi Columbia. I
am a Wi'lHhinnn inynolf, Wolsh-Hpcnlc-
In;-, nnd lived In Wnlen until rocont
years, aud I can nsmiro Mr. Richards I shr.uld bo tho very last to
Induce my countrymen to go out
unl.'Bj I l.now thero was a good
chitiico of llicm doing well,''
vory   biscuit   to   paws   wilh
courses nt lunclii'oii.
Hull' ii hot lmkliij? powder biscuit,
spread with polled inont nml something chopped to glvo a bit of color
to tho Hurl'm-o. such as pursley or
ehlves, Is HPi'voil with bouillon.'
A novel anchovy (oust for a final
touch nt dinner lifter the,sweet ties-
sort, may bo mndo llko this: Sot n soup
pinto over boiling water and In It put a
tnhlospoonful of butler. Let tho butter melt Ijcfora milling the bentcii yolks
of three raw orjih. Add otuniRh nn-
ehovy sniico to color theso somowlint,
but not a deeper shade thnn salmon,
else tho stiltiiuHH -will be too pronounced. While this Ih belnp; done
some ono should bo tnnsllng four
Hllros of bt'ond, which mimt bo dipped
nn both sides lu tho saiico, Hei'vo iih
hot mi pnsHlblo,
If prcforred, tlio toast mny ho well
nnnl'PilJn the miii;c» nnd thon put In
tliu oven until crisp ngulii.
Baltimore, Md., Nov, 11, lUu3.
| Mimril'u l.'lnimoni- Co, TitmltoM ' -
i Sirs,---T ciimo nf-rofiH n hnttlo
iliaiids of one of tho studdiitH at the
University cf Mnsyland. and he being so kind ns to lot mc use tt   for
Lingerie wnlstn of vnlcnclonnoH and
I'liiny Inoe and nil kinds of hIiw RlulfH
llltl'lllll'll   tO  111*   WOl'll   Willi  Clotll  Hkll'tH
hnvo Htin bolts nud collnrs llko tho mii-
lorlnl of tho wnlsi.
I-'nr n "fiiuoy woi-kbnskot iiecuren
•miiill liiiHkot with double Mils. I.lnc
tlii' Imsltot with pretty plows of ullk
*    i tf ii 11V iliwh'od  i<nl<ii'«     fin <lid iwdi.p
n. I -jIiIo of the lid  mnko fiiHtonliigs  for
tl)C j inilil HoiKNiirs, pins, ImilUlitH, Ktllotton,
the responsibility of inspecting and
practically guaranteeing* the health-
fulness of all meats and meat' products sent,out by the packing nous-
is,-'must; cf necessity, protect .itself
by making sr.rethat.no dlseasndicar-
casegjarc permjttcd to .enter ! these
establishments. •• Tho  most  effective
( i
way of j preventing the -entry of, such,
diseased meat is, of course, the care-
ante-mortem. Inspection' provided »by
thc\rcguiations act, but-in view' of-
of the large trade carried on in
dressed,-- carcases,*, and of the fact,
that both farmers and packers have
be;n;in. the',„liabit of handling, meats
in "tliis' wayV'the offlclnis iii chargo of
tho enforcement'i of'tho act have de-
cided to admit to^tho establishments
under' inspection, ' drosscul carcases
under such conditions as wlU.enabl?
them to ju'iljie with!reasonable4 certainty ns; to ■' whether tlio animal,
prior to slaugliter, was free-' from
disease. Provision has therefore been
mode for tho admission on inspection, r.f drossed carcase with the
head, heart, lungs and liver held by
their sntur.U attachments, such carouses to ho Inspected .before entering tho establishment, and, If found
fir for food, to be ho mnrlccd nnd admitted for packing purposes, whllo if
found to be diseased, to bo condemned and tanked,
This being tho caso, it is incumbent upon every farmer bringing
drosstd hogs or other animals to
market to remember that unless'tho
carcases aro dressed in accordance
with thc regulation mentioned n/bovo,
namely, with theso organs loft in
tholr proper positions, it wlll got
bo possible for tlio representatives
of tho packing houses to buy such
carcases for uso ln nny of tho establishment., coming dndor tho, operation of the Moat and Cnnnod Goods
The presence of the buyers or
agents of thoso ostnlilishmcnts on
our local markets has always been,
at least to some, extent; a safeguard
ngnlnst passible attempts by local
combinations of butchers nnd others
BADLY    RUN   DOWN1,    ,  ■•   ,
Through. .Overwork—Dr.... .Williams:.
Pink" Pills Restored Health and .
-. o   • Strength. ■     *.
'  Badly run down is the conditiori.of
thousands    throughout' Canada—pep
haps you are one of them.  -Yoii nnd
work, a burden.   You are weak, easily tired;     out' of sorts;--*-  pale, and
thin.   Your' sleep is  .restless;   ypjr |
appetite,,poor and you suffer"   from,
headaches..     All    this , suffering    is",
caused by bad blood and notliing'cnn |
ma'tfe' you   well   -but,  good -blood— j
nothing can.-'make .this good    blood-
so  quiekly  as     Dr.  -Williams'  Pink _
Pills for'1 Pale People.    - These 'pills
never fail to'"' make rich', red'' blood
Mr.  H. -R. Reed, 'Quebec 'City,  says:
"About" twelve months ago I'was all
run-down as the result of overw:irK.
My  doctor ordered' me  to  take-    a
cbmple'o"rest,, but this'"did not help
me.   I hud     no appetite; my nerves
were unstrung and-1 was so'weak"I
could scarcely-„move.   Nothing ■ the
doctor did helped me'and I beg*an-tb'.
think 'my" case was incurable.-'While
confined to my robnv friends    came
to s:e, me and one,of them adv sed
'me to try Dr. Williams'  Pink,"'Pills.
I did so and soon my • appetite'  improved; my'color., came hack'and in
less than a' month I "was   able ■ to
leave my room., I continued the pills
for   another   month' and ■ they   ^om-
pletely cured me.   I.am now. in   the
best of; health and "able to do   ° my
work without, fatigue...    1. feel' sure
that all who are.weak will find  ,rc-
Williams'    Pink-Pillsv They, certainly saved me from a life of misery."
When ' Dr. Williams'  ' Pink     Pills
make new blood-they go'right, to the
root'of and   cure anaemia, rheuma-*!
tism.-Sr. 'Vitus dance, kidney trouble, .indigestion', headache, and   backache and those secret ailments which
make "'thi lives" of so many'   women-
arid" growing .girls, miserable;   .Sold
by all medicine dealers or by   mall
at 50c. a. box or six boxes for,$2.50
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brccx'vlllc',' Ont:'"  '   " ' '
tfevnie. 38. C,
,      v 7 I  *"
f/t    ■  ->J»
Kings Hote
, k   °*      Fernie, B. C.
Bar supplied with the best of Wines-
.   Liquors and0"Cie;ars. :
Dining Room in connection ,
Hotel, Hosmer
t   - •" ' ' " *
Open May 1        ■.
:;     Everything new and *
up-to-date.     °'\      " ,:
Every accommodation   ...
, for the public.
.' Bar Slocked with the _        '
■•» -   finest in the land     '       '
Fi        LABELLED
.  <   Proprietor • i '
7      .RATE.
. The Harrinian lines will .put Into
effect cir Oct. 7'nn emergency** rate
on soft'coal, similar to that now in
f.-rce on tho Great Northern, Pacific
totwoen Duluthl Superior, the Twin
Cities nnd other. eastern cities nn.l
Spoki'iiU' and points to the enst y\}
Idaho and.Montana. -, |
Thc local office of tho comrmy ;
this morning received the following
telegram from It. B. Miller, Fort-
l:i.id, general Irelght agent of, the
O. It. it N.': "Union Pacific advise
will publish a $7 emergency rnto on
soft coal from Council Bluffs, Omaha, St. * Josoph, Ravenworth nnd
Kansas City to all O. 11. & N. rail
stations, The Dalles nml cast; effec-
tIve,CW. 7."
This means thnt Illinois and Indl-
una coal can bo brought direct' from
cho initios by Spoknno and tho Pa-
loueo country more than Spokane.
This city now has a rate of $6 on
soft nnd hard conl nllko, nnd tho $7
rittu Is thorcforo unlikely to mnko
I*ny preemptible chanuto In tho local
situation, It is, however, cheaper
than can bo Hccured hy dealers in
the PaloiiBe by getting the $G rate
to Spoknno nnd then paying the'
local from here to destination. The
r.\tc xxxAy he said to have been made
In tlio interests ol the Inland Empire
points outside of Hpoknno.
>  "  ' Under new management
Well furnished rooms. * Tlio tublo is
supplied with the bust; tho market
affords.   Tl.o bar is supplied
with tlio best wincB, liquors nnd cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
...I, IM.    T
in training for foot races, nnd to
say that it helped me would bo putting It very mildly, nnd I therefore
ns!. If you would lot mo know of ono
of your nficnts that is closest' to
Riltfinorii ro Hint' T may obtain
soma of it. Thanking you In advance, I remain, yuur,i truly,
H ist. Paul Street.
Care Olivor Typewriter Co.
V. S.—Kindly onsw-'r at once.
One ot (he dl.tlniltlcs Hint the nnift*
tour ilrosHtnnkcr Ims to encounter In
llie- (ItilMhliiK of tho skirt niiule from
.l,,ll.   r.,.   ..I..,l|..,.   ..,)   ..i.i       'P.     .  .   ii  ,
    .,*^.»..*..*4..     »u h*.-i ^..s;
[ir<ip«->r result the ihIro of thc Nkirt
'liould bo hound with soft silk seam
11111111111*, thou turned iirnlur to the
depth af the hcin. MnklnK tin Intiirn
pfd'i- the ii-st'iiu'i- of the oriltniiry hoin
menus nu tniMl^litly rliljro when tho
iklrt la proHscil.      *
How ta Treat Merln-jti*.
To prevent nierlnsnn on cream pie
from lieconiluji watery keep In tlie
kitchen about nn hour after brown-
(nit. If set In a cold place at onco, It
will fall und bo watery.      , ,,.
v^2iB\\,t \
Eoeri) attention.
RooniB rcserucd by wire
A pleasant home Por the
c! L. WHELAN • - Maiiaqcr
SotnotimoH ono ucits "bitten" by buy*
InU' wlitiio ho thinks lio enn ffot the beet
at the chiMippHt prlco. It Ih always
wUettt to fii-hl bu Mini ot tho nunilty.Miid
tlic.i filudv the prico propoiitlon after*
wnrdi. NVc first »lm at (jlvlii-j, the
rmblic pure dniffH, and cnmpoiinilln-?
litem carefully and correctly m-cordtiij/
to prescription. Then wc flic tho price
tu allow out-M-lvcs thu Hiialte-it nmrplu
of worlflii-y profit tliereon. That li why
our Here lu to popular.
Tbo   Pnlaoo  Drug  Storo
T«l. 19    H. r, M-tUtn. Mgr.
" <" '•
Hotel     I
The Hotel of Pcrnlc
The centre of Commerfllnl
and Tourist Trade
Calslnc  Unexcelled
*-> S. r. Wallace
o a*, r. wkiiiacc      Prop, y- ers Seriously III.:
i Indianapolis, Ini.", Oct.. 7.—President Johii M.tctiell, of'.. the .United
Mine "Workers' of "America, is iir at
tlie residence of Editor SaxtonV' of
the Mine Workers'; Journal, and;his
One ot the : funnels ■ have, .caught
g*?6und'*arid is•;,'makingV*'grea'b-.-?i;progress." Ahout'i40 men are employed.
',Mrii-and -Mrs. Howb'rook- hay^ .,op-
• A* Rhondda Welshman whoVhas for-
y --. „• - •* .' '■; ''-4 - ■■.:'• .■ -■• |
some- time -been ^working ini British.
..<■ •        . -.    '-...-'    ,      v' - «.- ...
Columbia, has written a long letterj
a long ,etter to Thomas Richards,
ened up a first-class baarding house  M. P.; secretary of the-South Wales
and-, can - accommodate     20 people.
Anyone visiting Carbonado can have
a first-class meal cooked
for '25c. ■■'" ■ ' :    "•■'■■'
up to -date
Men. are up the ..high line .'getting
out all the pipes and fails-that'are
of any vah>*. 	
There are eight families now    liv-
triends feat that his illness may. be  ing at Carbonad0,     Mr. C. Walker.
1     !
'. fatal.
Mitchell has-never been well, since
he underwent an operation several
months ., ago, and recently he has
suffered, Intensely at times.
He became so ill two days ago
that medical aid was necessary. His
physician refuses to make a statement regarding the case, "and * this
Increases the fear that Mitchell is in
a critical condition.. .
There are strong symptoms of appendicitis, and that,should an operation be' necessary, Mitchell's vitality is so . low that he would not
getting here with his furniture last
week,'and .more people are expected
as Mr. McLean is busy fixing uo
more cottages, j*
. Mr. John Rlgg, along with R.
Forsyth, left> for Fernie on Monday
night last. The boys of Carbonado
were- sorry to part with them, and
wishes, them "every success. Good
luck; Bob and Jack.  . . *   "
■ Mr. Ben Cheetham and Charles
Edgar1 arrived, here from Fernie
Monday night and commenced . work
on Tuesday,"morning. They are staying at'Mr. Howbrook's.-
Miners' Federation,-; urging- Welsh
miners to be on , their guard with.
reference to any inducements that
may be offered.tbem to' emigrate.to
that district. From this letter :it
would eoem that, some of the agreements, which, the. miners .are. obliged
to sign nre said to be highly objec-'
tionablo, and the correspondent forwards" for examination, seme specimen capies of these -documents.
On this point, Mr. T. Richards,,,M.
P., writes: .yi have examined the
forms ^referred to, which the workmen arc asked to signi and also the
special rules which they are .subjected1 to at the colliery, and I have
no hesitatiob in advising all . Welsh
miners, to be wary of changing their
location, poor as some.of thero are;
for British Columbia."
, The correspondent referred to adds:
"Tho money * offered is not good
enough to meet the cost of living' in
this part of the world."
..A prpruineht citizen1 lay on his
death bed; So many anxious friends
called jto, inquire ^hls^wnditlori' that.
th£ physician and Jamily^dccided ..to
bulletin his condition every, hour on
•> -     „    ,-,    •■.'••    ' -        . - ■ ■
a .-blackboard, which1 was' placed on'
,-,. • •"*■■' ■*■-  i •  \i  v .<*;
the. front porch.. The day the Judge
died the bulletins ran as follows:   ','
1.30 p.m.—The judge is sinking rapidly.    .        *-'..'
. 2.30 p.m.—The judge is very low.
3.30 p,m.--The judge is'dying. ,
4.30 p.m.—The judge has gene to
Heavou.        '-,      *'J  "'   '   " '"
A little later a wag game along,
read the bulletins, and. to cap tbe
climax, added the following:,
5.30. p.m.—Great consternation in
Heaven. The judge hasn't arrived.—
Express Gaaette, Cincinnati.   .
by a respectable and
experienced person. .*
~l -4 "' , ^
Address:  7   -
,   Mrs. W. (Nurse),,.   ,
,   ■■"■-    -"  "Ledger" Office.
'•'■ :   -'.-A,
'*■  -, For.St. Paul, Chicago, New'York, Toronto,
'■Seattle.  Spokane,  Vancouver and Victoria
"  "'    '„;'.'■     ■"''■'      -Via-  •'•. .?'    ■■'
,J    . «-,•*,.- -     ■ >l*','i *■
The   Great   Northern  Railway
''/The Comfortable" Way"
Fernie to Seattle 24 Hours
4   " " *
Vancouver 32 Hours
Victoria: 30 Hours
For particulars call on,or address
-   "'.. -    -   H. L. .BLACKSTONE, Agi., Fernie,
or W. A. ROSS, A. G. P..A., Seattle
The Demaufez Propelkr Company,
''.'-, -5  '   ,. Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Secured in Canada and United States Patent Office.
President—W.   H/WhSmsteiv Police Magistrate.,
Vice-President-A.   W^   Bleasdell,. Ex Mayor of'Fernie.
Treasurer—T. ,-, Beck,   Merchant,. Fernie.
Secretary—M, . Kastner,   Fernie.
"Dire^tors^-v-vr-Cr'iLlphoi^tT^j^'eilerr1^*^*"" •*•
-   Joe Aid lo," Merchant.'
L.   G.   McDonald,   Blacksmith..
''.■? C.   O.   Demaurez,. Jeweller. °
We are how prepared to place 3,000 shares only (fully paid up and nonassessable) on the market, the proceeds of which are to be used to build a
propeller big enough to demonstrate the practicability of the invention.
According to the statistics of the Patent office 75% of all money is
invested directly or indirectly in patents.
All big inventions have been sneered at and turned down, and stock went
begging at a low price, and hot one person in a,thousand took advantage of
the opportunity to buy the stock. For example, Mr. Westinghouse, inventor of
the now famous air-brake, was kicked, out of his own father's factory. Kelly, the
inventor of Bessemer steel, was called crazy. Bell Telephone stock went begging,
as also thousands of others too numerous to mention.
Mostly all the big fortunes have been made through patents, or brains
as it should be called.
His stock
The books
What is a stockholder in our company?   Ho is a partner,
represents his interest.  If ho wishes to sell his stock he can do so.
are open to every shareholder for inspection;
, i
Buy at once ail you can afford,
In about throo months' time you may have to pay 500% more for stock.
Stock purchased now may lay tho foundation of a fortune lor life.
Tliis new propeller will, in our opinion, inako a great Having iii coal and
machinery, and on that account leave more space for moreliandiHe iu a vessel. It
will go at any speed desired, and is perfectly sale, as it can he repaired in ease of
breakage at sea or elsewhere without going into dry dock.
<     t
For further information apply to any of tho officers.
Selling Agents—M. A. Kastner, C. C). Demaurez.
The Demaurez Propeller Co., Limited
*mJL*m     *mJLm*mi swims \J*m*\*m*^9     ******** wJUmJ *m | wJUhmT
P. Si"—You may count on C. O, Demaurez to make this invention a grand
success.—G. O, Demaurez.
This is a hom6 company, and we will try to keep it so.
From  France,  Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers,. Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spravicp Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free, .
"     Greenhouses and Seedhoucos
60   YEAR8"0
Trade Marks
lent free. OldoM uenejr for i««mwp*tei-u.
P.uiom taken through Munn i Co. reoetTt
tftcial nottee, wlthoot, cbtrve, Is tae
Scientific flimricatt.
AhuideomelrniattrtteHwcRliif. UttuniX str-
eulitloo of *aj •eientUn lourn-ji Ternn. M r
Itvt tour monthi, |k Bow b|ill yew.rteeJerj..
Reduced   Kutes   from, Enstefn
Points on  Sulo  Dully
September let to October 31st
Montreal ?4«.I0
OttnwH '...' ..S-44.85     ,,.
Detroit -
■ 4
Correspondingly   Low   Rates*'*from
Intermediate Points - 7
Soo-Spokane   Service
The Finest on the Continent and the
;^-_.=fastest between 5p.)karie and
^     -,i     the Twin Cities ,
The Canadian Pacific Operates.
Standard Sleeping Cars
,  & Tourist Sleeping. Cars
On   Two   Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction
For Kates, Heservnttonii, and any Information '
dodired, npply
■ C. S. FYFK, D«pot TIcKot Agont   '
H. J. COYJ.E, \Q. p. A., Vancouver, or
lo Consumptives
Tho underelgned ha-flns been re-
•rftorod to health by Dimple   moans,
after Buffering   for nroral jreari
.with a to-rere luu-j affootlon,   and
that droad dleoaw CONSUMPTION,
la anxious to make known   to bis
follow sufforors tho moans of ouro.
To   -thoso who   doBlro It, ho   wlll
ohoorfnlly   sond (froo of chArgo) a
copy of tho prescription usad, whlob
thoy will find a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATAItMI, DRON-
C13ITIS and all throat   and    lung
MALADIES.  Ho hopes all sufforors
j will try this Itomody, ns It Is Inralu-
| ablo.    Thoso desiring tho prosorlp-
' tion, which will   coot the nothing,
j and may   prove  a   blosBlng,    will
plfifmo address
j '   ' Brooklyn. N. Y.
, All work guaranteed
Victoria Ave.
Pernie, IJ. C.
Just arrived a larjjc
nnd fresh stock of
Stewart's celebrated
Chocolates. All thc
favorite: flavor.* now
on hand,
McDougal! & Co.
Cigars, Tobaccos, I'.tc.
FOR $2.00
With a diamond ring. I reveal
free how to Kccuru a beautiful complexion. DlamondH nml cxqulnlto
eomplexlon nro both dcelrnblo. An
opportunity to every woman Ik now offered (or obtaining both. For $2.001
olTer a 12 Kt. Gold Shell Ring,
Bhnpo like n belcher, wilh nTiOnny «ct-
tln^i set with n gcnuiiio diamond
•iliil will Hciul freo with every order tho
recipe mid illi-eutionn, for obtaining; a
fiiultlciHH I'ompluxloii, eiihlly uinlt'i-.stooil
niul Kimplo to follow,   it will hivo thu
0X)UMIHO    Of    ClVMIIIS,    CliHIIII-ticH     1111(1
Bli-aclii'H. Wlll free tlu>. skin from pint*
pic-*, lilacklicnilH, etc,nml <;ivo tlio hklu
Imnuty niul Hoftiui-H, lv
RING 'M   Wtnir..i..,i|-.*.l   by   tlxvi
IllllllllfnClll."-'!- (0 lHU|Hn»JII'l'NI*l.t«Ml
ami tilioulil any iiiurh.-iKn-l nills-allnlloil
I will cili'.*!-fully ri'l'iiiid flu* money.
Do not IH (hi* prici- lead yon to
(Iiml)! tliii ui-iiitlih'iM'hs ov value
of 1 Ills rlntf, in. tin* .••iiiV't j.ruar.itili'i'i
pruU:i*t.i r-u'li uml fivi'iy |iiirt-liaKiii,
Scud nn* H-.O'Mi.v mall ami tal.
iKlvnntni,'** ol'tlilsollVi', ll" tlU'tln c
It llniltfil. Si'.i.d M/.n uf fiti^vr for
wlilw-li rin-jj- is di'ilivil.
!W Kust ti:li-il street        New Vorli (.'Ity
He ml mo your name uu • tho
naim'H of ."» reputable pi-nplo as
ritfereiu'u ami I wlll forward you it
'irnpot-itiot1 to act n* my i<Kunl uiul nc-K
my goodi ixx your locality.
Department 15
a? V.w.T9flril Str^pf. WW XfXTtK PTTT
Norman Rusk
General I-tlneksmlth
P pairing,   etc.
Cun tt ul \"i u,j:.-i Avfiiiu; t*. J«fs*.»y tt
• y-i-
i 1  ;
«'• :-i
I1-'   '
!  '
~t ->-
t.   ■
'4 '
I ;
{ I
I l.i
1   ',
r -U.
.r* PERNIE LEDGER, .FHRNTE.JB.'■ 0. -   OCTOBBRrlt, 1907
News 61 the
' {.^{••^•^m^mJm******^ ,
Wanted.—Woman for general housework. Wages satisfactory.—Apply
DrVH.ggins. ; 7 '• ;     -';   "'        7
■■ Stenography .taught by expert,
■evening classes. - Copying a specialty.
Apply ''Ledger" Office.    \     7    ,
.Wanted to rent.—Comfortable
house, 7 or 8 rooms, modern.—Apply
W. S. Stanley, ^"Ledger" office:.;;
Lost.—Gentleman's kid, glove for
right hand. Reward ior return at
For Sale.—Household, goods,of all
kinds including furniture, carpets,
pictures, dishes, roll top desk, books,'
phonograph, child's cutter, etc.—Apply after 3 p.m., J. W.Nunn, .76
Macpherson Avenue.
Wanted.—Live wide, awake boys
in every city, town and village to
sell Western "Canada's new weekly
newspaper,. ."The Western Homestead." Hustlers' can make big
nioneyT No capital required. Write
. for terms immediately. -> "The Western Homestead, "-Calgary, Alta. ,:
A Few Reminders
Griffin - Brand   Breaksast Bacon and   Hams.
Fine Ontario Cheese, New Laid Eggs,
a * Sliced,Boiled Ham. '
Not how cheap but how good.   Fresh f  Fre-sh!
Saturday Specials
Red Cross Baking Powder 16 oz. reg..
.  price 25c.   Saturday. '..
12 oz. Baking Powder, regular price
20c.   Saturday..........	
The Crow's Nest Trading
Pernie,   B. G.
W- J-  Blundell Gash Grocer
Fernie, B. G.
*%%*%^%^.-V«^^%%. ^*-'%^^*%^^'%%<%i^«/%'V%^%%%''
President Sherin.in is in. Frank this
week straightening up., the trouble at
the Hillcrest mines.    "
The Young Liberals of Fernie are.
holding their lu-xt meeting- on, Monday
night, the 28th instant.
J. C. Kenny and his-bride returned
i   from their honeymoon on Tuesday last,
' and are staying at the Waldorf. •.
The tov fan at No, 5 Coal Creek was
-   idle on Saturday last and  again  on
Wednesday.    Why  don't the Crow's
NeBt Pass Coal Com pany'sell this thing
" to a circus and have done with it.
',"' Mr. Willis, engineer for. the North
American Land and Lumber Co., who
was  so  severely-injured a couple of
, weeks ago, is improving rapidly,
°- The editors of'"The Free PresB." and
"The Ledger"  wore  in   Frank   this
 . week. .aml_eiijo>^3litlLl^esi_dent_S]i.ei-i
C.  E, LY0N5
Auditor, Accountant, Genenil Aj*cnt   '   I
Life, Accident and Employer's Liability Insurance
Books  opened,   closed,   audited,  and accounts  kept in the
' most up-to-date manner.,
Office,   Burns'  Block, :-:       \     Fernie,-15. C.
Does  the   purchasing   power of your Dollars  Interest You ?
You will obtain full value for your money if you allow us to supply your wants.
Quality thatyou can depend on, together'with strictly cash prices, makes it worth
while investigating the money saving opportunities we place within your reach.
A fine bunch for
f   Swell Dresser
choose from.
Good  Grapes  come from good vines.   Good clothes come from
\ .   . a • good store that,keep good clothes.    '
is good -clothing, and .the new,fall styles, patterns,.and cloths are
well worth your" critical inspection.   The workmanship,  perfect*
.fitting,-arid shape retaining qualities insures full* satisfaction to you,
from the tune ot purchase until worn'out.' ...
Duck Coats, wool-
lined, knit,, wrists."
i o •
Mackinaw Coats
best quality	
iipfyu ( C&
Duck Coats, Macki
naw lined................
Duck Coats', Sheepskin lined...".-......
man a social re,unbn with Mark Drum
of the Frank Paper. ,We want to know
where^Pedler got that bear story from.0
Lew Herchmer was in the city on
.Saturday last from Hosmer as a witnees
in a police court case. Lew looked a
very happy man, for the stork had just
been to ilosniefiind left a baby'boy
behind him.. The iiiiine of Herchmer ie
getting pi-ettjMvi'll fixed in Fernie.' „
■The proceeds of the concert and
dance given in aid of.the late .James
Hopple's family, at Conl;Creek Inst
week, realized'$la-2.- Great credit ie
' duo Mrs. Itnoy for taking on lienielf the
responsibility aiid work connected with
il to make it the -success it proved to be.
Tho Scottish Society gave a Cinderell a
dunce on Wednesday evening at tho
StorJ."QporJA House. In tlio interval of
dancing J. McLo'nghll'ijJsnii'g "Will
vou reinomhpr mo" In a wny that no
one.Is likely tojforget,- and Hob Graham
Hang "Annie T.iiurle " Dancing wr.s
kept up1 until tho small bourn nf the
A. 11. Campbell,1 late of the Palace
Druu Store, Fernio, has opened a drug
and stationery Ptoi-o in Hosiner, Mr.
Campbell has got in on thc ground floor,
and if lIoKimir (levelopes into a town,
which it in very likely to, he Rhoulil he
alright, In our mining Npnclnl wehopn
to have floijiii more of Mr. Cuuipbrjll's
artistic photogi-upliy.
Mr. Pomiuiro,. Informs us that his
company Iiiih about ns much script (tub*
flurihotl txn ii liocessiii'y to build the
experimental pliuit, mid that the con-
Htnictlon of the propeller will ho startod
forthwith. Mr, Dciuaure/. leaves on
Monday for Snnd Point, Idaho, on tho
Ponte Oralllo Lukes, where tho expert'
tnents will he conducted,
lier 2nd, IWI7, at lite home of the bride's
hvo.hei', U:\sswood, Man., hy the Itev,
(lvoi'iio M/iL-kliiiion, II A , brother of thu
lii'ldi*. Kva M. Miu-klniion, iluii'-liicr of!
Miirdnoh Mnchliinoit, J.**.) . of Ottawa,
, Out,, to AlHxand.'!' I. r'lshnr, banlstei',
Vx'VtxW, H. C
Will double tho plea*,
sure of your summer
outing. We have them
in.all size.1:; from the
Brownie to the latest *
No. 4 Folding..Pocket
Kodak. Thev sell always at catalog price.
We.have a full line of   -
photographic supplies,
Films, Papers, bevel* „'.
opers,  Mounts,- Daylight Machines, Plates,
Tripods,* etc.  etc..
Cull and see them,...
W. J;, Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
Offiok Honns,.,       8 Soto 12 a. m."l to.5 p. m
■"   -- - * 6.30 to» p.m. " . i
Office in A'ex, L ck's Kiouk   '
over Shnr.'. tittkery.
KERNIE,   Y— -      , _  .  _ B. c
■7  ■- Our  stock' of winter ..wearables' is very .complete; ■-
-1' . J '■     '   , 4. . ' 4S ■ ' *i,
3-n/iackinaiv Pants and filnislkers^ Gar-iftSir 5ox, Hfflitts, Rubbers
Made ot solid leather
.- y ■}' ■ .-■'.'
.The Artisan Working Boot lor Men;
We are sole agents for '   ^   .'■'.'-
The American Walkbo^r fine Shoe for Men
N. E. Suddaby
Pernie.' Drus   Store
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's ,.Nest ^ Trading   Co.   Block,
Fernie, B.,C.
.* L;  P.   Eckstein
H'oom»'l-'tS1Honderi.oi.lliloc]t. Fernio, B.C.
Dry Goods
Ladies' Kimonas and Dressing
Saeques.in very pretty Japanese
effects. ;
Dressing Gown made of very
heavv weij-'ht Kimona cloth and
nicely trimmed with satin facings.*
i    . '3K.t\SOVs/ZX>r ;.:   -
Th AT Son\t luxu ri e*5, Ar"
I'1. C. LAWE
To Contractors and
Have you got your
\vinter supply of Oats &
Potatoes, If not order
now as the prices nre
going up owing to thc
crop   failure   this  year,
Oats, (10 lbs. Kiini-antccd
pet- bushel	
PotntooB, 1201b. sacks
per suck	
I MMItll
Latce & Fisher
Crow's   Nest  ; .Trading   Co! .Block,
Fernie, B. C.
W,       H08S.K.C, J. ft' T. ANRXAKIIBI
Ross & Alexander
Oltlto In Ii, T. \V. nioolt, Victoriu AvunuB.
ii. w. iii:iii:iimi:ii
flimiiwoon KuiitiiiMKii
Hari.ister.9, Solicitous, Kto,
Oniccs over P. Burnu' & Co's Block
Victoria, Ave.
KEUNIH   ' i~:
D. 0..
tf* Bnrhor, l.d.s., d.d.s,,
i* T, W    Block,   opposite the  Biinlt
OlllnolHiur»-8n,m tfiHp.m,
Dressing Sacques made up or
heavy weight Kiiriona cloths in
Japanese . designs with „ colored
satin facings.   • _;
Price $1.35
Kimona Cloths, in dainty designs
, and colorings.
Per yd. 25c
Kimona Cloths in Japanese de
signs-will make up beautifully
■_** 4*4,     ,
Per yd, 20c
Wrapperettes in plain .cloths, .polka dots and stripes, ncr yard
Eiderdowns'In plain and fancy stripe 21 and 54 inches wide, per ya
Wc believe in stocking only tho highest quality ol table supplies," while.our prices will savo you money.
Nothing nicer these cool mornings than a little Grlftlns' Brand, Slieert Breakfast Bacon or Ham'
Grocery Specials Foi* Saturday
Valencia Oranges, small, but choice,
sweet, juicy fruit.   Per dozen	
If vou do not know our special blond Coylon Tea
sur low price should tempt you to try It.    QR*\
Mnplol-cni Ceylon Ten, per lb...
Sheriff's Jelly Powders, true fruit flavors
-i packots.
.,,iiiiMM)Hrn i i m n
We arc Sole Agents for
Pratt's Poultry and
Stock Foods.
Royal Household Flour Is
the best
CREE   &    MOFFAT    fflHiHlHlH^ .
ml   >£ J-t ^   ^
At your siding, liberal credit and
prompt shipment,.    Order now.
r j
ta.  burning
keknik. n. c.
it.   .   ..' "-'■'■^''TW'-'i'ji!!.'■■»'miw'inw **&**»***) ^^ii|»;wrTwari**'rt.1 m
1.: Ji.    -...!.'  .'  -.'  '!.<  ...I..I, ~!J..Ul')i.»,,
lii'tnof Kuriiln, II ('„ ili'iT-nAi'il, !
Ndtli-n i» hi'ri'liy kIviiii tlmt  nil crmlititrM j
Itruf flt'lltf. hn 4*111^ "III*Ik. llk'Hln»»  fill' «.k*l4lf>
ul tlm ■iii'l.lnlni I'vn*.. ilii(!i'B»a<t, -who illoit on '
nr ill'imt tiui llth ol *4ii|ilij|iiliiir, Oii, iilii it...
Hilln«'l nn or lipfont tlm Ull of Iliicntnl'ttr, K'ftT. I
titMtiil liy |ii>t|ir4i)ii.|i>li,r ;i«Uvpr '" Ur l,.t'.\
Vl  4,1.44.'-..   4..    }*/;,.,#.    4.    k' j   .*>.»,.   *   ..4   ,s.X   '.'i-.-
ii.liii.iiiitiutiir, ilunr Clirislimi nn.) »uriiiiiiic<,
ii.l.lre»»i** «mi .lf.i*rl|itloiii4, tlm full |i.irli'*u-:
lurit uf tlie Ir iilnluiii. tti« «Ut«nittii*. nf 11n*lr i
HrcniiM" i4i'.| tli. nr.tiiro 4if tlirlr MinulHe., if j , .
...iy ■ lint I liy tliBin. * [
And furtheruk« noticn tlmt .flumnrli l.ut      .-%,, Unt,,,.,!,... r^(/ili,.i. onil. ili.xi. will
tnciitlonocj .Int.. tlm «,.|,| mlmlnliilrrttnr will:     (-''* nfttUnlUJ, IFCIOHIM .'nth, tlieMIWIII
i.ro('«.i-ii.i.iUtrliiiit«tii«H«»i;fi»i.ftii«.ie.*i'i»..«4ii lie iinlillt-lifd lit Calaary. Allu., a new
Minonir llm |.iiriii'4 (intitlnl ftt«rtito. tiavlniri        ', , *    .'.'„,,       ...    .
fcirnnl nnWtn Mm ii'ilrrn i,t v/hti'h tin n'lflf!' Wisekly IIOU'ripn|iei't " Tllfl WlMtltrtl
limit hnVHliatli'ii, uml tlml Uli' >ulil Millllll.U-j Tlriiiii.iitiinil " It will lnt n'lii-lulit ■Imin
Ir.tnr wlll tint IlIIhIiIh f.ir llm viM ««»(U or! »°'n.t'Bt,!n,i* '• wl!' MO » Mrigllt I len II
j»nviiMit tlmrnnf t« miv |*r*fin r»r lixr-'mt til I wYt<i!.h' HHWUPHIVPr t'Olltrtlfilllir niflPV
vrhu»« rlniin* iiiitlfi- *lmll imt IiiiVh I'Hi'li ri'. ,*   . ,      ,„ , ,      ,*■
ri.u,.i'i)viiini)*tii1«tinm-)i,.ii<-ii<iuiriiiiiii(iii. lit)iv refittii'c.*), and will appeal to the
l'«t».itiiU4tii.UyiifOi'toUr,ji<i7, | people of Weitcm Cannilft nn a good
HaUMlo^J'nSSm.^ f W,i!" im,rn'l,  «?ro,,WeCa  ln  th°
truturforJohn iiy«.,.l«*«>-i**t-.t.    i Wcit for Wtanciruer*.
u'J^j}"' A.Wif.mtAN
Contractoi'H mid llnllileiH
KHtlinntot-i Piii'iiIhIiciI
Reskleiia—Coi-ni;r' Howland Ave. niul
McKvoy St,
P. 0. Hi«,3SS. .   -       Kernie, H. C,
llulldcr nnd Contractor
r    ■ —:—
EfitlmntcB choorfnlly given nnd work
»!4..>,V.»-.*1*«    r-.. - *....!    ,.    ^ I,   .      ....
, .v.k.,,..^    4,J.V.VU4W\i*i   W VlHl tldVitt*
faction of our customers.
Townalto  Airents
Kernie und Hoamor
Fire, Lllo& Accident Iimii-nncu
r.o. t.. rfc-wNifc
UMtttflrnt frlilB> In eselt month In 1.0. O. K,
11. If. Monro, \V. Ko»y,
Wnrltif I'r»«iil»nt. Worthy Sceretttr-f,
Plnnr,  nnd   IvMlimiite^ oo Applinitinn
Kchiilcncc, "(t I low land Ave.
J. Wilson CIiiav, Aiiciiitrct
Fprnte  B. C.
One Cent a Word
{Inn Tiiiprllttn not Ii"** tlmn *?#■.
worl*.-A|i|ily to Hr*. Mitlx,
■C   'iuin  troril'*rti>Vif ttitU In Uli   Wiot on
Lltinnl Ittncro.*—Ai>i>ly Leduc r.
To shoot well good ammunition is required. The Canadian team in the
international contest for the Palma
trophy at lhe D. R, A, Range, at „
Ottawa, on toaturciay, Sept. 7th, took
second place, ..Tiie cartridges used
were Kynoch, loaded with their smokeless powder. In the total score thc
Canadians were little behind the
Americans and at the "long range"
outshot the winners of the trophy., t
Wc sell Kynoch Cartridges'anil '
Kynoch Shotgun Shells in both
•black and smokeless powders.
'l-'ll'i'* _-


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